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Little-known vet memorials | 8

Brook Run Park plan draws praise BY DYANA BAGBY dyanabagby@reporternewspapers.net

Daphne Bertholf, right, pours Bill Driscoll a beer at the Tap Into Georgia Beer Festival on May 20 at Brook Run Park. Festival-goers sampled dozens of Georgia-made beers, wines, meads and ciders at the festival.

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OUT & ABOUT Lantern Parade will light up the Hooch Page 16

From documentaries on diversity and inclusion to community partnerships on autism awareness, GPB is an educational lifeline to millions of Georgia students, teachers and residents. JAN PAUL

Chairperson, Georgia Public Broadcasting

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See Commentary, Page 14

Brook Run Park’s preliminary master plan recently was unveiled and includes a host of new amenities. They include two multiuse athletic fields; new basketball and tennis courts in the general location of the site of the former theater building; an arboretum near the Skate Park; and a disc golf course in the wooded area in the back of the park. The plan also includes suggestions for building a band shell in the “great lawn” area and proposals to relocate the memorial plaza that links to the great lawn, add new connector trails, and create a new entrance on Barclay Drive. About 20 people gathered at City Hall on May 16 to look over the plans from JB+A. Many said they were pleased overall with the design. “This is really beautiful,” Erika Harris said. “I walk there nearly every day ... I live near the park and I like this. It’s really thoughtful and nice.” Plans are for representatives of JB+A See BROOK on page 13

Backyard chickens can flock to town BY DYANA BAGBY dyanabagby@reporternewspapers.net

Backyard chickens soon may be flocking to Dunwoody. The City Council voted 6-1 at its May 22 meeting to allow residents to raise chickens at their homes, after a “pro-chicken” charge lead by two local Girl Scouts. The approval overcame some opponents who called chickens a filthy fad. The ordinance brings the city in line with surrounding municipalities, and sweeps aside a 2010 vote in which the council voted 4-3 against allowing backyard chickens. That vote seven years ago See BACKYARD on page 15

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DeKalb Schools say trailers are properly permitted

www.ict.edu | Campuses in Chamblee, Morrow and Gainesville

The number of portable classrooms, or trailers, at schools located in Dunwoody and whether they receive certificates of occupancy from the city is still, well, up in the air. Joshua Williams, chief operations officer of the DeKalb County School District, said in a recent interview there are 34 portable classrooms currently at Dunwoody schools, totaling 55 classrooms. But a look over the 2016-2017 enrollment report posted on the school district’s website shows that total number to be 49. The website lists the following numbers: Austin Elementary – 6; Chesnut Elementary – 3; Dunwoody Elementary – 3; Kingsley Elementary – 5; Vanderlyn Elementary – 11; Peachtree Charter Middle School – 16; Dunwoody High School – 5. The school system did not respond to a request for a further breakdown of the number of trailers at each school in the city in time for the information to be included in this article. Williams said DeKalb Schools has also always obtained certificates of occupancy from the city of Dunwoody for its trailers despite questions raised by DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester in recent months. “I couldn’t answer that question,” Williams said when asked why people say the school system is not obtaining certificates of occupancy. “I do know the school district has always been working with the city and we make sure we go through the formal permit process,” he said. “We do this also with the DeKalb Fire Marshal’s Office.” An open records request filed with the city of Dunwoody shows the city issued a certificate of occupancy for trailers at Vanderlyn Elementary on Aug. 10, 2009; for trailers at Kingsley Elementary on Oct. 27, 2009, Oct. 19, 2011, and Aug. 9, 2013; at Dunwoody Elementary School on Aug. 5, 2009; at Chesnut Elementary School on Oct. 7, 2009; at Austin Elementary on Aug. 2, 2010, and Oct. 28, 2011. This year, certificates of occupancy have been issued by the city to DeKalb schools for trailers at Chesnut Elementary on May 15; and at Dunwoody Elementary on May 15. City records to date show no certificates of occupancy for the middle school or high school. But Williams insisted the schools have received the proper permits from the city, including certificates of occupancy for trailers, since 2009. “We are committed to students and we continue to have a collaborative relationship with the city,” he said. “I guess my point is we have submitted for permits ... for a number of years,” he said. On May 8, City Council approved a memorandum of understanding that clarifies the process for the school system to apply for proper permitting from the city for new facilities and trailers. The memorandum says the county fire marshal will inspect and certify fire code compliance in trailers and buildings; the city will review land disturbance permits; an engineer hired by DeKalb Schools will design, inspect and certify construction permitting compliance; and the city will issue certificates of occupancy after all other steps are completed successfully. At the May 8 meeting, the city’s attorney and city manager said the city had not been issuing certificates of occupancy to the school system for the trailers for several years. City Attorney Bill Riley also told the council it was not up to the city to make DeKalb Schools apply for proper permitting from the city, but rather that responsibility lies with the Georgia Board of Education. Pat Schofill, director of Facilities Services & Pupil Transportation with the state board of education, said Riley was wrong and the city is ultimately responsible for enforcing its codes. Riley then said through a city spokesperson regardless of what has been said and who is supposed to do what, the May 8 memorandum ensures the process is now followed correctly. Williams said the memorandum was simply a continuation of a “strategic partnership” with the city. “The city will certainly be responsible for issuing permits and certificates of occupancy,” he said, and required inspections will continue to be done by the county fire marshal. “This is not a new thing,” he said. “This process has been done a number of years and with other local cities. [The memorandum] is an added value to streamlining our process.” DUN

MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

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Summer paving includes fixing previous work

 


The city is currently withholding a $225,000 payment to Kemi Construction until it repairs cracks on Chamblee-DunSummertime means summer paving – woody Road. DeKalb County also installed and repaving, as some previous years’ maa new water line on that stretch of road, and jor work is already in need of repair. it is having the same kinds of problems that City Council approved spending nearare happening on Mount Vernon, Smith said. The real issue with both roads is with the backfill used the fill the trenches where the water mains were installed – not the actual paving itself, Smith said. Kemi Construction agreed to repair the road at its own cost because the defects occurred within the two-year warranty period. However, DYANA BAGBY the company is not movMichael Smith, wearing the longsleeve shirt, checks out neighborhood paving in the ing fast enough for City Dunwoody Highlands neighborhood. Council members and staff – and motorists. The ly $4 million this year to pave 11.7 miles company must dig out the defective backof roads starting this month. But previous fill, put new material in the trench, and paving is causing serious concern for some then repave the road. There is no clear date residents who regularly travel on the main when the company will finish, Smith said. thoroughfares of Chamblee-Dunwoody “We’re applying as much pressure and Mount Vernon roads. as we can,” he said. “We’ve been disapAlessandro Salvo, owner of GS Conpointed so far.” struction, and the city are currently Kemi Construction, which declined battling it out over who should pay to comment, was selected for the project repair a stretch of Mount Vernon Road because it submitted the lowest bid. that was paved in 2015. The road is State law mandates city governments cracked and sinking. award public works contracts to the Salvo said his company was contractlowest bidders, Smith said. ed by the city to do the paving after it reWhen it comes to paving major corriplaced a water main along the road for dors, Smith said crews are typically directDeKalb County. He said the city and county ed to work during non-peak hours from 9 told him to fill the trench dug for the water a.m. to 4 p.m. and at night, when traffic is main with loose rock rather than solid dirt. lighter. A lane will also have to be closed. “We protested ... I’ve never seen it done A major road can’t be simply shut down to like that before,” Salvo said. “It was like betry to finish the paving as soon as possible ing in a movie.” because there are no good detours, other That loose rock is like a liquid underthan through residential neighborhoods. neath the road and will constantly be movAnother factor that slows paving is the ing, affecting the road, Salvo explained. He number of utilities in the right-of-way, eisaid he didn’t think the road was unsafe, ther underground or on poles, Smith said. but it does need to be repaired. And to reWith the onset of fiber optics, there are pair it, the road needs to be completely dug sometimes as many as 10 different comup and the backfill replaced, he said. panies that need to be contacted and then Dunwoody Public Works Director Mithose companies need to relocate their utilchael Smith said the city had an intergovity to make way for road work, he said. ernmental agreement with DeKalb County And the process can be lengthy. for the project and the county was respon“And it’s one of those things comsible for determining to backfill the trench ing out of their pockets. It’s not enhancbecause it was the county’s project to reing their service, so sometimes it’s not place the water main. the highest priority for them to move,” Salvo said his contract is with the city. Smith said. Relocating utilities at the “It’s the city’s road. Shouldn’t the city dicTilly Mill Road and North Peachtree tate how it is used?” Road intersection took about eight “The argument will end up being bemonths, for example, Smith said. tween the county and the city,” Salvo “We do west we can to minimize said. “But I’m not going to cave. They impact and we really try to make it as caused the problem.” painless as possible,” Smith said. “But DeKalb County did not respond to a resometimes it’s unavoidable. We ask quest for comment. people for their patience.” dyanabagby@reporternewspapers.net


