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PHOTO ISSUE “You can take a good picture of anything. A bad one, too.” –William Eggleston

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It’s been a long and interesting journey as photo editor of this magazine. Tight deadlines and the occasional late Sunday have been a hallmark of my two and a half years working here. Yet looking back, that’s not what I’ll remember. What I will remember is the friendship and dedication of the photographers, which made my own job more than manageable. Last minute texts to shoot Word on the Street, trying to figure out how to project drawings onto people for portraits (and failing), and drunken snafus involving ice cream being thrown are just a small sampling of what my position has entailed. Words honestly can’t embody the experience. To those who worked with me during my time as photo editor, I hope you can remember what it is that sparked your interest in working for REPORTER. I thank you all for the community and times we’ve shared and know you’re all destined to do great things. Just remember that photographs only go so far and to embrace life as fully as you can.

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I’m from a small town in Vermont where nothing happens and everyone likes it that way. When I was growing up

Elizabeth Stallmeyer is a photographer from Lincroft, NJ finishing her studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As an image-maker she constantly tries to understand the world around her. Stallmeyer is drawn to documenting the quirkiness and simplicity of life whether it is with stills or motion images. After graduation Stallmeyer will move back to New Jersey and begin assisting for the Wall Street Journal and Danny Clinch Photograph and continue to pursue a career in Multimedia editing.

everything seemed to blend together, nothing seemed unique and we all just happened to be stuck in the same old place all the damn time together. However, when I held up my very first developed photograph in my high school darkroom I felt something very different than all of this oppressive boredom. I can remember hating the image I had made, but in that moment I could not shake my fascination with the fact that this was MY image, that I was it’s creator and it was my creation. Since then I’ve become overwhelmed by my fascination with photography and all of its unique elements. Thankfully, RIT has guided my fascination and has opened my eyes to the countless possibilities that lie within the wondrous photographic medium itself. After graduating I plan on moving back to Vermont to begin my first long-term photo project, which I will be completing and publishing as a book two years from now.



Marcus Elliott is a photographer from Dolton, Illinois who primarily does illustrative studio portraits. His entry

Jonathan Foster will be receiving a BFA from the

into the creative world began at a very young age with drawing and illustration, which would later lead him to

Rochester Institute of Technology for Photojournalism

find painting and, most currently, photography. While studying at RIT he has built up a technical and theoretical

in May, 2013. Born in Wisconsin, Foster now lives

knowledge that he tries to apply to all his images. He creates images that while beautiful, also unnerve the viewer

in Pennsylvania. He approaches photography as

and imbue a sense of tension between the viewer and the subject. His images try to call to attention different

a means of communicating shared experiences

issues regarding morality and social stigma that seem prevalent today. He hopes that through his work the viewer

similar to the way oral traditions were used in

can at least walk away with a different perspective whether it is on the subject of the image or the idea at large.

pre-literate times.

DREW SWANTAK Drew Swantak was born in Gdansk, Poland in 1991. His interest in photographic processes began in high


school, which grew during summer courses at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine. He is currently

Katie Thompson is an advertising photography

pursuing his BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a minor

major originally from Chicago. Her work is whimsical,

in Applied Imaging Systems, expected May 2013. Drew has worked with several modeling agencies in New

ethereal, and inspired by surrealism and collage.

York City, Toronto, and Miami as a test shoot photographer. Upon graduation, he will move to New York City to

After graduation she will be moving to New

continue working with top modeling agencies. To branch out internationally, Drew will travel to Paris at the end of

York City with hopes of becoming a fashion and

this summer where he will continue photographing the modeling industry.

portrait photographer.



Kyle Jackson is a graduate of RIT’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Advertising Photography. Kyle has worked at the Reporter Magazine since March 2011 and has also completed an internship at the George Eastman House. Kyle’s work has been recognized with a variety of collegiate accolades, regional and district ADDY awards, and will be featured in the June 2013 issue of the international photography magazine, Photo District News. After college, Kyle’s goal is to work as a photographer, photo assistant, and photo retoucher. Kyle plans on working small freelance jobs to support his photography career and personal work. His goal is to market himself to magazines as an Editorial Photographer.

