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How Will You Pay Yourself in Retirement?


ith all the attention on saving for retirement, it’s easy to overlook another important activity: creating a plan to pay yourself in retirement. More than ever, pre-retirees—especially those who don’t have a pension— will have to rely on a combination of income sources to pay for their essential and lifestyle expenses in retirement. Here are some tips to consider as you design your plan. Create a plan. A recent Ameriprise Financial study found that more than half of pre-retirees report feeling overwhelmed and anxious about their impending retirement and worry that they will run out of money. The good news is that those with a retirement income plan are more likely to feel confident about their financial future. You too can take action to help lessen fears about the unknown. Project your expenses. To cut yourself a “reality check”—one that covers your monthly bills—first tally

your expected retirement expenses. Next, consider your retirement lifestyle. Do you plan to travel? Spend more time with your grandkids? Start a small business? Expenses in retirement are personalized and may vary over time, so make sure your budget aligns with your goals.

accounts each year after age 70 ½. If RMDs are calculated incorrectly, you could face tax penalties. Talk to your tax advisor about RMDs and other strategies to help minimize your retirement tax bill. Diversify. Markets move up and down, which means investment income may vary. Spread your risk with a diversified portfolio, and ensure you understand the investments you hold. Revisit your allocation periodically to make sure you are well positioned to handle any volatility.

Make a list and check it twice. Most retirees will have multiple potential sources of income available in retirement. Make note of all your assets and income streams such as Social Security, stocks, bonds, Certificates of Deposit (CDs) or annuity income. Round up your Give yourself flexibility. Ensure IRAs or 401(k)s and potentially you have a balanced portfolio to consolidate accounts if it makes sense. allow yourself flexibility to weather the unexpected events that may Understand the impact of taxes. occur in retirement. Consider your Once you hit retirement, taxes may mix of the following investments: impact you differently. To avoid those geared toward generating surprises, ensure taxes are a part income, stable investments that of your retirement income plan. are less likely to change in value, The plan should address Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), or and investments that are easy to the minimum amount of money you convert to cash for an emergency. must withdraw from your retirement As you plan out your income, also


identify assets to draw down first for maximum flexibility. Time is on your side. The sooner you start thinking about how you’ll pay yourself in retirement,the better off you’ll be. To make it easier, tackle the tasks one at a time and allow yourself the luxury of carefully thinking through your retirement goals and financial scenarios. Work with a professional. Consult a financial professional with experience creating reliable, lasting income strategies in retirement Lauren Hopper is a Financial Advisor with Mclendon & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. She offers fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 16 years. You may contact her @

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he mind is truly amazing with its multi-functioning capabilities. Most of us know that we have a conscious and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind tends to think (no pun intended) that it’s running the show. But the fact is the subconscious mind is running what some experts say is 90% of your life. When you stop to think about what we are not thinking about that list is endless. Our subconscious minds make our cells divide, our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, etc., etc., etc. The subconscious mind is like a transaction record keeping system. It records and stores every experience from simple to grand. Whether you remember or not, every single one of your experiences you have had is stored by your subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is literal but not logical. Unlike the conscious mind which plans, organizes and rationalizes, the subconscious mind is literally a combination of truth and fiction or what can be termed as confabulation. It sounds pretty illogical, but remember, subby is not logical. The subconscious mind will generalize, distort, and delete incoming information (data) based Page 4 | May 2016

2)This is how I feel about myself (subconscious mind).

on what it has already stored in the past. Not a really sound process, and without conscious awareness, the process continues. Our belief systems begin to form at a very young age. Even as babies, we use body language (via energy) to process and understand our environments. Some research indicates that by the age of five, we have created 50% of our belief systems. The belief systems built into the subconscious mind continue to create our experiences. What did you believe about yourself at 5 years old? Think consciously about that for a minute. Most of us don’t realize that the way we feel about ourselves was partially inherited from how our parents felt about themselves. Add the layer of the projection of how our parents felt about us, creates some of the basis for Self. The most influential process the subconscious mind provides is that it is the emotional mind, and it stores emotions in the body. Notice the difference between these two statements. 1) This is how I think about myself (logical mind).

