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‘Sacred space’ New mikvah opens FAITH 20

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Permit needed to sell door-to-door PUBLIC SAFETY 29

NOV. 13 — NOV. 26, 2015 • VOL. 5 — NO. 23

Can we make a pie?


Dunwoody joins cities in regional plan BY JOHN RUCH


The Dunwoody Branch Library invited families to come out and pulverize their Halloween jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkins on Nov. 7. Left, pumpkin leftovers. Right, Mary Thatcher, 5, swings a rubber mallet while attacking her jack-o’-lantern. The smashed pumpkins were donated to the North DeKalb Community Garden as composting material.

Top officials of Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Chamblee and Doraville have met privately for nearly a year to work on a potential joint planning and economic development authority called the Peachtree Gateway Partnership. The existence of the collaboration, which is coordinated by the Atlanta Regional Commission, was revealed at the Oct. 27 Brookhaven City Council meeting by Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams. She said the four cities will start by creating a coordinated network of pedestrian/ bike trails, but have much bigger options, including forming a nonprofit to create public-private partnerships and “a blueprint for the area.” “The first thing we’re going to figure out is how to connect our trails,” which will help the cities “get used to working together,” said Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis. But the long-term goal is to “market success” of the area and take a regional approach to its booming development. “We need to be in control of it instead of letting stuff roll over us,” he said. The cities’ mayors requested ARC’s help with coordinated planning, especially in response to the enormous mixed-use redevelopment underway at the former GM plant SEE DUNWOODY, PAGE 28

Mayor-elect to save a ‘seat at the table’ for Dunwoody residents BY ELLEN ELDRIDGE

In the days following the Nov. 3 election, Dunwoody’s mayor-elect focused more immediately on coming celebrations for the U.S. Marine Corps’ birthday and Veterans Day celebrations than on his plans for the city. Denis Shortal, a retired Marine general, celebrates those days every year. After spending 15 to 16 hours a day campaigning, he said, he hadn’t yet decided many specifics of what he wanted to do after taking office in January as Dunwoody’s third mayor. But he does have some ideas for what’s to come. “Some of these things are intangible – from my background, half of our life is intangible,” Shortal said. “Let’s bring back the positive attitude and mutual respect between citizens and leadership.” Shortal, a member of Dunwoody City Council since the council’s start, won about 63 percent of the vote in a four-candidate race Nov. 3 and ousted incumbent Mayor Mike Davis. Shortal said his biggest goals in early 2016 include sup-

porting the push in the state Legislature to allow independent school systems in Georgia. He said he plans to host a town hall meeting in January and intends for that meeting to be the first of many. “Being a public servant is not heart surgery,” he said. “You just tell the people what you’re going to do and then you do it.” Shortal wants to continue a drive to connect citizens with city staff and elected officials to create a “small, efficient, responsive government,” he said. “How do we enhance that and make that better? It’s like anything else; you have to work at it continually,” he said. “Bring back the attitude that creates that mutual respect amongst us all.” The mayor-elect equated his job over the next four years to that of an app developer, comparing city government to a widget that needs continuing updates. “You know, it’s the same things I’ve talked about the whole SEE MAYOR-ELECT, PAGE 7


Dunwoody mayor-elect Denis Shortal, left, and son Brian, address the crowd at Marlow’s Tavern on Election Night, Nov. 3. Shortal defeated incumbent Mayor Mike Davis with 63 percent of the vote.

COMMUNITY Five-year contract for Parks Master Plan approved

sion, the construction most likely would have been pushed to November 2016. “There’s an element of faith in this, but I think we owe it to the homeowner to get this done,” Councilman Terry Nall said. “I would be supportive of both of those components.”

City Council on Nov. 9 approved a contract to update the Parks Department’s 5-year master plan. Greenplay won the bid at $104,999 with a 10 percent contingency. Mayor-elect Denis Shortal asked the council to defer the expenditure, saying a City Council on Nov. 9 discussed contracts with Mobilite and Crown Castle citizens group might be able to handle the project. to place small cell technology – “mini cell towers” used to boost cellphone signals But Councilman John Heneghan said the job “seems a large undertaking for a – on city property. One agreement would last 15 years with three aucitizen committee.” tomatic approvals totaling 30 years, while the other agreement starts at Parks Director Brent Walker said Greenplay would manage the profive years, with automatic approvals totaling 20 years. cess and oversee meetings where residents could provide feedback. The B RIEFS City Attorney Lenny Felgin said the city-owned property includes contract, he said, pays for the project’s technical aspects that a citizen traffic signal infrastructure at intersections and the agreements cover committee would not be able to do. “What we’re paying for is backthis use “95 percent of the time,” Felgin said. end design work, landscape, architecture, the statistically valid survey, a Councilman Terry Nall asked if the agreement included parks propstormwater engineer to do the stormwater plan for Brook Run,” he said. erty. “These are very technical things.” “We don’t have any anticipation of this equipment in our parks,” Felgin said. Walker added that Greenplay would sift through the public input and put it in “If that changes in the future, we’ll probably come back to the council and ask a form for the public to read. The company would print publications and manage that question at that time.” a website, he said. The Parks Department doesn’t have enough time to complete The agreements allow structures located within the public way, including utilall the work in-house, Walker said. “It would take away from the day-to-day opity poles, streetlight poles, lighting fixtures, traffic signal poles, sign posts or otherations,” Walker said. er city-owned infrastructure. Ellen Smith, the attorney for Crown Castle, said she doesn’t think the agreement allows the company to collocate on poles in city parks because the agreement only permits the company to collocate on poles in the public right of way. “I don’t think that an applicant can come in and blanket the city parks with a City Council on Nov. 9 approved a bid to restore the stream at Bunky Way. bunch of mini cell towers,” Smith said. “That is not the intent of this agreement.” An intergovernmental agreement approved in May means that DeKalb CounSmith said Crown Castle plans to put up small cell towers around the mall and ty will pay half the cost, originally estimated at $178,000. But the final cost is in the Perimeter area. “For Crown Castle, we’re talking about maybe 12 poles, $294,478, so an additional vote by the DeKalb Board of Commissioners will be generally around the Perimeter Mall area,” Smith said. needed. Nall said he would prefer to have a uniform agreement for all companies lookCouncil voted to approve the bid before hearing from DeKalb officials because ing to locate small cell technology on city-owned poles. He said he didn’t like havthe project involves work that must be done during the winter. The companies ing two companies with two agreements. doing the work recommend completing the work by March, and city StormwaCity Council will discuss the agreements again at its Dec. 14 meeting. ter Engineer David Elliott said if the city decided to wait on the county’s deci-

Council discusses ‘mini cell towers’

Stream restoration gets go-ahead

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Santa to make appearance at Light Up Dunwoody BY ELLEN ELDRIDGE

Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.” Attendees are encouraged to park in Dunwoody Village or behind the Old Hickory House, Tallmadge said. Chamblee-Dunwoody Road will be closed in front of the farmhouse, FILE but Nandina Lane The annual Light Up Dunwoody event returns will stay open to traffic. Nov. 22 to the Cheek-Spruill Farmhouse. “We have food Light Up Dunwoody returns Nov. trucks, vendors and artisans, along 22 to Dunwoody Village. The Cheekwith our wonderful sponsors,” TallSpruill Farmhouse will host the tradimadge said. tional lights, and Santa in his sleigh with reindeer will be in the driveway. The schedule is as follows: “Bring your own camera. Pictures 1:30 to 3 p.m. - Recorded music are free of charge,” said City Counduring set up cilwoman Pam Tallmadge, who orga3 p.m. - Orbit Arts Academy nized the event at 5455 Chamblee3:25 p.m. - Atlanta Jazz Theatre Dunwoody Road. Dance Company After a dispute between the Dunwoody Homeowners Association, 3:50 p.m. - Ashley Carson, country which sponsors the annual holiday singer event, and the Dunwoody Preserva4:15 p.m. - Atlanta Jazz Theatre tion Trust, which owns the farmhouse, Dance Company over the placement of a six-foot menorah in the display, the Christmas tree 4:40 p.m. - Violin Group and menorah will stand at the Dun5:05 p.m. - Once Upon a Ballet Atwoody Animal Hospital, located belanta Musical Group hind Dunkin’ Donuts on Chamblee5:30 p.m. - DUMC/DHS Chorus Dunwoody Road. “The tree and the menorah will be 5:50 p.m. - Official lighting of the on the grassy area of the vet hospital,” tree and farmhouse with speakers RabTallmadge said. “The piece of land is bi Mark Zimmerman and Reverend in the middle of Nandina Lane and Allen Jackson.

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

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Alan Kennedy, a director with real estate firm Hines, told members of the DHA on Nov. 1 that his company wants to turn a vacated space on Ashford-Dunwoody Road into a Pollo Tropical restaurant.

