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A Probability of Words


by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

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Photo and Concept by Marcello Rostagni Model Lauren Young

Tribute Text Oliver X Photo of Sarah Pugh courtesy of Chris Holloman


t is with great sadness  that the friends, family  and loved ones of Sarah  Pugh, one of the most  beautiful people I ever had  the privilege of meeting,  said goodbye to their  beloved.  If there ever was  an example of courage in  the face of insurmountable  odds, Sarah embodied it.   Nobody ever wanted to live  more than Sarah.  Nobody  ever tried harder to heal  and all the while to love  and spread the meaning  and message of the fragility  of our fleeting existence on  this planet than did Sarah.   Sarah succumbed to  cancer, but she triumphed  over life itself and is now  eternal.  She lived a fuller  life in just over three  decades than most people  do in an entire lifetime.  Her life was a testament  to her joy, her faith, her  dignity and her unwavering  strength.  She was a poet  of life; of possibilities.  A  master of moments.  Her  radiance was like the sun;  her beauty was the 8th  wonder.  She inspired us  and she taught us how to  live, and finally, how to die.   She gave us the greatest gift  of all—her love.

Sarah Pugh

6 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Sarah Pugh is sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

Editor's Letter Text Oliver X Photo Debbie McCarthy

Wowzer, April is packed with wicked events people. Here are some gems to recommend to you all this month, so here goes: April 5, 2013 - Vokab Company plays West Street Market. The fun-loving party band of Burners will cram their bigger than life sight and sound spectacular into the tiny confines of WSM’s Se7en on West. Come out and support this stellar show by the good folks from Fresh Bakin’. April 10, 2013 – Spike McGuire’s Birthday Bash happens at The Alley with Six Mile Station opening for the uber talented Lucero. April 12, 2013 – The Novelists with special guest Justin McMahon at Bodega Nightclub. Don’t miss this multi-media extravaganza! This event will probably sell out so get your presale tickets now! 21+. $15 at the door; $10 presale. 7pm doors. April 18, 2013 – Victor and Penny with special guests The Pretty Unknown. Live jazz that rocks. This show will sell out, so get there early folks. $8. All ages. 7pm doors. April 19, 2013 – Tim Snider Record Release Party with special guests Reno favorite Kate Cotter and House of Waters from Brooklyn, at The Nugget’s Celebrity Showroom. Tickets are $20 and everyone in paid attendance gets a copy of Snider’s new CD titled “Let Go, Jump in the Water.” 8pm doors. 9pm showtime. April 20, 2013 – Mark Sexton Band Record Release Party for their new EP Young and Naïve, at The Nugget’s celebrity Showroom. Special guest Canadian soul singer Joanna Borromeo. 8pm. April 21, 2013 – Medeski, Martin & Wood @ The Reno Knitting Factory. 7pm doors.

April 26, 2013 - Singing star Whitney Myer @ GSR, with special guests Rigorous Proof and PRSN. $15. All ages. 7pm doors. April 27, 2013 – The Kanes Record Release Party for the LP Black Magic @ The Reno Knitting Factory with special guests Drinking With Clowns, Scarlet Presence, Bazooka Zoo and hosted by Zomboo! This is a fundraiser for Baldo Bobadilla’s Future Kind non-profit that works to bring educational tools and civil infrastructure to disadvantaged children and communities world-wide. 7pm doors. All ages. $1.04 at the door. April 28, 2013 – Songwriters in the Round with Mel Wade, Kate Elaine, Josiah Knight and Chris Miles. 7pm doors. All ages. $7 cover. April 30, 2013 – RTT presents: The Acoustic Allstars featuring Slide Mountain Band with Scotty Oliver X Gavin on banjo, Catherine Matovich on fiddle and Brad Lund on bass. 7pm doors. 7:30 showtime. $7 door. All ages. A big shout out to Laura Stocker Watson and husband Jay over at Lamppost Pizza on Steamboat Parkway in south Reno as they celebrate four years doing their fabulous Tuesday Night Open Mic from 6-9pm every week. Plus their Thai Pizza is to die for! Order up today at 775-853-7887.

Never Be Bored!

Reno Tahoe Tonight 7

A Probability of Words

Benefit of the Doubt.

Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photos Lynell Garfield

Doubt everything. Find your own light.


- Buddha

ocrates made his students answer their own questions. Galileo dared to doubt the church. And Darwin later took up his legacy. The Buddha described his own path, but wanted people to find their own way. Even Jesus was a man of doubt. If not for the doubters, we’d all still be in Plato’s cave.

A certain measure of faith is necessary and constructive. We must believe in ourselves, our purposes, our relationships with each other and with the universe, in order to be whole. This faith cannot exist in a vacuum, though, or it becomes a senseless and destructive force that is counter to its essence.

From Rumi to Rimbaud, the great poets have always been doubters. From Da Vinci to Descartes, our great thinkers have looked through the lens of doubt and reimagined the world.

Faith in the unknown, the invisible, the passion which moves us is as essential as oxygen to the human experience. Indeed a full human life is not possible without it. Still faith must know its split-apart doubt, in order to serve us.

Bad things happen whenever we excuse doubt from the table at decision time. Without courage to doubt the President, we get a ten-year, two trillion-dollar war. Without courage to doubt our bankers, we see the collapse of a world economy.

If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things. - Descartes

If faith is the vehicle to carry one's vision to fruition, then doubt is the bridge upon which it travels. Blind faith is as destructive a force as self-doubt. Both are out of balance and misplaced.

8 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Faith keeps many doubts in her pay. If I could not doubt, I should not believe. -Henry David Thoreau

Yes, doubt has its place. We are supposed to question, it makes our faith authentic. Those who are afraid to question their beliefs tacitly admit the weakness of them. Those unwilling to acknowledge the possible validity of truths beyond their own, become rigid to the natural flows of life. If we were to peek behind the flimsy curtain, instead of strength, we'd see fragility. If we were to read between the lines of these manifestos, the ink would reveal dogmas, not truths. A

building that is too inflexible will crumble when the Earth shifts her weight. A tree that cannot bend will break into pieces in the wind. So is the mind like these things. When we travel the same thought paths too often, it creates ruts of thought, action, belief. Soon we are limited by where we can go, because the wheels of our brain cannot escape these ruts. Just as we do yoga to keep our bodies flexible, so we need to bend our brains to keep them useful.

Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize. - Robert Hughes

I doubt any of us were put on this earth to accept someone else's story without a question. We were not given such wonderful brains only to follow instructions. We were not built with an innate sense of our own path, to follow a broken compass someone else gave us. We were not handed a blank piece of paper to color in someone else's lines.

encouragement to step to the beat of your own drummer. There has never been anything memorable written about following convention. No soul was ever inspired by lines teaching that life is about following orders.

You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. - Robert M. Pirsig Part of the magic of life exists in the balance of many forces that appear, falsely, to be opposites: beauty and decay, love and hate, fear and courage, light and dark, life and death. This is part of the great illusion. We must believe and doubt in balance or else neither has value. If we are to build the new world, then like an old married couple who've lost their rhythm, faith and doubt must learn to dance again. And never lose your faith in the power of doubt.

If life is a daring adventure, as Ms. Keller told us, then we must not squander the chance to explore. I would rather doubt and be wrong than blindly accept and be right. At least the misjudgment would be my own. The aphorisms of the ages are filled with

TQ Š 2013 Thomas Lloyd Qualls, all rights reserved.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 9

America Matters Media

Radio Reinvented in Reno

Text Chip Evans Photo Debbie McCarthy

Free “broadcast” radio over the airwaves in AM and FM formats has been around for awhile but is being integrated with today’s net-based media in new and unique ways, right here in Reno.


merica Matters Media is pioneering an  exciting new, real-time mix of live radio  with the net through online listening,  Smartphone apps, Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, websites and blogs.  We add to these the  opportunity to simply join us in our studio in the  Reno Town Mall across from the Reno-Sparks convention center and the Atlantis Casino Resort.  America Matters produces over thirty diverse shows  which are then distributed to many stations.  Nearly  all our shows air on The Renegade 101.3FM, a  strong signal that covers a big chunk of northern  Nevada, from Fallon to Verdi and south to Minden  and Gardnerville.  Many programs are re-broadcasted over KKFT 99.1FM Talk and some are heard  over numerous stations coast to coast and border  to border.   Current programs address such subjects as business,  wellness, legal, parenting, spiritual, cultural awareness, veterans issues, current affairs, entertainment,  animal health, the culture of the American West,   the plight of wild Mustangs and politics.  Show  hosts include nationally prominent individuals such  as famous animal trainer Joel Silverman, national  TMJ expert Dr. Brian Allman, and psychic medium  Elaina Diva Proffitt as well as local luminaries such  as Eddie Floyd, Sean Cary, Oliver X, Debbie McCarthy and Cheri Hill.  Together, they make good  on our commitment to “Educate, Entertain and  Enlighten” our listeners.     All this innovation is being put to good use for our  local community. “Nevada Matters” is our live community show on-air Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  and Friday from 11AM to 2PM.  This show invites  community members to share news, publicize upcoming events or just participate in the show.   Interestingly, the Nevada Matters show is essentially a refreshed version of “community radio,”  a well-developed model that has come back into  vogue around the developing world and in the rural  regions of America.  Community radio has proven  to be a platform for community development, first,  by becoming a service provider and distributor of  information – such things as civic affairs, business  activity, help to police and charitable events.  The  other factor of community radio is the active engagement of listeners through their direct participa-

10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

tion and involvement.  These elements powerfully  build and bind communities together in ways hard  to duplicate.   With the exponential growth of the world-wide  web, the definition of “community” and the  possibilities also grow immensely.  Now we can  create global communities bound together in any  number of ways, interest in health, politics, fishing,  whatever.  Add to that the addition of more stations  in more markets from which to broadcast its shows  and the company’s potential audience   and ability to build communities are huge.   Nevada Matters has decades of operating experience  in the local radio market.  In its current configuration, Nevada Matters, Inc. has been in start-up  mode for the last two years, operating first in the  Vassar-Cordone Non Profit Local Business Co-Op  with Dave Asher’s help, and now in a soon-to-be  –remodeled open studio in the Reno Town Mall,  an opportunity provided by mall owner Rob Roth.   In its current configuration the company has been  continuously profitable and growing.   In preparation for its next phase of growth, the  Board of Directors of Nevada Matters, Inc. was  expanded and Chip Evans was appointed Chief Operating Officer and General Manager.  Other Board  members include Board President and  international  businessman Sadiq Patankar, prominent local CPA  and IPO specialist Larry Bigler, and Eddie and Shari  Floyd.  The Board and management are preparing  the company for private investment and a potential  public offering down the road.   Northern Nevada is beginning to build a reputation  as a home to innovative businesses and a mutually  supportive community.  America Matters Media is  proud to be part of both!   Chip Evans is General Manager/Chief Operating Officer America Matters Media, A Division of Nevada Matters, Inc. 855.790.TALK, 775.827.8900 www.nevadamatters. us americamatters @ NevadaMatters1 LinkedIn: NevadaMatters

live streamin



Photo Kelly Ogilvie Kelly Ogilvie's March 2012 installation at WindowBoxGallery downtown. The technique used here will be featured in "Well Red".

Kelly Ogilvie - “Well Red” “Well Red” is an interactive fiber art installation by Kelly Ogilvie that will be on display at Reno Art Works from April 10th to April 30th.


he three rooms of the gallery will be transformed by large thread, yarn, and fabric sculptures, based on the famous quote from a Sherlock Holmes story: “There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.” The walls of the gallery will be covered with cryptic messages in secret codes and strange

12 Reno Tahoe Tonight

symbols. Sheets of music and small mysterious looking jars will invite the viewers to solve the puzzles contained within. Viewers will encounter several large book pages throughout the gallery, which are written like technical manuals of biology, physics, cryptography, and botany. The pages contain footnotes which refer to each of the 9 puzzles placed throughout the gallery; decoding the puzzles reveals an original story by the artist which ties the entire display together. Viewers will receive small solution manuals which contain all of the encrypted messages used in the show, along with a pair of decoder glasses which make visible the solutions to the puzzles. The artist reception will be April 25th from 7pm to 10pm at 1995 Dickerson Rd. in Reno, NV, with performances by The Deadly Gallows and Schizopolitans. The show and reception are free to the public, although donations are appreciated.


Kelly Paige - The Burning Times: Never Again Remembrance Lanterns - April 25th - May 1st, 2013 Artist Reception: Friday, April 26th, 6-9 PM

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Gallery 3 is pleased to present a ma jor  exhibition "Kelly Paige - The Burning Times:  Never Again."


he exhibition includes twenty ceramic “remembrance” lanterns and twenty collages on burnt wood and will be featured from April 25th to May 1st. This exhibit focuses on the importance of not forgetting our sometimes violent past and on remembering those lost in those times. Paige’s disability strongly influences her social and religious views. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 forced her to re-evaluate what was important in her life. Paige’s Wiccan beliefs and African-American heritage became the focus of her artwork. The subject matter for this new body of work is the “Burning Times,” or Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Kelly Paige’s work has been included in exhibitions throughout Reno, Nevada. Previous 14 Reno Tahoe Tonight

one-person exhibitions have been held at the Wedge ceramic studio in Reno, Nevada, Truckee Meadows Community College (Meadowood Campus) in Reno, Nevada, and Truckee Meadows Community College (Dandini Campus) in Reno, Nevada. "Kelly Paige: The Burning Times: Never Again” will be on display April 25th through May 1st, at Gallery 3 on North Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada. For further information and press photographs, please contact Vicki Colodny at (775) 230-7333 or Kelly Paige at (775) 376-3424. Gallery 3, 3 North Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89501 Gallery Email: Gallery Website:

Art Text Oliver X Photos Rebecca Ewart

I do this for myself, and for anyone who believes in the power of art.

I   Rebecca

make photographs as a way to explore. Moments in time are gone in seconds--even those that are constructed. Whether they are subtle events or complex emotions, photography is a way of freezing these moments and emotions.

