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Voters to Decide Three Selectmen Seats in Rehoboth Election

by Laura Calverley Rehoboth voters will go to the polls on April 2 to decide 18 positions. Three seats on the board of selectmen are available this year. Two of them are new, as the board is expanding from three members to five. Joseph Tito, who was elected last year to fill the unexpired term of Kevin McBride, has announced that he will be running for re-election for a three-year seat. Tito said he wants to continue to help move the town forward in the right direction. Finance Committee Chairwoman Sue Pimental and Council of Aging Chairwoman Lorraine Botts were nominated for selectmen at the Republican Town Committee Caucus on February 1. Pimental will be running for the three-year seat and Botts for the two-year seat. Pimental said the biggest issue facing the town is a financial issue. “I’ll lend my knowledge and management experience in providing the town with a balanced budget that lives within our revenue stream,” Pimental said. Botts said if elected, she will do her best to work for all the citizens of the town and find ways to reduce the need for raising taxes. “As your selectman, I will strive to have all issues brought before the board addressed strictly on merit and in the best interests of our town and its residents,” Botts said. In the school committee race, both incumbents – David Katseff and Ray Medeiros – have announced that they will be seeking re-election. continued on page 4...

Board of Selectmen: Joeseph Tito, Mike Costello and Don Leffort

2 The Reporter February 2012

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February 2012 The Reporter

Town of Rehoboth News Notes by Laura Calverley

Selectmen Terminate RePAC Contract

Selectmen have terminated the town’s contract with Rehoboth Public Access Corporation. RePAC must surrender all equipment and funds to the town and provide a full inventory and accounting of all equipment, assets and funds. The board intends to take legal action if RePAC does not comply. Selectmen allege that RePAC breached its contract with the town for the following reasons: refusing to cooperate with selectmen, airing selective video distortions of meetings, political involvement and other complaints. Selectman Joseph Tito reportedly said that RePAC officials had been invited to meet with selectmen many times to discuss the issues, but they refused. The board issued a notice of violations and demand for cure to RePAC in September and RePAC had 60 days to respond. RePAC sent a letter in early November, but selectmen reportedly said the response was not sufficient. RePAC reportedly removed all their recording equipment from the Senior Center before the meeting and it may now be considered stolen property. That evening’s selectmen meeting was recorded by a resident. The Cable Advisory Committee may help video record town meetings until a new public access corporation can be formed.

Morra’s Security Firm Cancels Contract with Town

An East Providence company owned by former selectmen Christopher Morra, National Security Firm Alarm Systems, is ending its contract with the town. A letter received by Town Administrator Jeff Ritter reportedly said the reason was the “ongoing defamatory, disparaging and false statements lodged against the company” by town officials. The letter also reportedly said that Morra’s company has provided more than $90,000 in equipment and services to the town at no cost over the past nine years. Selectmen Tito denied ever making any derogatory statements about the company, saying he heard allegations of wiretapping in town buildings and simply noted that it should be investigated.

Selectmen Approve New Roads

Last month selectmen approved three new roads – Franlee Drive, Sassafras Road and Meadowlark Drive. The roads were also approved by voters at last fall’s town meeting. The vote to approve Franlee Drive was unanimous, but Selectmen Don Leffort opposed the other two roads, saying he wanted to review engineering reports on drainage. Leffort motioned to table the vote on the two roads, but it did not pass and the roads were approved.

Town Counsel Expense Fund Almost Depleted

Town Administrator Jeff Ritter reportedly told selectmen that the town’s legal fund is getting low. A reserve fund transfer of $30,000 will be requested at town meeting. Most of the money has been expended on litigation. The town is involved in a lawsuit filed by RePAC as well as other lawsuits. The Public Access Corporation is also suing the town legal counsel, Koppelman and Paige, and Selectman Mike Costello. Roger Breault, who was removed from the Zoning Board of Appeals recently, has also asked the town to provide him with independent legal counsel to represent him in an appeal on a civil action filed against him by a developer.

Rehoboth-Attleboro Town Line Dispute Settled

A town line dispute between Rehoboth and Attleboro that has lasted many years has finally been settled. Property owners in the Agricultural Avenue-Reynolds Street area who previously believed their land was in Rehoboth will now be paying taxes to Attleboro. The city-town line discrepancy came to light a few years ago when one of the property owners wanted to donate several acres next to his house to a conservation group. A survey of the property was commissioned and determined that the land was actually in Attleboro. The problem was reportedly due to the fact that assessors’ records were using an incorrect survey to determine the line between the communities. Rehoboth and Attleboro were each relying on different surveys. The city and town reportedly worked together to confirm the correct boundary.

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4 The Reporter February 2012

Dighton Rehoboth High School Graduate Victim of Murder in North Carolina

Elizabeth Ahern Blakeney, a 1995 graduate of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School, was found murdered in her home in Charlotte, North Carolina at the end of December. Her husband, Brandon Blakeney, was arrested and charged with her murder. Detectives reportedly suspect that Blakeney was the victim of domestic violence. According to media reports, Blakeney had been charged previously with assaulting his wife. A candlelight vigil was held recently at the high school to honor and celebrate Catherine’s memory. Family members, friends and classmates attended.

New D-R Special Ed Director

Kyle Riley has been appointed Director of Special Education for the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District. Riley has worked for the past four years for the New Bedford School Department as Principal at 21st Century Learning and Trinity Day Academy. He also has experience as a middle school and high school special education teacher. Riley started on January 30. He replaces Rachel Lawrence, who left in September for another school district.

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Continued from the cover... Voters To Decide Three Selectmen Seats in Rehoboth Election

by Laura Calverley Medeiros will be seeking the Democratic Party nomination. Katseff is seeking his ninth term on the school committee. Katseff, a registered Republican, took out papers to run as an independent, as he has in the past three elections. He was also nominated at the Republican Committee Caucus, but he declined the nomination. The group voted unanimously to endorse his candidacy. In other races, Kathleen Conti has taken out papers to run for reelection as Town Clerk. Conti has served as Town Clerk since 2002. Susan Taylor, who received the Republican Caucus nomination, is running for re-election as Assessor, a three-year term. She has served since 1999. There are four positions available on the Planning Board – two for five years and two for one year. Tomas Ennis has taken out papers to run for a one-year seat. Christopher Cooper has taken out papers for a five-year seat. Incumbent James Muri will be seeking re-election for a five year term to the Planning Board. Muri received the Republican Caucus nomination. The caucus also endorsed Ennis’ and Cooper, although like Katseff, they will not be running as Republican candidates. One position on the Planning Board was still open at press time, for a one-year term. Incumbent Kathleen Amaral is seeking re-election to the Park Commission. Three seats are available on the commission, one for five years, one for two years and one for one year. Amaral is running for the two-year position. Lenore McKim received the Republican caucus nomination for the five-year seat on the Park Commission. Lenore, who has been serving on the commission, is the daughter of Robert McKim, who is also a member. She has a degree in business and extensive management experience having worked for Pawtucket Country Club and Panera Bread cafe. The one-year seat on the Park Commission was still open at press time. Dave Perry was expected to receive the Republican Caucus nomination for the new position of Stormwater Officer, but he was not in attendance at the caucus meeting. Perry, who is Chairman of the Conservation Commission, has been working as the appointed Stormwater Officer for about a year. For Tree Warden, Rob Johnson received the Republican Caucus nomination. Johnson has served as Deputy Tree Warden for three years. Tree Warden Bill Dalpe, who has served for 15 years, is retiring. No candidates have come forward yet for a three-year Water Commissioner position or a one-year Moderator position. However, William Cute, who has served as Moderator for several years, may be seeking the Democratic nomination. All three precincts will be open for voting on April 2 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Nomination papers may be picked up at the town clerk’s office and must be returned, signed by a minimum of 45 registered voters to the Board of Registrars by 5 p.m. on Sue Pimental February 13. - Finance Committee Chairman

February 2012 The Reporter

Letters to the Editor... The letters in this section do not reflect the views of the staff of The Rehoboth Reporter. It is not our intent to take sides on any issues, but to present all arguments from all points of view. If your point of view is not represented on an issue, it is only because you have not voiced your opinion. Let us hear from YOU!

Mrs. Fox’s Pond

Where is it? What was it? What is it now?

Mrs. Fox lived on River Street in a house now owned by Moses Brown. There used to be a pond between the house and Broad Street in back of what used to be the Migneault’s house. We used to skate there. It froze early and stayed frozen because it was so well protected by trees and bushes. There was a small dam at River Street with boards that could be used to raise or lower the water level. Over the years the boards were removed. I think it was because if the pond was too full, the houses on Colonial Way had basements that flooded. As the boards were removed, the water became so low that you could not skate there anymore. Recently, the small culvert on River Street was repaired and the dam was completely removed. The consequence of these events has left a swale not a pond. From what little I know, it is totally illegal to drain a wet area without numerous permits. Another pond we skated on was above a dam on Carpenter Street near the bridge. The dam, which used to include a fish ladder, has been destroyed overtime by floods. It would be a great project to repair the dam and replace the fish ladder. It doesn’t seem possible today but we used to skate on the village pond above the dam. I have lost more than one puck in that pond. Now it has filled in somewhat and rarely freezes enough for skating. Jonathan Knowles

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Remembering Rehoboth School Days

New Oral History Project to Focus on Education

by Leslie Patterson The Carpenter Museum is taking on an ambitious project in 2012. “Remembering Rehoboth School Days” will be the theme of an oral history project, which will be tied in with other related events. These Sunday afternoon activities will include a bus tour of a few of the former one-room schoolhouses in town on April 22 and a “Teacher’s Talk” forum at Goff Hall on May 6. The series will kick off with a “Tea with Louisa” (Louisa May Alcott) program featuring Barbara Barnes, marking the opening of a new museum exhibit on education in Rehoboth, on March 4 at 2 p.m. The main focus of this project will be collecting oral histories on video of retired local teachers and administrators sharing their Rehoboth memories. These interviews will be a valuable resource for anyone researching the history of education in Massachusetts and will add to the wealth of print material on this subject already on file at the museum. Working closely with Carpenter Museum director Barbara Spencer on this ongoing project are former Palmer River School teachers David Downs and Janice Rogala, along with Beverly Pettine, head teacher and caretaker at historic Hornbine School, and other volunteers. This will follow last year’s oral history project, “UnEarthing Rehoboth’s Faming Past,” only this year’s project will be even more extensive, with more participants. Peer leaders from DightonRehoboth Regional High School will interview retired teachers and administrators. Some of the questions might be along these lines: What were your responsibilities as a teacher? What was the hardest thing to adjust to over the years? What was the biggest change between teaching then and now?

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Public education in Rehoboth goes back to its earliest colonial days. Many people are curious about Rehoboth’s claim to being the birthplace of public education in North America. We cannot point to an actual historical schoolhouse that existed in the 1640’s, and we have to remember that early Rehoboth covered a huge area, encompassing what is now Seekonk and Rumford, RI as well. But the reason for our town’s claim to fame on this score is that Rehoboth was the first town in colonial America to set aside tax money for the specific purpose of public education. Up until then parents were expected to pay for whatever education their children received. In 1643 the Proprietors of Rehoboth voted that the schoolmaster was to be paid a certain portion from each settler. Four years after Rehoboth established this plan for funding public education, the Massachusetts Bay Colony did the same. There aren’t any accurate records referring to any actual school buildings at that time. Sometimes lessons were taught in the kitchens of settlers’ houses and a schoolmaster went from house to house to teach, using the Bible to teach reading. The first teacher we have a record of in Rehoboth was Edward Howard, who in 1680 received 20 pounds a year plus his board.

Historic One-Room Schools

We’re sure that everyone taking part in the May “Teacher’s Talk” forum will have some lively things to say about how schools and students in Rehoboth have changed over the past few decades. But the museum will be going back even further into the past with its bus tour, which will focus on some of the historic one-room schoolhouses in town. By 1840 there were 22 one-room schools in Rehoboth. These were combined into 15 districts/schools in 1882. The bus tour on April 22 will include a drive-by of about half of these schools (most are now private homes) with commentary provided, and then stopping for a brief visit at Hornbine School before returning to the museum.

February 2012 The Reporter

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Hornbine School, which first opened in the 1840’s, was the last one-room school in Rehoboth to close, in 1937. Restored in the late 1960’s, Hornbine School is toured by many groups, including Palmer River School third graders each spring. Bev Pettine says that in recent years school groups have been coming not just from Rehoboth but also from Dighton, Seekonk, Barrington, East Providence and even Providence. The historic school building is open for school tours in May and June, and Hornbine is open for individual visitors from 2-4 p.m. on the second and fourth Sundays of the month June through September. Speaking of this new oral history project, Barabara Spencer said, “We’re hoping to strengthen our sense of community. It’s a challenge as a museum to find ways to gather history in the present, because so often we don’t treasure it until it’s too far in the past for people to easily access. We’re trying to hold on to our history before it’s out of our reach.” Some of the Sunday programs require reservations. Look for more information on “Remembering Rehoboth School Days” in this and future issues of The Reporter under news from the Carpenter Museum, and be sure to check out the museum’s website: www.

The old Anawan School at the corner of Anawan Street and Perryville Road. One-room schools in Rehoboth will be the focus of a bus tour planned by the Carpenter Museum in April.

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Students from 1910 at the Blanding School, which was located at the corner of Broad Street and Wilmarth Bridge Road.

February 2012 The Reporter

Rehoboth Town News From The Clerk’s Office Dog Licenses

Dog licenses for 2012 are now available and may be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on FriKathleen J. Conti day from 8:00 a.m. to Town Clerk 12:00 p.m. or by mail. The licensing fees are as follows: Male or female dog $20.00, spayed or neutered $10.00. You may also purchase your dog license by returning the appropriate documentation and fee (checks should be made payable to Town of Rehoboth) with your census form. Dog owners should have received a correction notice of the dog license fees. The application form that went out with the census form had out of date license fees due to a vendor error. Many residents licensed their dogs when they sent in their census forms prior to the notification of the error. I’d like to personally thank the residents that were affected for their understanding and support. We have set aside these applications and many have already sent in the rest of the payment due and have been cooperative and tolerant through the process. Rehoboth is certainly a great community to live in. Dog licenses are due annually by April 1st. Dog license applications must be accompanied by a current rabies certificate (with a vaccination date of May 1, 2012 or after to cover the current licensing year) and proof of spay or neuter unless we already have it on file in the Clerk’s Office. If you’re unsure, just give the office a call and we can tell you how up to date our information is. Dog owners should note that the license(s) will not be returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is included. Postage on the SASE should be 65 cents for one tag, 89 cents for two tags and 99 cents for three tags. Residents are requested to please send in their census forms as quickly as possible regardless of whether or not they license their dogs at this time. We also still have 51 unlicensed dogs for 2011. Continued on next page...


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The Presidential Primary will be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 with the polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. All three precincts will be open. Just a reminder that registered Republicans must take a Republican ballot, registered Democrats must take a Democratic ballot and registered Green-Rainbow must take a Green-Rainbow ballot. If you are Unenrolled (Independent) you may choose any ballot and this will not change your political designation. This ballot will allow you to vote for your Presidential Preference, State Committee Man, State Committee Woman and Town Committee. The final voter registration to vote at the Presidential Primary is Wednesday, February 15, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s Office.

Annual Town Election

The Annual Town Election for the Town of Rehoboth will be held on Monday, April 2, 2012 with the polls open from 10 am to 8 pm. Nomination papers are now available for any registered voter in Rehoboth wishing to run for election on the Town ballot. The nomination papers may be picked up by prospective candidates at the Town Clerk’s office and must be returned, signed by a minimum of 45 registered voters, to the Board of Registrars at the Town Clerk’s Office by 5 p.m. on Monday, February 13th. Positions to be elected on the ballot for 2012 are Moderator (one for 1 year), Selectman (one for 3 years), Selectman-New Position (one for 3 years), Selectman-New Position (one for 2 years), Town Clerk (one for 3 years), Assessor (one for 3 years), DR School Committee (two for 3 years), Planning Board (two for 5 years), Planning Board (two for 1 year) Park Commission (one for 5 years), Park Commission (one for 1 year), Park Commission (one for 2 years), Stormwater Officer-New Position (one for 3 years), Tree Warden (one for 3 years) and Water Commissioner (one for 3 years).

Voter Registration

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The final voter registration date to be eligible to vote in the Annual Town Election is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13th from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s Office. Prospective voters are reminded that they may also register to vote by calling the Town Clerk’s Office to request a Mail-In voter registration form. Applications for absentee ballots now available and may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office. An absentee ballot may only be obtained by written request and with the voter’s original signature. Any questions regarding voter eligibility or requests for “mail-in” voter registration forms may be directed to the Town Clerk’s Office Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Annual Town Census Forms

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Our Annual Town Census Forms for year 2012 were mailed to all households in Rehoboth during the last week of December. If you haven’t received your census form, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office. You will notice that this year’s census form also contains information regarding political party. If there is nothing in this column next to your name it means you are not registered to vote. If you do have a designation next to your name I would remind prospective voters that the census form does not register you to vote or change your political designation. If you want to change your designation or register to vote you must contact the Town Clerk’s office. Residents are asked to review the pre-printed forms, make corrections and return them as soon as possible. Failure to return the completed form may result in voters being placed on an inactive voting list or after four years of inactivity you will be removed from the voting list. Residents are asked to return their completed form by mail or place their form in one of the “Census” containers, which are at Continued on page 13...

February 2012 The Reporter

SPECIAL REPORT – URGENT Healthcare reform advocate Dr. David Satloff reports that many malignant cancers and other disease conditions stem from unresolved complex oral infections. In fact, Dr. Satloff believes that ALL instances of invasive breast cancer originate from unresolved lower jaw infections on the same side of the body as the breast lesion. (1,2,3) Other cases of unresolved infection from the lower jaw may result in drainage to the lymph nodes as lymphomas and to the thyroid lobes as thyroid cancer. (3) Unresolved cases of infection from the upper jaw (as well as from the TM joints, the occiput, and the sphenoid) may drain to the brain as brain cancer. Equally these infections as well as periodontal pathogens associated with gum disease may drain to the brain effecting anxiety, depression, and ultimately dementia. (4,5) Chronic headache pains frequently stem from infections originating from the TM joins, occiput and sphenoid. These infections annoying at first may result in more serious sequelae as described above. When consulting with your health care advisor/ doctor request that they screen with specific PROTEOMIC BIOMARKERS for cancer, for chronic infection and for neuropsychological functioning. (1) Soder 2010 (2) Saini 2011 (3) Satloff 2011 (4) Watt 2008 (5) Riviere 2002 Dr. Satloff is the first doctor in the country with diplomat status in the American Academy of Pain Management along with certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chengdu). Satloff has doctoral training in dentistry (Tufts), law (Concord), and medicine (UHSA), and received his Masters degree in trauma (Lynn) and his Masters in healthcare (Bryant). “AMERICA’s HOLISTIC DENTIST” FREE LECTURES in Seekonk, MA at Seekonk Dental Care 1563 Fall River Avenue Call 508 336-7755 to reserve your space. Very limited seating. Learn about what actually causes heart attacks, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic pain conditions. Learn about Lyme Disease and co-infections.

Tuesday February 14th at 12 Noon and at 6pm Tuesday February 21st at 12 Noon and at 6pm Tuesday February 28th at 12 Noon and at 6pm


12 The Reporter February 2012

RE/MAX Heritage has merged with RE/MAX River’s Edge and RE/MAX River’s Edge will now serve you from 2 locations!!!

Let us help you with your Real Estate Needs!



Seekonk: Entertainers delight! Impeccable, open flr plan which leads to a 2-tier deck, w/ cedar roofed eating area a hot tub & pool. Landscaped, new vinyl siding & roof. $320’s. Gayle Flaherty (401) 440-0190

Cumberland: Pristine Dormered Cape; 5+ Heated Garage/ shop for toys, boat, RV and/or woodworkers space. Hwds, Finished lower, Dead End. Close to Amenties. $259,000. Debra Donahue (401)-419-4165

Attleboro: Commuter location! Colonial 3 bed, 1.5 bath, dead end st. Wrap around porch, New win’s, roof & gutters, central a/c, lg fenced in yard. Close to amenties. $140,000 Debra Donahue (401)-419-4165











Riverside: Boyden Heights! 3 BR Colonial, hwds, new windows, lg corner lot, double deck looking onto fenced in yard. Short Sale Approval needed $175,000 Debra Donahue (401)-419-4165

Seekonk: Location! 3 bed, 2.5 bath. Open dining/living, fp, lg EIK w/island, mstr bath, finished lower, 1st fl lndry, hwds, CA, deck to 1/2 acre. Aitken School $289,900 Robin Lozito (401)-486-6937







No. Providence: Spacious townhouse in golf community! private cul de sac! Hwds, gas fp, granite counters, central air & vac. pool, clubhouse, restaurant! Seller to find suitable housing. $238,000 Jodi Hedrick (508)-509-3925

Rehoboth: 3 bed colonial w/ farmers porch, composite deck. 2 stall barn w/electric service loft for storage & outdoor baseball arena, may be converted to a heated garage. Must see!! $529,900 Lisa Halejko (774)-991-0052




Rumford: quiet street and one block from Wannamoisett Club. Nice size lot w/new fenced in back yard. Mstr w/ private bath. New heating sys. & central A/C. $319,500 Susan Shore (401)-580-9486

Seekonk: Jacob Hill area! Ready to make memories! Master w/ cathedrals, Stone fp, Atrium fam rm, windows! gardens, pool, cabana, sheds, screen porch & deck. $369,900 Michelle Cartwright (401)-663-5677

River's Edge


RUMFORD: corner/end unit 1st floor! downsizer or 1st home! must see, 2 baths, sliders, appliances, storage, location! quiet, location! must meet affordability guidelines, inquire! $146,900 Michelle Cartwright (401)-663-5677

Each office is indepently owned & operated

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February 2012 The Reporter the Blanding Public Library, the Council on Aging and the Bristol County Savings Bank. The containers will remain at these locations through mid February for your convenience.

2 Year RI State Inspections


1 Year Big Truck RI State Inspections


It is requested that when you send correspondence to any office at the Town Hall you only include information specific to the department you want to communicate with. As an example, residents might send in their tax payment along with their census form or dog license. Tax payments would go to the Tax Collector whereas census forms or dog licenses would go to the Town Clerk’s Office. By including multiple offices in one envelop it may delay processing your requests or payments. Thank you for your consideration.

Business Certificates

Business owners whose business certificate will expire during January through June of 2012 should have received a reminder for renewal. The renewal fee is $50.00 (certificate renewal is good for four years) and checks should be made payable to The Town of Rehoboth. If you have any questions on any of the above items please feel free to contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 508-252-6502, X109

Rehoboth Cultural Council Sponsors Clutter Control Program at Senior Center

Rehoboth Senior Citizens enjoyed an informative presentation by Dave Downs, a retired Rehoboth school teacher, recently. Downs humorously outlined ten common reasons why the average American has so much stuff and what to do about it. Those reasons ranged from, “We might need it someday” to “We can’t resist Yard Sales or a Bargain!” Downs gave many suggestions for reversing these tendencies; beginning the decluttering process and how to dispose of the STUFF you decide to let go.

A Full Automotive Center Where You’re Truly Family! Located in the Old Scott’s VW Building, at

260 Newport Ave. • Rumford, RI 02916 (401) 383-1511

Right next door to Hess Gas Station

OFFERING MORE SERVICE & CONVENIENCE Tammy & Neil DeAlmeida Welcome You! Come in and relax by the fireplace & Enjoy a cup of coffee & snacks on us in a Cafe atmosphere!


• Certified technicians with over 15 years experience • State of the art equipment

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FREE Women's Clinic March 14th, 6-7pm

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Dave Downs with Gert Messier.

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Car Care Centers

Winter Warm Up Packages Sale Ends February 29th, 2012








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SAVE $11.00


• Lube, where applicable • New oil filter installed • Up to 5 quarts major brand oil • Special oils & filter types will result in extra charges • Most U.S. & Import cars • Regular price - $30.95 Shop supplies extra. No other discounts apply. Offer ends 2-29-12. Redeem at New England Tire. Seekonk store only. RR2

CONSUMER ALERT DO NOT let anyone align your car if they do not do front end repairs. Your safety is at stake and the alignment may be a waste of your money.



Must present this coupon to get this price. We will pull all four wheels, check brake pad condition, inspect brake hardware & all hydraulic components, check master cylinder operation and condition, assess remaining brake life, reassemble system.

• Front toe set to manufacturer's specs, where applicable • May require additional adjustments or parts at additional cost. • Above 20" wheels extra. TPMS charge may apply.

Save $2500 Most vehicles. No other discounts apply. Offer ends 2-29-12. Redeem at New England Tire.

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Warwick Avenue NEW ENGLAND TIRE 1590 WARWICK, RI • 401-737-1400

Car Care Centers 1416 Fall River Ave. - Rte. 6

SEEKONK, MA 508-336-2170

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Also in:

44 North Main Street ATTLEBORO, MA • 508-222-0367 515 South Main Street MANSFIELD, MA • 508-261-6100 367 West Main Street Northborough, MA • 508-393-9183

February 2012 The Reporter

Rehoboth Animal Shelter

It is a pleasure to be able to report good news. Several animals were adopted in December, and there were an unusual number of donations of food and cat litter as well. Flopsy, Mabel, Peony, and others are all enjoying their new homes. There are, however, a number of animals still in the shelter, who would make wonderful pets. Sam and Smoky are adorable young brothers. Sam is orange and Smoky is grey and they both love to play and interact with people. They are neutered and up to date on their shots. For more information about these and other animals at the Rehoboth Animal Shelter, please call 508-252-5421, ext. 126 or check out


Sandra (Rourke) & Ernie (Carl) Boren’s

Since 1971, Licensed in RI & MA

David Smith Real Estate

“Falamos Portugues”

Welcomes New Agent Dave Drowne of Rehoboth has recently joined CENTURY 21 David Smith Real Estate as our newest Sales Associate. Dave can help you with all your real estate needs. Please join us in welcoming Dave to the CENTURY 21 Team!

