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Who Is New City Councilor Katie Kleyla?

by Carolyn Bray If you’ve met newly-elected City Councilor Katie Kleyla (pronounced Kl-eye-la), and if you live in East Providence’s Ward 1 you probably have, than you already know she is a vivacious, friendly and very pretty young woman eager to get to work on the City’s problems. What you may not know about Ms. Kleyla is that she attended URI on a full scholarship, a self-described “townie” coming out of East Providence High School, and that she has made her living as a vocalist booking shows all over the area and teaching music too. This follows in her father’s tradition - he is an opera singer with the Met. Kleyla grew up in East Providence, first on Pinegrove Street behind Uncle Tony’s restaurant, and then on Pawtucket Avenue. When she returned to East Providence from URI, she re-immersed herself in city life and “felt it necessary for young people to take some responsibility” for what went on in the City. Ms. Kleyla says one reason a newcomer like her won the election is because “Many people didn’t like all the bickering” going on with the City Council as led by Joe Larisa, and the School Committee as led by Tony Carcieri. Kleyla wants to make East Providence a “business-friendly” community of civil discourse, and allows as how all the fights with the unions and others under the previous regime worked against that. When asked, Kleyla says the School Committee’s outgoing move to raise school principals’ salaries after having summarily docked wages from teachers, was “another way to exhibit power. Politics doesn’t need to be about power, it needs to be about conversation.” Continued on page 4...

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The Reporter December 2010

December 010 The Reporter


East Providence News Briefs Outgoing East Providence School Committee Pushes Through Contracts for 21 Administrators

When the outgoing School Committee approved three-year contracts for 1 top school administrators, the incoming members took action. Charles Tsonos, newly elected School Committee member tried to get a temporary restraining order to block the contract vote but was unsuccessful. He feels the new contracts tie the hands of the incoming School Committee and finds it ironic that the outgoing committee approved contracts for administrators, when it had not done so in the past. He said he will be investigating some loopholes that might lead to the vote being reversed. School Department’s chief operating officer, Lonnie Barham, said the contracts did not include pay raises, but do include provisions allowing for step increases/ decreases, based on performance.

Attorney general Backs the City Against Pond View Expansion

TLA Pond View, a construction debris recycling facility on Dexter Road in Rumford, has submitted a solid waste application to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) for permission to triple its operation. The DEM’s Office of Waste Management said that the application complies with local regulations and has issued a Notice of Intent to Issue the license. A complaint has been filed in Superior Court by the Attorney General’s office and the City of East Providence vs. RIDEM and TLA-Providence LLC. It contends that DEM cannot grant the license without TLA Pond View receiving permission from the city and the state planning office. Outgoing city councilman, Bob Cusack is happy that the Attorney General’s office agrees with the city’s position on Pond View and is helping the city control in what residents feel to be a business that is not being a good neighbor. Outgoing Mayor Joseph S. Larisa Jr. said that he has no issue with what TLA Pond View does legally as long as the alleged noise, dirt and potential increase in truck traffic in the neighborhood – are handled responsibly.

Fourth Annual Carousel Tree Lighting Event Was “The Best Ever”

Hundreds of families from East Providence attended the annual tree lighting ceremony and enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus at the Crescent Park Carousel. This celebration was the last chance to visit the landmark carousel this year. It will reopen again next spring. The Chorus of East Providence performed holiday music and pop corn, hot chocolate and other goodies were available. The event was free and sponsored by the carousel commission, a group that oversees the preservation and continued restoration of the 115-year-old ride. The feature attraction was the arrival of Santa who spent the evening taking photos with children discussing what each child wants for Christmas. Donna McMahon, the commission’s vice-chairwoman, said that the goal in coming years is to keep the event growing. You can find out more about the carousel when you visit the commission’s page on

City Manager Brown Seeking Position In Virginia

City Manager Richard Brown is a finalist for the community’s city manager position in Charlottesville, Va. Mr. Brown was also a finalist for a manager position in Plymouth but he did not get the job. Brown attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He commented that he is not currently in any negotiations for the position. Outgoing Mayor Joseph S. Larisa Jr. said a charter amendment has been in place since 199 and that there are guidelines in place that will guide the incoming city council’s search process. The council would determine who fills the city manager’s position consistent with the minimum qualifications. If he does not get the Charlottesville job, Brown plans to stay on in East Providence.

New Factory In E.P. Adds Jobs and Opportunities

ATW Companies, a leading provider of custom manufactured metal components

and services, announced the grand opening of Parmatech-Proform Corporation’s (Proform’s) new 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility at 5 Waterman Avenue, in East Providence, Rhode Island. The company focuses on metal injection molding and secondary MIM operations for the medical, telecommunications, firearms, hand tools, semiconductor, and electronic packaging markets. According to Peter C. Frost, president of ATW Companies, Inc., “ATW Companies is very excited to be expanding within Rhode Island, our long-established headquarters and base of operations. We expect the new facility will generate over 100 jobs to the area throughout the next three years.”

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The Reporter December 010


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She refers to Charlie Tsonos, the new Chair of the School Committee, as an excellent mentor. “He has a great grasp on what it means to be a townie. You can be intelligent, make tough choices and be respected, and still be a good person.” Kleyla also refers to the “messy budget,” with cross-outs in it, submitted by the previous City Council, as an example of leaders not showing enough respect for their constituency to do professional, easily understood work on what is a very important part of their job. She notes, looking at her campaign manager, Victor Silva, “If you have a finance director, use him,” instead of hiring extra consultants who are your friends - in an apparent reference to the actions of the previous Council. Mr. Silva has professional financial experience and speaks fluent Portuguese, which came in very handy as Kleyla canvassed Ward 1. With a rueful smile, Kleyla also indicates what a revelation doorto-door canvassing was to her. She was met with an “onslaught” of concerns. What she heard often was people pleading for no raising of taxes and fees in East Providence. Kleyla also found it “discouraging” how many of the people complaining to her were not registered to vote. She is proud of how many she got to register during those neighborhood walks. She says she wants people to know they can reach out to her and talk to her, that her favorite part of the campaign was getting to know many people who are different than her. Some of the top things Kleyla wants to accomplish in her new two-year job at City Hall are: Make the city more business-friendly; make it easier for businesses to set up here - she says there is a lot of footwork involved; there are no time clocks for City workers but there needs to be pride about what you accomplish if you work for the City - realize you work for the citizens, they don’t work for you. Katie Kleyla knows this will be a very time-consuming job, after listening to all the worries and concerns of her constituents. With her youth working for her regarding stamina alone, and her warm enthusiasm a welcome change to many who dealt with some of the previous Council, Kleyla seems off to a good start fulfilling her hopes to make East Providence a welcoming place to live and work again.

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Katie Kleyla.

December 010 The Reporter

Letters to the Editor...


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To the Editor:

This past (month) (October 5) I attended a Department of Environmental Management (DEM) public hearing on TLA/Pond View’s application for expansion of its facilities. This was the most recent of several hearings on this application. Apparently, the DEM – not the city – has jurisdiction over this matter, and, according to the handout at the meeting, DEM has determined that “the application materials… comply with the requirements… and has therefore issued a Notice of Intent to Issue the license.” The DEM in its wisdom had reserved a tiny conference room at the Weaver Library, planning to take comments from one or two people at a time, while keeping almost everyone else outside the room. This plan was met with outrage from the dozens of East Providence residents and business owners who were there to express their views in the open. The hearing was quickly moved to the larger community room. Before long at least 100 people overflowed the available chairs and stood around the perimeter of the room, awaiting their turn to speak or to hear from other speakers. For over two hours, with clear, rational and civil remarks, residents and business owners from the neighborhoods surrounding and abutting Pond View came forward in opposition to expansion. One after another, the speakers decried the noise, odor and dust emanating from the Pond View facility. “The stench was so bad,” said one, “we thought there was a gas leak and called the police.” “The trucks going in reverse – beep, beep, beep – can drive you to an asylum,” said another. The “slamming of dump gates,” the “banging and clanging,” the “smell so strong you can’t even breathe” were echoed over and over by concerned and worried citizens. Several posed the question: If the construction demolition workers and Pond View employees are required to wear masks, then what foul particulates must the neighboring community be breathing, unprotected by face masks and goggles? And what, they asked, causes the coating of yellow dust on the frozen Omega Pond every winter? As one speaker said, what we know is disturbing enough, but “what we don’t know is very frightening.” Other speakers remarked poignantly on the value of their homes, their biggest asset, and their fear that the value, which was already degraded by their proximity to Pond View, would plummet even further with the proposed expansion. A number of public officials spoke out with concerns as well. City Manager Brown voiced the official opposition of the city and expressed “concern with DEM’s ability to regulate.” Police Chief Tavares spoke of public safety ramifications, especially during inclement weather and in the case of a serious traffic accident in the area. Senator DaPonte voiced his strong opposition, citing health issues. As both City Manager Brown and Senator DaPonte emphasized, no one wants to drive business out of East Providence. Many of the other speakers agreed that business is the lifeblood of a community. But a business has to be a good neighbor. It has to conduct itself in such a way as not to be a public nuisance at best and a health hazard at worst. Please, DEM, do the right thing, for the good of our fair city. Open your eyes and your ears to the pleas of our neighbors and turn down TLA/Pond View’s expansion application. Candy Seel East Providence, RI


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Why No Coverage On Question #7

In the recent election there was a Local Ballot Question (#7) on the ballot which as far as I can determine received little, if any, discussion in this or any other paper prior to the election. The only comment about it I ever saw was on a yard sign saying “Stop the power grab. Vote no on #7.” After some searching on the Internet, I found a complete copy of question #7 (which by the way was overwhelmingly approved by EP voters). At first glance it appeared that this proposed change in EP law was intended to protect the 3.5% tax cap by including it in the city charter. But upon closer examination it looks as though this is really a way to get around the 3.5% tax cap by giving the city council the ability to exceed it if certain financial conditions exist. Those conditions are just about anything that would create a budget shortfall such as “the city forecasts or experiences a loss in total property revenue”, “the city forecasts or anticipates an emergency situation”, “the city forecasts or experiences debt services expenditures which exceed a prior years debt service expenditures” or “the city experiences substantial growth in its tax base as the result of major new construction which necessitates either significant infrastructure or school housing expenditures or a significant increase in the need for essential municipal services”. If my suspicions are correct and this is merely a way to circumvent the 3.5% tax cap, the taxpayers of EP have been had - again. Any light you or anyone else can shed on this matter is certainly warranted and should have been presented to voters before the election so fully informed choices could have been made. Thank you. Robert Amman East Providence, RI Outgoing Mayor, Joe Larrisa, addresses this issue in his last column this month. We will try to do a better job covering the issues in the future. Thanks, The Editor

What Senator Daponte Forgot to Mention

In his recent “response to City of East Providence concerning the car tax” newly re-elected Senator Daniel Daponte would have us taxpayers believe that the only overspending regarding East Providence is happening on the city level. He sites two new hires and a couple of other hefty raises, which I also question, to imply that this has necessitated the new car tax bills we will all soon be receiving. If one simply does the math regarding Dapontes assertions one finds it doesn’t make sense. The amount of money the General assembly withheld from the city regarding the car tax is in the millions. The fervor to replace officials at the local level provided the necessary scapegoat and deflect any attention away from where the most waste and negligence is occurring. Rhode Island while already by all accounts one of the least friendly states to do business in is facing a budget shortfall estimated over 50 million dollars. I guess Danny forgot to mention that. Stimulus funds from the federal Government will not be coming our way anymore so the current general assembly is faced with a real dilemma. How can we tax the remaining people of Rhode Island more and still get re-elected? Daponte’s recent article was preemptive. It was his way of saying, “Don’t blame me, blame your local officials” It worked. Will it always work? Can you fool all of the people all of the time?

December 010 The Reporter As a first time candidate I tried to bring my message of personal responsibility and fiscal sanity to Smith Hill by personally unseating Daponte in the past election. However my low budget campaign, out of the back of my truck fell short. In my recent debate with Daponte he asked me what I would cut if elected. I pointed to two areas that cost the state hundreds of millions per year. Social service fraud and illegal immigrants. If a person wants free services, Rhode Island is the place to be. If you are on drugs or have alcohol issues you have a disability and therefore become the financial responsibility of the taxpayer. I have personally interviewed state workers who told me how easy it is to cheat the system here. We are the California of the east coast, ultra liberal, ultra friendly to illegal’s and going broke. We remain according to Forbes Magazine and the Pew Center, one of the most over taxed, business hostile states. According to RIILE (Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement) illegals cost the state 440 million per year in benefits and uncollected taxes. When an illegal woman gives birth here in Rhode Island, that child just became eligible for free social service benefits. Foreign travel agencies offer special packages to pregnant women for this very purpose. E-Verify legislation would have mandated employers to hire only legal residents. I personally witnessed Daponte silent as this very bill was killed. Why? It’s not politically expedient. Sixteen other senators from cities other than East Providence courageously co-sponsored this bill but the leadership in the Senate killed it dead. What about all the legal immigrants who painstakingly respected the legal path to citizenship? Their honor deserves our respect. When the money runs out due to cowardly politicians things tend to get ugly. We see the recent riots in Greece and France and think it will never happen here. Central Falls is already in receivership. Many predict Pawtucket will be next. Rhode Islanders are leaving. Look around and notice all the vacant storefronts in East Providence and Pawtucket. A fellow realtor friend received six calls from people anxious to sell the day after the election. What does this tell you? With all these sellers, prices will continue to plummet. Too many sellers and not enough qualified buyers equal lower home values. I’m an investor/broker/landlord/insurance guy. This isn’t sour grapes. The grapes are looking like raisins! “There’s no money” - Daniel Daponte Well it didn’t just disappear, senator. David Sullivan East Providence

Thank You From Tap-In

Many thanks from Tap-In for the wonderful support we received from the citizens, schools and organizations of the East Bay Community. This year more than 400 families received food for their Thanksgiving dinner, above and beyond the families we serve each month. The demands on Tap-In have never been greater and the response from the community has been outstanding. We received donations of food, vouchers for Shaw’s, gift cards and cash contributions from local schools, churches, synagogues, soccer teams and private citizens. We also received food and gift cards for 50 families from the Salvation Army and from the Bristol County Elks, #160l. Students donated their time baking pumpkin bread, making individual Thanksgiving cards and collecting canned goods. Parents and students also helped to deliver food to Tap-In and sort and stock items for our food pantry shelves. There were so many individuals, groups, and businesses to thank that we could never mention them all. However, with their help Tap-In has been able to make this Thanksgiving a better holiday for the families of the East Bay Community. We, at Tap-In, would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s Thanksgiving Program. Without the support of the community, Tap-In would not be able to continue its mission to Touch A Person In Need. Thank You! Submitted by Lynn Moran, Co-Chair of Tap-In’s Thanksgiving Program.


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The Reporter December 2010

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Outgoing School Committee Issues Contracts

On Wednesday, November 17th, the outgoing School Committee voted to give contracts to Central Administrators who did not have contracts in recent years as it was policy for them to be at will employees of the School Department. As a private citizen, I went to court in order to obtain a temporary restraining order to postpone the issuance of contracts. These contracts will encumber the citizens and taxpayers of East Providence for the next 3 years. In these uncertain economic times, how much can we afford as taxpayers of East Providence? These contracts include possible pay increases. This outgoing School Committee headed by Anthony Carcieri has encumbered our city unnecessarily. Judge Bennett Gallo ruled that the sitting committee has the legal right to do what they did. The attorney for the School Department stated that the contracts were being put on paper that day as they were in court. This is a very costly day for East Providence. There is no excuse for this action to take place. The future of East Providence is too important to take financial risks such as this action. Where will the additional funds come from? We are in an economy which causes all of us to cut back our expenses in order to proceed with our lives and jobs in a sustainable way. Is this action by the outgoing School Committee sustainable? I do not believe so. Your new School Committee has been elected to protect your municipal checkbook. We will all do that, but now the outgoing school committee has tied the hands of the new city council and the new school committee. And now your hands have been tied by this group. Sincerely, Charles S. Tsonos

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New School Committee Agenda

Perfect Tailoring

On behalf of your newly elected School Committee, I would like to take this opportunity 454 Taunton Ave., Seekonk MA to acknowledge the mandate that was put forward (by) the citizens of East Providence. You made it abundantly clear that the way we have done City business over the last few years must change. You sent a clear and concise message that gone are the days of treating people unfairly, that the parents of East Providence want to have a say in their children’s education, that you will not tolerate bullies, that you will not be silenced at public meetings and that you want better role models for your children. Your new School Committee was listening and heard your message loud and clear so, here are a few immediate changes you will be seeing starting with our first meeting. One on One Care with the same therapist We will immediately address the public All Professional Licensed PT Staff comment policy to increase public input Private Treatment Rooms from the community. Meetings will be held twice a month Manual Therapy "Hands On" Care instead of once. Proficient in all Realms We will showcase our children’s achieveof General Orthopaedics ments and talents at least once a month. Better communication of upcoming Kimberly Serra, PT, DPT, MTC Carefully Guided Individually Designed changes or events that affect our children’s and Bryan Silva, MSPT Exercise Programs education. We are looking forward to serving this community with no hidden agenda and the needs of our City’s children first and foremost. We also look forward to parent ampanoag rail ast rovidence and teacher input and encourage you all to bring your ideas to the table. Chrissy Rossi Ward IV School Committee Representative

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December 010 The Reporter The Following Is The Last Column From Outgoing Mayor Joseph Larisa, Jr.

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The New Charter Tax Cap V. The E.P. Election Tsunami

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“Protect the Taxpayer – Vote No on Question 7.” That ganda from the labor bosses epitomized the misrepresentation campaign that swept the City in the days prior to the November , or call 508-252-6575 for more information 010 election. Of course, Question 7 was the most PRO property taxpayer ballot question in EP history – it established the first tax cap (3.5%) in a city Charter in the State of Rhode Island. Putting it in the Charter meant Step into one of East Bay's best little secrets...Winslow Gardens, retirement that only the voters could repeal it – not the living for independent & assisted living individuals. Also on campus is Linn politicians. So yes, the “Working Families Coalition,” position on Question 7 was an Health Care Center, a facility for post hospital care/rehabilitation or long term outright lie. nursing needs. We are here to meet your needs, today and tomorrow. That was just the beginning of the half truths and misrepresentations by the union bosses and several of their preferred Council and School Committee candidates in the last week before the election. The end result was that the one union preferred incumbent on the School Committee won handily, while those who protected the taxpayers and the kids got trounced 6% to 3% or so in every race. On the Council, that meant me and Bob Cusack (Val Perry decided not to run). On the School Committee, that meant Tony Carcieri, Steve Santos and Bob Faria (Shannon Barboza chose not to run). The end result is 5 new members on the 5 member Council and 4 new members on the 5 member School Committee. Meanwhile, Question 7 passed even 401-438-4456 • 40 Irving Avenue, East Providence, RI • Website: more overwhelmingly by a margin of 7% to %. So the taxpayer team got trounced, while the taxpayer charter amendment won big. Go figure. Edward Achorn, Providence Journal editorial columnist, in a post-election column entitled “East Providence voters are just asking for misery,” wrote that “Rhode Island has an interesting way of treating people who fight courageously for the public good against powerful interests, at great personal cost, and in the fact of vituperative abuse. It punishes them for trying to do the right thing.” He noted that EP “voters threw out incumbents who had labored hard to keep down taxes, focus school resources to help students and stave off spending that could have pushed the city into bankruptcy.” Achorn continued that “[i]n doing so, these incumbents angered the public-employee unions, which made it their from, mission to replace them with more pliable politicians.” The special interests “funded Tommy Rose, East Providence City Councilman Ward 3, phone banks, sent out people to knock on doors, and got out the vote.” Referencing & Family

Thank You

to all of the voters, my friends & supporters for your confidence in me. I look forward to serving you on the City Council.

Happy Holidays!

continued on page 11


The Reporter December 010



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We wish you a holiday season filled with the warmth of the spirit, and the love of family & friends. Our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. It is in this spirit we say ... Thank you and best wishes for the holidays and a Prosperous New Year! E IC PR NE



Rumford: 4 bed, 2 bath. New granite kitchen, spacious dining, sliders to deck, central air. Finished lower w/fam rm, kitch, bedrm, walk out to fenced yard. New roof and furnace. $238,900. Robin Lozito 401-486-6937


Rumford: Cul de sac. 3 bed, 1.5 bath Cape; living w/fp, formal dining, EIK, hwds, bed on 1st, 2 lg beds on 2nd, new roof. Breezeway, lg priv. fenced yard. 1-c garage. Francis school. $245,000. Jean Clarke 401-374-5039.


Rumford: 4 bed 2.5 bath Colonial; living w/fp, dining, EIK, bed/den w/ handicap bath, ac on 1st, 3 beds up w/ bath, hwds, rec rm, screened porch/ private green yard,2 car garage. $309,000. Jean Clarke 401-374-5039.


Kent Gardens: Gleaming 3 bed ranch features large living w/ fireplace, eat in kitchen, roomy beds, shiny hardwoods, replacement windows, garage, lg private yard. $189,000. Jean Clarke 401-374-5039.

Rumford: 3 bed 1.5 bath Ranch; living w/fp, lg EIK w/ dining opening to Florida room/den. central air, Rec room with half bath, pretty private fenced yard with patio, walk to Hunts-Mills. $219,000. Jean Clarke 401-374-5039.


Rumford: Not your grandmother's Cape! Bright, spacious, updated 4 BR. Michelle Cartwright 401663-5677.

























Rumford: Wondeful Home on cul de sac! Great location, 2 bed Ranch, dining room, eat-in-kitchen, living room, hardwoods, private yard. Come take a look! $169,000. Margaret Farley 401-447-8830.

Rumford/ Agawam: Cul de sac on over .75 acre; 4 bed 2 bath r.ranch; 2 fp's, hwds, EIK, dining, fam rm, in-law potential, detached garage w/ loft, deck overlooking park like yard. $329,900. Jean Clarke 401-374-5039.

Coastway Mortgages More options. Less stress.

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Barrington: Sweet Ranch in desirable Primrose area. Todd Mosher 401-474-5635.

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December 010 The Reporter the false and misleading last minute flyers, Achorn wrote that big labor “shrewdly attacked the incumbents on their greatest strength – hammering them for raising taxes, when in truth their wearying battles with the unions had kept taxes from blasting through the roof. Many overtaxed voters were foolish or ill-informed enough to take the bait. (The fliers did not openly reveal that they were funded by the unions.)” The huge loss, however, cannot overshadow the tremendous accomplishments of the Council and School Committee majorities over the last two years. In my 1 years in city government, I have never had the privilege of serving with a more productive Council and School Committee than the ones leaving office this week. Not only did we work together better than any in the past, but in the face of draconian State budget cuts to EP, we stuck to the 3.5% tax cap. Our fight for lower spending to keep taxes down was a model recognized throughout Rhode Island. While on the school side, money was redirected from unaffordable contracts to the kids – and there was more pro-student innovation by the school team in  years than in the last 1. As for me, I’ve been in and out of office every two years for the last decade. When the President is on the ballot, people seem to pay more attention and many more vote. When he is on the ballot, I win; when he is not, I lose. During the last two years, I have tried to keep Townies informed like never before. All Council and School Committee meetings are now not only streamed live on the web, but they are also all available for later online viewing 4/7. That will continue so you can watch the new government in action. While this is my last column as sitting Mayor, I will keep writing for the Reporter as a concerned citizen keeping tabs on local government. It is because of our professional council/manager form of government that EP has survived and prospered corruption free over the last 5 years and will continue to do so. It will take citizen involvement, however, to ensure that the promise of good government, including the new Charter tax cap, is kept. Best of luck to the newly-elected Council and School Committees. Hopefully, they will build upon the success of their predecessors for the taxpayers and kids. We will be watching. As always, I can be reached at * Joe Larisa was elected Mayor of East Providence for a fourth term in December 2008 by the Council. He was elected councilman at large in November 2008, a position he previously held from 19922002, and 2004-06. His latest term as councilman and mayor ended on December 1, 2010.

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Happy Holidays!

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Thank You To all of the residents of Riverside, for your support. I look forward to working for you.

Happy Holidays to all, Michael DiGioia, City Council - Ward 4, & Family

News from the East Bay Community Action Program... East Bay Community Action Program (EBCAP) offers a wide array of health and human services for area residents. Its upper bay headquarters is located at 100 Bullocks Point Avenue in Riverside. For information on services, call 437-1000. There is still time to help area families in need for the holidays by becoming a sponsor of East Bay Community Action Program’s (EBCAP) Adopt a Family program which serves residents of East Providence. EBCAP provides a wish list of a family to individual sponsors, showing what an adopted family would like for gifts. The wish list includes sizes for clothing items and gift suggestions to make for easy shopping. Individual gifts are wrapped by a sponsor and dropped off at St. Mark’s Church on Turner Avenue in Riverside or the Mary V. Quirk Head Start Center, located on Main Street, Warren, RI. The drop off deadline is Dec. 15, 010. Families in Barrington, Warren and Bristol are also served by the program. Businesses, organizations, families, neighborhood groups and individuals may be sponsors. Signing up is easy – just call 435-776 to obtains the wish list of an area family and experience the joy of helping others this holiday season.

In The Spirit of Giving... RE/MAX Heritage will be participating in a Holiday Food Drive to benefit The Rhode Island Community Food Bank Now thru December 17th Agents, Staff and Clients are encouraged to donate a nonperishable food item. RE/MAX Heritage Office

HELP PUT FOOD BACK ON THE TABLE FOR THOSE IN NEED! All food donated thru RE/MAX Heritage will be collected and dropped off on Saturday, December 1

December 010 The Reporter


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I Persevered!

