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The Coney Island of the East Coast

Crescent Park, Vanity Fair, Boyden Heights, Hunts Mills

By Bob Rodericks “For anyone over 50 years old that grew up in East Providence, their best memories run down the Crescent Park Midway. At least once every summer, a night comes along where I dream of riding the Flying Fish one more time”, says Don Gregory. Gregory, a 1979 EPHS graduate, grew up and still lives in Riverside. He enjoys reliving his childhood memories from Riverside and Crescent Park. Perhaps not many “younger” residents of East Providence today realize that the city once was called the Coney Island of the East Coast. In fact there were four major amusement parks in the city. Three of the parks Crescent, Boyden Heights and Vanity Fair, were along the Riverside waterfront. A fourth, and lesser known park was at Hunt’s Mills in Rumford. Crescent Park was Rhode Island’s second park and was opened as an amusement park in 1886. During this time frame much of the Riverside area became a resort town featuring many summer homes along the Narragansett Bay or Providence River. Riverside was a destination for many vacationing families. Steamboats and trains from Providence and many other areas brought thousands of visitors to the shores of East Providence. continued on page 8...

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Boat rides from the pier at Crescent Park.


The Reporter August 2013


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August 2013 The Reporter


East Providence News Briefs By Bob Rodericks

State Police Investigation of East Providence Police Done

All Are Cleared, Officers Vote No Confidence in Chief

The investigation of the East Providence Police Department by the Rhode Island State Police was released last month. Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Winquist, Deputy Superintendent/Chief of Field Operations for the State Police conducted the investigation. He concluded that no criminal charges will be forthcoming at this time. The report indicates that council members Thomas Rose and Chrissy Rossi did not “cooperate” with investigators as they referred questions to legal counsel. Here is the State Police statement: Rhode Island State Police Investigation of Allegations of Improprieties and Irregularities Associated with the East Providence Police Department: “Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell, Superintendent, of the Rhode Island State Police and Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, announces that the Rhode Island State Police has concluded an investigation of allegations of improprieties and irregularities associated with the East Providence Police Department. On April 15, 2013, East Providence Police Chief Joseph Tavares was placed on administrative leave by the city manager and human resource director. In late May 2013, the East Providence Budget Commission passed a resolution reinstating East Providence Police Chief Joseph Tavares and requested that a State Police investigation be conducted to determine if any criminal statutes had been violated when the chief was placed on administrative leave. The East Providence City Charter prohibits members of the City Council from interfering with the city manager regarding appointments and removals of employees serving the city in an administrative capacity. The city manager is solely responsible for this duty and shall not be directed or requested by members of the city council in regards to the appointment or removal of administrative personnel including the police chief. Allegations had been received by the East Providence Budget Commission that certain members of the East Providence City Council had unlawfully influenced the City Manager to place Chief Tavares on administrative leave so that the City Manager

could retain his position by obtaining a new contract. The East Providence City Manager serves at the pleasure of the City Council. Over the past several weeks, several individuals were interviewed pertaining to the aforementioned allegations. These interviews failed to reveal sufficient facts to meet the probable cause standard required to bring forth a criminal charge. Councilwoman Chrissy Rossi and Councilmen Thomas Rose Jr. exercised their right to counsel and did not fully cooperate with the investigation. The East Providence Budget Commission also requested the investigation of allegations of an improperly administered promotional exam, as well as other internal matters. These issues were determined to be administrative in nature and referred back to the Chief Tavares for review by his professional standards unit. The Rhode Island State Police has reported the findings of the investigation to the East Providence Budget Commission. Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell stated, “Our investigation was conducted professionally and efficiently with the full understanding of how these matters effect a law enforcement agency. It would have been helpful if all parties involved cooperated to bring all of the facts to light.” In a statement released at the time by city manager Peter Graczykowski, he said: “I am not surprised by the conclusions of the investigation by the Rhode Island State Police. As expected, both the City officials and hard working officers of the East Providence Police Department have been cleared of any wrongdoing in this matter. It is worth mentioning that this is the second time in a few years that the State Police were asked to investigate alleged improprieties in East Providence , and again, could not substantiate any evidence. This should assure the citizens of East Providence as to the integrity of City officials and Police Department.” Ward 4 council person Chrissy Rossi, did not agree with or like the statements made against her in the state police report. “How far will these people go to try to make me look bad? After a 40 minute interview with the State Police, answering every question they asked me, they say I was uncooperative? I have witnesses. I answered every question! Clearly the press release from the State Police was written out of frustration. They were trying to connect dots that didn’t exist. I have done nothing wrong and they damn well know it. Quoting some of the state police report, Rossi said,

their ‘interviews failed to reveal sufficient facts to meet the probable cause standard required to bring forth a criminal charge’ because I did nothing wrong,” said Rossi’s public statement. In a related matter, the police union released a statement in which they announced a vote of no-confidence in police chief Joseph Tavares. Union president Kevin Feeney said over 80% of the officers participated in the vote and there were no votes cast, supporting the chief. Feeney said that his officers feel the Chief is incapable of leading the department. The matter now seems to be back in the lap of the budget commission which still has major jurisdiction over East Providence operations. continued on next page...

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The Reporter August 2013

EP Police Chief & City Manager - Stay At Odds Chief ’s Lawyer wants Lie Detector Test for All by Bob Rodericks

East Providence City Manager Peter Graczykowski and embattled Police Chief Joseph Tavares appear to be at a point beyond repair. This is evidenced by a series of recent communications between Graczykowski and Tavares and his attorney, Thomas McAndrew. Even though the state budget commission recently reinstated the police chief and assigned the RI State Police to get involved, On May 29th, Graczykowski sent a written warning to Tavares just 5 days after his return to the chief’s office. Graczykowski told Tavares that (I) “have not received from you the biweekly report that was due...on May 28th, 2013...” “I do expect to have them ready for my review by deadline in the future,” added Graczykowski. Tavares answered the city manager in an email on May 30th and a letter on May 31st. The chief of police told the city manager that he was “stunned” for many reasons by “your e-mail of May 29th. “As you know, I was placed on administrative leave on April 15th... and instructed not to have contact or any interaction with the police department. I was absent from the police department for about 6 weeks while the department was being run by Major Parella,” said Tavares statement. Tavares returned to work on Friday, May 24th, of the Memorial Day week-end, as ordered by the commission. “I returned to work and committed a significant amount of time trying to get brought up to speed on activities during my absence. This included working with IT (technicians) to get access back to my computer and having numerous meetings with police officers, Major Parella, Lieutenant Philbin of the state police and others...”,

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said Tavares. Tavares also said that he sent a memo to all officers in which “I once again committed myself to working with them in an appropriate, responsible and professional manner...”. Saturday (May 25th), Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day) were scheduled days off. Tavares told Graczykowski that he still “continued during the week-end to get caught up...for my six week absence. I made time to march in the Memorial Day parade to honor our veterans. On Tuesday, May 28th, you complained that I had not provided you with a bi-weekly report for a period of time I had not been working, as you knew full well.” Tavares’ response to the city manager went on to say, “most disturbing is that when I met with you and other Department Heads on May 28th, you did not acknowledge me or say anything to me on any matter. I felt you were icing me or isolating me,” said Tavares. In a memo sent to all police officers, Tavares addressed the entire situation. “The vast majority of you have performed as the true professional that you are. I am proud of what we have accomplished in these trying times. Unfortunately...outside influences have attempted to interfere with the operations of this fine department,” he said. “I realize that some of you were intimidated into not marching in the Memorial Day Parade and now you are being pressured into a “no confidence vote” even before learning the true facts. I didn’t ask for the RI State Police to come here but I will work to be fair with everyone,” he added. “My door is always open to all.” In Tavares’ letter to Graczykowski, he takes a serious tone. “I will contest this warning and express my displeasure to my attorney regarding the hostile and abusive work environment that includes disparate treatment...from you. I have never received a reprimand in over 32 years of police service.” Tavares issued a warning, of sorts, himself. “You have kicked it up a notch...”. At that point, The Reporter withheld pursuing the matter deeply as both parties “wanted some time” to work things out. However, all efforts to end the dispute seem very distant at this point. The dispute now centers around the fact that the State Police exonerated city councilors Tom Rose and Chrissy Rossi for pressuring the city manager to fire the police chief in lieu of receiving an employment contract. Graczykowski has acknowledged applying for at least one job elsewhere. However, the police chief’s attorney, Thomas McAndrew, has pressed the point that the state police indicated that both Rose and Rossi were “uncooperative” during their investigation. The manager and police chief have each released correspondences to The Reporter. McAndrews wants all the particulars in the case to take a lie detector’s test. “... with all due respect to Attorney McAndrew, the investigation of alleged improprieties and irregularities of the professionals is best left to professionals. The Rhode Island State Police conducted exactly such professional investigations twice in East Providence with respect to Police Department matters, one before and another during this Administration’s tenure. Both yielded no credence to recklessly spoken, and never substantiated allegations of corruption. This is a testament to the integrity of the City of East Providence Police Department officers and City officials,” wrote Graczykowski in a letter to McAndrew. “It is the City’s position that since no wrongdoing could be proven, both the East Providence Police officers and City officials have been cleared of any alleged improprieties and irregularities.” McAndrews responses to Graczykowski have been hinting at a lawsuit; “Your conduct has, and continues to, undermine the (Police) Chief and his effectiveness and, further, you have expressly and impliedly disparaged him in a manner which is inconsistent with the numerous accomplishments in his career. It is apparent to me that we will soon find ourselves in litigation in an appropriate forum if this unrelenting course of conduct continues,” said McAndrews letter in part.

August 2013 The Reporter

City Legislative Delegation Stops “AFO” Czar Fiscal Advisor Instead

For several months there has been concern and behind the scenes deliberations about the state law governing budget commissions, which mandated the hiring of an expensive Administrative and Finance Officer (AFO). The position would be created upon the budget commission leaving the city. The AFO would co-exist with the city manager. Initially, the city would have born the total expense for the AFO. This, on the heels of the state’s “surprise” $250,000 “bill” to the city for budget commission staffers. RI House and Senate amendments have changed the law in question and the amended version was signed by Governor Chafee on July 15th. The changes were pushed by Senate and House Finance Chairs Daniel DaPonte and Helio Melo, respectively. City Manager Peter Graczykowski was happy to see this change as he released a statement on the matter. “Important changes to the Fiscal Stability Act, specifically Section 45-9-10 of the Rhode Island General Laws, are good news to the City of East Providence and its taxpayers,” said Graczykowski. “ Thanks to the amendments, in East Providence, when the Budget Commission leaves, the position of administrative and finance officer (AFO) will not be appointed. Instead, a fiscal advisor will assist the City and Schools with monitoring the overall budgetary and financial administration, and fiscal health of the City.” The appointment of a fiscal advisor is for a five year period and half of the cost will be assumed by the state. The city will also resume control over most personnel matters. “The appointment of a fiscal advisor will provide an opportunity for East Providence to retain an extension of fiscal oversight that should be viewed positively by rating agencies; while not creating a position with duplicative duties and unnecessary financial burden to the taxpayers. Also, personnel matters are not under the jurisdiction of this position, but properly with the City and Schools. Most importantly, the fiscal advisor will be helpful to the City and Schools in adhering to the structurally balanced five-year fiscal stability plan developed by the Budget Commission,” said Graczykowski. “I would especially like to thank Chairman DaPonte and Chairman Melo, Senator Conley, and Representatives Amore and Kazarian for their hard work in crafting and ensuring passage of this important legislation; as well as Assistant Mayor Rose for his tireless advocacy on this issue,” added Graczykowski in his statement.

Police Chief Tavares Announces Grant Request Public Notice

In accordance with U.S. Department of Justice Policy and Bureau of Justice Assistance grant requirements, the East Providence Police Department is pleased to make its intention to seek Federal funding available for public review and comment. The department is requesting $13,454 to purchase equipment aimed at improving investigative capabilities in areas involving technology. Specifically, the department is working towards the following goals: Increasing the validity of suspect/ witness statements by providing recorded interviews for use in legal proceedings; Providing the capability for investigators to extract, decode, and analyze digital data from cell phones and other mobile electronic devices; Ensuring reliable eyewitness identification procedures by standardizing all photographs of arrestees; Ensuring that all photographs of arrestees are in compliance with the guidelines put forth by the federal National Institute of Standards and Technology. This amount is the allocation for the City of East Providence, to be designated towards law enforcement programs, through the 2013 Edward Byrne Memorial/Justice Assistance Grant Program. Any individuals or groups wishing to view the grant proposal in its entirety, and/ or offer comment on the department’s request for funding are encouraged to contact Lieutenant Michael David of the East Providence Police Department; (401)435-7600.



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Continued from the Cover...

The Coney Island of the East Coast

Crescent Park, Vanity Fair, Boyden Heights, Hunts Mills

By Bob Rodericks Boyden’s Crescent Park housed much more than the Looff George Boyden opened Crescent Park in 1886 and increasingly Carousel. The park became famous for its’ shore dinner hall, added new rides and attractions until it became Rhode Island’s 2nd bandstands, roller skating, boat rides, large midway, roller coaster, most popular amusement park in 1893. Rocky Point was opened haunted houses and many other rides and attractions. Crescent in the late 1840’s in Warwick, RI just across the bay from Crescent Park’s first dark ride was an Old Mill attraction named Rivers of Park. Boyden named the park for its’ crescent shaped beach. Venice, installed by then park owner Charles I.D. Looff, Jr. in the Rocky Point closed in 1995. Boyden’s Crescent Park boasted 1920s. Looff, Jr. was the son of Charles I.D. Looff. Young Charles of the largest dance hall on the eastern shore. He had Wild West shows, a midway, and to support the new craze at the time, he built had worked for his father and was a great horse carver in his own right, extending his creative talents to build other rides at the park a bicycle racing track. Boyden contracted Charles I.D. Looff to including a small roller coaster, the Flying Toboggan, across the construct a carousel in 1892 and another in 1895. Crescent Park midway from his father’s 1895 carousel. Looff’s Rivers of Venice became the site for which Looff built and shipped his carousels was located halfway down the midway. The ride was planned to across the country. Buyers came to Crescent Park and picked out resemble Venice, Italy but the interior of the ride hosted scenes of the kind of horses they wanted duplicated for their own carousels. Loof moved his headquarters to Long Beach, California in 1910. world history including the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Boyden wanted visitors to focus more on the park than the water so he had Of the over 50 carousels that Loof built in his lifetime, the Crescent Looff place the carousel in its’ current location, across the street Park version remains one of the few remaining in operation in the from the bay. The 400 foot dock remained for boat rides and to world. Looff’s first carousel was built on the pier at Crescent Park unload patrons from ferries but eventually fell into disrepair. and doubled as a sample to perspective buyers from other parks. In 1901 the Hope Land Company purchased the park. Under It was later moved to Hunt’s Mills in Rumford where another smaller the leadership of Fred Dexter, the majestic “New England Asamusement park operated. But the larger and grander version sociation of Arts and Crafts Hall” was built in 1902. During this still sits in Riverside, having been named as a National Historic period Looff added rides such as the “Flying Toboggan” and the Landmark in 1987. Hunt’s Mills today is a picturesque place along “Rivers of Venice”. Dexter died in 1906 and Hope Land Company the Ten Mile River for residents to relax and sits next to the East appointed R.A. Harrington to run the park. The park was bustling Providence Historical Society’s headquarters. However, from 1900 with patrons that were brought from trolleys and steamships from to 1920 or so, Hunt’s Mills featured a Looff Carousel (from Crescent all over New England and New York. In 1914, the son of Charles Park), dance hall, shooting galleries and amusement rides. Today I.D. Looff (Charles Looff) built the new “Shore Dinner Hall”. Charles there is very little evidence there of such. Looff took ownership of the park in 1920.. The younger Looff began

There were daily ferry trips from Providence to Riverside.

You could send a Crescent Park postcard for 1 penny in the 1940's.

The old Crescent Park studio has been re-created by Ed Serowik. Visitors can take a picture today as was done back in the past.

The Flying Fish, billed as the most daring ride on the east coast.

August 2013 The Reporter expansion of the Amusement Park, by adding a roller rink and the “Alhambra Ballroom”. Looff died in 1925. Beacon Manufacturing assumed ownership, but had moved their operations south. John Clare was appointed manager of the park. The park remained under this structure for over two decades. During this time, Dominic Spadola was building many of the enchanting rides of Crescent Park. The “Tumble Bug” and others were crafted by Mr. Spadola. Crescent Park hit hard times in the war years (1941-45). Attendence was way down and materials were scarce. In 1951, the park was purchased by the Crescent Park Realty Company. Management responsibility of the park now belonged to Arthur Simmons and Fred McCusker. In 1966 the park was sold to Melvin T. Berry. One of the constants at Crescent Park has been 77 year old Edward Serowik of Riverside. Serowik has worked at the park since 1948 or so. “Since I was 12 to 14 years old I worked at the park setting pins at the bowling alley and other odd jobs. At 15 I was working on the Merry-Go-Round. I was the last hire of Mr. Looffs’s daughter,” said Serowik during a recent interview and behind the scenes tour of the carousel. “After high school I continued to work at the park. I became ride supervisor and head of maintenance for the entire park.” In 1972, Serowik was hired by the school department and eventually became head of maintenance for the high school, a job he held for 30 years. “While working full time for the schools, I continued to work part time at Crescent Park. I’ve seen a lot in my years here,” he recalled pensively. “When the park closed in 1977 it was sad to me and to so many. It was boarded up and remained closed for years. Today, Serowik keeps the place going and has filled the carousel with hundreds of pictures and memorabilia from the park’s early days. Patrons often visit him in his very small, cluttered office to view pictures and chat about the history of Crescent Park. His personal knowledge and collection is extensive. And then came the lawsuit...” he said with a slight smile. continued on page 12 (see photos on next page)...

The opulent Alhambra Ballroom, inside.

The Alhambra Ballroom Band with director Charles Weygand.

The Alhambra Ballroom is destroyed in a September 3rd, 1969 fire. It was never rebuilt.

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The Reporter August 2013

The outside of the Alhambra Ballroom.

Backside of the original Carousel Ruth & Sohn band organ, kept alive by Ed Serowik and crew.

Ed Serowik of Riverside. The man behind the scenes at Crescent Park. He and his crew keep the 118 year old Carousel going.

Ed Serowik and Representative Patrick Kennedy.

Generations have tried to get the brass ring for a free ride as they toss rings into the clown's mouth.

The world famous Crescent Park shore dinner. RI clam chowder, clam cakes, steamed clams, baked or fried fish with french fries

A souvenir shop exists today to greet visitors.

George LaCross and son on the carousel.

Riding the Carousel Summer of 2013

Strolling past the famous Hotel and Jail in the 1950's at Crescent Park.

August 2013 The Reporter



Roller skating rink 1950. Ed Serowik working to keep carousel going.

Coney Island of the East in Riverside, RI.

Hippodrome Fun House from May, 1930.

Pier Damage 1954 Hurricane.

Swimming was popular at Crescent Park.

Sadly, a boarded up and fenced in Loof Carousel in 1980.

Park goers in the 1940's get picture taken as they can today in the refurbished Loof Carousel.

Crescent Park's Flying Eagle from the 1920's.


The Reporter August 2013

Crescent Park pier 1890.

The famous Eddie Zack Hayloft Jamboree in 1965.

Crescent Park's, Silver Streak, the ride of tomorrow!

