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Town Meeting May 24 7 P.M. Seekonk High School

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Budget and Zoning Law Change Tops Seekonk Town Meeting Agenda by Laura Calverley

The warrant for the annual town meeting on May 2 includes approximately 17 articles for residents to review. The budget for Fiscal Year 2011 and a zoning bylaw change will likely require the most discussion. The budget is approximately $1.5 million, an increase of almost one million over the current year’s $0.3 million budget.

Town Budget

Town Administrator Michael Carroll says the town is in pretty good shape financially for next year. The budget does not include any major cuts or reductions in services on the town side, although the school department is another issue. He says the town is in this position because for the past two years, as state aid has been cut significantly, Seekonk has also been making reductions. “We’ve been making cuts all along. Also, for Fiscal Year ’11, there are four collective bargaining units that have contracts for next year and three more that are now being negotiated. Of those four, in the third year of their contract, they are getting 0% salary and wage adjustment and they got only 2% for this year,” Carroll said. “By doing all these things, next year services will not be affected. The year after, we’re going to have to work hard,” he said.

School Budget

The school department is in a tougher position budget-wise for next year. At press time the schools were about $800,000 overbudget and were in the process of trying to make reductions to their requested budget. Superintendent Madeline Meyer said that some cuts had already been made, in areas such as supplies, textbooks and

utility fees, but that it “only scratched the surface.” She said further cuts would be necessary, but at this point, didn’t know what it would involve. “We’re going to explore all the possibilities and our goal is to get closer to the budget numbers in the next few weeks,” said Meyer.

warrant Articles

Many of the articles on the warrant are routine – items such as re-authorizing revolving funds, capital articles, and new street acceptances. The articles that may be of interest to residents include an article concerning the care of land around the Seekonk Library (Article #3), a zoning by-law amendment (Article #9), an article on acquiring land parcels for the Central Avenue/Rt. 152 Project (Article #10), an article submitted by the school committee, Article #12, to purchase or lease two special education vehicles and three citizen petitions.

Article 3: Seekonk Library Land

Article #3, which deals with the land and building at the Seekonk Library, is primarily administrative, says Carroll, and is something the town should have done thirty years ago. Just as the school buildings are under the care and management of the school department; the Library should be continued on page 4

“Anybody can show up (at town meeting) and have a say in what’s going to happen to their neighborhood, their money, their property, their quality of life. This is where people really have an opportunity to effect what happens to them,” said Town Administrator Michael Carroll.

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May 2010 The Reporter

Town of Seekonk News Notes Selectmen Deal with More Issues On The Senior Center Location

After more than a decade of discussion about a new Senior Center, a potential site for the facility will be opened up to all property owners in Seekonk. On April 28, the board of selectmen received a draft Request for Proposals (RFP) from town administrator Michael Carroll. The proposal stated that any submission on a potential senior center site must meet certain specifications including location, 1 1/2 miles from the town’s geographic center, have a minimum of 50 parking spaces and a minimum of 7,000 square feet. The selectmen considered the request to be too “narrow.” Mr. Carroll agreed the RFP should be changed so that all of the previously required criteria would simply be advantageous including space for a kitchen, a large meeting hall, multipurpose rooms and space for an office. The former Pleasant Street School has already been offered up as a potential location and is currently home to both the town’s human services department and the South Coast Educational Collaborative. The current lease of the building expires June 30.

Library Seeks Control Of The Meadows Board Of Library Trustees May Oversee The Seekonk Park

The board of selectmen and the library board of trustees are debating about who owns the town’s library and the surrounding land that is to become a public park. According to Selectman Brady the future park, the Meadows, has never been under library control and state statute requires that either the selectmen or an elected park commission run the Meadows. Library trustee Richard Perry said that at the town meeting in January 1977 voters gave the library space to construct a building and 1.76 acres of land and therefore has control of Seekonk Meadows. In Aug. 2009, library trustee members, selectmen and representatives from the parks and recreation committee had a meeting to determine who will oversee the park once it is open. The group agreed that a separate committee would operate Seekonk

Meadows, create a use policy, determine hours of operation and other issues. To resolve the matter, an article will be included at Seekonk’s next town meeting in May to officially turn over the Meadows to the trustees.

Fire Chief Alan Jack Will Negotiate An Extention of His Contract

Three Call firefighters Resign After Announcement

Selectmen chairman Robert Richardson announced that the board of Selectmen had voted in executive session to authorize the contract negotiations with Fire Chief Jack. The vote of -1 was announced in the open session with Selectman John Whelan the only dissenter. Mr. Whelan said there are personnel, staffing, financial and other issues within the fire department that he considered when making his decision. Town Administrator, Michael Carroll will begin negotiations with Chief Jack on revisions to his current contract which expires on June 30. Afew days after the vote, 3 Seekonk call firefighters Richard Bradley, Matthew Owens and Timothy Hayden all issued letters of resignation. Chief Jack and Seekonk Call Firefighters Association President David Reis claimed to not know why the three men resigned.

Selectman says a rift in town is the reason for the resignations

After talking to some of the firefighters, Mr. Whelan believes there is a clear “rift” that exists within the department between the call firefighters and the career firefighters and Chief Jack. Chief Jack and Seekonk Call Firefighters Association President, David Reis, said they did not know why the three firefighters resigned but agreed that there are issues between the call and career departments. Chief Jack acknowledged that there is a problem but that both the call and career departments are treated equally. Since the three resignations, and with two individuals on leave, the town only has seven active call firefighters compared to 19 members in 2007. Mr. Reis said the call department is looking forward to “working as one department.”

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Seekonk Town Meeting Agenda under the direction of the Library Board of Trustees. The town maintains ownership of the land, but if the building is not designated, it’s under the selectmen’s control. To transfer it from selectmen to one of the other boards or committees can only be done at town meeting. This should have happened when the library was built, but it didn’t happen, says Carroll. “Until it happens, although the Library Trustees have been using the Library building for thirty years, town meeting didn’t authorize that they control the building. So the article is just to clean that up,” said Carroll.

Article 9: Zoning Bylaw Change

The zoning article, which is Article #9 on the agenda, amends the bylaw to allow the addition of a solar photovoltaic overlay district on the southeastern part of town, which is on the Swansea-Rehoboth corner. It wouldn’t abolish the basic zoning that’s already there, according to Carroll. An overlay district limits it to one spot without changing the basic zoning. The overlay district would allow an additional use – creation of new large-scale solar photovoltaic facilities – and provides guidelines and limitations on that use. Town Planner John Hansen said the idea behind the article is to attract renewable energy production facilities and to have the proper regulations in place if a proposal is submitted. He said there has been some interest in a particular piece of property. “We’d be putting a use on vacant property and helping the tax base,” said Hansen. Besides creating some revenue for the town in taxes, Hansen says other benefits include making solar facilities more easily attainable and supporting renewable energy while reducing dependence on nonrenewable sources.

Article 10: Acquiring Land for the Central Avenue/Rt. 152 Improvement Project

Residents already approved a similar article at the last town meeting, allowing the town to acquire or take land or approve easements to work on land temporarily during the project. The town cannot take land without town meeting approval and that approval is for specific locations. Because the map has since been updated, this article is necessary. “More survey work has been done and some of the lines have been modified

slightly, but if you move it over an inch, you still have to go to town meeting,” said Carroll.

Article 12: Purchase or Lease of Two Special Education Vehicles

The article, requested by the school committee, authorizes the purchase or lease of two vehicles, which are actually small vans, not buses, used to transport special education students. The question of whether school buses and other school vehicles should be on the warrant, or part of the school department’s budget, has been an on-going discussion between the town and schools, according to School Committee Chairperson Fran Creamer. Town Administrator Michael Carroll believes that the vehicles should be part of the school committee’s budget because items that are replaced every year are operating expenses, not capital expenses. and should be part of the department’s operating budget, just as police cars are part of the police department’s budget. There are other articles on the warrant to approve the purchase of vehicles, and these are considered capital expenses. The question of whether an item is considered a capital expense seems to be how often the vehicle is replaced, or should be replaced, but there are differing opinions on that. Creamer says the schools have not been able to replace the vehicles in awhile because of budget constraints. “In these tough economic times, we really need the vehicles replaced and that’s why we decided to place it as a warrant article,” said Creamer.

Citizens’ Petitions: Articles 14, 15 and 16

The three citizens’ petitions on the town meeting warrant are Articles 14, 15 and 16. Article 14 would change the dates when warrants for town meetings are available for voters, from 14 days before the meeting, to 21 days. It would similarly change the dates when notices for the meetings are posted. It also requires that the motions for the articles, (‘motions’ start the action on the article, when someone says, “I move that the town will do this..”) be available to voters at least 14 days prior to meetings and that the motions are also posted as the warrant is. The requirements for the motions are new and would be an addition to the current town bylaw. Carroll says he believes the intent is to aid in educating the public about business being conducted at town meeting, which “is a good thing,” but he’s not sure it will have the effect that people hope it will. Traditionally, turnout at town meeting has been low, with less than 5 percent of residents usually attending. Having the warrant and motions available earlier may

or may not increase attendance. Article 15 deals with the signage bylaw. There has been some controversy recently about the rules for temporary signs. The article would put a moratorium of one year on all temporary signage bylaws and have town boards meet with businesses to evaluate and make a recommendation on possible changes to the bylaw. According to Arthur Foulkes, who helped put the petition on the warrant, there have been signs up for years that recently have been cited as violations. He also says the town has taken down various signs, such as For Sale signs for homes. He feels that temporary signs are important and the town needs guidelines that make sense. “It’s an issue that has gotten out of control. We need to get the business community and the town together and we have to come to a reasonable agreement,” said Foulkes. Article 16 proposes developing centralized maintenance of all town properties. Currently, the Department of Public Works handles all general public property buildings and the school department takes care of the school buildings. The article, also proposed by Foulkes, would create a committee to look into the matter, hold public hearings and develop a plan to be presented at a future town meeting. Foulkes says there is no more money expected from the state for building maintenance, repair and renovations and the town needs a plan before buildings are allowed to deteriorate and fall into disrepair. “They need to have buildings evaluated and cost projections done to maintain the buildings adequately. The methodology today is purely reactionary,” Foulkes said. He added that a number of buildings have recently needed significant maintenance due to a lack of oversight.

Town Meeting

The annual town meeting will be held at Seekonk High School on May 24 at 7:00 p.m. The warrant is available on the town’s website at There may be some changes to the warrant before the meeting, according to Carroll, in order for the town to take into consideration additional information, such as the municipal relief package being discussed in the House and Senate that might affect the budget numbers. Carroll says he’d like to see more people get involved and attend the meeting and take advantage of the opportunity to have their voice heard. “Anybody can show up and have a say in what’s going to happen to their neighborhood, their money, their property, their quality of life. This is where people really have an opportunity to effect what happens to them,” said Carroll.

May 2010 The Reporter

Letters to the Editor... The letters in this section do not reflect the views of the staff of The Rehoboth Reporter. It is not our intent to take sides on any issues, but to present all arguments from all points of view. If your point of view is not represented on an issue, it is only because you have not voiced your opinion. Let us hear from YOU!

Dick & Barbara Georgia

Thanks For Coming To The Rescue!

My wife and I wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and thanks to all involved in our rescue from flood waters on Tuesday (3/30). Without the prompt response of the Rehoboth police, fire and rescue departments, as well as the assistance of many of our friends and neighbors, our dire situation may have ended tragically. Jennifer, myself, and Otto extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to everyone! One of the benefits of living in a small town like Rehoboth is that you get to know so many of the townspeople, many of whom came to our aid without hesitation during and after the incident. We’d like to especially recognize Officer Paul McGovern whose quick response was key to our rescue, and who took personal time to visit our home afterwards. We’d also like to single out Chief Enos who took effective command of the situation, notifying our son and neighbors of the situation and returning our dog home. There are so many others we would like to thank by name, but we would inevitably be omitting someone. Suffice it to say, our sincere thanks to all. David and Jen LeComte Rehoboth

Respect Voters’ Rights

In the guise of balancing the town budget, the Selectmen at their April 20th meeting voted to eliminate the positions of the Town Planner/Conservation Agent, Tree Warden, and Forestry Department employee, parttime clerk position for the Health and Veterans Services by zeroing out the wage/salary lines of those positions. Then there are the three employees at the Highway Department whose positions were eliminated previously. Also four employees’ fringe benefits were cut by eliminating health insurance coverage. Whether I agree or disagree with the process is irrelevant. It was done in an effort to present a balanced budget to the Annual Town Meeting which the Selectmen and Finance Committee by law are required to do. However, at the same April 20th Selectmen’s meeting with a hiring and spending

freeze in place, the Selectmen voted to accept the job specs for a new full-time employee (entitles fringe benefits) at the Council on Aging labeled as a Coordinator (Director). The selectmen also authorized the vice-chairwoman of the COA Board to advertise the position for a July 1, 2010 hiring date. The same position (different title) was eliminated by the vote of the residents of Rehoboth at the 2009 Annual Town Meeting. As I stated, it does not matter if I agree with the process and the decisions the Selectmen made to balance the budget, that is the Selectman’s and the Finance Committee’s responsibility. However, it does matter that Selectmen use some consistent and substantive thought in the process of formulating a balanced budget and respecting the will of the people who voted at the Town Meeting in 2009 to eliminate the position of the COA Director (Coordinator). Gilbert Larrabee Rehoboth

To my fellow citizens,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during my campaign. The outpouring of support was overwhelming and my family and friends kindly thank you. We must now commence the important process of decision making that will best suit our townspeople as a whole and in doing so we will be forced to make some tough decisions.  The future of our town depends on hard work, ingenuity and the coming together of many groups of people with different ideas and sometimes different agendas. We can no longer afford to work against each other and have division, these times dictate otherwise. Perhaps in these tough economic times can we finally unify the division that has set us moving in often times opposite directions.  I am optimistic, through careful examination of the current town budget, that there are cuts we can make to better serve the community as a whole. Sure, they will adversely affect people and it will mean continued on next page

The Rehoboth/Seekonk

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sacrifice. But ultimately we have the opportunity to develop other vehicles of opportunity to bring us toward our goal of fiscal responsibility. By consolidating departments, investigating more grant opportunities, and calling upon departments to work together, we will develop other means of funding that will potentially serve us in better financial times. As always, I welcome your input during these times and always. I thank you for allowing me to serve you, as I do proudly and honestly with an open mind and listening ear.  Don Leffort

The Financial Impact of Our Decisions

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There has been much misinformation regarding our financial situation and the causes. Four years ago I was appointed to the finance committee. The committee at the time saw the need to bring additional revenue into the town outside of property tax revenue in order to meet our obligations. Our expenses were rising faster than our revenue. Jim Horton, a finance committee member, went to the BOS to ask to set up a revenue committee to look at ways to bring in additional revenue. The BOS took no action. Let’s solve the problem, we’ve know for years that the town doesn’t bring in enough revenue to cover expenses and we did nothing or we made poor financial decision that have caused our current financial crisis. If we had not signed 3 year contracts with three unions in town, 2 years ago, we would have $125,000 available to balance the budget. If we had re-evaluated our benefit package, we would have saved at a minimum $75,000 to over $100,000 in benefit costs, this year alone. If we kept an interim police chief instead of hiring a permanent one, we would have another $100,000 available to balance the budget. If we had funded the school septic system thru a debt exclusion, we would have $116,000 available to balance the budget. If we had set up a revenue committee 4 years ago, we would have surplus money and a capital plan in place and have saved dollars wasted in repairs. We would have at a minimum $425,000 more to work with in the budget. The library, COA and highway would have been fully funded. While there were some pro-active actions this past year, the set up of a revenue and energy committee, restructuring of the police department, it’s too little too late to help balance the budget for 2011. A politician is going to tell you what you want to hear. The finance committee is going to tell you what you need to know. We do not bring in enough revenue to pay for our current costs/services. We have not saved any money in the past four years in fact the actions or inaction of the BOS the last four years has forced the town into an override in order to maintain its current services. The BOS attempt to eliminate key positions without any consideration to the long term financial impact will dig us deeper into a hole. The BOS did not come up with a solution to fund the library they just transferred the problem to another department. Hours Before you make a decision at town M•T•T•F meeting, ask not only what the short term 9-5 financial impact is but what the LONG Wed til 8 term impact of your decision. If the BOS Sat 9-1 had looked at the long term impact four years (ago), we wouldn’t be in the financial crisis. Sue Pimental ...more letters on page 8

May 2010 The Reporter


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Bill Dalpe Has Served Rehoboth with Honor, Honesty, Pride and Dignity

At the Selectmen’s meeting on April 20th , the Rehoboth Selectmen decided to do away with the Forestry Department as a way to save the town money. Safety of our roads was never mentioned as an issue by any of the 3 selectmen in their discussions. How can the selectmen completely get rid of an entire department that has served Rehoboth well and has prevented endless dangerous situations? We live among thousands of trees and face the dangers that go with these powerful, beautiful works of nature. Do the selectmen realize what the Forestry Department does? Do the selectmen realize what Bill Dalpe does? Do they realize the volume of calls and services provided to the taxpayers by the Forestry Department? How can the selectmen get rid of an insurance reimbursement program that has brought thousands of dollars into Rehoboth? The insurance reimbursement account started by Bill Dalpe does NOT cost Rehoboth anything. Bill works above and beyond to get that reimbursement money into Rehoboth. Why are the selectmen trying to disband something that is bringing revenue into our town? Bill Dalpe has been the Rehoboth Tree Warden for the past 13 years. He erected a forestry building with help from the forestry employees saving the town thousands of dollars. In the polybuilding, forestry employees are able to maintain equipment and do most equipment repairs themselves. Not having to pay for outside repairs all of the time saves the taxpayers a great deal of money. Bill has been able to bring his knowledge and many skills to the Forestry Department. You can see the daily work of the Forestry Department as you drive through Rehoboth; the cut and cleaned roadsides, the removal of hundreds of damaged and diseased trees due to the devastation caused by the forest tent caterpillar, cutting and shredding of branches and trees after a storm hits and those times Bill makes sure a contractor plants the correct size trees and correct species of trees in a new development, or when Bill is called out in the middle of the night because a tree comes down unexpectedly and has blocked a road. The forestry department is there to help prevent accidents and takes the safety of Rehoboth taxpayers seriously. Bill Dalpe is the man behind the Forestry Department. Bill is dedicated and is serving Rehoboth well. It is a shame that as of April 20th, the Forestry Department is in danger of being disbanded. It is also a shame that the selectmen are trying to block money coming into this town by doing away with the insurance reimbursement account. What a shame that

May 2010 The Reporter

the selectmen are trying to dismantle the Forestry Department, Tree Warden, and take away the personal and dedicated efforts of Bill Dalpe. It is a shame that the selectmen are trying to dismantle Rehoboth one good person at a time. I would like to tell you some of Bill’s accomplishments in his 3 years serving Rehoboth. Bill was a Rehoboth Lions member for 16 years, he designed and build Rehoboth’s Transfer Station, he was Chairman AD-HOC Recycling Committee and Rehoboth Jr. Football league, served on the first Building Needs Committee, served as Chairman of the Landfill Mining Committee and Chairman of the Rehoboth 350th Celebration Parade. Bill also rebuilt the Shad Factory Fish Ladder with $250,000.00 in grants, in-kindservices, donations, and 5 federal and state agencies, which he personally researched and secured to complete the fish ladder in 2008. Bill has always strived to bring new ideas and to generate money saving projects to better the town we live in. I have personally witnessed hundreds of phone calls and endless hours of phone conversations and the thought process that went into the above projects. I know because I went through each step with him. I admire my husband for the man he is and the love he has for our town. Bill is a leader and a man who gets things done. Please come to the Rehoboth Town Meeting in May to show your support for your Tree Warden and the Forestry Department. Your vote can make the difference. Sincerely, Julie Dalpe

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Join In Helping Roadside Cleanup

This past month was the 0th anniversary of the founding of Earth Day. Many of us celebrate this annual event by cleaning up our roadsides. I would like to thank the Rehoboth Business Association for their generosity in supplying bags and arranging for pickups. We live in a beautiful rural community and are striving to maintain this beauty. I am saddened and disgusted to see the incredible volume of trash on our roadsides. Much is from commuters cutting through our community on their way to neighboring towns. But we are likely responsible for a percentage of this problem. If we would all chip in and at least clean up our own road, we can restore the beauty of our roadways. Please consider cleaning your own frontage and maybe a couple of hundred yards on either side. I know that we will be responsible for paying our own landfill fee. But, maybe we could pass up that cup of coffee and spend the money to rather pick up all those coffee cups on the roadside. Please, let’s take pride in our community’s natural beauty and all work to keep our town beautiful. We should not have to wait for April to show pride in our town’s rustic natural setting. Though we may not all agree on the hotbutton issues of today’s local politics, we should all be able to agree that our town is special and deserves to treated better. Thank You David Schwartz - Carpenter Street

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On Saturday morning April 10th a neighbor out for an early walk noticed the strong smell of gas at my house. She returned home to call 911. Shortly after 7:00 Rehoboth policemen and firemen were at my door warning me that I had to leave. Within a short time the problem was repaired. Unfortunately I do not know the lady’s name, but I want to thank her for saving my life. Her quick thinking kept me safe and helped to correct a serious situation. Evelyn Rose Bois


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10 The Reporter May 2010


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A Call to Arms – And Hands

This may be the most important letter you read this month. Why? Because on May 2th Rehoboth will hold its annual town meeting and traditionally that means a few hundred people will make huge decisions about your taxes, your kid’s education and your financial future. And they will do this simply by raising their hands. Sounds, crazy, huh? You see, our town is structured in such a way that attendees of the meeting literally have the power to decide important budgetary issues via a simple majority vote. While many towns have long since given this budgetary power and accountability to elected officials, we remain locked in time to a system designed to govern a town of only a few hundred residents; not the thousands we have today. My hope is not that you’ll work to change this system – that’s another story – but that you will acknowledge your responsibility in making the present system work by personally committing to attend the meeting and having your hand counted. Trust me, you’ll find it very interesting. We’ve all faced some formidable challenges this year: floods, recession, unemployment; and these may have left you felling frustrated and powerless. But the truth is you’ve never been more powerful and your ability to have a say in our town’s future has never been more real. So do come to the town meeting on the 2th and tell your kids that you, too, did your homework. I’ll see you there! Daniel F. Harrington Rehoboth

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Those with children in the Dighton-Rehoboth School System and those who provide care or services for Dighton-Rehoboth students should be aware of the district’s new bus policy. The School Committee voted to require students to have only one pick-up location in the morning and one drop-off location in the afternoon. This policy will become effective July 1st. I believe the policy was implemented to better manage the dismissal of students, who may currently change buses from day to day. Unfortunately, this policy will likely pose new challenges for managing student dismissals, have negative consequences for Rehoboth’s children and families, and may reduce the number of qualified after-school programs available to the town’s students. Below are some possible implications of the School Committee’s decision: · Schools will likely see an increased number of students being “picked-up” by friends or family for transportation to after-school activities. · Families who have changing or part-time work schedules will also need to drop-off and pick-up students on the days when childcare (i.e. the one selected location) is not required. Anyone who has experienced dismissal time at our schools is sure to agree that adding more students into the “pick-up” process should not be the goal of any policy. · Families that are unable to pick-up students, yet can afford to hire private transportation to after-school activities, will do so. Schools will need to manage student dismissal to the private transportation, thereby increasing the number of buses/shuttles picking up children. · Children in families that cannot find or afford their own transportation will be shut out of many afterschool programs and enrichment activities they have access to today. A good example of this is Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that meet one day per week.

May 2010 The Reporter · Childcare programs that do not have enough 5-day-a-week students will either go out of business or be required to hire transportation services at an increased cost to families (and again, the schools will have another bus/shuttle to manage). I suspect that a large number of families will be drastically impacted by the new bus policy. However, the School Committee has no way of knowing the impact of its decision if you do not voice your concern. Speak with your child’s caregiver or program coordinator. Write a letter to the School Committee. Attend a School Committee meeting. Sign a petition. Be heard. Lori Rossi

Cat Litter: “I Didn’t Know Pigs Could Drive”!

I am a long time resident of Rehoboth in the County St and Wellington St in the Dighton area. I have been going for walks in this area for years. I am writing this letter in the spirit of keeping our area beautiful. I am deeply disturbed by what I now have been seeing for many, many years in this area. Someone is on a daily basis throwing plastic bags with an empty can of cat food and cat poop in it out their car windows. When you drive through the area, particularly along the power line that crosses Wellington St, you’ll see many of these bags hanging in the bushes. Now these bags have been tossed in the bushes at the roadside all up and down County St. and also on Reservoir Ave. I’m asking everyone to keep an eye out for these disgusting people, get their license plate number and report them to the police. Please, we don’t need anymore of Mr. Felix’s bags of tricks! Jeff Sine

Saving Blanding Library

I have also heard of the sad news that our library may close and this would indeed be very sad for our children and citizens of Rehoboth. My 17 year old daughter had brought this to my attention and she had gone to our library since she was 5 years old. I also have family members that had visited our library and they too have come to love going in and spending time at the library. Our library is a very special place that our children have come to love over the years. Please selectman and finance committee support and save our library. Maria R. DaSilva


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May 2010 The Reporter

Rehoboth Town News Rehoboth Voters To Decide Tight Budget for Fiscal Year ’11 at Town Meeting by Laura Calverley

Voters at the annual town meeting on May 2 will be reviewing approximately 23 warrant articles. The budget for Fiscal Year 2011 will likely require the greatest discussion. The finance committee’s recommended budget is approximately $19.7 million, which is a slight increase over the current year’s budget of $19. million. According to Finance Committee Chairperson Sue Pimental, the increase is due to a $600,000 increase for the schools. The committee is recommending funding the schools only at the state’s minimum requirement, not the assessment requested by the school department for next year. There will also be a special town meeting, which is scheduled to start about 10 minutes into the annual meeting, to make some changes to the current year’s budget in order to cover a shortfall of approximately $1,000. There is only expected to be four articles for the special town meeting, which will finish out the current fiscal year that ends on June 30. Pimental said that the fact that a special town meeting is needed shows how ‘bare bones’ the town’s budget is. Town Administrator David Marciello said the town just doesn’t make enough money to pay its bills. “We don’t have enough money to pay wages this year. The town is actually using next year’s free cash to finish this year,” Marciello said. The 2011 budget will include recommendations from the Board of Selectmen as well as from the Finance Committee. There is expected to be two separate columns, one with the finance committee’s numbers and one with selectmen’s numbers, at least on some lines. Funding for the Blanding Library is one of the major areas where the selectmen and finance committee differs. The finance committee’s proposed budget allocates the library’s funds from the town’s stabilization account and through other cuts. “We voted to fund the library $185,000, partially with stabilization and partially through layoffs in other departments,” said Finance Committee Chairperson Sue Pimental. Selectmen do not want to use stabilization money to fund the library because taking money from stabilization requires a two-thirds vote at town meeting and they want to be sure that the library is funded. Instead, they voted to eliminate the tree warden and town planner/conservation agent positions, to decrease the amount of the reserve fund by approximately $5,000 and to maintain the present salary of the building inspector at $25,000 and some other changes. The finance committee is recommending that the building inspector’s salary be increased to approximately $0,000. Selectmen Chairman Ken Foley said that he couldn’t see the justification for increasing the building inspector’s salary when “we are in the worst economic times ever.” Regarding the tree warden position, Foley said that in most other towns in the area, tree wardens’ salaries are less than $500. Pimental said that because the tree warden is an elected official and the town voted for the position, the committee wanted to keep his stipend. continued on page 14


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“The tree warden is an elected official and for $20,000, we feel that he probably gives back ten times to the town,” said Pimental. Pimental also said that the committee felt that the Town Planner/Conservation Agent was a critical position. The chairmen of the planning board and the conservation commission recently tried to persuade selectmen not to eliminate the planner/conservation agent position. “It is critical that we have a planner and conservation agent in place in town. During the year and a half that we did not have this position, things were left undone. She is responsible for state regulations and filing requirements and if we don’t follow them we may be violating the law,” said Planning Board Chairman Mike Costello. The Planning Board and Conservation Commission have put three articles on the warrant by petition which deal with the Town Planner/Conservation Agent position. One article moves the position’s salary out of general government. Costello says that the Planner/Conservation Agent’s salary should be under control of the Planning Board. Two other articles would amend the bylaw to make the Town Planner appointed by the Planning Board and the Conservation Agent appointed by the Conservation Commission. Right now one person works part time as Town Planner and part time as Conservation Agent. “We are elected officials on the Planning Board. Who is better suited to direct, appoint, and review the town planner than the Planning Board?” Costello said. Funding for Blanding Library is also a concern because if the library does receive $185,000 from the town for the next fiscal year, that would be a cut, according to Library Director Laura Bennett. The library had requested approximately $200,000. Bennett said it’s important that Rehoboth residents are aware that “if the town does not appropriate enough funds to meet the Municipal Appropriation Requirement, and the library does not receive a waiver of the MAR, then the library will not be granted certification.” Loss of certification means the library will not receive state aid funds and it will not be guaranteed reciprocal services such as interlibrary loans with other certified libraries in Massachusetts.

Moving Clerical workers’ wages to Selectmen’s wages

The town meeting warrant includes some other differences between the finance committee and selectmen’s recommendations. The Board of Selectmen wants to move the wages of town office departments and combine them with the selectmen’s wage line. Foley said the change would “make it easier.” The intent seems to be to consolidate all the clerical workers at town office. Selectmen Kevin McBride voted against these changes.

highway department Cuts

One more difference involves the Highway Department. The finance committee’s budget recommends reducing the highway department wages by approximately $120,000, effectively eliminating 3 positions in that department, while the selectmen only want to layoff two individuals. The reason is that they expect the position will be needed to cover the responsibilities of the tree warden, and therefore are recommending that the line be cut by about $0,000 less.

Town hall Cuts

Both the finance committee and selectmen are recommending eliminating two clerical positions from town hall. There are now about 10 clerical positions at town offices (two of them are parttime) for approximately 15 departments. The finance committee and selectmen are also recommending eliminating all benefits for part-time elected officials as well as part time employees working less than 20 hours.

