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Real Estate Matters • Saturday, October 16, 2010 • Reporter-Herald

What to expect when you refinance ILYCE GLINK TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES


y husband and I closed on our refinance this week. It’s a 15-year fixedrate loan at 3.75 percent. Although we’re only going to save about $50 per month from the 15-year, 4.25 percent loan we closed on last November, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a loan at this interest rate. It feels a little like free money, and after our mortgage interest deduction (assuming we’re still able to qualify for it), it will be as if we’re paying almost nothing to borrow these funds. But the best part about refinancing again was to see some of the new rules the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has put in place in order to help shut down the financial fraud that has permeated the world of mortgage financing. As for making the process more understandable to consumers? Having just gone through it, I’d say there’s a lot more work to be done. What can you expect when you’re closing on your mortgage loan? Here are some of the highlights from our own loan closing: • Expect to sign your name or initial every page. Our loan package (the collection of loan documents, disclosures, tax forms, etc.) was more than 80 pages long, I think. We had to sign just about all of the documents, and in some cases we had to initial virtually every page of the document. • Expect at least some of your information to be incorrect. Although the title company had access to much of my information, and other identifying information, my name was spelled incorrectly (several different ways) across the loan documents. On most pages, I simply corrected it, but that required me to initial next to the changes in addition to initialing the page at the bottom. But then we got to the HUD-1 form (the closing statement) and my name was spelled incorrectly there. And that caused a little bit of a snag, since you can’t change anything on the HUD-1 form (ostensibly to protect the borrower). We signed the forms anyway, and the title company was going to redo the first two pages of the form and then attach the signature page. Of course, the fact that the title company can make that switch is a huge red flag and an opportunity for fraud. • Expect the numbers to be wrong. After we had signed all the documents, we noticed that

Homeowners reinvent current spaces JENNIFER LEHMAN SPECIAL SECTIONS REPORTER


he housing market is keeping some people in their homes that may have otherwise moved. Judy Magara, owner of Colorado Discount Blinds and Home Accent Warehouse, is doing a lot of remodels these days as people aren’t buying new homes as much, she said. “(Before) it was just too easy to sell that house and buy something bigger. They could make something on their house and leverage them up to buy. Let’s not bother with remodel, let’s just sell it and move up. Now they aren’t doing that as much,” Magara said. Homeowners also know that remodeling will make their home nicer if they choose to sell in the future. Cindy Corbett, owner of Loveland Design Carpet One, said she has seen a shift in how much energy people are focusing on reinventing spaces in their current homes. People are actively wanting to create a functional, comfortable, inviting space, a desire that is more prominent now, she said. “They are really focusing on things that they’ve always wanted to do in something they already own,” she said. “Before it was, let’s just get this home built and we’ll do that later.” One focus of optimizing and reinventing existing spaces within the

home is entertaining. “People are even taking out walls in their houses and opening up their kitchen and living room,” to make it more open for entertaining, Magara said. “It’s really fun to see houses get opened up, it just feels like a whole new house.” Corbett is seeing people tie high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens and great rooms together with hard surfaces and then using area rugs to create a sense of gathering where they want people to sit, such as beneath a dining room table or in a great room. Another focus is comfort, Magara said. People are very stressed with the economy and looking to their home for comfort, she said. “I think people are wanting to slow down,” Corbett said. “People are stressed and challenged now, and they want to create a safe home, a place that can really be a retreat for them and their family, and they are willing to invest in it.” Corbett said people are looking for flooring that feels good, and there is an increase in styles of softer carpets on the market. “There’s a lot you can do even with old fireplaces, lighting and area rugs and even just the right paint color on the wall can make a difference,” Magara said. Pillows, a throw blanket draped over a couch and even the right art on the walls can change the

ThinkStock photo

space, she said. Corbett and Magara have seen this trend of optimization and reinvention across age groups. Older couples make the choice to stay in their homes and want

to update it, and younger families are opening up their current space so they can hold family gatherings. Corbett described the shift in the perception of the home as moving

from a landing spot to crash and then zoom out the door the next morning, whereas now people are seeking a greater connection to their homes and to their families, she said.


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Real Estate Transactions Listings from Front Range properties recently sold

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Real Estate Marketplace update Interest rates on 15-year loans drop further

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Realtor of the Week Kristen Kasney, Velocity Real Estate & Investments, Inc.

Director y

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Saturday Reporter-Herald October 16, 2010 E2

H&RE Real Estate Transactions Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive No. 467, Loveland, CO 80537, 667-1537.

Loveland • Cynthia Mclean from Bainer Kevin E, 1339 Lavender Ct, Loveland, $154,000, home • Joseph & Marguerite Mckeon from Bank New York Mellon, 6801 Orchard Dr, Loveland, $243,000, home • Susan Dana from Dewolfe Family Trust, 228 Kathryn Dr, Loveland, $235,000, home • Joseph & Nancy Owen from Stutters April, 1325 Arthur Ave, Loveland, $144,900, home • Dale Crain from Granger Robert Earl Jr & Tami Lynn, 3206 Douglas Ave, Loveland, $167,500, home • Donald & Jean Mackey from Marge Oliver Living Trust, 2935 Challenger Point Dr, Loveland, $400,000, home • Robert & Joann Mauger from Premo Edith S, 1303 Arikaree Dr, Loveland, $190,000, home • Greg & Terri Snyder from California Colorado Investors, 2355 10th St Sw, Loveland, $195,000, home • Louis & Janice Price from Dimmitt Debra M, 686 Lavastone Ave, Loveland, $120,500, home • Ryan Kennard from Fannie Mae, 624 E 6th St, Loveland, $116,000, home • Deborah Griffin from Holmes Wyandt, 1625 Tiger Ave, Loveland, $233,700, home • Clark & Karen Judy from Irani Massoumeh R, 2629 W 28th St, Loveland, $206,500, home • Donald & Karla Allingham from Knox Donald Dean & Lisa Lee, 3351 Honholz Dr, Loveland, $380,000, home • Terry & Annamarie Smith from Moore Joyce E, 4616 Sheridan Ave, Loveland, $164,000, home

• Nancy Trust from Nelson Barbara Louise, 1582 W 29th St Unit C4, Loveland, $170,000, condo • Mark & Connie Thornton from Robson Travis B, 4785 Ignacio Ct, Loveland, $450,000, home • Bradley Fossett from Skendzel Jacob Dary, 4501 Lucerne Ave, Loveland, $153,000, home • Cruson Trust from Tucker Robert W, 2192 W 45th St, Loveland, $215,000, home • Jessica Goacher from Barberry LLC, 316 Cholla Dr, Loveland, $192,000, home • Gregory & Jan Leoffler from Eisner Jeffrey & Carol, 1111 Winona Dr, Loveland, $132,000, home • Bruce Campbell from Federal Home Ln Mortgage Corp, 1678 Rhyolite St, Loveland, $157,000, home • Angelia Peyton from Irwin Ryan & Chelsey Lee, 3474 Hewitt St, Loveland, $171,600, home • David & Jennifer Viegut from Kinniery Stephen M, 1507 E 21st St, Loveland, $209,200, home • Gareth Olson from Knock Cynthia Christine & Terry B, 1616 James Dr, Loveland, $146,000, home • Billie & Roy Gawthrop from Mack Jackie Lynn, 3726 Black Oak Ct, Loveland, $157,000, home • Adam Trust from Morgan Barbara J, 4177 Roaring Fork Dr, Loveland, $595,000, home • Richard & Carol Boehm from Clevenger Carol M, 2596 Lochbuie Cir, Loveland, $275,000, home • Paul Chung from Erickson Christopher L & Trisha E, 285 Sand Grouse Dr, Loveland, $214,500, home • Jeffery Baer from Federal Home Ln Mortgage Corp, 433 Amelia Ct, Loveland, $195,000, home • Brittany Fromme from

ote Run, Estes Park, $845,000, home • Joy Wisniewski from Betka Ray L & Janet M, 525 Pine River Ln, Estes Park, $229,000, home • David & Brenda Hegemann from Gribben John C & Maureen V, 1500 Raven Cir Unit A, Estes Park, $235,000, condo • Jeffrey Waters from Kunze Scott L & Nina E, 2117 Eagle Cliff Rd, Estes Park, $234,900, home • Philip & Rita Duchateau from Griffin Edward Carl Jr & Joanadene, 160 Fall River Ct, Estes Park, $185,000, home

Fossett Bradley S, 3632 Logan Dr, Loveland, $157,000, home • Doyle & Lorene Biggs from Haskell Joan M, 3639 Wild Horse Ct, Loveland, $160,000, home • Lizandro & Susana Orte from Loveland Habitat For Humanity, 2104 E 11th St, Loveland, $161,800, home • George & Marcia Smith from Markham Family Living Trust, 1810 Empire Ave, Loveland, $174,000, home • David Hausser from Ornelas Johnnie D & Julie L, 4138 Monroe Ave, Loveland, $580,000, home • Marguerite & David Barkey from Tanner Douglas Robert & Grace Hope, 1807 W 10th St, Loveland, $155,000, home • Peter Hunt from Verity Craig, 1714 E 9th St, Loveland, $185,000, home • Angela Sorrow from Vonlanken Scott L & Shellie R, 2908 Sanford Cir, Loveland, $234,000, home


• Jim & Karrine Hawkins from Fed Home Loan Mtg Corp, 46 Saxony Rd, Johnstown, $199,000, home • Ronald Wudtke from Mcateer Donald G & Maloria L, 896 N 4th St, Johnstown, $170,000, home • Nicole & Steven Wilkins from Ryland Group Inc, 58 White Wing Ct, Johnstown, $290,000, home Berthoud • David & Helen Gonza• John & Nancy Banker les from Ryland Group from Parrish Ranch ConInc, 183 Bittern Dr, Johnservation Par, 17525 Par- stown, $250,000, home rish Rd, Berthoud, • Jason & Sabrina Lud$612,000, home wig from Moore Richard D • Marshall & Karen Per- & Diana K, 313 Merganser ry from Rosemann Family Ln, Johnstown, $318,000, Trust, 550 E County Road home 6c, Berthoud, $647,400, • Robert & Cynthia home Polan from Thompson • Christine Celentano Harry C Iii & Sheila, 180 from Stenson Denise L, Tartan Dr, Johnstown, 107 E Michigan Ave, $220,000, home Berthoud, $264,000, • Ronald & Teresa home Bland from Wells Fargo • Kathleen Stevens from Bk, 240 Tartan Dr, JohnJohnson Dean E & stown, $198,900, home Kathryn J, 3450 Snowy • Anita Comer from Egret Ln, Berthoud, Bakovich Mike J & Nick $170,000, home G, 503 N County Road 3, Johnstown, $175,000, home Estes Park • Ryan Guerrero from • Vs Trust from Knee Oakwood Homes LLC, Michael Gary & Felicia 3919 Balsawood Ln, JohnAnn, 110 Inn Brook Dr, stown, $201,800, home Estes Park, $898,500, home • Paul Bunch from Dickerson Stuart Mark, 133 • Jon & Theresa Sonstroem from Weber J Du- Muscovey Ln, Johnstown, ane & Joyce A, 1180 Coy- $247,500, home

