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Hummel Report Continues To Pursue The Truth Turn to page 94 for the March 3rd transcript of the most recent investigation in Rehoboth involving the BOS and Chief Enos or view the video at...

Rehoboth Election... Meet The Candidates

Voters will be deciding three contested races in the annual town election on April . Selectman Chairman Kenneth Foley is being challenged by Planning Board Chairman Michael Costello for a three-year selectmen position. Foley is seeking his second term on the board. Both candidates have served the town on several boards and committees for years. Another contest, for a one-year selectmen position vacated by Kevin McBride earlier this year, will have School Committee member James Paon facing planning board member Dr. Joseph Tito. Paon’s term on the school committee expires this year. There are also two seats on the Dighton Rehoboth Regional School Committee available. Incumbent Robyn Balents is seeking a second term and three newcomers - Tiffany Bartholomew, Christopher Cooper and Peter Hebda are also running. The other races on the ballot are uncontested. The candidates, who are all incumbents, are: Robert Moitozo for the Planning Board, William Cute for Town Moderator, Cheryl Gouveia for Tax Collector, Peter Jacobson for Board of Assessors, Robert McKim for Park Commission, and Werner Horlbeck for both the Housing Authority and Water Commission. There will be one open position on the Water Commission. The Reporter requested that the Selectman and School Committee candidates respond to questions and have published their answers in this issue. Turn to page 10 to learn more about the selectman candidates and page 18 for profiles about the school committee.

Board of Selectmen Alleged to Violate Town Laws Chairman Ken Foley, at the Board of Selectman meeting on February 28th stated that the selectmen had an emergency meeting earlier in the day to vote on three non-binding referendums for the April ballot. Mr. Foley went on to state, that town counsel prepared the verbiage and that they did it on behalf of the BOS/town. There was no petition by residents asking the BOS to put these on the ballot. The three non-binding referendum are: increasing the board of selectman from 3 to 5; change the recall by law; require a CORI check on all appointed and elected officials. Town meeting voted down any change to our current recall by law and voted down the CORI check. Town counsel cautioned the Board of Selectman last year that requiring a CORI check may cause litigation and violation of residents civil rights, as well as being unconstitutional. Following Monday’s meeting several complaints alleging a violation of the Open Meeting Law were delivered to the BOS and Town Clerk on March 1. The following is part of one complaint that was presented to the BOS. As of this printing, the BOS had not responded to the alligations or requets of the citizens and voters of Rehoboth.

Description of alleged violation: The BOS had an emergency meeting (on Feb 28, 2011) which does not qualify as an emergency and therefore violated the 8 hours posting notice requirement. The “emergency” in this meeting was to place 3 non-binding questions on the April th ballot. These questions were not sudden, unexpected nor demand immediate action. At least one of those questions was discussed at a few selectmen meetings in December, 2010. All three 3 articles were VOTED on at our Town Meeting in November 2010: either approved or rejected at our special town meeting in November. The one that was VOTED AND APP R OV E D AT T O W N M E E T I N G , a change of 3 to 5 Selectmen, has received NO PROGRESSIVE ACTION by the BOS. This vote was on November 22, 2010 and it is now March 1, 2011! The 2 that were VOTED AND REJECTED AT TOWN MEETING (regarding at mandatory CORI check and changing recall requirements) have now been unnecessarily placed on April’s ballot. Ken Foley and Don Leffort should remove all 3 items from Rehoboth’s April ballot. They should RESPECT TOWN VOTE.

2 The Reporter March 2011

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March 2011 The Reporter


Town of Rehoboth News Notes by Laura Calverley

Rehoboth Concerned Citizens Continue Efforts on ‘3 to 5’ Article

Rehoboth Concerned Citizens are continuing their efforts to move forward the article to expand the board of selectmen from three to five members. At the Feb. 19 meeting at Hillside Country Club, Bonnie Kelley told attendees that the proposal was stalled at the state level. Legal counsel for the House of Representatives reportedly said it required a bylaw change. Concerned Citizens challenged that finding and the article is now expected to move forward according to procedure, with State Rep. Steven Howitt bringing it before the Legislature. Due to the various delays, residents will not be voting on the change until 2012, and if approved, the additional selectmen positions would be added to the ballot in 2013. Visit their website at for up to date information

Selectmen To Seek Independent Investigation into Enos Incident

Selectmen have decided to seek an independent investigation into the December incident in East Providence involving Police Chief Stephen Enos. The board voted in an executive session meeting with Enos and his lawyer to have a private investigator look into the incident. Massachusetts State Police refused to conduct an investigation because the incident took place in Rhode Island, which is not in their jurisdiction and due to the lack of evidence of any criminal misconduct by Enos. Bonnie Kelley, of the Rehoboth Concerned Citizens group, presented the board with a petition signed by 150 residents requesting that selectmen ask the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office to conduct an investigation, but the District Attorney’s office also declined. They also cited jurisdictional issues and said the incident was a personal matter and therefore no investigation could take place.

Selectmen Name Investigator for Enos Incident

Selectmen voted to retain the services of Public Safety Perceptions of Plainville to conduct an investigation into the incident involving Chief Enos. Selectmen Donald Leffort researched several firms and recommended Public Safety Perceptions because

it was the most reasonably priced. Selectmen Chairman Ken Foley said the investigation would focus on possible breaches of police ethics regulations, because no criminal charges were filed against Enos.

Rehoboth Selectman, Ken Foley, Embroiled In Battle With City of East Providence Residents Demand More Action Against TLA/Pond View

Residents and local officials in East Providence fighting TLA Pond View’s solidwaste business have begun new initiatives to contest operations at the waste management and recycling company. Selectmen Chairman Ken Foley is the owner of Pond View, where the facility is located. Residents in the Rumford area have been complaining that Pond View is responsible for noise, dust and traffic in the area. Last month, the East Providence City Council voted to ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to review Pond View’s operations and compliance with federal environmental laws. State Sen. Daniel DaPonte, D-East Providence, has also sponsored a bill that could limit operations at the plant. His bill would limit any such processing facility, located within 1,000 feet of a residential area, to 150 tons of material a day. That would include Pond View because the company currently processes 500 tons of waste per day and is looking to expand to 1,500 tons. The Attorney General’s office and the City of East Providence filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent Pond View from getting the license to expand its operations. East Providence Mayor Bruce Rogers opposed the lawsuit, saying he would prefer to negotiate with Pond View, but he did vote for soliciting the help of the EPA.

Town Administrator Candidates Will Be Recommended This Month

The selection committee expects to recommend to the board of selectmen three finalists and two alternates for the town administrator position by the end of the month. Selectmen did not renew David Marciello’s contract in January. Marciello worked for the town for 9 ½ years. Selectmen will conduct interviews with the candidates recommended by the committee. The committee received more than thirty applications;

fourteen had town administrator experience. Members of the committee are: Paula Bizier, finance committee member, Town Accountant Cathy Doane, Treasurer Cheryl Gouveia, Highway Superintendent Peter Richmond, and Al Goslin, a vice president of Citizens Bank. Helen Dennen has been serving as acting town administrator.

Turn to page 94 for the March 3rd Hummel Report on the most recent investigation in town involving the BOS and Chief Enos or visit...

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 The Reporter March 2011

Letters to the Editor... The letters in this section do not reflect the views of the staff of The Rehoboth Reporter. It is not our intent to take sides on any issues, but to present all arguments from all points of view. If your point of view is not represented on an issue, it is only because you have not voiced your opinion. Let us hear from YOU!

Of Passionate Reformation and Other Characterizations:

Rehoboth has been a land of dreams for many, a hometown for many more. Unfortunately, the romantic view of town has eroded badly. Badly enough that some “romantic reformers” want voters to believe, they only will foster good change. And, based on the passion they hold for the town, are the only persons suited to be elected to our Board of Selectman (Chris Morra – good ideas, just don’t question motive). It takes more than the passion of a romantic “reformer” to administer a growing and diverse rural community. It takes experience. Experience which is learned. Some call it apprenticeship. I’ll call it having been around long enough, spent time serving so as to have awareness of town bylaws and municipal regulation thereby, offering to be of service – not to fulfill a personal agenda of their own or of another. More important than both is an astute comprehension that, no matter how “archaic” (your words Selectman Foley) Town Meeting maybe, it is the constitution of our form of governance. The honor of the individual must be beyond reproach. This goes hand-in-hand with trust. So when you say you are “not beholding to anyone” (your election mantra Selectman Leffort) folks can rely upon your word as a statement of truth. That upon election, there is no betrayal to those who elected you. Next is character. When describing the basis that formed your character, one does lay claim to titles not earned, like; “I am an Eagle Scout” (your words Mr. Paon) when in fact the rank was never conferred. This type of deceit is a most flagrant violation of character, trust, and honor one might employ. For, if one speaks falsely of achieving such high honor to illustrate [their] character, what else might they misrepresent. Rehoboth does not need to re-elect an individual who openly scorns both, his fellow citizens and, our town meeting decision process. We are not “thugs and vigilantes” (your words Ken). We oppose the repressive nature of your attitude of totalitarian authority. Rehoboth does not need to elect an individual who has in his own words “not studied town bylaws” nor taken time to become “familiar with” the issues here in

town (you appear to be a nice guy Jim, but being a selectman is not the place for onthe-job-training). Joe Tito shows character, maturity and experience to tackle our town’s management with surgical alacrity. Mike Costello has served the town – faithfully, and is experienced with our bylaws and municipal rules. Most of all, each has a passion for serving, and working towards that “reform” which, in my humble opinion, best serves Rehoboth’s future. Sincerely Capt. Steven B Sammis

Lessons in Partisan Politics and the Way Forward

Even though my husband was fascinated by politics, I was always the one who despised politics. I lamented about the partisan politics which was emerging at the national level, but I always could retreat to my comfortable Rehoboth Cocoon where everyone seemed to get along. There may have been arguments and disagreements, but it never really affected my friendships. We always agreed to disagree and then went out for good time. Yet seething underneath were people who felt disenfranchised or hurt by past – perceived or real - actions of others. A group came along who encouraged the disenfranchised to speak. The people felt they had found someone who would right all the wrongs that had happened to them in the past so they jumped on board with all the promises of righteous empowerment. It did take long for this dream to become perverted. The hatred for those who actually had committed these injustices was no longer enough. To be loyal you were encouraged to dislike anyone who was associated with the wrongdoer. Friends became enemies, clubs were split in two. One organization versus another. Neighbor versus neighbor. And, sadly enough, those who spoke out against what was happening were ostracized and placed on a mental list of those who needed to be taught a lesson. That is when the fear started and people began to realize that their dream was no longer a dream but had become a nightmare. The same actions that had disenfranchised the original members were being perpetrated upon others. How did this go so wrong? Whom can we trust? What can we do?

Become an informed voter. That is, become informed and then vote. Vote for the candidates who will promote unity among Rehoboth Residents. Vote for the candidates who will give people a voice with which to speak. After the election, we must take steps to heal this town. We need to say on April 5th that we will not hold onto any grudges or grievances from past. We need to let reason supersede emotion. From that day forward, we hold people accountable for their current actions. A fresh start for all. Our Selectman must take the lead to create a bridge between divided groups. Those who continue to sow hatred and fear must be ignored. I know that we can do this, together. Please join me by keeping a white light candle in your window to represent the goal that we are working toward – a peaceful, united Rehoboth. Bonnie Kelley Rehoboth

CONSOLIDATION OF PRECINCTS I was disappointed to read in a local newspaper that Selectmen Leffort thinks it’s a good idea to consolidate all three precincts into one centralized polling location. This idea was submitted to the newspapers without any investigation into the feasibility of such a ludicrous plan and there was no line of communication open to me as the chief election official to ensure that the execution of this idea was even possible. I can appreciate that this idea was submitted in the spirit of making improvements and saving money but had there been some open dialog I could have explained why I don’t think this idea will work. Chapter 54, Section 6 of the Massachusetts General Laws addresses the division of towns into voting precincts. Within this statute it states “…..the board of selectmen of every town having precincts or six thousand, two hundred or more inhabitants shall, divide the town in the manner hereinafter provided into convenient voting precincts…” I don’t feel cramming over 7,800 voters during the course of an election day into the COA room is the definition of convenient voting precincts. As of this date there are 7,881 registered voters in Rehoboth. There just isn’t ample space in the COA building or parking spaces available to accommodate the voters of all three precincts without creating bottle necks, long voting lines and inadequate parking thus creating potentially hazardous and dangerous situations. For several years we have combined precincts for state primaries ONLY because of the typically low turnout we experience for the primaries. Out of over 7800 plus registered voters the average turnout for a

March 2011 The Reporter primary is typically about 10%. In addition, since the last primary, I have been advised by the Secretary of State’s Office that we cannot continue the practice of having only one set of election workers cover all three precincts when precincts are combined. We must have full staffing for each precinct and a tally that represents the total votes of each precinct. Clearly, the designation of polling places is in the hands of the Board of Selectmen; however, the “centralization of the precincts” would not save money as suggested by Selectman Leffort. Even if the Senior Center was large enough to accommodate all three precincts (which it is not) the staffing and equipment would remain the same. A Warden, Precinct Clerk, four elections inspectors and a Constable would be re-

quired for each precinct represented, in total a staff of twenty-one election workers, three voting units, forty eight voting booths and three handicapped voting booths. The room used at the COA for voting would be filled with election workers and equipment, with no room left for the voters themselves. The only thing that would be gained from this idea of consolidation would be a huge inconvenience and lack of consideration to the registered voters of Rehoboth – not something I’m in favor of. I would also have to ask whether the Fire Chief was contacted regarding maximum capacity standards and if they are in compliance with safety of workers and voters in this suggested plan by Selectman Leffort. Kathleen J. Conti Rehoboth Town Clerk

Research the Facts Then VOTE!

Over the next several weeks I hope each of you will take the time to investigate and learn about the candidates in the upcoming elections. I ask that you make an effort to personally meet them, ask questions, and then decide who best qualified for your vote and can be entrusted with the future of Rehoboth’s government. Election day is Monday, April  and I strongly encourage you to find the time to research the facts and then most importantly vote! The office of Selectman is a position of leadership and democratic responsibility, not a position of power and control. Mike Costello and Joe Tito are two men I know who are qualified to lead and are already proven servants to Rehoboth. These individuals truly comprehend and appreciate the role of the Selectman, our Annual Town Meeting vote, and the autonomy of Rehoboth’s various Boards and committees. They will lead by example and not by exception to our by-laws, and they will hold people accountable for their actions. They know the true meaning of professional ethics and possess commonsense. They will treat everyone with dignity and respect, not with contempt as I have witnessed. I know their decisions will be in the best interest of our town and they will not make decisions to further a personal agenda, which currently is the unfortunate situation in Rehoboth.

The Rehoboth/Seekonk

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Mike Costello, Kevin McBride and Joe Tito I have been optimistically pleased by the actions and involvement of numerous Concerned Citizens of Rehoboth. I have heard passionate dialogue and sensible voices calling for much needed changes in our town government. I implore you to get involved, stay current by reading the newspapers, attend meetings and talk with your neighbors. Find out the true facts and don’t be misled by pamphlets claiming a candidate is “not beholden to anyone or any particular group” or to a specific cause or person, as was stated during a previous election. Our town cannot be lied to again. Determine the truth and don’t be misled by false claims. I strongly encourage you to vote for Mike Costello and Joe Tito for Selectman on Monday, April th! Kevin R. McBride


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 The Reporter March 2011

This Election Is Incredibly Important to the Future of Rehoboth

I’m not running for office, but I have a stump speech. Recent world news reminds us how lucky we are to live in a place where each of us can have a say in how we are governed. This year’s town elections to be held on April 4 are incredibly important to the future of Rehoboth. I’d like to urge all my fellow citizens to join me doing three simple things: 1) Vote! Put the date on your calendar, plan your day to allow the time, and make the effort. If it’s hard to get yourself to the polls, ask a friend or neighbor to help. If you’re able to, see if you can help a neighbor with transportation.

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2) Learn about the candidates and issues. Recent events have shown us that there is an unfortunate amount of bad feelings, half-truths, and mud-slinging flying around our town. Some of us have considerable concern about the decisions being made by our leaders. Spend time between now and the election learning about the issues, and about the candidates’ positions, personalities, and abilities. Then decide who gets your vote based on sound understanding. More on this in a moment. 3) Vote! See #1 How does a Rehoboth citizen figure out what’s true, what’s not? There are a number of things you can do: First, attend some of the various town board meetings, or watch on Channel 9. From this you can learn about what issues are hot, and you can also form impressions of some of the leaders of our town as you watch the style and personalities shown on the different boards. Use the internet, if you have access: there are articles archived from local area papers; most candidates have web sites; there are other resources found on; local news appears on; video archives of meetings are found on; there are likely other web sites that I’m not aware of as I write this – watch for posters or information in the Reporter. Read candidates’ statements as published in the Rehoboth Reporter. Watch candidates’ interviews on Channel 9. Talk to your neighbors or friends in town. And if some candidate’s position is unclear, call him or her – the response you get, and the way in which that response is delivered, may be very helpful. Finally, remember that we live in an age when politics overlaps greatly with “marketing.” All candidates send flyers through the mail to our homes; all put up posters and signs. All candidates prepare these things to paint themselves in the best possible light, and perhaps to paint their opponents otherwise. Of course we should read these, but with a critical eye. Personally, I’m especially wary of flyers that arrive at the last possible moment, attacking an opponent when it is too late for the other side to respond. The best thing we can do as citizens is to learn about the candidates and issues well before the election, and not waver when literature pops up at the last minute that may or may not be fully-truthful. Let’s make the turnout on April 4 an all-time record for our town, and by doing that make sure that the people we elect have a solid mandate from a large part of our population. And between now and then, let’s all try to become well-informed so our votes are as wise as can be. This is how we get past this era of turmoil in our town. Don Heitzmann

Time For A Change in The Right Direction.

The town has gone in the wrong direction the past year. Negative publicity, lack of priority and direction with our current Board of Selectman, divisiveness and lack of transparency has turned Rehoboth into a joke. All of this has had an adverse effect on our quality of life in Rehoboth. Both Jim Paon and Ken Foley were elected to their respective boards under the Reform platform. What have they reformed? Time for a change… in the right direction. Vote for BOTH Mike Costello and Joe Tito for Selectman. BOTH must win to stop the misguided and misleading agenda of the so-called reform party. Hours Mike Costello is running for 3 yr SelectM•T•T•F man position. Mike was elected to the 9-5 Planning Board and has held the position of Chairman. Mike was also the storm Wed til 8 water agent who tireless work saved the Sat 9-1 town thousands of dollars in fines. Mike volunteers his time at the COA to insure the seniors have a place they can go and get services and socialize. He cares about the town. His priority is Your priority. Dr. Joe Tito

March 2011 The Reporter is running for the 1 yr Selectman seat. Joe has also served on the Planning Board. He has worked to insure that all our bylaws are enforced evenly as voted by the town residents. He understands that this is your town and respects your opinion and vote. He will bring professionalism, independence, priority and solutions to the town as Selectman. Both Mike and Joe believe in transparency in government. Both believe in tapping into the many talented, knowledgeable townspeople who would love to volunteer and offer solutions to our town. Vote April 4th For Mike Costello And Joe Tito for Selectman. We can bring respect back to Rehoboth. Manny Saraiva, Rehoboth MA

Jim Paon, Selectman for the Town of Rehoboth

Rehoboth needs a strong candidate for the position of Board of Selectman right now and Jim Paon is the one for the job. Jim has proven himself on the School Committee by challenging spending that would have put the town in a difficult financial situation. The school committee was a great start for Jim to show what he can do in our town. Once he became a member of the School Committee, he quickly got involved with projects that demonstrated his awareness

of out of control spending on projects that added little or no value to our taxpayers or our school district. Jim has spent endless hours researching options and solutions which have taken him away from his family life, but Jim knows that being an elected official comes with responsibilities. Jim is an established jeweler and a 19 year resident of our town with 2 children educated in Rehoboth and still finds the time to make a difference in our town. When questioned why he feels he is the best candidate for the position, he doesn’t reply with some foolish dream or selfish reason, but responds with clear, reasonable goals of restoring the right level of town government as the framework to bring stability, accountability and restore the citizens’ trust in our town. No question, Jim will face some difficult financial challenges ahead, but I am confident that he will work with all town departments to ensure that the best interest of the taxpayers are his number one goal. There are thousands of voters in our town, but very few with the determination, leadership skills and business background as Jim. I am glad that he has come forward to be our next Selectman! Make your vote count this April and vote for the right candidate for the job, Jim Paon. Alan R. Gosselin

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Sometimes, You Need To Know… What You Don’t Know

The morning of February 19, 2011 is probably one that Mr. Jim Paon will look back on as one that was not his best ever. He took the plunge and courageously attended the Rehoboth Concerned Citizens meeting at Hillside Country Club. He was obviously in murky waters but nevertheless had every right to attend and have his mission statement heard… if you can call it that. He tried to appeal to the audience with a sense that he’s a regular guy who wants to make Rehoboth, the town that he loves so dearly, a better place. He tried to convey that he is his own man, makes his own decisions and is NOT influenced by the so called “Reformers” even though he attends their meetings. He believes that everything is fine at the Town Offices, the School Committee is in great shape and that he can break the walls down and work with others. His attempt at connecting with the audience seemed to go on a little too long and was filled with a lot of information most were not really interested in hearing. The room got chatty. What most townspeople want to know is: What Do You Really Know? The first question from a previous building inspector, with regard to the location of the building inspector’s office was met with

This is living...

8 The Reporter March 2011 a response from Mr. Paon that he really hadn’t had time to study the issues and therefore could not answer the question. What? When will you have time for that? The election is 6 weeks away! Mr. Paon continued to take more questions from the audience and responded to most in a vague, roundabout manner. One very concerned and irate citizen was one decibel away from shouting angrily at Mr. Paon and clearly demonstrated that Mr. Paon NEEDS TO Know… What He Doesn’t Know. Which is: This town is in deep trouble and he does not appear to be up to speed on the many issues facing the town. People are angry and tired of fighting for fairness and respect. We don’t need all the baggage. Perhaps Mr. Paon should reconsider running for selectman. This mess is too overwhelming for any one person to clean up. Mr. Paon’s attempt to gain some respect and a few votes backfired miserably. It’s difficult to take him at his word due to his


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association (which I admit is not fair) with the “Reformers”. That skepticism is not going to go away overnight… or in six weeks for that matter. And he certainly did nothing to convince those in attendance that he is capable of severing the tie. It’s simply a matter of trust. We don’t need another puppet for a selectman. I will say this though. Mr. Jim Paon is truthfully a kind and pleasant individual who is also a respected businessman. He has owned and operated a very successful jewelry business in East Providence, RI for many years. My husband and I have done business with him on several occasions and would not hesitate to recommend his business to others. However, there comes a point when you have to ask yourself… ”Am I doing the right thing?” - “Do I really have the knowledge and experience to do the job successfully?” There comes a point when you have to realize that sometimes, you need to know what you don’t know, and stick to what you do know. This much I know for certain… my vote will be cast for Joe Tito and Mike Costello. They will make it their mission to restore civility, listen to, and respect the voice of the people and conduct town business in a professional and responsible manner, as it should be. I strongly urge the good citizens of Rehoboth to do the same. Take this opportunity to make a real difference. Your vote matters. Let’s move the town in a positive direction. Donna Procopio, Rehoboth Resident

Please Re-Elect My Husband Ken Foley for Selectman

I am writing this letter to all of the residents of Rehoboth to say how proud I am of my husband, Ken Foley and his work as Selectman. Ken has lived in Rehoboth since he was a young man, and entered the service after high school. After we were married,  years ago, our goal was to live in Rehoboth, and when we were finally able in 197, we were both so happy. Our three boys graduated from Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School, and now have 7 of our 12 grandchildren attending our schools. When we purchased Francis Farm, it was our ultimate goal to restore and renovate Serving Rehoboth, Seekonk, Swansea the 120 year old landmark and maintain the character of the facilities while employing and surrounding area DR students. Ken has nothing to gain by being a Selectman. If anything being Selectman has caused him additional frustrations and yet he perseveres as he wants only to benefit the town. Services Include: He has worked hard in difficult times, and • in-Home Pet Sitting • Mid-Day Exercise and Training always had those around him and their best • Broad Range of Pet Training • Behavioral Modification interests at heart. I can spend all day talking to you about the philanthropy work that my • Pet Taxi, including vet visits • Backyard wildlife Management husband is involved with or the countless You’ll feel confident and relaxed charities we sponsor here at Francis Farm, but I won’t. I only know that if there is one while you are away with your pets man who is large enough to take on the responsibility of healing the ugly division in in our capable, caring hands. this beautiful town we so lovingly have called home for decades it is my husband. My husband is a good man, and to those of you Professional Memberships Include: who do not know him, I invite you to take the Free Ongoing consultation •ABS Animal Behavior Society time and opportunity to meet him, converse •AcABc Association Of companion For “Preferred customers” with him and get to know him by talking to Animal Behavior counselors Initial Consultation Free him on a personal level, one on one. You can •NAPPS National Association Of Fully Bonded and Insured usually find him here at Francis Farm, daily Professional Pet Sitters after 3:00 p.m., and having already put in a John J. Smith, Owner/Operator •PSI Pet Sitters International full day at work, whether it be for the town

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March 2011 The Reporter


or his other business. It really breaks my heart to hear how some people at the Selectmen meetings disrespect him. Ken has never had any personal motives for serving the people of Rehoboth, and has always put the people in Rehoboth as his first concern. He has never given up, even when he felt that he was alone in his decisions. Please come and vote for my husband Ken Foley on April th and let him continue the job you elected him to do three years ago, our town needs a man like Ken Foley. Linda Foley

Is Rehoboth Educational System Mediocre?

I attended the Men’s breakfast last Thursday, sponsored as a Valentine gift to the men by the COA. It was nice; prepared by our hidden COA volunteers and served individually by several DR students. A few minutes before breakfast orders started, Robyn Balants, a COA Board Member, sat down at one end of the tables and chatted with a group there. Then, near the end of the breakfast, she passed out her political, school committee candidacy papers for the required 50 signatures. She acted as if she were invited. However, Sally Knox told me that her actions were NOT sanctioned by the COA Board of Directors. These actions seemed to me to be rather intrusive, assertive, maybe even aggressive, and divisive on her part. Some readers might say “crass”. In the February issue of the Rehoboth Reporter, Ms. Balants wrote to the editor stating that the Rehoboth educational system had become mediocre. She mentioned 2 schools are at the lowest level that the government designates. Did her mediocre statement refer to the pupil proficiency scores at those schools, teacher evaluations, management by the school Principals or by the regional school committee, or perhaps the buildings? Whatever her reason, she believes that Rehoboth has a mediocre educational system. Somehow, Ms. Balants cites increased taxes as being part of the mediocre educational system problem. She has “watched and waited for change” during the 12 years she has lived here, but instead the “town is spiraling out of control”. Connection between funding and the status of our educational system are not cited. She states that divisiveness is our town’s problem, but it seems to me that her broad - brush sweeping, negative statements are part of the problem. I think we have a fine educational system which is currently adjusting to State testing regulations. My three children went through the system, graduated from DR and went on to college. Since they left, I’ve seen the big changes, State mandated mainstreaming of Special Ed students, Federal - ordered testing, and the impact of the State reneging on regionalization fund promises. I look with

great admiration to former Superintendants Roy and Kissel, DR Principal Dr. Harrington, and Principals David Smith, Al St.John and Frank Lussier. They, together with their boards, established working systems that encouraged change and adaptability. The big mandated changes came and the school system changed again, and has adapted. Students are now encouraged to go to college and to Voc school. I don’t agree with some of these changes, but no, it is not mediocre.

Ms. Balants, since you have been on the DR School Committee now for almost 3 years, and you appear to be very assertive, why haven’t you brought about or at least initiated some of the changes that you want? James H. (Jim) Johnston

Letters To The Editor continued on page 44

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10 The Reporter March 2011

Rehoboth Selectman Candidate, Ken Foley - 3 Year Term Ken Foley

CEO Francis Farm, Rehoboth, MA Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? I seek re-election for two reasons: To ensure we have good honest town government for all of the people; and to make certain that we do not waste our taxpayer’s hard earned dollars frivolously or unnecessarily. Some times that is easier said than done, but I think I’ve fought the good fight. Some examples: In 2010, along with others I lead the successful effort restore town funding to Blanding Library, when some didn’t want to fund it at all. In 2008, relying on my experience with site

work, I worked with fellow selectmen to ask tough questions about a new septic system for Dighton-Rehoboth High School, questions that lead to $650,000 in savings to taxpayers. And I’ve held the line on municipal spending to successfully stop any overrides of the Selectmen’s budget at Town Meeting. What are your goals/priorities for the position? To ensure municipal government fairly, smartly and professionally represents the interests of all of the People of Rehoboth, not just the interests of a vocal minority. It is important that as we move forward as a Town, that professional, experienced administrators are recruited and hired for positions of senior leadership. We cannot afford, nor should we expect anything less. What do you think is the most important issue facing the town now and how do you propose to handle it? Rehoboth is still the small New England town where my wife and I chose to raise our family nearly 0-years ago, however, towns like ours are changing no matter how much we want them to stay the same. Then our town budget was just under $2-million, today it’s more than $21-million – with more than half going to our schools.

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We are either going to remain a quaint rural town, with planned and responsible development, or we are going to become another cookie cutter town of suburban sprawl. Responsible, smart development that does not overburden our schools, and our town services and that keeps property taxes in line with what we can afford is the major issue facing our town. The size of the Board of Selectmen, or whose feelings are hurt because they haven’t been reappointed to a certain board or commission, or even personnel issues involving town employees are all things that can be dealt with “in the moment.” And we may agree to disagree on those issues. However, changes to the landscape of our town will outlast all of us. We must ensure that any development here is done so in the context of our zoning laws, and with what the majority of our citizens want. Is there anything else that you’d like voters to know about you? When it comes to smart responsible development to benefit our town, I’ve put my money where my mouth. My family and I invested in Rehoboth by saving our iconic Francis Farm from developer’s blueprints. As a result, we put hundreds of mostly young people to work every summer, and families can continue to enjoy the scenic beauty of this Rehoboth landmark just as thousands have done for the past 120-years.

RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL Its been a tough winter, You can add years to asphalt by fixing cracks. SUPERVISED BY OWNER

oFFICe (508) 223-0577

As an elected official, every decision I make is bound to upset somebody – usually those with a special interest or personal agenda. I understand and accept that as part of the job. However, I promise the decisions I make as a Selectman are always done with the best of intentions and with all of the more than 10,000 residents of Rehoboth in mind. On April th, if you are interested in someone dedicated to honest, ethical government, and responsible development with a watchful eye on government spending I ask for your vote.

March 2011 The Reporter


Rehoboth Selectman Candidate, Mike Costello - 3 Year Term Michael Costello

Supervisor/ Site Construction Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? I am running for Selectman in the Town of Rehoboth because I want to restore integrity and respect to that office and to the 12,000 residents of Rehoboth. Too many decisions have been made by politicians who have their own personal and political agendas. I have been on the Planning Board for 10 years and have been Chairman for the past year. I assisted in the formation of the Energy Committee for which I was Chairman. I was on the Stormwater Bylaw Writing Committee and submitted the finished by-law to voters at a town meeting. I was appointed the first Stormwater Officer where I filed the first completed Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS-) permit thereby eliminating the possibility of large fines imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As Chairman of the Planning Board and Energy Committee, I was instrumental in writing the Wind Turbine By-law and Solar Bylaw and obtaining approval at the Town Meeting. I have 22 years of volunteering experience in the Town of Rehoboth in addition to many civic organizations of which I am still very active. These clubs include the Rehoboth Lions where I am a Past President as well as the American Legion where I am a Junior Vice Commander. What are your goals/priorities for the position? My goal is to restore respect and integrity to the Board of Selectmen and to the Town of Rehoboth. I promise to treat all residents with respect and will listen to everyone that comes before the Board. I will approach all decisions with an open mind and will honor and respect all votes taken at our town meetings. I will adhere to our by-laws and I will work to ensure that all by-laws are followed by everyone. My first priority will be the budget. We have to acknowledge our present financial obligations while looking at our future needs. I will work with the board to reestablish the Revenue Committee to look at ways to increase revenue without impacting the tax payer. I will work to reestablish the Building Study Committee to determine the best way to utilize the town’s buildings. I will work with our senior citizens and assist them in adding services instead of eliminating them. I will make certain that the Senior Center be properly maintained.

discussions with my wife Susan, and evaluating the pros and cons of opening my life up to public scrutiny, I decided that my passion for transparent, open government is stronger than any apprehensions I have regarding my opponents attempts to discredit me. I promise to work diligently and tirelessly for all citizens of Rehoboth, to provide the quality of life that we expect while being fiscally responsible for any decisions that I make. I am determined to run a clean, transparent campaign so that the Town of Rehoboth can be managed by respectful, honest citizens who care about their community.

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What do you think is the most important issue facing the town now and how do you propose to handle it? The most important issue facing the Town of Rehoboth today is the inability of some people to work together to make Rehoboth the community that we all want. I promise to work with everyone in a way that is respectful, honest, and open. When Seekonk, MA 02771 we all agree to work toward that one goal without an independent personal or politiNext to Mink St. Self Storage Lic. RI and MA since 1964 cal agenda, we will be able to restore the harmony and peace to our community that Thomas R. Little we are all looking for and boost the moral of our town employees.

T.R. Little, Realtor



Is there anything else that you’d like voters to know about you? The decision to run for public office is one that I take very seriously. After many

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12 The Reporter March 2011


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March 2011 The Reporter


Rehoboth Selectman Candidate, Joe Tito - 1 Year Term General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

What are your goals/priorities for the position? I want to see more civility and transparency in town government. A Selectman should represent what is best about Rehoboth – not engage in petty name calling and innuendo. I want to help re-establish the integrity of our Police Department and see them emerge from the cloud of recent events. I want Cable Public Access that is more responsive to the people of Rehoboth and not just the political tool of a select few. I want to re-establish the Personnel Board, the Revenue Committee, and the Selectman’s Public Forum. I promise to make appointments to all of the Town’s boards based on ability and qualifications – not on which “side” someone is on.

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What do you think is the most important issue facing the town now and how do you propose to handle it? The current fiscal crisis is clearly the most pressing issue. Decreasing funds from the State and local mismanagement have led to a worrisome budget shortfall – much worse weddings • events • pets • portraits than even just a year ago. We need to look • • • 617.418.1119 at innovative ways to raise revenue without raising taxes. I want to re-establish the Revenue Committee (abolished by the current Selectmen), reign in unnecessary spending on town counsel, and appoint qualified individuals to the Finance Committee.

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Inc. Rd & Class

Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? I believe the recent direction of the town has been unfortunate. The current BOS seems more interested in representing their own interests rather than those of the town. I know I can do better. I have served in multiple positions of leadership – Chief Resident, Chief of Surgery, Medical Director of the Wound Center, and now 1st Vice President of the Morton Hospital Medical Staff. In addition, as a partner in a private surgical practice, I have managed budgets, staff, and facilities. I have been an active and attending participant on the Rehoboth Planning Board and am very familiar with the issues facing our town. As a surgeon, I know that the most important part of diagnosing a problem is to listen. As I listen to the people of Rehoboth, I hear of their dissatisfaction and even disgust at the current situation. I will always listen to the town’s people and I will always represent their wishes.