Did you ever win a doll on the midway?

The lawsuit was a grass-roots effort by 5 Riverside residents to “save Crescent Park”. A large auction was held in March of 1979. The Carousel was doomed to be torn down with the rest of the park. But local residents, Gail Durfee, Jobel (Tracy) Aguiar, Richard Lund, Linda McEntee, & Robin Peacock fought back. While most of Crescent Park was auctioned off in 1979, a fire destroyed much of the midway in 1980. And in 1984 the vacant shore dinner hall burned down. Arson was suspected. The “Save our Carousel Committee” led by the “Crescent Park Five” concentrated on an effort to at least save and preserve the Looff Carousel. Many proposals were floated to city leaders and several did not include keeping the carousel. Contacted for this story, Gail Durfee did not want to say much. “I’ve pretty much been taken out of the loop these days,” she said. Durfee did have a few comments however. “Our goal was to save the carousel and some prime waterfront land for the public. That was our goal,” she said. After a long legal battle, in which former state Attorney General, Arlene Violet represented the group, a compromise was reached in Superior Court. The carousel was saved and the city was given about 7 acres of bay front land for open space and almost 4 acres around the carousel itself. In turn, developer Kelly & Picerne got to build Section 8 housing for the elderly and handicapped near the carousel in a complex now called Crescent Park Manor. Individual homes and more upscale condos were built on the Bullocks Point avenue side of the road. The developer bought the land from the city for about $825,000. Former city manager, Earl Sandquist and city Mayor Ed Langton were opposed to keeping the carousel or any of Crescent Park open, according to Durfee. And thus, the historic Crescent Park Looff Carousel was saved and now thrives. The Crescent Park Five, as they been called, were recently inducted into the EPHS Hall of Fame for their efforts to save the Looff Carousel. And since the carousel reopened in July of 1984, the newly formed carousel commission has counted on Ed Serowik and others to keep its’ 118 year old merry-go-round working safely. “We got a $1 million grant from (former) Representative Patrick Kennedy. We replaced the foundation under the carousel and also added a sprinkler system and new electric. Three years ago we replaced the 115 year old gears. We’re keeping it going,” said a proud Serowik as he went to speak to a mom who was planning a child’s birthday party at the carousel. This year the city will be making exterior repairs and repainting the building. “Since the budget commission has left we seem to be moving again, getting things done. They (budget commission) had stopped us from doing a lot here,” Serowik noted. Serowik’s son, Edward, Jr. is now the carousel manager, following in his father’s footsteps. Two other amusement parks dotted Riverside’s waterfront. Vanity Fair and Boyden Heights. Trying to build upon the success of Crescent Park, George Boyden built Boyden Heights on the water at the end of what is now Boyden Blvd. across from Bay View Academy. Boyden Heights was similar to Crescent Park in its piecemeal design, but it was also a typical park with many of the same rides and events as Vanity Fair. Boyden Heights was even more doomed than Vanity Fair. Although it was a typical park, it never caught on. George Boyden, after being forced out of Crescent Park, made a try near Squantum Point. He constructed “boardwalks and a pier, a shore dinner hall, rides, and a dance hall, but by December of 1902 he was bankrupt.” The park is now a residential area, but at one time had a scenic railway, a dance hall, and even diving horses! It had only survived a year. Now the park is gone and all that remains is a house that was converted from the bandstand. Vanity Fair developers had big ideas. It sat about where the Silver Spring golf course is now. ‘Vanity Fair is the most ambitious, grandiose amusement park north of Coney Island’, shouted out ads for the new park. The park opened in 1907. It had all the rides including a Chute the Chute, roller coaster, and carousel. It boasted a hotel, boardwalk, dinner hall, Wild West Show, dance hall, circus, an Indian congress, and wild animal area. It had sideshows like the

August 2013 The Reporter baby incubator, borrowed from the idea at Coney Island. Perhaps one of the most spectacular events ever was the “Fighting the Flames.” “Fighting the Flames” was a mock city that would, every afternoon, have flames shoot from gas jets and actors would call for help, followed by an exciting rescue by the “fire fighters,” who had the actors jump into nets, arms of fire fighters, or were carried to safety. The developers over extended themselves as it also set itself apart by charging admission, having a planned midway, and an overall design scheme. The midway was surrounded by white buildings with lights outlining each structure. Vanity Fair was doomed to fail. It went into receivership in its first year. It struggled on for two years until in 1910 it went bankrupt. By 1915, Standard Oil bought the land and created an oil tank farm. Oil storage tanks now took up a good part of the East Providence waterfront erasing much of the scenic bay front views of the past. Potential waterfront development ongoing in the city may try to soon reclaim some of the early waterfront beauty found on East Providence’s long coast line. All that was left was Crescent Park. The story of Crescent Park is not unlike that of other parks in the area, and like others it was badly damaged by the 1938 hurricane. It thrived during the 1950s, though, and did not begin to decline until the 1970s when changing tastes, neglect, and financial difficulties made it hard for the park to survive. In 1962, the Satellite Ride broke free of its axis and injured several visitors. One former park patron has become an expert on Crescent Park and amusement parks throughout the country. George LaCross now lives in Barrington but grew up in East Providence and has built a web site called “laffinthedark. com”. “I grew up in East Providence, and Crescent Park was in my backyard. Well, not really. If you walked 100 feet up my street, turned right and walked straight for four miles, you would end up at Crescent Park. It took but minutes for us to get there by car. Maybe a half hour or so by bicycle. So, as a kid, I felt like Crescent Park was part of my neighborhood. Actually, I felt like I had my own Disneyland down the street!”, says part of an introduction on LaCross’ web site. LaCross continues; “for those of us growing up nearby, Crescent Park wasn’t just an amusement park, it was a way of life. And the park had a very short life if you were born in the mid-1950s; it closed after the 1977 season. But it helped shape who I am today and it sparked my lifelong fascination with dark rides and funhouses.” LaCross liked the gorilla in the Riverboat ride so much that he bought it at the park auction and restored it. “I bought the original gorilla and restored in 1979. The gorilla would lunge at riders with the help of a shot of compressed air. It showed up at the end of the Bourbon Street scene in the ride as a result of a “voodoo curse” which was a recurring theme throughout the ride.” Yes, LaCross still has that child-like twinkle in his eye when talking about Crescent Park. And so it remains that little kids like George LaCross, Don Gregory, Ed Serowik Sr. and Jr. have grown up, but they and thousands of other big kids still enjoy talking about Crescent Park. Many go back for a nostalgic carousel ride or some chowder and clam cakes. The carousel commission relies mostly on donations to stay in operation. Annual events like Movies in The Park, Tree Lighting and Santa’s visit, Puppet Shows, Saturday Night Classic Car Shows and Food and Wine Pairing help to raise funds. More information on schedules, etc., can be found at the carousel or by calling 435-7518. One can also email: One tradition that continues after 118 years, is tied to academics. Kids bringing their report cards to the carousel ticket booth in June, will get a free ride for every A and B. There are no more boat rides though or trolley cars and trains bringing thousands to Riverside. But the carousel is open on Wednesdays through Sundays, from 12 noon until 8 p.m. A snack bar is open and if you listen to the 118 year old carousel organ play and watch the kids having fun trying for the brass ring, you are almost transported back to the golden age of Crescent Park. Almost.


(Thanks to the following for their quotes and pictures: George LaCross and his web site; Don Gregory; Lewis and Young, Rhode Island Amusement Parks; Stephen Kent Goodman’s Article; Rhode Island Amusement Parks by Rob Lewis and Ryan Young; Arcadia Publishing, 1998, Crescent Park Carousel Commission. Also many thanks to Ed Serowik for his time and extensive photo collection. And to this reporter’s own childhood memories of Crescent Park. Send us your Crescent Park memories and pictures and we’ll post them on our web site. Email:

The park even had a popular pony track..

The Riverboat Ride. A dark, exciting ride reminiscent of Old New Orleans.

Well dressed visitors at the penny arcade.

Todays Loof carousel.


The Reporter August 2013

East Providence Town News Fiscal Stability Act Changes Helpful To East Providence Important changes to the Fiscal Stability Act, specifically Section 45-9-10 of the Rhode Island General Laws, are good news to the City of East Providence and its taxpayers. The House Bill No. 6310, sponsored by Representatives Melo, Amore, Kazarian, Baldelli-Hunt and Phillips; takes effect upon passage and was signed into law by Governor Lincoln D. Chafee on July 15, 2013. The Senate Bill No. 984 SubA, sponsored by Senators DaPonte, Conley, Picard and Cote; mirrored the House Bill version. Thanks to the amendments, in East Providence, when the Budget Commission leaves, the position of administrative and finance officer (AFO) will not be appointed. Instead, a fiscal advisor will assist the City and Schools with monitoring the overall budgetary and financial administration, and fiscal health of the City. The existence of this advisor does not remove any duties from existing City positions; and is more compatible with the City Council – City Manager form of government in East Providence or similar municipalities. The fiscal advisor will be appointed by and report to the State Director of Revenue, when she determines in writing that the

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financial condition of the City has improved to a level such that the Budget Commission is no longer needed. The appointment is for five years, and the State will reimburse the City 50% of the position’s cost annually. The appointment of a fiscal advisor will provide an opportunity for East Providence to retain an extension of fiscal oversight that should be viewed positively by rating agencies; while not creating a position with duplicative duties and unnecessary financial burden to the taxpayers. Also, personnel matters are not under the jurisdiction of this position, but properly with the City and Schools. Most importantly, the fiscal advisor will be helpful to the City and Schools in adhering to the structurally balanced five-year fiscal stability plan developed by the Budget Commission. The East Providence Legislative Delegation, as well as City Council and School Committee members who have pursued this meaningful change, are credited with amending the law in a way that will benefit their constituents. I would especially like to thank the Chairman DaPonte and Chairman Melo, Senator Conley, and Representatives Amore and Kazarian for their hard work in crafting and ensuring passage of this important legislation; as well as Assistant Mayor Rose for his tireless advocacy on this issue.

News from East Bay Community Action Program

East Bay Community Action Program (EBCAP) presented two 2013 Vision Awards and announced its 2013 Public Service Award at the Tenth Annual Seaside Gala held Thursday, June 13 at Castle Hill Inn in Newport. The Seaside Gala, EBCAP’s major fundraising event of the year, also featured Michele Muscatello, WPRI Eyewitness News Meteorologist as auctioneer. Entertainment was provided by the Mike Moran Band. Bill and Marlene Murphy of Jamestown served as Honorary Co-Chairs of the event. Receiving Vision Awards were Shaw’s market in Riverside and United Healthcare Community Plan. It was also announced that U.S. Senator Jack Reed will be awarded the 2013 Public Service Award. Shaw’s received a Vision Award for its significant contribution to the EBCAP food pantry at 100 Bullocks Point Avenue. Each month Shaw’s donates approximately 2,000 pounds of meat including chicken, bacon, fish and sausage. There is enough donated that that every one of the 700 hundred households served by the pantry can have choices of meat they serve their families and loved ones. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is a key partner of the Newport Family and Child Opportunity Zone (NFCOZ). The NFCOZ provides early childhood services, after school and vacation camps, parent support and education, health and wellness activities, and connections to community services. UnitedHealthcare’s support has afforded families in Newport access to health education materials focused on healthy living and wellness activities. Additionally these same families are helped in navigating and understanding the Rhode Island’s Medicaid programs. United States Senator Jack Reed will receive the 2013 EBCAP Public Service Award, in recognition of his outstanding record of

August 2013 The Reporter leadership and advocacy on important issues affecting all Rhode Islanders including the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Weatherization, Head Start and the Community Health Center programs. Since Senator Reed was unable to attend the event, the award will be presented to him at EBCAP’s East Providence headquarters in July.

East Providence Prevention Coalition Responsible Beverage Service Trainings Offered Locally

The East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) has trained over 350 participants locally, in the 21 Proof Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) curriculum. 21 Proof is an evidence based, state approved Responsible Beverage Service Training for anyone who serves alcoholic beverages in a pouring establishment. All staff including wait staff, door personnel, valet staff and owners/mangers must be RBS Certified through a four-hour training, and recertified every three years, according to RI state law. Upon being hired, the server/seller has 60 days to be certified. In an attempt to offer this training locally and affordably, the EPPC is hosting three RBS trainings in the next year at a nominal fee of $25 per participant. All trainings take place at East Providence City Hall, located at 145 Taunton Avenue, East Providence RI, in room 306 from 9:00am-1:00pm. Training dates are as follows: Tuesday September 10, 2013 Tuesday January 7, 2014 Tuesday June 3, 2014 During the 21 Proof RBS training, staff will learn identification checking, laws, assessing customer intoxication levels, skills for handling customers and refusing sales. Upon successful completion, staff will receive training manuals and required certification. The EPPC is a citizens group dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles. The Coalition develops proactive strategies through collaboration with community partners in both the public and private sectors. For more information or to sign up for a training contact the EPPC at 401-435-1923 or email


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The Reporter August 2013

The EP Parks & Recreation Department EPRD to Offer Babysitting Certifications

The EP Recreation dept. will offer babysitter’s certification programs for youth ages 11-16. Participants may choose between two sessions being offered on the following dates: Session I: Tue. & Thur., August 13 & 15, 5:30-8:30pm Session II: Saturday, August 17, 9am-3:30pm. The certification classes will take place at the Recreation Center located at 100 Bullocks Point Ave. Course instructors are registered nurses with over 30 years’ experience in the health care field and are American Heart Association certified CPR and First Aid instructors. Nurses Cathy & Donna will provide a fast paced, interactive and fun learning experience!

The first 3 hours of instruction focuses on CPR and choking for the adult, child and infant. Students will also learn how to use an AED. The second half of the program will cover learning the elements of 1st aid and child safety, and stages of child development. Participants will also learn how to change and feed a baby and how to get their babysitting business started! Program fee is $70 per person which includes a CPR book, reference materials, a certificate of completion and snacks. Class size is limited. To register please call the Recreation Center at 401-433-6360.

The East Prov. Rec is planning several trips for the Fall/Winter season... September 4 Francis Farm clam cakes, chowder, and steamers and Bingo September 17 Springfield Fair (RI Day) limited seats October 9 Foliage Trip Adams Farm, Wilmington Vt. Hayride and barn theatre show Lunch @ Grafton Inn

Dr. Lisa Daft and Dr. Jared Stubbs Dr. Lisa Daft and Dr.Dr. Chris Are pleased to announce ChrisVanderpool Vanderpool comprehensive has joinedProviding our family and cosmetic dental practice. Providing dental MA. care in dental comprehensive care in Seekonk, Seekonk, MA for more than 35 years. WeWewelcome new patients! welcome new patients!

October 19 Statue of Liberty and 911 Memorial October 30 Magic Wings Butterfly Farm, Amherst Farm Winery, and lunch @ Lord Jeffrey Inn November 7 Alcott Family Home (setting for “Little Women”), lunch @ 1716 Colonial Inn, Concord, Mass stop @ Colonial Candies November 13 North Shore Music Theatre, “Miss Saigon”, lunch @ Danversport Yacht club November 20 Foxwoods Day Trip December 5 Christmas Party Wannamoisett Country Club

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December 12 Connecticut Country Christmas, lunch and entertainer “Jodi Ebling” @ The Inn at Woodstock. Stop @ the G&L Christmas Barn. Reservations are now being accepted for all of the trips by calling Debbie Rochford at 437-2983 or 435-7511

The Reporter

August 2013

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The Reporter August 2013

Dates to ber Remem

Events & Activities Write Your Life August 8th @ 7pm

Walkways • Retaining Walls • Patios • Hydroseeding • Bobcat Services

“Write your Life” group forming at Barrington United Methodist Church (230 Washington Road). Create your autobiography with like minded others. Organizational meeting Thursday August 8th at 7PM. Facilitator Barbara Scott: 247-1074.

American Legion Post 10

Car Showcase 830 Willett Ave Riverside RI 02915

August 10th, 2013 10-2pm Come out and show off your oldie but goodie!

Music, friends and food!!!! 50/50 Raffle Admission is $5 per car. Donations of canned goods and non perishables will be accepted to benefit the Riverside Food Bank. For information call Donna at 401-433-5846 leave a message or Alishia 401-536-1830

Barbosa & Son Auto Repair, Inc. We are your Neighborhood Auto Repair Shop Your alternative to Dealers

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Saturday, August 10th

You are invited to join us for a FREE block party and cookout, coming up Saturday August 10th, from 4:00-8:00pm. The event will include inflatable’s for the kids, face painting, cotton candy, snow cones, hot dogs, and door prizes. The block party and cookout will take place in the fields behind Hope High School (324 Hope St.) on the East Side of Providence. We hope you can make it. The entire event is FREE! However, if you’re able, please bring a school supply to benefit local schools. For more information, check out our website: This event is brought to you by Christ the King Church

Forever Young Club Plans Foxwoods Trip Wednesday, August 21

205 North Brow St. (Next to Munroe Dairy) • East Providence, RI Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm, Sat 8:00am-1:00 pm

Ed Barbosa - owner, Nos Falmos Portugués

Christ the King Church FREE Block Party

e y w r

The St. Brendan Forever Young Club has a trip to Foxwoods planned for Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Departs from the American Legion Hall, 83 Willett Ave, Riverside at 8:00 a.m. and returns there at 5:00 p.m. Cost is $22 and reservations can be made by calling Ann at 437-0963.

August 2013

WALKING IN RHODE ISLAND! Mark your calendars! Saturday, August 24th

Join us for a WALK CONCERT at St. Francis Xavier Church, East Providence, RI! FREE Event and Open to the public! Sat. August 24th! WHAT is a WALK CONCERT? If you haven’t experienced a LIVE Walk with Leslie Sansone’s Walk Leaders, you just can’t miss this! In New England in August? Get your walking shoes on and join us as we lead a 2 Mile Fitness Walk to HIT MUSIC… OUTDOORS… at St. Francis Xavier Church under the RI Summer Sun! You’ll walk to Motown, Pop, Rock, Disco and even some of your favorite religious music — all of the songs you love! We’ll celebrate as each mile is completed…it’s a walk event like no other! Super Walkers won’t want to miss this HEALTHY event… all are welcome! Come walk with Father Scott, pastor of St. Francis Xavier and a certified walk leader – also a featured guest walker on Leslie Sansone’s Just Walk Series – 3 MEGA MILES – or maybe you saw him on QVC with Leslie! Come on out and walk with us! There will be a morning full of things for everyone! There will be friends, food, fun, and plenty of walking to be done! There’ll be plenty of prizes and raffles going on throughout the morning! SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 2013 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Chowder & Clam Cakes Fund Raiser

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The Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Needs Your Help Sunday, September 8th Hey, East Providence, here is your chance to help restore your lighthouse, right here, just off the shoreline and bike path in Riverside. You can help out by buying a New England favorite, chowder and clam cakes. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Leite, a portion of the price will go towards the restoration project. If you would like, you can also participate in an excellent raffle and some silent auctions which include gift certificates to Fleming’s and Eleven Forty Nine Restaurants, tickets for the Gamm Theater and for the Newport Playhouse, among other items. The Event will be held at Pazi’s Place, 380 Taunton Ave, East Providence, on Sunday September 8, 2013 from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Hope to see you there. Dave Kelleher Chair Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

EPHS – Class of 1956 Reunion Sunday, September 15th

East Providence High School Class of 1956 are asked to reserve Sunday, September 15th, for a 57th reunion. The reunion will be on a Sunday afternoon at Wannamoisett Country Club in Rumford, RI. Invitations will be mailed in May. If you have moved in the past two years, please call 508-336-8709 (Seekonk) to up-date your address.

