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優遊 假期

D E S T I N AT I O N S 帶 您 暢 遊 全 球 最 獨 特 的 旅 遊 勝 地

Casa Cartagena, Cusco 卡 薩 卡 塔 赫 納 精 品 酒 店 及 水 療 中 心 , 庫 斯 科

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優遊 假期

D E S T I N AT I O N S 帶 您 暢 遊 全 球 最 獨 特 的 旅 遊 勝 地

Ol Seki Hemingways Mara Camp, Kenya 馬 賽 馬 拉 國 家 野 生 動 物 保 護 區 營 地 , 肯 尼 亞


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Venissa, Venezia Venissa餐 廳 , 威 尼 斯

優遊 假期

D E S T I N AT I O N S 帶 您 暢 遊 全 球 最 獨 特 的 旅 遊 勝 地


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Alberto Pedrali Comunicazione


EDITORIAL 編者的話 Ovidio Guaita, Editor-in-Chief 總編輯

istory. Be it that of the grand Swiss hospitality presented in the article on Lucerne or

that regarding the great explorations of the African savannah during the colonial period, it is fascinating. It brings about travel – physical, cultural and emotional. It is on the very wave of emotions, on the never-ending romanticism of moving around, that we propose a few stops in southern Africa, in search of the “big five” but also to explore extreme luxury…in the middle of nowhere! The innovative tradition of Castello di Casole in the Chianti or Casa Cartagena in Cuzco are not missing,

both splendid examples of recuperation and enhancement in a contemporary vein. And finally, a visit to Venissa, an isolated Venetian restaurant where tradition is expertly reinvented. History with its tendency-making romanticism guides us, inspires us and at times surprises us. 歷史,不論是在描寫盧塞恩的作品中呈現的瑞士酒店,還是殖民地時期在非洲大草原的偉大探索,都

十分吸引人。它激發了文化和情感之旅。伴隨波動的情緒,以及無休止的浪漫主義,我們提議在非洲南部 作幾處停留,在荒蕪之地尋求“非洲五霸”,同時,也探索極致的奢華。 基安蒂的卡索樂城堡酒店和庫斯科的卡薩卡塔赫納精品酒店及水療中心未曾遺失它們的創意和傳統, 這兩家酒店都是復刻歷史以及提升現代性的典範。最後,我們拜訪了Venissa,它是一間獨立的威尼斯餐 廳,那裡的傳統元素得到嫻熟的改造。 歷史伴隨著它的浪漫主義引領著我們、激勵著我們,並不時帶給我們驚喜。

Go beyond your expectations with Resorts Magazine! 《優遊假期》帶給您超乎預期之旅!



TOP 10 villa resorts







十佳 別墅度假村


Lisbon 里斯本


next room 下一個空間


Venissa Restaurant, Venezia


Luzern 盧塞恩

travels4 travelers


AFRICA exclusive 非洲專題






ONGUMA THE FORT ONGUMA城堡 Onguma Game Reserve, Namibia Onguma禁獵區,納米比亞


Masai Mara, Kenya 馬賽馬拉,肯尼亞

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania 塞盧斯禁獵區,坦桑尼亞

CHIANTI exclusive 基安蒂專題



Casole d’Elsa 卡索萊德爾薩


CASA CARTAGENA 卡薩卡塔赫納精品酒店及水療中心

Cusco 庫斯科

If you wish to dine in a renaissance villa at just 5 minutes form Florence’s historical city center, taste dishes from the best Tuscan culinary tradition, immersed in 20 hectares of greenery, surrounded by olive groves, vignards and orchards, you may have just found the restaurant you are looking for! “Il Conventino a Marignolle” part of the Hotel & Resort Villa Tolomei is at your complete disposal, whether you are a guest of the Hotel or whether you wish to spend a pleasant evening with an unforgettable backdrop on our panoramic terrace. The restaurant staff will take care of you, guiding you in your choice of seasonal products from our grounds or the Tuscan countryside. ReSeRve a RoMaNTIC DINNeR aT THe CoNveNTINo

hôtel & spa des pÊcheurs Ile De Cavallo 20169 Bonifacio (Corse du Sud) France Tel: +33.495703639


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優遊 假期

D E S T I N AT I O N S 帶 您 暢 遊 全 球 最 獨 特 的 旅 遊 勝 地

January 2016

Hong Kong Edition 香港版 Publisher 出版人 Edmund Hui Associate Publisher 聯合出版人 Eler Wong Editor-In-Chief 總編輯 Ada Tao Sales and Marketing 市場銷售 Chloe Lee Tracy Chan Project Director 項目總監 Pirro Wong Editorial 編輯 Nancy Zhou Kana Li Don Lyons Design 設計 Chakming Wong Advertising 廣告 Calvin Pang International Edition 國際版 Editor-in-Chief 總編輯 Ovidio Guaita Senior Editor 高級編輯 Lawrence Taylor Contributors 記者 Elsa Bozzaotra, Maria Coscarelli, Paola Di Girolamo, Marco Galli, Paolo Gerbaldo, Alessandra Jovinelli, Daniela Komisarjevsky Libero, Pamela McCourt Francescone, Hasrudin Tazep Photos 攝影 Ovidio Guaita, Lawrence Taylor, Paolo Gerbaldo, , published hotels and resorts Publisher 出版商 PalidanoPress: 3 More London Riverside - SE1 2RE London US Office: 1133 Broadway, Suite 708 - New York, NY 10010 Co-Publisher 聯合出版商 Asia Travel Media Ltd. HK Office: Room 1705-1708, 17/F, Pacific Plaza, 410 Des Voeux Road West, HK Macau Office: 20/F, AIA Tower, Nos 251A-301 Avenida Comercial De Macau 亞洲旅遊傳媒有限公司 香港辦公室: 香港德輔道西410號太平洋廣場17樓1705-1708室 澳門辦公室: 商業大馬路251A-301號友邦廣場20樓

Subscription 訂閱費 International Europe 300 € Rest of the World 350 € 國際版 歐洲地區 300歐元/其餘 350歐元 Hong Kong Edition Original: HK$6,000/24 issues; Special promotion: HK$900/24 issues 香港版 原價: 港幣6,000/共24期;推廣價: 港幣900/共24期 Printer 承印 Luen Shing Printing Press Ltd.: Flat/Rm A & B, 4/F, Gee Luen Hing Ind Bldg., 2 Yip Fat St., Wong Chuk Hang, HK

our correspondents 我們的記者 All resorts published are choosen by the editorial staff and tested by our journalists-inspectors. 所登內容經編輯篩選,並由我們的記者親身體驗

LAWRENCE TAYLOR In the TOP 10 survey Lawrence presents the ten resorts with the most beautiful villas. Lawrence呈現了十佳最美別墅度假村。

MARIA COSCARELLI In Venice to experience an unconventional restaurant: Venissa, a stone’s throw from Burano. Maria在威尼斯體驗了一家與眾不同的餐廳:Venissa,它與布拉諾僅一箭之遙。

PAOLA DI GIROLAMO Paola excites us with his special on Africa and a selection on superb lodges. Paola的獨特非洲之旅以及精選的優質旅舍帶給我們驚喜。

ELSA BOZZAOTRA Elsa is in Lisbon to visit the Corinthia, one of the best city hotels. Elsa參觀了里斯本的克林希亞酒店,它是最佳城市酒店之一。

MARCO GALLI Between Florence and Siena in the heart of Chianti, Marco tell us all about an old remolded hamlet. Marco為我們介紹了一個復原的小村莊,它位於佛羅倫斯和錫耶納之間、基安蒂的中心。

PAMELA MCCOURT FRANCESCONE Pamela is in Cusco, on the road for Machu Picchu to discover Casa Cartagena. 在庫斯科,Pamela在前往馬丘比丘的路上探索了卡薩卡塔赫納精品酒店及水療中心。

PAOLO GERBALDO Class and history are what Paolo finds in Lucerne at the Grand Hotel National. Paolo在盧塞恩全國大飯店感受到了等級和歷史。

Luzern 盧塞恩 Switzerland 瑞士

Lisbon 里斯本 Portugal 葡萄牙

Chianti 基安蒂 Cusco 庫斯科

Italia 意大利

Peru 秘魯

Onguma Game Reserve Onguma禁獵區 Namibia 納米比亞



our destinations 我們的足跡

Venezia 威尼斯 Italia 意大利

Masai Mara 馬賽馬拉 Kenya 肯尼亞

Selous Game Reserve 塞盧斯禁獵區

Tanzania 坦桑尼亞



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優遊 假期

D E S T I N AT I O N S 帶 您 暢 遊 全 球 最 獨 特 的 旅 遊 勝 地

TOP 10 十佳 | VILLA RESORTS 別墅度假村



Lawrence Taylor



villa resorts



e where the stay is an


a ngkor Laut, Malaysi 1. The Estates at Pa 村,馬來西亞 邦咯島綠中海度假 Spa, Bahrain 2. Al Areen Palace & ,巴林 阿爾易恩宮殿酒店 sort Bali at Sayan, 3. Four Seasons Re Indonesia 亞 假酒店,印度尼西 巴厘島山妍四季度 ves at Reethi Rah, 4. One&Only Maldi Maldives 豪華度假村酒店, One&Only 瑞提拉島 馬爾代夫

n Bay,

sort Bali at Jimbara

6. Four Seasons Re Indonesia

西亞 度假酒店,印度尼 季 四 灣 蘭 巴 金 島 巴厘 Indonesia 7. Amanjiwo, Java, 店,爪哇島,印度尼西亞 Amanjiwo度假酒

ivate, Seychelles 8. Frégate Island Pr ,塞舌爾 弗雷格特島度假村 li, Indonesia 9. Bulgari Resort, Ba 巴厘島,印度尼西亞 寶格麗度假酒店, sia Estate, Bali, Indone 10.Como Shambala ,巴厘島,印度尼西亞 Como香巴拉酒店