Matthew T, 200 Whitney Bay, Windsor, $219,900, home • David Burns from Poudre Invest Holdings Lls, 917 Palomino Milliken Way, Windsor, $435,000, • Michael Kesterson home from Morris Tom C Jr & • John & Nancy Mayer Susan K L, 160 Oakwood from Stonewater LLC, Ct, Milliken, $192,000, 1516 Waterfront Dr, Windhome sor, $314,800, home • Chelsea Kienker from • Sharon Wall from Fannie Mae, 381 E Strong Steven L & Linda Hawthorne St, Milliken, Caro, 1432 Waterwood $123,500, home Dr, Windsor, $259,900, • Kevin Furst from home Thomas James E & • Nora Barth from WagCheryl L, 280 E Katsura ner Mark A & Victoria G, St, Milliken, $137,500, 7285 Cr Unit 72, Windsor, home $510,000, condo • Ronald & Sharyl Loos Windsor from Melody Homes Inc, • Robert & Jennifer Tor1533 Edenbridge Dr, rey from Fischer James Windsor, $312,100, home Antony, 2156 Meander • Nathan Cass from Us Rd, Windsor, $404,500, Capital Funding LLC, home 1116 Walnut St, Windsor, • Katherine Lautzenheiser from Lautzenheiser $148,500, home James B & Marci W, 2060 • Edmond & Susan HaKaplan Ct, Windsor, gen from Gerardy Jennifer $125,000, home A & Scott A, 1787 Do• Joyce & Joyce Weber lores River Ct, Windsor, from Carlson Brent J & $387,500, home Elaine K, 7036 Ruidoso • Andrew Booth from Dr, Windsor, $510,000, Manriquez Daen, 905 home Woodbine Dr, Windsor, • Duff & Sherri Knott $168,500, home from Helgeson Jerry L & • Erin & Chad Kuhn Sandra L, 1993 Cataluna from Melody Homes Inc, Dr, Windsor, $550,000, 1593 Millfleet Dr, Windhome sor, $226,600, home • Arnold Gertonson • Cinda & Miles Heisel from Marjorie A Kadlub from Nuss Michael R, 233 Living Trust, 625 Oak Rock Bridge Ln, Windsor, St, Windsor, $250,000, $167,500, home home • Robert & Kathryn • Emily & John Ruggles Langford from from Melody Homes Inc, 1589 Millfleet Dr, WindRomerovargas Alejandro E sor, $333,700, home & Elvia, 1401 Boardwalk Dr, Windsor, $189,900, • Benjamin & Kelli Vombaur from Myers home • Gregory & Alyce Majszak from First Western Trust Bk, 27113 Coyote Ridge Ln, Johnstown, $117,600, home

Your Local Family Mortgage Company Here yesterday, today and tomorrow Rates near all time low John “Nose” Mortgages! Call Today!

A+ + Rating g LMB100008492 Check the license status of your mortgage loan originator at

505 E. 4th St Loveland 970.203.02

Open Houses This Weekend -




SUNDAY 1:00 - 3:00

SATURDAY 1:00 - 3:00 810 Village Drive, Milliken - Model home for sale! Ranch and 2 story plans to chose from, with 3 bedrooms & 2 baths. Front yard landscaping with sprinkler included. Visit the model home at 810 Village Dr ($169,900) or call for a personalized showing!

FRIDAY-SUNDAY 1:00 - 4:00

743 SW 18th Street, Loveland - Wonderful bi-level. Recently 255 Carina Circle #104, Loveland - Granite counters, SS updated kitchen. Huge family room with wood burning appl, wood flrs, vaulted ceilings, fireplace & full bsmnts. fireplace and oversized 2-car garage. Outdoor features They are going fast! HOA covers water, sewer, trash, exterior include a large deck off the kitchen for backyard BBQ’s, maintenance & insurance, landscape & snow removal, cable, sprinkler system,huge corner lot with RV parking and no clubhouse, pool & hot tub. HOA’s. Awesome property don’t miss it!

Priced From $130,000s MLS#624598

Call Jim Watson 219-5219


4111 Marble Drive, Loveland - Immaculate pao in desirable Emerald Glen.Inving sunroom that l spacious dining & living rooms. Gas fireplace. The bedroom features a 5-piece bath w/large soaking tub in closet. Oversized 2-car garage.


Priced From $151,000





Call Diana Luthi 481-2692

Call Georgena Arne 481-9801

Call Bob Skillman 631-2257


SUNDAY 1:00 - 3:00

SATURDAY/SUNDAY 12:00 - 5:00

SATURDAY/SUNDAY 12:00 - 5:00

TUESDAY - SUNDAY 1:00 - 4:00

248 Reagan Drive, Loveland - Meculously maintained ranch w/numerous upgrades. Gourmet kitchen, open living & dining area w/gas fireplace & access to deck w/electronic awning. Main flr laundry is adjacent to Gar. Inving master suite w/5pc luxury bath. Lower level family rm includes bar & area for relaxing. 2 add’l storage rms complete lower level.

811 Brookedge Drive, Fort Collins - New pao home floorplan! This home has 2 bedrooms plus a den and 2 full baths. 3-car garage, a/c, fp, large kitchen island, all appliances incl’d. Front & rear landscaping, rear yard fencing and covered back pao. HOA includes lawn maint, snow & trash removal.

817 Brookedge Drive, Fort Collins - Fantasc ranch pao home! Brand new construcon. This home offers 1,890 finished sq, 2 bdrms, plus a den, 2 full baths, and a 2 1/2 car garage. A/C, fireplace, lots of great upgrades and standard features. All appliances, landscaping, and fencing are included.

4635 Tarragon Drive, Loveland - Tired of yardwork? Visit our furnished model home at The Paos in Thompson Crossing. 6 ranch plans, 3 car gar opons, garden level lots, views, low HOA dues. Convenient locaon, yet tucked away; million $ sculpture walk, trail, open space close to I-25. Low maintanence living at it’s best!

$275,000 MLS#639811

Call The Brent Team 461-7110

$291,227 MLS#639144

Call Ma Thompson 443-9910


Priced From $329,000 MLS#607818


Call Dianne Breneman 222-8549

Call Val Schlageter 217-3464

Call Lee Cord 215-9658


Northern Colorado Real Estate Source e SATURDAY 1:00 - 3:00

$899,000 MLS#586010

Call Nancy Walkowicz 461-7136




530 Deer Meadow Drive, Loveland - Quality custom from Ausn Signature Homes. Enjoy the final opportunity for a lifestyle on Mariana Bue Golf Course! Golf course lifestyle with no membership fees. Peaceful, quiet seng with tranquil views that overlook golf course, water and the front range. Robert Walkowicz 377-4945.

SUNDAY 1:00 - 4:00

4938 Clearwater Drive, Loveland - Fabulous Co Living! Boyd Lake access w/private dock. Ou paos plus a deck wired for hot tub & water f Inside-new carpet, wood flrs, granite ctrs stainless appl and main flr office/bdrm, 3 car ga

The Real Estate Source is a magazine produced by The Group featuring homes for sale and new home neighborhoods throughout Northern Colorado. ‹ 6]LY  JVWPLZ KPZ[YPI\[LK L]LY` V[OLY :H[\YKH`






o Colorad n r e h t Nor Sour

tate s E l a e R w w w.



Saturday Reporter-Herald October 16, 2010 E3

H&RE Realtor of the Week

Property of the Week


9829 Prairie Way, Loveland

Kristen Kasney ASSOCIATE BROKER/REALTOR, VELOCITY REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENTS, INC. Location: 4196 La Junta Dr, Loveland Contact: • 970-556-8890 • •

Bedrooms: Three Bathrooms: Five Square Feet: 6,139 Lot size: 13.7 acres Price: $1,500,000 MLS #626644

Designations, Affiliations & Accolades: Bachelors in business administrations (real estate focus) from Colorado State University, member Loveland/Berthoud Association of Realtors, Colorado Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors, member of Colorado State University Real Estate Club

This custom designed log home has spectacular views overlooking Carter Lake in a perfect mountain setting. The state-ofthe-art kitchen boasts a walk-in cooler, high-end appliances and custom cabinetry. Luxury features throughout the home include the custom designed stained glass doors, library, wine cellar, gym room, game room, steam room, sauna room, copper sinks/tub, bar, culpa, media room, flying bridge, and radiant floor heat. Don’t forget the guest house, patio with views and water feature. Special tour to qualified buyers.


risten attended Colorado State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in real estate. While attending CSU, Kristen obtained an internship at the Fort Collins Board of Realtors where she began putting her real estate knowledge to use. Kristen’s previous rolls as co-president and co-captain for the CSU Women’s Lacrosse team have revealed her incredible interpersonal and leadership skills which have proved valuable in her real estate career. Her unique energy and intelligence are useful in helping clients with their real estate needs. Kristen’s enthusiasm and passion for real estate is apparent in every transaction. Her goal is to find the perfect fit between the client and the property, and loves assisting families in finding not just a house, but a home. At Velocity Real Estate and Investments, Kristen assists clients with buying and selling personal residences as well as helping real estate investors achieve their financial goals.

Call Peggy Martin, Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, at 970-391-1745 or 970-669-1234, or visit

Peggy Martin

H&RE Northern Colorado Market Update Mortgage rate update

Home & Real Estate is produced every Saturday by the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald.

This week Last week Trend

30-year fixed



15-year fixed



5/1 ARM



Regional Snapshot for Loveland/Berthoud Residential


For home and real estate advice, features and information, visit


June 2010

July 2010

August 2010

Active Listings Previous Year Active Listings

1101 1095

1092 1086

1054 1074

Sold Listings




$234,000 $207,500

$238,000 $208,000

$192,000 $222,500

Average Days on the Market Previous Year ADOM

132 121

130 122

113 121

Year to Date Listings Sold Previous Year YTD Listing Sold

728 579

839 760

941 887

Monthly Volume Previous Year Monthly Volume

$47,395,158 $34,313,560

$32,486,983 $44,166,425

$25,128,272 $32,956,535

Median Sales Price Previous Year Median




3281 McIntosh Ct.

302 Central, Severance

927 Pegasus Court, Loveland, CO 80537

Precious Memories Begin Here! One owner home - shown with pride. Well maintained 3bd, 2ba, family rm, lg. fenced backyard, RV/ boat parking, flagstone patio, cul-de-sac. Great Buy! $183,500

Main floor master & look at the size of the bedrooms. 3 beds, 3 baths, high-efficiency furnace in 2008, A/C, 3-sided fireplace in great room, new patio, open kitchen. MLS#627566 $199,000

$178,900 • 3 Bed / 2 Bath Ranch • 2,072 SF Home • 1,036 SF Finished • Oversized 480 SF Garage • Vaulted Ceilings • Stainless Steel Appliances • Fully Landscaped w/Sprinkler • Large Kitchen

Carolyn LaMaster Prudential Rocky Mountain, REALTORS 970-690-1596

Randy Moser Sears Real Estate (970) 330-7700

Rollin Goering Midtown Homes 970-456-4600 | 970-402-6432 Your online and print resource for residential, commercial and land for sale

$200,000 - $299,999 OPEN SATURDAY 1-3




1813 Del Norte

Mirasol Senior Community 1294 Inca Dove Cir. - Loveland

968 Durum Ct, Windsor

1130 Black Hawk Rd, Eaton

3518 Capulin Dr-Loveland

Location, Location, Location! All brick ranch, fireplace, 4 bed/3 bath, great fenced yard, oversized garage. RV/Boat parking, quick closing ok. Visit

2 bedroom, 2 bath ranch in lovely senior community. Model home with many extras! All stainless steel appliances included. $280K Madison & Finch St., look for flags! Office open wkdays 8-5.

