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AUGUST 2011 Volume 7, no. 8


Serving the Community and Businesses of East Providence

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East Providence Prevention Coalition Honors Community Partners

The Board of Directors of the East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) held its annual meeting on Monday June 27th in Seekonk Massachusetts. All Board members received a certificate and a T-Shirt as a token of appreciation. The highlight of the meeting was the Community Partner Awards that were presented to each of the following individuals or businesses for their leadership and dedication to the EPPC in its pursuit to keep townies safe and healthy: Legislative Grant Sponsor Senator Frank Devall Jr.; East Providence Police Chief Joseph Tavares; Egg Hunt Sponsor TD Bank; youth leaders Chris Capron, James Capron, C.J. Gomez and Amberlynn Johnson; Carousel Clerk Tracy Johnson; East Providence Recycling Coordinator and Responsible Beverage Service 21 Proof Trainer Steve Mutter; East Providence City Hall IT Director Lori Fox; EP High School Parents Teachers and Students (PTSA) Flamingo Fundraiser Coordinator Caroline Sadowski; EP High School PTSA Post Prom Co-Coordinators Lynda Cook and Stephanie Rizzini; Positive Solutions Consultant Catherine Moriello-Flatts; Former Youth Coordinator Taylor Rickard; and two time host of EP High School Post Prom Party 2010 and 2011, Healthtrax. ...continued on page 4

The East Providence Prevention Coalition Board of Directors and Community Partners celebrate a year of successful outcomes at the Annual Meeting.


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The Reporter August 2011

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August 2011 The Reporter


East Providence News Briefs By Bob Rodericks

EP Police Training Grant

The EP Police are seeking to train officers to be better prepared for responding to public assistance calls. The city’s grant application says the following, in part: In accordance with U.S. Department of Justice policy, and Bureau of Justice Assistance grant requirements, the East Providence Police Department is pleased to make its intention to seek Federal funding available for public review and comment. The department is requesting $18,068 to institute an in-service training program for all officers. This program will primarily focus on building capabilities which support effective police interaction with the community in the following areas: 1. Recognizing the signs of mental illness and best practices for response. 2. Domestic violence/ sexual assault response and update on new domestic violence legislation. 3. Review and update on new legislation and case law affecting the rules of search and seizure. This amount is the allocation for the City of East Providence, to be designated towards law enforcement programs, through the 2011 Edward Byrne Memorial/ Justice Assistance Grant Program. Any individuals or groups wishing to view the grant proposal in its entirety, and/ or offer comment on the department’s request for funding are encouraged to contact Lieutenant Michael David of the East Providence Police Department; (401)435-7600.

Better Buckle Up!

Police departments no longer need a separate reason or suspicion to enforce seat belt laws. The law is simple; everyone in the car has to be wearing a seat belt. The seat belt has to be on properly that means the shoulder strap has to be across the chest. The fine is $85.00 for each person in the car not wearing the seat belt. The operator is responsible for all fines. The passage of this law makes not wearing a seat belt a primary violation. The police no longer have to have another reason to stop a motorist before issuing a seat belt violation. The police now only need to see that someone in the vehicle is not wearing a seat belt before stopping the vehicle.

Ten Mile River Restoration Project

The contractor hired to construct fish passage facilities at Hunts Mill and Turner Reservoir Dams in East Providence will be re-mobilizing at the site to continue construction which just began in July, according to the RI Departmet of Environmental Management. In order to continue construction of the fish passage facilities, the water level at Turner Reservoir Dam must be lowered 30-42 inches. As a result, 15 feet or more of shoreline may be exposed. Officials anticipate that it may take one week to complete the water lowering for the contractor to start the work. Per the environmental window established in the freshwater wetlands permit, the water level may not be reduced until July1 of each year. The water levels are expected to remain lowered throughout the summer. The project involves construction of Denil fishways at Omega Pond Dam, Hunts Mill Dam and Turner Reservoir Dam to restore anadromous fish passage to the lower Ten Mile River. The Ten Mile River watershed, with a total drainage area of about 56 square miles, is located in southeastern Massachusetts and northeastern Rhode Island. About 51 square miles of this drainage area are situated in Massachusetts and the remaining five square miles are located in Rhode Island. For more than 200 years, dams have blocked anadromous river herring (blueback herring and alewives) and American shad from their historic spawning grounds in the Ten Mile River watershed. These anadromous fish live as adults in salt water, but must return to freshwater to spawn. The project area includes the lower portion of the Ten Mile River watershed, with a specific focus toward providing anadromous fish passage at the first (lowest) three dams on the river: Omega Pond Dam, Hunts Mill Dam and Turner Reservoir Dam. The city of East Providence and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) are the non-federal sponsors for this environmental restoration project. Questions regarding the fish passage project or the lowering of the reservoir can be directed to Jay McGinn of DEM at 401-222-2776 Ext. 4313 or Larry Oliver of USACE at 978-318-8347.

LifeGuard and Workers Applauded

Regan Jeffrey, East Providence City Lifeguard, and summer playground counselors Stephanie Perez, Stephanie Gomes and Kyle Croke,were honored with a Mayoral proclamation for saving Joshua Adewusi, who nearly drowned while swimming at the boys and girls club pool on Williams Street in the city. “We appreciate everything that you did to save Joshua”, said Mayor Rogers. Adewusi was also present and gave the proclamation to those who saved him. continued on next page...

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The Reporter August 2011

Continued New Notes...

Parks and Recreation Director Made Permanent

Alba Curti Director of Parks and Recreation has been named permanent Parks and Recreation Director by Interim City Manager Orlando Andreoni. Curti has been running the department since the retirement of former long time director, Joseph Crook two and on half years ago. Curti has been a driving force behind the city’s successful Heritage Days festival since its’ inception. Curti was praised by the council and other officials upon her permanent appointment.

Municipal Court Moving

They don’t have a location yet or information on staffing but after months of discussion the city council has unanimously voted to relocate the municipal court to city hall. Currently the court is at Breed Hall on the former Providence Country Day site, now owned by the city. The proposed move will save money according to a city manager’s report and could bring in close to $200,000 in annual outside rent. “This will be a savings to our city no matter where we put it in city hall”, said Mayor Rogers. “The utilities bill alone is $65,000 a year if we stayed at Breed Hall”, said Katie Kleyla.

Continued from Cover...

East Providence Prevention Coalition Honors Community Partners

The Board unanimously voted in new officers. Courtney Lacerda, the Board’s current Chair will serve her second term as Chair; Katie Saraiva, the Board’s current Vice Chair will serve her second term as Vice Chair; Nicholas Pfeiler will serve as Secretary; and Scott Rose will serve as Treasurer. The East Providence Prevention Coalition’s Board of Directors will reconvene on September 26, 2011 in the East Providence City Hall and will continue to meet the fourth Monday of each month. The EPPC supports the well being of the East Providence community. They accomplish this by offering training, education and a youth led leadership program.

2011 East Providence Heritage Festival Welcomed The Washington Trust Company as a Diamond Sponsor

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Paul Tavares was greeting 2011 Heritage Festival visitors at the Washington Trust booth. Washington Trust was a major sponsor of this year's East Providence Heritage Festival. Assisting Paul in the booth were Alyssa Whorf (L) and Felicia Tavares (middle). The Washington Trust Company will be conveniently locating to East Providence this fall at 587 Taunton Avenue in the Shopperstown Plaza.

See more Heritage Festival photos on page 13... and visit our new website at...

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August 2011 The Reporter

Letters to the Editor...

The East Providence




Serving the Community and Businesses of East Providence

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Why No Response From Our RI Reps.

One would assume that if taking the time to email or call your representative, common courtesy would dictate a response. Obviously, the email address for each representative garners no response. After numerous emails, I am still waiting for Sen. DeVall to respond. A call in to Helio Mello got no response. I thought the budget was a serious matter and being a taxpayer, I felt I have a right to comment on their votes. I did receive responses from Rep. Savage. Gordon Fox and Theresa Paiva-Weed are just so overburdened, they respond with a boilerplate standard response email. What to worry, with that D next to their name, they will be overwhelmingly re-elected to another term to continue their tax and spend agenda. Note that we should be proud and congratulate our legislators and Governor for achieving the status of WORST state to do business. We are ranked below Hawaii and Alaska, both being expensive states because of isolation issues. Massachusetts at least ranked in the top 10 coming in at number 6. You might think these people would want to know what Virginia and Texas are doing right instead of listening to George Nee and his vision of a socialist Mecca. It seems at each budget time the legislature wants to bring to the table “Binding Arbitration” and “Perpetual Contracts.” Taking away the rights of cities and towns to determine contracts that are affordable looks to be unconstitutional, putting an unfair burden on taxpayers but benefiting special interests. This brings me to ask a question. Would Rep. DaSilva please enlighten us all as to just what that (D) next to his name stands for? In the Saturday, June 25 ProJo it was reported that he railed against Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin for his role in revising union bargaining. It should be noted that Wisconsin has crept up from the bottom as being a business-unfriendly state 20 places, up to a state improving in job creativity and a place that is ready for business. Also, it “sickened” Mr. DaSilva that he had to stand up and fight for longevity bonuses. I wonder, the few left working here in the private sector, how many get a bonus for showing up for work every day? Mr. DaSilva remarked how “In the end, we are Democrats. We are not Tea Party members.” Now I guess the meaning of the Constitution, self-reliability and being free from excessive government control and taxes is a frightening ideology to believe in. After all, the Constitution limits government and its intrusion into the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Burdening all for the benefit of a few seems anti-liberty. I guess people questioning their government are too upsetting to Mr. DaSilva. If one questions a continuous tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend budget every year, it must bother the governing elite. His next comment was “We’re not Republicans.” No, I guess not. Believing in fiscal responsibility and self-reliance is just demonic to Mr. DaSilva, I presume. One would think the best way out of poverty is through education and having a job which gives one dignity. With over 14 percent unemployment and a mediocre education system that the government controls, keeping people dependent on government here in R.I. is the norm. So my question is, please, Mr. DaSilva, tell us what that D stands for. And please don’t say we’re for the “working people” because in order to have working people you need businesses to employ them and Rhode Island is ranked the Worst Place to do Business by CNBC. Maybe that’s not good enough; we maybe can get a MINUS 10 rating if there is such a thing. I am sure our representatives could achieve that glorious standing and they don’t even have to try hard. Fran Brelsford Riverside, RI

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The Reporter August 2011

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped with this years bike run. Because of the generosity of so many people, we were able to donate $13,055.00 to the Tomorrow Fund at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. I would especially like to thank the Rehoboth, Seekonk, Attleboro, East Providence and Dighton police Departments for their help in making the bike run safe. I would also like to thank all the local businesses for their generosities in donating raffle items and sponsorship money. Without the support of everyone, this ride would not have been such a great success. I would also like to thank all the volunteers who served food, helped with the raffles, and kept me so organized throughout the planning. Without all the volunteers the run would not be such a great success. Pictures from this years ride will be on the website soon. Please visit the website for more information at www. Thank you again for everything. Tom, Jean and Kayla Burda And The Committee for A Ride For Tomorrow


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To the members of the East Providence City Council...

My name is Katherine Connolly. I am a resident and former selectman (2006-2009) of Holbrook, Massachusetts. We have a shared experience with TLA and Jack Walsh. First, let me applaud the efforts of the City Council, local residents, the RI state legislature and Governor Chafee - your collective concern for the health and welfare of your residents, environment and local economies is commendable. By taking the concerns of the majority in this matter seriously and taking action to prevent one business from circumventing local by-laws and operating conditions imposed by local and state authorities, you will not only improve public health and safety but also the local economic health of the neighborhood involved and East Providence. My sincere congratulations to all involved. You have inspired so many others from Holbrook, Braintree and Randolph, Massachusetts to continue our own efforts to protect our neighborhoods from TLA. Thank you! Mr. Walsh first came to my attention in November 2005 at a Holbrook Selectmen’s meeting that I happen to attend. He and his local attorney, the former Holbrook town moderator, addressed the board that evening and described his plans for a regional solid waste transfer station on a piece of property the Town of Holbrook had coincidentally taken in tax title that year. The property is on the Holbrook/Randolph town line near the border with Braintree. A piece of property not unlike the TLA Pond View site that has many environmental challenges - wetlands, a river that runs through it, vernal pools and located in a flood plain - not to mention it abuts (and actually part of it is included in) the Baird & McGuire Superfund Site, the 7th worst superfund site in the nation. What I remember most from that night was that Mr. Walsh and his attorney said it would operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I knew I had to learn more and get involved. So much has happened since that night and, more to the point, so much hasn’t happened - there is no regional solid waste transfer station in Holbrook today. Mr. Walsh certainly found a town and local government officials who bought his “story” hook, line and sinker. A lease, 1000 tons per day, six days a week, was finally signed by the Holbrook Selectmen and Mr. Walsh’s company at the time - Holbrook Environmental Logistical Partnership (HELP) - in February 2009. A lease that is so one sided in favor of Mr. Walsh and his new company, TLA Holbrook, that it would make any rational person wonder why - the Town basically would never see the amount of income promised by Mr. Walsh - the Town even agreed to pay all the project startup costs including construction. Since 2009 Mr. Walsh has received local permits from the Holbrook Zoning Board of Appeals, the Holbrook Conservation Commission and the Holbrook Planning Board. All three permits are being appealed in court. In addition, a 10 resident petition was filed and accepted by the MA DEP seeking a Superseding Order of Conditions on the Holbrook Conservation Commission permit. All of these appeals are still pending. Residents from Randolph, Braintree and Holbrook have formed a civic group to fight the proposed regional solid waste transfer station - BHR Civic Group - we have a website at www.bhrcivicgroup. com. In addition, the Town of Randolph, Braintree town officials and state representatives and state senators have all joined us in opposition to the project. Last year we gathered over 3000 petition signatures against the project. We know this is the wrong project for Holbrook, we know this is the wrong site for a regional solid waste transfer station and we know we will not stop. Your example and experience with TLA Pond View confirms our fears of what our future would be with TLA Holbrook. On a personal note, since my involvement and opposition against Mr. Walsh’s proposed project in Holbrook I’ve had some shall we say interesting experiences (occur to me)… But, I was so very interested and relieved to recently read in your local paper that

August 2011 The Reporter

Mr. Walsh does not believe in the “politics of intimidation.” Congratulations again on your collective efforts regarding TLA Pond View. On behalf of everyone in Massachusetts fighting the good fight against TLA Holbrook, we wish the East Providence City Council and local residents great success in all your efforts. Sincerely, Katherine Connolly Holbrook, MA


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On Behalf Of All The Thankful Residents

The residents of East Providence would like to take this opportunity to thank Senator Daniel DaPonte and Representative Helio Melo for their work and support on legislation on the siting of construction and demolition debris processing facilities into law. We would also like to thank Governor Lincoln Chaffee for signing this act into law. The signing of this bill by Governor Chaffee, demonstrates his long record and an environmentalist and will go a long way to preserving and protecting our environment and our neighborhood. This piece of legislation was crucial not only to our neighborhood, but also to the entire state of Rhode Island. It follows the lead of other states and countries which have imposed buffer zones around these facilities. In fact, this law is even more forward thinking and business friendly than most other places because it does not exclude a business from operating in a residential area. It only supports what our community has been saying for 13 years: In order for a business like this and a residential neighborhood to co-exist, it requires open and honest communication. No longer can a company promise one thing and do another. No longer can C&D facilities expand without the approval of the people that will be impacted the most. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not the General Assembly that lives next to a facility like this. It’s not the city council or the zoning officer. It’s the residents. And the residents deserve a voice. Thank you for giving us that voice. We know that the last few weeks of the legislative session presented the state budget and a flurry of legislation. But in the end, Senator Da Ponte, Representative Melo and Governor Chaffee worked to the end to defend the residents, their constituents. And for that, we are grateful. On behalf of all the thankful residents. Jo-Ann Durfee

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The Reporter August 2011

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August 2011 The Reporter

News from the East Bay Community Action Program... East Bay Community Action Program (EBCAP) offers a wide array of health and human services for area residents. Its upper bay headquarters is located at 100 Bullocks Point Avenue in Riverside. For information on services, call 437-1000. East Bay Community Action Program, a twenty two million dollar, nonprofit, multi-program agency is seeking a Head Start Director to report directly to the Chief Executive Officer. This senior level administrator will manage the overall operation of the 468 child Head Start/Early Head Start and Child Care programs with seven locations and over 100 staff – adhering to all Federal and State regulations, in order to maintain a high quality, harmonious entity that is effectively integrated with other agency components and fulfills the mission of the agency and the Head Start program. Additional areas of responsibility include: oversight of all training activities, systems monitoring, and supervision of senior level staff. Significant job functions will include but not be limited to: Planning, budgeting, developing, and recommending policies, objectives, goals and standards designed to fulfill the mission and purpose of the Head Start and Child Care Program – with a special focus on family engagement. Developing, leading, and motivating staff to peak team performance and individual fulfillment through day-to-day practices which confirm personal integrity, enforce strict principles of conduct and accountability, maintain high standards of performance, focus on individual strengths, and respect the individual and his/her work. Accountable to the Chief Executive Officer for all Head Start plans, activities, progress and trends, with continuous monitoring for compliance with professional standards, accreditations, governmental regulations, and /or contracts. Serves as an agency ambassador and liaison to the regional Administration for Children and Families (ACF) office, to local, state, regional and national associations, and to the general public. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Early Childhood or related field, masters degree preferred. A minimum of ten (10) years of experience in a Head Start or social service agency or in the education field including five (5) years of senior level administrative and supervisory experience. Demonstrated experience in grants/financial management, program planning, and evaluation. Knowledge of community and commitment to low-income children and families. Benefits: Salary based on experience; comprehensive benefits package that includes BC/BS, Delta Dental and a 403(b) pension plan with a 3.5% match. The position is open due to the retirement of our current, long term Director at the end of December 2011. Please forward your confidential resume with salary requirements to EBCAP, Attn: SSmith, 19 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840 or email to Deadline: July 25, 2011. Please refer to the Head Start Director when applying for this position and visit our website at EOE/AA

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From the Mayor’s Office By Bruce Rogers


Opinion •


Ken Andrade - President Repairs Welcome

Well the Summer is about two thirds over, Heritage Days and all the annual Portuguese Feasts have come and gone and it is now the time for the East Providence City Council to move forward at full force in resolving a couple of major issues in our City. Number one: Selecting a new City Manager to lead our City in a new direction, a direction contrary to the one endorsed by the prior administration which was one of Larisa-ism Leadership, “I know better than anyone else and it’s my way or no way”. Consider the arrogance of firing all our custodians, for what reason? To save money – it didn’t happen there was absolutely no savings what so ever. Joe Larisa is delusional and always has been on this subject – was it to have a more efficient and effective clean-up crew – that also didn’t happen! Compare what our City Hall and City Buildings look and smell like now as compared to six months ago! Our staff’s abilities are light years ahead of the so called “cleaning” service that was selected by our former Mayor, but I digress. Larisa and his cronies for no reason at all (as stated above) cost this City hundreds of thousands of dollars in buy back contracts because of their lack of being able to sit down and negotiate with union leaders on behalf of our hard working rank and file police, fire and yes, custodial staff, instead it was “their way or no way” which left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and a lack of Townie Pride. At the time this article is being written, we are down to seven candidates for City Manager and our Human Resource Department

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August 2011 The Reporter is in the process of obtaining waivers so as to ascertain confirmation of educational degrees, personal and professional background checks as well as BCI checks. If all goes well, we should be done in less than two weeks. I hope to have a public reception to introduce our new City Manager to the citizens of East Providence as well as to all our City employees. Second issue: Deficit Elimination. Hopefully at the time this article is printed the City Council and School Committee have endorsed, embraced and are fully supporting a plan brought forward by Council liaison and School Committeewoman Chrissy Rossi (husband being former union chief – John Rossi); who by the way brought forward a lot of good ideas during his last campaign for State Senate. I mention this because I think Joe Larisa may have missed that “from the other side of the desk!” Mrs. Rossi’s plan needs a lot of “tweaking” however what a tremendous effort and a tremendous start to adopting new revenue proposals as well as savings measures on both the City and School sides. By using these proposals as a preliminary starting point, our two committees should be able to reduce the deficit by millions of dollars and by making a new improved proposal to the auditor general (including the previous

proposed use of the meal taxes) we can and will eliminate the City’s deficit over the course of a few years. Chrissy Rossi was the only person to bring forward such a time consuming well-worked project that I’m sure took her many, many hours of research, questioning of City and School Officials and number crunching. No one else from either committee or Deficit Elimination Committee came forward with anything even close to this fiscally responsible project that she has put together. She took a lot of people’s ideas and “crunched” them together and came up with a great forward moving fiscal program for the City of East Providence. Thank you, Chrissy Rossi! One final note – I would like to make a personal plea to the Taxpayers Association of East Providence – to embrace, criticize, add to, subtract from, tweak, change, endorse or totally reject with reason, this or any other plan that should come before our City Council. I thought that was the type of group I was joining back in the day! Instead that committee seems to be bogged down on finding any legal loop holes or suggesting that we have personal agendas in everything we do on behalf of the people of the City of East Providence. Join us as opposed to fighting us.

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The Reporter August 2011

East Providence Town News City Council Split on Pond View Latest

By Bob Rodericks Gov. Lincoln Chaffee signed a law that states businesses similar to Pond View within 1,000 feet of a residential neighborhood can only process 150 tons per day. Because Pond View is exceeding this limit, the city council in a split 3 to 2 vote during July, sent a letter notifying the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management of non-compliance with Pond View’s current operational practices. Mayor Bruce Rogers and ward 3 councilman Thomas Rose opposed and William Conley, Michael DiGioia and Katie Kleyla supported the action. Pond View attorney Kevin Bristow argued that the council should not take this action because there are current lawsuits between the city and Pond View. Bill Conley did not agree and also disagreed with a city attorney that discussion should be held in executive session. Bristow maintained that “these are zoning officer issues which can’t be publically discussed. It’s on the zoning calendar for an appeal”, added Bristow. But resident James Briden felt otherwisw. “Many residents have testified against Pond View. Children can’t play outside as they should. People can’t hang out laundry. This council has the right to discuss this”, said Briden. Community organizer Joanne Durfee thanked the state house delegation from the area for supporting residents in their fight against Pond View. Durfee quoted legislators who said this issue is important to all

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of Rhode Island, not just East Providence. “Well, Mayor Rogers, are you a man of your word, will you abide by the zoning officer”, Durfee chided the Mayor. Tim Norton spoke against Pond View and urged the council to inform the RIDEM that Pond View is in violation of the law. “Pond View has gotten a free pass here, but residents have to obey city orders immediately”, said Norton.

Consolidation Creeping Closer

By Bob Rodericks The city council has unanimously decided to work with the school department on consolidating maintenance and possibly technology services. The school committee has not filled the position of buildings and grounds or facilities manager with the retirement of interim director Joe Tavares. Although Tavares was made permanent director by Superintendent Mario Cirillo, the position was previously filled on an interim basis with the thought of possible consolidation with the city. City Councilman Bill Conley asked for a financial analysis of potential cost savings with consolidation. Mayor Rogers agreed that such a report was necessary.