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Perimeter Business A monthly section focusing on business in the Reporter Newspapers communities

New law is a boost to local beer and whiskey crafters BY EVELYN ANDREWS evelyn@reporternewspapers.net

An expanding Buckhead distillery and a new Sandy Springs brewery opening later this year are looking forward to growth brought on by a new Georgia law signed by Gov. Nathan Deal on May 2. The new law allows breweries to sell beer or spirits directly to visitors instead of making them purchase a tour and giving them the drinks for free. Visitors can now also buy a case of 24 12-ounce bottles or cans or three 750-milliliter bottles of spirits to take with them. Buckhead-based American Spirit Whiskey announced May 10 it will open a second location in a development on the corner of Lee and White Streets in Atlanta’s West End neighborhood, joining two brewers, Monday Night Brewing and Wild Heaven.

Pontoon Brewing will open its first location in Sandy Springs at 8601 Dunwoody Place on Sept. 1, which is also the date the new law will take effect. Pontoon has been making beer in partnership with breweries in other states for two years, but this will be their first brewery. The recently passed law is already spurring discussion about future expansions among the owners, Sean O’Keefe, one of the four owners, said. They are also making adjustments to their site plans, enlarging their taproom to make more room for seating in response to the new law. When they began brewing two years ago, O’Keefe said they never imagined Georgia would pass this law, and they were advised by others in the industry to focus on tours. With the new law in place, they’re anticipating growing more quickly, O’Keefe

said, adding jobs and paying more taxes to Sandy Springs, a location they chose because they had a good relationship with the city. Before the law was passed, the owners worked with the city to write Sandy Spring’s ordinance so it could be passed as soon as Deal signed the state legislation. SPECIAL ASW Distillery, which From left, Pontoon Brewing co-owners Marcus is located in Armour Powers and Sean O’Keefe pose with Chris Irby and Yards near Sweetwater Wesley Budd, agents who helped them find the Brewing Company, anSandy Springs location for their first brewery. nounced its expansion for six month to two years, Jim Chasteen, days after Deal signed the legislation. one of the founders, said, and they anticiThe distillery was running out of room to store whiskey barrels, as they have to age Continued on page 6

On June 20th, vote

Jon Ossoff for Congress. Washington should be accountable to you.




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MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Perimeter Business | 5



Fabulous Listings



Debbie Benedit has been operating Havana for 41 years and says those who eat in her restaurant are not customers but are friends.

Cuban sandwich shop mixes tastiness with tenacity BY DYANA BAGBY dyanabagby@reporternewspapers.net

When the I-85 bridge collapsed, Debbie Benedit feared her renowned Havana Sandwich Shop on Buford Highway would suffer. Many of her customers came from Midtown and Buckhead for Cuban sandwiches or picadillo and cheese empanadas and she worried they wouldn’t want to brave a traffic nightmare for a meal. “But actually our business increased,” she said, while seated in the rustic building which is readily seen from the busy road, thanks to its bright yellow paint with palm trees. “Everyone on this end [of Buford Highway] was staying over here,” she said. Now that the bridge has reopened, her Midtown, Cheshire Bridge Road, Lenox Road and Virginia-Highland cus-

tomers are returning as well. “My sales are exceeding expectations,” she said. The road to her success was also filled with major obstacles, however. Debbie owns the sandwich shop at 2905 Buford Highway with her son, Eddie Benedit Jr. The building is the site of the original Havana restaurant opened in 1976 by Guido Benedit, her late father-in-law. Using Guido’s recipes from his homeland, the restaurant quickly became a destination for those searching for authentic Cuban cuisine. The entire Benedit family worked at the restaurant before some went their separate ways. In 1996, Guido retired and left the business to Debbie and her late husband, Eddie Sr. He died in 2001, but Debbie kept the restaurant open. Also Continued on page 7

from the Sandy Springs Office G LISTIN NEW

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New law is a boost to local beer and whiskey crafters Continued from page 4 pate more sales and visitors after the law takes effect. ASW plans to use its new location, which will open in nine months to a year, for storage and a tasting room, but it depends on what permits they are able to get from the city, Chasteen said. The company chose the West End to fulfill its need for more storage space because the owners were convinced by longtime friends at Wild Heaven and Monday Night Brewing to join them in the Lee + White development. “The craft brewing and distilling industries have become really close with each other in the past couple of years, especially with all the progress that’s been made,” Chasteen said. “We’ve become really good friends with a lot of the breweries in town.” The tour system was especially difficult for ASW because many guests are from different states due to a wedding venue located adjacent to them, and Chasteen expects tourists would be more likely to come in to buy a bottle than they would to purchase a tour.

Often people who come in to buy a bottle are turned off or confused when they hear they have to buy a tour, he said. “They’ve never heard of this Georgia legislation. All they hear is ‘I can’t buy a bottle’,” Chasteen said. Tourists also often wanted to buy gifts for others, but they could only buy one bottle, and since they are from a different state, it’s likely ASW would never see that guest again, Chasteen said. “It’s worth it if you drive here from South Carolina now,” he said. “Before, it was difficult to fully take advantage of tourism business.” Chasteen said he and others at ASW, along with other breweries, distributors and retailers, have been working for three years on getting legislation through the Georgia General Assembly, and, in the past 18 months, the different parties have worked together to find common ground. “This has been an intense 18 months of back and forth and compromise between all the parties,” he said. “It certainly took a lot of time, but I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to work with all parties in a good faith way.”