Beautiful home that backs to Lake Osterhout. Great curb appeal, cul-de-sac & nice colors inside. Terrific backyard looking onto the lake. Vaulted ceilings & central air. MLS#639772 $209,900

Nice open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, 5 beds, 3 baths, skylight in kitchen, pantry, breakfast bar & fireplace. Central air, insulated garage, 10x20 patio! MLS#632662 $209,900

1726sf, 3BD, 3BA home in Country Club Estates on a .21 acre corner lot! Fresh interior paint, solid 3/4 handscraped/distressed maple flring, new tile entry, travertine tile kitchen counters & A/C.

Mirasol Senior Community Mirasol Sales Team 970-635-5931

Randy Moser Sears Real Estate (970) 330-7700 (970) 590-0935

Randy Moser Sears Real Estate (970) 330-7700

Gary Maggi 970-692-2002

Dominic East Timberline Partners, Inc 970-412-7743

$400,000 - $499,000 OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY 1-3


$689,500 6 MIN. TO TOWN



805 Knobcone Place


7519 Buffalo Court, Loveland Back On Market - Buyer couldn’t perform

Warberg Farm at Chapman Reservoir

Horseshoe Lake Rights • RV Parking • 5Bdrm • 3Bath • Main level study • Beautifully remodeled top to bottom • Walk-out Bsmt • Gas Frplc • 32’ rollout dock • .41 Acre Lot. Hosted by Sirmula Lansky 691- 0468

Walkout bsmt., open floor plan, panoramic views. In select group of lots. Pittington Ranch. Many upgrades. Must see. W. on Hwy 34, S. on CR 29 to 18E. 2.3 miles to Flat Iron Rd., right to Reservoir.

Stunning 2007 custom walkout ranch atop Buckhorn Glade on 3 ac. Wow views. 5115 fin. sf. High end upgrades. Save on utilities/ GEOTHERMAL & On-Demand Water htr. Hwy 34 W. to CR27 (Masonville Rd.) R. Bison Bluff

OPEN Weekdays 11AM-1PM and Saturday from 11AM-2PM. 2+ Acre Lake front & horse lots starting $199,000. Surface rights, walk paths, parks, boatdocks, fishing and peace garden.

Sandy Lee RE/MAX Advanced, Inc. 970-227-0014

Kurt Albers Century 21 Humpal, Inc. 970-231-1224

Barbara Giesey Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 970-222-4035

John Mathey Premier Lifestyle (970) 613-4400 (970) 481-5512

Find the Home You Love Search to your heart’s content at, your online and print real estate source.

Saturday Reporter-Herald October 16, 2010 E4

Kitchen Redesign 101 Tips to create the kitchen of your dreams ARTICLE RESOURCE ASSOCIATION For many Americans, remodeling their kitchens tops the list of home improvement projects — and for several good reasons. Not only is the kitchen the heart of many homes — the center of family activity and home entertaining — but remodeling your kitchen is typically one of the smartest investments, often generating a payback of 80 to 90 percent on the cost of remodel at the time of resale. With thoughtful planning, remodeling your kitchen is within the capability of many homeowners who want to attempt a do-ityourself project. But, because the kitchen is so central to most homes, is interconnected with other spaces such as the family and dining rooms, and because there is a fair amount of water (sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal) involved, a kitchen remodel project has the potential of going horribly wrong. Here are nine tips on how to create the kitchen of your dreams:

GET IDEAS Start your planning with a visit to a premium tile or cabinet store that offers displays that show the latest in kitchen design, including the use of floor, wall and countertop materials such as tiles, stone, and granite. Read home improvement magazines, check out kitchen remodeling books from the library, visit friends who have remodeled their kitchens recently and check out model homes to see the latest in kitchen design from today’s homebuilders. MAKE A PLAN Consolidate your ideas and create a remodeling plan and a budget. If you’re going to remodel it yourself, don’t be afraid to seek out information on the latest in remodeling standards. One simple rule of thumb though, no matter how much you budget for, add 20 percent to cover the unexpected costs that come up once you get into your project. BRING IT UP TO CODE Check your town or city’s website to review or download build-

ARA photo

ing code requirements related to kitchens — in particular codes for plumbing, electrical and windows. Even if you’re doing it yourself, you may need to pull a permit from your local town or city and obtain an inspection(s) for some elements of your project, such as electrical work. INCLUDE POPULAR FEATURES Include popular features in your kitchen remodeling project to help at resale time, and to give your kitchen a more contemporary look and feel. Second sinks, custom cabinetry, a second oven or microwave, an island, decorative glass and stone tile, more storage space, better lighting and extra-wide wall tiles are among the most popular features in today’s homes.

triangle is that imaginary line between the center of the refrigerator, the center of the cooktop and the center of sink. For maximum efficiency, the total distance of the lines that make up this triangle should be no more than 26 feet. KEEP IT ELEGANT Focus on using materials and fixtures that exude quality, warmth, and timelessness. To create an elegant, more spacious look, consider marble or granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, adding more windows, mixing tile textures, sizes, colors, types (natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass), and embracing neutral colors and whites.

want to see such as stacks of mail, overflowing junk drawers and cabinets bulging with unused pots and pans. To achieve a less cluttered look, keep the refrigerator door clean, avoid placing appliances too close together and creating tight spaces that are difficult to clean. Use large wall tiles to eliminate grout lines. And add storage to free up valuable counter-top space. GREEN IS IN AND HERE TO STAY

When remodeling your kitchen, consider using fixtures that save water, replace old windows with new energy-efficient windows, and consider installing counter tops, wall tiles and flooring made from recycled materials, such as recycled glass mosaic tile or natural REDUCE CLUTTER stone products, which act as a RESPECT THE KITCHEN WORK TRIEveryone likes a spacious, clean natural insulator. Finally, don’t ANGLE forget to use the opportunity of kitchen. For many kitchens, the remodeling to make space to regreatest challenge to achieving The No. 1 complaint about most kitchens is that they’re diffi- more space is cutting the clutter cycle paper, cans, bottles and food scraps. cult to work in. The kitchen work and hiding items that you don’t


CONSIDER HOW YOU REALLY USE YOUR SPACE The first step in planning your

kitchen remodel is deciding what you want your kitchen to do for you, and how it reflects the way you live. Do you want an intimate place for drinking coffee and reading your daily newspaper, a large spacious kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining, or a space that’s ideal for family projects and homework?

saturday PRICE







sunday OFFICE
















604 W. 33RD ST








































































































743 SW 18TH ST






























































































To add a listing or speak to an advertising representative, call the Reporter-Herald at 669-5050

For details about these open houses, see the ads in this section. For additional open house listings, please check the “Real Estate Classifieds” section of this publication. This guide is brought to you by the Daily Reporter-Herald, local real estate agents and area builders.



Saturday Reporter-Herald October 16, 2010 E5

Service the furnace annually

Timberland offers variety of services PAID ADVERTORIAL


Keep up the furnace to save money PAID ADVERTORIAL


ith winter fast approaching, it is important to service the faithful furnace and family heat source before another season of hard work begins. “Inspections should notify the customer of repair or replacement problems that are optional and let them make the call, unless it is a safety issue,” said Jeff Richard, general manager at Northern Colorado Air. RH Photo/Rhema Zlaten To keep the furnace Northern Colorado Air general manager Jeff Richard running safely and efficleans and inspects a furnace for the fall. ciently, the Northern Colorado Air technicians recommend checking the filter monthly and replacing when necessary. Northern Colorado Air. Other safety tips include keeping the Locally owned and family operated area around the furnace clean and clear since 1992, the company is rooted in of debris and flammable or corrosive the area, with its longevity supported by materials at a safe distance. Nothing A+ BBB ratings and Trust certificates. should be touching any part of the furCustomers recommend Northern Colnace, vent pipe or water heater. orado Air to their neighbors when their If gas odors are present, call Northern furnace, air conditioner and water Colorado Air for an inspection. For $89, heater need rehabilitation. Affordable an experienced NATE certified techniupgrades are available through governcian will thoroughly examine and clean ment tax credits and Northern Colthe furnace to check for damage and orado Air’s own specials, potentially savprepare the furnace to chase away Coling customers $3,520. orado chills. The time to take advantage of the Celebrating and supporting the local government tax credits is running out; community means taking care of customers. A loyal Northern Colorado net- call Northern Colorado Air at 970-6692055 or visit work has kept business booming for

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s Loveland’s do-it-all Landscaping service, Timberland Landscaping and Fence can handle all of your landscaping needs, from tree services and landscaping to yard cleanup and sprinkler blowouts. With 25 years experience in serving commercial and residential clients with tree services, fence installation and landscaping, Timberland is a local family owned business you can count on to provide high quality work on each and every job. Timberland excels in a broad range of landscaping services and works hand-inhand with a team of professional installers, architects and horticultural specialists to bring you a well-rounded approach. The company follows the philosophy that each project is unique and provide each client with a personalized plan to fit the landscapes’ specific needs. Scott Lund, co-owner of Timberland, said his company differs from most in that he works to keep each homeowner involved their particular project. He said that is one of the advantages of being a small, locally owned company, as he has a chance to personally care to the needs of each customer on an individual level. Lund said another advantage with Timberland is that

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services • Construction site cleanup • Foreclosure property cleanup • Snow Removal • Consultations • Lawn Cutting, Field Mowing, Fertilization • Weed, Insect and Disease Control • Flower, Garden and Tree Planting • Hauling and Junk Cleanup Other services include: • Mulch Installation • Holiday Decorations • Walls & Steps As a bonus, Timberland is offering a 10 percent discount on all projects between now and Dec. 1. For more information, call 970-402-2516.

Because every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide. Depending on the individual needs of each client we can pull resources from other fields such as our architects on staff.

save too much money

$1,200 +$1,500 +$ 820

you can count on high quality materials and workmanship. He said while Timberland isn’t always the cheapest company for projects, customers will never be surprised by hidden charges or undesirable results. Services provided by Timberland include: • Tree and shrub trimming and removal • Fence, gazebos, arbors, and deck installation and repair (all kinds including vinyl, wood, iron and chain link) • Landscape design and installation (specializing in rock garden and xeriscaping) • Fire abatement and brush control Maintenance services include: • Apartment, Commercial and Rental Home maintenance


Our Main Services include the following • Fence, Gazebos, Arbors, and Deck installation and repair.

