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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

MARCH 4 – MAY 30, 2011


March 23-29, 2011 Hugh Casey

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M




13 spring Guide The people and places to warm up to this season. PhillyNOW 9 Union Jacked MilkBoy Coffee gets a costly lesson on doing business in Philly.

11 Just the Ticket Republican candidates find themselves being betrayed in the name of the mighty PPA

ARTs & CulTuRe 27 Calendar PW ’s picks for the week. sTAGe 31 Chew on This The Arden’s Superior Donuts questions community values.

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

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W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

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Your idea that “It all starts with housing ... We would have success with a lot of these problems if we had people of mixed-incomes living together.” OK. Between my wife and I, we work 3 jobs in one household so we can live as far as possible from Section 8 housing. Keep your brave new world, liberal views to yourself. I don’t want section 8 anywhere near me. I don’t want anyone receiving any type of government assistance living near me. Do you need to hear it again? I don’t care what their excuses or reasons are to receive that money. Nobody puts a gun to their heads and says “take this money or your dead.” I pay THOUSANDS of dollars a year in Federal, State, City and property taxes to keep it away from my neighborhood. I’ll say it. They don’t deserve to live in or near my neighborhood. When are we going to stop this “free money” mentality? I don’t care how horrible their neighborhood is. You made your bed now sleep in it. Remember, neighborhoods are made up of those that live in them. STEVE ARLO via email

As someone who lives in a multi-cultural neighborhood that is on the edge of Center City I can speak to these issues. Most often when whites are fleeing neighborhoods it is because their neighborhood is physically deteriorating, not because a new non-Caucasian neighbor moved in. They move not because they are racist; they move simply because many people of lower socioeconomic status and lower income simply do not have house pride. I don’t care if my neighbors are white, Latino, black or Asian, when your house looks like its ready to collapse, repair it. People with house and neighborhood pride want their neighbors to plant flowers, plant trees, paint the front door when it needs painting. They want their neighbors to pick-up the trash that has been accumulating in front of their house. All of these elements effect quality of life and assist in white flight, its not as simple as calling people racist. I grew up in the lower Northeast in the early 80s, it was a very nice neighborhood. I cant believe the neighborhood now. Not because of the people of different races I see when driving through, but the condition of the houses, the yards and the lack of pride in the neighborhood. The vision of having racially and economic diverse neighborhoods will only come to life when the people from different walks of life take pride in where they live. Its not always racism.




















I’m not native to Philadelphia, however when I moved here I noticed the clear lines that divide this city. Segregation is something unspoken, but understood by those that live here. I’ve lived in a lot of places in the U.S. and abroad and I honestly can say this is the most racist place I have ever lived in. I cant just say one race or the other, everyone just hates each other except during baseball and football season. In today’s society, everything that has been sacrificed by all of our ancestors, in this city, is in vein. White people just think their better than blacks and its just not true, we all are human beings, some more humane than others. As we all get old and decrepit we realize that. Don’t waste time on ignorance, its such a waste of time.















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Union Jacked

MilkBoy Coffee gets a costly lesson on doing business in Philly.

Almost six months ago, a group of mystery men showed up to the suburb of Ardmore to stand on the sidewalk in front of MilkBoy Coffee. The rotating cast of two to three men have been there every weekday morning ever since. They toss trash on the ground and rarely speak. The first big

By Tara Murtha

continued on next page >>


It doesn’t take long fireside chats with local business owners and contractors to hear horror stories about the ramifications of hiring nonunion workers in Philadelphia: picketing campaigns that stretch endlessly through the seasons; physical intimidation; glue finding its way into door locks, electrical wiring neatly uninstalled just in time for opening day. According to Joyner and Lokoff, an S-lock mysteriously appeared in a hinge, temporarily locking nonunion workers inside the construction site. (Ed Coryell, longtime business manager of the Brotherhood, did not respond to PW’s multiple requests for comment. A local ex-contractor who requested to remain anonymous describes “a cat and mouse game” between nonunion and union workers that entails gaming the system by, for example, using variations on company names on building permits. “[The unions] have people in City Hall just watching permits,” he says. “They’re supposed to be drumming up work but all they really do is hassle you and threaten you.”

Joyner and Lokoff estimate that since the picketing began back in November, sales are down by about 5 percent—a big deal when profit margins are based on cups of coffee and sandwiches. “We went through a slump with the recession, so the last two years were pretty dicey,” says Joyner. “We finally turned the corner and were trending upwards and we were like, thank god … Then the picketing started and business slowed back down when it should have been increasing.” “There have been people that bought a cup of coffee and then gave it back and asked for their money back,” says Lokoff. “It’s crazy.” Lokoff says an acquaintance wrote him an email to let him know that he had reservations about attending a MilkBoy event. Lokoff was asked for his “stance on unions.” “I said I didn’t know I had a stance,” says Lokoff. “I was raised like everyone else that unions are good and certainly played an important role in our country’s history and how could you not be pro-union? And that was it.” Locally, opposing perspectives have played out publicly on the Save Ardmore Coalition blog, where discussion about the protests at MilkBoy frequently evolve into pro- and anti-union political debate. In real life face to face, people are uneasy talking about unions. “Without knowing the details, I’m sure they both have a point,” says Harry of

banner they held read: “Shame on MilkBoy Coffee.” On the busy commercial strip of Lancaster Avenue, the vague, menacing statement reaches hundreds of people a day, suggesting that MilkBoy is up to something shady. “We were mortified,” says Philly resident Jamie Lokoff, who co-owns MilkBoy Coffee with Ardmore resident Tommy Joyner. Turns out, the men are representatives of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Philly’s Carpenters union.

Royal Flush

‘If we don’t laugh’

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


“This is an appeal to the general public,” reads the flier the men have been handing out. “Please do not patronize Milkboy Coffee. Tommy Joyner and Jamie Lokoff owners of Milkboy Coffee have engaged AM Painting and Mapo Builders to construct their new establishment at 1100 Chestnut Street in Center City, Philadelphia.” It goes on to declare that AM Painting and Mapo Builders contribute to “the destruction of the area wage and benefit standards by paying its employees substantially less than those rates established by members of the Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters.” “Have they forgotten who there [sic] patrons are? … Your refusal to enter These Coffee Shop’s [sic] in the Future sends an important message to these Contractors that they are not welcomed in our community.” After establishing MilkBoy recording studio in 1994 (also in Ardmore), MilkBoy Coffee in 2006 and a smaller Bryn Mawr coffeeshop in 2007, Joyner and Lokoff plan to expand the MilkBoy brand into Philly with a new establishment at 11th and Chestnut. Scheduled to open late spring, it will be

Dealing with union aggression has become an occupational hazard of opening up a restaurant in Center City. Off the top, Brauhaus Schmitz, Marc Vetri’s Amis, Devil’s Alley, Smokin’ Betty’s and Barbuzzo are just a few recent examples of restaurants that drew protests for not hiring all union. Down in South Philly, the electrician’s union trotted out their 14-foot buck-toothed blowup rat for Bistro la Minette. Most of these are small-business enterprises. Stories get crazier as the jobs get bigger. Perhaps the most notorious one, the only-in-Philly parable told with the same tone as the old “Philly pelted Santa Claus with snowballs” trope (except this one’s true) went down in 2006 during construction of the Comcast Center. In an effort to “green” the building and obtain LEED certification, architects incorporated waterless urinals. But the plumber’s union, Local 690, protested the plan—waterless urinals use less pipes, which means less work for plumbers. The compromise? The Comcast Center installed the waterless toilets. But they also got a complete network of pipes that aren’t connected to anything “in case” the building wants to convert back to old-style toilets: a 975-foot tall monument to the power of union muscle in Philadelphia.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

jeff fusco

Dirty work: Union protesters bannering outside Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore.

a two-story live-music venue complete with coffee and cocktail bars. The project came about because the city offered the building owners, U3 Ventures, a loan to fit-out the building pending their finding a suitable tenant, who, in keeping with the city’s goal of revitalizing an oddly neglected and downtrodden strip of Chestnut Street, had to be approved by the city. Enter MilkBoy. As property owners, U3 Ventures handled hiring contractors, which includes a mix of union and nonunion workers—but not the carpenter’s union. U3 Ventures did not return requests for comment, but Lokoff and Joyner say it was a practical decision. With rates generally estimated to be between two and three times the rate of equally capable nonunion shops, it’s simply cost-prohibitive to hire all-union workers. “We were just trying to get it done with the budget we were given,” Lokoff says. “[We have] no input into hiring anyway.” Now, with most of the construction complete, protesters continue to picket outside the construction site and the Ardmore coffeeshop. “We were hoping it was going to go away,” says Joyner. “They made their point. [They] have a First Amendment right to make it, but they haven’t stopped making their point. Their goal is to hurt us, and they are hurting us. These guys think we’re millionaires.” The point isn’t, as it says on the flier, to send a message to the subcontractors who already finished the work. The punitive message clearly targets MilkBoy and signals to other business entrepreneurs who may not already know: you conduct business in Philadelphia, you’re going to have to hire us—or else.

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Just the Ticket

Republican candidates find themselves being betrayed in the name of the mighty PPA. By Randy LoBasso


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like the phone call, on good terms. But in March, the RCC sent out this blind-copy email: “Our Mayoral Candidate is Karen Brown.” Featherman was shocked when he received a forwarded copy. Brown, after all, was a lifelong Democrat and Democrat City Committee member, one who was running for First District and at-large Council seats at the time. Brown would be endorsed by the RCC so long as she filed her papers to run for mayor, dropped her Democrat bids and switched parties within 36 hours, which she did. After having jumped through the hoop for RCC leaders, Featherman was shocked at the lengths they were willing to go to just so they wouldn’t have to endorse him. it was the ultimate ‘fuck you.’ “I wasn’t surprised that they picked a Democrat to run for mayor,” says Brewerytown activist Adam Lang, a Republican who supports Featherman. “But I was surprised they picked someone who was a member of the DCC [Democratic City Committee] and was running as a Democrat ... Otherwise, it’s always nice to see people change their party affiliation.” Poor Featherman. But he should have known—it’s amazing anyone is willing to put any trust into the RCC at this point. Current leadership has made it a priority to go down with the ship, so long as they maintain power on the ocean floor, where they’ve been since Frank Rizzo Sr. found his final resting place. The party faces 7-to-1 Democrat/Republican registration odds within city limits. And part of the reason that’s the case is that the RCC has never done so much as considered a change in strategy. But that’s not necessarily outright irrationality; how do you think they get all those sweet parking spots? “The entire structure of the party in town is deliberately geared toward protecting PPA to the point not just that they don’t even field candidates, but they decide strategically to support Democrats who support continued Republican control of the PPA,” says a source close to city government who asked to remain anonymous. “They look at a district and it’s not that they can’t get a candidate to run. They’ll actually say, ‘We can’t take on this Democrat because he’s on our side.’ The Republican structure in the city is so corrupted by the PPA that it’s not that they can’t—they won’t. They don’t want to. The implications of that are kind of staggering…It’s not a political party in Philadelphia. It’s almost like a legitimized criminal enterprise.” The state party is

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Philly’s Republican Party seems to think it’s OK to betray their own to retain control over the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Mayoral candidate John Featherman, a Republican who thought he could trust his own party, learned this the hard way. Things came to a head back in February, when the unendorsed candidate was urged by another GOP City Council candidate, Joe McColgan, to make a friendly, let-bygonesbe-bygones phone call to Republican City Committee leaders—whom Featherman had been fighting a media war with over their opposing political views and the candidate’s unwillingness to join an establishment he saw as corrupt. “I said, ‘I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for us to trash-talk each other,’” Featherman recalls telling RCC Chair Vito Canuso. They left the call on good terms. The following morning, South Philadelphia Public Record Editor Jim Tayoun called Featherman. “Vito Canuso said he’s supporting you,” said Tayoun, to Featherman’s shock. (Tayoun confirmed this to PW, though claims Canuso said he’d support Featherman if they couldn’t find anyone else. “Featherman tends to exaggerate,” Tayoun says.) Hey, a candidate can dream. “The idea of an RCC endorsement meant … they were prepared to meet me on these issues,” says Featherman, who labels himself a “real Republican” whose oft-libertarian stances on matters of gay marriage and drug legalization put him at odds with the city and national GOP. His disapproval of ‘Democrat-lite’ Philadelphia Republicans was also a likely source of contention. But he thought that he had campaigned against both them and Nutter to the point where they were willing to begrudgingly bring him in their camp. The Featherman-RCC match made sense, at least on paper. He, though in disagreement with many of the RCC’s tactics, was an ambitious candidate, making up for his lack of funds with writing Internet comments on any and all articles that mentioned him. This was more than the RCC could say for itself. Every time a candidate was rumored as their mayoral pick, that candidate would deny allegations to the press. Featherman went to see the big boys at their RCC headquarters on the Parkway anyway. He says lawyer Michael Meehan told him, “We need to know about your skeletons.” He gave them the basics—he doesn’t drink or take drugs. He’s divorced but it was amicable. The meeting was left,

trying to unseat Meehan and Canuso, says the source, because they know they’ll never have a viable party as long as the Philadelphia Parking Authority is the prize, and those guys own it. Consider Republican Pia Varma, who tried (and failed) to run against Rep. Bob Brady for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s First District last year. She found out the hard way that you don’t mess with the status quo in Philadelphia. After announcing her intentions, she relied on the RCC to collect the majority of her signatures, which were successfully challenged in court. She then wrote and self-published the book Brotherly Love—A Cautionary Tale of Naivety, Deceit, and Corruption, which details her bizarre experience with the city’s Republican Party. She claims Meehan, the lawyer, did not circulate her petitions, perhaps purposely leaving her out of the contest so as not to upset Brady. She also claims Meehan’s law firm earned more than $1.3 million from the PPA from 2005-2009. Since Brady runs the Democratic City Committee, so it goes, Republicans believe he likely has the power to take back PPA any time he wants. The party is therefore forced to actually bet against themselves— accepting universal defeat, humiliation and a permanent deference to the Democrats, happy with the two at-large seats they’re guaranteed as the minority. And, as has been the case with lone Republicans Frank Rizzo and Jack Kelly, offering few legislative alternatives to Council Democrats. So every time a viable candidate comes along, who could lose by, say, less than the last propped-up piece of milquetoast, Meehan and Canuso have nowhere to put him or her besides that hard place between eight moving wheels and cement. Otherwise, it’d make no sense that such a large population within our borders wouldn’t put up a protest vote, at least once in a while. Which is probably why they chose Brown, a gaffe-prone Democrat who just settled a case with the Philadelphia Board of Ethics as this year’s Republican patsy. “The PPA thing isn’t going to be solved by me,” says Featherman. “It’s too big. It involves thousands of people, ward leaders, too many people. I want to be the catalyst, but I can’t solve it. It’s like the Peter Gabriel song, ‘You can blow out a candle, but you can’t blow out a fire.’ I’m just a candle. I’m not going to be able to change everything by myself.” Worst part: The PPA conspiracies, the unnecessary infighting and the power-sharing deals aren’t necessarily a secret. They’re just really unfortunate byproducts of a corrupt political system. Kinda sucks for, you know, democracy. n

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Harry’s Treasure and Collectibles, up the street from MilkBoy. “[MilkBoy] is a local business. I’m not going to say anything bad about a local business. And I’m not going to say anything bad about the union because I don’t want them in front of my store.” Christine Vilardo, executive director of the Ardmore Initiative—the suburb’s equivalent of Center City District—says she doesn’t know the details either but she’s sure of one thing: The message that Lokoff, Joyner or MilkBoy is somehow bad for Ardmore is not only strangely irrelevant to the carpenter’s union supposed point, it’s absurdly incorrect. “[The current banner that says] ‘MilkBoy hurts the community’ is really insulting,” says Vilardo. “They are so involved in the community in so many ways. They [participate in] First Friday, host activities for kids and families. They hire local people. They help brand and give our town an identity.” Vilardo describes MilkBoy Coffee as an “anchor” in the revitalization of the downtown commercial strip of Lancaster Avenue. “When people think about Ardmore, they think of MilkBoy, and MilkBoy worked to make that connection,” she says. “They’re one of the original cheerleaders for the town, and they remain that.” Joyner’s email tagline is “sent from Ardmore, center of the universe.” Joyner is ex-president of the Ardmore Business Association and remains on the board. Lokoff is on the board of the Ardmore Initiative. MilkBoy sells Ardmore hoodies. But these days, Joyner is wearing a brand new shirt, hot off the presses. It reads: “Menace to Ardmore”—the message of the second-to-last protest banner in front of his shop. “It’s one of those ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’ scenarios,” explains Joyner. A few months back, Joyner and Lokoff had T-shirts screenprinted that said “Shame on MilkBoy” in response to the first banner. They hung a sign in the window advertising the shirts right above the union banner. All proceeds go to a fund set up for a neighborhood bartender who just underwent a kidney transplant. The union changed banners, and MilkBoy made new T-shirts. “We’re trying to make light of it,” says Lokoff. “We’re trying to laugh.” There’s little else to do: bannering is legal, and union protestors can send whatever message to whoever they want as long as they want. Ironically, the legal fees of seeking relief through the system are, like the cost of the job if it had been all-union, cost-prohibitive. “Who’s going to stand up for us?” asks Lokoff. If Lokoff were to open another business in Philadelphia in the future, would he consider pushing for all-union to avoid all of this? “If I had the money,” he pauses. “Maybe.”n

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Course No. 1474 12 Lectures

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Lounge singer. Lady lover. Raconteur poet. Introducing Johnny Showcase. By Tara Murtha Jeff fusco


Catch Showcase in Lantern's production of Midsummer Night's Dream. Through April 17. 10th and Ludlow sts. 215.829.0395

Showcase—lounge singer, lady lover, middleaged raconteur poet. As a student back in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Sweeny was an aspiring musician. He played trumpet, worshipped Michael Jackson and obsessed over soul and funk records. But when he had the disheartening realization that he probably wasn’t ever going to be the best at his instrument, he decided to become an actor. “My parents said, ‘We love what you do but you’ll have to choose a back-up plan,’ recalls Sweeny. His response came out of nowhere, surprising everyone—including himself. He retorted, “I’ll be a lounge singer.” “And that was the seed of Johnny Showcase,” he nods gravely. In the interim, Sweeny graduated high school, moved from Rhode Island to Philadelphia to study acting at University of the Arts and got the requisite artists’ gig slinging drinks at World Café Live. At the time, fellow employees Jeffrey Marsh and Rick Sorkin were bringing their popular Cabaret Mélange show to World Cafe after a successful twoyear run at L’Etage. They invited Sweeny to participate: Did he have any characters to contribute to the show? “We met David and hit it off immediately,” recalls Sorkin over the phone from New York City, where he still collaborates with Jeffrey Marsh in the Venn Diagrams. “We recognized a kindred spirit of modern-day cabaret and loved his angle on lounge.” With that, the seed cracked and out popped Johnny Showcase, who’s been belting it out

make any sort of music I want.” But the subsequent big creative breakthrough came with great deal of physical pain. Last autumn, Sweeny was speeding along on his bike near his house in South Philly when someone opened a car door in his path. He went down, hard, and fractured his elbow. Arm in a sling, Sweeny was unable to work. So he spent the whole jobless winter writing songs and recording demos by himself, laying down the instrumentation and doing scratch takes of vocals. At first, the songs were for a fictional meta side-project for Rumi Kitchen and Johnny called The Mystic Ticket. But the songs kept coming. “Whether they’re funny or not, [they’re] songs that are infectiously joyful and silly and sexy,” he says. “I guess I’ve written about 25 or 30 songs.” Next, a twist of fate lead to the biggest break in Sweeny and Johnny’s career to date. Thanks in part to a Kickstarter fundraising campaign and studio engineer Rachel Russell, another artistic connection forged in the old days at World Café Live, Sweeny had a chance to send his demos to producer Henry Hirsch. Hirsch produced Madonna’s “Justify My Love” (“one of the great compositions of the late 20th Century,” gushes Johnny), Lenny Kravitz’s catalogue and Mick Jagger. He loved the Johnny Showcase tunes. So now Sweeny and the band are heading to Hudson, New York next month to spend 10 days recording a full-length recond in Hirsch’s new studio. “It’s like a dream come true to be able to do it and to have somebody who wants to fully realize making a great record and bringing the best sounds out of my team,” says Sweeny. “When I was young I really admired showmen,” he says excitedly. “I really admired Andy Kaufman because of the scope of what he did … and I also admired Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Prince, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and James Brown… So I sort of took the best of those worlds and mixed them together.” No matter what unexpected twists of fate come next for Sweeny the actor and Johnny the singer, you can bet it's going to shoot from the heart. "My heart opens and a song comes out," says Johnny between pops of the camera's light. "Because if you can't sing from your heart, don't even open your mouth." n

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

David Sweeny didn’t really come into his own as an artist until he decided to become someone else. Clad in a hot pink suit, giant metal owl medallion and rocking his signature sunglasses—it’s the shades that complete the transformation—Sweeny looks and acts every inch the star. Mexican kids from the neighborhood stop and stare as he struts around 9th Street in South Philly, posing for photograph after photograph, a born ham. As flashes pop, he comes alive in the light: twirling a flower in his teeth, leaping up onto his toes, vamping with all the subtlety of a Vegas showgirl having a Black Swan moment. Inspired, he pulls out a guitar, plops down onto the stoop and strums a tune. “We got to be sensual, but not sexual, because I’m ma-a-a-rried,” he croons into the evening air, entertaining the kids drinking beer outside across the street in front of Teri’s bar. “Oh, it’s Johnny!” yells a voice. It’s Connie, owner of nearby venue of Connie’s Ric Rac, a stage that’s been mopped of its fair share of Sweeny’s sweat. She smiles and they hug. Right now, the man in pink is not David Sweeny, Philadelphia theater artist who is currently acting in Lantern Theater Company’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or the 30-year-old married South Philly guy who earns extra cash acting as a patient. No. When the shades are on, lip curled back and hair looking like it was combed with a pork chop, David Sweeny is Johnny

across Philadelphia stages in bright pink and peach leisure suits with his little dog Dottie ever since. Sorkin recalls that Johnny snapped into focus quickly. “[Sweeny] went from concepting [the character], to trying it out to having a fully formed show within about 12 months,” says Sorkin. Though Sweeny’s Johnny character reminds of Andy Kaufman’s Tony Clifton, Johnny is sort of the anti-Clifton. Kaufman’s aggressive, lazy lounge lizard is Sweeny’s hard-working, joyful, earnest showman. Clifton spit venom into his audience’s face; Showcase is all silk, satin and salty sweat of a man overwhelmed and intoxicated by his emotions. And audiences love it. At a recent sold-out two-night run of Johnny Showcase and the Lefty Lucy Cabaret, Johnny, stripped down to his wife-beater undershirt and coated in sweat, had audience members literally jumping up and down as the colorful cast of regular characters brought the house down. Johnny is but one star in an ever-expanding galaxy held together with ongoing soap opera plot lines and a cast of re-occurring characters such as love interest Vickie Fastlane (played by Jessica Edwards) and best friend and spiritual advisor Rumi Kitchen (played by Michael Baker of the Spinning Leaves). Shows sometimes include a cameo from Philadelphia theater queen Martha Graham Cracker, the alter ego of Dito van Reigersberg, co-founder of Pig Iron Theatre Company. Sweeny writes skeleton set-ups and lets the cast improvise from there. But the musical numbers, that’s a different story. At first, Johnny reveled in performing schmaltzy numbers like Lionel Richie’s “Hello.” Then in 2009, Sweeny and producer Adrienne Mackey (also a member of The Truth, Johnny’s back-up singers), staged a full show homage to Prince with Johnny’s Philly Fringe debut Purr, Pull, Reign: A Litigigus Fantasy in D, the title a tongue-incheek reference to the Purple One’s iron fist on copyrights. As writing original songs for Johnny became the next obvious step, glittery wheels turned and sparked in Sweeny’s head. “I realized I could write music like the music I grew up on,” he says with a smile. “If David Sweeny got up and started singing the type of songs I want to make, people would be like, ‘Why is he trying to sound like Sly Stone or Prince?' [But] if I could channel it through a character who can do whatever he wants then I can, as an artist,

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Johnny Be Good

The cookies here are like contraband. “People like to keep their purchases to themselves so they don’t have to share,” says Melissa Torre, the owner and baker of Cookie Confidential on South Street. The store began as a website-only bakery in 2006, selling crazy cookie flavors like chipotle-chocolate chip, bacon peanut butter and cheesesteak through the mail and at local markets and events. In November 2010, Torre opened a storefront on South Street (near her other job at Tattooed Moms), where she spends six days a week baking up all her crazy concoctions along with the traditional faves. The store also carries local products like Torre’s line of Undercover Cupcakes (with flavors like Maple Bacon Buttermilk and Coconut Key Lime) that come in reusable jelly jars the buyer can later return for a free cookie, and Black Market Brittle (Bacon Peanut, Chili Bacon Peanut, Coconut Pecan). This season, look for new cookie flavors like Sriracha Mango, Maple Bacon Oatmeal and the upcoming Walt Wit cookie made with Philly Brewing Co’s White Ale. These aren’t just cookies, Torre says. “It’s a delicious, gourmet, high-quality, unique experience.” (Brenda Hillegas) Cookie Confidential, 517 S. Fifth St.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Philadelphia is a city of immigrants, and no neighborhood knows better than South Philadelphia. Starting with the Irish and Italians, today’s South Philly is a blend of cultures from all corners of the globe. The Mural Arts Program, endowed with a grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, will explore how immigrants shaped South Philly’s history through its collaborative public art project Journeys South. The project marks a step for the Mural Arts Program toward exploring different disciplines. There’s no mural this time. Instead, the program had an open call for proposals from artists of any persuasion to explore South Philly history and culture. Michelle Angela Ortiz, Tony Rocco, Frank Sherlock and others collaborated with neighborhood organizations to conduct research and create works that will be displayed in public spaces around South Philly. Maps will direct people to each installation location. Using video, painting, choreography, printmaking and poetry, each project illustrates the struggles and triumphs of the people who make South Philly home. Every story needs a hero, and for Frank Sherlock, South Philly gets seven. For his part in the project, the poet worked with the Pennsylvania Historical Society, residents and a folklorist to choose seven historical figures from different ethnic groups who had an impact on the neighborhood. He wrote their stories as ballads—the rhythmic, refraining poems that people used to tell stories back when the only way to get news was talking. He chose ballads because “each of these communities is a place where poetry had a very public history in their cultures,” Sherlock says. Along the lines of using old ways to spread news, the ballads will be printed on broadsides, the news sheets that predated modern newspapers. They will be distributed throughout South Philly in boxes. Avantgarde printmaker Erik Ruin will design each figure’s box and illustrate the broadsides. The project is about the sense of community in South Philly despite a clash of cultures. Sherlock wants to express universality through individual stories. “In a ballad of a Vietnamese woman, there are threads where an Irish-American can recognize his story,” he says. “South Philly has a segregated reputation,” says Sherlock. “What I find is a lot more street-level cultural appreciation among communities than what you’d think or what you hear.” (Ada Kulesza)

Frank Sherlock's Community of Cultures

Journeys South, Through June 11.


continued on page 17

Hack Attack

Hangin' with the techies of Hive76.

By Michael Alan Goldberg As a kid growing up on a farm in upstate New York, Far McKon learned the value of tearing things apart in order to make them work, sometimes in novel ways. “I didn’t usually get the newest thing,” he says. “Like, I’d get a busted Nintendo a few years after it came out and I would have to figure out how to fix it with whatever means I had. If I couldn’t, it was still a piece of junk. And if I could, then I had a new toy to play with.” Now a 31-year-old Philadelphia-based software engineer, McKon brings the same mindset to Hive76—the hackerspace collective he founded in 2009 to provide a physical location for tech-geeks, budding inventors and entrepreneurs, scientists and artists to gather and make their creative visions come to life. Hive76 is part of an enormous wave of hackerspaces that have sprouted up across the country over the past few years, harkening back to the storied network of unassuming DIY spaces in basements and garages in California’s Silicon Valley that flourished in the early ’70s. (Such as the Homebrew Computer Club, of which Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were charter members.) And despite the shadowy, malevolent-sounding nomenclature, McKon says hackerspaces like Hive76 are anything but. “The original ‘hacker’ term came out of engineering culture, and it was basically finding a weird way to use something, finding a quick solution that nobody had thought of before, doing a cool workaround to solve a problem that everyone thought was impossible,” he says. “And then somewhere along the line it became a term for computer criminals. So we’re trying to push it back to the old-school meaning.” A recent visit to the weekly Wednesday night open house at Hive76 headquarters—on the fifth floor of the 915 Studio Building on Spring Garden Street—reveals an appealingly cluttered loft space that’s a cross between a laboratory, a workshop, the back room of a computer store, a hoarder’s paradise and a punk-rock house. A restored Spy Hunter arcade game stands just inside the door. Skittery electronic music emanates from one corner. Boxes, containers and electronic parts, bits and pieces are stacked nearly to the ceiling. Tables and shelves are packed with the familiar (drill presses, jigsaws, oscilloscopes, laser engravers, hammers, spools of wire, soldering guns) and the peculiar, such as MakerBot 3-D printers—automated devices capable of making plastic objects designed on a computer—and curious chunks of metal, wires and circuit boards in various stages of completion. Besides McKon, about a dozen of Hive76’s members— each of whom pay monthly dues to keep the space afloat and stocked with equipment—mill around working on projects and greeting visitors, some of whom they hope to entice to become members. At the end of one table sits Jack Zylkin, who last year came up with a way to modify old manual typewriters to turn them into especially cool computer keyboards. Macworld raved, and he’s since turned his handmade, trademarked USB Typewriter into a full-time business. Meanwhile, 28-year-old Hive76 events coordinator Sean McBeth, who’s developing a multiplayer Tetris-style computer game, shows off some other gadgets made by Hive76’ers, including homemade guitar pedals, mini-robots and “boomcases”—old leather suitcases and

attaché cases rigged with speakers that you can plug your iPod into. McKon laughs about member Chris Thompson’s Meatcards—edible business cards made by etching information on beef jerky with a laser. Group members have more serious aims, too. “It’s been this whole movement of DIY hackers that has been pushing for really cheap, high-quality, scientific-level stuff,” McBeth says. “One of my long-term projects is to find cheap ways to build parabolic reflectors to be able to make into water desalinations [salt removal] systems. I’ve got an idea of how that can be done for a few dollars, where right now it costs thousands of dollars.” McKon says that community outreach and education is also one of Hive76’s primary goals. They’ve used the space for basic tech classes like “Making Things Blink and Buzz,” and taught Kensington kids how to build blinking odometers for their bikes. They even built a human-sized game of Operation, complete with 3-foot tweezers, for the Franklin Institute (it’ll also be available to play at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts’ “Grossed Out” exhibit on March 31). “As an organization, we’re good at providing tools, equipment and resources to people who already know what they want to do,” McKon says. “But the people that come in with that deer-in-the-headlights look, we’re trying to do more to teach them a few little things to get them rolling and learning at their own pace.” It’s all a matter of taking technology into your own hands and not waiting for someone else to give you (or sell you) something, McKon adds. “I’d like to see people think, ‘Hey, this isn’t a mystery—it’s just some stuff, I’m not a genius but I’m halfway smart, and if I spend an hour reading about it, I can do it.’ You don’t need a university education. You just have to have a cool idea and really want to make it happen.” n Open house Wednesdays. 8pm. Hive76, 915 Spring Garden St., #519.

Far McKon

Michael alan goldberg

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mith with danny newport fri, jan. 14 | 10pm | all ages

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ock cafe, dcs & gashouse presents

better half with soraia


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



Dorian’s Parlor is the premiere party for Philly’s friendly freaks and geeks. By Tara Murtha HugH Casey

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Neo-Victorian Secret

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011 • 16

It’s a recent Saturday night at the ballroom of the DoubleTree Hotel on Broad Street, and models with lean limbs and messily chic French braids gracefully glide across the stage in gowns of cream satin and lace. Beautiful, yes, but not as interesting as the fashion of the spectators applauding the display. Women cinch their waists into leather cat suits and corsets over white poet blouses and sculpt their hair into theatrical vintage styles, topped off by feather-covered antlers or tiny hats. Men wear fine-tailored charcoal suits and top hats. A few don monocles. Brassy clocks and cogs—the jagged mechanical wheels that make them tick—are everywhere; on lapel pins, around necks, in hairdos. They serve as a constant reminder that the theme of the party is theatri-

cal anachronism. We’re at Dorian’s Parlor, Philadelphia’s monthly party for the steam-punk set and the many subgenres of friendly freaks and geeks—Goth, Ren Faire, gamers, fetish, theater kids—who fall under that one twirling parasol. Tonight, about 300 people will stream in and out of the ballroom. The inspiration is literary—alternate-history novel The Difference Engine by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson is often cited as the ultimate example of steam-punk—and the aesthetic is usually called “neo-Victorian” because of the marriage of Victorian and futuristic elements, like the gentleman walking around with a giant water bottle strapped to his back, a makeshift jet pack. A man named David approaches. He is dressed in a dark suit, bowler hat and black-rimmed glasses. “This is the world’s coolest cocktail party, no?” he asks. He’s been attending the monthly Parlor since its launch last June to socialize with like-minded strangers and to “see things he wouldn’t normally see” in his day-to-day life as a 40-something tax accountant. “You may not be into the whole fake blood and acrylic fangs thing, but I am very much into Victorian decadence,” he says. “I picture my alter ego as a diplomat from a small third-world country. Or maybe I’m some famous archeologist at the turn of the century.” Tonight is David’s first night wearing eyeliner. He hoists his glasses. “What do you think?” One table over, 22-year-old Rebecca Shilling watches the dance floor as a few people begin to sway to the sounds of DJ Dave Ghoul, also known as Dave Christman, of Grendel’s Den Design Studios. “I love how dapper everyone is,” says Shilling. “And the manners are amazing." She's in a brocade corset, fingerless gloves and aviator pants she made herself. It’s true. Partygoers are about a hundred times more polite than the green-shirted St. Patrick’s Day revelers puking on the Broad Street sidewalk a couple stories below. Shilling’s friend, 22-year-old Caitlin Reynolds, is a self-declared Ren Faire and Comic-Con geek, “second-gen gamer,” and member of a group that stages public lightsaber shows. Reynolds is unlike most party attendees in that this isn’t her once-a-month opportunity to toy with her identity—she’s in costume any time she damn well pleases. "I gave up at science-fiction conventionas so this is kind of my crowd," she says. She recalls a recent run-in with a bachelorette party. “They were all in little mini-dresses and no jackets and 5-inch heels and I was sitting there on the bench with my little top hat and Victorian sleeves and they were all walking around me and laughing,” she laughs. “I get a kick out of it.” In general, women have an easier time of costuming than men. “Unfortunately, [bullying] wasn’t left behind in middle school,” says 26-year-old Gil Cnaan, avid steam-punk enthusiast and founder of Dorian’s Parlor. At 6 feet tall with a burly beard, Cnaan doesn’t normally catch flack. But he’s concerned for his friends. Safety in numbers is part of the reason he chose to stage the party downtown. “I’ve always been one of the weird kids since elementary

school,” he says. “That’s fine, I have a grand time being that. But not all of my friends do.” A native Israeli who has lived in the Philadelphia area since about 1990, Cnaan didn’t blend in with the preppy kids at Harriton High School in the suburb of Lower Merion township. “[In] my pictures from high school, you can see me in a Victorian shirt and a top hat,” Cnaan says. “At the time I said I was a Goth, not realizing there was this entire other realm I was not familiar with.” While working for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair, he discovered that steam-punk was a more accurate description of his style. Around the same time, he was struck with a virus that attacked his heart so badly he needed a transplant. Two days before his 21st birthday, he entered the hospital, where he spent the next three months awaiting a new heart and a new start. Once he recovered, Cnaan had a better sense of how he wanted to spend his life after he got out of the hospital. “One of the things that I and my family noticed while I was waiting for the heart was who visited, and who didn’t; who wrote letters and sent email, and who didn’t,” he recalls. “[The experience] made me truly realize how important these social communities are.” “I realized OK, I need to spend more time with these communities where people help each other,” he says. “What’s important to me is not just doing events from when I load in and when I load out but create a community around the event of people that really care about each other,” he says. He smiles. “We’ve had a lot of good friendships and even some romantic relationships come out of it.” Romance, perhaps—but not cheap thrills, like at some other parties. Gina is one of many partygoers who says that for her, the friendly vibe of Dorian’s Parlor is just as important as the opportunity to play dress up. “[Dorian’s Parlor] doesn’t come with quite the meatmarket atmosphere you might find at places on Delaware Ave. or Rittenhouse Square,” she says. “It doesn’t have the air of exclusivity or the air of pretension.” As the party is in full throttle, a young woman who goes by the name Grave and her friend, Angelina, take a rest in the hallway. Grave, with bright red bangs trimmed into a sharp point, is a costume designer specializing in video-game character costumes. Angelina is a Ren Faire baby with a penchant for dressing and speaking Victorian. She’s sporting serious red-and-black heeled boots that stops a guy in a top hat walking to the bathroom in his wellheeled tracks. “Ooh, where did you get those?” he asks. Angelina cocks her head coquettishly. “My lovah gave them to me,” she says, slowly lifting the hem of her dress, clearly relishing the compliment. “Where did he get them?” She smiles and cocks her eyebrow. “I believe … he purchased them on the Internet.” n

Sat., April 16. Doubletree Hotel. 237 S. Broad St.

Preparing to celebrate its one-year anniversary and grand re-opening this Friday, Old City's Gallery ML, located in Olde City, has been shattering convention and defying expectations since it first opened in April 2010. Dedicated to the idea of bringing body art, the world’s oldest art form, into the mainstream, its founders and owners, photographers Tom Lovelund and Noah Musher, weren’t content to merely be one of the world’s only two galleries dedicated to body art, an accomplishment in and of itself. Gallery ML is the world’s first and only collective body art gallery, showcasing the work of body painters from around the globe. To further bolster this, they’ve launched a revolutionary artist membership program that has created the opportunity for artists whose work might never been seen by the general public a chance for showcase. Along with Tom and Noah, who originally purchased the space as a photography studio, the gallery is also run and staffed by Lawren Alice, gallery director/resident body artist—who took first place at the 2010 Face & Body Art International Convention—and videographer Phil Tartaglione. The only thing more impressive than the passion, energy, creativity, vision and youth (all the staff members are in their 20s) of the team behind Gallery ML is the art they’ve dedicated themselves to creating and showcasing. Rather than the oversexed and gaudy examples that tend to jump to mind when thinking of body art, the pieces featured in the gallery are true works of art, some of which most observers wouldn’t even know was painted on a body at first glance. The pieces are awe-inspiring, kinetic and truly indescribable. Gallery ML is a place you’ve got to see to believe, if not out of sheer curiosity, than to support Philadelphia’s most unique gallery. (Julian Galette) Gallery ML, 126 Market St. 215.717.7774.

The Heem Team's Dreams

Bodega Revives Old City

This new performance and exhibition space in Old City generated buzz well before it opened in July. Today, it’s the most exciting and experimental art venue in the city’s so-called arts district, a place where it’s now easier to get good coffee than it is to see art that’s pushing the envelope. The five Hampsire College grads who run the space—Elyse Derosia, Ariela Kuh, Lydia Okrent, James Pettengill and Eric Veit—saw a need for more experimental programming than they were seeing in their trips around town. So in true Philly fashion, they decided to do it themselves—find a space, sign a lease and get it in shape for exhibits. But, the 20-somethings insist, “We’re not a collective.” But they do collaborate. Because the Bodega-ites feel more kinship with what’s happening on Frankford Avenue than anywhere else in town, they recently teamed up with Extra Extra (where Veit will be performing 7 p.m. this Saturday) for a double-venue exhibit by Alex Da Corte. And on May 14, they are collaborating again for BYOB (beamer, i.e projector), a one-night invitational video, slide and light festival. That’s not to say Bodega doesn’t take pride in its own shows. In fact, Bodega will hold a fundraiser May 7 at the gallery to make some needed improvements to the space. The event will feature music by the Ducktails, food by the new truck Yumtown and an auction/ raffle of specially made art for the home. Old City art is back. (Roberta Fallon) Soft Smoke Rises in Gay Rings Above the Roof: Heidi Norton, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Stephen Eichhorn & Ryan Fenchel: April 1-23, opening reception April 1, 6-10pm. Bodega, 253 N. 3rd St.

Mad for Brat's Madi Distefano

April 7-14

May 7

Cinefest Screening independent American, foreign, documentary and genre films. $9-$165. Various locations. 267.765.9800.

Philadelphia Wine Festival Wine snobs and aspiring oenophiles can test their palates with samples from 200 wineries from around the world. 6:30pm, $125-$225. Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market St. 215.940.4605.

April 9 Go West Craft Fest Browse the latest Philadelphia’s artists have to offer, listen to live music by Jay Sand, and sip wine at a post-fest exhibition of illustrator Pragya Kothari's work. Noon, free. Cedar Park, 50th St. and Baltimore Ave.

May 8 Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae She’s got amazing dance moves and he co-wrote Cee-lo’s “Fuck You.” What more do you want? 7pm, $45. Susquehanna Bank Center, 1 Harbor Blvd., Camden, N.J. 856.365.1300.

April 15-28

May 13

Philadelphia Science Festival Daily events in neighborhoods all over Philadelphia catering to all tastes and curiosities, ages and inclinations. Various locations.

Doug Stanhope He’s a caustic, fire-breathing comic who has established himself as one of the finest ever. Not to be missed. 9pm, $24. The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888

April 20 Mogwai These Scots crank it to 11 and will make your ears beg for mercy. 8pm, $20. Starlight Ballroom, 460 N. Ninth St. 215.821.7575. April 23 Fishtown Shadfest Featuring food, crafts and live music (Black Landlord, Spinto Band, West Philadelphia Orchestra, Springs), and absent eponymous fish. Free. Penn Treaty Park, Delaware and Beach sts. April 25-May 1 Equality Forum Seven-day celebration of international gay culture. Various locations.

