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WC terminal


Push-fitting system

TECElux WC terminal

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Aesthetic solution for the multifunctional toilet: As an open interface between the toilet functions and bathroom architecture, TECElux can be combined with any ceramics, including washlets.

TECElux WC terminal:

For all ceramics and all technologies The height-adjustable WC terminal TECElux integrates additional toilet functions into the wall. An extremely flat glass plate encloses the inspection opening, and therefore conceals the Ceramic-Air air filter system and connections for water and power. The WC terminal from TECE can be combined with any ceramics, including washlets. Additional functions on the toilet require space, and frequently also a power or extra water connection. Up until now, the elements were simply added on to the ceramics and the water and power lines installed visibly next to the toilet. These makeshift solutions not only look unattractive, the feeling of safety is also impaired by a 230 volt socket so close by. With its new WC terminal, TECE is taking equal account of aesthetic and functional factors: TECElux integrates the system components in the pre-wall module invisibly and safely. The required inspection opening is covered by a flat glass plate. As an open interface between the toilet functions and bathroom architecture, the WC terminal can be combined with any ceramics, including washlets.

Walls without tiling The two-part plate made of white safety glass has approximately the same dimensions as a toilet module. The glass is 6 millimetres thick, and is mounted 1

centimetre in front of the wall. If the top plate is dismantled, it reveals a 53 x 38 centimetre opening that provides a generous space to access the system components behind it. With its simple aesthetics, TECElux blends in with the architecture of any bathroom. With its large area, the glass plate of the WC terminal also acts as a splash guard for the rear wall, meaning the wall does not have to be tiled. As a ­result, TECElux makes bathroom renovations easier. In future, the WC terminal will be available in two ­versions: A basic version with a dual-flush cistern and the option of mechanical height adjustment, and an advanced version with electronic flush actuation, air purification system and additional connections for washlets. Martin Krabbe, head of technology and prod­uct management at TECE: “The basic TECE version provides a low-cost introduction to the world of the future-oriented toilet. The low price aims to help establish a new technological standard in flush technology.”

The latest technology for the toilet of the future In the TECElux basic version, the opening for the two narrow flush buttons is cut out of the plate, and the flush is actuated manually. For the advanced version, TECE has developed an electronic touch fluching device: A sensor detects when a person is approaching the toilet, and only illuminates the flush buttons then. A slight touch with the fingertips is enough to actuate the large or small flush volume. The basic version of the toilet module includes the TECE dual-flush cistern and the option of manually adapting the height of the toilet ceramics to user 足requirements within an eight-centimetre range. Two screws simply have to be loosened to adjust the height. The basic module can optionally be fitted with an air purification system, and with a power connection and additional water connection for washlet functions.

It is also possible to subsequently install the power and water connection behind the upper glass plate. As a result, if required, a simple toilet can be converted to a washlet at any time. The Ceramic-Air air purification system is based on a new kind of air purification technology and uses a 足ceramic activated carbon filter that only has to be 足replaced about every five years. The purified air is fed back into the room. There is no need for additional fresh air that has to be heated. The TECElux advanced version with electronic actuation contains the filter system as standard, as well as a power and water connection for washlets. Electronic height adjustment for the advanced version is planned and will be available on the market in 2012.

Fresh air without ventilation: The Ceramic-Air air purification system uses a new kind of ceramic activated carbon filter. The purified air is fed back into the room. There is no need for additional fresh air that has to be heated.

The touch flush button of the advanced version works like magic: A sensor detects when a person is approaching the toilet, and only 足illuminates the flush buttons then. A slight touch with the fingertips is all that is needed to activate the flush.

TECElux WC terminal

The toilet for the short and tall: The basic version of TECElux provides the option of manually adjusting the height of the ceramics within an eight-centimetre range to meet user requirements.

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TECElogo Push-fitting system

A push-fitting system for the entire building: TECElogo now in sizes from 32 to 50 millimetres.

It’s only possible with TECElogo. Even in the large sizes, ­connections can be undone.