Caribbean restaurant to replace DeKalb police precinct BY ELLEN ELDRIDGE

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The real estate firm Hines is proposing to turn the vacated DeKalb County police precinct in Dunwoody into a Caribbean-style restaurant. Alan Kennedy, a director with Hines, a privately held firm, told members of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association on Nov. 1 that the firm planned to use the property on Ashford-Dunwoody Road to house a Pollo Tropical restaurant, which he described as a “fast casual” and “high-end quality” restaurant. The Caribbean-style restaurant would have both indoor seating for 90 and a drive-through window, Kennedy said. Visitors would also have an option to eat at an outdoor patio. Hines built the building at 4453 Ashford-Dunwoody Road to house the precinct. DeKalb police vacated the building and moved the precinct south after the city of Dunwoody created its own police department. The site is zoned to accommodate a restaurant, Kennedy said, but not with the drive-through design. A variance would also be needed to allow a setback of 30 feet, shorter than the required 50 feet, Kennedy said, explaining this was also due to the triangular lot shape. Cars would park in front of the building in the current design, and pedestrians could walk in from the Ravinia office and hotel complex as well as from Ashford-Dunwoody Road. Kennedy said the company’s intent is to create a “high-energy” facility, but DHA member Bob Lundsten questioned the decision to park cars in front of the restaurant’s entrance. Lundsten, who said he lives on Ashford-Dunwoody Road and walks it often, asked why the building couldn’t be rotated or otherwise redesigned to allow pedestrians to walk from the sidewalk into the building. DUN

Kennedy said studies had shown that drive-through traffic would interfere with parking if the building were moved up closer to Ashford-Dunwoody. phone: (404) 303-8665 fax: (404) 303-8482

ty uni m com rs. ou r 5 y e a y 1 g v i n ver S e r fo r o ed

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At left, newly elected City Councilwoman Pam Tallmadge is sworn in by Judge Stacey Hydrick at Dunwoody City Hall on Nov. 9, as Mayor Mike Davis, back left, and City Councilman Terry Nall look on.

TS L SU E R Election results

Tallmadge was unopposed in her bid for the District 1 Atlarge seat, vacated by Denis Shortal, who ran for mayor.

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Steve Chipka 57 Mike Davis (i) 1,852 Chris Grivakis 125 Denis Shortal 3,439

1% 34% 2% 63%

City Council, Post 4 Ridgeview Charter Middle School Chorus

Terry Nall (i) 3,699 Becky Springer 1,623

70% 30%

City Council, Post 5

Lynn Deutsch (i)


City Council, Post 6

Annual Concert and Tree Lighting Event

John Heneghan (i)


LaVista Hills incorporation

Yes No

6,797 49.49% 6,936 50.51%

Tucker incorporation

Yes No

3,619 1,389

74% 26 %

DeKalb Ethics Board revisions

Yes No 6


NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

40,973 3,665

92% 8%

100 percent of precincts reporting Sources: City of Dunwoody, DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections

Heard’s Ferry Elementary School Chorus DUN



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Dunwoody mayor-elect Denis Shortal, right, and wife Meredy, celebrate during Election Night at his headquarters at Marlow’s Tavern. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

time: open, positive leadership and doing things in front of the citizens, concentrating on the core values when we became a city,” Shortal said. Of those core values, Shortal said he plans to discuss with the City Council how best to expedite paving and to protect the residential neighborhoods in Dunwoody. Councilman Doug Thompson said he doesn’t expect any major policy shift going forward. Davis did a “phenomenal” job in leading Dunwoody for the last four years, Thompson said, and “I fully expect that Denny Shortal will do an equally good job in leading Dunwoody.” “Now that the election is complete,” Thompson said, “the net change is that Pam Tallmadge will join [City] Council and Mike Davis will no longer be with us.” Former City Council member Danny Ross, who endorsed Shortal during the campaign, said the new mayor’s leadership will bring Dunwoody back to the “values statement” for the city. Ross said Shortal will set “a new and positive tone for our city. He will listen, and make thoughtful decisions.” Shortal said his office will work to involve the entire council in governing the city and he hopes to include council mem-

bers in press opportunities. “When you see photos, I want to make sure all the members are in the photo, not just me,” Shortal said. Shortal said his campaign involved knocking on doors and shaking hands as he did when he first worked to incorporate Dunwoody. He said he doesn’t like the word “I,” and wants everything to be “we” and “our” when he’s quoted in the press. “I’m formulating ideas that I want to share with the council, staff and citizens,” Shortal said. “I want the citizens in on the ground floor and let them know what we’re thinking so they can have a seat at the table and a voice at the table.” Shortal wants to continue the quality of life in Dunwoody by working on projects such as the entryways into the city, an arts committee and developing a longterm parks program. “I think the arts are an important part in the quality of life, just like sports and paving,” Shortal said. “It’s one of those things that if you jotted down what’s important to quality of life, arts would be one of them.” Overall, Shortal said he’s ready to listen rather than jump into action. “This is the first inning of a big ball game and I’m over in the sidelines warming up,” he said.

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Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis, left, chats with Carolyn Zimney during Election Night at his headquarters at the Dunwoody Tavern. Davis was defeated for the post by challenger Denis Shortal. DUN

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 7

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Millar: Cities aren’t broken, counties are

Starting with Sandy Springs a decade ago, Sen. Fran Millar (R-Dunwoody) has backed every effort to create a new city in Georgia. He sponsored legislation to start the cities of Dunwoody, Brookhaven and Peachtree Corners and, most recently, to set up a new central DeKalb County city called LaVista Hills. “It’s safe to say that I’ve supported every city that’s passed,” he said. But on Nov. 3, voters in the area that would have become LaVista Hills voted down the plan for that city. The margin was slim: just 136 more “no” votes than “yes” votes out of the 13,714 cast. Meanwhile, voters in a neighboring area overwhelmingly backed creation of a new city called Tucker. The Dunwoody Reporter asked Millar for his reaction to the vote and his thoughts on future city-creation efforts in DeKalb County and the state Legislature. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: With the voters turning down a city of LaVista Hills, do you think the “cityhood” movement has run its course among residents in DeKalb County? A: If you look at the votes, they’ve declined for cityhood as we’ve gone forward [with successive cities]. There have been some natural enclaves for cityhood – i.e., Dunwoody, Peachtree Corners. Brookhaven was a close vote. You’ve seen that again with LaVista Hills. It could have gone either way. The reason I supported LaVista Hills – Number one, I support people’s right to self-determination – but I got involved with LaVista Hills because I represent that area. I think going forward, you’re going to have to make sure you get all the parties together who really want to be a part of this. Over 60 percent of the people I represent in the area of LaVista Hills

On the record

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elected officials. The track record for citvoted “yes” for the city. That’s a landies we’ve created has been good. slide. Those people really wanted to be And there’s been a push in a city. Most of them did for an independent school not want to be part of Tuckmovement. I’m convinced er. that’s more necessary than Has it run its course? I ever in DeKalb. hope the Stonecrest people Q: What do you think are given the opportunity. I Tucker’s win at the polls think now what you’re going means? to see is a shift to annexation A: I’m glad they finalby existing cities. Q: You sponsored legly did it. I think they talked islation to create LaVista about it for 20 or 30 years. Hills. Now that the voters I would not be surprised if have said “no” to that city, they expand their services what happens next? down the road. Sen. Fran Millar A: I think the people I Q: Why do you think represent have to decide what LaVista Hills lost? A: I think the borders were too far they want to be. Do they want to reexpanded outside of the original map. main unincorporated? Do they want to It wasn’t the map these people came become part of Tucker? Do they think up with. They were forced to do some they want to be part of Chamblee? Q: Would you sponsor legislation things ... that didn’t help them. Q: Other lawmakers argue the to create another city in the place of process to create new cities is broken. LaVista Hills? A: No. I have told my Senate col- Do you agree? How should it be fixed? A: There are some changes we need leagues that this was the last area that I to make, absolutely. But at the end of represented [to seek cityhood]. The peothe day, if you have some people come ple were going to be in LaVista Hills or together and say, ‘We want to do someTucker. Some of the people I represent thing,’ we’re not going to stifle that proare in Tucker. In LaVista Hills, I think cess. they either remain unincorporated or The cities aren’t what’s broken. It’s the they look to be annexed by Tucker or counties that are broken. Here’s what I look to be annexed by Chamblee. I was feel bad about: The people that I repextremely gratified that over 60 percent resented [in the LaVista Hills area] got of the people I represent voted for a city. Q: Has the concept of “new cities” it. I’m sorry they didn’t get the chance lost the support of state lawmakers? to have a city. The people I didn’t repOr the public? resent, primarily in the southern part of A: I don’t think so. There are oth- the city, that voted “no” or didn’t show er city movements going on right now up reminds me of the presidential elecoutside of DeKalb County. There’s a city tion. How has that worked out, keeping pending in Forsyth County. There’s talk the status quo? of a city of St. Simons. There’s such dissatisfaction with large government, i.e., Fran Millar represens District 40 in the federal and certainly county governstate Senate. The district includes Dunment, to say we want to be closer to our woody.

Read these articles from our other editions online at “It’s come in leaps and bounds, and now there’s something, but not near enough.” – Sandy Springs resident Emerson Peet, who uses a wheelchair, on the city’s sidewalk construction. “We have been, from Day One, attacking the sidewalks, trying to upgrade, John Ernst improve and add. We’ve got a lot of years to make up for. We’re very conscious of that.” – Sharon Kraun, spokeswoman for Sandy Springs, on the city’s sidewalks.

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“Communicate with me when you have a problem. Ideas…cannot come from just the top down. I need to hear from citizens. It’s a two-way street. That’s the way we can unify and bring the city together.” – New Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst

Rebecca Chase Williams

the city.