Ewart Photographer   Rebecca Ewart at   Eye Candy Salon  Gallery through   June, 2013 Special to   Reno Tahoe Tonight

16 Reno Tahoe Tonight

As a recent graduate from the English and Art departments of the University of Nevada, Reno I have had a lot of time to find myself as a photographer, but people are always changing. As I become a slightly different person each day, my art changes with me. I work in different styles of photography because they allow me to express an idea in different ways. I live by the idea that art is everywhere; you don't have to look very hard. Throughout my years as a photography student I have learned that the title of “student” is a permanent state of being. I am always learning new techniques and finding new inspiration. A common phrase I hear in the art community is that people find inspiration in the strangest places. I believe this to be true in my experience because some of the most mundane, broken down, overlooked places and things may be the most beautiful. It's all about vision, and letting what you find and tell a story.

Art SHEPPARD CONTEMPORARY PRESENTS TWO BY LAND: NICOLE DONNELLY & KATHERINE SANDOZ April 1 - 26, 2013 Lecture and Reception: Thursday, April 4 Lecture: 5:30 pm Wells Fargo Auditorium, Knowledge Center Rm 124 Reception to follow in Sheppard Contemporary, Church Fine Arts Building Catalogue Available Curated by Megan Berner and Ahren Hertel

Sheppard Contemporary University of Nevada, Reno Art Dept. MS 224 Reno, NV 89557 Phone: 775-784-6658 Fax: 775-784-6655 Church Fine Arts Building, 162 Gallery Hours: Mon – Thurs 11:00a – 5:00p Friday 11:00a – 5:00pm and for selected SOTA events. Please call or check the website for additional hours


heppard Contemporary is proud to present Two by Land, a twoperson painting exhibition featuring the work of Nicole Donnelly and Katherine Sandoz who explore the notion of reimagined landscapes. Working within a long tradition of American landscape painting, Donnelly and Sandoz create colorful and abstract interpretations of real or imaginary environments. Using their surroundings as inspiration, the landscape becomes a starting point for a series of reactions, responses, emotions, and gestures. Both artists utilize unnatural and natural hues within their compositions to convey their own unique view of the world around them. Intrigued by the people and landscapes of Savannah and coastal Georgia, Katherine Sandoz paints daily in her studio in Vernonburg. Sandoz' work exhibits regionally, nationally and internationally. She also illustrates for various editorial and advertising clients. She blogs nearly as much as she paints regarding the same subjects: painting, art and daily life in the South.

18 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Nicole Katherine Sandoz image: Donnelly is a (turtle island) west end, Philadelphiabased painter, 12" x 12", water-based media printmaker, on panel, 2013 hand papermaker, installation Nicole Donnelly image: artist, curator, Loss of Promise I, 2011, and shadow oil and acrylic on canvas, puppet 44" x 66" enthusiast. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa in 2009 and her BA from Bennington College. She recently received grants and fellowships to complete residencies at the Vermont Studio Center (2011) and the Women’s Studio Workshop (2010). She has exhibited her work throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Germany. Please join us on April 4th to hear the artists discuss their work and the exhibition at Sheppard Contemporary.


Local Beer:

Biggest LittLe CoLLaBoration Text Sean Stitt Photo Mike Robertson


eno is beer town. The biggest little city is characterized by many traits: gambling, art, divorce, 24 hour lifestyle. But now it’s time for beer to step into the spotlight. For the first time in Nevada’s history, two local breweries have officially collaborated on a brew. Reno beer drinkers, meet the eNVious Imperial Stout created by Silver Peak Restaurant and Brewery and The Brewer’s Cabinet. High quality, hand-crafted beers have never been more accessible in our fair city. Head brewers Joe Lenzi of Silver Peak and Justin Sibley of Brewer’s Cabinet teamed up and have made their latest offering for the thirsty, beer craving population of Reno. The two brewers created an exceptionally smooth, yet highly alcoholic Imperial Stout. The complex aromas and flavors are, in part, derived from not just two local creative minds; but from local products as well. They incorporated local grains from Rebel Malting Co. which grow their grains in Fallon and Yerington. Additionally, over 60 pounds of local honey from Hidden Valley (sourced from Great Basin Community Food Co-Op) was added to the beer. You can literally taste Northern Nevada. “The focus from the beginning was to showcase local products,” Lenzi said. Silver Peak is Nevada’s second oldest brewery, having operated for over 14 years. Lenzi has over 6 years of professional brewing experience at Silver Peak. This expertise mashes with The Brewer’s Cabinet’s philosophy of experimental brewing. Sibley has been brewing for over 6 years and has a strong background in home brewing. The Brewer’s Cabinet has been open for only a year, but has already earned a reputation for creative, outside of the box type brews. These two breweries, now the two smallest in the city, embody the small town feel of Reno.

20 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“[Collaborating on a beer] has shown unity in our community,” Sibley said. “We are all part of the craft beer movement.” As quality beer becomes more readily available in Reno, competition also increases. However, Lenzi views this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. “Craft beer still only takes up a small share of the beer market,” Lenzi explained. “If we start fighting against each other, eventually we won’t have anyone to compete against. It was important to come together and push the boundaries of what [two craft breweries] could do.” The beer itself has robust flavors of chocolate, coffee and toffee. The flavors continue to evolve as molasses, brown sugar and honey make their presence known. Of further interest for beer enthusiasts, Lenzi and Sibley have taken the majority of the eNVious Imperial Stout and are currently aging it in bourbon barrels. Slated to be released next winter, the beer’s flavors and aromas are continuing to develop and take on even more complexity. The beer is currently being poured at each brewery. Make sure to stop by for a glass now so you can then taste the change undergone through barrel aging come winter time. Prosit! Check out The Brewer's Cabinet at 475 South Arlington Avenue and Silver Peak at 124 Wonder Street and 135 North Sierra St.


Disability Resources Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight


 isability Resources Inc. is a local non-profit  organization that was founded in 1993, by a  group of mothers, who wanted their children  to have the same opportunities as you and I. 

It is estimated that nearly 1 in every 5 Americans lives with a disability. Whether it is a child, sibling, or any loved one, their goal is to support individuals with disabilities to become independent and self-sufficient as possible; free from social exclusion or isolation. Through their programs, they assist individuals to live independently in our community. They teach individuals with disabilities basic living skills such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, budgeting, socialization and much more. This training is done on a one-to-one basis to insure that each of the individual's needs are met. Disability Resources is a firm believer in the individual's right to make his or her own choices. One of their staff members discusses their experience assisting a young man with a diagnosis of Autism. “Historically, he has used an IPad or PECS system for communication; he would barrel through people and shove attempting to communicate. Often his behavior was misconstrued as aggression. Through our involvement, this young man has reduced the presence of aggressive acts towards others, has learned to shake hands, and is learning to vocalize words.” You may provide service or support in this field because you want to make a difference in someone else’s life but, chances are, the experience could make a positive difference in your own. Other inspiring accounts include an individual that realized their dream of self-advocacy by presenting their beliefs to the Nevada legislature. Also, through their job development program, disabled individuals work each week building computer systems, which are given out freely to all individuals with a disability. Another wonderful service of Disability Resources is their computer refurbishing division; New2U Computers. They recycle donated computers and electronics as well as providing diagnosis and repair services. The computers and services are available to all at 22 Reno Tahoe Tonight

very low prices or given to local individuals with disabilities at little or no cost. In 2012, they gave over 311 complete computer systems to people with disabilities in our community. New2U Computers accepts all e-waste donated items such as laptops, desktops, servers, printers, and scanners to name a few and all donations are tax deductible. In 2012, they recycled over 1000 computers back to the public that may have otherwise ended up in landfills. They will also pick-up donations from local businesses. All proceeds raised assist with funding the Disability Resources programs and services. Disability Resources provides many of the individuals they work with free financial management services. This alone costs the organization over $65,000 annually. These services ensure that the individuals supported in this program build financial awareness to ensure primary bills are paid first and the assistance to identify between a “need” versus a “want”. This year, Disability Resources celebrate their 20thanniversary assisting individuals with disabilities to live independently in our community. In celebration, New2u Computers will be offering a 20% discount on any purchase by mentioning this article. If you would like more information regarding their services or how you can make a difference please contact them directly at 775-329-1126. You may also support the organization by donating your gently used computers and electronics to New2U Computers at 50 E. Greg Street, Suite 103 Sparks, Nevada 89431. Local businesses may contact New2U Computers directly for pick-ups. Monetary donations can be sent directly to Disability Resources or processed on-line at their websites: or www. New2u Computers and Disability Resources have joined with local businesses to offer another annual e-waste recycling event on April 20th, 2013. For more info contact us at 775-329-1126. To volunteer, go to and click on the "eWaste is back!" link. Together, let’s continue to strengthen local nonprofits, to continue to build our community!

Cover Story

A musician’s evolution is most evident when their level of conveyance pushes past the boundaries of performance and becomes a shared experience that resonates long after the listening ends. Whitney Myer has arrived at that place musically.


er first solo EP since stepping away  from her family band, a five song CD  titled Articles of Luminous Nature,  sees Myer taking full ownership of  her sound on a record that’s personal, intimate,  confessional, soulful and at times exquisitely  beautiful.  Her musical advancement is clearly  evident in her breath control, vocal coloration,  and in her signature vibrato, phrasings and  inflections.  Whitney Myer now sounds like  Whitney Myer, rather than a funky amalgam of  disparate influences.  Myer has never sounded  better; nor has she been more fearlessly  introspective as a storyteller.   “Wake and Watch” opens the CD with a wallop  (“I haven’t seen you for days/But I remember  your skin/The way your mouth tastes…”) and  creatively engages the listener with a subtle suite  of sonic accents that counterbalance the longing  in her lyrics. My favorite cut, the funky uptempo ditty  “Orange Sky,” again shows off Myer’s  growing prowess as a lyricist:  “When I met you it was the  brightest rain/I saw the silver  lining in everything/Since 

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then I don’t breathe the same.” Myer flexes her  inimitable rat-a-tat sing-and-scat style on the  verses; then delivers a HUGE chorus that helps  make “Orange Sky” a worthy candidate for Hot  AC and R&B playlists nationwide.   The production on Articles is super fresh and  original, with producers Jiggawattz taking  the contributions of the ensemble cast  of killer local musicians (including  Tim Snider on violin and guitar  on “Orange Sky” and “Crazy  Making;” Dave Berry  on electric guitar  on “Wake and 

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Cover Story Whitney Myer

Watch;” Brady Cohen: bass on “Wake  and Watch;” Max Ribner on trumpet on  “Crazy Making;” Cliff Porter: Drums  on “Wake and Watch” and “Orange  Sky;” David Allister from Rigorous  Proof on guitar in “Drowned in Love”)  and maxing their effectiveness.  Myer  played guitar, synth, and all vocals  on the tracks and Russ Cook from the  Jiggawattz production team played some  synth. I spoke with Whitney at Swill Coffee  and Wine last month as she prepared  the final mixes for Articles. Reno Tahoe Tonight: It’s been quite a year for you Whitney. Take us through what you’ve been doing since The Voice. Whitney Myer: Right after the show  aired I traveled to Austin, Texas to play  SXSW with the band.  After that we  toured around the west coast a little bit  and focused on recording our third and  final [Whitney Myer Band] album.  We  played our last show in October, and  I started working on my solo album  shortly after that. I’ve been fervently  working on crafting my new sound for  the last five months Reno Tahoe Tonight: Now that you are on your own musically, what lessons do you feel you’ve learned professionally, musically and personally? Whitney Myer: Oh man, I am  continually learning lessons. I think  the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that  the lessons never end. I think I grew  up thinking that at some point in my  adulthood, I would look around and  realize I had everything figured out,  and that it would be smooth sailing  from there on out.  I’ve learned that 

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Cover Story Whitney Myer

I’m truly appreciative of what my uncle and  Reno Tahoe Tonight: What are some of the dad did for me while we played together. They  creative and career goals you’re now setting for pushed me so much harder than I ever would  yourself? have pushed myself.  I wouldn’t be where I am  without them; they’ve given me the greatest gift  Whitney Myer: I’m marketing to indie radio  in that way. Also, I’ve learned that this business  stations and working on some touring  is really, really hard work, and sometimes there  opportunities opening up for some national  is immense disappointment.  I’ve questioned  acts, which I’m really stoked about! I’d like to  what my idea of success is and I’ve decided  get a working machine built around me so that  that at the end of the day, I have to feel like I  I can focus more on the artistry and less of the  gave everything I had and be ok with whatever  business aspect of things. It’s great to be in  outcome. I need to feel like  control of the direction and all,  my music makes people feel  but I it can be draining and take  a toll on the creative process. I’d  something...makes them feel  I’ve always had a also like to develop some music  more connected to themselves  pretty eclectic music licensing opportunities in the  and their experiences.  I hope  near future that people listen to my music  taste. The thing and realize how similar we all  Reno Tahoe Tonight: You’re are. that usually stays headlining the Grand Sierra Reno Tahoe Tonight: How has consistent is that there Resort and Casino. Without disclosing too much here, what collaborating with a producer is some element of do you have planned for that changed you as an artist? gala event? ‘soul’ or light ‘R&B’ Whitney Myer: The producer for  Whitney Myer: Oh yes yes! I  “Articles of Luminous Nature”  influence if you will. am working with a number of  is one half of the production  my incredibly talented friends  duo that goes by the name  to create an all encompassing  “Jiggowattz.”  They’re based  visual/audio experience. We’re taking each song  here in Reno and are really incredible at what  they do.  It was my first experience working with  and creating a little picture and feel for each and  a producer; in the past my family and I produced  every one of them using lights, dance, projection  all of our own stuff.  It’s been really cool to work  and performance to bring the viewer into the  world we’ve created. I can’t wait for it! with someone who has the technological savvy  to help me achieve the feel I’m going for with  my songs.  I’ve learned a ton from him and am  Whitney Myer debuts music from her new solo so glad that we collaborated on this project; it  EP Articles of Luminous Nature Friday April 26, wouldn’t be the same without him. 2013 at The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino’s Grand Theater, with performances by Rigorous Reno Tahoe Tonight: You have started to really Proof, PRSN and special guests. Presale tickets are stretch out creatively. Who are your current available now at and at influences and how are those elements finding their way into your new music? Whitney Myer: I’ve always had a pretty eclectic  music taste. The thing that usually stays  consistent is that there is some element of ‘soul’  or light ‘R&B’ influence if you will.  I like Ani  DiFranco for her songwriting; D’angelo for his  vocal layering; Bjork for her incredibly epic  electronic arrangements and sonic landscapes.   At this very second I’m very much into this band  called “Haitus Kaiyote” from Australia. They’re  these rad jazz musicians who incorporate  electronic sounds and incredible vocals into their  technical musical training-- and I love it. 28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