PCIDs name new executive director BY JOHN RUCH

start work in June, her appointment still needs to be formally approved by the group’s boards of directors. The Perimeter Cen“We have been very ter Community Imfavorably impressed provement Districts with the depth, expehave named a new rience and caliber of staff leader, eight the talent pool intermonths after longtime ested in leading our president and CEO two CIDs,” said a joint Yvonne Williams’ surstatement from PCIDs prise resignation. board chairs Diane Ann Hanlon, execuCalloway and John tive director of the AlHeagy. “We believe it pharetta-based North takes a rather broad Fulton Community set of skills to succeed Improvement District, in this business, and has been chosen to we are thrilled to have take the PCIDs’ reins. SPECIAL Ms. Hanlon joining us Ann Hanlon Hanlon also serves after such an impreson the board of two sive run at the North Fulton CID.” organizations important to Perimeter The PCIDs are two separate but jointCenter: the Georgia Regional Transporly operated self-taxing business districts tation Authority, which runs the GRTA in Perimeter Center, with one CID in the Xpress commuter buses; and the CounDeKalb County portion of the area and cil for Quality Growth, a Sandy Springsone in the Fulton County portion. based advocacy group for real estate deThe PCIDs’ work includes planning and velopers, where she is the treasurer. funding major roadway and streetscape Hanlon, a Dunwoody resident, would projects. It provided some of the political have the “executive director” title at the leverage for Gov. Nathan Deal to fast-track PCIDs. While the PCIDs have announced the I-285/Ga. 400 interchange reconstrucHanlon’s hiring and said she likely will tion project that is just getting started. The North Fulton CID is a similar organization operating in the cities of Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell. Hanlon has worked at the North Fulton CID since 2005 and served as its chief operating officer. She previously worked at the PCIDs from 2003 to 2005 as a project manager. Hanlon has worked at the Atlanta Regional Commission as a senior program analyst; on the staff of former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland; and at the Georgia Department of Labor. She also serves on the North Fulton Poverty Task Force and chaired the DeKalb County Charter Commission in 2016. She has a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s in public administration from Georgia State University. She is a native of Waycross, Ga. Williams resigned from leading the PCIDs in September 2016 after 17 years at the helm, citing a desire to spend more Visit us today to learn how you may qualify for up to time with her family. Hanlon was hired via an executive search firm, the PCIDs said. johnruch@reporternewspapers.net

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niorLIFE.co Vol. 1 No. 2 | AtlantaSe

MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Perimeter Business | 7



Havana on Buford Highway is easy to see with its bright yellow paint and palm trees.

Cuban sandwich shop mixes tastiness with tenacity Continued from page 5 in 2001, her husband’s brother, Guido Jr., sued her after learning he wasn’t listed as a manager in the business. Tensions flared. In 2008, the building at 2905 Buford Highway was damaged by fire. In 2009, Eddie Sr.’s other brother, Willie, wanted to open a new Havana restaurant, built on the reputation of the old. Debbie operated a restaurant for a short time in Canton, where she lives, but closed it in 2009. She missed the allure of Buford Highway and planned to reopen Havana that same year in a new location on Clairmont Road, just a stone’s throw from the original. But confusion arose over which Havana restaurant was the real one and Willie and Debbie ended up in a legal battle over who was the true owner of the restaurant’s name. Eventually she won the right to the Havana Restaurant name and for the past eight years has operated her business, welcoming hungry customers on Clairmont Road from throughout metro Atlanta. But court battles with family took

a toll and the pain remains. Debbie acknowledged she hasn’t seen Willie or Guido for years. “The family was torn apart by different ideas,” she said. “I wish them the best. I did the time, put in the blood, sweat and tears. ... It didn’t have to be that way.” She took her energy and focused it on food. The Havana at the Clairmont location used the same Benedit family recipes and became as popular as the original. Then, in 2015, Debbie was driving on Buford Highway when she saw a familiar sight. The dilapidated building where Havana first opened its doors in 1976 was available. She jumped at the chance to open a second Havana at what some may consider a historical location. “This building is the same as it was 50 years ago. We just put a new coat of paint on it and cleaned it up some,” she said. In April, she and her son decided to close the Clairmont location. “I’ve been doing this 41 years and I’m slowing it down,” she said. “Eddie will continue on. I feel like I’ve come full circle. I’m just glad to be back here. ... This truly was a family business, and it still is.”

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The Marist School’s memorial to alumni killed or lost during military service.

Little-known memorials honor fallen service members BY JOHN RUCH johnruch@reporternewspapers.net



While Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, it’s officially a time to remember military service members who died in the line of duty. Little-known memorials scattered around Perimeter Center and Buckhead put those memories close at hand. The Veterans Memorial in Dunwoody’s Brook Run Park is perhaps the most popular local place for reflection. But many small memorials stand in office parks, landscaping and malls around the area. Many were placed over the past 20 years by the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association and honor service members killed in that war. “To those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected never know,” reads a motto on many of the group’s granite memorial markers. The group no longer erects the memorials, shifting its focus to scholarships for veterans, said president Dan Holtz. Some of the memorials are easy to find, like the flag-ringed marker between the King and Queen skyscrapers at the Concourse Center on Sandy Springs’ Concourse Parkway. That memorial hon-

Medical Associates

Welcome Dr. Michael Crowe! Peachtree Dunwoody Medical Associates is proud to welcome Dr. Michael Crowe, a boardcertified gynecologist with over three decades of experience practicing in the Atlanta area. Dr.

ors Army Pfc. Joel C. Roper, a “citizen soldier” and Bronze Star recipient killed in action in Vietnam in 1969. The city of Sandy Springs holds its annual Veterans Day ceremony there. Some are nearly hidden, like the memorial to Army 1st Lt. William Ellis Gay Jr., who was killed in Cambodia in 1970. That marker is tucked amid shrubbery behind benches in the entryway of the Shepherd Center on Peachtree Road in Buckhead. Gay was a graduate of Brookhaven’s Marist School, whose Ashford-Dunwoody Road campus has two memorials. One honors the 44 Marist alumni from World War I onward who have been killed in action, declared missing in action or taken as prisoners of war. Another Marist campus memorial tells the remarkable story of one of those alumni, Air Force Maj. John L. Carroll, who was shot down over Laos while flying a small airplane as part of the Ravens, a CIA-led operation that helped to direct a secret bombing campaign. Carroll crashed on the Plain of Jars, an ancient site where the landscape is covered in large, mysterious stone containers. “Faced with a choice between the despair of surrender and the prospect of survival, despite being confronted with

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Call 404-497-1020 for an appointment! 875 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30342 PeachtreeDunwoodyMed.com The memorial to U.S. Army 1st Lt. William Ellis Gay Jr. is hard to find at the Shepherd Center.

MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Community | 9

www.ReporterNewspapers.net overwhelming force, Maj. Carroll elected to fight,” the memorial reads. “Armed only with small arms and grenades, Maj. Carroll held off two enemy companies in an attempt to allow aircraft to effect his rescue. Despite serious wounds, he

fought with tenacity and bravery until he was killed.” He was declared missing in action until 2007, when his body was finally recovered and returned to the U.S.

S O M E O THER LO C A L M EM O R I A L S HO NO R THES E S ERV IC E M EM B ER S : Lance Cpl. Russell M. Dobyns Jr., Marine Corps Chastain Park 140 West Wieuca Road, Buckhead CWO George T. Condrey III, Army Lenox Towers 3400 Peachtree Rd N.E., Buckhead

Left: Flags mark the memorial to U.S. Army Pfc. Joel C. Roper at the Concourse Center. Right: Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Russell M. Dobyns Jr. is remembered on a memorial in Buckhead’s Chastain Park.

All Atlantans who lost their lives in Southeast Asia Atlanta History Center 130 West Paces Ferry Road, Buckhead Capt. Julius Patrick Yaeger, Air Force Peachtree and Lenox roads, Buckhead Maj. William H. Seward, Marine Corps Perimeter Place 4540 Olde Perimeter Way, Dunwoody

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6th District Congressional race heats up with local events


BY DYANA BAGBY dyanabagby@reporternewspapers.net



The high-profile race for the 6th Congressional District heated up with local appearances by the candidates as the June 20 runoff quickly approaches. Karen Handel, 55, a former Georgia secretary of state and chair of the Fulton County Commission, is hoping to

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Jon Ossoff.

