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In A Horseshoe

A home fit for a Lord & Lady Ch á ra N a g le H o m e Page 62-65

Renovating &

modernising in Dublin 7

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In tervi e w s W ith : • • • • • •

T y l e r O we ns C h ár a N ag l e H om e Pe t e r F i nn D e r m o t B annon B az A sh maw y C o n n e e ly We sse l s Arch itects Front Cove r Imag e: S u pplied by : RTE P res s O ffic e - C h á r a N ag l e Ho me

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Terrazzo & Polished Concrete Specialists

Stone Seal are leading experts in the Installation & finishing of Polished Concrete & Terrazzo Flooring throughout Ireland & UK. Our resources are international & our process is unique allowing us to deliver hand crafted floor finishes that our clients can use & enjoy.





contemporary design as well as understanding the importance of client communication. “The original house was demolished to make way for a three storey double fronted house keeping the style of the Georgian houses along the street. This also gave the client better living space. This property is double fronted and it is 5,000sqft in total,’’ said Fergal O’Doherty.

ello and welcome to the first edition of Renovate your Home for 2021. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and wish you and yours a very Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


In this edition, we also feature an attic conversion article offering some advice as to how you can go about converting your attic and use it as a living space, home office or somewhere you can hide for 10 minutes and drink a cup of tea or coffee in absolute silence!

As you can see from the cover, this edition is bursting at the seams with tremendous content!

If you think this edition was good, you just wait until you see the next edition!

On the cover, we feature the stunning home of Chára Nagle. Ms Nagle lives with her partner Alan Crosbie in a horse shoe shaped converted stable in Dublin with their family. Ms Nagle is an artist from County Cork and she has owned this home since 2006 and has been living here with Alan and their family since 2015. The building dates back to 1674 and was originally part of an estate. Chára and Alan renovated the home to make it more conducive to modern family living. Their aim was to make it a modern-day ginger bread cottage (hence the pink exterior). The building is curved so all of the furniture had to be specially made to fit the space. In Cork, we feature a completed project was an extension and refurbishment of an existing terraced property located in the heart of Kinsale by Lizette Conneely of Conneely Wessels Architects (CWA) in Cork. The project was complicated by the tightness of the site, issues of overlooking, right of light and its location within an architectural conservation area. The design seeks to maximise space and floor plate with the narrow terrace width of 3m by placing the stairs to the rear as a separate, distinct element. The stair also functions as a light-well, introducing daylight deep into the existing plan. Darran Heaney lives in a renovated Victorian terraced home with his partner Eoin Callaghan in Dublin 7. After a year of house hunting Darran and Eoin found this home which was in need of complete renovation. Mr Heaney and Mr Callaghan had a tight budget so with the help of their family and using their own resources they restored the original home and built a small extension at the back for the kitchen and dining area. They also added an attic conversion transforming the home into a split-level house. By replacing the original Victorian features and adding their own contemporary style they have created a home that represents their personality. Once upon a time, a bungalow was situated where a striking three storey property now stands on a prestigious road in Clontarf in North Dublin. The Architect overseeing this property was Fergal O’Doherty of Tyler Owens Architects who are based in Dublin 3. The practice specialises in both traditional and

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GEM in the HEART of



Extending and refurbishing by Conneely Wessels Architects Words: Emer Kelly Pics: Lizette Conneely and Irish Examiner www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


“The house is narrow with innovative design.�

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie




his completed project was an extension and refurbishment of an existing terraced property located in the heart of Kinsale by Lizette Conneely of Conneely Wessels Architects (CWA) in Cork. The project was complicated by the tightness of the site, issues of overlooking, right of light and its location within an architectural conservation area. The design seeks to maximise space and floor plate with the narrow terrace width of 3m by placing the stairs to the rear as a separate, distinct element. The stair also functions as a light-well, introducing daylight deep into the existing plan. The final proposals were informed by a series of daylight and shadow studies to ensure that the proposed extension didn’t have any detrimental impact on the adjoining houses and gardens. The house, at only three metres wide, makes it one of the narrowest houses they have worked on and that is why it is nicknamed the ‘Skinny House.’

Conneely Wessels Architects is an architectural practice based in Kinsale, County Cork. Their practice aims to provide a responsive, imaginative and professional service, tailored to the aspirations of each of their clients, and to deliver quality results regardless of commission size or type as well as seeking to develop sustainable designs which fulfil the expectations of building users, address their physical and cultural context and allow effective solutions for procurement and construction. Their work includes all types of planning, design and their range of services extends from acting as consultants, providing strategic advice on development, regeneration and conservation, to providing full architectural services for building

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


“Conneely Wessels Architects blew us AWAY.”

projects from inception to completion. They advise and enable clients at various stage of their projects from initial project definition and feasibility through to general estate and facilities management. They also offer clients the cost benefits, ease of management and synergies of a single point of contact for all construction services from project inception through to completion. Here, Ms Conneely discusses the project with us. “Our clients purchased this property with the idea of having a home in Kinsale, where they will eventually retire. The property was in need of renovation and they approached Conneely Wessels Architects (CWA) to re-imagine the possibilities and find innovative ideas to maximise the small narrow footprint of their property,’’ said Lizette Conneely. “The property is located in the heart of Kinsale and in an Architectural Historic Area. This house is also located in the middle of three parts of an originally, substantial historic home. The original footprint was already small and only 44sqm. The brief from the clients was to maximise the footprint, daylight and views from this property and re-imagine the possibilities of developing this property into a modern home. “The design solution was to build a new staircase to the rear of the property. This free-ed up the original footprint and added an additional 14sqm to the overall footprint. The drum-shaped staircase maximised daylight to the neighbouring properties, brought daylight deep into the existing footprint and also formed a feature for the façade design, to the rear of this historical property. The house is called the ‘Skinny House’ because the house is very narrow, but with innovative design, Conneely Wessels Architects was still able to accommodate two bedrooms, a wet room style bathroom, a utility room, a separate WC and a light-filled open plan kitchen/living/dining space, that is located on the top floor to maximise the views. www.hom ea nd b uild .ie



“Clever storage design is paramount in smaller scale properties. CWA maximised this by providing floor to ceiling cupboards on the landing of the stairs (sometimes a lost opportunity to use this space), hidden storage under bay-window seating and externally, by sinking the oil tank under the decking to the rear of the property. Both bedrooms are also fitted with floor to ceiling cupboards,’’ continued Ms Conneely. As to whether or not there were any delays throughout this project? “We were delighted that everything during the construction period went smoothly’’ she enthused. In terms of Ms Conneely’s thoughts on this overall project? “We are delighted with the outcome of the design and how innovative thinking and clever design can have a positive impact on property value. The key to unlocking the potential of small spaces is by engaging an experienced architect that can re-imagine the possibilities of each property and add value with innovative design,’’ concluded Lizette Conneely. “We bought this tall narrow skinny house which was dull, dark with no space, because the old stairs fills up most of the inside space. Conneely Wessels Architects blew us away with their design and modern ideas,’’ added the homeowner. “They designed the stairs in a new semi-circular dome extension out the back, which didn’t interfere with the neighbours as the house was 1/3 part of an old Victorian house. They utilised every spare bit of space with useful storage space. “They even stored the oil tank under the decking. Lizettes’ ideas to brighten up the house while still preserving our privacy was amazing, her inspiring ideas with regards to the colour scheme, blew us away. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs inspiration,’’ concluded the homeowner.

CONTACT LIST ARCHITECT: Lizette Conneely, Conneely Wessels Architects, Second Floor Studio, 7 Pearse Street, Kinsale, County Cork - 021-4709386

LIGHTING: Lightplan, Kinsale Road Industrial Estate, Unit 5 Kinsale Road, County Cork, T12 X5CD 021-4971110

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Mark Salter, Mark Salter Engineering 087-7951730

KITCHEN: Hannon Kitchens, Unit 5 Gleann Ailinn, Ballygarvan Village, County Cork 021-4888807

CONTRACTOR: Mullane Builders Ltd, Bweeng, Mallow, County Cork 021- 7333197 - 086- 8232246 www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


TILES: Kinsale Tile & Furniture Store, Guardwell, Sleveen, Kinsale, County Cork 021-4772966 EXTERNAL RENDER: Sto, WINDOWS: Munster Joinery, Ballydesmond, County Cork, P51 PD71 - 064-7751151



The success of

Alpha Flow Screeds In conversation with Alan Patterson by Emer Kelly

“The company provides different types of liquid and traditional screeds, full floor preparation and moisture testing on the screeds before the final floor covering. Business is going from strength to strength even though we’re in difficult times due to the COVID crisis. The construction industry has remained untouched by the pandemic and thus the business has grown well this year which has led to further investment in other mobile screed factories,’’ said Alan Patterson.

uality and control are central to the continuing success of Alpha Flow Screeds (AFS). In early 2015, the Omagh-based screed specialist reviewed its business operations in a bid to ensure the company remained at the forefront of the industry.

“At present the business is where we want it to be and unfortunately the market is going to determine what kind of investments we can make in the future but if things continue to grow we plan to invest in the summer of 2021,’’ concluded Mr Patterson.

Images: Webpress


The result was a calculated investment in a state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factory, which allows the team to manufacture, supply and install its own Hemihydrate Liquid Screed. Using a German-built Trans Mix machine, AFS can transport its own materials to site where the fully automatic, computerised system precisely weighs and mixes the screed, which is then pumped for simple installation. From manufacture to installation, this one-stop-shop system gives the company complete control over every stage of the process, providing the highest quality products combined with excellent service. This level of control is matched by the quality of AFS’s Hemihydrate Liquid Screed. It provides superior thermal conductivity to sand and cement screeds and reduces the coverage of underfloor heating pipes to greatly improve the performance and reaction times of the screed. The team, which has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and has worked on projects across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, can also tailor packages for projects ranging from smaller self-builds up to larger constructions.

The company provides different types of liquid and traditional screeds.

At present the business is where we want it to be.


Alpha Flow Screeds Limited, a trading name of the Donnelly family is the latest innovation of this ever-expanding Tyrone business that goes back three generations. We have entrusted to supply and lay floor screed and insulation across Ireland.

ALPHA FLOW SCREEDS LIMITED- “Leave it to the professionals!”


The story of

Cutsue Ltd In conversation with Martin Cremin by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


utsue Ltd are based in Banteer, County Cork and provide a nationwide service. They are a HTC Approved Floor Systems Contractor.

“Polished concrete floors (HTC SuperfloorTM) are one of the most durable, easily maintained, natural and versatile floors in the world. The naturally beautiful surface is not only aesthetically appealing, but is durable, cost effective, environmentally friendly & the popular choice for domestic, commercial & industrial projects,’’ said Martin Cremin. “It should be noted that the colour of the finished floor will be dictated by the concrete supplier.

Polished concrete floors are available in four different surface finishes

A limestone quarry and a sandstone quarry, while having similar technical detail, will produce two different colours. A limestone quarry will typically give a light grey coloured finish and a sandstone quarry will typically give a darker red/brown finish. Critically, the concrete supplied and the pouring of the floor is key to achieving a blemish free polished concrete finish. When a concrete floor is poured, the stone aggregate settles below the surface leaving mainly cement at the upper surface. The HTC Superfloor process entails mechanically enhancing a newly cast or existing concrete floor. The concrete is ground step-by-step according to a well-defined process for achieving the desired characteristics,’’ added Mr Cremin.

Which HTC SuperfloorTM surface finish is right for you? “Polished concrete floors (HTC SuperfloorTM) are available in four different surface finishes and degrees of stone aggregate exposure: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. It’s the grinding depth and number of polishing steps that differentiate the finishes,’’ he imparted. HTC Superfloor Bronze; with its finely honed upper layer, Bronze is the simplest HTC SuperfloorTM. The aggregate will not be visible. This produces a smooth and gloss surface with some-what lower resistance to wear. HTC Superfloor Silver; Silver is a less glossy variant of Platinum because the grinding depth is the same. However, the polishing steps are fewer. It thus provides a matt but strong floor. HTC Superfloor Gold; Gold entails that the floor is not ground as deep as with platinum. However, the floor is polished to the same gloss. HTC Superfloor Platinum; Platinum is the best of the best. By repeatedly grinding and polishing the floor, you get a smoother, more even floor with more aggregate exposure, high gloss and unmatched resistance to wear. Platinum is the most popular surface finish and is a good choice for most applications. “We, Cutsue Ltd, are based in Banteer, Co. Cork however we provide a nationwide service. Please email or call us and we will be happy to talk to you about your Polished Concrete floor project and offer advice and guidance,’’ concluded Martin Cremin. P: 086-8537197 E: W:

The colour of the finished floor will be dictated by the concrete supplier.


Polished Concrete Floors Domestic

Polished Concrete Floors Commercial/Industrial

Polished Concrete Repair

Do you want to a naturally beautiful, eco friendly, easily maintained floor for your home? Polished concrete could be the answer

Need a durable, anti-static, antimarking, floor that’s resistant to wear? Polished concrete floors offer the perfect solution for a commercial/industrial environment

Upon inspection, we can offer a comprehensive floor preparation solution to rough, uneven or unlevelled concrete floor surfaces to achieve a polished concrete floor

We, Cutsue Ltd, are an HTC Approved Floor Systems Contractor in Ireland and we offer a nationwide service. Polished concrete floors (HTC SuperfloorTM) are available in 4 different surface finishes and degrees of stone aggregate exposure: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Please email or call us and we will be happy to talk to you about your Polished Concrete floor project and offer advice and guidance.


Cutsue Ltd, Banteer, Co. Cork.

Clontarf Dream



ofDREAMS Words: Emer Kelly Pics: Home & Build


nce upon a time, a bungalow was situated where a striking three storey property now stands on a prestigious road in Clontarf in North Dublin. The Architect overseeing this property was Fergal O’Doherty of Tyler Owens Architects who are based in Dublin 3. The practice specialises in both traditional and contemporary design as well as understanding the importance of client communication. “The original house was demolished to make way for a three storey double fronted house keeping the style of the Georgian houses along the street. This also gave the client better living space. This property is double fronted and it is 5,000sqft in total,’’ said Fergal O’Doherty. “The clients were an absolute joy to deal with, they were very hands on and made informed decisions. They were very interested in the project from start to finish and they were very clear with what they wanted. It was a fairly straight forward build,’’ added Mr O’Doherty.