Tax Credit

(all kinds including vinyl, wood, iron and chain link)

• Tree and shrub Trimming and Removal

Utility Rebates

• Landscape Design and installation (specializing in rock garden and xeriscaping)

• Fire Abatement and brush control

Total Savings*

Some of our maintenance services include: Tree & Shrub Removal

on Heating or Cooling system,

• Apartment, Commercial and Rental Home maintenance services • Construction site cleanup

but this is pretty close.

• Foreclosure property cleanup • Snow Removal • Consultations • Lawn Cutting, Field Mowing, Fertilization • Weed, Insect and Disease Control


• Flower, Garden and Tree Planting • Hauling and Junk Cleanup

Other services include: • Mulch Installation • Holiday Decorations

Prevent costly repairs, save up to 20% on your utility bill. Schedule today your


• Walls & Steps ... and more

No job too big or too small - we do it all!


Check & Service

We service ser all brands 24/7

Yard clean-up

Find us the Oldest Furnace we pay you



10% off!

Cash for the Oldest Clunker “For Quality Service and Repair, Call Northern Colorado Air.”

Mention this ad for an extra




970-402-2516 *Offer expires 11/30/2010. Conditions apply. **Valid with installation of a new furnace from NCA between 09/13/2010 and 01/14/2011


Snow Removal

Loveland, CO

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Create your dream home with the ideal flooring PAID ADVERTORIAL


s more and more people focus on making their current home their dream environment, the importance of design and available selection becomes paramount when choosing floor coverings, countertops and bathroom finishes. “We have seen an amazing amount of customers coming in that are interested in remodeling their current homes and making them to their liking,” said Cindy Corbett owner of Loveland Design Carpet One. Loveland Design Carpet One, a locally owned business with over 45 years in the community, is aligned with the buying group, Carpet One, a partnership that brings continual quality and choice to customers. The store has an exceptional selection of carpet and hard surface flooring in their 8,000 square-foot showroom including pre-finished hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tile and exotics Photos courtesy of Loveland Design Carpet One like bamboo and cork floorLoveland Design Carpet One has been serving the ing. Loveland community for three generations. Stop “People are spending more by their 8,000 square foot show room today to get time on developing their design concepts,” Corbett said. exceptional design guidance and ideas or just pe“They are really putting valruse the amazing selection of flooring, counterue on creating the design, tops and bathroom finishes to get started. and we work with them to create that.” Loveland Design Carpet One yarn system. “It just feels wonderful,” Coris delighted to assist with customers’ designs and will work with them to coordinate bett said. Beginning in November, customers geta unique vision for any space, often comting new carpet installed can participate in bining styles from the store’s large selecCarpet One’s new program, Healthier Livtion of exotic ceramic and porcelain tiles ing. For a small fee, installers will clean the with glass tiles. Corbett has seen a growing popularity in existing carpet with a powerful HEPA vacularge contemporary tiles but also tiling that um to keep dust from getting back into the air. The installers will then bag the carevokes an old world, classic style with an pet and remove it from the home, clean appearance like marble. In carpet, new styles such as Tigressa are the naked floor before installation and soft to the touch and are flying fast. Tigres- clean the new carpet after, all while wearsa is a new nylon product with a superior ing booties over their shoes.

Another program unique to Carpet One stores is the Beautiful Guarantee, a program with varying guarantee levels of up to 90 days depending on the new carpet. “People love it,” Corbett said, “it gives them an added insurance and assurance knowing that they have time to change their mind. These guarantees provide support for us and for our customers.

“Today’s customer is focused on getting what they want and getting results, and that’s what we do here,” Corbett said. “We work to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of what new styles, designs and materials are available. Our Carpet One alignment demands that we are trained and offer a broad range of products and that our installers are the very best.”

Gramma Says

“Home Centers Can’t Compare!” Shop our 7,000 sq. ft. showroom where you will find a full line of residential & commercial flooring, along with a huge selection of ceramic tile, marble & granite. Visit with one of our trained professionals for design ideas.

Loveland 970.667.3590 Design 360 S. Lincoln Ave • Loveland, CO Center

Third Generation

Since 1967


Providing Quality Service, Knowledgable, Friendly & Professional Staff

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Remodel with Cedar Supply builders, remodelers and the doit-yourselfers all over northern Colorado. “We don’t sell plywood, studs or sheet rock,” said Dylan Thomas, president of Cedar Supply. “What we do sell are those unique building products that are not usually found in the big chain stores such as interior and exterior sidings, cedar and douglas fir beams, speRH PAID ADVERTORIAL cialty trims, custom doors, different species of dimensional lumemodeling your home or ber, exotic hardwood flooring, basement this coming win- cedar and redwood dimensional ter? Looking for that lumber, plus much, much more.” unique interior siding, trim, cusWhat sets Cedar Supply apart tom doors or beautiful yet inexfrom its competitors is the knowlpensive hardwood flooring? How edge and service that its cusabout a custom deck? tomers expect. Aside from being For over 30 years, Cedar Supply, extremely competitive in pricing, a family locally owned lumber each salesperson is an expert on company, has been providing every product at Cedar Supply, as high-quality specialty lumber well as the installation side of the products to custom home equation. The company stays

Remodeling your home this winter: Add value, enjoyment and beauty



Photos courtesy of Cedar Supply

Cedar Supply is located at 7720 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins. of decking that’s available to you so that you can choose what’s right for you and within a budget that you have set. Don’t have the time or knowhow to install your particular project? No problem. Cedar Supply abreast of all the new constructy is timbers and large cedar or can recommend a quality builder, tion trends by receiving continu- redwood dimensional lumber, remodeler or fence/deck inous in-house sales training along plus the company has all the necstaller. Because Cedar Supply with constant updating from its essary components needed to works closely with installers daily, suppliers. construct a one-of-a-kind overit can provide you with names of head structure. The sales staff can An example of new trends, quality people who will construct also help you in choosing correct Cedar Supply just started selling your project in a timely manner. a tongue and groove interior sid- lumber type, along with installaCedar Supply invites you to stop tion tips and hints. ing that comes in various rustic by the store today and see the color variations. This is going to Is a custom deck in your plans beautifully designed showroom. be a hot new interior product for this winter? Cedar Supply stocks The company has numerous inremodels and basements, and the over 150,000 feet of decking in door and outdoor displays, which beauty is that it comes already eight different material choices stained, which eliminates addiand 12 different colors. Compos- will give you all kinds of new ideas for that special project, as well as tional labor. ite decking or maintenance-free a continuous TV video that shows decking is now outselling wood In the last several years, outall kinds of indoor and outdoor door living areas have become ex- decking, but wood is still the projects that have been completmost economical way to go. Eitremely popular due to a whole ther way, Cedar Supply offers the ed locally by do-it-yourself cusnew living space that homeowners are now really enjoying. Cedar largest selection of decking prod- tomers and contractors. Cedar Supply looks forward to ucts in all of northern Colorado. Supply is selling more wood and seeing you. One of the services it provides is vinyl pergolas than ever before. For more information, visit doing a material takeoff from Cedar Supply’s indoor and outyour deck plans. Once Cedar Sup- Cedar Supply at 7720 S. College door displays give the person a Ave. in Fort Collins, call ply staff know the components firsthand look and feel of what 970-663-2828 or visit that you will need, they will eduthey could envision in their own back yard. Cedar Supply’s special- cate you on the different choices

Need ideas? Cedar Supply has numerous indoor and outdoor displays along with past projects available for viewing on video.

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Rest Assured The Sleep Store in Fort Collins is ready to give you a better night’s rest PAID ADVERTORIAL


erving Northern Colorado and the Front Range, the Sleep Store in Fort Collins has been delivering better sleep and unbeatable values for more than 37 years. People who sleep well at night tend to have better performance at work and at school, spend more time with their families and are in general much healthier than the average person. Finding the right mattress or bed for you is an important decision. Here are some reasons to choose the Sleep Store for your next mattress purchase:

MAKING IT EASY The Sleep Store professionals take the guesswork out of finding the right mattress or bedset because they carry them in every category. The Sleep Store has all major brands under one roof, including major mattress brands such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Spring Air, Natura, 5 Star, Better Homes and Gardens, Otis and Tempurpedic. With the large selection, customers can find what they need, resulting in one-stop shopping. The Sleep Store is the only sleep store in Northern Colorado to offer this. 90-DAY SLEEP COMFORT GUARANTEE The Sleep Store wants you to

get the best night's sleep possible, and they back up their mattresses with a fantastic guarantee — sleep on the bed for 90 days, and if you don't love it at the end of that time, they’ll gladly help you find another mattress which helps you get the sleep you need. PLATINUM PLUS The Sleep Store offers customers the opportunity to

chose from the very best mattresses available, including Tempur-Pedic, Vera Wang and many more. FINANCING Many financing options are available to meet your needs, all in one convenient location. The Sleep Store Sleep Experts are committed to helping you find the best sleep solution

to fit your individual needs. You'll find a warm, comfortable shopping experience with highly trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you in the process. The Sleep Store is committed to your well-being and comfort. The Sleep Store is available to meet your shopping needs Monday through Friday 10 a.m.8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday noon-5 p.m.

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Your TEMPUR-PEDIC ® Headquarters

Do you go to a place where you can find both rest for your body and peace for your mind... a place where the pressures of the day seem to just melt away? Experience true Night-time Renewal for body and mind. TM

FREE DELIVERY, FREE SET UP & REMOVAL with the purchase of a Tempur-Pedic • Room Dividers • Lamps • Shelves • Nightstands • Dressers • Coffee Tables


2pc Twin set $


all lamps and artwork!

2pc Twin set $



2pc Twin set $



Out of Time? Shop On-line!

It’s So Easy! ORDER BY PHONE...

970-223-4567 1-800-867-4569

3500 South College Avenue • East Horsetooth & College • Fort Collins (Behind Chili’s in The Square Shopping Center)

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Colorado Discount Blinds can improve home efficiency

National Furniture Rents and Sells RH PAID ADVERTORIAL



ational Furniture Rents and Sells is conveniently located in the older part of Fort Collins at 1760 LaPorte Ave. and has been in the same location with the same owner for over 22 years. Store hours are Mon.-Sat. from 10 a.m.-6 p.m and from noon -5 p.m. on Sunday. NFRS is a consumer friendly establishment, and the staff will always meet and greet the customer at the door to direct them through the furniture displays in the 15,000 square-foot store.


s fall approaches, Colorado Discount Blinds would like to assist you in saving on household expenses by using energy-efficient blinds. Because windows can account for up to 25 percent of a home’s heating or cooling bill, it’s important to take advantage of new blind technologies that can help improve efficiency. Colorado Discount Blinds, celebrating 30 years of business in Loveland this January, is the perfect place to discover such technologies. The business carries all of the major brands, such as Hunter Douglas, Graber, Comfortex and more, and has the expertise to guide clients in making smart decisions for their homes. Judy Magara, who also owns Home Accent Warehouse at the same location, said that she and the staff are experts in

tial clients. The staff will help with the organizing and set up, or you can do it yourself. The store has a diverse variety of furniture and staging accessories for every taste, including pictures, greenery, lamps, etc.