May 14-15 Art Star Craft Bazaar Local and national artists will sell their unique handmade wares to the tunes of live music on the waterfront. 11am, free. Penn’s Landing Great Plaza. May 21 Greater Northeast Philadelphia Beer Festival Sample the finest and latest craft offerings from local and national breweries at this outdoor beer extravaganza. 1pm, $10-$30. Cannstatter Volkfest Verein, 9130 Academy Rd. May 22

The Punk Rock Flea Market Spring Fever Edition Punk-rock flea markets, April 30 obviously, are the coolest flea Flavors of the Avenue markets: There’s no telling More than 20 of Philly’s favorite what gems you can find, and restaurants offer signature the proceeds go to making samplings. Browse the free sure First Unitarian Church street festival with a craft fair can keep putting on rocking and live music. Noon, $25-$50. all-ages shows. 10am, $3. The E. Passyunk Ave.. 215.336.1455 Punk Rock Flea Market-Dome, 461 N. Ninth St. 215.821.7575. April 30 June 4 PIFA Street Fair Philly Beer Week: Great Beer Broad Street will transform Expo into a phantasmagorical More than 50 breweries with Parisian carnival for PIFA’s samples of over 100 types of street fair, featuring a Ferris wheel, street performers, food craft, so, well, you know the drill, Philadelphia. and booze. 11am, free. Broad Street from Chestnut to Lombard Noon, 5pm. $10-$60. Philadelphia Cruise Terminal at the Navy Yard, sts. 5100 S. Broad St. May 1 June 12 LGBT Pride Parade Celebrate love in the sunshine with Philly Pride’s annual pride parade, and what promises to be a colorful, raucous good time. Noon, free. Gayborhood. 215.875.9288.


Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival Walnut closes down for a fashion and food showcase. It’ll be all about seeing and being seen at this sophisto’s street fair. Noon, free. Walnut St. between Broad and 19th.

Madi Distefano, the artist perhaps most responsible for putting the fringe in Philly theater, is back with Brat Productions, the company she founded in 1996 and led for 10 years. As Brat’s interim co-artistic directors, Distefano and local actor/director/writer Lee Ann Etzold have raised more than $11,000 in 10 days, and the pair is finalizing the cast for Last Call (a collection of free readings of Irish plays at Fergie’s Pub), which Brat will stage later this spring. In her previous tenure at Brat, Distefano’s mission was to make theater affordable (compared with other companies, Brat’s tickets are dirt cheap) and to give it a punk-rock sensibility. The formula—which included staging shows in alternative spaces such as local bars—worked brilliantly, resulting in a host of electrifying productions including the legendary Philadelphia Fringe Festival hit A 24-Hour Bald Soprano and the enormously rowdy rock-a-billy extravaganza Eye-95. With any luck, audiences may soon see more of this local alternative theater pioneer. Distefano says she’s developed a new two-actor/multiple-characters play about Atlantic City titled Meanwhile that Brat may stage in the fall. As for the chances of her returning to Brat on a permanent basis, Distefano says that decision is up to the company’s board. “I feel strongly about keeping the company going because it has always been a place where young theater-makers get to take genuine risks and create new things and I want to give them the opportunity and support to make theater.” (J. Cooper Robb) Bratwurst: A Party for Brat. Friday, April 1. 8pm. $10. Underground Arts at the Wolf Building. 1200 Callowhill St. 267.601.2231.

Get Sprung

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

“Heem means greatness and greatness is Heavyweight. Be Heem. Be Heavyweight.” Upon hearing these words from Jesse, CEO of Heavyweight Entertainment, you may ask yourself, “Fuck is Heem?” Well, you know already if your blunt, paper or pipe contains Blue Dream, Grand Daddy Purp, Blackberry, Bleu Cheese or the like. If you’re rocking the most exclusive threads and your tunes are that topnotch sonic fire, you’re working with some Heem. If you’ve got a quality, upstanding woman in your corner, you’ve got yourself a Heem Queen. All in all, it’s any and everything desirable on this planet from the killer chronic to getting that much deserved promotion. “The great thing about ‘Heem’ is that it’s a noun, adjective and verb to describe all things good,” says Philly-born Heem Team member Shepard Heff. “Forward progression and positive energy.” This revolution is being spun into motion by a national collective of musicians, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and scholars centered in North Philly known as The Heem Team. After meeting at Howard University in Wahington, D.C., they started the grind by dropping music, performing and designing apparel. “Man, it’s all about teamwork. The Heem Team is making moves all over the nation; music, entertainment, sports, clothing. We’re the next conglomerate,” says artist/producer M. Rex. The Heem Team headquarters is a West Oak Lane studio called The Womb, the place where all of the Heem Team’s endeavors are spawned. As soon as you hit the door, Heem greets you in the form of herbal aromas

and booming rhythms laced with hot rhymes by flame spitters like Philly’s own Drew Poz, Lucky Seven from Buffalo, Dallas-native Jesse, Chicago’s M. Rex or Jay-Z’s Baltimore protege, D. King. These emcees represent different labels (Howhood University, Heavyweight Entertainment, Outtatown Entertainment and The 730 Commission) that have coalesced into one entity. As you venture further, through the fog you’ll see the Heem in action—be it DJ Get ’Em Kid and Matt Cody mixing tracks, the most recent designs for their budding clothing line, Proper Living, affiliates Squizzy and Heff working on the latest content for their blogsite, or Steph Lo-G politicking on the phone with cohorts in California. Now that it’s clearer what Heem is, get ready for the movement. In the words of the afore mentioned Lucky Seven, “You can be Heem, too. You just need to live life like everything’s Heem.” (Ryan Smith) Heem team,

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Bodacious Bods at Gallery ML

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011 Ardmore • Aston • Clifton Heights • Fishtown, Park West • Red Lion Rd. • Rising Sun South Philadelphia • Trevose

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Council candidates spring into action. By Aaron Kase

It’s spring cleaning, which means it’s time to air out mothball-packed closets and run a dust cloth over a winter’s worth of assorted crud. Individual households have it easy, but in City Hall’s case, the debris has been accumulating for decades. This year, the biggest news coming out of City Council is that a bunch of members are actually retiring instead of doddering around City Hall until they die or recede into the depths of senility. Council will have a minimum of five new members when it starts up in 2012. That should shake things up and clean shit out. Not all 71 candidates—battling for just 17 seats—are likely to make the primary; some will surely bow out over petition challenges and poor ballot positions. Still, the prospect of having new blood in City Hall is refreshing. Here are a few candidates to watch out for.

The DanDy

Bernard Scally, Independent, At-Large

AAron KAse

“It’s the first time in my memory that so many members of Council are retiring,” Scally says. “I thought, why not?” Scally is hard to forget. The 29-year-old Independent favors a gentlemanly look, seen in public with a tweed suit covering his ample frame, with bow-tie and bowler hat to complement. “I’ve always liked being dressed up,” Scally says. “Being well-dressed gives you an overall boost in confidence.” His most distinct feature is his trademark blond mustache, curled and waxed. “I met a guy at the Mummer’s parade who said everyone wants to touch my mustache,” he recalls. “Little kids stop and stare.” It’s that kind of attention he hopes to ride all the way to the fourth floor of City Hall. Scally credits his five years as a reporter and editor at the Roxborough Review newspaper for providing him the people skills he needs to keep attuned to the pulse of the city. “One of the greatest things about being a journalist is meeting all kinds of people and being able to connect anywhere,” he says. But, “as a reporter, you can only do so much,” he continues. “In Council, I’d be more in a position to help people with their needs.” If elected, he wants to focus on small-business growth in Philadelphia, and bemoans the lack of a skilled work force. “Let’s face it, we need a better system of education,” he says, suggesting more vocational schools and unions partnering with students to prepare them for careers. Scally keeps a level view about his candidacy. “Even if I don’t win, if I come out as a Philadelphia style icon, it’s not a bad thing.”

Cindy Bass, Democrat, 8th District For Bass, a run for City Council is a “progression of years of service” after working for Reps. Chaka Fattah and Allyson Schwartz for more than a decade. Bass ran and came in second to incumbent Donna Reed Miller in 2007 for the 8th Council District in the Northwest. With Miller retiring this year, the time looks ripe. But after 15 years with her, the unexpected vacancy means Bass has a lot of company: Nine others filed petitions to run. She’s not worried, since she’s spent the last four years getting her name out. “I never stopped running,” she said. “Having a baby was my only break,” she says of her 2 year old. With a warm smile betraying an open, friendly demeanor, Bass credits her youth in North Philly for inspiring her public service. “I was like, why is my community like this?” she says. The 43-year-old now lives in Mt. Airy but gets out all over the district, her campaign bringing her to seldom visited areas of the city. “Knocking on doors makes a difference,” she says. “People told me I’m the first person who’s been here since Rizzo.” Searching for solutions to the city’s public school debacle, Bass proposes forging stronger partnerships between parents, teachers and administrators, and searching for grants to bring cash to a district the state has turned its back on. She also suggests working with 10th-grade students to create a life road map to keep them goal-focused. “What’s your plan for the future?” she says. “We will have to do things in a nontraditional way.”

The acTivisT

Sherrie Cohen, Democrat, At-Large

Barbara Capozzi, Democrat, 2nd District

The resuMe

Malcolm Lazin, Republican, At-Large

By Daniel



Malcolm Lazin thinks attentive voters should already recognize his name. The former federal prosecutor, 67, is executive director of the gay-rights group Equality Forum. Recently, he has been one of Mayor Nutter’s loudest critics on school bullying. “We need a policy in place that protects all children,” Lazin says. “We’re not doing such a great job protecting ... straight kids, either.” Happy to give a history lesson on his civic engagement, Lazin hasn’t run for office since a losing effort for District Attorney against Ed Rendell in the ’70s, but ticks off a list of accomplishments in the meantime: The effort to get Washington Square included as part of Independence National Park? Lazin! Pier development on the Delaware in the ’80s? Lazin! Lighting up the Ben Franklin Bridge? Lazin again!

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

“I believe in the power of people organizing for control of communities and for the city,” Cohen says. “I’m an activist. I’m a fighter for the rights of all Philadelphians.” Cohen, 55, should be a familiar face from the battles to keep city schools and libraries open over the past few years. She also hopes to be the first openly gay member of Council, saying she can serve as a role model to LGBT youth. “They’re still at greater risk for suicide, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse,” she says. Among the issues she would fight for are to reinstate the celebration of LGBT history month in public schools, increase anti-bullying training and blocking the sale of the Boy Scout headquarters to the group because of their anti-gay policies. Her dad, longtime Councilman David Cohen (not to be confused with the Comcast executive/Rendell henchman of the same name), served on Council for 29 years until his death in 2005, earning a reputation for standing up for the little guy. Now, his daughter wants a chance to continue the legacy. “Since he’s been gone, there’s been no go-to person for human rights and human dignity,” she says. Sherrie Cohen worked in the trenches to gain her own cred, fighting since the ‘70s for the city’s gay-rights protection bill, which eventually passed in 1982. “We were literally kicked out of Council chambers and brutally kicked down four flights of stairs,” she remembers. “To get elected in City Council would show how far the civil-rights movement has come.” “I’m ready and able to bring my fighting spirit to City Hall.”

The Ball-Breaker

“I fought with everyone,” says Capozzi, laughing about her long history of raucous neighborhood involvement. “Comcast, the Eagles, the Phillies. Governors. Mayors. The managing director.” She recounts a tale of going head-to-head with longtime South Philly power broker and former State Sen. Vince Fumo in the late ’90s about where to build the city’s new sports stadiums. “He’d say, ‘You’re breaking my balls, Barbara,’” she chortles. Now, more than a decade after taking on Fumo and helping found the Sports Complex Special Services District to use donations from the teams for neighborhood improvements, Capozzi is one of seven candidates running for 2nd District Council seat—held currently by the retiring Anna Verna. Dressed almost provocatively, in an attention-grabbing red jacket over a zebrastriped shirt, the South Philly lifer explains why she thinks she deserves the job. “It’s an extension of everything I’ve done for the last 25 years,” she says. “I’d be

MoM on The run

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Fresh Crop

happy to go one on one with anyone on credentials.” Capozzi, 58, has been president of the Packer Park civic association since 1984, and the stadium district is just one entry on a long list of boards and volunteer organizations she’s been a part of. She does all this, she says, while fighting the powers that be for neighborhood rights. “There’s definitely a fear of a strong, independent woman,” she says. If elected, Capozzi wants to work on a simplified business tax structure, crime prevention and volunteerism, and says the fresh crop of members coming in has a chance to shake up a Council sometimes bogged down in its own inertia. “How come nothing gets better? PHA, the School District?” she fumes. “How much bullshit can you put up with?”

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Getting city finances under control marks the cornerstone of his campaign, which explains why the activist is willing to run as a Republican. “In terms of equality, it’s not a liberal or conservative issue,” Lazin explains. “I’m perilously concerned about the dangers facing the city. We’re underwater by $4.9 billion … headed dead on for a collision.”

From Outlaw to Enforcer

A welfare-rights radical wants the chance to be sheriff.

The Builder

By Randy LoBasso

“I’m tired of seeing Philadelphia challenged to the same problems over and over again,” Dillard says in his booming voice. “Part of the problem is we elect the same people.” The Mt. Airy resident, a 35-year-old contractor, is a prime challenger for Miller’s seat. Dressed up in a black suit with a pink tie and slicked-back dark hair, Dillard is counting on a confident campaign slogan: “We Got This.” “I want to be more exciting,” he explains. “Get people out on the block. Campaign like a traveling block party.” Dillard got into politics after a friend was killed in Iraq in 2004. “If I didn’t get involved, more people could actually die,” he says, and volunteered for the Howard Dean, John Kerry and Obama presidential campaigns. He’s been a Democratic committee person for two terms but sees a Council seat as an opportunity to be more effective. His most innovative idea is to restart the old 23 trolley on Germantown Avenue from Wayne Junction to the top of Chestnut Hill, better connecting residents and visitors to historical sites and shopping destinations. Also, his career as a contractor tells him the city needs a tax abatement for renovating shells and abandoned buildings, as well as a lienforgiveness program and micro-loan opportunities through Council to encourage development of long-neglected properties and neighborhoods. “When you’re a builder, it affects the way you see the world,” he says. “I walk up and down blocks and look at buildings, seeing how things go together and how they come apart.”

It's hard to imagine a 48-year-old woman who’s been arrested more than 200 times becoming Philadelphia’s new sheriff. Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer are just a few of the charges Cheri Honkala’s faced while promoting welfare rights. But that’s what Philly’s most infamous embodiment of grass-roots guerilla protestdom, plans to do. And while Honkala’s outlaw days may be through, her law enforcement years may be just beginning. “Building a large, multi-racial movement to end poverty … means we have to enter into the political arena,” Honkala says. “Because we’re pretty much going to have to wait until we’re dead if we want to see Democrats develop any kind of a backbone.” If elected, Honkala says she won’t close the corruptionridden office, as one of her Democratic opponents, John Kromer, plans to do. She says she’ll do one better: Work with City Council and the city’s poor to change the rules. After freezing foreclosures, Honkala plans on coming up with almost any idea imaginable to put an end to tossing families out of their homes. That includes: turning sheriff’s deputies into glorified social workers; setting up community service work, which would allow those at risk of foreclosure to work off their debt; giving control of abandoned buildings to community-developed land trusts; turning over confiscated homes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and creating employment for those at risk of losing their homes. “I think we can come up with anything other than what we do now,” she says. “It’s wrong to throw people out ... Period.” The whole thing is summed up nicely in her campaign slogan: “Keeping families in their homes.” The slogan is a personal one to Honkala, who spent her childhood without a home or a family. Born in Minneapolis, Minn., Honkala spent her youth in and out of juvenile detention facilities after her mother was deemed an unfit parent. She got pregnant at 16 and began living out of a car. She managed to earn a high school diploma and came to Philadelphia a few years later to raise her son, actor Mark Webber, dedicating her life to advocacy on behalf of the working poor and those on welfare. She’s led hundreds of protests and has gained a huge following of volunteers throughout the city, including recently released mob boss “Skinny” Joey Merlino during the mid-’90s, who offered to buy turkeys and help her hand them out to the homeless. When money for her poverty programs dried up over the years, she worked on and off as an exotic dancer, putting all her tips back into her nonprofit, the Kensington Welfare Rights Union. “I’ve had to work in the sex industry, actually, until very recently,” she says. But at least she had a cause. “The money she made from doing that wasn’t just money to build her organization, but a movement to end poverty,” says Tara Colon, a formerly homeless mother who’s volunteering on Honkala’s campaign. “She’s taught us that being poor isn’t something to be ashamed of … She’s done things that are looked upon as immoral, but she makes them moral choices by saying, ‘Everything around me is wrong. It’s wrong that children are hungry and it’s wrong that children are homeless.’” Honkala has been running the KWRU since 1991, mostly out of rowhouse offices in the Badlands, helping Kensington’s poor and homeless keep their possessions and, in extreme cases, illegally take over vacant properties. In 1997, she helped begin a second nonprofit, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, a national organization and direct response to Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform legislation, which she and others claimed hurt welfare recipients. She was profiled in

Jordan Dillard, Democrat, 8th District

The underdog

Tony Dphax King, Democrat, 3rd District

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

His name is Tony Dphax King. He’s a former pro-cyclist, Temple grad and author of the book Survival Guide for Single Men. Now, the man who gives his age only as “young and ambitious” wants to remove the powerful and entrenched Jannie Blackwell from her seat representing West and Southwest Philly. No easy task, since there’s been a Blackwell sitting in the 3rd District since 1974: Jannie since 1991 and her late husband, Lucien, before that. King also faces a second opponent with name recognition, Alicia Burbage, a former staffer for state Sen. Anthony Williams. No sweat, says King. He’s got a fool-proof way to get his name out there—if he wins the May 19 primary, he pledges to run up the Art Museum steps. One hundred times. “If [3rd District residents] vote for me, they will be rewarded with that feat,” he promises. “I’m a candidate that keeps his word.” “The Rocky thing is a Philly icon,” King says. “This is how I see my race. The nobody verses the somebody.” To further stand out, his campaign literature features a flier of him posing with a donkey, taken in Colombia due to Philadelphia’s donkey shortage. King’s issues: Kill the tax on business profits, immediately. “I don’t see why it’s necessary to wait,” he says. “Businesses are getting run out of the city.” Also: Shake up some police districts to curb aggravated assaults in West Philly. “I used Kensington as the standard for what’s bad,” he explains. “West Philly shouldn’t be comparable to Kensington.” Before he gets to work, he’s got the steps to tackle, a task he assumes the rest of City Council could never emulate. “It’s not easy,” he says. “Half of them will catch a heart attack trying to do this.” n

• 20


More candidate profiles on Video: Go behind the scenes with three city candidates


David Zucchino’s 1997 book The Myth of the Welfare Queen, publicizing her North Philadelphia activism, which included building tent cities and taking over vacant HUD buildings. Some of her arrests in the ’90s were actually arranged by Kromer, then-Director of Housing under former Mayor Ed Rendell. She staged several protests outside Kromer’s residences while he worked for the city. Rendell once referred to Honkala as “a pebble in my shoe.” “And that pebble’s still alive,” she says with a smile. Can she really win this thing? “I don’t like to see anyone kicked out of their home, either,” says a skeptical interim Sheriff Barbara Deeley on the potential Honkala candidacy. “But we have to follow court orders, and that’s what a sheriff’s sale is.” Deeley seems somewhat sympathetic when told of Honkala’s ideas, specifically for the enactment of a land bank, which would take over city land for individual community purposes. “There are many, many vacant properties in this city that could go to, maybe, people that don’t have homes and, maybe, go to work everyday…Maybe someone could come up with the idea that, as long as you show income, that you have a job, maybe the city could give these homes to people,” she says. Such an idea would have to be enacted by City Council, on which Honkala plans to lay down some pressure. “I plan to work particularly with Bill Green,” she says, “who says he wants to champion this legislation.” And her advocacy on the streets won’t stop, either. On the campaign trail, Honkala regularly tells her supporters to call their Councilmembers for such legislation. “There are 24 hours in a day,” she says. “We’ll use all of them to create our coalition [for this legislation.]” Regarding those who see her run as a protest or publicity stunt, Honkala says, “I’m in it to win it…One thing I have over my opponents is that I’m known on a lot of blocks in Philadelphia, and for concrete reasons. Helping people deal with their heat, their landlord, their foreclosure, helping them get access to medical [assistance]. You look at my opponents,” she says with a laugh, “that would probably not be the case.” With the moratorium on sheriff’s sales coming to an end in April, Honkala hopes to have embedded herself into the perfect storm for a street radical to take office. Hugh Giordano, a 26-year-old Philadelphia Green Party leader and union organizer, was the first to place that bet. After watching her speak at a Love Park demonstration in November, the former state Senate candidate approached her, hoping she’d agree to get on the ballot. Giordano recalls telling her: “You’re the type of person who stands for working people and poor people and you’re what the Green Party needs…I’m tired of rich people representing poor people.” Honkala had always refused such invitations in the past. So it came as a shock when it didn’t take much convincing. “She was all about it,” says Giordano. Recalls Honkala: “I’ve been involved in too many fights in my life where I thought I was separate from the machine and the corporate money, only to find out later on that I was being used as a pawn for the Democratic Party…[The Green Party] has a strict policy of no corporate money, which I liked.” Her campaign kicks into high gear on April 1, when she’ll open her office at 718 Market St. “I think I can be the sheriff who represents the poor people, rather than the corporations and the banks. To throw men, women and children out onto the streets in the richest country in the world—it should be illegal to do that,” she says. “Someday, that might not be such a radical idea.” n


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The Tenth Annual Reverend Dr.Higginbotham, Martin Luther A. Leon Jr. King, Jr. Lecture Lecture in Social JusticeMemorial – RE-SCHEDULED! featuring

in a conversation with

Camille Z. Charles “TheTim New From Slavery to Freedom” Wise Professor of Sociology & Education and Director of the

Anti-racist activist, writer, educator and lecturer

for Africana and the Enduring Center Legacy of Studies, University of Pennsylvania Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers John Hope Franklin

presented by His most recent book is “Colorblind: The and activists in the U.S. Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity.” Dr. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham He isHarvard also the University author of Between Barack and a Hard Place: Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama.

Celebrate 92 Years!

Camille Z. Charles the Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Dr. Evelyn BrooksisHigginbotham is the Victor S. Term

Professor in the Professor Social Sciences and Professor Education Thomas of History and ofofSociology Africanand and American Studies Harvard at theAfrican University of Pennsylvania. Sheatis the author University. of Won’t You Be My She is the first John Hope Franklin Professor of Neighbor: Race, Class and Residence in Los Angeles and co-author of The American Legal History at Duke University Law Source of the River: The Social of Freshmen at America’s Selective School and holds this Origins position for the 2010-2011 academic year. Professor Higginbotham’ s writings Colleges and Universities and of Taming the River: Negotiating the Academic, span diverse fields African American religious Financial, and Social Currents in Selective Colleges and hisUniversities. tory, women’s history, civil rights, constructions of racial and gender electoral politics, and the intersection of Wednesday, March 30, identity, Seating is General Admission • FREE and OPEN to the Public theory and history. She is the author of the award-winning Righteous 2011 at 5:30 p.m. ForMovement more information, contact the Center Africana Studies at Discontent: The Women’s in the Black Baptist Church:for1880-1920 (1993), editor-in-chief of The Harvard Guide 215-898-4965 or Irvine Auditorium Thursday, If you require reasonable accommodations, please provideand at leastco5 days notice. to African-American History (2001) 3401 Spruce Street11 Co-sponsored with Henry the University Pennsylvania Office November editor, with LouisofGates, Jr., of theof the President and The Annenberg School for Communication African American National Biography (2008), 5:30 pm among other works. Professor Higginbotham Silverman 240A, has thoroughly revised and re-written the University of Pennsylvania classic African American history survey From Law School Slavery to Freedom, and is co-author with the 3400 Chestnut Street late John Hope Franklin of this book’s ninth (use 34th Street entrance) edition (2010).

1300 Chestnut St.

215 925 9393

FREE and OPEN to the Public ~

For more information, contact the Center for Africana Studies at 215-898-4965 or


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Knitting Along the Viking Trail

We’re Celebrating our New Location with



Enrollment More about Vikings: Family Viking Day on Saturday, May 21, 1-4 pm Travel back in time for a day of Viking culture. Learn about Viking chess and the Runic alphabet. See a Viking longship and a Viking encampment. Register or get more information on our website.

American Swedish Historical Museum

Phone 215.389.1776 ▪ 1900 Pattison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145 ▪ Free parking Five blocks from the Broad Street subway, AT&T/Pattison Ave station

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

March 20 - July 3, 2011. Artist Elsebeth Lavold blends craftwork and ancient culture in this amazing exhibit inspired by Viking artifacts.


Expires: 3/31/11 *Some restrictions may apply. See club for details.

Winner of the PW Image Award: Best Gym in Philly!


(2nd & Spring Garden)

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Coming Soon!

2101 South St. Philadelphia, PA 19146

215.923.4114 215.545.4114

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

200 Spring Garden St.


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1010 E. Passyunk Ave., 19147

215-893-9133 • Tues – Sat: 10a -7p

Appointments Preferred / Walk-ins Welcome EXPIRES 4/6/11

EXPIRES 4/6/11

EXPIRES 4/6/11

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Saturday, April 2, 2011 to 12 p.m.

Rickson Gracie Jiu-jitsu Legend, 8th Degree Black Belt

Triangle Choke

Joe Diamond

2nd Degree Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu under Rickson Gracie Muay Thai Instructor Level 4 Certified by Sakasem Fairtex

also, Kids classes! Growing fast! Gracie Jiu-jitsu • Muay Thai Kickboxing • Mixed Martial Arts • Kids Karate and Jiu-jitsu • Kids Jiu-jitsu Saturday Classes for Children & Adults

first session free! Expires April 3, 2011

diamond’s mixed martial arts academy at 200 Spring Garden St. (2nd and Spring Garden St.) • Philadelphia (Northern Liberties) • 215-923-8700 Call Today!



University of Pennsylvania . Graduate School of Education Philadelphia . PA 19104 . (215)898-6415 .

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

We have e e r f the app for that! Spring Open House Event

Grad ? l o o Sch

10 a.m.

g a u r a n t e e d o n yo u r





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Let us help you live your best life.







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O N – SAT 8 ~M –6


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M





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reading terminal market’s

scrappleFest saturday, march 26 ~ 10am–4pm Celebrate all things Scrapple! ~ Scrapple Tastings ~ Scrapple Sculptures and Mascots Merchant Recipe Contest ~ Live Music PReSenTed by HabbeRSeTT

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Swimming lessons Chiropractic Care Tanning Children’s Pool Parties Personal Training And much more …

30 + classes per week including

Zumba Dance Fitness Yoga and Pilates Spinning Functional Fitness Boot Camp Boxing Classes Women and Weights Aqua Aerobic Classes

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W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Arts and Culture stage

The Arden’s Donuts is a treat.

Page 31


A Secretary’s labor of love.

Page 30


Q&A with J. Mascis.

Page 37


Page 40


Hollywood revisits Jane Eyre ... again.

Page 44 fashion

Roberto Capucci

Keep up with Philly’s trends at




Fashion’s definitive master of swirling colors and outrageous silhouettes displays his wearable art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Page 29

For more listings, visit

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Kyber Pass Pub’s bacon-grease popcorn is as good as advertised.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Dipset Reunion


oo often, a group gets big, starts bickering and falls out. This scenario is more than prevalent in rock, but hip-hop is no different. NWA, Wu-Tang, Death Row, RocA-Fella, The Fugees and G-Unit (to name a few) have all suffered from the Humpty Dumpty syndrome. Unfortunately, Harlem’s Diplomats were not immune. After slaughtering the mixtape circuit, releasing popular studio albums, making the color pink gangsta and starting the “No Homo” revolution, a series of mishaps brought what Dipset’s Jim Jones once labeled as “the most powerful movement in this muhfucka” to a halt, leaving their fans yearning for a comeback. The wait is over. Killa Cam, Jimmy Jones, Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey and rest of the crew have hit the road on the Dipset Reunion Tour and will be gracing Philly with some of the powerful music that they’re known for. The evening is guaranteed to be “crack.” ryan K. SMIth Thurs., March 24, 8pm. $32.50-$34. The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.




Tres Mts. In the early to mid-’00s, the ’90s quietly cross-pollinated. While many of these collaborations never saw the light of day, one of the best has just surfaced. Tres Mts.—a project of Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), dUg Pinnick (King’s X) and Richard Stuverud (Fastbacks)—mixes these guys’ bread-andbutter grunge with the heavy R&B that lies deep in the heart of each band’s sound. The resulting self-titled release sounds like an instant throwback, from the fat Southern blues of “My Baby” to the loud ’n’ lusty “She’s My New Song” to “God Told Me,” which could be straight off the Singles soundtrack. The three are touring a quick string of dates along with Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready on guitar, providing a rare opportunity to see a couple of rock titans in the relatively intimate confines of the TLA. Jeffrey Barg

8pm. $20. Theater of the the Living Arts, 334 South St. 215.922.1011.


Sommelier Smackdown Get your fine-wine drink on this week as the Wine School pits a local wine expert against one of the school’s own in a head-to-head food pairing match. Lucky contestants get to play Iron Chef as they sample each somm’s wine and food offering and offer their two cents on every bite before, ultimately, determining a winner. The two opponents are provided with a four-snack menu and must

go out and purchase wine to compliment each dish from a local retailer. This time around, Michael Wertzberger of Sampan will be thrown in the ring against one of the Wine School’s grape gourmands to create an original menu in under an hour. The battle is more than just a spectacle, however, attendees also get a crash course in wine and food pairing as the contestants talk you through every little decision they make. aBIgaIL BrULey 7:30pm. $61.99. The Wine School of Philadelphia, 2006 Fairmont Ave. 800.817.7351.




The infamous artist collective and activist group that performs high-profile pranks with a conscience is back in Philadelphia. Or at least one of them is, anyway: Mike Bonanno, one half of the infamous Yes Men, will be giving a lecture hosted by student group Produce Exhibitions at the Tyler School of Art. Bonanno and his partner in mischief, Andy Bichlbaum, work with a team of anonymous Yes Men and Women to reveal corporate greed and other acts of social injustice, typically by impersonating a high-profile representative of the company or organization under questioning. Most recently, they released a series of phony advertisements for Chevron Oil Company featuring incriminating slogans like “Oil companies should kill fewer people—we agree.” Produce Exhibitions is additionally celebrating the Yes Men’s history of calling bullshit on government organization and big businesses with two screenings of their 2009 documentary, The Yes Men Fix the World, at 6:30 on March 17 and March 28. The movie is great, but seeing the charismatic Bonanno talk in person is the event that really shouldn’t be missed. eMILy CraWfOrD 7pm. Free. Anderson Lecture Hall, 1114 Berks St. 215.777.9144.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


25 Moon Duo

Dipset Reunion

8pm. $10. With Lurker. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.




Philadelphia Liberty Dance Challenge

The Yes Men


parture from previous recordings: the drums remain relentless, but the bad-trip static is peeled to reveal a juicy surf-rock papaya. Note: Mazes comes with a bonus disc featuring remixes by several psych-mercenaries, including Philly’s Purling Hiss. eLLIOtt Sharp


Though motivated in geist, headcount and name by the legendary free-jazz pairing of late-Philadelphians Rashied Ali and John Coltrane, the music of San Francisco’s Moon Duo confirms their commitment to the post-Kraut/ psych-rock wars. Above pre-programmed autobahn-beats, guitarist Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and keyboardist Sanae Yamada interlace labyrinthine tapestries of blotter-drenched motorcycle blues. The titletrack from Mazes, their sophomore full-length due next week on Sacred Bones, is a slight de-

Dancing With the Stars? Pshaw—Philly’s got Dancing With the Gays! Well, it’s actually called the Philadelphia Liberty Dance Challenge, the Pennsylvania championships of same-sex dancing that’ll feature everyone from novices to seasoned pros gunning for the North American OutGames in Vancouver, Canada this summer. The sixth annual PLDC kicks off at 9 a.m. with eight hours of grading and competition in tango, waltz, swing, mambo, foxtrot, cha cha, merengue and other dances, plus exhibitions of the two-step, the hustle and more. And then the sequins and serious action come out at 7 p.m. for the grand ball and championship competition, where LGBT couples will be judged on their moves and panache on the dance floor. A winner shall be crowned, but really, everyone wins—audience, participants, and the Sapphire Fund, the Philly LGBT support organization for which part of the proceeds from today’s event will benefit. MIChaeL aLan gOLDBerg

9am-11pm. $15-$40. Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.


The Funeral Pyre With their blast beats, forbidding riffs and brutal, bloodcurdling howls, the Funeral Pyre sound like they should hail from some abandoned crypt in the darkest corner of Sweden, where they sit around sharpening battle axes, making necklaces out of human skulls, and sacrificing the blood of mortals to the Viking gods in exchange for a few killer tunes. However, this black metal quintet actually comes from sunny Southern California—they’re part of a dynamic and growing U.S. scene that’s giving their more famous Scandinavian counterparts a run for their spiked overcoats and furry boots. Actually, the Funeral Pyre dispenses with the silly outfits and all the other pomp; it’s simply the music that’ll eat your soul. MIChaeL aLan gOLDBerg

7:30pm. $10. With The Secret + Sadgiqacea. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St.

fa s h i o n

29 Roberto Capucci




27 Voices Of Domestic Violence: Music And Monologues


1:30pm and 6:30pm. $25. Painted Bride, 230 Vine St. 215.925.9914. voicesofdomesticviolence.


t h e at e r

28 Midsummer’s Magic


or their upcoming April release, Philadelphia’s Sonic Liberation Front hooked up with hard-hitting free-jazz drummer Sunny Murray. After hearing bootleg recordings of their first meeting with the former Cecil Taylor sideman from 2002’s Vision Festival (an annual NYC avant-jawn cocurated by bassist William Parker), they decided to reignite the fire in the studio six years later. Murray won’t be joining them tonight, but the 12-tet’s volatile improvising will surely confirm it’s their time now. With five Frontists creating a moving texture of Afro-Cuban-inspired percussion, the saxophones, trombones, and cornets will blow so enraged they’ll stir the ghost of Albert Ayler (another former Murray collaborator). E.S.

Tues., March 29, 8pm. $5. With Horrible Department + Love Club. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.

7pm. $8-$10. St. Stephen’s Theater, 10th & Ludlow sts.


Orrin Evans’ Captain Black Big Band Aside from being one of the most soughtafter pianists in jazz, Orrin Evans is a kind of community leader and informal ambassador for the Philadelphia scene. His current project is the Captain Black Big Band, an extended family with members of all races, sexes and age groups gathered together for a noble purpose: to swing like beasts. Since the group polished its sound and rapport in extended residencies at Chris’ Jazz Cafe, it’s only fitting they return to celebrate their eponymous debut album, hot off the presses, recorded live in Philly and New York. The tunes are mostly Evans’, and the tight, passionate arrangements, by altoist Todd Bashore, Baltimore bass clarinetist Todd Marcus and others, make the band sound like an advancing army. DAvID R. ADlER

Sonic Liberation Front


8pm. $10. Chris’ Jazz Cafe, 1421 Sansom St. 215.568.3131.

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!” exclaims

Through June 5. $12-16, Art Museum, 26th street and the Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

Sonic Liberation Front

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

An onstage sob, a series of hit singles and an SNL stint after assaulting Rihanna, Chris Brown is back to his pop-locking ways. Meanwhile, domestic violence, like C-Breezy, shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon: According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence-related fatalities in 2009 increased more than 22 percent from 2008. For Moshay LaRen, the midday host of 107.9 WRNB and founder of the Love Yourself Foundation, those stats hit close to home. “With me, it started with a lack of love for myself,” she says about her own experience with abuse. “The message of self love needs to be shouted out from the highest mountain we have.” This weekend, the mountaintop is the Painted Bride, as actress-humanitarian Sheryl Lee Ralph reads monologues culled from real letters by domestic abuse victims. Vivian Green, Aja of Kindred Family Soul and Carol Riddick also lend their vocals to battered women who too often suffer in silence.

that trickster mofo Puck in Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream—one of the most popular, and charming, of all the ol’ bard’s plays. The Lantern Theater Company is in the middle of a six-week run of this tale of young lovers cavorting in the woods amid much magic and merriment, and to keep you from being one of those fools, the Lantern’s presenting a three-part scholarly “audience enrichment” series called “Midsummer’s Magic: Commedia, Sex, and the Supernatural.” This evening’s installment focuses on the sex part, although it won’t be quite as bardcore as, say, the porn classic A Midsummer Night’s Cream. The University of Delaware’s Dr. Lois Potter, plus the Lantern actors who play Titania and Oberon, will talk about the play’s myriad relationships and themes of love and possession. Hopefully there’ll be a spirited discussion about Titania’s line “Methought I was enamoured of an ass.” M.A.G.

Fashion’s definitive master of swirling colors and outrageous silhouettes will soon have his collection of redonkulous couture creations on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Capucci opened his first salon in Rome at the tender age of 20, and quickly became fashion’s innovative wunderkind. He quickly rose through to the ranks of 1960s Italian fashion royalty, producing titillating couture confections with original materials that imbue his work with an alluringly tactile quality. Capucci’s use of vivid colors and origami-inspired shapes is astoundingly fresh and modern, and his impact on the fashion world is evident in the current collections of fashion powerhouses like Marchesa and Christian Dior. Like something out of the Willy Wonka design factory, Capucci’s creations are wearable art, and will be justly presented along with the designers drawings and sketches for the first time in the United States. Viewing Capucci’s work is like being punched in the face by fashion, in the absolute best way possible, and is not to be missed. ClAIRE NOBlE


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Mo’shay LaRen

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

A&E for Kids!

The French International School of Philadelphia The French International School of Philadelphia (EFIP), an independent day school, offers a bilingual curriculum in French and English from preschool through grade 8. It serves a multicultural community which values its diversity and its many facets. Fifty nationalities and all ethnic groups are represented in its student body which includes different family structures and socio-economic levels. EFIP is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the French Department of Education. Our students become fluent in both languages and competent in all academic subjects. They grow as creative individuals with problem-solving skills and gain an understanding and appreciation for other cultures. EFIP is part of a network of 450 schools with a French program established in all parts of the world. Our non-French speaking students develop their verbal skills in French as they engage in age appropriate activities. New students with no prior knowledge of French are admitted at the age of 3, 4 or 5. Childcare is available starting at 7:30am and until 6:00pm. Clubs, study hall and team sports are offered after school. Advertorial



Labor of Love World Famous Secretary makes sure the mail goes through. By Roberta Fallon

Summer Camp

at the Lower School of the


f Monday 11 July to Friday 29 July 2011

For boys and girls from 4 to 10 years-old. Songs, games, art, computer, sports, cooking... En français!

Letter-day saint: The World Famous Secretary (aka Jessica Gath) will compose, seal and mail your letter—free!

No prior knowledge of French needed. 150 North Highland Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 • Tel. (610) 667-1284 •

Get Psyched for...

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

June 13 - July 29, 2011

Boys & Girls • PreK - Grade 12

Register online at

The Agnes Irwin School

Ithan Avenue & Conestoga Road, Rosemont, PA 19010


Want to send a letter but don’t want to pay for it? Jessica Gath wants to help you out with that. In fact, she’ll even type it for you. Gath, otherwise known as the World Famous Secretary, will type a note, postcard or letter; address it; stamp it; and mail it— all at no cost to you, not even the stamp. Perched at her Royal Deluxe typewriter, the Boston artist explains why she insists on responding to everybody’s demands. (By the way, if you want the Secretary to type a letter for you, submit a request at her website, theworld “I work for the world,” says Gath, who performed at Fishtown’s Rebekah Templeton gallery a few weeks ago. Well, she really only works for the part of the world that wants to send sweet missives— no ransom notes, hate mail or term papers for this Secretary. Once, Gath says, someone asked her to type a fictitious eviction notice. “This isn’t in the spirit of my project,” she recalls. What is the spirit of her project? “If I can make someone smile, that makes me really happy. The more love I’m putting out in the world the better.” Gath says that at age 6 she was struck by the typing sounds and office atmosphere in the movie 9 to 5, and even used to play a game called “The World Famous Secretary” with an imaginary boss. When her mom found out the boss’ name was Mr. Hitler, she told Gath it was time to get a new one. At that point, Gath says, she stopped playing the game. Many years later, she actually became a secretary.

“I was an administrative assistant for Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation,” says Gath, who really hadn’t done any performing before this. She says she doesn’t even like to memorize lines. “It was my first job after college—for a nonprofit company I believed in. Then I realized I needed a more creative job.” Gath doesn’t dress in a Mad Men-era suit for her performances, although the props for her project—the typewriter, the wooden “in” and “out” boxes—are vintage. And like all good secretaries, she uses nothing but the best products—vellum paper (easy to erase mistakes and no messy correction fluid) and Liberty Bell Forever stamps. “I want people to get a beautiful object, but it’s not about the stamp,” she says. Gath, a 2006 graduate from the Massachusettes College of Art, works full-time making oil portraits at her studio, which is how she funds the Secretary project. One, she says, that would most likely continue even if she did need to raise money for stamps. After all, we could all use a little love. Gath’s Secretary represents a kinder, gentler side of performance art that focuses on serving the public. Two other recent local examples: Candida Pagan’s 2008 office performance at the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, which registered people to vote; and Beth Heinly’s 2010 psychic reader at Old City’s Bodega gallery, in which she read cards for a long line of people. Remember that letter you’ve been meaning to write? Now’s your chance. n

Chew on This

From the writer of the award-winning  film Strictly Ballroom, comes the psychological thriller  

The Arden’s Superior Donuts questions community values. By J. Cooper Robb

Dough boy: Arthur (Craig Spidle, right) hires Franco (James Ijames) in an attempt to save his shop.

For two hours, the Arden Theatre Company’s production of Superior Donuts is thoroughly involving if somewhat predictable theater. Set in an old Chicago neighborhood that’s in a state of transformation, doughnut shop owner Arthur (Craig Spidle) laments the arrival of a Starbucks that has depleted his business. He still receives visits from a few regulars, like the oddly matched police partners (winningly played by Brian Anthony

Superior Donuts Through April 3. $29-$48. Arden Theatre Company. F. Otto Haas Stage. 40 N. 2nd Street. 215.922.1122.