“I told them, you’re like CocaCola here. You’ve got a secret formula.” – Brookhaven Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams on the Decide DeKalb Development Authority’s decision to give tax breaks on some Brookhaven developments without informing



History made on golf course History can rise in surcity-owned golf course was prising places. Important open only to whites. The city events don’t all occur on farowned no golf courses then away fields or in exotic lowhere blacks were allowed cales. Sometimes, important to play. Black golfers played events, the ones that make on private courses segregated us who we are, took place for use only by black players. right around the corner, in Charles Bell Sr. rememplaces still in plain sight. bers the match that wasn’t Like, say, a golf course. played in 1951. He was One recent Saturday there, part of the foursome AROUND morning, a crowd of golf Holmes brought to the BobTOWN and history buffs gathered by Jones course that day. in the clubhouse of the Bob“We came to the clubhouse,” JOE EARLE by Jones Golf Course to resaid Bell, who’s now 97 years member a round of golf that old and lives in Warner Robhad been played there on Christmas ins, Ga. “We prepared to pay our fees. Day six decades ago. We were just informed that because of Or, to put it more precisely, they reour color, we were not allowed to play,” called a round of golf that had not been he said. played and then, years later, on ChristThey had expected to be rejected, mas Day 1955, went forward under an he said. They intended to challenge the order issued by the United States Sucity’s segregationist laws in court. “We preme Court. That game of golf helped planned it. We knew we would be dechange many things, and opened Atnied the right to play,” he said. “We lanta recreation facilities to all of the decided to come to the Bobby Jones city’s residents. course... and the rest is history.” In 1951, an Atlanta golfer named They did make history. The group’s Alfred “Tup” Holmes and a group of effort to play golf on the whites-only his friends went to the Bobby Jones course came years before the U.S. SuGolf Course in Buckhead and asked to preme Court would strike down legal play a round. Holmes and his friends segregation in public schools and faciliwere turned away. They were black. The ties. It came years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger, spurring the Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott. “We were still deep in the thrall of Jim Crow [laws],” said Anne Emanuel, a professor emerita at Georgia State Law School. Demanding the right to play golf on a city course in 1951 was a brave act, Emanuel said. “It was hard,” she said. “It was dangerous to get in front of that train. .... The courage factor. Probably Atlanta was the only place in Georgia you would survive if you did this. The times were very different and very danJOE EARLE gerous.” Michael Holmes stands with Holmes and members of his famia photo of his father, golfer ly fi led suit against the city. Their case Alfred “Tup” Holmes, that is worked its way to the Supreme Court, included in a new exhibit at where it was among the first group of the Bobby Jones Golf Course.

desegregation decisions announced after the landmark Brown v. the Board of Education case desegregated public schools. The Holmes family case was among a group of cases that extended the rules applied in the Brown case to other public recreation facilities, such as the Bobby Jones Golf Course, Emanuel said. Michael Holmes, Tup Holmes’ son, said the decision has been referenced 51 times in other cases. “It was a big deal,” Emanuel said. Bell and Emanuel were part of a group of about 75 people that gathered at the Bobby Jones clubhouse to mark

the 60th anniversary of the decision, released Nov. 7, 1955, with the formal opening of a new exhibit about the case called “Holmes v. Atlanta: Changing the Game.” The exhibit, sponsored by the Friends of the Bobby Jones Golf Course and put together by Georgia Tech professor Mary McDonald and her graduate students, includes information about Holmes, his family and the lawsuit. “We felt like it was a story that needed to be preserved,” McDonald said. “I think it’s got all sorts of really important issues connected to it. And it’s an CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

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Golfers’ demands make history CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9

Atlanta story.” Just a few weeks after the Supreme Court ruled, Holmes and his friends got the chance to play golf on a city course. They actually played their first round under the judge’s order on Christmas Eve at North Fulton Golf Course. Bell remembers it was a more prestigious course than Bobby Jones. Others suggested the idea might have been to have that groundbreaking first round played somewhere other than Bobby Jones to avoid a racial confrontation. Bell remembers there were photographers on hand to record the event and said that some people may have shouted catcalls at the players. But he admits it’s hard to recall particulars now. The next day, Christmas Day,


Charles Bell Sr. was part of the foursome turned away from the Bobby Jones Golf Course in 1951.

Holmes and his foursome played a round at the Bobby Jones course. And, as Charles Bell said, they made history.

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The city of Sandy Springs is assessing the condition of Lake Forrest Dam, built in the late 1940s.


886 Huff Road Atlanta, GA 30318


Maintaining dams can get pricey Editor’s note: This is one of an series of articles Reporter Newspapers is publishing about dams in our communities. To see other articles, go to


“The lake is pretty—as much as I would like to fill it in at times,” said Gerri Schwartz, the property manager in charge of Peppertree Lake. It’s not the lake itself, nestled among homes in the heart of Sandy Springs’ Perimeter Center, that raises her ire. It’s the massive dam holding it back— and recent state-mandated repairs that may cost more than $60,000. Peppertree Lake Dam is one of 11 “high-hazard” dams in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs—“high hazard” meaning that if they collapse, the subsequent flood likely would kill people. More than

20 similar dams failed and contributed to deadly floods in South Carolina last month. Many of Georgia’s dams are in private hands with homeowners on the hook for maintenance. Along the top end of the Perimeter, homeowners may grumble at the cost, but likely can afford it. Lower-income areas, or old dams where no owner can be found, can be a bigger problem. About 15 states have some type of grant or low-interest loan program for dam repairs, but Georgia is not among them, according to the state Environmental CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

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Dan Sasser loves coming and going as he pleases. That’s just one of many reasons he chose Canterbury Court to be his home. “I left a tenured position so I could live wherever I wanted. Then I retired at 60 and was working part time when I discovered Canterbury Court. I thought, ‘How wonderful it would be to live there.’” When he decided to move to Canterbury Court, he chose a studio apartment, which he says “is more than big enough for me.” The maintenance-free lifestyle also lets him keep a second home in Florida and take frequent road trips. Dan says people are “missing the boat” by not moving to a retirement community sooner. “Here you have several restaurant options, all kinds of activities and excursions, a theater with daily showings, a heated pool and wellness center, 11 acres of beautiful gardens ... it’s like being on a permanent vacation!”

WHO: Kathy Biggs, MSPT Clinical Education Manager Jag Living with IPF Since 2006

3750 Peachtree Road, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30319


TO REGISTER FOR AN IPF PROGRAM TODAY. ©2015 Genentech USA, Inc. All rights reserved. ESB/080515/0385 | 09/15

Canterbury Court is Atlanta’s first and foremost continuing care retirement community, non-profit, and committed to welcoming all people. |

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Local ‘high hazard’ dams listed Eleven dams in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs have been deemed “high hazard,” meaning if they should collapse, the subsequent floodwaters could kill people. The classification does not indicate the dams’ conditions. A Cherokee Country Club Lake Dam Sandy Springs B Lake Northridge Dam Sandy Springs C Dunwoody Club Crossing Dam Dunwoody D Scott Candler Reservoir Dam Dunwoody E Peppertree Lake Dam Sandy Springs F Murphey Candler Lake Dam Brookhaven G Powers Lake Dam Sandy Springs H Tera Lake Dam Sandy Springs I Lake Forrest Dam Sandy Springs J Silver Lake Dam Brookhaven K Capital City Country Club Lake Dam Buckhead Source: Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Safe Dams Program

Melissa Babcock, M.D.

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Maintaining dams can get pricey


accommodating in coming up with solutions. Protection Division. But she still doubts the necessity for Meanwhile, the state has boosted its the tree-cutting and isn’t thrilled that Safe Dams Program budget and is proinspectors also said “no” to putting posing targeted inspections of known benches near the water. The state also problem dams—but also leaving othdemanded installation of an emergener dams largely to privately fundcy siphon drain that will cost $50,000 ed inspections. “They’ve passed on to to $60,000, she said. [homeowner] associations the cost of “[The lake has] turtles and fish and that inspection. It doesn’t sound fair geese…It would be nice to use it as to me,” said Schwartz. an amenity,” she said of the banned Donald Dutson Jr. has supervised ...when you spend $700+ benches. “Your hands are tied.” maintenance on Sandy Springs’ Powers Lake Dam on behalf of his homeowners association for 30 years. He doesn’t ...when you spend $1500+ mind paying the bill. “I’d say we spend *Offer valid 10/30/15 to 11/30/15 a few thousand dollars a year maintaining it…but at least we’ve got the P: 404-351-0000 | E: peace of mind,” Mon. - Fri. 10 am - 6 pm | Sat. 9 am - 4 pm | Sun. 11 am - 4 pm Dutson said. That work currently amounts to /heeneycompanyllc /heeneycompany ing and keep drains cleared, and that bill is split among JOHN RUCH many homeownThe last report on Brookhaven’s Murphey Exit 29 off I-285 on corner of Hammond Dr. & Ashford Dunwoody Rd. ers. Candler Lake Dam, built in 1953, contained But bringing in 1151 Hammond Dr. NE. Suite 240 | Atlanta, GA 30346 relatively minor maintenance issues. a private dam engineer—from a relatively short state-approved list— can cost “hundreds and hundreds of dollars an hour, plus travel time,” he said. And if a major repair is necessary, the costs can easily run to five digits. You asked..... We heard.. We have worked with About 25 years ago, Powers Lake Dam started showing “wet spots” and needa major hearing aid manufacturer to offer the ed $30,000 in repairs, Dutson said. following Holiday Hearing Aid Extravaganza on A major structural repair “could be so expensive you have to pave it a special inventory close out. Up to 60% off with and turn it into a skating park,” Dutprices starting at $995.00 per device. son said, but added that is what good maintenance should prevent. Georgia long has been below the na“We believe hearing aids need to be affordable for tional average in state dam inspection everyone who needs them.” resources, according to the Kentuckybased Association of Dam Safety OffiJoy Pritchett, Doctor of Aud. Owner cials. The legislature boosted the Safe Dams Program budget this year, from $670,000 to $1.2 million, including This Year Hear Your Holidays an increase in full-time staff from six to 11, according to EPD. That’s still only 11 people monitoring more than CALL NOW Limited inventory available! 4,200 dams statewide—474 of them For your convenience take advantage of our extended rated high-hazard. Dunwoody/Sandy Springs When state inspectors arrive at a hours in our Decatur and Dunwoody locations. 678-500-8185 high-hazard dam, that may kick off disagreements with the owners that drag Decatur/ N. Druid Hills on for years. A state engineer and the 404-963-9904 local civic association recently debated whether a pipe at Brookhaven’s Silver Lake Oconee/Greensboro Lake Dam is a “catastrophic” threat or a 706-438-4227 useless old construction leftover. State records show that Schwartz’s Lake Sinclair/Milledgeville engineer and inspectors disagreed for more than a decade about whether 478-607-7576 trees should be removed from the Peppertree Lake Dam’s spillway. Schwartz recently had the trees cut down and, like Dutson, praises the state for being CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11


