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7/8/13 11:28 AM


Hank WilliaMs, Jr. July 19


liza Minnelli septeMber 28 on sale tHis FriDay at 10aM!

Donny & Marie


JuLY 17 – AuGuST 4

July 29 – august 11



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It is wrong to clump all Christians and “Bible” people—and even rednecks—as against marriage equality. It is OK to debate the issue, but we need to work on changing hearts and minds, not offending the same people we may depend on to support our efforts to be treated equally under the law in Pennsylvania. A little diplomacy goes a long way. I was a gay activist at Indiana University in the early to mid ‘90s, and I could tell you some stories—getting stones thrown at me in the Oak Grove and ultimately educating the same people who launched the attack. They became allies when light and understanding was shed on their ignorance. BRIAN SCHWARZ via

In response to Natalie Hope McDonald’s feature story about how colonial Philly’s same-sex secrets pointed toward the future of gay rights: Enjoyed this article. When I was a kid, I had a Disney album and one of the songs was about Deborah Sampson. I must have been in second grade, but I remember the lyrics were, “Deborah Sampson, as a man she volunteered... as a man she persevered... Did everything but grow a beard to join the continental army.” Even at that age I thought the song quite progressive for a Disney history album! ANONYMOUS via


Regarding Randy LoBasso’s blog about State Rep. Brian Sims introducing a marriage equality bill: No way. Not in PA. I would love to see it, but remember where Rick Santorum came from: right here. PA is guns, God and Bible, and that leaves no room for marriage equality. Sorry to say. SASCHA FINK via

This is better than no change, no movement. They say a body in motion stays in motion. A body in rest stays in rest. Lets bring peace and love to Pennsylvania!

As someone who grew up in Pennsyltucky [and] currently lives in California, I have my doubts on this winning in a vote. It all comes down to voter turnout, as the larger cities in the state tend to vote very liberal. Opinions on this are evolving, even within Pennsylvania. If not this time, it will pass in the near future.


ANDY via


July 10-17, 2013

6 I PHILLYNOW Superstar ex-wrestler Mick Foley brings the funny to Philly; Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; BalletX Summer Series; the Color Run; and more.

20 I FEATURE Dan Savage has evolved over the past two decades from an alternative gay voice to the nation’s top sex expert.

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28 I LGBT PJ Raval’s doc on aging gays, Before You Know It, is one of the many films to catch at this year’s QFest.

30 I FILM Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s imaginative robot action fantasy, will make you feel like a kid again.

32 I MUSIC South Jersey MC Rich Quick just dropped his debut EP, Sad Songz.

34 I IN 30 SECONDS New LPs from Wale and Speedy Ortiz; Comedy Bang! Bang! on the idiot box; Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal and more. 35 I SAVAGE LOVE 35 I ADULT 40 I REAL ESTATE 42 I OPEN HOUSES

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6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

Superstar ex-wrestler Mick Foley performs standup at Helium Comedy Club this week.


Mick Foley

If you’re like me, you have a few distinct memories of Mick Foley in the ‘90s. One’s probably of the WWE star getting tossed off a steel cage during his 1998 Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker. Maybe you made trips to the mall kiosk to buy out-of-production video tapes of Cactus Jack/Terry Funk barbed-wire matches in Japan. Perhaps that led you to buying more tapes of more types of Japanese wrestling. And maybe you came to the obvious conclusion: Man, the Japanese are into some weird shit. (Then: “Did that wrestler just win by shoving his opponent into a fish tank full of piranhas? He did!”) Or maybe that was just me. Either way, Foley’s career has taken a few fortuitous turns since then. The WWE Hall of Fame inductee has been an author, a color commentator, a reality TV contestant and an advocate for numerous causes all over the world. The swerve he took a couple years ago has given him another life: Now, he’s a standup comic. And the beautifully scarred mind behind Dude Love, Cactus Jack and Mankind will be in our fair city tonight. A few things about Foley’s act are painstakingly obvious, which we should go over for anyone on the fence about hitting up the show. One, he’s more of a storyteller than a joke-teller, and many of his stories are about his days in the wrestling arena. Two, being a wrestler, it turns out, can be somewhat relatable to the rest of us working stiffs: It is a job, and ultimately you pretend to be something you’re not. (Don’t we all?) So, you probably don’t have to be into wrestling to enjoy yourself— although it could help. And three, Foley’s progression into a comedian certainly shouldn’t shock the average wrestling fan. Anyone else remember Mankind as one of Foley’s “faces?” Mr. Socko? That was pretty funny. / RANDY LOBASSO Wed., July 10, 7:30pm. $25-$32. Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St.

Wednesday, July 10 MUSIC

Mood Rings

Up-and-coming indie act Mood Rings bring their concoction of New Waveinspired shoegaze to Philly. Possessing a dreamy, synth-fueled sound underlined with pop sensibilities, the band’s recently released debut album has already been earning rave reviews. 8pm. $8. Kung Fu Necktie. 1248 N. Front St. 215.291.4919. MUSIC


Brooklyn-based Japanther have been heavy hitters on the noise rock scene for a while now. Their anarchic, puppet-supported art-music has earned the admiration of publications ranging from The New Yorker to Vanity Fair. But don’t fret; their latest album proves that the band haven’t lost their lo-fi sensibilities. 9pm. $8.

Ortlieb’s Lounge. 847 N. Third St. SHOPPING

Modern Phila-sophy Home Design Show

Forty artists and companies come together to showcase new and upcycled work for your home, including GearForms, a company which makes sculpted furniture out of reclaimed industrial and architectural materials. Through July 28. Dylan Gallery, 1050 N. Hancock St. MUSIC

Skylar Grey

The singer/songwriter known for her guest vocals on Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go” and Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor,” kicks off her summer tour in Philadelphia. 8pm. $15-$23. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St.

gol den nugge t at l a n t ic ci t y also with

FRi 7.12

Sat 7.13


also with

Mon 7.15



also with

Sat 7.20

Mon 7.22


for tickets visit

Industry tuesdays Starting at 11aM | 2pm • dJ

ta b l e r e s e r vat i o n s • g ue s t l i s t b a c he l o r e t t e pa r t ie s Call 609.340.5111 or

Free Admission* to the AreA’s only tuesdAy dAy pArty. Featured bottle pricing starting at $100. $ 500 cabana package Visit for complete details. *Must be 21 or older and have a valid Hospitality ID. Must be 21 or older. Management reserves all rights.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 7

also with


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Thursday, July 11



summer 2013 Lineup

AUGUST 14: Chaka Khan


Chaka Khan + Ledisi It was a surprise to us, too: Chaka Khan? In Philly? At the Dell MusicCenter? Wait, where’s the Dell Center? Turns out we’ve had our heads up our asses, because the Dell Center, nestled on the east edge of Fairmount Park on Strawberry Mansion Bridge Drive, has an eight-show program this summer called the Essence of Entertainment Concert Series, to be kicked off by this funk queen. Going on nearly 40 years of programming, the Dell seats more than 5,000 ticketed guests and another 600 people on a lawn in an outdoor amphitheater that’ll host a pretty tight slew of talent this season. But perhaps none can hold a candle to Khan, the series’ inaugural guest. The Chicago native’s storied career started with a musical family. In her teens, she dabbled in Black Power and found herself in the group that would catapult her into superstardom, Rufus. Through the ‘70s, they released iconic records featuring Khan’s larger-than-life vocals and stage presence, bared midriff and dramatic tribal outfits. Later in the decade, she signed a solo contract and kicked it off with “I’m Every Woman,” written especially for her by Ashford and Simpson. Khan’s voice is one of a kind—at once soulful and bombastic, brassy and smooth, powerful and subtle. For many, she’s the most remarkable diva to ever tackle funk, soul, R&B and pop. Then there’s Ledisi, one of the quietest but most vibrant young talents in a genre that wouldn’t be what—or where—it is without Khan’s dynamism. What a great way to spend the night. / BILL CHENEVERT 7pm. $25-$60. Dell Music Center, Ridge Ave. and Huntingdon St.


Radio 104.5 Presents The Mowgli’s “$One0Four Show”

These kids are happy. Like, really happy. The Mowgli’s, an eight-piece collective straight from Los Angeles, are purveyors of feel-good indie rock anthems, seeming to bring the West Coast sunshine with them wherever they go. Seriously, try to watch their video for “San Francisco” without smiling. 8pm. $1.04. Theater of Living Arts, 334 South St. 215.922.1011. FILM

A Double Life / Life Begins at Eight-Thirty

Penn’s Cinema Studies Program hosts a night of 1940s nostalgia beginning with George Cukor’s A Double Life, a film that gives new meaning to the phrase “character study,” followed by Life Begins at Eight-Thirty, the story of a down-on-his-luck actor given a second chance at stardom. 8pm. Free. The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St.


Desoto Jones

Philly-bred alt-rockers Desoto Jones are making a name for themselves on the poppunk circuit, with a sound that’s steeped in early-2000s pop-punk. The band’s 2012 release, Shapeshifter, features distorted guitars and angst-filled vocals. 8pm. $8-$10. Milkboy, 1100 Chestnut St. 215.925.6455. R EA DI N G

Gary Greenberg: The Book of Woe

Gary Greenberg is a practicing psychotherapist and science writer who people regard as “the anti-psychiatrist”—despite his denial of such claims. His latest work, The Book of Woe, tears apart the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the psychiatric field’s Holy Bible, in order to showcase the flawed process used to define mental disorders. 7:30pm. Free. Central Library, 1901 Vine St.

Opening Act: Leana Song 7-7:45pm Main Act: Doc Gibbs 8-9pm


Opening Act: V 7-7:45pm Main Act: Lady Alma 8-9pm

AUGUST 28: Opening Act: Mic Stewart 7-7:30pm Main Act: Cee knowledge and the cosmic funk orchestra 7:45-8:30pm

Surprise Guest 8:30-9pm

Wednesdays August 14, 21, 28 6-9pm at rittenhouse square For sponsorship opportunities contact your Account Executive or email the Sales Manager at

OVER 260 AMERICAN MICROS & 500 IMPORTS Huge Selection at Great Prices!









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1 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

PHILLYNOW Friday, July 12




Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark


Liverpudlian innovators OMD emerged in the late ‘70s with music that combined mechanically chilling Kraftwerk-y soundscapes with the detached but achingly humanizing vocals of Andy McCluskey. Despite denouncing any kind of gimmicky image, this early synth-pop formula alone found them quick success, especially in Europe. Creatively, they peaked on their third record, 1981’s Architecture & Morality, a perfect blend of experimentation and pop sensibility that can be heard in the heartbreaking classics “Joan of Arc” and “Maid of Orleans.” When their next effort, the very avant-garde Dazzle Ships, was a total commercial failure, things began to change. Scarred and angry, they spent the rest of the ‘80s releasing a string of conventional, radio-friendly albums that may not have crossed any musical boundaries but showcased their prowess for writing some damn fine bubblegum pop. This era yielded their best known tune here in the States, “If You Leave,” which was written for the 1986 John Hughes-penned Pretty in Pink. However, as the decade drew to a close, the group disbanded, leaving only McCluskey to carry the name until he eventually retired it himself in 1996. That seemed to be the end, but nine years later, the band announced the reformation of its classic lineup. English Electric, released in April, is their second LP since reuniting, and it manages to simultaneously revisit their glory years and remain urgent at the same time. The undeniably catchy “Night Café” and the absolutely stunning “Helen of Troy” are stand-out moments on what is probably their finest work in more than 20 years. / ANTHONY TRIVELLI 8:30pm. $25. With Diamond Rings and DJ Robert Drake. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St. 215.232.2100.


Eli Escobar

One of New York’s most respected DJs, Eli Escobar has been fusing his love for hip-hop with ‘90s-era dance-heavy beats for more than 10 years. Known in the industry as one of the top remixers around, he’s worked with M.I.A., Lana Del Rey, Diplo, Chromeo and more. 7pm. $5. Dolphin Tavern. 1539 S. Broad St. 215.278.7950. DANCE

BalletX Summer Series 2013

Nicolo Fonte choreographs Beautiful Decay, BalletX’s first evening-length ballet that explores the transformations that come with age and the role that memory plays throughout our lives. Through July 14. $22-$35. The Wilma Theater. 265 S. Broad St. 215.546.7824. FILM

Storyville: Media That Matters Film Festival

Media That Matters presents an inspiring series of short films on today’s most sensitive topics, including HIV, prison reform, global warming and health

rights. The films are intended to motivate people toward change on a local and global scale. 7pm. $5. Scribe Video Center. 4212 Chestnut St. 3rd Floor. 215.222.4201. MUSIC

Jadakiss & Styles P

Feeling nostalgic? Jadakiss and Styles P—responsible for hit singles like 2004’s “Why” and 2002’s “Good Times,” respectively—offer hip-hop fans a chance to go back to a time when the genre was dominated by rugged wordplay and equally tough beats. Together, Jadakiss and Styles P are also two-thirds of the LOX, so don’t be surprised to hear the rappers teaming up onstage. 8pm. $45. Theatre of Living Arts. 334 South St. 215.922.1011. COMEDY

Totally Biased Stand-Up Tour with W. Kamau Bell

The host of FX’s show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, has quickly risen through the comedy ranks thanks to a intelligent, witty brand of commentary. Much of Bell’s humor stems from an exploration of racism; his routine is as

much enlightening as it is gut-busting. 8pm. $22.50. The Prince Theater. 1412 Chestnut St. 215.972.1000. prince ART

Tastier by Leslie Friedman

A display of human ironies, consumerism, artificiality and more are revealed in this vibrant showing of message-ridden pop art. Through large depictions of Coke Zero cans, artificial sweeteners, and a sprinkle of sexuality, Leslie Friedman’s Tastier is a judgment toward humanity. 6pm. Free. Space 1026, 1026 Arch St. PERFORMANCE


A modern display of sideshow, burlesque, puppets, aerial acrobatics and more will raise your blood pressure during some extraordinary and unsettling acts. Local bands will strum steadily alongside the wild performances, but be warned: Flesh suspension is included. 8pm. $10. Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum. 3819 Hamilton St. 215.386.3784.

National Collector Car Appreciation Day Car Show

It’s hard to show it sometimes, but here’s a sure way to let your car know how much you care. Hundreds of collectors will bring their cars, motorcycles and trucks to Cherry Hill to show other motor vehicle lovers what they’re working with. Fri., July 12, 4pm. American Collectors Insurance, 469 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, N.J. E VENT

Friday Night Lights

In honor of Natural Land Trust’s 60th anniversary, this 1960s-themed event is a well-rounded midsummer night out. Dress up in bell bottoms and tie dye, enjoy a bonfire and live music, as well as stargazing with the Chesmont Astronomical and the Delaware Astronomical societies. Fri., July 12, 8pm. $10-$20. ChesLen Preserve, 1199 Channery Rd., Coatesville. STAGE

Something Intangible by Bruce Graham

It’s 1941 in Hollywood, and the very gifted Tony seeks to move beyond Petey Pup, the cartoon dog that has made him famous. Sound familiar? The play is based on the story of Walt Disney. Through July 27. Tyler State Park, 1440 Newtown-Richboro Rd., Newtown. FESTIVAL

Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Art Festival

Ceramics, glass, jewelry, paintings, drawings and more will be on sale at the two-day Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Art Festival, which draws crowds of more than 100,000 people. Visit area restaurants, listen to live music, and pick up some unique offerings. Sat., July 13, 11am-7pm. Free. Kings Highway between Washington Ave. and Haddon Ave. Haddonfield, N.J. COMEDY

Seth Meyers

Yeah, you could hang out with Seth Meyers any Saturday while he’s gracing your living room TV. But THIS Saturday, he’ll be live in Atlantic City. It should be better than HD. Sat., July 13, 9pm. $39.50-$45. Borgata Hotel and Casino, One Borgata Way, Atlantic City, N.J.

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2 ,000


entertainment Mr. WarMth

Don rickles

Special GueST michael marTocci

July 20 new kiDs on the Block, 98 Degrees anD Boyz ii men July 26 roDney carrington august 3 Jeff foxworthy august 9 Frampton’s Guitar CirCus FeaturinG


Search: Trump caSinoS

,000 2an0d0 in the Sand


earn entries now!

Sept. 1


15K Blackjack iTournament and iPad Sweeps $

Peter framPton B.B. king

July 12 • 7PM – 11PM games tournament room Everyone who plays in the tournament has a chance to win 1 of 5 iPads. iPad drawing will take place at the end of the tournament. Must be present at the time of the drawing.

under the sea

sonny lanDreth

august 10 american iDol live! ®

Guaranteed SweepStakeS

2013 tour

cheech & chong anD war august 17

Taj twist of the classic Shell Game! One winner every hour will win up to $ 1,000 Cash or Bonus Slot Dollars! Featuring a LIVE Touch Tank from 2PM-6PM

vicki lawrence & mama: a two-woman show august 24 toni Braxton august 24 alan Jackson sePtemBer 14




Slot Tournament

July 19 & 20 7Pm – 11Pm each Day slot tournament zone Play each day to win your share of $75,000!

Tickets may be purchased at all locations, or by phone at 1.800.736.1420. Must earn 20 Tier Points or more to be eligible for sweepstakes. Trump One® Card holders can only play in each slot tournament one time. Play required for New Member program. Sweepstakes entries cannot be earned playing poker. Play is required. For complete details, visit Trump One® Services. Must be 21 or older. Bet with your head, not over it. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 1 1

august 16

Friday, July 12,19, 26 • Saturday, July 13, 20, 27 6PM – 10PM • Main Concourse

1 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

PHILLYNOW Saturday, July 13 MUSIC

Bosnian Rainbows Although there are small and gentle traces of his former groups in this one, Omar Rodríguez-López’a new band isn’t very much like either At The Drive-In or The Mars Volta. See, on a recent hiatus from Mars Volta, Rodríguez-López found himself idle, lonely and a little antsy. So he joined forces with the frontwoman from the Mexi-punk band with whom he’s often collaborated, Le Butcherettes, and her name is extraordinary: Teri Gender Bender. Those two, with Volta drummer Deantoni Parks and songwriter and keys specialist Nicci Kasper, formed Bosnian Rainbows, which Rodríguez-López believes to be a real band—not a “dictatorship,” something he’s said of past musical unions. Together, they banged out a rather unexpected record. A Mars Volta spinoff it is not. And we’re not mad. Weaving a web of unexpected elements that include synth pop, spacey indie rock, the occasional post-metal guitar run and constant, steady percussion, their self-titled debut LP brings to mind Phantogram and The Cure in equal parts on a given listen. Gender Bender’s beguiling vocals pull you in, extracting and employing bits of female frontwomen of all genres (Sinead O’ Connor, Karen O., PJ Harvey and the Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson, for instance). This doesn’t suggest that there won’t be a unique kind of energy pulsing through Underground Arts tonight that takes from metal and punk, because there will be. And it’s certainly the exciting start to a new chapter in the artistic lives of a bunch of talented, disparate musicians. / B.C. 9pm. $15. Underground Arts at the Wolf Building, 1200 Callowhill St.


Hot Dog Crawl Down South Street

Enjoy a hot dog or two (or 10) at 14 different locations along South Street, including Hot Diggity Dog, Johnny Rockets and Ishkabibble’s. Noon. Pay as you go. Starts at O’Neals Pub, 611 S. Third St. 215.574.9495.

McRad fame) to have him produce and play on his self-titled record, one of Pinto’s most complete works to date. 7pm. $15-$18. With Three Legged Fox and Natural Vibrations. The Blockley, 3801 Chestnut St. 215.222.1234.

sing a capella or dance. You’ll receive written feedback regardless, but you also stand to get a chance at being represented if you impress the right person! 9:30am. $199. Kathy Wickline Casting, 1080 N. Delaware Ave. 215.739.9952.





Once again, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Bearded Ladies cabaret present one of Philly’s largest free theatrical performances. The climax is the re-enactment of the Storming of Bastille, taking more from Monty Python than the actual French Revolution. 5:30pm. Free. Eastern State Penitentiary, 2027 Fairmount Ave. 215.236.3300.

The formerly Georgia-based (but now nomadic) sludge metalers have been slaying ears for 20 years now. Having lived in their tour van since 2001, they’ve undertaken this lifestyle in order to “play as many shows as we possibly can,” which we guess is a level of determination most bands just aren’t equipped with. 8pm. $10. With Fantasy Panther, Callous, and +HIRS+. Kung Fu Necktie, 1248 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.




Bastille Day Cabaret!

Mike Pinto

Armed with seamless storytelling and a unique take on roots, vintage rock, classic surf and reggae, Mike Pinto has found considerable success both at home in America and abroad. In late 2007, he even teamed up with famous Philly guy Chuck Treece (of

New York Agents Showcase

Kathy Wickline Casting will host a panel of big-time New York-based agents and casting directors for a mock audition setting. Professional actors can showcase their talents for the panel by either performing a one-to-two minute monologue, read copy,

Famed Grateful Dead musicians Bob Weir and Phil Lesh come into town with a slew of friends for a night of improvisations and loving renditions of their former band’s classics. In true form, this gig is outside in Fairmount Park. Would there be any other way? 7:30pm. $34.50-$89.50. The Mann Center, 5201 Parkside Ave. 215.878.0400. FESTIVAL


Every Saturday, from spring to fall, the Philadelphia Open Air Market sets up shop with a variety of artisans and food vendors. Their goal is simple: to give these artists and makers a chance to get out there and take control of their careers by interacting, buying and selling with other artists and art lovers alike. Through November 23.

10am. Free. 23rd and Arch sts. MUSIC

The Specials

The Specials formed in England during the mid-to-late-‘70s punk boom. Instead of trying to sound like Johnny Thunders, which everyone else was busy trying to do, they took a much different route, starting the British ska revival craze. They combined danceable grooves with punk energy, and even managed to form a very focused political stance. 8pm. $35. With Little Hurricane. Theatre of Living Arts, 334 South St. 215.922.1011. OUTDOOR

L.L Bean Outdoor Discovery Day

L.L. Bean hosts a Discovery Day as part of their 2013 Bootmobile Discovery Tour, with a ton of family-oriented activities happening—such as fly-casting, fishing, geocaching, lawn games and learning the basics of camping. Also, there really is a truck that looks like a boot, which you should probably see for yourself. 11am. Free. Pleasant Hill Park, Linden & N. Delaware Avenues.