 OR CALL 215-574-3550 or 800-982-2787

Media SponSorS



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


Thomas and Jennifer Barnhart), the ambitious owner of the store next door, Max (David Mackay), and an aging alcoholic named Lady (the excellent Nancy Boykin), who stops by for a free doughnut while trying to decide whether to spend the day at an AA meeting or at her favorite bar. A draft dodger who evaded the Vietnam War by fleeing to Toronto, Arthur is a typical aging hippie who sports a Pink Floyd Tshirt, ponytail, full gray beard and who has a fondness for the occasional joint. Despite his casual, laidback appearance, Arthur is—thanks to Spidle’s savvy performance— capable of surprising passion, especially when recalling his childhood, which he does in a series of awkward soliloquies that are at odds with the play’s otherwise realistic tone. Despite the store’s lackluster business, Arthur decides to hire a young, enterprising African-American man named Franco (the rapidly improving local actor James Ijames). Filled with ideas on how

to improve Arthur’s business, Franco has big dreams. There is nothing he thinks he can’t do (including writing the Great American Novel). Ijames is such a likeable, charismatic actor that he makes Franco seem confident without being arrogant. Arthur and Franco seemingly have little in common, but Spidle’s and Ijames’ nuanced performances give the production its emotional center. As the one-time director of play development at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company (where Tony Award-winning Tracy Letts’ Donuts premiered), Edward Sobel is intimately familiar with the story. Under his careful direction, we become fully immersed in the characters’ lives. An example of the ensemble-driven theater that Steppenwolf is famous for, the production doesn’t have any flashy star performances. Instead, it relies on natural, often understated portrayals that emphasize the characters’ sense of community. There isn’t a weak link in the capable cast, with special recognition going to Wilson (who gives his best performance in years) and Jake Blouch (who was terrific earlier this season in Lantern Theater’s A Skull in Connemara) as Kevin, a particularly menacing tough guy who provides muscle for the neighborhood bookie, Luther (the dependable Pete Pryor). Letts raises a host of issues in the play: generational and racial differences, the effect an unresolved past can have on the present, and the loss of a neighborhood’s identity to the forces of gentrification. Donuts, though, doesn’t seem to be about any of that. At the play’s core is a characterdriven drama about the value of community, a subject that the Arden treasures perhaps more than any other local company. A major contribution to the show’s sense of community comes from scenic designer Kevin Depinet, whose spectacularly authentic set captures the feel of the well-worn neighborhood. Expanding his design beyond the confines of the old doughnut shop with its familiar counter stools, Depinet’s detailed design includes a rooftop fire escape, overhead power lines and large girders that support the elevated train tracks running above the store. His wonderfully atmospheric design is easily the most impressive set seen on a local stage this season. Unfortunately, Donuts comes undone in the last 15 minutes, ending on a note that can only be described as forced optimism. Letts is seemingly determined to take this path, but it’s an unnecessary end to an otherwise charming play. n

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M




-Associated Press

FREE and OPEN to the Public


OR CALL 215-574-3550 or 800-982-2787 215.985.0420

215-898-4965 or


If you require reasonable accommodations, please provide at least 5 days notice.


home of

For more information, contact the Center for Africana Studies at

Aginah Carter-Shabazz is the director and executive producer of the film Justice for Her.

If you require reasonable or accommodations, please provide at least 5 days notice. 215-898-4965

Austin is a leading authority on economic discrimination and minority legal feminism.


Professor Regina Austin is the William A. Schnader Professor

LET ME DOWN EASY conceived, written and performed

If you of require reasonable provide at least 5 days Law at theaccommodations, University please of Pennsylvania Lawnotice. School. Professor

Philadelphia Theatre Company presents Second Stage Theater’s production of



H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H HEst. HH Harry's Occult Shop, Inc. 1917 H H Our Aim - To Help Problems with H H Solution? Your Expenses?, Let us walk H Peers?, Studies?, H you thru a Loved Ones?, ritual of H Parents?, Grades? H white not H Concentration?, H black Magic Memory? For those believers in the psychic powers H H OF THE OCCULT Oils, Candles, Incense, Baths, Occult Books & Supplies, H Hypnotherapy & Reiki Treatments & Classes, Tarot Card Readers - PsychicsH H 1238 SOUTH ST., PHILA., PA 19147 •(215) 735-8262H 10% OFF YOUR PURCHASE WITH THIS AD SHOP H HNEW H -H HONLINE H HATHWWW.HARRYSOCCULTSHOPINC.COM HHHHHHHHHH

105 Grape Street Manayunk, PA 19127 215.930.0321

Kitchen Now Open 7-12 Wed. - Sat. Check Website for Daily Drink Specials




prolific theater artist-designer


thaddeus phillips [Creator of ¡El Conquistador!, Flamingo/Winnebago & Microworlds Parts I & II]

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011 • 32

Thurs – Sat from 10pm -12pm 4$ Flavored Jacquin’s Vodka


Broadway’s Funniest Thriller!

For more information, contact the Center for Africana Studies at the authorities and to become informants. 215-898-4965 For more information, contact theorCenter for Africana Studies at

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

alk 18 W H ” t C AR o No Play! Show M - D e This - Today ING T R STA o Se

WED., 3/23 - DOORS @ 7:30PM

SAT., 3/26 - DOORS @ 7:30PM





THURS., 3/24 - DOORS @ 7:30PM POOPAW

MON., 3/28 – DOORS @ 8PM









philadelphia, pa

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Club Body Center APRIL SPRING FEVER - Every Tuesday in April from 10AM to 6PM upon check in you will be given a 1 month membership (Don’t miss the opportunity to get 4months free) 1ST AND 3RD SUNDAY BBQ’S Join us from 11AM - 1PM MONDAY J-STRAP NIGHT Hang out with your Jock Strap out. After hanging out at Bike Stop come visit CBC and get a locker for FREE. Wrist band or Bar stamp needed to get in for free.


1220 Chancellor Street, Philadelphia, PA



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

WACKY WEDNESDAY’S Business Man’s Special ALL DAY (1/2 Price day)

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

art & stage Art Galleries

Bat Boy: The Musical

A half-human, half-vampire bat is tamed by the Parker family until all hell breaks loose. $23-$25. Villanova Theatre, 800 Lancaster Ave. 610.519.7454.

Rodger LaPelle Galleries

Philadelphia Art Alliance


Square Peg Artery

Various artists: ”The Traveling Book Show.” Thru March 31. 108 S. 20th St. 215.360.5548.


Various artists: "Woven Abstraction: The Beauty of African Tribal Textiles." Thru March 31. 51 N. Second St.

Muse Art Gallery

Bonnie Gross: "Out There." Thru March 27. 52 N. Second St. 215.627.5310.

Knapp Gallery

Mark Bullen: "Untitled." Thru March 27. 161 N. Third St.

Vox Populi Gallery

Christian Herr: "Keystone States." Leticia Bajuyo and Joshua Hamilton: "Wow and Flutter." Thru March 27. 319 N. 11th St. 215.238.1236.

Bambi Gallery

Sienna Freeman: "Broken Mirror." Gail Cunningham: "Blueprint Series: The City Recollected." Thru March 27. 1001 N. Second St.

Highwire Gallery

Tracy Lisk: "South of Yonder." Thru March 27. 2040 Frankford Ave. 215.426.2685.

Slingluff Gallery

Jai Tanju: "Heavy." Thru March 27. 11 W. Girard Ave.

Locks Gallery

Elizabeth Osborne: "New Work." Thru March 30. 600 Washington Square South. 215.629.1000.

Gallery 339

Tetsugo Hyakutake: "Ephemeral Existence." Thru May 7. 339 S. 21st St. 215.731.1530.

Various artists: "Kickin’ Back." Thru March 25. 251 S. 18th St. 215.545.4302.

Theater Ella the Musical

Ella Fitzgerald is preparing for one of the most important concerts of her career. $30-$45. Annenberg Center, 3680 Walnut St.

The Eyes of Babylon

Season of Sparks

Mary Poppins


A one-woman show exploring the fragility and strength of the body and soul. $46-$59. Suzanne Roberts Theatre, 480 S. Broad St. 215.985.0420. The cherished story of the world’s most famous nanny. $20. The Academy of Music, 1420 Locust St.

The Pride of Parnell Street

A couple showcases the intimacy of their marriage and their love for Ireland’s most famous city. $27-$33. Act II Playhouse, 56 E. Butler Ave., Ambler. 215.654.0200.

Superior Donuts

A neighborhood donut shop is suffering when a young baker appears with big dreams. $29. Arden Theatre Company, 40 N. Second St.

Meltem Birey Gallery

Jaime Alvarez: "Instruments of Cope." Thru March 28. 244 Race St. 215.627.0244.

Dean Dass: "Clouds." Thru March 26. 1710 Sansom St.


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Projects Gallery

Various artists: "Little Treasures - Big Rewards." Thru March 26. 629 N. Second St.

LGTripp Gallery

Various artists: "Painters Don’t Retire." Thru March 26. 47 N. Second St. 215.923.3110.

Gross McCleaf Gallery

Joan Becker: "Watercolors." Trudy Kraft: "Emergence." Thru March 26. 127 S. 16th St.

Twelve Gates Gallery

Simeen Farhat: ”The Absolute Works from Nothing.” Thru March 26. 305 Cherry St.

Sande Webster Gallery

Lee Lippman: "Places & People." Various artists: "Dimensions." Thru March 26. 2006 Walnut St. 215.656.9003.

Dalet Art Gallery

Mikhail Gubin: "Cataleptic Escapade." Brigitte Rutenberg: "The Importance of Small Things." Thru March 26. 141 N. Second St.

Schmidt/Dean Gallery

UPenn’s Sparks Dance Company presents their spring show. Fri/25, $8-$10. Iron Gate Theater, 3700 Spruce St.

Wednesday 23 John Heffron

The season two winner of “Last Comic Standing,” performs. Thru March 26. 8pm. $17. Helium Comedy Club, 2031 Sansom St.

Bob Levy

The stand-up comedian and frequent Opie & Anthony guest performs. 8pm. $10-$15. Connie’s Ric Rac, 1132 S. Ninth St. 215.279.7587.


Midsummer Night’s Dream

A storytelling competition in which contestants have five minutes to come up with a story using only three random nouns. 9:30pm. $10. The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St.

WTC View

Thursday 24

Shakespeare’s high spirited comedy full of romance and magic. $28-$36. St. Stephen’s Theater, 10th and Ludlow Sts. 215.829.0395.

The Emperor Runs to his Past

Charles Newman: "Recent Paintings.” Thru March 26. 221 Arch St. 215.922.5155.

The Far Walk & a Stairway to the Moon

Let Me Down Easy

Pentimenti Gallery

F.A.N. Art Gallery

Dynamic dance featuring the work of Curt Haworth and Vince Johnson. Sat/24, $5-$20. The Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine St. 215.908.2550. Choreographer Mina Estrada digs deep in her personal journey to know the “mother.” Fri/25, $10-$12. CEC Meeting House Theatre, 3500 Lancaster Ave. 215.387.1911.

Various artists: "Just Add Maggots." Thru April 30. 1400 N. American St. 215.235.3405. Kevin Finklea: "Things We Said That Were Important But Not Forgotten." Michelle Forsyth: "After." Thru April 9. 145 N. Second St.

Indigenous Pitch Dance Collective

The true journal entries of a solider in Iraq, performed by the marine himself. $10-$38. Bristol Riverside Theater, 120 Radcliffe St.

A man rents out a bedroom in his apartment, which has a view of the World Trade Center, on September 10, 2001. $18-$20. The Allens Lane Art Center, 601 W. Allens Lane.


On view through June 10, 2011 1900 W. Olney Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19141 215.951.1221 •

Jolie Laide Gallery

Riverside Theatre, 120 Radcliffe St. 215.785.0100.

Rob Morgan: ”WORK.” Thru March 31. 2434 E. Dauphin St. Various artists: "The Eyes of March." Thru March 31. 122 N. Third St.

moe brooker: intention and improvisation

Bil Walton: "Untitled." Thru March 26. 1616 Walnut St. James Hyde: "Word! The Stuart Davis Group." Thru March 26. 224 N. Juniper St. 215.603.1295.


The La Salle University Art Museum presents the exhibition


An African-American train porter and ex-con becomes the emperor of an island in the Caribbean. $22. The Centre Theater, 208 DeKalb St., Norristown. 610.279.1013.


Laff Away Thursdays

A three-act comedy show with a national headliner. 8:30pm. $10. Laff House, 221 South St.

Friday 25 Eddie Pepitone

The versatile comedic actor performs his stand-up. 8pm. $15. Connie’s Ric Rac, 1132 S. Ninth St. 215.279.7587.

Shakespeare’s tale of a prince who sets out to avenge his father’s death. $20$35. Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, 2111 Sansom St.

Lawrence Owens

The Men of Mah Jongg

Saturday 26

A comedy about four older friends who discover the game of Mah Jongg is the key to their happiness. $40-$45. Society Hill Playhouse, 507 S. Eighth St.

The 39 Steps

A mystery unfolds when an ordinary man meets a woman who claims to be a spy. $10-$80. Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut St.

A Volcanic Corruption

A freak hot air balloon accident lands three siblings on a tropical island where they struggle for their life. $15-$25. Mask and Wig Clubhouse, 310 S. Quince St. 215.898.7038.

Rounding Third

A heart-warming play about two men battling it out to lead a Little League team. $8-$24. Electric Theatre Company, 326 Spruce St.

A Flea in Her Ear

The frank stand-up from Maryland headlines. Thru March26. 8:30pm. $20. Laff House, 221 South St.

Late-Night Improv Jam

A night of shortform improv hosted by one of the Philly Improv Theater’s house-teams, Asteriod! 11pm.Free. The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St.

Sunday 27 A Comedy Tribute to Billy Joel The comedy show Bedtime Stories pays tribute to the Piano Man. 8pm. $5. Connie’s Ric Rac, 1132 S. Ninth St. 215.279.7587.

Comedy University

A comedy showcase featuring local collegiate troupes and professional comedians with special guests Tongue & Groove. 8pm. $5-$10. The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St.

Comic mayhem erupts when a jealous wife attempts to prove her husband’s infidelity. $13-$20. Tomlinson Theater, 1301 W. Norris St. 215.204.1122.

tuesday 28

Raw Space

Philly Improv Theater’s trashy talk-show hosted by Alex Gross. 8:30pm. $10. The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St.

A wife forces her architect husband to compete against a younger, hotshot architect. $15. Mon/28, 5pm. Bristol

Variety Comedy: The Gross Show

Cantata Series These short concerts offer the appropriate cantata of the week performed by Philadelphia’s finest baroque singers and instrumentalists in the tranquil atmosphere of Saint Mark’s Church at 1625 Locust Street. The concerts begin at 6pm and are open to the public; contributions welcome.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

The Bach Festival of Philadelphia

Friday, May 6th – Cantata BWV104: Du Hirte Israel, höre Friday, May 13th – Cantata BWV12: Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen Friday, May 20th – Cantata BWV106: Actus Tragicus (Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit) Friday May 27th – Cantata BWV86: Wahrlich, wahrlich ich sage euch

Bach Festival Weekend Join us for the Bach Festival Weekend where a fine lineup of soloists and Choral Arts Philadelphia team up with the Bach Collegium of Philadelphia to present the complete Orchestral Suites in their reconstructed earlier versions along with the four lesser known Lutheran Missae Brevi. Conducted by Matthew Glandorf.

OPENING CONCERT - Friday, June 3rd at 8pm Orchestral Suite # 2 in B Minor (version with recorder and strings) Missa in A for SATB chorus, flauto traversi, and string orchetstra Missa in G Minor for SATB Chorus, Oboes and String Orchestra Orchestral Suite #1 in C Major for Oboes, Bassoon and String Orchestra Choral Arts Philadelphia • Bach Collegium Soloists and Orchestra JULIANNE BAIRD - Saturday, June 4th at 4pm The famed baroque soprano, supported by the Bach Collegium of Philadelphia, in the Coffee and Wedding Cantatas. Special reception following the performance.

CLOSING CONCERT - Sunday, June 5th at 4pm Orchestral Suite #3 in D Major for Oboes and String Orchestra Missa in G Major for Chorus, Oboes and String Orchestra Orchestral Suite #4 in D Major for String Orchestra Missa in F Major for Chorus, oboes, horns and String Orchestra Choral Arts Philadelphia • Bach Collegium Soloists and Orchestra


     .-.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

BACH TRIOS WITH A TWIST - Saturday, June 4th at 7pm A special concert featuring Philadelphia’s Tempesta di Mare performing J.S. Bach’s monumental Organ Trios arranged for flute, violin, cello and continuo.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

music Wed 3/23 The Sound of KaleidoScope Ancient creAture the compAny corvette

Fri 3/25 victory Brewing presents:

Sebadoh richArd Buckner Downstairs: FriDay Happy Hour witH pHilly.prince From 5-10pm

Sat 3/26 r5 presents:


Our Brand Could Be Your Life

Never mind the bands, here are the companies who made the biggest impact at this year’s SXSW Music Conference. By Brian McManus

aSobi SeKSu cults wArm ghost

Sun 3/27 Downstairs: 4tH sunDay- maHavisHnu BruncH witH newGoDs sounDsystem From 11am-3pm

Mon 3/28 Downstairs: last monDay mackin’ witH DJ kyle anDrews spinninG Blues, Breaks, anD BooGie From 8pm-miDniGHt

upcoming: 3/30 tHe Joy FormiDaBle witH mona anD tHe lonely Forest 3/31 strFkr witH casiokiDs 4/1 tHe cave sinGers witH lia ices 4/2 summer Fiction witH snowmine, Guitars, anD work DruGs

Frankford & girard • Fishtown •


The scene: Last week, at the the 25th annual South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas, 30,000 of the hippest, most forward-thinking music fans, sought out new music from fresh-faced upstarts hoping to make it big like the Strokes, Duran Duran, TV on the Radio, P. Diddy, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Who would make a name for themselves? Who would be the most talked and Tweeted about? Doesn’t matter. The thousands of bands playing SXSW each year are nearly always instantly forgotten. So instead of telling you about the fabulous sets I caught by the likes of New Orleans’ Big Freedia or Houston, country stud Robert Ellis, I’m going to flex my long-atrophied 1990s self-righteous indie purest muscle and tell you about the most in-your-face brands that made a substantial impact. These are the companies your most in-the-know friends will be crowing about.

Chiobani Greek Yogurt

It’s inevitable. You’re standing in a dusty open field while the hot, unforgiving Texas sun beats down on your precious, silky skin, and you begin to crave Greek yogurt. Luckily, the marketing gurus at Chiobani were there to meet the demand at Austin’s Lady Bird Lake, handing out free samples of thick, dairy goodness to the some 10,000 daily eager concertgoers who passed through the gates of Auditorium Shores to see acts like Kurt Vile, Man Man, the Strokes, Blue October and Bright Eyes. In turn, they’ve now no doubt captured the much coveted yogurteating youth market. Fuck you in the face, Fage!

were talking about it, which—as Kim Kardashian and Charlie Sheen can attest—is as good as writing a check. The Sun. Keep an eye out for it. It’s gonna be huge.

Soy Joy

“Real fruit. Whole soy. Freshly baked.” Lots of street team handto-hand action going on around Soy Joy, the strawberry, blueberry and just berry soy bar that is basically rock ’n’ roll in a wrapper. A lady sitting a row in front of me on the flight back from Austin pulled about a dozen Soy Joy bars she’d collected

H aw k k r a l l

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Hot coffee. In the scorching sun. You know, to help wash down the Greek yogurt. If you wanted it (and you did ), only one industrious coffee maker brave enough to think outside the box was giving it away for free, and that was Community, who set up shop right inside the gates at Auditorium Shores to provide some much-needed liquid pep to fans who had the unspeakable task of sitting through back-to-back sets of the Felice Brothers and Middle Brother.

• 36

Speaking of The Sun, it had an incredible year. Everyone was talking about it, as big-time shows at outdoor venues like Stubb’s, the aforementioned Auditorium Shores and Mess With Texas Showcase all took place during the day and outside, where The Sun made its presence known to all who stood before it. Many of them, naturally, were trying to escape it, seeking any and all respite from its daunting rays, talking about it in less-than-glowing, negative terms. The point is, they


As expected, #SXSW was HUGE on Twitter this year—many of the Tweets about it excitedly announcing they’d just seen Kanye at a Pizza Hut or in a hotel lobby.


Community Coffee

The Sun

brand because it tasted like straight corn syrup being taken from behind by a medicinally synthetic coffee flavoring. Monster also sponsored a private tent area at Auditorium Shores, where you could have any one of their assorted flavors mixed in a cocktail with Austin’s own Tito’s Handmade vodka. Savvy nod to the locals, Monster. Kudos.

during the week from her purse and excitedly exclaimed, “I have breakfast planned for the next two weeks!” Way to kill it, Soy Joy.

Monster energy drink

Woah the impressive, ubiquitous presence this year of Monster energy drink, which was handed out by the arm full from the backs of trucks all over the city by girls in tiny shirts and even tinier shorts. I actually heard a guy say he thought the Monster Java Irish Blend was “Not half bad,” which is truly a coup for the

You’ll remember, just a few short years ago, there was an alcohol and energy drink banned before Four Loko hit big. It was called Sparks, and lo, it tasted like orange Spree candies with an undeniable aftertaste of battery acid, which turned out to be appropriate considering the can looked like a giant battery anyway. Well, Sparks is back, and in a big way at this year’s SXSW. Street teams with megaphones handed out sunglasses to squinting passers-by, and gave away free cans of the stuff at various day parties. At times it seemed you couldn’t turn around without a big-boobed girl in a tightfitting Sparks half-shirt shoving swag in your face and telling you to try some of the new-and-improved tantalizing flavors. I did. And though the can has been redesigned, the battery acid aftertaste remains.

Miller Peanut butter and jelly. Pork chops and applesauce. Frat boys and Ed Hardy. Free beer and SXSW. It’s totally a thing. Miller gave away the most. Hear that, PBR? It's the sound of High Life stealing your market. n

Q&A With J. Mascis

On the Record

Album reviews in 30 seconds or less

The venerable indie-rock guitar shredder talks about his new solo album, his wife and assorted other things he doesn’t care to.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears

By Michael Alan Goldberg

(Lost Highway)

 . Mascis, of course, is J the long-running frontman of Dinosaur Jr., and widely considered one of the greatest guitar shredders indie-rock has ever seen. But for his gem of a debut solo album, the just-released Several Shades of Why, Mascis went a more mellow route, whipping up mainly acoustic folk-country fare with guest turns from Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell and Philly’s own Kurt Vile, among others. While the so-laid-back-he’s-practically-comatose Mascis usually seems like he’d rather chew off his own limbs than be interviewed, he graciously got on the phone with us on the eve of his solo acoustic tour.

Kurt Vile’s on the new album—how did you discover him? Actually, it’s kinda weird. Megan [Jasper] from Sub Pop, who wanted me to put out an acoustic record for years, she’s the one who told me about Kurt Vile and gave me his [Childish Prodigy] CD. I was in Seattle and someone wanted to know, “What’s your 10 favorite albums of this year?” And I couldn’t think of one. So I asked Megan, “Do you have any records that are any good?” and her and her boyfriend both said they liked the Kurt Vile record and they gave it to me and so I guess that’s how I heard about him and I liked it a lot.

How are you feeling about the new album? Just kinda waitin’ to see what happens. Wondering if people who don’t like Dino will get a chance to hear it or if they would like it.

Any other projects in the works? Yeah. I’d like to do another Witch album, and I’m thinking about a Dino album sometime.

Obviously a lot of people talk about you as a great guitar player, but the new album really puts the spotlight on your songwriting. Yeah, I think a lot of people are more interested in songs than guitar solos. I’m not one of them.

Did he come up to your house? Yeah, he came to the house and [producer] John Agnello was there and he was working on Kurt’s album at the time. Kurt ended up recording some of his album at my house.

Does doing an acoustic album and tour like this make you crave playing loud guitar? Oh yeah. I prefer playing loud, I guess. I noticed you grew out a beard. Is that because you made an acoustic album? No. My wife made me try it out and I’ve just kept it for a while. Do you think there will ever come a time when you won’t want to plug in anymore and you’ll just become a laid-back acoustic singer-songwriter full-time? I don’t know. That doesn’t sound appealing. Wed., March 23, 8pm. $21-$43. With Kurt Vile. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.

Sounds Like: Austin nobody who picked

up a guitar, started gigging and caught the attention of famous people with his bluesy, soulful guitar-backed funk. Free Association: When you’ve got friends like Spoon and Okkervil River, you’re good. For Fans Of: James Brown x Howlin’ Wolf, Sharon Jones etc., sax solos.

Cornershop featuring Bubbley Kaur Cornershop & the Double ‘O’ Groove Of

(Ample Play Recordings) Sounds Like: The Anglo-Indian popsters all but ditch the Anglo and go for straight-up Punjabi folk-funk on this heavily Eastern-inspired batch of sitar-heavy jams. Free Association: No “Brimful of Asha” here. In fact, you won’t hear any of these on a radio. For Fans Of: Thievery Corporation x Ravi Shankar, Fatboy Slim, curry, globalism.


Collapse Into Now (Warner Brothers)

Sounds Like: The old-man rockers are

still at it with their 15th, a slowing-down of sorts from Collapse, and reaching for Automatic For The People. Free Association: If you’ve never been a fan, now is not the time—that ship’s sailed. For Fans Of: Sloan x Counting Crows, Bill Berry, Monster, 80 percent/20 percent gay/straight.

Those Dancing Days Daydreams & Nightmares

(Wichita Recordings) Sounds Like: Shockingly rad sophomore from five young lady Swedes—nuanced and brooding electro pop with tinges of postpunk energy and new wave bliss. Free Association: Smart move snagging that Robyn producer. You’re totally set now. For Fans Of: The Killers, the XX + Katy Perry, fashionable Scandinavians.

Zion I & The Grouch

Heroes in the Healing of the Nation (Z&G Music)

Sounds Like: Underground hip-hop

Critic's Pick Ron Sexsmith  anadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith has a fey manner and boyish looks that could have him carded even now into C his mid-40s. Those externalities contribute to a sense of his music as overly precious and sweet. Production choices over the years have played a role in that too, as 2001’s rootsy Steve Earle-produced Blue Boy lost the gloss and gained immediacy. Since then Sexsmith’s been more adventurous—adding tasteful electronics (2002’s Cobblestone Runway ), going acoustic (2005’s Destination Unknown), and joining Cuban jazz musicans (2008’s Exit Strategy of the Soul ). His latest, Long Player Late Bloomer, feels like a prodigal’s return, capitalizing on those early strengths with palpable, unhurried assurance. Produced by, of all people, Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi) it possesses Sexsmith’s signature grace, Beatlesque melodies and keen lyricism delivered with surprising briskness. (Chris Parker)


Shaolin vs Wu-Tang (Ice Water)

Sounds Like: A Rae offering sans RZA’s


production work has haters saying “See, you’re nothin’ widout him!” and others screamin’ “You aiiiight, Rae, you do you.” Free Association: A true Wu-affiliate’s work with mad guests and Kung-Fu sounds. For Fans Of: Meth, Nas, Black Thought, Busta, feuds, Staten Island.

Sat., March 26, 7:30pm. $18. With Caitlin Rose. Tin Angel, 20 S. Second St. 215.928.0770.

heroes team up for a second collab with a sprinkling of guests, but the focus on here is the sick beats and conscious rhymes. Free Association: Smart lyricism and hot beats will always beat out bombast and budget. For Fans Of: Jurassic 5, Lifesavas, Blackalicious, noncorporate rappin’.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

So you’ve got this new album, plus [side projects] Sweet Apple and Witch if you just wanna play drums, and then Dinosaur Jr., too. It must be nice to have all these different avenues for playing music and have people be interested in all of it. Uhhhhh. Yeah. It’s cool. Playing drums is more of a hobby because I’m not making any money doing that. It’s hard to justify leaving the family and going on tour for a few months doing that.

What was it like collaborating with him? It was cool having him play because I like some of the atmosphere and the sounds he has on his record, stuff I knew I wouldn’t play myself but I kinda wanted some of that sound on the record, so I had him play it.


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Waiting 3 hours for an oil change Sucks. STOP wasting your time!

We pick up your car at Central Parking garages and participating properties throughout the city and take care of all of the time consuming issues that come with car ownership, while you go to work, play... whatever. At the end of the day, when all services are completed, we return your vehicle back to your location.

It’s that simple.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

It’s About Time... Yours. Sign Up Today

or call us 1.800.771.3891


To advertise call Mike Gagliardi at 215-599-7653

Springtime Food & Wine By Keith Wallace

we hiked through yet another horrendous Philly winter to get here. We deserve some deluxe R&R. If you don’t want to cook, then we can celebrate springtime in my favorite way: drinking. Nothing is more pleasurable than opening a bottle of the good stuff and just mellowing out: Sit outside, talk smack, get drunk, and just enjoy watching the sun set at a reasonable hour. Maybe go out afterwards, or maybe just open up another bottle. There are five wines that I must drink every spring. They are, in my mind, the best wines to drink when you want to turn your brain off and just want to bathe in mindless luxury. Consider these a spa for your palate. #1 Luce Della Vite. An addictive beauty with subtle fruit notes. While rich and impressive now, the Luce is always much better with a few years of aging. Currently, it is mostly Licorice and mocha following dense black fruit, dense tannins, dense body, dense finish. In other words, a monolithic bottling. #2 Ehlers “ 1886” Cabernet Sauvignon. Excessive and balanced are not words that do not often work together, but they do here. Menthol, blackberry, rootbeer, and oodles of bitter chocolate make this one of the best cab’s out of Napa Valley. #3 Northstar Merlot, Walla Walla. I dream about this wine. Tar, shredded coconut, Belgian chocolate, mint, gravel, earth, and dust. It’s a delicious mindfuck. #4 Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rose. Like picking strawberries from the briar patch, beautifully ripe red fruit, with a bare cut of acidity. Addictively delicious and frothy. #5 Penfolds St. Henri Shiraz. Bouquet of lavender and thyme on the nose, with a deep deep blackberry. Turns into a mind-blowing cocktail of cherry-vanilla cola, cream and blackberries on the palate. Leaves with a finish of vanilla. About the Author Keith Wallace is the founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia, which is now located in Rittenhouse. for more information.


A family-owned winery located in Hammonton, the Blueberry Capital of the world, in the heart of South Jersey.

with cheeSe or chocoLate during haPPy hOur 5Pm - 7Pm i Cash Only glass Of wine & samPle Of Cheese Or ChOCOlate


Award Winning Wines Wine Tasting and Retail Sales

33 S 3rd St Lower LeveL

951 8th St., Hammonton, NJ 08037

w w w. b e n e L u x x .c o m


Old City PhiladelPhia O P e n t u e s d ay - s u n d ay s


Kitchen oPen: t, w, th, SUn til 11Pm . F, Sat til 1am

Over 50 Different Wines On Our Menu Suggested Food & WinePairings Mediteranian/ American Cuisine Cozy Wine Cellar Atmosphere Wine Tasting Every 1st Friday



447 PoPlar Street

215.925.0999 ( weeKly haPPy hoUr niGhtly SPecialS

b lue mountain

Make Your Next Shore Getaway the “Best Ever” at the

OceAnFrOnT reSOrT HOTel

GreAT WIne eScApe Weekend AprIl 8-10

Treasures From “down Under” Australian & new Zealand Wine escape 3 days & 2 nights Lodging Welcome Wine Tasting & Hors d’oeuvres Reception Saturday Afternoon Wine & Food Pairings Seminar 2 A La Carte Dinners with Wine Pairings per person 2 Nights of Light & Lively Entertainment 2 Breakfast Buffets All for Just $ 229 per person*

Vineyards & Cellars ReadingTerminal

12th & aRch

PhiladelPhia, Pa i 215.238.9022


315 YoRk Rd. WilloW gRove, Pa i 215.657.2111 WineRY i 7627 gRaPe vine dR.

n e W t R i P o l i i Pa


oPen dailY 11:00aM - 6:00PM

· Complimentary Wine Tastings at all locations · Custom labeled wine for all occasions · Gift baskets, gift cert., wine accessories · International award winning wines

* based on availability, west wing 1st floor standard room, does not include tax or gratuities, efficiency, east wing, oceanfront & one bedroom suites are available for an additional fee.



Oceanfront at 78th Street, Avalon Toll Free 866.343.6111 |


The Enoteca at Auburn Road Vineyards is the Garden State’s own European style wine bar.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Sunshine! It’s like the world became an old school Disney film overnight: The birds are singing, the house mice are chatting away, foxes are rakishly twirling their tails. You half expect a happy little canary to flutter onto your shoulder as you walk outside. The first spring day is so breathtaking it seems like a fantasy; after months of winter this perfect feeling can be more startling than a bunch of anthropomorphized animals skipping through your neighborhood. Everywhere you look, nature is turning from brown to bright green. The change is most stark in gardens and farmlands, where the first buds are poking out of the cool earth. As the season progresses, things keep changing. Your color-starved eyes become enchanted by asparagus, then beets, then garlic scapes, then fava beans, and on and on throughout the season. It’s easy to believe that you never really understood what “fresh” meant until this very moment. To capture the unadulterated excitement of this season, dinners should revolve around the ever-changing bounty of our local farms. I suggest doing most of your grocery shopping at your local farmers’ market at this time of the year, and not just because of the amazing produce and the many ways buying local benefits the community. Strolling through the market on a Sunday morning and enjoying this bounty is nothing short of pure romance: selecting eggs and flowers from a young Amish farmer, tasting an assortment of aged cheddars by a local cheese maker, noshing on a buttery and crisp croissant from the neighborhood baker. Truthfully, the greatest love affair of my life began with finding the perfect asparagus spears with my date at one of Philadelphia’s famous farmers’ markets. The above is excerpted from CORKED & FORKED, by Keith Wallace, forthcoming from Running Press Book Publishers in September 2011. People always talk about the arrival of spring, but that isn’t quite true. You and I trudged through twenty feet of snow and burned through at least two pairs of snow boots this

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

It’s Spring - Celebrate with Wine!

Rya n St R a n d

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

food & drink

From left to right: Catfish Po'boy, Fried Green Tomatoes and Bacon Grease Popcorn.

From Club To Pub Khyber Pass transitions with surprising ease from dingy music venue to charming gastro. By Brian Freedman When word spread that the old Khyber would be donning the proverbial toque and going all gastro on the neighborhood, the news was widely met first with incredulity, then uncertainty and then, finally, resignation. It had been a

Khyber Pass Pub 56 S. Second St. 215.238.5888.

Cuisine type: American, with a southern drawl. Hours: Kitchen daily 11am-1am; Bar 11am-2am. Price range: $3-$36 (though most food is less than $16). Atmosphere: Woody, well-loved and easy to spend  

hours in. Food: Solid the whole way through. Service: Pitch-perfect for the space and the hood. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011 • 40

solid run for the old music-and-beer-and-a-shot joint, but life moves on. Many of us feared this would be an ignominious end to a beloved bar, a last-gasp shift that seemed like the booze equivalent of Joan Rivers’ plastic surgery, ultimately doomed to masklike awkwardness. But then it opened back in November, and something unexpected happened: The charmingly new Khyber Pass Pub gained well-earned traction, began to grow a following and ultimately proved to be wildly winning in its transformation. It was new, yes, but it had enough of the old (the gargoyles above the original wood bar still roar silently at the door, as they have for more than 100 years) to retain its neighborhood cred. The food is certainly a significant factor in its success. This is a menu that shows off the pedigree of the owners, who for years have filled bellies and swelled livers at Dos Segundos, Cantina Los Caballitos and Royal Tavern, with which the Khyber Pass Pub now shares more than a few strands of ideological and culinary DNA.

Like those other gems, the Khyber is all about preparing the familiar well enough to make us reconsider their inherent merits—Chef Mark McKinney is clearly at home in his new digs. Fried green tomatoes, for instance, are about as textbook as you’ll find—no flights of fancy here, no panko crust, no foam-light sauce. Just palm-thick slabs of meaty green tomatoes (so much better than the mealy, greenhoused-and-warehoused reds that have marred salads all over the region since late fall) cloaked in a nutty, thick sheath of batter, and plated with a ketchup-based N’Awlins-style remoulade. If this is vegetarian eating, then sign me up for PETA. Creole caesar salad was essentially just a kicked-up version of the classic, but the judicious use of creole mustard and house-blended cajun spice added that little bit of love that made it worth ordering. Bacon grease popcorn, which has caused a justifiable buzz around this pig-happy city of late, is magnificent. The smoky-sweet rendered Benton’s bacon fat underpins it all (the Pub has taken to collecting the fat from its three sister restaurants and going through five-gallon vats two or three times each week). Dangerously addictive, this popcorn is the swine lover’s version of smack. Halfway through the fat-sweating bag you’re likely to reach your tipping point, though. This is seriously rich stuff. Earning its “Pub” status, there’s a smart selection of beer at Khyber, well-balanced between the familiar and the less so, the bottle and the draught, the latter shifting daily. I wish more bars and restaurants would specify, as the Khyber does, what kind of glass your brew will be served in—the little chalk drawings of goblets and pint glasses next to the listings on the wall in the dining room are ingenious. And the staff is well-versed enough in their beer to be able to make some excellent recommendations. A crisp, light-spirited kolsch was a perfect starter beer, and the Sly Fox Gang Aft Agley’s maltier notes matched up beautifully with the hush puppies (better with the

side of molasses butter than with the pepper jelly, which obscured the flavors of the fried cornbread rather than helping them along). Po’boys are gloriously standard, which is to say authentically conceived and not overly crapped up with unnecessary flourishes. The smartest move here—aside from the hyper-consciousness of the cooking time of the catfish, if that’s what you order—is the fact that the vessel for these messy sandwiches is the thin, crumby-crusted Leidenheimer’s roll, as beloved in New Orleans as Amoroso is here, and just as integral to that city’s emblematic sammy. The burger, thick but not obscenely so, is chindrippingly juicy and impeccably seasoned. Barbecue is also a hit, though the ribs more so than the pulled pork, the former a result of its proximity to the bone and subsequent added moistness. But both are worthy, and fairly priced for the generous portion you get. Sides work much the same way: Competence and attention to detail take them from the common to the remarkable. Mac and cheese, made even less healthy with cream cheese added to the cheddar, is compulsively gooey beneath its charred breadcrumb-and-parm crust, and sweet-tangy collard greens actually made me consider downing the juice remaining at the bottom of the bowl like a shot after I was done. My biggest complaint is with the dessert menu. On the wall, the chalkboard asks guests to inquire about vegan desserts, which implies that there’s a separate listing of them. Unfortunately, the German chocolate cake is vegan, but the menu makes no mention of this. As a result, it possesses the vaguely plastic character that too often betrays the animal-product-free pedigree of an item that’s traditionally not. Crafting a vegan German chocolate cake requires a fair number of changes to the recipe—no butter, eggs, milk, buttermilk or cream—and noting this seems necessary. Fortunately, the white chocolate bread pudding is better—excellent, in fact, with its fluffy center and gently charred stalactites of dough on top. As for the transformation of the space, it’s lighter and more welcoming, yes, but it hasn’t lost its soul in the process. This is a neighborhood place, and perfectly suited to Old City with its mix of young and aging musicians and artists, new families, googly-eyed college kids and everyone else the hood attracts these days. All that fear of a lost-soul Khyber that floated around last fall has proved to be utterly unfounded. If only all makeovers were this successful. Joan Rivers’s surgeon should take note. n

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Happy Hour 5–7pm $15 pitchers of margaritas • $2.50 crapland bottles

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$5 bLooDy MARy’S $5 MIMoSAS





P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

roosevelts 23rd & walnut


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$3 friday, er 4 to 6pM Monday rthru 2 WH T hour daily happy $2 off all draftsM• $3 well drinks K of wine $5 Glasses and D also enjoy $2 rotatinG TH seleCt doMestiC Bottle speCials

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AMERlCAN/ CONTINENTAL A Full Plate 1009N.BodineSt.215.627.4068. $  $CC Bistro Juliana 2723ECumberlandSt. 215.425.2501.$AS Darling's 1001N.SecondSt.267.239.5775. $  $CC Delilah’s 100SpringGardenSt. 215.625.2800.$$CCAS Higher Grounds 6  31N.ThirdSt.215.922.3745.$BR Honey’s Sit ’n’ Eat 800N.FourthSt.215.925.1150.$ Hot Potato Cafe 529E.GirardAve.215.425.0905. $  $CCBRBYOB Ida Mae’s Bruncherie 2302E.NorrisSt.215.426.4209. $  BR North Third 801N.ThirdSt.215.413.3666.$$CCASBR★ PYT 1050N.HancockSt. 215.964.9009.$$CCAS Ron’s Ribs 1539CecilB.MooreAve. 215.732.3561.$ Silk City Diner & Lounge 4  35SpringGardenSt. 215.592.8838.$BRCC★ Sulimay’s 632E.GirardAve.215.423.1773.$ BRBYOB The Hinge 2652E.SomersetSt.$$

CHINESE Ken Shin 301SpringGardenSt. 215.925.8887.$$CC


ITALIAN Il Cantuccio 701N.ThirdSt.215.627.6573.$ BYOB Rustica 9  03N.SecondSt.215.627.1393.$ CCBYOB Modo Mio 1 61W.GirardAve.215.203.8707.$ Tacconelli’s 2604E.SomersetSt. 215.425.4983.$

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Mediterranean Mustapha is back from Morocco Dinner: Mustapha is back from Morocco serving a 3-Course dinner, Cuisine Figs isaoffering a 3-course dinner serving 3-Course dinner, serving a 3-Course dinner, Moroccan flair +tax/gratuity serving a 3-Course dinner, Sun–Thurs $24 Sun – Thurs: Just $29.50 Mustapha is back from Morocco Sun–Thurs $24 Sun–Thurs $24 Tuesday - Thursday 5-10pm Sun–Thurs $24 New Year’s Eve reservations available Choose from the entire Dinner &dinner, Dessert Menu. New Year’s Eve reservations available serving aFriday 3-Course NewDinner: Year’s Eve reservations available - Saturday 5-11pm New Year’s Eve reservations availableSun–Thurs Sunday 4-9pm $24 Brunch: Brunch: Brunch: Now Figs is open for LUNCH

Cantina Dos Segundos 931N.SecondSt. 215.625.0500. Saturday -Saturday Sunday 10am-2pm Saturday - Sunday -10am-2pm Sunday 10am-2pm New Year’s Eve reservations available Brunch: Gift Certificates are Available Mustapha back from Morocco Gift Certificates are Available Tuesday -is Friday 11:30am - 2:30pm Gift Certificates are Available Saturday - Sunday 10am-2pm $$AS 2501 Meredith St. Phila, PA serving a 3-Course dinner, Brunch: Brunch: Saturday Sunday 10am-2pm Gift Certificates are Available 2501 Meredith St. Phila, PA BYOB-cash only . 2501 Meredith St. Phila, PA El Camino Real Saturday - Sunday 10am-2pm 215.978.8440 BYOB-cash only . Sun–Thurs $24 215.978.8440 Gift Certificates. are Available 1040N.SecondSt.215.925.1100. BYOB-cash 2501 Meredith St.only Phila,New PA Year’s 215.978.8440 Eve reservations available$$CCAS BYOB-cash only 215.978.8440 . 2501 Meredith St. Phila, PA Las Cazuelas Brunch: BYOB-cash only 215.978.8440 Saturday -.Sunday 10am-2pm 426W.GirardAve.215.351.9144. Gift Certificates are Available$$CCBRBYOB Taco Riendo 2501 Meredith St. Phila, PA 1301N.FifthSt.215.235.2294.$ BYOB-cash only 215.978.8440 . BYOB Tierra Colombiana 4535N.FifthSt.215.324.6086. $$CCAS

PORTUGUESE Koo Zee Doo 614N.SecondSt.215.923.8080.$$CC

PUB FARE Abbaye 637N.ThirdSt.215.627.6711.$$ CCASBR Bonk’s Bar 3467RichmondSt.215.634.9927. $AS Buckhead Saloon 461N.ThirdSt.215.925.8170.$$ CCAS Draught Horse 1431CecilB.MooreAve. 215.235.1010.$$CCAS Johnny Brenda’s 1201FrankfordAve. 215.739.9684.$AS★ Liberties 705N.SecondSt.215.238.0660. $$CCAS Gunners Run 1001N.SecondSt. 215.923.4600. $$CCAS Standard Tap 901N.SecondSt. 215.238.0630. $$CCASBR★

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215.765.1616 Mediterranean Mediterranean Cuisine with a Mediterranean Moroccan flair MEDITERRANEAN a Mediterranean Cuisine with Mediterranean with a Cuisine Moroccan flair with a Cuisine Moroccan with flair a flair Lafayette Bistro Moroccan Cuisine Dinner: Moroccan flair 501FairmountAve.215.928.9200.