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


From bungalow to three storey spacious home in Clontarf “The clients were an ABSOLUTE JOY.” www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


Clontarf Dream

“Planning permission for the house came through quite quickly and we went to site about two years ago. I’ve worked on countless houses with Enda (McManus of Coynestone Developments) over the last 15 years and not only is he good to work with and above all else he is a very good builder. “He’s a good lad at dealing with clients as well as getting the project finished on time. I’d say he would be very welcome to go back and have a cup of tea with any of the clients he has worked for because he is that type of a guy. There were absolutely no problems throughout the building of this house, everything went very smoothly,’’ remarked Fergal. In terms of the layout of the property, when you walk through the front door you are greeted with quite a light filled hallway as well as a breath taking triple height staircase with the kitchen, living and dining area taking up the most space on this level as well as a utility room, bathroom, sitting room and other living spaces. On the first floor, you are greeted by bedrooms, an office and a bathroom with the second floor comprising of more living space and bedrooms.

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie

“It was a VERY STRAIGHT forward BUILD.”

Clontarf Dream

“The HOUSE suits their PERSONALITY.” As to how Tyler Owens got involved with this project? “The clients approached us through other clients whose house we had worked on along the same road. The project went to tender and we got the job. Peter Owens designed the house,’’ he said. “This house has turned out really well. The inspiration for the design came from the street itself. The client had a really defined and well thought out brief as to what they wanted to incorporate in to the house. “The male homeowner is quite tall so we had to make sure that doors as well as fixtures and fittings such as sinks, presses, toilets etc were at a slightly higher level than they normally would be,’’ he said. In terms of the technical elements of the house, the house would have an A2 rating with an air to water sourced heat pump in the back garden. The pump is working out very well and despite the house being quite large the heating and electricity bills aren’t too high. In terms of insulation, Xtratherm 100mm full cavity was used with 65mm of internal insulation. “Houses of this size would usually cost a small fortune to run but with the technologies and regulations that are around these days, they are making houses an awful lot more efficient. Building a big house is one thing, running a big house is another so to get those bills down every month is a good thing and it is very achievable to do. “The clients are very happy with their house and we’re very happy with how it turned out, the house suits their day to day living requirements and their personality,’’ concluded Fergal O’Doherty.

CONTACT LIST ARCHITECT: Fergal O’Doherty Tyler Owens Architects, The Mash House, Distillery Road, Dublin 3 01-5250050

MAIN CONTRACTOR: Enda McManus Coynestone Construction Ltd, 8 Fairview, Dublin 3 01-8353497 - 087-9188331

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS: Kevin Ryan Kavanagh Ryan & Associates, Upper Dargle Road, Bray, County Wicklow 01-2765661

QUALITY SERVEYOR: Joseph Coughlan Joseph Coughlan & Associates, 14 Mellifont Avenue, Dun Laoghaire 01-2844842 - 087-2843947

MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL CONSULTANTS: Darran Dunne Renaissance Engineering, Bond House, 9-10 Lower Bridge Street, Dublin 8 01-6750850 - 086-8201983

HEALTH & SAFETY: Alison Dale ORS Engineering, 3-4 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin 2 044-9342518

INSULATION: Xtrathem Limited, Liscarton Industrial Estate, Kells Road, Mullaghard, Navan, County Meath, C15 NP79 046-9066000 www.hom ea nd b uild .ie



The story of

Concept Design

In conversation with Karen O’Rourke by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


oncept Design Interiors was established in 2000 by Karen O’Rourke, a graduate of the National College of Art and Design. The team at Concept Design Interiors have years of training and experience in all areas of the design business.

We do everything

To get the maximum value from any building – design issues need to be considered from the very start of all property projects. Concept Design Interiors will achieve the highest benefits for you on all property projects. The key to our success as design advisors, is being able to bridge the gap between the client and the Builder/ Architect. As a female I think we have a softer approach but yet can stand up for the client and guide them when difficult decisions or choices need to be made,’’ said Karen O’Rourke. Each of their clients’ needs are individually met and tailored to their required budgets. We offer and hand holding service throughout the project, and are on hand for all of the decision process. Concept Design Interiors has a wealth of experience in all areas of the design process.

We bridge the gap.

The team works closely with a broad range of manufactures in designing and creating new looks and products which provide our customers with a distinctive and sought after result.

With lots of house renovations

“My work brings me all over Ireland both in terms of residential and commercial work. We work with development companies and builders as well as Architects and home owners,’’ said Karen O’Rourke.

business this year has been very good

“This year as people have had to spend more time in their homes they have realised that perhaps their home is not working as well as it could be for them. People are not spending money going out so they have that bit extra and want to spend it wisely. However they are still busy working so they look to companies like ourselves to advise and carryout the work.

very positive and am looking forward

even with the Covid virous, so I feel

to the future

concluded Karen O’Rourke.



+353 (0)86 263 9751

• Showhouse Interior Design • Renovation Coach

• Residential Interior Design • Apartment Fit-out and Refurbishments


All is fair in

Polished Concrete! Marie Hally talks to Renovate your Home Words: Emer Kelly


oncrete Fair are leading specialists in polished concrete manufacturing and installation. They produce hand crafted pieces for commercial works such as reception desks and corporate fit outs in addition to residential projects such as kitchen tops and islands, fire hearths and vanities. Their team has collectively more than 30 years construction experience. Concrete Fair have carpenters and cabinet makers on their team along with fully trained GFRC specialists. They have

Images: Webpress

trained extensively in the use of GFRC to produce high quality specialised polished concrete products. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional projects on time and to the highest standard. Concrete Fair will work with you closely to achieve your end goal. Their work includes concrete worktops, concrete wall panels, concrete vanity tops, commercial concrete, concrete barbecues and concrete fire hearths.


Concrete Fair are experts in using Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and in situ conventional wet cast techniques to provide their service to renovators, interior designers and architects alike, offering a wide variety of concrete finishes and colour combinations that can be cast into any shape. With the use of modern sealers your GFRC lightweight concrete worktop will remain in top condition for decades to come. Their aim is to be the top manufacturer of polished concrete work tops and products in Ireland and the UK. Concrete Fair has 20 years construction industry exposure. They understand the importance of delivering quality products on time and within budget. Concrete Fair services Ireland and the UK. They can deliver and install or ship for your convenience. Glass fibre reinforced concrete consists of high strength glass fibre embedded in a cementitious matrix. In this form, both fibres and matrix retain their physical and chemical identities, while offering a combination of properties that can not be achieved with either of the components acting alone. In general, fibres are the principal load-carrying members, while the surrounding matrix keeps them in the desired locations and orientation, acting as a load exchange medium between the fibres. In fact, the fibres provide reinforcement for the matrix and other useful functions in fibre-reinforced composite materials. Glass fibres can be incorporated into a matrix either in continuous or discontinuous lengths. By replacing the gravel and sand in conventional concrete with high-tech materials, such as fibreglass and polymers we are able to create statement pieces that are truly unique taking on a sculptural quality. Polished concrete is unique and indulgent remaining economical and durable. The possibilities are endless. Worktops are made of cement and a combination of admixtures such as fibre reinforcement, silica fume pozzolan, and acrylic
 polymer. Once cast, the worktops are cured for a few days, processed and honed to reveal the concrete’s natural beauty. GFRC worktops are almost always sealed. The type of seal, method and number of coats of sealer is unique to each concrete craftsman. Because concrete is naturally porous, concrete worktops should always be sealed to protect them from food stains, scratches and water absorption. The right sealer will not only protect the worktop surface, but also enhance its colour and sheen. There are many factors to consider when choosing a worktop sealer. At Concrete Fair we favour high performance sealers that don’t impede upon the organic feel of the concrete. Polished concrete can be cast into any shape and size and is completely customisable.

Polished concrete is something that you will never get tired of looking at.


Crafted by hand, each piece takes a sculptural form that is unique in its finish. Specialising in hand crafted custom concrete work tops,vanity tops, wall panels, stair treads, tables and furniture, each design can be tailored to your individual requirements and preference. When you combine timeless design with the inherent durability of concrete, your worktops will serve you well for decades, both functionally and aesthetically and are unlikely to need replacement.

space which is an extension of our current facility - our products do need a lot of space and we’re about to launch our range of sinks as well as two more products which will be for interior/exterior application in the commercial and domestic market,’’ concluded Marie Hally.

This not only conserves materials and eliminates waste, it saves you the expense and hassle of ripping out worn, or out-dated countertops. Concrete bench tops and bartops make a bold design statement in modern kitchens and restaurants, often becoming the focal point of the room. In homes, concrete bench tops convey a clean, sleek, minimalist look that complements contemporary décor and works well with modern stainless steel appliances and wood.

People are looking at better using the space they have.

Concrete’s versatility allows contractors to take many different approaches to modern design, from the understated and refined to the trendy and cutting-edge. “Polished concrete is something that you will never get tired of looking at, It can be very sleek and you can also give it a very rustic look so it will fill a variety of different design goals. It tends to work well with surrounding décor and is a lovely fit to any home’’ said Marie Hally. “We are based in South Tipperary, we do a lot of work in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick and a lot of places inbetween. We would do a lot of work in the commercial sector as well as the residential side. We have done a lot of residential work this year in terms of renovations with clients making best use of exterior space - we have fitted quite large barbecues countertops, fire pits and seating areas. People are looking to make better use of the space they have. As to the future of Concrete Fair? “We want to move into our new office, showroom and workshop


+353 52 6172622 +353 83 8189379



The future

looks good for

Dekoscreed! In conversation with Evelyn O’Riordan by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


ekoscreed is a Cork based supplier of resin floor systems and coatings for aesthetically beautiful interiors. Dekoscreed is the idea of Luca Pentek Of Pentek Installations and Evelyn O’Riordan suppliers of resin floor systems and coatings for the Industrial and commercial sectors. Luca started his first business venture without capital operating from his front living room in 2013, Pentek Installations. Whilst Pentek Installations is a successful business Luca and Evelyn had a yearning to work in a more creative and personal environment to take their skills in a new direction, Dekoscreed was born. Dekoscreed, polished resin flooring systems and coatings to create connected spaces for work, home and play, with emphasis on design, creativity, and style. At Dekoscreed your design and ideas are made reality. No joints just beautiful seamless floors throughout your home. Seamless resin floors can be selected from a variety of fantastic colours and textures and finishes a world of limitless possibilities wherever your imagination takes you.

“This year was the year where we have got a lot of enquiries and we have also got some nice projects under our belt. As well as working in the residential sector we also work in the in commercial sector such as in restaurants, bars, retail and cafés. “We are based in Kinsale, Co. Cork, but we would get calls from all over Ireland. It is very specialised flooring system. We design the floor for our customers, trying to get their vision from their mind to the floor. Our clients can pick any colour, finish, texture, add a design, choose local stone from a local quarry or whatever you wish to add. All added aggregate is handed graded and washed by us. So, the process is very unique and bespoke, no two projects are the same all projects are individual on a design basis with the client. We consider our busines to be a family run craft business. As to the future of Dekoscreed?

“We have a lot of hope for the future of the company and it is very much an incoming trend so it will continue going upwards and we hope that we become a well-known company in Ireland as well as continuing to build our clientele and become more involved in the design process with Architects as well as succeeding at what we do,’’ concluded Evelyn O’Riordan.

Dekoscreed seamless floors are highly durable so that they withstand everyday family activities. The ambient temperature of seamless floors makes them perfect for barefoot little feet. Easy to maintain so that you get to spend less time cleaning and more time playing. Dekoscreed floors are a combined design project with their clients, architects and interior designers with attention to interior, environment, safety and design. Your vision our vision united, making your dreams and ideas a reality. “It’s a process that we developed ourselves; it’s a polished screed system similar as if you were polishing concrete,’’ said Evelyn O Riordan.

All projects are individual on a design basis.

It’s a process that we developed ourselves.

24 (021) 470 0291 The Crows Nest, Catholic Walk, Cork Kinsale Ireland P17 W326




Seamless, Connected, Unity of Interior.

Connected spaces for a better living.

It’s All in the Details


Renovation DUBLin7

“We LOVE our HOME.”

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


Renovating & modernising

in Dublin 7 Making an old house cool! Words: Emer Kelly Pics: Victor Naine de Almeida


arran Heaney lives in a renovated Victorian terraced home with his partner Eoin Callaghan in Dublin. After a year of house hunting Darran and Eoin found this home which was in need of complete renovation. Mr Heaney and Mr Callaghan had a tight budget so with the help of their family and using their own resources they restored the original home and built a small extension at the back for the kitchen and dining area. They also added an attic conversion transforming the home into a split-level house. By replacing the original Victorian features and adding their own contemporary style they have created a home that represents their personality. Here, Darran talks about their gorgeous home in Phibsborough, Dublin 7. “We were living in Blanchardstown and we were looking at houses that we could afford, I work on the North side of Dublin and my partner works on the South side of Dublin so that was something else we had to factor in (we needed to be near a train station and near to Town),’’ said Darran Heaney. “We were looking at three or four different areas for about six months and we were getting trumped by cash buyers or outbid so one day I decided to look in Phibsborough so we viewed this house on a whim. When we first saw this house, we really liked it because of its unusual split-level layout and the front room just sold the house to us; there was a big 12 foot high ceiling in there and it was really impressive so that’s how we ended up with our house. “Four months after our bid was accepted we got the keys to the house and we began working on it. As the house has an unusual layout to it, the house is sort of zoned so we have the good room at the front and our living/ dining/ social area is at the back of the house with two bedrooms both of which are en-suite,’’ enthused Mr Heaney.

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


Renovation DUBLin7

“We’re not overlooked by any neighbours and our outdoor space was a bigger location than most outdoor spaces than those houses have, a lot of them just have a yard so we ended up with a substantial outdoor space. It’s a nice area to sit out in or have a barbecue in,’’ imparted Darran. With a rather unique spin put on their home, where did the inspiration for the interior come from? “The stuff that we have in our house is very carefully thought out. We had our blue sofas bought before we even had the house so we weren’t trying to follow trends; we were buying what we liked. A lot of the stuff in the house is a mix of stuff from our family or stuff that we have bought ourselves. “The house has a relaxed vibe to it and it isn’t a sterile house. I have two nephews and granted I cover stuff when they come over, they have the full run of the house as we aren’t precious over our house or our stuff. I know when people come over they feel relaxed and that was something that was very important to us,’’ enthused Mr Heaney. Work began on the house in October 2016 and the home owners moved in in October 2017. “Certain things held us back from moving in, in the February we realised that the roof needed to be replaced as there was woodworm in it so replacing the roof added an extra couple of months on to the build. “The work on the house took about 12 months all in all and then we had things like fitting our kitchen, connecting the water and things like that. I really enjoyed working on the house but it was stressful when you think you are going to have things done by a certain date and I know things happen in a build. An old house is where you peel away something and you end up revealing another problem,” explained Darran. www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


“There was once or twice when I did go ‘oh Jesus,’ this is madness! We stripped the house back to three walls; there was a mini digger brought in through the front door and all of the floors were dug out and properly re-insulated and I just thought that it was a much bigger project than we realised around the four and a half month/ five month period. “I knew it had to get worse before it got better but there was a little bit of a panic! It felt like the house wasn’t a house any longer and that it had become a building site. I would say to people not to be afraid of a renovation project because you end up with a house that’s so much more different and unique rather than if you go with the bog standard,’’ he added. “We love our home. We really pushed for the polished concrete floor and people thought we were mad but we love it and it is worth the investment. “When we were working on our home, we were paying money for accommodation elsewhere as well as paying the mortgage on the house, paying the builders and trying to save at the same time so financially it can be quite stressful but you forget about all of that when you move into your home. “We love our home, we wouldn’t have put that much money, time and effort in to it if we didn’t. I’m already looking for my next project, I’ve caught the renovating bug!”concluded Darran Heaney.