These questions might elicit two very different responses - especially when the subconscious is very disconnected from the conscious. The heart has been termed as the seat of the soul. When hurt happens it is a natural response to fight or flight. Often times as children, we are in fact powerless over our situation, so flight was the only option. We placed subconscious protection in front of the heart and literally disconnected from the feeling. The fact is the feeling just got stored in the body. Eventually these feelings of hurt show up in life and usually in the form of a physical matter.

conflict. That inner conflict can escalate, and it has a tremendous amount of energy and can truly cause havoc in your life. The gentler more kinder path comes down to acceptance. You can’t win a fight with yourself. So why not be your best friend? It’s interesting to think about how most of us would never treat our friends the way we treat ourselves. Accepting yourself your logically concluded flaws, which really are just based on beliefs. Who made those beliefs true and real is you. When was the last time you really thought about what you believe, and more importantly, why you believe it? Self Esteem and Self worth are based on your personal beliefs as well as your personal feelings about yourself. Uncovering and processing through these underlying beliefs and feelings creates the foundation for true self acceptance. Making the goal first of self acceptance can bring you to a journey of learning to love self. Perhaps to live consciously is to live in the consciousness of the subconscious mind. Dear Self’ I would like for us to get along today. I need you in my plans. You are an integral part to my day. I honor and respect all parts of you and I graciously accept all of you. I will ask my logical mind to plan and organize, yet be patient and understanding of my subconscious mind. Subconscious mind, help me to feel my feelings and not be afraid of them. Help me to just allow those feelings to be without judgement. Help me to understand how I can best serve and nuture you. Let’s agree to accept each aspect of ourself and begin a life long journey to self love. -love me

The Law of Dominant Effect says “the strongest emotion will always win. A strong emotion takes precedence over the intellect in directing behavior. “ - Laws of the Mind The path to self love is to create more conscious connection between the subconscious and the conscious minds. Your logical mind can’t reason with the subconscious mind, and when it tries, all it does succeed in doing is to is to create huge inner FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET

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New Entrepreneurs: America’s Best - Right Here at USF

By Stephanie Costolo


y sister Kayla grows things. She has dozens of plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers that grow in pots inside her house or outside in her garden. She often talks about how nice it is to have fresh produce right in her back yard, how convenient and how cost effective it is to be able to pluck a ripe vegetable from her garden, and her sense of pride from getting nutritional benefits out of something ‘home-grown’. The thing is, as someone who has no familiarity with gardening, if I got a hold of her backyard I would probably accidentally run everything over with a lawnmower. I wouldn’t be able to distinguish weed from seedling, trash from treasure. I would quite literally walk right past what was growing in the yard on my way to Page 6 | May 2016

Photos by D. Thomas Porter with Photos at Your Place. Additional photos courtesy of USF Staff the store to spend money on much of the same items. Oftentimes we miss opportunities that are right ‘in our backyard’ simply because we don’t know to look for them, nor do we have the awareness to recognize the specific opportunities. How many figurative gardens have I walked through on my way to the store because I didn’t recognize their worth? Countless, I’m sure. I’ve become aware of a treasure right in your backyard, and I feel it’s my duty to bring it to your attention, especially if you’re a business owner in the local area. A little backstory: I’m a student at USF in the Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies Masters Degree Program, completing this coming

December. As I sit in classes and participate in projects, I can’t help but feel like I’m being let in on this big secret. I can’t help but to think about how valuable this information and these resources would be to the business community here in Tampa Bay. The students in this program are getting top-notch education on entrepreneurship and business ownership from the inside-out; strategic market assessment, new product development, venture capital and private equity, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, exit strategies, and creativity and design are just some of the topics covered. Even veteran business owners and serial entrepreneurs would learn a great deal. This program offers value not only to the students, but also to the

community as a whole, so I decided to chat with the program director, Dr. Michael Fountain. We discussed the program growth and national rankings, the benefits to the Tampa Bay community as a whole, and the benefits to local business owners. Dr. Fountain is the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at USF, “he also serves as the faculty Director for the USF Student Innovation Incubator. He holds senior faculty appointments in the Muma Colleges of Business, Medicine and Engineering. He also serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Tampa Bay Research and Innovation Center at the USF Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation.” Additionally, “In his career prior to coming to USF, Dr. Fountain founded or co-founded eleven new ventures, three of which


became publicly traded companies. During his corporate career he has served in a variety of leadership roles including Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Dr. Fountain was a pioneer in the field of development and application of the use of phospholipids in micro- and nano-particle technologies for drug encapsulation. He has successfully patented and commercialized numerous innovative medical and diagnostic products for the domestic and international marketplace, including sustained release anticancer drugs, genetically engineered diagnostic products for autoimmune diseases, microencapsulated dermatologic products and advanced subunit vaccine products for prevention of human and animal infectious disease. His research efforts have yielded over 70 peerreviewed publications, 23 issued US patents, over 70 international patents. His patented technology platforms are currently utilized in over 180 products worldwide.” (

There have been entrepreneurship courses offered here for many, many years (before that). We taught entrepreneurship courses for MBA students but in 1997, the landscape changed. In 1997 we found that our best and brightest were leaving and going other places for jobs, and those who were starting businesses were finding that it was much easier to get funding elsewhere. It was a bit of a concern, from my standpoint, because I had been a business owner and serial entrepreneur in my own right. I knew that there were a lot of connections that could be made in Tampa Bay. At that time the president (of USF) and I sat down along with three of the Deans, and we did some brainstorming about how can we help our students to become more efficient, better business men and women, and to have their careers here rather than leaving Tampa and going elsewhere?

