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November/December/January 2011 Volume 21 • Number 2

ALUM & I – 6


Finding classmates by Phyllis Naumann CW Baker High all-alumni reunions by Tamara Falter Caruso


SCRAPBOOK – 8 WOW! ’em in Wilmington Reunion School 20th annual Richard Allen Homes Reunion Look to Smugglers’ Notch for winter reunions Travel agents suggest family reunion planning during the holidays by Meagan Drillinger Reunions Beverly, Yellowstone, Rockwell

BRANCH OFFICE – 12 Family memory stones by Dawn Dandy Benruds dedicate memorial by Iris Othrow and Julie Backus Family Tree: a Blackwell tradition by JoAnne Blackwell

MASTERPLAN – 15 Chaloner gathering by Anjanette Gaane Holiday reunions Celebrate the centenarian by Sussian Taylor Peterson and Juliuson families meet in Bemidji by Karen Bryngelson Reunions Soucy, McWhirter, Kfeirian, Strickland, Willis, Quander

REUNION FEATURES – 20 Fundraising ideas from many reunions Donations with registrations, the dilemma of early ordering, cell phones for scholarships T-shirts Reunions Willis, Seidemann, Delgado, Knapp Napp, Branch Outlaw, Murphy, Larling, Savage, ALAFFFA, Neal, Jordan Quilts Reunions Seidemann, Simmons, Cotton, Gee’s Bend, Dow Air Force Base, Kentucky’s Quilt Trail, Sylvester Goodie bags and prizes How to fill a goodie bag by Edith Wagner How to solicit goodies by Joan Curtis Waters Info packets for reunion guests by Lori Cawley Reunions Willis Connection, Banks Hill Outlaw, Davis, Floyd-Newson, Lawrence, King, Cardoza and Rodrigues San Diego’s premier reunion spot: Holiday Inn Bayside

MILITARY REUNION NEWS – 39 9th Infantry Division 65th anniversary by Kaye Olson Pearl Harbor Remembrance Page, Marine Corps C-130 Squadron, USS Bennington meets in Bennington

REUNION RESOURCES – 41 A directory of reunion-friendly places, services, vendors and products. ON THE COVER The Bathurst, Bisel, Foreman, Kleper, Jordan, Levine, Rosenson Family Reunion. See page 28.

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Be in touch! I AM JUST BACK

ince the last issue, I’ve attended a family reunion (mother’s side) in Bavaria, followed by an awesome road trip down the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River (great girlfriends reunion adventure) and a delightful visit to Norfolk, Virginia, that perennial military reunion favorite. And I look forward to joining the Alliance of Military Reunions seminar and town hall meeting in Boston soon. More on the “local” trips in upcoming issues.


Mail to R EUNIONS MAGAZINE PO Box 11727 Milwaukee WI 53211-0727 For charge orders call 800-373-7933 or visit or fax it to 414-263-6331. Or best of all, e-mail


T-shirts, quilts and goodie bags dominate this issue; because they all require advance consideration and planning, we suggest you get a head start on these planning details. Fundraising ideas will help as you consider that sometimes thorny aspect of reunion plans. Family, class and military reunion stories all include some gems that can get you thinking about any kind of reunion you’re planning. Read on.

information about what to anticipate. If you prepare a newsletter, send a reunion report from last summer and remind everyone of the great time you shared ... and look forward to again. If you're collecting materials for a cookbook, memory book or quilt, “prod” members to submit information, recipes or quilt squares. Consider stocking stuffers from – lots of items to help, whether your gift recipient is a beginner or seasoned veteran reunion organizer. Many reunion committees take advantage of everyone being home during holidays to meet. If you’re just starting a committee, listen to our podcasts about committee leadership and formation. If your reunion celebrates Christmas in July, shop on December 26th to save at least 50% for authentic decorations, gift wrap and gifts that will be impossible to find in the summer.


This month reminds us that adoption reunions were the idea that led to the creation of this magazine. We have rarely revisited those intense personal reunions, but are always in debt to Jean Strauss, whose reunion story generated the idea. This year, to acknowledge National Adoption Month, PBS will feature Jean’s documentary ADOPTED: for the life of me, which follows the journey of adult adoptees searching and hoping for a reunion. We urge you to watch these very personal stories that will explain a still painful civil rights aberration for the orphan minority (pun intended) who just want to know who they are, but are kept from that information in all but one state. To learn where you can see ADOPTED: for the life of me, go to and click on “Find a Screening.” And while on the subject of adoption, this note Reunions magazine associates, Lauren and Andrew Bordeaux (third and fourth from the left) from Mary Thiele Fobian, erstwhile editor of this surprised their grandfather Russell Bordeaux (in the wheelchair) and great uncle, Bob Budjak (second left), both from Milwaukee, at a World War II Honor Flight event in Washington, DC. magazine and now a genealogical researcher: “I did some research for a client in another state, looking for her birth mother. It culminated in a telephone NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS reunion with half-siblings I'd identified here in California. FOR THE REUNION PLANNER They are overjoyed. Their mom had told them about the baby Listen to our podcast about reunion resolutions she'd given up, and they wanted to meet her. Very satisfying. for the new year or any time you begin planning a new Those ancestors I find in the 19th century censuses never sit reunion. up to wave and say, ‘Hey, thanks!’ But it's true their descendants express gratitude.” HAPPY HOLIDAYS HOLIDAYS ARE COMING …

When preparing your holiday cards, save money – and time – by combining holiday greetings and reunion information. Send a simple reminder of date and place or include

4 R E U N I O N S O

We wish you happy holidays and perhaps the time during the season to squeeze in some reunion planning committee meetings: add egg nog and stir. Then, a healthy, prosperous kick off to 2011! EW


Finding classmates

CW Baker High all-alumni reunion


by Tamara Falter Caruso

hyllis Naumann, West Bend, Wisconsin, wrote about planning her 45th class reunion. We decided to invite all members of Kewaskum Community High School Class of 1965 from freshman through senior year, even if they attended only one year or less. I went through the four yearbooks and made a list of those classmates, their married names and years they attended. Then I went through the class history and found about 10 more classmates whose names were not listed in our yearbooks. Altogether we had 160 class members. We emailed information to classmates who have email, and used regular mail to send information to the rest.


he Kewaskum Community High School Class of 1965 shared their invitation/ program and a sheet of 20 questions whose answers would be used for a reunion book. Both of these documents are online at, click on “getting the word out.”

Kewaskum Community High School Class of 1965 announced a “perpetual reunion” to meet every year, called Kewaskum Indians Forever. JOIN A PERPETUAL REUNION

Join the “Kewaskum Indians Forever” KIF Club • KICK-OFF: 45th Class Reunion (Sept. 25, Jugs Hitching Post, 4pm) This will be the only time that you can join the club Look for the KIF Club sign-up table at the 45th Class Reunion • We will meet once a year for lunch at noon on the third Wednesday of September Next Luncheon: 21 September 2011: West Bend Lakes Golf Club, 1241 Hwy 33, West Bend WI 53095 (buy your own lunch) • KIF Club Cash Prizes (3) will be awarded Cost: $5 per classmate, per year (Cash Only, pay at start of luncheon) • Each $5 annual fee will be deposited into a restricted fund The last three classmates, who never miss a KIF luncheon will split the money collected through the years and use it for anything they want (take a trip, donate to charity, have a party, etc.) Attendance is required each year in order to remain in the club • Spouses are encouraged to attend; however, only classmates will be eligible for the cash prize 6 R E U N I O N S O


ast year, Baldwinsville, New York, Village Board declared the first weekend in August Alumni Weekend. Facebook was on fire with conversations, stories, memories and longing for the weekend to arrive. Nostalgic photos were posted, leading to conversations between people who didn’t know each other but were connected by a little dot on the map. People in our quiet little town are loyal. There is something special about our quaint village that draws people back. Ask anyone who has called Baldwinsville home and they will tell you they feel it, too. I’ve heard people say you can never go home but they aren’t from B’ville. The weekend promised to be a

busy one, with three reunions scheduled. The Class of 1990 celebrated their 20th, the class of 1980 their 30th and the All-Alumni reunion was held for classes from 1956 through 2009. None of the reunions overshadow the others; all ages and all classes mingled and celebrated together because of the common denominator, Lori Glumpe Pocyntyluk, Donna Russell Calkins, Sue Organski Crane, Marcia Hamm Lamirande at the Baker High reunion. Baker High. How simply wonderful it was to reconnect with former classmates and create new friendships. The Budweiser Amphitheater on Paper Mill Island was rockin’ with the music of Under the Gun. Over 1000 people were dancing, singing and enjoying the atmosphere of an eclectic group of current and former residents so happy to share an evening together. The concert was followed by fireworks over the Seneca River. At parties after, laughter filled the air, and cameras flashed to commemorate these returning B’villians. Eyes met across the room, arms waved at familiar faces, and smiles lit up the entire place. Many conversations led to connections with siblings, cousins, neighbors and old friends, and realizations about how many people and places we all have in common. Many of us ended our night at the B’ville Diner, a landmark of our unique little corner of Heaven since 1950. There is nothing better than having home fries and gravy at 2 AM. For information about the CW Baker High Alumni Association, contact John Blair, 315-457-5540;; or Lynnette Yager-Barbano 973518-4311;; or join them on facebook (CW Baker High Alumni Association).

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 7


Wow! ’em in Wilmington


reater Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley, Delaware, are among the country’s best-kept secrets when it comes to the perfect location for a reunion! In addition to location and accessibility, one of the most attractive attributes of the area is its cost-effectiveness – because Greater Wilmington is a tax-free destination! In the current economy, no other destination offers reunion planners the ability to stretch their dollars quite like Greater Wilmington. You will enjoy all the area’s wonderful attractions, especially the brand new Urban Wildlife Refuge. This breathtaking facility is the country’s first and only wildlife refuge adjacent to a bustling urban center. Stroll the Longwood Garden in Brandywine Valley has over 1,050 landscaped outdoor acres and 20 indoor gardens including the heated conservatory, the main fountain garden, Italian water garden and an open air theatre. world-class Longwood Gardens, explore the 300-acre A garden treasure, Longwood attracts more than a million visitors a year from all corners of the world. campus of Nemours Mansion, experience the DuPont Longwood Gardens is open every day, year-round with special seasonal displays and events. family legacy at Winterthur Museum, shop tax-free at more passengers traveling together are eligible for 20% off the Wilmington’s Riverfront Market, and take a sunset cruise on the best available Amtrak fare traveling to or from Wilmington. Christina River on the Riverboat Queen. Trains with excess capacity during off-peak travel periods may Wilmington is easily accessible to nearby Baltimore, be eligible for even deeper discounts. Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and New York City for day trips. Reunions offer the opportunity for family and friends to Then come back to save money by staying overnight. Greater connect and to honor the past and celebrate the future, all at the Wilmington offers both a vibrant urban environment and the same time. Greater Wilmington and Brandywine Valley can give peaceful solace of the countryside. you peace of mind to focus on the important aspects of your next Generally, room rates in Wilmington are lower than those of reunion. To unlock all that this tax-free destination has to offer, neighboring cities, adding up to significant savings. contact the Greater Wilmington, DE-CVB reunion specialist at Amtrak offers a 40% discount for one companion with a paid 800-489-6664. regular adult traveling to or from Wilmington. Bookings of 20 or

8 R E U N I O N S O

Most of these events are sponsored and presented by convention and visitors bureaus. They take place on Saturdays unless noted and, for the most part, are for people planning reunions in their area. All prefer or require advance reservations and are free or at nominal cost. For information about new events – added online, as soon as we learn about them – visit and click on workshops, conferences and seminars. ALLIANCE OF MILITARY REUNIONS


Contact Skip Sander, 412-367-1376;;

February 19, 2011 The Mason Inn – campus of George Mason University 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Speakers: Dr. Ione Vargus, founder of The Family Reunion Institute at Temple University and Edith Wagner, Editor of Reunions magazine. Program, breakfast, lunch, and optional tour of the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Advance registration is free and required. Contact Dean Miller at Visit Fairfax: 703-752-9509;


Call Alpharetta CVB, toll-free 877-202-5961; Carol Gryson, ATHENS, GEORGIA

February 12, 2011 Contact Amy Clark, 706-357-4433; ATLANTA, GEORGIA

September 2011 Contact Angelique Alvarez, 404-521-6572; BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA

Reunion Planner Workshop, 800-458-8085 BRANSON, MISSOURI

Military Reunion Planners Conference hosted by the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB. Contact Branson/Lakes Area CVB, PO Box 1897, Branson MO 65615; 800-214-3661;; NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

Contact Treasure, National Reunion Services, 925-240-1482; CHICAGO SOUTHLAND, ILLINOIS

Contact Elizabeth Baun; 888-895-8233;; COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA

February 26, 2011 Family reunion planning guide, trade show (hotels, attractions, etc.), complimentary lunch. Free to anyone planning a family reunion in Cobb County; seating limited to two guests per reunion. Contact Kathy Buske, 678-303-2624; DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA

November 13, 2010 Contact Carol Murray, 800-999-6055 DETROIT, MICHIGAN

Planning a Successful Reunion in the “D”! Free planning kit and chance to win prizes. Registration required. Contact Nikki Donald, Detroit Metro CVB, 313-202-1972;; DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA


Contact Renee Cobb, 888-230-2586; GREENWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA

Contact Lindsay Burns, 864-953-2464; GWINNETT COUNTY, GEORGIA

January 14, April 8, July 15, October 14, 2011 ABCs of Planning a Family Reunion. Complimentary lunch, Family Reunion Planning Guide. Reservations only, no walk-ins. Contact Linda Murphy, GCTS, 888-494-6638; KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA

Contact Sara Melendez-Davis at 800-831-1844, ext 42446; LAKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS

Spring 2011 Keylime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort, Gurnee, Illinois. Workshop experience includes educational sessions, exhibition from local hotels and venues, tours and idea sharing. Meet Reunions magazine editor, Edith Wagner. Contact Kimberly Ghys, Lake County CVB, 800-Lake-Now; LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY

Contact Keri Willard, 502-560-1487; MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA

Contact Meet Minneapolis, 800-445-7412, x 8104; NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA

Contact Cheryl Morales, 888-493-7386;

March 5, 2011 Douglasville Conference Center Annex. For info and to register, call Douglasville CVB, 678-715-6069



Family Reunion University, YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch. Contact Conference Office, 800-777-9622

January 22, 2011 Contact Chelsey Morrison, ESTES PARK, COLORADO

November 12-14, 2010 Family Reunion University YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center. Contact Conference Office at 800-777-9622

Contact Kevin Flowers, 800-551-8682; WINTER PARK, COLORADO


Contact Mary Zucchero, 734-483-4444;

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 9


20th annual Richard Allen Homes Reunion


ore than 2,000 people attended the 20th annual Richard Allen Homes Reunion at Lemon Hill, Fairmount Park, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event attracts former and current community residents of the North Philadelphia housing development and is hosted by the Original Richard Allen Committee, Inc. (ORAC). Honorees this year are Jazz tenor saxophone legend and Richard Allen alum, Robert “Bootsie” Barnes, and R. “Sonny” Driver, publisher of Scoop USA, a North Philadelphiabased community newspaper. A highlight of this year’s event was a talent show, open to all ages, loosely called “Richard Allen’s Got Talent.” The reunion also featured a fashion show and dance-off.