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Event BRÜKA THEATRE’S ARTIST IN THE HOUSE SERIES presents APRIL MASTER THEATRE WORKSHOPS 2013 APRIL 20 & 21 2013 – TWO DAYS Brüka Theatre presents Master Class Workshops in theatre for adult artists and actors from beginners to advanced interested in honing their theatrical skills in the hands of some of Reno’s best theatre artists. Five different workshops will be offered over two days: APRIL 20 and 21, 2013. You can take individual workshops or participate in the full two days. The cost has been kept at a minimum so that they will be accessible to all who want to participate in this focused training. The fee is $10 for each class or $45 for the entire weekend. DAY ONE 4.20.13 HOLLY NATWORA ~ VIEWPOINTS – 10 AM – 1 PM Through the use of Viewpoint drills and exercises, the student will gain a deeper understanding of their body and how to make more dynamic choices in relation to space/time. The student will experience how Viewpoint technique allows them to find more organic and spontaneous means of expression as well as a truer sense of ensemble work. 4.20.13 MARY BENNETT ~MASK & CHARACTER WORK - 2 – 5 PM The focus of the workshop will be on mask work and movement and how it can inform and create characters while peeling away insecurities and unveiling the neutral actor as a base to build upon. DAY TWO 4.21.13 SANDRA BRUNELL NEACE - SCENE WORK 10 AM – 1 PM Centered on character analysis and development. The emphasis is on scene work and developing and strengthening the actor's tools in these areas. 4.21.13 STACEY SPAIN ~ SOLO WORK 2 – 5 PM

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight the focus of this workshop. We will also learn basic dance steps and terminology to help the actor feel comfortable and confident in a dance audition. $10 Each Class $45 For All Sessions. ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. CLASS MUST HAVE 6 STUDENTS MINIMUM. 20 STUDENTS MAX. CALL 775.323.3221 OR BOXOFFICEBRÜKA@GMAIL. COM All sessions will be held at Brüka Theatre 99 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89501. ABOUT THE ARTISTS HOLLY NATWORA received her MFA from Columbia University in NYC and has performed in over 50 plays including two summers at Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival with Leiv Schreiber and Michael C Hall. Holly has also appeared in television and film, most notably in Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Since moving to Reno in 2005, Holly has performed or directed at the Brüka Theatre, Reno Little Theater, Good Luck Macbeth, and TheatreWorks of Northern Nevada. Last year, Holly taught a successful auditioning class at UNR in which she incorporated Suzuki and Viewpoint techniques. Something she learned firsthand while studying with Anne Bogart and her Siti Company members at Columbia. MARY BENNETT Has been teaching, workshopping and studying theatre for oodles of years. Training includes Bay Area Theatre Sports, American Conservatory Theatre, New York Stage and Film and Dell Arte’ International Theatre Company. Mary is an Artist In Residence with The Nevada Arts Council, The Sierra Arts Foundation and teaches Improvisation and theatre and regionally including TMCC. Performer, Director, Producer, and all around thespian, Mary is also Producing Artistic Director at Brüka Theatre in Reno Nevada.


SANDRA BRUNELL NEACE received her B.A. in Theater from The University of California at Riverside and her M.F.A. from The Actor's Studio Drama School in New York. Sandra wrote and directed the Medea Project for Brüka in 2011. The play was accepted to the 2012 NYC International Fringe Festival. Sandra is currently a part-time instructor at The University of Nevada Reno in the Theater Department and is on staff at The Brüka Theater.

Being thoroughly warmed up from head to toe is the key to a successful movement audition and will be

STACEY SPAIN graduated from Boise State University, with a BA in Theater, she also holds an MFA in

Workshop will be centered on character analysis and development using the Susan Zader Tarot Method. The emphasis is on scene work and developing and strengthening the actor's tools in these areas.

34 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Acting from Purdue University where she trained in the Sanford Meisner Acting Method. Acting in over 50 productions she has taught at Purdue University, UNR and TMCC. Spain recently directed Orpheus Descending at Brüka and the world premiere of Anne Garcia Romero's Juanita's Statue at UNR where she also directed Neil LaBute's Fat Pig. For Reno Little Theater Spain directed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and at Brüka she has directed Love Squared (with Holly Natwora), Beckett Undressed and The Scarlet Letter. Spain is a playwright having completed An Unforgivable Thing, No News, To Whom Should I Complain? and Up On Deer Creek. Her works have been produced at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, the Noh Theater of Nygen and at various northern Nevada venues. LA RONDA ETHERIDGE has been participating in the local theatre scene since 1997 as actor, director, choreographer and dancer. Before that she majored in Theatre at the University of Oregon, danced with SCC Moving Company in Scottsdale Arizona, and with Wing and a Prayer dance company here in Reno. La Ronda is also a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She currently teaches preschool dance with Teddy Bear Dancers, dance and theatre at The Loft, and group fitness classes at Achieve Fitness. Reservations ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES. through our box office at (775) 323-3221 . Box-office hours are 1 to 4 Wednesday and Friday, 2:30 – 6:30 Thursday and 12 – 4 Saturday or online at www.Brü Reservations are also available at the Melting Pot Emporium @ their new location: 1047 S. Virginia Street. Reno. We validate convenient parking at the Parking Gallery on First and Sierra Street. Check us out at www.Brü THEArtist In The House series features regional and national artists presenting their work for the

public and workshops for our community. In the spring, Brüka collaborates with Sierra Nevada Ballet to present an original work by Ananda Bena Weber that crosses the genres of theatre and dance in her new solo piece that will debut at Brüka. Weber will also present a master workshop focusing on “articulation of the body” for local dancers and actors. Cami Thompson will work with Brüka on our main stage musical and also present a vocal clinic that will guide participants through the vocal audition process and hone a prepared musical audition piece. Thompson will also perform an evening of her favorite songs. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the talent of Cami Thompson in an intimate and personal performance. Seating is very limited. Artists will present Master Workshop weekends from Brüka on April 20 – 21. ABOUT BRÜKA THEATRE In their 20th season in downtown Reno, Brüka has been named “Best Theatre Company” by The News and Review fifteen years running. Brüka Theatre is a leader in the region, recognized for its artists, productions and theatre for children series since its founding in 1992. Central to its commitment is the reinvestigation of contemporary and classic plays and developing new plays within Brüka’s Artistic Collective, which include winners of the Nevada Arts Council and Sierra Arts Foundation artist grants and local best actor honors. Brüka is a non- equity and not-for-profit theater company that has produced over 80 shows and enjoys two performance spaces, the main stage, with its unique couch seating holds 64 and the subBrüka space seats 44 in its downtown Reno location. 2012/2013 Season tickets are now on sale. Go to the website at www.Brü The company is supported by grants from the Nevada Arts Council, The City of Reno, DP Foundation and The Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Reno Tahoe Tonight 35


Jonathan Triplett: Street Art Impasto paints from Reno Nevada April 6th through May 6th - - Artists reception April 6th 6- 8 pm

The I Bean Grounded Gallery is pleased to present “Street Art” with featured artist's Jonathan Triplett. The show will include a new group of vivid impasto paintings, and moody photographic images that pay homage to visions, dreams, life and of love in Reno.


riplett's impostoes are mixed with spirit, comedy, and tongue in cheek descriptions, to promote peace. He is a current fine art student at Truckee Meadows Community College. He is a world traveler, and a scholar of the beautifully weird. His worlds depicted are the streets of Reno, and prayer in lands far away. Jonathan Triplett is an award winning artist, poet, and musician. He has displayed his art in Dreamers Cafe, was a featured artist at Truckee

2 Reno 36 RenoTahoe TahoeTonight Tonight

Meadows Community College, and Western Nevada College. Triplett is a poet in the poetry show “Always lost” a meditation on war. The show has twenty Pulitzer Prize winning photos, and New York Times Bestselling author Tim O'Brien. “Street Art” through May 6th in Second Street’s I Bean Grounded Gallery.



oin Marcello Rostagni Photography  and stunning handpicked models on  April 13th, 2013, at Opal Ultra Lounge  inside MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa  in beautiful South Lake Tahoe for a MR  Photography Models and Bottles event. Enjoy  elegant ambience and an electrifying atmosphere  while gorgeous ladies compete in a live photo  shoot with Marcello for a $1,000 Cash Prize;  $1,000 valued Portfolio Photo Shoot with MR  Photography, and a Summer Promo Modeling  contract with the Montbleu & Opal Ultra Lounge.  

38 RenoTahoe TahoeTonight Tonight 2 Reno

Images from the winning first place model’s  portfolio shoot with Marcello will also be  featured in Reno Tahoe Tonight.  Models  interested in participating should contact or facebook. com/marcellorostagniphotography for details  regarding this show and upcoming events.  For  VIP table and bottle service call 775-588-2000.

Models and Bottles at MontBleu Resort, Casino and Spa South Lake Tahoe April 13, 2013 Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight


Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Photo Tyson Schroeder

Spike McGuire's Birthday Bash with Lucero and Six Mile Station

Soulful country rockers Lucero have added a stop in Sparks to their current national tour.


he Memphis based band will be  appearing April 10th to perform a special  two hour set at The Alley (906 Victorian  Ave) in celebration of local songwriter  Spike McGuire’s birthday.  Since 2001, Lucero has played between 150 and  200 shows a year across the United States and  Canada and have been called one of the hardest  working bands of the last 10 years. In that time  they have also recorded eight full length albums  and are currently on tour supporting their latest  release Women & Work.

Opening for Lucero is McGuire’s Folk/Americana  group Six Mile Station.  Relying solely on acoustic instruments Six Mile  Station is a self proclaimed “apocalypse-proof  band.” Their intricately layered music and rich  vocal harmonies take influence from modern  contemporaries like The Avett Brothers, Mumford  and Sons, and The Lumineers.  For hand delivered advanced tickets with no  service fees call 775-338-6783

Wednesday, April 10th - 7:30 pm - All Ages - $20 - The Alley - 906 Victorian Ave. Sparks, NV

40 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 41

Feature Photo Tony Contini Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Bumbledeal Takes a Big Idea and Makes it Local We all love daily deals – the excitement that comes when you open your inbox and see an enticing message from that national company, offering a deal on a product or service from a local company. Daily deals are a great resource for consumers, but there is one major (and often overlooked) drawback: the companies that offer them are national and based far from Reno, so most of the dollars that consumers pay leave northern Nevada, doing nothing to help boost the local economy.


ortunately, businessman Nate Lance  identified this problem and came up with  the solution of creating a daily deal site in  Reno to work with local companies.  The  result is, northern Nevada’s only  locally owned and operated daily deal site that  he established in 2012. “Bumbledeal is actually  better for everyone involved, including consumers,  businesses and the local economy,” said Nate.  “Consumers have the opportunity to get great deals  from local businesses, the businesses can attract  new customers and increase their market share,  and all of the dollars stay in northern Nevada. With  national companies, most of the funds quickly  leave our region, which does nothing to help the  economy and create jobs.”

Daily deal websites follow the same basic model-the company will contract with a business to offer  discounted deals to consumers, with the daily deal  company and business sharing the proceeds.  The  consumer gets a good deal on a product or service,  the business gets new customers and the company  splits the money with the business.  Nate took  this business model and targeted it to northern  Nevada, while also involving Western Trade  Alliance, northern Nevada’s largest barter and trade  exchange, which he founded in 2011.  Bumbedeal is better for the retailers offering the  deal because it gives them full value of their offer  utilizing WTA.  By combining both Bumbedeal and  WTA, retailers have the opportunity to reach new  markets without the steep discounts that other daily  42 Reno Tahoe Tonight

deal websites require.  So, for example, if a bakery  offers a Bumbledeal of $30 of product for $15, for  each deal sold the business will receive $15 in cash  and $15 WTA trade dollars.  If the bakery offered  that deal through a national deal site, it would  only receive $15 in cash. The bakery can use their  trade dollars to do business with WTA’s more than  500 member businesses, so they could purchase  janitorial services through WTA, conserving the  cash they would normally use to pay for that  service.  When businesses use barter to purchase  needed goods and services, they reduce their cash  costs because they are paying for those goods and  services with revenue generated by incremental  barter sales.  Many of the services offered through  WTA, such as auto maintenance, accounting,  advertising and equipment repair, are areas where  businesses are currently spending money; obtaining  these overhead services through barter rather than  writing out a check allows them to preserves the  cash they have on hand.  Another thing that makes Bumbledeal different  from other daily deals is that it is better for the  community as a whole. Every time a consumer  buys a Bumbledeal, they essentially help support  two northern Nevada businesses (Bumbledeal  and the business itself), which helps lead to local  job growth. Finally, Bumbledeal is better for the 

Nate Lance

consumer because it offers the best deals from  some the area’s top retailers.  Bumbledeal offers  families savings on restaurants, spas, events,  entertainment and more.   Nate says northern Nevada has been very receptive  to Bumbledeal, which he promotes at local trade  shows and other community events. “People  love daily deals, but don’t often think of where  their money goes at the end of the day,” he said.  “Keeping it local really resonates for people. Add to  that the fact that the businesses we work with offer  attractive deals and things that people really want,  and I think you’ve got a winning formula.” Staying local is a big deal for Nate, a native  Nevadan whose family history extends back  generations. “I’ve been a small businessman most  of my life, and I’ve always felt that local businesses  are the key to a thriving economy,” he said. Small  wonder, then, that with both Bumbledeal and  Western Trade Alliance, Nate focuses on working  with small local businesses and offering them  creative new ways to conduct business. He thinks  about what is best for the businesses, consumers  and the community as a whole, not just his own  bottom line. To help get the word out about Bumbledeal, Nate is  throwing a launch party on Saturday, April 27 at

9 p.m. at the Corkscroo, located at 10 E. Ninth St.  in Reno.  The Corkscroo is one of WTA’s member  businesses, which makes it the perfect location for  the party.  Nate is looking forward to introducing  Bumbledeal to college students as well as everyone  else who is able to come to the Corkscroo. “Daily  deals are great for college students, since they  typically have limited funds and need to make  their dollars stretch farther,” he said. “They are a  somewhat neglected market, but we recognize that  we have something to offer them and are excited to  do so on the 27th.”"   To learn more about Bumbledeal and Western Trade  Alliance, or to find out more about the launch party  at the Corkscroo, please call Nate at 775-636-8191  x. 5 or email him at nate@westerntradealliance. com. “I’m always happy to talk to people about  Bumbledeal and WTA. Just about everyone I’ve  talked to is extremely positive and can’t wait to  sign up because the product just makes sense,”  Nate said. “I’m excited to keep spreading the word  and introducing people to this global concept, gone  local.”     As long as there are big thinkers who keep it local,  like Nate, the future looks bright for northern  Nevada. Reno Tahoe Tonight 43


Art as Fashion Text Kate Long Photos Aaron Terry

Art is alive and can’t be confined to the brush strokes left on large canvases, but is seen in every element of our day-to-day lives. Fashion fosters expression, color, creation, and culture through shape, texture, thread, and metal. From the fabrics flowing from our hips to the beads and bangles adorning our necks and fingers that catch the sunlight as we stroll by the river; we are walking, breathing forms of individual expression. The Creative Coalition of Midtown, a new cooperative in the area seeking to create a united arts culture through small businesses in the Midtown area of Reno, hopes to embody all forms of creativity. Many small businesses that are part of the coalition offer amazing and unique fashion fixes for every style and shape within the Reno community.