My name is Jackie and I could be your neighbor, your best friend, or your family member. My nightmare started in 1961 when I was five (5) years old. I was taken from my biological home (for reasons unknown to me at the time) and put in a foster home. For years I experienced abuse from my foster mother, and countless days of bullying from children in school. Today there is much discussion about bullying and cyber-bullying, but back in my day, it was tolerated. People looked the other way at the damage that was being inflicted on helpless people. In my case it was beatings on the bus, taking my clothes during gym class and throwing them in the shower, while “friends” talked about me behind my back. But I persevered. In 1990, I found out from a distant relative that I was placed in foster care because my biological parents sexually, physically, and mentally abused me. It explained some of the reasons why for years I woke up screaming in the middle of the night but didn’t know why. I had gone through years of counseling and therapy without success, and the trauma placed my marriage and motherhood in jeopardy. After thirteen (13) hospitalizations and four (4) suicide attempts, my husband threw me out of the house and I lost custody of my nine year old son, whom I wouldn’t see again for many years. But I persevered. From 1994 till 001, I scraped by doing odd jobs while living out of my car, and then in and out of homeless shelters. I did what I had to do to survive. I persevered. About five (5) years ago, with the help of East Bay Center, I started to find myself again. I lived in one of EBC’s group homes for nine (9) months, learning how to take care of myself, manage my symptoms, reconnect with people, and find recovery through employment. I worked every day (walking through snow, ice, and rain if I had to) and saved money to venture out on my own. I persevered. I was put on a waiting list for independent housing managed by East Bay Center. My life was coming back together. I went to CNA school and passed with flying colors. I got a great job and reconnected with my son, who is now twenty-nine (9) years old. I persevered. Many things have happened to me since then, good and bad, but Finally, I am very happy with my life and I am about to change my last name back to my birth name. I have wonderful friends who see through the mental illness and care for me no matter what, I’ve reconnected with my son, and I haven’t been in the hospital for over five (5) years. I am a success story, because I needed help along the way, and I received that help and support from East Bay Center. I persevered. This is the personal success story of one of East Bay Center’s clients. She chose to tell her story with the hope that readers would understand more about mental health and that success is possible – no matter what the circumstances. EBC’s mission has remained the same for many years – to improve the lives of individuals and families within our communities by providing a broad range of high quality mental health and addiction services. Especially in the face of adversity, EBC will be here to help you, your family, and your community. We encourage you to visit our website at for information regarding services, employment, locations, etc. To speak to someone regarding services or to schedule an appointment, please call 401-46-1195 and ask for “Intake”.

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i Wish all of you a happy & healthy holiday season & a Great New year!

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The Reporter December 010

East Providence Town News 2010 Beautiful Landscape Award Recipients Announced

The East Providence Beautification Commission has selected four City properties to receive the 010 Beautiful Landscape Award. This prestigious annual award recognizes organizations and businesses, which add to the aesthetic and environmental beauty of the City. Since 1967 the Beautification Commission has acknowledged those organizations, whose well-maintained properties exceptionally reflect pride of residence in East Providence. All neighborhood organizations are considered. The 010 Beautiful Landscape Award recipients are: 010 Community Service Award: Gilmore’s Flower Shop Inc; Alan Gilmore, Owner 010 Business Beautification Award: Ana’s Bridal Boutique and Tuxedos Inc. (Ward ); Ms Ana Maria Linhares, owner New England Construction (Ward 1): Mr. David Sluter, Owner, CEO Salon Wisteria (Ward 4); Ms. Elizabeth Sorrentino, owner SmileMakers (Ward 3); Dr. Ken Rawlinson

TRI-STAR AUTo BoDy, InC. Towing Foreign & Domestic Free Estimates We handle all insurance claims MA RS. # 1367 Complete auto collision repair Serving our community for 25 years 1849 Fall River Ave. (Rt 6), Seekonk, MA

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East Providence Awarded $99,840 from Champlin Foundation for Technology!

East Providence School District is proud to announce the notification from The Champlin Foundations informing us of their approval of grants to the East Providence School District in the amount of $99,40 for the following purpose: Smart Boards for math classrooms at Martin Middle School & Riverside Middle School. East Providence Schools seeks to transform our mathematics classrooms so that learning is interactive, engaging, child-centered and data driven. The 1st Century Classroom project has been developed around three guiding principles; academic competence, high quality assessments and data evaluation. East Providence Public Schools seeks to improve quantitative literacy by providing cuttingedge technology tools K-1. The technology tools are designed to engage students and provide the teachers with relevant and timely data regarding student proficiency. Integrating online math manipulatives into classroom lessons are best delivered with an interactive white board. Complex mathematic equations can be seen, touched, and heard with our Gizmo multimedia software. Interactive white boards, in combination with our new Gizmo software, can help teachers vary their instructional approach by providing an engaging format to deconstruct standards and provide immediate feedback to students. With an interactive white board in every mathematics classroom, we can strengthen and ascertain student knowledge by providing engaging lessons to complex concepts that will tap into higher-order thinking and processing skills. East Providence School District is honored to receive this tremendous award from the Champlin Foundation and looks forward to bringing this new technology to the students and teachers Martin Middle School and Riverside Middle School. Grant Team: Dr. Caroline Caswell, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Professional Development Kelly Ahrens, Director of Technology Beth Salzillo, Curriculum Coordinator Rebekah Gendron, Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Tax Volunteers Needed

AARP Tax-Aide – the AARP Foundation’s nationwide tax counseling and preparation service is a volunteer-run program. And we need volunteers. The service helps middle and low income taxpayers, with special attention to those 60 and older, in readying their natural, state and local returns. After IRS training and certification, volunteers are asked to give 4 hours a week from Feb 1 to April 15. To learn more about volunteering, call toll free () 7-7669 or check www. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Board is Monday, December 13, 010.

December 2010 The Reporter

East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce

East Providence Area Chamber Presents Annual Awards, Special Recognitions and 2011 Board of Directors

East Providence, RI: The Annual Meeting and Dinner of the East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce was held on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at Eleven Forty Nine East Restaurant in Seekonk, MA. One hundred and ten chamber members and their guests attended the event. In addition to presenting the Chamber’s annual awards for Business of the Year, Chamber Member of the Year, and Board Member of the Year, the Chamber recognized Karen Adams, news anchor for WPRI-TV and FOX/Providence. “Ms. Adams’ volunteerism in the local community and southeastern Massachusetts is well-known. When she recently announced her retirement at the end of the year, we wanted to seize the opportunity to thank her for her time, and for setting an admirable example of a businessperson giving back to the community.” explained Laura McNamara, executive director of the East Providence Area Chamber. “The WPRI-TV and Fox/Providence studios are also in East Providence and have been a great neighbor for many years. We are pleased to recognize one of their employees for her selfless service in our area.” The recipients for this year’s annual chamber awards are: Business of the Year: Capital City Financial Corporation; Chamber Member of the Year: Liz Goodheart of Print-MD and Board Member of the Year: Arthur Dwyer of Wood’s Heating Service. All of the businesses are located in East Providence The East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce serves the communities of East Providence & Barrington, Rhode Island and Seekonk & Rehoboth, Massachusetts. They celebrated their 113th birthday in June with the Pawtucket Red Sox at a birthday BBQ at McCoy Stadium. The Chamber encourages their members to volunteer their time to non-profit organizations and to support special fundraising events. Every week, the Chamber sends out a Community & Business News email regarding their members’ volunteer and philanthropic activities and promotes those events/initiatives to the membership and the general public. The Chamber’s new board of directors and officers will take over in January 2011. The new officers are: Chairman: Augusto “Cookie” Rojas, Jr., Pawtucket Red Sox; Chairman-elect & vice-chair Membership Committee: Johnathon Birs, Capital City Financial; Past Chairman & vice chair Community Awareness Committee: Christine St.Hilaire, Barrington Urgent Care; Vice Chairman & Treasurer - Harold Daigneau, Daigneau Insurance Agency; Vice Chairmen Economic Development: Allan Gilmore, Gilmore’s Flower Shop; Secretary Lisa Ballantyne, Winslow Gardens Linn Health Care and United Methodist Elder Care. Board of Directors are: Brenda Celletti, Ocean State Town Planner; Deb Crepeau, Stitch-in-Time Tailoring & Alterations; Jeff Hagan, Providence Bruins; Rodger Lincoln, DC, New Hope Family Chiropractic; Steve Lima, East Commerce Solutions; Dean Malatesta, Print-MD; Kathy Marabello, Navigant Credit Union; Dean Martins, Metacomet Country Club; Manny Menezes, Exit Realty; Eric Ouhrabka, Starlight Limousine Service; Deborah Pedreira, Webster Bank; Joshua Slepkow, Slepkow, Slepkow & Associates; Paul Sousa, Ananke IT Solutions; Greg Watka, Aspen Aerogels; and Andrew Yaghjian, Munroe Dairy.

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Local AARP Chapter Helps Feed the Hungry

Providence – AARP East Providence Chapter #1302 collected more than 400 pounds of foods during a recent AARP food drive. Chapter members, led by President John Alexyon brought canned goods and non-perishable items to their chapter meetings during October and November. The drive, part of a national effort to “Create The Good” was in cooperation with the AARP State Office and the RI Community Food Bank. AARP urges all members to log on to the “Create the Good” website to find ways that they can make a difference in their community. Go to:

In photo L-R: AARP-RI Chapter President Jon Alexyon and Barbara Thornton, past President.

Gilmore's Flower Shop, Inc Shop Info: SRP: (401) 434-3667 76 Taunton Ave. East Providence, RI


The Reporter December 010

The gift That Saved My Life by Carolyn Bray

My articles have been appearing sporadically in this paper for the last months. This story will explain why: I was in my late twenties when I got the dreaded news, discovered accidentally when an ultrasound looking for a different problem revealed cysts in my kidneys. I had inherited my father’s polycystic kidney disease, an ailment in which inoperable water cysts grow in the kidneys over a long time, eventually (in many cases) completely killing the kidney’s ability to filter toxins out of the blood. Once a person reaches this kind of renal failure, their only choices to live are to get dialysis, and/or a kidney transplant. Unless you have a match among your living family and friends willing to donate one of their two kidneys, you are placed on dialysis and -- if multiple tests show you are up to it -- put on your area’s waiting list to receive a cadaver kidney that matches your blood type. I was very negative about what lay ahead, as I had already looked after my father as he went through dialysis, then after he had a kidney transplant that worked for 15 years -- the estimated life span of a new kidney. It had not been an easy journey for him, and my disease had been following the timing of his almost exactly. I was in hemodialysis -- the most heavy-duty kind -- at dialysis centers for the next four and one-half years. The typical dialysis schedule at the centers is three days per week for three hours on the machine each time. Putting you on and taking you off the machines also takes time, so the stay is more often three and one-half to four hours. The process is exhausting, although televisions being available help pass the time, as tubes rush the blood out of you and then --filtered -- back into you, through a surgically constructed pair of

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holes called a fistula. There are varied reactions to the dialysis -- at one point I had to be hospitalized for unusable, suppurating legs due to edema caused by the kidney problem and dialysis. Major symptoms of the kidney failure, which the nephrologists (kidney doctors) try to counteract with medicine (not always successfully) are extreme itchiness of any and all parts of the skin, extreme fatigue caused by anemia, bowel problems, nausea and vomiting, and sometimes pains in the kidneys. With polycystic kidney disease (known as PKD) the torso expands as the cysts grow unheeded. One of my kidney surgical team member’s first remarks on meeting me was “Wow, those are big kidneys!” Dialysis and the kidney failure which sometimes made me eat little had made me mostly skinny, and I would tell long-distance family and friends that I looked like a brick house (big torso) on sticks. After the initial relief of being less toxic when dialysis works, your body tends to worsen over time. People don’t get better on dialysis, they just try to maintain an existence as close to normal as it allows. I was slowly getting and looking worse on dialysis. My hospital visit in March over a leg problem that could have been deadly, and a heart attack suffered by a friend in dialysis, made me realize I needed a transplant really soon. The doctors and the head dialysis nurse keep you apprised of your place on the list. I reached 4th over a year ago. Then six months ago I was third. Then one early morning in dialysis in September, Dr. McCoy, the nephrologist who had first started treating my ailing kidneys years before, came smiling in to see me and informed me I was now on the top of the kidney waiting list. In that moment, I realized how much I had hoped for the transplant, suppressing my emotions in case it didn’t happen, until the minute I knew I was truly close to a kidney. I felt regret for whoever would die to be my donor, but tried to tell myself I wouldn’t be causing their death, and they would have decided they wanted their kidney to live on in someone who needed it. A gift to save a life. On September  in the afternoon, the call came. “We think we have a kidney for you,” said Dr. Charpentier, one of the surgical team. They would secure me a room and call back. A few hours later I was in Rhode Island Hospital. Among a rather vast amount of coming and going medical personnel, a doctor came quietly into my room, wearing a kind smile, and told me her patient was expected to pass away by 10PM and I would be operated on shortly after that. Only then did I realize my donor was dying in RI Hospital as I awaited the chance he/she was giving me for a new life. I asked the doctor to tell the person’s family how grateful I was for this blessing, and she said she would. The only thing I was told about the donor when I asked -- which is typical -- was that the person was not the girl I had heard died in a car accident that morning. (I later learned she was a woman in her forties who had died of a brain hemorrhage.) Later that night, anesthesia was administered by IV, and the last thing I recall is being wheeled off to the operating room at what seemed about midnight, September . I was told the operation to transplant a new kidney into me would take about four hours; then there would be recovery time before I woke up. Sometime in the morning of September 9, I awoke to find the senior minister at my church, Campbell Lovett, peering happily at me as he leaned into my bed. He said: “You have rosy cheeks! I never knew you had rosy cheeks!” It was a sweet comment, and pointed out how dreadful I had looked for the preceding five years, that my normally pink Irish cheeks had been, well, pale as death. I would hear similar comments from other friends later, and learned a number of people had thought that I might die from the kidney disease and dialysis before they could get me a transplant. The

December 010 The Reporter associate minister at Newman Church, Sharon Key, was also there for me when I awoke, and had in fact taken me into the hospital, as the news came so swiftly I was unable to contact my planned ride. Various friends and the women of Bad Girls, the women’s fellowship group at church, were in touch with me in person or by phone for the week I was hospitalized. My new kidney started working immediately, with the help of a stent Dr. Charpentier had put between the kidney and my bladder, which was later removed. Suddenly I was urinating like it was going out of style - renal failure means you urinate very little, if at all. Dr. Charpentier came to see me and announced: “You are no longer in kidney failure.” At first I felt exhilarated and different - an underlying constant sense of unwellness and near-nausea had disappeared. But you are basically an ICU patient right after a transplant, which means you are hooked up to an IV, have to wear a Foley catheter on your private parts, and are constantly visited by nurses, doctors and nursing assistants, who ask the same questions (i. e. “On a scale of one to ten, what would you say your pain level is now?”). Eventually the constant visits, the consequent sleep deprivation and the pain from the operation (which in me involved a large incision where my appendix used to be) started to get to me and by four days after the operation I was grouchy and weepy. All I had been through in the preceding five years, the sleep deprivation, and the effective but very strong Dilaudid pain medication explain my feelings fairly well. I had planned to go to medical rehab after the hospital, but Dr. Charpentier said with my immune system deeply suppressed via medications, the last place for me was a germ-ridden rehab facility. I was scared to go home feeling and moving so poorly, but was told Bayada nurses would be tending to me. Initially, I had lots of friends, mostly from the Bad Girls, bringing me meals and helping me around my home. In October I was taken to the hospital for a check-up with Dr. Charpentier, and was told I must be admitted immediately, because of a recurrent and painful problem with my legs. This time the liquid dripping out of my swollen legs turned into huge, stinging blisters. They tested me for the ailment cellulitis, which can be fatal, and the problem proved again to be stasis dermatitis caused by edema. They treated the legs for five days and then sent me home to be treated by a Bayada nurse; this worked well and my legs are almost fully healed. Anyone set up with home nurses should be aware that it can take at least a week before those often-overburdened organizations set your schedule. My friends thought I had nurses coming right away so many dropped away, and the doctors thought I had friends helping, so I went through a week of low spirits and little help, when there was almost constant pain in my abdomen and the side effects of the immuno-suppressants to stop kidney rejection were causing extreme fatigue and nausea. I was so weak at that point, I fell on the floor and literally could not get up until friends came over to help me. Now I am slowly improving, my kidney is functioning well, and I have the nurse visiting, and both a physical therapist (works on legs), and an occupational therapist (works on the upper body and functioning around the house). Soon I should also get some overdue home-making help, because lifting anything much can be quite painful, due to the operation and some arthritis. I also wear a mask when I am out and around people, as for the next two months I will be so immuno-suppressed anyone can pass anything contagious onto me. I can’t have the flu shot for months as I would get the flu from the inactive virus in it. So I look much better than I did on dialysis, but a kidney transplant requires a long and sometimes-hard recovery. It may well be as much as another six weeks before I am more normal, but I am likely to be so much better at the end of it all, I can only be deeply grateful to the person who gave me a chance at a longer and higher quality life. For one thing, after five years of a very restricted diet, I can now eat almost anything I want!


If you are willing to be an organ donor (they are urgently needed) after death, you can tell the Division of Motor Vehicles or AAA. The DMV will put a heart on your license that alerts people you are a donor. You can also register online at any time, at www. Living donors willing to give up their spare kidney either to a family member or friend, or to any match who needs it, can contact Rhode Island Hospital’s Transplant Department. There are 109, 059 people waiting for transplants across the country; every 11 minutes someone is added to the list, and each day 1 people die waiting for a donor. Please consider being an organ donor to save the life of someone like me. In the season of giving, it is the greatest gift you could give.

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(508)336-4816 • Mon-Fri 9am-8pm • Sat 9am-5pm Donna Amaral - Proprietor




What is TAP-IN? TAP-IN or Touch a Person In Need is a nonprofit agency which provides food, clothing, household furnishings and rides to people in the East Bay Communities of East Providence, Barrington, Warren and Bristol. TAP-IN has been serving the East Bay area for the past 7 years. It provides food for approximately 500 households every month, most of those-about 70%-are from East Providence. TAP-IN is an all volunteer agency with over 100 volunteers who work Monday through Friday from 9-1. An additional 50 volunteer drivers provide elderly clients with rides to medical appointments. On average more than 65 rides are provided each month. TAP-IN is well known in Barrington, where it is located on the lower level of the library building, and by the many families currently finding themselves in need during these very difficult economic times. Unfortunately, Tap In is less well know in the other communities it serves. My goal is to remedy that situation, to raise awareness of the good that is being done by this agency, to recruit new volunteers and get community support from East Providence, Bristol and Warren. This holiday season we will provide Thanksgiving baskets and market vouchers to 350 East Bay Families and will provide holiday gifts to 350 households. Donations are made by schools, churches and community organizations in the area. Fortunately, this year we are receiving food and gifts from many schools in East Providence. This is a welcome addition to the food drives being held in Barrington schools and churches. What can you do to support the work being done by TAP-IN? Donations of food, seasonal clothing for children, small appliances, dishes, glasses, sheets, comforters and towels would be gratefully accepted. Volunteer drivers are needed from East Providence, Warren and Bristol. Other volunteers are needed to work on site doing a variety of jobs from running computers, stocking shelves and serving clients. And of course monetary contributions and gift cards would be greatly appreciated. TAP-IN has not had fund raisers, but with our numbers growing every month it is more difficult to provide for all those requesting help. This year TAP-IN had to stop buying toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, detergent, and toilet paper in order to provide the food necessary for the ever increasing numbers of families in need. Donations of personal care items would be a great help. As a former East Providence teacher and Monday staff worker, I am currently serving as CO-President of TAP-IN. I would like the name TAP-IN to be recognized and supported by people in my community of East Providence as well as those in Bristol and Warren. TAP-IN, along with 3 other area food pantries, was recently given the citizenship award by the East Bay Chamber of Commerce. This recognition is greatly appreciated. Support and contributions from throughout all East Bay Communities would be even better. Sincerely, Katherine Savage, CO-President of Tap In

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December 010 The Reporter

692 Warren Avenue East Providence, RI

Heritage Your Local Real Estate Experts!

REDUCED RIVERSIDE - This is the perfect place to locate your business in this well-laid out building, can be used many ways but with approvals. Currently used as construction warehouse and office with up to date technology. $199,000 The winegard/Zannini Team

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The Reporter December 010

give a child a chance! Become a foster parent.

Tap-In Readies for Christmas

Dare Family Services is seeking caring families to provide foster care for area children. While helping a child, you will receive excellent training, 4 hour support and a tax free stipend toward the child’s care. For more information, please call 401-751-0400.

“As Reliable As The Sun”

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Many wonderful and generous donations made the Tap-In Thanksgiving program very successful, assisting about 375 East Bay families. Enrollment for the Christmas program will begin on Nov. 9, and the agency is hoping to be equally generous despite the difficult economy. Families with children will receive toys and a $0 Shaw’s Gift Card. Only new toys will be accepted during this time, and donations of $15 Gift Cards for older (15-17) children to stores such as Target and Wal-Mart as well as Movie Tickets would be greatly appreciated. Seniors households (60+) will each receive a $0 Shaw’s or Stop & Shop Gift Card and a food package. Distribution will take place on Sat., Dec.1. While no furniture can be accepted during the month, bedding and linens particularly in full, queen and king sizes are always needed and disappear as quickly as they come in. Also, the housewares closet is in need of small appliances such as toaster ovens, mixers, coffee makers, and pots and pans. Donations may be dropped off anytime during regular office hours of 9 to noon, Monday thru Friday. Please call the office at 47-1444 during those hours for any further information. Tap-In is located in the lower level of the Library building on County Road.

Big Brothers of Rhode Island launches program for children of prisoners as part of landmark partnership

East Providence, R.I., (November 3, 010) – Big Brothers of Rhode Island is recruiting volunteers to be mentors for its newest program, a groundbreaking partnership with Big Sisters of Rhode Island, The Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership and Urban League of Rhode Island. The statewide partnership, called Big Mentor League, will provide mentors for 600 children of prisoners over three years. Funding for the program comes from the federal Administration on Children, Youth and Families Mentoring Children of Prisoners program. As a partner, Big Brothers of Rhode Island will receive $150,000 over three years to create and support mentorships for 150 fatherless boys who are the sons of prisoners. “This is a breakthrough for our organization,” says Val Sinesi, Executive Director of Big Brothers of Rhode Island. “The Big Mentor League brings together the strongest mentoring agencies in the state to reach out to hundreds of at-risk children, to give them positive role models and powerful friendships. Because of this collaboration, Big Brothers of Rhode Island will be able to bring life-changing Big Brothers to more children of incarcerated parents than we ever have before.” In order to expand opportunities for children of prisoners to receive Big Brothers, the agency needs to recruit 50 new Big Brothers this year. “Volunteers who join the Big Mentor League will discover that mentoring is rewarding beyond compare. I urge men who are interested in becoming Big Brothers to apply now,” says Mr. Sinesi. Big Brothers of Rhode Island’s mission is to improve the quality of life of at-risk boys who have no father and no positive male role model in their homes. The organization provides mentors for eligible children at no cost to their families, relying instead on local donors, fundraising events and grants to support the quality public service that Big Brothers of R.I. has offered across the state since 195. Enrollment is underway for qualifying Little Brothers, as well. Big and Little Brother applications are available online at www. For more information, contact Val Sinesi at Big Brothers of Rhode Island, (401) 43-9955 or mentoring@

December 2010 The Reporter


About Big Brothers of Rhode Island

Big Brothers of Rhode Island has been working to improve the quality of life of at-risk, fatherless boys and single-parent families in Rhode Island communities for 58 years. Our one-on-one mentoring programs benefit hundreds of fatherless boys statewide by providing them with life-changing mentors. Big Brothers mentoring is an enriching out-of-school experience that’s provided at no cost to eligible children. A boy who receives a Big Brother is less likely to use drugs or alcohol, engage in violence or skip school. He improves his grades, his behavior at home and in school and his self-confidence. Big Brothers of Rhode Island provides ongoing professional support to volunteers and families to promote healthy, meaningful relationships between Big and Little Brothers and improve each child’s opportunities for success in life. Big Brothers of Rhode Island, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization.

Happy Holidays!

The Brown Bag Lunch Program has been going strong for over a year and a half. We have been able to provide so much to the families of the Crossroads of RI Family Center in Providence such as clothing, pantry & toiletry items, back to school items, winter coats, gloves, scarves and so much more thanks to everyone’s help. Now that the holidays are approaching we will be sponsoring the “adopt a family” program for the Family Center as we did last year. If you are interested in “adopting a family” for this holiday season please send me an email at or visit us at Thanks and many blessings.

No Frills, No Bills, Just…

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The Reporter December 010

People in the News

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Now thru December

507 North Broadway East Providence

• TVS • Appliances • Choice Meats • Other Prizes Proceeds To Benefit The Crescent Park Carousel Restoration

Experienced Realtor Peter Leddy joins Weichert, Realtors® - Tirrell Realty

Peter Leddy, a 10-year real estate professional, has joined Weichert, Realtors® - Tirrell Realty following a two-year affiliation with Exit Realty. A specialist in residential sales, he serves clients in Barrington, East Providence and Pawtucket. He is a member of the Greater Providence Board of Realtors®. Leddy’s credentials include the GRI (Graduate, Realtors® Institute) and the ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) designations. During his real estate career, the Riverside resident has been honored as a multi-million dollar producing agent. Weichert, Realtors® - Tirrell Realty is located in Riverside.

Children’s Place Donates Food to East Bay Community Action Program

Parents and students of the Children’s Place delivered boxes of donated food items to East Bay Community Action Program (EBCAP) on Friday, November 19th. This is the 0th year the Children’s Place has participated in an annual food drive for its community. The Children’s Place held a Thanksgiving Food Drive from November 1st – November 19th. Families, friends, and faculty brought in non-perishable food items and gift certificates for EBCAP’s holiday food baskets. Related lesson plans for the children (aged 3 – 6) emphasized the spirit of giving. The food drive was organized by members of the Rumford Parent’s Advisory Council.


Families, friends, and faculty from the Children's Place brought in non-perishable food items and gift certificates for EBCAP’s holiday food baskets.

December 2010 The Reporter


Roots & Shoots

Our Roots & Shoots group recently took on a project to collect work gloves and garden gloves for volunteer workers from the National Wildlife Federation. The volunteers are working directly to clean up animals and their habitats after the gulf coast oil spill. The members of the Roots & Shoots group, Matthew Patrone, Gabrielle Patrone, Ethan Wright and Maya Wright, are all students at Alice M. Waddington Elementary School in Riverside. The school-wide effort of the Feinstein Scholars/Waddington Wizards resulted in the donation of 34 pairs of gloves and gift cards to purchase other needed items such as tools and plants. Roots & Shoots is the Jane Goodall Institute’s global environmental and humanitarian program for youth. In classrooms, community-based clubs and youth groups, Roots & Shoots members plan and participate in activities and service projects that promote care and concern for the environment, animals and the human community. For more information, please visit www.