Help us support our schools……

Running Back to School 5K Festival Sponsored by Rehoboth PTSA

September 15th 2013 10:00 am start time Same day registration 8:00a.m.-9:30a.m.

Francis Farm Rehoboth, MA For information and registration go to: Click on our link-Running Back to School. Or contact: Sue DePalo 401-487-5755 or Jill Lifrak 401-742-4573



The Reporter August 2013

Chorus of East Providence Open Sing Announcement

Welcome Prospective Members! Tuesday September 3rd and Tuesday September 10th 2013

The ChoruS of East Providence is a Non – Auditioned Chorus and is accepting new members and eagerly seeks Sopranos Tenors and Basses! Adult singers from all communities may join without audition. If you’re interested in singing with us, please contact us about coming to a scheduled Open Sing rehearsal. Dues, which include the cost of music and a rehearsal CD for 2 semesters (Holiday & Spring), are $90. For the year. Chorus members are expected to attend all rehearsals, which are normally Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 9:30 pm at St Martha’s Church, 2595 Pawtucket Avenue in East Providence. Director: Beth Armstrong ACCOMPANIST: Victoria Lambrozo The Chorus of East Providence was incorporated as a Rhode Island non-profit organization in September 2007 and is now designated as a 501(c)(3) status organization. The Chorus is led by its Board of Directors and operates in accordance with its Bylaws. Board of Directors for 2012/2013: Maureen Conroy, President; Sandra Medeiros, Vice President; Phil Abbatomarco Treasurer; Judith Antonio, Secretary. Other directors: Olivia Howard, William Simpson, and Susan Spaulding Kathy Leonard. Section Leaders: Katie Karikas Soprano, Kelsey Oliver Alto; Cathy Burnett Tenor, Donald Atkins Bass. If you love to sing, Please come to join us!

Seekonk Save A Pet Society, INC. Craft and Vendor Fair Saturday, September 14th

To benefit the homeless dogs and cats at the Seekonk Animal Shelter White elephant tables available When: Saturday, September 14, 2013(rain date Saturday, September 21, 2013) 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Where: Located at the Dr. Kevin M Hurley Middle School 650 Newman Ave., Seekonk MA 02771 Interested In Purchasing A Space To Sell Your merchandise? For additional information, or for a registration form…

V i s i t o u r w e b s i t e a t w w w. to print and complete our registration form or call Hil-

ary at (774)-991-3177 or email hilaryl123@

August 2013

The Reporter


The 41st, 40th & 39th East Providence High School Reunion

“Workmanship You Can Be Proud Of”

The East Providence High School class of 1972, 1973, and 1974 will be holding their 41st, 40th, and 39th class reunion together at Francis Farm on September 21. For more info please call 401-714-5088 (72’), 401-437-2983 (73’) or 401-433-5574 (74’).

Auto & Marine Upholstery


September 21st

584 Warren Avenue EST. 1911

First Annual Shontell’s Smile Memorial Foundation Softball Tournament Fundraiser

584 Warren Avenue • East Providence, R.I. 02914 401-434-9066 Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-12pm

Saturday, August 31st • 8:00am—8:00pm

Agawam Softball Complex The Reporter is the Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence, RI Registration fee - $80.00 per team only paper MAILED FREE to Contact Gina Lopes for registration at: 401-523-0493 100% of East Providence! Visit us at (Rain date Saturday, September 14, 2013). The Shontell’s Smile (Imari Adam) Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to assist graduating and continuing education students whose studies will be in the disciplines of medicine, music/dance/theater Medium/Heavy Truck & RV Services and culinary arts. Shontell’s goal was to federal dot & Ri State inspections become the youngest nurse practitioner TRuck Computer diagnostic Specialist! in Rhode Island and she loved to dance *All makes engine repairs *Lift gate problems and cook. *Fuel pumps *Welding fabrication Her parents, sister and family members *Brake work *Heavy equipment *Electrical repair *Front ends established this foundation as an indelible *Injectors *Rear roll-up door repairs tribute to Shontell’s love of life and giving *Oil changes *Installation nature that will forever be carried on in her *Trailer repair *Wiring circuits name. *Turbo RI# 459EA For more information on how you Ford 6.0 Diesel Power Stroke Specialist (401) 725-2188 can donate to Shontell’s Smile Memo447 York Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02861 (401) 724-9405 rial Foundation contact Shontell Gomes at or call 401837-5740 and leave a message. Checks can be written and mailed to: Life Resurrection Community Church Shontell’s Smile Foundation 1619 Lonsdale Avenue, Lincoln, RI 02865

MIKE’S Truck & Trailer Repair, Inc Full Service Truck and Auto Center


Sunday, September 29, 2013 Colt State Park Bristol, RI For more information, please contact the Marketing/Development Department at 401-274-6310, ext. 1266. Shontell


The Reporter August 2013


Come Celebrate With Us at Our End of Summer Celebration

September 7th & 8th

Saturday 9am-8pm & Sunday 10am-5pm Live Music • Raffles • Food • & Fun Y2K Record Blowout Sale SUPER DEALS on Furniture & Everything Else! Yester-Day's News... "The Best Little Antique / Consignment / Everything Shop Around!"

YESTER-DAY’S NEWS “Taking the Old, Making it New.”

5 Forbes St., Riverside RI • 401.433.3035

Antiques & Collectibles Vintage, Practical, Nostalgic

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Tues-Wed 10am-5pm, Thur-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 12-5pm

Loof Carousel Fundraiser By Bob Rodericks

Save This Date: September 26th, 2013: Save our Carousel!

The Crescent Park Carousel Commission is sponsoring a return of a highly successful event on Thursday, September 26th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. “Our annual ‘Wine and Food Tasting Event’ is approaching soon. Last years’ program was well received by the community-at-large and this year should be bigger than ever,” said event co-chairs Bruce Rogers and Millie Morris. The event features lots of good food and prizes and a silent auction. “And of course our great Loof Carousel will be open,” said Morris. Event attendees are urged to get tickets ahead of time, “although some tickets may be reserved for purchase at the door,” said Rogers. The carousel commission is meeting at Reporter press time and ticket prices will be set shortly. “The commission is aware that there are numerous fundraising activities throughout East Providence this year. Although last years’ ticket prices at $35. per person and $50. per couple were well received by event goers, we are planning to lower the ticket price this year,” said a statement from Rogers and Morris. 2013 ticket prices can be obtained by writing to Tracy Johnson at the carousel office at . Tickets and further information can also be obtained from any carousel commission member.

First Annual Great Townie Pumpkin Contest

Sunday, October 20th at The Looff Carousel in Riverside, RI

Please join us for the First Annual Great Townie Pumpkin Contest! This will be a community building event to include food, crafts and a penny social along with the main attraction, who grew the best pumpkin in East Providence! Half of the proceeds from this event will benefit Middle School Sports via Project 106 and the other half will support the Carousel. Pumpkins will be judged from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Penny Social Winners will be announced at 2:00 p.m. Great Townie Pumpkin Winners will be announced at 2:30 p.m. Pumpkins will be scored by the following method: Vendor Opportunities Food trucks, crafts, coffee, baked goods, local businesses, etc… All vendors will be welcomed. You must bring your own table/ chairs/displays. Set-up will begin at 8:30 and must be completed by 9:30. No electricity/water will be provided. Spaces will be assigned. Food Trucks - $20 Vendor Table - $10. Each vendor must donate one item for a penny social All registration forms must be accompanied by a check made payable to Project 106 and mailed to: Project 106 c/o 686 Willett Ave. Riverside, RI 02915. Vendors must be registered by September 30, 2013

Saint Xavier Homecoming and Reunion October 27th

Saint Xavier Alumnae Homecoming and Reunion honoring the 50 year reunion of the Class of 1963 and all classes ending in 3 and 8 is Oct. 27 at Quidnessett Country club in North Kingstown. All classes are welcome. Call 401-438-3393 or visit

August 2013

East Providence Labor Day Parade!


September 2nd, 2013

Rain or Shine!!

Bands, Floats, Vehicles, Balloons, Candy, Organizations, and Much More... Fun for the Whole Family!!!

Kick off 10am sharp from East Providence High School traveling Waterman Avenue, Six Corners, Taunton Avenue ending at East Providence City Hall Contact: Tommy Rose 401-952-8208 We've cleared that way for a great day!!

Med Tech Ambulance Service To Host Golf Tournament To Benefit Memorial Hospital Of Rhode Island

Pawtucket, RI – Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island is proud to announce their 2nd Annual Golf Tournament and dinner, hosted by Med Tech Ambulance Service, to be held at the Pawtucket Country Club in RI. The tournament will take place on Monday, September 9, 2013 and will help benefit Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. Tournament Co-Chairs, Gary Reis, President and CEO and Beth Reis, CPA and Chief Financial Officer, both from Med Tech Ambulance Service, invite individuals to take part in a great day of golf to help support the hospital. The day’s events will include a luncheon served from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with a 1 p.m. shotgun start. A reception, dinner, awards, silent auction and raffles will follow. The format will be Shamble. The fee per player is $185. If you are interested in participating, please register early because the field is limited to 128 players. Sponsorships are also available by contacting the Public Relations Department at (401) 729-2459 or Deadline for sponsorship, advertising and player registration is August 23, 2013.

The Reporter



BIG SAVINGS Evan Duarte, LSP (888) 777-9936 400 Massasoit Ave., Ste. 101

Insurance and coverages subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance: Northbrook, Illinois © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company.


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294 Taunton Ave, Rt. 44 • Seekonk MA

15th Annual Pawtucket Arts Festival presents: Slater Park Fall Festival

Across from Mill’s Plaza / Regency Liquors

(508) 336-0848 •

Saturday/Sunday September 21 & 22, 2013 Call for Artisans, Crafters and Vendors Slater Memorial Park 11:00 to 5:00pm

“Relax and sell your wares in our openair marketplace!” Your application, payment in full and images must be received by TUESDAY JULY 30, 2013. Please visit our website for the complete list of guidelines and fees, along with the downloadable application form. For more information, please contact Pat Zacks, Slater Park Fall Festival chair at 401-273-5367 or More Events on page 46...

TnF Wellness

Join our Weight-Loss Challenge Where you Can LOSE WEIGHT & GAIN MONEY Lets do it your way the right WAY!!!

Join our Challenge for only $35 & You will receive: • Your own Personal Coach • FREE Body Analysis - a $100 Value • 12 weeks of informational classes, group support & much, much more!!

Class Begins August 2013

To Pre-register or for more info, call: 401-437-8787 • 15-17 Forbes St • Riverside, RI 02915


The Reporter August 2013

Club News & Announcements



Enjoy a Great Steak at a Great Price! 8 oz. Choice Top Sirloin $4.95

8 oz. Choice Angus Chuck Ranch $3.20

American Legion Post 10 Presents Our Annual Chicken BBQ August 11th 2013 at 1:00pm

Post 10 American Legion; 830 Willett Ave Riverside RI 02915

We hold our BBQ every year to help fund the Scholarship Fund!! Tickets are $15.00/person

Raffles, Good Food, Fun Fun Fun Come out and enjoy this weather with friends and help support our local students!! We will be accepting donations of non-perishable food to benefit the Riverside Food Bank

Open to the Public • Mon-Fri 8-4:30 • Sat. 8-12

401-431-2190 ext. 8

141 Narragansett Park Dr. East Providence, RI 02916 Located off Newport Ave. in back of East Providence 10 Cinema

See our new website: "like" us on Facebook and "follow" us on Twitter

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Tirrell Realty

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Sundays – August 11th - September 8th Open From 1 - 3:30 PM

Featured this summer is the Rumford collection, including the new Sellew exhibit, and the history/interior photos of the Odd Fellows building on Warren Avenue. Come take the interactive quiz for the new Rumford exhibit, weigh in with your opinion about how the Odd Fellows hall might be reused, and don’t forget to look for the EPHS featured in the summer edition of “Edible Rhody.” The EPHS is a volunteer organization in its 47th year which is dedicated to the preservation of local history. We maintain the 18th century John Hunt House Museum/ genealogy library at the Hunts Mills local historic district - 65 Hunts Mills Road, participate in the URI Master Gardening program, and provide educational programs open to the public. Hunt House Museum is open to all on the “2nd Sunday” of every month from 1-3:30 pm and by appointment. For more information visit or call 438-1750

News from The Rumford Lions

Marcel Robert, Accredited Buyer Representative


EPHS Summer “2nd Sunday” Open Houses: John Hunt House


The Rumford Lions recently installed the members of the 2013 - 2014 Board of Directors. They are: President: Charles Tsonos Immediate Pat President: Craig Trodson First Vice President: Raymond Secour Jr. Second Vice President: John Barone Secretary: William Kelly Treasurer: Bill Weber Tail Twister: Craig Trodson Lion Tamer: Lenny Rounds Directors: Richard Cappuccio, Tony Gomes, David Lanni, Kevin Phelan, Bill Walsh Membership Chair: Peter Barilla They will each serve a one year term beginning July 1, 2013. The Lions General Membership meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of each month (the third Thursday in November) at B Pinelli’s Simply Italian Restaurant, 736 North Broadway, East Providence. Membership is open to all, please visit our website at rumfordlions. org or email us at

August 2013

CHADD ADHD Support Network Open Discussion Group Wednesday, August 7, 7 pm

At Bradley Hospital; 1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy East Providence, RI 02915 Fee: Free, Donations accepted Contact: Roberta @ 401-369-0045

Advertise in The East Providence Reporter! CALL 508.252.6575


Community & Teachers Federal Credit Union SMOOTH SAILING! Safe Harbor

The T.F. Green Airport Military Lounge

The Rhode Island Military Organization (RIMO) Military Lounge at T.F. Green Airport will be opening in the very near future and be the host to more than 10,000 Armed Forces members annually. This facility will have two managers and a staff of volunteers to attend to our customers’ needs. Built and appointed by volunteers and community donors, this space was graciously provided by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC), a proud supporter of military members and Veterans. This facility will provide refreshments, sundry items, entertainment, computer access and a respite for traveling military service members, Veterans and their families. This facility will be staffed by community volunteers from numerous organizations or those individuals who just want to support our military in a small way. Volunteers are required to fill out the RIMO application, acquire a background check and go through a training class. They will then be able to dictate the number of hours worked each month. We are looking for those who can dedicate 4 volunteer hours per month.  The success of this lounge will be in providing superior service to our clients who so deserve a special space for their dedication to our state and nation. For more information please contact: Want to volunteer? Contact:

The Reporter

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362 Taunton Avenue, East Providence, RI

438-7788 438-7789


Nos Falamos Portuguese Mon - Thurs 9-4:30 Fri 9-6, Sat 9-12


Member East Providence Chamber of Commerce

PAIVA Realty Group • Rumford, RI •

EAST PROVIDENCE: Colonial, lots of character, original moldings, 4 bedrooms, hwds, fp, 2 car garage, deck, appliances, off street parking, newer roof, generator, immediate occupancy. $169,900

EAST PROVIDENCE: Colonial, 3 beds, Pierce Field area, lg lot, walk to Hennesy School, din rm, appliances, pellet stove, hwds, 1 car garage, front porch, vinyl siding, rep windows. $159,900

Ray Paiva Broker/owner

EAST PROVIDENCE: Colonial, 3 beds, new kitch w/granite and s/s appliances; new roof, electric, vinyl siding, navien gas heating system, hwds, 1 car garage, corner lot, walk to elementary school. $197,900

(401) 447-2275 • NMLS# 79078 Branch#305159

Rita Valcorba, Senior Loan Officer

110 Jefferson Blvd, Suite I • Warwick RI

Office: 401-737-8542 Cell: 401-265-8449 E-fax: 877-445-6315

Loan inquiries and applications in states where I am not licensed will be referred to a Loan Officer who is licensed in the property state. Equal Housing Lender. Prospect Mortgage is located at 15301 Ventura Blvd., Suite D300, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. Prospect Mortgage, LLC (Unique Identifier #3296) is a Delaware limited liability company licensed by the Department of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act and operates with the following licenses: RI Licensed Lender #20021343LL, Broker #20041643LB. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. All loans must satisfy company underwriting guidelines. Information and pricing are subject to change at any time and without notice. This is not an offer to enter into a rate lock agreement under MN law, or any other applicable law.



The Reporter August 2013




       


                 

  


   

       

         

  

                        

 

           

 

  

  

                       

 


 

August 2013

The Reporter


People in the News Additional College-Sponsored Merit Scholarship Winners Named

(Evanston, Illinois) Today, National Merit Scholarship Corporation (nmsc) announced approximately 1,800 additional winners of National Merit Scholarships financed by colleges and universities. These Merit Scholar designees join approximately 2,500 other college-sponsored award recipients who were announced in late May Officials of each sponsor college selected their scholarship winners from among the Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program who will attend their institution. College-sponsored awards provide between $500 and $2,000 annually for up to four years of undergraduate study at the institution financing the scholarship. This year, 190 colleges and universities are sponsoring about 4,300 Merit Scholarship awards. Sponsor colleges include 113 private and 77 public institutions located in 44 states and the District of Columbia. This final group of winners brings the number of 2013 National Merit Scholars to more than 7,800. These distinguished high school graduates will receive scholarships for undergraduate study worth a total of approximately $35 million. In addition to collegesponsored awards, two other types of National Merit Scholarships were offered—2,500 National Merit® $2500 Scholarships, for which all Finalists competed, and over 1,000 corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards for Finalists who met criteria specified by their grantor organizations.


Shape Up East Providence

Registrartion Is August 11,2013 from 2-5PM. This is a FREE Community Event! FREE Fitness program for all Fitness levels. FREE BMI check, Fitness Evaluation, Coaching, and Body Transformation!!! ASK FOR Mary Santana 401.270.2929 or visit us at

611R Waterman Ave East Providence, RI.

Fogarty Auto Body, Inc. Serving Southern New England's Auto Body Needs For Over 60 Years * Certified Collision Experts * Professional Guaranteed Service * Painting / Expert Color Matching * We handle all Insurance Claims * License # 76

2013 National Merit Scholarship Competition

This year’s competition for National Merit Scholarships began when approximately 1.5 million juniors in some 22,000 high schools took the 2011 Preliminary sat/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (psat/nmsqt®), which served as an initial screen of program entrants. In September 2012, about 16,000 Semifinalists were named on a state representational basis in numbers proportional to each state’s percentage of the national total of graduating high school seniors. Semifinalists were the highest-scoring program entrants in each state and represented less than one percent of the nation’s seniors. To become a Finalist, each Semifinalist had to complete a detailed scholarship application, which included writing an essay, describing leadership positions and contributions in school and community activities, showing an outstanding academic record, and being endorsed and recommended by a high school official. Semifinalists also had to take the sat and earn scores that confirmed their performance on the initial qualifying test. From the Semifinalist group, about 15,000 attained Finalist standing, and more than half of the Finalists were chosen to receive National Merit Scholarships. NMSC, a not-for-profit corporation that operates without government assistance, was established in 1955 to conduct the National Merit Scholarship Program. Over the past 58 years, more than 300,000 outstanding young men and women have won National Merit Scholarships worth over $1 billion. The majority of awards offered each year are underwritten by approximately 440 independent corporate and college sponsors that support nmsc’s efforts to recognize scholastically talented youth and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence. National Merit, Merit Scholarship, Merit Scholar, and the corporate logo are federally registered service marks of National continued on next page...

