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As the demographic most likely to be arrested for pot possession and use, African-Americans have become both the victims of marijuana prohibition’s policies and the target audience for the drug’s use. Page 11

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7 Journey’s End Congress

20 Luck of the Inish The Lieutenant of Inishmore is absurdly funny.

26 Southern Comfort Cooperage keeps it classic.


29 Attitude Adjustment Not even Matt Damon can save this not-quite love story.

looks to all but cripple funding for refugeeassistance programs. 7 Peachy Keen Mom of CCP student accuses professor of pushing evangelical agenda.

ARTs & CulTuRe 15 Calendar PW’s picks for the week.


Shooting Star

Regarding Michael Alan Goldberg’s recent cover story about the murder of Rashawn “Shawnee” Anderson and fears of a turf war:

Wednesday, March 2nd from 5:30 –7:30pm

at the

The last thing I want to see is retaliation. Rashawn was my cousin. So our family is grieving heavily. I will be that voice of reason. We will not let this go. Children killing children and families left to mourn for life. We will seek justice the right way, but also apply pressure on state representatives and find a solution together. No one deserves the pain

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20 First Friday Picks March into the art party.

MusiC 21 Reggie: The Full Effect Offthe-wall comedian Reggie Watts brings his unique brand of funny to Philly. we endured. It has to STOP. The killers hurt the ones left behind. JANEKA PEACE via

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these unapologetic repeat violent offenders “police” us everyday citizens. “Philly’s Finest” is a phrase long forgotten. I hold my head low today and hope restitution finds its way to the victims of these violent acts.

Regarding Daniel Denvir’s online feature about bike messengers alleging police brutality:


This whole thing angers and saddens me. I feel ashamed that my taxes pay the salaries of these men. And even more ashamed at the city of Philadelphia for letting

What an outrage, but I mean, c’mon, what do you expect when you call the cops?

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SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center in downtown Baltimore, MD is enrolling non-smoking, healthy adults, ages 18-45, in a clinical research study to evaluate the interaction of 2 investigational products.

Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment is conducting an investigational research study. You must be between the ages of 18 and 64 and have a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Participants will be asked to attend: P 1 screening visit and, if qualified:

You are currently taking one of the following medications: • Risperidone • Olanzapine • Aripiprazole

P 1 inpatient stay of 40 days / 39 nights

Qualified participants receive study-related care, exams, and study medication at no cost.

P 1 outpatient visit

For more information, please contact our Clinical Trial Recruiters,Vincent Davis or Ada Wilson


Eligible participants will be compensated for time and travel.

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Call now to see if you qualify: 1-866-706-8833 (toll free) E-mail:

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Hire learning: Yaas Dakir, left, learns how to fill out applications with the help of Peggy Bruton at the Nationalities Service Center on 12th and Arch streets.

Journey’s End? Congress looks to all but cripple funding for refugeeassistance programs. By Aaron Kase

Preachy Keen

Mom of CCP student accuses professor of pushing evangelical agenda.

By Michael Alan Goldberg

When Elisabeth Levinson enrolled in a Fundamentals of Writing/Reading Improvement course at Community College of Philadelphia this semester, she never expected to get a lesson in constitutional rights. Nor did she imagine she would become embroiled in an ongoing dispute with CCP administrators over allegations that her English professor is using the course as a vehicle for religious proselytizing. It began in January when Levinson, a 23-year-old first-year college student, was placed in a remedial English class taught by CCP professor Melanie Morningstar, who has been a full-time instructor at the school on 17th and Spring Garden streets for more than 10 years. While the course— designed to develop students’ academic reading and writing skills—doesn’t count toward graduation, students must pass it in order to move on to the required English 101 course. By the second week of class, Levinson says she felt that something was amiss. “I got the books and started going through them and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’” she says. The three texts on Morningstar’s required reading list? Angel Unaware, by Dale Evans Rogers, which depicts a couple getting closer to God and their Christian faith via the death of their 2-year-old child who was suffering from Down syndrome; Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, a 2008 self-help tome by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris, whose stated mission is to get young people to “do hard things for the glory of God”; and 1995’s Gianna: Aborted, and Lived to Tell About It—by Jessica Shaver Renshaw and published by Focus on the Family, which advocates Christianity and delivers an uncompromising pro-life stance. “They’re ridiculous,” says Levinson of the books, noting that she was born Jewish but considers herself agnostic. There was more. A chapter-by-chapter Do Hard Things study guide handed out to the class included such “questions for discussion or reflection” as “What is the biggest fear that is keeping you from becoming a change maker for Christ?” and “If you are not a Christian, try to identify what questions or concerns are preventing you from >> responding to the gospel.”

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Min Oo spent the first 14 years of his life in a refugee camp. His Burmese family had fled to Thailand from the repressive military junta ruling their native Myanmar before he was born. During the years they were in the camp, they slept in a wooden tent and received scant rations of oil, salt and rice every month to live on. To get meat or earn some money, his dad would risk his life by sneaking outside camp to hunt wildlife and cut firewood. “If the guards caught you, they’d bash your face with their gun,” Oo recalls. Little did Oo know that his past would make for a classic Amerian success story. Three years ago, Oo, his parents and little brother arrived in Philadelphia as part of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program. One of the first Burmese families to arrive in the city, they settled in South Philly. But they didn’t do it alone. When the family first arrived in the U.S., they were met by representatives from the Nationalities Services Center, one of three refugee resettlement agencies in Philadelphia. Using federal funds for assistance to new refugees, NSC provided the family with a furnished apartment, some pocket money and help navigating paperwork and bureaucracy to gain access to employment, health care and education. “They help us to get everything,” Oo says. Now, resettlement agencies like NSC are suddenly in danger of losing their cash

flow, as a savings-conscious Congress eyes cuts of up to 45 percent to the Migration and Refugee Assistance budget, currently at more than $1 billion. “It’s looking bad,” says Danielle Bolks, special projects manager for the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, an advocacy group based in Arlington, Va. “[Budget cuts] could affect people’s abilities to serve clients when they first arrive, and people’s jobs at the local level as well.” Currently, the Department of State provides agencies $1,800 per refugee to cover initial housing and administrative and job-hunting tasks. “We understand the economic climate is very contentious,” Bolks adds, “but we feel like this program is imperative.” It was only last Wednesday that the agencies learned how dire their position was, so rather than sit back and wait for the cuts to come rolling in, the NSC sprang into action. On Friday, staff members, volunteers and refugees holed up in the group’s Arch Street headquarters to let Pennsylvania’s legislators know they weren’t going down without a fight. About 30 people gathered for an afternoon shift, crowded in a small conference room writing, typing and licking envelopes to send off to legislators in Washington about the importance of resettlement programs. In another room, some more volunteers worked the phones to convey a similar message. A rudimentary English as a Second Language class of recent arrivals even spent a lesson laboring to craft their own personal letters asking lawmakers to preserve funding. Akberom Mehretab was one of them. Mehretab, 55, is a refugee from Eritrea who fled the country in the 1980s during its war for independence from Ethiopia. He spent years living in a camp on the border between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan, finding work teaching life skills to his peers. “They came by drought, famine and war,” he recalls. In 1997, he was admitted to Germany as a refugee, and in 2009, he came to America to marry his long-time

Eritrean girlfriend, who had resettled in Philadelphia. Fresh off the plane, he went to NSC to work on his English and soon began volunteering to translate and help other Eritreans navigate American culture. “For an Eritrean family who comes from a rural area, it is too difficult,” he says. “It is ridiculous for them.” He shudders to think how families could adapt if agencies like NSC weren’t there to help. “If they’re not here?” he wonders. “It is too difficult.” The Nationalities Service Center is diversified enough in funding and programming that it wouldn’t be in danger of closing, says Executive Director Dennis Mulligan, but services for refugees would be sharply curtailed, most likely by admitting fewer in the first place. Of the some 80,000 refugees admitted to the U.S. in 2010, about 450 were placed in Philadelphia by NSC; the other local agencies, HIAS and Council and the Lutheran Children and Family Service, helped out with a few hundred more. About 35,000 refugees have established themselves in the city since resettlement programs were formalized in the early 1980s. “My view is it’s pretty short-sighted to propose cuts of this kind,” Mulligan says, noting that refugees are part of a larger wave of immigration responsible for upcoming Census results, expected to show that Philadelphia has gained population over the last decade for the first time since the 1950s. And, he says, refugees in particular are renowned for their entrepreneurship and knack for turning around troubled areas of cities. “Philadelphia has continued to be re-energized by refugees,” Mulligan says, citing the Vietnamese shops and restaurants on Washington Avenue, African commercial corridors in West and Southwest Philly and the burgeoning “Little Baghdad” of newly arrived Iraqis in the Northeast as three areas of the city where refugees have contributed to revitalization. Big cuts to these agencies, Mulligan continues, would signal that the U.S. is backing away from its commitment to help the less fortunate. “It’s a retreat from a very important part of American policy and values if we pull back from offering refuge to people who have been persecuted,” he says. Washington has yet to respond, but NSC is hoping that local representatives here will be sympathetic to their plight. For recent arrivals like Oo, now 17 and a senior at South Philly High, it’s hard to imagine a nation unwelcoming to his countrymen. “On the plane, I thought my dream would become truth,” he says, decked out in gauged earrings and a wispy mustache. “I’m very, very lucky to come to the U.S. Later on, I get out of college and I help people,” says Oo, who hopes to go to community college next year to improve his English before transferring to a four-year college and pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. “My dream is to make a community of Burmese people to live together.” n

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Levinson was also required to keep a journal (which she provided to PW ) in which she answered homework questions relating to Angel Unaware. In addition to making grammar corrections to her journal entries, Morningstar wrote such comments as, “It would be a shame to have been alive for so long & ‘going it alone’ when we could have had his priceless wisdom and presence!” and “We are created in God’s image as stated in the Penetuke [sic] and such a God can be known and loved and understood more and more as He loves us and especially His chosen people.” “I didn’t think it was right,” Levinson says. “I almost have to laugh because it’s so absurd, like, right-wing gone insane. It’s wrong, and it’s kind of exhausting to deal with.” Two other students in the class—one who identifies himself as “Dee” and another who asked to remain anonymous—also say there is a heavy evangelical Christian slant to the class. “It’s definitely pretty religious,” Dee says. “It’s not what I expected.” At first, Levinson says, she decided to go along with it. “I was like, I just wanna get over this hump and get on to my next class.” But she said she became so disturbed with what was going on that by the end of her second week in the class she decided to show her mother—who is footing her CCP bill—the books, the study guide questions and the journal comments. Her mother went ballistic. “I got so emotional,” says Ellen Levinson. “I said, ‘I cannot believe this. You’re going to a public community college.’ This is atrocious.” Angered by the idea that Morningstar was indoctrinating students with her religious beliefs in a required English course, Levinson called her daughter’s professor. “I said, ‘What are these books? How can you do that at a community college?’ [Morningstar] said, ‘If you meet with me, I’ll explain it to you.’ But I got so angry. I’m not paying tuition at a community college for this, so my reaction was, ‘Give me the name of your supervisor.’” Levinson then called Cindy Giddle, head of CCP’s English department, told her what was going on, and set up a meeting between Giddle, herself and her daughter. Giddle says that after she received Levinson’s initial complaint, she contacted Morningstar and examined the teacher’s syllabi, assignments and written commentary. “I concluded from reading these materials, talking with the student and Prof. Morningstar, that the course is being taught in accordance with department guidelines. I did remind Ms. Morningstar that she cannot proselytize,” Giddle writes in an email to PW, adding that Morningstar has no record of student complaints during her CCP tenure. Elisabeth says she had no idea about the scheduled meeting until she went to a private tutoring session with Morningstar, who told her about the impending sitdown. She says, “Basically what [Morning-

star] said was, ‘Do you feel like I’m making a mistake?’” And then, the student alleges, “[Morningstar] said, ‘God has worked in my life so many times that I find it hard to separate him from my work.’” In the meeting, Ellen Levinson says she told Giddle that the books were “propaganda” and “a promotion of a form of belief,” but says that Giddle accused her of advocating censorship. Citing Morningstar’s right to academic freedom, Giddle writes, “I did characterize withholding that academic freedom as banning books when Ms. Levinson yelled at me that I should forbid Prof. Morningstar to use certain books.” “At that point I said, ‘There’s no resolution here, and I’m going to fight this,’” says Ellen Levinson. “So I went home and I called the ACLU.” And she says she plans to file a lawsuit against CCP “on principle.” “What this teacher has done is so obviously prohibited [by the First Amendment],” says Mary Catherine Roper, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. “It’s absolutely true that professors have a lot of freedom to determine what they’re going to teach in their courses. She can include religious stuff on her reading list—what she can’t do is make the reading list exclusively religious. And a professor at a public university may not use his or her position to proselytize. So the remarks that were made to the student about God—those are completely out of line.” Morningstar did not respond to phone calls or emails seeking comment. Giddle says that she twice offered Elisabeth the opportunity to transfer to another section of the course, including once during the meeting with her and her mother, and that “both times she declined.” Both women say that Giddle told them the other sections were closed. Levinson, who remains in the class, says that since her complaint, Morningstar has given her the option of reading Jubilee, a book about slavery by Margaret Walker, instead of Gianna. Giddle says that Morningstar offered students the option to read Jubilee instead of the required readings during the second week of class. Levinson says that only happened after her mother “made a stink.” Levinson also says that Morningstar has stopped commenting on her journal assignments entirely, not even to correct her grammar, and that she now feels shunned by the professor. “There’s a total disconnect now— she won’t even look at me,” says Levinson, who fears Morningstar will retaliate by failing her at the end of the semester. Despite her worries, Levinson says she hopes that by speaking out, other students won’t have to go through a similar situation at CCP. “People have been trying to convert me my whole life. It shouldn’t be that way, but it exists. You really can’t run from it, and it’s sad that I have to face this in community college.” n

By Nina Hoffmann

that whites consistently report higher uses of pot than blacks. Yet blacks continue to suffer disproportionately under the drug’s prohibition. In the early 2000s, Philly’s racial disparity in pot arrests was roughly 2 to 1. Today, it’s 4 to 1. As much as the issue of legalization is a focal point of American dialogue, the war on weed shows no signs of slowing down; it’s netting simple pot possession arrests more than ever before, both in Philly and across the country. In 1980, police made nearly 340,000 marijuana possession arrests in the U.S. By 2009, arrests for the same charge jumped to more than 750,000. Also in 1980, law enforcement made 63,000 marijuana trafficking (sales and distribution) arrests in the U.S. By 2009, the number had risen to 100,000. There’s no denying that busting traffickers is taking a backseat to busting pot smokers. “Police officers know that a clerk is selling marijuana out of a store, but they bust the customer because they know they always have that store to go back to,” says Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Washington D.C.-based Drug Policy Alliance. “I’m not criticizing law enforcement. It’s a criticism of their performance measures.” The Philly numbers are no different. There were over 10,000 more pot possession arrests than trafficking/sale arrests between 2000 and 2010, according to the state's crime database. And policy makers are using this same logic with regard to the number of people in treatment for marijuana “addiction.” According to a report released in December by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, treatment for marijuana abuse is on the rise nationally, with a 30 percent increase in admission rates. Pennsylvania is high on that list. This could be considered a success if there were actually more people in need of treatment. But as Harry Levine, a Queens College, N.Y., sociologist and a prominent researcher who


ecome b e v a h ricans marijuana e m A n of t Africa ctims i targe v e e h h t t d h n e. bot its us ition a b r i o h f o e c pr audien

For decades, federal studies have shown

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

e k o m s s l a n sig

to make more arrests,” says a man donning long dreadlocks and a black leather jacket, as he exits the courtroom. What is made clear with each passing day in Room 404 is that black Philadelphians continue to represent a disproportionate number of those arrested for carrying small amounts of marijuana. Of the roughly 4,700 pot possession arrests in Philly in 2009, whites comprised an estimated 800 of the arrests. Blacks made up the overwhelming majority of the rest. To many inside the criminal justice and pro-legalization arenas, that disparity is nothing short of an ongoing conspiracy. Pot arrests, they say, are profitable—for the police, for the government and for big corporations. And a look into the policies and practices behind marijuana prohibition reveals a gully scheme in which weed culture is supported by the very agencies charged with eliminating it. The result? The increasing criminalization of just one demographic: inner-city blacks.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


utside Room 404 of the Criminal Justice Center on 13th and Filbert streets, men sitting on the long, wooden bench in the blindingly white marble hallway slide over to make room for the latecomers. On one end of the bench, a man nods off. On the other, a few guys trade stories about the “bullshit” that landed them here. In the middle, laughter and a heated debate over the Eagles and Andy Reid’s coaching skills fill time as the men wait to enter Philly’s Small Amounts of Marijuana program, the diversion court started by District Attorney Seth Williams back in June. Inside the courtroom, it’s time to get down to business. Offenders caught possessing 30 grams or less get to make a deal: Agree to pay a $200 fine and attend a three-hour treatment class and avoid going to trial and risking jail time. Since there’s no legal representation in the court, the director presiding over the process makes sure to state the rules clearly. “We will not hear testimony or the particulars of your case. Upon successful completion of this class, your record will be expunged within six months. You may pay cash or money order on the date of your class.” Most defendants nod their head in agreement and opt for the fine and treatment class. When they’re done, the offenders trickle out a few at a time, stopping to mingle; some discuss what happened inside. A little girl with a hot-pink backpack exits holding her mother’s hand. Her older brother walks beside them. The mom seems unsure about what happened inside. “This means we don’t need a lawyer, right?” she asks. A few people voice their shared suspicions about the lack of legal representation in the court. Others are just happy to be getting out of there. “I love weed,” says a smiling 20-yearold Desmont Brown as he exits the room. This isn’t the first time he’s been busted with weed, and he’s sure it isn’t going to be the last. The Germantown resident, clad in a Hugo Chavez-inspired military jacket, adds that he’s going home right now to smoke. “Marijuana is not a drug!” Brown says. “It’s weed! It’s everywhere!” The rolled-up Metro in his hand gets tighter as he waves it around to make his point. “Politicians smoke weed. Actors smoke weed. Everyone smokes weed!” Despite the outspoken opposition from offenders, the diversion program is being hailed as a success in some circles. Nearly 80 percent of the 1,636 arrests for possession of 30 grams or less between June and September 2010 were diverted to the program, putting the city on target to collect an estimated $3 million to $5 million in savings and unclogging a criminal court system that was spending a tremendous amount of resources on misdemeanor offenses. Others see the program as just another incarnation of the never-ending war on weed. “This whole thing is … just an excuse

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011 • 10

has documented the racially charged pot arrests in New York City and California, points out, marijuana use peaked nationally around 1980 and has never again reached those levels. Which means that it’s unlikely that the growing number of people in marijuana treatment actually reflects a country struggling with increased marijuana addiction. Case in point: Philly’s pot diversion program asks you to choose between a criminal trial and a treatment class. And between June and September, according to the D.A.’s Office, 79 percent of offenders who entered the diversion program opted for treatment. There is no Door No. 3. Which would you take? “The majority of people in treatment are there because they’re forced to be there,” Piper says. “The criminal-justice system is the biggest reason people are getting treatment. It doesn’t mean they have any marijuana-related problems.” But the more arrests there are, he says, the more people in treatment there are, and the more money there is to be made by everyone—except the young people arrested and stigmatized by arrest records, which Levine says nobody can “expunge.” (The D.A.’s Office says successful completion of the class results in an expunged arrest record, but that the eradication process takes a few months. This leaves open the possibility that the information can be mined by companies that sell this information to potential employers and agencies, which can then deny a young person a job, a school loan or housing assistance). When Philly first announced the diversion court, residents and the media celebrated what they thought was a progressive move toward decriminalizing marijuana use. But Williams set them straight. “We are not decriminalizing marijuana—any effort like that would be one for the Legislature to undertake,” the D.A. said last April. “The diversion court is … working better for the people, as well as saving significant money for the city,” says Chris Goldstein, communications director for the Philly chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which was instrumental in getting the policy changed. “But I’d like to see us take on a serious debate about decriminalizing marijuana.” The end goal, says Goldstein, is for Philly to catch up to the rest of Pennsylvania. “It’s possible we will see the city come in line with the rest of the state, in terms of issuing tickets on the street.” But when is anyone’s guess. Since the court started, the D.A.’s Office has denied speculation that the program is in any way part of a larger effort to legalize marijuana. “We are not in the business of decriminalizing something that’s a criminal offense,” says Jodi Lobel, chief of the D.A.’s charging unit. “Our purpose, our function, is to be sure that people who are arrested for small amounts of marijuana are addressed or punished for a criminal act, but in a way that’s productive and cost-efficient and smart.” For now, state law requires that the Philadelphia Police Department continue to

detain, cuff, arrest and process anyone carrying small amounts of pot. The diversion court will help offenders stay out of prison, but pot arrests will continue. Back outside Room 404, a visibly annoyed Brandon Void exits the courtroom, heading toward two friends waiting for him on the bench. Clean cut and wearing dark jeans and a dark green vest, Void looks at them, laughs and shakes his head. One of the friends gets up to look at Void’s sheet of instructions. “I don’t know, man,” Void says. “This is crazy.” The friends are eager to hear what happened, and are hanging on Void’s every word as he recounts his run-in with the cops. The 25-year-old father of two vividly recalls the Sunday night he got busted back in December. Void and his girlfriend had just left her Olney house after watching an Eagles game, and were caught off guard when five undercover narcs rolled up on them at a stop sign on Fifth and Wingohocking streets, guns drawn. The cops surrounded Void and demanded that he hand over his gun. “I was like, ‘What are you talking about? I don’t have a gun.’” No gun was discovered during the stop and search, but a small baggie of weed found in Void’s pocket was enough get him arrested. He remembers asking the cops, “You didn’t find a gun, and now you’re locking me up? For a little bit of marijuana?” Void was cuffed and taken to headquarters, where he spent 18 hours before he was given a court date and released. Void shrugs the whole thing off because the cops, he says, are a regular presence in his Logan neighborhood. “Man, they roll up twice a week.”

Activists reiterate that legalizing mari-

juana is the only way to put an end to the disparaging cycle that continues to increase the criminalization of select pot smokers. Even some local anti-drug groups, which have historically taken a zero-tolerance policy against all illegal drugs, are shifting their view—if only slightly—on marijuana prohibition because they have acknowledged that it has done little to curb the use. “We need to try different things,” says Greg Wicks, president of the East Mt. Airy-based community group Wadsworth Concerned Neighbors Against Drugs. Though Wicks isn’t on board with legalization, he does question the effectiveness of the war on weed, and acknowledges that a simple “pot arrest can affect young people with regard to jobs and education.” He says one of the reasons for the arrest disparity is that “a lot of [black kids] are just getting caught. [Marijuana] is in the white neighborhoods also. But I see [black kids] doing it on public transportation, places where you easily get caught.” Jerry Mondesire, president of the Phildelphia NAACP and editor of the Philadelphia Sunday Sun, echoes that sentiment. He attributes the racially disparate arrests to police “acting what they see on the street.” While Mondesire says the NAACP has not taken a position on legalization, he’s clear on one thing: Black kids are getting arrested because they “[smoke weed] on the street.

