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Worktops, splashbacks and upstands exclusively manufactured by

contemporary design

be inspired by solid surfacing

There’s little that speaks the language of worktop chic quite like solid surfacing does. It’s the material that brings together designer looks, unrivalled aesthetics and everyday practicality. At Bushboard we love the business of worksurfaces and have shaped our Encore range to satisfy your design aspirations. New to the collection are stylish white acrylic sinks which can be seamlessly moulded into your choice of worksurface for the ultimate in streamlined looks. Added to that there are the new classic Crystal designs featuring large scale opaque chips bringing a wonderful lustre and depth to the surface. These, along with lovely neutral colour tones and designs with a delicate pearlescence, offer you a choice of products that are fashionable yet timeless. And which are guaranteed to make an enviable style statement in your home. Sleek and seamless, Encore is cool to the touch and beautifully enticing to the eye. It’s also incredibly hygienic and durable when your kitchen demands it. All products are precision manufactured at our UK factory, giving you a superior construction with lasting performance and durability. They are fully supported by our 10 year guarantee so you can choose them with absolute confidence.

Front cover: Crystal White worksurface. Shown with an Encore one and a half bowl white acrylic moulded sink and straight drainer grooves.

Encore worksurfaces will bring distinction to your kitchen. Allowing you to enjoy them for a very, very long time.

Crystal White worksurface. Shown with an Encore one and a half bowl white acrylic moulded sink and straight drainer grooves.

Glacier White worksurface with a slab end. Shown with an Encore one and a half bowl white acrylic moulded sink and straight drainer grooves.

so streamlined

Solid surfacing offers the design flexibility to create beautifully streamlined looks. From the stylish end panel to the integral sink and drainer grooves, the material flows seamlessly with virtually invisible joints around shapes, edges and corners. Nothing but a smooth and stylish worksurface for you to enjoy.

timeless classic

Our Crystal designs reinterpret the classic popularity of granite and stone, yet with the distinct advantage of a smooth and seamless flow of material. There are no obvious joints, either to the eye or to the touch, ensuring you have a superbly hygienic surface. With a colour choice of black, white, cream and glass the Crystal designs are enhanced by a random opaque chip giving the surface a luxurious visual depth. These are designs with enduring appeal and the versatility to combine with a wide range of kitchen styles from heritage painted doors to contemporary woodgrains.

Crystal Glass worksurface and upstand.

desirable and luxurious

Run your fingers along the silky smooth surface and you will appreciate the seamless beauty that only solid surfacing can achieve. Let your eye take in the subtle metallic particles that delicately catch the light and give the material a truly stunning appeal. This is the feeling of sheer luxury. Cool. Sophisticated. And uncompromisingly elegant in any kitchen setting.

Chocolate Sparkle worksurface.

form and function

For the ultimate in streamlined looks, go for an integral sink. The seamless flow between the moulded bowl and the worksurface shows off the true aesthetics of solid surfacing at its very best. Made from 100% acrylic, our sinks guarantee the highest levels of hygiene and performance being both durable and non-porous. They are also robust enough for the high speed demands of a waste disposal unit. Elegantly designed, the choice of single and one and a half bowl sinks are stylish whilst being practical enough to cope with the busiest of kitchens.

Glacier worksurface. Shown with an Encore one and a half bowl white acrylic moulded sink and straight drainer grooves.

sinks with style

Stainless steel and granite sinks in an extensive range of styles and models are also available with Encore. So you have the freedom to create your perfect sink space. Encore is a superbly practical material that can cope with even the hardest-working sinks being both durable and easy to clean. A simple wipe down is all you need. Precision machining of drainer grooves in a choice of linear or shaped styles enhances both the functionality and aesthetics. Beautiful to look at. And a delight to work with.

Chocolate Sparkle worksurface and upstand. Shown with a Deca 100 sink and straight drainer grooves.

be individual

Be as individual as you want to be. Encore offers the flexibility for radius corners, bringing style and movement to your kitchen design. The gentle curve is a pleasing feature that works beautifully with traditional and contemporary furniture styles. Perfect for finishing off a simple run of furniture or creating a stunning shaped island unit.

Crystal Black worksurface and upstand.