Cody Bond (left), Sonny Morgan (middle) and Damir Jackson (right) won first, second and third place, respectively, at the “Richard Allen’s Got Talent” kids’ talent show, at the recent 20th Annual Richard Allen Homes Reunion.

Two college-bound students and lifelong residents of the Richard Allen Homes, Michelle Autrey (left) and Malik Johnson, were awarded $500 scholarships for school supplies and books; both will attend four-year universities.. Malik Johnson’s mother, Karen Keys (right), accepted the scholarship on his behalf.

More than 2,000 former and current residents of the Richard Allen Housing Development attended the 20th Annual Richard Allen Homes reunion, at Lemon Hill, in Fairmount Park, in Philadelphia. Many of the children and adult attendees participated in the line dances that broke out spontaneously throughout the day-long event. Also on the afternoon’s agenda were games, facepainting, a magician, two talent shows, two award ceremonies and free food for all.

The faces in Rockwell printings


ound in Grange halls, school dances and on the town green, regular people whose faces came to embody Americana. For more than a decade residents of Arlington, Vermont, worked as models for Norman Rockwell. For $5, they spent a few hours posing for calendars, greeting cards and paintings. Rockwell left Arlington in 1953. Models did, too. Dozens returned to celebrate Rockwell in the small town that set the stage for some of his most iconic works. Rockwell acted out what he wanted models to do, and showed the expression. A

photographer took pictures, which Rockwell referred to while painting. He liked to sell tickets at dances because he was interested in people’s hands and faces. Laurie Norton Moffatt, curator of The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, holds model reunions each year and has recorded oral histories with at least 80 men and women who posed. From a much longer article in the New York Times by Katie Zezima

Yellowstone alumni hold reunion


n the summer of 1965, 11 guys in their late teens and early 20s worked at the service station in Mammoth Hot Springs, Montana, cleaning windshelds, filling gas tanks and changing oil. It was an immediate brotherhood. Steve German organized the group’s first reunion in 1985, and since then they’ve met every five years near Yellowstone National Park with wives, children and grandchildren. Before the internet and email it took German two years to locate his former coworkers. 10 R E U N I O N S O

German’s wife Corinne, who did not work in the park, says reunions transcend the stories from that summer. They’re wonderful friends. Since working at the service station, three of the men earned PhDs, one is a dentist and one is both a veterinarian and physician. Scott Darwin taught German (the language, not Steve) at Arkansas State University for 39 years, then after retiring, came back to Yellowstone to work in a park gift shop. From a story by Samantha Booth in the The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman, Montana

Travel agents suggest family reunion planning during the holidays by Meagan Drillinger


STA (American Society of Travel Agents) suggests that holidays are a great time to take advantage of everyone being together to begin some important reunion organizing. Many travel agents specialize in niches, including reunion planning, so a professional can be an important member of your reunion planning team. A travel agent can help find a destination within your reunion budget with something for everyone. These are their tips.  Don’t go it alone. Get help and start early. Contact an ASTA travel agent for suggestions about destinations, on-site activities and how to meet everyone’s travel budget.  Contact the convention and visitors bureau (CVB) at your destination. They offer many services to reunions.  Commit to committees. Schedule committee meetings while everyone’s home

or arrange a conference call when everyone can make a little time. Establish committees to plan games for kids, banquet program, memorial service, special activities and fundraising raffles and auctions. Volunteers are important to the planning process and essential on reunion day.  Prepare in winter, enjoy in summer. Many reunion projects require planning and lead time. If your group decides to produce a quilt or publishing project (cookbook, directory), start early. Ask family members to decorate a square for a reunion quilt, share a recipe for a cookbook or stories for a family history or anecdotes or pictures for a memory book.  Celebrate Christmas in July. If you’re planning a “Christmas in July” theme for your summer reunion, take advantage of post-holiday sales on decorations, ornaments, gifts and wrappings. Visit

Beverly natives meet at reunion in Florida


reunion all about Beverly, Massachusetts, doesn’t even happen in Beverly. But for 48 years, over 100 people with Beverly connections have gathered in Florida for the annual Beverly-Florida Reunion. The event includes a social hour, lunch and nine holes of golf. The reunion began as a gathering of people who lived in Florida and used to work at United Shoe Machinery, once Beverly’s largest employer. It started as a picnic, but got bigger and was finally moved indoors. Anyone with connection to Beverly is welcome. Contact Terri Farmer Mikszenas, 727-799-4551; From an article by Paul Leighton in The Salem News, Salem, Massachusetts

Look to Smugglers’ Notch for winter reunions


mugglers’ Notch in northern Vermont has much to offer winter reunions: three mountains for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, sleigh-riding and dog-sledding. Inside are swimming, hot tubs, kid and teen activity centers, massage and nightlife. Families, kids and teens have their own age-appropriate indoor recreation centers. The Fun Zone offers an arcade, a bouncy house, table games, a giant slide and an obstacle course. Two supervised teen centers, Teen Alley (ages 13-15) and Outer Limits (ages 16 and older), give teens access to computer games, Ping-Pong, pool and other activities with other kids their own age. Smuggs excels at lessons for all ages and levels, from the tiniest tots to seniors. Lessons are segregated by age (ages 3-5, 6-10, 1-15,

16-17, and adults) and experience, with all-day programs designed to keep even the most advanced kids interested. Infants (as young as six weeks) and toddlers get individual professional attention at Treasures child care center. Toddlers ready to try the slopes have their own tiny skis, lessons and magic carpet lift to get them going. Smugglers’ Notch is a self-contained mountain village with six “communities.” A typical two-bedroom Tamaracks condo in the resort’s North Hill community has a gas fireplace, kitchen and living area. Some townhouses have as many as five bedrooms, great for family reunions. Visit From a report by Nancy Olesin, GateHouse News Service Echo Pilot, Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 11


Family memory stones hen the Dandy Chattman Family Reunions are held in Rhode Island, it is a tradition that they visit family gravesites in the Smithfield Cemetery, where 18 are buried. In the past, they placed flowers and flags on the graves but for a newer tradition they leave memory stones. Elder family members thought that it would be a good idea to have all generations participate in decorating the stones. So painting the stones was added as an activity to the reunion agenda. The elders also thought that decorating and placing stones would inspire younger generations to always remember those who have passed on. One cousin provided three bags of rocks and paint for the activity. Pictures and report by Dawn Dandy, Upper Marlboro, Maryland.


Aniya Jones places a stone on her great aunt Bessie Gray's grave.

The Dandy Chattman family says a prayer.

Jackie Dowdy places a stone on the grave of her father, John Dowdy, Jr.

Benruds dedicate memorial


he Benrud Family Reunion represents ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things. This year, the family dedicated a chapel as a permanent memorial to the Benrud Family at Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center, Inc. (, near Coon Valley, Wisconsin. The Little White Church of Sparta was successfully moved to Norskedalen and restored to its previous glory. The

Maren Branch

12 R E U N I O N S O

interior contains a mix of original, replica and period-appropriate furnishings. The reunion maintains contact and records for over 800 families. It is coordinated by an elected board of directors and has been held every five years since 1950, when 319 attended the first reunion. Peder Pettersen Benrud Attendance has been as high (1820-1914) and as 425. The Benrud Reader Anne Soffie Jonsdatter (1818-1903) (newsletter) goes to the ancestors of Peder and Anna Soffie Benerud, who immigrated from Norway in 1875 with their children Olava, Carl and Kristian, to join their children Maren, Lena and Anton, who had come earlier. This extended family benefits from their reunions as a way to maintain contact, learn about common culture, and celebrate family heritage. They maintain a family history website ( and a Benrud Family group on facebook. From Iris Othrow, McFarland, Wisconsin, and Julie Backus, Wilson, Wisconsin.

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 13


Family Tree: a Blackwell tradition


he Blackwell Family Reunion is held the 4th weekend of each October. Our reunions provide an opportunity to engage in fellowship, story-telling, dancing and travel, in addition to participating in civic and cultural events. Just as our ancestors passed down stories from generation to generation, we share the stories of our families with our young people and set aside time to play games and have fun. Thelma Doswell, the family historian, traced the Blackwells back to the slave auction block where, in 1735, an African woman named Amar and her daughter, Tab, were purchased by white plantation owner James Glenn Blackwell. Amar and Tab arrived in Yorktown, Virginia, on the slave ship Doddington from Ghana, Mali and Songhay Empires of West Africa in 1735. Their tribe is believed to be the Soninke ethnicity of Bakel, Senegal, West Africa. In 1959, the first Blackwell Family Tree was unveiled at the 7th annual reunion.

Incomplete family limbs were researched back to 1735, and an updated family tree with 3,333 family names on 9' x 12' canvas was unveiled 12 years later at the 19th Blackwell Family Reunion. Twenty years later, the 10' x 14" Blackwell Family Tree on canvas with 5,000 family names from 15 states, Africa, Canada, Germany, and Haiti was unveiled at our 39th annual family reunion. Each year there is a special event at the banquet. Last year there was a “Red Carpet Event” to recognize family members 80 years and older. Honorees received lifetime membership certificates which exempt them from paying dues. On Sunday, the family worshipped together before their journey home. This Oral History tree, designed on a 6' x 8' canvas, has The Blackwells have a constitution and 1,500 family names inscribed on its limbs with one gold by-laws, and they hold a family business leaf to commemorate Arthur Ashe, Jr., for his champion meeting after the Meet and Greet. They tennis success. The tree without roots dates back to 1789. publish a newsletter and family book, and have a scholarship fund for the youth. Reported by JoAnne Blackwell, Laurel Springs, New Jersey.

Family history skits and re-enactments


se your own family history stories to develop skits or plays that retell family tales. Or stage reenactments at places that are important to your family: homes, schools, churches, parks or cemeteries. Non-actors can model vintage clothing or ancestral outfits. Ask someone with a video camera to interview members about the family for an oral history. If the reunion honors a special event (Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th anniversary, Grandma’s 80th birthday) ask people to talk about the guest(s) of honor. Ask questions about growing up or going to school. Listen to how differently people remember the same place or event. Provide a table to display treasured family memorabilia: historic photos, military medals, old jewelry, family bibles, etc. Be sure items are carefully labeled with the owner’s name, and that the table is always staffed.

14 R E U N I O N S O


Chaloner gathering by Anjanette Gaane


he descendants of John and Matilde Chaloner gathered in Camp Condor, a children’s camp in Frazier Park, California, to celebrate their third family reunion. There are three main family branches: Buhay, Gaane and Conlu. The farthest came from the Philippines. Four generations of almost 80 family members, including newly found members, came to spend a fun-filled weekend. Matriarchs and sisters, Nena Buhay and Carrie Gaane, enjoyed being surrounded by family. With full access to the camp’s amenities, young and old or “young at heart” enjoyed the swimming pool, a lake for fishing and paddle boating, archery, Craft Lodge, and mess hall with a fully equipped kitchen. Family members

The t-shirt logo was used as labels for table decorations.

during the last reunion was displayed in the Mess Hall. At the end of the weekend we have informal prayer service of thanksgiving to remember deceased family members. The family doesn’t have a formal organizing group, but a handful of members from different age groups are asked for input to ensure their needs and concerns are known. In addition to emails, the Chaloners keep in contact through their facebook page. Using email and facebook, volunteers are assigned or delegated tasks like snacks, monitoring the Craft Lodge, trash duty, compiling the family directory, and ordering t-shirts. Everyone is encouraged to pitch in to clean.


Despite best-laid plans, organizers should be flexible and allow adjustments to time schedules or activities. Activity plans and schedules that sounded great during planning were not actually feasible once we arrived at the campsite. For instance, we had forgotten how hilly the campground was, and had to adjust where the games for The Amazing Race should be played. Although it is difficult to please everyone, organizers should try to be accommodating to the needs of both young and old. Organizers’ attitudes also can influence the tone and energy of any gathering. If organizers are not enjoying the reunion, no one else can enjoy it, either. By planning ahead, being flexible and having backup plans, all the effort is worthwhile; inconveniences are forgotten, while “roughing it” and the fun everyone had are remembered. Reported by Anjanette Gaane, West Covina, California. Without cell phones or electronics at their camp location, Chaloner kids had lots of socializing time.

are assigned a meal either by branch or generation. As soon as assignments are made, a few weeks before the reunion, a friendly competition begins about which group can prepare the best meal. The weekend theme was “Family First.”Activities promoted the importance of family and family history. The camp had no cellular service so family members had to set aside cell phones and other electronic gadgets. This made it more conducive for members to sit, listen and talk with family. We played our version of The Amazing Race. Teams participated in activities that provided information about how families can strengthen their ties and about our Filipino and American heritage. In the Craft Lodge, each family designed their own quilt piece to fit their personalities. Families had fun decorating their felt quilt piece with ribbons, fabric paint, beads, glitter or whatever was available. Reunion quilt pieces were bound together, creating a colorful quilt. The quilt made

Enjoying the reunion (left to right), Carrie Chaloner Gaane, and her daughter, Nancy Gaane Balingasa, Dorothy Buhay Pabayo and her mother, Nena Chaloner Buhay. N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 15


One organizer’s suggestions


anet Salter, Rockford, Illinois, helped organize a family reunion for 100 people. Her suggestions were reported by Edith C. Webster in the Rockford Register Star, Rockford, Illinois. Negotiate with facilities for your needs, like securing a complimentary meeting room by booking a block of rooms. Consider a hotel with suites to give families more room for children and amenities like refrigerators. Encourage all members to stay in the designated hotel for safety, economics and unity. When people shop around or stay in homes, it causes confusion. Set and promote deadlines for reservations and fees.