Ince Jewelers for a year, he took a leap of faith and started his own company. D Street Designs is Moore’s creative brainchild: a custom jewelry company whose unique and meticulously beautiful pieces speak for themselves. From classy and unique wedding bands to elaborately gothic pendants, D Street Designs is truly leaving its mark in the fashion world. Moore is extremely enthusiastic about his new studio nestled in the heart of Midtown, and now knows that making a living as an artist and truly pursuing one’s dreams is absolutely possible.

Here are a few featured Creative Coalition businesses to check out this month:

Moore is excited to be a part of the coalition and show how being a jeweler can be an incredible form of creative expression.

. . .

D Street Designs

45 Saint Lawrence Avenue

Dstreet owner Doug Moore working in his studio

In the mid nineties Doug Moore decided to take a few casting and jewelry fabrication classes in Park City, UT as he was pursuing a career in snowboarding. Those classes ignited a spark that grew from an interest into a passion. After leaving Utah, making jewelry became a hobby for Moore, but never into a fullblown career.

Set up an appointment with D Street Designs through their website at www.dstreetdesigns. com and be amazed at the talent, skill, and creativity of one of the most exciting up-and-coming businesses in Reno. . . .

“I fell for the common belief that you can’t make a living as an artist,” describes Moore. He finally decided to pursue a career in the jewelry industry, and after mentoring with Robert 44 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“We’re all different groups of people that can support each other, creating, in all mediums,” says Moore. “The coalition is about good people doing good things.”

Gold Seam Vintage 119 Thoma Street

Gold Seam Vintage

Megan Matthers has always been interested in the clothing industry. As a girl she admired

the vintage fashion of old Barbie dolls. She’s always had a knack for the funky and fabulous, and turned her hobby of collecting beautiful and upscale vintage fashion into a business.

The hype behind Junkee has spread like wildfire in the Reno area, drawing new customers daily. Located prominently on Virginia Street, the colorful storefront is hard to miss. Not only does Junkee offer a wide variety of recycled clothing for all ages and demographics, but the fun, funky environment, and incredible prices make first-time visitors lifetime customers.

Gold Seam Vintage is a refined collection of carefully and meticulously selected vintage clothing located on Thoma Street within Never Ender Boutique and Gallery. “I want to embody the uniqueness of the Nevada desert and culture into my shop,” explains Matthers. “I love embracing the desert landscape in the fashion I sell.”

Junkee Clothing Exchange

Schneider loves her friendly, silly, and outgoing staff and credits much of the store’s success to them. “I absolutely love my staff,” explains Schneider. “They help create an inviting atmosphere and make customers feel welcome.”

Embracing mustard yellow and deep reds as a congruent theme throughout much of her line, Matthers believes that keeping the Nevada spirit alive in her store will allow the pride and culture of Reno as a whole to radiate out creatively through the mode of fashion.

Schneider has been an integral piece to the Midtown puzzle and her passion for the art culture of Reno as a whole is apparent through her enthusiasm for the Creative Coalition.

Matthers is excited to join the Creative Coalition and hopes to feature local Nevada folk art in her shop to continue the high desert theme and energy of her business. Never Ender Boutque and Gallery

“I want to see Midtown become a destination for people to go where they know they’ll find everything they need,” Matthers describes. “A community with art as the center draws people.”

Matthers’ love for the community and Nevada as a whole truly makes Gold Seam Vintage a true gem in the heart of Midtown. Gold Seam Vintage is open Monday through Saturday from 11AM until 6PM and on Sunday from 11AM until 5PM. . . .

Junkee Clothing Exchange 960 South Virginia Street

In 2008, Jessica Schneider ran her own interior design studio decorating homes specifically for the working class. Once the housing industry crashed, she decided to keep her creative knack for business and ended up opening Junkee Clothing Exchange.

“I want to support anyone who wants to be active in the Midtown area. I’m super on board for the Coalition and am excited to see what it does for this great neighborhood in Reno,” Schneider comments enthusiastically.

Meet Schneider and the rest of the lively Junkee bunch and embrace unique and affordable fashion. They’re open every day of the week from 11AM until 7PM. . . .

Never Ender Boutique and Gallery 119 Thoma Street

Amber Gutry-Solorzano started Never Ender in 2004 when she had a vision to create a place where art and fashion could intertwine. Both a boutique and art gallery, Never Ender offers modern fashions, local and handmade jewelry, and art from artists all over the country. Solorzano’s mother Melanie Crane took over the business a few years ago and now has the shop in a beautiful brownstone on Thoma Street. Reno Tahoe Tonight 45


Creative Coalition of Midtown: Art as Fashion Walking into the shop, one will be delighted by the creative décor and one-of-a-kind fashions offered from local designers and beyond. From the colorful beanies and scarves to the diverse array of jewelry and accessories, Never Ender truly is one of the most fun places to shop in Midtown. Never Ender offers both men’s and women’s clothing as well as creative gifts such as picture frames, baby items, pottery, and fine art. “I was born in New Zealand and worked in the travel industry for a long time,” Crane says. “When I moved to the states and once my daughter opened Never Ender, I jumped in to support her, fell in love with the business, and the rest is history.” Crane is excited to jump in with the Creative Coalition and continue to support the local art movement in Reno.

Offering costumes for special occasions, dances, festivals, and anything in between, PolyEsther’s is truly an exceptional asset to the creative entities that make up the Midtown area. “We work with fire-spinners, make electrical clothing, and even work with High Desert Steam, a local steam punk organization,” Dunaway expresses excitedly. “We specialize in making creative dreams reality. We specialize in the extraordinary.” The seamstresses of PolyEsther’s vary in style and passion, but all have incredible skill, training and technique. The clothing offered at the store is truly one-of-a-kind and embodies the dynamic and colorful culture of Reno. “I learned that one truly can be an artist for a living,” says Dunaway. “Doing what makes you happy-no matter what it is- truly is the greatest form of wealth.”

“As an active member of the PolyEsther’s Costume Boutique Coalition, we can continue to showcase local artists Dunaway looks forward to her and help others to do the same,” expresses Crane. store’s involvement in the Creative Coalition be“We’re excited to participate in events that will bring cause she believes that art makes people feel good, the Midtown neighborhood closer together and and pursuing happiness through art is the greatest draw more people to the area.” reward life can offer. Never Ender hosts new artists in their gallery monthly. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 11am until 6pm, and Sunday from 11AM until 5PM. 775-348-9440. . . .

PolyEsther’s Costume Boutique 655 South Virginia Street

Esther Dunaway started sewing at the young age of three. She made a simple dress for one of her Barbie dolls and soon, with the help of her grandmother, learned how to sew and grew up with fervor for fun and creativity in fashion. She developed PolyEsther’s Clothing Boutique seven years ago and proudly celebrates her second official year in Midtown with her colorful shop adding vibrancy and flavor to Midtown’s main drag on Virginia Street. 46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“I want to be inspirational to others and let them know that they can go into this world and rock it!” Dunaway’s friendly and optimistic energy is contagious. PolyEsther’s will be offering sewing classes in July in celebration of Reno Artown. Look on Reno Artown’s website for details. Check out PolyEsther’s fantastic and original fashions Tuesday through Saturday from 11AM until 7PM. The Creative Coalition of Midtown is excited to announce they will be having their first event on April 26th. Head down to Midtown after work, grab a bite to eat, have a cocktail, enjoy art and live music and so much more. Check in and get a map at one of the 30 locations participating in the event (a complete list of locations can be found at The fun starts at 5pm!

Feature Text Oliver X Photos Shannon Balazs

That Boy Can Sang!

We might not even realize it now, partly because he makes it look so easy, but local vocal hero Mark Sexton has been putting in some serious craft work, and is poised for major elevation.


ot content to be a big fish in a small  town pond, Sexton and band mates  Alex Korostinsky (bass) and Dan  Weiss (drums) are embarking on an  exhaustive multi-city spring tour, and have  retained the services of heavyweight publicists Lion Child Media, whose past and present clients include the likes of Michael Franti  & Spearhead, Bassnectar, and Fishbone, to  help spirit along the group’s third studio  recording--set for release Tuesday, April 9.   The six song EP titled Young and Naïve, is a  rich, near flawless production, recorded in  a single session at the renowned Glenwood  Place Studios in Burbank, California.  Part  lover’s rock, part R&B redux and all soul, Sexton’s vocal maturation and dexterity is on full  display here, placing him alongside bonafide  crooners like Gavin DeGraw and Maxwell.   The musicianship is standout throughout,  and the pocket grooves of rhythm section  Korostinsky and Weiss were mixed impeccably by Alan Evans of Soulive at Playonbrother  Studios in Deerfield Massachusetts.  (Listen  to this record on a good home stereo system  with some Beats over-ear headphones and  you will get lifted by this mix.)  Stellar tracks  include “Never Came Back,” “Outlier” and my  personal favorite cut, “Heart Holder,” whose  arrangement reminded me a little of Enchantment’s 70’s soul hit “Gloria.”   I spoke with the group over a series of interviews to get the low on Young and Naïve,  as the band prepares for their record release  party at The Nugget’s Celebrity Showroom on  4/20. Reno Tahoe Tonight: You have a new EP coming out this month that is remarkable. Tell us about it. 48 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Mark Sexton: This is definitely one of the  craziest stories we have as a band.  We were  not actually planning on making an album  anytime soon.  We were a week and a half deep  into our summer SoCal tour this last July and  an awesome gig fell through last minute on  a weekend night in Los Angeles. We were in  Santa Barbara the night before that gig when  we heard the news.  Alex had then just called a  close family friend who lives in LA for a place 

Mark Sexton Band – Young and Naïve

to stay that next night, however, instead of  getting a place to stay, he offered us a full day  of free recording at his wife’s studio at 9am the  next day.  This close family friend happens to  be Larold Rebhun, an Emmy Award-winning  recording and mixing engineer and his wife  manages Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank,  CA.  Glenwood Place just happens to be one of  the nicest studios in Los Angeles with a majority  of current Top 40 artists as past customers. We 

were stoked about this opportunity and ended  up celebrating a little too hard in Santa Barbara  with some friends on the beach. Alex and Dan  had wandered off from the party sometime  around 4am.  I went to look in our car and  found them passed out inside with the seats  reclined all the way back.  Dan was spread out  in the back and Alex was sleeping in the driver’s  seat.  I basically just got in the passenger side  and crashed as well.  Two hours later at 6am  Reno Tahoe Tonight 49


Mark Sexton Band - Young and Naïve Alex wakes up, brings his seat up, puts the key  in the ignition and books it to the studio in  record time with Dan and me still asleep.  We  got there early and slept in the car another hour  outside the studio. At 9am we walked into this  beyond amazing world-class studio completely  disheveled with nasty hangovers. Not one of  us had taken a shower since our show in Santa  Cruz a few days before. Despite all of what  we just went through, we set up our gear and  tracked the album live; needing either one or  two takes per song to get it right in less than  8 hours.  We walked out of that studio at 6pm  with a pristine recording behind us. It definitely  made up for our lost show that night.  After  we got back from the tour we asked one of our  biggest musical influences and world renowned  drummer, Alan Evans of Soulive to mix the  album for us and he agreed. The mixing process  took about a month and it came out sounding  amazing. (It really helped that we had tracked  everything on wildly expensive microphones  and vintage outboard gear too). Between Larold  Rebhun and Alan Evans it was truly amazing to  have such great musical minds involved in this  project. We can’t wait to show the world what  we were able to do.   Reno Tahoe Tonight: Describe your recording experience with Alan Evans and Larold Rebhun. Mark Sexton: Involving Larold Rebhun and  Alan Evans in the production of this album  provided us with a whole new unique aspect  to the recording and mixing process. Having  Larold and his 9 interns in the studio setting up  our mics, checking levels and dialing in sounds  was really educational to watch and be a part  of. Because he’s been doing this for so long, his  process is very methodical and super organized.   Everything we did, every mic position and every  piece of outboard gear we utilized was written  down and logged. The man is a true professional  and there’s a reason his work earned him an  Emmy.  The interns that helped out were also  learning as well but had a very good grasp  of studio work. It was because of Larold’s  experience and the interns help that made it  possible for us to record this album in such little  time. In the few hours we spent in the studio  setting up gear, line checking, live tracking,  overdubbing and listening back, we were also  able to take showers and have a massive pizza  party with everyone.  Working with Larold  at Glenwood Place Studios is definitely an  experience we will never forget.  50 Reno Tahoe Tonight