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Falling home prices! the Conservation Commission, 7.5" saysxthat it does not change the Seekonk Loan Center your Credit) MSIC/EHL/NCUA MSIC/EHL/NCUA 4.875" Seekonk Loan Center Correia any further Jean Correia wetlands protection bylaw at all or give theJean commission 23 Circle Dr, Seekonk ■ The Appraisal Process 7.5" x 4.875" 23 Circle Dr, Seekonk regulatory powers. He said that for agricultural and residential, the ■ The Closing Process and Legal fee increases are minimal. The fee for a RDA for a single-family Take advantage of Documentation house would be $100. Subdivisions will pay a larger fee. Falling home prices! ■ PMI (Private Mortgage Insuranc You really can’t HitoScott, “It will help offset the costs we incur administer the wetlands MSIC/EHL/NCUA weeklyshop Curbside Service for a home Residential protection act,” said Pennoyer. ■ Getting Pre-Approved and the Jean Correia Hi Scott, Here is the ad I have created. Below are the changes I was talking to without a pre-approval. 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th Other there now is awarrant copy &Articles paste from our website.) Please insert the “70 Anniversary Anne’s CU” logo from the last ad. (T Besides the budget for 2011, the warrant includes several there now is a copy & paste from ourStwebsite.) Please insert the MSIC, EHL & NCUA logos from the last ad. PROMPT, there now is a copy & paste from our website.) Hi Scott,

routine articles such as accepting the reports of various boards, rePleasePlease insert the MSIC, EHL & NCUA thelast last authorizing several revolving accounts and street acceptances. insert the MSIC, EHL & NCUAlogos logos from from the I amwarrant not a articles marketing person… please feelOne free to adjust anything that makes sense or will Two other may be of interest to voters. increases the administrative fee for police detail work, whichorwould make the ad look better. Please email fax me a copy of the finished ad. If you have any I am not a marketing person… please toadjust adjustanything anything I am not a marketing person… pleasefeel feel free free to thatthat make increase revenues. questions, please give me a call at 508-336-4455 or email me at 508-673-0521 or 508-294-2057 (cell) make the ad look better. Please email or fax me a copy of the finished ad. Another involves purchasing a Document Management Softmake the ad look better. Please email or fax me a copy of the finished 7.5" xminutes 4.875" ware System for use by town office which would create questions, please give me a call at 508-336-4455 or email me at jwcorreia@ Thanks for all your help… Jean questions, please of town board and committee meetings and connect them to agive me a call at 508-336-4455 or email me at jwcor video feed and make them both available online for the public to th Thanks for all your help… Jean review from home. The new system also would make it possible Thanks for your to search through town board meetings’ minutes andall find refer- help… Jean ences to a particular subject, watch the video, and/or find out how a board voted on a certain item, according to Town Administrator David Marciello. The system would save town employees hours in time. Public information requests currently are done by hand and can take up to 20 or 30 hours each. The cost of the system is $12,000. Rehoboth citizens will have a great deal to review, especially concerning the Fiscal Year 2011 budget, at annual town meeting. The discussion will probably go to a second night. If it does, the second night will be on Tuesday, June 1 because May 31 is Memorial Day. The Annual Town Meeting will be held at the Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School beginning on Monday, May 2th at 7:30 pm. Voter registration to be able to participate in the Annual and Special Town Meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 1, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s Office.

RELIABLE Here is the ad I have created. Below are the changes I was talking to you SERVICE phone…

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ThE ANNuAL TOwN MEETING dighton Rehoboth Regional high School Monday, May 24th at 7:30 pm. SPECIAL TOwN MEETING friday, May 14, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s Office.

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The Reporter May 2010

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Lynn Shaker back to the Town Clerk’s Office as the Assistant Town Clerk. Lynn is undoubtedly an asset to the Clerk’s Office and I feel very fortunate that she has returned as my assistant. Lynn has worked in the Town Clerk’s Office for four and a half Kathleen J. Conti years and has always done an outstanding job. I would also like to extend a special Town Clerk thank you to Deb Giles for the excellent job she did as the Assistant Town Clerk for the past seven months and extend my best wishes to her as she embarks on her new role as the Assistant Treasurer. The town is extremely fortunate to have two such dependable and conscientious workers. Both Lynn and Deb are not only diligent in the performance of their duties but a pleasure to work with. It is also time to again thank Neal Harrington and the Boy Scouts of Troop 1 for their volunteer work in the set up and break down of the voting equipment. I must express appreciation and respect to these courteous and accommodating individuals.

federal 2010 Census

our patient before

our patient after

Dr. Jared W. Stubbs, DDS

Dr. Lisa Daft, DMD

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Federal census forms were not mailed to PO Boxes. However, the US Census Bureau can send a form to a person who normally gets their mail at a PO Box. Any resident that did not receive a federal census form can call the telephone assistance center and either do a telephone interview or request a form be mailed to the P.O. Box. The telephone numbers are as follows: English: 1-866-872-6868 Chinese: 1-866-935-2010 Korean: 1-866-955-2010 Russian: 1-866-965-2010 Spanish: 1-866-928-2010 Vietnamese: 1-866-945-2010 TDD (Telephone Display Device for the hearing impaired): 1-866783-2010 Puerto Rico (in English): 1-866-939-2010 Puerto Rico (in Spanish): 1-866-929-2010 I would like to express my thanks to town resident Harriet Brisson for informing me of the problem with PO Boxes and providing very helpful information on how to assist town residents with PO Boxes. Annual Town Meeting And Special Town Meeting Rehoboth voters are advised that the date for Annual Town Meeting for the Town of Rehoboth has been rescheduled by the Board of Selectmen and will now be held at the Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School beginning on Monday, May 24th at 7:30 p.m. There will also be a Special Town Meeting within the Annual Town Meeting of May 24th. The Voter Registration date to be eligible to participate in the Annual and Special Town Meeting has also been rescheduled by the Town Clerk’s Office and will now be held on Friday, May 14, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Rehoboth Town Clerk’s Office.

dog Licenses

Due to budget constraints dog owners are advised that we will no longer be sending out reminders to license in mid April and mid May as we have done in the past. All dog licenses are due and payable by April 1st of every year and a late fee of $15.00 will be assessed for any licenses that are not renewed by June 1st of each year. I will continue to keep you informed through this article, press releases in the local newspapers and announcements on the cable channel to remind you of the due date of dog licensing in order to help you prevent assessment of a late fee. We still have 947 dogs that are unlicensed for this year so please get your dogs licensed before June 1st to avoid the $15.00 late fee.

May 2010 The Reporter


Business Certificates

Business owners are reminded that the application fee for a business certificate and/or business certificate renewal has increased to $50.00 and that your certificate is valid for four years.

Tax Rate

Town Treasurer/Collector, Cheryl Gouveia, would like to inform you that the actual tax rate for FY 2010 has been set and the 4th quarter tax bills will be mailed on April 28, 2010 and are due May 28, 2010. If you have any questions regarding your tax bill please call the Assessors Office at 508-252-3352, X114.

Fire Department Response to Flooding

“Your hometown landscaping service provider” We specialize in lawn renovations and hydroseeding. We are a full service licensed/insured landscape contractor.

Call 508-222-7883 or go to to The Rehoboth Fire Department has compiled it’s response to request a free estimate*. MC/Visa accepted. *Owner has a degree in plant/soil science and 20+ years the recent flooding that the Town endured. Responses during a 36 hour period included the following: experience The department responded to 338 requests for assistance to residents with water emergencies. At one point during the period the department had nine crews out handling these emergencies for 36 hours straight. Responses to water emergencies continued for a week after the rain had stopped. Two people and their dog were rescued from the raging waters of the Palmer River. The couples’ dog had been swept away by the river and they went after it in a small boat. A Police Officer controlling traffic at Route 44 and the Palmer River witnessed the couple go into the water and immediately radioed for help. Rehoboth firefighters using the new ladder truck and members in survival suits successfully rescued the couple from the river. Family Owned & Operated. Affiliated with Al’s Quality Oil There were two responses to possible fires within structures. Home Owners Firefighters along with Attleboro rs S e n d i Rescue #1 responded to an EMS call Cellars, Attics, Yard a nt yAR while Rehoboth EMS crews were hano Clean-up 5 C dling other calls for assistance. ff 0, 2 o Crews responded to a Hazardous ll , 2 Contractors Material spill. Ro , 15 0 Crews responded to an electrical 1 Debris, Waste and emergency at a commercial business Site Clean-up on Route 44. The electrical service for the business was about to become submerged. National Grid crews also responded to the scene. COMPETITIVE PRICING!!! Firefighters along with Police officers conducted a voluntary evacuawith this ad tion of homes along the Palmer River. • Commercial & Residential Rehoboth Emergency Management Cesspool & Septic Pumping opened a shelter at the Beckwith School. The Department would like to thank • Septic Tanks the several businesses in town who & Cesspools offered food and refreshments during the period. Vaccum Cleaned

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The Reporter May 2010

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Memorial Day Parade

Monday, May 31st is the 2nd annual joint Memorial Day Parade for Dighton and Rehoboth. Last year’s parade was a big success. Please join us again this year and if you know of any groups or clubs who would like to participate, please let me know. I can be reached at 508-669-5027 or my cell phone at (508)269-4545. The Parade will kick off at 10:00AM. At the John VanGyzen Memorial Bridge just south of the Dighton Police Station on Rt. 138 Dighton, MA. We will have plenty of parking available between Pavao Soccer Field and the old ICI parking lot on Main Street across from the Fire Station. We are working out the parade details and are having meetings at the VanGyzen Marine Corp League, 495 School Street, North Dighton (the old VFW) on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM. You are welcome to attend these informational meetings. Please contact me regarding your group’s participation.

Bill Card

774.306.6217 Rehoboth, MA Insured

Veterans’ Administration Expands Illnesses for Agent Orange and Iraq Afghanistan

Agent Orange was a used to defoliate trees and remove concealment for the enemy in Vietnam. Veterans who served from January 9, 1962 until May 7, 1975 are presumed to have been exposed to the herbicide. Illnesses recognized as possible Agent Orange caused: · AL Amyloidosis · Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma · Acute and Subacute Transient Periph· Porphyia Cutanea Tarda eral Neuropathy · Prostrate Cancer · Chloracne or acneform Disease consis· Respiratory Cancer of the lung, brontent with Chloracne chus, larynx or trachea · Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia · Soft Tissue Sarcoma (other than Os· (Now expanded to include a much teosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma, Kaposi’s broader range) Sarcoma or Mesothelioma) · Diabetes Melitus (Type 2) Any Vietnam veteran currently (or previously) being treated for any of the above should contact a VA Hospital or their Veterans’. Any Widow or widower of a Vietnam veteran who may have died as a result of any of the above should contact a veterans’ service office. The following nine diseases have been associated with service in Southwest Asia Serving Rehoboth, Seekonk, Swansea or Afghanistan. Some are non-presumptive and surrounding area conditions and will require some actual connect between military service in the areas or operation. · Brucellosis · Campylobacter jejuni · Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) Services Include: · Malaria · Mycobacterium tuberculosis • In-Home Pet Sitting • Mid-Day Exercise and Training · Nontyphoid Salmonella • Broad Range of Pet Training • Behavioral Modification · Shigella • Pet Taxi, Including Vet Visits • Backyard Wildlife Management · Visceral leishmaniasis · West Nile virus

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Visit Rehoboth’s Farms

The Rehoboth Agricultural Commission is pleased to announce the new “Visit Rehoboth’s Farms” color brochure, produced with grant funding from SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education.) The brochure provides educational information about Rehoboth agriculture, and a farm tour map listing the farms that invite the public to visit to purchase farm products or services.

May 2010 The Reporter The brochure is available at Town Hall, the Library, Cumberland Farms (Rtes 44/118), and at participating farms. It will soon be available in printer-friendly format on the new Rehoboth Agricultural Commission website:

VISIT REHOBOTH’S FARMS A guide to the best locally grown fresh produce, agricultural products, and family fun in Southeastern Massachusetts.


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Rehoboth Ramblings

Mowing under brush reduces disease carrying mosquito populations near paddocks and outdoor recreation areas. (non wetland areas) Make better use of your property by opening new and maintaining existing trails and fields. Enjoy fresh vegetables you grow yourself. Renew pastures with dense nutrient rich grasses of your choice. Enjoy a wide variety and healthy wildlife populations by planting multi-season food plots..

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by Leslie Patterson The Heart of Our Community: Here’s a quiz: “When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully: the church, which belongs to God, and the public library, which belongs to you. The public library is a great equalizer.” Who said this? 1) Michelle Obama; 2) the head of the Library of Congress; 3) Keith Richards. If you answered #3, you’re right. The bad boy Rolling Stone himself, though now he’s getting to be more of a bad old man, came out strongly in support of public libraries in an article in the Sunday Times (London) on April , available online if you want to look it up. The Times goes on: “In his autobiography, called Life, due to be published in October, Richards will reveal how as a child growing up in the post-war austerity of 1950’s London, he found refuge in books before he discovered the blues.”


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The Reporter May 2010

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I wish Keith were here now. (Hmm, he has a house in Weston, Connecticut - that isn’t too far away). He would certainly garner our public library in Rehoboth the attention it needs. He could also easily fund the library yearly with his massive bank accounts to draw on, but it shouldn’t be up to rock stars or other celebrities to bankroll random public libraries. Libraries should be funded by their own communities. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of uncertainty for the Blanding Public Library in Rehoboth, as plans for the library budget have gone from zero funding with the library having to close for good on July 1, to full or partial funding from a variety of revenue sources. To recap, the State Board of Library Commissioners requires a certain amount of funding from each community for its library. If a town does not meet the basic funding requirements, the library will not get state certification, and if our library is no longer certified by the state due to lack of funding, town residents would not be able to use their library cards at any of the other Massachusetts public libraries either. So if the Blanding closes, you can’t borrow anything from the Seekonk Library either. Thanks to a network of state-accredited libraries (SAILS in Southeastern Massachusetts), we currently have access to many thousands of items from the libraries in other


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May 2010 The Reporter towns, but this would cease. Essentially this would mean that town residents would be deprived of all the free services they have come to expect from a modern public library and they would not be able to get them elsewhere. I want to make it clear that I am not paid by the Blanding Library. I do serve as president of the Friends of the Blanding Library, which is an entirely volunteer organization. I have in the past worked limited hours for (modest) pay at the Blanding, but I have not done so in over three years, so I am not pleading here for my own job. I just want to remind everyone that the dedicated staff at the Blanding keeps the library open 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year on a library budget that is one of the lowest in the state. Many people don’t realize that the Blanding Library is under the direction of the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society, which administers it as part of their mission, with funding from the town, as required by the State Board of Library Commissioners. So the people who work at the Blanding are not employees of the Town of Rehoboth, even though the Blanding serves as the town’s public library. (Yes, it’s complicated. The Boston Public Library also has a half-private, half-public set-up like this, as do some other older libraries in New England.) The Blanding Library serves thousands of people in Rehoboth, from small children at story hour to seniors, to everyone in between. Public libraries are especially useful at a time when school library services are being cut. If you haven’t been to the Blanding Library since you were in Scouts or in school, please stop by. You will be amazed at the variety of items available for borrowing, from books for all ages and interests, to movies and music, and much more. A library card is free for local residents. There are several computers for public use also. A small town library also serves a vital role as a central place for meetings of various groups, not to mention all the programs they offer. Children’s programs are especially popular and almost always free. The Blanding’s popular annual used book sale is May 21-23 and I hope you will check it out this year too. To return to Keith Richards’ timely quote above, I would add that if the church is the soul of the community, the public library is in heart. Let’s not cut the heart out of our community. A town without a public library is considered by many to be a less desirable place to live. You can support the Blanding Public Library by attending Rehoboth Town Meeting on May 2 to make your voice heard and to vote for continued funding to save your library.


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DAVID SAAD November, 2010

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR MASSACHUSETTS STATE REPRESENTATIVE 4TH DISTRICT • Return Common Sense Back To Government • We have been held hostage by one party, for too many years

The Blanding Library Website Has Changed. Our New Address Is www.Blandinglibrary.Net

• It’s time that Beacon Hill do what’s best for Massachusetts rather then their own interests • No more taxing our way out of our problems



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The Reporter May 2010

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The Seekonk Scene Town Clerk’s Corner By Jan Parker, Seekonk Town Clerk

Congratulations to all the candidates in the local election. The voter turnout was disappointing, but thank you to those who took the time to support a candidate. Save a Pet is holding a yard sale on Saturday, May 15th from 8:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. at the Aitken School. You may donate merchandise to be sold or you may rent space for $10.00 The contact person is Pat Cloutier at 336-4223. All proceeds support the animals at our shelter. You may go to their web site for more information. Save a Pet is collecting items for the animal shelter. Cleaning supplies such as paper towels, laundry detergent, bleach, chewy dog treats, peanut butter, kongs, washable cat beds, Arm and Hammer kitty litter, Pedigree canned dog food, and Purina Cat Chow are all needed at the shelter. The barrel is in the Town Hall lobby for those donations or you may bring them to the Town Clerk’s office and we will see that they get them. The shelter is always collecting used printer toner cartridges. They are recycled and the shelter receives the money for them. The barrel for the cartridges is also in the lobby of Town Hall. For those cat and dog owners looking for low cost spaying and neutering, the animal control officer has provided us with the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s spay and neuter phone number. They serve Cape Cod and south of Boston with a van that travels to towns after they get 40 appointments for spaying or neutering. You can call them and they will tell you if they are going to have a van in the area. The number is 877-590-7729 or e-mail The annual town meeting will be held on Monday, May 24th at 7:00 P.M. at the Seekonk High School on Arcade Avenue. This is when the annual budget is voted on, along with other warrant articles. Dog licenses are now due for renewal. All dogs six months and older must be licensed per Massachusetts General Laws. A late fee is charged for renewals after May 31st. Please provide a current rabies certificate. A Late Fee Of $20.00 Per Dog Is Charged After May 31st For Renewals. A reminder that yard sale permits are required in Seekonk. The fee is $5.00 per day and you may have four sales a year. This office issues the permits.

Seekonk Biology Students Highlight of Land Trust Annual Meeting

[Seekonk]—The Seekonk Land Conservation Trust held its 42nd Annual Meeting at the Seekonk Public Library on March 31st. A highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Seekonk’s 10th Grade Biology II students taught by Angela Cunard, Jennifer Borden, David Bonneau. With the help of a grant from the Land Trust, her students have been analyzing the watershed at the Runnins River, which runs though Seekonk. “Environmental Education is an important component of the Land Trust mission,” said Willet Mason, president, “and we are delighted that Ms Cunard has carried on with this project for almost ten years.”

May 2010 The Reporter Students described their visits to two sites on the Runnins River, where they don waders to collect samples of river water which they analyze back at the lab. They pointed out that residue from almost everything we humans do runs into the nearest river. The students noted that road salt and chemical fertilizers wash into our freshwater ecosystems, threatening the many tiny species, such as macroinvertebrates, that live there. Their research confirmed that the high phosphate levels they found, often caused by chemical fertilizers, kills invertebrates, beginning a chain of damage to our environment. “These tiny creatures are so minuscule that most people are not even aware of them,” said one student, “but they are an integral part of our environment and the cycle of life.” Students later fielded questions from the audience about how we can stop the pollution. Simply taking an organic approach to lawn care would go a long way in helping to preserve the integrity of our wetlands and, ultimately, our water supply. Ms Cunard thanked the Land Trust for its ongoing support and reported that her efforts and those of her associates were recognized by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MTLC) in the way of a grant of $2500 to purchase supplies to support science education. The Seekonk Land Trust has worked for over 40 years to preserve open space in Seekonk and now protects almost 400 acres. To see what you can do to help Seekonk retain its rural characteristics, call Willet Mason at 508-336-0707.

Bulky Waste Passes – Transfer Station – Curbside Collection

The Town of Seekonk through its Board of Selectmen has opted to eliminate the fees for a landfill pass which will allow residents to dispose of bulky items at the transfer station. This will enable residents to dispose of furnishings and other material that was damaged from rain and subsequent flooding from the storm on March 29th & 30th. All residents are required to obtain a pass from the Public Works Department located at 871 Taunton Ave, (RT-44) at the intersection of Lake St between the hours of 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. Also, residents will be required to sign an affidavit stating that all materials being disposed were in fact damaged due to the storm and flooding from March 29th & 30th. All Massachusetts regulations pertaining to banned waste and materials will remain in effect. Please make certain any item you intend to drop off is allowed. Ask at DPW. If you do not have a pass you will not be allowed to dispose of your materials. No Exceptions Passes Will Not Be Issued At The Transfer Station. The Transfer Station hours of operation are as follows. Monday – Saturday 8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. until May 15, 2010. Closed Patriots Day Monday April 19, 2010 In addition, the Town will provide curbside collection of furnishings and material damaged from the flooding. The collection will take place Mon. – Fri. April 26th – 30th on your regular trash day if possible. Any resident wishing to dispose of items by curbside collection will be required to register for the collection at the Public Works Department and sign an affidavit of the items being disposed. If you have not registered for the special collection your items Will Not be collected.

“Shingles, What Is It And How To Get A Free Shot.”

Seekonk Human Services - Thursday, June 3, 2010. Bonnie Ryvicker from the VNA will be at the senior center to talk to us about shingles and let you know how to get a free shot. Lunch will served following the presentation and will cost $2. Please call Human Services at 508-336-772 to make a reservation for lunch.


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The Reporter May 2010


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Save A Pet Society

The members of Seekonk’s Save A Pet Society will be holding their spring yard sale on May 15, 2010, with a rain date of Sunday the 16th. The yard sale will be held from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. at the Aitken Elementary School on RT 152, Newman Avenue, in Seekonk. There will be the usual fantastic assortment of house wares, books, furniture, gadgets and “treasures.” All the items are donated and all the proceeds go to assist the Seekonk Animal Shelter. We will have some delicious food for your lunch as you take a break from browsing our tables. Our volunteers are great cooks! If you have ever attended one of our yard sales, you know they are top notch. We also will have Save A Pet merchandise on sale. The tee shirts are awesome! If you have saleable items that you would like to donate to our sale, we are a 501©3 organization and can give you a receipt for your donation. We are not accepting any computer items. Please contact our president, Pat Cloutier, at or call her at 508 336-223 to discuss donating. Hope to see you there. For those wishing to sell some of their own items, space is available for a rental fee of $10.00. Contact President of Save A Pet, Pat Cloutier, to arrange to rent your space.

Open Your Heart To Emma EMMA WHEELER FUNDRAISING DINNER Saturday May 22nd • 7-11pm The Jocky Club 115 Route 44, Raynham, MA 02767 (508) 828-9128

Thank you for joining us for an evening of... Dinner, Entertainment, Silent Auction & 50/50 Raffle Ticket Price $100 / *Your donation may be tax deductable "A Little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference" ~ Winnie the Pooh

Upcoming Event June 12th at Hillside Country Club For more info go to

October 10, 2009 was the day the Wheeler family lives were changed forever. Until then, Emma Wheeler was just a normal eight year old girl. She was a happy third grader and liked to practice her gymnastics and play with her friends. After returning from a trip to Disney World, Emma had not been feeling well and had a fever. She went to see her primary care doctor, and was eventually taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI for diagnostic tests. It was determined that Emma had a cancerous tumor growing on her kidney, clinically known as a WILMS Tumor. This type of tumor is seldom found in children over the age of 5. Being 8 years old, Emma’s tumor had grown to almost 2 pounds. Emma underwent a 7 hour surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, as well as her kidney and surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. The tumor was sent to pathology which determined that the cancer was at stage 3 of a possible scale of 5. Emma’s tumor also tested positive for L.O.H. (loss of Heterozygosoty), a genetic issue which research studies have found correlates to a higher reoccurrence of cancer. This meant that Emma required a more aggressive chemotheraphy treatment in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the cancer. Emma was subjected to radiation treatment as well as chemotherapy. She will be continuing her weekly chemotheraphy regimen for approximately 33 weeks. The Wheeler family and many other families like them have been challenged by this disease, yet they forge ahead with the strength and inspiration of friends and loved ones. Emma’s perpetual smile gives us all hope. If you wish to contribute to a fund to help Emma and other children and families in need, please make your checks payable to: Emma Wheeler Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc., c/o Andre Toldo, 7 Key West Blvd., Rehoboth, MA 02769.

May 2010 The Reporter

D-R Class of 1995 15-year Reunion Saturday June 19th, 2010


Neal Bellavance Electric Rehoboth Mass

6-11 PM; francis farm: Rehoboth, MA Tickets: $30.00 • dinner Buffet & Cash Bar

Please send ticket money by May 15th to: D-R Class of 1995/Stephanie Czech PO Box 353, Raynham, MA 02767 (check or money order made payable to Stephanie Czech) For more info, or to find out how you can help make the reunion a success, Email: Facebook Group: Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School Class of 1995


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3rd Annual A Ride for Tomorrow

In Memory OF Mariah Burda

Saturday, June 19 (rain or shine)

Motorcycle Registration: 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 (must have helmets) Place: Aitken Elementary School 165 Newman Ave (Rte 152) Seekonk Ma Donations $15 per person in advance $20 the day of The ride will end at Houlihans Tavern On the River 28 Water St. East Providence RI

All proceeds to benefit The Tomorrow fund at hasbro Children’s hospital

After the ride food, raffles, and music by  East, Blessing of the bikes by CMA For More Info visit the website For tickets contact: Jean Burda 508-726-5139 Tom Burda 508-726-1187 Bruce Andrews 508-400-9230 Make donations payable to A Ride for Tomorrow

Citizens For Citizens, Citizens For Citizens, Inc. Inc

Program HeadHead StartStart Program ®

Bay State Road, MA Rehoboth MA Bay State Road, Rehoboth

A Developmentally Appropriate A Developmentally Appropriate Pre-School for: Pre-School Program Program for: and Seekonk Dighton, Dighton, RehobothRehoboth and Seekonk

Currently Currently Enrolling Enrolling (by -Sept. 1st) - 5 years Children 3Children (by Sept.31st) 5 years • Foster Children Automatically Qualify • Foster Children Automatically Qualify Breakfast & Lunch Served • Breakfast &•Lunch Served Part Based Day & Options Home Based Options Available • Part Day & •Home Available

Please call (508) 675-2151, Please call (508) 675-2151, ext. 204 ext. 204 more information for morefor information Ma. License # 8117990 Ma. License # 8117990 #212592


The Reporter May 2010

Grand Opening

Shanti Yoga

at Five Bridge Inn 152 Pine Street, Rehoboth, Ma Located at the RED sign, at the end of the long drive


Sundays -9:30 am-11:00am Hatha Yoga 11:15am - 12:15 Slow Flow Yoga Great for beginners Tuesdays- 6:30pm 1 hr Slow Flow Yoga Great for beginners Thursdays - 6:30pm 1 hr Hatha Yoga

First Class FREE!

508-269-7812 - .

Learn About The $1900 A Month Benefit For Veterans The VA Doesn’t Want You To Know About. Many Veterans and spouses qualify for a little-known VA benefit designed to keep Veterans and spouses at home and out of the nursing home. It can also pay for assisted living. The benefit ranges from about $1000 a month for widows to about $1900 a month for couples. Our FREE report outlines the benefit and what it takes to qualify. Call now for a copy of your free special report.

Call anytime and leave a clear message 1-508-252-3013 Law Office of Lori J. OBrien-Foeri PROVIDING ESTATE, MEDICAID & DISABILITY PLANNING

(508) 336-0721 Mother's Day & Prom Specials • $5.00 OFF Full Set Acrylic Nails • $5.00 OFF Manicure & Pedicure Combo • 30% OFF Permanent Makeup Application • 20 Minute Foot Massage $15.00

Also Offering Waxing & Facials

For the month of May- May 19 change in venue address!

On May 19, poetry in the village will take place at 228 Winthrop st., the intersection of Rtes  and 118, Rehoboth, ma. Same time: 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. With open mike and feature poet - and good eats! This month’s feature - Louisa clerici. Louisa Clerici is a writer and java junkie who meets her muse in cafes and finds her inspiration wherever coffee is served. Her work has been described as straight-up black, and light with two sugars. She writes about all the beauty and mystery of life with power and emotion. She is also the editor of For more information contact:

Deborah Sadler and Doug Kelley Join Forces in Grease

“Grease is the Word!”

Under the direction of Deborah Sadler of Rehoboth, MA, and assistant direction of Aaron Gendreau-Visco of Brockton, MA, the Little Theatre of Fall River proudly presents Grease, the popular 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll musical written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. With choreography by Janice MacDonald, Alex Cruz and Jeff Belanger, and with musical direction by Bobby Perry, Doug Kelley, and Amy Kelley, this production is sure to be one that you won’t want to miss! This is the first time that Deborah Sadler and Doug Kelley of Doug’s Music and Learning Center in Rehoboth, MA are collaborating. Both are very much looking forward to the experience! Deborah Sadler has lived in Rehoboth for over 25 years and has been a long supporter of the arts. This is Debbie’s fourth show as director. Her past directing credits include Jekyll & Hyde, Sweet Charity, and Beauty and the Beast all with the Little Theatre of Fall River. Her daughter, Jessalyn Sadler Correa, will be playing the role of Rizzo. Jessalyn has also been active in local and regional theater for most of her life. Show dates are May 13 at 7:30 p.m., May 1 and May 15 at 8 p.m., and May 16 at 2 p.m. This fun and energetic musical will be performed at the Margaret L. Jackson Performing Arts Center at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA. Tickets are $23 for adults, $18 for seniors and students, and $10 for children 12 years and under. For additional information, please visit www.

GIGANTIC YARD SALE FUNDRAISER Saturday, June 12, 2010 & Sunday, June 13, 2010 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sale ends 6-15-10


Poetry in the Village

Gift Certificates Available

Open 7 days a week 150 Highland Ave., Route 6 (Next to Bob's Store), Seekonk, MA

Redway Plain field Rte. 44 & Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA Raindate June 26 & 27 • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Sponsored by Rehoboth Anawan Lions Club

May 2010 The Reporter

4th Annual Stuff for Strays! Animal Rescue Organization seeks donated items for yard sale

Residential RI & MA

Plainville – The th Annual Stuff for Strays Yard Sale to benefit Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue is scheduled for Saturday June 12th & Sunday, June 13th from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. at Desco Electronics, 36 Bacon Square, Plainville, MA. Proceeds from the event will help stray and homeless cats in the area. Gently used items, including furniture, home accessories, baby clothes, toys, kitchenware, books, CDs, electronics and much more will be available for purchase. There will also be baked goods, cold drinks, handmade organic catnip mats and cat toys for sale as well. It’s a fun-filled day of bargain shopping, entertainment and food – all for a good cause! ACH welcomes donated items for the sale. Please no computers, printers, adult clothing, exercise equipment or holiday decorations. Items can be dropped off at 36 Bacon Square from April 3rd through June 5th at 36 Bacon Square on Wednesday nights :30 to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. To arrange drop offs of donations, call (508) 203-20 or email to Donations are tax deductible. Proceeds from the sale go directly to cover medical expenses for stray cats and kittens. Angelcat Haven (ACH) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats in Southeastern Massachusetts. For more information, or to volunteer, please call our message center at (508) 203-20 or visit www. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Angelcat Haven, 36 Bacon square, Plainville, MA 02762.

The Rehoboth Community Dance is held monthly at Goff Memorial Hall

* Free * On Sunday evening, May 16, from 7 to 9 p.m., there will be a community dance held at Goff Memorial Hall, 12 Bay State Road, in Rehoboth. This dance is hosted by the Sunday Night Jammers, a group of area musicians who meet regularly on Sunday evenings at Goff Hall to play Celtic dance music. The May 16 will feature contra dance steps and a variety of international and couple dances, such as polkas and waltzes. All dance steps will be taught. Admission is free and open to the public, and all ages and beginners are welcome. It is not necessary to come with a partner. A potluck precedes the dance at 6 p.m. For information, call Bob Elliott at 508-669-5656 or Judith Schrier at 01-751-55, or you can email Paul Wilde at zenyente@gmail. com.