THESE EYES! Look into these eyes Local Agent Who Knows You

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These eyes are These eyes are attentive and passionate.

attentive and passionate. These eyes show

the eyes strength These showand vigor of youth the strength and vigorinofthe a youth trained Martial Arts. trained in the Martial LittleArts. Ninjas 3 years +

Little Ninjas Kids Karate 3, 4 &Kids 5 years old Jiu-jitsu Juniors Kids Kickboxing 6 years & above Kids Krav Maga Adults Adult Programs: Classes Held DaysGracie & Evenings Jiu-jitsu Mon-Sat. Muay Thai Kickboxing Commando Krav Maga LITTLE NINJAS • FAMILY KARATE • MUAY-THAI KICKBOXING RICKSON GRACIE JIU-JITSU • JIU-JITSU & MUAY-THAI FOR KIDS

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arts 43martial N. 3rd St., Suite #2 • OldacaDemy City Phila. (215) 923-8700 at 200 Spring Garden St. (2nd and Spring Garden St.) • Philadelphia (Northern Liberties) • 267-592-9477 Call Today!

Wednesdays August 14, 21, 28 6 - 9pm at rittenhouse square


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These are are eyes These of eyes determination of determination and confidence.

1 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m



Sunday, July 14


FOR ONLY $125! $175 Value Offering individualized wellness plans including: Assisting you in achieving your wellness • Three Day Detox goals & making a •Three 50 min Health Coaching Sessions lasting change! • Swedish Massage

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The Color Run It’s called “the happiest 5k on the planet.” If running doesn’t give you the spike in endorphins and mood that fitness junkies often talk about, maybe this rainbow of positivity and, well, paint, will do the trick. Start the run wearing white; end it covered in ROYGBIV. At each kilometer, runners are doused in powdered paint of a different color. At the finish line, runners and spectators find themselves in a humungous “Color Festival,” where more paint is thrown, and the frivolity continues. The Color Run is more about fun, individuality and promoting healthy living than it is about speed. The event is not timed. There are no winners. Anyone can participate—from children in strollers to senior citizens. Olympians and walkers alike are invited, and more than 60 percent of participants are first-time 5k-ers. Since its founding last year, the Color Run has become the largest 5k series in the country. This year, it’s being held in more than 130 cities in the U.S., South America, Europe and Australia, and Philadelphia is included on that fortunate roster. In each location, the run raises money for a local charity, and the Philly event benefits Back on My Feet, a nonprofit that uses running to inspire change in the lives of Philadelphia’s homeless. Tickets are sold out, but Back on My Feet is selling charity registrations. Sign up as a “FundRacer,” and the nonprofit will set up a donation page where you can ask for support for your run. / NICOLE BONACCORSO 7am. $250. Fairmount Park, 4231 North Concourse Drive.


Animus: Philadelphia’s Belly Dance Spectacular

Ancient rhythms and worldly tunes coalesce as bellies sway in a crazy informative journey through music. 7:30pm. $12. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400. SPORTS

WWE Money in the Bank

The best opportunity to watch intensely muscled men touch all up on each other while traipsing about in spandex is back for a signature pay-per-view event. There will be

drama, there will be flexing, and as always, there will be copious use of baby oil. 6:30pm. $25-$400. Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St. 800.298.4200. MUSIC


Besides palling around with Matthew McConaughey (he is signed to the perpetually shirtless man’s music label), Mishka provides the chill Caribbean grooves that are perfectly suited for beaches and beer. You’ll have to imagine the sand between your toes, but the bar will help you get halfway there. 8:30pm. $10-$13. The Blockley, 3801 Chestnut St. 215.222.1234.


80’s outdoor film festival free movie showings, 80’s trivia games, giveaways & totally tubular prizes every saturday night at parx east picinic grove.

showcase sunday showdown sunday, July 14 • 3pM – 9pM

sixers dream team final auditions

support your favorite group by casting a vote for “best band” at the door – if they win, you win $10 free slot play instantly!*

wednesday, July 17 • 7pM

conklin’s comedy night

now open at parx casino!

this weekend at 360

a night full of big laughs, good drinks & tons of fun hosted by Joe conklin!

delicious chinese cuisine and new signature menu items created by renowned restaurateur, Michael chow!

saturday, July 13 • Joe daphne acoustic, lifespeed and dJ eric vanderslice

saturday, July 13 • purple rain & labyrinth visit for full listing

open for lunch & dinner, 7days a week.

friday, July 12 • slamm and dJ sev one

visit for full listing

visit for tickets •

*Must be Xclub card holder as of 7.13.13 to receive free slot play prize. ManageMent reserves the right to change or cancel these proMotions at any tiMe. Must be present to win. visit Xclub for additional details, rules and regulations. Must be 21 or older to enter parX casino. gaMbling probleM? call 1.800.gaMbler

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 1 5

wednesday, July 10 • John carfi, chris coccia & mary radzinski

Join us in 360 as the sixers dream team finalists show off their dance moves to secure a spot on the 2013-2014 sixers dream team!

1 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m


Monday, July 15


Jerry Pinkney


Addiction and Recovery Health Services

When Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania declared June 26 as Jerry Pinkney Day earlier this year, it’s likely only a dedicated few celebrated or even heard of it, other than those at the art museum’s reception, including Pennsylvania First Lady Susan Corbett and U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz. But if you’ve got kids, it’s likely the Germantown-born children’s book illustrator has hit your radar screen more than once during his career, as he’s drawn for more than 100 books in 50 years and won numerous awards, including the 2010 Caldecott Medal for The Lion and the Mouse, his wordless picture-book retelling of one of Aesop’s classic fables. The city is celebrating its beloved son with two prominent art shows featuring Pinkney’s work and his story. One, the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney, which opened on June 28, showcases a collection of his drawings and watercolors and is part of the museum’s family-friendly Art Splash program. The other, Drawing on the Reverse Side: The Art and Life of Jerry Pinkney, debuted four days prior at the Free Library’s Central Branch, looking at Pinkney’s local ties and family roots in Philadelphia, as well as the creative process that went into some of his acclaimed work. For tonight’s event at the Free Library, Pinkney will be on hand to discuss those works of art and answer audience questions. / R.L. Free. 7:30pm. Free Library of Philadelphia, Central Branch, 1901 Vine St. 215.686.5322.


Are you ready to get your life back? Opiate addiction, heroin addiction & other drug addictions Immediate Openings! Most insurances accepted.

Monday Jazz Jam

Clear away the after-work doldrums with a relaxing listen or bring your jazz flute and join the professionals onstage for some back-bracing improv. 5:30pm. Free. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400. FIL M

Summer Special $40 Office Visits! Call us today & start feeling better! 267-908-3862 •

Movie Night at Jolly’s

Summer camp is the bastion of overgrown children and the savior of overworked parents. Two summer cult classics, Wet Hot American Summer and Heavyweights, will

serve as reminders to those school-free days spent amongst way-too-happy people as parents attempted to regain sanity through the liberal use of alcohol. 7pm.Free. Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar, 3801 Chestnut St. 215.222.1232. DJ S

Aperitivo with DJ Slowpoke

A refreshing DJ session inspired by the bitter Italian liqueur, Campari. Expect measured adventurousness and sudden onset dizziness. 8pm. Free. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

Tuesday, July 16




The twisted retelling of the Emerald Kingdom’s naughty and nice witches comes to Philadelphia. Sing along with an abandon only achieved through repeated YouTube viewings and shameless sing-a-longs in the car. Through Aug. 4. Academy of Music, 240 S. Broad St. 215.893.1999. MU S IC

Giraffes? Giraffes!

Mostly instrumental, save for some short exclamations and guttural noises, these two math rockers from Massachusetts bring the calculated noise and intrepid rhythms

to those more introspective amongst us. 8pm.$10. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919. M U SI C

San Cisco

Smithsian and lo-fi, San Cisco hopes to take over your garage, unless your parents are home. San Cisco grabbed that ‘80s angst and twisted it into fun, synthed-up jangles. “Fred Astaire” is a welcome, sped-up version of “Close to Me” and will have your head bobbing along to the beat. 9pm. $12. With Small Pools + Supercute! Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.


Bernadette Corporation: Hell Frozen Over and Get Rid of Yourself

These two outrageous films explore identity by looking at fashion, protest, anarchy, Chloe Sevigny, the poetry of Stephane Mallarme and more. Both play with documentary form. 7pm. Free. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. M U S IC

Cleric + Arago’s Wheel

This four-piece from Philadelphia combines elements of doom, grind and ambiance for an extreme sound that doesn’t conform to any one genre. Fans of metal as well as experimental and avant-garde will not be disappointed. They’re joined by Arago’s Wheel, a French experimental two-piece

known for their habits of cutting up vinyl, then reassembling it and playing it with harsh electronic sounds and subtle harmonics. 8pm. $10. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919. CO M EDY

East Coast Power Nap: A Comedy Spectacle

Local comics TJ Hurley and Alejandro Morales have been building East Coast Power Nap since its first show in January, and it gets bigger every time. This month features Daryl Charles, Alex Pearlman, Emily and Mica McGraw, Dan Vetrano, Mikaela Hamje, Caitlin Feeney and Nicole Yates. 8:30pm. $5. The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888. Compiled by Jake Abbate, Lauren Arute, Nicole Bonaccorso, Michael Brady, Anthony Trivelli and Max Ufberg

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 1 7

Wednesday, July 17

1 8 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

balletX philadelphia’s premier conTemporary balleT


M -8P ,4 2 01 , 2 hia 18 elp y et d ul . J hila te Stre 103 9 ed el P let 7th W fit Co 1 PA 1 So ez uth hia Ch 0 So elp 12 ilad Ph

July 10-14 2013 at The Wilma Theater

Visit call

215-546-7824 co-artistic Directors christine cox anD Matthew neenan present

the wilMa theater


265 south broad street, philadelphia




The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator for exclusive pricing on apparel and accessories from the 2012 & 2013 Designers-in-Residence.

ork e’s] W “[FonT porTanT im is Too e knoWn To ob T T ia o n delph phila overs.” Tl , balle ckson

a worlD preMiere Ballet By internationally renowneD choreographer nicolo fonte


Free Admission.

yn Ja meril delphia phila irer inqu

1300 Dickinson Street • South Philadelphia


w w w. i p p o l i t o s e a f o o d . b i z



Summer Box Specials





Doing it RIGHT Since 1929 WE DELIVER!

Fresh Domestic Crab Meat, Alaskan Wild Salmon, Caviar, Local Oysters, DayBoat Scallops, Fluke Flounder, Domestic Squid. Sustainable Local Produce, Dairy, Farm Fresh Co-op, Home Style Fresh Prepared Foods, Salads, and Sushi.

Home of the Ahi Cheesesteak


10 Ea. Salmon Burgers

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400ea. (8pcs)




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Crabs & Spaghetti (Feeds 4-6 people) 1 bucket of our homemade crab gravy w/ 6 crabs inside. 2 lb of Delverde spaghetti, 1 Loaf of Lanci’s Italian Style Bread


07-10-13 to 07-17-13 or While Supplies Last

Bay-Atlantic Symphony

July 14, 21 & Aug. 4, 18

Bob Saget

Friday, July 19

The Jonas Brothers

Friday, July 26

Fri., Aug. 2 & Sat., Aug. 3

The Killers

Friday, August 9

Saturday, July 27

Frank Caliendo

Wayne Brady

Friday, August 9

Jay Leno

Saturday, August 10

Howie Mandel

Saturday, August 17

The Wanted

Friday, August 23

Jim Gaffigan

Saturday, August 24

Gladys Knight & The O’Jays

Sunday, August 25

FOR COMPLETE ENTERTAINMENT LINE UP AND TICKETS VISIT THEBORGATA.COM OR CALL 1.866.900.4TIX(4849). ©2013 Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. All rrights reserved.

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 1 9

The Jacksons


2 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m



D A N S A VA G E As straight America has become more gay, a once-alternative advice columnist has emerged as our national sex guru. BY DAVID ACCOMAZZO

Savage’s writing career began in Madison, Wis., in 1991. He was working at a video store and became friends with Tim Keck, co-founder of The Onion. Keck told Savage he was starting a newspaper in Seattle—the alternative weekly already there, Seattle Weekly, wasn’t alternative enough. Savage suggested on a whim that Keck include a sex advice column. The rest is history. “Savage Love” continues to run in The Stranger, and dozens of other newspapers around the country, including this one, to this day. Savage started his career unabashedly gay—until 1999, every letter began with the opener “Hey Faggot,” in an attempt to reclaim the word—and the concept was “to treat straight sex with the same revulsion that straight advice columnists had always had for gay sex,” Savage told journalist Mark Oppenheimer, who wrote an e-book declaring Savage “the first

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 2 1


t’s a funny story, how the wiseass gay theater kid at the video store became America’s most trusted and outspoken sex advocate. • Through his sex column, “Savage Love,” Dan Savage has become one of the highest-profile gay figures in the country, a tireless and fearless advocate of a liberalized philosophy on sex and relationships. People think of different sexualities as opposing baseball teams; Savage has been coaching all sides for 22 years now. He’s crass, unapologetic, fearless and wise. He’s what Dr. Ruth would have been had she grown up watching Internet porn.

2 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

gay celebrity.” However, this gag was shortlived, since as the column’s popularity grew and grew, it wasn’t just gay people who were writing him letters. Straight people began pouring their hearts out to him too, asking questions not just about the vagaries of butt sex and BDSM but about heartwrenching relationship problems as well. “When I started writing it, there was no Internet, there was no Google. A lot of the questions I would get, would be, ‘I’ve heard that there’s this thing called a butt plug. What the hell is that?’” Savage says. “And butt plugs literally have a Wiki page now. So, I don’t have to explain to people how a butt plug works.” Instead, he gets what he classifies as “situational ethics and relationship conflicts,” and what he dishes out these days is as much relationship counseling and sex therapy as it is sex advice. It’s a trend in his career—there’s something about the wisdom he espouses that appeals to a larger audience than he initially intends. His column is now a paragon of sex-positivity for all genders and sexual orientations on a national level. The It Gets Better campaign he started with his partner of 18 years (and husband of eight), Terry Miller, aimed to help bullied gay youth but quickly snowballed to include bullying victims of all sexual orientations. (The campaign did try to refocus the message back on queer kids.) What makes his appeal so universal? Perhaps it’s because the type of sexuality he proposes to straight people is more libertine than that which many straight people are told to practice. He believes monogamy in long-term relationships is difficult to the point of being unrealistic, so he often preaches the value of open relationships and the less-promiscuous “monogamish” ones, a term Savage coined a few years ago. In fact, as Savage has been pointing out recently in interviews, the lifestyle he preaches for straight people is essentially the one gay men have lived for years, the one condemned by Jerry Falwell and his ilk in the late ’70s and early ’80s as the “gay lifestyle.” “[Straight people] renamed everything,” Savage recently told an audience at the New York Public Library. “Gay people had ‘tricks’; you people have ‘hookups.’ Gay people had ‘fuckbuddies’; you guys have ‘friends with benefits.’ The whole moving to the city, living in an urban area, having an apartment, fucking a lot of people, dating around, and then settling down in your 30s. That period of straight life—post-college, pre-marriage— that … is the gay lifestyle. … And that’s how straight people now live. We are all faggots now in our 20s.” Despite the unrestrained mouth, Savage is also a throwback in many ways, the rare newspaper editor and columnist who managed to achieve a level of national fame and celebrity. His lifestyle these days—a stable marriage with a kid—is, somewhat counterintuitively, rather traditional, as Oppenheim-

“THE WAY WE TALK ABOUT MONOGAMY IS A PROBLEM. PEOPLE ARE TOLD THAT WHEN YOU’RE IN LOVE, THAT MEANS YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH ANYONE ELSE. A MOUNTAIN OF RESEARCH SHOWS THAT YOU WILL STILL WANT TO FUCK OTHER PEOPLE.” er points out. For all his popularity, Savage is not without critics. He has been accused of bigotry towards transsexuals, bisexuals and women; his staunch backing of the necessity for gay marriage in the ’90s, before the gay community reached a consensus on the need for it, led some gay people to brand him with a scarlet “C” for conservative. Even now, there seems to be some disagreement in the LGBT community as to whether Savage is a good representative for the cause. That criticism, says Jerry Portwood, executive editor of Out magazine, seems to come from the lesserseen, more conservative wing of the gay community. “For example, when I’ve posted things or written about things or put things on social media about Dan, often you have straight women defending him and Terry, and often it’s the gay men who are the ones that are more negative and that are attacking them,” Portwood says. “I find interesting that he has this very strong base of straight women who are willing to stand up for him.” Savage has never shied away from controversy, and he’s never let a fear of consequences stop him from speaking his mind. After Sen. Rick Santorum made remarks comparing homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality, Savage ran a letter in his column calling for a contest to redefine the Pennsylvania senator’s last name into a sex act of some sort. The winning definition, “The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex,” morphed into a huge “Google problem” headache for Santorum during his failed presidential run in 2012. That same year, a group of gay conservatives called GOProud endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Savage tweeted a link to the story with the words, “The GOP’s house faggots grab their ankles right on cue ... pathetic.” In April, speaking in front of a gathering of high school journalists, he criticized anti-gay Christians for selectively quoting the Bible. When several students stormed out, Savage remarked, “It’s funny to someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible how pansy-ass people react when you push back.” Savage later apologized for using the term “pansy-ass”

but stood by his comments about the Bible. But that’s Savage in a nutshell. Perhaps it’s his bravery, his willingness to stick to his guns in a funny yet deathly serious way, that makes him so universally appealing. Savage was editor of The Stranger from 2001 to 2007 before becoming the editorial director, a position he describes as “the queen of England. I’m a consultant and I give advice, which is frequently ignored.” He continues to write his column, which he expanded into a very popular podcast in 2006. He is the author of six books, the most recent of which, American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics, came out May 28. This week, Savage shares some thoughts with us about his sexual philosophies, his experience as a gay man in the middle of the AIDS epidemic, and how his column has changed during the past 22 years. How would you describe your column to a stranger? I’ve always described the column as a conversation I’m having at a bar with my friends about sex after we’ve had a few drinks. And people are being sometimes funny, sometimes maudlin, but using the language they actually use when they talk about sex with their friends ... or when they’re not drunk. My column is a sex advice column for drunks who are being honest. I thought I might get your opinions on certain subjects that people might find out of the mainstream. For instance, what’s your take on monogamy? Ah, I knew you would go there first, just to piss people off. I’m for monogamy if that’s what a couple wants and that’s what makes a couple happy. I’m for a more realistic attitude towards infidelity and adultery, which, over the multidecade course of a truly long-term relationship, is likely to touch each and every one. I also think that open relationships work, and “monagamish” relationships work, which is how I describe mine. People who are in non-monogamous relationships don’t run around saying that people who are monogamous aren’t really in love and aren’t really committed, but often you hear people who are in monogamous

relationships saying that people who are in open relationships are not really in love, are not really committed, because they couldn’t do that if they were really in love or if they were really committed. And I think that’s often the monogamy folks projecting their insecurities around infidelity and cheating onto the non-monogamous. It’s not the nonmonogamous who are prescriptive. And the way we talk about monogamy is a problem. People are told growing up that one day they will fall in love and they will make a monogamous commitment, which will be relatively super-easy, because when you’re in love that means you don’t want to have sex with anyone else but that person. The actual fact, with experience plus also a mountain of research and data, shows that if you make a monogamous commitment, you will still want to fuck other people. You will. (Laughs) In a monogamous commitment, what you’re saying to your partner is that “I will refrain from fucking other people. I will still want to.” That actually makes that commitment more meaningful. If monogamy was easy, and people didn’t want to fuck other people when they were in love with someone, then we wouldn’t have to make a commitment not to do that. What’s the difference between monogamish relationships and open relationships? You know, it’s difficult when you talk about monogamy and not-monogamy. When you talk about monogamy, that’s one thing, and it’s identical. Everybody who is monogamous is doing the exact same thing: two people who are not fucking anybody else except each other. Open relationships come in so many different flavors. There can be as many different types of agreements and allowances for outside contact as there are open relationships. You may meet someone who says, “I’m in an open relationship,” and what they mean is that “my partner and I rarely and occasionally might have a three-way, once a year. Maybe.” Then you meet people in open relationships who have sex with two or three or four or five or 10 other people every week, who are just out there whoring it up. Terry and I are gay men—cat outta the bag there, right? When I would say that we are not monogamous, people would presume, because we’re gay men, a degree of promiscuity that made both of us really uncomfortable. Because we are not that promiscuous. But even other gay people would think, “They’re a gay couple, they’re not monogamous, they must be fucking a million people.” And we are so much more monogamous than not. Ninety-nine percent of the time if Terry or I are having sex, it’s Terry and I having sex with each other. To say “not monogamous” when there are these stereotypes about gay men and gay men have so much access to so many willing sex partners— because men are pigs, not just gay men, all men—made us uncomfortable. We’re much more monogamous than not. I was saying

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that for a long time, and one time I said we’re “monogamish,” which is monogamous with a little squish around the edges. I’ve had gay men tell me that they think straight people have a very old-fashioned view of relationships and love, for that reason. Well, you look at the data, and gay male couples are the least likely to be monogamous. Straight couples and lesbian couples are the most likely to be monogamous. Which tells me the problem with monogamy is not gay men, it’s men, period. If you want to make marriage safe for monogamy, you need to ban marriage that involves men at all. Only lesbians should be allowed to marry, if monogamy is what marriage is defined by. After 22 years, do you get any letters that even make you cringe? Or are you totally jaded to anything anyone could ever write you? I’m pretty jaded. Sometimes I’m shocked how stupid people can be. The letters that break my heart are the people who are 25 or 30 and say “I’ve been reading you for 15 years; I’ve been reading you since I was 14 or 15 years old, and here’s what I did.” And I think, oh my God, you read me, but you didn’t pay attention? Nothing stuck? I’m just sometimes shocked that someone could read me for 15 years and make the same sort of junior varsity mistakes that I would think that 15 years of reading my column would inoculate you to that sort of shit, but apparently not. One of your more famous concepts is “GGG.” Could you give a quick definition of what that means? Good, giving and game. Good in bed—you have to work on those skills. A human being is way more complicated than a violin. No one expects to be able to play a violin the first time they pick it up, but everyone thinks they should be really good at this sex shit the first time they give it a bang. Giving, which is that you sometimes give pleasure without an expectation of an immediate return on that. Which is sometimes hard for people to wrap their heads around. You don’t want to be with someone who takes and takes and never reciprocates. But sometimes, you know, you do for your partner. Your partner is horny and you’re not, you help them get off, or you only have time for a quickie and you didn’t get to come, and that’s fine. You can give without and expectation of immediate return. And game: up for anything within reason. That you should do for your partner, you should go there, you should want to be the person who makes their dreams and their fantasies a reality, not the impediment, not the block. There’s a stupid thing we are told about sex, which is that you should never do anything that you don’t want to do. But some people define that so broadly, “don’t want to do,” some people define that as that you should never do anything that doesn’t turn you on, that isn’t something you want to do, that wasn’t something you were fantasizing about.

