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A PROBABILITY OF WORDS Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photo Johnstone Studios

Follow Your Craving. I've been thinking of all these things we want. It starts with all the little things, like a new shirt or nice weather. Then the list quickly grows to include the things we obsessively want. The things we crave like oxygen. I understand we’re biologically hardwired to seek out what we need. From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes sense. Food and sex, for instance. We each must eat so we survive. And we must have sex so our species survives.

6 Reno Tahoe Tonight

But there are other things that aren’t so easily explained. Music. Coffee. Intoxicants. Words. Touch. What is even more mysterious is how we've been programmed to feel bad about what we want. As if this could possibly serve any evolutionary purpose. Some of these things we want to the point of distraction. To the point of self-destruction even. This seems like a design flaw. That we could not only feed our wants to the point of selfelimination, but that we could also die of want. This seems like a set of Woozle tracks worthy of following.

But first I need to back up a little. I may have said it before, but I'm not really from this world. I am a foreigner of sorts who has learned to order coffee, ask for direction, say hello and thank you. And I sometimes find myself in a day that I'm just trying to get through. That's it. Make it to the point where I'm free to go to bed. And if I didn't have a child to tend to, that time might be really early. Like 10:30. In the morning. I only mention this because the cousin of want is despair. You may think that someone who writes mostly feel-good essays is a stranger to despair. But this is far from true. I am intimate with despair. And that is why I can tell you it's okay if you happen to find yourself there. Go ahead. Wallow a bit. Despair is a necessary rest stop on the road of life. But eventually you must draw a line in the sand, get up, and keep moving. Beyond the occasional cleanse of a good cry, there is little else of lasting value in despair. There is one other thing, though. When you visit despair, you are required to leave all wants at the door. Despair provides a safe space from all your cravings. Despair empties you of all the things you thought you needed to be whole. It reminds you that, rather than fill you up, all this stuff really just weighs you down. Despair pulls back the curtain of illusion. It shows you that the glass is neither half full nor half empty. The glass is always full. But half of it is filled with air, with light, with a billion particles of cosmic goo, with stardust. And that stardust is you. You are already there. Already completely whole. Despite despair's best efforts, though, mostly we don't remember this. Here's an example. I am editing a piece of writing I've been working on. And I come up with a word to replace another that was somehow inadequate. And the new word works so much better I am suddenly anxious to save the work, back it up, and email it to myself, so I don't lose this change. Suddenly everything depends upon not losing this new word. Life is like this. Fragile. Precious. Fleeting. And mostly we know this. So we want to drink up as much of it as we can. But our senses can only take us so far. Just ask any addict. Or ask yourself whether food, sex, beer, or Facebook, ever really fill you up. For a moment, perhaps. Although often not even that.

We're a mixture of light and clay. A metaphor of subatomic physics. The more we think of ourselves as only clay, as a pot that can be filled up by any of these things, the more the pot isn't actually there. And you can't hold yesterday's orgasm in a pot that doesn't exist. Yes, the food tastes great. But it cannot convince you of your self-worth. And your Twitter feed can spoon you hours of content, but it will never ever leave you sated. And all the likes in the world are not the same thing as one real human moment. One in which you realize that you are not a container at all, but a Woozle who is hiding just around the next birch tree, wanting desperately to be caught.

Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. He manages his condition, in part, by regular contributions to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine, Rebelle Society, and Wild Heart Writers. He's also a novelist, a painter, and through his law practice – a sometimes salvager of troubled lives. You can find out more about him, his writing, and his other projects on his website. www.tlqonline. com. Feel free to visit whenever you like. Or just invite him out for coffee or beer. He loves a good conversation. Š 2016 thomas lloyd qualls

BEAUTY Text Jennifer Utu Getting a great salon service can be especially uplifting. Leaving the salon feeling refreshed and put together with a new cut or style is part of the salon experience we seek. Part of being a hair professional is having knowledge about how to style your guests hair by using products that make the desired look work. The key to a successful haircut/style is making sure the client is capable of replicating the finished look that we’ve provided. This is particularly important since we know that each guest is a walking advertisement. A great stylist should be able to teach you to style your new cut in a few ways to help you get inspired. As a stylist I understand that some clients can be overwhelmed and unsure of how to start this process. At Aura we’ve noticed an influx of tweens, teens, males and females that make sure to bring in photo examples of their ideal style. They love these looks in the picture or ad, but don’t know how to execute them. In this case, it’s a great idea to contact your stylist to see if they can book out time to give you a hands-on lesson. The cost of the appointment will vary depending on salon, but it’s worth it, especially for parents of young adolescents who want to feel secure with how their hair looks. It’s not only tweens and teens who worry about styling their hair—people of all ages can struggle with this. Sometimes the guest feels uncomfortable asking for styling tips during their appointment; as a stylist, make sure to afford yourself time to offer advice or a consultation. It’s really important to show your guests what styling products and tools we use and why. Both of these concepts contribute largely to our ability to reach success with a desired look. We get asked all the time how to use thermal tools properly, how to curl and straighten. A very popular trend for women is the beach wave created with a flat iron, or men wanting to know how to create a pompadour using a blow dryer. We’ve also experienced fathers and mothers wanting to know how to do their kids’ hair. One assumes that all moms know how to do a braid or a pony tail, but this is not always the case. Parental roles are more evenly divided than they used to be. This has led to more fathers starting to get involved in the ritual of getting their children’s hair done. Speak with your stylist and make a date with your little one and learn some fun new trends. So, if you find yourself experiencing any of these challenges or others, call us at Aura and book your next styling class! 8 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Replicating and Maintaining your look Every October Aura picks a local person battling with cancer for cancer awareness month. This year we chose Emily Reese. We are raffling off a $100 gift card to Johnny's Ristorante and a nice bottle of wine as a package. $5 for 1 ticket and 3 for $10. All money goes to Emily. This will run the entire month of October. For more info contact Aura Salon at 775-826-3117.

Myths & Icons: Stories That Inspire Part Interview. Part Storytelling. Part Myth Friday, November 4, 2016 6-8pm @ Bruka Theatre. $5. All ages. Hosted by Thomas Lloyd Qualls with very special guests This is a live television taping!

U on U Poetry Slam Poems by u about u Friday, November 4 9-11pm @ Bruka Theatre. $5. All Ages. Hosted by Oliver X $250 winner take all prize purse! Sign-up at

This is a live television taping!


Text Britton Griffith-Douglass Photo Jeramie Lu

October FIRST BRIT OF EXCITEMENT “Come little children, I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment. come little children, the times come to play, here in my garden of magic.” That’s right my little pretties, this witch is back in the month of Hocus Pocus, zombie crawls, caramel spider webs in your latte and the sweet smell of pumpkin treats. If you need to feel an extra bit of ‘Boo!’ this October, just come down to the Riverwalk District. The merchants will be decorating their shops with an extra scare and preparing for the return of Halloween Hallows on October 29th, where families are encouraged to come down for safe Trick or Treating and all the ghostly fun of the holiday. BITS Yummier than your great granny’s spaghetti. I don’t mean to pick on your adorable and passionate Italian elder family members, but this is just a fact. See for yourself on Oct. 8 and 9 at the annual Great Italian Festival put on by the Carano family at the Eldorado Hotel Casino. Sample traditional bites like garlic bread, chicken Parmesan and the family favorite: meatballs. But the fun doesn’t end with nibbles of classic cuisine, there is also a Paesano Open Putt for Pets charity golf tournament and of course, the classic grape stomping. C H I C K S FO R C H A R I T Y. If you know me (at all) you know that brunch is my favorite hobby; mimosas are critical to any breakfast, and you know that the girls of the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project (NYEP) are the ketchup to my hash browns. Which is why you will see me at Two Chicks in Midtown for the NYEP fundraiser on October 6th at 11:00am with guest chef, Mark Estee joining owner Haley Wood in the kitchen, cooking up brunch to raise money for this incredible charity. So come on peeps, let’s eat. 10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

THE CUTEST WAY TO ENJOY HALLOWEEN. The Animal Ark Harvest Festival hosted on October 15th welcomes locals and tourists to enjoy the park with a special spooky twist. On this morning guests get to view the animals of the park, open pumpkin presents and discover treats and sweets inside. This is likely the most adorable ‘Trick or Treating’ you will ever PINK WITH PRIDE. The month of October you will be inspired by the survivors, fighters and champions that fight against and spread awareness for breast cancer. The City of Reno will light the #BELIEVE structure in City Plaza in pink lighting in honor of these awesome women. On October 16th the Race for the Cure will be held for the first time downtown and the racers will start at the new Truckee River bridge, downtown. Help all of northern Nevada to go pink and be part of the solution to end breast cancer. You can join the race, donate or just learn more at LAST BIT OF ADVICE: “Home means Nevada” is a statement that rings true to my heart. I hope you will take a moment this month to enjoy the sagebrush, our silver filled history and neon bright future. This October 31st, I will be taking pride in not only our state song, but all that those words represent to myself and our incredible citizens. Happy Nevada Day!



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Leiko Ikemura Poetics of Form AUGUST 27, 2016 - JANUARY 15, 2017 A selection of paintings and sculptures by internationally-acclaimed artist Leiko Ikemura that describe conditions of loneliness, longing, and existential searching through expressions of landscape, animals, and the female figure. RECENTLY FEATURED ON VOGUE.COM’S FALL ART GUIDE


Kathie Bartlett; Barbara and Tad Danz;John C. Deane; Linda Frye; Marcia and Charles Growdon; Mae and Walter Minato; Maureen Mullarkey and Steve Miller; Suzanne Silverman

COVER STORY OffBeat Arts & Music Festival November 3-6 Behind the scenes at northern Nevada's most ambitious arts and music festival Text Oliver X Feature photos Kyle Volland

14 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Soft White Sixties

Reno Tahoe Tonight 15



ast year the OffBeat Arts & Music Festival had an auspicious inaugural season, hosting nearly 100 live music performances at no fewer than 12 of Reno's most popular nightclub venues and bars. Over 2,000 attendees supported the event, which benefits OffBeat co-creator Baldo Bobadilla's Future Kind organization, a non-profit development and advocacy agency that works to engage communities and identify deficiencies,

16 Reno Tahoe Tonight

inadequacies or scarcities in resources, and seeks to fill-in those gaps, helping to change outcomes in the lives of men, women and children, locally, regionally and globally. That OffBeat went off almost without a hitch is a testimony to the strong vision of its founders. Reno has long dreamt of having a legit music festival to place its scene into its proper context nationally; to buoy the talent that is so evident

here, but that rarely rises to the level of national prominence for whatever reason. It's an open wound and a damn shame that nearly a generation passed between the arrival of 7 Seconds and the emergence of Whitney Myer on the musical firmament. 2015's OffBeat Arts & Music Festival was an unqualified success, as locals came out to experience hometown, homegrown talent, as well as regional and national touring artists in genres that ran the gamut from singer-songwriter and hardcore to shoe-gazer rock and everything in between. OffBeat's organizing founders and core group, headed up by The Glenn Group's Flip Wright, Baldo Bobadilla, Loren Condron, Seth Sheck, Rob Brooks and Thomas Lloyd Qualls have high hopes and big plans for this year's four-day festival, whose operational theme and ethos is “Music Discovery.” To wit, OffBeat 2016, will feature a healthy sampling of some of the world's most noteworthy emerging artists, including Lolo, whom the Associated Press described as having “so much music flowing through [her] that it fills two people;" San Francisco's Con Brio who PopMatters last year called “The Best Live Band in America,” and London sensations The Veils, whose lead singer Finn has been described by Rough Trade Records' Geoff Travis as "a young but maturing real artist in the vein of Nick Cave and David Bowie,” to name just a few. And northern Nevada's talented local acts are also well-represented at this year's festival, with bands like Failure Machine, Jelly Bread, Lavish Green, Moondog Matinee, Drinking With Clowns, Mojo Green, The Fantods, Rigorous Proof, Black Rock City Allstars and Actors Killed Lincoln on the bill, among many others.

