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SNAPSHOT "Stained Glass" Photographer Michael Lindberg Hidden Beach Incline Village, Nevada

A PROBABILITY OF WORDS Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photo The Johnstone Group

Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. He manages his condition, in part, by regular contributions to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine and to the borderless virtual tribe known as Rebelle Society. He's also the author of two novels (the second is in the final editing phase), an essayist, a videographer, a painter, a bike rider, and through his law practice – a sometimes salvager of troubled lives. He finds it helpful to talk with other humans. Feel free to friend him, follow him, or just invite him out for a beer. Waking Up at Rembrandt’s, his debut novel, has received local and national critical acclaim. The second edition of the novel is available in print (think of vinyl, only for books) and on multiple e-version platforms. There’s also a book of poetry, love jaywalks, available everywhere ebooks are sold. Still on the horizon: a collection of essays, some new paintings, and a second novel, painted oxen, due out just as soon as all the words finish lining up. In the meantime, you can visit his website whenever you like. There's more stuff there. © 2015 thomas lloyd qualls

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Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Be Curious. Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. - Richard Feynman

In other words, be like a child again. Not childish, as almost all adults can be -- which is far more annoying than it is endearing – but childlike. A child is endlessly curious. Though a child does not really need to know the answers. A child just needs to question, to investigate, to dig, and to root, and to turn over stones. Then to keep on digging, building, adding, and tearing down. And starting over with new questions and ideas. The finding of things is fun, too. But it is not the most essential thing. The discovery of anything will do. Children are masters of serendipity. Their innate impulse is to question, and to go about looking for new things, whether they are water bugs or woozles. The important thing is the adventure, which really never ends. And which is only occasionally interrupted by the silliness of adults making them stop to eat, or to brush their teeth and put on jammies. For children, the world is stuffed full of magic things. This is because, well, the world is actually stuffed full of magic things. Our prejudices are learned. We are not born with our narrow approaches to life and its inhabitants. Our natural inclination is to seek out and to celebrate the magic. Every day, all day long. I think this is why children annoy some adults and delight others. The annoyed ones don’t want to be reminded of all that they’ve left behind. The delighted ones either still carry a healthy dose of magic with them, or they at least know where to find it.

Certainty is an illusion. If there is evil in the world, which is at least debatable, the root of it most certainty lies in the desire for certainty. The older we get the more we realize how few absolutes there are in the world. But one of the absolutes we’re all pretty sure about is change. Everything is on its way to somewhere else all the time. There is no standing still. There are no forever answers.

And so how could there really be certainty about anything. When we are young, we think that the answer to the question of who we are is answerable. If we are really precocious, we may even think we know who we are. Or maybe we think, it’ll just take a little more examination, a little more life experience. The older we get, the more we understand that there could never be an answer to this question. And even if there were, it would be outdated as soon as we uttered it. In fact, we can’t even answer the question of what we mean by the word “me.” As I’ve said before, it’s okay to be uncertain. In fact, it is preferred. Imagine a world without uncertainty. We’d be bored out of our heads. In fact, there wouldn’t be much point to it at all. The corporate, governmental, and religious institutions of modern society and their radical counterparts rely upon our deep-seated fear of uncertainty and our absolute unwillingness to admit this fear. Without our fear, they are nothing. They know that we desperately want someone else to tell us what the fuck is going on.

Don’t give in. We’re so addicted to certainty that we create and obsess over our daily routines. Even though they create the very boredom we complain about. Even though it is these routines, along with our fear of uncertainty, that are the hands that secure the blinders in place on our heads. And those things make it really hard to fully experience life. Don’t buy in. Don’t sell yourself out. The big lie is that you need to give up your curiosity, your creativity, your desire to cut your own path through life, in the name of becoming an adult. Your curiosity is not the enemy. Any more than terrorism is the enemy. To paraphrase Edward Snowden, bathtubs and police officers kill more people than terrorism, yet we’ve been told to give up our fundamental rights to protect ourselves. It’s a lie, just like the lie that it’s time to grow up and kill your dreams. We do not need to cast away our curiosity in order to be fully evolved adults. In fact, it’s just the opposite. All of the greatest spirits who have walked the planet have been possessed of fiercely curious minds and hearts. If you are paying attention, there is never a reason to be bored. Wake up. That’s it, really. If we are awake, we cannot help but be curious. Because what is curiosity, really, except the tendency to be awake. And to be looking for more stones to turn over.

To be like a child again. Reno Tahoe Tonight 7

ART Compiled by Oliver X Reno Balloon Race Photo "Reno City Scape" by Chris Holloman

Art, Music, Community & Culture in Northern Nevada 8 Reno Tahoe Tonight

There's so much to do in our region this time of year, and as we wrap up another awesome summer in northern Nevada, we offer you this sampling of events and activities we think are going to be really good. Watch for this column to debut in print in the October 2015 edition of Reno Tahoe Tonight and never be bored!

> Cinderella September 4-6 and 11-13, 2015 at 7:30pm at the Robert Z Hawkins Outdoor Amphitheater at Bartley Ranch in Reno. Sierra School of Performing Arts (SSPA) celebrates its 10 year anniversary with Rodgers + Hammerstein’s award-winning Broadway musical. This lush production features incredible orchestration, jawdropping transformations and all the moments you love – the carriage, the glass slipper, the grand ball and more – with Cami Thompson as the Fairy Godmother! Be transported back to your childhood as you rediscover some of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s most beloved songs, including “In My Own Little Corner,” “Impossible/It’s Possible” and “Ten Minutes Ago” in this hilarious and romantic Broadway experience for anyone who ever had a dream. Tickets are available at

> 104.1 KRZQ Presents Primus & The Chocolate Factory with Fungi Ensemble – Monday, September 7 at The Grand Sierra Resort > Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, a foundation to help people dealing with MS, hosts the 27th Annual Alpen Wine Fest.

Featuring wine from more than 40 vineyards, the Alpen Wine Fest includes wine tastings, silent auction, live music and more, all taking place at the Village at Squaw Valley Sunday, September 6 from 2 to 5 pm. Tickets are $40 in advance and $50 at the event and all ticket holders receive a wine glass and unlimited wine tastings while enjoying live music. Reno Tahoe Tonight 9

Art > It’s Art BLAST time again! This is the City of Reno's juried exhibition-art show and sale of local artists. The exhibition runs at McKinley Arts Center through September 12. The show includes 26 artists and features a Peoples Choice Award whereby the artwork with the most votes by the “people” is selected to be purchased by the City of Reno and added to their growing art collection at City Hall. The $1,000 Best of Show prize is chosen by the Art BLAST jurors. The artists' reception is September 11 from 5-7pm, and the artists will be selling their works (in booths) September 11 and 12. > Sierra Arts announced the recipients that

were awarded $1,000.00 grants, including Mark Maynard in Literary Arts Timothy Chatwood in Music; Chase McKenna in Theater; Catherine

Schmid-Maybach, Nick Larsen, Megan Berner, and Nate Clark in Visual Arts. The $500.00 George Hutchison Student Grant is awarded to Annie Evans in Theater and the Rose and John Ascuaga Student Grant is awarded to Caitlin McCarty for Literary and Dance. The Sierra Arts Foundation Grants Program awards monies, free of obligation, to professional and student artists of all disciplines living within a 100-mile radius of Reno. Grants are intended to encourage personal artistic growth and development. The Grants to Artists exhibition will feature works from awardees from September 9-30 with a reception Thursday, September 17. Members Reception 5-6 pm. Public Reception from 6-8 pm. Refreshments generously provided by Wild River Grille. > JMAX Productions Presents P.O.D. With Special Guests: Islander & Locals TBA Saturday, September 19th, 2015 Jub Jub's 71 S. Wells Ave. – Reno, NV Doors 6:30 pm | Show 7:30 pm. Tickets On Sale NOW

> Bruka Theatre Presents The Guys September 11th at 8pm and September 12th at 2pm. "A

generous, sad, touching play about the braveries of grief." - NY Post. Written by Anne Nelson. Directed by Mary Bennett. Starring: Sandra Brunell-Neace & William J. McKay. September 11th at 8pm and September 12th at 2pm. Tickets: $18 Students/Seniors $20 General $25 all door tickets. Brüka Theatre begins their 23rd season with a special 2 night performance of “The Guys” to foster and engage in conversation regarding the tragic, life changing attacks that remain in our hearts and minds, even though it occurred 14 years ago this September. This special presentation features Sandra Brunell-Neace and New York based Equity actor William J. McKay in the roles. Both shows will be followed by a Talk Back discussion with the audience and will feature responses to the play itself, the tragedy 10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

of September 11th and stories and remarks from audience members. This is a special opportunity to honor those we lost and our own individual memories of that day. > The 34th annual Great Reno Balloon Race attracts nearly 100 balloons with up to 20 special shapes and is one of Reno’s most colorful and spectacular events. Sure, it might be a bit earlier than you're used to waking up, but you won't regret it for moment! Activities include a Glow Show and Dawn Patrol which are an amazing pre-dawn spectacle as balloons twinkle against the dark sky. In the incredible mass ascension, the skies fill with colorful balloons. Special-shaped balloons are always a spectator favorite and some will be making their first appearance at the festival this year. On Friday, it's the SUPER-GLOW show featuring glowing balloons choreographed to music. Balloon Boulevard will feature a variety of food, crafts, art and souvenirs and is expected to double in size of vendors! The Balloon Race has won many awards over the years including 'Best Special Event in Reno' and 'Best Special Event in Northern Nevada.' See them this year from September 11 – 13, 2015! > Benise's Strings of Passion! @ the Pioneer Underground Saturday, September 24, 2015 7:30pm

Guitar virtuoso Benise and his Emmy awardwinning show return with a brand new PBS special and tour Strings of Passion! From his humble beginnings as a street performer to performing around the world, Benise takes us on a musical journey of Salsa, Flamenco, Tango, Waltz, Samba…and more! Benise's ‘Strings of Passion Tour’, showcases classic songs from Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and The Eagles and combines them with Spanish guitar and Spanish dance. Benise’s love of both Spanish Guitar and rock brings a fierce intensity to these new interpretations of his favorite classic anthems. Combining the cultures of the world through music and dance! > International Bikini Team to appear at the

Eldorado. Models from the International Bikini Team Model Search will be appearing at the Eldorado Resort Casino Reno September 24-26 during Street Vibrations. They will be appearing

at the ReTRAC Plaza at 4:30 pm. and in the Eldorado’s Brew Brothers at 6:30 pm. Sept. 24-26. The International Bikini Team Model

Search is one of the largest pageants in the world, which works with more than 500 national brand clients each year. The models compete for more than $10,000 in cash, prizes, trips and modeling contracts each year. Don’t miss this chance to check out the International Bikini Team Model Search at the Eldorado as Street Vibrations rumbles into Reno! Head down to the ReTRAC Plaza and The Brew Brothers at the Eldorado at 6:30 pm. Sept. 24-26. For details, visit or call 775-786-5700. For information on what’s happening at the Eldorado during Street Vibrations check Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Eldorado iPhone and Android Apps for the latest updates. > A Bad Year For Tomatoes by John Patrick.

Carson Valley Community Theater announces the production of A Bad Year For Tomatoes by John Patrick directed by Dave Josten. A Bad Year

For Tomatoes will be held at CVIC Hall, 1604 Esmeralda Avenue in Minden, September 25, 26, October 2, 3, 9 & 10 at 7:30 pm and September 27, October 4 & 11 at 2 pm. This hilarious production dealing with the very funny misfortunes of a famous television actress who seeks to "get away from it all" in a small New England town. Advance ticket prices are $13 for seniors/students, $15 for general admission. All tickets at the door are $15. Tickets may be purchased at or at the CVCT Box Office 11 am-5 pm Tuesday through Friday September 1 through October 9. Visit our website at for more information.

This column is a community generated listing of Editor compiled events and announcements sent in by our readers, area businesses, theater groups, artists, venues, promoters, arts agencies and public relations professionals. The submissions are reviewed and those selected appear in the column. To submit content, send a high res image and official press release to: Reno Tahoe Tonight 11

ASK THE DOC Text Dr. Sean Devlin

Q&A for Medicinal Cannabis Q: What is CBD or cannabidiol? A: Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana that has significant medical benefits. In addition to having anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, antipsychotic and anti-spasmodic effects, CBD has unique benefits in reducing adverse psychological effects of THC, such as anxiety, confusion, paranoia, and memory loss, which can be problematic to many patients, such as the elderly. Clinical studies have shown that patients report more medical relief from strains with mixtures of CBD and THC. This phenomenon is called the entourage effect. THC and CBD are actually metabolites of their de-carboxylated acidic forms, THCa and CBDa. These acidic precursors are de-carboxylated (essentially dried) by heat or extraction to produce THC and CBD. Cannabidiol has medicinal benefits without the ‘high’ that some patients do not desire. This makes CBD appealing to patients who are looking for an alternative to their current meds, which often have intolerable effects. Q: Can I overdose on Cannabis? A: The use of Cannabis recreationally, unfortunately, has been associated with some deaths. The term overdose in medicine usually relates to the consumption of some substance that causes death due to its biochemical/ physiological effects. With the deaths associated with consuming too much THC the morbidity came from psychosis and an altered mental status, which lead the user to behave in a way that claimed their life or the life of another. Several cases have been reported in Colorado where users ate THC laden food that triggered the psychotic event. Edibles usually take 60 to 90 minutes to have noticeable effects, so some impatient users will continue to consume the edibles believing that they did not eat enough to get ‘high’. We always caution patients that if they choose to eat their medicine that they should always use a smaller amount, approximately 1/8th to ¼ of an edible and wait at least 1 hour before trying another 1/8th to ¼ again. Always consult with a physician if you have any questions. Please note that naïve users should consume no more that 2.5-5 mgs of THC at any one time and gauge its effectiveness from that starting dose. Some patients who are of lighter frame or carry less adipose tissue should begin even with just ½ to 1 mgs.