New year, familiar faces


leanor Ball in the Norwich (Connecticut) Bulletin quotes her source in this hopeful note at the 73rd Soucy Family Reunion in Colchester, Connecticut. “We had a great year this year, one new baby and no deaths,” Noella Daigle said.

PO BOX 335428 NORTH LAS VEGAS NV 89033 800-654-2776 •


A joyful reunion


he Erickson Family Christmas in Lowell, Oregon, has grown so big over the past half-century that Christmas was canceled two years ago for lack of a house big enough. Last year, the Ericksons rented the Lowell Grange Hall, with enough room for 119 guests, ages five months to 80 years. Carols required a conductor, who could have used a megaphone. The food was potluck. Something about the way this group interacted bespoke peace, just a supersized version of a Norman Rockwell Christmas. No one bickered or sulked. There were smiles and embraces and warmth. Family founders, the late Erick and

Elvie Erickson, got things started by parenting eight children. A Lowell millworker, Erick didn’t make enough money to afford extravagant family vacations, so they stayed put and enjoyed each other’s company. One of the sons said, “We had each other. It’s just a happy family.” The eight children had 30 of their own. Those 30 spawned 65 more, and those 65 have so far had 20 little ones. Santa showed up, assistants in tow, to handle two boxes and a giant stocking full of presents, bearing the full name of each child. From a story by Winston Ross in The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon.

Holiday family drama


r. Sonya Friedman, psychologist in the Birmingham, Michigan, area, suggests that every family has at least one toxic member who makes a pleasant dinner, for example, turn into an embarrassing or noxious event. The key to survival, Friedman says, is to expect people to be who they are and not someone else. It is important to recognize that unresolved old issues come up when family members are together. If family members have issues, expect them to show up again; they are not going away. If a family member has problems with

alcohol, don’t serve alcohol. Not willing to step up to that decision? Then put the liquor on the table and let the spats fly, as they will. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Spare yourself! If you know that a “situation” has the possibility of occurring, turn to humor instead of sarcasm to deal with it. Let it go. Making an earnest attempt to accept the people in your life for who they are instead of who you want them to be helps, too. From an article in the Mirror, Birmingham, Michigan

Want to see your reunion on these pages? The answer is simple. Send a report, add terrific, well-focused pictures and we'll consider it.

what's We have Include out your deadline no b a l ia c e sp nd what read it ws, we he reunion aire other we get it. n will insp ions. reun

For more details and ideas, read these pages and learn more from Media Alerts and Writers Guidelines at

Pictures MUST be at least 300 dpi.

Send with your report to; subject line: name of the reunion.

We have LOTS of submissions so make yours stand out! 16 R E U N I O N S O

Celebrate the centenarian

The celebrated centenarian, Beatrice Vaughn, is seated between her son wearing a green jacket and brown hat and daughter wearing a beige hat.


eatrice Vaughn, the centenarian, is the matriarch and eldest member of the Vaughn family. She is a 4'10", small-framed godly woman filled with wisdom and knowledge, and draws respect and love. Her in-depth memory from the past to the present keeps you captivated, listening to her stories of growing up, learning to bake and to sew from homemade patterns, marriage, life on the farm, church revivals, picnics, and visits with family and friends. The Vaughn Family Reunion was held in Decatur, Illinois. Seventy family members traveled from several states to the biannual three-day reunion. They held a Meet ’n’ Greet, family breakfast, took a bus trip to Springfield to tour the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and shopped at White Oaks Mall. The banquet celebrated Beatrice Vaughn’s 100th birthday, and featured a talent showcase and genealogy reading. The reunion ended with a business meeting and prayer. The family had a wonderful time reminiscing, sharing photos, breaking bread, talking for hours, laughing, and communicating the need to stay connected. More Vaughn Family Reunion pictures are at their website on The next Vaughn Family Reunion will be in 2012 in Chicago. Reported by Sussian Taylor, Normal, Illinois

Quanders return to their roots


he Quanders are one of the oldest and largest black families in America. They celebrated part of their 85th reunion at Mount Vernon, the Virginia home of George Washington, where some of the family’s ancestors were once held as slaves. The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association invited all Quanders, including those who don’t trace their roots back to the slaves at Mount Vernon, to stage a part of their 85th annual reunion at the historic home. The Quanders have traced their family history back to Charles County, Maryland, in the late 1600s. According to oral history, two Quander brothers were separated in Southern Maryland. They never reconnected, but their ancestors did. The Quander Family Reunion began on Friday with a fish fry, with fish caught by Quander fishermen who bring their catch from Southern Virginia. On Saturday the reunion visited Mount Vernon, and on Sunday attended church. Heard on Talk of the Nation on NPR N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 17


Peterson and Juliuson families meet in Bemidji


heir four Swedish grandparents attended a small Swedish Lutheran Church started in 1885 near Finley, North Dakota. Four of the five Juliuson children married someone from the family of eight Peterson children. This makes it easy to organize a reunion including both sides of the family; father was a Peterson, mother was a Juliuson. Two years of organizing reaped a wonderful reunion: lots of good visiting and beautiful weather.

Everyone placed a stick pin where they were from.

Johan and Esther Juliuson, Married June 1, 1915


Marilyn and John Peterson, Karen (Peterson) and Arlem Bryngelson, Paulette (Peterson) and Ed Bolden.

he first Clifford and Avie McWhirter Family Reunion in Gallatin, Tennessee, was a great success. It was a powerful event because most hadn’t seen each other in nearly ten years. They held a memorial balloon release of nine balloons for the nine family members who are no longer with us. Shared by Diane Bowling, Indianapolis, Indiana.

18 R E U N I O N S O

Carl and Emma Peterson, Married December 24, 1899

Kim Bryngelson made the family tree and pictures for the walls. Names and pictures of all their ancestors covered a wall and a half. She also did the genealogy for a book, created picture name tags and scanned pictures people brought to the reunion. The printer ran an unbound copy of the book “Connections,” which sold 50 copies with the promise of 23 pages of color family pictures and reunion events. Reported by Karen Bryngelson, Bemidji, Minnesota


he legacy of Charley Willis, the singing cowboy, is continued by his proud family of 500, most of whom still live in Texas. They are held together through the “Willis Connection,” founded by his great-grandson, Franklin Willis, Spring, Texas. An extended family newsletter keeps them connected. The theme of the recent Willis Family Reunion, in Las Vegas, Nevada, was “Honoring our Ancestors.” They highlighted family members over age 70 as well as those from the distant past, including Charley Willis. The Willis clan wore their t-shirts around Las Vegas during the reunion and were stopped and asked about their ancestor. This sparked a lot of interest from complete strangers about hosting their own reunions and honoring their ancestors. A conference call was set up so that the elderly and infirm, who could not travel, could participate in the reunion from their homes.

Willis Connection members generate interest in their t-shirts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A DVD was made of pictures of ancestors, present family members, and prior reunion pictures. A family recipe booklet also was produced. (More about this family’s reunion fundraising is elsewhere in this issue.)

The family is taking a collection to put a marker at Charley Willis’s grave in Davilla, Texas, giving him credit for composing the popular cowboy song Good-bye Old Paint. Reported by Franklin Willis, Spring, Texas

Kfeirian Reunion


group of courageous men and women from Kfeir, a small village in Lebanon, left their homeland in pursuit of a dream in America. After many informal gatherings in the 1920s to reminisce about their land and their roots, our founders agreed to gather in 1932 and then pledged to meet each year with their families to ensure that their descendants would carry on the traditions of faith and family Thus, the Kfeirian Reunion legacy was born. Through the years descendants have spread far and wide; however, the Kfeirian Reunion continues to celebrate their memory and heritage today. Kfeirian members come from across the US, Canada and around the world. We hold our annual reunion in various cities, from the Ohio/West Virginia area where our early immigrants originally settled, to other locations such as Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles! We celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2007 in Huntington, West Virginia, and will be meeting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2011 for our 79th reunion. The Kfeirian Reunion is a true American success story. Reported by Mike Abraham, Jacksonville, Florida.

m o r e o n w w w. r e u n i o n s m a g . c o m N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 19


Fundraising from many reunions


n a discussion on our forum, one planner laments, “All families hate asking for donations ... and when you do, nobody donates. We have few ways to make money. Family members bring items to auction and all proceeds go to next year’s reunion. There is usually a nice big item we auction off. For a 50/50 raffle, everyone buys tickets. If your number is called you get half the money collected. The other half goes to next year’s reunion.” The Overtons have had several successful fundraisers. They had two garage sales, a casino night and a raffle. All were a lot of fun and made over $1,000. They also charge a registration fee, according to Susan Phillips, Irving, Texas. Denise Murphy, Antioch, Tennessee, reports about her reunion on our forum (, where there are frequent discussions about paying for reunions. The next Murphy Family Reunion in Nashville had a large garage sale and put the money toward the reunion. Murphy is charging for meals at a good price and having members pay beforehand. A lot of homemade items will be collected for a silent auction that brings in money for what they need. She also puts out a decorated jar for more donations and receives more money after the reunion. Finally, Murphy says they have a penny competition. Everyone saves pennies, brings them to the reunion and the person with the most pennies wins a prize. Debbie Cutter Vanderpool, Harubin, New York, reported that the Klafehn Family Reunion used a theme basket fundraiser for their 100th reunion. It was such a success and so much fun that they made it an annual event. They even set up a special area/tent to showcase all the baskets. Each family creates a gift basket based on any theme they choose: desserts and goodies, baby shower, wine

20 R E U N I O N S O

lovers, chocolate feast, holidays and so on. During the reunion, members purchase tickets ($1 for one, $5 for six and $10 for 12) and place them in a container in front of the basket they hope to win. Winning tickets are drawn from each container. Reunions with many young families can have a Mom-to-Mom Sale. Anyone with gently used baby or children’s clothes, toys or equipment suitable for newborns to seven-year-olds participate. A percentage of each sale goes to the reunion. Goods not sold can be donated to a family shelter or Goodwill. A Trike-A-Thon is exactly what it sounds like. Challenge young children to solicit donations per lap they ride on their tricycles. Establish a trike path around the block or through a park. Hold the ride at your picnic. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles cheer! A variation on this theme can be a contest for older children or even adults and it’s really funny to watch. End your Trike-A-Thon with a race between parents using their children’s tricycles! How about this idea from The Fundraising Hotline? Have an un-party fundraiser! Have a ‘don’t come’ event which will never actually happen – except on paper. Send invitations for a spectacular event with scrumptious food, exciting entertainment, and a glamorous guest of honor. The sky’s the limit. Let your imagination run wild! Your only costs are invitations, thank you notes and postage. If you can get any of this donated, so much the better. Send as many invitations as you want – overcrowding will not be a problem. Make classy invitations printed on quality paper. After all, the invitation is all they’ll get. Invitations and thank you cards should be hand-addressed. Since the recipient gets nothing, include a notice with their thank you card that their donation is tax deductible if your reunion is incorporated as a nonprofit.

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 21


Donations with registrations


great new feature on can add significantly to reunion income. It’s called the donation page, where people can donate to help with the reunion. It is especially good for those who cannot attend but want to contribute. These days, online fundraising is huge because everyone prefers to pay by credit card rather than write a check. The donations page allows members to use Visa and Mastercard without a Merchant account or paypal account. It is all integrated into the system.

Cautions in creating a fundraising event


art and Barb Barthol at say you should not overlook these important points when planning and implementing a fundraising activity.  Tell people the purpose or cause for fundraising.  Motivate and inform members about the benefits of your fundraising (i.e., who got scholarships and how they were used, what reunion items were paid for).  The best ideas are those you invent. If you feel thrilled about the kind of fundraising activity you plan, that means it’s a good idea.

The dilemma of early ordering


rliss Treybig of the Burt(t)schell Family Reunion faced the dilemma of having to place an advance order for reunion tote bags. After selling all the bags, she realized some members didn’t even have a chance to buy one. There were simply not enough. “I had to order the tote bags about six weeks before the reunion for them to be delivered in time. I also had to place a minimum order of 50. At the time I ordered, we had fewer than 50 people registered, and I had no way of knowing how many people were coming or whether anyone would be interested in a tote bag.” She offered to order more tote bags, if there was enough interest, but cautioned that the minimum is still 50.

The design of the Burt(t)schell Family Reunion tote bag incorporates their German branch in Bingen am Rhein and their American branch in Mentz, Texas. The design is also used for the cover on reunion handouts.

Cell phones for scholarships


unt Ett (Rosetta) always said we must take care of our own family. The Willis Connection fundraiser for scholarship funds asks family members to save old cell phones, inkjets, iPods, laptops, laser toners and cartridges. (They even ask friends and neighbors.) They will send their collection to Advantage Cartridge (, a recycling company. At the next reunion, monies raised from this effort will be distributed evenly to Willis Connection members preparing to attend college. Nicole Willis chaired a similar project for Fed Ex and was able to raise “tons of money.” She chairs the reunion project.

24 R E U N I O N S O

Pictures sold at the Arce Family Reunion auction.


he Arce Family Reunion collected about $2,500 when they started a silent auction. But the silent auction was turned into a real auction because family members were “out for blood.” It was fun, according to Loida Arce Acosta, Orlando, Florida. One family picture sold for $600, another for $1,025. All the money is deposited to the reunion account; a portion offsets the current reunion and the remainder is start-up money for the next reunion.