“Certain things HELD us BACK.”

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


Eugene is the main

when it comes to

painting & building!

Eugene O’Brien talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


ugene O’Brien is a building and painting contractor based in Aughrim, County Wicklow.

A lot of my work comes through word of mouth.

“A lot of my work comes through word of mouth. I do a lot of residential work as well as Council work and work on schools. “I would do a good bit of work in Dublin and Wicklow,’’ he enthused. As to the future? “People have a few quid in their pockets now on account of not going on a holiday this year and they are improving their houses in terms of extensions and attic conversions as well as painting and re-decorating their houses. I’m doing a lot of extension projects at the moment. The construction industry is going well at the moment so hopefully it will continue that way,’’ concluded Eugene O’Brien.

“I set up my painting and decorating business in 1996 and about 10 years ago I went in to the building end of things, said Eugene O’Brien.



Good times ahead for

Cavanagh Kitchens and Bedrooms Mikey Cavangh talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


avanagh Kitchens and Bedrooms based in Tipperary are independent and therefore able to offer you access to a wide range of products from the main manufacturers within the industry. All of their products have been carefully selected by the team for quality and value and are something they would be happy with in their own home.

We have invested in a lot more machinery.

Cavanagh Kitchens and Bedrooms’ philosophy is to provide you with the best quality designed and individually made kitchen or bedroom within your budget and tailored to fulfill your exact requirements – bespoke furniture at high street prices. “In the last couple of years, we have invested in a lot more machinery and we have a good team working for us. We also partook in the DIY SOS show that aired on RTÉ One in recent months and it was a great experience, we were involved in Sinead Barry’s house in Tipperary and if we have got paid for the job it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever done in my life,’’ said Mikey Cavanagh. “A lot of work is through word of mouth and referrals. We’ve worked on some lovely projects this year. We have some weird and wonderful products as well as bespoke products available to our customers. We try to give 100% to all of our customers. “Going forward we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds. At this moment in time I can’t see a downward spiral when it comes to kitchens are there is a lot of disposable income around. We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing and we would like to employ some more local people,’’ concluded Mikey Cavanagh.

We have some weird and wonderful products as well as bespoke products available.


as seen on

as seen on

German Style kitchens If you are looking for a sophisticated, sleek, modern kitchen then without a doubt, the latest designs in German-Style, true handless kitchens are worth some serious consideration.

Innovative materials We have carefully sourced the latest and very best innovative materials from various trusted Irish & European suppliers. Accessories to compliment your kitchen, from market leaders Kessebohmer and Blum to name but a few are fitted as standard, offering you plenty of choice and ensuring durability.

062 31601 23 O’Brien Street, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary, E34 HP46.


It certainly leads

to the perfe Designer

Peter Finn of RTÉ One Show ‘Home Rescue,’ talks to Renovate your Home Words: Emer Kelly

Images: RTÉ Press Office


ublin man Peter Finn is a recognisable face as he is the most regular Builder currently on television! Peter stars in the TV makeover show Home Rescue and has also appeared on numerous Room to Improve shows. Mr Finn is known as a positive representative for the Construction Industry in general. A Carpenter by trade and holds numerous other construction accreditations. Having learned his trade with a small house builder, he moved on to a construction management position in TCD. The call of site and construction adventure encouraged Peter to open his own construction company that delivered many years

of successful projects. Peter then linked up with Mark Flynn to development MDS Construction into one of the premier construction companies in the country. Finn & Flynn is the next step on the road to the top of the construction hierarchy for Peter and Mark. “My Mam & Dad built a house when we were young and I was attracted to the site, my Father wasn’t a builder but my Grandfather and Uncle where Carpenters and from the early doors I had it in my head that I was going to become a Carpenter,’’ said Peter Finn.



ect storm of Builder Clashes


“I was very lucky to get an apprenticeship under an excellent local small house builder called Hugh Reilly. “I’ve always had a keen interest in building and I love the challenges that come from building and how every project is different. The building regulations and technology are always changing so it is a very interesting job and you are always kept on your toes!” As to his involvement with Home Rescue? “I did the first season of Room to Improve with Dermot Bannon and we basically submitted a price and a day later we were working on site. I was also the first builder to have

an argument with Dermot! We stopped doing the show as we became so busy and we had different aspects going on within the business,’’ enthused Mr Finn.

The development was launched at the end of October.


“Coco Television contacted me about Home Rescue and I said no to taking part in it about five times! I did the first season thinking it was a makeover show but it wasn’t until I saw the reveals that I realised we were genuinely changing peoples lives who either had compromised health, life got on top of them or they weren’t able to sort out their buildings. Seeing the positivity of it made a big impact on me and I like that and the positivity of it. The show is going from strength to strength and we’re on series four now. It’s getting great ratings and it has become its own brand new. “Róisín and I get on very well and I actually worked on a job with her years ago. When you have the time pressures and when you have someone that wants to maximise their designs like Róisín does and I’ve got my principles in that I want to get my job finished and done to a high standard it certainly leads to the perfect storm of designer versus builder clashes but we always get the job done. I enjoy my relationship with Róisín even if sometimes it can be quite stressful,’’ added a laughing Peter. In terms of the future? “I’m 100% positive about 2021 for many different reasons but the construction industry was very lucky in that it was the last industry to stop when lockdown was implemented and we were one of the first to reopen in May. I do think 2021 is going to be a very busy year and personally in my own business we have a lot of work on through Architects and Engineers that we would have built relationships with over the years. “We’ve got a very exciting project beginning in January. Ringfort is our first property development of 16 houses in Rathmoylon, County Meath. It’s a lovely town and we’ve got a really nice site that we’re giving people a choice of their interior in-terms of open-plan interior or they can stick with the traditional interior. The development was launched at the end of October, it’s very positive and we’re going to site in January. “There is also every possibility of series five of Home Rescue, which be an hour long this time,’’ concluded Peter Finn.

I’ve always had a keen interest in building.



Baby steps for

A typical timeline for a bathroom renovation is as follows; in the first two to three days, the room is stripped back and prepared for the tiler.

Bathroom Exhange

New plasterwork, flooring and pipework is fitted. Tiling is laid in the next two days and the final day is for fitting and finishing. Payment for any materials purchased for the project is made at the start of the project. Otherwise, payment is made on completion of the project.

In conversation with Paul Gallagher by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


athroom Exchange formerly known as PG Bathrooms & Plumbing specialise in domestic bathroom renovations. Their service is the complete package- your bathroom will be stripped back to its bare bones and rebuilt with completely new insulation, plasterboard, pipework, tiling, electrics and fittings. The company is directed by Paul Gallagher, a qualified plumber with more than 15 years experience in bathroom installation and plumbing. Mr Gallagher personally supervises every renovation and tightly project manages every aspect of the project including materials, plumbing, tiling, electrics and rubbish removal.

The hire of a skip is included in the project quotation with the cost of rubbish removal included in the quote. Bathroom Exchange also provide ongoing maintenance and support.

I solely do all of the work myself.

Bathroom Exchange carry out all types of renovation including bathrooms, wet rooms, wheel-chair accessible bathrooms and toilets whilst maintaining the highest standards of finish and provide a fast, efficient follow up should any issues arise.

use my own tiler, plasterer and electrician. I replace everything when I do a job in a bathroom so I can then stand over my own

Other renovation work includes ensuites, grant funded work, toilets and wheel chair accessible.

work and I’m not relying on something else that was there and it gives the customer and

Bathroom Exchange’s plumbing services include general plumbing, heating systems, kitchens, wet appliances and power showers. The company have full public and employers liability insurance. The project process runs like clockwork, after your initial phone call or email to Mr Gallagher, he will arrange a visit to discuss the work and the clients ideas as well as discussing the layout and preference when it comes to tiling and fittings which will then be followed up with a quote.

I solely do all of the work myself and I

I peace of mind; it also means the customers are getting what they pay for when it comes to my standard of work, said Paul Gallagher.

I get great satisfaction out of what I do!

Going forward I would like to hire a few people and begin doing work outside of Dublin. Currently I work all over Dublin and the surrounding areas. I get great satisfaction out of what I do! I also specialise in under stairs transformations as instead of having wasted space under your stairs clients are now looking for an extra toilet in their house. These transformations are becoming very popular. “As things move on, I would also like to have my own showroom but it is all about baby steps at the moment, concluced Paul Gallagher.



Renovations Bathrooms Ensuites Wet Rooms Toilets Wheel Chair Accessible Grant Funded Work

Plumbing General Plumbing Heating Systems Kitchens Wet Appliances Power Showers

+353 85 212 0458 pa u l l eon ga l l a gh er@ic l ou d. c om


The story of


and what the future holds... Finbarr Feely talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


ounded in 1780 by Christy Feely, Feelystone brings over 240 years of craftsmanship, expertise, quality, and history to your fingertips. They are a leading stone manufacturer and stone supplier offering a wide range of architectural, worktops, monumental and housing stone to Ireland and the international market. Current managing director, Finbarr Feely’s father Barry joined the company in 1955. At that time there were five people working in the company including his father Henry and his uncle James. The company has grown hugely throughout the years now employing more than 30 people. In 1955 Barry Feely at the age of 15 joined his father Henry Feely in the family company. Barry started his role in Feelystone in the forge where he made and sharpened tools, learning the tricks of the trade as he worked his way up the business. Barry’s brother Pat joined the business in 1962 mainly working with the machinery. Barry has said there is great strength in two brothers working together. Barry’s two son’s Finbarr and Shane now work in the business. Finbarr started in the company in 1997 and is now managing director. Shane began in Feelystone in 2010 and is now Contracts Manager. Feelystone is run by Finbarr Feely and a very experienced management team of James Mc Nicholas, Shane Feely and Ann Green. Feely Stone supply and fit monuments, kitchen counters and commercial projects to name but a few , Lansdowne Place Hotel and Apartments in Dublin and Knock Basilica. Feelystone’s services include worktop supply and fit service, quality production, full consultation service, premium products and a nationwide delivery service.

Things look positive for our business.

“Running the family business is nice as I’m carrying on the tradition and hopefully in turn I can pass it on to the next generation so there is a responsibility on you to keep the business strong and current for the next generation,’’ said Finbarr Feely.

“Our business is a mixture of residential and commercial work. Business is busy and there was a big spurt on in the summer for garden products as well as counter tops for kitchens as people have started renovation work at home.

I’m carrying on the tradition.

Things look positive for our business for next year as well. “In terms of the future it is a matter of moving along and being a step ahead of the game. We have to keep ahead of things and seeing what we can offer in terms of finishes, materials and colours for the market. We also have to keep the technology and machinery fresh,’’ added Mr Feely.

We have a good experienced team working here. I can’t do everything on my own and it is all about the team you have around you and empowering them to do the best they can. We want to maintain the level of efficiency and expertise that we have built up over the years, concluded Finbarr Feely.


Packed with tradition & experience, Feelystone is your one stop shop for all your stone needs. With 240 years experience across 10 generations there has always been a strong family tradition at Feelystone.



Boyle +353 71 966 2066

Feelystone Ltd, Greatmeadow, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, F52 X327




All about

Flinter Floors In conversation with Maurice Flinter by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress Maurice Flinter of Flinter Floors is well known in the world of carpet fitting throughout Ireland. A winner of the ‘Carpet Fitter of the Year,’ Mr Flinter has always ensured that every job is completed to the highest professional standards. Maurice carries out training for the Irish Government Training Agency – FÁS.

“We fit all over Ireland and you could nearly say that we have done work in every county in Ireland. We’re a very well known and respected company and we always do a good job,’’ said Maurice Flinter. “We sell timber flooring, laminate flooring, LVT Tiles which are very popular at the moment, we also sell contract vinyl and carpet tiles. Anything that is connected to flooring we more or less do.

Anything that is connected to flooring we more or less do.

Mr Flinter is also the founder of the Irish Flooring Academy bringing standards of excellence to the training of the next generation of carpet fitters. Wide experience of both commercial and domestic fitting of carpets and vinyl ensures that your project will be finished to the highest standards. Maurice Flinter combines the highest professional standards with a personal touch on every project he undertakes.

The business is going very well. Over the next 12 to 18 months I think we’re going to be very busy as there is a lot of building going on and we would get a lot of big jobs to do with quality carpets. We’re also a very reliable company so that works in our favour, concluded Maurice Flinter.

We’re also a very reliable company.

FLINTER FLOORS The Flooring Professionals


Flinter Floors Unit 5, Athy Business Campus, Block C, Kilkenny Road, Athy, Co Kildare.

087 656 0948




“It is an ATTRACTIVE house.”

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie

ROOM to improve in


KILDARE A beautiful renovation in Athgarvan Words: Emer Kelly Pics: RTÉ Press Office & Coco Content LTD


avid and Nessa Conlon’s split level house is in a cul-de-sac, close to The Curragh in County Kildare and was full of interesting quirks, like curved interior walls, a corridor with seven doors leading into bedrooms and bathrooms and most alarmingly - a 600

square meter garden, with a 40 degree slope rising to a height well above the roof of the house. With a budget of more than €220,000 Architect Dermot Bannon had a huge challenge on his hands both inside and outside the house. This jovial couple appeared on the most recent series of the RTÉ programme ‘Room to Improve,’ last September and here, Mrs Conlon talks to us about the beautiful home she ended up with. “When we applied up to participate in Room to Improve we never thought that we would be selected. It was always a pipe dream that we would ever have a house designed by Dermot Bannon,’’ explained Nessa Conlon. “When we got the call to say that we were selected I nearly crashed the car with excitement. We did however have to think twice about it because obviously you are exposing yourself to the nation but the pros well outweighed the cons. The programme went down very well and rather than the show being focused around us it was focused around the house, the garden and the involvement of Diarmuid Gavin as well. We pinched ourselves when we heard Diarmuid Gavin was getting involved, he had a vision for the garden to do something different and we didn’t need a football pitch for a garden. There is a large green area just down the road from us. The garden works so well for us, it is unique and relatively free from hard work. It needs to be pruned once a year along with a bit of weeding. “It was very easy to work with Dermot Bannon and he is an expert at his trade. We trusted Dermot and I think he may have felt more pressure because we didn’t really question his decisions but he didn’t push his decisions on us either. We worked together,’’ added Mrs Conlon. With this being the Conlon’s third move, it was imperative to them that they ended up with a forever home in Kildare and seeing as these houses don’t often come up for sale, it is a rather unique house to live in. “There is nothing we would change about the house and it just works for us as a family. We have four bedrooms, the open plan space isn’t too big and it works for us. We have the den area which can be closed off when either the kids or us are using this space. I think it is very important to have a separate space that you can close off (like our den) especially when you have open plan living,’’ she enthused.