401-438-5290 • 2258 Pawtucket Ave • East Providence, RI

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401 Bullocks Point Avenue Men • Women • Children Hair • Nails • Waxing

Riverside RI 02915


Open Tues-Sat • Walk-Ins Accepted


The Reporter August 2013 Merit Scholarship Corporation. PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of National Merit Scholarship Corporation and the College Board.


RHODE ISLAND College-sponsored Merit Scholarship winners of July 15, 2013 NATIONAL MERIT NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP

Mini Storage, Inc. 95 commercial Way East Providence, RI 02914

f es o age z i S r All e Sto g a r Ga

5'x10' 10'x10' 12'x10' 10'x15' 10'x25' 20'x25'

For more information Call Lionel Vieira

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The University is a leader in interdisciplinary and use-inspired research, urban engagement, and the integration of classroom learning with real-world experience. We integrate rigorous classroom studies with experiential learning opportunities - anchored by the nation’s largest most innovative cooperative education program - designed to prepare students for a lifetime of achievement. Robert B. Gaines EAST PROVIDENCE 02915 Probable career field: Medicine WHEELER SCHOOL, PROVIDENCE



(401)435-0028 (401)265-3797

University News

Elizabeth Graham Graduates from Emory University

Atlanta - Elizabeth Graham of Rumford, R.I. (02916) received a Bachelor of Arts from Emory College of Arts and Sciences of Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., at its 168th commencement ceremony on May 13, 2013.

Riverside Resident Erin Carmone Graduates from Stonehill College


Easton, MA - Riverside resident Erin Carmone graduated from Stonehill College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.



From small Repairs to Full Remodels Call My Cell: 401-480-7190 or 508-838-9740

Free Estimates - Quick Response

20 Years+ Contractor • Licensed and Insured in Mass and RI

David Guissarri of East Providence Earned a Degree from Becker College

Worcester, MA - David Guissarri of East Providence, RI graduated from Becker College, at the 225th Commencement Ceremony held on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA. Guissarri earned an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology.

Kathryn Hardcastle Named to the Marist College Dean’s List for the spring 2013 Semester

Poughkeepsie, NY - Kathryn Hardcastle, of Rumford, RI, is a member of the Class of 2013 and is majoring in Communication.

Local residents named to spring 2013 Dean’s List at Salve Regina University

Under New Ownership

A Good Time Limousine

(401) 246-1031

Established in 2000

For All Occassions • Weddings • Proms • Corporate (Black Sedans, Special pricing for Corporate) • Airport • Girls Night Out • New York Trips Logan Airport $125.00

eachway plus gratuity. Exp 9/15/13

T.F Green Airport $50.00

eachway plus gratuity. Exp 9/15/13

(We also go to J.F.K. Airport)

Newport, RI - The following hometown residents were named to the Dean’s List during the spring 2013 semester at Salve Regina University: Daniel Amaral of Riverside, R.I.. Amaral is a 2013 graduate majoring in Marketing. Alexander Croce of Rumford, R.I.. Croce is a sophomore majoring in Biology. Melissa Csigay of Riverside, R.I.. Csigay is a senior majoring in Business Administration. Shannon Del Ross of East Providence, R.I.. Del Ross is a 2013 graduate majoring in Secondary Education & English. Elizabeth Donahue of Rumford, R.I.. Donahue is a 2013 graduate majoring in Elementary Education/Special education.

August 2013 Kyle Long of Rumford, R.I.. Long is a junior majoring in Financial Management. Miranda Sweetloice of East Providence, R.I.. Sweetloice is a 2013 graduate majoring in Biology. Daniel Brindamour Graduates from Assumption College

The Reporter



Richard DesLauriers ‘82 Delivers Keynote Address to 605 Graduates at Assumption College’s 96th Commencement

Worcester, MA - Daniel Brindamour of Rumford, RI, graduated May 11 from Assumption College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Marc Furtado Named to Hofstra University’s Spring 2013 Dean’s List

Hempstead, NY - Marc Furtado of East Providence, RI has made the spring 2013 Dean’s List at Hofstra University. Marc, Class of 2014, is majoring in political science.

Jillian Estrella Named to Assumption College Dean’s List

Worcester, MA - Jillian Estrella of Rumford, RI, class of 2016, has been named to the Dean’s List for the spring 2013 semester at Assumption College. To make the Dean’s List, Assumption students must achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

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University of Rhode Island names more than 3,700 to the Spring 2013 Dean’s List

Kingston, RI - The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce that more than 3,700 undergraduates have qualified for the Spring 2013 Dean’s List. The students represent all of Rhode Island’s cities and towns, all six New England states, New York and New Jersey, many other states and more than a dozen countries. The list includes the following students: Ann M Sam of East Providence, RI; Bryan A Amaral of East Providence, RI; Brittany Grilo of East Providence, RI; Brandon Sousa of East Providence, RI; Britney M Dias of East Providence, RI; Daniel Jose Mateus of East Providence, RI; Danielle Pacheco of East Providence, RI; Kimberly Jean Delande of East Providence, RI; Kelly Lynn Martin of East Providence, RI; Michael Stone of East Providence, RI; Monica Gabrielle Silvestre of East Providence, RI; Nicole E Joseph of East Providence, RI; Roberto Manuel Pinheiro of East Providence, RI; Shaina B. Rodriguez of East Providence, RI; Sean Donovan Spellman of East Providence, RI; Taylor J Hanrahan of East Providence, RI; Veronica M DeFaria of East Providence, RI; Ian G Calise of East family owned and operated for over 30 years Providence, RI; Michelle E Lowry of East Providence, RI; Matthew M Phillips of East Providence, RI; Sarah E Sultan of East Providence, Did heating costs hurt you this year? Save with a RI; Darius Carvalho of Riverside, RI; Andrew J Barao of Riverside, new fuel efficient heating system. (coupon can be RI; Ethan Zawatsky of Riverside, RI; Felicia Vieira Baker of Riverside, used for new heating or a/c installation) RI; Graham William Steadman of Riverside, RI; Holly L Gagnon of We sell "Heat Force and Heating Oil Plus" for reduced oil Riverside, RI; Joseph Alves D’Amico of Riverside, RI; John Maddox Devereaux of Riverside, RI; Katlin A Thompson of Riverside, RI; consumption and breakdowns. Kevin P Magee of Riverside, RI; Kristen L Wedekind of Riverside, • Discounted “will call” Summer is upon RI; Lindsey A Thompson of Riverside, RI; Nicholas A Debarros of C.O.D. prices Riverside, RI; Nicole Marie Mcgrath of Riverside, RI; Peter William us, have your A/C Martins of Riverside, RI; Rachel A Rooney of Riverside, RI; Ronald • Automatic Deliveries installed for COOL J Woodley of Riverside, RI; Riley Elizabeth Skeffington of Riverside, • Burner Service by our own comfort! RI; Sarah Zawatsky of Riverside, RI; Shahnee L Nevitt of Riverside, experienced technicians RI; Kayla L Daponte of East Providence, RI; Michael Sousa Fontes • Service Contracts $200 Off New of East Providence, RI; Thomas James Airozo of East Providence, Installation RI; Alice A Murray of Rumford, RI; Christina E Ramsay of Rumford, • Oil Tank Protection with a expires 9/15/13 RI; David T Ramsay of Rumford, RI; Elizabeth L Howard of Rumford, $1000.00 warranty RI; Erin M Strik of Rumford, RI; Jasmine Clarke of Rumford, RI; Melinda Lee Maroto of Rumford, RI; Megan B Quigley of Rumford, We Accept Fuel Assistance RI; Nicholas P Geleney of Rumford, RI; Paulo A Silva of Rumford, for Oil & Service RI; Sean D Archard of Rumford, RI; Tara M Lindberg of Rumford, RI; Troy Leo Sawyer of Rumford, RI; Victoria Anne Vichroski of Rumford, RI continued on page 45...

er 1-877-222-3187



The Reporter August 2013

East Providence Public Libraries East Providence Library Locations Weaver Memorial Library 41 Grove Avenue, East Providence, RI 401-434-2453 Monday - Thursday 9-8; Friday & Saturday 9-5 Riverside Branch Library 475 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside, RI 401-433-4877 Monday – Thursday 9-8; Friday & Saturday 10-5

August Activities For Children SUMMER READING

Kids! It’s not too late to report your summer reading at the library to earn prizes & FREE passes to museums, farms, and other local fun spots. All readers who complete 6 books by August 21 will receive a pass to get a free ticket to a Pawtucket Red Sox game on August 26. Also two lucky East Providence readers will each win four tickets to the August 20 Pawsox game and be entered to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World.


Tuesday, August 6, 2:00pm @WEAVER A fun-filled comedy magic show for ages 4+

Seekonk Auto Salvage, Inc. Automobile Recycling

• Buyers of Junk Cars, Trucks & Late Model Vehicles • 24 Hour Towing • Quality Flatbed Service

Highest Prices Paid for Scrap Vehicles - Call for Pricing


Wednesday, August 7, 11:00, all ages @RIVERSIDE Dirt Cups - Chocolate pudding layered with crushed cookies and gummy worms


Tuesday, August 13, 2-4:00pm @WEAVER All ages are invited to read (or be read to) quietly at the library and receive prizes for every 20 minutes of reading.


508-789-4047 or 508-761-6343 • Seekonk, MA Family Owned & Operated for 40 years

Licensed & Insured

Wednesday, August 14, 11:00am @RIVERSIDE Fun, magical, and even spooky tales, with songs and jokes for ages 4+


Thursday, August 14, 10:00am @ WEAVER Ronald’s 30 minute show is filled with magic, adventure, audience participation, and surprises! Ages 3+

Advertise In The East Providence Reporter!

For more information call 508-252-6575


Our grades 5-8 theater students will perform a play for all ages on: Tuesday, August 13 at 10:30am Wednesday, August 14 at 6:30pm. Both performances will be at Weaver, and open to the public. Play codirectors are: Judy De Perla, Martin Middle School teacher and theater specialist, and Scott Brousseau, EPHS alum and theater major at Roger Williams University.


Tuesday, August 20, 2:00pm @WEAVER A high energy show that features fun, incredible props, and life-size dinosaurs! Ages 4+


All Your Concrete Needs! Concrete Stamping Sidewalks Patio's / Porches Jacuzzi Pads Steps

Wednesday, August 21, 6:30pm @ WEAVER Back by popular demand, Mr. Tom and Mr. Vinnie will perform their hands-on, active children’s show on the lawn at Weaver so bring a blanket or lawn chairs. All ages!


Thursday, August 22, 2:00 @WEAVER FREE ice cream cones for all ages and books (courtesy of Books Are Wings).

August 2013

The Reporter


WEEKLY STORYTIMES - July 11 - August 8

No advance registration is necessary. Storytimes include stories, songs, music and dance Thursdays, 10:00am, ages 2 – 6 @ Weaver


The library matches volunteers, age 13-adult, with younger children to read together for one hour each week at the library. Call the Weaver Library for more information.


Kids 16 and younger can “pay” their overdue fines by reading in the library. Just tell a librarian when you start and finish reading, and we will waive $1 for every 30 minutes of reading.

Crescent Park Carousel Classic Car Cruise Night Every Saturday at 5pm Amron Family Fun Fair Returns to the Carousel


August 22nd thru Aug 25th

Watercolor Painting @ Weaver

Join us for “Movies in the Park”

(Programs are for ages 10 + unless otherwise noted.)

Experience the gentle art of watercolor painting with local artist Pam Santos and leave with your own original watercolor. Registration required. Call 434-2453. Thursday, August 1, 3pm.

Fused Glass Class @ Weaver

Artist Deenie Pacik Giuliano will guide participants in creating their own pendant or magnet with fused glass using colorful precut glass, crushed glass, powders, and dichroic glass. Registration required. Call 434-2453. Monday, August 5, 3pm.

Dessert Heaven @ Riverside

Layer pudding, cake, cookie crumbles, and whip cream to create and eat your own mud pie! Tuesday, August 6, 3pm.

Afternoon at the Movies @ Riverside

Enjoy a movie on the big screen with your friends. Snacks included. Tuesday, August 13, 2pm.

Theater Workshop Performances @ Weaver

Participants who have attended the theater workshops this summer will put on two performances for family, friends, and the public. Tuesday, August 13, 10:30am. Wednesday, August 14, 6:30pm.


Help keep the Weaver Library lawn and property looking neat and earn community service credit for high school or confirmation, or call 434-2453 to make an appointment for an individual community service project. Thursday, August 15, 3pm.

READ DOWN YOUR FINES @ Weaver and Riverside

Youth 16 and under can reduce their overdue fines by reading in the library. Tell a librarian when you start reading. 30 minutes of reading = $1 waived.

August 30th

Free and open to the public, Movies begin at dusk and as always are weather permiting

Big Yard Sale

September 14th at 9am Have hidden treasures you are no longer able to use, or are you a vendor looking for some local exposure? Call to reserve your 10’ x 10’ spot! Worried about having to bring things back home? Don’t be! Big Brothers and Sisters of RI will be on hand to collect donations!

Food and Wine Pairing September 26th 6:30-8:30 The Carousel Commission in collaboration with Anna Gasbarro and local restaurants are teaming up again this year for our 2nd Annual Food and Wine Pairing! We are brining back your favorite restaurants and adding new ones, there is sure to be something for everyone! Bring your friends and enjoy samples of delicious food complemented by a handpicked selection of wines! Call to reserve your tickets.

For more information about these events or to book your own special event please contact the business office at 401-435-7518. visit us on the web at

Find us on Crescent Park Carousel

32 The The Reporter Reporter August August2013 2013 32

Weichert, Realtors速

For Open Hous

Loan Officer on site:

GEORGE PEDRO from Mortgage Master

Tirrell Realty

401-447-6022 Great rates, great service!


The Team to Get the Job D

Quality Homes From Tirrell Realty Riverside



East Providence ST


Like new 3 bed, 2 bath Raised Ranch, garage, family roomly, near bike path. $199,900

Excellent location, 2-3 Bed Ranch on Cul de Sac location. $164,900

Barrington T IS



Located on a one way portion of Pawtucket Ave. Minutes to the East Side. Elegantly remodeled center hall Colonial; high ceilings, hwds, new kitchen, new bathroom w/ Italian marble flr. $245,000

East Providence


P Vi

Charming home w/porch & fenced yard; renovated interior w/ open flr plan. 2 full baths w/ master. C/A & hwds. Front load washer/dryer included in sale. Just move right in. $189,000

Riverside G





Colonial Cape updated w/ granite Quiet neighborhood off So. 2 Bed home in Waddington! Possible Great investment opportunity kitch & SS appliances; LR, formal DR, affordaable 2 family in the heart Broadway. Updated kitchen, expansion upstairs, newer windows, FR/lib rm, sound system throughout of Riverside. Close to the carousel, updated roof, lg 1c garage. Ductwork dining rm, hwds, gas heat, screened in back porch. Garage & full bike path, water, Rose Larissa Park screened patio, move in just in ready for C/A installation. Great dry basement w/walkout. $259,900 neighborhood!$128,900 time for summer. $159,900 and Sabins Point. $144,900




East Providence

Price New

2 Bedroom Bungalow in a quiet neighborhood. $149,900

Totally remodeled 3 Bed & 2 1/2 Bath Colonial w/ Hwds, New SS Appliances, Granite Counters, Formal DR, Partially Finished Basement, a lot of living space. Must see! $189,900




2/3 Bed Ranch, central air, impeccably maintained, attached 1 car garage, formal dining room. $167,900


Beautifully updated 3/4 bed Cape w/roomy Florida rm (12x12), pristine condition through, new kitchen & bath, great yard and area. $179,900

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Nos Falamos Portuguese

Reba Golden Michelle Lewis Gil Medeiros Jennifer Feighery 401-263-8749 401-481-2407 401-688-5867 401-219-6217

August 2013



ses Visit our Website

The Reporter

431 Willett Ave, Riverside, RI (across from CVS)

FREE SEMINAR Done. The Tirrell Team. At Tirrell Realty Career Night: Every Tuesday at 7pm Riverside


Riverside Price


Updated Colonial. Gas stove & fp. Brand New 3/4 Bedroom Water Spacious Cottage in Riverside, 3 Beds & Private 3/4 acre yd w/patio. In-law apt. View Raised Ranch, Central Air, 2 Baths included NEWLY BUILT Master iews of Narragnsett Bay & Lighthouse. Near Parks, Water, short walk to w/Bath, remodeled 2nd Floor interior, Lg rms, vinyl siding. $259,900 beach. $209,900 enclosed porch w/water view. $139,900

e , k









Great area, Waddington/ Barrington line 3 bed Ranch w/ front enclosed porch, garage, and central air. $159,900


Rare find 2 Bedroom Duplex on Bike Path, Great Owner Occupied & Great Rents. $249,900 DI






Marcel Robert 401-439-5574

Kathy Santos 401-241-5380

Elizabeth Cangarl 508-558-9758

Bill Tirrell 401-474-6301

East Providence


Priced to sell $69,900 Cash Buyer AS IS only buyer

East Providence NG


East Providence





Custom built 1 owner Colonial, Formal Dining, Crown Moldings. Great 2 Bed, 2 Bath Bungalow in Marble FP, Living Rm, Fam Rm Riverside. Remodeled 5-6 years off EIK, Lg Master w/ whirlpool & ago; new roof, siding, deck, heating separate shower, C/A. $314,900 system and more. $139,900



East Providence


Phil Tirrell

Broker / Owner

Fantastic opportunity, centrally located building w/ possibilities. Previous uses incl. restaurant, retail store & hair salon. Seller motivated, bring offers! $160,000 NEW CONSTRUCTION

East Providence




Amanda Bullock Louanne Jennings 401-996-1106 401-559-9717




Lovely 2 Family on bus route, close to everything. Must See! $150,000

Kristen Moniz 401-692-8643

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Melissa Marie Hair Designs 912 Broadway Unit 2 East Providence RI • 401-714-0722 Hair • Nails • Waxing ~ Men • Women • Children

Students Shellac™ Manicure & 00 Manicure $19 15% OFF Pedicure $3200 New clients only, Expires 9-15-13



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Congratulations to the Rumford Little League Minor Boys (9-10) All-Stars as they captured the District 2 Championship by defeating Portsmouth 7-3 at Kimberly Rock Field on Tuesday evening. The team needed to beat Portsmouth on back-to-back nights to take the 13 team double elimination tournament. Congratulations to the team and coaches on a great tournament!

Golf , Lunch, Dinner & More at Metacomet for Townie Athletes

By Bob Rodericks The Friends of Townie Athletics Organization is hosting its 5th Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at Metacomet Country Club in East Providence, RI. Former Townie student/athletes, are inviting anyone to join them again this year for “a day filled with golf, fun and renewed friendships for the price of $150. This price includes 18 holes of golf, riding cart, lunch, dinner, a “Super Ticket” and various awards. All proceeds from this event support all East Providence Schools’ athletic programs.” This is the first year that this annual event is held at the prestigious Metacomet Country Club in East Providence. Metacomet is considered one of the Northeast’s finest golf courses. “We are once again anticipating a highly successful and well-attended event. We invite you to show the Friends of Townie Athletics’ friends, neighbors and colleagues your commitment and support for the student athletes of East Providence,” said the invitation from the ‘Friends of Townies Athletics Organization (FTAO) president, Clarence (Junior) Butler, EPHS class of 1964. Event co-chairs are Rob Traverse, class of 1985 and Gregg Amore, class of 1984. “Tee off is at 1:00PM following an 11:30 registration and 12:00 lunch. It is our hope that this year’s tournament will surpass the previous tournaments in raising money for the student athletes in East Providence,” said event volunteer and FTAO secretary, Stephanie Vinhateiro. “Currently, we are committed to a major renovation of the East Providence High School gymnasium, along with lending financial support to Martin and Riverside Middle School sports programs,” said Vinhateiro. “The cost for playing golf is $150pp which includes golf, cart, lunch, dinner and all raffle tickets. The price for sponsoring a tee is $100.”