Is there anything else that you’d like voters to know about you? A previous candidate for Selectman once ran on the motto “Beholden to No One.” I would like the people of Rehoboth to know that I am indeed beholden to someone, and that someone is the people of Rehoboth. I will never dismiss town citizens as “thugs,” and I will always treat everyone with a high degree of respect – whether we agree or disagree. I will re-establish the Public Forum at the BOS meetings so that everyone can be heard. I will always put the wishes of the town first and never ignore the mandate of Town Meeting. As a candidate, I want to hear from you, the voter. Please contact me at or at 77-65-0776. If you would like to request a Q&A session, please call me or do so through our website at As your Selectman, I will continue to be open and available to ALL the people of Rehoboth and welcome your letters or calls. I am asking for your vote on April th. Let’s solve these problems together!

Joe Tito


The Reporter March 2011

Rehoboth Selectman Candidate, Jim Paon - 1 Year Term Jim Paon Jeweler

Education: Business Administration Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? Once elected as your representative on the School Committee, I worked very hard to restore the school district’s stellar reputation of being an excellent educational opportunity for our children. I pushed for accountability from our school committee, business office, administration, teachers, and yes, even parents. As my three year term comes to an end, I am satisfied that the district is going in the right direction. Now, I’d like to take my 20 year business experience to the office of Selectman. I feel that Rehoboth has the best and brightest in its citizenry. I will work to break down the barriers that have separated our town for far too long to find compromises that reach consensus among town residents to solve problems that exist and to plan long term to secure a bright future for Rehoboth.


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What are your goals/priorities for the position? • Immediately coordinate with the Highway Superintendent to secure FEMA and MEMA funding to repair Rehoboth’s infrastructure damaged by last year’s floods. Determine what can be repaired by town employees rather than going out to bid to private contractors. Set timeline for completion. • Implement a Master Plan Commission which will conduct a comprehensive study projecting where we would like to see Rehoboth in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and perhaps as long as 50 years. The town needs strategic planning to be a primary focus of the selectman’s office. Each town board and service organization (e.g. Planning Board and Highway Dept) should have a mission statement or charter that is aligned to the master plans in conjunction with our bi-laws. Each board, including the Board of Selectman, will report annually to track and compare accomplishments to the goals set forth by the Commission. • Recommend restoring the Council on Aging line item reduction by the previous Finance Committee which forced the COA to close its doors to our seniors on Fridays. It is our duty and responsibility to provide the best possible quality of life for the citizens who deserve our utmost respect and admiration! To take an active role in addressing and interacting with the COA board of directors ensuring that there is always an open line of communication to listen AND respond to issues involving our seniors. • Open the discussion regarding Rehoboth’s form of government. There are many opinions of residents that when combined may give birth to a compromise which could better serve our town’s growing population and better represent the majority of the voters and taxpayers. • Support the mandatory practice of CORI checks for all Town Employees, Elected or Appointed members of Town boards, committees or commissions. This should be conducted confidentially in accordance with any privacy rights/laws as defined by Federal and/or State governmental agencies. There should be no gray area in this matter. We as citizens need to know who is representing us. There is no cost to municipal governmental agencies to conduct CORI checks! The no cost benefit is designed to encourage these background checks. What do you think is the most important issue facing the town now and how do you propose to handle it?

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Rehoboth has become a town divided. We have financial issues, bylaw concerns, personnel matters, not unlike most towns. Unfortunately, we expend most of our energy embroiled in vitriolic verbal wars between groups rather than pooling resources to solve problems TOGETHER – as a COMMUNITY. My goal is to restore civility to our great town. Is there anything else that you’d like voters to know about you? I am a 19 year resident of Rehoboth, a squad member on Rehoboth Rescue 7, married to wife Marie for 29 years, father of two daughters raised and educated in Rehoboth. I established Ashley Jewelers in 1990 and am a parishoner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

March 2011 The Reporter


Rehoboth Town News Kathy’s Corner

The Annual Town Election for the Town of Rehoboth will be held on Monday, April , 2011 with the polls open from 10 am to 8 p.m. All three precincts will be open; Precinct I, The Town Office Building at 18 Peck Street – Precinct II, The Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center at 55 Bay State Road – Precinct III, The South Fire Station at 102 Pleasant Street. Kathleen J. Conti Positions to be elected on the ballot for Town Clerk 2011 are Moderator (one for 1 year), Selectman (one for 3 years), Selectman (one for 1 year), Assessor (one for 3 years), Tax Collector (one for 3 years), School Committee (two for 3 years), Planning Board (one for 5 years), Park Commission (one for 5 years), Housing Authority (one for 5 years) and Water Commissioner (two for 3 years). The Board of Selectmen plans on putting three non-binding questions on the election ballot relative to: increasing the size of the elected Board of Selectmen from three members to five members; criminal offender record information (CORI) check for elected and appointed officials; and revision of the recall procedures. The final voter registration date to be eligible to vote in the Annual Town Election is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s Office. Prospective voters are reminded that they may also register to vote by calling the Town Clerk’s Office to request a Mail-In voter registration form.

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The Reporter March 2011

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Applications for absentee ballots are now available and may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office. An absentee ballot may only be obtained by written request and with the voter’s original signature. Make your voice heard and be part of how your town government is run – come out to vote on April th. Dog licenses for 2011 are now available and may be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to :00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or by mail. The licensing fees are as follows: Male or female dog $20.00, spayed or neutered $10.00 and checks should be made payable to Town of Rehoboth. Dog licenses are due annually by April 1st. Dog license applications must be accompanied by a current rabies certificate (with a vaccination date of May 1, 2011 or after to cover the current licensing year) and proof of spay or neuter unless we already have it on file in the Clerk’s Office. If you’re unsure, just give the office a call and we can tell you how up to date our information is. Dog owners should note that the license(s) will not be returned unless a stamped, selfaddressed envelope is included. Postage on the SASE should be 6 cents for one tag, 81 cents for two tags and 98 cents for three tags.

Leslie & Deb’s

Residents are requested to please send in their census forms as quickly as possible regardless of whether or not they license their dogs at this time. We also still have 73 unlicensed dogs for 2010. Our Annual Town Census Forms for year 2011 were mailed to all households in Rehoboth during the last week of December. The census forms are now overdue and we urge all residents to review the pre-printed forms, make corrections and return them as soon as possible. Failure to return the completed form may result in voters being placed on an inactive voting list or being removed from the voting list. Business Certificates: Business owners whose business certificate will expire during January through June of 2011 should have received a reminder for renewal. The renewal fee is $50.00 (certificate renewal is good for four years) and checks should be made payable to The Town of Rehoboth. Any questions pertaining to anything in this article may be directed to the Town Clerk’s Office Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to  p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 508-252-6502, X109 or X110. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all from Kathy and Lynn in the Town Clerk’s Office.

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March 2011 The Reporter

Rehoboth Animal Shelter

The Rehoboth Animal Shelter has friendly homeless dogs and cats waiting for their new people. There is even a mother cat with an early litter of kittens. Please spay and neuter your cats to prevent unwanted litters! This month’s pictures are a dog and a cat who are eager for some attention. Goldy is a medium-sized spayed female dog who appears to be a mix of breeds. The grey cat is also female and has dainty white markings. Come see these and other adoptable pets. Call 508-252-521, ext. 126 for an appointment.



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School Bus Safety

On February 10th and 11th the Rehoboth Police Department conducted a School Bus Safety outreach program at the Palmer River Elementary School. The program was delivered to the students at Palmer River Elementary School on a class by class, grade by grade basis. This program was instructed by Patrolman Keith Perry and Patrolman Matthew Gardner. The instruction provided to the students included classroom instruction as well as outdoor instruction on an actual school bus. Bloom Transportation assisted the police officers by providing a bus which the officers could use for their safety program. Some of the topics covered were proper behavior at the bus stop and on the bus, danger zones on and off the bus, bus evacuation procedures and how to properly board and exit the bus. This program is an annual program provided by the police department to the elementary school each year in an effort to promote school bus safety.

Rehoboth Cultural Council Schedule of Upcoming Events

Now available at the Blanding Library is a pass to Plimoth Plantation, which entitles up to  people reduced admission to attractions including the Mayflower II, the Wampanoag homesite, the 1627 English Village, the Craft Center, the Barn and educational sites. March 10 at 7 p.m. - “Plimoth Plantation Open Hearth Cooking” at the Carpenter Museum. Kathleen Wall will present a lecture and demonstration in the Carpenter Museums open hearth fireplace. March 16, 17 or 18 TBD- Thanks to Holly Loell (for writing the grant application), the D-R Regional HS Latin Classes I-IV will travel to the Worcester Art Museum to view one of our nation’s preeminent exhibitions of the art of the ancient city of Antioch. March 20-25- The SMARTS Collaborative Touring Art Exhibit, which features artwork by middle school students, will be on display at Beckwith Middle School. This exhibit tours 7 Southeastern Massachusetts middle schools over a 1 week period. Congratulations to all the student contributors! May TBD- Thanks to Rosa Gross (for writing the grant application), the 7th grade students at Beckwith Middle School will be visiting the New Bedford Whaling Museum. These programs are supported in part by a grant from the Rehoboth Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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The Reporter March 2011

Candidates For Rehoboth School Committee - 2 seats

Canine Mastery

Christopher Cooper

Senior Scientist, Chemical Process Development, Genzyme Corporation



102 A Pond St • Seekonk •

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Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? I am running for office because I am passionate about education and am concerned by the decline of the American school system in general over the past decades. Currently, US schools rank below average in math when compared to the 70 other countries in the world based on a recent survey. Additionally, reading comprehension and science aptitude were mediocre. We live in a country with a higher standard of living than almost any other in the world, and yet our education system is lagging behind those in countries with disparate economic standings. The Dighton-Rehoboth school district currently ranks 99th in MA, which places it in the 38th percentile. The high school has an 82.6% graduation rate, with only a 59% college placement rate. These are issues that need to be addressed and remedied in order for our children to compete in the world now and in the future. I am running because I want both children and all children in our community to be able to get the high quality education that they deserve through the public school system. I have taught at the college level at Worcester State College, Assumption College, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, my mother has taught in the public school system in CT for over 30 years, and I know full well of the challenges that face current students, administrators, and teachers. I am a hard worker, enjoy research, hold no special interests within town politics, and feel suited towards the job because these qualities. Perhaps most importantly, I have a vested interest in the school system as my children will be attending local schools, and I promise to work hard to get positive results. What are your goals/priorities for the position? I believe the only goal and priority for the position is to improve the ranking of the public school system and the quality of education for our children. Whether or not we like the MCAS testing system, it is the only system we have in place that allows us to accurately track student progression on a yearly basis. It would be my goal to improve test scores, and thereby improve our schools’ overall ranking and the educational experience for our students. What do you think is the most important issue facing the town/school committee now and how do you propose to handle it? When I initially read this question, the immediate answer that jumped to mind was that the school system is underfunded. Few would disagree that we pay fairly high taxes, and yet the results of those taxes aren’t necessarily evident in the quality of our school system. Dighton-Rehoboth spent an average of $10,569 per student in the last fiscal year. While this may look like a large number on paper, it actually is only in about the 20th percentile for school spending, so 80% of the schools in MA spend more money per student than this district. What is interesting to look at, however, is that there doesn’t seem to be a direct correlation between money spent per student, and performance (measured by MCAS scores). While I would like to see funding for the school increased, I realize that we are currently in

March 2011 The Reporter a difficult economic time. One of the best ways to approach this problem is to really analyze the numbers, see where the deficiencies are, and then work directly with the teachers and administration to improve curricula and offer whatever support we can. We must also keep in mind that parents are the keys to educational growth. They are their children’s first teachers and involving and investing parents in the education of their children is one of the most important determinants of success.

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Robyn Balents

Treasurer, Rehoboth Public Access Corp. Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? I am running again for office because I feel that we have accomplished a lot as a committee but there is much yet to do. As a current member I have been part of the decision making and experienced the process and protocol that comes with being part of the school committee, as well as the familiarization of key elements such as; budgets, personnel issues, collective bargaining, policy, etc. All of these elements are critical and through time and experience one becomes learned of them. Although experience is important, integrity matters more, and I am one who has shown my integrity regardless of the unpopularity associated with making decisions that contradict those of other members. What are your goals/priorities for the position? My goal is to see that there is delivery of a fair and adequate education to all children, and not just a minority subgroup. All children deserve to be exposed to various academics through a thorough, enhanced and enriched curriculum. Although many people believe that the only consideration we are faced with to provide our children with an excellent education is finance... I don’t, it takes far more than money to do that; it takes dedicated teachers, ILA’s,

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The Reporter March 2011

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administrators and parents to bring forth change and collaboration. Additionally our district is fiscally sound and has become this way in recent years due to zero-based budgeting, and utilization of grants and programs introduced through our superintendent and assistant superintendent. With the directive from the school committee our administration has been responsible for new Math and English Language Arts programs, re-aligning of our much needed curriculum and professional development to our teachers. With these elements in place now for two/three years, we are realizing the fruits of our labor which brings to all of the children in our district a fair and adequate public education. What do you think is the most important issue facing the town/school committee now and how do you propose to handle it? The most important issue in this town/district is division. Division that not only affects us as adults but also our children; from what they experience in the home, to what they see on television, and ultimately the decisions we make in their education. We need to stand together and utilize our strength as a united force in order to best serve our children. In recent years our school committee has made decisions to serve students in both towns and it is of the utmost importance that we look beyond the borders of Rehoboth and Dighton and plan for our children to proceed together, not as two separate towns, united as a district. As what is done in Dighton parallels Rehoboth, so also should our actions and decisions, both examples of unity and progress for all in the name of common good.

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Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? Being a school committee member gives me the opportunity to continue to serve my community by sharing my time and passion to help students achieve educational excellence. My daughter attends Beckwith middle school and will continue in the district so I have a vested interest in ensuring we provide her and all students in our district with first-rate educational opportunities. I believe I have shown my dedication to our schools in many ways through actively volunteering in Rehoboth schools for seven years in which time I have; served as PTSA president for two years and currently serving as Beckwith vice-president, have been a Massachusetts State PTA executive board member for over five years. In my current position on Beckwith School Council, I actively advocate for parent involvement as well as help define the school improvement plan as mandated by state regulations. I continue to serve on the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional school district curriculum committee for social studies. I successfully advocated and helped to redefine the current science, technology, engineering, and math, (STEM) , night programs at both the elementary and middle schools to help facilitate student interest in these subjects. I was successful in advocating for the restoration of the foreign language program at Beckwith Middle School. Parental involvement is at the core of a successful child’s education, and having been involved at multiple local and state levels, it has given me a unique perspective to the how we can be successful in our schools. I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know many teachers, students, and administrators over the past seven years and this has allowed me to form relationships that I feel will benefit my decision making process on the school committee. What are your goals/priorities for the position? My goals and priorities are to have continued transparency within our school committee and to continue to advocate for our students and teachers while serving. I believe that better communication between students, parents, and teachers will enable us to give our students the quality education they deserve. We as

March 2011 The Reporter a community need to set student achievement expectations high and make sure that they achieve those expectations while still being fiscally responsible. What do you think is the most important issue facing the town/school committee now and how do you propose to handle it? The most important issue facing the town/school committee is meeting parental expectations with limited financial resources, maintaining and exceeding current levels of programs while being fiscally responsible to our tax payers. This is an issue that requires us all to work together in creative ways to ensure that we provide our children with what they deserve.

means that each year the only way to balance the budget is to cut services. Unfortunately, there are no easy and immediate solutions to this problem. I believe we need to raise awareness of this issue among the parents of school-aged children and begin discussing what options we can come up with to slow down and eventually reverse this trend.

$ S

Peter R. Hebda


Electrical Engineer


Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? My purpose in running for School Committee is to look for ways to meet the needs of our school children while maintaining fiscal responsibility to our taxpayers. In recent years, the school budget in Rehoboth has placed an increasing financial burden on taxpayers while the services to school-aged children are continually eroding away. Unless we come up with a plan to start reversing this trend, the quality of education for our kids will decline. I have seen this issue from both perspectives – as a taxpayer attending Town Meetings and as a parent of children in the schools, so I believe I can work to find solutions that are fair to both sides. What are your goals/priorities for the position? There are four areas I would like to focus on as a School Committee member: Accessibility – I will work to maintain a website where parents can ask questions, raise concerns, and gain insight into what is going on - not just during the election cycle but throughout my term if elected. Accountability – If you have been to Town Meeting then you know that the issues are not always black and white, and sometimes there are good arguments for both sides of an issue. To anyone concerned, I will openly disclose my reasons for decisions I make as a member of the DR School Committee. Advocacy –The kids in our schools have no voice at election time, yet it is their lives that will be most affected by what happens in the coming years. I will advocate for the needs of our children and work to find ways to reverse the trend of declining services that we have seen over recent years. Responsibility – I recognize the current economic struggles of our citizens and the large amount of money that goes into our school budget. I will work to make prudent budget decisions and try to get as much bang for the buck as possible. I also propose that the School Committee provide a short handout at the Annual Town Meeting that gives a summary of how our schools are doing and how the money is being spent. For more information, please visit my website at What do you think is the most important issue facing the town/school committee now and how do you propose to handle it? I believe that the biggest issue facing our schools is that fact that costs are rising faster than the increases in revenue. This




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The Reporter March 2011

Rehoboth Ramblings

by Leslie Patterson

Hold that Tiger! I have never been a Tiger Mother. I’d say I was more of a Pussycat Mother, though I’m perfectly capable of throwing a hissy fit on occasion. In case you’ve been away from all popular media for the past couple of months (lucky you!), the “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” is a controversial new book by Amy Chua, on raising children the strict Chinese way. Ms. Chua is a professor at Yale Law School and a self-styled expert on raising children. She herself is not from China, but is a Chinese-American. Her husband (who is wisely staying clear of the whole fracas) is Jewish-American. According to her and to umpteen ethnic stereotypes, Chinese mothers are extremely strict with their children, the better to equip them for succeeding in life, they believe. She forbids sleepovers and anything that might be considered goofing off, and makes her girls practice the piano for hours on end until they get it right, to give just a sample of her parenting style. When her daughter gave her a hand-made card that the child had just dashed off, Ms. Chua tore it up angrily because it wasn’t good enough. Also, apparently if your children are really not performing up to standard, it’s OK to call them “garbage”. Some readers call her abusive. Many Chinese-Americans have remarked that they were raised this way and have been in therapy for years because of it. It’s obvious that Ms. Chua is just following the old show-biz practice of “you gotta have a gimmick”. (Hey, it sure works for

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Lady GaGa). In this case, the gimmick is making herself sound like the stereotypical Chinese Dragon Lady to better sell her book. Just the use of “Battle Hymn” in the title is disturbing. I can picture some poor, over-tired new mother reading this and thinking that she has just embarked on a 20-year war with her child. Talk about post-natal depression! Speaking of the Chinese, did Confucius ever say, “He who stays in middle of road gets run over”? If not, he should have. If you want to get your point across these days, you had better take an extreme position. I understand that Ms. Chua does some backpedaling as her book goes on and also that her two daughters have come to her defense as a good mother. That’s reassuring, I suppose, but it’s obvious that a thoughtful, well-balanced book on child-rearing would not be getting all this attention or selling that many books. I will grant that American kids generally are too indulged, with parents too willing to do everything for them and too lax in applying discipline, but that is another topic for another time. Certainly the self-esteem movement has backfired. True self-respect comes from one’s accomplishments, not from expecting praise for just showing up. So in that sense I can see where the Tiger Mother is coming from, but bullying a child isn’t the answer. Another complaint I have with the Tiger Mother thing is that it assumes that all children are the same and all are motivated in the same way. In fact, so much advice on raising children seems

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to take this view. This is just stupid. One child may be as different from another (even in the same family) as one adult is from another. Among normal children, there is a wide spectrum of personality types, with shy and sensitive on one end and bold and rebellious on the other, and most kids falling somewhere in the middle. Many of Ms. Chua’s harsh discipline techniques would crush the spirit of a sensitive child. And here is one of my all time greatest pet peeves: Why do pushy people always think they can browbeat shy people into “coming out of their shell”? (It’s always nice to be thought of as a mollusk!) Bullying a shy child into becoming more outgoing is about as effective as bullying a short child into becoming taller. I speak from childhood experience of both, though I eventually outgrew being shy anyway. The “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” is just another volley in the ongoing Mommy Wars (mothers playing the “I’m a better mother than you are” game). These were bad enough a generation ago when today’s young mothers were little kids, but the growth of the mommy blog phenomenon has only made it worse. I guess yesterday’s mean girls have become today’s mean moms. To all these mommies sniping at each other online as they sit glued to electronic devices, I would say, “Time out! You can all go sit quietly in the corner without your toys until you learn how to play nicely with others.” Motherhood is not a competitive sport.

March 2011 The Reporter


The Seekonk Scene Town Clerk’s Corner By Jan Parker, Seekonk Town Clerk

We are in the process of certifying the signatures for those who took out papers to run for town office. The town election will be held Monday, April th from noon until 8:00 P.M. at the Seekonk High School. The ballot this year will contain the usual town offices that are up for election, along with several questions. Each Seekonk residence will receive a pamphlet in the mail that describes the proposed charter amendments. Per MGL, these amendments need to be voted at a town election. There will be several non-binding questions on the ballot also concerning housing. The ballot will contain a fairly long question concerning the charter amendments, as MGL mandates that we include the wording on the ballot. We ask that you read the amendments that you receive in the mail before you come to the polls. That way, you will know how you want to vote on that question. Save a Pet will have a table set up at the polls. They will be taking donations of pet food and kitty litter for Doorways at the polls. Save a Pet also has it’s annual auction coming up on March 22, 23, 2 at Johnson and Wales Inn on Taunton Avenue. This is the big fundraiser for the animal shelter, so please either attend in person, or you may watch on Cable 9, Seekonk and bid from home. Any donations may be left in our office here in Town Hall. The annual Seekonk Rabies Clinic will be held on Saturday, March 12th from 9-12 at the DPW garage on Taunton Avenue. This office will be there to issue dog licenses for 2011. The next meeting for the 200th birthday celebration is Tuesday, March 15th at 7:00PM in the Town Hall. Everyone is invited to attend. Many of the Town’s organizations will be looking for help with their projects, so you do not need to belong to an organized group in order to attend. The dinner dance in January of 2012 will kick off the year long celebration. If you will not be able to get to the polls on April th, you may apply for an absentee ballot by calling 336-2920 and requesting an application.

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The Reporter March 2011

To the Editor

In 2006, after selling the family seafood business buildings and land at Luther’s Corners and dividing the proceeds with my family, I began to attend Planning Board meetings. I ran for the board in 2008 and won the three year term. A naturalist, not a traditional land speculator, I am concerned with preserving the good earth. By nature I seek compromise and conversation, interaction, rather than confrontation. In 2008 I was appointed Srpedd Commissioner, first as Selectmen’s rep, currently I serve as Planning Board rep. Elected to Seekonk Planning Board in April 2008, I have served on the Sustainable Seekonk Committee, have worked to get the Community Preservation Act passed, have testified at the State-


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house to promote the small plot farming bill, which duly passed with a 2 acre minimum. I think it helped that I described the delights of home made blueberry pie, from locally grown highbush blueberries. In the past three years, Planning Board aided by our able town planner, John Hansen, has accomplished work towards passage of the Community Preservation Act and open space preservation. Our Conservation Subdivision by law promotes mindful development which takes into account the land, by preserving 0 percent of the property as conserved open space. Mindful of human needs for a dignified life, we have considered traffic, transportation, affordable housing, walkable neighborhoods. We have struggled with the need for pavement which allows rainwater to filter down rather than run off, permeable pavement. Planning board rezoned Route 6 east at the Rehoboth line as a solar overlay district. We wrote the by law for cell towers. We promoted narrower road widths for secondary roads, thus decreasing impermeable surfaces. In 2010 Town Mtg. passed the Village Business district for Luther’s Corners. Baker’s Corners’ residents need to work towards this concept. I am running again for my seat on Planning Board. Since 2,000, Census demographics show an aging population and a decrease in young families and young adults. Since housing values remain high, our children have opted to move out of town. Our housing has been built with an eye towards a single family, suburban lifestyle, the value of which is problematic, perhaps obsolete, as fuel supplies remain uncertain. Will we be able to buy gasoline to drive our 100 miles of roads and cul de sacs? If these ideas resonate with you, I ask that you come to the Seekonk Town Election at the high school on April fourth and vote! Respectfully, Phoebe Lee Dunn, Seekonk,\


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March 2011 The Reporter

Preschool Screening

As part of the Child Find process, the Seekonk Public School Department will be conducting preschool screening for children who will be turning 3 or 4 years old on or before August 31, 2011 who are residents of Seekonk. A developmental, social skills, and speech and language screening will take approximately one hour and will be held this spring at the George R. Martin Elementary School. Screenings will be held on March 23rd, March 30th and April 6th. For a child to be eligible to participate in the Integrated Preschool, the child must take part in the child find screening. The Integrated Preschool has a limited number of available spaces, and participation is based on a lottery drawn from the application packets of children who have been screened. All children chosen must be toilet-trained.

Please Note Changes

In the fall of 2011, the program will be located at the Mildred H. Aitken School 165 Newman Ave. 508-336-5230 Classes meet for 2 ½ hours a day. The four day morning class is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00-11:30. The five day program is Monday-Friday from 12:30-3:00 Transportation is provided by parents To receive an application and schedule an appointment or request further information, please contact Jean Pezzullo in the Special Services Office at 508-399-5106 X1110. Complete application packets must be returned to the Special Services Office at 25 Water Lane, before March 16, 2011.

Land Trust to Hold 44th Annual Meeting

The Seekonk Land Conservation Trust will hold its 44th annual meeting at the Seekonk Public Library on Wednesday, March 16th. A short business meeting at 6:30pm will sum up the Land Trust’s achievements in 2010. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the 6th Annual Mary Wilson Community Conservation Award, given to an individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of conservation in the town of Seekonk. Since the primary mission of the Land Trust is to preserve open space in Seekonk, we are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of 4.3 areas on Arcade Avenue. This land will eventually link trails being developed from Town Hall and the YMCA with the trail around Turner Reservoir. Another important facet of the Land Trust is its environmental education program. With the help of grant from the Land Trust, Seekonk High School biology students have been analyzing the water in the Runnins River and Burr’s Pond. The students will present the results of their research, explaining how pollutants enter the rivers, affecting the integrity of our wetlands, and, ultimately, our water supply. The Seekonk Land Conservation Trust is a private, non-profit organization, established to help preserve open space in Seekonk, MA. The Land Trust presently protects approximately 400 acres. The public is invited and refreshments will be served.

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Meet the Candidates

Cable TV9 will be videoing Meet the Candidates shows on Thursday, March 17th at the studio at 301 Taunton Ave. in Seekonk. The Planning Board is scheduled for 4:00 p.m., the Board of Selectmen for 6:00 p.m. and the School Committee for 7:30 p.m. You are invited to attend. We ask that you submit relevant questions for each of the positions that will be asked by the moderator. Please submit them no later than March 10th and send them to the studio or email to cable9seekonk@yahoo. com. The moderator will acknowledge all submittals. Thank you for your interest and cooperation in helping the voters of Seekonk become more informed. Beverly Hart, 26 Melanie Circle, Seekonk, MA 02771, 508336-9352,

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Bob McLintock Selectman

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Effective Leadership

The Seekonk Republican Committee

On Saturday March 12, The Seekonk Republican Committee will be holding its annual “Meet the Candidates” Forum 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Seekonk Library 410 Newman Ave. This is an opportunity for residents and members alike to hear and question the candidates running for the Seekonk April 4 town elections. Light refreshments will be served.


Experience Bob’s experience will help solve the complex fiscal challenges that must be addressed in Seekonk. Integrity Bob’s integrity, honesty, and truthfulness will inspire a positive and collaborative approach to solving problems. One Seekonk Bob pledges to lead our town as one community, and do what is right for all taxpayers and their families. Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability Bob will ensure all cost solutions will be explored before expenditures of tax dollars are made. Bob demands proper and transparent oversight to assure compliance with all laws and regulations.

VOTE MONDAY APRIL 4th Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bob McLintock

“I respectfully ask for your vote to support One Seekonk moving forward.”


The Reporter March 2011

Candidates For Seekonk School Committee - 1 seat Robert L. Richardson

Senior Production Control Specialist

Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? My qualification are twelves years working for the town of Seekonk. Six years on the School Committee 1995 - 2005 Six years on the Board of Selectman from 2005 - 2011. I’ve actively worked to keep the lines of communication opened between both the Board of Selectman and School Committee. I’ve negotiated contracts for both the unions under the School Committee and Board of Selectman control. I’ve been involved with reviewing and balancing a budget and in past years returning some money back to Free Cash. I’ve been on the committees to hire the Superintendent of Schools, Town Administrator, Finance Director, Police Chief, previous High School principal and many other personnel. What are your goals/priorities for the position? My goals and priorities are to balance the budget, negotiate contracts, create a committee of residents, students, teachers to prepare a 5, 10, 15 plan of where Seekonk Schools are today and where they’ll be in 5, 10, 15 years. I really can’t breakdown how I plan to negotiate the contracts but I feel that everyone involved must understand that to provide a great education especially with the state cutting and the schools in a deficit for next year everyone is going to have to work together. As far as the budget my first action would be to ask my fellow

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Why Webster Larkin?

· Experience and Knowledge we need at this time. · Former Selectman and Health Board member. · A Resident Engineer with Mass DOT. · A proven track record of being fiscally responsible. · Committed to serve at the highest level. · Believes Highway Funds are needed for road repairs. · Dedicated in keeping Seekonk voters educated. Paid for by the committee to elect Webster Larkin Selectman 890 Newman Ave Seekonk, MA 02771

members to freeze all spending, no transferring from line to line and every expenditure be forwarded to the school committee for approval and asking the School Administration for a plan of how the schools are going to make up the deficit. What do you think is the most important issue facing the town/school committee now and how do you propose to handle it? Well most of all keeping the lines of communication opened. This is my strength because I’ve sat on both boards and I actively reach out to members on both sides like keeping the communication open with the School Committee chair over the last six years. State funding which has an affect on are budgets and how we have to become creative to balance our budget and provide and excellent education for our children. I feel young people drinking is an issue that Seekonk needs to respond to which I believe the Superintendent is planning a group session of Clergy, Police, Fire, Government officials, as well students and parents getting together to discuss the situation and how to find away to respond to the problem.

John P. Bilodeau

Electrical Project Manager

Why are you running for office and what qualifications do you have for the position? I am running to try to lend my expertise in dealing with budgets, personal, negotiations with all contracts either personal or services and day to day practical knowledge dealing with critical money matters and provide quality education to each student. I have prior 5 years experience on the School Committee, and as stated above have the necessary credentials to resolve all of the issues that that have arisen in a tough economic times for quality education at affordable cost. As a prior member of the School Committee we faced the same critical economical decisions when we had to close the North School and redistrict all the students which was a success with minimal impact to the students, facility, and parents What are your goals/priorities for the position? 1. Demand a Quality Education at an Affordable Cost 2. Provide Budgeting and Personnel Experience to Maximize Efficiency 3. Advocate Life Skills Courses for students to Succeed in the Real World . Support 21st Century Technology Skills that Advances not Hinders Student Achievement 5. Lead the Whole Community to Adopt District-Wide Policies to Deter Student Substance Abuse What do you think is the most important issue facing the town/school committee now and how do you propose to handle it? Being able to provide the quality education that our students need to succeed in the real world, but continue to provide this at a cost that the tax payers of Seekonk can afford and provide. I will demand that we review every cost saving idea that is present now and develop new ideas that can provide the needs for our students but achieve a cost that will fit within the Town’s current revenue structure.

Ice Safety Precautions

As the radiant heat of the sun becomes stronger as we progress through March, the safety of ice on any body of water can be most uncertain. Most ice in the area was formed in January and old ice is the most unstable ice. What little that is now left carries with it many dangers. Due to the uncertainty of ice conditions and the dangers presented, the Rehoboth Rescue Squad and Rehoboth Emergency Management Agency do NOT endorse the safety of lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers. The strength and thickness of ice should be known before any activity takes place. To help keep our community safe, the Rehoboth Rescue Squad offers the following Ice Safety Tips: • Never go onto the ice alone. A friend may be able to rescue you or go for help if you fall through the ice. • Always keep your pets on a leash. If a pet falls through the ice do not attempt to rescue your pet. Go for help and call 911. The Rehoboth Rescue Squad and Fire Department will respond with specialized equipment to rescue the pet. • New ice is usually stronger than old ice. As ice ages, the bond between the ice crystals decays, making it weaker, even if melting has not occurred. • Beware of ice covered with snow. Snow can insulate ice and keep it strong, but it can also insulate it to keep it from freezing. Snow can also hide creaks, weak and open ice. • Slush is a danger sign, indicating that ice is no longer freezing from the bottom and can be weak or deteriorating. • Ice formed over flowing water (rivers or lakes containing a large number of springs) is generally 15% weaker. • Ice seldom freezes or thaws at a uniform rate. It could be one foot thick in one spot and be only one inch thick ten feet away. • Reach-Throw-Go. If a companion falls through the ice and you are unable to reach that person from shore, throw them something (rope, jumper cables, tree branch, et.). If this does not work, go for help before you also become a victim and call 911. • If you fall in, try not to panic. Turn towards the direction from which you came. Place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface, working forward by kicking your feet. Once out, remain lying on the ice (do not stand) and roll away from the hole. Crawl back to your tracks, keeping your weight distributed until you return to solid ice. Call 911 and make sure the dispatcher is aware that you had fallen through the ice and were in the water as you may have hypothermia and may not even realize it. The ambulance crew will respond and will provide an evaluation and recommendation for proper treatment. With spring just around the corner, the dangers from thin ice and flooding are on the rise. Your Rehoboth Rescue Squad recently participated in cold water rescue training, to ensure the highest level of readiness to protect our fellow residents from cold water emergencies. Expert instruction was provided by our dive officer, a certified master diver, and assistant dive officer, a certified rescue diver. This two part training began with classroom instruction that transitioned the team from practical training last season and introduced new members to appropriate techniques. Ice rescue safety and procedures where discussed, along with the use of tools, equipment, and other resources. Rescue personnel practiced donning cold water suits, and used ropes and harnesses to properly secure a practice victim. Various scene and rescue scenarios where also presented and discussed thoroughly. This, an ongoing activity with those trained in a similar fashion last year, helped Rescue in preparedness for an actual rescue at the Palmer River last spring during the record flooding.

By Tom Rose, Captain of Rescue And Roger Mayer, Lieutenant of Rescue





Rehoboth Rescue Squad Training in Personal Safety (TIPS)


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Training continued with a trip to a frozen irrigation pond. After opening a hole in the ice, Rescue personnel suited up and got into the water. Personnel practiced several aspects of water rescue including; harnessing and safety shore line technique, how to approach a victim and enter the water, safely harnessing the victim and assisting them out of the water, hand signals for communicating with personnel on shore, and how to operate as an on-shore rescuer in support of the rescuer in the water. Each rescue member was able to practice several times, while another member played the victim. This practical training provided important ongoing real world experience to all who participated. Thank you to Jeff Fisk and Bob Dias for their support in allowing us the use of the pond for training.