Caramel Sparkle worksurface with a slab end. Shown with a Deca 150 sink and straight drainer grooves.

designer detail

For up-scale designer looks, go for a slab end in solid surfacing. The continuation of the material on the end of a furniture run or island unit will give your kitchen a distinctive contemporary feel.

easy working, easy living

With Encore you are assured stand-out style. The finest materials and manufacturing techniques guarantee a product of superior quality, with edges expertly finished to the highest standards. And with Encore you can forget about expensive fabrication work off site or the time delay of templating because it has the advantage of being able to be fitted on site by your kitchen installer. Which means you can be eating at your breakfast bar in double quick time.

Crystal Cream breakfast bar.

beyond the worksurface

Encore excels with its extensive choice of ready-made components in worksurfaces, breakfast bars, upstands and splashbacks giving you real design freedom for today’s lifestyles. Whether a practical sink space or an informal dining area, there is a solution with Encore. Our breakfast bars come finished with both a square and a gently curved end as standard. Why not use one to create an island unit for some stylish open-plan living and dining?

Anthracite breakfast bar.

finishing touches

A matching upstand, splashback or hob panel offers both an attractive and practical finishing detail, allowing you to really appreciate the sleek beauty of this ever-so-versatile material.

Crystal Black worksurface and upstand. Shown with an Encore single bowl white acrylic moulded sink and straight drainer grooves.

Caramel Sparkle worksurface.

solid durable beautiful

Beautifully practical. Incredibly durable. The hard, non-porous material gives you a lovely hygienic and easy to clean surface. Encore copes easily with every day wear and tear, even in the busiest of kitchens. It’s also resistant to common kitchen spills and very high temperatures. But, as with every worksurface, treat it with a little love and use protectors and chopping boards and avoid dragging items across the worksurface as this can cause unnecessary scratching, which can be more apparent in darker colours. Solid surfacing does have the unique advantage of being repairable. Which means you can keep your Encore worksurface looking as pristine as the day it was installed. Year after year.

made to last


10 year Guarantee

Manufacturing with the finest materials is what gives Bushboard Encore worksurfaces their signature quality. While beautiful and stylish to look at, they are also constructed to cope with the wear and tear of everyday living.

Your Encore worksurface has a 10 year guarantee. Bushboard will make good by repair and/or replacement (at its discretion) any Encore product of its manufacture which can be shown to have failed by reason of defects in its manufacture, subject to fair wear and tear, provided the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the products are used for their intended purpose and application. Proof of date and place of purchase required. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and does not affect your rights in any way.

Encore features a thicker than average 5mm surface layer that delivers premium performance and surface appearance. The compression moulded reinforced acrylic gives it some extremely high performance characteristics, unique to Encore against comparative materials. Testing by FIRA (the Furniture Industry Research Association) shows that Encore can tolerate heat in excess of 240ºC, however we do recommend the use of protective pads when placing hot pans or casserole dishes on your worksurface and chopping boards when preparing food, as dark colours have a tendency to show marks and scratches more readily. Encore is five times more impact resistant than most solid surface products, so can cope with the knocks from the busiest kitchen. Independently tested by FIRA, your Encore worksurface is designed to withstand knocks, abrasions, chemicals, cigarette burns, steam and stains from juice, tea, wine or coffee. Another significant benefit of the material is that scratches can be polished out to renew your worksurface back to its original condition when installed. Your Encore worksurface is constructed with a 5mm solid surface applied to environmentally preferred* high-density particleboard, specially selected for its strength and stability. Its homogenous construction generates excellent machining capability for sink cut-outs, integrated drainers and mitre joints. * See full details under ‘made by Bushboard’

Easy installation Encore really does re-interpret solid surfacing for today’s kitchens. By applying our knowledge and expertise in worktop manufacturing, we have developed a product requiring very similar installation techniques as for conventional laminate worksurfaces. To reduce installation time, Encore 4.1m worksurfaces are supplied with factory-finished edges on the two short sides and the long front edge. The 2m worksurface is edged on one long edge. Breakfast bars are edged on all four sides combining a square and curved end. All worksurfaces are sealed on the underside with high-pressure laminate. Additional edging strips are also available. The surface is pre-sanded to a 320 grit finish which will be further sanded and polished on site by your installer to give a lovely semi-matt appearance. Maintaining this finish will require a periodic application of BB Professional Worktop Polish, which is supplied with our Installation Kit.