August 2013 The Reporter Event registration is taking place at press time for The Reporter. Anyone interested in participating and/or making a donation should contact a FTAO member immediately. Questions can be sent to Vinhateiro at “We look forward to having a sell-out tournament and hope that we can count on you for your support and participation in this year’s tournament,” added event volunteers.


Metric Motors imported auto specialists we solve problems no one else can



Friends of Townie Athletics 5th Annual Golf Tournament Saturday, September 7, 2013

Metacomet Country Club 500 Veterans Memorial Parkway, East Providence, RI 02914



11:30 Registration 12:00 Lunch 1:00 Shotgun Start

Golfers’ sign-up sheet

1. ______________________________________________________ (Name) (E-Mail) (phone number) 2. ______________________________________________________ (Name) (E-Mail) (phone number) 3. ______________________________________________________ (Name) (E-Mail) (phone number) 4. ______________________________________________________ (Name) (E-Mail) (phone number) $150 per player includes 18 holes of golf, riding cart, lunch, dinner, “Super Ticket” and awards. Checks made payable to: Friends of Townie Athletics Organization; P.O. Box 16521, East Providence, Rhode Island 02916 Attention: Golf Tournament Chairman ALL COMPLETED FORMS AND PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED ASAP!

Tee Sponsor Form $100.00 Donation

Paying Cash For Gold, Silver, and Sterling u.s. and Foreign coins old comics and sporting cards old watches and collectibles diamonds and jewlery


phone # 508 336-9103 113 taunton avenue seekonk, mass same location for 40 years



Person / Business name: _______________________________ Address: _________________________________ E-Mail: ___________________Phone Number: _____________ Checks made payable to: Friends of Townie Athletics Organization P.O. Box 16521 East Providence, Rhode Island 02916 Attention: Golf Tourney Co-Chairmen Forms and payment due ASAP.


Seekonk, MA

(508) 336-4869


The Reporter August 2013

SCOUTS NEWS General Contractor Established in 1940, 3rd Generation

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Benefit The Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund

ty Construction t a B Specializing in Kitchen & Bathrooms

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Front row, left to right: Alissa Robtaille, Pawtucket Troop #388, Genevieve Cava, East Greenwich Troop #285, Ila-ann Smith, East Greenwich Troop #285, Danica Aguiar, and Cassidy DeMayo, Pawtucket Troop #388. Back row: second from left Louise Dinsmore, Executive Director Heart & Hope Fund, Ginger Lallo, GSRI Director of Product Sales, accompanied by Heart & Hope Fund Board Members Ron Cascione, left, Nancy Aguiar, second from right, and Christopher Plante.

Buying A Box Of Girl Scout Cookies Sends More Children To Camp This Summer

PROVIDENCE, R.I., (July 23, 2013) – Every year, consumers with watering mouths anxiously await the annual Girl Scout cookie sale. But, besides satisfying cravings, what else does the cookie sale really do? When a Girl Scouts sells you cookies, she is developing confidence, financial literacy, decision-making, and business skills, including setting sales goals, creating marketing plans, and deciding how to spend the proceeds within their troops. Girls can use a portion of proceeds to help pay for summer camp, and troops may use proceeds for trips and events Girls also learn about philanthropy, with troops having the option to donate a portion of their cookie sale proceeds to a community service project. This year, the girls of GSRI chose the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund as the beneficiary of the Cookie Sale Community Service Project. The Fund is named for Gabrielle Dinsmore, the first child of Louise and Jeff, who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect days after her birth. Louise and Jeff made sure Gabrielle had the most normal childhood possible and celebrated every holiday and birthday until she passed away at age 3 as a result of complications from heart disease. Donating almost $600 more than last year, Girl Scout troops presented a check for

August 2013 The Reporter $6,415.21 to help provide educational, recreational, financial and emotional support to children and families living in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut who are impacted by congenital heart disease, heart defects and severe feeding issues. “Being selected as the Service Project of the Year from the Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, a distinguished one hundred year old organization, to support our mission is a testament to the important work we are doing in our local community to make a difference,” says Louise Dinsmore, Executive Director of the Heart & Hope Fund. The signature program funded by the Heart & Hope Fund is Gabrielle’s Heart Camp - the only camp in Rhode Island exclusively for children with congenital heart defects and heart disease. So this year, in addition to Girl Scouts who choose to use a portion of their cookie sale proceeds to attend Girl Scout summer camp, thanks to the generous troops who donated to the Heart & Hope Fund, even more children will get to attend camp.


Professional Property Maintenance and Repair Specializing in all general home repairs and remodeling

• Decks • Fencing • Bathrooms • Kitchens • Doors • Windows • Tiling • Basements • Painting • Powerwashing • Flooring RI Reg. #29513 MA Reg. # 149966 • Garage Doors • Retaining Walls Insured / Free Estimates

774-254-2705 or 401-368-6957

About the Girl Scout Cookie Sale

The $760 million Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girlled business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils and communities nationwide. In fact, many successful business women today say they got their start selling Girl Scout cookies! For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, visit

About Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc.

Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent girl leadership organization where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc., in partnership with 2,800 adult volunteers, serves 9,400 girls from Rhode Island, Pawcatuck, CT, and these communities in MA: Bellingham, Blackstone, Attleboro, Fall River, North Attleboro, Plainville, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, Wrentham, Millville, Rehoboth and Seekonk, MA. For more information about Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc., please visit

About the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund

The mission of the Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund is to be a recognized resource for providing educational, recreational, financial and emotional support to children and families living in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut who are impacted by congenital heart disease, heart defects and severe feeding issues. The signature program funded is Gabrielle’s Heart Camp - the only camp in Rhode Island exclusively for children with congenital heart defects and heart disease. To learn more about the Fund and Camp, visit

Considering Adoption?

The Reporter is the only paper MAILED FREE to 100% of East Providence!

East Providence Siding Over 25 Years Experience Fully Licensed & Insured RI Lic# 1374 MA Lic# 132364

Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Vinyl Replacement Windows, Remodeling & Additions Tommy Viveiros (401) 439-8607

Adoption Options Offers Free Informational Meetings

Providence, July 19, 2013 – Adoption Options is holding a free informational session those considering adoption and are interested in hearing about available options. Licensed adoption workers will be available to provide information and answer questions. In Rhode Island, the next meeting is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 959 North Main Street in Providence on August 15, 2013. Adoption Options, a non-sectarian, non-profit, comprehensive adoption program of Jewish Family Service works with prospective adoptive parents, birth parents and people who have been adopted. The agency is licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with offices in Attleboro and Providence. The agency’s work with all members of the adoption triad is focused on helping individuals to understand their options and make the most informed choices for their future. For more information, please contact Peg Boyle at 401-331-5437 or visit

Free Estimates


MA 508-643-0001 FAX: 508-222-5510 RI 401-724-0009


The Reporter August 2013

Are You Ready?


Celebrating 38 years of experience in Dance Education...Discover the difference!

*new students only

279-281 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside RI

Fall Open House & Registration Be A Part of the Excitement!

Register by phone at 508-336-5284 or 401-433-4300 or in person on one of the following dates:

• Mon, Aug. 26th - Fri, Aug. 30th 10am-1pm nable Reaso es Rat

Register & Observe classes in session

• Thurs, Aug. 27th 6pm-8pm Register & meet staff members

• Mon, Sept. 9th 6pm-8pm Registration only

Flexible solo/duo/trio schedule

Visit for additional information & a complete Schedule of Fall Classes NDCA Certified Director ~ Sarah Halpin • Classically trained Ballet instructor

Back to School Fair

As you may know, the East Providence School District has suffered many budgetary setbacks over the past few years. Unfortunately, these economic hardships are not limited solely to our beloved schools. There are many members of our community that continue to endure financial hardships with no immediate reprieve in sight. With this in mind, BridgePointe Christian Church is partnering with local businesses and individuals to host a “Back to School Fair” for the students and teachers of Kent Heights and Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary Schools. The goal is to provide new backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies to the students as well as essential classroom supplies for all of their teachers. The “Back to School Fair” will take place on Saturday, August 24th at Kent Heights Elementary School from 9:00 a.m. to noon. During the fair, the students, along with their families and teachers, will enjoy a pancake breakfast, collect their school supplies, learn how to make healthy snacks courtesy of Johnson and Wales students, and receive “Back to School” haircuts…free of charge! If you are interested in partnering with the “Back to School Fair”, you may do so in the following ways: Arrange a school supply drive in your neighborhood or at your business. Bring a donation of school supplies to The BridgePointe Center at 865 Waterman Ave, East Providence during business hours (M-Th, 9a-4p). Make a financial contribution by sending a check to BridgePointe Christian Church with “Back to School” in the memo line. 100% of financial donations go directly to the event. Checks can be sent to; BridgePointe Center 865 Waterman Ave East Providence, RI 02914 BridgePointe’s hope through this event is to be a catalyst for partnership within the community to encourage the youngest members of our community and those special men and women who dedicate their lives to helping prepare these students for the future. Visit www.BridgePointeChristian. com for more information on this event. Let’s bring hope together!

August 2013 The Reporter


Sleeping Tips For Back-To-School Success (BPT) - Did you know the best preparation for back to school is a good night's sleep? Lack of sleep can affect a child's performance, attention, learning, behavior and biological functions, experts say. In fact, recent studies show that American students might be falling behind in school due to a lack of shut-eye. With all the excitement and stress that accompanies the new school year, many children slip into a pattern all too familiar to tired parents. One more book, one more glass of water, one more TV show ... the child who continually resists going to bed experiences difficulty in falling asleep, resulting in what doctors identify as limitsetting sleep disorder. Parents can help children through the transition by creating an enjoyable bedtime routine that's fun and relaxing, says Dr. Laura Sergis, pediatrician for the Children's Medical Group and advisory board member at Cloud b, creators of award-winning products designed to help children sleep. The all important routine can include family story time with favorite books, sing-alongs to favorite lullabies and cuddly companions that alleviate night time fears with soothing sounds and lights. Incorporating a trusted buddy like Cloud b's new Twilight Carz in the bedtime routine helps children transition from playtime to bedtime with its fun push and play action by day and its soothing starlight projection by night. Sleep expert Kim West, licensed certified social worker, also known as The Sleep Lady, recommends that all electronics be turned off an hour before bedtime. Homework and getting bags together should be done before the one-hour electronics off time - the one hour should be for relaxing activities including bathing, washing up, reading, talking about the day, etc. Read stories like the new Scholastic classic, "My Turtle and Me", inspired by Cloud b's Twilight Turtle, an adorable plush that projects a soothing view of the night sky to comfort children to a peaceful night's sleep. Parents can add another magical element to the routine with Cloud b's new Twilight Turtle Tunes that plays personalized lullabies featuring favorite songs, soothing sounds and even the voices of loving parents or caregivers as it projects a starry sky above. Parents put it all together on the Twilight Turtle Tunes app that delivers the magic to the special edition toy via Bluetooth. In planning the ideal bedtime, West suggests parents do "the math backwards." For example, if your 2-year-old needs to be up at 7 a.m. to get dressed and out the door to daycare, then he should be asleep by 8 p.m. (This age needs, on average, 11 hours at night and two hours during the day.) She notes that it also goes without saying that parents should eliminate caffeine from their children's diets. If it can't be done completely, then no caffeine after 3 p.m. Dinner should be at least two hours before bedtime so that your child gets a chance to digest. Finally, exercise during the day does help a child sleep better, but try to avoid exercise an hour before bedtime. Definitely avoid rough-housing, which can really rile up a child just when you want him to be settling down. As parents find the best routine and stick to it, they'll discover that the whole family is functioning better. Bedtime may become the best time of the day - a calm, quiet moment before slumber to make great memories and strengthen the bond between parents and children. -For more information on sleep-friendly toys and products, visit

• Full-day kindergarten • Small classes - average 15 students • Differentiated instruction • Arts, music, theater, sports programs • Before and after-school care available • Busing available throughout our region For information about Barrington Christian Academy or to set up a visit please call 401-246-0113 9 Old County Road, Barrington, RI 02806 • *Accredited by ACSI and NEASC


The Reporter August 2013

Are You Ready? A Fun Approach To Teaching Kids Nutrition Wisdom

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Get ahead of the class.



valid 7/15/13 - 8/31/13

912 Broadway • E. Providence, RI 02914 • (401) 435-8050

(BPT) - As children across the country head back to school, life for families becomes a little more hectic. Just because days are busy, don't let nutrition fall by the wayside. Teaching children nutritious eating habits now can mean a lifetime of health, plus it can be a lot of fun to eat, laugh and spend time together. "The more parents can do to involve children in the process, the decisions on what they are eating and where their food comes from, the better off they will be at helping them learn reverence and appreciation for food," says Anni Daulter, professional cook, nutrition expert, and author of several books, including "The Organic Family Cookbook." Here are some simple yet effective tips from Daulter to get your kids excited about nutrition and help them make good food choices:

1. Make mealtime special




Academic enrichment – art, theater, reading, and crafts Homework support Stimulating physical activities Supervised by certified YMCA staff

For more information on participating schools, times, and locations, contact Jennifer Farley at 508.336.7103.

Newman YMCA

472 Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, MA 02771

"In our fast-paced lives, we have somehow lost the concept that eating is not just about the actual food. It's about the connection, the time spent enjoying every bite, laughing, talking and sharing. Our families need this time together," Daulter says. Create a routine. Consider starting dinner at a similar time each night. Designate different nights for different types of meals, such as vegetarian Monday, or make-yourown pizza Saturdays. Have children help with the meal prep and cleanup, if ageappropriate. Light a candle during dinner, and allocate plenty of time for conversation - it's one of the best ways to bond with loved ones.

2. Adopt a healthy morning routine

While most families are time-crunched on weekday mornings, it's important to make time for breakfast so kids get the nutrition they need before heading to school. Healthy breakfasts incorporate whole grains, protein, fresh fruit, and supplements that support brain and body health. "Supplements can be an easy way for mom and dad to ensure that their children get the important nutrients they need, especially during busy mornings," says Daulter. "I recommend giving kids a boost of brainbuilding nutrition with a kid-friendly omega-3 supplement. I like chewable, strawberryflavored Nordic Naturals Children's DHA.

August 2013 The Reporter


BACK TO SCHOOL This essential nutrient is brain food, proven to support brain growth and health. Additionally, omega-3s support a healthy immune and nervous system, too."

Beehive Childhood Center, Inc. 35 Swan St, East Providence RI • Phone: 438-9784

3. Create tasty school lunches

"When your children are fed better, they learn better," says Daulter. "Their bodies react to being fed good pure foods that give them the fuel they need to get through each and every school day." Save time by making lunches the night before or do a big Sunday cut-and-chop day for raw ingredients throughout the week. Here is a sample of what you'll find in Daulter's children's lunch baskets: Black Bean Soup Lunch * Classic Caesar salad * Homemade wheat parmesan chips * Raw: Asian pears and clementines

4. Have healthy snacks on hand

33 Years of Quality Service

"Kids bodies tend to be more in tune with their internal signals and they inherently seem to know that they need more little meals throughout the day, rather than three big meals," Daulter says. "Eating smaller portions frequently throughout the day provides more energy when we need it and is easier for our bodies to digest."

Year Round

• DCYF Licensed • Accept DHS Subsidy

• Bright Stars Rated

Now Enrolling for Fall

• Child Directed Curriculum • Before and After School program • Certified Teachers - CPR/ First Aid • Yoga Classes

3-5 Yrs

Licensed & Certified

For more info. visit Email: Each Child Is An Individual


SACRED HEART SCHOOL – Second to None! Sacred Heart School - lowest tuition rate in the area. Administered by the Religious: Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence. Interactive Whiteboards in all classes. Enrichment classes: Computer, Art, Music, Library, P.E. Spanish (6-8), Remedial-Resource help. Extra curricular: Cross Country, Soccer, Instrumental Band. Before and after day care available at adjoining facility. Great location with easy access to Rt. 195. True Catholic education at an affordable price! Visit our beautiful facilities, including our full size gym, and see what a difference we can make in your child’s life!!!!

All this for about $20 a day!

56 Purchase St. East Providence, R.I. 02914 401-434-1080


Email: for more information


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BACK TO SCHOOL Air Conditio ned Studio

368 Waterman Ave • East Providence, RI • 401.435.4908 • Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Pointe • Hip Hop • Zumba Toddler thru adult

Open House Friday, August 9th • 6 - 8 pm & Sunday, August 11th • 2 - 4pm Now Accepting Fall Registration!

Daulter keeps several small kids tables throughout the house so her children can nibble on snacks while they continue to play. What sorts of things does she like to feed her kids for snacks? Nuts, homemade fruit roll-ups, pumpkin seeds, veggie popcorn, fresh fruits, carrot sticks, and cheese are all healthful snacks that keep kids' bellies full.

5. Teach healthy eating habits through activity

"My kids and their friends love to cook and help us prepare meals, and the more we include them in the process, the more invested they become in their own health," says Daulter. You may be surprised by how excited your children get by being involved in the entire meal process. When you go to the grocery store or farmers market, have children help pick out veggies. If you grow your own, let them pick the produce and help wash, peel and prep it for meals. "Even the youngest child can help mix in flour for fresh bread or learn to whip her own honey butter," says Daulter. "These tasty teachings will not only give them practical and valuable life skills, but will leave them with loving memories of family cooking days that were spent laughing, creating, and of course, eating!"

August 2013 The Reporter


How You Can Help Busy Summer at TAPIN

Summer continues to be a very busy time at TAPIN (Touch A Person In Need). The emergency Food Closet is having a difficult time keeping up with requests by East Bay area clients trying to feed vacationing children not only for regular items such as tuna, peanut butter, pasta, sauce, etc. but also for special extras like cereal, soups, snacks and juices as well as toiletries and paper goods. While the children might not be looking forward to the end of summer and the return to school their parents will be trying to gather clothes including new underwear, socks, shoes, etc. Donations of these as well as school supplies and new or gently used backpacks would be greatly appreciated. Please be sure all clothes and shoes are clean and in good condition. The agency tries to provide clothing in sizes infant thru 16, but due to space constraints is only able to carry seasonally appropriate items. Donors are asked to please hold their summer and winter clothes until they are in demand. Furniture donations continue to be low, and while upholstered items cannot be stored at the facility they are still requested very often and may be placed by telephone. Non-upholstered items such as shelves, microwave carts, computer desks, bureaus, tables and chairs are placed as soon as they arrive and may be dropped off during regular office hours. TAPIN would like to remind donors that there are new and attractive Gift Cards available to give as Birthday, Anniversary, Memorial or other donations honoring a recipient in any denomination. The agency is open from 9 to noon, Mon thru Fri and is located in the lower level of the Library building on County Rd in Barrington. Please drop off donations, stop in for a visit, or call 247-1444 during those hours for further information.