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The following members of Rehoboth Rescue Squad that took part in the ice rescue training: Kneeling - Steve Money - Asst. Dive Officer, Roger Mayer - Lieutenant, Jim Paon; Standing - Tom Rose - Acting Asst. Chief, Scott Abrahamson - Acting Captain, Gary Majewski - Dive Officer, Bob Bombardier, Roland Aubin Rehoboth Rescue is currently looking for volunteers to serve with us. No prior experience is required to join. Rescue members share a unique camaraderie and sense of mutual respect. We are a dedicated group of individuals with a calling to serve our community. We enjoy training and learning lifesaving skills to be prepared to help friends, family, or strangers. Training drills can also be quite a fun and exciting experience. Once initial certifications are met, minimum obligation for membership is attendance to monthly training drills. Most members also meet for additional training and practice. Volunteering with Rescue does not need to interfere with your busy lifestyle. Many of our members have young families or work multiple jobs. If becoming a volunteer sounds intriguing to you, please call or visit our website for more info.

SCUBA Divers

The Rehoboth Rescue continues to augment our Dive Squad. If you are a recreational or professional SCUBA diver and would like to volunteer your services to the town, please contact us. We own equipment including tanks and regulators. We also have a ZODIAC inflatable boat, fully equipped, with an outboard and a trailer. Check us out! We can always use help and our training dive drills are fun, summer or winter. Many of us now regularly get together for friendship and recreational diving. The Rehoboth Rescue Squad continues to train and is always looking for volunteers. Contact Chief Gary Kloss at 01.226.3870 for an application or visit us on our website at Write to us at Rehoboth Rescue Association PO Box 61, Rehoboth, MA 02769-0061. You may also contact us at (77) 371-0017 anytime.

March 2011 The Reporter


Club Announcements Rehoboth Anawan Lions Club News

David Laurino Plaster & Paint

By Bernie DeRoche The Rehoboth Anawan Lions last meeting was a twinning meeting with the Rehoboth Lions and there was a good turnout from both clubs. The guests of the evening were Russell Latham, our District Zone Chairman; Past District Governor Wayne Smith, who spoke on Mass Lions Eye Research and explained different phases on past and recent research serving Rehoboth projects they are working on; as well as Sonia Chaudry from Morton Hospital who spoke on Diabetes and was very informative in her explanations of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. for over 20 Years Our last guest, who gave the Youth Speech that she had written for our contest, was Olivia Rabbitt who represented the club and was a very interesting contestant. She is a junior in high school we are hoping she will enter next year’s competition. We did our usual Marian Manor Bingo and a good time was had by all, even with the Call David cold weather! We will again be going for another evening for St. Patrick’s Day. On March 3, we will have our regular meeting with a board meeting first. On March 17th 508-252-4773 our dinner meeting will be at Hillside Country Club with District Governor Joyce Middleton making her official visitation. On March 27, we will be participating in the District Bowling Tournament at the Taunton Ten Pin Lanes. We have 2 teams signed up. Team 1 members are Jan Goulart, President Fully Insured Denise Thomas, Secretary Carol Grenier and Alice Oliver. Team 2 members are Cheryl FREE ESTIMATES Gouveia, Linda Ferreira, Kathy Amaral and Jeri Carpenter. The alternate will be Helen Dennen. Good luck girls! All Work Guaranteed Our Membership Chairman, Alice Oliver, is planning a membership drive on April 21, at Hillside Country Club. The new membership drive will be part of our dinner meeting. Anyone interested in perhaps becoming a Lion and interested in learning about Lions – what they do, what projects they have and where our monies raised go, both district and community, who would like to attend, please call our Chairman Alice Oliver at 508336-0827. Alice also asks that each member bring a friend to the meeting. Remember the date is April 21 at 7:00 p.m. Some other dates to remember with Call now to more info coming: book Spring April 23 – Bake Sale at the bank or 508-676-1995 April 29 – May 1 – State convention Painting May 15 – Ladies Luncheon at Hillside ~ Seniors 10% OFF ~ Country club with Christine Hurley May 30 – Memorial Day Parade in Rehoboth Professional Neat Work FREE ESTIMATES ~ FULLY INSURED August ? – Summer Bash – watch for more info! In January we went to the Mid-Winter Convention where we made donations of $5000. to our District. It was a very enjoyable time and it was rewarding. At the end of 508-336-6610 January we held our Calendar Dance at the 508-336-5334 Hillside Country Club. The table decorations 32 Industrial Court, Seekonk Fax 336-2510 were fantastic and a good time was had by all! (across from Seekonk Speedway) On behalf of the Rehoboth Anawan FREE ESTIMATES • FIBERGLASS WORK • TOWING Lions, I would like to say “Thank You” to all who have supported all our projects and fundraisers in the past and who look With Our New 60 Foot Spray Booth forward to the future ones. It is because of We are able to repair... your continued support that we have been AUTOMOBILES • DUMP TRUCKS • HEAVY EQUIPMENT so successful! Remember our motto: “We serve” and BOATS • R.V.'S • FARM EQUIPMENT • HORSE TRAILERS indeed we do.

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Anawan Grange

Just letting you all know I am on vacation so this will be brief. As you know our February meetings were cancelled due to snow and cold. Even dedicated Grangers sometimes need a time to recover. The very important announcement is for our 113th anniversary on March 8, 2011 at 7:30 P.M. We will be presenting a 50 year membership award to Phyllis Bush so we hope that all can attend to support her. She is presently our wonderful pianist and has held that office for many years. I invite all our past masters to attend. The musical program will be Heart and Soul. Take care my fellow Grangers and all our neighbors. Jean, secretary


Rehoboth Business Association

“Meet and Greet the Candidates” Meeting Tuesday - March 15th, 2011 For Members and Guests Only

Crestwood Country Club, 90 Wheeler St, Rehoboth, MA Appetizers will be served 6:00 – 7:00 P.M. Social Meet and Great 7:00 – 9:00 P.M. Q & A Format with All Candidates for Town of Rehoboth upcoming Election. Questions from the public can be submitted thru the RBA website at thru 3/10 COST IS $20.00 For Members & Non-Members RSVP BY March 10TH, 2011 EMAIL POKEY2U@AOL.COM OR CALL Dale at 508-252-3312 Rehoboth Business Association P.O. Box 643 Rehoboth, MA 02769

Bethany Martone Cell: (401) 265-0960

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Rehoboth Lions Club News for March 2011

March 9th Regular Mtg. – 7 P.M. @ The Anawan Club, Gorham Street, Rehoboth. - District Gov. Candidate Sharon Audette will speak and our Peace Poster Contest winner will be honored. March 16th – Public Clam Boil @ Seekonk Gun Club – serving at 7 P.M. and Club Board Mtg. following clean-up. March 18, Game Dinner – In memory of PDG Joseph DeRoche – 10 People are going from our Lions Club. 6 P.M. @ 59th Annual Raynham Lions Sportsman Dinner.

March 23 Regular Meeting

March 27th District Lions Bowling @ Taunton 10 Pin – We have 3 Teams participating. No Rubber Chicken for Us! March 28, ZONE 5, @ 7 P.M. @ DiPalmas in Seekonk, 6 Club all members Meeting, Good food, good company and good speaker from the Perkins School for the Blind – Helen Keller’s School. March 30, 3rd Cabinet Advisory Mtg., Bourne, Mike, Bill, Russ, others April 13, Clam Boil at Seekonk Gun Club, see Lions for tickets. May 11, Citizen’s Recognition Night – please nominate good Rehoboth citizens for one of the many awards. The nomination form will be out at all public buildings in town, in the REPORTER and from any Lion. They are due to be returned by March 19. Our Golf Tourney Date is Crestwood the 24th of Sept, 2011 @ 1:00 P.M. We have seven Clam Boil Dates for 2011 – Feb. 9, March 16, April 13, June 15, Sept. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 9.

Good things

We Had Great Success at the last clam boil, for our Lions Charities. The Seekonk Gun Club donated the place as their donation for the senior dinner. Thank you to all for the help and support at the clam boils. Chuck Procopio, Chairman. Feb. 17th – a “Twinning Meeting” with the Anawan Lions at Hillside C.C. – A lesson about Diabeties, PDG Wayne Smith spoke on Lions Eye Research and our youth speech winner, Olivia Rabbitt spoke. Lions All-State Band – 3 D-R Musicians are going – Anawan Club, Dighton Lions and we Rehoboth Lions are sponsoring these fine students.

March 2011 The Reporter

Lions Citizens’ Recognition Night P.O. Box 633, Rehoboth, Massachusetts 02769

2011 Nomination Form Tenth Annual Citizens’ Recognition Awards Night

The Rehoboth Lions Club will honor people whose service to the community has surpassed expectations at a “Recognition Night Banquet” to be held at the Hillside Country Club on Wednesday, May 11, 2011. This form provides opportunity to nominate a person deserving in any of the following areas: (Please check the appropriate award and attach your one page nomination statement.) 1. Joseph Deroche Outstanding Service Award – Presented to a person whose service to the community has served a wide range of the population and has required effort above and beyond that expected of the general public. 2. Outstanding Youth – A young person whose personal qualities and achievements serve as models for other young people in the community. 3. Public Servant – Presented to an elected or appointed town official or municipal employee whose actions have surpassed the expectations of their position. . The Raymond G. Dyer Humanitarian Award – A person whose actions and deeds have fostered attitudes of good will and fairness to all people in the community. 5. Educator Of The Year - Presented to the professional educator in Rehoboth or D-R H.S. whose dedication to the students and whose accomplishments in the field of education serve as models to both active professionals and those entering the profession. 6. Heroism Award – Presented to a person who placed personal safety in jeopardy while aiding someone else in need. 7. Senior Citizen Of The Year – Presented to the senior citizen whose life and accomplishments have served as an inspiration to others. 8. Outstanding Achievement – A local resident may be recognized for individual accomplishment. 9. The Randall P. Silveira Public Safety Award – A person of commitment, dedication and compassion while playing a key roll in promoting public safety in the Town Of Rehoboth. 10. - If you would like to nominate a person and/or create a new award, please do so in this category.


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E-mail Nominee’s Name: Home Phone: Address: E-mail Nominator’s Signature Home Phone: Address: On an additional page, please explain your reasons for nominating this person and describe their achievements, supplying background information and the scope of their activities. These awards are open to those who live and/or work in Rehoboth, including all D-R Staff. Award recipients will be chosen by March 21, 2011 and notified by April 5, 2011. Please direct any questions to: Russell Latham, Chairman, 252-272 Please Return All Nominations to the Address Above. Before Saturday, March 19, 2011.


CHADD, an ADHD support network will offer programs on “Living with ADHD” on March 2, 2011 and April 6 at 7 p.m. at Bradely Hospital, 1011 Veterans Memorial Parkway, East Providence, RI. The program is Free to members. A $5 donation is appreciated from guests. For more information contact Roberta @ 01.369-005.

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East Providence/Seekonk Rotary Club Announces Scholarship Program for High School Seniors

$1,000 scholarship deadline is March 18, 2011 East Providence, RI/Seekonk, MA (February 22, 2011): The East Providence/Seekonk Rotary Club announces the deadline for its annual scholarship program for 2011. Each year, the Rotary Club awards $1,000 scholarship each to four graduating seniors from the following schools: East Providence High School; East Providence Career & Technical Center; Saint Mary’s Bay View Academy; and Seekonk High School. Deadline for the application is Friday, March 18, 2011. “The purpose of the scholarship is to reward a local high school student who best exemplifies the criteria of service, leadership and academic achievement,” states Seekonk resident David Spencer, 2010-11 president of the East Providence Rotary Club. “Consideration is also given to need, and applicants must be a resident of East Providence or Seekonk.” Interested students should obtain the official application form from their school guidance counselor. He/she would complete the application form and return it to their guidance counselor directly by the deadline. The Rotary Club’s Educational Trust Scholarship Committee then selects the recipients from a pool of the most deserving applicants submitted by each school’s guidance department. Chartered in 196, the East Providence, RI/Seekonk, MA Rotary Club is a local club of Rotary International, based in Chicago, IL. Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. East Providence/Seekonk Club meetings are held at the 119 East Restaurant in Seekonk each Monday at 12:15 pm. For more information, contact Club President David Spencer at 508-761-653 or write: PO Box 1303, East Providence, RI 0291.

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Bristol County Horsemen’s Association Equipment & Tack Sale Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011 Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Place: Bristol County Agricultural High School 135 Center Street, Dighton, Mass. Now is the time to pick up other riders’ treasures or turn your unused horse items into cash. Reservations are now being accepted for tables at $10.00 per table for BCHA members; $20.00 per table for individuals and organizations. ~Free Admission~ ~Great Hourly Raffles~ Snacks and Refreshments will be for sale. If you have any questions or if you would like to make a table reservation, please contact: Wendy Wolfe Cardarelli (508) 252-5737 Sandy Beauregard (508) 222-2959 or Sue Lachapelle (508) 673-783

March 2011 The Reporter

The Rehoboth Antiquarian Society News

The Carpenter Museum...

Eat Like a Pilgrim with Kathleen Wall from Plimoth Plantation

On Thursday March 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the Carpenter Museum, Kathleen Wall of Plimoth Plantation will demonstrate open-hearth cooking and present a seasonal colonial cooking sampler of foods that might be served in late winter in 18th century Massachusetts. Suggested donation: $5 non members, $3 members. Reservations required. Please call the Carpenter Museum at (508) 252-3031. Or email: This program is supported in part by a grant from the Rehoboth Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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751 Fall River Ave. Seekonk, MA 02771 • 508-336-0576 •

Let’s Meet our Friends for “A Spot of Tea” at the Carpenter Museum!

On Sunday, April 10 (2-4pm) we are looking forward to having a fun afternoon with a Victorian-themed tea. We’ll have tea sandwiches and sweets! Emily Dickinson will visit and share her favorite gingerbread recipe. This is a great event for all ages. So bring your daughter/mother/friend and enjoy a relaxing time with us! Suggested donation: $3 non-members, members free. Reservations required. Call (508) 252-3031. Oh...we almost forgot to mention that you can wear your favorite hat, too, if you’d like!! We’ll Reopen our Doors on Sunday Afternoons On Sunday March 6 the Carpenter Museum reopens its doors for the season. Visit us from 2 – 4 p.m. on Sundays. Or call us for an appointment and we can give you a tour during the week.

Did You Remember to Become a Member?

So, you’ve been meaning to renew your membership for 2011, or maybe you’ve been wondering how to become a member. Now’s a great time to do it! Simply fill out the form below and send it to the address shown. Remember, by renewing your membership every year and by attending events and programs, you are providing a foundation of support that allows us to access other sources of income such as federal, state, corporate and private grants. Thank you!


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UnEarthing Rehoboth’s Farming Past:

Weekly Curbside residential service FREE RECYCLING Family Owned, Locally Operated

WHY WAste YoUr tIMe And MoneY HAULInG trAsH to tHe LAndFILL? Roll-offs Available


An Oral History Project

And… the oral history project is off and running! Our five student interviewers will be: Elizabeth Beskid, Elizabeth Oakley, Kira Hitz, Ian Medeiros and Ed Medeiros. They will begin interviewing in March and continue through May. Thanks to a generous grant from the Rehoboth Cultural Council we now have a camcorder, tripod, still camera and new microphones. Check our website (www. for updates as the project unfolds!

Oral History:

Tips for a Good Oral History Interview

Here are some tips for people conducting oral history interviews from Dr. Anne M. Valk, associate director for programs at the John Nicholas Brown Center at Brown University, who spoke 508-673-0521 or 508-294-2057(cell) at the Carpenter Museum on Feb. 13. She said that a good interview should be broad and detailed, fully labeled and documented, useful to future researchers (and others not in the room), and allow narrators to freely describe experiences and express insights. To achieve this, interviewers should: 305 Glebe St. • Taunton, MA Practice using your equipment. Ensure that you can obtain a quality recording. HUNTERS – JUMPERS – EQUITATION Understand your ethical and legal obligations. Be able to explain Lessons for all ages, specializing in donor forms and answer any questions about it. (Tip: consult the those interested in competition General Principles for Oral History established by the Oral History Association at Come Take One Lesson Contact interviewees ahead of time to explain the project and and Get Your Next Lesson answer their questions. Inform them about the type of recording you will do and the intended uses for their interview. Explain the donor form, and answer questions. Review the questions on the interviewee biographical from. Coaching for all levels, from leadline on up Prepare questions based on thorough background research and an understanding of the project goals. Use the interviewee biographical form to collect basic information useful in shaping questions. Begin each recorded interview with a verbal introduction that identifies you, the interviewee, and the date and place of interview. Pose clear questions that are broad, open-ended, clear and non-judgmental: 454 Winthrop Street Describe your neighborhood? Tell me about (Rte. 44) Rehoboth, MA your high school teachers? What was a typical day like at your first job? Avoid leading questions. “Tell me about living here” will result in a fuller answer than “Why don’t you like living here?” Strive to ask only one question at a time. Minimize offering your own opinions or commentary. Listen. Don’t interrupt. Ask follow-up questions to get clarification, elaboration, and detail. Listen some more. Get all forms signed before you leave. Expect the best stories after the interview ends.


Teaberry Farm




Office Hours By Appointment

Now Offering Saturday Appointments • Complete Dental Implant Center • • Prosthetics • • Teeth Whitening • • Bonding • • Family & Cosmetic Dentistry • • Crowns • • Emergency Treatment •

Calendar of Upcoming Events

March 6: Carpenter Museum Re-opens to the public Sundays from 2 to  p.m. March 10: Eat Like a Pilgrim at Carpenter Museum, Thursday 7:30 p.m. April 10: Emily Dickinson Tea at Carpenter Museum, Sunday 2- p.m. May : Annual Meeting & Potluck Dinner at Carpenter Museum, Wednesday 6 p.m.

March 2011 The Reporter


Rehoboth Fire Department Facts & News Serious Incidents Over The Winter

Open Burning

Open burning for brush continues until May 1, 2011. Permits may be obtained at the Department between 9 A.M. and Noon each day, the permit fee is $5.00. Permission to burn must be obtained between 9AM and Noon daily by calling 508-252-3725 and speaking to the person on duty. DO NOT leave a message stating you are burning. The Department reminds everyone to burn as early in the season as possible. The nasty winter will increase the need for burn yard debris and brush this year. The snow cover may cause delays in burning, however be aware the State had never extended the burning season, so make every effort to burn as soon as possible.





The Department has responded to several incidents caused by fireplaces and woodstoves and furnaces. Fortunately, the more serious incidents set off fire alarms to warn the occupants or call the Department. Several chimney fires and related wood burning appliances resulted in much property damage to home this winter. In several instances the homeowner was not aware the devices or chimneys were not in good repair. Most of the incident resulted in the fireplaces and stove increased use due the severe winter. Not all problems a fireplace or solid fuel heating unit may have can be prevented, however, having the appliance checked by certified, insured professional can lessen the chance of a problem. Frequent cleaning can also help prevent problems. Visit the State Fire Marshal’s website for tips and suggestions. When cleaning ashes from wood and pellet stoves and fireplaces, use metal containers and place the ashes away from any combustible surfaces and items. Ashes remain warm for a long period of time. Do not store the ashes on decks or throw them into the woods or brush piles. The Department responded to 2 incidents caused by improperly discarded ashes. In two of the incidents the residents did not immediately respond to the CO alarms because they thought low batteries caused the alarm. The people remained in the home. After the batteries were changed the alarm continued so the residents then called the Department. Upon the Department’s arrival high CO levels were found and the residents taken to the hospital for evaluation. The sources of CO were found and there were no complications. The Department recommends when your CO detectors sound leave the home and call the Department. CO is an odorless and colorless gas that quickly decreases a person’s awareness and judgment; even a small amount of time exposed to CO gas can be serious. Of greater concern to the Department is that at several of the responses there were no CO detectors in the home and high CO levels were encountered. The Department reminds residents CO detectors are required by law in Massachusetts. If you need assistance with obtaining a CO detector please contact the Department. The number and seriousness of CO incidents have increased across our region in the past two years. The Fire Marshal is looking into the trend to try to establish the cause and possible prevention measures.

626 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA • 02771 508.336.4699

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State Fire Marshal’s Open Burning Safety Tips

A fire should always be attended and children and pets be kept at a safe distance. Even small fires will generate an intense amount of heat when first lit. Never use gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid to start a fire because the risk of personal injury is high.

4 3 8 - 2020 400 Warren Avenue

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The Reporter March 2011

Use paper and kindling to start the fire and progressively add larger pieces of wood. Parts of a leftover Christmas tree may also be used. Burn one small pile at a time and slowly add to it. This will help keep

eStone Driveways u l B & Masonry Asphalt & Gravel Driveways Decorative Stone Macadam Patios & Walkways Stone Walls Subpumps &French Drains

the fire from getting out of control. Select a burn location away from buildings and power and utility lines. While the fire is burning, it must be attended until extinguished. Have fire-extinguishing materials on hand including water, shovels and rakes. The water supply should be on and tested before burning. Be prepared to extinguish your fire if the winds pick up or the weather changes. Sudden wind changes is how most open burning gets out of control. If for some reason, the fire should get out of control, or you feel uncomfortable with the fire dial 911 immediately for help. Use the utmost caution to prevent injury to yourself or family members or any damage by fire to your home. People conducting illegal burning, or who allow a fire to get out of control, may be held liable for costs of extinguishing the fire, and property damaged by the fire. April is usually the worst month for brush fires. When the snow pack recedes, before new growth emerges, last year’s dead grass, leaves and wood are dangerous tinder. Winds also tend to be stronger and more unpredictable during April.

Yard Safety Tips

• Gasoline and lawn mowers. Gasoline vapors are highly flammable. They stay on your clothing and can ignite if you light a match, lighter or light a cigarette. Store gasoline only in approved containers, outside, or in a building not attached to the house. Never keep gasoline inside the home. Turn off your car when you get gas. At self-service stations, remember to put the nozzle back and your gas cap on before driving off. • Do not top off your tank. When the pump automatically shuts for do not continue. The gas pumps in Massachusetts are equipped with vapor recovery systems. The nozzle 1yr guarantee on all driveways! seal to the fill port. Over filling can result in gasoline backing up into the systems and Got Potholes? We Can Help! overfilling the tank and causing a spill. Bill Card • If you get gasoline on your hands or clothes remember gasoline is also very poisonous as well as flammable. Wash your hands immediately and remove contaminated clothing 774.306.6217 as soon as possible. Rehoboth, MA • If you need to carry or store gasoline, use an approved container. Make sure it is in a Insured secured, upright position away from passenger areas, and that the fill and vent openings are tightly closed. • At home always store these containers in a safe secure area-outside of living areasaway from ignition source such as a pilot light. • When refilling an approved container, place it on the ground, insert the pump nozzle and bring it into contact with the inside of 55 Winthrop St. (Rt. ) Rehoboth the container. This will reduce the risk of static electricity igniting the vapors. For more safety tips contact the State Fire Marshal Office on the web at

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Oil Burning Equipment

(508) 252-4300 • Fax (508) 252-4242

The department responded to several oil burner backfire this winter, some resulting in messy clean ups. Oil industry experts recommend servicing burner once a year. If you use your oil burning equipment for heating hot water you may want to consider servicing the equipment more often.

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Electrical Service Feed

A hazard encountered by the Department has been trees growing into the wires feeding electricity to the home. The trees stretch the lines taut and cause the connections to loosen and allow too much power into the home. During your spring yard clean up; be sure to check the wires to your home.

No Additional Hourly Rate Charge

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Evening & Weekend Appointments - at no extra charge

Call (508) 252-6600

House Numbers

The Department reminds residents to number their houses and mailboxes or driveways so the Town’s Emergency Services can quickly provide service during a time of need. This winter has taken a toll on mailboxes and house number signs. Please be sure your home is clearly numbered.


The Department’s SAFE Program (Student Awareness of Fire Safety) is under way at Palmer River. Lt Randy Larrivee is conducting the classes for the Department. SAFE instructs student in all aspects of fire safety and the program concludes with a Poster Contest in June. Randy is also available for fire safety programs for your civic or community group. Contact the Department if you would be interested in a program.

March 2011 The Reporter


People In The News Jon Sweet Honored

Jonathan A Sweet CFP®, principal of Oakleaf Wealth Management, located in Rehoboth, MA, has been selected as one of Boston’s 2011 FIVE STAR Wealth Managers. Jon, a Certified Financial Planner® and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary with Commonwealth Financial Network, Member FINRA, will be featured in the February 2011 issue of Boston Magazine. In a survey conducted by Crescendo Business Services, more than 100,000 high net worth residents in the Boston area and subscribers of Boston Magazine, and more than 10,000 financial services industry professionals, were asked to evaluate wealth managers. After a very thorough selection and evaluation process, the resulting list of 2011 FIVE STAR Wealth Managers was chosen by a blue ribbon panel comprised of individuals from within the financial services industry. This elite group represents less than % of the wealth managers in the Boston area. Jon lives with his wife, Julia, and two children in Rehoboth, MA.

First Lieutenant Patrick L. Darcey, USMC, Recently Authored an Article, Published

First Lieutenant Patrick L. Darcey, USMC, recently authored an article, published in the Marine Corps Gazette. The Gazette published monthly, is the premier national Professional Journal magazine for U.S. Marines. His article was related to combat land navigation procedures and techniques learned by all U.S. Marine Officers while at advanced tactical combat training, TBS, Quantico Virginia versus the procedures, techniques and equipment, used while deployed in a combat role. 1st Lt. Darcey received an undergraduate degree from the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland and a MBA from Boston University. An active duty marine, stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC, he has been deployed overseas since Aug, 2010, with the 2nd Marines, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit supporting Marine operations related to Operation Enduring Freedom. 1st Lt Darcey, a life long Rehoboth resident is the son of Lawrence and Valerie Darcey of Rehoboth.

Local Resident’s Make College Dean’s List NE Institute of Technology

Rehoboth MA: Maureen Evans, Ryan Rezendes, Jason Sousa Seekonk MA: Robert Jeannotte, Donald Jutras, Amanda Stebenne, Kristen Steele, Nicholas Vanasse Middlesex Community College: Casey E. Kingston - Seekonk MA The College of New Jersey: Nathan Hale Chmielinski, of Rehoboth

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The Reporter March 2011

a new voice for seekonk


for SELECTMAN • Member, Seekonk Planning Board • First chair, community Preservation committee • Retired photographer and business owner • Married to Martha; 3 children & 3 grandchildren • Avid gardener, bicyclist, cook • Solution oriented • Open and responsive government • Promote cooperation among boards, committees, employees • Draw on talents of citizens to solve community problems • Balance business & residential development with need for healthy environment • Pursue energy efďŹ ciency to achieve signiďŹ cant savings • increase resilience in government services for uncertain times ahead

Vote Monday, April 4 • Noon to 8 PM • Seekonk High School Call Town Clerk 508-336-2920 for Absentee Ballots. Call 0-527-7939 for questions, to volunteer, for a ride to the polls. Paid for by Elect Bill Rice Committee

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Stop Diabetes, Pedaling One Mile At A Time!

On June 5, 2011 a team of local cyclists from Rehoboth will be joining more than 50,000 fellow riders from across the country in this year’s Tour de Cure to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. This is the 20th anniversary of the tour! Our team will be selling raffle tickets for $5.00 for one ticket or 3 tickets for $10.00. Prizes include an IPOD touch, personal training TRX gift certificate, Mary Kay gift certificate, Bliss Life Yoga Gift Certificate, Party Lite Gift Certificate, a movie fun pack and Manny’s Auto Repair oil change! If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, volunteering for the Tour, donating raffle ticket prizes or joining our team please contact Michelle Botelho at (508)269-9678 or email By purchasing tickets you will be helping the American Diabetes Association provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure. With and estimated 1 in 3 children born today developing diabetes in their lifetime along with the many adults and children today being effected by diabetes, it is important to find out as much as we can about diabetes, its’ prevention, treatment and cure. We know that, with your help, and our participation in this year’s Tour de Cure, we can and will make a difference! You may also visit our team web site id=756&team_id=99971 where you will be able to make a secure, 100% tax deductible donation and find out more about the tour. Checks to the American Diabetes Association may also be sent to Michelle Botelho, 2 Round Farm Road, Rehoboth, MA 02769. Together we can stop diabetes, pedaling one mile at a time! Yours truly, Michelle Botelho and The Cyclists from Team Tour de Chris, 2011

Rachel Carr Graduates from Bridgewater State University

Rachel J. Carr of Foxboro, daughter of John Carr of Rehoboth and Lisa McDonough of Michigan, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bridgewater State University on January 28, 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education also majoring in English. She was inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi honor society in March 2010. She is a 2006 graduate of Dighton Rehoboth Regional high school. She works as a waitress at Micheletti’s Restaurant in Seekonk and is currently substitute teaching in Wrentham public schools.

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March 2011 The Reporter

Science Fair Winners at Feehan

The following Bishop Feehan High School students recently won awards at their annual Science Fair: Ann Kaczowka (Seekonk) Best of Fair Evan Grandfield (Rehoboth) Visual Presentation Awards 1st Place Teresa Lynch (Rumford, RI) Victoria Grady (Seekonk) Honorable Mention


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Call (401)434-6436 Front row from left: Teresa Lynch, Jessen Foster, Eileen Corkery, Victoria Grady, Delia CalderonDeJesus, and Siri Devlin. Back row from left: Kyle McGuire, Kyle Gallagher, Ian Kelly, Tyler Long, Jutin Lucas, Alex Trombetta, Evan Grandfield and Science Department Chair Eileen Correia. Missing from photo: Grant Casey, Brian Dextradeur, Jeffrey Gilbert, Ann Kaczowka, David Monti, Tess Murphy, Sahana Nazeer, Katherine Perry, and Abigail White.

Scholarship & Teacher of the Year Applications Available

Applications are now being accepted for The United Regional Chamber of Commerce’s high school scholarships and for 2011 Teacher of the Year nominations. Three $1,000 scholarships will be distributed through the Chamber’s Jacqueline C. Stack Scholarship Program, two $500 Metalor Technologies scholarships, one $500 Attleboro Supervisors’ and Foremen’s Club scholarships and one $500 National College Assistance Services scholarship. Applicants for the scholarship must be the son or daughter of an employee of a Chamber-member business, be a high school senior who has applied to an accredited four-year college, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and perform uncompensated community service. Completed applications must be received by April 15. The Teacher of the Year program recognizes an outstanding teacher in one of the 16 communities the Chamber serves. To nominate a teacher, please call the Chamber for a nomination form. Nominations must be received by April 15. Scholarship recipients and the 2011 Teacher of the Year will be recognized at a celebratory breakfast. Call the Chamber at 508-222-0801 for Teacher of the Year and scholarship applications. The United Regional Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, business support organization serving the communities of Attleboro, Bellingham, Blackstone, Foxborough, Franklin, Mansfield, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleborough, Norton, Plainville, Rehoboth, Seekonk, and Wrentham.

Vendors Wanted

Bayside Summer Festival and Craft Fair Saturday, June 11, 2011, 10am – 2pm at the Baptist Church in Warren, RI on Main Street For application/more info call 401-212-6116

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The Reporter March 2011

Events & Activities 13th Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner Saturday, March 12, 2011 5:00 PM – 6:30PM

Sons of the American Legion American Legion Post 302, 84 Bay State Rd Adults $9 Children U11: $5 U6:Free

Rehoboth Contra Dances

Goff Memorial Hall, 124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA; $8; Information: All dances taught. Beginners welcome. Partners not necessary. Contact: 508-252-6375; http://

Caller, Lucia Watson; music by Rumblestrip Friday, March 11, 8 p.m.

Music will be performed by Rumblestrip, with Nat Hewitt, Glen Loper, and Liza Constable.

Caller, Lisa Greenleaf; music by Crowfoot Friday, March 25, 8 p.m.

Music will be performed by Crowfoot, with Jaige Trudel, Adam Broome, and Nicholas Williams.

Saturday March 12, 2011

3rd Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner Rehoboth Fire Station #2 333 Tremont Street

Serving Time 6:00 P.M. $10.00 Donation per Person

See Any Station 2 Firefighter for Tickets Or Call (508) 226-2914 Walk-Ins Welcome

March 12, 2011 – 6:00 P.M.

Ham & Bean Supper

Followed by a Raffle Francis Farm Tickets $10.00 –Adults $5.00 Children under 12 years Free for kids 5 and under Call Bev or Jerry 508 222-7109

March 16, 2011

Poetry In The Village

Blanding Library, Rehoboth, Ma 124 Bay State Rd, Rehoboth, Ma (Off Rte 44w & Rte 118) Robert Barboza describes his poetry as “an imaginative blend of the concrete and the fanciful, an attempt to take ordinary events and observations and transform them into something extraordinary or magical.” Former New Bedford poet laureate John Landry described the contents of Bob’s first book of poetry, The Way The Wind Bends Things as… “free from arrogance; his humility and wonder are not artificial gestures, but genuine and generous catchings of his mind, moved and noticing… our faithful reporter sends transmissions from the front, pondering what it is to be a human being living these 20th/21st century blues…” Poetry In The Village Is Free Of Charge (pass the hat for the feature) 3rd Wednesday of Every Month -Open Mic Sign Up 6:00 P.M. Feature at 7:30. For more information Nancy Morgan-Boucher at nlmboucher@

Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner Fundraiser March 17, 5 - 8 P.M.

L/Cpl John J. Van Gyzen IV Hall Marine Corp League 495 School Street, North Dighton, MA Tickets $10.00 For Tickets:Ralph Potter 508 252 3682

Community Dance

Sunday, March 20, 7 to 9 p.m.

Goff Memorial Hall 124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth This dance is hosted by the Sunday Night Jammers, a group of area musicians who meet regularly on Sunday evenings at Goff Hall to play Celtic dance music. The March 20 dance will feature contra dance steps and a variety of international and couple dances, such as polkas and waltzes. All dance steps will be taught. Admission is free and open to the public, and all ages and beginners are welcome. It is not necessary to come with a partner. A potluck precedes the dance at 6 p.m. For information, call Bob or Suzanne Elliott at 508-669-5656, or you can email Paul Wilde at

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional Classes of 67, 68, 69, 70 Reunion March 26 2011 from 6 to 11 P.M. Columbia Cultural Center 775 John Quincy Adams Road Taunton MA Please send check or money order payable to DR Reunion by March 1 2011 $39.95 per person $75 per couple To update your contact information or if you have questions, please send an email to:

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

Annual Ladies Spring Fling Sunday, March 27th • 12 – 5 P.M.

Fall River Country Club 4232 N. Main St., Fall River, MA General Admission $2.00 Their will be Vendors: Jewelry, Flowers, Pocketbooks, and much more Services such as: Massages, Mini Manicures, Reiki, Threading, Animal Communicator, Card Readers, and more! Checks, Visa & Mastercards accepted For more information call Gail at 5086780804

Annual “Love in a Mug” Soup Supper

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 4:306:30 P.M. Price $6.00. Menu-A variety of soups, breads, and desserts Take home your souvenir mug Place-Gladys L. Hurrell Sr. Center 55 Bay State Rd. (Rt.118) Tickets-call Marilyn (508) 252-9366 Proceeds to benefit Rehoboth K-9 Dog Fund Sponsored by Rehoboth TRIAD If tickets were purchased for the postponed Feb. date they are still good for this date.

March 2011 The Reporter

The Dighton Intertribal Indian Council & The Dighton Dandi Lions

Fund Raiser Clam Boil!

Lots of Food to Eat! Friday, April 15, 2011 • $25pp/seat • 6:30 p.m. to ? • Serving 7 p.m. Sharp-Don’t be late! Beverages for Sale • No Refunds • No BYOB Please • Seekonk Rod & Gun Club • 90 Reed St., Rehoboth, MA 02769 • Donation $25.00 per person • Door Prize • Chinese Auction • Call for Tickets Don (508) 8806887

Epworth United Methodist Church Craft Fair : April 2, 2011 • 9:00- 2:00 915 Newport Ave., Pawtucket, RI

Crafters wanted-Call Ginger @ 508-728-9589 Crafts, Food, Bric-a brac, Thrift shop

Thrift Shop

Open Wednesdays 10-1, Saturdays 9-12 Wonderful assortment of women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, Bric a brac, books, & miscellaneous items

First-Class Act Dighton-Rehoboth High School’s


First Graduating Class

The Committee for the 50th reunion of the first graduating class of Dighton-Rehoboth High School has selected Sunday, August 21, 2011 for the event, to be held at Hillside Country Club (www. Before and after dinner there will be time for meeting and mixing, enjoying the 1957 - 1961 music, and exploring the display tables, including period memorabilia that our alums (and their guests) will bring.