Dave can be reached at: 508-252-1000 ext. 28

100% Coverage

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Sandra (Rourke) & Ernie (Carl) Boren’s

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“Falamos Portugues”

David Smith Real Estate

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TAUNTON: $224.900 Ranch on 7+ acres! Living room w/stone fireplace, alarm, C/A, newer furnace & hot water heater. Offers encouraged! Also for sale, separate buildable 22,062 sq. ft. lot that abuts property. Will sell ranch w/ 7acres & buildable lot as package

REHOBOTH: $384,900 Rehoboth’s only 55+ complex. Maintenance free living Community. The open floor plan of this unit gives you great spacious living with all the amenities imaginable.

Keep it Local!

ATTLEBORO: $29,900 WHAT A PRICE! Mobile Home w/ 3 season room, patio, shed, corner lot in 55+ Liberty Estates Mobile Park. Move-In Condition, features C/A, & ceiling fans. Being Sold “AS IS” Owner Financing Will Be Considered.

REHOBOTH: $389,900 Two Family Home, side by side living w/ 2 floors on 1.37 Acre lot. Lots of privacy & mature landscaping. One unit has beautiful screened in porch the other has wood deck.

Junction Route 44 & 118 Rehoboth, Massachusetts 02769 DIGHTON: $299,900 Ranch featuring beautiful cherry kitchen, granite counters, center island & stainless appliances. Open floor plan w/ fireplace. Basement is completely finished w/ valuable additional space.

508-252-1000 Visit our web site...

SEEKONK: $273,000 Looking for One level? Mint Condition Ranch on corner lot in Fieldwood Estates neighborhood. Large living room, great for entertaining, hardwood floors throughout.


The Reporter February 2012

Land Trust Annual Meeting

The Rehoboth Land Trust will hold its annual meeting on Monday March 5th at the Carpenter Museum. A brief business meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. followed by a presentation on Hunting Access in Massachusetts by Tom O’Shea, the Assistant Director of Wildlife for the MDFW. Mr. O’Shea is responsible for the research and management of the state’s game and furbearing species, as well as the agency’s forestry and upland habitat management programs. Non-members and children are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be provided. Please contact Adam Latham at 252-1033 with any questions.


Plumbing & Heating

Rehoboth Land Trust Wins Grant and Launches Second Annual Fundraiser

Rehoboth Land Trust has secured a grant of $85,000 from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs toward the purchase of a Conservation Restriction on the 92 acre parcel owned by the Oak Hill Beagle Club. The Land Trust is working with a coalition of Town commissions – the Agricultural and Natural Resources Council, the Conservation Commission, the Community Preservation Committee – and the Trustees of Reservations to raise the funds to purchase the permanent restriction. The agreement includes an easement for trail development from Fairview Avenue to the Town Forest which will be open to the public for recreational use. The Land Trust intends to develop signage, a small parking area, and trail maintenance on the open space With that goal in mind, the Land Trust is launching its second annual fundraiser. Please join us in this endeavor – low impact fun for all! Your invitation is below.

You’re Invited... 2nd Annual Ball

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So let’s do it again, Our Second Annual Ball Here’s your invitation, COME ONE AND COME ALL.

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Oil Change


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Mass Inspection Station


1451-1491 Brayton Pt. Rd. • Somerset, MA 02725

Dream of all those special places, You would like to see saved – The trees, the streams, the fields, Not another street paved. Join us at our No Ball, Join us in our mission. Conservation is our goal In this second edition

Of a NO BALL Clever fun(d) raising Don’t you agree? Help Rehoboth Land Trust Donations of any amount are appreciated and are tax deductible. That is our plea.

Price of tickets $25 per person -$50 per couple Mail to RLT, P.O. Box 335, Rehoboth 02769

February 2012 The Reporter


Used Motor Oil Collection Saturday, February 18

9:00 a.m. - 12noon • Highway Garage Weather permitting • Call Friday, 508-252-3099 ext 100

Rehoboth Community Preservation Committee Seeking Project Proposals

The Town of Rehoboth adopted the provisions of the Community Preservation Act (CPA), Mass. Gen. Laws Chapter 44B, by virtue of public referendum and by adoption of a Town Bylaw in 2009. In accordance with the CPA, a Community Preservation Committee has been appointed (the CPC) to administer the CPA in the Town of Rehoboth. In connection with revenues being generated through the CPA surcharge on local property taxes and through the related funding by the Commonwealth under the CPA, the CPC has an ongoing interest in proposals for projects that qualify for funding under the CPA. The four topic areas are: (1) acquisition, creation and preservation of open space; (2) acquisition and preservation of historic resources; (3) acquisition, creation and preservation of land for recreational uses; and (4) creation, preservation, and support of community housing. Applications can be submitted throughout the year. All must be reviewed by the CPC and ultimately approved at Town Meeting. If you are in doubt about a project’s eligibility, please submit it so we have the opportunity to review it and work with you to meet the required criteria. Guidelines and criteria are available. For further information, please contact the Community Preservation Committee, c/o Town Offices, Peck Street, Rehoboth, MA 02769, or Carol Williams, chair, at


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Service & Install All Phases of Heating Equipment & Air Conditioning Why call a seperate service co. when you get much more personlized service from the company you are buying your oil from. Cheap oil is not the answer for prompt, efficient service. Seekonk Oil Corp. is a full service co. that has been in business for 61 full years. We only use Heating Oil Plus to make sure your equipment is running clean & efficient.

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820R Taunton Ave. • Seekonk MA 02771 • 508-336-8234

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Rehoboth Rescue Squad Training in Personal Safety (TIPS) By Tom Rose, Captain of Rescue


Atlantic Power Services, Inc. Heating and Mechanical Contractor

GAS CONVERSIONS & INSTALLATIONS New System Installations, Retro-Fits, Oil Upgrades and Services

FREE ESTIMATES Office: 508-336-3042 Cell: 401-316-5222 Jeff Sanders Andrew Pereira Fully Licensed Falamos & Insured RI/MA

911 Taunton Ave. Seekonk, MA


A dvantage Painting All Calls Returned • No Job Too Big Or Small

Interior And Exterior Painting & Power Washing

It’s Never Too Early to Schedule Spring Painting!

We do most Home Maintenence and Repairs Call Brian For Free Estimates (774) 406-0478 Free Estimates • Fully Insured • Commercial & Residential

Rehoboth Rescue Squad Intense Training

Rehoboth – The first significant snow fall of the winter arrived in a storm that brought approximately 6 inches by its conclusion on Saturday, January 21st. During the morning and afternoon hours when accumulation was most intense, two rescue men remained at the station ready for any emergency call that might occur. Rescue’s mission was to decrease emergency response time in a period when roads were hampered by snow. While on duty, personnel readied for another event: an additional training drill. A unanimous agreement among the officers of the Rescue Squad last fall brought about a change to the unit’s training calendar: training drills would be increased to a frequency of twice per month. The reason was simple. Under the auspices of the Rehoboth Emergency Management Agency, the Rehoboth Rescue Squad prepares for, responds to, and mitigates crises in numerous core areas of emergency response. Some of these core responsibilities include auto extrication, search & rescue, water and ice rescue, animal rescue, emergency communications, and pre-hospital care. Due to increasing changes in automotive design, new challenges are present that require new skills for successful auto extrication following a severe motor vehicle crash. So on Sunday morning, January 22nd, Rescue personnel arose early, and embarked upon a rigorous training drill amidst snow and temperatures in the low 20s. Throughout the morning, personnel applied new techniques as they practiced on an actual motor vehicle. The weather conditions provided real world application, as emergency responders must be able to work amid all hazards and conditions. The Rehoboth Rescue Squad has, since 1965, remained a 100% volunteer unit that works to protect life and property. Although members come from all walks of life, each trains heavily to fulfill the mission of the squad. In addition to training in core areas of responsibility, Rescue personnel must also achieve several levels of competency within the Incident Command System via the federal Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, all personnel must at minimum be certified as Emergency Medical Responders with CPR/AED training and certification to the level of Healthcare Provider/Professional Rescuer. Many members of Rescue are licensed Emergency Medical Technicians who continue to respond to medical emergencies in town in support of Rehoboth Ambulance.

Interested in becoming an EMT?

Art Supplies • Custom Framing Fine Cabinet Lumber • Furniture Restoration Decoy & Woodcarving

Hours M•T•T•F 9-5 Wed til 8 Sat 9-1

The Rescue Squad provides all training to its members. Those interested in earning license as an EMT may be interested in joining the squad, who will arrange for schooling. The Rescue Squad also boasts a Dive Team that always welcomes the talents of new divers. Citizens who are currently licensed as HAM radio operators, or who would like to earn such license, are encouraged to join our HAM RACES team that is a crucial unit to emergency operations under the Rehoboth Emergency Management Agency. YOUR Rehoboth Rescue Squad, comprised of friends and neighbors, remains “in service for life.” We train heavily to rigorous standards, and enjoy the pride, satisfaction, and camaraderie that a life in public safety brings. We volunteer because we care.

February 2012 The Reporter


The Rehoboth Rescue Squad continues to train and is always looking for volunteers. If you have any questions about us or would like to join Rehoboth Rescue contact Chief Gary Kloss at 401.226.3870 for information and / or an application or visit us on our website at Write to us at Rehoboth Rescue Association PO Box 61, Rehoboth, MA 02769-0061. You may also contact us at the REMA office at (774) 371-0017 anytime.

February and April Vacation Classes Feb: 2/20 - 2/24 • Apr: 4/16 - 4/20 Monday thru Friday 9am thru 3:30pm

Rescue Squad Training.

Dr. Jared W. Stubbs, DDS

Dr. Lisa Daft, DMD

Rescue Squad Training.

Coming in March:

Spring Home & Garden

Don't Miss Out! Help our Reader plan their Spring Projects by Advertising. Call 508.252.6575.


Dr. Jared W. Stubbs, DDS • Dr. Lisa Daft, DMD 520 Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, MA

(508) 336-7260


The Reporter February 2012

Rehoboth Ramblings

by Leslie Patterson

Escaping Winter Blues and Blahs Winter got you down? The dead of winter is the low point of the year for many of us. But even if you aren’t planning a big winter get-away to somewhere warm, there are still some closer to home or even at-home ways to take a break this winter.

Exhibits Worth Seeing

The Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston (mos. org) is only there for another few days (until February 12) but it’s well worth seeing if you haven’t been yet. I’d advise getting tickets online at this point. The exhibit showcases many interesting and original Roman artifacts that are in an amazingly good state of preservation, thanks to being preserved in ash for many centuries. You can learn some interesting tidbits about Roman daily life too. For example, patio furniture has not changed much over the past 2,000 years. And did you know that ancient Romans bleached their linen clothes with urine? Big jugs were left in public locations for personal contributions. You would think they would have preferred dingy togas and tunics to stinky togas and tunics (rinsing can only do so much good.)

LS Heating & Air Conditioning Licensed/Insured Owned by Luis Sousa

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All your fencing needs chain link, corrals, wood Brian McGuirk (508) 252-9404

But then you come to the next room in the exhibit hall and leave all levity aside. Body casts show how people fell choking to death in the hot ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. This is a gripping exhibit. You can’t help but feel deep sorrow for the people of Pompeii, even if they’ve been dead for almost 2,000 years. Moving a few hundred years ahead, the Vikings are coming! The Vikings are the focus of a new exhibit and new programs at the Higgins Armory Museum ( in Worcester. They are also planning special programs for older kids during the February school vacation.

Other Times, Other Places

TV critics are all abuzz with the news that people who don’t usually watch Masterpiece Theatre are glued to the set when “Downton Abbey” is on. I’ve found that there’s much more to the new series than the previous one, simply because the scenes from the war add so much drama and pathos, and yes, isn’t Maggie Smith wonderful? Speaking of dowager duchesses, I am greatly enjoying the fairly new book “Wait for Me”, a memoir by Deborah Mitford, about her childhood, the grim war years in the 1940’s, and her life as Duchess of Devonshire at Chatsworth. Describing the Mitfords would take up a whole page here, so let’s just say that the adventures of this family of wildly eccentric aristocrats far surpass anything from the fictional Downton Abbey. The TV critics are also reminding new viewers who are intrigued by the world of British aristocracy that there are other PBS/BBC series that might interest them. I’m sure that many viewers already know about these, but if you are fascinated by upper class life in bygone days, look for DVDs of these past programs: “Brideshead Revisited”; “Upstairs/Downstairs” (either the old series or the more recent); and “The Forsythe Saga” (again, either the older or newer series). Lately I’ve been watching “The Pallisers”, a 24-part Victorian soap opera (at least in the 1974 television version) based on the novels of Anthony Trollope, who would recoil at my use of “soap opera”. These vintage PBS series offer better than average TV fare when you are staying in on cold winter nights. Now, for a change of pace, what better place to escape winter than Hawaii? I was pleased to see that the movie “The Descendents” starring George Clooney won a few Golden Globe awards. It’s nice to see that Hollywood can still make absorbing movies for grown-ups, films that actually feature complex characters and situations as well as excellent acting. This somewhat edgy drama about a family crisis also features gorgeous scenes of Hawaii, particularly some unspoiled views from the island of Kauai. As a fan of Hawaiian slack-key guitar music, I was also very pleased to hear real Hawaiian music on the soundtrack, including some of my favorite songs and tunes. I highly recommend “The Descendents” soundtrack for winter-escape listening, or you could start with the two CDs called “Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection” from Dancing Cat Records. Of course, whether you will feel better or worse going out into the cold and snow after dreaming of Hawaii is up to you.

For Advertising Information and Rates...Call 508-252-6575

February 2012 The Reporter


The Seekonk Scene Town Clerk’s Corner By Jan Parker, Seekonk Town Clerk

Seekonk Town Clerk’s Corner It has finally arrived---the 200th birthday year for the Town of Seekonk. There are many events planned for the year, the first was the dinner dance on January 21st at Johnson & Wales Inn. I am writing this article two days before that event, so more on that next month. The annual Kiwanis Taste of the Town will be February 7th at Johnson and Wales Inn. Tickets are $30 each and are available in the Town Clerk’s office. On February 12th the Newman YMCA and the Seekonk Kiwanis will be celebrating the 200th birthday with an activity filled four hours at the Y. From 11-3 the Y will be open and there will be activities for all ages. There will be a DJ, swimming, moon bounce, arts and crafts, face painting, and birthday cupcakes. This will be a great time for families to enjoy some time together at the YMCA facility in town. They are asking that attendees bring a canned food item for Doorways, or an item for the Seekonk Animal Shelter. July 7th will be Seekonk night at McCoy Stadium. The great folks at McCoy have added another fireworks night, so we will have the BBQ tent along with watching a great baseball game. We will also see the wonderful fireworks display that McCoy Stadium is famous for. The schedule of events is posted on the Seekonk website. There will be something for everyone. Some of the events are free, while some will charge a fee. Also, a reminder that the mandated annual town census has been mailed. Please check the information and return it as soon as possible. The Planning Board is including a survey and there will be a dog license renewal form enclosed. Dog license renewals will not be done until the third week in February. There will be a rabies clinic at DPW on Saturday, March 10th from 9-12. We will be there to license dogs also. The fee for the rabies clinic is $10, cash only. Cats and dogs are eligible for the clinic. Please support the activities that are planned for the year. Many organizations have put a great deal of time into planning events for the year so hopefully they all will be well attended.

We hope you enjoy receiving The Reporter every month!

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Annex Office 51 Maple Ln., Rehoboth

Citizens For Citizens, Citizens For Citizens, Inc. Inc

Program HeadHead StartStart Program ®

Bay State Road, MA Rehoboth MA Bay State Road, Rehoboth

A Developmentally Appropriate A Developmentally Appropriate Pre-School for: Pre-School Program Program for: and Seekonk Dighton, Dighton, RehobothRehoboth and Seekonk

Currently Currently Enrolling Enrolling (by -Sept. 1st) - 5 years Children 3Children (by Sept.31st) 5 years • Foster Children Automatically Qualify • Foster Children Automatically Qualify Breakfast & Lunch Served • Breakfast &•Lunch Served Part Based Day & Options Home Based Options Available • Part Day & •Home Available

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The Reporter February 2012

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Seekonk Republican Town Committee

The Seekonk Republican Town Committee will be holding its next meeting February 11, 2012 10 a.m. -12 p.m. at the Seekonk Library meeting room. We welcome local Republican and right minded Independent voters to attend. Get involved and help shape the political make up of your community and State by working with people who look to make a difference. During this election year, let your voice be heard! Coming March 17th…Seekonk RTC will be holding its annual “Meet the Candidates” event at the Seekonk Library. Candidates for the Seekonk April 2, 2012 election will be available to answer your questions in this annual occasion sponsored by the Seekonk RTC. More details to come.

Local Grants Awarded For Seekonk Arts and Culture

The Seekonk Cultural Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 19 grants totaling $8,950 for arts and cultural programs in Seekonk. The amount of available funds this year were high due to “rollover” funds from previous years; it is expected that funds available in future years will be closer to $3500. Grant recipients include the Middle and High School Band Festivals, an intergenerational story and song concert for seniors and students, and a multicultural concert at the Aitken Elementary School. The Council was also able to fund a few initiatives related to Seekonk’s 200th anniversary, including a traveling exhibit of Wyland murals to be displayed in the high school lobby from April 9-13 and an original song about Seekonk written by two time Grammy award winner Bill Harley and performed at a concert on April 9th. A complete list of recipients and grant amounts can be found below. The Seekonk Cultural Council is part of a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. The LCC Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of communitybased projects in the arts, sciences and humanities every year. The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, which then allocates funds to each community. Decisions about which activities to support are made at the community level by a board of municipally appointed volunteers. The members of the Seekonk Cultural Council are: Debbie Block, Bill Clark, Patti Dalton, Maria Holme, and Martha Torrance. The Council website is: The Council received 32 requests for funding this year, 8 fewer than last year. Last year’s available funds totaled $3,850, and $6,945 was available for 2010. The Council welcomes individual or corporate donations to increase the funds available for grants. State Representative Steven Howitt (Seekonk) offered congratulations to the group again this year. “Enhancing arts in the community and supporting the efforts of local artists is a wonderful benefit offered to Seekonk through the Seekonk Cultural Council. As a member of the Joint Commitlive/cable auction tee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Develop-

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55 Annual Auction

th Rotary Club of Attleboro

Monday, March 19th 7-10 P.M.

Live Coverage on Double ACS Channel 15 in Attleboro

Preview list of auction items available on website and BID ONLINE March 11th to 19th, at

Auction Phone: 508-226-1540

phone lines available only during

February 2012 The Reporter ment, I have the opportunity to learn about the “state of the arts” throughout the Commonwealth. I’m proud of our Town’s work in this regard. With the Seekonk’s 200th Birthday celebration occurring in 2012, I note several grants funded by the Council in support of that celebration which will undoubtedly remain significant to the Town of Seekonk through the years. The partnership of the Seekonk Cultural Council through the Massachusetts Cultural Council is a great benefit for the Town and I encourage individuals and groups to apply for these grants. I want to thank the representatives of the council who review the applications and make the decisions for their hard work.” Statewide, more than $2 million will be distributed by local cultural councils in 2012. Grants support an enormous range of grass-roots activities: concerts, exhibitions, radio and video productions, field trips for schoolchildren, after-school youth programs, writing workshops, historical preservation efforts, lectures, First Night celebrations, nature and science education programs for families and town festivals. Nearly half of LCC funds support educational activities for young people. This includes the PASS Program, which provides subsidies for school-age children to attend cultural field trips. The Seekonk Cultural Council will seek applications again in the fall. Information and forms are available online at (www.masscultural Applications are due Oct. 15, 2012.

2012 Grants (With some tentative dates; please watch for dates and locations as they are confirmed)

John Porcino – Celebration in Story, Song, and Music - $425 Seekonk Bicentennial Composition/Middle School (4/9)- $350 Middle School Band Festival (6/6-8)- $400 High School Band Festival (5/18) - $400






PARTY EVENT 8 guests or more

One coupon per family. Cannot be combined. Limited time offer. Code: VR20 Expires 5/31/2012 Valid only at Snip-its Seekonk.

King Philips Crossing, 231 Highland Ave. • Seekonk • Next to iParty (508) 336-2626 •

For Advertising Information and Rates...Call 508-252-6575

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10/19/11 10:52:18 AM


The Reporter February 2012



High School Symphonic Band Bicentennial Composition $1,000 Wyland Traveling Mural Exhibit/High School (4/9-13)- $250 Scott Jameson – Juggler - $495 Attleboro Art Museum – High Art Exhibit (5/22-6/6) - $130 Mark Cartier – Beatlemania - $350 Song of Seekonk – Bill Harley (4/9) - $750 Quintessential Brass Band Concert (8/8)- $650 Middle School – Engineers Teaching Algebra - $500 Middle School – Pianist for Alice in Wonderland Jr. Play (5/1112) - $500 Blues Brothers Concert and Dance - $1200 Seekonk Historical Commission Webpage - $150 The Silly Laughing Musical Fun Poetry Show (7/23) - $500 Roger Tincknell - This Land is Your Land: A Musical Journey (4/9) - $450 Tim Van Egmond – Intergenerational Story and Song Performance - $450




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Newman YMCA


Register on-line now for Winter Programs As an organization for healthy living, the Newman YMCA, a branch of the YMCA of Greater Providence, has implemented a number of Strategic Health Initiatives to address critical issues in the community. Contact Luca Del Borgo at 508-336-7103 or for more information.

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Adult Personal Exercise Program (P.E.P.)

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Post Rehab Maintenance Program

For people who have finished their rehab program but wish to build on their physical therapy or cardiac rehab exercise program. Specially trained staff gradually introduces independent exercise based upon prior workouts. Physical Therapist consultations can be scheduled. Meets 2 X/wk for 6 weeks. Fee $120

Second Levels • Additions • Dormers • Garages • Family Rooms Kitchen & Baths • In-Law apts. CUSTOM BUILT HOMES LOG HOMES

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The Reporter February 2012

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YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program

YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the landmark Diabetes Prevention Program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) & the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). In a classroom setting, a trained lifestyle coach works with participants to change their lifestyle by teaching them about healthy eating, physical activity & other behavioral changes over the course of 16 one-hour sessions. Topics covered include nutrition, getting started with physical activity, overcoming stress, staying motivated & more. After the initial 16 core sessions, group members will meet monthly for up to one year for added support to help them maintain their progress. Program Goals: Reduce body weight by 7%. Gradually increase physical activity to at least 150 minutes per week. WHO MAY PARTICIPATE: Anyone at risk for type-2 diabetes. Your doctor can tell if you are at risk. Some of the risk factors to consider include family history, weight, gestational diabetes & elevated cholesterol. Fees may apply – scholarships available. Additional resources:

YMCA’s Healthy Lifestyles Program

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The YMCA developed Healthy Lifestyles in collaboration with the Stanford Prevention Research Center. For more than 30 years, Stanford has been developing, testing & refining a Six-Step Method for Behavioral Change - a scientifically-tested method found to be effective in facilitating lifelong behavior change related to health, physical activity & nutrition. In a group setting, a trained lifestyle coach helps participants adapt their lifestyles by teaching them about healthy eating, physical activity, overcoming barriers, staying motivated & building support networks over the course of 22 one-hour sessions. The program begins with a health & lifestyle assessment. From there you will have one-on-one time with a coach & participate in weekly group sessions. During the 22 meetings, you will set short & long-term goals, identify barriers to healthy living & track your progress. To qualify for the YMCA’s Healthy Lifestyles Program, participants must be 18 years of age or older & agree with at least one of the following statements: 1) I intend to make a behavior change within the next 6 months, 2) I intend to take action to make a behavior change within the next 30 days, or 3) I have begun to make small behavior changes within the last 6 months. Fees may apply – scholarships available. Additional resources:

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This 12-week program is offered free of charge designed for adult cancer survivors who have recently become deconditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment & the disease itself. The goal of the small group series is to help participants build muscle mass & strength, increase flexibility & endurance & improve functional ability. Additional goals include reducing the severity of side effects, preventing unwanted weight changes & improving energy levels & self-esteem. Finally, participants will develop their own physical fitness programs so they can continue to build a healthy lifestyle. Program is offered free to participants - Additional resources:

February 2012 The Reporter


Club News & Announcements Email or

Share announcements & news at www. The Rehoboth Anawan Lions club

The Rehoboth Anawan Lions club held their first meeting of the new year on January 5th at President Elaine Ferreira’s home. We discussed the successful Tree Lighting we had at the bank with the follow up continuing at the Francis Farm with Santa, hayrides etc. that we usually have. A good time was had by all who attended. In the middle of December we had our usual Bingo at Marian Manor nursing home with a very appreciative group. They also got their gift and cookies as well. At our first meeting we discussed some of the projects we will be doing for our fund raising, the first being our well known calendar dance on January 28th at the Hillside Country Club. It is a fun night and the tables that are decorated for each month are really quite impressive and it is like walking into wonder land. We will also have our baskets to raffle off. If you are interested in going and don’t have a ticket call our President Elaine @508-336-5049 she will be happy to take care of you. The club members who attended the Mid Winter Conference in Plymouth had a very good time and we want to congratulate last years President Denise Thomas who was awarded the Membership Excellence award and the Key Membership award. The members who attended were very proud to be a member of the club. We will be finalizing the plans for several events like the Ladies Luncheon With Laughter to be held in April. Watch for more information coming. Also we will be having our bake sale at the bank along with the sale of raffle tickets for the basket for Ladies Day of Pampering. At Christmas time we gave money for presents for needy children, we gave gift cards for the service men and we gave too Friends of the elderly. We continue to be grateful for your continued support for all our fund raisers because of that support we have been successful in all of them. Remember our motto “WE SERVE” and indeed we do. So on behalf of my Lions members we say Thank You!

American Association of University Women Local Area Branch

On Saturday, February 11th, the Taunton branch of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) will meet at Hong Kong City, located at 174 Broadway, Taunton. The meeting will begin at 12:30 p.m. and will feature lunch and a book review discussion. The chosen book is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, an award-winning novelist. For more information about the author or the book, visit her website at AAUW membership is open to all women who hold an Associate or equivalent, Baccalaureate or higher degree from a qualified educational institution. Undergraduates may become AAUW affiliate members. For more information about the local area branch of the AAUW, contact Rosemaire Buote, Vice-President of Membership, at 508669-5069. The Taunton area branch also maintains a website at:


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The Reporter February 2012

A-1 Custom Auto Body 2244 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence, RI 02914

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Anawan-Oakton Grange #221

Just a note to let folks know that our February 28th meeting has been cancelled. We look forward to our March 13th meeting for Fun and Games with a penny sale to benefit the Agricultural committee. The March 27th meeting will be our Health and Safety night. We still meet at the Grange hall on the corner of Rtes 44 and 118 The name change does not make a difference in our goals and objectives. We welcome all to any meeting. They start at 7:30 P.M.