To say he’s qualified for the job of guiding hundreds of students each semester toward entrepreneurial success would be a gross understatement. The morning of the interview, my colleague and I drove the ten or so miles from Wesley Chapel to the Tampa USF campus and headed directly to the MUMA College of Business. Up three flights of stairs, down one long hallway and into the Entrepreneurship, we found our meeting destination. Dr. Fountain politely ushered us into his private office and, with his slight southern accent, he clasped hands on the table and asked, “what can I do for you?” He is precise and to the point, exactly as you would expect from such an accomplished individual. It took only one question to begin to recognize how proud Dr. Fountain is of the program and how it has evolved over the years. RM (Resident Magazine): In what year did the entrepreneurship program begin? MF (Dr. Michael Fountain): We actually started the program in 2002.

The vision was created and it was called The Center for Entrepreneurship and the Global Management of Technology. We thought that was way too long and we shortened it down to the Center for Entrepreneurship. Then we had to decide how to execute this mission. We took three years, and over that three year period, We benchmarked the best programs in the country. The vision here was if we really want to have high impact, we needed to move out of the College of Business...we need to involve them but it needed to involve other colleges as well. So right off the bat, we had all of USF Health; nursing, medicine, and public health. We also had engineering and business. Great entrepreneurs come

from everywhere, so we needed a program that could embrace all that.

their host institution, and spend their second year here. That will bring in top graduate students in As a former CEO, (I thought) entrepreneurship from around the what are the things that I had to world and allow them to not only deal with? I dealt with business to get their degree from their host operations, my investor base, institution, but by coming here, managing cash flow, product design they’ll receive a second degree from development, manufacturing, quality USF and become USF alums. control… all of those things are We have so many family-owned engineering. And on the legal side, businesses and small businesses legal structures, intellectual property here in Tampa and they can’t find and financing. So what we did was people to take them over or acquire build a program around that. It them. (The owners) wonder ‘who ended up being cross-listed and fully do I get to run this? How do I get interdisciplinary from the beginning. liquidity out of this? I don’t want People learn from engagement, to see it fail. How do I sell it? I and the best engagement model for don’t want to just close down.’ If education is experiential and clinical you look at individuals who are my training; systems based learning. age or maybe even a little younger Our courses are always taught that than I am, all of us are going to be way. transitioning from what we’re doing over the next 15 to 20 years. And RM: How is the program growing if you look at the total amount of and evolving? assets on those businesses in the US, it’s over ten trillion dollars. That’s a lot of money, and many of those end up not having successful transitions. They end up being sold by brokers, failing or getting transferred to children and related individuals who don’t want the businesses. In response to that, the other program that we’re going to begin working on is an initiative that I think will be interesting to a lot of people. There’s been a very good program that was started in Houston, which connected students with the business community and with business owners who were looking to transition. So what they did in Houston was, they put in MF: We are expanding our place a program that connected footprint internationally those business owners with the dramatically. There’s an international University of Houston. This program called Hermes that started program will identify the students in the EU with nineteen of the top who are a good fit (to transition business colleges and universities, into businesses which owners wish who have an emphasis or focus in to exit) and take one to two years entrepreneurship and innovation, to transition the students, working and who also have either a strong twenty hours a week in the business. engineering, medical, or science At the end of that, financiers will be program. It has expanded now to providing the financial resources for Asia, so there are three additional the student to acquire the business. full members; two in Australia and I strongly feel that every individual one in China. In the US, there is that starts a business should at least one affiliate at Texas A&M. We have one or two exit strategies in were extended an invitation this mind from the very beginning, or year to become a full member… the at least know what their options are only one in the US. This program and who to go to. This will be a very does provide opportunities for the popular program. students at all the other Hermes universities to spend one year at


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New eNtrepreNeurs:

AmericA’s Best - right here At usF Continued from page 7

RM: What sets USF apart from other universities? MF: We have resources that many of the other schools don’t have simply because of the urban location. We have the CEO Council, Tampa Bay Technology Forum, networks of incubators here throughout the region that we partner with, and we have a very strong mentoring program, which is critical. With the students in the (Student Innovation) incubator, if they have a vision or an idea that they need to work on, we’ll do our best to find a mentor. Since we have such a large alumni group, a lot of our graduates out of this program mentor students both formally and informally. It’s the ecosystem that we’ve built. RM: Let’s talk rankings. MF: Out of our group of graduates, somewhere between sixty and seventy percent have started one or more verifiable businesses. That’s enormous. That’s the top ranking in the country that we are aware of. We are ranked by Princeton Review and by Entrepreneur magazine every year as a top twenty-five graduate program for the last nine consecutive years. We are the only program that’s ever been ranked in the state of Florida, and one of only three in the Southeast. The other two in the Southeast are Chapel Hill University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia. We are currently number Page 8 | May 2016

eleven among peers with Stanford, Harvard and all the other top schools. And if you look at real peers, the public universities, we are in the top five in the country. It’s interesting that we’ve gone from 15 to 20% International students to around 60% International students. From China to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Africa, South America and Europe, these students are coming here because they can get a great education, and, I will say this, USF is a very cost-effective way for them. For them to go to some of the other top 10 schools they would pay in the order of 5 to 10 times more. So they get a quality education they get an international Network and they get away and a set of skills they can use anywhere, and they are starting businesses all over the world. RM: In what year did the Student Innovation Incubator (SII) begin? MF: This is officially our third year. (It began in) 2012-2013. It’s an opportunity for (the student companies) to have a physical location. We partner with the SBDC and the CEO Council to do round tables and luncheons for the students, and they also participate in all the USF Training Connect and knowledge programs. We also offer CEO mentors. To add to Dr. Fountain’s information on the program: SII (Student Innovation Incubator) helps turn students’ business ideas into reality. Student ventures with scalable, commercial potential are given access to high-tech, collaborative office space,

paired with industry mentors, subject matter experts, and community corporate partners to develop scalable business plans, and market-testable products and services. (http://www. RM: Do you have to be in the master’s degree program in order to take courses, or can a business owner, for example, who hears about an interesting course, come and take it? MF: They do not have to be in the master’s program here and can go through the registration process at USF to take courses. Note: USF has a strong partnership with the Small Business Development Center who embraces many of the same business concepts. Individuals can take specialty and/or certification courses focused on a variety of business topics. Please see for more information. RM: What types of jobs can graduates get with a degree in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies if they choose not to start their own business? MF: A lot of our students work with fast-growing businesses because they want to have a great business mentor who has done it before. Our students can have a tremendous impact in large organizations by using their entrepreneurial skills because they’re going to see opportunities and ways to deploy them that others aren’t. They could be involved in

business development, technology acquisition, new product design and development or new process design and development and international business. Students that come out of the program are frequently hired by private equity firms, middle-market financiers, or venture capitalist firms, because what do our students learn how to do? They learn how to examine and evaluate opportunities, how to read business plans quickly, and how to understand the financing strategy. They can go into these firms especially if they have a technical background, and become an analyst immediately, and be on the fast track to become partner. So there are a lot of different pathways; it’s not just about becoming an entrepreneur. I would love to hire these graduates. We have very little problem with placement, let’s put it that way. There’s a waiting list for virtually any graduate that we have coming out of this program. RM: What are tangible benefits to local business owners by being in proximity to this program and the students? MF: In a lot of our classes, we take on community-based projects, whether it’s writing business plans, strategy, working on financing options, marketing plans, etc… We do internships and practicums, so if a company needs a student to work with them, these are available, both compensated and non-compensated, depending on the needs. Something Continued on page 9


else that we can do for companies is get them in touch with consultants; our graduates have very well-rounded skill sets and consulting for businesses is a great way for them to segue. (For information on strategic business consultants contact Justin at Phone: 863.221.5554 Email:

of that. You can have the best skills in the world but having the guidance of someone who’s already been through it is priceless, so that you don’t make the fatal mistakes… Because you’re going to make mistakes. RM: What is your favorite aspect of working in the program?

RM: Tell us a little about your history. MF: As an undergraduate, I never had any business courses. I went on as a Founder with a biotech company up in Princeton, and I had a mentor who took me under his wing. He was the chairman of the board for our company and he mentored me and worked with me, and encouraged me to go back and get my MBA. That was one of the best things in the world because he changed my whole career from being a scientist-innovator to being a business leader and entrepreneur. After I harvested the first company, I spent time in Silicon Valley with Cooper Ventures. I worked with a portfolio company that we took public there, and then I moved back to the East Coast with a medical device company that we basically grew from acquisition, took public and then sold. I’ve been in and out of a number of ventures and each time it’s been on the shoulders of others who have helped me. I realized that without having great mentors as a student or in business, I could not have done any

