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The Fusion Advantage



The best finish in the industry with a seven- year warranty.

Patented protection exclusively available with the Fusion Advantage. Table tops, seating surfaces and receptacle bases have a thick plastisol coating that is permanently heat fused to heavy-duty steel, creating an impervious rustproof barrier. This oven cured plastisol has an average thickness of 1/4" (including top and bottom coatings). Next the plastisol is encapsulated with a richly tinted high performance powder coating that creates a seal against the elements and provides a finish unmatched in durability. This patented process ensures ANOVA™ components are:

• Highly resistant to fading and UV-damage • Impervious to common acids, salts and seawater • Resistant to mold, mildew and fungus


Primed Heavy-Duty + Plastisol + Powder Steel Coating Coating

Seven-year warranty. Anova offers a standard seven-year warranty on any component featuring the Fusion Advantage, including any defects in materials and/or workmanship and further warrants against rusting, fading, peeling, chipping, cracking, mold and mildew.

Unlike other site furnishings, Fusion Advantage products will not have:


Mold & Mildew

Chipping & Cracking

Coating Breakdown

UV Damage

Field Test: Fusion Advantage vs. Competitor

Anova provided tables with the Fusion Advantage along with tables from a large competitor for a head-to-head comparison in the field. These photos show the results of 24 months of use and exposure to the elements. Anova tables with the Fusion Advantage remained glossy red in color with no rusting, fading, peeling or cracking. The competitor’s products failed to perform as well. Choose Anova products for value, quality, and longevity.

Pictured: Anova tables and competitor’s tables after 24 months of use. | 800.231.1327 |

Anova Fusion Advantage Guide  
Anova Fusion Advantage Guide