Corner joints are the real strength of Encore. The finished joint is inconspicuous and very, very hygienic. You’ll even forget it’s there. Simply follow our comprehensive installation guidelines which are supplied with every Encore worksurface and further copies are available on the website or from our Customer Service Team. They must be read prior to commencing any installation. Bushboard offers free training courses weekly for installers so that you are guaranteed a first-class finish.

can be removed by using the Scotch-Brite pad provided in our After Care Kit. In the unlikely event of more significant damage, we suggest using an Encore installer who is trained to repair and refinish your surfaces.

Care & Maintenance In general day-to-day usage, keeping your surface as good as new requires little more than normal cleaning with a mild detergent and water. Then rinse with clean water and buff gently dry. Lovely. Maintaining this finish will require a periodic application of BB Professional Worktop Polish, which is supplied with our installation kit. A consumer After Care Kit is available from your retailer or can be ordered from our Customer Service Team on 01933 232272. For full details refer to our After Care leaflet provided with every Encore worktop. They can also be found on our web site at Your Encore worksurface is developed to cope with every day wear and tear from crockery and utensils. And while it is highly impact and heat resistant, your worksurface can become damaged if mistreated, so we recommend some sensible measures like placing hot pans or casserole dishes on protective mats, mopping up spills quickly and not chopping directly onto it. A major benefit of Encore is its ability to be repaired. Minor scratches, which can be more apparent with darker colours,

Left: Lava worksurface and upstand. Shown with a Fiji 150 sink in Polar White and shaped drainer grooves. Right: Crystal Glass worksurface.

installation made easy Our Encore range offers a comprehensive choice of components, sink styles, installation materials and after care products. These are designed to make the installation process fast and easy on site.

Installation & materials Whilst Encore is easy to install, it is not a DIY product and should always be fitted by an experienced installer. As not all solid surface products are the same, to guarantee a professional finish, we recommend that the installer has attended one of our training courses on Encore. Please ask your kitchen retailer about this. Installation kit For every installation, it is essential that the installer uses a Bushboard Installation Kit, together with our bespoke Encore colour-matched adhesive. NB: BB Complete is for use with stainless steel or granite undermount sinks only.

• 1 cartridge per 2 x 650mm end caps • 1 cartridge per radius end • 1 cartridge per slab end, where a mitred, seamless joint is required If an overlap joint is used for a slab end BB Complete is the required adhesive. BB Complete adhesive

This adhesive is specially designed for undermounting stainless steel and granite sinks only. It can also be used for seaming upstands and splashbacks but not for endcapping and jointing Encore.

Jigs for sinks & radius ends When installing any of the undermount sinks which are available with Encore, it is essential to use our specially developed jig to ensure a professional installation every time. Other jig systems are not compatible with Encore. Jigs for drainer patterns are also available allowing you to complement your chosen sink style.

Suggested matches for undermounting stainless steel and granite sinks, seaming and an overlap slab end joint are listed below:

To form curved corners for furniture runs or island units, we supply a radius jig which is suitable for 230mm, 300mm, 400mm and 450mm radii.

Anthracite jet black

Cinnamon mushroom

Glacier ice white

Black Sparkle jet black

Crystal Black jet black

Lava pewter grey

Calico ivory

Crystal Cream ivory

Pearl Grey ash grey

Caramel Sparkle mushroom

Crystal Glass ice white

Storm basalt grey

Chocolate Sparkle chocolate

Crystal White ice white

Encore colour-matched adhesive Encore colour-matched adhesive is used for bonding and seamless jointing. It is supplied in 50ml cartridges and we recommend the following usage guidelines: • 1 cartridge per 2 joints

the perfect sink space With Encore you have the freedom to choose the sink that suits your look and your lifestyle. We have partnered with leading sink brands to give you an unrivalled selection of styles and materials.