East Providence Resident Named to Transition Team

Riverside resident, and Bay View Academy grad, Margaret Holland McDuff was appointed to Governor-Elect Chafee’s transition team. Margaret Holland McDuff, 44, of East Providence, Rhode Island, is CEO of one of the state’s oldest and largest human service and education non-profits, Family Service of Rhode Island. The agency, under Holland McDuff’s leadership, has become a leader in creating strategic partnerships to improve services to children and families in crisis. Recently the partnership she fostered between her agency and the Providence Police Department received the national MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award. In the spring, she received the national Child Welfare Leadership Award, given annually by the Alliance for Children and Families, an association of nonprofit human service agencies in the United States and Canada. The award recognizes individuals making significant impact on children’s issues. In 2008, she led the successful merger between AIDS Project RI and her agency. In 2007, under her leadership, Lucy’s Hearth, a Middletown, Rhode Island shelter for homeless women and children, became an affiliate of Family Service of Rhode Island. She’s founder and current president of the Ocean State Network for Children and Families and a founder and the current treasurer of the Quality Care Company, both collaborations of human service providers. Under her direction, Family Service of Rhode Island has collaborated with Providence, Central Falls, North Kingstown and Westerly school districts to address behavioral health barriers to academic performance. One of her latest undertakings is creating Providence Children’s Initiative, a partnership of an array of nonprofits, government, businesses and private individuals, to develop a pre-cradle through college system of services for low-income Providence children and families. Providence Children’s Initiative, supported by Providence Mayor-elect Angel Taveras, is inspired by the celebrated Harlem Children’s Zone, profiled by “60 Minutes,” and the movie “Waiting for Superman.” Among her various statewide leadership positions, Holland McDuff serves on the Rhode Island Community Food Bank’s board of directors; was head of the Mayor’s Substance Abuse Prevention Council in Providence, and is former co-chair of the Rhode Island Children’s Policy Coalition. She was a member of continued on page 25...

The members of the Roots & Shoots group, (shown left to right), Matthew Patrone, Gabrielle Patrone, Ethan Wright and Maya Wright, are all students at Alice M. Waddington Elementary School in Riverside.

Seekonk Auto Salvage, Inc. Automobile Recycling

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Live Entertainment Every Friday & Saturday. Karaoke on Sunday. 535 North Broadway, East Providence RI

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The Reporter December 2010

East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce


New Chamber Members!

CW 28 Television - WLWC Kimco Sales, Inc. Steve Howitt - MA State Rep 4th District TD Bank WD and Associates


Congratulations to the Chamber's Annual Award Recipients! The East Providence Area Chamber held its Annual Meeting & Dinner on November 17, 2010. The event was held at the Eleven Forty Nine East Restaurant in Seekonk with one hundred and ten chamber members and guests.

2010 Business of the Year Capital City Financial Corporation

Karen Adams, news anchor WPRI-TV and FOX/Providence, was recognized by the Chamber for her volunteerism in the community. Johnathon Birs, president of Capital City Financial Corporation, with Christine St. Hilaire, East Providence Area Chamber board chairman.

2010 Board Member of the Year Arthur Dwyer

2010 Chamber Member of the Year Liz Goodheart

Serving the communities of East Providence & Barrington, RI and Seekonk & Rehoboth, MA

Visit the Chamber's Web site for Chamber Calendar of Events, directory of member businesses, news & more

East Providence Area Chamber of Commerce 1011 Waterman Avenue East Providence, Rhode Island 02914 phone: 401.438.1212 fax: 401.435.4581 email:

December 010 The Reporter Governor Donald Carcieri’s transition team on health care. She has served on the Rhode Island Kids Count board of directors, the United Way of Rhode Island’s advisory board, and Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island provider council. She is a 010 Rhode Island Foundation Fellow. In 005, her agency received the Excellence in a Nonprofit Organization award from the Providence Business News, the first non-profit to receive the honor; also in 005, she was recognized as an up and coming community leader by the publication. A Bay View Academy graduate, she has an MBA from Bryant University and an MA from Rhode Island College. She and her husband Michael are parents of two boys, Matthew and Thomas, and are active at St. Luke’s Parish in Barrington and Barrington Christian Academy.


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ty Construction t a B Specializing in Kitchen & Bathrooms

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They Are Artists for the Bay!

Artists for Save The Bay Exhibition and Sale, presented by Ocean Capital, would not (401) 435-4795 be possible without East Providence residents. Now in its fifth year, the Artists for Save The Bay Exhibition and Sale represents the Cell (401) 639-7230 region’s largest and most popular Bay-themed art show. The event was created by and depends entirely on painters, photographers and sculpPeter Batty tors inspired by the Bay and its watershed, some of whom live in your community. RI Reg. # 33335 / MA Reg. # CS51340 In East Providence, one artist is taking part in this year’s event, which kicks off with RESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL an opening reception Nov. 1 and runs through Dec.  at the Save The Bay Center in Providence. Our artists are available for profile feature stories acknowledging their contributions and reflecting on how the Bay influences their Holiday gift Certificates artistry. We can arrange interviews and, of course, we can provide $15 Fill • $25 Full Set Available now! great examples of their work. $20 Pedicure As you may know, part of the event’s proceeds benefits Save The Bay programs – including school-based programs and habitat restoration projects in East Providence. 50% Off Services with East Providence artists include: Kathleen Weber Allison and Donna!!! For more information on the show, visit our Web site at http:// Client Booster Special • with coupon only coupons expire 1-15-11

About Save The Bay

Founded in 1970, Save The Bay is a non-profit organization working to protect, restore and explore Narragansett Bay and its watershed. Save The Bay believes the Bay’s future depends on tomorrow’s leaders understanding how important the Bay is to our economy, environment and quality of life. The organization offers education programs to schools, community groups and the general public; protects Narragansett Bay by advocating for Bay-friendly legislation, reviewing permits and raising public awareness; and restores the Bay to full health through its extensive habitat restoration program.

We accept competitor pricing!!!

401 Bullocks Point Avenue Riverside RI 02915

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Classes in Ballet, Pointe, Lyric, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Acro-Gym, Kids Ballroom - PreSchool-Adult Call Now & Join The Fun Director: Jo-Ann Donnelly Assistant Director: Shannon Ashton Artist, Kathleen Weber.

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The Reporter December 010

Snowblower Service Since 1986




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East Providence Residents Participated in the 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

On November 5th, 010 Sara Chase (East Providence High School sophomore) and Regina LaPietra (LaSalle Academy freshman) participated in the 4th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sara and Regina are dance students at Rosemary’s School of Dance and are part of a group of 15 girls who performed with the Spirit of America Dance Team in New York City on Thanksgiving Day. The girls performed the opening number at Herald Square and also escorted Santa Claus in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Offer Expires 1-15-11

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greenwood Credit union appoints 2 to Senior Vice President

Marianne Barao, of East Providence, RI, has been promoted to senior vice president of retail banking. She joined GCU in 1994 as Branch Operations Manager. Al Ferri, of Rumford, has been promoted to senior vice president of commercial lending. Joining GCU eleven years ago, he began as Commercial Loan Officer.




Sara Chase (East Providence High School sophomore) and Regina LaPietra (LaSalle Academy freshman).

C.grant & Sons


EXCAVATION New Foundations & Additions Complete Site Work

Specializing in Sewer & Water New Installations & Repairs

Licensed & Insured

(401) 433-2475

RI Reg. 0009731

Marianne Barao.

Al Ferri.

December 010 The Reporter


Club News & Announcements Santa Never Fails to Spread Holiday Cheer in East Providence

He is scheduled to travel the coastline by boat and circle the Ponham Rocks Lighthouse on December 4th. For more information, photos and updates, visit the Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Web site at or their page on Facebook:

RBNA Wishes All their Neighbors a Happy Holiday Season

East Providence, RI 1/01/10 -- The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association, (RBNA) wishes all their neighbors a safe and happy holiday season. As we come to the close of 010 we have great possibilities for the upcoming year. Meetings are held on the LAST Tuesday of month at 6:00 p.m. and as always we encourage our neighbors and business owners to attend. Due to the busy holiday season we will NOT meet during the month of December but will resume on Tuesday January 5th 011 at 6 p.m. The meetings are held at the East Providence Boys & Girls Club located on 115 Williams Street. We thank our all our supporters who helped make our Neighborhood Food Drive a great success. It was our pleasures to make giving back to our neighbors in need our community service project. The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association’ mission is to work in partnership with organizations, businesses, and officials seeking to improve the City of East Providence’ Red Bridge neighborhoods preserve and promote our diverse, urban community as a safe, vibrant, and sustainable place to work, live, and play. RBNA also will provide neighbors with resources to solve community problems and opportunities, to become a powerful voice in the neighborhoods planning and development. Ultimately, we want to strengthen relationships among neighbors to build community and civic involvement. The RBNA Wishes all our Neighbors a Safe & Happy Holiday Season! Red Bridge Neighborhood Assoc. Julie Silva, Vice President


15% OFF Any Tree work



Seekonk, MA

(508) 336-4869

Everyone is Cordially Invited to a

Business Network Event by Synergy Partners

Tuesday, January 11th • 5:30-7:30pm Bring Business Cards!

at Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant Route 6, Seekonk, MA

RSVP Joanne at:


The Reporter December 2010

East Providence Historical Society

Ringing in the Holidays!

Holiday Party with the Concert Handbell Ringers of the Wheeler School

Monday, December 13, 6:00 p.m.

Newman Church, 100 Newman Ave., Rumford, RI Gather around with friends and family and enjoy a delicious traditional turkey dinner catered by the talented cooks of the East Providence Historical Society. The celebrated Concert Handbell Ringers of the Wheeler School will perform a variety of holiday and familiar songs.

These dedicated young ringers have performed with the Rhode Island Philharmonic and at many regional and national handbell festivals. Handbell Director Dan Moore will also discuss the Wheeler Handbells Program, the accomplishments of the students and highlights of the 29 year history of performances. To make your reservation, call 401.438.1750. Cost: $10 for members; $12 for non-members. The East Providence Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage and enjoying the history of our city.

John Hunt House Museum - Open

Sunday, December 12, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Hunts Mill Road, Rumford, RI

Riverside Circle# 28, Daughters of Isabella

Riverside Circle# 28, Daughters of Isabella is planning a Christmas Party for its December meeting. The party will be held at the Davenport Restaurant in East Providence on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $16.00 per person, and there will be three (3) menu choices. Members are asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Marine Toy for tots program, which will be given to the Marines at the Christmas party. Please call Alice, 433-0427 or Helen H 433-1702 for information and reservations.

The Reporter is the only paper MAILED FREE to 100% of East Providence!

Santa’s Arrival & Tree Lighting

010 The Reporter Sponsored by EP December Parks & Recreation

Friday, December 10 Santa’s Arrival & Tree Lighting

East Providence Parks & Recreation 2010 Turkey Trot Road Race Results

Sponsored by EP Parks & Recreation City Hall Doors Open 5pm

Friday, December 10 Santa Arrives 6:30pm City Hall Doors Open 5pm

Santa Arrives 6:30pm

The East Providence Parks & Recreation Department sponsored the 30th annual Turkey Trot Charity Road Race on Saturday, November 0, 010. There were 45 runners in the 4.3 mile fun run. Special thanks to race official Edward Cronan, the East Providence Police Dept., and Recreation Dept. staff for their assistance and dedication. Race results are as follows: Winner of the Edward Cronan Sr. Memorial trophy is Tom Wharton. This award is presented to the first East Providence resident to finish the race. Division Winners: Junior (1 & under): Daniel Simonds (30:30) Open (19-39): Tom Wharton (4:09) & Kim Gustafson (30:31) Master (40-49): Lawrence Walker (7:10) & Kimberly Koness (34:30) Senior (50-59): Terry Wnek (7:10) Grand Master (60-69): Bill Andrade (:31) Diamond Master (70+): Bob Burnett (37:54) The following lists all face finishers: Tom Wharton, 4:09; Andrew Sabourin, 4:55; Lawrence Walker, 7:10; Terry Wnek, 7:0; Edward Fitzpatrick, 7:5; Bill Andrade, :31; Paul Morrissey, :3; Daniel Simonds, 30:30; Kim Gustafson, 30:31; Glenn Delross, 30:41; David Martin, 31:53; Christian Horne, 31:5; Pat LaChance, 3:35; Frank Baker, 33:3; Lauren McKivergan, 34:09; Luis Anastacio, 34:4; Kimberly Koness 34:30; Igor Levitsky 35:0; Devon Goodwin, 35:46; Dave Simmons, 36:49; Dilia Medeiros, 37:17; Bob Burnett, 37:54; Felicia Lariviere, 3:11; Sherry Royall, 3:43; Brian Drianville, 3:44; Dean Bate, 39:34; Susan Clemens, 40:16; John McGowan, 40:59; Pat Kurzynski, 43:49; Paul Pare, 43:0; Heather Zanati, 43:5; Pauline Panarello, 44:19; Chuck Hyson, 44:45; Douglas Procter, 45:50; James O’Reilly, 46:4; Stan Kurzynski, 47:04; Fred Zuleger, 47:39; Jackie Bate, 4:56; Jim Maloney, 4:56

Holiday Carol Sing-A-Long with The Caring Clown Ministry with Holiday Carol Sing-A-Long

Courtesy United Methodist/Linn The Caring Clown MinistryHealthcare Ctr. Courtesy United Methodist/Linn Healthcare Ctr.

“A Visit With Scrooge” “A Visit With Scrooge” Live Live Participation Participation Stage Stage Show Show by by Fountain Fountain Street Street Creative Creative 6:30-8:30pm - Council Auditorium SANTA’S CRAFT SHOP

SANTA’S CRAFT SHOP & Free Refreshments! & Free Refreshments! 3rd Floor - Baked Goods . Crafts Hand Made Jewelry & More! 3rd Floor - Baked Goods . Crafts Hand Made Jewelry & More!

Winter Is Upon Us


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The Reporter December 010



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• Free Set of Standard Wiper Blades • Free Car Wash • Lube, Oil Change & New Filter (Up To 5 Quarts Of A Major Brand Oil) • Top Off Coolant & Other Fluids Under The Hood • Complete Tire Rotation • Check Tread Depth On All Four Tires • Adjust Tire Pressure To Manufacturer’s Specs • Evaluate Brake Condition • Inspect Battery Terminals & Connections • Examine All Belts & Hoses For Cracks & Proper Tension • Regularly $64.00 RR1 *TPMS charges may apply. Special oil, filters or wipers may result in extra charges. Special antifreeze types may result in extra charges. Environmental fees extra. Shop supplies extra. Most vehicles. No other discounts apply. Offer ends 12-20-10. Redeem at New England Tire.

SAVE $11.00

PLUS TAX, $2.50 HAZARDOUS WASTE FEE Must present this coupon to get this price. $19.95 Monday Through Saturday

Includes: • Lube, where applicable • New oil filter installed • Up to 5 quarts major brand oil • Special oils & filter types will result in extra charges • Most U.S. & Import cars • Regular price - $30.95 Shop supplies extra. No other discounts apply. Offer ends 12-20-10. RR Redeem at New England Tire. Seekonk store only.

nEW EnGlAnD TIRE Car Care Centers 1416 Fall River Ave. - Rte. 6

SEEKONK, MA 508-336-2170


visit us at

Also in:

1590 Warwick Avenue WARWICK, RI • 401-737-1400 44 North Main Street ATTLEBORO, MA • 508-222-0367 515 South Main Street MANSFIELD, MA • 508-261-6100

December 010 The Reporter


Events & Activities Christmas Toy Drive Dinner Sunday, December 11th

Get Holiday Ready at

Sponsored by Bishop Hickey KofC # 3623 Please join us on Saturday, December 11th, 010 from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. for a Dinner & Dance to celebrate the Holiday’s and collects Toys for local deserving children. The event will take place at Bishop Hickey K of C Council located 50 Crescent View Drive, Riverside RI. The evening is promised to be filled with holiday joy and fun! Music Provided by DJ Bill Thomas and you will love listening to holiday tunes and dancing the night away. Evening also to include Dinner, Raffle, Toy Drive, Cash Bar and a surprise or too! Toy Drive to benefits Children’s Friend for children ages 0 – 16 yrs old. (Toys, Books, Games etc…) Ticket Donation: $0.00pp & a New Unwrapped Toy Donation For Ticket purchase or more information please call Chairman Joe Silva at (401) 434-3556 or email Tickets need to be ordered by December 6th and are limited due to hall capacity. Do not miss out Contact us Today!

The Rhode Island Wind Ensemble “Rocky Point Holiday Concert” December 12th

Treat yourself to a Shellac Manicure & receive a free toe polish change

Get a Pureology Deep Conditoning Indulgence with blow dry & receive a free pureology hair product

Hair • Nails •

462 Willett Avenue, Riverside, RI 401-632-0004

Roll In 2011! with the

Bowling Academy

Fun For Everyone! Great Value! Thursday December 31, 2010 (Four convenient times)

Noon Year’s Eve Party: noon - 2pm New Year’s Eve Parties: 4pm - 6pm • 6:30pm - 8:30pm • 9pm - 11pm The Rhode Island Wind Ensemble will present “Rocky Point Holiday Concert” on Sunday, December 1, 010, at :00 P.M. in the RISD Auditorium, 17 Canal Street in Providence. The concert will benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, and admission will be a cash or non-perishable food donation at the door. The Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation is sponsoring this unique concert, which features music by Rhode Island composers, including George M. Cohan, Bill Conti, Dee Dee Cumming, Ron Nelson, and Roger Cichy. Further information: or

Pizza & Soft Drinks, Shoe Rental, 2 Hours of Extreme Rock N'Bowl Only $11.99 per person Reserve your spot today! Limited space available! 354 Taunton Avenue • East Providence, RI 02914



The Reporter December 010

We’ve Teamed Up! Lezaola Insurance & Insurance House Group Now servicing Massachusetts & Rhode Island residents

HAPPY Christina Lezaola


Kenneth Thompson, Jr.

For All Your Insurance Needs

• Home • Auto • Life • Business • Boats • Motorcycle

Call Today for a Free Quote

Madeline Meets the Nutcracker

Rhode Island’s ballet theatre (RIbt) announces its upcoming Holiday show: “Madeline Meets the Nutcracker”. Nancy McAuliffe, Artistic Director for RIbt, says “this annual holiday show is a great show for younger audiences with story lines that are well known to children and with the focus of the presentation for them. They relate well to our young dancers and especially enjoy going to get autographs from the characters after the show. Our dancers enjoy that as well! Also, anyone named Madeline, with an id, gets free entrance to the show.” The performance is at East Greenwich High School on Avenger Drive in East Greenwich. Show time is 3 p.m. on December 1th. Reserved seating tickets for $15 or $5 can be ordered in advance at 401-47-5301, or purchased at the door. Refreshments and boutique items will be available in the lobby.

Fax: (401) 434-8698

(401) 434-7203 (401) 434-6990


To all the Citizens of Ward 1 for your support.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays & happy New year! - From Charlie Tsonos,

East Providence School Committee Ward 1

& Family

Madeline Meets the Nutcracker postcard photo (Source photo #0597)

Not getting Better? Tough Cases Welcome Back Pain Neck Pain Disc Problems Sciatica Fibromyalgia

Hip Pain Migraines Carpel Tunnel Digestion Problems

I get Results

Call Today: 401-433-3600 Offer expires: Jan 31, 2011

Dr. Rodger Lincoln D.C.

9 Forbes St. Riverside, RI

[Rhode Island’s ballet theatre (RIbt) is a classical ballet company training talented young dancers ages 9-1 for the stage. Admission to be a member of RIbt is through audition only, held twice a year. Call 40147-5301 for more information or visit RIbt’s website]



Consultation & Spinal Evaluation $25 Insurance rules apply

Call 508.252.6575 To Advertise

December 010 The Reporter

Big Brothers of Rhode Island

Our 6th annual Holiday Cash Raffle

Please go to or call (401) 432-9955 to purchase your tickets today.

Grand prize is $10,000 cash!

Plus, tickets will be drawn for a total of $5,000 in cash prizes, gift certificates and more (read on for details). Only 3,000 tickets will be sold. Odds of winning are 1 in 100. $5 per ticket To buy tickets online, go to, click “Donate,” then select “Holiday Cash Raffle” from the donation category list.

Drawing Sunday, December 12, 2010 at the Little Brothers’ Christmas Party • 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Smithfield Lodge of Elks; 326 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, R.I. All are welcome. Winners need not be present. Cash Prizes: 1st prize - $10,000; nd prize $5,000; 3rd prize - $,500; 4th - th prizes - $1,000; 9th - 1th prizes - $500; 13th prize - $50; 14th -15th prizes - $15

Fogarty Auto Body, Inc. Serving Southern New England's Auto Body Needs For Over 60 Years

* Certified Collision Experts * Professional Guaranteed Service * Painting / Expert Color Matching * We handle all Insurance Claims * License # 76


2258 Pawtucket Ave • East Providence, RI

Additional Prizes will include:

A Pair of Custom Made Oak Step Stools; Two Round Trip Conway Coach Tickets – Casino; $50 Community Teachers Federal Credit Union Savings Bond; Eight DJ’s Carwash Tickets; A Pair of Boston Bruins Tickets; Dave’s Marketplace Sweets Basket ($45 value); $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Certificate; $100 Benny’s Gift Certificate; $50 Gift Certificates to local fine dining restaurants. Andy Gallonio, Chairman & Val Sinesi, Executive Director Big Brothers of Rhode Island, Inc. 3300 Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence, RI 02915 phone: (401) 432-9955, fax: (401) 808-6586, mentoring@

Riverside Raiders Lobster and Meat Raffle Huge Christmas Extravaganza Saturday December 18th Doors Open at 12:30 Raffle Drawings start at 2:00 Knights of Columbus Hall, CCOB; Crescent View Avenue, Riverside RI

(No Raffle Dec 25 or Jan 1) All Welcome Over $3000 in Prizes! Meats, Lobsters, TV, Bicycles, LapTop Computer, Cash Raffles, and more

Happy Holidays!!!



December 11th,2010 At 7pm To be held at the Bishop Hickey K of C Council Hall 50 Crescent View Drive Riverside, RI 02915 Ticket Donation : $20.00 pp & an New UNWRAPPED Toy (Ages 0 - 16 yrs Old) for Children's Friends. For Tickets or Information please call.

Chairman Joe Silva (401) 434-3556


The Reporter December 010

"Your Propane Specialist"

Arrow Gas

(508) 674-4055 • (800) 447-1192

For All Your Propane Needs 24 Hour Emergency Service ~ Budget Plan ~ 1499 GAR Highway, Swansea, MA ~ SALES & SERVICE ~ Automatic Delivery


We hope you enjoy receiving the East Providence Reporter!

support the local Businesses that make this all possible!

fast with San k a e ta r B Saturday December 18th 10am-12pm at

3348 Pawtucket Ave • Riverside, RI 02915


Give to The Kids Come Decorate Giving Tree Your Donut!

Now thru December 18th Donate Toys, Kids Coats, Hats, Gloves, Etc...

sponsored by East Bay Community Action

Refreshments & Goodies

STOP & SEE The East Providence POLICE & East Providence FIREFIGHTERS Cars & Trucks

Local Resident Walks a Marathon to Help Fight Leukemia January 9th

Donna Drew is very excited to be able to actively support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a member of the LLS’ Team In Training. On January 9, 011 Donna will take on the challenge of completing a full marathon (6. miles) at Walt Disney World in Orlando in honor of Rhode Island’s cancer patients and their families. She is thrilled to unite her passion for marathons with an opportunity to support a great cause like cancer research and patient financial aid. Leukemia is the number one cause of death in children between the ages of 1-14 and takes the lives of 50,000 people each year. Currently Donna is asking the community for support in her fundraising efforts by contributing as generously as possible to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on her behalf. A full 76.% of every dollar the LLS receives through fundraising will fund the research being done to find a cure for blood cancer as well as support patient financial aid and co-pay assistance programs and support groups right here in RI. Increased funding is the key to finding a cure and it can’t be done without the support of people like you! Donations can be mailed on Donna’s behalf to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of RI, C/O Donna Drew, 110 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, RI 090. Donations can also be made online at No amount is too small to make a BIG difference in the lives of people fighting these awful diseases. Thank you in advance for your donation.

Church Events Our Lady of Loreto 346 Waterman Avenue

Life in Christ: A Course in Christian Morality December 16th • 7:00-8:00 P.M.

Father Joseph R. Upton, assistant pastor at St. Francis of Assisi in Wakefield, will present a course on Christian morality at Our Lady of Loreto, 346 Waterman Avenue, East Prov RI. The course will survey the Church’s teaching on the moral life. Monthly sessions will be held on Thurs in the parish meeting room (side door of the rectory). The next session will be on Thursday, December 16th. 7:00 - :00 P.M. The subject will be “The Moral Virtues: Justice, Fortitude, Temperance & Prudence”. Although there is no fee, it is necessary to register by calling 434-3535. Please leave your name, telephone number, and parish affiliation. Contact: Carol Owens (401) 434-3535; Email:

Scripture Study December 21st • 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.

Timothy Reid, who holds a Master Degree in Theology from Providence College, will be presenting the continuing Scripture Study program at Our Lady of Loreto, 346 Waterman Avenue, East Prov RI. The sessions will be held in the parish meeting room (side door of the rectory). The next session will be on Tuesday, December 1st 7:00 - :00 P.M. The subject will be on “Titus & Philemon”. Although there is no fee – it is necessary to register by calling 4343535 and leaving your name, telephone number and parish. Contact: Carol Owens (401) 434-3535; Email:

December 010 The Reporter

Newman Congregational Church, uCC in Rumford


East Providence FOPA


Christmas Activities

December 4th - 14th Annual Missions Bazaar from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. December 1th - Christmas play “Lost & Found� at 4:00 p.m. with performances by Newman’s Christmas Orchestra December 19th - Community Carol Sing at 4:00 p.m. with performances from the youth & adult choirs and Providence Adult String Ensemble (PASE). Christmas Eve Services, December 4th at 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. with festive prelude music beginning at 10:30 p.m. All are welcome and invited to attend these time-honored traditions.

Now thru 4/3/11 Sundays at 2pm



ne Mo

s fe a R

n che n t i K pe O

A Living Creche at Seekonk Congregational Church

Woodward Ave East Providence, RI


t rea

Trinity Brotherhood

es Priz

December 20 through December 23

A Living Creche, the 5th annual presentation of the Christmas Story, will take place in front of the Seekonk Congregational Church yard at 600 Fall River Avenue, beginning at 7:07 P.M. each evening December 0th through December 3rd with carols and readings from the biblical account of Jesus’ birth. Participants include a baby from the congregation, as well as youth and adults portraying shepherds and magi. Live sheep are also imported for the week! Bring family and friends to experience the true meaning of the season. Hot chocolate will be served. On Christmas Eve, the living tableau of the manger scene will be a part of the worship services. During those services, the joyous sounds of Christmas carols will ring out. The public is most welcome to visit the church and view the Living Creche, from the December 0th through the 3rd, and/or attend any of the Christmas Eve services. Christmas Eve Services: 5:00 P.M. & 11:00 P.M. All Welcome.

ig^c^in gZeZgidgn XdbeVcn

Celebrate the holiday season with us!


