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100 Word Bias

Text Thee Reverend Rory Dowd

Notch 8 – Just Move On Nevada is dusty. Notch 8 aims to shake that dust off your boots and get you dancin’ with yer favorite pardner. Zydeco tendencies and Western sensibilities converge between fancy guitar picking and a strong accordion. Even the ‘slow’ songs demand dancing and toe tapping. These (sub)urban cowboys step up the tempo on a few classics, but mostly are slingin’ songs of their own, fresh off the range. The album leans towards lots of songs about heartache and pining for one’s love, for all the country fans out there. Best served with a healthy portion of bourbon or a red wine. Get your own copy by visiting http://www.reverbnation.com/ notch8band and harassing the band.

Vampirates – Pizza, Beer Revenant veterans of the Reno punk scene, The Vampirates blast us with a CD full of short, stinging sucker punches. This is an album for connoisseurs of brevity. Seriously, not a single song of these seven tracks clocks in at more than seventy-seven seconds; most are under a minute. They tackle important social issues like pizza, beer, tacos, coffee and, um, did I say pizza? Just listening, I can’t actually tell if “Liberty Street” is about the street or is a metaphor. Luckily, they include a lyrics sheet, which I personally always appreciate. (Answer: bicycling. The song is about bikes.) Check it out over at http://vampirates.bandcamp.com/album/pizza-beer

Fighting the Future – Living in This State Punk may or may not be dead, but punks never say die. This new crop of troublemakers brings us a five song EP of pure Reno. It’s raw, energetic, and a little sloppy with strained vocals at times; but it makes you think you can actually change the world for a minute. When I call this ‘garage music’, it’s not their style I’m talking about, but that it sounds like it was recorded in one take in a garage--albeit a garage with very nice acoustics. It’s anthemic hardcore that reminds me that I wasn’t always this old and slow. Give a listen and throw some money at them at http://fightingthefuture.bandcamp.com/

Red Mercury – When Galaxies Collide This posthumous opus is a shame. It’s a shame it didn’t come out while the band was still active, because it’s the kind of shot in the arm contemporary rock needs. A double-disc, it is rambling and ambitious. Disc One, Momentum, feels like standing on shore at the height of a storm, with chords crashing about your face and choral refrains scraping your arms. Disc Two, Andromeda, is a galaxy of a different color, filled with surreal voice-overs and a softer brand of angst, leaning more towards the prog rock side of things. Crazy shit happens when you’re in space. 6 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Find all the details about this June release at https://www.facebook.com/redmercuryband

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A Probability of Words Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photo Lynell Garfield

Un r avel

Go a hea d. Fa ll the fuck a pa rt. The idea that we are supposed to keep it all together every minute of every day forever and ever is what’s insane. By contrast, falling apart occasionally is normal. But then, modern society is kind of bat-shit crazy if you think about it.


here is an expectation for us to perpetually multi-task our minds out every moment, to work smart for 50, 60, or 70-hours a week, and to raise our children to be whole human beings, all while we keep our relationships healthy, maintain sustainable friendships, stay fit enough to compete with our magazine-cover ideas of ourselves, grow our own food, give back to our communities through volunteer work, and still have enough of a life for me time. Does that sound sane? Of course not. So go ahead, unravel.

What’s in a word? Sometimes, too much. In the world in which we find ourselves, the word unravel sounds an awful lot like unstable, untrustworthy, unsound, undependable. But it doesn’t have to. If we can just unthink for a minute. And rewrite a little. What about the word unwind, instead. Go ahead, try it. Unwind. Untangle. Undo. See, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. We all find ourselves too bound occasionally by the things, places, people, attachments, and other insanities of modern life. What else is there to do, then but untie the knot? Go on, let go and let yourself untwist. And maybe unshout. Just because you’ve gotten yourself all worked up into knots is no reason to stay that way. I’m not saying cut the rope. Although sometimes, if the knots are too tangled, that’s not a bad option. 8 Reno Tahoe Tonight

What people will say. Probably some will say what you think they’ll say: Oh my, look at that. He’s come undone. She’s lost her mind. They’re nuts. Because that’s how it goes. That’s how we’re programmed. Can you believe it, he fell off the hamster wheel? What a shame. But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to those things. Much less believe them. We need to set about collectively unlearning the meaning of some words. Unusing them. And then, rewriting how we talk to each other. Who knows? I’m willing to bet there are more than a few folks out there who will wish they’d thought of it. They’ll wish they had the courage to untie themselves. To spin out of control a little. To fall into a little yard sale of their own.

And then. Once the untwisting is finished, and things are still, and a bit unorderly, to be sure, what’s next? Maybe just let things lay there for a while. It isn’t like falling on the ice. You don’t have to jump right back up and pretend/hope nobody saw. Stretch out. Relax. Soak up some sunshine. It isn’t a race. And there’s no trophy waiting for you at some imaginary finish line for your supreme skill at being inhuman. What’s waiting is likely a massive coronary, a blinding stroke, panic attacks, or a room with extra padding.

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Sure, eventually you’ll probably need to get back up, dust yourself off, and start again. But hopefully you won’t start right back where you left off. Hopefully you’ll try a little something different. Like more books, less screens. Less money, more time. More sandals, less suits.

Can’t I just stay? For a while, maybe longer. I’m guessing that eventually you’ll probably want to start creating your next design. L’est you forget how to weave altogether. This time, though, try not to use so much material. Try not to make it so tight. Take a few strands, leave a few. You can always unwind again. You can always change out colors and textures. And it’ll be easier to do, the less complicated you make it. I know this sounds easy. I know it feels hard. I know you think these are pretty words, but it’ll never work. Well, maybe it’ll work for someone else. But not you. Not now. But why not try? If enough of us say enough, the world starts to change. If enough of us unravel, it starts to be okay. And unraveling becomes a thing that you just do.

Show off. Not that you’ve untied and untwisted. Now that you’ve shaken loose all the threads you didn’t need. It’s time for show and tell. Go on, strut your new stuff. Walk the walk, turn the turn. Go on, tempt us. Let us all see your new colors.

Thomas Lloyd Qualls is afflicted with an apparently incurable condition. While there is not a medical term for it at this time, it is referred to in the common vernacular as being a writer. Most recently, the condition has manifested in the form of novelist, essayist, and poet. In the past, however, it has taken the forms of copywriter and short story writer. At this time, we cannot rule out other strains, such as screenwriter, lyricist, or even memoirist. He’s also an occasional painter, bike rider, foot massager, and sometimes salvager of troubled lives. He manages his condition by regular contributions to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine and to the borderless virtual tribe known as the Rebelle Society. The second edition of his debut novel, Waking Up at Rembrandt’s, is now available in print (think of vinyl, only for books) and on multiple e-version platforms. If you want to stop what you're doing and buy it right now, go ahead. We'll wait for you. But please come right back, there’s plenty of other good stuff in this magazine. If you are interested in reading more from Thomas, there’s a new book of poetry entitled love jaywalks, available all over in ebook format. Still to come: a collection of essays, some new paintings and a second novel, Painted Oxen, due out just as soon as all the words finish lining up. In the meantime, feel free to stop by his website whenever you like. You can subscribe to his online journal, alchemy of words, while you’re there. www.tlqonline.com

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10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

America Matters Media Text Chip Evans Photo Debbie McCarthy

THE COMSTOCK COMMUNITY New America Matters Media show highlights this historic community!


ne could argue that the original epicenter of the northern Nevada community is “The Comstock.” Virginia City was once home to over 15,000 in the great Silver Rush days and now numbers its residents at less than a thousand. The economic and social impacts of the mining of silver of the Comstock Lode reverberate to this day. To raise awareness of its amazing history and celebrate the resurgence of this vibrant region, the popular “Comstock Matters” radio show recently returned to the airwaves, co-hosted by Comstock stalwarts Hugh Roy Marshall and Karen Woodmansee. The show features all things Comstock -- past, present and future. Hugh Roy is a key supporter and enthusiast for Virginia City and the surrounding areas. On the show he shares his knowledge of history, mining and minerals. He can explain better than anyone the importance of The Comstock in our nation’s history and its special role in the financial recovery from the Civil War. He is a major landowner in the Comstock. He owns the Marshall Mint & Museum, a unique shop that mirrors his passions, featuring ingots and nuggets, antique and estate jewelry and inspirational medallions. It is the home of Nevada’s largest gem and crystal museum as well. His ownership of the Silverland Inn & Suites is an outgrowth of his desire to bring more tourists to enjoy Virginia City’s historic downtown. He has also been very active in promoting and supporting rescue and restoration of historical buildings in the historic district. The Comstock is his passion! Karen Woodmansee is the owner/editor of the “Virginia City News”, serving Virginia City, Silver City and Dayton, Storey and Lyon Counties. This

allows her to pursue her natural drive to know everything about everything. She has her finger on the pulse of the Comstock community and helps her community stay as informed as she is. The paper combines local news, political reporting and commentary and promotion of local businesses, events and the arts. Virginia City, the Storey County seat, is undergoing a renaissance with new shops, new restaurants and more public events. On their show, both Hugh Roy and Karen share the great things happening in the Comstock so both our northern Nevada community and visitors from afar know how to enjoy the treasures of this fascinating area. Hugh Roy and Karen would want you to know about a significant new upcoming event. Virginia City will be the site of the Inaugural Wild Horse Faire on August 23rd--an all day event. Hosts include the Silverland Inn & Suites, Share IF, The Virginia City Tourism Commission, The Wild Horse Preservation League and Lacy J. Dalton’s Let ‘em Run Foundation. A spectacular array of performing artists, clubs and vendors has been assembled to make this a true signature event. How appropriate for a celebration in a great historic western town highlighting our wild horses! “Comstock Matters” airs live on KRNG 101.3 FM on Mondays at 11:30AM, replays on KKFT 99.1FM Sundays at5:30PM and Thursdays on KFOY 1060AM. The show can also be heard streaming on americamatters.us at these times. Chip Evans is the General Manager of America Matters Media Chip@AmericaMatters.us 855.790.TALK, 775.827.8900 www.americamatters.us Reno Tahoe Tonight 11


Text Jaimie Crush Photo 1- NadaDada Logo - Chad Sorg Photo NadaDada Love - Vincent Cascio

NADADADA: The Anti-Art Show Revolution NadaDada. What is it? The name itself sounds like gibberish or nonsense, and while the nonsense part might be true, NadaDada is much more than that. It’s a collaborative art movement, “chaos with a point, madness managed…the anti-art show show”, and an experience unique to Reno. “We are our own audience. To join with other creative results in a kind of gestalt: the sum is greater than all the parts together,” says Chad Sorg, one of the artists involved in the conception of NadaDada. Back in 2007, Jeff Johnson, the Grand Instigator or Instigator in Chief, along with Dianna Sion, Ann O’Lear, Esther Dunaway, Toya Ramos, Sorg, and other artists decided to create a new kind of art show. “He [Jeff] was pissed off by Artown and the difficulties for local artists to get in on it,” says James Dilworth, a local artist that has been involved with NadaDada for years, “They wanted to do a no bullshit art show. An art show without juries and people saying you can’t do that or this or anything. So, they went to the El Cortez around Father’s Day weekend of 2007 and did it. DADA!” Regarding the name, Chad Sorg claims that, “After our first year, a museum in Las Vegas invited us to have a NadaDada exhibition, which I would be curating. Someone said ‘that's not Dada, that's Nada!’ and the name stuck!” The NadaDada art shows are anything but conventional. Rather than having their works hung in a gallery, artists purchase hotel rooms and put together a show, hence the NadaDada motto “Get a room. Make a show!” These rooms can range from simple gallery rooms to interactive experiences, such as the Room 12 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Nada Dada

Photo – KillBuck - Vincent Cascio at NADAgras last of Silence from this past NADAgras, the Mardi Gras NadaDada show, which took place at the newlyrenovated Morris Burner Hotel in March. NadaDada is notable for its myriad of artwork, since, according to Dilworth, “Being a non-juried, open show leads to great variety and creativity with the rooms, and NadaDada allows artists and people to explore their creative side.” This do-it-yourself NadaDada philosophy encourages artists who may have been rejected by galleries or juries in the past to pursue their work in their own way and opens the doors to allow the public to see artwork that might not otherwise be displayed.

beyond) is feasible, but it needs to be their event in their own town. I hope to raise funds to tour f rom city to city sharing the good word like Johnny Appleseed.” However, no matter what happens, James Dilworth says that “NadaDada will go on. Art goes on. Time, space, spit, and treacle go on and on and on. The spirit of the fundamental absurdity that happens here, in Reno, near the Vortex of Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe, is what made and makes NadaDada the unique event that Reno created and does.”