For Ad Rates Call 508.252.6575 or Check the web at


Licensed & Insured since 1984

East Coast Plastering Where quality comes first

Renovations • Repair work New ceilings and resurfaced walls Need a plasterer with good prices? Call John Grilo 508-455-0375 All work Guaranteed

• Landscaping & Fencing • Septic System Installation • Standing Water Solutions • Stone Driveways Installed • Stump & Rock Removal • French Drains Installed • Topsoil Grading • Roof Drains • Sawcut Asphalt/Driveway Repair

FREE ESTIMATES All Calls Returned • Other Services Available

Call Mitch (774) 406-0587


508.252.4770 454 Winthrop Street (Rte. 44) Rehoboth, MA

Office Hours By Appointment

Now Offering Saturday Appointments • Complete Dental Implant Center • • Prosthetics • • Teeth Whitening • • Bonding • • Family & Cosmetic Dentistry • • Crowns • • Emergency Treatment •


The Reporter May 2010

Rehoboth Contra Dances

KLP Landscaping

Goff Memorial Hall, 124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA; $8; All dances taught. Beginners welcome. Partners not necessary. Contact: 508-252-6375; http://www.contradancelinks. com/rehoboth.html

15% OFF

ANY SPRING CLEAN-UPS Now Accepting New Lawn Clients for Spring!

Specializing in

Hedge & Shrub Trimming Perennial Gardens & Ornamental Tree Pruning

Fully Insured • Free Estimates Landscaping • Snow Plowing • Construction

Licensed Pesticides Applicator for your Weed, Insect, & Fertilization Needs

Kreg Propatier


Dan Pearl.

Caller, Dan Pearl; music by Rumblestrip Friday, May 14, 8 p.m.

All dances will be taught by caller Dan Pearl. Music will be performed by Rumblestrip, with Nat Hewitt, Liza Constable, and Glen Loper.


Ladies’ Wall Hugger, Rocker or Swivel Rocker Recliners Any Recliner

$50* *With this coupon. OFF Offer ends 5/29/10

Heathen Creek.

Caller, Lucia Watson; music by Heathen Creek Friday, May 28, 8 p.m.

All dances will be taught by caller Lucia Watson. Music will be performed by Heathen Creek, with Maia Rutman, Mark Koyama, and Pete Johannsen.

The 36th Annual Native American Pow-Wow

Custom Re-upholstery • Free Estimates • For Over 50 Years Hours: Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. 9-5:30; Wed. 9-7; Sat. 9-3


e r 1177 Central Ave., Pawtucket, RI 508-761-6700 yw (Pawtucket/Seekonk Line - Benny's Plaza) 401-729-1187

June 12th and 13th, 2010 Public Invited Open from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dixon Cleaning Don't have time to clean? Call dixon Cleaning

In Business for over 30 years Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates

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Native American Crafts ¥ Story Telling ¥ Singing ¥ Dancing Raffle ¥ Refreshments Available

Host Drum ¥ Urban Thunder All Drums Welcome

Performance By: Wolf Cry Singers (Sat.) Flute Music By: Bob White Bear LaSalette Shrine Fairgrounds ¥ RT 118 Park Street, Attleboro, MA Admission $2.00 – Children under 12 & Seniors Free Campsite Fee : $25 For 2 Nights - $15 For 1 Night Traders by Invitation Only For More Information Call: Janis Blanchette 781-690-3231

No Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages Allowed


A&Q Lawn Sprinklers May 2010

Dighton Community Church Annual Clamboil!

Affordable Quality Lawn Sprinklers


A Full Service Irrigation Company

A&Q Lawn Sprinklers Think Spring‌

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Wed. May 12th

The Reporter

“Our goal is to make your neighborhood a greener place!â€? Think Spring‌

Doors open @6:00p.m., Serve @7:00p.m. Sharp Seekonk Rod and Gun Club 90 Reed St. Rehoboth, MA 02769

• New Installation • Maintenance $10 Off ♌ New 25%Installation Off ♌ Maintenance for & Old Systems Spring Startup Service Intsallation of • Refurbish • Service orNew Repair *New Installation Only *New Customers Only Rain Sensor

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♌ Upgrade of Existing Spring/Summeror 2007 Repair ♌ Valid Service ♌ Spring Start Up For a FREE estimate, please call James Santiano ♌ Winterize at 401.723.8023 or 781.844.5014

Valid Spring/Summer 2007

Tickets are $25.00 per/person for ticket information please contact George or Melissa (508) 252-5823. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Valid Spring/Summer 2007


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Spring Startup Service Intsallation of *New Installation Only *New Customers Rain Sensor for a free Estimate, Please CallOnly James Santiano Valid Spring/Summer 2007

dighton Indian Council’s Chicken BBQ fund Raiser Saturday, May 8th 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. dighton Pavilion Behind dighton Council hall Rte. 138, dighton, MA Tickets $12 each Eat In or Take home

Limited Tickets half Chicken, Sides, dessert & Beverage door Prize • Raffles • 50/50 with live music the CRS Band

Proceeds Benefit Dighton Indian Council Building Funds For tickets please



Valid Spring/Summer 2007 Valid Spring/Summer 2007 401.921.5262 or 508.685.2991

For a FREE Now Accepting e estimate, r y please call James Santiano at 401.723.8023 or 781.844.5014

g cceptin Now A ing and Even rday Satu ents tm Appoin

Luke P. Travis, Esq.

Reed, Boyce and Travis P.C. ATTORNEY AT LAW 239 Winthrop St., Rehoboth, MA Rt. 44 & Rt. 118 TEL: (508) 252-6699

Bay State

SEWAGE DISPOSAL INC. 508-822-0766 • 508-947-2636 Toll Free 1-888-822-0766


")'425#+3 42!#4/23 #//,#!23ANDMORE

3!4*5.%TH AM PM




We Handle Everything Pumping • Repairs • Inspections Emergency Service


200 Norton Ave. Taunton • 105 Kingman St. Lakeville


The Reporter May 2010

sine pLuMBinG & heaTinG "Quality Service Since 1945" •Repairs & Installation •Residential/Commercial/ Industrial Call us to •Pumps & Filters Sanitize your •Conditioners well after the •Water Heaters & flood! Heating Systems •Drain Cleaning •Fully Licensed & Insured Serving RI & Southeastern MA RIMP #625 MAMP #12592

Call (401)434-6436

American Red Cross Holds Blood Drive at the Congregational Church

The American Red Cross, the Eastern Star Lodge, A.F. & A.M., The Rehoboth Business Association, the Rehoboth Dunkin Donuts, and the Rehoboth Congregational Church are holding a blood drive to support the community blood supply for patients in need. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood, and every pint donated could save up to three lives. The Red Cross is urging the public to make an appointment to donate blood at the below location by calling 1-800-REDCROSS or logging on to

Monday, June 7, 2010 Blood drive: 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Congregational Church; 139 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA

All presenting donors can enter a weekly drawing to win a “Staycation Package” worth $350. *Prizes not redeemable for cash and non-transferable.

The American Red Cross Blood Services - Northeast Division must distribute approximately 3,000 units of blood each day just to meet the basic needs of area patients. Individuals who are at least 17 years of age (16 with parental permission), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and donors 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements. Please bring your Red Cross blood donor card or other form of positive ID when you come to donate.

A-1 Custom Auto Body 22 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence, RI 0291

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Factory Authorized Toyota, Honda & General Motors Repairs • foreign & domestic • free Estimates • Insurance Estimates • Complete Collision work

Call for Spring Specials Rubberized Crack Filling Mohegan Seal Coating • Chip Sealing Asphalt Patching Seal Coating & Driveway Maintenance Residential & Commercial

Fight the Cost of New Pavement... We Seal your Old Pavement

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Hornbine Baptist & Holy Cross Catholic Church Pasta Night Saturday, May 15, 2010 Serving from 4:00pm till 8:00pm donation $8.00 per person Children under 12 - $4.00 Your choice of spaghetti or linguine & a choice of 6 different sauces served with salad, dinner rolls, assorted desserts, coffee and soda

Dyer-Lake Charitable Foundation, Inc. to Host Friendly’s Restaurant Fundraiser

On May 19th, 2010, the Dyer-Lake Charitable Foundation, Inc. will be hosting an event to raise money for its foundation with the help of Friendly’s Restaurant. The funds raised will assist in bestowing “mini-grants” for local various organizations and charities. Friendly’s Restaurant will donate ten percent of the proceeds raised during 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. on May 19, 2010. The Friendly’s Restaurant that will be holding this event is located at 10 Washington Street, Attleboro. Simply stop by with your family and enjoy a dinner and ten percent of the check will be donated by Friendly’s Restaurant to the charitable foundation.

May 2010 The Reporter



The Dighton-Rehoboth Falcons Cheerleaders “Challenger” Team

David Laurino Plaster & Paint Serving Rehoboth for Over 20 Years

Call David 508-252-4773 Fully Insured

FREE ESTIMATES All Work Guaranteed

The Dighton-Rehoboth Falcons Cheerleaders “Challenger” team graced Seekonk with a small performance to start our 2010 all store meeting. The team is reprised of special needs youngsters from the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas. They are Rhode Island State Champions and hope to raise enough money to head to Florida next year to compete nationally. With the special challenges this program faces it is a rock solid example of the Power of One! Everyone associated to the program; Coaches, parents and siblings are committed to those young girls success. They all have to do their part individually to make the program work and win as a team. Their success, passion and example of the Power of One should be an inspiration to all of us with the Ninety-Nine. I want to thank all the cheerleaders for “opening our eyes” on an early Saturday morining and “touching our hearts” for a long time to come! The Ninety-Nine has started our “Red Sox Win Kids Eat Free promotion”

Dighton Rehoboth Pop Warner Sign-Ups May 11

Dighton Rehoboth Pop Warner Football and Cheer will be holding signups for the 2010 season on Tuesday May 11 at Dighton Elementary School from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Dighton Elementary is located at 1250 Somerset (route 138) Ave. D-R Pop Warner can accept players from Dighton, Rehoboth, Seekonk and Somerset. Football is age and weight based. Information regarding the ages and weights can be found on our website along with registration fees D-R also offers a Challenger Cheer program (program for children with various disabilities), this will be our third year offering this unique program. We also offer online sign ups if you prefer the link for this is also found on our website If you have any questions please feel free to email or call Sue/Kevin Wood 508 669 590.


Serving The Rehoboth & Seekonk Area Since 1973




Jason Sidok - 3rd Generation


Visit us At

GROOM & STYLE Dog & Cat Grooming A Warm Heart for Cold Noses ~VERY CLEAN & COZY~

Special $20-$25 Baths for Short-haired Breeds Includes Nails & Teeth 36 years experience in Seekonk

177 Fairview Ave, Rehoboth MA



The Reporter May 2010

Seekonk Legion Baseball

Legion tryouts May 9th, 10th and 11th ages 14 to 19

Seekonk high school 6 p.m. all 3 days

REHOBOTH, MA Commercial • Industrial Residential MA - RI License Bucket Truck Service ~ Fully Insured ~ Fire Alarms Installed & Serviced

(508) 252-4000

93 Tremont St., Rehoboth, MA Tim Dorrance -Owner

Local Youth Hockey Team Wins State Title

The Greater Providence Youth Hockey Mite A’s (8U) recently won the RIAHA Gold Division Championship by defeating the Northern RI Vikings, 6-4 at Smithfield Municipal Rink. The GPYHA Mite A Jr. Bears team finished their season with a record of 30-11-5 and went undefeated in the playoffs to win the State Championship. Local players include: Barrington: Jacob Andreozzi, Madelyn Cox, Luke Lamontagne; Bristol: Keegan Hanley; Rehoboth: Benjamin Gaucher; Riverside: Colin Chapman; Rumford: Benjamin Frazier, Matthew Pimental, John Voll; Seekonk: Nolan Carlson, Benjamin Lunnie; Swansea: Elizabeth Lepage; Warren: Cameron Rancourt. Head Coach, David Frazier of Rumford; Assistant Coaches: Gino Rancourt of Warren and Tony Gaucher of Rehoboth.

springwood farm Boarding • Lessons • Training 120 School Street • Rehoboth, MA • 02769 Personalized care & training for horse and rider

Hunters • Jumpers • Equitation Lessons for all levels & ages Local to AA shows ******************** Stalls Available-Please Inquire ******************** LESSON SPECIAL - NEW CLIENTS "Purchase 2 lessons, get 3rd free!" Available until May 31 ********************

2010 Horsemanship Program

Limited Space-Call to reserve your spot now! July 13-16 & July 20-23 August dates to be announced

Farm: 508.252.6793

May 2010 The Reporter


RYBSA Rehoboth Youth Baseball and Softball By Jay Delaplain, President of RYBSA

McPhillips Fields Under Water

Finally on Saturday April 2th we were able to open up fields 1- at the McPhillips Fields on Martin Street. These four fields have been under water ever since the rains began. Without the tireless efforts of Frank Oliver, Craig Cox, Al Noons, Tom Reposa, Steve Reed and Rob Davis we would still not be playing baseball. Many others stopped by when they could to lend a hand. It was great to see the community come together. The damage left behind from the flood water will cost the league greatly. We have contacted FEMA and our insurance company but there is nothing either of them can do for our league. We would greatly appreciate any donations to help us recover from this flood. Please send all donations to RYBSA – Flood Donation, PO Box 586, Rehoboth MA 02769.

Serving Massachusetts & Rhode Island Since 1960 Underground Lawn Sprinklers Installation & Repairs Install A Filter To Keep Sediment From Affecting Sprinkler Head Perfomance.

Backflow Repairs Shallow Well Installations & Repairs Save Water Install A Rain Sensor

we 508-336-5522 ry

Authorized Bauble LuLu Dealer

McPhillips Fields floods.

RYBSA First Annual Family Field Day

On Sunday June 27th Francis Farm will be hosting our First Annual Awards Banquet and Family Field Day. All trophies will be handed out at this banquet along with the individual player and volunteer awards. We will be handing out the following awards: Championship and runners up trophies in Majors Baseball, AAA Baseball, AA Baseball, Seniors Softball and Juniors Softball. Player Participation trophies will be given out in A Baseball, T-Ball and Farm Softball. Divisional MVP Awards will be given out in Majors Baseball, AAA Baseball, AA Baseball, Seniors Softball and Juniors Softball. This year we will hand out the first Mike Nees Sportsmanship Award. One Sportsmanship Award will be given in each baseball and softball. We will also be honoring the RYBSA Volunteer of the Year. We will have many activities throughout the day: waffle ball, horseshoes, beach volleyball, basketball, bocce, etc… The food will be served buffet style. On the menu will be Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Clamcakes and Chowder, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, French Fries and Watermelon. Coaches and board members will be selling tickets. The prices are $20 per adult and $15 per child. For every player that comes to the banquet in uniform, Francis Farm will donate one dollar back to the league. We hope to see everyone at this event. It will be a great day!

Perfect Gift for Mother's Day! Bauble LuLu Beads fit on all popular brand name European style chains.

All beads and charms start at

$5.99, or 4 for $20 CARDSMART SEEKONK 150 Highland Ave., Seekonk, MA 02771 Phone (508) 336-9242 Mon.-Fri. 10AM-8PM, Sat. 10AM-6PM, Sun. 11AM-3PM Savings also available at: CARDSMART NORTH PROVIDENCE, 39 Smithfield Rd., N. Providence, RI, 401-272-4433


The Reporter May 2010

We Have a Winner!

David J. Ledoux


We received some great entries for our logo contest. The board has voted and the winner was submitted by Jennifer Silva. Jennifer will receive a $100 American Express Gift Card. Thanks to all who participated.

Installation - Sanding - Refinishing - Prefinished ***Quality Craftsmanship*** "Proudly serving the community for over 20 years" Owner/Operator Fully Insured

Office: 508-399-6211 Cell: 508-272-7729

RYBSA Names the 2010 All Star Coaches

The following head coaches have been elected by the RYBSA Board: 12u Team - Craig Cox; 11u Team - Frank Oliver; 10u Team - Mike Mullen; 9u Team - Al Tatton; 8u Team - Jay Delaplain Congratulations and good luck this summer. These teams will look to add to the dozens of tournament trophies that our All Star teams have collected over the past decade.




Colleen O’Brien Named “Student of the Quarter”


USA Karate – Rehoboth, has named Colleen O’Brien Student of the Quarter (April – June 2010). Colleen is a th grade student at MA RS#381 St. John the Evangelist School in Attleboro. In addition to karate, Colleen plays basketball and is in her 6th year of Girl Scouting with Troop 873. On April 17th, Colleen entered the Northern Challenge • Qualty Workmanship • Residential Karate Tournament in Franconia, NH where she won First Place in • Very Competitive Rates • Commercial the Traditional Weapons Division for her age group and Second • Direct Insurance Billing • Mobil Service Place in the Girls Sparring Division. • Same Day Service (508) 223-2291 Kathy O’Brien, Colleen’s mom tells us that “Colleen was in her 5th year of dance, which she enjoyed less each year. When she went to karate class and watched her brother, Shea, she decided that she wanted to switch from dance. We got Shea involved to learn discipline, self-control, and listening We Service All Makes & Models skills before heading into Kindergarten and we thought Colleen would get the same benefits as well as physical conditioning. She Pick Up & Delivery BONUS DISCOUNT took to karate immediately and her interest Available level continues to be very high.” Mom continues… “Since starting karate, Your Entire Repair or Maintenance Free Shuttle I have seen a great improvement in her confidence level. She used to be so nervous Expires 6/15/2010 Service about dance recitals, where there were other girls on the stage with her. Now she Mass Inspection confidently enters karate tournaments as an UP TO 5 QUARTS individual. The classes have benefited her Station *MOST CARS from a fitness perspective as well.” * EXPIRES 6-15-10 Congratulations to Colleen for all of her We Match Any dedication and hard work! 250 S. Main Street e Attleboro, MA y



10% OFF




coupons See Service Department for details


1451-1491 Brayton Pt. Rd. • Somerset, MA 02725

Collen O’Brien.

May 2010 The Reporter

Tennis Charity Champion

Hope Starr-Mararian, the 12-year old Seekonk resident who won her 11th tennis trophy recently in the Smile Train Junior Tennis Charity Classic 2010 at the Haley Tennis Academy at Centre Court in Riverside. Hope managed to win 35 out of the 36 games played an will continue to compete in the Haley Sunday Junior Tennis League that she won last year. Hope, known as “The Backboard Beauty”, has been coached b her Dad Jeffrey since she was 5, has decided that she wants to Hope Starr-Mararian play for Coach P. at the S.H.S. where her roots are and whose courts she loves that she always practiced on since her passion for tennis began. Hope would love to play College tennis and then be on the U.S.A. Federation Cup Tennis Team and represent the US in the Olympics and then open up the Hope Tennis Academy for Kids.


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e y

Seekonk Junior Golf League

Register for the 2009 Seekonk Junior Golf League season! Now in its 8th season, the Seekonk Junior Golf League invites boys and girls ages 9 to 16, of all skill levels, the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of golf with their peers. Players also have the opportunity to help their team compete for the rights to the “Carner Cup” named after legendary Seekonk Golfer JoAnne Carner, founder of Firefly Golf Course and a member of the LPGA Hall of Fame. Registration will take place at the Seekonk Library on April 2th, May 22nd and June 5th from 10 to 11 A.M. The number of registrations is limited and will be considered on a first come first served basis. The registration fee, which includes green fees, instruction, golf balls, tees and team hats, is $85.00 for single entrants $50 for the 2nd golfer, and $30 for each additional golfer. Special consideration will be given to those experiencing financial hardship. The season will run from July 10th through the end of August. You may also register through our website; ( by downloading our registration form and following the simple instructions on the site.




Commercial & Residential Pumping

We Accept Competitor Coupons

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508-336-3555 508-252-9430 400R Taunton Ave., Seekonk MA

Annex Office 51 Maple Ln., Rehoboth

We Have Everything You Need for that


Seekonk Junior Warriors

Tables & Grills & Coolers Chairs Tents & Party Snack Packages Machines ALL YOUR PARTY & BANQUET NEEDS.

We will be accepting early registrations for the 2010 season at Martin Elementary School Spring Fling on May 22, 10-3. There are some exciting changes this year. Our Blackstone Valley Conference has gone to an All-American model - a grade based format. As most other youth sports, the players get to play and move up year to year right along side their friends. So, even if you have never played or cheered before, come play with your friends and join Warrior Nation!

“The program starts here!”

Check us out: For football questions? Call 508-324-5996 Or e-mail For cheer questions? Call 508-336-5018 Or e-mail You can also register online @

Why Buy When You Can Rent? ey

TaunTon renTal Don’t buy it, rent it!

formerly Taylor Rental

Rt. 44, Taunton MA • 508-823-2501

The Reporter May 2010 H BOT RES






Rehoboth Rescue Squad Training in Personal Safety (TIPS) By Tom Rose, Captain of Rescue

A.M. Carpentry


(508) 222-6573

Pool Safety Memorial Day usually brings warm weather and preparation for the summer. Many families open their pool Memorial Day weekend and start the cleaning process to prepare for cooling off on those hot summer days. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Inc. about 3,000 people are injured in and around swimming pools each year and more that 600 people drown in home and public pools. Half of these fatalities occur in the yards of single-family homes. To avoid swimming pool incidents, the Rehoboth Rescue Squad offers the following safety tips:

• Be sure all pool users know how to swim. A good swimmer should accompany beginners. • Don’t swim alone or allow others to swim alone. • Check to pool area often for glass bottles, toys, or other potential hazards. Remove toys from in and around the pool when it is not in use. Toys can attract young children to the pool. • Put fencing around the pool area to keep people from using your pool without your authorization. • Never leave small children unsupervised – even for a few seconds. During social gatherings at or near a pool, appoint a “designated watcher” to protect young children Rehoboth, MA from pool accidents. When adults become preoccupied, children are at risk. LICENSED & INSURED • Keep children away from pool filters, as the suction force may injure them or MA #058544 Reg # 111902 RI# 7169 prevent them from surfacing. • If a child is missing, check the pool FIRST. Seconds count in preventing death or disability. Go to the edge of the pool and scan the entire pool, bottom and surface as well as the pool area. • Do not consider young children to be drown proof because they have had swimming lessons. Children should always be watched closely while swimming. • Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. • Keep CD players, radios, and other electrical devices away from pools or nearby wet surfaces. • Do not allow anyone who is under the apparent influence of alcohol to use the pool. • Check the water depth before plunging into an in-ground pool. Never dive into an above-ground pool • Keep clear of the area near a diving board. • Keep rescue equipment by the pool. Be sure a telephone is poolside with emergency numbers close by. Always dial 911 as Horses Bought & Sold soon as possible if you have a pool related emergency. 156 Hornbine Rd, Rehoboth, MA • Learn CPR. Babysitters, caretakers, and older siblings should also know CPR. If you wish to become enrolled in a CPR course, please contact us. We can provide you with the name of an instructor and/or a training facility locally. • Stay out of the pool during rain or lightning storms. When thunder and/or lightning are first noticed, use the Flash-To-Bang (F-B) method to determine its’ rough distance and speed. This Want your next yard project technique measures the time from seeing lightning to hearing associated thunder. For each five seconds from F-B, lightning is to look twice as nice? one mile away. Thus, a F-B of 10 = 2 miles; 15 = 3 miles; 20 =  miles; etc. At a F-B count of thirty, the pool should be evacuated Get two times what you pay for and begin to seek shelter. • Pool activities should remain suspended until thirty minMy first day of labor is half priced! utes after the last thunder is heard. The distance from Strike A to Experienced Strike B to Strike C can be some 5 – 8 miles away. Why take a chance with lightning?

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Rehoboth Animal Shelter

There are several cats awaiting adoption at the Rehoboth Animal Shelter, including a very sweet mother cat and her six-month-old kittens. Here are pictures of two of the kittens. The black and white one is a girl with a quiet temperament. The other is one of her brothers, a lively boy with beautiful markings. They need to find good homes soon. For more information, call 508-252-521.

SCUBA Divers

The Rehoboth Rescue is looking to augment our Dive Squad. If you are a recreational or professional SCUBA diver and would like to volunteer your services to the town, please contact us. We own equipment including tanks and regulators. We also have a ZODIAC inflatable boat, fully equipped, with an outboard and a trailer. Check us out! We can always use help and our training dive drills are fun, summer or winter. The Rehoboth Rescue Squad continues to train and is always looking for volunteers. Contact Chief Gary Kloss at 01.226.3870 for an application or visit us on our new website Write to us at Rehoboth Rescue Association PO Box 61, Rehoboth, MA 02769-0061.

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Member FDIC

we are pleased to announce JOdI hEdRICk has joined RE/MAX RIVER’S EdGE

(508) 509-3925 cell

River's Edge

300 County Road, Barrington RI

(401) 245-2000 Each office is indepently owned & operated



The Reporter May 2010

The Newman YMCA

Rehoboth MA 02769 • 508-252-6959

NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO PUT IN A NEW LAWN! Call us for Spring Clean-ups! • Landscapes Designed & Installed • Patios and Walkways • Lawns Mowed & Trimmed • Bushes & Hedges Trimmed Tim Dixon • Rehoboth, Ma

We Care About Our Work - Insured

The Newman YMCA held its Annual Meeting on April 13th at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum with over fifty in attendance. Messages were given by Karen Leslie, CEO of the Greater Providence YMCA, Adam Macksoud, Chairman of the Newman YMCA Board of Management and Jeanine D. Achin, Executive Director. Re-elected to the Newman YMCA Board of Management were Lori Keough of Seekonk, Angela Kondon and Robert Sosa both of East Providence. Welcomed to the Board as new members were: Michelle Saunders of East Providnece, Linda Murphy of Rehoboth and Joanna L’Heureux of Seekonk. Outgoing members Cathy Edington of Rehoboth, Lisa Cote of Seekonk and Tracey Mahoney of East Providence were recognized and thanked for their service, dedication and work during their terms. Volunteer awards were presented. Katie Cory, Erin Corry, Karen Kasper, Nadine Dempty and Tim Durand for were nominated for excellence in creating, leading and consistently improving the group exercise offerings at the Newman YMCA; Meredith Skelly, and Paige Stenberg were nominated for their assistance in YMCA program development and implementation; Elan Durate, Kristen Fox and Krystal DeFaria were nominated for their assistance in running a multitude of YMCA Special Events; Carol and Walter Jasionowski along with Frank Burke were nominated for their tireless efforts in promoting the YMCA and making it accessible to all. These nominees were chosen from hundreds of people who give generously of their time to help the Y in our mission of providing programs and opportunities for youth development and building healthy lifestyles for all. The 2009 awards were presented as follows: Youth Volunteer of the Year, Paige Stenberg - for her work inspiring children in the YMCA sports leagues. Adult Volunteer

May 2010 The Reporter of the Year, Meredith Skelly - for organizing and teaching aquatic programs and swim lessons. Family Volunteer of the Year, Carol and Walter Jasionowski - for their work in bringing specialty equipment to the YMCA to better serve people with disabilities. Senior Volunteer of the Year, Frank Burke - for his efforts in promoting the YMCA and for providing transportation for members who are unable to drive themselves. The Newman YMCA is a charitable non-profit organizations dedicated to building healthy spirit, mind and body for all through programs, services and relationships that are based on our core value of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. For details visit Newman YMCA 72 Taunton Ave on Route  in Seekonk MA or call 508-336-7103.

The series of discussions and author readings is $100 for nonmembers for the 6 sessions or $75 for members. You may also chose to attend singular sessions at $20 per session.

Schedule of Authors & Novels

Sunday, June 13 at 3 p.m. - Paul Watkins: The Ice Soldier Sunday, July 25 at 6 p.m. - Ann Hood: The Red Thread Sunday, September 26 at 3 p.m. - Thomas Cobb: Crazy Heart

Lecture Series

Sunday, May 16th at 1 p.m. “Privacy and Your Genes: What You Should Know and Others Shouldn’t” Lawrence Rothstein: Attorney & URI Professor of Political Science

Please Use E-mail To Submit Your Letters, Club or Organizations News, Birth, Wedding and other Announcement To The Reporter

Author Circle

The Author Circle will begin in June 2010. This series will bring six Nationally Selling Authors to the Courthouse Center for the Arts. A 90 minute book discussion will be led by Betty Cotter with a VIP Cocktail Hour with the Author and a discount on their novels through Walden Books.

News Deadline Is The 23rd of Each Month

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From the State House J.T.’s AUTO & BOAT TOP

Rep. D’Amico’s office hours in Seekonk and Rehoboth for May and June will be:

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Specializing in Restaurant Booths

Senator Timilty Announces Dial-a-Lawyer Program to Massachusetts Veterans

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Veterans are urged to access free legal advice provided by the Massachusetts Bar Association Boston – Senator Timilty announces that the local Massachusetts Bar Association lawyers are offering free legal advice to veterans. This free Veterans Dial-A-Lawyer program, a part of the MBA’s Serving our Veterans in the Law initiative, will take place on Thursday, April 29 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. “I urge any veteran with legal questions to take advantage of this free service,” said Timilty. “Veterans and families of veterans have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the wide range of extremely important benefits and services that the state has to offer to those whose served our country.” Volunteer lawyers will field phone calls and answer questions on any legal issue, including those related to state and federal benefits. Legal advice may address a variety of topics, including family issues, employment concerns, landlord or tenant matter, and access to a wide range of benefits. The Dial-a-Lawyer phone number is 617338-0610, if callers receive a busy signal they are asked to hang up and try again. Callers must be Massachusetts veterans of the armed services. This free program is offered as a public service of the Massachusetts Bar Association in partner with the Massachusetts Department of Veterans and funded by the Massachusetts Bar Foundation. Senator Jim Timilty urges all constituents who have any questions concerning this project to contact his State House office at 617-722-1222.

May 2010 The Reporter

Senator Timilty Announces New Resource Guide for Planning Long Term Care Support

Boston – Senator Timilty announces that a new resource guide for adults is now available. Embrace Your Future is a free guide designed to help residents plan for their future and long term support. “Planning for the future is extremely important for constituents and their families,” said Timilty. “This resource streamlines an otherwise overwhelming process and identifies important long term support, such as health care and financial assistance, for aging adults.” The resource guide, part of the federally-funded Long Term Care Planning Awareness Campaign, encourages adults to ask the right questions about their future long term needs and to start planning early in their lives. The guide addresses a number of issues, including health care, legal matters, lifestyle choices, homeownership, and financial planning. Constituents who would like a copy of the guide may download it at the Elder Affairs website,, or call 1-800-23-636. Senator Timilty also encourages constituents with questions concerning the resource guide to call his office 617-722-1222.