Dr. Sean Devlin Q: What other ways can I use cannabis besides smoking or eating it? A: There are a variety of ways a patient may consume cannabis. For fast action of onset one of the safest was to use it is through vaporization. This is when the purified oils of the cannabis plant are heated up quickly and are vaporized allowing for them to be inhaled. Cannabis has been used successfully in patients with skin issues, like psoriasis, with a topical cream/ointment. These topical forms are mixed with organic oils like coconut and olive oil. The cannabinoids are lipophilic and are easily carried in these oils. Patients have successfully used topical creams to treat joint and soft tissue pain without dealing with some of the side effects seen with ingestion. Cannabis can also be delivered in a suppository form for patients unable to ingest it. Again this allows for the medicine to be absorbed through the rectal tissue and move systemically throughout the body. As more research is done and as more patients use cannabis medicinally there will be more approaches and possible routes for administration. Thanks again for your questions and I look forward to future dialogue with the medical marijuana community. Sincerely, Sean Devlin DO To make an appointment with Dr. Devlin please call 775-772-9933, or email Reno Tahoe Tonight 13

AUGUST 22, 2015-JANUARY 10, 2016

Experience one of America’s most beloved landscapes through the eyes of 175 painters, photographers, architects, weavers and sculptors. Premier S PonSor: Wayne L. Prim and Miriam Prim and the Wayne L. Prim Foundation Lead SPonSorS: Nancy Siebens Binz; EMPLOYERS®; Deborah Day in memory of Theodore J. Day; Albert Bierstadt, Twilight, Lake Tahoe, circa 1870s. Oil on canvas, 37 x 52 inches. Private Collection

I. Heidi Loeb Hegerich; IGT; Nancy and Brian Kennedy; The Satre Family Fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada; The Ranson and Norma Webster Fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada; and Wells Fargo § major SPonSorS: The Bretzlaff Foundation; Carol Franc Buck Foundation; Irene and George Drews; The Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation; and the National Endowment for the Arts § SuPPorting SPonSorS: Carole Kilgore Anderson and Family in memory of J. Robert Anderson; Kathie Bartlett and Family in memory of Matthew, Phil, and Syd Bartlett; Denise and Tim Cashman; Chase International Real Estate; Judy and David Collins; Andrea and John Deane; Dolby Family; Susan and Stuart Engs; Leonard and Sara Lafrance; Anne Brockinton Lee and Robert M. Lee; Maureen Mullarkey and Steve Miller; Enid A. Oliver, ChFC, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.; and Sandy Raffealli, Bill Pearce Motors


m i d t o w n ' s a r t i s a n b a ke r y open 7 days a week 555 s. virginia street . reno nv 89501 . (775) 336-1622

Playa Styling Tips

BEAUTY Text Jennifer Utu Photo of Sabrina Hallgren by Benjamin Pursell

It’s that time of year again, a time when thousands of people gather together to show their artistic side and carefree spirit. The Burn has been a great part of Reno’s art culture, and has brought people from all over to travel out to the Black Rock Desert; passing through Reno to get supplies, costumes, and hair services. What Aura Salon loves about this event is that people are willing to step out of the box and go extreme. Even if it’s a temporary style just for The Burn or the Decompression parties to follow. Here are some tips for while you are out on the playa: > The Playa is not the time to be crimping and curling, you truly don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair. This is why Burners like to get their hair braided, use color extensions, get colorful mo-hawks, and shave designs in their head. Their hair is a fashion statement in its self. After a few days your hair will be matted with playa dust anyways, so the easier the better. > We recommend that when you get back from Burning Man to care for your hair delicately. The playa dust can cause a dreading effect on braids and extensions; when taking them out do with caution. AVEDA has a great Hair Detox shampoo that can gentle removes the dust out of your hair. Shampoo your hair a few times and then use a deep conditioning masque. Aura Salon recommends Dry Remedy Intensive Masque, this will seal in hydration and adds softness and shine. Aura Salon will not only do your Burner hairstyling, but we will also help with aftercare to maintain good healthy hair. Decompression parties are also a big hit once Burners get back, and fun for some that weren’t able to attend the event, so keep Aura in mind for all your hair care needs.

Sabrina Hallgren

Reno Tahoe Tonight 17

BRITTS 'N' PIECES Text Britton Griffith-Douglass Photo Jeramie Lu

Britton Griffith-Douglass

First Brit of Excitement High Heels & Hopes walks onto Lex Nightclub’s stage in sky high stilettos for the third annual fashion show and hair stylist competition. Outsider’s Salon along with the most savvy of designers, models and handsome studs come together to raise awareness & funds for ‘Cut it Out’ charity. Get your purr on and paws ready to catwalk here:

in Rancho San Rafael Park. Dawn Patrol, Reno’s favorite reason to wake up the sun, launches on September 12th. Lay down, look up and watch over 100 magical balloons light up the sky. You can hit the ‘snooze’ button on Sunday.


Yes, the answer IS kid friendly; these three will all be at Nevada Youth Empowerment Project’s (NYEP) Fall Festival on September 26th. Bartley Ranch hosts an array of play from a giant bubble booth, faces painting, and you can even visit me at the cupcake decorating booth. Learn more here:

The original hot mess. Cinderella made the walk of shame, sneaking out of the Prince’s house in middle of the night with one shoe, a princess affair. Celebrate Sierra School of Performing Arts' 10 year anniversary with their rendition of Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic fairy tale in Bartley Ranch. Hurry and get your tickets, before you turn into a pumpkin:

It’s the Techno Expo. Get your geek on at the NCET Tech Expo on September 18th. ‘Nevada’s only business to business expo’ will feature over 100 companies, speakers and informational booths. The event is free to all nerds and non-nerds alike. Go on delight your inner techie:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s 4:00am and that’s a giant balloon! Wake up and come to the 34th Annual Great Reno Balloon Race

What do Marilyn York, a petting zoo and carnival games have in common?

Reimagine Reno. Do you want Downtown Reno to become a tech hub? Do you wish Midtown would install free wi-fi for all the hipsters? Are you hoping dog parks will start to allow cats too? Well, this is your chance to have your ideas heard. The City of Reno is launching a new campaign to engage, encourage and keep citizens informed about their new master plan. Spark your imagination here:

Selfie famous like Kim Kardashian. The Reno InstaGrammys will lay out their social media red carpet on September 19th at the Pioneer Center. Locals

have been posting their favorite scenes, pet portraits and yes #selfies proving that Reno really has an eye for photo genius. With over 5,000 photo submissions, it looks like Kanye’s wife isn’t the only babe to ‘click’ their way to fame. Preview all the #hashtags and submissions on Instagram: renoinstagrammys.

LAST PIECE OF ADVICE All my blue jean babies, put on your best denim and join the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) and the National Automobile Museum for the inaugural Blue Jeans Jam, October 2-4. Get ready for the Denim: Cool Rags and Rides exhibit at the National Automobile Museum and Jeanology with Brit “Indiana Jeans” Eaton, the world’s top denim archaeologist will be there to help Reno dig up the history of these infamous pants in the Biggest Little City. Downtown's darling, Britton Griffith-Douglass, spends her days placing tenants in StartUp Row. As the sun sets, she plans the finest events in the Riverwalk District. At moonlight, under the stars, she's reminded that the biggest of dreams come to life in the Biggest Little City.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 19

BUSINESS Yelp Text Michael Tragash

Yelp’s Tahoe Getaway We all know Yelp is a website and mobile app that connects people to great local businesses, but it’s also a community of real people, passionate about doing the same. Yelp events bring the community together offline to connect with one another and explore their local businesses through unique experiences. Yelp hosts two major destination events annually, Yelp’s Spring Break and Yelp’s Winter Break, drawing thousands of Yelpers from all over the country to a new U.S. city for an opportunity to connect with other Yelpers and explore a new destination together.

A hotel is just a place to rest though. You came to check out the scenery, explore the mountains, and of course, enjoy the best food and drink South Lake Tahoe has to offer. Well, we’ve got you covered with special deals and discounts, and FREE official Yelp events you can look forward to each day.

Here are a few highlights: Burn some vacation time because this party starts with a Burger Bash at the all new California Burger Co. on Thursday, October 1, featuring bites of their most popular burgers and boozy milkshakes. Friday night Tullamore Dew is taking over McP’s Irish Pub for Yelp O’ the Irish, with plentiful pub grub provided by McP’s and carefully crafted whiskey cocktails to wash it all down.

Yelp’s expanding on the success of these events this year, and out of many applicants, I’m proud to say South Lake Tahoe was chosen, and this October we’ll host Yelp’s Tahoe Getaway.

Saturday we’re setting sail with Sailor Jerry Rum and Base Camp Pizza, and afterwards we’re chilling out at Snø Frozen Yogurt Cafe during Yelp’s Abominable Snø Day Soiree with FREE fro-yo at this colorfully cool new spot.

As a reader of Reno Tahoe Tonight, you’re invited to the party October 1-4, as Yelpers from around the country come to celebrate the beauty and splendor of Lake Tahoe over several epic days and nights filled with exclusive Yelp parties, outdoor adventures, and amazing discounts throughout the South Lake area. To be a part of the fun, all you need is a Yelp account to RSVP.

We live where the rest of the world wants to vacation. Lets show all of these visitors why Reno-Tahoe is the greatest. Come stay the weekend, make new friends, and experience Lake Tahoe like you never have before. Everything you need to know about Yelp’s Tahoe Getaway is available at

Everyone will need a place to stay, so we’ve hooked up 50% off rates at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel (Booking Code: Yelp15) and Basecamp Hotel (Booking Code: Yelp2015). Basecamp offers the high style of a boutique hotel combined with the independent spirit of an outdoor explorer, while Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel offers up the suite life with suite style accommodations that really let you spread out and relax. Both hotels are walking distance to all of the events planned for Tahoe Getaway, so you can’t go wrong at either.

Michael Tragash

Reno Tahoe Tonight 21

COVER STORY Text Anicia Beckwith Photographer Anicia Beckwith Subjects Danie Vessie Christina Bowers Ashley McDermaid April Durnil Olivia McCanless Macknzie Beckwith Christian Beckwith足 Damon Nelson Makeup, Hair and Styling Laura Garcia Marie Lear Veronica Vargas Katherine Aschenbrener Nikkie Wallace Patty McChesney

22 Reno Tahoe Tonight


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Reno Tahoe Tonight 25


26 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 27


28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 29


30 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Finding Beauty The day I chose to redefine what beauty is to me is the day I truly became an artist. Over the past couple of years, I have studied my craft, practiced and experimented for thousands of hours, and worried and fretted over defining my style. I sought inspiration from the things around me and tried to make gorgeous pictures of gorgeous things but something was missing in my heart. It felt like a regurgitation of things we’ve all seen. Like a mimic and a clone.

One fateful day I ran across a documentary on the farm-to-table food movement and was mesmerized by the laser focus on authenticity. Authentic ingredients and authentic technique that traced back to the roots of cooking and flavor. These chefs were not going against the stream of mass production in agriculture for costcutting benefits, but instead were more interested in improving flavor through ethical farming practices, tending to farms and the animals which provided them with great long term returns. The documentary explored the root of why less is more; why refined technique has more soul than mass production and why this is so important to anyone that cares deeply for the art of what they do. A wave of incredible inspiration has brought forth a new project. A photographic study of subjects that I had not shot before. Authentic people with authentic stories who have the courage to go outside their comfort zone and partake in a fine art piece along side me. I am looking for people who, like me, are interested in testing themselves and, at the same time, may find that they learn more during the process about their inner strength and courage than they thought possible. A project where the images captured are secondary to the experience. A social experiment. Art is my journey. Will you join me? Participants interested in being part of my next fine art gallery exhibit, please send an email to

Anicia Beckwith

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34 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 35

CULTURE RANGER Text and Photo courtesy of Erika Cole Gillette artist, it seems – but where does this idea come from? For one thing, by today’s standards, good art probably requires deep inquiry and expression, the kind of questioning that sometimes comes as a result of crisis and growth. Of course, not all creative work is self-reflective – many artists look outward, to reflect or critique the world around them – and it is true that a social critique risks its credibility if it can be bought by an implicated interest. However, I would like to make the revolutionary suggestion that honest inquiry does not actually require the poverty associated with free or nearly free labor. Admitting that a book, a jazz session, or a painting has costs associated with producing it does not contaminate it. On the other hand, at least in the world at hand, the market must choose a price somehow. If we insist that literature, for example, is unpriceable, we invite the market to price a book too low, assessing only the cost of its inputs (paper, printing, shipping, labor, overhead) and including nothing for the added value of the writer’s intellectual capital. We may believe that the fiction of currency is an inadequate tool to assess the many ways creative work contributes to our communities, but like it or don’t, the audience many of us wish to reach tends to conflate cost, price, and value. As a writer, artist, or performer, we have a responsibility to educate our audiences about our work. We teach them how to read, look, and watch; we also must teach them how to value it. Price surely does not tell the whole story of value, but it is the system we have.