This year’s event will take place on Thursday, June 19th lasting into Sunday, the 22nd at the Wildflower Village, the Morris Burner Hotel, and various hotels downtown near Arlington Avenue and West Street, such as the Townhouse Motor Lodge, the Citi Center Motel, and more. The event kickoff will take place at the Townhouse Motor Lodge on Thursday at 7 PM with NadaDada Major, Erik Holland, giving an opening speech. In the future, many NadaDada-ists hope for more widespread participation in the event. While NadaDada has spread to other cities, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Brooklyn, and even across the pond to Edinburgh and London, it still has farther to go. “Since the beginning I've wanted to take NadaDada to other cities,” says Sorg, “A network of artists loosely associated all across the nation (and

Photo - Sand Harbor - Painting by Erik Holland, Mayor of NadaDada Reno Tahoe Tonight 13


14 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Ellen Palestrant’s The World of Glimpse Text Oliver X

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein quoted in interview by G.S. Vireck, October, 1926 and reprinted in “Glimpses of the Great” 1930. My mother was a remarkably gifted operatic soprano. While pregnant with me, she sang to me inside her belly. It was a bonding element of my youth that cemented a relationship of unconditional love that helped define my entire existence and continued until her last breath, when she succumbed to cancer. As a toddler, my mother played records for me while I slept. I remember hearing Lena Horn, Leontyne Price, Beverly Sills, Mahalia Jackson and many other amazing vocalists. But the thing I loved the most as I grew to school age, was when she would play me the entire Disney animated catalog on vinyl. I’d lay awake for hours lost in the voices of the characters, imagining myself in their world, taking on their likenesses and adventures. I felt what can only be described as an abundant wealth of spirit and limitlessness. This must have been my mother’s plan--and it worked beautifully! So it was with a sense of knowing nostalgia, mixed with excitement, that I opened a book that brought me back to that time, offering me an insight into the spirit and beautiful mind of author-artist Ellen Palestrant and her stunningly original collector coffee table art book The World of Glimpse. In The World of Glimpse, Palestrant takes readers into the fantasy realm of the Glimpsibles, a Seussian world of joy, theatricality, vibrant color, wonder, words and rhyme, with meta messages that are timeless, resonant and relevant. I spoke to Palestrant about her book on the eve of her art opening Thursday, June 5 at Liberty Fine Art Gallery in Reno’s Riverwalk District. Oliver X: When Jill Glenn placed your book in my hands, I immediately knew I was encountering a stunning work by an important artist. Describe how this mixed media collection of art and ideas came about? Ellen Palestrant: Thank you, Oliver. I really appreciate your enthusiastic response to my work. The beginning of what has become The World of Glimpse, actually started way back when I was in my twenties. I was driving home one evening with my husband, when a very simple verse popped into my head: “In the Land of the Grisibles/Far away in the sky/ Lived many Invisibles/Who were able to fly…” I have no idea where those words came from but they felt like an invitation into new realms of my imagination. Even today, I continue

to explore this domain and dwell most comfortably in it. The World of Glimpse has undergone many evolutions since its inception. Nevertheless, it still remains true to its essence. I often had to put The World of Glimpse away, in fact, sometimes for long periods of time. I raised a family, had a special education practice, wrote books, articles, television scripts, invented board games, became a hydroponic farmer, immigrated with my family from South Africa to the USA (where I taught college and lectured about the creative process). The World of Glimpse, with all its mystery and possibilities, remained a river that flowed continuously through my life, sometimes barely discernible, but always within beckoning distance. The work (like me) has undergone many transitions, but its essence, which catapulted me into my imagination that night in our car, has never left me and my commitment to pushing the boundaries of my own capabilities in order for this work to realize its full potential, has never wavered. The art is as essential as the language in this work. A number of illustrators offered their renderings and I was, at times, in contact with several large producers. Nothing ever felt right for either my visualizations of The World of Glimpse, or for its multi-media potential. Even though I had illustrated some of my other books in black and white, it was only with the insistent urging of my very close and exceptional friend, Jill Glenn, that I began to paint about seven years ago, thereby creating the art for the book myself. I am forever grateful to Jill for her persistence. I produced every page of this book myself according to my vision. Oliver X: Talk about how you developed the plot and the unique lexicon on display here. Ellen Palestrant: In terms of plot, I didn’t pre-plan or impose a direction. All I knew was that I wanted, in my imagination, to create two contrasting and colliding worlds: one of brilliant color, positivity, creativity and exuberance, and the other of negativity, avarice and destructivity. I just knew that all I had to do, initially, was truly enter this world. I trusted the process of allowing the plot to develop itself. It evolved as I evolved. Characters with personalities, quirks, abilities – traits found in all of us but exaggerated within my story – emerged. Reno Tahoe Tonight 15


I love language; I love literature, and so in this fantasy world that I created, The World of Glimpse, every word, including the invented ones, was important to me. I never invented a word simply for the sake of invention. It had to be the right word for the context, one that had a credibility and logic to it. Each word became, for me, a visual and auditory experience that encapsulated the imagery and the ideas swirling in my imagination. Oliver X: The full frontal sensory barrage found in The World of Glimpse is unlike anything I have encountered outside of Walt Disney's Fantasia-and yet this is a book! Talk about the boundaries you trample; your ability to mesh and blur genres and evoke sensations of sound, lyricism and movement, without devolving into a cacophony of absurdity. Ellen Palestrant: I felt I was doing much more than a book. Each page and turn of the page had 16 Reno Tahoe Tonight

to contain just the right language, rhythm and visual choices. The white spaces had to be just right: a juxtaposition of abundance and stillness. I trusted my senses on all of this. It took many years and much intuition to complete this book. I saw the whole as a giant canvas, but in contrast to a canvas on a wall, where we can see whether each aspect of the painting pulls its own weight, I had to lay out 200-pages in my mind and keep a consistency: an aesthetic flow of text, art, colors and rhythms that looked and felt just right to me as a complete book. I am my first audience. It has to feel right to me. I have loved this process, and yes, as you have said, I love to trample boundaries, not simply for the sake of doing so, but in order to blend, complement, juxtapose, enhance and enrich my complete visualization. I choose not to be bounded by categories or genres. However, an internal logic must reign. I choose something because I feel that it is the best way to represent a particular idea. There has to be a feeling of truth.

Along the way, I allow the uncensored vitality of my first thoughts to move into my work, and then step back, look again, and if it works, it stays. I know that a soaring imagination is not enough; it has to be accompanied by a richness of ideas, thoughts, themes, language, images, feelings – and logic. Oliver X: What do you see as the future for The World of Glimpse? Ellen Palestrant: The book is complete. I have almost finished producing a video of The World of Glimpse comprising my art and my narration of the story. I envision The World of Glimpse as a theatrical production, adapted to the stage and perhaps, eventually, to an animated film. Whatever its path or paths ultimately may be, it’s exhilarating working on all of this.

Don’t miss Ellen Palestrant’s Open House/ Reception June 5, 2014 from 5-8pm at Liberty Fine Art Gallery where there will be a theatrical performance based on Palestrant's book, spontaneously directed and performed under the imaginative guidance of Pan Pantoja and the Potentialist Workshop. Come down and meet Ellen Palestrant. Experience her dazzling, kinetic, flamboyant art of phantasmical colors which capture fleeting moments of energy and intricacy within Ellen's vivid imagination, accompanied by her beautiful coffee table book THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE. Liberty Fine Art Gallery 100 West Liberty Street Suite 170 Reno, NV 89501

Reno Tahoe Tonight 17

18 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 19

20 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Business Text Michael Tragash

With 57 million rich reviews, an average of 132 million monthly unique visitors and a vibrant and active Yelp community right here in Reno, Yelp presents an incredible opportunity for local businesses. This month, I want to show you how to help all of these people find your businesses for FREE and all it takes is a few minutes to get started. First, I’ll show you how to claim your business page, and then give four easy tips to help your business stand out from the crowd on Yelp!

Claiming your business page Claiming your business page and setting up a Business Owner's Account is free, only takes a few minutes, and is a great way to get involved in the Yelp community. Once claimed, you'll be able to communicate with your customers, track user views on your business page, add information about your business, and more! To claim your business page: 1) Visit biz.yelp.com/claiming and click “Claim My Business” 2) Search for your business 3) Log in with your Business Owner Account or create one 4) Yelp will call your business with the phone number you listed to confirm 5) Then start exploring your business page and the FREE tools available to you! Now that you’ve claimed your Yelp page, here are 4 tips to get the most out of it! #1) Complete your profile: Visitors to your Yelp page want the whole story, so make sure to fill in your business hours, website, specialties, and a detailed description and history of your business too. And don’t forget the pictures, which they say are worth 1,000 words! People searching on Yelp stay on business pages with photos 2.5 times longer than those without! #2) Create Exciting Promos! Check-in Offers, Yelp Deals and Gift Certificates all help entice the customers that are already visiting your page and are looking to make a spending decision, and they increase your business’ visibility in searches on Yelp desktop and mobile. #3) Respond to reviews: On Yelp you have the option to respond privately or publicly to all reviews. Private messages are just like a personal email, and are only visible to the reviewer, whereas public comments are posted beneath the review you’re responding to for all customers to see. No matter which type of response you choose, always

respond diplomatically, and remember, these customers are offering valuable insight into your business that you can use to improve. While a critical review can sting, try instead to focus on the trends in the feedback and take action to correct any areas. #4) Monitor traffic: Use the business owner metrics available on your dashboard to see how many times your business is viewed on Yelp, how many customer leads were generated, and more. These metrics show you how people are engaging with your business on Yelp and even give you an idea of exactly who’s coming through your doors! Example of a completely built-out Yelp business listing utilizing all of the free tools available, including Call To Action and Yelp Deals One more resource: me! Reno’s trusty Community Manager Our community succeeds if we all succeed, and I want to help you master the tools and maximize your opportunity on Yelp. If you’ve got questions, I’m here to help answer them, and if you just want to connect, that’s cool too. Email me at reno@yelp.com, find me on Yelp at miketlikesit. yelp.com, or visit Yelp Reno on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Until then, I’ll SYOY! (See You On Yelp!) Michael T. Yelp Reno’s Community Manager Reno Tahoe Tonight 21

Community News and Notes Scampi Pasta House & Bar

Compiled by Oliver X

mussels and clams. While you enjoy our new happy hour menu, let the smooth sounds of Jazz musicians Joe Boyd and Billy Slais. Happy hour at Scampi offers so many fun opportunities, whether you want to relax with a quick drink or get wild with drinks, dinner and dancing, Scampi’s fun and exciting environment has something for everyone. Need a space to throw your next event? Scampi is available for rent for corporate events, private parties and weddings. The space can hold up to 90 people, has a full bar and space for live music.

Scampi Pasta House & Bar is a new kind of dining experience. Harking back to a different time, architecture reminiscent of a speakeasy, the dining room invites you in. Smooth jazz fills the air. Scampi’s dinner menu offers many delicious and classic Italian dishes. They have vegan and gluten free options available for those who need or prefer them.

Join us for our first corporate event on June 26, 2014 from 6:00-9:00 pm. The fundraiser dinner benefits The Crisis Call Center, a staple in northern Nevada since 1966. The Crisis Call Center is a not-for-profit organization providing assistance to anyone in crisis, using “modern technology and advanced communication, to help people make healthy life choices.”

Had a long day at work? Why not stop by Reno’s hottest new happy hour? Scampi’s happy hour runs from 5:00-7:00 pm Monday to Friday, with half price drinks and a tasty offering of tapas; including roasted calamari, paprika shrimp and steamed

Tickets to the event are $50. For ticket information call 775-772-6797. - Scampi Pasta House & Bar 425 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89501 775-284-0660 - Anthony Wait

Take Your Talent to the Next Stage with the Take 2 Talent Search! 3 Grand Prize winners, 1 Singer, 1 Actor and 1 Model will receive a prize package valued at over $3,500 each 1 Year Unlimited Training and Development at Take 2 Performers Studio Full Photo Session with Anicia Beckwith of Pixella Studio including Hair, Makeup and Styling Image consultation with Myree Townsend of Image Just For You A feature writeup in Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine 1 Year representation and development with Tru Talent Agency Three 1st Place winners will receive: 1 Year Unlimited Training and Development at Take 2 Performers Studio Accepting entries beginning June 1, 2014. For details on how to enter go to www.take2performersstudio.com

22 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Multi-platinum Group Neon Trees

June 11 at noon features I Need That Record, a documentary feature examining why over 3000 independent record stores have

pose threats on the very well being of our favorite record stores. Will these stores die or will they survive?

closed across the U.S. in the past decade. Many sources all

On June 25th, First Position follows six extraordinary dancers as they prepare for the chance to enter the world of professional

A Toast & Taste of Summer Benefit for Nevada Diabetes Association Silent Auction to give back to diabetes programming Atlantis Casino Resort Spa and Encore Beverage will host the fourth annual A Toast & Taste of Summer, a wine and food expo to benefit the Nevada Diabetes Association (NDA) Thursday, June 5 at 6 p.m. Guests can enjoy exquisite wineries, microbreweries, restaurants, a photography display, and exciting silent auction.

children can attend camping programs, diabetes support programs, diabetes seminars and workshops and more.

All proceeds from this event will benefit NDA. The mission of NDA is to improve the lives of children and adults affected by diabetes through prevention, education and service. The goal of the NDA is to provide programming that will help avoid complications that diabetes can cause for children and adults. Through NDA,

The event is proudly sponsored by Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Digiprint, Encore Beverage, Gallery Keoki, KOLO 8 News Now and Scheels.

The cost to attend is $40 in advance and $50 the day of the event. Tickets are available at the Atlantis Gift Shop, local wine shops or by calling 775.824.4467.

Confirmed wineries and microbreweries include: Alpha Omega, Small Vineyards Italian Imports, Black Kite Cellars,

Breggo, Cliff Lede, Carol Shelton, Burly Wines, Eagle Eye Elyse, Hahn Family, Handley Cellars, Yorba, Indian Wells, Maritime Wines, Mettler Family, Michael Sullberg, Miner Family, Educated Guess, BNA Wine Group, Nevada City, Ole Spanish Imports, Opolo Vineyards, Four Vines, Schulz Cellars, Talisman, Sineann, Tamber Bey, Rocca, and Vineyard 7 & 8. Confirmed restaurants include: The Men’s Club, Wedge, Twisted Fork, The Grove, The Grill, The Gas Lamp, Bistro 7, chez louie, Coffeebar, India Kebab, Great Thyme Catering, and more. Reno Tahoe Tonight 23

Community News and Notes

Sierra Arts

Join us twice in June for our free Brown Bag Art Documentary Film Series. June 11 at noon features I Need That Record, a documentary feature examining why over 3000 independent record stores have closed across the U.S. in the past decade. Many sources all pose threats on the very well being of our favorite record stores. Will these stores die or will they survive? On June 25th, First Position follows six extraordinary dancers as they prepare for the chance to enter the world of professional ballet, struggling through bloodied feet, near exhaustion and debilitating injuries, all while navigating the drama of adolescence. A showcase of awe-inspiring talent, tenacity and passion, First Position paints a thrilling and moving portrait of the most gifted ballet stars of tomorrow. Speakers on the subject usually follow the film and everyone is encouraged to byo lunch.

June 13 Reno Knitting Factory Multi-platinum group Neon Trees will celebrate the release of their new album, Pop Psychology, with a stop at the Knitting Factory on Friday, June 13th. The album continues Neon Trees' exploration of new wave, smart pop and dance music, and is their most refined yet. Pop Psychology is the follow up to the band's 2012 release Picture Show, which debuted at #17 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart and featured the RIAA

24 Reno Tahoe Tonight

double platinum single "Everybody Talks," which cracked the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Neon Trees' debut album, Habits, was released in 2010 and featured the double platinum smash single "Animal." No strangers to the road, Neon Trees have previously toured with Taylor Swift, The Killers, Maroon 5, Duran Duran, Flaming Lips, My Chemical Romance, among others.

