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Create your own customized nail colors with Mixify Nail Polish kits. www.Mixifypolish.com


Garden Chic at Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet Spring/Summer 2017 www.cnd.com

HAIR GET THE LOOK: SEXY, BEACHY HAIR 1. Start with wet hair. Prep the hair by spraying it heavily with Fashion Waves 07 to get a bit of texture. 2. Use a diffuser to scrunch the hair for added texture, and dry hair approximately 50%. 3. Run your fingers through your hair to add separation. 4. Pump a small amount of Rough Paste 12 and distribute throughout ends for a defined beachy look. 5. Part hair to one side.


Effortlessly style hair to perfection with the revolutionary Dyson Supersonic Dryer that uses digital technology to prevent heat damage while adding glossy shine in a light and compact package. $399 Dyson.com

GET THE LOOK: 1970s TEXTURED HALF UP 1. Wash hair with Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo and air dry. 2. Spray in Wind Blown 05 for added texture and finish with a curling iron as needed to create sporadic, natural waves. 3. Create a center part and pull back two sections of hair from the temple, leaving wisps loose around the front hairline. 4. Secure hair in the back with an elastic and use a section of hair from the ponytail to wrap hair around and conceal the elastic. Use a bobby pin to secure the end piece underneath the ponytail. 5. Finish with Wind Blown 05 to increase hair texture and complete the natural, beachy look.

TORY BURCH 44 | resident.com

Create a multitude of looks with the Head Kandy Glam Girl Knockout Wand with 6 interchangeable barrels from beach waves to tight spirals. $190 headkandypro.com

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Resident Magazine October 2016 Issue (Hamptons Cover)  

Resident Magazine October 2016 Issue (Hamptons Cover)  

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