5. Amanbagh, India 印度 Amanbagh酒店,



TOP 10 十佳 | VILLA RESORTS 別墅度假村


re is never satisfied, he or those who are resorts are from easy – various far s wa e oic ch e . Th osen are at the an ad hoc rank ing e ones we have ch th all t os m Al . las vil Pangkor Laut, now complete with se. The Estates at ur co lf , go a of e dl id one. For fascination seaside or in the m elf, ranks number its to all d ar nd a sta event. representative of Staying there is an services offered. d an s ial er at m , setting silence, space and t enough. We need no is had ity siv clu ex y. And this can be Sometimes e - but always read bl isi inv t os alm excellent service aps, with a butler. only in a villa, perh

名。選擇並不容 這是一個特別的排 , 言 而 客 遊 的 境 於海邊或在高爾夫 對那些追求永無止 們所選的幾乎都位 我 。 墅 別 了 備 配 在都 環境、建材還是提 易,眾多度假村現 都堪稱典範,無論 面 方 各 村 假 度 海 綠中 球場中間。邦咯島 場難忘的經歷。 位。住在那裡是一 首 在 排 而 和優 因 , 務 供的服 環境、舒適的空間 。我們需要寧靜的 夠 不 是 還 墅才 同 別 不 在 眾 住 準備。只有 有時,僅有與 ,但隨時為遊客而 素 元 的 見 不 看 是 質的服務,雖然都 家。 許,還需要一名管 能體驗到這些,也



Top 100

酒 假 度 佳 百 球 全 e Resorts Worldwid

51 Amanwana ldives at Reethi Rah Ma ly On e& 52 Amansara On 1 aavaru ala Estate, Bali Resort at Landaa Gir ns aso Se ur 53 Como Shambh Fo 2 i aw gk Lan t ce uri sor 54 Shanti Ma Four Seasons Re 3 ence yal Mirage, The Resid Pangkor Laut at s ate Est e 55 One&Only Ro Th 4 Palace 56 Anassa Taj Umaid Bhawan 5 Jimbaran Bay at li Ba ves Rangali Island t sor Re ns 57 Conrad Maldi Four Seaso 6 s ve ldi Ma a, Sp & i Resort 58 Reid's Palace Shangri-la's Villingil 7 e vat Pri nd Isla 59 Amanpulo Frégate 8 at Sayan li Ba e t sor Re ns aso 60 Grande Roch Four Se 9 try Hotel un Co nd rla o Ku jiw an 61 10 Am raa Hu da Ku at ean Club Resort 62 One&Only Oc 11 Four Seasons s ve ldi Ma a, s sort and Sp 63 Aman-i-Kha 12 Taj Exotica Re z ga Ra d Ba t sor Re 64 Amankora d 13 Gran Resort a Sp & lf Go ra 65 Suvretta House rdu 14 Ve eirah yas ala Him 66 Madinat Jum 15 Ananda in the lla we 67 Aman 16 Amanusa du Cap Ferrat Resort Chiang Mai ns aso 68 Grand Hotel Se ur Fo 17 Resort Nevis 69 Four Seasons 18 Il Salviatino mbo Lodge t, Bali 70 Singita Lebo 19 Bulgari Resor e & Spa 71 The Nam Hai 20 Al Areen Palac Zanzibar e lac 72 The Residence 21 Taj Lake Pa jvilas 73 Sandy Lane 22 The Oberoi Ra mp Golden Triangle Ca ted Ten ns aso 74 Blancaneaux 23 Four Se Spa rr Al Jissah Resort & gh ba 75 Shangri-la's Ba 24 Aman Lodge 76 Amankila 25 Sabi Sabi Earth Lijiang y Ca 77 Banyan Tree t rro 26 Pa sort & Spa Re e lac et Phuk 78 Blue Pa 27 Banyan Tree Palm e Th ly On 79 One& 28 The Legian i a Ma yar g an ian 80 Am 29 The Chedi Ch Tunis Resort Bora Bora ns aso 81 The Residence Se ur Fo a 30 Sayang Resort & Sp sa Ra 's -la gri an Sh 82 31 Amandari rtesin scat 83 Hotel Finca Co 32 The Chedi Mu ita ah An at s den-Roc tiu Resort Mauri 84 Hotel du Cap-E 33 Four Seasons 85 Le Touessrok 34 Cheval Blanc lle Ga ess rtr 86 Soneva Fushi 35 The Fo iera Maya es ell ych Se e Tre 87 The Tides Riv an 36 Bany Country Estate au uh watu 88 Whareka 37 Alila Villas Ulu es ell Seych 89 Muse 38 Four Seasons Ringha hl Hasheesh Sa i ero 90 Banyan Tree Ob e Th 39 ele ch Mi n e Sa lac Pa 91 Villa 40 Beau-Rivage sert Resort & Spa De on t cti sor lle Re Co un ry ch xu 92 Fu 41 Al Maha, a Lu roa Kia 93 42 Palazzo Sasso oon Resort and Spa aivilas 94 Bora Bora Lag 43 The Oberoi Ud h Van Bay cil 95 Six Senses Nin 44 The Oberoi Ce o 96 MesaStila 45 Hotel Splendid try Club Sanya un Co & tel Ho e pir 97 Banyan Tree 46 The Em ce rsa 98 Palazzo Ve 47 Amanpuri urice 99 K Club 48 Le Prince Ma tal Carlton Cannes e dg Lo i en Sw 100 InterContinen a git 49 Sin Resort & Spa 50 Cuisinart Golf






Elsa Bozzaotra

n o b s i L a i h t n i r o C

店 酒 亞 希 林 克 里斯本

mble se n e c ti n a tl A d n a n a a Mediterrane 大西洋的合奏 地中海與

ntury great 15th-ce e h t f o y t i c In the n monuments o e h t d i m a , s r explore ia s, the Corinth u g a T e h t f o the banks nsanto id view of Mo d n e l p s a s r e off Natural Park. 在這個誕生過多


店 市,克林希亞酒










ho sp ita lit y er e th e co nc ep t of vi sib le ha nd s as th ou gh an in em se It e. nc lle in te nt io n of es ca la te s to ex ce m ac hi ne wi th th e ct rfe pe e. a of gs ra lle le d ex pe rie nc is pu lli ng th e st rin e ca pi ta l an un pa es gh rtu Po e is th th ak e m ak in g a st ay in ev er y pl ay er to m m pe tit io n am on g co t cc ab le en pe rv fe im e is e Th er Th ar t of th e cit y. he e th in en Ed o ar e eq ua lly ur ba n re so rt an es sio na l st af f wh of pr a of s nd ha se rv ice is in th e sp ita bl e. th e co ur te ou s an d ho or ey ed ifi ce wi th in a m od er n 24 -st d te e ua th sit to gh d ou ed ly tie Ev en th e Co rin th ia is de cid th , gy of lo ce no an ch te eg el n re fin ed m os t m od er lo ok ar ou nd . Th e ly on by ed sly ne es u pr Yo . ex m ad e lo ca l cu ltu re co ra tiv e el em en ts de by ed nc ha en th e sp ac es is e lo ca l ar tis ts . t of th e Po rtu gh es is al so re m in isc en nt ra ej os au ul st az re d an co s pi wl Ti Th e di tio na l bo tra e th d fin we e wh er es . so ul . It is a pl ac e s tra di tio na l di sh ni o Go m es re vi sit to An ef Ch e er an d wh uc h of th e a, th e fin ish in g to Sp e th so al is e er y of re la xa tio n in Of co ur se , th m am bi en ce , a cit sq 0 50 3, d te la t. A da y at th e Co rin th ia . An iso y ty pe of tre at m en er ev t os m al rs fe in th e fu tu re , th e cit y wh ich of rit ab le ad ve nt ur e ve a to in ed rm fo n be co m es an ar t. Sp a is th us tra ns sic al re ge ne ra tio hy -p ho yc ps of t wh er e th e co nc ep






Lisbon, Portugal

有一雙無形的手牽 升級至卓越,仿佛 一場 這裡,酒店的概念 來在葡萄牙首都的 器,為了給遊客帶 市 城 家 這 引著一台完美的機 著 爭,推動 眾多元素間激烈競 人 作 工 的 業 無與倫比的體驗。 專 服務來自 的伊甸園。完美的 酒店成為城市中心 、熱情好客。 員,他們謙遜有禮 ,它卻與當地文 層的現代化大樓內 24 棟 一 於 位 店 酒 儘管 地藝術家設計的 周便深有感觸。當 四 顧 環 需 只 。 連 化密切相 精緻和優雅。 裝飾品令空間倍添 魂。在那裡您可以 想到了葡萄牙的靈 m es Tip ico 餐 廳 讓 人 聯 大 廚 An to ni o Go 阿茲勒赫瓷磚畫, 及 以 碟 碗 的 統 傳 見到 。 帶您重溫傳統菜餚 店的畫龍點睛之 它可謂克林希亞酒 水 身心 當然,還有 療, 獨立空間,是舒展 片 3,5 00 平 方 米 的 如一 猶 天 一 筆。水療中心是一 上 服務。待 乎所有類型的理療 術。 藝 種 一 的城中城,提供幾 了 恢復變成 之旅,它將身心的 場名副其實的探索



及套房 157 Rooms & Suites 客房 urants 餐廳 2 sta Re 0 別墅 Villas Spa 水療 yes 有 部 yes 有 Children 兒童俱樂

thia 克林希亞酒店 Chain 連鎖 Corin ne 無 no 隸屬 ion Affiliat Activities 遊樂項目 sightseeing 景點參觀 78 Score 評分 75 環境 nt me on Envir 78 Design 設計 80 服務 ce rvi Se 79 食物 Cuisine 80 Health 健康 75 水療 Spa 80 Rooms 客房






Marco Galli

e s u o H e c I s Mar


olidays h n ia rt a M to s y a d from Roman holi 假日


ng and fascinati An ambitious nt on Mars. e m e l t t e s a r project fo alised ill soon be re w t a h t m a e r A D k in e already wal w y a d o T “ e s becau t o m o r r o w ”. 項 這個定居火星的