FLIP WRIGHT Flip is one of the co-founders of the Off Beat Arts and Music Festival. He has been working in Marketing Communications for over 20 years and have been fortunate enough to spend time on both the client and agency side working with national and international brands. Flip is currently the Executive Vice President of Innovation and Strategy for the Glenn Group and Wide Awake agencies. Flip has lived in Arizona, Oregon and on the beaches of California, but grew up in Reno and his passion for the people and community here is why he has been so excited about the opportunity to bring Off Beat to the area.

At press time, plans were still being drafted for this year's festival arts component, which will include the OffBeat Arts & Music Alley Walk presented by Future Kind, featuring free

Reno Tahoe Tonight 17


daytime music performances by some of the festival's biggest names, all playing in venues along the rear alleyways in back of Shea's, The Saint, Craft and ending at Chapel. On Martin Street there will be a street closure for the sculpture bazaar curated by artist Aric Shapiro and other noteworthy artists and makers.

Gallery, OffBeat will co-promote the opening exhibit of the immensely popular fine art landscape artist Phyllis Shafer. Her solo exhibition of recent works titled Nature Divine, Landscape Paintings of the American West will be on display at Stremmel Gallery in Midtown.

Opening night of the festival on November 3 from 5-7pm, in association with Stremmel

Shafer’s exhibition of new paintings catalogs her observations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains,

18 Reno Tahoe Tonight

California, and Wyoming. Nature Divine: Landscape Paintings of the American West will mark the sixth solo exhibition for the South Tahoe artist at Stremmel Gallery, and will run through December 10, 2016. “With nature as my subject, I am never short of rich material from which to draw,” Shafer says. “I do think, however, that this exhibition marks a shift in where my attention has been drawn. I am eager to paint more moonlight paintings, just to explore the quality of mystery that moonlight provides. It also allows the paintings to become less about a specific place and more an emotional or interior landscape of sorts.” The theatrical arts are also represented at Offbeat in a double-header celebrating spoken word and the art of storytelling, as Thomas Lloyd Qualls and yours truly present the second live installment of the sold out Artown show titled Myths & Icons: Stories That Inspire (formerly known as The Power of Voice) at Brüka Theatre November 4th, featuring another stellar lineup of local and regional luminaries happening from 6-8pm. At 9-11pm the second half of the doublefeature will be the U on U Poetry Slam, boasting a winner-take-all prize purse and featuring poets performing poems by and about them in a series of elimination rounds, leading up to a stirring finale. What is immediately evident in the run-up to this year's festival event is the harmony, vision and excitement expressed by the organizing team. Led by Flip Wright, who tirelessly scoured the country for emerging artists to book at this year's event, the core group (which added industry veteran Rob Brooks and attorney-novelist Thomas Lloyd Qualls) has spent countless hours building this year's festival lineup and creating relationships with venues and indie festivals like Boise's exceptional Treefort Festival. In an extraordinarily uncommon collaboration between festivals, OffBeat will host a Treefort Music Festival Showcase Friday night November 4 at The

THOMAS LLOYD QUALLS Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, a condition that is apparently incurable. He manages his condition, in part, by regular contributions to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine. He officially joined the OffBeat team in 2016, because they needed someone to do the jobs no one else wanted. Thomas is also the author of two novels, the creator of a video storytelling project called Myths & Icons: Stories That Inspire, and a practicing lawyer who -- in the small-town tradition -- sometimes trades his services for coffee, locally-farmed food, or beer. Myths & Icons is a different kind of storytelling vehicle. Its purpose is to celebrate the transformative power of finding and using your voice. One part interview, one part storytelling, and one part myth, Myths & Icons pairs its featured guests with their Tarot-inspired archetype and takes the audience along on the mythical journey of real life. You can find out more about Thomas, his writing, storytelling, artist-aspiring, dream-chasing, and other misadventures on his website. Or just invite him out for coffee. He loves a good conversation. Reno Tahoe Tonight 19


Saint, featuring Aaron Mark Brown at 7pm; Then Be Calm Honcho at 8:20pm; Everyone is Dirty at 9:40pm; Thick Business at 11pm and Lounge on Fire at 12:20am. I spoke with the OffBeat team as they scurried to fill the final remaining holes in their festival lineup, at their de facto headquarters at 50 Washington Street, inside the The Glenn Group's second floor conference room.

20 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Oliver X: What's different from last year to this year in festival planning and preparation? Flip Wright: You know I think last year we were in a situation where we were having to figure it out as we went along. We were fortunate enough that, pretty much everyone that you see here, was able to be involved in one way or another just to get it done. What we knew that we needed to do this year was be a little bit more formal and formed,

in order to be able to tackle everything we wanted to do from a growth perspective. We have a fairly aggressive vision for what we ultimately want to see this thing become. There's been a year now between festivals to learn and see what other festivals are doing. So I think that has given us a stronger sense of purpose and focus on trying to get stuff done. That being said, we're still in our second year and there's still a lot to figure out as we go. There's a lot of relationships to make and foster. I will say that we've built a lot more relationships this year. A lot more people are engaged this year, who decided last year that they wanted to sit on the sidelines and see if we tripped on the curb and fell on our faces—which we didn't. Oliver X: Were those people the naysayers or just the non-committed who were on the fence? Flip Wright: I don't know that we ever had any naysayers per se. And this is just my opinion, but Reno is not new to events. So it's not like you can come in with an idea for an event and have people appreciate the event 100% right out of the gate. You'd go to a sponsor and they would say, 'Okay you're an event just like the other five people who asked me for a sponsorship today, and I'm not thinking about you and your vision and all the things that are great. I want to know what you're doing? What's gonna be my activation? What can I expect? What are your attendance numbers?' And on a first year event, you cannot know that. We really did have to seek out and find partners in the community who really were more visionary and who would say, 'Yes, this seems like a really good idea and it could go somewhere.' That's what we had to do last year. So this year we have had the benefit of having done the due diligence. We spent the time last year having gone in front of all those people and let them say no to us. We were able to go back again to them this year and say, 'We're still here! Do you want to do something now?'

LOREN CONDRON Loren began his marketing and music career at the University of Nevada, Reno as the Vice President of Programming for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada. From there Loren helped launched Reno's first alternative music station KRZQ as the Promotions and Marketing Director and air talent “Oliver Clozeoff ” in 1992. This began a 12 year Marketing and Promotions career in radio in markets like Phoenix, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Loren then found his way back into the real work world at a boutique advertising agency in Phoenix called Knoodle, where he spent several years as the Director of Client Services. In 2011, Loren founded Dotted & Crossed Marketing, a small boutique digital and social media agency to provide a unique digital service for small businesses that were in the areas of Eat, Drink, Play. They quickly built a client list consisting of some of the best restaurants, bars and events in Reno, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 21


Rob Brooks: The difference between this year and last year is that we have one year under our belt. There's more attention from the acts themselves. There's more interest now that we're out of our inaugural year. What did we have last year, 13 national acts? Baldo Bobadilla: We changed the strategy from local music to “Music Discovery.�

22 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Rob Brooks: We went from 13 traveling acts to 60 in one year! That shows the interest and appetite these acts have in playing the festival. Oliver X: Would you say that interest is as a result of your salesmanship of the festival this year, or is it the spirit behind the festival? Rob Brooks: I'd say it's the spirit. We went to Treefort and just started talking to bands there.

They'd come off stage and we'd walk up to them and say 'Hey great set! Would you want to go do this in Reno?' And they'd say, 'Shit yeah! We're there!' And it was really just that. And then Flip would spend countless hours vetting music that he was into. And everybody contributed to that process. Then it was a matter of sending them an email and seeing what they said. The response from bands was overwhelmingly positive. Loren Condron: I also think we've gotten a lot of support from other festivals our size. We have been able to build a nice relationship with Treefort and they're going to do a Treefort Showcase and we're working on another showcase with another festival. What we're hoping for as well is that this will be reciprocal; that we can have an OffBeat Showcase at these festivals where we can take local bands from here and showcase them there. Rob Brooks: Festival exchange... [Laughter]. Loren Condron: Well yeah. We want to help build the west coast scene for some of these bands. One of the things that I want to see happen with this is these 60 regional and national acts and 30-plus local bands is to have all of those bands mix and mingle. So that when Weed in Seattle needs a band to open up for them they can get a band like Failure Machine to be main support. I want all of these bands that are coming through here and playing our festival venues to get all of our local venue contact info during our artist check-in and registration. All the venue contacts, booking agents for each venue and their information. Everything that they need to book their own shows here once or twice a year so that they can build their followings here.

ROB BROOKS Rob was born in Los Angeles County and he went to his first stadium show (Angel’s Stadium) at 10. That was all it took. He fell in love with radio listening to “Machinegun Kelly” on KFI. It all came together with after moving to Reno and interning at 96 Rock radio. He rose to Program Director within two years and launched the first Alternative Radio ever in the market. As the station grew more acts were becoming available to the market so he began promoting shows and producing festivals all to feed the audience’ hunger for “live” performances. Promoting shows led to being the Entertainment Manager at John Ascuaga’s Nugget. Since then he has curated talent for The Hard Rock Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley Inn and many more. Music discovery is still his motivator and The Off Beat Festival scratches that itch.