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Local Students Participate in Lions Speech Contest

In November, four students from local High Schools participated in the annual Speech Contest. The theme of this year’s speech was “How Has a Teacher Changed My Life”.

is now the 23rd of each month...

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Participants from left to right are, Dan Mendes and Maribel Tavares, Seekonk, Jocelyn Jefferson, Dighton-Rehoboth, and Hannah Rogers, Bristol County Agricultural.

Rehoboth Lions Club

V I S I O N C A R E “Our Focus is On You”

Cutting Edge Technology Premier Eyecare Distinct Eyewear

Dates of Meetings and Activities (Meetings are Wed. unless listed)

February 8 Regular Reh. Lions Mtg. @ Goff Hall @ 7 15 Board of Directors meet at R. Weddell’s @ 7 22 Regular Meeting March 7 Clam Boil @ Seekonk Gun C. @ 7 P.M. 14 Regular Meeting 23, “Joe DeRoche – Game Dinner” in Raynham 25 Annual District 33S Bowling Tournament 28 Reg. Meeting @ Hillside C.C. @ 7 P.M. What is coming up for activities?

Clam Boil Dates for 2012! Here they are – save them!

4 3 8 - 2020 400 Warren Avenue

w w

The 1st Weds. – March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, Sept. 5, Oct. 3, and Nov. 7. Come for the Clams, the FUN and help us help others! March 23, “Joe DeRoche – Game Dinner” at Raynham Lions Club, sign-up with R. Latham. Tickets are $25. March 25th (SUNDAY) South Attleboro sponsors the Annual

February 2012 The Reporter District 33S Bowling Tournament. Come out and support your favorite team. We need to form a couple of teams. May 9 (Wed.) is Citizen’s Recognition Night at Hillside C.C. – Who will you nominate this year? See the Nomination Form for details. The Local Youth Speech Contests have been held. Our local participants were – representing the Reh. Club = Hannah Rogers, B.C.Aggie R.H.S. and for the Dighton Club, Jocelyn Jefferson, D-R. R.H.S.

2012 NOMINATION FORM Tenth Annual Citizens’ Recognition Awards Night

The Rehoboth Lions Club will honor people whose service to the community has surpassed expectations at a “RECOGNITION NIGHT BANQUET” to be held at the Hillside Country Club on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 This form provides opportunity to nominate a person deserving in any of the following areas: (Please check the appropriate award and attach your one page nomination statement.) 1. JOSEPH DEROCHE OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD – Presented to a person whose service to the community has served a wide range of the population and has required effort above and beyond that expected of the general public. 2. OUTSTANDING YOUTH – A young person whose personal qualities and achievements serve as models for other young people in the community. 3. PUBLIC SERVANT – Presented to an elected or appointed town official or municipal employee whose actions have surpassed the expectations of their position. 4. THE RAYMOND G. DYER HUMANITARIAN AWARD – A person whose actions and deeds have fostered attitudes of good will and fairness to all people in the community. 5. EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR - Presented to the professional educator in Rehoboth or D-R H.S. whose dedication to the students and whose accomplishments in the field of education serve as models to both active professionals and those entering the profession. 6. HEROISM AWARD – Presented to a person who placed personal safety in jeopardy while aiding someone else in need. 7. SENIOR CITIZEN OF THE YEAR – Presented to the senior citizen whose life and accomplishments have served as an inspiration to others. 8. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT – A local resident may be recognized for individual accomplishment. 9. THE RANDALL P. SILVEIRA PUBLIC SAFETY AWARD – A person of commitment, dedication and compassion while playing a key role in promoting public safety in the Town Of Rehoboth. 10. - If you would like to nominate a person and/or create a new award, please do so in this category.

E-mail: Nominee’s Name: Home Phone: Address: ­ _____________________________ E-mail Nominator’s Signature Home Phone: Address:

On an additional page, please explain your reasons for nominating this person and describe their achievements, supplying background information and the scope of their activities. These awards are open to those who live and/or work in Rehoboth, including all D-R Staff. Award recipients will be chosen by March 21, 2012 and notified by April 5, 2012. Please direct any questions to: Russell Latham, Chairman, 508-252-4272 PLEASE RETURN ALL NOMINATIONS TO THE ADDRESS ABOVE BEFORE SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2012.


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The Reporter February 2012 Vis

it U

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ur no



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Rehoboth Family Childcare

l Ho

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Bristol County Horsemen’s Association Equipment & Tack Sale Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Place: Bristol County Agricultural High School 135 Center Street, Dighton, Mass. Now is the time to pick up other riders’ treasures or turn your unused horse items or other household items into cash. Reservations are now being accepted for tables at $10.00 per table for BCHA members; $20.00 per table for individuals and organizations.

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February 2012 The Reporter

The Rehoboth Antiquarian Society News

The Carpenter Museum...

Share an Afternoon Tea with Louisa May Alcott (Sunday, March 4, 2-4pm)

Last year more than fifty of us had a wonderful time at the Carpenter Museum’s “Tea with Emily,” sharing tea and goodies and friendship. Before it was over, many said, “Let’s do this again!” So we are. This year we’re calling it “Tea with Louisa.” Barbara Barnes will share surprising “tidbits” about Louisa May Alcott. In keeping with this year’s theme “Remembering Rehoboth School Days,” we will offer food from a cookbook compiled by Rehoboth’s PTA in the 1950s called “The Schoolhouse Cookbook.” And our new exhibit about the history of Rehoboth schools will be unveiled! Please make your reservations early ($5, members $3). We expect to fill our seats early. Call 508-252-3031.

Take off with Us on a Bus Tour of Rehoboth’s OneRoom Schoolhouses (Sunday, April 22, 1pm)

Join us on a comfortable coach bus as we meander around Rehoboth for a couple of hours looking at former one-room schoolhouses. Guest speakers on the bus will tell stories about the various schools. We’ll stop at Hornbine School (Rehoboth’s refurbished one-room schoolhouse) for a short visit, and return to the Carpenter Museum for some old-fashioned treats. You won’t want to miss this bus! Just $10 per person. Call 508-252-3031 for reservations. Thanks to the Rehoboth Cultural Council, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, for partially funding this event.

David J. Ledoux

Hardwood Floors Seekonk, MA

Installation - Sanding - Refinishing - Prefinished ***Quality Craftsmanship*** "Proudly serving the community for over 20 years" Office: 508-399-6211 Cell: 508-272-7729

Owner/Operator Fully Insured

Thank you... For your gift of membership to the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society. Your donation will support programs and events at both the Carpenter Museum and Blanding Library. Name: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________ City/State/Zip: __________________________ Phone: ________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________ NOTE: Please consider including your e-mail so we can keep you up-to-date on happening events. (Check here if you’d rather receive the RAS newsletter by email. ___ )

Stevens School, 1937, located on Tremont Street.

Teachers will Talk and Kids will have Fun!


Teachers Talk Forum at Goff Hall (Blanding Library): Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 6, 1-3 p.m. We’ll have a “Teachers Talk” Forum, where retired teachers and administrators will sit on a panel and have fun sharing memories of Rehoboth schools. Everyone is welcome, and it’s free! Please tell your friends. “Remembering Rehoboth Schools” Family Day at the Carpenter Museum: This will be our third annual Family Day at the Carpenter Museum, slated for Sunday, June 3, 1-5 p.m. It’s free and open to all.

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___ Yes! I also want to offer my gift of time. Please contact me about becoming a volunteer.

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Palmer River School, Mason St., 1908-09.

So Tell Us…What was Cool (or Not so Cool) about School?

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Part 1. 1/4 c. shortening 1/2 c. brown sugar 1 c. flour sifted Cream shortening, add brown sugar gradually and beat until light. Add flour and mix until crumbly. Place in a greased pan 7x11x2.” Bake in a moderate oven 350 degrees about 15 mins. While this is baking prepare: Part 2. 2 tbs. flour 1 c. brown sugar 1/2 tsp. baking power 1 tsp. vanilla 1/4 tsp. salt 1 c. coconut 2 eggs well beaten 1 c. chopped walnuts Sift flour and measure, add baking powder and salt, sift again. Beat eggs until light and add brown sugar gradually, add vanilla. Combine with dry ingredients and mix well. Add coconut and chopped nuts. Pour over baked Part 1. Bake in a 350 degree oven about 30 mins. Cut in bars while hot.

Join the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society!

The Rehoboth Antiquarian Society needs your support! Please consider joining us. Go to to learn more about RAS and the programs and events offered by the Blanding Library, Arts in the Village, and the Carpenter Museum…and to find out how to become a member.

February 2012 The Reporter


Exploring the Industrial Revolution On a Visit to Slater Mill in Pawtucket

by Leslie Patterson A small group of us from the Carpenter Museum visited Slater Mill in Pawtucket on a crisp December day. The Blackstone River was roiling and churning after heavy rains so it was easy to see how powerful a force water was for propelling the mill wheels. After a low dam was built on the river, water was diverted into a raceway that led to a gate into the mill to power the machinery. We were guided on our tour of Slater Mill, the Wilkinson Mill and the Sylvanus Brown House, all on the Pawtucket site, by Allan McGillivrary, who was dressed in a woolen cape and old straw hat of a Rhode Islander of 200 years ago, and Nelson Collins, who has served on Slater’s Mill’s board and is an expert on the mechanical workings of the mill. Allan told us about the founding of the mill in 1793 by Samuel Slater, who was only 23 then. The money behind this first water-powered spinning mill of its kind in America came from Moses Brown and his partner William Almy. Slater’s first assistant at the mill was his young brother-in-law, who was only 10 at that time.



Children in the Mills

All older children worked 200 years ago, unless their familes were quite wealthy. But prior to the industrial revolution, they mainly worked on farms, or as apprentices to tradesmen, or if they were girls, as maids to those who were well off. But this standing all day in a mill, tending complicated machinery, with scarcely any time off, in both the brutal heat of the summer and the bitter chill of winter, was something new. Samuel Slater started out with nine child workers, ages 6 to 12 and they worked from “see” to “not see”--that is, only during times of natural light. Winter work days at the mill were shorter due to the early darkness, so they didn’t have to work the 14 hour days (with half an hour for dinner) that they did in the summer. But of course they didn’t get paid when they weren’t working. And when they did get paid, boys got 50 cents a week (a week, not a day) and girls only 35 cents. The Wilkinson Mill was opened in 1810, mainly to make the machine parts needed in the textile mills, though the upper floors of this mill were also used for textiles. The first thing you see in Wilkinson Mill is a sign saying “Loafers Not Wanted--Keep Out”. Those who were considered loafers would lose their job and also have their name put on a blacklist so that other mill owners would not hire them.

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The Reporter February 2012 Allan told us horror stories of fingers or hair caught in the relentless machines, the dangers of fire in a wooden building with whale-oil lamps and woodstoves in a time with no fire departments, and lung disease called “white lung” caused by breathing in cotton fibers that were constantly floating in the air. Among other facts we learned was that cotton was best worked with high humidity. Windows were nailed shut, even in the summer, and it could get to be over 100 degrees in the mill in the summer. It was very cold in the winter and it was easy to slip and fall at any time. At that time there was no government intervention to require mill owners to take even the most basic safety precautions. Nor were there any unemployment benefits. If the mill was closed or you were sick and could not work, there would be no pay.

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“There was a link between slavery and textiles,” Allan explained. After Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, also in 1793, it was possible to remove seeds from cotton much faster and more efficiently than by hand. Even a small cotton gin could do the work of 100 people working by hand. Cotton made the Southern plantation owners very rich and increased their demand for slaves to work the cotton fields. After the cotton was processed down south, it was baled and sent to the New England textile mills. The bales could be shipped up the river right to the bridge near Slater Mill, where the cotton was worked and turned into thread. Our two guides gave us a thorough demonstration of how the process worked on the various pieces of mill machinery and how the thread was then worked on a loom to produce cloth. A Jaquard loom actually used a very early form of punch cards to program patterns into the woven cloth. In the Sylvanus Brown house we got a look at what a house from 200 years ago in Rhode Island looked like. It has low ceilings to conserve heat from the fireplace and no closets because people only had two outfits then and the one you were not wearing could hang on a peg on the wall. Also, closets were taxed in colonial days. Allan showed us a handloom with a sleeve being woven on it, giving us an idea of how long it would take to weave a simple shirt and what labor-saving devices machine looms were at that time. What was most amaz(508) 252-5275 ing though is that Allan said that this fairly small house might have actually housed two families, with as many as 22 children between (508) 252-5490 them. Slater Mill is open for visitors throughout the year, though hours vary. In the winter it is only open to groups by appointment. It is located on Roosevelt Ave. in Pawtucket, across the river from the old Apex store. The site also holds special events throughout the year, including the popular knitting weekend coming up February 10-12. For more information, go to

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Allan McGillivary, an interpreter at Slater Mill, demonstrates machinery at the Wilkinson Mill.

February 2012 The Reporter

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Michelle Kaminsky performs with French Roast at the Rehoboth contra dance on February 10



There will be a Rehoboth contra dance on Friday, February 10, at 8:00 p.m. at Goff Memorial Hall, 124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA. All dances will be taught by caller Nils Fredland. Music will be performed by Michelle Kaminsky and French Roast, with Rachel Panitch, Mark Wholley, and Alan Bradbury. Beginners welcome. Partners not necessary. $8. For information, call 508-252-6375; http://www.



Friday, February 10, 8 p.m.



Rehoboth Contra Dance


Events & Activities




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Arts in the Village Presents the Providence Mandolin Orchestra

On February 11, the Arts in the Village Concert Series welcomes back the Providence Mandolin Orchestra, directed by Mark Davis. Over the past 30 years, the PMO has become one of the leading American mandolin ensembles, performing throughout the Eastern United States and Canada, and at festivals in Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the Netherlands. Its repertoire features a wide range of musical styles, from Renaissance dances to Baroque concertos, from turn-of-the-century nostalgia to avant-garde expressions. For the February concert, this troupe of 24 musicians will present Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 and a new piece written The Providence Mandolin Orchestra performs in the Arts in the in a classical/Romantic style, which the Village Concert Series on February 11. PMO recently premiered in Baltimore. Also on the program will be the U.S. premiere of PMO member Robert Margo’s “Nocturne,” described by Davis as a “beautiful, moody, evocative piece of writing.” Other works include Boston-area composer Owen Hartford’s “Neponset Valley Suite”; a piece by Robert Martel that was written for and recorded by the PMO and has seen recent performances in Europe; and “Oblivion,” an arrangement of a concert tango written by Family owned and operated since 1979. the acclaimed Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. This concert, which is sponsored by Lydia Costa Interiors of Rehoboth, will take place on Saturday, February 11 at 7:30 p.m., at Goff Memorial Hall, 124 Bay State Road, in Rehoboth, MA. Admission is $15 for adults, $13 for seniors, and $6 for students and children, cash and checks only. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, and the doors open at 7:00 p.m. For information, please call 508-252-5718, or go to the AIV’s Web site: http://www.carpentermuseum. org/Arts.htm.

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Community Dance

* FREE * On Sunday evening, February 19, from 7 to 9 p.m., there will be a community dance held at Goff Memorial Hall, 124 Bay State Road, in Rehoboth. This dance is hosted by the Sunday Night Jammers, a group of area musicians who meet regularly on Sunday evenings at Goff Hall to play Celtic dance music. The February 19 dance will feature contra dance steps and a variety of international and couple dances, such as polkas and waltzes. All dance steps will be taught. Admission is free and open to the public, and all ages and beginners are welcome. It is not necessary to come with a partner. A potluck precedes the dance at 6 p.m. For information, contact Suzanne Elliott at or call 508669-5656. http://www.contradancelinks. com/jammers.html.

February 2012 The Reporter


Little Folks Theatre Presents The Hunchback of Notre Dame

February, Friday 17th @ 7 p.m., Saturday 18th @ 7 p.m. & Sunday 19th @ 2 p.m.

at the Jackson Center for the Arts, Bristol Community College in Fall River Come see our young actors perform and deliver this funny and frill-free “festival” adaptation of Victor Hugo’s popular literary classic! The Hunchback of Notre Dame provides a fast-paced, fun-filled opportunity for everyone to become engaged in a literary masterpiece with imagination, ingenuity and lots of laughter! Outside the great Notre Dame cathedral 50 years after the original story’s fateful events, a troupe of youthful players leads the rabble of Paris — and sometimes even the audience — in recreating the riotous adventures of the misshapen but tender-hearted bell ringer Quasimodo. Of course, the story wouldn’t be complete without the beguiling gypsy dancer Esmeralda and her clever goat Djali, dashing Captain Phoebus, despicably devious Dom Frollo, romantic and starving poet Pierre, the down-to-earth gang-leading Queen of Thieves, comically bitter recluse Paquette, and more! Performances are F. Tickets are Senior/Students $12, Adults $15 & children $10 (10 under). They are available for purchase anytime on our website Some info… Little Folks Theatre is the brain child of Glorimar Vargas, a person with a life-long passion for the performing arts and the joy it brings to those involved. It was this passion that inspired a workshop as an after school program for Dighton children, which cumulated in a holiday performance of “The Night before Christmas” in December of 2002.

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The Reporter February 2012 Since that date and over 12 productions large and small, Little Folks Theatre, a teaching theater, has become a well known company exposing young minds and those minds young at heart, to the thrill of live performances. This has instilled self confidence, poise and knowledge in all of those who have participated and several “graduates” have gone on to starring roles in high school and other community theater productions.

Rehoboth Contra Dance Friday, February 24, 8 p.m.

There will be a Rehoboth contra dance on Friday, February 24, at 8:00 p.m. at Goff Memorial Hall, 124 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA. All dances will be taught by caller Linda Leslie. Music will be performed by Elly Marshall, Glen Loper, and Bethany Waickman. Beginners welcome. Partners not necessary. $8. For information, call 508-252-6375; http:// rehoboth.html. Mandolinist Glen Loper performs at the Rehoboth contra dance on February 24 Rehoboth Contra Dance

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Agriculture & Food Conference of Southeastern Massachusetts – Registration Now Open New this Year: Organic and Youth Tracks 5th Annual Agriculture & Food Conference of Southeastern Massachusetts Saturday February 25, 2012

Bristol County Agricultural High School, Dighton, MA 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Registration is now open for this fifth annual conference presented by the Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership, Inc. (SEMAP) and Bristol County Conservation District (BCCD). This fantastic all-day event will feature an information-packed range of 18 workshops geared toward both professional farmers and local food-focused members of the community, plus a special series of workshops on organic practices and three youth sessions for children ages 9-12. Offerings include: Three workshops by Will Bonsall of the Scatterseed Project; Sessions on the business of farming – marketing, land leasing, institutional sales; New organic track workshops, in partnership with NOFA/Mass thanks to a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant and Mass Grown & Fresher; Resource fair where farmers and gardeners alike can learn about organizations and businesses helping them to grow; Locally-sourced lunch prepared by Green Gal Catering that is included in registration (yes, in mid-winter!); Seed swap; and more! “The conference has a goal of zero waste and a small carbon footprint, which we hope to achieve by preparing local food, composting, recycling, working with a conscientious caterer and challenging attendees to bring their refillable water bottles, coffee mugs and eating utensils,” said Bridget Alexander Ferreira, Executive Director of SEMAP. “With the addition of the youth track, which provides our younger participants with opportunities to work with animals and cook with local produce, the conference is really coming into its own,” said Sue Guiducci, BCCD Board Member. “The organic track developed with NOFA/Mass is the start of something a long time in the making.” Registration is only $50 for the public, and $35 for farmers; SEMAP and NOFA members receive a 10% discount. Why not bring a friend? To register and for information on conference updates, details on workshops and speakers, visit and follow the link, or call (508) 295-2212 x50. SEMAP is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and expanding access to local food and sustainable farming in Southeastern Massachusetts through research and education. Bristol County Conservation District (BCCD) is a subdivision of state government responsible for and devoted to the wise use of Bristol County’s natural resources. Established in 1946, BCCD provides technical assistance to farmers and other landowners in order to address soil and water conservation issues.

South Seekonk Gun Club 61 Reed Street Rehoboth, MA 02769

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LEARN TO SKATE + PLAY HOCKEY Greater Providence Youth Hockey • 2011-2012 Season 8 and under • Instructional and House League For more information visit



MARCH 10, 2012 • 10 AM - 2 PM Where: Dighton-Rehoboth High School Cafeteria To Benefit: Dighton-Rehoboth Marching Band

Bring your treasures and pieces of interest!!! Expert dealers, auctioneers and certified appraisers will be available to value areas including : GOLD AND SILVER , ART , ESTATE AND COSTUME JEWELRY, POTTERY , CHINA , PORCELAIN, TOYS, MECHANICAL BANKS, NATIVE AMERICANA, TOOLS, DOLLS, POSTCARDS, BOOKS, PAPER EPHEMERA, POLITICAL ITEMS, CLOTHING, LAMPS, ETC. FEES: $ 6 for 1 item, $ 10 for two items, $ 15 for three items, $ 4 each additional See you there !! FOR INFORMATION : Fred or Linda Suzman 508-252-5729

Construction Septic Systems • Excavation • Demolition • Retaining Walls • Site Work • Ledge Removal

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St. Pat’s 5K Race Saturday, March 10th

Join The Literacy Center’s St. Patrick’s Day Race Team. The race kicks off at 11:15 in Downtown Providence at the Rhode Island State House. The parade follows at noon. In order to be a member of the team (and donate to the Literacy Center), runners need to register at and select Team Registration. Use the Username and Password below. Enter the donation amount you would like to go to the Literacy Center at the bottom of the registration page. All runners who donate in excess of $15 will receive an official race hat.

Cell: (401) 640-9634 • Office (508) 639-9340 Email: •

Seekonk Save a Pet Auction

The 25th Save A Pet Society Auction will be held on March 13, 14, 15, 2012 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Johnson and Wales Inn, 213 Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, MA It will also be televised to Seekonk residents on TV 9 Seekonk. All funds raised will help with the cost of vet bills, shots and assist with keeping the animals at The Seekonk Animal Shelter healthy, warm and safe until adoption time. Any donation you are able to contribute to be auctioned off, whether it is an item, service, product or tax-deductible monetary contribution would be greatly appreciated. Visit our Web site: for updates. Please send your tax-deductible donation to: Save A Pet Society, Inc. C/O Seekonk Town Hall 100 Peck Street Seekonk, MA 02771 Or contact Pat Cloutier at 508-336-4223, Liz Belsky at 508336-5411.

February 2012 The Reporter


People In The News Are you proud of someone? Share at Steven Michael Mortensen Completes Basic Combat Training and Graduates from Fort Benning

Steven Michael Mortensen, 2010 Graduate of Seekonk High School Son of Linda and Daniel E Horton of Seekonk, Completed Basic Combat Training and Graduated from Fort Benning Columbus Georgia on December 2, 2011. He received a certificate of Achievement for being selected Honor Graduate of the 2nd Platoon, Delta Co., 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Regiment and was Assistant Platoon Leader. He is now training at Fort Lewis/McChord in Seattle Washington in the 4th Brigade, Stryker Combat Team, 2nd Infantry prior to being deployed overseas to the Middle East. Steven is the Grandson of Rosemary Mortensen of Haysville, Kansas, He has proven to be admired by his many friends and family there.



This time of year we offer pump-downs to prevent damage to tile and coping. Jim Amaral Cell (508) 962-1489 • Office (508) 669-6537



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Arrow Gas

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For All Your Propane Needs 24 Hour Emergency Service ~ Budget Plan ~ 1499 GAR Highway, Swansea, MA Steven Michael Mortensen



The Reporter February 2012

D-R Senior Awarded Gold Key

Guaranteed Lowest Prices


Grace Chmielinski



Bethany Martone Cell: (401) 265-0960

Specializing in environmentally friendly products!

Laurie P. Mullen Attorney at Law Divorce Mediation Divorce & Family Law Uncontested Divorce Contested Divorce Child Custody Paternity Child Support Adoption

Estate Planning Wills Health Care Proxy Power Of Attorney

239 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth er

Grace Chmielinski, a senior at Dighton-Rehoboth Regional high School was named as a winner of a Gold Key and an Honorable Mention at the 2012 The Boston Globe - Scholastic Art Awards. This competition was highly competitive with almost 14,000 images submitted as individual category entries and as part of portfolios created by over 6,500 individual students. Grace has been accepted to several college art programs to pursue her studies in the fall. She is the sister of Benjamin, a 2006 graduate of D-R and Nathan, a 2008 graduate of D-R.

(508) 252-2300 y 

Former Rehoboth Resident, Carrie Darcey Bryant is Finalist for Marine Corps Spouse of the Year

Carrie Darcey Bryant, 29, formerly of Rehoboth is one of five finalists for the Marine Corps Spouse of the Year. She attended Rehoboth schools and is a 2000 graduate of Bishop Feehan High School, 2004 graduate of Assumption College and earned a double master’s degree from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Bryant, who now lives in San Diego, is one of five finalists for the Marine Corps Spouse of the Year sponsored by Military Spouse Magazine. She has been married for nearly eight years to United States Marine SSgt. Shawn Bryant – a 2000 graduate of Attleboro High School – during which time the marine has been deployed four times – three times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan If Mrs. Bryant wins the title for the Marine Corps, she will move on to the next round where the winner from each of the five military branches will compete for the 2012 AFI Military Spouse of the Year Award. People can help Bryant win the title by visiting http://msoy. and clicking “vote.” … Voters can cast an on-line ballot once an hour through February 3. Bryant was nominated by her husband and by her father, Larry Darcey of Rehoboth In his nomination of his wife, SSgt. Bryant, 29, said “I would like nominate my wife, Carrie Bryant, for the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year, because of her unparalleled devotion to her family and to the military community as a whole. In my opinion, she exemplifies everything that an outstanding military spouse should be.” Her father wrote that “During the past 11 years, she has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her then-boyfriend and now husband of seven-plus years. While in her junior year of college, Shawn deployed as part of the invasion of Iraq. She was his Rock of Gibraltar, keeping in contact with his parents, as he served in Iraq…Having experienced two deployments, by 2005, of her husband to Iraq; she was sensitive to the needs of her young students, dealing with the absence of a parent serving in Iraq. She became a self-appointed advocate for military children within the school system, where almost 50 percent of the public school students are military children. I am proud with her dedication, with her student involvement and being again that Rock of Gibraltar, this time inside her classroom.”