How do we value culture? For the past ten years or so, I’ve been having conversations with people about how they place economic value on visual art, performance, music, and other cultural work. Sometimes, I meet people who are uncomfortable viewing culture as a product that we consume. In fact, this discomfort is common among artists themselves, who may feel both that the real value of their work is not commodifiable, and that they love their work so much that they would do it for free. The myth of the artist suggests that genius is conferred, and that creation comes easily. However, those who do know that making art is, in fact, hard work. There is also an opposing notion that good art requires suffering – mostly suffering by the

This could be an urgent issue for all of us who are content creators and knowledge workers. My skin crawls when someone says “millenials believe that information should be free.” It’s not just millenials, though – a baby boomer looked me in the eye over lunch a few weeks ago and thought he was favoring me with a reality check: “Sure, Erika, people want to spend time learning about art and culture. But they will never pay for it.” If we don’t want that to be true, we must get comfortable with insisting that they do. Erika Cole Gillette is a cultural literacy specialist and writer based in Lake Tahoe. In her writing, classes, and events, she is an expert at personalizing the experience of skillful looking, in order to appreciate art and culture. The joys and fears of navigating untranslated worlds have led her to experience personal triumphs and tragedies in twenty countries, so far. Reno Tahoe Tonight 37

THE SWAN LECTURES On July 26th at the Wilbur D. May Arboretum Botanical Gardens, I presented an introduction to the lab work and somatic content of the THE SWAN LECTURES,—a community project that addresses the phenomenon of corporeal compassion through the ‘image-bodyempathy’ relationship. This writing reflects some of that content.

“Songbird,— Nobody’s garden Where Beauty hides And the swan lectures.”

Gardens offer an archetypal experience. They bring us to primal and elemental aspects within us, coaxing resonances that have to do with our origins—what is timely and the sense of timelessness. Archetypically, they signify both wild and cultivated life. Leaving the urban jungle, we enter garden-scapes in order to map and trace what is essential to our sense of original being. In Greek myth, the garden archetype is imagined through two anthropomorphic embodiments: Artemis and Aphrodite—divinities connoting both our wild and cultivated natures. Artemis, goddess of the natural world, is protectress of animals and of the wilds. She exemplifies solitude,—the need for alone-ness. The Artemisian archetype, according to Jungian psychology, is understood as one-in-herself: whole—virginal in the sense of a life shaped by inner truths and values— standards that are sacred, inviolate, and unmarred by man or culture. An embodied contemplation of what is near and distant, familiar and strange, what can and cannot be known, the Artemisian imagination evokes our instinctive animal sense. Thus we come to the garden to renew relationship to what demands wilderness,—the untamed and instinctive nature within us that we may maintain holistic psychic balance.

ESSAY Essay By L. Martina Young Painting by Austrian artist Anna Maria Mackowitz

Classics scholar Walter Otto heralds the Artemesian landscape: “[a] teeming concourse of elements, flora and fauna, life unnumbered which sprouts, blooms, spreads its scent, bubbles, hops, leaps, flutters, soars, and sings; an infinity of sympathy and discord, pairing and struggle, rest and feverish movement, and yet all is related, interwoven, [and] the quiet visitor senses the higher presence with the awe of the indescribable.” The call of Artemis is a call to re-member ‘other-ness’ within us. Such remembrance brings another archetypal wisdom to bear, one that too accepts what is ‘other than’ ourselves: Aphrodite. Goddess of Love, Beauty, and cultivated gardens, Aphrodite is all about union; she bestows a transformative charm that has the effect of “drawing into closeness [you & me], into the ravishment of union.” This union is a kind of delirious derangement,—one that makes of you and me ‘other’ than ourselves. The garden experience, wild and cultivated, brings us face-to-face with our inner garden. Cultivating our instinctual sensory intelligences—our original techne—we retrieve what asks for tending. In the ritual pause of the garden, qualities of being are nurtured so that we may return them to the world,—qualities that, unattended, may soon be dis-remembered: dignity, elegance, a transformative consciousness,—and beauty’s own stature of grace and sadness. The Swan Lectures ~ ©2015 L. Martina Young All Rights Reserved. L. Martina Young, Ph.D., facilitates THE SWAN LECTURES© at The Wilbur D. May Arboretum over two weekends: Thursday evening, October 29, Sat/Sun. Oct.31st-Nov. 1st; and Friday evening, Sat-Sun. November 6, 7, 8. A public presentation completes the workshop. Participants become collaborators in Martina’s ongoing lifework, “SWAN: a poetical inquiry in dance, text & memoir.” For details and to reserve a place, please contact Martina: or The May Arboretum Society:

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EVENT Text Michael Tragash


Chemistry of the Coc ktai l October 16, 2015 at The Discovery

Have you ever been to Chemistry of the Cocktail? You know, the incredibly inventive, novel, and unique event that is the annual fundraiser for The Discovery? Well, if you haven’t, you’re truly missing out because there’s no other event like it in town. On October 16, 2015, The Discovery will close its doors to the kiddos, and reopen for this event. Chemistry of the Cocktail is a creative collaboration with the Reno Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild, the members of which generously donate their time to concoct clever cocktails that demonstrate the science behind bartending, and pair perfectly with delicious food from great local businesses. Add to that thrilling science experiments, hands-on classes lead by local experts covering everything from developing cocktail concepts to the down and dirty of distilling, live entertainment, a robust silent auction, and wide open access to the 67,000 square feet of exhibition space, including the 3-story Cloud Climber, and you’ve got the makings of a truly remarkable night to remember. If it all stayed the same year to year, what fun would it be? The theme this year is “retro chemistry”, so you can expect a throwback to the science classes of your youth. “Professors” will teach you all about acids, bases and pH levels, as they relate to alcohol and cocktails of course. And trust me, these drinks taste much better than those you made in college.

Also new for 2015 is the addition of The Discovery’s state of the art human anatomy gallery, Inside Out: an Anatomy Experience, where you can test your senses, challenge your reflexes and even measure your brain power! We’ve also added in the Yelp VIP Lounge where you can kick back with a cocktail on the big bodacious red inflatable couches. No need to worry about spilling on the furniture here either. You can’t spell “Fundraising” without the word “Fun”, and that’s what this is all about. The Discovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit science center, an incredible resource to our community, and this event is the big one for them. So while we’re encouraging you to come and indulge in some of the best libations, food and entertainment Reno has to offer, we also want to see that support. Tickets went on sale back in August and have been flying out the door ever since. There’s a finite capacity so get them before they’re gone. Yelp Reno is the only place to get your FREE tickets, so check out the giveaway listing on our events page at We hope to see you in October ready to explore, imbibe and support science in our community! Tickets for Chemistry of the Cocktail are on sale now at and sponsorship opportunities are still available by contacting Kestra Brönneke and 775-398-5912 or Reno Tahoe Tonight 41

EVENT Text Nellie Davis Photo Matthew McIver

High Heels and Hopes


hat started out as a rained out fashion market, High Heels and Hopes is in its third year and stronger than ever. Nellie Davis, owner of Outsiders Hair Studio, co-founded the event with Britton Griffith-Douglass of  Reno Engineering and Courtney Meredith of Design on Edge. Nellie brought the event  to light out of a devotion to raise awareness against domestic abuse, after having experienced an abusive relationship herself.  Many times it's said people feel comfortable  confiding at the salon, sharing the most  intimate life details because of the trust built with hair stylists. The featured charity of the night, Cut it Out: Salons Against Domestic Abuse is a program that gives hair stylists the right tools to recognize potential unhealthy situations in their clients or co-workers and be able to offer helpful resources. This one of a kind fashion show, and newly added hairstyling awards, offers an evening of fullfledged entertainment with a cause that will have you feeling glad you supported it. The event will begin with an energetic awards ceremony dedicated to presenting Reno's top talent in the hair industry. The participants were asked to submit a professional photo of their best work, displaying how creatively they could push their on set skills. In between announcing the winners of seven categories, including Hairstylist of the Year and Student Hairstylist of the Year, Outsiders Hair Studio will be showcasing on-trend hair collections  unique to each team member's specialty.

The real excitement will start to set in as the Studs in Stilettos portion is announced. Prominent local business owners and members of the community were challenged to individually raise the most charity funds, all while in high heels. Coming back for a second year, Mike Draper and Michael Tragash were among the Studs last year who collectively raised almost $5,000 for Cut it Out. This year there is quite the line up of daring gentlemen, including Clint Jolly, Bryan McArdle, Doug Erwin, and Nick Meyer. And if you've ever wanted to see our City Councilmen Oscar Delgado and David Bobzien strutting in stilettos for a great cause, now is your chance!   To end the night, all the hot names in design and clothing boutiques will be showing their latest fashions. Ali Strange Bikinis, who was recently published in Cosmopolitan UK and mentioned on a celebrity status for her intriguing beach wear will be headlining the show, along side some local favorites like Reno Envy's new Battle Born launch and Violet Gene.  After the main show comes to its final closing, stick around for the worldclass acts at LEX Nightclub's after party.  HIGH HEELS & HOPES HAIRSTYLING AWARDS AND FASHION SHOW 7 pm.-10 pm. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11  LEX NIGHTCLUB TICKETS $25 GENERAL ADMISSION  $55 VIP / $450 FOR A VIP TABLE Reno Tahoe Tonight 43

FASHION Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Blue Jeans Jam October 2-4, 2015 Celebrates Reno as the Birthplace of Blue jeans

Photographer Cory Piehowicz Creative Direction Reno Sparks Convention Authority, Christina Erny, Jennifer Cunningham, Tasha Courtney Styling PRPS, Kalifornia Jean Bar Hair / Makeup Kendra Piper Salon Lux Models Katrina Stewart, Brian Benna, Brian Mann, Breeze Turner, Marley 44 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 45


Blue Jeans Jam October 2-4, 2015 Celebrates Reno as the Birthplace of Blue jeans

How many pairs of blue jeans do you own? Do you have a favorite pair? How many pairs have you worn to exhaustion? Can you even remember a time when you didn’t have that perfect pair of blue jeans, which you could throw on to run to the store, or throw in the dryer to wear out on the town even though they were just comfortable enough that you could wear them to do chores or lounge 46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

around at home? Did you know that this perfectly appropriate-for-all-occasions fashion staple wouldn’t even be an option, without The Biggest Little City in the World? In 1871, a woman walked into Jacob Davis’ tailor shop on Virginia Street., near what is now the Knitting Factory. She told Davis her husband, a laborer, kept ripping his pants at

work. This was a common occurrence in the early wild west days of Reno, and Davis began to search around his shop for any clues as to how he might be able help the hard-working men of late 19th century northern Nevada. Davis had a supply of copper rivets, normally used for covered wagons, and experimented with applying those rivets to the stress points of those work pants, and found a solution that would change the face of fashion forever. Davis was the owner of many failed patents and, in an

efforts to appease his wife, enlisted the help of his fabric supplier, Levi Strauss & Co., to pay for the patent for the new, riveted jeans. Now, 144 years after they’re invention, the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority is holding a celebration of Mr. Davis and of Reno as the Birthplace of Blue Jeans. “Blue Jeans Jam” will be held throughout the Reno area, this October 2-4, 2015.

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48 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 49


The National Automobile Museum opened an exhibit in partnership with Blue Jeans Jam. “Denim: Cool Rags and Rides” includes rare blue jeans from the late 1800s and early 1900s, a special Levi’s edition 1974 Gremlin with denim upholstery, and the actual 1949 Mercury driven by James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause.” The exhibit will be on display until November 6th. Less than a block away from where blue jeans were invented, Chef Mark Estee’s Heritage 50 Reno Tahoe Tonight

restaurant at Whitney Peak will operate as “Jacob’s Joint” during the event, with a custom menu featuring updates on popular food items from the late 1800s. Special history sessions about the proliferation of blue jeans through modern culture will be held at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. “Jeaneology” will feature Brit “Indiana Jeans” Eaton, the nation’s foremost denim archaeologist, on Sunday, October 4th at 11:00 am. Sessions on Saturday, October 3rd

Reno Tahoe Tonight 51


run at 9:00 am. and 10:00 am., and feature presentations by Levi Strauss & Co. Historian Tracey Panek, and Davis family genealogist Kathleen Clemence.

USA and Crawford Denim; vintage denim; hip accessories from the likes of Red Wing Heritage; local favorites, including Kalifornia Jean Bar and Reno eNVy; and more.