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Howitt attends MA GOP

Steven Howitt, candidate for State Representative for the th Bristol District attended and represented the Town of Seekonk as one of the Delegates to the Massachusetts 2010 Republican Convention on Saturday April 17, 2010 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. This was Howitt’s second representation as a Delegate to the GOP Convention. Howitt was in attendance with 3,325 delegates representing 0 senatorial districts and 351 cities and towns. The convention was also attended by countless spectators and friends. The keynote speech was given by United States Senator Scott Brown. This year the delegates nominated the following candidates for office*: Governor - Charlie Baker; Lieutenant Governor – State Senator Richard Tisei; Treasurer - Representative. Karyn Polito; Auditor - Mary Z. Connaughton; Secretary of the Commonwealth - William Campbell; *Kamal Jain, candidate for Auditor, qualified for the ballot as well. Howitt, and other candidates for office, were introduced on stage at the Convention. After his introduction he stated, “As your es candidate for State Representative, I, and my fellow Republicans, mat i t s look forward to a successful November 2nd election. My focus EE continues to be on job creation, lowering taxes, working for local FRE aid reform, and maintaining responsible budgets. My successful election will help to restore a two party system in Massachusetts. I look forward to meeting many more of the voters of the th Bristol District this election season and to more robust discussions of these critical issues as we look to develop solutions together for our District within Commonwealth.” For more information,

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Enriching Children’s Lives with Quality Educational Programs Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten

Rehoboth PTSA Volunteers

you make a difference with each life you touch. you take time to care, a helping hand that means so much! helping our children to achieve, giving them the power to succeed!

Now accepting enrollment in our Pre-School & Kindergarten Programs

Half /Full/Extended Day Programs Available

Call now for information (508) 336-8919 Please ask for karen 1009 Taunton Ave. • Seekonk, MA 02771

Palmer River News Elise DuBois, Assistant to Principal

PTSA Student Achievement

Fourth Grade student, Emily Greenberg, was recently honored by the Massachusetts Chapter of the PTSA. Emily was the recipient of the PTSA Student Achievement Award. Emily demonstrated leadership skills when she introduced the idea of having a ‘student written’ column in the PTSA newsletter. Emily saw her vision through and went on to make this column a vital and widely read part of the PTSA newsletter. We are very proud of Emily for her accomplishment and recognition by the PTSA during the celebration of the PTSA’s 100th anniversary. Emily Greenberg shows her Student Achievement Medal.

Students Become the Experts

Groups of students in Room 6 became the resident experts on a particular region of the U.S. Each group then created games using information about their region. All the groups rotated and played the games as a fun, interactive way to learn about other regions. The teamwork and creativity were really exciting! Fractions have been great fun during our math lessons. These students have done Hershey’s fractions, Smarties fractions, fraction games, and pattern block fractions! There are so many fun ways to develop an understanding of fractional parts. As students interact with each other and discuss fraction concepts they learn from each other and get repeated experience with concrete examples of fractions.

Fun and Safety in the Sun

We repair screen doors and windows Standard hardware • (401) 438-1420 360 Taunton Ave., East Providence, RI

As the weather improves, our students are actively enjoying our playground and outdoor sporting in their own neighborhoods. With the increase in activity we encourage families to refresh their memory on some outdoor safety tips. Remember the importance of safe footwear. While sandals, clogs, and flip-flops can be stylish and fun to wear, open-back footwear often leaves the foot unsupported and more prone to injury. In the school setting, children sometimes inadvertently step on the heal of a flip flop causing dangers when getting on and off

May 2010 The Reporter playground equipment and school busses. Try to help your child select footwear that supports their level of activity. There are many new hiking “shoe” models that offer the freedom of a summer sandal with full foot/ankle support and rubber sole for an active child. Helmets on! Whether bike riding or skateboarding, children should always wear their helmet. Helmets, certified by the CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, are the best way to protect your child from head injury. Skateboarding ‘spills’ can also lead to concussion when a child falls on their chin. A mouth guard will serve to protect from this injury and any harm to the teeth. Leave the headphones at home. Children should never wear headphones while riding or skating. If they are unable to hear the noises in their environment they will be less likely to respond safely when approached by a car, dog, or other safety issue.


D E ! V O M E WE’V Check out our new location at Rehoboth Village Plaza / Park Street

Reflections Winners

We are honored to share the list of Palmer River students that were awarded medals at the State PTA Convention in Plymouth, MA for their participation in the Reflections program.


Peter Anghinetti (1st grade), 1st Place Primary Division (grades preK-2) Emily Greenberg (th grade), 3rd Place Intermediate Division (grades 3-5)

Visual Arts:

Abby Moitoso (2nd grade), 2nd Place, Primary Division (grades preK-2) Margaret Saxon (1st grade), 3rd Place, Primary Division (grades preK-2) Chelsea Treichler (3rd grade), 1st Place Intermediate Division (grades 3-5) Kari Perez (th grade), Honorable Mention, Intermediate Division (grades 3-5)

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The Reporter May 2010 Photography:

Since 1983

Haris Khan (2nd grade), 1st Place, Primary Division (grades preK-2) Megan Fitzgerald (2nd grade), Honorable Mention, Primary Division (grades preK-2) Emily Greenberg (th grade), Honorable Mention, Intermediate Division (grades 3-5)

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film Production:

Amanda Larrivee (2nd grade), 1st Place, Primary Division (grades preK-2) Elicia Paille (3rd grade), 3rd Place, Intermediate Division (grades 3-5)

Music Composition:

Emily Greenberg (th grade), Honorable Mention, Intermediate Division (grades 3-5) All first place winners have been submitted to the National PTSA for judging at the National level against all 50 states. The original work of most of the students is now on display at Palmer River School. If you would like to see the artwork from home, you may access the Rehoboth PTSA website. We encourage all of our PTSA members to come out to the May PTSA meeting to celebrate these young artists. We would like to extend our appreciation to Mrs. Greenberg who, as chairperson of the Reflections contest, volunteered many hours to help these students showcase their talents.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

This past month, many Rehoboth children had an exceptional experience at the ball field. As part of a special promotion, The 2nd Annual Most Improved Student Program, the Pawtucket Red Sox dedicated a special evening to celebrate the academic accomplishments of our elementary students. Teachers were asked to nominate students who had shown outstanding effort and academic improvement. The students received complimentary tickets

Twin Oaks Farm LEARNING ept We Acc ! rs e h c u o V

• • • • •


127 Tremont Street • Rehoboth, MA • 508-252-5522 127 Reservoir Street • Norton, MA • 508-285-2859


“A Better Beginning”



Smaller Class Sizes Farm Setting Gardens Audubon Sanctuary Language Programs Karate

• • • •

Fine Arts Program Music Accredited International Teacher Programs Private Kindergarten

After school programming (7-9) years old with tutors, painting, cooking, music, dance

Summer programming for up to 9 year olds.

– Wanda Hanson, Director

$10 Off a Week for the school year Sept. 2010 thru June 2011 New Full Time Enrollment (worth $520)

May 2010 The Reporter to the Pawtucket Red Sox game in their honor. You can imagine the excitement as our Palmer River students joined those from other local schools and paraded across the field at the start of the game. There they were on the mound with their names in lights on the “big board”… and the crowd goes wild!!! We are very proud of these students for their outstanding determination and commitment to their learning. In Grade 1 – Daniel DeRoche and Kameron Robitaille In Grade 2 – Owen Hebda and Colby Munson In Grade 3 - Owen Arden and Ben McElwain In Grade  – Hannah Howard

Yes… It’s Time for MCAS Again!

We are very pleased with the great effort our third and fourth grade students recently put forth in the completion of their ELA MCAS tests. The children seemed to really put forth some serious effort and hopefully did their very best. We’ve just one more MCAS challenge before us; May is the month of mathematics testing. Several groups of students are honing their math skills as we speak. Scholar hour sessions have been offered to students recommended for participation by their teachers. All of these students are working to strengthen their skills to bring their performance up a notch. We commend them in putting forth the extra effort to bring their scores to a new level of proficiency. What can your child do top better prepare? We encourage families to help their child access Study Island. Each of our students has their own password to log in and can spend as little or as much time as they would like getting prepared to take the MCAS this month. Please make sure your child will be in attendance for MCAS. Mark you calendars:



Grade  Mathematics Grade 3 Mathematics Grade  Mathematics Grade 3 Mathematics

Mail Carrier on Duty

First grade students in room 12 have taken on a new vocation as postal workers. Each day, one student takes a turn at being the mail carrier for the classroom. Students are encouraged to write each other letters that can be delivered to fellow students, teachers and even the principals. All of the students have been instructed on the elements of a friendly letter and are required to use proper letter format, (including a heading, greeting, body, closing and signature), when they write. Each letter is complimented with a sticker serving as a stamp and the mail is then lovingly delivered to each destination. It was a joy for me to receive my first letter; it was very well written! Mrs. Dembrow encourages the children to practice their skills in letter writing each day in their morning work time. She says, “The more mail we generate the more fun the children will have.”

The Scoop from Mrs. Bergeron

This class has been busy completing a Weather Unit. The children observed the sky (clouds etc.) for a week and recorded their general observations, the temperature and made predictions. Weather vocabulary, such as, stratus clouds, gusty, precipitation,


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The Reporter May 2010 FREE ESTIMATES


OFFICE (508) 223-0577 We’ve Teamed Up! Lezaola Insurance & Insurance House Group

meteorologist, atmosphere etc. were discussed. The children enjoyed being “meteorologists”. These students are now learning about the continents. The children will learn about the various habitats, animals common to each and locate each continent. The children will work in pairs to present their continent to the class. Planting activities have been planned for this month. The students will observe, measure and record daily growth, read about plants, and take their plants home to enjoy. Congratulations to the following students for their special achievements. Lunch with the principal: Jack Silva, Skylar Botelho, and Kara Bisbano. Completing Study Island: Kyle Bisbano, Kara Bisbano, Isabella Brown, and Jackson Lifrak. Mrs. Bergeron reports that all the children have made nice progress this year. She shares, “It has been my pleasure and honor to teach such hard working and well behaved students!”

Spring Cleaning?

As you begin to empty your home of unwanted items leftover from a long cold winter, please remember our Book Bin and Paper Recycling containers. We can take any unwanted books and VCR tapes in the book bin (located near our cafeteria exit doors) and will earn credit for all that you deposit. Remember us too with newspapers, magazines, and even scrap paper or junk mail; these items can be put in our recycling bins. If you were not aware, we are also recycling used in cartridges of all sizes and you may drop them off in our Palmer River office. Thank You in advance!

Now servicing Massachusetts & Rhode Island residents Christina Lezaola

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Beckwith Middle School Dates to Remember

May 5: Spring Concert 7 P.M. May 10: MCAS Grade 8 May 11: MCAS Grade 5 May 12: MCAS Grade 5 May 13: MCAS Grade 6 May 1: MCAS Grade 6 May 1: Student Council Dance May 17: MCAS Grade 8

May 18: MCAS Grade 8 May 18: Progress Reports Issued May 19: MCAS Grade 5 May 20: MCAS Grade 5 May 21: MCAS Grade 7 May 2: MCAS Grade 7 May 25: MCAS Grade 8 May 27: Talent Show May 31: No School – Memorial Day

No Cell Phones During MCAS

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education prohibits cell phones during MCAS testing. If your child brings a cell phone to school, please know that cell phones are not allowed in the testing environment and that lockers are not secure. Students found to have cell phones in the test environment will have their tests invalidated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Invalid tests receive no points and students do not have an opportunity to retake the test.

Grease is the word at Beckwith

The Beckwith Middle School Drama Club was proud to present to you their adaptation of Grease. This family-friendly version of Grease offered fans all the songs they’ve come to know and love from this popular musical. The play was performed on Friday, April 30,Saturday May 1st, and Sunday, May 2. Proceeds from the

May 2010 The Reporter Sunday matinee performance were donated in full to an area breast cancer research fund. Cast members include Rebekah Philip as Sandy, Dylan Pacheco as Danny, Steele VanDenBerghe as Rizzo, Billy O’Gara as Kenickie and Gaby Watson as Patty Simcox. This production of Grease was being directed by Jeff Collard and choreographed by Ashley Jutras. Additional cast members include Donovan Burtan, Shana Childs, Clodagh Bartholemew, Jon Delaney, Evan Dwyer, Surrey Houlker, and Jarrett Cordeiro. Also making surprise guest appearances in the play were many of Beckwith’s faculty and staff.

Read All About It!

Beckwith 6th Graders Raise More Than $10,000 for the Rehoboth Food Pantry! Congratulations to the Beckwith sixth grade class who collectively earned over $10,500 through this year’s “Read for Rehoboth” read-a-thon! This extraordinary sum will be presented to the Rehoboth Food Pantry to help struggling families in our community. At the outset of the program, the sixth graders were issued a challenge by their teachers to obtain sponsors and read enough books in seven weeks to reach their $10,000 goal. The sixth graders took this challenge to heart and jumped in to reading as many books as they could. Their weekly progress was tracked, and grocery bags representing each $500 benchmark were displayed in the hallway outside our classrooms. Excitement (and a little competition!) built as our voracious readers neared their goal. On the last day of the program, the pledges were calculated, and our goal was reached! Kudos to every sixth grader who took part in this awesome community project! Your commitment means that the Rehoboth Food Pantry will be able to extend a helping hand to many of our neighbors in need. Special thanks to the top readers in each class for leading the way: Emma Masse, Trevor Simmons, Michaela Maynard, Sara Enos, Zack Oudin and Vanessa Amaral. Great job, Sixth Grade! Keep up the great work and read, read, READ!



it U

ure fut e g th din

ur no


sr han ehob ds, o hea thch il rts and dcare hom .co m es Assoc.

Rehoboth Family Childcare

l Ho




Pat La Croix 508-252-3240

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Cheryl Silva 508-336-0436

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Nurse’s Notes

Vision, hearing and BMI screenings have been completed here at Beckwith. All results of testing were mailed home to parents (pass or fail) soon after students were tested. If you received a letter stating a failure of vision and/or hearing or BMI, please remember to send the doctor portion of the referral form back to the school nurse. Scoliosis screenings have started and only the parents of the students who do not pass will receive a letter with the appropriate form to be signed by the student’s physician once they receive a formal screening from them. Reminder: please check your children daily for ticks when they have been playing outdoors. Thank you Cathy Mondor, RN, BSN

Book Fair

The Beckwith Book Fair ran from April 26 through May 2. All proceeds from the fair benefit the Beckwith library.

John Hopkins

We’d like to share some good news with you. Dorothy L. Beckwith Middle School is a “Top School” for the state of Massachusetts in the 2009 Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Talent Search. They looked at the top 100 schools by state to determine the number of student enrollments they received into the annual Talent Search, and we’re pleased to let you know Dorothy L. Beckwith Middle School received this honor. We hope this achievement will be a source of pride for you, your students, and families. This award suggests that we have a solid core of very high achieving students. The web page that announces the Top

4 3 8 - 2020 400 Warren Avenue

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Dentistry At Its MOST Advanced. Dentistry At Its MOST Comfortable. A1 Wood Floors Baseball/Softball 8

The Reporter May 2010

Schools for 2009 can be found at MAtop.html.

Thanks most recent advances laserand dentistry, many dental procedures Overto 20the years experience • Family in owned operated Spring has finally arrived and we have completed baseball and softball try-outs. The following girls are on this year’s Lady Raiders can now be completed without the need for anesthetics, vibration or the wood floors Softball roster: Raven Blanchette, Caylie Cross, Kylie D’Ambrosio, disconcerting whine of the dental drill. Dr. Alan Merchanthouse just Lizotte, Emma Maslen, Lucy Maslen, Lissa Juliaemploys Gervais, Jordan Installed, Sanded, and finished McLean, Annie such technology in a relaxing country setting in Rehoboth. For the highest Mitchell, Haley Mitsmenn, Jessica Potter, Mae Lauren Tetreault, Gabrielle Watson, Lauren Weyland Oldcare floors will look like trained new and friendlyStebbings, quality dental – furnished by a highly staff of dental and Manager Kasey Charette. The girls will be coached by Mr. Potter. The following boys are on this year’s Raiders Baseball Dustless Sanding professionals – call (508) 252-6121 to schedule your appointment with roster: Alex Kozlowski, Joe Tomellini, Kyle Blythe, Chris Trudeau, Dr. Alan Merchanthouse. Jonathan Trudeau, Connor Saleeba, Brad Hoderny, Hunter Blais,

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Will Silva, Kyle Rose, Tim Guimond, Matt Doane, Jake Salera, Bram Stebbings, Ben Strayer, and Managers Nathan Oliver and Dental Implants Cam Reed. The boys will be coached by Mr. Emergency Treatment Butler. Opening day was April 12 at home against Dighton.

Baseball Spectators

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Students are always welcome to watch our baseball and softball teams as they compete. We do ask that parents/ guardians be aware that no spectator supervision is provided during the games and that all students should be picked up right after the game ends to ensure that no child is left in an unsafe situation. Your child’s safety is of utmost concern and your cooperation is most appreciated.

Reflections Contest

We would like to congratulate the following students for their winning entries in the PTSA Reflections Contest: Jasmine Paille, Kristina Perez, Hannah Barlow, Brooke Barlow, Jenna Barlow, Zoe Karavolis, Madison Burtan, Jonathan Beskid, and Morgan Machado. Entries submitted by Jasmine and Zoe also placed first at the state level. We are glad that many of our students took advantage of the opportunity to express themselves creatively and entered the contest this year.

Stay Involved

Your child may act like she wishes you would disappear sometimes. But when it comes to school success, middle graders still need their parents around.


When parents get involved in learning, student achievement soars. Children score higher on tests, turn in better projects, and participate more in class if they know their parents care.


You can be involved in your child’s learning at any time of day. Talk about homework while you’re making dinner. Watch a documentary together at night. Visit a museum on the weekend. You’ll show your youngster that you think learning is important.


Teachers will welcome your commit-

May 2010 The Reporter ment, whether you help in the classroom, volunteer at evening events, or simply support your own child at home. Call or email your middle grader’s teachers to see what you can do – in or out of school – to help. Reprinted from Middle Years, Resources for Educators, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc.

STEM Night at Beckwith

Mark your calendar! STEM Night, an interactive, evening program of applied science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, will be held at Beckwith on June 3 starting at 6:30 p.m. Professionals from our community will be participating and showing us how these disciplines are used routinely in their fields.

A Big “Thank You”

How do you know how old a tree is? Thanks to Mr. William Dalpe, our tree warden, the fifth grade students are able to answer the question. On behalf of the fifth grade students and their teachers, we thank him for donating the 30” red oak tree trunk. Massachusetts observes Arbor Day the last Friday of April.

Rehoboth PTSA Needs You

The PTSA needs you to keep these great programs running. Won’t you consider joining us to make a difference in every child’s education? PTSA Open Positions for 2010-2011: Beckwith Vice President Beckwith Enrichment Beckwith Fundraising chair Beckwith 5th Grade Events Reflections Art Contest For more information, please contact Debbie Fitzgerald 508-252-108

School Committee Policy Changes

Per changes in School Committee Policy on March 23, 2010, the following changes will take effect July 1, 2010: (1) The Superintendent must approve each flyer and notice distributed. (2) Students should have one pick-up location in the A.M. and one drop-off location in the P.M. Changes may only occur if the student has written permission from the school principal or his/her designee and only in the case of emergency or extenuating circumstances.

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Beckwith Website

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Pearls of Wisdom

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Please check out our website periodically for updates and memos. and follow the Beckwith links.

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The D-R Bulletin Board The Dighton Rehoboth Marching Band

The Dighton Rehoboth Marching Band is working hard to raise money for a trip to Disney World in June of 2010 where the students will perform in the Main St. USA Parade. If you would like to help, please contact them at


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The Reporter May 2010

Area Residents Inducted Into International Honor Society

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East Providence, RI —William A. Douglass ‘10 and Lydia M. Mozzone ’10, both of Rehoboth, and Kyla M. Mor ’10, of Seekonk, were among the ten Providence Country Day School students who were honored with admission to the International Cum Laude Society in a ceremony befitting the occasion on April 20. The Society, founded in 1906, recognizes academic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence, justice and honor. The Society was modeled after Phi Beta Kappa and includes 350 chapters in public and independent schools throughout the U. S., Canada, England, France, Spain and the Philippines. The Providence Country Day School Chapter was accepted into the Society in 1952, and each year the school may elect up to 20% of the members of the Senior Class who have maintained an honor record. With an emphasis on academic excellence, the Society’s Regents also specify that membership should require demonstration of good character, honor and integrity in all aspects of school life. In her remarks, Head of School Susan Haberlandt advised the gathering of Upper School students, faculty, and proud parents to focus on hard work, one of PCD’s core values, and reap its benefits. “Hard work is central to this honor,” she said. “Preparation, practice, repetition, and more preparation must be a guide for all students. To paraphrase Aristotle, excellence is a habit.” The Providence Country Day School, established in 1923, is a college preparatory school serving 300 students in grades 5-12. The diverse student population draws from more than 30 communities throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our educational program balances rigorous academics, visual and performing arts, and competitive athletics. Our mission and values are upheld by a faculty distinguished by academic excellence and deep personal commitment.

William A. Douglass


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Lydia M. Mozzone

Kyla M. Mor

Hornbine School Open Sunday, June 6th

The public is invited to visit the Hornbine School on Sunday, June 6th from 1- P.M. The School is located in South Rehoboth on Hornbine Road across from Baker Street and the Hornbine Baptist Church. The Hornbine School and The Carpenter Museum are having a “Family Colonial Day” on June 6th. Both groups will have people available to talk about different colonial subjects. The Hornbine School Museum was made neat and spiffy when it opened for

May 2010 The Reporter this year’s season. More than 700 school children from Rehoboth and surrounding towns are expected to visit the school museum during May and June! The students will reenact an enjoyable day at the school as it would have been conducted in the 19th century. We’ll have some pictures of these students in the next issue of the Rehoboth Reporter. We’ll have albums containing old photographs, and newspaper clipping for you to browse. Ms. Pettine has filled the display cabinets with interesting materials. We’ll also have Hornbine School pencils and post cards for sale. We are pleased to announce that we have a new interesting local booklet for sale. “Mary Thrasher’s School Diary” (Dec. 29, 1875 – Feb. , 1876) was written by Cathy Potter and published by the Rehoboth Historical Commission. Mary Thrasher attended the Perry School in North Rehoboth. She lived in a house that was dismantled and moved to Reservoir Street in 1981 by Ralph and Cathy Potter. They found the girl’s diary in the eves. Cathy Potter has enhanced the diary with historical facts, Thrasher family history and photographs. We also have a set of five Rehoboth maps for sale. They were compiled by the Anawan Historical Society of Rehoboth about forty years ago. The set represents the town’s history for a period of more than 325 years. Map #1 outlines the towns that were either part of or wards of Rehoboth in 1670. Map #2 is the earliest known map showing highways of Rehoboth in 1795. Map #3 is an 1830 Rehoboth map. Map # is an 1830 map showing locations of Families of that period. Map #5 is a street map of Rehoboth in 1920, showing the existing schools and cemeteries at that time. The School will be open to the public Sunday, June 6th from 1- P.M. and Sunday, June 27th from 2- P.M. We invite you to visit us. Meanwhile, you may have fun visiting our website at http://hornbineschool.


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The Reporter May 2010

Junior Duck Stamp Winners at Feehan

Winning works of art from Feehan artists in the 2010 Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp Program. From left: 3rd Place, Sarah Green, 1st place, Lindsey Chou, and Honorable Mention, Courtney Gareau.

The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife selected 3 Bishop Feehan High School students among the winners in the 2010 Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp Program. The following freshmen won in the Group III (grades 7 – 9) category: 1st Place, Lindsey Chou (Franklin), 3rd Place, Sarah Green (Sharon), and Honorable Mention, Courtney Gareau (Rehoboth). There were 13 student participants from across the Commonwealth who participated in this year’s program. The Feehanites’ work was recently displayed with the top 100 pieces of artwork during the awards ceremony at the Doyle Conservation Center in Leominster.

Feehan artist, Courtney Gareau, poses with her award winning entry in this year’s Massachusetts Junior Duck Stamp Program.

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Local Students Raised $2,629.30 For the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Pennies For Patients® Program

Students at George R. Martin Elementary School in Seekonk, Massachusetts collected Pennies for Patients® to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during the month of March. After 3 weeks of students bringing in their spare change to school, the total was $2,629.30!. We would like to say a special thanks to Bristol County Savings Bank for counting the coins. The top fundraising class was Mr. Koehler’s Fourth Grade class. They raised $318.00 and won the pizza party awarded by the Society. “I am so proud of our students,” said Kevin Madden, school principal at Martin Elementary. “They did a great job of giving selflessly.” Leukemia is the leading cause of disease-related death among children. An

May 2010 estimated 785,829 Americans have a blood cancer, and every five minutes, someone new is diagnosed. Since 1992, millions of dollars have been raised in pennies and other spare change by more than 12 million elementary, middle and high school students nationwide. The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and families. “These students serve as an example to all of us through their commitment to helping others,” said Sharon Klein, Executive Director for the Massachusetts Chapter. “Their efforts will help local patients and their families along with funding blood cancer research at Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, Boston’s Children’s Hospital, New England Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital along with 13 other institutions throughout Massachusetts. For more information regarding local programs and services of the Massachusetts Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, call (800) 688-6572 or visit our website at

The Reporter



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Students at Martin Elementary School in Seekonk, Massachusetts






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The Reporter May 2010

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National History Day Project

Hi! My name is Christina DesVergnes and I am a 7th grade student at St. Mary Academy-Bay View. Each year the 7th grade students enter the National History Day Contest. For 2010, the Project Theme was: Innovation in History – Impact and Change. For my History Day Project topic I chose the Gibson Les Paul Guitar. The Les Paul Guitar is a very popular guitar with world famous musicians such as (but not limited to) Paul McCartney (1960s), Eric Clapton (1960s), Jimi Hendrix (1960s), Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (1970s) Carlos Santana (1970s), Nancy Wilson of Heart (1970s), Joe Perry of Aerosmith (1970s and 1980s), Eddie Van Halen (1980s), James Hetfield of Metallica (1980s and 1990s), Slash of Guns N Roses (1990s), Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam (1990s) Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day (1990s and 2000s) and Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers (2000s). I grew up with this music and have a greater appreciation for guitar music since learning to play.

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Kyle Murphy, guitar teacher, Christina DesVergnes, and Doug Kelley.

May 2010 Lester William Polsfuss (Les Paul) was born in 1915. He could play the guitar, harmonica and banjo by the time he was thirteen years old. Les performed around his home in Wisconsin. It was after one of his performances that he received a note from a music critic. The critic liked Les’ singing and his harmonica playing, but said that he could not hear the guitar very well. It was then that Les Paul was determined to make a guitar that could be heard. Perseverance, musical ability and a knack for electronics gave Les Paul what he needed to make an almost perfect sounding guitar. Working to find “zero” as the base sound, Les found that a solid piece of railroad track with a guitar string attached and electrified by a telephone receiver produced a sound that was literally music to his ears. This incredibly heavy prototype was not practical, so Les continued to work with solid pieces of wood shaped like a guitar. With time, the new guitar was lighter and met Les’ sound requirements. What made the Les Paul Electric Guitar different from the others? The Les Paul Guitar was a solid piece of wood, did not have a sound hole like an acoustic guitar and did not carry vibrations through the body of the guitar. The sound hole determines the richness of a note’s sound. The closer you play to the sound hole, the richer the tone. The guitar’s vibrations also can distort the sound. When Les Paul brought his guitar to the Gibson Guitar Company, the workers laughed and turned him away. He was not deterred and his perseverance paid off. My History teacher, Mrs. Margaret Cummings, was my advisor for the project. She loved my topic and the way that I had researched Les Paul, designed my backboard and presented my Individual Exhibit. Mrs. Cummings helped me with Primary and Secondary sources. She also helped me edit my Process Paper from 1700 words to a rule-following 500 words. Each week, when I came to Doug’s Music Center, I ask Kyle Murphy, my guitar teacher, which songs he felt showcased the Les Paul Guitar. We had the same ideas for a compilation CD. Doug Kelley, the owner of Doug’s Music and Learning Center and JMC Performing Arts Center, also took the time to discuss my project as it progressed. He explained the difference between a Gibson Les Paul guitar and an Epiphone Les Paul guitar. The Gibson is made in America (more expensive) and the Epiphone is made in Japan (less expensive). Doug and Kyle challenged me to find as many Les Paul Guitarists as I could. It was fun. As I started on my backboard, I thought of Les Paul: A Good Idea (Gibson Les Paul Guitar), Perseverance (lots of research), Hard Work (photos and concise, coherent information for the backboard) and voila! For my design I have a washout picture of a Les Paul Guitar collection across the entire backboard. The border has pictures of Les Paul and other famous guitarists playing the Les Paul Guitar. The pictures of Les Paul are throughout his life. My title is “Sounds Great! The Gibson Les Paul Guitar” I chose this title because the Les Paul Guitar really does sound great! In the center of the board I have a list of important facts about this musical innovation. On the table I had a CD that I compiled and featured the different artists from my backboard playing their most famous songs on a Les Paul Guitar. I was so excited when Doug and Kyle asked to see my finished project. They loved it. Doug set up my exhibit with the CD and kept it at the Center for three weeks. He told me that everyone who read the exhibit and listened to the CD could not believe that such a variety of music had been played on a Les Paul guitar. Because you are not able to listen to the CD, I’ll give you a list: Les Paul Trio How High the Moon, Slash of Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine, Nancy Wilson of Heart Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, Carlos Santana Black Magic Woman, Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers Poor Unfortunate Souls, Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watch Tower, Joe Perry of Aerosmith Livin’ on the Edge, Bob Marley Could You Be Loved, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Holiday, Paul McCartney Maybe I’m Amazed The Gibson Les Paul Guitar changed music forever. Or as Les Paul said, “Let everybody hear this guitar and they’re surely going to like it.” And he was right.

The Reporter


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The Reporter May 2010



Schroder's Plaza 216 Willett Ave Riverside, RI (401) 433-5165 Peter Curti, President

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Providence-Area Youth Named Semi-Finalist in National Community Service Recognition Program

Renee Dupre, 17, of Rehoboth, MA has been named semifinalist in the 2010 search for Huggable Heroes®. Renee is one of 75 young leaders recognized, honored and cele-bear-ated by Build-A-Bear Workshop® for helping make their communities and the world a better place. Renee has been walking in the 2010 Boston Breast Cancer 3Day for the Cure every year since 2008. Renee became interested in this cause when a classmate was diagnosed with breast cancer during her sophomore year. She has raised more than $6,000 so far, and plans to raise $3,500 this year. In addition to the Breast Cancer 3-Day, Renee volunteers her time at Milton Hospital, making sure patients are comfortable and relaxed. Ultimately 10 Huggable Heroes will be selected. Each will receive $10,000 (a $7,500 educational scholarship and $2,500 from the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation to be donated to the 501(c)(3) charity of the Huggable Hero’s choice). In addition, the Huggable Heroes will win a trip for themselves and a parent/ guardian to St. Louis, home of the Build-A-Bear Workshop World Bearquarters. During their visit, they will have the opportunity to meet each other, participate in leadership opportunities and be honored for their good deeds.