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie



In terms of what attracted David and Nessa to buying this house? “A couple of things caught our eyes about this house and location was one of them as very few properties like this one come up around the Newbridge/ Athgarvan area. We were after a house where you have your own privacy but you also have neighbours and the layout of this house was also rather different. “We didn’t want to live out in the countryside or to be isolated but we also didn’t want to be on the road night and day with the kids either. There is also a local link bus that they will be able to use when they get that bit older. The house is a split level bungalow and in my opinion it is an attractive house,’’ added Mrs Conlon. As to any advice Nessa would give to anyone who is about to embark on a renovation project? “I definitely think people are naïve when it comes to the cost of renovating. When you are doing a project like this (our house) you want to do it properly and you want to finish it, you don’t want to finish it off six months later and luckily we were in the financial position that we could do that through hard work and saving really hard. “The biggest thing to understand is that you are going to spend more than you think you are going to spend. It is clients expectations that drive the budget and that is so true. To get good quality stuff (appliances, flooring, kitchen etc), you will pay for it. Everyone that worked on the project was fantastic,’’ concluded Nessa Conlon.

www.hom ea nd b uild .ie



CONTACT LIST ARCHITECT: Dermot Bannon, Dermot Bannon Architects, 16 The Seapoint Building, 44-45 Clontarf Road, County Dublin - D03 RF63 01-8850172

ENGINEER: Loscher Moran, Unit 2 Block 4B, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Dublin 15 - 01-5175959 -


MAIN CONTRACTOR: Leetherm, Kilusty, Fethard, Co. Tipperary 052-6131550

ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS: Ciaran Devine, 01-6268038 - 086-8521911 WINDOWS: Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd, Whitestown Business Park, Whitestown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24 01-4626671 BOILER: Grant Engineering, Ballinree, County Offaly 057-9120089

GARDEN DESIGN: Diarmuid Gavin FARDEN PLANTS: Arboretum, Rathvinden, Leighlingbridge, County Carlow - 059-9721558

KITCHEN & FITTED FURNITURE: Karl Cullen, Karl Cullen Fitted Kitchens, Monart East, County Wexford 086-3313850 CARPENTER (FLOORS & DOORS): Enda McEnery, Enda McEnery Carpentry, Mullinahoe, Thurles, Co. Tipperary 087-7556174 CARPENTER (FIRST FIX CARPENTRY & ROOF): Donal & Richie Carpentry, Roscrea, County Tipperary 089-4621777 FLOOR SCREED: Joe & Karen Kenna, Fast Floor Screed, Enfield, County Meath - 046-9549966

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Tom Kennedy, Tom Kennedy Electrial Services Ltd, 18 Ballyrichard Court, Carrick On Suir, Co. Tipperary 087-6759015 PLUMBING CONTRACTOR: Seamus Tracy, James Tracy Plumbing & Heating, Roscrea, County Tipperary 087-9854875 KITCHEN APPLIANCES (1): Miele, 2024 Bianconi Avenue, Citywest Business Park, Dublin 24 - 01-4610710 - KITCHEN APPLIANCES (2): Harvey Norman, Newhall Retail Park, Naas, County Kildare - 045-907700

FURNITURE: Meadows & Byrne, Unit 12-15 Naas Town Centre, Dublin Road, Naas East, County Kildare - 045-579595

FURNITURE, KITCHEN TABLE & CHAIRS: Siobhan O’Reilly, Harvey Norman, Tallaght, Dublin 24 - 01-4684500 Siobhan.O’

RESIN PATH: Keltec Paving Products, Kilpierce, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford 053-9233771

ARTWORK: Stoney Road Press, 11-13 Stoney Road, County Dublin 01-8878544

LANDSCAPING: Patrick Maher, Patrick Maher Paving & Landscaping, Graffin, Clonmore, Templemore, County Tipperary 086-3650519

SANITARY WARE: Kildare Bathroom Company, Link Business Park, Kilcullen, County Kildare - 045-482940


LIGHTING: Hicken Lighting, 17 Lower Bridge Street, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8 01-6777882 PAVING: Tilemerchant, Dockrells Complex, Ballymount Road Upper, Ballymount, Dublin 24 01-6950095

CARPETS: BTW, M7 Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare - 045-981750 www.hom ea nd b uild .ie

CARPETS: Shay Dowling Carpets, Ladytown Business Park, Co. Kildare - 045-409173 WOODEN FLOORING: Floor Design Ltd, Kylemore Park North, Dublin 10 - 01-6234157

WORKTOPS: Enniscorthy Stone Works Ltd, Ross Road, Templeshannon, Enniscorthy, County Wexford 053-9249982 PAINTER: Pat O’Connell, Pat O’Connell Decorating, Mullinahone, County Tipperary 087-2914574


Gleeson Floor Sanding are keeping it clean...

Seamus Gleeson talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


ased in Nenagh, Gleeson Floor Sanding is a floor sanding company that offers the highest standard of service to customers in Tipperary, Offaly, Limerick, Clare, Laois, Carlow, Cork & Kilkenny.

I use a dust free, dirt free system.

By offering their customers the ultimate floor finish, the company can assure a freshly restored look for domestic and commercial flooring that has endured the wear and tear of everyday living. Using the highest quality of materials and equipment, Gleeson Floor Sanding promise to restore your floor to its original finish. Gleeson Floor Sanding provide a professional and afforadable service with satisfactory results every time. They also guarantee no dust, no odour, no hassle. Seamus Gleeson, formerly of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company has recently decided to set up his own independent floor sanding company. Seamus has more than 10 years experience in the industry and has always endeavoured to provide the highest standard of service to all his customers. With the vast knowledge he has acquired over the years he understands the importance of high standard, dust free equipment.

We sand and recoat the floors bringing it back to its original state. The company is owned by Seamus Gleeson, formerly of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company has recently decided to set up his own independent floor sanding company. Seamus has 10 years experience in the industry and has always endeavoured to provide the highest standard of service to all his customers. With the vast knowledge he has acquired over the years he understands the importance of high standard, dust free equipment. Mr Gleeson specialises in domestic floor sanding, however he also extends his services to those in the commercial industry. He provides the ultimate floor finish for flooring that has lost its original shine due to foot traffic, wear and tear of family life and deterioration over the years. “I set the business up in 2009 and we do a lot of sanding and lacquering of all floors with the majority of our work being

residential. We sand and recoat the floors bringing it back to its original state or we may stain floors for a customer as they may want to rejig the look of their floor. We also do a good bit of commercial work and we do some work for a fitout company in Dublin,’’ said Seamus Gleeson. “We are based in Nenagh and we cover the midlands and a lot of the Munster area. The business is busy and it has gone from strength to strength over the years. I use a dust free, dirt free system and it is vaccum based.

In terms of the future of the business, I see people continuing to go ahead with their diy projects/ renovation work at home and I can see next year being busy for the company as well, concluded Seamus Gleeson.


086 3210669 Seamus Gleeson, formerly of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company has recently decided to set up his own independent floor sanding company. Seamus has 10 years experience in the industry and has always endeavoured to provide the highest standard of service to all his customers. With the vast knowledge he has acquired over the years he understands the importance of high standard, dust free equipment.

No Dust

No Odour

No Hassle

All about


Raftery Stone

and fixing all types of Natural Stone. They offer clients in Dublin and Ireland a comprehensive range of services from consultation, design, project management, supply and installation. Raftery Stone undertake all types of stonework and specialise in stone flooring and cladding both internally and externally working in the commercial and domestic sectors.

In conversation with Darren Raftery by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

Raftery Stone also offer an expert stone repair service specialising in general stone repair and as a specialist, they can repair virtually any type of stonework ranging from bricks and blocks to reconstituted products and granite, as well as other natural stone types.


aftery Stone are polished concrete and stone cladding specialists in Dublin. They polish concrete and supply and fit stone cladding in Dublin and throughout Ireland. They supply and fit all types of natural stone from large commercial to residential buildings.

They also repair granite and marble kitchen worktops, as well as stone fireplaces and hearths, stone and slate flooring, and even the internal mullions, window ledges and grand

13 years ago through their involvement in Stone cladding and polishing they were introduced to the concept of polished concrete. They loved it and were one of the first in Ireland to polish concrete. Raftery Stone have gained vast experience over the years and are now one of the leaders in the concrete polishing industry. They specialise in polishing concrete in homes.

We originally polished stones floors and that

evolved into polishing concrete. We started

Architects are starting to really like polished concrete.

using HTC equipment and we basically started working with the company. We were

Raftery Stone are here to help you find the perfect type of polished concrete flooring to suit your style and budget. Their highly trained and professional staff have polished many different types concrete floors throughout Ireland and their experience ensures you will get the right advice for your project. When it comes to polished concrete, Raftery Stone use HTC Superfloor systems that involve using HTC Machinery and Diamond Tooling exclusively to acheive what can only be described as superior polished concrete results to any other method. Their dust extraction system allows us to polish any floor keeping the dust levels to a minimum. Of course this is ideal when polishing a domestic house floor as well as larger commercial projects. In terms of stone cladding, Raftery Stone are stone cladding and stone fixing specialists in Dublin, supplying, cladding and fixing stone in Dublin and throughout Ireland for more than 20 years. They have vast experience in cladding

one of the first companies in Ireland to start polishing concrete floors, said Darren Raftery.

columns found in many of Irelands older buildings. “Business is going very well. Architects are starting to really like polished concrete so it is becoming really popular. We specialise in domestic flooring. We offer a nationwide service.

We were one of the first companies in Ireland to start polishing concrete floors

Going forward, I see a lot of domestic and renovation work coming down the road for us. Polished concrete tends to work very well with underfloor heating as well and polishing your floor is environmentally friendly and it costs a lot less to heat your house so I can see polished concrete being used more and more, he added. It’s (polished concrete) a reasonably priced high end finish and it looks really smart and sleek,’ concluded Darren Raftery.


Polished Concrete

(01) 823 7710 087 223 4453

Raftery Stone - Specialise in Polishing Concrete in your Home.

Topcoat Systems



remains one of Ireland’s

leading Resin Flooring Contractors Topcoat Systems are a wholly owned Irish based company by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


opcoat Systems are a wholly-owned Irish-based company and leaders in the manufacture and application of high-performance Epoxy resin coatings. They are known as one of Ireland’s top flooring contractors. The company was founded in 1993 by Ian O’ Connell. Their success over the years is due to the advances they have made and continue to make in the research and development of decorative and safety coating systems. Specialising in resin flooring, polished concrete as well as stone carpet flooring, Topcoat Systems has been bringing their vast experience to both recommending and installing flooring systems since the 90’s. As one of Ireland’s leading industrial and commercial resin flooring contractors, they specialise in both new projects and refurbishments and operate throughout Ireland. Topcoat Systems can assist you in the identification of the most appropriate products and design of your specialist flooring system. Their sales people are always available to discuss your ideas and bring them to fruition. Topcoat Systems offer a wide variety of seamless, durable, antislip decorative resin floor coating systems that are ideal for use in areas such as Food preparation areas, Commercial Kitchens, Showrooms, Cleanrooms, Retail Stores, Creches, Hairdressers, Garages and Nursing Homes. Flooring options include: resin flooring systems, polished concrete floors, interior and exterior stone carpets, Mapei Ultratop and Mapei Ultratop Loft.

Their sales people are always available to discuss your ideas.

they specialise in both new projects and refurbishments and operate throughout Ireland.


+353 61 369 497

We supply & install:

Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems

MMA Resin Flooring Systems

Polyurethane Systems

Exterior & Interior Stone Carpet Systems

Resin Comfort Floor

Polished Concrete



Forget DIY, here comes

Baz & DIY SOS In conversation with RTÉ presenter Baz Ashmawy Words: Emer Kelly

is an Emmy and IFTA Award Winning Radio and TV Broadcaster who has been a truly exciting Talent on our airwaves for over ten years. Most recently, Baz’s show ‘Wingman’ aired to phenomenal praise on RTÉ One.

Image: Noel Kelly Management

there was an element as to whether or not we could pull this off in Ireland and we were thinking are we too small of a country compared to the UK and its population and even from the point of view of companies coming on board and donating.

The show saw Baz guide many different characters from all walks of life on a journey towards making their dreams a reality. The show has been commissioned for a second series. In 2018, Baz took to the shiny stage of ITV to host their musical game show called ‘Change Your Tune’, He also created and presented ‘All Bets Are Off’, a documentary on the topic of gambling for RTÉ. For one of his epic adventures, Baz was joined by his Mammy Nancy for a whirlwind journey across the globe for the hit Sky 1 show, 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy. His first TV adventure was the wildly energetic and hugely successful hit comedy/travel series How Low Can You Go? on RTÉ Two which ran for five seasons. After this his first solo project saw him delve into the weird and the wonderful, from witches to biker gangs and from eccentrics to people who lived only on road kill with his brilliant and insightful series Baz’s Culture Clash on RTÉ Two. With no time to stop Baz began his next project Baz’s Extreme Worlds traveling to a maximum security prison in Oklahoma, trekking through the Arctic and working on a Trawler ship in Ireland. On RTÉ, Baz followed his spiritual journey back to practicing Islam for The Lost Muslim. He also presented The Fanatics on Sky 1. He can be found regularly guest presenting on RTÉ Radio One. Mr Ashmawy was also recently announced as the host of the Irish version of DIY SOS which will air later this year on RTÉ One. Here, we discuss the show and the future with Baz who very graciously accepted our interview request and was very giving with his time. “I think because DIY SOS is such a huge show in the UK,

It’s very moving and powerful.