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Near Mt. Vernon and Gelnridge Drive intersection

690 Mount Vernon Hwy. NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 | 404-843-8857 | InsigniaofSandySprings.com

win the seat long held by a Republican, while Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former Congressional aide making his first bid for public office, is yearning to “flip the 6th” to a Democratic district. U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan attended a May 15 rally for Handel at a Dunwoody hotel, while both candidates spoke at a May 21 meeting of the Jewish War Veterans in Dunwoody. The two have agreed to participate in a June 6 debate to be broadcast live on WSB-TV from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Handel is hoping appearances by Republican heavy hitters, such as Vice President Mike Pence next month and Ryan earlier this month, will benefit her at the polls. Ossoff’s campaign appears to be relying on an aggressive ground game with lots of canvassing and opening new field offices in Johns Creek and Tucker in recent days to put them over the top. Both are defining their differences to voters, including during the Jewish War Veterans meeting, held at the Berman Commons assisted living facility in Dunwoody, where they spoke on Israel, foreign policy and veterans’ issues. Ossoff, now CEO of Insight TWI: The World Investigates, an international media company specializing in anti-corruption investigations, said the country needs “fresh leadership” in Congress because the tone of today’s leadership is “dangerous and divisive.” Ossoff noted that both his grandfathers – one in Australia and the other in the U.S. – fought in World War II and their dedication to public service was something he aspired to as well. “That tradition of service in my family is something I’m proud of and something I seek to live up to in my life,” Ossoff said. “That commitment to public good … is inspiring … and I think both my grandfathers would be disgusted by the tone in politics today.” In addressing national defense, Ossoff said it is important to not forget the millions of lives at stake in armed conflict. “There is a real human consequence here. It is not a game,” he said. “Career politicians forget we are talking about real human lives.” He called the Islamic State, also


MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Community | 11



Karen Handel.

known as ISIS, a “reprehensible organization” and said only its complete destruction is acceptable. Ossoff said he would support air power and limited special operations in defeating ISIS. He also said he would oppose any proposal to increase the deployment of ground troops into the Middle East. Ossoff expressed his strong support of NATO and called for a complete and transparent investigation into Russian interference in the American election, saying the issue was “above partisanship.” He also called for redoubling the U.S. commitment to Israel and work to ensure Israel has a military edge against multiple hostile groups, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. When asked about his support of former President Obama’s Iran deal, Ossoff said the purpose of the agreement is to restrict uranium enrichment by Iran. “The monitoring of compliance should be strict and uncompromising. If Iran violates [the agreement], sanctions should snap back immediately that truly punishes Iran’s economy,” he said. In her comments, Handel went after the Affordable Care Act, said it was “collapsing” and praised the House Republican’s recently passed bill to repeal it. She acknowledged the House bill was “not perfect” but part of a process and was better than letting the system collapse. She also promised to work on simplifying the tax code and “job killing regulations.” When it comes to national defense, Handel said she would vote in favor of the Taylor Force Act, a bill that would stop the U.S. from funding the Palestinian government if it continues to pay salaries and benefits to families of terrorists who kill Americans and Jews in Israel. She also denounced the Iran nuclear deal, calling it “unconscionable” and a failure to stand with U.S. ally Israel. At the May 15 rally with Ryan, Handel continued the line Republicans are taking in the race — that Ossoff is “hand-picked” by U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and that his campaign is funded by California DUN


liberals. “We are not going to let Nancy Pelosi and her hand-picked candidate steal this seat from Republicans,” Handel said. Handel poked at Ossoff’s “flimsy, inflated resume” and contrasted that with her political experience. “Talk is cheap, and I’m not about talk,” she said. Ryan told the crowd at the rally that voters in the June 20 election, which many see as a referendum on President Donald Trump, should keep a Republican in the House. “The stakes are as high as they ever could be,” Ryan said. “You have a big responsibility.”

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Community Briefs


WEEKEND 2-day weekend pass now for just $10.50.

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Early voting in the city for the 6th Congressional District seat is being relocated from its traditional location at the Dunwoody Library to Dunwoody United Methodist Church, located at 1548 Mount Vernon Road. The move was made after questions were raised by Sen. Fran Millar (R-Dunwoody) when it was first announced residents could only vote at the library for one week, rather than the three weeks offered to voters in Brookhaven, Chamblee and Tucker. “The Board of Registration & Elections wanted to have locations and hours that were the same throughout the district, but the Library was not available for the full three weeks,” Maxine Daniels, director of DeKalb County Registration & Elections, said in a statement. “Fran Millar was kind enough to secure his church for the full three weeks, allowing us to offer the same opportunity to the Dunwoody voters as the other areas. The department was able to do this without a board meeting since this was not a policy change.” Daniels added the cost to the county to rent the church for early voting is “virtually free.” Early voting begins May 30. Locations are: • Main Location: Registration and Elections Office, 4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300, Decatur, GA 30032. • Brookhaven: Briarwood Recreation Center, 2235 Briarwood Way, N.E., Brookhaven, GA 30319. • Chamblee: North DeKalb Senior Center, 3393 Malone Drive, Chamblee, GA 30341. • Dunwoody: Dunwoody Methodist Church, 1548 Mount Vernon Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338. • Tucker: Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 LaVista Road, Tucker, GA 30084 All locations will be open weekdays May 30 through June 16, and Saturday, June 10. Voting hours for Monday through Friday are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Voting hours Saturday, June 10, are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be no voting on Saturday, June 17, or Monday, June 19. On Election Day, June 20, voters report to their polling places between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


The Georgia Department of Transportation will host a public information open house June 1 about commuter trail networks in the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts. The open house will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 1000 Abernathy Road N.E., 400 Northpark – 3rd Floor Georgia Conference Room. The project proposes to develop separated pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the west side of Ashford-Dunwoody Road between Hammond Drive and Perimeter Center West in the city of Dunwoody and along the west side of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road between Hammond Drive and Central Parkway in the city of Sandy Springs.





404-848-5000 | www.itsmarta.com/Weekend



4969 Roswell Road, NE, Suite #245, Sandy Springs, GA 30342 p.404-250-8988 www.ciboatlanta.com DUN

MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Community | 13


Brook Run Park plan draws praise Continued from page 1 formally to present the city’s comprehensive park plan, including the Brook Run Park plans, at the council’s June 12 meeting. At that time, cost estimates will be made available. City spokesperson Bob Mullen said of the $4 million the city received from DeKalb County in the bond settlement case, the city spent $3.3 million on the construction of Pernoshal Park. “Of the remaining money, $500,000 is reserved for the Master Plan Update process and $200,000 is earmarked for the great lawn at Brook Run Park,” Mullen said. “Any residual funds after the master planning process can be spent on other plans or amenities within all city parks.” Brook Run Park plans also include two new parking areas – 130 spaces where the new multi-use athletic fields are proposed and 123 spaces in a lot between the proposed arboretum and great lawn. Steve Provost, vice president and head of park planning at JB+A, said a ballpark figure for what is being recommended could run from $5 million to $10 million. At the June 12 meeting, cost estimates will be provided and then council members can determine the priorities. Brent Walker, director of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, said such details as to what, if any, lighting will go on the proposed multi-use fields has yet to be determined. There also has been no decision on whether the fields will have artificial turf. The fields would be good for such sports as soccer, football and lacrosse. A restroom facility and small playground would also go near the two fields. Should the new fields get built in Brook Run Park, the city would consider expanding the youth soccer program sponsored by the Chiefs Futbol Club that now operates at Pernoshal Park, Walker said. Otherwise, the fields would remain open to the public. There are no city plans to offer any kind of programming at the tennis or basketball courts, he said. Councilmember Terry Nall praised the relocation of Veterans Memorial to make it more centralized in the park. Councilmember Doug Thompson said he was pleased the plans include what many citizens were asking for. “I’m happy with the concept. It captured the major plans the citizens came up with and addressed major sports field in back. It also left many other passive areas,” he said. “There is something in that park for all the citizens.” DUN


A concept plan for Brook Run Park includes athletic fields in the back and new basketball and tennis courts.