Kingdom Cruzers

East Bay Chapter – CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) E-mail

*Meeting - Last Thursday of the month *Chelo's Restaurant, 911 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI * Meeting 7pm to 9pm

CMA information:

After Hour Auto Care Reasonable Pricing Detail Services All Work Done By Hand

• Complete Detail • Express Detail • Interior/Exterior • Wash In/Out • Headlight Restoration • Maintenance and Minor Repairs Extreme Quality with Every Service

The Class Picture

Another summer is coming to an end. Most children begin a new school year with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. There is shopping for new clothes and school supplies, and returning to a school full of friends. There is anxiety in having a new teacher, new schedule, and new subjects to learn. Some children have a difficult time coping with the changes school brings, but will adjust after the first few days of school and start to make fun memories. Imagine your child having to experience the emotions of the first day of school more than once a year! Now picture your child not only having to adjust to a new school, but a new neighborhood, new friends, and a different family with different rules from your own. Hard to think about, right? These are experiences many children living in foster care go through more than once in a school year. It is unfortunate that all children are not able to live in safe and stable homes with parents who can meet their needs. Children who need to be removed from their families for any length of time have a lot of changes to cope with. Your children may even know a child who lives in a foster home or may meet one this year. Children who live in foster care are not always able to participate in the same school year activities as children who live with their birth families. They aren’t always able to participate in after-school activities or community sports. They may not be able to go to a friend’s house after-school or go to a sleepover. They may not be C





Contact Jeff (401) 447-9459 or email for appointments & Info



V I S I O N Center of Excellence

4:15:58 PM



Senior Citizen Special

· Macular Degeneration · Dry Eye · Emergency Eye Care · Developmental Vision

Show your AARP card for great savings on eye wear!

4 3 8 - 2020

w w w. th e b rown ce nte r. co m

400 Warren Avenue




Dr David J Santos

Dr George J. Brown

Dr Robert W. Hill


The Reporter August 2013

CJS / Statewide Appliance Repair


Diagnostic Visit

able to have their school picture taken and are not permitted to be a part of a class picture. These things raise many questions for school aged children and may lead to a discussion about why all children are not able to live with their biological parents. If your child asks you some tough questions about children in foster care it is always best to answer honestly to help them be empathetic and understanding of other children’s situations. Children’s Friend has been caring for Rhode Island’s most vulnerable children for more than 175 years. A number of our families first decided to foster a child because of their children’s experiences in school. If you are interested in learning more about foster care, please contact Joyce Tormey at 276-4318 or

Fee waved with repair

e y


Concert of Hope Raising food for local RI food banks August 18th 2 pm to 6 pm

Foster Parenting is more than helping a child. It’s providing hope for their family. Become a Foster Parent. Contact Joyce LaFrance Tormey 401.276.4318 Newborn to Age 6

Knights of Columbus Hall 3200 Pawtucket Ave, Riverside, RI, 02905

Admission: 2 unexpired food items or cash donation. Live Music, food and fun

Rhode Island Blood Center Blood Drives For August 2013 Town: E Providence Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/10/2013 - 11:30 am - 2:30 pm Location: RI Pagan Pride Day, Bloodmobile Address: 1 Sportsman Drive, E Providence, RI 02914

Town: E Providence Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/13/2013 - 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm Location: Katie’s “Pints of Hope” Blood Drive, Main Hall Address: Brigthridge Club, E Providence, RI 02914 Town: Seekonk Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/10/2013 - 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Location: Showcase Cinemas, Bloodmobile Address: 100 Commerce Way, Seekonk, MA 02771

Town: Seekonk Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/14/2013 - 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm Location: New Life Nutrition, Bloodmobile Address: 1165 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA 02771 3/30/2012 3:58:42 PM Town: Seekonk Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/19/2013 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Call us about our 16 Passenger SUV Location: Newman YMCA, Bloodmobile Limo, 2-14 Passenger Limos Address: 472 Taunton Ave., Seekonk, MA 02771 & Our New 20 Passenger Party Bus!

Let us Drive you TO FENWAY!

tionsad.indd 1

Great for Concerts & Ball Games

Weddings, Birthdays, Casino Nights, Concerts, Sporting Events, 3 Hour Dinner Packages, Airport Transportation...

LEA Limos

508-336-4555 • Toll Free: 866-211-5466

Town: Seekonk Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/20/2013 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Location: Dunkin’ Donuts, Bloodmobile Address: 822 Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA 02771 Town: Seekonk Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/24/2013 - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Location: Kohl’s, Bloodmobile Address: 1 Commerce Way, Seekonk, MA 02771 Town: Seekonk Rhode Island Blood Center Drive Date: 8/30/2013 - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Location: Sundaes, Bloodmobile Address: 259 Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, MA 02771

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To make Dean’s List, students must receive a 3.5 grade point average for the entire academic year. They also must meet several other requirements to be awarded the honor.

Ithaca, NY - Ian Crawford, a resident of Rumford, graduated from Ithaca College’s School of Humanities and Sciences with a major in Theatrical Production Arts. The degree was awarded in May 2013.

Margaret Thomsen Graduates from Lake Forest College

Rumford Resident Ian Crawford Graduated from Ithaca College

Area Residents Named to Dean’s List at Providence College

Providence, RI - The following area residents have been named to the Dean’s List at Providence College for the Spring 2013 semester: Mark Correia of East Providence, RI and a member of the class of 2014, Brian Cunha of Rumford, RI and a member of the class of 2014, Christopher Dionisopoulos of East Providence, RI and a member of the class of 2013, Jasmine Franco of East Providence, RI and a member of the class of 2013, Daniel Isabel of Riverside, RI and a member of the class of 2016, Courtney Miller of Rumford, RI and a member of the class of 2013, Melanie Monteiro of East Providence, RI and a member of the class of 2013, Alyssa Pacheco of Riverside, RI and a member of the class of 2016, Brendan Quigley of Riverside, RI and a member of the class of 2016, Krista Sevigny of Riverside, RI and a member of the class of 2016, Belinda Soares of East Providence, RI and a member of the class of 2013, Kevin Tente of East Providence, RI and a member of the class of 2014, Cheyanne Viveiros of Riverside, RI and a member of the class of 2014, Elizabeth Wroblewski of Rumford, RI and a member of the class of 2013, To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must achieve at least a 3.55 grade point average with a minimum of 12 credits.

Jordan Harrop Makes the Dean’s List at Union College

Schenectady, NY - Jordan Harrop ‘15, a Biochemistry major and a resident of Rumford, RI, was named to the Dean’s List at Union College for the 2012-13 academic year. Harrop is a 2011 graduate of Moses Brown School.

Lake Forest, IL - Margaret Thomsen of Rumford, RI, graduated from Lake Forest College with a bachelor of arts degree in history cum laude. Thomsen was one of the 323 students

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to graduate from Lake Forest College at Ravinia Festival Park on May 11, 2013. Honorary degree recipient Stephen Schwartz gave an inspiring commencement address about how life is full of many failures and a few successes. He likened the students to be like the children’s toy, Weebles, “Weebles wooble but they don’t fall down.” You can watch the speech on the recorded video of the ceremony here or download a written copy of it here. Thomsen is a graduate of Saint Mary Academy Bayview in Riverside, RI.

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Trinity Repertory Company will be holding an open call for child actors on Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Cardi’s Furniture (Route 1A, South Attleboro, MA) for its 37th annual production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, directed by Tyler Dobrowsky. Children ages 8-12 are welcome to audition, although children who turn 13 before December 31, 2013, are not eligible. No appointment is necessary for the auditions. Before arriving at the audition, all children and parents should visit http:// to download the Audition Packet, comprised of the Audition Fact Sheet and Child Actor Audition Info, which includes information about rehearsal schedules and requirements, and the Audition Script. For directions, please visit All who audition should be ready to sing 30 seconds of their favorite holiday song to be sung without accompaniment. Children must also be prepared to read the audition scene. Rehearsals for the child actors will begin the weekend of October 12th. Performances of A Christmas Carol, adapted by Adrian Hall and Richard Cumming, presented by Cardi’s Furniture, run November 8 to December 28 at Trinity Rep. The State Theater of Rhode Island, Trinity Repertory Company is now celebrating its 50th Anniversary Season. Since its founding in 1963, Trinity Repertory Company has been one of the most respected regional theaters in the country. Featuring the last permanent resident acting company in America, Trinity Rep presents a balance of world premiere, contemporary, and classic works for an estimated annual audience of approximately 145,000. In its 50-year history, the theater has produced 62 world premieres, mounted national and international tours, and, through its MFA program, trained hundreds of new actors and directors. This season marks the 46th year of Project Discovery, Trinity Rep’s pioneering educational outreach program. Last season, Trinity Rep’s educational programs reached nearly 15,000 Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut students through matinees as well as inschool residencies and workshops. Brown University/Trinity Rep offers professional training for actors and directors in a threeyear MFA program. Subscriptions are now

on sale for Trinity Rep’s 50th Anniversary 2013-2014 season, which includes John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, the New England premiere of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang, Lionel Bart’s Oliver!, Intimate Apparel by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage, the world premiere of Veronica Meadows by Stephen Thorne and A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard. For more information, call the box office at (401) 3514242 or visit Trinity Rep’s website at www.

Trinity Rep Opens Doors For Free 50th Anniversary Block Party Aug. 17TH Day-Long Celebration Features Performances, Food, Fun For All Ages

Providence, RI: Trinity Repertory Company, recently named The State Theatre of Rhode Island, opens its doors on August, 17th for Trinity Rep’s 50th Anniversary Block Party & Open House. The company invites the community to celebrate this milestone with them at the theater at 201 Washington St., with a wide range of family-friendly activities planned from noon until 8:00 pm.  Highlights of the day include performances and appearances from some of the best and brightest professional, community, and children’s theater groups from across the state, tours, workshops, tech demos, a prop & costume sale, live music, and more.  The theater’s box office will be offering special pre-sale 10% discount on Oliver!, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike and many other shows in their 50th Season – in addition to a one day only ticket deals. Theater-lovers will be able to catch members of the Trinity Rep resident acting company acting company perform favorite scenes and songs from the past fifty years, alongside a wide array of groups, from the young playwrights of the Manton Avenue Project to Pawtucket’s own award-winning Gamm Theatre to America’s oldest little theater Barker Playhouse. Trinity Rep’s upstairs Chace Theater will host upwards of a dozen selected performance, among them pieces from Contemporary Theater Company, Daydream Theatre Company, Elemental Theatre Collective, Epic Theatre Co., Mixed Magic Theatre, Ocean State Theater Company, The Community Players ,Wilbury Theatre Group and Trinity Rep’s own Young Actors Studio. General Manager Katie Byrnes explains, “Whether you are a long time Trinity Rep enthusiast, have kids in the education programs, take in a show every now and then,

or are new to town, we want you to join us at the Open House. If you have ever wanted to tour our historic theater, meet your family’s favorite Trinity Rep actor, or have your picture taken as Tiny Tim - this is your chance!” Trinity Rep’s Associate Artistic Director Tyler Dobrowsky, who is coordinating the event alongside Byrnes adds, “We wanted to thank the theater’s patrons and donors for their strong support of the theater over the years - while also honoring the uniquely Rhode Island spirit that allowed Trinity Rep to flourish in the first place. The idea that the arts should be a crucial part of our social fabric, that the arts are necessary, is bound up in our identity as Rhode Islanders — like Del’s lemonade in the summer. It’s this spirit, this insistence on great art, which has inspired so many artists and organizations to take root here in the smallest state. It might be our birthday, but we want to celebrate all the wonderful theater across Rhode Island.” Between performances, attendees will be invited to recreate iconic photos from Trinity Rep’s past and have their picture taken with props, costumes, and life-size production photos.  Long-time fans will be able to record a video message in our archive room where patrons can share their Trinity Rep stories for our YouTube channel.  Kids of all ages are also invited to take part in acting classes, face painting and demos.  Tours of the Lederer Theater Center will be held throughout the day, revealing the inner workings of the historic building. The Adrian Hall way performance stage will be featuring music from The Grapes of Wrath featuring the show’s house band - 3 Pile - with their lively blend of original blues, folk, and county music. Throughout the day, the outdoor stage will offer tech demos, raffles, and the theater’s prop & costume sale. Guests can browse through favorite pieces from past productions and purchase anything they would like to take home. Support for Trinity Rep’s 50th Anniversary Block Party and Open House provided by the Providence Tourism Council and the City of Providence, Angel Taveras, Mayor. For more event information and updates, visit and Trinity Rep’s Facebook Page. Trinity Repertory Company...The State Theater of Rhode Island, Trinity Repertory Company is now celebrating its 50th Anniversary Season. Since its founding in 1963, Trinity Repertory Company has been one of the most respected regional theaters in the country. Featuring the last permanent resident acting company in America, Trinity Rep presents a balance of world premiere, contemporary, and classic works for an estimated annual audience of approximately 145,000. For more information, call the box office at (401) 351-4242 or visit Trinity Rep’s website at

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Join us for an evening of fun filled events at our Annual Summer Family Carnival. Come and enjoy a fun filled evening with food, music, dunk tank, giant inflatable, pony rides, face painting, carnival games, and much more. For more information contact Jen Farley at 508-336-7103.


The Newman YMCA’s Shooting Stars School of Dance is celebrating its 5th year. Our school provides quality dance training for beginner through advanced students of all ages. Director Ashlee Bourque holds a B.A. in Dance from Dean College and has performed and competed in multiple companies, this summer Miss Ashlee has been selected as one of 20 dancers in the world to dance at the YMCA Youth Festival in Prague. Registration is now being accepted for the fall, for more information contact Miss Ashlee at or call 508-336-7103 X106.

structured programs that stimulate physical, intellectual, social, emotional & creative growth. Children have the opportunity to grow at their own pace while having fun, swim lesions built in to our weekly curriculum. Contact Jen Farley at or call 508.336.7003 for more information. Space is limited.


OST - Out Of School Time Fall Enrollment

We still have openings in our Summer Specialty Camps; Lego’s, Mad Science and Musical Theater but space is limited so enroll now. Our camp has generous outdoor space with large fields for sports and games, a mile long nature trail, a full archery range, low ropes course and new this summer, the Camp Wamsutta Trading Post and Gaga Ball Pit. Camp Wamsutta has everything a child needs for an amazing camp experience. For more information visit our website or call Camp Director Jake Northup at 508-336-7103.


Register now for preschool, youth and adult swim lessons, or sign up for one-on-one private swim instruction offered at flexible class times. The Y also offers Aqua Zumba, Water Aerobics and AFYAP-Arthritis Exercise classes. Contact Anthony at aisidoro@ for more information.


Now accepting fall enrollment for MA and RI Out of School Time. Licensed before and after school programs serving East Providence, Seekonk and Rehoboth. For more information on MA programs contact Jen Farley at and for information on RI programs contact Matt Buchanan at Enroll Now-Space is limited.

VOLUNTEERS Make a difference – Volunteer your time. As a non-profit community service organization, the YMCA thrives on people helping people. Volunteer Opportunities available now are: Kid’s Care Program, Healthy Kid’s Day, and much more… Contact Marylee at for volunteer opportunities.

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Now accepting fall enrollment in Kid’s World, our licensed preschool program; servicing Seekonk, East Providence and Rehoboth. Our nurturing staff and environment provides

The Newman YMCA at 472 Taunton Ave on Route 44 in Seekonk MA is a non-profit charitable organization and offers scholarships for anyone with financial need. For more information call 508-336-7103 or visit

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contact Tom Pinkerton | Membership Chairman 508-245-8287

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Celebrity Club Remembered August 9th - Downtown Marriot Free and Open to the Public


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Eight Providence teens will recreate the famous Celebrity Club on Friday, August 9th, 2013 in a performance at the Downtown Marriot located at 1 Orms St., Providence. The show, entitled Celebrity Club Remembered, begins at 4pm and is free and open to the public. Written and musically directed by world-renowned musicians Lynne Jackson & Michael Palter, and directed by extraordinary director of children’s musical theatre Robb Dimmick, the show pays tribute to jazz standards and the Celebrity Club, New England’s first integrated jazz club, founded in 1949 by Paul Filippi. Virtually everyone in the jazz world performed there, including Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Duke Ellington.   Paul Filippi’s son, Blake, says “my family is honored that the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society is recognizing the Celebrity Club’s significant contributions to positive race relations in Rhode Island. Some of the greatest musicians this nation has ever known performed to integrated crowds in a time of racial segregation, changing prevailing attitudes across the region.”   The show is produced by OPERAtunity, a program of Opera Providence and the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society. The performing teens have learned about the history of jazz and the major artists who created it. They have been trained in singing techniques (scatting, note-bending, breath control, vocal coloring and sustainability) by the musical directors, and gained stage and acting skills from OPERAtunity’s artistic director.   After the performance, a plaque unveiling ceremony will take place on the traffic island at the intersection of Randall and Charles Streets, a few yards from the former site of the Celebrity Club. It permanently enshrines this historic Rhode Island institution that was the location of barrier-breaking integration. The plaque unveiling ceremony takes place at 5:30pm.   The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society was founded in 1975 with a mission to preserve three centuries of African American history in the state. The Society has amassed an invaluable collection of artifacts that document African Americans’ achievements in military service, business, politics, the arts, and education. The Rhode Island Black Heritage Society encourages and promotes the study of African American history by hosting tours, exhibits, and lectures for the general public.

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Rhode Island Rhythm And Blues Preservation Society Fifth Annual Rhode Island Heritage Month Festival Friday, August 16, 2013 8 PM to midnight

Cape Verdean Progressive Center (CV Club) 329 Grosvenor Avenue, East Providence Tickets at the door: $5 members / $8 guest Information: 401 – 461 – 0012

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 

 

   

 


for information & directions

ROUTE 58 • CARVER, MA • (508) 866-5391

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From the State House Assembly Approves Financial Protections For Cancer Patients Taking Oral Chemotherapy Treatments

STATE HOUSE – The General Assembly passed companion bills today that require health plans to cover oral treatments for cancer at a rate comparable to standard intravenous (IV) chemotherapy. Sponsored by Rep. Gregg Amore (D-Dist. 65, East Providence) and Sen. Gayle L. Goldin (D-Dist. 3, Providence), the legislation aims to put emerging oral chemotherapy treatments on par with IV treatments, protecting patients’ accessibility to medicine and preventing additional financial hardship. Oral chemotherapy is currently viewed as a prescription drug benefit, which requires patients to pay a large amount of the drugs’ cost. IV chemotherapy is treated as a medical benefit, essentially requiring insurers to issue a modest patient copay and a limit to annual out-of-pocket expenses. If enacted, the legislation could save cancer patients thousands of dollars for a treatment that serves the same purpose as the intravenous form. Furthermore, the world has seen more and more success in recent years with targeted cancer therapies in the form of pills, and the new language is essential to keep up with the latest developments in health and science. A 2008 National Comprehensive Cancer Network report stated that oral chemotherapy treatments make up more than 25 percent of the 400 cancer medicines that are in the process of being tested. Cosponsors of the House bill (2013H 5354A) include Representatives Katherine S. Kazarian (D – Dist. 63, East Providence), Helio Melo (D – Dist. 64, East Providence), Larry Valencia (D – Dist. 39, Richmond, Hopkinton, Exeter) and Mia A. Ackerman (D – Dist. 45, Cumberland, Lincoln). Senators Christopher S. Ottiano (D-Dist. 11, Portsmouth, Bristol), Paul V. Jabour (D-Dist. 5, Providence), Roger A. Picard (D-Dist. 20, Woonsocket, Cumberland) and Catherine Cool Rumsey (D-Dist. 34, Exeter, Charlestown, Hopkinton, Richmond, West Greenwich) cosponsor the Senate companion 0428A). The bills have (2013-S been sent to the governor for his signature.