Frugal Yankees

Whatever we can do ourselves will save money, funds that we can then direct to support our First-Class (civic) Act. The Committee welcomes artifacts, photos of school activities and previous reunions, and any other related items. Also, keeping in mind our motto and theme of “First-Class Act” and the school colors, we request our Class Members to volunteer for decoration ideas and/or to decorate the day before.

Looking For These Classmates

We found some Class of 1961 members previously listed but still need to find Kathy Anderson, Lawrence Baldwin, Nedra (Charlonne) Jones, Nancy Cummings, Barbara Haggerty, Charles Harris, Stephen Kelly, Nellie Mitchell, Peter O’Connor, Raymond J. Silva, Diane (Simoneau) Roy, Karen (Taylor) Formechelli, Dennis Tiberiis, and John Witt. Please tell us if you know how to contact any of these.

Who Are You Now?

Perhaps there are others who now share your interests and you’d like to get in touch with them. Even if you cannot come, your classmates will very much welcome a letter from you. So be sure to send your forms, photos, items, and other information to Audrey Bennett at P.O. Box 543, Rehoboth MA 02769 or by e-mail to NOTE: This is an update to the information in the December issue of The Rehoboth Reporter.

Your Committee Members,

Ken Abrams, Carl Stonstrom, Eleanor Fournier Cambra, Pamela Green Bell, Joe Pimento, Audrey Thompson Bennett

VENDORS & SPONSORS NEEDED for Ride with K-Rob Family Fun Festival

$50 per booth

Event is May 21, 2011 at the Carousel from 9-5pm

Visit for more information or call Robin at 741-2717


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Dates Available For Your…

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The Reporter March 2011

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Women’s Guild will meet Thursday, March 10th, in the lower church at 7:00 P.M.

Father Brian Harrington will bless the newly hand-made Prayer Shawls. A presentation will then follow on the Life Benefits of the Honeybees by Raymond Saleeba. Refreshments will be served. All women are invited; new members are always welcome.

Traditional Irish Dinner

A Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner will be held on Sat March 12th between 5 and 7 P.M. in Woodworth Hall at the Seekonk Congregational Church, 600 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA. The public is invited and reservations are suggested, tickets available on Sunday’s during coffee hour or you may call the church office at 508-336-9355 or Donna Euell at 508-336-5283. Walk-ins are welcome and take out is available. The Irish atmosphere will enhance the flavor of Corned beef, cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots, chourico, rolls & butter and beverages. Dessert will be ice cream and homemade cookies. Tickets are $10.00 for adults, $4 for children 5-12 and Free for children under 4. Please join us for our Twelfth Annual Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner.

The Seekonk Congregational Church, United Church of Christ 600 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, Ma , 508-336-9355

Presents a program on Medical Care issues of today

on March 31 at 7 P.M. Public is Invited to come. We welcome Dr. Robert Linden, M.D. Author of the award-winning book on: The Rise and Fall of the American Medical Empire Dr. Linden has been a member of the faculty of the Yale School of Medicine as well as a Dr. in Niantic, CT for 30 years. His experiences as a practitioner will give us a refreshing dose of the real world and balanced, thoughtful solutions to the healthcare system dilemmas. He will provide straightforward explanations of the four major dilemmas… the disappearing primary care sector, healthcare insurance reform, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the practice of medicine, and reform of malpractice litigation… and will offer a review of proposed solutions and show what other countries have done to reform their healthcare systems. Please Tell Your Friends to Come For This Informative And Balanced Presentation

3rd Annual Spring Psychic & Vendor Fair

First Spiritualist Church of Brockton Rehoboth Anawan Grange Intersection of Rt’s 44 and 118

Saturday April 2, 2011 • 11am-5pm

Aura Photography, Angel Card Readings, and Mediumship Many Vendors, hourly raffles $2.00 admission 20-minute readings for $20.00

Show Our Immense Appreciation To The Rehoboth Call Firefighters

40th Annual Firemen’s Ball will be held on March 26,

It’s that time of year when we as a town show our immense appreciation to the Rehoboth Call Firefighters for their dedication to us and to the safety of our families. The 40th Annual Firemen’s Ball will be held on March 26, 2011, and we would be honored to have you attend the ball to show support and have a fun-filled night with the Department and fellow residents. Remember that the Rehoboth Fire Department is a call department that is staffed by local residents. These residents selflessly give up many hours of their free time to serve our community. These hours are spent performing drills, duty time, fighting fires, and performing multiple other duties beneficial to the community. As a group, the Call Firefighters Association helps to raise money for these brave firefighters. Some of the money raised is used to help firefighters in need, purchasing items useful to the firefighters, offering a scholarship for future firefighters, purchasing a ball ticket for each member of the Department, and many other things helpful to not only the Department, but also to the community as a whole. If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to RCFA and send your information along with payment to: Rehoboth Call Firefighters Association, Inc., P.O. Box 313, Rehoboth, MA 02769. The Firemen’s Ball will be held at the Venus de Milo on March 26th. The Association sincerely thanks you for your anticipated support!

March 2011 The Reporter








Seekonk: Great Seekonk Buy! wonderful location, freshly painted interior, hwds, 2 fireplaces, 2 car garage on lg corner lot. Possible expansion w/unfinished porch addition would make great sunroom or dining rm. Martin Elementary. $244,900. Robin Lozito (401)486-6937.

Seekonk: immaculate 3 bed, 1 1/2 bath home in wonderful neighborhood w/Dining, Living w/ fireplace, Master bath, Family Rm, new Silestone counters. 2 tier deck steps out to lovely 1/2 acre lot. Aitken School. $299,900. Robin Lozito (401)486-6937. Seekonk: colonial in desirable Fieldwood area





Seekonk: Reservoir cul de sac. Enjoy country living; 4 bed colonial tucked away on almost 1/2 acre. Features 20x30 ft living, wood stove in den, formal dining, pleasant kitchen, hwds, 2 car garage w loft. Sunny gazebo! $249,900. Jean Clarke (401)374-5039.

in exceptional condition! Remodeled kitchen, new windows and new energy efficient furnace are just some of the recent updates! Beautiful hardwood floors throughout. $349,000. Jodi Hedrick (508)509-6935.









Swansea: cape on over 9500 sq ft. Attached garage, lg mstr w/ bamboo floor, formal dining & liv., beds w/Hwds, cathedral in breezeway w/ slider to patio, pool, fenced yard. $244,900. Linda Julian (401)714-6363


Bristol: 1 level unit in pristine Bristol woods. Open & spacious floor plan- lg eik, mstr w bath plus separate bed & bath. ideal spot abutting stone walls & woods. $239,900. Michelle Cartwright (401)663-5677.

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The Reporter March 2011

Letters To The Editor... continued from page 9

Why Did Foley and Leffort Not Support the Rehoboth Police Department?

I attended the Board of Selectmen’s meeting in the beginning of February. As I listened and watched Chairman Foley and Selectman Leffort try and belittle our police department with there degrading comments, I was overcome with emotion and memories. Their attempt to defend Chief Enos in this manner was both unprofessional

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and more than unnecessary to do. The men and women that they condescended during that evening are putting their lives on the front line for our town and our safety everyday. What I am about to recall, I hope and I do pray that the Leffort and Foley families will never have to experience, what I, myself and my family did. On November 2, 2000, I was struck in Cumberland Farms parking lot as a pedestrian by an SUV. Cold and in and out of consciousness, what I do remember is feeling then SGT. Dale Wethrell holding onto my hand and his voice telling me “Chris it’s Dale lay still, help is on the way”. Later I was told, when I asked who was there that SGT. Wethrell was there and that he was the only one with me for quite awhile because Rehoboth Ambulance had taken a longer time than usual to get there, while another patrolman took statements from witnesses. Our police in my medical emergency were my first responders. My family experienced something horrible on January 2, 2009, my father, Gary McKearney Sr. (a former Rehoboth police patrolman) suffered Sudden Cardiac Death at my home. My brother Gary McKearney Jr., then jumped into action doing all my fathers breathing for him, while a friend and another family member took turns doing compressions for about 8 minutes from my father being down, before our first responders arrived through icy and snow plowed roads to my home. My fathers first responders were our Rehoboth Police, Sgt. Mark Rossi and patrolman Thomas Ranley, and they found that my father still did not have a pulse. The police had a cardiac defibrillator in hand that they have in their cruiser and are trained to use it, so at that time Patrolman Ranley and Sgt. Rossi cleared the area around my father and went to work having to shock him several times and applying CPR. After administering the electric shock from the defibrillator the Rehoboth Ambulance then arrived determined they needed to just get him in the ambulance as soon as possible. Upon the gurney entering the ambulance Lindsey Withers felt a slight pulse resulting from the defibrillator and emergency treatment on scene. They were able to revive him from being down an estimate of twenty minutes. My father is at home, back to work and doing very well, in my opinion truly because of the

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March 2011 The Reporter training in and application of defibrillator and CPR that Sgt. Rossi and Patrolman Ranley administered, as well as all the fine work from dispatch to friends and family, to Rehoboth Ambulance. A little over a year and a couple months later in 2010, I received a call from my dad, that his brother, (who is also a former Chief of Police in Rehoboth) Raymond McKearney, had suffered cardiac arrest in his home and was unresponsive upon arrival of first responders Sgt. James Medeiros and Cliff Smith. Sgt. Medeiros and Mr. Smith worked quickly together administering CPR, and using the cardiac defibrillator that Sgt. Medeiros had in his cruiser, until a team of Rehoboth Ambulance arrived. My uncle was revived and after spending a couple weeks in the hospital is doing very well today. My point to our town’s people is to just get the message out. Police Chiefs have come and gone in this town, but our police department on a whole have stayed the same and also some great new police have been added for several years now. It is these individuals that on most calls whether a crime in progress, an accident or a medical emergency will be your first responders. Our police equally a lot of the time work hand and hand with other departments like the great members of our Rehoboth Ambulance Committee. Most of the time you will not see a Chief of police be your first responder, because that is what our police officers and patrolman are there for. I also want to say it is hard to imagine that a Chief Enos has done more for this town of Rehoboth in his short time being Chief, as Mr. Leffort stated, then countless chiefs of the past that worked for many years longer in our town than Chief Enos’ tenure. I have no imaginable idea or comprehension on how the Selectmen of our good town could say the things they did that night on a live broadcast, but I do hope they have a better understanding now of how important these men and women are to the residents of Rehoboth, and potentially to them some day. I know I thank God everyday for each and every one of our Rehoboth Police Department. Rehoboth Police officers, Patrolmen, and Dispatch thank you for who you are and what you do for all of us every day you serve our town. Christine McKearney



FOR SELECTMAN With Proven Leadership, Strength and Experience John will continue to work with the Town Administrator to fill the empty retail buildings by soliciting surrounding Chamber of Commerce members to come to Seekonk to seek growth potential, and to employ our conscientious, hardworking residents. John has gone to Beacon Hill, as a Selectman, to petition aid through the Bill for Meals Tax bringing in additional revenues helping our town maintain consistent employment in the health, safety and education venues of the town. John enacted Senior Citizen “Circuit Breaker” Tax Credit.

· Support a Senior/Community Center · Financial Responsibility · Energy Conservation · NO TAX INCREASES · Honesty in Government · Unite town and schools as “One Community” Please VOTE Monday, April 4th at Seekonk High School

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The Reporter March 2011

In Support of Ken Foley

Rehoboth’s Selectman Ken Foley has always held the town’s best interest in the forefront. Least we forget, Mr. Foley himself spent a year on the Board of Selectmen as the minority member. However, during this period, he never abstained from voting or considered giving up and walking away from his elected responsibilities as others have subsequently done. This past year has been particularly difficult. A few dissatisfied people will do or say anything to discredit Mr. Foley in an attempt to justify their own personal agendas. This is also the same group of individuals who petitioned a recall on Selectman Leffort the day after he was elected. As a second shift worker, I especially appreciate Selectman Foley’s consideration that many of the town’s voters cannot attend town meetings to voice their preferences. Town meetings should not be the final say on important issues as not everyone can attend for one reason or another. As citizens of the town we all deserve the same opportunity to voice our choices on a ballot. The recently renamed Concerned Citizens of Rehoboth now complain that Selectman Foley has replaced certain existing board members with less qualified individuals. I find this comical. For example, they themselves replaced a real estate attorney and a town real estate agent from the Zoning Board Appeals with persons with no related qualifications. Also, for several months they have complained about having access to Rehoboth Public Access Channel. However, they have recently refused REPAC’s request to air their Concerned Citizens meetings. This small group of citizens appears to want to control all aspects of town government. Their motto must be: Anything goes as long as we can control. George Anderson

March 2011 The Reporter

This Town Deserves A Change For The Better

Well, I think I have reached a breaking point. As a 25 year resident of Rehoboth, I have now spent more time living in this town than anywhere else. I have always been proud of my adopted home, using in my classroom Rehoboth as examples: the birthplace of public education and practitioner of the purest form of democracy in America, the Town Meeting. Very proud, until recently. I have never been one who was afraid of working hard from the ball fields at Martin Street to the soccer fields at Bliss Fields to meeting rooms at Town Hall. I worked hard coaching your kids and even harder keeping this town on solid financial footings. I have disagreed with multiple boards of selectmen during my 15 year tenure as Chair of the Finance Committee and argued my position with many different personalities elected to the thankless position of selectman, including Raymond McKearney, Arthur Tobin, David Klibanoff, Marge Johnston, Skip Vadnais, John Moriarty, Wendy Wolfe Cardarelli, Michelle McAlpin, Tim Withers, John Krasnianski, John Ferreira and Chris Morra. In most case, we either compromised to move the town forward or agreed to disagree in a civil way. The current Board of Selectmen has refused to compromise and has certainly been uncivil. This board has ignored Town Meeting, refused to take the Chief Enos incident seriously and referred to residents as thugs, vigilantes and liars. This current board of selectmen needs to change and at the same time bring back compromise and civility. There have been few times in the last 25 years that I have written a letter in support of candidates for public office. But, this town deserves a change for the better. Not more of the same. Please join me in voting for Mike Costello and Joe Tito for selectmen on April th. Mr. Costello has been a fixture in town for many years. He has served this community for over 20 years in various positions including volunteering many hours to keep the Senior Center operating. Dr. Tito has served our community for the last four years as a member of the planning board and Cub Scout leader. He has been volunteering to serve humanity for a much longer period of time deferring medical school for one year in order to join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps where he volunteered at the Worcester County Food Bank and the Worcester Association for Retarded Citizens. These two gentlemen will get my vote to join the Board of Selectmen and improve the climate here in Rehoboth. Please join me and “Vote the O’s” - Costello and Tito. One Time Jay Kelley - Rehoboth

A Tsunami Will Change Rehoboth

This April th Rehoboth residents have the opportunity to vote for a meaningful change of direction from the present course being taken by the Town Selectmen. Time and again we have witnessed the Selectmen making decisions based on the desire of a few rather than what is best for, “We the People.” The present Board of Selectmen has become dysfunctional and frankly the decision making has been an embarrassment to the integrity of our Town. Rather than conduct Town business in accordance with their sworn duties as Selectmen, they have chosen to serve vindictively in an effort to validate their failed leadership and policies of government for a select few. Together we can create a tsunami to wash away the failed leadership and create a wave of new vision for the Town of Rehoboth. We can create that wave by going to the polls in force on April th, and vote in Joe Tito and Mike Costello as Selectmen. Please join me and vote for Joe and Mike. Lorraine Botts - Rehoboth, MA

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Join Jim Paon in his ‘Run’ for Selectman

I am Jim Paon running for Rehoboth Selectman. I am literally ‘running’ on a platform of getting our town in shape fiscally and physically with the positive message of “Better Days Ahead”. The Town of Rehoboth has approximately 200 miles of roads over 7.25 square miles. It is my goal to RUN down every road in town spreading my message of getting Rehoboth in shape between now and Election Day on April th! Anyone wanting to join me in my ‘Run for Selectman’ to discuss the issues in town can check my Facebook and Twitter pages to find out where and when I’ll be running on any given day. I’ll be running through your neighborhood soon… Let’s workout together to get Rehoboth back in shape!! Jim Paon

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The Reporter March 2011

To The Voters of the Town of Rehoboth

My purpose in writing this letter to you is simply out of fairness to you, the voters in the upcoming Town Election, and those running for office. My qualifications for it are that I have devoted my life, such as it is, to public service in one form or another, to wit: nearly 50 years in Scouting, 0 plus years in Rescue/Firefighting/Ambulance/Red Cross teaching/ volunteering with Elderly Affairs, and more. I am an avid reader of the Editorial pages of the newspapers in the local papers and the ‘Letters to the Editor’ on same. Having acquaintance with the various writers and their Rehoboth histories, I would like to make some comparisons: First, according to what I read there, the present Board of Selectmen members are notorious criminally-minded individuals that are hell-bent on destroying the Town by their actions. They are nefarious in their evil intentions and actions, and that they were elected by some weird quirk in our election process, rather than an election by a majority of the voting public. I, being a ‘Citizen Taxpayer’, as most of the ‘Letters’ seem to be, would appreciate your attention to the following statements of ‘Facts’ and not rhetoric. I appeal to you voters to be able to differentiate. Now, the other side: You may have noticed that there were NO particulars in the foregoing, only ‘generalities’, as is the case in nearly, if not all of the ‘Letters’ written prior to this one. So, let us review: A Selectman has resigned. A retired General, and a combatarea veteran. This speaks highly, when you read it in the newspaper, but where would we be today had General Grant resigned before the ‘Battle of Richmond ’, Eisenhower before D-Day, or MacArthur before the Philippines? Neither Foley or Leffort have resigned, rather, they, having been elected to do a job, have remained in office. May we now review their qualifications for Office holding in Rehoboth?

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Leffort: He has a lifetime history with the Rehoboth Fire Department, reaching the rank of Captain. He was in that position when a tragic accident happened on a snowmobile taking away his mobility. Instead of ‘folding his tent’, he studied and opened a business in small-engine repairing at the Plaza on Rte. , which is, due to his work and ethics, a thriving business today. He is held in high esteem by his customers, friends and acquaintances as an honest and straightforward person in his dealings. Foley: He was, and is, a successful businessman who has benefitted the Town in numerous ways. He sold one business and purchased the Francis Farm and completely transformed a place that was in serious need, and made it the ‘Showplace’ it is today. For those of you who may not have visited it in recent years need only to drive through it to see the miraculous differences there. Ken also has a history of unpublished and quiet service in other ways: he has been married for 3 years, has three hard-working sons that are following in his footsteps; in his compassion for his fellow man, donates his facilities at the Farm to various non-profit organizations such as the Lion’s Club, Ronald McDonald House, American Cancer Society, and individuals such as Wounded Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets to name a few, with nothing expected in return, motivated only by compassion and Philanthropy. He is a lifetime member of the East Providence Boy’s Club, and is on the Board of Directors there. He was named East Providence Businessman of the Year in 200. He is a former Big Brother, mentoring to young, fatherless boys. His favorite Charity is the Little Sisters of the Poor, donating Tens of thousands yearly. As far as the present “flap” over the Police Chief, evidently there was no crime committed. According to the Taunton Gazette, according to Lisa Rowell, of the Mass. Attorney General’s Office, Neither the Sheriff or the Attorney General’s Office will get involved because it is a “Local Matter” and “Not A Criminal One”, and the Rhode Island U.S. Attorney’s Office also refused, adding that the incident was, in their opinion, akin to “Jaywalking” in its level of importance. However, it will be hashed and rehashed until the local election here, when it will ‘drop out of sight’ as so much rhetoric does after an election. And so, my dear readers, I thank you for taking your time in reading this letter, and fervently hope you will keep everything in mind on Election Day, and vote. I love this Town, and I know where, for the time being, where my loyalties will lie. How about yours? Steve Fricker - Rehoboth

Are We Better Off Than We A Year Ago?

We have a three year and one year term Selectman seats open in this coming election on April th. Reformer Ken Foley is running for re-election for the three year term. Let’s look at what he’s done for Rehoboth in the last three years: • The town has no financial plan in place, no capital plan in place and no plan on how to balance the budget. There has been no reform/restructuring of staff or benefits or costs. • The revenue committee and building assessment committee were disbanded which could provide necessary revenue to the town without any taxpayer impact. • Qualified board members replaced based on political affiliation and for personal gain. • Wasting tax payer money with legal counsel for personal agenda • Violation of our bylaws and Mass General Law. • Eliminated transparency in government • Disregard for town meeting vote… Mr. Foley feels he has veto power of any vote at town meeting simply because he disagrees or doesn’t like the level of participation. He does not like the form of government calling it archaic but offers no suggestion or discussion on an alternative gov’t. • Lack of enforcement of our policy and procedures for town employees.

March 2011 The Reporter • Slanders, defames anyone who voices an opinion that differs from him which has invited defamation and civil right lawsuits…has called residents, thugs, angry mob, vigilante’s simply because he disagrees with them. Defamed our police officers because of their no confidence vote of the police chief. • Petitions by seniors on mismanagement and poor treatment by COA board members go unanswered • Has caused the division in the town with his arrogance, incompetence, name calling and lies. • Resignations of a Selectman, town administrator and building inspector due to harassment, cover-up and corruption. • The town has become a joke to surrounding communities. Mr. Foley ran as a reformer as did his fellow Selectman Leffort. He hasn’t reformed anything. We are in a worse state financially, morale, and leadership and direction than we were a year ago. Rehoboth can not afford three more years of their so-called “reform”. Reformer Jim Paon was elected to the school committee under the Reform platform. He was appointed by Reformer Ken Foley and Reformer Don Leffort to the Conservation Committee, over the objection of Kevin McBride. Take a look at what was submitted to the BOS and you decide who should have been appointed to the Conservation Board. I guess Mr. Paon was told to get a talent bank in for Conscom and Reformers do what they are told to do based on the party agenda regardless if it’s in the best interest of the town. Selectman Leffort is a Reformer and attends regular Reform meetings at Francis Farm along the party leader, Chris Morra. Both Mike Costello and Joe Tito must be elected or it will continue to be the agenda of the Reform party and personal agenda of one.


certainly far from the place we were when our town was coveted for its wonderful education and beautiful rural spaces, and away from the reasons we moved here. If the average home brings in 4K in real estate revenues annually, with at least 2 children occupying each home (the current cost of educating a regular ed child to be approximately 10K per), we automatically start off with an annual deficit, per home of at least 16K… and that does not take into account if these children are special needs, public safety costs and highway department expenses. Clearly (at least in my opinion), development serves one master, the developer. Both Mr. Costello and Dr. Tito know this all too well, and have been the force behind the development as members of the Planning Board. In my opinion, not only have they advocated for overdevelopment, they have allowed inferior development. They have allowed developers to bypass important bylaws preserving and respective of our rural landscape. Development that has cost the taxpayers of Rehoboth in multi-million dollar lawsuits, putting our insurance rates to outrageous levels and yes, even effecting our bond-ability. They have gone as far as to tell one local resident that they have no rights as to what takes place on their own private property! The latter was a reference to a pipe spewing water onto an individual’s property on Davis St. as recorded at the May 20, 2009 Planning Board Meeting, viewable on In addition, both men advocated against CORI checks for all elected officials at Town Meeting. Why? What do the two of you possibly have to hide? What about full disclosure, accountable, and oh yea, integrity? In my opinion anyone opposed to CORI checks of all individuals with direct contact with children or seniors have something to hide. And what about those illustrious minutes of the Planning Board that for over three years they have not yet produced… hmmm sounds like an issue for the Office of Record Retention and a violation of the open meeting law. After all, both men also led the charge in getting their Planner not only re-appointed but a nice big fat raise, to the tune of approximately 60K annually,

Briarwood Plaza • 30 Olney St. • Seekonk MA, 02771

Dr. William Dixon has joined our practice and brings years of experience utilizing Cold Laser Therapy. Vote for open and transparent government. Vote for a government for the people by the people. Vote for civility and professionalism in handling the towns business. Vote for leadership and direction. Vote for enforcement of our bylaws, mass general law and our policy and procedures. Vote for Mike Costello And Joe Tito For Selectman. Sue Pimental, Rehoboth Resident

Do You Really Want Those Responsible For Overseeing The Over-Development, Overseeing Our Town?

I have watched with held breath, the many homes being built, and the classrooms swelling with children, for the past 12 years. Our development is spiraling out of control. Over development is sending our tax bills to places many of us had never imagined, and

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The Reporter March 2011

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when other departments were laying off at Town Hall! Their main cause if I remember correctly was for her to “do the minutes.” HA! Well, Planning Board if your Planner is not planning development and I hope to God she is not, then what is she doing? She certainly hasn’t done any minutes. Please , while our federal and state governments are spiraling out of control, let us NOT follow suit and push Rehoboth down the tubes, I mean pipes, like on Davis Street, by electing Costello and Tito. Robyn Balents - Rehoboth

A Vote For Tiffany is a Vote for the Schools

Tiffany Bartholomew has my vote for the Dighton Rehoboth Regional School Committee. She has shown a proven history of tireless effort to improve the school system.  I know that with her on the School Committee her talent and hard work will benefit the Town, the School, and the Students for years to come. Tiffany is a hard working, diligent, tireless volunteer in so many different aspects

of school life. She has volunteered in classrooms, run book fairs and worked on year books at the elementary and middle schools. She has organized Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs at Palmer River and Beckwith schools. She is a past President of the Rehoboth PTSA. She is currently the Beckwith Vice-President for the PTSA and the secretary for the board of directors for the Massachusetts PTA. She is the Arts chairperson for the MA PTA and the MA PTA Reflections program. She has served on the Social Studies and the K-12 Foreign Language curriculum committees. She and I are members of the Beckwith School Council where she serves as secretary.  She always comes to meetings prepared and is willing to do the background research on any agenda topic. She has spent so much time volunteering in our schools that I am sure there are things that I have missed in this list. I hope you will join me in voting for Tiffany on April 4th.  She will not only bring common sense to the School Committee, but her tireless efforts and advocacy for the students will bring a voice that is needed even more than ever. Nancy Muri

Rehoboth Needs A Change

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Our Selectmen are not doing the job they were elected to do. During many BOS meetings it seems that they either don’t know the Town Bylaws or they just don’t want to follow them completely. Mr. Foley gives the impression that he doesn’t know what is going on half of the time or how to address items on the Agenda. If he can’t answer or address a very simple situation, he puts it off so they can discuss it at another time or they need to consult our Town Counsel ($$$$). The BOS should be well prepared for every meeting knowing what is on the Agenda and how to address the issues and questions from the citizens in attendance without putting it off to another time. Also, the citizens have the constitutional right to speak at a public meeting, i.e. BOS meeting, instead of being questioned as to the relevancy of their question/statement. Rehoboth has changed so much in the last several years. Yes, it was never perfect, but at least the Town leaders tried to make things go as best as possible. And yes, there were some times when things weren’t done up to perfect standards. But, this Town has never experienced the kind of disorder and disrespect that it is experiencing now. In my opinion, it all started several years ago when C. Morra moved into town to “take it over”. He misled so many people into believing that he could make a huge difference in the town. Well, it didn’t happen! Things only got worse – more money being spent unnecessarily, appointments to boards with people who have no experience of the expertise of the board’s business, and the list goes on. In fact, I believe, as well as others, that Morra tells all of these people serving under him (BOS included) what to do, how to answer/deal with issues, etc. Even though he is in the background now he is the Puppet Master of these people and is a narcissistic carnivore (he takes much pride in himself for eating up the Town of Rehoboth). We need to take the Town of Rehoboth back to civility. Mr. Foley and Mr. Leffort cannot achieve this civility and respect for the citizens of Rehoboth. Mike Costello, who is running for the 3-year term of BOS, can do the best job we have seen in a long time. He will reach out to all citizens to help them resolve problems and will know how to

March 2011 The Reporter complete things in a very respectable manner. He has much knowledge of what every town employee’s job requires and also, what board/committee members need to know and how to carry out the job with the best for everyone. Joe Tito, running for the 1-year term of BOS, has the same qualities and aspirations as Mike. He is very smart and knows how to get things done with civility and respect for all—not disrespect or intimidation of citizens. He wants to help bring the town up the proper standards where it should be. A vote for Mike Costello and Joe Tito will bring transparency back to the town which has been lacking for the last several years. A vote for them would definitely begin to bring Rehoboth back to the fine and civil town that we citizens deserve. Sue Rowse, Rehoboth

To the Citizens of Rehoboth,

Several years ago I attended my first Rehoboth PTSA meeting. I had come to the meeting to find out what kinds of activities were being organized by the PTSA for both the Elementary and Middle Schools. I really was not aware of the type of organization the Rehoboth PTSA was but I soon found out how involved they were in the education of our youngsters, and specifically how Tiffany Bartholomew seemed eager to jump into any activity that needed help or leadership. During the meeting a number of committees made reports about upcoming fund raisers, or educational events that were being planned for the schools. Tiffany seemed to have a say in planning, organizing, or being a participant in most of these. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to understand the commitment that Tiffany Bartholomew has for the children of our community. She continues to work with the PTSA, as well as volunteering at Beckwith, where her daughter is a student, and has now come forth as a candidate for the D-R School Committee. I support Tiffany’s candidacy wholeheartedly. The key to this is her commitment to doing whatever is necessary to make our schools better. The fact that the Bartholomews have chosen to continue to send their daughter to our schools, speaks volumes about their commitment to our public schools. Tiffany has demonstrated a willingness to work toward keeping school standards high, and maintaining and expanding programs for all students while working to stay within the constraints of difficult budgetary times. Tiffany Bartholomew will make an outstanding School Committee member and will represent the people of both Rehoboth and Dighton with integrity and thoughtfulness. Raymond Medeiros

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The Reporter March 2011

Just Making The Connection

Approximately one week after his election, I’m not beholden to any one Reform party member Donald Leffort along with another Reform Party member Ken Foley called for a public hearing regarding the decision of the previous Board of Selectmen to have the payment from Comcast dispersed to the Town instead of RePAC. Remember the prior board wanted accountability for how the money was to be spent. This board could care less. The town has the contract with Comcast, the town has a contract with Repac so why would you have Comcast, who doesn’t have a contract with Repac, pay them directly? Sound confusing? That’s because it is. The town could not spend the money on anything else other than public access. Repac would have to submit documentation detailing that the expenditures were related to public access only. The town would review for compliance and then the money would be released to Repac. Doesn’t that make good business practice? Isn’t that transparency? If for some reason Repac spent money on anything other than public access, the town could reject it. How does the town ensure compliance when the money is being sent directly to the vendor? Now let’s play connect the dots. The directors of Repac… Roger Breault, ZBA chairman, Water commission member Ed Shagrin, provided technical assistance for Don Leffort as was reported to campaign finance. Mrs. Robyn Balants, school committee member and recently appointed to COA board and spear headed the Reform party’s campaign to stop the School Committee from hiring more Teachers and restoring programs. Mrs. Sue Anderson elected to park commission under REFORM party and appointed as an associate member to the ZBA. Now what is the common theme here? The thread that runs through all of it? Reform. Now Reform can be a good thing when it’s for the good but this group has shown the dirty side of reform. This is the good ole’ boy type club they whined about during past administrations. You may recall that both Roger Breault and Sue Anderson are on the ZBA the board who over ruled the zoning officer and against town counsel opinion, gave controversial variances to both Ken Foley, REFORMER and Chris Morra, Leader of the REFORMParty. REFORMERS Ken Foley and Don Leffort would not re-appoint the zoning officer and not increase his hours to full time, even though town meeting voted to do so. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening you’ll know that now they think we need a full time Inspector. I don’t know about you but I have to ask why the

March 2011 change of minds. Wasn’t Mr. Nearny a competent inspector? Of course he was the problem was he issued a cease and desist order against Ken Foley. Repac sued the town of Rehoboth prior to REFORMER Don Leffort’s election. It appears that the town (Reformers Ken Foley and Don Leffort) settled the suit. At what cost to the town? If you have watched the BOS meeting, you noticed Selectman Foley and Selectman Leffort introduce more than once, a plan to move the building inspector out of their current building and give that space to Repac. Why would we cram this department into the already starved for space town office and incur the expense and disrupt everyone at the town hall in order to accommodate RePAC? Would they do the same for any other vendor to the town? Why not ask Repac to move to another town building and let the Building and Plumbing’s expand into the space now occupied by RePAC? Let them pay the going rate per sq foot, they can afford it and Rehoboth can use the revenue. Let RePAC bear the burden of moving their operation, which as they all too often tell us is a privet corporation. Sounds like political payback and corruption to me. That’s why my vote goes to Joe & Mike for our next Selectmen. They understand the meaning of respect and honor. Richard S Barrett, Rehoboth, MA

Integrity Matters

Please remember to vote April th in the Rehoboth Town Election. While at the voting booth poised to connect the arrow on the ballot for your candidate of choice, take a moment to reflect on the words of Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, World Leader and Statesman said, “With Integrity, Nothing Else Matters. Without Integrity, Nothing Else Matters.” These words have rung clear throughout my life.

The Reporter


KEn FOLEY Rehoboth selectman April 4th, 2011

Fiscal Accountability Responsible & Smart Development By the Rules Good, Honest Government for Everyone

Paid for by the committee to re-elect Ken Foley

“Running for a Brighter Tomorrow…”


Jim Paon s Your Selectman www.