The convention center will also be home to the “Jean Pool� retail emporium, featuring an exclusive array of high-end selvedge denim companies, such as Tellason, Jacob Davis

Keep up-to-date on all the new announcements and activities surrounding Blue Jeans Jam at

52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

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54 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55

FEATURE Text Monica Grashuis Photos Frank Haxton and Becky Murway Digiman Studio

CROSSRENO September 19th at Rancho San Rafael

What is cyclocross? The Wall Street Journal put it best, “the sport that would happen if road biking and mountain biking fell in love and had an awesome baby... it’s a surprisingly great spectator sport.” Cyclocross was started in the early 1900’s in Europe by Tour De France riders looking for something to do in their off-season. These athletes would race each other to the next town over from them, and were allowed to cut through farmer’s fields, over fences or take any other shortcuts in order to make it to the town first. Often referred to then as a steeple chase, because the only visible landmark in the next town was the steeple, this was a strategic way for these lads to stay in shape during the winter and put a hurt on their competitors during road race season. The benefit of cyclocross is that the riders vastly improve their on-the-road bike handling abilities. In addition, the forced running sections help to deliver blood to the feet and toes in those cold months, while working other muscle groups that are neglected during the race season. The first official championship was held in Belgium in 1910, and the sport quickly gained popularity across Europe. Races typically take place in the fall to winter (September-February) and consist of many laps of a short 1.5-2 mile course featuring wooded trails, steep hills, grass and obstacles, requiring the rider to dismount, carry the bike while navigating over the obstacle and jumping back on the bike. Most race skill levels range from beginners (30 minutes of laps), to an hour of racing for the pros. Multiple laps and rough terrain make it fun for spectators to get involved in the racing. Heckling is commonplace in cyclocross. There are many points along the course where spectators can absorb the energy and fun of the race. And did I mention heckling? Bring it people. CrossReno, set to take place at Rancho San Rafael Park on Saturday, September 19, 2015 will most certainly deliver all of the entertaining and challenging elements that cyclocross is 56 Reno Tahoe Tonight

known for. There will be beer and food vendors, strategically placed heckling areas, kids play areas with activities (hosted by the Boys and Girls Club), and an impressive line up of local bands, including The Pretty Unknown, Whitney Myer, The Letters Home, The Novelists, Failure Machine and The Joker Wild Blues Band. Sponsoring hotel The Peppermill Resort Spa and Casino, will have an after race party at The Edge Nightspot. The Dolan Auto Group-Reno Toyota will be sponsoring a Frisbee toss to win a new 4-Runner or a Tacoma. Additionally, a SCOTT mountain bike and lots of other amazing swag will be handed out throughout the day. The first drawing starts at 11am, free tickets to the event will be at the below referenced sponsored locations and at the race. I was fortunate to spend some time with the event organizers, a team of women who are respectful and collaborative, with a common vision and high set of values. In my attempt to round up clever, intellectual words to describe Michelle Quevedo, Nichole Whisman and Teal Stetson-Lee, the trio behind this epic venue, bad ass feels appropriate. In spending a few hours with them, I felt they had just as much of a story to tell as the race itself. Stetson-Lee said, “The mythology that women can’t create and collaborate together is no longer acceptable. We truly believe there is nothing you can’t do when you work collectively as a team.” Teal Stetson-Lee: Not your typical pro athlete. Teal Stetson-Lee, a professional cyclist since 2010, moved to Reno a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the area. The open-hearted and gracious Durango, Colorado native often gets asked, 'Why Reno?' “My usual response is that 'Reno is a dynamic community; a hidden gem.' The Ginga Ninja’s awesome flame-red curls are most often pulled up or hidden behind a bike helmet. Her easy, humble and kind demeanor will quickly disarm most that spend any amount of time with the multi-faceted athlete. I love

Teal Stetson-Lee

Reno Tahoe Tonight 57

FEATURE when she talks about her very environmentally aware, somewhat hippie upbringing. StetsonLee says her parents always chose the absolutely worst Christmas tree ever to save the other beauties. “We had trees that would have limbs missing on three sides, and dad would bore holes into the other sides to fill it in. We never took the most beautiful tree – and it was okay. I can count the times we went out to dinner on less than both hands… I never felt like I went without anything; my life was rich in many different ways.” Most wouldn’t know that she Nordic ski raced in high school; has two degrees; was a wildland firefighter; speaks a second language and studied in Chile. Her passion is empowering women and seeking equality in all aspects of life. Stetson-lee regards Reno as her home base, when she's not traveling on the racing circuit. Her appreciation for the supportive, diverse community is one of the many reasons she decided to plant roots in northern Nevada. Two more significant reasons are her partners, Michelle Quevedo and Nichole Whisman. Michelle Quevedo: No damsels here. Quevedo is a southern California girl who grew up with a passion for surfing. “Everything in life was okay once I was on my board in the ocean,” says Quevedo. An academic achiever in school, Quevedo landed the ultimate corporate job. Realizing she was sleeping on her office couch more than at home, she took a leave of absence to visit family in Europe and never went back to the firm. Experiences from her journey exposed her to alternative medicine and a rare Chinese modality that she shares today in her practice. Having a successful practice in acupressure and sports therapy, Quevedo was referred to Stetson-Lee to resolve a few troubling injuries. Quevedo said, “It's difficult for professional athletes to hear [the words] 'Maybe you should quit.' With Teal and I, the resounding message was always, 'We’ve got this.' Quevedo believes in the philosophy that physical ability does not define who you are, but acknowledges the respectful approach needed when working with professional athletes. A mountaineer, Quevedo has 58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

trained for and accomplished an eleven day expedition, including multiple summits on Mount Kilimanjaro with a team. During that time, in conversations with Stetson-Lee, they realized the similarities in their core values. While summiting at over 19,000 feet with little oxygen, she experienced the raw feeling of collaboration. The real meaning of counting on one another, knowing your limits and pushing through adversity. When Quevedo returned, the two started having conversations, forming the ideas around putting together a venue that would add meaning and value into their lives and the community. Nichole Whisman: Silent partner, well… not so silent anymore. Enter Nichole “Coley” Whisman. Born and raised in Reno, Whisman is a brilliant, unassuming woman that doesn’t need the spotlight. “Coley,” as her friends and family call her, deserves every ray of light to showcase her unique talent and optimistic attitude. She embodies the term “wing woman.” A mechanical engineer with a specialty in nanotechnology, the introverted extrovert enjoys helping, serving and being trusted. Whisman, no slouch herself in the sports arena, played golf and Rugby for UNR and has twelve varsity letters (a record) from Galena High School. She also has a passion for the arts and is solely responsible for assembling the music line-up for the race, having organized a major music festival from all over the US in 2011. Whisman has also served for over six years with the Big Brothers Big Sisters nonprofit organization, one of the event’s partners. Whisman found herself with knee injuries from basketball and college rugby that landed her in Quevedo’s office. Again, realizing similar values, the relationship grew and evolved into conversations about putting on a worthwhile event. Volunteering to be a silent partner, the other two quickly vetoed her suggestion and encouraged her to bring her talent to the company as a full partner. All three women are an inspirational example of the synergy and humility necessary for a team to work. And hard work is a principal component in putting something of this magnitude together.

Michelle Quevedo, Nichole Whisman and Teal Stetson-Lee

Race Notes The first racers start at 8am. All categories race through 6:30pm. Represent Reno by coming out, having some good food and drink, while watching – and heckling – some of the fastest cross pro racers in the country. It’s gonna be fun. You can get your free tickets (which also serve as your raffle ticket for a car and other great prizes) at the following locations: Spine Nevada Dolan Auto Group Silver Sage Sports Performance Scheels Men Wielding Fire Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows The Dropout Bike Club Reno Tahoe USA

Reno Tahoe Junior Cycling KTHX – The X 100.1 Reno eNVy Western Nevada Supply The Hub Coffee Great Basin Bicycles A Salon 7 Velo Reno Nom Eats The Main Squeeze Winey Munkies Ferrari Lund Real Estate Want to give back? Volunteer, even if it’s for a few hours, by visiting and message them directly. Check out their site at

Reno Tahoe Tonight 59

M ag az i n e

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Reno Tahoe Tonight 61

Take 2 Performers Studio “We are so much more than a training center; we really are a development center. Our passion is to guide our clients, helping them avoid the pitfalls that are so numerous in this industry. There are so many people looking to take advantage of people who have those stars in their eyes. We help keep our students on the right path to success.”- Justine Reyes – Owner – Take 2 Performers Studio

Take 2 Performers Studio recently moved into their new digs at the Smithridge Business Center in back of Trader Joe's. A vibrant energy can be felt throughout the studio, as student actors, musicians, parents and hopefuls now have a top notch environment to hone their crafts and pursue their dreams. The facility is a major upgrade from their former location. There's a 55 person capacity, tier-seated theater with a brand new lighting truss on site in the 4,000+ square foot space, where acting classes, theatrical performances and concerts are already taking place. Take 2's Voice Room, where vocal instructors host voice classes and rehearsals, is spacious enough to host full band rehearsals. The large Dance and Modeling Room, which was once used as a ballroom dance facility and boasts expensive new flooring, hosts dance classes and rehearsals and can double as a back stage for the 62 Reno Tahoe Tonight

adjoining theater space. There's even a pro runway where models can practice their walk down the catwalk! “The goal was to move into a place that was more functional for our clients,” says Take 2 Performers Studio owner, actress-model Justine Reyes. The move was really seamless, which is a testament to Reyes' strong leadership vision, organizational skills and profound devotion to her client base. “We never stopped [teaching]. And it was a smooth transition from the old location to the new location, Reyes emphasizes. We only missed two days of classes during the move and we started right back up here.” Reyes speaks with great passion about her staff's commitment to teaching, a dedication that has reached epic proportions. “I know it sounds cliché,

FEATURE Text Oliver X Photos courtesy of Take 2 Performers Studio

but the truth is nobody here is in it for the money. Our Acting Director, Waters, literally works seven days a week for her students,” Reyes explains. “So even on her days off, she's working with them on a script, or putting them on tape, writing their resumes.” Donning many hats, Reyes also runs the agency wing of the business called Tru Talent Agency. Reyes' industry experience knowledge and connections in LA, enables her to place and book talent with some of the most important projects and brands in the industry. Here is some of what Take 2 students and Tru Talent have accomplished recently: National ads for Ford, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger Kids, High Sierra Clothing, Dicks Sporting Goods, Dish Network, Vans, Gogurt. Guest star spots on Growing Up Fisher, The Fosters and NCIS. Feature Films The Fifth Wave (release date January 2016),

Camp X Ray with Kristen Stewart, Something About Summer, Nickelodeon movie Massively Mixed up Middle School Mystery. Locally ads for Greater Nevada, Nevada Health Link, Silver Legacy, The Nugget, GSR, Montreaux, Experian, Malibu Sports, Prestigio Jewelers, Williams Furs, RSCVA, Chicken Ranch Casino, Baldini's, Harley Davidson, Pick n Pull, Mattress King, Helzberg Jewelers, WaterChef, Susanville Ford, Nakoma Golf Resort & SPa, Reno Magazine, Reno Tahoe Tonight and more! Take 2's annual fundraiser gala is on September 20, 2015 at The Grand Ballroom inside The Atlantis Hotel Resort & Casino. Last year's event raised $15,000 dollars for the Special Olympics. This year the event's theme is Idols and Icons—a look back at popular music, dance and theater from the 50's through today. For ticket information, go to!events/cl3g Reno Tahoe Tonight 63