After we finished all the extra tracking in Reno,  we sent our project files across the U.S. to Alan  Evans in Massachusetts. We gave him the tracks  in early October and had our final mixes back  in mid-November. The reason we didn’t want to  mix our own album this time around was because we wanted professional ears handling our  music and giving their interpretation to what  we had done. Working with Alan Evans ending up being the perfect choice for this project  as he mixed our recordings with absolute love  and tenderness. We communicated by email  primarily. Every day he would send us a new  mix revision and we would spend the entire day  listening to the tracks in different stereo systems. After we made notes, we would fire them  off to him that evening and wind up with the  new mixes the next morning. He has an impeccable ear for mixing and is extremely fast with  the process. After finishing up the mixes with  him, we really learned a lot about this specific  art form and it was fun seeing a man execute  mixing with an extremely professional touch.  We really lucked out this time with having these  two guys on our side. I think the amount of dedication to the entire process can really be heard  in these songs. This album is a true professional  effort from everyone involved. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Touring is a big part of your band itinerary. Does touring help or generally hinder the songwriting process, and do you find inspiration on the road? Mark Sexton: Touring as much as we do makes  it hard to dedicate a lot of time to songwriting.  Songwriting is a very demanding activity in  itself and when you have a very busy itinerary  everyday with traveling, load-ins, sound checks,  tear-down and lodging, it can be difficult to find  the right moments to just sit down and craft a  new song. Traveling and leading the lives we do  does offer a wealth of inspiration for our creative  outlet. We won’t ever not have anything to create with. It’s funny how those two dynamics  work together. We bring a little acoustic guitar  with us on most trips and that helps get the ball  rolling. When it comes to writing lyrics I prefer  to isolate myself.  When you tour as much as we  do, songwriting rehearsals become almost nonexistent and sound checks end up becoming our  short rehearsals. You really have to be creative  with your time so you can balance everything  out. We often find ourselves practicing vocal  harmonies in the car on the way to the gig.  We  actually spend most our time verbally rehears-

Reno Tahoe Tonight 51


Mark Sexton Band - Young and Naïve ing any changes we want to make in the music.   We’re one of those bands that’s obsessed with  achieving constant improvement with everything we do with our music and business. Reno Tahoe Tonight: As an emerging national festival act, are you and the band members ever conflicted about giving it all to your art, versus getting a “real job” to support yourselves? Mark Sexton: At this point, we have no choice  but to give this band our all.  We are way too  deep in the game for fall backs.  Through and  through we are musicians and doing this makes  us happier than anything else.  It has become  clear that we are married to our art and that  weaning ourselves off our day jobs is a necessary choice. With high risk comes high reward  and we refuse to let ourselves down.  We’re going to be playing music until the day we die.  Reno Tahoe Tonight: You’ve been very savvy  early in your career about keeping your local  engagements to a minimum while taking regional dates to expand your fan base.  Has that  tactic kept things fresh for your fan base? What  advice would you give to developing acts who  are reaching that point where they’ve played  all the venues in town and are looking for more  opportunities to play regionally? Mark Sexton: We are very careful to not overplay our hometown market. We would rather  have one amazing and well attended show every  3 months than ten smaller shows in that same  time span. It gives us a chance to make things  fresh to an audience and for us to provide something new and exciting every time we play.  We  don’t want to play the same exact set, the same  way, for the same people all the time.  That gets  boring. We love the fact that we perform and we  want to keep improving every aspect that goes  into a successful show. The album release show  we have on April 20th at the Nugget Celebrity  Showroom will be our first local show in over  three months and we guarantee it will be unlike any other time you have seen us on stage.  My advice for up and coming local acts that are  looking to take it to the next level is to be conscious about your band’s promotional tactics.  You want to make sure you’re not reaching out  to the same people every time you have a show.   The idea is to expand your fan base, not spam  them.  A lot of bands have abandoned “grassroots” promo (walking around with posters and  handbills and giving them out to random people  all around town.) Simple word of mouth is much  52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

more powerful than a Facebook invite or a  mass text message.  We’ve made these mistakes  ourselves, but learned quickly that promoting  face to face around the community is the way  to go.  Even when we are on the road in a new  town, we are still utilizing grassroots promotion to build our fan base, treating it like our  hometown. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Keeping their music sound  fresh is often a challenge for even the most gifted artists.  As young musicians, where do you  source your material and all the soulful sounds  that emanate from your songcraft?  Mark Sexton: It definitely seems that all of our  favorite artists and bands consistently put out  a new sounding album each time. We really  admire that and find a commonality with it. The  man who mixed our new album, Alan Evans  (Soulive) once told me, “Never make the same  record twice.” After our 2010 release ‘Listen Out’  we have been exploring new musical territory. A  lot of people will notice the major fundamental  differences between our new record and our  last. Our playing has improved proficiently and  our sense of ‘songwriting’ has vastly matured.  I think we have become more organized as  songwriters and less ADD with our ideas. Sonically, we have all been successful at pulling new  sounds and timbres out of our instruments. It’s  kind of funny, but now that we have finished  this album and are releasing it on April 9th, we  have already completely switched gears with  our sound and the songs we are currently writing right now are so much different than what  we are doing publicly with this Young & Naive  record! The cycle just keeps going; we are never  out of ideas. When we are together, we make  lists of the types of songs we want to write in  the future. Moving forward with new sounds  and approaches is fundamental in being a successful artist to us.   Reno Tahoe Tonight: What can fans expect at your record release event? Mark Sexton:  The record release is at John  Ascuaga’s Nugget Celebrity Showroom on April  20th at 8pm. Fans can expect an entertaining  and exciting new show.  It will feature several  surprises and opening act Joanna Borromeo, a  talented soul singer/pianist from Canada who  you won’t want to miss. The ticket price includes a copy of our new record.  We will also  be selling the album on vinyl! 

Concept and photography: Bishop Bautista Make Up: Tina Mokuau - Hair Design: Lucky Body Painting: Britt Gianotti - Model: Raven Lissette

THE NAKED FISH Just past Stateline on the Cali side of the Nevada-California border is South Lake Tahoe’s most popular sushi restaurant--The Naked Fish. Locals love the way they’re treated like family and the service and hospitality are spirited and personable. You can see the whole team has fun working together. Four years ago my girlfriend turned me on to this place and it has been a staple in our Tahoe dining itinerary ever since. Large groups of our friends regularly mob the joint—which has now expanded into the adjoining space, which has been turned into a lounge—to feast on gourmet plates of our favorite Naked Fish dish: the Bbq Albacore. Accept no imitations, Naked Fish prepares the finest Bbq Albacore on the planet, and it is well worth the trek over the mountain to partake in this elegant mouthful of sushi heaven. Those who haven’t tried the dish cannot really grasp or imagine the loyalty and intense devotion it inspires from locals and tourists alike. The tuna is flash grilled (very rare) to give it a succulent, smoky char; then it’s smothered in their signature secret miso sauce that packs a spicy kick. Mucho delicioso!

Ahi Poke Tacos

Text Oliver X Photos Bishop Bautista

Tahoe local Amber Lee says, “My favorite thing off the Naked Fish menu is the Killer Green Handroll, soft shell crab with rice and avocade wrapped in soy paper. I also love the roasted brown rice green tea,” Lee notes. On our shoot visit, General Manager Ricardo had us try the Ahi Poke Tacos, another popular naked Fish app, made with fresh Hawaiian marinated ahi, topped with fresh mixed greens and avocado, with house made aioli served in three crispy wonton shells. It was super tasty. We also tried the Green Tea Ice Cream and it was really good. Naked Fish is located at 3940 Lake Tahoe Blvd. in South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96150. 530-541-3474. The sushi bar is open Monday through Friday at 5pm; Saturday and Sunday it opens at 12 noon. Lounge hours are Monday through Saturday 5pm to midnight; Sundays 5pm-1am.

Bbq Albacore

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55



Marcello Rostagni When I first entered the world of Reno social media almost five years ago, the work of Jamie Kingham, Kiley Howard and Marcello Rostagni stood out as exemplary.


had the good fortune of working with  Kingham when he came on and saved our  asses as RTT Art and Layout Director in 2010,  helping us move away from our grittier (and  some might say sophomoric) proclivities,  bringing his clean aesthetic to the forefront.  Kiley  Howard has also been a contributor to RTT and  he continues to do fine work here and across  the nation.  But Rostagni proved to be more  elusive and, in the ensuing years, though he and  I communicated intermittently sharing words of  encouragement and mutual admiration, we never  formally connected creatively.  

Well we finally managed to make a pact that  this was the year we would collaborate and I  am so stoked to be able to present images that  have never before been published in print, from  the archives of the talented Mr. Rostagni.  His  exceptional eye for capturing the human form  in motion and in repose is the hallmark of his  work.  His photojournalistic leanings reveal  the poetry behind the lens—especially in the  live performance milieu, where his skills shine  brightest.  We are pleased to present his work  in the April 2013 edition of Reno Tahoe Tonight  Magazine and we’re excited to expose his artistry  to our readers.  Enjoy!


Marcello Rostagni is a nationally published  professional photographer in Reno Nevada and  outlying areas.  His specialties include Portrait,  Boudoir, Advertisement, Virtual Tour, Modeling,  and Epic Event Photography.       Ever since picking up his first camera at the age of  ten, Rostagni has been completely addicted to not  only drawing images with light through the use  of cameras, but also to the expression on people’s  56 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text Oliver X Bio courtesy of the Artist

faces when they see how beautifully the lens has  captured them.  Rostagni became more serious  with photography about the age of fourteen  when he received his first 35mm camera.  He  began studying photography in high school,  and everywhere he went his camera followed.   Nineteen years later his love for photography  has not changed.  It has often been said that  doing what you love tends to always bring  success and happiness, so Rostagni decided to  take the leap and turn his long time passion into  a profession.  Marcello has become one of the  premier nightlife, live concert, corporate and red  carpet event photographers in Reno, Nevada.   When not photographing red carpet or corporate  events, Marcello dedicates his energy towards  studio, commercial, advertisement, virtual tour,  portrait and editorial photography. Marcello is  truly a versatile photographer that can produce  quality photography in any setting.     

Professional clientele

The Peppermill Hotel Casino, Eldorado Hotel  Casino, Grand Sierra Resort, Hot August  Nights, World Poker Tournament, The Tahoe  Show, Shark Fights, The IFC (International  Fight Center), Let’s Get it On Promotions,  World Fighting Championships, Chocolate  Bar, Edgewood Golf Course, The Men’s Club  of Reno, Lime Spa Reno, Camie Cragg Fitness,  John Lewis Entertainment, E.J. Presents, Edge  Nightspot, Nikki Beach, Joey Gilbert Promotions  & Law, Family Productions, Best Buy, Pkreative  Advertising and many more.      Working with such great clients has allowed  Rostagni to capture celebrity photography of  some amazing people including: Tiesto, Jacoby  Shaddix and Papa Roach, Tommy Lee, Chuck Zito  of Sons of Anarchy, Nelly and The St. Lunatics,  David Banner, LMFAO, Kaskade, Donald Glaude,  Mickey Avalon, Kendra Wilkinson from Girls Next  Door, Sara Jean Underwood Playboy Playmate  of the year 2007, Nick Cannon from the movie  Drum Line, Thomas Ian Nicholas from the  movie American Pie, Samantha Jade, Ryan Starr  from American Idol, Cisco Adler, Tera Patrick,  Sasha Grey of Entourage, Kool Keith, Busy Bee,  Egyptian Lover, Ken Shamrock UFC, Ryan Bader  UFC, Matt Hughes UFC and Randy Couture UFC,  to name a few.     

Concept & Photography Marcello Rostagni

Reno Tahoe Tonight 57


Photographer Marcello Rostagni

Rostagni’s photography has appeared in many  media outlets and publications, which include:   CNN, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Maxim  Magazine, USA Today, The New York Post, KOLO  8, KTVN Channel 2 news, LVRJ.       

In his own words, Marcello shares:

  “I am a very passionate, artistic individual with  an eye for detail.  I love creating images that  people can appreciate and share with others.  The  dialogue that evolves over a picture is priceless,  and it is this interaction that inspires me.  I create  58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

my images using professional Digital SLR’s and  lenses.  I bring light to my subjects using a variety  of on-camera flashes, High Powered Strobes, and  the natural light that is provided to us by the sun.   My art is an expression of the way I see the world  at that moment in time.  My photography allows  me to capture the beauty, passion, and language  of a person’s soul through my eye’s view.   Showing someone how truly amazing they are, is  the ultimate reward.      As your photographer, you can expect a high  level of professionalism, creative effort, and  sensitivity to your needs.  I strive to make sure 

Models: Amanda Stefani, Jenni Gableman, Taryn Shockley, Savannah Shutz, & Briana Farley. Stylist Jenni Gableman. Concept Jenni Gableman. Photography Marcello Rostagni.

each shoot will be fun and relaxing, while meeting  the established deadlines.  I love to play music  during the shoot and create an environment where  people can truly be themselves or whoever they  want to be.      Ultimately, photography is my way of creating  long lasting images and friendships.  I am a people  person who enjoys connecting with others on a  deep level. Building trust and friendship with my  subjects is one of my driving core values.”    Rostagni studied at the Academy of Arts in  San Francisco where he focused on Glamour/

Fashion/Commercial/Advertisement and  Portrait photography.  Marcello has become  the First Google Trusted Photographer in  the entire state of Nevada, showcasing  businesses with high quality Google Virtual  Tours.  When Marcello is not traveling he  resides in Reno, Nevada, where he owns and  operates Marcello Rostagni Photography.  You  can find Marcello's work online at www., www.TrustedPhotoNV. com .  Follow Marcello on Facebook Facebook. com/MarcelloRostagniPhotography, Twiter. com/MRostagniPhoto, and his blog www. Reno Tahoe Tonight 59


Photographer Marcello Rostagni

Hip Hop Artist Mic Rob. Concept & Photography Marcello Rostagni

60 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. Photography Marcello Rostagni

Reno Tahoe Tonight 61


Photographer Marcello Rostagni

Event: Let's Get It on Promotions Boxing. Boxer Brandon "Flawless" Gonzalez. Photography Marcello Rostagni

62 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 63


Photographer Marcello Rostagni

Model Taryn Shockley. Concept & Photography Marcello Rostagni. Make Up Edin Carpenter. Hair & Wardrobe Stylist Taryn Shockley

64 Reno Tahoe Tonight






The Neon Dragonfly Strolling west up the south side of Cal Ave near Blue Moon Pizza and across from Sundance Books, lucky looky loos will discover the gorgeously appointed window display of The Neon Dragonfly. Smart shoppers who venture inside will find a plethora of lovely items and apparel for the home, or dressing up their wardrobe. 68 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text Oliver X Photos Tony Contini

Special thanks to Monique, Sabrina and Mairin for their assistance with this feature.


