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MAY 2024 | A SPECIAL SECTION atla nta INSIDE THIS SECTION LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 2023 COTY AWARD WINNERS A look inside Atlanta’s award-winning spaces ATLANTA REMODELING DIRECTORY Top local professionals listed by specialty
ROUGHDRAFTATLANTA.COM S2 | MAY 2024 Top Shop Stone represents the ultimate turn-key solution for virtually any type of stone project around the house. From full-slab marble shower walls and high-end designer kitchens to smaller bathroom remodels, Jay, Becky, and their team treat each project with importance, offering expert recommendations and endless choices, all priced at a great value. 1075 Huff Road N.A. Atlanta, GA 30318 404-946-9338 Countertop Fabrication and Installation Marble, Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Solid Surface and Porcelain

Message from the NARI Atlanta president

Springtime is here, temperatures are warming up and this is the year you decided to take on your remodeling project. Maybe it’s a new deck for outdoor living, or time to update that kitchen or bathroom.

As a homeowner looking at a remodeling project, you must pay close attention to many details to ensure that you find the right contractor that will suit your needs and preferences. Before you start shopping, you should sit down with the members of your household to discuss your preferences and lay out a scope of work.

Within your list you should create a “wants” list and “needs” list, this will be helpful when it comes to your budget. There are many ways and many options available to you to help get started on your project whether you go to a local home show or find ideas online.

A reputable remodeling company will have access to designers to assist you with making the best choices for your project. Designers not only help with colors, but they are a great resource for flow and function, figuring out how to utilize your space that best fits you and your lifestyle.

When looking for a remodeling company, most people ask friends and family who have had similar work done, a referral is a great source. If you don’t have that resource, please consider members of the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI). We have developed the Accredited Remodeling Company program to help you easily identify remodeling companies who have met the industry standard for

remodeling business management and operations.

NARI Certified Professionals have demonstrated their commitment to excellence and to validating their knowledge annually. NARI offers eight certifications that recognize that knowledge. The experience that remodelers gain from working with materials, tools and solving problems on a day-to-day basis is invaluable. A professional can anticipate potential issues and have a backup plan just in case.

Here are a few more tips in finding the right contractor to work with.

1. Stay Local

Local remodelers are compelled to perform quality work that satisfies their customers in order for their business to survive. Local firms can be checked through references including past customers in your community or through your local NARI chapter.

2. Follow Local Building Codes

Another advantage to hiring a local professional is that they will know the local building code and permit requirements for your town or city. Building codes vary considerably from each jurisdiction and are known to change from year to year. Most structural work or footprint expansions require permits.

3. Check for License and Insurance

Many states, but not all, require contractors to be licensed, bonded and/or insured.

Contact your state or local licensing agencies to ensure the contractor meets all requirements. Most states require a contractor to carry worker’s compensation, property damage, and personal liability insurance. Ask for a copy of their license and insurance certificate to make sure that it is current.

4. Compare Apples with Apples

If you solicit estimates from more than one remodeling contractor, be sure they are working off the same scope and quality of work. Discuss variations in prices and beware of any estimate that is substantially lower than the others.

As you start your search be sure that you have your “scope of work” figured out, a good contractor will ask a lot of questions, and this could easily increase your scope of work. (An example of this could be, if yours is a kitchen project, the questions your contractor asks may extend the scope of work to a mud room and or laundry room. This is part of the flow and function I mentioned earlier.) Next understand how you’re going to pay for your project. Remodeling is not like what you see on TV. It will take significant time and money, depending of course on the size of your project. There are a lot of great contractors out there, and the reputable ones are here to help you take on your project and see your dreams for your home become reality. Consulting the Contractor Directory at is a great place to start your search for the right contractor. (Scan the QR code to get started!)

How homeowners can embrace energy efficiency to save money and the environment

As energy costs continue to climb and environmental concerns become more urgent, homeowners increasingly turn to energy-efficient upgrades to cut their utility bills and minimize their ecological impact. This guide will introduce some of the most effective energy-saving upgrades that are gaining popularity among homeowners.

Solar Panels: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

One of the top choices for an energyefficient upgrade is installing solar panels. By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels allow you to generate your own power and depend less on external energy sources. This reduces your electricity bills and lowers your carbon emissions since solar power is a clean and renewable energy source. Additionally, you can earn extra income in some areas by selling excess energy back to the grid.

Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors: Keeping Your Comfort In

Installing energy-efficient windows and doors is another effective upgrade. These are designed to prevent unwanted heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. With special coatings, gas fills, and improved frame designs, these windows and doors help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature

year-round, reducing the need to crank up your heating or cooling and thereby lowering energy costs.

Sustainable Building Materials: Eco-Friendly Choices

Opting for sustainable materials is another way to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Materials like bamboo, cork, and recycled products have a lower environmental impact and can improve the sustainability of your home. These materials help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier living environment.

Energy-Efficient Appliances: High Performance, Lower Costs

Upgrading energy-efficient appliances is a straightforward approach to reducing energy usage. Modern energy-saving models of refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and other household appliances use less electricity without sacrificing performance. This cuts down on your energy bills and helps reduce overall carbon emissions.

Choosing the Right Contractor: The LEED Advantage

If energy efficiency is a significant concern for you, consider hiring a LEEDcertified contractor. These professionals are trained and certified in sustainable building

practices, ensuring that your upgrades not only meet but exceed energy efficiency standards. A LEED-certified contractor can guide you through the process of designing and implementing sustainable solutions that fit your needs and budget while ensuring environmental responsibility.

Embracing energy-efficient home upgrades is a win-win; you’ll enjoy lower

energy bills and a more comfortable home while contributing positively to the environment. Whether you’re installing solar panels, updating energy-efficient windows, or choosing sustainable materials, these improvements can significantly enhance both your home’s value and your quality of life.

JD Crill, CR Owner, Crill Construction + Contracting President, NARI Atlanta Chapter
ROUGHDRAFTATLANTA.COM S4 | MAY 2024 Here are your 2023 Contractor of the Year Award winners A. Basement $100,000 to $250,000 Ranney Blair B. Basement Over $250,000 Stephenson Construction, LLC C. Basement Under $100,000 Harry’s Home Renovations D. Commercial Interior Sunshine on a Ranney Day A D J G B E K C F H I E. Entire House $250,000 to $500,000 Small Carpenters At Large, Inc. F. Entire House Over $750,000 Innovative Design Build G. Residential Addition Over $500,000 Oneida Builders, Inc. H. Residential Addition Under $250,000 Alair Homes Decatur I. Residential Bath $40,000 to $70,000 Exodus Design Build J. Residential Bath $70,000 to $100,000 The Hamlin Group, LLC K. Residential Bath Over $100,000 Innovative Design Build

The Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards are given each year by the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry to members who have demonstrated outstanding work through their remodeling projects. In November 2023 , winners in each category were honored for projects ranging from kitchen and bath remodels to whole-house renovations and additions.

C. Residential Exterior $100,000 to $200,000 The Hamlin Group, LLC

D. Residential Exterior Over $200,000 The Hamlin Group, LLC

E. Residential Exterior Under $100,000 Small Carpenters At Large, Inc.

F. Residential Historical Renovation/ Restoration $250,000 and Over Alair Homes Decatur

G. Residential Historical Renovation/ Restoration Under $250,000 Sunshine on a Ranney Day

H. Residential Interior $100,000 to $250,000 Construction Ahead, Inc.

I. Residential Interior Feature $50,000 and Over Stephenson Construction, LLC

Did you know? There are also National Contractor of the Year Awards. Scan the QR code to see which NARI Atlanta members won 2024 National CotY Awards!

A. Residential Bath Under $40,000 Alair Homes Decatur
B. Residential Detached Structure Boyce Design & Contracting
ROUGHDRAFTATLANTA.COM S6 | MAY 2024 Here are your 2023 Contractor of the Year Award winners A. Residential Interior Feature Under $50,000 Innovative Design Build B. Residential Interior Feature Under $50,000 Ranney Blair C. Residential Interior Under $100,000 Harry’s Home Renovations D. Residential Kitchen $100,000 to $150,000 Alair Homes Decatur E. Residential Kitchen $50,000 to $100,000 Harry’s Home Renovations F. Residential Kitchen Over $150,000 Dove Studio G. Residential Kitchen Under $50,000 Crill Construction & Contracting, LLC H. Residential Landscape Design/ Outdoor Living $100,000 to $250,000 Small Carpenters At Large, Inc. A D J K G B E C F H I I. Residential Landscape Design/ Outdoor Living Over $250,000 Innovative Design Build J. Residential Landscape Design/ Outdoor Living Under $100,000 Boyce Design & Contracting K. Universal Design - Bath Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Member Directory

Listings current as of MAY 2024


Howard Payne Co., Inc.