Waddington Playground Project BUILD DAY! September 10th

The time has come to prepare for BUILD DAY! This has been such an exciting project for our community and we are happy that the dream is becoming a reality! We are in the process of planning the details of build day. This is a community build, which means that we need volunteers to help clear space, dig holes, move and assemble equipment, paint blacktop, serve food, entertain children, track tools, and many more areas. This will be a community celebration! We have been very careful to apply the majority of the funds collected toward the purchase of the actual playground equipment. This playground system is modular and can be continuously added to. We are still accepting cash donations to cover any remaining costs… fencing, landscaping, unexpected tools needed during the build, etc. Listed below is an additional list of items that we will be needing for build day. Thank you again for your continued support of this project! We look forward to seeing you all on build day. The following items are needed for build day. We are hoping that we may find contacts that can donate or supply the following at reduced cost: To make a donation or for more information, please contact John Bell at To volunteer email Kimberly Sorrentino at Playground Mulch Cement Fencing Landscaping Paint Tools (to borrow) Food Items Beverage Items Paper goods (plates, silverware, napkins, cups) Tents (to borrow) Bounce House

Additional information will be provided on the AM Waddington Parents page on face book.

August 2011 The Reporter

East Providence Recreation Department

The East Providence Parks & Recreation will be taking reservations for four (4) trips in September. September 7th will be Francis Farm for Clam Cakes, Chowder & Steamers. September 8th Goodspeed Opera House to see the musical “Showboat”, lunch and shopping in Essex, CT. September 13th is the “Road to the Scottish Highland” in Laconia N.H., lunch at the Common Man. September 21st Luncheon cruise on the Odyssey in Boston, Cabaret show is included. Reservations begin August 5th by calling Deborah Rochford at (401) 435-7513 at 8:30 a.m.

The 31st Annual East Providence Heritage Festival See more Photos at!

Youth Soccer Registration

The East Providence department of Parks & Recreation will begin accepting phone registrations for its youth outdoor soccer program on: Monday, August 1st, 2011. The co-ed league is for East Providence children ages 6-13. There is no fee for the program, but shin guards are required. League games are held on Saturdays at Glenlyon field, located off Kelley Avenue in Rumford, from September 10-November 12. To register, please call the Recreation Center at (401) 433-6360, M-F, 8am-4pm. Registration deadline is Friday, September 2nd. To receive email notifications regarding recreation programs and special events, register your email address at, and then click on the “City Newsletters” tab.

Joshua Lieder gives a thumbs up to The East Providence Reporter. Joshua was a member of the booth sponsored by the First Baptist Church of East Providence.

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The Reporter August 2011

The Rossi Plan By Bob Rodericks

Buying flowers and printing from the city’s high school career and technical center (CDC) may help to eliminate the East Providence budget deficit which ranges from $6 to $11 million dollars depending on who is describing it. School Committee member Chrissy Rossi has submitted her own plan to help reduce the city deficit. Rossi appeared before the city council in July armed with a power point presentation and plenty of ideas to raise revenue and reduce spending. “Tonight I’m asking the city council and school committee to immediately accept this plan”, Rossi confidently asked the council. “The fact remains that at the end of the year there is an 8 million dollar deficit. My plan has 7.1 million dollars in cost savings and cost avoidance”, Rossi added. “I am under no delusion that this will be easy. As I started to list these items I heard the groaning in my head”, said Rossi. Rossi credited school finance director Mary King with helping her with the plan and fiscal analysis. The Rossi power point had a graphic of a large vase of ‘fairy dust’ and listed many areas of cuts and revenue sources. New adult education classes at the CDC could raise $750,000; Tommy’s City Tow Yard-$150,000; Advertisements in school gymnasiums and cafeterias-$250,000; a fire department plan could save $1.6

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million; vending machines in city hall and the school administration building could raise $10,000; buying flowers and printing from the CTC could raise $10,000 and corporate sponsors for school sports teams might raise $100,000. These are just some of the many items listed in the Rossi-King deficit reduction plan. Rossi also suggests cutting city council benefits ($48,000), turning off some street lights ($10,000) and requesting tax anticipation notes (TANS). The use of TANS has met with prior opposition from some including councilman Bill Conley. “The use of TANS is like paying off debt with a credit card”, Conley has said before. “Using TANS is not like paying off a credit card with a credit card”, Rossi told the council during her presentation. “The first meeting of the deficit elimination committee (chaired by Conley) was very disappointing”, said Rossi. “We heard department heads say that we couldn’t find other areas of savings. I’ve consulted with many people and I think we can”, Rossi added. “Further cuts by closing schools are not possible. One class in Oldham school is so crowded that students can’t walk between desks. We can’t fit any more kids”, Rossi said. “First of all I want to commend Chrissy Rossi for taking the time to submit this plan”, said Mayor Bruce Rogers. “I am asking the city council to adopt this plan as a template to present to the city manager and superintendent of schools. They can work with department heads and come back to us in one month”, Rogers asked. “I am so happy and proud that you have done this”, Rogers told Rossi. Bill Conley, while praising the efforts of Rossi, suggested that the plan could go before the deficit elimination committee (which Rossi is a member of) and be analyzed. Conley went on to describe how his committee has asked for a lot of the same information as in the Rossi report and is in the process of questioning the figures. “We weren’t satisfied with the first round of data we received from city officials”, said Conley. “Respectfully I ask that your (Rossi) report be given to the deficit reduction committee tomorrow night when these types of things are scheduled for discussion”, Conley asked Rossi. However Rogers disagreed. “Respectfully, you have had more time than was allotted for this purpose and we haven’t received any recommendations yet”, Rogers told Conley. “We should act right now”, he said. At that point Councilman Michael DiGioa added that he was “very proud of many things that I’ve seen in the city. One of the things I’m most proud of is the work of the deficit elimination committee and the work of Mr. Conley”, DiGioa said. “We have worked with school chair Charles Tsonos and various other officials and I am very proud of where we are in the process”, DiGioa added. In an apparent jab at Rogers, DiGioa said that “I know, Mr. Mayor you haven’t attended one of our meetings so maybe you’re not aware of what we have done, but I am very proud of the committee’s work”, said DiGioa. Rossi continued to push her plan. “We can continue to project numbers and savings or we can immediately implement things that we know will raise money without question. The CTC already sells flowers and we are meeting with R.I.D.E. soon to see what we can do with adult education”, Rossi stated. In the end the council voted 3 to 2 in favor of supporting and forwarding the Rossi-King plan to city administrators. Councilman DiGioa and Conley voted against and councilors Rogers, Rose and Kleyla voted yes. The following night a meeting was held with the city deficit elimination committee with Interim Schools Superintendent Edward Daft, Mary King, Charles Tsonos, Bill Conley and Chrissy Rossi among those in attendance. Reports are that city department heads had been asked not to attend and not much ensued. The city has been called to attend a meeting with the state auditor general to present an update on the city’s plan to pay off the accumulated deficit.

August 2011 The Reporter


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The Reporter August 2011

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From The Other Side of The Desk by Joe Larisa

Unprofessional City Manager?

Some seven months ago, the new Council fired professional City Manager, Richard Brown without cause - meaning for political, not policy reasons. Just as bad, they placed their own appointee as City Solicitor a long-time party insider (an attorney who is ViceChair of the City Democratic party) - as “acting” City Manager. In the past, a professional department head has been chosen to serve on a short term basis. This Council wanted a yes man to do their political bidding, and they got him. So much for the nonpartisan form of government as guaranteed by our Charter. As for the long awaited new City Manager, it doesn’t look any better. Rather than hiring a professional search firm to find Brown’s successor from among the best and the brightest in the country, the Council appointed a political body made up of present and former politicians to screen applications. Mayor Rogers reported that the committee selected 15 finalists and that some may be interviewed on the internet, not in person. Great. EP may be the first City to choose its chief executive officer without ever having met them, and without vetting by experts who match the candidates with a municipality. And now the big news - it has been reported that the “acting” City Manager, is in the top 15 for the permanent slot. How can this be? When I was first elected in 1992, we proposed and passed a Charter amendment that was designed to end political City Manager appointments by greatly increasing the mandatory qualifications in the Charter from high school diploma to the below: “The city manager shall be chosen by the council solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to prior experience in, or knowledge of, accepted practice with respect to duties of the office as hereinafter set forth. In addition, the city manager shall be a graduate of an accredited fouryear college or university, with a master’s degree in public administration, business administration, or a related field. The city manager shall have at least three (3) years of actual experience in a management level position in either the public or private sector. Such experience must include positions with responsibility in any of the following areas: Finance, planning, personnel, public works, public safety, economic development or their equivalent.” If the Council was going to play games with both the Charter and the selection process and put their guy in anyway, they should have just done that instead of wasting everyone’s time. They wrongly fired the last manager for political reasons, so it won’t be a surprise if they hire the next one based on politics, not merit. We can always hope, however, that they choose someone with actual experience as a real town or city manager elsewhere, as the Charter intended. In any event, they Council needs to get on with the job - and the public will judge the qualifications, or lack thereof, of whomever they choose.

August 2011 The Reporter Meanwhile, elected officials finally figured out that the last Council, utilizing sound budgeting practices in this dreadful economy, used a very conservative estimate of City tax revenue in the present balanced City budget. Low and behold, revenue is coming in at up to $1 million ahead of projections. That money was supposed to be used to provide hard-hit EP car owners with a tax break from the draconian increase in your auto tax bill that the last Governor and General Assembly forced upon car owners. Instead, this Council has continued to spend like drunken sailors (as detailed in prior columns) and has never even mentioned any car tax relief. If the last Council and School Committee didn’t save millions and millions of dollars with their courageous stand against unaffordable school and police contracts, the City would be under state control or in bankruptcy right now. Yet, not one member of either of the new bodies supported the tough decisions that were made then, to set the City right now. So when you hear about the City deficit, remember, it is far less than half of what it would have been if the present elected officials were in office. It was also going to be solved without any hit on City taxpayers. The clock is ticking on this Council and the inevitable big tax increase they are forcing this October. * Joe Larisa served four terms as Mayor of East Providence, a position elected by the Council from among its members. His latest term ended on December 1, 2010. He also served as councilman at large for the City from 1992-2002 and 2004-06 and 2008-10. Questions or comments? Email Joe at

Big Sisters of Rhode Island Announces Name Change The Board of Directors of Big Sisters of Rhode Island (BSRI) announces it has received approval from its parent organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, to change its name to one that more accurately reflects the diverse mentoring services provided by the Rhode Island organization. This fall, BSRI will begin using the name Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State (BBBSOS). This name change was prompted by the 2010 expansion of the Cranston‐based nonprofit organization’s services to include mentoring boys as well as girls. Currently, BSRI is serving 80 boys throughout Rhode Island, in addition to the approximately 330 girls enrolled in the mentoring programs. “The name Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State reflects the inclusion of male volunteers and their male mentees,” states Annette Cerilli, board chair. “With the increasing need for mentoring relationships among at risk children, BBBSOS has extended its reach to include all boys and girls. In addition, the words ‘Ocean State’ continue to communicate our mission of providing our services to the entire state of Rhode Island, which we have been doing since 1966.” The mission of BBBSOS is to provide all children facing adversity the opportunity for strong, enduring, one-on-one relationships with a positive adult role model.

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The Reporter August 2011

Cirillo Looks to Woonsocket Job


By Bob Rodericks



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Mario Cirillo, East Providence’s suspended superintendent of schools, has applied for the vacant superintendency in Woonsocket, R.I. Cirillo has been on paid leave from East Providence after the local school committee was unhappy with his dealings with them on the budget deficit and other communication matters. Cirillo worked for 35 years in Springfield, Massachusetts as a middle school principal and assistant superintendent. He Mario Cirillo. retired from Springfield and then sought to work in Rhode Island. Cirillo became superintendent of the Foster Glocester school district but resigned in 2008 amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a Foster Glocester school committeewoman. Cirillo strongly denied the rumors. The Valley-Breeze newspaper also reports that Ponagansett High School and Middle School teachers had a vote of no confidence in Cirillo while he was there. Cirillo, known for a confrontational style with teachers, was brought to East Providence to deal with a teachers’ contract thought to be too generous by a taxpayers group and some others against the teachers association. In a tumultuous first year, more that 1000 teachers and supporters attended one school committee meeting at EPHS in which police were called to escort former school chair Anthony Carcieri and his committee out of the building after the meeting was adjourned abruptly. Carcieri and Cirillo said the crowd was unruly but others said teachers and their supporters were within their right to verbally protest. Teachers eventually saw their salaries cut without negotiation and other benefits slashed. A new election saw the defeat of all former committee members except Luisa Abbatecola who was seen as not in line with the Carcieri/Cirillo team. However Abbatecola was one of two members (the other was Chrissy Rossi) who voted against suspending Cirillo this past June. Although Cirillo is now a finalist for the Woonsocket, R.I. job, he will have competition from another finalist with Woonsocket ties. Jolin has many Woonsocket ties but has worked in Thompson, Conn. and West Warwick, R.I. A third finalist for the Woonsocket job is Giovanna M. Donoyan, assistant superintendent for North Providence, R.I. Cirillo needs 1 or 2 more years in R.I. for a Rhode Island pension to go along with his pension from Massachusetts.

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August 2011 The Reporter


People in the News Riverside Local Joins Teach For America


Jillian Boucher Commits to Teach for Two Years in a High-Needs Community New York City, July 13, 2011—Teach For America announced today that Jillian Boucher, a Riverside native, has been accepted to the organization’s 2011 corps. Teach For America is the national corps of top recent college graduates who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in the pursuit of educational 95 commercial Way equity. East Providence, RI 02914 Jillian Boucher is a 2007 graduate of East Providence High School and 2011 graduate of Wheaton College. Boucher will teach in the Mid-Atlantic. 5'x10' f o This year, Teach For America’s talent pool was the most competitive ever: Nearly 48,000 s 10'x10' e e individuals applied, and 11 percent were accepted. Applicants included 12 percent of Ivy ll Siz Storag 12'x10' A League seniors, 10 percent of seniors at Howard University, 8 percent at the University ge 10'x15' Gara of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and 5 percent at the University of Texas at Austin. Boucher joins 10'x25' Teach For America’s incoming corps of 5,200 new teachers. These corps members earned an average undergraduate GPA of 3.6, and 100 percent held leadership positions while 20'x25' in college. For more information “This year’s incoming corps members represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, but they share extraordinary leadership ability and a deep commitment to Call Lionel Vieira ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential,” said Wendy President Kopp, founder and CEO of Teach For America. “We are excited to be channeling the enNos FALAMOS PORTUGUES ergy of such a diverse corps into teaching in urban and rural public schools and into the long-term effort to achieve educational excellence and equity.” The diversity of the 2011 corps reflects Teach For America’s focus on recruiting individuals who share the racial and socioeconomic backgrounds of the students it reaches. One-third of incoming corps members identify as people of color, including 12 percent who are African American and 8 percent who are Hispanic. Twenty-two percent are the first in their family to graduate from college, and nearly one-third received Pell Grants. Twenty-three percent are graduate students or professionals. A growing body of rigorous research demonstrates the effectiveness of Teach For America corps members in the classroom. Recent studies from Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee found • GREAT PRICES ON GREEN FEES, TOURNAMENTS, that corps members have a positive impact on student achievement. MEMBERSHIPS 1/2 OFF FOR IMMEDIATE FAMILY The Tennessee study identified Teach For America as the most ef• LEAGUE SPACE AVAILABLE DAYS AND AFTERNOONS fective of the state’s 42 teacher-preparation programs, with corps members demonstrating a greater impact on student achievement than the average new teacher in every evaluated subject area. of golf with cart Per Person Teach For America is building a strong pipeline of leaders in 7am-1pm Mon-Fri, after 12 noon on Sat & Sun education. Two-thirds of the organization’s alumni are working Not to be used with any other promotion full-time in the field, with more than 550 alumni serving as school Thru Oct. 2011, Excludes Holidays • 1 Coupon Per Person • With Coupon R principals or school system leaders. In addition, many alumni are 168 Old Providence Road, North Swansea, MA (508) 379-9832 launching innovative efforts to expand educational opportunity.

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About Teach For America

Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity. This fall, 9,300 corps members will be teaching in 43 regions across the country, while nearly 24,000 Teach For America alumni continue working from inside and outside the field of education for the fundamental changes necessary to ensure educational excellence and equity. For more information, visit



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The Reporter August 2011

East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce

AUGUST CHAMBER EVENTS & NEWS Thank you to all who supported and made this the most profitable event in the Chamber's history! East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce 12th Annual


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An East Providence Area Chamber seminar to help grow your business!

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Visit the Chamber's Web site for Chamber Calendar of Events, directory of member businesses, news & more

August 2011 The Reporter

Former Townie Debra Page Zepp RI Principal of the Year


Landscape Construction

By Bob Rodericks 1971 East Providence High School graduate Debra Page, now Debra Zepp, was named the Rhode Island Elementary School Principal of the year at the close of this past school year. Zepp is the principal of the Matunuck Elementary School in South Kingstown, RI. She has been an educator for 24 years. Zepp has also served as a teacher of teachers, educating fellow teachers in collaboration between the URI School of Education and eight RI school districts. “It is an honor to share this with my students and families and staff”, Zepp said recently. The prestigious award was a surprise as South Kingstown Superintendent, Kristen Stringfellow (another former Townie as an Assistant Superintendent in EP) and Zepp’s husband surprised her with the award in her school. Zepp was broadly praised by teachers, administrators and parents in South Kingstown. “She is an amazing educator” said a fellow Matunuck teacher. In addition to Zepp and Stringfellow being present during the award ceremony, another Townie - Patricia Hines the Executive Director of the RI Association of School Principals, was there to help honor Zepp. Hines, a former EPHS teacher, was also a RI Principal of the year from South Kingstown high school several years ago. Back in 1971, Debra ‘Page’ Zepp was a popular and talented student and was named Townie ‘Homecoming Queen’ by her fellow students. Zepp will also be honored at a US Department of Education awards banquet in the fall.


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Last Saturday evening more than 25 students from the Festival Ballet Summer Intensive performed for a large appreciative audience at Water Place Park. Staged before the start of the nightime floating fires, the dancers first demonstrated a short warm up class for the passersby, then performed various excerpts from the classical ballet favorite, Coppelia. Students staying in Providence to study dance at the FBP School from many locations around the country, were dressed in customary black leotards, pink tights and performance ready black wrap skirts. With each dancer’s hair neatly pulled back into a traditional ballet bun and proper pink pointe shoes tied securely to their feet, the evening was off to a memorable start. The performance was a fun learning experience for the talented young dancers, many of whom will soon head into a professional ballet career. The second half of the demonstration took on a much more modern appeal as the students did two contemporary dances choreographed by FBP’s very own Karin Tremblay. Karin’s piece, “Mother Beat”, performed by the younger group of students, was accompanied by local Seekonk student, Shannon McGuirk on bongo drums. Finally, the four new company trainees danced a work by FBP teacher and choreographer, Yves de Bouteiller. As the presentation wrapped up, the audience was invited to Men • Women • Children join the dancers on the floor for some fun free style dancing. The Hair • Nails • Waxing delighted crowd happily took part and once again students from the FBP School pulled off a flawless performance under the watchful eye and hard work of director MaryAnn Mayer.

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The Reporter August 2011


YMCA Holds Annual Meeting

The Newman YMCA held its Annual Awards Meeting on June 21st at Davenports Restaurant over fifty in attendance. Messages were given by Adam Macksoud, Outgoing Chairman of the Newman YMCA Board of Management, Bob Sosa, Incoming Chairman, Angela Kondon, Vice Chair and Jeanine D. Achin, Executive Director. Re-elected to the Newman YMCA Board of Management were Bill Burns, Jim Conlon and Adam Macksoud all from East Providence. Welcomed to the Board as new members were: Katie Masterson of East Providence, and Lisa and Mary Cote from Seekonk.

Bob Sosa, Incoming Chairman of the Newman Y Branch Board is congratulated by Adam Macksoud, Outgoing President of the Board. (in background is Aquatics Director, Sean Tormey)

Several Prestigious Awards were presented.

Volunteer of the Year - Michael Baker, CEO of Rumford Pet and Rehoboth resident was awarded Volunteer of the Year for his work over the last decade. Mr. Baker organizes and runs the annual charity George Baker Golf Tournament which benefits hundreds of children giving them the means to afford a summer full of camping fun. Last year four generations of Bakers played in the Golf Tournament. Michael’s family has supported the Y for decades and in fact his grandfather, George, lead the effort to construct the present YMCA facility 30 years ago. This years’ Golf Tournament will be held at the Wannamoisett Country Club on August 22nd. Individual Philanthropist of the Year - Cathy Edington, a Rehoboth resident, Real Estate Agent and Cox Communication employee received the Philanthropist of the Year Award for individual effort. Cathy was chairperson of the Annual Financial Assistance campaign for three years and successfully reached the goals making it possible for the Y to serve every person in the community who wanted to become healthier, stronger and helped provide all children with youth development programming. Philanthropist of the Year, Organization – Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation The Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation supports people in our community in many ways and has throughout the years. With the Foundation’s help, the Y was able to purchase specialized therapeutic equipment which benefits people who have disabilities such as paralysis due to stroke or injury and those with chronic disease such as MS, arthritis and more. The financial support from the foundation enables people to take charge of their own health in a setting where their children, their friends and their spouses can also participate. Prior to this anyone with these conditions had to travel over 50 miles to utilize this equipment and gain the health benefits. The Newman YMCA is a charitable nonprofit organizations dedicated to building healthy spirit, mind and body for all through programs, services and relationships that are based on our core value of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. For details visit Newman YMCA 472 Taunton Ave on Route 44 in Seekonk MA or call 508-3367103.

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Jeanine Achin, District Executive Director YMCA of Greater Providence presents Philanthropist of the Year, Cathy Edington with award

August 2011 The Reporter


Abigail Crowshaw Named to President’s List at Bryant University

The spring semester President’s List at Bryant University includes Abigail Crowshaw, a Senior Communication major from Riverside. President’s List is an academic distinction reserved for Bryant’s highest achievers with the student earning a semester G.P.A. of 4.0.

Ka Poon graduates with Tufts University Class of 2011

More than 3,000 students graduated from Tufts University on May 22, during the university-wide commencement ceremony with Charles Vest, president of the National Academy of Engineering and president emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as the speaker. The graduates from the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering included: Ka Poon of Riverside, RI, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and Community Health.

Area Residents Named to Dean’s List at Providence College

Providence, RI - The following area residents have been named to the Dean’s List at Providence College for the Spring 2011 semester: Yi Cao of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2011, Sarah Cook of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2012, Miranda Cummings of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2012, Christopher Dionisopoulos of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2013, Jasmine Franco of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2013, Belinda Soares of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2013, Alice Aieskoll of Riverside, RI a member of the class of 2011, John Butler of Riverside, RI a member of the class of 2011, Beth Leonardo of Riverside, RI a member of the class of 2011, Matthew Rizzini of Riverside, RI a member of the class of 2012, Patrick Saunders of Riverside, RI a member of the class of 2013, Cheyanne Viveiros of Riverside, RI a member of the class of 2014, Joshua Wildenhain of East Providence, RI a member of the class of 2012, Danielle Barry of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2011, Shannon Bodell of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2012, Sean McBride of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2011, Courtney Miller of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2013, Kimberly Rodrigues of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2012, Bethany Sales of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2011, Kelsey Thetonia of Rumford, RI a member of the class of 2011

University of New Hampshire’s Dean’s List

Durham, NH - The following students have been named to the Dean’s List at the University of New Hampshire for the spring semester of the 2010 - 2011 academic year. Nikita DeBarros of Rumford earned Highest Honors Ashley Taylor of Rumford earned Highest Honors

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The Reporter August 2011

Elizabeth Graham Named to Dean’s List at Emory College

Atlanta - The following student was named to the Dean’s List of Emory College, the undergraduate, liberal arts college of Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., for the 2011 spring semester. Students must be in the top 20 percent of Emory College or have approximately a 3.86 grade point average or higher to be named to the Dean’s List. Elizabeth Graham of Rumford, R.I. (02916), daughter of Christopher D. Graham and Dr. Jessica L. Pepitone.