將很 引力。這一夢想 我們已經走在了








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當這片孤寂的天 ,夜晚編織夢想。 跡 奇 造 創 天 白 類 人 隨之產生。人類已 宙的神奇和未知便 宇 , 限 無 和 闊 壯 空呈現 。空間目前已經拓 已經能在風中翱翔 ; 地 陸 和 洋 海 了 經征服 被想象和憧憬的地 過的地方,那個曾 及 觸 被 有 沒 乎 幾 展到了 著隱藏在每個新發 無限空間繼續守護 及 以 , 星 恆 、 星 方。行 背後的璀璨奧秘。 現和每次心靈探險 只有承載了創造 象生活,每個夢想 合作 但人類不能僅靠想 、夢想與未來技術 。火星冰屋是雄心 現 實 能 才 佳項 動 最 行 的 的 元 性 居住空間單 航空航天局授予可 括技 包 , 人 的成果。它被美國 居的第一批 將迎接前往火星定 的材 地 當 星 目,這棟未來建築 由冰以及火 究者以及遊客。它 污染 的 球 星 術員、科學家、研 對這個紅色 石和黏土建成。它 採用 則 部 內 料,比如石塊、岩 大的冰屋, 外形將類似一座巨 個項 整 。 理 幾乎不存在。它的 續性進行管 消耗、影響和可持 它 其 到 用 最先進的技術,就 會 造和設計不 機來實現。它的建 目 將 通 過 3D 打 印

INFO STUDIO 工作室資訊 SEARCH n Architecture Space Exploratio CLOUDS AO ure Office Clouds Architect



隊將要把“羅馬假 紐約的空間探索團 天不 云建築工作室以及 外星的魅力終有一 “火星假日”,來自 的地 知 周 所 日”轉變為現代的 眾 為 人的土地可以成 迷 而 奇 神 片 那 , ”。 再遙不可及 我們已經走在明天 律治說的“今天的 方。正如詩人柯勒






Maria Coscarelli

Venissa 餐廳 n

the power of traditio


o in the nd of Mazzorb a l s i e h t n o d Locate he soil Park, where t n o o g a L e h t heart of rea, a the surface a f o % 8 y l n o makes up s the grapevine e r e h w , d r a y unique vine ibrium magical equil r i e h t d n u o f have lly of a soil we t i l i t r e f e h t n betwee w a t e r. ing, salt and w o r g e p a r g suited to 的 園的中心,那裡 公 湖 瀉 上 島 博 它位於馬佐爾 特的葡萄園 面積,在這個獨 表 的 % 8 了 佔 土壤只 分和水分 的土壤肥力、鹽 宜 適 常 非 在 藤 內,葡萄 的平衡點。 之間找到了神奇




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的工作奠定了 ni ss a 餐 廳 四 位 廚 師 研 究 瀉 湖 美 食 為 Ve ni ss a 餐 廳 , 對 他 而 so l 27 歲 加 入 了 Ve 基 礎 。 M at te o Bi 根據自身的理解和 的美在於不同廚師 言 , “Ven iss a 餐 廳 。 ” 今 年 , Sa bi na 材作出獨特的詮釋 經驗,對瀉湖的食 ng elo D’Or ia , 以 ea As ol i , M ich ela Jo ks im ov ic , An dr 詮釋;四位廚師聯 對威尼斯食譜重新 餐廳 及 Se re na Ba ian o 導 原 則 為 Ve ni ss a 手美食”,它的指 。 情 激 手合作創造出“八 和 識 知 礎: 整個美食項目的基 尊 和 解 的法典,同時也是 理 到 得 必須 的美食得到靈感, 代 取 能 每份食譜都從國內 不 感 美 質。 食材堅持基本的品 重。同樣,當地的 的一個元素。 味道,僅是提升它 輕薄細膩的南 推薦黃帶子,它以 就菜單而言,我們 上了菊苣奶油, 底,上面的帶子淋 打 合 融 草 鞭 馬 與 瓜泥 注入來自園中的 以特級初榨橄欖油 再 , 末 仁 杏 了 上 還撒 醬,以及紫羅蘭 精華、威尼斯魚子 橙 酸 配 搭 , 材 食 草本 魚與花椰菜的各 髓,它的輕烤比目 精 湖 瀉 和 鮃 菱 大 花。 內的草本食材, 菜品中蘊含來自園 種特質完美協調。 推薦的是奶酪和 要的角色。最後要 重 演 扮 藻 海 和 子 海蓬 奶、山羊奶、牛 酪以三種奶(綿羊 奶 a ol bi ro 種 這 梨, 。再以迷迭香注 斯梨雪葩完美組合 廉 威 與 , 料 原 為 奶) 紫羅蘭花的蜜餞 、新鮮的水果以及 餅 脆 薄 配 搭 , 蜜 入蜂 完成這道甜點。

INFO RESTAURANT 餐廳資訊 VENISSA zia Mazzorbo, Vene 斯







Known around the world as one of the most thrilling and romantic destinations, Lucerne, in central Switzerland, is alluring due to his histor y, rich cultural offering and its beautiful landscape. 作為世界上最震撼及浪漫的旅遊勝地,位於瑞士中部的盧塞恩以其悠久的歷 史、豐富的文化以及美麗的風景而充滿吸引力。


Overlooking the homonymous lake, the city founded in 1178 enchants not only for its Kapellbrücke but also for its well-kept historic centre and the surrounding mountainous landscape. The eyes, in fact, beholds everything from the majestic Rigi to the most thrilling of the mountains in Lucerne: Mount Pilatus. The latter offers an incredible panoramic view of 360° over Lucerne and the Lake: 2132 metres reachable also with the fastest cog railway in the world. The Swiss Pass (Swiss Travel System, the integrated network which permits us to travel with a single ticket on trains, buses and ferries), is an exciting way to discover this Swiss landscape. 這座建於1178年的城市俯瞰著它的同名湖泊,它的魅力不僅在於著名的卡貝爾 橋,更因其保存完好的歷史中心以及城市周圍的山地風景。事實上,視野將離 不開從雄偉的瑞吉峰到盧塞恩最險峻的皮拉圖斯峰的一切。 後者提供了盧塞恩湖令人難以置信的360度全景,這座海拔2132米的湖泊可搭 乘世界上最快的齒軌鐵路到達。使用瑞士通票(適用於瑞士交通系統,火車、 巴士及輪船的一票通)是探索這片瑞士景區的絕好方式。








Paolo Gerbaldo

Grand Hotel National 全國大飯店 the grand season of Swiss hospitality 瑞士酒店的全盛季

The epitome of the grand season of Swiss and European hospitality.

Luxury is reflected

in the common spaces and in the rooms and suites which integrate with the fascination of the Lake Lucerne. 它是瑞士及歐洲酒店全盛季的縮影。奢華的氣度體現在公 共空間以及客房和套房,它們與盧塞恩湖的魅力相結合。





he elegant edifice which unites neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance elements, houses an important historic Swiss hotel: the Grand Hotel National. Intense pages, starting with those written by César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier, characterise, from its opening in 1870, the hotel from which we can admire the grandiose landscape of Lake Lucerne. The National is, in fact, the epitome of the grand season of Swiss and European hospitality. Luxury is reflected in the common spaces and in the rooms and suites. The fascination of the Lake. The history of the Grand Hotel National. The attention to service. These are ingredients that project guests into another century. However, the presence of all the modern comforts which satisfy the requests of a cosmopolitan clientele bring us quickly back to the present. A gastronomic maze, instead, pleases the different demands of the palate. In fact, the restaurants, permit us to move around, starting from the regional flavours of the National and the seasonal menu of the Restaurant 1871, then towards Italian taste found in Padrino, up to the Chinese variety in Jialu National. The restaurants fuse the classical touch of the Hotel with modern design. The line of the cuisine is attentive to seasonality, to the quality of the products without, however, forgetting versatility and creativity. With its mixture of legendary traditionalism and sophisticated modernity, the Grand Hotel National is itself a symbol of the excellence of Swiss Hotels.




Luzern, Switzerland 盧塞恩,瑞士

這棟優雅的建築融合了新巴洛克風格以及新文藝復 興元素,極富歷史價值的瑞士酒店-全國大飯店正位於 此。酒店從 1870 年開業之時起,就坐擁壯麗的盧塞恩 湖的美景。全國大飯店正是瑞士及歐洲酒店全盛季的縮 影。 奢華的氣度體現在公共空間以及客房和套房,它們 與盧塞恩湖的魅力相結合。酒店的歷史氛圍以及細緻周 到的服務,仿佛帶客人來到了另一個世紀。然而,現代 化的設施滿足了來自世界各地的住客需求,又迅速帶我 們回到現在。 它的美食迷宮取悅了各種味覺需求。不同餐廳帶我 們領略了不同風味,從當地美食到 1871 餐廳的季節性 菜單,再到 Padrino 餐廳的意大利口味,甚至還有來自 Jialu餐廳的各色中國美饌。 餐廳融合了酒店的經典元素以及當代設計。食物緊 隨季節變換,注重品質,同時又不失多樣性和創造性。 正是結合了經典的傳統和尖端的現代性,全國大飯 店成為了瑞士酒店卓越品質的代表。 Rooms & Suites 客房及套房 41 Villas 別墅 0 - Restaurants 餐廳 5 Spa 水療 yes 有 Children 兒童俱樂部 yes 有 Chain 連鎖 none 無 Affiliation 隸屬 none 無 Activities 遊樂項目 sightseeing 景點參觀 Score 評分 Environment 環境 Design 設計 Service 服務 Cuisine 食物 Health 健康 Spa 水療 Rooms 客房

67 80 78 75 80 70 0 87



AFRICA 非洲 The 19th Century is the period of the great explorations, when courageous Europeans of the Nile.

risked their lives to discover the source

African nostalgia.