Reunions and t-shirts


n the summertime, reunion t-shirts are ubiquitous. I see several every time I go to the farmers markets (what’s that connection?) and always at the grocery store and lots of other places. Franklin Willis reported that at their Willis Connection Reunion this summer in Las Vegas, members were stopped and asked about how they planned their reunion. So t-shirts themselves can be a souvenir, a memento, a billboard and a message. You can either take orders in advance and purchase only those already paid for by family members, or order shirts in varying sizes and sell them at the reunion event. Either way, t-shirts can be either an at-cost souvenir for family members, or a nice source of income for your reunion. To use them as a fundraiser, set a unit price that covers the actual cost plus an amount that will go to the reunion coffers. Whether souvenir or fundraiser, you’ll design and produce your t-shirts. If you decide your reunion t-shirts are a fundraiser, you’ll also have to market and sell them as well. Lots more about t-shirts on Be among the first to add your reunion t-shirt pictures to our new t-shirt gallery online. The gallery is there to inspire you! Search for t-shirt order forms, which are a simple way to collect orders.



he purpose of our new t-shirt gallery online is to showcase your reunion t-shirt designs and share them with other reunions. Would you like your t-shirt to inspire other reunions? Go to the t-shirt gallery page for requirements to post your t-shirt picture. And, don’t forget imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Delgados started their family reunion tradition in strong fashion in St. Augustine, Florida.

Here’s an idea for families who have collections of t-shirts. Display them! This gallery is at the Seideman Family Reunion in Newburg, Wisconsin.

A covered wagon reminiscent of how the family reached the west coast was chosen for the Knapp/Napp Family Reunion.

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 25


T-shirt roundup


ick Branch, Capitol Heights, Maryland, drew stick drawings for how he imagined Branch Outlaw Family Reunion shirts. He wanted an image easily identifiable as the theme “we need to start helping each other.” Next Rick shared his idea with the family for a vote, explaining the image as a stick representation of family members of every demographic (young, old, male and female). On a forum ( discussion Denise Murphy, Antioch, Tennessee, describes how she ordered t-shirts. “I had a California company come up with three designs. I told him what I would like in the designs. He worked with my thoughts and came up with some great ideas. Then I sent images to family members and had them vote. The t-shirts looked great,

Rick Branch’s Branch Outlaw Family Reunion shirt designs. He explained that his image was a stick representation for photos of family members.


were well made and priced low. The two designs that were not used on t-shirts were used for an address book cover and information packet that was passed out at the reunion.” T-shirts at the Larling Family Reunion had the bible verse “you will know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:16” along with the names and locations of family members in attendance, according to Mary Valmer. Shirley Savage Harris, Hernando, Mississippi, wrote that her grandfather headed the Savage Family Reunion from the 1960s until he died in the 1990s. Harris has now done 10 more reunions, most recently at Hugh White State Park in Grenada, Mississippi. Everyone brought a plain white t-shirt and they had an activity to spray paint them. It was a great time.

igh school photos of each of the seven siblings were displayed in mini-portraits across the back. Also special shirts were distributed to ALAFFFA members who celebrated milestone birthdays including one designed in remembrance of John “Pee-Wee” Figlar (who would have turned 80 that year). It was accepted by his granddaughter, Kayla Figlar. Reported by Lisa Alzo, Ithica, New York.


or their 40th reunion, special ALAFFFA Family Reunion t-shirts were designed by Soon Pak. The front featured the words, “Happy 40th ALAFFFA” using the original ALAFFFA logo as the “0” for the number “40.”



N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 27


T-shirts with a mission


y doing business with Ashbury Images (, the Neal Family gave back to the community. Ashbury Images, a part of New Door Ventures, in San Francisco, is a nonprofit organization that is “rebuilding lives one shirt at a time.” They provide employment to people who are very low income, formerly homeless, or have recently completed a substance abuse recovery program. In a rigorous, yet encouraging, training environment, Ashbury Images helps build self-esteem and learn valuable new job skills.

Carolyn Pappajohn at Ashbury Images has offered Reunions magazine readers 15% off Their First Custom Screen Printing Order. Mention the code “DIS_RM” when you call 415-885-2742 or email Reported by Carole Neal, Castro Valley, California.

Are they Jordans? Or not? Leah Jordan Bisel, West Bloomfield, Michigan, wrote their problem is that “we’re not all descended from one family name. We include my sister-in-law’s sister’s family. So we can’t say ‘Jordan Family.’ How can we handle this?” Our response is that there are NO rules about reunion names, other than those you impose. Choose a name and use it. It sounds to me in your

Q? A!

case that the majority are “related” to Jordans which might be a consideration to choose that as the name. If you include another family and your reunion name is already Jordan, then stick with Jordan. There is sort of an understanding that you will never likely include everybody’s names, particularly if you have lots of girls who married: they’re still Jordans. But this group has done several reunions

and already has a collection of t-shirts. Leah further explained that the younger generation made the t-shirts. The first year it just said “Family Reunion” on the front with a tree and on the back it listed seven surnames. The next reunion was at a niece’s wedding. They had a cake on the front with the bride and groom’s names and on the back, our seven surnames. Then, there was the t-shirt with an outline of Michigan with the name of the town where it was held and the seven names on the back. One year they had two t-shirts. A yellow one with the shape of Michigan on it and a blue puzzle theme t-shirt (see cover). The latter had a crossword puzzle with all their names and clues on the back. Sounds like there’s already a precedent for seven names on the shirt and everyone is comfortable with that, then, that’s the way it should be!

PLEASE PATRONIZE THESE T-SHIRT VENDORS More details in Reunion Resources REUNION GEAR CUSTOMINK AD-FORDABLE IMPRINTS ATLANTA FAMILY REUNION T-SHIRTS The first t-shirt just said Family Reunion on the front; seven surnames on the back.

28 R E U N I O N S O

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 29

Photo credit: Edith Wagner


Quilt of 110-plus family photos


orethia Simmons, Georgetown, South Carolina, has her family tree hanging proudly on a wall for all to see. It’s a 77" x 96" quilt Simmons crafted by hand with more than 110 pictures of family members sewn into the fabric. The “memory quilt” tells the story of the Ford and Brave families through photographs. The oldest pictures are of Simmons’ great-grandparents, Pompey and Rosanna Knox. Many of the pictures were taken at family reunions. From a story by Scott Harper in the Georgetown Times, Georgetown, South Carolina.

Farming the Cotten Patch


e found this in the Cotten Family Reunion newsletter, Celebrate a Century of Cotten. Q UILT SQUARE . Each family is requested to bring one quilt square, 10” by 10”, including a one-inch margin all around for a finished square of 9” by 9”. We will continue the squares started in 2006 to form the Cotten Patch – an heirloom quilt created by generations of patchwork design. Each reunion will produce new designs contributed by attendees that reflect their changing family. Once a sizable quilt is attained, we will retire that quilt and begin anew. Your family’s quilt square is limited only by your imagination. Fusible webbing that you iron on, hand embroidery, sewing, even fabric paint can be used as you design and embellish your square. It should represent your immediate family and display the year. As always, we’re indebted to Sasha Walters, Albany, Texas, who shares the Cotten family’s unique reunion ideas.


very five years the Seidemans come up with an idea to celebrate the milestone family reunion. The family quilt was the project for the 60th Seidemann Family Reunion and it has hung in a place of honor every reunion for the past 16 years. In the invitation to the 59th family reunion, family members were asked to make a family quilt square according to the following directions. 1. Pick up an 8 x 8 inch square of unbleached muslin available at this year’s reunion or purchase from a fabric store. 2. Decorate it any way you wish for your family, leaving a 1/4 inch border on all sides. 3. Return the finished square before December 31st to ensure every family is included in the 60th reunion quilt. Rosemary Seideman stitched together the 108 squares to create the quilt, which she continues to store from year to year. It was never sold. We lovingly refer to it as our newest family heirloom. Note that right in the center is a picture of reunion founders, the late Ray and Clara Seideman. Reported by Phyllis Naumann, West Bend, Wisconsin.

30 R E U N I O N S O

Gee’s Bend Quilts


f ever in your travels you have the opportunity to visit a little of Gee’s Bend, do it! Better yet, share Gee’s Bend with your reunion members – if not at an exhibit that happens to be near your reunion, then on a fundraising bus trip when the exhibit turns up somewhere near you. Four generations of African American women from Gee’s Bend, Alabama, created an amazing body of work in American quilting tradition. Inspiration for these quilts is from everyday life, and strips of fabric from worn clothes served as memorials for the individual who wore them. Gee’s Bend quilts have been hailed by The New York Times as “some of the most miraculous works of art America has produced.” This is an artistic legacy born of necessity and impoverished circumstances.

Photo credit Cole Land Transportation Museum

Quilt honors 709 who served at Dow AFB


red, white and blue quilt bearing the names of 709 people who served at Dow Air Force Base between 1955 and 1968 is part of the military exhibit at Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, Maine. The quilt commemorates the flying crew members of the 71st and 341st Air Refueling squadrons and the 4060th Air Refueling Wing. The 10'x13' quilt, in the Tennessee Waltz pattern, was made by volunteer Nancy Gruman of Florida, for 2005 Dow AFB Reunion members. Each name block took 45 minutes to embroider, while special blocks took a few hours. Conceived at the 2005 reunion in Bangor, the quilt was going to be small, something to raffle to help the Dow AFB Reunion raise money to inscribe aviators’ names on the Wall of Honor at Dulles Aerospace Museum in Washington, DC. Putting the names on the wall at the Dulles museum turned out to be too expensive, so the reunion group instead installed a plaque at WrightPatterson Air Force Base in Ohio during a later reunion. The quilt was purchased at auction by Virginia Massucci of Connecticut, who wanted it displayed at the Cole Museum. Visit From a story by Roxanne Moore Saucier in the Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Maine.

Sign here


eg Cox, author of The Book of New Family Traditions and The Quilter’s Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide, is president of the nonprofit Alliance for American Quilts. She told us about the Quilt Index, an online archive of 50,000 plus quilts. They recently added Signature Quilts made for groups of people to sign, often at special occasions like reunions. Visit


eg Cox is a powerhouse in the quilting world, and if quilts interest you in more than a reunion way, check her out! The Quilter’s Catalog is the must-have book for quilters, as is her free e-newsletter “Meg Cox on Quilting Now,” Meg’s thoughts on trends, books, tools, new fabrics and more. To subscribe, send a blank email to: She is also collecting information to understand trends and passions fueling quiltmakers today. Read about it in her newsletter. N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 31


Quilts are patchwork memories


n her “Minor Musings” column in Florida’s Tampa Tribune, Joyce Minor recalls that when her grandmother died in 1970, all 11 of her children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren numbering more than 100 – were at the funeral. That day it was decided to establish an annual Batterbee Family Reunion. Responsibility for planning and hosting passed from one to another of the 11 children each year. The annual reunion is still going, though only five of the 11 remain. Descendants of those who have passed take their parents’ turn hosting the reunion. Each reunion includes an auction of family-related heirlooms

and handmade items. Grandma’s quilts have been bought and sold back and forth between family members. At one of the first reunions, someone brought a rusty old flatiron to sell. No one wanted it. They couldn’t even get a bid on it till Minor’s mother stood up and recalled when she was a little girl watching Grandma place that iron on the old kitchen woodstove to heat. She demonstrated how Grandma would lick a finger to dab at the tip of the iron to test it, finally hearing the sizzle that told her it was ready. And ready for what? Ironing quilt blocks, of course. There was a bidding war for that iron and it brought a pretty price – almost as much as one of Grandma’s quilts.

Kentucky’s “Quilt Trail”


ook for painted quilt patterns on the sides of eastern Kentucky barns. They are a new form of selfexpression and cultural pride for rural residents. Colorful wooden quilt blocks on barns form trails to lure travelers off interstate highways onto back roads. Quilt barns make the whole community into an art gallery. Farmers can choose the pattern. Some electric companies loan their bucket trucks and skilled workmen to mount the 8'x8' squares high up on the sides of barns. The quilt squares often are painted by local student volunteers. Oral history by the quiltmakers will eventually provide a narrative for an audio driving tour of the region’s quilt barns. Visit

Reunion quilts in many ways

Grandma’s quilt



eunion quilts can have so many meanings that I probably can’t even imagine them all. First, assembling a quilt with contributions from members is a natural reunion exercise to display wide participation. Everyone is asked to prepare and share a square to be added to a product that becomes a gift to grandma from her progeny for her birthday or to grandparents for their anniversary. Smaller quilts can welcome new babies. These quilts can be regarded as family heirlooms in the making, or, at the very least, items worth treasuring. But then there is the quilt that for a moment in time belongs to everyone until it is the much desired prize to be raffled or auctioned to provide the reunion with some funds. In fact, some years ago, a fundraising quilt was proposed for the Flo Line Reunion. One family member supplied the muslin squares and received them back with intriguing designs and art work, pictures, and even lace from an ancestor’s hankie. The response was overwhelming – enough to make more than one quilt. If you are going to ask your family to contribute to a quilt for your reunion, state the reason clearly upfront. You are giving it as a gift or it will star at a reunion auction and add what it brings to the reunion treasury. Read on and learn how other reunions celebrate their quilts.

32 R E U N I O N S O

ne of our most memorable reunion events was when we gave my grandmother, Margaret Pansy Fairbanks Sylvester, a quilt for her bed. Each square was embroidered by a family member with their name. Each of her children used a different color embroidery floss, and each generation down using a subsequently darker shade of that color. All squares were sent to one aunt who had them made into a quilt. My grandmother was thrilled to have each of her children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren represented on this quilt which she used to warm her body and her heart. This grandmother taught many of her children and grandchildren to embroider so the outcome was as perfect on the front as it was on the back. For a later reunion, Aunt Sally brought the quilt back for everybody to see and admire their handiwork and talk and explain to the after-born members why they aren’t on the quilt. Shared by Deb Bowen, Burlington, Iowa, about the Sylvester Family Reunion.