What would be great is to be able to have these bands play their first show at Studio on 4th or Loving Cup and then on their second trip here they're playing at The Saint, Rockbar or Cargo. So it's building a scene for these bands year round through opportunities to play in our town.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 23


Oliver X: I think gig swapping in that way is an important but undervalued aspect of scene-building. Flip Wright: Last year we wanted to promote and showcase local, but we were also about promoting and showcasing the community. And at some point you kinda reach diminishing returns because you're selling to the sold. The people in Reno

24 Reno Tahoe Tonight

know our scene is good and they know that we have good bands here. But if we don't bring in out of market acts that people recognize, that people are going to be interested in, then who's really experiencing what we want them to experience. We've always wanted to highlight and showcase our local talent, but there's a lot of talent that we want to introduce to this market, along the lines of what Loren was saying. So I don't know if it was

really a shift in our strategy as much as it was a logical progression for us to get there. One thing we've heard is that once a festival like this happens, more local bands start to sprout up. And more local acts start to take what they're doing more seriously. So the talent level we have here in town will start to elevate. That's not us just saying that, it's a proven point. This isn't a new formula doing a city-wide music festival. This is done all over the country. What makes us unique is that we have a team in place and we have all the resources in place. We're in a location and we have a bed base in a community that can handle something that could allow us to grow and do what we wanna do. We're following the perfect plan in pursuing what we want to accomplish. Already our lineup this year in terms of talent and awareness is exponentially greater than what we had last year. I think we learned some things about how to do booking and host a festival that is helping us a lot this year. Rob Brooks: We have one act that actually wants to move here from Portland. Oliver X: EDAWN will love them! [Laughter] Flip Wright: They'll be the spokespeople for EDAWN [Laughter]. We have to invite them to the concert! [Laughter]. Rob Brooks: I'm serious. Flip Wright: We're doing a press show wrist band rally at 3rd Street Bar with Dad Works Hard, who is that band from Portland on October 8. So we'll make sure all the dignitaries are there. They'll dig Dad Works Hard. Rob Brooks: Another thing we want to do is to make this a 12-month festival with branded showcases each month at local venues. Kinda what like Artown does with their Encore thing. We want to have our pop-ups all year round to keep the festival top of mind.

SETH SHECK Seth Sheck can be summed up with two words: passion and innovation. A Reno, Nevada native, Seth set his sights on the music industry in 1989. Juggling a band management gig with waiting tables, Seth found his inspiration through a customer’s conversation about making concert passes, and soon worked his way into the credential business. Seth has contributed many progressive concepts to the industry throughout his career, including the introduction of die cut laminates, digital printing on holographic foil paper and UV ink on passes. He was the first in the industry to go all digital. His impressive client roster includes the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Daytona 500, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Drake, Guns N’ Roses, Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and The Voice. Working with his wife and business partner, Alma, Seth had the vision to integrate technology into passes which were otherwise just ink on paper, and to work with the proprietary software platform developed by Access Event Solutions to manage any event from a credentials-first approach. This technology has already been used in five continents, adding layers of features and functionality to the printed credential without sacrificing its art and sentiment. Reno Tahoe Tonight 25

26 Reno Tahoe Tonight


THE OFFBEAT ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL happens this year in 15 venues downtown and in Midtown November 3-6, 2016. Check the website for tickets and wrist band information and for the full festival lineup at

Originally from Paraguay, Baldo moved to Reno to attend University of Nevada, Reno, and got his degree in Civil Engineering. He is the founder of Future Kind, an international non-profit dedicated to provide access to quality education and health care to communities worldwide (www. Future Kind is a proud partner of Off Beat Arts and Music Festival. As a lifelong musician, and lead singer/guitar player of the band Drinking With Clowns, Baldo has been part of the Reno music community since he moved to town in 1998. He is extremely passionate about supporting the music and the arts in Reno. Baldo is a co-founder of Off Beat Arts and Music Festival, and he’s excited about bringing national talents to Reno in hope to elevate awareness of the music and arts in Reno! He hopes that Off Beat will have a great positive impact on our community and help empower local artist and musicians. Reno Tahoe Tonight 27

EDITOR'S LETTER Oliver X Photo Debbie McCarthy Fall is my favorite time of year in the Truckee Meadows. Leaves turn to breathtaking hues of yellow, crimson and brown. To me it's a time of renewal and reflection as we prepare for a long winter and the promise of spring. It's also one of the busiest times of year for galas, live events and the last festivals of the season. There's a ton to do. Here's some of my picks of the month. Saturday, October 1, 2016 – CrossReno at Rancho San Rafael Park – 9am to 7:30pm. Featuring world class professional male and female Cyclocross racers competing for a $10,000 prize purse! There'll be food trucks, vendors, a free yoga boot camp, a kid's zone with bounce houses, a climbing wall and prize drawings awarded all day long! With musical performances by the Joker's Wild Blues Band, Spike McGuire, Clemon Charles, Drinking With Clowns, Black Rock City Allstars and DJ Mark Twyman. Check out the Craft Beer Garden showcasing 15 of the best regional & local breweries in the country, pouring 40 different craft brews! CrossReno benefits the Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows and the war veterans of Ride 2 Recovery Project HERO. Presented by Peppermill Reno & sponsored by Estipona Group, Rev-3 Imaging and Reno Tahoe Tonight. For more info visit Saturday, October 1 from Dine the District Food Tour. 1PM Downtown Reno's Riverwalk District. With more than 20 participating locations you won't want to miss this tasty event! Pre-sale $20, at the Door $25 – 4pm Raffle. The Riverwalk Dining District is where Foodies come to feast on the many options of culinary excellence located in the Heart of Reno, Nevada. The Riverwalk features unique options in dining and entertainment showcasing selections from around the world. Join in for a leisurely stroll through beautiful downtown Reno for our Dine The District Food Tour. Not only will you have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of culinary delights from the best restaurants in the Reno area, you will be supporting continued development of the Riverwalk District.

28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Friday, October 7, 2016 – Red Shoe Gala Please join Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada at their 5th Annual Red Shoe Gala, a night of fine dining, hilarious entertainment and heartwarming stories that will help provide the answers to these questions for families staying at the RMHCNN. Sponsors and attendees will help to continue the work of keeping families close to their children by providing a home-away-from-home, a warm meal and a calm and comfortable environment for them to deal with their challenging circumstances. Proceeds will go toward their mission and toward benefiting families. Join in at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa on Friday, October 7 in your finest cocktail attire and your best red shoes. You can make these families' ordeals easier. Together, we can Make Someone Happy. Saturday, October 8, 2016 – The Reno Instagrammys Red Carpet Awards Show awards hand picked nominees from the summer long photo + video competition. Undoubtedly the party of the year, attendees are encouraged to dress to the nines and party with your people on the red carpet! Proceeds from the event go to the Holland Project, an all ages art + music youth initiative for young people, by young people. Tickets to the awards show are $30. After party tickets are $5. For additional information email to! Editor's Correction/Retraction A note-taking error resulted in the erroneous printing of the following information in our May 2016 cover story feature on Brianna Bullentini: "We had a pitch at the end of the week to this big company out of the Midwest to get office space upstairs," she recalls. "So I was doing what I knew best: Design Boards and architectural renderings – getting all that together for upstairs…She then worked the entire Thanksgiving weekend and came up with a 25-page deck with drawings, programming and costs, and proposed it to Carter that following Monday morning.” We regret any confusion or misunderstandings resulting from these errors.

AURA 775.826.3117

2323 Kietzke Lane • Reno in Franktown Corners

EVENT PumpkinPalooza – Sunday, October 23 at Victorian Square in Sparks Fall Family Traditions in the Making Text Candee Candler

If you’re looking for some old-fashioned, affordable family fun, check out PumpkinPalooza, taking place on Victorian Square on

Sunday, October 23, from 10:30 to 5:00 p.m. As always, it offers a day of fun featuring all things pumpkin. First up is the Pumpkin Derby. This race features custom-decorated pumpkins fitted with wheels, cruising down a specialized ramp. Take your creative juices and pair them with physics and a touch of luck and voila – a fun contest is born. Individuals participate, but families can also work together to create a team pumpkin racer, competing against other gourdmasters to take home the big prize, the Grand Championship Trophy. Then there’s the Pumpkin Beauty Contest. Bring your creation, or design a competitor on-site, and take part to see if your pumpkin has what it takes to earn the crown. Or how about a Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest? While your great aunt might have told you spitting is ill-mannered, for the sake of competition, we think it’s just fine! Wet that whistle and test your distance spitting skills in this festive, admittedly sort of icky, Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest. Have

30 Reno Tahoe Tonight

your friends and family compete against you for the ultimate bragging rights. For messy eaters with big appetites, PumpkinPalooza is hosting a traditional Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest. This no-hands, no-holdsbarred contest takes place throughout the day, and even little tummies can compete because it’s not just about tonnage of pie filling consumed in this challenge – the judge in this contest is the audience, where the biggest applause recipient takes all. Think panache, flair and attitude. And being cute doesn’t hurt, either. If you really want to ensure a win, bring family and friends along to cheer you on as you suck down some sweets in preparation for Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t be a true palooza without the chicken pot game and ring toss. PumpkinPalooza sponsors are offering up a variety of carnival-style games at the various vendor booths set along Victorian Square. Didn’t successfully make it the first time? No worries – these games are inexpensive, so you can try again and again. In addition to family togetherness and the crisp fall air, PumpkinPalooza features live music throughout the day you to enjoy. From The NoteAbles and Reno Rock Camp to Revival, a band featuring hits from the 60s and 70s, you’ll get your fill at the Great Basin Brewery stage. Add in marching in the annual Costume Parade, led by TV’s Zomboo, and it’s an afternoon set in autumn festival heaven. This is a free event benefiting the Norther Nevada Center for Independent Living. For more information, visit

Event Reno Zombie Crawl October 22, 2016 Text Ed Adkins Photo David Marshall Flemming



So by now you should know about the 9th Annual Reno Zombie crawl coming Saturday, October 22nd. If you don’t it’s one of the largest bar crawls in the world. It takes place over the course of one night featuring over 50 bars with over 100 drink specials, tons of costume contests, perks and giveaways and of course, 15,000 zombies. All you absolutely need in order to have the best night of your afterlife is to buy a commemorative cup and map (available at retail locations like Adam & Eve stores as well as online), because your cup is your ticket to all the festivities. You could, theoretically just do that and be super prepared. But who wants to do the bare minimum? Here are our tips for making your Reno Zombie Crawl experience one you’ll be telling your grandzombies about someday. First, book a room. We’ve got hotel codes set up with three different downtown resort hotels: Silver Legacy, Circus Circus and Sands Regency. All three are right in the heart of the action on crawl night and all three feature restaurants, bars and entertainment of their own. Getting a room ensures that you never have to worry about how you’re getting home and after you’re done terrorizing the city you can just shuffle up to your room and let your little zombie head drift off to never neverland.