It is from the eighteen hundreds that it spread among those who would never have thought of wandering so far and to lands so different and at times difficult. 十九世紀是偉大的探索時代,勇敢的歐洲人冒著生命危險去探尋尼羅河的源 頭。對非洲的懷舊之情。從十九世紀開始,人們開始走向從未想象過的遠方, 那片完全陌生而不同的土地,有時路途充滿艱險。




Today much has changed. Out of Africa by Blinxen is a distant memory. And yet a trip to Africa still affords true emotions, in contact with nature as we have never imagined before. Not only to encounter with the “big 5” that everyone longs for. But also the deafening silence of the savannah, the mysticism of the desert, and the music of the jungle that awakens in the morning. Often such a profound experience is ruined by rushing tour operators and improvising hoteliers who propose banal visits which leave guests with nothing. But among all lodges a few excel and we wanted to point this out in these articles. 今天有很大的不同。Blinxen的《走出非洲》已成為一個遙遠的記憶。然而非 洲之旅依然承載了真情實感,與我們從未想象過的大自然親密接觸。不僅邂逅 每個人都渴望的“五霸”,還有大草原震耳欲聾的沉默,沙漠的神秘色彩,以及 喚醒每個清晨的叢林音樂。然而通常這樣深刻的經歷被一些旅行社或酒店經營 者毀了,他們只能為客人提供平庸的行程,不能留下什麼難忘的回憶。但在眾 多旅館中也有少數出類拔萃的,我們想在這些文章中介紹給大家。






Paola Di Girolamo

Ol Seki Hemngways Mara Camp, Kenya 馬賽馬拉國家野生動物保護區營地 肯尼亞

Recalling the grand explorations, when courageous and fearless Europeans risked their lives to discover the source of the Nile. 回顧偉大的探索,當勇敢無畏的歐洲人冒著生命危險去 探索尼羅河的源頭。




he “homesickness for Africa”. It is from the eighteen hundreds and it spreads even among those who would never have thought of venturing so far and into lands so different and difficult. The Ol Seki stands for all of them. It is composed of circular tents where traditional colonial décor fuses with an architecture with modern lines. Spacious and elegantly furnished, they are equipped with every comfort, while maintaining the atmosphere of a safari intact. Hidden one from the other, they open on to a magnificent view of the African savannah. With every respect for an uncontaminated and original natural setting, this is a wonderful example of responsible and sustainable tourism. Two recently built suite with a staff for guest service complete the profile of this exclusive structure capable of offering unique experiences, such as visits to Masai villages or fieldtrips to observe grazing giraffes. The cuisine is international and is served in the tents or in the moving frame of a natural grotto. “ 思鄉非洲” 。從十九世紀開始,人們開始走向從未想象過的遠方,那些 完全陌生而不同的地方,有時路途充滿艱險。 馬賽馬拉國家野生動物保護區營地由圓形的帳篷組成,傳統殖民地風 格的裝飾與現代架構的建築完美結合。空間寬敞、裝修典雅,配備了各種 設施,與此同時保留了野生動物保護區的氛圍。它們一個個面對非洲大草 原的壯麗景色,尊重未受污染的原始自然的環境,這是負責任的、可持續 的旅遊項目之典範。 兩個近期新建的套房配有工作人員,完善了這一獨特體驗,他們為客 人提供獨特的服務,比如參觀馬賽人的村莊,或者實地觀察馴養的長頸鹿。 食物則非常國際化,客人將在帳篷裡或天然岩洞的活動窗口邊用餐。




Masai Mara, Kenya 馬賽馬拉,肯尼亞 Rooms & Suites 客房及套房 0 Tents 帳篷 10 - Restaurants 餐廳 1 Spa 水療 no 無 Children 兒童俱樂部 no 無 Chain 連鎖 none 無 Affiliation 隸屬 none 無 Activities 遊樂項目 safaris, excursions 狩獵旅行,遊覽觀光 Score 評分 Environment 環境 Design 設計 Service 服務 Cuisine 食物 Health 健康 Spa 水療 Rooms 客房

64 85 80 78 77 50 0 80






Paola Di Girolamo

Sand Rivers Selous Selous Game Reserve 塞盧斯禁獵區

Sand Rivers is situated in the northern part of the Selous Game Reserve, which is one the of the largest protected natural areas in Africa.

Sand Rivers位於塞盧斯禁獵區北部,它是非洲最大 的自然保護區之一。




and Rivers offers stylish, luxurious accommodations for safaris along the banks of the Rufiji River. At the bight of the Grand River, which meanders through the sandy islands and luxurious forests, this lodge was originally built as a base for expeditions when the zone was still unknown. Not a large area but with well-distributed spaces, it has five rooms and two suites inside a cottage of stone and straw. The suites are separate from the rest of the camp and have their own swimming pool. Additionally, the new and exclusive Rhino’s House, an ideal and romantic refuge, is furnished with a dining area, a small swimming pool and a private car. A guide is available at any time to sail along the river, go on canoe outings and enjoy solitary fishing. The more adventurous may opt for a 4-day safari to explore the more remote zones of the park, with small but wellequipped camps which change location every night. Sand Rivers 為魯菲吉河岸之旅提供時尚而豪華的住宿。

大河蜿蜒地穿過沙洲和茂密的森林,在它的彎曲處,建了這家旅 館作為考察基地,當時這片區域還不為人熟悉。它雖然面積不大,但 空間分佈均勻,擁有五間客房以及兩個套房,位於石頭和稻草搭建的 小屋內。套房與營地獨立開來,擁有自己的泳池。 此外,全新而獨特的犀牛之家是一個理想而浪漫的隱蔽之地, 配有一個用餐區、一座小泳池和一輛私人汽車。嚮導可隨時帶客人遊 河,乘著獨木舟出行,享受獨自垂釣的樂趣。 喜歡冒險的朋友可選擇前往較偏遠處進行為期四天的探索,小而 設備齊全的營地每晚變更駐扎地,供您入住。




塞盧斯禁獵區,坦桑尼亞 Rooms & Suites 客房及套房 0 Villas 別墅 8 - Restaurants 餐廳 1 Spa 水療 no 無 Children 兒童俱樂部 yes 有 Chain 連鎖 none 無 Affiliation 隸屬 none 無 Activities 遊樂項目 safaris, excursions 狩獵旅行,遊覽觀光 Score 評分 Environment 環境 Design 設計 Service 服務 Cuisine 食物 Health 健康 Spa 水療 Rooms 客房

64 80 78 77 76 55 0 80






Paola Di Girolamo

Onguma The Fort Onguma城堡 Onguma Game Reserve Onguma 禁獵區

T h e Fo r t i s u n l i k e a n y o t h e r, t h e o n l y o n e o f its kind in Namibia. It is built in exactly the right spot to give guests probably one of the best sunset views in the whole of Namibia. 這座城堡不同於其它,在納米比亞獨一無二。它建在 納米比亞最佳的日落觀賞點。




he lodge is overlooking the beautiful Etosha Pans, surrounded only by wild animals and hundreds of Camel Thorn trees. With the typical aspect of a town, it strikes travellers for its imposing stone wall and great tower, arising on the sprawling savannah. The twelve suites, far apart for absolute privacy, have an exotic aspect obtained by the creative mixing of African, Moroccan and Indian influences. Outside each one an ample wooden platform, complete with places to sit, invites guests to relax while sipping on an aperitif enjoying the magnificent sunset. Inside the main tower we find the Fort Suite, it too boasting a private terrace. The central courtyard, enlivened with a fountain and plays of water, leads to a wooden bridge with a view overlooking a well where numerous animals come to drink. At the end of the day, guests can enjoy a dinner in the open-air dining area or around the pool illuminated with lanterns.

酒店俯瞰美麗的埃托沙國家公園,包圍在野生動物以及數以百計的駱 駝荊棘樹之中。 它在遼闊的草原上拔地而起,雄偉的石墻以及高樓帶給遊客震撼。十 二間套房相互之間保持一定距離以確保隱私,且創造性地融合了非洲、摩 洛哥以及印度的異國情調。 每間套房外是一個寬闊的木質平台,有完善的座椅設施,可邀請客人 前來品嘗開胃酒,並欣賞壯麗的日落。 在主樓內我們見到了城堡套房,它也擁有一個私人露台。在中央庭 院,則有一座噴泉,以一座木橋相連,可以在此觀賞前來喝水的動物們。 夜晚,客人們將在露天用餐區或者燈火照耀下的泳池周圍享用晚宴。



INFO HOTEL 酒店資訊 ONGUMA THE FORT ONGUMA城堡 Onguma, Etosha, Namibia Onguma,埃托沙,納米比亞 Rooms & Suites 客房及套房 13 Villas 別墅 0 - Restaurants 餐廳 1 Spa 水療 no 無 Children 兒童俱樂部 yes 有 Chain 連鎖 none 無 Affiliation 隸屬 none 無 Activities 遊樂項目 safaris, excursions 狩獵旅行,遊覽觀光 Score 評分 Environment 環境 Design 設計 Service 服務 Cuisine 食物 Health 健康 Spa 水療 Rooms 客房

65 80 82 78 77 60 0 78






Marco Galli

Castello di Casole 卡索樂城堡酒店

history and Nature


4200 hectares of peace in the Sienese hills amid history and nature.

Casole is a place

that unites the fascination of past to the beauty of the present, amid the grandeur of history and the beauty of nature. 在佔地4200公頃的寧靜的錫耶納丘陵度過一個與歷史 和自然為伴的假期。卡索樂城堡酒店完美融合了歷史的 魅力和現代美,帶您沉浸在恢宏的歷史氛圍以及美麗的 自然風光之中。





t the Castello di Casole, nature and history unite to create a perfect union among the past, present and future. Dating from antiquity, the castle was the property of the Bargagli family, a noble Sienese house. There is a magnificent panorama of gentle hills which extend as far as the eye can see and surrounds the old structure owned by Timber resorts. Among the illustrious owners who have spent their days at Castello is Luchino Visconti, master of the grand Italian cinema. In the abode Visconti often organised his visits before the view of a romantic sunset. The 41 suites spread out among the various edifices of the castle exalt the fascination of the past in the materials and include every modern comfort, such as cable TV and free Wifi. Looking out the windows, guests have a splendid view of the estate below which is also a hunting reserve. The ideal place to spend summer days in the panoramic swimming pool, enjoying a relaxing swim and admiring the beauties of nature. The Essere Spa, where guest can experience moments of peace and relaxation immersed in natural fragrances, proposes body and face treatments with local products. 500 sqm which include the relaxation room, swimming pool, sauna, steam room a Technogym fitness room inspired by the Roman baths. The menu at the formal restaurant Tosca proposes typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition, revisited on a contemporary note by the chef. The oil is from the farm and the wine menu proposes the Sangiovese produced by the vineyards of the estate along with a selection of superb of Italian labels. Casole is a place that unites the fascination of the past to the beauty of the present, amid the grandeur of history and the beauty of nature.