How to fill a goodie bag by Edith Wagner


Many reunions assemble goodie bags for families and some for individuals. Whenever you see While there’s no rule about what to imprinted novelty items, include, here’s a list of what is often take note of the company found in goodie bags: family and call them. It’s a sure membership list (name, addresses, sign they purchased a large phone and email), reunion schedule or supply of these giveaways to program, name tags, favors, souvenirs, drum up business. Don’t order form for cookbooks, videos, overlook national companies pictures, family history books or t-shirts, and their regional offices. feedback/evaluation form, freebies and They are more likely to give coupons from local businesses, to get their company name in information and brochures about local front of likely customers, no attractions and events, maps and matter where they live. emergency phone numbers.

wealth of memories is a great thing to take home from your family reunion, but a little loot is even better. Any five-year-old can tell you that a party just isn’t a party without a goodie bag. In reality, souvenirs give family members something tangible to remember the reunion by. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a collection of whatnots that show members you’re glad they came. Best of all, often you can assemble the collection almost free. Start with area merchants and your local convention and visitors bureau. Four to six months before your reunion, write letters to companies asking if they’ll donate promotional giveaways to your celebration. First, determine who to send your letter to (often the head of promotions or marketing). Stress your ties to the community and how long your guests will be in town, which is important if they’ll be able to take advantage of the company’s goods or services. Don’t request specific items. Summarize the number and ages of members (i.e., 50 people from infants to 80) and ask for what the company can spare. Promise to mention their business contributions in newsletters, program and at the reunion (and send copies of what you’ve done to keep your promise). Show your appreciation by providing them with additional advertising. And, above all, hand-write thank you notes. Lean on friends and family members (including ones who don’t come to reunions) for goodies they may have access to. Ask ones who attend conferences and trade shows to donate their give-aways to your collection: not large supplies, just little prizes. Ask reunion members to request promotion items or coupons from their own employers. Many companies have pencils or key chains and maybe a baseball cap or t-shirt to use as a doorprize. Ask family members and friends to dig through their purses and “junk” drawers to find keytags, pencils, pens, letter openers, knickknacks and doodads.


osie Davis, Mena, Arkansas, is assembling goodies to ship ahead for a reunion the family enjoyed in Hawaii for a Pearl Harbor anniversary.

High-ticket items such as mugs and thermal cups usually are reserved for customers. Ask if they’d share one or two of these items, and use them as door or game prizes or for raffles or drawing give-aways. If you do not get enough to give to each guest, put everything you get in the middle of a table and put one item in, until each bag has a token gift. Thank contributors profusely. Send thank you notes and include a copy of newsletters or other material that features their name. A card, signed by many reunion members, included with the note, will go a long way to making contributors willing to offer products for future reunions. The podcast “How to fill a goodie bag” includes lists of companies and giveaways they typically have. If you can pay for some of the goodie bag fillers and prizes you need, most cities have great party supply stores, or go to Oriental Trading Company (check it out when you’re checking out ideas for reunion themes at Where have you found goodies for your reunion? Email your ideas to or send to Reunions magazine, PO Box 11727, Milwaukee WI 53212 or post on our forum at


helma Jones plans for the Banks, Hill, Outlaw Family Reunion year-round and she is always looking for items she can collect (often on sale) for goodie bags. Here Jeramy Koonle, Durham, North Carolina and Yao Odamhen, Washington, DC, assemble bags. N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 33


Shirley Davis, Las Vegas, Nevada, planning the Floyd-Newson Family Reunion, asked how to compose a letter to merchants for donations for door prizes.

Q? A!

The letter must be very specific to your reunion (introduce your reunion briefly and explain that you are good customers and hope they’ll support you) and must list what you will do in return for their donation – for example, that you will mention them in your programs, newsletters, family reunion membership booklet, reunion registration materials, and even press releases about the reunion. If you are recognized as a long time, loyal customer, it might be wiser to just show up and ask in person. Trade for ads in your program/adbook.

How to s olicit goo dies oan Curt


is W members to aters shares a letter with her use whe reunion. S he encoura n soliciting goodies family for their ge creative” and see wh s them to “be bold & o you can sn ag! EX AM P LE #1 Subject: H elp Neede d TO: Group Sales Exec utive Dear Mr./M rs., We invite (n values with ame of company) to celebrate fa us! mily Please rev iew the att a c upcoming family reu hed request for our nion. Our hope is our reunio that you can supply n goody ba (n gs (2 per fa ame of item) for families. mily/bag) fo r 50 Thank you for your kin forward to hearing fro d consideration. I lo ok m you soon Joan Curtis . Curtis Butl Waters e Phone num r Family Reunion Co ordinator ber



R N: ) – will MAY CONCE r Family (CBF le ut B TO WHOM IT s/ ti ur C The n. We are

mily – reunio This July, my fa anticipated bi-annual family though family al h s, uc ie m gather for our Charles and St. Mary’s Count the country. ss in ro ac ed areas and deeply root r in surrounding we celebrate ou members reside ecial event as sp is y il th m to fa d t ar gh We look forw her and highli ect with each ot ard to the Family Pride nn co re , ge ta ri he s forw uates and Everyone look d college grad e when an ol ho sc achievements. gh ts. It is a tim esent to our hi Awards we pr rticipate in community even plishments. pa of their accom e ar e our youth who w d ou pr itary and just how to retirees, mil st we show them ed nd te ex so nce our la wards are al Family Pride A hed significant milestones si els for our ac od re m le others who have e that we have excellent ro aliz re e W n. io un re our own family! providing youth right in r celebration by r each family ou in e ar sh to fo We invite you for our reunion goody bags by random items at are awarded rtificates th es complimentary iz pr or do dinner ce 0) and/or represented (5 e receive discount coupons, ntributors will w co y, ll ll A ca . pi ents draw. Ty area establishm ion sponsors. om fr s od go r he un and ot m as re reunion progra ily Values! be listed in our support of Fam earliest ur yo r fo e nc ur va Thank you in ad tions, please contact me at yo es qu y an ve ha If you l. phone or emai convenience by s, Kindest regard aters Joan Curtis W on Coordinator ni CBFamily Reu

34 R E U N I O N S O


nd finally, an an ec go after some of dote that will inspire you to these ideas. Jo she hit some de an Waters sa ad ends trying to get stuff but ys efforts did pay he of declared, emai f. To fill her goodie bags, Wat r l is great. She ers co their websites and found mos ntacted folks via t responded wit couple days. N hin a atio Smith gave Joan nwide Insurance Agent K. 50 ba gs , ba lloons, pencils rulers. The Mar and yl travel guides an and Department of Tourism gave d maps while K copies of his C elvin Boston ga redit Smart bo ve ok Legacy Magaz ine gave free co lets. American pies while Old Country Buffet in Waldorf, Mar coupons. Door yland, gave mea pr l discount coupon izes Joan collected include s and 10 barbec utensils from H ue kits of grilli eb ng Cruises donate rew National. Baltimore Har d two free lunc bor h Dandy Dinner cruise passes an Boa cruise coupons. t Cruises gave discount dinn d er T subscriptions to here were also several Reunions mag azine and ticket for the Bowie, Maryland, Bay sox baseball te s am.

Prizes and what they’re won for



tems distributed at registration and the banquet during the Willis Connection Reunion included t-shirts bearing a photo of Charles and Laura Willis, a tote bag with a photo of a black cowboy (Charley Willis) with the lineage of Andrew and Hattie Willis, a Willis Connection calendar of birthdays, and a Willis Connection recipe book (with recipes appropriately named after family members). Also, Certificates of Achievement were given to each person attending for their participation in the Willis Connection Reunion. Reported by Franklin Willis, Spring, Texas.

he Chambersburg Public Opinion in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, included a report about local reunions. Moirae Furry and Larry Heck won a guessing game during the 29th annual Hammond reunion. With 101 people in attendance, other prizes included: youngest, oldest man, oldest woman, traveled farthest, most recently married, newest home, most recently lost a tooth, closest birthdays, those with a son or daughter living the farthest away, having most keys. At the Harvey Leedy Family Reunion, Harry Leedy, 74, was awarded prizes for most gray hair and for being the oldest at the reunion. Fifty-eight people attended. Other novel prizes were having the newest vehicle, closest birthday, having most change, having most keys, wearing most jewelry, most recently lost a tooth; and Bobby and Tangela Furry traveled the farthest. The awarding of prizes is a special event at the Green Family Reunion. It’s also a time for many to be involved. • First Family to Reply to Reunion • A Salute to Graduates • Best Wishes Newlyweds • Sports Champions • Business Awards • I’m Every Woman Award • 1,000 Miles Award • 40 & Fabulous/ 50 & Foxy/60 & Sensational/80& Glowing • Silver Anniversary

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 35


Goodie bag roundup

Info packets for reunion guests


by Lori Cawley

rinz Leftridge, II, Gilbert, Arizona, helps plan the Lawrence Family Reunion. For a reunion held in Chicago, their goodie bags included items that reminded them of Chicago: packages of Wrigley gum (because they are based in Chicago), coloring books for the kids and maps of the city for visitors to go sightseeing. Carolyn R. Clark, Kingsley, Iowa, provided goodie bags containing pens personalized with “King Family Reunion, June 2002,” “King Family Reunion” magnets that included a brief verse, and copies of their Family Crest and the Family Tree. Cardoza and Rodrigues Family Reunion Certificates of Appreciation were given to planning committee members. Hostess Geraldine Rodrigues received a ceramic platter from Portugal and host Manuel Rodrigues received the complete 1000-page genealogy manuscript of the Cardoza and Rodrigues families going back to the mid1800s. Eugenia (Paine) Rapasky received a rooster wind chime for coordinating and organizing the family reunion. From an article by Bill Withers in the Huntington, West Virginia, Herald-Dispatch, we learned about gifts Rappold Family Reunion organizer Caroline Rappold collects. The Rappolds welcome about 60 members to reunions each year. According to the article, Rappold has developed an ambitious system of buying or making gifts to pass out at reunions. “Everybody signs in and we draw names to see who gets the gifts,” she said. “If you travel a long way to get someplace, it’s nice to take something home that you don’t have to buy.” Gifts include everything from aprons and pillows to recipe boxes, banners and pictures of family-owned castles in Europe. Wise buyer Rappold says, “I look for things all year. I get them when they’re on sale.” The most coveted prize each year is a white toilet bowl cover that boasts the family crest. Rappold’s husband, Charles, caught the vision: “It looks like one Rappold, at least, will have a throne,” he said. In Jonathan Vatner’s Frugal Planner’s Tip of the Week, Brenda Jones, of the National Association of Social Workers, Missouri Chapter, suggests a “take one” table for goodies and gifts. Goodie bags, she says, are always fun to receive, but time-consuming to assemble. And from the attendee perspective, the contents may be hit-or-miss. Place goodies on a table near the registration desk, and tell attendees to take one of whatever they want. This way, participants will get the right-size t-shirt, diabetics won’t be given chocolate, and genderspecific items can be included in the options. Plus, giving out fewer gifts saves money.

36 R E U N I O N S O


ut-of-town family members go to extra expense and effort to attend family reunions. Make their trip a little easier by offering information packets. Not only will you increase the likelihood they will come, it also shows your family is thoughtful, considerate, and wants them to attend. When Roger Kelly, New York City, planned a family reunion in Ireland, he knew he needed to give stateside family members detailed logistical information months before the event. Shortly after his announcement, he followed up with details about airfare, hotel and car rentals. Kelly’s trip-planning efforts paid off. All four of his siblings made the trip, and most of their children and grandchildren came along. “Yes, it took some extra work, but the reunion was a once-in-a lifetime chance for us to see where our parents came from and to connect with aunts and uncles who are still alive,” says Kelly. PLANNING TOOL

Information packets are a great planning tool for family members, and help out-of-town guests know what to expect. For example, should they plan to stay overnight? Where can they stay? Will they need to rent a car? What will happen at the reunion, and how can they get involved? Info can be as simple as a few typed sheets of paper. There’s no need to get elaborate; include details they need to know and get it to them before they start making arrangements. WHAT TO INCLUDE

List area airports, train and bus stations and their distance from the reunion site. Include phone numbers and websites for a few rental car agencies located at the airport or in town. Recommend or for detailed directions for those traveling by car. Ask your hotel or banquet facility if they’ve got any maps or directions to the site to include in the packets. If your reunion does not have a hotel headquarters, send hotel information. It should include several area hotels, with addresses, total number of rooms, room rates, phone numbers and web addresses. Include a brief description of each property. Is this a bed and breakfast or motel? Does it have a restaurant or pool? Is it within walking distance of shops and restaurants? Do you need a car if you stay there? If you’ve reserved a block of rooms at a particular property, mention discounted rate you’ve negotiated. The local convention and visitors bureau can be a real help, and may be able to provide maps and brochures about area attractions. No convention and visitors bureau in town? Try the chamber of commerce. Even many smaller towns have promotional materials. SENDING IT OUT

Ideally, you want to get the info packet to family members shortly after announcing the event. Gather and prepare the travel information, proofread it and double-check phone numbers and web addresses. Include relevant maps and brochures and check the postage cost of each pack. (You can cut mailing costs by leaving out brochures; provide a list of local attractions and their contact numbers for those who want more information.) Last but not least, include your phone number and email address, so when Uncle Bart wants to know if he can rent an ice cream truck for the kids, and your cousin Sarah offers to bring her guitar to lead a sing-along, you can rest assured that your efforts will help make the reunion a wonderful celebration.

About the author Lori Cawley has attended family reunions in parks, homes, and hotels in rural, suburban and major metropolitan areas both in the US and overseas. Like most families, the reunions have been amazingly organized, at least a little crazy, and wonderfully memorable.


San Diego’s premier reunion spot


oliday Inn Hotels draw high praise from reunions. Holiday Inn Bayside ( in San Diego, California, is possibly the most popular San Diego reunion hotel. Their sales team specializes in reunions. They possess expertise to respond to most challenging questions. Holiday Inn Bayside has all the offerings important for reunion planners, budget pricing, discounts, complimentary hospitality room and welcome reception, personalized signage to navigate the property, free parking (very difficult to find), and shuttles to the airport, Amtrak and local shopping/attractions. There are catering options and affordable menus.

Holiday Inn Bayside assists navigation with personalized reunion signage.