MF: It’s with the students. That’s what gets me up every morning, is being able to come in, work with great students, and help them to attain their goals, like I had folks that helped me achieve my goals. Being able to make a positive impact in individuals’ lives, to me, is the most important thing. RM: What are you most proud of with the program and your involvement with it? MF: It’s been to enable students to start, grow and harvest their businesses. That’s really important. If you think about what entrepreneurs do, what separates them, it’s someone who sees an opportunity where other people don’t. (He or she) develops the capacity with others to execute on that, to build value for the end user, and create value for those who work with him or her, leaving a legacy and giving back of time, talent and resources. Our alumni of this program do that. We have an alumni organization here that


is second to none. They provide scholarships to current students; mentor them and provide internships. That, to me, is what we are all about. I can’t create an entrepreneur. I can certainly teach them the skills that they need, and I can provide them with the contacts and the resources in order to help execute their vision, (and then) it’s up to them. It’s a decision he or she has to make. As we reflect on what we’re doing in the business community here, we are creating businesses and creating jobs, and it’s a way for our students to fulfill their dreams while also having a huge impact in this community. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind and probably something that I’m most proud of. Whether you’re young or old, a high school student or retired military officer, head of a company or just starting your career, you stand to gain something by the fact that this program exists so close to home. I’ll leave it to you to decide if, how and when you take advantage of the benefits offered to Tampa Bay by both the program and the students who come through it. All I ask is that you now recognize the garden growing right here in your backyard. “As a rule, he or she who has the most information will have the greatest success in life.” -Benjamin Disraeli Continued on page 10.

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New eNtrepreNeurs :

AmericA’s Best, right here At usF Continued from page 9

Students featured on the cover: Justin Heacock • 2016 Graduate MS Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies • Strategic business consultant – has consulted with over 100 companies • Guest Lecturer

Shafaq Kazi • 2016 Graduate MS Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies • CEO of clothing line, ‘Ensembles by SMK’ • Partner in digital advertising agency

Gabe Saffold • 2015 Graduate MS Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies • Current PhD student at USF in Electrical engineering • Inventor/entrepreneur with current provisional patent Instructor featured on the cover: Dr. Fountain • Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at USF • Director for the USF Student Innovation Incubator • Serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Tampa Bay Research and Innovation Center at the USF Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation

Stephanie Costolo • 2016 Graduate MS Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies • Strategic business consultant • CEO of start-up holistic health center, ‘Prasada’

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Wharton High School Students Earn $350 for Running Program from Wiregrass Wobble Turkey Trot 5K Run Wiregrass Wobble Turkey Trot officials recently recognized Wharton High School for its participation in the 3rd Annual Wiregrass Wobble Turkey Trot 5K held on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015. The students, members of the school’s cross country teams, won the newly established school competition, logging the fastest average run time in the girls category clocking a 23:04 for the 5K (3.1 miles). In recognition of this achievement, the school was rewarded with a $350 check to be used for its running program.

Pictured (left to right front row): Rania Samhouri, Yaderia Rivera, Olivia Giarizzio, Cate Small, and Jackie Velasquez. Back row: Coach Monica, Shaelyn Hammel, Sierra Lefler, Marin James, Mackenzie Willman, April Olson, Kayla McCullough, Abby Zelenka, Amanda Brake, and Coach Anthony

Page 12 | May 2016

About the Wiregrass Wobble Turkey Trot The Wiregrass Wobble Turkey Trot is held annually on Thanksgiving Day at The Shops at Wiregrass. The event, which includes music and festivities and the best Thanksgiving Day after party, was presented by STIFEL. Awards were presented to first, second, and third place male and female finishers in all age categories and all finishers received a commemorative “Ornamedal.” Organizing sponsors of the 5K race and fun run were the New Tampa Family YMCA, Rotary Club of New Tampa, and FITniche.

Rotary Club of New Tampa The Rotary Club of New Tampa’s membership represents a crosssection of the community’s business and professional men and women. Membership in the Rotary Club of New Tampa provides the opportunity to become connected to the community, work with others in addressing community needs, and interacting with other professionals in the community. New members are welcome. Club meetings are held Fridays at 7:00 a.m. at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club. For more information, visit http://www.


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Yoga Studio Gift Card - Not all yoga classes are the same. If mom is new to yoga, look for a yoga studio that offers several classes at a beginner level. She will not only learn how to perform the poses correctly but she will also make friends with other like-minded individuals in the community. Yoga Clothing - If you want to splurge a bit (Mom does deserve it!) Lululemon and Athleta are the top of the line when it comes to yoga pants with price ranging from $65-$108. by Kate Hudson offers a VIP program which mom can choose a new outfit for as low as $49 each month until the membership is canceled. The pants a very high quality and pricing is more accessible. Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Kit - For only $30 ( she will receive a block, a yoga mat, straps and a DVD - Everything she needs to get started!