The show is all based on good will and genorosity and the show wouldn’t work without a lot of people from catering to volunteers, to people getting supplies and bigger construction companies,’’ said Baz Ashmawy. “Recording the show has been amazing and I have always felt that Irish people are at their best when they are helping other people because it is just in our nature. You see these ladies and men on site; these men have big shovel hands and they are breaking their back for nothing and some of them have travelled two or three hours to come to site for seven o’clock in the morning and heading home at seven o’clock that night and returning the next day “There is a huge sense of community with this show and it is unbelieveable to see this sense of community and togetherness. My job is just to tell the story of the family from day one and how we are going to change their lives forever in the space of nine days. It’s very moving and powerful to be a part of something like this ,’’ added Mr Ashmawy. “The turn around of the projects in insane and I think that is why everybody loves it. Alan and John from Sycamore Construction are the head builders over the projects and I don’t know how they orchestrate the projects because the work is relentless for nine days.


I’m new to this show and I do get upset on site sometimes and I do relate things to my own family but that is only because I have a family and they are the hinge of my life so personally for me it helps me to relate to the masses because sometimes I am talking to a large group of people and I have to talk from the heart and everyone volunteering on the show is the same as they all have familes and to get the best out of them, I have to maybe tug a bit on the heartstrings and remind them that we all have families and maybe at times we take stuff for granted and until it is shown to you or you see an example of how it can go the other way you don’t really savour or appreciate what you have enough, he enthused.

“Sympathy does very little for people and pitying someone does very little for people but having empathy and feelings for someone and their situation isn’t a bad thing. There is something very special about this show, it’s as inspiring and great as it is sometimes upsetting and sad. Shows like this don’t come around very often and I love it. “Prior to COVID 19, we shot two episodes and then we downed tools. We are starting to film a new episode this month and it will be tricky enough due to restrictions and it will be like a military operation. There will be a lot less people on site so we will have to work on the projects over a longer period of time. Filming is going to be a lot more intense, it will be a bit more pressure but we will do the project. The show is going out around November,’’ added Mr Ashmawy. As to the future? “I’m working on my own podcast called ‘The Good, The Baz and The Ugly,’ and I’m working on other tv projects. I’m very lucky that I enjoy what I do and when I get up in the mornings going to work doesn’t feel like a chore,’’ concluded Baz Ashmawy.

Sympathy does very little for people.


The story of

Knot & Grain

I don’t generally venture outside of Kerry.

Brian McCarthy talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


rian McCarthy has been sanding and refinishing wooden floors since 2003. His business Knot & Grain is his passion and something that he takes great pride in.

Mr McCarthy holds qualifications from Lagler and BonaKemi (both world leaders in wood flooring) and he is also bona certified craftsman and Lagler PST certified. “I started sanding floors about 20 years ago when I was working for my Father’s business and two and a half years ago I started my own business and it is something that I’ve always really enjoyed and loved. Sanding floors is a passion of mine. Running my own business is a learning curve but I’m constantly trying to keep ahead of the game and learn about new products,’’ said Brian McCarthy.

Sanding floors is a passion of mine.

We’re based in Kerry and I don’t generally venture outside of Kerry unless it is a big job as Kerry is a big enough area and parts of Kerry are hard enough to get to! In terms of the future of the company; it’s a physically demanding job and I work on my own, I haven’t had the best experience with having someone working for me previously but to be honest I’m very happy working on my own and I don’t really want to expand massively as I feel that the quality of work drops when you bring other people in to work for you, concluded Brian McCarthy.


Why choose knot & grain floorsanding and refinishing to restore your wood floors? Pride in my craft and skilled, experienced workmanship. I use only the best equipment and finishes. These combined result in beautiful, long lasting floors. I also pride myself in offering punctuality, reliability, attention to detail & the utmost respect for your home. Using an effective dust control system ensures your home is pretty much free from dust throughout the process. Should a colour change be what you’re looking for I will work with you to find the colour of your choice. I leave cleaning products with all my clients and instructions on proper maintenance. This ensures that your newly refinished floors last as long as possible.

CONTACT US 089 208 9764


The story of

AD Sanding & Varnishing Images: Webpress

In conversation with Jonathan Doyle by Emer Kelly


Sanding and Varnishing run by Jonathan Doyle offers a high quality floor sanding and varnishing service available for Kilkenny and the surrounding counties. Their services include; all new and old wooden floors sanded, polished and varnished to the highest standard, staining a speciality, pick from a range of stain samples to bring out the natural beauty of your floor, all floors are expertly finished, guaranteed 98% dust free, stair steps also stripped, sanded and varnished. The family business was established over 30 years ago by Jonathan’s father, Aidan, and has built up well-deserved reputation for reliability and punctuality. Jonathan has more than 20 years experience in the flooring trade and has worked both in Ireland and the U.S.A. We provide all your flooring needs, their aim is your recommendation and all of their work is guaranteed.

There is a lot of job satisfaction with this job.

“I set my company up in 2005 and my Father was in the flooring business prior to setting up my own company. The business has built up a good name and I did a lot of work in Dublin between 2005-2007,’’ said Jonathan Doyle.

Dad retired last year so I’m getting all of his work now, he didn’t do any fitting work as he concentrated on the refurbishing and finishing on the floors. The last numbers of years I’ve done a lot of sanding and fitting. I’m busier now than I ever was and I’m delighted with it.

“There is a lot of job satisfaction with this job and I would work with a lot of herringbone floors,’’ added Mr Doyle. As to the future of AD Sanding and Varnishing? “I’m excited about 2021 as I’ve a lot of work on and last year was a good year workwise. I would like to train someone to a certain level so as they could give me a hand with working on the floors and so forth,’’ concluded Jonathan Doyle.

The business has built up a good name.



087 688 3881

60 32 Lacken Drive, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland

Sanding & Varnishing, Floor staining, Floor restoration and floor fitting throughout Kilkenny and nearby counties of Wexford, Carlow, Waterford, Wicklow, Kildare, Tipperary and Dublin.


MJ Kelly produce

Bespoke Stairs Images: Webpress


In conversation with Joe Kelly by Emer Kelly

“The most popular type of stairs are curved staircases because they are self supporting and they carry themselves. Going forward, we want to continue doing what we’re doing and doing it to a high standard,’’ concluded Joe Kelly.

We do work all over Ireland.

J Kelly Stairs are specialists in the construction of bespoke stairs to suit the individual needs and requirements of any space.

They have manufactured stairs for both commercial and domestic projects and have built their reputation with hundreds of satisfied clients and successful installations throughout the UK and Ireland, and occasionally even further afield. Quality bespoke solutions for your home, forming a space that’s truly yours. Through collaboration with your architect, MJ Kelly Stairs apply their experience and master craftsmanship to ensure there is no style that is beyond your reach. Think big, dare to dream and explore all possibilities to achieve your perfect look. Bespoke and exclusive concrete staircase design and fabrication is the core of MJ Kelly Stairs. As a renowned Irish manufacturer, specialising in staircase design, they can offer their customers exclusive staircases and a truly personal service; we are small enough to care, large enough to handle the biggest project. The company traces its origin to more than 50 years when their grandfather started as a general joiner. However the last 20 years it has specialised solely on staircases and has produced thousands of unique and different designs, all to the exact requirements of their customers. You can be assured that there is a MJ Kelly Stairs consultant dedicated to do all that is best for you. MJ Kelly Stairs handles your exact requirements and sees your project through to full completion and your complete satisfaction. MJ Kelly Stairs fabricate and install bespoke straight stairs, fish tail stairs, flair stairs, helical stairs, precast stairs, curved stairs, radius, spiral stairs, round stairs, and ellipse stairs, which can then be finished to your choosing - with marble, oak or walnut finishes being most popular.

The most popular type of stairs are curved staircases.

“We do work all over Ireland and we have done a few jobs in England just outside of London. We are happy enough with how the business is going, we’re very busy at the moment. We’re a small family business. We take on a certain amount of projects that we can manage and we even have people waiting on us to install stairs, said Joe Kelly.


087 412 6266 086 168 8669

We Design

Quality bespoke solutions for your home, forming a space that’s truly yours. Created with our experienced designers and built by our master craftsmen, there is no style that is beyond your reach. Think big, dare to dream and explore all possibilities to achieve your perfect look.






hára Nagle lives with her partner Alan Crosbie in a horse shoe shaped converted stable in Dublin with their family. Ms Nagle is an artist from County Cork and she has owned

this home since 2006 and has been living here with Alan and their family since 2015. The building dates back to 1674 and was originally part of an estate. Chára and Alan renovated the home to make it more conducive to modern family living. Their aim was to make it a modern-day ginger bread cottage (hence the pink exterior). The building is curved so all of the furniture had to be specially made to fit the space. They converted the downstairs conservatory into a master bedroom and added the round window. She had brass finished wardrobes and storage areas made throughout the house to maximise the space. Her own arts hang on the walls and there are quirky collectibles throughout the home. Chára likes to create ‘stories,’ and ‘moments,’ throughout the house. Ms Nagle’s natural facility for drawing and painting was evident from a young age. This talent was initially nurtured in the Crawford Municipal School of Art in Cork and later in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin where she graduated with a joint honours degree in Fine Art Sculpture and Art History (1996). The tutors in NCAD challenged Chára’s creative process and changed how she interpreted the world. An initial task was to find seven different types of dust, and it was through this minute examination of the mundane that the artist began to investigate simple objects such as the dazzling brightness of a dew-drenched autumn leaf. www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


“There isn’t a THING I would CHANGE.”

A home fit for a Lord & Lady Words: Emer Kelly Pics: RTÉ Press Office www.hom ea nd b uild .ie



This allowed her to create an alternative reality that transported the viewer away from the everyday, like the magical effect of childhood films such as The Wizard of Oz. This ‘imaginative interpretation,’ became the linchpin of the design practice that Chára established after graduation. Indeed, it was this unique ‘way of seeing,’ that heralded the success of CN Design as it attracted commissions from such elite brands as Smirnoff, Jameson, Budweiser, MINI, BMW, Guinness and Coca Cola. Here Ms Nagle talks to us... “When we initially bought the house we decided that we were going to clad the walls (in mirror) around the stairs to create an optical illusion because we didn’t want the stairs to take over the whole space. When you look at the stairs you may think that you are looking at windows but you are actually looking at the reflection of the windows in the glass and it is lightness in that area,’’ explained Chára Nagle. “Originally the kitchen was very dark, it was very much a 1970’s styled space with brown and mustard tiles with fake pine units and it was a bit dated so the idea was to keep the kitchen nice and light as well as airy and lofty because as the house is a horse shoe shaped building that is a few hundred years old (built in the 1700’s and it was actually part of the entrance into the Talbot Estate). As the building is so old and because the windows aren’t very big and the walls are very deep we wanted as much light in the kitchen as possible so that is why everything is different shades of off white. We white washed the new floor boards in the kitchen because we wanted them to look old and we lacquered the floor as well. “The kitchen had to be custom made because the house curves and you have to put custom made stuff into it. We don’t have curtains or blinds on any of the windows because we wanted to keep the house open and bright. It’s a modern day twist on an old house whilst also trying to make some things (like the kitchen floor) look old. “The back of our house is an outdoor snug and we have it decked out in customised wooden seating etc and we also have a Big Green Egg barbecue there as well and it cooks everything! We also have outdoor heating in the snug,’’ added Ms Nagle.


www.hom ea nd b uild .ie


As to the layout of the house? “The living room, master bedroom and the master bathroom are upstairs. Everything had to be custom made apart from the bed. The couch is an ‘L,’ shaped couch and that was custom made due to the fact that the back wall of the house that the ‘L,’ of the couch is sitting against is curved and to save losing space I got the builder to build a couch out of plywood and I designed it,” enthused Chára. In terms of what Chára loves most about her fabulous home? “When I was younger I spent summers down in my Grandmother’s house in West Cork (I grew up in Cork City) and used to go to a beach Owenahincha Beach and friends of hers were Architects and they had their summer house beside the beach and there house was a triangular shaped house and their living room was upstairs and they had this view over the beach and I always thought it was cool because when you are in bed you are mostly sleeping and not looking out the window so I always said that when I grew up I wanted to have my living room upstairs in my house,’’ revealed Ms Nagle. “The previous owner of my house also had their living room upstairs and when I saw that I remember saying to myself ‘I’ve arrived!’ I also love the couch in the living room because it is big enough that a few people can lie on the couch and they are not touching. “We built on an extension to the back of the house (to include a third bedroom) and now we’re delighted with the extra space and our outdoor snug. We’ve turned it into a real lifestyle house and we’re happy enough to not to go the pub and relax at home with a glass of wine on a Friday night or read the papers on a Sunday morning over brunch in the snug! “We also have an instant garden at the front of the house and it is the kind of garden that you get lost in and forget all your troubles. There isn’t a thing I would change about our house,’’ concluded Chára Nagle.

CONTACT LIST ART WORK: Chára Nagle, The Chára Nagle Studio, Harbour View, Talbot Lane, Ballinclea, Killiney, Co. Dublin 01-2305060 - 087-8166103 WINDOWS & DOORS: Munster Joinery, Ballydesmond, Co. Cork 064-7751151 www.hom ea nd b uild .ie



stroll through time...

Images: Webpress


In conversation with Philip Foy by Emer Kelly

eamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors has a passion for delivering the highest satisfaction to our customers for more than 40 years in the building industry. They provide construction services in all counties nationwide, including Dublin, Offaly, Kildare, Westmeath, Meath, Laois and other areas in Leinster and the Midlands. Their years of experience combined with attention to detail have helped us establish our reputation as one of the leading building contractors in Ireland. Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors employ skilled tradesmen and all our work complies with the highest industry standards. They are members of Homebond and The National Guild of Master Craftsmen. From constructing small builds to large new builds, they have demonstrated our expertise in different types of home construction. Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors possess the creativity, skill and versatility to handle different home construction projects efficiently and on time. As one of the renowned construction companies and building contractors in Ireland, we are committed to offering an exceptional quality of work in all areas of construction both large and small. They also work on extensions, renovations and top-class conservatories. Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors are happy to meet you at any time of day to discuss your plans.

We never refuse any work.

They will provide you with a free quotation that will include an overview of what they will cover in the building of your new house, extension or home renovation. There are also a number of show houses you can visit to review the quality of their work. This company have decades-long history of successful projects and satisfied customers. All of their works and procedures comply with current Building Regulation and Build Warranty Regulations. All their works comply with Health & Safety regulations; fully insured building contractor For Employers Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability and Contractors All Risks Insurance. Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors approach to every project is unique and they customise their approach to meet the

needs of their customers. “My Father is in business for the last 40 years and the business was handed down from my Grandfather. The business was established more than 100 years ago and it has been handed down through the generations,’ said Philip Foy. “We pride ourselves in our work and our workmanship that we carry out on each individual project. We specialise in new builds, renovations and extensions. No job is ever too big or too small for us to carry out as we treat all of our jobs the same! “We never refuse any work and we’re lucky to work in a lot of counties in Ireland. We’re based in Offaly so we’re quite central to a lot of places. We will never turn down work over location,’’ added Mr Foy.

