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Magazine July 2011

Issue Three:

The Vintage Issue

Reverie Magazine

Reverie Magazine

Editor’s Note:

Reverie Magazine is always trying our best to continue to grow and really expand on our design as well as quality. We feel that we always have the best and most talented aspring contributers is every single one of our issues. As our small team moves forward with the challenge of creating each new issue every month, we begin to see area’s in which we can imrove, and we really begin to see how we are improving. It may be a slow task, as we are new to the world of independent magazine making, but we promise to try our hardest to progress and make each issue better. Reverie will be going through some changes, and experiments.We hope to be the best we can be!

Cover by: Amanda Diaz

Whats inside thi

Whats Inside This issue?? Garden In Wonderland by: Amanda Diaz..............Pg 3 Retro Summer by: Natasha Marshall.......................Pg 17 Enchanted Forest by: Emily Soto..............................Pg 33 Dolly by: Daniela Majic..............................................Pg 45 Gold Dust Woman by: Jessica Luch..........................Pg 59 Time To Pretend by: Cornelia Klimec..................... Pg 69 Vintage Summer by:Devon Hedley...........................Pg 89 Sunshine Travelers by: Nicolette Clara Iles............. Pg 101

Whats Inside This Issue?

Whats Inside This Issue?

03 Garden In Wonderland by: Amanda Diaz 17 Retro Summer by: Natasha Marshall 33 Enchanted Forest by: Emily Soto 45 Dolly by: Daniela Majic 59 50’s Fashion by: Christèle Jacquemin 75 Gold Dust Woman by: Jessica Luch 85 Time To Pretend by: Cornelia Klimek 101 Vintage Summer by: Devon Hedley 113 Sunshine Trevelers by: Nicolette Clara Iles 125 A Garden Of Live Flowers by: Marissa Baumeister 137 Touch Faith by: Jessica Luch 147 Petite Papillon by: Daniela Majic 159 Airya Cover by: Amanda Diaz by: Allysandra Cervantes & Laura Gonsalves

Garden In

Wonderland Amanda Diaz Model: Lauren Armstrong Clothing Designs by: Kelsey McIntyre Make-up & Hair by: Nadia Bouslama Photography by:

Retro Summer

Natasha Marshall Model: Bree Ferrie Hair by: Candy Anderson Styling by: Cassie Bray & Natasha Marshall Photography by:

Enchanted Enchanted Forest forest

Photography by: Emily


Model: Sarina nash Photograhy by: Emily Soto@ Ford Model: Sarina Nash @Ford Models Kolhagen Make-up by: Jen Make-up by: Jen Kolhagen Hair by: Lauren Richison Hair by: Lauren Ritchison




Daniela Majic Model: Dalia.B.@ Marquee Make-up by: Jessica Godfrey Photography & Styling by


Fashion Photogreaphy by:

Christèle Jacquemin


Rania Slim Makeup by: María Dolores Mayor by: Ángel Cánovas Hair Assistant: Miriam Verdún Clothing Designs & Styling by: Silvia Soler Model: Beatriz Cañavate @ Monroe Models Model: Diego García @ Monroe Models Post Production by: Kaper Locations:Leana Spa and “La Argentina” cottage in Fortuna (Murcia), Spain Assistant:


This page, Title page & opposite page:

SIlvia Soler turquoise chiffon dress with navy neck Pull & Bear hat Special thanks to: Loretta’s Cupcakes & Cookies

This Page :

Silvia Soler yellow pleated chiffon dress with antique double neck

This Page:

Silvia Soler yellow crepe trousers Mageritdoll necklace

Opposire page & This page:

Silvia Soler red chiffon dress with

with antique flounces, lace and neck & Vintage hat

This Page & Opposite Page:

Silvia Soler cream guipure top & Silvia Soler flowers tube dress

pale pink bloomers

This Page:

Silvia Soler guipure empire dress

This page:

Silvia Soler flowers tube dress Lefties tee-shirt & hat Special Thanks to: Sanne Bartels [Mi Boda con Estilo]

This page & Opposite page:

Silvia Soler rose pleated chiffon dress with vintage front

Lefties tee-shirt with vintage shoulder straps

Gold Dust Woman Jessica Luch Model: Veronika Holek Make-up & Hair by: Katie Melanson Jewelry Designed by: Addie Storm Jewelry Photography by:

Time To Pretend

Photography & Styling by:

Cornelia Klimek

Carrie Tibbs Hair by: Kathleen Sou Models: Justyna Zablocka @ Corestone and Andrea C Special thanks to: Heel Boy and FAB Boutique (Waterloo) Make-up by:

Vintage Summer Photography & Styling by: Devon Hedley

Models: & Make-up by: Jess Holmes

& Jordan Mellin

Sunshine Travelers Photography by:

Nicolette Clara Iles

A Garden Of Live Flowers

Marissa Baumeister Natasha Leduc

Photography & Styling by: Model:

Touch Faith :

Photography by: Jessica

Luch [] Model: Annika Parkinson-Dow Makeup by: Shawnna Downing Hair by: Kara R. Gilbertson Styling by: Anastazy Diango

This Page, Opposite page & Title page Fur Coat vintage hudson’s bay company/ Incorporated 2nd May 1670 Pants BCBG Max Azria Belt & Shoes ALDO

This Page & Opposite Page: Gold Combo Sequence dress by: BCBG Max Azria

This Page: Jacket by: Lip Service Provided by: Millennium Opposite Page: Blazer BCBG Max Azria Dress by: Lip Service Provided by:


Leather Vest by: Lip Service provided by: Millenium Vintage Crinoline Lace Jumper & tights American Apparel Shoes ‘Go Jane’ website

ef Petite Papillon

Photography, Styling & Make-up by: Daniela Majic Model: Justyna . Z @ Corestone Butterfly Crown created by: Daniela Majic


Allysandra Cervantes Illustrations by: Laura Gonsalves Model: Natasha Peters Make-up by: Geneva Fong Photographer’s Assistant: Joanna Salmingo Accessories by: TWEEK Wardrobe Provided by: Tomorrow Never Knows Photography & Styling by:


now covered dirt, sun glistening in the water’s reflection. Natures true beauty. This was her world.



A world of beauty,happiness and imagination.


young girl submersed into a world of her own.


A young girl, by the name of Airya.

Her friends only a part of her imagination.





forest she calls home.

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Reverie Magazine Issue Three: The Vintage Issue  

This issue of Reverie is all about vintage fashions and vintage fashion editorials!