February 2012 The Reporter


David Laurino Plaster & Paint Serving Rehoboth for Over 20 Years

Call David 508-252-4773

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Free Estimates All Work Guaranteed Carrie Darcey Bryant and United States Marine SSgt. Shawn Bryant. Each finalist has a platform. Bryant is an educator who taught school in North Carolina and has seen the educational impacts on military children due to frequent moves. “Did you know that a military child moves on average seven to nine times between Kindergarten and 12th grade; and did you know that every time a child moves they have the potential of educationally regressing six months,” asks Bryant in her profile video “Every state as different requirements and potentially, the children are the ones who are penalized each time they move,” said Bryant “As a school liaison I work to ensure quality educational opportunities for military children. I’ve heard the horror stories. I’ve heard of children not being eligible for scholarships because they didn’t spend four years in that school. I’ve heard of children moving in the middle of their high school years and not being eligible for Gifted and Talented classes, not being able to transfer the requirements in their school.” Bryant said a piece of legislation called the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children “supports 90 percent of military children” but she wants to work to make it 100 percent effective. The legislation simply asks states to be “flexible” but that still leaves the decision making in the hands of each individual state. “I’m hoping that you will vote for me so I can fight this fight for you,” said Bryant at the end of the video. You can vote for Carrie, once every 60 minutes until February 3 at. Carrie Darcey Bryant is the daughter of Lawrence and Valerie Darcey of Rehoboth and the sister of 1st Lt Patrick Darcey, U.S.Marine Corps, currently serving in Afghanistan.

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The Reporter February 2012

Local Residents Meet Providence Bruins Players

Front row: Rehoboth resident Cassidy Carlson, East Providence resident Lindsey Carlson, Rehoboth resident Alyssa Carlson, and East Providence resident Shauna Carlson. Back Row: Providence Bruins Craig Cunningham, Kevan Miller, and Lane MacDermid.

$185. for 1,000 gal

Providence, RI – January 19, 2012 – East Providence residents Lindsey Carlson and Shauna Carlson and Rehoboth residents Cassidy Carlson and Alyssa Carlson had the opportunity to meet their favorite Providence Bruins players, including Craig Cunningham, Kevan Miller, and Lane MacDermid, at a meet-and-greet at Rick’s Roadhouse in Providence recently. The players signed autographs, took photos and answered questions for the lucky fans who came into the restaurant as part of the Providence Bruins community outreach program. The Providence Bruins, established in 1992, are the top-affiliate of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. Celebrating their 20th anniversary season in 2011-12, the Providence Bruins have enjoyed much success over their history. The team won the American Hockey League’s Calder Cup Championship in 1999 and boasts 10 former players on the 2011 Stanley Cup Boston Bruins. In addition to accomplishments on the ice, the Providence Bruins were third best in attendance in the American Hockey League in 2010-11 and are the best attended minor league hockey team in New England. Providence Sports & Entertainment Group is the leader is sales, marketing and hospitality for sports and entertainment in Southern New England. Located at the state-of-the art Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, Providence Sports & Entertainment Group is the exclusive marketing and sales agent for the Rhode Island Convention Center Complex, which includes the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Rhode Island Convention Center, Veterans Memorial Auditorium and Providence Bruins. As a fully-integrated sports, media and entertainment business, PSE’s services include marketing, group ticket sales, season sales subscriptions, sponsorship sales, entitlement opportunities, hospitality, suites, customer relations, customer surveys and event management.

University of Connecticut Dean’s List

Senior Discount

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Storrs, CT. — The University of Connecticut recently announced the students who attained the Dean’s List for the fall 2011 semester. To make the Dean’s List, students must take at least 12 credits, finish the semester with a grade point average that is among the top 25 percent of students enrolled in their school or college, and have no grade below a “C.” Rehoboth: Shannon Kelly Murphy

Students Named To Dean’s List at Fitchburg State

Fitchburg, Mass. - President Robert V. Antonucci of Fitchburg State University has announced the names of area students included on the Dean’s List for the fall semester. A student is placed on the Dean’s List for the semester if an average grade of 3.20 or better is attained, and the student is attending the college full time. Fitchburg State University enrolls 7,000 day and evening students in more than 50 programs of study. The university was established in 1894. Local student on the dean’s list is: Rehoboth - Paul R. Garon

Fitchburg State University Holds 116th Commencement Exercises On Friday, Jan. 27

Fitchburg, Mass. – Fitchburg State University will hold its 116th commencement exercises, winter ceremony, at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, at the campus Recreation Center, 130 North St. President Robert V. Antonucci will deliver the commencement address.

Dr. Alan Merchanthouse. ●

The President’s Medal will be presented ● to Mohammed Khan, administrator of the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority. Students graduating from our area are: Rehoboth Erika C. Green - MED - Curriculum and Teaching Seekonk Victoria G. Van Ahnen - BS - Communications Media

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Red Dress Fashion Show

The YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts will hold its ninth annual Red Dress Fashion Show & Silent Auction to help raise awareness of women’s heart disease. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 16 at the Century House in Acushnet. The YWCA is a longtime active participant in the National Heart Truth Red Dress Project. The Red Dress Project features women modeling a collection of 19 dresses from America’s most prestigious designers. These dresses symbolize that heart disease is a women’s health issue, as well as men’s, and send the message that “Heart disease does not care what you wear.” One of every three American women dies of heart disease, and it is the leading cause of death of American women. “Many people still believe that heart disease is a man’s disease, when in fact, it is the No. 1 killer of American women,” says Gail Fortes, executive director at the YWCA. “Many risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and family history also contribute to a woman’s risk of developing heart disease. It is very important that women are aware of the steps that they can take to reduce their risk of developing heart disease.” The Red Dress Fashion Show includes a collection of red dresses from a variety of local stores: Celia’s Boutique, Contrary, Dress Barn Outlet, Party Dress Express, Julie’s Bridal Boutique, Margaret’s Boutique, Fatima’s Bridal Boutique, The Cottage and For Veda. The fashion show will include tuxedos, from the Tuxedo Shop at Sullivan Brothers, modeled by seven gentlemen escorting the models. The silent auction will feature a variety of items, baskets and gift certificates. All proceeds benefit the YWCA HEARTplus Program. Title sponsor for the event is SouthCoast Hospitals Group. Additional sponsors include Sylvia Group of Insurance Agencies, BankFive, Litman Architecture, STAT Ambulance Service of New England, Vantage in Philanthropy and BMC HealthNet Plan. Tickets are $50. A table for 10 is $500. Seating is limited, and no tickets will be sold at the door. For more information or to purchase tickets, call the YWCA at (508) 999-3255 or purchase tickets online: www.

(Rte. 44) • Rehoboth, MA 02769

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The Reporter February 2012

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Membership Application Friends of the Blanding Library

A nonprofit organization, the Friends enrich your library’s services by sponsoring cultural programs and special projects. Box 464, Rehoboth, MA 02769 BE A FRIEND -- Choose your membership category and return this application with your annual dues. Make the check or money order payable to The Friends of the Blanding Library Check One: __Individual (per year) ...... $5.00 __Family (per year)........... $10.00 __Contributing (per year) $25.00 __Sponsor (per year)......... $50.00 __ LIFE (one payment) ......... $100.00 ___ Renewal




Address _______________________________ City________________ State___________ Zip Code _________ Tel. No._______________ Tax deductible contributions and donations can be arranged. Email: ________________________________________________

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by Leslie Patterson The Blanding Library’s selection for a 2012 town-wide read is “Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919” by Stephen Puleo. There are 20 copies available at the Blanding and also many more available through the SAILS system. Library programs on this gripping non-fiction book will begin in the spring. In financial news, the town of Rehoboth town has stated that they are planning on level funding of the library, subject to town meeting vote. The Blanding has requested a 2 and 1/2% funding increase in order to meet state certification requirements. Library director Laura Bennett says, “We are hoping for continued support from the Friends of the Library and voters at upcoming Finance Committee meetings and at Town Meeting.” The amnesty on current overdue fines on Blanding items will continue up until Feb. 14, so now’s your last chance to locate those overdue items and take them back to the library without paying a fee. Check the calendar on for information about the knitting group (next meeting on Feb. 7 and 21) and the book discussion group. Letters have been sent to Friends of the Blanding Library asking them to renew their support for this volunteer organization. Life members need not review their membership, but we appreciate any extra donations members would live to give to the Friends. Those of us who use the library a lot know how much we are saving by borrowing books, movies and music from our public library system. Supporting the Friends of the Library is a good way to show our appreciation for all the Blanding does for us. Going on a winter vacation or just looking ahead to warm weather? The Blanding has a good selection of guidebooks to many destinations. Gardeners eager for spring will find many books for their interests too.

Museum Passes

Just a friendly reminder that you can save big on various museums and other attractions by using passes that are available at the Blanding. Terms of use for various passes differ but all offer at least reduced admission price. It’s another way that smart use of your public library can save you money. Call ahead to reserve the pass you want for the day you want. The Blanding has one-day passes which may be borrowed and used for such locations as the Museum of Science and the MFA in Boston, the Children’s Museum and the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, and Mystic Aquarium. The Blanding will soon be offering a pass to the New England Aquarium and to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

Story Hours

The current series of story hours and tot times will continue up until the week of February school vacation. A new series will begin on Feb. 28 and continue up until the April school vacation. The series features a Tot Time for children under 3 from 10 to 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday mornings, and for children aged 3 to kindergarten, there are two story and craft hour sessions: on Wednesdays from 10-11 am or Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. Children must be registered in advance. Please call 508-252-4236. The Blanding Library ( is located at 124 Bay State Rd., Rehoboth, 508-252-4236. The Library is open Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 8 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed on Sundays and holidays. The Blanding is usually closed when Rehoboth schools are closed due to snow. When in doubt, call the library. The Blanding Library will be closed for Presidents’ Day on Mon. Feb. 20.

February 2012 The Reporter

Seekonk Public Library

Landscape Construction



Retaining Walls Landscape Construction Patios

With Mike Pacheco from Wah Lum Kung-Fu Academy

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4 weeks beginning Saturday, February 21 at 10:30 a.m.

Seekonk, MA –Mike Pacheco of Wah Lum Kung-Fu Academy will teach four free Saturday morning sessions of Tai Chi at the Seekonk Public Library beginning June 11 at 10:30 a.m. Known for its yoga-like tranquility, the health benefits of this martial art go far beyond just stress relief. People looking for a low-intensity workout will be impressed with its ability to improve balance, tone muscles, and promote longevity and weight loss. Ailments such as high blood pressure, nervous tension, rheumatism, and digestive orders have shown to be particularly responsive to Tai Chi. This program is ideal for people looking for a new way to add in a full body workout without adding a lot of time to their already packed schedule. Class size is limited, registration is required. Seekonk residents have placement priority. This program is free and open to the public through a sponsorship from the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library. For information: or Contact:

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Meditation 101

Thursday, February 23rd at 6:00 p.m. and Thursday, March 1st at 6:00 p.m.

Matt Blais, owner

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Seekonk, MA – If you are looking for a way to relax, be more productive, or live in the moment, then you will not want to miss this free 2-week meditation series beginning on Thursday, February 23 at 6:00 p.m. at the Seekonk Public Library. Local educator and practitioner, Khipra Nichols, teaches this series for those who are interested in both the practical and spiritual benefits of a regular meditation practice. This class will cover the three major interests of new students: meditation basics, creating a daily practice at home, and utilizing creativity and meditation for achieving goals. continued on next page...

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Practitioners looking to refresh their practice will also be interested in this series. The workshop will feature simple but powerful meditation techniques like yogic breathing, guided visualization, and readings about the philosophy of meditation and peace of mind. Don’t miss this opportunity! The balance and tranquility you have been searching for is only a few hours away. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is not required. For more information: or Contact:

Enjoy a Feature Film

Seekonk, MA – Skip the long wait in movie theater lines and the expensive popcorn! Warm up this winter and enjoy a film for FREE at Seekonk Public Library!

Oscar Contenders Selection

Thursday, February 9th, 6:00 p.m.

Join us for the second film in our 2012 Oscar Contenders Series. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are changing the game of baseball in this tale based on the true story of Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane and his use of computers and math that changed the game of baseball forever. Rated PG-13, 133 minutes.

Friday Movie Matinee

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See your favorite PBS actors in a new role in our PBS Players Movie Series! This film, starring favorite Colin Firth, is set in contemporary London, following 10 different but intertwining love stories as they all spiral around each other leading to a climax at Christmas Eve. The message of the film is that love is literally all around us and it is the driving force in people’s lives whether they are in the highest levels of government or are cleaning homes for a living. Love is the thread that links us all together. Rated R; 135 min, 2003 Call the library for movie titles or more information. Movies are free and open to the public thanks to a sponsorship from the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library. No registration is required. For information: Contact:

Seekonk Public Library Receives $98,000 Financial Literacy Grant

Seekonk Public Library has been awarded a $98,818 grant from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation and the American Library Association as part of the nationwide Smart investing@your library® Program

February 2012 The Reporter Seekonk Public Library launches new financial education programs with grant [Seekonk, MA] – Seekonk Public Library is pleased to announce that access to better financial and investor information and educational events are coming to Seekonk with the launch of Smart investing@your library®. Seekonk Public Library was one of 16 public libraries nationwide selected for the grant by the American Library Association (ALA) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation as part of Smart investing@your library®. This prestigious grant will help to build the capacity of Seekonk Public Library to provide effective, unbiased financial and investor education to the community. With the funding, Seekonk Public Library will be updating its print and online financial resources for adults and offering a full curriculum of money related programming especially focused on women in our community. Topics from budgeting and banking to investing and planning for a sustainable retirement will be covered over the course of this two year project. “This generous grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Michelle Gario, Senior Librarian in the Adult Services department. “Smart investing@your library® allows us to meet a critical need for people to have information they can trust to help them arrive at a brighter financial future. We look forward to using our grant to create innovative programs that help people in our community prosper.” “We are excited about the programs and services the new grantees will provide for people seeking unbiased information on the full range of financial issues that affect their everyday lives,” said Gerri Walsh, President of the FINRA Foundation. Smart investing@your library® is a partnership between the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a division of the American Library Association, and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. The program supports public libraries across the country in their efforts to meet financial education needs at the local level. The Reference and User Services Association is the foremost organization of reference and information professionals who make the connections between people and the information sources, services and collection materials they need. Established in 1876, the American Library Association is the oldest and largest library association in the world. It strives to provide leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all. For more information, visit


FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is the largest independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States. FINRA is dedicated to investor protection and market integrity through effective and efficient regulation and complementary compliance and technology-based services. FINRA touches virtually every aspect of the securities business—from registering and educating all industry participants to examining securities firms, writing rules, enforcing those rules and the federal securities laws, informing and educating the investing public, providing trade reporting and other industry utilities, and administering the largest dispute resolution forum for investors and firms. For more information, visit The FINRA Investor Education Foundation supports innovative research and educational projects that give underserved Americans the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life. For details about grant programs and other FINRA Foundation initiatives, visit

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The Reporter February 2012


Rehoboth PTSA

Coming in March:

Spring Home & Garden

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A special thank you to Wendi Declercq, chair of the PEG Grant Committee, and to all committee members for the work done to give $10,000.00 to our Beckwith Middle School and Palmer River Elementary School. This money bought Net Books, an ipad, a laptop cart, electric guitars, and many other essential tools and technology to enhance learning in our classrooms. Thank you to Katie Damon and Andrea Wasylow for another great Holiday Shop, an event where children can gift shop for their family and friends and take pictures with Santa. Palmer River’s Safety Committee is excited to start its own Rachel’s Challenge Ambassador Club. Members of the club are eager to continue to spread the word of kindness in their school. Their first project as a group is to create artwork to display throughout the school, posters showing messages of compassion and tolerance for others. Thank you to Don Bisbano for organizing our Providence Bruins Family Night, we had a large group in attendance to watch the Bruins play the Sharks. These events would not be possible without the help from our volunteers. I thank you for your time and dedication to making our organization successful.

Upcoming events…

Our 4th Annual Silent Auction will be held on Friday, February 3rd at 7pm at the Hillside Country Club by Lombardi’s. Tickets are $20 pp, price includes dinner, and entry into the door prize raffle. Palmer River will hold its Scholastic Spring Book Fair February 27th- March 2nd from 9a-3:30p, with additional evening hours on Thursday, March 1st from 5-9p. The Sweetheart Dance for grades Pre-K, K, and 1 will be held on March 2nd, and grades 2, 3, 4 on March 9th. Jennifer Moitoso, President of Rehoboth PTSA

Compared to the Rest we are the Best 15 years of perfection

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(401) 431-2816 Our Reputation is on the Top of Thousands of Homes e y r

Bill Hopkins

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The Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District is scheduling preschool screenings for the 2012/2013 school year. The screening process is for students who will turn 3 or 4 years of age by August 31, 2012 and serves two purposes. First, students will be eligible to enter the lottery for available model spots in the Integrated Preschool Program. Secondly, it identifies students who may be in need of special education services. To schedule an appointment, please call: Rehoboth residents: Celeste Sullivan at 508-252-5137 Dighton residents: Nancy Peixoto at 508669-4245 ext. 3 Calls will be accepted beginning February 27, 2012 to March 1, 2012 from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Screening appointments will take place at Palmer River Elementary School during the week of March 5th to March 8th. Each appointment will take approximately forty five minutes. Please provide the following items at the appointment: proof of residency, original birth certificate and a driver’s license (copies will be made). The Preschool classes meet during the school year at Palmer River Elementary School in Rehoboth Monday thru Thursday for 2 ½ hours. There is a morning session and an afternoon session.

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Attention Parents Of 3 & 4 Year Olds

February 2012

The Reporter

Palmer River News


Elise DuBois, Assistant to Principal

Quality Fresh Seafood Everyday

“Squeaking” New Interests

Fourth graders working with Mrs. Stebbings have been doing a new rodent unit in Language Arts. The students are reading three different trade books with “rodent” main characters. These books have sparked great in-depth discussions about pets and animal research. Writing has rocketed in their classroom as students have become experts at using elaborative details to paint a picture in the reader’s head. Vivid verbs, awesome adjectives, and creative similes have abounded in their extraordinary writing! In a project called “Picture This” the children took on the challenge of thoroughly describing a specific picture of a lighthouse such that they could easily pick it out of a dozen diverse pictures.

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Off to the Island with Mrs. Schwall

A trip to an Island with Mrs. Schwall is less about sun and fun and more about academics and accuracy. The students at Palmer River have been using this rigorous web based computer program to challenge their skills in the areas of language arts and mathematics. Each specific skill area provides students ample practice, resources to support understanding and even the reward of a game when their skills evidence proficiency. We would like to join Mrs. Schwall in celebrating the efforts of all of our students. As a school, children in grades K-4 have answered a remarkable 108,698 questions. The students may earn a ribbon for each successful skill area (students must score70% or higher accuracy) completed; to date 4,529 ribbons have been awarded. Several of our students have gone above and beyond to complete all of the Study Island challenges in their grade level. WOW! The students are: Una Soliday - 1st Grade - ELA - Advanced Rating & Math - Advanced Rating Gianna Bairos - 1st Grade - ELA - Advanced Rating & Math Advanced Rating Jordan Soufy - 3rd Grade - ELA - Advanced Rating & Math Advanced Rating Aidan Soliday - 4th Grade - ELA - Advanced Rating & Math Advanced Rating Parents - please know that your child is able to continue this work at home as they have all been provided with their own at home log in information. Mrs. Schwall has encouraged the children to keep on improving as we look to award an extra recess as an incentive for the grade level with the most ribbons earned from now until February break!

3-D the Way to Be!

Students in second grade with Mrs. Fernandes have been investigating 3-D shapes in our Geometry Unit by building pyramids out of straws and twist ties. The students also had fun making “shapely” snowmen out of hearts, stars, rectangles, squares, and of course circles. They look great on our snowman bulletin board in the hall. What a great way to make a geometric connection to our real world!


Coming soon to a reporter issue near you! Room 48 has been working on refining our vocabulary writing animal riddle haiku poems. (We’ll be writing winter ones too to work on using adjectives well.

Friend’s Across the Continents

In first grade with Mrs. Deschenes, the children have kindled a friendship with some children living very far from Rehoboth… Serere, Uganda, East Africa. Mrs. Martin Pereira, (Ripley’s mom), joined the classroom and spoke about her fall visit to Serere. She shared a slide show and video presentation that showed how children live and attend school in this village. Mrs. Pereira shared her volunteer experiences about an organization called Village2Village who visits Uganda. The children were enthusiastic about learning about the lifestyle of these clever and resourceful people. Continued on next page...


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The Reporter February 2012

Black Out Bullying

Recently Palmer River third grade students were joined by Representative Stephen Howitt in honor of Black Out Bullying Day. Representative Howitt shared a book with the students that highlighted many features found in our wonderful state of Massachusetts; M is for Mayflower by Margot Theis Raven. In his reading, he shared many interesting first hand accounts of his experiences in our state. He also gave each student a Massachusetts state coloring book teaching them all of our state symbols. The children had many questions for him about role in our government. As part of his work with our children, Representative Howitt spoke about the governor’s campaign to “Black Out Bullying” across Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick has declared January 25th as “No More Name Calling Day”. Students across our state have all committed to stop calling each other names. Our students at Palmer River have taken this challenge and agreed to try not to call name any more, (a day just wasn’t enough!) We all know how important it is to show respect and care for one another. Our Open Circle Program teaches our students strategies to effect this positive change in our world. It is nice to see such positive support at the state level.

Friends Across the Continents

on sale now! March 9 – 11

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Third grade students with Stephen Howitt in honor of Black Out Bullying

Thank You Mr. Feinstein!

Recently our students were visited by Alan Shawn Feinstein to celebrate the good work that they are doing. Mr. Feinstein has even made efforts to support our Palmer River writing initiative by providing students with writing journals in which to record their many good deeds. With an eye on helping to respond to the immediate needs of our local community food bank, Mr. Feinstein

February 2012 gave matching funds to the a Palmer River School in the amount of canned goods that were donated to the Rehoboth Food Pantry. Mr. Feinstein’s generosity and genuine spirit of philanthropy has extended to our students who are working to develop new community service and charitable drives that the students can partake in. When Mr. Feinstein heard of some of the great work happening here, he called to commend all of his “junior scholars”; the children were thrilled. We look to keep up our efforts and continue to extend to others through creating a caring school climate and caring community at large. A Message from Mrs. Hutson School Nurse: A child who has had a fever in the past 24 hours should not be sent to school. A child with a fever needs to be fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT feverreducing medication (Tylenol, Ibuprofen) AND feeling better before returning to school.  Any child diagnosed with STREPT THROAT needs to be on antibiotics for 24 hours and feeling better before returning to school. Any child with vomiting and / or diarrhea needs to be eating and drinking without vomiting and / or diarrhea for at least 12 hours and feeling better before returning to school. A child in the early stages of a cold with lots of coughing and sneezing is very contagious, probably does not have the energy to engage in the school day. A day or two of rest and hydration at home will usually help to shorten the duration of any illness.

D.L. Beckwith Middle School News

The Reporter


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Dates to Remember

Feb. 16 - Principal’s Coffee 10:30 a.m. Feb.20-24 No School – Winter Recess

A.C.E. Program Update

Beckwith’s A.C.E. program will start the week of January 16. It’s not too late to sign up. Please note the following correction in program scheduling: Grades 5 and 6 floor hockey will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays; Grades 7 and 8 floor hockey will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Principal’s Coffee

Just a friendly reminder that the next Principal’s Coffee will be held on February 16 at 10:30 a.m. in the Beckwith guidance conference room. This month’s topic is Student Achievement: Mid-Year Update. Parents are encouraged to contact the Principal’s office to make topic suggestions. This roundtable discussion is designed as an avenue to allow for communication and an exchange of ideas. We look forward to seeing you there!

Helping Hands

We would like to thank our fifth grade students and teachers for generously donating $266 to the Rehoboth Helping Hands Project-Food Pantry this Christmas season and also our staff for participating in the Blizzard of Giving and our stockings campaign. Unfortunately, families in Rehoboth are also going through difficult times. It is heart warming to see so many people reaching out to help.

Nurse’s Notes

Attention: Parents of 6th graders: Students who will be entering 7th grade for the 2012-2013 school year must have a current physical (done within the previous year) and proof of having received a Tdap (Tetanus) booster and a second Varicella (Chicken Pox)

Anawan Fire Association House Number Order Form

Reflective Sign Only $15

Make Checks payable to: Anawan Fire Association 334 Anawan Street Rehoboth, MA 02769

Name:____________________________ Address:__________________________ Phone:___________________________ Please write your address number below...


The Reporter February 2012

vaccine prior to starting 7th grade. Without the proper medical documentation, students are subject to exclusion from school per the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Please call your child’s pediatrician to make sure these vaccines are received by then. Physical exam paperwork does not automatically come to the school from the doctor’s office. Parents need to obtain this documentation and send it in to Mrs. Mondor, the school nurse. Any questions, please call Mrs. Mondor, RN at 508-252-5080. Our fax number is 508-2525082 so that paperwork may be faxed to the school.

Wizard coming to Beckwith

Dawn Marcoux will be joining Beckwith as our play director this year and will coordinate our production of “The Wizard of Oz.” An informational meeting for students and parents was held on January 11. Auditions will be held on January 18 at 3:00 p.m. We anticipate the shows to be held in May.

Acts of Kindness

Some of you may recall that during the Rachel’s Challenge video students carried long paper chains which they made. Each link of that chain contained an “Act of Kindness.” Here at Beckwith we have also started a chain “Acts of Kindness.” which we will display around our school. Every day we encourage everyone to be nice to everyone. But what we are looking for are students who go “above and beyond” the everyday niceties. When students see someone doing something kind, they are asking teachers for a slip to complete. On that slip they write down their name, the name of the person who performed the act of kindness and what

that person did. That slip gets placed in the yellow box in the cafeteria. Students are not allowed to write down their own name for acts of kindness. It must be witnessed and submitted by someone else. The slips will become the chains that will be hung up in our school. Each grade is represented by a color: 5th= Orange; 6th= Red; 7th= Blue; 8th= Green. This is not a competition. This is a school challenge to work on together to create the biggest chain of kindness that we can.

Geography Bee

Congratulations to Chris Joaquim who won our Geography Bee on December 16! He will now take the qualifying test for a chance to be entered into the state competition.