The business is going from strength to strength.

The business has gone through a crazy period over the last number of months in the sense that we had our work load in place and we had to stop due to the

pandemic. When we came back to work in May, we tweaked and amended our business to continue working. As to the future of Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors?

The business is going from strength to strength. We’re adapting the business and learning new things all of the time. The business is expanding all of the time and we are able to carry a large work load, concluded Philip Foy.




We specialise in the construction of houses and provide a complete service from start to finish of building your new home.

House Extensions

We specialise in the construction of houses and provide a complete service from start to finish of building your new home.

Home Renovations & Improvements We specialise in the construction of houses and provide a complete service from start to finish of building your new home.

0872868700 – Seamus Foy 0876772541 – James Foy

0879123271 – Stephen Foy 0851760645 – Philip Foy


We’re different to everyone else.

Will McLaughlin talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


espoke Build are a specialist contemporary building who focus on one off, private domestic and commercial builds. From dream extensions to dream homes to dream retail outlets, they are the chosen building partner for clients and architects in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and beyond. At Bespoke Build, the team understand that every build is bespoke.

I love working on a project that stands out or that is that bit different. We really do offer a bespoke service and if people

Every build presents its own challenges that require bespoke solutions. They aim to navigate their clients through the building process effortlessly, efficiently and happily.

are building their house they build off the drawings and

The team has more than 25 years of experience and bring with them a wealth of knowledge & experience, a vast network of suppliers and most importantly a very high level of craftsmanship.

we tend to design the project through meeting with the client

and then the client will tend to

We really love to design projects ourselves.

run with the design we have suggested. Personally I think

They contract only the best trades people and the best quality materials so that your bespoke build stands the test of time.

people are bulldozed into going with the architectural drawings

Their builds are one-offs. They are unique. They run smoothly. They stand out.

whereas I push for the clients

“We’re different to everyone else and our projects stand out because we love what we do and we can either change something for the client or come up with ideas for the client,’’ said Will McLaughlin.

to go with the different option.

“We really love to design projects ourselves even though we’re not Architects and 90% of our ideas tend to go ahead. We do new builds, renovations and extensions. We do work all over Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare. Business is going well, we’re busy and we’ve got a good name built up for ourselves. “At the moment, people have a lot more time on their hands so they are determined to improve their homes,’’ added Mr McLaughlin. As to the future of Bespoke Build? “Looking to the future things are looking good and I would like to grow the company,’’ concluded Will McLaughlin.

Looking to the future things are looking good.


why choose bespoke?

Bespoke Build are a specialist contemporary building who focus on one off, private domestic and commercial builds. From dream extensions to dream homes to dream retail outlets, we are the chosen building partner for clients and architects in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and beyond. Here at Bespoke Build we understand that every build is bespoke. Every build presents its own challenges that require bespoke solutions. We aim to navigate our clients through the building process effortlessly, efficiently and happily.

045 86 47 56 087 638 25 72


Opening doors

to the future...

In conversation with Nicky Brunton by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


Z Doors Ltd. is a door set company based in Oldcastle, Co. Meath, which manufactures internal and external pre hung door sets. The main focus of the company is a pre hung doorset, however they also specialise in bespoke joinery. The company has worked and continues to work on a diversity of projects across all different areas of the industry, while suppling commercial clients for housing estates, nursing homes, retail and health care they also deal with private residential jobs. Their aim is to produce the reliable quality their customers need, they have expanded their premises and have invested heavily in precision machinery and computerized systems to ensure their customers a quality product. The company place a strong importance on quality, performance, teamwork and a hands-on approach to ensure each client is satisfied. They take a long-term view of business and their relationships with Clients; Contractors & Suppliers reflects this. EZ Doors pride themselves on working to develop innovative solutions for their clients. The relationships that they have built, are the key to their success and will be more significant than ever in the future. Their team is dedicated to working closely with their clients to deliver total satisfaction.

“I was brought up with joinery; I spent 15 years working for my Father’s company and then I decided to start out on my own and thank God a few good team members came with me. We set the company up in 2019,’’ said Nicky Brunton. “Business is extremely busy and we’re getting busier which is great. We’re lucky to have been involved with some nice projects. The team is very small and tight; we have 10 employees including myself. “Hopefully we will continue to grow next year. We’ve got a good size premises which makes it possible to manufacture somewhere between 150 to 250 doors each week’’ added Mr Brunton.

We want to up our production. As to the future of EZ Doors? “We are looking to expand and are hoping to look for a new factory and showroom in 2021. We would also like to take on another few staff members. We want to up our production but remain as a small company for the personal touch.

“We’ve also taken part in DIY SOS in Tipperary and in Leixlip. We’re actually beginning to work with the show on

Their main focus is on performance. They take their safety, quality and environmental responsibilities very serious and maintain themselves on their standards and projects delivered. At EZ Doors they supply a wide range of beautifully crafted stylish interior ad exterior doors. They have a selection of oak, walnut, white primed, wenge, dark grey ash and red deal doors along with a selection of FD30 & FD60 fire doors.

show to be a part of and it is absolutely

All of their doors are made to the highest standard with only the finest of materials ensuring you get the best from this company.

come true. These people don’t even ask

Their finishing touches include skirting and architrave and handles and hinges.

We do put a lot of doors through the premises.

their next project in Meath. It’s a great

amazing and very humbling to be a part of the team who make a families dream

for help, therefore if you can help them then why wouldn’t you?,’’ concluded Nicky Brunton.


087 688 28 54

Bringing Your Designs To Life





We work closely along side our clients, if it's to make a house a home or a commercial build. We take the time to ensure their ideas come to life.

The painstaking manufacturing process that includes sourcing the highest quality materials; acquiring unique elements; and careful and precise cutting, fastening, sanding, finishing; and inspecting by our craftsmen.

Our main focus in EZ Doors is providing pre hung door sets. Having a pre hung door set delivered to your site or home results in faster installation with our doors arriving already hinged in their frames, made to size, all your fitters have to do is stand them into place and therefore reducing your fitting costs


Stainless Steel Solutions All About

Colm Wilkinson talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


tainless Steel Solutions is a family run business since 1990 and we have carried out work throughout Ireland and England.

Stainless Steel Solutions aim is to produce stainless and mild steel products to a very high standard that will meet the need of our clients using quality craftsmanship. Stainless Steel Solutions also aims to insure an on time delivery and installation where requested. The breadth of their manufacturing experience across a wide range of industries makes the company the ideal partner for developing and delivering cost effective engineering solutions and products.

Servicing numerous markets including commercial, retail, domestic, agricultural, engineering etc we have a wide range of expertise which enables us to deliver solutions that are much more than steel objects but are high quality, high specification items. “We’re in business for the last 30 years and we have diversified the business over the years. We do a lot of work in bars and kitchens for domestic and commercial,’’ said Colm Wilkinson. “We do a lot of bespoke products. Stainless steel countertops are something that we do an awful lot of and they are becoming more and more popular. It is a focal point in the kitchen. As to the future of Stainless Steel Solutions? “For 2021, we’re going to try to push domestic kitchen work and countertops whether it is brass, copper or stainless steel,’’ concluded Colm Wilkinson.

At Stainless Steel Solutions, they provide you with a bespoke service tailored completely to your requirements. They assist you with our specialist knowledge throughout the entire manufacturing process. Stanless Steel Solutions can assess the possibilities of your designs and from the assessment they can consider Wilkthe best methods of metal fabrication. They will ensure that the manufacturing process of your product will result in the completed product meeting its specific purposes and being of a quality that’s second to none. Furthermore, they will meet the volume requirements and batch deadlines without fail whilst still ensuring that you receive the most efficient and cost friendly service available. Not only do Stainless Steel Solutions have all the equipment to ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality sheet metal fabrication service but all our staff are experts in the field. Stainless steel is often the most cost effective choice for long-term applications, in both exterior and interior locations, as there is no need for coatings nor are there any corrosion products to contaminate the environment. These characteristics give stainless steel environmental advantage over other materials.

We do a lot of bespoke stuff.



We have diversified the business.

(056) 7811001 (086) 8947154

Specialist in Bespoke Stainless & Mild Steel Brass & Copper

Stainless Steel

Mild Steel

Brass & Copper

Stainless Steel Solutions as seen on Dermot Bannon’s Incredible Homes!


Expert Floor Care

All about


Images: Webpress

The business is going well.

In conversation with Ollie Condron by Emer Kelly


llie Condron is the owner/ operator of Expert Floor Care and has been working in the professional floor maintenance business for seven years. Based in the midlands, Ollie has been working in Dublin and throughout the Leinster area and covers Offaly, Kildare, Laois, Longford, Roscommon, Westmeath, Meath and Dublin. Mr Condron has worked on many larger projects including hotels, restaurants, pubs, gymnasiums, basketball and sporting arenas as well as residences. When properly looked after your timber floors can remain beautiful for years to come. Expert Floor Care’s dust free sanding and polishing service will ensure the best possible finish even when you thought an old floor was damaged and beyond repair! At Expert Care, the team have been working on all kinds of timber floors for years and they will be happy to advise you on the best treatment to keep them looking good as new. They only use junckers lacquers and finishes, the best quality products for timber floors. Amtico Floors demand the highest quality products and maintenance. Mr Condron has completed specialist Amtico maintenance training and use only genuine Amtico products for cleaning and maintenance. The company provides Amtico Floors Maintenance and Amtico Floors Cleaning. Amtico LVT has all the benefits of natural wood flooring and includes a beautiful wood-like finish. Amtico floors has none of the associated problems including scratching and wear-and-tear. Discover one of the most durable and stable flooring options for your home or project. Mr Condron of Expert Floor Care is an Amtico Floor Care Specialist. “I was working at this job in America for six years and when I came back to Ireland I decided that I was going to continue working at this. The business is going well, I’ve had a great year in terms of work,’’ said Ollie Condron.

Nearly all the work I do, I do it on my own and I’ve found that I’m better at keeping my work load small and the standard of my work high, concluded Ollie Condron.


086 824 7814 Expert Floorcare is wholly owned and operated by Ollie Condron. Specialising in all types of Floor Sanding & Amtico Floor Cleaning & Restoration. We are based in the Midlands and cover Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Kildare, Meath, Longford, Roscommon and Dublin. Ollie uses the best quality Junckers products on all wooden floors and covers businesses, schools, pubs and hotels as well as residential work. Call us today on 086 8247814 for a FREE competitive quote!


We’re only as

good as our last job Robert O’Grady talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

is a family run business

specialising in installing, servicing and repairing gas boilers in Limerick City and the surrounding counties.

“I feel that in life when you put something good out, it comes back to you and since participating in the show, my business is booming. Word got out that we participated in the show and we have got a lot of calls from that,’’ concluded Robert O’Grady.

I would definitely volunteer my services again.

They also provide general heating/ plumbing and gas repairs and installations. Gaswork. ie has a long-standing reputation in Limerick. Henry O’Grady, the Father of Robert O’Grady (founder of has been involved in the heating and plumbing industry since the mid1960’s. With his extensive knowledge, experience and expertise he ensured his son Robert received nothing but the best trade.

“Every day on site was so emotional and I’ve made friends for life doing the show. It was the experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad that I did it. I would definitely volunteer my services again whether it is on DIY SOS or within a group of tradesmen that may be volunteering on a project,’’ he enthused.

Community is at the heart of

His knowledge of heating and plumbing has been handed down from generation to generation. Tony Murphy, nephew of Henry also served his apprenticeship under the watchful eye of the skilled senior of the family. Since Henry began the legacy more than 50 years ago, the business has grown to become one of the most reputable in the city.

The core values and ethos of the company is the respect for’s clients and their team. “We’re only as good as our last job. Community is at the heart of We were honoured to have been available to take part in the recent RTÉ series ‘DIY SOS,’ it was a rewarding project to be a part of,’’ said Robert O’Grady. “I was always a fan of DIY SOS in the UK and I always swore that I would participate in the show if it ever came to Limerick or Ireland. I volunteered to take part in the show with Brendan Enright who is a fellow plumber from Limerick. We were involved with Amy Mulcahy’s parents home. Actually the year Amy had her accident, I had worked on her Grandfather’s house but I never knew the house we were going to work on (when it came to DIY SOS’) was Amy’s but when I heard it was her house it made that more special.

Their growing team is David McMahon, Tony Murphy and Robert O’Grady who are all qualified plumbers and RGI registered Engineers. Alongside them is the talented Dean Territt who is in the final year of his apprenticeship.

At all of their technicians and installers carry dust sheets, protective carpet coverings, shoe covers and cleaning sprays to ensure your home remains the way it was found. respect your home as if it were their own . If you have a problem with your boiler, heating or hot water system and require a repair or if you would like to book one of their services please don’t hesitate in contacting the office on 061-513776 any time day or night.

78 is a family run company. We specialise in installing, servicing and repairing gas boilers in Limerick City and surrounding counties. We also provide general heating/plumbing repairs and installations. Boiler Service

Central Heating

Gas Safety Certs

Heating Solutions


Power Flushing

Boiler Maintenance


061 513 776 087 646 1132

About PD Renovators 79

Images: Webpress

In conversation with Pavel Limonin by Emer Kelly

PD Renovators are based in Dublin and their services include carpentry, insulation, bathrooms and new builds.

We are fitting bathrooms and all aspects of interior renovations. In last number of a years we’ve been officially approved by Spanish company TOPCIMENT as microcement applicators in Ireland. In our work we are using unique materials such as microcement. A microcement is fully waterproof so it is excellent suits for bathroom walls or floors. As well we are using non standard glass and mirrors made by request, said Pavel Limonin.

We are using unique materials such as microcement.



In conversation with Carlos Torregrosa Words: Emer Kelly


enovaCem specialise in the installation of microcement finishes and products. They create bespoke continuous seamless surfaces, mainly for wall and floor coating applications for residential and commercial clients. With more than 10 years experience in the decorative finishes field and pioneering the introduction of Microcement in Ireland, they have successfully completed many projects here and abroad. RenovaCem microcement is waterproof and provides an effective tanking system in wet areas. A perfect finish for a modern space to improve your home style. They can create worktops, vanity units, kitchen islands, shelves, chimney breasts and even sinks or baths to complement your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Images: Webpress

Whilst their floors are elegant, practical and lifelong lasting bringing a sense of openness and continuity to the spaces. Their Renovacem Microconcrete is the trendiest of solutions for flooring in commercial premises because is stylish, tough and easy to clean and maintain. Suitable for heavy traffic areas with very good anti-slipping properties. Renovacem Microcement looks amazing in stairs combined with other materials like wood or glass. Over the years exclusively dedicated to Microcement , RenovaCem have tested many products and they are able to supply their clients with the best products available in the marketplace. All of their products CE marked and independently for tested for hardness and slipperiness by AP++ and Wessex


The story of


Laboratories respectively.

outstanding and flawless finish product.