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Nerney Construction

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Custom designed homes & Additions General Contract, Entire Project or Any Phase

Dear Tom, We want to thank you for your expertise, your professionalism, and your patience. You are such a gentleman, and it was a pleasure to work with you. You built us exactly what we wanted, and we love it! Thanks so much. "Unsolicited Sincerely, Carol & Jeff Day


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Adam Macksoud YMCA Board Chairman, Jeanine Achin Executive Director, Paige Stenberg from Rehoboth Youth Volunteer of the Year and Josie Dutil Sports Director.

May 2010

Stacy C. Parenteau Appointed Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of West Florida

Stacy Parenteau, a Rehoboth native and 199 graduate of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School, has been appointed Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. Stacy has earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts and an M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with a specialization in health psychology, from the University of Kansas. She has completed a research postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, and she is currently finishing a clinical fellowship at the Scott & White Clinic in College Station, Texas. Stacy’s primary line of research aims to enhance understanding of the relationship between religiosity and adjustment to chronic illness. Stacy’s ultimate goal is to attain a tenure-track position at a college or university.

Captain Swanson

Rehoboth resident Charles Swenson was recently promoted on April 1, 2010 to the rank of Captain by the East Providence Police Department. Captain Swenson is a 30 year police veteran. During his 30 years on the force he spent numerous years as a Detective Corporal in the major crimes division. Captain Swenson will now be the commander in charge of the patrol division. Captain Swenson along with his wife Kathy, their 2 children and the family’s 2 golden retrievers became town residents 3 years ago.

The Reporter


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Don's Small Engine Repair e

508-252-4990 • 289 Winthrop St. (Rt.44) • Rehoboth Hours: Tues-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-12



The Reporter May 2010

Castle Cleaning Rehoboth, MA

Dungeons Dusted, Moats Mopped, Parapets Polished Serving the needs of the community for 25 years Residential & Commercial, Fully Insured

(508) 252-6497

Donna Castle

Painting & Powerwashing Interior • Exterior / Commercial • Residential Mildew Removal • Log Homes & Decks Sealed • Wallpaper Borders

FULLY INSURED Craig A. Winter Phone: 508-285-3752 Fax: 508-285-9951

23 Power Street Norton, MA 02766

J & L Landscape & Garden Center Available for Delivery & Pickup

• Lite Pine • Dark Pine • Prize Hemlock

• Black Forest • Deluxe Red • Stone Dust • 3/4 Bluestone • 3/8 Bluestone • Processed Gravel • Screened Loam • Screened Compost • Playground Mulch • Mason Sand PAVERS ~ Cobblestone, all sizes ~ FLAGSTONE

Bagged Goods: • Top Soil • Composted / Dehydrated Cow Manure Tree & Shrub Mix • Garden Mix • Hemlock Mulch • Cedar Mulch • Red Mulch • Pine Mulch • Peat Moss


Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00-5:00, Sunday 8:00-4:00

363 Taunton Ave. Seekonk, MA 02771

BI-STATE PEST CONTROL Termite & Pest Services Woodboring Inspections Residential • Commercial

$10 Off Pest & Rodent Treatment $20 Off Termite Treatment Not Valid With Any Other Offer

(508) 252-1227 (800) 720-1227


East Providence, RI — Alexander Schwartz ‘12, a tenth grade student at Providence Country Day School, was awarded for exemplary performance on the 2010 National Latin Exam. Schwartz received a Cum Laude recognition on the Latin III exam. He was given a certificate of recognition in an assembly held at PCD earlier this month. The Providence Country Day School, established in 1923, is a college preparatory school serving 300 students in grades 5-12. The diverse student population draws from more than 30 communities throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our educational program balances rigorous academics, visual and performing arts, and competitive athletics. Our mission and values are upheld by a faculty distinguished by academic excellence and deep personal commitment.

Save The Bay

Did you know that the Taunton River is Narragansett Bay’s second largest tributary? Several agencies – including Save the Bay – worked together and in 2009 the Taunton River became protected under the National Park Service’s “Wild & Scenic” Program. That’s just one reason why on Saturday, July 17th, I will be participating in the 34th Annual Save The Bay Swim from Newport to Jamestown. I started in 1999 when my son, David, was just one and in a stroller, so I consider myself fortunate to be able to participate in this signature fundraising event for a 12th year. I know that you or someone you know has enjoyed the beautiful waters of the Bay and can appreciate the importance of protecting this valuable natural resource. Become a member of Save The Bay – individual memberships start at $35 - and enjoy discounts on some great activities like a lighthouse tour, a seal cruise, summer camp or entry at the exploration center at Easton’s beach in Newport. One time gifts and memberships really add up – and you can do either though my online personal swimmer page at www.savebay. org/CSimpson. Prefer to pay by check? No problem! Just make it payable to “Save the Bay” and mail to me at 69 New St, Rehoboth, MA 02769. I will forward it to Save the Bay along with my sponsor sheet. Thank you! Colleen Simpson

May 2010

The Reporter


Summer Sun & Fun Outdoor Trips for the whole family to Love (ARA) - As your children grow older, it can be difficult finding fun family vacations for everyone to enjoy together. Here are some tips to get out and have a pleasurable family vacation: 1. Go camping. Find a campground near scenic hiking trails, cool and refreshing lakes, or even extended ATV trails. This is a fantastic trip idea for the entire family, especially if each of you has different ideas about what you want to do on your vacation. For example, you can do some bird watching while your son attempts to cast for dinner. And your spouse might enjoy reading a book in a hammock strung between two trees while your daughter chases fish through the lake using her snorkel and fins. 2. Travel back in time. Turn the vacation into a history learning experience by exploring the Old West, walking the streets of America’s founding cities or designing a road trip along the Mississippi River and popping into the small river towns teeming with river history. Educational vacations don’t have to be boring - many communities in historical settings offer live recreations of the event or events, and if your children happen to be studying that era in school, it’s an even better experience.

3. Take an off-road trip in the wide-open spaces with the Polaris RANGER RZR , a sporty, multi-passenger side-by-side vehicle that can handle dunes, desert sands and wide-open spaces with ease. The bonus is this vehicle seats four, which means your family saves money on renting or purchasing multiple off-road vehicles. ATV and side-by-side trails allow your family to travel great distances off the main roads, giving you the opportunity to see new geography and potentially different wildlife which you wouldn’t be able to see from your car on the highway. . Visit one or several of the national parks stretching from coast to coast. You can take in the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs of Maine in Acadia National Park, rare and endangered species in the waters of Everglades National Park, pretend you’re part of the explorers following the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail that stretches through 11 states over mountains, through rivers, across prairies and all the way to the Pacific coast, or admire the architecture of more than 600 cliff dwellings built by the Ancestral Puebloans in Mesa Verde National Park. That’s just to name a few of the hundreds of parks you can explore.

Seekonk Driving Range

Everyone Plays and Has Fun at

Bowling Academy Open to youngsters 5 -17! all abilities welcome.

There's something new right in Seekonk

Starts monday, June 21st

Only $139 per child! Early Bird Special

Save $20 when you sign up by June 1, cost only $109 per child. Add siblings for only $99 per child! Look What You Get! • All you can bowl for two hours! • Glow bowling and music! • use of Bowling shoes and bowling balls! • Basic bowling instruction! • Slice of pizza and small soda! • Camp Bowlabunch T-shirt! • Participation trophy! • Participation trophy! Special events! • Three free game coupons when you’re absent! Name Address Phone Session Preference: Parent Signature

D.O.B. City & Zip Mondays

E-mail Thursdays

A non-refundable $30 deposit is due with the submission of this form. The remaining balance is due the first week of Camp Bowl-a-Bunch. (Emergency waivers will also be completed during the first week of bowling.)

354 Taunton Avenue • East Providence, RI 02914 401-434-5839 •

All New State of the Art

MINIATURE GOLF Interactive & Challenging We're different from the rest!

Affordable Family Fun for Four Generations • All new Top Flite Golf Balls at the Driving Range • Golf Lessons Available, Private & Group with professional Rick Holcomb


Book Have you your birthday GOLF SWING EVALUATION played the by Marvin Lerman parties, camp new mini-golf of "The Golf Academy" with outing, or day purchase of large basket of golf balls course yet? trip here! visit marvin's website

1977 Fall River Ave., Rt 6 Seekonk, MA • (508) 336-8074

Summer Hours: 9am-10pm, Fri & Sat open til 11pm


The Reporter May 2010

Summer Sun & Fun Tickets Now on Sale for Linden Place’s Annual Fourth of July Parade Picnic

5. Organize an extended scenic drive. Plan a trip around one of the great lakes, or through a mountain range or even across the expanse of a desert. Research some of the small towns along the route for new and interesting things to see. Try out new restaurants and ask the locals what some of the more popular dishes are. If you are on your trip during the harvest time, stop by a roadside stand and make a picnic or a tailgate party out of the fresh produce that’s available. When planning your next family vacation, make sure you pack plenty of food and beverages, as well as your camera. Encourage the kids to take along journals so they can document the sights they see and the new places they are experiencing. But most of all, enjoy the time spent together on vacation. Courtesy of ARAcontent

Linden Place is the ideal location for viewing the nationally famous Bristol Fourth of July Parade! Linden Place, an 1810 Federal mansion in the heart of Bristol, RI will be hosting its Annual Fourth of July Parade Picnic on Monday, July 5, 2010. Located directly on the historic Bristol Fourth of July Parade route, Linden Place will be offering reserved bleacher-style seating, tables and chairs under the shade of the Linden trees, a continental breakfast and picnic lunch, restroom facilities and elbow room! Watch the 225th annual parade in patriotic style and support the restoration of this Bristol landmark! Tickets are $60 for adults, $5 for children and include both breakfast and lunch. Linden Place members receive a $10 discount on tickets. Stop by the Linden Place office to reserve tickets at 500 Hope Street, by telephone at (01) 253-0390 or visit This event sells out every year, so get your tickets early. Friends of Linden Place is a non-profit organization responsible for the restoration and preservation of the historic house museum at 500 Hope Street in Bristol, Rhode Island, and for the promotion of cultural, artistic, and educational programs in the community. The mansion and grounds are open to the public from May to October, during the holiday season, and also by appointment.

May 2010

The Reporter

OPEN HOUSE Sunday May 23rd & Saturday May 29th 12 pm - 3 pm

Now Accepting Applicants For The 2010 Season! Send in your membership form early, space is limited!

508-336-0577 • Located on the beautiful Firefly Golf Course

350 fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA 02771



The Reporter May 2010


2010 Malibu


Winner to be Announced September 18!

43 ROUTE 28A BOURNE, MA 508-564-4812

Vehicles purchased through Balise Chevrolet, Warwick, RI (


Enter our drawing each time you visit one of our showrooms. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Employees and family members of Ferreira companies or Balise Chevrolet are ineligible to win. Complete rules and details posted in each store.

You will do better at Balise!

Build your own BELGARD firepit with this complete kit for just $289.95 * BELGARD Pavers are versatile and can be arranged in a multitude of styles and patterns for any application. They compliment any landscape, while adding beauty to both new and existing homes!

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Bring in this coupon to receive 10% off your next BELGARD purchase! One discount per customer. Taxes & delivery not included. Not valid with any other offer. Retail customers only Effective through 05/30/10

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1 yard Screened Loam, 1 bag of 19-19-19 Starter Fertilizer & 10 lb. bag of URI No. 2 Grass Seed when you present this coupon! Delivery not included. One discount per customer Effective 04/01/10 - 05/30/10

Reseeding Package Special JUST $139!


3 yards Screened Loam, 1 bag of 19-19-19 Starter Fertilizer & 10 lb. bag of URI No. 2 Grass Seed when you present this coupon! Includes local delivery. One discount per customer Effective 04/01/10 - 05/30/10

May 2010

The Reporter

May 2010 Events at Providence Children’s Museum Preschool Friday Series*

fridays beginning May 7 • 10:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.

Friday is the best day of the week for preschoolers! Young children are encouraged to think creatively and explore new ideas in a hands-on classroom environment that invites the participation of parents and caregivers. During this six-week series, which runs from May 7 to June 11, preschoolers celebrate Mother’s Day and explore life above and below ground with investigations of sunshine, bees, worms and animals that live around ponds. *30-minute sessions. $8 fee above Museum admission. Discount for series pre-registration. Call (01) 273-537 ext. 23.

Winston the Water Dog Workshop Sunday, May 23 • Noon - 2:00 P.M.

Hear author Mary Korr read her book Winston the Water Dog – and meet the real water dog! Korr and the book’s illustrator, RISD alum Cathren Housley, will help children make their own books. Ages 5 – 11 Presented by the Bureau of Jewish Education’s PJ Library.

Happy Birthday, Rhode Island! Saturday, May 29 • Noon - 2:00 P.M.

Make festive pennants, sample coffee milk and meet Rhode Island Red chickens and chicks at the state’s 220th birthday bash. Ages 5 – 11.

Providence Children’s Museum – a joyful place for children and families

The Museum is located at 100 South Street in Providence’s Jewelry District. September through March, open Tuesday through Sunday and Monday school holidays, 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., and selected Fridays until 8 P.M. April through August, open 7 days, 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Unless indicated, programs are free with Museum admission of $7.50 per person; admission is always free for Museum members. Call (01) 273-KIDS or visit www.

Join Food Network celebrity chefs at The Miriam Wine and Dine Saturday, May 15th 6 to 10:30 p.m. The Foundry

235 Promenade Street, Providence, RI The Miriam Hospital welcomes Food Network celebrity chefs Sunny Anderson, Robert Irvine, Miriam Garron, along with local food writers Gail Ciampa and Linda Beaulieu, for an evening of culinary fun, a live auction and an exciting local chef’s challenge featuring Casey Riley of the Newport Restaurant Group and John Elkhay of the Chow Fun Food Group. Funds raised from this event will benefit the expansion of The Adele R. Decof Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Miriam Hospital. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. To purchase tickets for The Miriam Wine and Dine, please call 01--3761 or visit Tickets must be purchased by April 30.

Call about our adult Dance Classes

Summer Theater Camp with Judy DePerla Music has so much to do with the moulding of character. It is necessary to teach it to our children. -Aristotle

492 Winthrop Street • Rehoboth, MA 02769


Buy 6 Music Lessons Get 2 Free Expires 6-15-10 New Students Only

Sign Up Now for Summer Jazz Band Camp (Middle/High School)

& Guitar Ensemble

Rentals • Accessories • Repairs

For Info Call 508-336-6180

Visit our website



The Reporter May 2010

The Search for Spring Migrants is On! 2010 SUmmER CAmP WEEKS July 12th & 19th • August 9th & 16th mon-Fri 9-3 - Ages 6 and up

• All Aspects of Horse Care • Daily Riding Lessons • Crafts & Activities • Demonstrations • Horsemanship • Horse Safety • Trail Rides • Field Trips • Swimming REFER A FRIEND AND MULITPLE FAMILY DISCOUNTS OFFERED! REGISTRATION CLOSES JUNE 30th, SIGN UP BY JUNE 1ST AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT! We have classes for everyone!

HORSE SHOW SERIES & REGISTRATION May 16 • June 27 • July 25 Aug 22 • Sep 19 • Oct 31

Every Saturday 1pm-3pm Call Or Visit Our Website Today!

Some Highlights from Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Pull out your binoculars and field guide and head out with Audubon for the best birding of the year! Explore ponds, wetlands, fields and trails for spring migrants. A complete listing of activities and programs are detailed in the Audubon Nature Tours and Program Guide. Visit to download a copy. Unless noted, registration is required for all programs. Call (01) 99-55 ext. 301 or email

May 1, June 13, July 3, August 9 • Bird Banding Audubon Environmental Education Center Bristol, RI; 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. May 5th • Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle first Responder Training Audubon Environmental Education Center Bristol, RI; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. May 15 • Secret Lives of Plants Audubon Parker woodland wildlife Refuge Coventry, RI; 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. May 15 • Magic wings Butterfly Conservatory Van Trip South deerfield, MA 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. May 17-18 • Block island Spring Overnight Block Island, RI; departs at 7:00 a.m. May 19 • Prudence Island Bicycle Tour Prudence Island, RI 9:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Grab your bike and head out to explore Prudence Island! May 22 • Map ‘n’ Compass for families Audubon Powder Mill Ledges wildlife Refuge Smithfield, RI; 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Learn the use of a map and compass with instruction on how to navigate over distances, and then set off to find your way over an orienteering course. This is a workshop for beginners and will cover introductory

May 2010

The Reporter

There's a lot to do this Summer! compass use (no declination) and will review many of the pitfalls people experience when using trail and road maps. Bring your own compass or borrow one of ours.

May 22 • Boats, Birds, and BBQ Community Boating Center Providence, RI; 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Enjoy a burger on the Bay! Community Boating Center and the Audubon Society of Rhode Island invite you to enjoy a FREE waterfront party. Highlights will include a BBQ and Audubon birds of prey presentations at 1:30 p.m., 2:30 pm and 3:30 p.m. Become a 2010 member or either organization at the event and climb aboard a free bird watching sailing tour narrated by an Audubon naturalist (weather dependent). These special new members-only bird watching tours will leave at 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. No registration required.

May Spring Migration, Blackburnian Warbler, Audubon RI

May 27 • Nature flicks at Night Audubon Environmental Education Center Bristol, RI; 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Take a trip to Audubon for an evening of fascinating nature documentaries on the big screen. May 27 - Crash: a Tale of Two Species: The horseshoe crab has become an indispensable testing agent for drugs and vaccines, but due to their new use as bait for the fishing industry their numbers have dropped, jeopardizing life pyramid that depends on this age-old creature.

For more detailed information, other events, and kids’ events visit

JOIN US... June 5th for our "edible Wild Plants Workshop" Check out for Details & Upcoming Classes







The Reporter May 2010


FOXX FENCE INC. Now New England's distributor for ILLUSIONS VINYL FENCE Made in USA

A complete line of Commercial & Residential Fence BUY WHOLESALE or RETAIL • Temporary Fence Now Available

FREE Delivery To Your Door


A Sound Choice! You no longer have to buy from your local lumber yard. Start your project tomorrow or let us take care of the installation.

Announcements Send Your Letters, Club News and Announcements to...


See Our Website at

Garden Talks Saturdays in May and Early June at 11 a.m. Free and Open to the Public On May 8th Tranquil Lake Nursery Begins Series of Five Free Garden Lectures

This is your opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the newest perennials; plant combinations that will sustain garden splendor from early spring to frost and beyond; fabulous foliage that will light up the summer border; tips for combining edible and ornamental plants into the mixed border and fragrant flowers and scented foliage. Come see us to get your garden ready for a season of glorious bloom.

May 8 May 15 May 22 May 29 June 5

What’s New In the Garden: Perennials and More Plants That Will Defy Drought in the Sun or in the Shade Foliage Plants With Color, Texture and a Long Season of Interest The Colorful World of Hydrangeas featuring author Joan Harrison Unusual Tropical Plants for Containers

You will also see, Siberian Iris and early daylilies blooming in the fields. Peak bloom time for the Siberian iris is around June 1st. Our display gardens showcase the iris and daylilies as well as a diverse selection of perennials, herbs, vines, shrubs, small trees, grasses and tender perennials. All workshops are free and will be held on Saturdays at 11 a.m. (We will move indoors in case of bad weather.) Bring a lawn chair. Plants that are discussed will be available for sale.

Special Guest Speaker, Joan Harrison 11:00 am Saturday, May 29th

Joan Harrison, a master gardener, is the founding president of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society and author of The Colorful World of Hydrangeas, a Hydrangea Handbook for the Home Gardener. For the past twenty years she has focused her horticultural research on hydrangeas by traveling extensively and by studying the many hydrangeas planted in her own garden.. Her writing and photographs have appeared in such magazines as Cape Cod Life and Nantucket Today. A woman who has never met a hydrangea she doesn’t like, she loves to share her knowledge and passion with fellow fans of hydrangeas.

Summer Open House & Garden Festival Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Tranquil Lake Nursery, Inc.

5 River Street • Rehoboth, MA • 508-252-002

Rehoboth Anawan Lions

By Bernie DeRoche The Rehoboth Anawan Lions recently had their meeting and voted in the following slate of officers for the Lionistic Year 2010 – 2011, beginning July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. President – Denise Thomas, 1st Vice President – Elaine Ferreira, 2nd V.P. – Linda Ferreira, 3rd V.P. – Nadene Martin, Secretary – Carol Grenier, Treasurer – Cheryl Gouveia, Lion Tamer – Janice Goulart, Tail Twister – Lynne Searle, Board or Directors for 1 year – Jeanne Noons and Beverly Procopio, Board of Directors for 2 years – Bernie DeRoche and Mary Beth Moriarty, Membership Chairman – Alice Oliver, Immediate Past President – Helen Dennen. Congratulations to all and we will all work towards a very successful year. The Club’s Installation will be June 17th at Hillside Country Club. Some of our events coming up in May are our Ladies Luncheon at Hillside Country Club, our usual Bingo Night at Marian Manor, our whit Cane Collection Day on May 15th at the Dunkin Donuts, and the Memorial Day Parade float on May 31st in Dighton. We will also be attending the Recognition Night on May 12th at the Venus de Milo held by the Rehoboth Lions Club. We have donated to the Dighton-Rehoboth Citizen’s Scholarship Fund. We also are sponsoring a D.R. Band student to the Massachusetts Lions All State Band. This student is Brian Strange who plays the trumpet. We participated in the Bowling Tournament in March at the Taunton Ten Pin. Our club had two teams and a good time was had by all! Our four delegates attended the Lions State Convention at the end of April, which was held in Sturbridge. These are just a few of the events we held, all were successful and for that we want to say “thank you” to all who made them possible with all of the support.

Remember our motto: “we Serve” and indeed we do.

May 2010

Rehoboth Anawan Lions to Host Yard Sale Fundraiser

A gigantic yard sale will be held on Saturday, June 12th and 13th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Redway Plain field in Rehoboth (corner of Rt. and Bay State Road). Rain date will be June 26 and 27th, same place and time. Included in the sale will be furniture, collectibles, toys, household items, books, clothing and assorted one-of-a-kind treasures! All kinds of treasures at super prices will make this a big fundraiser. In the spirit of recycle and reuse, we hope to see you all there.


The New England Antique Tractor and Truck Association collected 55 dollars in contributions for the Rehoboth Helping Hands Food pantry as well at 25 crates of canned goods at it’s fourth annual Spring Show/Swap Meet/ and Pull on April 2 & 25th at Francis Farm. Members had about 30 garden and farm tractors and several antique trucks on display as enthusiastic crowds watched tractor pulls both days. Our next events will be a plow day on May 2nd at Ferolbink Farm in Tiverton, RI and the Dighton-Rehoboth Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 31st.

The Reporter

Become a member of Community Supported Agriculture Community Supported Agriculture has been around for more than 30 years. It is a model of farming that provides fresh produce directly to its members throughout the growing season. Members receive a basket full of local farm fresh and delicious vegetables weekly that has been harvested at their peak of maturity. Your membership helps sustain agriculture on local farmland and preserves the environment for now and future generations.

The Farmer’s Garden A unique 60 acre vegetable farm located in beautiful Rehoboth, owned and operated by Steven & Tammy Noons.

“Our farm continues its tradition and passion for producing the highest quality and best tasting vegetables in our community.”


Get the freshest local produce available.

Join CSA by purchasing a vegetable share up front.

MEMBERSHIP - 2010 COMMUNITY FARM CSA Dennis Veader, Matt Silva, Steve Silva and Brian Duarte enjoy the day at the Swap Meet, sponsored by New England Antique Tractor and Truck Association in April

Name ____________________________________________ Street ____________________________________________ City ______________________ State ____ Zip _________ Phone ___________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________ VEGETABLE SHARE Starts the week of June 17 - October 28 20-WK Share (feeds up to 4) . . $425

Members of NEATTA enjoying the Swap Meet held in April at Francis Farm, Rehoboth. Officers voted in recently by the members for the upcoming year for New England Antique Tractor And Truck Association are President, Ken Foley; Vice President, Richard Lemieux; Secretary/ Treasurer, Beverly Baker; (all of Rehoboth) and Corresponding Secretary, Jane Gagnon of Mattapoisett. The Board of Directors include Don Leffort, Jerry Baker, Dan Roy, David Carpenter, Terry Jarvis and TJ Mello, (all of Rehoboth) and Frank Kowsic of Buzzard’s Bay, Tom Soares of Rochester, and Paul Dean of Foxboro.


FREE RANGE FARM FRESH EGGS One Dozen every week . . . . . . .$80 Half Dozen every week . . . . . . .$45 One Dozen every other week. . .$40 Half Dozen every other week . .$23 SEASONAL TOTAL $____________ Payment In Full $100 Deposit, balance due by 6/1/10 Make checks payable to: THE FARMER’S GARDEN 140 Davis Street, Rehoboth, MA 02769


PICKUP OPTIONS Please choose one location:

The Farmer’s Garden 140 Davis St. Rehoboth Thurs 3-6pm

Rehoboth Farmer’s Market Anawan School 53 Bay State Rd. Rehoboth Sun 10am-3pm


The Reporter May 2010

Anawan Pony Club Members “Ride With Pride” At Local Horse Show

On April 18 2010, 3 Anawan Pony Club members competed at the Bristol County -H Horse Show Series. The show was held at Haskins Farm in Berkley, Ma. It was a cold rainy day for our dedicated members. Tammy Lewicki, Anawan D.C. and Instructor, would like to congratulate the following members. Ella Lewicki - Lead Line Champion, 2 first places, and a second place. Tru Levesque - 2 third place wins in the Lead Line Division. Macayla Sousa - third place, fourth place, and 2 fifth place wins in the Pony Division. A fun day was had by all. Keep up the great work, and as always “Ride With Pride.” Anyone wanting to learn more information about our pony club please contact Tammy Lewicki at You can also check out our club on Face Book just search Anawan Pony Club. Ella riding Mea Lead Line Champion & Tammy Lewicki Mom & Instructor

Crafters and Vendors Wanted for Auxiliary Fall Bazaar

On Saturday, 10/2, the American Legion Auxiliary will hold their first annual Fall Bazaar. It will be held at the American Legion Post located at 351 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA. Each space holds an 8 foot table and 2 chairs. Tables and chairs will be provided. The donation for each space is $25.00. Please contact Kathy at 01-3-8917 to reserve your space or for more information.

Fish the Florida Everglades with

s s a B B o e ys h T Bass Trips 1/2 Day or Full Day

u.S.C.G Licensed and Insured


Capt. Rick Wasteney Capt. Clint Wasteney 1-954-382-6188 1-954-793-9336



May 2010

Rehoboth, Massachusetts Lions Club Up-Coming Meetings and Events:

The Reporter



Rehoboth Lions Went to - State Lions Convention – Mike and Karen and Russ and Ginny will be there. 3 All-State Band members from D-R High will be there performing. They are Brian Strange – Trumpet – Anawan Lions Sponsor, William F. Clement – Percussion + Drum set – Rehoboth Lions Sponsor and Courtney Gaucher – Bass Clarinet – State Band Sponsor. Also, a three or four member carload of Rehoboth Lions plan to go to Sturbridge to vote at the District 33S Meeting on Sunday, /25. May 12 – Rehoboth Lions Citizens’ Tenth Annual Recognition Night @ Venus De Milo – A Great Night. Get your tickets from a committee member, Russ Latham (above), Ray Medeiros, Lenny Mills Jr., Mike Salois, John Moriarty or Jim Johnston. We will be giving 12 deserving Awards this night. A very positive and enjoyable evening! May 19 – Clam Boil and at Seekonk Gun Club. Breakfast at Papa’s @ 8 A.M. – Set-up at Gun Club at 9 A.M. and serve at 6:30 P.M. May 26 Board of Directors Meeting @ Danny’s @ 7 P.M., May 27 – Autumns Catering at The American Legion Hall Regular Business Memorial Day Parade All in Dighton – Rehoboth Lions are helping with parade formation – Jim Johnston, Lions Chairman. June 6 Lions Chet Munroe Chicken BBQ – Buy tickets from any Lion. June 9, Lions Program Meeting at 7 P.M. @ Papa’s Meeting with induction of 2 new members. Golf- September 18, 2010 1 p.m. - Crestwood

• Sales • Service • Parts


Free Local Pick-up & Delivery expires 5-31-10



Planning a Project? Call 508-226-5204 Over 20 Years Experience Fully Insured • Residential & Commercial

Rehoboth and Anawan Lions News

State Lions Convention – Three All-State Band members from D-R High were selected and performed at the Lions Convention the weekend of April 23-25 in Sturbridge, MA. Pictured here (L-R) are Michael Salois, First Vice President of the Rehoboth Lions Club, William F. Clement – Percussion + Drum set, Rehoboth Lions Sponsored, Courtney Gaucher – Bass Clarinet – State Band Sponsored, Brian Strange – Trumpet – Anawan Lions Sponsor


is looking for people interested in discussing articles monthly Call 508-252-3446

Steve’s Tree Service Professional arborist at a reasonable price. We go out on a limb for you!

• Climb & Clean Out Trees • Remove StormDamaged Trees • Prune Fruit Trees & Ornamentals • Grind Stumps • Bucket Truck Service

• Land Clearing • Trim Shrubs & Hedges • Fertilize All Types of Trees • Cabling • Financing Available Fully Insured



The Reporter May 2010

• Carpeting

• Laminate Floors • Linoleum • Ceramic Tile 8 Lamb Street Attleboro, MA Family Owned Since 1965

When Quality Counts! You Can Count On Us...



Laurie P. Mullen Attorney at Law

Anawan Grange

The April 13th meeting went well although we did not do degrees as there were no candidates. We need new members to come and enjoy the benefits of Grange membership such as real savings with Enterprise rent- a- car and the Allied Moving Benefits program. The Charter was draped in loving memory of Dorothy Mae Goff who passed away on February 22, 2010. She had been a member of our Grange for 65 years. Her brothers Earl and Richard are to receive their 65 year membership seals at the April 27th meeting. The May 11th meeting is our educational aid night with a penny sale to benefit the fund. The Anthony C. Thatcher scholarship applications can be submitted to the Secretary till June 1st. The Massachusetts State Grange supports increasing State Aid to rural school districts to improve the quality of education in these rural communities. The National Grange also is advocating that inequalities in the “No Child Left Behind” law be amended by Congress so that local tax dollars on education be spent more responsibly. These should include a broad curriculum with emphasis on basic language; physical education, math, and science skills. Also basic training in agriculture, including the “Ag in the Classroom” program, covering both production and consumption. Just a reminder that the June 8th meeting will be a go out to dinner meeting. Try to save the date. More folks -- more fun. A thank you to all the members and friends who helped us during the great March flood. It takes a lot of work to clean up all the water. Good luck to all our neighbors. For information call 508-822-4946.