1481 Wampanoag Trail East Providence, RI 02915

Local residents named to Dean’s List at Salve Regina University


Newport, RI - The following hometown residents were named to the Dean’s List during the spring 2011 semester at Salve Regina University: Daniel Amaral of Riverside, R.I., a senior., Melissa Csigay of Riverside, R.I., a junior., Shannon Del Ross of East Providence, R.I., a senior.; Kevin Magee of Riverside, R.I., a junior.; Elizabeth Donahue of Rumford, R.I., a senior.

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Alexandra Shilo Named To Dean’s List at University of the Sciences

Alexandra Shilo has been named to the spring 2011 Dean’s List at University of the Sciences. Selection for this award is based on completing and passing all assigned courses with no grade below a “C” and attaining an academic average of at least 3.4 for courses taken in the spring semester of 2011. Shilo of East Providence, RI (02914), is a psychology student.

Matthew D. Slepkow 401.437.1100

Kayla Bravo Named to Mount Ida College’s Dean’s List

Kayla Bravo, a resident of East Providence, RI, has been named to the Dean’s List for the 2011 spring semester at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts.

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David and Andrew Valley Graduate

David N. Valley graduated from URI with a Bachelor of Science Degree on May 21,2011. Brother Andrew J. Valley graduated from High Road School of Providence on 6/13/11.

August 13, 2011 Wine Tasting and Full Moon Stroll Audubon Caratunk wildlife Refuge Seekonk, MA • 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.

What a beautiful way to spend a summer evening! Begin the night sipping wine, including some from local vineyards. A variety of quality cheeses, fruit and snacks will also be offered. Then take a leisurely stroll on the trails under the full moon. Perhaps we’ll see an owl or hear a distant coyote! This unique program is sure to be a hit, so register early. Participants must be 21 years or older. Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Avenue, Seekonk, MA; Program Fee: $25/member, $30/non-member. Ages: 21+. Course Number: 014333-18. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

August 2011 The Reporter

Club News & Announcements


Reserve Your Tickets Now for the Annual Rehoboth Antiquarian Clambake Sunday, August 14, 1pm, behind Goff Hall

Don’t miss out! Enjoy tender clams, fish, sausages, onions, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, stuffing, sweet corn, brown bread and ice cold watermelon. Tickets: $34. Reservations required by Wednesday Aug. 10. Call 508-252-4363, Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

It’s a Summer Social at the Carpenter Museum

On Sunday August 21, 2-4 p.m., Rehoboth’s Carpenter Museum will host a summer social to celebrate the work of our two summer interns, Gunnar Manchester and Lauren Scungio. Lauren has been working on improving our educational materials in the barn. Gunnar is editing recent interviews of local farmers who talked about Rehoboth’s farming past. The work of both of these talented young people will be on display. The community is invited! Call the museum at 508-252-3031 for details

Carpenter Museum in Bloom!

Rehoboth Garden Club Flower Show, Saturday Sept. 23, 12-4pm

Plants will sprout and petals will blossom among beautiful historic artifacts at the Flower Show hosted by the Rehoboth Garden Club. Visit the Rehoboth Carpenter Museum on Saturday, September 23, 12-4 p.m. $6 entrance fee will go towards funding our local Community Garden. (Horticultural exhibits from the public are welcome. Call Marjorie Johnston for details: 508-252-4528.) For directions, contact the museum: 508-252-3031,,

Wine Tasting/Silent Auction Friday, Sept. 30, 7-9 p.m.

Wine will flow, delectable food will be served, and valuable items will be auctioned at the Carpenter Museum’s second annual Wine Tasting/Silent Auction. This popular event will “kick off” our next Oral History Project: “Remembering Rehoboth’s Good Ol’ School Days.” (Local students will interview students, teachers and administrators from Rehoboth’s past.) For more information, contact us at 508-252-3031,,

Weekly Wine Tastings Every Friday 4pm-8pm

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Riverside Circle #28 Pasta & Meatball Dinner

Riverside Circle #28, Daughters of Isabella has planned a Pasta and Meatball Dinner as its annual fundraiser this year. The dinner will be at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Crescent View Avenue, Riverside, RI on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at a cost of $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children 8 years old and younger. Time: 4:30pm – 7:00pm. Call Diane (744-7119) or Caroline (331-3408) for reservations and information. Come, enjoy the food, and have a good time. The Circle will hold an August Club meeting on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at which time plans for the Pasta Dinner will be finalized.

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The Reporter August 2011



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August 2011 The Reporter

Cape Verdean Museum Exhibit Presents “Tardi Kultural”


Realty Group • Rumford, RI •

“Culture in the Afternoon” An Afternoon of Traditional Cape Verdean……

Music, Poetry, and Art

1003 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, Rhode Island

Sunday, August 28, 2011 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Please bring lawn chairs and umbrellas! Donations welcome.

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EAST PROVIDENCE: Ranch/ split; 2000 sq ft living, 3 full baths, 2 bed Ranch on left, on right side split level. Lg 1 bed w/sep liv rm. 2C garage. Gas heat. Finished rooms in basement, great home for large family. $199,000

(401) 447-2275 •

For further information, please call the Cape Verdean Museum Exhibit at (401) 2287292. Also at info@capeverdeanmuseum. org Hours of operation: Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00pm - 5:00pm, Saturdays 12:00pm - 5:00pm

27 NMLS# 79078 Branch#305159

Rita Valcorba, Senior Loan Officer

110 Jefferson Blvd, Suite I • Warwick RI

Office: 401-737-8542 Cell: 401-265-8449 E-fax: 877-445-6315

Loan inquiries and applications in states where I am not licensed will be referred to a Loan Officer who is licensed in the property state. Equal Housing Lender. Prospect Mortgage is located at 15301 Ventura Blvd., Suite D300, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. Prospect Mortgage, LLC (Unique Identifier #3296) is a Delaware limited liability company licensed by the Department of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act and operates with the following licenses: RI Licensed Lender #20021343LL, Broker #20041643LB. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. All loans must satisfy company underwriting guidelines. Information and pricing are subject to change at any time and without notice. This is not an offer to enter into a rate lock agreement under MN law, or any other applicable law.


Get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted – without braces. Ask about Invisalign,


the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, nearly undetectable aligners. They’re removable so you can eat whatever you want during treatment.

Contact Dr. Kirsten Romani, a Certified Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen.® Ask for your FREE comprehensive evaluation. East Providence: 434 -1127 Chepachet: 568-1188 VOTED TOP ORTHODONTIST Visit

2 011 R I M O N T H LY P O L L

Dr. Kirsten Romani RO_EP_Rptr_Invisalign5.indd 1

by Practicing Rhode Island Dentists

Visit us on Facebook

7/26/11 2:48:59 PM


The Reporter August 2011


Vinyl Siding Replacement Windows Framing Interior Finish Kitchen & Bath Roofing Licensed & Insured

(401) 434-6462

Patricia Krzywonos, Julie Silva (Financial Secretary), Carol Owens (Vice-President), Michael Grimshaw (Liaison), Linda Grimshaw (President) & Deb Davey (Secretary)

The Columbiettes of Bishop Hickey Council #3623 Proudly Join their Brother Knights in the 226th Bristol 4th of July Parade

Seekonk Auto Salvage, Inc. Automobile Recycling

• Buyers of Junk Cars, Trucks & Late Model Vehicles • 24 Hour Towing • Quality Flatbed Service

Highest Prices Paid for Scrap Vehicles - Call for Pricing 508-789-4047 or 508-761-6343 • Seekonk, MA Family Owned & Operated for 40 years

Licensed & Insured

A-1 Custom Auto Body 2244 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence, RI 02914

(401) 438-1994 (401) 434-4774

Great Service • Great Quality

Factory Authorized Toyota, Honda & General Motors Repairs • Foreign & Domestic • Free Estimates • Insurance Estimates • Complete Collision Work

The Columbiettes are a unified body of Catholic women who work side -by-side with the Knights of Columbus and together share spiritual, moral, educational and social benefits that promote faith, hope and charity. Our newly formed group was proud to be allowed to march behind the Rhode Island State Knights of Columbus in the 4th Division of Bristol’s 226th Fourth of July Parade. We wish to invite all interested Catholic woman from the age 18 and up to contact us for more information about this exciting endeavor. For more information please contact: Linda Grimshaw (President) phone # 437-0738 or email

Red Bridge Neighborhood Association Announcing New Board Member

East Providence, RI 7/15/11 -- The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association, (RBNA) is happy to announce the addition of Mayor Bruce Rogers as an appointed member of our RBNA Board. This decision was reached unanimously by the board members present at our special board meeting held on July 12th, 2011. It is our pleasure to have a sitting councilman not only take an interest in our area but to be willing to set aside time out of his already busy schedule to help the RBNA achieve great things for our community. The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association’ mission is to work in partnership with organizations, businesses, and officials seeking to improve the City of East Providence’ Red Bridge neighborhoods preserve and promote our diverse, urban community as a safe, vibrant, and sustainable place to work, live, and play. RBNA also will provide neighbors with resources to solve community problems and opportunities, to become a powerful voice in the neighborhoods planning and development. Ultimately, we want to strengthen relationships among neighbors to build community and civic involvement. The RBNA is very lucky to have dedicated people such as Mayor Rogers who are willing to work hard for our community.

August 2011 The Reporter

RBNA Announces New Meeting Location

The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association, (RBNA) is happy to announce that they have a new meeting location. The Trinity Tabernacle Church (Basement Meeting room!), located at 745 North Broadway. Keeping in line with working in the community, members of the RBNA cannot think of a better place to meet than a strong community institution within the Red Bridge Neighborhoods. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of month. Our next meeting is Tuesday August 23rd at 6:30pm and as always we encourage our neighbors and business owners to attend. The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association’ mission is to work in partnership with organizations, businesses, and officials seeking to improve the City of East Providence’ Red Bridge neighborhoods preserve and promote our diverse, urban community as a safe, vibrant, and sustainable place to work, live, and play. RBNA also will provide neighbors with resources to solve community problems and opportunities, to become a powerful voice in the neighborhoods planning and development. Ultimately, we want to strengthen relationships among neighbors to build community and civic involvement. During our next meeting we will continue member recruitment and discuss upcoming Community project ideas. This an open meeting to any resident, where you are always a part of and are always welcome to speak. This is where you voice your opinion and bring up issues that affect you and your neighbors or businesses. Red Bridge Neighborhood Assoc. Julie Silva, Vice President - Email:

Rhode Island Watercolor Society

Open Juried Competition

The Rhode Island Watercolor Society announces the opening of its Open Juried Competition: “Artist’s Choice” which showcases original paintings created by New England area artists. Works will be on display and for sale from August 14 - September 15, 2011 at the Society’s Gallery, located at the J. C. Potter Casino (Boat House) in Slater Memorial Park, Armistice Boulevard, Pawtucket, RI. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. and Sunday from 1 to 5 P.M., and admission is free and open to the public. The public is encouraged to attend the Opening Reception to be held on Sunday, August 14 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and meet the participating artists. Serving as juror is Bruce Wood, artist and co-owner of The Woodshed Art Gallery in Franklin, MA. Bruce is a contemporary American Impressionist painter whose recent works feature acrylic paintings of Massachusetts coastal scenes and oil monotype paintings based on flowers and landscapes. He received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and went on to get an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. He wrote and directed a feature-length motion picture, The Door, which is distributed on DVD by Amazon. com. Locally, he is a member of the Cape Cod Art Association, The Lyme Art Association, and the Franklin Art Association. For more information on the Rhode Island Watercolor Society and its programs and activities, contact Kris Occhino, Gallery Director, at (401) 726-1876 and

Rumford Lions Scott Gorhan 5k Race Results

Medals were also awarded to the winner of each age group, there were:

Men 18 & Under 19 - 29 30 - 39 40 - 49 50 - 59 60 – 69

Andrew Estrada Zachary Burkett Tim Brosnan Todd Simmons Peter Danzell Tome Neves

18:05 16:56 18:34 18:43 18:29 22:44

WWil i l

e CCoouunnttrryy Sh e r T e e r Shoop llooww T p

NEW! Pencil Post Bed


On Sunday June 26, 2011 the Rumford Lions hosted the 12th Annual Rumford Lions – Scott Gorham Memorial 5k Road Race & 2 Mile Family Fun Walk. With the weather cooperating a great day was had by all. Over the life of this event we are now approaching a total of $50,000 being raised for the Scott Gorham Scholarship and other Lions charities. The winners of the event, receiving cash prizes and medals, were: Overall Men: Time Overall Women Time 1st Jonathan Letendre 16:56 Joann Matthews 19:59 2nd Adam Rego 17:38 Elizabeth Costa 22:54 3rd Sean Phayre 17:47 Nadine Rieben 23:09


157 Gardners Neck Road • Swansea MA 02777

Primitive ~ Country Home Decor

candles, curtains, prints, lighting, furniture Redware, Yellowware, upholstered furniture 508.672.3900 • Wednesday-Saturday 10-5 • Sunday 12-5


Sophia Badata 32:58 Kaitlyn Wrobleski 23:27 Claudia Maiorana 23:16 Tracy Clang 23:57 Bernadette Hart 23:20 Paula Burke 33:39

Our thanks go out to everyone who participated and to all of our sponsors, without them this event would not be possible. Our Gold sponsors are Pawtucket Credit Union and International Packaging Corporation; Bronze Sponsors are AAA of Southern New England, Sani Kan Inc and A Friend. Special thanks to the East Providence Police Department who once again provided traffic control enabling the event to go off without incident.

Color Copies

as Low as 29¢


Full Color Posters BUSINESSES 24 x 36 or larger Great for Advertising, Seminars, etc.

Full Color - Posters • Newsletters • Brochures • Flyers • Postcards • Etc...

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294 Taunton Ave (Rt 44) • Seekonk, MA • (508) 336-0848 Fax: (508) 336-0847 •


The Reporter August 2011

Events & Activities Rummage/Yard Sale

There will be a Rummage/Yard Sale at Lighthouse Baptist Church 599 Waterman Ave from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on Aug 20th. All proceeds will benefit the local food pantry. If you have any questions please call 401-365-2162.

AUG. 26-27-28




$5 Off Friday Night Ticket

Rhode Island’s Ballet Theatre

The next audition for “Rhode Island’s ballet theatre “will be during the Company class on Thursday, August 11 at 6:30 p.m. We invite serious dance students who are 9 to 18 to come and audition for the coming season. The audition fee is $15 per dancer. If accepted, dancers will begin with RIBT on September 8th, 6 to 8 p.m. The next scheduled performance will be on Sunday, December 18, 2011 at the Casino Theater in Newport. Costumes are provided by the Company. The dues for membership are $30 per month, paid in 6 month increments. Dancers are required to take at least 2 ballet classes a week, in addition to the Company class. Jazz or Theatre Dance is also required. Check out the Company website at or call 401- 847-5301 for registration and information. Thank you, Nancy McAuliffe, Artistic Director Note: RIBT is a pre-professional dance training company which is a non-profit corporation.

w/ coupon @ the gate or Enter Code “BDT” online

Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection In East Providence on 8/13

RIRRC’s Eco-Depot Service Safely Disposes Toxic Waste Johnston, R.I. (July 22, 2011) – On Saturday, August 13, Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation, together with the City of East Providence, will hold an Eco-Depot collection for household hazardous waste (HHW). From 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Rhode Islanders can drop off their unwanted HHW including propane gas tanks and mercury products at 60 Commercial Way in East Providence. RIRRC asks Rhode Islanders to make appointments for the free service to help reduce time waiting in lines at the collection. With an appointment, most customers are in and out of line in three minutes. “We have been working with R.I. Resource Recovery Corporation for over 10 years helping East Providence residents discard household hazardous waste in a safe and responsible manner. This is an exemplary program of a state agency and a municipality working together for the benefit of Rhode Island residents. Without their assistance our city could not conduct such a comprehensive disposal service,” said Steve Mutter, Recycling Coordinator for the City of East Providence. Eco-Depot is RIRRC’s very popular household hazardous waste program. Rhode Island residents can drop off poisons for RIRRC to dispose safely. Most households have some amount of HHW stored in garages, backyard sheds, garages, closets and basements. If the product label lists the contents as flammable, combustible, explosive, toxic, corrosive, poisonous and hazardous to health, it’s HHW. Examples of the common HHW collected by RIRRC are oil-based paint, fluorescent light bulbs, lawn chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, pool chemicals, turpentine, muriatic acid, propane gas tanks and fire extinguishers. They are banned from landfill disposal because they can pollute the environment if discarded improperly. For a complete list of eligible materials, go to To make an appointment, click on the Eco-Depot button at the bottom of the page or call 942-1430 x241. Follow on Twitter @RIRRC.

August 2011 The Reporter


Sunday, August 14, 2011 from 10AM to 3PM

United Methodist Elder Care, 40 Irving Ave., East Providence, RI For a map and directions visit 401-438-4456, ext. 110 or 138 for details. Come celebrate! Save the date for the Family Fun Day to be held on Sunday, August 14th from 10AM to 3PM in celebration of United Methodist Elder Care’s 40 years of service. The fun includes live entertainment and music, face painting, pie eating contest, sack races and more! Enjoy food, beverages, and games at old fashioned prices. Admission is free. Bring the family for a fun time!


The 4th Annual Brandon Motta 5k Run and 2-Mile Fun Walk Sunday August 28th 2011 9:00 AM Colt State Park Bristol RI

Agricultural Scarecrow Contest

The Agricultural Committee of the Rhode Island State Grange will be having a Scarecrow Contest. All entries will be displayed in a Scarecrow Garden outside at the Washington County Fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds, located on Route 112 in Richmond during the week of the Fair from Wednesday August 17, 2011- Sunday August 21, 2011. Entries are to be entered and displayed at the Fairgrounds on Monday August 15, 2011 between 10 AM and 9 PM. Pick up scarecrows on Sunday August 21st between 8 PM and 9 PM. The contest is open to all. The neighborhood youth can enter as individual or as a group. There will be 2 categories, Most Original and Scariest. Judging will be by paper ballot by the public. Groups like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, families, and even a Grange can enter as a group. For more information about this event, you can call Carol Gafford, Rhode Island State Grange Agricultural Director at (401)5956655 or send an e-mail at

EP Class of ’46 65th Reunion

The East Providence High School class of ‘46 will be holding their 65th reunion luncheon at the Venus de Milo Restaurant, Route 6, in Swansea MA, on Friday September 9th at 11:30 A.M. Guests are welcome.

For Registration, to Volunteer, or to make a Donation

4th Annual

“Block the Shot”

Motorcycle Run & Block Party In memory of Nathan D. Crowell (who lost his life “blocking the shot”, in the last 3 seconds of an ice hockey game, saving the game for his team!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011 (Rain or Shine)

EP High School Class of 1956 55th Reunion

Registration: 10:00 - 11:45 a.m. Seekonk Speedway Rt. 6, Seekonk, MA $ 20 per person

at Wannamoisett Country Club, East Providence

Ride Ends & Festivities at East Providence Yacht Club

Saturday, September 17th

Members of the class were from East Providence and Seekonk as Seekonk did not have a high school in the fifties. The committee is trying to locate the following classmates: Carol Benett Case Marilyn Collins Hench Clairemarie Crane Margaret E. Csisar Parenteau Dennis Donovan Beverly E. Drake Roberts Kenneth Horton Judith Ann Jones Carol I. Main Fernandez Robert J. Medeiros Lionel L. Moreau Roberta Renaus Olsen Sally Ann Watts Judith Yates Munson Please contact June Dias Mace if you have had a change of address in the past five years (508-336-8709).

9 Pier Road, East Providence, RI (401) 434-0161

Food! Live Music!! Raffles!!! For questions regarding the ride, making a donation or tickets, email Proceeds go to the “Nathan D. Crowell Memorial Fund”

EP Class of 1966 Reunion

East Providence High School - Class of 1966 - 45th Reunion September 17, 2011 - Francis Farm, Rehoboth Mass - 6:30 P.M. to midnight. Contact

If you don’t ride, the festivities start at 1:30 p.m. (Just pay $20 at the door)


The Reporter August 2011

Truly Local News Delivered

Monthly In your HOME... Daily On your computer.

www. .com


Construction Septic Systems

• Excavation • Demolition • Retaining Walls • Site Work • Ledge Removal

FREE Estimates Over 20 Years Experience MA & RI Licensed & Insured

Cell: (401) 640-9634 • Office (508) 639-9340 • Email:

Food / Beverage Bands / Music Helicopter Rides Eyemobile Car Cruise Hayrides Fun for Kids* Demonstrations Farmer’s Market Organizations Picnic Area

Saturday, September 17, 2011 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

St. Mary’s Annual Clam Boil/Steak Fry Sunday, September 18, 2011

South Seekonk Gun Club, Reed St, Rehoboth, Mass Gathering at 3 p.m., Dinner at 5 p.m. Clam Boil $25.00 per person Steak Fry $20.00 per person For tickets please call: Micheal Boyce 401-253-2734 Gordon Hubbard 508-336-7461 St. Mary’s 401-434-7456 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is located at 81 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI

FORE! Register today for Bay View Academy’s 2011 Golf Tournament Monday, September 19th Wannamoissett Country Club 1pm shotgun start • 5pm cocktails & dinner

Now is the time to break out your golf clubs, fix your hook, cure a slice and practice putting. You still have time to get your golf game up to the challenge of Wannamoisett Country Club for Bay View’s 11th Annual Academy Classic on Monday, September 19th. The field is filling fast, so register today! Wannamoisett is ranked in the top 50 courses in the nation by Golf Magazine, GolfWeek and Golf Digest.  No excuses......get your “A” game in full swing and see you in the Fall!   Golf Steering Committee: Carla Ciorlano ‘03; Lorraine Ciorlano;  Dianne DeNuccio; Michaela Testa Frattarelli ‘93; Norma Fleming, RSM; Sean Gately; Sheryl and Jonathan Langfield, Auction Chairs; Kevin Lethbridge, Foursome Chair; Mary E. McGinn ‘61; John O’Neill, Tournament Activities Chair; Barbara Papitto; Patricia Parker; Amanda Parker ‘07; Ryan Porter; Kathy Raposa; Michelle Rockwell, Hospitality Chair; Rosie Connors ‘76, Sr. Director of Institutional Advancement; Bethany Mascena Tracy ‘91, Director of Special Events  The Golf Steering Committee is meeting now to make this year’s tournament a success. If you are interested in donating an item to the auction or helping the day of the tournament, please attend the next meeting or contact Bethany Mascena Tracy, Director of Special Events by email or phone  (401) 434-0113 x103.  We look forward to seeing you on September 19th! 

Rain Date: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where: Redway Plain – (Corner of Route 44, Bay State Road, and Pond Street) Rehoboth, Massachusetts

*Registration for kids games from 10:0010:30 AM day of the event. Games run from 11:00 AM to Noon. (Games Include: 3-Legged Race, Pie Eating Contest, Apple Bobbing, and more. Prizes Awarded!

No Admission Charge! Something for Everyone! FREE Parking in Field located off of Pond Street

Church Craft Fair

Table Space available for Annual Art Craft & Vendor Fair to be held Saturday, September 24, 2011 at All Saints Anglican Church. Artists, Crafters and Vendors needed for 3rd Annual event, interested parties are asked to call the church office at 508-222-2640 and leave their name and number for Janet Donovan, who is chairperson for this annual event. All Saints Anglican is located at 1188 South Main Street, Attleboro, MA.