Meditation Cushion - Create a meditation room or corner at home specially for her! Help her stay comfortable and enjoy deeper and longer meditation sessions. You can find this Zafu Zabuton Set at for as low as $119.

Incense and Incense holder - Simple and inexpensive but a must-have for any mom who wants to create a peaceful environment at home. I recommend Shoyeido Japanese Incense ( for it is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth. Gift sets starting at $14.95. 21 day Meditation Experience “Become What You Believe” CD with Deepak Chopra and Oprah - Beautiful soundscapes with Oprah & Deepak’s daily messages, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts. $49.99 at

For the Fitness Enthusiast Personal Training Gift Card - Get mom started on a fitness program with the assistance of a trainer. Working with a trainer can get her better results and keep her safe. She will learn proper exercise techniques, be challenged while improving her cardiovascular endurance, flexibility , building muscle mass and increasing bone density. Weight loss will just be an added bonus! Gym Bag with Style - Although, a simple drawstring bag will do the job keeping her keys and cell phones safe at the gym, a very stylish option is MY Oilcloth MY Weekender ($170 at This duffel bag is a great gift for new moms because it can be used both as a diaper carrier and gym tote. It comes in pink, blue or gender-neutral green.

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May News

adoption program. Club members volunteered their time by getting dirty cleaning stalls and barns and giving a little love to the horses.

March 20th club members volunteered at RVR Horse Rescue. RVR Horse Rescue is a horse rescue facility located in Riverview Florida dedicated to saving and rehabilitating horses. RVR Horse Rescue is not a sanctuary, but rather a home for the rescued horse to build their minds, bodies and souls to allow them to move on and find a forever home through their

hand to low-income, elderly citizens in our community. Each year 100 homes are given a fresh coat of paint!

Paint Your Heart Out Tampa

The GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club’s meets the second Monday of every month starting at 6:30 PM at the New Tampa YMCA (16221 Compton Drive) from August -May.

RVR Horse Rescue

would like to give a special thank you to our sponsors Gentle Care Dentistry, Dr. John Small with Florida Orthopedics and Dr. Duga, Dr. Feeney and Associates Pediatric Dentistry. Their support helped make the night a great success!

19th Annual Charity Auction & Fundraiser

April 16th the New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club and the Woman’s Club of New Tampa partnered to participate in Paint Your Heart out Tampa. Paint Your Heart Out Tampa is a city-wide program that enables people to lend a helping

Our 19th Annual Charity Auction and Fundraiser on April 10th at TopGolf was a great success. Club members, friends and family gathered to play golf and help raise money. We raised over $12,000 to give back to the community through donations and service projects. The club members


Please come join us as we have fun and help serve our community! If you would like to know more about the GFWC New Tampa Junior Woman’s Club, please contact us at pr@ or visit us at

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Cost: Free

May Events

What’s Happening

Breastfeeding Classes, 1 Prepared Childbirth, 1 night class day Express Class SUNDAY

Learn the basics about the most natural form of feeding your baby. TUESDAY Recommended to be completed prior to the birth of the baby. This class covers: anatomy and physiology of the breast, benefits of breastfeeding, how the breast makes milk, solving and avoiding problems, basics of breastfeeding and special circumstances.

If you cannot take the fourweek series, join us for the condensed halfday version of our childbirth education series, understanding Birth.

Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost: Fees Apply

Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel - 2600 Bruce B Downs Boulevard, Wesley Chapel, FL

Mole Mystery


Cost: Fees Apply

All About Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Learn more about osteoarthritis and non-surgical options for treatment. TUESDAY


Time: 12 pm to 1 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel


CREATION Health- Nutrition & Activity TUESDAY


Learn how nutrition and activity can affect your quality of life in big ways. Part of the CREATION Health seminar series. Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Location: Health & Wellness Center at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel

Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Location: Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel - 2600 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. , Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Are you seeing spots? Are the spots a different color, shape or size? Find out the warning signs of melanoma and other skin cancers at this special presentation. TUESDAY


Time: 12 pm to 1 pm. Location: Health & Wellness Center at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Conference Room 2nd Floor, 2700 Healing Way, Wesley Chapel Cost: Free

Cost: Free

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Home Purchase Financing 101


nterest rates this week were under 3.75% on a fixed rate loan for 30 years from some lenders. That’s amazing and some of the lowest rates in months but can everybody get those rates? The answer in absolutely not! Despite the fact that there seem to be all kinds of information on the “interweb” and lots of advertising by banks and lenders everywhere, mortgage financing still seems to be shrouded in mystery and obfuscation ( a big word for making something unclear or cloudy, and I think the very sound of the word defines what it is). So I am going to try below to help you clarify the important things to know about getting a mortgage. 1. GOOD CREDIT SCORES ARE NOT ALL THAT’S NEEDED You may have great credit, but you will need cash to buy a house. Although there are some wonderful programs that allow you to purchase with little down payment, or no down payment, you still have closing costs and expenses associated with buying such as inspections, appraisals and homeowners insurance. Some mortgage programs will allow you to add some or all of these expenses into your financing but there are Page 18 | May 2016

specific guidelines and amounts allowable and the home you are buying must appraise high enough to cover the additional costs added to the loan.

