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Veterans Homecoming Week November 5-11, 2016 For a Reunion Planner Sales Kit, contact: Julie Peters, CTIS, CEP at JPeters@BransonCVB.com


Table Of Contents Welcome to multimedia reunion planning! 1.0 Introduction to Reunion Planners Notebook. . 4 1.1 Reunion social media: online index 1.2 Reunion planning timetable 2.0 Surveys. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 2.1 Family reunion survey 2.2 Class reunion survey 3.0 Leadership and governance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 3.1 Leadership roster 3.2 Committee responsibilities 3.3 Committee notes/progress 4.0 Budget. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 4.1 Budget form 5.0 Site Selection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 5.1 Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) 5.2 Request for Proposal (RFP) 5.3 Hotel negotiation 5.4 Site inspection checklist Virginia is for Reunion Lowers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 6.0 Promotion/communication/social media. . . . 33 6.1 Membership Roster 6.2 Save-the-Date/invitations 7.0 Fundraising. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 7.1 Program book copy

8.0 Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 8.1 Family reunion registration form 8.2 Class reunion registration form 8.3 Military reunion registration form 8.4 Optional order form** 8.5 Reunion activity signup form 9.0 Food. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 9.1 Food/cooking plans 9.2 Menu planning 9.3 Picnic checklist 9.4 Potluck signup form 9.5 Questions to ask the caterer 10. R eunion Day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 10.1 Reunion Day countdown 10.2 Reunion Days for the planner 10.3 Reunion Day volunteer list 10.4 Registration check-in/attendance roster Reunion Day Programs 10.5 Sample Banquet program 10.6 Sample Business meeting agenda 10.7 Sample Worship/memorial program 11.0 Evaluation/feedback. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 11.1 Reunion member event evaluation 11.2 Committee member event evaluation 11.3 Member long form evaluation** Catalog of Reunion Resources. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Multimedia Reunion Planning Infographic . . . . . . 51

7.2 Ad book order form

Text in red indicates this is an actionable planning form. ** Available in download only

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1.0 Introduction

Introduction to Reunion Planners Notebook Welcome to multimedia reunion planning


elcome to Reunions magazine’s Reunion Planners Notebook, a venture to make reunion planning accessible and interactive in print and online. You have the print version of Reunion Planners Notebook in your hand. We also invite you to discover variations on these same pages — in several additional formats — online for your reunion-planning convenience. Throughout this Notebook, you will find references and links leading you to extensive additional information online to aid your reunion planning. The web version of the Notebook is optimized for

mobile, so you can access these pages on your mobile devices as well. All of these resources are available to you 24/7 whenever you want to work on your reunion plan. Outlines illustrated in this print version of the Notebook also are accessible online, and can be downloaded and printed for your use. And for a small price, the downloadable forms are also fillable for you to share with your committees and to use as your planning blueprint. The fillables will make your reunion planning streamlined and thorough.

How to Use This Book Planning forms and supporting documents, information, tips and discussion compose a collection of aids that will help you plan a successful reunion. The forms illustrated in this book will lead you through the reunion planning process, establishing the perfect groundwork for a first-time reunion planner as well as a valuable framework for even the most seasoned and experienced reunion planners. Once you’ve used and completed the forms for one reunion, they will be a priceless gift to your successive planners and committee chairs. Not only will they see what was done before, but your reunion’s documented history will come in very handy when the next reunion planner needs to demonstrate the value of your business to a convention and visitors bureau, hotel, resort or other place you may wish to have your next reunion.

Full size versions of reunion planning forms illustrated in this issue are available in two formats. You can print a full set for FREE from reunionsmag.com. OR go to Etsy.com/shop/ reunionsmagazine where you can order a set of FILLABLE computer forms to download for $25 or we will print and ship a paper set for $10. We will also take orders to customize forms for your reunion. One way of sharing with committee members is to have documents and information in “the cloud.” Use fillable forms, share with committee and members [via Dropbox, for example] so everyone is and always can be on the same page throughout the reunion planning process. Only careful planning and execution of the plan can decrease the chance of snafus, misunderstandings and disappointments.

About Reunions magazine In addition to the forms you’ll find in this Notebook, each page includes links to extensive information on our website and Pinterest pages. Announcements of news and additions to the web appear regularly on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and in our blog and monthly e-newsletter. We will continue to enhance our fillable forms, so stay social with us! Reunions magazine has always been reader-driven, and we will continue to add reader contributions to the website and Pinterest boards and announce them on Facebook — all excellent reasons for you to be friends and fans online.

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Reunions magazine was established in 1990 when reunions were just beginning to dawn as a market for the hospitality industry. We like to think we helped that along with our commitment to provide an audience for the reunion marketplace. Reunion planners meet reunion hosts and vendors! The magazine is reader-driven, and that — along with an extensive web and social media presence — has enabled us to engage with thousands of reunions over the years, resulting in our Reunions Hall of Fame online, and growing, which includes every reunion that has ever appeared on the pages of Reunions magazine.


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reunion timetable 1.2

Reunion timetable 24-18 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR REUNION...

Determine interest Talk to other reunion organizers Attend a reunion organizing class, workshop or conference Start collecting mailing and email list * Download Reunion Planners Notebook planning forms Form reunion committee(s) and establish responsibilities and schedules Keep records of everything Develop budget and bookkeeping system Contact convention and visitors or tourism bureaus Podcast: How to ask for money Search for / visit locations, facilities Podcast: Hotels are looking for your reunion Set up social media presence! A website, Facebook and Twitter pages ONE YEAR BEFORE ...

Set dates Send Save-the-Date cards. Choose destination/location/venue Send first mailer; tentative reunion schedule and plans (tours, souvenirs, memory books), theme, approximate cost, and missing persons list. Podcast: Art of the loving invitation Begin souvenir directory/list of members, memory book Arrange or hire entertainment, caterer, photographer, videographer, printer, motorcoach for touring Podcast: How to hire a motorcoach Reserve picnic area in the park 9-6 MONTHS BEFORE ...

Visit hotel, meet with staff Reserve block of rooms Use website and Facebook pages to send announcements and build excitement Send second mailer; include registration and souvenir order forms and cost Send announcement to Reunions magazine; Send reunion name, date, place and contact info to editor@reunionsmag.com. See examples Schedule events and activities — program, speakers, awards ceremony, tours How to make a fundraising book = reunionsmag.com = Podcast = Etsy


Confirm reservations, entertainment (band, DJ, comedian, magician, face painting), photographer, caterer Choose menu or make cooking/food plans Announce event to local news media, elected officials Request proclamations from elected officials Use social media regularly to update, who’s coming, what’s new and create enthusiasm 4-2 MONTHS BEFORE ...

Meet with hotel staff, visit facility with reunion committee Reserve rental equipment; tents, bounce house, tables, chairs, porta-potties Select decorations, theme, signs and banners To ensure delivery before your reunion, submit personalized s ouvenir order (t-shirts, mugs, caps ...) and deliver directory/memory book to the printer 6 WEEKS BEFORE ...

Review committee assignments Write checklist for reunion tasks Designate assignments for reunion day volunteers Podcast: Don’t do it alone: recruit volunteers 2 WEEKS BEFORE ...

Purchase last minute decorations and incidental supplies Reconfirm meeting, sleeping and eating accommodations Review final checklist THE DAY BEFORE ...

Determine location staff contacts assigned to your reunion Solve last-minute problems Review final details with committee and volunteers REUNION DAY(S) ...

Set up registration tables, rental equipment, displays, decorations Juggle details; volunteers, food, photographer, games, kids activities, entertainment, tours, ceremonies Enjoy Evaluate reunion AFTERWARD ...

Reflect and evaluate — note what worked, what didn’t Complete bookkeeping; settle accounts Write thank you notes, pictures and videos to volunteers, hotel staff, caterers Add a reunion summary to your website and Facebook page. Share with Reunions magazine. Start planning your next reunion. REUNION PLANNERS NOTEBOOK v REUNIONS 7

2.0 Surveys

2.2 Class reunion survey

Reunion Name ________________________________________________________________

Contact ______________________________________________________________________ Reunion Name ______________________________________________________________

Family Reunion Survey

Contact ____________________________________________________________________ Would you attend a reunion? Circle one. Yes No Don’t know

2.1 Family reunion survey

Reason ______________________________________________________________________

Family Reunion Survey

What is the best time of year for you to attend a reunion? _______________________________ Would you attend a reunion? Circle one. Yes No Don’t know What dates are you NOT able to attend? ____________________________________________ Reason ______________________________________________________________________ How far would you travel to a reunion? _____________________________________________ What is the best time of year for you to attend a reunion? _______________________________ Suggest reunion locations. What dates are you NOT able to attend? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ How far would you travel to a reunion? _____________________________________________ Do you prefer a one-day or multiple-day reunion? Circle your choice. Suggest reunion locations. 1 day 2 days 3 days other _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ How much are you willing to spend to attend a reunion? _______________________________ Do you prefer a one-day or multiple-day reunion? Circle your choice. Suggest activities for a reunion. ___________________________________________________ 1 day 2 days 3 days other _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ How much are you willing to spend to attend a reunion? _______________________________ How many from your family would attend? _________________________________________ Suggest activities for a reunion. ___________________________________________________ How can you help with the reunion? planning committee, webmaster, video, photography, _____________________________________________________________________________ games, DJ, set up, clean up …. How many from your family would attend? _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ How can you help with the reunion? planning committee, webmaster, video, photography, _____________________________________________________________________________ games, DJ, set up, clean up ….


Purpose: to determine interest in a reunion. To learn who’s interested and how they’d be involved. FAMILY REUNION SURVEY

It is essential to survey your reunion group to determine preferences which, when incorporated into the reunion plans, will guarantee higher attendance. CLASS REUNION SURVEY

Ask former classmates how they imagine their reunion. Choose the majority answers even if it doesn’t include your top choice. Be flexible. The goal is to encourage as many people as possible to get together.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Reply information: _____________________________________________________________________________ Name _______________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________ Reply information: City ______________________________________________ State _____ Zip______________ Name ______________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________ email ________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________ State _____ Zip______________ Facebook/ website ______________________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________________________________________________ Comments ____________________________________________________________________ email ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Comments

© 2016 Reunions magazine 2.1 _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

St. Martin High School, Biloxi, Mississippi, Class of 1987

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3.0 Leadership and Governance

Essential to leadership Make a checklist. Organization is essential to planning a successful reunion. No detail is too small and keeping track of all the details is a must. All these steps are the foundation for hosting a successful event. A timeline keeps you on the calendar, a checklist makes sure you don’t forget anything. There are many details and it can be a lot to remember. Make a checklist in whatever format you’re comfortable with. Make sure everything is on that list; make copies. Give others responsibility for items on the checklist.