Divorce Mediation Divorce & Family Law Uncontested Divorce Contested Divorce Child Custody Paternity Child Support Adoption

Estate Planning Wills Health Care Proxy Power Of Attorney

239 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth er

(508) 252-2300 y 

"Your Propane Specialist"

Arrow Gas

(508) 674-4055 • (800) 447-1192

For All Your Propane Needs 24 Hour Emergency Service ~ Budget Plan ~ 1499 GAR Highway, Swansea, MA ~ SALES & SERVICE ~ Automatic Delivery


Local Youth Learn Life Long Lesson in 4-H Program

Each year 4-H members around the globe gather up information, creativity, and courage to present their annual Visual Presentation. Members of the Cows-n-Clover 4-H Club of Bristol County: Ben Pelletier of Rehoboth, Jarrett, Sydney, Seth and Reece Cordeiro of Rehoboth, Daniel and Trevor Clapp of Norton competed this year on various topics. Junior exhibitors such as these are expected to present in front of judges and the public for 3 to 10 minutes. Visual Presentations are just that, they require the child to use visuals and public speaking skills to educate their viewers. Jarrett Cordeiro’s “Bengal Tigers” presentation earned him 2nd place in his overall class at the state level, a very high honor. Ben Pelletier’s “Roll on into the D.O.T.” earned a blue at county and a trip to states. Daniel and Trevor Clapp’s “Dairy Cow Show” presentation also earned a blue at county and a trip to states. Other club members presented at county on these topics: Sydney Cordeiro “Mini Lop Rabbits”, Seth Cordeiro “Ducks”, and Reece Cordeiro “Great Jarrett Cordeiro. Pyrenees Dog”. If you are able to attend a local fair this summer you might just find these kids or others like them standing near their animals telling the public all about them. To find out more about 4-H in Bristol County visit:

May 2010 The Reporter

American Legion to Dedicate Benches to Waterman and Sammis

Rehoboth American Legion Post 302 will dedicate two granite benches in memory of two Rehoboth residents killed in action. 1lt. Craig Waterman, USMC, a Dighton Rehoboth High School graduate was killed in Vietnam when his helicopter was shot down while attempting to evacuate wounded soldiers. Capt Benjamin Sammis, USMC, also a Dighton Rehoboth High School Graduate, was shot down in Iraq while proving air cover for ground troops. The American Legion has a Flag Cenotaph at Winthrop and Danforth Street which is in memory of its members who have passed away. The benches will have a prominent location facing the flags at the memorial. “The guest list and speakers are still being compiled for the Memorial Day Weekend Ceremony”, according to Bill Saunders, the Post Adjutant. The granite benches are being designed by Morse and Beggs of North Attleboro and will be dedicated at a ceremony on May 29th at 1:00 P.M. The Post has been urging the Town to put up a memorial for the two fallen marines for some time. Other civic groups have come forward looking to put up memorials, but have not carried through with any plans as of yet.

Bristol County Horsemen’s Association May 9th Mother’s Day Ride Borderland State Park, Easton, MA 9:30 a.m. check-in

New England Horse & Trail Affiliated Morning refreshments of Coffee, Juice, Donuts Snacks after ride Raffle To Be Held After Ride - (If you don’t ride, tickets will be available to buy for raffle)

Mileage: 6 or 12 miles (ride trail twice for 12 miles) Cost: Members: - $10.00 Day Of Ride registration Non-members: - $20.00 Day Of Ride registration No pre-registration required, however, please call Sandy and leave message if you plan on coming. Checks will be payable to BCHA Contact: Sandy Beauregard 1-508-222-2959 The next meeting will be held on Friday, May 21 at 7:30 P.M. at the South Rehoboth Fire Station at 104 Pleasant Street, Rehoboth, MA. You do not need to be a member to attend.

Come Join The Rehoboth Business Association For A Night Of Networking At Our

“Business After Hours” Tuesday May 18th

Hosted By Linda Ferreira Of Edward Jones Investment

At Her New Location At Mills Plaza Ii, 492 Winthrop St, Unit #1, Rehoboth, Ma

5:30 Pm – 7:00 Pm • Light Buffet Cost Is $12.00 Rsvp By May 14th, 2010

Email Or Call Dale At 508-252-3312


Affordable Fuel Inc. No need to hunt around for great home heating oil prices! Call Affordable Fuel for Our Daily Price Quote y



Auto & Truck Removal

Cash Paid For Your Junk Cars & Trucks $175 & Up Gary’s Auto Removal 401-743-7446

Advertise In The Reporter Call 508-252-6575


The Reporter May 2010

The Rehoboth Antiquarian Society News

The Carpenter Museum... Getting News from Your Soldier: Victory Mail During World War II

By Amanda Knox, Intern in the United States where the letter would be printed out, in about NOTE: Visit the Carpenter Museum to view our “Letters Home” the size of a postcard, and sent to its destination. This process exhibit featuring letters from local veterans, on display through made the letters more compact which allowed cargo planes to carry May. Our hours are 2 to 4 on Sunday, or call for an appointment: thousands more letters to the troops. 508-252-3031. V-Mail was very successful with 2,533,938,330 pieces going In today’s fast moving society we hardly ever think about sitting through the Army Post Offices in the 1945 fiscal year alone. Howdown and writing a letter, but during World War II it was a luxury ever, the soldiers had yet one more issue involving their letters. The for soldiers to be able to have contact with their families while information they were allowed to include was minimal and while overseas. It was not as easy as finding a pen and paper and the going through the V-Mail process the letters would be censored to time to write down one’s thoughts; the troops had to use the new make sure there were no “prohibited subjects” in the letter. “Think!” system of Victory Mail, or V-Mail for short. With the overflowing said a pamphlet they were given, “Where does the enemy get his amount of mail that was being distributed, the postal services had information… Censorship rules are simple, sensible.” Among the to find a more efficient way to transport letters. forbidden topics were location, ports of embarkation and disembarThis new mode provided the troops with a standard 8.5 by 11 kation, and effects of enemy operations. Attempting to formulate inch sheet of paper that doubled as a letter and envelope with a any codes was also forbidden. The soldiers had many hardships certain area on which the letter could be written. They would write to deal with in wartime and letter writing was just another thing they their letters with the addresses at the top of the paper, and then had to be cautious about. fold the paper into the envelope with the necessary addresses Come into the Carpenter Museum to see our “Letters Home” printed again on the front. These would get sent to a V-Mail station exhibit, which includes V-Mails from local residents who served in in Europe or the Pacific where the paper would be put through a Europe during World War II, as well as a copy of the pamphlet on machine that made a copy of the letter on a piece of microfilm. The prohibited subjects. microfilm would then be flown to one of three processing centers This V-Mail from Russ Spooner to his parents on January 21, 1944 reads in part: “Received your Christmas box last night. The brownies were hard as rock, being a couple months old, but we ate them and didn’t break any teeth. Really liked them, too, because it’s been so long since we’ve had anything like that.”

AClass lass




181 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth 24-HR Board-Up Service Motorcycle L.E.D. Lighting hields Winds

U $98 &

 Auto Glass  Re-Screening  Residential Glass  Mirrors, Tabletops  Everything Glass


J.M. MASONRY CONSTRUCTION Cement Work • Driveways • Brick Patios Block, Brick, Natural Stone Walls Stamped Concrete • Ceramic Tile • Etc. Some Carpentry Work During Winter Ask for Joe

(508) 336-4435

Carpenter Museum

Sunday, June 6 ~ 1-5 pm

Family Colonial Day! See live farm animals! Try rope making.

FREE! Hands-on fun for all ages!

Learn about herbs, stenciling & much more!

Cook in our colonial kitchen!

Visit Hornbine School, too from 2-4 pm!

Carpenter Museum, 4 Locust Ave., Rehoboth, MA 02769 ph: 508-252-3031, “Rehoboth is Our Home”

May 2010 The Reporter



Commercial • Residential

Croome Sanitation Inc.

Seekonk Brownie Troop 460

Quality Service Since 1962

• Complete Pumping • Sewer Rooter Service

252-4668 336-7024 26 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth, MA

 Quick Radio Dispatched Service


Junior Troop 56

ee Country Sho r T p low


Brownie Troop 460 in Seekonk completed their Wonders of Water Journey (WOW) with a litter clean-up service project. The girls collected two large garbage bags filled with trash that they found around the Turner Reservoir on April 12th. This project completed a year long focus on the importance of protecting and conserving water.

157 Gardners Neck Road • Swansea MA 02777

Primitive ~ Country Home Decor candles, curtains, prints, lighting, furniture, etc. 508.672.3900 • Wed-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5

Earle's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning • Residential & Commercial • Emergency Water Removal • Soil Protection Treatment • Earle Dias, Proprietor

~NEW~ Tile & Grout Cleaning Junior Troop 56 attended a Girl Scout of RI. Early Registration celebration for summer camp at Meadowbrook Bowling Lanes. The girls bowled with other scouts from MA & RI while making summer plans to attend Girl Scout Day and Residential Camps. For more information about camp fun visit

2 ROOMS $54.95 Max. 240 Sq.Ft.

4 ROOMS $99.95 Max. 480 Sq. Ft.

Expert Installation Personal Service

Carpeting • Linoleum • Ceramic Tile • Laminate Floors Prefinished Hardwood • Porcelain Tile • Custom Work

Earle Dias (508)252-6385  Interiors 151 Winthrop St., Rehoboth MA • Tues.-Fri.10-5 • Sat.10-1


The Reporter May 2010

The Bears from Pack 2 Rehoboth

The Bears from Pack 2 Rehoboth would like to thank Home Depot in Seekonk where they attended a workshop that taught them how to build a Rain Gauge which is a requirement for the World Conservation Award.

The Bears from Pack 2 Rehoboth would like to thank Officer David for the wonderful tour that was given to them of the police station. The Bears were taught some of the responsibilities of the police officers, as well as what they should do if they see a crime being committed.


Phone / Fax (508) 252-5275 Phone (508) 252-5490

Appliance Repairs (508) 336-6226

ALL MAKES & MODELS Washers • Dryers Refrigerators • Ranges Microwaves • Dishwashers Disposals • etc. 28yrs Experience • MASTER LIC. #2505

Taylor Heating

& Air Conditioning, Inc. Bruce Young ~ John Benevides Falamos Portugues • Lisenced in MA & RI

87 Tremont Street • Rehoboth, MA 02769



Residential & Commercial

Free Estimates Fully Insured

Landscape Construction & Weekly Lawn Maintenance • Walkways • Retaining Walls • Patios • Bobcat Services • Hydroseeding • Firewood Matt Blais - Owner


Cell Phone (508) 400-3764

401-722-7790 “IN


Serving Southern New England

May 2010 The Reporter

Girl Scout Troop 507

During April vacation, Girl Scout Troop 507 visited Camp Hoffman where they enjoyed toasting s’mores over the fire, cooking, weaving, and henna, as well as a hike in the Great Swamp of Rhode Island.

Girl Scout Troop 507 at the Great Swamp of Rhode Island.

55 Winthrop St. (Rt. 44) Rehoboth

Star Marble & Granite

Custom Fabrications

• Kitchen Countertops • Vanity Tops • Island Kitchens • Fireplaces & more Local Showroom with in stock material

We Will...

Match Your Lowest Price Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Deliveries & Installations

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Construction Septic Systems

• Excavation • Demolition • Retaining Walls • Site Work • Ledge Removal

FREE Estimates Over 20 Years Experience MA & RI Licensed & Insured

Cell: (401) 640-9634 • Office (508) 639-9340 • Email:


Girl Scout Bingo collects 369 items for Project Undercover

In April the Girl Scouts held a ‘Mommy & Me Bingo’ to support Project Undercover. Admission was a donation of children’s new socks, underwear or diapers. Many prizes were awarded including books, candy, toys & games. 369 items were collected during this fun event and donated to Helping Hands for distribution in Rehoboth. Additionally, collection boxes were located throughout Rehoboth for Project Undercover.

PAYING CASH FOR GOLD, SILVER & STERLING U.S. and Foreign Coins Old Comics and Sports Cards Old Watches and Collectibles Diamonds and Jewelry

508-336-9103 113 Taunton Ave Same Location for 40 Years Seekonk, MA



The Reporter May 2010

Heavenly Hands Affordable Relaxation

Massages Offered: Swedish • Deep Tissue • Sports • Hot Stone • Chair • Head, Hand & Feet

SPRING SPECIAL $10 Off a 1 Hour massage mention this ad

Jennifer Tortorella, CMT, Owner 1448 Fall River Ave., Seekonk MA

Gift Certificates Available


Pack 1 Rehoboth Spring Camping The Cub Scouts from Pack 1 Rehoboth and their families spent a weekend camping at Cub world in Pascoag, RI The weekend started off with rain and ended with sunshine. Some families were in tents while others slept in large cabins that looked like Pirate ships. During the weekend the boys participated in a flag raising ceremony, a hike to a pond, a water ball fight and the Rain Gutter Regatta. While having fun the boys were able to complete many required achievements as well as electives. In the evening everyone sat around a campfire had desserts and were entertained by the Scouts performing their skits. After a short church service on Sunday morning the families packed up and went home tired but happy.

Seekonk Auto Salvage, Inc. Automobile Recycling

• Buyers of Junk Cars, Trucks & Late Model Vehicles • 24 Hour Towing • Quality Flatbed Service

Highest Prices Paid for Scrap Vehicles - Call for Pricing 508-789-4047 or 508-761-6343 • Seekonk, MA Family Owned & Operated for 40 years

Licensed & Insured

The Tiger and Wolf Cubs on their hike to the pond.

Tiger Cub Eryk Berwick from Pack 1 Rehoboth gets his face painted by dad as mom looks on during the Bobcat badge ceremony. The newest member to Pack 1 Rehoboth earned his Bobcat badge by learning the Cub Scout Motto, the Promise and the Law of the Pack, along with the Cub Scout sign, handshake and salute. The Bobcat badge is the first step along the Cub Scout trail.

May 2010 The Reporter

Pack 1 Rehoboth’s 2010 Pinewood Derby Race Winners 1st Place- Tiger Cub Jake Johnson 2nd Place- Bear Cub Elias Carr 3rd Place- Bear Cub Liam Clancy




10% Off Any Bottle of Lotion Buy 1 Visit Get 1 Free New Clients Only

15% Off All Tanning Packages coupons expire 6-15-10

1165 Fall River Ave, Rt.6 • Seekonk, Ma


e y Mon-Fri 11-8, Sat 10-5, Sun closed w r

Pack 1 Rehoboth Cub Scouts show off their Pinewood Derby cars after the race.

Troop 1

Lots of community service for the troop. Just finished picking up trash on New Street. The boys picked up over ten full bags of trash. The troop does this street yearly! Sunday May 2nd a lot of the boys and parents are doing the 20 mile Project Bread Walk for Hunger in Boston. The boys spent a weekend at Camp Fogarty shooting at the training range. The boys would like to thank Mr. Braga for all his help in doing the first aid merit badge with the boys!

No one offers a better deal!

Call 508.252.6575 to Advertise!!!

Canine Mastery



102 A Pond St • Seekonk • Providing Quality Service for 30 Years

Affordable Appliance Repair Maximum Labor Charge per repair

ONLY $59.95

No Additional Hourly Rate Charge

(Includes Service Call plus all Labor Charges)


Evening & Weekend Appointments - at no extra charge Mr. Braga helped troop 1 complete their first aid badge.

Call (508) 252-6600


The Reporter May 2010

Seekonk Human Services Administrative Assistant Phyllis Corbitt ext. 112 Editor: Town Crier, Art Therapist

Seekonk Human Services Staff *Center Hours *Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Clerical Assistant Kimberly Mallon ext. 110

Wednesday Evenings at Town Hall By appointment only

Outreach Case Managers Jan Tabor, LPN ext. 111

Executive Director Bernadette Huck Ext. 115

Silver Tea

Senior Aides Nancy Rodrigues Nancy Vine Loretta Ferreira Seekonk Human Services Executive Board Members Christine Allen Rene Andrews Anita Gendron Victoria Kinniburgh Anne Libby Lynne Neves Josephine Veader

Educational & Social Programs Karen Stutz ext. 114 (Monday – Wednesday mornings)

*Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 Noon Telephone: (508) 336-8772 FAX: (508) 336-2239

Telephone: (508) 336-8772 FAX: (508) 336-2239

Veronica Brickley, LPN BASOC ext. 117 (Monday, Wed, Friday)

May 2010 Newsletter

Seekonk ladies age 75 and older are cordially invited to attend a Luncheon At Johnson & Wales Inn On Wednesday, May 12, 2010 @ 12:00 Noon hosted by Seekonk Human Services and Funded by Friends of Friends Community Services. Entertainment by Steve Caddick & Avalon R.S.V.P. (508) 336-8772 by May 7th. Transportation is available through GATRA. (Dial-A-Ride) @ 1-800-483-2500.

Men’s Annual Luncheon

You are cordially invited to attend a Luncheon honoring men in Seekonk Age 65 and older. The Lunch will be held at Johnson & Wales Inn in Seekonk on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 @ 12:00 Noon. Hosted by Seekonk Human Services and Funded by Friends of Friends Community Services. Dan Horton of Seekonk will speak on the “History of Seekonk” R.S.V.P. (508) 336-8772 by June 2nd. Transportation is available through GATRA (Dial-A-Ride) @ 1-800-483-2500.

Collette Vacations Presents “Discover Tuscany”

Have you ever considered a trip to Tuscany? Highlights of the trip which is scheduled for November 2 – 11, 2010 are: • Rome Assisi Basilica of St. Francis Montecatini Terme • Siena San Gimignano Winery Tour Florence • Tuscan Feast Pitti Palace Included in Price: Air Taxes and Fees/Surcharges of $140 (subject to increase until paid in full), Hotel Transfers, Round Trip Air from Logan Intl Airport Not included in price: Cancellation Waiver and Insurance of $200 per person The cost per person rates: Double $2,309 Single $2,609 Triple $2,279 Sign up deadline is May 15. Call 508-336-8772 for more information.


@ Seekonk Human Services Dates: May 5 & 19 Time: 12:30 – 2:30

Everyone is welcome to play cards on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month. No sign up is required and you are welcome to bring a friend with you.

Men’s Breakfast

May 13, 2010 @ 8:30 A.M. Brother’s Seafood Restaurant (Briarwood Plaza) Speaker: Beth Hallal, Seekonk Board of Health

Gentlemen: You are invited to attend a monthly breakfast with a very special group of men who have been meeting together on the 2nd Thursday of every month for many years. You are welcome to bring a friend with you to enjoy a delicious breakfast and a speaker, who will present topics of interest to you. No reservation is required. You can order off the menu If you have any questions, please call Seekonk Human Services @ 508-336-8772.

Cardiac Prevention Clinic

@ Seekonk Human Services May 19, 2010 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

Why not take advantage of a FREE health clinic which is held once a month at Seekonk Human Services. Nurses from South Coast Hospital will be here to check cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure. Your test results will be available within 5 minutes and while you are waiting you can ask the nurse about any concerns you may have or any medications you are taking. No appointment is necessary, it is first come first served. This clinic enables you to monitor your health each month.


“Flower Arranging Class” May 26, 2010 @ 10:00 A.M.

This month we are pleased to have Michelle Hines present a flower arranging class. You will need to bring a tea cup and scissors with you to arrange your flowers in. If you are planning to attend, you must call 508-336-8772 so that we will have enough flowers for all the arrangements. A delicious lunch of baked ziti will be served following the presentation. Because we would like to be able to accommodate all of you who would like to stay for lunch, we ask that you sign up and pay $2 at least one week in advance.

Aerobics Classes

@ Seekonk Human Services Gymnasium 11:30 – 12:30 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

Get in Shape for this summer with an hour of exercise and hand held weights. Lee McCaffrey is a popular senior citizen instructor who teaches classes twice a week at Seekonk Human Services.

May 2010 The Reporter The first ½ hour is aerobic exercises “Go At Your Own Pace” and the last ½ hour involves exercises with handheld weights used sitting or standing. Classes are drop-in from September to June and cost $3 with the first class Free. No sign up is required, but please bring your own hand-held weights with you to class.

Golden Pass

Seekonk Seniors! Become a Golden Pass Holder, which enables you to attend any functions at the Seekonk Schools for a discount. You may obtain a pass at Seekonk Human Services, 320 Pleasant Street – Free of charge. Prescription Advantage Are you having trouble affording the premiums, co-payments, or “donut hole” costs for your prescription drugs? Massachusetts has a state prescription assistance program called Prescription Advantage to help limited income seniors and low income disabled persons under 65 cover their prescription drugs. Membership in Prescription Advantage also entitles you to change your prescription drug plan once a year at any time of the year. To determine whether you are eligible for Prescription Advantage, call Seekonk Human Services and make an appointment with a SHINE counselor: (508) 336-8772.

GATRA Transportation

1-800-483-2500 Dial-A-Ride – Cash Fares Each Way: Seekonk to Attleboro - $1.25 Seekonk to East Providence - $1.25 Seekonk to Rehoboth $1.25 Seekonk $1.25 Seekonk to Providence $2.50 Seekonk to Pawtucket $2.50 Seekonk to Barrington (upon availability) $2.50 Any towns outside of these areas will be upon availability. Passes: 10 – Ride Ticket $10.00 You can purchase a GATRA ticket at Seekonk Human Services or you can pay cash on the van. Tickets cannot be purchased on the van. If you are homebound and need a ticket please call Human Services @ (508) 336-8772.

Go Shopping With GATRA

Shopping trips are being offered by GATRA for any senior citizen who resides in Seekonk. The GATRA van will be picking you up at your home, but you must call 1-800-483-2500 to schedule your pick-up time. * All times are subject to change if necessary. Swansea Mall 1st Tuesday of every month 9:00 – 1:00 Wal*Mart/Target Plaza 3rd Tuesday of every month 9:00 – 10:30 Grocery Shopping Wednesday’s at Stop & Shop 8:30 – 9:30 Grocery Shopping Price Rite (2nd Thursday of month) 9:00 – 10:30 • Rides will be Free until further notice. Please notify Seekonk Human Services if GATRA is unable to accommodate you with your doctor’s appointments’. Note: Seekonk Human Services offers many legal, financial, recreational, medical screening and/or other activities and services by volunteers or nominal cost practitioner. Seniors participating in these services/activities do so with the understanding that Seekonk Human Services, the Town of Seekonk or its employees do not assume any legal or other responsibility for any advice or services rendered by such volunteers or nominal cost practitioners.



Fox Tours Presents 2010 Grand Amish Showtime

June 22 – 24, 2010 Tour Includes: Deluxe Heritage Hotel in Lancaster • Four Meals (2 Breakfasts, 2 Amish Feasts) • Sightseeing Tour of Lancaster Amish Country • Hershey Chocolate World Visit • New ‘Joseph’ Show at Sight & Sound Theatre • Luxury Silver Fox VCR/DVD Motor Coach Cost: $299.00 PP Double, $289.00 Triple, $379.00 Single Full payment is due 30 days prior to the trip. Please sign up at Seekonk Human Services, 320 Pleasant Street or call 508-3368772 for more information. *Deadline for signup is May 27.

Spirit of Boston

Fabulous Entertainment & Delicious Lunch Cruise July 21, 2010 Tour Includes: • Narrated Boston Harbor Cruise • Delicious Buffet & Variety of Entrees • Entertaining Musical Show • Quincy Market or North End Visit • Trip by Jodie’s Place Cost: $69.00 Sign up at Seekonk Human Services, 320 Pleasant Street or call 508-336-8772 for more information. A 50% deposit is required when you sign up. Full payment is due 30 days prior to the trip. Departs human services at 9:30 A.M. Returns at 5:30 P.M. Deadline is June 21.

Upcoming Trips

Long Island Journey, Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Package includes: Cost: $88 per person • Roundtrip Motorcoach • Passage on Long Island Ferry • Winery Tour & Tasting • Lunch at the Sound View Restaurant – choice of Broiled pork chops, Chicken Marsala & Grilled Salmon, salad, potato, vegetable, dessert & beverage • Shopping In Greenport Long Island • Meal Gratuities & Tax – Driver, Tip Included Call Joan Leonardo, Swansea COA, at 508-678-8943. The trip departs @ 8:15 A.M. from Showcase 1-10 Seekonk and returns at 9:00 PM.

COA Fitness Classes at The YMCA

Seekonk Human Services/COA in conjunction with the Seekonk YMCA are offering fitness classes for seniors at the YMCA. The schedule is as follows: • Mondays 9 – 9:45 A.M. “Arthritis Water Exercise 9:45 – 10:30 A.M. “Aqua Aerobics” 11 – 11:45 A.M. “Sit To Be Fit” – seated strengthening exercises using hand held weights and bands. Arthritis Foundation exercises are incorporated into the class. • Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:30 A.M. “Water Walking” • Wednesdays 11:00 – 11:45 A.M. “Sit To Be Fit” • Thursdays 8:30 – 9:30 A.M. “Water Walking” • Fridays 9 – 9:45 A.M. “Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise” 9:45 – 10:30 A.M. “Aqua Aerobics” 11:00 – 11:45 A.M. “Sit To Be Fit” Our pool temp is kept at 85 degrees to keep those joints limber and feeling great! All classes are $3 for seniors age 60 and older. You will need to use your Human Services swipe card for each class. If you don’t have a card, you can get one at the COA, 320 Pleasant St. (508) 336-8772.


The Reporter May 2010

News And Notes From

Blanding Library by Leslie Patterson

Save Our Library!

Vote to support the library at Town Meeting May 2. We thank all the people who have expressed their concern about the Blanding Library as the library faces possible elimination of town funding and perhaps even closing after July 1, pending a vote at Town Meeting this month. Town meeting is on Monday, May 2 this year and we hope to see all of you in person at the meeting to vote for continued funding for the library. Your support will mean all the difference. We would especially like to thank Blanding volunteer Naomi Swallow for setting up a “Save Our Library” page on Facebook. Check it out. And many thanks to Deb Maher for designing the great-looking banner in support of the library, now on display outside Goff Hall.

Book Sale

We also ask your support for our annual book sale on the weekend of May 21-23 and we thank Sharon Beskid for filling us in on all the details (and for all her work on this). On Friday, May 21, from 5 to 8 p.m. there will be a preview sale for members of the Friends of the Blanding Library. If you aren’t already a Friend,

Building with Pride

Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 8:00pm

Friday & Saturday 10:00 - :00pm

124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA 508-252-4236,

you can join at that time for as little as $5 and get first pick of this year’s huge selection of books. On Saturday, May 22, the sale will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition to the book sale, we will offer a bake sale table full of wonderful goodies. After having been a great success last year, our silent auction will return this year. Avis Prior has been working hard to secure many wonderful items and services for this year’s auction. Jewelry, dog training, teeth whitening, Arts in the Village tickets, stained glass classes, gift certificates for good and services are just some of the items up for auction. Don’t miss it! Got something to sell? The flea market this year is a bit different. We are renting large tables to individual sellers for just $15.00 each. We are welcoming crafters, antique dealers, and YOU, to come and sell your wares. It’s a great way to clean out the house, make some cash and socialize too! Have your children clean out those closets! Tables must be reserved and paid for (in the library) by May 19. Bring your items Saturday morning, set up, sell, and please take away your unsold items at the end of the day. The library cannot accept or dispose of flea market items. That will be up to those renting tables.

New Homes • Additions Roofing • Siding • Decks Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Also Providing Computerized Architectural Design and 3D Visual Animations

Your Building and Remodeling Specialists

Wood Frame Structures, Inc. Ronald J. Louro RI Reg# 10867 • MA Lic CS079858

Office: (01) 25-288 Cell: (01) 60-902

POWER WASHING Make Your Home look new! Schedule now! Vinyl Siding • Mold & Mildew Removal Interior & Exterior Home Painting • Deck Repair

DUNRITE HOmE REPAIR (508) 336-3545

Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured • No Job to Small

Oscar Ni, O.D. Optometrist-Vision care • Serving Seekonk area for the past 10 years • Eye care for the whole family • Same day service available • Featuring Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY frames • New Location, New Phone Number

10% off on Rx glasses with this ad must present at the time of purchase

e y r w

Most Health Plans Accepted

751 Fall River Ave. Seekonk, MA 02771 • 508-336-0576 •

May 2010 The Reporter Sunday, May 23 will be a book clearance sale from 9 a.m. to noon at $2.00 a bag. The flea market, bake sale and silent auction will be on Saturday only. Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers who make this weekend possible. Your work is very valuable to us. You can help make this year’s sale another success by donating your used books, CDs, and DVDs (no magazines or textbooks please) to the Blanding Library during business hours only. You can also sign up to make something for the bake sale and deliver it on Saturday May 22. We are especially seeking people who might donate a quality item or service to make our silent auction a success. You can also help by volunteering to staff one of the sales tables that weekend. And you can help just by coming to buy from the great selection of books and other goods available that weekend. Thanks to everyone at the Blanding who took part in our “Rehoboth on the Same Page” reading program, focusing on the novel, “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”. We’ve enjoyed an excellent talk by Professor Theodore Gatchel, a lively book discussion led by Joyce May, a wonderful presentation by “Living Literature”, all at Goff Hall, and a May breakfast with the book’s author at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet. Jazz Concert: One more event in “Rehoboth on the Same Page” will be free concert by the Shane Wood Jazz Trio on Saturday, May 8 at 7 p.m. at Goff Hall. This concert is made possible by a grant from the Rehoboth Cultural Council. As I drove to the Blanding on the evening of April 22 to take part in the very enjoyable book discussion, the torrential storms of the day were clearing and the sun shone on a beautiful rainbow over Goff Hall. Let’s hope this is a good sign for the Blanding’s future!


Blanding Library Annual Used Book Sale

**** Preview Book Sale for Members of friends of the Library only fri., May 21, 5-8 p.m. **** General Book Sale & Bake Sale flea Market & Silent Auction Sat., May 22, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. **** Clearance, Books $2.00 a bag Sun., May 23, 9 a.m.- Noon **** Still seeking donations & volunteers to help at sale Call 508-252-4236

New Web Address

Please note that the Blanding Library is now on the web under You can check out our calendar for upcoming events and find out the latest library news online. For more information on the library or the book sale, you can also call 508-252-236. The Library is located in Goff Hall, 12 Bay State Rd., Rehoboth.


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Dr. Cinda L. Anderson Optometrist

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33 Kent St, Barrington, RI 401-247-7393

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“Quality Work Done For An Honest Price” • Remodels & Additions • Appliance Wiring • Landscape Lighting • Security Lighting • Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans • Service Panel Upgrades

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The Reporter May 2010

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Spring and Fall Clean-up Weekly Lawn Maintenance Landscape Construction Small Excavation and Bobcat Service Retaining Walls Pavers, walkways & Patios Mulch Luke Anderson

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Seekonk Public Library Friends of Seekonk Public Library Coming Events-Something for Everyone Programs for Children, Families and Friend

*Monday, May 2: 6:30 p.m. Puppet Pals Show: A performance filled with stories, skits, silly songs, audience participation and of course, puppets! Children will enjoy meeting the pupets and even help with the show. For children and adults alike.