Reggae in the Hills June 13-15

Campgrounds Open: June 13th @ 12:00PM Music Starts: June 13th @ 3:00PM Music Ends: June 15th @ 9:30PM Campgrounds Close: June 16th @ 12:00PM Where: Calaveras County Fairgrounds Address: 101 Frogtown Rd. Angels Camp CA Local: Clear lakes, natural rivers, jaw dropping waterfalls, clean campgrounds, resorts, hiking and horse riding areas, mom and pop style Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels and endless fun vacation style amenities are located throughout Angels Camp and Calaveras County. Historically known as “Gold Country�, prospecting and cavern exploration are just some of the attractions that are only miles from the festival grounds. All of this is located in one of the most beautiful places in CA. Attractions: Outdoor and indoor stages, onsite Indoor after Parties, Tropical mist Chill Zone, Free Parking, Misting Zones, Island Style and Festival Foods, Workshops, Unique Vendors, Hand Crafted Goods, Fire Dancers, Drum Circles, Huge Beautiful Camping areas, Skate Park w/ Half Pipe, Disc Golf, as well as, Amazing Side Shows AND THE BEST IN SOUND, LIGHTING AND PRODUCTION... Advance Tickets: $110.00 Includes; 3 Days of Music, Free Camping, Free parking, Free onsite After Parties

(RITH) is a three-day Festival experience located in the hills of Northern California. The RITH experience will immerse the participants in an abundant of reggae music, culture and vibe. Bringing headliners from around the world, with state of the art production and design. Performance art and dance are showcased throughout the festival. Set in the surreal and beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, this is a family friendly event for your eyes and ears. Come to the best mix of nature, positive vibes, and technology as they become one to provide the most unique and innovative festival experience to date. 2014 Artists: Tribal Seeds, Collie Buddz, Prezident Brown, Junior Reid and the One Blood Family featuring Young Jr., Juju Blood, Wada Blood & Andrew Reid, Luciano, Natural Vibrations (Natty Vibes), Marlon Asher, Fortunate Youth, Cas Haley, Junior Toots, Mike Love, Arden Park Roots, Animo, Mystic Roots, Indubious, Jet West, Massive Delicious, Shrub, Braata, King Schascha, A La Lune, Kila Kali, Dub Gideon, Sol Seed, The Remedy, Freedom Fighta Sound, Mountain Lion Sound, Stay Positive Sound, Inner Standing Sound Sanctuary, Squarefield Massive, DJ Anaya, Shashamani, Hosted by J Ras and family...

Advance Day Passes: Friday- $45.00, Saturday- $55.00 & Sunday- $14 VIP Tickets (sold out): $200 (Limited) Includes 3 Days of Music, 3 Nights of Camping, VIP Parking & Backstage Access/meet and greet RV Camping: $175 (Limited) available w/ water & electricity Parking: FREE (huge Parking lot) Primitive Camping: FREE (in designated camping areas) Age: All (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult) 11 years and under free with paid adult Website: www.reggaeinthehills.com Purchase Tickets: www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/431851 Social Media Facebook: www.facebook.com/reggaeinthehills; Instagram: http://instagram.com/reggaeinthehills/ Pheed: pheed.com/ReggaeintheHills; Twitter: https://twitter.com/@reggaehills YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=FQlkXW7KXFk Reno Tahoe Tonight 25

Community News and Notes

FLOURISH: The Leadership Conference for Women Friday, June 20, 2014; 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Anna Maria Chávez, national CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), will be the guest of honor and closing keynote speaker at FLOURISH: The Leadership Conference for Women. This interactive conference will take a comprehensive view of advancing women, including: personal branding, living your values, the art of leader listening, work life/home life balance, letting go of perfectionism, and more. Women will connect, be inspired, challenge themselves, and ultimately FLOURISH. Tickets on sale now: GSSN.org/flourish / 775.322.0642 ext. 1243 $125 per person includes: • Breakout and Plenary Sessions with local businesswomen, thought leaders, and coaching professionals who will share their ideas and perspectives for advancing women leaders right here in Reno. • Welcome continental breakfast. • Lunch will be served during a Q&A panel of local women entrepreneurs. • Champagne reception and networking closing. Event proceeds will benefit Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada. Meet The Presenters: Ashley Jennings, Founder and CEO, Girlmade, Season Lopiccolo, Co-Founder and COO, Noble Studios, Fonda Redfox, CEO and Founder, Redfox & Associates Inc., and Laura Zander, Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Jimmy Bean’s Wool, will participate in an entrepreneur panel moderated by Sharon Sperry, Founder and Principal, AlpenglowHR Management Consulting LLC. Breakout sessions include workshops by Amber 26 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Barnes, President of Amber Barnes & Company, Cheryl Erwin, a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of nine books on parenting and family life, LaVonne Brooks, CEO of High Sierra Industries, Carolyn Lazaro, Life and Career Coach, and Founder of Carolyn Lazaro Coaching and Consulting, and Krystal Tingle, the Lover In Chief at The Love Jump and Director of Public Relations at The Abbi Agency. Keynote speakers Sharon DeMattia and Anna Maria Chávez will start and end the day with personal stories of inspiration, determination and triumph. Sharon DeMattia is the founder of ART Inside Me. As an observer and strategic optimist, DeMattia has created an online platform that invites participants to create and share self-portraits that defy conventional definitions, and inspire meaningful conversations. DeMattia is encouraging comfortable/business casual attire as participants will be invited to move around, sit on the floor, and really get outside the box during her experiential keynote session. Anna Maria Chávez is the national CEO of GSUSA. Chávez began her career journey in the very same Movement she now leads: the Girl Scouts. An award winning community leader, Chávez is a powerhouse voice for girls, and an incredible inspiration with a passion for public service and social engagement. She was recently named to Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2014, and is also spearheading the “Ban Bossy” Campaign with Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of the best-selling book “Lean In,” in an effort to stop the negative put-down and empower girls to lead. As our society moves toward more gender-balanced leadership, there are more opportunities than ever for women to achieve their highest potential. FLOURISH will help local women develop leadership skills and become the leaders our community needs.

Women can do more than survive. They can FLOURISH. We’re the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada. We are over 4,500 girls and 2,000 volunteers strong in 23 counties in northern Nevada and northeastern California. For over 70 years, Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada Council has been building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. For more information on how to join, volunteer or donate to the Girl Scouts, please call 800.222.5406 or visit www.gssn.org.

Sam Adams Beer Tasting Event at the Eldorado June 19 Event to Kick-Off the Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival, June 20-21 New this year, a Samuel Adams beer and food pairing event will be held at the BuBinga Lounge inside the Eldorado Resort Casino on Thursday, June 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. The event will kick-off the 19th Annual Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival, which is set for June 20-21.

and unlimited tastings during the festival tasting times. VIP tasting packages are also available. For more information or to purchase tickets to the Samuel Adams beer and food pairing, tasting packages or to book your stay, visit www.eldoradoreno.com or call 888-808-7720.

The Samuel Adams beer and food pairing will feature six stations with delectable food items matched with Samuel Adams ciders, ales and stouts for $55 per person.

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino hosts country music star and television personality, Kellie Pickler, Thursday, July 3 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now to see the top-selling singer-songwriter, starting at just $24.

Guests will be treated to Angry Orchard Hard Cider paired with an oyster on the half shell with green apple and Angry Orchard Cider mignonette; White Lantern Ale accompanies mussels steamed in the ale with leeks, cilantro, orange zest and butter. At another station the Rebel IPA is paired with spicy Thai coconut curry, red curry paste, lemongrass, ginger, “snake” beans, sweet potatoes tomatoes and mint while Boston Lager and Iceman Cider are served alongside an Iceman Cider brined pork tenderloin with apricot-cider BBQ sauce. Coffee-dusted lamb chops are set to be washed down with the 13th Hour Stout and a cherry frangipane tart is accompanied by the Cherry Wheat Ale. There’s no better way to celebrate summer than with the 19th Annual Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews and Blues Festival, set for Friday, June 20 from 2 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, June 21 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The festival is equal parts barbeque block party, micro-brew tasting event with more than 40 microbrews from around the world and music festival with two stages featuring non-stop rock and blues. The $30 daily or $50 weekend tasting package includes an eight ounce souvenir cup

Pickler is an “American Idol” alumna, placing sixth during the fifth season of the show, and former beauty queen in her home state of North Carolina. Since the release of her first album in 2006, Pickler’s popularity has continued to grow, with numerous chart-topping hits including "Don't You Know You're Beautiful," "Best Days of Your Life" and "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind." In addition to a successful singing career, Pickler also took home the coveted mirror ball trophy in 2013 on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” The July 3 Reno performance is the only Nevada/ California stop on Pickler’s nationwide tour, giving country music fans an ideal opportunity to kick off the July 4th weekend with a bang. Special room rates are available now for guests who have purchased concert tickets by calling 866-821-9996 and mentioning the code HKELLIE. Enjoy the Peppermill’s award-winning accommodations starting at just $99.99. For more information or to purchase tickets visit www.peppermillreno.com

Reno Tahoe Tonight 27

Cover Story

Natasha’s World Jewelry Text Oliver X Additional text provided by Natasha’s World Jewelry Cover and feature photos of Natasha Bayt Clayton Beck Additional photos courtesy of Uno de 50

Cover Model Natasha Bayt Cover photo and feature photos of Natasha Bayt Clayton Beck Styling assistance Isha Casagrande Makeup Jayme Ward Model Natasha Bayt Necklace: Isha Elafi Earrings: Mariana Bracelet: Christine Gill Ring: Uno de 50

28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Uno de 50 “A Pearl of Wisdom” Silver and bovine leather bracelet with pearl centerpiece


or many, wearing a piece of fine jewelry can be both a style statement and an empowering spiritual act of affirmation of one’s sense of self expression and originality. “When you finish getting dressed in the morning and, after you put on your makeup, your jewelry is the last thing you put on,” says Natasha Bayt, owner of Natasha’s World Jewelry. “Jewelry is the final element that completes your look, and helps you represent yourself to the world.” Making people look beautiful with stunning adornments and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and accessories has been Bayt’s stock and trade for most of her life. The shop owner, mother and style conscious professional, started selling puka shell necklaces on the beach of her native Hawai’i at age fifteen, earning her sales chops in one of the busiest tourist markets in the U.S. Bayt has since built a popular retail brand, selling fine jewelry in her various locations for many years and in her Reno store for the past three and a half years. Her knack for exposing both international

design talent and locally sourced fine jewelry is without peer. One of the many lines that recently caught my eye in Natasha’s World Jewelry was Orocal, which sources rare gold quartz in nearby Grass Valley from the only active mine in the world mining gold quartz, combining two of the rarest minerals on earth in breathtakingly beautiful rings, necklaces and pendants. As I was admiring the different collector pieces, featuring high-grade white quartz with veins of gold running through them, a customer chimed-in, stating that she owns an earring, ring and necklace set from the Orocal line and adores it. Bayt said that Orocal was one of the signature lines at her Tahoe store that she and her husband Rudy ran for eighteen yearsattracting customers from as far as out of state. At press-time, Bayt and her staff are busy relocating to a new store location inside the nearby Meadowood Mall, from her Smithridge Center digs. I spoke to Bayt about the move and her upcoming Grand Opening.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 29

Cover Story

Model Natasha Bayt Necklace: Isha Elafi Earrings: Mariana Bracelet: Christine Gill Ring: Uno de 50 30 Reno Tahoe Tonight

RTT: Tell us about your big move and what prompted it. Natasha Bayt: We're moving Natasha's World Jewelry to the Meadowood Mall! We've always thought about a mall location for the store, so when this opportunity came up to be in the mall, we jumped on it! The location, right outside of women's Macys, is perfect for our unique jewelry store and so is the timing, being moved in by June 1. We're really excited about being a local jewelry store in Reno's signature regional indoor mall!

Uno de 50 “Give Me More� Roja Swarovski crystal and silver necklace

RTT: What kind of items will you be showcasing during your grand opening? Natasha Bayt: Our jewelry comes from all around the world and that's something we like to feature. We'll be showcasing that with Uno de 50 from Madrid, Spain, Mariana & Ayala Bar from Israel, Isha Elafi from Bali, Zealandia from New Zealand and Firefly from Guatemala. We also like to showcase our local designers, too, such as Melinda Maria from Los Angeles, Janice Carson from Marin, Michou from West Shore Lake Tahoe, Mark Garbarini from South Shore Lake Tahoe, Orocal's Gold in Quartz from the Sierra Nevadas and Christine Gill from Reno. We definitely will shine the spotlight on all of these designers, but we'll also show off our variety of diamond and gem set gold and silver designs as well. RTT: What criteria do you use to decide which artists you feature in your store? Natasha Bayt: Well, style and beauty are always on the top of the list. But we also strive to achieve a uniqueness factor, with jewelry designs that stand out and aren't like everybody else. We showcase jewelry that you won't find anywhere else in this area. We go for exclusivity. And of course, wearability and affordability also play a big part in who we choose to feature in our store. RTT: What artists in your inventory are starting to gain a collector following? Natasha Bayt: The Uno de 50 line (which is what I wore during the photo shoot) is really on fire! It's our newest line. We added it for Christmas 2013, and already we've expanded the line to include a second case based on its popularity. It has the most amazing look and feel, with silver, metals, leather and crystals starting at prices under $100! And they have Reno Tahoe Tonight 31

Cover Story

32 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Uno de 50 “Oh My Goodness� Azul Swarovski crystal, bovine leather and antique silver bracelet

designs for men, too. Of course the Firefly line continues to have a huge following. We've carried it now for over seven years and it continues to grow in popularity every year, as more women become aware of its beauty and versatility and want to collect additional pieces to go with the ones they already have. The colorful nature of Firefly and its popular price range of $39 to $300 has made it one of our best sellers. Isha Elafi also has quite a following with her beautiful handcrafted, nomadic knot-work Bali designs. Really, each of our other designers, Ayala Bar, Marianna, Michou, Janice Carson, Zealandia, Orocal, Christine Gill and Mark Garbarini all have followers who love their respective designs and enjoy acquiring more of them to wear.