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Sushi House Hayakawa BY MEGAN VOLPERT





Sushi House Hayakawa is tucked into mise the quality of his work. He can fill a strip mall on Buford Highway east of his 30 seats every night without comDunwoody and northeast of Doraville, promise, and he prefers to fill them with and seats about 30 people. You make people who are not rude or naive. reservations. Sometimes when you try, We started with the blue crab miso they thank you for calling and politely soup. It was a light broth that conveyed inform you that they are full this week. the delicate taste of crab right up front. My wife and I risked the walk-in. They put the whole crab in it, standing We were first on the list because we up on one side as both a glorious gararrived as soon as they unlocked the nish and a delectable treat. Then we had door, so we were promptly the nikujaga stew, a speseated and also informed cial of the week. Fat of the that we could have the tapork belly rises to coat the ble for about 90 minutes mouth, pairing perfectly before the smarter people with starch rising off the a ura t Re who responsibly made respotatoes. The deliberate n ervations well in advance equanimity of the portion would come to claim their was impressive – a precise prize. They are very nice at Hayakawa, count on all elements of the dish so that but their policies are extremely firm. we didn’t have to fight over the last lusThis includes their ban on cellphones. I cious bite. was granted permission to take pictures And then the fish! My wife likes to orof the food, but when I pushed to snap der two rolls, and I always get the omakone of Atsushi Hayakawa himself, I was ase sashimi. The rolls are garnished sidedenied. ways, indicating a presumption that the Some days he just wants to work; diner knows how to pick up a piece the some days he wants to entertain. He right way. Everything comes with a side knows there are a million places to get of real ginger, not the pink stuff. sushi in metro Atlanta. Take your loud At $85, the omakase sashimi is uncrew of coworkers to one of those othquestionably the best bang for your ers. He enjoys vegans, but won’t accombuck. It’s 32 pieces of top shelf: giant modate any customer who may comprosweet shrimp with head still on, scallops

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Clockwise from top, black sesame mochi ice cream and yuzu citron kanten jelly; blue crab miso soup; and tiny spicy and crunchy smoked salmon rolls.

from Hayakawa’s home town, plus a mountain of the usual suspects. The cuts are surprisingly thick given the number of pieces. Even the octopus was cut wide to add an extra sucker on the tentacle, where all the best flavor is hiding. As long as you’re spending that kind of money on protein, spend an extra couple dollars for legit wasabi, glowing a deep green and freshly grated into an abalone shell. Don’t spoil excellent raw fish with a side of processed horseradish imitation. Many people mistakenly skip dessert at a sushi bar. We had black sesame mochi ice cream, which can feed any chocolate demons, plus I love that odd little skin covering the ice cream nugget. We doubled down with yuzu citron kanten, because yuzu is the ultimate refreshment fruit and it was a perfect palate cleanser. If you can’t afford a pilgrimage to

Sukiyabashi Jiro in Japan, go to Sushi House Hayakawa. Atsushi Hayakawa is a true master. Most likely, he does not appreciate the extra publicity generated by this review. He cares only for kizuna, the bond between people formed by the exercise of his incredible skills meeting the welcome of his art into our bellies. Go there to be educated and then go back many times to pay respect. When your bond is strong enough, he will let you know. They love regulars, not tourists. Once, he even visited our table. It was a great honor. Sushi House Hayakawa is located at 5979 Buford Highway. For more information visit For reservations call 770-986-0010. Megan Volpert lives in Decatur, teaches in Roswell and writes books about popular culture.

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Cash only. No insurance. Single use only. Does not include x-ray. Not valid with any other coupon. Certain restrictions apply. Must present coupon at consultation. Expires 12.31.15

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Atlanta History Center

from Hollywood to Nuremberg

Closes November 20, 2015 Hollywood directors John Ford, George Stevens, and Samuel Fuller created American cinema classics, but their most important contribution to history was their work in the U.S. Armed Forces and Secret Services. An exhibition by the Mémorial de la Shoah, Paris, France.


George Stevens and his crew, France, 1944 © Courtesy of the Margaret Herrick Library, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills, CA


John Ford Samuel Fuller George Stevens

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FOR KIDS & FAMILIES door play, and kids get to explore the habitats of Dunwoody Park. Regular camp hours are 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. for full day campers in K5th grade. Half-day camp hours are 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. for 3 and 4 year olds. 5343 Roberts Dr., Dunwoody, 30338. To learn more and to register, go online to or call 770-394-3322.

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Saturday, Nov. 21, 5 - 10 p.m. – Calling all nature lovers! The Chattahoochee Nature Center presents an evening of backyard camping for the whole family. Bring a picnic with all of the fixings, take photos of non-releasable animals on the wildlife walk, enjoy a campfire with marshmallows, all within the center’s 127acre grounds. Registration is $50 per tent for the general public and $35 per tent for CNC member families. Registration required by Nov. 18. Chattahoochee Nature Center, 9135 Willeo Rd., Roswell, 30075. For more information and to sign up, go online to chattnaturecenter. org, or call 770-992-2055 x237.

a creative alternative to day care? Try Art a la Carte Kidz, a program for children aged 6 to 13. Participants will experiment with a wide variety of mediums, including 3-dimensional sculpture, unique surfaces and more. Registration is $90 for one day, $140 for two days and $220 for all three days. Hammond Park Community Building, 6005 Glenridge Dr., Sandy Springs, 30328. For more information and to register, go online to

Holiday Cookie Decoration Monday, Nov. 23, 3 - 4:30 p.m. – Get in the holiday spirit with this cookie decorating workshop! Kids aged 10 to 17 are invited to learn decorating techniques under the tutelage of Sari McIntyre. Free and open to the first 15 participants. Call or visit the branch to register. Brookhaven Library, 1242 N. Druid Hills Rd., Brookhaven, 30319. Need more details? Go to

Thanksgiving Camp Monday, Nov. 23, and Tuesday, Nov. 24 – Many local schools will be closed for the

week leading up to Thanksgiving, and the Dunwoody Nature Center has just the thing to keep your little ones learning and occupied during their down time. Participants will enjoy nature-themed crafts, activities, games and out-

Terrific Scientific Monday, Nov. 23 through Wednesday, Nov. 25, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. – A camp for

budding scientists, this three-day workshop encourages critical thinking and provides opportunities to get hands-on with science. Through discovery-based learning, students carry out experiments, engage in team activities, build and program robots, learn new technologies and see how science works in the real world. Registration: $90 for one day, $140 for two days and $220 for all three days. Hammond Gym Multipurpose Room, 705 Hammond Dr., Sandy Springs, 30328. For additional information and to register, go online to artalacartekids. com/holiday-camp.

GIVING BACK Call Dr. Kevin D. Flythe DC, CCEP at 770-988-0988 and schedule an appointment today! Appointments are filling quickly!

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Red Cross Blood Drive Wednesday, Nov. 25, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. – Donating blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others. All donors receive a Red Cross mixing spoon and a copy of celebrity chef recipes (while supplies last). You may schedule your appointment at using sponsor code dunwoodylib or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. Dunwoody Library parking lot, 5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd., 30338. More information can be found online at

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Art Market at Spruill

Swedish Christmas Market

Monday, Nov. 16, 6 - 9 p.m. – The Spruill Center for the Arts presents their 22nd annual Holiday Artists Market. The event features a wide array of art and gifts from local artisans on display in the gallery through Dec. 23. On Monday, Nov. 16, Spruill hosts an opening night ceremony and sneak peek of the market. Wine and light fare provided. Free and open to the public. Go to to learn more or call 770-394-4019. Spruill Center for the Arts, 4681 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Dunwoody, 30346.

Saturday, Nov. 21, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. – The Swedish Women’s Educational Association International, Inc., presents their annual Christmas Market in Sandy Springs. Come out for an afternoon of baked goods, flower arrangements, traditional and modern handicrafts, Swedish Christmas ornaments, Scandinavian design, and traditional Swedish food and drinks. The market also offers kids’ activities hosted by the Swedish School of Atlanta. Tickets are $2 for adults, free for those under 18. Dorothy Benson Center, 6500 Vernon Woods Dr., NE, Sandy Springs, 30328. To find out more, go online to or call 404-613-4900.