Church of the Epiphany (Episcopal) 1336 Pawtucket Ave. Rumford, RI 02908

Encounter god. At a new time. In a new way. Sundays, 6 p.m. starting November 28

Join us Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. for a feast of light and incense, chants and hymns, Scripture and a joyful celebration of Holy Communion. Worship is followed by a light supper. Newcomers, friends, and people of all ages are welcome and expected. Come be fed. More Info: Web site; Telephone (401) 4345012; Email –

BEBQUFECZ+PF-BOESZrDec. 3 – Jan. 2 88853*/*5:3&1$0.r(401) 351-4242 8"4)*/(50/45r1307*%&/$&r3*r 4&"40/410/403&%#:


The Reporter December 010

EAST PROVIDENCE PUBLIC LIBRARIES East Providence library locations wEAVER MEMORIAL LIBRARY 41 Grove Avenue, East Providence, RI 401-434-2453 Monday - Thursday 9-8; Friday & Saturday 9-5 FuLLER BRANCH LIBRARY 260 Dover Avenue, East Providence, RI 401-434-1136 Monday & wednesday 10-6; Friday 10-5 RIVERSIDE BRANCH LIBRARY 475 Bullocks Point Avenue, Riverside, RI 401-433-4877 Monday – Thursday 10-8; Friday & Saturday 10-5 RuMFORD BRANCH LIBRARY 1392 Pawtucket Avenue, Rumford, RI 401-434-8559 Tuesday & Thursday 10-6; Saturday 10-5

Thank You OO SENATOR OO to the Voters Daniel DaPonte

of East Providence for (AVEFUNATTHE(ERITAGE&ESTIVAL your continued support.

Weaver Library

41 Grove Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

Save The Date!

The Mob and Me: Wise guys and the Witness Protection Program with Arlene Violet Monday, January 10, 2011 7:00 P.M.

Former Rhode Island Attorney General Arlene Violet will speak about her new book The Mob and Me: Wise Guys and the Witness Protection Program which she wrote in collaboration with the late John Partington. A story that Ms. Violet felt had to be told, The Mob and Me recounts Partington’s experiences guarding such people as ex-boxer and vicious Patriarca hit man Joe “The Animal” Barboza, and Vinny Teresa, a moneymaker for the mob who would later write the book, “My Life In the Mafia.” Books will be available for purchase and signing. This program is free and open to all. Questions? Contact Librarian Joyce May at eplibraryjoyce@ or 434-453.

December Activities for Children

Santa Visit – all ages Thurs, Dec. 9, 3:00-5:00

Bring your camera to take photos with Santa Claus. We will also be decorating holiday cookies.

Crafts – all ages


Happy Holidays from Senator Daniel Da Ponte & Family District 14 Paid for Friends of Daniel DaPonte

Dec. 7, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. – Reindeer Ornaments @ Riverside Dec. 7, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – Santa Card Holder @ Rumford Dec. 13, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – Spoon Angel @ Fuller Dec. 1, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – Gingerbread Garland @ Rumford

Crafts – for ages 10 and up

Thursday, Dec. 9, 3:00-5:00 p.m. – Duct Tape Gifts @ Rumford Thursday, Dec. 3, 3:00–5:00 p.m. – Ornaments @ Rumford

Charity Day @ Weaver

Earn community services credit while engaging in the project of your choice. Ongoing projects include knitting blanket squares (we’ll provide needles & yarn and teach you how) and writing letters to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. Monday, Dec. 13, :30 – 4:30, grades 4 Group through adult

Picerne Real Estate is currently accepting applications for those seeking federally subsidized housing for the elderly, handicapped or permanently disabled under the Section 8 Program.



Contact the following communities to be placed on our waiting list in your area: *Crescent Park Manor, East Providence (433-3100) *Taunton Plaza, East Providence (434-4547) Picerne Real Estate Group provides equal housing opportunity.

Animanga group @ Weaver December 6, 3-4:00 p.m., ages 10 & up

Chat about anime and manga, share fan fiction and art, watch short anime, draw your favorite characters, etc. while sampling Japanese snacks.

Teen ‘Zine Workshop @ Weaver

Monday, Dec. 20, 3-4:00 p.m., ages 10 & up

Come and share your poems, stories,

December 010 The Reporter


opinion letters, art, etc. You can work on your submissions with us at the library, or work from home and submit your entries to or drop off at one of the four EP libraries.

STAMP CLuB @ Weaver

Saturdays, 2:00-3:30 - December 4

Grades 1 & up. Limited to 5 participants. Call 434-453 to register. There are still openings. Participants will build a US stamp collection, and try some topical stamp collecting. Other activities include First Day Covers, event covers, and even Polar Philately! Children will have the chance to build stamp exhibits and put them on display at the RI Philatelic Society’s annual stamp show. For more information, contact the location where the activity is being held, or the main Youth Services Department at 434-2453.

December School Vacation Week Activities for Children Crafts – all ages

Wednesday, Dec. 29, 10:30am – Snowman Wall hanging @ Fuller

Animal Experiences with Dave Marchetti

Thurs., Dec. 30, 10am, ages 3 & older @ Weaver

Unlimited text, email, data & web plus 300 talk minutes



No contracts. No credit checks. 912 Broadway • E. Providence, RI 02914 • (401) 435-8050

Kingdom Cruzers

East Bay Chapter – CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) E-mail

Meet and learn about several animals including snakes, turtles, tree frogs, lizards, a hedgehog, a chinchilla, and more. Children will be allowed to hold the animals at the end of the program.

*Meeting - Last Thursday of the month *Chelo's Restaurant, 911 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI * Meeting 7pm to 9pm

Book Swap Party

CMA information:

Wed., Dec. 29, 6:30 p.m., all ages @ Weaver

Tired of those books you’ve read 10 times? Swap them for new ones at our book swap party. Simply bring along any book(s) you would like to pass on to others your age and take home some new used reads.


Tues., Dec. 28, 11-2:00, all ages @ Rumford

Read at the library, and receive a prize for each 0 minute period of reading you complete.


Tues., Dec. , -3:00, grades 1-5 @ Weaver Play Wii games with your friends. (Just Dance, Mario Kart, Mario Carnival Games, Wii Sports). Tues., Dec. , 3-4:00, grades 6-1 @ Weaver Play Wii games with your friends. (Just Dance, Mario Kart, Mario Carnival Games, Wii Sports). Thurs., Dec. 30, 1-5:00, all ages @ Rumford Play Board Games. Thurs., Dec. 30, -3:00, all ages @ Riverside Play BINGO for prizes!

Movies & Munchies

Tues., Dec. 28, 6:00, ages 10 & up @ Riverside

Watch the movie: Elf (95 min., rated PG) & enjoy movie snacks.

Thurs., Dec. 30, 6:00, ages 10 & up @ Weaver

Enjoy a night at the movies—popcorn included! We will provide a selection of movies for you to choose from. For more information, contact the location where the activity is being held, or the main Youth Services Department at 434-2453.


The Reporter December 010

Identity Theft: Prevention & Survival


A-1 Custom Auto Body 44 Pawtucket Avenue East Providence, RI 0914

(401) 438-1994 (401) 434-4774

Great Service • Great Quality

Wednesday, December 8th 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Riverside Branch Library

In this presentation you will learn how criminals trick unsuspecting victims to reveal personal information. Learn the difference between scam and legitimate websites, emails, and phone calls. Find out what you must do to protect yourself and what you need to do if you become a victim of identity theft. Detective Ken Buonaiuto of the RI State Police will be the presenter. This program is free and open to all. For more information call Meredith Bonds-Harmon at (401) 435-197.

Factory Authorized Toyota, Honda & General Motors Repairs • Foreign & Domestic • Free Estimates • Insurance Estimates • Complete Collision Work

gREgORY S. DIAS Attorney at Law

Twenty-Eight years of experience General Practice of Law including: • Evictions • Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts & All Probate Matters • Criminal Misdemeanor Defense • DUI / Refusal / Traffic Violations • Real Estate • Personal Injury, Auto Accidents Call to make an appointment for your free consultation


349 Warren Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law. The Court does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice.

December Activities For Young Adults @ East Providence Public Libraries CHARITY DAY – @ Weaver

Earn community services credit while engaging in the project of your choice. Ongoing projects include knitting blanket squares (we’ll provide needles and yarn and teach you how) and writing letters to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. Monday, Dec. 13, :30-4:30pm

ANIMANgA gROuP - @ Weaver

Chat about anime and manga, share fan fiction and art, play trivia games, watch short anime, try Japanese crafts, etc. while sampling Japanese snacks. Monday, Dec. 6, 3-4pm

WRITER’S gROuP -@ Weaver

Practice writing individually and as a group using games and fun exercises to develop skills in poetry and story writing. You’ll have the opportunity to publish in the library’s magazine. Monday, Dec. 0, 3-4pm


Come and meet professionals who will share their knowledge and experience about their chosen careers, and see a little bit of what they do! Look for a different career each month! Thursday, Dec. 9, 6:30-7:30pm -- Meet a Self-Defense Instructor.

Thank You

To all of the voters of Riverside, for your support. I can‛t wait to start making positive changes!

Happy Holidays! from my family to yours.

~ Chrissy Rossi, East Providence School Committee, & Family


Wii, PSII and board games, etc. Fridays, :30-4:00pm @ Riverside Teen Room Activities: Board Games, Wii, “Viral Video Viewing,” etc., Tuesdays, 3-4pm @ Weaver.


3-5pm, Thursdays @ Rumford Dec. 9 – Duct Tape Gifts Dec. 3 - Ornaments 3-5pm, Wednesday @ Fuller Dec. 9 – Wii Games

CHESS CLuB (Ages 6-18)

Saturdays, Sept. 5-Dec. 11, 11:00am1:00pm @ Weaver

December 2010 The Reporter


Newman YMCA

New Years Day – Turn Back the Clock Party

Saturday December 11th • 8:00 A.M. - Noon

Don your legwarmers and sweatbands and join us as we celebrate the New Year in style. Remember when aerobithon will feature all your favorite 80s music and smooth moves! Get your resolutions started with swimming, workouts and friends, Bring the whole family! Open to all and Free.

Drop N Shop

$20 Y Members; $35 Community Children ages 3-11 do an art project, play gym games and have a snack at the Y, so you get all your shopping done while your kids are safe and having fun. Full day option will be available, too. Call for details.

2nd Annual YMCA Holiday Craft Fair

Saturday December 11th • 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Unique and handmade crafts, jewelry, skin care items and much, much more. Do your shopping and benefit the community at the same time – proceeds from vendor table rentals support the financial assistance program at the Y so that memberships, child care and programs are available to all kids and families regardless of their economic situation. Contact Jen at 508-336-7103 or

It’s the 1980’s At the Newman Y Saturday, January 1st from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Free Cancer Survivorship Program – Livestrong

Livestrong was created in collaboration with Lance Armstrong Foundation and Stanford University, is being offered FREE at the Newman YMCA. Participants will improve functional capacity, increase quality of life, build muscle mass and strength and reduce the severity of therapy side effects. The program is 12 weeks long and offered two times per week. Register with Judy jcerrito@

Preschool Craft Week

The Newman YMCA at 472 Taunton Ave on Route 44 in Seekonk MA is a non-profit charitable organization and offers scholarships for anyone with financial need. For more information call 508336-7103 or visit

Preschoolers can make a holiday craft for use as ornaments or gifts. Hanukkah and Christmas themes. Participate with your preschooler for some fun holiday cheer.

Who Says You Can’t Have It All?

December 6 – 10th • Mon-Fri 9:00-noon

Holiday Variety Show

Friday December 17th • 6:00 p.m. start time

Come enjoy some holiday spirit by watching our Y Shooting Stars Dance troupe perform. The show is open to all and free. Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical dances plus musical theatre performances. It’s sure to put you in the holiday mood!

December Vacation Camps

School Age Vacation Camps for Ages 5 – 12

Full Day Fun Camp – ages 5-11 December 27-31 Monday – Friday 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Licensed, High Quality Programming and Child Care held at the YMCA includes swimming, crafts, gym games and special events. Y Members $142, Community $163 before &/or after camp care available. Partial Week option may be available – contact Rob Fowler

Adventure Camp - ages 11-15 December 27-31 Monday – Friday 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Field trips daily to local points of interest: bowling, laser tag, rock climbing, movies and more, plus optional personal exercise plan for achieving optimal health and swim time. Y Members $142, Community $163 before &/or after camp care available. Daily Options may be available. Contact Rob Fowler rfowler@gpymca. org for details.

Think You Can Dance?!Camp - ages 7-11 December 27-31 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Held at the New YMCA Program Center 51 Winthrop Plaza route 44 Rehoboth, MA Create your own costumes and try a variety of dance styles culminating in a fun theatrical show at the end of the week. Y Members $142, Community $163 . Contact Ashlee for details 508-336-7103

Basketball Clinic - ages 7-10 December 27-31st Monday- Friday 10:00 A.M. - Noon

Skills, drills and thrills! Learn new plays, develop a deeper understanding of the game and play scrimmage games. Y members $75 Community $125

For Providence Country Day School students, challenging oneself in the classroom, in the art studio, on the athletic fields, on the stage and in the community is all in a day’s work. Come see what your PCD day might look like.

Parent & Student Open Class Day January 12 from 9:00 am - noon Register to attend classes at 401-438-5170 x137 college prep | arts | athletics | grades 6-12 | co-ed 660 Waterman Ave. • E. Providence, RI 02914 • 401.438.5170

The Reporter Reporter December December010 010 The

40 40


For Open Houses Vis

Tirrell Realty

The Team to Get the Job Done. The T



Quality Homes From Tirrell Realty East Providence




n PE








Beautiful home, recently updated: wiring, plumbing, insulation, walls, roof, chimney, 2 baths, hot water, windows, vinyl siding. Oak kitchen w/ hwds. Walk to water, parks, bike path,and carousel. $149,900


Rare find legal 2 Family, or use as roomy single family. $209,900




"Want a view on the water, this is the perfect spot. Great for summer home or year round. COME TAKE A PEEK! $ 199,900

East Providence



w NE




Walking distance to conservation Ranch. spacious master bed, area, bike path, fishing or sun2 good sized bedrooms, new set strolls along the bay. Boyden kitchen & bath, cathedral ceilings, Heights 3 Bed Cape w/ hdwds, new plenty of parking in driveway, window, vinyl siding, stone walkpool w/ deck. $209,900 way, BRING OFFERS. $190,000

East Providence

East Providence




B te


w NE

Ranch, Fenced Yard, EIK, Deck, Fam Rm, Wet Bar, 2 Baths, Hdwds, new Roof, Gargage. $195,900















1st time buyer; 10,000 sf lot Kent Heights 3/4 Bed Cape, 1 1/2 nestled in a quiet, secure neighBaths, Garage, Hardwoods, New Roof, borhood ; 4 Br, 1.5 bath Ranch, New stove to be installed. $194,500 new windows, over 1200 sq liv space. $179,900









Interior newly painted; newer Move-in Condition, New Roof & roof, wins, water tank; wood stove, Beautifully updated 2 Bed BunHeating System, Formal Dining, fenced yd, Waddington, partially galow, Modern Kitchen, Formal Beautiful Hwds, Master Bedroom finished basement. $189,900 Dining, Garage. $ 154,900. on 1st Floor, Nice Fenced Yard, 1 - Car Garage. $219,900

Front porch, vinyl siding, new windows & roof, 2 c garage, located in a lovely single family neighborhood, Leadsafe cert., Great owner/occupied. $289,900

We've Joined Forces With The Largest Independant Brokerage In The Country!

For a FREE Market Analysis of your home!

Call (401) 437-2030

Nos Falamos Portuguese EQUAl HoUSInG oPPoRTUnITy

December 2010 The Reporter


sit our Website

1086 Willett Ave, Riverside, RI (In Riverside Plaza)

Tirrell Team. At Tirrell Realty

FREE SEMINAR Career Night • Every Tuesday at 7:00pm











Lustrous Hwds, 6RM, 3BR, 1.5BA Spacious, ready to move in; 3 beds on Cape on Cul-De-Sac off Wamp.Trl/ 1st, hdwds. 4th Bed, office, fam rm on RT114., FP, 3 season porch, 12,000 sq. lower; 2 baths, Nayatt School. $299,000 ft. lot, PRICE TO SELL! $ 184,900

R. Ranch, One Owner, Fam Rm, Brick FP, 3 seasons rm, 3 Beds, New Heating, Waddington School. $179,900



East Providence


Phil Tirrell

Broker / Owner 401-374-0844



Beautifully updated, freshly painted, 2 Bed Condo. Updates inc: Electric coun3 Bed, 2 Bath, R. Ranch on EP/ er & Appliances, bath vanities, window Roomy 3 Bed Colonial, 2 Bath, 2 Seekonk line, crnr lot, 2 kitchens, Car Garage. You will feel at home & slider. Water view from new trex hwds, wrkshp, deck, above grnd in this one. $195,900 deck. Laundry on same level. Steps to pool, Ready to move in. $249,000 waterfront pool & clubhouse. $ 135,000 NEW CONSTRUCTION W






Gil Medeiros 401-688-5867

Elizabeth Cangarl 508-558-9758

Bill Tirrell 401-474-6301



Colonial, 2 Full Baths, Dining w/ Gas Stove, New Kitch, Laundry/Mudrm on 1st, storage, Hwds, Lg Fenced Yard, MOVE RIGHT IN! $$179,000



Marcel Robert 401-439-5574

To be built 1800 sq ft, Ranch, 2 car garage, roomy master w/ bath, hardwoods, 2 full baths. $479,900

East Providence


Looking for a nice Ranch in Riverside? 3 Beds, 1 1/2 Baths, Fireplace in Fam Rm, 2nd fp in LRoom, Hwds, room to expand in Basement. One car garage, nice large yard. $ 209,900



n Pe

Sharon Santos 401-699-3566

East Providence

w Ne

New Construction. 3 bed Colonial w/ attached garage, 2.5 baths, central air. $349,900

Peter Leddy Barbara Jean Taylor Kathy Santos 401-374-5345 401-529-4499 401-241-5380

Brand New Waddington 3 Bed Colonial, 2 1/2 baths, Hardwoods, garage, Great Area $ 299,900

Shirley Toombs 401-439-5831

Melinda Marshall Louanne Jennings 401-996-1106 401-699-6323


Kent Heights, Brand new Raised Ron Faria Ranch, gleaming hardwoods, 2 bath 401-578-0075 George Erickson 401-437-2030x237 central air. 2 car garage. $299,900

Dorene Coelho 401-559-5141

Mary-Jane King 401-524-6773

Rose Pereira 401-258-0769

Luci Stoddard 401-641-8114



Stk. #C15682

Find Us on

Open Sunday 42 The Reporter December 2010 12-5 2.4 2.4 Liter, Liter, 44 Cyl., Cyl., Prem., Prem., Cloth, Cloth, Air, Air, And And More. More.


0% BUY $

14,562 14,837 0% 0% 0% FOR 19,995 19,995 2010 WRANGLER SPORT2011 PATRIOT 2011 LIBERTY SPORT 4X4 $ FOR BUY $ $

72#C15924 72 months months

Open OpenSunday Sunday Available 12-5 12-5 Available 3.3 3.3 Liter, Liter, V-6, V-6, Auto, Auto, Air, Air, Power Power Windows Windows & & Locks. Locks. Financing Stk. Stk. 2010 2010CHRYSLER CHRYSLER SEBRING SEBRING 72 months Stk. #C15825 #C15825 Stk. Stk. Financing Financing Available 4.7 V-8, Sliding Rear Window #C15453 72 months 72 months TOURING TOURING 3.7 Liter V-6, Auto, Air, And More #C15453 #C15453 Find Us on Open Sunday Find Us on Find Us on Available Available Available Available 2.4 4 4 Cyl, Cyl, A/C A/C & & More. More. 2.4


Stk. #C15825


BUY $ FOR $ $ BUY Open Sunday FOR 0% 0% 0% 12-5

3.8 Liter V-6, Satellite Radio, Air #15843

Available Available

Financing Financing



2011 2010 2010DP

17,995 20,966 2011 RAM 1500 ST REG CAB FOR $ BUY Open Sunday 12-5 FOR 12-5

72 months months Stk. Financing Financing Financing SLER SEBRING7272months 2010 DODGE GR.CA 72 72 months 72 months #C15825 Stk. Stk. Stk.months 2011 PATRIOT 2010 CHRYSLER SEBRING Stk.SE 2011 PATRIOT 2010 CHRYSLER SEBRING 3.3 Liter, V-6, Auto, Air, Power Windows & Locks. 3.33.3 LiteL DODGE 2.4 Liter, 4 Cyl., Cloth, And More. Stk. 2010 DODGE GR.CARAVAN SEMore. Stk. 2.4 2.4 Liter, Liter, 4 Cyl., 4 Cyl., Prem., Prem., Cloth, Cloth, Air, Air, And And More. Find Find Us Us on on 2.42.4 4Prem., Cyl, 4GR.CARAVAN Cyl, A/C A/C & More. &Air, More. Find2010 Us on Stk. #C15453 #C15825 #C15825 Stk. 2010 DODGE AVENGER SXT 2011 DODGE CALIBER 2011 GRAND CHEROKEE Stk. 2 DR 4X4 Stk. Stk. #C15924 4X4 Find Find Find UsUs onUs on on #C15924 #C15623 Open OpenSunday Sunday TOURING TOURING #C15453 BUY Stk. #C15623 #C15453 BUY $ $ #15843 BUY #15843 $ $ Stk. BUY $ $ $ BUY BUY Open Sunday BUY BUY MAIN STREET Open Open Open Sunday Sunday Sunday 12-5 12-5 FOR #C15682 LAREDO 4X4 FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR #C15682 FOR FOR Stk. Stk. 12-5 12-5 12-5 12-5


7 37

14,562 14,837 14,837

14,562 14,562 Stk. #C15590

2011 2011PATRIOT PATRIOT 2010 2010 WRANGLER WRANGLER SPORT SPORT SESESE2010 Stk.Stk. Stk. WRANGLER SPORT T 4X4 2010 2011 RAM 1500 STSEBRING REG SEBRING CAB 2011 2011 2011 PATRIOT PATRIOT PATRIOT 2011 2011 LIBERTY LIBERTYSPORT SPORT 4X4 4X4 2011 2011 2010 2010 CHRYSLER CHRYSLER CHRYSLER SEBRING SEBRING 2011R Stk. Stk. Stk. 2010 2010 2010 DODGE DODGE DODGE GR.CARAVAN GR.CARAVAN GR.CARAVAN 2011 PATRIOT 2010 CHRYSLER #C15825 #C15825 #C15825 2010 DODGE GR.CARAVAN SE #15843 #15843 Stk.Stk.Stk. Stk. #C15825 Stk. 2 2 DR DR 4X4 4X4 $ 2 DR 4X4 $ TOURING TOURING TOURING 4X4 4X4 4X4 Stk. $ BUY BUY $ #15843 #15843 #15843 #C15623 Stk. Stk. $



Stk. Stk. #C15825 #C15825 Stk. Stk. Cloth, Air, And More. Prem., Stk.Stk.Stk. #C15453 #C15453 2.4 Liter, 4 Cyl., Prem., Cloth, Air, And More. Stk. #C15453 #C15453 #C15453 #C15924 Stk.


2.4 4 Cyl, A/C & More. 3.3 Liter, V-6, Auto, Air, Power Locks. 2.44Liter, Cyl., Prem., Cloth, Air, And More. 2.4 4 Windows Cyl, A/C &&More. 2.4 Cyl, 4A/C & More.

TOURING BUY $ 14,562 14,562 FOR BUY $ $

3.8 Liter Liter V-6, V-6, Satellite Satellite Radio, Radio, Air Air 3.8

3.3 Liter, V-6, Auto, Air, Power 3.3 Liter, V-6, Auto, Air, Power Windows & Locks.

$ $ BUY $ BUY 14,837 17,995 14,562 14,837 14,837 FOR FOR BUY $ BUY $


Stk. Stk. #C15623 #C15623

17,9 17,9 17,995

3.7 Liter Liter V-6, V-6, Auto, Auto, Air, Air, And And More More 3.7

$Rear BUY 4.7 Sliding FOR 4.7 V-8, V-8, Sliding Rear Window Window

2 0 4 Cyl, Auto, Air

V-6, E Package

#15843#C15682 #C15682

$ 2011 RAM 1500 ST $ BUY $ 2011 LIBERTY SPORT 4X4 19,995 20,966 FOR WRANGLER SPORT 2011 LIBERTY SPORT 4X4 2011 RAM 1500 ST REG CAB 20112010 LIBERTY SPORT 4X4 2011 RAM 1500 ST REG CAB 19,995 FOR $ $ BUY $ BUY $ 4X4 2 DR$ 4X4 4X4 4X4 14,995 15,468 28,936 $$ $ FOR FOR 17,995 17,995 62 2 14,837 14,837 201014,562 DODGE AVENGER SXT 14,837 2011 DODGE CALIBER 2011 GRAND CHEROKEE 20,966 19,995 19,995 17,995 17,995 17,995 14,562 14,562 95 19,995 19,995 14,837 14,837 19,995 LAREDO 4X4 $ $ BUY $ BUY BUY T 508-675-1106 2011 LIBERTY LIBERTY SPORT SPORT 4X4 2011 2011 2011 RAM RAM 1500 1500 STSPORT ST$ REG REG CAB CAB 2011 BER 2011 GRAND CHEROKEE 2010 2010 DODGE DODGE AVENGER AVENGER SXT SXT 2011 2011 DODGE DODGE CALIBER CALIBER 2011 G DODGE AVENGER SXT 2011 201 2010 2010 2010 WRANGLER WRANGLER WRANGLER SPORT SPORT SPORT4X4 17,995 14,562 2011 2011 LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY SPORT SPORT 4X4 4X4 4X4 2011 2011 RAM RAM RAM 1500 1500 1500 STSTST REG REG REG CAB CAB CAB2010 FOR 14,837 FOR FOR LAREDO 4X4 LAREDO LARED 4X4 4X4 20,9 2 2DR 2DRDR 4X4 4X4 4X4 1 19,995 9,995 4X4 4X4 4X4 19,995 #C15682

2.4 4 Cyl, Auto, Air GLER SPORT FOR 2010 WRANGLER SPORT Stk. $ BUY More. e. 2.42.4 4$ Cyl, 4 Cyl, A/CA/C & #C15623 More. & More. Stk. V-8, Sliding Rear Window 2.4 2.4 Liter, 2.4 Liter, 4Liter, Cyl., 4 4.7 Cyl., 4Prem., Cyl., Prem., Prem., Cloth, Cloth, Air, Cloth, Air, And Air, And More. And More. More. 2 FOR DR 4X4 e #C15623 $$$ BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY$$$

3.33.3 Liter, Liter, V-6, V-6, Auto, Auto, Air,Air, Power Power Windows Windows & Locks. & Locks. Stk. 2.4 2.4 4 Cyl, 2.4 4 Cyl, A/C 4 Cyl, A/C & A/C More. & More. & More. #C15623 Stk. #C15682



Stk. 3.3 3.3 Liter, 3.3 Liter, V-6, Liter, V-6, Auto, V-6, Auto, Air, Auto, Air, Power Air, Power Power Windows Windows Windows & Locks. & Locks. & Locks. 3.8 3.8 Liter Liter V-6, V-6, Satellite Satellite Radio, Radio, Air Air

3.73.7 Liter Liter V-6, V-6, Auto, Auto, Air,Air, And And More More


3.8 Liter V-6, Satellite Radio, Air #C15924 #C15924 Stk. #C15682 BUY BUY BUY BUY $ $ $$ $ $$ $ #C15682 $$ $ BUY BUY $ BUY $$$ BUY BUY BUY $$$ $$ BUY BUY BUY FOR FOR FOR FOR 3.3 Liter,forV-6, Auto, Air, Power Windows & Locks. FOR Disclosure: factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebates. Must 2.4 take delivery Must have proof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify Ram Truck Rebates. FOR FOR Prem.,Includes Cloth,all Air, And More. 4 Cyl, same A/C day.. & More. FOR FOR FOR 2.4 Liter, 4 Cyl., FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR MAIN STREET

1491 Brayton Point Rd. MA Stk.Stk. Stk. BUYSomerset, $ $ Stk. Stk.

6, Satellite Radio, Air 3.8 Liter V-6, Satellite Radio, Air Stk. Stk. #C15623 #C15623 Stk.