The problem with that in a long-term relationship is that you picture a Venn Diagram. If two people only have 20 percent overlap, there is going to be all this other shit that neither of them gets to do that leaves both of them feeling more sexually unfulfilled in that relationship than fulfilled, and that’s a recipe for the collapse of that relationship. You’ve written the death warrant for that relationship if that’s your approach. Your partner wants to try X, and you’re like, “Well, I’ve never had any interest in X, so we’re not doing X.” And you’re like, “OK, I guess I don’t ever get to experience this thing that I’ve fantasized about all my life with my sex partner, because they don’t want to do it, and they’re not willing to go there with me or for me.” And I think that destroys relationships, specifically sexually exclusive relationships. If you want a monogamous commitment, you’ve got to be whores for each other. You are saying, “I am solely responsible for this person’s sexual fulfillment.” You’ve got to honor that responsibility and live up to it.

“NO ONE EXPECTS TO BE ABLE TO PLAY A VIOLIN THE FIRST TIME THEY PICK IT UP, BUT EVERYONE THINKS THEY SHOULD BE REALLY GOOD AT THIS SEX SHIT THE FIRST TIME THEY GIVE IT A BANG.” You can’t say, “I am the be-all and the end-all. I am the only source of your sexual pleasure, and all these things that turn you on, we’re never doing any of that shit.” Then you have these problems when both people in these relationships are saying this to each other about different stuff! And then those relationships collapse and fall apart. You make monogamy sound so bleak. It doesn’t have to be bleak, so long as you’re whores for each other. You have to be the person that makes it happen. You want your partner to look and you and think, “because this person is in my life, these things—intimacy, romance—this is the source, the wellspring for all that.” You don’t want that person to look at you and think, “Fuck. Because I am with this person, I never get a blowjob, ever.” Because then that person is going to go on Craiglist and find a freelance blowjob-er. Are there any kinks that you recommend people not pursue? I tell people to be GGG, to go there, to be game for anything within reason. I don’t think people should do things that will traumatize them, leave them curled up in the fetal position on the floor when it’s

over, sobbing. I don’t think you owe that to your partner. What do you think about the new pope, how he advocated for civil unions when he was in Argentina? Well, that was a rearguard action. That was the church in Argentina being in retreat. They weren’t out in front saying, “Hey, we maybe we should treat same sex couples fairly and offer them civil unions.” If the church had said that in Argentina 20 years ago, maybe that would have spoken well of the new pope, but the church said it at the last minute to try to head off full civil equality and marriage in the past, but it was unsuccessful. You never see the church in a country where gay people are being persecuted and there’s no push for marriage rights, suggesting that maybe gay people should have access to civil unions. When the Catholic Church in Uganda or Nigeria or the Soviet Union or Ukraine, Germany, or anywhere else where there’s no push for marriage [equality], gets in front and says “civil unions for gay couples!”—that would be significant. In the 22 years that you’ve written this column, how have people’s sexual attitudes changed in this country? People are a lot more open, particularly about kink. People are a lot more realistic about monogamy, and I think that I’ve helped drive that conversation, including people who are monogamous, are more realistic about monogamy. I think realism about monogamy can actually make a monogamous relationship likely to remain monogamous or be successfully monogamous. It’s when two people are lying to each other and pretending they don’t want to be sleeping with anyone else, and both are policing each other for evidence that they actually do, and they both should know they both actually do. It’s just a huge strain on a marriage. It puts a lie at the heart of the marriage. And people are much more realistic about that now. And partly because of conversations I helped to drive in “Savage Love.” People are certainly way more realistic about kink and sexual variety, but that’s a conversation that I think was initiated by the AIDS epidemic that bled from the gay community into the straight community. Sex-ed used to be predicated on not writing about what people were actually doing, not writing sex advice columns, but writing about what everyone had come to a consensus on what people should be doing. ... And then the AIDS epidemic happened, and in an instant, vanilla sex, vaginal or anal intercourse—vaginal is vanilla for straights, anal is vanilla for gays—was riskier, more dangerous than BDSM. If you were going to get tied up and flogged and jerked off, you were actually being safer than someone who just wanted to fuck. And we suddenly had to have this much more open and honest and realistic conversation assessing people’s risks

and the risks of different sex acts and sexual interests. And suddenly things that had been stigmatized and dangerous and sick and unhealthy suddenly rose in their public estimation, because bondage presents no risk for HIV transmission, so long as you don’t follow it up with a good fuck, and many people into bondage don’t. And suddenly they were the safe boys and the safe girls. Where were you when the AIDS epidemic started? I was in gay bars in Chicago. I came out in 1981, just as the HIV, just as AIDS— gay cancer, then GRID, then AIDS—began to slam into the gay community. I remember. I was there. I have a lot of dead friends. Was it terrifying? Oh, it was. It was absolutely terrifying. Which is one of the things that drives me crazy about HIV educators, they run around saying fear-based education doesn’t work, and shame and guilt don’t work, and I’m like, oh no, I was there in the mid-’80s, and we were all terrified and deeply ashamed of some of the behaviors people engaged in that kind of laid out the welcome mat, or created the disease settings, that allowed AIDS to explode throughout the population. That did change everyone’s behavior. That fear and that shame worked like fucking gangbusters. It was rooted in reality. AIDS was legitimately terrifying then. Have you been following this bacterial meningitis outbreak among gay men in New York City? Speaking of scary, yes I have! Does that in any way remind you of the ’80s? What’s interesting is the alacrity, the response from health officials to get out in front of it. … The same health agencies— new officials, same agencies—that were so slow to respond to HIV, so slow to warn people, have been out there saying, “Let’s have an abundance of caution this time,” instead of an abundance of apathy. That’s what we didn’t see, we didn’t see health officials get out in front of it and speak directly and bluntly to gay men the way N.Y.C. health officials are now speaking bluntly to gay men. The slowness of the response is what led to so many thousands of people getting infected and ending up dead. That’s a sign of the times, right? Yeah, it’s a sign of the times in so many different ways. That we learned the lessons of HIV, and that gay people are more valued now. The reason why the response was so slow to HIV is because health officials, the media, politicians, they didn’t care whether gay men lived or died, but now they do. And that’s different and that’s gratifying. n

David Accomazzo is an editor at the Boulder Weekly, where this interview first appeared.

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Arden Theatre Company’s With Kristen Bailey, Aubie Merrylees, Kathryn Petersen, and Williamresidency Zielinski playwright program The Writers’ Room, the Arden’s playwright residency program presents AT THE OLD PLACE By Rachel Bonds Directed by Edward Sobel

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the Arden’s playwright residency program presents

By Rachel Bonds With Kristen Bailey, Aubie Merrylees, Kathryn Petersen, and William Zielinski Directed by Edward Sobel

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40 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 Sunday, July 28 at 2pm Thursday, July 18 at 8pm Resident playwright Rachel Bonds’ recent play Michael and Edie July 19 at Resident 8pm program The Writers’ Room, the Arden’sFriday, playwright residency presents Bonds playwright Rachel Bonds’ recent play Michael and Edie named a critics pick by the NY Times, and hailed by By others Rachel as With Kristen Bailey, Aubie Merrylees, Kathryn Petersen, and was William Zielinski Saturday, July 20was at 8pm “heartbreakingly beautiful.” Readings of her plays have recently been named a critics pick by the NY Times, and hailed by others as Directed by Edward Sobel performed at McCarter Theater in Princeton and the Roundabout and Sunday, July 21 at“heartbreakingly 2pm – with post-show discussion AT THE OLD PLACE beautiful.” Readings of her plays have recently been Performance Schedule: Manhattan Theatre Club in New York. Thursday, July 25performed at 8pm – with post-show discussion By Rachel BondsWith McCarter Theater in Princeton and the Roundabout and Following her mother’s death, a Kristen Literature Thursday, July 18 at 8pm Bailey, Aubie Merrylees, Kathrynat Petersen, and William Zielinski Theatre Club in New York. by Edward Sobel Friday, July 26 at Manhattan 8pm The Writers’ Room is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & HeritageDirected and Friday, July 19 at 8pm 40 N. 2nd Street Professor returns to her family home in William Zielinski the Independence Foundation through its New Theatre Works Initiative. Saturday, July 27 at 8pm Saturday, July 20 at 8pm Philadelphia, PA 19106 Additional support provided by The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Schedule: Richmond, VACharitable find twoPerformance young people Writers’ Room is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and Sunday, July 28The at 2pm Sunday, July 21 at 2pm – with post-show discussion 215.922.1122 • Thursday, July 18 at 8pm the Independence Foundation through its New Theatre Works Initiative. Thursday, July 25 at 8pm – with post-show discussion camped out on her lawn. ThisFriday, funny, poetic July 19 at 8pm Additional support provided TheMichael Harold &and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust. Friday, July 26 at 8pm Resident playwright Rachel Bonds’ recentbyplay Edie tale takes us through the thickets of growing Saturday, July 20 at 8pm Saturday, July 27 at 8pm was named a critics pick by the NY Times, and hailed by others as July 21 at 2pm – with post-show discussion up and the search for the roadsSunday, we didn’t take. Sunday, July 28 at 2pm “heartbreakingly beautiful.” Readings of her plays have recently been at McCarter Theater inZielinski Princeton and the Roundabout and Thursday, July 25 performed at Kathryn 8pm – with post-show discussion With Kristen Bailey, Aubie Merrylees, Petersen, and William Resident playwright Rachel Bonds’ recent play Michael and Edie Manhattan Theatre Club in New York. The Writers’ Room is made popssible Friday,by Julythe 26 atPew 8pm was named a critics pick by the NY Times, and hailed by others as Saturday, July 27 at 8pm Center for Arts & Heritage and the Independence Performance Schedule: “heartbreakingly beautiful.” Readings of her plays have recently been Writers’ Room is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and Sunday, at 2pm performed at McCarter Theater in Princeton and the Roundabout and Thursday, July 18 at 8pmJuly 28 The

At the Old Place

Performance Schedule:

Tickets $15

Manhattan Theatre Club in New York.

The Writers’ Room is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and the Independence Foundation through its New Theatre Works Initiative. Additional support provided by The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust.

Please contact your Sales Representative 215.922.1122 • ardentheatre for more information or Deidre Simms at dsimms@ 215.922.1122 •

Foundation through it’s New Theatre Works Initiative. the Independence Foundation through its New Theatre Works Initiative. Friday, July 19 at 8pm $10provided for Arden Additional support TheMichael Harold &and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust. Additional support provided by theResident Haroldplaywright & Mimi Rachel Bonds’ recentby play Edie Saturday, July 20 at 8pm was named a critics pick by the NY Times, and hailed by others as Subscribers Steinberg Sunday, Charitable Trust. July 21 at 2pm – with post-show discussion “heartbreakingly beautiful.” Readings of her plays have recently been

Thursday, July 25 performed at 8pm – with post-show discussion at McCarter Theater in Princeton and the Roundabout and

Saturday, July 27 at 8pm Sunday, July 28 The at 2pm Writers’ Room is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and the Independence Foundation through its New Theatre Works Initiative.

Resident playwright Rachel Bonds’ recentby play Edie Additional support provided TheMichael Harold &and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust. was named a critics pick by the NY Times, and hailed by others as “heartbreakingly beautiful.” Readings of her plays have recently been performed at McCarter Theater in Princeton and the Roundabout and Manhattan Theatre Club in New York.


The Writers’ Room is made possible by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and the Independence Foundation through its New Theatre Works Initiative. Additional support provided by The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust.


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215.922.1122 •

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KI TCHEN IS OPEN AT NOON!! 1126 South 9th Street, Philadelphia (267) 761-9154

Bang Bang Shrimp

On the Way Home

Sometimes, you’re stuck in the suburbs at dinnertime. Here’s an option that’s surprisingly good: Bonefish Grill. By Nina Hoffmann //


espite the drizzle, a group of older Indian men smoke cigars on lounge chairs outside. Carrying on in Hindi, they don’t seem to mind that the temperature is dropping. Shivering, I power-walk to the door. Inside, a group of much younger Indian guys are laughing over a couple bottles of Victory Golden Monkey. On the wall hangs a painting of a fish whose head is melting into the canvas; it’s not a Dali, but it could be. Where the hell are we? “Welcome to Bonefish Grill!” the server says cheerily. “Have you dined with us before?” I haven’t. But if there are this many of my people eating here, I’m willing to give it a shot. Not that Indians are the ultimate arbiters of good food— but we do like us some spice. And we tend to steer clear of restaurants that under-season everything, opting instead to indiscriminately smother dishes in a heavy cream sauce and then labeling them their signature “savory selections.” That’s typically what happens at chain restaurants, am I right? That’s why we city slickers generally try to avoid the nationally branded dining experiences that dot America’s suburbs. Nonetheless: Sometimes, ’burbs happen, and whether it’s because we’re visiting family or just because we’ve got an irresistible craving for budget-minded crab cakes and ice cream sundaes, it’s better to know where we can turn for a meal that’s reliably good. Bonefish Grill makes the grade. The environmentally conscious Florida-based seafood restaurant specializing in fresh, wood-grilled fish just opened its sixth location around the outside of Philly’s circumference: Willow Grove, Langhorne, Marlton, Deptford, Newtown Square and now Montgomeryville. Here’s what’s worth trying: Bang Bang Shrimp: The restaurant’s most popular starter is a giant bowl of spicy, lightly breaded shrimp. It is served atop a completely unnecessary bed of lettuce, and it is addictive. Crab cakes: When they’re so delicate that they

fall apart, you know there aren’t any weird fillers. Added bonus and pleasant surprise: They were spicy. Seared ahi tuna tacos: Seared tuna is something I always crave, and these tacos can stand up next to anything I’ve eaten in the city—at a third of the price. The sides: Perfectly steamed veggies are an option here, unlike at many chains that prefer sending out greens drenched in butter—which completely dumbfounds me and eliminates the whole reason to eat veggies in the first place. Also: Quinoa! It’s served cold with lemon, bell pepper and fresh edamame. The desserts: Ice cream sundaes are the best because they satisfy two sweet-tooth categories (yes, they are separate in my book): chocolate and ice cream. This one—a flourless macadamia nut brownie with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce drizzled over top—did not disappoint. The peanut butter and jelly bread pudding was on special, and it was perhaps the most inventive riff on the classic sandwich I’ve ever tried. If you see it on offering, order it; I had to remind my husband to breathe while he was eating it. The beer list: It’s impressive: Victory, Ommegang, Rogue, Brooklyn. There’s even a separate list for sharing, which is a great idea because, like wine drinkers, there are plenty of people out there who want to pop open a big-ass bottle of beer and enjoy the experience of drinking and enjoying it together. And hey, when a national restaurant chain turns out to be craft-beer-savvy, it gives us hope that America’s days of “Umm, we have Bud and Bud Light” may finally be numbered.  27 Airport Square, North Wales, Pa. 215.361.2932.

FOOD & DRINK / Philabeverage


Lime Aid Not every Mexican beer needs fruit. Here’s why. By Brian Freedman //


recious few stereotypes stick with more tenacity than the ones that deal with food and drink, No matter how inaccurate they may be. So, to clarify: All Jewish meals do not involve matzo balls. Italian food is infinitely more than pasta and gravy. Southern barbecue has absolutely nothing to do with burned skinless chicken breasts smothered with a tooth-yanking layer of sticky, high-fructose corn syrup labeled “BBQ sauce.” Indian food is made with ingredients other than curry. And so on. And the topic of this column: Not all Mexican beer benefits from a slice of lime. This is the perfect time of year for a little bit of clarification, since hot summer days are when most of us are likely to pop the crown off the top of a Corona—or, lord help you, a Corona Light. And, yes, a slice of lime is damn close to a necessity if that’s what you’re sipping. But Corona doesn’t need lime because it’s a Mexican beer; it gets one because the bottle is clear. Long story short, and skipping over all the chemistry involved, beer bottled in clear glass leaves it exposed to the potentially detrimental effects of sunlight, which can “skunk” them, aka make them go bad (real bad). Lime is a great way to cover up those nasty flavors

and aromas. (Also, Corona, which tastes like, well, not much, benefits from a lime to provide what connoisseurs, aficionados and cicerones refer to with the technical term “flavor,” as it possesses rather little of it on its own.) So the next time you order a Mexican beer that’s not bottled in clear glass, and you’re offered a wedge of lime with it, feel free to turn it down, or, at the very least, question it. If the bottle is green or brown, then the addition of citrus is pretty much unnecessary. (Witbiers and the like are a different story entirely.) So here we go: Tecate, Bohemia and Negra Modelo? No lime. Corona, Sol and Modelo Especial? Go for it. Just remember that simply because your beer was brewed in Mexico doesn’t mean it needs the help of a wedge of citrus fruit. It’s yet another stereotype with no basis in reality. 

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Blackened Green Beans : Bistro Salad : Fresh Chicken Salad Fresh Burger on LeBus Brioche Bun : Jambalaya : Oyster Po’ Boy w/Remoulade sauce Fresh Sausage Sandwiches : Fresh Pommes Frites w/Monk’s Bourbon Mayo

EL LOCO PEZ 2401 E. Norris St. 267.886.8061. Cuisine: Mexican-American done right. El Loco Pez seems to be a nice middle ground where all people can feel comfortable. It’s a bar with a sense of inclusion, humor ... and damn

BLUE CAT 1921 Fairmount Ave. Cuisine: Latin-inspired comfort food. Blue Cat’s airy, friendly atmosphere, casual and competent service, and comfortable pan-Latin food bring new freshness and life to its Fairmount neighborhood. Salmon filet, beneath a gorgeous crust from the cast-iron skillet, is a simple, delicate dish, topped with a mango salsa as straightforward as it is bright. Chacarero, a riff on the Chilean sandwich, is piled high with avocado, string beans, red pepper and grilled chicken; this is a sandwich that’s as filling as it is unexpectedly good for you. (B.F.)





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BAR FERDINAND 1030 N. Second St. 215.923.1313. Cuisine: Spanish. A recent menu started with a single deep-cupped oyster—the magnificently named Shoregasm— anointed with a spiced apple granita. It worked as an hors d’oeuvre, a warm-up lap and a palate-cleanser all at once, and was swiftly followed by housecured salmon. Three velvety slices, subtle with the aromas of soft herbs like mint, basil, dill and cilantro, were each wrapped around a spray of pea shoots exploding from their ends like cartoon contrails on an animated comet. The accompanying horseradish crema was a nice traditional touch, if not a terribly necessary one. (Brian Freedman)

MONDAYS: good tacos and drinks. Carne asada was the most familiar, the short ribs tender and deeply seasoned with cumin, as well as Worcestershire and soy. Taco al pastor is nearly halfway between dinner and dessert, the distinct whiff of cinnamon and clove in the tender chunks of pork combine with the pineapple in ways that are distinctly reminiscent of an old-school pineapple upside-down cake. Order two of these. The menu encourages overconsumption. On the drink tip: The margarita at El Loco Pez is a balanced gem, neither teethsuckingly tart nor cavity-causing sweet. (B.F.)


1132 South 9th Street



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The Golden Gays PJ Raval’s poignant documentary on aging gays, Before You Know It, is one of the many films to catch at this year’s QFest. By Bill Chenevert //


he QFest lineup for 2013 is as stellar as ever, and for 12 days this month, beginning Thursday, July 11, Philadelphia’s a much richer city as a result. And not just for queer folks. Yes, the onslaught of queer-themed cinema programming does wonders for our psyche and offers a week and a half of potential date destinations. But, as it turns out, the same things that affect queer people affect everyone else, too. The elements of loneliness, love, friendship, heartache and ambition aren’t exclusive to gays. With DOMA’s demise and the country abuzz with gay marriage acceptance, it’s becoming less and less anything that anyone cares about—straights are allowed to get down with gay stuff. It just means you have taste. To discuss the entire slate of QFest programming in this space is impossible; there are so many outstanding films that address vast swaths of life and culture—shorts, features, documentaries, dramas and comedies are all here, and they capture such themes as coming-of-age (Animals) and go-go boy veneration (The Go Doc Project). We picked a feature documentary by PJ Raval as a film to get into the essence of the festival’s great value, and caught up with the Texas-based director this week to discuss his newest, Before You Know It. With the outstanding success of last year’s How to Survive a Plague, we know that documentary is one of film’s ripest formats for mining deeply felt emotion, and Raval struck gold when he started exploring all of the intersections of life that bubble up around the stories of aging gays. In Before You Know It, three characters form a perfect triumvirate of narratives: Once-closeted Dennis is in his 70s, living in Florida and exploring gay retirement options in Portland, Ore.; Ty’s a marriage and LGBT activist in Harlem and directs outreach for Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE for short); and Robert runs a legendary bar in Galveston, Texas, called Robert’s Lafitte that specializes in no-frills drag and fostering community. Together, their stories offer a complete, vivid picture of the multi-generational gay struggle that maybe, after all, is becoming less of a fight at this moment in time. “We started filming in early 2009, and we officially stopped shooting in the summer of 2012 and premiered it March of 2013,” Raval tells PW. “We were shooting up until the very end, so it’s still very fresh.” It takes time to foster relationships with doc subjects, and Raval decided to take the camera out of his own hands—he’s also a decidedly accomplished cinematographer—and really engage with the life the film’s subjects were living. “You have to let life unfold, so it’s really impossible to just show up and capture someone’s life,” Raval explains. “With Dennis’ storyline, it was about two and a half years, but it’s also kind of necessary if you want that intimate access and that trust, and to really experience life in front of you. There’s a relationship that forms.” The prospect of capturing the essence of one human’s

We’re here, we’re queer: In this scene from the documentary Before You Know It (above), members of SAGE, an organization for LGBT senior citizens, march in N.Y.C. (Below) The film’s director, PJ Raval.

struggles and getting them to be comfortably filmed without pretense is a daunting task, but one that Raval handles deftly and masterfully. Before You Know It touches on all different emotions and struggles: from loneliness and the stigma of singledom into late adulthood, to drag and its mysteriously magical power in the gay experience, to pride and the prospect of gay marriage. Marriage is one of the most fascinating and hot-button issues at play, and the result isn’t what you might expect. For the aging LGBT community, marriage is something they never thought would happen. Having seen every stage of civil equality under the sun, from segregation to voting rights to interracial unions, nonetheless couldn’t imagine it would be a reality in their lifetime, even in their wildest dreams. Like Ty says at one telling moment in Before You Know It, it’s like someone in the ‘70s imagining the prospect of something like an iPod. And then what do you do with the right once you’ve got it? “[Ty]’s very much, in his storyline, thinking it through. He’s never thought about [marriage] before, and these are discussions he and [his partner] had not had,” said Raval. “For me, I was really fascinated by the idea of things you hadn’t imagined happening in your life, and you have to react.” As it turns out, Raval caught Ty—at a Harlem house party awaiting the New York State Senate’s momentous

announcement of gay marriage—at the exact moment it became clear to him that he could marry his boyfriend. And to witness it is pure magic.  For more information on QFest, its participating films, screening times and locations, visit

space ReseRVaTioN deadliNe FRiday, JUly 19Th 2013

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Thursday, July 18th 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Penns Landing Caterers, 1301 Columbus Blvd., Phila., PA 19147 Hosted by Eddie Tully of Tulstar Productions & DJ Russ Ferrante of the Philadelphia Entertainment Co.