RTT: The photos for this feature are stunning! How was it working with Clayton Beck and Isha Casagrande on this cover shoot? Natasha Bayt: The cover shoot was such an amazing experience! Both Clayton Beck and Isha Casagrande are true professionals. Clayton is an amazing photographer who really captures your inner essence and he's such a joy to work with! Isha's attention to detail is incredible--as is her overall fashion sense, taste and style. She's just wonderful! Together, they made the shoot a very professional experience, but one that was so enjoyable and fun too. They made me feel special, like a supermodel, and I loved the experience.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 33

Cover Story

34 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Uno de 50 “Beach Bum” Red bovine leather and antique silver bracelet

RTT: What kind of customer is attracted to your store? Natasha Bayt: We have a broad customer base. I kinda feel like everybody is our customer, I really do. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy shopping here. Jewelry is not just for personal tastes, it’s also wonderful for gift giving. Jewelry can be passed along as family heirlooms and people place a great deal of sentimental value and importance in their jewelry collections--for their own enjoyment and for future generations. We are happy that our customers choose us to be a part of those acts of giving and celebration. RTT: Speak a little about the importance of customer service and the experienced sales team you’ve assembled.

Natasha Bayt: We have a very knowledgeable and fun staff here at Natasha’s World Jewelry! Velma, Mike, Rudy, Karen and Jerry have well over a century of combined jewelry experience. Some of them have advanced training and degrees with the Gemological Society of America (GIA), while others are artists who sculpt, design and create their own jewelry and artwork. They’re quite a diverse group, with a great eye for aesthetics! And they’re all people persons who love the interaction with our customers and helping them find just the right piece of jewelry. Our customer service is one thing we really pride ourselves on. We want you to leave our store with that perfect piece that brings you joy--and also gets you a lot of compliments. After all, it’s all about you and how your jewelry compliments your style and beauty!

Reno Tahoe Tonight 35

Cover Story Uno de 50 “My Flashlight” Verde Swarovski crystal and bovine leather necklace

meet the team! >> Velma hails from Canada and has been with Natasha’s World Jewelry in Reno since day one. She loves to travel and camp, and combs beaches for sea glass from which she creates original jewelry. >> Mike, the watch battery man, is a native Californian with over thirty years of jewelry experience. He studied with GIA, sculpts bronzes and designs jewelry. Midwest native Rudy, Natasha’s husband, has over thirty years of jewelry experience. A cool cat who loves to drum, Rudy also does all of the photo work for the company website. >> Karen is a Midwesterner with over twenty-five years of jewelry sales experience with home shopping networks. She holds a GIA AJP degree, designs jewelry and has her own signature line called SYK—Sincerely Yours, Karen. >> Jerry is another Midwestern native with over fifteen years of jewelry sales experience with home shopping networks, holds a GIA AJP degree, loves to travel the world on cruise ships and enjoys partaking in all of the amazing outdoor amenities here in northern Nevada. >> Owner Natasha is originally from Hawai’i and has been in the jewelry business for thirty plus years. Natasha loves to travel, loves jewelry, enjoys finding new jewelry lines and loves making women look beautiful.

36 Reno Tahoe Tonight

about uno de 50 Uno de 50 was founded in the late 1990s by a group of designers who resolved to establish a brand of fashion jewelry and accessories that would break all existing molds. The project was based on creation of pieces with a unique and distinctive style, which soon became known for their flair and innovation. This fusion of tradition and modernity was the breeding ground for a new and different brand, in the spirit of fine craftsmanship and exclusivity through its design and quality.

The brand started out with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating only 50 units of each design, thereby supplying the trademark name. This unorthodox approach soon proved an unqualified success. Over time, Uno de 50’s production and family have grown, although the name has remained as a reminder that, just as on the very first day, the quality and exclusiveness of each piece is their first priority and their products are made in limited quantities. The crafting technique is one of the pillars of Uno de 50’s philosophy. The creation of each piece involves a process that is unique in the world of jewelry-making today. From the initial sketch through to the finished item, including the processes of carving, etching and manual refinement, all are done by experts in their workshops in Madrid, Spain, the site of the

company’s main headquarters. The common denominator for all their items is their use of a 100% nickel free, hypo-allergenic, metal alloy with the ability to bring the brand’s exclusive designs to life, giving each piece that very special handmade texture. Once they have been crafted, the pieces are finished in 15-25 microns of sterling silver, and then undergo an exhaustive quality control, culminating in the assembly of items that combine metal with bovine leather, Swarovski crystals, tree sap resins (similar to amber), and glass. Uno de 50 guarantees originality in every one of its pieces. Uno de 50 is authentic for creativity, unique style, bold spirit and their 100% handcrafted “Made in Spain” production process. The company features a stylish and diverse product line for both men and women that include rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and other fine accessories like key rings, belts and bookmarks. A wide array of Uno de 50 designs and selections from many other fine jewelry makers can be found at Natasha’s World Jewelry, located next to Macys at the Meadowood Mall at 5136 Meadowood Mall Circle, Reno, NV 89502. 775-657-9144. Store hours are Monday-Saturday 10-9pm and Sundays 11-6pm.

Uno de 50 “Battleship” Verde Swarovski crystal bovine leather and antique silver bracelet

Reno Tahoe Tonight 37

Cover Story

38 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 39

40 Reno Tahoe Tonight

(775) 453-1472 • z-pie.com/RENO • eddyhouse.org 138 West Street, Reno, NV • Open 11am - 9pm everyday Reno Tahoe Tonight



Photographer Ted Varney

"Detritus" taken in the parking lot of the Salvation Army store on Wells Avenue in Reno.

PICTURING MEXICO ALFREDO RAMOS MARTÍNEZ through August 17, 2014 Alfredo Ramos Martínez brought Mexican culture to Los Angeles, where he defined a new Mexican-American art tradition. Celebrate his legacy by viewing his work and participating in fun and educational activities.

Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts | E. L. Wiegand Gallery 160 West Liberty Street in downtown Reno | 775.329.3333

Celebrate this show with a journey through the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Movie tickets and more information at nevadaart.org. Ramos Martinez, La India del Pueblito / Indian Woman from the Small Town, ca. 1930. Oil on board. 23 x 28 inches. 42 Reno TahoeAlfredo Tonight The University of Arizona Museum of Art. Gift of Mr. George Gregson. ©Alfredo Ramos Martinez Research Project, reproduced by permission.

Essay Text Rachelle Lanning Photos Grace Larkins

Summer Cleaning

There are many reasons people keep things that they don't need. Artist types might see potential for a future project. Sometimes items hold sentimental value, or were received as a gift. Or maybe you hadn't stopped to consider if you've ever even used that thing you've held onto for years. Sometimes it's just plain neglect. Other times it might be a 'fear mentality' that keeps you clutching onto things; the worry of not having enough. This one deserves special scrutiny, as it sends a message to the universe that you don't trust its abundance to take care of your needs. Whatever the reasons for your clutter, why not finally just do away with some of it? The act of ridding yourself of unneeded clutter just might embark you on a path of releasing fears that you may not even be aware of. If you're one of the many that hold on to clutter, you may learn some valuable tidbits about yourself by evaluating why you haul arguably useless junk with you from house to house‌ but maybe it's not even necessary. Maybe it's more important to just get rid of it. So jump right in, and let go! It will send a resounding message to the universe that you do, in fact, trust in its abundance. You are ready for new people, places, and things in your life, and you now have the room to house them (physically and emotionally). And don't forget to give some of it away; it feels amazing. There's something freeing in the realization that someone else will get more use or joy out of it, even if it's something that you really love but rarely use.

It's easy to jump on board with the idea of spring cleaning. It makes sense to shed a few pounds in different areas of your life just before summer, plus it feels great. But it doesn't need to be spring to spring into action! Every season can be a new beginning, and summer is as good a time as any to rid yourself of unwanted weight or clutter in your life. Remember: clutter is clutter, whether it's in your closet or in your head. Everything that you own takes up head space, whether it needs cleaning, maintaining, or if you're just debating whether you actually need it. Either way, it's occupying space in your life and keeping new things from entering (that may better serve you).

Plan a day where you can scour the rooms in your home that need the most attention. Get some large storage bins and garbage bags, and separate things into piles: trash, recycling, donation, yard sale or consignment, and keepers. Place the keepers in a bin so you can sort through them later to determine a new place for them to live in your home. Ideally you'll set enough time to tackle an entire room, so that you are left feeling accomplished, and not like you just made a bigger mess. If you're too busy to put aside a few consecutive hours, then commit to finding two things around the house daily that you can part with, and slowly fill a bin in a closet or the garage. Try to notice how it feels to create space in your life. Try not to fill that space back up immediately; rather, see what happens when energy is allowed to move more freely through your life without fear or clutching onto things. – Rachelle Lanning owns The Studio located in MidTown at 1085 South Virginia Street (775) 284-5545 Reno Tahoe Tonight 43

44 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Text Oliver X Photo Craig Hansen

Bricks and Boards 3 on 3 Basketball Challenge June 27-29 and July 3-6 3 on 3 is still a rarity outside of the streets of urban America and the beach courts of the legendary Venice, California. But round ballers of all stripes can get their 3 on 3 on this summer, while supporting a great cause benefitting the Sparks High School basketball program. Below we chat with the coaching staff at Sparks High School to get the rundown on the Bricks and Boards 3 on 3 Basketball Challenge. RTT: How did the 3 on 3 Challenge come about? Well, we the coaches, Dan Schreiber, Chris Earley, and Brandon Carney, have had a couple mediocre years in fundraising efforts, and Schreiber came up with the idea to have a tournament. A lot of major cities have 3 on 3 tournaments, and nobody in the Reno area has ever really tapped into this opportunity. We decided if we could get enough teams together, then we wouldn't have to worry about the fundraising come basketball season. Our players and coaches would be the ones running the tables and monitoring the courts. This way the kids are basically doing the fundraising that will help them out come basketball season. We hope to do this every year, and that it grows every year so that all we have to do is set the date and we have teams lining up to play. RTT: Describe the registration process and competition rules. The registration starts by visiting our tournament website at www.bricksandboards3on3.com. The registration and liability waivers are at the bottom of the page, along with a printable version of the rules and our flyer. The rules were incorporated from various 3 on 3 tournaments and high school rules. Each team consisting of 3 or 4 players is guaranteed 3 games in the tournament; 2 in pool play, and at least 1 in a playoff bracket. If you keep winning, you get more games. We have 4 groups that anybody can participate in. It can be anybody in high school and general public.

On the weekend of June 27, 28, 29 there is the Women's open division for women 14 and up and the Silver division for any men 14 and up for recreational purposes. On the weekend of July 4, 5, 6 there’s the Gold division for men 14 and up for a competitive level and the Platinum division for ultra-competitive level and complete bragging rights until next year. RTT: Talk about the benefits of this fundraiser. This tournament is completely nonprofit and all proceeds go to the Sparks High School Basketball program. The kids will help run the tournament and earn the fundraising to help their program. We really want to give the basketball players at Sparks High what we feel they deserve--and that is great equipment and, most importantly, the exposure to basketball outside of northern Nevada. Having them compete in tournaments out of state and against schools they normally wouldn't play against. Most of them have not been on a plane before, let alone out of state, so this will give us the opportunity to give that to the kids because they are so great. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the coaches directly with questions. Dan Schreiber, Boys Varsity Head Coach, 775.857.7847 Chris Earley, Boys Varsity Assistant Coach, 775.232.3297 Brandon Carney, Boys JV Head Coach, 775.772.0334 Reno Tahoe Tonight 45

Event Liam Kyle Cahill CD Release – The Key to Happiness - Benefitting Reno for Nikos Text Oliver X / Photo of Liam Kyle Cahill - Tony Contini

Reno Musician Unites Local Businesses for Charity Event Liam Kyle Cahill Debuts New Album for Fundraiser Local musician Liam Kyle Cahill will debut his full-length album, The Key to Happiness, with a night of music, fun, and fundraising for the non-profit “Reno for Nikos.” The album release, scheduled at the Bodega Nightclub on June 21st at 8 PM, doubles as a fundraiser to help local business owner Nikos Theologitis fight cancer a second time. “We are all connected in some way,” says Cahill. “That is what makes Reno such a great community -- we all support each other.” Liam Kyle Cahill is an acoustic artist whose energy radiates through his music with a folk sound and clever lyrics. Oliver X of Reno Tahoe Tonight says, “His [high-energy] acoustic sets exhibit a kind of joy and love of songcraft and performance that is all too rare today." Cahill has teamed up with multiple local businesses in support of popular restaurateur Nikos Theologitis. Among those supporting this event are Shop Small Northern Nevada, Reno Tahoe Tonight, Kaia F.I.T., Reno-Tahoe Limousine, Guitar Center, Wires & Noise, Reno eNVy, Reno Aces, Good Luck Macbeth, Great Full Gardens, Mari Chuy’s, Java Jungle, and Campo. This event marries Liam’s music with his passion for community, or as Liam would say, “The Key to Happiness is bringing people together for charity.” Accompanied by prominent local musicians, Cahill will perform songs from his new album, which has a grassroots style, backed up by great guitar work:

46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“Imagine Mumford & Sons in a bar room brawl with Bob Dylan at a punk rock concert--that's my sound,” states Cahill. Notable artists joining Cahill on the album include Mark Sexton of Mark Sexton Band, Eric Andersen of The Novelists, former Sol Jibe member Tim Snider, and Dave Berry of Jelly Bread. Opening acts for the release include Leify Green, DirtyPretty, and My Acoustic Heart. This event is for 21+. Tickets available for sale at the following locations: Recycled Records, Java Jungle, Melting Pot Emporium, Prism Magic Clothing, Bodega Nightclub, and Midtown Wine Bar.

Artist biographies Liam Kyle Cahill Raw energy and passion is the fuel behind the driving sound of Liam Kyle Cahill. There are few acoustic artists who can hold a candle to his energetic performances, contained within it whipsmart lyrics and some mighty fine guitar chops. He conveys a weary and worn honesty that is a rare commodity in the folk circuit of his generation. Liam's goal: To be as “clever as Frank Turner, raw as Chuck Ragan, vulnerable as Brian Fallon, and entirely grassroots."

His musical musings are as diverse as his worldly experiences. This young troubadour’s adventurous spirit has carried him all over the US, around Europe, Asia, and down through Central and South America. Listen deeply to Liam's music. He has something good to say.