Congratulations Davis Academy Class of 2017! Andrew Altmann Matthew Aronin Isabella Baker Danielle Barnard Talia Barras Samuel Baylin Ethan Ben-Moshe Jared Berenthal Emma Bernath Nicole Cobb Derek Coffsky Rachel Cohen Jordan Crim Elena Dollinger

Evan Elster Jordy Elster Rami Fabian Madeline Fellner Lily Fleischmann Jacob Frank Halli Friedman Jake Friedman Ashley Glass Kurt Holland Will Hopkins Ziv Ilan Charlie Janko Lucas Jannett

Grace Kirschner Peter Klafter Bryan Kopkin Alana Kramer Halle Kwatnez Gabriela Lefkovits Leora Lewis Jordan Liban Max London Tyler McMahon Grant Miller Samantha Miller Eli Minsk Jacob Moradi

Caroline Morrison Zachary Nadel Felicity Negin Adam Orlow Oren Panovka Jake Powers Dorothy Ripps Darren Rosing Zachary Rosing Grace Ross Hailey Rubin Stephen Rusnak Seth Shapiro Eric Shindell

8105 Roberts Drive, Atlanta, GA 30350 | 770-671-0085 | davisacademy.org

Abigail Shrubstok Kyra Solovei Logan Spector Adam Spitzler Lilian Stadler Jordan Starr Logan Sucan Paige Swygert Emma Tessler Evan Tessler Nathan West Nicholas West Ethan Wolfson Melanie Zeewy

14 | Commentary

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Commentary/ Georgia Public Broadcasting deserves its federal funding Editor’s note: On May 23, President Trump released a fiscal year 2018 federal budget proposal that would slash Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding from $455 million to $30 million as a first step in eliminating it. The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities are proposed for similar cuts. CPB is a major funding source for Georgia Public Broadcasting. Reporter Newspapers asked GPB’s board chairperson, Jan Paul, to explain the impacts. There are a dizzying Bobby Jones” showcase just number of options at my some of the beauty, history fingertips when I hold the and people of our state. TV remote. Some channels Additionally, the AtI know instantly, based on lanta Press Club, Geormy viewing patterns, howgia Associated Press and ever my go-to favorite is the Radio Television Digione of our state’s greatest tal News Association have resources — Georgia Pubawarded GPB Radio for lic Broadcasting. its outstanding news covFor 14 years, I’ve served erage. GPB’s high-quality on its Board of Directors and journalists discuss importhis past year was named its tant local, state and nationchairperson. I’ve watched al issues on programs such GPB Television become the as “Political Rewind,” “On Jan Paul is chairperson country’s third-largest PBS Second Thought” and “Two of the Board of Direcstation based on population Way Street.” tors of the Georgia Pubreach, serving Georgia with While its broadcast oflic Telecommunications nine television stations, 18 ferings are first-rate, I’m Commission (Georgia radio stations and an innoparticularly proud of GPB’s Public Broadcasting) vative education and digital remarkable educational and has served on the division. initiatives, which separate board since 2003. She When many people it from other media outlets is also executive directhink of public media, they and create an invaluable tor of Leadership Sanfocus on “Downton Abasset for our state. dy Springs and the cobey” (I’m still a huge DowLast year, its education founder of iSquared ager Countess fan) or “All division delivered profesCommunications. Things Considered.” Of sional development to over course, GPB continues to 2,500 Georgia educators be PBS’s children’s learning-centered at no cost. GPB provides teachers with outlet for programming such as “Wordfree access to over 125,000 original conGirl.” But GPB is so much more — its tent, digital learning resources through Education and Digital Media Division partnerships with Discovery Education delivers cutting-edge digital education and PBS Learning Media. Each month, and provides much-needed teacher the education team distributes the “Edsupport throughout the state. ucation Matters” newsletter to over Each year, GPB garners dozens 45,000 educators and a blog that averof nominations and awards from the ages 8,000 views per month. Southeast Chapter of the National Further, GPB took the creative leap Academy of Television Arts and Sciencto create the first truly digital textbook es — the Emmys. In 2012 and 2015, it in Georgia, the “Georgia Studies Digital won the Overall Excellence Award. Textbook” for eighth-grade history stuWhat does GPB do to receive such dents, which has now been accessed by recognitions? It delivers more than over 3,400 educators. GPB received a 35,000 hours of non-commercial, qualgrant to create the textbook, which inity PBS and locally produced programcludes 30 virtual field trips that bring ming to 98 percent of Georgia and locations to life; interviews; 360-degree portions of Florida, Alabama, Tennesphotography; and interactive elements see, North Carolina and South Caroli— all accessible at no cost on all-digina. GPB’s original series “Georgia Outtal platforms. The digital platform not doors” and documentaries such as only benefits students and teachers; “Georgia Greats: The Long Shadow of it saves taxpayers dollars on the pub-

Jan Paul

lished textbooks. It doesn’t stop there. The GPB education team created “Chemistry Matters,” a downloadable, fully comprehensive video course for high school chemistry, emphasizing the STEM curriculum. Currently, GPB is filming a complete, interactive physics series, designed by educators and filmed in classrooms across the state. These STEM resources are valuable learning tools for all Georgia’s high school students and absolutely crucial to school systems that lack advanced science teachers. Enhancing its academic endeavors, GPB is the destination for everything high school football. Last year, GPB Sports’ two days of live coverage of the 2016 GHSA Football Championships helped rank it as the highest-rated PBS station in the nation on Dec. 9 and 10. GPB’s live stream captured Georgia high school football fans around the globe, including Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Israel, Russia, Bahrain, Japan and the United Kingdom, literally bringing Georgia high school football to the world. Parents and students followed game scores all season with the GPB Sports football app that, to date, has over 62,000 downloads. Besides providing media content access anywhere, anytime for mobile phones, tablets and televisions, GPB tackles important issues challenging our communities. From documentaries on diversity and inclusion to community partnerships on autism awareness, GPB is an educational lifeline to millions of Georgia students, teachers and residents. GPB is a fundamental and successful example of public-private partnership. Support from individuals and the community, paired with federal and state funds, power all our tremendous accomplishments. With federal funding in question, now is the time for all who benefit from this valuable Georgia resource to voice our support. For more information, visit gpb.org/cpb-funding.