#C15623 #C15623 #C15623

#C15682 #C15682


2 DR 4X4 2.4 2.4 44 Cyl, Cyl, Auto, Auto, Air Air

Stk. Stk. #C15385 V-6, EAuto, Package 3.73.7 Liter Liter V-6, V-6, Auto, Air,Air, And And More More 3.8 3.8 Liter 3.8 Liter V-6, Liter V-6, Satellite V-6, Satellite Satellite Radio, Radio, Radio, Air Air Air #C15385

4.7 V-8, Sliding Rear W 4.7 V-8, Sliding Rear Window

19,995 20,966 19,995 19,995 19,995






STREET 2 0 4 Cyl, Auto, MAIN Air Air

Stk. LAREDO 4X4 V-6, E #C15924 LAREDO 4X4 V-6, E Package Package Stk.

Stk. Stk. Stk. #C15908 2.42.4 4 Cyl, 4 Cyl, Auto, Auto, AirAir 4.7 4.7 V-8, 4.7 V-8, Sliding V-8, Sliding Sliding RearRear Window Rear Window Window #C15908 #C15682

2 0 4 Cyl, Stk. Auto, Stk. 4.74.7 V-8, V-8, Sliding Sliding Rear Rear Window Window Stk. #C15385 #C15908 3.7 3.7 Liter 3.7 Liter V-6, Liter V-6, Auto, V-6, Auto, Air, Auto, Air, And Air, And More And More More #C15590

14,995 19,995 15,468 20,966 20,966 14,995 14,995 28,936 19,995 19,995 20,966 20,966 20,966 19,995 19,995 19,995


68 95 5

Stk. Stk. Nos Falamos Stk. Stk.

Auto, Air, And More 4.7 V-8, Sliding Rear Window

#C15908 3.7 Liter V-6, Auto, Air, And More Stk. Stk. #C15908 MAIN MAINSTREET STREET Portugues $ BUY $ #C15590 MAIN STRE $ BUY $ Stk.Stk.Stk. #C15590 #C15924 #C15924 $ $ BUY BUY BUY BUY $ $ $ $ Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. $ BUY $ FOR #C15924 #C15924 #C15924 Stk. CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • RAM Stk. Stk. FOR Stk.Stk.Stk. FOR FOR FOR #C15385 #C15385 #C15908 #C15908 FOR FOR #C15385

19,995 2010 WRANGLER SPORT

Stk. FOR #C15590


Stk. Stk. 3.7 Liter V-6, Liter #C15385 3.7 Liter V-6,3.8 Auto, Air,V-6, AndSatellite More Radio, Air #C15385



#C15590 #C15590


28,936 15,468 15,468 14,995

$ $BUY #C15590 BUY $ $$ $$$ $$ $ BUY BUY BUY $ BUY BUY $$ BUY $ $ $ $$ BUY BUY BUY BUY $ $ $ BUY BUY BUY $ $ $ FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR Disclosure: Includes all factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebates. Must take delivery same day.. Must have proof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify for Ram Truck Rebates.

2 02 40 Cyl, 4 Cyl, Auto, Auto, AirAir Stk. #C15590 2.4 4 Cyl, Auto, Air


Disclosure: Disclosure: Includes Includes all factory all factory incentives. incentives. Includes Includes military military andand lease lease loyalty loyalty rebates. rebates. Must Must taketake delivery delivery same same Must Must havehave proof proof of ownership of ownership of any of any model model pickpick up to upqualify to qu V-6, E Package Disclosure: Includes all factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebat

oof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify for Ram Truck Rebates.

SXT SXTNos2010 2011 2011 DODGE DODGE CALIBER CALIBER 2011 2011 GRAND GRAND CHEROKEE CHEROKEE $ $ BUY BUY $ 1491 1491 Brayton Brayton Point Rd. Rd. Nos Nos Falamos Falamos Falamos 2010 2010 DODGE DODGE DODGE AVENGER AVENGER AVENGER SXT SXT SXT 2011 2011 2011 DODGE DODGE CALIBER CALIBER CALIBER 2011 2011 2011 GRAND GRAND GRAND CHEROKEE CHEROKEE CHEROKEE $ $ $Point $Rear BUY BUY BUY $ $ $ $ 508-675-1106 $DODGE $ BUY BUY BUY $ $ $ 4.7 V-8, Sliding Window MAIN MAIN STREET STREET 1491 Brayton Point Rd. 28,9 2011 SUBARU LEGACY IMPREZA 2010 SUBARU 3.8 LiterPoint V-6, Satellite Radio, Air 4,995 15,468 28,9 4,995 15,468 1491 Brayton Rd. w 508-675-1106 Portugues Portugues 3.7 Liter V-6, Auto, Air, And More 15,468 Portugues FOR FOR MAIN MAIN MAIN STREET STREET STREET LAREDO LAREDO 4X4 4X4 Somerset, Somerset, MA MANos Falamos 14,995 28,936 14,995 15,468 28,936 FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. LAREDO LAREDO LAREDO 4X4 4X4 4X4 Somerset, MA CHRYSLER CHRYSLER • • JEEP JEEP • • DODGE DODGE • • RAM RAM 4 DOORS M ALL WHEEL DRIVE Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. Stk. Portugues Somerset, MA $ 20 BUY BUY $ $ #C15385 #C15385 #C15908 #C15908 Stk.Stk.Stk. $ BUY CHRYSL #C15385 #C15385 #C15385 #C15908 #C15908 #C15590 #C15590 In • All Weather Package CHRYSLER$ •#C15908 JEEP • DODGE • RAM • Front & Side Air Bags Disclosure: Includes all factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebates. delivery same day.. Must have proof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify for Ram Truck Rebates. 2 Must 0 take 4 Cyl, Auto, Air 2.4 4Air Cyl, Auto, Air 2 0 4 Cyl, Auto, Air 2.4 4 Cyl, Auto, Air 2 0 4 Cyl, Auto, V-6, E Package

Cyl, Auto, Air

SUBARU 19,995 FOR Will Donate


V-6, E Package


osure: Includes all factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebates. Must take delivery same day.. Must have proof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify for Ram Truck Rebates. Disclosure: Includes incentives. Includes military and lease rebates. Must take delivery same day.. Must have proof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify for Ram Truck Rebates. Disclosure: Includes all factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebates. Must take delivery same day.. Must have proofall of factory ownership of any model pick up to qualify for loyalty Ram Truck Rebates.


CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • RAM #C15590 #C15590 #C15590

95 55

Locks • Front & Side 2 02 40 Cyl, 4 Cyl, Auto, Auto, AirAir 2.4 2.4 4 Cyl, 2.4 4 Cyl, Auto, 4 Cyl, Auto, Air Auto, Air Air Air Subaru Bags The Outback: # S12625 BUY BUY BUY

15,468 15,468 14,995 14,995 14,995


for 2011 GRAND CHEROKEE 2011 DODGE CALIBER $each $$ $ Stk. BUY BUY BUY$ $ LAREDO 4X4 28,936 28,936 15,468 15,468 15,468 28,936 28,936 28,936 FOR FOR FOR Stk. 1.9% $ 2010 2010 SUBARU SUBARU IMPREZA IMPREZA #C15385 #C15908

The Subaru Outback: 2010 DODGE AVENGER SXT Outback:

$$ $ BUY BUY$ $ $ $$ $ $ FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR


Find Fin NosNos Falamos Stock 508-675TheSubaru Subaru Outback: Outback: • Air 1491 Brayton Point Rd. Falamos 508-675-1106 Nos Falamos The 508-675-1106 Conditioning www.somerseta Portugues The Subaru Outback: Portugues • PowerFindPortugues Somerset, MA us on on Find us CHRYSLER JEEP • DODGE • RAM CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • RAMWindows/Locks CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE • • RAM

Find us on oint Rd. • Sunroof 1491 Brayton Point Rd. MA • Power Windows/ Somerset, MA

V-6, V-6, E Package E Package 2 0 24 0Cyl, 240Cyl, Auto, 4 Cyl, Auto, Air Auto, Air Air

The$Subaru Outback: $MAIN STREET BUY BUY$ $$ $ $$ $ $ BUY BUY BUY Stk. FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR

16 988 16,988

Find us on

V-6,V-6, E V-6, Package E Package E Package

• Cruise Control # S13383

Find us on Find us on

18 888 18,888

2011 2011 SUBARU SUBARU RU 2010 SUBARU IMPREZA APR New Subaru 33 mpg , S , 2010508-675-1106 508-675-1106 1491 1491 1491 Brayton Brayton Brayton Point Point Point Rd. Rd. Rd. 508-675-1106 508-675-1106 508-675-1106 Will Will Donate Donate ate 2011 SUBARU ARU IMPREZA 2011 SUBARU LEGACY SUBARU IMPREZA 2011 SUBARU LEGACY IMPREZA 2010 SUBARU Somerset, Somerset, Somerset, MAMA MA Sold or Leased 2011 SUBARU LEGACY IMPREZA 2010 SUBARU SUBARU WiL SUBARU SUBARU up to $ 2011 SUBARU $LEGACY

.ves. Includes Includes military military andand lease lease loyalty loyalty rebates. rebates. Must Must taketake delivery delivery same same Must Must havehave proof proof of ownership of ownership of any of any model model pickpick up to upqualify to qualify for Ram for Ram Truck Truck Rebates. Rebates. Disclosure: Disclosure: Disclosure: Includes Includes all Includes factory all factory allincentives. factory incentives. incentives. Includes Includes military Includes military and military lease and and lease loyalty lease loyalty rebates. loyalty rebates. Must rebates. Must takeMust delivery take take delivery same delivery same day.. same day.. Mustday.. Must haveMust have proof have proof of ownership proof of ownership of ownership of anyofmodel any of model any pick model up picktopick up qualify toupqualify to forqualify Ram for Ram Truck for Ram Truck Rebates. Truck Rebates. Rebates.

ALL WHEEL DRIVE • Front & Side Air Bags • Air Conditioning • Power 4Windows/Locks DOORS • •Cruise Control All Weather Package #•S13383 Sunroof



In Nos Nos Falamos Falamos Stock



• All • All Weather Weather Package Package


SUBARU $250 $250 $ Will Donate New New Subaru Subaru , 888 18 18,888 $250 14,995 15,468 988 28,936 16 16,,988 16,988 16,988 $250 $250 16,988 Ne 16,988 NosNos Falamos Nos Falamos Falamos • Sunroof • Sunroof • All Weather Package Portugues Portugues • Power • Power Windows/ Windows/• Sunroof Portugues Portugues Portugues Locks Locks • Power Windows/ WHEEL DRIVE 4 •DOORS ALLALL WHEEL DRIVE ALL •WHEEL DRIVE 20 CHRYSLER CHRYSLER CHRYSLER JEEP • JEEP • JEEP • DODGE • DODGE • DODGE • RAM • RAM • RAM 20 Front • Front & Side & Side

• Front • Front & Sid &S • Air • Air Conditio Cond • Power • Power Windows/L Window • Cruise • Cruise ConC # S13383 # S13383

CHRYSLER• •JEEP JEEP• •DODGE DODGE• •RAM RAM for for for CHRYSLER 4 DOORS ALL WHEEL DRIVE 20 2.4 4 Cyl, Auto, Air 2Donate 0 4 Cyl, Auto,20, Air V-6, E Package From Nov. 2010 each each Find Find us us onon In eachThe Will •• All Weather Package Will Donate In Will Donate • Front Front & & Side Side Air Air Bags Bags All Weather Package Find Find usFind on us us on on • The The Subaru Subaru Subaru Outback: Outback: Stock 2010 SUBARU FORESTER SE BUY 2011 SUBARU OUTBACK Stock •• Sunroof Air Conditioning Conditioning Sunroof 1.9% uptoto2011 $Outback: $ $ BUY ••BUY Air $ $ $ $ $$$$ for through Jan. 33up 3, for for Windows/ ALL•• Power WHEEL DRIVE PowerWHEEL DRIVE Power Windows/ •• ALL Power APR 33 mpg mpg up to $ $ Locks • Tint Windows each FOR FOR each FOR Windows/Locks Locks Windows/Locks •each Curtain Air Bags Your Choice 33 mpg • Front & Side Air Bags Front & Side Side for •• •Cruise Control •• Front & $ $ 1.9% Cruise Control 1.9% Side Air BagsSold 1.9% up to $ up to $ $ • CD Radio Sold or or Leased Leased $ $ ased $ $ Air Bags Bags # S13383 Air


• Power Windows/ Locks • Front & Side Air Bags # S12625

16,988 16,988 16,988 16,988

• All Weather Package • Sunroof • Power Windows/ Locks • Front & Side Air Bags # S12625

• Front &Air Side Air Bags Air Bags Bags • Air Conditioning # S12625 # S12625 • Power Windows/Locks • Cruise Control # S13383


Locks • & Front & Side Air Bags In • Front Side Air Bags Stock • Front &Conditioning Side Air Conditioning • Air• Air Bags • Power • Power # S12625 Windows/Locks Windows/Locks

In Stock

New Subaru New New Subaru 33 mpg Get Great Deal 18&,Subaru 888 18,888 16A,988 16,988


• Cruise Control • Cruise Control # S13383 # S13383

18,888 18 18,888 Sol

each • Cruise Control From #Inch S12625 # S12625 FromNov. Nov.20, 20,2010 2010 2010 • 16 1491 Brayton Point Rd. Nos Falamos Alloy Wheels 508-675-1106 2010 2010 SUBARU SUBARU FORESTER FORESTER SE 2011 201 2011 SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 2011 SUBARU SUBARU LEGACY LEGACY REZA EZA • PowerSE Windows/ Support A Great Cause Sold or Leased Sold or Leased 2011 2011 2011 SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU LEGACY LEGACY LEGACY IMPREZA IMPREZA IMPREZA 2010 2010 2010 SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU Sold or Leased Fro 1.9% 1.9% through through Jan. Jan. 3, 3, 2011 2011 2011 • Roof up to Rail ALL ALL WHEEL WHEEL DRIVE DRIVE ALL ALLWHE W 1.9% WHEEL DRIVE 2010 SUBARU FORESTER ALL ALLWHEEL WHEELDRIVE DRIVE 4 DOORS 4 #S13186 DOORS 4ALL DOORS See Dealer for Details APR SE 2020• Tint ALL ALL WHEEL ALL WHEEL WHEEL DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE Somerset, MA • Tint Windows Windows 20 From Nov. 20, 2010 33 mpg thro From Nov. 20, 2010 From Nov. 20, 2010 APR • Curtain • Curtain Ai APR • Curtain Air Package Bags Your Your Choice Choice In In• Front #S13363 e ALL WHEEL DRIVE •• Front & Side & Side Air Air Bags Bags In In In • Front • Front & Side & Side Air Air Bags Bags • All• Weather All • All Weather Weather Package Package Front • Front •&• Front Side &RAM Side &AirSide Bags Air Air Bags Bags OUTBACK CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE 2010 SUBARU FORESTER SE 2011 SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 SUBARU FORESTER SE 2011 SUBARU RU FORESTER SE 2011 SUBARU • Side • Side AirAiB Stock Stock • Side Air Bags • CD • CD Radio Radio • Tint Windows Stock Stock Stock • Sunroof • Sunroof • Sunroof • Air • Air Conditioning Conditioning Jan. 3, 2011 through Jan. 3, 2011 through • Power Win/Locks 33 mpg

Disclosure: Includes all factory incentives. Includes military and lease loyalty rebates. Must take delivery same day.. Must have proof of ownership of any model pick up to qualify for Ram Truck Rebates.


16 988 16,988


# •S13383 Air Conditioning


18 888 18,888 21 999 21,999 2011 SUBARU OUTBACK

$ $$ SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU SUBARU New Subaru , Deal , through Jan. 3, 2011 Will Donate Donate Get Get A A Great Great Deal&& SAVE Will Will Will Donate Donate Donate eal & Will SAVE $ AAGreat Your Choice YourSold Choice Your Choice up to $ Outback: or Leased Support Support Great Cause Cause 2560 for for for The Subaru 19for ,for495 Get A Great Deal & 2221 Get A Great Deal & , Cause ALL WHEEL DRIVE

ALL DRIVE • WHEEL Air Conditioning • Power • •Power • Windows/ Power Windows/ Windows/ Tint $ • Windows Cruise Control Locks Locks •Locks Front & Side Air Bags •Radio Power Windows/ CD • Front • •Front •&Front Side & Side & Side Locks Power Win/Locks Air ••Bags Air Air Bags Bags 16 #S13363 Inch # S12625 # S12625 # S12625 Alloy Wheels

Air• Win/Locks Conditioning Air •Win/Locks Air Conditioning Conditioning • Power •• Power ALL WHEEL DRIVE • Power • Power • Power


• Front &ALL SideALL Air Bags DRIVE WHEEL WHEEL DRIVE • CD Radio • Curtain Bags • Air Curtain Air Bags • Power us $ on Win/Locks • Side• AirSide Bags Air Bags • 16 Inch • Air Conditioning See Dealer Dealer forfor Details Details • Air See Conditioning Alloy Wheels • Cruise • Control Cruise Control • Roof Rail #S13186 • Power • Windows/ Power Windows/ 1.9% APR Locks Locks APR #S13363 #S13363

• Air • Air Condit Con • Cruise • Cruise Co • Power • Power Wi Locks Locks #S13363 #S13363

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1491 Brayton Point Rd. PH: PH: 508-676-3071 PH: Somerset, 508-676-3071 Automatic om Point •• Rd. Automatic Somerset,MA MA ALL WHEEL1491 DRIVE 508-676-3 1491 Brayton Rd. Rd. TOLL TOLLFF Somerset, MA TOLL FREE: 800-922-3445 Somerset, MA • Sunroof • Sunroof LIMITED LIMITED LIMITED 5 DOORS 5 DOORS 5 DOORS t, MA TOLL Brayton FREE: Point 800-922-3445 LIMITED LIMITED

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December 010 The Reporter


Scouting Around Town 5th Annual Luminary Memorial Walkway At The Scout House

East Providence Girl Scout Troop 117 will be remembering and honoring loved ones with a candle lit luminary walkway at the East Providence Scout House, 351 Willett Avenue, Riverside every evening during the month of December. Candles will be lit every evening during the month of December with dedication cards in the name of loved ones. For a small donation, individuals may dedicate a luminary candle in remembrance of a loved one. Please contact Elaine at (401) 433-3166 to order a dedication card.

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Austin Faria Becomes An Eagle Scout

68 Falmouth Street Attleboro, MA 02703

MA 508-643-0001 FAX: 508-222-5510 RI 401-724-0009

Austin is an Eagle Scout with Troop 4 Riverside. His Eagle Court of Honor was held October 0th.




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Celebrating with Austin are (from left to right) Lorene Faria (Mom), Lance Faria (Brother), Eagle Scout, Austin and Roy Faria (Father).

(401) 725-2188 • (401) 724-9405 RI# 459EA


The Reporter December 010

Boy Scout Troop 55 Riverside

Boy Scouts from Troop 55 Riverside recently completed two different camping weekends at Camp Buxton in Rehoboth. While camping in October the scouts constructed a homemade flagpole from logs so they could conduct their flag ceremonies.

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WWW.TABELEYS.COM Lic# RI 18045 MA 134986


In November the scouts camped in the Sherwood Forest of Buxton where they covered rank advancements all weekend such as first aid, native plant identification and lashings.

December 010 The Reporter

Building with Pride


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Wood Frame Structures, Inc. Ronald J. Louro RI Reg# 10867 • MA Lic CS079858

Boy Scouts from Troop 55 Riverside recently took part in a Scout Night with the Providence Bruins. Mr. Martin (waving), the newest Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop can be seen showing off his new P-Bruins hat that was given to all scouts in attendance that night. It was a great night out on the ice!

Registration Now Open for Boy Scouts’ Merit Badge College at RIC

Area Boy Scouts have an opportunity to earn up to two merit badges when they register and attend Narragansett Council’s Merit Badge College at Rhode Island College on Saturday, January , 011. Registration opened November 1st online at and will fill up early. The Merit Badge College is an opportunity to meet with subject matter experts, earn your merit badge and foster development of what could become a lifelong interest. Particular emphasis is given to hobby and career merit badges that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. New offerings this year include Archeology, Geocaching, Geology, Indian Lore, Inventing, Scouting Heritage, Veterinary Medicine, Weather, and Woodworking. More than fifty different badges are being offered, it is first come, first served, so register as soon as possible. The course catalog link is on the same website page: The cost is only $5 per Scout; $0 per adult, payable when you register. The fee includes lunch at RIC’s Donovan Dining Center and the 011 Merit Badge College patch. In the Eagle’s Nest, the Eagle Scout VIP luncheon will be hosted by local Eagle Scout and West Point Cadet, Ryan Orsini. As one Scout said last year, “This is the best! I get to have a fun day and earn two merit badges at the same time!” The Boy Scout program is for boys who are at least 11 years old and not yet 1. They participate in patrol-centered activities, campouts, community service opportunities, advancement and leadership while earning merit badges and having fun. If you would like more information on Boy Scouting, contact Eric Oulette at the Narragansett Council at (401) 351-5515 ext 7, or visit our web site at

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The Reporter December 2010

E.P. Girl Scouts Are Having A Busy Year East Providence Girl Scout Troops 482, 491, and 505 began the new Girl Scout year with some fun - as well as educational - field trips.

They also went to Windswept Farm in Warren, RI, to learn about horses and ride them.

In August, Troop 505 their families and friends visited the Children’s Museum in Providence to learn about various shapes and items that can be made with them.




Gifts for the Holidays!

626 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA • 02771 508.336.4699

September found Troops 482, 491 and 505 on a river boat tour of the Blackstone River. The troops’ members learned about water conservation, wildlife and amphibians that live near and in the river, and the effect that seasonal weather conditions has on each of them. They were also taught how to test for water pollution.

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Members of Troops 491 and 505 went on a trail ride and learned about caring for horses at the L Stables at Goddard Park.

December 010 The Reporter


Helping Clean up

Recently East Providence Girl Scout Troops 4, 491 and 505 lead by Cori Durfee spent an afternoon cleaning the shoreline around the Haines Park boat ramp in Riverside. With gloves and bags provided by the Steve Mutter the recycling coordinator the girls picked up 1 bags of trash and debris. East Providence Harbormaster S. Bruce Dufresne said “The girls did an outstanding job of cleaning the shoreline; they picked up 15 bags of trash last May and came back with more help to clean it again.” Following the cleanup the girls were treated to pizza and drinks provided by Brewer’s Cove Haven Marina and the Harbor Department.

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The Reporter December 010

Annual Knitting Weekend at Slater Mill - January 21-23, 2011

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Nationally Known Designers Come to Rhode Island Pawtucket, RI: Get out your knitting needles! The Community Guild Studios at Slater Mill is bringing the 3rd Annual Knitting Weekend to RI-January 1st through January 3rd.Beat the winter blues and chase the chill away while you learn from some of the hottest designers in knitting. This is an ideal gift for the knitters on your Christmas list! Knitting Weekend at Slater Mill is a great opportunity to expand your skill set, meet fellow fiber enthusiasts and shop among the local vendors in our two-day Marketplace. The weekend kicks off Friday night with a wine and cheese reception, and trunk show by Gudrun Johnston, The Shetland Trader, who will be signing her newly published book of knitting patterns. Saturday and Sunday offer a range of classes for knitters of all levels. Gudrun Johnston will be offering two classes: The Aestlight Shawl which focuses on traditional shawl making techniques from the Shetland Isles and Short Row Sleeve Cap, covering the basics of a seamless set in sleeve. Hand knitting designer Mary Jane Mucklestone returns to the Mill this year after a trip to Peru, with offerings of Andean Knitting techniques and an exploration of Color in Fair Isle. Fiber artist Adrienne Sloane invites you to try your hand at Knitting with Wire, while local designer Helen Bingham will guide you through the process of Designing Your Own Hat. For the brave hearted, Cheryl Burke, whose designs are published in the online knitting magazine Twist Collective, offers Fearless Steeking, a method of uninterrupted knitting in the round, sewing, and cutting to allow for sleeves or a cardigan. Designer Gina House, of Sleepy Eyes Knits, will be teaching a class in her popular Amanda Hat and treating us to a session of KnitStretch Yoga. For those of you ready to expand your love of fiber arts to another craft, RI Spinning Guild member Beth Fitzpatrick will be offering a workshop in Drop Spindle for Knitters. Hotel rooms will be offered at a Knitting Weekend discount at the nearby Comfort Inn for those who wish to avoid commuting. To download the brochure or to register using PayPal, please visit our blog at For more information please contact Bernadette Vaughan at 401-75-63 ext. 10 or email

RIRRC to Hold Eco-Depot And E-Waste Collection



Red Sox Games Specials! 1160 Pawtucket Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916

(401)435-LIMO • (800)798-0575

Johnston, R.I. – Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) will hold a free Eco-Depot and E-waste collection on December 11 from :00 a.m. to noon at the Central Landfill in Johnston. “If you plan to come to the Central Landfill, think about bringing other hard-to-dispose household items as well,” said Mike OConnell, RIRRC’s executive director. “In the small vehicle area here, we accept tires, appliances, clean wood, books, recyclables, household trash, batteries and used cooking oil.” Visitors should stop at the scale-house upon entering RIRRC property and inform the staff about what is to be disposed. Fees apply to some materials. Obsolete and broken computers cannot be placed in the trash or curbside recycling bins. RIRRC recycles this type of waste and doesn’t charge for the service. RIRRC also collects household hazardous waste (HHW) at no cost. Appointments are required to reduce waiting time in line. HHW is any product that is toxic, corrosive, combustible or flammable. They pose a threat to the safety of humans, animals, plants, and waterways. To make an appointment for Eco-Depot, go to and click on the Eco-Depot symbol, or call 94-1430 x41. A full listing of accepted HHW, electronic wastes and wastes accepted in the Small Vehicle Disposal Area can also be found on the site.