Holiday Market

Thanksgiving Meal

Thursday, Nov. 19, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. – Looking for unique gifts for this holiday season? The annual Christ the King School Holiday Market returns this month to Kenny Hall. A unique and festive shopping experience for all, the event features work by more than 50 artists and vendors. Free and open to the public. Christ the King School, 46 Peachtree Way, NE, Atlanta, 30305. More info? Call 404-233-0383 or go to

Thursday, Nov. 26, 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. – Don’t have plans for Thanksgiving this year? Still want the traditional meal experience? The city of Broo khaven invites you to come to the Lynwood Community Center and pick up a meal for yourself and your family. Call 404-637-0542 for more information. Lynwood Park Community Center, 3360 Osborne Rd., Brookhaven, 30319. Go to to learn more.

Thanksgiving Service & Meal Tuesday, Nov. 24, 5 - 7:30 p.m. – Mount Vernon Bap-

Artist Market Friday, Nov. 20, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 21, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 22, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. – The Work of Our Hands Artist Market returns for its 12th year to the

Cathedral of St. Philip in Buckhead. The sale features artwork by numerous local and regional artisans and includes painting, glass, fabric, wood, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture and more. Free and open to the public. Opening reception is on Thursday, November 19 from 6 - 8 p.m. 2744 Peachtree Rd., NW, Atlanta, 30305. Questions? Call 404-365-1000 or go online to

tist Church invites members of the community to attend a Thanksgiving service and fellowship dinner. Dinner begins at 5 p.m., followed by ther sermon at 6:30. The service will include songs, a brief devotional, and testimonials about the past year. Childcare is available for children 3 and under. Sanctuary, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 850 Mt. Vernon Hwy NW, Sandy Springs, 30327.

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 17

Holiday Shopping

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Celebrating 40 YEARS

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Visitors Center



Decatur-atlanta-intown-nov2015.indd 1

Reporter Newspapers 18



113 Clairemont Ave. Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-4 pm

Holid� S�p� Guide 10/21/15 3:49 PM

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

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‘MARTA Army’ seeks to make buses, trains more convenient BY CLARE S. RICHIE

Today at a MARTA bus stop, you’ll see the signature tri-colored sign attached to a pole and little else. The MARTA Army is working to change that through their adopt-a-stop initiative, Operation Timely Trip. The initiative seeks to improve bus riders’ experiences on metro’s Atlanta public transit. MARTA Army, an independent grassroots action group, was an idea sparked at the 2014 Georgia Tech Transportation Camp. The citizen group says it plans on using “boots-on-the-ground interventions to improve the physical, cultural, and social environment of the MARTA system.” “It’s tactical urbanism – citizens coming together to do small acts for large -scale change,” explained Simon Berrebi, a MARTA Army co-founder and Georgia Tech Transportation Systems Engineering doctoral student. The army is pulling together citizen soldiers from different Atlanta neighborhoods and backgrounds to reclaim ownership of MARTA and make it more accessible and convenient. Most MARTA bus stops don’t have bus route and destination information. The few that provide a route timetable only list times for the main locations on

the route, leaving the rider to guess at arrival times. MARTA Army’s first intervention will upgrade “a bus stop to show you where you can go, on which bus or route, and when,” said Berrebi. For citizens who adopt-a-stop, MARTA Army will provide training and printed timetables, making bus destinations more visible and hopefully more enticing. Co-founders Binh Dam and Harshath JR, who commute on MARTA, developed an app to produce the bus stop-specific timetables. “We can make informative signs on the spot,” Dam said, “which is an improvement that MARTA is excited about.” With initial support from In Our Backyard crowdfunding, MARTA, Georgia Tech and the city of Atlanta, MARTA Army was able to launch an adopt-a-stop initiative at the recent 2015 Transportation Camp. As of early October, more than 65 citizens had adopted bus stops. The army has a signup sheet at where recruits can volunteer to adopt bus stops and to organize boot camps in their neighborhoods.

Bone marrow transplants that result in world travel.




5,886± SF RETAIL/ OFFICE BUILDING 18 Marietta St, Unit CU1, NW Atlanta, GA 30303

This classic block marble building includes 1,200 SF of prime street-level retail space, as well as 4,686 SF of second floor office space, currently occupied by Alpine Dental. This property offers tremendous visibility along one of the highest pedestrian/vehicle trafficcount corridors in the state. The property also includes a 5,000± SF unfinished basement.

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AUCTION LOCATION: Fulton Co Courthouse, 136 Pryor St. SW, Atlanta, GA TERMS: See Notice of Sale Under Power in the Atlanta Reporter Newspapers. Full payment of purchase price required in certified funds immediately at the conclusion of the auction. A 1% Broker Participation offered to qualified Broker(s).


For Terms of Sale & More Info:

229.392.3492 This property is being sold on an “As is, Where is” basis. In Cooperation w/ Steven Mathis, GA Broker #178486 and GAL #2494.

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute’s survival rates are among the highest in the country for bone marrow transplants. That’s for both related and unrelated donors. It’s one reason why so many people from across the country trust Northside with their cancer care. Northside has seen thousands of cancer survivors walk out their doors. And then, go just about anywhere. For help finding a cancer specialist, call 404-531-4444.

CANCER INSTITUTE Where the Extraordinary Happens Every Day |

NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 19


Call (404) 497-1020 for an appointment.


Peachtree Dunwoody Internal Medicine & Rheumatology is proud to announce the addition 28 of Dr. Elizabeth D. Butler Exit 28


Exit 4A

Dr. Butler Offers Services For ’s Saint Joseph 5669

Hospital 5665


993 D



Sun Trust Bank

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta 5545

•Center Rheumatoid Arthritis Pointe 1100

• Lupus o dy

993 C

Exit 3


5671 5667

Peacht ree Dun wo


Cancer Center

Cardiology ICU Admissions

Johnson Ferry Road

Trimble Road

Glenridge Connector


Hollis Cobb Circle



The Tower at North-


Meridian Mark

Glenridge Point Parkway


Lake Hearn Drive Marta

is Cobb Holl

Women’s Center


to our practice.

5780 Interchange


Women's Center Parking Garage


Exit 26

Meridian Mark Plaza 5445

Medical Quarters 5555

• Gout • Osteoarthritis


• Osteoporosis • Auto-immune Disease

Glenridge Connector

Dr. Butler is a board-certified rheumatologist who brings over three decades of practice experience. She offers excellent, personalized care to adult patients, as well as thorough preventive screenings for the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems before other complications arise.

875 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30342



New ritual bath allows Jews to mark big life cycle events BY JOE EARLE

Rituals matter. People need ways to mark the big events – marriages, say, or deaths or births – that change their lives. Jews in metro Atlanta soon will have a new place for the traditional immersion ritual used to mark such big life events. The new Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah, a place for ritual baths, opens this month at Congregation B’nai Torah, 700 Mt. Vernon Highway, in Sandy Springs. A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Nov. 15. “In the community, it’s a pretty big deal, if I do say so,” said Rabbi Joshua Heller of Congregation B’nai Torah, who said 20 synagogues and organizations in the metro area will rely on the facility. “This is one of the few religious resources that is shared so widely.” Alice Wertheim of Dunwoody, president of the board of directors of the new mikvah, said the facility will be open to anyone in the Jewish community who wants to use it. “This is a sacred space that brings together varied elements of the community, and that doesn’t happen very often,” she said. “Most open spaces are secular. This is a sacred space – that’s

what makes it different. It’s unique and it’s exciting, and it adds another dimension to the spiritual life of the community.” A mikvah is a special pool used for Jewish ritual immersion, according to MACoM, the nonprofit organization building the facility. “It’s a ritual accessible to anybody,” Wertheim said. In its brochure describing the new pool, MACoM says, “Traditional uses of mikvah include immersing when converting to Judaism, before getting married, before the Shabbat or other Jewish holidays, and to make a woman’s monthly cycle.” Similar facilities exist at a few other synagogues in metro Atlanta and the new one replaces an older one at B’nai Torah, Wertheim said. But she believes the new $850,000 facility built alongside B’nai Torah will find new users hoping to mark more and more varied types of life-changing events. “All these rituals, they are all transitional moments,” she said. “In conversion, you are going from non-Jew to Jew. In marriage, you’re going from non-

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

FAITH partnered to partnered. It’s essentially a very private moment in that you get naked and you go into the pool. It’s a very private moment.” The mikvah’s supporters foresee people using it mark personal milestones, from bar mitzvahs to adoptions to starting a new job to finalizing a divorce. Heller said he expects the new facility to be used more than 300 times in its first year. He expects that could rise to more than 700 times a year. “We are seeing a generation of people who are claiming it as a very powerful ritual,” Heller said. The rabbi said he used B’nai Torah’s old mikvah regularly when preparing himself for services. “It’s an incredibly powerful ritual,” he said. “It’s an incredibly visceral experience. I would often come to the old mikvah on the eve of the Sabbath. It is a tremendously powerful spiritual experience.” The new pool is built to exacting standards, Heller said. “The laws of construction of a mikvah are among the most complicated in Judaism,” he said. A portion of the water in the pool “has to be water that flows without human hands or tools being involved,” he said. “No buckets. No pumps.” So, some of the water used in the pool is collected from the building’s roof, gathered in a pair of cisterns and delivered by troughs on the floor. The water is filtered, he said. The devices used to collect and deliver the natural water fill a room, but ensure the facility is kosher, he said. The building containing the new mikvah also has an area in a hallway leading to the pool where friends and family can gather to listen to the event as witnesses. The building also offers a pair of dressing rooms where people clean up before entering the ritual pool. “You’re not going into the pool to clean yourself,” Wertheim said. “You’re going into the pool as a way of marking the moment.”


