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Remembered During the past year, RENEW International said farewell to its founders. Monsignor Thomas A. Kleissler, on the right in this portrait—the first president and director of RENEW—died on February 2, 2021, and Monsignor Thomas P. Ivory died on October 7, 2020. The two Father Toms occupied neighboring offices more than 40 years ago when the movement that became RENEW originated as a ministry of the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey. In the photo at left, Father Tom Kleissler admires a tree that was planted in 2009 in front of RENEW headquarters in Plainfield, New Jersey to mark his 70th birthday. The tree as it looks today appears on the cover of this report.

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RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Year in Review “The only constant in life is change” according to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and the past year has certainly reminded all of us at RENEW how true these words are. For example, it became clear that greater use of digital platforms, which we had undertaken in response to the pandemic, would become an increasingly important part of our ministry. While personal contacts will always be essential to our relationships with dioceses, parishes, and individual Catholics, the potential impact of reaching out online via webinars, training sessions, learning communities, and virtual faith sharing, is enormous. We also witnessed a growing interest in our web-based sacramentpreparation program Baptism Matters, and we focused on developing Eucharist Matters, a similar resource for parents of children preparing to receive First Communion. These departures from our traditionally printbased ministry are part of our response to a changing society in which folks want information, with more visuals than words, and they want it where and when it’s convenient. The most profound changes RENEW has experienced comprised the retirement of several longtime staff members, the passing of our cofounders¬—Monsignors Tom Kleissler and Tom Ivory—and Sister Terry’s decision to step down from RENEW after 18 years of faithful service, including 10 years as President.


Change is constant, but RENEW has been about change since it was founded more than 40 years ago; RENEW has always been about inspiring new energy, new commitment, into the Church, and particularly into the Catholic laity and their parishes. So we leave behind a year marked by both trouble and opportunities, obstacles and innovations, and we look ahead to a year of new challenges and new ventures in ministry. As we continue our work, we rely as always on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and on the generosity and support with which you have sustained RENEW for more than four decades. Sincerely in Christ,

Sister Theresa Rickard, OP President & Executive Director

Eric Dill Chair, Board of Trustees


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Grateful Living Stewardship, as the Church uses that term today means receiving with gratitude God’s gifts—our lives, our families and friends, the Church, the earth itself—caring for those gifts responsibly, sharing them generously, and returning them, and then some, to God. It means building the kingdom of God in our families, communities, and parishes. That is the theme of Grateful Living: The Joy of Stewardship, a new small-group process developed by RENEW in partnership with the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. The process challenges small groups using a faith-sharing book written by noted Catholic author Leisa Anslinger, to engage the concept of stewardship and put it into practice. Grateful Living will be introduced this fall in the Diocese of Jefferson City, and it has already attracted the attention of other dioceses.


“Grateful Living will lead people to take steps on the stewardship journey as individuals and as people of faith in communities. That journey will result in those individuals and communities becoming more connected to Christ and more engaged in parish life.” Jim Kelley Director, Stewardship and Development Diocese of Charlotte


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Parish Catalyst

The mission of Parish Catalyst is to encourage Catholic leaders to think creatively, act courageously, and renew the Church, and that is what the past year inspired us to do. Parish Catalyst is an 18-month program that engages pastors and parish leaders in collaborative learning and strategic planning. During the most challenging time in our organization’s history, we adapted to the needs of the parishes we serve, creating new opportunities for renewal. In response to the pandemic, we produced 11 webinars, drawing our highest


