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CAITLIN MEISTER Top NYC Tutor By w. a. muller HEAD OF HER CLASS: Top NYC Tutor Caitlin Meister Gaining National Profile and Prominent Clientele for her Inventive Methods and Artistry.

says. “I use my background in chemistry to provide academic support to amazing students throughout the city, and my colleagues and clients show the utmost respect for my artistic pursuits and the way that they inform my teaching.”

Caitlin Meister had a dilemma: How to pursue her life-long love of teaching children while remaining dedicated to her successful career as a voiceover artist. Could she do both, finding harmony with two careers in concert? Caitlin refused to compromise. She found a way. And in the process, she built a model that makes it possible for artists to share their gifts with children without having to abandon their own work in the arts. Today, Caitlin is a recognized voiceover artist who has voiced characters for film, television, video games, radio, and audiobooks (you’ll know her when you hear her), and the founder of The Greer Meister Group, a prominent private tutoring and educational consulting practice based in New York. The skills that allow her to balance both careers successfully – and a home life with her husband and two children – have made The Greer Meister Group a success: focus, perseverance, problem solving, creativity, and the power of yet. “I never say that I can’t,” says Caitlin. “I say that I can’t yet. It’s the same mindset that I teach my students.” As the founder of The Greer Meister Group, she oversees a group of the most highly-qualified, accomplished, engaging, and creative tutors in the tri-state area. “We are private tutoring and educational consulting practice with a focus on academic independence and perseverance,” says Caitlin. “We give students the tools that they need to achieve their goals. We believe that tutoring should teach content and strategies that students can replicate to be successful independently – not only with a tutor by their side. If we’ve done our job well, we’ve put ourselves out of a job.” She dedicates herself to finding the brightest minds to teach the most precious minds. “Our tutors have interests and passions that go beyond just one discipline, which helps students free themselves from the limitation of thinking that someone has to be only a ‘math person’ or only ‘an artist’ to the exclusion of other fields,” she says. “Our model attracts brilliant teachers who would not be teaching if we hadn’t found a way for them to be dedicated to their students and continue to pursue their artistic passions.” Among her group are Ivy League graduates, published authors, internationallyrenowned performers, learning specialists, and more who work with children on content mastery, cognitive flexibility, resilience, and academic independence and perseverance. Like Chelsea Retzloff, a 33-year-old chemist and dancer in Brooklyn. “Working with the Greer Meister Group has given me the ability to teach and give back to the community while working as an artist/dancer in NYC,” Retzloff

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Says Caitlin: “Tutoring, when done well, is never a burden and never a crutch. Kids learn best when they’re having fun. Anyone who tells you that tutoring has to look one certain way is stuck inside a comfort zone that serves the adult first rather than serving the child first.” She continues, “I consider my work successful if we have given parents peace of mind and provided children with confidence to go into the classroom feeling supported and resilient, not inflexible and overwhelmed. Yes, I want my students to know the material, and I want more. I want my students to know that they have the tools to figure out anything new or unfamiliar.”

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