December 010 The Reporter


Your 2010 HOLIDAY GUIDE Keep These Extras On Hand To Ensure Your Holiday Shopping List Is Complete (ARA) - When you sit down to create your holiday list, you might want to add a couple of extra things to make your list complete. That way you don’t need to make an emergency run to the store during the busy holiday season because your gift isn’t quite ready. So what are these extras that need to be on your list? * Batteries - If you’re shopping for electronics or children’s toys, the gift is not complete unless you provide the needed batteries to get that toy up and running as soon as it’s out of the wrapping paper. Consider giving rechargeable batteries and a charging station so your family member or friend won’t have to continuously replace batteries.

Because the holiday season is so hectic, use these shopping tips to be better prepared before you hit the stores looking for deals. And if you stay organized, you might be able to get a little free time for yourself and actually celebrate the season. courtesy of ARA

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* Wrapping paper and supplies - It’s the worst-case scenario. You finish a full day of shopping in winter conditions with every single other person in town, lug all the gifts into your house, take off all your cold weather gear, go to the closet where you store the wrapping paper, and ... oh no, you have nothing for the holiday season. Just wedding, birthday and baby themed wrapping paper. Be sure to check your supplies, including tape, ribbons, bows, scissors and gift tags early on as you’re creating your shopping list. * Shipping materials - Will you ship gifts this season to any friends or family members? If so, take into consideration the size, shape and weight of the gifts you plan to purchase. Before you go shopping, add any necessary packing and shipping materials to your list. Or, plan to shop online, and have the gifts delivered directly to their final destination. You can find plenty of coupon codes for the gifts on your shopping list at This site lists discounts for many popular merchants, along with a current list of free shipping offers. * Gift receipts - Even if you know your friend or loved one will absolutely adore the present, and that it will fit perfectly, be sure to enclose a gift receipt. Make a little note at the top of your list, so you don’t forget as you’re looking for the shortest checkout line and trying to remember everything; including using any printable coupons you downloaded from

Carrara's Shoes

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The Reporter December 010

Tis the Season to Give to Others ...and Treat Yourself

Celebrate the Season In Full Bloom!

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Featuring Fringe Studio Giftware • Holiday Decor • Poinsettias • Fresh Wreaths • Fresh Boxwood Trees • Fruit & Gourmet Baskets And of course we have Fresh Flowers! 751 Fall River Ave., Seekonk - (Just off exit 1, rt. 195)

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Christmas Ornament Features Weaver Library

The Rumford Lions have introduced the 3rd in a series of Christmas ornaments that depict historic icons of East Providence. The 1st issue in the series (00) was the clock tower at East Providence Senior High School and the nd issue (009) was the gate at Pierce Memorial Field. This year’s ornament is colorful and displays the Weaver Library at Christmas time. It comes in a bright red gift box that has a gold etching of the library on the cover. Ornaments are available from any member of the Rumford Lions or you may order via email at or via telephone at 401 474-11. Ornaments are $16 each and if the ornament is to be mailed to you, add $1.50 per ornament. The orrnament, which was manufactured by the same company that makes official White House Christmas Ornament, is gold plated brass. Not only will they look great on your Christmas Tree they also make great gifts for family, friends and co-workers. Also don’t forget that displaced Townie living in other areas of the country & world.

Free Shuttle Service

We Service All Makes & Models


$399.00 Installed

Don’t miss out, the 00 ornament sold out 1 month before Christmas. We increased the order for 009 and didn’t quite sell them all. The order for this year has been reduced to the level of the 00 ornament. A limited number of the 009 Pierce Field Gates ornaments are also available at a cost of $15 plus the same mailing fee. Ornaments will also be on sale at the Newman Congregational Church Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 1/4.


Limited Time Only!!! Ends Dec. 31st

Most 0-up Subaru's. Regular $549.00


1451-1491 Brayton Pt. Rd. • Somerset, MA 02725

To order by mail please send your payment to: Rumford Lions PO Box 491 Rumford, RI 0916 Please allow  weeks for delivery.

December 010 The Reporter


School of Social Dance

During this year of 010, Linden Place Mansion is celebrating its 00th Anniversary. To mark the end of this important year the mansion will be decorated to the theme “A Trade Winds Christmas” for the holiday season. A committee, under the artistic direction of landscape architect Daniel Wallace from Newton, MA, will showcase an interpretation of the theme “A Trade Winds Christmas” through live plants and creative decorations. Of the multitude of influences that have impacted the culture of Bristol and Linden Place during the past two centuries, the most important are the town’s location on Narragansett Bay, its access to the trade winds and its development as a significant trading port. During Bristol’s history, ships from this town went out over the seas trading home grown produce, rum and cotton cloth and in exchange brought back molasses, coffee, cotton, silk, fruit, spices and particularly slaves, traded for goods on the coast of Africa. After the Revolution and into the 100’s, the wealth created by the “Triangle Trade” for Bristolians is reflected in the flamboyantly opulent style of Linden Place which today remains a prominent reminder of that period in the town’s history. In 134, nearly 5 years after Linden Place was completed, Mr. William Henry D’ Wolf enlisted Linden Place architect, Russell Warren, to return and add the lovely Gothic octagonal solarium to the South end of the mansion. At the time, this type of structure was very trendy in Britain and Europe. In addition, collecting specimen trees and plants to fill these rooms was in vogue. Linden Place has no written record of what exotic plants might have been seen in the solarium in 134. There are, however, records of the different ports and destinations that Bristol ships entered and traded with during this period. The Solarium will be a special focal point this year and will feature tropical plants and decorations that might have been carried into Bristol on the Trade Winds.

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Holiday Special!

Gift Certificates Available $19.95


Linden Place Museum

“Homes for the Holidays” House Tour, DiMucci Christmas Concert & History Kids to Highlight “A Trade Winds Christmas” at Linden Place Museum



Gift Certificates for the Holidays

Buy any Gift Certificate & Receive the Second One of Equal Value FREE expires 12-24-10

241 Bullocks Point Ave., Riverside RI • (401) 245-1770

Located at 1235 Wampanoag Trail

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Happy Holidays

Don't Stress this Holiday, Visit an

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Townie Treasures Unique Gifts & Consignments

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Linden Place’s holiday season will be ushered in with an evening fundraiser concert and sing-a-long with the museum’s own “Josh Groban”, singer Michael DiMucci on Friday, December 10th at 7:30 P.M. in the Ballroom of Linden Place. Michael DiMucci’s eclectic repertoire and experience in opera, musical theatre and jazz has enabled him to perform with groups from the Rhode Island Philharmonic to swing bands like Avenue A. This sure-to-sell-out concert will feature wine and desserts, a mix of classical numbers, Christmas standards, and will end with an audience participation sing-a-long. Tickets are $0, $16 for Linden Place members and $1 for Colt Circle Members. Tickets should be reserved in advance by calling the museum. DeWolf Tavern on the Bristol waterfront will offer a special pre-fixe menu for concert goers. Dine at this fantastic restaurant, recognized by Esquire as one of America’s best restaurants before enjoying Michael DiMucci in concert. On Saturday, December 11th, Linden Place will host the 17th annual “Homes for the Holidays” House Tour from 11:00 am till 5:00 p.m. in historic Downtown Bristol. The tour includes several select Bristol homes, including historic Linden Place Mansion, that open their doors to showcase their unique holiday decors and beautiful interiors. Tour participants will enjoy a living wax museum featuring Linden Place’s History Kids dressed in period costume. These ever popular History Kids will be stationed throughout the mansion to answer questions about the museum and furnishings. Press the painted dot on their hands and they’ll come to life and delight all with information about the mansion and its famous occupants. For a perfect ending to their visit, guests can stroll across the driveway where fireside refreshments await them in the historic ballroom. Tickets for this memorable holiday tour, sponsored by The Bay are $0 in advance and $5 the day of the tour and can be purchased through the Linden Place office and Museum Store or by calling 401-53-0390. Linden Place Mansion and Museum Store will be open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays from Dec 10th through Dec 30th. Admission during the holiday season is $10.00 for adults, $.00 seniors and $ 6.00 for youths (6-17; children under 6 are admitted free).

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For more information regarding holiday events at Linden Place, please consult our website at for further details or call the office at 401-53-0390.

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Christmas at Linden Place Museum, 2010

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Friday evening, December 10th, 2010, 7:30 P.M. Michael DiMucci Holiday Concert

Christmas program and sing-a-long, Wine and desserts, Tickets $0, $16 members of Linden Place, $1 Colt Circle members

e y   David Quadros - Proprietor

Homes for the Holidays Saturday December 11, 2010

Homes for the Holidays House Tour “A Trade Winds Christmas” Mansion, museum store & participating homes open from 11-5 History Kids living wax museum Fireside refreshments in the Linden Place ballroom Tickets $0 in advance $5 day of tour Sponsored by The Bay Magazine

December 10th - December 30th, 2010 “A Trade Winds Christmas” Mansion Tours Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Mansion open for self-guided tours of the festively decorated interiors and Museum Store open for holiday shopping. Admission $10, $ seniors & students, Linden Place members, free.

A Country Christmas at

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East Providence SCHOOL NEWS

Sacred Heart School Students recently made Thanksgiving cards for Beacon Hospice in East providence. Some third graders and fifth graders from Sacred Heart are pictured.

Join the

EPHS Alumni Association for a


Emma g. Whiteknact

The Kindergarten class at Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School is excited to announce their year long project with a proud local marine! The students in Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Rebello’s Kindergarten class will be adopting Lance Corporal Paul A. Rebello, Jr. of the United States Marine Corps! This project will involve Kindergarten children participating in monthly activities involving a Pen Pal like correspondence as they transfer the school-wide expectations of PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence) through literacy and numeracy to the men and women of our armed forces.

featuring meats, lobsters, and appliances!

Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 • 4:00-7:00p.m.

at Bovi's Tavern, 287 Taunton Ave., East Providence, RI 02914

Proceeds to benefit the EPHS Alumni Association

Future Dates: Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011 Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011 Sunday, Mar. 13, 2011 Sunday, Apr. 10, 2011.

For more information, visit

Student with Lance Corporal Paul A. Rebello, Jr.

December 010 The Reporter

Small but Mighty!

Meadowcrest E.L.C is a Feinstein Leadership School. Mr. Feinstein challenged his Leadership Schools to give. He is donating a dollar to our school for every food item we’ve collected. Our students, their families, and staff have donated over 400 can goods and non-perishable food items to our fall/winter food drive. The food collected will help to feed Meadowcrest families in need. Our students may be small but together they are Mighty!


Riverside Middle School Robotics Team to Compete at First Lego League Robotics Tournament

• Sales • Service • Parts

Roger Williams university • January 15, 2011

This year our school is training two teams to compete at the First Lego League Championship Tournament. The field for this years’ tournament includes 60 Middle School teams from across Rhode Island. The tournament will take place on Saturday, January 15, 011 from 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. at the Roger Williams University Field House. We have two th grade teams competing including a returning group of seven students who entered last year’s tournament. The theme of this year’s Robotics event is Biomedical Engineering entitled, “Body Forward”. Each team needs to design robots to compete in a robot game event. The tournament also requires each team to carry out a detailed research project that includes a solution to a medical problem. The robot game programmers have been busy crafting solutions to the missions that need to be conducted. In response to the research project challenge, our teams are planning to teach lessons on diabetes and brain tumor issues to 6th grade Robotics students at RMS. Our teams have adopted the names, SpecOps and Black Fire. Check the upcoming events for details about dates and times.


Team Rosters Black Fire

Abigail Tessitore Allison Creighton Amanda Crawley Allison Tougas Brendan Abrahamson Chad Travassos Derek Forand Hayley Bourgault Lauren Vine Mackenzie Poco Nick Faria Molly O’Brien Meghan Ghazal Nicky Buonanno On Thursday, November 1, 010 our teams went on a tour of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Rhode Island Hospital. The field trip included a ninety minute presentation by Shyue-Ling Chen, Director of Biomedical Engineering at Rhode Island Hospital. Student learned a great deal about the many areas that biomedical engineering impacts the operations at a major hospital. The tour included the opportunity to observe a vacant intensive care unit hospital room to get a close-up view of how biomedical engineering devices have improved Rhode Island Hospital’s level of patient care. By: John Marsula, Robotics Team Coach

Our Lady of Fatima High School News Items & Events for December



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Doodle 4 google State Finalist

Kent Heights Elementary School’s Emma Dunn, who is currently in the fourth grade, participated in and was recognized as a State Finalist for the 010 Doodle 4 Google Design contest. The theme of this year’s contest was “If I could do anything I would…” doodles were chosen from a total of 33,000 entries from across the country. In each state, two doodles were selected in each grade group. Emma’s design was among six that were submitted from Kent Heights Elementary School. The other Kent Heights Elementary School entries that were submitted to the Doodle 4 Google contest were designed by Dylan Berger, Annabelle Morel, Hannah Laurianno, Kate Atwell, and Gabrielle Perry. Congratulations to all participants and to Emma Dunn for representing not only our school but for also representing the State of Rhode Island in this nationwide contest.

go Oldham Dragons!

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Students at J. R. D. Oldham School have been showing Feinstein Pride by doing Good Deeds. This fall they have raised money for Cancer Awareness and collected over 500 canned goods for local families and the organization Tap-In. Go Oldham Dragons!

December 010 The Reporter

Audubon Society of Rhode Island



Celebrate Nature This Season

December Highlights from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Join the Audubon experts on a winter birding walk, search for owls on the evening trails, or come create a festive wreath that entices our feathered friends. Take a break from the holiday rush and celebrate the natural world with your family this season! A complete listing of activities and programs are detailed in the Audubon Nature Tours and Program Guide. Visit www.asri. org to download a copy. Unless noted, registration is required for all programs. Call (401) 949-5454 ext. 3041 or email programs@

December 6, 2010 - Preparing for a Wild Winter

Audubon Fort Wildlife Refuge, Warren, RI 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. As winter approaches, local flora and fauna prepare in many different ways: from hibernating to migrating. This hike in the Fort Nature Refuge promises to be both informative and fun. Join Scott Ruhren, Audubon Senior Director of Conservation, on this exploration of the rolling trails of this beautiful refuge. Fort Nature Refuge, (Rt. 5), 1443 Providence Pike, North Smithfield, RI; Program Fee: $/member adult, $4/member child; $10/non-member adult, $5/non-member child; Ages: 5+. Course Number: 034333-5. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

December 7, 14, 21, & 28, 2010 Tues. Morning Bird Walks 8:00am

Audubon Tuesday morning bird walks will continue through the end of January. Phil Budlong will be coordinating the programs. Meet at the Charlestown Mini-Super on Route 1-A at :00 a.m. For details on the itinerary, email Phil at No advance registration is required. Departs from Charlestown Mini-Super, 4071 Old Post Road (Route 1-A), Charlestown, RI; Every Tuesday through January 011; :00 am; Program Fee: Free. Ages: Adult.

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December 8, 2010 Boxwood Topiaries Workshop

Audubon Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge, Exeter, RI 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Looking for an elegant addition to your table or mantel for the holiday? Join Audubon at Fisherville Brook and create a festive boxwood topiary. All the materials will be supplied - just bring your creativity and some clippers. Space is limited so sign up early! Meet in the nature center. Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge, 99 Pardon Joslin Road, Exeter, RI; Program Fee: $0/member, $5/non-member; Ages: 1+. Course Number: 134333-169. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email


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The Reporter December 010

December 9, 2010 - Wildlife Wreath Making

Audubon Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, Smithfield, RI 6:30 – :00 p.m. Join Audubon naturalist Kim Calcagno and make a winter wreath that is both beautiful and attractive to wildlife. Using grapevine, evergreen or straw wreath bases, we will add dried flowers, seed heads, leaves, fruit and nuts to entice our feathered friends to visit. All items will dry nicely if you prefer to keep the wreath for purely decorative purposes. All materials provided, but participants may wish to bring needle-nose pliers and utility shears/scissors. Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, 1 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI; Program Fee: $5/member, $30/non-member; Ages: 14+. Course Number: 114333-3. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

December 11, 2010 Morning Hike at Caratunk

Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, Seekonk, MA 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Enjoy a morning hike and explore the trails of Caratunk. The diverse habitat of fields, forest, streams and ponds make for an interesting walk - you never know what we'll discover! Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Avenue, Seekonk, MA;

Happy Holidays from our family to yours

Program Fee: Free; Ages: +. Course Number: 014334-.To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

December 11, 2010 - Exhibit Spotlight at the

Audubon Environmental Education Center 1401 Hope Street (Route 114) Bristol, RI 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Have you visited the Environmental Education Center with the kids or grandkids and wished for a bit more time to explore? Would you like to learn more about a certain exhibit or habitat? Join an Audubon staff member as we explore a featured exhibit and share interesting and fun facts. Registration is required. Life in the Tide Pool and Bay: December 11, 010; 10:00-11:00 a.m. Audubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI; Program Fee: $5/member, $6/non-member, Ages: Adult. Course Number: 164333-513.

December 12, 2010 Trustom Pond Bird Walk

Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, South Kingstown, RI 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. The Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge contains a variety of wildlife habitats and bird species at all seasons of the year, and is especially known for waterfowl in the fall and winter. Kimball naturalist Bob Kenney will lead this walk exploring the refuge’s fields, woods, marshes, and ponds. A spotting scope will be available. Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, 1040 Matunuck Schoolhouse Road, South Kingstown, RI; Program Fee: $/member adult, $4/member child; $10/non-member adult, $5/non-member child; Ages: +. Course Number: 044166-01. To register call (401) 9495454, ext. 3041 or email

December 15, 2010 Armchair Naturalist Series Lecture: Intro to Seeds

Audubon Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, Smithfield, RI 6:30 – :00 p.m. Without seeds, there would be little food, no flowers, and not much chance of large terrestrial life. Come and learn the basic ins and outs of seeds - their form, function and amazing variety. From the dust-sized seeds of lady slippers to the huge coco de mer, seeds are supremely adapted survivors. Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, 1 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI; Program Fee: $/member, $1/non-member; Ages: Adult. Course Number: 114333-39. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

December 16, 2010 Holiday Centerpiece Workshop

Let us take care of you. No Appointment Necessary Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm, Weekends 9:00am-4:00pm 310 Maple Ave., Barrington, RI 02806

401.289.0011 phone • 401.289.2736 fax Joseph Grillo, MD

Christine St. Hilaire

Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, Seekonk, MA 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. There is nothing like the fragrance of a fresh holiday centerpiece. Bring your creativity and construct two holiday pieces to take home: a traditional centerpiece using fresh greens as well as a boxwood topiary. We’ll provide the materials and instruction. Grab a friend and join the fun! Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Avenue, Seekonk, MA; December 16, 010; 7:00-9:00 p.m.; Program Fee: $5/member, $30/non-member; Ages: 16+. Course Number: 014333-9. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

Through December 28, 2010 Winter Plumage Art Exhibit by gordon D’Arcy

Audubon Environmental Education Center, Bristol, RI 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Irish Wildlife Artist Gordon D’Arcy focuses on winter plumage in this unique art exhibition. Most of his work is in oil pastel. The exhibit features thirty-four species of birds found in Rhode Island. Audubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI; Program Fee: Free with Admission; Ages: All.

December 010 The Reporter

Audubon for Kids

Winter Fun on Frosty Trails! Audubon Society of Rhode Island, December Programs and Events for Children and Families

December 18, 2010 Shaving Cream Snowmen

Bundle up and head out with your flashlight on the frosty trails in search of owls and other wildlife or bring the kids to Audubon for nature stories and shaving cream snowmen! Take some time to relax and celebrate nature with your family this holiday season. A complete listing of activities and programs are detailed in the Audubon Nature Tours and Programs, a free guide to connecting with the natural world. Available by calling (401) 949-5454 or online at

Audubon Environmental Education Center, Bristol, RI 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Have you ever made a snowman out of shaving cream? This fun and unusual craft may be a bit messy, but it’s a whole lot of fun! Come and find out how’s it’s done. For ages 3 and up, free with admission. Registration is required. Audubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI; Program Fee: Free with Admission; Ages: 3+. Course Number: 164333-517. To register call (401) 949-5454 ext. 3041 or email

December 17, 2010 Story Time with Audubon

Enjoy story time with your preschooler each month. The programs include the reading of a nature story with hands-on activities followed by a nature craft. See schedules below for dates, stories and locations. Adults must accompany children. To register call (401) 949-5454 ext. 3041 or email Audubon Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, 1 Sanderson Rd., Smithfield, RI December 17: Snow! by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman. Program Times are 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.; Program Fee: $5/member child; $6/non-member child. Ages: 3-5. Course Number: 114333-390.

GET AN ONLINE AuTO/HOME POLICY QuOTE Enjoy a fast, free, premium estimate.

December 11, 2010 - Morning Hike at Caratunk

Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, Seekonk, MA 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Enjoy a morning hike and explore the trails of Caratunk. The diverse habitat of fields, forest, streams and ponds make for an interesting walk - you never know what we'll discover! Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Avenue, Seekonk, MA; Program Fee: Free; Ages: +. Course Number: 014334-. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email

December 11, 2010 Wild Saturday

Audubon Environmental Education Center, Bristol, RI 11:00 a.m. Saturdays at Audubon are wild! Bring the kids and discover nature this fall. Programs are free with admission and are open to all ages. Animal Interview: Get up-close with creatures and learn about their habits and habitats. December 11, 010; 11:00 a.m. Audubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI. Programs free with admission.


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The Reporter December 2010

December 22, 2010 - Solstice Stories

Audubon Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, Smithfield, RI 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Join Audubon naturalist and storyteller Kim Calcagno, on this shortest day as she weaves winter tales and shares some traditional solstice tidbits and treats. Bring your favorite blanket or stuffed animal to curl up with.

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1379 Fall River Ave. Rte. 6 Seekonk, MA 508.336.2400

Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge, 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI; Program Fee: $8/member adult/child pair, $4/each additional member; $12/non-member adult/child pair; $6/each additional non-member; Ages: 3+. Course Number: 114333-392. To register call (401) 949-5454, ext. 3041 or email programs@

December 27 – 31, 2010, 2010 December School Vacation Week

Audubon Environmental Education Center, Bristol, RI 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Join Audubon during December School Vacation Week. Take a break from the holiday madness, relax and discover nature with your family. Nature crafts will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm each day* as well as nature story readings at 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. There is no fee for these programs and no registration is needed. Special hour-long nature programs for children ages 6 and up (except where noted below) are available each day at 1:00 p.m. (with the exception of December 31, program is held at 10:00 a.m.) Registration and a $2.00 fee per child are required for these programs. Details are provided below.

Endangered Species - December 27, 2010; 1:00 p.m.

Learn about the plight of endangered species around the world as well as those in your own backyard with this prop-filled, hands-on program.

The Wacky Weather Game Show December 28, 2010; 1:00 p.m.

Can animals and plants predict the weather better than the local meteorologist? Play the wacky weather game and find out who knows the weather better, Mother Nature or the weatherman.

December 2010 The Reporter

A Day with the Dinosaurs December 29, 2010; 1:00 p.m.

Do rocks have secrets to tell? They can teach you about dinosaurs if you know how to unlock their secrets. Come and find out how and get up-close with a live dinosaur relative who has feathers and comes out at night.

Fish Sticks - December 30, 2010; 1:00 p.m.

Is your knowledge about fish limited to the frozen breaded sticks that come out of your freezer? Join Audubon on a unique adventure and dissect a fish to find out what’s really behind those frozen fish sticks. Participants will investigate all parts of the fish, both inside and out, using simple tools such as small scissors and our hands. This program is not recommended for children who may have seafood allergies. Sharp instruments will not be used. Dress for mess. Space is limited to 15 children, so please register early! Appropriate for ages 7 and up.

Winter Walk - December 31, 2010; 10:00 a.m.

Winter is a wonderful time to explore nature. Engage in this fun and exciting nature walk as we search for signs of winter animals and take and up-close look at what happened in nature during the winter months. Dress warmly! *Please note the Center closes at noon on December 31. Program times for that date: Nature crafts: 10:00 a.m. to Noon, Nature Story: 11:30 a.m.

Mystical, Magical Owls

New! Audubon Offers a Magical Night with the Owls. Evening Owl Prowls also held at Wildlife Refuges Across the State. (November 2, 2010) – Here in New England, several species of native owls can be found – ranging from the tiny northern saw-whet owl to the large great horned owl, whose strength is unsurpassed in the owl world. They are beautiful and amazing creatures, with mystical connections to many cultures. The Audubon Society of Rhode Island encourages you to learn more about these amazing creatures of the night. Toss out the false myths and learn about their true feats and talents. Bring the kids and join in A Magical Night with the Owls, a new indoor program for families at the Environmental Education Center in Bristol. If heading out on the frosty evening trails is more to your liking, Owl Prowls will also be offered at Audubon Wildlife Refuges across the state. Details are provided below. These are some of Audubon’s most popular


close experience with these magical birds. Owl pellet dissections, a take-home craft and snacks will round out the event. Whooo would want to miss this special evening? Register today! Audubon Environmental Education Center, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI; November 13, 2010; 6:30-8:30 pm; Program Fee: $12/ member, $15/non-member (No charge for parents); Ages: 7+. Course Number: 164333-100.

Owl Prowl at Fisherville Brook

Head out on the trails for an evening of fun - learning about the owls of Rhode Island. Start the evening with a presentation on these creatures and visit with one of Audubon's live owls. Then walk the evening trails in search of these intriguing birds in their natural setting. Dress warmly and bring a flashlight. Meet in the Nature Center. Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge, 99 Pardon Joslin Road, Exeter, RI; December 3, 2010; 7:00-9:00 p.m.; Program Fee: $8/member adult, $4/member child; $12/non-member adult, $6/non-member child; Ages: 5+. Course Number: 134333-168.