registration numbers to date. To meet the ever-changing needs of parishes, we shifted our topics to address the issues they were facing, including “Reengaging the Parish,” “Innovations in Catechesis,” and “Lent and Easter Online.” One webinar had over 1,000 registrations from around the world. With travel restricted, we pivoted to virtual on-site workshops for parishes as well as two archdioceses. We completed two learning communities— shifting the final meetings to a virtual format. We also launched two new learning communities, including our first completely virtual learning community as well as our first diocesan-based learning community in our home Archdiocese of Newark. Our new parish program, Grateful Living: The Joy of Stewardship, currently being launched in the diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. integrates RENEW’s small-group process with a series of innovative workshops on stewardship for pastors and their staff—an approach we will continue as we engage more and more parishes. As we checked in with learning-community pastors, past and present, during the pandemic, the overwhelming response was the same. One pastor’s answer was typical: “Our staff is working harder than ever. We are exhausted, but parish engagement is high and giving is as good or better than it was pre-pandemic.” The success of our parishes during this global catastrophe has been astounding. Our process is meant to equip parish leaders for ongoing innovation and success, and that is exactly what we have found.


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

RENEW in Action Virtual RENEW The COVID-19 pandemic spurred individuals and organizations to find ways to keep in touch and RENEW was no exception, offering dozens of online presentations that we promoted through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many of these presentations addressed issues raised by the COVID virus, such Chris Lowney, center—author of RENEW’s faith-sharing program What, as how to organize small groups online. Me Holy?—joins RENEW President Sr. Terry Rickard and RENEW staff member Paul Krenzelok in a webinar based on the book. In December, we offered a free webinar that provided parishes with strategies to prepare for the potential challenges of the new year. In January, we presented a webinar entitled “Finding the Peace of God in Anxious Times,” in which a panel discussed means of dealing with insecurity, isolation, anxiety, and loss resulting from the pandemic. We offered free online faith sharing for Advent and Lent and, during Advent of 2020, faith sharing in English and Haitian Creole using Waiting with Joy, the new resource by Sister Donna Ciangio, OP. Sister Donna hosted an Advent webinar in October. We also offered an Advent reflection in Spanish. RENEW also invited participants to faith sharing with LIVE LENT! and on Earth Day, in April, we conducted an online prayer vigil for the planet. There was also online faith sharing with Dignity and the Death Penalty, Longing for the Holy, Creation at the Crossroads, At Prayer with Mary, and Matthew: Come Follow Me. Sister Helen Prejean, whose work inspired Dignity and the Death Penalty, appeared in a webinar in January, and there was a virtual small-group discussion series based on the book. Webinars and information sessions acquainted participants with RENEW programs including Small Groups 101, Parish Catalyst and Baptism Matters. Participation in these offerings was robust. For example, nearly 600 people registered for each of two Parish Catalyst webinars on re-engaging the parish, and some 478 registered to watch an interview with Sister Helen Prejean regarding Dignity and the Death Penalty. 8

Baptism Matters Baptism Matters—prepares parents and godparents—young adults who are key to the future of the Church—prepare for the baptism of a child, commit to raising that child in the Catholic faith, and becoming active members of the parish. The program includes online learning modules, faith-sharing materials for an in-person gathering, a social-media community for parents, an interview guide for parish mentors, and a plan to keep parents engaged with the parish. RENEW also began work in Eucharist Matters, a similar web-based program for parents whose children are preparing to receive First Communion. This program is being developed in a partnership with Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak, nationally-known Catholic counselors and radio personalities who help families live their faith at home, in the “domestic church.”

“My wife and I have had the pleasure of completing the online learning module, Baptism Matters, which we both found to be extremely well done: poignant, informative, compelling, and highly inspirational. … We found it to be perfectly balanced between teaching the spiritual/symbolic importance of the sacrament and the day-to-day roles we, as parents, must play in our domestic church. In addition, the order of themes and messages, and the sequence and variety of speakers was both engaging and logical.”