32 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Next, put together a costume. We’ve got lots of costume shops listed on our event site where you can not only pick up your cup but also some sweet threads for the evening! Are you going for the classic “just woke back up in a coffin” look? Maybe you want to look like an undead horde fell upon you and made you their buffet before you got initiated into the gang. Or maybe even still, you want to run with our theme this year and be part of the zombie resistance! There’s plenty of places in and around Reno where you can put together that perfect look. And speaking of our theme, you may have noticed our snazzy posters around town with the tag line “Rise of the Survivors!” If you haven’t, make sure to keep an eye out (or flip through this edition of Reno Tahoe Tonight because you’re going to find it in there somewhere!) Designed by local illustrator-genius Michael Grimm, it features some newly-iconic Reno art and tells the story of how the zombie outbreak has been raging for nine years leaving Reno as the last City standing… because we never run out of booze! So go get your cup, map, room and costume ready for the night of your afterlife! And make sure to start plotting the course you and your friends will make that night, because with more than 50 stops you’re bound to find some new favorites! More information on the Reno Zombie Crawl and our massive flash mob pre-event Thriller at the Stadium can be found at



EVENT Text Oliver X Images courtesy of Seedless 10DenC

Seedless 10DenC Live @ Rockbar Theater

October 8, 2016 with Simple Sinsation and Treedom One of northern Nevada's most dependably entertaining bands is the Reggae-Rock group Seedless 10DenC. Led by frontman singersongwriter Grady Holdridge and buoyed by a solid backing band of local pros, Seedless delivers high energy live sets that rock and groove. I spoke with Holdridge on the eve of one of the band's rare and well-crafted concert events happening October 8 at downtown Reno's Rockbar Theater. Oliver X Talk about how this concert bill came together? Grady Holdridge: In 2016 our plans did not include performing many “live” productions. Our online content was a bit outdated, and so the focus was on promoting our second studio release, the “Road to Roam” EP (released December, 2015), along with story boarding concepts to begin video production. We did perform a few times out of town, and although we only perform locally 2-3 times per year, we wanted at least one show in Reno. Additionally, our longtime bassist and multitalented partner Paul Anthony is retiring from the band, and we couldn’t let him go without a huge send off. That led to a bigger production when 34 Reno Tahoe Tonight

considering we haven’t managed and produced our own concert event since our debut album CD release in 2012. With plenty of gigs in between that also meant many more contacts both in and outside of the Reno area. After speaking with multiple promoters and managers we decided on bringing in Simple Sinsation from Fresno, CA. The local band support slot was offered to Treedom because we’ve had opportunities to see them in action, and knew they would deliver the goods. The lineup will be tight and entertaining. Oliver X: What are some of the special components of this show date? Grady Holdridge: One of the best components is it will provide an opportunity to help a couple of worthy charitable organizations; however, there is an unannounced yet impending launch of another non-profit called the “Music Mothership.” The business model of the organization is designed to provide an infrastructure of support and guidance for local musicians and bands that are willing to embrace the work efforts and planning that leads to opportunities in this current DIY music world. This event will hopefully be a template for what aspiring new local bands can strive towards. For example, bands were actively promoting and

selling pre-sale tickets, which funded their compensation. The fans who purchase early tickets receive entry, a free drink, CD, and a chance to win a $500 Gift Card. Sponsors and charitable organizations are also involved to foster the community involvement which will be critical. Morrey Distributing, On Tap Brewing, Reno Tahoe Tonight, Skintuition, The Stick, and The Rack are all local businesses who are participating.

Grady Holdridge: Seedless 10DenC will be performing three new songs in their set list that are currently in production: “Grass Between Your Toes,” “Watch Your Love Grow,” and “My Head” are due for release sometime in Spring of 2017. With video production to finish, and a change in the lineup, we have plenty to work on over the winter break. Look for us to come out swinging when we’re back in the festival groove for 2017 though.

Oliver X: Who does the concert benefit? Grady Holdridge: For this concert event we chose the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” organization, and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. We already have a minimum goal met with ticket pre-sales, but are offering 40% of door sales on the night of the show to them. There will also be a 50/50 raffle with a winner drawn at the culmination of the show that will also benefit Susan G. Komen. We are also having a canned food drive for the Food Bank. As concert goers arrive at the venue, there will be a food barrel outside the entrance for non perishable goods. Donations for the food drive receive a free band sticker(s) and potentially some other swag from local businesses. Oliver X: What new material are you working on for your next studio release?

Seedless 10DenC Live @ Rockbar Theater October 8, 2016 with Simple Sinsation and Treedom. Doors at 7pm.

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EVENT Women As Change Makers Summit October 21, 2016 Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

WOMEN AS CHANGE MAKERS Reno-based event with international impact organized to empower and inspire local women while raising funds to improve the livelihood of women living in poverty in Kenya What began three years ago as a non-traditional fundraiser has evolved into an annual summit designed to inspire and empower Reno-Tahoe women as well as support the well being of women living in poverty in Kenya. The Women As Change Makers Summit: Brilliant Women & Bold Ideas (WACM) is a local event with global reach. It is an opportunity for women to come together, learn new skills, be inspired and feel supported. WACM is scheduled to take place Friday, Oct. 21, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at The Third Floor at Whitney Peak Hotel in downtown Reno. The summit is a one-day event designed to provide Reno-Tahoe women with the tools, knowledge and network to take their business or career to the next level. It includes inspirational speakers, engaging workshops, a female founder business pitch competition and a social good marketplace. “WACM offers women a vehicle to thrive,” Lake Tahoe, California-based Social Entrepreneur, Zawadisha Founder and WACM Organizer and Master of Ceremonies Jen Gurecki said. “As we evolve as a society we have to realize women are fifty percent of the population, a population worth investing in.” All women living in or near Reno-Tahoe are invited and encouraged to purchase tickets to the summit. Space is limited. The event has sold out two years in a row. “I created this event because I want women to be their best – fully skilled and confident,” Gurecki said. “This summit is about allowing 36 Reno Tahoe Tonight

local women to learn and grow both personally and professionally in a supportive and safe environment while also helping raise funds for women working toward a better life of their own in Kenya. WACM is a bridge that connects the two communities I call home.” Summit attendees will receive expert advice and tips from local and regional thought leaders and industry experts, lunch, coffee and tea, and exposure and inspiration for business ventures and personal passions. The summit will offer attendees the opportunity to learn from an impressive list of Speakers. WACM Sessions include: Marilyn King, Olympian Thinking; Nikki Warren, Growing Your Willpower Muscle; Bret Simmons, Present With Power; Brianna Bullentini, Brand With Boldness; Estella Hunt, Mentoring That Matters; Gino Borges, Invest For Impact; Kim Wyatt, Create Compelling Stories; Jamie Orr, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems; Ed Gurowitz, Men As Allies; and Alice Heiman, Succeed In Sales. “The summit’s diverse range of speakers and topics allow attendees to learn specialized, practical skills they can apply in their personal and professional lives helping them feel more alive, engaged and inspired,” Gurecki said. All funds raised through WACM summit ticket sales will go toward improving the lives of women living in poverty in Kenya through the non-profit organization Zawadisha. Zawadisha removes barriers for rural women to access clean energy and water products by eliminating the up-front costs through an inhouse microlending and distribution program. For more information on WACM please contact Jen Gurecki at jen@ or 530-416-5682. Editor's Note: All female business pitch participants are from Reno. Participants include: Panty Drop, LOLY, Casey D. Sibley Art + Design, Pantry Products, and Camp Out Yonder.


FOOD Hellfire Saloon Miraloma Park Shopping Center 3372 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502 Text Oliver X Photos Autumn Rae One of the things that Reno's sleepy southie residents have learned to live with is the dearth of late night dining establishments. South Reno reminds me of the Big Island in that regard, where everything closes at 9p and the only reason you stay out late is to drink, fight or both. Though Reno's gated suburbs are much tamer, finding a decent place that's open on the south side of town is still a challenge. So I was eager to see what Hellfire Saloon had to offer, since it's just a short ten-minute drive from my Double Diamond digs in the Miraloma Park Shopping Center on McCarran Blvd. That neighborhood is best known for its skate park and Scolari's location, but Hellfire Saloon might just change all that, serving up a satisfying blend of above average bar food, tasty bbq, beer, wine and cocktails, with live music programmed weekly. Open for just five months now, the 5,000 square foot, bbq-themed, non-smoking restaurant and bar seats 220 and occupies the old Porky's location, adjacent to the CVS and the Dollar Store. And Hellfire is a family affair, with owners Debby Heffern (who does the music booking) and her husband (affectionately known by the single moniker of “Heff ”) running the front of house, and daughter Autumn Rae doing social media promotional duties and event photography. The family has crafted a family friendly venue (with a full cabaret license) that enjoys a brisk weekend business for its live music, that includes local and regional country, jazz, rock and classic rock bands. I view Hellfire as a funkier, more blue collar version of Famous Dave's or Texas Roadhouse, with a huge wrap around bar, tons of video poker stations, 10 flat-screen televisions and a mammoth 12-foot projector screen on its music stage, giving patrons some of the best prime-time sports viewing in town. “We draw from bits and pieces of several well-known establishments and we continue the strong tradition of Nevada taverns,” says Heff. “I like to think of us as a better Bully's. We're not a sports bar, but we have plenty of TVs. We're a restaurant first and foremost, with a 38 Reno Tahoe Tonight

great bar and great live entertainment,” he notes. “We know that if we do this correctly, that we'll probably be the primary choice for over 5,000 homes within a stone's throw for our Hidden Valley and Rosewood Lakes people, who have all been very kind to us.” The restaurant's build out was extensive. “It was like the birth of a baby,” Debby recalls. The couple gutted the old Porky's and pulled everything out of the place. “Everything was trashed; there was nothing salvageable,” she says. “It was a complete rip and roll right down to the bare concrete,” says Heff. “We remodeled the bathrooms, we installed brand new sewer, water, flooring and filled eight 40-yard dumpsters.” On my first visit, head cook Lenn Rokk served me up a sampler platter of a half-stack of meaty St Louis style ribs with cole slaw, a pound of chicken wings and an order of three Ponderosa Potato Skins, stuffed with smoked chicken, pulled pork and Tri-Tip. The offerings were delicious and Hellfire's habanero bbq sauces is to die for. They definitely could rival any national brand with the variety and quality of their sauces and rubs. Portions are large and you will never go home hungry dining at Hellfire. I next stopped by the joint to try their breakfast menu. I chose the Breakfast Burrito: a flour tortilla stuffed with egg, chorizo, bacon, cheese, and potatoes topped with cheddar cheese, guacamole and sour crème—a cardiac arrest waiting to happen! But boy was it good! I washed it down with their signature cocktail called the 'Hellifiknow': a frozen adult beverage that should come with a complementary breathalyzer kit and warning label on it. According to Debby, this 16-ounce DUI in a glass blends various fruit juices, with five different types of alcohols, including rum, tequila and vodka. I forgot the other two before I even finished the drink and had to push it away so I could drive home safely to write this review. True story. Hellfire Saloon is wheelchair accessible, has a huge parking lot and is available for take out orders. They are open Monday and Tuesday from 3pm to close; Wednesday through Friday 11am to close; and Saturdays and Sundays at 9am for breakfast and they stay open until the last person has finished their Hellifiknow frozen cocktail.