Sample pizza and other tasty treats from over 15 of Philly’s finest parlors! Live Music, Raffles, Giveaways & More!

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 2 9


The biggest pizza party South Philly has ever seen is back!

3 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m


Back to the Future

Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s imaginative robot action fantasy, will make you feel like a kid again. By Sean Burns //


The Lone Ranger

It’s Strange on the Range Beyond Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger brownface lies one of his wittier performances.


eleased amid a perfect storm of production delays, budgetary nightmares and celebrity schadenfreude, Gore Verbinski’s oddball Western is already the kind of box-office disaster that becomes a punchline for late-night talk-show monologues. Too bad, because this is one fascinating film. The weirdest summer blockbuster to come down the pike in eons, The Lone Ranger is a bitterly cynical, Sergio Leone-styled bloodbath full of fairy-tale flourishes and slapstick interludes out of a silent comedy. I have no idea who this movie was made for, but I’m glad that I saw it. We begin in 1933, where Johnny Depp’s Tonto is slathered in Little Big Man old-age makeup. A statue come to life in an Old West museum exhibit, he spots a little kid dressed up as the title character and starts spinning a semi-coherent, fanciful yarn about what really went down between him and Kemo Sabe. Right away, Verbinski is positioning the picture as an alternative myth, a tall tale corrective to “printing the legend.” The Lone Ranger himself (played by Armie Hammer, doing a passable Judge Reinhold impression) is a blowhard and a bit of a dolt, stubbornly insisting on the rule of law on a frontier where corruption is a given and murder is a fact of life. A nefarious railroad baron (Tom Wilkinson) has hired a band of scruffy marauders to fake Comanche attacks on settlers, making it look like the tribe violated a treaty so he can take their land. It’s manifest destiny in action, complete with the U.S. cavalry mowing down hundreds of innocent Native Americans in a chilling, mid-movie set-piece. Depp caught a lot of flack as a white American daring to play Tonto, but look beyond all that, and you’ll find one of his wittier performances. Doing his best Buster Keaton deadpan while wearing Ace Frehley face-paint and a dead bird on his head, Tonto’s the half-mad survivor of a childhood massacre, craftily manipulating this “stupid white man” to aid his quest for revenge. Much like Verbinski’s Pirates pictures, there are too many characters, too many tangents, and the movie is at least half an hour too long. But The Lone Ranger’s massively overscaled production and bizarre tonal shifts exert a peculiar pull. The climactic action sequence, aping Keaton’s The General with runaway trains on parallel tracks, is one for the ages. This is a strange, subversive picture. (Sean Burns)

he beguiling thing about Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is just how well thought out it all is. Yes, we’re talking about that new movie in which skyscraper-sized robots fend off attacks from gigantic Godzilla monsters. It’s a rock ‘em-sock ‘em display of mass distraction, but it has obviously been brooded over and mused upon for years by del Toro and his co-screenwriter, Travis Beacham. Pacific Rim exists in a complete, fully realized universe, which is a high compliment indeed for a movie that also feels like it was dreamed up by an 8-yearold splashing around with toys in the bathtub. To explain: In the not-too-distant future, shifting tectonic plates beneath the sea accidentally open up a portal to another dimension, so all of a sudden, we’ve got gargantuan Kaiju clomping their way up to the shore and stomping out major cities. Swatting away fighter jets like pesky flies, these super-sized lizards require a different kind of defense. Countries band together and build the Jaegers—enormous nuclear-powered robots so huge they must be operated by a duo of pilots connected through something called a “neural handshake drift.” Folks are electronically and psychically linked, working in tandem from a soundstage inside each Jaeger’s head, syncing up their movements like the world’s most destructive game of Dance Dance Revolution. Pacific Rim drops a metric ton of exposition in the first reel, almost throwing away dozens of fleet and hilarious asides covering the first five years of “The Kaiju War.” The opening title doesn’t appear onscreen for almost 20 minutes, after knocking back enough material for a prequel trilogy, plus an origin story so the film can properly begin in medias res several years down the road for humanity’s last stand. The Defense Department has shifted priorities to building a coastal wall that’s supposed to keep the Kaiju out, de-commissioning the Jaegers and leaving their hotshot pilots unemployed. The wall seemed like a good idea at the time, but these creatures are rapidly evolving and soon make short work of the obstruction. This leaves only four rusty Jaegers and a typically rag-tag band of hotshot pilots, commanded by Idris Elba’s hilariously brusque Stacker Pentecost. (This movie has such great names.) He’s pulled maverick pilot Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) out of self-imposed retirement for a last-ditch attempt to win the war by dropping a 280-megaton nuclear bomb into the dimensional portal. The underfunded rogue robot operation exists somewhere on the outskirts of Hong Kong, powered by an international cast of misfits and outcasts. Hunnam finds a kindred spirit in Rinko Kikuchi’s Mako Mori, a data processer promoted to co-pilot for this final mission. For intelligence purposes, we’ve got a couple of bickering scientists played by harumphy Burn Gorman and Charlie Day, of all people. They’re trying to use this “neural handshake” technology to mind-meld with a Kaiju brain that’s been kept alive inside a jar, and what I loved most about their lab is that it’s full of old-school classroom chalkboards instead of computer screens. That’s by far the most enjoyable thing about Pacific Rim’s impressive production design: Everything is so rusty and analog. There’s a junky, garage-sale feel to all the technology. Most problems can be solved by just pulling a plug, and the gear looks as well-worn and dented as the Millennium Falcon. Del Toro’s got a vintage World War II movie aesthetic at work here, complete with all the pilots dressing in bomber jackets and making cornpone speeches about saving the world. Dedicated to Ray Harryhausen and Ishiro Honda, Pacific Rim is madly in love with all those Creature Double Feature UHF channel

He means business: Idris Elba stars as brusque commander Stacker Pentecost in Guillermo del Toro’s action-packed Pacific Rim.

specials, ushering the man-in-lizard-suit kitsch into a new age of IMAX 3D digital filmmaking technology. It doesn’t always work. Hunnam in particular is a lousy lead, with a bloody awful American accent. But the details are so carefully layered in, it’s hard to complain, especially when del Toro regular Ron Perlman turns up as dapper sleazebag Hannibal Chau (What did I tell you about those names?), who made his fortune selling dead kaiju body parts on the black market. Guillermo del Toro has been missing from movies for way too long. We lost five years with him dicking around pre-production in Middle Earth before Peter Jackson Jay Leno-ed the hideous new Hobbit series all for himself. But he’s back with a vengeance here, and his imagination clearly knows no bounds. There’s a child-like glee to Pacific Rim that almost distracts from the expert craftsmanship. It’s dumb fun done smart. And it made me feel 8 years old again. 

Pacific Rim Starring: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day and Rinko Kikuchi Director: Guillermo del Toro




An all-new anthology of dread, madness and gore!


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PHILLYNOW Local News & Politics with Attitude

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3 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m


A Rose is Still a Rose Advice for an on-lockdown Lauryn Hill.


t was just over a year ago, at last year’s Wawa Welcome America, that Philadelphia music lovers got to see multiple Grammy Award-winning Jersey girlgone-mad Lauryn Hill shine brightly and beautifully onstage. She surprised Fourth of July audiences, thanks to the Roots, with a souped-up, skin-tight performance of songs from her widely acclaimed debut solo LP, 1998’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, the album that propelled her to the heights from which she’s fallen with almost equal force. Hill’s three-month term for tax evasion began early Monday, when she reported to Connecticut’s Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury. Doesn’t matter that she paid nearly $1 million in back taxes; she pleaded guilty, got her sentence and now, as it were, is facing the music. We’ll miss you, lady. But hell, we’ve been missing the artist we fell in love with for nearly a decade. Like the Jackson 5 said, we want you back. So, in the spirit of love, here are five pieces of advice from my dad—who found himself in a federal “halfway house” after a crackreasoned plot to counterfeit money while I was in high school. Meditate. If allowed, that is. If it isn’t, steal five minutes while still in bed each morning. Get your head right before facing a day filled with potential triggers. Practice detachment. It’s painfully, powerfully obvious that you don’t separate who you are from what you do, and it’s admirable that you still consider the legions who love you as fans, not just customers. (See, Jay-Z? It’s possible.) But sisterfriend, if it’s your goal to sell records, you’ve got to detach from them once they’re birthed. Maybe that’ll improve your output? Start a nonprofit organization for suffering people through which you can pay yourself and your folk nearly a third of the charity’s donations. Or not, since Wyclef’s got that lane covered. Embrace the lesson, whatever it is. Even if it’s just “Geez, I better get myself an accountant who will not tolerate my bullshit,” be open to whatever the Universe has on its chalkboard. Write, write, write. Well, you certainly don’t need that advice from the likes of me. But instead of songs, pen a book/screenplay/mini-series/eventual HBO megahit about your experience, not Rita Marley’s. She already wrote her biography; we want to read yours. Chris Rock will produce the film or series; Ava Duvernay will direct it, and Adepero Oduye and Patina Miller can battle on the mic for the lead. Olivia Pope, my foot—a partially fictionalized L. Boogie character would have that night, even against the non-president’s nonwoman, on lock. (Kenya Beverly)

Rich Quick

Get Rich Quick

You won’t be mad. The South Jersey MC is prepping his debut EP, Sad Songz. By Bill Chenevert //


et’s get the obvious out of the way with a quickness: Rich Quick is a white rapper from New Jersey. Long gone, we hope, are the days where being Caucasian in the rap game matters at all; skilled mic rockers like 3rd Bass’ MC Serch and Eminem took the bite out of that beef ages ago. Hip-hop’s not any one culture’s possession, an idea Quick expressed early on in a Doobie’s meet-up on Monday night. “Hip-hop culture encompasses all cultures,” he says. And with the pretty hefty success of white boys like Macklemore, Mac Miller and Asher Roth, Quick’s ready to put his hat in the ring and have his name tacked on to such a list. With a flurry of shows coming up and an EP prepped to drop on Aug. 20, Quick’s bracing himself for the biggest summer of his life. His debut, Sad Songz, is a five-track EP Quick recorded at ChopShop studios in Langhorne, and it’s set for distribution through Ben Frank Recordings. It’s a bit of a departure; as you might imagine by the title, these are expressive songs with emotional import, unafraid to reveal a deeper lyrical ambition beyond the easy tropes and stereotypes of hip-hop lyrical content, like expensive cars, cheap girls and designer clothes. Quick’s been gaining momentum over the past few years in a relatively hardcore sub-sector of Philly hip-hop, getting love from both the hood and hip-hop diehards who value how hard you can bring the pain. Still, those looking for a trap-rap record won’t find one. “Sad Songz is just one side of me,” Quick warns. “People are going to be disappointed if they’re looking for a hardcore emcee.” On this one, at least. The 25-year-old South Jersey native has spent his whole life within spitting distance of Philadelphia and has found himself in “the city” almost every day for years. That 15-minute drive has allowed him to start earning credibility since he first stepped into a cypher in North Philly. And as Quick put it, “If you can’t jump into a cypher, what the hell are you here for?” Quick’s first official release after unofficial collaborations and mixtapes—his I’m With the DJ collection has helped drum up intrigue and fans—is also the first product of a production relationship with STREECE, the duo of Stress the Whiteboy and

beloved local musician Chuck Treece. Quick was a fan of theirs before they found him performing at a Johnny Brenda’s event called Beats & Rhymes, which paired emcees with producers. Stress was in the building to support his little brother, rapper Sev-One, and approached Quick to invite him into the studio. Quick was pumped (and still is) to continue working with the beatmaking duo, and their resultant EP is, indeed, quite nicely produced. Take “Nice Guy,” for instance, a hype beat that’s a little tropical and dubstep-esque, but in that trip-hop, drum ‘n bass way. It’s a track that has a freshness to it, but isn’t an obvious trend ride. Quick’s aware of trends; you have to be. In the way that he knows Jay-Z’s been setting trends for years (“Jay-Z puttin’ on a button-down shirt changed the game,” Quick says), he’s also pretty sure that Macklemore is not a trend that’s gonna last. He also sees some wholesale theft of the look and style of Slug from Atmosphere, who Quick openly admits has a direct influence on his career—something Macklemore’s never done. But you’ve gotta know what people are feeling. Macklemore does deserve some credit for getting a hiphop song about same-sex love on the radio (“Same Love”), but Quick doesn’t like the idea of conscious rap. “Is the rest of hip-hop unconscious?” he asks. “Did Eminem not write songs that were conscious?” Quick definitely doesn’t like the use of words prevalent in hip-hop, namely the n- and f-words. “I find it distasteful myself, so I don’t use it,” he offered. Simple. “Ignorance never prevails. Why would you turn people off like that?” Good point. But, conversely, being associated with conscious rappers like anyone on Rhymesayers, or, say Talib Kweli—whom Quick’s flow resembles significantly, I suggest to him—isn’t something Philly hip-hop’s rising star is particularly mad at. “Talib’s a huge influence on me,” he admits, “so that’s a huge compliment.”  Sun., July 14, 8pm. $8-$10. The Arts Garage, 1533 Ridge Ave. 215.765.2702.


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Andrew Lipke with the Azrael String Quartet


summer 2013 Wednesdays August 14, 21, 28 6-9pm at rittenhouse square For sponsorship opportunities contact your Account Executive or email the Sales Manager at dsimms@



indie rock VISTA CHINO


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH // 8:00PM // 21+


Danse4Nia modern dance

1200 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123



Usiloquy Dance Design Indian classical dance

Sisterly Affection spoken word




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p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 3 3


3 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m






The Gifted (Maybach/Atlantic) Sounds like: The D.C. emcee’s one of those rare hip-hop artists whose debut may have been his best. His third isn’t bad; it’s got a few keepers. But he’s a lil’ tired. Free association: A case study in the Rick Rossification of medium-talented rappers. For fans of: Kid Cudi/2 Chainz/Meek Mill/ Kanye + Nicki, radio jamz. (Bill Chenevert)

ZOMBY With Love (4AD) Sounds like: The mysterious British knobtwister, beat-maker and producer doesn’t need to give us any more info—just songs. Because this batch is sickening. Free association: The cream of the crop, raising the bar for weird electronic euphoria For fans of: SBTRKT x Darkstar + Actress, Burial/Zed’s Dead, anti-Skrillex talent. (B.C.)

THE LEISURE SOCIETY Alone Aboard the Ark (Full Time Hobby) Sounds like: The fourth from Nick Hemming’s U.K. folk pop act is a lovely listen; albeit somber and serious at times, it’s always pretty and thoughtful. Free association: Another strong folk family in the British acoustic family tree. For fans of: Belle & Sebastian x Badly Drawn Boy, Sufjan/The Sea and Cake, acoustic beards. (B.C.)

JOHN SCOFIELD Uberjam Deux (EmArcy) Sounds like: Excellence, as always, from the 61-year-old Ohio axe master who always employs the right studio help for blissful, funky and groove-heavy jazz rock. Free association: He may be a balding, aging man, but his mellow hands know no age. For fans of: Pat Metheny/Bill Frisell, John Medeski + BB King/the Meters. (B.C.)

CSS Planta (SQE Music) Sounds like: The fourth from the ladies of Sao Paolo doesn’t have the energy and dance friendliness of past efforts, but it’s still a cool, electronically funky affair. Free association: Their first’s still a paragon of what dance-punk girls should aspire to. For fans of: Gossip x Brazilian Girls + Le Tigre/Os Mutantes, ambivalent party girls. (B.C.)

SPEEDY ORTIZ Major Arcana (Carpark Records) Sounds like: This full-length debut of a poetry masters student’s side project is fantastically loud, sloppy yet tight and chaotic. Free association: Ever wondered what Pavement tracks sang by a girl would sound like? For fans of: Denali x Pixies + Sonic Youth, Pylon with Eleanor Friedberger (B.C.)


Comedy Bang! Bang!

CAMP Wednesdays, 10pm, NBC Captive audience: Glee defectors; people who like reminiscing about all the freaky shit they did at summer camp; guys who think Rachel Griffiths is a MILF. Moment of truth: And now, in the Shows-I-Hate-to-Admit-I-Kinda-Like Dept., here comes this new, dramedy whatzit that’s obviously after the teen/young-adult crowd that’s been fleeing Glee. Six Feet Under’s Rachel Griffiths stars as the recentlydivorced owner of a struggling summer camp, a camp that’s filled with rowdy kids and horny teen counselors. I wanna loathe the show for its soapy teen melodrama and jukebox soundtrack selections, but it does have a likable, empathetic spirit to it. As much as I detest seeing young people do young-people shit, this show grudgingly has my respect. Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy. (Craig D. Lindsey)

THE BRIDGE Wednesdays, 10pm, FX Captive audience: Police-procedural watchers; fans of Texas-based neo-noir; people who have varying forms of autism spectrum. Moment of truth: FX’s latest edgy, pulpy new drama is an adaptation of a Danish/ Swedish crime drama about a murder investigated on the border of Sweden and Denmark. The American version is about a murder investigated on the border of Texas and Mexico. Diane Kruger’s possibly autistic El Paso cop and Demian Bichir’s seen-it-all Juarez lawman are the detectives who reluctantly team up on the case. While future, clichéd-in-some-instances episodes aren’t as spotless as its knockout pilot, the show’s mix of moody suspense, dark humor and socially relevant storytelling makes this a show worth watching. Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy. (C.D.L.)

By Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman (HarperCollins) In summary: An initially intriguing look at how a music genre was born quickly gives way to a story that repeats itself every hundred pages. Various sorts of metal musicians (thrash, glam, nu, etc.) discuss—in an impressive collection of interviews from multiple sources— their inspirations, beginnings, rises, falls, in-fighting and drug abuse within chapters that have hard titles like “Youth Gone Wild” and “In the Nightside Eclipse.” One of the main takeaways of the book is how many of these bands share similar origin stories and trajectories. It is like the monomyth of metal music: A band forms from divergent backgrounds, encounters initial resistance from predecessors and unfamiliars, becomes famous amongst in-fighting and rampant drug abuse, then settles into mediocrity, death or legend. Many of the musicians do not understand how their highly disruptive behavior paints them as really tall children with poor impulse controls. In one instance, Motley Crüe’s Vince Neil plays the pity card after it is revealed he was responsible for the death of Hanoi Rocks’ drummer, Nicholas Dingley, when he drove drunk. Neil was sad that his bandmates didn’t support his sobriety on tour, you know, after spending only 15 days in jail. The most fascinating part of Louder Than Hell is reading these people poetically describe their music immediately after they try to justify keeping photo albums of women who are in the process of sucking their dicks. It’s amazing. Akin to: National Geographic via Groundhog Day. Author fun fact: Members of Alice in Chains threatened to kick Wiederhorn’s ass after his Rolling Stone cover story depicted frontman Layne Staley as a total junkie. Six years later, Staley died weighing less than 90 pounds. (Michael Brady)


COMEDY BANG! BANG! Fridays, 10pm, IFC Captive audience: Podcast listeners; alt-comedy nerds; people who like their humor both smart and stupid. Moment of truth: The anti-talk show version of the comedy podcast returns for a second season, which definitely does not skimp on the mega-absurd, ultra-surreal silliness. Host Scott Aukerman gets such celebrity guests as Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari and Sarah Silverman to join in the silliness with him, while bandleader Reggie Watts (the coolest talk-show bandleader with an Afro—next to Questlove, of course) comes up with goofy, on-the-spot grooves. Its random, nutty humor may not go over well with a lot of people, but I laughed my head off. And, if you’re into that sort of thing, you will too. Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy. (C.D.L.)