Leify Green They say Leify Green is a rambling man, a 21st-century nomad with a Gypsy soul. He first set out at age 15, spending a summer as a laborer in Montréal. It was there that he fell in love with the guitar. At 18, he wandered off to the West Coast, making a living performing on street corners and wharves up the California coast and into Oregon and Washington. Over the next few years, he played in various bands, including an Afro-Peruvian percussion ensemble in Lima, and he sailed and wrestled for UMBC, where he completed a dual degree in economics and linguistics. A year after graduating, he released his first EP and quit his job to pursue his musical calling full-time. Leify is best known for his involvement in the West Coast Swing dance community.

and the memories that bring DirtyPretty back from the beyond to play again. And no, this band still doesn't care about image or "likes" or any of that other bullshit. This band is coming back because Reno is calling for something raw, something real, and something salient. You called? Well, DirtyPretty is the answer.

My Acoustic Heart DirtyPretty DirtyPretty is rock. Their music can be defined as aggression mixed with passion topped with an epic amount of heartache! Before Facebook, before iPhones, before Auto-tune, DirtyPretty rocked every venue in Reno from 2006-2008. Though short-lived, its legend remains. Like an outlaw from the Old West, there lingers the shadows of its dominance--the haunting melodies from Lisa McCuiston, the poetic lyrics by Gia Torcaso, and the tribal drum rhythms from Kris Stosic. A monster. A mission. A menace. This band didn't care about image. This band didn't care about "likes." This band only cared about the music and making meaningful connections to their fans. And today, it is the fans

My Acoustic Heart is an artistic journey that came to life in the summer of 2011. "If you’re looking for great storytelling with your songwriting, MAH can exceed your need." Front man and founder Joshua Ortiz was born and raised in Midland, MI where he began songwriting at the age of twelve. "You can expect a deep, meaningful conversation with each performance that will keep you engaged and singing right along. This is an all-inclusive venture into life as you’ve lived it, finally put into song. Now your heartbreak has a voice…" Reno Tahoe Tonight 47

Fashion 4 Ways

48 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Photos By Clayton Beck Make Up By Gina Tarantino Model Isha Casagrande

Moody Metallics

Glowing Gladiators Strap on some shine in Steve Madden "Sparta" gladiator sandal available at Dillards.

Create a shimmering summer by introducing moody metallics and mixed metals into your everyday wardrobe.

Summer Shimmer A well blended metallic shadow does not always need liner. Create depth by layering one shimmer on top of another. Make Up by Gina Tarantino.

Gilded Gold Pair a glittering handbag with your favorite summer ensembles. SWAK "Boombox" handbag $89 available at Lipstick Fashion Lounge. Sequin clutch from BCBG. Lulu Guiness "Lip" clutch available at LuluGuinness.com.

Mixed Metals Layer mixed metals for a smoldering statement. Necklaces layered short to long - Sutton, Phoenix and Milana Tassel and Jocelyn earrings all from Stella & Dot Independent Star Stylist, Emily Coughenour. www.stelladot.com/ emilycoughenour. Gold bangles from Lipstick Fashion Lounge. Sequin dress available at Dillards in multiple colors.

Isha Casagrande is a fashion stylist who has a passion for fashion and a love for shopping. Isha’s attitude is that fashion is about confidence and confidence is about style. Welcome to her world where labels do not matter but one's self-worth does. Go to LipstickLLC.com for more information. Reno Tahoe Tonight 49



The Art of Collaboration

Text Laura Garcia Photography Anicia Beckwith Hair & Make Up Laura Garcia of LAdiDA Makeup Artistry using MAC Cosmetics Models Jenna Melton, Alexa Neavitt, Damon Nelson, Zarah Rivera, Marissa Roberson, Ashley Tarchione, Veronica Vargas, Ariel Wickman, Sabel Witmer Studio Pixella Productions 50 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 51

Feature The Art of Collaboration

52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 53


Color: The Art of Collaboration


ch time I prepare for a photo shoot I think about what I can add as an artist. What should the focus be and how can I contribute? Often times a client will come to me with everything laid out for a shoot: the models, wardrobe, photography/editing, style and even the specific makeup look they would like. As their chosen makeup artist, it's my job to be able to create exactly what it is they are looking for. But occasionally I get to be a part of a photo shoot that is a collaboration. I get to look at a model and decide how I'm going to transform them. Sometimes I focus on a specific feature like the eyes, other times it's about the skin and bone structure, but all the while I have to keep the overall theme of the shoot in mind to make sure that everything is cohesive and follows with the intentions of the other artists involved (hair, model, photographer, editor, stylist, etc). So when I had the opportunity to collaborate with photographer Anicia Beckwith on this project from its inception to the final product, I couldn't have been more excited. We talked endlessly about what we should do, what we wanted to portray and how to build a cohesive picture out of multiple

54 Reno Tahoe Tonight

beauty photos. In the end, there were three things we chose as the core for the shoot. First: Color. We wanted the pictures to deliver a visual impact and in our minds we saw a color wheel with each model representing a different color. Second: Charisma. We had over one hundred models submit to be involved in the shoot and as we chose our models, we not only wanted beauty, we looked for diversity and charisma. Someone who could interact with the camera to deliver a compelling picture. Third: Collaboration. In this photo shoot there are multiple artists involved - model, makeup artist, photographer. We wanted each artist to be able to bring their artist perspective and have a finished piece of work that is representative of their art and talent. And so, as we share our work of art with you, we invite you to appreciate each aspect of this collaboration. Sometimes it's easy for artists to get comfortable, to stay in their role, in their box. We can overlook opportunities that seem like work that might not have a big "pay off." But with this project, we set out to give everything we had and we couldn't be prouder of the results.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55


Color: The Art of Collaboration

56 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 57

Feature The Art of Collaboration

58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 59

Feature The Art of Collaboration

60 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 61



Serious Innovation New items pop up in the consumer product universe all the time, but few companies are able to deliver on high-quality goods that are made better—for less. NEXGENStore is changing all that, with a streamlined conceptto-consumer product line that includes games, clothes and industry leading innovations in small kitchen appliances through a fulfillment system that eliminates the middleman, so you save time and money. Think of NEXGENStore as this generation’s Sharper Image—but online— offering consumers some of their favorite home conveniences, reimagined and redesigned. Headed up by company President Ian Pasalich (former President of Sunbeam® New Zealand), a spirited ideator and civil

engineer hailing from Auckland, and General Manager Dwight Pace, NEXGENStore’s team of inventors and researchers, many of whom have decades of experience developing products for some of the world’s top appliance brands “use knowledge garnered over many years, to bring top quality products to consumers at a good value,” says Pasalich, who moved here twenty one years ago after falling in love with a Reno woman who would become his wife. NEXGENStore invents, patents, manufactures and owns its products, some of which are then licensed or rebranded by the household name brand companies we all grew up using.

Pasalich has an inventor’s impatience for products that do not function properly within the scope of their intended design application and service provision. “People ask me how I come up with the new ideas and products we offer,” says the affable, but intense Pasalich. “My mind is going constantly and I look at stuff and see the flaws in a certain element of its usability. I say to myself, ‘this should work better than this…there’s something wrong here.’ So I set out to solve the issues I see with a product." 62 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Its culinary products like the Frotha and the popular Masha, are revolutionizing the way food is prepared, improving the aesthetics, taste and texture of some of your favorite dishes. NEXGENStore’s powerful Frotha, with double the torque and battery life of any other product in its category, retails for under $25 and, like all of their merchandise, is shipped free! The Frotha’s small size ergonomic design and both froth and whisk attachments make it

Photos Chris Holloman Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

convenient for home kitchen and professional use by culinarians, bartenders and that new foodie neighbor of yours who keeps inviting you over for a smoothie. Pasalich has an uncanny ability to fill a niche in a product category by solving a problem nobody has addressed. “If you’re actually going to mash potatoes by hand; if you use a stick blender it sprays the mash all around. It also over processes part of it and under processes the rest of it; so you have lumps,

but you also have slush and you’ve got all of this aglutinous material. Seeing that, we knew we could make a better product for the consumer; one that would be much easier to use.” That product is the Masha, and it’s rapidly becoming an industry phenomenon. “Amazon had to create a new appliance category called an immersion mixer for the Masha,” says NEXGENStore’s Pace.“There was nothing else like it.” Reno Tahoe Tonight 63

Feature “In 30 years of doing international business and products, I have never seen a product that’s been bought and loved more than I ever thought it would be, than the Masha,” beams Pasalich. “People just rave about it. It’s one thing to see it, but when you actually use this yourself, it will blow you away. It’s easy and really fun to use!” Pasalich says that NEXGENStore has approximately 50,000 units of the Masha on order to go out starting in the next couple of weeks. “They will be under the Masha brand obviously, but also with the brand name ‘Dash.’ We also have another 50,000 being scheduled to go out in September and October for shipping. These are all for the US retail market.” At $39.95 the tool--created to perfectly mash potatoes--is very simple to clean, enabling it to be easily used for multiple jobs in one cooking project, and can be used by all ages and ability levels for a wide variety of culinary endeavors. The Masha combines patented,

Sandy Moriarty, a world renowned culinary cannabis expert in Methods of Ingestion, uses the Masha in her classes because it is like no other product available for preparing the material for infusion into delicious dishes of all kinds. “The Masha has an incredibly sustainable mixing force,” says Moriarty. “It’s contoured, comfortable and easy to use, but most importantly, it is the finest product I’ve ever used for extracting the potent material out of the glands of the leaves making a fine concentrated powder that’s perfect for infusion into sauces, dressings, marinades, spices and butters.” Pasalich concurs, “What the Masha does is its pulling the product in and extruding it out the side. Because it’s not a blade, it’s not cutting and slicing. The problem with cutting and slicing is that it damages the actual product structurally at the core. And when you cut marijuana, it damages it and changes the structure. What you want is something that you can’t over process. And when you make marijuana cookies for example, the result is unbelievable.” Other processing products on the market get clogged in their housing and they break down. The handy thing about the Masha for processing marijuana is that it’s so quick and easy to clean. The Masha does not get sticky and clogged with resin.

high-power ROTOR-CONE technology, advanced ergonomics and an easy-clean design with a low-speed plastic rotor and integrated mesh sieve to gently and effectively mash or blend foods such as potatoes, cookie and cake mixes, guacamole, baby food, pastry dough and much more without leaving lumps, or structurally changing the composition of the ingredients, unlike bladed products such as an immersion blender. The Masha, is becoming a fast favorite among the medical marijuana chefs in the booming cannabis food movement now sweeping the country. On the Oaksterdam University campus in Oakland, California co-founding faculty member and author 64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

NEXGENStore’s Blenda is an incredible product that’s coming down the pipeline. “I looked at blenders and they were just getting cheaper and President cheaper in the marketplace, and they were just becoming crap," Ian Pasalich states Pasalich. "Basically if someone put those really thick mixes in them, it would rip the thing apart. I said the trouble is that Vitamix and Blendtech are great blenders, but they are like $600. The other problem is that they don’t have glass jugs; they’re so bulky and you also couldn’t detach the bottom and wash all the parts. With the Blenda you can. Ours is the same specs; ours is 21,000 rpms at the top and 5,000 rpms at the bottom, but it has the glass jug and it’s compact. Not only that, it has an aluminum die-cast base. It’s just an amazing, fantastic product. And it will go for $199 retail." For more information, demonstrations videos and images, or to order products visit NEXGENStore.com or call 888-985-9929.

A Special Offer for Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine Readers

refresh. renew. revive.

10% OFF

Call Today and Book Your Spa Day

775.853.6600 steamboatsprings.org

16010 S. Virginia St. 2 mi South of Mt Rose Hwy on Old 395 Reno TahoeUS Tonight 65


Text Courtney Meredith & Elizabeth Grimm Photos Harmony Hilderbrand

A Twist of Lyme

A story of love, hope and awareness

Elizabeth Grimm was born and raised in Minden, Nevada a typical, healthy, all-American girl with aspirations in graphic design and a bright future ahead. In 2009 Elizabeth married her high school sweetheart Justin, a recent Firefighter/ Paramedic graduate from Northern Nevada Fire Academy, and on November 9, 2010 their lives took a twist in an unexpected direction when together they began a fight for Elizabeth’s life against Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella and a handful of other parasites.

truth of all my weird symptoms actually having a name.”

When asked what her life was like prior to her diagnosis Elizabeth replied, “I honestly am the poster child of who should have never acquired Lyme disease--but I did. I was a wife, mom to two dogs, had a full-time job and all of a sudden I was sleeping about 14-18 hours each day. I had been to many doctors in the northern Nevada area and no one knew what I had. They gave me answers like it was all in my head, or I needed to take medicine to manage all of my bizarre symptoms. I would take seven pills each day and two to three of them had side effects that sometimes did more harm than help. For so many years I was going by the ‘fake it ’til I make it’ motto, and now I had the amazing

Lyme Disease is best described as a bacterium infection called Borrelia burgdorferi (buh-REEL-euh burg-DOR-fe-ree) that is commonly spread to humans by the bite of an infected tick. Symptoms can begin with a distinctive rash and flulike reactions, and can quickly progress into a more serious disease with complications affecting other body organs and possibly the nervous system. But symptoms do not always show up the same way in every patient.

66 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Lyme Disease is an awful diagnosis and is one of the many invisible illnesses that exist in our world today. Each year, approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme Disease are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But this number does not reflect every single documented case of Lyme Disease that occurs in the United States--which could be closer to an estimate of 200,000 cases.

Shortly after Elizabeth’s diagnosis she was forced to quit her job and stay home while her husband was in school and working 60+ hours each week

to keep the medical bills at bay and food on the table. Elizabeth spent most of that first month in the bathroom or in bed. She lost 10 pounds almost right away and was so weak she couldn’t shower on her own and barely consumed food on her own. The doctor ordered for Elizabeth to receive her first picc line (a line that is inserted by a radiologist in the inside of her arm with a 40cm line that goes near her heart) and this allowed her medicine to bypass her stomach so she could eat food more regularly

“I don’t believe there is one correct way to beat Lyme Disease, but I do believe that in order for a treatment to work you need to believe in your doctor and your treatment 100%,” she notes. “Your brain is a very powerful tool that will aid in your treatment, along with medications, diet, homeopathic supplements and detox tools. Doubt of any sort will only hurt you and ultimately cost you a lot of time and money.” After enduring over three years and five months of continuous and intense medications and detoxing, nearly 1,218 days of constant nausea, exhaustion, and feeling awful (along with a few moments of utter joy), Elizabeth can now say she is nearly Lyme free. With her final treatment completed and officially five weeks post-treatment Elizabeth is looking towards the future of starting a family and finally living the life she deserves. Why is five weeks significant? The growth of the Lyme bacteria is slow, so if she still has an active infection, five weeks will allow for enough time for the bugs to replicate and show-up with various symptoms. “One day, I’d like to finish my college education that was impossible for me to complete with all my health complications; continue the graphic design program I was in before my diagnosis; pursue marketing and communications; become a nurse; publish a book and fight for Lymies all around the world,” says Grimm.