August 2011 The Reporter All Saints Anglican Church

Calling All Vendors to register for Art, Craft & Vendor Fair on September 24th

Calling All Vendors to register now for the Third Annual ‘Art, Craft and Vendor Fair’ at All Saints Anglican Church at 1188 South Main Street in Attleboro, MA which will take place on September 24, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call the church office and request that a registration form be e-mailed to you, or sent by regular mail. All details are spelled out on the registration form. The deadline is August 27th, but it is suggested you register early to reserve space. Food and drink will be served during the day and the coffee is always on. Vendor spaces are available both inside and outside. The Fair will take place rain or shine. Janet Donovan is chairing this event and all proceeds will benefit our youth programs. Space is limited, therefore please call to register today at 508-222-2640.

Crescent Park Carousel Open Wednesday – Sunday Noon to 8:00 pm

RC UPHOLSTERY 275 Plain Street • Rehoboth MA We Specialize in: Leather Kits, Convertable Tops, Boat Tops, and More HOT ROD RESTORATIONS

Call 508-840-7618

Advertise In The East Providence Reporter!

For more information call 508-252-6575

Wednesday’s in August tickets are .50 each sponsored by the Milton S. Heller Charitable Fund Every Thursday is Kiddy Day • All Rides are .75 each

Carousel Cruise Night

Every Saturday Night from 5 to 8 pm. Oldies music, games and giveaways!

Movies in the Park

Weather permitting Saturday August 13th Grease PG-13 Friday August 19th Despicable Me PG September 2nd How to Train your Dragon PG

Don’t forget to stop by Blount Clam Shack

Open Wednesday - Sunday 11:00am to 8:00pm Fall hours begin in September Call for more information 401-435-7518

Call for Artists

On September 24 - 25, 2011 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. more than 80 artists in the historic mills of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, are opening their studios to the public. Space is available to artists who do not have studios in the mills. The space is free, but registration for all artists to participate is $35.00. The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative organizes the event. If interested, contact Joan Hausrath, or visit:


Kingdom Cruzers

East Bay Chapter – CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) E-mail

*Meeting - Last Thursday of the month *Chelo's Restaurant, 911 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI * Meeting 7pm to 9pm

CMA information:


The Reporter August 2011

Dyer Plumbing & Heating Co. Providing quality service since 1977

for All Your Plumbing & Heating Needs

thinking about converting to gas? Call Dyer Plumbing & Heating Today.

• Service • Repairs • Replacements • Installations Residential & Commercial - Don Dyer - East Providence, RI

401-438-0770 • 508-252-9074 • Cell 401-954-1101 RI Lic MP

1331 MA Lic 23639

RI Pipefitter 1369

Lawn Mower Service Now Stocking

Since 1986


• Sales • Parts • Service

Summer Special

$20.00 OFF any new lawnmower

HighVac Lawnmowers

Offer Expires 9-15-11

3730 Pawtucket Avenue • Riverside RI • 401-433-3000



"Your Propane Specialist"

Arrow Gas

(508) 674-4055 • (800) 447-1192

For All Your Propane Needs 24 Hour Emergency Service ~ Budget Plan ~ 1499 GAR Highway, Swansea, MA ~ SALES & SERVICE ~ Automatic Delivery


The Newman YMCA A Sweet Night at the Y Thursday, August 11th 5:30 – 7 P.M.

Sample (in healthy moderation of course) those delicious desserts our local restaurants feature. Try as many scrumptious desserts as your taste buds (and conscience) will allow. Featuring: Scialo’s Bakery, Gregg’s Restaurant, Autumns Café, Chardonnays and more. Tickets for $5 are now available at the NEWMAN YMCA Welcome Center. VOTE for the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD to be presented to the top dessert. Many thanks to the organizing efforts of Laura and Bill Paolucci. All proceeds benefit the NEWMAN YMCA Helping Kids Achieve programs.

Charity Golf Tournament 18th Annual George Baker Golf Tournament Monday, August 22nd 1 P.M.

Please join us to play or just enjoy the beauty at Wannamoisett Country Club. Registration is at 11 A.M , shot gun start at 1PM and Dinner at 5:30 P.M. Net proceeds from this event will benefit the Helping Kids Achieve programs at the NEWMAN YMCA serving the surrounding communities of East Providence, Rehoboth, Seekonk and Swansea. Sponsorships, Tee and Pin Signs, Individual Golfers and Foursomes are still being accepted as are Dinner Only guests. Please contact Josie Dutil at the Y 508-336-7103 jdutil@gpymca. org or visit our website: Newman Branch for further information.

FREE Community Water Safety Seminar Wednesday, August 17th 6:00 - 7:15 P.M.

YMCA responds to local concerns by offering free program to community. The YMCA of Greater Providence/ Newman Branch will offer a FREE Community Water Safety Workshop on Wednesday, August 17th at the Y located on route 44 at 472 Taunton Ave in Seekonk. A leader in providing quality swim instruction and aquatics programs to children and adults all year long, the Y wants to make sure that families are prepared for activities in and around the water this summer. The free workshops will include information on: Creating a safe physical environment around pools Monitoring and supervising pool activities Visiting parks, beaches, and community pools Preventing a drowning

ZUMBA Master Class Friday, August 26th 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.

Come to the Newman Y and experience “THE HEAT” straight from Daytonna Beach, Florida as master class instructor, Shannon Ryan leads you through 2 hours of Zumba Fitness Fun. Learn new moves if you are already an enthusiast . If you have always wondered what the fitness craze is all about this is the best chance ever to see first hand. Tickets must be purchased in advance as space is limited – contact the Y 508-336-7103 or Kristie Wintle who will also be instructing at

Summer Camp Weekly Programs through September 9th

The YMCA is a nonprofit charitable 501(c) 3 organization and fees are set on a sliding scale based upon household income level. A variety of activities and specialty camps are offered for youth aged

August 2011 The Reporter 5-teens. The YMCA accepts DCYF, DHS, PACE and DSS payments as well as private pay for child care and summer camp programs. We are offering two Extended Year Learning opportunities this year for children ages 3 through teens. The programs – Trailblazers and Trailways are Inclusionary Models and offer Extended School Year Services in a regular outdoor YMCA Summer Camp setting. The YMCA was awarded the East Providence Parent Advisory Community Award in 2010 for excellence in inclusion programming. Call 508-336-7103 for more information.

Before and After School Extended Learning – The YMCA offers before and after school state licensed programming in Rehoboth, Seekonk and East Providence both at the Y and in multiple elementary schools. Our focus is on helping kids achieve with an emphasis on fun fitness and learning. 2, 3 and 5 day options are available. Care is provided on holidays, school vacations and schools-out days. Wrap-around Kindergarten with transportation to and from the schools is provided as well as full day licensed Preschool Education Swim Lessons - starting with parent/child classes through adult offered daily at a variety of times or schedule private lessons at your convenience. Sports - preschool through adult including: badminton, basketball. Soccer, flag football, volleyball, ping pong, Track. and Tennis. Leagues as well as skill instruction are offered. Sports are a great way to be active and healthy while making new friends. All YMCA programs are infused with our core values of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty. Dance - preschool through Adult is offered at both the Y and the new Rehoboth Program Center. Learn Irish Step, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical and Ballroom. Plus teens through adults can enjoy Zumba and Flirty Girl Fitness classes. Healthy Living - programs include the Livestrong cancer survivorship program designed to improve functional capacity and increase quality of life while undergoing or recuperating from treatments, Diabetes Prevention program, Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Classes, Personal Training and specialized equipment for those with disabilities or chronic disease as well as a full array of group exercise classes and strengthening equipment. The Newman YMCA is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization with a mission to build healthy spirit, mind and body through programs, services and relationships that are based on our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. For more information visit or call Newman YMCA 472 Taunton Ave Seekonk 508-336-7103

© Disney

Register for Fall Programs Starting September 6th

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Opening Night Tickets $14!*

SEPT. 14 - 18

Narragansett Bay Lighthouse Cruise August 18, 2011 Departs from Wickford, RI 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

*Excludes Front Row, Dream and VIP seats. No double discounts. Additional fees may apply. NEVER STOP DREAMING: A NIGHT TO BENEFIT HASBRO CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.

Buy tickets at, Retail Locations, Dunkin’ Donuts Center Box Office or call 1-800-745-3000 For information call (401) 331-6700 • Groups (401) 331-6702

Regular Ticket Prices: $15 • $20 • $40 VIP • $60 Dream • $70 Front Row Additional fees may apply.


Climb aboard the motor vessel Sea Princess for a scenic tour of the lighthouses of the upper Bay. Featuring the Wickford Lighthouse and the recently restored Plum Beach Lighthouse, we'll also pass the Poplar Point and Dutch Island Lighthouses, as well as the Beavertail and Conanicut Lighthouse in Jamestown. The crew is full of stories of shipwrecks, disasters and other mishaps on the water that the lighthouses averted. For added enjoyment, pack a dinner and bring it along. Please arrive 15 minutes early and dress for the weather appropriate. Space is limited so please register early! Departs from Wickford Town Dock, Main Street, Wickford, RI; Program Fee: $30/member, $40/non-member; Ages: 16+. Course Number: 134333-185. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun. SEPT. 14 SEPT. 15 SEPT. 16 SEPT. 17 SEPT. 18 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 1:00 PM 7:00 PM* 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:30 PM 4:30 PM


The Reporter Reporter August August2011 2011 The

36 36


For Open Houses Vis

Tirrell Realty

The Team to Get the Job Done. The T



Quality Homes From Tirrell Realty Riverside



East Providence






Waterfront, Waterfront, Spotless 6 Room Home, 2 Beds on 1st Floor, Lower Level has a legal 1 Bedroom Unit. Enjoy Boating from your backyard. $235,900






2 Family, water view, deck, needs TLC, great starter home with income. Come and see make an offer. $159,900 ST



Waddington 3 bed Ranch, lg yard goes to back street, attached garage. Come take a look $189,900





Recently update 3 Bed Cape with New Roof, Modern Kitchen, Central Air, New Heat and Window. Move in condition. $ 179,900





Wake up to this view. Have a morning beverage on the mstr Great Area, great price, 3 Bed Split bed deck. Cononial built in 2005, Level, 1 1/2 Bath, brazilian hdwds & beautiful kitchen Garage, Large 10,000 Sq. Ft. Yard. counters this waterfront property $ 169,900 won't last. $ 369,900


Impeccable 3 Bed 2 Bath home with large fenced lot,2 full kitchens , Workshop ,Walkout to patio and about ground pool, move in condition. $224,900




Spacious well keeped 3 Bed Ranch, New Roof, Replacement Windows, siding. Large Fenced in Yard with built in pool and shed. 6 Car off street parking. Ready to move in! $ 189,900


Impeccable 3 Bed Ranch in Waddington School District. Large Living rm w/ fireplace, family rm, fenced yard, hdwds, unfinished full basement. $169,900






Co an for w

e ic










Impeccable 3 Bed Dormered Cape, in Waddington. New Kitchen, Family Room, 2 Full Baths, Garage, Large Yard. $229,900









East Providence







Beautiful Raised Ranch on Dead Great potential here! 3 beds, 1 1/2 baths, fireplaced living room, End Street, S/S Appliances, hardwoods, big kitchen with dining brilliant hardwood floors, great area. Newer central air, heat, vinyl corner lot. $ 255,000. and roof. $169,900

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August 2011 The Reporter


sit our Website

1086 Willett Ave, Riverside, RI (In Riverside Plaza)

Tirrell Team. At Tirrell Realty Riverside w Ne





w Ne




w Ne

1950's solidly built house completely Nice 3 Bed Colonial with right of way remodeled in the Waddington school to private yard. Beautiful tiled kitchen and dining room, big living room, district. New Roof, New Siding, New enclosed porch. $ 129,900 Furnace, New Master Suite. $229,900










Rare Find, Duplex near Bike Path, Roomy 2 Bed's each. $279,900











w Ne


Marcel Robert 401-439-5574

Gil Medeiros 401-688-5867

Elizabeth Cangarl 508-558-9758

Bill Tirrell 401-474-6301






Spotless 3 Bedroom Ranch Rare Find 3 Bed, 2 1/2 Bath, 2 Car in Waddington Area, Freshly Nice and Big 3/4 Bed Colonial in Attached garage on Barr/Riverside painted throughout, New Roof, Waddington Area. Newer roof, vinyl Line. Must see cathedral Ceiling in siding, hot water, electric & windows. Big Oversized Garage, covered Master, Formal Dining. $239,900 yard w/ workshop, fenced. $ 189,900 porch, New Windows. $208,900

East Providence

Phil Tirrell

Broker / Owner


Updated Tri-Level, Spacious ottage w/ gardens. Barn w/2 c garage & New Kitchen w/ Granite Counter, Liv Rm w/FP, Dining, Must see spacious, New Gas Heat, nother sm garage turned into bonus rm Kitchen, Sun Rm, Mstr w/Bath, Hardwoods, Large Dining Room w/ r quiet getaways. Walk to water. Living and updated Roof, Heat. $439,900 Gas Stove. Easy Show! $169,900 w/ floor to ceiling stone fp. $249,900 Riverside CE





Rose Pereira Louanne Jennings 401-258-0769 401-996-1106


Brand New 3 Bedroom Home, Family To be built 1800 sq ft, Ranch, 2 car Brand New Waddington 3 Bed garage, roomy master w/ bath, Colonial, 2 1/2 baths, Hardwoods, Room, 1 1/2 Baths, and 2 Car Garage. Ron Faria garage, Great Area $ 299,900 hardwoods, 2 full baths. $479,900 401-578-0075 $279,900

Paul Faella 401-529-1422

Douglas Caito Peter Leddy Barbara Jean Taylor Kathy Santos 401-935-3202 401-374-5345 401-529-4499 401-241-5380

Luci Stoddard 401-641-8114

Sharon Santos 401-699-3566

Shirley Toombs 401-439-5831

Skip Gilmore 401-529-5479

Mary-Jane King 401-524-6773


The Reporter August 2011

East Providence Public Libraries East Providence Library Locations Weaver Memorial Library 41 Grove Avenue, East Providence, RI 401-434-2453 Monday - Thursday 9-8; Friday & Saturday 9-5 Fuller Branch Library 260 Dover Avenue, East Providence, RI 401-434-1136 Monday & Wednesday 10-6; Friday 10-5 Riverside Branch Library 475 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside, RI 401-433-4877 Monday – Thursday 10-8; Friday & Saturday 10-5 Rumford Branch Library 1392 Pawtucket Avenue, Rumford, RI 401-434-8559 Tuesday & Thursday 10-6; Saturday 10-5

August Teen Programs Spoken Word Workshop @ Weaver

Perform a poem, rap, speech, dramatic scene or original piece. Workshop will be taught by spoken word artists. Registration required. Call 434-2453. For grades 6-12. Workshop: Monday, August 1, 3 p.m. Performance night is Thursday, August 4 @ 6:30 p.m.

Ice Cream Social @ Weaver

Free ice cream cones & books (courtesy of Books are Wings) Thursday, August 18, 2pm. (Children of all ages welcome.)

Arts/Crafts/Games (For ages 10+)

3-4 p.m., Thursdays @ Rumford

Aug 4 Woven Bookmarks Aug 11 To celebrate Australia, you can make a Boomerang or Maori Jewelry.

3-4 p.m., Wednesdays @ Fuller

Aug 3 String Art Decorations Aug 10 Wii and Pizza!

3-4 p.m., Tuesdays @ Riverside

Aug 2 Wii, DDR & Games Aug 9 Aboriginal Art Painting

East Providence Siding Over 25 Years Experience Fully Licensed & Insured

RI Lic# 1374 MA Lic# 132364

Decks & Roofing, Vinyl Replacement Windows, Vinyl Siding, Remodeling & Additions

Tommy Viveiros (401) 439-8607

RI MP 2009 RI Pipefitter 1505

Motorcycle Adventure from Riverside to Brazil Thursday, August 18th at 6:30 p.m. Riverside Branch Library

Do you dream of adventure in foreign countries? Attend a presentation by seasoned adventurer and world-traveler, Neil Malik. Mr. Malik, who is a resident of Riverside, RI, recently completed a 6 month motorcycle trip which took him from his driveway in Riverside all the way to Fortaleza, Brazil - a solo journey of 12,000 miles. He will show photos and share stories from his recent motorcycle adventure. Mr. Malik attended Tufts University where he received a Masters Degree in International Affairs. He is conversationally fluent in six languages including Bahasa Indonesia, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi and English. An avid sailor, Malik has also crossed the Atlantic aboard his 32 foot sailboat. He is an inventor, entrepreneur and President and Founder of two companies and a Co-Founder of a third. This program is free and open to all, no registration required. For more information call Meredith 434-2453.

Weaver Library

All phases of plumbing and heating systems from new installations to repairs. Residential & Commercial

we 401-435-8016 ry

Belly Dance Workshop and Performance at the Weaver Library Thursdays, August 11th and 18th Basic Instruction at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, August 25th Performance at 7:00 p.m. Would you like to try something new this summer? The Weaver Library invites women of all ages to a three-part belly dance workshop. On Thursdays August 11th and August 18th at 6 p.m., Yelena and the Goddess Delight Belly Dance Troupe give basic belly dance instruction. This uplifting and fun workshop concludes with a performance by Goddess Delight on August 25th at 7 p.m. The workshop is free, but registration is limited.

August 2011 The Reporter Sign up by contacting the library at 434-2453 or email Joyce at

“Serenade of Summer” Floral Design Workshop at the Weaver Library

Monday, August 15th at 6:00 p.m. Horticulturalist Sally Gruber presents Serenade of Summer, a floral design workshop that celebrates the sounds, scents and tastes of summer! Create a wildflower bouquet using a bounty of fresh blooms. Sally’s classes are very popular, so register early by calling the library at 434-2453. This program is free, however we must limit the class to 20 first-time participants.

No Day But Today Cabaret on the Lawn at the Weaver Library

Tuesday, August 23rd at 6:30 p.m. Seekonk resident, Melanie Gendreau, and the Weaver Library present No Day But Today Cabaret, an exciting outdoor concert on the library lawn. The performance will feature a selection of classic and contemporary Broadway songs that celebrate life, love and laughter. No Day But Today Cabaret, will showcase the talents of six professional vocalists with piano accompaniment provided by Ron Procopio of East Providence. Bring a chair or blanket and a picnic and enjoy a wonderful evening of song. (The performance will move indoors in the event of rain.) Weaver Library programs are free and open to all. Questions? Contact Adult Services Librarian Joyce May at 435-1986 or

Summer Reading Program @ all locations

Record your summer reading to earn prizes & FREE passes to museums and other local fun spots. Four lucky East Providence readers will each win four tickets to a Pawtucket Red Sox game and be entered to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World in Florida. See library for complete details. Storytimes - July 7-August 4, 2011, 10:00am Stories & songs for ages 2 - 6 @Weaver No advanced registration is necessary.

Children’s Performers

(for families with children ages 4 & older) Tuesday, August 2, 2:00 p.m. - Moving to the Beat @Weaver West African Performance and Culture has deep resonances within the American experience. The teachings from West Africa inform our notions of what it means to be an American as well as a global citizen. In this workshop with young children, we will utilize these performance traditions to build an awareness of our own cultural traditions and how tradition plays an important role in our community. Songs will be taught that use call and response, word play, lessons in geography, and creative interplay. Dances will be taught that look at the power of participation, cooperation and creativity.

Tuesday, August 9, 2:00 p.m. - “You Are ThereWherever You Want to Go” Interactive Writing Workshop @Weaver

Hop on a spaceship or a train or a plane in a journey of time travel that will bring young authors to a destination of their choice en route to creating an interactive, fun-filled and collaborative story-writing workshop with author Steve Krasner. Steve also will share his stories collected from his more than 30 years covering the Red Sox in addition to participating in a Q&A on a range of baseball topics.


Ice Cream & Book Social @Weaver Thursday, August 18, 2:00 p.m.

Free ice cream cones and Books Are Wings books for all ages. Crafts for All Ages Mondays, 11:00 a.m. @ Fuller Mondays, 2:00 p.m. @Riverside Tuesdays, 11:00 a.m. @Rumford August 1 & 2 - Sparkly Peruvian Inca Sun Plaques August 9 - Felt Koalas

Kids Book Discussions

Kids Reading Across RI (KRARI) Book Discussion Wednesday, August 3, 6:30 p.m. @Weaver For kids entering grades 4-7 Discuss the book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. A snack and activities will be included. Call 434-2453 to register. First 10 participants registered will receive a FREE copy of the book. Drop-in participants are also welcome.

RI Children’s Book Award Book Discussion

Monday, August 15, 2-3:30 p.m. @Riverside For kids entering grades 3-5 Local school librarian Mrs. Fernandes will lead a discussion of the 2012 RI Children’s Book Award Nominee, Masters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen.

Drama Troupe Performances

Wednesday, August 17 @ 6:00pm & Thursday, August 18 @ 10:00 a.m. @ East Providence City Hall Council Chambers. Come and see kids in grades 4-7 perform “The Cat Curse” written and directed by East Providence resident Erin Butler.

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The Reporter August 2011

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Scouting Around Town Girl Scout Troops Make Largest Ever Donation Girl Scout Troops Contribute $6,300 from their 2011 Cookie Sale Proceeds to Help the Elderly and Disabled Keep Their Pets On Friday, July 1, 2011 at 3 p.m., local Girl Scouts will present a check for $6,280 to Dr. E.J. Finocchio, president of the Rhode Island SPCA. The presentation will take place at the RISPCA’s offices at 186 Amaral Street in Riverside, RI. The donation will specifically benefit the RISPCA’s Marvin Fund, which assists elderly, disabled and less fortunate animal owners who are unable to afford veterinary care for their animals. Each year, Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc. (GSRI) selects a local charitable organization as beneficiary of the annual Cookie Sale Service Project. Troops elect to donate a portion of their proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie Sale to this charity as a way of giving back to their community. This year’s donation to the Marvin Fund is the largest donation ever made to a Cookie Sale Service Project.

Says Dr. Finocchio, “The Girl Scouts are to be commended for their efforts and compassion in selecting the RISPCA and the Marvin Fund this year. Because these fine young women took the time to do something nice for those who cannot speak for themselves, they have made our community a better place for all.”

About Girl Scout Cookies

It’s been more than 90 years since the Girl Scouts began selling home-baked cookies to raise money. The idea was so popular that in 1936, Girl Scouts of the USA enlisted bakers to handle the growing demand. Since then, selling Girl Scout Cookies has become a successful way to help girls develop important leadership skills and earn money for activities. Each season, Girl Scouts sell almost 200 million packages of Girl Scout Cookies.

August 2011 The Reporter

Willard Roofing & Resoration

About Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc.

Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls - all girls - where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc., serves all of Rhode Island, Pawcatuck, CT, and girls from Bellingham, Blackstone, Attleboro, Fall River, North Attleboro, Plainville, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, Wrentham, Millville, Rehoboth and Seekonk, MA. For more information about Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc., please visit

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About the Rhode Island SPCA

The Rhode Island SPCA, established in 1870, is a private non-profit organization that relies on private donations, special events, and grants for operating expenses. The Society was the first humane organization in RI and is the 3rd oldest humane organization in the United States. The RISPCA is the only animal rescue organization in the state that is empowered to investigate and prosecute cases of animal cruelty and neglect. The Society is charged with the sole purpose of protecting animal life in all situations that might endanger them.