By Dan Savage //


Half Price rooms (6Am SUNDAY tILL 8Am moNDAY) mEmBERS: $12.50 & NoN-mEmBERS:$22.50

I am a 29-year-old lesbian. My best friend has an incredibly hot sister to whom I am very attracted. Let’s call her Gladys. Gladys is about 10 years older than me and happily married to a man. We talk about life on Facebook and text each other frequently. Recently, things have gotten a bit more flirtatious. I am dying to say to her, “I am super-attracted to you, and I don’t want to assume anything about your agreements with your hubby. If you ever want to explore your sexuality with a girl, I would love to be that girl.” It seems like a delicate situation. I love my best friend’s entire family. I love their mom. I have spent holidays at their house and vacationed with them. I don’t want to embarrass myself. But I know she couldn’t ask me that same thing. It just wouldn’t be right from her side, since I am her little sister’s best friend. Is there a way to roll this out? Lesbian Under Straight Tease


BUsiNess maN locKer sPecial 4 HR LockERS (8Am- 4pm) mEmBERS: $5.00 & NoN-mEmBERS: $15.00


Half Price rooms (6Am- 12 mIDNIgHt) mEmBERS: $12.50 & NoN-mEmBERS: $22.50


$12 flat rate for locKer admissioN & clotHiNg oPtioNal (4pm-12 mIDNIgHt)


Let’s do a quick risk/reward analysis, LUST. By hitting on this woman, you’re risking your relationship with your best friend, your best friend’s sister, your best friend’s mom and all future family holiday/ vacation invites for the potential reward of getting into the pants of your best friend’s hot married older sister once or twice. Seems like a lot to risk if you ask me, LUST, and you did. That said, there are a lot of married bi women out there. But if Gladys has an open relationship with her husband—or if they’re actively searching for a unicorn—it would be better if they made the first move. So keep flirting and live in hope. A girl I worked with introduced me to your podcast a couple of months ago. You must get this email (or variations on it) all the time, but I wanted to say thank you for the Savage Lovecast. It has made me feel a lot more comfortable about some of the things I like to do, consensually, with my loving GGG boy. My girlfriends sometimes turn their noses up at some of the sexual stuff I’ve tried or mentioned being interested in trying. The calls and guest experts on your podcast make me feel so much more normal, and my boyfriend loves that I’ve recently become a lot more open about the things I want to do. I don’t have a question, Dan; I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you and the tech-savvy at-risk youth do every week. Eager Nice Girl Living In Scottish Highlands Thanks for the lovely note, ENGLISH, and tell your boyfriend I said hello. And remember, dear readers, if you’re not listening to my weekly podcast— check out our brand-new site at savagelovecast. com—you’re not getting your full, weekly dose of Savage Love. 

DOn’T FORgET TO vISIT ThE aDOnIS cInEMa RIghT nExT DOOR!! 2026 SanSOM ST/ Ph: 215-557-9319



C U T I E A S I A N S PA : G ra n d O p e n i n g , N ew M a n a g e m e n t ! 1 1 23 Ra ce St re et, 1 st F lo o r, 215.564.1230

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Con neGet cte d

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i lDaEdLePlHpI h om wEeKeLkYl y P HpI h LA A iWaEwEeKeLkY.l Cy.OcM I JIUjNuEl y5 1- 0J -U jNuEl y1 21 7I PI HpIhL iAlDaEdLePlHpIhAi a WE 3 35

Here’s what BDSM author, educator, and activist Jay Wiseman has to say about choking in his book SM 101: A Realistic Introduction: “I know of no way whatsoever that suffocation or strangulation can be done that does not intrinsically put the recipient



I’m a straight guy with a long-term girlfriend who has a choking fetish. She needs to be choked during sex to get off. I’m more of a vanilla kind of dude, but in the spirit of being GGG, I’ve been doing this for her. The thing is, it kind of scares me. I don’t particularly get off on it, and it actually brings out parts of me that I don’t like. More importantly, I’m really scared of hurting her. Recently while on vacation, hotel security was called because our neighbors thought I was assaulting her, as she’s a screamer and likes to struggle during sex. I’m trying to be GGG, but now it feels like every fuck needs to be a rape scene, complete with choking. She doesn’t like it any other way. I don’t want to accidentally hurt her or kill her and wind up in jail, but she’s dismissive when I share my concerns. My friends in the BDSM scene scold me and say that breath play is never OK. Your thoughts? Throat Harm Really Obsesses This Terrific Lady Entirely

e n c n t ions o C

You had a one-night stand, and the dude wouldn’t let you spend the night, and now you’re having a meltdown about it. Why this reaction? Because before you could give yourself permission to fuck this guy, you had to convince yourself that this encounter wasn’t, in fact, about two people using each other. Like a lot of people who want to have onenight stands—men and women, gay and straight, locals and tourists—you psyched yourself up to believe that you two had some sort of meaningful insta-connection. (“I thought he was so sweet.”) You convinced yourself that if circumstances were different—if you were single, if you lived in Costa Rica— you could see yourself dating this guy. You rounded this dude up to boyfriend material, TURISTA, but the way he treated you after the sex was over—“OK, lady, back to the hotel”—stripped away your illusions: He was a player, and you had been played. Was your reaction sex-negative? Yes, it was. Are you slut-shaming yourself? Yes, you are. You did something kind of sleazy on vacation, TURISTA, just like millions of other people before you, and you misjudged someone. But who hasn’t? As for why he kicked you out, TURISTA, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe he’s in a relationship that’s “not necessarily exclusive,” and his girlfriend was coming over in the morning and wouldn’t appreciate finding a turista—yet another one—in his bed.

at risk of cardiac arrest ... I know of no reliable way to determine when such a cardiac arrest becomes imminent. If the recipient does arrest, the probability of resuscitating them, even with optimal CPR, is small.” Even if choking weren’t dangerous—posts about people accidentally killing themselves during solo choking scenes appear on fetish blogs with depressing regularity—being this woman’s boyfriend/assailant has to be tedious. Even if choking were safe, THROTTLE, you need to ask yourself if you wanna spend the rest of your life with someone who’s as inconsiderate, selfish and sexually limited as your girlfriend seems to be.

I’m a 26-year-old straight female. I just fucked a guy while on holiday in Costa Rica. I thought I was sex-positive and adventurous, so why do I feel so ashamed? I’m dating a boy back in the U.S. who I absolutely adore, but we’re not necessarily exclusive. The guy was a 22-year-old local—I thought he was so sweet. But he did that bullshit “fuck her and then get her out of bed and drive her home” shit. I told him it wasn’t OK, and he made excuses. I feel so fucking pathetic right now. Is this because I did something stupid? Is this a natural feeling? Or is it a result of some deep psychological self-induced slutshaming? Why would he kick me out like that? Truly Underestimated Risk In Sexual Tourist Adventure

3 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m


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Cutie asian spa

asian spa

1123 Race Street 1st Floor

215.564.1230 asian spa

1812 Ludlow Street Philadelphia, PA


1207 Race ST. *1st FL* Phila. PA 19107


HAPPINESS We treat you like a




1207 Race ST. *1st FL* Phila. PA 19107


1 0


1 7


• Body Shampoo • Hot Sauna • Body Massage • Open 7 Days 1812 Ludlow Street Philadelphia, PA

HOLLYWOOD SPA 215-231-9937 5 2

• Body Shampoo • Hot Sauna • Body Massage • Open 7 Days




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• Dry Sauna • Body Rub • Table Shower BODY SHAMPOO R E L A X AT I O N

(24/7) 202 South Quince Street Behind Forest Theatre

Parking Available


Get ected n n o C

237 N. 12th St.

[Between Vine & Race St.] Near Convention Center, Parking in Rear


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PG. 35

Dating Easy



HOT GUYS! Philadelphia



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215.878.1888 FREE CODE: Philadelphia Weekly For other local numbers call



24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2013 PC LLC 3021


REWARDS For other local numbers call:

FREE CODE: Philadelphia Weekly



24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2013 PC LLC 2452

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1 8 8 9 . 4 7 4 . 5 1 2

00.6666 bers: 1.800ot.7da um N l ca Lo e Mor 18+ ww w.redh


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Fully Insured Free Estimates

Commercial & Residential

Phong’s Floor Sanding


Cell 215-906-8840 856-962-9576

New Hardwood Installations Sanding • Refinishing • Staining

Commercial & Residential

Fully Insured Free Estimates

Quality Hardwood Floors Old Floor made like new

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saNdiNg • refiNishiNg • staiNiNg iNstallatioN plus repairs Quality work • fully insured low rates • free estimates

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Call Eileen

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HHHHH fax: 215-468-8485 Tony’s CLEAN-OUT TONYCLEANOUTS@AOL.COM FAX 215-334-6666

bEST oF phIlly



PW Classifieds


call 800-960-4587 PW Classifieds


PW Classifieds

PA 215-407-0121


Rev •#1: Water damage traSH removal Rev #2: HaulingRev • Scrap #3: metal

OpEN 7 dAys A wEEk • sENiOr disC. 105 REP:Or EL NO jOb SALES TOO big TOO smALL



This slug must appear in the upperWe are praying for a newborn CHECK FOR flexibility in a shortAPPROVAL time our success ad frame name:is the key David lefttocorner of each page.R to love. Open hear ted, loving couple wishing you would call... tOny’S the name you can trust INSURED size: 1x1 Authorized Medical & Legal Exexpected run date: 032708 penses Paid. Call us toll free 1855-ADOPT-123

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Scrap Metal Trash Removal Basement Cleanouts Whole House Guts pw, spr, swr Debris Removalpublication: Power Washing Estates • Demolition & Insured Hauling eleanor salesLic.rep:

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Michael Fortuna Roofing, INC.

thing you need eryPhilly evSouth

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Specializing in all types of Roofing

Roofer of the Roof Certifications m Year 2012! adelphia

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The following self storage units will be sold to the highest bidder to satisfy the owner’s lien for rent under 73 P.S. 190 et. Seq. Auction is with reserve Devon Self Storage reserves the right to set minimum bids and to refuse bids. CASH ONLY. Contents must be removed 24 hours. “Phillip T Cline”, Auctioneer PA Lic AU005596. v within designs


2249.................................Ronald Taylor 2332............................. Jean Martineau 1072..............................Tomarian Taylor 1121.......................... Chnevolyn McKoy 2037..................... Sharon Merriweather 3108................................Patricia Smith 1019.............................Timothy Szilagyi 1128...................................Oliver White 2079................................ Ethel Dawson 2155....... Rose and Francesca Carvalho 2163.......................Christine Thompson 2273................................Ronald Harris 12 E Oregon Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 2307............................ Georgette Hardy 3076................................Erica Williams on Monday 7/22/13 @ 11:00am 1126.........Sameerah Karim-Richardson List of names and units 2029......................... Daynell Nicholson 2042...................... Danetta Fay Skinner 335 E Price St, Philadelphia, PA 19144 2524................ Justin Michael Desantis on Monday 7/22/13 @ 1:00pm 1625................... Meagan Anne Dewees List of names and units 1619.................................Carmen Ortiz 2118................................. Yvonne Yates 2408.......................Keenan K Mosley Jr 2161 .......................... Tiffany McMillian 1437..................................... Helen Nye 2342 ............................Madeline Young 2336...........................Vincent Shattuck 2054........................... Latonia Simpson 1313.................... Christopher McGinnis 1195..................................Terrell Askew Solomon 2098............................... Sean Hawkins 2106...............................Javar phiaweekl adel 2109............................... Jaimee Wurzel www.phil 1079.........................Anntonette Stokes 5134 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131 on Monday 7/22/13 @ 12:00pm 1082.........................Anntonette Stokes 2021..........................Lamont McClamb List of names and units 1062.............................Jacquelyn Clark 2031.....................................Mia Farrell 3102.................................. Ayisha Sims 2066................................Thomas Wiley 2019....................................Carla Exum 2002.............................. Theresa James 1044......................... Jacqueline Foman 2101..............................Dinah Williams 1076................................Duane Farrow 2105..............................Dinah Williams 2038........................Denise Washington 2102......................... Desmond Gamble 2171............................ Sammy Jones Jr 187 A ...............................Delores Cross 1831 W Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 2145.....................................Ellis Glenn 19132 on Monday 7/22/13 @ 3:00pm 2990 S 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145 on Monday 7/22/13 @ 10:00am List of names and units 1422........................... Kristopher Sharp 1738...................................Ryan Brown 1114.................................. Jannie Perry 1172.............................. Thomas Bacon 1230............................... Louiesa Torres 1524................................. Janine Aaron 1387............................Natasha Godwin 1101......................Pamela Scott-Wright

everything you need

everything you need m adelphia www.phil


THEATER for rent- 60 seat theater Column-free grid, wings/backstage space, fly space and theatrical rigging. Space is 2125sf with stage space at 1500sf. Multi level with seating risers. $100 daily rate/$300 weekly Info at: www.papermillar Contact Karyn 215.687.8391


rev #2:


For all Your painting needs... INTERIOR & EXTERIOR


Call 800-961-1576


● SWR ● CW REVIEW 99 For Full House Row Home, Up●toSPR 750 sf & Hallway) P U B L I S H(Incl. I N Stairs G ● PW ● ACW ● CG $ 99 89 For Sofa, Love Seat & Chair $

Online Degrees

Face Painting & More SPECIALIZING IN DEMOLITION & CLEANOUT AD NAME: Tony’s Cleanouts CLEAN-OUT Lic #33659 COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL SIZE: 2x2 WE WILL BEAT ANY& PRICE Specializing in cleanout demolition 267-471-6644 DATE: 2-24-05 • commercial ATTICS / BASEMENTS ESTATES FREE ESTIMATES INITIALS: Bill and/ reSidential Face Painting • Balloon Twisting • Mascot Costumes • YARD / WHOLE HOUSE GUTS / 24-HR-7 DAY Rev #1: ●SPR ● SWR ● CW Will beat any price REVIEW Birthday Parties, Daycare Parties, School & Church • We OIL TANKS / FIRE CLEANOUTS Rev #2: U B L I/SSCRAP H I N METAL G ●/ WATER PW ●DAMAGE ACW ● CG Functions and Fundraisers • Professional & Affordable • DEMOLITIONPDEBRIS Notice The Difference Rev #3: WHole HouSe gutS • baSement cleanout WE USE ROTARY DEEP CLEANING NO JOB IS AD TOONAME: BIG OR TOO SMALL Quality Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service eStateS demolition SALES REP: DAN 129 SIZE: •2x1 267-972-3616 FREEatticS • Yard LIC. & ESTIMATES 11-10-05 FLEXIBILITY IN ADATE: SHORT TIME FRAME INSURED This slug must appear in the upper debriS • oil tankS • fire cleanoutS CHECK FOR INITIALS: LICENSED & INSURED Bill left corner of each page. APPROVAL IS THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS

PHILIP and MYK’S PAINTING SERVICES Brush-Roller Spray Painting Custom Textures Plaster & Drywall Repair Power wash

Independence University

Independence UnIversIty

List of names and units 2070..................................John Bridy Jr 2104.................................Albertha Barr 4057.................................. Malik Marsh 2101...............................Denise Wilkins 4016..................................Tonya Belton 2109................................. Lester Carter 3040............................ Catherine Green 5007 A ......................... Catherine Green 3072 B..................................Kirk Griffin 5034........................... Priscilla Johnson 1072.................................. Sharif Jones 2093................................ Renee Martin 4033...........................Mary McClennan 4072.............................. Kendrick Oliver 1011.................................. Alice Panzer 1049................................Sharon Porter 1080................................ Whitney Price 2106...................................Daniel Riley 4047............................. Richard Safford 3101......................... Benjamin Swinton 1073.................................Porsha Torres 4032................................... Alan Walker 2046..............................Joseph Wallace 3018...............................Cornell Warren 3079 C..................................Leroy West 1054.............................Robert Williams 3035....................... Demertise Williams 3100 C Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134 on Monday 7/22/13 @ 4:00pm List of names and units 2146................................. Dawn Wynne 3239.................................Wanna Coker 2059.................................Wanna Coker 3077................................ Steven Childs

r, e e g y. m




CELLCO PARTNERSHIP and its controlled affiliates doing business as Verizon Wireless (Verizon Wireless) is proposing to collocate antennas at a top height of 83-feet on a 95-foot building at 915 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA 19123.

Public comments regarding potential effects from this site on historic properties may be submitted within 30-days from the date of this publication to:

Project 61131612-AMG c/o EBI Consulting 6876 Susquehanna Trail South York, PA 17403, or via telephone at 585-815-3290.




We’re excited to announce Ocean Prime is opening September 2013 in Center City. HIRING BEGINS JULY 8TH FOR:

Apply in person at our Hiring Office M-F 10-6 & Sat 10-2 124 South 15 Street Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102 Phone 215.563.0163 Visit us online with your Smartphone:


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GENERAL MERCHANDISE GE WASHER & ELECTRIC DRYER 4yrs.old.$150.00/each. 19cubic Amana Refrigerator,$225.00. Kit.table,4chairs $25.00. Call 267-519-8947.



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SAWMILLS from ONLY $4897.00 MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/ DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext. 300N



MERCURY COUGAR’93 Runs good. 2 door. $2000/OBO. CALL 215-5516874.

GALLERY SPACE for Rent- very inexpensive. 3000sf for $250 for 4 days. 1 day set up, 2 day show, 1 day breakdown. Located at the Papermill in Kensington this gallery features vast amount of wall and floor space as well as 16ft high ceilings. Fantastic industrial look.Works well for group or collaborative shows. Info at: www. Contact Karyn 215.687.8391

GENERAL MERCHANDISE 54”TABLE SAW. 3 HP Motor,Belt Driven. $600.00. Call 267-2467387.

OLD CITY (6 S.Front St) 2BR or Lg 1BR/Office. Overlooks BF Bridge & Del. River. High Ceilings, WD, DW, GD, CA, Gas heat, tiled bath & kit. $1175/mo+. Avail Sept. 215-627-4414 RITTENHOUSE SQ. AREA (2013 Walnut St.) 2BRs or 1 lg bedroom/Office, 1 bath, WD, DW, CA, Gas heat, Carpeted. $1295/mo+. 215-627-4414



215.564.0361 $$$ AVON Earn up to 50%. selling Avon. Call Patty 267-312-5290. ISR. BECOME A MEMBER OF THE OUR SALES TEAM! PW-Philadelphia Weekly is seeking energetic, selfmotivated individuals to join our Advertising Department as an outside Account Executive. We offer a competitive base salary, commission, bonuses and an excellent benefits package. Candidate must be able to multi-task, have excellent verbal and communication skills and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. Main job responsibilities are prospecting, cold calling and closing new business. 3 plus years sales experience in a related field required. Email your resume to DSimms@ Can You Dig It? Heavy Equipment Operator School. 3 Weeks, Hands On. Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excavators. National Certifications. Lifetime Job Placement Assistance. VA Benefits Eligible! 1-866-362-6497 CDL-A Drivers: Hiring experienced company drivers and owner operators. Solo and teams. Competitive pay package. Sign-on incentives. Call 888-705-3217 or apply online at DRIVER, EXP. REEFER DRIVERS GREAT PAY /Freight lanes from Presque Isle, ME, Boston-Lehigh, PA. 800-277-0212 or DRIVER: $2000 SIGN-ON. Regional Dedicated Class-A Drivers. $1300+ Weekly. Excellent Hometime/Benefits. RSVP 800-444-6042 DRIVER: EARNING BETTER PAY IS ONE STEP AWAY AVERITT OFFERS Experienced CDL-A Drivers Excellent Benefits and Weekly Hometime. 888-362-8608. Recent Grads w/a CDL-A 1-5 wks Paid Training. Apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer. DRIVER: EARNING BETTER PAY IS ONE STEP AWAY! Averitt offers Experienced CDL-A Drivers Excellent Benefits and Weekly Hometime. 888-362-8608. Recent Grads w/a CDL-A 1-5/wks Paid Training. Apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer DRIVER: Get up to $1,000 signon bonus and superior work/life balance with weekly hometime. Class A exp drivers for Milton terminal. 800-333-929 1 www.



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DRIVERS: Transport America has Dedicated and Regional openings! Variety of home time options; g o o d m i l es & ea r n i n g s. E n j oy Transport America’s great driver experience! or 866-204-0648


GENERAL HELP-$8.00-$10.00/ HR. PLUS INCENTIVE. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES.INTERVIEW TODAY START TOMORROW. 215-271-0188. GORDON TRUCKING, INC.-CDL-A DRIVERS NEEDED! Up to $3,000 SIGN ON BONUS. Refrigerated Fleet w i t h G rea t M i l es. Fu l l Be n e f i ts, Great I n cen ti ves ! N o N or th east Runs! Call 7 days/wk! 866-554-7856 HELP WANTED 2 Cashiers, 3 expierence Cooks. Apply in person 1234 Market St Lower level Pastrami & Things 215-564-3333 Philly Real Estate Co., Philadelphia, PA seeks MARKETING ANALYST in real estate Ind. to collect, monitor & analyze data; conduct marketing Res. & Sur v.; com plete CMA independently; monitor database, track sales, analyze trends; create & review Rept; etc. Req.: demonstrated academic achievements; exceptional Communic. skills; proficient in MS Office. BS in Marketing + 2 yrs exp. or MS with no exp. Reply to Kacey at PROPERTY INSPECTORS: Full & Part time. We train! Flexible hrs, Car required. 610-213-3735 STREET TEAM: PT/Hourly position. Become a member of our Marketing Team! We’re seeking energetic, selfmotivated and out-going individuals to attend events to promote our newspaper. Candidate must be able to work flexible hours, including nights & weekends; work well with others; have good verbal and communication skills. Photography experience is a plus! Part-time/Hourly position. Please email a resume to nleyrer@ NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE! TEACHER OF HEARING IMPAIRED - Special education certification required. Send application, transcripts, certificate and references to: Superintendent, Juniata County School District, 75 S. 7th St., Mifflintown, PA 17059; fax 717-436-2777

CIGARETTE SMOKERS NEEDED: The University of Pennsylvania Tobacco Use Research Center is recruiting cigarette smokers (at least half a pack per day) who have tried cigars or little cigars for a paid research study on little cigars. Participants will be compensated for their time. This is NOT a quit smoking program. For more information, call 215-746-8421

WORK AT HOME $$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450 h ttp ://w w w.easy H E L P WA N T E D ! M A K E E X T R A MONEY in our free ever popular h o m e m a i l e r p ro g ra m , i n c l u d e s valuable guidebook! Start immediately! Genuine! 1-888-292-1120 www. PAID IN ADVANCE MAKE up to $1000 A WEEK mailing brochures from home! Helping Home Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No Experience required. Start Immediately! www.


EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to federal, state and localfair housing laws, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discriminationbased on race; color; religion;sex; disability; familial; (presence of children);national origin; age (Pennsylvania and New Jersey); martial status or sexual orientation(Pennsylvania and New Jersey), or source of Income (Philadelphia only) in the sale, rentalor financing or insuring of housing. This paper will not knowingly accept any advertisingfor real estate which violates these laws. The law requires that all dwellings advertised beavailable on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated againstin connection with the sale, rent, financing or insuring of housing or commercial property,call HUD at 1-888-799-2085 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 22xx CANTRELL ST. 2BR, Kit., 1Bath, LR, Dining rm, Bsmnt, Good Cond. DJCRE (215) 271-7070 NY SPORTSMAN’S BEST LAND DEALS: 5 Acres w/ Hemlock Lodge: $29,999. 51 Acres, Excellent Hunting: $59,995. 74.73 Acres, Minutes from Salmon River: $99,900. Preseason Sale, Many More Properties 5 to 200 Acres Starting at $12,995. Easy Financing. Call 800-229-7843 or vist Our Newest Affordable Acreage Upstate NY/Owner Financing. 60 Acres, Cabin, Stream & Timber: $79,995. 80 Acres, Nice Timber, Stream, ATV trails, Borders Farmlands, Great Hunting: $74,995. 73 Acres, Pine Forest, Road front, Utilities. Minutes to Oneida Lake Boat Launch: $79,995. Small Sportsmen’s Tracts: 3 - 5 Acres Starting at $12,995. Call 1-800-229-7843 or

GENERAL APARTMENTS APARTMENTS FOR RENT- Very Close to Temple University Main Campus. Contact: dcrealestatellc@gmail. com (215)2321606

STUDIO/EFFICIENCY 13TH & PINE- Studio in Great loc w/HW flrs, Full kitch, Laundry on premises. AVAIL NOW! GAS HEAT/HOT WTR INCL. $785/mo. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368),

AIRLINE CAREERS begin here - Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Housing and Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-492-3059

15TH & SPRUCE: Charming Studio in Brownstone, Excellent Location, Upgraded Kit, HW Flrs, Hi Ceilings, Deco FP, Onsite Laundry. All Utilities Incl! $735/Mo. Avail Aug. 215-735-8030.

PW Classifieds

250 S.13TH, 3G: $1,000/MO Studio, hardwood floors, plenty of light, good closet space, granite and stainless kitchen, CALL ANDREA BOELTER PRU FOX & R O A C H 2 1 5 - 6 27- 6 0 0 5/267975-9402




16th PINE, RITTENHOUSE SQ.: SML EFC. ELV/bldg, WD/bsmnt, Elc./ht, $595+elec. 215-735-8414

THE CHATHAM - Open House from 12n-4pm on Saturdays - 135 S. 20th St Spacious Studios in High rise, Drmn bldg w/Mag Western & Southern exp, View of Rittenhouse Square, HW flrs, Laundry on site, Prof managed. AVAIL NOW! ALL UTILS INCL. FROM $1285/ mo. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), www.

ONE BEDROOM 15TH & SPRUCE: Lrg 1 Bdrm in sought after location! Renov. Kitch, Beautiful art-deco details, HW Flrs, Front Desk Attendant, Onsite Laundry, Wonderful City Views. $1250/Mo. Avail Oct. 215-735-8030.

1233 S.BROAD ST, 3F: $2200/mo (AVENUE OF THE ARTS) Renovated 3BR w/ 2BA, gourmet kitchen, laundry, hardwood floors, tall ceilings & more. John Brown, Prudential Fox & Roach Direct: 215-440-8173 234 W.RITNER: $950/MO 3BD/1BA, wide open living room w/ floor to ceiling mirror and large window, n i ce re a r ya rd , c /a , CA L L RYA N MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-558-2118

16TH & LOMBARD- Trinity Townhome in great loc, High ceilings, HW flrs, WD, Dog friendly, Yard & Bsmnt. AVAIL NOW! $1235/mo. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368),

9TH SPRING GARDENLge. 4BDRMS,1.5Kits.CenAir,MOD.,Carpeted.$2000/ MO.+.AVAIL.610-304-0087.

1915 WHARTON STREET 1 bedroom, Hw/FLRS., Deck, Avail 7/1 $795/mo 215-883-0542

TEMPLE UNIV AREA: 3-BDR bi-level near Temple $1,300+util phillyrentals. org 215-382-0112x511 Broker/Owner

21ST & WALNUT- Spacious 1BR in Brownstone bldg, HW fls, High ceilings, Laundry in bldg. AVAIL AUG! HEAT/HOT WTR INCL. $1585/mo. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), 2301 S.BANCROFT, 2W: $695/MO 2nd & 3rd floor bi-level 1BD/1BA, h a rd wo o d f l o o rs, ex p o s e d b r i c k wall, high ceilings, recessed lighting, plenty of storage space, CALL RYAN MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-558-2118 315 ARCH, 306: $1,650/MO 1BD/1BA, hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, granite and stainless kitchen, washer/dryer, c/a, CALL RYAN MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-558-2118 6TH LOCUST, INDEPENDENCE PLACE: A MUST SEE! SPACIOUS, HI/FL, PARK VIEW, TERRACE, WALK-IN CLOSETS, 928sqft. AC, WD, FREE INTERNET 24 HOUR CONCIERGES $1650. 215-635-6253 GRAD HOSPITAL AREA: 1BR, HW/flrs, $800/mo incl heat/hot wtr. Call Oscar, 267-231-2900 OLD CITY (28 Strawberry/2nd fl 1BR, 1BA, approx 900SF, carpeted, exposed brick, WD, DW, GD, Gas heat. $1100/mo+. 215-627-4414 RITTENHOUSE SQ: 1Bdrm in Beautiful Victorian Brownstone. HW Flrs, A/C, O n s i te L a u n d r y, I n te rco m E n t r y, S h o r t Wa l k to Pa r k & S h o p s ! A l l Utilities Incl! $1390/Mo. Avail Sept. 215-735-8030. T H E R O O S E V E LT ( 2220 Wa l n u t Street) - Beautifully renovated apts. in the RITTENHOUSE SQUARE AREA of Philadelphia. STUDIO’S star ting at only $765/mo. and ONE BEDROOMS starting at only $965/mo. Call 215-640-8880 for an appointment.

TWO BEDROOM 1 2TH & WALNUT- Mod & Beautiful 2BR, HW flrs, DW, WD, CA, High ceilings. AVAIL SEPT! $1485/mo. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368), 1 5 T H & S P RU C E : Rare opp for 2 Bdrm Apt in Unique Art Deco HighRise. Renov. Kitch, Amazing Views, Central Location, HW Flrs, Front Desk Attendant. From $1565/Mo. Available Sept. 215-735-8030.

HOUSE FOR RENT CHRISTIAN ST. 4BDRMS.,HDWD. FLRS.,MOD.,MUST SEE! $2400/ MO.+. 610-304-0087. PENNSPORT-SOUTH PHILA.TOWNHOUSE, 3BDRMS. BRAND NEW! HDWD, NEW APPLS. BEAUTIFUL. $795/MO. 215-292-2176. TEMPLE UNIV AREA: 3 story, 3drm, 1.5 bath by Temple $1500.00 mo, 267-292-5274

ROOM FOR RENT 13TH & SPRUCE- Parker Hotel CC. Fully Furn’d Rms, no sec. deposit. Utils & housekeeping incld. WK: $165-$203; Day: $40-$56. 215-735-2300. CENTER CITY, HEAD HOUSE SQUARE, SOCIETY HILL. “TOKIO B&B STUDIOS, 124 LOMBARD ST. Enjoy all of the City’s Historic Areas, Museums, Parks, Restaurants, etc. Everything w i t h i n yo u r rea c h ! E V E RYO N E WELCOME to enjoy our Comfortable environment and Reasonable R a te s. DA I LY ra te s STA RT I N G at $65. SPECIAL WEEKLY rates $300-$500. FANTASTIC MONTHLY rates $800-$1500. “TOKIO B&B” STUDIOS. Website http://sushi. Call MADAME SAITO 215-922-2515

SUMMER RENTALS O C E A N C I T Y N J 1bdrm.Bch/Bdk Co n d o, kit, Po o l, ste ps to b ea c h , Great rates. 215-248-4915.

VACATION RENTAL OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102. Online reservations:


17th & Pine - Gorg 2BR/2BA, New crpt, CA. $1695+. PMG 215-5457007 x302

ARTIST STUDIOS FOR RENT- $65$325 for 100-500sf. Open & private studios in beautiful 5 story warehouse in Kensington. Exposed beams & bricks with lots of natural light. Utilities & wifi included. Info at: www.papermillar Contact Karyn 215.687.8391

2441 S.7TH, 2: $850/MO 2nd flr 2BD/1BA, wood floors, updated kitchen, ready for move in, CALL PAUL CHIN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215440-2049

WASHINGTON SQ WEST: Secured parking space for 1 car. 12/Lombard. $200/mo. PMG 215-545-7007 x110


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 3 9

Servers, Bartenders, Host/ess, Line Cooks, Dishwashers, Server Assistants

ART MUSEUM AREA 2BR, Bi-level, 1600SF, W/D, D/W, C/A, Avail 8/1 $1450+ 305-582-9709



We’re Primed to Meet You, Philly!

9TH & SPRING GARDEN 2BDRM. APT.$1200/Mo.+utils. CALL 610304-0087.


$1300 – $2000/MO

TWO BEDROOM 333 Monroe St, B: $2,250 (Queen Village). 2BR/2BA on lovely Queen Village block. Deeded parking spot included! John Brown, Prudential Fox & Roach Direct: 215-440-8173

4 0 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

ichael inger

226 South St. // 215.922.4200 & Associates, Inc. Realtors


Real Estate


Over 50 years in the real estate business

315 New St (Old CIty) Beautiful, 1 Br., 1 Bth., c/a,w&d, Garage prkg. Inc.,


AbbOttS Sq. (2Nd & lOmbARd StS) Large 1 Br. 1.5 Bths. ., c/a, w&d, balcony


SOCIety HIll tOweRS 1 Br., 1 Bth, upgraded corner unit, c/a, hrd.flrs.,hi-floor, all,


1628 S. 9tH 1 Bedroom, den, w/w carpet, w&d in bldg


LOFT 8 S. FRONt St 4th flr. NY-Style loft, hrd. Flrs, c/a,x-posed brick, w&d, large deck



Saturday Appointments Available RITTENHOUSE SQUARE/FITLER SQUARE

1010 RACe St Lg. Studio elevator bldg.,central air, w&d, convenient to Temple U.


TOWNHOUSE 425 N. PReStON St (weSt PHIlA) Bi- level, Lg 4 Brs., 2 Baths call Ellen 215-922-3600 ext. 211


THE CHATHAM – Open House from 12n-4pm on Saturdays - 135 S. 20th St

1027 CARPeNteR SRt 3 Brs., 2 Bths, parking, hrd.flrs., c/a, w&d on 2nd flr.,patio 07/08/13

Spacious Studios in High rise, Doorman bldg w/Magnificent Western & Southern exposure, View of Rittenhouse Square, HW floors, Laundry on site, Professionally managed. AVAILABLE NOW ALL UTILS INCL. FROM $1,285

704 S. PHIlIP (2Nd & bAINbRIdge) 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Deck,c/a,w&d 8-7-13


523 S. 2Nd St 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, deck, central ait, hrd.flrs, no pets or smokers


16TH & LOMBARD – Trinity Townhome in great location, High ceilings, HW floors, W/D, Dog friendly, Yard & Basement. AVAILABLE NOW! $1,235 21ST & LOCUST – Adorable Studio in Brownstone bldg. HW floors, Laundry on premise. AVAILABLE NOW! HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $775 21ST & WALNUT – Junior One Bedroom in Brownstone bldg, Carpets, Laundry on premise. AVAILABLE NOW! HEAT & HOT WATER INCL. $985 21ST & WALNUT – Spacious One Bedroom in Brownstone bldg, HW floors, High ceilings, Laundry in bldg. AVAILABLE AUGUST! HEAT & HOT WATER INCL. $1,585

WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST/OLD CITY THE IMPERIAL: BROAD & SPRUCE – Studios in High rise, Elevator bldg, HW floors, A/C, Laundry. AVAILABLE NOW! GAS/HOT WATER INCL. FROM $745 13TH & PINE – Studio in Great location w/HW floors, Full kitchen, Laundry on premises. AVAILABLE NOW! GAS HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $785 12TH & WALNUT – Modern & Beautiful Two Bedroom, HW floors, D/W, W/D, C/A, High ceilings. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER! $1,485 11TH & SPRUCE – Bright Studio above charming coffee shop, HW floors, High ceilings, Laundry on premise. AVAILABLE MID-JULY! HEAT/HOT WATER INCL. $785


CHESTNUT & 20TH Great 1BR, W/W, D/W, C/A CHERRY & 21ST Sunny Studio HW floors WALNUT & 22ND Lg. Studio’s, HW floors, Laundry WALNUT & 20TH Lg. 2BR, HW floors, EIK SANSOM & 21ST Bright Studio, HW floors LOCUST & 21ST Great Studio & 1BR 23rdStudio’s, 1 & 2Bd's, laundry WALNUT Walnut & 23RD& Fab HWhardwood, floors, Laundry

Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl.


215-925-RENT 7

$900 $850 $795-$875 $1350-$1390 $990 $775-$950 $770-995 $775-$800


$850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard SPRUCE & 15TH Fab Studio & 1BR, HW floors $775-$825 $700-1000 Pine & & 12TH 22nd Mod 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, BAINBRIDGE Studio’s, HW flheat oor incl. $775-$798 $750-1100 Lombard 23rd 1HW &2Bd, bi-level, A/C PINE & 9TH Sunny&Studio, floors, Laundry $775 LOMBARD & 9TH &2BR, $1000 $875-1000 Chestnut 20thW/W, UltraC/W, mod W/D 1Bd's, C/A, great location SPRUCE & 12TH Studio 2BR, W/W, A/C $850-$1300 $770-995 Walnut & 23rd 1 &12Bd's, hardwood, laundry $875-1700 Lombard & 19th& Newly renov, mod studio, & 2Bd's SPRUCE & 13TH Studio’s, 1&2 BR’s, HW floorsStudios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl.$850-$1195 $575-1000 Locust & 21st $800-850 $775-$1400 Broad & Spruce Mod W/D, C/A, heat incl. PINE & 10TH Studio & 1BR, HW1Bd's, flPine oors $850-950 & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard $850-995 9th 1Bd && 1BR’s, 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry BROAD &Lombard SPRUCE&Studio’s C/A, W/D $875-$1050 $700-1000 Pine & 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. $750-1100 SPRUCE & 4TH& Great 1BR,h/w HWfloors, floors, Laundry $1100 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, $995-1100 A/C Pine 9th 2Bd's, W/D


Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $995 Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2Lombard bath, bi-level, laundry & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's

$875-1000 $875-1700

$995-1350 CHRISTIAN & 5TH Mod Old 1 &World, 2BR,Broad W/W, Spruce & 16th 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood $800-850 &A/C Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. $840-$1050 CHRISTIAN 2NDUltra FabMod Studio’s & 1BRs $620-$1050 $850-995 Lombard 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry $950-1750 Art & Area 1 & 3Bd's, W/D,&Deck, Parking $995-1100 & 9th BAINBRIDGE & 3RD Great 1BR’s,Pine W/W, C/A 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D $825-1375 $810 Old City Fab ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry ART MUSEUM

$1950 University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Spruce & 16th Old World, 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood


Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry MANY MORE APARTMENTS AVAILABLE!

Annmarie or John 215.636.0100 Annmarie or John (215) 636-0100 or Ellen Nancy orNancy Ellen (215) 546-9247 215.546.9247

Annmarie or John (215) 636-0100 Nancy or Ellen (215) 546-9247




philadelphia / realestate

$995 $995-1350

ASPEN &Spring 26TH Sunny & Art 1BR’s $950-1750 Area Ultra ModStudio 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck,$700 Parking $750-$800 GardenStudio’s Collonade-Extremely Nice $825-1375 SPRING GARDEN && 20TH Studio/Loft, HWFab floors $800 Old City ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck $600-675 Q.V. 3rd &19TH Bambridge 1University & Studio’s, 2Bd's, W/W, C/A $1950 CityHW 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated SPRING GARDEN Charming floors $775-$825 Garden 19th Studio, Heat incl. $700 Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice$375 Studio POPULARSpring & 28TH 2BR, & HW floors, A/Chardwood, $1050 $600-675 Q.V. 3rdLaundry & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W,$625 C/A FAIRMOUNT & 20TH& Lg 2BR, HW floors, $1325 Fairmount 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D $375 Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl.$775-$825 SPRING &Mt. 19TH Fab &Studio’s, HWStudio, floors, Laundry $600 Vernon 21st Gret Yard, Laundry $625 Fairmount & 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D PARRISHWallace & 26TH &Delightful Studio’s &floors, 1BR’s $800-$900 $700 20th 1Bd, parquet yard $600 Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry THE BREWERY- 27TH & PARRISH Mod 1BR Lofts, W/W, C/A, W/D, Gated parking $1300 $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry



to find your next home


COMMERCIAL 307 S. CHAdwICk (btw 16tH-17tH SPRuCe –PINe) 1900 sq.ft spectacular office space NNN

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Home @

philadelphia / realestate



Property Management Group, Ltd 13th & Spruce

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5th & Spruce (Society Hill)

Adorable Studio apt, w/AC and Laundry.

Adorable 1BR apt, Incl Heat.



22nd & Spruce

13th & Pine

Very Cool Studio apt, Includes Heat.

Adorable Studio apt w/Separate kitchen.




215.545.7007 PW 1/8 h designs We Offer Full Management and Leasing Services

d e e n u o y g n i h t every m

iaw ladelph i h .p w w w

cEntER citY luXuRY REntAls

the carlyle

the Wellington 135 S. 19th Street

· 24 hour doorman · Prestigious rittenhouse square address · Many apartments have recently been updated with brand new kitchens and hardwood floors · Pet friendly · all utilities included

Studio, Completely renovated, 396 sf $1,550 Brand new 1 bedroom with hardwood floors, custom kitchen, designer bath and western city views, 572 sf $1,950 1 bedroom, lots of natural light from two exposures, generous living space, kitchen has excellent cabinet and counter space, 812 sf $1,890 Washington square hoPKinson house 604-36 S. WASHINGTON SQ. Studio, excellent closet space, Washington Squre views, 460 sf $1,195 Studio, high floor, southern views, 413 sf $1,275 1 bedroom, panoramic southern views, 778 sf $1,575

2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom apartment on a high floor with wonderful city views to the south, newly renovated kitchen and bath, balcony, 1200 sf $2,850

separate kitchen area, 480 sf $1,050

old city/society hill society hill toWers 200-220 LOcuST STreeT Studio, on a high floor with dramatic river and city views to the south, floor-to-ceiling windows, 540 sf $1,400 Corner 1 bedroom, with threetop views of Society Hill, floor-to-ceiling windows, 750 sf $1,700

Brand new 2 bedroom plus den, 2.5 bathroom with wood floors, chef’s kitchen, designer bathrooms and unique finishes such as exposed brick and ductwork, 2025 sf $7,500

aBBotts square 530 S. 2Nd STreeT 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, fireplace, study nook, private terrace, excellent stoage space, 989 sf $1,750

Waterfront Pier 5 7 N. cOLuMBuS BLvd. 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths, updated kitchen, fireplace, 1 car parking,1658 sf $2,150 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths, trilevel, fireplace, balcony, master suite, jetted tub, 2229 sf $2,550

aVenue of the arts center city one 1326 Spruce STreeT Studio, seperate area for kitchen, balcony, lots of closet space, 494 sf $1,275 2 bedroom, 2 baths, split floor plan, balcony, skyline view, washer/dryer, 1209 sf $2,150

· 24 hour doorman · state-of-the-art fitness center · Many apartments have recently been updated with brand new kitchens and hardwood floors · Pet friendly · Washers and dryers in many of the apartments · all utilities included except for electric

1 bedroom, city views to the north, 514 sf $1,390 1 bedroom plus den, 270 degree city views, 2 baths, 763 sf $1,790 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, generous entertaining space, lots of closets, 1022 sf $2,500

acadeMy house 1420 LOcuST STreeT 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, high floor, generous living/dining space, great closets, 1524 sf $2,850

rittenhouse square the lanesBorough 1601 LOcuST STreeT Custom entire floor home with 360 degree city views, chef’s kitchen, designer bathrooms, incredible building details throughout, 3422 sf $10,500

1830 rittenhouse sq. Brand new 1 bedroom plus den, with high end finishes and appointments and beautifully restored original building details, overlooks Rittenhouse Square, 778 sf $2,950

the dorchester 226 W. rITTeNHOuSe SQ. $1,395 Studio, 573 sf 1 bedroom, private terrace, partial Rittenhouse Square views, 609 sf $1,675 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, private terrace, washer/dryer, city views, 1119 sf $2,800

267 south 19th street 3 bedroom walk-up half a block from Rittenhouse Square $1,950

258 south 18th st. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom custom home one half block from Rittenhouse Square, lots of natural light, hardwood floors, fireplace, designer $2,395 kitchen and baths

313 south 18th st. Junior 1 bedroom, wood floors, new kitchen and bath, 335 sf $1,350

220 W. rittenhouse sq. 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, Washington Square views, designer bathroom, 975 sf $2,800

the WarWicK 1701 LOcuST STreeT Studio, wood floors, marble bathroom, open kitchen, 346 sf $1,460

1955 locust street Brand new studio half a block from Rittenhouse Square with wood floors and high end kitchen and bath, 404 sf $1,600 Brand new 1 bedroom half a block from Rittenhouse Square with wood floors and high end kitchen and bath, 510 sf $1,890

Parc rittenhouse 225 S. 18TH STreeT Junior 1 bedroom, wood floors, marble bathroom, washer/dryer, 528 sf $1,975 1 bedroom, marble bathroom, wood floors, excellent closet space, 653 sf $2,250

WanaMaKer house 2020 WALNuT STreeT Studio, large bay window, open kitchen, high floor, 549 sf $1,525

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, spacious kitchen, large living/ dining space, 1209 sf


3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhome with private street entrance, entire floor master suite and direct garage access, 1900 sf


the rittenhouse saVoy 1810 S. rITTeNHOuSe SQ. Studio, overlooks Rittenhouse Square, 415 sf


1 bedroom, 2 bathroom on penthouse floor, wood floors, open kitchen, brand new bathrooms, 1146 sf


art MuseuM the PhiladelPhian 2401 peNNSyLvANIA Ave 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom on a high floor with large balcony and beautiful city views, 2017 sf

Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500 FoR A complEtE list oF ouR REntAl pRopERtiEs, plEAsE visit


p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 4 1

stricKland roW 1014 Spruce STreeT Spacious studio, with

BanK Building 421 cHeSTNuT STreeT

2031 LocuSt Street

4 2 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

...WheRe To LIVe

open houses

SALE OPEN HOUSES Sunday JULY 14TH 12:00-1:00pm Logan Square 2138 Spring St. $725,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach queen ViLLage 201 queen St. #2 $550,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

art MuSeuM 2716 caMBridge St. $249,900 coLdWeLL Banker preFerred

queen ViLLage 121 keniLWorth St. $859,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

art MuSeuM 720 ShirLey St. $375,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

graduate hoSpitaL 1905 League St. $489,000 coLdWeLL Banker preFerred

rittenhouSe Square 510 S. 17th St. $565,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

northern LiBertieS 1013 n. LaWrence St. $399,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

queen ViLLage 506 catharine St. $515,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

paSSyunk Square 732 annin St. $304,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

queen ViLLage 703 S. 3rd St. $639,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

WaShington Square WeSt 1023 cLinton St. 202 $435,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

queen ViLLage 924 S. 2nd St. $299,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach queen ViLLage 216 MontroSe St. $275,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

uniVerSity city 4744 LarchWood St. $359,500 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

BeLLa ViSta 738 S. darien St. $389,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

pennSport 116 aLter St. $299,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

northern LiBertieS 615 popLar St. $600,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach


WaShington Square WeSt 1028 irVing St. $325,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

Times are Subject to Change.