Jeff Payne | (770)451-0136

LG Electronics

Dalton Kizer | (800)243-0000

Pinnacle Sales Group

Manny Gardo | (863)353-4313

Plumbing Contractors/Suppliers

Sewell Appliance

Eddie Robinson | (404)255-0640

Outdoor Living

Sub-Zero Group Southeast, Inc.

Debbie Killeen | (404)661-5183


Chattahoochee Technical College

Ginger Burton | (770)509-6332

Gwinnett Technical College

Dennis Bowers | (678)226-6649

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 77 Cameron Michelson | (678)705-5668

Drywall; Glass; Painting Southface

Pam Henman | (404)604-3614


Bell Cabinetry & Design (770)751-7861

Bathrooms; Kitchens

Cabinet Wholesalers, Inc.

Spencer Ripley | 770-737-4696

Dove Studio Kitchen & Bath

Jenny Lyons | (404)405-5219

Bathrooms; Kitchens

European Kitchen & Bath Works

Chris Brennan | (404)518-6823

Bathrooms; Kitchens

Founders Kitchen & Bath, Inc. (770)569-4499

Bathrooms; Kitchens

Muses Cabinets

Chance Yan | (800)806-0708

Bathrooms; Kitchens

ROC Cabinetry

Vivian Jin | (770)847-8222

Bathrooms; Kitchens

Timberland Cabinets

David DiCristina | (706)253-1026

Wellborn Cabinet

Kevin Lovering | (256)354-7151


Lifecycle Building Center

Shannon Goodman | (678)592-0417

Rebuilding Together Atlanta

Michael Hicks | (404)505-5599

Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Joe Lane | (770)990-2434


Creative Closets and More

Peggy Snider Houghton | (770)365-5630

SpaceMakers of Atlanta, LLC

Matt Prewett | (770)422-6464


Quick Mix Concrete

Kurt Anderson | (470)880-8544


Cambria Jeff Cox | (404)291-1176

Classic Stoneworks, Inc.

Pam Andersen, CRPM | (770)865-8029

Cosentino Atlanta

Jason Peters | (770)409-9621

Elevation Stone Design

Kathren Jean | (404)798-5944

Granite and Marble Solutions

Don Benton | (678)319-0498

J. Aaron Custom Wood Countertops

Joshua Johnson | (404)298-4200

Marmi Natural Stone

Judy Talley | (770)921-7601

Natural Stone

Stone Showcase

Kenzie Rediger | (678)546-6166

Top Shop Stone

Becky Costa | (404)946-9338

Toro Granite

Soo Cho | (770)455-8810


Architectural Visions, Inc.

Mark Cantrall | (678)297-1111

Millwork and Mouldings

Davis Window & Door

Mauricio Jaimes | (770)279-0905

North Georgia Replacement Windows, Inc.