USED FURNITURE The NFRS used division is a conSTAGING DIVISION signment shop The staging line with a large variety is used by many of items. Some of professionals to these are displayed present properties in an eclectic corin the best light for ner of the store, showings to poten- which is called the

inspiration corner — giving customers ideas for turning an old piece of furniture into a work of art (see picture be-

the field, and continually receive training on new products and technologies.

insulator and can reduce energy loss through windows by as much as 50 percent. In addition, Hunter Douglas is offering mail-in rebates. If REBATES you’re interested in more inUntil the end of the year, a formation, Colorado Dis30 percent federal tax credit count Blinds is hosting a (up to $1,500) is available on home energy audit expert on the Architella honeycomb October 23 at 10 a.m. to give shade by Hunter Douglas more information about total (shown at bottom left). The home energy efficiency. Architella shade is a superior

SERVICES Colorado Discount Blinds not only offers the finest in blinds, shades, verticals, draperies, powered shades and shutters, but also has its own custom workshop to create custom window treatments exactly to your specifications. The company offers a wide range of interior design services, from minor staging to complete home remodels or new construction design. Since many of Colorado Discount Blinds’ staff are not only salespeople, but also interior designers, their recommendations will help to transform your home into a beautiful new environment. For more information, visit 220 12th St. SW #101 or call 970-663-0505.

low). The store also features an office furniture division that includes desks, files, chairs and bookcases. RENT TO OWN National’s rental division offers low monthly payment programs for the customer to own their furniture. Several payment programs are available. National’s policy is to help the individual own the furniture as quickly as possible and for the least financial burden.

Home Staging 3 Rooms of Furniture - $210/month SAVINGS EVENT

• Free 15 accent pieces with staging • Short Term Available • On Staff Decorator • 1,500 Accent pieces to accessorize the property


★ Delivery Service Available ★

Used Furniture to Buy • Sofas $60 • Desk $25 • Chairs $30 • Chest $45 • Full Beds $50 • King $60

Purchase select Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades before the end of the year and you may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $1500*. Their insulating cell-within-a-cell

Sanitized Pre-Owned Beds

Student Quality to High End

design can help lower your heating and cooling bills. And, if you act before December 15th, you’ll receive an additional $25 mail-in rebate**. Beautify your home while saving money? That’s sure to make you feel warm inside.

Rent-to-Own • Living room set - 7pc $75/month (Sofa, Chair, Coffee Table, 2 End Tables & 2 Lamps)

• Dinette - 5pc solid wood $35/month 90 day purchase option available


15,000 sq ft store

Taft Hill Rd.

HOURS: Mon - Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5





970-221-2313 WEBSITE:

N. LaPorte Ave



1760 LaPorte Ave Fort Collins, CO 80521

220 12th Street SW #101 Loveland Colorado 80537 970-663-0505 Open Monday - Friday 10am to 2pm Saturday 10am to 4pm Or By Appointment *For tax credit details and restrictions and a list of qualifying products, ask a salesperson or check out the Manufacturer’s Certification Statement and FAQs at Hunter Douglas and its dealers are not tax advisors. Consult a tax professional regarding your individual tax situation and ability to claim a tax credit related to the purchase of Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades. **Rebate offer valid for purchases made 9/25/10 – 12/15/10. Limitations and restrictions apply. Ask for details. ©2010 Hunter Douglas. ® and TM are trademarks of Hunter Douglas.

Saturday Reporter-Herald October 16, 2010 E11 hiring professionals, energy audits are the best way to get started. Different levels of audits are available, identifying wasted energy and providing solutions to eliminate or reduce wasted energy in lighting, old and inefficient furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and more. At the end of this year federal tax credits that can save you up to $1,500 will expire. Now is the time to get an energy audit and find out what changes can be made to make your home or business more comfortable and efficient. Applicable installations must be completed by December 31 and include tankless water heaters, high efficiency heating and cooling systems, insulation, attic fans and more. PAID ADVERTORIAL With fall here and winter coming, your heating system should be checked and cleaned for efficiency and safety. ear after year building science gets better, providing All HVAC equipment should be inspected and cleaned a variety of options for any home or business budget once a year, preferably prior to the season that it is to reduce energy usage and utility spending. For old- used. Northern Colorado Energy Solutions offers Carrier er homes and businesses, wasted energy due to inefficient heating and cooling products, the manufacturer leading the market in quality and efficiency. Customers are elicooling, heating, insulation and the like is an issue. “There’s just so many possibilities for people to actually gible to save another $1,500 when purchasing certain high efficiency Carrier models through Carrier’s Cool save money and energy,” said Nate Gagliano, owner of Cash program. Northern Colorado Energy Solutions. Tests to determine the air quality of your home are alNorthern Colorado Energy Solutions promotes energy so available through Northern Colorado Energy Solusavings and comfort for its customers, offering a wide tions. The Air Advice air safety report will offer recomrange of services from energy audits to full installation mendations so you can make informed decisions about and service of home comfort systems. “We look at the home as a system and find out what can the health, comfort and safety your home provides. be improved to make the system work better,” Gagliano Northern Colorado Energy Solutions is a member of said. Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association and “We might get called in to replace a furnace but in some owner Nate Gagliano has been in the HVAC field for 12 cases insulation and air sealing will be the most effective years. He has participated in ongoing factory trainings approach for comfort and energy savings, so we’ll go over throughout his career and he and his team are NATE certithe different options with the customer.” fied (North American Technician Excellence), and trained Whether you are pursuing energy upgrades yourself or to get the optimal efficiency from your system.

Improve your home’s comfort, efficiency and safety


Call Northern Colorado Energy Solutions today at 970310-6240 or go to to find out about seasonal maintenance packages available and to take advantage of federal rebates that are expiring at the end of December.

Photos courtesy of Northern Colorado Energy Solutions

Nate Gagliano, owner of Northern Colorado Energy Solutions, recovers refrigerant to make systems repairs.


Don’t Let Your Money Go Out The Window... or Door... or Roof... SERVICES Northern Colorado



• Energy Audits • Energy Monitoring • Home Comfort Systems • Seasonal Maintenance & Service ALL BRANDS • Commercial & Residential • ProTankless Water Heaters • Indoor Air Quality • PowerSave Products • Solar Powered Attic Fans • Air Sealing & Weatherization • Eco Products


$25 OFF Furnace Efficiency, Safety, Clean & Check Expires 12/31/10. Not Valid With Any Other Offer

$50 OFF Energy Audit Expires 12/31/10. Not Valid With Any Other Offer

50% OFF Heating or Cooling Diagnostic Fee Expires 12/31/10. Not Valid With Any Other Offer

10% OFF Any Major Repair or New System Expires 12/31/10. Not Valid With Any Other Offer

$1500 Federal Tax Credit Expires 12/31/10!



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Save on home projects by renting equipment RH PAID ADVERTORIAL


f you don’t use a particular piece of equipment more than 10 to 12 times a year, it makes more sense to rent. That’s the advice of Ray Hoekstra Jr., who, with this brother Don, owns two Grand Rental Station locations — one in Loveland and one in Johnstown. Grand Rental Station offers everything from Bobcats and stump grinders to wedding arches and everything in between. “There are a lot of advantages to renting over owning, especially when it comes to maintenance, repairs and storage,” Hoekstra said. He pointed out that a benefit of getting a high quality, reliable piece of equipment without having to put a large amount of money into it. If, by chance, something does break down, Grand Rental Station will replace the piece right away so that the customer can finish their project immediately. “If you own a rototiller and it breaks down you’ve got a problem. But if you rent one from me and it breaks down, now I’ve got a problem,” he said. Grand Rental Station’s inventory includes a variety of equipment including paint sprayers, ladders, pressure washers, generators, lawn mowers, compact backhoes, buffers, sanders, sewer snakes and trailers. The company also offers wedding and special event items such as bounce houses, tables, chairs, canopies, sound systems and even a pig rotisserie. The company stresses the importance of educating its customers in the proper use of any rental item before it leaves the store. The staff will take whatever time is necessary to thoroughly instruct each customer on the features of a tool so they can fully understand how to safely and properly operate the rental item. With proper instruction, the job can be done correctly. “What we love about being in the rental business is that we are in the unique position of assisting our do-ityourself customers to save money by tackling their own projects, and we enjoy seeing that sense of pride and satisfaction that is gained in a job well done,” Hoekstra said. “This is definitely a win-win for all of us.” Grand Rental Station provides deliveries on request for a nominal fee. Customers are always encouraged to call ahead and reserve equipment. The Hoekstras take great pride in customer service, its equipment and its employees. Grand Rental Station’s goal is to provide you with well-maintained, up-to-date equipment at competitive rental rates. The friendly, knowledgeable staff looks forward to helping you with your project or special event. Remember, rent the equipment — keep the advice. Grand Rental Station is family owned and operated and would sincerely appreciate your business. For more information, visit or call Grand Rental Station in Loveland at 3101 W. Eisenhower Blvd. (970-6693866) or in Johnstown at 142 Gateway Cir. (970-5320144).

Above: Stump grinders, rototillers and other landscape and garden machines line the floor at Grand Rental Station. Left: Items needed for weddings and other special events can also be rented. Below: Grand Rental Station offers a variety of hand and power tools for your next project so you don’t have to buy them. RH Photos/Jennifer Lehman

Ask about our PROPANE Frequent Filler Program

Rent Keep the equipment

(Fill three 20lb. tanks and get the fourth filled FREE!)

Let us help you with that next home project - We have all the tools and advice you’ll need

the advice


Air Compressor Aerator


Boom Lift

Now TWO Locations to Better Serve You

Bounce House 42-320969

3101 W. Eisenhower Blvd., 142 Gateway Cr. Loveland Johnstown/Berthoud



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Stale to Striking Quick fixes in the home can increase appeal ARA


he shorter, cooler days signal that it’s time to snuggle up inside the comfort of your home. If you discover your home could use a little pizazz, it only takes a few quick fixes, combined with creativity and elbow grease, to transform the rooms where you spend most of your time. In a weekend or less, you can make your home go from stale to striking. As you look around the house, ask yourself this, “If I could fix only one thing in each room, what would that be?” These answers are your quick fixes. Not all home decorating ideas require a great deal of time or money but can transform a tiredlooking room into something truly eye-catching. “Sometimes all it takes is one or two small changes to completely transform a space,” said Christopher Prebel of Pratt & Lambert Paints. “You’d be surprised how even the tiniest updates really make a difference.” Study your foyer, for starters. It’s the first thing guests see when they enter your home. What can you do to make it more inviting? Maybe it needs a little more color. Add a colorful rug to

the entry way and maybe a floral arrangement to the console by the front door. Or maybe less clutter? A small storage bench can reduce clutter — shoes, school bags and sports equipment — to a minimum and add a clean, inviting look to this first-impression space. If your house is like any other, the kitchen likely is the other main gathering place for both family and visiting friends. These high-traffic areas usually can use fresh paint more frequently than other rooms. While high-quality paints might cost more upfront, you’ll get a solid return on your investment because using a high-quality paint extends the time between repaints and keeps your room looking its best as long as possible. An excellent choice for your home’s most well-loved room is Pratt & Lambert. In 2010, Pratt & Lambert was named the interior paint Award Recipient by J.D. Power and Associates, ranking “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Interior Paints in the U.S.” Paint companies have teamed up with your favorite local paint dealers to make color selection nearly effortless. Most dealers now offer hundreds of color strips in sophisticated displays and some even offer actual paint samples — 2-ounce containers of paint tinted in popular colors so you can take it