Full Moon Owl Prowl

Hit the trails with Audubon for a full moon owl prowl. Start the evening indoors with an informative presentation on these creatures and a look at one of Audubon's live owls. Then head out under the light of the full moon in search of these birds in their natural habitat. Dress for the weather and bring a flashlight. Meet in the Nature Center. Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge, 99 Pardon Joslin Road, Exeter, RI; January 19, 2011; 7:00-9:00 p.m.; Program Fee: $8/member adult, $4/member child; $12/non-member adult, $6/non-member child; Ages: 6+. Course Number: 134333-171

Owl Prowl at Fort Refuge

Bundle up and join Audubon for a night hike on the Fort Refuge in search of owls. Your guide call for different species of owls as you travel through mixed and pine woods in search of these amazing creatures. Wear warm shoes or boots and dress warmly. Bring a flashlight. Hike will be canceled in the event of inclement weather or icy trails. Fort Nature Refuge, (Rt. 5), 1443 Providence Pike, North Smithfield, RI; January 26, 2011; 7:00-9:00 p.m.; Program Fee: $8/member, $12/non-member; Ages: 10+. Course Number: 114333-398.

programs; registration is required by calling (401) 949-5454 ext. 3041 or email

A Magical Night with the Owls

Those mystical, magical owls! Spend a special evening with Audubon’s owls and learn all about these amazing creatures of the night. Live owl presentations will be featured - giving kids an up-

Endangered Species - December 27, 2010; 1:00pm Learn about the plight of endangered species around the world as well as those in your own backyard with this prop-filled, hands-on program.


The Reporter December 2010

A Second Family Favorite – It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play On Stage at Trinity Rep This Month Adaptation of Beloved Film Running In The Dowling Theater now – January 2, 2011. Trinity Rep is pleased to announce that this holiday season, your family will have another spirited offering to enjoy, as it presents It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, an adaptation of the heartwarming film classic. Five actors from Trinity Rep’s resident company will bring Frank Capra’s Bedford Falls to life on stage. Co-directed by Artistic Director Curt Columbus and Associate Artistic Director Tyler Dobrowsky, the show opens in previews December 3 and runs through January 2, 2011 in the Dowling Theater. Tickets are on sale now at the Trinity Rep box office, 201 Washington St.; by phone at (401) 351-4242; and online at Co-director Curt Columbus found himself falling for this play after seeing its first professional production in Chicago. “I found myself moved to both tears and laughter in a whirlwind way. I remember leaving the theater in such a bright holiday mood.” Resident acting company members Stephen Berenson, Angela Brazil, Timothy Crowe, Anne Scurria and Fred Sullivan Jr. will create over 50 memorable characters as an ensemble cast. After years of putting off his own dreams to help others, everyman George Bailey (Sullivan) finds himself on the wrong end of humanity as his luck takes a nosedive when a rival businessman steals his last penny – along with his reputation. Drunk and despondent on Christmas Eve, George is about to end his life by jumping into an icy river so that his family can collect on his life insurance policy – until guardian angel Clarence (Berenson) steps in to save him. Bailey rebuffs Clarence’s dose of perspective by angrily wishing he’d never been born. Clarence obliges, showing George what life in Bedford Falls would have been like without him – after which he sees, despite his run of bad luck, that he’s truly “the richest man in town.”

ATTENTION WRITERS Professional manuscript critiques and marketing assistance available from published writer with MFA in creative writing. Reasonable rates for stories, articles, novels. Contact: or call 401-438-8367

Donald E. MacManus Attorney at Law

General Practice of Law Including: • Wills and Trusts • Real Estate • Personal Injury • Business & Commercial

Call (508)336-6440 546 Arcade Ave. • Seekonk, MA

Licensed to practice in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

The production is set as a period radio play, being broadcast on Christmas Eve, 1949. Columbus says that seeing the familiar tale told in this new way will offer the audience a powerful re-introduction to the story. “The play gave me such a fresh experience with the story that I wanted to direct it someday. It’s the same way A Christmas Carol affects us, when we see it in a completely new way every year – we see it again and again, and it still gives us those feelings.” The actors will be accompanied on stage by a foley artist – a job shared by designer Peter Sasha Hurowitz and assistant Benji Inniger – which will serve to further recreate the live radio play platform. A foley artist manually reproduces the sound effects that are part of the story, mostly specified within the play’s script. If a character is tromping through wet snow, Hurowitz and Inniger can simulate that sound by manipulating a box of corn starch; when a character smashes a glass against a wall, they will rub small glass bottles against a wind chime. Columbus and Dobrowsky also note that the set will gradually appear around the actors, making the world around them appear to come to life as the audience becomes more ensconced in the story. “The radio show frame is there – but we’ll break the frame now and then, with moments of theatricality and magic. There will be some surprises,” hints Dobrowsky. It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play features sets by Michael McGarty, costumes by Alison Walker Carrier, lighting by John Ambrosone, and sound design by Peter Sasha Hurowitz. Curt Columbus (co-director) joined Trinity Rep as artistic director in January 2006. He directed his own translation of Cherry Orchard for Trinity, as well as productions of Camelot, The Odd Couple, Cabaret, The Secret Rapture, The Receptionist, A Christmas Carol, Memory House and Blithe Spirit. Trinity was home to the world premieres of two of his plays, Paris by Night and The Dreams of Antigone. Curt was associate artistic director of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater Company from 2000-2005. His adaptation of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (with Marilyn Campbell) is published by Dramatists’ Play Service. Curt’s translations of Chekhov’s plays have been published by Ivan R. Dee, including Chekhov: The Four Major Plays, and The Dreams of Antigone has been published by Broadway Play Publishing. Tyler Dobrowsky (co-director) is Trinity Rep’s associate artistic director. He was the dramaturg on The Dreams of Antigone, and assistant director for Shooting Star, both at Trinity Rep. From 2004-2009, as the company’s education director, he oversaw the expansion of the Young Actors Studio after-school and summer programs, as well as Trinity’s landmark Project Discovery program. Tyler received his MA in Education Policy from Brown University, and studied history, theater and Russian at Holy Cross. He teaches for the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA program, as well as in Trinity Rep’s education programs for children and adults. Playwright Joe Landry’s published plays include Vintage Hitchcock and Reefer Madness. Other projects include Mothers and Sons, a musical (with Kevin Connors) and Lifeboat, Dahling! (with Bert Bernardi). He is the founder of Second Guess Theatre Company, member of the Dramatists Guild, and currently teaches playwriting at Sacred Heart University. Evening performances are Tuesdays through Sundays at 7:30 p.m. with selected Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 2 p.m. On December 24, there will be a matinee at 12 P.M. and an evening performance at 5 P.M.; on December 31, there will be an evening show at 5 P.M. Pay What You Can (PWYC). PWYC tickets go on sale at 6:30 p.m., limit one per person. This season Trinity Rep has responded to these economic times by continuing to offer expanded $21 discounted seating to every show. Select seats are available in the Dowling Theater for $12. Additional discounted and rush tickets are also available, call box office for details. For information on group rates (parties of 10 or more) contact Group Sales at (401) 351-4242. Talkbacks will be held after every performance of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. Audiences are invited to share their response to the play’s production and themes for approximately twenty minutes. Visit to view a full performance calendar.

December 2010 The Reporter

East Providence Senior Center News Highlights

Blood Pressure Clinic 6th 10:30 a.m. Blue Cross Information 6th 1:00 p.m. Oakhill Rehab 7th 10:00 a.m. Blood Pressure Clinic 8th 10:30 a.m. Hearing Screening 9th 10:00 a.m. Red Hats 9th 1:30 a.m. RI Hope 10th 9:00 a.m. SHIP 10th 9:00 a.m. East Bay Center 14th 9:00 a.m. University ENT 14th 10:30 a.m. Weight Maintenance 14th 10:30 a.m. PCD Xmas Concert 15th 10:30 a.m. Blood Pressure Clinic 16th 10:30 a.m. Diabetes Support 16th 1:30 p.m. In-Sight 17th 12:45 p.m. Caregivers Support 20th 10:30 a.m. Computer Assistance 20th 2:00 p.m. RSVP 22nd 1:00 p.m. East Bay Center 28th 9:00 a.m. Advisory Board 30th 9:00 a.m.

Hearing Screening Thursday, December 9th - 10 a.m.

We are very lucky to have Dr. Jodi Glass providing hearing screenings free of charge this month! Dr. Glass will be in the Health Office on Thursday, December 9, 2010 from 10 am until 12 noon to perform hearing screenings. There is no appointment necessary. Dr Glass has been providing expert hearing assistance to many of our seniors and we are very pleased to have her provide us with this service.

SNAP is back!

The Senior Nutrition Awareness Project is returning with treats and recipes. Our own Ann Marie Sabula RD and Dolores Norton Braica NP lead a weekly meditation group at the senior center each Friday at 11 am. This program is free and open to all members. Beginners welcome!

Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D/ Prescription Plans

During Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D/ Prescription Plans, representatives from Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be holding an informational session and will be available to assist seniors with enrollment. They will be here on December 6th from 1 to 3:30 p.m. During the Open Enrollment period it is always a good idea to review your plan. URI Pharmaceutical Students will be meeting with seniors on Friday, December 3rd from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Please call 435-7876 to

make an appointment. On Friday, December 10th, SHIP counselors from the Department of the Elderly, The Point and United Way will be at the East Providence Senior Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to help seniors review their Medicare Part D plans and the enrollment process. Please call 435-7876 to book your appointment.

How to Avoid Medicare Scams

Potential increases with new Medicare drug plan New Programs Designed to Prevent Medicare Scams and Abuse Seniors are often the victims of scams, so Dr. Mark McClellan, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, advises seniors to look out for dishonest marketers claiming to sell Medicare prescription drug plans. To help senior avoid becoming the victims of Medicare scams, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has established contracts with eight organizations called Medicare Rx Integrity Contractors, or MEDICS. These groups conduct investigations on allegations of Medicare scams or abuse.

How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Medicare Scam

Medicare advises seniors to be wary of individuals who approach them with offers of good deals on Medicare prescription drug coverage. According to Medicare officials: Be wary of door-to-door salespeople. No one is authorized to come to your door uninvited, with the purpose of selling you Medicare prescription drug coverage. Do not reveal personal health or financial information. Legitimate companies who sell Medicare prescription drug policies are not authorized to request personal information during marketing activities. Always protect your Medicare number. Like your credit cards and bank accounts, your Medicare number is personal and should not be given to strangers. Before you reveal personal information or sign a contract, confirm that the company is legitimate. Medicare has a list of approved companies so it’s easy to confirm that the company and coverage you choose is legitimate before you sign up or reveal financial information. If a salesperson pressures you to sign up without giving you time to check, run the other way

610 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914 Phone 435-7800 Dining Room 435-7872 Fax 435-7803

Weekly/Monthly Programs

Monday Intermediate Yoga Pokeno Beginners Yoga Caregivers Support Group (4th Mon) Book Club Craft Class Ballroom Dancing Tuesday 8:15 a.m. Cards (Cockroach) 9:30 a.m. Aerobics Exercise 9:30 a.m. Watercolor Class 9:30 a.m. Bocce Ball 10:30 a.m. Weight Maintenance (2nd Tues) 11:00 a.m. Tai Chi 1:00 p.m. Drawing Class 1:00 a.m. Cribbage 1:25 p.m. BINGO 1:30 p.m. Stroke Club (1st Tues) Wednesday 8:30 a.m. East Side Lab (1st Wed) 9:00 a.m. Intermediate Yoga 9:00 a.m. Manicurist 10:00 a.m. Scrabble 10:45 a.m. PACE 1:30 p.m. Nutrition Class Thursday 9:00 a.m. Tax Preparation (Feb. & March) 9:30 a.m. Aerobics Exercise 10:15 a.m. Nutrition Weight Loss 1:00 p.m. Bridge 1:00 p.m. Craft Class 1:30 p.m. Diabetes Support Group (4th Thurs) Friday 9:00 a.m. Billiards League 10:00 a.m. Scrabble 10:45 a.m. PACE 11:00 a.m. Meditation Class 12:45 p.m. In-Sight Support Group (4th Fri) 1:20 p.m. Hi Lo Jack League Daily Lunch Noon Library 8 a.m. — 4 a.m. Coffee Hour 2:15 p.m. Fitness Center 8 a.m. — 4 p.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m.



The Reporter December 2010

Center Launches New Brain Fitness Program

Vigorous Mind is a brain wellness program. It is a scientifically based software product offering users a broad brain exercise program that trains multiple cognitive functions. In addition to the preventive and protective role of continued mental activity, some of the tasks in My Vigorous Mind have an immediate effect on daily functioning. The program also provides opportunities to socialize and interact with others, reduce stress, and maintain a cognitively challenging lifestyle. Furthermore, My Vigorous Mind enables you to experience progress and a sense of accomplishment. In doing so, it promotes a positive sense of well-being, and a positive emotional state that enhances cognitive stability as one ages. The program includes a set of brain exercises that trains attention, memory, processing speed, language, number skills, multitasking, reasoning, hand-eye coordination as well as other critically important brain skills. The system adjusts the level of difficulty to your level and lets you view your results and progress over time. It’s easy and it’s fun. Anyone interested in signing up for the program should contact the administration office. Once a member is shown how the program works, they will be on their own. Computers in the computer lab and conference room will be equipped for members to access the program.

Computer Assistance Monday, December 20th - 2 to 4 p.m.

On the last Monday of every month, two students from MTTI career training school will assist any member with computer questions. These volunteers will try to resolve your computer problems, and help you with a computer course you may be taking. The students will be in the computer lab. Our new vendor program has been successful! Local vendors who have services or products of interest to seniors will have space in our lobby to showcase themselves and provide education. Each Tuesday this month we have in our main lobby: December 7th Oakhill Rehab, December 14th University ENT

Exercise Programs

Intermediate Yoga Monday & Wednesday - 9 a.m. $3

Integrated YOGA for emotional/mental power, Flexibility, strength, balances, beauty, stretching, weight reduction, improved breathing, relaxation, and stress relief. All are components of our Yoga classes. Beginners Yoga Mondays 10:30 a.m. $3

Ballroom Dance - Monday - 2 p.m. $3

Relearn all the old moves on the ballroom dance floor as well as some new ones. Singles are welcome.


The East Providence Reporter

Sales Representatives - Full / Part Time Reporters / Writers & Photographer (Part Time) Call Barbara at 401-787-6031 email

Aerobics - Tuesday & Thursday - 9:30 a.m. - $2

Instructor Karen Boyd gives members a great cardiovascular workout. Hand and ankle weights are used to tone and build your muscles.

Tai Chi - Tuesday - 11:00 a.m. - $3

This ancient art form of exercise has been proven to reduce stress as well as chronic pain. It also reduces heart rate along with calming the mind and body.

Arthritis Exercise Wednesday & Friday - 10:45 a.m. - No Charge

A proper balance of exercise and rest can help relieve stiffness and maintain or improve your joint mobility and muscle strength.

Fitness Center

Our fitness room is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. The fitness room consists of treadmills, recumbent bikes, an elliptical stepper, hand weights, and six dual weight machines. Other features include a matted floor, mirrored walls, water, stereo, and cable TV. You must have approval from your physician to participate in this program. Forms can be obtained in the Administration Office. The fee is $35 for a one year membership.

Bridge Pokeno Cockroach Cribbage Hi Lo Jack League

Card Games

Thursday 1:00 p.m. Monday 9:30 a.m. Tuesday 8:15 a.m. Tuesday 1:00 p.m. Friday 1:15 p.m.


Crafts - Monday & Thursday 1:00 p.m.

Craft class makes dolls for Hasbro Children's Hospital and cancer pillows for Women & Infants Hospital. Other “make and take” crafts will be taught.

Watercolor - Tuesday - 9:30 a.m. - $5

Come learn a form of watercolor for all levels of talent. Some of the fantastic artwork is displayed throughout the center.

Drawing - Tuesday - 1:00 p.m. - $5

This group of artists works with pencil drawing, beginners to advanced welcome.

Computer Classes - Sessions & Times Vary

Our computer lab consists of class room computers and computers for general use. All computers are on-line. Courses offered: Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word Part 1 & 2, and Introduction to the Internet Part 1 & 2. Computer classes are conducted by trained computer teachers. Classes are held in 4 week sessions. Each class meets for 1 hr. and 15 minutes. The cost per session is $20/members and $25/non members. Classes are filled on a first payment basis. Class size is limited to six students.

Support Groups

Diabetes Support - 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Open meeting held monthly for people with diabetes to meet for mutual support. The group meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

Caregiver’s Support - 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

This support group is held the fourth Monday each month. The

December 2010 The Reporter sessions offer support and sharing with others who are caring for loved ones.

Stroke Club - 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The Stroke Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month and provides entertainment, education, support, socialization, refreshments, and transportation for stroke survivors and their caregivers.

In-Sight Support - 12:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

In-Sight offers programs and support in productive living for the vision impaired. The group meets the 3rd Friday of every month.

Daily Programs

Computer games Billiards Nutritional Lunch Bocce ball

Cards Walking Track Morning & Afternoon Coffee

Senior Center Library

The library is a very warm and lovely place for people to choose a good book and read in a nice quiet area. We continue to receive many donations of new and current books. These donations have truly enhanced the quantity of our library. We also have current magazines for your enjoyment. The book club meets on Monday afternoons. New club members are welcome.

General Services

Elder Information Specialist: Our Elder Information Specialist assists the elderly and their families in providing information/referral and assistance with accessing services and programs. Nutrition Program: The center provides a nutritional meal to approximately 125 seniors per day. The Cranston Senior Center provides the meals. Case Management/Senior Services: The center coordinates with East Bay Community Action Program Inc., for all casework and follow-ups. Protective Services Council, made up of city departments and mental health/social service agencies, meets monthly to discuss problems concerning the elderly. Transportation: The center has two buses that are used daily for door-to-door transportation to and from the center. Notary: This service is available in the Administration Office at no charge. Seminars: Monthly social, educational, and financial seminars on topics relating to seniors. Manicurist: A manicurist visits the center weekly for manicures and polish changes. Gift Shop: The gift shop has many different items for the convenience of the seniors. Small items from candy and greeting cards to jewelry, handmade items and crafts are available.

Leisure Programs

Book Club Monday 1:00 p.m. Bingo Tuesday 1:25 p.m. Scrabble Wed & Friday 10:00 a.m. Meditation Class Friday 11:00 a.m. Library Daily 8-4 p.m. Computer Games Daily Lounge Billiards Daily Lower level

Senior Center Healthy Aging


Nutrition Weight Loss continues. Our next session begins after the New Year. Contact the Health Office at 435-7870 to register or stop by with any questions. We have Registered Dieticians available for appointments in the health office. They can counsel you, in private, about your personal needs and insurance covers these visits. They are certified diabetes educators too. We also have a Nurse Practitioner who will help you with any diabetes teaching needs, especially insulin. To schedule a visit, stop by the health office or call us at 435-7870. Congratulate Janet Holmes on her new position as SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) coordinator for East Bay CAP! She will still be able to assist seniors with the Food Stamp Assistance application process as well as health insurance counseling. Please contact her at her new number: 435-7876 to make an appointment. Our own Ann Marie Sabula RD and Dolores Norton Braica NP lead a weekly meditation group at the senior center each Friday at 11 a.m. This program is free and open to all members. Beginners welcome! East Side Clinical Lab draws blood work here once per month. The date for this month is: Wednesday December 1, 8:30-11:30. There is no pre-registration, just come in with the lab slip from your doctor. Please utilize this service so they will continue. We are very pleased to have Hattie Ide Chaffee for monthly blood pressure checks. They will be here on Monday, December 6 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the dining room. Please stop by and find out the wonderful services they provide our community. Waterview Villa’s nurse, Sonya Moniz will be taking blood pressures on Wednesday, December 8 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the dining room. Come sit and chat with our favorite nurse! The East Bay Center clinical social worker, Kathleen Beltramello LICSW, is assisting our seniors with any of their social service


The Reporter December 2010

needs. The dates this month are: December 14 and 28 from 9 a.m. to12 noon. Do you have questions? Do you just wish to talk with someone confidentially? Please contact us for an appointment at 435-7870. Nutrition/Weight Loss Maintenance group will be meeting Tuesday December 14 at 10:30 a.m. We will be having a general discussion. Please join us so we may continue this group! SNAP will be here: Wednesday, December 15 at 2 p.m. and Thursday December 16 at 11 a.m. Evergreen House Health Center will be taking blood pressure readings on Thursday, December 16 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the dining room. Stop by to have your blood pressure taken and to speak with lovely Yvonne about this wonderful facility. Diabetes Support Group will be meeting on the third Thursday of this month: Thursday, December 16 from 1:30 to 3 pm. If you have diabetes, please attend this wonderful, supportive group. No pre-registration is necessary. Our Caregiver’s Support Group will be meeting on the third Monday of this month: December 20 at 10:30 a.m. We will be having a general discussion. If you have responsibility as a caregiver, please join us for this very supportive group! No pre-registration necessary. The senior center health office welcomes donations of medical equipment and supplies and we are happy to loan out equipment to the community. Please contact us at any time. The senior center health office welcomes donations of medical equipment and supplies and we are happy to loan out equipment to the community. Please contact us at any time. If you have any questions about these programs, or to register, please visit the Health Office or call 435-7870.

Reading Is Good for Your Brain

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." -Sir Richard Steele Rereading an old favorite book can be like visiting an old friend. Or try a new type of book. If you enjoyed a book by a certain author, try others by the same writer. Ask a friend for recommendations. Check out book reviews in the local newspaper or on the Internet. Have you investigated our center’s library lately? Reading offers benefits not found in more "passive" media. It gives the brain a much better workout than does watching television. When we watch TV, we take in the information in a passive way. But reading allows the mind to: Pause, reflect, think Operate more actively Use intellect and emotion together Develop a longer attention span. Reading about a subject provides far more comprehensive information than watching TV. And we are in more control—we can skim over portions that interest us less, move backwards and forwards, re-read, savor.

$167.00 Dbl. Occ. Triple Occ. $ 162.00 Single Occ. $ 230.00 Insurance $ 15.00 Sign up in the E. Providence Senior Center Administration Office or call (401) 435-7800 Ext. 7. Can also call: Eleanor Monteiro at (401)434-8194 - 28 Metacomet Avenue, Rumford, RI 02916 Trips Must Be Booked and Paid In Full 30 Days from Date of Trip. Please Make Your Reservations Early


Coupons “Making a Difference'

We ask all to bring in clipped coupons found in the Sunday newspaper and maybe we can make a difference. They are distributed to the spouses and children of troops who sometimes struggle to make ends meet on military salaries.

Cell Phone Recycling

The center is collecting used or discarded cell phones. Most phones end up in kitchen drawers collecting dust. By partnering with Cellular Recycler, we have developed a way to make the most of used cell phones. A box is in the administration office for depositing the cell phones. We thank you in advance. The phones will either be recycled for their precious metals according to EPA standards or be refurbished for use in developing countries. The memory of each phone is “flashed” to wipe out any previous information stored on the cell phone. You should never give out personal information to someone who calls. The Government will not and does not call for this or any other personal information The center will close at noon on December 24th, December 31st. The center will be closed, December 27th and January 3rd

Medicare Part D Counseling In Area Locations

The East Bay Community Action’s RSVP Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is taking appointments for Medicare Part D, Open Enrollment for senior citizens, the disabled, and other eligible participants. East Bay RSVP SHIP works in conjunction with community organizations around the State of Rhode Island. Medicare Part D is a federal program to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States. It was enacted as part of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) and went into effect on January 1, 2006. The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) also trains volunteers to assist Rhode Island and local area citizens in better understanding cost effective options that are available. To make an appointment at a nearby location, or to volunteer, please contact Janet Holmes at East Bay RSVP at 401-435-7876.

Gift Shop

Remember to visit our lovely gift shop located in the dining room area. We have a great selection of hand made items, gift cards, and snacks.

East Providence Senior Center and Monty’s Trips

Feb. 21 – 23, 2011 Atlantic City/Tropicana - to include 2 Nights Accommodations, $20.00 Cash Bonus, 1 Breakfast Buffet, 1 Dinner Buffet, Casino Revue Show, Motor Coach Transportation and Driver’s Gratuity.

Christmas Party

St. Brendan Forever Young Club Christmas party will be held December 14 at the Backroad Grille, 549 Metacom Ave, Bristol at 1:00 p.m. Tickets are $22.00 and can be reserved by calling Alice Huff at 433-0427. Please bring your filled Christmas stockings and items for fillers to this event so that they can be mailed to our troops overseas in time for Christmas.

December 2010 The Reporter

As this year ends and a new one begins...

We wish you Peace, Prosperity, Health and Happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year! Winslow Gardens and Linn Health Care Center United Methodist Elder Care Communities Celebrating our Ruby Anniversary and 40 Years of Services in the East Bay Community.

401-438-4456 Website:



The Reporter December 010

Birth Announcements

Kyla Lee Benoit

Andy Lee Benoit and Christina Lynn Baird of East Providence are proud to announce the arrival of their daughter Kyla Lee Benoit. She was born August 3, 010 at 1:1am at Women and Infants Hospital. She weighed  lbs 4 oz and was 0 inches long. Paternal grandparents are Cheryl Andrews of Riverside and Kenny Benoit of Cumberland. Maternal grandparents are William Baird of East Providence and Mary Starke of Charlotte, NC.

Hunter Desrosiers

Nicole Peterson Desrosiers, and Christopher Desrosiers of East Providence announce the birth of their daughter, Hunter Desrosiers, born Oct. 11th at 1:59 P.M. at Women and Infants Hospital, Providence. She weighed 6 pounds  oz and was 0 inches long. Maternal grandparents are the late Cheryl Peterson and Henry Castro of East Providence and Paternal grandparents are Christine Pollen and Tony Desrosiers of Woonsocket RI.

Jordan Andrade Jr.

Jordan Andrade and Nicole Allen of East Providence are proud to announce the arrival of their son, Jordan Andrade Jr. He was born on Tuesday, September 14, 010 at 10:06 a.m. at Woman and Infants Hospital. Jordan weighed  lbs 10 oz and was 1� long. Paternal grandparents are Artur and Manuela Andrade of East Providence. Maternal grandparents are Eduardo and Lizette Soares of East Providence.

gavin Nicholas Quinn

William and Melinda Quinn of East Providence are proud to announce the arrival of their son, Gavin Nicholas Quinn. Gavin was born on August 19th at 7:19 p.m. at Women and Infants Hospital. He weighed 7lbs. 9 oz. and was 0 inches long. Gavin was happily welcomed home by his big sister, Brenna Nicole. Maternal grandparents are Manuel and Mary Medeiros of Bristol. Paternal grandparents are William and Mary Quinn of Saugus, MA.

December 2010 The Reporter

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Kayliana Lynn Lacerda

Ryan & Jessica Lacerda of East Providence announce the birth of their daughter Kayliana Lynn. She was born on Sept. 19, 2010; 7.9 lbs. 20.5 in. long.

London Dias Ramos


Stefanie Dias and Brian Candeias Ramos of East Providence are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, London Dias Ramos. She was born on June 17, 2010 at 4:45 p.m. at Women & Infants Hospital. London weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and was 20� long. Grandparents are Eduardo and Maria Dias from East Providence and Irene and Eduardo Ramos from Pawtucket.