CALL 215.563. 1234

Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

queen ViLLage 226 Monroe St. #a $217,900 coLdWeLL Banker preFerred


3:00-4:00pm graduate hoSpitaL 1812 FitzWater St. $549,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

art MuSeuM area 845 n. BaMBrey St. $350,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

aVenue oF the artS 400-440 S. Broad St. #1207 $950,000 coLdWeLL Banker preFerred

queen ViLLage 778 S. Front St. h $579,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

Society hiLL 609 LoMBard St. $369,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

1:30-2:30pm queen ViLLage 110 FitzWater St. $425,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

art MuSeuM area 917 n 29th St. $439,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

northern LiBertieS 810 hancock St. 4 $359,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

queen ViLLage 778 S. Front St. h $579,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

BeLLa ViSta 1022 S. 6th St. $429,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

uniVerSity city 4511 LocuSt St. $415,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

graduate hoSpitaL 2028 WeBSter St. $334,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

queen ViLLage 516 1/2 carpenter St. $357,500 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

Society hiLL 108 LoMBard St. $825,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

queen ViLLage 720 S Front St. $339,990 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

WaShington Square WeSt 838-40 LoMBard St. $1,545,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

BeLLa ViSta 727-29 S 7th St. 1F $249,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach Logan Square 119 n. Van peLt St. $750,000 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach northern LiBertieS 553 n LaWrence St. $349,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach pennport 115 MccLeLLan St. $259,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

View additional open house listings at: philadelphiaweekly.Com/real-eSTaTe/open-houSe/

117 N O R T H 15 t h S T R E E T | i n t h e h e a r t o f C e n t e r C i t y

New ListiNg 2532 S Ellsworth Street

Large Home. Property runs street to street. $59,500.

Reduced PRice 2129 Sigel Street – 3 bedrooms. $39,900. educatioNaL aNd MeetiNg ceNteR- saLe/Lease 2501-2515 S. Marshall Street - 15,000 sq.

ft on 3 floors. Elevator. Large Auditorium. Classrooms. Dining Area. $495,000 sale/$4900 Month Lease.

BuiLdiNg Lot 2219-21 S 6th Street - Corner. 28 x 69. $38,000. south PhiLadeLPhia 2750 Wharton Street Restaurant. Fully Equipped. Plus 2 Apts. $229,000.

gRaduate hosPitaL ViciNity 23rd and Ellsworth

Corner with Garage. 3 Floors. $145,000.

PeNNsPoRt – 10 yeaR tax aBateMeNt 1322 S. American Street

Large new Home. 10 ft. Ceilings. Floating Stairs. $449,000.

wyNNefieLd – ReNoVated hoMe 5477 W. Montgomery Avenue

Hardwood Floors. Finished Basement. 3 Bedrooms. $110,000.

tRiPLex 1701 S 19th Street

Large Corner. Live in one. Rent Two. $146,900.

BuiLdiNg Lot - ziP 19146 2223-27-29 Wilder Street - 42 x 50. $79,000.

Fred r. levine real

studio, one + two bedroom apartments pet friendly | gourmet kitchens | nearby parking | fitness center | roof deck | 24/7 lobby attendant

call 215.854.0729

queen ViLLage 540 BainBridge St. $879,900 prudentiaL, Fox, & roach

reinhold residential .com/metropolitan

The Chocolate Works | The Touraine | The Packard | The Lofts at Logan View | The Old Quaker

e s tat e



Major Redevelopment Opportunities Philadelphia, Montgomery & Bucks County

WEDNESDAY, JULY 24TH 1PM Property Previews: Thursday, 6/27 & 7/11, Noon-3pm Preview Land Parcels: Drive by at your convenience Multi-family Redevelopment Opportunity •13,560+/- SF stone building • RSA-3 Zoning 5500 Harbison Ave. Potential Apartment Conversion • 3,200+/- SF 2-story building • Additional building lot 1504-1506 N. Second Street Montgomery County- Rydal • 1+/- Acre Residential Building Lot • Old stone home neighborhood Mill Road Circle Redevelopment Opportunity • 3 Townhome Units sold as one parcel • 7,952+/- SF 3531-3535 N. 19th St

2 Buildings – Residential Development Opportunity! Former All Saints School & Covent • 26,511+/- SF Former School • 6,362+/- SF Former Covent • RSA-5 Zoning 4623 & 4629-4635 E. Thomspon St. Development Opportunity in Bucks County - Plumstead • 47.97+/- Acres • Build your homes or preserve this land 5800 Wismer Rd. Potential Subdivision in Montgomery County - Harleysville • 29.55+/- Acres • Commercial Zoning 570 Shelly Road

Directions & interactive map of properties available at

Call 888.299.1438 or visit In Cooperation with Prudential Fox Roach Realtors Robert L. Dann Auctioneer Lic #AU005609

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Stylish 2BD/1BD home offering original pine floors, adorable living room with gas fireplace, and a charming patio garden, perfect for eating outdoors or impromptu parties, all located on a quiet, low traffic block!


1710 PINE $174,900

Mixed use, C-2 zoned on heavily trafficked avenue: 1st floor front is commercial with an existing store, living room in the rear for the residence, pergo floors, spacious kitchen, and bonus room with door to the side alleyway; 2nd flr (rear) features pergo floors, bright living room, and full sized bathroom; 3rd flr 2 nice bedrooms, middle bedroom w/high ceilings & marble mantel; 4th flr includes bedroom with window and front master bedroom suite with soaking tub, stairway to roof deck via a roof hatch, and large closet.


Grand and handsome, 4BD/3 full + 3 half bath home in impeccable condition with parking, sun deck, roof deck, and finished basement, also featuring hardwood floors, ornate woodwork, and a security system!




New single family home to be constructed on this vacant lot, consisting of 3 story 3BD/1.5BA home with partial roof deck, high ceilings, finished basement, and wide open concreted yard. Time to choose your finishes at this pre-build stage!

4947 PINE


Wonderful 4BD/1BA home boasting a beautifully lit porch front foyer, stunning hardwood floors, and wide open living room w/ faux fireplace, also offering 4 nicely sized bedrooms and full deck potential!



Wonderful 1BD/1BA home with foyer, wide open living/ dining room, and stunning wall of windows, all a fabulous opportunity to live in a fantastic building in the always electric Rittenhouse Square!


Adorable 2BD/2BA corner home boasting den, finished basement, fantastic yard with planting area and wood fence, and a lovely fireplace, also offering an exquisite master bedroom suite with 3 closets, walk-ins with builtins, and linen closet.


Never before offered 1BD/1BA condo unit with a wide open floor plan with high ceilings and an abundance of windows and light, boasting original tile, adjacent former vault in kitchen (use as wine cellar or pantry!), perfect entertaining space, and common roof deck access.



Completely renovated 3BD/2.5BA home with wide open space, finished basement, and private yard, beautifully designed with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and a dramatic, open master bedroom suite.



Center stair 2BD/1BA home offering hardwood floors throughout, separate dining room with window, spacious kitchen, and 2 lovely bedrooms, freshly painted and ready to move in!


Absolutely adorable 2BD/1BA home with hardwood floors, white exposed brick walls, nice sized living space, and lovely yard, also boasting open kitchen with tons of cabinet space and center island with sink.




Breathtaking 2-story, 2BD/1BA home featuring re-finished pine flooring, huge windows, and many original details that have been restored to its original charm, including paneled doors and molding, all found on a quiet, tree-lined block!



Modern loft-style 1BD/2BA home with 2-car indoor heated parking, like-new kitchen, and a wide open bedroom that holds the potential to be split into 2, also featuring indoor bike storage and stackable laundry.



Charming 3BD/2.5BA home offering 2-car parking, large finished lower level, and large outdoor deck, boasting a lovely kitchen and baths.


P&I Pmt Per $1,000


2.875% 2.98%


5/1 (360 Term)


3.25% 3.14%


7/1 (360 Term)


3.50% 3.33%


10/1 (360 Term)


   

APR= Annual Percentage Rate *This is a Variable Rate loan product. Rate and payments will adjust annually at the end of the fixed rate period. Rate, APR and payment may increase after consummation. Index used is the monthly average of the constant maturity yield on one year U.S. Treasury securities. Margin is 2.75%. Caps- 2% per adjustment, 5% over life of loan. Payment examples; 5/1- 60 pmts of $2904.25 at 2.875%, 300 payments of $2,944.46 at 3%. 7/1- 84 payments of $3046.44 at 3.25%, 276 payments of $2970.10 at 3.00%. 10/1- 120 payments of $3,143.31 at 3.50%, 240 payments of $3,005.85 at 3.00%. P&I example based on $700, 000.00 loan amount. Fully indexed rate based off current index (1 yr CMT) + 2.75% margin rounded up to nearest eighth. These payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums; actual payment will be greater. **Rates subject to change without notice. Subject to Credit Approval. Property Insurance Required. Primary residence only, up to 80% Loan To Value(LTV); LTV greater to maximum of 95% requires PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) . Maximum LTV 65% for condominiums. Other costs and fees may apply. Please call the Lending Department at 215-755-1500 for more details. Prudential Savings Bank, NMLS #518005 MEMBER FDIC




Breathtaking 2BD/1.5BA home with wood floors, updated kitchen and baths, fantastic yard w/ brick pavers + wood fence, and finished family room w/ fireplace, all found on a picturesque tree-lined block!




Experience waterfront living in this sun filled 2BD/2BA home offering high ceilings, wide open living space, wood floors, and a gorgeous balcony, also includes a secured garage parking spot. Building features 24/7 concierge, large pool, gym, and deck- right at the water’s edge!




888.299.1438 • Seminars: 6/26, 7/2 & 7/9 12pm - 3pm Robert L. Dann Auctioneer Lic #AU005609

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p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 4 3


BELLA VISTA 727-29 S. 7TH 1F


Interest APR* Rate


Jaw dropping 2BD/1BA home with hardwood floors, huge windows, stylish fixtures and finishes, and many brand new items, also featuring custom granite and stainless tile kitchen, bathroom with floating vanity with stone countertops and tile floor, and wide open yard.


Lovely 2BD/1BA home with a beautiful brick façade, open interior, and wide open backyard, all located in a nice, walkable neighborhood filled with lovely homes and classic Philadelphia architecture!


Handsome and unique corner 1BD/1BA home boasting high ceilings, leaded glass windows, hardwood floors, granite and stainless kitchen, and an open rooftop with unbelievable deck potential!

511 S. 18TH


Jumbo ($417K or more) adjustable rate mortgages that won't adjust for the first 5, 7, or 10 years!

4 4 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m

The William Penn House - Center City Living!

The Damon Michels Team

reserve @ packer park

Rittenhouse Square • Rooftop

• Fitness Center • Valet “Specializing Pool in MainLine Center City” Parking • 24 Hr& Security •

newly listed 3411 capri dr

24 Hr Maintenance

Damon Michels

Studios 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1 Bedrooms 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 2 Bedrooms “Specializing in $525,000 3 Bedrooms 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq.

$115,000 to $150,000

Call: 215-840-0437 The Damon Michels Team $175,000 to $225,000

610.688.4310 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 610.688.4310 MAINLINE SHEFIELD COURTSq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome,



5 bedrooms - 3.5 baths – Extra Long DrivEway, Lovely, Large & Loaded with Upgrades, Plus approx 2.5 years remaining on tax abatement! - $499,000 3320 South 20th Street - Philadelphia, PA 19145 WWW.CAPOZZIREALESTATE.COM TEL 215.551.5100 • FAX 215.551.5230

Solo Real Estate, Inc.

215/564-7656 • Member MLS Open Sunday 2pm – 4pm 110 Fairview Road , Penn Valley 5Bd/3.1Ba; 4,654 Square Feet Contemporary; 2.20 Acres; $869,500

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000

1830 1830Addison AddisonSt. St.Rittenhouse RittenhouseSq. Sq. 33 Bd/2 Bd/2 Ba; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, RenovatedTownhome,

Call: 215-840-0437 Open Sun 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm Tues-Fri 9-6pm | Sat 12-3pm


- Center City Living! 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Rittenhouse Square • Rooftop $525,000

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000

The William Penn House The William Penn House - Center City Living!

Rittenhouse Square • Rooftop Pool •• Fitness Fitness Center Center •• Valet Valet Pool Parking • 24 Hr Security • 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. • 24 Hr Security • 24 Hr Maintenance 3 Bd/2 Ba;Parking RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 24 Hr Maintenance Studios $115,000 to $150,000

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1 Bedrooms $175,000 to $225,000

3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 110Addison Montgomery Ave. Bala Cynwyd 2 Bedrooms $250,000to to$150,000 $400,000 Studios $115,000 $525,000 1830 St. Rittenhouse Sq. $525,000 $525,000 Bedrooms $400,000 to $500,000 4 New Construction Townhomes Statrting at $659K. Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 13Bedrooms $175,000 totransfer $225,000 31830 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Includes real estate tax • No tax 4 Beds/3.1 Baths, 1-Car Garage, Open Floor Plan 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 2 Bedrooms $250,000 to $400,000 $525,000 Interior Units 3,010 square feet $525,000 Open 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm 1129 Sun N. Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley Exterior Units 2,950 square feet $400,000 to12-3pm $500,000 Tues-Fri 9-6pm 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bedrooms 5BD/3.1BA; 2919 sq.|ft.Sat $785,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, realSimpson estate tax No transfer tax 200 Rd.,• Ardmore $525,000 3MAIN Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, LINE SUBURBS Includes Commercial (office & 2 apartments) $489,000 110 Fairview St. Road, Penn Valley Sq. 1830 Addison Rittenhouse 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. $525,000 Open Sun 11-4pm | Mon 12-6pm Rd., Newtown Square 4,654 Square Feet 3 Bd/25Bd/3.1Ba; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 864 Bd/2Briarwood Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 6Bd/5.1Ba; Colonial; Greene Countrie Tues-Fri 9-6pm | Sat 12-3pm Contemporary; 2.20 Acres; $869,500Sq. $525,000 $525,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse 1.78 Acres; Radnor Township; $975,000 Addison St. Rittenhouse 608 Braeburn Lane, Penn ValleySq. 1830 Addison St.Rd., Rittenhouse Sq. 31830 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 605 New Gulph Bryn Mawr PA 3 Bd/25Bd/3.1Ba; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3 Bd/2 Ba; 6Bd/4.1Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3,368 Square Feet 4,416 Sq.Ft. $525,000 $525,000 $525,000

40 Acres; C/A; 3-car Garage $735K

1830Addison Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 Rittenhouse 1025 BarrSt. Lane, Gladwyne Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 4bd/3.1Ba 2625 Sq. Ft; Cape 3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Renovated Cape $600,000 $525,000

25 W. Langhorne Ave., Havertown PA 19083

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome,

$525,000 $250,000 to& $400,000 MainLine Center City” $400,000 to $500,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Damon Michels Includes real estate tax • No transfer tax 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome,

3-Story; .43 Acres $1,200,000

1830Addison AddisonSt. St.Rittenhouse RittenhouseSq. Sq. 1830

940 Lane, Bala Cynwyd 3 Bd/2 Ba;Lindy RenovatedTownhome,

3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Hillgate Community – Elevator! 3Bd/4Ba; 3122 Sq. Ft. Townhouse 1-Car Garage; $495,000 $525,000 1128 Saint Andrews Rd., Bryn Mawr


1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 CENTER CITY

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 33 Bd/2 Bd/2 Ba; Ba; RenovatedTownhome, RenovatedTownhome,

$525,000 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. $525,000 2200 Arch #1008, Logan Square Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 31830 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 2BD/ 2BA, Sq. Ft. Loft Style Condo 3 Bd/2 Ba; 1316 RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 $475,000; $525,000 1830Hamilton Addison St. Rittenhouse Rittenhouse Sq. 3508 Street - Powelton Village 1830 Addison St. Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 6BD/3.1BA; 3,300 Sq. Ft. REDUCED $665,000 3$525,000 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 6-10 Strawberry St. #14, Old City 1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. $525,000

Condo, 4 Yrs. Young $359,000 3 2Bd/2Ba; Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome,

$525,000 1830 Addison–St. Rittenhouse Sq. New Construction 922-26 N. 17th Street Addison St. Rittenhouse 31830 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 6 Units - $299K - $329K. Call for Details.Sq. 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome,

$525,000 2047 Spruce St. #4, Rittenhouse Square $525,000 1/11830 Condo –Addison corner unit inSt. Victorian Mansion $365,000 Rittenhouse Sq.

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. Bd/2Hamilton Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 3722 St., Powelton Village 33 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, $525,000 $525,000 6Bd/2.1Ba $495,000 863 N. Uber St. # A

3Bd/1.1Ba Twin;St. 1,252 Sq. Ft. $230,000 Sq. 1830 Addison Rittenhouse Ithan Rd., Bryn Mawr 3 Bd/2403 Ba; S. RenovatedTownhome, New Construction! 4-5Bd/6Ba $525,000 Customize Georgian Manor home $1,799,000

Hermitage,St. 4 BD/3.1BA, 3,108 sq. Sq. ft. 1830The Addison Rittenhouse $649,000 3 Bd/2 Ba;contemporary RenovatedTownhome, 346 Lancaster Ave. #305 $525,000 2BD/2BA, 1,294 sq. ft. condo $255,000

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 1Bd/1Ba Condo - $234,900 3 Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 863 N. Uber St #B 2Bd/2Ba; 1,266 Condo $279K $525,000

415Addison Conshohocken State, Gladwyne 1830 St. Rittenhouse Sq. 2912 Sq.Ft. 2-Story Contemporary.41 34Bd/3.1Ba; Bd/2 Ba; RenovatedTownhome, Acre; 2-Car Attached; updated; $899K, $525,000

1409 Wesley’s Run, Gladwyne 18305BD/4.1BA Addison St.Colonial; Rittenhouse Sq. French 5,478 Sq.Ft. $1,150,000 3 Bd/2 Ba;Northwoods RenovatedTownhome, 123 Winchester Rd. Merion Station $525,000

1830 Addison St. Rittenhouse Sq. 2BD/2BA Condo $259,000 3863 Bd/2N.Ba; RenovatedTownhome, 27th St., Art Museum Area $525,000 4Bd/2.1Ba; 1,864 Sq. Ft. $499K

rent $3,900/month

1110 Grandview Terrace, Wayne

4BD/3.1BA Contemporary at “The Enclave” 4,249 Sq. Ft.; Updated $698,500

1511 W. Montgomery Ave., Bryn Mawr 5-6 Beds/3.2 baths; 5,419 Square Feet 1/2 Acre; $989,000

865 N. Uber St. #A

3BD/1BA 1,248 sq. ft. twin $275,000.

1925 & 1927 Poplar Street

“Oakhill” 1750 Oakwood Terrace #3H

2Bd/2.1Ba Townhomes $339,000

2BD/2BA; 1,299 sq. ft. $250,000.

2824 Poplar St. Phila- Art Museum Area

1637 Oakwood Drive #S123

5BD/2.1BA, 2502 sq. ft., 3 story twnhs $499,000

2BD/2BA; Updated Corner Unit. 1,512 Sq. Ft. Rent $2,300/month or $249K

519-21st Street, Phila, Rittenhouse Square Multi- Unit; Corner Property $1,000,000

940 Lindy Lane, Bala Cynwyd Hillgate Community – Elevator!


1700 sq ft Townhouse, steps from Rittenhouse Sq. and South 3Bd/4Ba; 3122 Sq. Ft. Townhouse St. with all the great new restaurants. 3 plus Bdrms, 2 & 1/2 1-Car Garage; $495,000 Bath, open Living/Dining combo with Oak flrs, Kitchen w/ Corian counter tops, white cabinets and tile wainscotting, Garden & Deck. Needs updating but affordable. *NOT open this week – 415 conshy State and 864 Briarwood Rd.



3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths, Living & Dining area with oak flrs, updated Kitchen w/ marble tile flr, recessed lights & Breakfast Bar, Large yard and parking 2 Story Row with front porch, Living and Dining with wood flrs, Galley Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms, 1 bath 1064 sq ft. Parking. New roof Commercially zoned, set up as a residential duplex. 1 Bedroom on first floor, 3 Bedroom 2nd and 3rd floor bi-level. Plus rear work/studio space. 2 Story Row Home, Separate Living and Dining with hardwood flrs, 3 Bedrooms, 1 and a half baths. Hall and Bath skylights

Driving Results “I have been advertising in Philadelphia Weekly for 20 years. Advertising with them has been a part of my marketing plan, and has ultimately aided me in my success. It serves as a great way to both build presence in Center City and dominate the market.” –Mike McCann “The Real Estate Man” Prudential, Fox & Roach


2138 SPRING STREET 4 BEDROOMS | 2 BATHROOMS In a near park-like setting, on the best block of Logan Square you’ll find this superb 2000 sq ft townhouse. The restrained modernist interior designs presents a sense of calm within this impeccably maintained four-bedroom, twobathroom residence. A wide, elegant staircase winds up through the house allowing for privacy between the bedrooms, where cheerful light filled spaces give way to lovely views. This well designed home offers large organized closets, rich hardwood floors and a tranquil rear garden with mature planting and charming brick work. Walk to Logan Fountain, the museums and fabulous restaurants, or jump on the expressway for quick access to all major roadways. Easy on-street parking is available and reasonable secured rental parking is less than a block away!