TECElogo now also available in pipe diameters of 32, 40 and 50 millimetres:

XXL sizes for basement and rising pipes All the time-saving characteristics of the TECE push-fitting system can now also be exploited for basement and rising pipe installations: push-fitting without the need for tools, and the option of releasing connections again using the disassembly open-end wrench. As a connection and distribution system for potable water and heating, TECElogo is already well-established on the market. TECE has now included 32, 40

and 50 mm sizes in its range. In future, the push-fitting system can be used to lay all pipes in the house – from the boiler to the radiator, from the water metre to the tap. In commercial construction, above all, ­TECElogo offers a clear competitive advantage. Thanks to the push-fitting technique, the costs for building service application installation can be drastically reduced. Push-fitting is much faster than conventional installation techniques such as pressing (see market survey below). In addition, TECElogo is

laid without expensive, high-maintenance tools. ­Missing or faulty pressing tools can considerably slow down work on the construction site, a risk that is eliminated from the outset with the push-fitting technique. As with the small sizes, secure connections between pipe and fitting for the large pipe diameters can be released again using a special disassembly open-end wrench. Both the pipe and fitting can be reused.

Market survey on the push-fitting technique: Grade “good to very good” for TECElogo As part of a market survey, around 100 companies from the sanitation, heating and air conditioning sector assessed the TECElogo push-fitting system. The system‘s robustness, its qualities for avoiding assembly errors, and speed of assembly were graded “good to very good”. In 2010, TECE conducted a market survey on the push-fitting technique in conjunction with the Institute for Business Management in Technology of the Münster University of Applied Sciences. The participating companies from Germany and Austria had never worked with TECElogo before, and had the ­opportunity to get to know the system thoroughly in practice. Their experiences were then evaluated. The results speak for the TECE system: Practically all those asked could see themselves working with TECElogo in the future. 38 percent are even planning to use TECE’s push-fitting system more exten-


sively. 57 percent of participants had a good impression of the overall use of the system, 35 percent a very good impression. During installation, a third of those asked found they had an assembly time ­advantage of more than 30 percent compared to the previously used system. There was a total time ­saving of 23 percent on ­average. The speed of assembly was consequently rated as “good to very good”, as was the strength of T­ ECElogo and its qualities for avoiding assembly ­errors. The ability to undo a connection was also rated as “good to very good”.

Overall impression of using TECElogo

TECEfloor Floor heating system

Back to the roots:

TECE now with floor heating system Around a quarter of a century ago, TECE launched the first plastic composite pipes for floor heating. The company is now back with a completely new floor heating system in this building services segment. The TECEfloor system is characterised by the optimum compatibility of all components in the comprehensive range. Domestic engineering specialist TECE is going back to its roots and is launching a new floor heating system in the shape of TECEfloor. The range is complete right from the start, and consists of heating pipes, laying systems, manifolds and controls. With TECEfloor, the Emsdetten-based company is focusing primarily on quality: “All components have been carefully selected and their 100-percent compatibility tested,” says Christian Beike, floor heating product manager at TECE. The high standards for his new product line are expressed through a special label: “Silver Line Quality” (SLQ) stands for the verified quality and compatibility of all components. When it comes to floor heating, TECE has long been a specialist: In the 1980s, the company launched the first diffusion-proof aluminium composite pipes on the German, and later European, market. Since then, TECE has sold floor heating systems in many export markets. With TECEfloor, the company is making a return to this segment in Germany too. The TECE range includes a two-way and three-way plastic manifold that can be easily combined: With just two rotations, the two modules can be combined with each other as required – right through to a 12way manifold. This reduces storage costs, because only two manifolds need to be kept in stock, rather than a lot of manifolds of different sizes. And on the construction site, the connectable modules provide greater flexibility: If an additional heating circuit is required, two two-way modules, rather than one threeway module, are simply used.

All components tested for full compatibility: TECEfloor floor heating.

Typical sources of error eliminated Like the two plastic manifolds, all components of the floor heating system are tailored to each other. “In the TECE in-house laboratory, we tested the interaction between all components under the most extreme conditions and typical sources of error were eliminated at the design stage,” explains Christian Beike. For example, the tight production tolerances for the heating pipes are perfectly tailored to the support and clamping ring of the clamped joint. The O ring of the clamped joint provides accurately dimensioned sealing in the manifold’s Eurocone. In the servomotor, not only the union nut but also the lifting and closing ­dimension are adjusted to match the valve insert of the manifold.