Ted Kirk | (770)888-1604

Pella Window and Door of Georgia

Brian Robbins | (404)952-5134

Stellar Windows and Doors, LLC

Adam Banks | (404)662-2560


Brant Hurdelbrink | (800)888-3589 Skylights

Window Traditions of Georgia, LLC

Dan Shaunnessy | (678)672-1963

Window World (770)303-0757


Arrow Waste

Justin Vetsch | (770)441-3037

Bin There Dump That Dumpsters Kurt Anderson | (404)692-2838

VaVia Atlanta Michael Mendoza


Authentic Hardwood Flooring

Buddy Wofford | (678)985-0110


Andrew Chambers | (336)667-5976

Millwork and Mouldings;Stairs & Railings

Great American Floors

Jason Seltzer | (404)254-2964 Carpet

Moda Floors & Interiors

Dean Howell | (404)477-3744 Tile; Window Treatments

Peachwood Floor Coverings

Joseph Roderick | (678)935-6901

Southeast Flooring Markets Lori Kisner | (770)559-0293x2


Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc

Jeannie Homer | (770)476-8306 Cabinetry;Countertops;Flooring

Bath & Kitchen Galleria

John Hogan | (770)765-6000

Construction Resources

Mitch Hires | (404)378-3132 Countertops;Flooring;Tile/Stone

JD Kitchens Bath & More LLC

Harry Harshaw | (770)516-1602


Remodel Republic

Murat Temiz | (678)395-7060


Glass Doctor of Atlanta

David Nash | (770)766-9309


The Shower Door Guy

Brad Leamon | (678)477-1389



Clean and Green Environmental

John Coleman | (678)807-7900

Insurance Restoration



Dave Jones | (262)673-8613


Bridgette Boylan Interiors

Bridgette Boylan | (770)616-9142

Designs by BSB

BeckySue Becker, CMKBD, CLIPP, CAPS | (404)456-8799

Renee Jones Interiors, Inc. Renee Jones | (404)314-3045

Thelen Designs, LLC Cailin M. Thelen, CMKBD | (770)330-9622


5th Generation Contracting, Inc.

Bob Stutrud | (770)509-2525

Ace and Hammer Construction Chris Branscum | (404)500-7689 INFO@ACEANDHAMMER.COM

Alair Homes Decatur

Heather Shuster | (404)378-6962

Alair Homes Marietta

H. Dale Contant, MCR, CRPM, UDCP | (770)565-8999

Ameritech Facility Services, LLC

Kathy Houston | (770)721-8933

Artech Roofing and Construction LLC

Patricia Higuita, CKBR | (404)783-4949


Artisans of Atlanta, Inc.

Matt Johnson | (404)377-3350

Askla Construction

Abi Nadoff | (470)733-1632

Atlanta Area Building & Remodeling, LLC

Joshua Leibowitz | (404)353-5660

Benjamin Andrew Construction

Benjamin Kitchen | (678)794-0543


Bickley Design Build Services, Inc.

CR Bickley | (478)750-7434

Big Bear Construction, Inc.

Bearin Santos | (770)435-5440

Bires Remodeling, Inc.

Dean Bires, CR | (404)226-1841

Blue Juniper Construction LLC

Richard Williams | (404)594-4469

Bathrooms; Decks/Patios/Porches; Kitchens

Boyce Design + Build, LLC

Thomas Boyce | (770)237-0284 Outdoor Living

Bradford Custom Homes & Remodeling

Brad Robinson | (404)450-1410

Brownlow and Sons Company, Inc.

Chuck Brownlow | (770)977-8404

Builders America, Inc.

Stan Garnet | (770)587-3325

Decks; Inspection Services

Built Tough Construction of North Georgia

Steven Giampietro, RA | (770)687-6303

Castlehaven Construction

Adam Pollock | (770)855-9812

Champion Design & Renovations, LLC

Stacy Champion | (678)736-9932

Chris Malone Designs

Christopher Malone | (404)507-2919

Connelly Residential Services, Inc.

Kevin Connelly | (770)755-2151

Construction Ahead, Inc.

Austin Foster | (770)234-0911

Construction Max Group, Inc.

Ramunas Jonikas | (404)578-6666

Copernicus Home Creations

Robert Wieczynski | (678)467-3590

Copper Sky Renovations

Jim Walker | (404)931-7419


Cornerstone Builders

David Hutchison | (404)580-7443

Crabtree Remodeling, LLC

David Crabtree | (770)714-6498

Craftworks Construction

Brett Winchester, CR | (678)695-3338

Crill Construction + Contracting, LLC

JD Crill, CR | (770)710-5870


Cruickshank Remodeling

Timothy Joyce | (404)235-0988

CSI Kitchen & Bath Studio

Steen Clausen | (770)729-1999


Dave Roberts Inc

David Roberts | (404)597-9235


db Atlanta

Robert Hames | (770)642-1002

Decks and More, Inc.

Frank Pologruto | (770)235-6929

Outdoor Living

Decksouth, Inc.

John Lea | (770)452-3325


Distinctive Remodeling Solutions, Inc.

Mark D. Buelow, CGR, CR | (770)668-9393

Exodus Design Build

Garrett Erath | (770)656-5569


Roone Unger, CR | (770)205-2995

Exteriors; Roofing

FireSign Design Build

Kimberly Lacy-Lightford | (404)400-1993

Furin Construction, Inc.

Brandt Furin | (404)474-7293

Georgia Contractor Group

Ron Lester | (770)549-5291 Basements;Kitchens

GHIR Construction, LLC

Wes Wiggins | (404)557-3963

Glazer Design & Construction

Randy Glazer | (404)683-9848

GreatHouse Remodeling

Timothy Piendel | (678)352-1035

Handyman Services

Hall Construction and Real Estate Services, LLC

Bradley Hall, MCR, GCP | (678)283-7530

HammerSmith, Inc.