Troop 55 Riverside

“Boy Scouts from Troop 55 Riverside recently completed their second backpacking campout at Camp Deer Lake in Killingworth, CT. Although the weather was not favorable on Friday night upon entering camp, the remainder of the weekend was excellent. Scouts hiked throughout the camp, went canoeing & swimming and learned how to purify pond water for cooking. Some of the older scouts even used the great Saturday night weather to sleep out under the stars. A great time was had by all. Nice job scouts!”

Troop 4, Riverside

The boys in Boy Scout Troop 4, Riverside have had a very busy spring and summer! Alex Duarte, valedictorian of the Class of 2011 at EPHS, completed his Eagle Requirements and has attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Zach Lariviere, Nick Lusignan, Joey Conti and Lance Faria have done Eagle Scout projects. Zach cleaned up the Head Start grounds in Riverside as well as spruced up the inside with paint. Nick laid the groundwork for a vegetable garden for the kids at the program. Joey Conti’s project was to beautify the grounds at the Senior Center. This included the outside patio, gazebo and the entrance. Lance Faria had his scout volunteers work on the grounds at the Audubon Society in Bristol. The Scout’s Eagle project is an important part of his rank advancement to Eagle. This is in addition to earning a minimum of 21 merit badges, with 12 specifically required badges. A scout has to demonstrate leadership qualities and live by the Scout Law: A Scout is: Trustworthy Obedient Loyal Cheerful Helpful Thrifty Friendly Brave Courteous Clean Kind Reverent. Troop 4 is preparing to make their yearly pilgrimage to Camp Yawgoog where they hope to earn Troop of the Week for the Fourth Year In A Row! Keep cool boys, and have some fun while working on those merit badges and rank advancement!




RI Reg. #14074



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The Reporter August 2011


LEARN TO SKATE + PLAY HOCKEY Greater Providence Youth Hockey • 2011-2012 Season 8 and under • Instructional and House League For more information visit

CJS / Statewide Appliance Repair


Diagnostic Visit e y


The Bayside FC Bolts Players are: Top row -coach Javier Centeno, Bryan Fraser, Stephen Estrada, Matt Camara, Esril Giron, Nikone Soupharath, Club President John Mark Middle row - Team Manager Kerry Silvia, Matt Kane of Lincoln, Moises Blanco, Victor Rey of Lincoln, Jacob Carlson, Alex DoRego of Riverside, Andrew Medeiros of Bristol Bottom row - Bailey Silva of Somerset, Jared Barroso of Central Falls, Jeremy Rebelo, Alex DaCosta of Bristol and Nathan Medeiros.

The Bayside FC Bolts

The Bayside FC Bolts U13 Boys came in 3rd place winning the Bronze medal at the Regional Tournament in Lancaster, PA during June 30 - July 4th. After this accomplishment, the boys are ranked number 1 in the State of RI, 30 in the Region and 76 in the Nation.

Tri County Saints Youth Hockey Openings

The Tri County Saints Youth Hockey program is accepting registrations for the fall House Hockey Program. The House hockey league is for beginner/intermediate skaters that are ready to play games and have fun! The league is run in the Taunton ice rink and more information/registration can be found on the website www. Registration for our Fall Learn To Skate/Learn To Play Hockey sessions can be found on the website as well. Also, the Tri County Saints travel hockey program has made the exciting move to join the South Shore Conference. The travel program has limited spots open and information can be obtained by contacting the league board members – found on the website

August 2011 The Reporter

Friends of Townie Athletics


Design Your Summer Project with

Segregansett Country Club - 85 Gulliver St. Taunton, MA 02870, Phone: 508-824-9144

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011 Cost: $125 per player $500 per foursome

Registration 11:30 AM - Tee off at 1:00 pm sharp Enjoy a complete program of special events, 18 holes of golf (including cart), door prizes, raffles, silent auctions and an exciting awards banquet... All for just $125 / player $40 for Banquet only * Closest to the pin * Long Drive * Putting challenge on 1st hole practice green * 50/50 Pot of Gold Challenge 100% of the proceeds go to Friends of Townies Athletics; this fund assists all the schools’ athletic programs. Golf attire is required. Collared shirts and slacks or shorts (no jeans). No steel spikes are allowed on the course. All participants must be at least 18 years of age. For more information please email

Providing Computerized Architectural Design, AutoCAD Drafting Services & 3D Visual Animations for Residential & Commercial Construction Projects Free Onsite ConsulTation VIZCAD Design • Bristol RI • 401.253.2119 A Division of Wood Frame Structures

Golfers’ sign-up sheet 1. ________________________________________________________ (Name) (Address) (phone number)

Donald E. MacManus

2. ________________________________________________________ (Name) (Address) (phone number)

General Practice of Law Including:

3. ________________________________________________________ (Name) (Address) (phone number) 4. ________________________________________________________ (Name) (Address) (phone number) $125 per player which includes 18 holes of golf, riding cart, lunch, dinner and awards. Checks made payable to: Friends of Townie Athletics Organization; P.O. Box 16521; East Providence, Rhode Island 02916; Attention: Golf Tournament Chairman

Winners of the Dolly Searle Memorial Golf Tournament Lisa Bell Bill Auger David Deverell

2 Best Ball John Petrarca Paul Lussier Joe Cleary Wes Armstrong AM Longest Drive Closet to Hole Closet to Hole

Scott Keurulainen Dave Phillips Jim Costello

PM Longest Drive Closet to Hole Closet to Hole

Doug Corsetti Richard Costa Tom Antonian

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The Reporter August 2011

The East Bay Warren • Barrington • Bristol

Come Explore...

what’s Next Door!

Drive a short distance to spend a day at the East Bay. Ride the scenic bike path, go shopping, go fishing, visit parks and landmarks, enjoy lovely eating at restaurants and pubs.

Concert for the Warren Animal Shelter

A Benefit Concert for the Warren Animal Shelter will be held at the Church Street Coffeehouse in the lower level of the United Methodist Church 25 Church St. Warren, RI on Saturday, Aug. 20th at 8 p.m. All proceeds from this event will go to purchasing food and other needed supplies, with a portion going to the Capitol Improvement Fund. Performing at the concert will be singer/songwriter, author and holder of the American Women’s Record for fastest solo-sail around the world Donna Lange. This will be a multi-media event. Joining Donna on stage will be special guest Bob Philburn on banjo, bass guitar and vocals along with Tom Stevens on percussion. Tickets are on sale at the door with a minimum donation of $10 and refreshments are available. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

CLAM BOIL Time: 6:30PM Date: 9/24/11 Place:

Linden Place Museum will host a walking tour of Linden Place Mansion and downtown Bristol, RI focused specifically on Bristol’s DeWolf Family and their involvement in the Slave Trade. Recently featured in the PBS film “Traces of the Trade”, The DeWolf family, Bristol’s premier family in the 18th and early 19th centuries, was once one of the largest traders of slaves in New England. The guided tour will take place on Saturday, August 20th at 10:00am and will begin at Linden Place, the Federal-style mansion built by architect Russell Warren for George DeWolf, in downtown Bristol. The tour will then continue through the center of historic Bristol and down to the waterfront on Thames Street, pointing out significant sites tied to Bristol’s lengthy and profitable involvement in the slave trade. The tour ends at the historic DeWolf Tavern, once a DeWolf waterfront warehouse, where tour-goers will enjoy a rum cocktail and ask questions. The tour is $15, $10 for Linden Place members, and includes a complimentary drink at the DeWolf Tavern. Reservations are required and the tour is limited to 15 people. For more information and reservations, please call the Linden Place office at 253-0390. Friends of Linden Place is a non-profit organization responsible for the restoration and preservation of the historic house museum at 500 Hope Street in Bristol, Rhode Island, and for the promotion of cultural, artistic, and educational programs in the community. The mansion and grounds are open to the public from May to October, during the holiday season, and also by appointment.

Bristol Train Of Artillery 135 State Street MENU

Bristol, RI 02809

Traditional Clam Boil & Chowder—$25 p/person Steak, Baked Potato & Salad -$25 p/person KIDS MENU Pizza & Bag of Chips—$5. Coffee & Dessert RAFFLES & MORE!!


Sponsored By C.A.T.S. Cat Adoption Team Services 501c3 Non Profit

Bristol Tales of the Slave & Rum Trade Walking Tour

August 2011 The Reporter


Call 508.252.6575 to Advertise in The East Bay section

The 1st Annual AIDE Foundation Fundraiser

(Nancy Greene) said, “We have been working hard to stay afloat, and are grateful to have an opportunity to help our community. This fundraiser will give us the opportunity to collect donations of food, and clothing for some of our less fortunate members on behalf of the East Bay Food Pantry and The Bristol Veterans home. We hope to also raise enough money to help The AIDE Foundation with our current programs and provide us the ability, potentially, to fund additional services.”

When: Date: August 20, 2011 Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bristol Town Beach, Bristol Rhode Island Free Admission

Bring a gift of new with tags clothing and non perishable food items

What: Community Outreach 1st Annual Fund Raiser LIVE Entertainment - Children’s Activities - Motorcycle Show - Car Show Fun Raiser:

Lucky Raffle of donated good from local businesses (Home Depot, Chelos, Dunkin Donuts, Price Rite, Cardi’s, to name a few.) and many other activities* *Raffle has a fee associated with them. Food is available for sale, but vendors food sales DO NOT benefit any of the charities for this event. Come and meet new faces and even get yours painted, this is just steps away from the bicycle path; ride your bike, take a bus or park your car. REMEMBER: to come with your family and friends because commuting is a great way of saving our planet. Donations will benefit the AIDE Foundation, East Bay Food Pantry and Bristol Veterans Home in Bristol. This event is being held to raise money, food and clothing for those who are in need of help in these hard times.

About The AIDE Foundation:

The AIDE Foundation” is a non profit organization working with resources within the community to improve the quality of life for those in need. Our organization is dedicated to helping our veterans of war, the homeless, anyone who is unable to find the help they need from their community. We provide connections and information to those in need. We do not provide “cash hand outs” but rather provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to better their lives with dignity and honor. Although resources are readily available, we are surprised about

how many resources are unknown and under utilized. We strive to find the best in class assistance and information and provide it to those in need. The founder, John Medeiros and President Nancy Greene have sold their own belongings in order to keep the organization afloat. The foundations trailer has become a staple on Taunton Ave and has been spotted in Seekonk, Swansea, Providence and other locations through out Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It is their hope that individual donations and fundraisers will allow for the organization to increase its services for those in need. The AIDE foundation accepts donations by mail, via Pay Pal and through Facebook causes. Website is

Poet Billy Collins Special Reading of 9/11 Tribute Poem ‘The Names’ at Roger Williams University Collins to visit campus in September as part of University’s Common Reading program

Bristol, RI - Award-winning poet and best-selling author Billy Collins will visit Roger Williams University on Tuesday, September 6, to discuss his critically acclaimed poetry collection “Sailing Alone Around the Room.” As part of his presentation, Collins will offer a rare reading of his poem “The Names,” which he wrote as a tribute to victims and survivors of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. U.S. Poet Laureate at the time, Collins originally read the poem in 2002 as part of the U.S. Congress’ one-year remembrance ceremony. “Sailing Alone Around the Room” is this year’s Common Reading selection at Roger Williams and is read by all first-year students. Founded by Adam Braver, a novelist and associate professor of creative writing, the Common Reading program aims to cultivate a spirit of community on campus while building awareness of a global issue through a shared reading experience. Each incoming student receives a copy of the selection at Orientation in June and returns in the fall to engage in discussion about the book in and out of the classroom. A renowned writer who served as U.S. Poet Laureate from 2001 to 2003, Billy Collins is the recipient of many prestigious literary awards including the Mark Twain Award for Humor in Poetry in 2005 and Poetry Magazine’s Poet of the Year in 1994. In addition to “Sailing Alone Around the Room” and other poetic treasures, Collins is the author of “The Art of Drowning,” “Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes” and his most recent “Horoscopes for the Dead.” He is a distinguished professor of English at Lehman College in the Bronx, where he has taught for more than 30 years. The presentation will take place at 7 p.m. at the University’s Recreation Center Gymnasium on the Bristol Campus at One Old Ferry Road. Limited tickets to this free event will be made available to the public; to reserve a ticket, call (401) 254-3210.


The Reporter August 2011

Back to School September 18th

Renaissance Gymnastics Academy

Open House Join us for a free trial class! ages 2-4 @ 11:30am ages 5 & up @ 1:00pm

School News

By Bob Rodericks Summer is well into the “dog days” but schools are still offering information through web sites and other forums. The school department offers ‘Extended Learning Opportunities’ and some web site information. Extended learning opportunities provide students with a broad range of programs that provide students with academic enrichment beyond the traditional school day and can in some cases extend past the school year. Extending access after school will engage and enrich students while providing valuable instruction. East Providence School District has several online programs available to support students.

NECAP State Exam Online Study Website: Study Island

Study Island is designed to help your child master the Rhode Island State Standards or NECAP test. It’s not just test questions, but full study modules that explain and assess whether your child understands the material prior to the exam. As a parent or guardian, you can encourage your child to use Study Island at home, before and after school and during summer. Study Island is a website that your student can access using their school supplied username and password. East Providence has accounts for every student in grades 3-12 has their own individual username and password. Please contact your school or teacher for your student’s login 401.435.0159 codes. Website: Essential Reading Skills Online Website: Lexia Primary Read887 Waterman Ave. ing. Orlo, Oldham, Whiteknact, Hennessey, Kent Heights and Silver East Providence, RI Spring Elementary Schools have implemented Lexia Reading for all students reading below grade level. All students currently ing below grade level have a Lexia account to use at school or at No child left jumping on the bed home. Lexia software helps kids read by helping students practice letters and recognize words. Lexia is a computer that acts like a reading tutor. When your student logs in and uses Lexia, the computer creates a special program that targets the skills your student needs to practice. The software has sound, so be sure to have headphones for your student. 279-281 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside RI East Providence has accounts for all students reading below grade level in Studio: 401-433-4300 • Home: 508-336-5284 grades K-5 at Orlo, Oldham, Whiteknact, Hennessey, Kent Heights and Silver Spring Elementary Schools. Your classroom teacher has your student’s account and access codes. Website: Beyond the Textbook: Online MatheOffering all dance disciplines ages 2-adult matics and Science Manipulatives: Gizmos. including adult Zumba and Childrens Dance Theater Students now have a special way to learn math concepts like geometry or conNewly Expanded Facilities, Same Great Prices ducting science experiments. Schools have award-winning 21st Century tools that will Register in person or by phone help students visualize and practice the and be part of this season's exciting Dance Theater production math and science concepts. Visit our website for more info and fall schedule Students have access to the world’s largest library of interactive online simulaNDCA Certified Director ~ Sarah Halpin • Classically trained Ballet instructor

GRAND RE-OPENING & OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, Aug 31st • 5-7 Sunday, Sept 11th • 10-2

August 2011 The Reporter

tions for math and science education in grades 3-12. Gizmos are fun, easy to use, and help students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration according to many teachers.

EPHS Student Awards

East Providence High School recently released the names of several winners of end of year awards. Some of these recipients are as follows: Society of Women Engineers Award: Diane Drysdale, Kenneth Staley. Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Kenneth Staley. Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Amanda Horton. George Eastman Young Leader Award: Maura McKnight, Frederick Douglas. Susan B. Anthony Award: Natalie Beauparlant. Springfield College Book Award: Jonathan Gomez. Middlebury College Book Award: Andrew Butler. Salve Regina Book Award: Adria Spivey. Bryant University Book Award: Brendan Quigley. Saint Michael’s College Book Award: Courtney Contente, Austin Faria. University of Rhode Island Book Award: Jenna Mackevich. Mount St. Vincent Book Award: Tara Andrade. Smith Book Award: Victoria Parker. Brown Book Award: Stephanie DeCarvalho. Holy Cross Book Prize: Sunny Nguyen. Harvard Book Prize: Catherine Browning. Charles Bentley Award: Joao Vicente. Class of 1974 Award: Alyssa Dias. Pell Medal Award: Rosemary Concepcion. House of Representatives Citations: Alexander P. Duarte, Kelsey T. Lima. Lieutenant Governor’s Leadership Award: Alyssa Rizzini. Secretary of State’s Leadership Award: Jeffrey Davidson, Samantha Carroll, Alexander Duarte. EPHS Business Awards: Raymond Branco, Ashley Santos. NEACAC Essay Contest Winner: Kelsey Lima. Rhode Island College Book Award: Sarah Bilida. RIHEAA Awards: Sydney Capron, Joseph D’Amico, Alexander Duarte, Mark Hill. Providence Journal Honor Roll Nominees: Dana Andrade, Alyssa Rizzini. Warren

Send Your Child Back to School with Confidence and Concentration

Self Defense Training Center • Men, Women, and Children • Gift Certificates available • Tumbling • Cardio Kickboxing 1235 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence, RI (401) 437-9223

We Make Martial Arts Fun! Back To School Special! 6 Week Program Only $129.00

* Includes uniform. Offer expires 9-15-11 Giving your child confidence and concentration is the focus of our back to school program. Confidence helps them avoid peer pressure and to get along with others. Concentration helps them perform better in the classroom. That's why these critical areas are a major focus in our children's classes. Our school specializes in these two key success traits for your child. Call us today to find out more about our back-to-school program for children.



The Reporter August 2011

Creative Styles A Full Service Salon

N. Carpenter Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Brown. Academic Achievement Awards. 3rd Highest Ranked Member of the Class of 2011: Christina M. Brito. 2nd Highest Ranked Member of the Class of 2011: Kelsey T. Lima. Highest Ranked Member of the Class of 2011: Alexander P. Duarte. Student Council Awards: Rubi Bouvier, Nicholas Brown, Rosemary Concepcion, Christine Furtado, Victoria Giroux, Alyssa Rizzini. Dorman W. Searle Memorial Scholarship: Laura Jo Cook, Brenton Costa, Kelsey Lima, Abby Ricci Alyssa Rizzini, Nicholas Brown. Michael Carpilio Memorial: Rachel Costa Nicole Haar. Maria Pinheiro Memorial Scholarship: Judith Hoskin. Honey Dew Associates Scholarship: Kelsey Lima. Chartwells East Bay Scholarship: Jalyn Alves, Sarah Bilida, Ian Blackmar, Kimberly DeLande, Courtney Estrella, Mark Hill, Kent Hu, Zachary Lariviere, Charlotte Newton, Sarah 10 and under Zawatsky. VFW, Barrington Post: Alexus Casey. East Providence Education Association: Jalyn Alves, Kelsey Lima. Paul F. Ronci Memorial Scholarship: Judith Hoskin. Columbus Men • Women • Children Credit Union Scholarship: Judith Hoskin. Friends of Townie Athletics: Charlotte Newton, Walk-Ins Welcome Peter Saunders. Nathan Crowell Memorial Scholarship: Carla Tavares. Citizens Scholarship Foundation (401) 270-5880 of East Providence Recipients: Kelsey Almeida, Jalyn Alves, Dana Andrade, Megan Andrade, Nos Falamos Portugues Gary Azera, Andrea Barboza, Ian Blackmar, Victoria Blaydes, Sara Bilida, Cristina Brito, 109 Waterman Ave. East Providence, RI Darrell Britton, Nicholas Brown, Sydney Capron, Joseph Carnevale, III, Samantha Carroll, Alexus Casey, Angelina Chiong, Devin Christi, Jenna Clancy, Rosemary Concepcion, Meghan Conheeny, Laura Cook, Taylor Corrigan, Rachel Costa, Brittany Costello, Joseph D’Amico, Jeffrey Davidson, Courtney DeCastro, Sarah Deckel, 32 Years of Quality Service Kimberly DeLande, Alexander Duarte, Elizabeth Dugan, Courtney Estrella, Stephanie Faria, Victoria Fernandes, Kaitlin Foeri, Victor Franklin, Caitlyn Gagnon, Victoria Giroux, Kimberly Hodern, Judith 35 Swan St, East Providence RI • Phone: 438-9784 Hoskin, Kent Hu, Matthew Lambert, Zachary Lariviere, Kelsey • DCYF Licensed Lima, Ashley Lopes, Karissa McCarty, Charlotte Newton, Brandon Year Round Normann, Melanie Pacheco, Allison Pereira, Lacy Rego, Sean • Accept DHS Subsidy Resendes, Abby Ricci, Alyssa Rizzini, Royce Roballo, Kimberly • Emerging Curriculum Rodrigues, Robert Royall, Ashley Santos, Peter Saunders, Jason Schoenfelder, Jessica Shoe, Stephanie Siravo, Kayla Solomon, • Morning & Evening Snacks Rachel Souza, Molly Sullivan Ethan Zawatsky, Sarah Zatwatsky.

Get Ready For Back to School with a New Hair Style

Kids Cuts $10.00

Beehive Childhood Center, Inc.

• Before and After School program • Certified Teachers - CPR/ First Aid

3-5 Yrs

Licensed & Certified

For more info. visit Each Child Is An Individual

Five Time-Saving Tips To Get Ready To Go Back To School

(ARA) - Summer trips are wrapping up and kids are counting down the days until they have to go back to school. With many parents weighed down by worries about escalating back-to-school costs, brushing up on tips and tricks for making the summer-toschool transition smoother will be helpful for the entire family. 2780 Pawtucket Ave. In fact, a recent survey by Bing and Im401-434-7471 pulse found that 52 percent of parents are East Providence, RI the most concerned with the price of school supplies. To save time, money, and lighten up the mood, try implementing these tips from Lisa Gurry, a past recipient of Working Mother Magazine's Mom of the Year award. "These simple tricks can make the Michelle Smith-Goncalves, D.M.D • Nicole Smith-Steckler, D.M.D back-to-school transition go from stressful NOS FALAMOS PORTUGUESE to stress-free," Gurry says. * Shop early: Schools often provide a  and Insurance Accepted long and daunting list of required school supplies. Don't try to buy everything in one SENIOR CITIZENS WELCOME day. Rather, be open to grabbing items you Financing With No Interest Available • Emergencies Receive Priority see on sale while out and about throughout

Smith Family Dental Associates

August 2011 The Reporter

the summer. Use local coupon-finding tools, like Bing for Mobile Deals on to find daily deals on all the supplies you're looking for. * Get (cleverly) organized: Reduce the amount of time you spend running around the house looking for the keys, backpack, and lunch boxes by picking a location for each item. Try leaving your keys in the fridge with your lunchbox so you'll never forget the lunch again. * Pack a healthy lunch and freeze a few dinners: Make sure to pack healthy lunches for your children that will help protect their immune systems and energy levels during the new transition.



BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL CARE. The YMCA of Greater Providence offers your kids a chance to learn and play in a safe, exciting and convenient environment before and after school.

Register by August 20th to receive a FREE WEEK of Child Care.*

Newman YMCA Seekonk, MA 508.336.7103

Make sure to pack healthy lunches for your children that will help protect their immune systems and energy levels during the new transition. Great lunch options include chicken wraps and strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches

Great lunch options include chicken wraps and strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches. Another great idea is to prepare a few healthy dinners in advance and freeze them so you'll have one less thing to worry about. Check out for healthy dinner recipes like chicken noodle soup. * Get advice: Don't forget to use your network of friends to find the best deals. Share your shopping list with your friends using Bing Shopping and get advice from your trusted friends about what they think are the best purchases. * Routines rule: Nothing causes more stress or confusion than an inconsistent schedule. Create a schedule early on and make sure you stick to it. Try to re-establish the bedtime and mealtime routines at least one week before school starts to prepare your children in advance. Going back to school doesn't have to be a stressful experience. With a few simple tips, you can make back-to-school transition more efficient, less of a hassle and even easier on your wallet.

*Offer redeemable January 1 to June 30, 2012, excluding vacation weeks. Offer not valid for preschool or full-day child care.