3.2 Committee Responsibilities Planning a reunion should be a group effort. Volunteers and committees are crucial to a successful event. Committees share planning, set a timeline for completing tasks and assignments, generate and implement ideas, and inspire attendance. Family reunions should involve members from each branch and young family members. Committees add to the fun and “ownership” of reunion organizing. Committees meet as needed, in person or on Skype! Volunteers or committees for the following responsibilities help to lighten the load. • Finance/fundraising. Develops budget and long-range fundraising projects and plans. Stages reunion day fundraisers. Selects and purchases personalized souvenirs. Collects and organizes items to sell, auction or raffle at the reunion. • Destination/location/site selection. Selects reunion destination and location. Makes site visits, negotiates contracts, makes reservations and site arrangements. • Communication/invitation/social media. Promotes reunion to increase attendance. Designs, produces and distributes announcements, invitations, newsletters, follow-ups. Sets up/manages website and social media. Encourages attendance and involvement among members. This is a great committee for tapping the talents of younger people. • Program/entertainment/activities (including kids’ activities at family reunions). Plans and coordinates reunion day activities (for all age groups) based on reunion members’ interests. Arranges event facilities or locations. Chooses and coordinates tours, entertainment, sports, games, ice 10 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com

3.1 Leadership Roster

Reunion Name ________________________________________Reunion Date__________________ Contact ___________________________________________________________________________


Name Chairperson Worship/Memorial Service Committee Chairperson Chairperson Vice Chair Member Secretary Member Treasurer Historian Member




Food Committee Chairperson Committees Member Finance/Fundraising Committee Member Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Registration/Greeters Committee Destination/Location/Site Committee Chairperson Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member Member Photos/Recording/Video Committee Communication/Invitation/Social Media Committee Chairperson Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Set-up/Decorations Committee Chairperson Program/Entertainment/Activities Committee (including activities for kids at family reunions) Member Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member Clean-up Committee Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member Member

© 2016 Reunions magazine

© 2016 Reunions magazine



breakers; books a band or DJ, and arranges for AV system, if necessary. Plans age-appropriate activities for kids throughout the reunion to fend off boredom and encourage participation. The following responsibilities also can be considered for assignment to a committee or an individual volunteer: • Signage. Produce clear, high-visibility signs that make the reunion easy to find and/or guide attendees to specific activities or areas within the reunion. • Photography/videography. Hire professionals or designate reunion members to perform the duties of photographer, videographer, and/or memory album organizer.

• Worship/Memorial/Fellowship. Plans and presents service, rituals, ceremonies, memorials. Arranges clergy, speakers, music, activities, volunteers. Allocates time to remember births and passings, honor accomplishments and comings and goings. • Food. Plans, chooses and provides food, or works with a caterer or banquet manager. Chooses options such as a picnic or banquet, potluck. Determines whether to hire a caterer or have everyone pitch in to help in planning and cooking—or some combination of those. If both a banquet and/or dance and a picnic/barbecue are planned, have a separate coordinator for each.

Reunion Name __________________________________________________________________ Reunion Date ___________________________________________________________________ Contact ________________________________________________________________________

Committee Notes/Progress 3.3 Committee notes/progress Name of Committee ____________________________________________________________ What is this committee responsible for? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Committee Members Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member





Committee Tasks Member



CLASS, FAMILY OR MILITARY REUNIONS! We offer a great variety of menu options, bar packages and incentives in all price ranges, plus great group rates! • Fun gaming floor.

Attach meeting minutes, notes and reports.

• Spacious guest rooms.

© 2016 Reunions magazine

• Luxury movie theatre.


• Seven restaurants. • Sports and center floor casino bars. • Pool, jacuzzi and fitness center. GOVERNANCE

• Live entertainment Fridays and Saturdays.


• Registration. Recruits welcoming committee and makes nametags before the reunion. REUNION DAY(S) VOLUNTEERS

Opportunities for people who have had no other reunion planning responsibilities. • Transportation. Does airport pickup and arranges to transport members during the reunion (hotel to picnic, tours, church). • Registration/greeters. Checks in new arrivals, distributes nametags and gift bags, collects money from last minute arrivals. • Set-up/decorations. Makes reunion site festive and welcoming. Sets up AV equipment, displays, decorations. Makes sure equipment and rentals are set up and functioning. • Medic. Designating at least one person as a “medic” is wise, particularly for outdoor reunions. • Clean-up. Time for everybody to pitch in so the planners can finally relax!

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4.0 Budget Keep track of every penny … because someone at the reunion will ask how their money was spent. Try to arrange a separate checking account to keep a permanent, legal record of reunion income and expenses. Do not underestimate expenses or you’ll find yourself with reunion bills and no way to pay them. Add at least 10% for unexpected expenses to whatever you decide to charge. If there is money left over, it can go to the committee planning the next reunion. If you’re just starting, ask for donations to help cover expenses. Then consider additional ways — such as dues or fees — to offset pre-reunion expenses. Dues or fees to cover your expenses can be set at several membership levels, including individual, young adult, family, sustaining, donating, and senior. The lowest covers essential administrative costs and a newsletter. Don’t price membership out of reach for those on a fixed income. Publicly recognize sustaining and donating members to encourage generous individuals. Mention their names in presentations at the reunion and publish their names in programs and newsletters. For family reunions, consider a complimentary membership to any member over 70 who requests it. This budget, downloadable and fillable in Excel, does calculations for you, both for planning and for revising as you go. Use the spreadsheet to provide instant information and financial reports for committees and for members at the reunion. Excel allows you to track actual expenses to compare to your budget, and you also can generate income statements and final reports.


4.1 Reunion Budget

Reunion Name _____________________________________ Reunion Date _________________ Contact _________________________________________________________________________

INCOME Postage Membership dues Supplies Fees Other Online registration (% of charge) Tips/gratuities Fundraising Taxes Down payments /deposits Donations/contributions Accommodations Other Sales Venues Post reunion expenses T-shirts/caps/totes Picnic site rental Printing; reunion report/newsletter Mementoes/keepsakes Rentals; A/V, tents, bounce house Postage Photos/videos/CDs Caterer Pictures, videos Cookbooks Food Other Food/beverages Photographer/videographer TOTAL EXPENSES $0.00 Tours NET INCOMEMotorcoach for tours $0.00 Auction/raffle Mementoes, t-shirts Volunteers Printing (newsletters, program … ) Other Other *volunteer time, donated goods or services

In kind*





© 2016 Purchases Reunions magazine







Decorations/signs/banners EXPENSES Games

Pre reunion expenses Bank fees Awards; plaques, certificates, trophies, Communication prizes, other awards Activity expenses (crafts,

Long distance/fax/email/web Program and other special handouts

Promotion Picnic supplies Online/web expenses Other

mailings, programs Reunion dayPrinting; expenses Venues

(# of mailings x # on mail list)

Meals (# days x # meals)

Transportation: Rides to/from airport

4.1 - 1

Motorcoach for touring Caterer


DJ, band or professional story teller 4.1 - 2

4.1 - 3


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Kim Ghys Senior Account Executive kimberly@lakecounty.org


Things Everyone should consider

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5.0 Site Selection

5.1 Convention and Visitors Bureau Whether you’re organizing a reunion to be held in your own area or elsewhere, once you’ve narrowed your destination choices your first contact must be the local convention and visitors bureau (CVB). They know the territory! They know what major events are coming up, what hotels are new or renovated, and the best value dates for your reunion. In fact, they may be the most helpful source of information you find during your reunion planning. Ask if there’s a reunion or small meeting specialist on staff. CVBs provide a range of services. Most can help you develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) to obtain bids for accommodations and services. The information you supply about what your reunion needs is used to collect responses from vendors. The CVB is your ally and advocate, utilizing their extensive knowledge to help you and your reunion. Ask if they can help you get discounts and group rates for housing, attractions, entertainment and transportation. Can the CVB provide a familiarization (FAM) tour or on-site inspection? Or can they provide a video tour and an inspection report, if a reunion member is unable to personally inspect a property? Can the CVB provide referrals to local suppliers for A/V equipment, tours and special events, buses, caterers, restaurants, entertainment, florists, photographers/videographers and speakers? Ask whether the CVB can provide or help your reunion to obtain any of these: _ maps, brochures _ help with mailings _ registration assistance (for large reunions) _ official greetings (mayor, public officials) _ name badges _ banners _ children/spouse programs _ services for special needs _ sightseeing tours _ souvenirs, promotional giveaways, door prizes We use the word “hotel” but the following should be used for whatever venue/property you are trying to secure for your reunion. This could be for a resort, inn, ranch, bed&breakfast, condos, villas or vacation homes, campgrounds or even a cruise ship. When you are negotiating for your unique group, consider these steps.


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Request for Proposal (RFP)

5.2 Request for Proposal Reunion profile Total attendance _________________________________________________________ Demographics ___________________________________________________________ Reunion overview ________________________________________________________ Event overview __________________________________________________________ Accessibility/special needs _________________________________________________

Reunion history Include: dates, attendance, city, venue/hotel, room nights, food and beverage spending

____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

RFP Information Decision date ____________________________________________________________ Room block _____________________________________________________________ Desired dates ____________________________________________________________ Desired room rate range, room rate history, concessions ____________________________________________________________________________________

Reunion space requirements

Date, function type, setup, number of attendees, start and end time ____________________________________________________________________________________

Food and beverage




Day 1 ________





Day 2 ________




Day 3 ________




Menus provided (yes or no)

Service charge (yes or no, how much) ______________

Guaranteed prices (until what date) ________________________________________________________ Guarantee policy ______________________________________________________________________ Tax and gratuity (%) ___________________________________________________________________

Decision process _________________________________________________________

Special requirements ______________________________________________________ Submission instructions ____________________________________________________ © 2016 Reunions magazine


5.3 Hotel negotiation If you don’t negotiate, you will pay higher prices and receive very few extras. Negotiating is complex. Do your homework. Know the facts to get the greatest value for your reunion dollars. Be realistic. Careful negotiating can get you the best and most economical reunion. Keep in mind: hotel sales persons negotiate every day and they want your business. YOUR REUNION STRENGTHS

Reunion size. For a first reunion, err on the side of caution. Do not oversell your reunion. If your reunion has history, you have the hotel’s attention. Provide proof that you can and do fill the number of rooms you are asking for. And vow to save all this information for the next reunion chair to use for the next reunion. REUNION RECORDS

Demonstrate the economic impact of your reunion spending habits (rooms, food, beverages, meeting space, shopping patterns and, if you really want to impress them, estimate total monetary impact of your reunion on their community). UNDERSTAND SUPPLY AND DEMAND

Ask hotels for dates / seasons when rates are low and business is needed. These are called low, off or soft periods; they vary from location to location and can occur throughout the year. If your dates and season are flexible, you may be able to save 50% or more off published rates.

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Site Selection

5.4 Reunion Site Inspection Reunion Site Inspection Checklist Property name and address _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Date of visit ___________________________ Contact person/info _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Things to observe ❑ how you're treated ❑ appearance (interior and exterior) ❑ overall cleanliness ❑ security and safety systems, including fire exits and sprinkler systems in rooms ❑ condition of all rooms (sleeping, dining and meeting) Yes / No ___/___ Do employees seem proud of their work? ___/___ Are they personable? helpful? ___/___ Are you comfortable with the hotel's decor? ___/___ Does the lobby have a welcoming appearance? ___/___ Are all areas wheelchair-accessible? ___/___ Is there sufficient, convenient parking? ___/___ Is there access to public transportation? ___/___ Are ice machines conveniently located and do they work?


Does the property have: HOTELS ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR REUNION ❑ elevators ❑ concierge ❑ gym/fitness room ❑ spa ❑ swimming pool ❑ wi-fi


16 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com


Do not select a hotel just because it offers the lowest price which may result in a low level of service. If you really like a hotel but the price is out of your range, say so. Ask if there is any way they can work with you. They may try hard to make it work. ASK FOR COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS

If you don’t ask, complimentary items will not be offered. These can include early check-in/late check-out, storage for supplies sent in advance of the reunion date, hotel shuttle, free parking, wifi or use of a business center, banners or signs, welcome reception, hospitality suite, recreational activities, special menu items, decorations and more. Some things may be free, others may be available at reduced rates. If this is your first reunion, do not expect too much but later as you demonstrate the value of your reunion, you will get more. And now, THE CONTRACT YOUR NEGOTIATION WILL END IN A WRITTEN CONTRACT WHICH, ONCE SIGNED, IS LEGALLY BINDING ON BOTH THE HOTEL AND THE REUNION.