Elizabeth fully committed herself to treatment and followed every diagnosis her doctor provided, including: IV antibiotics, IV hydration, oral antibiotics and supplements (70+ each day), exercise, therapy, EMDR, creating art, going glutenfree, dairy-free, pork-free, seafood-free; not letting her heart race and sleeping a lot. With the help of her family, Elizabeth set out to decrease all types of stress, including financial, emotional and relational. Employing alternative modalities like constant detoxing; lots of enemas; using a hyperbaric chamber and, most importantly, being gentle with herself while trusting in her spirituality and not being too hard on herself for making mistakes or sleeping through medicine doses. When asked how she has survived this horrific disease, Elizabeth replies by saying she picked the doctor whose methodology and protocols she trusted the most and she stayed with them for her entire treatment of three and a half years. Grimm also references the book, Insights Into Lyme Disease that provided incredible resources on doctors who devote their lives to treating patients with Lyme Disease and other tick-borne infections.

Lyme Disease is similar to cancer in the sense that Elizabeth will always be sensitive to the disease reappearing and affecting her life through re-infection. She can also run the risk of passing Lyme onto her children. But as of now, Elizabeth and her husband Justin are no longer living their lives at the hands of Lyme Disease. “I am all about education and telling people about Lyme Disease who are newly diagnosed that they are not alone,” Grimm states. “I wish I could take away this disease from our world and eliminate the chance for anyone else to suffer with it. But unfortunately, I can’t do that. So I am doing my best to help fellow Lymies and their families along this journey. One thing I do to help this is raise awareness with my decal stickers, blog, and being open and honest on social media,” Grimm says. Elizabeth Grimm is the owner of Twistoflyme.net a blog that documents her personal, life-altering journey through Lyme Disease. Grimm also designs apparel and merchandise that goes towards the awareness and education of Lyme Disease.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 67

68 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 69

Feature Photographer Ted Varney Text Oliver X



ed Varney shoots his soul. The images he captures are as reflective on, as they are celebratory of, common folk, irony, adventure, the lost and the immense

70 Reno Tahoe Tonight

beauty his camera finds in nature. Varney’s recurring contributions to the publication have allowed us to reconnect with a part of our region’s visual narrative that has long been underserved in our pages. Reno Tahoe Tonight 71

Feature Photographer Ted Varney

72 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 73

Feature Photographer Ted Varney

74 Reno Tahoe Tonight


I started shooting photos when I got back from Iraq

in 2005 as a way to relax and tap into some creative


and possibly healing energy. Over the years

photography has grown into a full time passion

and way of life. It has become a document of my journey home. A document of the relationship I have with the world, the people in it, and

the things that make my life, if not always wonderful, at the very least interesting.

– Ted Varney

Reno Tahoe Tonight 75

Food Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Laughing Planet CafĂŠ Moves Outside of Portland Again, With New Locations Underway in Bend, Reno, and Lake Oswego

76 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Laughing Planet Café, the Portlandbased chain of restaurants known for its quick-service dining model and delicious burritos, bowls, soups, salads, smoothies, and more, is pleased to announce construction on three new locations, including Lake Oswego, Bend, and Reno, Nevada. The new locations bring the company’s unit count to fourteen total, with the additional restaurant planned for the Lake Oswego community, just outside of Portland, this summer. Looking to fulfill the demand for healthy, locally sourced, and affordable food that comes in a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and meat-based options, Laughing Planet has selected the more distant expansion cities of Bend and Reno for a number of reasons, including detailed research in both areas, as well as the core constituency that tends to favor the restaurant’s approach to food. With key partners in both cities, Laughing Planet will leverage the experience of area representatives to develop relationships with vendors in each city, fulfilling the brand’s promise to support, develop, and sustain local economies in as broad a way as possible. The third new location in Lake Oswego will be serviced by the restaurant’s centrally located Portland commissary, following the hub and spoke delivery model of the chain. Laughing Planet in Reno, Nevada – With a new location set to open early this summer in the midtown area of Reno, local restaurateur and town hero Tim Healion has been tapped as the new Laughing Planet district representative. With his background as co-owner of the famed and quirky restaurant Deux GrosNez, and his years of experience serving healthy,

organic food, Healion has already started making waves in Reno’s news outlets. Laughing Planet opens its first Reno location at 650 Tahoe Street alongside a hub that will eventually support up to four restaurants in the market. All three new locations in Lake Oswego, Reno and Bend will feature the same menu as the existing restaurants in Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene – locally sourced bowls, salads, burritos, all-fruit smoothies, an organic green juice bar, and the best micro-brews available on tap.

About Laughing Planet Café Laughing Planet Café is a quick-service restaurant that offers fresh, healthy, and affordable food, using locally sourced, organic ingredients and globally inspired flavors. The menu includes a wide variety of burritos, bowls, salads, soups, quesadillas, smoothies, organic green juices, freshly baked desserts, and more. Diners will find tons of vegan and vegetarian options, a family friendly environment, and restaurant management that is committed to the neighborhood and to local food growers. In 2013, Laughing Planet received The Nature Conservancy’s Nature’s Plate Award, given to Oregon’s Top Green Restaurant. To serve a healthy, laughing planet: that’s their mission, and why they do what they do. Laughing Planet in Reno 650 Tahoe Street Reno, NV 90509

Reno Tahoe Tonight 77

78 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Illustration Words and images Pan Pantoja

I’m just gonna come out and say it…

I’m splitting with my wife of 13 years.

Art has given & taken everything I am…

It’s ripping me apart.

I have come this far only to realize I’m alone.

What is wrong with me? Reno Tahoe Tonight 79

Live! Sevendust’s Morgan Rose Words and photos Tony Contini


Sevendust is an insanely ritualistic and spiritual bunch. Before each show they hug each other and meticulously exchange mantras to raise energies and ignite kinship; the same sequence of back pats, I love you’s and tear it ups to the same person, every night. And if the superstitious ceremony is screwed up in any way, they know something bad is going to happen. Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose says he's nothing special. When he was young, Tommy Lee's talent and antics aimed his sights at rock stardom, but he scorned that pursuit soon after.

Rose never practices. He doesn't even warm-up. He's forgotten all his rudiments and hasn't practiced reading music in years. There was a point in their acoustic set at the Knitting Factory in Reno where he adjusted his earpiece mic for upwards of 30 seconds while maintaining the beat flawlessly with one hand. Rick Allen would be proud. "We play so much that when we stop playing I don't wanna see a drum set," Rose said. "I have six or seven kits and they're in boxes." Even at acoustic shows, Rose slams his cymbals as hard as he did playing "Black" in 1997. "I don't go up there with brushes and a baffle in front of me," Rose said. "I play as hard as I do at a heavy show." Rose has warm memories of Reno--from playing countless sets here and in neighboring Sparks--to Chino from Deftones hanging out after a day of snowboarding. Their most recent stop promoted their newest acoustic release, "Time Travelers & Bonfires," an album that took on a life of its own. "This started off as a little novelty," Rose said. "Something to give back to our people. Something to get them close to us during the recording process... it turned into an album cycle." They booked the acoustic tour for a second and third leg. Sevendust paired with PledgeMusic, a direct-to-fan music platform, for the release. The acoustic album has six new songs; six fan favorites. The fans 80 Reno Tahoe Tonight

involved could vote on what they wanted to hear. By pledging, fans get the album and the opportunity to meet the band at one of 10 pledge dinners, or watch a private house show. Some of the band’s acoustic remakes are simply stripped-down looks at the metal versions; others are completely reworked. Sevendust formed 20 years ago. Much of their new material is centered-around mature themes: losing family members, kinship between friends and families. Rose cited "The Wait" as the heart of the album, a song that hits home for the whole group. Rose recalled pictures of himself breaking down in the studio while listening.


"It became universal," Rose said. "This one is about waiting for the inevitable, when someone is not well and it's terminal. It took a while for me to even listen to the song." Well-channeled emotion and cohesion has helped the Georgia metal band stay relevant through the years. Rock with mass appeal has never been their aspiration or skill set. Rose remembers being jealous of [other] band's songs being blared in football stadiums. He even tried to write more anthemic songs for a larger demographic. He joked that he couldn't show his band mates those "Who Let the Dogs Out-esque" jams for fear of getting hit by a guitar.

"A lot of people wanna drink beer and have a good time--I'm one of them," Rose said. “And I like those songs... I just don't write them. Everything we write is life experience, we just can't relate." Rose's advice for aspiring musicians is “always watch your business; success can hide the corruption of the industry. Also, make sure you really like the people you're playing with.� "We wanted to make sure when we did play, we hugged each other, and when we got done we could go hang out together."

Reno Tahoe Tonight 81

Happy Hour, 3pm-6pm 7 days a week! Includes: 1/2 off all Draft Beers $5 Specialty Drinks $5 Wines

82 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 83

Local Business

Photos courtesy of The Find


84 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Stephanie Angold is owner of The Find, located at 4865 Longley Lane #D. 775.322.3463.


estled off Longley Lane, behind lush trees, The Find is exactly what it implies: a find. Chances are if you’ve been there, you were looking for it; it is not one of those shops you just happen across. The furniture store has called Longley home for 9 years now--and couldn’t have picked a more fitting spot. Owner Stephanie Angold is proud of the eclectic style she has, as she handpicks all of it. She gives us the scuttlebutt on how it slowly morphed from a wood-focused furniture shop to what it is now. Reno Tahoe Tonight: What provoked you to open a furniture store? Stephanie Angold: I worked and owned a couple small boutiques that focused on clothing, jewelry and home accessories, but then wanted to go into the furniture business. Years ago, I was looking for a specific table and couldn’t find it locally. I realized there was an opportunity to provide designer furniture in our area…so, here I am! Reno Tahoe Tonight: What products and styles do you carry? Stephanie Angold: I would describe our furniture as old world; think Pottery Barn-esque or Restoration Hardware-ish. We also have custom upholstery and home design available. Our newest addition to the store is the REM Sleep Solution Mattress that’s ideal for athletes and overall health. The design relieves body pressure points when you sleep - I can’t put into words how much it has impacted my sleep!

We also carry jewelry and clothing. Love Heals jewelry line is hand cast sterling with semi-precious stones. And our clothing is casual and lounge wear from a few different brands (Peace Love World, PJ Salvage, Alp n Rock). Reno Tahoe Tonight: Your store is off the beaten path; did you choose that location on purpose? Stephanie Angold: Most definitely. I know that sounds odd. Who in their right mind would choose a location that doesn’t deliver a lot of foot traffic and is considered “out of the way”? I would do it again. Foot traffic doesn’t sell pieces of furniture, maybe a cup of coffee, but not larger purchases. When people walk in our door, they are there looking for something in particular, not just to kill some time. Reno Tahoe Tonight: So what is a hot trend with home design right now? Stephanie Angold: Flashes of color are big right now, which is to be expected in the spring and summer. Since most people don’t buy new furniture for each season, throw blankets and pillows to add accent colors are the common way to add the new trend. The season does implicate certain buying trends, right now we sell more linen furniture and in the fall we sell more leather. Faux fur is also a big trend in throw pillows for bedding and living room. What I really would love to see come more into style is more color in rooms, monochromatic rooms are only so interesting.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 85

86 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Take Your Talent to the Next Stage!

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Take 2 students have appeared in National Print Publications, National Commercials, TV & Film as well as on Broadway. Reno Tahoe Tonight 87

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New Music

Text Oliver X Photo of Liam Kyle Cahill – Tony Contini

Liam Kyle Cahill The Key To Happiness There are few singer-songwriters who perform with the unbridled joy and abandon that Liam Kyle Cahill does. Cahill’s new LP The Key To Happiness has the earnest and exuberant self-reflective didacticism of a 26 year-old whose creative wanderlust is anchored by good values, a college degree and a penchant for witty lyrical narratives. When Cahill entered Tom Gordon’s Imirage Studios intending to spend a small fortune to pursue his recording dream, capturing the intensity and dynamic range of his live acoustic shows may or may not have been a stated goal—but the team delivered on that difficult task in spades. This conveyance and energy was facilitated in part by no less than twenty of the region’s most notable musicians, including Tim Snider on violin, Mark Sexton on Hammond, Rhodes and piano, Dan Ruben on drums and bass, and Lucas Young on backing vocals--assisted by Gordon’s exceptional ears behind the console. Cahill’s vocals and songwriting prowess shine throughout the thirteen-song LP, and he clearly has fun on this record. His tongue-in-cheekiness and clever word play peppers the record delightfully. On track 4 “Don’t Call Me Charlie Part 1,” Cahill sings “There’s a plank in my I-dentity/We all see what we want to see” [phonetic emphasis added], which is a reference to the new testament verse in Matthew 7:5 about hypocrisy. In that same song, when Cahill sings “It’s not an ocean of jealous/It’s just a little, jealoussea” [phonetic emphasis added] I chortled audibly. And finally, as if my sides weren’t already splitting enough, Cahill drops this nugget, “Time flies when you’re throwing clocks.” I swear I heard a rim shot and then Ed McMahon shouted “Heyoooo!” from the fucking grave. For me, Cahill gets to the meat of the record from track six on, and the title track “The Key To Happiness,” sets the table for what becomes a remarkably memorable recording. Produced, recorded, and mixed by the aforementioned Tom Gordon; mastered impressively by Scott Hull from Masterdisk in New York City and co-produced by Dan Ruben, The Key To Happiness goes far in solidifying Cahill as an artist to watch in 2014 and beyond.