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MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Backyard chickens can flock to town Continued from page 1

idea to OK chickens in the city, saying the idea to do was a “fad.” was controversial and people packed City “[Chickens] are not a pet like a cat or Hall to watch what the council would do. dog,” she said. Councilmember Lynn Deutsch, who The girls interested in chickens will championed the idea to approve chickens, eventually lose interest, Summers said, and said before the May 22 vote that residents the city will be “stuck with an ordinance … wanting the city to allow residents to keep passed because somebody had a whim.” chickens at home have approached her “That’s not what we’re about,” Sumregularly since she was elected to council. mers told the council. Mayor Denis Shortal cast the lone no vote; he also voted in 2010 to keep chickens out. Shortal was raised on a farm and said his family had many chickens and they were smelly and dirty. “I think we’re talking about a quality of life issue,” Shortal said. “This is really not something I think we need in our city.” Deutsch said DYANA BAGBY there was enough Girl Scouts Lauren Fitzgerald, left, and Chloe Fenster spoke out in interest from many favor of legalizing chickens at the May 8 City Council meeting. residents asking her to bring the issue back up. She said people Girl Scouts Lauren Fitzgerald and who want to raise chickens and keep chickChloe Fenster, both 13 and eighth gradens will be undertaking a huge responsibilers at Peachtree Charter Middle School, ity and won’t do so lightly. took their chicken request straight to “What brought it front and center to the city leaders, speaking during public me was a family with a child with allergies comment period at council and Planwho wanted to raise chickens for their own ning Commission meetings. eggs,” Deutsch said. That family has since Fenster and Fitzgerald are hoping to moved out of Dunwoody, she said. earn their Silver Award through their “This is not a hobby to undertake lightwork to drum up chicken support from ly. I think we’ll be surprised how few famiresidents. lies jump into this,” she said. Reasons in favor of allowing resiCouncilmember Jim Riticher said he dents to keep backyard chickens, they supported the measure after he spoke said, include offering families the opwith an avian veterinarian who told tion of having fresh eggs to eat and also him there was no reason to prohibit to teach sustainability. chickens with constraints. “I see barkThe new ordinance limits the numing dogs as a bigger issue,” he said. ber of chickens – just hens, no roosters Councilmember John Heneghan was – to six per home. Those wanting chickon the City Council in 2010 and at that time ens must first submit design plans to the voted in favor of allowing chickens. He votcity’s Community Development Departed again in favor on May 22. ment for approval. Chickens are not alCouncilmember Terry Nall noted that lowed to be free range and instead must the city was not overrun with requests be kept in a coop and provided with from residents wanting backyard chickruns. The ordinance prohibits slaughens, but said “the tide has turned” and it tering chickens at residents’ homes. was time to support the ordinance while Before the May 22 vote, there were just ensuring neighbors were not harmed. a few people talking chicken at City Hall. And Councilmember Doug ThompMost spoke in favor of the change. Brianson said he remembers how angry many na Harris, one of several young friends residents were in 2010 when the council of Fenster and Fitzgerald who have also voted down legalizing chickens and how attended chicken-related meetings, artwo friends bought chickens in defiance gued that the ability for residents to keep of the city at the time. Both told him it chickens would be a “helpful and engagwas too hard to raise chickens and said ing addition to Dunwoody.” they would never do so again. But there was some opposition. “To me this is just a funny issue,” he said. Resident Cheryl Summers blasted the


Community | 15


We’re Saving you a seat.

JUNE 10-17, 2017 6 T H A N N UA L

Lunch: $10,

Dinner: $20,

$15, $25 $30, $45

Save the date for the most savory week of the year! Check the menus online and bring your appetite. We’ll save you a seat.

Menus + Details :



16 | Out & About

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A community ride for all ages and abilities kicks off at Dunwoody’s Village Burger on first Sundays monthly through November. Helmets are required and bikes with gears are recommended to handle hills on a 4.5-mile loop around Dunwoody. Riders age 10 and younger must be with an adult. Rides cancelled in inclement weather. 1426 Dunwoody Village Pkwy., Dunwoody. Info: bikewalkdunwoody.org.

Monday, May 29, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.









Saturdays, June 3, June 17, July 1 and July 15, 7 p.m.

The funk band Dyn-o-mite is up next in this concert series presented by the city


Fridays, June 2, June 16 and June 30, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday, June 3, noon to 3 p.m.

“Kalimba Man” Kevin Spears presents a free concert and workshop on making a kalimba, an African musical instrument, at North Springs United Methodist Church. The concert and Afro-Caribbean food are scheduled from noon to 1 p.m., followed by the workshop. Kalimba-making kits will be available for a $40 donation, with all proceeds going to the music program at North Springs UMC. Open to all ages. 7770 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs. Register: www.makingafricaninstruments.org.

The city of Brookhaven celebrates the opening of pool season with a pool party at Murphey Candler Park featuring a giant slide, music and food. 1551 W. Nancy Creek Drive, Brookhaven. Regular pool fees apply. Info: brookhavenga.gov.

Sunday, June 4, 2:45 p.m. to 4 p.m.

of Dunwoody. Picnicking begins at 6 p.m. Craft beers available for purchase. Free to nature center members. Non-members: $5 adults, $3 students, free to children 3 and younger. 5343 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody. Info: dunwoodynature.org.

CONCERTS BY THE SPRINGS Sunday, June 11, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Heritage Sandy Springs’ summer outdoor concert series continues with the party hits band GLOW. Gates open at 5 p.m. Picnics welcome. Food, beer and wine available. Free. Sandy Springs Society Entertainment Lawn at Heritage Green, 6110 Blue Stone Road, Sandy Springs. Info: heritagesandysprings.org or 404-851-9111, ext. 1.

Celebrate Shabbat at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta’s pool and splash park. Open swim and activities begin at 5 p.m. followed by Shabbat songs and blessings at 6 p.m. Free and open to the community. Bring your own food and purchase drinks at the snack bar. MJCCA-Zaban Park, 5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody. Info: 678-812-4161 or rabbi. glusman@atlantajcc.org.

COMMUNITY YOGA IN THE PARK Saturday, June 3, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The Dunwoody Nature Center offers a Sweet Flow yoga class, which incorporates standing poses, seated poses, twists and back bends for all levels. Free. 5343 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody. Info: dunwoodynature.org.

Saturday, June 10, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Free dance lesson at 7 p.m.

Zydeco dance with Cedryl Ballou & the Zydeco Trendsetters in an event sponsored by the Atlanta Cajun Zydeco Association. Tickets: $18; $5 students; $14 active military. No partner necessary. All ages welcome. Cajun/Creole food for sale. Dorothy Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex, 6500 Vernon Woods Drive, Sandy Springs. Info: aczadance.org or 877-338-2420.

5488 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd 2486 Mount Vernon Rd 4511 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy 2150 Johnson Ferry Rd 770-390-0859 770-986-0410 470-395-9769 770-394-4164 770-396-0096

JOIN US every friday from 6pm-9pm on our newly opened patio!

Five authentic English pubs each with their own feel from country pub to city tavern. • British & Classic American Dishes • Wide Selection of Wine & Scotches • Local Craft Beers • New $5 Happy Hour Menu


• Live music by Circle 7 • Tapas & Sangria 4511 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Across from the Georgetown Shopping Center

470-395-9769 DunwoodyRestaurantGroup.com/King-George-Tavern

MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

Out & About | 17



Saturday, June 10, 8 p.m.; parade begins at 9 p.m.

March to the Chattahoochee River with colorful lanterns or watch others march in Sandy Springs’ second annual “Take it to the River” Lantern Parade. To be part of the parade, arrive at the Steel Canyon Golf Club before 9 p.m. The parade route follows Morgan Falls Road to Morgan Falls Overlook Park, where paddlers will take to the river with floating lanterns. Live performances. Snacks for sale. Parade start: 460 Morgan Falls Road, Sandy Springs. Lantern-making workshops, parking and other info: visitsandysprings.org/lanternparade.


Saturday, June 3, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday, June 4, noon to 5 p.m.

Willeo Road, Roswell. Info: 770-992-2055, ext. 236 or chattnaturecenter.org.