Math Team

We are pleased to announce that the following students have qualified for the winter 2012 Math Team: Caylie Cross, Caroline DeCoste, Sara Enos, Greg Boudreau-Fine, Deanna Fleming, Kelsey Hastings, Yendee Ho-Rath, Kim Reilly, Antonia Scott, Liza Sousa, Raquel Sousa, and Holly Wentworth. Congratulations to those students! Their first Math Meet is scheduled for January 20 in Swansea.

Pearls of Wisdom

Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake ~ Marie Beyon Ray

*Info at Beckwith Website*

Please check our website periodically for the latest information and memos. www. and follow the Beckwith links.

Hurley Middle School Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School National Geographic Bee

John Anghinetti, a sixth grade student at Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School, won the school-level competition of the National Geographic Bee on January 17, 2012, and a chance at a $25,000 college scholarship. The school-level Bee, at which students answered oral questions on geography, was the first round in the 24th annual National Geographic Bee. This year’s Bee is sponsored by Google. The first runner-up was Joshua Marulis and the second runner-up was Anne Silveira. The kickoff for this year’s Bee was the week of November 15, with thousands of schools around the United States and in the five U.S. territories participating. The school winners, including John, will now take a written test. Up to 100 of the top scorers in each state will be eligible to compete in their state Bee March 30, 2012. The National Geographic Society will provide an all expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., for state champions and teacher-escorts to participate in the Bee national championship round on May 2224, 2012. The first-place national winner will receive a $25,000 college scholarship, a lifetime membership in the Society, and a trip to the Galapagos Islands, courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic. “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek will moderate the national finals on May xxx. The program will air on television.

Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School students in the National Geographic Bee.

February 2012

Scholarship & Teacher Of The Year Applications Available

Applications are now being accepted for The United Regional Chamber of Commerce’s scholarships and 2012 Teacher of the Year nominations. Several $1,000 and $500 scholarships will be distributed through the Chamber. Applicants must be the son or daughter of an employee of a Chamber-member business, be a high school senior who has applied to an accredited four-year college, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and perform uncompensated community service. Completed applications must be received by April 13. The Teacher of the Year program recognizes an outstanding teacher in one of the 16 communities the Chamber serves: Attleboro, Bellingham, Blackstone, Foxborough, Franklin, Mansfield, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleborough, Norton, Plainville, Rehoboth, Seekonk and Wrentham. Teacher nomination forms must be received by March 16. Call the Chamber at 508-222-0801 or 508-528-2800 for Teacher of the Year and scholarship forms.Scholarship recipients and the 2012 Teacher of the Year will be recognized at a celebratory breakfast in May.

SMARTS February Vacation Programs

The SMARTS Collaborative is pleased to announce its winter vacation programs for young people. The SMARTS February vacation program, Around the World, runs from February 21-24, 2012 from 9:00-2:00 P.M. This program is for children in grades 1-4 and is a four day cultural exploration through dance, drama, music, and visual arts and takes place at Robinson Elementary School, Mansfield, MA. This year the young children will explore the cultures of Italy, Australia, Equador, and Greece through the arts. The February vacation Archi-Camp for children grades 5-8 is a four day architectural design program at Coelho Middle School, Attleboro and runs from February 21-24, 2012, 9:00-2:00 P.M. In this fun, hands-on workshop students will design their dream house, plan a city, learn how to use drafting tools, and stretch their creative thinking and problem solving skills. For information call SMARTS at 508/2228484 or go to for registration forms to print or email info@

The Reporter


United Regional Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year We need your recommendation…

Help us search for our 2012 Teacher of the Year! The successful candidate, in addition to receiving the honor this recognition brings, will receive a formal plaque and an award of $1,000. The recipient will act as a spokesperson throughout the community identifying his or her teaching philosophy and ideals. In December, The United Regional Chamber of Commerce will nominate the 2012 United Regional Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year for consideration as the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. Nomination Area Includes: Attleboro, Bellingham, Blackstone, Foxborough, Franklin, Mansfield, Medway, Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, N. Attleborough, Norton, Plainville, Rehoboth, Seekonk and Wrentham Please complete the information below and mail, fax, or e-mail to the Chamber. I nominate the following Teacher for the Chamber’s Teacher of the Year Award. Teacher’s Name: ____________________________________________________________ School: _______________________________________________________ Grade: ____ Town: ____________________________________________________________________ Subject Taught: _____________________________________________________________ I feel this person is the ideal candidate for Teacher of the Year because: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Nominated by Name _________________________________________________ Phone ________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________ RSVP: Teacher of the Year Search Committee, The United Regional Chamber of Commerce, 42 Union St., Attleboro, MA 02703 Fax: 508-222-1498 Email: Deadline for submitting nomination form is March 16, 2012

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The Reporter February 2012

SPORTS UPDATE D-R Wrestling Team

ATTENTION WRITERS Professional manuscript critiques and marketing assistance available from published writer with MFA in creative writing. Reasonable rates for stories, articles, novels. Contact: or call 401-438-8367

Dighton-Rehoboth High School has started a new wrestling team. Coaches Bill Ivatts and Steve Lovejoy have about 36 athletes who have joined the team. Although most of the team has not had formal wrestling training, the young men have been working hard over the past 6 weeks learning strategy and technique. Their hard work paid off during the Martin Luther King Jr. day tournament held in North Attleboro. The Falcons faced 5 other schools, including North Attleboro, Franklin, Foxboro, North Andover and Waltham. An all-in effort united the team as they beat 3 of the 5 competitors. At this event, Nick Braga and Joe Tomellini went undefeated for the day; other multiple match win wrestlers included Brodie Dacus, Alex Goss, Jared Joyal, Tyler Lehane, Norman Manchester, Mark Mello, Ryan Ramos, Ryan Quaresma, Brandon Tran, Jerry Whitmore, Ryan Wilson, and Nick Wood. Congratulations and continued success!

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David Payne of Rehoboth, a member of the national youth team at the Rhode Island Fencing Academy & Club (RIFAC) in Warren, RI, earned a bronze medal in Men’s Saber at an “E” and under fencing tournament sponsored by Worcester Fencing Club, Worcester, MA, during the weekend of January 21/22, 2012. The “E” restriction required athletes to hold a national rating of “E” or under in order to participate. National ratings are awarded by the United States Fencing Association and range from “A” at the highest to “E.” David trains at RIFAC under the guidance of owner and head coach Alex Ripa and coach Jeff Mooney.

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Somerset Senior Girls Softball

The Somerset senior girls’ softball league will be holding signups for the recreational league on February 8th and February 9th at the Somerset High school - On the Luther Ave side of the school from 6 30 to 8 p.m. The cost is 80.00 dollars with raffle tickets to sell to offset some of that cost Girls that are thirteen years old as of January 1 are eligible to play. You can play in the league until you are eighteen years old as long as you are seventeen years old as of January 1st. Games are played from June thru early August at Ashton Field starting at 6 p.m. Girls from surrounding communities are always welcome to play. If you have any questions please call Jack McGill at 800343-1100.

Deadline for Submitting News is now the 23rd of each month ~ Call 508-252-6575 for information send news to

February 2012

RYBSA NEWS Is It Spring Yet?

Don’t let the snow and cold weather get you down. Think spring by signing your child up for Rehoboth Youth Baseball and Softball. Spring will be here in no time. Now is the time to get your registrations in to guarantee your spot on a team. The deadline for registration is quickly approaching. Registration ends February 15.

Calling all Sponsors

Now is the time to start thinking ahead and what better way to get your business exposure by advertising with RYBSA. There are many ways to do so. From Team sponsorships to field signs there are many options to serve your business. Please contact Mario Tominelli for sponsorship information. The baseball elves have been working hard all during the off season and we are happy to announce the complete makeover of both Fields# 1 and #6. Through the hard work of many people the fields are looking fantastic and are ready for a great up- coming season.

Clean Up Day

Please note due to the increased costs associated with the opening of the fields in the spring, there was a $10 clean up fee added to the normal registration fee. We cannot emphasize enough how important the parent volunteers are to the success of our youth baseball/softball program. We are a separate entity from the town; therefore receive no monetary support from the town. We will need to hire help to clean the fields after the off season due to the low numbers of volunteers. We hope to see a greater turn out on this year’s Clean up Day. These are the fields that your children play on. Thank You for your support. Clean Up day TBA. A special thanks to Foley Excavation for donating the telephone poles that will be used to light field #1. We are hoping to get the lights up and running as soon as possible.

The Reporter


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We hope you enjoy receiving The Reporter every month!

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RYBSA Girls Softball Winter Clinics

RYBSA is pleased to offer an expanded winter program for our girls. All players’ grades 1 thru 6 registered for the 2011 season, or newly registered for the 2012 season are welcome. Softball Skills sessions will focus on catching, throwing, and batting. Pitchers’ Club sessions will obviously work on pitching. Both sessions will require parent volunteers. Participants in the Pitchers’ Club must have a parent, older sibling or friend to act as catcher. If this is a problem, please let me know. Thank you to Beckwith Middle School for the use of their gym. Grades 1, 2 & 3: 6:00 – 6:45 Grades 4, 5 & 6: 6:45 – 7:30 Softball Skills: 2/7, 2/28, 3/13, 3/27. Pitchers’ Club: 2/14, 3/6, 3/20 Older players are encouraged to come and help. Please contact Fred Day @ 508-728-3042 with any questions.

RYBSA would like to give a special thank you to :

Adrian/Christine Knott Kimberly/Thomas Brown Sally/Richard Sloane, for their generous donation to RYBSA, in loving memory of Stephen Carpenter.


Newly appointed members of the RYBSA Board: Deb Tatton, Andrew Horowitz Bill Dalpe We Look forward to a great season in 2012.

Canine Mastery


Positively a dog school Training and day care

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The Reporter February 2012

Love is in the Air The Heat Is On: Five Getaways to Kindle the Romance

(ARA) - Romance is in the air. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, planning a honeymoon, or just looking for a fun getaway with your better half, these trip ideas are guaranteed to ignite a spark.

Escape on a cruise

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Put away your smartphone, shun the hassle of cooking and don’t even think about making the bed. A cruise ship is the perfect place for couples to skirt reality for a while. Pretty much anything you could want is at your disposal and you hardly have to lift a finger. The top cruise lines have really upped their game in the culinary realm, so try a few different entrees and a few different desserts, and splurge for a drink package. For uber-relaxation, book a couples’ massage. Celebrity Cruise’s AquaSpa, for example, pampers its guests as they literally watch the ocean float by.

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Splurge for a dream vacation

Hawaii embodies the words dreamy, romantic and sensual like almost nowhere else. The Big Island of Hawaii was named by Away. com as a top-10 destination for a honeymoon vacation on a budget. “Hawaii is a great choice for a honeymoon, but many people think they can’t afford it. The trick is to look beyond the name-brand places on the Big Island, like Kona, in favor of a hidden-gem like Kealakekua Bay,” says’s senior editor Kate Chandler. Hawaii is known for its sandy beaches, but it has so much to offer, such as snorkeling expeditions, rolling golf courses, interesting cultural and natural history and plenty of yummy food choices. You can also choose to do nothing at all besides just basking in your love somewhere indescribable.

Take a hot air balloon ride

What better way to experience the beauty of Napa and Sonoma wine country than with a birds-eye view? Book a sunrise or sunset tour, complete with a mini-picnic and local sparkling wine to set the mood as your drift above the vines and wineries. Very few things can match the serene energy you feel as you watch the first rays of sun begin to paint the morning sky.

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The saying goes that it takes two to tango. But in Austin, Texas, you might well swap in the two-step instead. named Austin one of its 2012 Hotspots, and for good reason. Austin is the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World,” and this music mecca is living up to its reputation. It’s home to more live-music venues per capita than anywhere else in the United States, so any time, day or night, just follow the sounds to find something playing. While you listen, loosen your belt and enjoy the good eats that Austin has to offer. The city is well known for its barbecue and Tex-Mex dishes.

Watch the stars

For those who prefer to experience the outdoors with a touch of luxury, head somewhere like Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah. This resort rests on 600 acres and was consciously designed to blend into its surroundings; every window has a sweeping view toward Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. One of the best aspects of the American Southwest, whether you’re staying at a ranch or roughing it in a tent, is that you’re never too far from an unobstructed view of the night sky. Grab a blanket or two and snuggle up for some truly romantic stargazing.

February 2012

The Reporter

Valentine's Day is February 14th The Secret To Successful Dating: Know Yourself First

(ARA) - Do you really need studies and statistics to convince you that you want to be in love? Probably not. It's no surprise that research supports what you likely already know - that people in happy, committed relationships, on average, live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives than their unattached peers. Even if you dated through high school and college, entering the dating world as a single, independent adult can be daunting. The rules and objectives seem to change when you're out in the working world. Instead of just having fun, your dating priorities may shift toward finding that special someone whom you'll want to be with long-term. When it comes to dating, knowing who you are and what you have to offer another person is every bit as important as knowing what you want. Here are some tips for

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The Reporter February 2012

All you need is love. learning about yourself, and how to parlay that self-knowledge into positive dating experiences.

Build your confidence

Self-assurance is communicated in so many ways. Whether it's the willingness to take the next step in a relationship or simply knowing what you want to order for that romantic meal together, confidence is appealing on many levels. Take steps to build your self-confidence in your daily life, and it will spread to your dating life. Simple things like dressing neatly and well, standing and sitting tall, and even knowing your credit can help you feel more confident about yourself and what you have to offer another person.

Know your own value

Think about what you expect from the person you want to date. Do you want someone who takes care of him or herself emotionally and physically? Someone who is financially stable? Do you match that image? Take stock of what you have to offer another person, and consider every aspect of your life that could affect a long-term

February 2012

The Reporter


relationship. Consider your diet and exercise habits. Are they the kind that will help you live a healthy, long life? Check your credit on a site like Do you manage your credit well or are financial problems something you - and a potential partner - will have to deal with in the future?

Keep it real

It's important to be honest with others in all your relationships, but it's even more important that you're honest with yourself. If your self-assessment uncovers things you don't like about who you are or where your life is going, you need to acknowledge and address those things. Ignoring issues will not make them go away. Just as an untreated wound can turn infected, character issues or life situations that you don't like will only worsen over time if you don't take steps to deal with them.

Face your fears and challenges head on

Nelson Mandela once said the brave person is not someone who feels no fear, but someone who conquers that fear. Knowing your greatest fears and being able to face them is an important part of knowing yourself. It's not always easy to get to the root of your fears; you may even think you have none. The truth is, everyone has a worst-case scenario they hope never happens, whether it's losing their job, facing a life-threatening illness, or even never finding that special someone. The useful part of knowing what you're afraid of is that you can take steps toward preventing it from happening, or toward being prepared in case it ever does.

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The Reporter February 2012



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Each January, hundreds of people join the Y hoping to make lifestyle changes to improve their well-being. By mid-February, many of them have lost their motivation. This phenomenon is seen at health and fitness centers throughout the country. This year, the Newman Y, a branch of the YMCA of Greater Providence, offers a new approach to help address this challenge. When a member joins the Y this January, staff will provide a FREE wellness consultation and three FREE supervised workouts designed to help health seekers stay on track. Wellness consultants (called Navigators) work with individuals to identify programs and activities that best meet their needs and interests so they remain engaged in their fitness journey. Through years of research, the Y has learned that engagement is the key to long-term behavior change. This model has been verified by Dr. James Prochaska, a Professor of Psychology at URI and founder of Pro-Change Behavior Systems. He collaborated with the Y to develop some of these strategies. Said Prochaska, “Y Navigators are trained to guide members wherever they are at in the change process--not ready, getting ready, or ready to make a behavior change. The program is uniquely designed for those ready to make a behavior change as well as those getting ready and not ready.” The New Year is here and the time to take action is coming quickly. With the Y’s support, that first step can lead to a healthier lifestyle and long-term results. For more information about the YMCA, visit About the YMCA of Greater Providence The YMCA of Greater Providence is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization made up of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility. As a cause-driven organization, the YMCA serves communities in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts reaching individuals through its seven full-service branches, Providence Youth Services urban program branch and Camp Fuller resident camp. For more information, visit

February 2012

The Reporter


New Year... New You. Living in the Flow… Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times A Monthly Column By: Your Local Wellness & Yoga Guru ~ Yogini Karendayal 99% of all disease is stress related. 75% of all visits to primary health care physcicans are stress related, as stated by the American Medical Association. So what is the remedy? You know you are up to your eyeballs with various levels of stress that go along with everyday living in our jam packed modern lives. You may also already be aware or have been told that it is not really the “stress” that does it to us but our “reaction” to the things that cause us stress throughout our day to day living. We all know everyone responds to life stresses differently. What may cause stress for one person another person may not be rocked by it at all or have a better handle on dealing with it. “Life happens”… there will always be something trying to throw you off your center and pull you further and further away from a balanced life rhythm. There is a lot to juggle everyday and we are faced with various waves that come at us in all directions and intensities making up our personal life circumstances to ride and live out. So in comes flow… what does it really mean to ride lifes waves and how does one really learn to live in the flow? We will cover this every month. It does not mean your life will never have stress in it that’s for sure… but its all about how we choose to ride the waves.

Quote of the month… “A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” ~ (Buddha) In this monthly column I will serve you by addressing YOUR questions and topics of interest within health, wellness, life, family, life changes + spirituality. Offering you choices and helping to guide you as life’s river guide with ancient wisdom and remedies for our modern times for your body, mind, emotions and soul. It is also my wish to provide you and our community with helpful and positive uplifting content as we all navigate the flow of life together. Please send YOUR QUESTION and or YOUR TOPIC OF INTEREST to and put RE: Living in the Flow in the subject line. Yogini Karendayal is the Founder and Director of “Life Happens. Live in the Flow” Bliss Life Yoga and Wellness located in Rehoboth, MA. Since 1993 she has served as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Master Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Advisor, and has a Bachlor of Divinity in Ministerial Counseling and Metaphysical Healing. She is a natural change agent and is dedicated to teaching and inspiring others to create and live their own bliss life through living yoga.

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The Reporter February 2012

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, How to Snack Smart in 2012 (ARA) - Snacks - they can either be your worst dieting enemy or your new weight-loss best friend. The difference is all in the choices you make. This year, make it your resolution to learn how to snack smarter. To help, here are some tips to develop a healthier relationship with snacking. Portion control Hand someone a bag of chips and ask them to eat just 100 calories. Sounds impossible, right? Well for most people, it is. Not only is it hard to calculate quickly, our willpower alone will fail us. Soon a few chips become half the bag and the guilt sets in. Don’t even give yourself the opportunity to overeat and instead think portion control. Replace full size snack bags with 100-calorie snack packs. They are the perfect way to know you’re only eating 100 calories and resist the urge to eat more. Snyder’s of Hanover offers a variety of 100-calorie Pretzel snack packs. Available in mini, snap or pretzel sticks, they’re sold in the snack aisle of local grocery store. They are quick and easy and perfect for kids or adults. Plus the best part is, once the snack pack is gone, you’re done.

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Make it simple

Put healthy snacks out so they’re easy to grab. Take a bowl and make sure it’s filled with fresh fruit. For cold snacks create a healthy snack drawer in your refrigerator. Stock it full of baby carrots cut up veggies and low fat dip or puddings. To give your kids incentive to make healthier choices, give them permission to take any snack from these locations without asking.

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Smart snacks

Making smart snack choices doesn’t mean you have to give up flavor or your favorite foods. There are a number of products that are low in fat, and can help satisfy your cravings. Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Raisins - One ounce equals 85 calories. You could even cover them with chocolate. Chocolate can be healthy when consumed in small portions. 2. Graham crackers - Eight small rectangles is equal to 100 calories. 3. Celery with peanut butter - Five pieces of celery with 1 tablespoon peanut butter is equal to 100 calories. This is a very satisfying snack packed with protein and is also gluten-free. 4. Dried fruits and nuts - A small amount of dried fruits with a small amount of nuts is a snack kids love to eat. 5. Pretzels - One ounce equals 100 calories. You can even include cheese with your pretzels for something different with added protein. 6. Unsweetened applesauce - One cup is equivalent to 100 calories, and is a great snack idea for younger children. 7. Air-popped popcorn - Three cups or 1 ounce equals 95 calories. Popcorn is also gluten-free. 8. Fruit - All types of fruit are full of valuable nutrients and they also contain no gluten. 9. Baked corn tortillas with dip - Corn tortillas are a great alternative to potato chips. You can eat them with salsa and/or guacamole for a healthy treat. 10. Rice cakes - Rice cakes by themselves aren’t really nutritious, but they are gluten-free. Try topping them with cottage cheese and fruit, peanut butter with banana slices, or cheese and tomatoes for a more nutritious snack. 11. Fat-free sugar-free pudding - One serving contains approximately 80 calories. Another treat kids really enjoy. 12. Lettuce wraps - Fill a big lettuce leaf with tuna, hummus and your favorite vegetables and roll it up. You could even use a ham slice with hummus and vegetables for a change in variety. This is also a gluten-free snack.

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When you’re in the store, read the label and look for low fat, whole grain or organic options when possible. You’d be surprised to see a lot of snacks you might have overlooked before. Even pretzels, like Snyder’s of Hanover Organic Whole Wheat Pretzel Nibblers, are made with whole grains and are low in fat. Set small goals Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just happen overnight but the process shouldn’t be overwhelming either. Setting small goals, like snacking on vegetables for a week, can develop into long term eating habits. And it’s best to set goals that are obtainable so you see your success early on and you’re motivated to continue. Healthy snacking is all about making the right choices. This coming year, it’s up to you to make the right decisions, hopefully these tips will help motivate you to a more wholesome and healthier 2012.

February 2012

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and let each new year find you a better man.." -Benjamin Franklin


New England Martial Arts Dojo 879 Arcade Ave • Seekonk, Ma 02771

508-561-9289 •

Here is a picture of last year’s Center Steppers team. This year’s team consists of almost 40 people. Come join our team!

“Peak the Plaza” with The Center Centers

For many years, The Five Bridge Inn on Pine St in Rehoboth, owned by Ann Messenger, has hosted many weddings and scores of boarders. One of the amenities included in the Five Bridge Inn’s offerings is a small fitness facility and yoga studio for guests and visitors. The facility has been dubbed “ The Center”. Originally designed as a simple fitness facility, The Center at Five Bridge Inn became known for its charitable events and is especially known for the group’s participation in community charitable fitness events. In addition to hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness event a couple years ago, members of the fitness group began focusing on other charitable fitness events to participate in. This past summer, the group participated in the BoldrDash run to benefit schools in southern Rhode Island, and many of its members participate in local road races. Every year, The American Lung Association holds an event called “Peak the Plaza”. Held in Providence, RI, the mission is to climb the stairs to the top of One Financial Plaza. Each participant, released in 20 second intervals, will race the clock to the top of the 29th floor. This is the third year the group from The Five Bridge Inn is participating. Now known as The Center Steppers, the team has swelled from 12 members in its first year to almost 40 people this year. In addition to the registration fee, each member is to raise $100. Proceeds go to The American Lung Association for the prevention of lung related diseases and the fight for cleaner air. The Center Steppers need your donations. Please go to: www. to donate to The Center Steppers” team and join them in the fight! Interested in joining the team? Contact Dennis Bell, Fitness Coordinator, The Center at Five Bridge Inn Or go to our web site and click “fitness”

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From the State House


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L to R: Town Clerk Jan Parker, Seekonk, Senator Brown, Representative Howitt

Senator Brown Visits Seekonk

Representative Howitt Hosts U.S. Senator Scott Brown

g cceptind A w o N g an Eveninrday Satu ents tm Appoin

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Seekonk - Yesterday, State Representative Steven Howitt welcomed United States Senator Scott Brown to the Seekonk Town Hall and the Seekonk Senior Center in order to celebrate the town’s 200th anniversary as well as the 25th anniversary of the Save a Pet Society, Inc. State Representative Howitt and Senator Brown briefly toured the town offices visiting with town officials, employees, and citizens before moving to the conference room where Senator Brown presented the town with a U.S. Senate citation in honor of its 200th anniversary along with a flag flown over the U.S. Capital in the towns honor. Town Clerk Jan Parker said, “It was a great event, and it was so nice for Representative Howitt to have Senator Brown come visit Seekonk. He, as far as I know, is the first U.S. senator to visit Seekonk. The flag he presented to the town will be hung in a place of honor.” Senator Brown then presented the Seekonk Save a Pet Society with a U.S. Senate citation honoring them for their 25th anniversary. Selectman Francis Cavaco, in regards to the Save a Pet Society offered “Congratulations to the Seekonk Save a Pet Society for 25 years of great service to the town.” Following the events at the town hall, State Representative Howitt and Senator Brown then toured the Seekonk Senior Center on Pleasant Street, speaking with employees and local seniors. State Representative Howitt said “I was pleased that Senator Brown accepted my invitation to visit Seekonk and help to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the town as well as the 25th anniversary of the Seekonk Save a Pet Society. I felt it was important for him to see the need for a new senior center.”

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Representative Howitt Hosts Veterans Service Officers at State House

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Quality Work At Reasonable Prices State Representative Steven S. Howitt Hosted a Lunch at the State House for local Veteran Service Officers to Discuss Issues Facing Veterans Boston- State Representative Steven S. Howitt hosted a lunch meeting with local Veteran Service Officers (VSO). Also in attendance were the Secretary of Veterans Services Coleman Nee, House Chairman of the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs James Vallee (D-Franklin), State Representatives Elizabeth Poirier (R-North Attleboro), Jay Barrows (R-Mansfield), Patricia Haddad (D-Somerset), as well as Senators James Timility (D-Walpole) Interior and Exterior and Michael Rodrigues (D-Westport). The meeting which was held on January 4th took place at the Painting - Wall covering State House in Boston with Veterans agents Seth Bai (Seekonk), Powerwashing William Saunders (Rehoboth), Robert Sampson (Swansea), Heather Cheetham (Somerset), and Michael Johns (Norton). The Quality Materials, Reasonable Prices meeting gave the VSO’s a chance to discuss the issues that veterFull Insurance Coverage ans are facing today with local legislators, as well as what the state Family Business for 87 years could do to provide assistance to veterans at the municipal level. 14 Jones Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02861 Seekonk Veterans Service Officer Seth Bai stated, “It was a great event that the Representative hosted. I was very impressed with #722-4174 Lic # 7657 the legislators there who took time out of their schedules to meet with us. It was a refreshingly impressive event and I look forward to doing it in the future.” Items that were discussed during the meeting included veteran’s employment opportunities, regional transportation concerns, as well as state aid to veterans. State Representative Howitt said, “Veterans aren’t looking for a hand out, but it is important that our veterans who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis for our nation are treated with the utmost respect and honor when they return home. I will continue to be Specializing in all general an advocate for our veterans at the State House.” home repairs and remodeling


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Farm & Garden Rehoboth Garden Club


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The Rehoboth Garden Club will meet on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 11:00 A.M. at the Carpenter Museum. The Hostess will be Judy Doty assisted by Robin Alcott, Barbara Fields and Sue Withers. For more information or to join, contact Betsy Charnecki at 508 252 5718.