REALTORS 530 Walnut Street, Suite 260 • Philadelphia, PA 19106 • 215.440.8173 / 215.627.6005 •

John Brown, Sean Kaplan, Eden Silverstein, Greg Williams


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thIs week’s FeAtuRed PRoPeRtIes




Sophisticated beautifully renovated 4br, 2.5b, gourmet kitchen, patio, high quality finishes throughout

Exquisite AIA award winning renovation, 2br, 2.5b, roof deck, finished basement, deeded parking

Stunning new construction, contemporary 3br, 3.5b, 2 car garage with lift, gourmet kitchen, media room/den, patio, roof deck, 10 yr tax abatement

$869,000 Call Bruce Benjamin

$725,000 Call Scott Neifeld

$1,750,000 Call Maryellen Cammisa 110 LOMBARD ST

314-20 CATHARINE ST 303B


Spacious 3br, 2.5b, h/w flrs, f/p, deck, courtyard, garage parking

Bi-level loft, +/-1600sf, 2br, den, 1.5b, 18’ ceilings, h/w flrs, lots of light, parking

Bright contemporary in private courtyard setting, 3br, 2.5b, h/w flrs, garden with pond, garage, new price!

$699,900 Call Margaret Szumski

$419,900 Call Karen Joslin

$485,000 Call Mickey Lubell or Michele Golembeski



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Philly Weekly 10 x 5.5


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3 Story Victorian Row SQUARE Duplex Just Renovated! 1 Bedroom 1 Bath $335,000 $339,000 MLS 5965620 MLS 5787044

3 Bedrooms SQUARE1.5 Baths Alexandra Powers Brangan

215.893.9920 Rittenhouse Square 2000 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

215.247.3600 Chestnut Hill 8039 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

Charming Condominium BLUE BELL HILL $339,000


1 Bedroom Bath 3 MLS Bedrooms 2 1Baths 5950613 $225,000 $399,000 MLS 6215458 MLS 5777406


BELLA VISTA 3 Bedrooms State of the2artBaths Loft

4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths Condominium $239,000 2 Bedrooms Baths $369,900 MLS 26235434 MLS 5956986 $489,555 MLS 5746449


$379,000 $622,900 1 Bedroom 1 Bath MLS 5897864 MLS 6197584 $269,900

MLS 5744269

Turnkey restaurant with liquor license & 2 modern 2br apartments. Entirely rehabbed with all new equipment. High traffic location

$3,300,000 Call Michael Waxman or Martin Bernstein 625 CHRISTIAN ST #B&D BELLA VISTA

Bi-level loft, +/-1600sf, 2br, den, 1.5b, 18’ ceilings, h/w flrs, lots of light, parking

$329,900 Call Margaret Szumski

226 South Street


FEATURED PROPERTY Duplex Open Floor Plan $369,000 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths WEST MT. AIRY $329,900 5965611 5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths MLS

$1,150,000 MLS 6220832

MLS 5784384


UNIVERSITY CITY Sunny Townhouse Sunny Townhouse RITTENHOUSE SQUARE 33 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths Bedrooms 2.5 Baths 1$242,500 Bedroom, 1 Bath $259,900

$499,000 MLS 5790241 MLS 5790241 MLS 6186430

FEATURED 2 PROPERTY Bedrooms, 2 Baths


THE6205668 MURANO MLS The Residences Satring in the

$400,000s at THE MURANO

WASHINGTON SQUARE Starting in the 1 Bedroom 1 Bath

$400,000s $225,000 MLS 6180525

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 4 5



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A different kind of real estate company® ART MUSEUM/LOGAN SQUARE

2810 Cambridge St Best Price on the Block… 2BR/1BA with Large rear Yard 2731 Cambridge St Spacious 2BR/1BA – with 2 CAR PARKING & Large Rear Patio OPEN HOUSE 7/14 FROM 12-2:00PM 936 N 30th St Large 3BR/2.5BA Rehabbed home, Large decked rear city Garden 2601 Pennsylvania Ave #812 Gracious Corner Unit Overlooking Kelly Drive with Parking

w a rd

$269,900 $249,900 $334,900 $390.000

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Temple University Area – 2211 N Camac St Investment Opportunity at Temple University, Popular Student rental block, Building was constructed from ground up 2011 $465,000 Fishtown – 2666-72 Coral St REDUCED! Restaurant with Lot and Apartment Building $699,000 Bella Vista 543 Washington Ave - 541 Washington Ave- 1043 S 6th St 3 Continuous Properties Great Opportunity for Development $788,000 Kensington – 2223 N Front St 2 Blocks from York/Dauphin El Stop, Retail Store, BYO Banquet Hall, Commercial Garage for 6-10 Cars $850,000 Fishtown – 1451-53 E Columbia Ave Pizza Shop Long Established business with Residential property next door being offered in a package $265,000 Point Breeze – 2429-39 Wharton PRICE REDUCED $300,000, Warehouse on Entire square city block with frontage on 4 sides (1.24 acres) $2,200,000

Wi n n e r s

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE / FITLER SQUARE / AVENUE OF THE ARTS 2721 South St Well Maintained 2BR/1BA home in a Superb location and a private Deck! $269,000 400-440 S Broad St #1207 2BR/2BA, 1390 SQ Ft, HW Flrs, Balcony, Sweeping Views, NW-NE-E of CC, Resort like Amenities W/ Pool, Hot tub, Sauna and Steam. SS Gourmet Kitch, Luxury Life Style Incl, inside deeded Parking, Wine Cellar, One year Dev Construction Warranty OPEN HOUSE 7/14 FROM 12-3:00PM $950,000 OLD CITY / LOFT DISTRICT / CHINATOWN 309-13 Arch St #601 Lovely Loft-Style condo in the Heart of Old City with both Vintage features & Modern Amenites 126 Market St #4 Beautiful 2BR Unit in the Heart of Old City

$327,500 $419,900

SURROUNDING AREAS Southwest – 5656 Windsor Ave Great Investment Opportunity $31,900 West Phila – 5936 Cedar Ave Well Maintained 3BR home W/Front Porch, HW Flrs, Large Eat in Kitch, nice size BR and large backyard $49,999 West Phila – 7 N 50th St 6BR//3BA single home Complete Shell $55,000 Point Breeze – 2118 McClellan St Recently Renovated home with All New systems, Appliances and windows! $60,000 NE Phila – 1517 Rosalie St 2BR/1Ba house on a small Block, full Finished Basement $67,000 West Phila – 3220 N Etting St 3BR/1BA home Totally Rehabbed, 1.5 Years ago $67,500 Mayfair – 4769 Bleigh Ave REDUCED! 3BR/1BA home in E Mayfair area W/ front patio overlooking a park, Ready for Move In $89,000 Fishtown - 2522 Tilton St 2BR/2BA in Fishtown $89,900 Elmwood Park – 7130 Guyer Ave Renovated Property on Desirable St in SW Phila, Near Public transportation and park $72,500 Folcroft – 1511 Glen Avenue Great Opportunity! Located on a nice and quiet block, Back yardm wood floors, Handicap accessible $90,000 Holmesberg – 8020 Erdrick St 4 Bedroom and 1 Bath Home $109,000 Mill Creek – 923 N 48th St 5BR/2BA Unique Home with 2 Car Driveway Parking, Great Value $109,900 Germantown – 140 W Abottsford Ave Lovely 4BR/1.5BA 1800 + Sq Ft Twin, Ready for you to move In $119,900 Southwest Phila – Well maintained spacious Duplex 2BR on 1 Floor 3BR on 2nd Floor $199,900 Cobbs Creek – 5811 Washington Ave Gracious 4BR/1.5BA W Original Detail and Character $125,000 Overbrook – 921 Marlyn Rd Classic 3BR/1BA rowhome W/Garage, Charming Orig Details and tasteful upgrades on beautiful block $139,900 Greys Ferry- 1257 S 29th St Fully Renovated Move in Cond Close to Graduate Hosp., shopping Center, Supermarket, Public transit $139,900 Mayfair – 3137 Longshore Ave gem in Mayfair, Tree Lined St $144,900 Overbrook Park – 7467 Rhodes St Rehabbed 3BR/2BA home with Family Room and 2 Parking Spaces $159,900 Cheltenham – 1717 W Cheltenham 19027 $160,000 Harrowgate – 3659 Frankford Ave Corner Property kept in Great Shape and situated for great Exposure right on Frankford Ave $169,900 Bridgeburg – 2537 Casimir St Unique Opportunity, 3BR/1.5BA, Finished Basement, Large Rear Deck REDUCED! $169,500 Fox Chase – 7855 Lorna Dr Well Kept home in expansive lot ready for Modern updates, Main floor Master Suite, finished basement $170,000 West Phila – 4049 Baring St REDUCED! 5BR/2.5BA home, Original woodwork, Future Money Earner, Needs TLC $175,000 Point Breeze – 1321 S 18th St Sunny & Spacious Point Breeze home with custom Mural by Philly Artist NoseGo $199,000 North Phila – 1541 N Franklin St Huge 3 Story, 8BR/3BA, Close to Temple $225,000 Manayunk – 107 Vassar St Don’t miss this Charming 3BR/1.5BA home ina super location, huge yard, Great layout, H/W floors tons of Closet space! $218,000 Fishtown – 1815 Memphis St 3BR/2BA home in the Heart of Fishtown $239,900 Frankford – 4720 Oakland St 3 Story, 5 BR/2 Full Bath 2 half bath, High End marble and granite throughout, Completely Renovated $260,000 Greys Ferry – 1241 S Dover St $289,000 West Mt Airy – 118 W Sharpnack St 4BR/2/5BAContemporary New construction home, Full Finished Basement, Roof top Deck $298,900 Temple University – 2040 N Franklin St Great Investment Property Live in one unit and collect rent from the other fully rehabbed 4BR upper unit 1BR plus Partially Fin Basement in lower unit $299,000 Fishtown - 2315 Coral St New Construction, 3BER/2.5BA Modern homes Hardwood Floors, Kitchen with granite counter tops and SS Appliances, Finished Basement $314,900 Fishtown – 1505 Frankford Ave Spacious 2600 Sq Ft Gorgeous 3Br/3.5BA with Giant master Suite, 3rd Fl Deck, Bamboo floors $329,950 Kensington – 2770-80 Jasper St Huge Warehouse $375,000 North Phila – 5205 N Broad St One of a Kind, Cash Cow right on Broad St Semi Detached Twin offering 5 Separate units, All rehabbed with 2 Car Parking $350,000 Fishtown – 2227 Amber New Construction, Ultra Modern 3 Story Home, Roof Top deck $369,900 Passyunk East – 1202 Reed St custom Renovation 4BR/4.5BA, In-Law Suite, 2 Decks, HUGE! $699,900 Overbrook Farms – 6396 Overbrook Unique Arts & Crafts Style home in Lovely Overbrook Farms $725,000

4 6 p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m


1028-30 Pine St #4 Bright & Spacious 1BR, HW Flrs, C/A Granite, SS, Washer Dryer Large Courtyard, Low Condo fees 520 Delancey St 1820 Confectioners Mansion with 3 Fireplaces, Original Pine floors, 3BR/3BA, Garden

$309,000 $1,224,999

QUEEN VILLAGE/ BELLA VISTA / GRADUATE HOSPITAL / SOUTH PHILA. 1257 S 29th St Fully Renovated move in Condition, close to Graduate Hospital, Shopping, Supermarket, public transit $139,900 636 Earp St 2BR/1BA Well Maintained home in Italian Market area $ 164,900 226 Monroe St #A Wonderful 1BR/1BA Condo with New Kitchen and Low Condo Fees OPEN HOUSE 7/14 FROM 12-2:00PM $217,900 2312 Federal St Recently Renovated 3BR/2.5BA Home , HW Floors, Eat In Kitchen with Island, Fin basement, Roof Deck $255,900 603 Montrose St REDUCED! Unique and well Maintained 2BR/1BA house bordering Queen Village & Bella Vista $295,000 1233-35 Bainbridge St #B Brand New Construction, Atrium, elevator 2 Bedroom $350,000 2516 S 18th St Girard Estates 4BR/2.5BA, Sun Room, yard, Porch, Near Girard Park $379,900 Bella Vista 1233-35 Bainbridge St H Brand New Construction, Atrium, elevator, Indoor Heated Garage, Last 2 BR with Parking Left! $409,900 1213 Webster St New 3BR/2BA, New Construction, Exp Brick throughout, roof Deck with CC Skyline Views $429,900 1905 League St Join us for Mimosas and BBQ on the Roof deck of this new Graduate hospital Home OPEN HOUSE 7/14 FROM 12-2:00PM $489,000 810 6th St #A Gorgeous QV Condo, Amazing 360 Degree Views from your spacious and private roof deck $500,000 1325 Christian St 4BR/2.5BA, Large Semi done basement, Outdoor spacing perfect for BBQ’S $524,999 1518 Bainbridge St This 4 Story home boasts approximately 2800 Sq Ft, Parking, Amenities and lots of Outdoor space $739,000 NORTHERN LIBERTIES / NORTH PHILADELPHIA 1710 Waterloo St Priced To Sell 1019-25 N 4th St #D Spac 900+ condo, Granite, Stainless Kitch, New Bath, hi Ceilings, Wood Fl, Loft W/D Courtyard 705 Brown St A 2BR/2BA Condo in a gated community 5 years young new construction finished basement

$94,900 $239,900 $375,000

UNIVERSITY CITY / WEST PHILADELPHIA 5748 Hunter St 3BR home located on well maintained block, Ready for you to Move In, Front Porch and back yard 600 S 49th St #2B Attractive, Well designed 2nd floor 2BR/2BA condo in the Cedar Park Area of Univ City 4900 Cedar Ave Reduced: Lovely updated, Well-Designed 2nd floor 2BR/2BA Condo in the Cedar Pk. University City 4217 Regent Square Charming, Updated 4BR/2BA townhome with garden on favorite street near Clark Park, In PAS Fairmount – 1719-25 Cambridge St 3BR/2.5BA new Construction Townhome With Parking, 2 decks, Finished Basement Manayunk – 4213 Houghton St Brand New Single W/Over 2750 Sq Ft, 3BR/2.5BA, Deck, yard, 10 Yr Tax Abatement Fishtown – 2119 E Norris St Beautiful New Construction in the heart of Vibrant Fishtown

$64,900 $265,000 $265,000 $448,500 $369,900 $375,000 $385,000

COMMERCIAL/INVESTMENT Temple University – 1207 W Susquehanna Ave Ideal for Developers and Investors! This lot is zoned for and has approved plans to build a Duplex $75,000 Temple University – 2210 N Bancroft St Investment Opportunity Recently constructed, 5BR/2.5BA, Fully rented with Landlord only paying water, Property Priced to sell Easily Achieve 10% Cap. Much more! $169,999 South Phila – 1612 W Moyamensing Ave Commercial space with 2BR Apartment above located in South Phila near Marconi Park $215,000 2835-37 W Girard Ave Investor Special! 2 Bldgs Mixed use over 7000 Sq feet. (4) 2BR/2BA Apts, (2) Commercial $450,000 Temple University – 1223 W Susquehanna Ave Awesome investment opportunity at Campus, Newly constructed triplex built in 2012, High Upgrades $495,000


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CENTER CITY LUXURY SALES EAST SIdE 220 w. washington square

Entire floor home with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, 360 degree views including Washington Square, chef’s kitchen, large formal living and dining rooms, lavish master suite, 3720 sf

abbotts square 530 S 2nd Street


1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, balcony, large kitchen,separate dining area, 842 sf $249,900 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, bi-level, great closetspace, balcony, excellent condition, 989 sf


the bank building 421 CheStnut Street

Raw space with high ceilings and exposed brick that can be built into a custom homes, 2017 sf $575,000

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, wood floors, custom open kitchen, designer baths, 2117 sf


2 bedrooms, 2 baths, brand new and furnished, high barrel ceilings, exposed brick and ductwork, generous entertaining space custom finsihes throughout, 2101 sf $895,000

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, open floor plan, overlooks Independence Mall, custom finishes throughout, 2025 sf


Incredible opportunity to build your

dream home in 3,068 sf of unfinished space overlooking Independence Hall, hotel amenities from the adjoining Omni Hotel available


hoPkinson house 604 S. WaShington Square Deluxe 1 bedroom, with new wood floors,

indePendence Place 233-241 S 6th Street

Deluxe 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, completely

customized, dramatic southern views, Bulthaup kitchen with high end applainces, private terrace, master suite w/excellent closet space, washer/dryer, 1118 sf $525,000

lots of natural light, floor-to-ceiling windows,


balcony, 1387 sf

Bi-level penthouse with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, two kitchens, impeccably finished throughout, amazing river and city views, 4403 sf $1,800,000

1 bedroom, completely renovated with

designer kitchen and bath, wood floors, 975 sf


1830 rittenhouse square

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, wood floors, lots of

natural light, EIK, marble bath, beautiful original building details, 1136 sf $639,900

2031 delancey Place

Five story townhome with magnificent

updates while remaining true to its original details, chef’s kitchen, lavish master suite, garage, elevator, outdoor deck, 6160 sf

center city one 1326 SPruCe Street 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, split floor plan, excellent closet space, juliet balcony, washer/dryer, 1209 sf oPen SundaY 2:00-2:30pm

220 w. rittenhouse square


Pier 5 7 n. ColumbuS blvd 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, Ben Franklin Bridge views, large entertaining space with separate dining area, deck, 1630 sf $315,000

society hill towers 200-220 loCuSt St. 1 bedroom, high floor, abundant natural light,

academy house 1420 loCuSt Street


Custom 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths home, updated kitchen and baths, built-in bar, generous closet space, hardwood floors, terrace, 1590 sf $750,000

the barclay 237 S. 18th St.

Custom 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with

high ceilings, original 1929 herringbone hardwood floors, 10ft ceilings, city views, renovated kitchen, washer/dryer, 1840 sf $1,695,000

the dorchester 226 W. rittenhouSe Square

floor-to-ceiling windows, magnificent city views, 712 sf $250,000 1 bedroom, wood floors, floor to ceiling windows with bridge and city views, 700 sf

1 bedroom, beautifully maintained, private

$269,900 1 bedroom, modern, breathtaking river views,

3 bedroom plus den, 3.5 baths home with washer/dryer, lavish master suite, excellent closet space, marble baths, high end stainless steel appliances, breakfast bar, 2421 sf

stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, excellent closet space, 699 sf

$279,000 2 bedrooms, 1 bath wood floors, river views, W/D, 1133 sf $399,000 oPen SundaY 2:00-3:00pm

strickland row 1010 SPruCe Street Spacious bi-level 2 bedroom, 2 bath, completely renovated with brand new kitchen appliances & granite countertops, HW flrs,



terrace, oversized windows, 609 sf


oPen SundaY 1:00-1:30pm

the warwick 1701 loCuSt St

lanesborough 1601 loCuSt St.


Entire floor custom home w/3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, chef’s kitchen, amazing entertaining space, high end finishes throughout, 3422 sf

murano 2101 market Street


2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, contemporary

home, floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, bamboo wood floors, private terrace, stainless steel appliances, custom closets, washer/dryer, 1254 sf $579,900

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood floors, custom closets, panoramic city views, private balcony, high floor, 1 car parking, washer/dryer, 1408 sf

Parc rittenhouse 225 S. 18th St.


Studio, lots of natural light and southern views, wood floors, marbe bath, 513 sf.

$325,000 Spacious 1 bedroom, HW floors, marble

bath, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer, 638 sf $365,000 1 bedroom, wood floors, balcony, marble bath, excellent closet space, 765 sf $389,900 Studio with high ceilings, lost of natural light, marble bath, open designer kitchen, 486 sf

$419,900 1 bedroom, lots of natural light & southern

views, bonus den area, marble bath, modern kitchen, 791 sf $435,000 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, pristine condition, wood floors, city skyline and pool club views, 829 sf

$539,900 Custom designer 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence, easily converted to

2 bedrooms, furnished, designer finishes and features, washer/dryer, 1079 sf $885,000 Brand new, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, all rooms overlook Rittenhouse Square, luxurious master suite, two sets of Juliet balconies, 1709 sf.

$1,695,000 Brand new, Custom Joanne Hudson 2 bedroom plus den, 2 bathroom home, chef’s kitchen with high end applainces, lavish master suite, bonus storage area. 1973 sf $1,775,000

the PhiladelPhian 2401 PennSYlvania avenue Spacious studio, high floor, southern

exposure, private terrace, Art Museum and Schuylkill River views, excellent closet space, 656 sf $184,900 Spacious 1 bdrm w/ balcony on high floor, wood cabinetry in kit., wood floors & excellent closet space throughout, 1166 sf $229,900

rittenhouse Plaza 1901 Walnut Street

1 bedroom plus den home, easily converted to 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, custom master closet, Rittenhouse Square views, washer/dryer, 1551 sf $539,900

rittenhouse savoy 1810 rittenhouSe Square

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open renovated kit., new baths, wood fls, penthouse floor, 1146 sf

WE’RE ALL ARoUNd ToWN Parc rittenhouse Brand new, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, all rooms overlook Rittenhouse Square, luxurious master suite, two sets ofJuliet balconies, 1709 sf


society hill towers 1 bedroom, river views, custom kitchen, wood floors, 699sf


Condo Fees: $578 • Taxes: $211

Condo Fees: $1167 • Taxes: $500

Allan domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “WE CoopERATE WITh ALL REALToRS®” • •

p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y. c o m I j u l y 1 0 - j u l y 1 7 I p h i l a d e l p h i a w e e k l y 4 7

balcony, totally updated kitchen and bath, high floor, south views, 1003sf $359,900


2 bedrooms, 2 baths, magnificent views,

Philadelphia Weekly 7-10-2013  
Philadelphia Weekly 7-10-2013  

Dan Savage has evolved over the past two decades from an alternative gay voice to the nation’s top sex expert. Plus more on upcoming events,...