home and try it without the long-term commitment of buying a gallon or more. Next, what about your living room? Is it too austere? Does it sit unused? While it might be out of your budget to change the furniture, you can warm it up and make it a space where people want to sit and visit by getting rid of those formal, outdated window treatments. Dress windows with light blinds or sheer curtains that provide privacy but allow light to filter through. You might also want to rearrange the furniture into a grouping that’s less formal and more inviting. Chances are, you and your family think your family room is pretty great, but even your favorite lounging space always can use a little upgrading to keep it modern, fun and welcoming. One easy change for this oftenused space is new throw pillows. Add a splash of fresh color to the familiar simply by swapping out pillows on couches and chairs or adding a nook of colorful floor pil-

lows for family members who prefer to sprawl on the floor to watch TV and play video games. Or, if you feel your sofa looks tired and worn out, maybe you’d rather invest in a new slipcover to bring a fresh look to the room and transform your old sofa into something new and special. New lamps also can update a room almost instantaneously. When you’re doing your fall upgrades, don’t forget the bathroom. For a small investment, you can transform the space with some fresh paint and a new faucet. If you’re looking for an even bigger change, you can accessorize it further with a mirror in a finish that matches the faucet, as well as coordinating robe hooks and towel bars. “Putting a fresh spin on any home’s decor doesn’t always mean you have to think big,” Prebel said. “Small changes can easily transform a space from boring to beautiful in less than a weekend, even on the tightest of budgets.”

ThinkStock photos

Tri City Sprinklers and Landscaping Family owned and operated since 1980

Estimates are always free & cheerfully given!

Photo courtesy of Tri City Sprinklers & Landscaping

Simple changes like the addition of a fire pit or new trees can make all the difference when creating your ideal backyard.

Winter yard preparation or wood mulch (don’t trim spring-blooming bushes, though, as you’ll be removing next spring’s blooms). • Plan for next year. Get several estit’s hard to believe it’s almost winter; it mates for the work you want done, check seems as if fall may just continue for references and get on the schedule. This another two months. And now is the will save you time in spring, a very busy time to get that one last yard project done time for landscapers, and you’ll have — from planting bulbs or doing clean-up longer to enjoy your new yard. A recent to installing a full landscape or re-doing a study in Texas concluded that every dollar section of yard. invested in landscaping returns $1.35 and Whether you are doing the work yourthat a high-quality landscape increases self or hiring a professional, here are a few the sales price of the home by 5.7 pertips to help you get your yard ready for cent! winter: If you have questions or would like to be • Insulate your vacuum breaker. This scheduled for sprinkler winterization or a needs to be done before you turn your free consultation and estimate, call Tri sprinkler off, to keep the unit from break- City Sprinklers & Landscaping at ing if temperatures drop below freezing. 970-667-8382. Loosely wrap the unit with a heavy towel or blanket and cover with a trash bag or bucket to keep it warm and dry. Then call to get on the schedule for winterization once the weather turns. • Cut back perennials and rake up leaves — this will keep them from looking messy or mildewing over winter. If you have roses, trim back the branches that would break under the weight of snow and cover the base of the rosebush with straw



We specialize in: s Landscape design & installation, including xeriscape s Landscape irrigation s Sprinkler repair & vacuum breaker testing s Sprinkler blow-outs and winterizations New installation & partial or complete renovations


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H&RE Featured Home Plan

form (the closing statement, lenders are supposed to be exact on their charges and fees. They’re From Page E1 not supposed to come in more than 10 percent over what you’ve the final numbers didn’t match been quoted on some of the fees up. We had to work through the (but not all). Great. In our deal, numbers with the loan broker to that meant the title company make sure that the numbers were charged us a flat $90 to file all pacorrect. In our case, the amount perwork (the actual cost would that was listed for the payoff of have been around $140). Watch our prior loan differed from the how these numbers work and be amount set forth in the letter sure that they match what you’ve from our lender. You should watch been promised — or that you at out for the key numbers, which least understand what is included. are the interest rate, total loan These days, lenders overestimate amount, and costs and fees. Those the fees to avoid blowing the figshould all match up with the num- ures. In some cases, if the mortbers you were given. gage lender blows the figures and • Expect to go to a plain vanilla those figures come in higher than room in a leased office somepreviously disclosed, the lender where. Due to the prolonged has to pay the difference. In other housing crisis, many title compa- cases, if the fees come in too high, nies have gone out of business, or the closing is delayed and the simply closed their offices. Today, lender must give you a new HUDit’s common to have closers meet 1 disclosure statement and you’ll at a rented office facility to sign have to wait about a week to and notarize documents. This reschedule the closing. feels strange and vaguely like My sense is that the HUD-1 is a you’re committing fraud — but little better, but overall, financing you’re not. It’s just that title and and refinancing a home is confusescrow companies can no longer ing. You can initial all the pages afford to have nice digs of their you want, but if you don’t read the own in all the places they used to document (and the title or escrow have them, or the people to staff officer won’t have budgeted time them. for you to spend an hour or two • Expect to be confused by the reading those 80 pages), you’ll “newâ€? HUD-1. On the new HUD-1 never know what’s in them.


Strasbourg is appealing midsize ASSOCIATED DESIGNS

small bathroom and a large utility room are nearby. The utility aised corner room has direct access quoins, interestto the garage, which ing roof lines, makes it a handy mudand a variety of winroom for taking off dow treatments draw dirty footgear and/or eyes to the Strasbourg, drying muddy paws. a midsize contempoAmenities in the rary home with a large Strasbourg’s owners’ bonus room over the suite include his ’n’ garage. hers walk-in closets The great room is huge, and the vaulted (one larger than the other) and a luxurious ceiling makes it feel two-section bathroom. even larger. Tall slenA sliding glass window der windows flanking over the soaking tub the fireplace provide plenty of natural light. Storage is also more than ample. A wide, deep closet is tucked under the stairs, and another nestles into a nearby nook. An open wall bounds the great room and country kitchen. Windows on two sides brighten the nook, with the rear sliders opening onto a partially covered patio. The raised eating bar is handy for ladling soup directly from the pot to waiting bowls. It can also double as a buffet, or serve as additional counter space when needed. Here again, storage space is abundant, thanks in part to the large step-in pantry. A


provides soft, natural illumination, while a pocket door offers privacy and steam containment. Sliders at the rear open onto a private patio. Upstairs, two more bedrooms share a bathroom with combination tub and shower. More storage space is available in the closet on the landing. The large bonus room could be put to countless uses. For a review plan, in-

cluding scaled floor plans, elevations, section and artist’s conception, send $25 to Associated Designs, 1100 Jacobs Dr., Eugene, OR 97402. Please specify the Strasbourg 30-146 and include a return address when ordering. A catalog featuring over 550 home plans is available for $15. For more information call (800) 634-0123, or visit www.Associated








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Appraisal problems kill opportunity for super-low mortgage interest rate ome buyers and owners across the country are having appraisal problems. Some buyers are denied mortgages because the properties they want to purchase have been appraised for less than the agreed upon price. Many owners trying to refinance are being rejected because lower appraisals are eliminating the equity they need to qualify for new loans. I recently received a letter from a homeowner whose house appraised at $187,000 two years ago. Three weeks ago, the same property appraised for just $127,000. The homeowner wanted to refinance a first and second mortgage into a single primary loan. The owner is seven years into his first mortgage (a 15-year fixed rate mortgage at 5.375 percent), and four years into the second mortgage (a 15-year fixed rate loan at 7.84 percent) The homeowner still has enough equity to qualify, but the new loanto-value ratio is 81 percent, and the lender has offered a 30-year loan at 4.78 percent and wants to charge the borrower private mortgage insurance (PMI). But his appraisal problems are about to get worse. As he explained: â&#x20AC;&#x153;My neighbor, who bought his home in 2006 for $170,000 has decided to stop paying his mortgage because his house is now a liability instead of an investment. His house is now appraised for $104,000. If the bank forecloses on him, that will make my property value go down even more.â&#x20AC;? My reader wants to move, but he canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get any equity out of his property because the appraisal is so low and local property values keep dropping. He earns a good living and has a credit score of 780. He wanted to know what he could do to improve his refinancing odds and beat the appraisal albatross. The problem is that you usually canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t beat a bad appraisal. You can ask the lender to reappraise your property, but if you live in a neighborhood full of foreclosures and strategic defaults, it is going to drive down the value of your home â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and of all of the homes in the neighborhood. The loan deal my correspondent was offered is a bad one all around: The lender is offering to replace two 15-year loans with a new 30year loan. The interest rate, while a bit lower than what the homeowner is currently paying, is significantly higher than the 4.2 percent many homeowners with high credit scores and ample equity are getting. The only reason to take this deal is because you

simply canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford the two loan payments you have. But over the term of a new 30-year loan, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll pay tens of thousands of dollars in additional interest over keeping the two loans that you have. Paying private mortgage insurance might even mitigate any savings youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d have, so this new loan could be all pain and no gain. Unfortunately, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not much I can say in a situation where a neighbor is considering strategic default. For all the grumbling about how weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re â&#x20AC;&#x153;bailing out homeowners,â&#x20AC;? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d think that every homeowner who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to see his or her equity disappear should welcome every opportunity to keep homeowners in their properties, paying their mortgages. The appraisal problem will continue for some time to come. The Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) rules, which govern what appraisers can and cannot do when appraising property, have recently been rewritten. Many of the details are yet to be known, but hopefully the new rules will make appraisals friendlier to homeowners located in communities with a large number of foreclosures or strategic defaults. If this is happening in your community, you can help out by being neighborly and encouraging homeowners to feel that the neighborhood still brings value to every family that lives there. Maybe you can help your neighbor try for a loan modification, or perhaps the homeowner will be able to arrange a short sale. Either option is better for the rest of the neighborhood than another strategic default or foreclosure. As values decline, more borrowers that can walk from their mortgages may do so. We can only hope that lenders see this situation as a downward spiral and work with as many borrowers as possible to keep them in their homes and keep neighborhoods vibrant with at least stable pricing. That will certainly help the socalled appraisal problem. Unfortunately, it seems that lenders these days arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t very willing to work with borrowers on their home loan modifications. Some lenders are making short sales difficult for their borrowers. And lenders as a group appear willing to continue with a wait and see attitude while the housing market continues to slide or bounce along the bottom.