Entertaining and Educational Programs for Adults

*Wednesdays, May 5 to 26: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Ballroom Dance Classes: Four evenings of dance with Tomas Vasicek, professional instructor at Dance Fever in Newton. The class will be shown various dance steps such as Fox Trot, Swing and Salsa. FUN for the beginner and those who want to improve skills. Registration Currently closed-call for waiting list or just stop by to see what’s going on. Call the Adult Services Department at our Library, 508-336-8230, ext. 130 to register. All programs listed are sponsored by the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library: All are free and open to the public!


Seekonk, MA

(508) 336-4869

Library Friends Plan Appreciation Night for Members

The Friends of the Seekonk Public Library will host a membership appreciation night their annual meeting on Tuesday, June 8 at the Library in the Meeting Room beginning at 7:00 p.m. Current and potential members are welcome. Members will serve coffee and dessert as well as conduct a short business meeting which will include the annual election of officers.

Principles of Organic Gardening

Minimum 5 Yard Delivery

Sustainable Seekonk, Seekonk Public Library, Newman YMCA, Seekonk Community Garden, and the Mission and Social Action Committee of Seekonk Congregational Church are presenting a program on Thursday, May 20th on “Principles of Organic Gardening.” The program will be held at the Seekonk Public Library, 10 Newman Avenue, beginning at 6:30 P.M. It is and is free and open to the public. Donations are welcome. Katherine Brown, Executive Director of Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) in Providence, will give a presentation on organic gardening – turning over the soil for the first time, preparing the soil, selecting hardy seedlings, fertilizing, and insect control. Since its founding in 1981, SCLT has turned approximately 5 acres of formerly vacant lots into community gardens, expanded its farm operation to 50 preserved acres in Cranston, established the Broad Street Farmers’ Market, and developed a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. SCLT has grown, donated and sold hundreds of pounds of organic produce, helped 15 schools start their own gardens and garden clubs, hosted countless numbers of young people at City Farm’s Children’s Garden, educated volunteers about urban environmental and local food issues, and assisted in the start-up of 7 new minority-owned farm businesses.

May 2010 The Reporter In 2000, Katherine Brown left a two-decade career and tenure as a professor in health policy and ethics at the University of California-Berkeley and Creighton University to promote urban agriculture as an agent for positive community, environmental, and economic change. She has a PhD from Columbia University in Socio-Medical Sciences, specializing in public health policy and cultural anthropology. “When people grow and harvest their own food gardens and purchase food from farmers whom they meet face-to-face at farmers’ markets and CSAs,” Brown says, “every fresh tasty bite they eat unlocks a keen yearning to steward the earth more carefully.” For more information about the May 20th event, call (508) 336-359.


• PVC • Custom Cedar • Farm Fencing • Dog Runs • Chain Link • Ornamental Aluminum • Arbors

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Johnson and Wales University Students Provide Healthy Eating Workshops at the Newman YMCA Afterschool Program

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Specializing in all styles of stone masonry with over 15 years experience

• STONEWALLS • FIREPLACES • PATIOS • WALKWAYS Call for a free estimate MARK CARVALHO • (774) 229-6360

Johnson and Wales culinary students have been helping the Newman YMCA Youth learn about healthier eating.

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HUNGRY? The Reporter May 2010

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Dining Guide

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A Large variety of omelets! Come try our homemade chourico hash! •Fresh Fruit Waffles• •Homemade Pies• •Fish-n-chips•

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Recipes from the Cabin

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6am-2pm, Sat. 7am-11am, Sun. 8am-12pm

Famous for our Wings, Pulled Pork & Steak Tips Over 30 Flavors of Sauce Huge Salads 12 Ft 12 Beers on Draft


Hours: Mon-Wed 11am11pm, Thurs-Sat 11am-1am, Sun 12pm-11pm

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• Karaoke Every Thursday & Saturday 9pm-Close • Every Sunday 1pm-5pm All you can Eat Ribs $12.95 / person • Every Monday All Day 30¢ Wings * Every Tuesday 5pm-9pm 2 for 1 Appetizers * Every Thursday 2pm-6pm $1.00 Rib Day * Special Rules Apply

540 Central Ave., Rte 152 • Seekonk MA• 508-761-6854 WWW.BONEYARDBARBECUE.COM

Welcome to the cabin. Most cooks are inspired early on by eating another’s great food. Most I know can thank their mothers for teaching them about life in the kitchen. That is certainly the case with me. Thank you Mom. Nell, you fed me so well. You taught me to appreciate great, fresh quality ingredients. You set a standard of really good, well-prepared, healthy eating. And most importantly, you turned me on to many of our family’s favorite, homey, sentimental recipes. That’s the food you can’t find in any restaurant, or from any type of food service. Mom, I learned to cook because I love your cooking. If you haven’t done so lately, thank your mom for all of the great meals she prepared for you. Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful cooks out there! To follow is a recipe my Mom would make in a pinch, one that her mother (my Nana) made for her. It is a simple, supereconomical casserole we always called “Deep Dish”. It has only five ingredients: creamed corn, potatoes, onions, ground beef and tomato sauce, combined in one baking dish, in layers, and baked. Deep

May 2010 The Reporter Dish, it turns out, doesn’t refer to the type of baking casserole in which it is prepared, but to the era in which the dish was popularized. With a little research we found that Deep Dish was actually short for Depression Dish. The basic, and very cheap ingredients are those that were available to most, even during the Great Depression. Somehow the simple combination of flavors bake together wonderfully. And, the addition or substitution of other fresh vegetables, other meats (especially lamb if you like it), and fresh herbs would be fantastic. Always make a dish a little your own. While I am in a thanking mood, I would like to thank my neighbor on Kelton Street. At the time of writing this I can’t remember your first name, but I hope you read this because you know who you are. You cordially place an invitation in our mailbox each May, and you hold a lovely get- together for the whole neighborhood, which is not really a neighborhood at all but a woodsy street of remote houses. I think this is lovely, though I have never been able to go. I dropped off a pie one year I think, but my work schedule in May has me working most Saturdays, so it has regrettably never worked out for me to attend. But I wish I could have. Thank you for the invitation. It is so nice. Happy May Breakfast! Other recipes this month feature a baked salmon, that can be done ahead, and is easy, very healthy, and excellent for a crowd. I use it for catering very frequently. Baked Salmon Lemon Thyme, it is light, citrusy, and creamy salmon-dilly. This month at the cabin I will do my first of many rhubarb desserts for the gents. If you live in New England and you haven’t had rhubarb… get some now. Find a recipe. Try it. If you’ve tried it and you say you don’t like rhubarb… please leave New England. Get out. I love rhubarb. Try the following Rhubarb Cream Pie. A recipe from my friend’s mom, Mona. This is an old-fashioned fruit custard pie, with the tart delicacy of the rhubarb combined with orange zest. Preparing the rhubarb is easy, and putting together the pie is simple. And a prepared pie shell is more than acceptable if it gets you baking.

Chef Erin


Breakfast Lunch– — DinnerCatering — Catering Breakfast –—Lunch Dinner– SAVE THE DATE MONDAY, AUGUST 23rd. VINO'S FAMILY CAFÉ “NEW EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS

1ST ANNUAL CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT BEGINNING JANUARY 12th.” TO BENEFIT MUTIPLE SCLEROSIS 6AM – 10PM CRESTWOOD COUNTRY CLUB - Rehoboth, Ma Monday 6am-2pm, 1PM SHOTGUN START • Lunch 12N • Dinner & Prizes 6am-10pm, $125ppTuesday-Thursday - Contact Vino's Family Café to register

Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight Sunday 7am-1pm NUMEROUS DAILY SPECIALS

Pulled Pork, Seafood Chowder, 10% SeniorPie, Discount Meatloaf, Shepherd's Corn Chowder, BlackenedMondays Salmon, & Swordfi sh, Steak Tips, Tuesdays Lobster Rolls, Fish & Chips (daily) Prime every Saturday DailyRib Specials Including

Cup of Soup & Salad $3.99 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup $4.50 Clam Cakes & Cup of Chowder $4.99

Indian Hills Plaza • 503 Winthrop St. Rehoboth, MA 02769


Indian Hills Plaza 503 Winthrop St. Rehoboth, MA 02769 508-336-4361

depression dish

Serves 4-6 3- large potatoes (@ 1 ½ - 2 pounds, peeled and cut to 1” chunk) 15 ounce can creamed corn 1 medium onion (1/2 inch slice) 1 pound ground beef 1 cup tomato sauce s & p to taste Spray medium casserole or dutch oven with nonstick spray. Place potato chunks in bottom of casserole. Pour creamed corn over potatoes. Sprinkle onion slices atop potatoes and corn. Break raw ground beef into small pieces and place atop onions. Shake some salt and pepper. Top all with the tomato sauce. Bake, covered with foil or lid, in 350 degree oven 1 hour. Uncover and bake an additional 10-15 minutes, till bubbly and golden. Check potatoes for tenderness. When they are done the dish is ready to serve.

$2 Drafts & $3 Shots All Day, Everyday!

Mondays: 35¢ Wings 20% Off for World Gym members Tuesdays: Rock Star Karaoke Win $1000 wednesdays: $200 Guaranteed Beer Pong Tourney Thursdays: Ladies Eat Free! *some restrictions may apply

Live Performance by Chris from What Matters? fridays: Rock Star Karaoke Win $1000 Every Saturday: LIVE BANDS including: Those Guys, What Matters?, Dirty Deeds *Check out our website for up to date events

Come check out our NEW MENU! 350 Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA • 508-336-6634 Next door to: World Gym Plus


The Reporter May 2010

Dining Guide Baked Salmon Lemon Thyme

Serves 4 If possible use fresh breadcrumbs, not the packaged kind. Any somewhat stale bread, broken up, chopped in the food processor will be much better. I love this dish with rye or pumpernickel breadcrumbs.

dill dressing:

Chinese Restaurant


LUNCHEON SPECIALS! Delivery Available ($15.00 min., Local Area)

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1641 Fall River Ave, Rt. 6 Seekonk, MA

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1379 Fall River Ave. Rt. 6 • Seekonk 651 West Main Rd. Route 114, Middletown, RI 401.849.4222 • Visit our website:

2 cup sour cream 1-2 TBS dry or fresh dill (chopped) 1 TBS horseradish s & p to taste

4 boneless salmon fillets (@ 2 pounds) 1 lemon (zested) 2 cups fresh breadcrumbs ½ cup grated parmesan 2 TBS butter (melted) 1 garlic clove (minced) 1 TBS fresh thyme (chopped) Mix together dressing ingredients. Place dressing in refrigerator for flavors to meld. Mix breadcrumbs, parmesan, melted butter, garlic & thyme. Toss together to a crumble consistency. Place salmon on baking sheet or pan. Squeeze lemon over fish. Shake some salt & pepper. Top each fillet with @ 1/2 – ¾ cup breaded topping. Bake uncovered in 350 degree oven @ 25-30 minutes, till fish is almost cooked through. Salmon will continue to cook for a few minutes after removing from oven. Serve with dill dressing on side.

Rhubarb Cream Pie

Serves 8 You must remove all leaves from rhubarb. The leaves are not edible. Wash and chop stalks much like celery. If they are very thick I halve the stalk and chop in ½ inch pieces. 9” deep dish pie crust 1 ½ cups sugar ¼ cup flour 1 orange (zested) ¾ teaspoon ground nutmeg 3 eggs (beaten) 3 cups rhubarb (chopped) Preheat oven 375 degrees. In large bowl, mix sugar, flour and nutmeg. Stir in eggs and orange zest. Add rhubarb and toss until thoroughly coated. Pour filling into pastry shell. Bake 50-60 minutes, till set in center and golden. Let cool before serving. Can be served room temp or chilled.

May 2010 The Reporter

How You Can Help Horse Play

Equine Rescue Open House May 29,2010 from 11am - 5pm go to or call a volunteer in your neighborhood. “Horse Play” a Rhode Island based 501 (c)3 non profit horse rescue and sanctuary provides rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and adoption for any abused, neglected and / or unwanted horses Those horses deemed unadoptable “ live out the rest of their lives at the sanctuary. HOW YOU CAN HELP go to or call (01) 29-3565. Their is a volunteer in your neighborhood. For information - call 508-72-3706.

Pine Woods Construction

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Powerwashing & House Painting Free Estimates • Mass # 138782

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Lou Barboza

Volunteers Needed!

Did you know that 1 in every 50 children in the U.S will go to sleep without a home this year? Horizons for Homeless Children is looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to play with children living in family homeless shelters in Barnstable, Bristol, and Plymouth Counties. If you have an extra 2 hours a week and a desire to make a difference in the lives of some wonderful children, then we have the volunteer opportunity for you! A six month commitment is required. Attendance at one of our training sessions is mandatory. Upcoming training: June 2nd and 3rd from 6 to 9 p.m. both evenings in Brockton. Sign up today! Contact our office at (508) 999-95 or at adantowitz@horizonsforhomelesschildren. org for more information and an application, or fill one out online at



Reliable Painting Co. w Look! e N A u o rush y Let us B Interior & Exterior Painting

OTHER SERVICES Custom Window Treatments (0yrs Experience) – Professional House Cleaning

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Restore & Treat

Decks & Weathered Siding, Fences Call For Info & Free Estimates


Your open door is hope! Become a foster parent.

Dare Family Services is seeking caring families to provide foster care for area children. While helping a child, you will receive excellent training, 2 hour support and a tax free stipend toward the child’s care. For more information, please call 508-802-9515.


34 years experience


Cut-Rite Concrete Cutting


We cut anything concrete...anywhere

Prompt Courteous Service • Floors • Walls Environmentally Safe • Insured • Licensed • Bonded

Core drilling • flat Sawing • Breaking • Removal• Replacement

Considering Adoption?

(508) 336-2652 or Call (401) 728-8200 •

Adoption Options Offers Free Informational Meetings

Providence, April 1, 2010 – Adoption Options is holding a free informational session those considering adoption and are interested in hearing about available options. Licensed adoption workers will be available to provide information and answer questions. In Rhode Island, the next meeting is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 959 North Main St. in Providence on May 27, 2010. Adoption Options, a non-sectarian, non-profit, comprehensive adoption program of Jewish Family Service works with prospective adoptive parents, birth parents and people who have been adopted. The agency is licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with offices in Rehoboth and Providence. The agency’s work with all members of the adoption triad is focused on helping individuals to understand their options and make the most informed choices for their future.


for $10 OFF 1,000 gal with this ad SANITATION PUMPING, INC 508-824-8370 • 1-800-464-8370 Discount Expires August 31, 2010


The Reporter May 2010

Church Services and Activities Newman Congregational Church

Corner of Newman & Pawtucket Aves (Rumford) For more info: 401-434-4742

Vedanta Society of Providence

227 Angell St Providence RI 02906 401-421-3960

Seekonk Congregational Church

600 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk,MA (508)336-9355 Web site:

New Testament Baptist Church

corner of Woodward St. and Rt. 140 in Norton. 508-285-9771

Christian Life Church 222 Plain Street, Route 118 Rehoboth, MA 508-252-3364

Holy Cross Catholic Church

(HORNBINE BAPTIST CHURCH) 141 Hornbine Road, Rehoboth, MA (401) 438-4616

Memorial Baptist Church,

340 Central Ave., Seekonk, MA 02771, 508-761-5142 Seekonkmbc@verizon

Eusebeia Bible Church

224 Winthrop Street Rehoboth, MA 02769 508-252-3505

West Dighton Christian Church

2767 Horton Street No. Dighton, MA Phone 508-252-9066

Trinity United Methodist Church

51 Railroad Ave. Taunton 508-824-8244

North Christian Church

Located at 2360 Chestnut Street North Dighton, MA Tel: 508-252-9494

Church of Salgion

Rt. 114, Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA Circle of Salgion - Church of Wicca Email: Phone: 774-229-6019

Dighton Community Church 2036 Elm Street, Dighton, Mass. (508)669-6241 or (508)761-5503

The First Baptist Church of Dighton

438 Main St. - Dighton, MA 02715 Church Phone:(508)669-5077 (508)822-1743

St. James Lutheran Church

Middle Highway and County Road in Barrington, RI (401)-246-0227

St. Dominic Catholic Church

RT—6 1277 Grand Army Highway Swansea Mass 02777 Rectory 508—675-7206

Lighthouse Gospel Church 595 Winthrop St., Taunton Children's Church Nursery Available

Rehoboth Congregational Church United Church of Christ

139 Bay State Road, Rehoboth 508-252-4545

Winthrop Street Baptist Church

Rt. 44 just off the Green 39 Winthrop St. Taunton, MA 508-822-1976

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

81 Warren Ave., East Providence, RI [Corner of Fourth St.] 401-434-7456

Taunton Seventh-day Adventist Church

109 Winthrop Street, Taunton (508) 823-6679

Somerset Congregational Christian Church, UCC 1411 County Street, Somerset Phone - 508-672-6623

Fall River Seventh Day Adventist Church (English language) 2695 No. Main St., F.R. 646-3506

First Christian Congregational Church United Church of Christ

GAR Highway, Rt. 6 • Swansea 508-673-7179 or 676-3815

Brick Church

1056 Center St. Dighton Call 951-7358

May 2010 The Reporter

New Beginnings Evangelical Church

294 Taunton Ave., Seekonk, MA Tel. #: 508-336-4038

Good News Bible Chapel 235 West Street, Attleboro 508 226 2916

Grace Community Chapel 110 County Street, Seekonk, MA 508-336-5971

Hornbine Baptist Church

Church Services Sunday 10 A.M. 141 Hornbine Road, Corner of Baker Rd. South Rehoboth

First Spiritualist Church Anawan Grange

Rt. 44 & 118 Rehoboth

The First Baptist Church of Swansea 21 Baptist Street Swansea, MA Telephone (508)379-9728

Christ Church Episcopal 57 Main Street, Swansea, MA (508) 678-0923

Community Covenant Church

615 Tremont Street, Rehoboth, MA (508)-222-9400

Church of the Good Sheherd Episcopal

490 Broadway, Pawtucket, RI 401-723-0408

Rehoboth Baptist Church 132 Moulton Street (Rt.. 118) 508-252-6437 • Fax 252-1080



Church of the Epiphany

1336 Pawtucket Avenue Rumford between Newman Avenue and Rumford Library 401-434-5012

West Congregational Church United Church of Christ Winthrop Street at North Walker (Rte 44) • Taunton, MA Church Office: 508 824-3461

Greater Fall River Baptist Church

1980 South Main Street P.O. Box 975, Fall River, MA (508)673-7700

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church

Rt. 44 - Seekonk, Massachusetts 984 Taunton Ave. • P.O. Box 519 336-5549 • Rectory: 336-9022



HOLY CROSS CATHOLIC CHURCH (corner of Hornbine Road and Baker Street)


The Reporter May 2010

Rehoboth Council on Aging Remember to send in your 2010 Census Forms

May 2010 Council on Aging Newsletter Council on Aging Board meets at 7:00 p.m. 55 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA 02769 on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Phone 508-252-3373 Fax 508-252-617

Hours of operation:

Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to :00 p.m.Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Kitchen hours:

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Transportation Reservations: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Transportation Hours: Monday through Friday

deadline for Submitting News

is now the 23rd of each month...

Advertise In The Rehoboth/ Seekonk Reporter

Call 508-252-6575

Monday, May 31st - Closed Memorial Day The Rehoboth Council on Aging Invites you to attend the 6th annual Mothers Day Tea Luncheon On Friday, May 7th 12:00 noon

The Council dinning room is transformed into a tearoom with lace tablecloths, fine china (donated by ladies from Rehoboth), finger sandwiches and assortment of delightful desserts. The event is open to all Mothers, Grandmothers, soon-to-be-Mothers any one that ever had a Mother. Put on your fancy hats and gloves and join us for a little old fashion fun and door prizes. Please call or sign up at the front desk. Reservations are a Must!

Volunteers Needed

Do you have a few hours a week that you would like to give as a volunteer at The Rehoboth Council on Aging? If the answer is yes…Then we need you in the following areas: Front Desk Receptionist afternoons 12:30pm Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, Gert’s Café Cooks or as Craft Instructor. Please contact Norie at 508-252-3372 for further information.

Activities from Activity Coordinator Norellen Palmer

Important! Registration is required for all upcoming programs. All activities will have participant sign up sheets for them.

10 Emory Street in Attleboro

508.222.0118 or 800.220.0110

your choice . . . our commitment

HOME HEALTH - HOSPICE CARE - PRIVATE CARE LIFELINE MEDICAL ALERT SERVICES Serving, Attleboro, Easton, Foxboro, Franklin, Mansfield, No. Attleboro, Norton, Plainville, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Wrentham and others upon request. Visit us at

Most of the Activity programs that are at the Council on Aging are free and open to the public. Some programs require minimum attendance; if there is no interest then that activity will be either cancelled or postponed. Please call 508-252-3372 for information on all activities or to sign up.

An Evening of Show Tunes

Dinner and entertainment at the Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center, May 1st, 5:00 p.m. To benefit Rehoboth Friends of the Elderly. Antipasto, Meatballs & Pasta, and Homemade Dessert is the featured menu. Sing along with Barbara & John. Tickets are $8.00 per person and available at the Rehoboth Council on Aging

Beckwith Middle School Band & Chorus

On Wednesday, May 5th, 9 a.m. at the Beckwith Middle School, their Band & Chorus will present their “Spring Fling” and the Seniors of Rehoboth are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. Please attend and support our school music department.

Gert’s Café

Usually Gert’s Café closes at the end of June, but thanks to our wonderful volunteers and Gert’s Cafe participants we are going to be open all summer same time and day, Mondays at 12 noon. Gert Messier and the COA staff want to say Thank you to all of our volunteers for participating in the newest adventure. Hats off to Carl and Kathy Chace, Sandy Carter, Kay Mann, Chuck, Lorraine Botts, Barbara Parent, Jim Rosa, Louise Cabral, Pat Higson, Marilyn Henley and Jim Scimone for all their help, expertise and above all time. Thank you also to all our patrons for coming to the COA and once again making Gert’s Café the “In Place to Meet and Eat” Hope to see you all for our Summer Session.

Annual Cookout

The annual Rehoboth Police Association and Beckwith Middle School Senior cookout will be held at Gladys L. Hurrell, 55 Bay State Road on Wednesday, June 9th at 11:30am. The students will be serving and providing desserts. What a deal no cooking, no clean up just have fun. Get your Tickets at the Rehoboth Council on Aging from 8:30 to  p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 to 12 noon on Fridays. Cost for this great event is $2.00

May 2010 The Reporter

Annual Fathers Day Continental Breakfast

Balancing Exercise and Upper Cardio

On Friday, June 18th 9am, the Rehoboth Council on Aging will be honoring the Fathers of Rehoboth with the annual Fathers Day Continental Breakfast. The menu will consist of juice, sausage bacon rolls and pastry. Oh Yes there will be coffee! Please call the COA or sign up at the front Desk. Reservations are a Must!

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. Free. There is plenty of room available in any or all of our classes if you care to join us. This activity uses weights and stretching for balancing done on exercise balls or in chairs.

Are You Prepared? Presentation by Bonnie Ryvicker of CVNA

The Rehoboth Council on Aging has started a Bowling League using the “Wii”. It is a great way to have fun, workout and show off those bowling scores. Please drop in and join us, this bowling in this can be done standing or sitting in a chair.

On Wednesday, June 23rd, 10 a.m. Bonnie Ryicker of the Community VNA will be on hand to talk about “Are you prepared?

Free Blood Pressure and Glucose Screening

Monday, June 10th 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. The COA is pleased to have our Rehoboth town nurse Lynn Attienello administer these tests free on the 2nd Monday every other month.

Podiatry with Dr, Marian Markowitz

Appointments start at 10am please call early to schedule yours.

“Wanabee Weight Meeting” Mondays, 11:00 a.m.

Free. A group of ladies meet and support each other with we their weight losses and gains. The best way to lose weight is with encouragement and support of friends. In this meeting we as a group will cover what we ate, if we exercised and share what we did if we lost weight. Meetings are held on Mondays at 11 a.m. prior to Gert’s Café.

Tuesday Tai Chi at 9:00 a.m. Cost $3.00 per Class

Try a graceful way of exercising which is easy on your joints. This method of balancing may be new to you, but it has a great positive outcome for any age.

Meal-site Information

Please contact our meal site for information on the Meals on Wheels program. A donation of $2.00 is requested for lunch, which consists of a main course, dessert and milk. A copy of the month’s menu is posted at the front desk and in the dining area for your review.

Wii Bowling League” Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. Free

Quilters Thursday s at 9:30 a.m.

Do you quilt or know of anyone who would like to come to our Quilting Group. There is always plenty of knowledgeable support offered.

“Men’s Morning Coffee” Fridays 9 a.m.

This is a group of “men” who meet to enjoy fresh coffee, pastry and conversation with old and new friends. Come on down and enjoy the morning with them and share your comments and ideas.

Knitting and Crochet Group Fridays at 10 a.m.

If you ever wanted to learn more about knitting or crocheting, the Ladies of the Needles are always there to share their knowledge with you. Don’t be shy! Come in and join the group.

S.H.I.N.E Counselor NOW here at your COA

The Rehoboth Council on Aging is pleased to announce that there is a S.H.I.N.E. Counselor every Thursday from 9am to 1pm by appointment or drop in. If you need assistance with Medicare Part “D” or Prescriptions please call and set up your appointment. If you have any questions or require assistance with an application, please call the SHINE Program at 508-2523372.

Extra Help with Medicare Part D

You may also be eligible for extra help with Medicare Part D premiums and co-pays if your monthly income is $1,354 (or less) and your assets are not more than $12,510 for an individual and your monthly income is $1,821 (or less) and your assets are not more than $25,010 for a married couple. If you are eligible for extra help, you may also join Part D at any time. If you already have extra help, you may also change your Part D at any time. For further information and or for assistance with enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan, please call SHINE at 508-252-3372.

Card Games 3 Days a Week!

Cards are here at your COA! Mondays at 9:30 a.m. we have a cribbage group, Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. we have a ladies group that not only play cards but also games. Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. we have a Hi-Lo Jack group. All have a great time and are always looking for a few “new” folks to join them.

Transportation Information from Lois Fine-Sargeant

Do you need a ride to an appointment? The COA has transportation available Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Transportation to the Rhode Island Hospital Area is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for medical appointments, which must be in by 10 a.m. out by 1 p.m. Arrangements Must be made with Lois by 12 noon of the preceding day or as soon as possible. No arrangements for transportation can be taken after 12:00 p.m.; our COA staff can take only cancellations.

Tuesday Line Dancing 10:00 a.m.

Cost $ 3.00 per Class. If you like to dance and have fun then this is the group is for you. Everyone is welcome to come in and try out some steps.

SHINE Training to begin May 2010

Volunteers are being recruited for the Serving Health Information Needs of Elders Program, known as SHINE. Those who have 4 to 8 hours a week and would like to help senior citizens understand health insurance coverage are sought. The SHINE program is looking for dedicated people willing to make a commitment (some traveling

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care Services

Community Counseling OF BRISTOL COUNTY

Specialties * Child & Family * Adults * Elders


* Addiction/Recovery * Psycho-pharmacology * Group Treatment * Day Program For Information or Appointment Call

Fully Credentialed Professionals MDs, PhD’s, LICSW’s & LMHC’s

Insurance & Managed Care Plans Accepted Medicare * Medicaid * MA/RI BC Harvard/Pilgrim * Value Options


366 WINTHROP ST. 508-252-3383


68 CHURCH GREEN 508-828-9116 TTY 508-823-6124

508 - 823-5400


The Reporter May 2010

may be required.) The SHINE program is seeking counselors in the greater Attleboro, Taunton and Fall River areas. For more information, upcoming dates, or to sign up for training, please call Lisa Sarkis, SHINE Regional Director 508-2221399

Organization Events And News: The Best Is Yet to Come!

The next two meetings of The Best is Yet to Come, a senior social group, will be held on May 13, and June 10, 2010. Bring items of your choice for your favorite charities in town.

Up Coming Activities

May 13th - Members will have a regular meeting at the senior center. June 10th- A trip is planned to the Heritage Museum, and Sandwich Glass in Sandwich, MA. Members will leave the Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center at 9:00 a.m. New members always welcomed. Call Pat Higson for details. 508 252-4602. And Remember The Best Is Yet to Come!


Sheriff, Police and Seniors working together to enhance the lives of our seniors….. Next Meeting is scheduled for 10am, Wednesday, May 19th & June 16th, 2010 at the Rehoboth Council on Aging.

Up Coming Activities

TRIAD Salute to Seniors Programs being offered through TRIAD are: Free “911” cell phones, File of Life, Are you OK? Program, Project Lifesaver. Yellow Alert

ig^c^in gZeZgidgn  XdbeVcn


Syringa Tree anne scurria & barbara meek


Pamela Gien • Now – May 30 • Tickets start at $20

(401) 351-4242 • • 201 Washington St. • Providence • RI Season sponsored by

Upcoming Trips Co-Sponsored By the Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club and the Sandcastle Seniors

Tuesday May 11 trip to Maggiano’s Restaurant for an all you can eat dinner followed by a narrated cruise of Boston Harbor. Trip cost is $80.00 per person and includes round trip bus transportation and bus driver’s gratuity. Everybody Welcome. To sign up, please call Pete Michaud at 508-761-5087. Wednesday August 18: Day trip to Foxwoods for a Matinee Show “Legends In Concert”. Trip includes round trip bus transportation show ticket, free buffet, and $15.00 Keno. All trips include bus driver’s tip and pick ups in both Rehoboth and So. Attleboro. Everybody Welcome. For more information or to sign up, please call “Pete Michaud at 508-761-5087.

Senior Citizens Club

The Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club is a Social and Charitable Club. Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, of the Month at 1:30 p.m. at the Rehoboth Council on Aging.

Up Coming Activities

May 6th - Installation of Officers at 12 noon, Hillside Country Club with entertainment by Dizzie Land Band, June 17th - Annual Strawberry Festival, 12 noon at Rehoboth Council on Aging

The following is a list of trips in the planning stage and approximate costs. These trips are co-sponsored by the Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club and the Sandcastle Seniors in So. Attleboro and are open to everybody. All driver’s tips are included and pick ups & drop offs will be in both Attleboro & Rehoboth. If interested in any of the these trips, please call Wilfred “Pete” Michaud at 508-7615087. I need a minimum of 40 people for a bus and I have to know if we have enough interest to reach the 40 so call me as soon as possible and I will send you a flyer as soon as I have them. Trip #1) wed. August 18 - Foxwoods includes round trip bus, free buffet (worth $15.99 or $10 food credit) $15 keno and free show “legends in concert” cost $43. Trip #2) 3 day Atlantic City trip, Sept 26, includes round trip bus 2 nights at the Tropicana and usually includes free show, 2 buffets, $20.00 casino bonus and baggage handling. Cost is approx. $218.00 dbl. Trip #3) day trip Foxwoods nov.9.w/ round trip bus, free buffet and $15 in keno. Cost is $20 p.p. Trip #4) 3 day Atlantic city. January or February sun. to Tues. Same as trip #2 cost approx. $153.00 dbl.

