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Magazine July 2011

Special Summer Issue

Reverie Magazine Editors note: We always have so much fun creating Special issues, ontop of our monthly issue’s. As our magazine spots fill up so quickly for our monthly issues, we always feel that there are so many submissions that still need to be shown, and featured. That’s why the Reverie Team has decieded that every once in a while we will continue to release two issue’s in one month. Our Special issue’s are ofcourse very ‘special’ to us, and we’d like to keep featuring as many of them as possible in the future. Thanks so everyone who has been a big supporter of Reverie Magazine. We continue to try to make Reverie the best it can be. - Reverie Team

Cover by: LCB Studios

Whats Inside? 03. Park Avenue by: LCB Studios 15. Garden Blush by: Daniela Majic 27. 105˙ by: Michelle Aristocrat 35 Twenty-Two by: Quro Studios 47 Tribal Beauty by: Ben O’mar Arrington 61 SomePlace Under The Sun by: Emily Soto 71 Day Dream Believers by: Brandie Raasch 83 Shades Of SummerTime by: Jacqueline Harriet 91 Faith In All Things Beautiful by: Samantha Scharf 101 Gentle Impulse by: Irina Luca 109 You’ll be Given Love by: Irina Luca

Park Avenue

Photography by: LCB Studios Model: Sarah Bello Make-up by: Christin Mercer Styling by: Benn Pullis Wardrobe provided by: 2 Chic Boutique

GB Arden

Daniela Majic Make-up by: Chelsea Dutchak Model: Amanda Butko Dress Designs by: Lidia M Assistant: Adam Stevenson Photography & Styling by:



Photography & Make-up by: Michelle Aristocrat Model: Stephanie w/ ORB Models Styling & Clothing Designs by: Courtney Michelle Roberts Hair by: Vita Blu


Photography by: BenO’mar Arrington Production : Zie Ouattara Model: Ayumi Christol @ Basic Model Management Model: Emily Palms@ BMG Styling by: StylesByUjjiB Hair by: Joey Oso Make-up by: Ujji B Special thanks to: Sylwia Krol at Basic and Darrin Judkins at BMG.


Someplace Under The Sun Photography by:

Emily Soto Models: Alexis Coons and Holly Kishere with Nouveau Models, La Jolla, CA Make-up & Hair by: Jen Kolhagen

Day Dream Believers Photography by: Brandie Raasch Hair & Make-up by: Liz Furlong using

MAC Styling & Designs by: Alex London

(all clothing feature are the exclusive designs of Alex London)

Models: Aliona

& Veronica @ FentonMoon

Shades Of SummerTime Jacqueline Harriet Model: Paris @Exalt Hair by: Linsey Steiger

Photography by:

Faith In All Things Beautiful Samantha Scharf Designs by: Trisha Pasnak Model & Head Piece provided by: Nina Worby Make-up by: Ashly McKessok Hair by: Kimberly Berg Photography by:

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Reverie Magazine Special Summer Issue  

Our Special Summer issue features summery editorials from aspiring fashion photographers.

Reverie Magazine Special Summer Issue  

Our Special Summer issue features summery editorials from aspiring fashion photographers.