Take 2 Instructor Bios Justine Reyes, Owner & Talent Director In the early eighties Justine began her modeling career in Los Angeles, California. She first signed with The Wilhelmina West agency and later moved to Cunningham, Escott & Dipene. Justine has appeared in numerous national commercials and print campaigns and had the #1 selling poster in America during the mid-eighties, which led to several features on national programs such as The Bob Hope Special and PM Magazine. During the 90’s Justine decided to pursue her singing career and traveled extensively throughout the United States performing. She performed on the Celebrity Tour for our troops on bases in Korea as well as, “American Day” in Japan. In 2002 Justine became the director of a large performing arts center leaving in 2007 to pursue her dreams of opening her own training center. Justine is also a licensed talent agent and owner of Tru Talent Agency, the only state licensed and bonded talent agency in Northern Nevada. Justine enjoys helping young talent reach their full potential and achieve their goals at Take 2 Performers Studio. Waters, Acting Director Waters has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years working in front of and behind the camera. She had her own series on CBS and guest starred in numerous TV shows. She starred in feature films, movies for television and commercials. She trained with many of the industries most prestigious acting coaches. Working with her husband Herbert B. Leonard, they produced, wrote and cast episodic television shows. Waters knows what it takes to be in front of and behind the camera. Her passion and love of acting is contagious. She gives to each and every student that comes before her. Waters continues to work on stage, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Holly Lorge', Improv Workshop Brought up in a family that was in front of and behind the camera, she moved from Carson City to Hollywood right out of high school and began Auditioning, Cold Reading, Theatre, Commercials, TV and her favorite, Improvisation at The Groundlings on Melrose. While at The Groundlings, she and two other classmates formed “The Jersey Girls” sketch comedy show and performed at The Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Igby's Comedy Cabaret and ACME Comedy Club to name a few! Her commercial credits include: McDonald's, Maytag, Xerox, Hardees, Disneyland Parks (both national and international) and TV credits include: Murder She Wrote, Unsolved Mysteries, Young Indiana Jones series, Final Justice with Erin Brockovich and Jewelry Shopping host on GEMS TV. Holly moved back home to Northern Nevada in 2007 with husband and children to discover there is quite a thriving film and television industry right here! All the Acting and Improvisation skills honed in Hollywood have proved to be much needed strengths and assets in every day life, whether you're pursuing an acting career or want to succeed in the business world, “all the world's a stage” and you'd better be flexible and ready! 64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Lorette Spicer, Modeling Australian born Lorette Spicer has over 25 years experience in all areas of the modeling industry, specializing in haute couture and runway. From Paris, London to Italy Lorette has graced the international runways for many well known designers such as Yves St. Laurent, Dior, Pierre Cardin, Ungaro, Laura Ashley and many more. She has appeared in T.V. commercials and editorials for Ford Range Rover, Coke, Harrods of London, Cornelius Furs, Hilton Hotel and others. She was crowned Miss United Nations and was awarded the Runway Model of the Year in Australia. Kiba Walker, Dance and Vocal Performance Kiba Walker trained under Donyelle Jones (“So You Think You Can Dance”), Shane Sparks (“So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer, LA choreographer), Spencer Christian (Kings of Choreo, Hip Hop International, Monsters of Hip Hop, The Phoenix Hip Hop Squad, Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad), and many others. Arthur’s dance experiences come from studio roots: Extensions Performing Arts Academy (LA), The Rage (LA), and Take 2 Performers Studio. He has choreographed for the Damonte Ranch High School Dance Team, has his own hip-hop club at Damonte (Easy Flow), and for many other events at the school and locally. Arthur has competed in West Coast Dance Explosion and LA Hip Kids in Hollywood, California, placing first in Hip-Hop and Jazz. His passion for the art form makes it fun for others as well as himself. Arthur believes that dance should be fun, yet challenging. Arthur has been the front man for several bands and performed in many stage productions. Ashley Farley, Child Voice Ashley has been performing since she was 5 years old when she took the stage with Faith Hill in concert. Ashley stunned Faith, the band and the audience of thousands when she took over the stage and sang Hey Baby Lets go to Vegas! Ashley has studied with some of the best vocal instructors in Los Angeles, including Seth Riggs (Seth has trained over 120 Grammy winners such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Cher and Tilly Key (Usher, Whitney Houston). Ashley has also been acting since the age of 8. She has appeared on Suite Life on Deck, Cold Case Files, Gary Unmarried and several national commercials and studied dance since a young age. Ashley enjoys sharing her joy of music with the her young students! Dan Lorge', Theater Production & Voiceover Workshops Dan has co-starred and had recurring roles in many television shows including Murphy Brown, Reasonable Doubts, Hunter, 5 Pilots, Tikiville, Show Me the Funny, Americas Funniest People and more. He has had co-starring roles in many films including Fast Food and Ultra Man. He has starred in numerous roles on stage in New York and LA theater. His voice-over work is extensive and includes Digimon, three Jackie Chan movies, Knights Tale, Independence Day, Power Rangers, Hiroshima, The New Adventures of Robin Hood, and he can do over 75 impressions! Dan has a BA in Theatre and has trained with some of the best acting coaches in the business. Reno Tahoe Tonight 65

FILM Text Oliver X Photo Sweat Lodge by Tyler Bourns Additional text by Brian L. Sutherland

Nowhere Nevada:

Nowhere Nevada Over 100 Locals Bring Marianne Psota's Screenplay to Life Part 2 66 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Here in part two of our coverage of indie film Nowhere Nevada, Executive Film Producer Brian L. Sutherland talks about the process he's undergoing presently to position the film for distribution at video on demand outlets and retailers. Sutherland also takes a moment to thank the more than 100 people who worked, volunteered, acting, played, invested in and supported the undertaking, most of whom, had never worked on a feature film before. See the full list of contributors in September's digital edition at Reno Tahoe Tonight 67

FILM Brian L Sutherland “The sales and marketing of this movie to distributors is very different, and very complicated. To date, we’ve been through negotiations with five distributors. “The first difficulty is the complexity of the films inherent messaging. Second, it’s an art film, which is very different from Hollywood movies that distributors have come to expect. It’s an artistic/communal effort with a northern Nevada ensemble cast highlighting the enormous amount of local talent. It’s already being called a piece of “Reno Art History,” by some amazingly qualified people. Nowhere Nevada is a snapshot of our community that is timeless. It broke the mold on local Film and Music, forcing it into a tough industry that has traditionally viewed our community as a dying casino town. Reno is a very unique melting-pot of talent subcultures, all coexisting and working together much like they did on our film and soundtrack. “We’ve been invited to set up shop outside the Burning Man event in several places, including Twenty Powers Pizza, the Empire Store and at the Barsyl Bazaar throughout the event. Through some amazing people/ connections like Matthew Ebert, Dana Sparks, J.B., and Quinn Yarbrough, we will be selling the movie and soundtrack directly to our primary demographic, from August 22 – September 8th. These event goers appreciate fine art and are of similar mindset. It will also provide us valuable exposure to media guru’s and other excellent industry resources. “We’ve come to an arrangement with a California organization who is handling our foreign distribution rights. We’ve done quite well within the Indian community, as was evidenced by our surprise winning of “Best Feature Film” from the San Francisco Global Film Festival, where we surprisingly beat out

68 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Eddie Griffin’s high-budget movie, Last Supper, (Now called Coming to America, which has an IMDB rating of 7.6 out of 10. “Locally we’ve had 20+ real, theatrical showings to date. We’ve been featured in eight cover stories and had over 75 articles and interviews about it nationally. We estimate having shown it to over 650 people during our local Artown public release and have gotten requests to come into California and Las Vegas to show it, but sadly don’t currently have the resources to do it properly. We are more than willing to fairly compensate someone to carry it forth with us, but they will need to do it in the manner it deserves. “The Nowhere Nevada movie and soundtrack are currently being sold at the Melting Pot World Emporium and via our website at The soundtrack is also up and available digitally at CDBaby and iTunes. Since its late-July public release we’ve sold around 300 copies of the CD/DVD and saw roughly 60% of the people that just viewed the film also bought a copy of it and/or the soundtrack to take home with them. And God bless each and every one of them.”

“What is five inches long and feels good when you hold it in your hand? This CD.” Richard Spagnola, Dogwater Studios

FEATURED ACTORS/ACTRESSES Jef Derderian – T.J. Elizabeth Cole – Christy Max Volume – K Cori Lynne – T.J.’s Mom Andy Luna – Overload Felix Polanski – Willis the Bartender Diana Elkins – Cocktail Waitress Kaci Torrisi – Rita Patty “Sassy” Knutson – Anarchy Lance Otto – Homeless Man Eli Rivers – Clerk at Hazen Market Stephen Patterson – Mystical Janitor Tom Plunkett – Sam the Indian Mary Bennett – Lorraine Bernie Beauchamp – Lorraine’s Spouse Sam the Puppet – As Himself Jef “Jefe” Johnson – T.J.’s Dad in Bunny Suit SECONDARY ACTING Traci Perry – Mrs. Nevada/Mrs. Reno Nicole Gilda – Tattoo Girl Archie Wood – Tattoo Artist Eva Holland – Prostitute in Car Clay Still – Guy ( John) in Car Andrew “Andy 86” Hernandez – Flaming Bass Player Hollie Eiswert – Concert Crowd Member Nicole Gildea – Concert Crowd Member Rachel Clayson – Concert Crowd Member Benjamin Guber – Concert Crowd Member Tim Desruisseaux – Concert Crowd Member Marshall Compton – Concert Crowd Member Justin Lepp – Strip Club Patron – Dancer Kelly Proud – Sweaty Nights Dancer Chas Dawes – Strip Club Patron – Dancer Reverend Rory Dowd – Strip Club Patron – Dancer Scot Dundas – Strip Club Patron – Dancer Ashley Marie Polanski – Sweaty Nights Dancer Velvet Bernhard – Sweaty Nights Dancer Melissa Cothard – Sweaty Nights Dancer Nick Ramirez – Sweaty Nights Patron (Roger)

Kai Zaumeyer-Smith – Child Mariesa Yeoman – Hazen Market Patron James Dilworth – Hazen Market Patron Brian Ault – Hazen Market Patron Nicole Rose – Desert Stripper Heather Leffler – Desert Stripper Mary Coleman – Desert Stripper Cheyenne Leigh – Desert Stripper Dave Garrett – Desert Firearms Shooter Hudson Flanigan – Middlegate Patron (Drummer) Bruce Lindsay – Motel Guest (Philosopher) Nick Ramirez – Motel Guest Ashley Puett – Green Motel Guest Scott Dundas – Green Motel Guest David Richards – Green Motel Guest PRODUCTION TEAM Executive Producer – Brian L. Sutherland Producers – Juli Green, Nick Ramirez and Hudson Flanagan Director of Photography – Tyler Bourns Casting Services – Juli Green – Nevada Casting Original Screenplay – Marianne Psota Executive Artist/Product Packaging – Dianna Sion Editor – Tyler Bourns Director – David Richards Screenplay Revisions – David Richards, Bruce Lindsay and Nick Ramirez Script/Story Consultant – Nick Ramirez Additional Scenes and Post Production Direction – Tyler Bourns Script Supervisor/Props Mistress – Helena Dunn Public Relations and Media Director – Brian L. Sutherland Special Events and Fundraising Coordinator – Diana Ekins Assistant to the PR/Media Director – Reverend Rory Dowd Assistant to the Executive Director – Diana Ekins Director(s) of Marketing and Distribution –

Reno Tahoe Tonight 69

FILM Brian L. Sutherland, Juli Green Hair and Make-Up – McKenzie Kelly and Leah “Lucky” Wilson Lead Art Department/Props/Galaxies Supervisor – Scot Dundas Art Department – Pat Smith and Justin Lepp Camera and Lighting Assistants – Hollie Eiswert, Danny Works and Ric Frost Additional Grips – Jim Gustafson, Robert Green, Nicole Gildea, and Justin Lepp Production Sound Mixers – DQ Hayes, Danny Works and Tom Gordon Boom Operators – Justin Lepp, DQ Hayes, Danny Works and Heather Huxold Utility Sound for Concert Scenes – Michael LaPrairie, Nick Ramirez, Kahele Dunn and Rick Brenner Behind the Scenes Photographer – Nicole Gildea Sweaty Nights Dance Choreographer – Diane Strand Fabricated Suit of Armor – Matt Waage Craft Services – Mike Gully, Erika Johnson, Middlegate Station Production Assistants – Justin Lepp, Pat Smith, Kristin Close Cartoon Bunny Design & Animation – Marcelo Gorenman Car Light Blast Visual Effect – Mark Carey Live Event Soundboard Operator – Chris Nixon Best Event Door Person Ever – Dustin Haire MUSIC/SOUNDTRACK PRODUCTION Executive Music Producer – Nick Ramirez Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Gordon for Inspired Amateur Productions Foley & SFX Engineer / Mixer / Artist – Alan Griffith Dialog, ADR & Music Engineer – Tom Gordon Sound Design, Foley, ADR and Re-Recording Mix – Imirage Sound Lab, Sparks NV. Behind the Scenes Photographer –

70 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Nicole Gildea Sweaty Nights Dance Choreographer – Diane Strand Fabricated Suit of Armor – Matt Waage Craft Services – Mike Gully, Erika Johnson, Middlegate Station Sani Hut Demolition Experts – Tim Block and Dave Garrett On Set Massage Therapist – Chas Dawes Snake and Critter Wrangler – John Potash Lead Production Assistant – Ashley Puett MUSICAL ACTS/SEEN GROUP TALENT Seasons of Insanity (Band) - Shane Whitecloud, Rick Brenner, Michael Reynolds, and John Brey Andy Luna (Singer) - Sara Rodriguez, Lance Puckett, Michelle Rebaleati, w/ Tom Gordon as the Recycled Armored Knight Gunshot Licker (Band) - Stacy Tolle, Johnny Fingers, Jon Caggiula, w Nick Ramirez as Bill Goldie Los Pistoleros (Band) - Andrew “Andy 86” Hernandez Pinky Polanski (Band) - Felix Polanski Kelly Proud – (Pianist) – Kelly Proud Candyshoppe – (Band) - Cheyenne Leigh The Kanes – (Band) - Mike Orris The Schizopolitans (Band) - Stephen Patterson Battle Born Derby Demons (Roller Derby Team) Jana Hunter – Creature Feature Desiree Williams – Gnarly Nailer Katy Arias – Green Eggs and Wham Liz Hudson – Ginger Juggs Hell Bettie – Delilah Davis Kelly Brusby – Blockie Balboa Amanda Buell – Spacey Lords Sarah Milne – Under Rager Jessica Ebbe – Mary Mauhler Camera, Lights, and Audio Equipment Provided By – Bourns Productions Inc.,