Ben Gillespie


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Be My Witness, ARISE The COVID pandemic disrupted most aspects of life including small groups that were faith sharing with one of RENEW’s core processes but, like RENEW itself, some groups weren’t easily discouraged and turned to virtual technology to continue meeting. Some examples: At Holy Trinity Parish in Whitestone, Queens, New York, groups that had begun the 12-session Be My Witness parish-renewal process used Zoom to continue meeting through the pandemic. “That … gave our parishioners a sense of contact with one another, said the pastor, Very Rev. Joseph R. Gibino, STM. “They were able to meet, share ideas, and feel connected, and also share their personal experience of going through lockdown and quarantine.” Meanwhile, St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish in Jamaica, Queens, resumed its Be My Witness meetings in person after a hiatus. As the pandemic persisted, some parishes were not willing to wait for an “all clear” before beginning ARISE Together in Christ, the five-season process that enables people to deepen their faith, develop a closer relationship with Christ, and reach out in service to others. For instance, St. Martha Catholic Church in Porter, Texas; St. Rose of Lima Parish in Gaithersburg, Maryland; Mary, Mother of the Church Parish in Bordentown, New Jersey; and the Church of St. Katharine Drexel in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, all decided to start virtual faith-sharing with ARISE.


Why Catholic?

RENEW Africa

At Queen of Angels Church in Sunnyside, Queens, a group completed Why Catholic?—a faithformation process based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church— and, on its own, started faith sharing with RENEW’s new program, Women in Conversation.

Although cases of COVID 19 in South Africa have been steadily declining as winter ends in the Southern Hemisphere, the pandemic, along with civil unrest during the fiscal year, has forced a suspension of RENEW’s activities in the country. Only about eight million people in a population of more than 60 million have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Father Joseph Gibino’s observation about his parish applied to parishes everywhere: “It was a difficult time for everyone, and that smallgroup community was able to stay connected and really be supportive of one another.”


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Women in Conversation

RENEW developed this program for Catholic women in collaboration with the author, Loretta Pehanich, who participates in promotion and sales of the book. The 12 faith-sharing sessions include scripture and prayer, stories of women’s faith experiences, and insights from female role models in Catholic history. Women in Conversation, which immediately attracted sales from around the country, encourages women, as the author writes, to “stop underestimating ourselves, to get to know ourselves and one another better, and to learn how we can serve other women and our community”—including the Church.


Dignity and the Death Penalty This small-group resource examines the evolution of Catholic teaching on the death penalty—a practice Pope Francis has declared “inadmissible.” The book is based on the thoughts of Sr. Helen Prejean, a leading advocate for abolition of capital punishment. Sr. Helen consulted with RENEW during the writing process, participated in webinars, and recorded videos that add context to the contents of the book. The book, written by Alice Hugh Brown, has been well received, and RENEW anticipates a major rollout of the program in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Theology on TAP Engaging young adults is critical for the Church, and Theology on Tap, which RENEW has been licensing since 2007, is a means of engaging them face-to-face. ToT sessions are usually held in bars and restaurants, where young men and women feel comfortable as they listen to and dialogue with speakers on a wide array of topics. RENEW maintains a public Facebook page for parishes and dioceses to post notices of meetings and a closed Facebook page, which now has 130 members, where leaders can exchange ideas. The pandemic disrupted public gatherings in many places, although at least six licensed groups continued to meet virtually, and as the fiscal year ended groups began to meet in person, and eight new licenses have been issued.


Development During a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected RENEW’s income from sales and fees, our loyal donors—individuals, foundations, and businesses—were key in enabling our staff to adapt to the challenge and continue our work. Pledges to our Forward at 40 capital campaign surpassed our goal, raising the total to $4,357,577! The campaign was launched in 2018 to help us engage young adults and families; build our infrastructure capacity, particularly our databases and online bookstore; ensure our future by maintaining a robust endowment fund; and expand the reach of our ministry in new and innovative ways.