White kids do it in private.” But there’s a dangerous disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality of marijuana use. Like Void, most of the people going through the revolving door of diversion court aren’t actually smoking weed when they’re busted. The weed is tucked away in a pocket, out of public view, and usually recovered during routine stop-andfrisks. “The single most common thing a young person is possessing is a tiny amount of marijuana,” Levine says. “But the black kids are walking around or hanging out in the low-income, high-crime neighborhoods where they live, and where the police are making most of their stop-and-searches.” Meanwhile, the white kids are hanging out in places the cops never go. And why should they? There’s money to be made in the hood.

Every year, state and local law enforcement agencies across the country apply for and receive federal funding through the Byrne Formula Grant Program, created by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. These grants are awarded to “improve the functioning of the criminal justice system—with the emphasis on violent crime and serious offenders.” Solving violent crimes and busting serious offenders takes time. But lowlevel marijuana arrests quickly boost police productivity stats, which look good for “the chief of police [who] can go in front of City Council and tout arrest numbers.” Of the $2 billion in Byrne grants authorized by President Obama in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Philly received $13.5 million. The city gave $3.5 million to the PPD, according to the Philadelphia Recovery Office, which says the money is going toward technology, training, nonlethal weapons and community outreach. Over the years, the Byrne funds have also paid for overtime in the PPD’s narcotics investigations, according to the office. The specific uses of this money is not available, but Levine says that when police departments file reports showing what they have produced with the federal funds, the first thing they list is the drug arrests, including the large number of misdemeanor pot-possession arrests. The Byrne funding program has been heavily criticized for years for failing to deter crime and to use the money and resources for more important criminal-justice work. Piper calls the program a huge waste of taxpayer money and is fighting hard to defund it. “If the money goes to narcotics task forces, they’ll use it to arrest low-level drug offenders. Then the feds have to pay for incarceration. The Byrne grant money that the PPD is using is going to end up costing the state far more in incarceration costs.” But it’s been a challenge to convince anyone otherwise. “This is the heart of the problem—money from the Byrne grants,” Piper says. It’s money for overtime. Money for promotions. It’s policing for profit.” Many associated with law enforcement say the funding puts pressure on police departments to make the low-level marijuana arrests. “The police are sent to make arrests,

clear corners … that will never end as long as they cater to the illegal drug market,” says former cop Neill Franklin. During his 33 years on the Baltimore and Maryland state police narcotics forces, Franklin has seen the escalating war on weed first-hand, having locked up countless pot smokers, pot dealers and pot growers. Now, he’s fighting tooth and nail to keep legalization at the front of everyone’s minds. As the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (its tagline is “Cops say legalize drugs”), Franklin has penned dozens of editorials and appeared on countless talk shows calling for nothing less than strict, legalized pot regulation. He calls Philly’s diversion court is “modest reform,” and questions the rationale behind its creation. “If it makes no sense to charge, convict and sentence someone for using

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marijuana, why is it a police priority to arrest that person?” “Policing in America has zero opposition,” says Levine, whose research compelled the California NAACP to support Proposition 19, the now-defeated bill that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. “The system operates absolutely unanswerable to anybody whatsoever.” Operating with total freedom has allowed the war on weed to become a money-making machine for police departments. When crime is up, police get more money to fight it. When crime is down, they get more money to keep it that way. It’s a relationship where money and arrests are inextricably tied. And criminaljustice experts say that is by design. Franklin says the lack of supervision of cops on the street slowly turns good cops into bad cops. They begin to rationalize what they’re doing, and sooner or later: “‘I don’t even consider this stealing. I work hard every day dealing with these knuckleheads, and they’re making this money illegally. So I’m going to take this $2,000 to pay my water bill.’” Former PPD officer Ray Carnation agrees. “Say you got four guys doing [weed] busts,” “I can say ‘OK, you got the buyer, you got the seller, you’re the surveillance guy,’ and all of a sudden, you got four guys off the street who just easily made up a story.” “Do they make up stories? Absolutely.” Carnation, who worked as a Philadelphia police officer in the ’90s, was fired from the force in 1999 for “conduct unbecoming an officer.” What really happened was that he blew the whistle on racial

Blunt force: A distribution warehouse in South Philadelphia.

discrimination within the PPD. He sued, and after years battling it out with the city in court, he won. “There isn’t a quota, but there is a quota,” says Carnation, in his thick Philly accent. “There’ll be a roll call where the captain says he wants more narcotics arrests. They don’t say, ‘You have to give me 20 tickets this month.’ They can’t do that because it might blow up in their faces. But they’ll come to you and say ‘Listen, you don’t have any narcotics arrests this month. What’s up with that?’” And because weed is the most common product in the illegal drug trade, there is always an opportunity to make an arrest.

“I'm a big supporter of marijuana,”

says West Philly-born rapper Tone Trump, as he and his boy Smutty blaze a sweetsmelling blunt inside a burgundy Acura parked outside the house Trump grew up in near 54th and Market streets. “It’s natural, it’s relaxing. We smoke the Gucci of weed … official fucking purple [haze].” Trump says the entire weed culture is a lose-lose situation for inner-city blacks. As the demographic most likely to be arrested for pot possession and use, they’ve become both the victims of marijuana prohibition’s policies and the target audience for the drug’s use. “That shit is a set-up,” Trump says. “Walk into any store in the hood … you’ll see cigars,” says the rapper, looking relaxed in a burgundy Phillies hat, a black T-shirt and baggy jeans. “They got strawberry and blueberry … they’re putting sexy girls and Lil Wayne on the blunt covers. They’re doing so many things to beautify weed … It’s just like when you watchin’

TV, the commercial they show you is for the demographic they think is watching. “When they put [rappers on wrappers] … they market that shit directly to these kids. If you stand in the corner store for 20 minutes, and think about what the people are buying … Blunts is the common purchase.” Trump, who was busted last year for possessing less than a gram of weed, believes nobody should be convicted for smoking weed. “We got all these legal accessories for marijuana. And then you can’t smoke it. It’s kinda hypocritical.” The hypocrisy became abundantly clear just last month, when the state Supreme Court struck down a city ban on cigars and rolling papers, saying that only the state can regulate tobacco products. The ban had quietly been in place since 2007 when Councilman Brian O’Neill pushed through the bill that would prohibit these products, but it was never enforced—the tobacco industry won an injunction almost as soon as the ink dried. The city became aware of paraphernalia in 2005 when local anti-drug activists noticed an abundance of cigars and rolling papers popping up in Sunocos and Wawas in well-to-do neighborhoods, many of which were right next to high schools, and saw this legal drug paraphernalia as a “welcome” sign to kids. But really, not a whole lot has changed since the war on weed began decades ago. The kids are still smoking.

On a different day outside room 404,

black men gather in the hallway near the bench to talk about legalization. An especially young-looking kid walks out, looking left, then looking right, before

he chimes in. He’s younger than the rest but his feelings are the same. “It seems silly to spend all this money [criminalizing] weed,” he says. “Weed should be in the drugstore, like right next to the aspirin.” An older guy chimes in: “It’s not a drug, it’s a plant. The man upstairs put it here.” The men are alone in the hallway, but every now and then a couple lawyers pass by. They lower their voices temporarily, as if even the mention of enjoying weed will get them arrested. “If the cops can’t find a suspect, they’ll grab whoever’s outside,” one of them says. As much as the guys outside 404 love talking about weed, they love talking about the cops more. “They’ll take it out on the community.” Another says: “Yeah, and how did [the undercover narcs] get those clothes? They’re always showin’ up in different uniforms. Starbucks. Comcast. Shit!” The group erupts in loud laughter. At that moment, a sharply dressed couple walks out. They look out of place— the unofficial dress code in Room 404 is a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. The couple, who use air quotes when they talk about not living a “black” neighborhood, is split over legalization. He isn’t sure. She’s definitely against it: “It’s one thing to be against the arrests; it’s another to be for legalization.” The other men look at her but don’t comment. They clearly don’t see a difference. As they talk, more men exit—instructions in hand—and join in. They don’t know each other, but in way, they do. They’re brothers in the war on weed. n


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arts and stage

The Lieutenant from hell.

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March into First Friday.

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We sit down with eclectic renaissance man Reggie Watts.

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Cooperage does comfort.

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Not even Matt Damon can save The Adjustment Bureau.

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Bambi Gallery wants to wow you with Sienna Freeman’s Broken Mirror before it leaves the Piazza for good. Page 20

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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011


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Jim Boggia


hough his albums are shiny little gems of fine classic pop, you can’t really “get” the Jim Boggia experience until you go see him perform in person: His easy-going stage presence and considerable charm unfurl like hothouse flowers. Like Boggia’s part-time gig recreating Beatles tunes with the Fab Faux, this particular show has English roots. Last year, L.A.based singer-songwriter Bleu, Brooklynite Tracy Bonham and Boggia found themselves touring the U.K. at the same time by happenstance, and all wound up playing a show at Borderline in London together. They had such chemistry, they decided to scratch up a mini U.S. tour and recreate the experience for lucky fans on this side of the pond. Boggia will surely be busting out his ukulele, while Bleu and Tracy will infuse his set with harmony vox. TARA MURTHA

Wed., March 2, 8pm. $18-$20. With Bleu + Tracy Bonham. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.




Conversations on Candy From the Whitman’s Sampler to Frank Fleer’s bubble gum, Philadelphia has helped satisfy America’s sweet tooth since the mid-1800s. At one point in the city’s history, there were 12 sugar refineries and every neighborhood had its own confectioner. Candy makers like Wilbur’s and Young’s, have been gone for a while but Philly still has a few chocolate champions. The Berley brothers of the Franklin Fountain and Tony Walter of Lore’s Chocolates are stopping by the Atwater Kent Museum this week to drop some seriously sweet knowledge on us compiled from firsthand experience: Their family businesses still concoct toothsome delicacies here in Philly and sell the sweets around the city. They’ll be discussing the legacy and prospects of this lost confectioner’s art. RAYMoND SIMoN 6pm. $10. The Philadelphia History Museum at Atwater Kent, 15 S. Seventh St. 215.685.4830.


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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Producers don’t always get the rep they deserve—maybe a shoutout in a riff but mostly just a mention in tiny print in the credits—yet they are responsible for the beat that gets heads bobbin’ and booties bouncing. Entrepreneurs Don Di Napoli of Prototype Entertainment and J Hatch of Inasirkl Music Group decided to create an event where wannabe producers could platform their music in front of the big-wigs. iStandard Productions is hosting its first event of the year in the Illadelph, having become a monthly event in 15 cities across the U.S. since starting off in N.Y.C. six years ago. At bat are 10 up-and-coming hiphop/R&B/pop producers who were chosen after submitting their work online. They’ve prepared a CD of five tracks formatted to present to judges including Bad Boy’s Senator Skid, The Heatmakerz’ Rsonist and Latif, who’s written songs for Cassie and The Roots. This is no simple battle of the beats. Entrants will receive feedback and criticism, and perhaps, a licensing deal too. You could get the chance to tell your friends how you saw the next Swizz Beatz before he made it big. TRISHULA PATEL 8:30pm. $15-$20. Fluid Nightclub, 613 S. Fourth St. 215.629.3686.


Marnie Stern

• 16

Following her critically acclaimed third album last year, Marnie Stern made an interesting move in January by releasing a cassette of early home recordings. Kill Rock Stars signed her in 2007 based on the strength of these demos. Entering the world through Dog Daze Tapes, an imprint run by a KRS employee, studio versions of

several tracks appeared on In Advance of the Broken Arm. More than a fetish object for completists only, they offer a compelling portrait of Stern’s evolution as a composer and musician. Her thorny guitar angles, spastic tempo shifts, and distinctive voice slash through but sound miles away, whirring in the fuzz that makes every four-tracker’s eyes twinkle. ELLIoTT SHARP 8pm. $12. With Tera Melos + Many Arms. First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St. 215.821.7575.




New Orleans: 1920s Mardi Gras

With Fat Tuesday right around the corner, the new event production company VINTAGEMUSE is bringing the glamour of the Roaring 20s and the extravagant carnival celebrations of the Big Easy to Philly for the night. In addition to an appearance by some Philadelphia Mummers, the evening’s live entertainment will include burlesque performances by The Infamous Miss Mae and Lady Saint, set to the jazzy tunes of Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society and Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton. A mix of DJs will also be on hand to keep the party going into the wee hours. If you’re able to pry yourself off the dance floor, there will be a crafting table where you can make your own Mardi Gras mask and stunning accessories on display for sale from Persephone’s Jewels and Amaryllis La Creme. It’s a theme party, so wear something vintage inspired and save 2 bucks on admission. NICoLE FINKBINER 8pm. $10-$12. The M Room, 15 W. Girard Ave. 215.739.5577.


Kurt Vile and the Violators Philly’s Constant Hitmaker has been letting his hometown catch him for free lately. A few weeks ago, he and the Violators (his backing band, with hairdos as long and free flowing as his own) played World Cafe Live’s Free at Noon, where they dazzled with an encore cover of Springsteen’s “Downbound Train.” Now, the boys stop by Old City’s a.k.a. music for an intimate in-store performance before heading out on the road in support of Vile’s new Matador LP, Smoke Ring for My Halo, out March 8. The new songs are something to behold, too. “Jesus Fever” surges with jaunty guitars in a catchy framework, while “Ghost Town” trudges slowly beneath Vile’s echoey, down-thedark-hallway intonations. KEVIN BRoSKY 7pm. Free. AKA Music. 27 N. Second St. 215.922.3855.


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Broadway’s Funniest Thriller!


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Wild Flag


he Dead Weather, Them Crooked Vultures, Shrinebuilder ... right now we’re in the middle of the greatest

era of rock supergroups since the days of Bad English and Damn Yankees! (Let’s try to forget about Audioslave and Velvet Revolver, if we can.) Adding themselves to the supergroup list—and they might be the best of all—is Wild Flag: Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss (both Sleater-Kinney alum), along with Helium’s Mary Timony and the Minders’ Rebecca Cole. Together, they make a sometimes-chaotic, psychedelic power-pop racket that from all accounts is not to be missed. Given their individual pedigrees, we imagine the sum of these parts will indeed make for one of the best shows of the year.


Legalize Trans Benefit The ad wizards at American Apparel probably thought they were doing the non hetero world a favor when they came up with “Legalize Gay” as a T-shirt slogan. Legalize Trans—a campaign to create discussion about the need for inclusiveness in the fight for gender equality—has turned this myopic misstep into an opportunity to educate and advocate. Transpyre Productions, which is all about creating safe, fun environments for Philly’s trans community, knows how to throw a party, and the proceeds from this one will benefit Legalize Trans (anyone who shows up in an LT tee gets in free). The evening’s cabaret-style entertainment includes folk pop/spokenword trio Good Asian Drivers, performances of drag, burlesque and puppetry, and a postshow dance party. Where else can you party down, support your local trans community, and stick it to Dov Charney all on the same night? ALEXANDRA JONES 9pm. $5-$10. Tritone, 1508 South St. 215.545.0475.





Sun., March 6. 9pm. $12. With Yellow Fever. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

PBR Crafting Challenge Show


3pm. Suggested $8 donation. Skybox at The 2424 Studios, 2424 E. York St. 215.423.1800.


Nate Wooley

Carrie Brownstein


If you follow improvised music in New York, you can’t go long without bumping into

Sat., Mar. 5, 8pm. $10. Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th St. 215.238.1236




Alternative Living Expo Are you trying to live a green, retro-futuristic lifestyle all while planning the best darn three-way commitment ceremony ever? It’s hard to find a way to do it all. But the Alternative Lifestyle Expo can help you navigate all your needs with one short trip to Oaks, Pa. The Distinct Pleasures Gala, with all the fine candy, toys (yes, those kind of toys), food and liquor you can imagine will help you be as ... refined as possible. The Alternative Bridal Expo will help you spice up your regular wedding, or totally reinvent the wheel with the quirkiest performers, photographers, dresses, jewelry and videographers you can imagine. And if that isn’t enough for your particular lifestyle, the Back Home to By R o g e R W o o d s o f K l o c KW e R Ks

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Not a day goes by that you don’t see it. It’s in your friend’s apartment, littering the street or the free drink of choice at just about any event. The 167-year-old Pabst Blue Ribbon usually brings back many forgotten or blocked-out memories, but can apparently also inspire creativity. At the Third Annual PBR Crafting Challenge Show, vendors and artists will be displaying the many alternative uses of PBR such as turning the discarded bottle caps into funky earrings, or stiching and painting the logo on everything from baby toys to cuff links. Check out all the kookiness while snacking on PBR-inspired cookies and cupcakes and listening to live performances from Cheers Elephant, An American Chinese, Dangerous Ponies, TJ and the Atomic Bomb and Levee Drivers. Buy PBR-inspired apparel including shirts, housewares and soaps, play games and, of course, drink free PBR.

trumpeter Nate Wooley, an Oregon native and former Coloradoan, now based in Jersey City. Wooley stands out on recent efforts by Adam Lane (Ashcan Rantings), Harris Eisenstadt (Canada Day), Matt Bauder (Day In Pictures) and more, but he’s particularly at home in collaborative co-led environments (check out Tooth and Nail with Joe Morris, or Crackleknob with Mary Halvorson and Reuben Radding). Playing trumpet and amplifier at this week’s live summit, Wooley joins experimental violinist/vocalist C. Spencer Yeh, assertive downtown cellist Okkyung Lee and famed U.K. drummer and free-jazz pioneer Paul Lytton. Nearing 64, Lytton will push his younger cohorts to their limits, be assured. DAvID R. ADLER

the Future Show brings some of the finest steampunk craftspeople to town to make sure your abode is as high-tech as 1890s London can possibly get. ALLI KATZ Also on Sat., March 5. $20. The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Ave., Oaks. 484.754.3976.




The Unfinished Business of Women’s Equality Ladies, did you know that the very first Girl Scout cookie was sold right here in Philly? Or that Betsy Ross married her first husband when she was 21 at a bar in New Jersey? These are just some of the fun facts you can learn this month at the Constitution Center, which is honoring Women’s History Month with a series of estrogen-fueled programs and exhibitions. Visitors can trace the defining moments in the fight for gender equality from 1920 to today while learning about the awesome women who have called this city home through an interactive show. Stories about the nation’s most notorious female spies will also be revealed as part of the museum’s newest exhibit, Spies, Traitors & Sabotage: Fear and Freedom in America. When it’s all said and done, you can put your knowledge of women’s history to the test and compete against a friend on a giant board game. NICOLE FINKBINER Through March 31. $8-$12. The National Constitution Center, 525 Arch St. 215.409.6700.




Sic Alps Now that the indie-sphere’s 2009 lo-fi rock hype has dissolved, the real gems are rising to the surface. San Francisco’s Sic Alps have concealed pop nuggets under layers of hissing amp static since 2004, when the drum and bass duo released a limited edition cassette called Semi Streets. This year, they delivered Napa Asylum, a 22-song garage-burner that connects the true grit of 2007’s Description of the Harbor with the pop-smear of 2008’s U.S. Ez (released by Philly’s Siltbreeze label). Merging the Bonnie and Clyde heroism of “Message from the Law” and the razor-hook of “Gelly Roll Gum Drop,” it’s the fiercest rock record of the year (so far). E.S. 8pm. Free. With Magik Markers. The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. 215.573.3234.

On the Gaydar A preview of Philly’s upcoming LGBT events. By Brian Goldthorpe

Dragapalooza: Broadway Divas Historians cite the 1969 Stonewall Riots in N.Y.C. as a crucial turning point in the gay

community’s evolution from invisibility to a global sociopolitical movement. Iconic photos from Stonewall show several “drag queens” protesting in lockstep with gay men and women of every age and race. Though much has changed in the past 42 years, drag culture persisted as a form of performance entertainment and self-expression that’s indivisible from the LGBT community. In Philly, excitement about drag performance is at an all-time high. An immensely talented bunch of new performers are pushing the experienced veterans to raise their game. This month, you’ll have an opportunity to see Philly’s best queens go for broke at Dragapalooza: Broadway Divas—an uproarious celebration of the Great White Way’s music and choreography featuring 18 numbers from Broadway’s best shows, including Dreamgirls, Wicked, Rent, Chicago, Hair, Little Shop of Horrors and more. Local drag icon Brittany Lynn—who fires barbs like a ninja throws punches—will be hosting. Expect performances by veterans Joey Josephs, Alexis Cartier, Brenda Dharling and Jason Cozmo, as well as newbies Diana Dharling, Isis, Navaya Shay, Cherry Pop, Mrs. Periwinkle and Omyra Lynn. This is not your run-of-the-mill drag show. Every step of every number is expertly choreographed by Jason Josephs (aka, Diana Dharling). These queens are sure to pack the

house and leave the audience begging for more. Sat., March 12, 9pm. $25-$50. Voyeur Nightclub, 1221 St. James St. 215.735.5772.

15th Annual Human Rights Campaign Dinner Gala If you ask a sample of 10 gay people what they think of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), you’re likely to get 10 different responses, ranging from unbridled appreciation to utter disdain. As one of the largest LGBT advocacy organizations, HRC is visible, mobilized, and no matter whether you agree with their policy priorities or not—they know how to throw a party. This month’s HRC’s gala will be hosted by reality TV star and style guru Carson Kressley with a live performance by Niki Harris, and will feature dinner, drinks and one of Philly’s best silent auctions. Proceeds support HRC’s efforts to secure equal rights for every member of LGBT community. Sat., March 19, 6:30pm. Hyatt Regency Philadelphia, 201 S. Columbus Blvd. 800.494.8497.