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690 Mount Vernon Hwy. NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Top, Alice Wertheim, president of the board of directors of the mikvah, says the facility is a ‘sacred space.’ Above, Rabbi Joshua Heller of the Congregation B’nai Torah, says 20 synagogues and organizations will rely on the new Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah.

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Bank of Sandy Springs

Midtown Bank

First Landmark Bank

6000 Sandy Springs Circle Atlanta, GA 30328 404.334.8600

712 W. Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30308 404.969.4400

307 N. Marietta Parkway Marietta, GA 30060 770.792.8870

Important Information about FDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage: First Landmark Bank and its divisions Midtown Bank and Bank of Sandy Springs are the same FDIC-insured institution. Deposits held under First Landmark Bank or the trade names Midtown Bank and Bank of Sandy Springs are not separately insured, but are combined to determine whether a depositor has exceeded basic federal deposit insurance limits. Advertised APY and rate apply to the initial term onlyAPY of 1.36% is accurate as of 10/01/15APY assumes that interest remains on deposit until maturity. Withdrawal of interest will reduce earningsEarly withdrawal penalty is six month’s interest on the amount withdrawnFees may reduce earningsOffer is subject to change or end at any time without noticeOffer available on new and existing moneyOffer not valid for retirement CDs, brokerage deposits, institutional investors, public funds or in conjunction with other promotional offer




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Share in the Spirit Marist School provides an education where the joy of achievement exists within a spirit of humility and generosity. Students are challenged by an extensive college-preparatory curriculum while an array of extracurricular activities inspire exploration and uncover hidden talents. Through it all, students gain a unique strength of character and skill and a joy of serving others that prepares them to be compassionate, confident leaders. Come visit to experience Marist’s spirit yourself. Open House Sunday, December 6, 1-4 p.m. Learn more at or call (770) 457-7201

Silver stars Grace Pietkiewicz, left, and Teagan Furbish earned Girl Scout Silver Awards for helping to plan and create a community garden at Blackburn Park. Both are Brookhaven residents and students at Chamblee Charter High School.


weber students win! Have You and Your 8th Grader Visited Weber This Year? Words can’t describe it. A visit will. Call Ms. Rise Arkin, Director of Admissions · 404-917-2500 ext. 101 ·



NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

Holding it up for all to see

Ingrid Bongers, a student at Sarah Smith Elementary School in Buckhead, proudly raises her work, part of the Reflections Arts competition. Each year, the National PTA Reflections program has a theme students use as inspiration for artistic pieces. Sarah Smith students submitted 226 entries in five categories, including visual arts, literature, photography, film production and dance choreography, based on the theme “Let Your Imagination Fly.”


BEYOND CURIOSITY Get smart The Epstein School recently hosted parents of second graders in an effort to help moms and dads discover what their children are learning in math class.

At Galloway, students (ages 3-18)

Above, Judah Becker, at right, uses his laptop to explore math concepts and games while his parents Jeremy Becker and Dori Black look on.

Raindrops falling on my head Fourth graders at High Point Elementary School in Sandy Springs recently finished learning about weather and the water cycle. Left, local Chief Meteorologist Chris Holcomb shares information about weather predictions, technology and career opportunities with Ryan Price and James Payne.

are inspired to be fearless Discover Galloway at our Open House Sunday, December 6th 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Register now at

learners, to embrace challenges, and to discover more about themselves and the world around them.

Advanced Weight Loss Practice We are a full-service practice specializing in advanced weight loss surgery and general surgery procedures. Led by Dr. Srinivasa Gorjala, an Atlanta Top Doc and board-certified physician with over a decade of practice experience, Bariatric Innovations of Atlanta offers advanced, minimallyinvasive laparoscopic gastric and endocrine surgical procedures, and the

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state-of-the-art single port technique for LAP-BAND surgery.

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(404) 250-6691 Location:

6135 Barfield Road, Suite 150 Atlanta, GA 30328

NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 23

experience EPSTEIN.


Standout Student BY AMIA LE

We’re way more than you imagined. Join us at our Open House: Sunday, November 8 at 10 a.m. We look forward to seeing you on our campus. Schedule a tour atSCHOOL THE EPSTEIN Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta

THE EPSTEIN SCHOOL Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta


THE EPSTEIN SCHOOL Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta

4819 atl intown ad.indd 1

8/24/15 4:52 PM

THEbefore EPSTEIN Celebrate Thanksgiving like never ... SCHOOL at the Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta


THE EPSTEIN SCHOOL Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta

THE EPSTEIN SCHOOL Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta

THE EPSTEIN SCHOOL Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta

► Max Harris ► Weber School, senior

profile, never gloating over his many and varied accomplishments. He is a Max Harris defines much sought-after partsuccess as achieving the ner, as he is intelligent, high goals he sets for fun and kind. Although himself. possessing a great love “I constantly quesfor language, histotion what I would like ry, government, science to be, and that thought and mathematics, he is alone motivates me. simply passionate about What kind of person I learning for the sake of want to be guides me to learning.” what I want to be in life Weber Hebrew Deand what my values are,” partment Chair, ArielMax said. la Livnat, described Max He wants to be enas “very involved in and gaged with the world. committed to Weber “Grades are not imSchool and its students, portant,” Max said. as well as human rights “What is important is worldwide, in addition having integrity and to being a true learncontentment with myer for the sake of knowlMax Harris self. I did my best and I edge.” tried my hardest. I am fine Max says he draws inwith an 85 or 95 as a grade, spiration from the stoas long as I know I strived and put in ry of Elon Musk, who immigrated to my greatest effort.” Canada from South Africa with nothMax juggles participation in a variing in his pocket, and has gone on to ety of clubs with class work. He is the found businesses such as Tesla Motors president of his school’s student counto SpaceX. cil, a student ambassador and takes Max says Musk’s success shows the part in a variety of different school value of perserverance. clubs. “I want to make a difference in soHe established the Investment ciety,” Max said, “uphold responsibiliClub, where members discuss manty, solve problems and be an active and aging money. In addition, Max has influential citizen. All of this ties back made many improvements in his youth into my moral ethics.” group, as one of the board members. WHAT’S NEXT: Michelle Brown, academic dean and English teacher at the Weber Max is interested in pursuing a libSchool, says Max shows passion and eral arts education. dedication toward understanding new He plans to apply to small collegthings. es such as Pomona College, Bowdoin “I believe Max has a genuine and College, Davidson College, the Uniauthentic character,” she said. “He versity of Richmond and also the Unihas a passion and dedication to learnversity of Georgia. ing and comprehending new ideas and teachings. “He is a student who excels beyond

What better way to enjoy quality time with family and friends than Thanksgiving Brunch at Villa Christina! Celebrate on Thursday, November 26, 2015, from 11:30AM – 3:00PM $45.00 for adults, $25.00 for children ages 6 – 12, and children under 5 and dine free

Call now for your reservations 678-515-2729 4000 Summit Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319 24


NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

expectations, yet still maintains a low

The article was prepared by Amia Le, a student at Dunwoody High School.


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North Springs Homecoming

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Above, North Springs Charter High School held its Homecoming Parade on Oct. 31. The parade began at Woodland Elementary School, proceeded down Spalding Drive and continued westbound to the high school.

141 East Trinity Place • Downtown Decatur • 404.378.2001

Above, North Springs band major Elizabeth Gilbert shows off “Rannnndy” on her index finger. “Rannnndy” has a following on Instagram.

Max Saunders, 2, dressed for Halloween as an UPS delivery man, snatches up some candy thrown by parade participants. The North Springs Charter High School Homecoming Parade, held on Oct. 31, began at Woodland Elementary School, proceeded down Spalding Drive and continued westbound to the high school.