在卡索樂城堡酒店,自然和歷史在過去、現在和未 來之間創造了完美的統一。追溯其歷史,這座城堡曾是 Bargagli 家族的物業,是一棟高貴的錫耶納建築。平緩 的山丘延伸得無邊無際,猶如一幅壯觀的畫卷,圍繞著 Timber 度假酒店旗下的古老建築。城堡歷任顯赫的主人 中,就包括盧奇諾˙維斯康蒂,意大利電影大師。他過 去經常邀請客人們一起欣賞浪漫的日落。

41 間套房分佈在各處,裝飾材料彰顯了過去的魅 力,同時配備了現代化的設施,像有線電視和免費無線 網絡。眺望窗外,客人們可以見到莊園的壯麗景色以及 下面的狩獵區。全景泳池則是夏天的理想去處,您可以 一邊放鬆游泳,一邊欣賞自然的美景。 Essere 水療中心帶您體驗寧靜放鬆的時光,讓您在 天然的花香氣氛下,用當地產品做身體及面部護理。它 佔地五百平方米,擁有休閒室、游泳池、桑拿房、蒸汽 室,以及以羅馬浴場為靈感的泰諾健健身房。 Tosca 餐廳帶來富有特色的托斯卡納傳統菜餚,廚 師以現代技法全新演繹。做菜的油來自農場,酒單則包 括產於自家葡萄園的桑嬌維塞葡萄酒以及其它精選的意 大利優質品牌。 卡索樂城堡酒店完美融合了歷史的魅力和現代美, 帶您沉浸在恢宏的歷史氛圍以及美麗的自然風光之中。






The estate is rife with old farm houses transformed into superb multi-property residences complete with every accessory imaginable and elegantly furnished as well. Buyers purchase them with a deed for 1/12 of the real estate unit, thus not a right but property – not a negligible detail. The property forever belongs to the buyer. It may be sold or inherited.


Three weeks’ use are guaranteed even in high season; however, the rest of the time is based on availability. This usually means 4-5 weeks a year. Maintenance and cleaning are centralized and the owners get preferential treatment for the use of the resort facilities.


Buyers’ own time may be rendered to the real estate agent to be rented and thus create a kind of earnings. Owners may also exchange the weeks among themselves. Presently there are 15 around the world.

Rooms & Suites 客房及套房 41 Casali & Villas 農舍及別墅 28 Restaurants 餐廳 2 Spa 水療 yes 有 Children 兒童俱樂部 yes 有

它由多間舊農舍改建為一流的多建築酒店,配以充滿創意且 優雅美觀的裝飾。買家僅購入地產股的 1/12 ,因此非產權,只是 物業,這是一個不容忽視的細節。房子將永遠屬於買家,可用於出 售或繼承。

Chain 連鎖 Timbers Resorts Affiliation 隸屬 Legend Preferred

即便在旺季,也確保僅三星期的使用;然而,剩下的時間視 情況而定。通常意味著每年四到五星期。保養和清潔將集中進行, 而業主使用酒店的設施也將享有優惠。 買家也可能將自己享用的時間交給地產代理用於出租,從而 創造一筆可觀的收入。此外,業主之間也可互相交換使用的時間。 目前共有十五個在世界各地。


Casole d’Elsa, Italy


Activities 遊樂項目 sightseeing, excursions 景點參觀,遊覽觀光 Score 評分 Environment 環境 Design 設計 Service 服務 Cuisine 食物 Health 健康 Spa 水療 Rooms 客房

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BOUTIQUE HOTEL 精品酒店 | CASA CARTAGENA 卡薩卡塔赫納精品酒店及水療中心



Pamela McCourt Francescone

Casa Cartagena 卡薩卡塔赫納 精品酒店及水療中心 in the umbilicus of the world 在世界的肚臍

Italians do it better! As in Casa Cartagena in Cusco, where Italian flair and contemporar y design blend with antiquity and history to create a refined, spirited and captivating ambience. 意大利人做得更好!在庫斯科的卡薩卡塔赫納精品酒店及 水療中心,意大利智慧與現代設計完美地融入了歷史,營 造出精緻、活潑、迷人的氛圍。




BOUTIQUE HOTEL 精品酒店 | CASA CARTAGENA 卡薩卡塔赫納精品酒店及水療中心

rom Cusco, the ancient Inca “umbilicus of the world”, you leave to visit the mountain citadel of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. And you come to Casa Cartagena to steep in the charm of the Andine capital, delight in Peruvian cuisine and be pampered in the Qoya Spa. Pablo Neruda, the Nobel laureate wrote some of his most famous poetry in this old inn, and legend would have it that Che Guevara was a frequent guest. The 12 suites are the largest in Peru (100m2 the six Master Suites, 120 the Suite Presidencial and 150 the Royal Suite). They have built-in oxygen systems to combat soroche, or altitude sickness (Cusco is 3,400 metres asl), and come in different sizes, with bright colours, wooden ceiling beams and floors and original frescoes on the walls. They also have air conditioning and central heating, cordless telephones, flat-screen TVs, large bathrooms, and overlook the central garden-courtyard which at night is lit by a large globe that glows like a toppled moon. Lomo saltado a la Cartagena and Cui asado (guinea pig) are on the menu in the restaurant and in the summer months guests dine at small tables in the courtyard or on the balconies of their suites. The all-glass wall in the Qoya Spa (with an eightmeter heated pool, Turkish bath and sauna) looks out on the hillside bohemian district of San Blas which, at night, becomes a twinkling crib sprawled over the hillside under a large white statue of Christ.



INFO HOTEL 酒店資訊 從庫斯科這個古印加文明中被稱為 “ 世界肚臍 ” 的 地方出發,前去參觀馬丘比丘遺跡以及神聖河谷。然 後回到卡薩卡塔赫納感受安第斯山脈險峻的魅力,品 嘗秘魯美食以及享受 Qoya 溫泉。


巴勃羅˙聶魯達,這位諾貝爾文學獎得主曾在此 創作了數篇他最著名的詩歌,傳說中哲˙古華拉也是 這裡的一位常客。

12 間套房為秘魯最大( 100 平米的主人套房, 120 平米的總統套房以及 150 平米的皇家套房)。它們採用 內置的氧氣系統,幫住客對抗高山症或高原反應(庫 斯科海拔 3,400 米),且大小各異,擁有明亮的色彩, 木質的天花板、橫樑、地板,以及印有原始壁畫的 內墻。房間還配備了空調以及中央供暖系統、無線電 話、平板電視、大浴室,並可俯瞰中央花園,每到夜 晚,庭院將被一個月亮般的巨大球體所照亮。 餐廳提供秘魯式炒牛肉以及豚鼠,夏天客人們在 庭院的小桌上或套房的陽台用餐。 Qoya 水療中心(八 米長的溫水泳池,土耳其浴室和桑拿房)採用全玻璃 墻,望出去便是聖布拉斯波西米亞區的山坡,夜晚則 仿佛散落在山坡上的一間閃爍屋舍,位於一座巨大的 白色基督像下。


Cusco, Peru


Rooms & Suites 客房及套房 12 Villas 別墅 0 - Restaurants 餐廳 1 Spa 水療 yes 有 Children 兒童俱樂部 yes 有 Chain 連鎖 none 無 Affiliation 隸屬 Kiwi Collection Activities 遊樂項目 sightseeing, excursions 景點參觀,遊覽觀光 Score 評分 Environment 環境 Design 設計 Service 服務 Cuisine 食物 Health 健康 Spa 水療 Rooms 客房

85 85 74 85 92 84 85 91




Resorts Magazine Asia ( ) is your definitive lifestyle and leisure guide to the region’s most sought after holiday destinations. Our Editor’s Picks give you the lowdown on the latest in beauty, fashion, clothes and accessories, digital products, art, entertainment and more. RM Asia is your fabulous Asian lifestyle guide to the best places to relax, shop, dine – and have a great time. 最前衛的生活休閒資訊、最貼近的購物消費信息,盡在

主編精選,包羅美容護理、潮流服飾、家居數碼、藝術娛樂、亞洲旅 遊,為讀者提供亞洲區的時尚生活風向標。

Insights 閃亮綻放


Offers Unique Unparalleled Personality

獨特個性,無與倫比 This festive season is all about the thrill of seeing and sharing the holidays through a curious lens. Energetic colors. Exciting designs. Surprising details. Fossil continues its exploration of the Curious Set as we become the ultimate holiday gifting destination. 新一年開始,想為心愛的她/他或為自己挑選一份精緻又特別 的禮物,不妨留意Fossil冬季假日系列。它從玩味十足的萬花筒中 取得靈感,融合活力的色彩及創意的設計細節,打造出一系列激 動人心之選,為大家送上無限的節日喜悅及祝福。

For Her Presents for ladies are just a few of the colorful curiosities created to desire (and inspire) this holiday season. From Da-Vinci to Matisse to Warhol, Fossil has seen art, science and color collide in the most beautiful ways inspiring modern generations. The Kaleido print seen on both leather goods and a limited edition watch channels the magic of the kaleidoscope and takes you back to that very pure moment of discovery when you first peered through the lens. Each rotation creates a completely unique configuration and the colors and pieces will never fall in the same way twice. 女裝Holiday系列 品牌為品位女性設計了眾多最令人夢寐以求的禮品,色彩繽 紛、充滿奇思妙想。從Da Vinci到Matisse再到Warhol,品牌目睹 藝術、科學及色彩如何以最完美的碰撞為現代人帶來靈感。受這些 藝術家、剪紙及色彩的啟發,開發了一系列時尚好禮。皮革產品及 限量版手錶上的Kaleido 字樣匯聚千變萬化的魔 力,帶大眾重返初次透 過萬花筒窺視時的探索 時光。每次轉動都可看 見完全不一樣的結構, 色彩及零件獨一無二。



