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December 2011

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Volume 65, Number 12, December 2011

“The Rural Voice of Nebraska”

Staff Editor Wayne Price Editorial Assistant Kathy Barkmeier

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Santa Land


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Freelance writer Marita Placek shares the story of how Santa Land got its start at the farm of Ernie and Sharon Christensen in 1985 and the way it has evolved over the years to become a holiday attraction in northeast Nebraska.

Educating the next generation


Discover the different ways in which the rural electric utilities help educate a vital segment of their consumer base: the children of rural electric utility members.

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December 2011

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On the cover A boy takes a winter bike ride in the snow with a pair of family pets. Photograph by Bob Rooney, Sandhills Images photographer.



If you’re not baking, you’re wasting energy anta Claus brought my daughter an Easy-Bake Oven a couple years ago. The plastic, miniature stove-like toy is a miraculous device, baking brownies, sugar cookies, and any number of other magical treats — all with the help of a 100-watt incandescent lightbulb. It’s nice to know the extra heat given off by inefficient lighting can be put to good (and delicious) use. But you’re not cooking with the other lightbulbs in your home, and traditional incandescent bulbs waste 90 percent of their energy by releasing heat. That’s not surprising, since the bulb’s design hasn’t been updated since it was created 130 years ago. Just as cars and refrigerators have become more efficient over time, lightbulbs are getting an overhaul. In 2007 Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, calling for incandescent bulbs to be at least 28 percent more efficient starting nationally in January 2012. Each household could save $50 every year with this change, and those savings add up — Americans could save over $6 billion annually. You have several efficient lightbulb options. If you don’t want to stray too far from the bulbs you’re used to, consider halogen incandescent lightbulbs. They cut energy use by about 25 percent and last three times as long as traditional incandescent bulbs. How are they different? A small capsule holds halogen gas around the filament. This minor addition boosts the bulb’s lifespan and efficiency. But everything else — the shape, color range, and ability to dim — stays the same as the bulbs you grew up with. Another distinctive style of bulb should already be familiar — we’ve been using compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for several years. CFLs are the most common and cost-effective efficient bulb on the market. The trademark swirly style is linked to the concept of efficient lighting, but some manufacturers also encase CFLs to diffuse the light and provide the same look and feel as traditional bulbs. CFLs offer 75 percent energy savings over traditional incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer. The last lighting option holds the most


by Wayne Price


promise for our lighting future. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are commonly used in electronics. The bulbs are small — about half the size of a pencil eraser — but by banding several bulbs together, a bright and dependable light emerges. LEDs use 75-80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer — by far the longest lifespan yet for lightbulbs. They’re expensive, but prices will fall as more folks use the technology. Ready to start saving? New labels, appearing in January, will help you compare the lumens (light output) from your old bulbs and buy a comparable efficient bulb. You can learn more at But what about the Easy-Bake Oven? The first Easy-Bake, manufactured by Kenner, now a division of Hasbro, hit the shelves in 1963. It was turquoise, shaped like a box, and cost $15.95. Was it the end for this popular toy? The news of the death of the 100-watt bulb prompted rumors that the Easy-Bake might be headed in the same direction. Instead, the toy maker Hasbro gave the oven its 11th redesign, at the heart of which is a new heating element much like that of a traditional oven. The Easy-Bake Oven now has a sleek, modern design. “This gave us a reason to do it completely differently,” said Michelle Paolino, a vice president of global brand strategy and marketing at Hasbro. “We wanted it to look more like a real appliance, not a plastic toy,” she said. The new heating element allows for more consistent heat — no hotspots near the bulb — and an overall better baking experience. The cook time is about the same with the new heating element, about 15 minutes on average. There’s also no need for an adult to open the oven to screw in a new bulb. The Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, which is about the size of a bread box, could find a home on any kitchen counter, as long as you’re willing to pay $49.99, a rather steep hike from the last model's price tag of $29.99. Rest assured, future chefs can still find inspiration — and you can funnel some of your lighting savings toward culinary school!