The Reporter March 2011

On April th as registered voters, we have the responsibility to connect the arrows on the ballot for our candidates of choice who have the Integrity to carry out their responsibilities as elected officials based solely on what is best for the Town of Rehoboth. Integrity Matters! Gilbert Larrabee - Rehoboth, MA

End Rehoboth’s Reform Era

Two years ago, we thought the decisive defeat of Christopher Morra signaled the end of the Reform Era in Rehoboth. However, the divisive, vindictive and dysfunctional political climate in town came back with last year’s election of Donald Leffort. Each election season the Reformers reinvent themselves into some thing they are not. Who can forget last years, “Beholden to no one” campaign promise of Selectman Leffort? What an unbelievable statement from a Reformer. So before they reinvent themselves again this election season, let us identify the Reformers running in April. Three years ago Ken Foley, Jim Paon and Robin Balents ran successfully as Independent Reform candidates. The newspaper coverage of the election contained an interview with Reform Leader Christopher Morra who proclaimed it a “Reform Sweep”. Selectman Foley’s Reform ties run deep. His recent vote to



place Mr. Morra on the Finance Committee displays his loyalty. Selectman Foley has personally benefited from Reform control of town resources. Ask how much it would have cost Selectman Foley to fix his Francis Farm septic system without the ZBA decision? Selectman Foley’s lack of judgment in handling the Police Chief Investigation and “thug” comment point out his inability to lead and his lack of demeanor. Jim Paon’s loyalties to the Reformers have been clear. He recently submitted a Talent Bank Form with only his name on it to receive an appointment to the Conservation Commission. Clearly, the only requirement was that the Reformers could count on his vote. Ignore Mr. Paon’s campaign promises; his vote follows the Reform line. Read Robin Balent’s recent letters and you will understand her Reform loyalties. Her attack of Kevin McBride was shameful. Her positions on the COA and RePAC reinforce her Reform allegiances. She adds little to School Committee debates, but she votes or abstains the Reform line. We need to move Rehoboth forward in a positive direction and end the self-serving and negative controlling reform politics. Do not be turned off by the political process, you need to be heard at the polls. Help restore civility to our town government and take control of Rehoboth’s future. Take the first step and VOTE on April th to end the failed Reform politics of the past. Robert Brawley, Rehoboth

Vote for Tiffany

Tiffany Bartholomew is running for School Committee. Tiffany was a past PTSA President and is currently the Vice President for Beckwith on the PTSA board. Many people have been president and many people have run for School Committee. What makes Tiffany special is her dedication to anything that she does. Tiffany is the type of person who takes on a job and does it to the best of her ability. She studies everything about the job and finds out all the information that she needs to do the job beyond what is necessary. She became involved in the state PTSA before she was PTSA president so that she could make a difference and so that our PTSA could make a difference. She continues to assist the PTSA board to understand issues from the state level. When people vote for Tiffany, and if she is appointed for School Committee, the education in our town can only benefit. She will dedicate herself to this appointment and take it very seriously. She will learn everything about the job and do what is best for our schools. I hope that you will vote for her! Wendy Cordeiro

Robyn Balents – School Committee Member

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The Dighton-Rehoboth School District has accomplished so much in the last three years having Robyn Balents on the school committee. She has been a part of the critical process of bringing about much needed change. Before her election to the school committee we had an administration that was failing its children by ignoring the years of inadequate yearly progress. The school committee was asking us to override our taxes while the excess account swelled to 1.5 million, just at the legal limit allowed by law. By Robyn making us aware of this fact we as taxpayers saved thousands of dollars and did not negatively impact the schools in any way. During her tenure on the school committee she has fought tirelessly withstanding much ridicule in her efforts to restore a balanced curriculum at the middle school, without going to the taxpayers for additional funding. Robyn has been a voice for our children and us as taxpayers. With the institution of a new administrative team, the school district has introduced zero-based budgeting, re-aligned the much

March 2011 needed curriculum, instituted new academic programs, and the administration and teachers have never been more accountable or efficient. With all the progress we have made as a school district, we have still a long way to go. Robyn has the experience, intelligence and integrity to continue to play an integral role in the process of affording our children the best possible educational opportunities. Please re-elect Robyn Balents to the DR school committee so she can continue her dedicated work. Thank you, Marie Paon

Elect Jim Paon, Selectman

The Reporter


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A jeweler is an individual who makes his living by creating an unbreakable bond of trust with his customers. People walk into 51 Winthrop St. Rt 44 | Rehoboth | (Dighton/Rehoboth line) his store on a daily basis and entrust him with their valuables, often Join Our E-Newsletter | | 508-252-WELL times more valuable in the memories they hold than in actual monetary value they possess. In Rehoboth, we need a Selectman with these qualities - an individual in whom we can entrust the business of our Town while maintaining the characteristics that we hold so dear about Rehoboth; its rural charm, historical significance, and the restoration of our sense of community that seems to have been lost along the way. Jim Paon is such an individual. A 19-year resident of the Town, Jim has worked diligently over the past three years as your School Residential Commercial Committee representative to better the quality of education in Industrial Rehoboth. Oftentimes he has taken unpopular positions, such as Fully Insured A3413 holding administrators and teachers accountable for their perforMA-RI License E39021 mance, because in his heart he felt this was the correct position to take, despite political pressures to the contrary. Two years ago Jim fought hard against the replacement septic Joe O'Brien system at the High School, because he firmly believed the exist508.252.4210 • Cell 401.644.5495 ing system could be rehabbed for a fraction of the price. In the end, Jim demonstrated he is capable of something many elected officials are incapable of doing today - the ability to listen to the “other side” and reach a compromise - a compromise which provided a new septic system to the high school, for roughly one-half the cost of the original proposal. Thanks to Jim’s leadership, the community as a whole won. Jim will bring these same qualities, the same level-headed analysis and commonBay State Road, MA Rehoboth MA Bay State Road, Rehoboth ® sense decision-making approach he exhibited on the School Committee to the Board A Developmentally Appropriate A Developmentally Appropriate of Selectmen. When opinions on the Board differ, he will find a way to bridge the gap, Pre-School for: Pre-School Program Program for: to find a common sense solution, just as he has done on the School Committee. and Seekonk Dighton, Dighton, RehobothRehoboth and Seekonk This year, the Town is facing a $65,000 budget deficit. As a self-employed businessman, operating a family business for 20 years, Jim understands the differences between the “must haves” and “wants”. He understands the need to fund critical business needs. He can balance the needs of all Town departments, while continuing to • Foster Children Automatically Qualify • Foster Children Automatically Qualify support the School Department to improve the quality of education in Rehoboth, with the Breakfast & Lunch Served • Breakfast &•Lunch Served limited funding we have available today. Rehoboth needs an elected official who Part Based Day & Options Home Based Options Available • Part Day & •Home Available will listen to the needs of the community, take into account the opinions of all the voters not just “this” side or “that” side - and make decisions which he feels are in the best interests of the community as a whole. Our town needs an elected representative without a hidden agenda, who will put the Town, and Ma. License # 8117990 Ma. License # 8117990 #212592

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The Reporter March 2011

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not the needs of developers and special interest groups, first. Rehoboth needs a man we can trust. A gentleman of principle who will not compromise his integrity for personal or political gain. Rehoboth needs Jim Paon. I encourage you, my fellow Rehoboth residents, to turn out on Election Day and cast your vote for Jim. Michael P. Deignan

Re-Elect Ken Foley, Rehoboth Selectman

Over the last year, the Board of Selectmen has been the center of much controversy. Unfortunately, much of this controversy has come from and disseminated by a small misinformed and misguided vocal group of people. These individuals have caused havoc, spread rumors and created turmoil for not only the Board of Selectmen, but also for the Foley family. In the recent past, the Foleys and Francis Farm have been forced to deal with harassments and vandalism to their home, business and themselves, personally. Through all of this, the man who has been recognized for his service to numerous charities, hosting countless events at his facilities, has stood tall and prevailed, not folding to the opposition and their weightless and unsubstantiated ridicule. Ken Foley has served this community for over 50 years, tirelessly and with an honest heart. He is a man of his word, and as I know him, one who in the face of adversity, does NOT retreat. Ken has always had the best interests of Rehoboth, first and foremost. He serves the taxpayer, not himself. Not wanting to see the Francis Farm sold to a greedy developer, Ken purchased the Farm. Ken and his family have worked tirelessly in preserving and restoring the 120 year old landmark which is the town’s largest and oldest employer. Their integrity is obvious and their dedication and love of this community is apparent. When I ran for Selectman, I had little understanding of the depth of the information that was about to be made privy to me. It wasn’t until I became selectman and learned about all the confidential information regarding matters facing the town, did I fully understand the importance of the confidentiality of the office of Selectmen. This information is just not legally available to the residents and is protected by law. With Ken Foley’s past participation and knowledge it is of the utmost importance for him to continue the work which is ongoing. It is critical to every citizen of Rehoboth. With that, I am urging you to come out and vote on April th to re-elect Ken Foley. The future of Rehoboth is at stake. A vote for Ken Foley will assure you that the right decisions concerning the town’s best interests will be made. Don Leffort - Selectman

To the Residents’ of Rehoboth

The last four or five years we have witnessed much disrespect for the voters’ of Rehoboth. We have been told by Selectman Leffort that our votes at the town meeting do not mean anything. Our two Selectmen believe they can do whatever they want to do, regardless of votes taken. Check out the vote at town meeting on the petition to change the number of selectman on the Board of Selectmen. Look at the action by our two selectmen on this matter. They have shown by their actions that they do not deserve to be our representatives. Look at the way they are handling the incident regarding Chief Enos. We were told by Selectman Leffort that everything was fine. Selectman Foley comes out and tells us that Chief Enos wants an investigation, then Selectman Foley says he wants an independent outside investigation. These men cannot keep their stories straight. Why should the taxpayers’ of Rehoboth pay for this investigation? The Selectmen could have asked the Bristol County D.A. to look into this matter. What or who are our selectman trying to protect? In April, we the voters will have the chance to elect two men that can bring honesty and integrity back

March 2011 to the Rehoboth Board of Selectmen. Please vote for Mike Costello and Joe Tito in April. Robert McKim

Dictatorship to a Democracy

The Voters of Rehoboth could turn their town around come Election Day April fourth. We would actually go from a Dictatorship to a Democracy by voting for the candidates that do not have a string coming out of their backs between their shoulder blades. PS: A sure fire return to a Democracy is with a vote for Tito and Costello George Cardono - Rehoboth

Why Is Balents Defending Foley in E.P.?

I would like to respond an open letter from Robyn Balents of Rehoboth that was printed in the East Providence Post on February 10, 2011 regarding an article written by Arlene Violet in part, about TLA/Pond View and Ken Foley. I would first like to invite Ms. Balents to visit TLA/Pond View (owned by Ken Foley of Rehoboth) on a nice summer’s day. Maybe the neighbors in the area could show her what that place is doing to them and their property. Quite possibly Ms. Balents, you could do some research online and locate all the infractions, fines, complaints and facts regarding Pond View and the neighborhood it is located in. Ms. Balents, you state that the residents of East Providence are listening too close to a community we resent, the truth will be revealed. I agree with you, the truth will be revealed. It just may not be the truth you want to hear. You say we in East Providence envy Rehoboth, I highly doubt that. Your beautiful community is worse off than ours right now. But again, the truth will be revealed. You seem dismayed that lines of division have been drawn in Rehoboth and that healing will be a long process. It also sounds as though you are blaming the people of East Providence for those lines of division. The people of East Providence have had their fair share of lines drawn but we have decided to overcome those lines and be one, like it should be. We are becoming stronger than ever before and we, as a community, will be heard. I would suggest that you keep your eyes on your own community rather than spending time trying to defend someone that clearly doesn’t care about our community. Lynn Miller - Riverside, RI

Enough is Enough

While I have a thick skin when it comes to politics and decisions I made while serving the Town of Rehoboth, it would be a refreshing change of pace for those who are continuing to be critical of me to learn the facts before putting pen to paper. In response to those who have written on these pages questioning the motives of the man convicted of felony assault for the physical attack on me in East Providence in 2008, I simply say the whole truth is painstakingly coming out, bit by bit, as part of a civil lawsuit in Federal Court. My attacker has admitted in a sworn deposition that he was part of a conspiracy to beat me in the head, “…unconscious, or else the job wouldn’t be considered done.” Stay tuned, more is to come. Secondly, with respect to those who question whether or not my farm is zoned to allow a dwelling in the post and beam barn constructed in 2001, I ask, what does it take to learn the facts? In 2001, then-Chief Zoning Officer Michael O’Hern reviewed all zoning regulations and building codes and determined at that time that the dwelling was appropriate. While town by-laws typically don’t allow more than one dwelling on a single property, there are exemptions allowed under Chapter 0A section 3 of the Massachusetts General Laws for this type of use, and indeed at least 66 other properties in town are consistent with mine. By the way all, the documents are all on file at town hall if anyone took the time to check.

The Reporter


The ironic part is some of those who have lodged complaints against me for zoning violations, have been found to be in violation of the very same things they accuse me of. Christopher P. Morra

editors note:

We gladly invite Mr. Morra to present the “truth” in the next issue of the Reporter. “Enough is Enough” and the citizens of Rehoboth deserve to know the truth. What was the “real” motivation for the attack in 2008 and does Mr. Morra have a “farmhand” living in his barn? We have repeatedly requested the Tufts Report (regarding the alleged “political goat death”) from Chief Enos with no response...but we will continue to seek the truth on all of these issues and look forward to Mr. Morra’s detailed response.

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The Reporter March 2011


We are looking forward to another great season of baseball/softball and the league want to thank all of you who have registered. Please check or “like” us on Facebook for updates and up to date information regarding clinics, team news or cancellations.

Baseball Tryouts

3/15 Majors, 3/16 AAA, 3/22 AA.

Place: Dighton Rehoboth Regional High school @ 7:00 p.m. Registered players need to bring a glove, bat and helmet

Free Preseason Softball Clinics

There will be a series of free skills clinics for registered softball players. They will be held at The Beckwith Middle School. Dates: Fri. 3/11, Wed. 3/16, Fri. 3/25 & Wed. 3/30; Time: 6:15 - 7:15 Girls in grades K-3 7:30-8:30 Girls in grades -6 All players should bring their glove, a bat and helmet.

Save the Date/Fundraising News

The Rehoboth Youth Baseball and Softball Association will kick off the season with Clam Boil Fundraising dinner that will take place on Friday 5/13 at the Seekonk Gun Club at 7:00 p.m. Ticket will be $25 and will be sold on a first come basis. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Great food & raffle prizes for a great cause. We are looking for local businesses to donate silent raffle prizes. Please contact Mario Tomellini if you would like to donate. There are many other sponsorship opportunities for business’ and individuals. This is a great way to help support the league and to advertise your business. Please contact Jay Delaplain jdelaplain@ or Al Tatton for information about sponsorships.

New Bat Rules

As of January 2011 the Little League Association has adopted new rules and guidelines regarding the use of composite bats in little league. The Board of Directors of RYBSA has decided to comply with the new bat regulations set forth by the little league association, effective this 2011 baseball season. This means that certain bats that are not approved by the little league association will not be allowed to be used. For a complete article on the “new bat rules” http://www. This is a change that is for the safety of the player which is our #1 priority at RYBSA. Please contact with any questions you may have.

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Facts about the Pond Hockey Classic

Last weekend (2//11-2/6/11), we played in the New England Pond Hockey Classic in Meredith, NH on Lake Winnepausake. Our team played in the 0+ Division and took home the Championship! In our division, there were 36 teams and the top 12 teams made the playoff round on Sunday. Each team could have 6 players on their roster. It was  on . There were no goalies. Just old fashioned pond hockey. Two 15 minutes halves for each game. We played 2 games on Friday and 2 games on Saturday. We finished with a 3-1 record and qualified for the playoffs on Sunday as the #8 seed. We had to play/win all  playoff games on Sunday for the Championship. It was a blast! I highly recommend it for anyone. They also had an Open Division, 30+ Division, 0+ Division, 50+ Division, Under 35 just for fun Division, an Over 35 just for fun Division, and a Women’s Division. There were a total of 152 teams that participated among all the divisions. Our Team was called the RI Rangers. Our team consisted of Tom Fecteau, Chris Lambert, Mike Mulvey, Scott Cronin, Tosh Warren and Mike Dunne (5 Seekonk guys were Fecteau, Lambert, Mulvey, Cronin and Warren, and Dunne is from Cranston). The 5 Seekonk guys have been playing hockey together since they were Mites. Sean Fecteau also made the trip but didn’t play. Instead he coached and was referred to as Sean “Herb Brooks” Fecteau.

Baseball Signups

Seekonk American Legion will be holding signups for the upcoming baseball season. Players from 1 to 19 are eligible to try out for the team. Country Kitchen; 469 Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, Ma. 02771

Dates: March 3rd, 17th & 24th, 6:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Cost: $175.00 for legion (17 – 19 and not turning 20 this calendar year); $150.00 for junior legion (1 – 17 and not turning 18 this calendar year) All interested players must sign up at this time even if a player was on the team last year. An original birth certificate is needed if the player makes the team (to be returned after state review) Please contact Mr. Joe Demelo at 01-99-10 with any questions. Legion baseball information @

Friends of Seekonk Football Booster Club Hold Annual Awards Banquet

The Friends of Seekonk Football Booster Club recently held their annual awards banquet for the 2010 Seekonk High Warriors. Michael Braunsdorf was awarded the Most Improved Player, Justin Carvalho received the Coach’s Award, Captains Jake Lyman and Matt Lockwood were co recipients of the Pat Abbruzzi Award, Matt Lockwood was also awarded the team MVP Award and was recognized as being named as a Riddell All American. South Coast Conference All Star Awards were handed out to Matt Lockwood, Jake Lyman, Justin Carvalho and Robert Fontaine. Sun Chronicle All Area All Star Awards were awarded to Andrew Killian, Justin Carvalho, Jake Lyman and Matt Lockwood. Mike Braunsdorf, Michael Burke and Tyler Vieira were named Captains elect for the 2011 season.

March 2011

The Reporter

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The Reporter March 2011

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March 2011

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Miniature Gardens Return to the Flower Show in Boston in 2011

 Miniature Gardens will be created by gardeners from Cambridge, Framingham, Mansfield, Somerset & Seekonk/Rehoboth The Miniature Garden Competition has long-time been a popular feature of Flower Shows in Boston. In 2008 when the New England Spring Flower Show closed its doors for the last time, it was thought that these diminutive edens were gone forever. Late last year the Massachusetts Horticultural Society asked long time Miniature Gardens exhibitors Debi Hogan and Warren Leach of Seekonk to work with them to bring these popular gardens to the new Boston Flower and Garden Show. The Boston Flower Show is owned and produced by Paragon Group, and is managed as a Trade Show. The Massachusetts Horticultural Society partners with Paragon Group to keep horticulture front and center and to also keep some aspects of the traditional New England Spring Flower Show alive, particularly the floral design classes, and individual plants and gardens that have been such a popular part of the New England Spring Flower Show for more than a century. These flower arrangements, individual pots of flowers, window boxes and even gardens are tended and designed by amateur gardeners, garden club members, plant societies and even children. The Miniature Gardens have always been a popular part of this Amateur Design Division of the show.

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This winter was ruff on everyones roof give D. Gaines a call at

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Community Supported Agriculture Community Supported Agriculture is a model of farming that provides fresh produce directly to its members throughout the growing season. Sign up and help sustain agriculture on local farmland and preserve the environment for now and future generations.

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Green Rewards Credit is a credit card that is pre loaded with the CSA membership amount plus an added bonus credit of an additional 20%. Which the member can use at our farm stand located in swansea or at any of our farmers' market locations. EX. CSA membership costs $400 GREEN REWARDS CARD would be loaded with $480 that the member can use throughout the season for fresh produce.

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Personal attention at affordable prices! Early Spring: Granular Fertilizer, Crabgrass control, and Broadleaf weed control. Late Spring: Granular Fertilizer, Crabgrass control, thorough inspection and treatment of remaining broadleaf and weeds. Summer: Slow release fertilizer, Broadleaf weed control, inspection and treatment. Fall: Complete fertilizer, Broadleaf weed control. Winterizer: Slow release fertilizer that stimulates deep root growth and provides your lawn with an early boost for the following spring. • Spring & Fall Clean-ups • Lawns Mowed • New Landscapes Designed & Installed • Bushes & Hedges Trimmed • Patios, Walkways & Retaining Walls

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March 2011

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Spring Home & Garden These spectacular mini landscapes are created on a scale of one inch is equal to one foot. Each garden is designed to resemble an actual vista with plants and accessories scaled down to one twelfth the size size. The gardens are viewed by Show participants through a viewing window set 8” feet off the Show floor. The window is just 1” tall by 26 inches wide. The Miniature Gardens combine horticulture and artistry with an intricate design. They are composed primarily of live plants with accessories such as water, pots, paving, small buildings and other accessories allowed. The gardens are constructed within a plywood box measuring 30 inches high by 2 inches deep. The exhibitors paint the background of the box, grow the plants, plan the garden and finally assemble it all at the Show. Miniature garden may be created by groups or individuals. This year four miniature gardens will be created by groups or individuals from Cambridge, Framingham, Mansfield, Somerset and Seekonk/Rehoboth. The Holbrow Family have long been exhibitors of Miniature Gardens, creating imaginative and artistic miniature designs in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and several years before that. In fact exhibiting at the Flower Show in Boston is a family tradition that goes back more than a century to Charles E. Holbrow, a Brighton greenhouse grower, who won a silver cup from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1892, for “the second best two dozen Waban roses” at the show. The cup is a handsome trophy; and the family wonders sometimes what the first place trophy most have looked like.

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Several family members will help with the miniature garden this year including Mom (Mary Holbrow of Cambridge) and daughter and granddaughter, artists Gwendolyn and Felicity Holbrow of Framingham. The Holbrow family’s miniature garden design is based on the spring display of trailing nasturtiums, colorful blooms and greenery in Isabella Stewart Gardener’s courtyard on the Fenway in Boston. Inspired by her travels in Venice, Mrs. Gardener designed the garden as part of the museum she established on the Fenway and opened to the public in 1903. It is sure to be a colorful exhibit. Kim Sestak and Andrea Kukulka from the Garden Club of Mansfield will be creating a Miniature Gardens for the very first time this year. Kim reports that “Andrea and I are thrilled to be participating in our first exhibition at the Flower Show. My mother-in-law and I have been attending the show for many years and the miniature garden window box exhibits were always our favorites. I have been curious about these gardens for years, and when the opportunity cam along I just jumped in knowing it would be a great opportunity and a learning process.” Kim and Andrea have been busy scrambling for plants and eyeing everything to see if it can fit that one inch is equal to one foot scale. Kim dug through two foot of snow looking for garden plants and is keeping her fingers crossed that they will be ready

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Time for Spring Projects for exhibition by mid-March They also rummaged through a trailer of over winterized plants at Osburne Nursery, scraped moss off the ground at Patrick Lyons Greenhouse and worked with the owner of Evergreen Tree and Landscape to dig through the ice to open his greenhouse doors. They have been growing seeds and rooting whatever they find. Neither gardener can sit at their kitchen tables with their family any longer, since the tables are covered in plants. Andrea and Kim’s Miniature garden will feature a typical home owner’s landscape. The idea for the home garden was inspired by this year’s Flower Show theme: “A Burst of Color - Celebrating the Container Garden.” Kim says “After such a long winter covered with an endless blanket of snow, we really welcome the lush color of green and every color thereafter is a bonus. The warmth of color fills the air as the gardener puts into action what was planned over the winter’s rest.” They will use careful staging of blooms to provide instant color and draw ones eye away from the sides of the boxes, just like in the garden, color can be used to help draw the gardens to a closer living outdoor space. Andrea reports “One can manipulate the canvas more easily with container gardening than a garden bed. Even garden accessories and hardscape have their role in the overall tapestry.” They hope the viewer can embrace the colors that nature has given and embellish it with ones own sense of uniqueness.


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“Your hometown landscaping service provider” We specialize in lawn renovations and hydroseeding. We are a full service licensed/insured landscape contractor. Call 508-222-7883 or go to to request a free estimate*. MC/Visa accepted. *Owner has a degree in plant/soil science and 20+ years experience

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How To Avoid Gardening Injuries Warm up your muscles. Before you begin gardening, stretch for 10 min. Each stretch should be done 3 times on each side holding the stretch for 30 seconds. • Neck Stretches: Turn your head all the way to the left and hold. Repeat for the right side. (While doing this exercise you may want to sit down.) • Looking straight ahead, cock your head to the left as if you are trying to bring your left ear to your shoulder (don’t cheat by shrugging your shoulder to your ear). Repeat for the right side. • Shoulder Stretch: Pretend you have an itch on your shoulder blades. Hold your left arm across your body and grab the back of your left elbow with your right hand. Pull the left elbow in as far as you can, like your reaching for your back. Repeat for the right shoulder. • Back Stretch: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend forward at the waist and try to touch your toes. Don’t feel bad if you can’t reach your toes. Don’t bounce. If you have a bad back you can sit on a bench and lean over to touch your toes instead. • Wrist Stretch: Hold your left arm out (palm down), your elbow locked straight. Take your right hand and bend (flex) left wrist and hand as far down and hold (keep your elbow straight). Repeat, but this time turn your left palm up and use your right hand to extend left wrist as far as it will go. Repeat for the right side. • Leg Stretch: Stand with your feet close together. Grab your left ankle behind you and flex your knee as far as it goes and hold (your left heel should hit your buttocks). Repeat for the right side. Hold on to a tree or bench for balance. Keep body straight and don’t lean forward.

Happy Gardening.

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Fred Perry of Somerset, Massachusetts is designing a classic courtyard in which visitors will look into the garden, peering through the architecture of a colonnade. A small fountain will bubble into crossing channels that divide the enclosed quadrangle into four sections. The well chosen and diminutive plants within the garden will create a secluded place of beauty. Fred is also the Director of Horticulture at Blithewold Gardens and Arboretum in Bristol, Rhode Island. In his home landscape he has worked with his son Eric to create a miniature railway garden. This is the first time Fred will be going solo in designing a Miniature Garden for the Flower Show. In 1999, he co-designed the gold medal winning miniature that also won the Historic Landscape Award for the whole show. The final Miniature garden will be created by Debi Hogan and Warren Leach of Seekonk, although their garden will be for display only - not for judging, since Debi and Warren are co-chairing the Miniature Gardens this year. The were instrumental in finding exhibitors, judges and bringing the Miniatures back to the Show this year. Warren is also co-owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehoboth. Debi and Warren are working on their seventh Miniature Garden. They designed their first garden for the New England Spring Flower show in 199. A year later when the Miniature Gardens were pulled out of the Flower Design competition and given their own status, Debi and Warren were asked to Co-Chair the Miniature Gardens Competition and guide it towards independent status. They Chaired the Miniature Gardens for the New England Spring Flower Shows in 1995 and 1996, exhibiting a garden just for display in 1996. In subsequent years, they entered competitive miniature gardens in 1999, 2006, 2007 and 2008, winning a gold medal each year and also winning the silver bowl for First place among the Miniature Gardens three times and the Historic Landscape Award for the entire show three times, competing against all the other gardens in the show, including the larger landscapes. This year Debi and Warren will create a miniature garden that is the archetype of Persian garden, originating from the marriage of a rich cultural heritage, artistic expression and environmental responsiveness to a hot dry climate. The visitor will look through

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expires 5-15-11 Across from Newman YMCA

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Richard G. Dias

Building & Remodeling

Licensed & insured

the window to see a garden oasis composed of the playful use dedicated to Quality of water represented by geometric rills, pools and fountains sur• roof/ Flood damage rounded by the colorful architecture of the Persian culture. Plants Kitchens • Baths • Additions in this dry climate are used sparingly for shade and structure with responsiveness to the hot and dry environment. Drought tolerant • structural repairs plants will be emphasized. • Log Home repairs The Boston Flower And Garden Show is open to the public • Property Maintenance from March 16-20, 2011 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The theme of the Show is “A Burst of Color: Celebrating the Container Garden”. The Massachusetts Horticultural Society presents a Show within the Boston Flower and Garden Show is titled: “Blooms! 2011 at the Boston Flower & Garden Show.” The Miniature Gardens Competition are part of this Show within a show. The Show Hours are: Wednesday, March 16, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.; Thursday, March 17, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.; Friday, March 18, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.; Saturday, Our approach to exterior painting is paint just the southern exposed and/or March 19, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.; and Sunquite simple; Make it look exquisite and open grain wood in three to four years day, March 20, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tickets make it last a very long time. from the last completion date, and realize prices are: Adults $20; Seniors (65+) $17; Children 6-17 $10; and Under 6 Free. MasMost homeowners don't realize that a dramatic cost savings.Typically, spending sachusetts Horticultural Society members paint deterioration starts the next day only 10% to 15% of your original painting receive free tickets. For more information after anyone finishes painting. However, costs in year 3 will greatly extend the visit, the good news is paint deterioration life of your exterior paint. This will make Boston_Flower_&_Garden_Show. typically isn't noticeable for several years. your entire house look new. Successful For more information about the Miniature But paint failure begins to accelerate as businesses understand this concept Gardens and photographic images of past time goes by.The declining rate is actually and budget accordingly. It actually saves miniatures visit http://www.tranquil_lake. com/Calender/Mini_Gardens.htm or call or more like a parabolic curve or a line that money while keeping everything looking write Debi Hogan and Warren Leach at 508is bending downward, meaning that the tiptop. At the end of your project, we will 336-26 or paint is fine for several years, but once identify any future areas that may need

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Barrington Garden Club to Feature Landscape Designer

At its Tuesday, March 15 Meeting the Barrington Garden Club invites members and guests to enjoy a presentation by Maria van Brincken, Certified Landscape Designer. She will discuss ideas for both the sunny and shady border from spring through fall. Color theory and texture will be introduced as design tools to create winning combinations. Visit her photographic blog about her ecofriendly gardens at www.mariavonbrincken. com/blog/. The noon meeting will be held in the Auditorium of the Library building on County Rd. Guest fee is $5. Please call Nancy Peck 01-829-7810 for further information.

it begins to noticeably fail, the failure process speeds up tremendously. While the exterior paint looks great in years 1, 2, 3, and 4, by year 5 or 6, it is starting to perform poorly. If you wait too long, your costs to repaint go up considerably, i.e., more removal of failing paint needed, more sanding, more patching, even wood replacement and priming add to the cost. In year 5 or 6, you generally will see the color changes that most people notice, and by year 7 or 8, it just looks totally unacceptable. To always have your home look new and avoid large repainting costs, plan to

additional attention in three years and provide you with a complete proposal. Using the Lundco Painting System that we've developed over the last 25 years has proven results. It always starts by taking the time needed to thoroughly and properly prepare the surfaces, adhering to national standards, using fully trained and uniformed employees to apply higher-quality materials. We are able to push the paint deterioration out by several years and offer much longer warranties. If this makes sense to you, we invite you to giveus a call for a free consultation.


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Delaying Home Projects Could Cost More in the Long Run (ARA) - Been to the grocery store lately? Filled up your vehicle with gas in the last week? It's not your imagination - many of the items you use most often are getting more expensive. And near the top of the list of price increases are the building materials that go into remodeling projects and new home construction. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the new home that cost $85,000 to build in 2003 would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $113,000 to build now, due to residential construction costs jumping 33 percent since 2003. "We've certainly seen it in our industry," says Kent Blanchard, TAMKO Building Products vice president of roofing manufacturing. "These increased costs trickle down to the consumer as all of the raw material increases make the end-product more costly to manufacture. I'm sure to the consumer it's seemed more like a flood lately." Prices for nearly all the major building supplies have risen in the last several years, from concrete and asphalt to drywall and insulation. Increasing demand from developing nations like China and Brazil makes it unlikely any price relief will come any time soon. This is leading to what some analysts are referring to as a projected "sustained rise" in construction project costs and will impact both new construction and remodeling markets in 2011.

Delay and pay ... more

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lydia costa

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It's a catch-22 for homeowners who may be hesitant to invest in a building project in the middle of a difficult economy, but who also know they will almost certainly pay more for the same project if they wait. Industry experts recommend consumers not wait to tackle home improvement projects but start first with the projects that provide the most return on investment or address a pressing need.

March 2011

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Spring Home & Garden Back to the basics

When it comes to essentials, there's nothing more crucial to a home or its inhabitants than a roof over their heads. A new roof can be a major selling point and can help protect the rest of your home improvement investments. Despite the recent rise in asphalt prices, asphalt shingles continue to be the most popular and cost-efficient roofing choice for the majority of residential buildings. The Heritage Shingle series is one of the most popular asphalt shingles across the U.S. for its durability, traditional wood shake appearance and recently extended limited warranty. "They look good and perform well," Blanchard says of asphalt shingles. "You can't beat the combination of performance, appearance and price of a good asphalt shingle. They are the backbone of American roofing." Another option that may require greater upfront costs, but can reduce costs in the long-term are composite shingles. Composite shingles are made from a special blend of materials ranging from stone to plastic to create long-lasting, durable roofing options. Lamarite shingles by TAMKO can resemble stone slate or wood shake shingles and come in colors rated by Energy-Star and the Cool Roof Rating Council for their ability to lower a building's cooling costs. Lamarite shingles also come with a 50-year limited warranty. So whether planning to fix your leaky roof, add a deck for enjoyment or increase your living space, remember that $85,000 house in 2003 costs $113,000 today. Regardless of the home improvement projects you are considering, it's important to remember that the longer you delay, the more you're likely to pay.

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Customer Service Experts Our professional, courteous staff can satisfy all your tree care needs. We specialize in custom pruning for light management, health preservation, preventative maintenance, property safety and aesthetics. Call us today to get your fast, free estimate!

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I have the tools, experience & the time carpentry, Painting, wall Papering, Gardening, Planting, Pruning Trimming, Trees & Shrubs. Brush & Brambles & unwanted Trees cut, Patios, Dry wells, Small Ponds & Gazebos.

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Time for Spring Projects Extreme gardening: What to do when the weather doesn’t favor you (ARA) - No farmer, in the history of the world, has ever had the ideal weather for a perfect growing season. The same holds true for today’s homeowners. So like farmers have to do, homeowners need to figure out how to adapt to extreme weather conditions in order to get the long-lasting and beautiful flower beds, yards and gardens they want.

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Good soil is the foundation of a good garden. The average homeowner can feed the soil that is feeding your plants and use a landscape fabric to prevent weeds from taking root and competing for those same nutrients. You can find long-lasting organic growing mixtures at a local garden center or from Adding a landscape fabric to your garden bed will help with weed control and moisture retention. One brand, WEED-X from Dalen Products, comes with a 20-year warranty. Most weeds arrive in your mulch as airborne seeds and a few will root above the fabric. A little two finger weeding can remove stragglers. The idea behind these labor-saving techniques is help homeowners get to play and enjoy the beautiful days Mother Nature does provide in their easy-to-maintain, but lovely gardens.

Landowner and Agricultural Services

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Brush mowing near paddocks and outdoor recreation areas reduces disease carrying mosquito populations. Make better use of your property by opening new and maintaining existing trails and fields. Enjoy fresh vegetables you grow yourself. Renew pastures with dense nutrient rich grasses of your choice. Enjoy a wide variety and healthy population of wildlife by planting multiseason food plots.. PROFESSIONAL FORESTRY AND AGRICULTURAL TAX ABATEMENT CONSULTATION AND PLAN PREPARATION SERVICES

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22HP, 55 HP & 90 HP Tractors, LoaderBackhoe and full inventory of attachments

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Note from President:

Beckwith Middle School will be performing Walking On Sunshine March 31st, April 1st, and April 2nd at 7 p.m. Remember all the fun music we had in the 80’s? Come relive the good times. The Enrichment Committee has been working very hard in planning exciting field trips and visiting programs. To list a few: Kindergarten went to  Town Farm, 2nd Grade will be going to the Sheep Pasture, 3rd Grade Hornbine School, th Grade will be viewing Charlotte’s Web, 5th Grade Colonial Life Program and Son’s of Liberty Tour, 6th Grade Whaling Museum, 7th Grade Captain John’s Boats, 8th Grade Canobie Lake. The PTSA would like to thank The Rehoboth Cultural Committee for awarding us grant money for some of these great programs.

Open positions for 2011-2012 School Year

This year is the end of my two year term as President. For this position you will need to keep open communication between committees and good organizational skills. I’ve meet so many nice people and the children’s smiles make it all worth while. If you are interested in this position, please contact me at jimdebra1030@ To our Committee Chairs, if you know you will be staying on for another year or if something has come up and can no longer keep your position, please contact Helen Fagundes hgfagundes@ It would be nice going into the next school year with all positions filled. Thank you, Debbie Fitzgerald

Annual Stem night to share your career with students. Stations can be simple or complex, you decide. If you are unable to attend but know a professional who is available to participate, please let us know. All suggestions Welcome. Please RSVP to Joe Lampman 508-252-5080 or Tiffany Bartholomew bartholomews@comcast. net 508-557-1125.

Palmer River Mother Son Event

March 12th Regal cinemas in Swansea 10 a.m. $8 per person. Come to a private screening with your son(S) of the much anticipated movie of the year, Mars Needs Moms. This is a PG movie so please use your own discretion. Mare Studios will be available to take pictures, so please arrive early. No tickets will be sent home with your child, you will need to check in at the theater.