Jelly Bread – Lessons Learned Funk impresarios Jelly Bread make sure audiences can have that intimate R-rated sexiness, while sweating out grooves on the dance floor in plain sight, and without shame. The popular national touring act’s new five-song EP titled Lessons Learned is a ripper that will satisfy music fans and dance enthusiasts of all ilks. Lovers of funk and 70’s soul will be elated, as the JB crew, made up of drummer/vocalist Cliff Porter, guitarist/vocalist Dave Berry, keyboardist/talkbox/vocalist Eric Matlock and bassist/vocalist Dante Orlando mix their inimitable brand of high desert twang (“home”), with a heaping plate of steaming funk to cure all ills, while putting your backfield in motion (“personal”). It was hard to pick a favorite on this gem of an EP, but my vote goes to “diggin’ on a groove,” which reminded me of James Brown’s version of “Too Funky in Here” if Roger Troutman was singing it with Rick James on backup vocals. Dave Berry’s guitar licks and Dave Richards’ stellar horn arrangements accented the groove. I heard Cliff Porter doing that funky Bootsy flava thang loud and clear on the vamp. Stanky sickness gentlemen, stanky sickness! Jelly Bread recently bought a shiny new Mercedes Benz touring van to fulfill a busy summer festival itinerary, and before they embark on their multi-city national tour, catch them June 13 for their Reno Record Release show at the newly opened Cargo inside the Whitney Peak Hotel. www.jellybread.net Reno Tahoe Tonight 89


Tangled Tides Photographer Calvin Hobson Models Heather and Dana Foltz Hair and Makeup Ember Lee Rigging and Safety Kurt Gale

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Radio Text Chip Evans Photo Debbie McCarthy

Can We Talk…Politics? Listen, learn and prepare to cast your ballot!

Election season is here! Radio can be a great help in getting to know the issues and becoming familiar with candidates. In our polarized nation, talking politics has become a blood sport, leaving friendships and family gatherings in tatters. One contributing factor is the devotion by many to political talk radio used, as recent academic studies report, not so much to become informed as to reinforce already held beliefs. Nationally syndicated conservative talk radio dominates the airwaves. The Talker’s Magazine 2014 Heavy Hundred top five includes familiar names: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck--righties all. There are conflicting explanations for this given the nation as a whole votes more liberal than conservative. One allegation is that liberal talk just doesn’t sell to the crowd that most listens to radio. Others say there’s so much conservative talk radio simply because corporate media owners are more conservative. So what are we doing at “The Home of Community Radio” about on-air political discussion in northern Nevada? America Matters Media is not a single radio station--it’s a production company with multiple local radio outlets and the internet for its programming. This allows us to do something rather unique in modern radio: we produce shows that span a good portion of the political spectrum. We seek to mirror the diverse views of our community. We like the idea that we’ve got something for everyone-- conservatives, liberals and those rarest of all, the folks who seek to understand the views of people that don’t think like they do. We are thrilled that over a dozen local Democratic, Republican and non-partisan candidates used America Matters Media shows to make the initial public announcements of their candidacies. Here’s a list of current political talk shows from America Matters Media.

Across The Aisle, episodic Hosts vary Put up your dukes between a righty and a lefty America Matters Thursdays 1-2PM on KRNG 101.3FM, Saturdays 6:30PM on KKFT 99.1FM Hosts Steve Ausie, Theresa Catalani Conservative talk focused largely on national issues The Chip Evans Show Mondays 12:30-3PM on KRNG 101.3FM Host Chip Evans Liberal talk focused on local, state and national issues Conversations From The Capitol Thursdays 11AM-1PM on KRNG 101.3FM, Saturdays 3PM and Sundays 3AM on KKFT 99.1FM Hosts Assemblyman Jim Wheeler and State Senator Dan Gustavson Conservative talk focused on state and national issues National Freedom Forum Thursdays 2-3PM on KRNG 101.3FM, Saturdays 7PM on KKFT 99.1FM Host Joe Moribito Conservative talk focused on state and national issues Come to the studio and get behind a mic or join the studio audience at the Reno Town Mall for any of these shows. Listen online at www.americamatters. us. During the shows, follow the posts and send in your questions and comments to the America Matters Media Facebook page or to our LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. Call ins welcome at 775.827.8900 or toll free at 855.790.8255. Send text messages to 775.557.5120 or email questions and comments to Talk@americamatters.us. Shows are also heard on the TuneIn Radio app for smartphones.

Want us to promote your business?

If you are a local business owner, you have no better friend than AMM. Give us a call and let us help you reach our listeners. Chip Evans General Manager, America Matters Media Chip@AmericaMatters.us 855.790.TALK, 775.827.8900 www.americamatters.us Reno Tahoe Tonight 99


Text Amanda Horn Photos Brad Horn Brad Horn Photography

[radius] = cinema, redefined


find a twisted irony in a world so densely saturated with media that it can often be difficult to find anything at all to watch. Or at least anything worth watching. Cable is expensive and overloaded with garbage. Relying solely on Netflix to satisfy my eclectic tastes often leaves me wanting. I miss the days of going to the local independent video rental store and finding a gem. Worse, I miss the public, shared experience of going to an arthouse theater and viewing a cinematic classic or a small budget, stellar film, the kind that makes me want to quit my day job and abandon all caution to pursue an indie acting career. When I lived in Austin, Texas many years ago such an experience was commonplace. I took it for granted. Now, our ability to make the movie-watching experience more ubiquitous has damaged the shared art of cinematic wonder.

100 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Fortunately I am not alone in my thirst for arthouse films. In 2007, the Nevada Museum of Art took its first stab at bringing an artful movie experience to Renoites. The Museum worked with a film distribution company whose demands were monetarily taxing for the nonprofit. That, combined with the economic downturn of 2008, put the idea to bed for a bit. Last year Colin Robertson, Charles N. Mathewson Curator of Education for the Nevada Museum of Art, gave it another go. He collaborated with the Great Basin Film Society, Artemisia MovieHouse, and Nevada Humanities to bring the international Global Lens series to the Museum’s Wayne and Miriam Prim Theater. The program’s success garnered the support of Lynn Bremer-and the Mary Bremer Foundation she administers--who wanted to help Robertson find ways to bring more films to the Museum, and increase community

access to unusual, independent, and small production films. “Filmmaking as an art form is having fewer and fewer venues available for distribution and presentation,” said Robertson. “The expensive business of filmmaking is cost prohibitive to these smaller indie films. This is an effort to stem that tide a little bit.” As education curator, Robertson constantly seeks out ways to enrich the exhibition experience for visitors. Cinema helps do that in a way no other medium can. In the last couple of months he has brought films as diverse as Musicwood, a documentary about guitar makers trying to save a North American rainforest, and Redwood Highway, a small movie starring senior actors that gained significant attention on the film festival circuit. Robertson regularly conducts 5 am Google searches to discover what limited, newer release films are out there that will fit into the Museum’s programming themes. Sometimes exhibitions warrant historical films, such as this month’s

nod to early 20 th-century Mexico with the 1943 classic María Candelaria, the first Mexican film to be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival, where it won the Grand Prix Prize. Since August 2013 the Museum has consistently shown at least two films a month, movies you won’t see anywhere else in Reno. The Great Basin Film Society and Artemisia, jointly known as Artemisia MovieHouse, have also increased the consistency with which they offer cinematic meaning-making experiences to the public. Arthouse is definitely on the rise in the Biggest Little City, but we still have space to grow. “There’s a shortage of these venues in Reno, despite the good work of the Great Basin Film Society and Artemisia,” Robertson said. “There’s room for a lot of independent cinema in this community. The more of it, the better!” In June and July, the Museum is showcasing four films from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema to complement Picturing Mexico: Alfredo Ramos Martínez, in addition to two other interpretive masterpieces. Films cost only $7 / $5 for Museum members and are typically shown at 3 pm on varying Sunday afternoons. Visit NevadaArt. org for a complete listing. The Artemisia MovieHouse screens movies most Tuesday nights at 7 pm at Good Luck Macbeth Theater, 713 S. Virginia Street. Find more info at ArtemisiaMovies.org.

Amanda Horn is a Reno-based writer, yogini, and creative community enthusiast. A former circus performer, she has been pushing boundaries most of her life, constantly redefining her own and testing the radius of the world she inhabits. She currently serves as Director of Communications for the Nevada Museum of Art. Follow her on Twitter @TeboHorn or email her at amanda.horn@nevadaart.org. Reno Tahoe Tonight 101

Magazi ne

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Text Michelle Haryasz Photo Courtesy of Reno Computer Fix

Reno Computer Fix Avoiding Phishing and Vishing Sure, you know better. You’re intelligent, somewhat internet-savvy, and certainly weren’t born yesterday. But the truth is, anybody can make a mistake, and the folks behind the scams are getting increasingly savvy and subtle. With phishing, fake emails attempt to lure you in. We’re seeing less “Nigerian princes” and “Bill Gate/ Microsoft will send you money if you forward this” in the inbox these days. Newer scams are not nearly that obvious, and most people are most susceptible than they believe. In a paper presented at the 2013 International Human Factors and Ergonomics Society titled, Keeping Up With the Joneses: Assessing Phishing Susceptibility in an E-mail Task these stats were startling: “Although 89% of the participants indicated they were confident in their ability to identify malicious e-mails, 92% of them misclassified phishing e-mails.” (https://www.hfes.org/) Yikes! Some of this may be attributed to the fact that many of the newer phishing emails look like legit messages from your bank, shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.), Microsoft, or social networking sites. They want you to click a link in the message, which will take you to a sign in page, where they can then get you to just hand over your personal info. An email might show an actual organization’s real logo, phone number and format--and still be fake! A good forgery is still a forgery. What upsets many of

us security-conscious types is that some banks and other organizations still put links in their emails. It isn’t best practice to encourage people to click links in emails--and they should know better. Even if you have every reason to believe an email is real, be safe! Don’t use the links provided; type the actual address you need into the address bar. Links could be anything, not necessarily what’s displayed! We’ve recently had increases in the number of customers reporting vishing activity. Vishing, or voice phishing, is when a call comes in claiming to be someone it’s not. Every few months there’s a surge in the number of people getting calls from “Microsoft” or “Windows” about problems with their system. It’s a scam. Don’t talk with these people; don’t give them any of your info, just get off the phone. (Unless you’re one of those IT people who love to string them along. Then, though I don’t officially condone playing with the scammers… have fun.) As always, we are glad to provide a no-cost, no-obligation initial analysis, on your desktop PC, Mac, MacBook, or laptop PC. We’ll spend time with you when you bring it in and time with you when you pick it up, so that you’re involved in the process and become a happier, more confident user. Reno Computer Fix is located at 1170 South Wells Open 10 am to 6 pm, Monday-Friday, and noon to 4 pm on Saturday. Give us a call at (775) 996-0212, or check us out online at www.renocomputerfix.net or on Facebook Remember: Don’t Suffer In Silence!

Michelle Haryasz is the Reno Computer Fix Quarter Master.

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RiverWalk Report Text Britton Douglas Photo Courtney Meredith

Little District. Big Startups. The RiverWalk District, once known for its antique stores and entertainment, is now seeing new growth as a home for startup companies. So much so that First Street has been dubbed “StartUp Row.” Crazytooth Studios, a company focused on designs and animations for the gaming industry (and who recently released the mobile game URP!) moved into the Palladio building in 2012 and shortly thereafter the Reno Collective, a co-working space for entrepreneurs, creatives and technologists planted themselves up the street in Arlington Towers. Since then a domino effect of new companies has continued and First Street has grown into StartUp Row welcoming other companies like Inqiri, Pinnocio, GirlMade, Trainer Road, Bheard and EasyKeeper to the area. Add this to the collection of restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, housing and other activities, and the RiverWalk District has become a true urban

center where people can live, work and play. Locals can walk to work, eat at the restaurants, enjoy the river, and take part in the monthly Wine Walk on the weekend. Vince Griffith, a supportive Startup Row landlord says, “Startups are working to benefit downtown and its economic redevelopment; meanwhile Reno is seeking companies and a workforce that put us on the map. Together they are changing outside perceptions of Reno and our ability, potential and qualifications to do business on a global scale. We helped get these companies started in the RiverWalk District by providing flexible rent rates, escape clauses and credit requirements.” The RiverWalk District and StartUp Row create a perfect business environment, and together, they are bringing economic growth, job creation and life back to Reno. Go take a stroll in the RiverWalk District along StartUp Row and see what's brewing; you'll be surprised what you find in the Biggest Little City. Learn more about the Reno Riverwalk District at www.RenoRiver.org or call 775-825-WALK. Reno Tahoe Tonight 105

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Sound Photo Chris Holloman

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Pictured from left: Ray Silva Producer, Engineer, Systems Integrator, Instructor. (Ice Cube, Herbie Hancock, Richard Marks); Dr. Lawrence Davis Owner, Producer, Engineer. (Lee Greenwood, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie); Tom Gordon Manager, Producer, Engineer, Instructor. (Dr. Dre, Ozzy, Beach Boys, Boyz II Men); Chris Fogel owner of Hyperion Sound. (U2, Aerosmith, Alanis Morrisette, Cheryl Crow, Michael Jackson); Alan Griffith Producer, Engineer. (Mike Love, CCR, Dillinger Escape Plan).

I m i r ag e S o u n d L a b C e l e b r at e s I n sta l l at i o n o f H i sto r i c Console for its with Open House!


mirage Sound Lab in Sparks (formerly Axe Trax) celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, making it Nevada's longest-running Commercial Recording Studio. The studio has been owned the entire time by Dr. Lawrence Davis, who is also one of the nation's leading Chiropractors. In honor of the anniversary, Imirage acquired a new recording console, a classic Euphonix CS-2000, 72 Input digitally controlled analog console, steeped in history. The desk was purchased from Chris Fogel of Hyperion Sound in Los Angeles. Mr. Fogel is one of Hollywood's leading film music mixers who has recorded the music for films including: The Wolf of Wall Street, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Turbo, Miss Congeniality, Charlie's Angels and dozens more. Imirage Head Engineer Tom Gordon and Mr. Fogel both grew up in Reno in the 80's, meeting at the Lake Tahoe Music Camp while in high school and have kept in touch ever since. While at Hyperion Mr. Fogel did the following films on the desk: K-PAX, Reign of Fire, Old School, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Dodgeball, Starsky and Hutch, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Miss Congeniality 2, The Devil Wears Prada, Idiocracy, Blades of Glory, Tropic Thunder, Jennifer's Body, The Year One, I Love You, Man,

The Wolfman, Community, Arthur, The Campaign and more. Other work done on the desk includes albums for Alanis Morrisette, Seal, Robbie Robertson, The Urge and Jose Gonzalez. The owner previous to Mr. Fogel was John Tesh, new age pianist and former host of Entertainment Tonight. With the new desk came entire system integration by Ray Silva who has commissioned many facilities ranging from Paramount Pictures, Fox, and Warner Brothers for shows like Frasier, Dharma & Greg and Entertainment Tonight. As always Imirage has the best of Analog and Digital recording systems, a massive mic closet, a 9' Steinway and loads of cool noisemakers and toys. We do music production, mastering, remote recording, consultation, audio post for film and TV, forensic audio and two recording classes. Come see and hear for yourself! Wednesday night June 25, 2014 we're having an open house on from 5pm to 10pm. We’ll have gear mic’d up for some impromptu jams and recordings! For bookings contact: Tom Gordon tom@inspired-amateur.com (775) 358-7484 Reno Tahoe Tonight 107

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Text Tessa Dee Miller Photo Jocelyn Noel

The Nest Fixer-upper and lover of things old and interesting. Reno enthusiast and owner of The Nest, an urban boutique filled with vintage and mid-century modern furniture, clothing and decor. I’m Tessa Dee Miller, and I’m pleased to meet you.