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Darden’s Delights

241 West Wieuca Rd NE #100, Atlanta, Ga 30342 - 404-973-8760 seven days without pie makes you weak... |

NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 25


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New Dunwoody Village townhouse proposal offered

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A new plan for townhomes in Duned community,” Nall said. woody Village appears to be meeting Adeimy, who lives in Dunwoody, a friendlier response than a plan that said strict ordinances in the city make drew criticism earlier this year. it tougher for developers. “Dunwoody Neighbors in Vernon North who has set the bar on high-quality townmet Nov. 4 are “comfortable with the homes,” she said. quality” of 79 townhouses proposed on For that reason and given space conDunwoody Village Parkway in the new straints, a homeowners association plan, said Marian Adeimy, an attorney would have to enforce a rule that ownfor the developer. ers park their cars in the garage. “It But they want to make sure the natmakes it look nicer,” she said. The 79 ural stream buffer between the develplanned units would not have the re141 East Trinity Place • Downtown Decatur • 404.378.2001 opments stays protected, their houses quired 20-foot driveways. won’t be too close to their new neighFrontDoor Communities is working bors and a gate goes up, she said. on a Dunwoody-specific design, AdeAdeimy presented the developimy said, so a rendering is not yet availer’s, FrontDoor Communities, plan to able, but the developer wants to take the Dunwoody Homeowners Associaall community feedback AINT into account. ARTIN AINTIN THE ARTIN IELDS IN THE IELDS tion on Nov. 1, and then met Nov. 4 All units would have a three-bedroom PISCOPAL HURCH with eight residents of Vernon PISCOPAL HURCH North, the community of single-family houses closest to the St. Martin in the Fields invites you to attend its townhomes, which would face speaker series, featuring Dunwoody Village Parkway. humorist and motivational “They like the overall plan speaker, Bruce Goddard, on and product, and are happy Sunday December 6, 2015 with the development plan, at 10:10 a.m. in Gable Hall. but, as before, they are concerned with the visual from Bruce Goddard was born and raised in Reynolds, their home,” Adeimy said. Georgia. He received his BBA from the University of Georgia. He also graduated from Gupton Jones “They don’t want the homes College of Funeral Service. This humorist, author so close to their property that and motivational speaker has spoken to thousands they are staring into someone’s throughout the United States. He presents the window.” “lighter side” of what can be a stressful occupation SPECIAL FrontDoor Communities while at the same time giving thought provoking A developer is proposing 79 townhomes on plans to build 79 townhouses, observations about life from the perspective of a Rdhe• released Atlanta, which would be 20 to 40 per- Dunwoody Village Parkway. To see a larger 3110 Ashford small town Dunwoody undertaker. In 2005, his 30319 • 404-261-4292 • version, go to best-selling book entitled, View from a Hearse, cent larger than the 81 units Lighten Up! originally proposed for the site by Cypress Communities. minimum with a two-car garage. Ashford Dunwoody Rd • Atlanta, 30319 3110 (R-Dunwoody) Ashford Dunwoody Rd3110 • Atlanta, 30319 • 404-261-4292 • The new plan allows more homes Sen. Fran Millar 404-261-4292 • with master bedrooms on the main asked about siding and wanted to know floor, a design intended to appeal to why exterior materials, such as brick, senior citizens and “empty nesters.” would vary. “I don’t know what that About 30 percent of the townhouses does for the tone of your community will have the master bedroom on the development,” Millar said. first floor and all units will have eleva“We’ve seen as you get into the highFudge, Fudge with Pecans, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Lemon Chess, tor options, Adeimy said. er price points that people want stacked Butterscotch, Butterscotch with Pecans, Gooey, Toffee Crunch Adeimy said buyers of similar homes stone, they want craftsman siding,” Adin Roswell prefer the elevator option. eimy said. “They want things to make She said residents in Dunwoody who their home look like a home and not PIE PICK UP DATES: want to get an idea what the proposed just a row of brick townhomes.” project would look like can visit GouldDHA President Robert Wittenstein Friday, Nov 20, 9:00-3:00 ing and Heatherton homes in Roswell. said he wouldn’t want the proposed deMonday, Nov 23, 9:00-4:00 Another meeting with residents is velopment gated. Tuesday, Nov 24, 9:00-4:00 planned for Nov. 18 and Adeimy will “In general, communities develop a Wednesday, Nov 25, 9:00-3:00 present again to the DHA at its Dec. more inviting appeal if all the houses 6 meeting. are not behind gates and walls,” WitSTOP BY OR PRE-ORDER: Dunwoody residents are debating tenstein said. “When you create comCall: 404-973-8760 whether or not the community should munities where everybody feels like E-mail: darden@ be gated. Members of the homeownthey have to be behind their own wall, ers association were divided Nov. 1, but what you don’t get is a sense of comAdeimy said the majority of Vernon munity.” North residents favor a gate. Adeimy said pedestrian access is the Councilman Terry Nall, who lives in developer’s goal, and Vernon North Darden’s Delights Vernon North, agreed that the majority neighbors discussed landscaping and of neighbors at the Nov. 4 meeting falayout in detail. 241 West Wieuca Rd NE #100, Atlanta, Ga 30342 vor a gated community. “The developer “We want great pedestrian access for - 404-973-8760 is targeting higher-end prices [around] residents [of the proposed townhouses] seven days without pie makes you weak... $700,000, so this market expects a gatto walk to the village,” Adeimy said. DUN | NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 25









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We Love BuHi aims to promote, protect Buford corridor

Offering a full range of adult and pediatric services, our board-certified physicians proudly offer the highest quality care to keep you and your family happy and healthy. We accept most insurance plans and offer same-day appointments and extended hours at many of our locations.


Our services include: • Physical examinations and wellness care for men, women and children • General and chronic care for geriatric patients • Immunizations • Acute illness treatment for colds, fevers, flu and more • Comprehensive women’s health services

We Love BuHi began this year as Brookhaven resident Marian Liou’s Instagram account, a photo album of her Buford Highway neighborhood. Now it’s her business, selling T-shirts, staging bike rides and advocating for immigrant communities to have a say on the rapidly changing corridor. “My mission really is encouraging the revitalization of Buford Highway… [but] in a way, reflective of diversity and that involves the community,” said Liou during a recent lunch at Havana Sandwich Shop in Brookhaven’s section of the road. “This cultural diversity is a huge asset we need to protect and promote,” she said. Otherwise, “the forces of gentrification could happen because this area is so convenient and affordable right now.” The 36-year-old attorney is taking a break from practicing law to focus on We Love BuHi. She calls it a “social enterprise”— a for-profit business, but with

Call (770) 395-1130 for an appointment 3400-A Old Milton Parkway, Suite 130, Alpharetta, GA 30005

960 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30342 07-29-15_PerimeterPediatricDentistryFinal_Layout 1 7/27/15 9:18 AM Page 1

a socially conscious mission. Its biggest event so far was Buford Highway Bikes and Bites in September, which drew 75 people pedaling 4.5 miles of the street and stopping at local restaurants. Brookhaven City Councilman Bates Mattison joined the Bikes and Bites tour. He praised We Love BuHi for highlighting local businesses and creating opportunities for collaboration—including when he found himself biking alongside a Chamblee city councilman. “Buford Highway is an absolute treasure for all three of our cities,” Mattison said. “I applaud her efforts because she’s a champion for a treasure for our community.” Liou said she enjoys exploring the hundreds of Buford Highway businesses, but We Love BuHi has some personal motivations as well. As a second-generation Chinese American from California, Liou said she recent-

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Marian Liou, founder of We Love BuHi, walks along Buford Highway in Brookhaven.

ly reconnected with her cultural heritage and wonders about passing it on to her two children. She’s now a board member of Norcross-based Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta, which works with Buford’s immigrant communities. “The future of Buford Highway is important to me because it’s my future,” Liou said. Another spark for Liou’s interest was curiosity about urban planning and the impact of pending redevelopments, such as Doraville’s former GM plant and the Peachtree Creek Greenway park. “All of this came from a question of mine. Why are there [streetscape] improvements in some areas of Buford Highway and not others?” Liou said. She didn’t realize the road runs through several jurisdictions between Buckhead and I-285 and is a state route. Recalling her reaction to the GM plant redevelopment plans, she said, “Wow, they’re going to plop down Atlantic Station in Doraville. That’s going to impact everything.” She worries about local, independent businesses competing with national chains. With Liou’s concern about gentrification, why the use of “BuHi,” the “SoHo”style abbreviation developers and brokers often use in gentrifying areas? “It’s a signifier. It means the end is near,” Liou said in joking agreement about such abbreviations.


While she’s “not a huge fan” of the “BuHi” abbreviation herself, she said, it’s easier to use on social media. In recent months, she has launched and started selling Tshirts with the slogan. She’s working on a small-scale international film festival to be held in local restaurants, and a second Bikes and Bites is the works for February. Her latest project is developing a digital map of local businesses that also could be used as physical wayfinding signs on the street. On the organizing end, Liou shows up at meetings ranging from the Cross Keys school cluster to the Greenway park, advocating for better local engagement—including in languages other than English— and bigger-picture planning. She notes, for example, that Brookhaven has an economic development plan for its piece of the corridor—which it would rebrand “Buford Boulevard”—but other cities don’t. She’d like to see the Atlanta Regional Commission create a Livable Centers Initiative study for Buford. Liou said she’s giving We Love BuHi six months to see if it’s viable. (Her work recently got her a part-time event planner job with the city of Doraville, too.) But either way, she said, change is coming to Buford. “It’s not good or bad,” she said. “It’s what kind of change do you want to see?”

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Raising The Standard of Care

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 27


Dunwoody salutes veterans at Brook Run Park Above, retired Army 1st Sgt. Derwin Cousar leads Air Force JROTC students from Dunwoody High School during the Veterans Day program at Brook Run Park.


Above, from left, Erik Alvarez, Kenden Ducree, Maria Venegas and Cindy Bibiano, members of the Dunwoody High School Air Force ROTC, presented the colors during the Veterans Day ceremony on Nov. 11.

Left, Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis welcomes veterans to the city’s program Nov. 11 in Brook Run Park.

Left, mayor-elect and retired Marine Brig. Gen. Denis Shortal, left, and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Ken Bennett thank each other for their service while attending the program.

Peachtree Gateway Partnership comes out of hiding CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Thanks to the community for another great Movies by Moonlight series! We appreciate your support throughout the successful, sometimes soggy season.