he Neon Dragonfly is an eclectic boutique  full of unique home decor specializing  in lighting, local art and candles, soap,  lotion, cards and stationary.  They feature  clothing with a romantic style infused with a  vintage bohemian flair, accessories including  handbags, hats, scarves, leg wear and beautiful  jewelry.   Owners Eric and Monique Baron, who also own  The Melting Pot World Emporium, are excited  about their new store and have entertained this 

concept for several years now, and are happy that  the opportunity presented itself to open this space-which is very different from The Melting Pot  and reaches a different demographic.  We always  wanted to have a higher end boutique that serves  a less edgy yet fashion focused patron.  The Neon  Dragonfly’s ambiance is botanically inspired,  feminine and romantic. The Neon Dragonfly will be hosting regular  DIY workshops every 6 weeks with an array  of different mediums taught by local artisans.   Monique and Eric are excited and look forward to  serving the community in their new space at 214  California Avenue.  Styling and wardrobe provided by The Neon  Dragonfly. Reno Tahoe Tonight 69


The Neon Dragonfly

L-R Models Sabrina, Mairin, and Monique wear accessories and apparel available at The Neon Dragonfly

70 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Food Talk

Pies with a Purpose

Text Clint Jolly Photos Digiman Studio

Tragedy Turns Into Prosperity Just a few short years ago Lynette Eddy found herself looking for a way to turn a family tragedy into a positive effort. She’d enjoyed a long career as a social worker, using her education from UNR to help juvenile offenders and the homeless. Lynette learned that our community had 1300 adolescents that would be aging-out of the foster care system. Since 70% of those children would be homeless without a place to go, she knew what her next calling was. Shortly after, The Black Bear Project was born.


he Eddy House, originally known as The  Black Bear Project, is a not-for-profit  home for young adult males that have  aged out of the state run foster program.  Many of these teenagers have no place 

72 Reno Tahoe Tonight

to go, with very few resources once they’re on their  own. The Eddy House gives them life and job skills  as well as work experience in their restaurant, Z Pie.   Z Pie is part of a small franchise, with just one other 

location in Placerville, California. Lynette found  the original store while she was on vacation and  discovered the owner was interested in franchising,  that’s when she saw the opportunity to expand the  house and give her kids a work experience program.  All of the profits from the restaurant go directly  back to funding the house and supporting the kids.   The People   As of this writing, there are five young men living in  the house and working towards their independence.  Each of them are required to spend time each week  working, volunteering and going to school. Lynette  and her team at the house give guidance and help  each of the kids to start a bank account and build  their resume, ready to live and work on their own  when the time is right.  

Many of them work right in the restaurant.  Preparing and serving food to guests, delivering  orders to local offices and staffing special events.  Michael Tragash, the manager of the restaurant,  told me that he makes them apply and interview for  their positions just as he would with anyone else.  There are no guarantees for their job security, truly  teaching them to be great employees.   Taking care of the restaurant’s customers does a lot  more than teach the kids job skills and a good work  ethic. Lynette and Mike both shared stories of the  growth they have seen in the worker’s personalities.  Many of them come to the house very reserved and  uncomfortable talking to strangers, working with  guests on a daily basis gives them the opportunity  to open up and learn interpersonal skills they need  as adults. Reno Tahoe Tonight 73

Food Talk

Pies with a Purpose

Each of them are encouraged to share their personal  stories and let guests know how The Eddy House is  changing their life. It’s encouraging as a patron in  the restaurant to really see where your dollars are  going, and to easily fund such a great cause.   The Pies   The pies themselves are all handmade and baked  fresh every day.  Their gourmet selections always  include flavors such as Steak Cabernet, Chicken  Mushroom, a vegetarian Spicy Black Bean with  Tofu and more--plus seasonal and dessert pies.   Fresh organic salads and soups round out the menu  with plenty of beverage choices as well.  Beer  on tap, wine by the glass and a full host of non  alcoholic choices ensure you won’t dry up during  the meal.   Z Pie offers you all sorts of options to enjoy their  fare. You can eat in and enjoy the casual restaurant  and service from the residents of The Eddy House;  place an order to be delivered to your office, or grab  frozen pies to cook yourself at home.    74 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Part of the Community   Later this month, Z Pie and other area  restaurants are coming together to raise funds  for The Eddy House. On April 28th from 4 to  7 PM, some of the top culinary talent from  downtown Reno will gather at West Street  Market with each chef presenting their version  of the classic pot pie.    A $50 ticket gives you a chance to taste all of  the creations from restaurants such as Campo,  Bowl, Homage, Beaujolais and more. Southern  Wine and Spirits, Wood Fire Roasted Coffee and  others will provide the beverages and libations.   Your attendance will spotlight our community’s  issue with the young homeless and highlight  local businesses, all for a great cause.  To really  do it in style, reserve a VIP table for 10 and get  raffle tickets in addition to the great food and  drink served to you by the chefs themselves.   Tickets are available for purchase at

valid 7 days a week. valid towards one single purchase, per person, per day. management reserves all rights. good towards purchases in java jungle or jungle vino

valid 7 days a week. valid towards one single purchase, per person, per day. management reserves all rights. good towards purchases in java jungle or jungle vino

Text L. Martina Young Photo Joseph A. Dubon

In March of 2009, I was invited to give a talk on the ‘growth of spirit’ for the Northern Nevada Universal Unitarian Fellowship. The following essay, ‘Remembering the Roots of Soul: Toward A Greening of Spirit,’ is an edited and revised version of that talk. This essay appears in two parts.

Spirit soul, spirit soul --

meanings quite contrary! How do your gardens grow? Words so often interchangeably, ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ convey different meanings, and throughout human history have been assigned different tasks. To address this, we have to go back to the beginning, way back, the way Toni Morrison’s thirty women in Beloved “took a step back, back to the beginning [because] in the beginning there were no words. In the beginning was the sound.” And so we look to the myths, the stories that captured the sound in which spirit and soul are cast by different names. To start, the world was made in two ways. “In the beginning,” Genesis informs us, “earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep,” (Heb. Tehom) the oceanic waters that encircled the earth (1: 2). “Let there be light” God then uttered, and “there was light.” In Psalms, “by the word of the Lord, [He] gathered the waters of the sea as in a bottle; he put the deeps in storehouses” (33:6-7). And the “dry land was called Earth.” In an earlier imagination, the epic Babylonian 76 Reno Tahoe Tonight

poem, the Enuma Elish, celebrates the conquest of the all-powerful god named Marduk, the “most shining one.” Marduk was commanded by the other divine forces to subdue the goddess Tiamut, the primeval “bitter water” whose “coil is too deep to fathom.” From Her, “Mother of all,” offspring grew [and] began to order the chaotic world.” In these two creation stories we find complementary and resonant imagery: the too deep coil and the chaotic deeps. Each tells of an upper hand and a lower hand in the making of the world. Marduk defeats Tiamut and thereafter becomes known as “the supreme one.” While the JudeoChristian Lord puts Tehom in a storehouse, the Babylonian Marduk kills Tiamut, and “her blood streamed down the north wind to the unknown ends of the world.” Tehom and Tiamut— representing the deep, latent powers of creative potential and thought by scholars to be the same divinity under a different name—are unwittingly cast downward. Thus two distinct forces call forth new life: on the one hand, we have a booming voice from the sky

Grace Notes that sheds light upon the mattering world; on the other hand, a dark matter that, although formless, rounds the world in its cosmogonic creative chaos, the primordial source from which all life springs. One rules from on high, the other from the depths. This hierarchical relationship has long held sway within religious thought: the benevolent heavenly light (an above world) and the hidden dark unknown (a below world).

psyche, the Greek work for soul. Aristotle makes a distinction in the De Anima when he describes soul as “Form.” By inference then, spirit is without form, disembodied and without substance (sub- “below” stance), whereas soul comes with substance, that is, with body. But this distinction too seems a bit facile and incomplete. There is something curious about the notion of soul’s immateriality that begs further investigation—something that has to do with soul’s own desire for while simultaneously and spirit immateriality seeking bodily form. To continue . . .

Sourced to the same divine urge, Soul each gives shape to the psycho/ logical experience of spiritual life, find each other: The New College Edition of the that is, what psychoanalyst Wolfgang Giegerich calls “soul’s logos.” In soul moves with American Heritage Dictionary points other words, soul is what matters to the root origin of soul, sawol (Old in spirit. As these stories hint at the spirit while spirit English), which yields significant distinctions between the breath of life derivatives including the word ‘seed,’ and the depths of being, so too the an important metaphorical image. envelops its 15th century Florentine philosopher, As seed, soul is cast downward, soul. Marsilio Ficino: “You must remember underground, beneath the surface of that within us nature has bonded the earth; its growth is invisible to the body and spirit with the soul.” eye. The Greek maiden Persephone— (Note how Ficino’s nature ‘bonds,’ unlike Man’s daughter of Demeter—after eating the forbidden ‘Nature’—a construct—that separates.) pomegranate seeds, descends to the Underworld. In Orphic cults she is worshipped as “Queen of For 20th century philosopher Edward Casey, such the Dead.” Yet every six months, she ascends from distinctions are the primary actions of philosophy: her chthonic world to join in the celebrations of “Philosophy begins—and very often ends—in spring. Persephone means ‘maiden’; moreover, she diakrisis, the making of distinctions, [teasing] is spring and, is an image of soul. Coming to light, apart.” In the spirit of reuniting, however, let us look Persephone offers us an anthropomorphic image of to complete the unfinished philosophical project. the generative soil of a burgeoning spirit. Let us “[see] as already conjoined—spirit and soul” (Casey). With this in mind we might then ask: What As the acorn contains the tree, soul contains a is the nature of the relationship between soul and seeding spirit within it. Moving upward, soul spirit? seeks the light of the world. But like the seed, it also finds solace in the dark. Understanding this, Recalling the earlier creation stories, spirit needs soul embodies an extremely subtle dual nature, a to re/member its soul. What was cast below needs beautiful kerfuffle: soul’s sense of immateriality is resurrection and reconciliation with what remains expressed underground; like Beauty herself who on high. A healing is what we are talking about, a likes to hide, soul too imagines itself not-being process that will bring wholeness to that which has to the visible eye. Therefore soul takes time to been torn asunder (“whole” meaning “to heal”). abide in the caverns, in the dark and behind the Thus, atonement: at-one-ment, a re-suturing of soul scenes. These intermittent and interwoven urges and spirit as dialogic and synesthetic means of being are themselves inseparable forces along a psychomade human. So what is spirit? ontological axis. When soul is on the move, it moves in an upward fashion; it is in motion toward The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘spirit’ as: 1) its spiritual enlightenment. Soul wants to be found. the vital animating essence of a person or animal And when it is found, spirit takes on a newfound and 2) lively, brisk, inspiration, inclination, impulse, presence in the world. Soul and spirit find each cheer and humor. How often do we say that one is other: soul moves with spirit while spirit envelops “high-spirited?” According to the OED, spirit comes its soul. Between them lies a golden mean. with height, that which lifts, raises, and tickles our funny bone with humor. Part Two of ‘Remembering The Roots of Soul: Toward a Greening of Spirit’ will appear in Reno ‘Soul’ on the other hand is: 1) the immaterial part Tahoe Tonight Magazine’s May Issue. of a human being, often regarded as immortal; 2) the moral, emotional or intellectual nature of a person or animal; 3) the personification or © 2013 L. Martina Young pattern of deep, profound, heartfelt being; and 4) All Rights Reserved.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 77

Gun Culture

Glock 30S

Text and Photo Courtesy of John Clement

It’s finally here! We got our first one on Friday, March 9th and I can’t wait to shoot it. I’m talking about Glock’s newest addition to their catalog of superb handguns. This one is the Glock 30S. Not SF but S. It’s kind of a hybrid but the changes make the gun feel significantly different.


he polymer receiver of the 30S is the  same as the Glock 30 SF but the slide is  the same as a Glock 36.  The Glock 30  holds a magazine with 10 rounds of .45  ACP ammo.  (That’s Automatic Colt Pistol for you  neophytes)  The 3 has a wider grip to accommodate the 10 rounds; and a wider, heavier slide.   The 36 has a slimmer frame and slide.  It holds 6  rounds and is slightly easier to conceal.  This is a  real plus for off-duty officers, permit holders and  on-duty officers who carry a second firearm.  The  30, however, is a little easier to shoot because the  wider grip dissipates the recoil impulse better and  the heavier weight tends to dampen the recoil  impulse some. With the narrower slide of the 36 I found the 30S  would fit in my holster for my Glock 19.  This is  a real plus.  I won’t have to look for new holsters.  

80 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The gun also feels lighter.  It’s quick handling  and comfortable balance is going to make this  one a winner. For those who think the only pistol caliber worth  carrying is a .45 ACP this should be a welcome  addition to your collection.  Especially if this is  going to be your carry gun. Admittedly, the .45  is an impressive stopper and will do the job with  good shot placement.  Actually, even with less  than perfect shot placement it will certainly slow  an aggressor.  The .45 ACP, starting with the Colt  1911, has over 100 years of history as a reliable  stopper. While I’ve been carrying a Glock 19 9mm for several years now, I’m giving very serious consideration to upgrading to the .45.  My main reason  for not having done so sooner is because I’ve not  been able to find a .45 that is small enough to  conceal but has more than a puny 5 or 6 round  magazine. This gun seems to have what I’m looking for in a concealed carry gun: compactness  and firepower. I’m sure that most of my readers know, by now,  that I am a fervent Glock fan.  I’ve had over 20  years experience with the Glock line of pistols.   I’ve shot them in a competitive environment and  they have been superbly reliable.  As a Glock  certified Armorer I have an intimate knowledge  of the simplicity and reliability of the brand.  John Clement is the Manager of Bizarre Guns in Reno. Contact him with your questions or comments 775-685-4867.

Illustration - Jerry Stinson

Lush Me Naturally Bath Blitz

Text Lisa Adele Rojas Love natural body products but not the high prices? Just mix your own, for it is the quality ingredients inside the bottle that matter, not the label.


he bath is that sacred space to let go of unwanted thoughts and to reconnect to what is real. It is a place to relax, meditate, and heal. Adding aromatherapy and other natural ingredients can add to the pleasurable experience by treating the skin, relieving muscle aches, removing tension and toxins, boosting energy and immunity, and by promoting certain thoughts or feelings. Here we have brought to you aroma bath formulas for you to create on your own to envelop your being and nourish your body.