Throughout the last decade, the number of projects successfully completed are certifying their mastery. Thanks to the extensive knowledge acquired and continuous training, RenovaCem’s experienced team can approach almost any project, regardless of its size or complexity.

“The business is growing and our system is getting more accepted throughout Ireland. We offer a nationwide service, I do a lot more residential work than I do commercial work,’’ said Carlos Torregrosa.

They are constantly searching for new exciting developments in the industry, in order improve their service and product quality and to be always at the forefront of Microcement technology and design. RenovaCem is continuously seeking customer satisfaction through a personalised approach to each project, liaising with Clients, Architects, Interior Designers and Builders at every step, ensuring to meet execution times and budget and by achieving their foremost goal which is to deliver an

They are constantly searching for new exciting developments in the industry.


“Over the next number of months, I want to continue to grow the business. Our product is an alternative to polished concrete and the products that we supply are prime quality products and we have a range of products to suit every situation in terms of wet rooms, high traffic areas as well as an exterior range. Our prices are very competitive as well,’’ concluded Carlos Torregrosa. RenovaCem Microcement is an advanced cement mortar resulting from the blend of modified cement, graded quartz sands and high-quality polymeric resins resulting in a product much more resilient, elastic and adherent than common cement mortars. RenovaCem Microcement. It is hand trowelled measuring 3-4mm thick in total and can be applied to any new or old surfaces such as tiles, plasterboard, concrete or plywood. RenovaCem Microcement is an ideal coating for renovating all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces like floors or walls, including wet areas, opening a vast dimension of design possibilities for new build or retrofitting projects. Their Renovacem Microcement and Microconcrete bespoke finishes are each unique and tailor-made to suit our clients’

Their Renovacem Microconcrete is the trendiest of solutions.

preferences. The polished concrete like results of their finishes are stunning and long-lasting and are available in a rich array of colours and textures. As to an overview of a RenovaCem system? As most of the new built houses include underfloor heating systems, when installing floors we engage the client at an early stage regarding the placement of the expansion joints throughout the house before the screed is poured, in order to avoid cracks in the subfloor. In the unlikely event that cracks occur, a fibreglass mesh will be fitted to avoid any crack in the screed being transferred to the finish. The Microcement is laid in two base coats and a minimum of two finishing coats. The three last coats will be dyed in the desired colour and sanded down in order to achieve a polished smooth finish. After ensuring that the correct smoothness and planitude are achieved and that the finish meets the clients’ requirements, RenovaCem will only then proceed with applying the last two sealing coats.


We specialize in the installation and distribution of Microcement finishes and products. We create bespoke continuous seamless surfaces, mainly for flooring and wall coating applications for residential and commercial clients.

SOME OF OUR FEATURED WORK > Bathrooms & Wetrooms > Floors > Commercial > Stairs > Furniture


Alpine Paving are the company for you!

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In conversation with Pat Enright by Emer Kelly

ith more than 20 years of experience in the field of Paving and Construction, Alpine Paving are renowned up and down the country for our professional expertise and reputation. Their projects span the length of Leinster from residential to commercial. In 2005 they paved the full length of Bray Seafront and in 2006 Alpine Paving featured on two garden makeovers with Diarmuid Gavin on the TV show ‘I want a garden’, one in Arklow and one in Blackrock. In 2016 they also worked on radio presenter Phil Cauley’s house. Alpine Paving and Construction use only the best products from their suppliers and take no short cuts to make sure the customer is always happy.

We do work all over Leinster.

They give advice to their customers if they are not sure what they want and give them ideas. They are a member of the National Guild of Craftsmen. Alpine Paving and Constructions services include; natural stone, patios, forecourts, entrances, pathways, building stone, brick walling, block walling, Tobermore Secura Minor Walling, fencing, roll on grass, tree/hedge removal, digger work, garden clearance, kerbing and block laying, plastering, brick laying, renovations, painting, garages and sheds. “We do work all over Leinster and we’re busy. Business is going well, we’re busier now than we ever were due to COVID and people improving their homes,’’ said Pat Enright. “Over the next number of months we have a lot of work to plough through which is good for our company. We have got a good name and all of our work is through word of mouth referrals as well as the internet.

We have got a good name.

We do everything from start to finish so you don’t need anyone coming in from the outside, we can turn our hand to everything,

concluded Pat Enright.


O u r R e p u t at i o n i s yo u r G u a ra nte e





Our work has also featured on

Diarmuid Gavin's TV Show.

COVERING WICKLOW & SOUTH DUBLIN Tel: 0402 91547 | 0402 33671 | 087 668 3538 Web: Tel:


All about

Antone Briody Construction

Antone Briody talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


ntone Briody Construction Ltd. is an established building company based in Westmeath with more than 30 years experience. We specialise in one off homes, extensions and renovations of any size and complexity. The company is up to date with current building regulations. Antone Briody Construction is CIRI approved and is recognised by the National Guild of Master Craftsmen. They are members of the Construction Industry Federation and are also SEAI approved contractors. “We’re general building contractors and we cover Westmeath, Meath, Longford, Cavan and Dublin.

The standard of house design and building has hugely improved over the years and our company is excited to continue evolving in line with these improvements. We are looking forward to working with our clients to produce builds that are innovative, sustainable and to a very high standard of workmanship.

Up until recently the majority of our projects were in Dublin and consisted mainly of extensions, renovations and new builds. However, over the last twelve months as result of more people working and spending time in their homes we have noticed a substantial increase in demand for renovations and extensions outside of Dublin, there is also a significant increase in the number of new builds that we are currently tendering for”. “It isn’t your traditional build any more. There are a variety of new innovative designs coming on stream in contrast to what was around 10 years ago. Contemporary architecture places a greater emphasis on the surrounding landscape, the path of the sun, connection to the outdoors etc. Many properties are now being designed or renovated with these factors in mind. In addition there is a move towards more environmentally sustainable housing. These factors have resulted in the use of many new materials and products. While some may initially appear very expensive to a client, things such as higher quality insulation, installation of alternative heat systems do prove to be cost effective over the long term.”

It isn’t your traditional build any more.

We’re a general building contractors.


+43 668 1914

New House Constructions

House Extensions

House Renovation Refurbishment

What makes


Ian& Cheryl

They work closely with every client to design a playhouse that not only matches their specifications or requirements, but that exceeds all expectations in design and quality. Ian and Cheryl are on hand every step of the way from the initial contact and design consultation right through to delivery and fitting, and even beyond. Whatever you need, Bramble Wood Products is just a phone call away.

the dream team

The story of Bramble Wood Products by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


Every year, Bramble Wood Products grows and grows in popularity. As they continue to expand, their commitment to customer service and quality playhouses will never change.

t Bramble Wood Products they make dreams come true. They design and build custom playhouses that your little ones will spend years playing in.

Bramble Wood Products were delighted to have been mentioned in article on RSVP Live recently about ‘Eight Outdoor Products for your Garden’.

“The business began when I was asked to build a playhouse for our friends daughter, he was wheelchair bound and it was adapted to his needs, prior to playhouses we were doing chicken runs and animal houses,’’ said Ian Quigley.

Their handmade playhouses are manufactured in the heart of County Laois and delivered nationwide. They only use the highest quality Irish materials available. At Bramble Wood Products, Ian & Cheryl Quigley believe in buying Irish and supporting local businesses; that is why all of their wood is sourced from Coolrain Sawmills in Laois.

“I was made redundant so I built the business from my redundency money and the business was built through the ‘Back to Work Enterprise Scheme,’ which was very useful for us. It was a three year plan and we got a grant to help buy some of the tools.

The business is going from strength to strength.

“I came from a joinery background as I served my time as a kitchen/ bedroom fitter and in theory building playhouses was fairly simple but it was all about getting the proportions correct as it had to be a small house without it looking like a shed on legs,’’ he enthused.

Their made-to-order playhouses have a very specific and unique style that sets them apart from the rest. Built to last, their playhouses are extremely durable and are able to withstand even the harshest Irish winter. Bramble Wood Products guarantee that your little ones will love their playhouse, and spend hours upon hours playing inside and exploring their imaginations.

“Our dormer style house would be our biggest seller, and our signature shingle tile roof on it is our defining feature and we have people willing to wait six months for this product. We’ve always added different things to the houses but we don’t deviate too much.

They also manufacture a range of wooden animal houses from dog kennels and catteries to chicken coops and hen runs. They also design and build custom aluminium bird flights. Every product built by Bramble Wood Products is made-to-order using Irish materials. Bramble Wood Products is a two-man operation. Owned and run by husband and wife team Cheryl and Ian, Bramble Wood Products has gone from strength to strength over the last six years. Not only are they committed to providing beautiful and unique playhouses, but they also pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service.

Our dormer style house would be our biggest seller.

We’re booked out until June 2021 and then we have a waiting list which could take us up until Christmas. The business is going from strength to strength and we’ve big plans for 2021, concluded Ian Quigley.


...playhouses, hen and o�er animal housing...

As Seen On

Exclusive Quality Bespoke

Handmade in Ireland




The future is


for Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens Neilus Brouder talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


on Brouder Fitted Kitchens is a family run business based on the Shannon Estuary in Glin County Limerick.

As to the future of Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens? “The Nicholas Lee brand is what we’re working on and it is proving to be successful. It’s bespoke and handcrafted as well as joinery made and I’ve linked up with another shop in Cork and it will be launched in 2021; the showrooms are finished and they are in Tougher in Cork. Over the next five years, I want to create an agency across Ireland for the brand.

The Nicholas Lee brand is what we’re working on.

The business was set up in 1984 with the vision of providing customers with excellent service, quality manufacturing, bespoke design and professional fitting to meet your individual lifestyle needs. For the last 36 years they have provided a fully comprehensive and professional fitted kitchen, design, manufacture and installation service throughout all of Ireland. Whether you need Kitchens, additional storage space for the kid’s room or a full walk in wardrobe solution Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens can help. Commissioned by a range of clientele, they are renowned for the finest quality, elegant detail and attention to every detail.

“I’m currently developing a new high end range called ‘The Nicholas Lee Collection,’ and during lockdown I developed a digital design portal which has been instrumental to the business since re-opening and I’m booked up until April of next year,’’ said Neilus Brouder.

They are at the core of the business.

“The first few weeks of COVID were a gift as I was able to put structure in place for the business and organise where we were going in terms of work, various projects etc and without the structure and the digital design portal inplace I wouldn’t like to think of how we would be managing things now as we’re now busier than we have ever been due to people not traveling and having a bit more disposable income. “Since lockdown, we’ve hired seven people with four of them having full-time work and we’ve seven apprenctices at the moment as well. We’re very lucky as the team we have has grown from strength to strength over the last number of years and they are at the core of the business,’’ added Mr Brouder.

There is a re-development of our main showroom coming in the first three months of 2021 which is exciting and it is going to be the biggest re-development yet, concluded Neilus Brouder.


The future



is bright for

Clonmore Joinery...

Jamie Farrell talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


ocated in the north-east corner of Co. Carlow, Clonmore Joinery Services Ltd. aims to deliver 100 years of tradition and quality to clients on time and under budget A manufacturer of bespoke windows, doors, and stairs Clonmore joinery combines traditional craft with modern technology to deliver a finished product of unrivalled quality to its customer throughout Ireland Through a recent investment in a state-of-the-art workshop and manufacturing technology Clonmore Joinery has both the experience and capacity to supply both the discerning private house owner and the under-pressure property Developer on time and on budget. The founding partners of the Joinery have a combined 80 years of Joinery experience and are renowned both locally and national as Joinery & Restoration experts. The company relishes all design challenges clients and architects may have. They pride themselves on being able to solve problems that others are unable or unwilling to

“The company, a family business established in 1907 by the Bulmer family, is into its fourth generation. Clonmore is a picturesque village on the Carlow-Wicklow border steeped in history and heritage and provides the perfect home for the business. It also helps that it is where the founders live,” said Jamie Farrell, a recent appointment as MD of the company. “The company, which started repairing wooden wheels of carts for locals in neighbouring Hacketstown, has grown into a recognised manufacturer of quality joinery of stellar reputation built on the exactness of its work and quality of finishing. “As you can imagine the nature of the business in 1907 was vastly different to what it is nowadays, everything was done by hand with little to no machinery used. The real benefit to our clients of our longevity is the security and peace of mind it offers, as is with most companies in existence for over 100 years,’’ enthused Mr Farrell.

The key for clients is to receive a quality product made from sustainable materials on time and under budget.

“As we all know, the last recession has left an indelible mark on the supply of quality skilled craftsmen to serve what is a growing Irish housing market. Irish people are savvy customers, they demand value, quality, and an on-time product. Our commitment to our client is manifest in our recent investment and expansion and we are determined to meet the Irish market needs in the most environmentally kind manner we can. “Our focus of manufacturing up to this point has been stairs, to both the multi-house scheme developer and the most discerning private customer. From relatively simple straight flight and winders, to the more complicated and expensive spiral stairs, steel stairs, glass stairs, cut-strings and restorations all styles and models have been built in their 100s.

Our business is built on solid foundations with an extremely committed staff.

However, our clients have been asking us to make a move back into made-to-order sustainable timber windows and external doors to challenge the rise of alternative products. We are proud to announce that we are gearing up our production to meet the demands put upon us by the market from March 2021. At the end of the day, timber windows & doors is how we started to really grow as a company in the 70s & 80s and it is extremely exciting and satisfying for our founders to return to compete against what our customers feel are inferior and less-sustainable products,’’ enthused Jamie. “In line with this manufacturing move, we are migrating our order-system and design capabilities online to give our customer easier access to information about us as a company, who we are, what we produce, and as importantly when we can deliver a finished product. Our business is built on solid foundations with an extremely committed staff who thrive in our culture of family and inclusion and we want the Irish market to know who we are. As to the future of Clonmore Joinery? “The key for clients is to receive a quality product made from sustainable materials on time and under budget. This is our Mission, and it is what drives us forward as a company. Stairs, Doors, and Windows are vital to the speed of the build and they need to be delivered on-time and on budget. “This rings true whether you are a developer of multi-scheme dwellings or a private owner building their first home. As a Joinery if you can meet those needs on a consistent basis and meet the promises that you are giving your clients that means you are doing okay,” concluded Jamie Farrell.