March Dates to Remember

11th BW Progress Reports Issued 17th PR Spirit Day 18th PR Principals Coffee BW School Dance Grades 6th-8th; BW 5th Grade Event 21st BW School Spirit Week; PR 12:15 Early Dismissal (Teacher Workshop); BW 11:30 Early Dismissal March 22-April 1st MCAS 23rd BW 10:30 Parent Conferences April 6th PTSA Meeting 7 p.m. Palmer River Library

Father Daughter Dance


It was nice to see the Palmer River girls and their escorts for a fun family night out. Thank you Hart Photography, Seekonk Floral Design, Rehoboth House of Pizza, Music Machine DJ, and to our wonderful group of volunteers.

Grades 1-6 Thursday, March 10 9:00 to 11:00 am

Monster Golf of Seekonk

Thank you Monster Golf for hosting a Family Fun Night in the month of February.

Beckwith Scholastic Spring Bookfair April 5th -10th

Will be open during STEM night on April 7th. Flyers will come home soon highlighting all the great new titles Scholastic has to offer. Please show your support for the school library. Questions contact Tiffany 508-557-1125

Talent Show

Beckwith Talent Show May 19th • Palmer River Talent Show May 27th; More information to follow.

Sam’s Club

It’s Elementary...

A strong foundation can last a lifetime. 100 Grove Avenue, East Providence • 01.3.6913

cJs / statewide APPLiAncE REPAiR cOMBO sPEciAL

We received a lovely letter from Sam’s Club of Seekonk. Thank you for your generous donation.

Beckwith STEM Night

Volunteers needed to participate in An Interactive Program of Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. At Beckwith Middle School on April 7th 2011 6:30pm to 8:30 p.m. Set up at 5:30 p.m. Your Expertise and Enthusiasm for these Academic Domains is Greatly Appreciated! Please consider running a station at the 2nd



Diagnostic visit

Dryer Lint & Refrigerator coil cleanout e y



The Reporter March 2011

Palmer River News Elise DuBois, Assistant to Principal

MCAS Matters

This year we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity for our third and fourth graders to show what they have learned through the MCAS tests. In years past, we have always encouraged our students to do their very best on the test. This year we have spent a great deal of effort examining our approach to the testing session and have worked to shape it in to “the super bowl of academic achievement”. While our testing tone is far less “recreational” than that of a big game, we have been coaching and championing our students to let their ability shine. At home, we encourage you to also adopt a spirit of “academic excellence” prompting your child to take their time on their assignments, double check their work, and always try their very best. When the testing dates approach, we ask that the children get in the practice of getting their rest with a consistent bedtime routine, a healthy breakfast, and thinking positive. We will even be publishing a list of “MCAS friendly” snacks



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who will take a snack break during their tests. While passing the MCAS does not determine a child’s placement in the next grade, MCAS proficiency has shaped the way our school approaches our curriculum standards. Proficiency in MCAS says that our students are learning all that they need to know in the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks. Any scores that differ from proficiency tell us that we need to approach the instruction of this curriculum with even greater rigor. We know that our students and teachers have been working very hard this year (and in years past) to prepare our students. We are hopeful that this year, the results will be a testimony to the great amount of growth in learning that has taken place.

MARCH Testing Dates

MCAS Long Composition – Grade : March 22nd ELA Session 1 – Grade 3: March 23rd ELA Session 2 – Grade 3: March 2th ELA Session 1 – Grade : March 29th ELA Session 2 – Grade : March 30th Long Composition Make-Up – Grade : March 31st

Has it been 100 days already?

K- had a wonderful time celebrating both the 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day. We collected 7 can goods for the Rehoboth Food Pantry, had a hunt around our room for all the numbers 1-100, counted by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. In celebration of the hundredth day, all of the kindergarten students brought in canned goods adding up to over 100 cans. The canned items were donated to the Rehoboth Food pantry. On Valentine’s Day each child graphed a baggie full of conversation hearts, made patterns with hearts, played pass the Valentine musical game, and hunted for sight words. The children loved giving each other Valentine cards and treats. What a fun time of year!

100 Reasons Why Room 35 Loves Palmer River

The students in room 35 diligently listed 100 things they like about our school. And they are: No bullies, Big playground, Building pyramids out of straws, Miss Pereira, Writing stories, Read Across America, It’s a safe place. Ms. Grady, Graphic organizers, Field trips, Nice specialists, Task Board, Lunch, Good citizens, Book reports, Everyday Math, A caring nurse, Holiday sing along, Getting books from R.I.F., Star of the Week, Reading, Mrs. DuBois, Celebrating holidays and birthdays, ELMOs, It’s a clean school. Robust words, Working in teams, Spelling bees, Generous teachers, Water bottles on our desks, A nice principal, Loving teachers, Study Island, Playground equipment, Reading Rocks, Snack time, Scholastic News, Morning work, Learning • Among New England’s best summer day camps for kids, 6-13, Logs, Social Studies, No uniforms, Learning located on Route 44 in Rehoboth how to write a letter, Mrs. Rupp, Assemblies, • Open House on Sunday, June 26, 12-4 p.m. DEAR time, Art with Ms. Pappas, Learning • Two-week sessions, June 27 – August 19, $260* per session about genres, Ms. Machado, Book bags, • Swimming, fishing, crafts, sports, nature programs, archery, Practicing fire drills for safety, Playing outpetting zoo and much more side, Learning math facts, Tickets and the • Visit us online at treasure chest, Music with Ms. Arruda, ent volunteers, Lunch Bunch, Smart boards • Call 401-722-8840 and tables, Writing binders, Becoming good (508-252-6300 summer) students, We’re a school community. Lots *Lunch available for additional fee. of kids, being a Feinstein school, Teachers many BUS STOPS InclUdIng aTTlEBORO and nORTOn help you. Everybody is respectful. Practic-

Camp Ramsbottom

Dentistry At Its MOST Advanced. Dentistry At Its MOST Comfortable. March 2011 The Reporter

ing grammar, Homework, Learning new and fun things, Learning about authors and illustrators, Custodians, Library with Mrs. Carr, Wall of Fame, Reading Rainbow, Classroom libraries, Cafeteria helpers, Learning good handwriting, Storytown books, Computers with Mrs. Schwall, Fun activities with other classes, Oral Reading Fluency packets, Nice bus drivers, Book fairs, Classroom jobs, Ms. Lancellotta, Great classmates, Making friends, Reading groups, Learning how to use a dictionary, Morning announcements, Part of Rehoboth-a great community, Students are respectful of school property. Outside courtyard, Having fun during the day, Gym with Mrs. Medeiros, Science, Learning geometry, Helpful students, Making pictures and projects, After school programs, Recess and…“reason 100” why we love Palmer River School...Palmer River is a fun and happy place to learn!


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Kindergarten students from Palmer River Elementary School pose with the 100 cans they collected on the “hundredth Day” of school.

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It Snowed in Hawaii?

Motivated by all the snow that fell in New England these past weeks, fourth grade’s room 44, decided to send some “snow” to their Hawaiian pen pals. Mrs. Rowan, from the school in Hawaii, emailed the students to say that her children were sooooo cold (and excited) when they reached into the envelope and pulled out a hand made snowflake! (And you were wondering how they shipped the real thing.) These same students used their creativity on their January book report. Here they were asked to develop a game based upon non-fiction reading. The games turned out spectacular and were enjoyed by neighbors, Ms. Gridley’s class. These students were not only became the experts who led the games but also the experts on the topic that they read about. 

Ben Franklin Inspires a Spirit of Invention

The children in one third grade reading group have been studying Ben Franklin. One creative activity invited students to make “memory boxes” about this famous figure in history. These boxes were complete with items like bifocals, kites with keys, and even a copy of the Constitution. As part of their learning, they were asked to “walk in the shoes” of inventor, Benjamin Franklin. The students had to plan, design and create their own inventions. The children presented their own inventions (or explained how they would improve an invention that already exists) in front of their classmates. From an automated shopping cart complete with arms, to a glow in the dark flashlightthe children had grand ideas about inventions that would make our world better. One student even “invented” an electric heat snow monitor that could be used to melt the snow off of your roof. (This may be an item we look to purchase in the future.) You never know- we may have a famous future inventor among us.

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The Reporter March 2011

“Purr”-fectly in Character

Room 41 and 43 are doing a second collection for the Animal Shelter to celebrate “LOVE of Animals Week. These fourth graders are starting Animal Adaptations in science class and will be incubating some live chicks soon. The children are also preparing for a DRESS UP book report day for a biography of their choice. On this day the children will come dressed up as the character that they read about in their biographies and they will be ready to respond to interview questions as if they were that person. Based on the characters responses, the children will then guess who they are interviewing. (The kids are very excited about this.)

Off to a Tropical Climate

The second grade students in Room 32 have been “spending time in the rainforest”. Incorporating reading research and written language, the children have developed an expertise on the animals of the rainforest. As a culminating activity, the children each created an animal they selected out of clay. They developed an informative “tri-o-rama” to display their animals and research. Mrs. Fernandes shared that the children did a great job!

Acts of Kindness Abound

This past week the students at Palmer River have been actively engaged in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week. Students and staff at Palmer River Elementary School have been busy this week keeping track of all the acts of kindness that happen in their school. They have created a Wall of Kindness to celebrate these kind acts. For each good deed that the children did, a red paper brick was added to the “Wall of Good Deeds”. There are over 200 bricks on the wall and it keeps growing and growing. The children were very excited about the wall’s growth over the week span. Brick by brick the children of Palmer River showed that they could show caring classroom and school behavior toward others. Congratulations to all the bricklayers out there! You have proven that Palmer River is a school full of kindness. We are very proud of our students and hope that the random acts of kindness continue…a week went by so quickly!

Snip-its of Seekonk Sponsors Biomes Tank at Myron J. Francis Elementary School

Walking into the foyer of the Myron J. Francis elementary school in Rumford is an educational and relaxing experience thanks to Snip-Its of Seekonk. Snip-Its has generously sponsored the Biomes tank which is located in the front hallway where all the children gather at various times throughout the day. The fish tank is filled with several different types of fish and has educational material available which describes the tank’s inhabitants. There is a spot to sit and gaze at the aquatic delight so that children and adults alike can take a much needed break and relax to the soothing sights of the fish swimming and the sea life pulsing. The Biomes tank is the first thing that visiting children gravitate towards. The tank provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to enter into conversations about their favorite fish and often you will find a child puffed up with pride while explaining facts that they have learned from the Biomes materials. “This is only one example of how Snip-Its has partnered with local schools to support the children. They have run several fund raisers where a portion of the proceeds from services provided at the salon in Seekonk benefit a local school,” according to PTO President Jo-an Cox. “Our business depends on the support of the local community and we feel strongly that it is critical to support the local schools”, stated Trish Harrington salon owner. Snip-Its has shown that they are not just a local business but that they a partner in caring for our children both in the schools and in their store. The Myron J. Francis community appreciates their dedication and generosity.

Snip-its of Seekonk Sponsors Biomes Tank at Myron J. Francis Elementary School

Vendors Needed! Sponsored bby the Myron J. Francis PTO Annual Family Fun Fest! Saturday, May 7th (rain date May 14th) Myron J. Francis Elementary School 64 Bourne Avenue, Rumford 10am to 2pm

Students from Palmer River stand in front of the Wall of Good Deeds.

First Come First Served – Space is Limited & Filling up Fast! Get Your Applications Now! Email:

March 2011 The Reporter


Beckwith Middle School News Dates to Remember

Mar. 9 Principal’s Coffee 4 p.m. Mar. 11 Progress Reports issued Mar. 18 Grade 5 Social Mar. 18 Student Council Dance 7 p.m. Mar. 21 Early Release at 11:30 a.m. Mar. 23 Early Release at 10:30 a.m. Mar. 24 Faculty Basketball game Mar. 31-Apr 1 – Walking on Sunshine 7p.m.

Geography Bee

Beckwith Middle School held the annual National Geographic Bee Monday, January 24. After two preliminary rounds held in December, ten students made it to the final round. David Simpson, Joe Marcille, Brittany Sousa, Matt Andrade, Jon Ursillo, Gavin Turner, Matt Pray, Justin Tetreault, Jessica Potter, and Jeff Muri competed in front of a great audience of seventh and eighth graders and their teachers. Ms. Freeman and Mr. Hamilton tallied the scores during the competition while Miss Bradley hosted and judged the event. The first-round tested competitors’ knowledge of U.S. states. Joe, Matt Andrade, Matt Pray, and Justin continued on to the secondround topics on longitude and latitude. Matt Pray and Justin battled it out in a long championship round, with Matt Pray finally gaining the lead and winning the Bee. The winning question: The Suez Canal extends off which Sea? Matt answered the Red Sea correctly. He will continue on to take the state test. In March we will hear if he qualifies for the state competition. Good Luck Matt!

Math Team

On January 14 the Beckwith Math Team had their first meet in Norton. They had a lot of fun, met students from different schools, and, of course, did math. The top scorer for Beckwith was Rebekah Philip. There was a three-way tie for second between Matt Pray, Anthony St. John, and Nikita Bansal. They worked very hard and will continue to do so for their next meet in May at Dighton. Our math team members are Nikita Bansal, Tara Dwyer, Sophia MacMaster, Lily Mercer, Matthew Pray, Abigail Bushell, Sarah Hirst, Emma Maslen, Rebekah Philip, Anthony St. John, Matt Kucia, Fiona McCann, Jessica Potter, and Alexandra Weddell.


it U

ure fut e g th din

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sr han ehob ds, o hea thch il rts and dcare hom .co m es Assoc.

Rehoboth Family Childcare

North Dighton Stacie l Ruffini • 1-774-872-0191 Rehoboth Nancy Brockmann • 1-508-252-4920 Pat La Croix • 1-508-252-3240 Joanne Plumer • 1-508-252-1252 Kim Ranley • 1-774-254-1240 Seekonk Cheryl Silva • 1-508-336-0436


James Fisk 508.761.7073 508.400.1951

Residential Site work

Title 5 Septic Installer Perk Test & Plans

•Excavation •Utilities •Bobcat Work •Foundations

Licensed & Insured

Physical Education Classes

During the third quarter in Physical Education classes, students will be participating in fitness testing. Grade 5 testing will include curl-ups, right-angle push-ups, shuttle run, and sit and reach. Testing for grades 6, 7, and 8 will include sit-ups, pull-ups (boys)/ flexed arm hang (girls), standing long jump, and shuttle run. Given only two days out of a six-day cycle for physical education, students should be preparing for these fitness tests at home in addition to what is being done in school. During the fourth quarter, the outside tests will be administered including the mile run/walk for grade 5 and the 600-yard run and 50-yard dash for grades 6, 7 and 8. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Miss Miller or Mr. Lampman at school.

Work Ethics

Again this year all seventh grade students are participating in the Work Ethics Program. We are seeking to further our students’ understanding of the importance of education and quality work habits such as attendance, punctuality, responsibility, civic pride, involvement, attitude, and effort. Presentations are given in the classroom during the school day. Guest speakers come from varied careers and share information, such as how they chose their profession, the type of training and education needed, job responsibilities, rewards/consequences of good/poor work habits, additional involvement such as community service

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The Reporter March 2011





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During the month of January we were fortunate to have Kari LeBaron speak on the Wellness Program, Jason Szczoczarz who is an airbrush artist, Andy Foelsche who is an engineer, Kim Chrystie who is in advertising, and Dawn and Anthony Houlker who are teachers.

Celebration of Poets

Students in Mrs. Gelene Sousa’s classes have been writing poems and submitted them to Creative Communications for a competition. Fifteen Beckwith students’ poems were selected for publication. Congratulations to these students: Luis Arocho, Jarred Braga, Ben Brex, Caroline DeCoste, Sara Enos, Mitchell Green, Mitchell Harney, Yendee Ho-Rath, Jenna Massoud, Ian Smiley, Sam Smith, Alec Sousa, Liza Sousa, Raquel Sousa, and Holly Wentworth.

Lady Raiders Basketball

The 2010-2011 Lady Raiders basketball season is now in the record books! With a record of 15 wins and 1 loss, the team accomplished what no other girls team in school history could do. They won the Massasoit League Championship! The girls worked hard throughout the season. The team was lead by 8th graders Jessica Potter, Maddie Jolin and Emma Maslen. This was Emma’s first year playing and she improved tremendously throughout the season. Jessica Potter has been with the team for 3 years and was a role model for the younger team members. Maddie Jolin led the team in scoring with a total of 220 points. Congratulations to the entire team and Coach Carol Jerauld on a great season!

Raiders Basketball

Tom Nerney - Licensed Construction Supervisor Licensed Home Inprovement Contractor

The Beckwith Raiders boys basketball team was coached by Kyle Neville this year and showed significant improvement throughout their season. Their hard work and dedication showed as they finished the season strong with a record of 8-8. Each member of the team contributed in a positive way throughout the season. The members of the team were Kyle Rose, Alex Richardson, Chris Trudeau, Chandler Horton, Matt Doane, Chris Duffy, Alex Renzi, Mike Rotondo, Jay Bingham, Seth Lundstrom, Jacob Cabana, Cameron Reed, Jake Salera, Jon Ursillo, Keagan Cox, and Peter Taraian. Congratulations on a great season!

No one offers a better deal!

Just a friendly reminder that the next Principal’s Coffee will be held on Wednesday, March 9 at 4:00 p.m. in the Beckwith library. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Principal’s Coffee Attendance News

As some of you may have noticed, we have started to use OneCallNow in our efforts to alert parents when their children are absent from school. These calls will be helpful especially in situations, for example, where a parent may be at work and did not know that the child missed the bus that day so he/she could not be at school. The calls will be based on the day’s attendance. If a parent calls the school to notify us that the child is absent or will be tardy that day, we will remove the child’s name from the call list.

Spirit Week

Spirit Week 2011 will begin on Friday, March 18 with a spirit dance. Wear your Blue & White to receive a free pirit drink. Monday, March 21 will be Mix & Match day. Wear your stripes with your polka dots! Tuesday, March 22 will be Twin day. Dress up like a friend. Wednesday, March 23 will be Sports day. Wear your favorite team jersey. Thursday, March 24 will be Blue & White day. The Faculty basketball game will be held after school on Thursday, March 24, until 4:00 p.m. The Faculty will play members of the Raiders and Lady Raiders basketball teams. The cost is $3. Friday, March 25 is Color day. Each grade wears theirs class colors: 8th grade - red, 7th grade - green, 6th grade – orange and 5th grade - purple. Show your school spirit and participate in these fun events!


Earlier this month eighth grade student Nikita Bansal competed against vocal students from thirty-one schools in southeastern Mas-

March 2011 The Reporter

sachusetts. She was selected as a member of the SEMSBA Chorus. Nikita will represent Beckwith Middle School in the SEMSBA Festival this coming May.


The Attleboro Arts Museum featured a SMARTS Art gallery exhibit throughout the month of February. The SMARTS Art exhibit featured work of middle school artists including the following Beckwith students: Caroline DeCoste, Matt Andrade, Ashley Szczoczarz, David Simpson, Kylie D’Ambrosio, Ashley Rossi, Bram Stebbings, Nicole Bourgault, Emily Moran, Syvanna Caponigro, Taylor Durand, Emma Masse, Kim Reilly, Jake Salera, Raina Parente, Emmie Waterman, Alyssa Carlson, Sophia MacMaster, Evaline Rodrigues, and Darian Crosby.

Walking on Sunshine

Beckwith is proud to present this year’s musical, “Walking on Sunshine” written and directed by Jeff Collard and choreographed by Ashley Jutras. The shows will be performed on March 31, April 1, and April 2nd at 7 p.m. each evening. Come back with us to the glorious 1980s and revel in the music and gaudiness of those good times.

Pearls of Wisdom




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225 Newman Ave.(Rt 152) Rumford, RI on Seekonk line

Today is non-returnable; make it unforgettable! --Author unknown

*Info at Beckwith Website*

Please check our website periodically for the latest information and memos. and follow the Beckwith links.

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Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School Builders Club Launches Key Drive

The Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School Builders Club is pleased to be sponsoring Key for Hope, an organization which collects and recycles unwanted metal keys. The proceeds go toward helping inner city schools, homeless shelters, and local food pantries. The Key Drive runs from February 7, 2011, through February 28, 2011. We are asking students and their parents to bring us keys that are no longer needed. It is a great “kids helping kids” program to improve the lives of others in need. Key for Hope, a nonprofit organization, is the force behind this and other key drives conducted throughout the year. The mission of Key for Hope is to fund and directly support local programs that help to improve the lives of the less fortunate. “We believe that kids are instrumental in making our foundation a success,” says Ralph Greenberg, who founded Key for Hope. “Many of the participating schools are convinced that our program has inspired many children as it relates to the importance of volunteering and helping to improve the life of someone they don’t know.” Greenberg says that more than 00 million metal keys are simply thrown away each year. The keys could do so much to help others, let alone our environment. Key bins are located in the front and tower lobbies of Hurley Middle School. For more information, visit or call 80099-52.

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The Reporter March 2011

Rehoboth Head Start

The children at the Rehoboth Head Start have been spending a lot of time learning about Pizza. They went on a tour at Papa Ginos , they sing lots of songs, know how to spell Pizza, have read lots of books and poems… with the favorite Poem called “A Pizza the Size of the Sun”, by Jack Prelutsky. To end the unit the children all created a “Pizza the Size of the Sun”, actually an 8 foot pizza in the snow! This was made with a generous donation of 100 pounds of bird seed from Munroe feed on Fairview Ave. in Rehoboth, and donations of all types from the children themselves. They “cooked & cut up” pieces of fruit, veggies and breads and added more seed from home. We joined hands after trudging through the deep snow to make a circle. We then made the crust and adding the sauce and toppings. We went inside for lunch and before we knew it… squirrels, doves, blue jays, cardinals, finches were all feasting away on our pizza. We have a wonderful view from our classroom window to enjoy watching the animals enjoy the winter feast. (please see attached photos.)

Entire class outside in the snow with our 8 foot “Pizza the Size of the Sun”

The squirrels and birds feasting on the pizza.

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Christina & Karis of Rehoboth and Tru Leigh of Dighton cutting up veggies and fruits to bring outside.

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Maxwell from Seekonk making an ABC play dough pizza!

March 2011 The Reporter


The D-R Bulletin Board

from Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School 2011 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award Winners

The Art Department is very happy to announce the 2011 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Award winners. This year’s entrants were chosen from over 15,000 entries state wide. Every Art course offered at DR was represented either as an honorable Mention Award a silver key, or a gold key winner. Our Seniors excelled in the portfolio judging with 4 out of 6 portfolios being recognized as a gold key winner. The exceptional quality of work by this year’s seniors was recognized by the judges and given highest honors. All our Gold Key winners will be moving on for nation wide judging, in both individual work and Portfolio. Results are announced in April, and we are hoping for even greater success. Our student work will be on display at the Transportation Building in Boston from Sat 12th Feb till March 6th. This year’s winners are: Jessica Im -Painting – Gold Key Alex Correia – Painting – Gold Key Rachelle Lemay – Painting – Silver Rachelle Lemay – Painting – Silver Rachelle Lemay – Printmaking –Honorable Mention Kayla – Fisk – Printmaking – Honorable Mention Sarah Nichols – Printmaking – Honorable Mention Suzie Newman – Painting – Honorable Mention Suzie Newman – Painting – Honorable Mention Amanda Laura – Painting - Honorable Mention Amanda Laura – Painting – Honorable Mention Portfolio Winners Jessica Im – Gold Portfolio Art (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking) Gloria Im – Gold Portfolio Art (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking) Maia Conlon – Gold Portfolio Art (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking) Shaun Gingers – Gold Portfolio Photography

Tickets Now on Sale for Linden Place’s Annual Fourth of July Parade Picnic!

Bristol, R.I. — Linden Place, an 1810 Federal mansion in the heart of Bristol, RI will be hosting its Annual Fourth of July Parade Picnic on Monday, July 4, 2011. Located directly on the historic Bristol Fourth of July Parade route, Linden Place will be offering reserved bleacher-style seating, tables and chairs under the shade of the Linden trees, a continental breakfast and picnic lunch, restroom facilities and elbow room! Watch the annual parade in patriotic style and support the restoration of this Bristol landmark! Tickets are $60 for adults, $45 for children and include both breakfast and lunch. Linden Place members receive a $10 discount on tickets. Stop by the Linden Place office to reserve tickets at 500 Hope Street, by telephone at (401) 253-0390 or visit This event sells out every year, so get your tickets early. Friends of Linden Place is a non-profit organization responsible for the restoration and preservation of the historic house museum at 500 Hope Street in Bristol, Rhode Island, and for the promotion of cultural, artistic, and educational programs in the community. The mansion and grounds are open to the public from May to October, during the holiday season, and also by appointment.

DR High School Seniors Hitting the Road for Annual Scholarship Drive

Students from the Dighton Rehoboth Senior class will be hitting the roads of both Dighton and Rehoboth: March 11, 12 and 13, 2011 for the 51st Citizens Scholarship Foundation Annual Door-to-Door Campaign. The goal of the Foundation is to offer as much financial help as possible to as many students as possible! Over the past 50 years the foundation has awarded almost 1 million dollars to graduating seniors who plan to further their education in colleges and vocational schools. Last year the Foundation awarded over $55,000 to over 100 students. This money comes from the door-to-door solicitations from the students, as well as donations from local businesses and civic organizations. Teams of students will solicit door-to-door on March 11, 12 and 13, with each team in a specified neighborhood. The towns of Dighton and Rehoboth have a long tradition of excellence in education and in supporting the children in their communities. We appreciate the continued support of the community as our students pursue higher education. All contributions are fully tax deductible and may also be mailed to: Citizens Scholarship Foundation, P.O. Box 696, Rehoboth, MA 02769

Dighton Rehoboth Theatre Company presents

Tony Award’s ‘Best Musical’ of 2002! Book By: Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan New Music By: Jeanine Tesori New Lyrics By: Dick Scanlan Original Story and Screenplay by: Ricard Morris for the Universal Pictures Film

Thoroughly Modern


March 24th at 6:30 pm


March 25th at 6:30pm


March 26th at 1:00pm

Dighton-Rehoboth High School Auditorium 2700 Regional Road, North Dighton, MA 02764 Millie

is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 Phone: 212-541-4684 Fax:212-397-4684

Tickets: $8.00 Adults $5.00 Children and Senior Citizens

For reservations call 508-252-5025 x753


The Reporter March 2011

News And Notes From

Blanding Library by Leslie Patterson

Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 8:00pm

Friday & Saturday 10:00 - 4:00pm

124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA 508-252-4236,

Book Sale April 1-3:

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The Blanding Library will hold its annual used book sale the weekend of April 1-3. This is the library’s main fundraiser for the year. Friday night from 5 to 8 p.m. will be the special preview sale for members of the Friends of the Blanding Library. If you are not a member, you may join at that time for as little as $5. New this year: member’s preview sale is also open to members of the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society. The general sale will be held on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will also include a bake sale, yard sale/flea market, and silent auction. A clearance sale of books only for $2 a bag will be on Sunday morning from 9 a.m. to noon. Here is how the Saturday yard sale works: individuals may rent a table (picnic-size) for $15, payable by April 1. You set up the table, sell your own merchandise, and take away unsold items at the end of the day. We cannot dispose of unsold flea market items for you. How else can you help with the book sale? Donate used books in good condition (no textbooks or magazines please). Bring them into the library during business hours only. Do not leave them outside or put them in the book drop. We can also donations of baked goods for the bake sale and donations of goods and services for the silent auction. We will need volunteers to staff tables at the sale and of course, many people to come and buy things. If you have any questions on the sale, call the Blanding at 508-252-4236.

93 Tremont St., Rehoboth, MA Tim Dorrance -Owner

New Language Learning System (Byki)

Available through the Blanding as of March 1 is Byki (say Bye-key), which stands for “Before You Know It”. This is an online, interactive rapid learning system to help users


Appliance Repairs (508) 336-6226

ALL MAKES & MODELS Washers • Dryers Refrigerators • Ranges Microwaves • Dishwashers Disposals • etc. 28yrs Experience • MASTER LIC. #2505

learn a new language in the shortest possible time. Look for more information to follow, especially on potential use in the schools. You can also inquire at the front desk or look up details on www. or find out more at

More Thanks to Volunteers

We’d like to thank these volunteers at the Blanding for their help: Jacquelyn Amaral, Naomi Swallow, Ashley Young, Allison Macbeth, and Jasmine and Elicia Paille. We’d also like to say thanks to Avis, Cotton, Ernie and Lyn for bringing their wonderful dogs in to participate in the Puppy Pals Reading Program. A note from the staff at the Blanding: If you don’t see the book or DVD you are looking for on the shelf, inquire at the desk. A staff member can reserve an item for you if it is currently checked out, or better yet, show you how to use the SAILS system (it’s very easy) from either the library or your home computer. You can always find out the latest at the Blanding by calling 508-252-4236 or on www.

Writing for Fun, ages 10 and up

StoneScapes Specializing in all styles of stone masonry with over 25 years experience

• STONEWALLS • FIREPLACES • PATIOS • WALKWAYS Call for a free estimate

MARK CARVALHO • (774) 229-6360

Tues, Apr. 19 from 1 to 3 p.m.

at the Blanding Library Do you enjoy writing? This program encourages creative writing fun as you compose poems, ads, stories and journal entries. You must register in advance for this program. Story and Craft Hours for Kids Ages 3 - K at Blanding Library March 2 through April 14 Wed. 10-11 a.m. or Thurs. 2-3 p.m. Registration required.

Tot Time for Children under 3 (program with books, music & movement, 20-30 minutes) at Blanding Library Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. from March 1 through April 12 Registration required.

March 2011 The Reporter

Seekonk Public Library Bonds 101

Seekonk, MA –The Seekonk Public Library is pleased to Bond Basics 101 with Tom Powers of Moors & Cabot on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Large Meeting Room. Learn how to buy different types of bonds and use free research tools. One major impact of the recent recession is that some investor’s confidence in the stock market remains low. As a result over the last couple of years there has been a strong enthusiasm for bonds and bond funds. It is important that individual investors understand not just the reasons investors find bonds attractive, but all their advantages, and disadvantages as well. Investors should also know where they can get accurate information on the bond markets. We will explain the different types of Bonds, methods investors use to buy bonds and bond alternatives, information on free, reliable sources of online, and different strategies investors can use. This program is free and open to the public. Contact the Information Desk at 508-336-8230 ext. 130 for more information.

Field of Screams

Seekonk, MA –Hear author Dan Gordon share spooky behind the scenes stories from Major League Baseball Players from his book Field of Screams on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Large Meeting Room at the Seekonk Public Library. Seekonk native Dan Gordon co-wrote the critically acclaimed “Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends & Eerie Events” in 2007. This all new collection, “Field of Screams: Haunted Tales from the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room, and Beyond,” captures even more bone-chilling, heartwarming, and hilarious stories that make their way around clubhouses, team buses, and water coolers. The “Field of Screams” roster includes Derek Jeter, Matt Kemp, Barry Bonds, Ichiro Suzuki and hundreds more. Stories from his books have been shared on NPR’s “Only A Game,” Sporting News Radio, LA Times, NY Post, and more. Gordon will share how he researched and wrote “Field of Screams” and give us an entertaining and eerie look at our national pastime. This program is free and open to the public. Contact the Information Desk at 508-336-8230 ext. 130 for more information.

Ready, Set, Garden Success

Seekonk, MA –The Seekonk Public Library is pleased to present Ready, Set, Garden Success! on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 6:30 pm in the Large Meeting Room. Larry Hindle of Evergreen Tree and Landscape Service will show you how to prepare your garden for great results. Find out how to begin gardening for the first time or tips to make your garden it’s most fruitful ever. This program is free and open to the public. Contact the Information Desk at 508-336-8230 ext. 130 for more information.

No one offers a better deal!

Call 508.252.6575 to Advertise!!!


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Family Day Care


TTLSFDC is an in-home curriculum based day care located off 152 in N. Seekonk. Breakfast, AM snack, Lunch & PM snack are provided through a Nutritional food program.

tly Curren g in enroll e g all a s

Please contact us at 508.639.9809 or

Here for Annuities Life Insurance Long-Term Care Your Family's Needs Russell Hetu 508-336-6425

Knights of Columbus


to Advertise Call 508.252.6575

SPECIAL NEEDS PLANNING The best interest of all family members is served when you secure the counsel of an experienced attorney who practices Special Needs Planning. Attorney O’Brien-Foeri provides: · Trusts · Conservatorships · Guardianships · SSI Applications · Health Care Proxy · Durable Power of Attorney

In-Home Appointments Available 1-508-336-9910 • 492 winthrop Street, P.O. Box 222, Rehoboth, MA 02769

Law Office of Lori J. OBrien-Foeri PROViDing eState, meDiCaiD & DiSabilitY Planning


The Reporter March 2011

Scouts Scouting Blood Drive Saturday March 19th at the Blanding Library starting at 10:00 a.m.

Please stop by to support the Rhode Island Blood Center.

Junior Troop 1379 explores Boyden Refuge

Cadette Troop #866 held their Cookie Booth Sale

Cadette Troop #866 held their Cookie Booth Sale in February at Stop & Shop Seekonk. The girls would like to thank everyone who stopped by and supported their sales. The troop plans to fund future field trips with their profits. Hopefully they will attend the annual Rehoboth/Seekonk Troop Camp Out at Promising Acres in May!

Rehoboth Junior Girl Scout Troop 1379 explored the many trails at Boyden Wildlife Refuge in Taunton. The troop hiked along the river, over the bridges and down the tree lined paths. The girls enjoyed their outdoor adventure!

Tiger Cubs from Pack 1 Rehoboth earned their bowling belt

The Tiger Cubs from Pack 1 Rehoboth earned their bowling belt loops and pins. Pack one would like to thank the Bowling Academy

in East Providence, for helping the boys achieve this goal and giving the boys and their siblings, a tour of how the lanes work.

March 2011 The Reporter


A.M. Carpentry


(508) 222-6573 Wood & Vinyl Siding Roofing • Decks Cement Work Additions & Restorations New Construction Remodeling Rehoboth, MA LICENSED & INSURED

MA #058544 Reg # 111902 RI# 7169

Brownies Learn Tae Kwon Do

Seekonk Brownie Troop 60 visited Lovett Tae Kwon Do Studio in pursuit of their “My Body” Try-it. The studio treated the Troop to a wonderful show and helped them learn some real moves. The girls enjoyed the challenging workout and had lots of fun too!

DYER PLUMBING & HEATING Co. Providing quality service since 1977

for All Your Plumbing & Heating needs • SERVICE • REPAIRS • REPLACEMENTS • INSTALLATIONS Residential & Commercial

Call Don Dyer - East Providence, RI 401-438-0770 • 508-252-9074 • Cell 401-954-1101 RI Lic MP

1331 MA Lic 23639

RI Pipefitter 1369

Bay State

seWAGe dIsPosAL InC. 508-822-0766 • 508-947-2636 Toll Free 1-888-822-0766

We Handle Everything Pumping • Repairs • Inspections Emergency Service

Girl Scouts Searching for Seals!

In February, Rehoboth Girl Scout Troop 1391 spent a winter day in the City by the Sea. The troop had fun ice skating and had an adventurous seal watch. They also enjoyed a little shopping in Newport. Pictured are the girls standing on the dock in front of the Save the Bay boat.