Net development revenue

Gala $320,500 Grants $632,300 Capital Campaign $292,200 Annual Fund $120,100


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

RENEW Gala The annual Gala dinner-dance and awards program is RENEW’s opportunity to honor outstanding Catholic men and women and also to raise funds. Due to the pandemic, the 21st and 22nd annual Galas took place in the same fiscal year—one in October 2020, postponed from June, and another in June 2021 at the Pleasantdale Château in West Orange, New Jersey. The October gala was a virtual event that participants could “attend” on line and bid on auction items while the honorees were hosted at a small in-person gathering. The two galas produced a net revenue of $320,500.

Honorees at the October Gala were Jack and Jeanette Walton (President’s Award); Bobby Gregory (Spirit of RENEW Award); and Theodore Musco (Msgr. Thomas A. Kleissler Award).


Honorees at the June Gala were Addie and Rick Moore (President’s Award); Dr. Ramon Tallaj, (Spirit of RENEW Award); and Sister Honora Nolty, OP (Msgr. Thomas A. Kleissler Award).

Joseph W. Cardinal Tobin, archbishop of Newark, presents Sister Terry Rickard, who will leave RENEW in December, with his own letter of blessing and a papal blessing at the RENEW International Gala in June, 2021. Cardinal Tobin, who is also chairman of RENEW’s corporate board, was acknowledging Sister Terry’s 19 years of service to RENEW. 17

RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Financial Summary RENEW International Key Statistics Full Year Ended June 30

(dollars in thousands)



Operating Revenue



Operating Expenses



Operating Loss



Endowment Income






Assets (without Endowment)




$3,351 $2,800

Total Assets



Total Net Assets



For full audited financial statements, visit


RENEW International Cost Allocation: (% by type, dollars in thousands)

$222 13%

$106 6%

$242 11%

$104 5%

$1,441 81%

$1,792 84%

FY 2021Actual

FY 2020 Actual

Process Costs

Development Costs

Gen & Admin Costs


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Honoring Our Supporters RENEW’s ministry of renewing personal faith and revitalizing parish life is made possible in part by the generous donations of individual donors, foundations, and businesses. Their generosity played a large part in our ability to continue our work during the pandemic. Our donors, honorees and volunteers are partners in our work, and we thank them all.

President’s Society - $20,000+

Partners in Mission - $5,000+

George and Patricia Erdman

Shepherdson and Kathryn Abell

Robert and Jennifer Gregory

Catholic Faith Technologies, Overland Park, KS

+Monsignor Thomas P. Ivory

Dr. Patricia Dinneen and Dr. John Mooney

James and Loretta Colotto Foundation, Inc.

Joseph and Patricia Ann Franzetti

Mary Noel and William Page

Greenway East (Matthew Nolty)

Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities

David and Susan Janazzo

SOMOS Community Care (Mario Paredes and Dr. Ramon Tallaj)

Lisa Meehan and Grey Warner

Frank and Mimi Walsh (Sandy Hill Foundation)

Michael and Julie O’Brien

The Lynch Foundation USCCB Catholic Communication Campaign

Rick and Addie Moore Our Lady of Peace Parish, New Providence, NJ Rev. William Mahon Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt, NY

John Clark and Jeanette Walton

John and Jamee Stanley

Patrons of RENEW - $10,000 +

Michael and Ida Tropiano

The ACTA Foundation Dolly and Floyd Donahue The George Link Jr. Charitable Trust Koch Foundation, Inc. Jack Norris Walter and Lynn Rickard Carol and Robert Williams

Charleen Szenyi

Sponsors - $1,000+ Thomas and Mary Anderson Archdiocese of Newark, NJ Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R. Dr. Alice Beal and Hon. William Kuntz, II Anthony and Maggie Browne Victoria and Thomas Carey

RENEW supporters in our donor club program during the period July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 20

Monsignor Edward Ciuba

Edward and Ellen Miller

Tony Coelho and Robert Dreher

Christine Morrison and Ron Marino

James Davidson

John Mulderig

Robert Dempsey

Patricia Murphy and John Kennelly

Eric and Karen Dill

Sister Honora Nolty, OP

Diocese of Brooklyn

Madonna Nolty

Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio

Our Lady of Sorrows, South Orange, NJ

Michael and Teresa DiPiazza

Rev. Brian Needles

Dominican Sisters of Amityville, NY

Barbara and Dominick Preziosi, Jr.