I am passionate to the core about what I do. I don’t see it as just a job; it’s the way that I live and the lens through which I see the world. When you walk into my store, you are essentially walking into my home. Here I seek out landfill-bound furniture and bring it back to life with new upholstery or a coat of paint. I seek out relics that have become archaic because of our rapidly evolving lifestyles (rotary phones and record players, anyone?) and give kids a quick glimpse into what life was like even a mere thirty years ago. I hope that an interest in these items will be revived, or at the very least, that people will be able recognize how far we’ve come. For those old enough to already appreciate these artifacts, I love to see the twinkle of nostalgia in their eye as they remember something dear to them from their childhood. I put ridiculous amounts of effort into making my shop a clean, organized, welcoming space that is so much more than a thrift store. I have already sifted through mountains of junk, then cleaned and repaired my hand-picked finds so that customers can waltz in and pick up these gems without any of the not-so-glamorous work--unless of course you’re a fellow DIYer--in which case, I have a whole section for you as well! I also love giving advice on how to pull together an outfit, or room on a budget by looking at things from a different, creative perspective.

Every month in this fine publication, I will be giving you a little behind-the-scenes of what I do in my store, as well as in the Reno-Tahoe neighborhood, to help build a more sustainable, healthy and communityoriented way of life. If this is new territory for you, join me in my musings and get started by shopping local or secondhand. If you allow me to pull out my soapbox for just a quick second, I’ll tell you that I do truly believe that we can change the world starting with just one repurposed piece of furniture or secondhand clothing. Once you see all of the benefits of using your purchasing power this way, you won’t be able to go back. Buying higher quality secondhand items that cost less than their newer counterparts is not only good for the environment, but you’ll also never have to worry about that expensive designer top shrinking in the dryer after you’ve only worn it once. If you’re down in my neck of the woods on the corner of Keystone and Second Street, stop in my mustardcolored building for a chat, or check out my blog at www.thenestreno.com. I hope that you enjoy following along in my DIY adventures! Love, Tes The Nest 201 Keystone Ave Reno, NV 89503 Mon – Sat 11am-6pm thenestreno@gmail.com (775) 284-8841 FB/Instagram/Twitter: @thenestreno Reno Tahoe Tonight 111


Text Lisa Rizzoli Photo Kai O’Connell

112 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Communication, Trust and Boundaries

Good communication is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship. How do we learn communication skills? I believe it begins with trust. In a recent workshop I co-facilitated in San Jose, we identified and discussed three areas of trust: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical. Spiritual Trust is the trust that we have in ourselves, in our intuition, and in our inner guidance. The voices in our head and the feeling in our “gut” are examples of this type of trust. When we follow the guidance, it leads us in a direction of ease and grace. Going against this guidance becomes a struggle. Meditation is a tool that allows us to connect with our intuition and insights without distractions of the analytical mind. We can learn to trust the guidance and follow the path of least resistance. Emotional Trust is first developed within ourselves and then with others. Feeling emotionally safe in a relationship allows us to go deeper into connection creating incredible bonds with another person. Knowing we can share our intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone who can hold space for us in a loving, non-critical, non-judgmental way brings willingness to grow and share in the relationship. Building this trust takes time and practice. We learn to be good listeners by quieting our minds, being present with our partner(s), and agreeing to listen to each other’s points of view. Knowing that we can listen and not react; that we can take a breath before responding, enables the communication process to deepen. Furthermore, strengthening one's ability to listen helps us to develop trust in ourselves. Physical Trust is believing that the physical body will be honored. Perhaps we have boundaries; do we honor them? Do we trust others to honor them? Can we push our edges and

know we are still safe? Again this is a practice; it takes time, awareness and effort to establish feelings of safety. We develop boundaries to provide ourselves with a safe, secure and protected container. When our boundaries are honored, by ourselves and others, we feel nurtured and secure. When our boundaries are crossed, we feel violated. Establishing boundaries with our partner(s) comes in the form of agreements. Taking a moment to really understanding the agreement so that we can honestly accept the terms is essential for the relationship. Most of us keep agreements we like; we tend to break agreements we don’t like. Remember: Agreements can be revisited and revised; they are not set in stone. Feel into your trust and communication skills; enhance your relationship and be open to the possibilities of deeper, more connecting, blissful love in your life. Lisa Rizzoli is an international bestselling author, advanced certified Tantra educator, certified spiritual sexual educator and founder of Tantra Sacred Loving and Embark Upon A Sacred Journey. Rizzoli has taught internationally in Bali, Dubai, Thailand as well as teaching with Tantra Master, Charles Muir. Rizzoli holds a BS in Elementary Education, ABD MA in Anthropology www.tantrasacredloving.com

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2 1 8 V AS S AR S T RE ET, REN O N V

775.324. 278 7


NE W HO URS! EW M on- S at a t 1 0 a m - 7 p m & S un 1 1 a m -6 p m Stunning Array of Handmade Glass Pipes From Award Winning Artists Je we Jew e lry lr y Ac c essor e sso r ie s & C loth lo th in g For Fo r Men & Wome Women n Full se Fu ll Line Lin e O f Wild Ber r y Han d mad e A mer me r ican I ncen ncense O ve r 15 0 Ar t Pr ints in ts & Poster s Reno Tahoe Tonight 115

The Light Factor Text Sean Savoy Photo Vic Crulich

The Fountain That Regenerates The Aged

“... I had actually demonstrated Einstein’s theory on the physiological level. I had succeeded in slowing down my watch to some degree, and there was evidence suggesting that my physiological processes were equally slowed down by my practicing of techniques inherent in what I had named ‘The System.’” – Gene Savoy (Sr.) My father’s experiments into sun gazing lead him to make that statement in chapter one of his popular book Project “X”: The Search 116 Reno Tahoe Tonight

for the Secrets of Immortality, published by Bobbs-Merrill some 35 years ago. The research he undertook was fascinating, to say the least. It involved, as the title of the book suggests, an inquiry into the proverbial fountain of youth. His search took him to South America where he vigorously investigated the Andes and Amazon for clues to unlock the secrets of longevity known to the Incas, in particular, who were described by Spanish explorers to have lived to great ages.

“Stories of the Inca king Huayna Capac provided one of my earliest clues to the puzzle,” he wrote. “The Inca looked straight into the sun with the naked eye, although he was admonished not to do so. ... the Inca continued to gaze at the brilliant orb and contemplate its nature.” Why were these so-called “children of the sun” able to look upon sunlight without harm while others, such as some yogins of India, would stare at the sun but eventually go blind (p. 7)? The work of the German physicist, philosopher, and psychologist, Gustav Fechner (1801–1887), also intrigued him. Fechner had stared at the sun, going blind, but eventually regained his sight. His experimentation resulted in his acquiring a new kind of vision by which he could see a force field around living things. This ability compelled Fechner to conclude that, as my father put it, “true freedom of any creature can only be found in the soul, whose awakening enables the individual to see life as it really is, not just as it appears” (p. 8). My father drew a connection between the solar viewing activities of Fechner and the Inca emperor. Merging the concept of sun gazing to gain expanded sight and insight with the theory of relativity postulated by Einstein — as exemplified by the idea that a clock transported to the sun would run at a slightly slower rate than on Earth — he set out to demonstrate by scientific application of ancient practices that one could transport oneself to the sun, thereby slowing down time. It took my father 10 years from his first viewing of the sun in 1945 to learn the secret of how to look into it for short periods of time without harming himself. Shortly thereafter he moved to Peru to continue his experiments into ancient solar science. But, according to his writings, his early investigations resulted in a reverse effect: he was gaining time instead of losing it at, as he put it, an alarming rate — aging rapidly rather than extending time! This experience resulted in high fevers and weakness of body. What he eventually discovered was that the absorption of solar energy into the nervous system via the eyes floods the human’s electromagnetic field. This field, and the body itself, becomes “saturated” with radiation, resulting in the types of fevers he experienced and in the speeding up of time, which, of course, is relative. The secret to slowing down time lay in “reflecting” or “emitting” the acquired energy outward by means of techniques to bring balance or, as he put it, polarization (p. 43). Once this is achieved, proper exposure to sunlight can result in the development of a sixth sense, a new “vision,” that causes a heightened consciousness and awareness and,

therefore, an expansion of self heavenward, so to speak. “If heaven exists,” my father posited, “if that other world spoken of by Christ is real, then it must hold some position in the scheme of things. ... Light/heat/radiation can be converted into matter, forming the material universe. ... The universe, being in a state of continual change, is transformed from light to matter and back again. Is it logical to assume that solar beings, like angels, fly upon wings of light and manifest themselves to man within the vision of his inner eye?” (p. 44). In the ancient and not-so-ancient Americas, hallucinations and altered states of mind have been achieved by the taking of narcotics like ayahuasca, chuchuhuasi, coca, and other hallucinogenic plants, such as the peyote mushroom or the huilca seed. Through The System outlined by my father over a half-acentury’s time, expanded inner vision without the degenerative effects of drugs to the brain and nervous system, can be achieved with proper use of the most ancient, affordable, and available natural product: the sun. Many explorers have set out on daring treks, risking life and limb, in search of the mythical and elusive fountain of youth that could “convert old men into boys.” Little did they know that the true treasure lay not in the mountains, jungles, or great waterways of the New World, but in the secret knowledge shared between the sun’s rays and man’s own vision. “Gold is the sweat of the sun...” – ancient Inca saying To learn more about “The System” and the ongoing Search for the Secrets of Immortality, Sean invites you to join him on Peru’s Sacred Places of Power Cultural Tour and Pilgrimage this summer. For more information, e-mail him at sean@xpeditions.org.

THE LIGHT FACTOR is a featured column on spirituality, consciousness, science, energy and adventures into the unknown. Sean Savoy is an ordained spiritual educator, explorer, radio personality, community advocate, writer, raconteur, and public speaker who lectures in the United States and abroad. www.seansavoy.com

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Tribute Text Sandy Shupe Photo Shannon Balazs



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EDITOR’S NOTE - THE PASSING OF ANY LIFE MAKES ONE PAUSE TO REFLECT ON ONE’S OWN LIFE BLESSING AND TO CHERISH THE MOMENTS WE HAVE TOGETHER ON THE PLANET WITH OUR LOVED ONES. RENO TAHOE TONIGHT PROVIDES A FORUM FOR COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO PAY TRIBUTE TO THOSE THEY LOVE AND HAVE LOST. HERE, WE ARE HONORED TO SHARE A MOTHER’S HEART, AS SANDY SHUPE REMEMBERS HER DAUGHTER LACEE. I had three miscarriages when I was married; I never thought I would be able to have children. I even carried one over five months. So when I got pregnant with Lacee, I held my breath. I had always wanted children. Her father chose not to be a part of our lives during my pregnancy. He couldn’t decide, so I told him I didn’t need the stress and didn’t want to lose another baby, and that if he wanted out he should leave and I would never ask anything of him again--even financially. So at around four months pregnant he was gone. I never heard from again. His loss. I had a perfect baby-healthy and beautiful. I used to put a mirror under her nose at night sometimes just to make sure she was breathing. I never did anything without her. I never dated. She was my life and if she was happy I was happy. Some thought I was wrong making it all about her, but I would do it all over the same way again.

was so overflowing with life and enthusiasm. She entered a room like a tornado, and left a wake behind her wherever she went. She was loud and energetic, excited, exciting, and excitable. Lacee was a force of nature and you ignored her at your own peril. I learned that I could count on her to keep her word, and I could depend on her to help out anyone in need. She had an impish smile and warm and giving heart that sometimes hid behind a rough exterior, but no one when she called a friend, ever had a truer friend. Her love for her mother and for animals, especially horses, was deep and undeniable. She gave back twice what she got, in so many ways." I could not have described Lacee any better than this. Oliver X: What are your fondest memories of her? Sandy Shupe: So many, I was always so proud of her, of the person she was as a child and the person she had grown into. She stood up for what she believed was right. She would still jump in my lap and give me a kiss and say ‘love ya mama’ at 22 years old. She was sooo funny! From watching her dance on stage at Lake Tahoe for 10 years, to training and riding her horse, I was always there. I used to love to watch her ride her horse, such a free spirit, it just warmed my heart. The way she was with her friends she was always there for them. She touched so many young and old.

Oliver X: How did Lacee lose her life?

Oliver X: How do I want people to remember her?

Sandy Shupe: She was murdered July 1, 2013, in the Cold Springs home she shared with two roommates. I was told with the impending trial coming up in July not to give details. I can say it was brutal and she was completely an innocent victim.

Sandy Shupe: Funny, loyal, honest, smart she was very smart. Beautiful girl inside and out. Country girl who loved and enjoyed life. Her smile. Her love for family, friends, and animals. She had passion and ambition and would have accomplished much. So sensitive to others needs.

Oliver X: How did she grow up and how did her life affect people?

Oliver X: How can the public help keep her memory close to their hearts?

Sandy Shupe: She had just graduated nail tech school in Reno. She had always loved animals and even worked for a horse vet in high school, she was only 22 yrs. old. She thought she could do nails and go back to school to become a vet tech.

Sandy Shupe: First by keeping her memory alive on the Justice for Lacee page on Facebook. There is also a Lacee Shupe FFA memorial scholarship fund through Douglas High School Gardnerville, Nevada. We gave out two scholarships this year and this is something I hope to do yearly to keep her memory alive.

The best way to describe Lacee’s effect on people was written by her JROTC teacher, MSG, US Army Retired Gary Collier: "Lacee was bright, vivid, and joyous. A Lucille Ball-kind of crazy redhead that Reno Tahoe Tonight 121

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