Combinable plastic manifolds: A flexible component from the TECEfloor range.


TECEprofil Pre-wall system

Straightforward and safe:

Fire protection with TECEprofil With the simplest means, TECEprofil partition walls can be installed with fire protection in situations with sanitary installations on both sides – tested for fire resistance F30, F90 and F120 in accordance with DIN EN 1364-1. Fire protection solutions with pre-walls can often only be implemented at great cost. If sanitary installations are fitted to both sides of partition walls, plasterboards must often be mounted between these installations. This is time-consuming and expensive. Things are different with TECEprofil: A fire protection test by MPA Braunschweig has found that fire protection solutions with the TECE pre-wall system can be implemented far more easily and cost-effectively.

Low effort, great effect: Fire protection solution F30/F90/F120 in the cistern area with the TECEprofil fire protection set.

No extra fire protection components are needed in the entire TECEprofil supporting frame. All system parts, such as toilet and wash stand modules, are ­installed in the usual way. For F30 fire protection, only the points where the installations penetrate the wall must be filled with fire-retardant wool. The easyto-install fire protection set made of fire-retardant mineral wool is only needed in the cistern area. To fulfil fire resistance classes F90 and F120 – in con-

trast to F30 – the entire wall is filled with mineral wool and filling wool. All fire resistance classes are met with single-layer 18-millimetre plasterboards from the TECE standard range. “The fact that an F90 partition wall can easily meet F120 shows that the TECEprofil system has high safety reserves,” says ­Michael Isfort, product manager for pre-wall systems at TECE.

Only one drain pipe needed The solution offers a further advantage: A second drain pipe is not required. In contrast to other systems, in which a plasterboard must be incorporated between installations that are opposite each other, only mineral wool is used in the TECE solution. As a result, waste water can be drained off with just one horizontal connection line. With TECE, a height difference is not necessary between fans that are opposite each other. The TECEprofil fire protection wall is an open system: Pipes made of a wide variety of ­materials for potable and waste water, heating, ventilation and cooling can be installed. A shower channel can also be easily installed, which provides flexibility during planning and execution.

Geronto toilet module optimized for DIN 18040-1 TECE has redesigned its Geronto toilet module for the installation of accessible, barrier-free toilet systems in accordance with standards. The reason is a new standard for barrier-free construction in public buildings. In October 2010, DIN 18040-1 replaced the old standard 18024-2 and has resulted in a few changes. Safety support arms now have to be mounted nine centimetres lower than before. The TECE Geronto module now meets this new requirement. The toilet fixing points are predefined to the prescribed seating height of 48 centimetres, as before. For the installation of barrier-free toilets in accordance with the standards, TECE offers a modular ­system with steel plates in which the correctly positioned threaded holes for assembling safety support

arms have been drilled in the factory The arms can be screwed onto the basic frame with two to four ­fastening screws. The extensive modular system is constantly being expanded. At the moment, it ­contains steel plates for safety support arms from 12 manufacturers. The Geronto module’s scope of delivery includes all mounting sets.

Toilet electronics quick to install The Geronto module is based on the universal toilet module of the TECEprofil range and has the TECE ­cistern. Conduits and an electrical socket for the electronic flush actuation cables are included in the module as standard. As a result, installation of the switch-based toilet electronics is far easier.

On the safe side with the TECE Geronto module: The pre-wall module for barrier-free toilet systems.

TECEprofil/TECEbox: New protective stoppers All toilet modules in the TECEprofil and TECEbox ­series now have new protective stoppers. The stoppers can be used on both sides. In the new assembly situation, the marking points point forward, as usual. During fine installation, the protruding stoppers are simply cut off flush to the surface and remain in the wall, where they act as protective pipes against ­possible leakage in the sealing area. In the event of a leak, the water is visible externally, and does not flow into the pre-wall installation unseen.

The protective stoppers are simply pushed onto the flush pipe and drain bend.

After cutting flush to the surface, the remainder of the stopper stays in the wall.