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4 1 4 1 m a i n s t. i m a n ay u n k , pa 1 9 1 2 7 i 2 1 5 . 5 0 8 . 0 3 3 6 The most variety of Indian cuisine on campus

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Ekta Indian Cuisine 250E.GirardAve.215.426.2277.$CC Tiffin 710W.GirardAve.215.922.1297. $  $CC

Bar Ferdinand 1030N.SecondSt.215.923.1313.$$ASCC★ El Balconcito 658E.GodfreySt.215.342.2340.$ Freddy and Tony’s 201W.AlleghenyAve. 215.634.3889.$ Pura Vida 527FairmountAve.215.922.6433.$ Sazon 941SpringGardenSt. 215.763.2500.sazonrestaurant. com$$CCBRBYOB


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Six Pack Six Classic Novels That Have Been Adapted Many, Many Times By Matt Prigge Oliver Twist (1838): After A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens’ most filmed tome would be his tale of a plucky scrap eking out a living alongside an anti-semitic characateur. Starting with a slew of silent adaptations in the teens, there have been 14 Oliver Twists, the most notable being David Lean’s 1948 version—Lean also did a gangbusters Great Expectations, itself no slouch in the remake department—and the most recent being by Roman Polanski in 2005, which was ignored because that’s how many Oliver Twists there are in the world. That number, mind, doesn’t count the musical Oliver! or Disney’s Oliver and Company. The Three Musketeers (1844): Du-

mas’ swashbuckler averages one per decade, with a 3-D one by (naturally) the guy who made Resident Evil en route next year. Yes, the 1993 one boasts Charlie Sheen as Aramis, but pay attention instead to Richard Lester’s giddy twofer from 1973 and 1974.

Jane Eyre (1847): It’s “only” been 15 years since Franco Zeffirelli gave Charlotte Brontë’s gloomy romance a spin, hence the arrival of one with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. That puts the count at 10, not counting copious TV adaptations and the best Eyre: Val Lewton’s I Walked With a Zombie, which reconfigures Brontë’s tale as a moody horror in the Caribbeans.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

The Scarlet Letter (1850): Don’t worry, haters of the cartoonishly unfaithful Demi Moore evisceration (“freely adapted,” as per the credits) from 1995: You have 11 other versions to choose from. Go offbeat and choose Wim Wenders’s surprisingly faithful one from 1973. Les Misérables (1862): Let’s see: Counting all the silents that tackle parts of Victor Hugo’s redemptive saga, and its adaptations in Turkey, Brazil, India and Egypt, the count is somewhere around 42. Eat it, Charles Dickens.

Anna Karenina (1878): Joe Wright’s Leo Tolstoy spin next year will bring the number to 12, including such eviscerations as 1927’s Love, the first of two Garbo Kareninas and the one to feature a happy ending for American audiences, and a 1997 one with Sophie Marceau that jams 864 pages into 108 minutes. n

Cold Eyre: Not another Charlotte Brotë adaptation.

Jane Addiction

Hollywood attempts to reimagine the literary classic ... again.

By Sean Burns


shipped off to the Lowood School, where she watches her best Memo to Hollywood: There are other books. By my count there have been at least 16 big-screen adaptations friend die of typhus. Upon her eventual graduation from this miserable pit, Jane of Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel, as well as another dozen or so lands a job as governess at Thornfield Hall. She also appears to made for TV. The tale has been prequel-ized and sequel-ized have misplaced her personality somewhere amid all these exseveral times over, most memorably in Jean Rhys’ wowza Wide pository flashbacks. Clarkson plays the young Jane as a raging Sargasso Sea (which scored its own naughty NC-17 adaptation spitfire, with the precocious guile of a Manny & Lo-era Scarlett back in 1993, plus a slightly classier BBC translation in 2006). Johansson (if you can remember that brief period before she Jane Eyre has spawned ballets, operas, a symphony and even started acting with her curves). But, replaced by It Girl Mia a comic book. I’d also be derelict in my critical duties if I didn’t Wasikowska for the adult segments, Jane becomes inert. Staring mention Val Lewton’s and Jacques Tourneur’s 1943 take on the vacantly into space and offering a single facial expression that material: I Walked With A Zombie. indicates bewilderment, it’s a drastically different performance With these iconic roles already assayed by Orson Welles, Joan than the one we were watching before. It’s also a dull one. Fontaine, Colin Clive, Elizabeth Taylor, George C. Scott, SusanLuckily, Michael Fassbender is there to liven things up as nah York, William Hurt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anna Paquin, the moody Mr. Rochester. Wearing some extremely unfortuSamantha Morton, Ciaran Hinds, Timothy Dalton and even nate, pubic-looking sideburns, this wry Irish actor offers a less Andrea Martin and Joe Flaherty on SCTV, is there anything operatically tormented Rochester than Welles’ legendary turn, more that could possibly be gleaned from spending yet another instead playing up the character’s lazy contempt for everyone in couple hours with Jane and Mr. Rochester? his company. He’s perpetually in a snit, with a devastating quip Director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s 2011 take is dutiful, for the for every occasion, and it’s a treat to watch most part adequate and, as far as I can see, Fassbender thawing into his unexpected has absolutely no compelling reason to exGrade: Cfeelings for this mouthy governess. ist. Scripted by Moira Buffini, who last year If only Jane were as mouthy as he claims. penned Stephen Frears’ dreadful counDirector: Cary Fukunaga Jane Eyre quickly becomes Fukunaga’s tryside farce Tamara Drewe, the movie Starring: Mia Wasikowska, one of those movies where the supporthits every expected CliffsNotes highlight, Michael Fassbender and Jamie Bell ing characters spend the majority of their streamlining the story but offering no fresh Running time: 104 minutes screen time telling the lead how great she insight or contemporary resonance—which is, without any of those admirable traits I foolishly assumed was the reason artists being visible to the viewer. Judi Dench is on revisited classic works in the first place. hand to shovel heaps of exposition and to compliment Jane Fukunaga helmed 2008’s gritty immigration drama Sin at every turn. Billy Elliot’s Jamie Bell appears, smitten with Nombre, which struck this viewer as another one of those MTV what he calls “her spirit” and gets stranded in the kind of role music videos for poverty that were all the rage back in the City Of God/Slumdog Millionaire era. He initially attempts to shake Colin Firth used to play 15 years ago, back when he was every woman’s second choice. up the text with some rough-hewn naturalism, fixating on the Wasikowska, who also appeared in The Kids Are All Right and Derbyshire landscapes and overplaying the miserable weather. that dire Alice In Wonderland thing, has a sizable critical fanThe shots are handheld and often underexposed, announcing base, but I’m baffled by her appeal. There’s none of the backbone from the outset that this isn’t your mom’s Jane Eyre. and fortitude we keep hearing that Jane has in spades. For the Except really, it is. Once you look past the shaky cameras and most part she just blandly stands around, suffering from Fukuugly costumes, there’s nothing new. We begin with young ornaga’s ugly natural lighting and deliberately drab color scheme. phaned Jane (deftly played by Amelia Clarkson) facing a litany Perhaps Amelia Clarkson will be old enough to finish the job of abuse and being locked in the red room by nasty Mrs. Reed as the adult Jane when the inevitable remake comes around in (Sally Hawkins, temperamentally a very long way from her turn another five or six years. n in Happy-Go-Lucky). Things go from bad to worse when Jane’s


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

“AN AMAZING EPIC... Waris Dirie is an inspiration, inside and out, and so is this movie.”

It is not your grandma’s cozy gothic.” KAREN DURBIN, ELLE


Based on the bestselling novel by



desert flower












A film by







MOBILE USERS: For Showtimes – Text JANE with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)

See JANE EYRE with your family and friends. For advance tickets or group sales call 855-4JANEEYRE. READ THE BOOK

Area Codes: (215), (302), (570), (609), (610), (856), (888)


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Philadelphia Weekly Wed 3/23 • 2x3’’

JobID#: 490279 : 0323_Eyr_PhilWeek.pdf #104 3/18/11 10:26 AM pt Name Intense and absolutel y rIvetIng! Tom Snyder, MOVIEGUIDE®


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IMAX THEATRE AT TROPICANA Tropicana Casino and Resort 888/505-1435


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

It’s STRAIGHT UP awesome!

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

screen Kill the Irishman CReviewed by Matt Prigge

May it please the court: Matthew McConaughey (left) is so good he wins cases from his car.

The Lincoln Lawyer C+ Reviewed by Matt Prigge

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

In The Lincoln Lawyer, Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey Haller, a white shyster attorney who’s driven around Los Angeles by a black guy (Laurence Mason). A satirical Driving Miss Daisy-mocking dig or actual overt racism? Neither, amazingly, although it is implicitly racist in that our hero’s black chauffeur is mainly on hand to lend him some hipness. Thing is, there’s not a lot on The Lincoln Lawyer’s mind, but then, there shouldn’t be: It’s an adaptation of airport trash, namely the first of four (and counting) Haller books by Michael Connelly. Connelly’s hook, if you can call it that, is McConaughey’s ambulance chaser has so many questionable clients that he’s eschewed an office altogether, instead operating out of the backseat of his Lincoln. One of these cases proves more high profile than the rest: Trust fund snot Louis Rolet (Ryan Phillippe) has been charged

Heartbeats B+ Reviewed by Matt Prigge

• 46

It’s bad enough that the freaky assured Heartbeats was directed by a 21 year old. But it gets worse: It’s his second film. Québecois wünderkind Xavier Dolan’s acidic I Killed My Mother may have only scored a tiny theatrical release last year, but it was beloved enough to set the bar unbearably high for his follow-through. Dialed down,

with beating a prostitute within an inch of her life. Louis claims his alleged attackee is setting him up. The snooping performed by Haller and his personal investigator (William H. Macy) supports his claim— initially, at least. Credit where credit is due: Minus Phillippe, The Lincoln Lawyer is aggressively well-cast, starting with McConaughey, an actor who excels at Southern-fried charm and righteous indignation, both of which he gets to whip out here. John Romano’s script allows plenty of chances for the cast— also including Marisa Tomei as Haller’s chummy ex, plus scraps for Michael Peña, Shea Whigham and Bryan Cranston—to just hang back and shoot the shit. The actors pull their collective weight to atone for the occasionally corny direction (flashbacks begin with the camera panning horizontally or vertically, a shtick long ago parodied to death by shows like Spaced), and a nasty case of multiple endings that might as well be dubbed “the Spielberg.” The desperate search for the perfect ending would be more understandable if the end didn’t nakedly pine for a franchise. n

Heartbeats proves the debut was no fluke, treating us to an amusing and self-effacing report from the front trenches on how kids today bone—a subject typically handled by olds like Larry Clark and Gregg Araki. With a towering Lyle Lovett ’do, Dolan plays youth Francis who, with retrocoutured friend Marie (Monia Chokri), develops an instant crush on curly-topped himbo Nicolas (Niels Schneider). Immediately these besties are engaged in passiveaggressive war: Nicolas, whose orientation is unknown for much of the picture, showers affection on them both, with no clear winner. When they share a bed, as happens

You can usually gauge what kind of movie you’re getting by the Val Kilmer that shows up. If he’s alert, the material is strong (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). If he’s aiming for Brandoish self-indulgence, the production is a disaster and he’s simply going down fighting (The Island of Dr. Moreau). If he’s utterly bored, then the film is, in a sense, worse than a disaster: It fails to engage us on a good or bad level. In the opening minutes of Kill the Irishman, Kilmer, playing a detective not so hot on the trail of real-life mob boss and informant Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson), pipes up on the narration track, sounding like he’s on a cocktail of Xanax and horse tranquilizers. It’s an appropriate introduction to a monotonous, indifferently shot film that renders a potentially fascinating subject with as much brio as a doped-up Val Kilmer. The Irish-American Greene should make for a rich character study: a union crook, loan shark enforcer and eventually boss,

he clashed with the mafia bosses that ruled Cleveland in the 1970s, and ultimately semiintentionally aided in their partial downfall. A brick shithouse brute, he nonetheless used his muscle on the evil, ranging from criminal masterminds to dickish bikers who play their music too loud. He frequently gave to the poor, including an Irish stereotype neighbor (Fionnula Flanagan) who, in one of the film’s worst scenes, addresses Greene’s not-solatent humanity by musing that “there’s a bit of good in every Irishman.” The characterization by director/co-writer Jonathan Hensleigh (The Punisher) stops there, and spends the rest of the film repeating what we already know. Stevenson’s performance follows suit: He’s simply a thug with sad eyes and a heart made of, if not gold, then a similarly noxious material. A better filmmaker would make this material either lurid or darkly comic, or both. Hensleigh plods from incident to incident, most of which involve Greene planting bombs in his enemy’s cars. Making a movie with more explosions than a Michael Bay product would be more acceptable if the minimal budget hadn’t gone mostly to period attire. It’s a movie that’s all dressed up with nowhere new to go. n

Cop out: Val Kilmer plays a detective not-so-hot on the trail of a mob boss in Kill the Irishman.

more than once, he takes the ambiguous middle. Nicolas drunkenly gnaws on Francis’ ear; at the same party, he spends an eternity engaged in a pre-snog position with Marie. Whoever’s not on the receiving end is driven mad with jealousy, leading to heartbreak both inevitable and slightly unpredictable in its particulars. Even if his take on a menage a trois of unrequited love weren’t sharply drawn— and it is—Dolan at least has style to burn. His influences are right there on his sleeve: behold fetishistic slow-mo scenes set to old pop songs (Wong Kar-Wai), casually fluid sexuality (Gregg Araki), hook-ups bathed

in primary colors (Jean-Luc Godard) and source music spanning classical to hip-hop (Arnaud Desplechin), to say nothing of the film’s deeply ingrained Woody Allenisms. Peppered throughout are another old standby: quippy anthropological fauxinterviews, performed with other lovelorn young adults. This gimmick undercuts, not reinforces, the subject of youthful, melodramatic love, which Dolan precociously mocks; He already knows that the volcanic feelings that initially seem all-encompassing will feel silly in retrospect. Dolan is still searching for his own, wholly unique voice, but he can take his time finding it. n

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By Dan Savage Three months ago, my girlfriend dumped me because I was going into the military. Sex with her was amazing (kinks, dirty talk, foreplay). I now have two problems: (1) I am going into the army and don’t want to get into a serious relationship, and (2) I’m having a hard time finding people willing to have casual-yet-kinky sex. I tried online, but the “going into the army” portion of my profile, people assume I’m some sort of conservative prick. But I am liberal and open-minded and just looking to have some NSA sex before I leave for the army. Help! Kinky Open-Minded Soldier

If the “going into the army” portion of your profile is preventing you from finding kinky NSA sex partners, KOMS, omit the “going into the army” portion of your profile. Your NSA sex partners may, after meeting you, inquire about your future plans. But you don’t need to disclose your hopes, dreams and political leanings to potential NSA hookups, particularly if you feel that your plans are prejudicing kinksters against you. But I’m not sure the army portion of your profile is the issue. There are a lot of conservative kinksters out there (I hear from them whenever I tear into a conservative politician in this space), and there are a lot of liberal/hippie/NPR-listening kinksters out there who are attracted to military guys despite their politics (I hear from them whenever they want permission to cheat on their pansy-ass, hypersensitive hippie boyfriends with gruff ’n’ buff military guys). Drop the army portion of your profile, KOMS, but also have a kinky and/or adventurous friend take a look at the rest of your profile. It could be that some other part is giving off a creepy, unsafe or inept vibe—do you mention that you hadn’t heard of foreplay until you were 22?—and it’s that part that’s turning off otherwise up-for-armyboy kinksters.

Either you’ve misread my past advice to the sexually disinterested, DRY, or you’ve only read mischaracterizations of my past advice on angry asexual blogs. So once more with feeling: Being asexual or minimally sexual does not disqualify you or anyone else from having a relationship or enjoying all of the swell, non-genitalia-related things that come with coupledom. It does complicate your desire, however. Because you can’t—you shouldn’t—mislead your boyfriend about who you are. He has a right to know how you feel about sex before he marries you, DRY. At the moment, he assumes—and it’s an entirely rational assumption—that you’re attracted to him not just in the cuddling, kissing and

O n T h e D e sOn e rThe t , Deser O f Lt,i fOf e ,Life, F i nFind d

u r O A S I SYour ! M OASIS! a s s a Massage, g e , L i gLight ht My husband and I hired an electrician,Yo whom Dominance, Dominance, 1-On-1 Encounters, 1-On-1 Encounters, I will call “Sparky.” We hired Sparky once Couples , Etc Couples, . FUNEtc. . PART FUN. PARTYING— YING — Y o u r L o c a Yo t i uor nL o, c O a t fi o nC, h O foCihcoe i c,e , before, and he was completely professional. 24:7 ( Re si d 24:7 e n( c R ees ,i d eBnu c es, iBnu sei nsess s This time, he handed me an envelope and E s t a b l i s h mE e s tablishment, n t , H o t e lHotel, , E t cEtc . ).) asked me to fill out a survey regardingW his h e r e Yo uWrh eGrei fYo t usr, GO i f tfs , CO a f Csahs h service. I read the following: “My name A is n d C r e d i t And C aCredit r d s (Cards M / C(M/C, , V i sVisa a & male D i s c o v e r& , D iW s ciotv h e r, VW a i t hl i Va d l iIdDI ,D , Mistress [REDACTED] and I control the P l e a s e ) A r Please) e Tr u Are l y Tr A uly p p Ap r epcrei ciwho just gave you this letter. He and I live a t e d . . . 2 1 5a-te9d6. . 9 . 2-14 5 -79 6599- 4 7M 5 9aMkaeke the lifestyle of Female Supremacy. In our Yo u r T i m e Yo , (u ‘r HT i-m’ e, ) O(‘uH r-’ s ) O!u rSs!eSee e U s , N o w, A tUs, : w Now, w w. At:ewww.edenlove. denlove. lifestyle of Matriarchy, women issue direcf rto i eask n d l y n o w. com tion and men obey.” The letter went on for feedback about his performance, whether A G E N T L EAMGE E NNT L’ ESM ECN H ’ S OC IH C O IE CE he was appropriately submissive.” I don’t R e l a x a t i o n Relaxation w i t h a with E u raoEuropean pean f l Ia i r ! E n j o y flair! a n Enjoy o - r au no-rush s h v i svisit it know much about Dom/sub culture, but w i t h m a n y with g o rmany g e ogorgeous u s y o uyoung ng can’t shake the feeling that I was unwittingly European ladies. European267-971-2522. ladies. 267-971-2522. included in his sex life, and that totallyAcreeps l s o : M E L A Also: N I E MELANIE I S B A CISKBACK! ! me out. Are we judgmental prudes if we never A RUSSIAN ADELIGHT RUSSIAN DELIGHT Morning, Morning, hire Sparky ever again? n o o n o r n i gnoon h t . or B night. u s t yBusty blon blonde de Apparently Naive Housewife 2 6 y / o N a d i26y/o a 2 1N5a dia - 6 22 165 -- 642676 - 4 76 8 .8 . I n / O u t c a l l In/Outcall

You weren’t dragged into Sparky’s sex life when you hired him, ANH, but whenAhe A A X X X JAoAiAnX XtXh Join e c lthe u bclub a nand d r e c e i v e t hr eec e ibv ee s t hte bsees tr v s eircv iec e made the choice—perhaps he felt he was around! Ariel-Always around! Ariel-Always Arouses! Arouses! just following orders—to hand you that en- Blonde: B uxom Buxom2Blonde: 15 - 6 26 215-626-4768. -476 8 . velope. At that point, he involved youI n in/ his O u t c a l l In/Outcall sex life, which was rude and unprofessional. ALL THE GS THINGS YO U RYOUR WIFE WIFE Most women who aren’t interestedALL in TH E THIN WON’T DO W WON’T E WDO I LWE L !WILL ! SE !! X SEXY, Y, sharing an erotic moment with Sparky— YOUNG, TIGHT YOUNG, GIRLS TIGHT GIRLS WAITING WAITING because they’re not into Dom/sub play or & WA N TI N G & WANTING T O D OTOADO L AL T HTHE E THINGS YOUTHINGS LIKEYOU !!! LIKE OUTCALLS !!! OUTCALLS not into Sparky—would feel uncomfortable O N LY (( 2 1 5 ONLY )) .7 ((215)).789.1608 8 9. 1 6 0 8 reading that letter, which suddenly sexualized a nonsexual exchange of goods and ASIAN HOTTIE! ASIAN Sexy HOTTIE!Hot Sexy Asian Hot Asian services. Some women—to say nothing B eof a u t y s p eBeauty c i a l i ze specializes s i n E rinoErotic tic Fetish e s & Fa Fetishes n t a sie & Fantasies! s! Sp eSpecial cia l their husbands—would feel deeply violated. Ta l e n t ! W a t Talent! c h m Watch e “ s me q u “squir i r t ” t”!. !. Making women feel uncomfortable orC unA L L N O W ! CALL 2 1 5NOW! - 8 2 12-1 15-82 2 21-1220. 0. safe in their own homes by springing your erotic submission on them—and requiring FETISHES! BDSM! FETISHES!Sexy BDSM!Women! Sexy Women! E r o t i c Fa n t Erotic asies Fantasies! ! St . P a St.dPaddy’s d y ’s them to participate without first obtaining D a y S p e c i a Day l s ! Specials! 2 1 5 8 2 2 15-82 1 -1 2 1-1220 20 their explicit consent—is sexual aggression masquerading as erotic submission. And it’s not OK. Professional Dom, sex bomb and sex blogger Mistress Matisse (mistressmatisse. com) agrees with me: “That’s totally inappropriate,” Matisse said in an email. “Those folks did not agree, either overtly or by any action, to be involved in topping that man. If his Mistress really exists, then they are both complicit in creepiness. It’s also quite Your Your possible that he has no female partner, he Serve Serve just says so as part of his fantasy.” Passion! Passion! If I were you, ANH, I wouldn’t hire Sparky Where lust Where reigns lust reigns again. Not because I wouldn’t mind having a submissive electrician around the house— supreme supreme 24/7… 24/7… that sounds like fun, actually—but because I wouldn’t want an electrician around the house, submissive or not, who displayedLustIntheCIty.Com LustIntheCIty.Com poor judgment and had no boundaries.


you made the right choice when you DTMFA’d that dude. n


B OCOO T YO MOET L AY - L I C I O U S P A M E L A MID M I-DAY D - DEROTIC AY E R ENCOUNOTIC EN ULNI C-I O U SBPA MA Sensual S SAG E F U L L H O U R S en sual TTEE R SRMSi d -M d aiydi-s dt haeyb eisst t MASSAGE h e b e FULL s t HOUR and complete tension and release. complete tension release. time t i m for e fsome o r srelief. o m eWe’re r e l i e f . W e ’r e h . nBd e a u ti fN u l oL a rtiu n as, h . B e a u t i f u l L a t i n a , beautiful b e a u t iand f u lwilling... a n d wAnd i l l i nNgo . r. u. s A 22y/o. 36C-24-36. Center 2 2 y/o. City3 6 C-24 -3 6 . C enter Cit y we we speak speak GREEK!GREEK! 215-821-1220. 2 15-82 1-1220. Incall. 267-97 1-3776 I n c a l l . 2 6 7- 9 7 1 -3 7 76 in/ i n /Outcall Outcall


RRAVEN AV E19N EBONY 1 9 EBE BO AUT NYY B E A U T Y 36C-24-34. 36C-24-3 BEND 4. ME BEND OVER AND ME OVER AND Ser ve your passion S eatr v www. e y o u r p a s s i o n a t w w w. SLIDE SLIDE IT IN.ITI do IN. it all. I do OUTCALLS it all. OUTCALLS where s tin lust th e ci t m w h e re lu s t ONLY. O N LY. 2 15. 2 253. 1 52461 . 2 5 3 . 24 6 1 lu reigns 24/ 7 r e i g n s 24 / 7 SERVE SERVE YOURYOUR PASSION! PASSION! WWW. WWW. Professionally male trained male LUSTINTHECITY.COM LU S T I N T H EC I T WWW. Y.C O Professionally M W W W. trained massage4men! hands, strong hands, LUSTINTHECITY.COM LU S T I N T H EC I T WWW. Y.C O massage4men! M W W W. strong build, sensual. muscular Near build, sensual. Near LUSTINTHECIT L U S T I N T HY.COM E C I T Y. C Omuscular M cc. In/out 2 15.834.0010 c c . I n /o u t 2 1 5 . 8 3 4 . 0 0 1 0 TS. T SCATALINA . C ATA L LYNN INA “HUNG LY N N “ H U N G LIKE L I KAEHORSE” A H O36DD-24-36. RSE” 36D I D -24adult -3 6 . I phoneadult phone GOT G OT 10-1/2FF. 1 0 -1 /DON’T 2F F.WAIT D OTOO N ’ T WAI T services TO O services LATE L ATTO E ENJOY TO E N MEJLIKE OY YOUR M E L I K E YO U R ENJOYING E N J OY IANPERFECT G A P STEAK. ERFECT T E A K . CHAT! #1SSEXIEST #Join 1 SE theX I E S T C H AT ! J o i n t h e CUM CUM ON O INNMYI N KITCHEN. M Y KI’M ITCH p aEr tNy . wIi ’t hM l o c a p l sai nrgtl eys . w i t h l o c a l s i n g l e s . RE RE ADY A DFOYR F YOU!!! OR Y ARE OU YOU ! ! ! AFREE R E toYtry OU 18+. 215-701-3172, F R E E to tr y 1 8 +. 2 1 5 -70 1 -3 1 7 2 , READY R E A DY FOR F ME? O RNOMBLOCKED E ? N O B267-615-0303 LOCKED 2 6 7- 6 1 5 - 0 3 0 3 CCAA L LLS LoS r To E XrT MTEES X S ATG E M S ESSAGES AC AC C ECP TEEPD.TVEI SDI T. I NVG IFO S IRTAI N $10 G FBuck O RPhone A Sex$10 Live 1Buck on 1! Phone Sex Live 1 on 1! LIMITED L I M I TTIME....CALL E D T I M E .ME . . .FOR C A L L1-877-9 ME F O R (3279).18+ 19-EASY 1 - 8 7 7- 9 1 9 - E A S Y ( 3 2 7 9 ) . 1 8 + YOUR YOUR RESERVATIONS: RESERVATIONS: CATALINA CATALINA 808-372-7567 8 0 8 -3 7 2 -7 5 6 7 100s of HOT urban 1 0singles 0s of HOT urban singles are looking to hookup a r e NOW! looking to hookup NOW! WET WET & WILD & WWOMEN! I L D WSexy O M E18+. N !Try Se y 215-701-3170, it xFREE! 1 8 +. Tr y it F R EE ! 2 1 5 -70 1 -3 1 70, Hot Hot Black/Latin Black /Latin Models! Erotic Models! Erotic 267-407-0222 2 6 7- 4 0 7- 0 2 2 2 Fantasies! Fantasies! Greek spoken. GreekCALL spoken. CALL NOW! NOW 2 15-82 ! 2 1 1-1220. 5 - 8 2 1 -1 2 2 0 . ALL HOT SEXY BABES ALL talk HOT dirty SEXY BABES talk dirty After Hours! Try itAf FREE! te r18+. H o u r s ! Tr y i t F R E E ! 1 8 +. adult adult services services 2 15-701-317 1, 267-895-2525 2 1 5 -7 0 1 -3 1 7 1 , 2 6 7- 8 9 5 -2 5 2 5

employment employment

All LOCAL Chat! 18+.All try itLOCAL FREE! Chat! 18+. try it FREE! #A#1-BEAUTIFUL #A#1-BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! Need GIRLS! Need Call NOW! 215-671-4444, C a l l 215NOW! 2 15-67 1-4 4 4 4, 2 15Cash? C a s h? CALLCNOW/WORK A L L N O W/ NOW! W O675-454 R K N O4,W267-880-3555 ! 6 7 5 - 4 5 4 4 , 2 6 7- 8 8 0 -3 5 5 5 We W epayp a cash y cifawe s hdon’t if w get e don’t get you yo work! u woDay-or-Night r k ! Day - o shift, r- Night shif t , FREE PARTYLINE! F1-712-338R E E PA R T Y LI N E ! 1 -7 1 2-3 3 8in/outcall. in/outcall. EscortsEscor neededts for needed for 7 739 18+ NE VER ANY CHARGES 18+ bbuu s ysuyp s u c ale p spcrofe ale s sio pna r ol f e7739 s s iNEVER o n aANY l CHARGES Normal AppliesN o r m a l L D A p p l i e s ser s evice. r v i cNoe .exp. N onecessar e x p . y.n e c e s s aLD r y. Tr Tr a nasn p osr p t ao ti ornt a & tSieo c unr i t& y Security t M & a Nk a set y P hHo o n et S e&x N a s t y P h o n e S e x provided. p r o v i d Star e d .t today,Make S t a r t t o dHaoy, 1-800-785-2833. 18+ 1 - 8 0 0 -7 8 5 -2 8 3 3 . 1 8 + quick q uick cash-$500+/night..Call c a sh -$ 5 0 0 +/night . .C all Isabella: I s a b e l267-918-0516 l a : 2 6 7- 9 1 8 - 0 5 1 6 Intimate Connections Intimate 1-800Connections 1-8002 6r4o - DAT Ladies Ladie needed s n efor e dgrowing ed for g w iEn (g3 2 8 3).2 N6a4u g- hDt yAT E ( 3 2 8 3 ) . N a u g h t y Older Women: 1-800-251-4414, Older Women: 1-800 -25 1-4 414, OUTCALL O U T C ASer L Lvice. S e6pm rvic tile . 6 p m t i l 18+ 1-800-529-5733. 18+ 44a a m .mA.l l A r alcle s r , a s hca e p ess , 1-800-529-5733. shapes && s is z ei sz w eesl c owme e .l c S TA om R Te . S TA R T Private Priv Tra yt it e C o n n e c t i o n s Tr y i t TTOO N IN G HI TG! !H ! CTa!l !l !A mCa a n dlal A m a n Connections da free! 1-888-404-3330 f r e e ! 1 - 8 8 8 - 4 0 4 -3 3 3 0 (215)-789 ( 2 1 5 ) -7 -1608 89 -16 08 1-800-960LINE! 1-800-960WWW.LUSTINTHECITY.COM. WWW.LUSTINTHECITY.COM. GO SWINGER’S GOLINE! SWINGER’S 4328, 1-800-811-4048. 4328, HOT LIVE 1-800-811-4048. HOT LIVE THERE THERE NOW!NOW! WWW.LUSTINTHWWW.LUSTINTHFANTASY LINE! 1-800-990-9377, FANTASY LINE! 1-800-990-9377, ECIT E C IY.COM T Y. C O M 1 - 8 8 8 - 6 6 0 - 4 4 4 6 .1 H- OT 8 8L8 I V-E6 6 0 - 4 4 4 6 . H O T L I V E C H AT ! ! ! 1 8 0 0 8 0 C5H - A 8 2T5 !5 !, ! 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 0 5 - 8 2 5 5 , escort escort 1 - 8 6 9 - 6 6 2 - 1 1 7 7. 1R-e 8 g . 6I n9t -’ l 6 6 2 - 1 1 7 7 . R e g . I n t ’ l WWW.LUSTINTHECITY.COM. WWW.LUSTINTHECITY.COM. GO rates apply GO18+ r a t e s a p p l y 1 8 + THERE THERE NOW!NOW! WWW.LUSTINTHW W W.LUSTINTHECIT E C IY.COM T Y. C O M

LustIntheCIty.Com LustIntheCIty.Com

HAPPINESS We treat you like a


• Body Shampoo • Hot Sauna • Body Massage • Open 7 Days 1812 Ludlow Street Philadelphia, PA



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

I’m currently involved in a great hetero relationship: My boyfriend is caring and I see him as a life partner. The trouble is, I find sex profoundly boring. I get vaguely “horny” maybe twice a year, and I don’t like sex. Now I’m starting to wonder if being sexually uninterested disqualifies me from being with my BF. Judging from your past advice, it does. Is this something I should disclose? I enjoy the cuddling and kissing, talking and outings that are part of coupledom, and it pains me to think I’m doomed to be alone, forever, just because shoving genitals together sits at No. 48 on my life priority list. He’s talking about a future together, and I'm afraid to lose him. Doesn’t Really Yearn

But even if your current BF leaves you, 10 0 L S P-EAC L I AL L- AN L LE NW EW !! DRY, you’re not necessarily “doomed$ to be0 S P E $C1u0I A H o t B e a u t iHfot lB eautiful Girl; B Girl; lon Blon d ede, , alone.” There are men out there who Sfeel e x y, l o n g -Sexy, legg long-legged e d A M AAMANDA NDA . . the same way about sex that you do. If your Ca l l 2 6 7- 9 1 Call 8 - 0267-918-0516 516 boyfriend dumps you, come out as very . . A B C I ’m ...ABC as ea I’m s yasaeasy s 12 as3123... ... nearly asexual and go find yourself a .Call very and experience Call and experience me! Then... me! Then... nearly asexual guy who wants to cuddle, d re a m of mdream e . . . Aofl w me... ayAlways s H a pHappy py kiss, talk and out. And if you do ultimately E n d i n g s . B uEndings. xo m BBuxom l o n dBlonde e A r iAriel el 2 1 5are - 6 2 6 - 4 76 2 15-626-4768. 8 . I n / O u In/Outcall tcall wind up alone, DRY, no whining: There lots of happily partnered asexuals out2there 15-WOW- G 215-WOW-GRLZ*215-WOWRLZ*215-WOWand lots of unhappy sexuals who wound up GRLZ*215-WOW-GRLZ GRLZ*215-WOW-GRLZ GentleGentlealone despite their interest in sex. m e n : A s N omen: M aAs n No I s Man A n IsI sAnl aIsland nd


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



2747 N. 47th St





1-712-432-2277 LUST INTHECITY 18+ Normal LD Applies

Across from Bala Shop CTR (off City Line Ave)


Asian Girl For You Happy & Relaxing Massage



AD REP: Toni Flynn, Phone: 215-599-7606

Fax: 215-563-6799

Beautiful, Young, Sexy...

West Chester Pike EMAIL PDF TO: cc:


Btwn Upper Darby & Havertown




Body Shampoo Relaxation

237 N. 12th St.

[Between Vine & Race St] Near Convention Center • Parking in Rear


Appt. Only. In/Outcall

Pick from our line-up of hot girls! ALL NEW Real Girl! In/Outcall

Try it

No Liability. Restrictions Apply. 18+



267-895-2525 1-900-287-0000



meet sexy singles

(215) 878.1888 USE FREE CODE 1581

Try it FREE!*



24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2011 PC LLC

*Most Features Free. Some Fees Apply


BROOKE 215-701-3171 215-418-5989 Philadelphia

A Gentlemen’s Choice



new lovely asian staff

t Try i E!* FRE

FRE202ES. Quince St

No Liability. Restrictions Apply. 18+

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011



(Forrest Theater) 267-895-2525 1-900-287-0000 215-925-2977



215-701-3171 FREE PARKING

Relaxation with a European flair! Enjoy a no-rush visit with many gorgeous young European ladies.

 267-971-2522 


(Also: MelAnie is BACK!)

USE FREE CODE 5428 For other local numbers call:

1-888-MegaMates 24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2011 PC LLC



*Most Features Free. Some Fees Apply

get him on the line


Other guys are too.


267.515.5703 Find your local number: 1.800.777.8000 18+


267.515.5717 Discreet Talk

Ahora en Español

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Curious about men?



Gorgeous Erotic Ladies for Companionship, Bachelor Parties, 2-Girls or… Whatever! Fantasy, Fetish

meet real women tonight try for


Ladies in Waiting 215-501-7069

267.515.5709 More Local Numbers: 1.800.210.1010 18+


In/Outcall, 24/7. CALL NOW!


Ahora en Español




Where lust reigns supreme 24/7

ALLENTOWN: 610-628-0003 SOUTH JERSEY: 856-283-0968

18+ *Charges may apply to certain features.

COLLECT CALL BILLING! 1-866-607-5282 1-900 PRICING OPTIONS! 1-900-622-1100






†Carrier charges may apply.

Try our 900 number: 1-900-287-2200 at $20/45 min.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

ELEctRicAL contRActinG


Luxury once experienced becomes a necessity!


sports massage Deep, Intense, Dynamic Body Work Deep Muscle Hot Stones

maria 215.510.6179 (Located near I 476/PA Turnpike)

MASSAGE THERAPY (Therapeutic), Special Price. 7 days/week. 1218 CHESTNUT, 215-873-4835


South Philly ComPlete home Remodeling


cARpEt cLEAninG XTREME CLEAN: Notice The Difference We use a Rotary Deep Cleaning System unlike anyone else with Superior Cleaning Results! FREE Estimate. Fully Lic. & Ins. 215-407-0121 609-670-9904




PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6293.



Cheapest Prices!

HoME iMpRovEMEnt


HHHHH fax: 215-468-8485


bEST oF phIlly

Free Ests. • Sr. Disc. • 7 Days/Week



JClean-outs o e ’s Demolition & Hauling Also Commercial Work

Therapeutic/ Non Sexual

Drywall, winDows, Doors, Floors, Kit, anD Baths (25yrs oF srvc.)


Advertise with

PW Classifieds





OpEN 7 dAys A wEEk • sENiOr disC. NO jOb TOO big Or TOO smALL

215-500-3903 or 267-918-8711

flexibility in a short time frame is the key to our success tOny’S the name you can trust INSURED

Piano Specialist!

Great Rates! Last Minute Jobs

DAN 129 PW Classifieds


window tREAtMEnt

We’ll Fix it!


RB Roofing • 215-717-3330


can do crew!

24 Hr. 215-669-3415

Advertise with


window tREAtMEnt

Got a Leak?


Rev #1: Rev #2: Rev #3:




30 Years exPerience

P U B L I S H I N G ● PW ● A Million Dollar look that fits AD NAME: Tony’s Cleano in your recession BuDget interior & exterior Painting SIZE: 2x2 Wallpaper removal • all TypesDATE: of Wall repair 2-24-05 INITIALS: Bill

Water damage • traSH removal Hauling • Scrap metal

Scrap Metal Whole House Guts Power Washing Lic. & Insured Hauling 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK , SENIOR DISCOUNTS

Trash Removal Basement Cleanouts Debris Removal Estates • Demolition

Wayne’s World

Home Painting 267.333.1884 REVIEW ● SPR ● SW

PA 066441

Serving the Community for Over 25 years





Commercial & Residential

Fully Insured Free Estimates

Quality Hardwood Floors Old Floor made like new

Cell: 267-973-7001

New Hardwood Installations Sanding • Refinishing • Staining P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Commercial & Residential


MovinG & HAULinG

Fully Insured Free Estimates

Phong’s Floor Sanding


Cell 215-906-8840 856-962-9576

New Hardwood Installations Sanding • Refinishing • Staining


All Jobs Best Quality Free Estimates • Insured • Low Rates Please Call Andy


Advertise with

PW Classifieds


HELp wAntEd


●SPR ● SWR ● CW P U B L I S H I N G ● PW ● ACW ● CG


AD NAME: Quality SIZE: 2x1 DATE: 11-10-05 Company INITIALS: Benefits • Bill FULL TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE #1: Need to Rev work well as a group and/or independently Customer Service experience an asset • Full Training Provided Rev #2: ●SPR ● SWR ● CW REVIEW Rev #3: P U B L I S H I N G ● PW ● ACW ● CG

Precious Babies Daycare Director & Teachers

HIRING IMMEDIATEDLY 105 SALES REP: ELPhong’s AD NAME: SIZE: This 2x1 slug must appear in the upper CHECK FOR DATE: 9-22-05 left corner of each page. APPROVAL INITIALS: Le Tera Rev #1: Dawn Rev #2: Rev #3:


EL 105


This slug must appear in the upper left corner of each page.



$$$ AVON Earn up to 50%. selling Avon. Call Patty 267-312-5290. ISR.


$$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450


DRIVERS Start earning a great living $, Cash daily $. Will train, Medical benefits. Drive Jaguar, Mercedes, Hummer, or drive your car. FT/PT. Limited openings. 215-552-8178, 215-552-8515, 516-225-5968


HELP WANTED: $9/hr+ bonuses. Part and Full Time. 215-271-0188



North & West Phila. Areas Directors: requires 3-5 years Supervisory experience & Associate’s Degree with 30 credits in Early Childhood Education. Teachers: Requires 2 Years Experience Writing Lesson Plans and Teaching Also Needed. AA in ECE or CDA Preferred. Competitive Salary & Paid Vacation

Tel:215 694-0916 Fax: 215 228-9111

Art Director Needed /a Atlantic City Weekly, a member of the Review Publishing newspaper group of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, is seeking an Art Director. Applicant must be able to conceive and produce visually striking images and design for covers and editorial pages, collateral and branding materials. We are looking for an impressively creative cover designer with experience commissioning high-quality photography and illustration. The candidate must possess excellent communication and organizational skills as well as the ability to multi-task under deadlines. Te c h n i c a l ex p e r i e n ce : Ad o b e Illustrator, Photoshop, InCopy and InDesign, and an in-depth understanding of typography. Applicants should submit cover letter, resume and samples to:


BECOME A MEMBER OF THE PW S A L E S T E A M ! PW-Philadelphia Weekly is seeking energetic, selfmotivated individuals to join our Retail Advertising Department as an outside Account Executive. We offer a base salary, commission, bonuses and an excellent benefits package. Candidate must be able to multi-task, have excellent verbal and communication skills and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. Main job responsibilities are prospecting, cold calling and closing new business. 3 plus years sales experience in a related field required. Email your resume to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. E M P LOY E E S N E E D E D : H I R I N G IMMEDIATEDLY Company Benefits, FULL TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE, N e e d to w o r k w e l l a s a g ro u p and/or independently, Customer Service experience an asset. Full Training Provided. COMMERCE ENERGY. For an interview call NOW 1-866-264-0358


PAID IN ADVANCE!MAKE $1,000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! FREE Supplies! No experience required. Start Immediately! http://www. PROPERTY INSPECTORS. Full and part time. We train! Flex hours. Car required. 610-213-3735


Boutique Design firm needs RETAIL, DESIGN and SALES MGR. Organized, meticulous leader e xcellent with c o m p u te rs, p e o p l e, f u r n i t u re/ design industry and merchandising. Point of Sale knowledge. Design background. Online store and social media savvy a plus. 3+ yrs retail exp. Someone to build our brand and work hard. Not a 9 to 5 job. Cover letter, salary req to mark@

WAITRESS- Part time Yardbirds Cafe (15th & Kittyhawk) - Navy Yard. Breakfast & lunch (M-F). Apply in person only.