Spring PINK Pub Crawl At the tail end of a harsh winter, you can literally feel the excitement building from river to river. For the third consecutive year, gay Philadelphians are set to ring

in spring with the PINK Pub Crawl. On March 26—the first official Saturday night of spring—hundreds will hop from bar to bar in celebration of warm weather and new possibilities. The PINK Pub Crawl is a traditional bar hop that takes you on a tour of Philly’s hottest gay clubs and lounges. As opposed to many LGBT events, which cater to gay men or lesbians, the PINK Pub Crawl appeals equally to both groups. If you’re new to Philly, or just new to the Gayborhood, the Crawl is a perfect opportunity to meet new people. It all starts at 9 p.m. at Rittenhouse Square’s Stir Lounge before heading across Broad Street for the second stop at iCandy. Formerly 12th Air Command, iCandy has been renovated from top to bottom. The tailend takes a tour of Woody’s before heading to the final stop, Voyeur Nightclub around midnight. Admission is $25 and gets you a free drink at each of the first three stops. Tickets are only available at the door. Dancers will be on site at every stop with giveaways like gift certificates, drink tickets and passes to the 2011 Philadelphia Mr. Gay Competition on April 16. Sat., March 26, $25-$35. 9pm: Stir Lounge, 1705 Chancellor St. 215.732.2700; 10:30pm: iCandy, 254 S. 12th St. 267.324.3500; 11:30pm: Woody’s, 202 S. 13th St. 215.545.1893; 12:30am: Voyeur Nightclub, 1221 St. James St. 215.735.5772. n

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Inside OUT







254 S. 12TH ST. • PHILADELPIA PA, 19107 • 276-324-3500 WWW.iCANDY.COM | WWW.CLUBiCANDY.COM

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011 phillynow

street photography to build a new lexicon out of found images. Illuminating what we often miss, Abram shows us bright flashes of the art around us. Linda Yun’s Recall also shows us the nuances of the familiar, but through her lens these images are filtered and distorted beyond recognition. Christian Herr’s paintings in Keystone States solidifies these moments with charSchool daze: John Mejias’ comic “The Teacher’s Edition” is acters proudly displaying on view at Space 1026. their instances of triumph, glory and personal artifacts. The artist’s simplified illustrative style, primarily acrylic on paper, is reminiscent of children’s books, which only heightens the violence underlying the images. While these works expose us to understanding the outside, Leticia Bajuyo’s and Josh Hamilton’s Wow and Flutter: Revolutions in coded, de-coded, re-coded memory, curated by Joey Yates, takes the ultimately internal—memories— Bambi on the Move and asks what happens when they no longer In January, when the sprinklers went off work. Cassettes, player piano rolls and CDs unexpectedly in Bambi Gallery and dam(read: outmoded technology) are repuraged some of its art, Bambi proprietress posed to break through their original codes Candace Karch decamped, taking her Feband present a manuscript of new informaruary show to another location. Now, Karch tion. (Alli Katz) says, Bambi will migrate permanently out 6pm. Free. Vox Populi Gallery, 319 N. 11th St., third of its location at the Piazza after her March floor. 215.238.1236. show. But this is not the end of Bambi—the effervescent gallerist vows to make “floating Desert Island Bambi” pop up again sometime this year Though alternative comics could only once in a new location. Bambi’s last show at the be found in seedy head shops, the emergence Piazza opens March 4, with works by Gail of specialty shops in the ’80s allowed the Cunningham and Sienna Freeman, two underground comic scene to thrive. Today, local artists whose creations bear the hallthere’s places like Desert Island in Williamsmarks of a Bambi show: well-crafted, sexy burg, Brooklyn, which has become a small and conceptual. And Freeman’s Broken hub for artists and cartoonists from around Mirror really is provocative: Photo collages the world since opening in 2008. The store that merge body parts from fashion magaoffers a wide range of alternative comics and zine spreads show a lot of skin—and someart books, from classic re-issues of R. Crumb times three or four arms and a muzzled comics to current titles like Picturebox by head of a dog. Cunningham, in her third Bambi exhibit, makes paper cutouts using a Brian Chippendale. Desert Island is also known for attracting attention with its elabCyanotype photographic process. Blueorate window display that features a rotating print series: The City Recollected imagines set of sculptural pieces by an eclectic group fantasy architectural spaces that stand out of local artists. The store’s owner, Gabe like ghosts on the cyan paper. The work has Fowler, has selected four of these artists to striking design chops with content that’s bring their installation work here to Philly. open to many interpretations. Karch, who Some of their other illustrations and artwork represents can-do entrepreneurship, also will also be for sale. This includes Lisa knows how to throw a great opening recepHanawalt, who does illustrations and funtion party. (Roberta Fallon) nies for publications like Vice magazine and 6-10pm. Through March 27. Bambi Gallery, The New York Times, and John Mejias, who The Piazza, 1001 N. Second St. 267.319.1374. chronicles his experiences as a public school art teacher in the comic “The Teacher’s Edition.” Collectively, their work explores many Flying Solo at Vox Populi of the dark, counterculture themes that have distinguished underground comics while The current exhibit at Vox Populi is a collecsimultaneously remaining quirky and fun. tion of solo shows by artists who explore the (Nicole Finkbiner) publication of the private and the privatization of public moments. Photographer 7pm. Through March 25. Space 1026, Stefan Abrams’ Origin of the World uses 1026 Arch St. 215.574.7630.

First Friday Picks

March into the art party.


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Paws for concern: Davey (Robert DaPonte) left, and Donny (Pierce Bunting) try to hide a dead cat.

Luck of the Inish

The Lieutenant of Inishmore is absurdly funny. By J. Cooper Robb

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011 • 20

Theatre Exile contributes to the Philadelphia Irish Theatre Festival with a raucous production of Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore. McDonagh’s dark comedy may not be the funniest play ever written but it’s not far behind. Set on the remote Irish island of Inishmore, the story focuses on the exploits of the island’s residents. Smart, they aren’t, but in their own crude way they are a colorful, likeable lot. As the play begins, the cat Wee Thomas is lying on a kitchen table. Huddled over Thomas are the home’s owner Donny (Pearce Bunting) and his young friend Davey (Robert DaPonte). They look concerned and with good reason. Thomas is not well. In fact, he is dead—very dead. But the cat they are frantically trying to stuff the guts and bits of brain back into is not the real cause of Donny’s and Davey’s consternation. It’s Wee Thomas’ father/owner Padriac (Paul Felder), who is a terrorist so vicious that according to Davey, “the IRA wouldn’t let him in because he was too mad.” At the moment, Padriac (Donny’s son) is out of town “bombing places” and he’s entrusted the care of Wee Thomas to Donny. Padriac may be a cold-blooded killer, but he loves his cat, and Donny fears that Padriac will blame him for Thomas’ untimely death. After torturing an unfortunate marijuana dealer (Keith Conallen), Padriac returns to town to check on Thomas. His reaction is even more violent than Donny foresaw and by the end of McDonagh’s play, Donny’s home is littered with bloody felines, shattered teeth, severed limbs and an assortment of detached heads. The final play written in McDonagh’s

Aryan Islands trilogy (which includes The Cripple of Inishmaan, which is being presented at the Annenberg Center later this month), Inishmore is ghoulishly funny and absurdly bloody, so much so that Exile’s production (the largest in the company’s history) is supported by a special “blood and gore sponsor” the Wyncote Foundation. Even as we laugh at all the outrageous amount of blood and brains that end up decorating the walls of Donny’s home, it’s important to note that McDonagh’s grisly humor is not mindless. That much is made abundantly clear in director Matt Pfeiffer’s gleefully malicious production. With its exaggerated violence and dark humor, Inishmore only succeeds if it is approached with deadly seriousness, and Exile’s production falls flat when the actors overplay their parts for laughs. Luckily, this only occurs on two occasions (both early in the play), and for the most part Pfeiffer’s bristling production hits the mark. At the center of all the mayhem is Padriac and Felder, excellent at reconciling the character’s somewhat contradictory personality. Felder has experience with aggressive characters, having played a would-be rapist in Extremities and a brash, Howard Sterntype host in Talk Radio, both with New City Stage. Felder easily expresses the terrorist’s confidence and ruthless machismo, and his Padriac is equally believable as both a callous torturer and a devoted pet lover. The best performance among the strong ensemble belongs to the wily veteran William Zielinski, who is fabulous as the one-eyed INLA leader Christy. “He was always a good soldier Padriac, just a wee-bit enthusiastic” says Christy, who has come to Inishmore with two of his henchman (played by Brian McCann and the wonderfully funny Andrew Kane) to assassinate their comrade in arms. Christy has taken exception with Padraic’s crusade against drug dealers, especially as these patriotic pushers are responsible for financing INLA activities. “What Padriac doesn’t understand is it isn’t only for the school kids we’re freeing Ireland; It’s for the junkies, the thieves and drug pushers, too.” “Four dead fellas, two dead cats, my hairstyle ruined!” Davey cries out, surveying the wreckage at the play’s conclusion. Using blood-gushing, brain-splattering humor to show the result of nationalism run amok, McDonagh questions the tactics of Ireland’s revolutionary armies and whether the ends justify the means. Families torn apart, relationships ruined, friendships destroyed; In McDonagh’s Ireland, violence has become so pervasive that no one—not even loyal pets—can escape the madness. n The Lieutenant of Inishmore Through March 13. $15-$40. Plays and Players Theater, 1714 Delancey St. 215.218.4022.

Wed 3/1

Reggie: The Full Effect

So, how do you feel about recent Oscar host James Franco getting all this attention for being a renaissance man? Were you like, “Hey, where’s my love? I’m multi-faceted!”

Off-the-wall comedian Reggie Watts brings his unique brand of funny to town this week. By Craig D. Lindsey

Well, when I first started hearing him making moves—you know, going and doing double majors or whatever, triple majors—it sounded like, I don’t know, it was weird. Like, it felt false to me, and I didn’t like it. A part of me was just like, “What are you doing, man? You can’t just, like, decide to be an artist in that way?” But, then, after thinking about it, he’s a good actor. He’s funny, and he’s fine and talented. I mean, really, the main thing is that he was perceived as a particular type of person or actor, and now, he’s kind of like, “Well, I’m gonna do my own thing.” And that’s totally fine. And, really, the big thing why I think he’s where he is is because he’s a really handsome guy, and he’s had success being a Hollywood actor. And so, for Hollywood people, they’re like, “Wow, this really handsome, fairly successful actor is now doing this really arty stuff.” So, it’s fascinating for them. So, he gets all the press. Let’s talk about your style of comedy. It’s heavily improvised and very stream-of-consciousness. You dip in and out of accents. Where did all this come from and is there any preparation you do before you perform? There’s not a lot of preparation. I’m always kind of messing around. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been imitating, impersonating, fabricating ideas, expressing them. It’s just mainly about whatever is in my head or whatever I’m feeling at the given time, and I just kind of put it together onstage and just put the tools out there and, then, see what happens. A lot of it is just environmental or ambient or atmospheric. I haven’t really thought about how I’m gonna perform it. It’s just kind of there. And if it comes out of the performance, it does. If it doesn’t, then maybe it never will.

R5 PResents:

Murder By death Fake PRoblems buRied beds

Fri 3/3

R5 PResents:


la seRa Holiday sHoRes downstaiRs: FRiday HaPPy HouRlos sPinning vinyl FRom 5-10Pm

Sat 3/4

R5 PResents:

duM duM Girls

minks PaRty PHotogRaPHeRs diRty beacHes

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


downstaiRs: 1st satuRday: tHe bReakFast club Hosted by dJ PRincess basketcase FRom 11am-3Pm

Sun 3/5

R5 PResents:

Wild FlaG

yellowFeveR downstaiRs: 1st sunday: Hot Jazz bRuncH witH dJ coRey duncan FRom 11am-3Pm

Mon 3/6

rival schools wigwams RadaR Fiction

downstaiRs: 1st mondays: alien vs. cReditoR witH dJ deF Janiels and Hulk Hoagie FRom 8Pm-midnigHt

tueS 3/7

R5 PResents:

say hi

blaiR yellow ostRicH downstaiRs: 2nd tuesdays: inteRvalsHaRmonic exPloRations witH science Face FRom 8Pm-midnigHt

Frankford & girard • Fishtown •


You’re still heavily involved in music, whether it’s collaborating with alt-music sirens Regina Spektor and Eagle and Talon, or composing the music for Louis C.K.’s FX sitcom Louie. What still keeps you involved in the music scene?

Finally, how do you get your hair to be so, well, full of body? [Laughs] Well, I think a lot of it is genetics. But, I don’t really do anything to it. It’s just kind of the way it is. I don’t really know. [Chuckles] It’s a mystery to me, too, man. n

Reggie Watts Sat., March 5, 10pm. $12-$14. With Eugene Mirman and Kumail Nanjiani. North Star Bar, 27th and Poplar sts. 215.787.0488.

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Noah KaliNa

Reggie Watts is one prolific oddball. The wild-haired, bi-racial performer (from Montana!) is a multimedia entertainer in every sense of the word. The man is a musician (he’s the frontman for Seattle funk/soul band Maktub), an experimental theater artist, even a TV composer. But you might have caught him saying and doing a bunch of funny stuff onstage. Yes, Watts is also a stand-up comedian, albeit one who does a lot of eccentric, extemporaneous riffing, usually with the aid of a loop pedal. That was enough for Conan O’Brien to hire him as the opening act for his Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour last year. (Watts has since been a regular guest on his new talk show.) PW recently talked with the 38-year-old, New York-based man-of-many-talents about being a renaissance man, his unique comedy stylings and his ’do.

I don’t really view myself as separate from musicians or comedians. If I get a chance to work with musicians, I love it. I’ve spent more time doing music than formal comedy, so I’m relatively comfortable with most musical situations. Comedy is something I’ve become pretty comfortable with, but I’m always still a little guarded because I’m always thinking, like, people are gonna say, “That guy’s not a comedian.” But, for the most part, whether it’s dance or music or videos or comedy or film or TV or whatever medium, I’m just always gonna be interested in the creative process.


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

On The Record

Album Reviews in 30 seconds oR less • bY bill cHeneveRT


Lucinda Williams

Ron Sexsmith

Sean Rowe

(XL Recordings/ Columbia)

(Lost Highway)

(Ronboy Rhymes)



Sounds Like: Her

debut, 19 (how old she was), was sick, and her sophomore, 21 (how old she was at time of recording) seems just as solid with a couple bona-fide hits and some growers. Free Association: She makes my gay little heart go pitter patter. For Fans Of: Dusty Springfield, Beth Ditto, big girls who can SANG.


Sounds Like: Sad,

thoughtful songs about stuff like suicide, war and love that feature Elvis Costello wailing on the guitar (not singing!). Free Association: She’s famous/old enough that Rolling Stone will eat this shit up. For Fans Of: Patty Griffin x Mary Chapin Carpenter, sage country ladies.


Going MAD P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

The fourth annual Drexel Music Industry Program concert puts students in charge. By Brian McManus

• 22

I know what you’re thinking, and rightly so. The type of person who would go to college and sign on for a Music Industry major in 2011 is the same type of rube who might’ve started a horse-and-buggy service shortly after the invention of the car, bought a Krispy Kreme franchise at the height of the Atkins craze or would open a present-day medical leech business next door to Jefferson. Not exactly smart. Because the very real truth is, the bottom has fallen out of the music industry. Peo-

Long Player Late Bloomer Sounds Like: The quiet,

critically acclaimed giant of folksy Canadian indie rock teams up with a hard rock producer (Bob Rock) for a very palatable, pretty pop LP.

Free Association:

Covered/adored by superstars; a stranger to the people—s’a shame. For Fans Of: Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Nick Lowe, unsung heroes.


Sounds Like: The

super-baritone pulls from the now worn Tom Waits playbook with dark, slow and poetic mediations on nature, love and angst on his ANTI- debut. Free Association: The two jams on the record don’t save the often crap lyricism. For Fans Of: Cash, The Boss, Gil Scott-Heron + corny white man lyrics.

ple—you know this already—just don’t buy music anymore. Not exactly good for the business of selling, promoting or recording the stuff. With each passing year, sales figures fall and the outlook gets worse. No one has figured out how to monetize the Net, promoters are losing their asses on concerts and ... well, you get the picture. As the Sex Pistols once said, there’s no future. So, what say ye, Terry Tompkins, managing director of Drexel’s Music Industry Program Entities and director of MAD Dragon Records? Why offer this major? “That’s a good question. I think that one of the common misconceptions is ... due to the fact that record sales are down, the major labels are feeling the impact, and so are the indies to some extent. But that’s not representative of what’s happening in the music industry on a whole,” Tompkins says. “Music is more popular than ever. There’s more music being listened to. There are more artitsts that are succeeding on various levels. There are more niches.” He’s right, of course. And in all actuality, Drexel’s Music Industry Program has never been more active or looked so attractive. They’ve just been nominated for seven Independent Media Awards (making 20 noms since 2007), and the collapse of the industry (real or perceived) is benefiting them in some ways—artists lost in the shuffle at major labels are falling head-long into the ever-loving embrace of the program’s pas-

The Psychic Paramount II

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Disney Jazz, Volume 1

(No Quarter)

(Walt Disney)

York noise rock trio’s first in almost five years is a wicked trip of hard sounds with loads of feedback and reverb, but a few moments of brilliant grooves.

like songs from Mary Poppins, Lady and the Tramp, Toy Story and such, done (sleepily) by modern jazz greats and soulful chanteuses. Free Association: The Brubeck and Hargrove joints are solid, the rest are for super fans. For Fans Of: Sondheim, Gerswhin, Fantasia (the film), The Disney Store.

Sounds Like: A New

Free Association:

Tough to get into at first, but settle in for some serious payoff. For Fans Of: Trans Am, Acid Mothers Temple, Maserati, shredding.

Sounds Like: Standards

sionately run student label (which we’ll talk about in a sec here). Drexel’s program is one of 100 or schools that’s a part of a coalition of music industry educators, the Music and Entertainment Industry Education Association (MEIEA). Some of those schools focus on the technological side of the recording industry— engineering, producing. Others focus on the business aspect. Drexel has pots on both fires. “We have the most diverse curriculum of all music industry programs in the United States,” Tompkins says. One of the program’s biggest successes is its record label, MAD Dragon. Started seven years ago, it has put out releases by myriad artists from a diverse spectrum: The danceable electronic hum of the Swimmers, the conscious hip-hop of former Hustle emcee Kuf Knotz, the old-time countrified gospel of Toy Soldiers and the alternative folk of Hezekiah Jones. The students in the program are involved in every aspect of the label and the band’s who are signed to it. They discover the artist, develop them, record and market them, and book their shows. Because, oh yeah, the program also has a concert-booking arm, Madko concerts, which puts on shows across the city. Both MAD Dragon and Madko Concerts will be on full display this Thursday, March 3, when MD artists Toy Soldiers, the Spinning Leaves and Hezekiah Jones take to a stage booked and promoted by students in the program. One of Rolling Stone’s “best new bands of 2010, the infectious Free Energy, headline the whole thing. The future is now. n Thurs., March 3, 7pm. $10 or free with Drexel ID. With Free Energy, the Spinning Leaves, Hezekiah Jones, Toy Soldiers and Kuf Knotz. Mandell Theater, 33rd and Chestnut sts. 215.895.2787.

Wye Oak

Parts & Labor



guy duo from Maryland who layer noises over a simple guitar and drums formula for a fuzzy, pretty indie rock effect that (miraculously) doesn’t sound totally derivative. Free Association: Like Beach House’s but 50x more diverse. For Fans Of: Yo La Tengo, Stars x Atlas Sound, humble weirdos.

erable trio’s back with a solid effort, their fifth in true form (those Escapers LPs are NUTS), full of soaring vocals, busy synths and manic drumming.


Sounds Like: A girl/

Constant Future

Sounds Like: The ven-

Free Association:

Plenty of chaotic noise here, but there’s also a lot of pretty harmonies. For Fans Of: Lightning Bolt x Husker Du, Oneida, The Knitting Factory.

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Purling Hiss

 hiladelphia’s Purling Hiss is well-versed P in the snarling excess of Detroit slime rock. Each song from 2010’s Hissteria emerges with a piercing feedback bite that implies the fuming vision of MC5’s Rob Tyner telling the Grande Ballroom audience what time it was on that epic Halloween night in 1968. But while Hissteria celebrated the sonic confrontation of the Stooges’ Raw Power, Public Service Announcement showed Hiss’ Mike Polizze bidding (temporary?) farewell to manic rapture. Like a soldier perched in the jungle still gripping his gun because he missed the surrender memo, the album plays like a renegade DJ broadcasting from an AM station trapped somewhere in between Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage and the Ghostbusters soundtrack. The references of the schizoid dream—5150’s wankery, Lewis Carroll, “Crockett’s Theme”—beckon memories of going blind on Double Dragon and overdosing on Doritos in your parent’s basement. Which vision Purling Hiss crafts tonight is anyone’s guess. (Elliott Sharp) n Thurs., March 3, 8pm. $8. With Watery Love. Kung Fu Necktie, 1248 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.





501 Fairmount Ave Northern Liberties • (215) 928-9200


Blackened Green Beans : Bistro Salad : Fresh Chicken Salad Fresh Burger on LeBus Brioche Bun : Jambalaya : Oyster Po’ Boy w/Remoulade sauce Fresh Sausage Sandwiches : Fresh Pommes Frites w/Monk’s Bourbon Mayo

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March 2-8, 2011

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LushLife Cash-Only Bar Dani Mari and Ken Kweder pay tribute to a legend. By Sharon Margolis

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011 • 26

A tribute show is an excuse for urban atheists to pray together to the same musical gods—on this night, legendary country singers Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. Twenty-two singer-songwriters and local bands signed up to play their versions of Cash and Williams for last Wednesday’s show, hosted by Dani Mari and Philly music icon Ken Kweder, at the Triumph Brewing Company in Old City. A man with John Lennon glasses and mountain boots leads his band through a rolling cover of Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” “This nightmare is actually a dream,” singer David Rowan announces cryptically between songs. It’s sparse reassurance to a packed room that everyone, himself above all, made the right decision to be here. The Josh Olmstead Band’s tambourine-ist Natalie Butts sings and bangs along to Johnny Cash’s “Pack Up Your Sorrows,” an upbeat duet among his litany of sin-and-tears-soaked ballads. It’s pretty. It’s catchy. It’s sweet. But leave it to the women to bring the rage. All-female trio September’s drummer/singer bellows a punky rendition of “They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me,” which sounds more dangerous than just a private word of consolation. Smoking a cigarette outside, Rowan’s harmonica player, “Jerry Thee Ice Man,” relates a legendary story about Hank Williams: A man approached the stage one night, saying, “I don’t like your guitar.” Hank responded, “My guitar don’t like you!” and bashed him over the head with it. Ice Man blames the booze. At 7.5 percent ABV, Triumph’s Imperial Stout is delivering on its promise to get tonight’s lookers-on loaded. It’s nothing that a quick baptismal dip in the Jordan River, a la Johnny Cash, can’t fix. That’s God’s favorite river. By the end of the night, the “dream” tapers down to an idyllic end. Hardly a soul is left; the bar’s nearly empty, and the few remaining are absorbed in high-volume chatter. One last band has taken the stage, a hastily assembled group consisting of Kweder, Josh Olmstead and a guy who wandered in off the street. They’re jamming like they’ve known each other for years. A let-yer-hairdown jolt of energy wraps up the evening’s country soul talent show. n

The selection of whiskey is stellar, especially if you’re a bourbon fan. This is a category of spirit that’s finally getting the respect it deserves in local bar programs, and the range of our great national whiskey is on full display here. Start with a Johnny Drum, an initially spicy sipper that turns all warm and butterscotchy on the finish, before diving into something even stronger. The beers, too, are varied enough to hold your interest—all American, all from small breweries, save the Yuengling—but not so obscure that every one needs an explanation. As for the space, it’s just as pleasant on a sunny day as a snowy night. I think it has something to do with the Edison bulbs and reclaimed wood throughout. Such old-timey touches are like the jeans of the restaurant world: Everything looks better in them. Even the chipped paint of the windowpanes adds to the view through them. Still, a great space, hit-and-miss comfort food and an interesting bar selection aren’t enough to keep the crowds coming. Though happy hours here are popular, and the addition of Open Table reservations have helped, according to talented GM Alex Bokulich. I’ve already spouted on about the hits. Some misses: Beer and cheese fondue, for one. It leaned too heavily on its roux, and turned gloppy and a bit grainy after a few minutes of cooling. The sad, off-season tomato sandwiched between the basil-pestoed foccacia also left me cold. Mussels with coconut milk were an odd addition given the contents of the rest of the menu. But the totality of the experience here is about more than all the food being executed perfectly (or a few slugs of whiskey, or a glass of wine from the nicely chosen list). It’s generally enough to win you over, and to take you back to another place. The cakey, deep-fried Oreos were certainly evocative of another time. And the lavender creme brulee, its perfume barely perceptible, employed its marquis ingredient with delicacy. (Too often, lavender creme brulee leaves you with an aftertaste like you just French-kissed someone’s over-perfumed grandmother.) Sometimes, a good drink and a tasty trip down memory lane are enough to carry the day. Cooperage is the kind of place you could make a habit of, if only the execution were a bit tighter. Can they do it? Sounds like a case for Peter Brady, master sleuth. My guess is they will. n Rya n St R a n d

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Food & Drink

Chops stick: Must-eat classics at Cooperage.