For more information, call Glinkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s radio show at 800-972-8255 on Sundays from 9 to 10 a.m., write to Real Estate Matters Syndicate, P.O. Box 366, Glencoe, IL 60022 or visit

Real Estate Matters

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H&RE Front Range Gardening

Fall Gardening on the Front Range


S 3

Enchantment Ridge FROM THE $140’S* TO $350’S





• 5 piece baths • 4 car garages • Privacy fencing • Ranch / 2-Stories • Energy Star Rated 4496 Hayler Avenue, Loveland 4403 Elliot Place, Loveland



56 287

eight weeks. During the winter, the kale that was planted in mid- summer is considered sweeter and mature only after exposure to a few frosts — plants will continue to produce leaves until approximately Thanksgiving in the Front Range. Collard greens are a close relative of kale and another cool season vegetable that has improved taste after frost. Parsnips are another vegetable that will taste better after spending the winter in the ground. Another fall-oriented item for the garden is to sow a cover crop. After you’ve harvested your lettuce and it’s too frosty to be gardening, sow a quickly germinating cover crop like annual winter rye, which requires several waterings before germination and then grows to heights of 12-15 inches by the spring (but it is best if mowed by four inches). It helps prevent erosion when the January winds howl into and adds nitrogen to the soil when it is tilled into the garden in the spring – all without the concerns or problems that can be associated with animal manure. When will you have frost in the garden? This question about a frost date in the



(*w/ qualifying special financing)

Front Range area often looms in the gardeners mind, and while there is a 90 percent possibility of frost around mid-October, this date can be extremely variable. The answer to this question is dependent on your micro-climate: what elevation are you at (Estes Park will typically have an earlier frost than Fort Collins)? Is your garden in an urban area with heat-reflecting surfaces? Is the garden exposed to the open environment (more susceptible to freezing temperatures)? All of these factors as well as rogue winds and the amount of cloud cover can have an effect on frost in the garden. Your best offense is to be flexible, observe the weather report, cover the crops as needed, have the carrots and beets mulched, enjoy the sweetness that frost brings to the kale, and anticipate the seasonal change that brings sleep and then restoration to the garden. Kathie Hopkins has received training through Colorado State University Extension’s Master Gardener program and is a Master Gardener volunteer for Larimer County. For more information about CSU Extension, Larimer County, call 970-4986000 or visit



E 37th St.


E 29th St.

FROM THE $200’s TO THE $500’s

CALL TO VIEW! The look of a $400,000 home in the $200’s 3 bedrooms, 2 baths including 5 piece master, A/C, gas fireplace, granite countertops, wood & tile floors, covered back patio with fantastic views of Longs Peak & Mt. Meeker & unfinished basement - $298,664 4355 Ridgway Drive, Loveland


Seven Lakes Dr.

OPEN HOUSE SAT. & SUN. 1PM-4PM New Homes Priced in the Mid 200’s in Desirable le Seven Lakes Area 5 Piece Master Baths, Walk-in Closets, Air Conditioning, Garages, tioning 3 Car Garages Unfinished Basement, Lake Rights 4 Ranch Plans and a 2 Story with Main Floor Master to choose from

D.E. BURNS CONSTRUCTION Quality • Integrity • Experience • Reputation





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N. Madison Av.


he fresh weather of autumn is an ideal time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennials. These plants are often on sale now and cooler fall temperatures give plants an opportunity to establish roots without the added stress and competition for available water. The root growth of plants now will often give them a head start in the spring and may surprise you with earlier blooms. An important note for the Front Range is that the newly planted trees, shrubs and (some) perennials must have water throughout winter — make a point to water them on days when the temperature is above freezing, and an easy mnemonic to remember this is to use the holidays; water the plants near Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Spring-blooming bulbs can be planted until the ground is frozen, which helps take advantage of nursery bargains that occur later in the fall. Plant the bulbs at three times the depth of the bulb’s size and you can place smaller bulbs on top of larger ones (for example, an anemone on top of a tulip). Plant division can be done successfully for many plants in this region. Some varieties that benefit from fall division include coneflowers, dianthus, daylilies, geraniums, iris, and yarrow. For best results when dividing perennials, choose a cool or cloudy day, have a planting hole ready for the new division(s), use a sharp tool to divide the mother plant and ensure that at least one bud and some root is part of each. You can also share or swap the plant divisions with your gardening buddies. Tool care can seem onerous, but is a necessary task. Ensure that all implements such as shovels, trowels, and hoes are clean and free from debris. Oil the metal portion of the tool and store them in a dry, protected area. Garden hoses and sprinklers also need some attention and must be drained of water and stored — but keep handy for fall and winter watering. Garden containers can also be maintained during the fall. Empty the soil and plant material into your compost pile (do not plan to reuse the soil – it has been depleted of nutrients and may harbor disease or insects over the winter). Wash remaining material from the containers, al-

low them to dry, and then store them in an area that will shelter them from the frost. Leaves are the bounty of the fall! They add beauty to the landscape and contribute nutrients to your lawn or compost pile. You could add the leaves to your yard, to your compost pile or to the garden. To mulch leaves into the lawn, remove the grass catcher from the mower and then mow over the leaves until they are less than dime-size pieces. You want to see about one-half inch of grass poking through the mulched leaves. The leaf litter created by the mower is incorporated by worms and microbes in the soil and this helps increase drainage in our clay soils. However, leaves may also get too dense and can smother plant growth in the area. If you can’t see any green under the leaves, there is too much material for mulching and it is time to rake them. Add these leaves to the compost pile or cut them with a mower and add this carbonrich creation to the garden as mulch. The lawn also benefits from some attention in the fall. You can use this time to evaluate the lawn for any bare spots and feel comfortable that this is the perfect time to seed those areas. The warm soil temperatures combined with cool air temperatures allow grass to establish a healthy root system before winter. If seed does not germinate this fall, it will pop up quickly next spring (this is also known as dormant seeding). Products with both nitrogen and weed prevention are available for the lawn in autumn, although they should not be used for several months after seed distribution, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Tomatoes are best harvested and taken indoors to ripen once the nighttime temperatures drop to 40 degrees. Then remove the plants from the garden and add them to your compost pile, or feed them to a friendly llama or sheep. Make a plan to do some crop rotation and plant tomatoes in a different spot next spring to avoid diseases that try to take hold in the dirt. There are several choices for fall and winter crops in Colorado. During the fall, cool season vegetable seedlings such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts can be planted and will be ready for harvest in November. Lettuce and spinach seeds will appreciate the cool autumn weather and be ready for harvest in about

US 287


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H&RE Front Range Gardening

Colorado plants elected for performance and beauty Rudbeckia swept the popular and electoral votes nationwide. Denver Daisy delivers on its promises too — large, vibrantly colored flowers covered the plant, glowing in yellow f election season is wearing you down, and orange over a long season of bloom. till a little manure into your garden, When you have a candidate by the name then turn your attention to a contest where candidates come out smelling like a of 'Phloxy Lady,’ judges will take notice. And 'Phloxy Lady White' from Red Fox rose. Making a decision on what works for your garden is easy, with a bit of help from (Dummen USA) stood proud, earning best the Annual Flower Trials at Colorado State in its category. The judges described its appearance as near perfect, due to the combiUniversity. nation of a solid canopy of white flowers Each year, scientists, industry experts, plus a tidy, compact shape. For those who and Colorado Master Gardeners evaluate like their plants to stay well-behaved, over 1,000 different annual plants for perPhloxy Lady scores high, keeping its clean, formance and beauty in our challenging Rocky Mountain area. Candidates nominat- uniform habit even into mid-September. White flowers were so prolific it was diffied by plant breeders are tested on everycult to see any foliage. thing our locale can throw at them: hailstorms, hot days, cold nights, and dry conThe pennisetum 'Graceful Grasses Vertiditions. Here are the results of this elecgo' from Proven Winners shows that novices tion: are a force to be reckoned with. Winning Best New Variety, the dark, burgundy grass Winning Best of Show, 'Denver Daisy' grew boldly, making a dramatic statement (Rudbeckia hirta) from Benary is one incumbent deserving of its re-election to an- in the landscape with its large size and apother year at the top of the chart. A Grand pealing foliage. Yet as big as Vertigo gets, it never goes to seed, something that’s apPrize winner in public voting through the pealing in any candidate hoping to curry faAmerican Garden Award Program, this



vor with the populace. For out of the ordinary, try the Best Novelty plant, Bulbine 'Yellow Compact' from GroLink. An unusual plant with onion-like leaves, Bulbine throws a tall, two-to-threefoot stalk of delicate yellow flowers that sway above the foliage. Though sun loving, this plant does need water every week, and must be deadheaded to keep it flowering all season. Combined with the orange-flowered variety, it turns tough spots in the yard into dazzling displays. Out of respect, I’ll leave out the obvious joke about vampires and politicians in favor of extolling the virtues of the Best Dahlia, 'Dark Angel Dracula' from GroLink. This flower captured the judges’ hearts, feeding on people’s desire for a little change in the garden. Deep burgundy foliage perfectly punctuated the bold, rosy wine-colored flowers. The stunning appearance doesn’t mean it’s a high maintenance diva; pop this flower into the bed in big drifts, then relax as it performs without a lot of fuss. No election is complete without a little sizzle and the Best Geranium, 'Caliente Fire' from Syngenta Flowers, is hot. Spec-

Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers and other gasolinepowered yard equipment. Blow out all sprinkler sysfound a good spot. Hibernatems. Drain and store hoses, tion of insects during the win- but keep them handy for winter is called diapauses, where ter watering of trees and they don't eat or reproduce, shrubs if we have a dry although they may move winter. around. Use a vacuum to get Plant some garlic this fall. rid of them. Common house- Divide the bulbs into hold spray cleaners will also cloves and plant each clove act as a contact poison and about three-to-four inches kill them. deep.

Still time to aerate MITZI DAVIS CSU EXTENSION


he black and red bugs invading your home are boxelder bugs looking for a cozy spot to spend the winter. They emit a pheromone to attract others to their location when they've

Do not haul those leaves to the landfill. Shred them with the lawn mower or a leaf shredder and till them into the garden, use them as mulch in the perennial and bulb beds or add them to your compost pile. Nests of wasps and hornets are abandoned in the fall. You can remove them, or if left alone, they will break up after a season. They will not reuse the nests next year.