House, Senate Leaders Appoint Lawmakers To Commission To Study Funding For State Bridge Maintenance

STATE HOUSE – Speaker of the House Gordon D. Fox and President of the Senate M. Teresa Paiva Weed announced their appointments to the Special Legislative Commission to Study the Funding for Bridges today. Senate members of the commission will include Senate Finance Chairman Daniel Da Ponte (D-Dist. 14, East Providence) and Senators Louis P. DiPalma (D-Dist. 12, Middletown, Little Compton, Newport, Tiverton) and Christopher S. Ottiano (R-Dist.11, Portsmouth, Bristol). House members will include House Finance Chairman Helio Melo (D-Dist. 64, East Providence), and Representatives John G. Edwards (D-Dist. 70, Portsmouth, Tiverton) and Antonio Giarrusso (R-Dist. 30, East Greenwich, West Greenwich). The three remaining members of the special legislative commission will be the Department of Transportation Director Michael Lewis, or a designee; Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) Executive Director Buddy Croft, or a designee; and Department of Administration Director Richard Licht, or a designee. Last year, the General Assembly approved a provision in the budget transferring the ownership of the Sakonnet River Bridge, which connects Tiverton and Portsmouth, to RITBA so that a toll could be placed on the bridge. Since then, a majority of the East Bay delegation and members of their communities have been vying for an equitable alternative to the tolls in order to maintain the area’s infrastructure and protect Aquidneck Island businesses. Legislation approved this year calls for the creation of the special legislative commission, which will allow lawmakers and officials from the affected state departments and agencies to come together for six months and map out various funding plans, potentially eradicating the need for a Sakonnet Bridge toll. The special legislative panel will not only study ways to fund East Bay bridges, but also seek a funding mechanism for all state bridges. The commission is required to report its findings to the General Assembly on or before Jan. 15, 2014.

Additionally, RITBA will have the authority to implement a 10-cent toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge in August so it can preserve future tolling options for the bridge while the commission works to find alternatives. The 10-cent toll cap will be in effect until April 1, 2014.

Lawmakers Call For Deeper Analysis Of Business Tax Incentives

STATE HOUSE – The General Assembly passed part of the Senate and House economic development packages today with the approval of legislation that would insert more accountability into the state’s handling of tax credit programs. Sponsored by Senate Finance Chairman Daniel Da Ponte (D-Dist. 14, East Providence) and Rep. Teresa Tanzi (D-Dist. 34, South Kingstown, Narragansett) in the House, this legislation (2013-S 0734B, 2013-H 6066B) provides a systematic approach for evaluating whether the state’s tax incentives are truly fulfilling their intended purpose in a costeffective manner through data collection and a comprehensive assessment. “In order for state government to be truly effective in serving Rhode Islanders, the legislature needs to be presented with more economic data,” Senator Da Ponte said. “Otherwise, it’s impossible to craft the most useful policy and adapt to an ever-changing economic climate. This bill not only inserts more accountability in our budget and policymaking processes, but also ensures that state dollars are being channeled into incentives that are actually working to the taxpayers’ advantage.” The proposed tax incentive evaluation would include: The number of aggregate jobs associated with the taxpayers receiving the incentives; The aggregate annual revenue taxpayers generate for the state through the direct taxes applied to them and their employees in relation to the incentives; Statutory and programmatic goals of the incentives; The number of taxpayers granted the incentives during the previous year; And the value of the incentives listed by the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code associated with the taxpayers receiving such benefit, if available. For each evaluated tax incentive, the governor’s budget submission shall

August 2013 The Reporter include a recommendation as to whether the tax incentive should be continued, modified or terminated. The analysis would also consist of a five-year projection of the potential impact on the state’s revenue stream, the costs to the state associated with those incentives, an estimate of how many benefits of the tax incentives remained in state borders, and whether General Assembly action would facilitate data collection in a way that would allow for better analysis of the economic investments. “All states rely on incentives – whether they are tax credits, deductions or exemptions – to lure businesses to their communities and to encourage companies to take that leap and further invest in their expansion, employees or production capabilities,” Representative Tanzi said. “So when it comes to creating and exploring those incentives, Rhode Island should be mindful of all the variables at play. For that, we need our governor and state agencies to communicate with each other and provide the necessary information so we can all make informed decisions together.” The legislation also calls on the director of the state Office of Management and Budget to prepare a comprehensive review and inventory of all reports from the executive office and other state agencies filed with the General Assembly. It provides that this inventory be presented to the state legislature as part of the annual budget submission. Further, the act calls for a cost-benefit analysis be incorporated into the unified economic development report, which the Office of Revenue Analysis prepares each year.



Code Consistency Council Gets Green Light From General Assembly

STATE HOUSE – The General Assembly passed legislation today creating a Code Consistency Council, which will be charged with examining the state fire, building, elevator and other related codes for consistency. The companion bills, which now head to the governor’s desk for a signature, establish a 16-member council with the state fire marshal and the Rhode Island building code commissioner serving as co-chairpersons. The panel will meet regularly and present its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly by March 31, 2014. “Small business owners in this state have spoken loud and clear about the obstacles standing in the way of economic development, and one of their major points has been that there are onerous codes and regulations that make the process too difficult for entrepreneurs,” said Rep. Katherine S. Kazarian (D-Dist. 63, East Providence), primary sponsor of the House bill (2013-H

6323). “This council is the answer to that problem. This panel’s sole responsibility will be to look at our building and fire codes so we can identify and eradicate overlapping, contradictory, inconsistent and extraneous language. I’m pleased my colleagues have supported the bill and I look forward to seeing its contribution to Rhode Island’s economic progress.” Sen. Paul W. Fogarty (D-Dist. 23, Glocester, Burrillville, North Smithfield) sponsors the Senate companion (2013-S 0761A). Representatives Agostinho F. Silva (D-Dist. 56, Central Falls) and Raymond E. Gallison Jr. (D-Dist. 69, Bristol, Portsmouth) cosponsor the House bill.

2555 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence, RI 02914 • 401-434-3885

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Stop by and meet Jennye Durante to learn about this nice facility. If you answer a brief questionnaire you will receive a $5.00 Stop and Shop gift card.  

Looking for Resources?

Are you looking for information regarding statewide senior housing, assisted living facilities, adult day centers or local nursing facilities? Please see Ellen Frazier in the Administration Office for more information or call 435-7873. Other resources available are Living Will documents, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and more.

Veteran Honor Flight

Honor flight recognizes American Veterans for your sacrifice and achievements by flying you to Washington DC to see YOUR memorial at NO cost to the veteran. Top priority is given to WWII and terminally ill veterans from all wars. In order for Honor Flight to achieve this goal, escorts fly with the Veterans on every flight providing assistance and helping Veterans have a safe, memorable and rewarding experience. This is a small token of appreciation from the RIAFC Foundation Honor Flight Hub for what you and your comrades have given to us. Applications can be obtained in the Administration Office or for further information call 741-7999.

Computer Assistance August 26th 2pm to 4pm

On the last Monday of every month, two students from MTTI career training school will assist any member with computer questions. These volunteers will try to resolve your computer problems, and help you with a computer course you may be taking. The students will be in the computer lab.


Health & Wellness

Diabetes Outpatient Education

Your Health Insurance will cover one complete 4 day session per year. Classes are taught by Certified Nurses, Dietitians, and Pharmacists. Learn the skills to successfully manage your diabetes and meet others with this disease. You are not alone! Please contact the center’s health office at 435-7800, Ext. 6 with any questions and to register. Class size is limited. Preregistration is required.


We have Registered Dieticians available for appointments in the health office. They will counsel you, in private about your personal needs and insurance covers these visits. They are also certified diabetes educators. To schedule a visit, stop by the health office or call us at 435-7800 Ext. 1.

August 2013 The Reporter

Clinical Lab

East Side Clinical Lab draws blood work here the first Wednesday of the month. There is no pre-registration, just come in with the lab slip. The date for this month is: Wednesday August 7th 8:30-11:30


Dr. Michael Reuter, podiatrist, will be in the Health Office seeing patients. To schedule your appointment or if you have any questions call Dr. Reuter’s office directly at: 247-0610 ext. 6 and speak with Diane. Dr. Reuter accepts most major insurance plans.Next date: Thursday August 8th @ 9am.

Clinical Health

Clinical worker Amy Lagasse will be assisting our seniors with their mental health needs on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 9am to Noon. Would you like to speak to someone confidentially? Please contact us for an appointment at 435-7800, Ext 6. The date this month is Aug. 13th & 27th.

Reiki Master 9:30 - 11:30am

Carole Caprio is available for 10 minute Reiki sessions Thursday mornings beginning at 9:30. Reiki is a profoundly simple hands-on technique that assists one in their ability to reduce pain, heal injuries, regain balance, increase energy, enhance the immune system, reduce stress and tension, and promote physical and emotional well-being.  It is safe, peaceful, and relaxing. The cost is $ 5.00 for each individual 10 minute session. To schedule an appointment, please call Carole @ 861-3675. For more information, please visit Carole’s website at  

Senior Chorus

We have a few members looking to start a senior chorus at the center. Please let the Administration staff know if you would be interested in participating. No past experience is needed or required. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Blood Pressure Clinics 10:30am

Friday, August 2nd Orchard View Manor Wednesday, August 14th Waterview Villa Thursday, August 15th Evergreen House Tuesday, August 27th Hattie Ide Chaffee

55 ALIVE Driving Course Wednesday, August 13th 11:30am to 4pm

AARP Members $12.00 N on-members $14.00 AARP will be offering this driving course. The state of Rhode Island recognizes the value of this course by having passed in 1984, a bill that mandates an insurance discount to those over 55, who complete this course . The class is limited, please signup in the Administration Office

Strictly Sentimental Swing Band

Monday, September 9th @ 7pm

Put on your dancing shoes or sit back, relax, and enjoy live music that will bring you back to the Big Band era. The Weaver Library invites music lovers of all ages to join us at the East Providence Senior Center, for a free concert by the Strictly Sentimental Swing Band on Monday, September 9, at 7:00PM.  The 17-piece  band will perform its crowd-pleasing music outdoors on our lovely patio, with space for dancing!  Those who appreciate big band music from the 1930’s through today will enjoy these talented musicians accompanied by professional vocalist Mara Castle. With a repertoire of over 600 arrangements, this band has something for everyone’s listening and dancing pleasure.  Swing with Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodmanneed we say more?

Support Groups Diabetes Support 1:00pm - 3:00pm

In-Sight Support 12:45pm - 3:00pm

In-Sight offers programs and support in productive living for the vision impaired. The group meets the 3rd Friday of every month.

Senior Center Library

The library is a very warm and lovely place for people to choose a good book and read in a nice quiet area. We continue to receive many donations of new and current books. These donations have truly enhanced the quantity of our library. We also have current magazines for your enjoyment. The book club meets on Monday afternoons. New club members are welcome.

General Services

Elder Information Specialist: Our Elder Information Specialist assists the elderly and their families in providing information /referral and assistance with accessing services and programs. Nutrition Program: The center provides a nutritional meal to approximately 125 seniors per day. The Cranston Senior Center provides the meals. Case Management / Senior Services: The center coordinates with East Bay Community Action Program Inc., for all casework and follow-ups. Protective Services Council, made up of city departments and mental health/social service agencies, meets monthly to discuss problems concerning the elderly. Transportation: The center has two buses that are used daily for door-to-door transportation to and from the center. continued on next page...

Open meeting held monthly for people with diabetes to meet for mutual support. The group meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

Cutcliffe Glavin

Caregiver’s Support 10:30am - 11:30am


This support group is held the fourth Monday each month. The sessions offer support and sharing with others who are caring for loved ones.

Stroke Club 1:30pm - 3:00pm

The Stroke Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month and provides entertainment, education, support, socialization, refreshments, and transportation for stroke survivors and their caregivers.


ARCHETTO Attorneys at Law R.I. and MA. Bars

Conrad M. Cutcliffe The Packet Building 155 South Main St., Suite 300 Providence, RI 02903-2963

(401) 454-1900 Fax (401) 331-7001


The Reporter August 2013

Notary: This service is available in the Administration Office at no charge. Seminars: Monthly social, educational, and financial seminars on topics relating to seniors. Manicurist: A manicurist visits the center weekly for manicures and polish changes. Gift Shop: The gift shop has many different items for the convenience of the seniors. Small items from candy and greeting cards to jewelry, handmade items and crafts are available.

can help relieve stiffness and maintain or improve your joint mobility and muscle strength.

Exercise Programs

Our fitness room is open Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm. The fitness room consists of treadmills, recumbent bikes, an elliptical stepper, hand weights, and six dual weight machines. Other features include a matted floor, mirrored walls, water, stereo, and cable TV. You must have approval from your physician to participate in this program. Forms can be obtained in the Administration Office. The fee is $40 for a one year membership.

Intermediate Yoga Monday & Wednesday 9am $3

Integrated YOGA for emotional/mental power. Flexibility, strength, balances, beauty, stretching, weight reduction, improved breathing, relaxation, and stress relief. All are components of our Yoga classes.

Beginners Yoga Mondays 10:30am $3 Ballroom Dance Monday 2pm $3

Relearn all the old moves on the ballroom dance floor as well as some new ones. Singles are welcome.

Aerobics Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am $2

Instructor Karen Boyd gives members a great cardiovascular workout. Hand and ankle weights are used to tone and build your muscles.

Tai Chi Tuesday 11:00am $3

This ancient art form of exercise has been proven to reduce stress as well as chronic pain. It also reduces heart rate along with calming the mind and body.

Tap N Time Wednesday 9:15am $3

A seated rhythm and exercise class. It is a unique program that combines beginner dance steps utilizing rhythm sticks & exercise, all done to upbeat music from all decades.

Arthritis Exercise Wednesday & Friday 10:45am No Charge

A proper balance of exercise and rest

ZUMBA Thursday 11:15am

Zumba is a dance fitness cardio class that incorporates salsa, merengue, mambo, hip-hop, and some other styles of music into the class.  

Fitness Center

Card Games Bridge Pokeno Cockroach Cribbage Hi Lo Jack League

Thursday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Friday

1:00pm 1:00pm 8:15am 1:00pm 1:20pm

Wii Bowling Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45

Come join our very enthusiastic Wii Bowling Group every Tuesday. Using our large screen TV our participants have a great time bowling. If you have never tried this the group will teach you and you’re sure to pick it up quickly

Classes Watercolor Tuesday 9:30 am & 12:30 pm $5

Come learn a form of watercolor for all levels of talent. Some of the fantastic artwork is displayed throughout the center.

Crafts Thursday 1:00pm

Craft class makes dolls for Hasbro Children’s Hospital and cancer pillows for Women & Infants Hospital. Other “make and take” crafts will be taught.

Computer Classes Sessions & Times Vary

Our computer lab consists of class room computers and computers for general use. All computers are on-line. Courses offered: Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word Part 1 & 2, and Introduction to the

Internet Part 1 & 2. Computer classes are conducted by trained computer teachers. Classes are held in 4 week sessions. Each class meets for 1hr. and 15 minutes. The cost per session is $20/members and $25/ non members. Classes are filled on a first payment basis. Class size is limited to six students.

Daily Programs

Computer games Billiards Cards Nutritional Lunch Bocce ball Walking Track Morning & Afternoon Coffee/Pastry

Leisure Programs

Book Club Monday 1:00pm Bingo Tuesday 1:25pm Bocce Ball Tuesday 9:00am Scrabble Wed & Fri 10:00am Meditation Class Friday 11:00am Library Daily 8-4pm Computer Games Daily Lounge Billiards Daily Lower level

Gift Shop

Remember to visit our lovely gift shop located in the dining room area. We have a great selection of hand made items, gift cards, and snacks.

Rite-Aid Drug Store Scam June 2013

State police are warning of a scam involving a phony sweepstakes in which callers tell victims they’ve won money through the Rite-Aid drug store chain. Troopers from the Kittanning barracks say they’ve been alerted by Rite-Aid officials that the scam targeting an elderly western Pennsylvania woman on Saturday has happened in other areas, too. Police say a caller from a phone number that has since been traced to Jamaica told the woman she had won $18,000 but had to purchase a “green dot card” for $500 to cover the taxes on her winnings. The cards are pay-in-advance devices that Rite-Aid customers can use legitimately like a debit card but which, in this case, was used to access the woman’s money.

Jury Duty Scam

Pass this on to your grown children and anyone else you can think of. This has been verified by the FBI (their link is also included below). Please pass this on to everyone in your e-mail address book. It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call. Most of us take those summonses...s

August 2013 The Reporter for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced. The caller claims to be a jury duty coordinator. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the Scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. Give out any of this information and bingo; your identity was just stolen. The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states. This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the phone to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system. The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their web sites, warning consumers about the fraud.


Wildwood, NJ

332.00 Dbl. Occ. to include 3 Nights Accommodations, 3 Breakfasts, 3 Dinners, Entertainment, Afternoon Pizza Party, Ice Cream Social at 50’s themed Cool Scoops Parlor, Day in Atlantic City with Bonus Package, Cocktail Party with live entertainment, Show at the Performing Arts Center, and more. Single $417.00 Triple $332.00 Insurance $25.00

Dec. 2-3, 2013

Indian Head Resort

$189.00 Dbl. to include 1 Luncheon, I Dinner, 1Breakfast, entertainment and Silver Fox Transportation. Stops on the way home will be made at the Tilton Outlets and the NH State Liquor Store. Triple $185.00 Single $239.00 Insurance $12.00 Sign up at the E. Providence Senior Center Administration Office (401) 4357800 or call: Eleanor Monteiro at (401)4348194 - 28 Metacomet Avenue, Rumford, RI 02916 No calls before 9:00 am or Sundays “Please”


Safe Guarding Your Identity


You should never give out personal information to Someone who calls. The Government will not and does not call for this or any other personal information


Let everyone know!

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“When it was time to find help for Mom I made the best decision for all the right reasons.” “I wanted a caring and friendly environment for Mom, with personal attention and a great quality of life. I found it all right here, where Personalized Assisted Living is designed individually for those who need some help with the activities of daily living. People like my Mom. Each day Mom gets three fresh, home-cooked meals, opportunities to socialize — even group trips. Since she moved in, she’s discovered a renewed sense of energy. I couldn’t ask for anything more — and neither could Mom.”

If you have a loved one who needs personalized care, call 1-888-902-8536 today to schedule your personal visit and have lunch on us. Your story continues here… Independent Living • Personalized Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 1440 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence, RI 02915 ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office 20510-RES01-0313 SW


The Reporter August 2013

Birth Announcements

Cory Alan Correira

Joseph & Stephanie Correira announce the birth of their son Cory Alan Correira. Born June 5, 13 at 10:53 pm, he was 8 Lbs 1oz, 20 1/2 in long. He joins his big sister Camryn and big brother Isaac.

Upload and View Births, Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries and more at www.