Shot on the Red Scarlet-X Camera Photography and Pre-Packaging Artistic Services Provided by – Chris Holloman Hair & Make-up for Photography – Janice Lokke and McKenzie Kelly Original Music – Nowhere Nevada Soundtrack

Wandering Written by Matt Waage Produced by Tom Gordon Performed by Source Hell on My Mind Written by Merkin Produced by Scott Curtis Performed by Merkin Reno Written by Del Mar Produced by Bert Susanka and Rob Perez Executive Producer Bud Gaugh Performed by Del Mar Fuck You Written by Andy Luna Produced by Tom Gordon Performed by Seasons of Insanity and Andy Luna Hey Yeah Written By The Kanes Produced by Scott Curtis Performed by The Kanes

Reno Written by CandyShoppe Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by CandyShoppe Glancing Inward Written by Cranium Produced by Cranium and Tom Gordon Performed by Cranium Tiny Private Dancer Written by The Walk of Shame Performed by The Walk of Shame Damage Control Written by CandyShoppe Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by CandyShoppe First Off Written by: Ryan Parrish Produced by Peter Epstein Performed by The University of Nevada Reno Jazz Combo. Used courtesy of the UNR Department of Jazz and Improvisational Music Not For Me Written by Merkin Produced by Scott Curtis Performed by Merkin Pragmatics Written by Cranium Produced by Cranium and Tom Gordon Performed by Cranium

I Fucked Your Mom Written by Reno We Have A Problem Performed by Reno We Have A Problem

White Knuckle Ride Written by George Pickard Produced by Tom Gordon Performed by The Atomiks

The Beggining Written by The Gunner’s Daughter Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by The Gunner’s Daughter

No Capacity Written by Stabby Unicorn Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by Stabby Unicorn

Reno Tahoe Tonight 71

FILM !@#$% Written by Nick Ramirez, Dale Kellams and Marianne Psota Produced by Brian Knopf Performed by Astronot

Line ‘Em Up Written by The Liver Scars Produced by Scott Curtis, Chuck Garric and the Liver Scars Performed by the Liver Scars

Falling Written by Phat Couch Produced by Tom Gordon and Phat Couch Performed by Phat Couch Long Road To Nowhere Written by Glenn Bailey, John Gaddis and Chuck Ruff Produced by Max Volume Performed by Max Volume

Hazy Crazy Written by Nick Ramirez and Pat McGurren Produced by Tom Gordon Performed by Source

Green Written by Phat Couch Produced by Tom Gordon and Phat Couch Performed by Phat Couch I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Written by The Madorians Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by The Madorians

Coffin Walls Written by Gunshot Licker Performed by Gunshot Licker You’re A Dog Written by The Shames Produced by Rick Spagnola and The Shames Performed by The Shames I Like You Written by The Shames Produced by Rick Spagnola and The Shames Performed by The Shames

Far Away From Here Written by Matt Waage Produced by Tom Gordon Performed by Source

Dance of Fools Written by George Pickard Produced by Vince Gates and The Atomiks Performed by The Atomiks

Pluto Written by George Pickard Produced by Tom Gordon Performed by The Atomiks

Signs of Life Written by George Pickard Produced by Vince Gates and The Atomiks Performed by The Atomiks

No Cake Written by The Shames Produced by Rick Spagnola and The Shames Performed by The Shames

The Stupid Things You Do Written by The Gunner’s Daughter Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by The Gunner’s Daughter

Unknown Name Written by George Pickard Produced by Vince Gates and The Atomiks Performed by The Atomiks

Route 666 Written by Los Pistoleros Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by Los Pistoleros

72 Reno Tahoe Tonight

It’s Good Written by Mark Earnest Produced by Julian Peach Performed by Mister Vague Life of Earth Written by Schizopolitans Produced by J. Lee Vineyard Performed by Schizopolitans YOU Performed by Kate Cotter and Grace Hutchison Marianarchy Written by Nick Ramirez III Produced by Harlan Hollander Performed by Nick Ramirez III Impala Written by Gunshot Licker Produced by Dave Siegel and Tom Gordon Performed by Gunshot Licker Good Angel Written by The Spark Produced by Robert Gilmer and The Spark Performed by The Spark It Explode Written by Schizopolitans Produced by J. Lee Vineyard Performed by Schizopolitans La Trou Written by Gunshot Licker Produced by Gunshot Licker Performed by Gunshot Licker Penumbra Written by Phat Couch Produced by Tom Gordon and Phat Couch Performed by Phat Couch El Guapo Mijo

Written by Weapons of Mass Creation Performed by Weapons of Mass Creation Dance of The Kshatriyas Written by Cranium Produced by Cranium and Tom Gordon Performed by Cranium Reno Written by Memory Motel Produced by Rick Spagnola Performed by Memory Motel Original Music Composed by – Nick Ramirez, Rhiannon Box & Paul Allen Original Songs Recorded and Mixed by – Richard Spagnola, Tom Gordon, Scott Curtis, Brian Knopf, Vince Gates, David Siegel, Harlan Hollander, Robert Gilmer, Rob Perez, Julian Peach, J. Lee Vineyard and Xtevion. Original Songs Recorded and Mixed At – Dogwater Studios, Granny’s House / Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion, Imirage Sound Lab, 505 Recording Group, FSU, Stonehaven, Make Your Own Music, Clutchmove Studios, Hartone Recordings, Sequoia Studios, Headway Studios. SHOT ON LOCATION AT: Battle Born Tattoo – Reno, NV Starsound Audio – Reno, NV Jub Jubs Thirst Parlor – Reno, NV Hazen Market – Hazen, NV Sidelines Bar and Nightclub – Sparks, NV Middlegate Station Bar and Motel – Thanks to Fredda, Russ, David, Carol Lynn, Chandler, Travis, Mandy & Paul Musicians Rehearsal Center (MRC) – Sparks, NV OrangeTree Productions Studio – Reno, NV SPECIAL THANKS TO: Oliver X The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show

Reno Tahoe Tonight 73


Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine Nevada Film Office Sierra Arts Riverside Artist’s Lofts Brüka Theatre Good Luck Macbeth Theater Reno Center for Performing Arts The San Francisco Global Film Festival Indie International Film Festival of Hudson Ohio Reno Gazette Journal – Jenny Kane and Katrina Raenell India Abroad News and Satarri TV India Nevada Appeal Nevada Matters Radio America Matters Radio Eddie Floyd Kelly Rush Megan Brenner and Ashley Hennefer from the News and Review KRXI – Channel 11 Reno KOLO – Channel 8 Reno KRNV – Channel 4 Reno KTVN – Channel 2 Reno Worst Little Podcast Freemason’s Lodge/Theater – Wayne, Al and Frank Harvard Risk Management, Legal Shield and Kroll – Jody Clark Richard Spagnola Dave Siegel Maia Ramirez Finholm Mark Carey and Alphonse Polito Mikie Haley Dr. Greg Nielsen and Dane Nielsen The Melting Pot – Eric and Monique Doll House – Jeanie Dugan Chocolate Walrus – Tammy Borde Salon 7 of Reno/Sparks Sidelines Bar – David Pennington

74 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Jody, Alex and Zack Clark David, Kristy and ‘Lil Jones Bebout Risky Burn Scottie Dana Handshaw Bill Woody – Musicians Rehearsal Center (MRC) Teddy B’s Appliance Store Bounce House Reno The Nvision Companies – Joshua Munns Strega Bar Lotus Broadcasting – Mike Murray Shamrock Broadcasting Sani-Hut Co. Inc. – Sparks, NV The Burning Man Organization DPW - Department of Public Works Mike, Robert, Diane, Kyle and Marc “Arc” Kneeland Red Rock Water Matt Stover - Matt in the Morning Starsound Audio Bizarre Guitar – Greg Golden Matt Slover – KOH Talk Radio Sue King – Queen Bee Construction Seasons of Insanity Kessler Crane Wooden Camera Levi Watson Craig Smyres Sierra Arts Cherry Bear Records Dogwater Studios Worst Little Podcast - Josh “Chewie” Martin F.S.U. Imirage Sound Lab – Dr. Lawrence Davis Sierra Sonics Recording Mansion (Granny’s House) UNR Music Department Tim Chatwood E.C.V.1864 Jess Blaze Smith

Reno Tahoe Tonight 75

a very special evening with

Celebrating the Release of the brand new full-length album

“Here, there, and everywhere”

Friday, Oct 9


doors 7pm

At the Nugget Celebrity showroom Tickets $15

+Tax and venue fee


HEALTH TIPS Text Lanette Katre Photo of Lanette Katre Shelbi Carr Whitehead Scarr Photography Model photo Clayton Beck Models Luis Cruz and Kaitlin Thomas Hair and makeup Kaitlin Thomas We are often asked if B12 is just for women or can men benefit from B12 as well? I'm happy to report that B12 is for every body! It protects against heart disease by curbing and improving unhealthy cholesterol levels and protects against stroke, and high blood pressure while simultaneously improving memory, energy and wellness. We are all about B12 with benefits! Our B-Strong powerhouse cocktail is formulated with a proprietary blend of B vitamins and amino acids that speak to the male physique by targeting muscle endurance and muscle recovery. L-Carnitine is the multi-faceted amino that packs the punch in this house favorite, by burning visceral belly fat; enhancing workout performance allowing you to lift heavier weights; complete more reps with ease and reduces muscle recovery time. Another fun fact, in 2004 the Journal of Urology published findings of Italian researchers that Carnitine was more active than testosterone in improving symptoms in aging men such as sexual dysfunction and depression. Just one shot covers so many bases – and it is quick, easy and affordable. Come in today and find out how The Shot Spot can enhance your health.

The Shot Spot is located at 615 Sierra Rose Drive Suite 4 in Reno, NV 89511 off Kietzke Lane behind Lowe's. Drop-ins welcome. For more information call 775-826-1008. Lanette Katre

Reno Tahoe Tonight 79

LIVE! Photo David Robert Bobby Adams from 7 Seconds taken at the Knitting Factory on 6/20/15 at their "homecoming" show.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 81

MALL Text Oliver X Photos Kyle Volland

Virginia Street Antique Mall Vendor – Sasha's Sasha Thurman and her mother Sharon Thurman own and operate one of the newest vendor installations inside the Virginia Street Antique Mall. But they're not hobbyists or newbies, the mother daughter duo owned two dress shops for eleven years and are seasoned professionals with discriminating taste and keen eyes for glamorous vintage wearables and unique collectibles. Avid antique and vintage clothing pickers, the pair make frequent regional trips to find the gems that they bring back to their well-appointed, Hollywoodthemed, forties inspired vendor station, which is positioned in an east west thruway at the north rear portion of the antique mall. “We had new and vintage clothing in our shop (called Sasha's, once located next to Java Jungle on First Street in downtown Reno) with a 40's Hollywood theme. So we brought some of those items over here to the antique mall,” notes Thurman, who says both of her daughters caught the collecting bug from her early on. (Sharon and her gorgeous daughter Sasha were spotted in Truckee recently by this writer, scouring the antique and thrift shops in the area for hidden treasures). The thrill of the hunt is only exceeded by the joy of the sale. Sasha's is full of gorgeous beaded and patterned hand bags and clutches, flowing gowns, little skirts from Hollywood's heyday, brightly colored sarongs, sixties hippie era fashions, psychedelic luggage, a rainbow parasol, sexy leather vintage boots, 30's and 40's era candlesticks, figurines, costume ball masks and much more. With many northern Nevadan's already at The Burn, there's still time to pick up that perfect outfit or camp accent for those arriving later in the week to watch the man burn, or for the many “decompression” parties that happen in the weeks following the event. 82 Reno Tahoe Tonight

As I wander through the carefully assembled items in the glistening walk thru, I see many things to covet. A complete sepia-toned Norwegian vintage suitcase collection in excellent condition catches my eye. There are boots and goblets and mugs and man things at affordable prices—even a collection of rare duck paintings (it's almost duck season!) that were commissioned and used for depictions on a series of federal commemorative stamps by the U.S. Postal Service. Sasha''s most popular are their table top lamps, which sell through quickly. Outside of costumes and clothing, their top collectible items are Thurman's

little doggy figurines from the 40's and 50's that she collected from Japan. “I bring a little bit from home every month. They're one-of-a-kind and some date to before the WWII,� she says wistfully.