Warner McConaughey | (404)377-1021

Handcrafted Homes, Inc.

Judy Mozen, MCR, GCP | (770)642-1010

Harry’s Home Renovations

Harry Kirchhoff | (770)231-6896 Kitchens;Bathrooms

Hodge Design & Remodeling, Inc.

Larry Hodge, CR, CKBR | (706)769-1600

Home Forge Remodeling, LLC

Bruce Meller | (404)273-1137

HomeStar Renovations

Bob Hodge | (404)879-5396

Howland Homes

Hannah Howland | (404)845-6155


Thomas Hayes | (770)498-4663

Ilex Inc.

Kara Lytton | (404)597-5258

Infinite Home LLC

David Mullikin | (770)316-4260

Innovative Design Build

Clark Harris | (404)400-2406


Integrity Home Improvements

Gordon Bill | (770)617-5619


J. Werho Construction Company

Jeff Werho, MCR, CLC, CAPS | (770)477-8983

John Rogers Renovations

Chris Rogers | (770)327-1299

JOMA Construction Services

Jeff Squier | (706)372-1052 Handyman Services

Kade Homes & Renovations

Daniel Cipriani | (404)433-2949

Karen Aberra Construction

Karen Aberra | (678)621-6874

Kayler Construction Services, Inc.

Tom Kayler | (678)414-3043

Kind Sir Construction

Ben Leak | (404)406-7357 Bathrooms;Kitchens

Level One Construction Co., LLC

Brian Spix | (770)552-0103

Limitless Renovations Statewide, LLC

Lance Smith | (404)369-0098


Live Oak Construction Group, LLC

Matt Skubic | (404)512-9513

Lombardi Works

Thomas Lombardi | (678)424-7939 Kitchens

Macallan Construction LLC

Nathan Harbison | (404)603-8833

Historic Renovation/Restoration

MacBuilt Homes, LLC

Ryan MacDowell, UDCP | (678)688-4960

Macvel International, LLC

Marty D. Norvel Sr. | (404)934-4949 INFO@MACVELINTERNATIONAL.COM

Malone Construction Company Mike Ewalt | (404)351-3991 Bathrooms;Kitchens

Marcus Corporation (The) Marcus Hoge | (770)446-1080

Master Home Remodelers, Inc. Mark Galey, MCR, UDCP, CRPM (770)696-0623

Michael James Remodeling

Michael James | (770)599-2575

Modify Atlanta

Jack Mattern | (678)431-7539

Moon Brothers, Inc.

Tiffany Barcik | (404)377-6006

Mosaic Group Architects and Remodelers

Rick Goldstein | (770)670-6022 Architectural Design

Nelson Exteriors

Tom Stogsdill | (678)283-8171


North Georgia Design Build, LLC

Jesse Battaglia | (770)560-1840

Historic Renovation/Restoration

Northside Construction Services, Inc.

Bob Swisher, CR | (404)392-5858

Northside Remodeling Services

Willie Middleton | (404)444-8737

Oak Southern Homes

Branden Reagin | (770)715-8767 Decks; Structural Work

Oneida Builders, Inc.

Rocco Sinisgalli | (770)396-1002

Phillips | Collins Construction Group, Inc.

Keiffer Phillips | (404)949-8115

Pine Hill Remodeling

Aaron Garner | (404)918-7606


Prestige Construction & Remodeling, LLC

Kris Griffin | (770)714-4930

Professional Home Improvement, Inc.

Dennis Delashmit, CKBR, UDCP | (770)256-1618

Professional Interiors, Inc.

Cayenne Barnes, CAPS | (404)379-9660 Bathrooms;Kitchens

Property Action, LLC

Russell Moolman | (404)428-9724

Property Masters, Inc

Kelly Brooks | (678)384-6864

Quality Craftsmen, LLC Zett Quinn | (404)483-7446

R&R Build and Design

Robert McMillan | (770)834-0592

Ranney Blair Weidmann Remodeling Peter Ranney, CR | (404)308-3305

Renovating Atlanta Design & Build David Warren | (678)448-4002 Architectural Design

Revival Construction, Inc.

Wright Marshall, CR | (404)888-9886

Silver Oak Remodel Wes Busby | (770)892-6688

Sims Remodeling Co.