To find a Child Care location near you, visit

Celebrating 36 years of excellence in Dance Education...Discover the difference!

OPEN HOUSE REGISTRATION (Warren Location): Wed. August 4th 6-8pm • Sat. August 7th 9-11pm • Wed. August 25th 6-8:30pm

Visit for more information on our summer programs and Open House Registration dates.

Submit this ad for a $5 coupon to RSDE!


The Reporter August 2011

It’s Back to School Time! East Bay Center Inc

Back To School

Offer expires 12-31-2011 Benny’s Shopping Plaza 19 Central Ave., Seekonk MA 02771 • 508-761-5118

HOURS: M-W-F 9:30-5:30; Tu-Th 9:30-7; Sat. 9-5; Call for Sunday Hours

Running with Scissors Cuts • Color • Perms • Highlighting • Waxing No Appointment Necessary

Men • Women • Children

ALL STUDENTS 10% OFF ANY SERVICE August 22nd - September 12th, 2011

301 Taunton Ave. (Rt.44) Mills Plaza • Seekonk, MA

(508)336-4816 • Mon-Fri 9am-8pm • Sat 9am-5pm Donna Amaral - Proprietor



Air Conditio ned Studio

368 Waterman Ave • East Providence, RI • 401.435.4908 • Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Pointe • Hip Hop • Adult Exercise • Zumba New

Tap Class Boys only

It is August, summer is still in full swing, and no child wants to think about going back to school just yet. However, some parents are already worried about the first day of school and the costs associated with it. Each year the supply lists for students of all ages seem to become more elaborate and with that, more costly. Every year, East Bay Center Inc., helps approximately seventy-five (75) students enrolled in EBC services, by providing school supplies donated by Citizen’s Bank, as well as EBC staff, family, neighbors, and friends. These supplies help children get the best possible start to the school year, which is so important to a child’s emotional and behavioral health. We would like to ask our community supporters to join us in this effort, so that we can assist even more children this year. Donations of new school supplies such as: backpacks, crayons, markers, pencils, notebooks, glue sticks, paper clips, folders, rulers, tissue packs, and lunch bags are great for elementary school-age children. Older children in middle and high school benefit from donations of: backpacks/book bags, gift cards, fabric book covers, hand sanitizer, binders, highlighters, notebooks, staplers, presentation boards/poster boards, double-sided tape, folders, calculators, pens, etc. Also new or gently used books can help children of all age groups fulfill annual reading requirements determined by local schools systems. EBC staff plans on distributing collected supplies on or about August 22, 2011. School supplies can be donated at any of the Center’s three convenient locations (all on Wampanoag Trail): 610 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence, RI (open Monday through Wednesday 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., and Friday 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.); 2 Old County Road, Barrington, RI (open Monday through Friday 8:30 – 5:30); or at the Center’s Administrative Office at 1445 Wampanoag Trail, Suite 106, East Providence, RI (open 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.). Thank you for your generosity! Together we can improve the lives of clients/students by providing this essential first step.

V I S I O N C A R E “Our Focus is On You”

Cutting Edge Technology Premier Eyecare Distinct Eyewear

Toddler thru adult

Open House Sunday, August 7th • 12 - 4 pm & Wednesday, August 17th • 4 - 7 pm Now Accepting Fall Registration!

4 3 8 - 2020 400 Warren Avenue

w w w. th e brow n cente m

August 2011 The Reporter

Macy’s Shop For A Cause: Each year EBC is fortunate to participate in Macy’s Shop for a Cause Event for non-profit organizations. With the purchase of a $5.00 shopping pass from EBC, you will be eligible for special discounts (up to 25% off) on regular, sale, and clearance merchandise, as well as be entered into special drawings, on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at any Macys Store. If you would like to participate in the fundraising event, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with a check or money order for $5.00 made out to East Bay Center, and mail to: Karin M. Donovan, East Bay Center Inc., 1445 Wampanoag Trail, Suite 106, East Providence, RI 02915. EBC’s mission has remained the same for many years – to improve the lives of individuals and families within our communities by providing a broad range of high quality mental health and addiction services. Especially in the face of adversity, EBC will be here to help you, your family, and your community. We encourage you to visit our website at for information regarding services, employment, locations, etc. To speak to someone regarding services or to schedule an appointment, please call 401-246-1195 and ask for “Intake”.

Mom and Me Art Class with Robyn Franczyk Call for Details


492 Winthrop Street • Rehoboth, MA 02769

Open House for all Registration August 10th & 11th 4-7 pm

FALL Music Lessons!

Buy 6 Lessons Get 2 Free Expires 9-30-11 New Students Only

Rentals • Accessories • Repairs

For Info Call 508-336-6180

Visit our Website

Top 10 Easily Overlooked Back-To-School Essentials

(ARA) - Pens, pencils, erasers, paper - these are the school supplies students need year after year and are on almost every parent’s back-to-school shopping list. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the only supplies students need to survive the school year with ease. Instead of waiting until your student realizes what he’s missing once it’s too late, shop now for these easily overlooked back-to-school essentials. “Most students have that ‘oh no’ moment once they’re under a deadline and realize they don’t have the right materials to complete it or when they’re already stuck in a difficult situation,” says Rebecca Smith of Master Lock. “Using past experience to think ahead and shop early will help students - and parents avoid those dreaded moments and navigate the school year a bit easier.” 1. Pencil sharpener. You’ve got the pencils, but sharpening them can be a real hassle as not all classrooms have a functioning built-in sharpener. To help students avoid trips to and from their desk during important tests, purchase a small pencil sharpener with a built-in shaving collection system that can be stored in a backpack pocket. 2. Portable stapler. Students are often in need of a quick staple, yet a stapler is nowhere to be found. A small, portable stapler can be a major timesaver for students who are frequently required to turn in multiple-page assignments. 3. Umbrella. Whether walking to class on a college campus or home from middle school, umbrellas are an easily overlooked school essential that pay dividends in student comfort. A collapsible model that fits in your student’s backpack or book bag will be easiest to carry whenever the weather looks questionable. 4. Correction fluid or tape. For last-minute, on-the-go fixes to important school assignments, a bottle of white correction tape or a correction pen is a must when re-printing or re-doing isn’t an option.

 


• • • • • • • •

       


   


The Reporter August 2011

K R Baseball Academy “where the impossible dream begins” (401) 724-7555

KR EXPRESS AAU 2012 KR Baseball will once again be offering an AAU program for players aged 11-17. As a member of our AAU program each player will receive six months (October - March) of indoor training at KR Baseball with it’s instructors. Ten hours of Agility training with Performance Physcial Therapy. Full uniform including helmet, bat bag and pull over. In season practice at KR Baseball and at local fields. A competitive schedule for each team including tournaments. Roster size for each team is between 12-14 players. This program is designed to develope players and get them prepared for each level of competition. It is not for the casual baseball player but for the player who’s desire is to become the very best he can be.

Cost of Program

(KR Baseball offers a payment plan for all players) 11u/12u/15-17u $1800 13u/14u $2000

Tryouts for EXPRESS AAU

13u/14u: August 15th Slater Park in Pawtucket RI 5:30pm 15-17u: August 16th Slater Park in Pawtucket RI 5:30pm 10u-12u: August 17th KR Baseball Academy 5:30pm Free tryouts August 15-17.

For more information or to schedule a tryout after dates shown please call 401-724-7555 or email Ken Ryan at

5. USB flash drive. Since so many school projects are now completed on computers, a USB drive makes it easy to save files and work on them anywhere. Whether your student is working on a paper at home, or on a group presentation at a friend’s house, files will be easily accessible. 6. Stain remover pen. From lunch spills, to grass stains to stray pen marks, students appreciate being able to touch up messy spots that wind up on their clothing throughout the day. Where water doesn’t always work, portable stain remover pens work well on hard-to-remove spots. 7. Security products. School supplies become useless if they’re stolen from your student. To help avoid theft, invest in at least four types of security products: a padlock for students’ school or gym lockers such as Master Lock’s Speed Dial combination lock, a backpack lock to deter pickpockets, a portable mini-safe that can help keep valuables safe in a dorm room or in transit and a lock to attach to your laptop or desktop computer. 8. Three-hole punch. From organizing class notes and handouts in a three-ring binder for easy review, to binding presentations before turning them in, students find endless uses for a three-hole punch after investing in one. 9. Mints or brush strips. Since many schools do not allow gum in classrooms, mints or brush strips are great options for students to carry with them for use after a potent lunch. 10. Water bottle. If your school allows it, help your student stay hydrated by providing them with a portable water bottle that can hang from a backpack via a simple carabineer. A hydrated student equals a happier and more productive student. Water bottles are particularly handy if the school is older and not equipped with air conditioning. For more advice on back-to-school essentials, visit

August 2011 The Reporter

Help Your Children Eat Fresh And Healthy Foods Throughout The School Year

(ARA) - When the school year starts, it’s harder to make sure your children are eating well. Between the morning rush, quick school lunches and after-school snacks, it’s easy to lose track of whether or not your kids are eating healthy meals. Make sure everything your kids need is right in the kitchen. Having a large capacity refrigerator that’s fully stocked with fresh and easy-to-prepare foods can help you counter unhealthy lunches and snacking from the get go. One LG French door three-door refrigerator, for example, has a 31 cubic foot capacity, enough room for 51 gallons of milk if you were so inclined. With that much storage space, you won’t have to worry about skimping on healthy lunch food or snacks ... or your children leaving your refrigerator empty after they come home from school everyday. Kimberly Nies, home economist for LG Electronics USA, suggests some tips to encourage your children to eat healthy during the busy school year.

Keep fresh ingredients Make sure the foods you store in your kitchen are fresh. The average household throws away about $500 worth of spoiled foods that were forgotten or lost in the back of the refrigerator each year. Some refrigerators like one from LG help keep food fresh longer using a system to maintain the temperature and humidity at the best levels. Bring lunch Ask your kids to help you make their lunch either the night before, or in the morning before they take off for school. Present them with several options for sandwich materials including whole-grain breads, cold cut meats, cheese or even egg or chicken salad. Soon they’ll be able to craft their own healthy and delicious lunch all by themselves. Fresh carrots and apples add crunch and healthy fun to their lunch. Make healthy foods accessible Keep your cupboards and refrigerator organized so your children can find and easily reach healthy options, Nies suggests. Many refrigerators have crisper systems with separate drawers for storing fruits, veggies and even ready-to-eat snacks. “After a long day of school, even teens have a hard time turning down veggies with tasty dips when they’re right at their fingertips,” she says. Make fun snacks When grocery shopping each week, make sure you load your list up with fun, snack-friendly ingredients. For example, “Ants on a Log” are a popular treat for kids. And they’re versatile, so your children can develop the recipe to perfectly suit their tastes. Check out Nies’s easy recipe: Ants on a Log Suggested ingredients: Celery or carrots, cleaned and cut into 4- or 5-inch sticks. For the carrots, cut the sticks in half the long way as well. Peanut butter or cream cheese, Raisins or nuts of any variety Directions: To make it safer and easier for your children, precut all the carrots and celery ahead of time so they aren’t handling any sharp knives. Spread the peanut butter or cream cheese along the length of the celery or carrot sticks. Line up the raisins or nuts, as if they were marching across the log. Other good snack ideas include peanut butter and crackers, fresh fruit, cheese curds or string cheese and even a bowl of shelled nuts. Keep hydrated When your children are involved in physical activities, you’re going to need to make sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of rehydrating options. Sports drinks and flavored waters


are good options, but so is plain chilled water. The LG refrigerators have a tall water dispenser on the door that can accommodate just about any size container so your daughter can quickly and easily fill up her water jug as she’s running out the door for practice. “Help your children continue to eat healthy once the school year starts by encouraging their healthy eating right at home,” Nies says.

ages 3 thru 18

• Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip Hop • Modern • Lyrical • Cheer Dance


August 10th & 11th • 4-7pm Located at Doug’s Music

492 Winthrop St. (Rt.44), Rehoboth MA

508.336.6180 •

Kenda ll 2009 w Lima ‘00 ,“M o a Side Sto rld tour of Br ria” in the oadwa ry is B y’s ay View .... Are West You?

I am a leader. I am a seeker. I am an inspiration. I am strong. I am courageous. I am kind. I am everywhere, in every walk of life. And I am here for you.

I am


Are You?

Open House • October 2 • November 20 Bay View Academy is an independent, Catholic, all-girls, college -prep school, grades Pre-k thru 12, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.


The Reporter August 2011

How You Can Help Hands That Heal RI

A non-profit organization assisting the elderly and needy in caring for their pets Presents

“Whiskers, Wags & Wishes” August 24, 2011 6 to 9 pm

Blush Wine Bar Historic Federal Hill, 332 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI  Tickets:  $30.00 per person All proceeds to benefit the pets of the elderly and needy Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be available   Tickets Can Be Purchased at the Door Or contact Tania Weld at 401-491-1473 or email:  Taste a variety of wines, sample some appetizers and support Hands That Heal in its mission of assisting the elderly and needy in caring for their pets. The economic stress has forced some people to abandon their pets and the shelters are full. Our mission is to keep the pets with their owners. All proceeds go to the purchase of pet food and supplies and veterinary services.   Raise a glass and support our cause!

Summer Heat Is On At Tap-In

Temperatures during the past months have put a lot of pressure on Tap-In to assist its East Bay area clients with fans and air conditioners. Unfortunately, the budget for new ones has been exhausted, and donations have been low. Many clients suffer from asthma or other respiratory ailments and really rely on them. The number of new clients continues to grow, and many others who have not been in need of assistance for a while now find themselves requiring more help. Consequently, the Emergency Food Closet has been hard pressed to keep its supply of nonessential items up. With children home for vacation, there are always requests for snacks, drinks and protein items as well as toiletries, detergent, paper goods, etc. Additionally, the baskets for children’s clothing are nearly empty. Seasonal clothing, particularly for girls, thru size 14 would be very welcome. There is always a long list of clients waiting for beds, bureaus, small tables and chairs, and also vacuums and other small appliances such as microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, blenders, mixers, etc. as well as bedding and towels. As always, the agency requests that all items be clean and in good working order. Donations of all items except upholstered furniture may be dropped off at Tap-In which is located in the lower level of the Library building on County Rd in Barrington. Monetary donations and Gift Cards are also gratefully accepted. Office hours are 9 to noon, Mon thru Fri. Please feel free to call 247-1444 during those hours for further information or to visit. Volunteers will be happy to give a tour and answer any questions.

There Is Still Time To Host A Fresh Air Child! Summer vacation, that special time of year for all children, is upon us and you still have the chance to make it memorable for a New York City child! Thanks to the many families in Southern Massachusetts and throughout 13 Northeastern states and Canada, more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income neighborhoods have enjoyed free summer experiences in suburban and small town communities through The Fresh Air Fund. The Fund is currently seeking more families to give inner-city children a twoweek experience this summer. By volunteering as a host family for the Friendly Town program, you can help give a child a break from the heat and noise of the crowded city streets. “Being able to run around and be outside is a freeing experience for her,” says one Fresh Air host about her Fresh Air child. “I still enjoy watching her face as she takes joy in the simple things, like roasting a marshmallow or jumping into the lake.” You can read about the special experiences of other Fresh Air children and hosts by visiting our website,, which includes photos, stories, videos and other helpful information. There are no financial requirements for hosting a Fresh Air child. First-time visitors are six to 12 years old, and reinvited youngsters may participate in the Friendly Town program through age 18.   To learn more about hosting a Fresh Air child this summer, please contact Claire Duckmanton (401) 301-4090, or call The Fresh Air Fund at (800) 367-0003 or check out 

August 2011 The Reporter

The 9th Annual “In Step for Autism” 3K Walk/5K Run & Family Field Day Sunday, September 25, 2011 Colt State Park in Bristol, RI Registration & Breakfast – 10:00 a.m. 5K Run – 11:00 a.m. 3K Walk – 11:15 a.m.

Join the Groden Network and ASA-RI for a day of family fun at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI as we make a difference in the lives of persons with autism. This year we will once again have a 5K Run. Runners will automatically be entered in a special FREE raffle. Prizes will be given to top three finishers in each age group and overall. Register here by Friday, September 23, fee is $15, day of race $20. Runners have the option to secure donations in lieu of entry fee. Donations Must Exceed $20. After the walk/run, be sure to stay and enjoy the BBQ and family field day complete with games, field events, pumpkin painting, raffle and much more. Family entertainment will be provided until 2:00 P.M. T-shirts will be given to all participants while supplies last. 100% of the proceeds from the event support autism programs in Rhode Island. To register for the event go to: WWW.FIRSTGIVING.COM/ASARIGRODEN. For more information please contact, Kelly Azera at (401) 274-6310 ext. 1266 or at Making a difference has never been so easy!

The Most Common Disease You’ve Never Heard Of: Neurofibromatosis

RI to hold first Ocean State NF Walk to raise awareness and funds for Neurofibromatosis Research on Sept. 18. Providence, RI, June 22, 2011: The Children’s Tumor Foundation is sponsoring the first Ocean State NF Walk on September 18, 2011 at Blackstone Boulevard in Providence, RI. Supporters will walk from Hope Street and Blackstone Blvd down the median to the end and back for a 3.2 mile walk. Massachusetts has had a very active chapter of the Children’s Tumor Foundation for years, but RI residents, Natalie Valentine, Lori Bettencourt and Walt and Priscilla Steenbergen feel it’s time for a Rhode Island chapter. They all have children with NF and are frustrated that everyone that has interactions with their children, including teachers, friends and sometimes even doctors about the condition. To register for the walk or make a donation, please go to: Pets are welcome! Registration is at 8:30 AM. The most common question about a very common disease is, “What is NF?” Neurofibromatosis (NF) is one of the most common genetic disorders in the world today. It affects one in 3,000 births. NF is more common than Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington’s Disease and Tay Sachs COMBINED. NF can cause tumors to grow on nerves anywhere in the body, including the brain and spinal cord. It can lead to blindness, deafness, chronic pain, disfigurement, learning disabilities, bone defects, cardiovascular problems, cancer and a wide range of other complications. It affects people of all races and ethnic origins and half of all new cases arise in families with no history of the disorder. Anyone’s next child could be born with NF. Unfortunately, there are no treatments and no cure for the disease.


Rohde Island Blood Center Drives for August 2011 8/8/2011 - 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm; LITE ROCK 105/Fox Providence, Bloodmobile; 25 Catamore Blvd., E Providence, RI 02914 8/10/2011 - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Positive New Beginnings, Conference Room; 873 Waterman Avenue, E Providence, RI 02914 8/23/2011 - 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm; East Providence Public Library, Community Room; 41 Grove Ave., E Providence, RI 02914 8/30/2011 - 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Katie’s “Pints of Hope” Blood Drive at Graphic Ink, Bloodmobile; 629 Warren Avenue, E Providence, RI 02914 8/5/2011 - 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm; Dunkin’ Donuts, Bloodmobile; 3348 Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence, RI 02915 8/8/2011 - 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm; Orchard View Manor, Trellisses Room; 135 Tripps Lane, East Providence, RI 02915 8/14/2011 - 8:30 am - 1:00 pm; St. Martha’s Church, Bloodmobile; 2595 Pawtucket Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 8/15/2011 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm; Rite Aid, Bloodmobile; 210-220 Newport Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916 8/25/2011 - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Rite Aid Pharmacy, Bloodmobile; 655 Warren Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 8/26/2011 - 11:00 am - 2:00 pm; Columbus Credit Union, bloodmobile; 3 Crescent View Avenue, East Providence, RI 02915 8/29/2011 - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness, Bloodmobile; 15 Catamore Blvd., East Providence, RI 02914


The Reporter August 2011

The Y Fights Child Hunger This Summer with Help from the Walmart Foundation

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The YMCA of Greater Providence Newman Branch joins national effort to provide 7 million meals to children this summer, as part of Walmart’s Summer Giving Campaign East Providence RI 7/14/11 – When the school year ends, so do free meals for the millions of children in low-income households who depend on them most. This summer, the YMCA of Greater Providence is offering free nutritious meals to children in East Providence at Pierce Field this summer, thanks to a $6,000 grant from YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) and Walmart to feed more children through the national Summer Food Service Program. The program, run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), provides free meals to children aged 18 and under while school is out of session. Nationally, more than 300 Ys will provide 7 million meals to 70,000 children this summer.

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Jordan’s Liquors “Your Friendly Neighborhood Store!” • Beer • Wine • A Full Line of Liquor • A variety of Portuguese Wines Summer Specials New Via Mazzini Budweiser & Bud Light Summer Hours all varieties $6.99 Open till 11 pm! Cases $17.99 24 cans, expires 8-31-11

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Thurs, Fri, Sat

199 Taunton Ave, East Providence RI • 401.434.0146 e y w r

Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

Nos Falamos Portuguese

According to the USDA, 19.5 million lowincome children receive free or reducedcost meals during the school year, including 2438 children in East Providence. As part of the YMCA’s summer food program, children aged 18 and under will continue to receive one meal and a snack a day. Not only will this help hundreds of children get nutrition they need for good health, but it also will help alleviate the strain on family food budgets when school is out. “Millions of children and families are at greater risk for hunger in the summer months,” says Jeanine Achin, District Executive Director for the YMCA of Greater Providence. “With so many children who lose access to daily meals when the school lunch program is over, the YMCA is committed to stepping in and helping to ensure our children stay healthy and strong.” The YMCA’s summer food program received funding as part of Walmart’s Summer Giving Campaign – a broad $25 million initiative aimed at filling the gaps created when schools close this summer. The initiative will help expand nutrition, learning and employment services to more than 110,000 U.S. middle and high school students throughout the summer months. Walmart contributed a $3 million grant to Y-USA to address child hunger. In addition to the free lunches being served at Pierce Field, the YMCA is collaborating with the East Providence Parks and Recreation Program to reach out to children to provide programming with the Y on the Move Van which introduces games and sports skills to children of all ages Monday through Friday between the hours of noon to 2PM through August 5th. Books are Wings will also visit the field during lunch time to provide free books on August 3rd. Help the Y Raise Awareness The need to provide healthy meals to children over the summer is critical, as more families struggle with the issue of hunger.

August 2011 The Reporter To help generate awareness, supporters are invited to tweet about the Y’s hunger efforts with the hashtag #YFightHunger on Twitter (e.g., “the Y is feeding 70,000 kids this summer. #YFightHunger). The Y’s goal is to collect 70,000 “tweets” to represent each of the 70,000 children that the Y will feed this summer. This live Twitter feed will appear on a webpage on the Y’s national website, To learn more about the YMCA of Greater Providence summer food program, visit www. About the Y The Y is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Across the U.S., 2,700 Ys engage 21 million men, women and children – regardless of age, income or background – to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve the nation’s health and well-being, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. Anchored in more than 10,000 communities, the Y has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change. About Philanthropy at Walmart Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are proud to support initiatives that are helping people live better around the globe. In May 2010, Walmart and its Foundation made a historic pledge of $2 billion through 2015 to fight hunger in the U.S. The Walmart Foundation also supports education, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness initiatives. To learn more, visit

Considering Adoption?

Adoption Options Offers Free Informational Meetings - Providence, July 14, 2011 – Adoption Options is holding a free informational session those considering adoption and are interested in hearing about available options. Licensed adoption workers will be available to provide information and answer questions. In Rhode Island, the next meeting is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 959 North Main St. in Providence on August 18, 2011. Adoption Options, a non-sectarian, non-profit, comprehensive adoption program of Jewish Family Service works with prospective adoptive parents, birth parents and people who have been adopted. The agency is licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with offices in Rehoboth and Providence. The agency’s work with all members of the adoption triad is focused on helping individuals to understand their options and make the most informed choices for their future. For more information, please contact Peg Boyle at 401-331-5437 or visit


New Record High Prices!