Air Races It's National Championship Air Races time again and thousands of aviation enthusiasts will begin flocking to the area for their yearly adrenaline fix to watch the world's fastest motor sport, right in their own backyard. Over the past eleven years, the spectacle has attracted nearly a quarter million attendees, pouring $80 million dollars into the local economy. For many, the love of flight starts early in their formative years, building model remote controlled airplanes and replicas. Now, this classic

hobby that some have built to a master craft has ebbed in favor of the video and computer games that dominate the childhoods of today's youth. But some of us never lose the thrill of our first model airplane build; or the first time your father hands over the controls and let's you take you plane up high into the sky. The 1918 Curtiss ( Jenny) JN4-D scale model (pictured) is a beauty, whose real-life counterparts served as training aircrafts during WWI. The Jenny later became a staple during the barnstorming years immediately after WWI, helping to introduce civil aviation to the American masses. 1251 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502 Open daily from 10am-6pm (775) 324-4141


[775] 284.8620 | 141 EAST PUEBLO STREET | RENO, NV 89502 TUES–FRI 9AM-7PM | SAT 9AM-5PM


84 H Reno A I Tahoe R : CTonight U T | C O L O R | S T Y L E . M A K E U P. B L O B A R . B R I D A L .

NEW BUSINESS Text Oliver X Photos Tony Contini

Cony Linarez

Luna Maya Imports


he south side of Wells Avenue, home to Battle Born Tattoo and Cafe Delux, now boasts a splash of authentic artistic Mexican flair with the newly opened Luna Maya Imports, located just to the east of the Wells roundabout. The gorgeously appointed shop showcases the art and culture of Mexico and the Latin diaspora, with stunning displays of craft work, hand made decorative art, oil paintings, table settings and figurines that are alive with color. A labor of love for owner Cony Linarez, there's big plans for the official Grand Opening week, happening September 9-16 in celebration of Mexican Independence Day. “I'm

a first generation Mexican-American in this country and want to contribute my part to make Reno rich in culture and the arts,” says Linarez. Opening the space has been an ambitious undertaking for Linarez, with both her son and husband working hard to help get the space ready. “The project is a big one, as we wanted to bring something to Reno that would elevate the Hispanic and Mexican culture here,” says Linarez, whose positive energy and radiant smile fills the converted warehouse space. Both gallery, gift shop and cultural center, Luna Maya has an impressive array of collector art, home décor and merchandise. Reno Tahoe Tonight 85

honor to keep in the family in the small town of Michuacan, Mexico. This week (September 9-13), I want to celebrate my Mexican heritage and honor the memory of my grandparents. I only wish they would know that all the stories they told us are not forgotten and I'm honoring them this week with workshops for kids and adults, and guest artist Pablo Pajarito from Tonala Jalisco, Mexico. Pajarito’s family craft is Barron Canelo (cinnamon clay), that has been passed down for five generations... and he is great story teller. Stop by Luna Maya for more information because the week of September 9th to September 13th promises to be a cultural experience at Wells Avenue and Luna Maya.” When asked about the future for the space, Linarez is excited to share her vision. “The future plans for the property are to make it a place [for people] to spend time with family, eating some very traditional food, experiencing the beautiful and colorful Artesanías and feeling like you just went on vacation with out a passport right here in the biggest little city!” Visit Luna Maya for their Grand Opening Week September 9-13.

“The Latin American countries like Mexico have the most amazing art and Atezanas with unique and very personal art.” The doors are now open and visitors are discovering the fine art objects on display throughout the space. Below Linarez speaks about her passion for the art and culture of her Mexican heritage and what makes Luna Maya so special. “My favorite part of the job that I have created is to represent the artisans and get you to know them. I travel to Mexico and visit each and everyone of the artists and get to know them in their workshops. They give me the pleasure of picking each and every piece of art that you see in the store. I also want to honor our local Reno artists and their talent. “The week of independence is very close to my heart, as my grandmother – Conception Moreno Maya-- was born in the time of War of Independence in 1910. In my childhood, when they took care of me and my siblings, they would tell us the stories of the revolution. That was when finally they had some freedom from their oppressors. At that time my “Linarez” family finally were able to own property in Mexico – a home and some land that today I have the 86 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Luna Maya 1644 S. Wells Ave Reno, NV 89502 (775) 470-5257

PHOTOGRAPHY Photographer Craig Hansen House of Blackbird Photography Model Meko Sugars HMUA House of Blackbird Location Twin City Surplus “This shoot was a collaboration between Andrea and I (House of Blackbird and House of Blackbird Photography). We wanted to do a shoot with traditional Japanese wardrobe and against an industrial backdrop. Andrea did a modern twist on traditional hair and makeup.� - Craig Hansen

88 Reno Tahoe Tonight

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PSYCHIC SAMANTHA FE Text Samantha Fe Illustration Jenna Chandler

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and thought to yourself I’m going to make an impact on someone’s life today? Yeah, me neither. But the cold hard truth is that, in fact, we do. Every single day we make an impact on each other’s lives, whether it is by making plans, adjusting personality, selfimage, personal judgment or choices. Every single person in our lives has an affect on us in one way or another. This is what I like to call “The Ripple Effect.” I know we have all heard the famous Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” How many times have you heard that and thought to yourself, But I am just one person, how can I make a difference to 8 billion people? Talk about going from individual empowerment to insignificant overwhelm in 2.5 seconds. This is your opportunity to listen to and acknowledge both voices in your head for just a minute. First of all, you are not responsible for the entire world. Whew, what a relief! However, you are 100% completely responsible for you, your life and your choices. When you begin to make conscious choices to empower yourself by doing what you believe is right, other people notice. Either because they admire you for making a change, or they don’t like the shift you have made because it challenges their previously set-in-stone paradigm of the way things are or need to be. Have you ever admired someone for taking the initiative to get fit and lose weight – which often times takes more than diet and exercise – or witnessed and encouraged a friend to take a leap of faith to leave their corporate job to dive into a career change that feeds their soul? Has someone in your life encouraged you to be the best version of you that you can be? These are the people that are making ripples. These are the people

that inspire others to adventure down the path less traveled. Because they show us that it can be done. My point is, you have all the power in the world to create your very own ripples. This power is a gift given to each of us as we are born onto this earth, in these human bodies. With every action and comment you make, you have the power to impact another individual. Once you become aware of this power and begin to access it, you will start to very easily see how your behavior choices will have an affect on those around you. By creating your positive ripple wave, others will then begin to create their very own positive ripples. You are capable of creating change in your universe. By creating change in your universe, you will create change in our universe. So, start small. Start with a smile. Smiles are contagious and yours might just bring sunshine to somebody’s cloudy skies. For questions regarding psychic readings, please visit or simply email 775-233-8965 Reno Tahoe Tonight 91

RADIUS Text Amanda Horn Maker unknown, Fish trap, circa 1902, 5 -7/8 x 46-1/2 x 6-3/4 inches (diam), Collection of The Field Museum, Copyright The Field Museum, Photograph by John Weinstein

[radius] = a picture of place Tahoe is surely not one but many. As I curve around its heads and bays and look far out on its level sky fairly tinted and fading in pensive air, I am reminded of all the mountain lakes I ever knew, as if this were a kind of water heaven to which they all had come. - John Muir, writing to his friend Jeanne Carr, 1873 How does our idea of place inform our experience of it? How do these visions of place evolve over time? What objects help frame these concepts for us? As a young woman growing up through public school, I adored art, literature, music and the humanities. For the record, I still do. Immersing myself in various works enabled me to not only visualize a place, but to travel through time to the era in which they were created. History books give you the facts. Art transcribes the soul of the culture. Through that transcription, you arrive at the truth of a time. You cannot really know a place until you understand the cultural and creative narrative from which it has been, and continues to be, formed. 92 Reno Tahoe Tonight

When asked about the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or Niagara Falls, distinct images pop into our minds. Numerous museums and art historians have presented exhibitions and books devoted to the art of these and other of America’s scenic landscapes. Until recently, one could not say the same of Lake Tahoe. For those of us that live in this region, we know pieces of the history. We know about silver, have a general knowledge of Native American culture, can rattle off a few Tahoe facts. For most outside the region, knowledge is fairly restricted to a concept of Lake Tahoe as a ski resort and summer playground. Everyone knows the Donner Party story. But conjuring a cohesive narrative of the region eludes us. In the museum-wide exhibition Tahoe: A Visual History currently on view at the Nevada Museum of Art, Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts, E. L. Wiegand Gallery, the complete art history of Lake Tahoe, Donner Pass, and the surrounding Sierra region unfolds for the first time. Ann Wolfe, Nevada Museum of Art senior curator and deputy director, curated the show, which contains over 400 art objects by 175 artists. “Recording this art history allows us—and future generations—to celebrate and critically examine the region’s important contributions to the broader culture,” Wolfe said.

Tahoe: A Visual History starts by showcasing works from the Washoe people. Exquisite basketry woven from willows gives a glimpse into the life of Tahoe’s first inhabitants. One of the finest, and most prolific, Washoe weavers gained notoriety after Euro-Americans arrived in the area. Louisa Keyser, aka Datsolalee, transformed basket weaving from a utilitarian craft to a fine art form. This transformation coincides with the changing culture of not only the West, but also the nation as a whole. John C. Frémont first encountered Lake Tahoe in 1844. Over the next two decades, the California Gold Rush and Comstock Lode would bring thousands of Euro-Americans to the Sierras. Donner Pass became a symbol of manifest destiny, an obstacle to be surmounted in an endless push toward the westward American dream. Mines needed timber, which Tahoe had in spades, and the railroad accelerated the pace of travel for both humans and resources. These developments drew some of the country’s finest artists to the region, like Hudson River School painter Albert Bierstadt. Nineteenthcentury painters, and those who commissioned paintings, were inspired by majestic landscapes. The vantages provided a perfect opportunity to showcase God’s handiwork in Nature, to highlight the sublime. These artists literally painted a picture of a place that symbolized both God’s divinity and man’s inalienable right to pursue the next frontier.

“This exhibition shows how historical and art historical trends inform what was happening here in the region,” Wolfe said. “Railroad and the automobile helped fuel the burgeoning consumer culture. Money becomes a part of the experience in the 20th century.” The rise of tourism and the resort culture are inextricably linked to this growing consumer culture. Many of the photographs in the show reveal the changing relationship to the land. Also, as tourism grew, so did private residences, driving architectural trends. Within the span of just over 100 years from when Frémont first saw the lake, human habitation at Lake Tahoe had reached a tipping point. Contemporary artists such as Maya Lin reflect and respond to these timely themes, like water resources and transportation. The art history tells a compelling, clear story. Tahoe: A Visual History is on view through January 10 at the Nevada Museum of Art. Expect more words on the subject in the coming months, as I move from a general discussion of place to a deeper thematic probing. Amanda Horn is a Reno-based writer, yogini, and creative community enthusiast. A former circus performer, she has been pushing boundaries most of her life, constantly redefining her own and testing the radius of the world she inhabits. She currently serves as Director of Communications for the Nevada Museum of Art. Follow her on Twitter @TeboHorn or email her at Reno Tahoe Tonight 93



Text Debra Menchel Photo courtesy of The Menchel Group "Caged Beauty"

The Most Important Thing for Attracting Buyers When Preparing to Sell Your Home is Curb Appeal


he first thing you should do after deciding to put your home on the market, is to get your house ready to sell. A clean, well-maintained home appeals to buyers and will sell faster and for a higher price.

your old door for extra impact. Make sure the door is sturdy, well insulated and meets fire code. Remove dead or dying plants, shrubs, and trees. Plant new vegetation or call a professional for sprucing up your landscaping and pruning shrubs and trees.

The Menchel Real Estate Group can advise you on the amount you should spend to get the most for your dollar and how much you can expect to recoup in the sale. We will provide you with a list to guide you.

If you have a porch, add some new furniture, or add a fresh coat of paint to existing furniture. Make sure the entrance looks welcoming and neat. Add a new walkway, steps, or interesting planters to make your home stand out.

Take an objective look at the exterior and curb appeal of your home. Potential buyers decide within the first few seconds of looking at the outside whether or not they want to go inside. With just a few seconds to make a good impression, the exterior is worth spending the money.

Take a second look at the mailbox and decide if it needs repairing or replacing. Take care to repair any cracks in the driveway concrete or asphalt.