200 Norton Ave. Taunton • 105 Kingman St. Lakeville

The Reporter March 2011


Pack 1 Den 5

Pack 1 Den 5 leader Tom Gordon instructs his scouts on the rules of chess. (*Left) Once they have the rules down, the scouts then play each other in order to earn their chess belt loop. From left to right, Ben, Michael, Ryan and Jonathan. (*Below)

Anawan Fire Association House Number Order Form

Reflective Sign Only $15

Make Checks payable to: Anawan Fire Association 334 Anawan Street Rehoboth, MA 02769

Name:____________________________ Address:__________________________ Phone:___________________________ Please write your address number below...

Brownies Travel the Stars!

(above) Rehoboth Brownie Troop 628 had an ‘out of world experience’ at the Krupowicz Planetarium in January. The girls traveled our Solar System and visited other planets without leaving the planetarium, of course! The troop enjoyed a day learning about our earth and beyond while participating in various fun scientific activities.

Boy Scout Troop 1 Court Of Honor

A couple of weeks ago Boy Scout troop one Rehoboth held a court of honor. 12 scouts earned merit badges from going to the Rhode Island merit badge college. A bunch of the boys also went to the Klondike derby that was held at Buxton in Rehoboth. Many awards were won. Fun was had by all.

March 2011 The Reporter


Daisy Artwork at Attleboro Arts Museum!

Rehoboth Daisy Girl Scout Troop 694 had an amazing artistic experience recently! These young girls challenged their painting skills by replicating oil paintings of master art works during their meeting. Their hard work was then viewed by the public. These colorful paintings were displayed at the Attleboro Arts Museum on February 19! The gallery was full of happy Daisies, beautiful artwork and proud family members. What a special day for all!

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D e n t a l

11:20 AM

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• In Addition, we offer bonding, tooth color fillings, crowns & implants. • Bleaching done in-house in less than 1 hour guaranteed.

#'4OZZ@WdS`/dS\cSÂ’@]cbS$ ! ASSY]\Y;/ %% WITHOUT REMOVING PAINFUL TOOTH STRUCTURE *In most cases. Š2007 Den-MatÂŽ Holdings, LLC. World Rights Reserved.

• Dentures that may be used immediately after extractions.

• Our experienced staff of dental professionals treat you gently with the most pain reducing techniques.

(508) 336-4006

• Permanently Whiten • Fix Uneven Spacing •Reshape Awkward Teeth

1590 Fall River Ave, Rt 6, Seekonk, MA (1/4 mile before Seekonk Speedway)

Open Evenings & Saturdays Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm, Saturday 9am-2pm

Easy Monthly Payment Plans


The Reporter March 2011


find it in the

Dining Guide


Recipes from the Cabin

Gift certificates available

Gift certificates available Catering For All Occasions Catering ForTake-Out All Occasions Call-In Orders Orders Open Take-Out 7 Days Orders Call-In Orders

Open 7 Days


Since 1989

Since 1989


Now offering delivery within 3 mile radius of Tito’s (Seekonk $25 Purchase Now offering delivery withinonly) 3 mile Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm, $20 minimum clip coupon & bring in for redemption. radius of Tito’s (Seekonk only) expires 3/31/11

Free WiFi in seekonk Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm, $20 minimum



Mon-Fri from 2-6pm $2 Drafts and Half Price Mon-Fri from Apps at the 2-6pm bar!

$2 Drafts and Half Price 651 West Mainbar! Rd. 1379 Fall River Ave. Apps at the Rte. 114 Middletown, RI 651 West Main Rd. 401.849.4222

Rte. 114 Middletown, RI 401.849.4222

Rte. 6 Seekonk, MA 1379 Fall River Ave. 508.336.2400

delivery Available Rte. 6 for Lunch Seekonk, MA 508.336.2400

Welcome to the cabin. Carnivores dwell here. Well, I suppose the members are actually officially omnivores, but they really love meat. They eat vegetables of course, but I have heard some members refer to salad and vegetable medleys as "rabbit food". And, given that the most favored entrée for party menus is Roast Tenderloin of Beef, it is clear that meat is very important to the membership here. And so, I have honed my vegetarian resume and repertoire on my personal chef clients. Unlike the blood-thirsty members, many of the clients for whom I prepare meals, prefer some, if not all, vegetarian dishes. Many of my friends and clients who eat only vegetarian complain that restaurants and the supermarket offer a very limited variety of vegetarian options. They are sick of pasta primavera, and living on side dishes. In the market, it's always a gamble to try the latest frozen vegetarian food substitute. Some food manufacturers create soybean products that try to be meat look-alikes; the fake bacon for example. It doesn't look like bacon or taste like bacon. Why certificates available bother? Most Gift vegetarians don't want a meat substitute. They just want nutritious andCatering filling meals. For All Occasions

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner– Catering WWW.TITOS.COM

“NEW EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS Call-In Orders Take-Out Orders BEGINNING JANUARY 12th.” Open 7 Days Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner– Catering New England's hottest sports bar, grill and nightspot! Breakfast – Lunch 6AM –Catering 10PMCatering TITO’S ––Dinner– Breakfast Lunch –DELIVERS! Dinner– Breakfast –Now Lunch - Dinner offering delivery within 3 mile

Since 1989

radius of Tito’s (Seekonk only) Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm, $20 minimum

6am-2pm, “NEWMonday EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS th “NEW EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS “NEWTuesday-Thursday EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS 6am-10pm, BEGINNING JANUARY 12 .” FIESTA TIME! th th 350 Fall River Ave, Seekonk MA (next to World Gym) BEGINNING JANUARY 12 .” Breakfast – Lunch Dinner BEGINNING 12 .”– Lunch - Dinner Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner– Catering 6AM –Catering 10PM Breakfast – Lunch – JANUARY Dinner– Breakfast Mon-Fri from 2-6pm Monday-Thursday 4pm-1am • Friday-Sunday Noon-1am 6AM –Sunday 10PM 6AM –7am-1pm 10PM ST. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATION $2 Drafts and Half Price 508-336-6634 • Monday 6am-2pm, Apps at the bar! MARCH WEDNESDAY, 17THBreakfast – Lunch - Dinner

Every Monday: Trivia Night with BIG ANT “NEW EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS Monday 6am-2pm, “NEW EXTENDED TUESDAY HOURS Tuesday-Thursday 6am-10pm, Monday 6am-2pm, 651 West Main Rd.10% 1379 Fall River Ave. th DAY CELEB ST. PATRICK’S th ST. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATION Senior Discount Every Tuesday: 2 for $2 TACOS/Karaoke Tuesday-Thursday 6am-10pm, Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight BEGINNING JANUARY .” MARCH Tuesday-Thursday BEGINNING JANUARY 12TH12 .” Rte. 114 Rte. 66am-10pm, WEDNESDAY, LIVE IRISH MUSIC, 6PM ST. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATION WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 Every Wednesday: $500 Beirut Tournament Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight Middletown, RI Seekonk, MA Sunday 7am-1pm Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 6AM –Tuesdays 10PM 6AM –& 10PM Mondays 401.849.4222 508.336.2400 CORNED BEEF GREEN BEER Every Thursday: Ladies eat FREE with Chris Gauthier LIVE Sunday&7am-1pm Sunday 7am-1pm LIVE IRISH LIVE IRISH MUSIC, 6PM MUSIC, 6P LIVE IRISH MUSIC, 6PM Every Friday: $1000 Karaoke CORNED BEEF & GREEN BEER *Regular Menu Also Available CORNED BEEF & GREEN Monday 6am-2pm, Monday 6am-2pm, 10% Discount *Regular Menu Also Available CORNED BEEF & Senior GREEN BEER Daily Specials Including *Regular Menu Also Avail SATURDAY MARCH ENTERTAINMENT Tuesday-Thursday 6am-10pm, Tuesday-Thursday 6am-10pm, 10% *Regular Senior Discount 10% Senior Discount Mondays & Tuesdays Varied Lunch & Dinner Specials Menu Also Available Cup of Soup & Salad $3.99 TH

Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight SEAFOOD, SURF & TURF, PRIME RIB Friday -Saturday 6am-12 Midnight 3/5: Take 3 • 3/12: What Matters? VariedMondays Lunch & Specials &Dinner Tuesdays Varied Lunch Dinner Spe Entertainment Every Saturday Starting& at 8:30PM Mondays & Live Tuesdays Sunday 7am-1pm Sunday 7am-1pm 3/19: Felix Brown • 3/26: No Means Yes SEAFOOD,1/2 SEAFOOD, SURF & TURF, PR Sandwich &&PRIME Cup of Specials Soup $4.50 SURF & TURF, RIB Varied Lunch Dinner Daily Specials Including Menu Available Online Live Entertainment Every Saturday Start SEAFOOD, SURF & TURF, PRIME RIB Live Entertainment Every Saturday Starting at& 8:30PM Specials Including 6 Daily Clam Cakes & Cup of Chowder $4.99 Cup of Soup Salad $3.99 Daily Specials Including st. Patty's Indian Hills Plaza, 503 Winthrop St. 10% Senior Discount 10% Senior Discount Live Entertainment Every Saturday Starting 8:30PM Rte. 44, at Rehoboth, MA Cup of Soup & Salad $3.99 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup $4.50 Cup of Soup & Salad $3.99 Menu Available Onlin Day Bash! Mondays & Tuesdays508-336-4361 Mondays & Tuesdays 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup $4.50 6 Clam Cakes & Cup of Chowder $4.99 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup $4.50 Mon. 6am-2pm Indian Hills Plaza thurs 3/17 Menu Available MenuOnline Available Online Hills Plaza, 503 Winth Tues.Indian - Thurs. 6am-10pm 6 Clam Cakes & Cup of Chowder $4.99 6 Clam Cakes & Cup of Chowder $4.99 -12Midnight Daily Specials Including Daily Specials Including 44, Rehoboth, MA 503 Winthrop St.Fri. & Sat. 6am Rte. coupon must be presented to receive discount.

20% OFF Dine in only. Applies to food only. May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Expires 4/15/11


• take 3 @ 7pm

& Cabbage Sun. 7am-1pm Hills Plaza Cup ofPlaza, Soup & Salad $3.99 Cup of Soup &Indian Salad $3.99 Indian Hills 503 Winthrop St. 508-336-4361 Rehoboth, MA 02769 Indian Hills Plaza, 503 Winthrop St. 503 Winthrop St. Indian Hills Plaza Indian Hills Plaza 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup $4.50 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup $4.50 Rte. 44, Rehoboth, MA Mon. 6am-2pm Rehoboth, MA 02769 Rte.6503 44, Rehoboth, Winthrop St. 503 Winthrop Clam Cakes &MA Cup ofSt.Chowder $4.99 Clam Cakes & Cup of Chowder $4.99 508-336-4361 Tues. - Thurs. 6am-10p Rehoboth, MA 02769 508-336-4361 Rehoboth, MA 02769 508-336-4361 Fri. & Sat. 6am -12Midn 508-336-4361 Indian Hills Indian Hills PlazaPlaza Mon. 6am-2pm 508-336-4361 508-336-4361 503 Winthrop 503 Winthrop St. St. Tues. - Thurs. 6am-10pm Mon. Fri. 6am-2pm Rehoboth, MA 02769 Rehoboth, MA 02769 & Sat. 6am -12Midnight

Sun. 7am-1pm

March 2011 The Reporter Some of the entrees and casseroles that I prepare that contain meat, but also have a lot of veggies, are easy to alter to vegetarian by simply not including the meat protein. Adding beans, if they are complimentary, can also work. To me, certain savory vegetables, like mushrooms, especially Portobello, and eggplant, are natural meat substitutes. A seasoned, stuffed and roasted Portobello mushroom cap, or grilled and prepared as a burger, can mimic a meat patty. Eggplant, in any form, is one of my favorite food items. My vegetarian clients love it too and so I have developed many ways to utilize this super healthy purple veggie. Yes, recipes this month are all about rabbit food. Anawan members need not read any further. You do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy these recipes, but you do have to love vegetables. For the Lentil Loafs with Mushroom Gravy, you form vegetarian loafs from lentils in much the same way you would a meatloaf mix. Using traditional meat and poultry spices, really makes this veggies entrée seem meaty, and forming the lentils into a firm loaf, creates a "bite", or texture with vegetables (not just a pile or mash-up), that is more common to some meat products. Eggplant Parmesan and Eggplant Lasagna are pretty common to most people. I love the following recipe for Stuffed Eggplant Rolls. I told my kids they were stuffed veal rolls and they fell for it for a while. You won't miss the meat. Lastly, a true rabbit dessert. If you like Carrot Cake, try making your own, it's so easy and comes out fabulous. You can easily customize this recipe to include or exclude any of the add-in items you wish. Have it with or without the raisins, nuts, coconut and pineapple. Let me be one of the first to say Happy Spring! Let's all eat each other rabbit food and say it was good, Chef Erin

Carrot Cake

(8-10 servings) 2 cups sugar 2 tsp baking soda 1 1/3 cups vegetable oil 1 ½ tsp salt 3 eggs 1 cup raisins 1 TBS vanilla 1 cup walnuts, chopped 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour 1 lb carrots (grated) 2 tsp cinnamon ½ cup pineapple, chopped

COUNTRY KITCHEN Serving Breakfast & Lunch

• Corned Beef & Irish Bread • Homemade Jellies CATERING AVAILABLE Breads - Banana, Pumpkin •Fresh Fruit Waffles• Holiday Baskets to order •Homemade Pies• •Fish-n-chips•

• Daily Specials • Take out Available (508) 336-9807 469 Taunton Ave., Rt. 44, Seekonk, MA

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6am-2pm, Sat. 7am-11am, Sun. 8am-12pm

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Let Everyone Know About the Delicious Local Flavor!

Frosting: 8 oz cream cheese, room temp ½ pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp ½ cup confectioner’s sugar Whisk together dry ingredients, flour, cinnamon, baking soda & salt. Set aside. In mixing bowl, beat sugar, oil, eggs and vanilla until smooth. Add dry ingredients, mix well. Fold in raisins, walnuts, carrots and pineapple. Spray 9” baking pan with nonstick spray. Bake at 350 degrees @ 1 hour, till test pick comes out clean. Whip frosting ingredients, till smooth and well-combined. Frost when cake is completely cooled.


Famous for our Wings, Pulled Pork & Steak Tips Over 30 Flavors of Sauce Huge Salads 12 Ft 12 Beers on Draft


March 17th st. Patrick’s Celebration Hours: Mon-Wed 11am11pm, Thurs-Sat 11am-1am, Sun 12pm-11pm

• Take-Out Available • Catering & Party Platters Available

Corned Beef dinner Cornned Beef sandwiches

• Karaoke every thursday & saturday 9pm-Close • every Monday All day 30¢ Wings • every tuesday 5pm-9pm 2 for 1 Appetizers

50 Central Ave., Rte 152 • Seekonk MA• 508-761-685 WWW.BONEYARDBARBECUE.COM


The Reporter March 2011

Seekonk Human Services Seekonk Human Services Staff Telephone: (508) 336-8772 FAX: (508) 336-2239 Executive Director Bernadette Huck Ext. 15 Administrative Assistant Phyllis Corbitt ext. 12 Art Therapist Editors of “Town Crier” Phyllis Corbitt & Kimberly Mallon Clerical Assistant Kimberly Mallon ext. 10

March 2011 Newsletter St. Patrick’s Day Party

@ Seekonk Human Services on Thursday, March 17, 2011: 10:00 A.M. Come join us as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Barney Mallon, who will serenade you with Irish songs and a sing a long. A delicious lunch of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots & dessert will be served for $3 following the entertainment. Please sign up for lunch by March 10th so that we will be able to accommodate you. A prize will be given to the three people that show the most “St. Patrick’s Day” spirit.

New England Spring Flower Show

Boston, MA. Wednesday, March 16, 2011. $60 per person. Departure time: 10:00 A.M. from Seekonk Human Services, 320 Pleasant St. Return: 5:00 -5:15 p.m. Full payment & meal choice are due upon reservation! Lunch included at Venezia – On – The – Waterfront Restaurant Luncheon choices: Baked haddock topped with Venezia’s seasoned crumbs, Steak Tips sautéed with vegetables, served over rice. Chicken Parmigiana & Pasta Afternoon visit to the Boston Flower Show at the World Trade Center Each Spring Boston hosts the region’s largest indoor flower show. Escape the gray days of winter and rejoice in the colors of the coming Spring where over 30 gardens provide “A Feast for the Senses”! For reservations, please contact: Seekonk Human Services @ 508-3368772.

2011 Fenway Park Tour

May 17, 2011 (Tuesday) Including Luncheon at the No Name Restaurant and Visits to the U.S.S. Constititution & Quincy Market. Cost: $60.00 Per Person. 8:30 A.M. Depart this morning from

Educational & Social Programs Karen Stutz ext. 14 (Monday – Wednesday mornings) Outreach Case Managers Veronica Brickley, LPN BA SOC ext. 17 (Monday, Wed, Friday) Outreach Assistant Nancy Rodrigues ext. 16 Senior Aides Carol Bragg, Loretta Ferreira, Elaine Miranda

Seekonk Human Services, 320 Pleasant St, for a great day in Boston. Our group will have a special, guided tour of Fenway Park beginning at 10:30 AM and your guide will provide a wonderful narrative of Fenway’s history and present day amenities. After you will enjoy a delicious luncheon at the No Name Restaurant, where a variety of fresh fish, beef and chicken is available off the menu. You’ll also tour the U.S.S. Constitution, “Old Ironsides” and Quincy Market Place. You will return home early this evening at 5:30 PM after a great day in Boston. For reservations, please contact Seekonk Human Services @ 508-336-8772.

Daylight Saving Time Begins On March 13, 2011

Don’t Forget To Turn Back Your Clock(S) Also, “Don’t forget to change your smoke detector batteries! If you have any problems changing your smoke detector batteries, please give us a call at 508-336-8772, and we will make arrangements for them to be changed.

Golden Pass

Any senior citizen who resides in Seekonk is eligible to obtain a Golden Pass from Seekonk Human Services. This will allow you to attend all Seekonk School functions such as plays, sporting events and concerts at reduced rates. You may get your pass at Seekonk Human Services, 320 Pleasant Street, 2nd floor.

Golden Pass Holders

Seekonk High School Auditorium presents “Fiddler On The Roof” March 4 and March 5 at 7:00 P.M. March 6th @ 2 P.M. General Admission is $8 $6 Seniors with a Golden Pass Students $6

Telephone: (508) 336-8772 FAX: (508) 336-2239 Executive Board Members Christine Allen Rene Andrews Anita Gendron Victoria Kinniburgh Anne Libby Lynne Neves Josephine Veader

*Center Hours

*Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Wednesday’s 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. at Town Hall *Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Massachusetts Tax Relief For Seniors

Tax Return Appointments – Every Thursday @ Town Hall until April 3, 2011 The Circuit Breaker tax credit is a state income tax credit for certain Mass. Residents age 65 or older who paid rent or real estate taxes during the tax year. The credit is for senior homeowners and renters who meet income limits and eligibility requirements. The maximum credit for tax year 2010 is $960. What are the income limits? *Your total income cannot be greater than these limits for the 2010 tax year. $51,000 single $64,000 head of household $77,000 married filing jointly The assessed value of the home cannot exceed $764,000 Total income includes some types of non-taxable income, such as social security, retirement, pensions and annuities, cash public assistance, tax-exempt interest and dividends, and certain other income.

How do I apply?

You must file a Massachusetts state income tax return to claim the Circuit Breaker Credit, whether or not you normally file a state tax return. You must include Schedule CB, Circuit Breaker Credit, with Form 1. A tax representative will be at the Town Hall to help you file the circuit breaker tax credit along with your Massachusetts income tax return. Appointments will be held every Thursday at the Town Hall between 9:00 – 11:00. Please call Seekonk Human Services at 508-336-8772 to make an appointment. Please bring the following with you to your appointment: A copy of last year’s tax return Water & sewer charges paid to the Town of Seekonk Form W-2 Wages 4 Real estate tax bills PAID in 2010

March 2011 The Reporter Any 1099 Forms you may have Any abatements or adjustments Any 2010 Public assistance ie: fuel assistance or food stamps Stimulus payments Purchase of a car – tax credit

Exploration Wednesday’s

10:00 A.M. @ Seekonk Human Services March 2, 2011 “Walk-In Baths Free Lunch Must attend the presentation March 9, 2011 “Osteoporosis – Strengthening Bones” Luca (YMCA) Lunch $3 Venus DeMilo Soup, bread & fruit March 30, 2011 “Senior Scam Awareness” Lunch $3 Chowder, tuna sandwiches April 6, 2011 “Sleep Program” Stacey & Bonnie Lunch $3 Pizza & Salad. Please call 508-336-8772 to sign up for any of the above lunches. Payment must be received in advance of the event.

Women’s Breakfast

March 2, 2011 – 8:30 A.M. Mary Beth DeLeo’s Restaurant Women – you are invited to join us for a delicious breakfast on the first Wednesday of every month. No reservations are required – just come and enjoy. There is no set amount for breakfast, the cost is up to you. You are also welcome to bring a friend with you.

Men’s Breakfast

March 10, 2011 8:30 am @ Brothers Seafood Restaurant Men of all ages are welcome to attend and no sign up is required. Bring a friend with you to enjoy a delicious breakfast. There is no set price for breakfast – the cost is up to you. A Water Department Tour Has Been Scheduled Following The Men’s Breakfast. You Are Responsible For Your Own Transportation To The Water Department.

Cardiac Prevention Clinic

March 16, 2011. 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon Seekonk Human Services holds a FREE clinic on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. This clinic is staffed by the same two exceptional nurses from South Coast Hospital who have been doing this clinic for several years. Why not take advantage of a FREE opportunity to check your cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure. While you are waiting you may ask the nurse about any concerns you may have or any medications you are taking. No appointment is necessary, it is first come, first served. This clinic is a perfect way to monitor your health each month.


March 23, 2011 @ 10:00 a.m. Seekonk Human Services Attorney Michelle Beneski will be at Human Services to speak on Elder Law. Come and learn what you need to know regarding Medicaid, Nursing Homes and anything that is relevant to senior citizens and their families. After her presentation, there will be time for you to ask questions. Lunch is $3 and includes pasta with meat sauce and salad. Coffee and pastry is also available before her presentation. Please pay for your lunch in advance. You will need to sign up at 508336-8772 for lunch. April 27TH TRIAD Bob Grinham will speak on Reverse Mortgages

Book Club

@ Seekonk Human Services. March 14, 2011 - “Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana de Rosnay. 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Everyone is welcome to join our new book club which will be held on the 2nd Monday of every month. Coffee and pastries will be available. If you have any questions, you may call Karen Stutz at 508336-8772.


March 9th, 16th & March 30th

Wednesday @ Seekonk Human Services 12:30 – 2:30

Come join the fun. Why not enjoy an afternoon playing cards with a great group of people. No sign up is required and pastry and coffee is available. If you have any questions you may call 508-336-8772.

Chef On A Shoestring

1:45 – 3:15 @ Seekonk Human Services Student chefs from Johnson & Wales give a cooking demonstration of recipes that are both economical and nutritious for one or two people. Please speak to Karen Stutz at 508-336-8772 for the date of the next class. This class is very popular, class size is limited.

Knitting Class

Monday’s @ Seekonk Human Services. 12:30 – 2:30 Ladies! You are welcome to join the knitting group on any Monday afternoon. Please bring your own knitting needles if you have them, yarn is provided. The knitters are busy creating hats, sweaters & mittens for infants in our town and seniors who need lap robes. If you are interested in “Knitting for the Needy” please feel free to drop in with your knitting needles or just to see what the group is all about. Yarn Is Always Needed! Please Drop Off At Seekonk Human Services Or Call 508-336-8772 If You Need It Picked Up.

“Brown Bag Senior Program”

The dates for “Brown Bags” are on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The next “Brown Bag” date is March 23, 2011.


* The Town Crier website link is Click on Departments Click on Human Services

Prescription Advantage

Are you having trouble affording the “donut hole” costs for your prescription drugs? Massachusetts has a state prescription assistance program called Prescription Advantage to help limited income seniors and low income disabled persons under 65 cover their prescription drugs. Membership in Prescription Advantage also entitles you to change your prescription drug plan once a year at any time of the year. To determine whether you are eligible for Prescription Advantage, call Seekonk Human Services @ 508-3368772 to make an appointment with a SHINE counselor.

GATRA Transportation

1-800-483-2500 Dial-A-Ride Cash Fares Each Way: Seekonk to Attleboro… $1.25 Seekonk to East Providence… $1.25 Seekonk to Rehoboth… $1.25


The Reporter March 2011

Seekonk… $1.25 Seekonk to Providence… $2.50 Seekonk to Pawtucket… $2.50 Seekonk to Barrington (upon availability)… $2.50 Any towns outside of these areas will be upon availability. Passes: 10 – Ride Ticket… $10.00 You can purchase a GATRA ticket at Seekonk Human Services or you can pay cash on the van. Tickets cannot be purchased on the van. If you are homebound and need a ticket please call Human Services @ (508) 336-8772.

Go Shopping With Gatra

Shopping trips are being offered by GATRA for any senior citizen who resides in Seekonk. The GATRA van will be picking you up at your home, but you must call 1-800-483-250-0 to schedule your pick-up time. Swansea Mall 1st Tuesday of every month 9:00 – 1:00 Wal*Mart/Target 3rd Tuesday of every month 9 : 0 0 – 10:30 Grocery Shopping Wednesday’s at Stop & Shop 8 : 3 0 – 9:30 Grocery Shopping Price Rite (2nd Thursday of month) 9:00 – 10:30 * Rides will be Free until further notice.

Gatra Photo ID’S

You Must Fill Out An Application And Make An Appointment by calling Stacey at GATRA at 1-508-222-6106 ext. 273. The representative will not be at Human Services if she doesn’t have any appointments. This is a great opportunity for anyone who needs a photo ID to get one in town, rather than travel to Taunton. The cost is only $3 and you will receive it in the mail within a couple of weeks.

Art Therapy

Started February 8 thru March 15 Oil paint is used as a medium and you are responsible to bring your own supplies with you to class. There is very limited space in this class. For more information please call Phyllis Corbitt at 508-336-8772 Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. * Note: Seekonk Human Services offers many legal, financial, recreational, medical screening and/or other activities and services by volunteers or nominal cost practitioner. Seniors participating in these services/activities do so with the understanding that Seekonk Human Services, the Town of Seekonk or its’ employees do not assume any legal or other responsibility for any advice or services rendered by such volunteers or nominal cost practitioners.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care Services

Community Counseling OF BRISTOL COUNTY

Specialties * Child & Family * Adults * Elders

* Addiction/Recovery * Psycho-pharmacology * Group Treatment * Day Program For Information or Appointment Call

Fully Credentialed Professionals MDs, PhD’s, LICSW’s & LMHC’s

Insurance & Managed Care Plans Accepted Medicare * Medicaid * MA/RI BC Harvard/Pilgrim * Value Options


366 WINTHROP ST. 508-252-3383


68 CHURCH GREEN 508-828-9116 TTY 508-823-6124

508 - 823-5400

Rehoboth COA The Rehoboth Council on Aging Monthly Board Meeting is now scheduled for the 4th Thursday of the month at 10:30 a.m. The next meeting will be held March 24th

Services available through the Rehoboth COA AARP Tax Preparation

Through the AARP Group 2010 Tax Return Assistance is available again on Fridays free of charge on Fridays through April 15th. Appointments are required. Please call the Rehoboth Council on Aging at 508-252-3372 to set up yours.

Fuel Assistance Application

Fuel Assistance Applications are available to those that need help during the winter season. Please call the COA to set up your appointment and to receive the list of required documents needed to qualify. The following are yearly income guidelines for the 2010 - 2011 heating season: “ Family of 1 - $30,751.00 “ Family of 2 - $40,213.00 “ Family of 3 - $49,675.00 “ Family of 4 - $59,137.00

S.H.I.N.E Counselor at your COA on Thursdays

The Rehoboth Council on Aging is pleased to convey that there is an S.H.I.N.E. Counselor every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by appointment. If you need assistance with Insurance, Medicare Part “D” or Prescriptions please call and set up your appointment. If you have any questions or require assistance with an application, please call the SHINE Program at 508-252-3372.

Podiatry Clinic with Dr, Marian Markowitz

Appointments start at 10am please call to schedule yours by calling 508-252-3372

Community VNA and Hospice & Palliative Care

The VNA of S. Massachusetts, Inc. and Hospice and Palliative Care will present “MY Life, My Way” on Monday, March 21st at 10:30 a.m. These “5 Wishes” lets your family and doctor know what you want done. Please come down to the COA and attend this presentation with your family or caregiver. Refreshments will be serve.

Meals on Wheels and Meal-site Information

Please contact our meal site for information on the Meals on Wheels program or the site meals served Tuesday through Thursday. A donation of $2.00 is requested for lunch, which consists of a main course, dessert and milk. Copies of the month’s menu are posted at the front door, on the reception desk and in the dining area for your review.

The COA Posts Community Information & “Free” Health Screenings & Support Groups

Please check the bulletin boards every time you come in to the Council on Aging for Free Health Screenings and Support Groups updates, we also post other important information that can be a benefit to you, family or friends.

March 2011 The Reporter


Rehoboth Council on Aging “H E A L T H B E A T” COA’s Fitness Corner “Wanabee Weight Meeting” Mondays, 11:30 a.m. Free

Come down and join our group of ladies support each other with their weight losses and gains. The best way to lose weight is with encouragement and support of friends. In this meeting we as a group will cover what we ate, if we exercised and share what we did if we lost weight. Meetings are held on Mondays at 11 a.m. prior to Gert’s Café.

Tuesday Tai Chi at 9:00 a.m. Cost $3.00 per Class

Try a graceful way of exercising which is easy on your joints. This method of balancing may be new to you, but it has a great positive outcome for any age.

Tuesday Aerobic (Line) Dancing 10:00 a.m. Cost $ 3.00 per Class

If you like to dance and have fun then this is the group is for you. Everyone is welcome to come in and try out some steps.

Balancing Exercise and Upper Cardio

This class is free and held on Wednesdays at 11am. There is plenty of room available in any or all of our classes if you care to join us. This activity uses weights and stretching bands and balancing done on exercise balls. You can also do this exercise class in chairs.

COA Social Gatherings Happy Heart Health Fair

The Rehoboth Council on Aging invites you to attend a “Happy Heart Health Fair” on Tuesday, March 15th from 9 a.m. to 12noon. Spring into fitness by joining in on all the fun! There will be Tai Chi and Line Dancing, Get your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol tested. See you then!

Registrar of Deeds at COA

At 10 a.m. on March 16th The COA welcomes Barry J Amaral Registrar of Deeds and staff on the preparation and filing a “The Homestead Act”. An informal discussion question and answer period and assistance will be available to individuals on the preparation and filing a Declaration of Homestead. Requirements: Deed book & page, filling Fee $36.00 Checks payable to Registry of Deeds BCND.

Gert’s Café

Lunch is served at Gert’s Cafe Monday’s at 11:5am. The menu consists of soup or salad, a main course, dessert and coffee or tea. The best part is!… You get this home cooked meal at the “bargain” price of $3.00. “March 1th is our St Patty’s Day Party, with corn beef and cabbage, entertainment and a few Leprechauns to make the party complete. Seating is limited. So make your reservation (which are a MUST) soon.

“Men’s Morning Coffee”

This is a group of “men” who meet Thursdays 9am to enjoy fresh coffee, pastry and conversation with old and new friends. Come on down and enjoy the morning with them and share your comments and ideas.

Card Games 3 Days a Week!

Cards are here at your COA! Mondays at 9:30 a.m. we have a cribbage group, Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. we have a ladies group that not only play cards but also games. Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. we have a Hi-Lo Jack group. All have a great time and are always looking for a few “new” folks to join them.

COA Craft Corner

Knitting and Crochet Group

If you ever wanted to learn more about knitting or crocheting, the Ladies of the Needles are always there to share their knowledge with you. Don’t be shy! Come in and join the group on Thursdays at 10 a.m.


Do you quilt or know of anyone who would like to come to our Quilting Group. There is always plenty of knowledgeable support offered. This group meets on Thursday s at 9:30 a.m.


Get Free or Discounted Cell phone service from Safelink Wireless.

Lifeline Assistance is part of a program that was created by the government to provide discounted or free cell phone service to income-eligible consumers. There is no cost or contract; you must be eligible for 1 of the following to participate: “ Food stamps program “ Mass. Comm. Blind benefits “ Fuel Assistance “ S.S.I.

March 2011

Council on Aging Newsletter Council on Aging Board meets at 10:30 a.m. 55 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA on the th Thursday of the month, Phone 508-252-3373 Fax 508-252-617 _______________________________ Hours of operation: Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Closed Fridays Kitchen hours: Monday through Thursdays 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon

“ E.A.E.D.C. “ Veterans Benefits “ Medicaid or Mass Health “ Public housing “ No one in your household currently has Lifeline Assistance with another wireless company “ Must be sent to USP address No PO Boxes “ Apply on www.safelinkwireless. com or by calling 1-800-977-3768 Important! Registration is required for all upcoming programs. All activities will have participant sign up sheets for them. Most of the Activity programs that are at the Council on Aging are free and open to the public. Some programs require minimum attendance; if there is no interest then that activity will be either cancelled or postponed. Please call 508-252-3372 for information on all activities or to sign up.

The Rehoboth Council on Aging (Municipal Department)

Mission: The Rehoboth Council on Aging shall coordinate and carry out programs designed to meet the problems and needs of the aging in Rehoboth, and shall do so in coordination with the Programs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Rehoboth Council on Aging shall: A. Provide, coordinate and link available resources to help meet the needs of the Town’s elders. B. Carry out programs and services to range from information community education, referrals, outreach, transportation, Meals on Wheels, health screenings, intergenerational activities, crafting programs, and other programs as offered.


The Reporter March 2011

News From The SHINE Program Serving Health Information Needs Of Elders SHINE News

Can You Change Your Medicare Plan Now? “Yes, if you were a member of a Medicare plan that ended on December 31, 2010 and you did not pick another plan for 2011 Between January 1 and January 31, 2011, you have a Special Enrollment Period to choose a Medicare plan, which will begin on February 1. After January 31, most people will not be able to make any changes until the next Medicare Open Enrollment Period, which in 2011 is moving to October 15 - December 7. “Yes, if you are unhappy with your Medicare Advantage Plan Between January 1 and February 14, 2011, you can drop your Medicare Advantage plan, return to Original Medicare and enroll in a Part D drug plan, which will begin the first of the following month. If you wish, you may also enroll in a Medicare Supplement (a Medigap) plan. Coverage will begin on the first of the following month. “Yes, if you are a member of Prescription Advantage, the state pharmaceutical assistance program, or are eligible to join Prescription Advantage At any time during 2011, you have one additional chance to change your Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan or to add a Part D drug plan, if you have none (a penalty may apply). In 2011, Prescription Advantage will continue to help most members with the cost of drugs in the “donut hole.” “Yes, if you have MassHealth or if you qualify for “Extra Help” (LIS) Every month, you can change your Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan. “Yes, if you are first becoming eligible for Medicare, or if you lose your current health insurance Special rules will apply. If you need help on any aspect of your health insurance, SHINE offers free counseling at your Senior Center. Call your COA and ask for a SHINE appointment. You can reach a SHINE volunteer by phone at 508-252-3372.

Organization Events And News:

The Best Is Yet to Come!

The Best is Yet to Come, a senior social group, meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center. The next meeting of The Best is Yet to Come is March 10th 2011 at the Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center, 55 Bay State Rd., Rehoboth, MA to be followed by a trip to the Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum. Following our meeting on April 14th at 12:30 p.m., we will enjoy our annual pot luck luncheon.