Free activities on the property prompted several family reunions to put on “Mini Olympics” using the 9-hole putting green, billiards, ping pong and

shuffleboard. Also free are bicycles and a large heated pool and spa. The location across from San Diego Bay provides “free entertainment” watching cruise and Navy ships come in and out of port, as well as the sportfishing docks where the catch of the day is offload. Off-season reunions (November through February) can include a Whale Watching Tour to see the California Gray Whales on their migration south. Testimonials to Holiday Inn Bayside from the Assault Craft Veterans Association, USS Chenango WWII Reunion, lauded the facility for exceeding their expectations. One planner said they wish they could come back every year, but they move around the country to accommodate their members. A special “Bravo Zulu” (well done in Navy talk) was sent from the Sealab Reunion. Bette Bunker Richards, Bunker Family Reunion historian and planner, said “I chose Holiday Inn Bayside because of its price compared with others. The location is great, they really work hard to get reunion business and have free parking (hard to find in the area). In addition, to usual amenities they also have a little putting golf course, free bicycles and other extras. They have a restaurant, which is necessary when most people fly in. But first and foremost, our salesperson, Jodie Langhammer, was outstanding and they were really willing to work with me to resolve any possible problem I had. I highly recommend it. I stayed there to check it out and really liked the place. Other hotels in San Diego would have met our criteria, but Jodie and her boss were exceptional and made the difference when I made the final decision about which hotel to choose.”

The USS Shields members by the Holiday Inn Bayside’s pool. They have enjoyed six reunions at this location. N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 37



Holiday Inn Bayside provides custom signage for reunions.

ay M. Beltz reported that the feedback from the 37 officers who attended the Fighter Squadron 151 Combat cruises of 1971-1973 reunion were all favorable. The hospitality of the employees was amazing and made them really feel at home. He concluded “We truly enjoyed ourselves. In fact the whole event had no problems. Should we come back again, we will be looking you up for another great stay. Coverage on this reunion on KUSI can be seen at local/Vietnam-pilots-reunite– 101822408.html Sandy Oppenheimer, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, wrote that his World War II ship reunion, the USS Salt Lake City could not have been more pleased with the reception, the room, the warmth of the employees, and the facilities. The USS Salt Lake City voted to return to the Holiday Inn Bayside again next year. Could there be a better recommendation? Fighter Squadron 151 Combat cruises of 1971-1973.


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65th anniversary: the 9th Infantry Division remembers by Kaye Olson


Post 5864, Taps and a bagpiper playing ourage. Comradery. Sacrifice. The WWII Amazing Grace. A moment of silence Ninth Infantry Division Association captured the remaining sadness about celebrated their 65th consecutive reunion in buddies killed in action or missing in action, Indianapolis, Indiana. Veterans, wives, veterans deceased in past decades and those widows, sons, daughters and friends too ill to attend. Representatives from state gathered for fun, laughter and chapters placed a carnation in the floral remembrances. The Ladies Auxiliary and “Octofoil,” the insignia of the 9th Infantry the Sons & Daughters Auxiliary provided Division. Each widow received a carnation. support and invaluable hours of work. The veterans, Ladies Auxiliary and the Sons Organizing the reunion involved the & Daughters Auxiliary meetings occupied chairman, several members of the Sons & the afternoon. Attendees enjoyed a Daughters Auxiliary, and Indiana committee wonderful night out at the Beef & Boards members. To honor the 65th anniversary, a Dinner Theater. 20-page commemorative program was On Sunday, the second Board of published, and featured the history of the Governors meeting convened, securing the 9th Division from basic training at Fort Empty chair and table representing the POWs and Division’s final decisions, the election of the Bragg through eight campaigns, ending with MIAs with three WWII 9th Infantry Division veterans. new president and a discussion about how the final push to the war’s end on May 7, the Sons & Daughters (2nd generation) could assist more with 1945, and post-war occupation. Pictures depicted the Division’s encounters in Africa, Sicily, England (preparation for the invasion), Utah Beach, Normandy disembarkment on D-Day+4, Belgium, the Rhineland, central Europe and ending in Germany. The 9th Division – consisting of the 39th, 47th and 60th infantry regiments and support personnel – contributed greatly to the war efforts. Major engagements were in the Hurtgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge, and the 9th Division men were some of the first to cross the Ludendorff bridge at Remagen, Germany. Commemorative program Reminiscing about the Division’s WWII for the 9th Infantry Division’s 65th reunion. involvements was only part of this reunion. Color guard, bagpiper, and WWII veteran Henry “Hank” Geary of the 9th Infantry Division On Friday, following registration, attendees viewed a before the memorial service. presentation of reunions since 1946 and WWII scrapbooks the 9th Infantry Division. At a separate gathering of the Sons & before the Board of Governors first meeting. The noisy Daughters Auxiliary, goals to increase veteran assistance were hospitality room sparked a renewal of friendships, comradery identified. Following the final breakfast on Monday, attendees and war experiences. Special recognition of the veterans now left for home. in the “Ninety’s Club” was awarded. The evening highlighted a Although the number of living WWII veterans is decreasing, reception and pizza party. the spirit of the “Old Reliables” from the 9th Infantry Division Saturday morning featured the solemn, traditional memorial is increasing. As the Sons & Daughters intensify their service with a color guard from Greenwood Memorial VFW assistance to the veterans, they will ensure that these warriors are not forgotten.

About the author

WWII Veteran attendees at the 9th Infantry Division reunion.

Kaye Olson, DeWitt, Michigan is a National and State member of the WWII 9th Infantry Division Association. She is a charter member of the Sons & Daughters Auxiliary and a proud niece of WWII S/Sgt. Lewis (Louie) Annear, KIA 7-11-44 in France. Kaye has authored two books and writes for professional journals, newsletters and magazines. N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 39


USS Bennington vets reunite in Bennington


SS Bennington Navy veterans attended a memorial service in front of the Bennington, Vermont, town office, welcoming them to the community. Most who served on USS Bennington have no connection with the town other than the name. The aircraft carrier was named for the Revolutionary War Battle of Bennington, fought in 1777 to protect supplies in a storehouse located on what is today the site of the Bennington Battle Monument. The USS Bennington Reunion Association’s auxiliary organization volunteered to help the town maintain its memorial park, and USS Bennington veterans have been part of Battle Day events. Many of the veterans marched in

the Bennington Battle Day parade during the reunion. The memorial service was simple. It consisted of reading the list of the aircraft carrier’s veterans who had died

since the last reunion, followed by ringing the ship’s bell, which is permanently installed at the town offices. From a story by Patrick McArdle in the Rutland Herald, Rutland, Vermont

Storied C-130 squadron has a reunion


reunion of the Marine Corps’ oldest continually active squadron was promoted on facebook and brought together more than 100 Marines. Members of VMGR-252 fly and maintain C-130 aircraft and deliver equipment and supplies to Marines. Thirty models of the aircraft have been flown by the

squadron. They were in the initial push in Iraq in 2003 to bring in logistics and supplies. They do aerial refueling, get down on short landing fields, and para-drop materiel as part of their mission. The squadron also has been active in humanitarian efforts, and arrived first in Haiti following the earthquake. From a story by Sue Book in the New Bern Sun Journal, New Bern, North Carolina

The Pearl Harbor Remembrance Page at

V has created a Pearl Harbor remembrance photo page at The Pearl Harbor Remembrance Page features pictures from 1941 through the end of WWII. They are submitted by US veterans, active military, family and friends. Each picture includes background information, along with a brief message or description. There is also an email reply option with each photo, where users can send thank you comments, questions and information requests to the person who submitted the photo. Desert Storm Marine Corps veteran Dale F. Sutcliffe founded in 2000 and thousands have been reconnected through the site.

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Palm Springs, California guarantees blue skies and sunshine for your reunion. A collection of new hotels, boutique inns, and vacation home and condo rentals are available to host large and small groups. Visitors the world over are lured to Palm Springs for its storied Hollywood legacy, Native American heritage and stellar collection of mid-century modern architecture. Palm Springs is less than 2 hours from Los Angeles or San Diego. The Palm Springs International Airport offers direct flights from major cities all across the U.S. and Canada. Palm Springs. Like no place else. Palm Springs Visitor Center, 2901 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs CA 92262. 800-347-7446 SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

”Why stay in a hotel?” over 150 new luxury vacation homes just minutes to Disney. Offering 3 to 6 bedroom private pool homes, many with spas, game rooms, lake views, multiple master suites, and many character themed rooms for the kids. All of our homes are centrally located many next to each other and back to back for families to stay together in comfort for less than the cost of area hotels. Every home is fully equipped with all major and most small appliances. Our homes are available to view online at or call 1-800-338-0835; 1536 Sunrise Plaza Drive, Suite 100, Clermont, FL 34714.

7100 Augusta National Drive, Orlando FL 32822. Deluxe accommodations, Florida hospitality, and a relaxed atmosphere await our guests at the Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport! Comfortable guest rooms at a superior value for groups and leisure travelers. Enjoy a complimentary deluxe breakfast buffet, airport shuttle service and High Speed Internet access. Two meeting rooms with a total of 1195 sq ft space. Large event space with 800 sq. ft. and max. seating capacity of 60. Discount meeting room rates for groups with 10 sleeping rooms or more. 407-888-2666;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

HOLIDAY INN SAN DIEGO BAYSIDE 4875 N Harbor Drive, San Diego CA 92106; 619-2243621; 800-650-6660; fax 619-224-1787. Host your reunion at the beautiful Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside across from San Diego Bay. Our experienced staff will assist you in creating a very special event. Complimentary hosp suite and special reunion rates. Beautiful guest rooms, heated pool, spa, shuffleboard, ping-pong and billiards, exercise room, family restaurant and cocktail lounge, free pkg, in-room movies, coffee makers, refrigerators, hair dryers;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

NORTHSTAR-AT-TAHOE™ RESORT Nestled in the mountains and minutes to Lake Tahoe, families can enjoy a multitude of activities including golf, biking, hiking, and skating as well as events, dining and shopping in the Village at Northstar. The resort offers a vast selection of lodging accommodations to make staying and playing at Northstar convenient for the whole family. All-inclusive family reunion packages are available making planning an easy, hassle-free process; rates start at $249 per person, per night and include lodging, food, and activities. Halfway (6 miles) between North Lake Tahoe & Truckee. 800-926-5096,,



Only 15-minutes yet worlds away from Orlando, Seminole County offers great accommodations and dining – nestled among charming historical villages, surrounded by the beauty of natural Florida, peaceful rivers, fishing, boating, hiking and more. Combining a convenient location and lower average rates, Seminole County is ideal for reunions. Visit or call 800-800-7832 or 407-665-2900. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

12562 International Drive, Orlando FL 32821. Located just two miles from SeaWorld and Disney on International Drive, offers spacious two-and-three bedroom Grand Suites, with room for everyone. The free shuttle to the attractions and the I-Drive trolley makes it easy to get around town. With two heated swimming pools, game room, fitness center, and poolside bar and grille, you’ll want to spend quality family time right here at the resort. 321-329-4024; fax 321-329-4001;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

KISSIMMEE CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU 1925 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee FL 34744. In Kissimmee, the Heart of Florida, next to Orlando and close to everything, reunions are our specialty. We offer planning assistance to reunions of all sizes and budgets. Let us help you make planning your next reunion easy. Call or email for details about Kissimmee’s reunion venues and services. 407-7428254;;

STAR ISLAND RESORT & CLUB 5000 Avenue of the Stars, Kissimmee FL 34746. Located just 4 miles to Disney, our Mediterranean styled Resort & Spa offers spacious mini suites, 1,2 & 3 bedroom Villas with kitchenette, full kitchens with all the comforts of home. Enjoy tennis, basketball, pools & putting green, Jet Ski & paddleboat rentals, children’s activities, BBQ grills, group meals & more. Group rates for 5 or more units. When making reservations use the code RM1. Call 800-513-2820, or,

HILTON GARDEN INN ORLANDO AIRPORT 7300 Augusta National Drive, Orlando FL 32822. The Hilton Garden Inn Orlando Airport is the perfect choice for your next meeting or social event! Guest rooms are equipped with two dual-line phones & voicemail, large work desk, ergonomic chair, high-speed Internet access, On Command® video, TV video games, free HBO, inroom hospitality center with microwave, refrigerator & coffee maker. Complimentary airport shuttle. Our on-site restaurant, The Great American Grill is open for breakfast and dinner. Large event space with 1200 sq. ft., seating capacity of 75. Discount meeting room rates for groups with 10 sleeping rooms or more. 407-240-3725;; cn=ORLAHGI. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 41

CATALOG OF REUNION RESOURCES RENAISSANCE ORLANDO AIRPORT 5445 Forbes Place, Orlando FL 32822. Located minutes from major attractions, surrounded by great restaurants and provides free round trip transportation to Orlando International Airport. Attendees get free parking, and Internet the entire stay. Get a hospitality room every evening with complimentary refreshments and affordable reunion banquet menus. Large guest rooms with frig, microwave, coffee maker, flat screen TV, and Marriott comfort bed. Cape Canaveral is minutes away with packages including transportation. We’ve paid attention to what Reunions want. 407-206-9169;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

RESIDENCE INN ORLANDO AIRPORT 7024 Augusta National Drive, Orlando FL 32824. Spacious suites combine comfort and functionality, including fully equipped kitchens with full-sized refrigerators, coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher & cook top ovens. Enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast buffet, airport shuttle service & high-speed Internet access. All purpose sports court, outdoor swimming pool & exercise room. Large meeting room with 850 sq ft & seating capacity of 60. We offer discount meeting room rates for groups with 10 sleeping rooms or more. 407856-2444;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

SPRINGHILL SUITES CONVENTION CENTER 8840 Universal Blvd, Orlando FL 32819. Located 3 blocks from the Orange County Convention Center and only 3 miles from Sea World and Universal Studios Orlando, the SpringHill Suites Orlando Convention Center hotel is the perfect choice for reunions! Other local attractions include Walt Disney World® Resort, Wonder Works and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Feel at home in our spacious suites that include a sofa bed, mini-refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, free highspeed Internet and free local calls. Enjoy the on-site fitness center, complimentary breakfast buffet and outdoor heated pool with play fountain. 407-345-9073;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