Painting shutters, doors, and trim in an attractive complementary color can boost curb appeal and make your home look fresh. If necessary, replace

For more information on how to prepare your home for sale call or text Debra with The Menchel Group at 775-339-1393 or Richard at 775-527-5005 to set up a meeting today! The Menchel Real Estate Group Dreams Realty Reno Tahoe Tonight 97







Windows 10 for the Cautious

Text Michelle Haryasz Photo Branden McKinnon

Windows 10 is now rolling out and it's a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. Being up-to-date and getting it for free means you should do it, right? The new operating system does look promising; has reasonably positive reviews, and most users who take advantage of this opportunity should be satisfied. That said, some people will have issues. But since the upgrade is available for the next year, don’t feel rushed to jump on board if you’re concerned. Some users find that the upgrade does not automatically activate like it should. Generally, it will resolve itself after further updates. The current volume of traffic to their activation servers is a contributing factor and does not mean there is any issue on your end. The only time to be concerned is if the lack of activation is caused by upgrading to the wrong version, in which case, you need to reinstall and reactivate your previous OS before you can upgrade to the correct version (such as Home or Pro). Another issue some have encountered is related to drivers. Not all devices may have appropriate software available from the manufacturer, and in some instances Windows may overwrite the correct driver. This worst-case scenario has plagued some users with NVidia video cards running multiple displays or SLI configuration. Sadly, uninstalling the driver update is not much of a solution, as the update will reinstall. With Windows 10, the Home version does not allow you to disable updates and the Pro version merely allows you to defer them for a while. If 10 does cause driver issues, Microsoft provides a possible solution with troubleshooting software available at:

Fans of Windows Media Center may be displeased that it is no longer available in Windows 10. And DVD playback is not built in by default. Microsoft says the DVD player app should install on qualified systems, later becoming a paid app. A good free work-around is installing VLC media player to resolve these issues. For those of us who still really want the upgrade, but are concerned about compatibility with our existing hardware or software, you are allowed to revert within 30 days. But we’ve seen enough busted restore points and partitions to know that the best insurance is to create a full system image. There are various ways to do this, including methods built-in to Windows, but many prefer using Acronis True Image, Symantec Ghost, or other third-party utilities. If you are not familiar with creating an image, I would highly recommend bribing your most technical buddy, or paying a professional, as this is one of those “better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have” situations. Remember, Don't Suffer in Silence. We are always glad to provide a no-cost, no-obligation initial analysis, on your desktop PC, Mac, MacBook or laptop PC. This way, you can make confident and informed decisions regarding your system. Reno Computer Fix, 1170 S. Wells Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm 775.996.0212, or online at and on Facebook Reno Tahoe Tonight 99


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REVIEW Text Oliver X Photo Gary Calicott

Jelly Bread – Here. There. And Everywhere

Jelly Bread

“I think this record will finally let people stop calling us a FUNK band. We funky, but it goes way deeper than that.” - Dave Berry, Jelly Bread Northern Nevada road dogs Jelly Bread continue to elevate and refine their sound, while maintaining a relentless touring schedule peppered with major festival dates along the way. On Here. There. And Everywhere, the band's second full-length album, the five piece crew (Eric Matlock on keys, organ and vox, Cliff Porter on drums, lead and backing vox, Jeremy hunt on bass, Dave Berry on guitar, lap steel, dobro, lead and backing vox, and Sean Lehe on guitar) pointedly capture the energy and fun of their live sets, a feat that has eluded some of the best acts on the planet—to the profound delight of my ears and ass. But Jelly Bread cannot be easily painted into your favorite music box. The vibrance and nuance of their sound take you from tent revival to the Bayou; from the high desert to Muscle Shoals and from exuberance to introspection in the space of eleven stellar songs that really defy easy categorization. “I think our sound is rooted in SOUL MUSIC. From the gospel to the R&B, the funk, the roots, the rock—it's all steeped in soul,” says bandleader Dave Berry. “We're influenced in some way or another by people and bands we've worked with or listen to, and, as the title offers 'Here. There. And Everywhere,' the music encompasses that.

We've been all over the country the past couple years; tons of road time. Definitely New Orleans and Louisiana in general and all of the south has influenced this record. But then again that southern music climate has always influenced us. We don't set out to record a style of songs, just good music.” And Jelly Bread does so in spades, enlisting the help of stalwarts like Tim Snider on violin (and string arrangements on “In You & In My Head”) and Seattle's mighty Polyrythmics Horns (trumpeter Scott Morning who wrote the horn charts, Arthur Brown on sax and Eli Clark on trombone) light it up on “In You,” “Gotta Give Somethin' Back,” and “Funk to the Leff.” “We recorded in multiple places in between tours and on the road,” says Berry. “My living room; a venue in Ames, Iowa; on a few of days and at a friend's place in Maryland while on tour out there.” The result is a stellar musical stew that is all their own: full of delicious, spicy, intoxicating soul. Check out Jelly Bread's record release party for Here. There. And Everywhere on Friday, October 9, 2015 at The Nugget's Celebrity Showroom. Doors at 7pm. Showtime 8pm. Reno Tahoe Tonight 103

RIVERWALK REPORT Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Dine The District Food Tour, Returns October 10, 2015 The Riverwalk just got Munch, Munch, Munch Tastier! “Dine the District” offers attendees the chance to enjoy delicious cuisine from around the world right here in the Biggest Little City The perfect way to experience all the delicious dining downtown Reno has to offer. If you’ve never been, now’s your chance to take to the streets for the “Dine the District” self-guided food tour presented by the Riverwalk District. On October 10 from 1-4 p.m., foodies will flock to the area to enjoy the unique options in dining and entertainment. This is the final “Dine the District” event of the season, with a new series starting May 2016. The Riverwalk District will also work with “Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful” to help raise funds for river beautification. Donations can be made at time of purchase. With over 20 restaurants and businesses participating in the event, “Dine the District” offers attendees the chance to enjoy culinary cuisine from around the world… Whether it’s a unique slider at CAMPO, or timeless truffles at Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique, the food is always divine. “We are excited to, once again, be a stop on the map for this great event in downtown,” exclaims Matt Polley owner of The Jungle. “This gives us a chance to give people a good taste of what we have to offer. And, the natural, eclectic ambiance of the area brings such a great crowd who make the ‘Dine the District’ food tour a can’t miss!” Proceeds from this event support the continued development of the Riverwalk District and help establish a safer, cleaner and more vibrant downtown area. Through events like this and the monthly “Wine Walk” hosted on the third Saturday of each month, members of the Riverwalk Merchants Association have put a national spotlight on Reno’s downtown area.

"We aim for awareness, support and additional revenue for the businesses located in downtown Reno,” said Scott Dunseath, Riverwalk Merchants Association 2014 President and owner of Reno eNVy. “This ‘Dine the District’ event will lead into the official restaurant week of Reno, a.k.a. Reno Bites, where many of the businesses will offer specials and discounts through October 18.” With events like ‘Dine the District,’ the Riverwalk is quickly growing to be the culinary epicenter of the city leading us closer to achieving the association’s vision to create quarterly food tours, progressive dining tours and a Riverwalk cookbook.” Tickets for “Dine the District” are $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the event and FREE for children 10 years of age and under. Sales are limited to 600. To purchase tickets in advance, visit www.renoriver. org/dining_district. Tickets may be redeemed at the Reno Tahoe Visitor Center located in the Reno eNVy store at 135 North Sierra Street on the day of the event. Participants will receive a food tour map as formal admission to “Dine the District.” For information on the Riverwalk, or to see how you can help, visit, email, or call 775-825-WALK (825-9255).  Dine The District Food Tour October 10, 2015, 1 to 4 p.m. Starts at the Reno-Tahoe Visitor Center and continues through Reno’s Riverwalk District $20 pre-sale, $25 day of event. Tickets are limited, Reno Tahoe Tonight 105

Matt Maher Kickflip Photo: Noodle

SKATE NV Photo Kyle Volland Local artist Colin Grover getting the nosebonk minutes before getting the boot.

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SLUDGE: THE UNFILTERED COFFEEBAR JOURNEY. Text Greg Buchheister Photo Whitney Grimes Five years ago this week I was getting ready to sign a lease for what would become my first Coffeebar location in Truckee. I had experienced this moment many times before, 15 times to be exact, but this time was a bit different. It was just I, no partners, and no investors as of yet and I was looking at a space that had been vacant for over a year and had only previously been occupied by two failed coffee shops. To boot, I only had $100 left in my bank account. I grew up in Colorado and had spent all of my 35 years in Winter Park, Steamboat and Boulder, but in 2009 I decided it was time to go.  A crazy trip to India gave me the clarity that I needed to leave and once I returned to the states, it took about two months to pack, replace myself at work and head west with a lightly padded savings account and dreams of a California Coffeebar.  Fast-forward eight months… I was couch surfing with my friend and doing the master cleanse to save money! I have taken many risks in my career as an entrepreneur, but those risks have always been supported by a safety net. This time I did not… it was I, my $100, my pen and the finer details of this five-year commitment. I took a deep breath, signed the lease and simultaneously made my first investor call. Raising capital is hard… of all the investors that said they would give me money; only two (out of twenty) actually came through. I beat the street for more friends, family and acquaintances. In 60 days I raised $100,000 and put $40,000 on my only credit card. We opened Coffeebar Truckee on October 11, 2010. In two months we were doing enough daily business that we were cash flow positive, but just barely.  That first year I worked 360 out of 365 days.  I had a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and survived on espresso and nutella croissants. Luckily, Truckee was thirsty for a community hub serving up the Italian lifestyle and good cup of coffee. We were fortunate enough to survive the first year with a cushion in our savings account and the rest is history. We opened Coffeebar Reno in January of 2014 to a neighborhood of resentment and skepticism. The adversity motivated us even more to prove to Reno that we were a company of high values, high quality coffee and excellent customer service.  We remained humble and appreciative of the opportunity to serve our community the best we could.  Again, we were well received and were extremely grateful to our neighborhood for loving us as much as we now love them.  The success of the Reno location has given us the opportunity to expand yet again.  We opened up the Coffeebar Bakery in Truckee in April and we are about to sign a lease for a new concept in the Bay area. This column in the RTT will be your own personal Coffeebar Reality show. Every month you will get the raw, unfiltered updates on our trials and tribulations as we try to bring our Reno/Tahoe concept to a bigger market and show the city that we mean business. ~greg b, owner, coffeebar

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THE COUTURE COLUMN Text Isha Casagrande Photos Clayton Beck Make Up Jayme Ward Model-Stylist Isha Casagrande All clothing and accessories provided by The Couture Closet Babydoll Bliss The babydoll dress originated as negligee but has become a wardrobe staple for fashionistas around the world. Comfortable, couture and chic, the babydoll works on all body types and sizes. Flaunt your flirty legs in a forgiving style that is as sexy as you are fabulous. Autumn in Bloom Retro rusty colors compliment pattern mixes in autumn hues. Mellow Yellow Mix pattern and textures in like colors to insure a golden goddess glamorous look. Black Dahlia Dark temptation mixed with sweet flowers is sexy this fall. Creme de la Creme Sweet and innocent with a hint of skin is the flavor of the season. The Couture Closet is a style house in which you can shop the boutique or work with experienced stylists who can help you stretch your budget and turn your wardrobe into a fashionista's dream. We know style is not about what label you are wearing, but about how self-confident you feel in what you are wearing. It is more than just a couture is a couture lifestyle.

Isha Casagrande 114 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Couture Closet 538 W. Plumb Ln. Ste. E Reno, NV 89509 (775) 432-1869

Autumn in Bloom

Mellow Yellow

Creme de la Creme

Black Dahlia


Rodgers & Hammerstein’s With Cami Thompson as the Fairy Godmother

Music by RICHARD RODGERS Book and Lyrics by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II Directed by Janet Lazarus Musical Direction by Terry Thompson Choreography by Amanda Albert In collaboration with Reno Dance Company Under the direction of Lesa Dusich

Sept. 4–6, 11–13, 7:30 p.m. TICKETS: VIP with parking $40 GENERAL ADMISSION: $20/advance; $25/door GRASS: $18 | Food and beverage vendors Robert Z. Hawkins Outdoor Amphitheater Bartley Ranch, Reno Cinderella is presented through special arrangement with R&H Theatricals;

TRAINING TIPS Text Camie Cragg-Lyman Photo Michael LaGrange


IS KEY "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day" Richard G. Scott. Read this quote once a day to be reminded that consistency is by far the most valuable action that one can do for him/herself to become the best version of themselves especially when it comes to being more physically fit! When it comes to a physical goal I usually advise people to set a goal short term and long term when it comes to what one wants to achieve and conquer physically. Set a time line on how one will reach their goals. Give specific dates and declare what going to happen (or expected) through action and not words. It is really important to release oneself from all negativity and become more aware of what it is going to take to reach goals through daily action which is also called consistency on a daily basis! Take the chance to make the choice to be the change by: Positive Attitude: For change to happen there must be action to take the chance to make the change that one deserves in their life. The first change must be in adopting a positive attitude. Keeping a positive ‘I can I will’ attitude is essential to success in any type of endeavor and it is especially important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Commitment: Make it a lifetime commitment where this action of consistency is a lifestyle once and for all and not a trend!

No Excuses & Determination: You do not let life get in the way of your commitment. If you enter into a commitment please keep these three rules in mind as you are bound to find your success. I say it all so often that if you adopt a lifestyle of health, balance and wellness they will keep you vital, strong, healthy and mentally sharp well into your seventies, eighties and beyond. Home H.I.I.T Workout 15% incline power walk holding 10 lb for 2:00 No weight jog for 2:00 Jump jacks with shoulder press for 1:00 with body bar/weights 20 Max Jumps Repeat for 25 minutes Camie Cragg Lyman, the 33 year old owner of Camie Cragg Fitness, founded her company in 2011 with the ambition to inspire, motivate and educate through fitness, positivity and balance to become the best version of one's self. Being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, athlete, CPT, GFI and friend may seem like a lot for Camie to juggle, but it has become the greatest gift to be able to serve, soar and learn about the true essence of life by living her dharma! Camie's life motto is: Adopt the #ICANIWILL attitude. Show it by action, and when you fall off the wagon, it's not the end of the world, instead, it is about how quickly you can jump back on board! Reno Tahoe Tonight 119


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Rtt sept 2015 digital final  

Photography Anicia Beckwith, Blue Jeans Jam, Reno Street Photography, Photographer Craig Hansen, RenoCross, Photographer David Robert, Luna...

Rtt sept 2015 digital final  

Photography Anicia Beckwith, Blue Jeans Jam, Reno Street Photography, Photographer Craig Hansen, RenoCross, Photographer David Robert, Luna...