Members should bring items for the Rehoboth Food Pantry and/or the Rehoboth Animal Shelter for our monthly charitable donation. New members always welcomed. Call Marge Johnston for details. 508 252-4528. And remember…..The Best is Yet to Come.


Sheriff, Police and Seniors working together to enhance the lives of our seniors….. TRIAD meets at 10 a.m. on the 3rd Thursday of the month, the next meeting of TRIAD is March 16th 2011 at the Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center, 55 Bay State Rd., Rehoboth, MA.

Up Coming Activities

Rehoboth Triad’s Annual “Love in a Mug” scheduled for Wednesday February 2, has been postpone to Wednesday March 30th, 2011. The event will be held at the Council on Aging 55 Bay State Rd. from 4-5:30 p.m. Cost this year is $6. which includes a steaming hot bowl of soup, crackers, bread, coffee and dessert. Patrons are also able to keep their mug as a souvenir. Proceeds this year will benefit the Rehoboth Police K-9 unit. For tickets and/or more information, call Marilyn Henley (508) 252-9366 New Members always welcome. No Dues

Programs being offered through TRIAD are:

“Free “911” cell phones “File of Life “Are you OK? Program “Project Lifesaver. “Yellow Alert

Senior Citizens Club

The Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club is a Social & Charitable Club Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month at 1:30 p.m. at the Rehoboth Council on Aging. The following trip is being co-sponsored by the Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club and The Sandcastle Seniors and open to all. Wednesday June 22nd 2011 “Spirit Of Boston” 2 hour luncheon cruise on historic Boston Harbor where you will enjoy an outstanding buffet luncheon along with star quality entertainment and dancing followed by a trip to Quincy Market. Cost for this trip is $75.00 per person including bus driver’s trip and is open to everybody. Pick ups and drop offs will be in both Rehoboth and So. Attleboro. If interested, please call “Pete” at 508-761-5087.

The Friends of the Elderly Club

10 Emory Street in Attleboro

508.222.0118 or 800.220.0110

your choice . . . our skills

The Friends of the Elderly partly fund some services at the Rehoboth Council on Aging such as podiatry and cholesterol clinics. They meet at 3 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. New Members always Welcome.

Deadline for Submitting News


is now the 23rd of each month...

Serving, Attleboro, Easton, Foxboro, Franklin, Mansfield, No. Attleboro, Norton, Plainville, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Wrentham and others upon request.

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Call 508-252-6575

March 2011 The Reporter


Birth Announcements

McKenna Rose Duffy

Tanya Twiraga and Timothy Duffy of Rehoboth would like to announce the birth of their daughter, McKenna Rose Duffy. McKenna was born at 8:18 a.m. on February 5, 2011 at Women and Infants Hospital. She weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce and was 19 inches long. She is welcomed with open arms and lots of love by her family. Maternal grandparents are Sharron and John Chandler of Walpole. Paternal Grandparents are Bonnie Duffy of Raynham and Sean Duffy of Attleboro. Great grandparents are Rose Clasby, Grace and Ernest Reid, Joan Duffy and the late William Duffy.

Owen Gerard Fisher(right) and Chace Alan Fisher (left).

Scott and Erin Fisher of Norton would like to announce the birth of their twin boys, Owen Gerard (right) and Chace Alan (left). Owen was born at 10:10 a.m. on December 17, 2010 at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence. Owen weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 ½ inches in length. Chace was born at 10:12 a.m. on December 17, 2010 and weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20 inches in length. Maternal grandparents are Gerard (Jerry) and Rosemary Lavoie of Rehoboth and paternal grandparents are Alan and Gail Fisher also of Rehoboth.


The Reporter March 2011

The Hummel Report - In Rehoboth

The following is the transcript of an interview conducted by Jim Hummel with our BOS after the February 28 meeting. To view the video of the entire investigation visit... The Police chief here in Rehoboth has been under fire for the past several months - after a December drinking incident that has left lingering questions - and a no confidence vote from the rank-andfile. This week we find the chief has often been Missing in Action. It is just after noon on a weekday and the parking space behind the station reserved for Police Chief Steven Enos is empty, as it has been in the afternoon for weeks. In fact, most afternoons you can find Enos’s unmarked cruiser in the parking lot on the back side of this apartment complex at 5 Dodge Street in Pawtucket. The address may sound familiar because it is the one Enos gave to East Providence Police after they found him the night of Dec. 10 up the street from the Riviera Inn on North Broadway, lying on the sidewalk and screaming that he wanted to die. The chief - who admitted to drinking after driving to the Riviera earlier in the day while on the narcotic Vicodin, told police that night he had locked his service revolver in the cruiser and given the keys to a woman named Shelly. `Shelly’s’ address: 5 Dodge Street in Pawtucket. Over the past month The Hummel Report found Enos here day....after day....after day...after day.... One day at 10:30 in the morning, other times at noon. But mostly in the afternoon - all afternoon. For the past two weeks, with the exception of the President’s Day holiday, he left Pawtucket at 9 a.m., arriving at the station about 15 minutes later. Enos put in two or three hours, then returned to Pawtucket - one day going to this gym in Seekonk for a workout about 1:30 before returning to Dodge Street, where we found him again at 3 o’clock. So we asked the chief’s boss - Board of Selectman Chairman Ken Foley about it after Monday night’s meeting. Foley: ``He puts in, I don’t know, probably 60 hours a week. He’s on salary, so he has flexibility. I know he goes out nights days, weekends, it’s hard - in any leadership position like that he has to be flexible with his hours’ Hummel: ``He basically comes in about 9 o’clock, leaves about 11:30 or 12 and spends the rest of the day at this apartment in Pawtucket. What’s your reaction to that?’’ Foley: ``Like I say, that’s one side of the story, I’ll certainly look into it and...’’ Hummel: ``Would that be a problem for you if...’’ Foley: ``Let me...of course it would be a problem. Let me look into it.’’ Enos often keeps a patrol rifle in the trunk of the cruiser, which is now parked every night one block away from Prospect Heights, a low-income housing project that local police watch carefully because of its high rate of drug activity. The chief, who was hired in the fall of 2008, earns just shy of $95,000 a year and is eligible for a clothing allowance of up to $1,050. But by living in Pawtucket, the chief is violating a section of his contract that requires him to live in Rehoboth. In fact, he has not lived in town since he separated from his third wife last year. The contract also calls for him to contact the Board of Selectmen if he’s out of town for more than 2 hours. Hummel: ``The chief’s contract calls for him to live in town and is he doing that?’’ Foley: ``I assume he is, I don’t know. He lives on Blanding Road.’’ Hummel: ``So you don’t know for sure?’’ Foley: ``I don’t run around checking all the employees. I know he was living there. I have no reason to believe he isn’t living there.’’ Hummel: ``As the chairman of the board of selectman, should you know where he’s living if he’s not living in town?’’

March 2011 The Reporter Foley: ``I’d be interested to know, but like I say I don’t follow the chief. I don’t follow...we’re too busy, you know I haven’t been following that.’’ Hummel: ``We have been following him in the last month, month and a half he’s been residing every night in Pawtucket.’’ Foley: ``No kidding. That’s interesting.’’ Hummel: ``Is that a problem for you?’’ Foley: ``I’ll have to...let me hear the other side of the story. Let me talk to the chief before I comment.’’ The Hummel Report has also learned that the selectmen had to postpone a closed-door meeting with the chief last month - because they could not reach him. The chief did not return several phone calls placed to him from Town Hall - and officials were required to give him 48-hours notice of the meeting, forcing a postponement by one day of the meeting until they could reach him. Hummel: ``You had to put the hearing off a day because you couldn’t notify him, you needed a 48-hour advance notice. You said on that Monday meeting it was scheduled for Thursday, and it got pushed to Friday. That doesn’t ring any bells?’’ Foley: ``I don’t remember that, you may be correct. I don’t remember that.’’ The Hummel Report found the chief had the license plates on his cruiser changed last month, in part, because he was concerned about being followed by us.  The chief’s contract allows for quote: ``reasonable local personal use’’ of his cruiser. But we’ve learned the police car is his only vehicle - which may be why he took the cruiser to the party at the Riviera Inn in December. And that means taxpayers are picking up the cost for him to be commuting back and forth to Pawtucket. Enos, reached by telephone, refused to answer any of our questions until he spoke with Foley, including whether he is living in Pawtucket. He added that he would sit down with us for an interview quote: ``at an appropriate time.’’ Selectman Leffort, who is the liaison to the Police Department


said he was unaware of any of the issues we raised. Leffort: ``I don’t go around babysitting everybody.’’ Hummel: ``He’s your chief of police sir.’’ Leffort: ``But I got a business I run also. I can’t be watching these guys - I get paid zero dollars for three years. This is a fulltime job, almost.’’ Hummel: ``Who does the chief answer to then?’’ Leffort: ``He answers to the Board of Selectmen.’’ In Rehoboth, Jim Hummel, for The Hummel Report

Competitive Rates

Est. 1950

Serving Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Complete Insurance Service Auto • Home • Business • Life

Call 401-724-1660 664 Armistice Blvd, Pawtucket RI 02861


The Reporter March 2011

How You Can Help

Into the Wild

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation needs your help!

Please donate your lightly used clothing, small household items, jeans, books, and shoes. They also offer electronics recycling for a small fee and car donations. To schedule a free at home pick up please call 1.800.83.5503 or schedule online at www. Your donations help support the children involved in your local Big Brother Big Sister mentoring organization. Donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your help!

Foster Homes Needed For Kitten Season!

Hawk Sighting

I took this picture of a hawk hanging out on top of our birdhouse. This was taken from my kitchen window on Great Cedar Swamp Road in Rehoboth. We moved here in November, but this was my first hawk sighting - probably not a coincidence that it showed up five days after I hung up bird feeders. Odessa Holt

Sadly, soon, it will be yet another kitten season. Safe, loving homes are needed for kittens, Moms with babies, and pregnant moms. All food, vet care and litter is provided to the foster homes. If you would like to help homeless and abandoned cats and kittens, please contact Cat Adoption Team Services by sending an email to or call Rita 0133-196 Volunteers, willing to foster, from Providence, the East Side of Providence, East Providence, Barrington, Seekonk, Swansea, Warren are all welcome and needed! Thanks, Rita Falaguerra Cat Adoption Team Services


508-336-0151 1587 Fall River Ave • Seekonk, MA heating assistance accepted

Like Kids, Come Play With Us!

Horizons for Homeless Children is looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to play with children living in family homeless shelters in Barnstable, Bristol, and Plymouth Counties. If you have an extra 2 hours a week and a desire to make a difference in the lives of some wonderful children, then we have the volunteer opportunity for you! A six month commitment is required. Attendance at one of our training sessions is mandatory, and we have one coming up March 22/23 6-9p.m. (both nights required) in Boston and April 2nd in Bridgewater Area 9:30 a.m. - :30 p.m. Sign up today! Contact Annie Dantowitz at (508) 510-3250 or at for more information and an application, or fill one out online at www.

Volunteers Needed!

Did you know that 1 in every 50 children in the U.S will go to sleep without a home this year? Horizons for Homeless Children is looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteers to play with children living in family homeless shelters in Barnstable, Bristol, and Plymouth Counties. If you have an extra 2 hours a week and a desire to make a difference in the lives of some wonderful children, then we have the volunteer opportunity for you! A six month commitment is required. Attendance at one of our training sessions is mandatory. Upcoming training: Saturday, April 2nd from 9:30 - :30. Location TBA All Trainings are held in handicap accessible spaces. Sign up today! Contact our office at (508) 510-3250 or at southeast@ for more information and an application, or fill one out online at

Your open door is hope! Become a foster parent.

Dare Family Services is seeking caring families to provide foster care for area teens. While helping a child, you will receive excellent training, 2 hour support and a tax free stipend toward the child’s care. For more information, please call 01-751000.

February 2011 The Reporter


IN MEMORIAM Rehoboth Kenneth S. Conca, Sr.

Kenneth S. Conca, Sr. age 58 of Rehoboth, formerly of Providence, passed away on January 31, 2011 at his home with his family by his side. He was the beloved husband of Gail A. (Gardiner) Conca. Born in Providence, he was the son of the late Albert and Filomena (Antonetti) Conca. Mr. Conca was a Technology Education teacher for over 20 years at the JH Gaudet Middle School in Middletown, RI. Prior to that he also taught in Westport, MA and at Bradley Hospital, East Providence, RI. He was a graduate of RI College. He was a loving and caring person who was devoted to his family. His enjoyment was found in traveling, gardening and winemaking, but more important was being able to spend time with his family and sharing it. Mr. Conca also enjoyed music, photography and astronomy and was the founding member of A.S.S.N.E. (The Astronomical Society of Southern New England). Besides his wife of over 23 years,

he leaves his loving children, Kenneth S. Conca, Jr., Melissa Conca, and Michelle Conca all of Rehoboth, MA. He was the brother of Albert Conca of North Smithfield and Joyce Arpin of North Providence. His funeral was held on Saturday, February 5th with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in St. Augustine Church, Providence. Interment followed in St. Francis Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts in his memory to: The American Cancer Society of RI, 931 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 300, Warwick RI 02886 would be deeply appreciated.

Raymond F. Saleeba

Raymond F. Saleeba, age 8, of Bay State Rd., entered eternal life, Saturday, February 5, 2011, surrounded by his children at the Catholic Memorial Home. He was predeceased in death by his wife of 60 years, Diana J. (Gauthier) on January 16, 2011. Born September 21, 1926, in Hindsdale, MA, he was the son of the late



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Alban and Mary (Romanus) Saleeba. He was a WWII veteran serving in the US Army. He was a communicant of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. He is survived by 5 children and their spouses, Kathleen and Larry Willey of East Providence, Barbara and Lance Cummings, Donna and Kenneth Patterson, Joseph "Smokey" Saleeba all of Rehoboth and Raymond A. "Chico" and Linda Saleeba of Seekonk; 16 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. He leaves his sisters; Marion De Fontes of Seekonk and Sister Mary Romanus RSM of Cumberland. He was predeceased in death by his son, Peter Saleeba. His funeral was held on Wednesday, February 9th with a Mass of Christian Burial at 11 AM in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Taunton Ave., Seekonk. Burial followed in Gate of Heaven Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in appreciation for their loving care of Raymond may be made to the Catholic Memorial Home, 26 Highland Ave., Fall River, MA 02720 or the Beacon Hospice, 182 North Main Street, Fall River, MA 02720.

Norman Lindberg

Norman Lindberg, 87, of Rehoboth, passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family on Feb. 8, 2011. He was the husband of the late Ruth (Mason) Lindberg. Norman was born in Swansea, the youngest son of the late Nils and Karolina (Olsen) Lindberg. Norman graduated from Joseph Case High School in Swansea class of 191. He then served his country during World War II with the U.S. Army and earned the rank of master sergeant. Norman worked at Metals and Controls (later Texas Instruments) in Attleboro, and retired in 1987, from the Department of Defense at Mine Safety in Esmond, R.I. Known as "Grandpa," he was an avid woodworker and gardener, an exceptional cribbage player, had encyclopedia knowledge of baseball and loved nothing more than a good ball game - especially when the Red Sox beat the Yankees. He is survived by children Karen Lindberg of Marana, Ariz.; Thomas Lindberg of California; four grandchildren, his beloved great-grandchildren, Juliana and Braden Springs, also his devoted pug, Maxine. All services for Mr. Lindberg were private at the request of the family.


The Reporter February 2011

Seekonk Laura “Lambie” (Lamb) Galimberti

Laura “Lambie” (Lamb) Galimberti, age 89, of Hope St., died Sunday, January 30, 2011. She was the wife of Norman J. Galimberti Sr. Born Sept. 30, 1921, in Seekonk, she was a daughter of the late Joseph and Margaret (Medeiros) Lamb. Mrs. Galimberti was a communicant of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, where she was a member of the Women's Guild. She was a 1943 graduate of the Pawtucket Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and worked as an operating room nurse from 1943 until 1984 at the Pawtucket Memorial Hospital and Jane Brown Hospital. She was also a volunteer at the Mathewson Street Soup Kitchen. In addition to her husband of 66 years, she leaves her four children and their spouses, Norman J. Galimberti and his wife Rosemarie of Laconia, NH, Elaine Lavoie of Smithfield, Nancy and Joseph Mowry of Burrillville, RI, and Gail and John Silva also of Laconia, NH; 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She was also the sister of the late Isabelle Antunes, Margaret Estrella, Mary Perry, Ardelia Ferreira, and Manuel Lamb. Her funeral was held Wednesday, February 2nd with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10am at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Taunton Ave., Seekonk. Burial was at Mt. St. Mary Cemetery, Pawtucket. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society of RI, 120 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, RI 02920, would be appreciated.

Norman J. Gamache

Norman J. Gamache, 85, of Shirwood Drive, Seekonk, died Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011, at the Lifecare Center of Attleboro. He was the husband of Theresa (Hebert) Gamache; they were married for 62 years. Mr. Gamache was born in Central Falls, a son of the late Cleophose “Clifford" and Mary (Dupuis) Gamache. He was a manufacturing engineer for the Gorham Co. for more than 20 years, before retiring 23 years ago. He was a U.S. Airforce veteran, serving as a gunner. Norman has lived in Seekonk since 1953, coming from Central Falls. He was a parishioner of the former St. Mary's Church, now the Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church in Seekonk, where he was very involved with the church and church activities. He was a member of the LeFoyer Club in Pawtucket, a sports enthusiast, and avid golfer. Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, Robert Gamache of Riverview, Fla., and Richard Gamache of Barrington, R.I.; a daughter, Diane Cataldo of Johnston, R.I.;

and his twin brother, Roland Gamache of Seekonk. He was the grandfather of Alexandra Gamache, Meagan Gamache, Kelly Gamache, and Erin Gamache. A Mass of Christian burial was held Friday, Feb. 4, at 10 a.m. in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church, Coyle Drive, Seekonk. Burial followed in Notre Dame Cemetery, Pawtucket. Gifts in his memory can be sent to the American Cancer Society, 30 Speen St., Framingham, MA 01701.

Mary Jo (Milhomens) Lima

Mary Jo (Milhomens) Lima 61, of Seekonk, MA passed away on Sunday, February 13th. She was the wife of Teofilo J. Lima. Born in Pico da Pedra, she was the daughter of the late Jose and Hilda (Pereira) Milhomens. She graduated from Our Lady of Fatima High School and was employed as an administrative assistant for Prima Care in Fall River for 12 years. Mary Jo is survived by her husband, her son Peter A. Lima, her brother James Milhomens, and was the mother of the late Paul J. Lima. Funeral services were held Friday Feb. with a Mass of Christian Burial, 10 AM at St. Elizabeth Church, 577 Wood Street. Burial followed in St. Mary's Cemetery.

Sandra D. (Pope) Marcotte

Sandra D. (Pope) Marcotte, 61, a medical secretary, passed away Monday, Feb. 14, 2011. She was the beloved wife of Edward F. Marcotte for 39 years. Born in Pawtucket, she was the daughter of Robert L. and Dorothy M. (Weaton) Pope of Seekonk. Sandy resided in Seekonk most of her life. She was a former member of the Attleboro Emblem Club where she served in many different offices. Most notably, she was an avid quilter and loving grandmother. Besides her husband and parents, she leaves a daughter, Jana L. Borgen and her husband, Michael, of Wilmington; a son, Brett E. Marcotte and his wife, Sarah, of Seekonk; two grandchildren, Oliver Marcotte and Henry Borgen; a brother, R. Scott Pope and his wife, Tammy, of Seekonk, and nieces and nephews. Services were held Friday, February 18th. Interment followed at Seekonk Cemetery.

Barbara R. Mann

Barbara R. Mann, 81, wife of Richard Mann of Anthony St., Seekonk, MA, died Thursday, February 17th at Rhode Island Hospital. Born in Seekonk, MA, she was the daughter of the late Kenneth and Mabel Baker. Barbara was a Commercial Artist, as well as an enthusiastic boater, and enjoyed spending time in Cuttyhunk, Buzzards Bay

and Martha's Vineyard. She was also an advanced pilot in the United States Power Squadron and a former den mother for the Cub Scouts. Barbara is survived by her husband, Richard, one son, Rick Mann, one brother, Kenneth Baker of Cranston and was the sister of the late Hazel Burke. Funeral service was held Thursday, February 24th at 4:00 P.M. in Newman Congregational Church, 100 Newman Ave., Rumford, RI.

Claire B. (Fortin) Dean

Claire B. (Fortin) Dean, 79, passed away Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011. She was the beloved wife of Philip P. Dean. They would have celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in July. A lifelong resident of Seekonk, she was a daughter of the late Antonio and Exelia L. (Goyette) Fortin. Claire was employed by Texas Instruments, Attleboro, for more than 20 years until retiring. After her retirement, she became a crossing guard for the Seekonk School Department. Claire loved her grandchildren and playing bingo. She also enjoyed camping at the beach on Cape Cod and spending winters in Ft. Myers, Fla. Besides her husband she leaves a daughter, Debra Silva Vincelette and her husband, Bob; four sons: Peter P. Dean and his wife, Rebecca; Gary S. Dean and his wife, Leslie; James F. Dean and his wife, Lisa, and Randy A. Dean; a sister, Ilene Brown; 14 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren, and nieces and nephews. She was the sister of the late Raymond Fortin, Rita Paquin, Beatrice Gorman Dargis, Theresa Teixeira and Donald Fortin. Visitation was held on Saturday, February 26th. In lieu of flowers, gifts in her memory to Community VNA Hospice, 10 Emory St., Attleboro, MA 02703 will be appreciated.

Alfred Oscar Moreau

Alfred Oscar Moreau, of Chainey St. who celebrated his 101st birthday in January, passed away Wednesday February 23 after being stricken at home. He was the husband of the late Lillian Larchevesque and also of Jeannette (Rondeau) Moreau. Born in Westbrook, Maine, a son of the late Alexander and Mary (Baril) Moreau. He worked on a dairy farm in Canada as a boy and in area textile mills in Maine. He moved to Central Falls as a teenager and later lived in Marston Mills, Cape Cod and moved to Seekonk 30 years ago. He is survived by a daughter Claudette T. Frahmann of Seekonk with whom he made his home, a step-son, Raymond Rondeau of So. Attleboro and two step-daughters, Lucille Green of Manchester, NH and Jean Flowers of Richboro, VT. He also leaves a sister Rose Couture, a Grandson, a Great Granddaughter and a

February 2011 The Reporter Great Great Grandson. His Funeral was held Tuesday, March 1st with a Mass of Christian Burial in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church (formerly St. Mary's), Coyle Drive Seekonk at 10 A.M.

Louise K. (McDonald) Forrest

Louise K. (McDonald) Forrest of North Dighton, wife of the late John A. Forrest, died Feb. 3, at Morton Hospital in Taunton at the age of 82. Born in Worcester, Louise was the daughter of the late William and Dorothy (Briggs) McDonald. Louise worked for Dyecraftsman in Taunton as a winder for many years. She was a member of the Dighton Community Church in Dighton, Dighton Community Woman's Alliance and the Golden Ages. Louise was the mother of: Dorothy C. Kroger of Taunton; Domenic V. Melito Jr. of Seekonk; Michelle L. Simmons of North Dighton; Beverly A. Melito of Taunton; Mary-Jo O'Brien of Taunton and the late James W. Melito. Sister of William H. McDonald Jr. of Wakefield. Grandmother of 11 and great-grandmother of 11. A service was held at Dighton Community Church, 2038 Elm St., Dighton, Monday, Feb. 7, at 3 p.m. Interment was private. Donations in Louise's memory may be made to Dighton Community Church, 2038 Elm Street, Dighton, MA 0276.

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Community VNA, caring for communities for the past 100 years, is offering an informational program designed to de-mystify home care plus identify resources that support independence at home. Participants will learn about eligibility for certified home care covered by Medicare or private insurance; private home care options and payment; adult day health care as part of the care plan; when to consider end of life care and local resources to help caregivers. A panel of Community VNA professional experts including Joyce Colletto RN Community Liaison Nurse; Judith Lynn Gordon, RN, Hospice Care Manager; Carol Falcone, RN, Mansfield Adult Day Health Center Manager and Sheila Lincoln, Private Care Manage will present services and answer questions. The program will be moderated by Karole Nicholson, Community Outreach Manager. In celebration of our Centennial Anniversary, Community VNA is pleased to offer learning opportunities, such as Care 101, presented at no charge, to individuals, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Care 101 will be held at Community VNA, 10 Emory Street, Attleboro, MA 02703. It is open to the public with pre-registration required. Please contact 508-222-0118 extension 1311 or email

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March Business Directory CATEGORY Agricultural Services A/C & Heating Appliance Repairs Appliance Repairs Appliance Repairs Architectural Design Art Supplies/Framing Attorney Attorney Attorney Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Shop Auto Dealers Auto Dealers Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Salvage Bank Boat Canvas Bridal Shop Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Contractor Building Materials Candidate - Rehoboth Candidate - Rehoboth Candidate - Rehoboth Candidate - Seekonk Candidate - Seekonk Candidate - Seekonk Candidate - Seekonk Carpentry - Finish Carpentry - Finish Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning



Mammoth Rock Farm, LLC 71 Morasca Heating & Air Conditioning 68 Affordable Appliance Repair Co. 36 CJS / Statewide Appliance Repair 71 McPartland Appliance Repairs 80 VIZCAD 63 Gregory D. Dorrance, Co. 6 Laurie P. Mullen 47 Law Office of Luke P. Travis 39 Lori O'Brien-Foeri 28 A-1 Custom Auto Body 31 Sousa's Auto Body 44 Tri Star Autobody, Inc. 97 Seekonk Auto Body 29 Bristol Toyota 12 Elmwood Dodge 95 Advanced Automotive Repairs Inc. 99 Manny's Auto Repair Inc. 30 New England Tire 2 Somerset Chrysler Jeep 51 Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 22 Gary's Auto Removal 100 Coastway Credit Union / Decunha 43 JT's Auto & Boat Canvas 25 Ana's Bridal Boutique 20 A. M. Carpentry 83 DTP Construction 27 Manuel Labor 61 McGill General Contracting 28 Nerney Construction 76 Richard G. Dias 67 Wood Frame Structures Inc. 16 J & J Materials Corp. 61 Jim Paon 53 Joe Tito 52 Ken Foley, Political Candidate 53 Bill Rice 38 Bob McLintock 25 John Turner 45 Webster Larkin 26 Mark Koussa Carpentry 14 Pine Woods Construction 64 Earle's Carpet Cleaning 76 M & S Carpet & Upholstery 97


Hardwood Cords $200 (Delivery Included!) Pallet wood racks (holds one cord) $50

Precision Tree Service Inc. Is Now Seekonk Tree Service 508-491-8399




Child Care ASAP - c/o Twin Oaks 19 Child Care Citizens For Citizens - Attn. Carol 55 Child Care Rehoboth Family Childcare Assoc. 75 Child Care Twin Oaks Farm Learning Center 19 Child Care Twinkle, Little Star Family Day Care 81 Chimney Cleaning RJD & Sons - Chimney Sweep 31 Chiropractor Mobley Family Chiropractic 49 Church First Spiritualist Church of Brockton 42 Cleaning Service Crystal Clean - Bethany Martone 30 Cleaning Service Leslie & Deb's Cleaning Service 16 Clothing Store Maha Barsom 35 Collectibles Wexler's Collectibles 101 Computer Repair ICU 4 PC's 47 Concrete American Mobile Mix Concrete Incorp 84 Concrete Cutters Cut Rite Concrete Cutting Corp. 72 Consignment Store Corner Consignment Shoppe 35 Dentist Dr. Robert Zaluski 34 Dentist Dr. Wassouf D.D.S. 73 Dentist Jared W. Stubbs, DDS 17 Dentist Ritebite Dental 85 Dentist Romani Orthodontics 46 Disposal Service Professional Duct Cleaning 104 Dog Grooming Groom & Style 28 Dog Services Canine Mastery, Inc 18 Driving School Drivers Choice Driving School 13 Electrician Dorrance Electric 80 Electrician Greaves Electric 6 Electrician James Tavares Electric 78 Electrician Neal Bellavance Electric 18 Electrician Pineview Electric 55 Electrolysis Kathleen Stone Electrolysis 77 Events-Corporate/Family Camp Ramsbottom - Boys & Girls 72 Excavating J. M. Turner Construction Co. 69 Excavating J. M. Turner Construction Co. 103 Excavating Lamontagne Construction LLC 56 Farm Souza Family Farm 59 Farm - Turkeys Rainbow Farms 50 Farmers Market The Farmer's Garden 62 Fence Installation Fence Tech 64 Fence-Sales/Serv. Foxx Fence 69 Fishing The Bass Boys 103 Flooring - All Types Custom Linocraft 75 Flooring - Wood David J. Ledoux Hardwood Floors 32

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The Reporter February 2011

March Business Directory CATEGORY



Fuel - Oil Affordable Fuel 96 Fuel - Oil Al's Quality Oil Co. 45 Fuel - Oil COD OIL 11 Fuel - Oil Columbus Energies Inc. 46 Fuel - Oil E & V Oil Co. 104 Fuel - Oil Ferreira Oil, Inc. 21 Fuel - Oil Pricerite Discount Heating Oil 33 Fuel - Oil Stateline Fuel & Burner Service 51 Fuel - Oil Wood's Heating Service 60 Fuel - Propane Arrow Gas Corp. - Inergy Propane 56 Fuel - Propane Propane Plus 38 Gifts & Collectibles Cards Plus 23 Glass Fabricator Anawan Glass & Mirror Inc. 32 Hair Salon Jace Salon & Spa 24 Hair Salon Snipits 9 Handyman ABT Handy Services 30 Handyman Grandpa Tom 69 Health Care Comm Counseling of Bristol County 90 Health Care Community VNA 92 Health & Fitness Bliss Life Yoga & Wellness 55 Health & Fitness YMCA - Newman 20 Heating & Air Taylor Heating-Air Conditioning 64 Heating Service COD Heating 6 Home Improvements Professional Property Maintenance 39 Home Products Fuller Brush - Earl Goff Jr. 78 Horse Stable-Lessons Teaberry Farm 34 Hotels Comfort Inn & Suites 103 Insurance Agency Knights Of Columbus Insurance 81 Insurance Agency Lefebvre Smith Insurance 95 Interior Decorator Lydia Costa Interiors 68 Irrigation United Irrigation 63 Jewelers Attleboro Jewelry Makers 19 Jewelers Attleboro Jewelry Makers 93 Jewelers M.R.T. Co., Inc. 9 Kennels Hidden Acres Kennels 15 Kitchen & Bath Remodel Romancing The Stone 60 Kitchen Remodeling Kitchens Direct, Inc 37 Landscape Service Bee Green Lawncare, LLC. 38 Landscape Service Big Sky Landscaping 63 Landscape Service Chris Manley 64 Landscape Service Lawnscapes 65 Landscape Service MacManus Landscape Services 62 Landscape Service Superior Lawn Care 27 Landscape/Synthetic turf Southwest Greens 62 Landscape/Tree Service Tiger Tree & Landscaping 69 Marble Fabricators Star Marble & Granite 36 Martial Arts USA Karate 58 Masonry-Construction StoneScapes - Mark Carvalho 80 Massage Therapy Serenity Massage 57 Music Dougs Music Retail & Learning Centr 48 Musical Instruction Old Colony Music Together 31 Nutrition Eat Yourself Healthy 77 Optometrists Brown Center 35 Optometrists Oscar Ni,O.D. ,Optometrist 33 Orthodontics Romani Orthodontics 46 Painting Contractor Anawan Paint 64 Painting Contractor Brian P. Lynch - Painting 66 Painting Contractor Cronan Painting 70 Painting Contractor Delisle & Son Painting & Repair 29




Painting Contractor EZ Painting 100 Painting Contractor Iachetti Painting Company 50 Painting Contractor Lundco Painting LLC. 67 Painting Contractor Reliable Painting Co. 57 Painting Services Dun Rite Home Repair 63 Paving Contractor Hanley Paving, Inc. 76 Paving Contractor Ryan Asphalt Paving 10 Paving - Masonry Blue Stone Driveways & Masonry 36 Pet Services Rehoboth Pet Care 8 Photographer Fetching Photography 13 Physical Therapy Healy Physical Therapy 65 Physician Zeyad Morcos, MD 77 Plastering & Painting David Laurino - Plastering 29 Plumbing & Heating Dyer Plumbing & Heating 83 Plumbing & Heating Sine Plumbing & Heating 39 Plumbing & Heating Vintage Plumbing & Heating 17 Pool Club The Grist Mill Pool & Tennis Club 10 Private School Ocean State Montessori School 71 Private School The Childrens Place Ltd. 56 Real Estate Century 21 T. R. Little, Realtor 11 Real Estate David Smith, Century 21 15 Real Estate ReMax Rivers Edge 43 Remodeling Batty Construction 16 Restaurant Boneyard Barbecue & Saloon 87 Restaurant Country Kitchen 87 Restaurant Dunkin Donuts - Seekonk 44 Restaurant Francis Farm - Clambakes 41 Restaurant Luxury Box Bar & Grille 86 Restaurant Tito's Cantina 86 Restaurant Vino's Family Cafe 86 Retirement Community Horizon Bay Senior Communities 7 Roofer/WaterProofing Cameron Roofing 65 Roofing Contractor B & R Fournier Construction, Inc. 63 Roofing Contractor Certified Roofing Services 62 Roofing Contractor Tabeleys Roofing 66 Security Systems Home & Commercial Security 27 Septic Systems Fisk Contracting 75 Septic Systems Town Sanitation 32 Septic Systems-Cleanin All Clear Septic 14 Septic Systems-Cleanin Bay State Sewage Disposal, Inc. 83 Septic Systems-Cleanin Croome Sanitation, Inc. 47 Septic Systems-Cleanin Soares Sanitation Pumping, Inc. 57 Septic/Trash Removal A. Viera Disposal 45 Service Club Rotary Club of Attleboro 21 Small Engine Repair Seekonk Small Engine Inc. 66 Stump Grinding Mike's Stump Grinding 66 Summer camp Rehoboth Fitness Studio 54 Tax Consultant Albert H Thornton, Jr., Esq. 24 Theatres - Live Trinity Repertory Company 99 Trash Removal Cleanway Disposal & Recycling 34 Trash/Junk Removal Big Blue Removal Service 8 Tree Service Advanced Tree 65 Tree Service Choate Tree Service 50 Tree Service Precision Tree Inc. 101 Tree Service Seekonk Tree 69 Veterans Consultant Lori O'Brien-Foeri 81 Water Treatment Water Filter Company, Inc. 23 Wood Furnaces Reed Outdoor Furnaces 18 Writing - Editing PenPoint Editorial Services 28

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Bulldog Club of new england sanctioned Match show pending AKC aprroval

Sunday, March 27, 2011

At Canine Mastery 102A Pond Street, Seekonk Ma

EASTER Costume Parade

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Junior Handlers (8 to 18 years old only) Puppy classes: 3-4, 4-6, 6-9, 9-12 Adult classes: Novice & Open Admission: Adults: $7.00, Kids 5-12: $4.00, under 5 free Admission includes lunch & entry Contact Ed Kozatek with any questions at 401-723-9306





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The Reporter February 2011

The Reporter P.O. Box 170 Rehoboth, MA 02769

March 17th is st. Patrick’s Day!!! don’t just celebrate by WeArIn’ o’ tHe Green!!! Call e V oil and celebrate by sAVIn’ o’ tHe Green!!! Forget the Pot o’ Gold at the end of the rainbow... - A tank o’ oil is a real JACKPot!!


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e y

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