2. YOUR DEBT So you have good credit and a little money saved, you can buy right? Well that depends, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to buying, and especially for younger buyers is accumulated debt. Those student loans, credit cards and car payment are all counted as debt and compared to how much you earn when looking at your financing picture. That ratio of debt to income can make or break your lending possibilities. So even though you are paying everything on time adding a mortgage payment to your current monthly obligations may not fit within the ratios required for a lender.

assume your bank that has all your accounts will do a great job because they know your financial picture, banks can’t share your information across departments so the mortgage department doesn’t know a thing about you despite the fact that you have been banking with that institution for years. In general I don’t think the banks do the best job for their clients, mortgages is one of the products they offer but as a diversified financial institution they tend to be slower and more restrictive. Find a lender that just does mortgages, that’s all they do, that’s their focus and getting it done is how they stay in business, these to insure against defaulting on the institutions do it better in general. loan. Mortgage insurance for FHA Start first with financing when you will be required for the life of the are ready to buy, find a lender that loan. VA loans are great because you feel you can trust, meet with they are backed by the government but you must be a qualified veteran them to discuss your purchasing to utilize this financing. They allow ability and what their requirements to secure a loan will be including for 100% financing but there are still credit requirements that must be fees and timeframes. Most loans met. Conventional loans are the most take about 45-60 days to complete. traditional, requiring higher credit If you are not sure who to turn too scores and generally higher down give me a call, I can give you names payment amounts for the lowest of competent, ethical lenders that interest rates but these days there are will take care of you and get the job programs that will allow as little as done right and on time. 3-5% down payment amounts but your interest rates might be a little higher.

MY PERSONAL SOAPBOX ON LENDING Getting a loan is not just shopping for the best interest rate, the lender has to be able to close that loan and in an allotted amount of time as determined by the purchase contract. Get a recommendation from a trusted advisor for a lender, don’t just shop the internet. Don’t

3. TYPES OF LOANS There are 3 common loan types, FHA, VA and Conventional. Requirements vary by lender and so does the interest rate. FHA is the most forgiving if you have lower credit scores and little down payment but you will pay an added fee monthly called mortgage insurance which is just what it says it is, a payment to the lender FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET




PALMS PHARMACY March Ribbon Cutting




Expires 5/31/16


Photo Courtesy of

May Events Tuesday 3rd: Monthly Business Breakfast

Tuesday 17th: Networking on the Nines at Lexington Oaks Golf Club

Thursday 4th: Florida Blue Ribbon Cutting

Thursday 19th: Lunch N’ Learn Business Forum

Thursday 4th: Sweet party Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening

Thursday 19th: CORE Spine & Rehabilitation Center LLC Cutting

Thursday 5th: Coffee & Meet the Author Madonna Wise

Saturday 21st: Robert D. Sumner Golf Tournament Presented by Pioneer Florida Museum

Friday 6th: WOW - Women of Wesley Chapel Saturday 7th: Time for Wine-Sunrise of Pasco’s 12th Annual Lobster Fest Wednesday 11th: Ambassador Meeting Thursday 12: Ambay Plastic Surgery presents “Success in Stiletto’s” Friday 13th: Florida Blue onsite signup for HEALTH, DENTAL, & ACCIDENT INSURANCE Friday 13th: Speed Networking presented by Full Throttle Intermedia Tuesday 17th: Monthly Coffee Social

Tuesady 24th: Grow Financial Morning Meet and Greet Mixer Tuesday 24th: First in Property Management-Ribbon Cutting and Open House Wednesday 25th: Membership Orientation at Chamber Office Thursday 26th: Economic Development Briefing Friday 27th: Florida Blue onsite signup for HEALTH, DENTAL, & ACCIDENT INSURANCE FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO WWW.WESLEYCHAPELCHAMBER.COM.