C a m pa i g n J o b s !

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All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to federal, state and local fair housing laws, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race; color; religion;sex; disability; familial; (presence of children); national origin; age (Pennsylvania and New Jersey); martial status or sexual orientation (Pennsylvania and New Jersey), or source of Income (Philadelphia only) in the sale, rental or financing or insuring of housing. This paper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which violates these laws. The law requires that all dwellings advertised be available on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated against in connection with the sale, rent, financing or insuring of housing or commercial property, call HUD at 1-888-799-2085

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE/RENT 2500 SQ. FT. SHOP w/office. 3 Overhead doors. Large Fenced lot. Great Location at Airport Auto Mall. 215-932-4629. ARIZONA LAND LIQUIDATION, $99/ mo., 1 & 2 1/2-Acre ranch lots. 1 hour from Tuscon Int’l Airport. NO CREDIT CHECK! Guaranteed Financing, Money Back Guarantee. (800) 631-8164 Code 4054 www. BROOMALL PA.-BEAUTIFUL STONE T U D O R , L G . D R I V E W AY, 2 C A R GARAGE,4BDRMS.,3.5BATH, 2FIREPLACES,HDW FLRS/CARPETS. C/A, ON 2ACRES. $3,500/ MO.+. 610-304-0087. OWN 20 ACRES, Only $129/mo. $13,900 near growing El Paso, Texas (safest city in America!) Low d ow n , n o c re d i t c h e c ks, o w n e r f i n a n c i n g . Fre e m a p / pictures. 866-257-4555 www.


RELOCATING TO NORTHERN JERSEY?? Contact Sushant Criswell Simon to h e l p sea rc h fo r yo u r N E W home. COLDWELL BANKER, 201798-3300, 717-265-4073 Cris.

STUDIO/EFFICIENCY 10TH & BAINBRIDGE-COMPLETELY RE-DONE. $725/MO. CRINITI RE 267-253-0071. AVENUE OF THE ARTS Studio. WD in Bldg. Gym. All utils incl. $885. 267-918-7786 FISHTOWN Rec renovated Efficiency. WD in Bldg. Pet Friendly $595+. Call Tanya, 215-922-6088

Sanford-Brown Institute does not guarantee employment or salary. Credits earned are unlikely to transfer. Career education CEC2289147–05/09 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! Graduate in just 4 weeks!! FREE Brochure. Call NOW! 1-800-532-6546 Ext. 97 http://

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS A DV E R T I S E YO U R R E S E A R C H STUDY HERE: MORE READERS... FOR LESS! Be a part of our “Medical Research Guide” that runs in the Philadelphia Weekly and the South Philly Review for one low price. We offer you the areas largest we e k l y n ews p a p e r c i rc u l a t i o n and a diverse readership allowing your ad to reach more qualified participants. Call 215-599-7645 or 215-563-7400 for details! SLEEP STUDY: University of Pennsylvania sleep research studies. Must be healthy, 21-50 years old with a regular sleep schedule. Financial compensation will be provided. 215-573-5855

HEALTHY MEN AND WOMEN SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center i n d ow n tow n B a l t i m o re, M D i s enrolling non-smoking, healthy adults, ages 18-45, in a clinical research study to evaluate the interaction of 2 investigational products. Participants will be asked to attend: 1 screening visit and, if qualified: 1 inpatient stay of 18 days/17 nights, 1 inpatient stay of 51 days/50 nights & 1 follow-up visit. Eligible participants will be compensated for time and travel. Call now to see if you qualify: 1-866-706-8833 (toll free) E-mail:


RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA Small Efficiency, Sep BA, Elec heat. Bsmt WD. $595-$625+Elec. 215-735-8414 RITTENHOUSE SQUARE: 301 S.19th St Studio Apartment, Immediate Availability. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE. Great Light, Hardwood floors, High ceilings, Plentiful closet space. $1,200 per Month. Call to Schedule an Appointment, 215-735-5757 or E-Mail: THE ROOSEVELT (2220 Walnut Street) - Beautifully renovated apts. in the RITTENHOUSE SQUARE AREA of Philadelphia. Studio’s starting at only $765/mo. and one bedrooms starting at only $965/mo. Call 215-640-8880 for an appointment.


13TH & PINE New kit, 2 dec FP’s. Good sunlight, HWF, $1100, Heat/ Wtr incl. Avail 05/01. 215-733-0480 15XX RITNER $875+util.Brand New. Yard & basement incl. W/washer/ dryer.No pets.215-334-1340 15TH/SPRUCE: Beautiful Art Deco H i g h - r i s e 1 B d r m A p t , D e s k Attendant, HW Flrs, Updated Kitch, Onsite Laundry, Intercom Entry, Amazing Location! From $1120/Mo. 215-735-8030. Lic #219789. 1 5 T H /S P R U C E : H u g e 1 B d r m i n Beautiful Brownstone, Large Rooms, Abundant Closet Space, Walk-In Cedar Closet, Laundry, Intercom E n t r y. $ 7 9 9/ M o. 2 1 5 -735 - 8 03 0. lic# 380139 1619 BAINBRIDGE Newly renvtd 1BR, C/A/H, Exp brick wall. FP. Pets OK. $700+ Gas/Elec. Water Free. 609-517-3245 16TH & WALLACE 1BR, WD in bldg, Pet friendly. $725. 2BR’s avail. Call Tanya 215-922-6088 2048 South 1st Floor $1050/mo 1st floor studio, includes all utilities. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-8345 20TH & PINE Sunny Jr 1BR, New kit, HWF, Courtyard view, Laundry/ Storage. Avail 04/01. $1000, Heat/ Hot wtr incl. 215-733-0480 www. 238 S.8th ST Renovated 1BR, WD, Pet friendly. $1200. Parking Available. Call Tanya 215-922-6088 23RD & SPRUCE Bright, New kit, HW flrs, Nice view. Avail April. $1125 (Wtr incl) 215-733-0480 www. 24TH & NAVAL SQ AREA WD, DW, CA, Backyard, Small office space. F.bsmt. Nice block. Pet friendly. $1300+. 267-584-3647

2ND & MARKET Bi-Level 1BR, Modern appls, Spiral staircase, HW flrs, DW, WD, CA. AVAIL APRIL! $1,085. MSRE, 215-925RENT(7368), 30 1 S.1 9 t h St- R I T T E N H O U S E SQUARE: One Bedroom apartments, Available Mid-April & Beyond. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE. Great Light, Hardwood floors, High ceilings, Plentiful closet space. $1,400-$1,800 per month. Call to Schedule an Appointment, 215-735-5757 OR E-Mail: 9TH & BAINBRIDGE Nice 1BR, avail 04/01. Contact 215-687-5629. $850/ mo+utils paid by tenant 9TH & FITZWATER 1BDR APT. W/D,Stor./ Bsmt.,Avail.Soon. H/D flrs. No Pets. 215-915-5347 9TH & SPRUCE Gorgeous 1BR, all amenities, FP. Parking avail. $995+. PMG 215-545-7007 x303

BROAD & PINE Lg 1BR in beautifully renvtd bldg. Incl Heat. $995+. PMG 215-545-7007 x302 FISHTOWN: 1BR, WD in Bldg. Pet Friendly. $675+. Call Tanya, 215922-6088 I TA L I A N M K T. - 1 B E D R M . A P T. REDUCTED-$698/MO.+UTILS. D.J. CILIONE R.E. 215-271-7070 Ext. 14. Manayunk/Roxborough: Spacious 1Bdrm, Den Option Avail, W/D in Apt, Private Entrance, Balc/Terrace, Gym/ Pool Membership, Onsite FREE Prkg, Walk to Bus, Cats Welcome. $965/ Mo. Avail Apr/May. 888- 633-9365. Lic # 223386 MINUTES to CC. SOUTH PHILA. 14XX PORTER: Modern 1BR w/HW Flrs. $675. No pets. 610-909-9025 OLD CITY (104 Chestnut) Lg 1BR, 1BA, high ceilings, tall windows, view of BF Bridge, CA, Gas heat, DW, WD, GD, carpeted. $1050/mo+. 215-627-4414 RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA- Chestnut & 19th 1BR, carpeted, Sep kitchen. $750+ Utils. 215-735-8414 R I T T E N H O U S E S Q UA R E A R E A Includes Heat/Hot wtr, Views of St.Mark’s. $975+. 215-806-1526

TWO BEDROOM 18TH & WALLACE Great 2BR 2BA apt, w/All Amens and Deck. $1325+. PMG 215-545-7007 x303 24 T H & B ROW N Great apt, CA, WD, Lg yard, Garage. $1525+. PMG 215-545-7007x303 671 Franklin E $995/mo Great 2BD/1BA condo unit, 1-car parking, courtyard setting. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-440-8345

MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Charming 2Bdrm, Bright, Oversize Closets, All New Carpets Throughout, Intercom Entry, Onsite Prkg, AC, Updated Kitchen/Bathrm. Heat/Water/Gas I n c l . 1 s t m o n t h f re e o n s e l e c t a p t s ! $ 1 02 0/ M o. 2 1 5 - 4 82- 9 032 . lic# 218586 Northern Liberties, 2BR, 2 Bath, B e a u t i f u l , N ew l y Re n ova te d , Granite Countertops, Stainless A p p l i a n c e s, Ce n t ra l A i r, G D, W/D, Large Backyard, No Pets, o n e m o n t h f re e i f A p r i l 1 s t lease signed,, 1138 N. 4th St., 215-485-1015, $1300/month

OLD CITY Bilevel Loft-Style w/CA, HW floors, Exposed beams, Skylites. Lg LR & EI-kit, DW, FP, 2 Lg Bedrooms w/Great closets, WD. Pet Friendly. Available Now. 215-925-7500 x213 OLD CITY Great Bi-level w/1.5BA, CA , Ce i l i n g fa n s, F P, Ca r p ete d . Open floor plan w/Spacious LR & Dining area, Lg kitchen. Lg Closets, F/S WD, Ceramic Tile full bath. Pet friendly. Available Immed. 215925-7500 x213 RITTENHOUSE SQ. AREA (2013 Walnut/4th Fl) 2 Bedrm, 1 Bath bi-level in brownstone. CA, Gas h e a t, DW, G D, W D, Ca r p ete d . $1250/mo+. 215-627-4414

16th & Oregon $1100/mo 3BD/1BA, newly renovated, w/d, finished basement, yard, hwf. CALL JIM ONESTI PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-440-2052 325 Jackson $1000/mo 3BD/1BA, hwf, finished basement, large yard CALL PAUL CHIN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-2049 QUEEN VILLAGE 2nd fl, 3BR apt, 1BA, HWF, WD, DW. $1750/mo+. Avail 07/01. 215-627-4329


9TH SPRING GARDEN BEAUTIFUL 2BEDR.,TILE BATH,HDWD FLRS., ALL APPLIANCES, A/C, SEC.SYSTEM. $1100/MO+. 610-304-0087 ART MUSEUM 2BR, HW floors, thru out. $975+. 215-247-3616


FA I R M O U N T: C i t y V i e w N o r t h Co nv to U n i ve rs i t i es. 2 B R 1 BA , Updated kit/bath w/Marble flrs, CA. Pool, 24hr sec. Laundry on fl. $1600/mo Utils incld. Avail 04/01. 215-640-0570 x2

2BR, HW floors, C/A, D/W, Basement, W/D, Yard, Dog Friendly. AVAIL. APRIL! $1515/mo. MSRE, 215-925-RENT(7368),

ITALIAN MKT: 10th/Federal 2BR, CA, 1BA, WD. $1350+. 215-922-3910. MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Lrg 2bdrm, Renovated Kitch/Bathrm, Patio/Balc Laundry, Gym, Pool, Tennis/ Basketball Crts, Free Shuttle to Main Street Manayunk, Pets Welcome. From $1220/Mo. 888-538-9667. Ask about how you can receive FREE Furniture for 1 Year! EXECUTIVE SHORT TERM FURNISHED SUITES AVAILABLE. lic# 218436


RODEWAY INN- 1208 Walnut Daily from $69. Weekly from $350. Monthly rates available. hotel/pa271 Call Bobby/Lalit, 215546-7000

ROOMMATE/ SHARING ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM. Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: N o r t h e r n L i b e r t i es, 2 ro o m s available in 6BR House, 3 Bath, n o p e t s, w w w. g a s h e a r t .c o m , 234 Brown St., 215-485-1015, $495 or $595 South Philly New Bold Area 1900 S 20th Street - 2 story house, full use of house. 10 minutes from Center City. Perfect for college students. Share utilities. Call 267-879-8373 leave message

11th & Cherry Sts 1st fl store front, 1550 sq ft + basment 1,400 sq f t. A/C, showroom windows, corn prop $2,400 /mo info call Bob 215-882-1187 319 N 11th St 3500 Sq Ft 1st fl back, great for office studios or work shop, high ceilings $2,900/ month. Call Bob (215) 882-1187 35 N. Front #C $1350/mo Unique bi-level commercial space, vaulted, exposed brick. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215440-8345

PARKING SPACE 16TH & PINE Gated parking Spot available for June 1st. $240/mo. 215-733-0480 9TH & PINE Parking spot available June 1st. $185/mo. 215-733-0480



THREE + BEDROOMS 10TH & SNYDER-4BEDRMS., 1ST FLR., 1.5BATHS, CARPET, FULL B S M T. , $ 1 1 5 0/ M O. + . 61 0 -3 0 40087.

11TH & CHRISTIAN-GREAT LOC! 4BDRMS., 2FULL BATHS, C/A, H D W D/ F L R S . , D E C K , B K YA R D, W/D. MUST SEE! $2400/mo.+. 610-304-0087.

FISHTOWN 2sty apt, 2BR, 2BA, Jac tub. FP, W/W, $950/mo+ Utils. Call 215-669-7965

13TH & SPRUCE- Parker Hotel C C . Fu l l y Fu r n’d R m s , n o s e c . d e p o s i t . U t i l s & h o u s e ke e p i n g incld. WK: $165-$203; Day: $50-$66. 215-735-2300.


MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Spacious Stone Farmhouse, 6 Lrg Bdrms 2.5 Baths, HW Flrs, Fireplace, 2 Porches, Deck, Separate DR, LR, & Den, Modern Kitchen, Laundry, Private Driveway/Parking, 2 Car G a ra g e, H u g e Ya rd . $ 29 0 0/m o. 888-538-9667 lic# 218436 QUEEN VILLAGE: 3BR, 2BA w/CA. $1650+. Call for details: 215-922-3910. WEST PHILA 2BR, Nice block. CA, Bkyd, Near trans. $665/mo ($1665 to move-in). 215-715-0878


office Space ImmedIate occupancy 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets. Views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service.

Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.


GALLERY-STUDIO-OFFICE SPACE ACROSS FROM PAINTED BRIDE ART CENTER 2300 sq. ft. space w/ Vine Street Front Door and large Windows and 10’ 6” ceilings. Plus 2300 sq. ft of usable basement. Back of space has 2 bedrooms/offices 1.5 baths and full kitchen. Living and work space adaptable to user needs. MARINER’S COURT APT BLDG

215-925-7500 ext 213 OLD CITY, FRONT & MARKET: BILEVEL, CA, 600sq.ft. $850+Utls. Renzi Management. 800-514-3235


WASHINGTON SQ Office Space - Immediate occupancy of 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets, with views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service. Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.


A career ser vices provider for Employment Seekers, Employers and Recruiters

RITT SQ AREA Room w/Fridge & Micro (No kitchen) Incl Heat/Hot water. $650+. 215-806-1526

13TH & MOORE VIC. 2nd flr, $625/ mo +gas/elect/heat. Leave message. 856-858-5603

B E L L A V I S TA- 1 B E D R M . , R EDUCED-$698/MO.+. D.J. CILIONE RE 215-271-7070, ext. 14.

COMMERCIAL SPACE OLD CITY- Store Retail, Office, or other. Approx 600SF, 3rd above Cherry. Ellyn, 267-984-3938; Joe 267-808-0558



OLD CITY Lg Bright Studio w/WD, CA, High ceilings, HWF. Updated Kitch/BA. Avail now. $875+ Elec. 215-733-0480

11XX E. PASSYUNK AVE.-1BEDRM. APT. REDUCED $698/MO.+UTILS. D.J. CILIONE R.E. 215-271-7070 Ext. 14.

ROOM FOR RENT 1 24 L O M B A R D, H E A D H O U S E SQUARE, SOCIETY HILL. “TOKIO B&B” STUDIOS. ($55-$100) DAILY rates. ($300-$500) WEEKLY rates. We also have MONTHLY rates AVA I L . We bs i te h tt p : / /s u s h i . Call MADAME SAITO 215-922-2515

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

3600 Horizon Blvd., Suite GL-1 | Trevose, PA 19053


TWO BEDROOM MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Lrg 2Bdrm Apt, Rent Incls All Utilities! Balc, Upgraded Kitch, Lrg Floor to Ceiling Closets, Pool, Gym Membership, Walk to Bus, Shuttle to Main St Manayunk. $1265/Mo. 215-482-4246. lic# 215101

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


9th & Pine 830 Pine Street 832 Pine Street 12th & Spruce 1122 Spruce 1122 Spruce


3bd/2bath newly renov. gran. counters, w/d, c/a, h/w 1bd h/w floors on-site laundry french doors 1bd’s/1bath, h/w c/a shared roof top deck, laun. 2BD/2BA, newly renovated, H/W, utilities inc. Studio’s/1bath h/w c/a utilities inc. laundry on site 1b’ s/1bath h/w, utilities incl., c/a laundry on site

$1960 $1200 $1050 $1350 $750-$860

make your home part of the story.



928 E. Moyamensing 1BD/1BA. h/w, c/a shared flat, laundry on premises 928 E. Moyamensing 1BD/1BA Bi-level, loft style bedroom, h/w. c/a laundry..

oLd cITy

Office, 1st flr, bi-lev, priv. entrance, C/A, 700 sq. ft $750 1bd/bilevel private yard, granite countertops, stainless appliances, $1250 c/a w/d h/w and tile


Willow Grove Ave 2 BD/1 bath, H/W, incl. heat, hot water & cooking gas $910 Willow Grove Ave Garages/storage spaces available $125 Willow Grove Ave 1bd/1 bath h/w on site parking, laundry on site heat, hot water and cooking gas inc.



415 Church Rd 1BD/1BA H/W Heat & Hot Water incl. Laudry 7901 High School Rd. 2BR/1bath, H/W heat and hot water Incl. laundry on site

$750 $950


87 S. Lansdowne Ave 1BD/1BA, H/W, heat, hw/cook. gas incl., laundry $675 - $725 83 S. Lansdowne Ave 2BD/1BA, Heat, H/W, Cooking Gas inc., Laundry $850 - $950 89 E Baltimore Pike 2bd/1bath: H/W, big deck, new kitchen, inc: Heat, H/W $875 - $890

The Lofts at Logan View

The Packard Motor Car Building: 317 N. Broad Street • 215-351-0930 The Old Quaker Building: 3514 Lancaster Avenue • 215-222-2233 The Metropolitan at Love Park: 117 N. 15th Street • 215-854-0729 The Lofts at Logan View: 1666 Callowhill Street • 215-569-9625 The Touraine: 1520 Spruce Street • 215-735-8618 The Chocolate Works: 231 N. 3rd Street • 215-351-1535 Open House Hours: Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri 10-6 Wed 10-8 • Sat 10-5 Sun Noon-5

ichael inger Real Estate

point. click. REAL ESTATE!

Front & Market Front & Market

$980 $1200

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


At hom e with chArActer

over 50 years in the real estate business We manage a wide range of apartment homes in great neighborhoods, including:

RittenhouSe SquARe • old City • FitleR SquARe WAShington SquARe WeSt

215.925.Rent (7368)

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE/FITLER SQUARE 22ND & KATER Two Bedroom townhome, HW floors, C/A, D/W, Basement, W/D, Yard, Dog Friendly. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,515

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

23RD & PINE One Bedroom across from beautiful Fitler Sq Park, HW floors, D/W, Heat/Hot water included, Laundry. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,165 21ST & WALNUT Spacious One Bedroom, HW floors, C/A, High ceilings, Laundry on premises. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,250

• 52

23RD & JUDSON olD CiTY The ChaTham FiTler Commons ClinTon PlaCe The imPerial Two Bedroom townhome, HW floors, Basement, W/D, Lots of storage, Yard, In addition to being Built in an era when A historic building in Well-maintained, Next to the Avenue Dog Friendly. AVAILABLE MAY! $1,375 home to the Liberty Bell, 21ST & LOCUST craftsmanship and an upscale, residential of the Arts. Whether Handsome Independence Hall and Charming Studio in Brownstone w/Private entrance, HW floors, attention to detail neighborhood. We many other attractions, you’re a student just Laundry on premise. AVAILABLE MAY! $735 historic building were paramount, face Fitler Square and restaurants, clubs and getting started or WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST/AVENUE OF THE ARTS/QUEENS VILLAGE facing Kahn Park theaters within walking The Chatham is are one block to a looking for a Center 10TH & CLINTON and Antique Row! distance, this a great a residence of Studio on tree lined street, HW floors, All utilities included, Laundry number of fine neighCity apartment that’s Bright place to live. on premise. AVAILABLE MID-APRIL! $725 Near Jefferson elegance in the borhood restaurants, near everything, the 2ND & MARKET Rittenhouse University & UniWe have beautifully cafes and shops. Imperial is a great Bi-Level One Bedroom, Modern appliances, Spiral staircase, HW floors, D/W, Square area. renovated 1 and 2 W/D, C/A. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,085 versity of the Arts. place to call home! 7TH & FITZWATER bedroom apartments All Utilities Included convenient to Penn. Heat/Hot water Heat/Hot water Gas included. in historic Old City with Adorable Two Bedroom House, Bella Vista neighborhood, HW floors, Washer/ and Doorman Dryer, Basement, Yard, Dog Friendly. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,285 unique characteristics. included. included. building. 1117 Spruce Street • Philadelphia, PA 19107 • •

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Main Line Office GREAT RATES 333 EHOMEOWNERS Lancaster, Wynnewood ®

GREAT HOMEOWNERS RATES. PhiladelPhia local office

610-896-7100 215.477.2000 Main Line Office

333 E Lancaster, Wynnewood


Homeowner’s and renters coverages are written through non-affiliated insurance companies and are secured through Insurance Counselors Inc., the GEICO Property Agency, doing business as GEICO Insurance Agency in CA, MA, MI, NJ, NY, OK, SD, UT. Homeowner’s insurance is not available in all states. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or companies. Government Employees Insurance Co. • GEICO General Insurance Co. • GEICO Indemnity Co. • GEICO Casualty Co. These companies are subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The GEICO gecko image. © 1999-2008. GEICO: Washington, DC

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Society Hill, WaSH. Sq. WeSt Offering flex-lease

Large 2 story, 1 Bdrm maisonette $1295 Lovely 1 bdrm, hdwd flrs $1095

Property Management Group,Ltd 215.545.7007

A Good Sign 22nd & Spruce – Very Cool Studio apt, Incl Heat. Avail. Now! $650+ 23rd & Christian – Huge 1BR apt, Close to everything. Great space. $825+ 13th & Spruce - Great 1BR apt in very cool building, Incl Hot water. $865+ 13th & Lombard - Very cool 3BR house on quaint street w/All amenities. $1550+

We Offer Full Management and Leasing Services




Sky Deck Featuring: 10-Person Hot Tub, Outdoor Dining & Grilling Area• 24/7 Concierge & On-Site Management • Exquisite, Sleek Finishes - Bamboo Floors, Window Walls & Marble Baths • State-of-theArt Fitness Center • Spacious Clubroom • Fitzwater ’s Pub • Conference Room • Dranoff Lifestyle Access Card

LovELy 1 bDrm, NEw kIT $1395 Winter rates up to $50 off!!


Mon-Fri 10-6


Sat 10-5

To Advertise Call: 215-599-7622

Sun 12-5


FIRSTMONTHFREE!When you sign a 13 month lease by April 15, 2011. Call our leasing office today to start living smart 215.772.0777 OPEN HOUSE DAILY


• 54

www. philadelphia weekly .com

Where to live.

$600 Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $600 Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $650-$700 $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, MANY laundryMORE APARTMENTS AVAILABLE!


$770-995 $575-1000 $850-950 $700-1000 $750-1100 $875-1000 $875-1700 $800-850 $850-995 $995-1100 $995 $995-1350 $950-1750 $825-1375 $1950 $700 $600-675 $375 $625 $600 $700 $600

Peter Anthony deFeo I 610.565.2000

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Condos & Townhouses ONE BEDROOM 1008 Spruce St 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, hrd.flrs, fireplace,hi-ceilings,laundry


265A S. 4th St 1 Br.,. 1 Bath, bi-level loft br, wood carpets, parking, c/a, w&d


TWO BEDROOMS 1628 S. 9th St (Morris St) Two bedrooms, 1 bath, w/w carpet, w&d in the building 746 South St. (3R) 2 Brs., 1 Bath, small deck, c/a,w&d, wood floors Available 04-08-11

$700.00 $1,300.00

TOWNHOUSES 790 S. Front St 1 Bedroom, Den, 1 Bath Courtyard trinity,c/a,w&d garden,patio


1027 Carpenter Beautiful 3 Brs., 2 Baths, parking, c/a, wood floors, yard Avail. 7/1


1323 E. Montgomery (Fishtown) 3 Brs., 2 Baths, c/a, w&d, large decked-yard avail. 4/15


COMMERCIAL 25th & Wharton Sts. G-2 warehouses, garages, offices, 800sq. ft to 16,000 sq. ft avail. $7-$9 sq.ft. 761 S. 4th St 900 sq.ft. retail store, C-2, plus basement, window a/c, yard


1429 S. 23 rd St 2nd floor, 4500 sq.ft,C-3, bathroom, gas heat, c/a, ramp access


838 South St. 600 sq.ft. retail store, hi-traffic block, bathroom, c/a, avail. now


341 W. Girard Ave (NE Corner 4th & Girard) Retail store, C-2, 800 sq.ft.,bath, c/a,





Annmarie or John or John (215)Annmarie 636-0100 Annmarie or John (215) 636-0100 636-0100 Nancy or(215) Nancy orEllen Ellen Nancy or Ellen (215)(215) 546-9247 546-9247 (215) 546-9247




W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Walnut & 23rd 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood, laundry RITTENHOUSE Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. Walnut & 23rd- Bright Studio’s, HW floors, Laundry. $720 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard Fab 1 &12BD bi-level’s, H/W, Laundry. Pine & 21stPine & 22nd & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. $1125-$1300 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C $1095-$1350 Walnut & 20th- Sunny 1 BD’s, H/W, Laundry, Elevator. Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location AVE OF THE ARTS Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's Broad & Spruce- Renovated Studios & 1BD’s, W/D. Heat included. Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. $770-995 Walnut &&23rd 1 &1Bd 2Bd's,&hardwood, laundry $750-$1000 Lombard 2Bd,hardwood, w/d, hardwood, laundry $770-995 Walnut9th & 23rd 1 & 2Bd's, laundry $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D $850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard $850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard $700-1000 Pine &&22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. Spruce 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, Pine12th & 22nd2Bd, 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. laundry $700-1000 QUEEN $750-1100 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level,VILLAGE A/C Lombard 23rd World, 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C hardwood $750-1100 Spruce & 16th& Old 1 & 2Bd's, Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $875-1000 & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $875-1000 Christian &Chestnut 1st1 BD’s, HW fl oors, AC. Art Lombard Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, $875-1700$825 & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 Deck, & 2Bd's Parking $875-1700 Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's $800-850 Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. Old City FabNew & 2Bd's, deck 1 & mod 2 BD’s w/New kitchen & W/W. $850-$1150 Christian &Broad 5th$800-850 & ultra Spruce Mod 11Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. $850-995 Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry $850-995 Lombard & 9th 1Bd2&bath, 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry University City 3Bd, totally renovated $995-1100 Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D 1BD, AC, Laundry. $720 South & 5th$995-1100 Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundryNice Studio$995 Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely $995 Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry Private Entrance $575 Bainbridge &&3rdOld World, 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood $995-1350 Q.V.Spruce 3rd &16th Bambridge 1Studio. W/W, C/A$995-1350 Spruce & 16th Old World, 1&& 2Bd's, 2Bd's, hardwood $950-1750 Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, Parking $950-1750 Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & Studio, 3Bd's, W/D,hardwood, Deck, ParkingHeat incl. Spring Garden 19th $825-1375 Old City Fab ultra&mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck $825-1375 Old City Fab ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck $1950 University & City18th 3Bd, 2Mod bath, totally renovated Fairmount 1Bd, C/A,renovated W/D $1950 University City 3Bd,ART 2 bath, totally MUSEUM $700 Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio Spring& Garden Nice Studio Mt.Q.V. Vernon 21stCollonade-Extremely Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry$600-675 $700 3rd & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A Brown & 27th1BD’s, Bi-level, W/W, AC, WD. Parking. $1000+ $600-675 Q.V. Lg & Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A $375 Wallace & 3rd 20th 1Bd,Studio, parquet floors, Spring Garden & 19th hardwood, Heatyard incl. $375 Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. Fairmount & 18th Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D Spacious Studio & 1BD, H/W, Laundry. Avail$625 Now.$625 Pennsylvania & 26thAspen & 26th 1Bd, laundry Fairmount & 18thW/W, Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D 215-627-6005 215-763-2100 215-893-9800 215-546-0550

To See the Following, Call Andy Oei (215)790-5230 2101-17 Chestnut Street #818-Comfy 2BR/1BA, Wood Floors, Gym, Doorman, All Utilities Incl ........................................................$1,550 2001 Hamilton Street #2114-Deluxe 2BR, Skyline Vuws, Wd Fl, Grmt Kit, All Utils Incl .......................................................................$1,950 111 S 15th Street #2310-Deluxe 1BR, Skyline Views, Gourmet Kit, Marble Bath, Drmn...................................................................$1,650 1705 Spruce Street #2F-1bd/1ba Lrge Opn Flpln Nat Light 2nd flr front. Ritt Sq Park ....................................................................$1,550

121-35 Walnut Street #204-3B/3.5b at the Moravian, high end, HW floors, 1 car grg .......................................................................$5,995 To See the Following, Call Lisa Budnick 215-790-5227 1714 Locust Street-4fl bi-lvl 1BD /1.5BA.................................$1,700 To See the Following, Call Kheon Benjamin (215)731-4106 1001-13 Chestnut Street #902W-1Bd/1Ba charming condominium all utilities included ................................................................$1,400 1001-10 Chestnut Street #401E-1BR/1BA-Loft Style Condo w/stun flr plan & fab spiral stairs .......................................................$1,300

To See the Following, Call Christopher Phan 215-521-1537 310 S 12th Street #3R-Studio,includes cooking gas,hot water,heat,tenant pays elec........................................................$950

To See the Following, Call Mark Wade 215-521-1523 315 New Street #103-2 bd/2 ba,lrg wndws,washer/dryer + parking. ...................................................................................$1,895 1352 South Street #202-1 bd/1.5 ba,hw flrs,granite& SS,exp duck work,Wall of wndws. ...............................................................$2,195

To See the Following, Call Ellen Rohlfing 215-875-3356 1709 Panama Street-1br, 1b, 1car private grge, new kit & b, hw flrs, sunny, W/D ...............................................................................$2,500 To See the Following, Call John Featherman 215-790-5221 1213-15 Locust Street #C-Pristine 1B/1den/1b in WashWest hi-end thru-out orig details ................................................................ $3,600 2223 Locust Street #2F-Bi-level 2B/1b in Rit Sq, HW flrs thru-out, a/c, shared w/d .......................................................................$1,850 1324 Locust Street #1404-Corner studio at Arts, Fit ctr, 24/7 security, all util incl .................................................................$1,095 104-6 S 13th Street #5-Lrg 1B/1b in Wash Sq West, hi-end kit & bath, hi-ceil w/d ac ................................................................ $1,750 241 S 6th Street #311-Reno 1B/1b at Independence Place, hi-end kit, w/d, 24/7 sec ................................................................... $1,595 1337 S Clarion Street-3B/1b in Passyunk Sq renovated eat-in kit, patio, full bsmnt ...................................................................... $1,495 814 South Street #2-Lux 2B/2b bi-level home on South St hi-end kit patio w/d ac .............................................................................$1,995


An Independently Owned and Operated Member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

To See the Following, Call Mike McCann (215) 440-8345 671. Franklin Place #E-2 bd/1 ba apartment w/hw flrs, marble bath and parking.................................................................................$995 352 Jackson Street-3 bd/1 ba w/hrwd floors on 1st flr,fin bsmt,spac kit,lrg yd...................................................................................$1,000 134 Krams Avenue-3 bdrm + den,lrg backyard & full bsmt. .................................................................................................$1,500 832-36 Lombard Street-5 bd/3 full and 2 half baths,2-car garage. ...............................................................................................$12,500 609 N 34th Street #3RD FL-2 bd unit w/new kit,hw flrs,lots of wndws. .......................................................................................$975 335 N Water Street #C-Bi-lev commerical space or opportunity for res conversion .........................................................................$1,350 1345 S 19th Street-3 bd/2 1/2 ba,hw flrs t/o,kit w/SS/Granite,mstr ste w/dk. .................................................................................$1,895 762 S 19th Street #1-1 bd/1 ba 1st flr unit,SS applncs,fantastic rear yard. ...........................................................................................$950 1437 S 4th Street-Rehab 4 bd/2.5 ba,hw flrng,kit w/Granite & SS,patio,dk...............................................................................$1,700 2633 S Chadwick Street-Renov 3 bdrm/1 bth,hrwd flrs,semi-fin bsmt,C/A,washer/dryer. ...........................................................$1,150 2048 South Street #1R-1st flr studio w/hw flrs, new kit,W/ D,includes all utilities ............................................................. $1,050 39 Strawberry Street #3F-Huge Bi-Level 1 bd/1 ba tile kit,lots of closet. ......................................................................................$1,350 3425 Tilden Street-Cute 2-story 3 bd home in East Falls w/grg + porch front. .............................................................................$1,050

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

To See the Following, Call David Snyder 267.968.8600 2332-38 Carpenter Street #2A-2 bdrms,stainless steel appln,bamboo flrs,cstm bath...................................................$1,550 2332-38 Carpenter Street #3D-2 bd,1 ba,SS applns,bamboo flrs,W/D. ...................................................................................$1,450 2730 Parrish Street-3 bd/1.5 ba,exp brk/fpl,fin bsmt,1,000 sq ft of living space..............................................................................$1,800 38 S 3rd Street #1-Contemporary space in Old City for use as retail or office....................................................................................$2,800 1936 Spruce Street #1-Spectacular corner office space,steps from Rittenhse Sq ............................................................................$5,000

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


tHe lanesborouGH

1601 locust street center city one 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, high ceil1326 spruce street ings, hardwood floors throughout, chefs kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, city skyline views, balcony, washer and magnificent entertaining space, luxurious master $9,750 $1,895 suite, 3467 sf dryer in unit, 1209 sf

rittenhouse square 1909 fitzwater street 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, wood floors, renovated kitchen and bath $1,500

1830 rittenHouse square

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, kitchen and baths renovated, bay windows, 1136sf $2,990

tHe warwicK

1701 locust street Spacious Studio with city views, hardwood floors, marble bath, high-end kitchen, walk-in closet, 423 sf 237 s. 18tH street $1,375 1 bedroom, 1 bath, coffered ceilings, new kitchen and bath, lots of light, 825 sf $2,000 tHe dorcHester 2 bedroom, 2 bath, open kitchen, hardwood 226 w. rittenHouse square floors throughout, 180 degree city views, 1075 sf Efficiency, sunset views, wood floors, 359 sf $1,100 $2,875 Studio, generous closet space, galley kitchen, over$1,300 looks landscaped courtyard, 528 sf tHe carlyle Junior 1 bedroom on a high floor, balcony, excellent 2031 locust street $1,550 1 bedroom, 1 bath, city view, 595 sf $1,350 natural light, 609 sf

tHe barclay

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, corner unit, 928 sf $1,825 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, sunset views, excellent closet space, spacious living areas, 1164sf $2,300 3 bedrooms, unobstructed city views, bonus den/ study & nursery, generous living space, 2137 sf.

127 s. 18tH street

1 bedroom, 1 bath, open floor plan with large kitchen, fireplace, 715 sf $1,525

tHe rittenHouse

210 w, rittenHouse sq. $3,750 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, hardwood floors, marble baths, kitchen with upmarket stainless steel appliparc rittenHouse Studio, excellent natural light, wood floors, marble ances and granite countertops, 1037 sf $2,875 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, large kitchen, baths ap$1,435 bath, open kitchen, 425 sf pointed in marble, oversized windows with magJunior 1 bedroom, lots of natural light, wood floors, nificent sunset views, 1318 sf $3,750 $1,825 2 bedrooms plus den, new designer kit., 2.5 marble bath, open kitchen, 493 sf 1 bedroom, wood floors, marble bathroom, new kitch- marble baths, huge balcony with city views, $1,975 2122 sf en, pool club views, 686 sf $6,950 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, wood floors, open kitchen, $3,250 marble baths, split floor plan, 1229 sf society hill 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, private deck on rooftop pool society Hill towers club, open upgraded kitchen, marble baths, wood 200-220 locust street floors, 1272 sf $3,850 units include all utilities

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Studio, great closet space, city views, floor-to-ceiling windows, 504 sf $1,165 2020 walnut street 1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, floor-to-ceiling units include pool & fitness center windows with magnificent river & city views, 700sf studio, open kitchen, generous closet space, large $1,500 bay window, 548 sf $1,285 Corner 1 bedroom, 1 bath, woof floors, unob1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, open kitchen, structed city views, 775 sf $1,775 great closet space, 705 sf $1,490 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, floor-to-ceiling windows, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, renovated kitchen and bath, Society Hill views, 1200 sf $2,100 custom-built closeet, 705sf $1,550 2 bedrooms 2 baths, high floor, panoramic city 22 st. jaMes court views, 1200 sf $2,475 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, high ceilings, privateoutdoor entrance, 1602sf $2,000

wanaMaKer House

abbott’s square 530 s 2nd street 1 bedroom, 1 bath, open kitchen, great closet space, bi-level 639 sf $1,250 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, bi-level, deck, large living room, separate dining area, 989sf $1,500

washington square stricKland row

1014 spruce street 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, bi-level, wood floors, open kitchen $1,700

independence place

233-241 s 6tH street 1 bedroom, 1 bath, W/D, generous closet space, 777sf $1,455 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, W/D, wood floors, renovated kitchen, 928 sf $1,475

tHe lippincott

227 s. 6tH street 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors throughout, open chefs kitchen, designers baths, great closets, 1710 sf


HopKinson House

604-36 s. wasHinGton square Studio with alcove on a high floor overlooking $1,375 Washington Square, balcony, 600 sf 1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor with a panoramic $1,490 river & city views, balcony, 778 sf Deluxe 1 bedroom, 1 bath on a high floor, $1,690 balcony, Washington Square views 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, balcony, wood floors, $2,250 generous closet space, 1200 sf

waterfront pier 3, 3 n. coluMbus blvd.

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, terrace, large kitchen, one garage parking space, 1300 sf $1,900

coMMercial sPace

2031 Locust Street Professional Office Space in secure apartment building, 958 sf $1,150 1830 Rittenhouse - Prime Rittenhouse Square office space, 754 sf $2,100 250 S. 18th Street – Prime ground floor corner retail/office space on Rittenhouse Square, 1857 sf $7,500 NNN 1742 Sansom Street - 2nd floor retail space on highly trafficked corner or 18th and Sansom Streets, 1000 sf $1,850 NNN 133 S. 18th Street – Ground floor corner retail space, excellent visibility on 18th Street shopping corridor $9,000 NNN 1601 Locust Street - 1st floor and lower level of prestigious Lanesborough condo, ideal for restaurant or offices, 4700 sf $11,000 NNN

Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500

• 56

For a complete list of our rental properties, please visit

Studio, one, two and three bedroom homes

One block from Rittenhouse Square

24 hour doorman

State-of-the-art fitness center

Pet friendly

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


2031 Locust Street

1 bedroom, 1 bath, 567sf- $1,350

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1164sf- $2,300

1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, 934sf- $1,675

Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs”

57 • • •

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

3 bedrooms plus den, 3 baths, 2137sf- $3,750

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Welcome to 410 Shurs Lane Mills one of Manayunk’s original mills, circa 1876. Newly constructed, the first phase building features 23 condos with original mill woodwork throughout each unit. Shurs Lane Mill expresses character, beauty, charm and features just about every amenity you could ask for.

open daily & WeeKends

11AM to 5pM 215.564.2333

“23” is just a few blocks from the Square and the entrance to the Schuylkill Expressway. This building offers accessibility to all that Center City Philadelphia has to offer. Terraces and private balconies overlook a magnificent interior courtyard garden. As for the exterior view, enjoy it without the sounds of the city; these units all have soundproof glass windows which open, if needed. From the minute you step inside you’ll find elegance, innovation and distinction of upscale city living. A strikng open lobby greets you, as does stainless steel and stone, with a flowing staircase. Unlike many buildings in the area, elegance hasn’t been saved for simply the homes interiors; the building has premium custom carpet in the hallways with silk moray wall covering. You’ll feel like you’re home before you put the key in the door. Creativity in financing is unique to “23.” It is the only condominium in Center City Philadelphia to offer in-house financing. Currently we offer financing rates at 3.99% up to $417,000, 4.99% up to $650,000, and 5.99% up to $1,500,000. This would be a 30 year fixed mortgage with only 10% down. No closing cost to buyer except for pre-paid items, no PMI, no transfer tax, and on top of all that you still receive a10-year tax abatement.