Griffin Moores is a senior photojournalism student working toward completing his degree following a sixmonth internship at The Flint Journal. After his time in Michigan and a heightened exposure to violent crime he became intensely interested in how concentrated levels of violence affect communities and the lives of individuals that live within them. He is going to Fredericksburg, VA over the summer to intern at The Free Lance Star and plans to continue exploring different parts of society and meeting new people.

HARRY YATKOWITZ Harry Yatkowitz is a graduating senior here at RIT that will be receiving his BFA in Fine Art Photography this coming May. For the past two years his photography series has been inspired by his familial relationships, his desire to understand his family history, and the sense of loss and memory. His formal aesthetic and staged portraits create a theatrical view on domestic life. Harry photographs using a Hasselblad medium format film camera that provides the square format of his images. Upon graduation Harry plans on moving to the West Coast to try and gain experience in the photography work field while producing new work independently.

WILLIAM PALMER William Palmer is a photojournalism major the small town of Newark Valley, New York. graduation he plans to reside along the Coast as a freelance multimedia journalist wedding photographer.

from After Gulf and



From the series “62 Days” (Top) From the series “Lost and Found” (Left) From the series “Impasse” (Bottom)


WITR Chip Fest, December 08, 2012 | Heroin, Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY, February 27, 2012


Fracking, Liberty, PA, January 18, 2013 | Family Funeral, Mt. Vernon, OH, February 17, 2012




GUN VIOLENCE IN FLINT, MI In the early 1980s, automakers employed nearly 80,000 workers in Flint. Today, there are about 8,000 autoworkers in this city, the birthplace of GM and the United Auto Workers. Flint has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country. During 2012 the city of 100,000 suffered 66 homicides, tying a previous record set just two years earlier. Despite this depressing cycle of joblessness, poverty and crime, the efforts of people in the city to endure it continues.

CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT PAGE, TOP DeVincio D. Lewis’ mother, Trina Lewis-Young, and stepfather, Derrick Young, listen to a minister speak during their son’s funeral held on Sept. 22, 2012. at Swanson Funeral Home. The 21-year-old was gunned down early in the morning on Sept. 16, 2012, one of three people fatally shot in separate incidents that day, the second most deadly of the year.


A man presses his body against a strip of crime tape, claiming to know Jasper Levine Simmons, 25, who had just been shot to death outside a liquor store on North Saginaw Street on Oct. 22, 2012. “The liquor on my breath is the last drink we had together,� he recalled. Police enter a home after receiving reports of gunfire on the street on June 26, 2012 Family members console each other after the alleged robbery and critical shooting of 19-year-old Sammie Milton Jr. on Sept. 18, 2012. Lakhari Bryant stands outside the chapel listening to the funeral service for his longtime friend DeVincio D. Lewis at Swanson Funeral Home on Sept. 22, 2012. A Flint police officer stands in the parking lot of the Quick Pick Party Store where a man was fatally shot on July 16, 2012. Neighbors who saw the aftermath of the shooting said the man repeatedly tried to stand up, struggling with paramedics as they attempted to treat him.


WILLIAM PALMER 14 Features | 05.04.13

Rebecca Palmer (my mother) has Leukodystrophy, a disease which claims most of those afflicted by the time they are 5. Her diagnosis came soon after my birth, when she was 24. Her parents, William Kniffen and Maureen Kniffen, have gone to feed and spend time with her nearly every day for the last 14 years she has been in a nursing home. During which time they raised her kids, Levi and myself. Seeing my mother crippled has forced me to wrestle with God. I hope for her sake He exists, because she deserves a life free of disease, something which was not afforded to her. However I dare anyone to tell me why she, and so many others have been forced to suffer, at no fault of their own; yet so many of us are free to live our lives without that pain.



LEFT PAGE Keansburg, NJ (Top) Rochester, NY

RIGHT PAGE Rochester, NY (Left) Havana, Cuba (Right)



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