SPRINGHILL SUITES ORLANDO AIRPORT 5828 Hazeltine Drive, Orlando FL 32822. More space means less stress, our suites offer up to 25% more space than comparable priced hotel rooms. Separate areas for eating/working, relaxing and sleeping. In-room microwave, mini-refrigerator & coffee service. Outdoor swimming pool, exercise room, flat screen TV’s in all suites and 2 phone lines with data port and voicemail. Enjoy Complimentary Suites Seasons breakfast, airport shuttle service and high-speed Internet access. Large event space with 2,160 sq ft and seating capacity of 225. Discount meeting room rates for groups with 10 sleeping rooms or more. 407-816-5533;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

WATERFRONT INN THE VILLAGES 1105 Lake Shore Drive, The Villages FL 32162. Located in the heart of The Villages on the scenic Lake Sumter, The Waterfront Inn is walking distance to the town square that has free nightly outdoor entertainment, unique shops, and restaurants. We offer the perfect setting for events with exquisite meeting space, onsite catering and 120 upscale hotel rooms. Relax in our beautiful lobby bar overlooking the lake with live entertainment or dine at Amelia’s restaurant serving Southern cuisine daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy our outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center, free Internet and mini-refrigerators in each room. 352-753-7535;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

CIRCLE F DUDE RANCH CAMP Located on 500 acres south of Orlando, Florida, Circle F offers reunions clean, rustic accommodations plus many activities, including swimming, sailing, canoeing, horseback riding, paintball, a softball field, soccer field, volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball court, rockwall climbing and ziplines, some of which have to be arranged in advance. It’s the perfect place for all your groups; 1863-676-4113;

GEORGIA CROWNE PLAZA ATLANTA PERIMETER at RAVINIA 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30346 Located in Central Perimeter area nestled on a 45 acre park, with 42 R E U N I O N S O

waterfalls, terraced gardens, facilities for gatherings of 10 to 1,000. 495 guestrooms, 33 spacious suites. Featuring a three story greenhouse atrium lobby, fitness center, indoor pool with sundeck. Across from the Perimeter Mall. Free shuttle to area restaurants, parks and MARTA station for downtown attractions. Visit or call 770-395-7700. Mention this listing for 10 % off reunion banquet pricing. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

EMBASSY SUITES ATLANTA PERIMETER CENTER 1030 Crown Pointe Pkwy, Atlanta GA 30338. 770-3945454. All suite, upscale, renovated hotel located in beautiful Dunwoody, just steps away from Perimeter Mall, Perimeter Shoppes and more than 30 area restaurants/dining facilities. Hotel features complimentary amenities such as: cooked-to-order breakfast, Manager’s Reception, area shuttle, parking deck, indoor pool/sun deck, Precor fitness center and business center. Hotel offers an onsite restaurant with Starbucks café, meeting space and wireless internet throughout. Flat screen TV’s in all suites. Easy access to downtown via MARTA. Hilton Family Hotels. Book us at SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

ATLANTA MARRIOTT PERIMETER CENTER 246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30346 The Hotel is located adjacent to Perimeter Mall and the Dunwoody MARTA station offering easy access to all city attractions. Amenities include onsite restaurant and lounge, room service, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, meeting and banquet space for up to 350 people and complimentary hotel shuttle within a 2 mile radius. Ask about our special reunions packages. Call 770 394-6500 or visit SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

STAYBRIDGE SUITES PERIMETER CENTER EAST 4601 Ridgeview Road, Atlanta-Dunwoody GA 30338. Staybridge Suites is an All-Suite Hotel and offers a premier location in the Dunwoody – Perimeter Area within walking distance to some of the best Restaurants and Shops Atlanta has to offer. Minutes away from attractions like Stone Mountain, Six Flags, Zoo Atlanta, Hartsfield Airport and the Georgia Dome. Fantastic amenities like Free Full Breakfast, Free Shuttle within a 3-Mile Radius, Free Internet, Free On-Site Fitness Center and Guest Laundry! 678-320-0111; Fax: 678-3200250; Reservations:; Website: SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

W ATLANTA PERIMETER 111 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta GA 30346. Find sanctuary in 121 deluxe guest rooms and 154 fantastic suites complete with the W Signature Bed, Bliss™ Sinkside Six amenities and balconies in all rooms. Suites feature a full kitchen. Free shuttle service within a 3mile radius, which includes Perimeter Mall and MARTA stations. Banquet spaces with full catering available. For reservations, call 770-396-6800; fax 770-394-4805;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

ATLANTA HILTON GARDEN INN AIRPORT MILLENIUM CENTER Just one mile from Atlanta’s International Airport. Centrally located with easy access to the best of Atlanta. We offer 200 Spacious Guest Rooms with the Garden Inn Sleep System®, Indoor Swimming Pool, Business Center, Fitness Center, 7,000 sq. ft of Private Banquet Space with Inclusive Reunion Meal Packages, Full Service Restaurant & Bar, Ample Free Parking and Shuttle Service to the Atlanta’s International Airport. Located two miles from GICC. Conveniently Accessible to Georgia Aquarium, Turner Field, Centennial Park, The King Center, Six Flags Amusement Park, & the World of Coca Cola. 2301 Sullivan Road, College Park GA 30337. 404766-0303;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

DOUGLASVILLE CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU With a great location near Atlanta and over 1,800 hotel rooms why not choose Douglasville, Georgia! For details on complimentary services, including welcome bags and name badges, contact the Douglasville CVB today and let us help plan your next reunion. For more information call us at 1-800-661-0013 or email us at

CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU OF DUNWOODY, GA Just 10 minutes outside Atlanta in DeKalb County, Dunwoody is the best location for your next reunion. Minutes away from Stone Mountain Park, Georgia Aquarium, the MLK Center and more! Home to five excellent hotels with tons of meeting space and all within walking distance to Perimeter Mall and shuttle services to MARTA! Call today to plan your reunion - 678-2449800 or visit! SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

ILLINOIS HYATT SUMMERFIELD SUITES CHICAGO/SCHAUMBURG 1251 East American Lane, Schaumburg IL 60173. 134 spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens, wireless Internet and Hyatt Grand Beds. This property also boasts an indoor pool with hot tub, fitness center, sauna and sports court. A delicious hot breakfast buffet is included daily with your stay as well as a complimentary evening social with beer and wine served 4 days a week. Conveniently located to all local businesses as well as premier dining and shopping. Make the Hyatt Summerfield Suites next on your destination list! 847706-9007;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

IOWA WATERLOO CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU 500 Jefferson Street, Waterloo, IA 50701. New Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum, Historic Veterans Memorial, Isle Casino & Hotel Waterloo. Meeting facilities to 2,000 people. Family attractions - Lost Island Water Park, Phelps Youth Pavilion, and Bluedorn Science Imaginarium. 800-728-8431; fax 319-233-2733;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

MARYLAND WISP RESORT in Deep Creek Lake, MD, is the true 4-season mountain destination that’s easy to get to yet miles from ordinary. The mountainside Wisp Resort Hotel offers 168-rooms and flexible meeting space to accommodate groups of all sizes.With an almost endless list of year-round recreational activities including the unique Mountain Coaster, the new Canopy Tour, skiing, golf, lake activities and more, groups can experience adventure at all levels. On-site Banquet & Catering Services can create meals and menus for all budgets. 296 Marsh Hill Road, McHenry MD 21541. 301.387.4000; fax 301.387.6550;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

MICHIGAN DETROIT METRO CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU Thinking of meeting in Detroit? We offer great services such as tracing your family history, securing permits for area parks, searching for hotel accommodations and much more. Detroit is home to great family fun attractions including The Henry Ford, America’s greatest history attraction, the Detroit Zoo, fine museums and numerous festivals and events. For More information contact the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau at or call 1-313-202-1985,

GREATER LANSING CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU Greater Lansing, Michigan is a great place for a family reunion, meeting or special event of any kind. Centrally located, offering updated meeting facilities, affordable lodging and lots of fun entertainment and nightlife options – All right in the palm of your hand! For help planning your reunion call 1-866-377-1402 or visit SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

MINNESOTA WORRY-FREE REUNIONS AT CRAGUN’S RESORT 11000 Craguns Dr, Brainerd MN 56401: 800-CRAGUNS (272-4867). Since 1940 Cragun’s has taken pride in creating memorable’s why: 1) trained coordinator will help plan it all, 2) arrival “Welcome” and registration areas with planned activity agendas, 3)

CATALOG OF REUNION RESOURCES activities including golf outings, lake cruises, picnics, fishing contests, horse drawn trolley rides and more, 4) indoor facilities to ensure you a “weather-proof” reunion, 5) private gathering areas, 6) special celebration meals, 7) professional group photos, 8) and best of all, enjoy a safe, secure friendly environment. Come to Cragun’s for your reunion. Named “One of MN’s ideal locations to hold a Reunion.” by AAA. Call for FREE Reunion Planning Packet or visit:

EAGLE LAKE CAMP & RETREAT CENTER 17040 Cty Rd 102, Brainerd, MN 56401; 651-633-4871. Modern, comfortable, self-service facility located on 120 wooded acres on private lake near Brainerd, Minnesota. Lodge with eighteen rooms, lounge, modern restrooms/showers. Three bunkhouses. Wooded camping area. Modern restroom/shower facility serving bunkhouses and campsites. Large dining room and kitchen facilities. Swimming, fishing, boating & canoeing, basketball court and sand volleyball, children’s playground, hiking.

MISSOURI THE BRANSON/LAKES AREA CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU Located in America’s heartland, Branson, Missouri is the perfect destination for your next reunion because we offer so many choices of live music shows and family entertainment, lodging, attractions, dining and more. Remember, in Branson, our value is unrivaled, our scenery breathtaking and our authentic Ozarks hospitality inviting. Call us toll-free at 800-214-3661; 417-243-2117 or visit our website at and request a Reunion Planner Sales kit. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

NEVADA MADAME TUSSAUDS LAS VEGAS is located in front of the Venetian. Who would you like to meet at the World Famou s Madame Tussauds Las Vegas? With over 100 lifelike celebrities, you’ll have the pictures to show everyone you hung out with stars while in Vegas! To book your reunion outing call 702.862.7810 or email Open 365 days a year, 10 a.m. daily.

GOLD COAST HOTEL & CASINO is located just minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip, directly across from The Rio and The Palms. This friendly resort personifies all that is best about Las Vegas and features 712 rooms and suites, 30,000 square feet of conference space, full-service casino, five restaurants, showroom/lounge, 70-lane bowling center, race/sports book, a poolside fitness center, and shuttle service to the heart of The Strip. 4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103; 702-251-3560; 800-331-5334 x 400; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

SAM'S TOWN HOTEL & GAMBLING HALL 5111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas NV 89122. Sam’s Town boasts 646 elegantly appointed rooms and suites which surround the Mystic Fall Indoor Park. This popular hotel and casino has over 2,700 slot and video poker machines as well as 40 table games. In addition, Sam’s Town has 30,000 square feet of meeting space, multiple restaurants, food court, 18 movie theatres, RV Park, Bowling Center and much more!!! Sam’s Town offers a courtesy shuttle to the Strip and Downtown. 702454-8120; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

SUNCOAST HOTEL & CASINO 9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas NV 89145. Suncoast is an elegant gaming resort located on the picturesque western edge of the Las Vegas Valley. The stylish 400-room hotel is near three championship golf courses and has free shuttle bus service to and from McCarran International Airport. Among the Suncoast attractions are 25,000 square feet of convention space, nine restaurants, a 64lane bowling center, a 16-screen movie complex, a pool and a 500-seat showroom. 702-636-7050; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

include a spa and fitness center, a 70-lane bowling center, an 18-screen movie complex, a 900-seat showroom and 9,000-seat arena. 4500 W Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103; 702-365-7050; 888-365-7111 X 7050; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

ATLANTIS CASINO RESORT SPA RENO 3800 S Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502. Voted Reno’s “Best Hotel” our recent $100 million dollar expansion takes northern Nevada to a whole new level. From our all-new Spa Atlantis to our eight award-winning restaurants - Atlantis has it all! Winner of the Hospy Award for “Best Ballroom & Convention Space Design,” Atlantis boasts 50,000 SF of flexible new high-tech meeting space catering to reunions from 1,500 to 15. Let our experienced team plan your next event! 800-9945900; fax 775-825-1170,

CIRCUS CIRCUS HOTEL & CASINO RENO 500 N. Sierra St. Reno NV 89503 Whether business or pleasure brings you to us, Circus Circus Reno offers over 1,500 rooms, six sensational restaurants, a unique Midway of Fun, an expansive casino floor with all the latest gaming action, and state-of-the-art convention facilities. Free airport shuttle and parking available. Call 800-894-3588 or visit for more information. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

GRAND SIERRA RESORT AND CASINO is just five short minutes from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport and just 45 minutes from majestic Lake Tahoe. With 2,000 rooms and suites, a full service casino, 10 distinct restaurants, an 1,800-seat theater with headlining entertainment, branded retail shops, a cinema, a 50-lane championship bowling center, outdoor thrill rides, aqua golf driving range, and Fun Quest Family Fun Center, you’ll never run out of fun and exciting things to do. 2500 E. Second St., Reno, NV, 89595 – 866.473.6672 – SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

NEW YORK HOTELSCOUTER.COM Get Great Reunion Rates for Less... Instead of calling dozens of hotels, fill out one simple form on our website and we will have Group Friendly hotels in your desired city respond instantly with their best rates. No more wasted time playing phone tag. Group coordinators can get Free Rooms. Let us make your reunion planning simple! Get Started Now! Info: 443-416-3800;;

ALBANY CLARION HOTEL 3 Watervliet Ave Extension, Albany NY 12206. In the heart of New York’s Capital City stands the Clarion Hotel Albany, where comfort and convenience are paramount and the value can’t be beat. We offer a Full American Breakfast, an indoor pool, on-site restaurant, free WIFI and complimentary shuttle service. Reunions are offered special rates and complimentary hospitality suites. 518438-8431;;