Get everything in writing—from the smallest promised service to the type and number of rooms you agreed to. Total price must be clear, as well as taxes and gratuities. Review the contract very carefully. Ask questions, change what you do not agree with. Once the contract is signed, you are bound to its every detail. MAKE SURE THE FOLLOWING ARE INCLUDED IN THE CONTRACT.

_ Total number of rooms held for your reunion _ Attrition clause: percentage of number of rooms you book versus number you contract for to avoid penalty _ Types of rooms and beds _ Complimentary rooms, suites _ Smoke-free rooms _ Handicapped accessibility _ Meeting space _ Deposits _ Cut-off dates _ Cancellation clauses _ Reservation instructions _ Check in/out times/dates _ Taxes _ Transportation _ Master accounts _ Services and equipment _ What happens if hotel is overbooked? _ What ever else was negotiated?

A special guide to plan your Virginia reunion from Reunions magazine and your friends in Virginia


he impact of coming together at a reunion cannot be overstated. If you’re a regular reader of Reunions magazine, you already know why reunions are so important — that this simple act of coming together helps all of us embrace and celebrate life, love, relationships, and heritage. Reunions have evolved over time into more sophisticated and multi-dimensional gatherings. People now travel farther to attend them and bring higher expectations with them.

COVER PHOTOS Top: Witley Cotton Joyner and Taylor Clan in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Photo credit Alan Miller. Bottom: Hite Family Reunion at Belle Grove Plantation in Middletown, Virginia. Photo credit John P. Westervelt.


A big part of ensuring a major “Wow!” factor at your already memorable reunion is the destination itself. You’ll want to find a destination that is accessible and affordable for the entire group, and offers attractions and activities for all ages. And that’s why Virginia is for Reunion Lovers! Learning about your family’s history is a great subject at reunions — an activity that all generations can enjoy. In Virginia, you’ll find history almost everywhere … it’s like an American history class come to life. We have more homes of United States Presidents than any other state, including George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Fairfax County and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville. We have sites famous from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and

museums galore, all of which allow teenagers and younger children to relate to what they’ve read in school. But Virginia isn’t just history ... between the mountains of the Shenandoah and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, our natural beauty is everywhere. From beaches, forests, parks, trails, lakes and quiet places that calm the soul, to wineries and craft breweries, theme parks, sports, and eclectic dining, your reunion in Virginia will be one that everyone talks about for years. In a world of Skype, Facebook, and Instagram, reunions are still vital. When we’re overrun with interconnectedness, we sometimes forget how important being in the physical presence of each other is. You can’t Skype a hug, Facebook a picnic, or Instagram a treasure hunt or talent show. You need to come together … and Virginia is a very special place to do that. Let the beauty of Virginia refresh and renew you, its rich history embrace you, and its lively cities and beautiful landscapes energize you. Contact a local Convention and Visitors Bureau to find out more about planning the perfect reunion in Virginia.

Kern County, California, Honor Flight veterans at the United States Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia.

Fulton – McGill Family Reunion in Newport News, Virginia. Photo credit Andrea Moran.


Fun Things You Can Only Do In Virginia n





See the space shuttle Discovery. (It’s at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Fairfax County) Have Thomas Jefferson or George Washington speak to your reunion group (in Colonial Williamsburg) Visit the oldest African American Museum in the United States – the Hampton University Museum in Hampton Sip wine at a vineyard founded by rock legend Dave Matthews (in Charlottesville) Canoe or kayak on the longest free-flowing river in the eastern United States, the Rappahannock river, as it flows through Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, and Stafford County

Visit the narrowest house in America (the Spite house in Alexandria – it’s only seven feet wide!) n Celebrate a relative who served in the Air Force or the Marine Corps at their national memorials, both of which are located in Arlington n Visit the National Inventors Hall of Fame, and see how ingenuity made America great. (It’s part of the US Patent & Trademark Office in Alexandria) n Pose for a picture with a statue of Mr. Peanut (in Suffolk) See the most endangered mammal in North America – the red wolf – at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. Learn how red wolves are being reintroduced to the wild. n





Great Outdoors

Plan Your Perfect Reunion in 888.493.7386 newport-news.org 4 A SPECIAL GUIDE TO PLAN YOUR VIRGINIA REUNION

Minutes to Williamsburg Short drive to Virginia Beach

There is no doubt


s the editor of Reunions magazine, I’ve been invited many times to speak at reunion planning workshops and other events across Virginia. In fact, I’d say that my travels take me to Virginia more often than almost anywhere else. As a frequent visitor to Virginia, I can tell you that the state is an easy choice for any reunion planner. Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) across the state are dedicated to serving family, class and military reunions and providing advice and assistance to make the reunion planner’s job easier. The CVB should be your first call when you decide where you will have your reunion. They know their communities like no one else and have their fingers on the pulse of everything happening that will enchant reunion groups. Virginia is endowed with so many activities and attractions that most reunions will be challenged to do even a small portion of the activities available. History? Just walking down old town streets in Alexandria, Williamsburg, or Fredericksburg will evoke a time of distant memory. And the best part is that many attractions offer free admission; a real money saver for reunions! Nature? From the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Blue Ridge mountains in the west, Virginia’s natural beauty is

breath-taking. Parks for camping, hiking and biking, as well as nature trails, mountain climbing, and white-water kayaking attract adventurers from around the world. Attractions? Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg are all favorite family destinations. Food? Nourishment comes in all forms and flavors in Virginia. Besides their famous Smithfield hams and fresh seafood, there is wine (lots of wine!), as well as peanuts, apples, and world-class barbecue!! Literally, there are choices for every taste and budget. Truth be told, I have a couple of special Virginia favorites myself and have no problem sharing them. The first is the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News where an example of every living thing in Virginia is on display. It’s when you realize the vastness of the state’s natural diversity. I was blown away by the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly and finally getting to visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon fulfilled a lifelong goal. So, for your reunion, Virginia is a natural choice for so many reasons. Their friendly folks await your reunion! Edith Wagner, Editor, Reunions magazine


Jenkins-Scott Family Reunion in Richmond, Virginia

The Jenkins-Scott Family Reunion had the opportunity of hosting our family reunion in the heart of Virginia. The experience was awesome and the support was pouring out to us!!!


Miss Sondra Jenkins, Brooklyn, New York

Tour where the sweetness of life endures. VisitFred.com/Groups 6 A SPECIAL GUIDE TO PLAN YOUR VIRGINIA REUNION

Kimberly Herbert 1-800-260-3646 ksherbert@fredericksburgva.gov


Peters Family Reunion at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

For us, Virginia means great summer weather, and a reasonable drive for almost all of us. Hands down, Virginia is our final choice for all future reunions! Mr. Oliver Peters, Jr., Leesburg, Virginia


Discover the history, the attractions and the flavorful culture that make Hampton a city your reunion will want to visit again and again. 800.800.2202 VisitHampton.com


26 Things Families Will ww About Virginia From one end of Virginia to another, you’ll find all sorts of family-friendly activities, with attractions big and small, sure to appeal to all ages.

Here’s an A-to-Z listing: A Alpacas in Fredericksburg B Beaches

C Civil War History D Doughnuts

E Eateries (Restaurants fancy and not-so-fancy!) F Festivals and Fairs G Golf

H Hiking and Biking Trails

I Ice Cream (Try the milk shakes at Chaps, in Charlottesville!) J Jet Airplanes (At one of our three aviation museums) K Kite Flying

L Life in the 18th Century (See it being lived at Mount Vernon, Monticello or Colonial Williamsburg) M Museums

S Shows and Concerts

N Nuts (There are lots of peanuts in Virginia; there’s even a statue of Mr. Peanut in Suffolk!)

V Vineyards and Wineries

O Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay (Attend one of our Oyster Festivals!) P Pirate Festivals (The one in Hampton is world renowned!) Q Quiet Reverence (Watching The Changing of the Guard at The Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery)

Family Part of Ours.


R River Rafting


T Theme Parks

U United States Presidents (Virginia has eight: more than any other state!) W Water Parks

X XL Tee Shirts (and other sizes, too) will look great in your reunion photos Y Yummy Things to Eat (Try the barbecue and the Chesapeake Bay crabs, to name just two!) Z Zoos

Plan your reunion in the Winchester area and enjoy big city conveniences without the hassles of traffic, parking, availability and high prices. Our amenities include: • 30+ hotels and 200+ restaurants • Large and small venues in idyllic country or historic urban settings • A wide variety of live music and catering choices • Countless family adventures and attractions within 30 minutes Let your family become part of ours. Welcome to


Gardens at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley


Conveniently located within a day’s drive of half the U.S. population


Things To Do To Get More Value For Your Reunion $$$ n






Have at least one major meal function catered in your hotel. This will make your reunion more desirable to the hotel, and increase the likelihood they will offer you the use of a Hospitality Room without charge.


Many museums in Virginia are absolutely free, including the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Fairfax County, the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Alexandria, the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, and the US Army Transportation Museum in Newport News.


The antique Hampton Carousel, located on the downtown waterfront in Hampton, charges just $ 1.00 per ride!

Likewise, ask the hotel if they have table decorations or other décor items you can use for your meal, free-of-charge. Check with the CVB in your destination to make sure there are no “big events” (race weekends, county fairs or festivals, major sporting events, etc.) taking place over the dates you’re looking to hold your reunion. These will push up the cost of hotel rooms. Negotiate free or discounted use of the hotel’s pool and health club. Make sure that this is noted in your hotel contract. Negotiate free or discounted parking at the hotel. Make sure this is noted in your hotel contract as well. Many hotels will shuttle attendees to / from local attractions. Ask in advance.

Make this year’s reunion historic Colonial Williamsburg can help make your next event truly unforgettable. Whether you’re hosting a family, class, or military reunion, Colonial Williamsburg Hotels have what you need from our relaxing spa treatments to meeting space for the largest gathering.


| W I L L I A M S B U RG L O D G E


Call 1-800-822-9127 or visit colonialwilliamsburg.com/meetings *At an additional cost. © 2016 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation




reunites friends and family. Historic Downtown Mall

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, only two hours from Northern VA and DC, Charlottesville and Albemarle County, VA is the perfect location for a relaxing and fun reunion. Explore all the shops and restaurants our Historic Downtown Pedestrian Mall has to offer or treat yourself to a day touring our local wineries, breweries and cideries. Visit us today and plan your next trip at www.visitcharlottesville.org.