Southern Comfort Cooperage keeps it classic. By Brian Freedman

For me, there are few dinnertime dishes more evocative of my suburban youth than Cooperage’s “pork chops and applesauce,” a seemingly wink-wink reference to perhaps the most famous Brady Bunch episode of them all, the one where Peter plays the sleuth as Alice whips up her ’70s classic. So many of us grew up on the kind of comfort food served on the menu at Cooperage that there’s an inherent charm to it. That’s also the risk, as even the slightest misstep may feel deeply personal. Back around Thanksgiving, executive chef Benjamin Martin began re-conceptualizing the menu to reflect more of an American-comfort-food-with-a-twist ethos. And while some of the nice southern touches of Cooperage’s initial incarnation are gone (no more boiled peanuts!), it’s still a pleasant, generally unchallenging place to visit for sustenance and a drink or three. Like those pork chops, for instance. The dish, aside from garlic mashed potatoes that were overwhelmed by salt, hit all its intended heartland notes. Like early John Mellencamp, its familiarity, its all-American comfort, was the backbone of its charm: Serve it on a stars-andstripes commemorative plate from the Franklin Mint and you’re as patriotic as you’ve ever been. Cornbread muffins arrive warm and surprisingly savory on their own, with a touch of sweetness added by whipped honey butter. Deviled eggs kissed with a barely perceptible whiff of truffle oil were accompanied by pickled beets that were more sweet than sour. Tender chicken with a subtly aromatic 40-clove garlic sauce, though Frenched and served spread-eagle on a layer of grits as oversalted as the chop’s mashed potatoes, were nonetheless appealing. But more than anything, it’s the experience as a whole here that makes Cooperage such a pleasure to visit.

Cooperage Wine & Whiskey Bar 123 S. Seventh St. (in the Curtis Center) 215.226.2667 Cuisine: American comfort food, often with a twist. Kitchen Hours: Mon.-Fri., 11:30am-10pm; Sat., 1-11pm. Price range: $4-$20. Atmosphere: Warm and comforting. Food: Execution could be more consistent, but generally very good. Service: Well-informed and friendly.

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$2 Lionshead bottLes thursday, 3/3 – doors @ 7:30p TweNTy 30 ouTSiDe The Blue GleN laNDiNG miNi mammoTh iNNoceNT FlaNNel Friday, 3/4 – doors @ 7:30p cookie raBiNowiTz DoN mccloSkey FaT DaDDy haS BeeN aNDrew JuDe 2ND Fl: karaoke 10Pm – 1am hoSTeD By The karaokelorD!

host: rob LeWis & some oF phiLLy’s Finest Comedians sunday, 3/5 – doors @ 8p moNDay, 3/7 – DoorS @ 8P oPeN mic NiGhT wiTh STePh hayeS SiGN-uP @ 8Pm Featured perFormer: BriaN FraNke tuesday, 3/8 – doors @ 8p Darry miller aND The veil BerN & The BriGhTS ShawN woulD

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Wednesday, 3/2 – doors @ 7:30p The Peel School SlackwaTer NewS Drew ciTroN


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P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011



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SIX PACK Six Franchises That Died Mid-Story By Matt Prigge The Bible (1966): There’s a huge risk of embarrassment when it comes to franchises: If there’s little interest, you’ve essentially made a story with no end, or even a middle. In the case of John Huston’s mega-ambitious project, cranking out only one film worked out fine: After all, his source was episodic. Despite being an avowed agnostic who publicly mocked the veracity of Christianity’s holy book, Huston intended to film the entire Old Testament, presumably even the boring/skeezy/violent/racist/slaverypromoting bits. Alas, he only got 22 chapters into Genesis before belatedly realizing the heyday of the all-star religious epic was as dead as Abel. The Lord of the Rings (1978): Before special effects caught up with J.R.R. Tolkien’s vision, mega-producer Saul Zaentz decided to tackle his masterwork practically, hiring reformed animator badboy Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat) to use a blend of traditional animation and live-action rotoscoping. The result, which only gets part way through The Two Towers, was a hit—and yet execs were reluctant to bankroll the rest. Two years later a Return of the King film emerged, with Bakshi (and most of the cast) replaced by the inferior Rankin-Bass, whose take on The Hobbit remains hated.

Dune (1984): In which David Lynch killed what execs assumed was the next Star Wars and very nearly his career. Master and Commander (2003):

His Dark Materials: Credit Catholic League ghoul William A. Donohue for scaring thin-skinned parents away from The Golden Compass (2007), the first adaptation of outspoken atheist Philip Pullman’s anti-Narnia trilogy. Although you could also credit thin-skinned producers for largely gouging the anticlerical messages and hiring a bland director (Chris Weitz, later of Twilight: New Moon) to make a product that pleased no one.

I Am Number Four (2011): Unless

Not even Matt Damon can save this not-quite love story. By Sean Burns politician David Norris. The plain-spoken Brooklyn native has a history of bar fights and frat-boy loutishness, but that’s not going to keep him from angling for a New York Senate seat. A distracting number of cameos litter the opening reels, as most of our exposition is delivered via Jon Stewart during Norris’ appearance on The Daily Show and even more crucial plot information is explained by James Carville and Mary Matalin on Meet The Press. The entire first act is an impressive game of Beltway Where’s Waldo, but this montageheavy, ill-fated political campaign is hardly the stuff of compelling drama. In the men’s room rehearsing his concession speech, Damon’s Norris meets a blowsy party-crasher played by Emily Blunt, kicking off a delightful back-andforth of screwball banter. First-time director George Nolfi plays with the cavernous space of a luxury hotel lobby’s rest room, doubling up on mirrors, pushing in for intimacy, and basically cutting together one of the funniest, most off-handedly sexy scenes you’ll see this year. These two crazy, impetuous kids clearly belong together. Too bad the science-fiction plot says otherwise. Enter the Adjustment Bureau, a collection of awesome character actors in fedo-

Grade: CDirector: George Nolfi Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Lisa Thoreson Running time: 99 minutes


Slowly but surely, Matt Damon has established himself as the most reliable actor of his generation. He’s not a showy performer, but more of a throwback to the relaxed craft of, say, Paul Newman. Damon wears his stardom easily, and I can’t think of a single bum performance he’s given. He also doesn’t make garbage. Unlike his Good Will Hunting sidekick Ben Affleck, you’ll never find Damon working for Michael Bay. He gravitates toward offbeat projects with distinguished pedigrees, collaborating with the likes of Soderbergh, Eastwood and the Coens. Even his bad movies are interesting, and always made for adults. The Adjustment Bureau is that kind of bad movie. It’s a classy flop: All its sins are of ambition. Yet, it’s at least attempting something unconventional without talking down to the audience. And true to form, there’s a deeply committed Damon performance, which happens to be the best thing about it. Too bad it also kind of stinks. Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, whose brain-twisting existential malaise has been adapted for everything from Blade Runner to Total Recall to Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureau stars Damon as cocky, young

producers are willing to shell out more for a series that opened behind fucking Gnomeo and Juliet ... n

Attitude Adjustment

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

There are 21 complete novels in Patrick O’Brien’s nautical series, three of which served as fodder for the excellent first in what would have been a kickass Russell Crowe franchise. Alas, the film only grossed $93 million against a $150 million budget.

Reading rainbow: Matt Damon (left) is kept away from his true love, Emily Blunt, in The Adjustment Bureau.

ras clomping around en masse, bumping into people and causing so-called coincidences that rupture the patterns of the CGI graphs appearing in their antiquated notebooks. Answering to somebody called The Chairman, who’s supposed to maybe be God, they work like trenchcoat-clad angels, taking orders from memos delivered in faded manila envelopes. Soon, this potentially interesting story is torpedoed by exposition-heavy claptrap. Most of The Adjustment Bureau’s running time is spent with one familiar face after another (John Slattery, Anthony Mackie, finally even the legendary Terence Stamp) sitting down with Damon and explaining, for the umpteenth time, that he’s not allowed to go home and have amazing sex with Emily Blunt because that’ll disrupt The Chairman’s plan. Then everybody gets up and chases each other around again. In some scenes, Bureau members can merely point with their finger and shatter somebody’s foot. In others, they have to run after them. Their superpowers are arbitrary depending on the whims of the plot, which is all just an excuse for more classically Dick-ish debates on predetermination versus free will. And apparently magic fedoras allow access through secret doorways that can teleport you across entire city blocks. Nolfi, a pal of Damon’s who wrote Ocean’s Twelve and the third Jason Bourne picture, is clearly trying for one of those Somewhere In Time or Lake House kind of star-crossed romances with a sci-fi twist. It’s a chaste, bloodless picture with the retro costumes clearly harkening back to Hollywood movies of a bygone era. But the problem is that Damon and Blunt have such delightful chemistry together, the plot contortions keeping them apart feel more annoying than suspenseful. There are several glimmers of great ideas at work here, like the notion that Blunt’s dancing career would be hampered by Damon’s political ambitions, and is it worth being with somebody you love if you know in advance that you are going to ruin their life? But The Adjustment Bureau doesn’t stick with that, or really any other concept for very long, arbitrarily moving the goalposts and piling on the tiresome chase scenes, before collapsing in a deus ex machina that reeks of studio meddling. I would have rather seen a movie that’s just a love story about the politician and the dancer, and leave the men with silly hats out of it altogether. n

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


“BEAUTIFULLY SHOT... GRIPPING!” _ Manohla Dargis, The New York Times


– Joe Neumaier, Daily News


Screen New Releases

winds up going in a direction that’s in no way pompous. In any case, the reason for the title is literal: Its protagonist, grandmother, part-time caretaker and full-time naïf Yang Mija (Yoon Jeong-hee), has taken a poetry class. Although she’s not diagnosed with Alzheimer’s until later on in the film, she has been suddenly forgetting words. Concerned over her fading cognitive skills, this aggressively unassuming woman tries to hold back the tide by learning an art form she’s never attempted. Inspiration remains elusive, although it starts

to slowly take form once tragedy strikes: Turns out her apathetic grandson has, with several other boys, spent the last six months raping the girl found dead in the opening scene. Yang can’t fathom how the boy she looks after could commit such deeds, much less remain emotionless. Nor is this grunting lump going to come clean. Yang’s search for answers in an answerless world is an interesting change of pace for director Lee Chang-dong, whose films (Secret Sunshine, especially) calmly lay out a harrowing but too straight and tidy journey through trauma. Poetry is just as patient but more fractured in its narrative. Like its protagonist, it’s unsure what it’s even looking for. That’s a good thing. Yoon, who was coerced from retirement for the role, wears a look of cautious curiosity that atones for some of Lee’s nastier narrative developments, including Yang’s lecherous employer and the fathers of the boys who raped the dead girl, who are casually trying to pay off the grieving mother. At those times, Poetry feels blunt and reductive; when it’s simply about Yang’s search for meaning and a purpose, the title feels close to apt. n

not, the movie gets more ridiculous as it goes along. Back from the dead and out for vengeance, Cage’s Milton befriends a tough-talking diner waitress (the lovely Amber Heard) and hits the road in a vintage Dodge Charger with a fleet of disposable, drooling rednecks on his trail. Also following is William Fitchner, a supernatural bounty hunter who calls himself “The Accountant,” and demonstrates a hilarious disregard for human life, officiously mutilating any poor shmuck who strays into his path. (I loved Fitchner’s droll quips, particularly when he’s explaining that Lucifer is “extremely well-read.”) Directed by Patrick Lussier, who helmed 2008’s equally low-rent 3-D opus My Bloody Valentine, Drive Angry exploits the extra dimension for splattery severed body parts and the jiggling female form. Much like Pirahna 3-D, the movie makes a strong case that this new

technology might best be suited for gimmicky shlock. Hey, look: 3-D boobs! But as in My Bloody Valentine, Lussier and co-writer Todd Farmer shoot their wads early and eventually wear out their welcome. They can’t quite figure out how to top an early sequence in which Cage gets into a massive shoot-out, while simultaneously smoking a cigar, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and having sex. (Say what you will, but the dude really knows how to multitask.) All the muscle cars, half-naked women and gratuitous mayhem become a bit wearying by the final reel. Something like this should ideally be closer to 80 minutes than 104. Yet through it all, Cage has a twinkle in his eye. Has any formerly prestigious Oscar winner ever seemed so delighted to wallow in the genre gutter? Just watch him try not to crack up while drinking beer out of his enemy’s skull. n





Exclusive engagements this THURS. 3/3 3.925” x 2” March only.


“‘Carmen in 3D’ is thoroughly enjoyable. The 3D quality is impeccable.” -VARIETY


BReviewed by Matt Prigge As boys play along a river, a corpse floats nearby. Over this image, the title: “Poetry.” It takes a certain kind of pomposity to wield such a grandiose title, much less place it over death. It suggests to the viewer that what’s in store will confuse suffering with art, just as Alejandro González Iñárritu recently did with Biutiful. And while it sometimes does just that—particularly in its more cruel screenwriterly plot turns—Poetry

RealD and the Royal Opera House present

Exclusively In


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Philadelphia Weekly Wed 3/2 • 2x5’’

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

JobID#: 488138 Name: 0302_Car_PhilWeek.pdf #104 2/25/11 11:46 AM pt


Drive Angry

C+ Reviewed by Sean Burns

• 30

There’s a thin line between clever and stupid, and Nicolas Cage seems to have devoted his recent career to walking it. Drive Angry, this month’s Cage craptacular, is exuberant garbage, slyly aware of its own trashiness without ever quite tipping into camp. Cage strains to keep a straight face as John Milton, a black-denim clad monosyllabic badass who breaks out of hell to rescue his baby granddaughter from a satanic cult. Believe it or


By Dan Savage

the next morning, but that this was difficult for me. She said we’d have great sex the next day, which we did. Which one of us needs to be GGG in this scenario, should it happen again?

I don’t print the email addresses of readers looking for hookups, MRSB, as I am a professional advice columnist, thankyouverymuch, not a yentapimp for wannabe Mrs. Robinsons. (It also gives my lawyer fits. “What if you print this woman’s email address and this woman meets a nice young man who turns out to be Ted Bundy?” says my lawyer, who is old enough to remember who Ted Bundy was—and Mrs. Robinson—but somehow not too old to lawyer.) But save for asking me to print your email address in the column, MRSB, I approve of everything you and your husband are doing. Married olds everywhere should follow your example: You got through the lean years with decent-if-uninspired sex, you didn’t become bitter about all that decent-if-uninspired sex, you got back to indecent-and-inspired sex once the kids headed to college (which you were able to do because you didn’t let yourselves get bitter), and—most importantly—instead of freaking out and shooting down each other’s sexual fantasies, you’re helping each other realize those fantasies. Brafuckingvo. So how do you find the right young man? Trawl the net, like all the other horndogs, and get your husband to help. (You asked your friend to have that three-way, right? Your husband can place a few “hotwife” ads.) Yes, there are fakers and flakes on Craigslist—lots and lots—but there are some real boys to be had; there’s also and and a million other hookup sites. Cast a wide net. Once you’ve found a potential Benjamin: Make sure you know his real name, meet in public, discuss safety (condoms) and sexual health (tested recently?), and be sure to let him know that someone else—someone heavily armed—knows where you are and who you’re with and when you’re supposed to be back. Here’s the tricky part: If you don’t get a good feeling when you meet in person—if he seems dodgy, if his pics lied, if he gives off a rape-y/serial-killer-y/lawyer-y-fit-vindicating vibe—don’t go through with it. P.S. Oh, what the hell: MRSB’s email address is Have at her, Benjamins.

I’m writing to ask you to help me spread the word about an issue close to my heart. I am a 23-year-old woman without medical insurance who relies on Planned Parenthood. They have done SO MUCH for me. They have provided me with birth control, annual Pap smears that I can actually afford, and emotional support that helped me get over an abusive relationship and sexual assault. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill last week that would cut all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. This isn’t just an attack on American women. Planned Parenthood educates the entire community about sexual health and sexually transmitted infections. I know I don’t need to preach to you. I plan to write to my senators about this, and I am encouraging everyone I know to do so. What I ask is that you mention this in your column as soon as possible. My Body, My Choice

A week is a long time to go without at your age and at six months and prekids, I realize, but it sounds like the girlfriend more than made it up to you the next day. As for who needs to be GGG in this scenario, should it happen again (and it will) … GGG demands a little something of both of you. GGG requires you to stop whining about having to wait 24 whole hours for awesome sex, FEEBLE, and GGG requires her—if she isn’t completely exhausted (and it appears she wasn’t, as she was still awake when your “very unsatisfying orgasm” was over)—to come through with a loving assist when you’re desperate and she’s not feeling it, i.e., lie with you, talk dirty to you, stick a finger up your butt— whatever—for the 5 or 10 minutes it takes you to drain your sack.

Done and done, MBMC. We used to have a regular feature at Savage Love called “Straight Rights Watch.” It lapsed when the Democrats took the House in 2006 and political attacks on the sexual freedoms of straight people decreased. But the GOP is back in charge of the House and state houses across the country, and attacks on the sexual freedoms of heterosexuals—attempts to ban abortion, restrict access to birth control, destroy Planned Parenthood (which doesn’t just serve straight people), even make it legal to kill abortion providers (!!!)—are back, and so, sadly, is Straight Rights Watch. Hello? Heterosexuals? Your legislators need to hear from you, and they need to hear from you now. And there’s an easy way to make your voice heard: Go to and add your name to an open letter to Congress, then swing over to plannedparenthood. org, click Donate, and give what you can.


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FA I R M O U N T 885 N . Sti l l m a n St $275 ,000 Co l d we l l B a n ke r P re fe r re d WAS H S Q W E ST 927 S p r u ce St. #2 R $1 9 9, 9 00 Co l d we l l B a n ke r P re fe r re d 12:00-2:00pM B E L L A V I STA 749 E Pa ssy u n k Ave $72 5 ,000 P l u m e r & A ss o c i ate s † A RT M U S E U M 6 4 8 N Syd e n h a m St $5 49, 9 00 P l u m e r & A ss o c i ate s R I TTE N H O U S E S Q 2 03 6 De l a n cey St $4 , 800,000 P l u m e r & A ss o c i ate s G R A D H OS P I TA L 2 1 5 5 Mo n tro s e St. $4 2 5 ,000 Co l d we l l B a n ke r P re fe r re d G R A D H OS P I TA L 2 2 2 0 Ma d i s o n S q $352 , 5 00 E l fa n t Wi ss a h i c ko n SW C E N TE R C I TY 2 35 1 Mo n tro s e St $3 2 9,000 I n d e p e n d e n t C u sto m Re a l ty

GRAD HOSPI TAL 2028 K im ba ll St . $ 320,000 Coldwell B a nker Preferred Q UEEN VI LLAGE 525 Fit z water St . #11 >From $ 239,000 Coldwell B a nker Preferred 12:30-2:00pM FI SHTOWN 1209 Crea se St $ 289,000 Coldwell B a nker Preferred 1:00-3:00pM ART M USEUM 911 N. 28 t h St $ 389,900 Coldwell B a nker Preferred 1:00-4:00pM CO LLI NGSWO O D, NJ The Lum berYa rd Condos: 600 At la nt ic Ave >From $ 210,5 00 M a in St reet Rea lt y 1:30-2:30pM N LI B ERT I ES 1012 N Am eric a n St $ 434,900 Plum er & Assoc iates GRAD HOSPI TAL 17 14 Webster St. $ 325 ,000 Coldwell B a nker Preferred WASH SQ WEST 255 S. Hutchinson St. $ 25 0,000 Coldwell B a nker Preferred ART M USEUM 17 19 Wa lla ce St . #102 $ 229,900 Coldwell B a nker Preferred WASH SQ WEST 1109 Spruce St . #2R $ 225 ,000 Coldwell B a nker Preferred 3:00-4:00pM POWELTO N VI LLAGE 432 N. 37th St. $ 459,900 Coldwell B a nker Preferred

times are subject to change. calling ahead to confirm time is advised.


GRAND OPENING $300-500 weekly. Customer Service/Management. No Exp. Nec. Full training. Call today;start tomorrow. 215-952-0883

B E L L A V I STA 9 1 9 C h r i sti a n St. $3 1 9, 9 00 Co l d we l l B a n ke r P re fe r re d

12:00-2:30pM WY ND M O O R 8 011 Stenton Ave. $ 579,900 Coldwell B a nker Preferred


$$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450


BECOME A MEMBER OF THE PW S A L E S T E A M ! PW- P h i l a d e l p h i a Weekly is seeking energetic, selfmotivated individuals to join our Retail Advertising Department as an outside Account Executive. We offer a base salary, commission, bonuses and an excellent benefits package. Candidate must be able to multi-task, have excellent verbal and communication skills and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. Main job responsibilities are prospecting, cold calling and closing new business. 3 plus years sales experience in a related field required. Email your resume to NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

aMeriCan Civil liberties Union

open houses CALL 215.563.1234

G R A D H OS P I TA L 2 2 2 8 S a i n t A l b a n s St $3 49, 9 00 Co l d we l l B a n ke r P re fe r re d

help wanted

Precious Babies

for More open houses

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Submit ads online at

8AM til 4PM Featuring Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Furniture, Jewelry, Clothing, Glassware, Primitives, Pottery, Mid-Century, Retro & Much More! Free Parking & Free Admission, ATM, Food Court, Handicap Accessible!

04’ Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie $4500. Gray/Black. Very nice truck in & out. 69,900 miles. Power adjustable pedals. For any questions please contact me at:


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

auto for sale

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


help wanted waiter/waitress Kitchen/Sushi Chef Full/part time exp Required apply between 10aM-10pM only


Japanese Restaurant

215-432-4695 HAIRSTYLIST WITH FOLLOWINGGENEROUS COMPENSATION PLAN. Call 215-462-0147. HELP WANTED: $9/hr+ bonuses. Part and Full Time. 215-271-0188 HELP WANTED: Waitress’s, ShotGirls, Beer-Tub Gals, DJ’s for a CC Tavern Contact Barb at 215-630-4909, Interviews By Appointment Only PAID IN ADVANCE!MAKE $1,000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! FREE Supplies! No experience required. Start Immediately! http://www. P E S T C O N T R O L T EC H N I C I A N : Full time. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. C o m m e rc i a l Ro u te, G re a t p a y. 877-987-7013 PHONE ACTRESSES FROM HOME. BEST PAY OUTS, BUSY SYSTEM, BILINGUAL/SP A+. Weekends a must! Land Line / Good Voice 1-800403-7772. LIPSERVICE.NET PROPERTY INSPECTORS. Full and part time. We train! Flex hours. Car required. 610-213-3735 R EC E PT I O N I ST/ASS I STA N T for Pediatric office, PT. Exp. preferred. Fax resume: 215-755-4576.

SEAMSTRESS-Experienced permanent P/T for busy tailoring shop, specializing in Bridal. Flexible Day hrs. only. 610-853-9822 or email:



Ready for some Real Life Drama?