“Visit Rehoboth’s Farms”Brochure

The Rehoboth Agricultural Commission in 2012 will be republishing the brochure “Visit Rehoboth’s Farms”. As a marketing tool for local producers, it is a listing of farms town wide, nursery, fruit growers, livestock and stable establishments as well as farms and individuals providing agricultural and value added products. Each listing provides a description of what the operation produces, its address, hours and other contact information along with a keyed map of their location. If you fall under one or more of these categories and are not already included in our publication, please send your contact information to: The Rehoboth Agricultural Commission 148 Peck Street, Rehoboth, MA 02769 A member of the commission will get in touch with you to take your information to become part of our updated marketing brochure. This literature is in complete support of “Buy Local, Buy Fresh”.

The Rehoboth Agricultural Commission Public Forum in the COA Building Wednesday February 22, 2012 at 7:00 pm

The Rehoboth Agricultural Commission will present a public forum on the Forest Stewardship Program (MDAR), the states Chapter 61 Land Use Program and other programs available to private landowners that have small ( 5 acres) to large wooded acreage. This forum is designed to define and explain the options available to landowners to manage their whole property or just a small portion of their land and resources. A state forester from the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation as well as a local certified forester will be there to discuss aspects of privately owned woodlots. How forested land plays a critical role in a community for aquifer protection, safeguarding soils, creating natural habitat for wildlife and adding to Open Space areas. Whether you are interested in obtaining harvesting income, taking advantage of tax incentives, concerns of estate planning Call now to and passing a legacy on to successive generations or simply developing a minibook Winter mally managed scenic backdrop for your Painting own enjoyment, you will find the answers ~ here on this night. It will provide information and resources that will allow landowners to make informed decisions about managing their woodlots. Discover the opportunities ~ FULLY INSURED available and bring your questions with you.

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February 2012

Southside Community Land Trust hosts Urban Agriculture Spring Kickoff Free workshops, seed distribution and launch of 2012 Plant Providence Calendar to welcome start of spring and the food-growing season Who: Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) What: 3rd Annual Urban Agriculture Spring Kickoff, and 2012 Plant Providence Calendar Launch When: Saturday, March 3rd, 1:00-4:00 p.m. Where: Roger Williams Park Botanical Center Why: Generate excitement around urban food-growing and provide Providence residents with tips and tools for the coming growing season

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Southside Community Land Trust invites the public to its 3rd annual Urban Agriculture Spring Kickoff, an informal, family-friendly food-growing “expo” on Saturday, March 3rd from 1:00-4:00pm. The kickoff will be hosted at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, a spacious public indoor garden full of unique and beautiful plants. The weekend is the first in a Rehoboth, MA series of events planned for 2012 to help people in the city learn more about growing food. LICENSED & INSURED The event will feature live music, light refreshments, a cooking demonstration, and MA #058544 Reg # 111902 RI# 7169 workshops on container gardening, pest control alternatives, seed starting, and maple syrup tapping. SCLT will also hold a silent auction offering people the chance to bid on garden tools, seeds, and consultations with expert growers. Families are welcome; young “gardeners in training” can enjoy a kid’s corner with games, art projects, and other activities. Admission is $5 at the door (free for children and members of the Providence Community Growers Network). All proceeds will benefit Southside Community Land Trust’s community gardens program, which supports 12 gardens from which over 700 families reap homegrown produce. The Urban Agriculture Spring Kickoff Complete auto collision repair also marks the public launch of the 2012 Plant Providence calendar, a full-color Towing Foreign & Domestic poster of events and workshops going We handle all insurance claims on throughout the year related to urban agriculture. Copies of the calendar will be Free Estimates distributed for free at the kickoff. This year’s MA RS. # 1367 calendar will feature even more workshops than before, including programs on food Serving our community for 25 years preservation, over-wintering greens, grow1849 Fall River Ave. (Rt 6), Seekonk, MA ing ethnic foods, composting, and keeping chickens in the city. (508) 336-6475 For more information about Southside Robert Coelho Jr. & Ernie Loiselle - Owners Community Land Trust’s, go to For more information about the Plant Providence calendar, go to Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) provides access to land, education and other resources so people in Greater Providence can grow food in environmentally sustainable ways and create community food systems where locally produced, affordable, and healthy food is available to all. For more information, please visit www.


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100 Cookie Moments Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary with a photo contest

Providence, R.I., (January 12, 2012) – It’s Girl Scout Cookie time once again. Girl Scouts from Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc (GSRI) have begun selling to thousands of southern New Englanders who are eagerly awaiting their favorite seasonal treat. In addition to Thin Mints – the most popular Girl Scout cookie – and Peanut Butter Patties, Girl Scouts in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts will be selling Caramel deLites, Peanut 93 Tremont St., Rehoboth, MA Butter Sandwiches, Shortbread, Thanks-A-Lots, Lemonades and the Shout Out!, a light Tim Dorrance -Owner and crisp, Belgian-style caramelized cookie. Everyone looks forward to this time of year when they get to purchase and enjoy their favorite Girl Scout Cookie so Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc., is sponsoring a photo contest to commemorate this seasonal tradition. Girl Scout Cookie connoisseurs are encouraged to capture their favorite ‘cookie moment’ on film and share it via the GSRI facebook page. What is a ‘cookie moment’? “A ‘cookie moment’ is defined as whatever Girl Scout Cookies mean to you,” states Ginger Lallo, Product Sales Manager. “You may gobble them up with teammates after swim practice, or enjoy giving a box to your favorite letter carrier. Or perhaps your ‘cookie moment’ is buying a box to donate to troops overseas. We are curious to see how creative our customers can get!” Roofing • Vinyl Siding The contest opened on January 17, 2012 and runs through March 19th. Winners will be announced on or about March 26, 2012. Replacement Windows & Doors Girl Scout Cookie program activities help girls develop financial, Seamless Gutters leadership and life skills. Girls make their own decisions about the cookie sale – they set sales goals, create marketing plans, and (401) 726-2908 • (508) 399-6924 decide how to spend the proceeds within their troops. Troops use their proceeds for trips, events and have the option to vote on Ray Fournier donating a portion of their proceeds to a community service • RI Reg. 850 MA Reg. 115715 ect. The beneficiary of this years’ Cookie Sale Community Service Serving all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts since 1981 Project is the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, established in 2004 to raise breast cancer awareness and increase breast health education. The remaining proceeds from the sale remain in our local area and provide support for recruitment and training of volunteer leaders, outdoor programs and troop camping, camp and property maintenance, and educational programs. Cookies will be on sale until mid-March. To find a booth sale location, visit About Girl Scout Cookies The $700 million Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girlled business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils and communities nationwide. In fact, many successful business women today say they got their start selling Girl Specializing in all styles of stone masonry Scout Cookies! For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie with over 25 years experience Sale, visit About Girl Scouts of Rhode Island • STONEWALLS • FIREPLACES Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls, grades K-12, with 3.2 million girl and adult members • PATIOS • WALKWAYS worldwide. Girl Scouts of Rhode Island serves 9,400 girls – with Call for a free estimate the help of 2,800 dedicated adult volunteers -- throughout Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts and Pawcatuck, CT. For more MARK CARVALHO • (774) 229-6360 information about Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc. and the 2012 Cookie Sale, visit

(508) 252-4000


February 2012

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No Frills, No Bills, Just…

OIL . D . O C.

Rehoboth Daisy Troop 1322

By tpestana Superintendent Robert Bernardo gave a very informative tour of the Seekonk Water Treatment Plant. The girls of Troop 1322 were shown how the water is screened to remove unhealthy substances and kill bacteria as it is pumped through the system to become purified water for daily use. The girls also talked about how important it is to find ways to conserve this precious resource. Thanks to Mr. Bernardo for taking the time to spend with our troop!

Calling all present and former Girl Scouts!

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting in America, Troop 507 is planning a celebration of Girl Scouting which will take place on March 11, 2012. We are looking for former Girl Scouts and leaders who are willing to share photographs, stories, memories, and songs. We would love to have you attend and/or participate in the program. There will be parts for current troops to play as well. Troop leaders are invited to contact us. All current and former Girl Scouts are invited to attend the event. It will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, 11 March, at Goff Hall. There will be a structured program followed by refreshments and time to meet one another. Reservations are requested, and we ask for $2 per person to cover costs. Current Girl Scouts should reserve through their troop leaders. Donations for the Rehoboth Food Pantry may be brought to the event. Please send reservations, pictures, requests for information, etc. to: Rebecca Smith at 45 School St., 508-252-5767, or

Call toll free 1-877-298-3016

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The Reporter February 2012


Rehoboth and Seekonk Girl Scouts announce it’s Cookie Time!

Cookies have arrived! Our local Girl Scouts are ready to deliver your favorite cookies! For this 100th anniversary year, a special commemorative logo has been included on the Shortbread package. Shortbreads were the original Girl Scout cookie. We also offer the 4 other “classic” awesome cookies: Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Carmel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties. And the ‘new’ yummy favorites: Lemonades, Thanks-a-Lot and Shout Outs! You can find local Girl Scouts around Rehoboth and Seekonk and they would appreciate your support. The sale helps provide money to the troops, so that they can participate in trips and activities planned by the girls, allowing them to work together as a team toward a common goal. Girls can also earn “cookie credits” with which they can defray the cost of attending Girl Scout summer camp. Local troops will be at Seekonk Stop & Shop on Rt. 6. Please stop by and treat yourself to some wonderful cookies! Sat., Jan 21 Troop 507; Sat., Jan 28 Troops 866 & 405,; Sun,. Jan 29 Troops 750 & 474,; Sat., Feb 18 Troop 56,;Sun., Feb 19 Troop 338,;Sat., Feb 25 Troops 1391 & 56; Sun., Feb 26 Troops 247 & 1322; Sat., Mar 3 Troops 404 & 470; Sun., Mar 4 Troops 347 & 627.


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Cadette Girl Scouts of Rehoboth Troop 532 are ready to deliver!

Rehoboth’s Pack 2 Cub Scouts John Lewandowski and Max Reuter of Rehoboth’s Pack 2 Cub Scouts each earned the Light of Christ Emblem. Congratulations!

February 2012

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The boys from Pack 2 Rehoboth Scouts had a great adventure at the Boston Museum of Science Sleepover.

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We Love All the Kids at Twin Oaks Farm & ASAP! Both Now Enrolling!

February Support Groups

“A Better Beginning”

A . S. A .P. hool Age Progr er Sc am A ft

Twin Oaks Farm Learning Center

127 Tremont St., Rehoboth MA



319 D Tremont St., Rehoboth MA



Attleboro, MA, January 9, 2012 – Sturdy Memorial Hospital offers support groups on a variety of topics throughout the year. The groups are free and open to the public. The following are scheduled for February 2012: Prostate Cancer Support Group – Wednesday, February 1, 2012 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, call the Oncology Department at 508-236-7010. Ostomy Support Group – Wednesday, February 1, 2012 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. For more information, call Nursing Administration at 508-236-7166. Partners and Caregivers of Patients with Cancer Support Group – Wednesday, February 8, 2012 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room A. For more information, call the Oncology Department at 508-236-7010. Breastfeeding Support Group – Tuesday, February 14, 2012 from 10 – 11:30 a.m. in the Clinical Education Center. For more information, call Nursing Administration at 508-236-7151. Cancer Support Group – Tuesday, February 21, 2012 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, call the Oncology Department at 508-236-7010.

Afraid to smile? We can help. The Smilemakers have provided the cosmetic dentistry for ABC6’s Extreme Makeover for more than a dozen patients and have also provided services for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s “Give Back a Smile” program right here in Rhode island. Now isn’t it YOUR turn to have that beautiful, Kenneth J. Rawlinson, D.D.S.

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Cynthia Hasson Hawaiian Tropic

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Rebeca Dipietro Hawaiian Tropic Miss USA

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2861 Pawtucket Ave. Riverside, Rhode Island 02915

Kim Hennessey Hawaiian Tropic Miss Canada

1-877- 59 -TOOTH

(1- 877-598- 6684)

February 2012 Diabetes Support Group – Wednesday, February 22, 2012 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. For more information, call Nursing Administration at 508-236-7166. Breathing Club – Tuesday, February 28, 2012 from 1 – 3 p.m. in the Auditorium. For more information, call the Respiratory Care Department 508-236-7550. Breast Cancer Support Group – Wednesday, February 29, 2012 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B & C. For more information, call Ellen Gilbert at 508-236-7015. Sturdy Memorial Hospital is a full-service, independent, financially stable, not-for-profit acute care community hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

The Emergency Care Center At Sturdy Memorial Hospital Offers Winter Safety Tips

Attleboro, MA, January 19, 2012—Here is some information provided by the Emergency Care Center (ECC) staff at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, including tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which can help you remain safe and healthy throughout the winter season: Dress properly for the weather. Make sure exposed skin is covered, especially in young children because their skin is more sensitive. Wear layers of clothing and a hat to keep your body insulated. Learn the symptoms of hypothermia (shivering, exhaustion, drowsiness, confusion, fumbling, and slurred speech) and seek medical attention right away. When it comes to driving, never drink and drive, always wear a seatbelt, and avoid traveling when the weather service has issued advisories. Service your automobile’s radiator and maintain antifreeze level. Check the tire tread or, if necessary, replace tires with all-weather or snow tires. Keep your gas tank full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines. Also, keep a winter emergency kit in your car should you become stranded, that includes blankets; food and water; booster cables, flares, tire pump, and a bag of sand or cat litter (for traction); compass and maps; flashlight, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries; first-aid kit; and plastic bags (for sanitation). When walking, wear shoes or boots that have non-slip soles. Keep driveways and sidewalks well shoveled, and apply sand or rock salt to improve traction. Don’t shovel snow that is too heavy to lift, especially if you have a heart condition or are elderly. Wear a helmet when skiing, sledding, skating, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. Help prevent illness. Maximize your resistance to cold or flu viruses by getting enough vitamins and minerals and eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough rest and exercise, and washing your hands frequently. The Sturdy Memorial Hospital Emergency Care Center is equipped to handle some of the most serious situations life has to offer and treats nearly 50,000 patients annually. Staffed by physicians and nurses who are career emergency professionals and/or have been extensively trained in treating emergencies, the ECC is open 24 hours a day. For more information, visit www.

Heartsaver CPR Course To Be Offered

Attleboro, MA, January 16, 2012 – Sturdy Memorial Hospital’s Nursing Education Department is currently accepting registrations for an upcoming Heartsaver CPR Course. This course is designed for lay rescuers; attendees will learn how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies including cardiac arrest and choking for responsive adult, child, and infant victims. The program will be held on Saturday, February 18 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon at the Hospital in Del’s Palace. You must be prepared to perform according to current standards. The fee is $50/per person, and includes current learning materials. Pre-registration is required in order to obtain learning materials prior to the class. To register, call the Nursing Education Department at 508/236-7161. Sturdy Memorial Hospital is a full-service, independent, financially stable, not-for-profit acute care community hospital in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

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How You Can Help Your open door is hope! Become a foster parent.

Dare Family Services is seeking caring families to provide foster care for area children. While helping a child, you will receive excellent training, 24 hour support and a tax free stipend toward the child’s care. For more information, please call 508-802-9515.

Volunteers Needed for Community Allocation Panels

United Way of Greater Attleboro/Taunton invites volunteers to participate on its Community Allocation Panels. Volunteers will review funding proposals from various programs, discuss the value and impact of the program to the community, conduct site visits, hear presentations from prospective partner agencies, and ultimately make funding investment recommendations to the Board of Directors. This is a great opportunity to get to know and serve your community. If you are interested in volunteering, or would like more information, please visit our website at, or contact Melissa Vanhorn, Community Impact Coordinator at 508-222-2337, ext.106 or

The Why Try class accepting donations for Winslow Farm animal shelter

The Why Try class is currently accepting donations for Winslow Farm, an animal shelter for abused and neglected animals in Norton. Any non-perishable supplies, including canned and dry Purina cat food, cat beds, canned dog food, fruit cocktails, wild bird seed, wood pellets, recyclable cans and bottles, grassy hay, horse shavings (3.5 cubic feet), and/or gift certificates, can be brought to the high school foyers in the morning, where students are collecting these items. For more information, email Mr. Kulpa, Mr. Garcia, or Ms. Tremblett, the teachers of the class. Thanks in advance for your generosity! Michael D. Rubin Assistant Principal Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School

Adoption Options Offers Free Informational Meetings

Providence, January 17, 2012 – Adoption Options is holding a free informational session those considering adoption and are interested in hearing about available options. Licensed adoption workers will be available to provide information and answer questions. In Rhode Island, the next meeting is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 959 North Main St. in Providence on February 16, 2012. Adoption Options, a non-sectarian, non-profit, comprehensive adoption program of Jewish Family Service works with prospective adoptive parents, birth parents and people who have been adopted. The agency is licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with offices in Rehoboth and Providence. The agency’s work with all members of the adoption triad is focused on helping individuals to understand their options and make the most informed choices for their future. For more information, please contact Peg Boyle at 401-331-5437 or visit

Seekonk Human Services Seekonk Human Services Staff Telephone: (508) 336-8772 FAX: (508) 336-2239 Executive Director Bernadette Huck Ext. 15 Senior Secretary Ashley Pimental ext. 12 Editors of “Town Crier” Ashley Pimental & Kimberly Mallon Clerical Assistant Kimberly Mallon ext. 10

Educational & Social Programs Karen Stutz ext. 14 Outreach Case Managers Adriana Dossantos ext. 11 (Monday-Friday) Veronica Brickley, LPN BA SOC ext. 17 (Monday, Wed, Friday) Outreach Assistant Nancy Rodrigues ext. 16 Senior Aides Loretta Ferreira, Elaine Miranda ext. 19

February 2012 Seekonk Human Services will be closed Monday, February 20th to observe President’s Day

Happy New Year

On behalf of the Seekonk Council on Aging Board of Directors, our staff and myself, we wish you Happy & Healthy New Year. We look forward to a productive & exciting year as we continue to serve the needs of our senior population. If you have any suggestions please let us know and together we can make 2012 the best ever!

Thanks For Your Help

The Community Food Basket Program was able to assist many Seekonk families in need this holiday season thanks to the countless individuals, businesses and organizations in our community who made such generous donations. We thank them all for their kindness. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the volunteers who worked so hard for this cause. A big thanks to Outback Steakhouse for donating meals to our shut-ins for Thanksgiving and to a volunteer family for their donations of hot meals for our elderly shut-ins on Christmas Day.

Passing of one of Seekonk’s Respected Residents

The passing of Mr. James McGregor will be a loss to Seekonk. He was a generous and respected man. All it took was a single call to Mr. McGregor and he was there to help. He had a great sense of humor and he was always a gentlemen. He will be greatly missed by Seekonk Human Services. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family.

Exploration Wednesdays

Feb. 1st Stacy Hiltner – Fashion Show Lunch: Portuguese Soup & Pulled Pork Sandwiches for $2 Feb. 8th Valentine’s Day Party: Vic Solo as Entertainment! Lunch: French meat pie, mashed potatoes and veggies, no charge Feb. 29th Wii Demo by Nancy Smutek Lunch: Pizza & Salad, no charge

Atlantic City Resorts Casino

Resorts just completed a multimillion dollar renovation of its hotel rooms. Come visit! We have great early spring rates, Resorts is connected to the Taj and Showboat Casinos. Insurance is available for $19. Enjoy early spring time in Atlantic City ~ Stop in to sign up for this great trip! Your two night get-a-way includes: Roundtrip Motor coach, 2 Nights Accommodations at Resorts Casino, Casino Bonus: $45.00 Slot Play, 2 Buffets and $10.00 Food Credit

BOSTON FLOWER & GARDEN SHOW Saturday, March 17, 2012

$49 Per Person See lush and inspiring landscaped gardens created by professional landscape designers, nurseries and historic properties incorporating vivid color, stimulating scents, soothing sounds and tantalizing texture. All this will be served up with a side dish of tips and techniques regarding the hottest trends in gardening today! Pick up: 9:30am @ Seekonk Human Services. Return will be at 6:00pm. Please stop in to book your trip!

February 2012

The Reporter


Telephone: (508) 336-8772 FAX: (508) 336-2239 Executive Board Members Victoria Kinniburgh, Chairperson Lynne Neves, Vice Chairperson Christen Allen Rene Andrews Beverly Della Grotta Anita Gendron Anne Libby

*Center Hours

*Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Wednesday’s 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. at Town Hall *Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Chicken & Slot Thursday

Thursday, May 17, 2012, Wright’s Farm & Twin River Casino, $48 per person Everyone’s A Winner! We will begin our day at Wright’s Farm Restaurant where their fabulous dinners are served family-style. Dinner begins with rolls made daily in their own bakery served along with crisp, fresh salad topped with Wright’s Farm Classic Italian Dressing. These are followed by familysized portions of shell macaroni, truly unique French fries and their famous chicken. The macaroni is served with Italian sauce made from their recipe. Our next stop will be to Twin River Casino – New England’s place to play. While at Twin River we will be treated to their bonus package which includes $10 bonus play and $7 food credit. Pick up and departure time to be determined. Please call 508-336-8772 to book your trip!!

TRIAD with Town Administrator

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 @ 10 a.m. Seekonk Human Services We are happy to announce that we have a great opportunity to meet and talk with our Town Administrator, Pam Nolan. Her knowledge in building senior centers will give you the opportunity to ask the questions you want answers to. Lunch will be chowder and tuna sandwiches for $2. Please call 508336-8772 to sign up.

Wii Demo

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 @ 10 a.m. Seekonk Human Services Come see an entertaining fun demo on the Wii presented by Nancy Smutek. The Wii is an excellent way to get in shape and keep active! FREE lunch for all who attend the Wii program! Lunch will be pizza and salad. Please call 508-336-8772 to sign up!


The Reporter February 2012

Scam Alert – Diabetes

Seniors have reported receiving phone calls allegedly from the Diabetes Association. The caller informs the senior that they are eligible for a new glucose testing machine free of charge. The call asks the senior to provide them with their “Medicare Validation Number” to process the order. In most cases, this number would be the same as their Social Security Number. These calls are NOT being made by the Diabetes Associated and you are reminded NOT to give out personal information to anyone.

Massachusetts Tax Relief For Seniors

Tax Return Appointments – Every Thursday Beginning February 2nd @ Town Hall The Circuit Breaker tax credit is a state income tax credit for Mass. residents age 65 or older who paid rent or real estate taxes during the tax year. The credit is for senior homeowners and renters who meet income limits and eligibility requirements. The maximum credit for tax year 2011 is $980. What are the income limits? *Your total income cannot be greater than these limits for the 2011 tax year. $52,000 single $65,000 head of household $78,000 married filing jointly The total income includes some types of non-taxable income, such as social security, retirement, pensions and annuities, cash public assistance, tax-exempt interest and dividends, and certain other income.

How do I apply?

You must file a Massachusetts state income tax return to claim the Circuit Breaker Credit, whether or not you normally file a state tax return. You must include Schedule

Cutcliffe Glavin


ARCHETTO Attorneys at Law R.I. and MA. Bars

Conrad M. Cutcliffe The Packet Building 155 South Main St., Suite 300 Providence, RI 02903-2963

(401) 454-1900 Fax (401) 331-7001

CB, Circuit Breaker Credit, with Form 1. A tax representative will be at the Town Hall starting February 2nd to help you file the circuit breaker tax credit along with your Massachusetts income tax return. Appointments will be held every Thursday at the Town Hall between 9:00 – 11:00 beginning February 2nd. Please call Seekonk Human Services at 508-336-8772 to make an appointment. Please bring the following with you to your appointment: A copy of last year’s tax return, Water charges paid to the Town of Seekonk, Form W-2, Wages, 4 Real estate tax bills PAID in 2011, Any 1099 Forms you may have, Any abatements or adjustments, Any 2011 Public Assistance i.e.; fuel assistance or food stamps, Stimulus payments, Purchase of a car – tax credit

Fuel Assistance

If you had fuel assistance last year, be on the lookout for your application which should have arrived in September. File the application as soon as you get it. New fuel applications can be filed, November 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012. If you have never had fuel assistance and would like to apply, please call Seekonk Human Services at 508336-8772 to make an appointment with the Outreach Department.

Chef on a Shoe String

Tuesday @ 2:00 – 3:30 Seekonk Human Services Student chefs from Johnson & Wales University give a cooking demonstration of recipes that are both economical and nutritious for one or two people. Please speak to Karen Stutz at 508-336-8772 for the date of the next class. This class is very popular, class size is limited. *Note: Our chef’s class is looking for pint containers (2 cup), if you have any that you are not using, please donate them to Seekonk Human Services Chef on a Shoe String class*

Men’s Breakfast

Thursday, February 9, 2012 8:30 am @ Brothers Seafood Restaurant Men of all ages are welcome to attend and no sign up is required. Bring a friend with you to enjoy a delicious breakfast. There is no set price for breakfast – the cost is up to you. Ashley Pimental, Senior Secretary, will be the guest speaker!

Attention Veterans

The Veterans Service Officer will be available from 7pm – 8pm at the Library on the last Tuesday of the month. Also, the Veterans Service Officer will be available from 10am – 11am at Supreme Donuts on Route 6 across from the Speedway on the last Thursday of the month. This service will

continue until it is no long efficient.

Cardiac Prevention Clinic

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 9:00 am – 12:00 Noon @ Seekonk Human Services Seekonk Human Services holds a FREE clinic on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. This clinic is staffed by the same two exceptional nurses from South Coast Hospital who have been doing this clinic for several years. Why not take advantage of a FREE opportunity to check your cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure. While you are waiting you may ask the nurse about any concerns you may have or any medications you are taking. No appointment is necessary; it is first come, first served. This clinic is a perfect way to monitor your health each month.