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Upcoming live shows: October 7 | Heidi Incident

October 8 | VanAnimals Band

October 14 | 241 DUO

October 21 | Adrenaline

October 28 | Saxaholics

October 29 | John Dawson Band

*photos taken from each bands facebook page. 40 Reno Tahoe Tonight


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Food Reno Bites Week October 7-16, 2016 Text Natasha Bourlin Photos David Calvert


I <3 FOO

Five Years of Local Food Frenzy: Reno Bites Restaurant Week Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary Five years have gone by since Reno Bites cofounders decided to bring an idea to fruition—one that would spotlight our community’s culinary talent in the eyes of both locals and tourists alike. From a conversation over a table to now five years of celebrating locally owned restaurants and the gastronomic maestros that entice guests with their mouthwatering fare, Reno Bites restaurant week is helping to elevate Reno’s food scene annually. Restaurant weeks are a big deal in cities across the country. It was time for Reno to get its own. The talented chef pool here and overall experience provided by so many local establishments warrant some attention locally and nationally.

42 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Each year since the event’s inception, Reno restaurants have joined the restaurant week and offered specialty items, price points and signature events to encourage exploration of the local dining establishments…that aren’t flagged with a national brand and promoted with grand marketing budgets. This year will be no different, just bigger. For the 5th anniversary of Reno Bites, the “week” has expanded to 10 days, kicking off with $10 specials and a 30-minute show airing on Friday, October 7 at several restaurants across town. Between October 7 and 16, dining enthusiasts will find $10, $20 and $30 specials at the participating restaurants, as well as events that push the chefs and restaurateurs out of their norm, or really show off their specialties. This year, many can even dine out for great causes. Saturday, October 8 the party moves to Pignic Pub & Patio when the popular spot honors its second anniversary with “Pigtobeerfest II.” Guests can grab all-they-can-drink German brews and a plate piled with a trio of wursts made locally by Butcher Boy Meat Market, and other German fare for $30. Individual plates of food and brews will also be available, and the evening will also feature singers and songwriters competing at Open Spike Fest. Not all participants are brick-and-mortar-based. Some, like Blend Catering, will share their creative cuisine in out-of-the-box establishments. Check out the dynamic catering duo’s OktoberFeast event at Under the Rose Brewing Company on Sunday, October 9, where multiple Israeli dishes will be served family-style alongside a bottomless beer pairing for $70. Monday, October 10 tosses food lovers back in time with Rapscallion’s “Delicious Encounters of the Rapscallion Kind” 1977-style tasting menu. The seafood powerhouse will serve up entrees from

bygone eras at the event for $39. A $10 crab BLT will also be offered as a special for the week. Riverside favorite Campo exalts Italian cuisine with a “Mangia Tutti” multi-course pasta tasting event on Tuesday, October 11 for $45. With an event name translating to “eat all,” guests shouldn’t have a problem doing just that with six decadent courses of pasta dishes developed by Chef David Holman. Throughout the week, a duo Alpine Berkshire pork will also be offered for $20. The Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) will play host to and benefit from Yelp’s Far East Street Eats event on Wednesday, October 12. A bustling night market experience will be created, with Asian cuisine from more than 10 restaurants, live entertainment including a Thai Fashion Show and Japanese Taiko Drums and more for free, or a suggested donation to the NMA of $15, by RSVPing at A tantalizingly exotic experience will be had at Homage on Thursday the 13th when a Moroccan bazaar comes to life at the Caravan to Casablanca event. For $65, guests can revel in the foods, beverages and colorful culture of Morocco throughout the quaint eatery. A two-for-$20 lunch special to tantalize diners during the week will also be available. On Friday the 14th, the Food Truck Iron Chef competition at McKinley Arts and Culture Center offers an exhilarating opportunity to eat and benefit local nonprofit The Solace Tree. Presented by food truck friends at Feed the Camel, multiple mobile kitchens will create their best dish using potatoes, which will then be offered for $5 to diners, who also can vote for their favorite. Annual crowd favorite, the free Chef Showdown competition at Czyz’s Appliance, will heat up south Reno when eight chefs are pitted against each other in individual gourmet kitchens to create one dish using secret ingredients. The dish is then presented to a panel of judges who decide who wins both prizes and bragging rights.

This year, complimentary beers and food provided by Sysco, Sierra Meat & Seafood and Alibi Ale Works will be served in a VIP Oktoberfest beer garden set up by Celebrations Party Rentals. Product samples will be available for spectators as well. A darker evening will be provided on the 15th when the creative culinary prowess of Tournant’s team presents Hannibal: The PopUp, in conjunction with Good Luck MacBeth’s performance of Silence! The Musical. Rounding out the restaurant week on October 16th is a fundraising event for Urban Roots (UR) dubbed Art, Food and Roots. The nonprofit’s mission is to grow healthy minds, bodies and communities in northern Nevada by providing school and farm-based garden education for teachers, students, and families—and for the cause Chef Mark Estee is helping to orchestrate the multi-faceted event in UR’s pastoral surroundings. Five chefs—Stefanie Teeter of Liberty Food and Wine Exchange, the Deri's of Blend Catering, Amy Simpson of Jack Rabbit Moon, Chris Cowell of BFF Café and Jessica Shapiro of The Cheese Board—will each prepare their own distinctive dish highlighting the locally-sourced harvest of the season, which will also be paired with wine. Dinner will be accompanied by farm tours, a live art auction and exclusive raffle prizes. Check out the specials offered at dozens of locally owned establishments, and head in to support our local culinary community. At each, guests will also find an insert within their bill which asks them to check their pick of three local food-based charities, one of which will receive a check for $4,000, graciously provided by Sysco, based on popular vote. Visit for a full list of participating restaurants, their specials and Signature Events for the restaurant week’s 5th anniversary and break the chain, eat local!

Reno Tahoe Tonight 43


Designer Justine "Mapendo" Sumuni of Kivu Nuru Photos Joey Savoie Location HATCH Models Mapendo Sumuni, Tara Barnett, Tasha Vazquez and Carolyn Justine Sumuni, known as Mapendo, is a fashion designer and arts curator from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. Mapendo (which is Swahili for â&#x20AC;&#x153;loveâ&#x20AC;?) recently came to the U.S. in July 2016 with the visiting delegation of Mandela Washington Fellows, as part of President Barak Obama's Young African Leadership Initiative. She is the founder of Kivu Nuru which focuses on empowering and promoting local artists and artisans in her native country. Mapendo promotes and organizes fashion shows and fundraising events for local artists. Her colorful prints, clutches, bracelets, necklaces and accessories are brilliant displays of her craft, vision and artistry. Check out Mapendo's full line of men's, women's and children's clothing, jewelry and accessories on her website at kivunuru.wordpress. com/our-story

46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 47


48 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 49



52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 53


54 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55

Heath Tips Text Lanette Simone Photo Alfyn Photography

There is only one wellness truth that you need to implement to live a healthy and energetic life: a strong immune system will set you free. If you support your immune system year round, you will be free from seasonal allergies, colds and a variety of maladies that keep us sick and feeling just blah in general. Since fall allergy season is in full swing, let’s look at some natural remedies to fortify your immune system and fight the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Apple Cider vinegar breaks up mucus and activates lymphatic drainage. Turn up the heat with spices and foods like, ginger, garlic, horseradish, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and onions to break down mucus. Bone broth will flush nasal mucus and reduces inflammation. Raw local honey exposes your system to local pollens, which desensitizes your body to allergens.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shot Drink three times daily to fight allergies

• • • • • • •

(1) 12 oz. glass hot water (2) tablespoons apple cider vinegar (2) tablespoons lemon juice ½ teaspoon ground singer ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 1 dash cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon raw local honey

Lanette Simone There are a handful of mega beneficial supplements that have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, like Vitamin A (2,00mcg per day), Stinging Nettle (300-500 mg twice per day) and Quercetin (1,000 mg per day). Bromelain (1,000 mcg per day) reduces swelling in sinuses and helps relieve hay fever symptoms. Only 30 mg per day of Zinc will heal adrenal fatigue which is caused by stress. Stress exacerbates symptoms of seasonal allergies. B vitamins, Glutathione and Vitamin C are all supplements that should be incorporated in seasonal allergy therapy. The Shot Spot has a shot that includes all three of these allergy alleviators in one power packed shot. There are also preventative measures to enhance immune function, like vitamin C drips, acupuncture treatments to tone kidneys and prepare your whole system for the health challenges of each season. Come into The Shot Spot and let’s boost your immune system naturally. I am happy to share information to connect you with local healing practitioners who provide treatments that will help you navigate this allergy season. The Shot Spot is located at 615 Sierra Rose Dr #4, Reno, NV 89511 - (775) 826-1008.

56 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Experience The Changing Seasons On North Lake Tahoes North Shore

Mountain biking on North Lake Tahoe's most beautiful trail Enjoy the best mountain biking in North Lake Tahoe and Nevada on the Flume Trail — conveniently accessible from Incline Village. This challenging and scenic trail includes some of the best views of North Lake Tahoe and has been recognized by national magazines like Men's Fitness. The trail begins just south of Incline Village on Highway 28 at the bottom of Tunnel Creek Road right next to the Tunnel Creek Café. For more information, visit

24th Annual Donner Party Hike It's shoulder season — arguably the best time to visit and enjoy North Lake Tahoe's crisp air, fewer crowds and plentiful activities. Here are some events and adventures to enjoy while the seasons change.