Tournament Directors, Salespersons for the WPT World Poker Tour APL. 267-252-4924

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS ADVERTISE YOUR RESEARCH STUDY HERE: MORE READERS...FOR LESS! Be a part of our “Medical Research Guide” that runs in the Philadelphia Weekly and the South Philly Review for one low price. We offer you the areas largest weekly newspaper circulation and a diverse readership allowing your ad to reach more qualified participants. Call 215-599-7645 or 215-563-7400 for details! Do you or does someone you know suffer from Schizophrenia? Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment is conducting an investigational research study. You must be between the ages of 18 and 64 and have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. You are currently taking one of the following medications: Risperidone, Olanzapine, Aripiprazole. Qualified participants receive study-related care, exams, and study medication at no cost. For more information, please contact our Clinical Trial Recruiters, Vincent Davis or Ada Wilson, 215-581-3900 (All calls are confidential). Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, 4200 M o n u m e n t Ro a d , P h i l a d e l p h i a , PA 19131 HEALTHY MEN AND WOMEN SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center in downtown Baltimore, MD is enrolling non-smoking, healthy adults, ages 18-45, in a clinical research study to evaluate the interaction of 2 investigational products. Participants will be asked to attend: 1 screening visit and, if quali!ed: 1 inpatient stay of 40 days/39 nights & 1 outpatient visit. Eligible participants will be compensated for time and travel. Call now to see if you qualify: 1-866-706-8833 (toll free) E-mail:




1 5 T H & S P R U C E Charming 1BR w/15’Ceilings, HW flrs, LR/Kit combo. Laundry/Strg in bldg. Avail april. $1225+ Elec. 215-733-0480 www.

671 Franklin E $995/mo Great 2BD/1BA condo unit, 1-car parking, courtyard setting. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-440-8345

15TH/SPRUCE: Beautiful Art Deco High-rise 1Bdrm Apt, Desk Attendant, HW Flrs, Updated Kitch, Onsite Laundry, Intercom Entry, Amazing Location! From $1120/Mo. 215-7358030. Lic #219789.

ITALIAN MKT: 10th/Federal 2BR, CA, 1BA, WD. $1350+. 215-922-3910.

MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Spacious Stone Farmhouse, 6 Lrg Bdrms 2.5 Baths, HW Flrs, Fireplace, 2 Porches, Deck, Separate DR, LR, & Den, Modern Kitchen, Laundry, Private Driveway/Parking, 2 Car G a ra g e, H u g e Ya rd . $ 29 0 0/m o. 888-538-9667 lic# 218436

1 5 T H /S P R U C E : H u g e 1 B d r m i n Beautiful Brownstone, Large Rooms, Abundant Closet Space, Walk-In Cedar Closet, Laundry, Intercom E n t r y. $ 7 9 9/ M o . 2 1 5 -735 - 8 03 0. lic# 380139

Prepare for a career as an Emergency Medical Technician! Call now for a brochure

877.580.8444 A Leader In Healthcare Education

3600 Horizon Blvd., Suite GL-1 | Trevose, PA 19053

Sanford-Brown Institute does not guarantee employment or salary. Credits earned are unlikely to transfer. career education CEC2372924–07/10 A CAREER WITH INDEPENDENCE! Take the first steps towards training to become an Electrical Technician! High School Diploma or GED required. Call now! 800-982-5752 dept. 524 CHI Institute Broomall Campus CHI Institute Franklin Mills Campus Thompson Institute

BOY OR GIRL? Train in DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY Also known as Ultrasound and you could help track the growth and health of babies or help doctors diagnose injuries and illness! 888492-7333 Sanford-Brown Institute 36 0 0 H o r i zo n Bl vd . , Su i te G L-1 Trevose, PA 19053

RESUME/CAREER SERVICE EARN $75 - $200 HOUR. Media Makeup Artist Training. Ads, TV, Film, Fashion. One week class. Stable job in weak economy. Details at http://www.AwardMakeUpSchool. com 310-364-0665 A career services provider for Employment Seekers, Employers and Recruiters

1619 BAINBRIDGE Newly renvtd 1BR, C/A/H, Exp brick wall. FP. Pets OK. $750+ Gas/Elec. Water Free. 609-517-3245 16TH & WALLACE 1BR, WD in bldg, Pet friendly. $725. Call Tanya 215922-6088 2048 South 1st Floor $1100/mo 1st floor studio, includes all utilities. CALL MIKE MCCANN PRU FOX & ROACH 215-627-6005/215-440-8345 238 S.8th ST Renovated 1BR, WD, Pet friendly. $1200. Parking Available. Call Tanya 215-922-6088 23RD & SPRUCE Bright, New kit, HW flrs, Nice view. Avail April. $1125 (Wtr incl) 215-733-0480 www. 3 0 1 S o u t h 1 9 t h S t re e t - R I TTENHOUSE SQUARE: One Bedroom apartment, Available Mid-April. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE. Great Light, Hardwood floors, High ceilings, Plentiful closet space. $1,400.00 per month. Call to Schedule an Appointment, 215-735-5757 OR E-Mail: 339 CHRISTIAN ST Spacious 1br +den floor available Now $950/Mo 215-917-8835 3RD & FAIRMOUNT Bright 4room apt, HWF, Plenty of closet space. Top Restaurants area. No Pets. $930/mo+. 215-592-7813 ART MUSEUM Large Historic 1BR, HW flrs, Newer window/Kit/BA. 2 working FP. Courtyard. WD in bldg. $1100+. 215-364-6378


All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to federal, state and local fair housing laws, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race; color; religion;sex; disability; familial; (presence of children); national origin; age (Pennsylvania and New Jersey); martial status or sexual orientation (Pennsylvania and New Jersey), or source of Income (Philadelphia only) in the sale, rental or financing or insuring of housing. This paper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which violates these laws. The law requires that all dwellings advertised be available on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated against in connection with the sale, rent, financing or insuring of housing or commercial property, call HUD at 1-888-799-2085 P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011


REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 315 WINTON ST. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath $99,000. Call 267-549-1338 ARIZONA BIG BEAUTIFUL LOTS, $99/ mo, $0-down, $0-interest. Golf Course, Nat’l Parks. 1 hour from Tuscon Int’l Airport. Guaranteed Financing. NO CREDIT CHECK! (800)631-8164 Code 4054 www. PHILADELPHIAN Beautiful, remodeled Studio w/Panoramic views, Large balcony. ASKING $172,900. Call 949-842-0422 RITTENHOUSE SQ - Rittenhouse Savoy 2BR condo, City view, excellent sunlight. HW flrs, kitchen, LR/ Dining area. GD, WD in unit. ASKING $349,000. For appts call GEORGE GAY RE, 215-563-6724

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT A FHA 203(K) RENOVATION LOAN? The 203(k) loan allows you to borrow money to make improvements and repairs to the home you currently own or the one you are buying. Great for those handyman specials that are being sold “as is” or for any home for any reason. Join TOM ENGLETT, CITYSPACE re-thinking real estate on March 9th, 5:30-8p.m. 603 N. American St. Call or Email to RSVP: 215-625-3650

SUMMER RENTALS MARGATE 2 BDR Cottage, private patio, Parking, W/D, A/C $6500 season. 267-231-4992

N. WILDWOOD MALI KAI CONDOS. BEACH Blk., Ocean View, 1BDR, C/A, Pool, OffSt. Pkg. $8500 season 215-920-2304

13TH & PORTER 1room effic.,1st. flr., $700/mo.utils. incld. Call 215301-5544. 22ND & FITZWATER STS. Available Immediately. High Ceilings. Very Bright. 215-467-8612 BROAD & PINE Gorgeous Studio, Newly renovated. Avail now. $795+. PMG, 215-545-7007 x302 FISHTOWN Rec renovated Efficiency. WD in Bldg. Pet Friendly $595+. Call Tanya, 215-922-6088 PHILADELPHIAN Beautiful, remodled Studio w/Panoramic views, Lg Balcony. $1100/mo. Call 949-842-0422 RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA Small Efficiency, Sep bath, Elec heat. Bsmt WD. $625+Elec. 215-735-8414

• 36


RITTENHOUSE SQUARE: 301 South 19th Street Studio Apartment, Immediate Availability. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE. Great Light, Hardwood fl o o rs, H i g h ce i l i n g s, P l e n t i f u l closet space. $1,200 per Month. Call to Schedule an Appointment, 215-735-5757 or E-Mail: SPRUCE near 21st Large Efficiency, N o p e t s . H e a t i n c l . $ 670/m o + . 610-642-2687 THE ROOSEVELT (2220 Walnut Street) - Beautifully renovated apts. in the RITTENHOUSE SQUARE AREA of Philadelphia. Studio’s starting at only $765/mo. and one bedrooms starting at only $965/mo. Call 215-640-8880 for an appointment.

BELLA VISTA, Large LVRM, Dining area. Near bus, walk to CC. No pets. 215-681-4481 I TA L I A N M K T. - 1 B E D R M . A P T. $798/MO.+UTILS. D.J. CILIONE R.E. ext, 14 Manayunk/Roxborough: Spacious 1Bdrm, Den Option Avail, W/D in Apt, Private Entrance, Balc/Terrace, Gym/ Pool Membership, Onsite FREE Prkg, Walk to Bus, Cats Welcome. $965/ Mo. Avail Apr/May. 888- 633-9365. Lic # 223386 OLD CITY (104 Chestnut) Lg 1BR, 1BA, high ceilings, tall windows, view of BF Bridge, CA, Gas heat, DW, WD, GD, carpeted. $1050/mo+. 215-627-4414 RITTENHOUSE SQ AREA- Chestnut & 19th 1BR, carpeted, Sep kitchen. $750+ Utils. 215-735-8414 RITTENHOUSE SQUARE: Beautiful & Spacious (1000SqFt) 1 Bdrm 1.5 Bths Apt in Historic Brownstone, HW Flrs, Renovated Kitch, 2 Deco Fireplaces w/ Marble Tile, HUGE Master Bthrm Suite w/ Sep Shower Stall & Soaking Tub, Beautiful details & woodwork throughout, Cat/Dog Friendly, a MUST SEE! $1835/Mo. 215-735-8030. #216850

MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Lrg 2bdrm, Renovated Kitch/Bathrm, Patio/Balc Laundry, Gym, Pool, Tennis/ Basketball Crts, Free Shuttle to Main Street Manayunk, Pets Welcome. From $1220/Mo. 888-538-9667. Ask about how you can receive FREE Furniture for 1 Year! EXECUTIVE SHORT TERM FURNISHED SUITES AVAILABLE. lic# 218436 MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Lrg 2Bdrm Apt, Rent Incls All Utilities! Balc, Upgraded Kitch, Lrg Floor to Ceiling Closets, Pool, Gym Membership, Walk to Bus, Shuttle to Main St Manayunk. $1265/Mo. 215-482-4246. lic# 215101 MANAYUNK/ROXBOROUGH: Charming 2Bdrm, Bright, Oversize Closets, All New Carpets Throughout, Intercom Entry, Onsite Prkg, AC, Updated Kitchen/Bathrm. Heat/Water/Gas I n c l . 1 s t m o n t h f re e o n s e l e c t a p t s ! $ 1 02 0/ M o. 2 1 5 - 4 8 2- 9 032 . lic# 218586


South Philly New Bold Area 1900 S 20th Street - 2 story house, full use of house. 10 minutes from Center City. Perfect for college students. Share utilities. Call 267-879-8373 leave message

OLD CITY 2BR/1BA with washer-dryer, cen. air, dishwasher, HW flrs. Call 215-627-2893 or email OLD CITY Bilevel Lof t-Style w/ CA, HW floors, Exposed beams, Skylites. Lg LR & EI-kit, DW, FP, 2 Lg Bedrooms w/Great closets, WD. Pet Friendly. Available 03/01. 215-925-7500 x213 OLD CITY Great Bi-level w/1.5BA, CA, Ceiling fans, FP, Carpeted. Open floor plan w/Spacious LR & Dining area, Lg kitchen. Lg Closets, F/S WD, Ceramic Tile full bath. Pet friendly. Available Immed. 215925-7500 x213 RITTENHOUSE SQ. AREA (2013 Walnut/4th Fl) 2 Bedrm, 1 Bath bi-level in brownstone. CA, Gas h e a t, DW, G D, W D, Ca r p e te d . $1250/mo+. 215-627-4414 SO.BROAD STREET-ULTRA MOD., ALL APPLIANCES,GRANITE COUNTER TOPS, HDWD, CARPET/TILE, C/A, WINDOW TREATMENT, W/D, STARTING AT-$1000.00+. WALK TO-SPORTS COMPLEX. TRANSPORTATION OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR. NO PETS. STUDIO ALSO AVAIL. 215-755-6900. S.PHILLY: 6th/Tasker Remodled Lg 2BR/1BA apt, LR, Lg EIK, Patio, Bsmnt. HWF, AC. $975+. 215-803-3602

HOUSES FOR RENT 1909-1915 POINT BREEZE Ave. Beautifully RenovATED C/A,1.5 BTS. new flRS, 267-334-0744 13TH & RODMAN Great 3BR house w/Yard. Must See! $1550+. PMG 215-545-7007 x302

9XX DALY ST 2bedrm.,1bath,C/A, Clean, $725+utils. 2mos.Sec. 856366-6132.

17TH & FITZWATER Great 2BR, 1.5BA w/Lg yard and parking. $1495+. PMG 215-545-7007 x302

KENSINGTON AREA: FURNISHED rooms WITH TVs Use of kitchen & bath, W/D, Starting $70 & UP wkly. 267-496-0065

Northern Liberties, 2BR, Beautiful, All Newly Renovated Throughout, U p d a te d Eve r y t h i n g , G ra n i te Countertops, 2 New Baths, AC, GD, W/D, Large Deck/Backyard, No Pets, See video,, 1138 N. 4th St., 2 1 5 - 485 -1 0 1 5, U n i t A $ 1 4 0 0, Unit B $1500/month



ROOM FOR RENT 1 24 L O M B A R D, H E A D H O U S E SQUARE, SOCIETY HILL. “TOKIO B&B” STUDIOS. ($55-$100) DAILY rates. ($300-$500) WEEKLY rates. We also have MONTHLY rates AVA I L . We bs i te h tt p : / /s u s h i . Call MADAME SAITO 215-922-2515

ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM. Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: http://www.

446 WINTON ST Mod 2BR House, Newly rehabbed. HW flrs, CA. $850/ mo. 215-468-5790

10TH & SPRUCE, Bright, HW flrs, Updated kit/Bath, CA, WD/Strg. NOW. $1150+ 215-733-0480

WEST PHILA 2BR, Nice block. CA, Bkyd, Near trans. $685/mo ($1685 to move-in). 215-715-0878

N.LIBERTIES: 3rd/George Great 2BR, All amens, HWF. Parking. $1195+. PMG 215-545-7007x110


1216 S Juniper $1450/mo 2BD/1BA, 1 car garage, c/a CALL LAUREN ACKER PRU FOX & ROACH 215-6276005/215-440-2097

QUEEN VILLAGE: 3BR, 2BA w/CA. $1650+. Call for details: 215-922-3910.


S.PHILLY Shared House. 2 adjoining rooms available starting 3/1, $800/mo. perfect for a couple. House includes a big kitchen with dishwasher, large backyard, and b a s e m e n t s to ra g e. A s k i n g f o r first month + deposit. gintstir@


THE PAPERMILL- Community of Artist. 2825 Ormes St. Affordable Artist Studios staring at $100 for 130 sf. Four large floors of open or private studio space for Painters, Sculptors, Dance, Theatre, or Creative companies. A community of artist practicing their talents in custom sized studio workspaces. Short term, inexpensive rental of theatre and gallery spaces. Join our group on Facebaook for updates on our events and gallery spaces. Contact Wulfhart Management Group: Karyn 215-687-8391 or


2nd/Chestnut 2500SF office. CA, Restrooms, HW/flrs, elevator. $2500/ mo, net. 267-690-9244

OLD CITY, FRONT & MARKET: BILEVEL, CA, 600sq.ft. $850+Utls. Renzi Management. 800-514-3235

WASHINGTON SQ Office Space - Immediate occupancy of 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets, with views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service. Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.



Advertise with


office Space ImmedIate occupancy 404 to 6,152 square feet in the boutique PSFS bank building on the corner of 7th and Walnut Streets. Views of Washington Square or the private courtyard. Secure access to the building as well as elevator service.

Offered by Stonehenge Advisors, LLC at 215-320-3777.

YOUR AD COULD BE HERE! Call 215-563-1234 Monday through Friday, 8:30AM - 5PM Submit ads online at Fax anytime at 215-563.6799


Display ads Fridays at 5PM Line ads, Monday 5PM



36 Blue Bell Condominiums up for AuCtion Village of oxford Community will be sold out on april 3rd withminimum bids starting at $75,000

estate buyers

blue bell, pa – february 28, 2011 – with minimum bids starting at just $75,000, 36 two- and three-bedroom condominiums in blue bell, pa., that had previously been on the market for as much as $301,400 are set to go on the auction block in april. max spann real estate & auction Co., the prominent national real estate auction house, has scheduled the auction for sunday, april 3, 2011 at 1 p.m. at the philadelphia marriott west, 111 Crawford ave, west Conshohocken, pa. the condominiums are in the oxford of blue bell community located just minutes from the pa turnpike at the crossroads of the north east extension. the 47-acre community is in the highly rated wissahickon school district and is convenient to the blue route and the pennsylvania turnpike, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment.

oVer minor fixes ¶I How to gauge wHat are reasonable repairs, wHat aren’t : Dear barrY: our home is in escrow. we disclosed every defect we could think of, but the buyers relied on their home inspector. the inspector didn’t find any serious problems, but he did list a number of cosmetic defects and routine maintenance repair needs, such as peeling paint, loose exterior trim, a cracked window and a damaged bedroom door. all of these were listed on our disclosure statement, so we thought the buyers would be satisfied with the inspection report. but they are demanding that we fix every single defect or they won’t buy the property. this seems very unfair to us. what do your recommend? --angie DEAR ANGIE: The days that follow a home inspection can be the most difficult time in a real estate transaction, even when no major defects are found by the inspector. It is when the final decision to proceed with the purchase is affirmed. It is when all contingencies are set aside, when the deal becomes definite and moves toward completion. Much is at stake for all parties, so tensions can run high. In this atmosphere, common sense and reason can be overshadowed by emotions. On one hand, buyers can make overreaching demands. On the other hand, sellers can make shortsighted refusals. In either case, their positions can be self-defeating, allowing the transaction to fall though over a difference of a few hundred dollars.ContinueD on page 43 >>>

preview dAtes: 3/6, 3/13, 3/19 noon - 2pm And 3/23, 4-6pm

max spann r e A l e s tA t e & A u C t i o n C o m pA n y

888.299.1438 i www.mAxspAnn.Com

close out sale • bids from $75,000 • sunday, april 3 • 1:00pm

2351 Montrose Street - Recently renovated 3 Story, 2 bed/2 bath; Hardwood floors, custom kitchen with granite countertops & stainless steel appliances, finished basement, sizeable patio, multiple decks with city views, and second floor laundry.

Open HOuSe • Sunday 3/6/11

12:00 noon - 2:00pM

429 South 16th St. Phila., Pa 19146

215.732.7427 • iCrPhilly.Com




Rittenhouse Sq. Gracious 1870 Mansion. 3,420 Sq Ft townhouse extensively & sensitively renovated to perfection in 2010. 5 bedrooms & 4 baths, high ceilings, garden, parking 1/3 of a block away. $1,395,000

1936-38 Delancey Place. Rittenhouse Sq. 2-3 car garage, roof deck, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, elevator, eat-in kitchen, large living room, hardwood floors, 4 fireplaces. $1,725,000



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Flex OFFice Space


Your Business Will Grow TheForeMosTBuildinG.CoM

Sign up by march 17, 2011 We will include FurniTure. eleC. hVAC. ConF rM. KiT. And hold renT inCreAses For 3 YeArs

peTer AnThonY deFeo 610-565-2000


9th & Pine 830 Pine Street 832 Pine Street 12th & Spruce 1122 Spruce

3bd/2bath newly renov. gran. counters, w/d, c/a, h/w, av.2/1/11 $1960 1bd h/w floors on-site laundry french doors $1260 1bd/1bath h/w c/a shared roof top deck, laundry $950 - $1050 2BD/2BA, newly renovated, H/W, utilities inc. $1500 Studio/1bath h/w c/a utilities inc. laundry on site $860

Front & Market Front & Market

Office, 1st flr, bi-lev, priv. entrance, C/A, 700 sq. ft $850 1bd/bilevel private yard, granite countertops, stainless appliances, c/a w/d h/w and tile $1250

old ciTy


Willow Grove Ave 2 BD/1 bath, H/W, incl. heat, hot water & cooking gas $910 Willow Grove Ave Garages/storage spaces available $125 Willow Grove Ave studio, free heat, h/w & cook gas, h/w laundry, off site prkg. $600 415 Church Rd

ElkiNS pArk

1BD/1BA H/W Heat & Hot Water incl. Laudry



87 S. Lansdowne Ave 1BD/1BA, H/W, heat, hw/cook. gas incl., laundry, d/w $700 - $725 83 S. Lansdowne Ave 2BD/1BA, Heat, H/W, Cooking Gas inc., Laundry $875 - $950 89 E Baltimore Pike 2bd/1bath: H/W, big deck, new kitchen, inc: Heat, H/W $900

Society Hill, WaSH. Sq. WeSt Offering flex-lease

Large 2 story, 1 Bdrm maisonette

Property Management Group,Ltd 215.545.7007

A Good Sign

Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Condos & Townhouses ONE BEDROOM $1,500.00 $1,400.00

265A S. 4th St 1 Br.,. 1 Bath, bi-level loft br, wood carpets, parking, c/a, w&d 3-15-11


TWO BEDROOMS 1628 S. 9th St (Morris St) Two bedrooms, 1 bath, w/w carpet, w&d in the building


TOWNHOUSES P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

#1 Queen St. 3 Brs.,2.5 Baths, Garage, Hrd. Flrs., Fireplace c/a, deck. Garden, great kitchen $2,100.00 2712 South St. Nice 1 Br., Den 1 Bath, c/a, hd.flrs, w/d, EZ access to HUP & UPENN


COMMERCIAL 25th & Wharton Sts. G-2 warehouses, garages, offices, 800sq. ft to 16,000 sq. ft available $7-$9 sq.ft. s761 S. 4th St 900 sq.ft. retail store, C-2, plus basement, window a/c, yard 1429 S. 23 rd St 2nd floor, 4500 sq.ft,C-3, bathroom, gas heat, c/a, ramp access

900.00 $1,500.00


Annmarie or John or John (215)Annmarie 636-0100 Annmarie or John (215) 636-0100 (215) 636-0100 Nancy or Ellen Nancy or Ellen Nancy or Ellen (215)(215) 546-9247 546-9247 (215) 546-9247

NewLy reNoVated graduate HosPitaL area

2025 Kimball Street – 3 Bedrooms. 3 ½ Baths. Den. 3 Story Home. Hardwood Floors. New Stainless Steel Appliances. Deck. W/D. $339,000.

Near PassyuNk square

727 Dudley Street – Total Renovation. 3 Bedrooms. Deck. Hardwood Floors. $135,000.

soutH PHiLadeLPHia 2129 Sigel Street – 3 Bedrooms. $47,000. 2208 Gerritt Street – 3 Bedrooms. Burned out Shell. $19,500. 1635 S 21st Street – 3 Bedroom Home. Easy access to Center City. $49,000.