Sean and Fiona Duffy

Joseph and Maureen Rickard

Alejandro and Sonia FernándezColmenárez

James Ryan

Mary Fischl

Michael and Mary Singer

Roland and Elizabeth Flores

Most Reverend Michael Saporito

Diane Forastiero

Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Malvern, PA

Patricia and Peter Handal

Dennis and Diane Stripe

Erin Hartnett

Susan R. Bauer, Inc., Ringwood, NJ

Mark and Carol Hassenberg

Dr. Ramon Tallaj and Dr. Ines Hernandez

Thomas and Mary Healy Jennifer Jehn Jersey Precast Robert “Pat” and Sharon Kane Eileen Leonard and Dale Hagstrom John Magnier Deirdre Trabert and Richard Malacrea, Jr. Max Bussel & Co. David and Christina McAleer Ann Marie McCabe James and Ann McCormick

The Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity, Westfield, NJ Rev. Anthony Randazzo The Parish Community of Saint Helen, Westfield, NJ Msgr. Thomas Nydegger Richard and Germaine Trabert Dominic and Kathy Volante, Jr. Laurence Walsh Andrew Walton Donald and Elizabeth Whittam

Robert and Margaret McGovern

We thank all our friends, volunteers, supporters, and honorees not mentioned here. We truly could not do this work without you. 21

RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Friends - $100 and above Christine and Douglas Anderson

Teresa Doyle

Bill and Jeannine Ayres

Brian and Mary Dugan

Paul and Kathleen Bachmann

Joseph Duggan

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Robert and Carol Eid

Katherine and Gary Bartholomaus

Engineered Devices Corporation, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Dena Bartlett

Barry and Rosemary Ervin

Patricia Becker

Thomas and Carolyn Farley

Peter and Katherine Bowen

Robert Farrell and Ellen Schultheis

Marguerite Boyce

Joanne Fezza

Michael and Stephanie Brough

Dr. Hyacinth Findlay

Patrick and Veronica Brunnock

Kelly Fitzpatrick

Muriel and William Cagney

Sister Arlene Flaherty, OP

Jack and MaryBeth Callahan

Paula Flynn

Robert and Mary Callander

Paul and Kathleen Foley

David Calnan and Mary Lee Clanton

John Fontana

Susan and Vito Capurso

Ellen and Gerald Foster

John and Linda Carney

Eileen Fox

Melinda and Tim Carney

Cristina Garcia-Garzon

Mary Carter

Thomas Giblin

Michele Castagna

Ken and Denise Gold

Catholic Distance University, Charles Town, WV

Robert and Margaret Graham

Church of the Presentation, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Samuel Gregory

Rev. Robert Stagg

Judith Gum

Anthony Ciavaglia Kristin Coda Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, Englewood Cliffs, NJ Regina Crowley Janice Cuttingham and Alfred Petit John and +Constance D’Angelo Dr. Donald DeFabio Jerry Dempsey Angela Dinger 22

Livvy Dinneen

Patricia Gray Gloria Guarino Charles and Irene Gutmann Marilyn Haggerty William Heinbokel and Renee Trabert Brendan Hennessey Catherine and Michael Hennessey Timothy Hennessey-Crowell Kay and Kevin Higgins Kathleen Powers Holmes Deacon Lyn Houze Lois and Robert Hradil

Theresa Hunziker Marge Hussey Laura Ivan J. G. Schmidt Steel, Passaic, NJ Carlotta Jennings Judy and Richard Johnston Julia and Edward Jones Jack and Mary Beth Kakolewski Ann Marie and Werner Kamuf Dr. Syna Kandarappallil Irene Kenison Walter and Kathleen Kennedy Thomas and Susan Kiernan Elaine Susan Kimball Carol and +James King Richard and Suzanne Kinney Marissa and Alex Klapwald

The Msgr. Thomas A. Kleissler Legacy Society Members of the Legacy Society make a gift to RENEW that will endure beyond their lifetimes. The following have named RENEW International as the beneficiary of a planned gift.