Rehoboth Senior Club News

Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club May 20th Meeting 1:30 p.m. Rehoboth Senior Center with a “Guest Speaker from Tranquill Lakes Nursery” June 3rd Meeting 1:30 p.m. Rehoboth Senior Center Luncheon with a “Special Guest” Dues Dues - Please Contract Emily Pacheco $4.00 Rehoboth Resident/$8.00 Non Resident

Rehoboth Friends News

Friends of the Rehoboth Elderly Next meeting will be held May 18th 3:00 p.m. at the Rehoboth Senior Center. Everyone is welcome to attend

May 2010 The Reporter


Birth Announcements Nicholas Sonny Brown

Matthew Joseph McKeough

Bethany and Joe McKeough of Sacramento, CA announce the birth of their son Matthew Joseph McKeough on January 28, 2010. Matthew was 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long. He joins big sister Riley at home. Maternal grandmother is Pamela Shaw of Seekonk. Maternal great-grandparents are Earl and Shirley Goff of Rehoboth. Paternal grandparents are Cathy and Phil McKeough of Paradise CA and paternal great-grandfather is Ray Gilbert of Grant’s Pass, OR.

Isabella and Sofia Brown are proud to announce the birth of their brother, Nicholas Sonny Brown. Nicholas was born on November 7, 2009 at Woman & Infant Hospital. He weighed 10 pounds, 2 ounces and was 22 inches long. Nicholas was welcomed home by proud parents, Jill and Rick Brown of Rehoboth. Maternal grandparents are Susan Waller of Rehoboth and Alfred Quattrucci of Warren, RI. Paternal grandparents are Teresa Brown of Providence, RI and the late Richard Brown of Memphis, TN.

G.R.E.A.T. Support Group for Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children Tuesday May 18th 7:00 PM The Arbors, 763 County St., Taunton, MA

Are you a grandparent or other relative raising a child with special needs? Learn about the Mass. Family Ties Program and Federation For Children With Special Needs at the G.R.E.A.T. Support Group on Tuesday May 18th 7:00 P.M. For more information contact Milly Burrows at Associates for Human Services 508-880-0202.

Nicholas Sonny Brown

tion is necessary. For more information or to register by May 17, 2010, please call Nursing Administration at 508/236-7151. Sturdy Memorial Hospital is a full-service, nonprofit acute care community hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Free Infant Massage Program Attleboro, MA, April 15, 2010 - Sturdy Memorial Hospital will be offering a Free infant massage program on Saturday, May 22, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Auditorium at the Hospital. This program is designed for new moms and their partners and will be led by Jean Stringham, Sturdy Memorial’s infant massage coordinator. It will focus on the techniques and benefits of massage for infants. Tips on how to soothe and calm a colicky baby will also be provided. Parents are encouraged to bring their infants, age two weeks to ten months old. Participants from prior programs have the following to say: “Not only did I learn how to soothe my baby, but I now know when the optimal time to massage him is.” “It was especially helpful to me as a first time mother. I really enjoyed the program.” Class size is limited and pre-registra-


Quick • Neat • Inexpensive Get rid of those ugly tree stumps in your yard. without paying "Tree Service" prices Just call Mike for a free estimate.

508-252-9683 1-877-9STUMPS

*Fully Insured

Mike Carvalho Owner


The Reporter May 2010

Weddings & Engagements

FOR SALE Demetrios Designer Wedding Dress

NEW, UNALTERED, UNWORN, WITH TAGS • Size 6 style 4233. My measurements are roughly 35, 28, 37 • Romantic, Sophisticated & Sexy! Modern Vintage Look. • Sweatheart top, with rouching (like magic, shows off curves / creates them if you don't have them... which was my case). White lace, flattering mermaid style. Train is chapel length.

Please call Laurie 339-221-0704

Abigail Scott Engaged to Ryan McCoy

Gregory and Cornelia Scott, of Seekonk, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Abigail to Ryan McCoy, son of Richard and Cheri McCoy of Newburyport. Graduates of U. Mass Dartmouth, Abby is currently employed at Gordon School in East Providence and Ryan is employed at Pare Engineering in Foxboro. An October 2010 wedding is planned.


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weddings • events • pets • portraits 617.418.1119

May 2010 The Reporter

Sturdy Memorial Hospital Lists May Support Groups

Richard G. Dias

Attleboro, MA, April 1, 2010 – Sturdy Memorial Hospital offers support groups on a variety of topics throughout the year. The groups are Free and open to the public. The following are Dedicated to Quality scheduled for May 2010: Multiple Sclerosis Support Group – Monday, May 3, 2010 from • Roof/ Flood Damage 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. The topic of disKitchens • Baths • Additions cussion will be “Copaxone Updates.” For more information, call • Structural Repairs the MS Center at 508-236-7108. Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers Support Group – Monday, May • Log Home Repairs 3, 2010 from 12 noon – 1 p.m. in Conference Room F. For more • Property Maintenance Licensed & Insured information, call the MS Center at 508-236-7108. Prostate Cancer Support Group – Wednesday, May 5, 2010 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, call the Oncology Department at 508-236-7010. Breastfeeding Support Group – Tuesday, May 11, 2010 from 10 – 11:30 a.m. in the Clinical Education Center. For more information, call Nursing Administration at 508-236-7151. Partners and Caregivers of Patients with Cancer Support Group – Wednesday, May 12, 2010 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room A. For more information, call the Oncology Department at 508-236-7010. Our professional, courteous staff can satisfy all your tree Stroke Support Group – Thursday, May care needs. We specialize in custom pruning for light 13, 2010 from 10 – 11:30 a.m. in the Clinical Education Center. The topic of discussion management, health preservation, preventative will be “Mutual Support.” For more informamaintenance, property safety and aesthetics. tion, call the Nursing Education Department at 508-236-7166. Cancer Support Group – Tuesday, May With over 15 years of experience and service to 18, 2010 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, communities, we offer quality that is above the industry call the Oncology Department at 508-236standard. Our arborists use ground protection mats, 7010. Blind and Visually Impaired Support advanced rigging systems and updated techniques Group – Wednesday, May 19, 2010 from to ensure your property’s safety. 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, contact John Marino who serves as the group’s advisor We know your time is important, which is why you will at 508-226-637 or call the Hospital at 508236-7680. receive a free estimate within 48 hours of your call. Breathing Club – Tuesday, May 25, 2010 from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. For more information, call the Respiratory Care Department at 508-236-7550. Diabetes Support Group – Wednesday, May 26, 2010 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. The topic of discussion will be “Diabetes & Sleep Apnea” presented by Denise Cuneo, Director of Respiratory Care at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. For more information, call the Nursing Education Department at 508-236-7166. Breast Cancer Support Group – Wednesday, May 26, 2010 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, call Ellen Gilbert or Julia Twining at 508-236-7015. Sturdy Memorial Hospital is a full-service, independent, financially stable, nonLIC# 663 INSURED profit acute care community hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Building & Remodeling

(508) 252-9878 • (508) 252-3355

Customer Service Experts

Seekonk Tree Service 508-840-3987



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Bays, Beaches & Bouquets

The Barrington (RI) Garden Club is presenting a Standard Placement Flower Show and House Tour on Wednesday, June 9, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This combination flower show and house tour event will be staged inside six Barrington homes—two in the historic Alfred Drowne district, two waterfront properties in the Nayatt area and two in the Rumstick Point section of Barrington. The Horticulture Division will be at St. John’s Church Hall, 191 County Rd., Barrington, along with the Special Exhibits Division. A Standard Flower Show conforms to strict standards established by the BGC’s parent organization, National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC). The show’s purpose is to stimulate interest in horticulture and floral design, provide an outlet for creative expression, promote NGC objectives, and otherwise educate the viewing public and members. Exhibits of both floral design and horticulture are judged by a panel of three NGC Accredited Flower Show Judges. Judging encompasses a standard point system leading to blue ribbon awards, red, yellow and white ribbons. Entries fall into carefully devised and themed divisions, sections and classes and are displayed strategically throughout the six homes. The Horticulture Division is open for entry to any gardener, club membership is not required. This division serves as a venue to show prized specimens which have been under the gardener’s long term care. Specimens may include flowering perennials, herbs, flowering vines, house plants, branches and outdoor container plantings. Proceeds from the Bays, Beaches & Bouquets event will provide funds for continuation of many local established civic beautification projects that the Barrington Garden Club manages. In addition to overseeing seven gardens at public spaces in Barrington, the club sponsors a Junior Garden Club whose members are participating in the show, a garden therapy program, and supports a local scholarship fund. It also maintains Osamequin Nature Trail, and provides holiday decorations at various public buildings and the Veteran’s Home in Bristol, RI. Historically and for decades, garden clubs have also concerned themselves with conservation, environmental, bird and wildlife topics. In addition to the National Garden Clubs membership, the Barrington Garden Club is also a member of the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Barrington is the largest garden club in the state of Rhode Island. The club recently opened up its


membership to non-Barrington residents living in or nearby areas without a federated club. This June 9 event is open to the public. Pre-event tickets sell at $20 by calling 401-246-1960. Tickets the day of the show are $25 and will be for sale at St. John’s Church. For information about making horticulture entries, call 401-245-0326 prior to June 6. For further information about the Bays, Beaches & Bouquets event contact Show Chairman, Sue Redden 245-8215 or sueredden@


 Hundreds of Perennials, grown locally by club members.  Assorted Hanging Plants  Annuals - Impatience, Begonia, Diamond Frost and more  Vegetables - Tomatoes, Lettuce, Broccoli and many more  Herbs - Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Fennel and others



The Reporter May 2010

IN MEMORIAM John C. Fontes

Rehoboth Lawrence J. Spellman

Spellman, Lawrence J. DMD passed away 03/11/10 at home. He was the husband of Grace E. (Mullin) Spellman. Born in East Providence, the son of the late Lawrence D. and Grace M. Spellman of East Providence, RI. The brother of Doris J. Spellman of East Providence, RI and Donald H. Spellman of Berkley, MA. He is also survived by nine children: Grace E. Graustein of Rehoboth, MA., Lawrence Spellman of Cranston, RI., Dorothy A. DeStefano, Donald J. Spellman, Thomas F. Spellman, Duane J. Spellman, James E. Spellman, all of Rehoboth, Damien S. Spellman of East Providence, RI., and Heather M. Spellman of Bourne, MA. Also surviving are 13 grandchildren: Steven, Melissa, Lawrence, Jennifer, Heather, Laura, Courtney, Duane, James, Michael, Sean, Meaghan, and Sydney, along with 10 great-grandchildren: Steven, Ashley, Vittorio, Jerry, Jack, Andrew, Abigail, Cameron, Connor, and Lily. A graduate of John Carroll University of Ohio and Tuft Dental School of Boston, MA, he practiced dentistry in East Providence for 58 years, retiring in 2002. He also was the school dentist in the town of Rehoboth for some years. He attained the rank of Major after he served time at Westover Air Force Base Chicopee, MA and Kindley Air Force Base St. George, Bermuda. Private burial services have been held. Donations in his memory may be made to St. Mary’s Church, Coyle Dr. Seekonk, MA. The family extends it’s sincere thanks to the Rehoboth Police and Ambulance for it’s exemplary support, especially first responder Patrolmen, Thomas R. Ranley and Paramedic Scott Meagher.

In Loving Memory of Lawrence J. Spellman, DMD September 27,1925 March 11, 2010

John C. Fontes, 73 of Rehoboth passed away April 16, 2010 at Rhode Island Hospital surrounded by family. He was the beloved husband of Carole E. (Sousa) Fontes to whom he was married for 9 years. John was a machinist for Brown & Sharpe, and Micro Precision, and was also an Army veteran. He is survived by his sister Shirley Daley, 2 nieces and 2 nephews, and several cousins. His funeral was on Friday, April 23rd with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 A.M in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Taunton Avenue, Seekonk. Burial with military honors was in Gate of Heaven Cemetery. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital , 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105.

Seekonk Hilda Rebello

Hilda Rebello, 85, of Ledge Road, died April , 2010 at RI Hospital. She was the loving wife of Eugene Rebello. Born in Seekonk, MA, she was the daughter of the late Seraphim and Beatriz Moreira. Hilda worked as a supervisor for Cherry & Webb for 23 years. Besides her husband of 67 years, she is survived by her daughter Beatrice Wright and her husband Jeffrey of Rumford, and her daughter Jean Greaves and her husband Charles of Rehoboth. She is survived by  grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and 1 great-great grandson. She was the sister of the late Charles Moreira. Relatives and friends attended a Mass of Christian Burial on Wednesday, April 7th in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Taunton Ave., Seekonk, MA. Burial was in Mt. St. Mary Cemetery. Please omit flowers; contributions in her memory may be made to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, PO Box 519, Seekonk, MA, 02771.

Joseph A. Pimentel

Joseph A. Pimentel, 87, of Prospect Street, died April 5, 2010 in Oak Hill Nursing Home. Born in Pawtucket, he was the son of the late Joseph Lopes Pimentel and Maria (Hendricks) Pimentel.

He had worked as a machinist for Peerless Precision Co. for 30 years. He was a WWII veteran serving in the US Navy. He is survived by his brother August Pimentel of Pawtucket, his sisters; Sylvia Medeiros of East Providence, Mary Langella of Johnston and Constance Langevin of Pawtucket. He is survived by many nieces and nephews. He was the brother of the late Amelia Penna, Rose Ribet, Peter Pimentel and Dolores Belanger. The funeral was held on Friday, April 9th with a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Teresa of the Child Jesus Church, 358 Newport Avenue, Pawtucket. Burial with Military Honors was held at Mt. St. Mary Cemetery, Pawtucket.

Michael A. Valerio

Michael A. Valerio, formerly of Seekonk, MA, died suddenly at the age of 52 on March 13 at his home in Van Nuys, CA. He is the son of Anthony Valerio and the late Alice Valerio of Rumford, RI. Besides his father, he leaves a brother, David Valerio, his niece and nephew, Kayla and Tyler Valerio, aunts, uncles and numerous cousins. Mike graduated from Seekonk High School in 1976, attended Bristol Community College, graduated from Rhode Island College in 1980 with a degree in mass communications. He wrote for the Seekonk Star and East Providence Post, and was also a writer/producer for the Providence-based show ‘PM Magazine’ in the early 1980s. Mike spent a few years in Chicago, working for various TV studios before making his final career move to California in 1986. Over the years he has worked for many of the major TV networks including ABC, CBS, HBO, Playboy, the WB, FOx, and most recently, ABC Family. Mike was a member of the Screen Writers Guild. Mike was married to Rosie Taravella from 199-200. While together they rewrote one of Rosie’s plays into a full length movie entitled ‘Carlo’s Wake’, starring Rosie in the lead role and directed by Mike. The film was featured some years ago at the Rhode Island Film Festival. Private services have already been held in California. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Mike’s name to RI College.

May 2010 The Reporter

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North Dighton

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Angelo L. Laurino

Angelo L. Laurino, 75 of Lincoln Ave. died Thursday, April 15, 2010 at the Evergreen House Health Center. He was the husband of Patricia (Whitman) Laurino. He was born in Providence a son of the late Larry and Nicolina (DeSimone) Laurino. Mr. Laurino was a mechanic for the Rehoboth Highway Department before retiring. He was a coach for the Rehoboth Little League and Pop Warner Football. He was a volunteer for the South Rehoboth Fire Department. He was an Army veteran of the Korean War and a member of the A.M. Vets, Post 63. Besides his wife he leaves one daughter, Lisa A. Norberg of Rehoboth; one son, David K. Laurino of Rehoboth; two sisters, Linda Lawson and Anna Barnes both of Florida; two brothers, Richard Laurino and Ronald Laurino both of Riverside and four grandchildren. He was the brother of the late Raymond Laurino. His funeral service was held on Monday, April 19th. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery, Rehoboth.

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GIANT YARD SALE AND PLANT SALE: Saturday, May 22nd, rain date Sunday May 23rd from 9am to 2 pm at the pavilion next to Dighton Town Hall, Route 138, table provided for $10. Call 669-551 or 669-6888. Baked goods and historical items for sale. Benefit Dighton Historical Society. THE FAMILIES OF RESERVOIR AVE, REHOBOTH, MA are holding a street-wide yard sale on Saturday, May 22, from 9  p.m. Directions: Take Route  to New Street, New Street turns into Reservoir Ave when it crosses County Street. Contact Cathy on 508-25-399 or edingtongang@



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Additional Words - $.25 each

ACTIVE CHILDCARE for 2-7 year olds 1/2 Day $30 , Full Day $40 ,26 years experience ,CDA Certified, EEC Lead teacher, CPR and First Aid ,home preschool program, Nutritious meals and snacks included,2 acres fenced play ground, indoor playground , 4 large play rooms , 8 to 1 Ratio ,7 AM-5PM Call Joanne 1-508-252-1252 or 1-508-243-4406.

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For sale or rent: Tents and moonwalks, x-party place, call Dan after 5pm (774)306-1278 For Sale: 32” Sony TV, 5 yrs. Old $150, 20 x 40 Inground Pool Cover, never used, Wood chipper & leaf mulcher $150, hardly used. Call (508)226-3839. For Sale: 14’ fiberglass canoe. $100. Call 508-615-9855.


Help Wanted: Need help uploading, organizing and sending photo online. Will pay! Please Call (508)252-3454.


Party Rentals: Diamond Party Rentals; Out Door Party Pros, Tents, tables, chairs, outdoor Catering Equipment, Call Lou Diamond (508)222-5627. Services: Salon ABC For Your Skin. Nails, facials, massages, waxing. SpringSummer Specials: Buy Gift Certificate – get second Free with Free delivery or In-home service with $55+ purchase. 508-252-6282 Cleanouts & Cleanups: Houses, attics, cellars, garages, etc. Demolition of sheds, fences, pools, decks, etc. Junk Removal, handyman services. Insured. Call Gary at (508)245-0832.

Help Needed: in setting up electric trains. Call 508-252-6847

OLD WINDOWS REGLAZED & PAINTED: Workmanship guaranteed. Call Lou for prompt service at (508) 252-3996.

AMERICAN SCHOLAR MAGAZINE CLUB: is looking for people interested in discussing articles monthly. Call 508-2523446

GUTTERS CLEANED: Call (508) 2523996

HELP WANTED: Experienced landscaper wanted. Knowledge in hardscapes, irrigation a plus. Pay based on ability. Call Brian @ 508-783-6437 or email cmalandscapes@


Job wanted: CAN, homehealth aide, personal care, cooking, cleaning, errands, companionship. References. 508-557-1953.


Interested in Playing the Harmonica? For fun or get Lessons. Call 508-840-3989 PIANO LESSONS: Taught in my home, both classical and popular to persons of all ages. Anita Russo, 8 Terrybrooke Road, Rehoboth 508-252-4208.


PUG FOR SALE: Friendly & adorable pug for sale. 7 months old, potty trained. Asking $450. Please call Sandy 401-497-3275

Title 5 Inspection

William E. Dalpe (508) 252-6980

Septic Systems • Cesspools

Good old fashioned reliable service

Rehoboth, Seekonk & Dighton Special


Discount On Title V Inspection

D.E.P. Certified

Professional Inspection Services Call Steven Drew • (508) 667-4025 Not affiliated with any septic system repair or installation company

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May Business Directory CATEGORY Agricultural Services Appliance Repairs Appliance Repairs Architectural Design Art Supplies/Framing Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorney Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Shop Auto Dealers Auto Dealers Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Salvage Auto Salvage Bank Bank Baseball - Professional Boat Canvas Bookkeeping Bowling Alley Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Materials Candidate - Seekonk Carpentry - Finish Carpentry - Finish Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Child Care Child Care Child Care Child Care Chimney Cleaning Church Cleaning Service Cleaning Service Cleaning Service Collectibles Concrete Cutters Credit Union Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Disposal Service Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Dog Services Driveways & Masonry Electrician Electrician

COMPANY NAME PAGE Mammoth Rock Farm, LLC 19 Affordable Appliance Repair Co. 77 McPartland Appliance Repairs 74 VIZCAD 15 Gregory D. Dorrance, Co. 6 Cutcliffe, Galvin & Archetto 100 Donald E. MacManus, Attorney 102 Laurie P. Mullen 70 Lori O'Brien-Foeri 22 Reed, Boyce & Travis, P.C. 29 A-1 Custom Auto Body 30 Auto Enhancements 53 Sousa's Auto Body 54 Tri Star Autobody, Inc. 50 Seekonk Auto Body 40 Bristol Toyota 12 Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 96 New England Tire 2 Somerset Chrysler Jeep 20 Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 34 Gary's Auto Removal 71 Seekonk Auto Salvage 76 Coastway Credit Union / Decunha 37 St. Anne's Credit Union - Seekonk 15 Pawtucket Red Sox 60 JT's Auto & Boat Canvas 40 Meredith Amaral Bookkeeping 81 Bowling Academy 59 A. M. Carpentry 36 DTP Construction 49 Nerney Construction 56 RAB Construction Corp. 9 Richard G. Dias 95 Wood Frame Structures Inc. 80 J & J Materials Corp. 62 David Saad - Candidate 21 Mark Koussa Carpentry 14 Pine Woods Construction 87 Earle's Carpet Cleaning 73 M & S Carpet & Upholstery 41 Briar Wood Child Academy 42 Citizens For Citizens - Attn. Carol 25 Rehoboth Family Childcare Assoc. 47 Twin Oaks Farm Learning Center 44 RJD & Sons - Chimney Sweep 22 Holy Cross Church 89 Castle Cleaning 58 Crystal Clean - Bethany Martone 6 Dixon Cleaning 28 Wexler's Collectibles 75 Cut Rite Concrete Cutting Corp. 87 Community & Teachers Credit Union 19 Dr. Dimitri Ganim 23 Dr. Robert Zaluski 27 Dr. Wassouf D.D.S. 48 Jared W. Stubbs, DDS 16 Professional Duct Cleaning 104 Groom & Style 31 Pampered Pets 10 Canine Mastery, Inc 77 Blue Stone Driveways & Masonry 18 Dorrance Electric 32 James Tavares Electric 81

CATEGORY COMPANY NAME PAGE Electrician Kevin Jordan Electrical 50 Electrician Neal Bellavance Electric 25 Engine Repair-Lawn Don's Small Engine Repair 57 Events-Corporate/Family Camp Ramsbottom - Boys & Girls 63 Excavating J. Fisk Construction 46 Excavating J. M. Turner Construction Co. 27 Farm Souza Family Farm 51 Farm - Produce 4 Town Farm 54 Farmers Market The Farmer's Garden 67 Fence Installation Fence Tech 83 Fence-Sales/Serv. Foxx Fence 66 Fishing The Bass Boys 68 Flooring - All Types Custom Linocraft 70 Flooring - Wood A-1 Wood Floors 48 Flooring - Wood David J. Ledoux Hardwood Floors 34 Florist Gilmores Flower Shop 21 Fuel - Oil Affordable Fuel 71 Fuel - Oil Al's Quality Oil Co. 10 Fuel - Oil Columbus Energies Inc. 45 Fuel - Oil E & V Oil Co. 104 Fuel - Oil Pricerite Discount Heating Oil 75 Fuel - Oil Stateline Fuel & Burner Service 20 Fuel - Propane Arrow Gas Corp. - Inergy Propane 70 Furniture/Upholstery Masterson Furniture and Upholstery 28 Garden Center J & L Landscaping & Garden Center 58 Garden Center Little Tree Nursery 9 Garden Center Tranquil Lake Nursery Inc. 66 Gift Shop Willow Tree Country Shoppe 73 Gifts & Collectibles Cardsmart 33 Gifts & Collectibles Cuties Gifts 9 Glass Fabricator A Class Glass 72 Glass Fabricator Anawan Glass & Mirror Inc. 34 Golf Club Crestwood Country Club 51 Golf Range Seekonk Driving Range 59 Hair / Nails Perfect Nails & Facials 26 Handyman ABT Handy Services 6 Handyman CBS Enterprises 100 Handyman Grandpa Tom 57 Hardware Store Standard Hardware 42 Hayrides / Carriages Schobel Hayrides 36 Health Care Comm. Counseling of Bristol County 91 Health Care Community VNA 90 Health & Fitness Bliss Life Yoga 55 Heating & Air Taylor Heating-Air Conditioning 74 Heating Service COD Heating 6 Heating Service LIMA HVAC, Inc. 83 Home Improvements CA Home Improvement 23 Home Improvements Professional Property Maintenance 39 Home Products Fuller Brush - Earl Goff Jr. 55 Horse Stable-Lessons Journey's Haven Riding School 64 Horse Stable-Lessons Springwood Farm, Inc. 32 Hospital Sturdy Memorial Hospital 7 Insurance Agency Durand Insurance Ageny 8 Insurance Agency Lefebvre Smith Insurance 39 Insurance Agency Lezaola Insurance & House Group 46 Irrigation United Irrigation 33 Jewelers Attleboro Jewelry Makers 43 Junk Removal Junk Vehicles 35 Kitchen Kitchens With Style 14 Kitchen Remodeling Kitchens Direct, Inc 56 Landscape Materials Daniel D. Wright Realty LLC 82 Landscape Service Acorn Landscapes 25 Landscape Service Big Sky Landscaping 39


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May Business Directory Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Landscape Service Laundromat Lawn Sprinklers Marble Fabricators Martial Arts Masonry-Construction Masonry-Construction Masonry-Construction Massage Therapy Massage Therapy Massage Therapy Music Optometrists Optometrists Optometrists Optometrists Painting Contractor Painting Contractor Painting Contractor Painting Contractor Painting Contractor Painting Contractor Painting Contractor Party Rentals Paving Contractor Paving Contractor Paving Contractor Paving Contractor Pest Control Services Pet Services Photographer Plastering Plastering & Painting Plumbing & Heating Plumbing & Heating Plumbing & Heating Pool Club Pools & Spas Powerwashing

Chris Manley 36 Holden's Landscaping 69 K.L.P Landscaping 28 Kimmell Landscaping 43 Lawnscapes 17 MacManus Landscape Services 38 Matt's Landscaping, LLC 44 Oakhill Landscape 82 Superior Lawn Care 74 Vinny's Landscaping 13 The Laundry Club 23 A & Q Lawn Sprinklers 29 Star Marble & Granite 75 USA Karate 49 J. M. Construction 72 StoneScapes - Mark Carvalho 83 William Gallant, Jr. Masonry Services 39 HarmonyWorks Massage 57 Heavenly Hands 76 Serenity Massage 50 Dougs Music Retail Learning Center 63 Barrington Eye Center 81 Brown Center 47 Dr. Lucia A. M. D'Angelo 55 Oscar Ni,O.D. ,Optometrist 80 Anawan Paint 14 C.A Winter Painting/Powerwashing 58 Delisle & Son Painting & Repair 40 EZ Painting 80 Iachetti Painting Company 49 Lundco Painting LLC. 52 Reliable Painting Co. 87 Kolby Rentals and Party Supplies 65 Driveway Medics 71 Hanley Paving, Inc. 74 Mohegan Seal Coating Co 30 Ryan Asphalt Paving 46 Bi-State Pest Control 58 Rehoboth Pet Care 18 Fetching Photography 94 East Coast Plastering 27 David Laurino - Plastering 31 Potter Plumbing 41 Sine Plumbing & Heating 30 Vintage Plumbing & Heating 13 The Grist Mill Pool & Tennis Club 61 Pool & Christmas Village 64 Dun Rite Home Repair 80

Donald E. MacManus Attorney at Law

General Practice of Law Including: • Wills and Trusts • Real Estate • Personal Injury • Business & Commercial

Call (508)336-6440 546 Arcade Ave. • Seekonk, MA

Licensed to practice in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Real Estate Century 21 T. R. Little, Realtor 11 Real Estate Maria Correia Realtor (Mateus) 54 Real Estate ReMax Rivers Edge 37 Rental Stores Taunton Rental 35 Restaurant Boneyard Barbecue & Saloon 84 Restaurant Country Kitchen 84 Restaurant Luxury Box Bar & Grille 85 Restaurant Tai Pan 86 Restaurant Tito's Cantina 86 Restaurant Vino's Family Cafe 85 Roofer-Waterproofing Atlas Roofing & Waterproofing Co. 55 Roofer/WaterProofing Cameron Roofing 83 Roofing Contractor B & R Fournier Construction, Inc. 50 Roofing Contractor Certified Roofing Services 53 Roofing Contractor Tabeleys Roofing 47 Security Systems Home & Commercial Security 31 Septic Inspections Steven Drew 100 Septic Systems AO Construction 75 Septic Systems Fisk Contracting 81 Septic Systems Town Sanitation 35 Septic Systems-Cleanin Bay State Sewage Disposal, Inc. 29 Septic Systems-Cleanin Croome Sanitation, Inc. 73 Septic Systems-Cleanin Soares Sanitation Pumping, Inc. 87 Shoe Store St. Pierre's Shoes 76 Small Engine Repair Seekonk Small Engine Inc. 69 Spiritual Healing A Master's Touch 41 Stone Masonry Reeves Stone Mason Contractor 56 Stump Grinding Mike's Stump Grinding 93 Summer camp Rehoboth Fitness Studio 45 Tanning Salons Eastside Tanning 77 Theatres - Live Trinity Repertory Company 92 Trash Removal A. Viera Disposal 17 Trash Removal Allied Waste 38 Trash Removal Cleanway Disposal & Recycling 15 Trash Removal Waste-Tech, Inc. 103 Trash/Junk Removal Big Blue Removal Service 22 Tree Service Advanced Tree 82 Tree Service Choate Tree Service 24 Tree Service M.D. Tree Service 23 Tree Service Precision Tree Inc. 49 Tree Service Seekonk Tree 95 Tree Service Steve's Tree Service 69 Veterans Consultant Lori O'Brien-Foeri 26 Water Treatment Water Filter Company, Inc. 16 Wilderness Skills Indigenous Ways 65 Wood Furnaces Reed Outdoor Furnaces 13 Writing - Editing David Howard - Writing Workshop 102 Yoga Studio Shanti Yoga 26

ATTENTION WRITERS Professional manuscript critiques and marketing assistance available from published writer with MFA in creative writing. Reasonable rates for stories, articles, novels. Contact: or call 401-438-8367

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30 Annual th


Official Program1



29 At Providencetival th

es & Field eF itaog tadium Hecr rial S m e M e ly 19


Ju Pier 7 thru July 1 Live Entertainment Booths & Crafts







Classic Cars



Ethnic Food

A Celebration of Ethnic Dance!

Featuring exhibits, food booths, children’s shows, amusement rides, & plenty of entertainment, including: Blue Wild Gypsy (Jimi Hendrix Tribute), The Blushing Brides “The World’s Most Dangerous Tribute to The Rolling Stones”, THE SPINNERS with Beyond Blonde, Kissnation with Draw The Line (Aerosmith Tribute) Publishers of The East Providence Reporter, will again publish the Official Heritage Festival Program. The program will be sent to homes in E. Providence, distributed at area stores and at the Festival itself where more than 35,000 people are expected to attend.

Advertising Deadline is June 18th BUT YOU’LL WANT TO RESERVE SPACE EARLY!


Contact us for Heritage Festival Program Advertising Rates

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