Where tradition is always new. VIRGINIA IS FOR REUNION LOwERS 11

Bryant Family Reunion in Herndon, Virginia

We were able to get a great rate on lodging at the hotel; it happened that the “hotel was newly renovated and the location really proved to be convenient for

getting around. There was so much to do around the area … the outlet mall, the Air and Space Museum, the Zoofari. A group of us visited one of the many local wineries for a wine tasting and getting reacquainted with one another. Ms. Carla Bryant, Centreville, Virginia

EXTRAORDINARY REUNIONS happen here On the waterfront, just minutes to our nation’s prestigious monuments, host your reunion in historic Alexandria. Reconnect in the hometown of George Washington. Explore and enjoy historic attractions, fabulous dining and one-of-a-kind shopping in our welcoming and walkable city. Let us make your next reunion extraordinary. Hotel selection and discounts | Itinerary planning and group rates Attendance building tools | Welcome bags, letters, guides and maps

Minutes from D.C., yet a world away. | MeetAlexandriaVA.com | Contact our Reunion Specialist at 703.652.5366 12 A SPECIAL GUIDE TO PLAN YOUR VIRGINIA REUNION


American Treasures. Memorable Moments. Whether you’ve gathered to reminisce with your extended family, military buddies, sorority sisters or other very important people in your life, Arlington welcomes you with open arms! Step outside your hotel and discover our unique mix of history, culture and fun! Arlington’s vibrant neighborhoods are home to national treasures, world-class shopping, diverse dining and more. To plan your reunion in Arlington and the nation’s capital, visit www.stayarlington.com.

Your Very First Reunion Planning Step …


he key to choosing the right location for your reunion is matching the location to your group in terms of travel distances and times, the availability of activities your members are most likely to enjoy together, and the anticipated costs for everyone’s lodging, meals, and activities. How to narrow down a long list of possible locations to a select few that you can seriously consider? That’s easy … call or e-mail the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) in each location you’re considering. The local CVB is your very best source of information about all of the things you’ll need to consider when deciding where to meet – access, activities, lodging, restaurants, prices, the best times to visit, and much more. And virtually every CVB in Virginia is eager to assist you free of charge! Ask the CVB representatives you speak with these questions: “Why would my reunion have more fun if we get together in your city / destination than if we go somewhere else?” “We’re looking for nice places to stay that can provide rooms for $ ___.00 in the month of ____. What are our options likely to be?” “Why have other reunion groups met with you? What did they like best about your area? Was there anything they didn’t like?”


Once you’ve spoken to a number of locations and received their information, narrow your search to a select few (say, three or four) destinations that you’re seriously interested in and call the CVB again. Ask them to collect bids from their hotels that meet your needs. You’ll need to tell them the number of rooms you’re likely to need, the dates you’ll need them, and the rates you’re looking to pay. Include hotel features that are important to you – for example, a pool, a ballroom for your banquet, a hospitality room for your group, and so on. The CVB will respond with the bids they receive from hotels that are interested in hosting your reunion, and will review them with you. They’ll be happy to arrange a visit to their city so you can see the hotels and the area’s attractions first-hand. Once you’ve selected the location of your reunion (both city and hotel), the CVB representative can provide you with handouts, maps and discount coupons for your attendees, information about obtaining additional services you’ll need locally (motor coaches for sightseeing, caterers for your picnic, tickets to attractions, etc.), and all sorts of additional insights and recommendations. The CVB representative truly is your very best friend in whatever city your group is gathering!

Who To Call For Help Planning Your Reunion in Virginia n





Ready to begin planning your reunion in Virginia? We’re ready, too! Just give us a call and one of our helpful reunion specialists will go to work with you on putting together the best gathering ever!

Virginia Tourism






Charlottesville / Albemarle County


Virginia Tourism Corporation 901 E. Cary Street Richmond, VA 23219 (800) 759-0886 virginia.org

Visit Alexandria 625 N. Washington Street Suite 400 Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 652-5366 meetalexandriava.com

Arlington Convention and Visitors Service 1100 North Glebe Road Suite 1500 Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 228-0873 stayarlington.com Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau 610 East Main Street Charlottesville, VA 22902 (877) 386-1103 visitcharlottesville.org

 hesapeake C Chesapeake Convention & Visitors Bureau 1224 Progressive Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320 (888) 889-5551 visitchesapeake.com




Colonial Williamsburg

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 101 Visitor Center Drive Williamsburg, VA 23185 (800) 822-9127 colonialwilliamsburg.com

Fairfax County

Visit Fairfax 3702 Pender Drive Suite 420 Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 790-0643 fxva.com


Fredericksburg Regional Tourism Partnership 706 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, VA 22401 (800) 260-3646 visitfred.com


Hampton Convention & Visitor Bureau 1919 Commerce Drive Suite 290 Hampton, VA 23666 (800) 800-2202 visithampton.com

Newport News

Newport News Tourism 700 Town Center Drive Suite 320 Newport News, VA 23606 (888) 493-7386 newport-news.org


Suffolk Tourism 524 North Main Street Suffolk, VA 23434 (757) 514-4130 visitsuffolkva.com

 inchester / Frederick County W Winchester-Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau 1400 S. Pleasant Valley Road Winchester, VA 22601 (877) 871-1326 visitwinchesterva.com


Promotion/Communication/Social Media 6.0

6.2 Ignore promotion at your own peril! The goal of promoting your reunion is to attract the maximum number of potential members to the event. To achieve success, you will want to start early and be consistently persistent at clever reminders to build excitement and anticipation! Social media can make your promotion efforts easier and attract younger members who are the future of your reunion. Save the cost of postage: use email and Facebook for invitations and updates as well as reminders. Include images and videos of group history and past reunions, and, of course, add to them after the reunion as well. Save the Date cards, emails, invitations, newsletters, website, Facebook posts and letters by snail mail … these are all ways to promote your reunion. There are also, of course, phone calls, which can be happily effective because these days they’re often a pleasant surprise. So if your reunion has members who love to talk on the phone, assigning them the personal contact responsibility is guaranteed to increase attendance. You’ll find ideas for many ways to communicate with your reunion members on our website and Pinterest boards. Find Save the Date cards to personalize on our Etsy page and a Save the Date board on Pinterest. Examples of invitations and newsletters are full of inspiration.

6.1 Reunion Membership Roster









7.0 Fundraising


Many reunions have money-making goals such as helping some members afford to attend the reunion, scholarships for all education levels, investments, group business enterprises and or money to cover some of the current reunion or to start the next reunion. And while this may sound serious, it’s the “fun” in fundraising that makes it a popular activity at many reunions. Fundraising to help pay for reunions can be a major activity at the reunion and between reunions. The activities between reunions would include long-term projects such as a commemorative quilt or publishing projects like cookbooks, calendars, history and ad books or reunion directories. Most require considerable time to collect, assemble and produce. Fundraising activities between reunioins can also include progressive or theater parties, car washes, rummage sales, and more. Activities at reunions must be planned and promoted ahead of time and include auctions (sometimes silent, sometimes loud!), raffles, food sales, t-shirt and memento sales. For auctions, members bring crafts, products and often family heirlooms that can raise lots of money for their nostalgic and sometimes historic value well. One potential project for raising funds before the reunion is to sell ad space in your program book. If you choose this form of fundraising, include soliciting and collecting ads to your pre-reunion responsibilities. Reunion members, including young people, can provide ad sales and production talent. An ad book is a reunion souvenir, so do everything you can to make it a classy item members will be proud to show, share and save as a reunion heirloom. Outline the anticipated contents to determine the number of pages you’ll need for “copy” — that is, for reunion information. Content for a typical program book includes: Front cover Welcome Acknowledgments Welcome from local officials Activities outline Banquet program “In Memoriam” Reunion/group history Reunion/group directory Reunion/group ads, business cards and messages Reunion/group photos throughout Back cover Your fundraising goal for an ad book should be to sell enough advertising to cover your costs and make a profit. Interview printers early on to determine their requirements and to get bids for your reunion budget. Decide whether or not to use color. How will the book be bound? Do you need to mail copies to advertisers who won’t be at the reunion? Additional program book costs may include layout services, order form printing and distribution (email and snail mail). This will establish how much to charge for advertising units in order to cover your costs. Most program/ad book printing can be done by a local quick printer. If you decide to produce a book for your reunion, it must be completed and to the printer early enough for delivery in time for your reunion. Working backward from the submission date, you must establish deadlines for ad sales, and finalizing copy. Most program books measure 8½ x 11 inches. For ease of layout, sell ads sized as full page, half page and quarter page. Require that ads be laid out by the purchaser, or add layout services to the ad charges. 34 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com


7.2 Program Program Book Book Advertising Order Form

ADD BOOK ORDER FORM DEADLINE _____________________ A program book is one of our reunion fundraising projects. Please add your advertisement or message. The book will be shared at the reunion, but if you are unable to attend we will send you a copy. We encourage you to use ad space to express congratulations (for weddings, graduations, new jobs, promotions, retirements, special achievements), to extend condolences, or to share memories.

Ad rates and sizes Color

Ad Size


Black & White $

Full page

Dimensions W x H based on 8 ½ x 11 inches 7.5”W x 9.875”H



½ page Horizontal

7.5”W x 4.75”H









½ page Vertical ¼ page

Business card

Special Message *

Greetings ** Ads must be submitted, print-ready, with payment. N/A


3.5”W x 9.875”H 7.5”W x 2.375”H

Enter your message below * Enter name as you wish it to appear.

Enclosed is my check/money order for $ __________________ OR PayPal __________________________________________________________________ Your name ___________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________________________________________ Email _______________________________________________________________________

SPECIAL MESSAGE*A special message can consume any ad size. If you use a full page, it is approximately 500-550 words. You may also add a logo or picture.

** Greetings! Your name will be included in an alphabetical list of persons who want to salute the reunion. ___________________________________________________________________

DEADLINE _____________________ © 2016 Reunions magazine




www . reunionsmag . com

Registration 8.0 The purpose of registration is to know not only who is coming to the reunion, but what they want to do when they get there. This is a form that lists all the activities you’ve planned, and each member should sign up for the ones they wish to participate in. If there are separate costs for some of the activities, the signup data will determine how much each member will pay for the reunion. You’ll want to collect the fees prior to your reunion in order to cover pre-reunion expenses. Many activities will not cost extra, but you’ll still want a headcount to know how many chairs to set up or grills to set out or supplies to buy for crafts for the kids.

8.3 Military Registration Reunion Form Military Reunion Registration Form

Reunion Name _________________________________________________________________ Reunion Date(s) ________________________________________________________________

Class Class Reunion Registration Form 8.2 Registration Reunion Form

Contact ______________________________________________________________________

Who will beReunion attending the reunion? Name _________________________________________________________________

8.1 Family Registration Reunion Form

Reunion Date(s) ________________________________________________________________ Military group member Family Reunion Registration Form Contact _______________________________________________________________________ First name ____________________________________________________________________

Reunion Name _________________________________________________________________

Last name (include nickname) ____________________________________________________ Reunion Date(s) ________________________________________________________________ Who will be attending the reunion? Address ______________________________________________________________________

Contact ______________________________________________________________________

City State Zip _________________________________________________________________ Class member

Who will be attending the reunion?

Phone ________________________________________________________________________ First name ____________________________________________________________________

First/middle/nickname ___________________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________________________ Last name (include maiden name and nickname) ______________________________________

Last name

Facebook _____________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________


Contact in case emergency _____________________________________________________ CityofState Zip _________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________________________________________

City State Zip Email ________________________________________________________________________ Guest(s) __________________________________________________________________ Facebook _____________________________________________________________________ Name(s) as it/they will appear on name badge(s). Phone ________________________________________________________________________ First Name Guest(s) Email ________________________________________________________________________ Last name Name(s) as it/they will appear on name badge(s). ________________________________ _____________________________________________ Facebook _____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ _____________________________________________ First NameBirthdate _____________________________________________________________________ Last name ________________________________ _____________________________________________ Registration Circle YesWhich or No.branch of the family _______________________________________________________ Total ________________________________ _____________________________________________ Yes No Reunion fee* $______ x #_____ $________ Yes No

Meet and greet $______ x #_____ Who else from the same household?

Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No



Tour(s) #_____ Please print$______ names asx they should appear on$________ name badges. Total Registration Banquet $______ x #_____Last name $________ First Name Yes No Reunion fee $______ x #___ $________ Relationship Photo $______ x #_____ $________ ____________________________ _________________ Yes No ______________________ Meet and greet $______ x #___ $________ Memory book $______ x #_________________________________ $________ _________________ Yes No ______________________ High school tour $__ free _ $________ Donation $______ x #_____ $________ ____________________________ _________________ Yes No ______________________ Tour(s) $______ x #_____ $________ Grand total $________ Yes No ______________________ Banquet $______ x #_____ $________ ____________________________ _________________

Yes No


Age _______ _______


_______ _______

Picnic $______ x #_____ $________ ______________________ ____________________________ _________________ _______

Yes No



______________________ ____________________________ _________________ _______ ______________________ ____________________________ _________________ _______ ______________________ ____________________________ _________________ _______ 8.2-1

______________________ ____________________________ _________________ _______



8.4 Optional forms for registration OPTIONAL ORDER FORMS



Total number Total cost per age group





Seniors 65 and older





N/A Total # of attendees Total Fees

**More optional order forms in downloads. #2

ONE SINGLE FEE $_________ includes Meet and greet, Tour(s), Banquet, Picnic, Photo and Memory book #3 PAYMENTS

T-SHIRT OPTION #1 T-SHIRT ORDER FORM DEADLINE TO ORDER ____________________________________ ADULT SIZES Small Cost per tshirt


Medium $

Large $


2 XX



3XXX $


# t-shirts Total Cost per Size Adult QTY Total ______________


CHILDREN’S SIZES X-sm Cost per t-shirt $

TOTAL ENCLOSED $ ______________

Small $

Medium $

Large $

X-Large $


Sylan Dale Guest Ranch has been making memorable experiences since 1946. Cowgirl Roundup, Great Grownup Getaway, Blazing Saddles, Cattle Drive, Native American Living History. Great Fun! Great Food! Great Folks! 877-667-3999 | www.sylvandale.com


Yucca, AZ Host your reunion cowboy style, only two hours from Las Vegas. Rent the whole ranch to yourself and live a Western adventure horseback riding through unspoiled wilderness. 866-444-4471 | www.stgr.com


Quincy, CA Your California Dude Ranch Resort Since 1962. Offering all inclusive vacations that combine the simplicity of ranch life, great horseback riding programs, wonderful food, exciting activities and much more! 800-334-6939 | www.greenhornranch.com


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Voted Colorado’s Best and USA Today’s “Best Western Family Adventure,” Latigo specializes in making you feel like family comin’ home. Horseback riding, fishing, dancing, cookouts, archery - the list goes on and on, and they all bring family together.

Jackson, WY

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Kremmling, CO

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The real Old West! Close to Yellowstone National Park with hundreds of thousands of acres of diverse terrain and no nose to tail. Pool, hot tub, rifle range, fly fishing and great food.

C Lazy U is Colorado’s premier guest ranch getaway, featuring luxury accommodations, fine dining, world-class trail riding, limitless activities, a children’s program and 8,500 acres of adventure.

Dubois, WY

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Granby, CO

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Unique for its spectacular location, horseback rides of unmatched beauty, variety of activities, superb menu, and intimate capacity. Families encouraged to ride, raft and play together.

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• 866-399-2339

Registration 8.0 Include activities in your registration form’s section for tallying up fees. Transfer information from the registration forms you receive to this Reunion Activity Signup form so you will have a running count of how many people want to participate in each activity. It will provide a summary at a glance while registrations are coming in so you can determine your status at any time. The range of activities is bound only by your imagination! Find thousands of ideas on our website and Pinterest boards. From sports like ball games, hiking and biking, to crafts and games like Bingo Reunion ____________________________________Reunion Date _______________________ and many re-created TV games like Jeopardy and Amazing Race. Contact ________________________________________________________________________ Reunion planners are very cleaver people. Reunion fun awaits!







Meet and Greet

Reunion Activity Signup 8.5 Reunion Activity Signup

Branch-Outlaw Family Reunion


A Dude Ranch Vacation is all about YOU, the guest. All member ranches of The Dude Ranchers’ Association are committed to making sure your family will have the vacation of a life time.

So book your next Western Vacation at one of these amazing DRA approved Dude Ranches! ELKHORN RANCH


Elkhorn offers a vacation for multiple 8.5 generations – as individuals and couples as well as family groups. Just out of Yellowstone National Park, Elkhorn has been welcoming guests since 1922.

Historic cattle and guest ranch located in California’s Tehachapi Mountains. Guests love the family atmosphere and Western hospitality. Families, couples, and singles are all welcome!

Gallatin Gateway, MT © 2016 Reunions magazine

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Caliente, CA

661-867-2511 | www.rankinranch.com



Tucked away in the scenic Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Luxury log cabins with fireplaces, outdoor decks & spacious living rooms. Heated pool & spa, old western saloon & dining room featuring hearty meals with a gourmet flair.

Live your cowboy dream as you reconnect with nature, family, friends and serenity. Ride through the unspoiled desert, rugged mountains and towering cactus that have brought Hollywood filmmakers to the ranch for over 70 years. Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for 5 years.

Buffalo, WY

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Tucson, AZ

888-977-2624 | www.whitestallion.com 2016 REUNION PLANNERS’ NOTEBOOK v REUNIONS 37 • 866-399-2339

9.0 Reunion food

9.1 Food/ cooking plans REUNION FOOD EVENTS

Meet and greet Refreshments Snacks Meal Often on Friday: fish fry Breakfast Brunch Lunch Picnic Cocktail reception Dinner Potluck Banquet Restaurant Reunion cooks WAYS TO ORGANIZE REUNION MEALS

These are suggestions for reunions that are more than just one meal (a banquet or picnic on just one day). • Several meals together at the hotel, the rest at restaurants • All meals eaten together at a hotel or resort or ranch • Breakfasts included in hotel cost, other meals planned as part of the reunion program. • All reunion food is included in a fee including at the meet and greet, banquet, picnic and lunch after church on Sunday; breakfasts included in accommodation cost. • Picnic in a park that is part potluck and part catered • Meals catered at a meeting place, church, someone’s home, a park • Banquet at hotel or offsite • Reunion members do their own cooking in a lodge/condo/villa kitchen • Potluck for one or many meals with everyone providing equal shares. • Camping/grilling/campfire s’mores • Everyone is on their own for meals COOKING CONFIGURATIONS

If you decide to cook your own meals, consider these configurations. • Have a schedule ahead of who cooks when and do the shopping before the reunion. • Organize cooking teams to mix families/generations/interests/talents. • Use cooking as an opportunity to introduce and teach about ethnic food.

38 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com

9.2 Reunion Menus

Reunion Name __________________________________ Reunion Date ____________________ Contact ________________________________________________________________________

Reunion Menus

Reunion Name _________________________________ Reunion Date the __________________ Use this list for planning menus and as a shopping list before reunion. Some of the meals can be prepared in teams or potluck or catered. Consider all possibilities. Contact ______________________________________________________________________


MEET AND GREET Reunion Menus

Use this list for planning menus and as a shopping list before the reunion. Some of the meals can be prepared in teams or potluck or catered. Consider all possibilities. Shopping List

Menu Planning DAY 2 Appetizers/Snacks BREAKFAST ___________________________________

Meat/Fish ___________________________________ ___________________________________


Produce (or Fruits & Vegetables) ___________________________________


LUNCH ___________________________________




___________________________________ RECEPTION Salads/ Sides

Dairy ___________________________________




Canned Goods ___________________________________

___________________________________ BANQUET ___________________________________

___________________________________ Condiments ___________________________________

Fruits/ Vegetables ___________________________________ DAY 3 ___________________________________ BREAKFAST ___________________________________

___________________________________ Baking Supplies ___________________________________


Beverages (water, soda/pop, beer) ice ___________________________________


LUNCH PICNIC ___________________________________

___________________________________ ___________________________________


Paper goods ___________________________________


DINNER ___________________________________

Matches, charcoal



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Four Seasons of Reunion Fun in the Mountains of Western Maryland!

The Deep Creek Lake area located in Garrett County is tucked away in the mountains of western Maryland. Your perfect reunion destination is just 3 hours from Baltimore and Washington D.C.; 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh, and 4 short hours from Columbus and Cleveland, OH. With four seasons of activities including Maryland’s only downhill ski resort to the state’s largest freshwater lake, we have something to offer all reunion types, ages and interests! Let us help you plan your reunion and make it a tradition for years to come!

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San Diego’s Reunion Specialists Host your special reunion at the Holiday Inn Bayside overlooking beautiful San Diego Bay. • Selected as “One of the Top 10 great places to hold a Reunion,” as seen in USA Today, June 2010 • Beautiful and spacious guest rooms • Tropical courtyard with heated pool, spa, shuffleboard • Family style restaurant and cocktail lounge • Non-smoking and disabled access rooms • 9-hole putting course, exercise room • Free airport transfers • Parking fee waived • Kids eat and stay free program

www.deepcreekreunions.com 888-387-5237 jen@garrettchamber.com Special Reunion Features • Complimentary one-night stay for reunion planner with site inspection • Complimentary hospitality suite • Senior discounts in our restaurant • Special reunion rates

4875 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92106 619.224.3621 • 800.650.6660 • Fax: 619.224.3629 Email: Jodie@holinnbayside.com • holinnbayside.com B artell Hotels…S an D iego’s U n forgettable Lo cat ion s

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9.0 Reunion Food

9.5 Questions to ask the caterer FOOD QUESTIONS

Is food purchased fresh, canned or frozen? Do you do your own baking? What is the portion size of each entree? Can a food tasting be arranged?

What is the tax rate? What is the service charge/gratuity percentage? Is service charge/gratuity taxed? Are there any other costs (e.g., overtime, setup or labor charges)? LOGISTICS


Can we order special meals? How much advance notice is needed? When is attendance guarantee due? (Attendance guarantee is the number of servings paid for, whether or not they are Wilfer Family Reunion consumed. Typically required 48 to 72 hours in advance. The guaranteed number can be DRINK QUESTIONS increased, but not decreased. The number of hours may be negotiable.) Can we bring in our own liquor? Is there a corkage fee? What is the over-set policy? How many ounces are in your bottles, glasses, drinks? (Over-set policy is the percentage of places set, over How many ounces of liquor per drink? guarantee, which the kitchen is prepared to serve.) How many ounces is your juice glass? What is the server-to-guest ratio? Is the decaf coffee brewed or instant? (Standard server-to-guest ratio is one wait staff per 20 guests.) Can partially full open bottles from the hosted bar (paid for by What items can be available on short notice if attendance the bottle) be removed from the property? increases unexpectedly? Can the hotel store open bottles of liquor from one reception What time will the tables be set up so we can bring in decor for our next event? and centerpieces? Do liquor-by-the bottle prices include set-ups (mixes, ice, What time do we need to be out of the room? Are there glasses, bar fruit)? overtime charges? Is there a bartender charge? If so, what is the dollar volume of Identify facility staff person who will be in charge during our liquor or wine required to waive the charge? function. What are your house, call and premium wine brands? What group is using the room prior to our function? Can we Is wine that is no longer on the wine list available? share decor or audiovisual equipment to reduce labor charges? Can we order vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free meals? What combination plates are available? Can guests be given a choice of entrees? How far in advance are counts required? How do we handle last-minute requests?