To place an ad, call 970-635-3650 or go to and place your ad any time of the day or night. Fax: 970-635-3677…email:

Apartments/ Houses Unfurnished 4030

4080 Houses

3 BD or 2 BD- Free rent! Pets nego. Quiet & spac. $625-$695. 970-223-1349 Lrg 2 BDRM, no pets. $575/ mo, wtr/sewer pd. 1717 N Cheyenne Ave. #19 & #12. Faith Property 970-377-1626

Apartments/ Condos/ Furnished 4010 Townhouses 4050 Kitchenettes. Weekly, monthly rates. Util. pd. Satellite TV, laundry rm. 970-663-0400

Apartments/ Unfurnished 4030 1 BDRM, 558 W. 10th, $495/mo. end unit, NICE! Call 669-0842 1 Lg Bdrm 207 S. Jefferson. Walk-in closet, coin-op, Ht/ water pd. $525. 970-669-0285 ✭ 2 BDRM Mobile home, $550, rent includes utils. Estate Builder 970-667-3400 2 BDRM, 1.5 ba, hkups, $800/mo, wtr/sewer pd. 1842 E 17th St, Faith Property 970-377-1626 2 BDRM- 1716 E. 16th, $525/ mo. 2-story, large rooms. Call 669-0842 2 BDRM, 1 BA, bsmt apt, hkups, 1705 1/2 E 8th St, $725/mo Faith Property 970-377-1626 2 BDRM, 1 BA, garden lvl, A/C, 1707 Cheyenne Ave #24 $575/mo H2O/swr/trash pd. Faith Property 970-377-1626 2 BDRM, 1 BA, lg kitchen, lndry on site, water/ sewer/ trash paid. 1125 Gard Pl #1 $575/mo, Faith Property 970-377-1626 2 BDRM, 1 bath, heat, water & sewer paid. New carpet. No smoke/pets. $600, (970)667-0365 2 BDRM- 2288 Colorado $595. New carpet/paint. Call 669-0842

2 BDRM, $650 + elec, free heat & basic cable, clean, pantry. No pets. Coin-op. 970-663-6787 or 970-430-0859 2 BDRM, 909 W 5th, gar $630/mo + dep. No pets/smoke. 970-663-1015 LUXURIOUS UPSCALE APARTMENTS STUDIO, 1, 2, & 3 BEDROOMS- Pool, hot tub, 24 hr. fitness center, business center, coffee shop, salon, pizza & deli. OPEN HOUSE, Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat. 10am-5pm. 325 E. 5th St., Loveland. 1-888-822-9346

2 BDRM, 2.75 ba, hkups, $635/mo, wtr/sewer pd, N/P. 1149 E 4th #103 Faith Property 970-377-1626

3 BDRM, 2 BA Condo, stacked W/D, trash pd, fenced yard, garage. 4136 Monument, $900/mo Faith Property 970-377-1626

Luxury 2 bdrm, 2 bath, A/C, gar, den, W/D avail, greenbelt view. $895/mo. 970-686-2728



2 BDRM- 1305.5 E. 16th $795/mo, fin bsmt, 1 car Call 669-0842

2 BDRM, 1 BA, spacious LR, hdwd flrs, bsmt, carport. 1104 Highland Dr, $595, water/sewer/trash paid, pets nego. Faith Property 970-377-1626

2 BDRM- 410 22nd, $795. Unf bsmt, 1 car, newer crpt Call 669-0842

COUNTRY duplex, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, animals OK, on CR 13. $850 inc utils. 970-219-3107

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal and state Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

4080 Retail Space 4135 Loveland

House For Rent/Loveland Cute 2 bdrm, 1 ba home. Large lot with alley access. One dog allowed. Low utilities. $1000 mo. Available Nov. 1, References required, first/ deposit. (303)548-8803 OWN your own home for what you pay in Rent! Lowest rates, $0 - $1000 Down Free Prequalification. Western Plains Realty Ken or Tammy 970-663-5008

✭ 2 BEDROOM HOMES ✭ $575 to $650 + dep. West Hwy 34. Pets nego. Se Habla Espanol 970-685-8573

3 BDRM, 2 BA, hkups, pet nego. 4460 Hayler $1195/mo Faith Property 970-377-1626

NEW HOMES REDUCED! Don´t miss out on this SAVINGS EVENT! Easy approval, quick closings & affordable payments. Tax ID´s welcome. Limited availability ACT NOW!! Call 970-420-8488 *wac

Office Space 4100

3 BDRM, 2 BA, ranch, fam room, A/C, frplc, fenced yard, 1632 Silver Leaf. $1100. (970)290-4232

Downtown corner loc, bldg w/ 3 ofcs/recept area. 4 car prkg. $1000/mo 970-667-5145

LG 3 bdrm, 1 ba, newly remodeled on quiet street. No/S. $800/mo. 970-667-9007

3 BDRM, 2 BA Ranch, gar, fncd yd, close to schools. 3004 White Oak Ct. Avail 10/15 $1100 Faith Property 970-377-1626

Roommates Wanted 4120

Garages/Storage Spaces 4070

$950/mo + dep & HOA fee 2 bdrm/2 ba patio home, 2 car gar, no pets, 311 Victoria, Berthoud 970-532-2652

20x50 with 12x14 overhead door & walk door. Electric, security camera. $375/mo in Windsor, (970)686-7257

COMMERCIAL SHOP$795/mo. 1600 Sq Ft. 970-669-0842

STORAGE 20 x 40 with 14´ overhead door. $325/mo. Call (970)481-5899

$99 MOVE IN SPECIAL 3 bdrm, 1.5 ba, located in Milliken. $995, 970-310-3855 Berthoud 4 BDRM 2 ba, lg kit, 3+car gar, A/C, fncd yd, wtr pd $1300 970-532-3810 Berthoud Patio Home with upgrades, fully furnished, 2 bdrm, 2 1/2 ba, 2 car gar, W/D, A/C, N/P, N/S, $1,100/mo + $1,100 deposit. Call 303-776-0333 or e-mail to

Wanted To Rent

OWN bdrm & bath, share house, smoking & pet OK. $400/mo. (970)635-2703 ROOM FOR RENT


Responsible older male needs small farmhouse to rent w/ facilities for 2 mini. donkeys. Mike 303-746-7028

A picture is worth a thousand words Try a classified picture ad! Call for details


Agency for sale in Greeley CO. with amazingly low overhead in a well estab loc. 1 licensed producer on staff. Prefer licensed, experienced agent. Fax inquiries, (970)356-9384

Commercial 5030

Exceptional property for living, business or both. 1268 N. Cleveland Ave. Call (970)420-3495

Farms, Ranches, Acreages 5050 OPEN HOUSE SAT & SUN 9-1 35 ACRE home, just So Carter Lake, 4200 sf w/ 1100sf wrap around deck. Barn/gar, indoor pool. 645 S. CR 31, $549,000 480-330-8899

Lots & Tracts


2 ACRE LOT, Berthoud area, $40K price reduction, $125,000. Call Steve Conder for details, 303-514-3706.

Rooms For Rent


Fully furnished large rooms in Lvld. Laundry, A/C, cable, all util. incl. $325/mo. (970)227-1585

Open House Sat. 10/16, 1-4 3347 Banyan Avenue *Priced Reduced! $215,900 Near Benson Sculpture Park on 1/4 acre lot. Rachel (970)980-1269

Mobile/ Manufactured Homes/ Spaces 5130 ✭

Share house in Loveland. M/F 30 yrs+, $700 inc utils. N/P, smk OK. (970)461-1405


411 E 12 ST ✭ MLS 637797 $124,900, ranch 3 bed, 2 bath, 1067sqft, 24x16 workshop. Call Rob (970) 481-2133 At Home Real Estate Co


Businesses Established 5025 Mobile Homes/ Spaces 4090 ESTABLISHED Insurance

1007 TAFT AVE, 3 bdrm, 1 ba + huge gar, $975 Estate Builder 970-667-3400

3 BDRM, 2 BA, 2 car gar, hot tub, unfin bsmt, newer home, SW Loveland. $1350+dep. 970-987-2632

Hair Salon Booth Rentals & office spaces, utilities included. 970-613-1477


2 BDRM- 3603 S. Taft, $650/mo. Large deck. Call 669-0842

3 BDRM- 1143 SE 2nd, $895. Big kitchen & yard, 1 car. Call 669-0842

Fully Furnished Hair Salon & office spaces, utilities included. 970-613-1477

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1111 Taft Ave Large home 1.75 ba, full fin bsmt, 1 car gar. $975 Estate Builder 970-667-3400



BANK OWNEDTri-Lvl, 3 bdrm, 3 bath w/ bsmt. New floor coverings, int paint & appliances. $174,900. Re/Max Alliance, Wanda Quaid, 970-481-3033

MOBILE HOMES ✭ BUYING/SELLING Local park needs used mob homes. We´re buying! Big Sale! Many single & dbl wides. Fin avl, auto approval on owner fin homes. Bad credit OK! Moves avl. 970-222-1473 ✭ 690-2725 or 690-3283 ✭ 3 Bedroom, 1 3/4 baths, 55+, carport, 2 storage sheds, immaculate inside & out, drive by 221 W. 57th, Lot A-9. 303-682-1919.



~ HORSE PROPERTY ~ 5 bdrm, 4 ba ~ 5000 sq ft on 1.5 acre ~ Johnstown. $275K SS Western Plains Realty Ken or Tammy (970)663-5008

tacular in dark green foliage and intense red flowers, there’s no debating that the color combination is breathtaking. Fill a pot with Caliente Fire, then put it on your porch for an elegant, rich way of welcoming guests. The Best Lantana, 'Landmark Citrus' from Ball FloraPlant, is a traditional flower that still satisfies plant lovers. A conformist, the appeal of this variety lies in it’s picture perfect habit. Mounding tall in containers, the multi-hued blooms in yellow, orange, and pink wowed all season long. For more Annual Trial results and to see photos of these plants, visit flowertrials .html. Carol O’Meara is with CSU Extension in Boulder County. Contact her at 303-678-6238 or comeara@co

Front Range Gardening

Enhance your garden by recycling NORMAN WINTER MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS


ithout question the best yard art I see in gardens comes from recycling. Mention recycling and the first thing that comes to mind is waste materials like plastic and paper or cardboard. Each Saturday I make my trip to the recycle station not far from home. But what about weathered rusty old tin for the garden? That is precisely what one gardener searched for, found and then used in making the roof of a rustic gazebo. This was in an extraordinary garden I had the pleasure of filming last summer for my TV garden news segment. Admittedly, rusty tin is not something most consider a hard-to-find treasure, but in the hot Mississippi Delta farmland it was picture perfect. There was a wall in the gazebo made of recycled shutters in combination with giant bamboo. The gazebo became the idyllic retreat for this artist to paint or to entertain guests as the long days came to an end. The landscape also featured white columns from an historical old home. The columns set an imaginary if not appropriate boundary between the garden and the typical Delta landscape — a huge sea of cotton nearing chest high. The columns certainly gave an almost archaeological feel to the garden. Somewhere near you, perhaps on the other side of town, there is an old house either being torn down or waiting for the next big wind or spark to bring it to its final demise. Whether it is some columns, an ornate front door, a stately fireplace mantle, windows or a pick-up load of bricks there is treasure waiting for you to use in creating the finishing touches to your garden. Windows are great assets in the garden. Replace the glass with a mirror and then hang on an outdoor wall, fence or even on a tree trunk and you will add a wonderful illusion. You will get the feeling that you are looking through a window but in reality you will be looking at the garden behind you. You will also find that you are adding additional light to shady areas. An old fireplace mantle can be used on an outdoor fireplace but even that is not necessary. Let the mantle serve as the focal point to your outdoor room or sitting area. You can place other artsy objects to the side or on the mantle just like you would do indoors in the great room. My Delta gardener even pushed the comfort zone by retrieving an old vent-ahood from a commercial kitchen, and again with her artistic mind, painted it blue it turning it into the focal point of a small courtyard-like sitting area. A great way to start your own recycling project is with a bottle tree. The Delta garden had one of my favorite touches — several recycled bottles echoed the colors found on the trim of the house. Another garden featured bottles that were predominantly orange and yellow, complementing color for the nearby blue blooming vitex tree. Recycling is good for your city and it can be a real show-stopping feature in your garden.

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