Jude Kingston Giroux

Brian & Marsha Giroux of East Providence happily announce the birth of their third child, Jude Kingston. Jude was born at Women & Infants Hospital on Monday June 10th weighing 8lbs 6oz and measuring 22 inches long. Jude joins big brother Harrison and big sister Sophie at home. Jude was excitedly welcomed home by his maternal grandparents Anthony & Irene Medeiros of East Providence, paternal grandparents Arthur & Diane Giroux of Greenville, ME, great grandmothers Liduina Pinheiro and Aline Dufresne as well as his many aunts, uncles & cousins.

Brayden Samuel Carlson

Scott and Jessica Carlson of Riverside are proud to announce the birth of their son, Brayden Samuel Carlson. He was born on December 19, 2012 at 8:48am at Women and Infants Hospital. He weighed 4lbs 12oz and was 18 inches long. Maternal Grandparents are Rita Santos of Bristol, RI, James Santos of Warren, RI. Parental grandparents are Lori Carlson of Warren RI, Scott St. Onge of Bristol. Maternal great-grandmother Maria Silva.

August 2013 The Reporter


Weddings, Engagements, & Anniversaries Patricia Phillips Engaged to Joshua Washington

Jacqueline Palmisciano of East Providence is pleased to announce the engagement of her daughter, Patricia Phillips to Joshua Washington, son of Irma Rodriquez of Providence, both Patricia and Joshua reside in East Providence. Patricia and Joshua will be getting married  May 2015 in front of family and friends. 

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HUNGRY? The Reporter August 2013

Dining Guide Diggers Catch Prepared Foods

Fresh Fish Daily

East Side Shellfish • Quality Seafood • Dependable Service ~ OPEN 7 DAYS ~

Cell: 401-473-4950 Store: 401-490-0740 EBT e y


find it in the... St. Mary’s 20th Annual Clam Boil/Steak Fry

When: Sunday, September 15, 2013 Where: South Seekonk Gun Club 65 Reed St. Rehoboth, Mass Time; Gathering 4pm / Dinner 5pm Prices: Clam Boil $25.00 Steak fry $20.00 (children under 10 free - clam boil only) Raffle tickets available for great prizes. For tickets please call; Mike Boyce 401-253-2734

NOW OPEN! 2777 Pawtucket Ave. East Providence, RI

401-228-3755 Taste the difference. Be a part of the Trend. Voted Best in the East Bay 2012-2013 Free Delivery on orders $10 or more Gift Certificates Available • Catering Available Also Located at 59 Maple Ave • Barrington, RI • 401-289-2910


Let everyone know where to get good eats in toWn!

August 2013 The Reporter

August Events at Providence Children’s Museum Wheels at Work: Police Cruiser Wednesday, August 7 • 10:00 AM Noon Get behind the wheel of a police cruiser and meet officers from the Burrillville Police Department. Explore a different vehicle each Wednesday morning in August! Critter Encounter Thursday, August 8 • 10:00 AM - Noon Have close encounters with furry friends, slithering snakes and other incredible creatures and learn all about them from Dave Marchetti of Animal Experiences. Underwritten by Providence Tourism Council. Imagination Playground Friday, August 9 • 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM Friday, August 16 • 11:00 AM - 7:PM Friday, August 23 • 11:00 AM - 7: PM Friday, August 30 • 11:00 AM - 7:PM Stack and build with huge blue foam blocks of all shapes and sizes. Using blocks, wheels, spools, tubes and a variety of loose parts, kids construct castles and forts, invent interesting sculptures and more! Underwritten by Dominion Foundation.


MetLife Family Friday | Car Seat Check ALSO Friday, August 9 • 5:00 - 8:00

The Museum is open free of charge every Friday evening through Labor Day from 5:00 - 8:00 PM for “MetLife Family Friday – Free at Five!,” sponsored by MetLife Foundation. Stay out late and splash, play, explore and discover! From 5:30 - 7:30 PM, have your child’s car seat checked for safety by the Injury Prevention Center at Lifespan. Worm World Saturday, August 10 & Sunday, August 11 • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Explore the wonderful world of worms! Kids observe how worms wiggle, investigate red wriggler composting worms and night crawlers, squirm through tunnels, and get their hands dirty digging through a wormy habitat. After the Beanstalk: Jack, Jill and the Giant Monday, August 12 • 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM Help Jack and Jill solve the giant’s puzzling spatial challenges in an interactive performance that expands on the classic tale. Shows at 10:30 & 11:30 AM and


12:30 & 1:30 PM; recommended for ages 3 and up. Underwritten by Dominion Foundation.

a library on wheels. Explore a different vehicle each Wednesday morning in August!

Get Out! Sculpt the Clouds Tuesday, August 13 • 1:00 - 3:00 PM Get out and play in the Museum’s Children’s Garden each Tuesday afternoon in August! Kids create sculptures from an array of interesting materials.

MetLife Family Friday at Providence Children’s Museum Friday, August 23 • 5:00 - 8:00 PM Friday, August 30 • 5:00 - 8:00 PM The Museum is open free of charge every Friday evening through Labor Day from 5:00 - 8:00 PM for “MetLife Family Friday – Free at Five!,” sponsored by MetLife Foundation. Stay out late and splash, play, explore and discover!

Wheels at Work: Ambulance Wednesday, August 14 • 10:00 AM - Noon Inspect an ambulance and learn how technicians from Brown University Emergency Medical Services help people when they’re injured. Explore a different vehicle each Wednesday morning in August! Texture Trace Thursday, August 15 • 10:00 AM 3:00 PM Saturday, August 17 - Monday, August 19 • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Thursday, August 22 • 10:00 AM 3:00 PM Experience sensory explorations from mild to messy in Discovery Studio, the Museum’s hands-on art and science space. Children sort stones by smooth and rough textures, create textured collages, and get their hands gooey investigating slime. MetLife Family Friday | Manton Avenue Project ALSO Friday, August 16 • 5:00 - 8:00 PM The Museum is open free of charge every Friday evening through Labor Day from 5:00 - 8:00 PM for “MetLife Family Friday – Free at Five!,” sponsored by MetLife Foundation. Stay out late and splash, play, explore and discover! At 6:00 PM, enjoy live performances of “A River Runs Through It: The Woonasquatucket River Plays” – hilarious one-act plays created by kids from the Manton Avenue Project. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Get Out! Hoop-la Tuesday, August 20 • 1:00 - 3:00 PM Get out and play in the Museum’s Children’s Garden each Tuesday afternoon in August! Kids invent their own fun and games with hoops of all sizes and colors. Providence Children’s Museum offers programs that promote physical play and activity as part of the national Let’s Move! initiative for children’s healthy development. Wheels at Work: Bookmobile Wednesday, August 21 • 10:00 AM - Noon Climb inside Providence Community Library’s new bookmobile to discover

Chalk the Walk Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25 • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Kids make a mark by creating colorful sidewalk chalk drawings and doodles.


Puzzle Works Monday, August 26 • 10:00 AM - 3:00

Thursday, August 29 • 10:00 AM 3:00 PM Take on creative challenges with a colorful assortment of shape and patterning puzzles in Discovery Studio, the Museum’s hands-on art and science exploration space. Try your hand at geometric, mosaic, wooden and magnetic puzzles that involve shape sequencing and sorting and have multiple solutions. Get Out! Jump In Tuesday, August 27 • 1:00 - 3:00 PM Get out and play in the Museum’s Children’s Garden each Tuesday afternoon in August! Kids hop, skip and jump as they experiment with a variety of different jump ropes. Providence Children’s Museum offers programs that promote physical play and activity each month, as part of the national Let’s Move! initiative for children’s healthy development. Wheels at Work: Tow Truck Wednesday, August 28 • 10:00 AM - Noon Get behind the wheel of a tow truck from AAA of Southern New England and learn how its operators rescue broken cars. Explore a different vehicle each Wednesday morning in August!


Hoop-la Saturday, August 31 • 9:00 AM - 6:00

Kids invent their own fun and games with hoops of all sizes and colors. Providence Children’s Museum offers programs that promote physical play and activity as part of the national Let’s Move! initiative for children’s healthy development.


The Reporter August 2013

“When Worry Gets Out of Control” Generalized Anxiety Disorder

“I was worried all the time about everything. It didn’t matter that there were no real signs of problems; I just got upset. I was having trouble falling asleep at night, and I couldn’t keep my mind focused at work. I felt angry at my family all of the time. Something must be wrong with me.” We all have concerns in our lives. We worry about family problems, money, health, which school the kids should attend, issues at work, etc. People who live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are extremely worried about these and many other things, even when there is little or no reason to worry about them at all. They feel anxious simply trying to get through the day. They always feel that things will go badly, and the worry can keep them from doing everyday things like going to the grocery store, completing a necessary job around the house, or attending special events. The signs and symptoms of GAD may begin during the teen or young adult years, and often times, doctors end up treating symptoms without determining the real cause. Headaches and trouble falling asleep may be signs of many different illnesses, and it may take a number of visits or specialists to determine that GAD is the cause. A person living with GAD may: Worry a great deal about everyday things Have trouble controlling their constant worries Know that they worry more than they should Not be able to relax and enjoy things Have a hard time concentrating Be easily startled Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep Feel tired all of the time Have headaches, muscle aches, stomach aches, or unexplained pains Have a hard time swallowing Tremble, twitch, or shake Be irritable, sweat profusely, and feel light-headed or out of breath Have to go to the bathroom frequently. It is important to visit your primary care physician if you exhibit any of the symptoms above to rule out that another physical problem isn’t causing them. A referral to a mental health professional can be arranged through your physician or on your own, for a thorough clinical assessment. Generally GAD is treated through psychotherapy, medication, or both. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), provided by a licensed therapist, is especially effective for treating GAD, by teaching a person different ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting to situations that help him/her feel less anxious or worried. A psychiatrist, working in concert with the therapist, may prescribe anti-anxiety medications and/or antidepressant medications, depending upon the severity of the symptoms. Treatment is not “one size fits all” for everyone. Some people overcome their anxiety disorder through therapy alone, while others need a combination of therapy and medication. It is important that you discuss everything openly with your providers in order to focus your treatment plan accordingly.

Access to Care When You Need It:

East Bay Center clinicians are always available by scheduled appointment or through the Center’s “Walk-in” model of care to assist adults, children, and their families through any number of complicated issues. Conveniently located in East Providence on the Wampanoag Trail – help is just around the corner. We encourage you to visit our website at for information regarding services, employment, locations, etc. To speak to someone regarding services or to schedule an appointment, please call 401-246-1195 and ask for “Intake”. Special thanks to the National Institute of Mental Health for the information contained in this article.

CLASSIFIEDS LOST & FOUND Lost gold link bracelet in late May, early June on Danforth, Perryville, Homestead, Fairview, or Carpenter Sts. Great sentimental value. Reward for return. Ask for Arnold. 508-252-9508 (e813)

FREE STUFF FREE: Large Trampoline (disassembled); condition. Call 508-840-9256. (e813)


WANTED LAND WANTED: Interested in purchasing 3 to 10 acres of wooded land in Rehoboth to build one residential property. Email TTORRES@ASPECTSINC.COM if you have property you would like to sell. Must NOT be cleared. Rehoboth Wooded area. (e813) WE BUY Diabetic Test Strips for CASH. Unopened, Unused & Unexpired. We get them to people with little or no insurance. TOP CASH paid. FREE local pick-up. Call Ron @ 508-217-8074. (e813) Wanted: Baby boy clothes. Newborn and up. Please donate your extra unwanted things for expecting single mother of twins. Pick up is available. Your help will be kindly appreciated. Please call 401-632-3602. (rfD813) Wanted: Flower vases, please donate, I can pick up. Call Debbie at 401-632-3602. (rfD813)

FOR RENT ROOMMATE: needed to share apartment with single mom and 2 6 year old twins in Pawtucket. 300.00 per month. Utilities included. Please call Deb at 401-749-4376. (e813) For Rent in Rehoboth: Large one bedroom efficiency includes heat, electric and cable. No smoking - No pets. 1 adult, call 508-252-4054 (e813)

VACATION RENTALS CUSTOM LOG CABIN: White Mountains New Hampshire, Sugar Hill, Franconia NH, sleeps 6, fireplace, full kitchen; minutes from New Hampshire attractions; swimming, hiking, fishing, boating or just R&R; weekly and weekends, Call Joe at 401-439-8089. (e913)


1 To 15 Words - $10 16 To 30 Words - $15

Classified Deadline: 25th of the Month We reserve the right to alter and/or reject advertising

Additional Words $.25 each

FOR SALE ATTIC CLEANOUT: Rehoboth – Old bottles and Miscellaneous “TREASURES” to be sold. 508-2526417 (e813) Chevrolet Corvette 1987: 78,000 miles, Automatic, removable glass top Adult driven & owned for 12 years. Body, paint, tires, engine in very good condition, Very dependable. $5,500. 401-419-1442. (e813) SCOTTS LAWNMOWER: 21” cutting width. 6 HP, self-propelled, Front wheel drive engine $75 508252-4507 (e813) HOMELITE PRESSURE WASHER: 3 in 1 high speed, gasoline powered. Never used – cost $305. Best offer… 508-252-4507 (e813) FOR SALE: Portable Coleman Electric Generator; 4200 Watts, 120/240 voltz. Excellent condition, operators manual included, $300. Call 508-252-4410. (e813)

Submit your classifed at Wanted, Driver for septic and pump truck, fulltime, overtime. Paid holidays and vacation. Must have clean driving with medical card, class A or B tank endorsement. Hourly wage negotiable. Apply or call Town Sanitation 508-336-3555 or 508-2529430 (rfTS) Experience installers and laborers needed to install commercial & residential fencing. Knowledge of 6 -12 months experience in wood, vinyl & wire. Foxx Fence Company Inc., located in Swansea, Ma (508)3361411 (rf) In need of experience Laborers, Truck Drivers, and Machine Operators.  Contact Erika at 774-322-6819 (rf_mjd)

GENERAL SERVICES PARTY RENTAL SERVICES: Sale or Rent, Moonwalks $125 per weekend. 20x30 Tent package includes tables & chairs $350. 20x20 tent package $250. Set up Included. Call early for Reservation. Dan 774-306-1278 or 401-255-1072 (e813)

Flat Wall Stones: Some huge – you pickup – we load, call 508-252-6550 (e813)

Big Blue Removal Service: Attic, Cellar, Total House; WE TAKE EVERYTHING! Furniture, Brush, Appliances, Yard Waste, Construction Debris, Trash…Demolition of Fences, Sheds, Decks, Pools. LET US DO THE WORK. Free Estimates. Call Tony 508226-1295; (rf)

CLASSES / LESSONS Certified teacher available to prep your child for the new school year. Review and sharpen reading, math and writing skills. $35/hr. one day or $25/hr. for two. Liz (401) 368-8238. (e813) MATH TUTOR: High School Algebra 1 & 2; Trigonometry; PreCalculus; Calculus. Weekdays after 3:30 at Seekonk Library. $50 per hour. Call Chris at 508-336-2702. Licensed and currently teaching in Mass. (e813) PIANO LESSONS: Taught in my home, both classical and popular to persons of all ages. Anita Russo, 8 Terrybrooke Road, Rehoboth 508-2524208. (e1013)

HELP WANTED: Help Wanted, Assistant for home and yard. Personal Assistant, weekly as needed. Organizational skills, crafty and creative with embellishments on clothing, help around home and yard, some computer. No experience required. Creative, idea person. Hourly based on experience. careda1@cox. net. (e813) DANCE INSTRUCTOR: Arthur Murray Swansea Dance Studio looking for part time dance instructors. No experience necessary. Hours are 5-9 during the week. Call (508) 6790071. (e813)




East Providence Now Can Submit Classifieds On Our Website. View & Post at www.



The Reporter August 2013


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August 2013 The Reporter

Buying or Selling - Call

MATEUS Realty The experience makes the difference!

So if you're ready to buy or sell, Call Mateus Realty today at 434-8399. Luis Mateus (401) 368-2403 Jeff Mateus (401) 447-9459

Pam Reis (401) 368-2402 Maria Correia (401) 556-2957 Cecilia Duarte (401) 450-9044

EAST PROVIDENCE - Kent Heights!! Silver Spring!! Estate Sale!! 3 Br Ranch with great potential!! Young roof, siding, replacement windows, hw's. $139,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Clean, 4 Br Cape, Hw's, gas heat, upgraded electric, breezeway, garage, porch, deck, siding, replacement windows, 8000+ sf lot, on dead end st. $169,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Well kept 2/3 Br R/Ranch, FR, den, young gas boiler/ hw tank, entral air, hw's, tile, siding, replacement windows, dead end st, $179,900

East Providence - Deceiving brick front 3 Br, 2 bath Ranch; FR/FP, heated brzwy, s.prch, patio, garage, hw's, tile, granite; young gas boiler/hw tank, c/a, part finished basement, 10,000sf lot. $229,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Spacious/clean brick front 2 Br, 1 1/2 bath Ranch, 2 FR's, 2 FP's, hw's, tile, appliances, replacement windows, siding, gas heat, upgraded electric, patio. $179,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Clean 3 Br, 2 bath Cape, partially finished basement, FR, siding, replacement windows, Hw's, upgraded electric, garage, dead end st. $169,900

EAST PROVIDENCE -Kent Gardens!! Well maintained 3 Br Ranch, FR, sliders, young roof, siding, windows, gas boiler/hw tank, upgraded electric, hw's, garage, 8000+ sf lot. $189,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Well kept 3/4 Br, 2 bath, R/Ranch, dining, FR, gas heat/ central air, granite, tile, sliders, deck, patio, sprinklers, siding, garage, dead end st. $229,900

East Providence - 3 Br, 2 bath Ranch, heated breezeway, siding, replacement windows, patio w/roof, gas heat, C/A, upgraded electric, hw's/tile, partially finished basement, 7500+ sf corner lot with garage. $179,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Centrally located!! 3 Br, 2 bath Ranch with great potential!! Partially finished basement, gas heat/ hw, central air, Hw's, siding, 7000+sf lot. $139,900

EAST Providence - Spacious 4 Br, 2 bath Cottage, dining, siding, replacement windows, F & R porches, gas heat, Hw's, tile, upgraded electric, newer kitchen. $159,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Vets Parkway!! 3 Br, 1 1/2 bath Cape, dining, LR/FP, enclosed porch, young roof, siding, replacement windows, boiler & hw tank. Upgraded electric, Hw's, tile, garage, 8000+sf lot. $174,900

A sign of success and a name you can trust!

434-8399 FALAMOS PORTUGUES • FAX # 435-3401

582 Warren Avenue • East Providence, RI 02914

Serving East Providence and surrounding areas since 1975.

Visit our website for information on these and other properties at...



The Reporter August 2013

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Smile! Dr. Sarah Eager has been named a Top Dentist by Rhode Island Monthly Magazine for a second year in a row, continuing to provide quality dental care in a relaxed atmosphere. She offers laser dental treatment and sedation options for a comfortable dental experience. NEW PATIENTS & EMERGENCIES WELCOME




600 Wampanoag Trail • Riverside, RI




Vinyl Siding!

Only a Pro touches this home!


(5) $1375 (10) $2550 (20) $4800 (most sizes apply)

Free Estimates

Over 30 Colors

*1200 Sq. Ft. Supplied & Installed

Family Owned Local Business

Home Pro Remodeling

(401) 427-0808 • (508) 536-5353 Licensed & Insured RI # 33433 MA # 165376

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