Can special menus be created within our budget? Is there a minimum guarantee to use the facility? Total dollar amount or number of meals? Is there a room-rental charge? Can we receive a discount if we order the same menu as another group you’re catering at the same time? Can credit be established? When are deposits expected? When is payment expected?


How is leftover food disposed of? Can it be donated to a food kitchen to feed the needy? What linen colors are available at no additional charge? Are table numbers available? What size table rounds are available? How many will each be set for? (Eight guests at 60-inch rounds; 10 guests at 72-inch rounds.) How will buffet tables be decorated? Does property have decorations, votive candles, hurricane lamps, bud vases or mirrors available at no charge? Will a microphone be provided at no charge? Can the facility store our centerpieces for use the next day? What are your emergency procedures? QUESTIONS FOR OFF-PREMISES CATERING

Arce Family Reunion

40 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com

Who supplies equipment rental (e.g., stoves, grills, tables, chairs, dishes, linens, flatware)? Are facility permits needed? Who gets them? Is there a cost? Can a certificate of workers compensation and liability insurance be provided? How many wait staff will be provided? Is that cost included in the bid? How will they be dressed? Who will dispose of trash? What are overtime charges? Please supply references. Are tips and gratuities included?

Reunion Name _______________________________ Reunion Date _______________________ Contact ________________________________________________________________________

Potluck Signup

9.4 Potluck Sign Up

Reunion Name _________________________________________________________________ Reunion Date __________________________________________________________________

What are you Contact Description Cook _______________________________________________________________________ bringing? Appetizers Appetizers Picnic Checklist Appetizers Park Name ____________________________________________________________________ Bread Address ______________________________________________________________________ Bread Park contact person _____________________________________________________________ Salads Phone ________________________________________________________________________ Salads Email ________________________________________________________________________ Salads Fax/pager _____________________________________________________________________ Salads Side dishes Web address __________________________________________________________________ Side dishes Desired location/site number ______________________________________________________ Side dishes Desired date/times ______________________________________________________________ Side dishes Deposit/rental fee _____________________________ Meats What park site includes (check) Meats ☐ pavilion ☐ kitchen ☐ meeting room ☐ covered outdoor pavilion ☐ security Meats Entrees ☐ picnic tables/benches ☐ water ☐ rest rooms ☐ electric outlets ☐ food on site Entrees ☐ handicap parking ☐ RV parking ☐ play area ☐ tennis courts ☐ swimming pool Entrees ☐ lake/pond ☐ golf ☐ volleyball ☐ geocaching ☐ hiking/nature trails Entrees Condiments Are alcoholic beverages allowed? __________________________________________________ Maximum number of people allowed _______________________________________________ Desserts Other requirements ______________________________________________________________ Desserts Desserts Notes ________________________________________________________________________ Desserts Reunion day picnic Snacks Volunteers ☐ set up ☐ service ☐ clean up Snacks Rental ☐ pickup or delivery ☐ return Drinks ☐ bounce house ☐ porta potties ☐ tent ☐ tables ☐ chairs Drinks Drinks Take along Other ☐ grills ☐ charcoal ☐ lighter fluid/matches ☐ grill tools ☐ coolers ☐ ice + water

9.3 Picnic Checklist

Reunion Food 9.0

Potluck Use the Potluck Signup Form to ensure that members contribute a variety of food. Request a small per-person contribution to cover the cost of meat or a main dish, and ask members to bring side dishes, salads and desserts. Every reunion has its own cooking superstars and favorite recipes. Ask cooks to bring and share printed recipe cards for the special dishes they’ve prepared.

Picnic You will want to make your picnic plans well in advance in order to secure the picnic site you most desire. Every area jurisdiction has its own rules, so find out right away whom to contact and the requirements for reserving your spot. Do you want a city or county park site? Popular sites often are distributed by lottery on a certain date (first day of business in the new year, for example). Your reservation and any deposits must be submitted before that date in order to be included in the drawing. Don’t be disappointed. Do your picnic homework well in advance.


☐ plates ☐ utensils cups/glasses ☐ napkins ☐ containers for leftovers

© 2016 Reunions☐magazine potluck (see list) ☐ caterer ☐9.4 first aid kit © 2016 Reunions magazine


FREE Forms!


Smith Family Reunion dessert table, Garland, Louisiana.


10.0 Reunion Day

10.1 R  eunion Day Countdown Advance planning is critical. Write down every task that must be done before the reunion. A WEEK BEFORE THE REUNION

Confirm all reunion vendors. Vendors have multiple bookings and can overbook or forget about a job. Double-check with vendors to confirm arrangements and agreements that have been made in advance including arrival and setup time, length of stay, what will be provided, and cost. Check and double-check everything. Don’t leave things until the last minute only to find yourself fighting fires on Reunion Day. Everything that can be completed in advance should be done ahead of time. Pack supplies (pens, masking tape, staplers, etc.). Have everything ready, along with a packing list to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. THE DAY BEFORE THE REUNION

Reserve the day before and Reunion Day for tackling only those tasks that must be handled at that time. This will free you to address unexpected situations. IT’S REUNION DAY!

Visualize how your reunion will look. Walk through the event

site with hotel staff and committee chairs. Decide where things will be set up and take into account the flow of foot traffic. This process may reveal problems you can solve before reunion members begin arriving. Effective communication with volunteers is critical. Explain everything in detail so that everyone is on the same page about how to handle issues and situations that are their responsibility. THINK LIKE AN ATTENDEE

Put yourself in your members’ shoes and consider the whole reunion from their perspective. Have you covered everything to make their experience smooth and seamless? Is anything potentially confusing? Are there last-minute gaps in your planning? Be sure to have clear signage. Display adequately sized, easyto-read and easy-to-understand signs. Better to go overboard than have your members lost, bewildered and asking for directions. VOLUNTEER HELPERS

Have a pre-reunion run-through with your volunteer team to make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. Review everything that is required to make your reunion a success. Happy Reunion Day!

10.2 Reunion Days for Planner In case of emergency

Reunion Days for Planner

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Day before the reunion


Meet with hotel staff

Security _____________________________________________________________________

Final walk through with hotel staff

Rental pickup date and time ______________________________________________________

Meet with committee and helpers


Review agenda, programs and assignments

Confirm transportation needs for elderly and special needs

Confirm reservations for reunion days





Check parking, particularly handicap parking

Banquet Meal reservations Motorcoaches for tours Golf course or other venues expecting your reunion members Pre-set up date and time ______________________________________________________ Alcoholic beverages allowed? Circle one.



Tables Chairs: Table Covering Electric Outlets Sound System

Reunion Day


Final Head Count: Total _________


Adults _______ Teens _______ Children 5-12 _______ Children 5 and under _______ Location _____________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Contact person ________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________________________________________ Email _______________________________________________________________________ Fax/pager ____________________________________________________________________ Web address _________________________________________________________________ 10.2-1

42 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com

Setup Time/Date ______________________________________________________

Food on site? Kitchen At picnic site Check: Restrooms Tables and benches Grills Swimming Pool Play area 10.2-2

Reunion Name _____________________________ Reunion Date _______________________

Reunion Day 10.0

Contact _______________________________________________________________________

Fill out as much of this form as possible before the reunion to remind people what they’ve volunteered to do. Fill in names of persons in charge and contact info/cell phone. Leave a copy at the registration table for everyone to see volunteers and to recruit reunion day clean up volunteers!

Day Volunteer List 10.3 ReunionReunion Day Volunteer List Registration Program Activities Kids activities Games Tour(s) Food In case of emergency Others



Reunion Name _______________________________________ Reunion Date _____________ Contact ______________________________________________________________________ NAME


ReunionReunion Day Check-in Attendance Roster 10.4 Day Check-In Attendance Roster Attendance. Sign in, please. Name

Contact info

______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ VOLUNTEERS CAN MAKE A REUNION ______________________________________________ _____________________________ VOLUNTEERS WILL GET IT DONE ______________________________________________ _____________________________

______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ © 2016 Reunions magazine 10.4 ______________________________________________ _____________________________

______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________________________ _____________________________ Seidemann Family Reunion tug-o-war ______________________________________________ _____________________________

REUNION PLANNERS NOTEBOOK ______________________________________________ _____________________________

______________________________________________ _____________________________


Reunion Day 10.0

10.5 R  eunion banquet program A reunion banquet is a formal gathering, usually in the evening—an opportunity for everyone to dress to impress! It’s rarely a time for t-shirts. Banquet activities lean toward the nostalgic, a time for honoring and remembering, but mostly for celebrating. A printed program should be available at the banquet, either individual copies or one for each table. It should include a list of banquet activities, indicating assigned times and who is responsible. A banquet program helps ensure everything planned is delivered. Program activities might include speeches about the group history, remembering members, poetry readings and musical performances, slideshow, talent show, a dance, worship, induction of new members, even karaoke. Banquet programs are, of course, personalized for each reunion. Every program will be unique, but the example included here features items you might want to consider.

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Sample reunion banquet program Name of reunion_____________________________________ Date_____________________ Time___________________ Location___________________________________________ Program Time Activity 5:30 PM Cocktails/reception


6:30 PM


Introductions: planner, committee, special guests

6:45 PM


7:00 PM


7:15 PM

Music during dinner

8:15 PM


Speech, performance, slideshow

9:30 PM


10:00 PM to … Music, dancing, visiting

REUNION PRODUCTS All of these reunion products can be purchased through Reunions magazine. Call 414-263-4567. REUNION BOOKS THE FAMILY REUNION SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Avoid Problems With Your Family Without Avoiding Your Family, by Laurence A. Basirico. A book about relationships at family reunions and how to enjoy them. Based on original research. 2003, Identity Publishing, $11.95 + s/h. Miles of Smiles: 101 Great Car Games & Activities, by travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers “May be the ultimate solution for back seat squabbling” on the way to your reunion. Keep kids entertained all the way there. $8.95 + s/h. Treasure and Scavenger Hunts, How to Plan, Create, and Give Them, by Gordon Burgett Communications Unlimited, 2007, 134 pp. $15.95 + s/h or $12.95 digital.

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Your Living Family Tree: Keeping your family together forever through print, photos, sound and video, by Gordon Burgett Communications Unlimited, 2008, 174 pp. $17.95 + s/h or $15.95 digital. The Reunion Planner, The Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Reunion a Social and Financial Success! The solution to planning your reunion with a minimum amount of time, effort and cost. For the alumni planner, this unique book and optional companion computer program has everything you need to plan a successful reunion and keep that “personal touch.” 2015, Book $15.95, Software $49.95, Book & Software Combo $59.95 + s/h. REUNION MUSIC The Malone Family Choir: A Family Reunion An original gospel CD opening with a song you’ll want to play to say Welcome to Our Family Reunion! at your family reunion. CD $15 or tape $10 + s/h.