House witH garage – grays ferry

1517 S Corlies Street – 3 Bedrooms. Hardwood Floors. $49,000.

Large New Home - PeNNsPort

1321 E. Moyamensing Avenue – 3 Bedrooms. 2 ½ Baths. 18ft. Wide. 10 ft. Ceilings. 2400 square feet. Oversized Bedrooms. Den. W/D. Deck. Large Yard. $469,000.

r e a l e s tat e

RittenHouSe Sq. aRea $770-995


$850-950 Pine &Full 21st Management 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl.,Leasing yard We Services $700-1000 PineOffer &&22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heatand incl. $995 Spruce 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, Pine12th & 22nd2Bd, 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. laundry $700-1000 $1350 $750-1100 Lombard & 23rd 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C Lombard & Old 23rd World, 1 &2Bd, bi-level, A/C hardwood $750-1100 $995-1350 Spruce & 16th 1 & 2Bd's, Chestnut & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $875-1000 & 20th Ultra mod 1Bd's, C/A, great location $875-1000 $950-1750 Art Lombard AreaChestnut Ultra 1 renov, & 3Bd's, W/D,1 Deck, $875-1700 & 19thMod Newly mod studio, & 2Bd's Parking $875-1700 Lombard & 19th Newly renov, mod studio, 1 & 2Bd's $800-850 &Fab Spruce Modmod 1Bd's,1W/D, C/A, heatdeck incl. OldBroad CityBroad ultra & 2Bd's, $800-850 $825-1375 & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. RITTENHOUSE $850-995 Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry $850-995 Lombard & 9th 1Bd & 2Bd, w/d, hardwood, laundry $1950LovELy 1 University City 3Bd, 2 bath, totally renovated Pine & 21st&-9th Fab 2Bd's, 1 & 2BD H/W, Laundry. $1125-$1300 $995-1100 Pine h/wbi-level’s, floors, W/D $995-1100 Pine- &1 & 9th 2Bd's,H/W, h/wLaundry, floors, W/D Walnut & 20th 2 BD’s, Elevator. $1095-$1350 $995 $700 Spruce & 12th 2Bd, 1-1/2 bath, bi-level, laundry Spring Spruce Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio $995 12th 2Bd,2BA, 1-1/2H/W, bath, bi-level, laundry Chestnut & 20th - &Large 2BD, laundry. $995-1350$1000 Spruce & 16th Old World, 1 & 2Bd's,CA, hardwood bDrm, NEw kIT $995-1350 $600-675 Q.V. 3rd & Bambridge 1 1&& 2Bd's, W/W, Spruce & WASH 16th Old World, 2Bd's, hardwood OF THE ARTS C/A $950-1750 Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & WEST/AVE 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, Parking $950-1750 Art Area Ultra Mod 1 & 3Bd's, W/D, Deck, Parking Spruce 10th - Great 1BD bi-level, H/W. $375 Spring Garden 19th Studio, incl. $925 $825-1375 Old&City Fab ultra&mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck hardwood, Heat $825-1375 Old City FabStudios ultra mod 1 & 2Bd's, deck BroadUniversity & Spruce - Ren. & 1BD’s, W/D. Heat included. $835-$1000 $1950 City 3Bd, 2Mod bath, totally renovated $625 $1395 Fairmount & 18th 1Bd, C/A, W/D $1950 University City 3Bd, 2 bath,VIllAgE totally renovated qUEEN $700 Spring Garden Collonade-Extremely Nice Studio $700 Garden Nice Studio $600 Mt.Q.V. Vernon & 21st Studio, Yard, Laundry$600-675 Christian &Spring 5th&- Bambridge Ren. 1 & Collonade-Extremely 2 Gret BD’s kitchen $850-$1150 3rd 1 & w/New 2Bd's, W/W, C/A& W/W. Winter rates $600-675 3rdAC, & Laundry. Bambridge 1 & 2Bd's, W/W, C/A South & 5thQ.V. -Garden 1BD, $700 $375$720 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, Spring & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heatyard incl. $375 Spring Garden & 19th Studio, hardwood, Heat incl. Bainbridge & 3rd&- 18th PrivateMod Entrance Studio. $625$575 Fairmount 1Bd, C/A, W/D up to $50 off!! $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, laundry $625 Fairmount & 18thW/W, Mod 1Bd, C/A, W/D ART MUSEUM $600 Mt. Vernon & 21st Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry $600 Mt. Vernon &Large 21st 1BD, Gret Studio, Yard, Laundry Spring Garden 19th -1Bd, Laundry. $700$900 Wallace &&20th parquet HW, floors, yard $700 Wallace & 20th 1Bd, parquet floors, yard Pennsylvania 26th1Bd, - Spac. Studio & 1BD, H/W, Lndr. Avail Now. $650-$700 $600 Aspen & &26th W/W, laundry $600 Aspen & 26th 1Bd, W/W, laundry Spring Garden & 19th - Spacious 1BD, H/W, Laundry. $895 Many More aPartMentS availaBle!

PoweLtoN ViLLage

806 N 41 Street – 4 Apartments. Shell. $55,000.





point. click. REAL ESTATE!

1008 Spruce St 1 Bedroom., 1 Bath, hrd.flrs, fireplace,hi-ceilings,laundry

oxford CirCLe/ Castor

6600, 6602, 6604 Rutland Street – 6 - 1-bedroom apts. Office. Garage. 3 Buildings. $375,000.


1441-43 Dickinson Street – Approx. 2500 sq ft. Possible Seller Financing. $88,000.

Fred r. levine

22nd & Spruce – Very Cool Studio apt, Incl Heat. Walnut & 23rd 1 & 2Bd's, hardwood, laundry Avail. Now! $650+ Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. 23rd & Christian – Huge 1BR apt, Close to everything. $575-1000 $850-950 Pine & 21st 1Bd's, hardwood, heat incl., yard Great $825+ $700-1000 ALL UTILITIES Pine space. & 22nd 1 & 2Bd, hardwood, heat incl. $750-1100 13th & Pine&- 23rd Large 11BR&2Bd, apt.,bi-level, Incl Heat.A/C Lombard INCLUDED: Chestnut & 20th Ultra Close to Everything. Availmod now.1Bd's, C/A, great location $875+ $875-1000 Lombard & 19th- Great Newly2BR renov, studio, 1 & Close 2Bd'sto $875-1700 19th & Callowhill apt,mod All amenities, SUNDrENChED $800-850 Broad & Spruce Mod 1Bd's, W/D, C/A, heat incl. everything. $1150+ $770-995 Walnut &&23rd 1 &1Bd 2Bd's,&hardwood, laundry Lombard 2Bd,hardwood, w/d, hardwood, laundry $770-995 $850-995 Walnut9th & 23rd 1 & 2Bd's, laundry $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. 1br $575-1000 Locust & 21st Studios & 1Bd's, laundry, heat incl. $995-1100 Pine & 9th 2Bd's, h/w floors, W/D


Abbotts Square 1 Bedroom, 1.5 Baths,c/a,w&d, balcony available now


New ListiNg – CorNer BuiLdiNg Lots NewBoLd ViCiNity

• 38

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


Realty Concepts 415 S. 2nd St

Live somewhere that matters.


CenteR City & viC

9th & Pine

3 bdrm, 2.5 ba, C/A, W/D, laundry. ..........................$1900+

3rd & Chestnut

lg. one bdrm, H/W, C/A, W/D ..................................$1,100+

2nd & Pine

2bdrm, 2 ba house, H/W, patio, C/A, W/D ................$1900+

8th & Christian

2bdrm, 1 ba, W/W, D/W ............................................$975+

2nd & Wharton

rehab, 2 bd, deck, w/w, C/A .....................................$950+

3rd & Catharine

rehab, 1bd, w/w, C/A, W/D, parking ........................$1375+

Front & Arch

1bd loft, C/A, W/D ...................................................$1350+

See additional listings & detailed descriptions on our website

ichael inger Real Estate

the Chocolate works

we have an apartment home for you.

Make Your Home Part of the Story.

over 50 years in the real estate business

In 10 meticulously restored historic Philadelphia landmarks, Reinhold Residential unites yesterday’s legends with today’s most luxurious apartment living. Appointed with every modern convenience, the residences in our portfolio are exceptional and affordable.

Open House Hours: Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri 10-6 Wed 10-8 • Sat 10-5 • Sun Noon-5

At home with chArActer


215-627-6005 215-763-2100 215-893-9800 215-546-0550

To See the Following, Call Andy Oei (215)790-5230 257 S 16th Street-Corner Unit Prime Loc for Phys Therapy Masseuse Trvl Agency ......$2,295

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE/FITLER SQUARE 20TH & WALNUT King-size One and Two Bedrooms in Hi-rise, Doorman, HW floors, All utilities included, Laundry. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,475-$1,775 21ST & LOCUST Two Room Studio, HW floors, High ceilings, Heat/Hot water included, Laundry on premises. AVAILABLE NOW! $775

257 S 16th Street #6A-1bd/1ba. Incl Wat, Heat, Fit Center, Great Loc! Pet Friendly...... $1,595 257 S 16th Street #2C-Jr. 1bd. Incl Wat, Heat, Fit Center, Great Loc! Pet Friendly..... $1,250

WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST/AVENUE OF THE ARTS/QUEENS VILLAGE 10TH & CLINTON Bright Studio on tree lined street, HW floors, All utilities included, Laundry on premise, AVAILABLE MID-APRIL! $725 11TH & PINE Spacious One Bedroom next to Kahn Park , HW floors, Eat-in kitchen, Closets galore, Heat/Hot water included, Laundry. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,085 2ND & MARKET Bi-Level One Bedroom, Modern appliances, Spiral staircase, HW floors, D/W, W/D, C/A. AVAILABLE APRIL! $1,085

1705 Spruce Street #2F-1bd/1ba Lrge Opn Flpln Nat Light 2nd flr front. Ritt Sq Park ......$1,550

121-35 Walnut Street #204-3B/3.5b at the Moravian, high end, HW floors, 1 car grg .. $5,995 To See the Following, Call Kheon Benjamin (215)731-4106 1001-13 Chestnut Street #902W-1Bd/1Ba charming condominium all utilities included .... .................................................................................................................................... $1,400

1729 French Street-3 bdrm/1 bth home steps away from T.University ..................... $1,200

215-925-RENT 3



38 S 3rd Street #1-Contemporary space in Old City for use as retail or office. ........ $2,800

To See the Following, Call Lisa Budnick 215-790-5227 1714 Locust Street-4fl bi-lvl 1BD /1.5BA ................................................................... $1,700

1936 Spruce Street #1-Spectacular corner office space,steps from Rittenhse Sq ... $5,000

To See the Following, Call Mark Wade 215-521-1523 315 new Street #103-2 bd/2 ba,lrg wndws,washer/dryer + parking. ....................... $1,895

To See the Following, Call Eric Fox (215)790-5228 908 S Schell Street-Renovated 2Br, 1B, Hdwd Flrs, Fin Bsmnt, CA, SS App .............. $1,595

1352 South Street #202-1 bd/1.5 ba,hw flrs,granite& SS,exp duck work,Wall of wndws .................................................................................................................................... $2,195

To See the Following, Call James Labonski (215) 521-1552 3750-78 Main Street #605-2 bd/2 ba,prkng,blcny,hw flrs,granite/SS kitchen,river view. .................................................................................................................................... $1,700

To See the Following, Call Mike McCann (215) 440-8345 671. Franklin Place #E-2 bd/1 ba apartment w/hw flrs, marble bath and parking...... $995

1602 Spruce Street #2R-2 bedroom, hardwood flrs,newer kitchen & bath ............... $1,800 To See the Following, Call Johanna Loke (215)893-9800 200 Locust Street #26B-2 bedroom/2 bath,flr to ceiling wndws,hrwd flrs,washer/dryer ....................................................................................................... $2,300 1420 Locust Street #9B-Lg one bedroom w/seperate din.area,upgraded kitchen/bath .................................................................................................................................... $1,350 1010 Race Street #2n-Great studio w/loft,exposed brk wall,washer/dryer ................. $795 241 S 6th Street #209-Large 1 bedroom w/eat-in kitchen & balcony........................ $1,350 To See the Following, Call John Featherman 215-790-5221 1515 Locust Street #500-Lux 3B/3b corner unit @ Chelsea, hi-end open kit, outdoor.....$3,995 1213-15 Locust Street #C-Pristine 1B/1den/1b in WashWest hi-end thru-out orig details .................................................................................................................................... $3,600 1324 Locust Street #315-Studio @ Arts Condos w/ Fit ctr 24/7 sec. all util incl ..... $1,025 116 n Lambert Street-3B/den/2.5b in Logan Sq, hi-end eat-in kit, HW flr, backyard.... $2,995

134 Krams Avenue-3 bdrm + den,lrg backyard & full bsmt ..................................... $1,500 832-36 Lombard Street-5 bd/3 full and 2 half baths,2-car garage. ........................ $12,500 609 n 34th Street #3RD FL-2 bd unit w/new kit,hw flrs,lots of wndws. ...................... $975 335 n Water Street #C-Bi-lev commerical space or opportunity for res conversion ....... $1,350 1345 S 19th Street-3 bd/2 1/2 ba,hw flrs t/o,kit w/SS/Granite,mstr ste w/dk. ......... $1,895 762 S 19th Street #1-1 bd/1 ba 1st flr unit,SS applncs,fantastic rear yard. ................. $950 1437 S 4th Street-Rehab 4 bd/2.5 ba,hw flrng,kit w/Granite & SS,patio,dk. ............. $1,700 2048 South Street #1R-1st flr studio w/hw flrs, new kit,W/D,includes all utilities .... $1,100 39 Strawberry Street #2R-Studio w/hrwd flrs,tile ba,huge closet or sleeping nook. ... $850 820 Tasker Street-4 bdrm + den/1.5 ba,eat-in kitchen,living/dining rm ................... $1,350 3425 Tilden Street-Cute 2-story 3 bd home in East Falls w/grg + porch front.......... $1,050 To See the Following, Call Vicki Goldberg 215-790-5650 220 Locust Street #14F-1B, kit granite ss appl wd cabs fab 1b new paint util incl .. $1,495

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.



735-739 S 12th Street #302-2 bd/2 ba,exp brk,exp wd beams,hi ceilings................ $1,900

1001-10 Chestnut Street #401E-1BR/1BA-Loft Style Condo w/stun flr plan & fab spiral stairs .......................................................................................................................... $1,300

1117 Spruce Street

220 W Rittenhouse Square #5E-Spacious renov 2B/2b on Rittn Sq 24/7 security all util incl .............................................................................................................................. $2,595

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

21ST & LOMBARD Two Bedroom apt w/Private entrance, HW floors, A/C, Large Patio, Washer/Dryer. AVAILABLE MARCH! $1,685

241 S 6th Street #311-Reno 1B/1b at Independence Place, hi-end kit, w/d, 24/7 sec .....$1,595

To See the Following, Call David Snyder (267)968-8600 2332-38 Carpenter Street #2A-2 bdrms,stainless steel appln,bamboo flrs,cstm bath. ....$1,550

2730 Parrish Street-3 bd/1.5 ba,exp brk/fpl,fin bsmt,1,000 sq ft of living space ..... $1,800

16TH & NAUDAIN Two Bedroom Trinity home, HW floors, C/A, W/D, Basement, Yard, Dog Friendly. AVAILABLE MARCH! $1,225

104-6 S 13th Street #6-Lrg 1B/1b in Wash Sq West hi-end kit & bath hi-ceil w/d, ac .....$1,750

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


aBBott’s square

the lanesBorouGh

1601 locust street center city one 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, high ceil2 bedrooms, 2 baths, city skyline views, balcony, washer and ings, hardwood floors throughout, chefs kitchen, dryer in unit, 1209 sf $1,875 magnificent entertaining space, luxurious master suite, 3467 sf $9,750

art museum

1830 rittenhouse square

530 s 2nd street 1 bedroom, 1 bath, open kitchen, great closet space, bi-level 639 sf $1,250 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, bi-level, deck, large living room, separate dining area, 989sf $1,500

washington square


2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, kitchen and baths

independence place

2401 pennsylvania ave

renovated, bay windows, 1136sf

233-241 s 6th street Studio, washer/dryer in unit, balcony, 674 sf $1,175 1 bedroom, 1 bath, W/D, generous closet space, 777sf $1,455 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, W/D, wood floors, renovated kitchen, 928 sf $1,475


Studio, private balcony, dressing room, spacious the warwicK kitchen, 570sf $950 1701 locust street rittenhouse square Spacious Studio with city views, hardwood floors, marble bath, high-end kitchen, walk-in closet, 423 sf $1,375 1909 fitzwater street 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, wood floors, renovated kitchen and bath

rittenhouse savoy

1810 s. rittenhouse sq. Studio, overlooking Rittenhouse Sq. Treetop views, 415 sf $1,175 Junior, 1 bedroom, wood floors, new kitchen, $1,325 lots of light, 515sf $1,450 $1,500

the carlyle 2031 locust street 1 bedroom, 1 bath, city view, 595 sf 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, corner unit, 928 sf

$1,825 the rittenhouse 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, sunset views, excellent 210 w, rittenhouse sq. closet space, spacious living areas, 1164sf $2,300 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, hardwood floors, marble

3 bedrooms, unobstructed city views, bonus den/ baths, kitchen with upmarket stainless steel applistudy & nursery, generous living space, 2137 sf. ances and granite countertops, 1037 sf $2,750 2 bedrooms plus den, new designer kit., 2.5 $3,750 marble baths, huge balcony with city views, 2122 sf $7,250 parc rittenhouse Junior 1 bedroom, lots of natural light, wood floors, marble bath, open kitchen, 493 sf


society hill


units include all utilities

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Studio, great closet space, city views, $1,100 floor-to-ceiling windows, 504 sf wanaMaKer house OPEN HOUSE 3/3 1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, floor-to-ceiling 5:30-6:15 PM windows with magnificent river & city views, 700sf 2020 walnut street $1,390 units include pool & fitness center Penthouse, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, brand new 1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, open kitchen, great closet space, 705 sf $1,490 bulthaup kitchen, hardwood floors, 722sf $1,850 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, floor-to-ceiling windows, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, renovated kitchen and bath, $1,900 custom-built closeet, 705sf $1,550 Society Hill views, 1200 sf 2 bedrooms 2 baths, high floor, panoramic city views, 1200 sf

22 st. jaMes court

$2,190 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, high ceilings, privateout-

door entrance, 1602sf

227 s. 6th street 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors throughout, open chefs kitchen, designers baths, great closets, 1710 sf


hopKinson house 604-36 s. washinGton square Studio with alcove on a high floor overlooking Washington Square, balcony, 600 sf $1,375 1 bedroom, 1 bath, brand new renovated kitchen and bath, wood floors throughout, W/D, balcony, 778 sf $1,650

waterfront pier 3, 3 n. coluMBus Blvd. 2 bedrooms, parking space, river views, 1300sf $1,500 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, terrace, large kitchen, one garage parking space, 1300 sf $2,150

commercial sPace

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, private deck on rooftop pool society hill towers club, open upgraded kitchen, marble baths, wood 200-220 locust street

floors, 1272 sf

the lippincott


2031 Locust Street Professional Office Space in secure apartment building, 958 sf $1,150 1830 Rittenhouse - Prime Rittenhouse Square office space, 754 sf $2,100 250 S. 18th Street – Prime ground floor corner retail/office space on Rittenhouse Square, 1857 sf $7,500 NNN 1742 Sansom Street - 2nd floor retail space on highly trafficked corner or 18th and Sansom Streets, 1000 sf $1,850 NNN 133 S. 18th Street – Ground floor corner retail space, excellent visibility on 18th Street shopping corridor $9,000 NNN 1601 Locust Street - 1st floor and lower level of prestigious Lanesborough condo, ideal for restaurant or offices, 4700 sf $11,000 NNN

Allan Domb Real Estate

1845 Walnut St. Suite 2200 • 215/545.1500

• 40

For a complete list of our rental properties, please visit

The Lanesborough 1601 Locust St. 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, high ceilings, hardwood floors, brand new construction, chefs kitchen, designer baths, 3467sf $9,750/mo.

wanamaker houSe 2020 wanut St.

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors, high ceilings, beautiful custom kitchen & baths, 1710sf $4,250/mo.

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, high floor with panoramic city views, 1200 sf $2,190/mo. renTaL open houSe 3/3 • 5:30-6:15pm

Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs”

41 • • •

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

The LIppIncoTT 227 S. 6th St.

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M




F E AT U R E D L I S T I N G S 756 South Dorrance Street • $799,000 NEW CONSTRUCTION! 25’ wide townhouse with over 3000 sq. ft., featuring 4 Bdrms, 3.5 marble baths, Viking kitchen, fin. Bsmt, Roof Deck w/ killer Vus, and 2-car garage! Tax Abatement pending.

771 - 75 South 2nd Street • NEW PRICE! • $399,999 REDUCED! Beautifully renovated bi-level condo in handsomely gated Neziner Court. This turn-key property offers 2 bedrooms complete with large or walk in closets, 2 baths, powder room, large cook’s kitchen with pantry and laundry closet, charming dining area is open to a spacious living room with handsome fireplace. Private GATED PARKING included.

932-A Ellsworth Street • NEW PRICE! • $349,000

John Brown

Minimum Bid from $75,000

3-Bdrm, 2.5 Bth home a real winner! Finished basements and spectacular rood deck with incredible sky-line views will leave you awestruck. 10-Year Tax Abatement pending.

Previously Asking Up To $301,400

1110 Lombard Street! • $197,000

SUNday, aPRIL 3rd, 2011 • 1pM

36 two & three bedrooM residences

Greg Williams

JUST LISTED! Charming bi-level loft-like 1 bedroom Condo features pine floors, fireplace, deck, built-in shelves, soaring ceiling and serene views.

Eden Silverstein

OxfOrd Of Blue Bell, MOntgOMery COunty

1518 South Clarion Street • JUST LISTED! • $264,900

• 47 acre community with lake, large trees and lush landscaping • Pool & Clubroom • Fitness Center • Tennis Court & Playground • Peaceful lakeside walking trails

OPEN HOUSES: March 6th, 13th & 19th • 12 - 2pm / March 23rd • 4 - 6pm


Come home to this perfectly proportioned townhouse on one of the quaintest blocks in highly sought-after Passyunk Square. This 2br, 1ba home has been thoughtfully upgraded throughout. The convenient location and pristine condition make this home a real winner. Sean Kaplan

Michael Hilferty


ReAL eSTATe & AUCTion Co.