Flower Bath Syrup

Soak away anxiety and tension with this stress relief blend: 3 ounces Sulfonated castor oil (aka Turkey Red Oil, it has great moisturizing abilities and is the only oil that will completely disperse in water creating a milk bath. Not recommended for persons with allergies to sulpha-based products.) 1 ounce vegetable glycerin 1/4 ounce jojoba oil 1/2 ounce rosewater 4 drops bergamot 3 drops spanish sage 3 drops lavender 2 drops orange blossom 1 drop jasmine Measure the first four ingredients into a glass bottle. Cap and shake gently to mix. Add the essential oils, cap, and shake gently again. Allow to sit for several days before using so that the scents can mingle. Shake well before pouring into a drawn bath.

Blissful Bubbling Bath Oil

Create a body revitalizing and mental uplifting bath with this disappearing bubble recipe: 1 cup Apricot Kernel, or base oil of your choice 1/2 cup glycerin 1/2 cup natural liquid soap 15 drops rosemary 10 drops peppermint 10 drops mandarin Shake gently and pour 1/4 cup into bath under running water.

Soothing Skin & Mind Melt Bath

This is a rich moisturizing formula that your skin will love and thank you for. It will also assist in opening up the flow of emotional, mental, and spiritual forces. 1/2 cup virgin coconut oil (warmed) 1/2 cup mango butter (melted) 84 Reno Tahoe Tonight

1/2 cup of honey 1/2 cup of natural liquid soap 20 drops patchouli 10 drops ylang ylang 10 drops lemon 10 drops lavender 10 drops myrrh 10 drops geranium Blend the ingredients well and pour into a clean bottle. Secure tightly and store in the bathroom. Pour about a 1/4 cup under running water. Remember to shake before using. Note: If the mixture begins to solidify in the bottle, simply immerse the bottle into the warm water to soften.

Simple Soak

Make your own bath salts to help rejuvenate the mind and body as easy as this: 16 oz. pure bath salt 20 drops essential oils of your choice Blend together and store in closed container. Use 8 oz. per bath. Pick one salt or make a blend: Dead Sea relaxes and heals muscle tissues and cleanses the body. Himalayan improves texture, tone, and appearance of skin and can prevent muscle cramping. Epsom draws toxins out of the body (can dry out skin, so moisturize skin after bath). European is used for skin care and muscle aches.

Create A Warm Inviting Space: Make your bath space visually pleasing and peaceful by adding candles, scents, and maybe soft music to cover outside noise distractions. Add color therapy in the form of a colored light bulb or a few drops of natural food coloring into the water. Prepare your bath concoctions in advance. Supply yourself with water or tea. Plan at least 20 minutes to soak. Take nice long deep breaths. And remember this is your time to release, meditate, and visualize. *Before using essential oils while pregnant, check with your physician. Next Month: Mommy and Baby Aromatherapy. Affordable quality ingredients and containers for these recipes can be found at Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary 775-322-3252.


Area Hair Stylist Aims to Put Reno on the National Style Stage Trained by celebrity stylists, Carleen Sanchez prepares to shine a light on Reno!

Text Carleen Sanchez Photos Josh Weeks

Carleen Sanchez, a master hair designer who specializes in dry haircutting, curls, and color at Pearle Studios, is determined to prove to her national industry peers that Reno is packed with creative, industry talent. “Working with local photographers, makeup artists and other hair stylists in town, it has become quite obvious to me that Reno has a ton of talent to contribute to nationwide editorial beauty and fashion spreads,” says Sanchez. Carleen has been mastering her craft for seven years, with six of those years working as a salon consultant, coaching other salons and hairstylists on how to increase business, make more money, and produce happier clientele. As a master hair designer, she has trained with 30 top celebrity stylists. To date, she has obtained the equivalent of $50,000 in continuing education. “From day one of my career, I set a really intensive goal of learning as much as possible from the very best in the hair industry. I believe that whenever you decide to stop learning you should put down your scissors and quit,” says Sanchez. She is now on a mission to leverage her trade knowledge and industry contacts in order to book editorial work in national hair publications.

“Every day I help people fall in love with their hair. Now, I want the hair industry to fall in love with reno!”

86 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Contact Carleen directly at 775-721-2969


The Kanes Black Magic

Text Oliver X Photo Tony Contini

The Kanes are ones to watch. Known for their electrifying live sets, they band plays full-throated, hook heavy, swaggering alt rock.


he trio’s thirteen song second album, Black Magic, is a stellar collection of diy gems (recorded at Stonehaven Studios in Sparks inside MRC, engineered and co-produced by Scott Curtis and mastered at Universal Mastering Studios in LA), featuring the soaring lead vocals of frontman Greg Gilmore. The volcanic theatricality of Gilmore’s vocals is compelling, combining the tonal elements and nuances of Ian Astbusy, Joey Ramone, Dave Grohl and Dexter Holland. And it works! Monster drummer Mike Orris and bassist Adam Springob turn in great performances as well. Black Magic’s first five tracks are about as radio ready for modern rock alternative ears as any unsigned band I’ve heard in Reno to date.

88 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“Nightmare,” “If You Want,” “Hey Yeah,” “Last Request,” and “Free Me,” and the anthemic closing track “All We Are Is Gold,” are indie stunners, betraying the lyrical depth and musical ambitions of a band that seems hell-bent on success and knows how to get there. Catch The Kanes’ Record Release Party at The Knitting Factory April 27, 2013, with special guests Drinking With Clowns, Scarlet Presence and Bazooka Zoo. Hosted by Zomboo! $1.04 at the door. Doors at 7pm. All ages.

4/5 Vokab Kompany, Sgt Jersey "Giant" Jackson Se7en Teahouse 9pm 4/20 Stanton Warriors, Love and Light, JPOD the Beatchef, The Pilot, Dream Kitty, more 1 Up Reno 21+ 10pm 5/4 RL Grime, more TBA 1Up 21+ 10pm 7/13 Summer House info TBA Lakeside Tahoe City 7/14 Silent Sunset Disco Patio of Kings Beach Conference Center 8/17 Summer House info TBA Lakeside Tahoe City 7/30 & 7/31 South Lake APHterparties. Various venues. Info TBA 6/20 - 6/24 THE BOUNCE Twain, CA Beats Antique * GRiZ * Boombox * LowRiderZ * Justin Martin * Rob Garza *Mark Farina Sunrise Jazz * Nadastrom * Break Science * nguzunguzu * Wick-It the Instigator *Opiuo * Knight Riderz * EPROM * Gladkill * Fort Knox Five * Sabo * David Starfire*Pumpkin * Bart & Baker * Dreadsquad * Paul Basic * dubbel dutch * Ana Sia * Kidnapped * VKCE * Clicks and Whistles *Groundislava * Luminox * Love and Light * Buster Blue * JPod the Beat Chef * Unlimited Gravity *Utility Players * Wax Romeo * Mojo Green*Smasheltooth & Andrew the Pirate plus MANY MANY MORE



Tim Snider Let Go, Jump in the River

Text Oliver X

Photo courtesy of the artist

A musician cannot create in a vacuum, and on rare occasions the light that escapes the black hole of an artist’s despair and doubt is brilliant, radiant and restorative. Whatever recent tumult transpired in the life of the virtuoso violinist Tim Snider it clearly has been cathartic, as he literally bears his soul on his new record titled Let Go, Jump in the River scheduled for release April 19, 2013.


roduced by Snider and Sam Minaie and  mastered expertly by Nate Wood, Let Go… glistens with the supple beauty  that has been the hallmark of one of this  region’s most creative and accomplished musical  minds.  But it’s Snider’s inner visions that paint  the portrait of an artist in transition; unafraid to  mine deep emotions and make art from pain.  Technically Minaie’s mix is exceptional.  The  record was recorded at Bird Food Studios in  Astoria New York, with additional recordings  done at North Sound Studios in Portland Oregon.   Engineer Noah Woodburn places Snider’s 


Tim Snider

vocals high in the mix, allowing the artist’s  narrative vocal color and lyricism to lead the  listener through a rich, albeit emotional, musical  soundscape.  


THE CELEBRITY SHOWROOM Full of local and internationally acclaimed  musicians, Let Go… features Tim Snider on  INSIDE THE NUGGET

vocals, electric and acoustic violins, violas,  p://

guitars, cello and percussion on (track 2); Sam  GUEST ARTISTS: Minaie on electric and upright bass, cellos on  (tracks 1, 3, 9) daf (tracks 1), tuba (track 1, 3)  COTTER (RENO, NV) KATE tambourine (track 5, 8);Caleb Dollister on drums,  OF WATERS (BROOKLYN, NY) USE timpani drum and symbol rolls (track 7);Max  Ribner on flugelhorns and trumpets (tracks 1,  DOORS AT 8PM/SHOW AT 9PM 3, 10); Tim Ribner on piano (tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 8,  $20 TICKETS AND EVERYONE GETS A COPY 10) rhodes (track 8); the phenomenal Dave Eggar  OF TIM’S NEW RECORD “LET GO, JUMP IN THE RIVER” on cellos (tracks 4, 7, 10); Max ZT on Hammer 

90 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Dulcimer on (tracks 1, 3, 4 6, 10); Dave Berry  on slide guitar (track 5) and backing vocals  (track 8), and the ubiquitous Cliff Porter on  vocals (track 8).  I had no preconceived notions of how Snider’s  new record would sound or feel, but I was not  prepared for the unbridled energy, intensity and  musical eclecticism found on the CD, but song  titles like “After the Storm,” “Hurricane” and  “My Whole Heart” give the listener an idea of  the murky terrain Snider treads on here.  That  said Snider has never been more declarative  and forceful on record; never more confessional  and never rawer. By comparison, his previous  releases seem tame; such is the depth of  Snider’s introspection here.     “After the Storm” is operatic in it scope, scale  and emotional impact.  Snider writes, “Looking  back, I can see how I’ve been blind/See the  truth about yourself sometimes is the hardest  one to find.”  On “My Whole Heart” Snider  reflects, “My nerves are shot/My body aches/ You know I’ve been bled dry.”   Snider explains, “The main concept of the  record is to encourage people to let go of their  baggage and fears. I believe that If we can have  the courage to do this and really dive into life,  we will be taken care of and there will be good  things waiting. These songs have helped me in  my own personal growth and I'm putting them  out there in hopes that they will help other  people in some way.”   Fans of Tim Snider will be in for a special  evening, as the artist plays music from his new  album Let Go, Jump in the River at his official  record release party Friday April 19, 2013 at  The Nugget’s Celebrity Showroom, with special  guests Kate Cotter and House of Waters from  Brooklyn. 8pm doors. 


Text Oliver X

P   ICKS  APrIL Reno Little Theater presents

"Noises Off" by Michael Frayn April 5, 6,11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,27 @ 7:30 p.m.; April 7,14,21,28 at 2 p.m. in its new theater, 147 E. Pueblo Street, Reno (2 blocks south of Vassar, just west of Wells).

Whitney Myer - April 26th, 2013 @ The GSR

In this fast-paced play, directed by Doug Mishler, we literally go backstage to see all the chaos that occurs behind the scenes as actors & crew do what is needed for the show to go on! Reservations recommended: call 813-8900 or go to www. for details or to select seats. Artwork from Sierra Watercolor Society continues in the Semenza Gallery through this production. Reno Little Theater holds auditions for its third Fringe show, "Performance Anxiety", Sunday & Monday , April 14 & 15, at 7 p.m. in RLT's Rehearsal Hall, 246 E. Arroyo Street (1 block so. of Vassar, between Wells & Holcomb; enter through side gate). This trilogy written (in part) & directed by Moira Bengochea needs 2-3 men, 50+; 3-4 men age 30s-40s; 2 women in their 20s, 2 women age 30-40s, for performances in May. Details @ or by contacting the director at

Models and Bottles - April 13th, 2013 @ MontBleu

SIERRA ARTS, RENOWN HEALTH FOUNDATION AND UNR SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PRESENT HEALING WORKS In collaboration with Renown Health Foundation and the University of Nevada, School of Medicine, Sierra Arts Gallery, 17 South Virginia St. #120 in Reno, is proud to present “AiR: Artists in Residence”, featuring artists Reece Jones, Yusria Malik, Marie Duan Meservy and Carly Nystrom from April 30 to May 16 with an artist reception on May 16 from 4-7pm. Also fourth year medical students, this exhibition is a showcase of artwork made in conjunction with the students’ medical research and study.

Shea’s Tavern

April 23rd The Shell CorporationThe Resistors (Debut Show), Reno, We Have A Problem21+/ Free Show Donations Accepted - 8:30pm

Great Basin Brewing Co.

Saturday April 13 - Steve Kaufman @ Great basin Brewing Co. Steve is making his 8th trip to Reno from Tennessee (where he runs the largest and most award-winning bluegrass music camp in the world). He will be offering Guitar and Mandolin Instruction for all levels of players, Thursday - Sunday, April 11 - 14. And, of course, he (and various friends.....who will it be this year?) will be performing at Great Basin Brewing Co. on Sat. night, April 13. It's always a super fun show, and always sells out, so get your tickets early!

92 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Liberty Fine Art Gallery

JMAX Shows

From the allegory of the apple to the dry years of the notorious 20’s and 30’s, Prohibition has been with us in one form or another, for good or bad. It has introduced itself into all human endeavor, all beliefs, from religion to education, from race and gender to censorship. It has even crept into the interdiction of food.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 Pierce The Veil w/ Memphis May Fire, Letlive, Issues Knitting Factory Doors @ 6:00 PM / Show @ 7:00 PM

The theme for April at Liberty Fine Art is PROHIBITION, an exhibition of work by gallery artists, featuring Rich Van Gogh’s paintings and Jerry Franzen’s photo-essays to address this weighty topic.

Jerry Franzen in his words, "The immoral and wrong-headed prohibition of marijuana has caused extraordinary damage to uncountable lives and to our nation. While addressing this issue I would also like to present this relatively harmless plant as something beautiful and good." As an introduction to the subject of his paintings Rich Van Gogh states, “Prohibition of alcohol only lasted 13 years but caused exactly the same problems that our current prohibition of drugs of all types is causing. The difference is that this prohibition has lasted more like 50 years, has cost more money and more lives than we can count and has produced cartels and billionaires that are now global. We have turned our country into a police state and incarcerated more people than any nation in history in prisons run by private enterprises. The war on drugs will never be won and will never end, unless we end it. Because they just make too much money the way it is. It’s not a moral issue, it’s not a social issue, it’s not a criminal issue…it’s all about the money. It is a financial issue. Let’s end it now.” Join us for the opening reception, April 4, for the show PROHIBITION and enjoy the wonderful music…and wine and view the artists’ interpretations of the April theme.