10.0 Reunion Day

10.6 Reunion business meeting

Spaulding Family Reunion

A (formal) business meeting can be a very useful part of your reunion program. Gather everyone while they’re together to make decisions such as when and where to have your next reunion. Recruit the chairperson and volunteers right on the spot! Reunions who are incorporated are required to hold annual meetings, and reunions are the perfect opportunity to do so, with the largest number of members present. If you have a suggestion box, check it before the meeting for discussion possibilities. SAMPLE REUNION BUSINESS MEETING AGENDA

Reunion name Date Time: Location: AGENDA PRESENTER

• Call to order • Minutes from previous meeting • Treasurer’s report • Recognize and publicly thank committee members and others who helped with the reunion. • Discuss date(s), location(s) and frequency of future reunions. • Enlist volunteers to work on upcoming reunion committees. • Discuss/decide other family business. OPTIONAL

The business meeting also can be a time for speakers, awards and presentations, and announcements (births, graduations, honors, marriages, milestones, promotions and retirements). It is also a time to memorialize those who have passed away since the last reunion. Include time for taking suggestions from the group regarding ideas to incorporate into the next and/or future reunions. Ideas you have never thought of may arise that can enhance your reunion and increase attendance. Or discuss ideas for reunion projects: repair ancestral grave sites and headstones, establish a scholarship fund, create an investment club, make an heirloom quilt, or produce a cookbook. EVALUATIONS

The business meeting is also a great time to distribute and collect evaluations. Ask members to complete them while the information is fresh in their minds and submit them before leaving the reunion! These will be the most valuable evaluations you will receive.


Reunion Day 10.0

10.7 Worship or Memorial Service program

USS Nitro AE-2-2/AE-23 Memorial

A Worship or Memorial Service is the solemn part of any reunion. It is a time for reflection, remembering, giving thanks and praise. SAMPLE ORDER OF SERVICE

Time Presentation Presenter Greetings Spokesperson or Minister Blessing Special words of thanks Special message, purpose of celebration and gathering Optional prayer, scripture or poem Musical selection: vocal or instrumental Special Remembrances for those lost since the last reunion At a military ceremony, after reading names of the deceased from the unit an Honor Guard can post Colors and a bugler can play Taps. Special prayer or verse Recognition: new members, elder birthdays, special significances Benediction / Conclusion OPTIONAL

Presentation of Family Tree and/or Family Bible Agenda for Family Dedication Celebration (also for Baby Dedication) Join hands Candle Lighting Ceremony


46 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com

Reunion Name _________________________________________________________________ Reunion Date _________________________________________________________________ 11.0 Evaluation

Contact ______________________________________________________________________ Reunion Name __________________________________________________________________

11.3 Member Long Form

___________________________________________________________________ MemberReunion LongDate form evaluation

Contact ________________________________________________________________________ Reunion Name _________________________________________________________________

11.2 Committee Form

1. Is this the first time you attended the _______________ Reunion? ___yes ___no Reunion Date _________________________________________________________________ Committee Member Event Evaluation 2. How did you get to the reunion? __Car ___Plane ___Train ___Bus ___Other Contact ______________________________________________________________________ The reunion chairman and committee members should do a self-evaluation and address a variety

3. Were INSTRUCTIONS clear getting to the: of questions regarding thefor actual workings of the reunion. Ask how things went, but also how Reunion Member Event Evaluation things can be changed or improved. A. City/location ___yes ___no

11.1 Member Event Eval Form

Please answer all questions helpyou us plan betterfor reunion time (please share details.) B. Hotel/lodging ___yes ___no Let committee members know aheadhonestly of timetothat willanbeeven asking their next impressions and

opinions after the reunion, so that they will make a point of observing.

C. Reunion activities ___yes Did you enjoy ___no the reunion?

staffing,problems organization, selection, the decision-making process, coordination and If not,Evaluate please explain yousite had.

What did you think the location? supervision. Discuss budget, fiscalofcontrols and procedures. Would you go back to the same location again? Why or why not?

A questionnaire can LOCATION? cover the following: one: 4. How convenient was the Did you like the lengthCircle of the reunion?

Not at all 1

Did everyone work well together? Would you keep it theVery sameconvenient length? If not, why? Okay

Did we start early enough? 2 4 activities provided? 5 Did 3you enjoy the Were effective for completion eachadditional importantactivities task? Whattimelines was yourset favorite activity? of What would you like? Was the reunion well publicized?

How the food? 5. How convenient was thewas DATE for you? Circle one:

Not at all 1

How did registration go?

Okay Very convenient What did you really like about this reunion? Who attended? From where?

2 did not attend? 3 4 5 Who Why What would younot? like to change for future reunions?

Compare with previous reunions. Are there trends? Would you be willing to help with preparations for the next reunion? If so, how can you help? Did we A. Registration feesconsider were: all functions thoroughly before the reunion and adequately inform the hotel Thank you for your candid opinions that will help us make our reunion better. of all our requirements? Not at all affordable Okay Very affordable destination and location Large enough? Circle one: 6. Were fees Were for reunion registration andright? events affordable?


Were room layouts adequate for events and meetings? This 2 3evaluation is 4intended to 5be confidential, but if you want us to contact you, please complete the following. Was there good support from the hotel’s departments: food and beverage, sales, reservations,

B. Reunion activity fees were:

front desk, bell________________________________________________________________________ service, etc.? Name

Not at all affordable 1


Very affordable

Were onsite supervision and day-to-day operations satisfactory? Address ______________________________________________________________________




A crucial step at the end of all reunions is an honest, objective evaluation of the entire reunion. Present and explain the evaluation to your members and stress that opinions and ideas are important to help plan future reunions. Ask members to be candid. Stress that responses can be confidential. Tell them where to return completed evaluations. It is wise to conduct the evaluation while you’re still at the reunion, when observations and ideas are still fresh. If, on the other hand, you send evaluations after the reunion, do so right away and expect fewer responses. Stress the importance of learning how members feel about the reunion and their suggestions for future reunions. We are sharing three evaluation examples. The first, pictured here, is a very simple questionnaire for members. An alternative, more detailed evaluation for members to complete will be with the downloadable forms. Finally, there is an evaluation of the reunion to be filled out by committee members as well.


Did we have enough people to cover everything? City ______________________________________________ State _____ Zip______________

Was ourPhone business meeting effective? ________________________________________________________________________

email ________________________________________________________________________

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Facebook _____________________________________________________________________ 11.3-1

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14 Great Falls Plaza, Auburn, ME 04210 Discover your Maine Thing! Boasting a beautiful location overlooking the Androscoggin River, Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch is a destination all on its own. With the ability to offer over 4,500 sq. ft. of flexible conference space you will find everything you need in one place … including fresh lobsters! Experience deluxe accommodations and friendly service from a seasoned staff of professionals. You can count on us to ensure your next reunion is a success! Ph 207-784-4433 | fax 207-777-7328 Jessica.donovan@hilton.com www.auburnriverwatch.hgi.com

MARYLAND UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center 52 King George Street, Annapolis MD 21402 410-293-8687 | fax 410-293-3365 tourinfo@usna.edu | www.navyonline.com


15 Visitors Center Drive, Mc Henry MD 21541 301-387-4386- fax 301-387-2080 jen@garrettchamber.com | deepcreekreunions.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


11000 Craguns Dr, Brainerd MN 56401: 800-CRAGUNS (272-4867) Since 1940 Cragun’s has taken pride in creating memorable reunions...here’s why: 1) trained coordinator will help plan it all, 2) arrival “Welcome” and registration areas with planned activity agendas, 3) activities including golf outings, lake cruises, picnics, fishing contests, horse drawn trolley rides and more, 4) indoor facilities to ensure you a “weatherproof” reunion, 5) private gathering areas, 6) special

CATALOG OF REUNION RESOURCES celebration meals, 7) professional group photos, 8) and best of all, enjoy a safe, secure friendly environment. Come to Cragun’s for your reunion. Named “One of MN’s ideal locations to hold a Reunion.” by AAA. Call for FREE Reunion Planning Packet or visit: www.craguns.com/family-reunions/ MINNEAPOLIS SAINT PAUL is the perfect destination for your next reunion. Meet Minneapolis represents the entire MSP metro area. Use our FREE planning service to connect with hotels metro wide. We also provide your group with FREE welcome bags. Let us help you plan your next successful reunion in Minneapolis! 612-767-8106 | caseyk@minneapolis.org www.minneapolis.org


awaits to assist you in finding your lodging for your next reunion in America’s heartland! Branson, Missouri, the ideal destination, offers live music shows and attractions where family values and budgets are honored! Branson’s breathtaking scenery and authentic Ozarks hospitality warms you any time of year! Call us toll-free at 800-214-3661 or visit our website at ExploreBranson.com and request a Reunion Planner Sales kit. SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


33133 Gallatin Rd, Gallatin Gateway MT 59730 406-995-4291 | linda@elkhornranchmontana.com www.elkhornranchmontana.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


2121 East Craig Road, Las Vegas, NV 89030 702-507-5810 | fax 702-507-5778. Conveniently located in North Las Vegas near I-15, Nellis Air Force Base and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Cannery Casino Hotel is a spacious casino, seven restaurants, three bars, luxury movie theater, a half-acre pool with Jacuzzi and fitness room. Everything for a reunion-vacation is here, including free parking to our guests. Check us out at www.cannerycasino.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD! GOLD COAST HOTEL AND CASINO offers the magic of Las Vegas with a different view; full service, off-strip hotel/casino, 30,000 sq. ft. meeting/banquet space, seven restaurants, bowling, bingo, keno lounge and exercise facility. Special offers available for reunions. Superb service, appealing prices. Stay where, “It’s good to B-Connected.” 4000 W Flamingo Road, Las Vegas NV 89103 800-331-5334 Sales, ext. 400 | 702-251-3560 fax 702-367-8419 | revadavis@boydgaming.com www.goldcoastcasino.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


5111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas NV 89122 Sam’s Town, just a few miles from the Vegas Strip, has 645 rooms and suites overlooking the beautiful Mystic Falls Park or the city lights and mountains. Boasting 30,000 square feet of banquet and meeting space, a 1,100 seat event center, movie theatre, bowling, multiple dining options, and full-service casino. 702-454-8120 | 800-897-8696 www.samstownlv.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


Suncoast is an elegant gaming resort located on the picturesque western edge of the Las Vegas Valley. The stylish and newly remodeled 427-room hotel is near three championship golf courses and has scheduled shuttle bus service to and from McCarran International Airport. Among the Suncoast attractions are 25,000 square feet of convention space, nine restaurants, a 64-lane bowling center, a 16-screen movie complex, a pool and a 500-seat showroom. 9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas NV 89145 | 702-636-7050 Sales toll free is 866-816-7111 www.suncoastcasino.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

THE ORLEANS HOTEL AND CASINO blends the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas with the festive flavor of New Orleans. The 88-acre full-service resort has 1,886 rooms and suites, 40,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, 12 exceptional restaurants, including a Food Court and an oasis-like swimming pool. Attractions also include a spa and fitness center, a 70-lane bowling center, an Arcade, an 18-screen movie complex, a 900-seat showroom and 9,000-seat arena. 4500 W Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103 702-365-7050 | 800-835-2300 www.orleanscasino.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD! ATLANTIS CASINO RESORT SPA RENO

3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502 Have your reunion in Four Diamond luxury. Atlantis showcases 50,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, perfect for reunions large or small. Stay in Reno’s only Concierge Hotel Tower. Discover eight award-winning restaurants from gourmet to buffet. Enjoy an action-packed casino floor with the newest and hottest slots, table games, Race & Sports Book, Keno and poker. Experience exquisite treatments at Spa Atlantis, voted top ten in the world as SpaFinder’s Readers’ Choice award recipient for Best Casino Spa. Atlantis is the home of Reno reunions. Sales Department 800.994.5900 sales@AtlantisCasino.com | AtlantisCasino.com/reunions