Nationally ranked within the

w w w. Ma x spa n n . co M

Prudential Real Estate



“Top 100” Sales Teams by

530 Walnut Street, Suite 260 • Philadelphia, PA 19106 • 215.440.8013 / 215.627.6005 • •

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Robert L. Dann - Auctioneer Lic # AU005609

One Stop Services: Mortgage Financing • Title Insurance • Homeowners Insurance • HomEs sentials SOCIETY HILL


306 Spruce Street-Cooks kit, f/p lr dr 2 rm master ste + 3 add br’s sunrm, rf deck, prkg $1,699,000 265 Saint Josephs Way-I.M.PEI House, 3864sqft, garden, lg media rm, pkg space $1,295,000 504 Delancey Street-Renov-3-4 bd/2.5 ba,refin pine flrs,3 fp,new kit/bths,1 yr prkg for 2 cars! $875,000 200-10 Lombard Street #10-Rarely available 2 bd/2.5 ba,bi-lev home in S.H.,Upgraded in 2007 $499,000 234 Stamper Street-3 bd/hw flrs,updated kit/modern amenities,orig fireplace and W/D. $479,900 604 S Washington Sq ##703-Sun-streamed 2 bd/1.5 ba w/S. facing bclny,new kit w/Granite & SS. $422,400 233 S 6th, ##610-Independence Place 1 bdrm plus alcove,1.5 bth,terrace,southern exposure $325,000 200 Locust ##29H-High floor w/South and River views. $259,900


P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

1706 Rittenhouse Square #1601-Magnif opport for living 4200sqft w/ 360 degree vuws 1601 Locust Street #1300-Modern condo designed by Wesley Wei. Detailed full flr, windows on 4 sides 1901 Walnut Street #14BE-Architecturally designed in the NY gallery style, 3Br + study, 4.5Baths 220 W Washington Sq ##500-One of a kind,3700 sq ft,2 bedroom with den,library + parking 202 W Rittenhouse Square #2606-Gorgeous 2BR/2+BA condo. Elegance and charm! 1820 Rittenhouse Square #402-Elegant 3Br/3.5ba condo with unparralleled treetop views of the Square 50 S 16th Street #4106-2 Bed/2.5 Bath Corner Unit, Decorator Furnished, 24/7 Concierge 1531 Pine Street #D-4BR/3.5B bilevel condo with large private deck in the Ritt Hs Sq area 224-26 W. Rittenhouse Sq. #1207 So. Balconies, Tastefully Renov., 2B/2.5BA, Den, Suite w/lrg walk-in Clos. 440 S Broad Street #2007-Symphony House,high flr,corner unit w/skyline views + garage prkng. 511 S 21st Street ##201-Beaut Bi level condo in boutique build, 3Br 3B, fam rm, library, lrg sp 440 S Broad Street #1505-Symphony House 2B/den/2b + 1 CAR PKG. 150K++ less than dev unit! 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue #15B34-Spacious 4 bedroom condo w/50 ft terrace overlooking Art Museum 1830-34 Rittenhouse Square #12B-Amazing opp. at a great price. 2bed 1 1/2 Bath square and city views 21 Saint James Court #1-Bi-level 2bdr,2marble bths condo new kit lndscpd grdn secl ct yd pkg avail 1901 Walnut Street #7F-Old World charm, 1500sqft+, 2bdrm, 2b, 3 exposures,lr & dr, e-i-kit, c/a 1500 Chestnut St #10H-Great Buy! Luxury 2BR/2ba, granite kitchen, marble baths, doorman 1100 Vine Street #417-Great + beautiful 2 bd/1 ba upgraded,new wd flrs,new ba,1156 sq ft. 1500 Chestnut Street #8G-Great value in a beaut door man bldg hw flrs ss app, granite cnter tops 1420 Locust ##23C-Large one bedroom w/upgraded kitchen & bath,separate dining area. 1100 Vine Street #908-Grandview-1 bdrm + den,hw flrs,fresh paint,spacious closets. 1324 S Broad Street #2R-Best Buy! 2BR/2B bilevel condo w/Deck, W/D in unit,extra storage Space 1110 S Lombard Street ##6-Charming bi-level loft-like condo w/pine flrs,fpl,deck,soaring ceiling.


133 N Bread St ##C3-Bi-level 2 bedroom,2 1/2 baths with parking. 38 N Front ##1E-2 bd/2 ba condo w/wd floors,Bosch W/D, tile & glass shower,exp brk. 315 Arch ##404-1 bd/1 ba w/prkng,granite/SS kitchen,hw flrs,dramatic CC views. 50-56 N Front ##402-1 bd w/fpl on grt Old City blk,exp brk,rf dk w/river views 36 Strawberry Street #35-900 Sq Ft flat,Blk granite kit, huge storage, stylish 1027-31 N 4th #Unit D-Cobblestone Crt 1 bd/1 ba,LR w/hrdwd flrs,Eik w/cherry cab,SS & Granite. 301 Race ##401-Amazing bridge views from 1 bd(715 sqft),grt closet space & hip updated bth




$4,898,500 $2,750,000 $2,250,000 $1,995,000 $1,795,000 $1,650,000 $1,150,000 $1,149,900 $1,149,000 $995,000 $989,000 $860,000 $825,000 $725,000 $599,000 $499,500 $369,000 $279,900 $264,900 $259,900 $242,500 $214,900 $197,000

$389,900 $389,000 $349,900 $279,000 $239,000 $230,000 $214,999

1601-B Kater-N/C-Contemporary 3 bd/2.2 ba,fin bsmt,fpl,mini bar, gor kit,2C grg. 2245 Fitzwater Street-Stunning New Listing! 4 Bed, 3 Bath, Hdwd Flrs, LR, DR + Parking 800 Admirals Way #1827-Exceptional corner 2 bd unit w/all upgrades + more! 709 “B” S 18th-Lovely 2 bd/1.5 ba home,2-car prkng,SS applns,deck. 2524 Christian Street-Warm & inviting 3B/1b Graduate TH. Gourmet kit, den, large yard 1011 S 24th Street-Spacious 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Office, Finished Bsmnt, 2-Tier Back Yard

$799,900 $650,000 $520,000 $359,900 $314,900 $310,000

2413 Pine Street-Cooks kit, huge lv/dn rm, 3Br 2BT. C/A, gym, grdn, f/p,fab deck




1936-38 Delancey Place-Double wide carriage house, elev, 2-3 car grge, 2br suites + guest suite $1,725,000 2125 Pine Street-1870 Mansion extensively renovated in 2010. 5br/4b and garden $1,395,000 2042 Waverly Street-Unique Home, 4 Br, Grge, beaut. grdn, Lr w/ exposed brick, fireplace $1,265,000 2216 Locust Street-1860’s TH, 4br,3.5b, study, orig details, dr, e-i-kit, 2zoned c/a grdn, prk $1,095,000 1531 Pine, #Unit C-2 bdrm/2 bth w/private elevator access & blcny. $799,000 210 W Rittenhouse Sq ##1402-Rittenhse Hotel-New upsc.,furn. lux. condo,1050 sq.ft,1 bd/1.5 ba. $595,000 224-26 W Rittenhouse Square #1610-Rarely available corner 2 bedroom,2 bath with south view. $550,000 2020 Walnut Street #19B-Wananmaker Hse 2 bd/2 ba,cstm upg t/o with or w/out grg. prk. $499,000-$549,900 2038 Latimer Street-Charming 2 bd/1.5 ba,open living area,rear yard,hardwood floors. $349,900


1920 Green Street-Vict TH w/many feats 4-5brs/2b brkfst rm hw fls prkg, beaut grdn LR sep DR $990,000 2339 Wallace Street #B-Contemp TH w/Garage Prkg 3BR,2 1/2B, Fpl, Kit w/Granite & ss Tax Abate $444,900 2534 Parrish Street-c.1876 Spacious 4BR, 2.5 Baths, New Eat-in Kit, Wd Flrs t/o, Central Air $399,900 2601 Penna Ave ##1004-Corner 1 bd condo w/tons of light & space (800+ sq ft),cable & on-site gym. $179,900 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue #2B26-Over 1300 sq ft,one bedroom w/den,eat in kitchen $174,900


260 S 46th Street-Univ City townhouse, 5 BR+den, 2 BA, newer kitchen, fenced yard 4625 Pine Street #F102-New price 2br, 1b, large condo in great secure build. with pool & gym


$375,000 $174,900

1600-18 Arch Street #917-Sunny,fully furnished corner condo 2 bd/2 ba w/views of Love Park. 2301 Cherry Street #4J-Fantastic 3br+ Den w/ 2.5bths, 1 car garage park roof deck

$699,500 $389,900

2415 Frankford Avenue-Great multi features 1st fl commercial, 2br apart & grge w/studio.



At The Rittenhouse .............................................................. 215-546-0550 Rittenhouse Square ............................................................. 215-893-9800 Society Hill ........................................................................... 215-627-6005


Lemon Flats-Except. design, 2br/2b, 1500sf, open, bright, private rf deck w/10 YTA $289,000-$318,000 631 N 12th Street #2-New Construc 2b,2b, 1200SF, super modern, lofty, bright, w/balcony 10YTA $289,000


795 S 3rd Street-Corner prop,1 st flr has tenant, 2nd & 3rd flr lrg sunny 1 bd apartments. $599,000 236-A Queen Street-3 bd/2.5 ba,hrwd flrs,fp,2 car prkng,deck,2 zonedheating/cooling. $575,000 116 Queen Street-3 bd/2.5 ba home w/fin bsmt/guest suite,3 fpls,hrwd flrs + garden $529,000 314 Monroe-3 bd/2 ba,LR w/hrwd flrs,wd fpl,granite counters/SS appln,1-yr prepd prkng. $525,000 728 S 3rd Street-Wonderful 3 bd,2.5 ba home,hrwd flrs,dramatic 2-sty kitchen,spac flr plan. $479,000 822 S. Swanson-Single fam used as duplex,1st fl 1 bd w/grdn,2nd fl 2 bd/2.5 ba,hw,2 dks. $469,900 771-75 S 2nd, #Unit H-Spacious 2 bd /2 bths,powder rm,cook’s kit,LR w/fp,gated prkng $399,999 200-10 Lombard Street #717-Bi-level 1 bd/1.5 ba w/Lr/Dr,fp,maple kit w/granite & breakfast bar. $379,900 915-25 Bainbridge ##201-2 bd/1 1/2 ba,den/loft,kit & full ba remodeled,lrndy rm + deeded prkng. $369,900 1008 S. 2nd Street-3 br + den/2.5 ba,lg garden/yard & patio,hwf t/o,2 decor fpls,C/A $350,000 909 S 12th Street-Renovated 3-units mixed use property in Bella Vista. $335,000 608 Kimball Street-3-Story home,huge LR w/in-laid HW floors,newer EIK overlooking grdn. $331,500 1101 Washinton Ave #709-Refined 1B/1.5b bi-level loft w/Schifinni kit $329,000 1351 Kater Street-N/C-2 bdrm/2.5 bth,finished bsmt,2 mstr suites,cstm kit,roof deck. $319,900 820 S Percy-2 bd/2.5 ba,hw flrs,SS appln,granite,jacuzzi tub,fin bsmt. $309,900 915-25 Bainbridge ##104-Multi-level 1bd + den condo w/tons of l&s,cable,on site gym Red’D-$289,900 918 S 2nd Street-Lovely 3 bdrm home w/LR,FP,orig random pine flrs,EIK,small yard. $249,000


526 S 11th Street-Fab 4B/Lib/3.5b,8 fpl,C/A,pine flrs t/o,fin base,grdn,deck,2 car PKG 802-10 Locust Street #201-Spect 3br/2.5b condo w/28’ ceil., loft like spaces, kit & 1car grge prkg 1101 Locust ##9I-Spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath with open floor plan and modern amenities. 1124 Lombard Street-2 bdrm/2.5 bth,2 car prkng,hw flrs + fireplace. 1002 Spruce Street #E-2 bd/2 ba,orig random width w/pine flrs,roof access,granite & SS applns. 209 S Sartain Street-Lovely 3 bd/1.5 ba,modern kitchen & bath,fireplace 1012 Spruce ##3F-Custom 2 bedroom 1 bath bi-level beautiful details.


404 Federal Street-N/C 3 bdrm/2.5 bth,den,rear yard,2 decks,garage prkng + driveway. 3106 S 19th Street-Outstanding 3BR/2BA townhome. Family room. Deck. 1927 S 13th-Total renovation 3bd/1.5 ba,large yard,open layout. 1516 Wharton Street-N/C-Spectacular 4 bd/4.5 ba,fin bsmt,C/A,hrdwd floors. 336 Snyder Avenue-3 bedrooms, all new rehab,great starter home. 3169 Memphis Street-Renovated 3 Bed, 1 Bath, Hdwd Flrs, Updated Kit, Dry Bsmnt, Yard 2745 S Marshall Street-Lot 16 x 57 between Johnston/Oregon off 6th

Art Museum ......................................................................... 215-763-2100 The Philadelphian ................................................................ 215-232-5148 Se habla español • 1-866-857-3964 or

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

$876,000 $749,000 $725,000 $475,000 $449,000 $414,900 $345,000

$479,900 $364,900 $329,900 $340,000 $184,900 $105,000 $39,000

your property back on the market and wait for another buyer to come along sooner or later? The same reasoning applies to the buyers. They contracted to buy a home that apparently meets their wants and needs. The qualities of the home and its price were apparently satisfactory to them. They knew at the outset of the transaction that certain repairs were needed but then decided not to accept those conditions. They need to ask themselves: Do the costs of these repairs outweigh our desire to own this property? Would we rather

cancel the sale and shop for another home? In most cases, it is possible to reach a compromise solution. In your case, for example, some of the repair requests make sense, while others are somewhat demanding. So let’s examine them. Most buyers would not accept cracked windows, and most sellers would not balk at this demand for repair. The request to repair the damaged door should be judged by the extent of damage. Damage that affects the function of the door or that

necessitates replacement would be a reasonable repair request. Cosmetic damage would not. Peeling paint and loose exterior trim are purely cosmetic issues. When someone buys a home in that condition, they typically expect to renovate the exterior when they take possession. Whatever you do, don’t let “matters of principle” cloud the big picture. Keep your eyes on the main objective, which is to sell your home and move on to the future. Try a little give-andtake in the negotiations. Offer to repair





CALL 215.778.0901 NEW THIS WEEK!

BELLA VISTA $295,000 Completely renovated 2BD/1.5BA, large decked in yard, all new kitchen, handsome new façade.



2108 Wallace $629,900 Restored, Federal period 3BD/2.5BA, den, deck, large yard, pine floors.. absolutely elegant!

CALL 215.440.8345 Society Hill $399,900 Gorgeous, completely renovated 1BD/1BA unit, custom details, balcony overlooking the park, granite and stainless kitchen.

N. LIBERTIES $319,900 BELLA VISTA $379,900 Unbelievable 1BD/2BA, high end kitchen, 711 Kimball 20ft ceilings, exposed beams, tons of light. Handsome 3BD/2.5BA family room/office, rear yard, newer kitchen and baths, 6 years SOCIETY HILL left on tax abatement! 400 Spruce $1,350,000 Impeccable 4BD/4.2BA, 1 car garage, central QUEEN VILLAGE $525,000 vac, 3-zone heating/cooling, tremendous 314 Monroe Beautiful 3BD/2BA, partially finished basecurb appeal! ment, den, one year pre-paid parking, GRADUATE HOSPITAL wood-burning fireplace, granite and stain624 S 27th $645,000 less kitchen. Rare and amazing 5-level 4BD/3BA, garage, roof deck, dual zoned HVAC, den, plenty of UNIVERSITY CITY 328 N 39th $499,900 closets and beautiful master suite! Magnificent 2700sf 3BD/3BA, turn of the WASH WEST century home, stained glass windows, mo912 Spruce #5 $269,900 saic tilework, gorgeous kitchen, rear yard w/ Great 1BD/1BA unit, 1 car parking, rear yard, potential for parking! original condition, pet friendly building. 407 S 20th $425,000 Large 3BD/2BA, den, deck, 1st floor is an open art studio with high ceilings, 2BD apartment above w/ roof deck.

Premier Real Estate, Inc. 1636 Pine St. • 215-732-5355 Northern Liberties – Liberties West Condos, 7th & Fairmount – 3 bdrm, 1 bath. Bank Foreclosure Sale. Price Reduced to $109,900 Pier 3 – Delaware Ave – 2 bdrm 2 bath with F/P, Parking. Awesome bridge & river views. Asking $254,900. 15th & Federal – 15xx Latona St – Recently renovated, 3 stry, 3 bdrm, 2 bth w/3rd flr master bdrm suite. $179,500 Arts Condominiums – 1324 Locust St – Upgraded the 1 bdrm, damon 10th flr condo w/ultra modern kitchen. $164,900michels team South Phila – 8xx Watkins St – Older style 2 bedroom. Specializing in Main Line and Center City

Needs updating. Reduced to $69,900

Damon Michels,

William Isen, 16xx Fairmount Ave – 3 Story 5 unit building, 3 Charlene One bdrms McDonald, Joan Federico & 3 Eff Apts. Close to Temple University. Asking $224,900 Melissa Corbman

Bella Vista $350,000 Cool 2BD/1BA, finished basement, roof deck, private rear yard, refinished pine floors, spacious bath.


Specializing in Main Line and Center City Damon Michels

Northern Liberties $429,900 Wonderful 3BD/2.2BA, 12ft ceilings, recessed lighting, granite and stainless kitchen 2 car parking.

Damon Michels • Joan Federico • Charlene McDonald Call: 215-840-0437 Melissa Corbman • Ro Taormina • Carla Tyler William Isen • Janis Dubin

DAMON MICHELS Call: 215-840-0437



• 1208 4BD, 3

• 191 P 2BD, 2

CENTER CITY PHILA. MAIN LINE SUBURBS Rittenhouse Square $510,000 Wonderful 3BD/3BA, exposed brick, gas fireplace, hardwood floors, spiral stairs.




711 Cornerstone Lane, Bryn Mawr 4BD, 3.5BA, 3440 sq ft Colonial, $775,000

Rittenhouse Sq • Rooftop Pool • Fitness Center Valet Parking • 24 HR Security • 24 HR Maintenance • All Utilities Included

Includes real estate tax • no transfer tax


148 Morris $399,900 This 3 bed/2.5 bath New Construction luxury home with den, garage parking, central air, deck and custom finishes through-out.

Graduate Hospital $799,900 Contemporary 3BD/2.2BA, new construction home, 2 car parking, finished basement, rear yard, roof terrace.


1133 E Susquehanna $179,900 Charming 2BD/1BA, outdoor space, large bathroom, central air.

the windows and door if the sellers will accept the other conditions as is. Hopefully, their response will be a reasonable one.



215.627.6005 215.440.83 45 www.MCCANNTEAM.COM

An Independently Owned And OperAted MeMber Of the prudentIAl reAl estAte AfIlIAtes, Inc.

1387 Bartlett Road, Chesterbrook – 3BD, 2.5BA 3016sq ft Row, $345,000


707 Conshohocken State Rd. 4BD, 2BR Colonial $385,000

507 Addison Ct, Society Hill 2BD, 2.5 BA Row w/ 1 Car Garage, $950,000


438 Poplar St. 2BR, 1.5BA 1539 sqft. Townhome $315,000

200-210 Lombard Street #810 Society Hill, 2BR, 2BA, 1331 Sq. Ft., w/ Parking $425,000 5 Christian Street tax abatement and 1 car parking Independence Court 3BD, 3.5BA Row, REDUCED $539,000


838 Newkirk St #E1, Art Museum Area 2BD 1.5BA PARKING $325,000 923 Mount Vernon St, Spring Garden 4BD, 2.5BA, 1830sq ft Row w/ 1 car parking $400,000

668 Woodcrest, Ardmore Charming Twin, 1 Car Parking. $259,000 or $1,650/mo 410 Hampshire Drive, Broomall 3BD, 2.5BA, Split Level, $289,000 626 Black Rock Road, Bryn Mawr 3BD, 3.5BA 2,785 SqFt Contemporary on 2.5 acre lot $4,000/mo 50 Belmont Ave, #213, Bala Cynwyd 1BD, 1BA unit in Sutton Terraces $140,000 138 Montrose Ave, Bryn Mawr, #45 3BD, 2.5BA Row in Montrose Village $2,275/mo 1409 Wesleys Run, Gladwyne 5BD, 4.5BA Contemp. in Northwoods $1,150,000


2945 Poplar, 3BD, 1BA Row $249,000 or rent $1,300/mo


515 Oxford Road, Bala Cynwyd 3BD, 2.5BA 2254 Sq Ft Colonial in College Park $450,000

OPEN SUNDAY 11:30 - 1

Studios 125,000-175,000 1BDs 175,000-275,000 2BDs 275,000-450,000 3BDs 400,000-500,000

824 N. 25th St, Art Museum Area 3BD, 1.5BA 1200sq. ft. Row $345,000

Visit my website for more information

310 Prescott Drive, Chester Springs 5BD, 4.5BA, 5341sq ft Colonial in Reserve at Eagle $599,000

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

>>> CONTINUED FROM PAGE 37 Buyers and sellers should negotiate with the main objective at the center of their thinking. Your goal is to sell your home and move on to new horizons. If the path to that outcome is to repair some routine defects, consider what you value more highly. You can decide, as a matter of principle, that it would be unfair to repair these defects because you disclosed them in advance. But ask yourself: Is that principle so important that you would rather put

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M



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1601 Spring Garden St. #G109 Great Value in Historic Colonnade Bldg. Luxuy at an affordable price! 1601 Spring Garden St. #101 Beautiful 1br/1ba, 13’ ceilings, pergo HWflrs, SS appls, marble flrs 1601 Spring Garden St. #205 1br, heart of Art Museum-close to restrnts, transzportation, museums 2601 Pennsylvania Ave. #422 Art Museum area 1br/1ba with upgraded kitchen and appliances 856 N. Bailey St. Best value for a home on a quiet tree-lined street in Art Museum! 1832 Green St. #D Fab 1br/1ba Condo. Completely redone with modern high end finishes 838 N. Newkirk St. #D2 Lovely 2br/1.5ba condo, gated comm., secure pkg, Tons of outdoor space 1719 Wallace St. #102 Amazing Light-filled 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with Fireplace 627-37 N. 18th St. #102 Stylish & dramatic bi-level condo in Carriage House Condo Bldg. 870 N. 28th St. #211 Cutting edge contemporary. Multi level w/XL city view deck, private pkg, secure 885 N. Stillman St. New Price! 2br/1ba on Great Street with Finished Basement 1714 Wallace St. #4 Bi-level 2br/2ba. Gourmet KIT, FP, HWflrs, 500sqft, bi-level private roof deck! 2739 Poplar St. Brownstone triplex w/detached garage/carriage house 2524 Aspen St. Stunning Victorian on favorite Art Museum block!