Wednesdays @ Seekonk Human Services 12:30 – 2:30 Come join the fun. Why not enjoy an afternoon playing cards with a great group of people. No sign up is required. If you have any questions you may call 508-336-8772.

Wii Exercise Class

Mondays @ 10am Come join us for some Wii exercise fun. The Wii is a great way to stay in shape without the high costs of joining a gym! It’s great for people of any age! Come and try it to see how much fun keeping in shape can be! Call 508-336-8772 for more information.

Knitting Class

Mondays @ Seekonk Human Services 12:30 – 2:30 Ladies! You are welcome to join the knitting group on any Monday afternoon. Please bring your own knitting needles if you have them, yarn is provided. The knitters are busy creating hats, sweaters & mittens for infants in our town and seniors who need lap robes. *Seekonk Human Services is looking for a volunteer Arts & Craft Instructor, please contact 508-336-8772*


No Charge to Seekonk COA – Just show your card for the following: Chair Yoga (Slow Flow) – Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:00am Balance Class – Fridays 11:45am – 12:15pm $3 fee per class for the following Aquatic classes: AquaAerobics – Wednesdays 8:15 – 9:00am OR 9:45 – 10:30am Arthritis Foundation Certified Aqua Class – Fridays 9:00 – 9:45am

February 2012

Seekonk Total Fitness

Seekonk Total Fitness is offering FREE Senior Fitness Group Exercise Classes on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:30am – 11:15am. The 45-min fitness class is designed specifically for older adults and taught by a certified senior fitness instructor. This easy to follow workout is safe, heart-healthy and gentle on the joints. Energize your active lifestyle by increasing muscular strength, range of movement & balance! For more information contact Seekonk Total Fitness @ 508-336-4545

Brown Bag Program

The dates for “Brown Bags” are on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The next “Brown Bag” is February 22, 2011. Please call 508-336-8772 for more information.

Prescription Advantage

Are you having trouble affording the “donut hole” costs for your prescription drugs? Massachusetts has a state prescription assistance program called Prescription Advantage to help limited income seniors and low income disabled persons under 65 cover their prescription drugs. Membership in Prescription Advantage also entitles you to change your prescription drug plan once a year at any time of the year. To determine whether you are eligible for Prescription Advantage, call Seekonk Human Services @ 508-336-8772 to make an appointment with a SHINE counselor.

GATRA Transportation

1-800-483-2500 Dial-A-Ride Cash Fares Each Way: Seekonk to Attleboro… $1.25 Seekonk to East Providence… $1.25 Seekonk to Rehoboth… $1.25 Seekonk… $1.25 Seekonk to Providence… $2.50 Seekonk to Pawtucket… $2.50 Seekonk to Barrington (upon availability)… $2.50 Any towns outside of these areas will be upon availability. Passes: 10 – Ride Ticket… $10.00 You can purchase a GATRA ticket at Seekonk Human Services or you can pay cash on the van. Tickets cannot be purchased on the van. If you are homebound and need a ticket please call Human Services @ (508) 336-8772.

Go Shopping With GATRA

Shopping trips are being offered by GATRA for any senior citizen who resides in Seekonk. The GATRA van will be picking you up at your home, but you must call 1-800-483-250-0 to schedule your pick-up time. Swansea Mall 1st Tuesday of every month 9:00 – 1:00 Wal*Mart/Target 3rd Tuesday of every month 9:00 – 10:30 Grocery Shopping Wednesdays at Stop & Shop 8:30 – 9:30 Grocery Shopping Price Rite (2nd Thursday of month) 9 : 0 0 – 10:30 * Rides will be FREE until further notice.


GATRA Photo ID’S can be done at Seekonk Human Services. No appointment is necessary. Just an application and a picture and the ID will be mailed within 2 weeks. Please contact Ashley Pimental @ 508-336-8772. * Note: Seekonk Human Services offers many legal, financial, recreational, medical screening and/or other activities and services by volunteers or nominal cost practitioner. Seniors participating in these services/activities do so with the understanding that Seekonk Human Services, the Town of Seekonk or its employees do not assume any legal or other responsibility for any advice or services rendered by such volunteers or nominal cost practitioners.

The Reporter


Church Events Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Women’s Guild

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Women’s Guild will meet Thursday, February 9th, in the lower church at 7:00 P.M. After the business meeting there will be a Pound Auction. One is to place a pound of something in a paper bag (ex. pasta, candy, etc.) for the auction. Also, members are asked to bring a candle to the meeting. All women are invited, new members are welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Centenary United Methodist Church 15 Sanford Street, Attleboro, MA 02703

Choose Which Lobster Luncheon

Friday – February 10, 2012. Now you can choose which lobster luncheon you want. Try the new craze, Lobster Mac & Cheese - a 12oz container of macaroni and cheese with chunks of lobster meat and a cracker crumb topping. Comes with a pickle, cookie and choice of soda or water. Or order the delicious Lobster Roll filled with chunky lobster meat on a thin bed of lettuce (with or without mayo), chips, pickle, cookie, and beverage choice. Just call or fax 508-222-1759, or email An order form is available on our website at These complete, boxed, take-out lunches are only $9.50 and can be picked up at the best time for you on February 10th between 6:30am and 1pm. Pick up is at Centenary United Methodist Church, corner of North Main & Sanford Streets, across from the YMCA, in downtown Attleboro. We now can offer business and professional office delivery for group orders. So why not take orders where you work and we’ll bring everyone’s lobster luncheon to you. Call today and place an order for you, or for your entire family, office or facility. Deadline to order is Tuesday, February 7th. If you leave a message, please tell us the number of which luncheon; whether you want Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale or Water; mayo or no-mayo; and the pick-up or delivery time you prefer; together with your name and phone number. Some extras will be available for instant pick-up on Friday, February 10th. Find out why so many people are regulars at Centenary’s quarterly Lobster Luncheon. Order yours today!

Chaminade Music Club

The Chaminade Music Club will present a concert on Sunday, February 5, 2012, at 2:30 p.m. The concert will be held at Murray Unitarian Universalist Church, 505 North Main St. (Route 152), Attleboro, sponsored by the Murray Music Committee. It will feature the 1882 E.& G. G. Hook and Hastings tracker organ at Murray Church. The concert will include various compositions for organ, piano and flute, played by David Burnham, William MacPherson, Jim Moore, Janice Waterman, Laura Nakshian Ward, and Mary Whelan. The Chaminade Music Club, named after the French composer, Cécile Chaminade, was established in 1912. Since this is the 100th anniversary year of the Club, the program will include music of Chaminade and other French composers. Concerts are open to the public, and non-members are invited. Admission is free (donations are appreciated) and a reception follows the concert. For more information, see the website:, or call 508-286-3592 or 508-222-5762.


The Reporter February 2012

Church Listings Newman Congregational Church

Corner of Newman & Pawtucket Aves (Rumford) For more info: 401-434-4742

Vedanta Society of Providence

227 Angell St Providence RI 02906 401-421-3960

Seekonk Congregational Church

600 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk,MA (508)336-9355 Web site:

New Testament Baptist Church

corner of Woodward St. and Rt. 140 in Norton. 508-285-9771

Christian Life Church 222 Plain Street, Route 118 Rehoboth, MA 508-252-3364

Holy Cross Catholic Church

(HORNBINE BAPTIST CHURCH) 141 Hornbine Road, Rehoboth, MA (401) 438-4616

Memorial Baptist Church,

340 Central Ave., Seekonk, MA 02771, 508-761-5142 Seekonkmbc@verizon

Eusebeia Bible Church

600 Taunton Ave Buldg B Seekonk, MA 02771 508-557-1634

Saint Margaret of Scotland Roman Catholic Church

1098 Pawt. Ave., Rumford, RI 401-438-3230 Web:

West Dighton Christian Church

Epworth United Methodist Church

Trinity United Methodist Church

Rehoboth Congregational Church

2767 Horton Street No. Dighton, MA Phone 508-252-9066

51 Railroad Ave. Taunton 508-824-8244

North Christian Church

Located at 2360 Chestnut Street North Dighton, MA Tel: 508-252-9494

Church of Salgion

Rt. 114, Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA Circle of Salgion - Church of Wicca Email: Phone: 774-229-6019

Dighton Community Church 2036 Elm Street, Dighton, Mass. (508)669-6241 or (508)761-5503

The First Baptist Church of Dighton

438 Main St. - Dighton, MA 02715 Church Phone:(508)669-5077 (508)822-1743

St. James Lutheran Church

Middle Highway and County Road in Barrington, RI (401)-246-0227

St. Dominic Catholic Church

RT—6 1277 Grand Army Highway Swansea Mass 02777 Rectory 508—675-7206

Lighthouse Gospel Pentecostal Church

6 Meadow Hill Ct, Easton MA 774-565-0333

All Saints Angelican Church 1188 S.Main Street, Attleboro, MA 508-222-2640

915 Newport Ave. Pawtucket, RI 02861 Service starts at 9:30- 10:30 A,.M. (401) 722-0816 •

United Church of Christ

139 Bay State Road, Rehoboth 508-252-4545

Winthrop Street Baptist Church

Rt. 44 / 39 Winthrop St. Taunton, MA 508-822-1976

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

81 Warren Ave., East Providence, RI 401-434-7456

Taunton Seventh-day Adventist Church

109 Winthrop Street, Taunton (508) 823-6679

Somerset Congregational Christian Church, UCC 1411 County Street, Somerset Phone - 508-672-6623

Fall River Seventh Day Adventist Church (English language) 2695 No. Main St., F.R. 646-3506

First Christian Congregational Church United Church of Christ

GAR Highway, Rt. 6 • Swansea 508-673-7179 or 676-3815

Brick Church

1056 Center St. Dighton Call 951-7358

February 2012

New Beginnings Evangelical Church

West Congregational Church

294 Taunton Ave., Seekonk, MA Tel. #: 508-336-4038

United Church of Christ Winthrop Street at North Walker (Rte 44) • Taunton, MA Church Office: 508 824-3461

Christ Church Episcopal

Rehoboth Baptist Church

57 Main Street, Swansea, MA (508) 678-0923

Good News Bible Chapel 235 West Street, Attleboro 508 226 2916

Grace Community Chapel 110 County Street, Seekonk, MA 508-336-5971

Hornbine Baptist Church

141 Hornbine Road, Corner of Baker Rd. South Rehoboth 508-252-3452

First Spiritualist Church Anawan Grange

Rt. 44 & 118 Rehoboth

Community Covenant Church

615 Tremont Street, Rehoboth, MA (508)-222-9400

Greater Fall River Baptist Church

1980 South Main Street P.O. Box 975, Fall River, MA (508)673-7700

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church

Rt. 44 - Seekonk, Massachusetts 984 Taunton Ave. • P.O. Box 519 336-5549 • Rectory: 336-9022



Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal

490 Broadway, Pawtucket, RI 401-723-0408

The Reporter


Church of the Epiphany

1336 Pawtucket Avenue Rumford between Newman Avenue and Rumford Library 401-434-5012

The First Baptist Church of Swansea 21 Baptist Street Swansea, MA Telephone (508)379-9728

132 Moulton Street (Rt.. 118) 508-252-6437 • Fax 252-1080


Faith Fellowship Chapel 457 Milford Road, Suite 1 Swansea MA 508-671-9871

E-mail: Website:

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs The seniors from Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish of Seekonk will meet at noon on the first Tuesday of each month at the parish center, 365 Central Ave., Seekonk. For further information on events, contact Claire at 508-226-7163. The Red Hat Mamas of Seekonk will be holding their Feb Movie Theatre meeting and then a visit to Gregg’s after the movie… TBD On Mar 6, 2012, there will be a Corn Beef & Cabbage luncheon by Emery’s caterers. Entertainment will be provided by Steve Burke for our listening and dancing pleasure. On March 14, 2012 - Show and dinner at the Venus de Milo for Andy Cooney’s “Forever Irish Show”. Andy Cooney has always been a favorite with audiences everywhere with his outstanding voice & dynamic stage presence. Also, Liam O’Connor, who toured with the “Lord of the

Dance” and the Irish Sopranos. This trio is a group of Ireland’s finest sopranos. See Claire to see if anymore seats are available, as these tickets are sold out fast. April 3rd will be Soup and Sandwiches, (1 ea. Chicken & Seafood). We will be having a Penny Social and members are being asked to bring in small items to be raffled off. May 1, 2012 – Mass at 9 A.M., then our May Breakfast at 10:15 AM at the Parish Center. Join us for a wonderful breakfast buffet by Young’s Caterers. We will have Bingo & Cards after the breakfast. Remember to bring your markers. June 5, 2012 – June Luncheon Hot dogs & hamburgers, chowder & clam cakes, and all the fixings for lunch. Entertainent will be by the wonderful and talented Dave Valerio. A fun time for all is planned.

Square Dance Classes, Sundays 7-9 p.m.

at All Saints Anglican Church 1188 So. Main St., Attleboro, MA The Caller is Barney Mallon Singles and couples are welcome The cost is $3. per person The person to contact is Carol Leonard at 508-409-5188


The Reporter February 2012


find it in the

Dining Guide Play with Your Food...

Hello, I’m Angela Hall and welcome to “Play With Your Food”…because cooking should be fun! February, already, didn’t we just have Christmas? How time flies! February brings with it one of my favorite holidays Saint Valentine’s Day. Cupids, chocolates and kisses…what’s not to love? Every February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from? Looking into Saint Valentine’s Day legends and traditions there so many interesting stories. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with

wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men — his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. According to another legend, Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl — who may have been his jailor’s daughter — who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It’s no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France. In Wales wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on February 14th. Hearts, keys and keyholes were favorite decorations on the spoons. The decoration meant, “You unlock my heart!” In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from Serving Breakfast & Lunch a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. To wear your heart on your sleeve now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling. Homemade Jellies A love seat was first made to seat one woman and her wide •Fresh Fruit Waffles• Breads - Pastries dress. Later, the love seat or courting seat had two sections, often •Homemade Pies• Baskets to order in an S-shape. In this way, a couple could sit together -- but not •Fish-n-chips• too closely! • Daily Specials • Of course one of the very best gifts you can give is a wonderful Take out Available (508) 336-9807 healthy meal made with love. Being February root vegetables are 469 Taunton Ave., Rt. 44, Seekonk, MA abundant. So this first recipe Broiled Scallops and Celery Root Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6am-2pm, Sat. 7am-11am, Sun. 8am-12pm Puree, uses Celeriac or Celery Root, which is the root of a variety of celery, though a different variety than we usually eat as celery. It differs from most root vegetables in that it is not very starchy. Famous for our Wings, The flavor is mild and reminiscent of celery. Pulled Pork & Steak Tips The second recipe is Olive Oil-Braised Fennel & Carrots with Orange-Tarragon Over 30 Flavors of Sauce Vinaigrette, braising in Olive Oil brings the Huge Salads full flavors of these seasonal vegetables and 12 Ft 12 Beers on Draft tastes almost like spring. And for dessert we have the beautiful HD TV Red Velvet Cupcakes!! I brought these • Karaoke Every Thursday to an event a few years ago and am now & Saturday 9pm-Close known as “The Cupcake Lady”. This recipe makes about 2 dozen so you can share • Every Monday All Day 30¢ Wings the “love” with family and friends. Usually Hours: Mon-Wed 11am* Every Tuesday 5pm-9pm Red Velvet cakes are decorated with cream 11pm, Thurs-Sat 11am-1am, cheese frosting but I prefer the lighter fluffier 2 for 1 Appetizers Sun 12pm-11pm Classic White Icing so as not to mask the cake’s flavor. * Every Thursday 2pm-6pm • Take-Out Available Whatever your St. Valentine’s Day tradi$1.00 Rib Day • Catering & Party tions may be and if you don’t have any it’s * Special Rules Apply never too late to start some, be sure to show Platters Available the people you love that you love them. Here’s to love, to life, to healthy happy 540 Central Ave., Rte 152 • Seekonk MA• 508-761-6854 beginnings with everyday. WWW.BONEYARDBARBECUE.COM


Catering Available

February 2012

Broiled Scallops And Celery Root Puree

25 minutes to prepare / 4 servings 14 ounces celery root, peeled, quartered and cut into ¼ inch thick slices 2 cups whole milk Fine sea salt 1 ½ pounds sea scallops, tough muscle removed from side, if necessary 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil ¾ cup coarse plain breadcrumbs ½ cup walnut pieces, finely chopped 1 tablespoon finely chopped flat-leaf parsley Freshly ground black pepper In a medium saucepan, combine celery root, milk and ½ teaspoon of salt; bring to a simmer and cook until tender, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, season scallops on both side with ¼ teaspoon salt. In a large nonstick skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of oil over high heat. In 2 batches, cook scallops, 2 minutes per side. Transfer scallops to a plate. In a bowl, toss together breadcrumbs, walnuts, parsley and 1 tablespoon of oil. Heat oven to broil. Reserving 1/3 cup cooking liquid drain celery root. In a blender, combine celery root, cooking liquid, remaining tablespoon oil, ¼ teaspoon salt and generous pinch of pepper. Puree until smooth. Transfer puree to 4 individual gratin dishes or 1 (2-quart) gratin dish; spread evenly. Top with scallops, then sprinkle with breadcrumb mixture. Broil scallops about 4 inches from heat until golden, about 3 minutes.

Olive Oil- Braised Fennel & Carrots With Orange Tarragon Vinaigrette 40 minutes to prepare / 4 servings 1 teaspoon orange zest, minced ¼ teaspoon sugar Salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon 1 orange, sliced into segments 10 kalamata olives, pitted, halved

1 cup water 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, sliced 1 teaspoon of salt 1 fennel bulb, cut into wedges, leaving root intact 8 ounces baby carrots 2 tablespoon rice vinegar

About 2 hours to prepare / makes about 2 dozen Special equipment: two 12-cup muffin pans with paper liners. Preheat oven to 350 degrees 3 ½ cups all-purpose flour 3 Tablespoons cocoa powder 1 ½ teaspoon each baking soda, table salt, and instant espresso powder 2 cups sugar 3 eggs 2 cups vegetable oil 2 ounces red food color 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract 1 ½ cups buttermilk 1 ½ teaspoons white vinegar Whisk dry ingredients together in a bowl; set aside Blend sugar and eggs in a bowl with a hand mixer on medium




Red Velvet Cupcakes

w Servi


Combine water, oil, garlic and salt in a large saucepan. Add the fennel and carrots, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until vegetables are tender, 15 to 20 minutes. With a slotted spoon, transfer vegetables to a bowl, cover, and keep warm. Increase heat to medium-high and reduce liquid, uncovered, to 1/3 cup, about 5 minutes. Strain the liquid, which will be mostly oil, into a cup. Whisk vinegar, zest, sugar, salt and pepper into braising liquid, then add tarragon, Divide fennel and carrot amount 4 serving plates or one large platter. Top with orange segments and olives. Drizzle vinaigrette over top and garnish with fennel fronds.


The Reporter

speed until ribbons form, about 5 minutes. With mixer funning, add oil in a stream until blended. Mix in food color and vanilla until incorporated. Mix ½ the dry ingredients into the batter, followed by the buttermilk and vinegar, then add the remaining dry ingredients; blend just until incorporated. Fill liners to the top with batter and bake until a toothpick inserted in center of a cupcake comes out clean, about 20-25 minutes. Cool cupcakes in the pan for 20 minutes, transfer to a rack, then, when cool, frost with icing (recipe to follow).

Classic White Icing

20 minutes to prepare / about 8 cups Icing can be made day before Special equipment: Piping bag with straight tip or 1-quart zip lock bag with 1-inch cut from a corner. 2 ½ cups whole milk ¾ cup all-purpose flour 2 ½ cups sugar 5 sticks unsalted butter, softened (2 ½ cups) 1 teaspoon vanilla cocoa powder for dusting Whisk milk and flour together in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat until thick and smooth, about 5 minutes, whisking often. Boil 1 minute to eliminate the starchy taste of the flour, whisking constantly. Transfer to a bowl and cover with plastic wrap, pressing it on the surface to prevent a skin from forming; chill until cold. Be sure flour mixture is completely cold; otherwise, the icing will curdle. Cream together sugar and butter in a bowl with a mixer on high speed until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes. Add vanilla and chilled milk mixture, beating until consistency of whipped cream, about 5 minutes. Spoon frosting into piping bag fitted with a large straight tip and pipe spiral onto cupcakes. Dust with cocoa.

Pazi'se Plac


"Homestyle Comfort Food"

Completly Renovated with 50's theme Dinner for Two only $29.95 Choose from our featured dinners (6 to choose from), Wine & Dessert

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Thurs-Sun Night Serving Wings, Pizza, Calzones & More 380 Taunton Ave, East Providence, RI • 401-434-9783 Mon-Weds 6am-2pm, Thurs & Fri 6am-2pm & 4pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 7am-9pm


The Reporter February 2012

Weddings & Engagements

Charlene March Engaged to Andrew Soucy

Charlene March Engaged to Andrew Soucy Michael and Deborah Leonardo of Rehoboth, MA and John March of Quincy, MA, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Charlene March to Andrew Soucy, son of Kevin and Linda Soucy of Sterling, MA. Charlene earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Bryant University in 2006. She is employed as a Marketing Manager at Questex Media Group, an events and publishing company in Newton, MA. Andrew also earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Bryant University in 2006. He is employed as a Managing Supervisor of Digital and Social Media at Fleishman Hillard, a global marketing services agency in Boston, MA. The couple makes their home in Brookline, MA and a wedding is planned for July 21, 2012 in Newport, RI.

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February 2012

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The Reporter February 2012

Pineview Electric

Rehoboth COA Chicken Broccoli Dinner Photos by Norm Spring

Residential Commercial Industrial Fully Insured A3413 MA-RI License E39021

Joe O'Brien

508.252.4210 • Cell 401.644.5495

RJD & Sons Chimney Sweep

• Chimney Sweep • Pointing • Caps • Chimney Liners • Water Proofing • Gutters Cleaned Licensed & Insured

• Bucket Truck • Tree Service • Tree Trimming • Brush Chipping • Firewood • Land Clearing

(401) 647-3845 Roland J. Duhamel

Officer Paul McGovern likes to donate his time by cooking for Gert’s Cafe on Mondays. He cooked 40lbs fo chicken and 30lbs of broccoli. He is scheduled to cook again on March 5th.

No one offers a better deal!

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William E. Dalpe (508) 252-6980

Good old fashioned reliable service

Volunteer food servers, Cheryl Tate and Gail Pray



February 2012

The Reporter


Rehoboth Council on Aging Director’s Forum

Can you believe that we are now going into February the second month of 2012 already. The COA is looking very welcoming and our conference room just received a new coat of paint and decorations. I want to thank the wonderful volunteers that spent 3days working on the rooms. During the next few months the COA will be starting a system which will assist us, the Police, Fire & Rescue and the Emergency systems with the special needs of our Town’s Seniors in case of a disaster. Hurrican Irene woke up a lot of people to get prepared in case this should happen again. The COA will be getting a generator and there will be a form which will be available February 1st for seniors or their families to fill out with all necessary medical information on it such as bed bound, wheel chair, oxygen, lives alone etc. All information will be only seen by the Emergency Personel. Please do take advantage of this form which all of Bristol County will be using. Happy Valentine’s Day to all and please do stop by to check out all the new furniture, read a book, watch a movie or have a cup of coffee and a chat. Everyone is welcome to visit…. Respectfully, Norie Palmer - Director

Copies of the month’s menu are posted at the front door, on the reception desk and in the dining area for your review.

Fuel Assistance Application

55 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA 02769

Please call the COA to set up your appointment and to receive the updated list of required documents needed to qualify. “New” Applications are now available.


Can I still change my Medicare Plan? The 2011 Medicare Open Enrollment period ended on December 7, but there are still a few changes you can make, if you qualify. For those with a Medicare Advantage Plan: Between January 1 and February 14, you can leave your plan and switch to Original Medicare, but you cannot switch to another Medicare Advantage Plan. Your Original Medicare coverage will begin the first day of the following month. If you drop your Medicare Advantage plan during this period, you will be able to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to add drug coverage. Your prescription drug coverage will begin the first day of the month after your enrollment. You may also add a supplement at this time.

Phone 508-252-3373 Fax 508-252-4617 Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon Kitchen hours: Monday through Thursdays 8:00am to 12 Special Announcements Monday, February 20th Closed Presidents Day

The Rehoboth Council on Aging Monthly Board Meeting is scheduled for the 3RD Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Available Services Computer Class

On Thursday, January 26th, at 9am, Arron will return to the COA for computers lessons. Please call to be part of his class.

Blood Pressures & Glucose Screenings

The Board of Directors of the Friends of Rehoboth’s Elderly, Inc. wishes a

Happy Valentine’s Day To All!!!

On the 3rd Thursday of the Month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., you will be able to have a blood pressure and glucose screening done free of charge. Please contact the COA 508-252-3372 for more information.

especially those who have contributed so generously to our annual fund drive so that we may continue to serve our Seniors in Rehoboth.

Podiatry Clinic with Dr, Marian Markowitz

P O Box 228, Rehoboth, MA 02769 2011 - 2012 Membership

Dr. Markowitz’s appointments start at 10am please call 508-252-3372 to schedule yours.

Meals on Wheels and Meal-site Information

Please contact our meal site for information on the Meals on Wheels program or the site meals served on Thursdays. A donation of $2.00 is requested for lunch, which consists of a main course, dessert and milk.

Friends of Rehoboth’s Elderly, Inc.

Name_________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________ Sponsorship contribution Individual - $ 5.00 Family - $ 20.00

Other ______


The Reporter February 2012

For those with a Tufts Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (drug coverage only) in 2011: If you did not select a different Medicare drug plan for 2012, then you are currently without drug coverage. You have until the end of February to enroll in a new Part D drug plan for 2012, which will begin the first of the month after your enrollment. For those with Prescription Advantage or getting “Extra Help” paying for prescription drugs: You can change your plan anytime during the year. Those with Prescription Advantage can do this only once each year. Those with “Extra Help” can change every month. Trained SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of Elders) volunteers can help you! They offer free, confidential counseling on all aspects of health insurance to anyone on Medicare. Call your senior center at 508252-3372 and ask for a SHINE appointment. You can also call 1-800-AGE-INFO (1-800243-4636), then press or say 3. Once you get the SHINE answering machine, leave your name and number. A volunteer will call you back, as soon as possible.