Host your next reunion in an under-the-sea setting at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, located along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Get up-close to river otters, sea turtles and sharks in behind-the-scenes tours. Take a guided excursion on a stand up paddleboard or in a kayak. Sleep among the fishes! You’ll have a fintastic time making memories in our special activities. Group rates and facility rentals are offered year-round. Contact pksmail@ncaquariums.com www.ncaquariums.com/pine-knoll-shores


Wilmington, N.C., and three island beaches offer extraordinary experiences from the river to the sea. From the historic river district anchored by a scenic Riverwalk and 200+ shops, cafes and vibrant nightlife to a new Ocean Front Park and beachside boardwalks. Get together in NC’s most accessible coastal destination. For group itineraries & events: NCCoastalMeetingsReunions.com 800-650-9064, ext. 113


13178 State Route 664 S, Logan, Ohio 43138 The Hocking Hills are Ohio’s natural crown jewels and the perfect location for reunions. The region is a mecca for nature based recreation. World class hiking, eco-adventure tours and more than 50 ziplines. Luxury lodges provide private resort amenities for groups of three to thirty. Located just 50 miles southeast of Columbus. Contact: Karen Raymore 740-385-2750 | fax 740-385-1146 kraymore@explorehockinghills.com ExploreHockingHills.com


One Manor Drive, Pocono Manor PA 18349 Set amidst 3,000 acres of stunning scenery, The Inn at Pocono Manor is an ideal retreat for family reunions. Amenities include: 242 guest rooms and suites, complimentary WiFi, restaurants, movie theater, game room and arcade, library, riding stable, golf, fishing, shooting, archery, hiking and more, based on the changing seasons. 570-243-4015 | fax 570-839-0807 alenton@poconomanor.com | www.poconomanor.com


We are ready to host your next family or military reunion. Our Staff works closely with the hotels, attractions, tour companies and you to provide exactly what you need to have a great reunion. Contact Christina Petro at 800-964-8600 ext. 3017 or by e-mail at chrisp@chattanoogacvb.com to begin planning your next reunion! www.ChattanoogaMeetings.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


5101 North George Bush Highway l Garland, TX 75040 Amanda Young, Sales & Catering Manager D: 972.202.5715 | M: 972.414.3500 F: 972.414.3550 | amanda.young@hyatt.com www.dallasgarland.place.hyatt.com


Located just minutes from Dallas, Plano is the perfect place to stay. You will find unique and entertaining attractions, a multitude of restaurants for every taste and style, and all the shopping you could ever want, as well as a variety of hotel and lodging offerings. Let Kay at the Plano Convention and Visitors Bureau assist you in all your travel planning needs. kays@plano.gov | 800-81-PLANO | visitplano.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


On the waterfront within eyesight of Washington, D.C., find a magical place where authentic history and cosmopolitan sophistication unite. George Washington’s hometown boasts a wide array of activities and accommodations that are perfect for groups and families, ranging from boat cruises to art galleries and cozy historic sites. Alexandria’s cobblestone streets, lined with award-winning restaurants and historic architecture, make it an extraordinary destination for an unforgettable reunion. 703-652-5366 | www.MeetAlexandriaVA.com LLloyd@visitalexva.com SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!


1100 N Glebe Rd, Suite 1500, Arlington, VA 22201 Whether you’ve gathered to reminisce with your extended family, military buddies, sorority sisters or other very important people in your life, Arlington welcomes you with open arms! Step outside your hotel and discover our unique mix of history, culture and fun! Arlington’s vibrant neighborhoods are home to national treasures, world-class shopping, diverse dining and more. To plan your reunion in Arlington and the nation’s capital, call or email our Destination Sales Manager, Portia Conerly, 703- 228-0873 pconerly@arlingtonva.us today! www.stayarlington.com SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!


1401 Lee Hwy, Arlington VA 22209 703-524-6400 | fax 703-524-8964 | Contact Kelly Reckenwald, Catering Sales and Events Assistant Kelly.reckenwald@marriott.com www.keybridgemarriott.com


2800 South Potomac Ave, Arlington VA 22202 Contact Jana London, Catering Sales Executive 571-814-4048 | Jana.London@renaissancehotels.com www.renaissancearlington.com

RESIDENCE INN ARLINGTON PENTAGON CITY 550 Army Navy Drive, Arlington VA 22202 703-413-6630 | fax 703-418-1751 Breanna.Litle@marriott.com www.ResidenceInnPentagonCity.com

Subscribe! Call 1-414-263-4567 REUNION PLANNERS NOTEBOOK v REUNIONS 49


610 East Main Street, Charlottesville VA 22902 Come visit Charlottesville & Albemarle County to experience a rich, vibrant history, culinary delights, and outdoor adventure, all while being surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains! Whether you’re strolling the gardens at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, enjoying a tasty meal “al fresco” on our historic pedestrian Downtown Mall, or simply sipping a glass of Chardonnay at one of our 30+ wineries, Charlottesville and Albemarle County has something for everyone – and every group! To learn more about how Charlottesville & Albemarle County would make an ideal location for your reunion group. Contact Bri Warner, Director of Sales & Marketing, 434-970-3632 or warnerb@charlottesville.org www.visitcharlottesville.org SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!

CHESAPEAKE CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU 1224 Progressive Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320 Can you hear it? That voice inside, beckoning you to get together. Reconnect with friends, families and memories. The refuge, the waterways, the beach – so close you can enjoy them all. For more information on planning a family or military reunion in Chesapeake, VA, call 888-889-5551 or go to www.visitchesapeake.com SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!


3702 Pender Drive, Suite 420, Fairfax, VA 22030 Enjoy everything that Northern Virginia has to offer. From the monuments and memorials of nearby Washington, DC to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, Fairfax County is the ideal location for your military or family reunion. Call Visit Fairfax at 703-752-9509, and Dean Miller, our reunion specialist, will go to work for you! dmiller@fxva.com | fxva.com SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!


TIMELESS. That’s the perfect description of the Fredericksburg region. Reconnect with your family as you encounter the richness of the American experience, and walk in the footsteps of presidents and generals. Feel the joy of discovery in the Fredericksburg area’s unique present and entertaining past, in its historical attractions and battlefields, shops, galleries, beautiful wineries and chef owned restaurants. To book your family, class or military reunion, please contact Kim Herbert, Conference Sales and Services Specialist at 540-372-1216 or 800-260-3646 | ksherbert@fredericksburgva.gov www.VisitFred.com/Groups SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!


1919 Commerce Drive, Suite 290, Hampton, VA 23666 Nestled on the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay, Hampton is an extraordinary city in the heart of Coastal Virginia. The 406-year old settlement is rich in Civil War history and home to Fort Monroe National Monument, the largest stone fort ever built in the United States. Within driving distance of 75% of the nation’s population, getting to Hampton is a breeze, making it ideal for reunion groups. Contact us to learn how the “Honors Our Veterans” promotion can enhance your next military reunion. Netti A. Fulton, Group Sales Manager | 757-728-5324 netti.fulton@hamptoncvb.com | www.visithampton.com SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT! NEWPORT NEWS – Get closer to ships, history and the great outdoors with one central destination: Newport News, Virginia. Get all this, plus Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, too! Whether getting together with old classmates, shipmates or relatives, Newport News provides the perfect location and services to make your reunion a success. We offer the best value and 50 REUNIONS v reunionsmag.com

plenty to see and do. Let Newport News make your next reunion a memorable one. Call Andrea Moran at 888-493-7386 or e-mail her at amoran@nnva.gov to book your reunion today! | www.newport-news.org SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!




Reconnect in Suffolk, the Gateway to Coastal Virginia! If you love small town charm, eco-adventure, performing & visual arts, history, festivals, boutiques, chef-owned restaurants, nature and water trails, golf, guided tours, and peanuts - you’ll love spending time with us. Suffolk Tourism offers discounts on group tours of the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Historic Downtown Suffolk, Cedar Hill Cemetery and our popular Legends of Main Street: A Suffolk Ghost Walk. Learn more at VisitSuffolkVa.com Facebook.com/VisitSuffolkVa | 757.514.4130 SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT! VIRGINIA TOURISM With its blend of sheer beauty, rich heritage, southern hospitality and value, Virginia is the perfect reunion destination. Inspiring cultural and performing arts, outdoor adventures, craft beers, award-winning wineries and exciting cuisine make for an unforgettable experience. Virginia easily accommodates reunions of all sizes and budgets. Our destinations stand ready to help smooth the planning process and offer complimentary services which bring benefits money cannot buy. Visit Virginia.org SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!

COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG HOTELS Stay. Play. Eat. Shop. Plan. Stay at one of our 6 unique hotels nestled in and around the Revolutionary City. Gather in our historic city while enjoying modern conveniences, world-class cuisine, golf courses, spa, and more. Visit our new Liberty Lounge dedicated to active duty, veteran, and retired military and their families. Discover unique shopping experiences in Merchant Square with 40+ shops and restaurants. And with three major airports and Amtrak station nearby, getting to Williamsburg is easy! To book your next reunion contact us at 800-822-9127 | cwfmeetings@cwf.org www.colonialwilliamsburg.com/stay/ SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!

WINCHESTER Big city conveniences with the charm of a beautiful historic town. Winchester is the gateway to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and is only about a beautiful one hour drive from Washington DC. Discover over 30 hotels and 200 restaurants, as well as Virginia’s oldest pedestrian mall packed with boutiques, local dining, history and more. Enjoy venues in the area ranging from rustic group camp sites in the mountains to authentic barns to a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Old Town. We’d love to talk - call Renee Bayliss, our group and reunions specialist, at 540-542-1326 or email bayliss@visitwinchesterva.com www.visitwinchesterva.com SEE SPECIAL VIRGINIA INSERT!

WISCONSIN WISCONSIN DELLS – The Waterpark Capital of the World!

800-223-3557 | sales@wisdells.com GatherInTheDells.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

1072 East Fork Road, Dubois WY 82513 800-453-9488 | 307-455-2839 | Ranch@lazylb.com www.lazylb.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD! PPO Box 4084, Jackson WY 83001 888-733-5251 | 307-733-525 info@goosewingranch.com | www.goosewingranch.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!!

CRUISE PLANNING SERVICES Brian Forrester is a Cruise Group Specialist and eager to help make your reunion memorable. Contact Brian at Holiday Cruises and Tours, 480-332-7294 or brian@hcttravel.com



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WI Wisconsin Dells, The Waterpark Capital of the World! WY The Dude Ranchers’ Association

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PO Box 790 Buffalo, WY 82834 307-684-7876 | FUN@paradiseranch.com www.paradiseranch.com SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!


1122 12th. Street, Cody, Wyoming 82414 Helping people find quality Dude and Guest Ranch vacations since 1926. Let us help you find the perfect all-inclusive location for your next reunion call 866-399-2339 or e-mail colleen@duderanch.org www.duderanch.org SEE OUR DISPLAY AD!

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Profile for Reunions Magazine

Reunion Planners Notebook. September 2016  

Reunions Magazine Voume 26, Issue 2 Reunion Planners Notebook: guide to organizing essential reunion steps for a successful event.

Reunion Planners Notebook. September 2016  

Reunions Magazine Voume 26, Issue 2 Reunion Planners Notebook: guide to organizing essential reunion steps for a successful event.