A safe solution: In the event of a leak, the water is visible externally.


TECEdrainline Shower channels

FireStop fire protection set:

Every channel can be a fire protection solution With the FireStop fire protection set for TECEdrainline shower channels, TECE is offering safety with fire protection – up to fire resistance class EI 120 in ­accordance with DIN EN 13501-3. TECE’s approach to development was to create as simple a solution as possible that can be installed with little effort and cost. The fire protection set therefore consists of a small ring that is attached to the vertical TECEdrainline drain with two screws. As a result, every TECEdrainline channel can be upgraded to a fire protection solution. The small diameter of the fire protection set also offers advantages during installation: The drain with the fire protection ring fits in a drill hole of just 130 milli­ metres, which can be created using a small, conventional core drill. Because of the small drill hole, the fire protection set can easily be installed in old buildings, where larger drill holes are often not possible for structural reasons.

For installation without cementing Fire protection drains often need to be cemented in, a complex procedure that takes time. The TECEdrainline drain with the fire protection ring can be inserted in the drill hole from above, and does not require cementing. If the position of the drill hole is not exactly right, the eccentric form of the drain means fine adjustment of the channel is possible subsequently.

Turns every TECEdrainline channel into a fire protection solution: The FireStop fire protection set.

Extremely flat drain for renovations For old buildings in which only a small floor projection is possible, but a vertical drain is out of the question, TECE also provides an extremely flat DN40 drain with a side outlet. From the bottom edge of the drain to the top edge of the tile, the drain only requires 67 millimetres of space and offers a drainage capacity of 0.5 l/s. Like the fire protection set, the extremely flat drain can be combined with all channels in the TECEdrainline modular system.

For extremely flat floor projections: Just 67 mm to the top edge of the tile.

TECEdrainline steel: Version 2.0 Nothing but pure stainless steel: TECEdrainline steel ­polished or brushed.

The further development of the steel shower channels is aesthetically a clear ­advantage: TECE has now done away with the plastic feet used as spacers between the channel and cover. For the design grates, the spacing is now created by the curved stainless steel of the cover. Looking into the drain openings of the channel, all you see now is pure stainless steel. The new steel cover no longer has a surrounding drainage opening either, and instead now has two parallel slits. An additional detail: An optional hair trap, which can be easily placed in the drain, ­ ­prevents clogging.


TECEdrainline Shower channels

Showing off high-quality floor coverings to their best advantage: TECEdrainline channel for natural stone showers.

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Invisible shower channel:

TECEdrainline channel for ­natural stone showers TECE is adding a channel for natural stone coverings to the TECEdrainline modular system. What’s special about it is that the edge of the water inlet in the drainage solution is identical to the natural stone edge, and the channel itself is completely invisible.

stone covering. The insulating flange means that the channel can be used universally: The stone slabs can therefore be laid using both a thin-bed and thick-bed method. For sealing in a thin bed, TECE offers the optional self-adhesive TECEdrainline sealing tape, which is given a thin-bed seal after application.

High-quality natural stone floors turn bathrooms into real temples of relaxation. The less the floor covering is interrupted by joints or drainage elements, the more high-class and spacious the room appears. To meet this requirement, TECE has added a channel for large natural stone slabs and tiles of any thickness to its shower channel modular system. When installed and covered, the new channel is completely invisible. While before, narrow stainless steel edges bordered the drain opening, there is now nothing more than a slit in the natural stone.

Also with extremely flat drain

The new product in the TECEdrainline range consists of a channel body with a 4 centimetre wide surrounding insulating flange and a support for the natural

The natural stone channel is available in six lengths between 700 and 1500 millimetres. All models can be combined with other components of the TECEdrainline modular system, for example with the Drainbase sound-proofing mat and any drain in the range. The new FireStop fire protection set can also be installed with the natural stone channel. The new extremely flat DN40 drain (0.5 l/s) with an assembly height between floor and channel flange of just 60 millimetres is available for renovation situations. The high drainage capacity of 1.4 l/s is achieved with the vertical DN50 drain or DN70 drain for horizontal ­assembly.