Saturday, June 10, 10 a.m. to noon.

Heritage Sandy Springs presents a free family gardening series in partnership with the North Fulton Master Gardeners and with UGA Extension in Fulton County. On June 10, participants will plant spring vegetables in unusual containers such as ice cream cones, which can be planted in the ground. Best suited for ages 6 to 10, with accompanying adult. Free. Heritage Sandy Springs Farmers Market, 6100 Lake Forrest Drive, Sandy Springs. Info: heritagesandysprings.org.


Journalist Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s lead political anchor and host of “The Situation Room” and “Wolf,” will speak on news from Washington and around the world in Ahavath Achim Synagogue’s Fran Eizenstat and Eizenstat Family Annual Lecture. Free. 600 Peachtree Battle Ave. N.W., Buckhead. Info: aasynagogue.org or 404-355-5222.

Live butterfly releases and encounters, a butterfly costume parade, plant sale, entertainment and food trucks are in store at the 18th annual Flying Colors Butterfly Festival at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Admission: $12; $8 CNC members; free for SUBMIT YOUR EVENT LISTING WITH US AT children 2 and younger. 9135 calendar@ReporterNewspapers.net


JUNE 13-18

FoxTheatre.org/MammaMia 855-285-8499

fran eizenstat & Eizenstat family annual lecture feat�ring Wolf Blitzer

JUNE 11 | 7:00 pm Ahavath achim synagogue 600 Peachtree Battle Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30327 Ahavath Achim’s Fran Eizenstat and Eizenstat Family Annual Lecture Presents: Wolf Blitzer, award-winning American journalist, CNN’s lead political anchor, and the anchor of The Situation Room and Wolf, where he focuses on the most important news from Washington and around the world. We invite you to join us for this FREE and exciting event. Questions? Contact acohen@aasynagogue.org or 404.603.5754.

18 | Education

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2017 Valedictorians & Salutatorians H

igh school graduation season has returned this month. Proud parents, brothers and sisters and other family members are packing auditoriums and stadiums across Reporter Newspapers communities to clap and cheer as local schools confer hard-earned diplomas and special honors on hundreds of new graduates.


Niall Gamble Salutatorian

Helen Audrey Williams Valedictorian

During many graduation ceremonies, a few students are singled out to be honored for achieving the highest academic standing among their classmates. They are the valedictorians and salutatorians for their schools. Here is a gallery of photographs of the valedictorians and salutatorians for the Class of 2017 at high schools in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs. The schools or students provided their names and photographs. Hannah Branch Salutatorian CHAMBLEE CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL


Margaret Anne Meagher Valedictorian

Shunyang “Parker” Liu Salutatorian


Yusuf Azizi Valedictorian

Manav Mathews Valedictorian

Michelle Tran Valedictorian


Emani Brinson Salutatorian

Laura Spratling Valedictorian

Sean Hackett Valedictorian

Michael Brockton Abbott Salutatorian


Matthew Desoutter Salutatorian


Zain Bashey Valedictorian

Krishna Chai Pucha Salutatorian

James Packman Valedictorian

Josh Eiland Salutatorian


Clarisa Colton Salutatorian

Natalie Casal Valedictorian

John Arnold Salutatorian

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Christina Shin Valedictorian


Jack Dinges Salutatorian

Steven Butz Valedictorian


Sterling Spiegl Valedictorian


Stockton De Laria Salutatorian

Anna Rappaport Valedictorian


Katie Horn Valedictorian

AJ Whitney Salutatorian

Jacob Cohen Salutatorian


Linsey Cohen Salutatorian

Emily Pearson Valedictorian

Jacob Ressler-Craig Salutatorian

Mia Whitney Salutatorian PACE ACADEMY

Christopher Howard Valedictorian

Will Movsovitz Salutatorian


Rivka “Becky” Arbiv Valedictorian

Rebecca Simonoff Salutatorian







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Josh van der Eerden Salutatorian

and by visiting our website

Christine Liu Salutatorian


Mitchell Ostrow Valedictorian


Liz Bailey Valedictorian

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We call her Speedracer!

Local commuters say I-85 collapse led them to ride MARTA BY EVELYN ANDREWS

ter station and rides MARTA to Dunwoody. “I didn’t have a lot of motivation to use MARTA before the collapse,” Miller said. “I The March 30 overpass collapse that didn’t have the spark I needed to change closed a portion of I-85 for six weeks my way of thinking.” sent many commuters flocking to pubTony Wilkey, who commutes from Atlic transit. Local MARTA stations reportlanta’s Grant Park to Sandy Springs’ Meded big ridership boosts, and some local ical Center MARTA station, said he will commuters say they will keep using pubstick with MARTA and his bike as long as lic transit now that the highway has rethe weather and his schedule allows. opened. Others will go back to the roads. “I’m saving a significant amount of The Atlanta Regionmoney and time on al Commission, a planmy commute to Sanning agency that studies dy Springs, and I’m transportation, reportgetting in shape,” ed the average weekday Wilkey said. “The ridership for MARTA I’m saving a significant bridge collapse ended stations from March 31 amount of money and up being great for me, to April 29 was, in most time on my commute to just not on the days I cases, much higher than Sandy Springs, and I’m tried to drive in it.” average ridership the But MARTA is not week before the bridge getting in shape. The the solution for evcollapse. The report was bridge collapse ended ery rider. Samuel made on the ARC’s re- up being great for me, Withers, who comgional data blog at 33n. mutes from Buckjust not on the days I atlantaregional.com. head to Dunwoody, All local MARTA sta- tried to drive in it. said it took longer tions showed ridership to ride MARTA from TONY WILKEY increases, the report says. COMMUTER FROM GRANT PARK the Lindbergh Center The Brookhaven/ than it does to drive. Oglethorpe Station saw the greatest inWithers said he returned to driving when crease at 66 percent. Dunwoody Station I-85 reopened. was up by 26 percent. In Sandy Springs, “If there was a station closer to my Sandy Springs Station, Medical Center and house and I didn’t have to drive to the staNorth Springs were up by 43 percent, 30 tion, I would consider it,” Withers said. percent and 18 percent. In Buckhead, BuckJessica Carter, who took MARTA before head Station, Lenox and Lindbergh Center I-85 collapse, is looking forward to her comhad increases of 30, 24 and 6 percent. mute returning to normal. New riders are Some commuters, who were intergood for the service, but they also became viewed after responding to Twitter and Redagitated with delays and made her comdit posts, said the collapse helped them learn mute stressful, said Carter, who commutes that using MARTA to commute to work is from Cascade Heights to Sandy Springs. easier for them, but some said they returned “Before the collapse, it was a quiet ride to driving on I-85 once the bridge reopened. with familiar faces,” she said. “I saw at least Mark Miller commutes from Midtown four altercations between newcomers since to Dunwoody and said he had never considthe collapse over silly things like bumping ered using MARTA to get to work before the into each other, or complaining too loud bridge collapse, but found it to be less stressabout reasons they were late. I am looking ful than driving for nearly the same cost and forward to keeping the appreciative people travel time. Miller now bikes to the Arts Centhat enjoy the stress-free commute.” evelyn@reporternewspapers.net

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Reporter Classifieds HELP WANTED Retail Sales Associate – Seeking Enthusiastic Retail Sales Associate for Lenox Square Cart, Stainless Steel Jewelry. Part-Time Position 20-26 hrs. per week. Pays $8.00 hr. plus commission. Send resume to clgomez@ onuvogue.com. Business Development / Membership Sales – The Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber is expanding its Business Development Group and is seeking an individual interested in

being part of our growth. This individual will be somewhat knowledgeable of the Sandy Springs and Perimeter Business Market and likes meeting new people. You will call on new and existing companies in the area to explain the benefits of their company partnering with the Chamber. Good presentation and communication skills are essential. This is a base salary/commission position. Interested individuals should send their resumes to tom@sandysprings.org.