White moulded acrylic sinks New to the Encore collection are the pure white moulded acrylic sinks which offer a seamless flow with the worksurface. Smooth to the touch and totally integrated, they are the ultimate in streamlined looks. The 100% acrylic material is durable, hygienic and nonporous. An advantage of Encore acrylic sinks is that they are reinforced and suitable for use with waste disposal units. A single bowl and bowl and a half options are available from your Encore supplier. What you need to install a moulded acrylic sink. • Acrylic sink jig set

Containing jigs for both sink models and a sink profiling cutter. The cutter will profile up to 6 sink installations. The jigs are reusable. Replacement cutters are available separately

• Reusable drainer jig • Encore 50ml adhesive colour matched to the worksurface • Encore sink clip set (12 per pack) Stainless steel sinks

Franke ARX110 35 & ARX160 Pyramis 100091430 Rangemaster UB3515 (left or right handed) Reginox RF302S 1810 Company Etroduo, Zenduo Granite sinks Granite is a classic favourite when it comes to sink materials being highly robust, heat, chemical and scratch resistant. With Encore, we offer the Fiji 100 & 150 sink models in colours of Polar White, Champagne, Espresso, Stone Grey, Graphite and Jet Black. What you need to install a stainless steel or granite undermount sink. • Reusable sink jig • Reusable drainer jig • Encore sink clip set (12 per pack) • 1 x 290ml cartridge of BB Complete adhesive

specially designed for undermounting sinks, as well as seaming upstands and splashbacks. (Not for jointing and end capping Encore)

Recognising the wide appeal of stainless steel, we offer a very extensive choice of undermounts from all the leading brand names to ensure you have optimum design choice.

Comprehensive information for all necessary tools and materials required, along with full installation instructions are available from our website or Customer Service Team. Your installer must read these prior to installation.

Options available: Astracast Echo D1, Echo S1, Opal S3 Blanco Supreme 533U Carron Phoenix Deca 100 &150, Tetra 100 & 150, Lavella LV150U, LV100U

Encore must not be used with Belfast or butler sinks.

Black Sparkle

Chocolate Sparkle

Caramel Sparkle




Pearl Grey




Crystal Black


Crystal Cream

Worksurfaces 4100 x 650 x 44mm edged 3 sides 2020 x 650 x 44mm edged 1 long (Also used as a slab end: rear face backed with a complementary plain laminate) Breakfast bar 2400 x 900 x 44mm edged on 4 sides, with one square and one bowed end. (2294mm to the start of the radius) White acrylic undermount sinks Single bowl One and a half bowl minimum base unit 500mm

minimum base unit 600mm


Crystal Glass


Edging strip 1350 x 45 x 5mm - 7 standard & 4 Crystal decors 2400 x 45 x 5mm - 7 standard & 4 Crystal decors 1000 x 47 x 1.7mm - 3 sparkle decors Radius Edging strip 1000 x 47 x 1.7mm - all 14 decors Upstand 3600 x 100 x 12mm Midway splashback 4100 x 600 x 5mm Hob panel 1200 x 1200 x 5mm

Crystal White


Installation please refer to the previous page for a full list of installation materials required.

free sample service

Made by Bushboard

Working with Bushboard

Bushboard is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of worksurfaces. With a manufacturing history dating from the 1930’s and more than 25 years experience in the production of premium worksurfaces, we are confident about the quality and the style statement our products can make to your home.

To help you with your choice, we have a dedicated Customer Service Team to give you all the friendly help and advice you need.

We have an exemplary record in Health & Safety and we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We have reduced our landfill from 2400 tonnes in 2006 to less than 250 tonnes currently. As a large consumer of chipboard, we ensure that all our material carries the PEFC certification, guaranteeing that it comes from properly environmentally managed and sustainable sources. We have also achieved independent accreditation to provide surety for ‘chain of custody’.

They can send you a brochure and 50mm square samples of the designs you are considering. We also offer advice on installing and looking after your Encore worksurface and our After Care leaflet is available by post, email or on our website. The Encore range is on display at retailers nationwide and visiting one of them is often the best way to make your final decision. The team can advise which retailers are nearest to you. Call 01933 232272.

All brochures and samples are available free of charge by contacting:

tel: 01933 232 242 fax: 01933 232 286 email:


Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Bushboard Ltd 9-29 Rixon Road Wellingborough Northants NN8 4BA Above: Black Sparkle worksurface. Back cover: Crystal Black worksurface. Shown with an Encore single bowl white acrylic moulded sink and straight drainer grooves.

The company reserves the right to change specifications at any time, without notice. Every effort has been made to achieve faithful representations of our products in this brochure, but due to printing limitations we recommend that samples of actual material are requested before purchasing.

492137/40/dist 492281/9/crm Issue 2

Bushboard Worktops - Encore Brochure  

All copyright Bushboard

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