Fire-retardant to EI 120: With the new FireStop fire protection step, the natural stone channel becomes a fire protection solution.

TECE flushing technology TECEsquare

Complete flush button series:

Stainless steel and glass for urinal and toilet The design of the new flush button for the urinal is tailored to that of the TECEsquare toilet flush button. The simple stainless steel plate with integrated button for flush actuation is just 2 millimetres deep. The plate is largely built into the wall with the help of a mounting frame. An anti-fingerprint coating ensures that the brushed steel looks perfect. Other metal versions of the button are available in the shape of TECEsquare metal white and chrome.

Also in glass versions As with the toilet push button, TECE also offers the urinal button in glass versions. To match the toilet buttons, there are fronts made of white, green or black glass, which can be combined with different button colours. The glass flush buttons can be mounted fully flush to the wall with the help of the mounting frame. The TECEsquare flush buttons are exclusively available for the TECE flush valve. The big advantage of the flush valve is a constant flush volume, regardless of the pipe pressure. The flush volume is very easy to set. Even a 1-litre economy flush is possible with the TECE flush valve.

The toilet and urinal flush buttons in glass are mounted on the wall in the usual way, or flush to the wall with the help of a mounting frame.

One design throughout the bathroom: The TECEsquare toilet and urinal flush buttons are 足designed to match.


TECE flushing technology Concealed cistern

For all ceramics and all drain pipes:

Cistern with sustainability guarantee The TECE cistern is a real problem-solver: The flush volume and flush flow rate can be flexibly adapted to the needs of any toilet, regardless of the ceramics used. With a 3-litre reduced flush, four different settings are possible for the full flush, including the water-saving 4.5 litre option. The TECE flush valve was awarded the DesignPlus prize for its positive features with regard to sustainability. For many years, leading ceramics manufacturers have been offering a special toilet bowl that can manage with a water-saving 4.5 litres for a full flush. However, because the dual-volume flushing technology was not available, a single flush was used. As a result, flushing always required 4.5 litres of water and the water saved through the full flush was wasted again. The TECE cistern with the award-winning value now makes a real economy flush possible with dual-flush tech­ nology: 4.5 litres for the full flush, and 3 litres for the reduced flush. Users can thus save around 25 percent of water, as compared to the single-flush technology.


Save 25 percent water But the valve also has more to offer: With a simple slider, the fitter can choose between 4.5, 6, 7.5 and 9 litres for the full flush, while the reduced flush remains a constant 3 litres. This flexibility, in particular, means sustainability for TECE: The cistern’s flush volume and flush flow rate can be adapted to any requirement – even after the cistern has been installed. It does not always make sense to save water – for ­example in some modernization projects: In old buildings, the drain pipes are often not designed for low

environmental awareness

For TECE, sustainability means saving water when possible, flushing well when necessary. The cistern’s flush volume and flush flow rate can be adapted to any requirement, even after the cistern has been installed.

flush volumes. If too little water is used, it can lead to blockages and costly repairs. As a 10-litre tank with a full flush that can be set to 9 litres, the TECE cistern


flush volume

is reliable, and is as economical as possible: Even with a full flush of 9 litres and a reduced flush of 3 litres, the water used is 25 percent lower than a single-volume cistern. The TECE cistern also offers maximum flexibility even after installation. With conventional drain valves, the flush flow rate can only be subsequently curtailed, but not increased. That’s not the case with the TECE valve: If you exchange the control ring installed as standard, you can subsequently increase or reduce the flush flow rate – four control rings are available.

flush flow

Maximum flexibility: By exchanging the control ring installed as standard, the flush flow rate can be subsequently increased or reduced.


TECE Service

Ask for one now:

TECE information box The latest TECE product and company brochures are now available in a handy information box. The strong and elegant box provides you with quick access to all the information you needs and makes for a tidy office. The box has been specially developed for retail and trade. You can request the information box containing the latest product brochures by e-mail at

Information to hand quickly: Request the TECE information box with the latest product brochures.

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After the ISH, you can take ­another look at the trade fair innovations and highlights from the TECE stand at your leisure. Our trade fair video will be available to view on our website as of Monday, March 21, 2011.

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