BEST WESTERN ALBANY AIRPORT INN 200 Wolf Road, Albany NY 12205. Looking for a place to hold your reunion? Well, look no further! We can accommodate your reunion from family to military with very affordable prices. Our property has 153 rooms with an indoor heated pool, an onsite restaurant and lounge and 6000 sq ft of meeting space. We also have a complimentary full hot breakfast available every morning. 518-458-1000;;

THE BEST WESTERN SOVEREIGN HOTEL is one of the top hosts of reunions in the Capital Region. Restaurant on-site, along with indoor pool and sauna. Shopping malls, golf and theaters near hotel. We also provide complimentary shuttle to area attractions. We have 192 newly renovated guest rooms, over 8,000 square feet of meeting space and much more! 518-4892981;;



blends the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas with the festive flavor of New Orleans. The 88-acre full-service resort has 1,886 rooms and suites, 40,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, 12 exceptional restaurants and an oasis-like swimming pool. Attractions also

COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT CHARLOTTE/GASTONIA makes events memorable with 2,300 sq. ft. of meeting space with courtyard area, 130 renovated rooms, free wifi, indoor pool/spa, fitness center, and restaurant for a hot buffet breakfast. Near to shopping, dining, Charlotte

and Carowinds. 1856 Remount Road, Gastonia NC 28054. Call or email for group discounts: (704) 852-4411; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

FAIRFIELD INN BY MARRIOTT CHARLOTTE/GASTONIA 1860 Remount Road, Gastonia NC 28054. 89 guest rooms with microwaves/fridges in all rooms, an indoor pool and spa, meeting room, deluxe continental breakfast, and an experienced team to help you plan your event! Walking distance to restaurants and short driving distance to many local restaurants, shopping. Located within easy access to I-85 and beautiful downtown Charlotte. 704-867-5073;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD! “Remember When” starts at RUMBLING BALD RESORT ON LAKE LURE. Host your reunion at a picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain resort in Lake Lure, NC. At Rumbling Bald Resort you will find a variety of affordable lodging options along with activities for your entire family. Play golf, visit the spa, enjoy swimming pools, lighted tennis courts, recreational activities, boat rentals and narrated lake cruises. Make your reservations now and the memories are yours to keep. 112 Mountains Blvd. Lake Lure, NC 28746; 877-628-6730; fax: 828625-9229;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

PENNSYLVANIA VALLEY FORGE CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU 1000 First Avenue, Suite 101, King of Prussia PA 19406. DO WHAT WASHINGTON DID. SET UP CAMP IN HISTORIC VALLEY FORGE FOR YOUR NEXT REUNION! Quality hotels, unique off-property meeting sites, world class shopping and fine dining. Thirty minutes from Philadelphia. Surrounded by great regional attractions. Get a free Valley Forge Meeting Planners Guide. Contact Courtney Pozo: 610-8347971,or or visit

SOUTH CAROLINA At 14 stories the HOLIDAY INN RIVERVIEW stands tall. This unique Charleston landmark offers guests 180 nicely appointed guest rooms and a full service restaurant with panoramic views of Historic Charleston and the Ashley River as well as complimentary shuttle service to the heart of the city for shopping and tours. Enjoy easy planning with our experienced staff. Ask about special incentives for event planners. 301 Savannah Hwy, Charleston SC 29407. Contact Megan O’Hara Owen at 843-460-1440; fax 843-766-8355;;

COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT GREENVILLE 115 The Parkway, Greenville SC 29615. 136 bright and spacious rooms, an indoor pool and spa, 1250 sq. ft. of versatile meeting space, Complimentary airport shuttle service, full breakfast buffet, with an experienced team to help you plan your event! Close to 10+ restaurants, shopping, I-85 and located within easy access to awardwinning downtown Greenville. 864-213-9009; debra, SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

FAIRFIELD INN GREENVILLE 48 Fisherman Lane, Greenville SC 29615. 94 guest rooms with microwaves/fridges, an outdoor pool and spa, hospitality suites, complimentary airport shuttle service, continental breakfast, and an experienced team to help you plan your event! Within walking distance to 10+ restaurants, shopping, and located within easy access to I-85 and award-winning downtown Greenville. 864-2349916;; . SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

SEA MIST OCEANFRONT RESORT- MYRTLE BEACH SC 1200 South Ocean Blvd., 29577. REUNIONS MADE EASY! Specializing in reunions from military to family at the most affordable rates in Myrtle Beach. Sea Mist’s premier oceanfront location is near shopping, theaters and golf courses. Over 600 of our 800 units have been completely remodeled, restaurants, miniature golf, 10 pools, Jacuzzis, fitness room, 17,000-sq.ft. of versatile meeting space and much more! 800-200-8687;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

N OV E M B E R / D EC E M B E R / JA N UA R Y 2011 O R E U N I O N S 43


TENNESSEE CHATTANOOGA AREA CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU We are ready to host your next family or military reunion. Our Staff works closely with the hotels, attractions, tour companies and you to provide exactly what you need to have a great reunion. Contact Christina Petro at 800964-8600 ext. 3017 or by e-mail at for free help planning your next reunion! SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

CABINS IN THE SMOKIES Timber Tops offers luxury cabins and resort facilities to accommodate large groups. These incredible cabins can include big screen TV’s, game rooms with pool tables, hot tubs, gorgeous mountain views, and close proximity to all the fun attractions in Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, TN and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 1800-266-1066;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

UTAH PARK CITY LODGING (formerly R&R Properties) is located in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah. Enjoy properties throughout Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons resort areas. We can provide many ideal accommodations for reunions, retreats and weddings. Call 800-348-6759; Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in creating a memorable mountain experience.

VERMONT SMUGGLERS’ NOTCH RESORT At America’s Reunion Resort, you’ll experience Mountain Resort Living, award-winning children’s programs (6wks. - 17yrs.), family activities and entertainment, swimming, skiing, hiking, dining, shopping & more. Smugglers’ Notch Resort – the only

resort in North America to guarantee Family Fun – Summer, Winter & Fall. For more information, call 1800-521-0536. or visit SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

price ranges. Call 800-368-3097;; SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!




PO Box 5 Mountain Lake Road, Hedgesville WV 25427; 304-754-7977 or 800-248-2222; fax 304-754-8146:;

Enjoy everything that Northern Virginia has to offer. From the monuments and memorials of nearby Washington, DC to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, Fairfax County is an ideal location for your military or family reunion. Call us at 703-790-0643 or visit our website today at SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

TIMELESS. That’s the perfect description of the Fredericksburg region. Visitors to the area encounter the richness of the American experience, and walk in the footsteps of presidents and generals. They feel the joy of discovery in the Fredericksburg area’s unique present and entertaining past, in its historical attractions and battlefields, shops, galleries, beautiful wineries and chef owned restaurants. To book your reunion, please contact Lura Hill, Manager Tourism Sales, at 540-372-1216 or 866-405-3046. Or, email her at www.VisitFred. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

NEWPORT NEWS Close encounters with the ocean, ships, history and the great outdoors in one central destination. All this, plus Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. Whether getting together with old classmates, shipmates or “familymates”, Newport News provides the perfect location and services to make your reunion a success! Outstanding services and support, the best value and plenty to see and do, Newport News will make your next reunion a memorable one. Call Cheryl Morales at 888493-7386 or email her at to book your reunion.

VisitNorfolk 232 East Main Street, Norfolk VA 23510. Norfolk’s beautifully revitalized waterfront, rich military heritage, walkable downtown and central Mid Atlantic location make it the ideal destination for your next reunion. Home to such attractions as the Battleship Wisconsin, MacArthur Memorial, Hampton Roads Naval Museum and the world’s largest naval base. See why American Heritage named Norfolk “A Great American Place.” Offering over 5,000 committable hotel rooms in various


PRODUCTS & SERVICES ACTIVITIES & GAMES REUNION TRIVIA Looking for a fun and engaging activity for your reunion weekend? Reunion Trivia has the game for you! Reunion Trivia offers a slideshow with 20 questions related to things that occurred during your graduation year. We also offer custon games created just for your event (e.g. questions about your school and/or class). Visit our website:; Email: Phone: 978-201-0147

AIRPORT PARKING Park Ride Fly USA is the fastest growing seller of offsite airport parking on the Web. All pre-paid parking reservations include complimentary shuttle service, luggage assistance, and $100,000 of Automatic Flight Insurance provided at no additional cost. Visit and click on Park Ride Fly for discount airport parking at more than 50 U.S. airports and start saving today!

ATTRACTIONS THE B.B. KING MUSEUM & DELTA INTERPRETIVE CENTER 400 2nd St., Indianola, MS 38751. The Museum’s restored 1920’s cotton gin is perfect for reunions & includes a projection screen ideal for meetings. The allViking kitchen makes catering easy! Exhibits include rare artifacts, award-winning films, interactives, & a story that is unforgettable. Group rates available. 662887-9539.

BOOKS & SOFTWARE THE REUNION PLANNER 11661 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 306, Los Angeles CA 90049; 310-820-5554; fax 310-820-8341;;

PRODUCTS & SERVICES All of the following can be purchased at or by calling 1-800-373-7933, ext.4

BOOKS Family Reunion by Mary Quattlebaum, Illustrated by Andrea Shine. Thoughtful and fun, this book gives glimpses of family togetherness and tradition through various poetic forms, including free verse, a sonnet, haiku, a ballad and more. $16 + s/h. THE FAMILY REUNION SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Avoid Problems With Your Family Without Avoiding Your Family by Laurence A. Basirico. (2003, Identity Publishing, $11.95). A book about relationships at family reunions and how to enjoy them. Based on original research. 2106 Coy St., Burlington, NC. (336) 584-1442. Secrets of Successful Family Reunions by Robert W. Wolfe a.k.a. Uncle Bob A how-to-book for successful family reunions. Whether simple or elaborate it helps those who wish to pass their values to the next generation. 2008. $16.99 + s/h. Treasure and Scavenger Hunts (3rd ed.) How to Plan, Create, and Give Them by Gordon Burgett Communications Unlimited, 2007, 134 pp. $15.95 + s/h or $12.95 digital. Your Living Family Tree: Keeping your family together forever through print, photos, sound and video by Gordon Burgett Communications Unlimited, 2008, 174 pp. $17.95 + s/h or $15.95 digital. The Pick A Party book set by Patty Sachs, party-planning expert Book #1: Pick a Party, The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasion 100 theme party plans for holidays, milestone occasions and special events. Book #2 Pick-A-Party Cookbook Includes menus, recipes and table decoration ideas for the 100 theme parties in Book #1. Regularly $20 for the set, only $16.00 + $2 s/h) for Reunions magazine readers. The Miles of Smiles: 101 Great Car Games & Activities by travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers “May be the ultimate solution for back seat squabbling” on the way to your reunion. Keep kids entertained all the way there. $8.95 + s/h. 44 R E U N I O N S O

FOOD PREPARATION COOKING FOR LARGE GROUPS (CD) Over 1400 recipes. System requirements: Windows 98/NT 4.0/XP, Intel Pentium Processor or better, 32 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor, keyboard, web browser, Adobe Reader, Window-compatible pointing device. $49.95 plus $1.29 s/h. Purchase at or call 1-800-373-7933, ext. 4.

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MUSIC The Malone Family Choir: A Family Reunion is an original gospel CD opening with a song you'll want to play to say Welcome to Our Family Reunion! at your family reunion. CD $15 or tape $10 + s/h.

POSTCARD ANNOUNCEMENTS Notify your reunion members to SAVE THE DATE (bright red, they’ll not miss it!) and when you need reminders, send postcards that say TIME IS RUNNING OUT Fill-in cards - $15 p/100 postcards or 20¢ each – you fill in the date and reunion name; or Custom printed cards - $45 p/100 postcards or 50¢ each. Send info to be printed: for SAVE THE DATE! (name, date, & place of reunion, contact info). For TIME IS RUNNING OUT (name & date of reunion & RSVP date) + fax number or email address to get your approval before we print. Send to Reunions magazine, PO Box 11727, Milwaukee WI 53211-0727; credit card charges call 1-800-373-7933 ext. 4, or order online;

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CATALOG OF REUNION RESOURCES CRUISES CELEBRATION RIVER CRUISES The Celebration Belle, an 800 passenger riverboat, located in the Quad Cities, is the largest non-gaming riverboat on the Upper Mississippi River. We offer a wide variety of cruises ranging from 1 hour narrated sightseeing cruise to a daylong cruise. The Celebration Belle is known for our live entertainment, our hospitality, and our food, which prepared fresh onboard, not catered! The Quad Cities is a great destination for your reunions. Go to or call (800) 297-0034 for more information.

COOKBOOKS CUSTOM COOKBOOKS FOR FAMILIES Family cookbooks keep memories alive! Your entire cookbook order can be completed online: simply enter your recipes, invite others to enter their recipes, design your book and submit the order! Or, we’ll type your recipes for you. A great keepsake and fundraiser! G&R Publishing • Waverly, Iowa • • 1-800-383-1679.

FAMILY TREE CHARTS YOUR FAMILY TREE CHARTED. Names of all Family Members are charted. Large Poster size for display. Smaller, framed size for gift. Plus. A Family Tree Book of individual Family Trees. Really Nice! Make charting your Family Tree part of the legacy you leave behind.; 404-768-5 698, JoAnn Ross.


REUNION PHOTO COOKIES Every Special event deserves...a Special & Delicious treat! The Photo Cookie Greetings® are gourmet shortbreads iced with a specially prepared sugar icing. Photo Cookies are that extra-personalized touch at a Reunion dinner: create favors, table centerpieces or give as a memento. No matter how they are used, they will make a tasteful impression with your reunion attendees.

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REUNION WEBSITE BUILDER MYEVENT.COM Create your own reunion website with no skills. It’s fast and easy to use. Your reunion website has great features and planning tools. It will make planning much easier and everyone will love it! Features: Online registration, rsvp, ticket payment, message boards, family tree, guest book, quiz, poll, stories, photo albums, no ads, travel information, more. 7 day free trial. No credit card required for the free trial! Only $9.95 / month. Any Questions – 877-769-3836 or

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Reunions Magazine Volume 21, Number 2. November/December/January 2011  
Reunions Magazine Volume 21, Number 2. November/December/January 2011