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |

in Doraville and the hopes of better marketing DeKalb-Peachtree Airport on the Brookhaven/Chamblee line. The request is all about “trying to coordinate their economic development goals,” said Dan Reuter, ARC’s manager of community development, who has led the meetings. “I think we’ve got to make ways easier for these four jurisdictions to coordinate.” ARC suggested two large, cross-jurisdictional, public-private partnerships as models. One is Partnership Gwinnett in Gwinnett County. The other is the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance, a massive effort to redevelop the area around Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Representatives of both groups have attended Peachtree Gateway meetings. So have representatives of the GM site redevelopment and PDK airport. Decision time is near, Williams said. That’s one reason she revealed the meetings, which apparently have been kept secret even from other elected officials. She said the group met three times last year and six times so far this year. The four mayors have sometimes attended, and top city staff have also. “I’m not sure the rest of the council even knew about this,” Williams said. “I’m surprised you even heard about it,” Reuter said when asked about public input. “At some point, it becomes some-

thing in the public realm,” he said. The secrecy makes it hard to know how new mayors taking office in Dunwoody and Brookhaven will respond to the details of the partnership. Dunwoody mayor-elect Denis Shortal, a former city councilman, said he knew nothing about the Peachtree Gateway meetings. “I never even heard the term,” he said. “I’m going to become involved if there is such a thing…Hopefully, come January, I will maybe be up to speed on it.” “Under my administration, when we have an opportunity to work with other jurisdictions, I’m willing to do that as long as it doesn’t negatively impact Brookhaven,” said Brookhaven mayorelect John Ernst. “I think there are a lot of common things we could do as neighbors, but my main goal is making Brookhaven as best as possible.” It also remains to be seen how cities formed partly out of a desire for local control respond to regional planning. “While it creates a lot of benefit for local control, it then creates its own geography and the need to think about your neighbors a little more,” Reuter said of the four cities. “Regionalism sometimes means 10 counties or more, and sometimes it just means talking to your neighbor. In general, we don’t want Balkanization.” DUN


Local Estate-Planning Attorney Focuses on Keeping Children Safe Jim Fletcher lives in Dunwoody with his wife Sara and their 3 daughters. After seeing what can happen when families fail to plan, he has become passionate about helping parents (like him) make sure that they have a fail-safe plan to make sure their kids are cared for by the right people, and provided for financially, if tragedy strikes. Jim also founded the “Kids Protection Center” to help educate parents about ways to keep their children safe.

Dunwoody Attorney Jim Fletcher

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From left, Cpl. Tom Martin, Maj. Donald Chase, Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandura and Detective Jeffery Gant update a neighborhood watch group about crime in their area.

Advertisement by Jim Fletcher 8565 Dunwoody Pl Bldg 15 Ste B Atlanta GA 30338

Knock, knock: Where’s your permit?



Anyone knocking on your door to sell you something needs a permit. “Everybody needs a permit – even Girl Scouts,” Atlanta police Maj. Van Hobbs said. “Any door-to-door solicitation must be permitted through the city.” Hobbs, who works in the Atlanta Police Department’s Zone 2, which covers Buckhead, said any homeowner suspicious of a person on the property or in the neighborhood should call police. Officers in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and Brookhaven agree. Recently, homeowners in Buckhead and Brookhaven have expressed concerns publicly about salespeople knocking on doors. Some believed a group that presented themselves as magazine sales representatives were, in fact, crooks who were trying to case homes for potential burglaries. One Buckhead resident said a purported salesperson stood on her doorstep for 10 minutes trying to get into her home and wouldn’t leave when asked. Hobbs said suspicious homeowners should call 911 to ask for police help when dealing with strange solicitors. “We’ll come out and check and investigate and then tell them to move on,” Hobbs said. Permits usually are not required for charitable or political groups, police said. Sandy Springs’ City Code says the requirement for permits also does not apply to officers or employees of the city, county, state, or federal government who are on official business. A person convicted of soliciting without a permit in Sandy Springs faces a $1,000 fine, up to six months in jail or “confinement at labor” for up to DUN

30 days. In Sandy Springs, two people were arrested in 2015 for soliciting without a permit, one in January and one in March. One went to jail and the other was given a ticket. Dunwoody officers arrested three people through October for soliciting without a permit. In Brookhaven, “normally, solicitors are identified and given either a verbal or written warning,” Brookhaven Officer Carlos Nino said. “If we encounter them a second time then the officer may use discretion and cite them and book them at the DeKalb County Jail.” Police say that, for the most part, posting “no soliciting” signs around a neighborhood doesn’t help all that much, as long as the solicitor has a permit. “We have no stats on how effective ‘no solicitation’ signs are,” said Sgt. Ron Momon, spokesman for Sandy Springs. “If they have a valid permit, the ‘no solicitation’ signs don’t apply. They are not bound by the signs as long as they have a valid city permit. They would not be in violation and therefore not cited.” Brookhaven residents called a neighborhood meeting in September because they feared magazine salespeople were covering for thieves. But Brookhaven Det. Jeffery Gant, who attended the meeting, said he investigated and found no connection. “Burglars have a pretty efficient method of operation,” Gant said. “That’s why they occur so often all over the United States. Recruiting another individual to dress up in nice clothes and pretend to sell magazines just isn’t necessary to carry out a burglary that only takes about two to four minutes.”

Westin Perimeter 7:00 PM


Band X

Silent Auction

Tasting the City One Bite at a Time |

NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 29


Dunwoody Police Blotter From police reports dated Oct. 23 to Nov. 5 The following information was pulled from Dunwoody’s Police-to-Citizen Portal Event Search website and is presumed to be accurate.

BURGLA RY  4600

block of Chamblee-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 29, burglary was reported at a residence.

 4300

block of North Peachtree Road— On Oct. 31, burglary was reported.

 8300

block of Perimeter Lofts Circle— On Nov. 4, burglary was reported.

 9100

block of Perimeter Lofts Circle— On Nov. 4, burglary was reported.

 11,000

block of Perimeter Trace—On Nov. 4, burglary was reported.

 10,000

block of Perimeter Trace—On Nov. 4, burglary was reported.

 4500

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road—On Nov. 5, burglary was reported.

A U TO THE FT  2300

block of Dunwoody Crossing— On Oct. 26, motor vehicle theft was reported.


was reported.

made for shoplifting.

 6600

2400 block of Dunwoody Crossing—On Oct. 26, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported; On Oct. 29, larceny was reported.

 2500 block of Briers North Drive—On

block of Peachtree-Industrial Boulevard—On Nov. 5, theft of a motor vehicle was reported.

THEFT/LAR C EN Y block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road— On Oct. 25, 28, 29, Nov. 1, arrests were made for shoplifting; On Nov. 3, an arrest was made for larceny from a building.

 4300

 4400

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 23, 24, 28 and Nov. 5, shoplifting and/or larceny was reported and/or arrests were made; On Oct. 26, a larceny by purse-snatching was reported.

 4500

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 28, theft of articles from a vehicle was reported.

 1100

block of Hammond Drive—On Oct. 26, arrests were made for shoplifting; On Oct. 29, shoplifting was reported.

 4700

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, Nov. 1, 2, 3 and 4, reports and/or arrests were made for shoplifting.

 4700

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 27, a stolen auto was recovered.

 4500

 6300

 1400

block of Madison Drive—On Nov. 4, an arrest was made for theft of

1300 block of Witham Drive—On Oct. 27, larceny was reported.

block of Chamblee-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 26, larceny from a building was reported. block of Wickenby Court—On Oct. 26, theft of articles from a vehicle

 2400

Oct. 28, larceny was reported.

 2600 block of Briers North Drive—On

Oct. 28, larceny was reported.

 1700

block of Kellogg Springs Drive— On Oct. 28, theft of articles from a vehicle was reported.

 100

block of Perimeter Center Place— On Oct. 30, arrests were made for shoplifting; On Nov. 4, larceny was reported.

block of Mount Vernon Road— On Oct. 27, theft of articles from a Read more of the vehicle was reportPolice Blotter online at ed.

 100

block of Azalea Garden Drive—On Oct. 27, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported.

 1100

block of Charleston Place—On Oct. 27, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported.

 2300

block of Peachford Road—On Oct. 27, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported.

 100

block of Perimeter Center Place— On Oct. 27, theft of articles from a vehicle was reported.

 4400

block of Pineridge Circle—On Oct. 28, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported.

 100

block of Perimeter Center West— On Oct. 28, an arrest was made for shoplifting; On Nov. 4, three arrests were


5500 block of Oxford Chase Way—On Oct. 30, theft of articles from a vehicle was

 300 block of Perimeter Center North—

On Nov. 2, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported.

 1200

block of Hammond Drive—On Nov. 2, larceny was reported.

 2100

block of Asbury Square—On Nov. 4, theft of parts from a vehicle was reported.

A S S A U LT  4300

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road—On Oct. 26, harassing communications were reported; On Nov. 3, simple battery was reported.

 5000

block of Vernon Oaks Drive— On Oct. 28, aggravated stalking was reported and an arrest was made.

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NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 | 31

T N A I G Y A T S ! A T N A L AT



GO TO FACEBOOK.COM/BRAWNY FOR MORE DETAILS ©2015 Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP. All rights reserved. Brawny, The Brawny Man image, Flextech emboss, Strength to Take On Tough Messes and Georgia-Pacific logo are trademarks owned by or licensed to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP. *vs. comparable paper towel roll and sheet size Bounty is a trademark of Procter & Gamble



NOV., 13 – NOV. 26, 2015 |



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