HoME PrICES rANgE FroM $274,000 To $2.8M

1 & 2 Bedrooms - Starting at $259,000 . First Phase building: 23 units, Second phase building: 38 units . 1 bedrooms with 1.5 bath and 2 bedrooms with 2.5 bath available Amenities . Soaring 9’ ceilings that allow the larger windows to capture more sunlight . gated secured parking lot with ample dedicated parking . Hardwood floors . Subzero refrigerator, Wolf gas stove, granite countertops, 42” cherry cabinets, Kohler double bowl vanity, and washer/ dryer included . Carrier heat and air conditioning Contact Dawn Ciganik, Sales Manager Special Financing to SCheDuLe An AppointMent . Low interest Mortgages, 3.99% only 10% down when qualified. . No Points, No PMI . 2% Transfer Tax Waived . 10 Yr. Tax Abat.

or CeLL 215.519.5978

limited time offer • sign a 14 month lease & receive 2 months free!

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

1 Br - From $1,295 to $2,050 2 Br - From $2,150 to $3,350 1700 WALnut Street . phiLADeLphiA, pA 19103

Studio from $1,000 - $1,150 1 Br - From $1,200 to $2,150 2 Br - From $2,150 to $3,350 1930 CheStnut Street . phiLADeLphiA, pA 19103

1 Br - From $1,375 to $2,050 2 Br - From $2,150 to $2,550 4 0 0 W a l n ut st re e t . p h i l a d e l p h i a , pa 1 9 1 0 6

email our leasing agent: or call 215.778.9439 • mon-fri 8am-6pm . open sat. & sun. by appt. only.

• 58

www.CitybloCkteam.Com rittenhouse square

1709 rodman street Lovely 2BR/2.5bth home. Quiet Ritt. block. Renov. Kitchen/Bths; new roof & systems. Patio, exp. brick, WB FP, HW Flrs. Pristine condition. Wond Mstr Ste. w/cust. WIC. $449,500 1802 pine street, #1f brand new listing Perfect loc & character. Renov. in 2006. 1BR w/Character, incl. 12’ ceilings, Random width Pine Flrs., huge windows. Open Gran & S/S Kitch. $279,000

filter square

2425 naudian street brand new listing 2BR home, w/Large Patio. Open plan, HW Flrs. Amazing Fit Sq Loc. $439,900

bella vista

731 fulton street brand new listing Quality rehab. 2BR home. Brilliantly designed. Think Dwell Magazine; think awesome Bella Vista location. $357,500

washington square west

812 lombard street, #26 Renov. 2BR/2bth home w/2-CAR GRG. New, Gorg. Kitch & Bths. HW Flrs. Great Light. Ct yd setting. Perfect Locat. $474,900 1012 spruCe street, #4r Wonderful 2BR condo w/exc Space & Character. Amaz. Light, HW Flrs t/o. Pool. Awesome locat. $274,900

soCiety hill

700 loCust street, #a1 Perfect 2BR/2bth loft—Amazing sustainable features. 14’ ceil. & huge windowsfishtown overlooking Wash. Sq. Impressive open 2605 memphis street kitchen, dining & living area. HW Flrs. FP. 2006 Renov. 2BR. Great layout. PRKG, great light, amazing volume. 10 Yr Natural light. Patio. Convenient block. Tx Abte. Designed by Carl Massara. $139,900 $1,025,000 1246-54 e. montgomery ave. #7 abbotts square, #744 new listing (530 s. 2nd st.) 2BR/2bth condo. 1140 Sq ft. Built in 1BR/1.5bth Condo. Balcony w/CC Views, 2007. HW Flrs., Deck. H/W Floors, Exc. Layout, New Baths $279,000 w/hi-end marble. $279,000

art museum area

the philadelphian, #4a4 (2401 pennsylvania ave.) Spacious 3BR/2.5bth light filled condo. Art Museum views from lrge. balcony $499,000 1712 green street, #4 brand new listing Renov bi-level 2BR/2bth condo. Quality finishes, HW Flrs t/o, expsd brick. Open Gran & S/S Kitch. $369,000



w w w. c e n t e r c i t y r e a l e s tat e c o . c o m A fAMily owneD business, serving PhilADelPhiA for over 30 yeArs!

graduate neighborhood

banCroft green 706-726 s. banCroft street 11 Award Winning Sustainable 3BR/2.5bth Homes. ONLY 3 LEFT. Best of Philly Green Architect. STOP WASTING $1,000’s/yr. on UTILITIES. Amazing finishes, 10-yr Tax Abte. Spectacular roof patios. $505,000-$579,000

northern liberties

1015 n. orianna street Pristine 4BR/2.5bth home w/3 exp. Best loc. PRKG. S/S&Gran Kitch. Fin Bsmt. Huge Windows & light. Patio. Tax Abte. $499,900 1425 n. 4th street new priCe Clean shell. 2-3 blocks to Piazza & Lib. Walk. $124,900

sale i roxborough 5940 houghton st.

Pristine, move in ready 3BR, 1BA on pretty block. Galley Kitchen w/ New modern appliances. Dining area w/French doors that lead to a nice size deck. Lots of light, wooden floors throughout. Three very nice size bedrooms and a 3 piece bath. Unfinished Basement, it is a garage space that is not being used, can be converted back. Large yard in front and back, possible to park 2 cars in the rear yard. Property is in great condition, ready to move in. Close to transportation on Ridge Ave and Expressway. Reduced! $224,500 sale i filter squAre AreA


rent i grADuAte hosPitAl AreA

Great 2BR House with Den/Office. W/W carpeting, WD, DW, CA. Comes with the convenience of a Garage and has a Garden. $1800.00 4BR, 2BA House . Call for Details. $499,000

Ask About our other AvAilAble sAle & rentAl ProPerties


Center City Real Estate Co., LLC

Fox & Roach, REALTORS®

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

to view all of jeff’s listings & for a comprehensive search of all listings for sale:


2401 south street, Phila Pa 19146 • 215.732.2100

MAriA Dougherty (PresiDent) i ricki hilDebrAnD (broker of recorD)

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.


Palm Beach $129,000

Amazing City Condo $250,000

West Palm Historic $499,500

Private Community $349,000

Incredible 2 bedroom boast amazing Intra Costal and Island viewsThis highly desirable location provides walking to the beach, downtown, and great restaurants. This complex has a private pool, exercise room, and more. Short Sale, ready to sell.

Intra Coastal and Ocean views in exclusive Palm Beach. This pied a terre offers amazing interior and dock space available! This is a great part time residence during the cold North winters. Close to the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons.

Almost 2000 sq feet of incredible space. Balcony across entire unit 15th floors offers fabulous views ofthe golf course and city landscape. Gated community with club houseand easy access to all. Mins from the airport. Many more to choose from!

Incredible value for an outstanding Mediterranean in the Mizner style. Gourmet Kitchen, pool, den, 3/4 bedrooms. Separate Cabana. Luxury living at an incredible price. Pecky cypress, heated pool,and wrought iron accents make this a gem of the city.

Secluded and private cul de sac home, large fenced lot. Provides 4 bedrooms, den, large family room 3.5 baths. Master suite has tons of closets and separate sitting room. Room for a pool or enjoy the tasteful club house. Very low HOA fees.

Many more properties to choose from Call/email now COME ESCAPE THE COLD!

with prices at historical lows, the home of your dreams awaits you. Enjoy the excitement of both the city of west Palm Beach and the Island of Palm Beach with its fabulous shopping on worth Avenue, dining, entertainment and of course our beaches of white sand and blue waters. with direct flights from Philadelphia,

Palm Beach is a great choice. For waterfront, Historical, Golf communities and Condominium properties CALL OR EMAIL FOR GREAT DEALS OR BEGIN yOuR SEARCH AT www.FLORIDAMOVES.COM/DOuGLAS.DRAKE. As leading producer, my specialty is with working without of state clients.

Beautifully appointed home close to water and downtown. Features french doors throughout , heated pool, fireplace lush landscaping, and beautiful Miami Dade Pine. This elegant home is priced for a quick sale. Call or email for pricing.

Douglas Drake, REALTOR Coldwell Banker 2500 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 561-531-9182 drakeemail:

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Fashionable Flagler Drive $150,000


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


275 S. 19th Street - Residence 600

Open House March 27th, 12pm-2pm

Complete 2005 Renovation Loft Condo - Full Floor 1/2 from Rittenhouse Square 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bath $1,185,000 • 2,200 SF. Bryant & Wilde Realty, LLC

210 W. Rittenhouse Sq., Suite 1900 Philadealphia, PA 19103 Diane Bryant: 610.529.8000 Margie Wilde: 215.888.8500 Office: 215.893.6100

vision properties East Passyunk


3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1092 sf. new bath fixtures, kitchen appliances, cabinetry & countertops. Movein Condition! $189,000 Renee Hastings I Vision Properties of DE, LLC I 856.986.7936 I

South PhiladelPhia 1718-20 S 6th Street – 5 Bedrooms. 3-Story Home plus Adjoining Lot. $135,000. 2208 Gerritt Street – 3 Bedrooms. Burned out Shell. $19,500. 2129 Sigel Street – 3 Bedrooms. $47,000. 1734 Reed Street - 3 Bedrooms. 2 Bathrooms. Central Air. Full Basement $65,000.

FIRST TIME BUYERS WHY RENT, WHEN YOU CAN OWN FOR LESS? 10 Year Tax Abatement (you pay approximately $300 per year)*

large New home - PeNNSPort 1321 E. Moyamensing Avenue – 3 Bedrooms. 2 ½ Baths. 18ft. Wide. 10 ft. Ceilings. 2400 square feet. Oversized Bedrooms. Den. W/D. Deck. Large Yard. $469,000.

houSe with garage – grayS Ferry 1517 S Corlies Street – 3 Bedrooms. Hardwood Floors. $49,000.




oxFord CirCle/CaStor 6600, 6602, 6604 Rutland Street – 6 - 1-bedroom apts. Office. Garage. 3 Buildings. $375,000.


Near PaSSyuNk Square


727 Dudley Street – Total Renovation. 3 Bedrooms. Deck. Hardwood Floors. $135,000.

CorNer BuildiNg lotS NewBold South PhiladelPhia ViCiNity 1441-43 Dickinson Street – Approx. 2500 sq ft. Possible Seller Financing. $88,000.

Newly reNoVated graduate hoSPital area 2025 Kimball Street – 3 Bedrooms. 3 ½ Baths. Den. 3 Story Home. Hardwood Floors. New Stainless Steel Appliances. Deck. W/D. $339,000.

Fred r. levine r e a l e s tat e


www. philadelphia weekly .com


MID $200’s

• With today’s rates you put 10% down, your mortgage is only $1,221 per month** • Spacious new townhomes with 2 or 3 bedrooms 11/2 and 21/2 baths & attached 1-car garage • Breathtaking views of the city & River Drive in desirable East Falls / Manayunk • FHA loan approved community low as 3.5% down • Walking Distance to Shopping & Dining • 3.5 miles to Center City •Walk to Fairmount Park • 500 ft from Kelly Drive

Located at Schoolhouse Ln. & Ridge Ave. Mon-Wed, Sat 11-5 | Sun 12–5 Thu & Fri By Appointment



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WESTRUM.COM * See Sales Associate for details. Broker cooperation invited. Prices, features and special offers are subject to change without notice. ** Based on 4.75% rate. These rates vary based on market and credit scores.








16 luxurious condominiums

Fabulous 25’ wide townhouse with 3000 sq. ft., interiors including 4 Bdrms, 3.5 Bths, study, tall ceilings, Fab kitchen, fin. Bsmt, Roof Deck w/ killer Vus, and TWO CAR Garages! 10 Year Tax Abatement! 250 S. Quince Street • $649,000 Gorgeous 3 Bdrm/3 Bth corner Colonial townhouse with fabulous garden features original details and modern amenities. Two car tandem parking at Jessup Street lot included! 705 S. 16th Street • $519,000 P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Spacious 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath townhouse with bamboo floors throughout, great natural light and 6 years remain on the tax abatement! 771-75 S. 2nD Street • $399,999 REDUCED! Beautifully ren. bi-level condo in Neziner Court. 2 brs. with walk-in closets, 2 bths, powder room, cook’s kitchen, laundry closet, dining area is open to a spacious living room with handsome fireplace. Private GATED PARKING.

Greg Williams

Eden Silverstein

1518 South clarion Street • $259,900 Come home to this perfectly proportioned townhouse on one of the quaintest blocks in highly sought-after Passyunk Square. This 2br, 1ba home has been thoughtfully upgraded throughout. The convenient location and pristine condition make this home a real winner.

2432 e. Firth Street • $239,900

Sean Kaplan

Michael Hilferty

nationally rankeD within the “top 100” SaleS teamS by pruDential real eState aFFiliateS For 2007!

JUST LISTED! Double-Property! 3-story house w/aside lot features 3BR, den, 2BA, LR, exposed brick, DR, beautiful EIK, rear cemented patio, H/W flrs. t/o, C/A & a master suite with full bath and large closets, full unfinished basement.


REALTORS 530 Walnut Street, Suite 260 • Philadelphia, PA 19106 • 215.440.8013 / 215.627.6005 • •


just off rittenhouse square

756 South Dorrance Street • $799,000

John Brown


w w w. L e C r i l l o n P h i l a d e l p h i a . c o m



& Co., inC For an appointment

Call: BarBara

G r e e n F i e l d





For short

36 Blue Bell Condominiums up for AuCtion


Village of oxford Community will be sold out on april 3rd withminimum bids starting at $75,000 blue bell, pa – february 28, 2011 – with minimum bids starting at just $75,000, 36 two- and three-bedroom condominiums in blue bell, pa., that had previously been on the market for as much as $301,400 are set to go on the auction block in april. max spann real estate & auction Co., the prominent national real estate auction house, has scheduled the auction for sunday, april 3, 2011 at 1 p.m. at the philadelphia marriott west, 111 Crawford ave, west Conshohocken, pa. the condominiums are in the oxford of blue bell community located just minutes from the pa turnpike at the crossroads of the north east extension. the 47-acre community is in the highly rated wissahickon school district and is convenient to the blue route and the pennsylvania turnpike, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment.


¶I re-think real estate: Question: i made an offer for a house that was a short sale. after my offer was accepted and the contract had been sent to escrow, i noticed the house still listed as “active” on the multiple listing service. the listing agent claimed that he kept receiving inquiries on the property, and used that to push me to remove inspection and loan contingencies. he said he would only mark the home “pending” once i had removed contingencies. is it possible for the seller to accept a second buyer’s offer after accepting mine (even if the later offer comes with a higher price? Don’t they need me to sign a release before they do that? if they do accept another offer and go with the second offer, do i have any legal right for compensation? (i believe this would be a “breach of contract” case, but can you confirm it?) a: Talk about two sides of the same coin! One of you is in contract on a short sale and concerned about whether a second, higher offer could usurp their position. The other is trying to usurp a first-position contract on a short sale. A little education about this area of the short-sale realm will answer both your questions. Short sales differ from “regular” sales in that a short-seller is selling a home at a net price (after the seller’s closing costs) below what the seller owes on the home. As a result, all mortgage lenders and holders of liens on the property must approve the sale before it can take place. Procedurally, what happens is a buyer makes an offer on the property and the seller accepts that offer and generally requires that the buyer agree to a short-sale addendum, which significantly alters the normal flow of the contract, COntinUeD On PaGe 65>>>

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


preview date: 3/23 • 4-6pm

max spann r e A l e s tA t e & A u C t i o n C o m pA n y

888.299.1438 i www.mAxspAnn.Com

close out sale • bids from $75,000 • sunday, april 3 • 1:00pm



275 S. 19th Street - Residence 600


March 27th, 12pm-2pm

Complete 2005 Renovation Loft Condo - Full Floor

1936-38 Delancey Place. Rittenhouse Sq. 2-3 car garage, roof deck, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, elevator, eat-in kitchen, large living room, hardwood floors, 4 fireplaces. $1,725,000


Open House

1/2 from Rittenhouse Square 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bath $1,185,000 • 2,200 SF. Bryant & Wilde Realty, LLC

210 W. Rittenhouse Sq., Suite 1900 Philadealphia, PA 19103 Diane Bryant: 610.529.8000 Margie Wilde: 215.888.8500 Office: 215.893.6100


WAVERLY STEET Rittenhouse Sq. Fabulous house w/ a garden & garage, huge open living room, dining room & new kitchen, 12+’ ceilings, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, gym, deck. $1,265,000


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Philadelphia Realty


2531 Clarion St.

925 Catharine St.

2610 S. 15th St.

2519 S. 15th St.

We Will Help Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

2332 Bouvier St.

1843 Wolf St.

429 Watkins St.

2320 Chadwick St.

2020 Bonsall St.

1820 Etting St.

2733 Cleveland St.

439 Wolf St.

2745 Darien St.

1007 Winton St.




point. click. REAL ESTATE!

CHERRY HILL/ CHARLESTON RIDING Gorgeous 4 BR, 2.5 bath Contemporary surrounded by tranquil woods & custom landscaping. HW flrs., main flr. library & Entertainment/Media Rm. w/ cusNEW LISTING tom built-ins & wet bar w/ granite counters. Gourmet Kitch. w/ cust. natural stone flrs., center island, Jenn Air double wall ovens, Sunroom & Breakfast Rm. Master BR w/custom walk in closet thru Master bath. Finished Basement, expansive grounds w/ a nature trail, peaceful Koi pond & 2 car detached gar. w/ gardening rm...Realistically priced at $729,000

HADDONFIELD Magnificent custom home on a gorgeous landscaped lot with fountains, ponds and total privacy. Rich in architectural details and finishes. This Home has 5 BR, 6.5 baths, cherry, Siberian oak & porcelain slate floors, grand windows, doors and artistic lighting. A dramatic 19’ ceiling crowns the Great Room & has remote controlled skylights. 7 heating/AC zones w/radiant heat in floors. This home has an endless pool, gym, office, elevator & beautiful finished basement with custom wine cellar. ...Realistically priced at $3,950,000

CHERRY HILL/ WILDERNESS RUN Beautiful, expanded Pond & Spitz Contemporary on wooded, corner lot with 4 BR, 4.5 baths, 2 car garage & in-ground pool w/ Kid Safety fencing. Large Family Room with wood burning fireplace, custom wet bar. Huge Playroom. Gourmet Kitchen with hidden paneled, professional appliances and onyx stone granite counters. Master Suite with gas FP, an Office, walk-in dressing room and custom 2 person shower w/ natural stone surround and custom glass block, curved wall enclosure. 2nd floor Laundry & Jack-n-Jill bath for BRs 3 and 4...Realistically priced at $749,900

MOORESTOWN Magnificent Dr. Stokes’ Home w/ 6 BR, 5.5 bath, Carriage House, 2 car garage & heated inground pool. Original plaster ceiling details, crown moldings & HW NEW PRICE floors thru-out. FR with vaulted pine plank ceiling, custom built-ins with rolling Library ladder. Kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances, granite counters & custom cabinetry. Master Suite w/ separate sitting room & bath w/ natural stone floors, Jacuzzi tub & vault. ceiling. Sep. Carriage House w/ Game Room, Exercise Rm.& Sauna. Upper level w/ HW floors, wood stove, full service bar & 2 full baths....Realistically priced at $1,399,900









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THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JOSH, NICOLE & STEVEN Now more than ever, EXPERIENCE counts… that is why you need to call our Aunt Anne, because she has the EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE to help you in selling or buying a ho me. For all your Real Estate Needs, give our Aunt Anne a call today at 856-795-4709


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271 S 4th Street-Grand 5B/3.5b cook’s kit,wd flrs,7 fpl,new Mbth,grdn,2 car pkg 306 Spruce Street-Cooks kit, f/p lr dr 2 rm master ste + 3 add br’s sunrm, rf deck, prkg 400 Spruce Street-4 bdrm/4.2 ba,1 car garage,central vac,3-zone heating/cooling. 265 Saint Josephs Way-I.M.PEI House, 3864sqft, garden, lg media rm, pkg space 734 Addison Street-Gorgeous 3BR/2+BA townhome. Spacious layout. 2 fireplaces. 121-35 Walnut Street #207-Beautiful units at the Moravian,lobby is breathtaking 234 Stamper Street-3 bd/hw flrs,updated kit/modern amenities,orig fireplace and W/D. 233 S 6th - ##606-1 bedroom plus alcove,upgraded kitchen, large terrace 530 S 2nd Street #748-Abbott Square-Completely renovated 1 bdrm/1 ba, facing north.


203 Governors Court-Amaz Price in Naval Sq Drake Model-Short Sale act now before its gone 1709 Rodman Street-Lovely 2BR/2.5bth home. Quiet Ritt. block. Patio. Pristine cond 1920 Montrose Street-Modern Renovation, 4 Bed, 2.5 Bath, Hdwd Flrs, Finished Basement 1524 Rodman Street-Renovated 2 Bed 2 Bath, 17 feet wide, hdwd flrs, fp, master suite 2310 Pemberton Street-Graduate Gem 3BD/1.5Ba, 3 yrs young, complete renovation 1921 Kater Street-Reno 2BR den fully equip e-i-kit oak fl lrg cust bath w/seamless shower 1319 S 16th Street-N/C-Handsome facade,2200 sq ft,3 bd/2.5 ba,hrdwd flrs,fin bsmt,yard & deck 1028 S Colorado Street-Beautiful home w/incredible features,wide open flr plan & hw flrs t/o.

$2,770,000 $1,699,000 $1,350,000 $1,295,000 $1,245,000 $479,500 $459,900 $375,000 $269,900





812 S Swanson Street-3 bd + den/3.2 bths,hrwd flrs,fpls,grdn,3 dks,2C grg. 795 S 3rd Street-Dimitri’s restaurant on 1st flr,2nd & 3rd flr 2 lrg sunny-1 bdrm apts. 104 Catharine Street-Duplex,Queen Village,2 bi-lev units,1 w/2 bd/1.5 ba,1 w/3 bd/2 ba,2C grg. 1018 Christian Street-3 bedroom with hardwood floor,new kitchen,walk-in closet + Jacuzzi. 210 Queen Street-Completely renov 3 bd/2 ba,Juliet blcny,den,gor bths,1yr pre-paid prkng. 1227-29 Christian Street #B-Condo 3 bd/3 ba w/prkng,cstm shower & Jac.,hw & stone in Kit & bth,2 dk. 620 Christian Street #1C&D-Double wide 2B/2b loft, fab light, fpl, C/A, fab shared grdn,1 car pkg 224 Monroe Street-Beautiful 3 bd/2 ba,den,yard,2 fpls,common courtyard. 609 Montrose Street-Cool 2 bd/1 ba,finished bsmt,decked in rear yard,newer kitchen & bath. 828-34 S 3rd Street #D-Fantastic 2 bedroom condo w/parking & deck,updated throughout. 621 “G” S American-Trinity located in private crtyd w/lrg grdn,2 bd/1 ba,hw flrs,exp brk. 1014 Salter Street-Trinity 1 bd/1 ba,staight stairs,bsmt storage,need work,grt opportunity.

WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST 918-20 Spruce ##1-Brownstone condo-3 bdrm w/2-car tandem prkg,chef’s kit,2 new bth. 314 S Iseminger Street-Certified Historic 2 bd/3 ba,rear/side yards,roof deck,updated kit,fpl. 736-38 Pine Street #D-Beaut 2 bd/1.5 ba,den,renov kit & bths w/granite & SS,hw,roof dk,prkng. 812 Lombard Street #26-Renov. 2BR/2bth TH. 2-CAR GARAGE. HW Flrs. Grt Light. Ideal loc 1101 Washington Ave ##302-2 bd/2 ba,2 car prkng,beautiful upgrades throughout. 1112 Spruce Street #1R-XL condo w/gran,,SS,wd flrs w/lrg lower lev w/lndry space,office & 2nd bd 903-05 Clinton ##1R-Renovated 1 bd/1 ba w/cherry hrwd flrs,gor kit,granite ctrs/maple cab. 912 Spruce ##8-Cozy 1 bd,low condo fees,SS appln,hi ceilings & good closet space.

ART MUSEUM 2534 Brown Street-Macos Builders New from top to bottom! 3Beds/2.5B Viking Kitchen The Works 1524 North Street-3 yr old 3 br 2.5 BA townhouse, parking avail, 7 yrs on tax abatement 1712 Green Street #4-Renov. bi-level 2BR/2bth condo. Gran & S/S Kitch, HW Flrs 807 N Bucknell Street-Cute 3br/1b quiet street sep dining room patio 2601 Pennsylvania Avenue #904-800 SQ.FT 1BR/1BA, Modern Kitchen, Wood Floors, Gym, Doorman 1504 Mount Vernon Street #2R-3 Yr Old Charming studio,hw flrs,9’ceil,Kit w/Granite/SS & tile bath.


At The Rittenhouse .............................................................. 215-546-0550 Rittenhouse Square ............................................................. 215-893-9800 Society Hill ........................................................................... 215-627-6005

$699,000 $629,000 $515,000 $474,900 $439,900 $399,000 $299,900 $229,000

AROUND TOWN $549,000 $465,000 $369,000 $289,000 $175,000 $159,900

UNIVERSITY CITY/POWELTON VILLAGE 4814 Osage Avenue-3Bedroom, 1 full bath, 2 1/2 baths w/garage

$699,000 $599,000 $549,000 $479,000 $465,000 $449,900 $421,000 $399,900 $350,000 $320,000 $299,900 $110,000


328 N 39th Street-Magnificent (2700 sq ft)3 bd/3 ba,stained glass wndws,SS applns,rear yd. 3106 S 19th Street-Outstanding 3BR/2BA townhome. Family room. Deck. 1246-54 E Montgomery Avenue #7-2BR/2bth condo. 1,140 Sq/Ft. Built in ë07. HW Flrs. Deck 4021 Dexter Street-Manayunk-3 bdrm/1.5 bath,ren. from top-bottom 2-sty row w/front porch. 238 Watkins Street-Pennsport 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Hdwd Flrs, Exposed Beams & Brick, Patio 1540 S Iseminger Street-Fantastic space,completely rebuilt in 2004,open floor plan,backyard. 1237 S 27th Street-Grays Ferry-Beautiful renovated 3 bd w/HW,new kit w/SS/Granite,lovely bkyd 1537 W Porter Street-Large 4BD/ 1ba South Philly Row, well maintained condition 7645 Elmwood Avenue-3 bd,corner Airlite,parking spot + garage,yard,hrwd floors,modern kitchen. 1814 S Newkirk Street-1ST flr open flr plan,3 bdrm/1.5 ba,sep dining,new roof & wndws,C/A. 2123 W Stella Street-Don’t miss this opportunity to make this your new home or invest property.

Art Museum ......................................................................... 215-763-2100 The Philadelphian ................................................................ 215-232-5148 Se habla español • 1-866-857-3964 or


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$499,900 $349,000 $279,000 $229,999 $200,000 $200,000 $180,000 $179,999 $124,900 $115,000 $37,900



2003 Delancey Street-Mansion w/ Orig details 13’ ceils & FP 5br 4.5b, lib Grand LR, DR Grdn, Prk $2,495,000 1936-38 Delancey Place-Double wide carriage house, elev, 2-3 car grge, 2br suites + guest suite $1,725,000 336 S 21st Street-1860s mansion 4BR/2.5ba + elev. LR, sep DR, den/study, EIK, lg grdn + deck $1,495,000 2216 Locust Street-1860’s TH, 4br,3.5b, study, orig details, dr, e-i-kit, 2zoned c/a grdn, prk $1,095,000 2040 Waverly Street-4 bd/2.5 ba,new facade,mechanicals,roof,terrace,C/A + 4 car grg. $1,080,000 2128 Cypress Street-Amazing architectural renovation of Historic Home,3 bd/2 ba. $695,000 624 S 27th Street-4 bd/3 ba,garage,roof dk,dual zoned HVAC,den,plenty of closets + mstr suite $645,000 2033 Rodman Street-Gorgeous (2400 sq ft) 3 bd/2.5 ba w/grg prkng,hrwd flrs,fpl,lrg back yd. $600,000 246 S 22nd St-Mixed use, C-1. 5BR/3.5B home in Rit/Fitler Sq 2333sqft Priced to sell $649,900 210 W Rittenhouse Sq ##1402-Rittenhse Hotel-New upsc.,furn. luxury condo,1050 sq.ft,1 bd/1.5 ba. $595,000 1931 Spruce Street #2B-Gracious 1BD/1Ba, Rittenhouse condo, 2006 renovation ñ location $369,000 1629 Waverly Street-Lovely 2 BR Trinity with lots of light, brick patio $339,000 1813 Spruce, #Unit 1R-Bi-level condominium,last unit available,completely renov boutique bldg. $315,000 1514 Pine Street #4F-Reno PH, 1Br/1b, Italian kit fp wd fl whirlpool skylite mint cond Tax abate $297,000 1802 Pine Street #1F-Renov. in ë06. 1BR w/12í ceilings. HW Flrs. Gran & S/S Kitch. $279,000




2308-10 Spruce Street #B-Condo w/grdn entry + deck, LR/DR w/fp, new kit, lg br, 1.5b + off/study c/a


241-45 Market Street-40 x 160,currently 29 prkng spaces-$200mo $1,750,000 238 Arch Street-Terrific Invest opportunity,hi traffic commercial area,4sty,8,000 sq ft +/$1,200,000 113 Bread St ##3B2-3 bd/2 bths,hrwd flrs,granite counters,Juliet blcny,grg prkng + tax abat. $549,900 1015 N Orianna Street-Deluxe 4BR/2+BA townhome. Family room, whirlpool tub. This is a real buy! $499,900 602 N American-4-Sty-twnhse,grg prkng,open flr plan,hi ceil,oak flrs,ceramic bths,tx abat. $479,900 1255 N Howard-3BR/2+BA,12ft ceilings,recessed lighting,granite & SS kitchen,2 CAR prkng. $429,900 19 W Wildey Street-Beautiful Rehab with NEW everything! 2 Bed. Den 1.5B $259,000 1109 E Dunton Street-2 bedroom,renovated trinity with large private yard. $239,900 1027-31 N 4th #Unit D-This unit has it all,rarely available layout at Cobblestone Crt. $225,000 231-235 N 2nd Street #208-Parking space,grt invst. for someone living or working in Center CIty. $20,000

2415 Frankford Avenue-Great multi features 1st fl commercial, 2br apart & grge w/studio.

2425 Naudain Street-2BR home, w/Large Patio. HW Flrs. Amazing Fit Sq Loc

111 Federal Street-Phase-1-7 ctm homes 1-3 bd/2.5 ba,media rm,fp,hw,grdn,dk,x-wide grg,tx abat $499,000 Lemon Flats-Except. design, 2br/2b, 1500sf, open, bright, private rf deck w/10 YTA $289,000-$318,000 631 N 12th Street #2-New Construc 2b,2b, 1200SF, super modern, lofty, bright, w/balcony 10YTA $289,0000

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

1706 Rittenhouse Square #23RD F-Picture yourself in the pleasurable comfort of this new 3BR/3+BA condo. $5,398,200 237 S 18th Street #9F&9G-Gracious living at the Barclay 2BR/3BA w/ gallery foyer. Exquisite $1,725,000 224-30 W Rittenhouse Square #1206-7-So.Balconies, renov. 2B+2.5B, Den, Suite w/lrg walk-in closet $1,149,000 210 W Rittenhouse Sq #1001-Recently renovated 3BR/2B at the Rittenhouse, 1862 sqft, breathtaking view $999,000 440 S Broad Street #1505-Symphony House 2B/den/2b + 1 CAR PKG. 150K++ less than dev unit! $855,000 237-47 S 18th Street #3E-Barclay, Generous 1BD/1ba, Luxury bldg- door staff, town car, gym $450,000 1811-19 Chestnut Street #606-Fab 2B/2b,wd flrs,open granite kit w/ bkfst bar,tax abate,pets ok $417,500 1901 Walnut Street #8C-Bring your architect. 1441 sf co-op has C/A+ wd&marble flrs pets ok $395,000 1420 Locust ##6N-2 bedroom,2 bth,completely upgraded,large terrace. $365,000 220 W Rittenhouse Square #4F-Upgraded larg 1br facing square w/d 900+sqft $349,000 2031 Walnut Street #3F-Unique condo in heart of CC High Ceils, original hw flrs & tray ceiling $299,000 111 S 15th ##1810-1 bd/1 ba,open floor plan w/modern bth & kit w/Granite/SS applns,W/D $297,500 7 N Columbus Boulevard #204-Lr/Dr,Eik,wood flrs,fpl,built-in,deck off top,bdrms on 2nd & 3rd Flr. $295,000 111 N 9th Street ##703-Upgrades galor Penthouse 1 bd/1 ba,modern elve bldg,tax abat. $279,000 1100 Vine Street #908-Grandview-1 bdrm + den,hw flrs,fresh paint,spacious closets. $242,500 1919 Chestnut Street #2209-Sunny 1BD Apt, high floor- full service co-op, parking, pool, gym $209,900 1324 Locust ##632-Renov studio,full size kitchen,grt invest,rented $1,050 subject to lease. $129,900



$479,000 $449,500 $425,000 $400,000 $389,000 $335,000 $289,900 $279,000

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

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SATURDAY 3/26/11 1:00-4:00PM COLLI N GSWOOD, N J The Lum ber Yard Condos: 600 At lant ic Ave >From $21 0, 500 Main St reet Realt y

SUNDAY 3/27/11 12:00-1:00PM WASH SQ WEST 91 5 Clinton St . # 303 $749,000 Coldwell B anker Prefer red OLD CI TY 5 Lox ley Ct . $585,000 Coldwell B anker Prefer red GR A D HOSPI TA L 2025 Bainbridge St. $575,000 Coldwell B anker Prefer red A RT MUSEUM 2524 A spen St . $549,000 Coldwell B anker Prefer red

439 W.GEORGE ST. NORTHERN LIBERTIES 3BRs, 1BA house, Liv Rm w/HW floors, New Eat -in kitchen w/SS appliances, New white Bath w. Subway tile. New Price! ................................................................$269,900 873 N. 20TH ST. FRaNcISvILLE New Listing! Well maintained home, 6 bedrooms and 2 baths. 2,445 sf. Liv Rm w/ 9’ clg and refinished h/w flrs. Newer (2005) Kitchen w/ granite countertops ............................ $390,000 2639 SEPvIva ST. FISHTOWN Wood floors, Eat -in kitchen & approx 700 sq ft Yard! 3BR plus Den, 1BA. 1,218 sq ft. ...................................................................................................... New Price! $159,000

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

1415-19 N. FRaNKLIN OLD KENSINGTON Bi-level warehouse garage ready to be transformed to your Live/Work space! 6,822 sq ft ............................................................................................................ NEW PRIcE! $180,000 302 KauFFmaN quEEN vILLaGE New Listing! Trinity on a quiet street, in Meredith school district. 2 BR, circular stairs throughout, Garden, pine floors, needs updating. ......................................................$179,000 606 WavERLy B SOcIETy HILL Renovated Trinity on a cobblestone street. Oak floors throughout, Straight stairs, 1BR, 2nd floor Kitchen with Granite countertops, Bath with shower ..................... Move iN! $199,000 1407 WHaRTON NEWBOLD 5 BRS, 2 BA over 2200 square feet, Corner House with original details, one block from broad street ............................................................................................................................................. $260,000

Solo Real Estate, Inc.

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PASSYUN K SQ 1329 Annin St. $329,000 Coldwell B anker Prefer red WASH SQ WEST 927 Spr uce St . # 2R $1 99, 900 Coldwell B anker Prefer red

12:00-1:30 PHI LA (SOUTH) 332 Em ily St $ NA Sum m it Real Est ate

12:00-2:00PM R I TTEN HOUSE SQ 2036 Delancey St $4, 500,000 Plum er & A ssociates R I TTEN HOUSE SQ 275 S. 19th St ñ Residence 600 $1 ,1 85,000 B r yant & Wilde Realt y GR A D HOSPI TA L 21 55 Mont rose St . $425,000 Coldwell B anker Prefer red FI SHTOWN 1 702 Tulip St . $379, 900 Coldwell B anker Prefer red

EAST PASSY U N K 1819 S . A l d e r St . $365 ,0 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

MOU N T A IRY 702 8 C h ew Ave. $ 4 5 0,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

FI SH TOWN 2102 E . S u s q u e h a n n a Ave. $29 9,9 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

FA IRMOU N T 8 8 5 N . St i l l m a n St . $ 275 ,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

R I TT EN HOU SE SQ 2136 Tr yo n St . $29 9,0 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

WASH SQ WEST 2 5 5 S. Hutc hi ns on St . $ 2 5 0,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

FI SH TOWN 1209 C re a s e St . $289,0 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

WASH SQ WEST 1 1 0 9 Spruce St . # 2 R $ 2 2 5 ,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

234 8 E . S u s q u e h a n n a Ave. $269,9 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

WA LTON PA RK 1 1 8 35 B a s i l e Rd . $ 2 1 7, 5 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

12:00-2:30PM B EL L A V ISTA 629 -31 S. 1 3t h St . # A $649,9 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

WASH SQ WEST 1 1 0 9 S p r u ce St . $ 1 8 5 ,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

B EL L A V ISTA 624 C a r p e n te r St . $475 ,0 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

WASH SQ WEST 1 1 0 9 S p r u ce St . $ 1 8 0,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

GR AD HOSPITA L 1912 K i m b a l l St . $45 0,0 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

1:30-3:00PM PHIL A ( SOU T H) 1 24 Morri s St † Summi t Re a l Est ate



N LI B ERT IES 336 Fa i rmount St . $499,0 0 0 Coldwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

QU EEN V IL L AG E 52 5 F i t zwate r St . # 1 1 >F rom $ 2 39,0 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

1 :00- 4 : 0 0 PM COL L IN G SWOOD, N J The L umbe rYa rd Condos : 600 At l a nt i c Ave >Fro m $ 2 1 0,5 0 0 Main St re e t Re a l t y

1:30-2:30PM QUE EN V IL L AG E 749 E Pa ssy unk Ave $725 ,0 0 0 Plume r & A ss oc i ate s R I TT EN HOU SE A REA 1 732 Lomba rd St $729,0 0 0 Plume r & A ss oc i ate s

3:00-4:00PM WASH SQ WEST 1 0 4 0 Irvi ng St $ 1 ,2 5 0,0 0 0 Pl ume r & A ss oc i ate s POWELTON V IL L AG E 4 3 2 N . 37 t h St . $ 4 59,9 0 0 Col dwe l l B a nke r Pre fe rre d

3:00-4:30PM PHIL A ( SOU T H) 332 Ge rri t t St $ NA Summi t Re a l Est ate

Times are subject to change. Calling ahead to confirm time is advised.


and lien holder(s) sign off on the price and other terms of your offer, including your qualifications. The short-sale addenda -- both the boilerplate forms brokers and agents use and the bank versions -- add in the banks’ and lien holders’ approval as a required condition of the contract. Mike, normally, the buyer’s contingency periods for inspection and loan don’t even begin running until after the bank(s) involved have approved the sale. While it is strange that the listing agent would pressure you to remove contingencies so soon in a shortsale situation, it is also highly possible that he was waiting to collect additional offers or waiting to make sure that you were actually able to do the transaction as early as possible in the sale. It sounds like you are without your own broker or agent in the transaction -- if you were, the chances you would have been pressured into prematurely paying for

inspections and appraisals, etc., would have been far, far reduced. In a “regular” non-short sale, the seller cannot kick a buyer out of place in preference of a later, higher offer once the property is in contract, though in a short sale the bank may actually require that the seller submit any and all offers to purchase the property that are received prior to the bank green-lighting the transaction, so that the bank can take the highest offer and minimize its losses. Mike, the bottom line for you is that, strictly because your transaction is a short sale, it is highly possible that the seller may retain the legal right to boot your offer out of first place for a higher offer up until the point that the bank approves your offer. However, Charles, unless their mortgage lender requires them to, it is not the case that the seller is obligated to do anything with your backup/second-in-time offer -- neither is the listing agent’s behavior

unethical, in your situation, as the agent is being upfront and honest with you about the seller already being in contract. For both of you, I’ll advise you as I advise any and every buyer in a short-sale situation: Do not count your chickens until the bank approves your contract! That is, until the bank has approved your offer, do not spend money on an appraisal, do not spend money on inspections, and do not stop looking for a home. If you do, you do so at your own risk -- the risk of losing the cash you’ve spent if the bank does not approve your offer for any reason. The seller -- to answer your second question, Mike -- does not owe you any compensation for breach of contract, unless you were already notified that the bank had already approved your offer.





CALL 215.778.0901 NEW THIS WEEK!

624 S 27th $645,000 Rare and amazing 5-level 4BD/3BA, garage, roof deck, dual zoned HVAC, den, plenty of closets and beautiful master suite!


712 Lombard $515,000 3 story 3BD/2.5BA, den, brick patio, garage, tons of light, oak floors. Unbelievable price!


407 S 20th $425,000 Large 3BD/2BA, den, deck, 1st floor is an open art studio with high ceilings, 2BD apartment above w/ roof deck.


1027-31 N 4th From $199,900 Cobblestone Court - Fabulously rebuilt condos in a turn of the century industrial complex! Units are in a courtyard setting and have granite and stainless kitchens, hardwood floors, gorgeous details.