100 Years of quality delivered on time and on Budget 059 647 1620 +353 89 4350205

Bespoke Joinery

Custom Staircase Design

Handcrafted Excellence


Creative Gardens are constantly evolving

Brian Murphy talks to Renovate your Home by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


reative Gardens offers a professional design and construction service to both private and commercial customers.

“Creative Gardens was established in 2007 as a landscaping Centre, its quite a unique place as it’s the only full landscaping centre in Limerick. We import a variety of Outdoor Porcelain tiles from India & Italy. A lot of limestones and other items from India and to a lesser degree granite items from China. We try to promote Irish goods as much as we can and we sell a wide variety of aggregates from Donegal to Wicklow and down to Cork,’’ said Brian Murphy. “We do a very wide and extensive range of sculptures and ornamental items sourced in Ireland and Indonesia. I would like to think we are well know for having a wide range of different and unusual items for the outdoors. We also specialise in timbers for Pergola structures as well as all the usual sleeper and landscaping products.

over to some degree from natural stone paving. A hard year for us but financially very strong for the company,’’ enthused Brian. As to the services Creative Gardens offer? “We are purely retail. A huge range of gardening, landscaping and building products. On the CoOp front, I suppose everything you would expect to fin in a CoOp shop from Feed stuffs to hardware, electrical and safety wear. We have some very good garden designers coming into us, so anyone looking for that service we pass on their numbers to our customers. “We deal with most of the landscapers in the Limerick, North Tipperary and east Clare and again we try to pass on as much work to those people as we can,’’ he imparted. In terms of the future for Creative Gardens? “Next year will be a big year for us, we are hoping to open our new purpose built Landscaping and CoOp shop based on our yard in Ballyneety. Our existing shop has been great but we have out grown it! “We will continue to try and introduce new & different products across the ranges. Our outdoor porcelain tile ranges will increase next year with new bullnose steps and circle kits arriving. Our garden display area is constantly evolving with new bits been added on a regular basis,’’ concluded Brian Murphy.

In 2012 we opened a CoOp shop on the same site in Ballyneety which has proved a huge success and is very well supported by a loyal customer base of farmers, builders , landscaping and indeed the general public,’’ added Mr Murphy. In terms of how the business is going? “I know how fortunate we are this year to be operating both in the essential goods space and the outdoor gardening world. We were able to stay open though out all the lock downs and we were kept very busy with supplies as people worked from home and carried out various gardening projects during spring and summer time. “Our business continues to grow each year on year, we have experienced exceptional growth this year and in particular with our outdoor range of porcelain tiles. These products have gained a lot of traction this year in particular and have taken

Our business continues to grow each year on year.

Next year will be a big year for us.



Ballyneety, Co. Limerick, V94 E656, Ireland

DC Energy Solutions are a one stop shop


In conversation with David O’Sullivan by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress


The complete building solution

Energy Solutions are energy specialists and general building contractors who are fast, reliable and affordable.

DC Energy Solutions is the complete building solution, insulation, electrical, plumbing, heating systems and construction package. The Managing Director of the company is David O’Sullivan who commenced working in the insulation business in 2009 as a sales and project manager. Mr O’Sullivan and his team have been involved in insulating more than 3,000 Irish homes since 2009. With DC Energy Solutions, all of this experience is now being harnessed to provide Nationwide Energy Solutions. “We take it from your dream to the reality of a finished project, a complete turn key solution. We take care of everything from the Architects to the Engineers and groundworks all the way through to associated sub-contractors which is all on the new build side of things,’’ said David O’Sullivan. “With the retro-fitting side of things and as we’re registered with the SEAI, NSAI & RECI and the various grants that are available to people by default we are brought in to consult on something like cavity insulation but we could end up providing up to 35% funding towards renewable energy for those homeowners.

Home owners aren’t allowed to travel internationally so they are spending the extra money they would have from not traveling on their homes. In the industry at the moment, there is a great incentive for people to do work on their homes due to the various grants available. Going forward there is a big industry there and we are hopeful for the future, concluded David O’Sullivan.

There is a great incentive for people to do work on their homes.


We Listen.... We Deliver. DC Energy Solutions Energy Specialists, General Building, reliable, aordable. DC Energy Solutions is the complete building solution. Insulation, electrical, plumbing, heating systems, construction and pool maintenance.

RECI Registered Electrical Contractor External Wall Insulation Cavity Wall Insulation Attic Insulation Dry Lining Insulation Air tightness solutions Heating Systems Automated Heating Controls

353 (0)87 2301714 Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry, Ireland



The story of

Emerald Coatings

Images: Webpress

In conversation with Colin McCoy by Emer Kelly


merald Coatings have a highly motivated team of coating specialists and installers who have years of experience in all facets of construction both domestic and industrial. Their crews are well equipped to tackle any task with the most advanced equipment in the industry. Emerald Coatings specialise in spray foam insulation as well as the latest coating technologies for protection and waterproofness. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF), available in open cell and closed cell, provides an effective, tight thermal and air barrier around a building’s envelope. This results in a reduction in energy loss due to air infiltration, and significantly lowers heating and cooling costs. Energy efficiency and green building practices are at the forefront of new home/building construction and retrofit projects. SPF helps architects and builders design and build more energy efficient homes/buildings, thus allowing the building owners to reduce their energy consumption and costs. Their Spray Foam is an ideal insulant for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Spray polyurethane foam is one of the fastest growing building insulation products globally. Spray foam insulation can help reduce energy use in new and existing buildings. As much as 40 percent of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Their foam functions as both an insulation material and an airsealing product. In buildings insulated with their foam, energy cost savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved. Polyurethane is one of the most energy efficient insulation materials available in buildings and appliances. From homes to offices, polyurethane insulation can be used in roofs, walls, floors and ceiling cavities, as well as building exterior applications, in both new and retrofit construction projects. Polyurethane

We’re very good at time keeping as well as bringing an extra level of comfort.

insulation is also used to improve the energy efficiency of refrigerators, cold storage facilities, commercial pipelines, water heaters and more. As a medium-sized company, Emerald Coatings’ primary goal is to provide top quality service at affordable rates. Emerald Coatings’ believe that when you are consistent with this approach, you will not only keep your clients happy but also grow your business steadily. We believe in honest work fairly priced and are proud of the fact that over 75% of our work comes from happy customer referrals.

We’re a Leinster based company but we do work nationwide. Their services include attic insulation, walls, roof insulation, shed insulation, boat insulation and floor insulation. “My background is in carpentry and then four years ago I set this company up. I’ve a massive amount of contacts and I would be very well known in the construction industry,’’ said Colin McCoy. Both Brendan & myself go above and beyond when it comes to keeping the house clean when we’re doing work for a client and we’re very good at time keeping as well as bringing an extra level of comfort. As to the future of Emerald Coatings? “The future I want for Emerald Coatings is to continue with the model of what we’re doing and keep refining what we have without expanding the business as I think we would end up making backward steps rather than moving forward. We’re a small operation but we pack a big punch,’’ concluded Colin McCoy.

We’re a Leinster based company but we do work nationwide. In December we did work in Sligo and Waterford and we have an upcoming job in Cork, enthused Mr McCoy.


086 077 5414

CHOOSE COZY Contact us today and discover how to make your home cozy and energy efficient easily. We will be happy to hear from you

We have a highly motivated team of coating specialists and installers who have years of experience in all facets of construction both domestic and industrial. Our crews are well equipped to tackle any task with the most advanced equipment in the industry. We specialise in spray foam insulation as well as the latest coating technologies for protection, waterproofness and anti viral sanitation.



ProAir Systems are the experts in HRV

home airtight, it then seems counter productive to put holes in walls to ventilate the home. That’s where heat recovery ventilation steps in,’’ enthused Ms McNulty. “We’re in the middle of trying to get some office space in the Cork/ Waterford area. We have four different products to be launched in 2021 which is exciting. We have a number of new products we are launching in 2021, one being a drying room!

In conversation with Breda McNulty by Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

“We’re seeing that the traditional hot press is becoming obsolete with hot water cylinders so well insulated or being placed in plantrooms. What we have is dedicated drying room where you can set and forget, drying your clothes no matter the time of year.

roAir Systems is an Irish manufacturer of Heat Recovery Ventilation units (HRV) based in both Galway and Dublin. They design, supply and install Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems throughout Ireland.

Again, the heat is not wasted but put back into the HRV system which in turn is distributed back into the home. It’s an add on to our HRV system as opposed to a standalone product.


With more than 25 years’ experience in providing cost effective and efficient ventilation systems to Irish homeowners they are Ireland’s most experienced HRV company. Their customer focused service enables them to provide the very best solution for your home. Their experienced design team provides bespoke solutions for each and every customer. ProAir Systems provide an end to end service to ensure your home will be healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. They are heavily invested in R&D to ensure you are getting the best product for your home. ProAir Systems manufacture a range of innovative Ventilation systems at our manufacturing facility based on the outskirts of Galway City. Their products are listed on the Products Characteristics Database (PCDB) and have been certified by the Passive House Institute. “We manufacture, install, commission, and design heat recovery ventilation systems for the Irish market and we’re the only manufacturers of that in Ireland. From start to finish from the time the customer send in their enquiry, design is generated, installation commissioning and servicing. We are with you every step of the way,’’ said Breda McNulty. “The aim of the business is to bring fresh air into your house whilst removing stale air with heat being recovered that would other wise be wasted / dumped with any other form of ventilation, therefore reducing the heating demand on your home as part of the heat recovery. “Ventilation is an area that is often overlooked or taken for granted but due to the ever-changing building regulations in insulation and airtightness people are seeing the negative effects of this approach. Thousands are spent on insulating and making

The traditional hot press is becoming obsolete.

We will also be expanding the team in 2021.

We will also be expanding the team in 2021 and we’re having a stronger focus on service in terms of customer service and after sale service,

concluded Breda McNulty.

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Galway Office

Dublin Office


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Experts in heat recovery ventilation With over 30 years’ experience we offer an end to end service to the customer. Irelands’ only manufacturer of HRV units are made in Galway. A bespoke design is produced for your home and along with a project manager, our highly skilled technicians will install your system in accordance with the most up to date regulations. Certification is received upon completion and our service department will look after you for years to come. Call our team today.

Why choose HRV? • Delivers quality fresh air to your home • Eliminates condensation and mould • Your airtight home will be a healthy home • Filters and cleans the air coming into your home • Reduces your heating costs


The future is bright for

Solar Pro

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olar Pro is a fully Irish owned, and SEAI registered PV installation company based in Dublin owned by Dean Dempsey and managed with his business partner Dave Carraher. The company provides services including Solar PV, sales service and installations, Solar PV consultancy services, energy storage systems (battery and hot water) Electric Vehicle car chargers, installation of customer purchased systems, upgrading existing PV systems on residential homes and PV panel cleaning services. “I made a courageous move and took myself back to college to study towards a degree during the most recent recession. When the subject of renewable energies was being taught, (it is crazy to have this opportunity to reflect) but I was the guy who sat in front of the class, that made the lecturers eyes roll as I asked far too many questions. I cannot explain it – something just clicked. I found the topic intriguing, and since then, it has always been a subject that my interests have grown in,’’ said Dean Dempsey. “Most people should be aware that renewable energy will play a fundamental role in achieving the EU’s energy and climate objectives. The Irish coalition government has set a very ambitious goal to deliver steep greenhouse gas emissions cuts every year to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. I remember reading an Irish Times article in 2019 which stated that Ireland was on a trajectory of rising emissions with no indication of when it will be stopped and put into reverse. “I have a young daughter, and many nieces and nephews who depend on our generation, and enthusiasts in this space to help build them a better and brighter future. I am doing this for them and to help families reduce their home energy bills before the price of fossil fuels become financially crippling,’’ enthused Mr Dempsey. “I was very fortunate to have been self-employed and still run my own carpentry business through the recession and like most businessmen and businesswomen during and after those times, I learnt an awful lot. One of the most important things that I did take away from it all was that I needed to venture beyond the 20 + year carpentry trade I was in and focus on my Business’s future. “Knowing where my future was heading, I was fortunate to have a close relative who owned his own successful sustainable energy business who asked me to join his team. I held the role of a project and installation manager for the Solar PV side of his Business. My first goal in taking on this role was to get hands-on experience installing solar PV systems and to grasp the more technical and structural elements of each job, and the environment and its challenges that I would be working in. Just over 12 months later, I knew I wanted, and I knew I was

ready (although I was nervous) to set up my own Solar PV installation business, which I achieved, and I have never looked back since,’’ he imparted. “As I decided to set up independently, I stuck to our second promise, which was, once I was set up and fully registered as a business that I would be fully insured and registered with the SEAI so that we could immediately help individuals and families affordably implement Solar PV systems, whilst getting money back through the SEAI grant. Again, mission accomplished. I have lost count of the amount of SEAI grant installations jobs that I have done in my previous role and since starting up SolarPro. We are delighted to say SolarPro has been up and running over the last 12 months and the business is going better than I expected, I would say between 70-80% of solar jobs that I have taken on are from word-of-mouth referrals, the other 20-30% are sub-contracting jobs for both small and more well-known Solar PV companies, not only in Dublin based but across the country,’’ added Dean. In terms of the services the company offers? “The Solar PV services we offer to both individuals and companies are affordable and competitive. Many customers are put under pressure by aggressive sales teams of larger energy-saving companies, and more often than not are sold larger systems (than they need) to power their homes with a rose-tinted view of how much money they will save on their energy bills. For me, servicing our customers and clients is all about being able to walk away from a completed job knowing that we have kept to our promise of setting up this Business in the first place – the customer/client has been given affordable price for an efficient system, well informed on how they should see the system work, knowing they will save money in their energy bills in the near future, and of course, we leave the job as clean and as tidy as we found it. “Solar Pro offers an end-to-end nationwide Solar PV installation service. We understand that many individual customers and companies are not familiar with our industry and may not always know what to expect. Therefore, we provide consultancy services on Solar PV system types, sizes and on quality of equipment on the market. We complete thorough residential and commercial surveys before a job contract is agreed and we offer free quotes to our residential customers so that they can plan financially before entering into a contractual agreement with ourselves,’’ he revealed. As to the future plans for Solar Pro?

“The future is bright! I am delighted to say that David Carraher (Carraher Electricals) has joined Solar Pro as my business partner. David brings more than 40 years of electrical experience in the domestic, commercial, and industrial markets and has a career background in training apprentices and engineers for ESB. I consider myself very lucky to be working alongside him. Both him and I have spent the latter end of this year discussing the next steps of our Business, I cannot say too much at this point, other than we are doing well in the market we are in, and we are considering some new opportunities in the commercial and industrial space,’’ concluded Dean Dempsey.

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