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eiki (ray-key) is a centuries old Japanese healing modality, meaning “Universal Life Energy” -- it is a natural, non-invasive, non-manipulative, holistic healing therapy that has no negative effects. It can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional medicine. How does it work? To understand how Reiki works, you must first understand that at the most basic level…we are all made up of energy, and everything around us is energy. Reiki works with the Universal Life Force which is energy also known as Chi in China, Ki in Japan and Prana in India. Even though you can’t see it and we don’t really think about it, everything is made up of energy. This “Universal Life Energy” is the foundation of Reiki, and is in infinite supply. The practitioner is simply a conduit allowing the energy to flow through them to the recipient.

Page 20 | May 2016

What Happens During a Reiki Treatment?

General Medicine

Having a Reiki treatment allows the body to become completely relaxed and stress free, which in-turn raises the energetic vibration of the body, increasing the body’s natural ability to heal. It restores balance, promoting wellness of the body, mind, spirit & emotions.

American Hospital Association, in 2007 indicated that there were already over 800 hospitals offering Reiki as part of their services. Reducing Stressful Feelings

Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia study found that “Reiki induces relaxation, How does a Reiki Session feel? decreasing anxiety, stress and a patient’s perception of pain.” Each client will have their own unique experience with Reiki. Boosts the Immune System However, in most cases the client will feel deeply relaxed National College of (some even drift asleep). By the Naturopathic Medicine, end, the client will leave feeling Portland Oregon research study calm, refreshed and peaceful. indicates that people receiving This feeling can stay with them Reiki have enhanced immune for several days after the session, systems over people who are just and is cumulative with regular “relaxing”. treatments. Benefits to Cancer Patients What Can Reiki Help? Otelia Bengssten, MD study Reiki continues to achieve more indicates that the effects of Reiki mainstream acceptance for its were so pronounced in cancer benefits as a complimentary patients by helping to increase therapy to traditional medicine. hemoglobin values and reduce associated symptoms. This study demonstrates that there are

actual biological improvements. “According to a 2008 AHA survey, 84 percent of hospitals indicated patient demand as the primary rationale in offering complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services including Reiki and 67 percent of those surveyed stated ‘clinical effectiveness’ as their top reason.” To find out how Reiki can help you, receive a Complimentary Consultation today. Call (813) 308-3339 or visit

Catherine Morgan Certified Wellness Coach Certified Master Reiki Practitioner



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A Responsibility

A Privilege

A Blessing


ury Summons. You know that feeling. Perhaps you start with “how can I get out of this or be excused” and then you see an excuse for the date in question is only a postponement so you might as well go. Then you think about things that might get you dropped like a hot rock: former or current law enforcement; do they want clergy anyway thinking we’re like the two Christians (I don’t know if they’re pastors) outside the courthouse every morning, one screams, one sings, each with a portable microphone and speaker and each out-screaming and outsinging the other. They don’t seem to be connected except for faith in the same thing, of which they are vying attention.

Maybe you think of some kind of brief statement should you make it to a prospective jury pool that no lawyer or judge wants to hear: “You know, I’m not always so sure about innocence before guilt. I mean, where there’s smoke there’s fire, right?” You get to the courthouse, go through security, and line yourself up to go into the jury duty waiting room. Moo. Oh, the humanity. Business people, unemployed, retired, suits, tee shirts, interested, Page 22 | May 2016

Rev. Laurie Palmer Pastor St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 5340 Primrose Lake Circle Tampa, FL 33647 813-513-8822

angry to be here, fat, thin, short, fat, male, female, white, brown, black, coifed, mussed, patient, impatient, patient. One brought her 8 month old baby in her arms. The powers that be liked that. She was dropped like a hot rock but advised that this would only be a postponement and to take care of childcare next time. As a fellow juror-in-waiting said, “Yea, this isn’t the most convenient thing in the world.” Said by a young lawyer. But here’s the deal. This is important. This is a civic duty and a privilege. All you have to do is turn the news on to find out what a rare privilege this truly is. Instead of grumping about it, we (I) should be ever-grateful for this opportunity. We who claim faith do yearn for fairness and justice. And if the person in question is truly innocent, then please God, give me the discernment and wisdom of Your Spirit. Yep, I’m missing work after being gone for a week of continuing education. Yep, I have other things to do. Yep, I would have chosen most anything else to do except for a root canal. But I am here and will serve. The last words of the Pedge of Allegiance are “and justice for all.” May it be so. FOR RATES & INFO CALL: 813-422-5551 | WWW.RESIDENTMAGAZINE.NET


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PERMIT # 3239

Resident Magazine - Issue 13  

May issue featuring The New Entrepreneurs of America's Best - RIGHT HERE AT USF! Also, other wonderful inspirational articles, and local bus...

Resident Magazine - Issue 13  

May issue featuring The New Entrepreneurs of America's Best - RIGHT HERE AT USF! Also, other wonderful inspirational articles, and local bus...