2826 Ogden $429,900 Beautiful and bright 3BD/3.5BA, 2 car parking, spacious back yard, gleaming hardwood floors.


739 S 2nd $850,000 Beautiful 4BD/4.5BA corner property with SOCIETY HILL garage parking, deck, finished basement, 241 S 6th #502 $315,000 Wonderful 1BD/1BA unit with terrace, updat- tons of light, 2 decks, roof terrace and separate studio apartment. ed kitchen with a great view of the park!

CALL 215.440.8345 Graduate Hospital $469,900 Beautifully renovated 3BD/1.5BA home with family room, deck, rear yard, updated kitchen &amp; bath and hardwood floors through-out

o- 215.546.0550 d - 215.790.5650 c - 267.257.5555

271 S.4th - Exquisite Society hill Mansion circa 1811. Elegance personified. 5B/3.5b, original pine flrs, 7 gorgeous fpl, solarium,dream kit, great room off kit w/ skylights, brand new Mbath,fab patio&grdn+2 car PKG. Only 5 owners in 200 yrs! This home will take your breath away. $2,770,000 526 S.11th - Grand WaSh WESt 4B+lib+music rm+den/ 3.5b w/ 8 gorg fpl, fab old pine flrs, granite kit, grdn+covered patio+deck+2 car PKG. Zoned heat& A/C Great flow&light. A real winner! $876K SyMphony houSE #1505 - BESt Buy 2B/den/2b+ balcony+ 1 car PKG in bldg. North view. Fab amenities flr, pets ok, TAX abatement. A steal atthe $855K


620 ChriStian-1 C&d-draMatiC 2B/2B w/Huge wall of windows w/view of michels serene ctyd, wd flrs. fpl, C/A, W/D & 1 car PKG makes this unit one not to miss $421K team Specializing in Main

Line and Center City 1901 Walnut-8C - 1441 sq ft unit in the fab Art Deco rittenhouse plaza. Damon Michels, Was a 2B, now a 1B w/ lge dress. rm/1.5b, fab jacuzzi, wood&marble flrs. KitchWilliam Isen, McDonald, en needs tlc. Great light. Pet friendly. Reduced to sell $395K Charlene Joan Federico Melissa Corbman


Specializing in Main Line and Center City Damon Michels

Damon Michels • Joan Federico • Charlene McDonald Call: 215-840-0437 Melissa Corbman • Ro Taormina • Carla Tyler William Isen • Janis Dubin

DAMON MICHELS Call: 215-840-0437

610-688-4310 Queen Village $339,900 Great 2BD/2BA, 3 fireplaces, deck off top floor bedroom, brick paved outdoor space.



Includes real estate tax • no transfer tax

Graduate Hospital $645,000 Rare and amazing 5-level 4BD/3BA, garage, roof deck, dual zoned HVAC, den, plenty of closets and beautiful master suite!

University City $499,900 Magnificent 2700sf 3BD/3BA, turn of the century home, stained glass windows, mosaic tilework, gorgeous kitchen, rear yard w/ potential for parking!

Visit my website for more information

Studios 125,000-175,000 1BDs 175,000-275,000 2BDs 275,000-450,000 3BDs 400,000-500,000

OPEN SUNDAY 11:30 - 1:00PM 824 N. 25th St, Art Museum Area 3BD, 1.5BA 1200sq. ft. Row $345,000 507 Addison Ct, Society Hill 2BD, 2.5 BA Row w/ 1 Car Garage, $950,000 1506 Mount Vernon St, #1F, Art Museum - 2BD, 1BA 1018sq ft condo, 1car prkg avail $275,000 200-210 Lombard Street #810 Society Hill, 2BR, 2BA, 1331 Sq. Ft., w/Parking $425,000 838 Newkirk St #E1, Art Museum Area 2BD 1.5BA PARKING $325,000 923 Mount Vernon St, Spring Garden 4BD, 2.5BA, 1830sq ft Row w/ 1 car parking $400,000 2945 Poplar, 3BD, 1BA Row for rent $1,300/mo 1132 Rodman St., a.k.a. 505 s. Sartain Washington Sq. West $595,000


707 Conshohocken State Rd. 4BD, 2BR Colonial $385,000 112 Crosshill Road, Wynnewood 4BD, 3.5BA 3146sq ft Colonial in Pennwynne, $645,000 1213 Centennial Road, Penn Valley 4BD, 2.5 BA 2388sq ft Updated Split Level, $649,000 711 Cornerstone Lane, Bryn Mawr 4BD, 3.5BA, 3440 sq ft Colonial, $775,000 1387 Bartlett Road, Chesterbrook 3BD, 2.5BA 3016sq ft Row,$345,000 310 Prescott Drive, Chester Springs 5BD, 4.5BA, 5341sq ft Colonial in Reserve at Eagle $585,000 668 Woodcrest, Ardmore Charming Twin, 1 Car Parking. $259,000 or $1,650/mo 50 Belmont Ave, #213, Bala Cynwyd 1BD, 1BA unit in Sutton Terraces $140,000 1409 Wesleys Run, Gladwyne 5BD, 4.5BA Contemp. in Northwoods $1,150,000 1025 Barr Lane, Gladwyne 4beds/3.5 bath Renovated Cape $600,000 518 Rabmblewood Dr., Bryn Maer 4 beds/3.5 bath Colonial in Fox Fields $725,000 631 Georges Ln., Ardmore Charming 3bed/1bath twin $269,000


1600 HagysFord Rd., 2V 2BD/2.5BA Corner Unit $175,000 1650 Oakwood Ter., #119 2BR/2BA unit, E. Ter. Bldg., $1,500 1750 Oakwood Terr., 4-A Totally Ren. 2bed/2bath $2,000/mo.



215.627.6005 2 15. 440. 83 45 www.MCCANNTEAM.COM

• 1208 4BD, 3

• 191 P 2BD, 2


Rittenhouse Sq • Rooftop Pool • Fitness Center Valet Parking • 24 HR Security • 24 HR Maintenance • All Utilities Included

Rittenhouse Square $510,000 Wonderful 3BD/3BA, exposed brick, gas fireplace, hardwood floors, spiral stairs.



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

ART MUSEUM From $250,000 Meticulously done condo units with high ceilings, lots of windows, bamboo flooring, designer finishes. ART MUSEUM From $279,000 Nearing completion, these condo units offer great finishes such as tiger wood and bamboo flooring, granite and stainless kitchens, steel railings, 9-10ft ceilings and lots of windows! GRAD HOSPITAL $319,000 Beautiful and wide 3BD/1.5BA, grand living room, 2 exposures, pine flooring, formal dining room, finished basement. GRAD HOSPITAL $329,000 Brand new 3BD/2BA, finished basement, roof deck, 9ft ceilings, beautiful master suite. WASH WEST $400,000 Impeccable 2BD/2BA unit, beautiful kitchen, bar counter, elegant and bright! RITTENHOUSE SQ $569,900 Fabulous corner 2BD/2BA unit with 1 car parking, 10ft ceilings, fireplace, red oak floors, high-end custom kitchen, tons of light! QUEEN VILLAGE $615,000 Amazing 3BD/3.5BA completely renovated townhome with 1 car parking, high ceilings, gas fireplace, 3 bedroom suites, roof terrace.




W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

>>>CONTINUED FROM PAGE 61 as well as the legal rights and obligations of both parties -- mostly in order to work in the fact that there’s at least one extra party to the contract besides the signatories who must sign off before the deal can be done. In some cases, the buyer must sign the standard short-sale addendum used by the agents in the area and an addendum required to be signed by the bank(s) involved on the seller’s side, who will not consider the short-sale application without the document being signed. Ultimately, the short-sale addenda prevents the contract from being finalized so as to prohibit the seller from considering or accepting other offers until after the bank(s) and other lien holder(s), if any, agree to the terms of the transaction. That is, when you are a short-sale buyer, you are notified upfront that the seller does not have the power to create a binding contract -- not unless and until the bank(s)


An Independently Owned And OperAted MeMber Of the prudentIAl reAl estAte AfIlIAtes, Inc.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M






Minimum Bid from $75,000

Previously Asking Up To $301,400

Home Sweet Collingswood

SUNday, aPRIL 3rd, 2011 • 1pM

New condos in the heart of downtown

36 two & three bedrooM residences OxfOrd Of Blue Bell, MOntgOMery COunty

• 47 acre community with lake, large trees and lush landscaping • Pool & Clubroom • Fitness Center • Tennis Court & Playground • Peaceful lakeside walking trails

Steps from shopping, dining, events Pet friendly | Secure underground parking Open Houses: Sat & Sun, 1-4PM | 5 year tax abatements available


730 Haddon Ave Philly Weekly 10 Collingswood, NJ

x 5.5



3:48 PM

OPEN HOUSES: March 19th & 27th • 12 - 2pm / March 23rd • 4 - 6pm


ReAL eSTATe & AUCTion Co.

Page 1

SALE 856.858.0300

8 8 8 -2 9 9 -1 4 3 8

www.M axspann.coM Robert L. Dann - Auctioneer Lic # AU005609

817RITTENHOUSE B n. 2nd street 1 Bedroom 1 Bath SQUARE Just Renovated! $275,000

1 Bedroom 1 Bath MLS 5744269 $339,000 MLS 5787044

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011 Alexandra Powers Brangan

215.893.9920 Rittenhouse Square 2000 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

215.247.3600 Chestnut Hill 8039 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118


art MUseUM FISHTOWN Bi-level condo Open Floor Plan

23Bedrooms 1.5Baths Baths Bedrooms 2.5 $329,900 $289,900

MLS 5784384 MLS 5812700

716WASHINGTON n. Uber street

GradUate hOsPitaL

Charming Condominium $419,900 1 Bedroom 1 Bath

$338,000 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths


SQUARE 3 Beds 2.5 Baths

3Sunny Bedrooms 2.5 Baths Townhouse

MLS 5851410 $225,000

$259,900 MLS 5786023

MLS 5777406

Powers Brangan art MUsUeM CENTER CITY

townhouse State of the art Loft Condominium 3 Beds 1.5 Baths

2 Bedrooms 2 Baths $289,000 $489,555

MLS 5846362 MLS 5746449

1130 spruce street NORTHERN

charming condominium LIBERTIES Walkers Paradise! 1 Bedroom 1 Bath

1 Bedroom 1 Bath $225,000 $269,900

MLS 5777406 MLS 5744269

MLS 5790241


the residences at

The Residences the MUranO

at THE MURANO Starting in the Starting in the $400,000s $400,000s

• 66

Call Now to Refinance or Purchase Historically Low Rates!

PREFERRED Ranked in the top 1% of all Realogy Corporation Franchise Companies Worldwide



A different kind of real estate company ® ART MUSEUM/LOGAN SQUARE


1stn Quarter Award Winners wColdwell a rBanker d Preferred Wi n er s 1601 Spring Garden St. #G109 Great Value in Historic Colonnade Bldg. Luxuy at an affordable price! 1601 Spring Garden St. #M101 Beautiful 1br/1ba, 13’ ceilings, pergo HWflrs, SS appls, marble flrs 1601 Spring Garden St. #205 1br, heart of Art Museum-close to restrnts, transportation, museums 2601 Pennsylvania Ave. #422 Art Museum area 1br/1ba with upgraded kitchen and appliances 1600 Arch St. #1410 Rarely available lrg upgraded studio at The Phoenix. New flrs, custom cabs. 2401 Pennsylvania Ave., #4A10 Large Open Floor Plan with Balcony 856 N. Bailey St. Best value for a home on a quiet tree-lined street in Art Museum! 1832 Green St. #D Fab 1br/1ba Condo. Completely redone with modern high end finishes 838 N. Newkirk St. #D2 Lovely 2br/1.5ba condo, gated comm., secure pkg, Tons of outdoor space 1719 Wallace St. #102 NEW PRICE! Amazing Light-filled 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with Fireplace 627-37 N. 18th St. #102 Loft-like condo with soaring windows and HWflrs, just reduced to 885 N. Stillman St. New Price! 2br/1ba on Great Street with Finished Basement 888 N. Beechwood St. 3br/1ba, 1200 sqft. new kitchen, HWflrs, wainscoting, exp brick/beam, W/D 1714 Wallace St. #4 Bi-level 2br/2ba. Gourmet KIT, FP, HWflrs, 500sqft, bi-level private roof deck! 2037 Appletree St. Charming 3br/2.5ba, beautiful tree-lined street, HWflrs, modern KIT, master ste 2524 Aspen St. Stunning Victorian on favorite Art Museum block! 137 N. 21st St. New listing! Elegant, grand 5br/3ba Victorian, new KIT, C/A, lrg garden, Fam. Rm.

$125,000 $164,900 $169,900 $175,000 $200,000 $219,000 $219,000 $225,000 $259,000 $224,900 $267,900 OPEN HOUSE $275,000 $339,000 $339,900 $485,000 OPEN HOUSE $549,000 $659,900

1526 S. Lambert St. Renovated 3br/1ba, 840 sqft townhouse w/wall to wall carpeting and patio 2013 Gerritt St. Recently renovated and ready for renters. Owner says bring all offers. 321 Greenwich St. Amazing original details abound in this 3br/1 bath house 2548 S. 9th St. RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY SET UP AS DUPLEX. GREAT INCOME POTENTIAL 2414 S. Jessup St. 2br/1.5ba newer brick front, ultra modern kitchen, C/A, partially finished bsmt 636 Pierce St. Work with builder in designing your dream home! 1245 S. 18th St. 3br/1.5ba gorgeous rehab, hwflrs, new kitchen w/granite, ceramic tile baths 134 Mercy St. NEW! 2br/1ba, HWflrs t/o, new kitchen, C/A, new roof, FP, yard, must see! 1515 S. 2nd St. REDUCED-OWNER MOTIVATED!! BRING ALL OFFERS!!! 3Sty w/ huge yard/neat and clean t/o 203 Pierce St. New! 2br/1ba, w/PARKING! Hdwds, Granite, SS appls, fin bsmt + 10yr tax abtmnt 525 Fitzwater St. #11 Abbott’s Court, beautiful 2br/1.5ba trinities, gated courtyard, gourmet KIT, HWflrs 1315 Federal St. Just reduced! Great time to acquire 6br property for summer rental market! 2743 S. 18th St. Beautiful home on quiet, tucked away, tree-lined block 1608 Montrose St. Two-story townhome in a very desirable location features tons of upgrades! 1323 Dickinson St. Amazing location and GARAGE! 1621 Croatan Pl. Packer Park Airlite-Elegant Corner-Huge lot-Parking! 707 S. Percy St. 2br/2ba, 1325sqft townhouse w/HWflrs, SS appls, granite & master ste w/deck 1819 S. Alder St. Mifflin Estates 3br/2.5ba, w/garage, 2 car parking, 7yr tax abatement, HWflrs 101 Snyder Ave. Incredible living and work space for savvy entrepreneur! 2025 Bainbridge St. 4br/2.5, 3-story home, roof deck w/Center City Views, excellent condition

Old City 215-923-7600 • Society Hill 215-546-2700


1642 Lombard St. #C Adorable trinity with no condo fees! 1233 S. 18th St. 2br/2.5ba townhouse, total rehab, intercom, H/W, fenced yard, granite, fin bsmt 201-259 N 8th St. #212 1bdrm, 1 bath, Lrg rooms, Dark Hardwood Floors, Mod Kit, Broad windows 2136 Tryon St. Cute 2br/1ba, small garden and nice deck 1823 Pine St. #4 1br/1.5ba Newly remodeled bi-level condo w/pkg! HWflrs, room for entertaining 2101 Christian St. Well Maintained home. $2,000 Buyer Agent Bonus for executed AOS b-4 11/31 1901 Walnut St. #9B Wonderful Aity and Light Unit facing Ritenhouse Square 219 S. 18th St. Pet friendly 927 sqft, 1br Parc Rittenhouse condo Hi-rise amenities incl poo/gym 1625 Spruce St. #3F Bi-level Beauty! 2br/1.5ba w/over 1700sqft and a deck with Center City Views! 1737 Chestnut St. #301 Fab two suite condo w/lrg ‘great room’, open KIT for casual entertainment 2413 Manning St. Reduced 2+br/2+ba, garage home xtra wide 4-story townhome in Fitler Sq. Charming Block 1607 Kater St. MUST SEE! PRICED TO SELL! Unique location, quaint street w/unique Skyline View! 418 S. Taney St. Park side home, 3+br/2+ba, LR w/FP, sep DR, EIK, Wd flr, patios, 2FP’s, garage 2128 Spruce St. Wonderful 5br/4.5ba, 4500 sqft home in Rittenhouse Square

$229,000 $269,000 $298,000 OPEN HOUSE $299,000 $319,000 $335,000 $479,000 $499,900 $534,900 $599,850 $580,000 $684,900 $949,900 $1,350,000

OLD CITY / LOFT DISTRICT / CHINATOWN 1010 Race St. #PH 2br/1ba, HWflrs, Modern Floor Plan 104 N. 2nd St. #402 Dramatic Sun Filled Penthouse! 201-59 N. 8th St. #504 Stylish 1br in Metroclub Condominiums 309-313 Arch St. #308 An affordable historical restoration in Old City! Hoopskirt Factory 315 New St. #226 Beautiful Bridgeview condo with covered parking! 51 N. 2nd St. #F Fab 1br/1ba w/hi ceilings, hwflrs, rustic ba, exposed brick, fireplace and den 209 N. 4th St. #F4 Spacious 2br/2ba corner unit, exp brick & beams, FP, recent mechanicals 317 Vine St. #503 Bi-level Penthouse in Old City for Great Price! 2br/1.5ba, Terrace, huge windows 201 N. 8th St. #314 2br/2ba Condo, HWflrs, Modern Kit, Cali. Closets, Marble Baths, Pool, Balcony 114 Quarry St. #2B 2br/2ba bi-level condo w/HWflrs, exp., vaulted ceilings, new KIT & 1 yr pkg 201-59 N. 8th St. #910 2br/2.5ba, 1642sqft, bi-level Penhouse at the Metroclub w/450sqft balcony! 309-313 Arch St. #205 Fabulous 3br/3ba multilevel loft in the heart of Old City 5 Loxley Ct. Secluded 4br/2ba house in heart of Old City. Courtyard entrance & private parking 103 Callowhill St. Intimate 50 seat theater, exp brick, velvety curtains, vintage sconces. Upper level residence/office 237-41 N. Bread St. #2 3br/2a, 2266sqft. Condo, HWflrs, gas FP, SS appls, Jacuzzi tub, Cali Closets

$175,000 $289,900 $299,000 Fr $319,000 $320,000 $328,900 $329,000 $399,000 $400,000 $450,000 $475,000 $529,900 OPEN HOUSE $585,000 $599,900 $600,000

314-22 N. 12th St. Fab Bi-Level Penthouse Condo, 2br/2ba, Granite, SS, Hwflrs, 2 large decks


SOCIETY HILL / WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST OPEN HOUSE $20k 199,900 OPEN HOUSE $250,000 $265,000 $295,000 $320,000 $334,900 $339,000 $354,900 $439,000 OPEN HOUSE $749,000


2215 N. 17th St. Two-story townhome just a short walk from Temple’s campus. Features lrg yard 2348 E. Susquehanna Ave. Completely renovated 3br/1.5ba end unit row w/HWflrs, new KIT &bath 1209 Crease St. New Rehab. 1632sqft w/3br/2.5ba, HUGE backyard. Upgraded KIT. Fishtown Group Tour! 2102 E. Susquehanna Ave. LEED Platinum, Award-winning 2br/1ba, solar hot water, garden 410 E. Wildey St. Quality rehab, riverside Fishtown 3br/2.5ba, dark bamboo flrs, open living space 1212 E. Oxford St. Architect designed 4br/2.5ba; meticulously crafted, 3,000sqft, garden, fin bsmt 1702 Tulip St. New LEED Certified 3 Bedroom Home in Fishtown 336 Fairmount St. 3br/2.5ba Nearly New w/all the bells & whistles. HWflrs t/o, SS Kitchen

$125,000 OPEN HOUSE $269,900 OPEN HOUSE $289,000 OPEN HOUSE $299,900 $299,000 $350,000 OPEN HOUSE $379,900 OPEN HOUSE $499,000

UNIVERSITY CITY / WEST PHILADELPHIA 618 S. 56th St. Tenant occupied at $800 mo. Owner is motivated 720 W. Cobbs Creek Pkwy Well maintained house on a quiet street. 1 car pkg & garage. Fin attic 432 N. 37th St. Amazing contemporary All New 3br/3ba w/over 2,000sqft

$47,000 $125,000 OPEN HOUSE $459,900

NEW CONSTRUCTION (10 YEAR TAX ABATEMENT) 22546 Emerald St. Brand new townhome features fab upgrades including full fin bsmt & deck! 1329 Annin St. New Construction 1br/1.5ba home w/garage & roof deck, HWflrs, SS appls 1013 S. 21st St. Brand New Grad Hosp Townhome, Private Parking!! Finished Bsmt & Roof Deck ! 1912 Kimball St. Stunning 3br/3ba, gourmet kitchen, roofdeck, garage, tax abatement 624 Carpenter St. 3br/2.5ba, C/A, roof deck, full fin bsmt, includes laundry & EIK

$225,000 OPEN HOUSE $329,000 $435,000 OPEN HOUSE $450,000 OPEN HOUSE $475,000

629-31 S. 13th St. #A Custom 3br/3ba new construction, hi ceilings, luxurious baths, gourmet KIT, roof deck 159 Levering St. In Manayunk, Great Investment Opportunity! Housing Value here is great! 2739 Poplar St. Brownstone triplex w/detached garage/carriage house 813-15 Ellsworth St. Double property Approx. 35x67, 1st flr huge garage, 2nd flr lrg 2br Apt. 1910-18 Alter St. Great Bldg Opp! 5 vacant lots can be sold together or separate-R10A zoning 1024-26 Wharton St. 8-unit Apt. Bldg. Utilities not separated, Needs cosmetics, legally zoned 19 N. 3rd St. Vacant 5-Story Bldg; 4663 sqft; 1st Flr. Commercial/Retail Space; Can Be Converted 1204-16 S. 12th St. 22,000sqft. Warehouse, 106’x137’ lot, can accommodate 12 townhomes 1300 Spruce St. Center City Development Opp., approved for residential condos & commercial 2501 Oakford St. 54,000 sqft G2 4-story light industrial bldg. Sale or lease. Will divide 1919 Walnut St. Wonderfully restored 8,000+ s.f., 2 car pkg, elevator, currently used as corp office

OPEN HOUSE $649,900 $175,000 $379,000 $499,000 $500,000 $650,000 $775,000 $1,100,000 $1,250,000 $1,850,000 $2,600,000

SURROUNDING AREAS Juniata Park-4579 ‘G’ St. Features a brand new updated KIT w/3br/1.5ba, deck, patio, parking Walton Park-11835 Basile Rd. New! 3br/1.5ba, HWflrs t/o, C/A, lrg deck, new roof, fin bsmt Germantown-310 W. Duval St. 6br/3.5ba, used as B&B, Lrg KIT w/built-in range & subzero fridge. Massive DR Roxborough-6812 Pechin St. Fabulous twin home, great location across from park. Lrg deck, yard Manayunk-4731 Umbria St. 4br townhome recently renovated, includes 9’ ceilings, HWflrs Mount Airy-7028 Chew Ave. Stunning renovated stone single on 1.4 acre, 3,000sqft, 5br/3.5 ba Bryn Mawr-Addison Hutton House 802 W. Montgomery Ave. #2 New 2br/2ba Bryn Mawr-Addison Hutton House 802 W. Montgomery Ave. #2 New 2br/2.5ba Bryn Mawr-Addison Hutton House 802 W. Montgomery Ave. #1 New 2br/2.5ba

$95,000 OPEN HOUSE $217,500 $225,000 $319,900 $365,000 OPEN HOUSE $450,000 OPEN HOUSE $599,900 OPEN HOUSE $715,900 OPEN HOUSE $849,90

COMMERCIAL/ INVESTMENT 5423 Angorra Terr. Big Duplex with great potential on nice block 530-532 Reed St. Double-wide one-story garage. Good storage or development site 911 Ellsworth St. Huge garage & two 1br apts. Potential to expand to 2brs subject to city approval 813-15 Ellsworth St. Double property Approx. 35x67, 1st flr huge garage, 2nd flr lrg 2br Apt. 1024-26 Wharton St. 8-unit Apt. Bldg. Utilities not separated, Needs cosmetics, legally zoned

*Please see the oPen house time for this ProPerty in the oPen house Directory.

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$73,900 $199,000 $285,000 $499,000 $650,000

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

927 Spruce St. 2R Deluxe Jr. 1br/1ba w/new kitchen. Unit contains a queen size Murphy bed, Pkg avail 255 S. Hutchinson St. Historic 2br/1.5ba on charming cobblestone st. in heart of Wash Square 1110 Lombard St. #12 Beautiful renovated 1br/1.5ba condo in Washington Mews! 1317-21 Rodman St. 1br/1ba, 2nd floor flat. Living room access to Balcony! 265 S. 4th St. Gorgeous condo with low fees and deeded parking! 220 Locust St. #24G Amazing 180 degree views! Lrg 1br/1ba rehabbed unit in Society Hill Towers! 214 S. 6th St. Beautifully renovated, lrg 1br/1ba facing south in Independence Pl. Everything New! 114-18 Naudain St. #C 2br/1ba w/pkg, C/A, HWflrs, exposed brick, 1,150sqft, move-in ready, 720 Chestnut St. #D 2br/2ba, 1300sqft condo in boutique bldg. Hi ceilings, wood flr, granite & SS, FP 915 Clinton St. #303 Pristine bi-level 2br/2.5ba condo, high-end finishes, quiet tree-lined street, deck

$79,900 $65,000 $134,900 $155,000 $157,000 $179,900 $167,900 $185,000 $205,000 $234,900 OPEN HOUSE Fr $239,000 $269,000 $279,900 $300,000 $319,900 $349,000 $350,000 OPEN HOUSE $365,000 $499,900 OPEN HOUSE $575,000

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New Listings

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about owning your own Deeded Queen ParkHave you ever had a had dream Have you ever had a dream Have youVillage ever Have a dream ever had a dream Have you ever had a dream Have you ever had a you dream ing Space? WELL SOMEabout owning your own about owning your own about owning your about own owning246your Catharine own St 221 Carpenter St about owning your own about owning your own 318 Fitzwater Street TIMES DREAMS COME N/L N/L N/L N/L N/L Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden N/L 4 + office/2.5 “The Dragon House” + lg garden $650,000 GardenQueen & Garage. $435.000 TRUE. We have 7 deeded Deeded Queen Village ParkDeeded QueenN/L Village ParkDeeded Queen Village Deeded ParkVillage ParkDeeded Queen Village ParkDeeded Queen Village Lot size 19x136 Park$1,250,000 111-123 Federal Street 251 S. Warnock Street Beautifully 223 Monroe Street Historically 812 S. Swanson Street 113 N. Bread Street # 3B2 1517 Manton Street Gorgeous New 129 Monroe Street- 2 bdrm, 1 bth spots available in a secured ing WELL SOMEing Space? WELL SOMEinging Space? WELL SOMESpace? WELL SOMEFabulous new sample! 3 bdrms + detailed 3 bdrm, 1.5WELL bth home with certified. Incredible original details, 4 ing 6 yr old terrific N/C, 3 bdrms, 3 full & Space? The National Construction, 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths, home lovingly for but needs ing Space? SOMESpace? WELL SOMEQueen Village Location. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan cared II bths, fp,Carpenter garageSt & basement 246flrs, Catharine Strm,Catharine 2212.5 Carpenter St Catharine St 221 Carpenter 246 Catharine 246221 Catharine St St 221 Carpenter St flrs,Stfinished fp,318 family deckSt& St den, 2 bth’s, 5246 fireplaces + lovely 2 half bths, elevator, Artisan 3 318 decks, garden Pristine designer 3 bdrm, 2StbthCOME unitStreet hrdwd open & spacious, hrdwd updating. basement & Lombard 246 Catharine 246 221 Carpenter 1805 318 Fitzwater Fitzwater Street bdrms, 318Street Fitzwater Fitzwater Street 1431Semi-finished Bainbridge TIMES DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS TIMES COME DREAMS $67,500.00 From $499,000 318 Fitzwater Street 318 Fitzwater Street 1501-1503 Kater TIMES DREAMS COME TIMES DREAMS COME garden. $395,000 garden. $499,900 Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s with Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2“The &&beautiful Garden 3/2 & beautiful Garden 3/2 &Beautiful beautiful Garden & garage. $699,000 balcony parking. $549,900 basement &Home. deck. $259,900 private (8 outdoor Dragon“The House” “The Dragon House” Dragon House” “The Dragon House” Homes)space. $239,900(10 Homes) 3/2.5 2 Fp’s Beautiful Home. 3/2.5 2 Fp’s 3/2 & beautiful Garden “The Dragon House” “The Dragon House” HURRY 2 ALREADY 5600 Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 +7Sqdeeded Ft 4/3.5 + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden $435.000 + have lg garden $650,000 +We lg garden $650,000 + lg garden $650,000 4 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage.TRUE. 4have + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. 4 + office/2.5 & Garage. $435.000 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 TRUE. We deeded TRUE. We have We 7have 7TRUE. deeded We$435.000 7Garage. deeded + lg garden $650,000 4$435.000 + office/2.5 Garden & Garage. + lgGarden garden $650,000 4 +&office/2.5 Garden & Garage. $435.000 TRUE. have 7 deeded TRUE. Elevator Deck TA $1,250,000 SOLD We have 7 deeded Elevator Deck 2 Car Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Lot Roof size 19x136 Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 Elevator Deck 2 Car Garage &

New Listings

New Listings


AMERICAN Lot size 19x136 $1,250,000 LotS.size 19x136 $1,250,000 2 CarLOFTS Garage 810 St “A” 1118 E. Moyamensing REDUCED Catharine St & TA in a secured spotsTAavailable inGarage a secured spots available in ain spots secured available in a2ndsecured available in a secured spots available a118secured 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx spots American$2,500,000 & Brown spots available 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, $2,500,000 $2,000,000 Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 (212 Brown Street) Queen Village Location. Queen Village Location. Queen Village Location. Queen Village Location. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan II Queen Village Location. Queen Village Location. Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan Rittenhouse Artisan II n II 1107-1121 N. HowardExciting Artisan Artisan Artisan Leasing Opportunity Artisan Artisan 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard ge 1431 Bainbridge 1805 Lombard 1805 Lombard 1101-1115 N. Hancock $67,500.00 $67,500.00 $67,500.00 $67,500.00 1431 $67,500.00 $67,500.001501-1503 1501-1503 Kater erbridge (10 Homes) 1501-1503 Kater Kater 40(10 Units - Bainbridge Great Views! 1 - 2 1501-1503 Kater 1501-1503 Kater (10 Homes) Homes) 1102-1134 N Hope d d (8 Homes) (10 Homes) (10 Homes) e 4/3.5 e Sq (84/3.5 Homes) mes) and 3 5600 Bedrooms + Penthouses, HURRY 24/3.5 ALREADY HURRY 24/3.5 ALREADY HURRY 2 ALREADY HURRY 24/3.5 ALREADY 5600 FtSq Squ4/3.5 FtSq 5600 Ft HURRY c c Zoned and Approved for Sq HURRY 2 ALREADY 2 ALREADY 5600 Sq Ft 5600 Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft 4000 + Ft u N/L /3.54/3.5 4000 + Sq4000 Ft 4/3.5 4000 + Sq Ft 4/3.5 + Sq16FtTown4/3.5 Balconies -TA Pet eElevator d homes + 2 Most 4000with +d Sq Ft Deck 4/3.5 FtTA Elevator Roof Deck TA Elevator Roof Roof Deck TA SOLD SOLD Roof DeckTerrific TA newer 1152 S. Cleveland Elevator TA Elevator Deck 2 Deck Car Elevator 2 Car Elevator 2Roof Car Deck 200 Lombard Street – Unit 717 stacked 10SOLD Catherine Street SOLD RDeck Friendly -eParking SOLD Elevator 223 Wharton Street Street Newly & &Garage Elevator & & Deck 2 Car Garage &2Duplexes Elevator Deck SOLD 2 Car Elevator Deck CarElevator Deck 2 CarAvailable. GarageR& Car Garage


132 Kenilworth Street - Custom

Garage 2$1,400 Car Garage 2 Car Garage off Street Spaces2inCar Square Penthouse corner twin property w/St 3 expo810 S. 2nd St “A” 810 S. 2nd “A” 600-02 810 S. 2nd St “A” 810 S. StMoyamensing “A” apprx built 3E.bdrm, 2 bth home original 1118Abbott’s E. Moyamensing 1118 E. 1118 E.2nd Moyamensing 1118 Moyamensing corner 3+den/2 bth, hrdw rehabbed, 3bdrms, From 2property, Car 118 Garage Catharine St 118Daily Catharine St Large Stnicely 118 Catharine Stwd CarOpen Garage Garage &TA TAGarage Garage & 20TA Garage &2TA S. 2nd Stw/ “A” N American N/CMoyamensing 810 S.1bth, 2nd St “A” 1118 E. 133118 SalterCatharine StreetCatharine Fab. N/C 1923-1925-2021-2023 118 Catharine St pine floors,810 118 St &Monroe TA&Street & TA 123-25 Monroe St 1 Christian #40 sures, Condo 2Garage 2454/4.5 gated Community TAAward 11001000 sq. ft,sq. 1&bdrm, 1.5& bth bi-level, car grge, Large Deck.Tx 3/2.5, 2 story cooks kitchen & flrs, fp, deck, landscaped flrs &3 to rear patio. sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx ft2/1 $2,500,000 $2,500,000 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, 1000 ft2/1 Prkng, Tx ft2/1 Prkng, Tx 3550 Sq Ft sq. 3 + Den/4.5 4/2.5, finished 4/2.5, patio,deck &coutryard finished 4/2.5, patio,deck finished 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished Bsmt Garden, Times. Award Wining,3500 ft,& 3 sq.1000 ft, Award Wining,3500 ft, Wining,3500 sq. ft, Txpatio,deck BestCall N/C .3 +for Den/4.5 2 car Wining,3500 Courtyard Home.sq. 2/2.5 Deck $2,500,000 1000 sq. ft2/1 Prkng, Tx Great Floor plan 4/2.5,Deck N/C 4sq. BR Parrish $2,500,000 1000 sq. Prkng, 4/2.5, patio,deck & finished $2,500,000 $2,500,000 $1,975,000 $2,500,000 $2,500,000 Award Wining,3500 sq. ft, Award Wining,3500 sq. ft,Award

1 lEfT

$2,000,000 $2,500,000

$369,900 $2,000,000 grdn & grg.Garage $1,300,000

garage, TA $1,599,000

$699,000 $2,500,000 Grdn & Grg. $795,000 Abmt , lgRED grdn. $399,900

spectacular views. $379,900 BalconiesDeck Garden + $379,900. REDUCED TO Garage, &garage. TA Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900 Abmt , grg. lg$169,000 grdn. $399,900 Abmtbasement , lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 basement $369,000 $369,000 From $469,000 TA grdn & grg. $1,300,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 Abmt , $1,300,000 lg grdn. $399,900 basement $369,000 Garage TA &$979,000 grdn & grg. $1,300,000 grdn grg. $1,300,000 grdn & From $650,000

incredible$369,000 roof deck. $519,900 basement Abmt , lg grdn. $399,900

REDUCED d d d d d d d d d d e cand eand Approved S e for uce ced ceApproved cecfore c3Zoned cZoned ceeApproved oned and Approved forApproved Zoned for2 for Zoned and ce c and u u u u u u u u u u 16 Town +Beautiful 2 homes Town homes + 2 + 2 16 homes d homes + 2 ed ed 4+Off/3 F & 16 Town edTown ed eed16deTown ed 16homes ed ed + 2 RedN/L stacked Duplexes Duplexes 3Duplexes + Den/2.5 H/W &DuplexesR stacked R R Rstacked R R 3/2 Deck + stacked Duplexes stacked R R R R 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car 116 Queen Street Garden $499,000 116 Alter Street 753-55-57 S. Marshall Street 621 S. American G Street + Parking RED 1107-1121 N. Howard Street 20 off Street in 20 offSpaces Street Spaces in 20 off Street Spaces in

1107-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard 1107-1121 N. Howard1107-1121 N. Howard on cti 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock 1101-1115 N. Hancock tru ns LD 1102-1134 N1102-1134 Hope N Hope 1102-1134 Co N Hope O1102-1134 N Hope Ne

534 Queen

119-123 Federal N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5,

1107-1121 N. Howard 1101-1115 D N. Hancock N Hope OL S1102-1134


L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce

H/W, Bsmt + Gar & TA

Development 24 Condos 2/2 Parking TA

From $509,000

From $399,000

125 Ellsworth—Phase III Pennspoint 3 to 4 + den /2.5 Gar TA From $499,000

1 Christian St #22

2107 Bainbridge Incredible 3 + media/2.5

502 Delancey

753-757 S. Marshall St

Between 6th & 7th off of Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000

2040 Waverly Street - Rittenhouse 236 Queen Street $1,350,000 Prng 20 off Street in lrgStreet 20 off Street2fp’s Spaces Lovely 3 bdrm,Spaces 2.5 bthSalter home, open flrFab. plan, N/C Fabulous home on a beautiful tree Book Block. 4 bdrms, 2.5 bths & N/C 600-02 American N/C 600-02 American N/C 600-02 American N/CSalter 600-02 N American Lovely 2.5 story home w/ 3N brdms, Terrific Investment Opportunity orFab.N/C Zoned and approved N for 16 600-02 TownNHomes +American Pristine condition, 2/1,123-25 wdin flrs,Monroe 133 Street Fab. N/CStreet 133 133 Salter Street N/CStory 133 Salter Street N/C 600-02 NFab. American 1923-1925-2021-2023 1923-1925-2021-2023 1923-1925-2021-2023 1923-1925-2021-2023 N N/C StMonroe #40 Condo Christian #40 Condo 123-25 St 1StChristian1123-25 Christian Monroe #40 Condo St 1 Christian #40 Condo 133 Salter 133245 Salter Fab. N/C 245 Monroe Street 245 Monroe Street 245 Monroe Street 245 Monroe Street lined street w 2 carStreet prkg, Fab. 3/3.5,N/C 1923-1925-2021-2023 high ceilings, fp Hrdw dflrs & pretty English gated Community gated Community gated Community 123-25 Monroe St 1 Christian #40 Condo 123-25 Monroe 1 Christian #40 Condo 3 car Parking, almost done – finish3 your Two Stacked Duplexes, 20 off Street Parking Monroe Street 245 Monroe Street 1.5 baths, 2fp’s, random pine floors & build your dream home. 3 lots, 45x32. exposed brick & private garden gated Community gated Community 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3 3550 Sq Ft 3 + Den/4.5 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, n t fireplace & deck. Located in the 3 Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck rtyard $1,975,000 Home. 2/2.5 Deck Best N/C .3 + Den/4.5 2 car Best Courtyard N/C .3 + Home. Den/4.5 2/2.5 2 Deck car Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck garden w/patio. $529,000 3550 + Den/4.5 3550Floor Sq Ftplan 3 + Den/4.5 3 dream oincar Garden, Great Floor plan 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3Parrish to3/2.5, 4 BRN/C Parrish Great Floor plan Great Floor plan 4/2.5 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3 to 4 BR 4/2.5 ,Deck N/C 3Bsmt to 34 to BR N/C 3SqtoFt 43BR Parrish Parrish 3/2.5, Bsmt Garden, Spaces Gated Community. hm. $1,080,000 en ti2 Best N/C .3 +plan Den/4.5 Courtyard Home. 2/2.5 Deck $329,000 Best N/C,Deck .3 + garden Den/4.5$289,900 2 car Courtyard m Home. 2/2.5 Deck $299,900Great Floor plan Great 4/2.5 ,Deck Great Floor 4/2.5 4 BR Parrish $1,975,000 $1,975,000 uc,Deck $1,975,000 Meredith School District $575,000 BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + p r x Reduced to $1,900,000 t Garage, & TA Garage, & TA Garage, & TA Garage, & TA garage, TA Garage $1,599,000 $369,900 Garage $369,900 $1,975,000 garage, TA garage, Garage TA Garage $1,599,000 $1,599,000 $369,900 $369,900 BalconiesDeck Garden + BalconiesDeck Garden + o Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 Grdn & Grg. Grdn & Grg. Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 RED $795,000 RED $795,000 Garage, & TA From $469,000 TA From $469,000 From $469,000 TA TA Garage, & TA e garage, TARED Garage $1,599,000 $369,900 garage, TA $1,599,000 Garage $369,900 el ns TA From $469,000 Grdn & Grg. RED $795,000 Grdn & Grg. $795,000 t l v From $469,000 TA o f Garage TAGarage $979,000 Garage TA $979,000 C TA $979,000 Garage TA $979,000 p e De Garage TA $979,000 Garage TA $979,000



Deck & Garden $749,000


From $650,000 ew

From $650,000 From $650,000

w From $650,000 RENT OR SalE



From $650,000

n nSt n 128 Pemberton St 335 Christian 1 Christian #49 623 S 6th 3 Condos on 825 Rosa Court—Garage on o ti oS. t2nd ti o 2338 Fitzwater A& C 127 Monroe Fabcti Multi 5/4 + Deck 4 /3.5 2 Car Parking 3/2.5 Garden + 1 car 1/1 + Deck, cti TA c i Corner 3 /2 Fromtr$549,000 uc uGreat uc Condos 1/1 TA upscale Builder’s & Garden $649,900 truHm sProperty trDuplex RED $549,900 Pkng $499,500 ru 1 SOLD r RED $379,000 From $299,000 t s s t s From $229,000 2+ Den/2 Garden RED n n n s n Co Co Con Co Co w w w 714-22 Bainbridge St -13 ew Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 Ne Ne Ne w Ne N 125 Kenilworth Street 104 Catherine Street - Wonderful 2940 S. Broad Street - Incredible 1008 S. 2nd Street - Beautiful hm, 1352 South Street Unit 216