Holland Project Shows 4/5 Cathedral Ghost, City Mouse, Plurals, We are the Real Monsters | 7PM

Monday, April 1st, 2013 Sleeping With Sirens w/ Conditions, Dangerkids, Lions Lions Knitting Factory - Doors @ 6:00 PM / Show @ 7:00 PM

Sunday, April 14th, 2013 GWAR w/ Wilson, Warbeast Knitting Factory Doors @ 7:00 PM / Show @ 8:00 PM Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 2Chainz w/Cap 1 - Knitting Factory Doors @ 8:00 PM / Show @ 9:00 PM Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 Bullet For My Valentine w/Halestorm, Young Guns, Stars in Stereo Grand Sierra Resort Doors @ 6:00 PM / Show @ 6:30 PM Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 – On Sale 3/15!! Face to Face Knitting Factory - Doors @ 7:00 PM / Show @ 8:00 PM Friday, April 26th, 2013 – On Sale 3/22!! Whitney Myer Grand Sierra Resort

Creative Coalition of MidTown

Final Friday of April (26th), starting at 5pm,

the newly launched and quickly growing, Creative Coalition of Midtown will host its first quarterly event. The group block party will feature live music, fine art, food, drinks and fun times from 30 of the CCM's members. for more details.

4/7 I See Myself in You | 5:30PM 4/7 Elephant Rifle, Theee Indoors, White Coward, Haunted Horses | 7:30PM 4/10 Bare Wires, Surf Curse, Bazooka Zoo | 8PM 4/13 The Handsome Vultures Ep Release show | 7:30PM 4/19 Pierced Arrows | 8PM

The Knitting Factory - April 27 at The Kanes

with special guest Drinking With Clowns, Scarlet Presence, Bazooka Zoo. Hosted by Zomboo. All ages. $1.04 at the door. 7pm doors.

4/21 Trial, All Teeth, Run with the Hunted, Powerwolves, Codexred | 7PM 4/25 Real Estate, The Twerps, Blunderbusst | 8PM 4/28 – 8p.m. Studio on 4th and Brightest Star present award-winning artist Joe Craven and his trio. Craven on strings and found sound and vocals, John R. Burr on

The Kanes

keyboards, and Kendrick Freeman on drums, percussion and vocals serve an impressive banquet of jazz, blues, Latin and folk.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 93


The Wings of Creation: Airplay Jewelry

Text Kate Long Photo Aaron Terry

In 2009 Strycker’s sister lost the battle against melanoma, one of the fastest-growing cancers in the United States. Strycker’s sister absolutely loved butterflies. She would collect them and adorn designs featuring various types of butterflies. After her sister’s death, Strycker found herself in serendipitous situations where she would find deceased butterflies and keep them in memoriam.


wood Campus) in Reno, Nevada, and Truckee Meadows Community College (Dandini Campus) 94 Reno Tahoe Tonight

any cultures believe butterflies are the  souls of deceased transitioning to the  afterlife,” explains Strycker. “Upon  finding these butterflies, I thought of  my sister and I figured out the process to make  earrings with the beautiful wings.  The butterfly  started it all.”    Airplay is an incredibly unique and stunning line  of jewelry, maintaining the sophistication that is  often admired by many in the intricate natural  design of butterfly wings while having a funky flair  since they’re encased in plastic. Daintily dangling  from silver and gold chains and accompanied  with beautiful stones, these one-of-a-kind pieces  represent family, emotion, love, pain, and  ultimately, renewal and creativity.    Now Strycker finds and collects butterfly wings  from all over the world for her jewelry. Butterflies  are frequently and effortlessly bred, living two to  three weeks until they die and become nutrients for  the soil in their native habitats.  Strycker believes  she is preserving the beauty of these creatures  through her art.     Embrace the handmade community and see for yourself the simplistic and natural elegance in Airplay’s necklaces and earrings. Airplay jewelry can be found at Never Ender located at 119 Thoma Street.


Brüka’s Doubt: A Parable Written by John Patrick Shanley Directed by Sandra Brunell Neace Cast members: Moira Bengochea as Sister Aloysius Beauvier; Adam Neace as Father Brendan Flynn; Stacy Johnson as Sister James and Jourdan Douglas as Mrs. Fuller.

Text Oliver X Photo Dana Nollsch Photo Zen Photography

“Doubt requires more courage than conviction does, and more energy; because conviction is a resting place and doubt is infinite—it is a passionate exercise.


ou may come out of my play uncertain. You may want to be sure. Look down on that feeling. We’ve got to learn to live with a full measure of uncertainty. There is no last word. That’s the silence under the chatter of our time.” –Playwright John Patrick Shanley Brooklyn NY March 2005 Brüka’s March production of John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony awardwinning play “Doubt - A Parable” is a powerful drama about a nun’s suspicions about her parish priest’s relationship with a troubled adolescent student. Set in Camelot era America, the cast, led by the remarkable Moira Bengochea, who plays the obsessive task-master Principal Sister Aloysius Beauvier, did an outstanding job navigating the landscape of the arrogance of certainty, juxtaposed against presumption, denial, loyalty, duty and betrayal. Stacy Johnson’s timid Sister James was portrayed with the requisite humanity needed for her character to be the counterbalancing voice of reasonable doubt, as Sister Aloysius schemes to have the charismatic Father Flynn exposed and punished for his perceived transgressions with a young loner black child who has been traumatized at home by an abusive father. Adam Neace was also excellent as the bighearted Father Flynn, whose good intentions are undermined by the appearance of impropriety. The audience is ultimately left with no proof of wrong doing and must labor with the ugliness of their own suspicions and assumptions about Father Flynn and the motives of the zealous Sister Beauvier.

98 Reno Tahoe Tonight




Recycling Event > RECYCLE YOUR RG CO .O S R

. VE


What can I donate?


(old Park Lane Mall)


WW > W


Saturday, April 20th, 2013 9am to 2pm 310 E. Plumb Lane



TV’s ($10 for 2 in advance at New2U or Whole Foods; $20 cash at the door) computers • monitors • printers • cartridges • speakers • microwaves cell phones / telephones • switch hubs • servers • cables • memory • hard drives components • video game systems • appliances • scrap metal / car parts NO refrigerators or air conditioners will be accepted

For more information, please contact New2U Computers at (775) 329-1126 50 E. Greg St., Ste. 103, Sparks NV | www.

To volunteer please register at

Merlone Geier Partners


The Who’s Tommy Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Book by Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff Music and Lyrics by Pete Townshend Additional Music and Lyrics by John Entwistle and Keith Moon

Two Acts, Book Musical, Pop / Rock, Thru Sung / Operetta, Rated PG Original Broadway Tour version Peter Townshend’s tale of a young boy’s journey from pain to triumph is the most electrifying evening of rock and roll ever to play in a theatre! After witnessing the accidental murder of his mother’s lover by his father, Tommy is traumatized into catatonia, and as the boy grows, he suffers abuse at the hands of his sadistic relatives and neighbors. As an adolescent, he’s discovered to have an uncanny knack for playingpinball, and when his mother finally breaks through his catatonia, he becomes an international pinball superstar.

Show Runs April 5 7:30 p.m. April 6 7:30 p.m. April 12 7:30 p.m. April 13 7:30 p.m. April 14 2:00 p.m. April 18 7:30 p.m. April 19 7:30 p.m. April 20 7:30 p.m. April 21 2:00 p.m. Prices are as follows. In Advance: $15 General Admission $13 Students/Seniors $10 TMCC Students At Door $17 General Admission $15 Student/Senior $10 TMCC Students Tickets available at

100 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Pursuit of Happiness Text Elisika Arango Photo Tina Single Photography

Label GMO Nevada

I consider myself a pretty healthy person. I exercise and try to eat healthy. I pay attention to what I put in my body and on the table for my family. I cook at home as much as possible and buy locally grown fresh foods whenever available.


don’t smoke, I don’t use drugs, and I don’t  take unnecessary risks to jeopardize my life or  that of my family.  I’m not a likely candidate  for some test study to see how my body reacts  to some foreign intruder, but yet that is where I  find myself.    Over 80% of processed foods sold in grocery  stores today contain at least one genetically  engineered ingredient (GMO).  A GMO is created  in a laboratory where DNA is extracted from one  species of plant, animal, bacteria or virus and  forced into another unrelated species of plant or  animal to confer a desired trait such as pesticide  production or herbicide tolerance.  GMO’s were  first introduced in the mid 1990’s.  The FDA  has not required any proof that GMO’s are safe  for human consumption.  There have not been  any clinical trials or even extensive animal tests  done to validate the claims made by the biotech  companies that these genetically engineered  ingredients are safe.  That means that we the  consumer are the clinical study whether we like  it or not.  Unfortunately we aren’t getting paid for  our risk and we aren’t being monitored for the  changes in our body as we take on this risk, as  would be done in a true clinical study.    The European Union has required labeling of  foods containing GMO’s since 1998.  50 countries  including Russia, China and South Korea require  labeling, restrictions or outright bans of genetically  engineered ingredients.  The United States does  not allow this right to its citizens even though 

102 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Elisika Arango

surveys conducted by reliable news sources have  shown that 90% of those asked are in favor of  GMO labeling.  People want to know what they  are eating.  Nevada along with 38 other states  have joined together to change this.  Currently  there are 31 bills in 19 states and an additional 10  bill drafts.  Eight states will have ballot initiatives  ready for their next election.    So what can you do to ensure your health and  the health of those you love?  Cook at home, buy  fresh ingredients, grow your own foods, shop  local farmers markets, support the co-op, read  labels, if you can’t read it or don’t know what  it is, don’t eat it.  Know where your food comes  from.  Support local restaurants that support local  farmers.  Write a letter to your legislators and tell  them you want to know what’s in your food.  Ask  them to support this legislation.  Get involved.   Sign a petition and ask those you love to do the  same. Volunteer to help makes this legislation a  reality in Nevada.  Make a donation.    Go to and sign up for  the newsletter to stay informed, and speak up that  you want to know what’s in your food.   Elisika Arango is Certified Holistic Health and Happiness Coach working to help you achieve balance, energy and abundance in your life. Elisika facilitates weekly diabetes education classes through Diabetes Free America as well as corporate wellness programs. Contact her for the more info at

Thee Reverend Rory Dowd Inspiration never sleeps. Raise Your Caliber (RYC) continues to inspire and encourage artists, professionals and working types, even during the off months.

Trimming Down to the Essentials Text Rory Dowd Photo Dave Siegel, Insight Studio, Inc.


Pictured: Tres Benzley and award recipients Aric Shapiro, Shelly Jackson, Julia Froslie

ith the grants they received from  RYC, Aric Shapiro is planning out the  new lighting for Reno Art Works and  Shelley Jackson is crafting Steampunk  fashion with her new tools.  Over at Caliber Salon,  hair and makeup artist Julia Froslie is getting back  to her roots.     Froslie, a bubbly and charming mother of two, was  an early applicant for RYC.  Initially, she thought  it was going to be a modest one-night affair.  “Initially, it was supposed to be a small little thing, then  was postponed… I didn’t realize it was going to be  this whole organization!”  She took the chance and  put her name in to help get grant funding to assist  her paying for a Classic Cutting class at UNITE  Academy in San Diego and a plane ticket to attend.   This two-day workshop is both prestigious and  pricey. 

don’t wait for the requirements, they go out and  learn everything they can about their field, like any  other.  Froslie is one such professional.  

Cosmetology isn’t simply being able to cut in a  straight line around the bowl or not nick someone’s  ears with the clippers.  Barbers used to be the  closest thing to a doctor or a dentist most people  would see in their lives.  While the medical and hair  cutting professions have drifted apart (and generally  moved away from leeches and phrenology), both  professions have become highly regulated and accredited fields.  

It bears repeating: inspiration never sleeps.  Raise  Your Caliber is currently accepting applications for  their next award event on May 18, 2013.  Submissions for this event will be accepted right up until  April 30, 2013. Some people balk at the $25 applicant fee, but you shouldn’t.  Twenty-five bucks  is nothing.  It helps separate the talkers from the  doers.  Anyone serious enough about changing their  lives, about taking their goals and aspirations to the  next level isn’t going to let a small admission fee  keep them from getting into the door.  Raise Your  Caliber wants to assist all applicants; there are no  losers at RYC, only current and future winners.  It  could be you if you take that chance.  http://www.

It takes years of training and certification in styling,  technique, chemistry and business management to  become an employable cosmetologist.  Most states  require barbers and hair stylists to pass state licensing exams and participate in continuing education  courses.  Successful and savvy hair professionals  104 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Continuing education is a big part of Froslie’s plans.   “Knowledge is power,” she says with a happy  laugh.  In addition to the cutting class at UNITE,  Froslie spends a lot of her free time in online education for makeup certifications and exams.   While  she may be modest, her career plans aren’t.  She  has her eyes set on the red carpet, the stage and  more artistic treatments of beauty. Froslie says, “I’d like to be a one-stop shop with  the hair and the makeup, but also be creative with  it, like theatrical and runway styling…you don’t  get to do much of that outside of wedding up-dos  usually.”  With the help of RYC and the generous  donations of its affiliate members and participants,  she will be a few steps closer to that goal. 

April 4 - April 27

Prohibition From the allegory of the apple to the dry years of the notorious 20’s and 30’s Prohibition has been with us in one form or another, for good or bad. It has introduced itself into all human endeavor, all beliefs, from religion to education, from race and gender to censorship. It has even crept into the interdiction of food..

May2 - June 1

Reception May 2, 6-9pm

Rivers “In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.”



Reception April 4, 6-9pm

~ Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci

100 W. Liberty Street • Reno, NV 89501 • (775) 232-8079

Rtt april 2013 issuuv rgb optimized  

Whitney Myer, Mark Sexton Band and the photography of Clayton Beck and Shannon Balazs in the April 2013 RTT.

Rtt april 2013 issuuv rgb optimized  

Whitney Myer, Mark Sexton Band and the photography of Clayton Beck and Shannon Balazs in the April 2013 RTT.