S.H.I.N.E Counselor at your COA on Thursdays

The Rehoboth Council on Aging has a Trained SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of Elders) volunteer to offer free, confidential counseling on all aspects of health insurance to anyone on Medicare. If you need assistance with Insurance, Medicare Part “D” or Prescriptions Call your Rehoboth Council on Aging Senior Center at 508-2523372 and ask for an SHINE appointment, which is scheduled for a Thursday between 9:30am and 12:30pm or if you have any questions or require assistance with an application.

Veterans’ Corner

from William Saunders- Veterans’ Agent

“Veterans can now have their Massachusetts Driver’s License annotated that they are a veteran. They can go to the Mo-

tor Vehicle Department and request a NEW license or they can wait until their license is up for renewal. They must take their DD-214 with them.” Congress is sitting on a bill which would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to issue “Veteran ID Cards” thru the VA Hospital system to all veterans. It would not entitle the veteran to free health care, it would only be for accessing discounted services and purchases that many places now offer. Veterans’ Service Officer, Bill Saunders, is now available the second Wednesday of each month at the Town Hall from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. He will make an appointment with any veteran at almost any other time, if necessary – 508-252-4467 ext 122. Families of deceased veterans (since 9/11) looking for veterans’ grave foot markers should check with their cemetery to make sure they allow a second grave marker, then contact the veterans service officer and he will assist in ordering either a bronze, marble, or granite foot stone. Most cemeteries charge a nominal fee for installing the marker. Veterans’ medals that were never awarded but were authorized can be ordered through various branches of the military. Veterans’ Services can help. Viet Nam veterans are now wanted by the VA Health Care system. Income is not a factor. Contact veterans’ services, the VA Hospital on Chalkstone Ave in Providence will take your enrollment any day of the week, Monday thru Friday 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Old and tattered flags! Please do not throw them in the trash. There is a barrel at the American Legion and a box at the Town Office to drop them off. On January 16th at 6:00 PM the American Legion conducted a dignified disposal ceremony where several dozen flags were properly honored. The next scheduled ceremony is June 14, 2012 – Flag Day at 6:00 PM. Any one wishing to attend is welcome. It is held on the patio of Post 302 on Bay State Road.

Community VNA involves the patient and their caregiver in the patient care plan.

800-220-0110 10 Emory Street Attleboro MA 02703 HOME CARE - HOSPICE CARE - PRIVATE CARE - ADULT DAY CARE

“H E A L T H B E A T” COA’s Fitness Corner Tuesday Tai Chi at 9:00am Cost $3.00 per Class

Try a graceful way of exercising which is easy on your joints. This method of balancing may be new to you, but it has a great positive outcome for any age.

Tuesday Line Dancing 10:00am. Cost $ 3.00 per Class

If you like to dance and have fun then this is the group is for you. Everyone is welcome to come in and try out some steps.

Balancing Exercise and Upper Cardio

This class is free and held on Wednesdays at 11am. There is plenty of room available in any or all of our classes if you care to join us. This activity uses weights and stretching bands and balancing done on exercise balls. You can also do this exercise class in chairs.

COA Social Gatherings Gert’s Café

Lunch will be served at Gert’s Cafe Monday’s at 11:45am. The menu consists of soup or salad, a main course, dessert and coffee or tea. The best part is!…You get this home cooked meal at the “bargain” price of $3.00.

Musical Mondays

The group is blending their voices in perfect harmony. They meet on the first and third Monday of the month. New voices and friends are always welcome.

“Men’s Morning Coffee”

Fridays at 9am! Come in and enjoy fresh coffee, pastry and conversation, share your comments and ideas with old and new friends.

Card Games 3 Days a Week! Cards are here at your COA!

Mondays at 9:30 am we have a cribbage group, Tuesdays at 12:30pm we have a ladies group that not only play cards but also games Wednesdays at 12:30 pm we have a Hi-Lo Jack group. All have a great time and are always looking for a few “new” folks to join them.

February 2012

COA Craft Corner

Knitting and Crochet Group

If you ever wanted to learn more about knitting or crocheting, the Ladies of the Needles are always there to share their knowledge with you. Don’t be shy! Come in and join the group on Fridays at 10 am.


Do you quilt or know of anyone who would like to come to our Quilting Group. There is always plenty of knowledgeable support offered. This group meets on Thursday s at 9:30am


Important! Registration is required for all upcoming programs. All activities will have participant sign up sheets for them. Most of the Activity programs that are at the Council on Aging are free and open to the public. Some programs require minimum attendance; if there is no interest then that activity will be either canceled or postponed. Please call 508-252-3372 for information on all activities or to sign up.

The Rehoboth Council on Aging (Municipal Department)

Mission: The Rehoboth Council on Aging shall coordinate and carry out programs designed to meet the problems and needs of the aging in Rehoboth, and shall do so in coordination with the Programs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Rehoboth Council on Aging shall: Provide, coordinate and link available resources to help meet the needs of the Town’s elders. Carry out programs and services to range from information community education, referrals, outreach, transportation, Meals on Wheels, health screenings, intergenerational activities, crafting programs, and other programs as offered. The COA Posts Community Information Please check the bulletin boards every time you come in to the Council on Aging for Free Health Screenings and Support Groups updates, we also post other important information that can be a benefit to you, family or friends.

Organization Events And News:

The Reporter


Programs being offered through TRIAD are:

Free “911” cell phones File of Life Are you OK? Program Project Lifesaver. Yellow Alert

Senior Citizens Club

The Rehoboth Senior Citizens Club is a Social and Charitable Club Meetings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month at 1:30pm at the Rehoboth Council on Aging.

Up Coming Activities

February 2nd – Regular Meeting February 16th – 90th Birthday Party “Reservations are a must”

The Friends of the Elderly Club

The Friends of the Elderly partly fund some services at the Rehoboth Council on Aging such as podiatry and cholesterol clinics. They meet at 10:30am on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. New Members always Welcome.

Donald E. MacManus Attorney at Law

General Practice of Law Including: • Wills and Trusts • Real Estate • Personal Injury • Business & Commercial

Call (508)336-6440 546 Arcade Ave. • Seekonk, MA

Licensed to practice in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

The Best Is Yet to Come!

The Best is Yet to Come, a senior social group, is held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Gladys L. Hurrell Senior Center 55 Bay State Rd., Rehoboth, MA. Up Coming Activities February 9th meeting at the COA with a chocolate making presentation following New members always welcomed. Call Marge Johnston for details. 508 252-4528 And remember…..The Best is Yet to Come.


Sheriff, Police and Seniors working together to enhance the lives of our seniors. TRIAD meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10am.

Up Coming Activities

New Members always welcome.. No Dues.. Call Marilyn 508252-9366

Bookkeeping & Business Consulting Meredith

Amaral M A

• Tax Preparation • Bookkeeping • Collections • Expense Reduction Phone (508) 989-9794


The Reporter February 2012


for love. Together they lived on Dewey Avenue where they raised four children, Peggy Santos of Seekonk, Charles A. Greaves of Rehoboth, John J. Greaves of North Providence, and Thomas P. Greaves of Rehoboth. She devoted herself to raising her family, which she did instinctively with love and loyalty. She lived simply, worked hard her entire life and prayed the rosary everyday. She enjoyed sewing and doing needle point. She was known for her apple and squash pies, which she made weekly from scratch. Her family and friends knew her as a kind woman with an unyielding inner strength, for her hospitality and willingness to listen. With so many wonderful attributes, its no wonder that she left such a favorable impression on all ten of her grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. A Funeral service was held on January 23rd. Contributions to Odyssey Hospice, 2374 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886 would be appreciated.

Margaret M. Greaves

They say home is where your heart is, and for ninety-four years her beloved town of Rehoboth, was known as home for Margaret M. Greaves who died peacefully Thursday, January 19th at the Hallworth House in Providence. Although much has changed in Rehoboth since her birth in 1917, Margaret retained much of the quiet, rural character of Rehoboth in the stories she often shared with her family about her childhood there. She proudly recalled her days living at the Anawan Inn, which was once owned by her uncle John Hennessey, and eventually owned by her mother, Margaret M. Walsh. As you can imagine, during the era of the Great Depression and prohibition, the Anawan Inn was an interesting place to grow up in. Eventually her family moved from the inn farther down Winthrop street. She survived all five of her siblings, Jenny L’Abbe, Alice Amaral, Madeline McKenna, Thomas and John Walsh. As children, their familial kinship was strengthened every Sunday when they’d walk from their home on Winthrop street, to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church to attend mass, where she remained as a parishioner her entire life. Although their lives took them in many different directions when they got older, she always thought fondly of her siblings. As a young adult, she worked as a switch board operator for the phone company, which was once located on Bay State road. When she married the late Charles Albert Greaves on January 2, 1943, she married

Elizabeth Jane Walker

Elizabeth Jane “Betty” Walker, 78, of Rutland Town, VT, died peacefully, Sat., January 28, 2012, at the Rutland Regional Medical Center, surrounded by her loving family. She was born May 13, 1933, in Boston, MA, the daughter of Emerson W. and Jane (Boone) Belcher. Betty attended schools in Hyde Park, MA, graduating from Hyde Park High School. She married Alan D. Walker on June 1, 1952, at the First Congregational Church in Hyde Park. They lived in Tarboro, NC; Worcester, MA and Honolulu, HI, before coming to Rutland, VT in 1974.

Betty worked as a YMCA secretary, church secretary, and for many years as a Nurse’s Aide, before becoming a volunteer at the Rutland Regional Medical Center. In 2009, she received a President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, for her outstanding volunteer work. Betty’s great loves were her family, and helping others at the hospital, whether as an employee or volunteer. She sang in church choirs wherever her husband’s positions took them, and participated in many activities at Grace Congregational United Church of Christ, in Rutland, VT, where she was a member. Betty is survived by her husband, Alan, of Rutland; a sister, Ruth Pergola of Lowell, MA; her children; Richard and wife, Virginia of San Leandro, CA; Elizabeth Moser and husband, Michael of West Rutland; Carol Foelsche and husband, Andrew of Rehoboth, MA; Martha Florance and husband, William of Middleton, MA; Raymond and wife, Rebecca of Vergennes, VT; twenty-two grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by a son, A. David Walker, Jr. in 2004. There will be no calling hours. A memorial service will take place at the Grace Congregational Church in Rutland, on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, at 2:00 PM, followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Grace Congregational United Church of Christ, 8 Court St., Rutland, VT 05701, or to a charity of one’s choice. The Tossing Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Catherine E. Ahern, 34, passed away on Tuesday, December 27, 2011. View Obit at

Maria Lucilia Pereira, 77, passed away Thursday, January 19, 2012. View Obit at

Craig Robert Grab, 64, passed away Tuesday, January 17, 2012 View Obit at

February 2012 The Reporter




Dr. Thomas M. Aissis, DDS, 94, passed away Wednesday, December 28, 2011. View Obit at

Frank «Chick» Tameo

Tameo, Frank «Chick» passed away on Jan. 17th at the age of 83. He was the son of the late Anthony and Catherine Tameo. He leaves his wife Janis E. (Patterson) Tameo, a daughter Donna Tameo, grandchildren Michael, Deanne and Jodi, great grandchildren Joey, Adreanna, Breanne and Payton, a brother John Tameo and his wife Olive, and a son-in-law Joseph Lebel and his wife Roberta. He was father of the late Denise Lebel. Funeral services are private. Memorial gifts to the RI Racing Club, C/O Mike Becker, 489 Lake Washington Dr., Chepachet, RI  02814, would be appreciated.   Arrnagements by the J.H. WILLIAMS & CO. funeral home, East Providence.

Carolyn G. (Gorman) Allen, 70, passed away Sunday, January 22, 2012. View Obit at

Rose (Cabral) Costa, 79 passed away Saturday, December 31, 2011. View Obit at

Christine M. (LaCroix) Manchester, 65, passed away Monday, December 26, 2011. View Obit at

Stephen J. Ondeka, Jr., 76, passed away Saturday, December 24, 2011. View Obit at

Sarah Sadie (Silva) Soares, 80, passed away Monday, January 9, 2012.View Obit at

Olin Charles Burley, 90, passed away on Thursday, January 5, 2012 View Obit at

Vincent J. Augustine, Jr. 83 passed away on Sunday, January 15, 2012. View Obit at

James A. McGregor, age 72, passed away Saturday, January 7, 2012. View Obit at

Note...Obituary Submission Policy To submit an obituary for print, please call the Reporter Office at 508-252-6575 for rates and information. Obituaries Start at $75 The Rehoboth & Seekonk Reporter Has Free Obituaries On Our Website. View and Post at...




The Reporter February 2012


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FOR RENT Rehoboth Small 2 bdrms., Locust Ave. first floor, appliances included, easy to heat, for lease, recently redone, nice area. J & J Realty 401-245-1155. Rehoboth Apt. for Rent: 1 large bedroom with efficiency. Large Dining room and Kitchen combined. Electric, heat & Cable included. No pets, 1 adult. Call 508-252-4054 RUMFORD ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT FOR RENT. Newly remolded, quiet, overlooking golf course. Appliances, air conditioning. No smoking, No pets. $700/mth not including utilities. Call 401-434-5944.

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HELP WANTED Mother’s helper needed in our home for afterschool pickup and care for 6 and 12 year old. Must be reliable, reponsible, caring, and experienced. Hours approximately 3:10p-5p, M-F, $80/week, 3:10p-5:30p. Possible additional hours during vacations/ summer. Excellent references required. Call 774.565.0156 Home health aide: Retired veteran who requires a wheelchair seeks help with personal care and housekeeping. Must be reliable, caring, experienced and have Excellent references. One hour per morning and/or evening. $12/hr Call 774.565.0156

GENERAL SERVICES Cleanouts & Cleanups: Houses, attics, cellars, garages, sheds, yards, etc. Demolition of sheds, fences, pools, decks, etc. Junk Removal, gutters cleaned, & handyman services. Insured. Call Gary at (508)245-0832.

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CHILDCARE CHILDCARE: April opening in active childcare for 2-5 year olds 1/2 day $30, full Day $40. 30 years experience , CDA certified, EEC Lead Teacher, CPR and First Aid, Preschool program, Nutritious meals and snacks included,2acres fenced play ground, indoor playground,4 large play rooms,6 to1 Ratio 7 Am-5 Pm  Call Joanne 1-508-2521252 or 1-508-243-4406 (e212)

LOST AND FOUND LOST DOG: Sasha is a female spayed white/ cream shiba inu, weights 18lbs - petite looking , 11yrs old-looks much younger... She went missing around 3:30pm january 5, 2011...Has cinnamon coloring on back of her ears&back..She was last seen baker st/coleman st off newman ave 152...Has a red leather collar with all 3 tags on a pink bone with address, rabies, ma licence.... Please help us find her..We are very heartbroken...Please bring her home..We miss her so much...Sasha--rusty misses you very much...Please help us find sasha--the house is not the same...We miss sasha’s yodeling and crossing her legs when she lyes down... Contact any time or email 401-632-5726 or 401-709-2546

HEALTH/NUTRITION/COOKING CLASSES Enrolling Now $40.00 per class or 4-8-12 week package deal • Obesity/Weight-loss • Type II Diabetes • Cardiovascular • Digestive issues • And more…. Contact: Dawn Parente @ 774-991-0695

CLASSES / LESSONS PIANO LESSONS: Taught in my home, both classical and popular to persons of all ages. Anita Russo, 8 Terrybrooke Road, Rehoboth 508-252-4208.

LOST DOG: Sasha is a female spayed white/cream shiba inu, weights 18lbs

February 2012 The Reporter


February Business Directory CATEGORY A/C & Heating Appliance Repairs Appliance Repairs Appliance Store Art Supplies/Framing Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorney Attorney Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Shop Auto Dealers Auto Dealers Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Salvage Bank Bookkeeping Building Contractor Building Contractor Building/Remodeling Carpentry - Finish Carpentry - Finish Carpet Cleaning Child Care Child Care Child Care Child Care Chimney Cleaning Chimney Services Chiropractor Cleaning Service Cleaning Service Collectibles Dance Studio Dance Studio Dentist

COMPANY NAME PAGE LS Heating & Air Conditioning 20 Affordable Appliance Repair Co. 27 McPartland Appliance Repairs 68 Iz Schwartz Appliance, Inc. 36 Gregory D. Dorrance, Co. 18 Cutcliffe, Galvin & Archetto 78 Donald E. MacManus, Attorney 89 Laurie P. Mullen 42 Law Office of Luke P. Travis 66 Lori O’Brien-Foeri 32 A-1 Custom Auto Body 28 Tri Star Autobody, Inc. 69 Seekonk Auto Body 55 Bristol Toyota 25 Hot Rides INC. 35 East Bay Automotive Inc 13 Mike’s Truck & Trailer Repair 10 New England Tire 14 Somerset Chrysler Jeep 48 Somerset Subaru 16 Seekonk Auto Salvage 51 Coastway Community 12 Meredith Amaral Bookkeeping 90 A. M. Carpentry 69 DTP Construction 27 Ferreira Builders, Inc. 24 Mark Koussa Carpentry 8 Pine Woods Construction 51 M & S Carpet & Upholstery 69 ASAP 74 Citizens For Citizens - Attn. Carol 21 Rehoboth Family Childcare Assoc. 30 Twin Oaks Farm Learning Center 74 RJD & Sons - Chimney Sweep 86 Peace of Mind Chimney Sweep 24 Sullivan Chiropractic 24 Crystal Clean - Bethany Martone 42 Leslie & Deb’s Cleaning Service 94 Wexler’s Collectibles 92 Arthur Murray 9 Festival Ballet Providence 40 Dr. Wassouf D.D.S. 45

CATEGORY Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Dentist Disposal Service Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Dog Services Driving School Electrician Electrician Electrician Electrician Electrician Entertainment Entertainment Excavating Fence - Sales & Serv. Fence Installation Flooring - All Types Flooring - Wood Framing - Custom Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Propane Fuel - Service Furniture/Upholstery Gift Shop Gifts & Collectibles Glass Fabricator Hair Salon Hair Salon Hair Salon Handyman Health & Fitness

COMPANY NAME PAGE Dr. Wassouf D.D.S. 65 Jared W. Stubbs, DDS 19 Kenneth J. Rawlinson, D.D.S. 74 Romani Orthodontics 23 Rumford Dental 95 Professional Duct Cleaning 96 Groom & Style 57 Heaven Scent Grooming 10 Canine Mastery, Inc 57 Drivers Choice Driving School 19 Dorrance Electric 70 Greaves Electric 6 James Tavares Electric 68 Neal Bellavance Electric 32 Pineview Electric 86 Feld Entertainment - Monster Jam 72 Sesame Street Live - PPAC 52 MJD Excavating, Inc. 44 McGuirk Fence Co. 20 Fence Tech 66 Custom Linocraft 75 David J. Ledoux Hardwood Floors 31 Frames of Mind 58 Affordable Fuel 50 Al’s Quality Oil Co. 38 COD OIL 71 E & V Oil Co. 96 Ferreira Oil, Inc. 53 Pricerite Discount Heating Oil 42 Seekonk Oil 17 Stateline Fuel & Burner Service 48 Arrow Gas Corp. - Inergy Propane 41 Atlantic Power Services, Inc. 18 Masterson Furniture and Upholstery 32 The Claddagh Connection 37 Cards Plus 59 Anawan Glass & Mirror Inc. 29 LaCave Suzanne Salon & Spa 37 Running With Scissors 34 Snipits 23 CBS Enterprises 86 Bliss Life Yoga & Wellness 63

PAYING CASH FOR GOLD, SILVER & STERLING U.S. and Foreign Coins Old Comics and Sports Cards Old Watches and Collectibles Diamonds and Jewelry

508-336-9103 113 Taunton Ave Seekonk, MA Same Location for 40 Years




The Reporter February 2012

February Business Directory CATEGORY COMPANY NAME PAGE Health & Fitness Center Steppers at Five Bridge Farm 64 Health & Fitness YMCA of Greater Providence 62 Health Care Community VNA 88 Heating & Air Taylor Heating-Air Conditioning 34 Heating Service Almeida’s Heating Service 30 Heating Service COD Heating 22 Home Improvements Professional Property Maintenance 67 Insurance Agency Allstate - Harold Daigneau 8 Insurance Agency Lefebvre Smith Insurance 73 Insurance Agency Stateline Insurance 49 Jewelers Attleboro Jewelry Makers 60 Kitchen Remodeling Kitchens Direct, Inc 26 Landscape Service Big Sky Landscaping 56 Landscape Service Superior Lawn Care 47 Marble Fabricators Star Marble & Granite 30 Martial Arts New England Martial Arts Dojo 65 Martial Arts USA Karate 43 Masonry-Construction StoneScapes - Mark Carvalho 70 Massage Therapy Adventure Spa 58 Massage Therapy Serenity Massage 61 Medical Center East Providence Urgent Care 62 Medical Practice Internal Medicine & Preventative Care 59 Music Doug’s Music Retail & Learning 39 Optometrists Brown Center 28 Optometrists Oscar Ni,O.D. ,Optometrist 64 Orthodontics Romani Orthodontics 23 Painting Contractor Advantage Painting 18 Painting Contractor Cronan Painting 33 Painting Contractor Delisle & Son Painting & Repair 68 Painting Contractor EZ Painting 92 Painting Contractor Iachetti Painting Company 67 Painting Contractor Lundco Painting LLC. 71 Painting Contractor Reliable Painting Co. 56 Paving Contractor - Masonry Blue Stone Driveways & Masonry 34 Pet Services Rehoboth Pet Care 9 Photographer Fetching Photography 73 Photographer Rose Photography 29 Physician Dr. Satloff 11 Physician Sturdy Memorial Hospital 7 Physician Zeyad Morcos, MD 63 Plastering & Painting David Laurino - Plastering 43

Title 5 Inspection Voluntary Assessments Septic Systems • Cesspools

* Not affiliated with any septic system installation or pumping co.


Discount On Title V Inspection

Est. 1995

Professional Inspection Services Call Steven Drew • 508-667-4025

No Mess! We Hand-Dig

MassDEP Approved Title 5 Inspector

Commercial & Residential

Year-Round Service

CATEGORY COMPANY NAME PAGE Plumbing & Heating Sine Plumbing & Heating 75 Plumbing & Heating Vintage Plumbing & Heating 16 Pool & Spa Sales/Servic Custom Pool Services 41 Powerwashing Downtown Powerwashing 57 Printing - Copies Minute Man Press Of Seekonk 49 Private School The Pinecroft School Real Estate David Smith, Century 21 15 Real Estate David Smith, Century 21 - Agent 15 Real Estate ReMax Rivers Edge 12 Real Estate T. R. Little, Realtor 2 Remodeling Batty Construction 29 Restaurant Boneyard Barbecue & Saloon 82 Restaurant Country Kitchen 82 Restaurant Dunkin Donuts - Seekonk 35 Restaurant Pazi’s Place 83 Restaurant Plaza Pizza Roofer/WaterProofing Cameron Roofing 43 Roofing Contractor B & R Fournier Construction, Inc. 70 Roofing Contractor Tabeleys Roofing 50 Seafood Market Ocean Fresh Seafood Market 83 Security Systems Home & Commercial Security 27 Septic Inspections Pro Inspection Services-Steven Drew 94 Septic Systems AO Construction 40 Septic Systems Fisk Contracting 76 Septic Systems Town Sanitation 21 Septic Systems-Cleanin Bay State Sewage Disposal, Inc. 76 Septic Systems-Cleanin Croome Sanitation, Inc. 66 Septic Systems-Cleanin Soares Sanitation Pumping, Inc. 44 Septic/Trash Removal A. Viera Disposal 38 Service Club Rotary Club of Attleboro 22 Special Events South Seekonk Gun Club 39 Tax Consultant Albert H Thornton, Jr., Esq. 33 Tax Consultant Edward Ameen Agency, Inc 47 Trash Removal Cleanway Disposal & Recycling 28 Trash Removal Waste-Tech, Inc. 17 Trash/Junk Removal Big Blue Removal Service 46 Tree Service Advanced Tree 75 Tree Service Choate Tree Service 67 Tree Service Seekonk Tree 53 Water Treatment Water Filter Company, Inc. 6 Writing - Editing David Howard - Writing Workshop 56

Leslie & Deb’s

Cleaning Service

Too Busy?

We Clean When You Can’t

Free Estimates • Reasonable Rates

Call 401.632.3602

February 2012 The Reporter


Rumford Dental, Inc. Specialty Trained Dentist Dr. Baeger is a trained Prosthodontist with over 13 years’ experience in dentistry.

Dentistry Designed for You! Services include all types of fillings, crowns, bridges, including cosmetic treatments and bleaching. All patients are given a comprehensive exam and any findings are reviewed,

Now Open and Accepting New Patients (401) 434-4304 Visit the office for a tour of the latest that dental technology and design has to offer- including digital x-rays, state-ofthe-art sterilization, electronic dental records

to allow you, the patient, to make the best choices for your treatment.

We Screen for OSA All patients are screened for obstructive sleep apnea, and offered referrals as appropriate, to help bring awareness to this often undiagnosed condition.

Located at the beautifully remodeled Rumford Center!

20 Newman Ave., Suite 1020, Rumford RI 02916 Find us on Facebook for information and Specials!


The Reporter February 2012

The Reporter P.O. Box 170 Rehoboth, MA 02769

2012 New Years Resolutions • EXERCISE!! • EAT HEALTHIER!! • (Try to) get along with In-Laws!! • FIND A GREAT OIL COMPANY that: Has great prices! Has great service! A local business I can count on!

E V Oil Company, Inc. !!!


Do You BreathE Clean Air?

A New Year’s Resolution you can KEEP! Give us a call today and start the new year right!


24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Efficiency & Value

Services Provided:

• Air Duct Cleaning • Dryer Vent Cleaning • Filter Management • Ultra Violet Light • Installation

• Video Inspections • All Work Guaranteed • Licensed & Insured • FREE Estimates Over 18 Yrs Experience

Premium Heating Oil • Automatic Delivery • Payment Plans • HVAC SOLUTIONS • •

Heating System Installations AC Service Installations Service Contracts Senior Citizens Discounts On/Off-Road Premium Diesel

We offer Gift Certificates

A company built on “Honesty and Integrity” 66 Fall River Ave, Rehoboth, Ma


24 Hours / 7 Days a Week

508-336-8851 • 800-515-8003 Residential – Commercial - Industrial

We Accept:

e y

Master MA / RI Licensed

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