We now purchase Gold and Silver. Immediate Payment 927 Warren Avenue, East Providence Exit 8 Off 195 East to Seekonk

435-3500 •

Tues, Wed, Fri 9-5:30pm • Thurs 9-7:00pm • Sat 9-4:30pm • Closed Sun & Mon

Community & Teachers Federal Credit Union We know all about loyalty! We have the most loyal members on the planet and we thank and appreciate every one of them. City workers, School Department employees, Police and Firemen and neighbors in our Community built our very successful Credit Union family over the last 50 years. In Remembrance of Hanna May Our Brown Newfoundland (in this photo) has passed. Thank you to all of the Members for your cards & sympathy. She will be missed! Federally Chartered & Federally Insured

362 Taunton Avenue, East Providence, RI NCUA

438-7788 438-7789

Nos Falamos Portuguese Mon - Thurs 9-4:30 Fri 9-6, Sat 9-12

Member East Providence Chamber of Commerce



The Reporter August 2011

August 2011 Highlights from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island

No Frills, No Bills, Just…

OIL . D . O C.

Call toll free 1-877-298-3016

Lic. #67

      

  

    

 

Common Snipe

August 9, 16, & 23, & 30, 2011 Tuesday Morning Bird Walks 8:00 a.m.

The Kimball naturalists continue these popular bird walks every Tuesday in May. Phil Budlong will be coordinating the programs. Meet at the Charlestown Mini-Super on Route 1-A at 8:00 a.m. For details on the itinerary, email Phil at No advance registration is required. Departs from Charlestown Mini-Super, 4071 Old Post Road (Route 1-A), Charlestown, RI; Every Tuesday in August, 2011; 8:00 am; Program Fee: Free. Ages: Adult.

August 16, & 30, 2011 Sunset Serenade Cruises on the Bay

Three Dates Available Departs from Wickford, RI See times below. The captain and crew of the down east motor vessel Sea Princess invite you to join us for a series of musical, educational, and inspirational cruises on Narragansett Bay. When the vessel pauses in quiet waters, a local musician will entertain. Be our guest aboard this comfortable vessel and let her traditional New England charm, combined with great music and beautiful scenery, shape your evening. Feel free to bring your dinner or some wine! These musical adventures are two hours in duration. Please arrive 15 minutes early and dress for the weather. Space is limited, early registration is suggested! August 2: 7:00-9:00 p.m. ; August 16: 7:00-9:00 p.m.; August 30: 6:30-8:30 p.m.; Departs from Wickford Town Wharf, Main Street, Wickford, RI; Program Fee: $35/member, $45/non-member; Ages: 16+. Course Number: 134333-191. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

August 9 & 23, 2011 - Sunset Dessert Cruises

Departs from Wickford, RI See Times Below. Give yourself a treat! Bring some friends and relax on a cruise watching the sunset over Narragansett Bay while enjoying a delicious and luxurious dessert. As the sun sets, observe constellations, planets and other celestial phenomena. An evening departure ensures the show. A naturalist from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island will be leading this delicious and delightful astronomical evening. These culinary adventures are two hours in duration. We suggest that you plan on arriving 15 minutes early and dress season and weather appropriate. Due to the necessity of advance food purchases, all registrations are final 3 days before the program is scheduled to run. Space is limited, early registration is suggested! August 9: 7:00-9:00 p.m.; August 23: 6:30-8:30 p.m.; Departs from Wickford Town Wharf, Main Street, Wickford, RI; Program Fee: $35/member fee, $45/non-member; Ages: 16+. Course Number: 134333-190. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

August 2011 The Reporter

East Providence Senior Center News Highlights AARP Safe Driving Course Wednesday, August 3rd 11:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

People 55+ yrs. (sometimes 50+ check w/ your insurance company) may get a discount on their automobile insurance for taking this course. Discounts vary; contact your insurer for the amount of discount they offer and to see if you qualify. This new 4 hour course is condensed from 8 hours so please be prompt at 11:30am for completion of AARP forms and your insurance certificate. No late comers will be allowed. The class will take place 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The course fee is $14.00 for each participant. AARP members will receive a $2.00 discount if the person takes either their active, unexpired, AARP membership card or membership number to class that day. This is a mandated requirement and there are no exceptions in order to obtain this discount. Registration is required ASAP as space is limited. PLEASE bring your check to class that day payable to AARP. For more info, call the Senior Center @ 435-7800 Ext. #6. You can bring a snack or sandwich to eat during the class break.

Farmer’s Market

Thursday, August 4th from 10 a.m. to Noon (In the Parking Lot)

Looking for Resources?

Are you looking for information regarding statewide senior housing, assisted living facilities, adult day centers or local nursing facilities? Please see Ellen Frazier in the Administration Office for more information or call 435-7873. Other resources available are Living Will documents, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and more.

Vigorous Mind Brain Wellness

At the end of July the Vigorous Mind Program will be up-graded to give our members more. This will require all members to have a new user name and password as well as a short review of the new system. Please come to the Administration Office to schedule a short training. You will like the new program.

Vigorous Mind is a brain wellness program. It is a scientifically based software product offering users a broad brain exercise program that trains multiple cognitive functions. The program includes a set of brain exercises that trains attention, memory, processing speed, language, number skills, multi-tasking, reasoning, hand-eye coordination as well as other critically important brain skills. The system adjusts the level of difficulty to your level and lets you view your results and progress over time. Computers are available daily at the center.

Computer Assistance Monday, August 29th 2 to 4 p.m.

On the last Monday of every month, two students from MTTI career training school will assist any member with computer questions. These volunteers will try to resolve your computer problems, and help you with a computer course you may be taking. The students will be in the computer lab.

Healthy Aging

Nutrition Weight Loss continues. Our next session will begin in September. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact the Health Office at 435-7870 to pre-register for the next session. Sorry, these classes are not drop-in, you must pre-register. We have Registered Dieticians available for appointments in the health office. They will counsel you, in private, about your dietary needs and insurance usually covers these visits. They are also certified diabetes educators. To schedule a visit, stop by the health office or call us at 435-7870. We have a Doctor of Audiology here at the center. She is Dr. Jodi Glass, owner of Glass Audiology. She worked for thirty years at Meeting Street School and comes very highly recommended. If you are concerned regarding your hearing, she is a very reputable resource for you. Dr. Glass can be reached at: 575-9951. Our own Ann Marie Sabula RD and Ellen Frazier lead a weekly meditation group at the senior center each Friday at 11 a.m. Many studies document the health benefits of meditation and this program is free and open to all members. Beginners welcome! SNAP, The Senior Nutrition Awareness Project from the University of R I. is off during


610 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 Phone 435-7800 Dining Room 435-7872 Fax 435-7803

Weekly/Monthly Programs

Monday 9:00 a.m. Intermediate Yoga 10:30 a.m. Beginners Yoga 10:30 a.m. Caregivers Support Group (4th Mon) 1:00 p.m. Pokeno 1:00 p.m. Book Club 2:00 p.m. Ballroom Dancing Tuesday 8:15 a.m. Cards (Cockroach) 9:30 a.m. Aerobics Exercise 9:30 a.m. Watercolor Class 9:30 a.m. Bocce Ball 10:30 a.m. Weight Maintenance (2nd Tues) 11:00 a.m. Tai Chi 1:00 p.m. Drawing Class 1:00 a.m. Cribbage 1:25 p.m. BINGO 1:30 p.m. Stroke Club (1st Tues) Wednesday East Side Lab (1st Wed) Intermediate Yoga Manicurist Scrabble PACE Nutrition Weight Loss Class Thursday 9:00 a.m. Tax Preparation (Feb. & March) 9:30 a.m. Aerobics Exercise 10:15 a.m. Nutrition Weight Loss 1:00 p.m. Bridge 1:00 p.m. Craft Class 1:30 p.m. Diabetes Support Group (2nd & 4th Thurs) Friday 9:00 a.m. Billiards League 9:30 a.m. Chair Yoga 10:00 a.m. Scrabble 10:45 a.m. PACE 11:00 a.m. Meditation Class 12:45 p.m. In-Sight Support Group (4th Fri) 1:20 p.m. Hi Lo Jack League Daily Lunch Noon Library 8 a.m. — 4 p.m. Coffee Hour 2:15 p.m. Fitness Center 8 a.m. — 4 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:45 a.m. 1:30 p.m.


The Reporter August 2011

July and August planning topics for the rest of the year. They will be back in September! Atria Bay Spring Village is taking blood pressures. Please say hello to Judy Moorehead RN on Monday, August 1 from 10:30 to 11:30 in the dining room. She will take your blood pressure and answer any questions about their lovely facility. East Side Clinical Lab draws blood work here once per month. The date for this month is: Wednesday August 3, 8:30-11:30. There is no pre-registration, just come in with the lab slip from your doctor. Please utilize this service. The East Bay Center clinical social worker, Kathleen Beltramello LICSW, is assisting our seniors with any of their social service needs. The dates this month are: August 9 and 23 from 9 a.m. to12 noon. Do you have questions? Do you wish to talk with someone confidentially? Please contact us for an appointment at 435-7870. Nutrition/Weight Loss Maintenance group will be meeting Tuesday August 9 at 10:30 a.m. We will have an open discussion. All members please attend. Waterview Villa’s, Crystal Jarbeau will be taking blood pressures on Wednesday, August 10 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the dining room. Come sit and chat with her and discuss what services Waterview Villa has for you. Due to vacations, Diabetes Support Group will be meeting the second Thursday this month: Thursday, August 11 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. If you have diabetes, please attend this wonderful, supportive group. All with diabetes and their loved ones are welcome! Due to vacations, our Caregiver’s Support Group will be meeting the third Monday of this month: August 15 at 10:30 a.m. If you are caring for a loved one and could use information or support, this group is for you. Please join us. No pre-registration necessary. Evergreen House Health Center will be taking blood pressure readings on Thursday, August 18 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the dining room. Stop by to have your blood pressure taken and to speak with lovely Ivone Joia about this wonderful facility. We are very pleased to have Hattie Ide Chaffee Home continuing monthly blood pressure checks. They will be here Tuesday, August 23 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the seminar room. April Paniccia, clinical social worker at Hattie Ide, can tell you about the wonderful services they provide our community. If you have any questions about these programs, or to register, please visit the Health Office or call 435-7870. If you have any questions about these programs, or to register, please visit the Health Office or call 435-7870.

Exercise Programs Intermediate Yoga

Monday & Wednesday 9 a.m.


Integrated YOGA for emotional/mental power. Flexibility, strength, balances, beauty, stretching, weight reduction, improved breathing, relaxation, and stress relief. All are components of our Yoga classes.

Beginners Yoga

Cockroach Tuesday 8:15 a.m. Cribbage Tuesday 1:00 p.m. Hi Lo Jack Friday 1:15 p.m.




9:30 a.m.


Mondays 10:30 a.m. $3

Ballroom Dance


2 p.m.




9:30 a.m. $2

Instructor Karen Boyd gives members a great cardiovascular workout. Hand and ankle weights are used to tone and build your muscles.

Tai Chi


11:00 a.m.


This ancient art form of exercise has been proven to reduce stress as well as chronic pain. It also reduces heart rate along with calming the mind and body.

Arthritis Exercise

Wednesday & Friday

10:45 a.m.

A proper balance of exercise and rest can help relieve stiffness and maintain or improve your joint mobility and muscle strength. No Charge

Chair Yoga

Friday 9:30


Seated yoga poses increase strength and flexibility and offers the same physical, mental and spiritual benefits as a standing yoga practice.

Fitness Center

Our fitness room is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. The fitness room consists of treadmills, recumbent bikes, an elliptical stepper, hand weights, and six dual weight machines. Other features include a matted floor, mirrored walls, water, stereo, and cable TV. You must have approval from your physician to participate in this program. Forms can be obtained in the Administration Office. The fee is $35 for a one year membership.

Card Games

Bridge Thursday Pokeno Monday

1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.


This group of artists works with pencil drawing, beginners to advanced welcome.

Relearn all the old moves on the ballroom dance floor as well as some new ones. Singles are welcome.

Tuesday & Thursday


Come learn a form of watercolor for all levels of talent. Some of the fantastic artwork is displayed throughout the center.



1:00 p.m.

Craft class makes dolls for Hasbro Children’s Hospital and cancer pillows for Women & Infants Hospital. Other “make and take” crafts will be taught.

Computer Classes

Our computer lab consists of class room computers and computers for general use. All computers are on-line. Courses offered: Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word Part 1 & 2, and Introduction to the Internet Part 1 & 2. Computer classes are conducted by trained computer teachers. Classes are held in 4 week sessions. Each class meets for 1hr. and 15 minutes. The cost per session is $20/members and $25/non members. Classes are filled on a first payment basis. Class size is limited to six students.

Support Groups

Diabetes Support 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Open meeting held bi-monthly for people with diabetes to meet for mutual support. The group meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Caregiver’s Support

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

This support group is held the fourth Monday each month. The sessions offer support and sharing with others who are caring for loved ones.

Stroke Club

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The Stroke Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month and provides entertainment, education, support, socialization, refreshments, and transportation for stroke survivors and their caregivers.

In-Sight Support

12:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

In-Sight offers programs and support in productive living for the vision impaired. The group meets the 3rd Friday of every month.

August 2011 The Reporter

Daily Programs

Computer games Billiards Cards Nutritional Lunch Bocce ball Walking Track Morning & Afternoon Coffee/Pastry

Senior Center Library

The library is a very warm and lovely place for people to choose a good book and read in a nice quiet area. We continue to receive many donations of new and current books. These donations have truly enhanced the quantity of our library. We also have current magazines for your enjoyment. The book club meets on Monday afternoons. New club members are welcome.

General Services

Elder Information Specialist: Our Elder Information Specialist assists the elderly and their families in providing information/referral and assistance with accessing services and programs. Nutrition Program: The center provides a nutritional meal to approximately 125 seniors per day. The Cranston Senior Center provides the meals. Case Management/Senior Services: The center coordinates with East Bay Community Action Program Inc., for all casework and follow-ups. Protective Services Council, made up of city departments and mental health/social service agencies, meets monthly to discuss problems concerning the elderly. Transportation: The center has two buses that are used daily for door-to-door transportation to and from the center. Notary: This service is available in the Administration Office at no charge. Seminars: Monthly social, educational, and financial seminars on topics relating to seniors. Manicurist: A manicurist visits the center weekly for manicures and polish changes. Gift Shop: The gift shop has many different items for the convenience of the seniors. Small items from candy and greeting cards to jewelry, handmade items and crafts are available.

includes Tour, Shopping time in Edgartown, Island Queen ferry, Dinner at Country Buffet and transportation. Insurance $5.00. Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, 2011 Wildwood, NJ - $335.00 Dbl. Occ. to include 3 Nights Accommodation, 3 Breakfast, 3 Dinners, Entertainment, Cocktail Party, Visit to Cape May, Basket of Cheer for the group, Day in Atlantic City w/Bonus Package, Motor coach Transportation, Taxes, Baggage and Dinner Gratuities and Services of the Senior Excursions Staff. Insurance available. September 17th Foxwoods & Captain Jack’s - $61.00 to include Bonus Package at Foxwoods of $10 Keno and the Buffet and Dinner at Captain Jack’s to include Clam Chowder & 3 Clam Cakes, Shrimp Cocktail, Lobster or Prime Rib, Corn on the Cob, Roll & Butter and Beverage and Motorcoach Transportation. Insurance $ 5.00. September 24, 2011 Bourne Scallop Festival & Cape Cod Canal Cruise - $61.00 to include Admission to the Festival, choice of Scallop meal which includes, French Fries, Cole Slaw, Roll & Butter, Tartar Sauce and Soda or chicken with same but with Cranberry Sauce, a Cruise on Cape Cod Canal and Motor Coach Transportation. Insurance $ 5.00. Sept. 26 – 30, 2011 Pine Grove Dude Ranch in the Catskills - $380.00 Dbl. Occ. to include 4 Nights Accommodation, 3 Meals per Day, Daily Cocktail Party, Daily Bloody Mary’s each morning, Entertainment each night, Free Snack Bar every day, Coffee & Tea 24 hours a day, Cake & Cookies each night after the show, Daily social program like Bingo, Card Games, Mini Golf, etc., Indoor Pool, Tennis, Health Club and more, Souvenir Picture of you on or near a Beautiful Horse and Motor coach Transportation. A GREAT TRIP! Insurance available.

Leisure Programs

Book Club Monday 1:00 p.m. Bingo Tuesday 1:25 p.m. Scrabble Wednesday & Friday 10a.m. Meditation Class Friday 11:00 a.m. Library Daily 8-4 p.m. Computer Games Daily Lounge Billiards Daily Lower level

East Providence Senior Center and Monty’s Trips

Aug. 6, 2011 Martha’s Vineyard- $71.00




Sign up in the E. Providence Senior Center Administration Office or call (401) 435-7800 Ext. 7. Can also call: Eleanor Monteiro at (401)434-8194 - 28 Metacomet Avenue, Rumford, RI 02916 Trips Must Be Booked and Paid In Full 30 Days from Date Of Trip. Please Make Your Reservations Early


Coupons “Making a Difference’

We ask all to bring in clipped coupons found in the Sunday newspaper and maybe we can make a difference. They are distributed to the spouses and children of troops who sometimes struggle to make ends meet on military salaries.

Cell Phone Recycling

The center is collecting used or discarded cell phones. Most phones end up in kitchen drawers collecting dust. By partnering with Cellular Recycler, we have developed a way to make the most of used cell phones. A box is in the administration office for depositing the cell phones. We thank you in advance. The phones will either be recycled for their precious metals according to EPA standards or be refurbished for use in developing countries. The memory of each phone is “flashed” to wipe out any previous information stored on the cell phone. You should never give out personal information to someone who calls. The Government will not and does not call for this or any other personal information.

132 BED FACILITY WITH PHYSICAL 132 Bed Facility with Physical, THERAPY, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, Occupational, Speech and IV Therapy. SPEECH THERAPY, IV THERAPY, Wound/ Post Surgical Care, Tracheostomy WOUND / POST SURGICAL CARE, TRACHEA Care, Enteral Nutrition and Hydration, CARE, ENTERAL NUTRITION AND Ostomy Care, Free SatelliteCARE, TV, Telephone FREE HYDRATION,OSTOMY E N T R A L A I and R S AT E LCentral L I T E TAir V, CConditioning, Services, CONDITIONING, FREE PHONE SERVICE Private Bathroom in All Resident Rooms. IN ROOM FOR SKILLED PATIENTS, PRIVATE BATHROOM IN EACH ROOM AND MUCH MORE!

We're proud of our Deficiency free 2011 RI Deptarment of PLEASE FORSurvey ADMISSIONS HealthASK annual results!



The Reporter August 2011

Birth Announcements Connor Michael Skinner

Nicholas David Bullock

Jon and Beth Skinner of Warwick, formerly of East Providence, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Connor Michael at 6:06 p.m. on May 16th, 2011 at Kent Hospital. Connor weighed 8 lbs 13 ounces and 20 inches long. Maternal grandparents are Michael and Debra Elder of Lexington, SC. Paternal grandparents are Carl and Mary Lou Skinner of East Providence.

Michael and Amanda Bullock of Riverside RI announce the birth of their son, Nicholas David Bullock, on April 21, 2011 at Memorial hospital in Pawtucket, RI. Nicholas was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long. Maternal grandparents are Dawn Cook of Barrington and David Anderson of Riverside. Paternal grandparents are Maria Bullock of Riverside and Michael Bullock of Barrington. Maternal great-grandmother is Elaine Amaral of Riverside and Paternal greatgrandmother is Virgina Bullock of Riverside.

Connor Michael Skinner

Nicholas David Bullock


Mentionthis this ad and Mention andreceive receive

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(new clients only)

Leah Jean Hyder

weddings • events

Leah Jean Hyder

Leonard and Lori Hyder of Rehoboth, MA would like to anweddings • events • pets • portraits pets • portraits nounce the birth of their daughter Leah Jean Hyder. Leah was born weddings • events • pets • portraits 617.418.1119

on February 19, 2011 at Women & Infants Hospital at 10:35 am 617.418.1119


weighing 3 lbs and 15.5 inches long. Leah was welcomed home by big sister Lexi, 3. Paternal grandparents are Leonard Hyder, Jr. of Warwick, RI and the late Jeanne Hyder. Maternal grandparents are James Vieira of Riverside, RI and the late Jean Vieira.

August 2011 The Reporter


Ethan James Daniel Salisbury

Ethan J.D. Salisbury

Mason Leal Braga.

Mason Leal Braga

Philip and Marisa Braga of East Providence wish to announce the birth of their second child, a son, Mason Leal Braga on June 16, 2011 at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence. Mason was 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. Mason is welcomed home by his big brother Aiden, maternal grandparents Manuel and Idalina Leal of East Providence and paternal grandparents Joao and Lucia Braga of East Providence.

(Ethan J.D. Salisbury) Glen and Pamela Salisbury of Rehoboth, MA would like to announce the birth of their son Ethan James Daniel Salisbury. Ethan was born at Sturdy Memorial Hospital on May 31, 2011 at 4:45 p.m., weighing 8lbs 6oz and 21.5 inches long. Ethan was welcomed home by his 2-yrold sister, Sophia. Maternal Grandmother is AnnMarie Stabile of Riverside, RI. Maternal Grandfather was the late Daniel Stabile of Warren, RI. Paternal Grandparents are Kenton and Carolyn Salisbury of Rehoboth, MA.

Crescent Park Carousel Call 401-435-7518 for more information Open Wednesday – Sunday Noon to 8:00 pm Wednesday’s in August tickets are .50 each sponsored by the Milton S. Heller Charitable Fund

Every Thursday is Kiddy Day All Rides are .75 each

Carousel Cruise Night

Every Saturday Night from 5 to 8 pm. Oldies music, games and giveaways!

Movies in the Park (Weather permitting)

Saturday August 13th Friday August 19th September 2nd

Grease PG-13 Despicable Me PG How to Train your Dragon PG

Don’t forget to stop by Blount Clam Shack Open Wednesday - Sunday 11:00am to 8:00pm Fall hours begin in September Evangeline Aubinbelle Maryann Benson.

Evangeline Aubinbelle Maryann Benson

Evangeline Aubinbelle Maryann Benson, Born on September 27th 2010. Mother is Lisa Litteral and Father is James Benson both from Riverside. Evangeline was welcomed into her home by her 3 sisters, Victoria, Abbygayle, and Savannah. Her Maternal Grammy was the late Shirley A. Zollo and her Papa is Robert Zollo from Kissimmee, Florida. Her Fraternal Nana is Judith Benson from Riverside and her Grandpa was the late Wayne Benson. She has 2 wonderful uncles Stephen Nadrowski from East Prov. and David Benson from Riverside. She also has a wonderful Aunty Stacy Nadrowski from East Providence and 4 lovely cousins, Benjamin, Bryan, Brett, and Brady! She is such an incredible baby girl!

visit us on the web at

Find us on Crescent Park Carousel


The Reporter August 2011

Emma Madelynn Rego

Frank and Christine Rego are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Emma Madelynn Rego. She was born on April 28th at Women & Infants Hospital weighing 7 lbs 5 oz. Proud grandparents are Francisco and Palmira Rego, and Altino and Filomena Aguiar all of East Providence.