For Him Gifts for men can make us think and open our imagination, including a take-everywhere leather clutchshaped as a chess board. The icons get a fun refresh for holiday with pops of red and teak seen in men’s small leather goods and backpacks. One of the top holiday gifts for guys—Fossil’s Grant Gift Set features a Grant watch, extra strap, men’s leather bracelet and fragrance, all wrapped in a luxurious leather box. Colors for the season are enriched to include Oak Barrel, Black and Rose, Trench and Smoked Cordovan. 男裝Holiday系列 男士系列則充滿新意的設計,最能啟發思考, 並激發無限的想象力,包括便攜式國際棋盤造型皮革 CLUTCH。Icons系列為小型皮革產品及雙肩背囊等添上 紅色及柚木紋,為冬季假日帶來新鮮感覺。贈送給男士 的最佳冬季假日禮品之一 —— Fossil Grant 禮品系列主 打Grant手錶、備用錶帶、男士皮革手鏈及香水 —— 全 都包裝在一個奢華的皮革盒子內。本季的色彩更為豐富,包括橡木 桶色、黑色、玫瑰色、卡其色及煙灰棕色。



Bonpoint Celebrates 40 Years

經典主題,綻放多彩童年 The French brand Bonpoint has unveiled its Summer 2016 collection as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The collection features Cherry Blossom, a romantic trend inspired by Nastassja Kinski in the movie “Tess”. Its Liberty prints come straight from a bucolic English garden. The Buena Vista collection has a movie influence, i.e. “Somewhere” and “On the Road” and is an ode to freedom with no boundaries. A mix of several of genres, One Minute is all about daring fiery colors. The Nouvelle Vague collection is just a tad old fashioned. It’s the kingdom of adolescence embodied with its palette of ice-cream colors, smocking details, broderie anglaise and pretty prints (polka dots). Nostalgic for a day, nostalgic forever. The nostalgic Diabolo Menthe collection is inspired by the movie of the same name. Dresses are high-waisted flares or dungarees, recalling the 1950’s retro flavor. 為寶貝們打造個性靚麗的裝扮相信是不少父母的願望。法國童裝品牌Bonpoint為慶祝 成立四十周年,以數套經典電影為靈感作主題,推出了2016年夏季新裝。 受到電影Tess中的女主角Nastassja Kinski 的浪漫啟發,櫻花盛開系列運用了多種 碎花圖案,營造出英國田園風格,悠閒優雅。美麗景緻系列以兩套歌頌自由的電影 —— Somewhere和On the Road為靈感,混合多種風格,且用色大膽。新潮風格系列專為個性鮮 明的女性而設,主打半復古造型,冰淇淋色調、馬德拉刺繡等,充滿青春氣息。薄荷梳打系列 則以電影Diabolo Menthe帶領的復古風潮為靈感,高腰喇叭褲或是工人褲等都是不朽的代 表,散發上世紀五十年代的復古氣息。




Leads with a New Fashion Sense

簡約引領時尚新風 The specifics of craftsmanship and a sense of re-evaluating the familiar are key themes for COS this spring/summer 2016. For women, a theme of reduction and reinvention is evident. From a sandstone cotton parka that is elevated through the reduction of details, to the simplicity of a white belted boilersuit. Garments have been re-thought, like a trench that becomes a wrap skirt. Meanwhile an open-back silk dress in sandstone takes inspiration from the organic shapes of sand dunes seen in Renate Aller’s photographs and results in a dress that is both simultaneously organically sculptured and calming. Drapes and folds appear effortless, as found in the short origami sleeves of a long technical knit summer coat. This crafted yet somewhat organic approach is highlighted by a naturalistic color palette of sand and stone. 出色的設計往往無需繁複便具備驚艷的時尚美感。COS 2016 年女裝以簡化及改造為 主題,同時著重精細的紡織技巧。不論卡其色的皮製外套省卻細節,還是連身褲配上白色 簡約皮帶,均提升型格,彰顯個性。 品牌還以嶄新方式重新改造,更是充滿驚喜和亮點,例如A字裙以乾濕褸物料製成。 而受著名攝影師 Renate Aller 的大自然沙丘作品啟發而設計的一款露背絲質裙款,則勾劃 了大自然的原始感及平和感覺。此外,COS 精準為衣服縫上每寸褶縫,如長版短袖夏天外 套,其靈感源於大自然,利用自然元素的色調為設計增添風格。簡約而不失個性的設計,充 分彰顯了品牌的核心。




Appeals with its Urban to Outdoor Look

靈活出眾,自由遊走 Victorinox’s Urban to Outdoor 2016 Spring/Summer collection is the absolute embodiment of adventure and adaptability. The collection uses as its inspiration the duality between the urban and the rural to provide a high level of versatility to the wearer. The 37.5™ fabrics work to maintain the relative humidity surrounding the body, ensuring the wearer maintains an ideal core temperature, which is used as the base for the SS16 Limited Edition collection. The outdoors motif is further strengthened through the use of a vintage Swisstopo © map print. The collection offers a wide variety of styles to fit with the urban-to- outdoor lifestyle. The Matterhorn Vest and the Soldat Crewneck capture the essence of this style. It also has introduced additional materials with carbon cotton and resin coated garments, providing for breathability and softness, while the coatings are water resistant. Many of the new graphic tees feature hand-drawn artwork inspired by the company’s history fashioned in super-soft slub cotton. It has also created a custom dot matrix camouflage print used primarily in the woven shirt and tee programs. 久居都市的您,想必嚮往於閒暇時間去郊外探索。 Victorinox 2016 春夏服裝系 列 “Urban To Outdoor”以此為靈感,創作出靈活實用的服裝系列。 限量系列主要採用37.5™面料,能夠保持身體周遭的相對濕度,從而維持穿著者理 想的核心體溫。復古Swisstopo ©地圖印花圖案,更突顯遊俠形象。主線系列款式多樣, 讓您輕鬆駕馭都市和戶外風格。不論Matterhorn背心,還是充滿復古步兵設計的 Soldat 衛衣,均有型有格。外套系列主要採用天然物料織造,透氣通爽,觸感舒適,並以塗層 包覆,提供防水功能。多款全新印花 Tee印有由品牌歷史啟發的手繪圖案,並以極為柔軟 的粗紡棉製成。此外,品牌特別為襯衫及 Tee設計出點狀迷彩印花。




Offers a New Shopping Experience

自在購物,全新體驗 Grana, the online clothing retailer is gaining a huge and loyal following for its affordable, luxury-grade quality apparel. Grana’s The Fitting Room located on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, has been creatively and effectively bridging the online-offline divide. In December 2015, it opened a new pop-up shop in Causeway Bay! The 1,500-square-foot space on Pak Sha Road features a lofty minimalist interiors with Grana’s signature white and blue, natural wood elements and contemporary industrial furniture. The Fitting Room will offer all of its styles and colors. Orders can be placed on in-store computers or on a mobile phone, with the option to pick up their order from the store the next day or have it delivered direct to their homes or offices with 2-day shipping. This ease of use represents Grana’s logistics-conscious operation and creates a clothing store that caters to travelers, global nomads, roaming creatives and fluid-living urbanites. 網上服裝品牌 Grana簡約、前衛的單品設計,以價格合理、優質聞名,吸引了全球男女 粉絲。品牌早前於上環荷李活道開設的概念店極受歡迎,2015年12月更向前邁進一步,在 銅鑼灣白沙道開設 The Fitting Room Pop-Up Store,讓大眾一起體驗 O2O的一站式購物 服務! 新店佔地逾1500平方呎,藍白色的裝潢配上木質擺設,簡單、舒適又具時尚感。店內 還將展現品牌不同的設計和顏色用料。客人可用店內電腦 (或透過手機) 下單,並選擇於第 二天到店內取貨或兩天內送抵包裹至家中或辦公室。無論你生活在何地,是在旅途上或遊 走於都市之間,都能以合理價錢享受Grana的上乘服飾。 RESORTS MAGAZINE


Calvin Klein Jeans Eyewear is Full of Energy

時尚型格,洋溢個性魅力 The Calvin Klein Jeans 2016 eyewear is a sexy and cool expression of a modern lifestyle. The evocative styles feature unique details and innovative treatments that are relevant to the youthful consumer.


Calvin Klein Jeans 全新眼鏡系列,設計創新大膽,注入性 感、型格等元素;獨有的細節配合時尚的黑銅色系列更切合年 輕一族的品味。

For men, Calvin Klein has created a range of indispensable and unique fashion items: 男裝系列各具魅力,是品味男士不可或缺的時尚單品:

These glasses with their distinctive crackle texture enhances the temples, providing an edgy element to this classic shape. Timeless metal colorations pair perfectly with the unique crackle pattern. 以經典的鏡框配襯獨特的裂紋紋理鏡臂及恆久時尚 的金屬色調,更具時代感且別具型格。

The sleek metal silhouette is paired with a unique, luxe leather side-shield, giving the frame an industrial edge. They are part of a new black and copper capsule from the Calvin Klein Jeans accessory line. 充滿復古格調的飛行員款式是全新黑銅色系列的重點。亮 面的金屬鏡框結合鏡臂兩旁罩以獨一無二的高級皮革,為 眼鏡注入工業味道設計,個性獨特。



For women: 女裝系列:

A striking Calvin Klein Jeans logo and bold, colorful temples mark this oversized round frame. Available in black, matte black, warm tortoise and dark tortoise. 特大的圓形鏡框,配以印有特大品牌標誌的鏡臂,加上 搶眼的色調,極富青春活力。色彩選擇豐富,備有黑 色、啞面黑色、淺玳瑁色及深玳瑁色。

More cool vibes from Calvin Klein UNISEX series: 另有三款中性系列各具型格,跳脫不凡:

The metal aviator glasses decorated with a new version of the brand logo plaques, unique color effects playful fight; graceful charm and rich style, making it the focus of advertising planning new series of black copper. 金屬飛行員眼鏡綴以全新版本的 Calvin Klein Jeans 標誌飾牌,獨特拼色效果充滿玩味;優美 且富魅力的款式,令其成為全新廣告企劃中黑銅 色系列的焦點。

The mirror arm is engraved with a unique crackle texture to match the metallic colors, drawing the classic aviator style into the fashion element. 鏡臂上刻有獨特的裂紋紋理,完美配合恒久的金屬色 調,為經典的飛行員款式注入時尚元素。

Bringing a new interpretation to retro style, with their matte colored metal connecting bridge and hinge position, the overall style of these glasses offer an avant-garde atmosphere. 全新廣告企劃中黑銅色系列的中性粗框方形鏡 框設計, 為復古風格帶來全新演繹;啞面著色 配以金屬連接的橋樑及鉸位,整體格調既復古 亦不失前衛氣息。