58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Step back in time and explore the Donner Summit area during the Donner Party Hike — a weekend of interpretive hikes, talks, exploration and history from Oct. 8-9. Learn about the success of the Stephens Party, the tragic events the

Donner Party endured and the importance of the transcontinental railroad. Choose from six hikes ranging from 3.5 to 6 miles with varying degrees of difficulty. Hikes depart from Donner Ski Ranch and explore the meadows and hidden Sierra back country lakes. For more information, visit

Thunderbird Lodge Tours Experience another epoch of Tahoe's history with a tour of George Whittellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Castle in the Sky, the historic Thunderbird Lodge Estate. Explore the stone mansion with a docent-guided tour of the property's lighthouse room, old lodge, servant's quarters with original kitchen and the 600-foot underground tunnel leading to the cavernous boathouse. Or, wine and dine like it's the gilded age with one of the Thunderbird's sell-out winemaker dinners. For more information, visit

Kayaking Big Blue Even though the air is colder, North Lake Tahoe's sapphire waters are still prime for kayaking. Plan your trip with the North Lake Tahoe Water Trail, the most complete resource for public launch/ landing sites, planned paddle routes, shoreline businesses, cultural and natural attractions, navigation tools, and water safety and aquatic invasive species prevention tips. Find more details at

Art abounds See the works of three Tahoe artists at the Incline Village Visitor Information Center, located at 969 Tahoe Blvd. The center will feature Jason Forcier's mixed media paintings, Sky Emerson's photography and June Towill-Brown's sculptures through Oct. 30. For more information, call (775)-832-1606.

MAKEUP Text Jayme Ward Photos Alfyn Photography Model Devyn Ward

s Skin iu are, who yo up is m ake u want who yo Who to be. want do you today? to be


t’s October and while everyone is trying to figure out which coffee house is going to have their favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte, the true make up junkies are spending hours on YouTube and searching beauty magazines and Instagram for the trends of Autumn, which of course includes trying to find a must have fall lip color. This season is all about beautiful, not over made skin and a vampy lip that expresses your edginess and attitude. From deep reds to berries and plums to almost black, find your comfort level then kick it up a notch or two. Let your raw beauty shine through a sheer foundation or tint that allows you to embrace any imperfections. Lighten up on the contour and use strobing techniques to create a beautiful canvas for this seasons hottest accessory; your lips!

Here are a few tips to achieve the looks on our model. If your lips are dry start by exfoliating, I love to simply use a little granulated sugar to slough off any dryness, then moisturize with a lip balm and allow this to set in while you start on your skin. Once your skin is ready, use a lip brush and start at the center of your lips and blend lipstick outward. Use a matching lip pencil to create a clean, crisp line. If you see someone with a beautiful fall lip on make sure to take a moment and tell her. The world needs more kindness. And we all love a good shade of lipstick and a nice compliment. Now, lets go get that signature lip color and a few pumpkin spice candles….it is fall after all!

Jayme Ward Professional Makeup Artist Ð12 years Bridal and Beauty Editorial and Commercial Special Events Private in-Home Consultations and Lessons 775-247-7589

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NEW BUSINESS Text Oliver X Photos Anicia Beckwith

RENO KICKS It seems like a new gym pops up literally every week here in Reno. But few are as immersive in their intensity and comprehensive in their approach than the Riverwalk's Reno Kicks, located across the street from the Pioneer Center. The circuit-based system employs High Intensity Interval Training to maximum caloric burn. Upon entering, you immediately notice that Reno Kicks is immaculate and devoid of the funky man sweat smell of most workout facilities, making it extremely female friendly.

Trice leads me through his hygienic protocols, with bacteria and odor killing peppermint essential oils used to disinfect his equipment, gloves and accessories. After the workout cycle is over, you refresh with a cold mint scented towel. It's the perfect mind-clearing cool down! Here in part two of our three-part feature, we continue our talk with owner Jordon Trice, to see how Reno Kicks is different. RTT: How was the concept for Reno Kicks developed? Jordon Trice: The original concept was to purchase a franchise. But we didn't actually really dig the franchise. We thought we could do so much more with it...Basically, the thing that sets us apart is that we don't have any classes. You can come in any time you want and we'll have a workout ready for you. It's a very simple structure, but it's a unique structure. RTT: So people wait in line like they would at say a Gold's Gym?

62 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Jordon Trice: No, you never wait in line. You come in and we just drop you into the workout. It's circuit based. You come in, you start your

Reno Tahoe Tonight 63


“It's not only about the workout itself, it's about the interaction. Are you going to come back to a gym where nobody's friendly and they don't want to talk to you? What if your gym experience was completely the opposite? What if your trainers were super friendly, and all they did was talk to you—when the time was right. And then they helped you engage and interact. Would you come back to that gym? We're betting that you would.” - Jordon Trice, Owner Reno Kicks 64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

first station and after three minutes and thirty seconds you go to your next station. RTT: What if someone's on that station? Jordon Trice: That person ahead of you will switch out of that station once their threeminute and thirty second timed workout is over and you then go to that station. We've never had a problem with too many people coming in at the same time. That's the main difference; you don't have to stress about being on time or going to specific classes. Trice leads me through the facility station-tostation. During each workout, a trainer checks in with the member and gives input, pointers and makes sure they are exercising good form and technique to get the most out of each rudiment. After each station session is over, a buzzer goes off and the trainee has three seconds to move to the next station for their next workout. Jordon Trice: In the kickboxing area here you've got the heavy bag, you've got the duffel bag, you've got the wrecking ball bag. There are all different ways to work out on each bag. I've got different workouts setup and written on the wall, on the mirror and on the blackboard. So this one might be punch, punch, hook, hook, kick, kick. And you're gonna do that over and over again. And I'm gonna be here, and I'm gonna come by and say, 'Hey, how are you doing?' And if it looks like you're dying, I'm going to say, 'Hey, why don't you take 10 seconds. RTT: Are you looking at form and technique? Jordon Trice: Yes, I'm looking at form and technique. RTT: Are people wrapping their hands when they work the bag? Absolutely! They're wrapping their hands. And if they don't want to wrap their hands, that's okay. But we very much encourage them to do so for stabilization. Jordon Trice: We've got high quality gloves. These are not the $8 Chinese gloves. These are custom made in the USA. So after this you have a 30-second break. We're doing some dynamic stretching and some active rest. And then we're going to the next station to do something

completely different. After that we might go to the speed bag; we might go to the hyper extension machine which we call a roman chair. We can do abs on this; we can do lower back on this with or without weight. When I get serious athletes in here and they go, 'Oh man, you're just killin' it.' I'll take a 12-pound ball and throw it to them. So now it goes from a workout that's not that hard, to a workout that just blasts them. And they love that! But for somebody who's a beginner, I'm going to stand right next them and touch their back and say, 'Hey, you're okay. Keep going. You can keep doing this. RTT: So you're coaching the whole time. Jordon Trice: The entire time. And we have more trainers on staff, so as it gets busy, you still get that attention. RTT: Personalized training comes with my membership? You drop in and someone cares about me and there's a numbered station in a circuit. You don't just monitor my workout, your team of trainers are stakeholders in my effort and results. Jordon Trice: Yes! And we can customize a route, so that no two workouts are the same. RTT: Muscle confusion. Jordon Trice: Exactly. See these numbers? I can change them out. I actually come in here at 6:30 in the morning and I start pulling numbers down. I see how many leg workouts I have; how much arms; how much upper body and lower body and I adjust accordingly. And I factor in that, by this station, they are really going to be hurting. So I add a speed bag workout to burn out the shoulders. It's cardio, but it's not intense cardio, so it provides a bit of a break before we get to box jumps or pull-ups. Reno Kicks is located in the Riverwalk in downtown Reno at 10 State Street, Reno, Nevada 89501. Stop in for a visit and a workout. You'll thank us for it! (775) 360-6200. Open Mon-Fri: 7:00 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7:00 pm and closed daily from 1-3pm. Sat: 7:00 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12:00 pm

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NORTH LAKE TAHOE EVENTS Text Kayla Anderson Dogfest photo courtesy of Wagmore's Training and Learning Center Femina photo courtesy of Arts for the Schools

Now that we’re into October, North Lake Tahoe is getting hit with cool blasts of air and the possibility of snow. While you patiently wait for the ski resorts to open, check out these North Lake Tahoe events to keep you active and in the outdoors:

Oct. 1-2

: Lake Tahoe Spartan Race at Squaw Valley: The most anticipated obstacle racing weekend of the year will feature three Spartan Race distances to choose from over two days of racing. To do well, runners will need to be prepared for traverses, climbs, crawls and maybe even some swims at an average altitude of 9,000 feet. en/race/detail/1489/overview

Oct. 2

- Dogfest Walk N’ Roll at Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village: This family-friendly event is a completely accessible dog walk and festival benefiting Canine Companions for Independence. Enjoy live music, demonstrations, and more. To make a donation or view the schedule, visit www.

Oct. 7

- Femina at Community Arts Center, Truckee: In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Arts For The Schools presents this trio of female Argentinean singer-songwriters, performing show-stopping harmonies of cumbia, rumba, reggae, funk and more. femina-tickets-27132972451?aff=ehomecard

Oct. 8

, 11am-1pm- Dog Days of Fall at Burnt Cedar Beach, Incline Village: This is the only day of the year that the dogs get to swim and play in Incline’s outdoor swimming pool. Admission is free and open to everyone.

Oct. 8

- A Liar’s Cruise on the Tahoe Gal: Enjoy tall tales, half-truths, and a feast of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, champagne, dessert, and coffee on Lake Tahoe in this oneof-a-kind event. Tickets are $75 and limited to 75 guests with proceeds benefiting the Sierra State Parks Foundation. To buy tickets, visit

Oct. 9

- Great Trail Race, Tahoe City: Benefiting Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue, classic runners and cyclists compete on both paved and dirt sections of trails, roads and fire roads leading from Tahoe City to Truckee (about 18 miles).

Oct. 29

, 8am-2pm- Nevada Day Parade in Carson City: Even though this is not a North Lake Tahoe event, it is still worth acknowledging. Celebrate the Battle Born state with a few floats, marching bands, and Bloody Mary’s, then hit the Creepers Ball at the CBC.