Hayden Patrick Olstynski

Hayden Patrick Olstynski

Henry and Heather Olstynski of Rumford are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Hayden Patrick Olstynski. Hayden was born on April 22, 2011 at 10:04 p.m. at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence. At birth, he weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 inches long. Hayden is welcomed by maternal grandparents Fred and Jan Davis of Pawtucket and paternal grandparents Henry and Diane Olstynski of Bristol.

Emma Madelynn Rego

A Fast, Affordable, and  “Invisible” way to  straighten your teeth!             Dr. Raymond George, Jr., is an “Elite” Invisalign® and    Invisalign Teen® Preferred Provider.  We are the only     orthodontic practice in our area to offer the new “State    of the Art” Digital Scanner.  No more messy impressions!         We are proud and privileged to be treating three     generations of patients.  Our goal is to always be a “State     of the Art” practice and to exceed your expectations.   

      Find out how much better a healthy beautiful smile can    make your life.  For a free comprehensive evaluation     please call 508.761.5230 

Mark D. of Rehoboth  an Invisalign  patient   of Dr. Raymond George, Jr. 



WWW.GEORGEFAMILYORTHODONTICS.COM                *Minutes from our former East Providence office 


August 2011 The Reporter

famBring us ily an the Cou for a d joi ntr rea n yF l air



11, 12, 13, 14,


76 Almeida Rd. Rehoboth, MA.

Don’t Miss the

Schedule of Events

Fireworks on Saturday!

THURSDAY - Gates Open at 4pm

• Cement Slab Tractor pulls • Craft Demonstrations • 4h/Livestock show • Midway by Rockwell Amusements • Entertainment by Lance Gifford • Magic Show Vendors

FRIDAY - Gates Open at 12noon

• Horse Show • 4h/Livestock show • Mass Mini Tractor Pulls • Oxen Pulls • Entertainment • Craft Demonstrations • Vendors • Midway by Rockwell Amusements

Saturday - Gates Open at 8am

• Mini Horse Show • 4h/open dog show • Farm Tractor Pull • 4h/Livestock Shows • Truck Pulls • Entertainment • Midway by Rockwell Amusements • Lawnmower Races • Magic of Lance Gifford • Craft demonstrations • Vendors • Argriculture/Gardening/Craft Judgeing • Kiddie Pedal Power Tractor Pulls • Police K9 Demonstrations • Reptile Show • Ronald McDonald • Fireworks

SUNDAY - Gates Open at 8am

Mud Bog Competition • Garden Tractor Pulls • Horse Pulls • 4h/Youth livestock Show • Midway by Rockwell Amusements • Vendors • Craft Demonstrations • Demolitioon Derby

Don’t Miss the White Bangal Tiger Show!

Free g Parkin For information on Vending, Exhibiting or Demonstrations call 774-292-1377 or visit our website at

HUNGRY? find it in the...


The Reporter August 2011

Dining Guide Recipes from Chef Erin...

Phillips Street Restaurant 51 N.Phillips Street • East Providence, RI, 02914 401-434-3224 • fax 401-228-3323

Portuguese Cuisine

• Daily Specials • Lunch & Dinner

Order Food For That Special Occassion S 12-6 M 12-9 Th 12-9 T closed F 12-10 W 12-9 S 12-10

Holy Ghost Beneficial Brotherhood of RI

New England's hottest sports bar, grill and nightspot!

350 Fall River Ave, Seekonk MA (next to World Gym) Monday-Thursday 4pm-1am • Friday-Sunday Noon-1am

508-336-6634 • Every Monday: 35¢ Wings Every Tuesday: 2 for $2 TACOS/Karaoke Every Wednesday: $500 Beirut Tournament Every Thursday: Ladies eat FREE with Chris Gauthier LIVE Every Friday: $1000 Karaoke Every Sunday: Basketball/Volleyball League, Relax by the Deck

20% OFF Coupon must be presented to receive discount. Dine in only. Applies to food only. May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Expires 9/15/11


SAT. AUGUST ENTERTAINMENT 8/6: UFC Fight 8/13: The Regulars 8/20: No Means Yes 8/27: What Matters?

My summer reading? Well, I don’t read cookbooks…or do I?

I just finished some really entertaining culinary books, and if you read my column, maybe you enjoy reading about food as much as I do. These are not traditional cookbooks, they are mostly prose with an occasional recipe thrown in. this genre has become popular recently, though the authors I read have been around for a while. Ruth Reichl was Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine for ten years until its closing in 2009. Before that she was the restaurant critic of the The New York Times, (1993-1999), and both the restaurant critic and food editor of the Los Angeles Times (1984-1993). I read two of her books. “Tender at the Bone” is a memoir of her childhood and place in the 1970’s west coast food revolution. Ms. Reichl writes quite a bit about her mother who she insists was a really bad cook, and in fact, had made many people sick with her food handling. Her writing is hilarious, her back story so interesting. Her other book is of special interest to me as a food writer. In “Garlic and Sapphires” Reichl has just been hired as NY Times food reviewer. She realizes she needs to be anonymous to review some of the most high-profile restaurants in the world, so she begins to wear a series of eccentric disguises. She reflects on how one’s outer appearance can influence, the expectations, appetites and the quality of service and food one receives. What fun she has wielding the combined power of palate and pen! MFK Fisher may be a name you know. She is a well-known food writer and culinarian. She writes all about food history, from ancient Egypt, the Orient and Greece through the dark ages, into Elizabethan times and beyond to contemporary food and presentation. Her books are classics of gastronomy. Her instruction for certain processes, like the correct boiling of an egg, and her original recipes have become classics for chefs. She wrote her first book in 1937, establishing herself as a gastronomer and writer of note. I am learning so much about the history of food and traditions around eating it in her collection of five books “The Art of Eating.” Her writing transported me back to the time and home of Socrates where I lay on gold and silver pillows, feeding myself languidly from perfumed fingers. And that is not easy to do since it is really so far from my actual reality of cooking everyday in a hot kitchen. Recipes this month are from my summer reading. Pasta Carbonara has always been one of my favorite and simple pasta dishes, ready in 15-20 minutes, and a great flavor combination if you like bacon and eggs. The recipe for Gougeres, mini cheese puff hors d’oeuvres is simple, and an elegant addition to my starter repertoire. My children loved these. Lastly, the recipe for Blueberry Sour cream cake is my favorite seasonal summer fruit recipe. Summer’s so short for us, let’s all enjoy ourselves, eating and reading all our favorites. Chef Erin

August 2011 The Reporter

Blueberry Sour Cream Cake (12 servings)

½ cup butter, softened 1 cup sugar 3 eggs 1 cup sour cream 1 tsp vanilla 2 cups flour 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 2 cups blueberries ½ cup brown sugar, packed ½ tsp cinnamon ½ cup chopped pecans Cream butter and sugar in mixer bowl until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Blend in sour cream and vanilla. Sift or whisk flour, baking soda and salt together. Add blueberries gently, tossing lightly to coat berries. Fold flour and blueberries gently into batter. Spread batter in greased 9x13 pan. Sprinkle with mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans over batter. Bake at 350 degrees 40-45 minutes, or until cake tests done in center. Cut into squares.


(@ 8 cocktail servings) 1 cup water 8 TBS unsalted butter 1 ½ tsp salt 1 ½ cups flour 5 eggs 1 cup diced Gruyere cheese Pepper to taste ½ cup grated Gruyere cheese Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine the water, butter and a teaspoon of the salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring until the butter melts. Remove the pan from the heat, let cool slightly, stir in the flour, and mix well. Return the pan to the heat and stir with a wooden spoon over high heat until the mixture comes away from the sides of the pan. Remove from the heat. Stir in the eggs, one at a time until well-combined. Add the diced cheese, the remaining ½ teaspoon of salt, and pepper, stirring well. Drop the dough by rounded tablespoons onto a well-buttered baking pan. Smooth the top and sides of each gougere with a knife and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake in batches for 25 minutes, or until puffed and golden. Serve immediately.

at a cost of $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children 8 years old and younger.

4:30pm – 7:00pm. Call Diane (744-7119) or Caroline (331-3408) for reservations and information. Come, enjoy the food, and have a good time.

Come see our new renovations!

Fish-N-Chips Every Friday only $5.99

Join our 10 for 1 club

Pay for 10 entrees get 1 FREE. Valid M-F to 2pm

3 Weiners for $5.00 Exp. 9-15-11. Bring in this ad for the discount.

(401) 434-2399

Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-2am; Fri & Sat 7am-3am

Mon - Tues: 4:00 pm - 12:00 pm Wed - Sat: 11:30 am - 12:00 am Sun: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

as its annual fundraiser this year. The dinner will be at

Saturday, September 17, 2011

122 Taunton Ave., East Providence, RI Serving RI for over 90 years

EP's Newest Restaurant

Pasta and Meatball Dinner

Crescent View Avenue, Riverside, RI on



Riverside Circle #28, Daughters of Isabella has planned a

the Knights of Columbus Hall,


Two for Tuesdays Two glasses of house wine and two entrees for $30.00

Now Open For Lunch! Wednesday - Sunday

315 Waterman Avenue East Providence RI 02914

401-432-7000 Now booking parties of 10ppl-120ppl Serving lunch Wednesday thru Sunday & Dinner 7 days a week. We accept reservations.

EP's first wine club

offering discounted wines


The Reporter August 2011

Spaghetti Carbonara

Paying Cash For

Contrary to the recipe so often used in restaurants, real carbonara contains no cream. The real thing also uses cured pork jowl, but I like bacon better. I think of this as bacon and eggs with pasta instead of toast. It’s the perfect last-minute dinner, and I’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t like it.

Gold, Silver, and Sterling u.s. and Foreign coins old comics and sporting cards old watches and collectibles diamonds and jewlery


phone # 508 336-9103 113 taunton avenue seekonk, mass same location for 40 years

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1 pound spaghetti ½ pound good quality bacon 2 cloves garlic, peeled 2 eggs Pepper to taste ½ cup grated parmigiano cheese Bring a large pasta pot of salted water to a boil. When it is boiling, throw the spaghetti in. Most dried spaghetti takes 9-11 minutes to cook, so you can make the sauce in that time. Cut the bacon into pieces about ½ inch wide. Put them in a skillet and cook for 3-4 minutes until the fat starts to render. Add the whole garlic cloves and cook another 5 minutes, until the edges of the bacon begin to crisp. Do not overcook the bacon, if it gets to crisp it won’t meld with the pasta. Meanwhile break the eggs into the bowl you will serve the pasta in, and beat them with a fork. Add some pepper. Remove the garlic from the bacon pan. If it looks like too much fat to you, discard some, but you’re going to toss the bacon with most of it’s fat into the pasta. When it is cooked, drain the pasta and immediately throw it into the beaten eggs. Mix thoroughly. The heat of the spaghetti will cook the eggs and turn them into sauce. Add the bacon with it’s fat, toss again, add cheese and serve.

Fish the Florida Everglades with

s s a B B o e ys h T Bass Trips 1/2 Day or Full Day

Capt. Rick Wasteney Capt. Clint Wasteney 1-954-382-6188 1-954-793-9336


www.FLB www. FLBass assB ass

to Florida and get some bass!

August 2011 The Reporter


1 To 15 Words - $10 16 To 30 Words - $15


Classified Deadline: 25th of the Month We reserve the right to alter and/or reject advertising


Wanted: Military items from Civil War, Vietnam, WWII. Call for a quote, ask for Charlie. 508-230-6444. (e1211)

Additional Words $.25 each

For Sale: Bernina 180 Computerized Sewing Machine and Embroidery Module, includes software and many extras, $1,000, call 508-336-3138. (e811)


For Sale: Trimline Treadmill with programmable workouts; measures heart rate, time, pace, distance, calories, speed, incline, $1,000, call 508-336-3138. (e811)

HOUSE FOR SALE: in Rehoboth - 3 bed, 1 bath, 1.72, acres convenient to many locations. Please email for details and pics (e811)

Dog groomer: Experienced with scissoring skills. Call Heaven Scent Grooming (401)438-1578, ask for Lisa. (e811)

CONDO FOR SALE: 1 Bed Condo for Sale, Ocean Club on Smuggler’s Cove, South yarmouth, MA. $2500 OBO. Call Pat 401-434-8997. (e811)


DIGHTON/REHOBOTH FOR RENT: Dighton Rehoboth line; if you like something unique this is the place. First floor one bedroom in Old Country Store with with your own porch, and maybe open your own store. Ideal location for single or couple. $800.00/month you pay utilities. Call Allan 774-218-1959 (e811) FOR RENT : Seekonk; 3 bedroom house; recently renovated; new appliances 2 car garage; yard maintenance included; near Rt 44 & 195; $1700/month + utilities. Call 508-326-0535(e811) Rehoboth: 2 bedroom, 1 bath private area $895/month. Call 305-978-1040 (e811)


BMW For Sale: 1998 BMW z-3 Roadster 2.8 BMW yellow, limited special edition, custom interior with wood grain console, custom power, heated leather seats with matching yellow piping and zippered mesh rear wind breaker, excellent condition, 35,000 miles, future collectable, $14,500, tel. 508-336-7133. (e811) For Sale: Jotul F600 Firelight Woodstove, black, glass front doors, heat output 13,500 – 45,900 BTUs, $1,000, call 508-3363138. (e811) Firewood: Call (508)252-4369. (e811)



HELP WANTED: Dance Teacher, Experienced Lyrical & Jazz teacher wanted. Looking to focus on technique and interesting choreography for a non competitive Rehoboth school. Salary based on experience.  Please email or call 401-829-7442.  (e811)

CHILDCARE Childcare Available: loving, home, licensed, 25 years experience, separate area, preschool program, lots of outdoor play, school bus route, all ages accepted, excellent references, excellent rates. Licensed# 2084453. Please call (508) 3697762. (e811) Daycare: Fun loving environment, spacious home and yard, mother of two small children who loves kids. Please call 508-252-5772. license#9004298 (e811)



PIANO LESSONS: Taught in my home, both classical and popular to persons of all ages. Anita Russo, 8 Terrybrooke Road, Rehoboth 508-252-4208. (e1011)

PARTY RENTALS: Moon-walks, Tents, Tables, chairs for sale or rent. Call early for reservations. 774-306-1278 after 5:00pm. Please ask for Dan. (e911)

HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS: Beginners through advanced, boarding with all day turnout, training with world champion, Indoor-outdoor lighted rings, reasonable rates, ponies for parties and outings, summer camp, pony club at farm; Hawkswood Farm 508-336-6114. (e811) PUPPIES FOR SALE: Labradoodle and Jack Russell puppies; call Hawkswood Farm 508-336-6114. (e811)

YOGA CLASSES: Personalized yoga classes held in intimate setting. Tribal One Women’s Wellness Center, 326 Bullocks Pt. Riverside, RI 1-888-551-1691(e811)

Cleanouts & Cleanups: Houses, attics, cellars, garages, etc. Demolition of sheds, fences, pools, decks, etc. Junk Removal, handyman services. Insured. Call Gary at (508)245-0832. (e911)

Submitting your classifieds just got a whole lot better www.



The Reporter August 2011

AUGUST BUSINESS DIRECTORY Appliance Repairs Appliance Repairs Architectural Design Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorney Auto Body Auto Body Auto Dealers Auto Dealers Auto Detailing Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Salvage Auto/Boat Restoration Bank Bank Baseball Camp Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Materials Carpentry - Finish Cell Phones Chamber of Commerce Child Care Child Care Child Care Church Collectibles Concrete Credit Union Credit Union Dance Studio Dance Studio Dance Studio Dance Studio Dance Studio Dentist Dentist Electrolysis Engine Repair-Lawn Entertainment Excavating Fence-Sales/Serv. Festival Fishing

CJS / Statewide Appliance Repair 42 Neighborhood Appliance Repair Co. 23 VIZCAD 43 Cutcliffe, Galvin & Archetto 40 Donald E. MacManus, Attorney 43 Slepkow Slepkow & Associates, Inc 24 Slepkow,Slepkow & Assoc. Remax 15 A-1 Custom Auto Body 28 Tri Star Autobody, Inc. 43 Hot Rides INC. 10 Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 2 Buff It 25 Barbosa & Son Auto Repair 7 Fred’s Service Center , Inc 14 New England Tire 26 Somerset Chrysler Jeep 72 Somerset Subaru 23 Seekonk Auto Salvage 28 RC Upholstery 33 Bristol County Saving Bank 40 Coastway Credit Union / Decunha 8 KR Baseball Camp 52 East Providence Siding 38 Wood Frame Structures Inc. 41 J & J Materials Corp. 10 Mark Koussa Carpentry 18 Prime Time Communications 39 East Providence Chamber 20 Beehive Childhood Center 48 Greater Providence YMCA 49 The Childrens Workshop 47 Eusebeia Bible Church 58 Wexler’s Collectibles 68 American Mobile Mix Concrete Incorp 33 Columbus Credit Union 16 Community & Teachers Credit Union 57 Bayside School of Dance 50 Festival Ballet Providence 4 Precision Dance C/o Dougs Music 53 Rosemary’s School of Dance 49 Twinkle Toes Dance Studio 46 Romani Orthodontics 27 Smith Family Dental Associates 48 Permanent Hair Removal 6 Fred’s Service Center 34 Country Bone - Richard Toas 30 C. Grant Excavating 14 Foxx Fence 6 Rehoboth Fair 65 The Bass Boys 68

Again in September:

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Food Service Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Propane Gift Shop Golf Club Hair Salon Hair Salon Hair Salon Handyman Health & Fitness Home Improvements Home Improvements Home Improvements Insurance Agency Jewelers Landscape Service Landscape Service Liquor Store Liquor Store Live Entertainment Medical Practice Mortgage Broker Music Music, Weddings Nursing Homes Optometrists Optometrists Orthodontics Orthodontics Parks Photographer Physical Therapy Plumbing & Heating Plumbing & Heating Printing - Copies Private School Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Remodeling Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Retirement Community Roofer/WaterProofing Roofing Contractor Roofing Contractor Schools - Private Self Defense Self Storage Septic Systems Shoes Stump Grinding Trash/Junk Removal Tree Service Weight Loss Wine/ Beer

Thomsen Foodservice 9 Affordable Fuel 9 Al’s Quality Oil Co. 24 COD OIL 58 Columbus Energies Inc. 17 Stateline Fuel & Burner Service 7 Arrow Gas Corp. - Inergy Propane 34 Willow Tree Country Shoppe 29 Wampanoag Golf Course 19 Creative Styles 48 Running With Scissors 50 Shear Image Salon 21 Just In Time Handyman Service 4 Renaissance Gymnastics Academy 46 Grant’s Home Improvement 19 Jorge Costa Construction 28 Professional Property Maintenance 41 Lezaola Thompson Insurance Inc. 56 M.R.T. Co., Inc. 57 East Bay Landscape, Inc. 18 Superior Lawn Care 21 Jordan’s Liquors 56 Wine & Spirits Depot 72 Disney On Ice - Feld Entertainment 35 Internal Medicine & Preventative Care 17 Prospect Mortgage, llc 27 Doug’s Music Retail & Learning 51 Classic Flute Duos 56 Waterview Villa 61 Barrington Eye Center 52 Brown Center 50 George Family Orthodontics 64 Romani Orthodontics 27 Crescent Park Carousel 63 Fetching Photography 62 Sport & Spine Physical Therapy 22 Dyer Plumbing & Heating 34 Fullport Plumbing & Heating 38 Copy Shop, Etc. 29 St. Marys - Bay View High School 53 Exit Realtyc/o Joseph Botelho 16 Juan Cerda Shamrock Finacial Corp. 15 Mateus Realty 71 Ray Paiva @Paiva Realty Group 27 ReMax Heritage 15 Remax Heritage Agent Brokers 15 ReMax Rivers Edge 8 The Tirrell Team 36 Batty Construction 11 Luxury Box Bar & Grille 66 Phillips Street Restaurant 66 Sparky’s Coney Island 67 Vine Yard East 67 Horizon Bay Retirement Living 11 Cameron Roofing 12 Tabeleys Roofing 9 Willard Roofing 41 Day Spring Christian Academy 51 Self Defense Training Center, LTD 47 Lionel Mini Storage, Inc. 19 AO Construction 32 Nerbonne Shoes 50 Mike’s Stump Grinding 25 Big Blue Removal Service 21 Advanced Tree 12 Medi-Weight Loss Clinic 18 Vintage Wine & Beer 25

August 2011 The Reporter

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EAST PROVIDENCE - Pierce field!! Estate sale!! Spacious Custom built 3 Br Ranch, hw's, garage, young roof& Boiler. $179,900

RUMFORD - Myron Francis!! Clean 4 Br Cape, kitchen dining area, partially finished lower, on dead end st.; hw's, central air, upgraded electric, siding, some replacement windows, new roof, grage. $159,900.

Pawtucket - Well Kept, 3 Br, 2 bath Ranch, 2 kitchens, FR, sliders, deck, partially finished basement, HW's, gas heat, C/A, upgraded electric, young roof, siding replacement windows, garage/ carport 6000+sf corner lot $189,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Short Sale!! Well kept 3 Br, 2 Bath, R/Ranch, 2 kitchens, FR, HW's, tile. Young roof, siding & windows. New gas furnace, HW tank & central air. Upgraded electric, 11,000+sq ft lot $179,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Boyden heights!! 3BR Ranch in move-in condition, 2 kitchens, FR, den, HW's, Tile, central air, siding. $209,900

CRANSTON - Stadium!! Near bike path & schools. Neat 3 Br, 2 bath Ranch, 2 Kt's, FR, HW's/tile, central air, gas heat, upgraded electric, garage, private fenced yard, sprinklers, new roof, siding, replacement windows $189,900

EAST SIDE - Estate Sale!! Older/ Spacious 3 Br, 1.5 bath Colonial, dining, HW's, garage, Walk to Hospital, park boulevard, shops & restaurants $229,900





EAST PROVIDENCE - Pierce Field!! Estate Sale!! Clean Spacious, 4Br, 2 bath cottage, dining, siding, replacement windows, upgraded electric, young gas boiler / HW tank, 8,000+sf lot $179,900







RIVERSIDE - Off Forbes St, 3 Br, 2 Bath, Raised Ranch, FR, cathedrals, sliders, deck, young roof, siding, replacement windows, gas furnace, HW tank & central air, 8000+sf lot . $209,900

A sign of success and a name you can trust!

East Providence - Pierce Field! New 3br, 2bath R/Ranch. FR, Master/private bath, sliders to deck/patio, HW's, tile, granite, gas heat, central air, garages. $279,900

PAWTUCKET - Fairlawn!! Short Sale!! 3 Br, 1.5 bath Colonial built in 2008, gas heat, siding, parking $139,900

434-8399 FALAMOS PORTUGUES • FAX # 435-3401

582 Warren Avenue • East Providence, RI 02914

Seekonk - Cozy/expandable 2 Br Ranch with great potential near High Scool, replacement windows, oversized cinder block 2 car garage with loft& bath, 14,000+sf corner lot $179,900

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The Reporter August 2011

Postmaster: Please deliver by August 6th

Attention All Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Owners Oil Change Special on most Chrysler Vehicles

1925 Pawtucket Ave, East Providence, RI

regardless of where they were purchased!

 

CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE 1491 Brayton Point Rd. Somerset Ma.


Starling Castle

EXIT 4 195



Pinot Grigio 750ml

Riesling 750ml

Wampanoag Plaza next to Stop & Shop


Extra & Light Loose 24pk Btls

at the intersection of Pawtucket & Taunton Ave!


Join us for our Wine Seminar Tuesday 8/9 at 6:30pm: Wines of Argentina


Factory Authorized to Sell & Service ALL Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Vehicles


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Ultimate Marg. 1.75L

Beringer Founder’s

All Types 1.5L

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August 2011 EP  

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