Dynamic Interpretation of an Elegant Dance

動感立體,演繹優雅舞步 Few people can resist the charm as a ballet dancer leaps and spins gracefully like floating in the air. This autumn/winter season, ARTĒ launches its new Pirouette Collection. Inspired by three ballet masterpieces, this collection translates the most celebrated elements of those classics into a series of dynamic jewellery creations. The “Swan Lake” Princesa Collection captures the fleeting moment when the swan is about to fly and adds to its awe-inspiring visual with meticulously set white rhinestone wings. “The Nutcracker” Copos Collection uses a kaleidoscope of gemstones to reproduce the epic beauty of the snowy world. Round, pear shaped, olive shaped, rectangular, and heart-shaped stones are combined to create the intriguing view of flowers swaying in the breeze. The ”Sleeping Beauty” Camimo Collection features layers of rose petals overlapping each other to represent beautiful roses with blossoms and leaves stretching along the necklace. 提到芭蕾,您腦海中一定浮現舞動、跳躍、旋轉、迎風展翅的舞姿。ARTĒ 的 Pirouette 系列,以三部不朽的芭蕾舞劇為創作靈感,擷取舞劇中耳熟能詳的經典元素,設計出充滿輕 柔美感的時尚首飾。 《天鵝湖》Princesa 系列將純白晶鑽鋪鑲成天鵝翅膀,勾勒出天鵝振翅高飛的撼動畫 面,複雜細緻的工藝展現天鵝栩栩如生的形態,靈動有緻。《胡桃夾子》Copos系列則運用 千變萬化的晶鑽重現冰雪世界的絢麗美景,圓形、水滴形、欖尖形、方形及心形晶鑽構成繁 花隨風搖曳的迷人景致。而在《睡美人》Camimo系列中,設計師擷取玫瑰盛放的景致,花 瓣層層交疊成動人花卉,沿項鏈延伸的花葉為首飾增添生氣。





Spells Classical Heritage and Unlimited Elegance

傳承經典,優雅無限 LONGINES, the prestigious Swiss watchmaker known for its tradition of elegance and exquisite crafted timepieces, enjoys an international presence around the world. The brand has opened its 13th flagship store in Hong Kong at Mandarin Plaza, Mongkok. Simon Baker, renowned actor, travelled all the way from Australia to witness the new milestone. Simon Baker made an elegant appearance with the LONGINES Master Collection, bringing the brand’s motto “Elegance is an attitude” to life. The new LONGINES boutique occupies an area of 102 m2. While the signature “Elegant Wave” concept manifests the company’s commitment to watchmaking tradition and delicate design, the simple décor also marries elegance and modernity. The new flagship exudes simplicity and elegance. The façade and floor are clad in Italian marbles for a sophisticated and luxurious look, illustrating the “Elegance is an attitude” spirit of LONGINES. 擁有逾180 年歷史的著名瑞士鐘錶品牌 LONGINES,以優雅而專業的形象享譽鐘錶界。 日前,品牌於旺角文華商場地下開設第13 間香港專賣店。開幕儀式更邀得國際巨星Simon Baker 遠道由澳洲來港出席,他以一身筆挺西裝配襯 LONGINES Master Collection名匠系 列腕錶,完美演繹「優雅態度‧真我個性」的品牌風格。 新店面積為102平方米,室內裝潢採用 “Elegant Wave” 的設計,將鐘錶傳統與優雅設 計結合於店內的陳設,以簡約的裝飾藝術將優雅與現代元素融為一體。米白色為主調的牆身 配襯流線型的鋼琴漆木飾櫃,盡顯簡潔優雅的風格。外觀及地板均採用意大利雲石,高雅奢 華,同時演繹出「Elegance is an attitude」的品牌精神。

LONGINES 香港區副總裁歐陽楚英小姐、 LONGINES優雅形象大使 Simon Baker、 LONGINES 總裁霍凱諾先生及斯沃琪集團(香港) 有限公司董事總經理盧克勤先生與醒獅合照。 (左至右)



Beauty 緻臻美顏

Jo Malone London Takes Fragrances to a Whole New Level

奢華珍罕,締造芳香藝術 Jo Malone London celebrates British style with unexpected fragrances and the elegant art of gift giving. Incense & Cedrat is the new addition to Cologne Intense, created by Master Perfumer, Marie Salamagne, using the scent of Omani incense, the most precious in the world. The pioneering use of NaturePrint™ technology has enabled us to capture the scent of Omani incense without harming the Boswellia sacra or its environment. Fragrance Combining™ is an intrinsic part of the Jo Malone London philosophy. As with all of our fragrances, Incense & Cedrat has an elegantly simple construction. This means it can stand alone or be combined with other scents for a unique signature. 86


一款獨一無二的香氛堪稱嗅覺的藝術,帶您暢遊 一段奇妙的感官之旅。Jo Malone London以其意想不 到的香氛及送禮的美學彰顯其英式風格。品牌此番為芳 醇古龍水系列增加了全新香氛焚香與香櫞,由調香大師 Marie Salamagne 研發,使用世上最珍貴阿曼焚香香 氣製成。開創性運用 NaturePrint™ 科技,因此得以捕 捉阿曼焚香的香氣,但不會傷害乳香樹或其生長環境。 與此同時,品牌貫徹發揚香氛糅合™ 藝術。焚香與香櫞 具備優雅簡約的組成結構,既可單獨使用,也能搭配其 他香氣混合使用,展現獨一無二的經典香氣。

Jo Malone has also launched some evocative Home Candles and a moisturizing Dry Body Oil for new ways to indulge in these rich, rare scents. Precious oud is reframed. The mysterious, smoky character of this revered wood, central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions, radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot. The rare Kyara wood is prized in the Kohdo ceremony, the highly ritualized Japanese art of incense. It has been enriched with amber and black orchid and illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom, ginger and water lily. Calm and relaxing. Finally, there is the darkest Damask rose. Rich and textural and wrapped with smoky oud wood, it is spiked with cloves and decadent with praline.

品牌還推出數款令人著迷的居室香氛工藝蠟燭 與清爽潤膚油,以全新方式令您沉溺在這些奢華、 珍貴的香氣中。 受尊崇的珍貴烏木,其神秘與煙燻個性被重新 演繹,與佛手柑的調皮活力及香橙冰砂香調結合, 引領你深入探溯中東傳統香氣。 在日本香道儀式中被視為瑰寶的迦邏木,巧妙 配合馥郁細緻的琥珀和黑蘭花,沐浴於黑小荳蔻、 薑及荷花性感潔淨香氣,帶來身心的放鬆。 而馥郁細緻的大馬士革玫瑰,籠罩於烏木煙燻 迷香之中,以丁香激發出耀眼光芒,杏仁糖香調更 是營造了魅惑人心的氛圍。




All the products mentioned above are available in Hong Kong and Macau. 以上產品均已於香港及澳門同步推出。 RESORTS MAGAZINE



Helps Improve Your Skin

激活細胞,完美無瑕 Come winter, the humidity drops and the skin lacks a moisturizing factor. Now, SUR PUR water caviar moisturizing series HYDRA FRESH CAVIAR from Switzerland helps you improve skin moisture. Its caviar activated moisturizing cream Hydra Fresh Caviar Revitalizing and Rehydrating Day Cream moisturizes your skin. The Hydra Fresh Caviar Regenerating and Rehydrating Night Cream removes sleep during the day and skin impurities, leaving your skin revitalized. The Caviar Moisture Repair Mask Hydra Fresh Caviar Multi-Rehydrating and Enhancing Mask helps tighten the skin surface to restore freshen and brighten your skin. Hydra Fresh Caviar Hydrating Serum includes caviar cream for the skin to moisturize against invasion. The Hydra Fresh Caviar Hydrating Mist contains dual water particles suitable for any time or place to moisturize the skin and prevent foreign matter to attack the skin. 88


冬季空氣濕度降低,肌膚角質層缺乏保濕因 子,而油脂腺的活躍能力也在降低。來自瑞士的 SUR PUR魚籽水份保濕系列,為您提升肌膚水份, 喚醒細胞活力。 它的魚籽激活保濕日霜為肌膚補充水份的同 時延長保濕效果,繼而延緩衰老。魚籽再生修復保 濕晚霜於睡眠時去除日間接觸到的雜質,令肌膚恢 復活力。魚籽水份修復面膜具備特強補濕效能,可 將水份緊縮於肌膚表層,使其恢復清新、光亮及豐 盈。魚籽保濕精華則加入魚籽精華,為肌膚注水, 使其免受外來侵襲。而魚籽保濕噴霧含有雙重水份 粒子,適合任何時間、地方使用,為肌膚一直保濕 及防止外來雜質入侵。

001 LONDON Helps Reverse Ageing

多重感官體驗,高效活性護膚 International skin care and aromatherapy specialist, Ada Ooi was in Hong Kong recently for the opening of her 001 London’s new shop on Jervois Street, Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island. With its emphasis upon natural ingredients capable of reversing aging, the company’s skin care philosophy has become more and more popular amongst women. 001 LONDON products contain powerful active ingredients to help restore skin balance, giving the greater skin elasticity against free radicals caused by the destruction of modern life, and on the cellular level to help deal with the aging process. It can also be mixed according to the needs of different skin types to further enhance the product’s effect. 以天然成分逆轉老化的護膚理念越來越受推崇。由國際皮膚護理及香薰治 療專家Ada Ooi 於英國創辦的 001 LONDON日前正式登陸香港,在上環蘇杭街 的香港總部舉行的開幕活動上,一眾來賓和傳媒朋友透過多角度感官享受,率 先了解品牌結合中西美容科學的概念。 001 LONDON產品蘊含強效活性成份,有助恢復肌膚的平衡狀態、賦予肌 膚彈性,抵禦由現代生活引起的自由基破壞,並從細胞層面幫助對付肌膚衰老過 程,更可根據不同的肌膚需求作出混合調配,進一步提升護膚效果。