Paul Kleissler Robert Kleissler Knights of Columbus Summit Council No. 783 Michael Knoblauch James Konzelman Joseph and Susan Konzelman, Jr. William and Mary Kreppein Alyssa Kropp

Monica Garofalo Robert and Margaret Graham Lynn Hull +Msgr. Thomas Ivory John Kennelly +Msgr. Tom Kleissler

+Kevin Lawler +Barbara Miller Jack Norris +Kathy Norris Mary Noel Page +Elizabeth Quinlan C. William Reilly

Joseph and Yutsuan Weiyeh Ku Joan Lalonde Robert and Jean Lampert Martin and Carol Ann Lang Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates, Oakhurst, NJ Frank and Elizabeth Lee, Jr. Mary Ann Leynes Monsignor Richard Liddy Peggy and Charlie Lockwood James and Minerva Lucarelli Kate Lund and +William Lund +Deceased


RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Martin and Helen Lund

Paul and Grace Pedretti

Mary Macchiarola

Samantha Perrone

Geralyn and Richard Madsen

Elaine Pfaff

Eleanor Mahon

John and Patricia Plunkett

Reverend William Mahon

Thomas and Theresa Potenza

John and Lynda Mamone

William and Diane Prentice, Jr.

Reverend Jack Martin

Ryan Quick

Joseph Patrick Martinez

Reverend Anthony Randazzo

Rosemary McCague

Denise and Christopher Reece

Mary McDaniel

C. William Reilly

Jack and Carol McDermott

Robert and Mary Jane Reilly

Jerome and Martha McDevitt

Kristen Richardson

Lucy McGuirk

Laura and John Rokoszak

Jeanmarie Menichini

Denise Rover

Richard and Janet Michalowski

Lavinia Ruby

Millea Bros. Ltd., Boonton, NJ

Jeffrey and Carolynn Russell

Joanne and Michael Missaggia

Mary Ryan

William and Valerie Mitreuter

SBE Metals, Andover, MA

Susan Mol

Monica Schneider

Dr. Marianne Mount

Jeanne Schrempf

Kathleen Murnion

Peter and Carolyn Seibel

Timothy Murphy

Susan Shannon

Marguerite Musco

Monsignor Timothy Shugrue

Theodore Musco

Janet and John Skinner

NJR Energy Services, Wall, NJ

Kathleen Skrupskis

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child, Summit, NJ

Timothy and Joanne Collins Smee

James O’Brien

Richard and Anna Spalckhaver

Mary Ann O’Brien and Greg Kauger

Anthony and Flora Spera

James and Margaret O’Donnell

Reverend Robert Stagg

Office Equipment Company of Staten Island Inc.

Charles and Maureen Steele

Steven Oria and +Mary Beth Oria Our Lady of Fatima Knights of Columbus Council #4486, Park Ridge, NJ Laura Pallares Charles and Patricia Paolino 24

Joseph Smith

Vincent and Mary Sweeney John and Joan Szabo Andy Tabar - Lake Digital Martin and Carol Taglienti Edward and Patricia Thomas Arthur Tisi


Brooke Tisi

Sister Maureen Colleary, FSP

Title Masters LLC, Westfield, NJ

Agnes Collins

Eugene and Suellen Tozzi

Reverend Stephen Connor

Carolyn Traficante

Patricia Conway

Patricia Verdon

Rosemarie and Carl Crownover

Maureen Weiss

Sister Joan Curtin, CND

Diane Wenk

Gerald Dalzell

Thomas and Ann White

Susan Davis

Patricia Wiley and Wendy Miller

Ted and Maureen De Marinis

William H. Sadlier, Inc.