Oct. 29

- The Creepers Ball Featuring Tainted Love at the Crystal Bay Club: Celebrate Halloween in 80’s style with the annual Creepers Ball! Tickets start at $25 and sell out fast; buy yours today! event/1700511684AC26D7

66 Reno Tahoe Tonight

PHOTOGRAPHY Photographer/MUA/Stylist: Celeste Talbott-Rivera (Instagram: @spacelyon) Braids by: Gloria Diggs Model: LaDawn Talbott Location: Sand Mountain, NV

"Aerodynamic" "Merging the characteristics of machines and humans as the idea of being "average" with superpowers. The suit is used to be expressed as an extension of the ideal Self. One that is strong, bold, fearless, and having the ability to bring out your inner warrior with calm, unnerving confidence. This shoot was the direct result of artistically revolutionizing my visual perception of this concept. It is mechanical. It is graceful, sexy, and futuristic. It is Aerodynamic." - Celeste Talbott-Rivera

68 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Reno Tahoe Tonight 71


72 Reno Tahoe Tonight


[[radius] radius] = compassion and surrender for a loved one in distress

74 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text Amanda Horn Photo Brad Horn

Recently the Universe called me to assist a family member in crisis. As I write this, I am still deconstructing the layers unpeeled from being engaged so deeply with someone else’s existential awakening. Finding oneself at the crossroads proves fortuitous for those that can heed the significance. A call to devastating arms for those who choose to continue to slog through the valley of Death’s shadow. When one has hit the proverbial rock bottom, it seems like the choice at the fork should be crystal clear. For anyone who has ever scraped said ass, you know that what ought to be clear, likely only shines untinted for outsiders looking in. For the wayward traveler the signs can be difficult to see, obfuscated by long-growing ivy. Ominous, I know. Details matter not, dear reader. What matters are the universal lessons gained from intense experience. Gifts of connecting more closely with my family, specifically my little brother. For the first time in our lives we are communicating daily, about heavy metaphysical gobbledygook, navigating a new-found vulnerability. I, the older sister, am wrestling with latent guilt for romancing a dangerous road in our yesteryear. The universal family lessons gained are worth sharing. Yes, penning them proves cathartic, but a more compelling reason to share them in this forum is that so many among us suffer unnecessarily from old cuts. Family dysfunction and personal missteps remain taboo for open discussion. Mental health and addiction—the themes of my recent family emergency—plague many units. People are reticent to discuss these subjects, feeling shame, judgment, a sense of failure. To have any hope of healing the struggling individual, and the family suffering alongside, all involved must be willing to help dig down and unearth the roots so that a true transformation can begin. Otherwise, a vicious, repetitive record plays, the needle bearing down on an ear-splitting scratch that refuses to be quieted. Compassionate insights I share now. Recently I was reminded by my spiritual adviser that we draw situations and people toward us to sort out our own struggles. While everyone’s dharmas are crossing over each other continuously, our level of engagement is subconsciously determined by what we need to elicit from the experience. We draw people and circumstance in to sort out, to heal, to be our mirror. Everyone in our

spheres is showing us something about ourselves. The question we have to ask ourselves is what are they showing us? What quality of ours are they revealing to us? The arrow always points back to us, and that is the direction we need to turn to do the work. We heal the world by healing ourselves. We show up for ourselves, learn to love ourselves and forgive ourselves so that we can show up and be truly present for those in our lives. When it comes to family, it can be harder to apply this metaphysical reasoning. I believe that at the entry point into this world, we choose our parents. Figuratively or literally—really matters not. Grappling with that concept, for me, has been both frightening and empowering. It has taken me several years to fully understand, and gain compassion for, the place from which my parents emerged, the wounds they carried, the friction and fractures that created in our familial structure, and how the choosing of such parents informed my own dharma to work out in this lifetime; how that "psychic DNA" compounded the baggage I brought into this world from my own wheel. Understanding such, and working to heal myself, has been liberating, and has given me incredible compassion and tolerance for engaging with my mom, dad, my brothers, myself. Parents have flaws, as do we, and the wounds of youth run deep. Compared to many, my brothers and I had it easy. Our problems are first world ones, for sure. But honestly none of that matters. For people in emotional, spiritual, physiological crisis, the pain is debilitating. The depth of suffering, relative. What’s important to know when dealing with a family member or friend in distress is to comfort them unconditionally, to tell them as much as possible that you are there for them, you believe in them, you love them. If possible, be physically present. And be willing to be vulnerable and honest yourself. Ideally you can convince your immediate family members (if appropriate) to participate on some level as well. Remove judgment from the situation. Eliminate the “should.” Come to the table raw and unfiltered so that true transformative healing can begin. In crisis, your loved one is revealing to you some aspect of your character to contend with as well. Are you willing to face your reflection and expose a new depth of love and compassion?

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"Corner Pocket" - Canon 5D Mark III 85mm F2.8 1/125 ISO 4000

76 Reno Tahoe Tonight

"Ruff The Dog" - Canon 5D Mark III 200mm F2.8 1/320 ISO 3200

Reno Tahoe Tonight 77

Autumn Tours and Events in North Lake Tahoe

Flume Trail Bikes Rent a well maintained, light mountain bike and enjoy spectacular views as you ride along the Flume Trail from Spooner Lake to Incline Village, Nevada. The classic Flume Trail ride is 14 miles one-way to the famous Tunnel Creek CafĂŠ. Longer loops too. Historic Thunderbird Lodge Tour Peek into the 1930s lifestyle of the rich and famous on a docent-led tour of George Whittellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Castle in the Sky, the historic Thunderbird Lodge Estate. Walk winding pathways in search of secret tunnels. Wine and cheese tours are also available.

Book your tickets today: (800) Go-Tahoe or Incline Village Visitor Center 969 Tahoe Blvd. Incline Village, NV

Donner Party Hike October 8: Trace the steps of the emigrants as you imagine the rumble of wagons and countless pioneers who scaled the mighty Sierra Nevada in search of a better life. Choose from one of six hikes ranging from 3.5 to 6 miles with varying degree of difficulty. Hikes depart from Donner Ski Ranch and stroll through the meadows and hidden Sierra back-country lakes. In the afternoon, enjoy a presentation. Lunch is provided. Tahoe City Kayak and Paddleboard Savor the serenity of Lake Tahoe by human powered craft. Select from a kayak or standup paddleboard and glide across water so clear you can see the bottom. Paddle alongside historic homes and beautiful scenery as knowledgeable guides tell stories about Lake Tahoe and some of its famous landmarks.

969 Tahoe Blvd., Incline Village, NV | (800) Go-Tahoe |

RETAIL Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary Text Oliver X Photos Kyle Volland

Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary's New Digs: More scents, more remedies and more supplies Reno Tahoe Tonight 79

RETAIL Reno's Midtown district is a magnet for new business development and the corridor has been a mini boom town for developers and small business owners alike. Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary owner Lisa Adele Rojas found a cozy spot inside of a beautiful Victorian walkup near the intersection of Cheney and South Virginia Street three years ago that afforded her higher street visibility and greater pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Everything seemed fine this year as she readied to celebrate her 5th year in business, until her landlord Bernie Carter raised her rent from $750 to $1,200! With not time to waste wallowing in sticker shock, Rojas quickly set her sights on finding new digsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;preferably in the same district. But no suitably affordable alternatives existed for her in Midtown. Fortunately for Rojas, she found the perfect unit not far away in the fast-rising Wells Avenue district. Now open for business at 865 South Wells Avenue, Rojas could not be happier with her new location for Mandala, which features a stucco finish and desert landscape with wroughtiron fencing, decorative steel and a unique sculpture garden out front. RTT: Talk about your professional background, education and training. Lisa Adele Rojas: 25 years ago I discovered herbal medicine. It changed my life and started my journey in botanicals and holistic health. Since then I have completed many herbal and aromatherapy apprenticeships. I practiced massage for 13 years where I was able to incorporate many healing modalities and also blended the aromatherapy spa products used. In 2003 I received my Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University. I regularly continue my education and most recently finished an essential oils skin care course by Robert Tisserand. 5 years ago I incorporated my experience into a colorful mandala and created Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary and started producing Temple of Life Natural Rejuvenation Products. Temple of Life is our house brand and we blend most of the products here in the store. We blend essential oils, massage oils, aroma misters, muscle remedies and other skin and essential relaxation products as well. 80 Reno Tahoe Tonight

RTT: Essential oils have become de rigueur and are almost mainstream now. What does Mandala have to offer?

and then bottle here. Buying essential oils in bulk allows me to bottle the oils. That process make the products a lot more affordable for the consumer than buying individual half-ounce bottles.

Lisa Adele Rojas: Because we are professionals and botanicals are our life passion, we are going to provide nothing but quality ingredients. People can have peace of mind that when they purchase Temple of Life or other products from Mandala that they are pure, safe, and therapeutic grade. Our essential oil remedies are blended correctly so that they work most effectively. We also offer guidance in choosing and using oils safely. From beginners to advanced, we have all the aroma tools you will need. We are an excellent source for our community.

RTT: As an experienced aromatherapist, what advice do you have for those just getting into aromatherapy?

RTT: What makes your oils different?

RTT: Detail the variety of products customers can find at Mandala.

Lisa Adele Rojas: It is a detailed subject but I can say briefly: We believe that if an oil is extracted correctly from a healthy source then it is not going to differ too much from the next guys. They are going to be made of the same compounds and active constituents. For example, Lavender is Lavender. You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just go and make that up. Many people are being fed with distorted information and fear that many oils are diluted, polluted, or tainted. For the most part, this is untrue. There are many trusted companies out there, including ours, Temple of Life. Our oils are sourced from organic, wild-crafted, or sustainably farmed plants and we can back it up with paperwork. And you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to pay an outrageous price for them. I have been sourcing essential oils for over 20 years, our therapeutic remedies have been used for 13 years, and Mandala has been selling essential oils to the public for 5 years. There have been no negative results, the quality is very good, and the consensus stands that our oils are pure and therapeutic grade. RTT: How do consumers make the distinction between the essential oils they can get in the membership based companies that are resellers and those they can get from a local shop like Mandala? And how are you able to keep your prices so affordable? Lisa Adele Rojas: With regards to pricing at the membership based companies, remember how many people are above you and keep in mind whose Mercedes Benz you're helping to pay for. [Laughter]. When buying from membership programs, you're buying half-ounce or third-ounce bottles. At Mandala I purchase my products in bulk

Lisa Adele Rojas: Learn aromatherapy in a holistic way. Read books. Educate yourself on using and diluting essential oils properly so you get the best use out of them. They are powerful. Remember it is not about a brand but focus rather on the art of aromatherapy and healing with quality essential oils. Have an open mind and nose or you just might miss something.