Visits to the 001 LONDON headquarters in Hong Kong are by appointment only. Phone: 9661 3253 E-mail: To learn more, visit or Facebook page: 001 Skincare HK 001 LONDON 香港總部目前只接受預約。 電話:9661 3253 電郵 如要了解詳情,請瀏覽hk.001skincare.com或 Facebook 專頁:001 Skincare HK



NeoStrata Skin Active 賦活緊緻系列


Offers an Anti-ageing Breakthrough

去皺擊紋,重啟美肌 In order to slow the skin’s ageing process, skin care maintenance is vital. American medical skin care brand NeoStrata has introduced its Aminofil®, a new patented anti-aging breakthrough to target deep lines and wrinkles. NeoStrata Skin Active Line Lift includes: Step1 Aminofil® Acticator and Step 2 Finishing Complex. This two-step treatment targets these expression lines by volumizing the deep skin matrix and helping to activate collagen and hyaluronic acid, the skin’s natural fillers. Use two times each day and then, after 8 weeks lines appear filled and lifted for a refreshed, younger appearance. If you keep using the product for 16 weeks, the effect of the treatment will be even more noticeable. NeoStrata Skin Active will also help boost collagen and protect against oxidative damage. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed from the inside out. Products are available from appointed medical agents. Call 2976 8888 or visit 隨著時間的流逝,肌膚難免面對衰老的問題,抗老保養顯得尤其重要。美國醫學護膚品牌

NeoStrata現在加入新一代突破性專利成份Aminofil®,由內向外,令肌膚回復飽滿。 它的賦活去皺組合包括去紋賦活精華素以及緊緻抗皺面霜。只需簡單兩個步驟,早晚使 用,8 星期後,細紋及皺紋將顯著減退,色斑亦變淡。而連續使用 16 星期,效果會更為理想! 配合NeoStrata Skin Active賦活緊緻系列一同使用,發揮活膚功效,由淨化活肌開始,以至 深層保護及重點修復,逐步深化抗老活膚,有效刺激膠原增生,重建緊實豐厚膠原網絡, 增加肌膚厚度及細胞密度,從內逆時抗老,年輕還原! 產品於指定醫生診所有售,可致電 2976 8888查詢或瀏覽





Mentholatum Cream a Balm for Dry Heels

腳跟美容,舒適呵護 Anyone with dry skin knows that winter makes their feet particularly vulnerable to cracked skin, especially their heels. Now Mentholatum Cracked Heel Cream offers you two DIY treatments to help you have silky smooth heels. The first approach is a 20-minute SOS repair session. Once you apply the cream, you put on the protective Silicon Heel Protector to help your feet absorb the cream. Then after 15-20 minutes, you remove the covering and message your heel for one minute until Mentholatum Cracked Heel Cream is completely absorbed. Alternatively, you can apply the cream before you go to bed. After it is totally absorbed, then reapply a thick layer of cream and put on the silicon heel protector. Remove the protector the next morning! It can help nourish your feet and repair heels during the night. Buy the Mentholatum Cracked Heel Cream and get a free silicon heel protector, while stocks last. 每日上下班的路途奔波,再加日益乾燥的天氣,腳跟特別 容易出現粗糙、乾裂等問題。曼秀雷敦為您奉上兩套《腳跟美容 DIY》秘技。 第一套為20 分鐘 SOS修護。先將腳跟浸暖水1分鐘,塗上腳跟 修護霜並均勻推開,再套上矽膠護跟襪幫助吸收。 15-20 分鐘後脫 下,每邊腳跟需按摩1分鐘,待腳跟修護霜完全吸收。 第 2套為一整晚深層滋養。睡前先以腳跟修護霜按摩腳部至 全被吸收,再厚敷一層,最後戴上矽膠護跟襪,它不但能防止腳 跟水分流失,還可將修護成分迫入腳跟,於整晚不斷深層滋潤。 購買限量裝曼秀雷敦腳跟修護霜送矽膠護跟襪,送完即止。 RESORTS MAGAZINE


Macau 濠華品味

Studio City

is a Magical Experience

穿越魔幻空間,挑戰感官極限 Studio City is envisaged as Macau’s thrilling new entertainment and leisure destination. Recently, the mystic-themed restaurant, Shanghai Magic, and the tripartite theatres that make up the one-ofa-kind ‘The House of Magic’ at Studio City opened. 92


剛於去年十月開幕的新濠影滙作為澳門旅遊娛 樂新地標,是遊客們度假的好去處。日前,位於新濠 影匯的“魔幻間”及“上海魅影”盛大開幕,更是帶來不 可思議的魅幻體驗,熱愛魔法的您豈能錯過!

The ‘House of Magic’ is the ‘Epicenter of Magic’ in Asia. With acclaimed pioneer of illusion, Franz Harary as the master conjuror along with a stellar cast of rotating world-class magicians that are sure to mystify audiences, the ‘House of Magic’ represents the ultimate showcase for top-notch magic. It provides the most technically sophisticated performance space ever designed for a magic production. Spectators will witness live magical experiences presented by the world’s greatest performers. “ 魔幻間” 雲集多位世界級頂尖魔術大師,為亞 洲唯一駐場世界級的魔幻滙演,帶給觀眾極致的感官 體驗。由舉世知名魔幻大師法蘭茲.哈拉瑞精心打 造,亦是全球頂尖魔術大師輪流獻技的劇院。它的法 寶廳、魅影劇院、古堡劇院以至大師魔法劇院,均擁 有最先進的科技器材,以確保每位觀眾可以親身體驗 由全球傑出魔術大師所呈現的奇幻舞台藝術。

As Macau’s first and only magic-themed restaurant, Shanghai Magic is part of the magical journey at Studio City with its lively interior décor and renovations inspired by The House of Magic. It presents modern Shanghainese cuisine in a diverse menu. The restaurant’s signature dishes include Boiled Minced Pork Dumplings with Hairy Crab Meat and Roe in Superior Consomme. Waiters interact with guests by performing different magic tricks, another exciting highlight of this magical dining experience. 而作為澳門首間及唯一一間以魔術為主題的餐廳,“上海魅影” 充滿精巧機 關佈置的室內裝潢設計概念源自“ 魔幻間”。它主打摩登上海佳餚,菜式選擇多 元化,由家常菜至各式上海名饌應有盡有,為傳統上海菜融入驚喜元素。招牌 菜式包括清燉蟹粉獅子頭、冰糖紅燒肉配銀絲卷,以及鴨鬆叉子燒餅等。令人 驚喜的是,“上海魅影” 的侍應生還會透過表演魔術與賓客進行近距離互動,是 除了貼心服務與創意美饌之外,整個魔幻餐饗體驗的另一亮點。 RESORTS MAGAZINE


Galaxy Macau

Wins Best Hotel & Tourism Development Silver Award

榮膺嘉獎,備受肯定 Galaxy Macau™ was awarded Best Hotel & Tourism Development Silver recognition by MIPIM during its recent property summit held in Hong Kong. In winning this award, Galaxy Macau demonstrated excellence amongst a strong group of finalists representing 13 countries. This prestigious win underpins the amazing offerings at Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau, including our tropical Grand Resort Deck, expanded to over 75,000 square meters in May; the new Broadway Theatre showcasing up-close-and-personal performances; and The Promenade, Macau’s luxury shopping destination. This esteemed win recognizes Galaxy Macau’s role as an innovator in Macau. It provides the guests from all around the world with unlimited experiences in leisure, fun, style and privilege all in one integrated destination. Broadway Macau is likewise an innovator showcasing the culture and creativity of authentic Macau with art events, live and local music, heritage dining experiences and time-honored Macau brands. 94


“澳門銀河”日前榮獲亞太區房地產領袖高 峰會頒發的“最佳酒店及旅遊項目”銀獎。 此次,它與來自13個國家的入圍項目激 烈競逐。該獎項印證“澳門銀河”和“澳門百老 匯”的渡假設施,包括擴充至75,000平方米的 “天浪淘園”、全新“百老匯舞台”、及 澳門新晋豪華購物熱點“ 時尚匯” 等,深受顧客喜愛。 獎項亦進一步肯定“澳門銀 河”在澳門業界的先驅地位。作 為綜合旅遊渡假項目,它為世 界各地來賓提供無限享受、 無限歡騰、無限時尚和無限 優越體驗。“澳門百老匯”更 是雲集本地藝術展覽、現場 音樂表演,地道的餐飲美食和 老字號品牌,展現澳門的文化 和創意。


Offers New Macanese - Portuguese Dishes


For a taste of authentic Portuguese cuisine which will take you on an exotic culinary journey, be sure to drop by mezza9 to sample the dishes created by a superstar chef. The Grand Hyatt Macau welcomes Chef Ricardo Oliveira to the position of Chef de Cuisine of mezza9 Macau. Chef Ricardo hails from Portugal and always aims to exceed guests’ expectations to give them a truly memorable experience. He is delighted to bring his Portuguese heritage, multi-national culinary techniques and passion for Macau and its seasonal seafood and local ingredients to create exciting new dining experiences. More than ten sophisticated new dishes have been added to the mezza9 Macau menu. Don’t miss the delicious signatures such as Codfish with Green Pea Cream, Tomatoes and Confit Garlic, and Grilled Sea Bass with Classic Butter Lemon Sauce. 來自不同地方的食材,不同的時間,只要心意不變,始終 能找到最初的味道。 澳門君悅酒店 mezza9 macau 餐廳新任主廚 Chef Ricardo 即將為大家帶來一系列的地道葡菜。作為地道的葡國人, 他不斷超越客人的期望,希望給他們營造一個難忘的美食體 驗。 Ricardo 將自己對葡萄牙傳統菜式的理解及熟練的烹飪技 巧,充分結合正宗的葡式味道及當地新鮮的食材,呈獻出嶄新 的滋味旅程。十款嶄新菜式包括主廚推薦的 “馬介休配青豆忌廉 蓉 ”,厚實肉感加上撲鼻蒜香,鮮味更上一籌;經典的 “炭燒鱸魚 配傳統葡式牛油醬 ”,細嫩鬆軟加上清新醬汁,獨特風味縈繞舌 尖。去澳門千萬別錯過如此地道的葡國菜之旅! RESORTS MAGAZINE


Resorts Magazine (Chinese Edition) 7  

Resorts Magazine (Chinese Edition) 7