Jacquelyn Devoti

Theresa Winard

Kristine DiCoio

MaryEllen Woodstock

Michael Diesso

Maureen Zoch

Anne Dievler Mary Doller

Supporters up to $99

Robert and Patricia Donnelly

Sister Joan Agro, OP

Barbara Espinoza

Amazon Smile

Joan Everson

Leisa Anslinger

Judith Faley

Rosario Arevalo

Peter and Toni Fiore

Sister Laura Arvin, OP

Sister Margaret Flood, OP

David and Teresa Aten

Soeurette Fougere

Ruth Birdsall

Richard and Eva Fuller

Russell and Candice Borner

John and Mary Jane Gannon

Thomas and Judy Brodell

Martin and Susan Garofalo

Alfred and Ann Marie Bruno

Terry Giannetto

John “Bob” Bursley

Peter and Patricia Glen

Judith Cagney

Chela Gonzalez

Susan Cannilla

Michael and Margarita Granata

Stephanie and Tom Caputo

Charlotte Gregory

Joanne Carey

Carolyn Gulbin

Fred Marra and Donnamarie Carrai

Mary Ann and Vince Gulbin

Barbara Romani Carroll

Martha-Ann Hagedorn

Ed Casey

Cora Hamway

S. J. Cerniglia

Marilou Heim

Jean-Marc Chapus

Claire Hintze

Emily Chavez

Robert and Mary Beth Howath

Linda Chmielarz

David Howe 25

RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Hummel Integrated Marketing Solutions, Union, NJ

Beatrice Murday

Wanda Hussey

Kevin and JoAnn Neylan

Douglas and Mary Hutchings

Mary Anne Nugent

Yvette Hutchins

Jeanne Oursler

Dierdre James and James Wheaton

Christian Paolino

Larry and Sandra Johns

Anthony and Eileen Paparella

Matthew and Marie Kaspar

Margaret Patterson

Philip and Ruth Keilen

PayPal Giving Fund

Brian and Patricia Kelly

Loretta Pehanich

Patricia Kent

John and Erin Pettit

Sister Dolores Keyser, ESEH

Ken and Eleanora Phillips

Kerrin Kissel

Judy Pluta

Diane and Geof Kledzik

Mario and Diane Pola, Jr.

Patricia and Alan Knittel

Darling Previl

Paul Krenzelok

Sarah Prunoske

Elizabeth Lani

Don and Roshan Quigley

Vita Lanza

Joseph Quinn

Darlyne Lawson

Isabel Rasoilo

Sister Mary Lechtenberg, OSF

Pamela Ray

Madeleine Lee

Maryann Reichley

M. Therese Liddy

Genevieve Richards-Wright

Eileen Linehan

Jean Richtmyre

John and Rita Linehan

Thomas and Amy Rickard

John and Patricia Magovern

Bertrand and Joan Rottkamp

Pat Maloney

Anthony and Sunday Ruvolo

Richard and Kelly Maltagliati

Martin Sanzari

Janet Mangano

Anne Scanlan

Marcella Martin

Patricia Schaeffer

Catherine McCann

Gloria Secchia

Ursula McGovern

Sisters of St. Dominic of Babylon, NY

Sister Mary McGuinness, OP

Theresa Slade

Michael and Susan McGuinness

Ronald and Patricia Spielman

Carol McIntyre

Marie St Cloud

Anna Monti

Gloria Blanchfield Thomas

Kathleen and Robert Moore

Joseph Thomas

Sister Mary Teresita Morse, RJM

Irene Tomassoni

Linda Nash

Dianne Rigano Moschetta 26


Dawn Tomei

Thomas Quinlan, III

Dolores Vazquez

Maggie and Robert Reilly

Richard and Regan Vosler

Mariann Salisbury

Eleanor Wall

Kelly Thos. Shay

Mary Whiteside

Dennis and Diane Stripe

Carolyn Winchester

Andy Tabar - Lake Digital

Patricia Wolpert

Trader Joe’s, Westfield, NJ

Lester Zaleski

Vincentsen Blasi Architecture, Westfield, NJ

Robert and Kathleen Zifchock

John Clark and Jeanette Walton

In-Kind Donations (Gifts of Goods and Services)