DEC. 26 - 29

Sun. Mon. DEC. 26 DEC. 27 12 NOON 12 NOON 3:30 PM 4:30 PM 7:00 PM*

Tue. DEC. 28

Wed. DEC. 29 11:00 PM 3:00 PM

1:00 PM 5:00 PM *(Excludes Rinkside and VIP seats. No double discounts.)

Buy tickets at, Retail Locations, Dunkin’ Donuts Center Box Office or call 1-800-745-3000 For information call (401) 331-6700 Groups (401) 331-6702


5.875’’ x 10’’ ENTERTAINME



The Reporter December 010

find it in the...

t Ho n e Ov

Wed. thru Sat. 4:30-10pm • Sun. 2-8pm


pen O w o N

Catering For All Occasions

$1.00 OFF ANY LARGE PIZZA Expires 12/31/2010. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Call ahead with your order! 237 Newman Ave, Rumford, RI • 401-435-3037


Q ua ey ome lity Since 1945 Turk mad & f e S o up ee •T s • Schroders own Roast B ake ring Home Cate • r e Entrees • S d r o teaks cut to

Make your holiday easier, Check out our Holiday Menu

Available Dec. 1st • In the store or online Appetizers

Bacon Wrapped Scallops Pickled Herring/ Swedish Sill Shrimp Cocktail Stuffed Mushrooms


508-336-6634 •

Every Monday: Trivia Night with BIG ANT Every Tuesday: 2 for $2 TACOS/Karaoke Every Beirut Tournament THISWednesday: WEEK’S$500 E NTERTAINMENT : Every Thursday: Ladies eat FREE with Chris Gauthier LIVE Thurs 9/16: Ladies Eat FREE with Chris Gauthier LIVE Every Friday: $1000 Karaoke Fri 9/17: $1000 Karaoke Semi-Finals DECEMBER ENTERTAINMENT Sat 9/18: Those Guys 12/4: Take 3 • 12/11: what Matters? SUNDAY TICKET 12/18: underSun the9/19: CoverzNFL • 12/25: Live Music - open at 5pm

%OFF 20% 20 OFF

Coupon must be presented to receive discount. Dine must in only. totofood Coupon be Applies presented receive Dinebeincombined only. Applies to food May not with any only. other May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Expires 1/15/11 promotions or discounts. Expires 10/1/10


Baked Stuffed Shrimp Italian Lasagna Roasted Turkey Breast Schroder’s Own Mac & Cheese Sliced Ham w/pineapples & cherries

From Our Butcher Brined Fresh Turkey Rib Roast Bone – in, Boneless or Cradled Tenderloin Roast


Broccoli Au Gratin Butternut Squash Carrot & Turnip Candied Sweet Potatoes Green Beans Amandine Homemade Gravy Mashed Potatoes Potatoes Au Gratin Sausage & Cornbread Stuffing Traditional Stuffing


4# Apple Pie Pumpkin Pie Apple Walnut Caramel Pie New York Cheesecake Italian Cheesecake Homemade Carrot Cake Homemade Tiramisu

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the New Year from the staff at Schroder’s Deli Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am-6pm, Sunday 7am-1pm


BOOK YOUR HOLidAY PARTY nOW! Dates still availableCall 401-573-1647

e y

401-437-1610 

December 2010 The Reporter

Dining Guide


Recipe from Chef Erin...

The holidays are a special time at the Anawan Club cabin. The 112th Annual Holiday Party will be held this month. For the club members, like most Christmas revelers, the celebration is about the food and the people. But the rustic beauty of the clubhouse, decorated for the holidays adds a very special charm to the party indeed. For me, thinking back on the culinary history of the club, the previous chef stewards and their holiday meals, I feel a sense of responsibility to my current members and guests, those who will be in attendance to enjoy the meal and the company this year. And I feel a responsibility to the past, to those chefs, long gone members and friends of the Anawan Club, those “ghosts of Christmas’ past”, who do not frighten me, but inspire and amaze me with the style and quality of food they prepared in their time. I hope to continue this rich history and tradition of fine food at the club, and as well, to document it. I have begun a journal for the club, to record my menus, any special events, and even some of the mundane daily happenings that may be of interest to a history buff like me in the future. December 2011: Twinkling white lights and giant ice votives decorate the porch. The sounds of music, clinking glassware and laughter come from inside the old building. Straight ahead, as you enter, the huge fieldstone fireplace crackles and sparks, flames licking the massive spiral cast andirons. The heat from the fire and the capacity crowd combine to make the room extra cozy. While there are a number of big events at the club throughout the year, the holiday party is extra special because the ladies are in attendance. Yes, wives and female guests are invited to attend this festive event, so the club has to be extra clean and party pretty. The timeline isn’t as stringent for a social event at the club as it is for a regular meeting, but the basic menu and service structure are the same. Members will enter to find tables set with holiday finery, and two antique poker tables loaded with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres: artisan cheeses and crackers, bake brie encroute, shrimp cocktail, devilled eggs, spiced pecans, sardine pate, hot seafood dip, artichoke dip, toast points. Servers will be passing hot snacks: crab toasties, sausage-stuffed mushrooms, scallops wrapped in bacon, shrimp parmesan crisps. Guests will enjoy the appetizers and socializing until the jingle of the bell sounds the time to be seated for dinner. Served in courses, the menu for this year is as follows:

Phillips Street Restaurant 51 N.Phillips Street • East Providence, RI, 02914 401-434-3224 • fax 401-228-3323

Portuguese Cuisine

• Daily Specials • Lunch & Dinner

Order Food For That Special Occassion S 12-6 M 12-9 Th 12-9 T closed F 12-10 W 12-9 S 12-10

Holy Ghost Beneficial Brotherhood of RI

Anawan Club Holiday Party Menu

Balsamic Glazed Bibb Lettuce with Gorgonzola & Candied Walnuts, Tomato Basil Soup with Garlic Parmesan Croutons, Kenyon Cornmeal Jonnycakes Surf & Turf of: Roast Tenderloin of Beef with Mushroom Fricassee & Filet of Sole Turbans with Newburg Sauce, Roasted Creamer Potatoes, Garlicky Green Beans Chocolate Mousse & Meringue Bombe After dinner, as is tradition at the club, all are welcomed as introductions go around the room. Guests and first time visitors are welcomed with applause from the group. Next, the President of the club will request my presence in the dining room. If I have done a good job on the meal, I too will receive a round of applause from the attendees, to whom I respond with a bow and curtsey. As the evening winds down, guests begin to depart amid hugs and holiday wishes. As you open the heavy log door to exit the cabin, it is only the moon’s reflection on the pond, or snow covered ice that meets you as you leave. As you shuffle down the gravel path it is only the winter quiet, the wind through the woods, the faint sound of the piano, and the ghosts of Christmas past that accompany you. Happy Holidays foodies! Eat drink and be merry! This time of year more than ever, let’s all eat each other’s cooking and say it was good! Chef Erin

Sole Turbans with Newburg Sauce - (6 servings) Turbans: 6 sole or flounder fillets ½ pound lump crabmeat (picked over well to remove any shells or cartilage) ¼ cup onion, diced ¼ cup celery, diced continued on next page...

COUNTRY KITCHEN Serving Breakfast & Lunch

Homemade Holiday Pies Order Early for Christmas Homemade Jellies Breads - Banana, Pumpkin Holiday Baskets to order

•Fresh Fruit Waffles• •Homemade Pies• •Fish-n-chips•

• Daily Specials • Take out Available (508) 336-9807 469 Taunton Ave., Rt. 44, Seekonk, MA

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6am-2pm, Sat. 7am-11am, Sun. 8am-12pm


The Reporter December 010



ARCHETTO Attorneys at Law R.I. and MA. Bars

Conrad M. Cutcliffe The Packet Building 155 South Main St., Suite 300 Providence, RI 0903-963

(401) 454-1900 Fax (401) 331-7001

1 TBS parsley, chopped fine 1TBS lemon juice ½ cup butter, melted 1 cup Ritz cracker crumbs Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Sprinkle fish with salt & pepper. Coil each fillet inside a buttered muffin tin, or 6- ounce custard cup. Sauté onions and celery in TBS of the butter until tender. Remove from heat. Mix with cracker crumbs, remaining butter, lemon juice, parsley and flaked crabmeat. Spoon crabmeat mixture into center of fillets in muffin tin. Bake @ 15 minutes, or until fish flakes easily with a fork. Remove turbans carefully with  spoons.

Newburg Sauce:

¼ cup butter ¼ cup flour ½ tsp salt 1 ½ cups milk ¼ cup dry sherry 1 pinch paprika 3 TBS ketchup 1 TBS Worcestershire sauce Combine butter, flour and salt in a saucepan. Cook for two minutes. Slowly whisk in milk and bring mixture to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir sherry into the mixture (to taste), paprika, catsup and Worcestershire sauce. Serve hot.

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Fish the Florida Everglades with

s s a B B o e ys h T Bass Trips 1/2 Day or Full Day

Capt. Rick Wasteney Capt. Clint Wasteney 1-954-382-6188


to Florida and get some bass!

December 010 The Reporter


Weddings, Engagements &Anniversaries let everybody know for FREE! Send Pictures and Announcements to


Wedding Gowns Arriving Daily

Wedding gowns

50% Off Select Styles

Bridesmaids Specials also available • Mother of the Bride • Flower Girls

Sara Elisabeth Laurino Weds Mr. Victor Machado Duarte

Large Selection of Designer Tuxedo Rentals Availalble

Miss Sara Elisabeth Laurino and Mr. Victor Machado Duarte were united in marriage on Saturday, August 7, 010 at St. Brendan Church in Riverside, RI. The bride is the daughter of Ronald and Barbara Laurino and the groom is the son of Eduino and Guilhermina Duarte. The reception took place at the Johnson and Wales Inn in Seekonk, MA. The wedding party included Nicole Salvadore (matron of honor), John Poette (best man), Lesa Duarte, David Duarte, Kary Cabral, Ken Smith, Sopha Oldham, Tom Richards, and continued on next page...

Ana’s Bridal Boutique & Tuxedo

456 Warren Ave. • East Providence, RI 02914 Bridal: (401) 438-5932 • Tuxedo: (401) 438-5940 Monday - Friday 10AM - 9PM • Saturday 10AM - 6PM Open Sunday 10AM-3PM • (By Appointment)


Book your session before August 1st and receive

$50 OFF

weddings • events • pets • portraits 617.418.1119


The Reporter December 2010

Pam Johnson. The ushers were Ronnie Laurino, Marc Laurino, and Patrick Hurley.  The ring bearer was Jacob Duarte (son of the bride and groom), and the flower girl was Kyra DiOrio.  The bride is a graduate of Rhode Island College and is currently a physical and health education teacher in East Providence.  The groom is a general contractor who owns his own construction business.  The bride and groom went to Las Vegas for their honeymoon and currently reside in Riverside.



Ms. Cheryl Sauchuk of Riverside RI is proud to announce the marriage of her son Jared A. Sauchuk also of Riverside to Christine M. LaVoie of East Greenwich RI. Christine is the daughter of Charlene Henderson of East Greenwich RI, William LaVoie of Cranston RI and Patricia Lindley. The wedding was held on Aug 29, 2010 at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in East Greenwich presided over by Reverend Linda Forsberg.

She Served Too!

Bay View Academy Kicks Off a Yearlong Women’s Veterans Initiative Celebrating and Serving Women of the Military On this Veteran’s Day, Bay View Academy kicked off a yearlong effort to identify, locate and contact female veterans of Southern New England, regardless of religious affiliation, in order to honor each of them at a celebration on November 10, 2011 at the Academy. Colonel Susan Luz, Bay View Class of 1968, will chair a committee including Sister Elizabeth McAuliffe, Bay View Academy President, Lia Del Sesto, Bay View Director of Alumnae Relations, Carol Costa, communications specialist, Jeremy Kapstein, Senior Advisor Baseball Projects Boston Red Sox, Sister Elizabeth Hathaway, Bay View Academy Director of Campus Ministries, Colleen Gribbin, Bay View Academy High School Principal, and Diane Morel, Bay View Academy History Department Chair. Colonel Luz is a bestselling author and was the highest ranking soldier in the 399th Combat Support Unit. She was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in Iraq, and her book Nightingale of Mosul tells the story of a life dedicated to service, family, compassion, and country—and challenges readers to redefine their ideals of what it means to fight for what truly matters. “I am very happy that my Alma Mater is taking on this most important effort to celebrate and honor women in the Military. Bay View remains a leader in women’s education and when combined with the Mercy mission this initiative promises to be very exciting, emotional and have a long lasting impact on the veterans and the student body of Bay View.” Said Luz. Bay View High School Principal, Colleen Gribbin agrees, “This effort promises to bring the Mercy mission together with a yearlong teachable moment for our girls. I am always buoyed by the enthusiasm of our faculty and our young women and their willingness to participate, engage, serve and learn.” Campus Ministry Director Sister Liz Hathaway is eager to put the Mercy mission into action, “This initiative does so much to bring the Mercy mission alive for our girls. The opportunity to aid the women of service who sacrificed and admirably did their duty

on behalf of our nation is one that will produce benefits for our veterans and our girls.” Bay View Academy is planning a yearlong education accompaniment of this initiative. Diane Morel, Bay View History Department Chair, acknowledges the multi faceted educational ventures that will be brought to life throughout the entire school. “We are uniquely positioned to make this effort one that can provide learning for our girls in language arts, history, art, music and technology. I am sure this outreach will energize our students and the entire Bay View Community. Bay View’s Director of Alumnae Relations acknowledges the inherent challenge of this initiative “We at the Academy realize reaching as many female veterans as possible is a challenging endeavor, however, knowing the true spirit and determination of our Bay View Community; we will tackle this project gladly.” She continued, “We are confident this year long journey enveloping and engaging our entire BVA community will reap so much good for so many.” But humans are more than physical beings, and as health care professionals, our real task is to care for the whole person. When it comes to mental health, stress is a huge part of a soldier’s life as well. Take normal people and put them in abnormal situations, and all sorts of hazardous things can result. I hold an additional certification in combat stress management, so part of my job in Iraq was to help educate soldiers through the stresses of war. If people could, to some degree, process the craziness of what they were going through, it would lift their spirits, help them perform at an optimum level, and be in a better position to sort things out when they got home. Excerpt from Nightingale of Mosul Now that that my sisters are returning home I am thrilled to be part of my Alma Mater’s dedication to continuing this mission of Mercy.” Said Luz. Bay View seeks any woman who has served the United States of America in any branch of military service. If you are or know such a women, please contact the Lia Del Sesto at 434-0113 ext 104 or via email at

The following jobs are available at EBCAP Head Start Positions On Call Subs Teachers Assistant Teachers Kids Connect Consultant

Additional Jobs Nurse Quality Improvement Coordinator Nurse-Per Diem

Please email Sharon at

December 2010 The Reporter

CLASSIFIEDS Send Classified with Payment to The East Providence Reporter; P.O. Box 170, Rehoboth, MA 02769. BUSINESS CLASSIFIED RATES $35 FOR 30 WORDS Classified Deadline: 25th of the Month We reserve the right to alter and/or reject advertising

FOR RENT APARTMENT FOR RENT: Riverside, 2nd floor, 1 ½ bedroom, gas heat, busline, no pets, no smoking; 1st and security; call 401-433-0871.

COMMERCIAL RENTAL OFFICE SPACE: Local family therapist looking to sublet office space Tuesdays and Thursdays . . . has own waiting area and access to phone/fax and paper supplies . . . please call 225-0458

VACATION RENTAL Vacation/honeymoon rental: St. Michael, Azores (Portugal), pristine 2bed/2-bath apartment with kit, DR, LR & laundry, linens provided. Majestic Atlantic and mountain views from spacious deck, near golf, beach, etc. Call 401-480-0374 or 508-336-2432 for info/reservations. Custom Log Cabin: Sugar Hill, Franconia NH, sleeps 6, fireplace, full kitchen; minutes from New Hampshire attractions; swimming, hiking, fishing, boating, or just R&R; weekly & weekends, Call 401-4334491.

FOR SALE For Sale: Fire wood; season hardwood; delivered; ½ cord or full cord. 508567-2055.


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For Sale: 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport $2700 – Black, 130k miles. Excellent condition, lot’s of new parts. 401-438-1381. For Sale: Recliner-electrically driven. Asking $200. Offers. 401-433-1873. FOR SALE: Babylock Ellisimo Embroidery Machine w/ Embroidery bundle; never been used; great Christmas present; 401724-1184 or 401-440-3802.

FREE STUFF! FREE: 3 ½ cases of Osmolite 1.5 Cal tube feeding formula and Kangaroo Joey Pump set supplies. This was stored in our living room with no temperature extremes and the cases were never opened. Call (508)399-9991.


Why hop around?

We have the best oil price in town!

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Affordable Fuel

508-336-0151 Heating Assistance Accepted

The East Providence Reporter Sales Representatives

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Reporters / Writers Photographer (Part Time)

Gold, Silver, and Sterling u.s. and Foreign coins old comics and sporting cards old watches and collectibles diamonds and jewlery

Call Barbara at 401-787-6031 email

phone # 508 336-9103 113 taunton avenue seekonk, mass same location for 40 years

Full / Part Time



The Reporter December 2010

DECEMBER BUSINESS DIRECTORY Appliance Repairs Architectural Design Attorney Attorney Attorney Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Auto Body Auto Dealers Auto Dealers Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Auto Salvage Bakery Bank Book Store Bowling Alley Bridal Shop Building Contractor Building Contractor Candidate - East Prov. Candidate - East Prov. Candidate - East Prov. Candidate - East Prov. Candidate - East Prov. Carpentry - Finish Cell Phones Cemetery Chamber of Commerce Chiropractor Cigar Shop Collectibles Concrete Consignment Store Consignment Store Credit Union Dance Studio Dance Studio Dance Studio Dog Grooming Electrician Engine Repair-Lawn Entertainment Events Excavating Fireplaces/ Chimney's Fishing Florals & Gifts Florist Florist Florist Florist Food Service Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Oil Fuel - Propane Garden Center Gift Shop Hair / Nails Hair Salon

CJS / Statewide Appliance Repair 17 VIZCAD 7 Attorney Gregory Dias 38 Cutcliffe, Galvin & Archetto 74 Donald E. MacManus, Attorney 64 A-1 Custom Auto Body 38 East Providence Auto Body 16 Fogarty Auto Body 33 Tri Star Autobody, Inc. 14 Hot Rides INC. 20 Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 42 Barbosa & Son Auto Repair 11 Fred's Service Center , Inc 18 Mike's Truck & Trailer Repair 43 New England Tire 30 Somerset Chrysler Jeep - Max Motors 80 Somerset Subaru - Max Motors, Inc 50 Seekonk Auto Salvage 23 Crugnales Bakery 72 Coastway Credit Union / Decunha 10 Browser Books LTD 54 Bowling Academy 31 Ana's Bridal Boutique 75 East Providence Siding 58 Wood Frame Structures Inc. 45 Charlie Tsonos 32 Chrissy Rossi EP School Committee 38 Daniel DaPonte 36 Michael DiGioia 12 Thomas Rose 9 Mark Koussa Carpentry 43 Prime Time Communications 37 Lakeside Cemetery Association 57 East Providence Chamber 24 New Hope Family Chiropractic 32 Bill's Cigar Box 55 Wexler's Collectibles 77 American Mobile Mix Concrete Incorp 14 Corner Consignment Shoppe 46 Townie Treasures & Clippity Doo- Da 52 Community & Teachers Credit Union 12 Arthur Murray 51 Festival Ballet Providence 28 Riverside Dance Center 25 Pampered Pets 11 Pineview Electric 47 Fred's Service Center 26 East Bay Anglers 33 EPHS Alumni Association 56 C. Grant Excavating 26 Briggs Family Fireplace 59 The Bass Boys 74 Vine & Vessel 50 Carousel Of Flowers 55 Gilmores Flower Shop 15 P & J Florist 53 Phil Judge Florist, Inc. 55 Thomsen Foodservice 20 Affordable Fuel 77 Al's Quality Oil Co. 45 COD OIL 21 Columbus Energies Inc. 22 Stateline Fuel & Burner Service 59 Arrow Gas Corp. - Inergy Propane 34 J & L Landscaping & Garden Center 53 Selective Eye 55 Perfect Nails & Facials 53 Creative Styles 54

Hair Salon Hair Salon Hair Salon Hair Salon Hair & Tanning Salon Handyman Hardware Store Health Care Home Improvements Home Improvements Hotels Insurance Agency Insurance Agency Junk Removal Landscape Service Laundromat Limousine Service Liquor Store Live Entertainment Massage Therapy Mortgage Broker Music Networking Nursing Homes Nursing Homes Nursing Homes Optometrists Orthodontics Painting Contractor Parks Photographer Physical Therapy Plumbing & Heating Plumbing & Heating Private School Raffle Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Remodeling Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Roofer/WaterProofing Roofing Contractor Roofing Contractor Salt Self Defense Shoe Store Shoes Small Engine Repair Snow Plowing Spiritual Healing Tanning Salons Theatres - Live Town Trash/Junk Removal Tree Service Writing - Editing

Jace Salon & Spa 52 Running With Scissors 18 Salon Wisteria 31 Shear Image Salon 25 Rhonda & Co. 51 Just In Time Handyman Service 26 Standard Hardware 55 Barrington Urgent Care 60 Grant's Home Improvement 47 Professional Property Maintenance 45 Comfort Inn & Suites 62 Lezaola Thompson Insurance Inc. 32 Stateline Insurance 61 CLEAN OUTS 13 Superior Lawn Care 48 Launder Plus 6 Starlight Limousine 48 Wine & Spirits Depot 80 Disney On Ice - Feld Entertainment 71 Heavenly Hands 53 Mortgage Masters Inc ,George Pedro 19 Dougs Music Retail/Learning Center 6 Business Network by Synergy 27 United Methodist Elder Care Comm. 69 United Methodist Elder Care Comm. 9 Waterview Villa 67 Brown Center 13 Romani Orthodontics 21 Adams Painting 7 Crescent Park Carousel 22 Fetching Photography 75 Sport & Spine Physical Therapy 8 Dyer Plumbing & Heating 57 Fullport Plumbing & Heating 48 The Providence Country Day School 39 The Merrill 23 Cresent Park Manor - Picerne Realty 36 Exit Realty 2 Maria Correia Realtor (Mateus) 13 Mateus Realty 79 ReMax Heritage 19 Remax Heritage Agent Brokers 19 ReMax Rivers Edge 10 The Tirrell Team 40 Batty Construction 25 Country Kitchen 73 Dunkin Donuts (East Providence) 34 Luxury Box Bar & Grille 72 Phillips Street Restaurant 73 Schroder's Deli 72 Tito's Cantina 62 Cameron Roofing 43 S. Willard Roofing 46 Tabeleys Roofing 44 B & B Trucking 29 Self Defense Training Center, LTD 51 St. Pierre's Shoes 49 Fran's Shoe Service 8 Seekonk Small Engine Inc. 57 B. P. Simpson Snowplowing 17 Positive New Beginnings 54 SunSational Tanning 52 Trinity Repertory Company 35 City of East Providence Recycling 4 Big Blue Removal Service 17 Advanced Tree 27 David Howard - Writing Workshop 64

December 010 The Reporter

Buying or Selling - Call

MATEUS Realty Serving East Providence and surrounding areas since 1975. The experience makes the difference!

So if you're ready to buy or sell, Call Mateus Realty today at 434-8399.


EAST PROVIDENCE - Estate Sale!! 3 Br Ranch, gas heat, upgraded electric, Hw's, siding, deck, some replacement windows, 8,000 SF lot. $169,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Centrally located 3 Br Cottage, dining, young roof, siding, windows, gas boiler/HW tank, kitchen and bath, upgraded electric. $169,900








EAST PROVIDENCE - Kent Gardens!! 3 Br, 1 1/12 bath Colonial, fireplace, FR, breezeway, sliders, patio, garages, Hwds/Tile, upgraded electric; young roof, siding & windows. $239,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Remodeled in & out, 3/4 Br, 2 bath Dutch Colonial; new electric, plumbing, heating, roof, siding, windows, kitchen & baths; gas heat, Hw's, tile, sliders, deck, 10,000+ sf lot. $199,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - 3 Br, 2 Bath, R Ranch, 2 Kitchens, FR, office, cathedrals, Hw's/ Tile & granite, gas heat, central air, siding, sliders to deck & patio, sprinklers, garage, corner lot on dead end st. $259,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Pierce Field!! This property can be used as a single family/ in-law or as a legal 2 Family; 9 rooms, 3 baths, siding, some replacement windows, updates, garage, upgraded electric. $169,900

RIVERSIDE - 4 Br, 1 1/2 bath Cottage, dining, FR, laundry on 1st, remodeled in and out!! Roof, siding, replacement windows, driveway, farmers porch, kitchen, baths, electric, plumbing, interior walls, ceilings & floors. $199,900

RIVERSIDE - This exquisite Colonial features 3/4 brs, 2 baths, dining/living rooms w/ fireplaces, spacious master suite w/ jacuzzi, Hw's, tile, garage, 10,500 SF lot. $239,900


EAST PROVIDENCE - Great potential & possibilities, 2 Br Cape, dining, expandable attic, nice area, 9000+sf lot; new roof, chimney & boiler; upgraded electric, Hw's, replacement windows. $149,900




EAST PROVIDENCE - Rumford Line!! Must see!! Well maintained, one owner 4 Br Cape, dining, partially finished lower, screened porch, gas heat, upgraded electric, Hw's & young roof; sprinklers, alarm, garage, 7000 sf lot on dead end st. $219,900

EAST PROVIDENCE - Customized 3 Br, 2 bath R/Ranch, FR, bar, new roof, casement windows, stone/stucco exterior, concrete balcony & patio, well landscaped, gas heat, central air, cathedrals, Hw's, tile, sliders, garages, 9,000+ sf corner lot,. $299,900

RUMFORD - Myron Francis!! Clean 3 Br Ranch, 2 Kt's, FR, Den, Hw's/tile, gas heat/central air, upgraded electric, vinyl/brick, replacement windows, sliders, deck, sheds, sprinklers, dead end street. $199,900



582 Warren Avenue • East Providence, RI 02914

Visit our website for information on these and other properties at...



The Reporter December 2010

Postmaster: Please deliver by November 4

Attention All Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Owners Oil Change Special on most Chrysler Vehicles





Factory Authorized to Sell & Service ALL Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Vehicles regardless of where they were purchased!

 

CHRYSLER • JEEP • DODGE 1491 Brayton Point Rd. Somerset Ma.


EXIT 4 195


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December 2010 East Providence Reporter

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