Tim Pratt, CR | (770)953-5959 Kitchens;Bathrooms

Small Carpenters at Large, Inc. Theresa Same | (404)688-7665

Southern Dreambuilders

Donald Fletcher | (770)241-1691

Southland Development Services Eric Koehler

Stephenson Construction, LLC

Rob Stephenson | (404)348-0108

ROUGHDRAFTATLANTA.COM MAY 2024 | S9 Photography: LaRuche Photography | Contractor: Total Home Resto rations Basements;Bathrooms

Struby Construction LLC

Neil Struby | (404)456-5500

Studio D + C Inc.

Juan Ramirez | (404)377-7346

Summers & Sons Development Co.

Fred W. Summers, CR | (770)934-2700

Summit Renovations

Brian Meadors | (678)551-9276

Sylvan Construction Services, LLC

Brian Champion | (770)367-7551

Terracotta Design Build

Maurie Hullender | (404)377-0906 Kitchens

The Design Gallery

Kristy Steele, CKBR, CRPM | (478)929-0915 Bathrooms;Kitchens

The Hamlin Group, LLC

Chad Hamlin | (770)674-1556

The Trusted Toolbox

Chris Lalomia | (770)623-3097 Handyman Services

Tom Williams Residential, Inc.

Tom Williams | (404)869-0333

Totally Dependable Contracting Services, LLC

Don Hagemeister | (770)509-7498

Victoria Renovations

David McDonald | (770)406-8909

Wysocki Brothers Home Services, Inc.

Karl Wysocki | (678)873-0773 WYSOCKIBROTHERS@GMAIL.COM


MasterPiece Lighting

Phil Sherer | (404)897-9977


Builders Firstsource

Vince Kuykendall | (470)814-8426 Doors/Windows

Carolina Lumber and Supply Co.

Allen Hanahan | (404)873-2676

Dixie Plywood and Lumber Company

Tonya Longo | (678)957-4500

Hallmark Building Supplies, Inc.

Paul Stevens | (262)408-4248

Huber Engineered Woods

Gregory Kollar | (800)933-9220

Randall Brothers, LLC

Gregg Mizerak | (404)892-6666 Doors; Millwork & Mouldings

Stark Supply LLC Halil Temiz | (404)836-7055 Insulation

TimberTown Atlanta

Cody Jones | (404)476-3747 Decks; Outdoor Living; Specialty Building Products

Via Viridis Green Solutions, Inc.

Nick Hobbs | (770)345-4000 Decks; Exteriors Weyerhaeuser (678)407-6931

Wilsonart, LLC

Joe Vela | (770)593-2424 Cabinetry;Millwork and Mouldings; Countertops


Adam Pendleton Photography

Adam Pendleton | (678)993-8246 Photography

My Home Improvement Magazine

Patti Stephens | 404-303-9333ext.17 Marketing Services;Publications

Rough Draft Atlanta KEITH PEPPER | (917)603-4989 Marketing Services;Publications


Classic Design Services, Inc. Kaiyanna Price | (404)835-5413


Outback Deck

Bryan Miller | (678)990-6921

Your Dreams-Our Work

Piedmont Precast

Clinton Watkins | (404)691-9414

Screens of Georgia

Derek Melnychuk | (404)624-0202 Patios;Screens;Porches



Allan Guerra | (678)449-9437


Cowan Supply

John Busby | (404)351-6351

DeVore & Johnson

Donna Raye | (678)458-6603


Kohler Company

Shannon Hartley | (404)276-4270


Moen Inc.

Rachel Dymecki | (470)503-3780

Noland Company

Zach Rollins | (770)458-2111


Plumbing Distributors, Inc.