Westfield Health and Rehabilitation, LLC

Anthony Bellucci

Patricia Wiley and Wendy Miller

Fred Marra and Donnamarie Carrai

Sister Alice Yohe, CSJ

Donald J. and Elizabeth H. Whittam

Cathy Donovan and +Raymond Donovan Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, Bedminster, NJ Robert and Mary Beth Howath Hubspot Marge Hussey Hyatt Hills Golf Complex, Clark, NJ IT Radix, Whippany, NJ David and Susan Janazzo Kat Kuo Design Kendra Scott at The Mall at Short Hills, NJ Marissa and Alex Klapwald James and Minerva Lucarelli Ann Marie McCabe Robert and Margaret McGovern Lisa Meehan and Grey Warner Rick and Addie Moore Oh’ Brian’s on the Green, Clark, NJ Dona and Michael Panagos

We thank all our friends, volunteers, supporters, and honorees not mentioned here. We truly could not do this work without you.



RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

Leadership STAFF

Finance and Business Operations

President and Executive Director

Denise Reece, controller Yvette Hutchins

Sr. Theresa Rickard, OP, D.Min. Susan Capurso, Executive Assistant

Vice President, Pastoral Services and Operations Theodore Musco

Customer and Shared Services Joseph Baricelli, manager Martha Ann Hagedorn Dawn Tomei

Development Marissa Klapwald, Director Mary Beth Howath Sr. Honora Nolty, OP Mariann Salisbury

Sales and Marketing Deacon Peter Fiore, Director Jennifer Bober Paul Krenzelok


Pastoral Services Mary Ann Ernesto, associate director Sr. Ruth Bolarte, IHM John Fontana Dr. Sourette Fougère Sr. Chela Gonzalez, OP Paul Krenzelok Sr. Honora Nicholson, RSM Sr. Elizabeth O’Donnell, OP Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP Rev. Jeremiah Browne Sr. Áine Hughes, HC Charmaine Woolard

Publications and Resources Deacon Charles Paolino, Managing Editor

President Emeritus Rev. Msgr. Thomas A. Kleissler

Volunteer Staff Bill Ayres Alice Hugh Brown Diane Forastiero Sharon Krause

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sr. Theresa Rickard, OP, D.Min, President & Executive Director Eric Dill, Chair Patricia A. Murphy, Secretary Vincent Sweeney, Treasurer Victoria Carey Livvy Dinneen Raymond J. Donovan* Alejandro Fernández-Colmenárez Martin Garofalo Jennifer Jehn Robert P. “Pat” Kane Rev. Thomas P. Looney, CSC, Ph.D.

Robert P. McGovern Lisa Meehan John Mulderig Rev. Abraham Orapankal Mario Paredes Dominick Preziosi Jr. Walter I. Rickard Felipe “Flip” Sanchez Michael Singer Dennis Stripe Donald Whittam William Simon Jr., senior advisor to the board

CORPORATE BOARD His Eminence, Joseph William Cardinal Tobin, C.Ss.R., Chairman Very Reverend John J. Chadwick, S.T.D. Sr. Donna L. Ciangio, O.P., M.A., D. Min. Sr. Patricia Wormann, O.P., M.Div., M.S.W. Reverend Timothy G. Graff



RENEW International IMPACT Report 2021

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OUR MISSION To renew personal faith and parish life—unlocking the power of small groups by equipping laity and clergy to share their Catholic faith and live it every day.

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