Lisa Adele Rojas: Largest selection of affordable therapeutic grade essential oils: over 80 individual scents and about 30 blends. Aroma tools: carrier oils, bottles, ultrasonic diffusers, car diffusers, USB diffusers. Fresh products from Temple of Life: misters, massage oils, bath salts, muscle remedies, and skin care. Natural ingredients for product crafting: salts, clays, butters, base oils, & cosmetic grade fragrances. Healing ambiance items: organic candles, aroma salt lamps, all-natural incense, mood lights. Massage Supplies: basic massage and spa equipment, oils, lotions, creams. Customized scents and products available. Choose your own gift packages and gift certificates Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary is located at 865 South Wells Avenue. Open Tuesday through Friday 10:30a-5:30p and Saturdays from 10a-4p. 775-322-3252.

SKATE NV Photo Kyle Volland

Skater Javier Seqouiyah

Backside Grab


Lazy 5 Skatepark

82 Reno Tahoe Tonight

THE COUTURE COLUMN Text Isha Casagrande Photographer Alfyn Gestoso Model Emerson Casey Makeup Jayme Ward

90's Vibes

Self-confidence is the best accessory you can wear, but when you pair it with the haute fall trend, the choker, you have a look that screams couture! The 90's trend necklace is back and it is sexier than ever. The updated choker is delicate and feminine, with an edgy vibe. Many fall and winter dresses have them built right into the neckline. This trend is inexpensive and totally chic. Plush Plaid (A) Loveriche dress $64, over the knee sock $16, tassel clutch $44, choker $28 and accessories $10-$26 all from The Couture Closet. Faux Fetish (B) Gentlefawn coat $168, Bo-Bel tank $42, Ezra suede skirt $59 and choker $28. Sueded Supermodel (C) Very J dress $59, bangles $18 per set and earrings $26. Vogue Vixen (D) PPLA faux fur vest $89, Mink Pink sweater $79 and chain choker $39. Makeup Artist Tip - â&#x20AC;&#x153;One of the hottest fall makeup trends, as seen all over Fashion Week, is a pop of metallic. From high shine metals on the eyes to glitter-packed lips and eyeliner. But remember, these are makeup moments, something to wear to a special event or a night out. They are not for long wearing.â&#x20AC;? - Jayme Ward The Couture Closet is a style house in which you can shop the boutique or work with experienced stylists who can help you stretch your budget and turn your wardrobe into a fashionistas dream. We know style is not about what label you are wearing, but in how self confident you feel in what you are wearing. 86 Reno Tahoe Tonight





Isha Casagrande Reno Tahoe Tonight 87

THE SWAN LECTURES Text L. Martina Young Photo Norlynne Coar

October 2016. I stand on the cusp of 30 years as a resident of Reno, Nevada. It is 16 years since the open-ing of the Riverside Artist Lofts. I’ve witnessed families grow and go; newborns arrive and artists die. As I recall it was a full moon at Burning Man in 1991, when the theme propelled artists to make things movable by wind alone. As nature would have it, there was no wind for the first two days – and then – whoosh! A true trifecta: humans collaborating with nature through art. Human civilization is witnessing a sea change; we are at the tipping point, another moment of critical altera-tion that will transfigure the face of earth as we know it. From the Silk Road to roads of no return. We’ve gone from ways of knowing telling patterns in sky, winter, land, and Mystery to mis-calculations in stocks, trade deals, and vanity metrics. We’ve gone from conquering and separating to mass destruction and exis-tential malaise. From "Can we all just get along?" to “I can’t breathe.” Plagues and pestilence, Ebola and Zika. Monsanto’s GMO’s silently proliferate while the cost of “organics” is afforded by few. Koyaanisqatsi. Life is out of balance. Policy and possibility are out of sync and a sea-changing world collapses. 7000 inhabitants are moored in Calais, living in tents built on puddles and sand. High-rises of shipping con-tainers mark passageways and private entries on land with no geographic certainty and no sense of belong-ing. 7000 people and more living between here and there, a micro-camp of migrant persons from Darfur, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan. and the foodstuffs? You collect a ticket for beans, a potato, a tomato. “Where are you going?” asks Catherine Carr, BBC’s World News reporter. “UK; I got caught yesterday, but I’ll try again, tonight.” “How old are you?” “10! I’m 10.” “How long have you been here?” “7 months.” It’s called “the jungle.” Pope Francis elevated Mother Teresa to Saint Teresa and at the time of this writing, conservationist Sacha Dench prepares to journey 7000 km from Russia to the UK in a paramotor, tracking the flight of Bewick swans—named after the illustrator Thomas Bewick—as they begin their winter crossing over the Siberian tundra. 88 Reno Tahoe Tonight

L. Martina Young, Ph.D. is a community-based artist, educator, and project innovator. In 2017, she returns to Damonte Ranch High School for the Performing Arts as Artist-in-Residence where her labwork and art practice, A Grammar of Empathy©, are method and groundwork for the play, HIROSHIMA: crucible of light by Robert Lawson. www.

According to BBC, Dame Judi Dench was contacted by Sasha Dench when the two discovered they were related. “'Flight of the Swans’ is absolutely fascinating,” remarks Dame Dench; “[it’s] full of passion [and] I'm proud to support it. We need to work together [to] help these beautiful birds, and I am looking forward to following the expedition.” Naturalist Sir David Attenborough also acknowledges that the expedition was "marvelously imaginative and adventurous. That swans should fly from Russia to come here is surely a kind of parable—we can live in harmony with nature and it's up to us to do so.” Survival of the swans. Empathy and nature. Time marches on. Where are you going?

TRAINING TIPS Text Camie Cragg Lyman Photo Mike LaGrange

Weight gain does not happen after one, two or even three indulgent meals. In fact, it's a slow process as all it takes is an extra 100 calories a day to pack on 10 pounds in a year. As we approach Halloween and all the sugar laying around, I want to give you more knowledge about the calorie, sugar and fat counts on just one piece of candy and the harvest treats that surround us everywhere we go during this season.

As the mini candies are scary and add to the weight control nightmare. I believe even more frightening is the fact that Halloween desserts are just as scary as the minis. I can walk into almost any grocery store and find decorated cupcakes with one inch of frosting, and candy-coated cookies that are simply the biggest jackpot of an accumulation of fat, calories, and sugar imaginable. Krispy Kreme offers a spice cake donut with 300 calories and 14 grams fat. Starbucks has a pumpkin loaf with 330 calories and 12 grams of fat, and its innocentsounding pumpkin scone has 500 calories and a staggering 20 grams fat. The truth about the popular pumpkin treats during this time of year that many restaurants and cafes spice up their menus with for seasonal specials. It can be nutritionally devastating if you really knew the amount of additives and empty nutritional value in these seasonal goodies. The pumpkin pecan cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory is a 9.3-ounce slice that will cost you an astounding 950 calories, loaded with 58 grams of fat. And I have to mention the Starbucks pumpkin loaf, with 330 calories and 12 grams of fat! If you love pumpkin and enjoy the purity of it, you probably know that pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A for eye and skin health. It's a great anti-oxidant if you bake it or use it to make soup as well. Yet at this time of year, most pumpkin foods and drinks have lots of sugar, fat, and whipped cream, which strips away the nutritional value.

As most fun-size candies do not have the nutritional facts on them, I do encourage you to read the labels on the bulk bag. It will surprise you to learn that a snack-size in just one piece of Russell Stover chocolate covered pumpkin caramel has 150 calories and 7 grams of fat. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup has 110 calories and 6 grams of fat. A Kit Kat bar has 220 calories and 11 grams of fat!

Happy Halloween and if these numbers have frightened you, take apple slices and nibble on those instead of the over consuming the sugar, fat and calories that can lead to senseless weight gain. If you choose to nibble on the fun-size candy, make sure to stay active during your day as anything that is not used as energy will be stored as fat!

One of the best-known Brach's Candy Corn Halloween candy is more than 100 years old. The candies are shaped like a kernel of corn in harvest colors and each morsel has 7 calories â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and that's if you can only eat just one. Each piece of the pumpkin-shaped Mellowcreme has 28 calories.

Camie Cragg Lyman Owner Camie Cragg Fitness Snap Chat/Instagram/Facebook @camiecragglyman

[Fun fact: According to the National Confections Association, more than 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced this year. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 9 billion pieces (63 billion calories), enough to circle the moon almost 21 times]. 92 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa


Chi Machine, Infrared Sauna & Oxygen Bar Session for $40

775-236-3631 3631 WARREN WAY RENO NV 89509

YOGA Text Rachel Douglass Photography Jami Frey Models Erin Shepardson and Nikki Szostak

What is

Acroyoga? I am constantly getting into new styles of yoga. I can never seem to get enough. My latest passion is Acroyoga. I am floored that 80% of the time when I'm talking to people about Acroyoga, they don't know what it is. Since I've been given the honor of writing this article, and a platform to speak from, I'll enlighten our readers about what it is. I want to inspire people to start their own practice as well. I'm always asking my students and people in general to “Come play with me!” That’s what exercise is to me – it's playing. When I am teaching, whatever format it is, my intention is to make it as fun and effective as possible. Acroyoga reminds me of being a child, when your parents would play piano or superman with you. I know anytime I have started any such game with a child, I'm turned into a carnival ride, and the child keeps saying to me, “Just one more time.” That's what Acroyoga is to me. Except you're playing with other adults.

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My first official class was the 8pm Acroyoga class with Eric and Amber at Midtown Community Yoga. I had some friends from the yoga community, but I came solo. First thing we do is sit in a circle with our knees touching and say how our bodies are feeling. Then we do some basic warm-ups that usually involve going across the floor. The format of the class basically follows that the instructors demo a pose and then the class works on it for five to seven minutes. The set-up for Acroyoga starts with a “base” that is the foundation for the pose; they're positioned with their back to the floor. The function of the base is to have strong limbs to provide support for the “flyer.” The flyer moves through various positions on the “base.” A flyer should have good core strength, flexibility and ability to trust their base. A “spotter” is used as a guide to monitor the movement and ensure the flyer has a safe landing. After the class works on a pose and is ready to practice a new pose, we switch the groups (base, flyer, spotter). You don't need to go to a Acroyoga class with a partner, as you are constantly working with different people and making new friends. I have been practicing Acroyoga for a little over a month and I love the Acroyoga community. I have a circle of friends that get together on a weekly basis to practice in the park. You can practice anywhere. It's such a great way to exercise. We go outside, it's social, we are working on core strength, flexibility, balance; if you're basing you're doing a leg press. It's just a really good work-out. So let your inner child loose and go play!

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