$125,000 $164,900 $169,900 $175,000 $219,000 $225,000 $259,000 OPEN HOUSE $229,900 $269,900 $289,000 OPEN HOUSE $275,000 $339,900 $399,000 $549,000

2847 Warnock St. Complete renovation with fabulous upgrades in South Philadelphia 606 Pemberton St. 3br/1ba 3-story home w/large rooms, wall to wall carpeting, shared patio 608 Pemberton St. 3br/1ba, Modern upgrades, bsmt laundry, EIK, shared patio, new windows 1714 Webster St. 2br/2.5ba home on a quiet blk, fin. bsmt, great back patio, 7yrs left on abatement 919 Christian St. Spacious Bella Vista home just steps from the Italian Market! 1621 Croatan Pl. Packer Park Airlite-Elegant Corner-Huge lot-Parking! 1813 S. Alder St. Mifflin Estates 3br/2.5ba, gate community, garage, 2 car pkg, 7yr tax abatement, FP 2228 Saint Albans St Just reduced and staged! 1819 S. Alder St. Mifflin Estates 3br/2.5ba, w/garage, 2 car parking, 7yr tax abatement, HWflrs 741 S. 10th St. Well cared for home, 3br/2ba, HWflrs, fin bsmt, updated kitchen and baths 1637 N. Cadwallader St. 4br/2.5ba, Huge, completely renovated near NoLibs. HWflrs, new appls. 2349 E. Cumberland St. 4br/1.5ba. Lrg home. New kit, new carpeting & windows, partly fin bsmt 2100 Dauphin St. Lrg. 5br/1.5ba, beautifully rehabbed w/exposed brick, granite counters, more 2546 Emerald St. Brand new townhome features fab upgrades including full fin bsmt & deck! 1209 Crease St. Location! New Rehab, 3br/2.5ba, 1632sqft, huge yard, close to Piazza, Pathmark 410 E. Wildey St. Price Reduced! Fishtown Riverside, Amazing 3br/2.5ba, C/A, bamboo HWflrs 2624 e. Somerset St. Lrg. 3br/2ba home w/in-law suite, HWflrs, New Kitchen 1702 Tulip St. New LEED Certified 3 Bedroon Home in Fishtown

$225,000 $260,000 $295,000 OPEN HOUSE $325,000 OPEN HOUSE $319,900 $349,000 $359,000 OPEN HOUSE $349,900 $365,000 OPEN HOUSE $415,000 $199,000 $213,000 $219,900 $225,000 OPEN HOUSE $289,000 $309,000 $325,000 OPEN HOUSE $379,900

1stn Quarter Award Winners wColdwell a rBanker d Preferred Wi n er s

Old City 215-923-7600 • Society Hill 215-546-2700

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE / FITLER SQUARE / AVENUE OF THE ARTS 1642 Lombard St. #C Adorable trinity with no condo fees! 1233 S. 18th St. 2br/2.5ba townhouse, total rehab, intercom, H/W, fenced yard, granite, fin bsmt 201-259 N 8th St. #212 1bdrm, 1 bath, Lrg rooms, Dark Hardwood Floors, Mod Kit, Broad windows 2136 Tryon St. Charming 2br/1ba w/FP, garden & deck on hidden blk - Western Edge of Rittenhouse Area 1823 Pine St. #4 1br/1.5ba Newly remodeled bi-level condo w/pkg! HWflrs, room for entertaining 2101 Christian St. Well Maintained home. $2,000 Buyer Agent Bonus for executed AOS b-4 11/31 1901 Walnut St. #9B Wonderful Aity and Light Unit facing Ritenhouse Square 219 S. 18th St. Pet friendly 927 sqft, 1br Parc Rittenhouse condo Hi-rise amenities incl poo/gym 1737 Chestnut St. #301 Location, location: Lrg., bright living area, 2 mstr suites w/baths. Pet friendly bldg 2413 Manning St. Reduced 2+br/2+ba, garage home xtra wide 4-story townhome in Fitler Sq. Charming Block 1607 Kater St. MUST SEE! PRICED TO SELL! Unique location, quaint street w/unique Skyline View! 418 S. Taney St. Park side home, 3+br/2+ba, LR w/FP, sep DR, EIK, Wd flr, patios, 2FP’s, garage

$229,000 $269,000 $298,000 $299,000 $319,000 $335,000 $479,000 $499,900 $599,850 $580,000 $684,900 $949,900


OLD CITY / LOFT DISTRICT / CHINATOWN 309-313 Arch St. #308 An affordable historical restoration in Old City! Hoopskirt Factory Fr 1204 Green St. Total Rehab; conrer unit; 3br/2.5ba, HWflrs; master ste; walk-in closets; roof deck 51 N. 2nd St. #F Fab 1br/1ba w/hi ceilings, hwflrs, rustic ba, exposed brick, fireplace and den 209 N. 4th St. #F4 Spacious 2br/2ba corner unit, exp brick & beams, FP, recent mechanicals 103-7 Church St. #2 1br/1ba, Central Air, Exp Brick, High Ceilings, Laundry, Gas FP, Private Patio 317 Vine St. #503 Bi-level Penthouse in Old City for Great Price! 2br/1.5ba, Terrace, huge windows 201 N. 8th St. #314 2br/2ba Condo, HWflrs, Modern Kit, Cali. Closets, Marble Baths, Pool, Balcony 114 Quarry St. #2B 2br/2ba bi-level condo w/HWflrs, exp., vaulted ceilings, new KIT & 1 yr pkg 201-59 N. 8th St. #910 2br/2.5ba, 1642sqft, bi-level Penhouse at the Metroclub w/450sqft balcony! 309-313 Arch St. #205 Fabulous 3br/3ba multilevel loft in the heart of Old City 103 Callowhill St. Intimate 50 seat theater, exp brick, velvety curtains, vintage sconces. Upper level residence/office 314-22 N. 12th St. Fab Bi-Level Penthouse Condo, 2br/2ba, Granite, SS, Hwflrs, 2 large decks

$319,000 $325,000 $328,900 $349,000 $369,000 $399,000 $400,000 $450,000 $475,000 OPEN HOUSE $529,900 $599,900 $669,900

SOCIETY HILL / WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST 1324 Locust St. #420 Bright & clean studio in the Arts Bldg! Grt location, walk to everything! 250 S. 13th St. #UP2 Easy access PARKING SPACE in Washington Square West 1109 Spruce St. 3 Units Available, one Studio, and two 1br/1ba condos Fr 606A Waverly St. Location! This is a lovely trinity! It’s a 1 Bedroom. Great for 1st time buyer/student 927 Spruce St. 2R Deluxe Jr. 1br/1ba w/new kitchen. Unit contains a queen size Murphy bed, Pkg avail-$20k 255 S. Hutchinson St. Historic 2br/1.5ba on charming cobblestone st. in heart of Wash Square 1110 Lombard St. #12 Beautiful renovated 1br/1.5ba condo in Washington Mews! 1012 Spruce St. #1M Beautiful Tri-Level Condo in Strickland Row Community! 265 S. 4th St. Gorgeous condo with low fees and deeded parking! 220 Locust St. #24G Amazing 180 degree views! Lrg 1br/1ba rehabbed unit in Society Hill Towers! 114-18 Naudain St. #C 2br/1ba w/pkg, C/A, HWflrs, exposed brick, 1,150sqft, move-in ready, asking 250 S. 13th St. #10D 2br/2ba corner unit in Lenox with Parking! 720 Chestnut St. #D 2br/2ba, 1300sqft condo in boutique bldg. Hi ceilings, wood flr, granite & SS, FP

$79,000 $110,000 OPEN HOUSE $180,000 $194,400 OPEN HOUSE $199,900 OPEN HOUSE $250,000 $265,000 $150,000 $320,000 $334,900 $354,900 $425,000 $439,000

QUEEN VILLAGE/ BELLA VISTA / GRADUATE HOSPITAL / SOUTH PHILA. $132,900 $135,000 $140,000 $145,000 $155,000 $159,000 $205,000 OPEN HOUSE Fr $239,000

$80,000 $365,000 OPEN HOUSE $459,900 $525,000

NEW CONSTRUCTION (10 YEAR TAX ABATEMENT) 2028 Kimball St. Beautifully renovated 3br/2.5ba! Gourmet KIT, Master Suite, HWflrs, New systems 911 N. 28th St. 3br/2ba, Garage, Roofdeck, Balconies, 10yr tx abatement, Audio t/o, Bambloo flrs t/o 2155 Montrose St. New construction. Lrg home, oversized bdrs w/city views from every window 1221 S. Phillip St. 3br/2.5ba new construction, 1car garage, HWflrs, hi ceilings, open kit, & deck. 2516 Grays Ferry Ave. New construction; 3br/2.5ba; sec sys; master ste; roof deck; fin bsmt; garage 1346 Crease St. Price Reduction! 3br/4ba Green home, quiet st. Solar ready, 11ft ceilings, garage 1221 S. Philip St. 3br/2.5ba New constructions w/1 car garage, hwflrs, hi ceilings, open kit, deck 2118 Webster St. Grad Hosp., 3br/3.5ba, Roof Deck w/City Views, option of Finished Basement 2120 Webster St. Grad Hosp., 3br/3.5ba, Roof Deck w/City Views, option of Finished Basement 1912 Kimball St. Stunning 3br/3ba, gourmet kitchen, roofdeck, garage, tax abatement 1304 S. 2nd St. Pennsport-Wharton Estates 3br/2full & 2half ba, contemporary, H/W, granite/SS KIT 629-31 S. 13th St. #A Custom 3br/3ba new construction, hi ceilings, luxurious baths, gourmet KIT, roof deck

OPEN HOUSE $320,000 $389,900 OPEN HOUSE $425,000 $414,900 $420,000 $429,000 $434,900 $439,000 $439,000 $450,000 $450,000 $599,000

COMMERCIAL/INVESTMENT 5254 W. Jefferson St. Investor Special Duplex w/1br unit and 2br unit. Needs full rehab 53-532 Reed St. Double-wide one-story garage. Good storage or development site 1812 W. Diamond St. 3-story house, Temple U Area, 4br/2ba, 2 Pkg, C/A, New Heater, roof, HWflr 4417 Sansom St. Well-maintained triplex with new water heater and roof. Great investment! 27 Osborne St. Cashflowing Duplex. 2+3 BRs. Grt loc, well maintained. Sep utils except water 911 Ellsworth St. Huge garage & two 1br apts. Potential to expand to 2brs subject to city approval 2317 S. 21st St. Rare opportunity to own a Historic Girard Estate twin, move in ready 117 Sumac St. Huge Triplex, Great Street. Sep. & meters. Laundry. Long-term tenants in 2 units 813-15 Ellsworth St. Double property Approx. 35x67, 1st flr huge garage, 2nd flr lrg 2br Apt. 1024-26 Wharton St. 8-unit Apt. Bldg. Utilities not separated, Needs cosmetics, legally zoned

$50,000 $199,000 $210,000 $219,900 $245,000 $285,000 $295,000 $315,000 $499,000 $650,000

SURROUNDING AREAS Port Richmond-3514 Mercer St. Great Income producer or first time home buyer home Port Richmond-3516 Mercer St. Great income producer or 1st time homebuyer home! Germantown-5321 Wingohocking Terr. 3br/1ba, renovated., HWflrs, exp. brick, C/A, granite/SS kit Roxborough-5229 Ridge Ave. Just reduced! Large 4br/1ba for rehab East Falls-3228 N. 33rd St. Beautifully rehabbed three bedroom, one and a half bath home Roxborough-604 Roxborough Ave. 4br/2.1ba, porch, garage, nice yard, new elec & mechanicals Roxborough-108 Rochelle Ave. 3br/2.2 ba, 3+car Pkg. Lrg yard. Walkout Bsmt w/high celings, FP East Falls-3462 W. Queen Ln. Captivating Tudor home located on a historically certified block Manayunk-177 Levering St. Complete rehab, Gourmet KIT, granite counters, SS appls, tile flrs Wyndmoor-Just Listed! Stately Stone Colonial, 6br/3.5ba, lots of detail, 3 car grg

$95,000 $99,000 $104,000 $154,900 $165,000 $259,000 $289,000 $290,000 $314,900 OPEN HOUSE $579,900

*Please see the oPen house time for this ProPerty in the oPen house Directory.

Call Today

Mike Maxwell Mortgage Advisor 215.570.1719 MMAxwell@cbpreF.coM NMlS# 137208



P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

2333 S. Chadwick St. Grt home at a grt price! Features HW, new carpets, new KIT, etc. Won’t Last! 2316 S. Franklin St. 3br/1ba, HWflrs t/o, Recessed lighting, spacious living room, renovated KIT 1133 Cantrell St. Charming townhome w/HWflrs, newer windows, fresh paint colors, and back patio! 707 Ellsworth St. Fantastic New Renovation in Italian Market Area 2548 S. 9th St. Residential property set up as duplex. Great income potential 2118 S. 15th St. HUGE 5br/1ba, 1828sqft, HWflrs main level. Needs cosmetics. Same owner 60 yrs 1515 S. 2nd St. REDUCED-OWNER MOTIVATED!! BRING ALL OFFERS!!! 3Sty w/ huge yard/neat and clean t/o… 525 Fitzwater St. #11 Abbott’s Court, beautiful 2br/1.5ba trinities, gated courtyard, gourmet KIT, HWflrs


413 N. 53rd St. Extra Lrg. 4br/1.5ba, remodeled, EIK, HWfrls, lots of extras. 1st time buyer special 3716 Baring St. Powelton Village Victorian Twin w/modern amenities. Convenient to Drexel, UPenn 432 N. 37th St. Amazing contemporary All New 3br/3ba w/over 2,000sqft 4526 Pine St. Beautiful Victorian 5br/2ba hom e in the Catchment Zone

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Avenue of the Arts

Old City

1401 Walnut Street, Eighth Floor Philadelphia, PA 19102

223-225 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106



& Associates, Inc. Realtors

thIs week’s FeAtuRed PRoPeRtIes 2036 dELANCEy pL OpEN SuNdAy 3/6, NOON-2pM Magnificent beautifully restored double wide corner, 5br, 6b, +/-9000sf, original detail, elevator, terrace, 3 car heated garage.

749 E pASSyuNK AVE NEw LISTINg OpEN SuNdAy 3/6, NOON-2pM Fabulous architecturally significant townhouse, 3br, den, 2 full, 2 half baths, 2 car gated parking

648 N SydENHAM ST, ART MuSEuM OpEN SuNdAy 3/6, NOON-2pM New Townhouses, 4br,3b,+/-3000sf, deck, garage parking, 10 yr tax abatement, reduced!

732 CHRISTIAN ST OpEN SuNdAy 3/6, NOON-1pM Completely renovated 4br, 2.5b, deck, lots of light, municipal parking across the street




Call Conny Case

Call Bruce Benjamin


1012 N AMERICAN ST OpEN SuNdAy 3/6, 1:30 -2:30pM New rehab, modern 3br, 2.5b, bamboo flrs, rear yard, roof deck

535 QuEEN ST NEw LISTINg! 3 story, 4br, 1.5b, large eat in kitchen, rear deck, patio

626 N BOdINE ST, NORTHERN LIBERTIES OpEN SuNdAy 3/6, NOON-1pM Loft style, 2br, 1.5b, garden, reduced

117-119 SOuTH ST Fully equipped bar/restaurant with license. plus three 1br apartments, +/-10,000sq ft,





Call Jody Volpe or Karen Joslin

Call Maryellen Cammisa


Call Isabelle Meyer

Call Jean Burns


11/8/10 3:48 PM Page 1 search all Center City Properties at:

Philly Weekly 10 x 5.5


OPen sUndaY 12-2PM SQUARE 2220 Square JustMadison Renovated! 1 Bedroom 2 1 Bath 2 Bedrooms Baths $339,000 $352,500 MLS 5787044

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

For over 80 years the most respected name in Philadelphia Real Estate Center City’s Largest Independent Realtor

Call Scott Neifeld

Call Tony Battaglia 226 South Street

215 922 4200 FishtOWn FISHTOWN

Open Plan Open Floor Floor Plan 33Bedrooms 2.5Baths Baths Bedrooms 2.5 $329,900 $249,900

MLS 5784384 5784384 MLS

MLS 5781232

rittenhOUse sQUare WASHINGTON SQUARE Just Renovated!

Powers Brangan

215.893.9920 Rittenhouse Square 2000 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

215.247.3600 Chestnut Hill 8039 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

Charming 1Condominium 1 Bedroom Bath

MLS 5787044 MLS 5777406

MLS 5789342 5790241 MLS

1 Bedroom 1 Bath $319,000 $225,000



Prime Location! Sunny Townhouse 23Bedrooms 2.5Baths Baths Bedrooms 2.5

Powers Brangan LOGan sQUare CENTER CITY

2 Bedrooms State of the2artBaths Loft Condominium $439,000

2 Bedrooms MLS 58106552 Baths $489,555 MLS 5746449


AMAzing VALue LIBERTIES Walkers Paradise! 1 Bedroom 1.5 Baths 1 Bedroom 1 Bath $299,000 $269,900

MLS 5784237 MLS 5744269

$259,900 $419,000


the residences at

The Residences the MUranO

at THE MURANO Starting in the Starting in the $400,000s $400,000s

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011 Alexandra

QUeen ViLLaGe


W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

cENtER citY lUXURY coNDoMiNiUMs FoR sAlE! Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost















Studio, Art Museum views, private balcony, excellent closet space








tHe PHilaDelPHian

Spacious studio with large balcony and panoramic Art Museum, river and city views, generous closet space, open kitchen oPen sunDay 3/6, 12:00PM - 12:30PM








tHe PHilaDelPHian

Studio, open kitchen, new carpet, city view










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

acaDeMy House

One bedroom, one bath, upgraded kitchen and bath, Juliet balcony, W/D








acaDeMy House

1 bedroom, 1 bath, panoramic southern views, Juliet balcony, renovated bath and kitchen








center city one







tHe PHilaDelPHian

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors, upgraded kitchen, ample living space

tHe PHilaDelPHian

Renovated studio, wood floors throughout, open kitchen, large balcony with city skyline view

tHe PHilaDelPHian

oPen sunDay 3/6, 12:30PM - 1:00PM

Monthly After Tax Cost

1 bedroom, 1 bath, spacious balcony, magnificent city views to the south, abundant natural light






Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

tHe rittenHouse

Penthouse, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, high end finishes and appointments throughout, balcony with city views


$3,500,000* $834,620 $889,056




3bedroom+den, 3.5 baths, marble foyer, formal dining rm, sunny eat-in kitchen, 10’ ceilings, moldings, oak herring bone floors, 3 gas fireplaces


$2,900,000* $666,258 $619,296





3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, brand new, very high ceilings, his and hers master baths, custom kitchen, exquisite detail throughout.


$2,750,000* $636,038 $607,268





Tri-level penthouse with 1600 sq ft of terrace space, being sold unfinished, private elevator access


$2,250,000* $579,879 $557,842





3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, herringbone wood floors, EIK, crown molding and other custom finishes throughout, Rittenhouse Square views


$2,250,000 $511,632 $501,005




Monthly After Tax Cost


1830 rittenHouse

3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, upgraded kitchen, original hardwood floors and molding, lots of light


$1,195,000* $309,704 $318,887




warwick conDoMiniuMs

3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, hardwood floors, 270 degree views, open kitchen, marble baths, custom closets, W/D


$1,200,000* $174,122 $373,141




warwick conDoMiniuMs

3BR, 3BA, Bamboo flrs., spac. Kit w/custom wood cabinetry, granite counter tops, marble baths, 3 exposures, gym and hotel services


$1,350,000* $181,323 $371,644




tHe rittenHouse

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, completely renovated with high end finishes, views of Rittenhouse Square from every room


$995,000* $242,439 $273,743




warwick conDoMiniuMs

2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, gourmet kitchen, marble baths, walk-in-closets, hardwood floors


$829,000* $115,051 $246,527




Parc rittenHouse

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, terrace on pool club deck, open custom kitchen, marble baths, wood floors


$799,000* $201,948 $206,151




warwick conDoMiniuMs

2 bedrooms + den, 3 baths, sun-soaked, wood floors, open kitchen, marble baths


$799,000* $190,486 $203,258




tHe warwick

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, southern exposure from every room, marble baths, open chefs kitchen, maple hardwood floors


$625,000* $149,666 $158,380




tHe rittenHouse

1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, eat in kitchen, beautiful sunset views, master suite with large marble bath


$599,000* $147,283 $170,623





Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, old world charm with modern features


$595,000* $143,766 $153,060





Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, building offers 24 hour doorman and gym, located on Rittenhouse Square


$550,000* $133,706 $146,037




Parc rittenHouse

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, hardwood floors, marble bath, rooftop pool club and skyline view



$119,226 $116,911



$2,281 $2,003

warwick conDoMiniuMs

One bedroom, one bath, hardwood floors, marble bath, custom kitchen

Parc rittenHouse

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, open kitchen, hardwood floors, marble bath

tHe DorcHester

1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, balcony, excellent natural light,

tHe DorcHester

1 bedroom, 1 bath, high floor, balcony, excellent natural light,

wanaMaker House

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors throughout, renovated kitchen and bathroom, bay windows with city views

Parc rittenHouse

Studio with wood floors, marble bath, open kitchen and city view

oPen sunDay 3/6, 2:00PM - 2:30PM

oPen sunDay 3/6, 1:15PM - 1:45PM










































warwick conDoMiniuMs

Studio, high floor with city views, walk in closest, wood floors, marble bath








williaM Penn House

1 bedroom, 1 bath, city views, spacious kitchen










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

101 walnut st

Entire Floor Residence, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, custom open kitchen, designer baths, panoramic river and city views



$281,398 $298,478




bank builDing

2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, high-end open kitchen, designer bathrooms


$799,000* $207,313 $217,014




society Hill towers

Two bedrooms, one bath, parquet wood floors, washer/dryer, unobstructed river views, floor-to-ceiling windows








society Hill towers

One bedroom, high floor, river view, investment opportunity








society Hill towers

1BR, 1BA, magnificent river views, high floor, wood floors throughout








bank builDing




P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Raw space that can be customized to the buyers desires, hotel services and amenities available






Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing


inDePenDence Place

Bi-level penthouse, 2 bedrooms. 2.5 baths, 2 kitchens, impeccably finished throughout, amazing river and city views


$2,295,000* $552,133 $588,133




inDePenDence Place

Penthouse, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, wrap around balcony, high ceilings, eat-in kitchen, large master suite


$1,250,000* $303,747 $328,202




inDePenDence Place

3 bedrooms, 3 baths, east facing river and city views, modern kitchen, hardwood floors, balcony, laundry room


$1,250,000* $250,000 $319,246




inDePenDence Place

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, beautifully ren. kit. and baths, balc. with city and river views, hdwd. flrs. in living areas


$799,000* $195,082 $212,815




inDePenDence Place

2 bedroom, 2 baths, completely renovated with custom kitchen and designer baths, balcony, hardwood floors


$559,000* $139,761 $140,111




inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, alcove, completely renovated with gourmet kitchen, designer bath, amazing closets








HoPkinson House

2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, wood floors, balcony, southern exposure








HoPkinson House

Deluxe 1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony with views of Washington Square and the river, renovated kitchen and bath








Monthly After Tax Cost

inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, laundry room, excellent condition








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, upgraded kitchen, new fixtures throughout








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, balcony, excellent value








inDePenDence Place

1 bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors throughout, upgraded kitchen and bath, custom closets, balcony










Total Square Footage


Minimum Income Monthly Cost Monthly Tax Total Incld. Mtg, Condo Savings in a 31% for 10% Down Cash Fee & Taxes Tax Bracket Required Financing

Monthly After Tax Cost

Pier 3

2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, fireplace, terrace off mastersuite








Allan Domb Real Estate

* Based on 20% Down Mortgate

215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs”

Mortgage Financing available

Melissa Tagye 610-639-0984

• 46 • • •

the barclay 237 s. 18th street

the lanesborough 1601 locust street

Magnificent three bedroom, three and a half bath home with most rooms overlooking Rittenhouse Square, 2638 sf

Entire floor home with 360 degree city views, three bedrooms, den/study, two fireplaces, an open floor plan and luxurious master suite, 3419 sf



the WarWick 1701 locust street

indePendence Place 233 s. 6th street Completely renovated deluxe one bedroom with chefs kitchen, designer bath, balcony and custom details throughout, 1118 sf



Parc ritenhouse 225 s. 18th street

the PhiladelPhian 2401 Pennsylvania ave.

Studio, wood floors, marble bath, open kitchen, 497 sf

Spacious one bedroom home with lots of light, wood floors and a recently renovated kitchen, 1258 sf



Allan Domb Real Estate 215.545.1500 • “wE coopERAtE with All REAltoRs”

47 • • •

P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY March 2 - 8, 2011

Sun soaked two bedroom plus den home with beautiful open kitchen, marble baths and hardwood floors, 1614 sf

W W W. P H I L A D E L P H I A W E E K LY. C O M

Center City Luxury Condominiums For saLe

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Philadelphia Weekly 3-2-11  

Philadelphia Weekly 3-2-11

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