D LD OLDLD LLDD OLDLD LD LD LD O O O O O O OL O O S S S S S S S S S S S 32 2 2 2 Rental 3 3 3 2 3 Great 3 Location! Location! 2.5 story Historically duplex with 2 cr garage. 1 bi-level Beautiful open & spacious 11 sq. designer quality hm, 3/2.5, Au pair 3/2.5, wd flrs & lrg patio. 3rd & Bainbridge - Live & work from home in this fabulous space. 2 bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths,

ft condo w/ wd flrs, granite coun-

Certified Home Circa 1760, 3 bdrms, 1bth

From $650,000

238 Arch Street

Commercial Space 8,000 sq. ft. Humphry’s

1227-29 Christian Street B Fabulous N/C luxury condo. 3

bdrm 1 floors, bth unit and 1 bi-level 3on 1st Flag Co. across from the Betsy Ross House. bdrm, 3 bths, 2000 sq. ft. & parking. 119-123 Federal Federal 119-123 Federal suite/media rm, 3/4 oak flrs, dk & Jay-Z 4 119-123 Reduced $350,000. L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce L’EAU Jay-Z & Beyonce L’EAU & Beyonce hardwood Deck + Gallery space $3000 Federal 119-123 Federal ul 5342119-123 Queen Beautiful L’EAU Jay-Z &125 Beyonce tertops, S.S. App. & floor to ceiling St #22 StIII 1 Christian StFl. #22 1 Bainbridge Christian #22 1 Christian St #22 original fp &2107 $389,900 Ellsworth—Phase III 2107 Bainbridge Ellsworth—Phase III2St125 Ellsworth—Phase III 1 Christian 1252107 Ellsworth—Phase Bainbridge 2107 Bainbridge 534 Queen Beautiful autiful bth unit. $549,000 Great Investment Opportunity $1,200,000 1gardn. Christian St 1 Christian St #22 427bdrm Queen Beautiful 3Development story, 2 N/C bedroom, bath trinity, H/W, EIK & garden. $1400 cr3prkg. $529,000. 125 III502details, 2107 Bainbridge 1254+Off/3 Ellsworth—Phase 2107 Bainbridge N/C 7 Homes, /2.5, 753-757 S. Marshall N/C 7 3Homes, 3 /2.5, 7 1Homes, /2.5, 753-757 Marshall St 753-757 S. St Marshall St St 753-757 S. $449,900 Marshall St 24 Condos Development 24 Condos Development 247FCondos windows. $285,000 orEllsworth—Phase $1,750 502 Delancey 4+Off/3 F4+Off/3 502 Delancey &den /2.53IIIIncredible 502 S. Delancey F& 4+Off/3 F &#22 /2.5, N/C 7 Homes, 3 /2.5, 753-757 S. Marshall 24 Condos 24 Condos Pennspoint 3 + media/2.5 toPennspoint 4parking. +N/C den /2.5 nspoint Pennspoint Pennspoint 3 +3/2 Incredible 3 + media/2.5 Incredible 3 + media/2.5 33to+225 4Den/2.5 +Catharine den /2.5 3 to 43+Homes, 3Development to Deck 4 + den+ /2.5 & H/W &TA St - Beautiful 3 BR + Den, 4 Development BA, H/W, Granite ktchn, grdn& &3 2 car $3500 502 Delancey 4+Off/3 F& 502 Delancey F &Delancey 3/2 Deck +media/2.5 3/2 Deck +3Parking 3/2 Deck +3&to 4+Off/3 Pennspoint Incredible 4 + denIncredible /2.5 + Den/2.5 H/W Incredible 3 + media/2.5 toTA 4 + den /2.5 /W &Bsmt 3/2 Deck + H/W, + Gar & TA H/W, Bsmt + Gar & H/W, Bsmt + Gar & TA 3/2 Deck + Between 6th & Between 7th 6th off of Between 6th & 7th off of Between &6th 7th&off ofoff of Between 6th & 7th off3 +ofmedia/2.5 2/2 Parking TA 2/2 TA 2/2 Parking H/W, Bsmt + Gar & TA&TAGarden + Gar TA 1 Bath Bi 2/2 776H/W, S. 2ndBsmt St - Very nice 2& Bedroom, level apartment w/ CA + BA Lg Deck. $1350 7th 2/2 Parking TA Parking TA 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car 2 1/2 BA + Deck 3 Car Gar TA From $499,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 TA FromGarden $499,000 Gar TA From $499,000 Gar From $499,000 Deck $749,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 1 lEfT REDUCED! $499,000 2•1/2 BA + $350,000 Deck 3 CarFitzwater 3 Deck 2Gar1/2 + Deck 3 Car TA BA From $499,000 &$350,000 Garden $749,000 TA$399,000 From $499,000 Deck & Garden $749,000 $499,000 + Parking RED $499,000 $499,000 $499,000 + large Parking + Parking RED + Parking RED Garden $499,000 Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000 Fitzwater 3 Lots Fitzwater 3 Lots Lots $350,000 ,000 810 S. 3rd$509,000 St –Beautiful 3From BR +RED Den home with hardwood floors t/o, yard + Gar parking. $2500 $399,000 From $399,000 From From $509,000 From From $509,000 $499,000 + Parking RED $499,000 + Parking RED Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000 From $399,000 From $399,000Prng +$1,350,000 From $509,000 Prng $1,350,000 $1,350,000 PrngPrng Prng $1,350,000 1119 E.From Palmer$509,000 St –N/C 3 BR + Media Rm, 3 BA, H/W t/o, Fp, Lg Garden 3 car parking. $2500 Prng $1,350,000 $1,350,000





400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details

n n n tn t t nt on etni o men ent en ti o ti o ti o inotn    m m me cti uc uc uc umcet uc m p p p p r r r r t t t t p p r N/L los  lo lo lo lo tru s s lsot s N/L e e e e s n       n n n N/L vo v v ve v n Co Co Ceoven Co e Market Street thru to Church DeC De De D241-245 De Street 1627 S. 15thwStreet 918 S. 2nd Street CoDesigner 602 N American N/C, 502 Delancey Street D w w Attention Federal 1319 S. 16th Street New w w garden, T.A. Charming 3 story hm with 2 bdrms + e eWow! ew Streetwwhrdwd Fabulous 1015 eNwe construction ew ew – 40 x 160, Currently a parking ewlot, 29 parking Investors, e e Homes 3/2.5, basement, Society Hill Great Location N N N e N Ne N N sunlit 4 bdrm, 2.5 bth home w/ newly rehabbed, 4/2, N N w w wN . c o n w a y t e a m . c o m T hsq. e ft,A w a rw/ d handsome W i n n i facade, n g K3abdrms, t h y ,2.5N P a t rspaces, i c k land a nfully d approved t h e for C 6ostory n wbuilding ay Team 215.440 .8190 3300 den, hrdwd flrs, 2 fireplaces & small and garage. $479,900 Huge double property, hrdwd flrs, high ceilings and nice sice flrs + lrg yard. Rented for $1650. w/ bths, hrdwd flrs, finished basement,


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with 9 Res. Units, 1 Penthouse + 1st floor 5/2.5, 3 cr prkg, extra large dk & garden. $379,000 $650. positive cash flow. $159,000 huge garden & deck. $298,900 commercial 1 space. $1,750,000. St Pemberton St 128 Christian Pemberton St St Society Office Christian #49 335 Christian 335 Christian 335 1 Christian #49 1Court— Christian #49 1623 Christian garden. $1,200,000 623128 S 6th 3623 623 SCourt— 6th SCondos 6thS 6th 623Christian SHill 6th 3 Condos 3#49 Condos 3 Condos 128 Pemberton 1 335 Christian #49 128 Pemberton Christian 1 Christian #49 Garage osa Court—Garage Rosa Court— Rosa Garage 825 S. 2nd StS. 2nd St Rosa 825 825 S. 2ndGarage St 623 S 6th 3 Condos 3 Condos335


yard. $249,000

128 Pemberton St

335 Christian 530 W a ln ut St. Rosa Court—Garage Rosa127 Court— Garage 825+S. 2nd StMulti 825Fitzwater S.Fab 2nd StA& C 127 Monroe FabMonroe 2338 127 Fitzwater Monroe A& FabC3/2.5 127+Monroe Sui te #2 264Car 0 /3.5 Multi4 /3.5 5/4Multi +2Deck 5/4 + TA Deck 5/4Parking + Deck Multi45/4 Monroe r/2CA& C 127 Fab Garden 3/2.5 +Garden 1 car 4Fab /3.5 2 Car Parking 210 6Car Parking Car 12338 car 1 car Garden ++ 1Deck, car 1/13/2.5 + Deck, + /2 Deck, TA $549,000 1/1 + Deck, TA TA4 /3.5 +4AParking Deck, Multi + Deck Phi la de 1/1 lp hi a, P 19 /3.5+ Deck 2 Car Parking 3/2.5 Garden 1 car /3.5 2TA Car +Parking 3/2.5 Garden + 1Corner car 3Corner /2 1/1From From $549,000 3Duplex 3Garden /23/2.5 From $549,000 Great Corner Duplex Great Corner Great Corner 1/1 + 5/4 Deck, TA 3$649,900 /21/1 From $549,000 3$549,000 /2From From $549,000 Duplex Great Duplex Great upscale Hm upscale Condos Builder’s 1/1Builder’s TAHmDuplex upscale Builder’s Hm $649,900 & Garden $649,900 $649,900 & Garden & Garden & Garden Condos 1/1 TA upscale Builder’s Hm TA Builder’s upscale Hm RED $549,900 Pkng $499,500 RED $549,900 RED $549,900 RED $549,900 Pkng $499,500 Pkng $499,500 Pkng $499,500 From $299,000 1 SOLD 1 SOLD  From $299,000 1Kauffman SOLD From $299,000 From $299,000 SOLD $649,900 & Garden RED $549,900 Pkng RED 1$499,500 $549,900 Pkng $499,500 Mike Carestio Lee Ann Hartley Property Ivon Cowell Tory Gargano Adele Gerngross Property $379,000 REDRED $379,000 PropertyJeff RED $379,000 Deidre Quinn From $299,000 1 SOLD Property RED $379,000 From $299,000 1 SOLD Property $379,000 + Den/22+Garden REDGarden From $229,000 Den/2 Garden RED 2+RED Den/2 Garden RED From $229,000 2+ Den/2 Garden RED 000 2+ Den/2 RED



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Visit our website for our complete inventory, wee kly o pen hou se s, add ition a l p ictu res a nd mo re p a rticulars.



Independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

1117 E. Moyamensing Ave Beautiful Designer full rehab, 2 bdrms + den, hrdwd flrs t/o & large221 garden. Carpenter St 3/2 & beautiful Garden $1,500 a month $435.000

1108 Spruce Street Unit 2R Gorgeous completely renovated 1 bdrm unit w/ hrdwd flrs, high ceilings, granite & beautiful wood work. $1,650 a month 1118 E. Moyamensing

4/2.5, patio,deck & finished $369,000 132basement Kenilworth Street

Custom built home, 3 bdrm, 2 bths, original pine floors, 2 story cooks kitchen and incredible roof deck. $2,500 a month 1923-1925-2021-2023

2200 Pine N/CStreet 3 to 4unit BR 105 Parrish $469,000 TA From Beautiful 1 bedroom condo in a greate location with hardwood floors, granite, marble and great light. $1,500 a month 620 S Front Street unit 2 Dramatic bi-level apt w/ open & spacious plan. 1 St bdrm + 753-757 S.flr.Marshall Between 6th & 7th off of small den, fp, washer/dryer & Fitzwater 3 Lots $350,000 deck with city views. Parking $100 extra a month $1,500 a month 834 S Front Street Fabulous 4 bdrm, 2.5 bth hm Pemberton St with128 hrdwd flrs, fp, laundry Multi 5/4 + Deck rm, central air & 2 car parking & Garden $649,900 $3,000 a month

714-22 StDecks. -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 714-22 Bainbridge St -13 Condos with Garage Parking - 2/2-Bainbridge 714-22 Gardens Bainbridge &Bainbridge StFROM -13 Condos $379,900 Bainbridge withwith Garage St -13 Parking Condos - 2/2with Gardens Garage & Parking Decks. - 2/2FROM Gardens $379,900 &Garage Decks.Parking FROM-$379,900 714-22 Bainbridge -13 Condos with 2/2- Gardens & Decks. FROM $379,900 714-22 St714-22 -13 Condos Garage Parking - 2/2Gardens & St Decks. FROM $379,900

Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental Great Rental

1208 & 1212 Mount Vernon St 822 Swanson Street– Single 500 S. Front Street Beautiful Designer 335 Christian 2447 S. Garnet Street 752 S. 3rd Street Gorgeous N/C. beautiful homes, 3400 &den,1.5 from in this+home fabulous space. 2 space. bedrooms Baths, -work Live 3rd & Baths, work & Bainbridge home -in Live this fabulous work from home 2Three bedrooms in2+den,1.5 this fabulous +den,1.5 Baths, 2Baths, bedrooms +den,1.5 Baths, space. family hm currently used as duplex,3 total home. 3from bedrooms den, 3 bths, Fab.2Mansion home+den,1.5 with 2 car Baths, New Construction hm with 1 cr 3rd & Bainbridge -oak Live &space. work from this 2fabulous bedrooms dge - Live &home work from in&this fabulous space. bedrooms +den,1.5 Q.V Besthome Buy. 4 in bdrms, bths, +(-) sq. ft., 5/4.5, den w/ wet bar, flooring, bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half baths, hrdwd Hrdwd flrs, fp, au pair suite, allery onspace 1st Fl. eck + space Gallery hardwood floors, on$3000 1st Deck Fl. $3000 Gallery on 1stfloors, Fl.deck. $3000 hrdw, t/o flrs, Deck + Gallery space onfp, 1stgrdn. Fl. Needs $3000updat- parking, 4bdrms, 3.5 bths, garden, garage, 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths & balcony. s, Deck +garden, Gallery space on 1st+private Fl. $3000space 2hardwood car parking & huge from $645,000 flrs & two decks. $469,900 &bath garage. details, details, details $749,000 Tax Abatement Reduced to$464,000 Reduced $385,000 story, bedroom, 1Sttrinity, & garden. utiful 400 23427 story, Queen 2Deck bedroom, Beautiful 1$1,100,000 bath3H/W, trinity, story,EIK 2H/W, bedroom, EIK &1 $1400 garden. bath trinity, $1400 H/W, EIK & $1400

D D D D D SOlD L L L L L O O O O S5SSO5 S 55 5S


427H/W, Queen St-&Beautiful 3 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath trinity, H/W, EIK & garden. $1400 Beautiful 3 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath trinity, EIK garden. $1400 ul 3- BR + $3500 Den, BA, H/W, & cargrdn parking. $3500 Beautiful parking. 225 3Catharine BR34+BR Den, 4-BA, Beautiful H/W, 3ktchn, Granite BRGranite +grdn Den, ktchn, 4 2grdn BA, H/W, & car Granite ktchn, $3500 grdn & 42 BA, car parking. $3500ktchn, grdn & 2 car parking. $3500 225 Catharine St2-& Beautiful 3 BR + Den, H/W, Granite St Beautiful + St Den, 4Granite BA, H/W, ktchn, 2 parking. car parking. $3500 Bath Bi level apartment w/apartment CA Deck. yBedroom, $1350 nicenice 776 2 Bedroom, S. 2nd St 1 -Bath Very Bi nice level Bedroom, apartment Bath CA Bi + level Deck. $1350 w/ CA + 1Lg Deck. $1350apartment w/ CA + Lg Deck. $1350 776+1w/ S.Lg 2nd StLg -$1350 nice 2$1350 Bedroom, Bath Bi level Very 21 Bedroom, 1 Bath Bi2level w/ CA +Very Lgapartment Deck. ge 3 BR +large Den hardwood yard + parking. $2500 parking. utiful large 810 $2500 S. 3 3rd BR3home +BR StDen –Beautiful home with large hardwood 3floors BR +t/o, Den floors home t/o, with yard hardwood + parking. floors $2500 t/o, yard + parking. $2500 floors t/o, yard + parking. $2500 810 S. 3rd St –Beautiful 3 BR$2500 + Den home with hardwood Beautiful +with Den home with hardwood floors t/o, yard +large parking. Media Rm, BA, t/o, Fp, Lg Garden 33car $2500 –N/C parking. 1119 3 BR $2500 +BR Media Palmer Rm, StH/W 3–N/C BA, 3H/W BRH/W +t/o, Media Fp, Rm, Garden BA,parking. +St H/W 3 car parking. Garden + 3 3car parking. $2500 1119 E.+ Palmer –N/C 3Fp, BRLg +$2500 Media Rm, BA, H/W t/o, Fp, Lg Garden + 3 car parking. $2500 rBR St+–N/C 3 E. + 3Media Rm, 3 BA, t/o, Lg Fp, Lg Garden + 3t/o, car parking. $2500 ommercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details n-N.C Details 400 Commercial Spring Garden-N.C Space Available-800 Commercial to 1600 Space SqAvailable-800 Ft. Call for Details to 1600 Sq Ft.Space Call for Details 400 Spring Garden-N.C Commercial Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details rden-N.C Commercial Space Available-800 to 1600 Sq Ft. Call for Details




795 S. 3rd Street Prominent corner property with renowned Dimitris Restaurant as 1st flr tenant + two 1 large bedroom apartments. $599,000






934 S 2nd Street 3 bdrm, 2 bth home on great block with hardwood floors, crown moldings & finished basement. $1,600 a month


Fernon Street 1232 S. Iseminger Street 934 S. 10th Street 835 S. Howard Street - Custom 137 McKean Street_ Gorgeous 4 728 S. 3rd Street - Wonderful 3 bdrm, 2.5 1123 E. Moyamensing Avenue      3/3 + Beautiful1153 bdrm,  1.5 bth home w/ built, 2.5 year old home, Renovated in 2007 - thishome features   Terrific corner property, 3 bdrms + mebath home in sought after Meredith school  bdrm, 1.5 bth home w/ hrdwd flrs, Lovely 3 bdr home w/hrdwd flrs, 2 bdrms, 1 bth, hrdwd flrs, finished base- high ceilings, fireplace, finshed base- au-pair suite, hdwd flrs t/o, roof deck, hrdwd flrs, central air, finished basedia room, 2.5 bths, hrdwd flrs + lovely distric. Open, bright & spacious floorplan, updated bth & enormous garden. garden, tax abate & parking a block ment & large yard. $329,000 ment & nice city garden. $269,000        hrdwd           garden Reduced to $389,000 flrs, fp & garden $479,000. ment & nice yard. $299,900             away. $525,000. $250,000 – For more inFormation and a list oF our

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Society Hill Office Society HillHill Office Society Hill Office 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 Society Hill Office Society Office 215.627.6005 215.627.6005 Society Hill Office 530 Walnut St. Suite #260 Philadelphia, PA 19106

Society Hill Office 530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6

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215.627. 6005 •


    Mike Carestio AnnJeff Hartl eyAnn Jeff Kauffman MikeIvon Carestio Mike Carestio Mike Carestio Lee Ann Hartl eAdele yGargano IvonGargano Cowell JeffCarestio Kauffman LeeKauffman Hartl y Ivon Cowell Jeff Kauffman Tory Adele Gerngross Tory Gerngross Gargano Tory Adele Gerngross Gerngross Mike Carestio Deidre Rosa Marino IndependentlyAdele owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Lee Ann Hartl eyGargano IvonMike Cowell Jeff Adele Kauffman Lee AnneQuinn Hartl ey Cowell Ivon Cowell Jeff Kauffman Tory Gargano Gerngross Tory Adele Gerngross Deidre Quinn

530 W a ln ut St. Sui te # 26 0 Phi la de lp hi a, P A 19 10 6


& Associates, Inc. Realtors

FeAtuRed PRoPeRtIes 2036 DELANCEY PL Open Sunday 3/27 12:00-2:00PM Magnificent beautifully restored double wide corner, 5br, 6b, +/-9000sf, original detail, elevator, terrace, 3 car heated garage

ARTISAN 2! 1501 KATER ST Bold contemporary 4br,2.5b,+/-3000-5600sf, chef’s kitchen, 2 decks, 2 car garage, 10 yr tax abatement

1040 IRVING ST New Listing! Open Sunday 3/27 3:00-4:00PM 4br, 3b, den with wet bar, 3 balconies, roof deck, rear yard, cherry flrs, elevator, 2 car garage, tax abate

1732 LOMBARD ST Open Sunday 3/27 1:30-2:30PM Bright 4br,2.5b, f/p, h/w flrs, garden, 2 car parking

$4,500,000 Call Robert Volpe or Karen Joslin

$899,000-$1,800,000 Call Scott Neifeld

$1,250,000 Call Maryellen Cammisa

$729,000 Call Scott Neifeld

749 E PASSYUNK AVE Open Sunday 3/27 1:30-2:30PM Fabulous architecturally significant townhouse, 3br, den, 2 full, 2 half baths, 2 car gated parking

104 CHRISTIAN ST Stunning 3br, 2.5b custom finished home, 3 f/p, h/w flrs, 2 car parking w/ garage

726 S MARVINE ST New Listing! 3br, 2b, h/w flrs, finished basement, patio, roof deck

1309 S REESE ST, JEFFERSON SQ Desirable 3br, 2.5b, hi ceilings, basement, large garden, garage, tax abate

$725,000 Call Conny Case

$679,000 Call Michele Golembeski

$539,000 Call Maryellen Cammisa

$319,900 Call Margaret Szumski


1435 Bainbridge St Announcing Artisan 2! Bold contemporary 4br,3.5b, +/-4000sf, elevator, chef’s kitchen, 2 panoramic decks, 2 car garage, 10 yr tax abatement.............................$1,399,000 Artisan 2 models with 3000 sq ft, 2 car garage ................................................................................................................................from $899,000 646-648 N Sydenham St, Art Museum Area New Townhouses, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, deck, garage parking, tax abate ....................... $549,900


1040 Irving St 4 bedroom, 3 bath, den with wet bar, cherry flrs, 3 balconies, roof deck, yard, elevator, 2 car garage, tax abatement ........$1,250,000 749 E Passyunk Ave Fabulous architecturally significant townhouse, 3 bedrooms, den 2 full, 2 half baths, 2 car gated parking .................. $725,000 104 Christian St Stunning 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath custom finished home, 3 f/p, h/w flrs. 2 car parking w/garage ......................................... $679,000 900 Locust St Lovely 3 bedroom, 3 bath home, f/p, h/w flrs, patio, deck, deeded parking ........................................................................... $616,000 705 S Philip St Dramatic 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath contemporary, h/w flrs, f/p, roof deck w/ city vus, new chef designed kitchen, deed gated parking, Meredith School district ................................................................................................................................................ $613,900 125 Bainbridge St Beautiful historic home with modern amenities, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, den, f/p, terrace, roof deck, yard ..................... $539,900 400-416 S 2nd St #402 Beautiful 2 bedroom,3 bath condo, patio, shared courtyard, 1 yr parking ............................................................ $559,000 732 Christian St Completely renovated 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, deck, lots of light, municipal parking across the street .......................... $529,000 308 Cypress St 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, +/-2025sf, eat-in kitchen with f/p, large garden patio .................................................................. $529,900 217 B Fulton St 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, patio, +/-1500sf, f/p, large patio, Brazilian cherry flrs, garage parking..................................... $429,000 535 Queen St 3 story, 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath, large eat in kitchen, rear deck, patio .................................................................................... $399,000 130 Spruce St Bright, airy bi-level loft 1 bedroom plus den, 1.5 baths, large sun deck, pool, GARAGE parking ........................................ $369,000 1 Christian St #25 Court at Old Swedes 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse condo, deck with river views, garage parking ..................................$310,000 Abbotts Sq #710, 530 S 2nd Street Upgraded 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, f/p, s/s appliances ........................................................................ $259,000 625-33 Christian St #3A Sunny corner 1BR with lost space, +/- 864sf. 1 car parking.............................................................................. $239,000 Abbotts Sq, #526, 530 S 2nd St Beautiful 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo, +/-839sf, balcony, 24/7 front desk........................................ $235,000 1008 Spruce St Quiet 1 bedroom in elegant brownstone, featuring hi ceilings, h/w flrs, wood burning f/p, eat-in-kitchen ....................... $159,000



2616 Parrish St Pristine 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, new kitchen, large garden garage ................................................................................ $469,000


144 Bread St Carriage house style 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, garage parking............................................................................................ $749,000 423-25 Vine St Old City compound, 4bedrooms,3.5baths, 2 car garage, huge garden ........................................................................ $799,000 320 Race St “E” Penthouse loft condo, 2bedrooms, 2baths, incredible views ...................................................... $319,000


1100 Vine St, Grandview #704 Sunny 2 bedroom, 2 bath, +/-1333sf, split floor plan, open kitchen ................................................ $314,900


100 N 22nd St #135, The Arches Dramatic upper unit, light filled, 3 bedroom,2.5 bath, balcony, great storage, garage parking .......... $475,000

Plumer & Associates invites you to a free seminar “How to buy a Short Sale or Foreclosed Property” Saturday, april 2nd • 11aM - 1pM • 226 South Street • rSVp to: info@pluMerre.coM BELLA VISTA

726 S. Marvine St, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, patio, roof deck, h/w flrs, finished basement ...................................................................... $539,000 1010 S. 7th St, Trinity, 1BR, den, 1BA, h/w flrs, move-in condition .................................................................................................... $189,000


1012 N American St New rehab, modern 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, bamboo floors, glass railings, rear yard, roof deck ................................... $434,900 2314 E Huntingdon St New Construction, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, h/w flrs, deck, patio, tax abate ....................................................... $349,000 626 N Bodine St Loft style home, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, garden ............................................................................................................. $314,999 107 W Master St, Old Kensington Bright 3 bedroom, den, 1.5 bath, +/- 2300sf, yard ..................................................................... $210,000 353 Reno St 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, yard, great location ........................................................................................................................ $153,000 3427 Livingston St, Port Richmond Newly renovated 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths ................................................................................. $119,000


1309 S Reese St, Jeffereson Sq Desirable 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, hi ceilings, eat-in kitchen, basement, large garden, garage, tax abate .... $319,900 1524 S Iseminger St, Passyunk Sq Rehab, +/- 1200sf, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, h/w flrs ..................................................................... $195,000 825 Cross St, Passyunk Sq 2 story, 3 bedrooms, needs updating .................................................................................................... $195,000 1010 S 7th St Trinity, 1 bedroom, den, 1 bath, h/w flrs, move-in condition .......................................................................................... $199,000 326 Wilder St Pennsport 2 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, +/-1200sf, patio & garden .............................................................................. $195,000 2315 S 8th ST 3bedrooms, 1.5 baths ................................................................................................................................................ $156,000 415 Greenwich St Charming 2 bedroom, den, 1 bath, beautiful original floors, patio ........................................................................... $139,900


501 S 12th St Professional Office space, over 20,000 sq ft zoned for medical and /or legal offices. 16 deeded parking spaces .......... $4,999,900 1100-1118 E Passyunk Ave (at Washington Ave) +/-8500sf, 3 entrances, also 3 story house and 2 garage bays................................. $3,000,000 118 N 3rd St, Minima Loft Bldg., Full floor 1 & 2 bedroom condos & 3 level commercial space, 2 parking spaces .......................... $2,200,000 384 W Lancaster Ave, Wayne Well-known Main Line bar/restaurant with license & parking ............................................................. $2,600,000 380 W Lancaster Ave, Wayne Commercial Building ......................................................................................................................... $695,000 117-119 South St Fully equipped bar/restaurant with liquor license +/- 10,000 sq ft plus 3 one bedrooms apartments .................... $2,300,000 1118 Spruce St Grand 6 unit building, good income, excellent Wash West location .......................................................................... $1,135,000 618-20 South St 2 Stores, plus 4 apartments. Call for details ......................................................................................................... $1,280,000 507 S 2nd St Professional office or retail store plus 3 bedroom, bi-level apartment ............................................................................. $895,000 50-52 S 3rd St Historically certified buildings formerly a pub/restaurant, plus newly renovated bi-level 3 br apartment .......................... $749,000 Pennsport Approx. 4000 sq ft, clear span/floor, many uses ................................................................................................................. $649,000 1725-31 S 25th St +/-12,000sf garage/warehouse with 4,000sq ft parking lot .................................................................................. $595,000 908 N 4th St Renovated triplex, 3 one-bedroom apts, garden, 2 decks, separate utilities, fully rented .................................................... $419,000 2229 E Huntingdon St 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, deck. First floor front commercial space, zoned C1......................................................... $299,900 3213 Frankford Ave 3 story, +/-21,000 sq ft industrial warehouse with elevator, 2 loading docks, zoned G2 ........................................ $299,500 2701 E Huntingdon St Mixed use property. Storefront with powder room & basement storage, 2nd floor 1 bedroom apt ...................... $159,000 1206 Alter St Vacant lot, +/- 14’x48’ ...................................................................................................................................................$89,000 1212 S 2nd St, Pennsport Vacant lot, +/-15’x20’ ...............................................................................................................................$34,900 214 S 49th St Vacant land, 16’x100’ ...................................................................................................................................................$20,000

226 south street

215 922 4200


For a complete listing of properties visit our website: email: equal Housing opportunity

Our Agents: Alvin ‘Bud’ Plumer, Leon Aksman, Tony Battaglia, Bruce Benjamin, Martin Bernstein, Judy Buchsbaum, Maryellen Cammisa, Ellen Carasick, Francisco Carreno, Conny Case, Donna Cline, Robert Collins, Kristine Conn, Tracey Dalton, Harris Eckstut, Gail Finnegan, Vivian Gilliam, Michele Golembeski, Michael Gordon, Tom Guglielmo, Megan Jann, Karen Joslin, Charles Kelly, Trish Kelly, Josh Koplin, Leo Korein, Louis Lanni, Hermie Leung, Mickey Lubell, AnnMarie McFadden, Marian McGee, Isabelle Meyer, Scott Neifeld, Linda O’Connell, Jean Burns, Sharon Ferguson, Danuta Piorkowska, Mona Plumer, Franz Rabauer, John Regan, Robert Volpe, Hilarie Surrena, Denise Roberson, Donna Russella, Izzy Sigman, Cecile Steinriede, Jan Stephano, Margaret Szumski, Michael Waxman, Ronna Zeiger, Chris Baker, Jody Volpe

Hot to Maximize Your Investment & Home Ownership Opportunities in Today’s Market...

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

1914-16 Rittenhouse Sq Landmark property 5 combined lots, over 6,000sf footprint, great opportunity for development or magnificent residence .................................................................................................................................................................. $5,990,000 2036 Delancey Pl Magnificient beautifully restored double wide corner, 5 br, 6b, +/-9000sf, original detail, elevator, terrace, 3 car heated garage.......................................................................................................................................................................................... $4,500,000 50 S 16th ST #4102, 2 Liberty Pl Exquisite 2br,2b, many upgrades, sunset & river vus, 2 yr garage parking, tax abatement ............................$925,000 212-24 S 24th St #2420 Filter Walk Spectacular +/-2600sf, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, f/p, h/w flrs, 2 gated patios, 2 decks, parking ..................$879,000 1732 Lombard St Bright 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, f/p, h/w flrs, garden, 2 car parking ..................................................................................... $729,000 2001 Catharine St Corner 3 bedroom,2.5bath,+/-2500sf, roof deck, garage, tax abatement, 5 yrs young ................................................. $659,000 2020 Walnut St #7E, Wanamaker House 2 bedroom suites with full baths, eat-in kitchen +/- 1198sf .............................................. $499,900 251 S 22nd St B, Chandler Pl NY style full floor, +/- 1339sf, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, f/p, south facing garden, parking ......................... $499,900 746 S Martin St 2 Story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, rear yard, perfect condition ............................................................................................ $319,900 1610 Wharton St New rehab, Victorian era 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, den, +/-2500sf, wood floors, basement, yard ................................... $245,000 1647 Latona St 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large lot. Needs updating ..............................................................................................................$89,900

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

For over 80 years the most respected name in Philadelphia Real Estate Center City’s Largest Independent Realtor

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

cENtER citY lUXURY coNDoMiNiUMs FoR sAlE!

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011



Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

tHe PHilaDelPHian tHe PHilaDelPHian tHe PHilaDelPHian

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors, upgraded kitchen, ample living space Renovated studio, wood floors throughout, open kitchen, large balcony with city skyline view Studio, open kitchen, new carpet, city view

1258 567 567

$189,900 $175,000 $129,900

$30,637 $26,306 $20,834

$1,751 $1,152 $984



Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

acaDeMy House acaDeMy House center city one

One bedroom, one bath, upgraded kitchen and bath, Juliet balcony, W/D 1 bedroom, 1 bath, panoramic southern views, Juliet balcony, renovated bath and kitchen 1 bedroom, 1 bath, spacious balcony, magnificent city views to the south, abundant natural light

705 705 873

$289,000 $249,900 $240,000

$42,702 $39,043 $36,972

$1,772 $1,661 $1,563



Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

tHe rittenHouse barclay lanesborougH lanesborougH barclay 1830 rittenHouse warwick conDoMiniuMs warwick conDoMiniuMs tHe rittenHouse two liberty Place warwick conDoMiniuMs Parc rittenHouse warwick conDoMiniuMs tHe warwick tHe rittenHouse barclay barclay 1900 rittenHouse Parc rittenHouse warwick conDoMiniuMs Parc rittenHouse warwick tHe DorcHester tHe DorcHester wanaMaker House Parc rittenHouse wanaMaker House warwick tHe DorcHester warwick conDoMiniuMs williaM Penn House

Penthouse, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, high end finishes and appointments throughout, balcony with city views 3bedroom+den, 3.5 baths, marble foyer, formal dining rm, sunny eat-in kitchen, 10’ ceilings, moldings, oak herring bone floors, 3 gas fireplaces 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, very high ceilings, his and hers master baths, custom kitchen, exquisite detail throughout. Tri-level penthouse with 1600 sq ft of terrace space, being sold unfinished, private elevator access 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, herringbone wood floors, EIK, crown molding and other custom finishes throughout, Rittenhouse Square views 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, upgraded kitchen, original hardwood floors and molding, lots of light 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, hardwood floors, 270 degree views, open kitchen, marble baths, custom closets, W/D 3BR, 3BA, Bamboo flrs., spac. Kit w/custom wood cabinetry, granite counter tops, marble baths, 3 exposures, gym and hotel services 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, completely renovated with high end finishes, views of Rittenhouse Square from every room 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, open floor plan with chef’s kitchen, panoramic city views 2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, gourmet kitchen, marble baths, walk-in-closets, hardwood floors 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, terrace on pool club deck, open custom kitchen, marble baths, wood floors 2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, sun-soaked, wood floors, open kitchen, marble baths 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, southern exposure from every room, marble baths, open chefs kitchen, maple hardwood floors 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, eat in kitchen, beautiful sunset views, master suite with large marble bath Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, old world charm with modern features Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, building offers 24 hour doorman and gym, located on Rittenhouse Square 1 bedroom, 1 bath, Juliet balcony, upgraded kitchen and bath, lots of light, separate dining room, hardwood floors 1 bedroom, 1 bath, spacious living area, large marble bathroom, wood floors, high ceilings One bedroom, one bath, hardwood floors, marble bath, custom kitchen 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, open kitchen, hardwood floors, marble bath 1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors sunset view, marble bath, custom shutters 1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, balcony, excellent natural light, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, balcony, excellent natural light, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors throughout, renovated kitchen and bathroom, bay windows with city views Studio with wood floors, marble bath, open kitchen and city view Studio, bay windows, open kitchen, generous closet space Studio, high floor with sunrise views, marble bath, open kitchen Studio, oversized windows, great closet space, view of landscaped garden Studio, high floor with city views, walk in closest, wood floors, marble bath 1 bedroom, 1 bath, city views, spacious kitchen

3,952 3,293 3,467 3,413 2,638 2,275 2,000 1,978 1,560 1825 1,614 1,272 1,614 1,296 1,037 1,050 1,075 1,085 751 712 765 697 740 723 704 497 548 345 583 423 825

$3,500,000* $834,620 $2,900,000* $666,258 $2,750,000* $636,038 $2,250,000* $579,879 $2,250,000 $511,632 $1,195,000* $309,704 $1,200,000* $174,122 $1,350,000* $181,323 $995,000* $242,439 $890,000 $217,453 $829,000* $115,051 $775,000* $201,948 $799,000* $190,486 $625,000* $149,666 $599,000* $147,283 $595,000* $143,766 $550,000* $133,706 $479,900 $71,388 $429,000 $60,944 $399,900 $53,426 $389,900 $55,623 $369,900 $52,163 $350,000 $51,698 $350,000 $51,614 $309,999 $46,421 $275,000 $39,472 $225,000 $33,344 $217,000 $30,900 $205,000 $30,641 $219,900 $32,772 $159,900 $24,513



Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

22 Front 101 walnut st bank builDing society Hill towers society Hill towers society Hill towers bank builDing

Custom penthouse with 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, balcony and roof deck, designer baths and chefs kitchen Entire Floor Residence, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, custom open kitchen, designer baths, panoramic river and city views 2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, high-end open kitchen, designer bathrooms Two bedrooms, one bath, parquet wood floors, washer/dryer, unobstructed river views, floor-to-ceiling windows One bedroom, high floor, river view, investment opportunity 1BR, 1BA, magnificent river views, high floor, wood floors throughout Raw space that can be customized to the buyers desires, hotel services and amenities available

2,468 2,423 2,117 1,133 700 700 1,286

$1,490,000 $995,000 $799,000* $399,000 $290,000 $275,000 $269,000

$298,000 $281,398 $207,313 $58,788 $42,577 $40,731 $41,367

$6,671 $5,841 $4,291 $2,562 $1,798 $1,733 $1,933



Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place HoPkinson House stricklanD row stricklanD row inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place inDePenDence Place

Bi-level penthouse, 2 bedrooms. 2.5 baths, 2 kitchens, impeccably finished throughout, amazing river and city views Penthouse, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, wrap around balcony, high ceilings, eat-in kitchen, large master suite oPen sunDay 3/27 1:45-2:15PM 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, east facing river and city views, modern kitchen, hardwood floors, balcony, laundry room 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, beautifully ren. kit. and baths, balc. with city and river views, hdwd. flrs. in living areas oPen sunDay 3/27 1:15-1:45PM 2 bedroom, 2 baths, completely renovated with custom kitchen and designer baths, balcony, hardwood floors 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, alcove, completely renovated with gourmet kitchen, designer bath, amazing closets oPen sunDay 3/27 12:30-1:00PM Deluxe 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony with views of Washington Square and the river, renovated kitchen and bath 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, bi-level, excellent natural light, wood floors, open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, be-level, open kitchen, wood floors 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, laundry room, excellent condition 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, upgraded kitchen, new fixtures throughout 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, excellent value 1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors throughout, upgraded kitchen and bath, custom closets, balcony

4,500 2,810 3,015 1,977 1,173 1,118 1,063 1,188 857 928 860 928 928

$2,295,000* $552,133 $1,250,000* $303,747 $1,250,000* $250,000 $799,000* $195,082 $559,000* $139,761 $479,900 $68,164 $329,000 $53,908 $250,000* $39,682 $259,900* $39,930 $299,900 $44,212 $295,000 $42,801 $290,000 $42,132 $269,900 $40,971



Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

Pier 3

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, fireplace, terrace off mastersuite





$85,223 $57,483 $49,901

$88,613 $82,852 $78,608

$889,056 $619,296 $607,268 $557,842 $501,005 $318,887 $373,141 $371,644 $273,743 $261,418 $246,527 $206,151 $203,258 $158,380 $170,623 $153,060 $146,037 $153,551 $126,052 $106,710 $120,077 $104,702 $113,035 $112,778 $91,365 $81,681 $68,417 $59,322 $64,172 $62,166 $63,419

$348,655 $298,478 $217,014 $128,086 $89,976 $86,724 $95,821

$588,133 $328,202 $319,246 $212,815 $140,111 $137,351 $115,998 $106,038 $98,839 $87,809 $87,347 $83,461 $87,301


$1,989 $1,341 $1,164

$2,068 $1,933 $1,834

$20,745 $14,450 $14,170 $13,016 $11,690 $7,440 $8,707 $8,672 $6,387 $6,100 $5,752 $4,810 $4,743 $3,696 $3,981 $3,571 $3,408 $3,583 $2,941 $2,490 $2,802 $2,443 $2,637 $2,631 $2,132 $1,906 $1,596 $1,384 $1,497 $1,451 $1,480

$8,135 $6,694 $5,064 $2,989 $2,099 $2,024 $2,236

$13,728 $7,658 $7,449 $4,966 $3,269 $3,205 $2,707 $2,474 $2,306 $2,049 $2,038 $1,947 $2,037


$238 $190 $181

$296 $272 $271

$3,725 $2,632 $2,605 $2,351 $2,094 $1,321 $1,757 $1,795 $1,090 $3,623 $992 $855 $861 $631 $659 $619 $580 $613 $490 $486 $473 $416 $437 $435 $352 $319 $271 $240 $247 $226 $168

$1,466 $1,124 $844 $427 $302 $291 $303

$3,022 $1,511 $1,403 $961 $613 $620 $410 $1,135 $1,143 $327 $348 $302 $348


Monthly After Tax Cost

$17,020 $11,818 $11,565 $10,665 $9,597 $6,119 $6,949 $6,877 $5,298 $5,085 $4,761 $3,956 $3,881 $3,064 $3,323 $2,953 $2,827 $2,969 $2,452 $2,003 $2,328 $2,027 $2,201 $2,197 $1,780 $1,587 $1,325 $1,144 $1,250 $1,225 $1,312

Monthly After Tax Cost

$10,706 $6,147 $6,046 $4,004 $2,656 $2,585 $2,297 $2,156 $1,986 $1,722 $1,690 $1,645 $1,243

Allan Domb Real Estate

* Based on 20% Down Mortgate

215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs”

Mortgage Financing available

Melissa Tagye 610-639-0984

• 70 • • •

the barclay 237 S. 18th Street Magnificent three bedroom, three and a half bath home with most rooms overlooking Rittenhouse Square, 2638 sf

indePendence Place 233 S. 6th Street Penthouse with three bedrooms and two and a half baths, wrap-around balcony, fireplace and magnificent views. 2575 sf



the WarWick 1701 locuSt Street

indePendence Place 233 S. 6th Street

Brand new three bedroom, three and a half bath home with 270 degree views, an open kitchen and marble baths. 2000 sf

Beautifully appointed two bedroom, two bathroom home with lots of light, a private balcony and panoramic views. 1977 sf



Wanamaker houSe

the PhiladelPhian 2401 PennSylvania ave.


Sun-soaked one bedroom, one bathroom condominium with wood floors, renovated kitchen, separate dining area and excellent living space. 1258 sf


Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 •

“wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs”

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 23 – 29, 2011

Completely upgraded one bedroom, one bathroom residence with wood floors and large bay windows. 704 sf

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Center City Luxury Condominiums For saLe


Philadelphia Weekly 3-23-11  

Philadelphia Weekly 3-23-11

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