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Construction crews at the Palisades Office Park in Sandy Springs are beginning to build the east-west connector road that will eventually connect to the State Farm campus, in background, in Dunwoody.


New Perimeter Center zoning addresses tower heights BY DYANA BAGBY dyanabagby@reporternewspapers.net

After a three-year process, City Council approved new zoning rules for the Perimeter Center that address height and buffers for future development. The council voted 6-1 on May 22 to approve creating four zoning districts in the Perimeter Center and to also to create a Perimeter Center Overlay District. The Overlay District addresses elements such as streetscape, building design materials and the buffer distances required between single-family residential and commercial or multi-family buildings. Building heights in the Perimeter Center area are limited to 16 stories. Developers seeking more, up to 36 stories, will be required to seek a special land use permit. The State Farm corporate complex, already approved, includes the current 21-story high-rise and a future 22-story building and 18-story building. Sandy Springs also is considering height limits in its section of Perimeter Center of around 15 to 20 stories, with additional height allowed in an exchange for specific benefits, such as affordable housing.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES IN PERIMETER CENTER: ► Construction crews are digging a road behind the Palisades Office Park on PeachtreeDunwoody Road in Sandy Springs that will eventually connect to the State Farm campus in Dunwoody. The road is part of a mixed-use project that includes 425 apartments. Developer Pollack Shores agreed to help pay for the new east-west connector road between Peachtree-Dunwoody in Sandy Springs and Perimeter Center Parkway in Dunwoody. That is part of longer roadway planned to improve east-west traffic access through Perimeter Center. ► Phase 2 of the State Farm campus is underway, with crews blasting an underground tunnel that will lead to a parking garage. Dallas-based KDC is the developer for the project and is working with general contractor Holder Construction. A 21-story office tower opened in November. The second phase includes the construction of another 22-story high-rise and an 18-story high-rise. Both buildings are slated to be completed by 2020. ► The long-awaited High Street mixed-use development at the intersection of Hammond Drive and Perimeter Parkway was supposed to begin in early 2017, but construction has not started. City officials said Boston-based GID Development has not filed any documents in recent months to indicate when the work might begin. Construction of Phase 2 of the State Farm corporate complex in Dunwoody (with the Sandy Springs King and Queen towers in the background) is underway with crews building a tunnel that will lead to an underground parking garage. DYANA BAGBY


MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2017

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Police Blotter / Dunwoody From Dunwoody Police reports dated May 14 through May 21 The following information was pulled from Dunwoody’s Police-2-Citizen website.


block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road — On May 14, in the afternoon, three pairs of sunglasses were reported stolen from an optics boutique. On May 15, officers responded to a shoplifting report at the same boutique. 100 block of Azalea Garden Drive —

On May 14, in the evening, a man said his car was broken into and a $6,000 drone was stolen. 6700 block of Peachtree Industri-

al Boulevard — On May 15, several DeWALT tools were stolen from a car overnight. 4700 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 15, a man was arrested and accused of stealing an engine filter and vehicle light bulb at a discount superstore. 4500 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 15, an officer intervened during an attempted shoplifting at a department store. 1000 block of Crown Pointe Parkway

— On May 15, a man reported in the evening that someone broke into his car. 4500 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 15, an officer intervened during an attempted shoplifting at a department store. A person was arrested and accused of trying to steal designer sunglasses.

rested and accused of shoplifting. 4700 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 17, in the morning, a woman was arrested and accused of shoplifting. 4300 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 19, in the afternoon, a woman was arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Road — On May 15, in the evening, a man was arrested and charged with larceny.

5500 block of Chamblee-Dunwoody

4300 block of Dunwoody Park — On

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road — On May 15, a woman was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

May 19, a man was arrested and accused of disorderly conduct.

4400 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

100 block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road

Road — On May 17, in the evening, a man was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

— On May 16, in the morning, a man was arrested and accused of improper driving on a divided highway and driving with a suspended license.

Road — On May 20, in the early morning, a man was arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

4400 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 17, at night, a woman was arrested and accused of shoplifting. 4400 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

6800 block of Peachtree Industri-

al Boulevard — On May 17, after midnight, a man was arrested and accused of disorderly conduct.

Road — On May 18, in the afternoon, a man was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

100 block of Perimeter Way — On May

4700 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

6800 block of Peachtree Industrial

Road — On May 18, in the afternoon, a man was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

Boulevard — On May 17, in the afternoon, a man was arrested and accused of loitering and prowling.

4300 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

I-285/ Ashford-Dunwoody Road — On

Road — On May 19, in the morning, a man was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

May 18, in the early morning, a woman was arrested and accused of providing false information to an officer.

100 block of Perimeter Center Place —

2200 block of Cotillion Drive — On

On May 19, at night, two people were arrested and accused of shoplifting.

May 18, at night, a woman was arrested and accused for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A S S AU LT 1100 block of Madison Drive — On

May 14, a 21-year-old female was arrested and accused of assaulting another woman in a domestic dispute. 6600 block of Peachtree Industri-

al Blvd. — On May 15, in the evening, a nonviolent argument took place.

4300 block of Peachtree Road — On

May 16, in the afternoon, a theft of a vehicle took place.

May 16, after midnight, an assault occurred between two employees at an insurance office.

4500 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

4600 block of Peachtree Place Park-

Road — On May 16, in the afternoon, a woman was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

way — On May 16, in the afternoon, a woman was arrested and accused of assault.

4300 block of Ashford–Dunwoody

100 block of Perimeter Center — On

Road — On May 16, in the afternoon, a 17-year-old boy was arrested and accused of shoplifting at a department store. He was also charged with failing to appear in court.

May 21, in the afternoon, a man was arrested and accused of simple assault.


4600 block of Chamblee-Dunwoody


May 15, a woman reported someone removed her purse and costume jewelry from her car.

block of Ashford-Dunwoody Road — On May 16, two men were ar-

influence of alcohol.

Road — On May 17, in the afternoon, a woman was arrested and accused of shoplifting.

2000 block of Pernoshal Court — On


and accused of DUI and an open container violation.

100 block of Perimeter Center — On

ARRESTS 100 block of Perimeter Center — On

May 15, in the early morning, a 35-yearold woman was arrested in a parking lot

17, in the morning, 12 men were arrested and accused of fraud.

1100 block of Peachford Circle — On

May 19, after midnight, a man was arrested and accused of driving under the

5800 block of Chamblee-Dunwoody

6900 block of Peachtree Industrial

Boulevard — On May 20, a man was arrested and accused of drinking near a package store.

OT H E R I N C I D E N T S 4600 block of Ashford-Dunwoody

Road — On May 15, in the afternoon, officers responded to an animal complaint call at a Brazilian restaurant parking lot. The owner received a citation for neglect. I-285/ Peachtree Road — On May 15, in

the evening, a hit-and-run incident occurred. A warrant was taken for the arrest of a suspect. I-285/ Chamblee-Dunwoody Road —

On May 16, in the morning, a hit-andrun accident occurred. 5100 block of Stratham Drive — On

May 16, in the morning, a credit fraud incident was reported. 1600 block of Mount Vernon Road —

On May 16, in the afternoon, someone attempted fraud.

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