Anita Ballard | (770)963-9231


Ameris Bank

Matt Upchurch | (404)819-6573


ATL Epoxy Ltd. Company

Leroy Browne | (770)821-1633


Capital One - Business Cards & Payments

Henry Mills | (571)369-7804


Cox Media Group - TV & Digital Ros Mircio | (404)897-7000

Marketing Services

Douglas Park Law

Douglas Park | (404)919-1957

Attorneys/Legal Services

Downs Law, LLC

Will Downs | (404)842-6500

Attorneys/Legal Services

Globe Life-Liberty National Division

Serge Clouatre | (770)536-3451

Insurance Provider

Innovative Financial Group

Rick Walters | (678)338-4400

James Zulke

Jim Zulke | (202)369-1672

Specialty Contractor

Little and Smith

Jackson Bentley | (770)428-3308

Insurance Provider

Remodel Reach Marketing

Brooks Burnette | (706)265-9278

Marketing Services


Gabrielle Mills | (678)744-8877


Sparks Law, LLC

Jonathan Sparks | (470)268-5234

Attorneys/Legal Services

SteadyBuild, LLC

Vishal Samtani | (404)916-3540

Real Estate

Synergy Benefits & Wellness

Michelle Hodgson | (404)931-0266

Insurance Provider


AB Works, LLC

Allison Bible | (404)556-0767

Renovation Coach

Against The Grain

Jeff Hanlon | (470)223-2284

Cabinetry;Custom Bars;Countertops

Bruce Environmental, Inc.

Tony Smith | (770)439-8908

Hazardous Material Remediation

Chastain Roofing

Tina Chastain | (770)486-0820


ROUGHDRAFTATLANTA.COM S10 | MAY 2024 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling 770-256-1618
NARI CotY Award Winner 17 times

Cosmic Design Studio

Bart Schwartz | (678)708-7920

Outdoor Living

Creative Living, LLC

Jessica Flores | (678)719-8598


Custom Building Partners

Chloe Lowery | (678)719-8598


Design & Remodel Brothers

Jim Garip | (404)490-3023

Full-Service Showrooms

Dogwood Home & Design

Don Crozier | (770)703-5667


Environmental Services Of America

Elias Hernandez | (706)661-0487

Hazardous Material Remediation

Ironclad Roofing

Joey Olson | (706)714-7663


Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, LLC

Navid Derakhshan | (404)587-5656

Outdoor Living

Schuon Kitchens & Baths, Inc.

Hans Schuon, UDCP | (770)643-9000


Skyline Electrical, LLC

Amir Paziraei | (770)820-1663

Electrical Contractors/Suppliers

Southeastern Underdeck Systems, LLC

Heath Bowman | (678)765-7686

Outdoor Living

Superior Pro LLC

Irwin Weitz | (770)642-7170


Taylor Construction + Design

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Time to refresh your 90s home? Here’s why you might consider it.

The 1990s brought significant cultural and technological shifts that shaped an era. Homes built during this time reflect the distinct design trends and construction methods of that decade. However, as we continue further into the 21st century, you might wonder if now the right time is to update your 90s home. Here are compelling reasons to consider a refresh:

Modernizing Outdated Designs: The design features of the 90s, like brass fixtures, sponge-painted walls, and bold floral wallpapers, might hold nostalgic value but can make your home feel dated. Modern trends favor minimalism, neutral colors, and sleek, contemporary fixtures. Updating these elements can revitalize your living space and enhance its appeal.

Boosting Energy Efficiency: Energy standards have dramatically improved since the 90s. By updating your home’s insulation, windows, and HVAC systems, you can reduce energy usage, lower your utility bills, and decrease your carbon footprint. Modern smart home technologies also offer additional ways to enhance efficiency and comfort.

Addressing Wear and Tear: After three decades, signs of aging are natural. Whether it’s the roof, deck, or plumbing, addressing these issues can prevent larger problems down the road, ensuring your home remains safe and durable.

Increasing Property Value: Real estate is an investment, and maintaining or increasing your home’s value is crucial. Modernized kitchens, updated bathrooms, and open living spaces are highly attractive to today’s homebuyers and can command a higher market price.

Adapting to Lifestyle Changes: The way we live has evolved since the 90s,

with more people working from home and an increase in multigenerational households.

Updating your home’s layout to include a home office, larger communal areas, or extra bedrooms can better accommodate these changing lifestyle needs.

Embracing Technological Advancements: While the 90s introduced us to the internet, today’s technology offers much more, from advanced security systems to smart appliances and integrated entertainment systems. These enhancements can significantly improve convenience and your overall home experience.

Personal Satisfaction: Finally, updating your home is a deeply personal decision that can bring great joy and satisfaction. Transforming your space to reflect your current tastes and preferences can make your home feel truly yours and a place you’re excited to return to each day.

While homes from the 90s carry their unique charm, updating can provide significant benefits, from enhancing

functionality and comfort to increasing the property’s value. If you decide to embark on renovations, prioritize updates that align with your longterm goals and budget. Always choose a licensed remodeler for your projects, ideally a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), to ensure quality and professionalism.

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