Rural Electric Nebraskan

Every day, every family across the West relies on the power of electricity. But for some families, higher electricity bills could make for tough choices at home — even being forced to cut back on essentials, like groceries. At Tri-State, we’re working hard to address the challenges that threaten affordable electricity, including unreasonable regulations and policies. As a not-for-profit co-op, we’re committed to protecting consumers today and in the future by providing affordable power while investing in innovation. In keeping electricity affordable, we believe life at home is that much better. Learn more about our commitment to affordability at


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The Story of Creighton’s

Santa Land merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, freestanding bears, a nativity scene, a scene honoring Veterans, and lights wrapped around the tree trunks and bushes. The highlight of the tour for the kids is their visit to Santa’s Workshop, near the center of the road that threads through the park. Depending on the weather, 75 to 100 people usually sign the guest book each night, and more than that on nice weekends. Children climb on Santa and Mrs. Claus’ laps and whisper their Christmas wishes while a battery operated train circles around sixteen motorized elves working hard making toys and checking the naughty or nice list. Lyle and Hazel Larsen of Creighton enjoy playing the roles of Santa and Mrs. Claus. “People take turns being Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. We usually kick it off and if somebody doesn’t show up we fill in, whenever it works out for

us and others,” says Lyle. “While the elves are busy doing their work in the factory, we’re off to the side by the Christmas tree. The kids sit on our laps and we ask them what they want light December snow softly for Christmas and give them candy falls as dusk descends on canes and apples while their parents Creighton, Nebraska’s Bruce take pictures.” Park. Soon the darkness is pinpointed Santa’s Workshop is wheelchair by the silent glow of thousands upon accessible and is open from December thousands of brightly colored lights 1 to the 23rd from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. outlining and illuminating Christmas Chamber members or other organizadisplays, creating a winter wondertions offering cookies, hot chocolate land, all surrounded by a lighted and coffee sponsor each night. candy cane fence. Santa Land got its start at the During the Christmas season cars, Ernie and Sharon Christensen’s farm from near and far, follow the horsein 1985 when Ernie, who loved playshoe-shaped road to view the old-time ing Santa for friends and neighbors Christmas or winter scenes, “The and at parties, suffered a spinal cord Night Before Christmas”, “Grinch injury on the job. Who Stole Christmas”, “Winter “I was unable to work or much of Wonderland”, “Leave Cookies for anything else for a couple of years,” Santa’”, “Loading Sleighs”, “The Ernie says. “I needed something to Night Before Christmas”, “Santa occupy my time and that’s when I Checking His List”, “The After Math” decided to do some Christmas decoraand “Santa Sleeping”, displayed in tions using strings of lights in the Shadow boxes through out the park, yard. The first year we used 2,000 sponsored by businesses, churches, lights.” organizations, the There was a Girls Scouts, lot of traffic past FCCLA and FFA, Christensen’s while listening to place and so they Christmas music did it again the on a low-watt FM next year and the radio station. next. They Other displays increased the appealing to number of lights young and old and decorations alike, along the every year and route include that’s how Santa lighted, movable Land got its start. toys - an airplane, “We were helicopter, penhaving so much guins skating on a fun with the lighted ice pond, Christmas decoteddy bears on a rations and peoteeter totter, The elves work on toys in one of the displays at Santa Land. Photographs ple coming to see snowmen on a by Marita Placek them,” says swing set, a by Marita Placek



Rural Electric Nebraskan

Ernie. “In 1987 we decided to turn the garage into Santa’s Workshop. You have to have elves if you’re going to have Santa’s Workshop. Having a mechanical impulse, I started tinkering around and came up with a mechanical elf. I used motors from electric can openers for the first elves I made. Later I found a better and more efficient motor to do the job. Sharon made costumes and wigs to dress the elves. The first year we had Santa’s Workshop I had seven elves made and every year I added more, and every elf had a name! We got the idea for their names from Alvin and the Chipmunks. By the time we turned the display over to the town of Creighton, there were seventeen elves.” In their ten-year reign Ernie was Santa and Sharon was Mrs. Claus. They were open every night until January 10. After Christmas Ernie became Santa’s helper. He used lights to outline the tractor, the threshing machine and hay bales made to look like a crawling worm. He even bought the neighbor’s windmill from across the road and outlined it with lights. “Our Christmas display drew people from a large area, 4,000 people signed the guest book in one year. All the kids got candy canes. One whole wall of the garage was covered with the kid’s letters to Santa. We accepted donations and every penny we took in, plus what we added, we gave to organizations such as St. Jude’s, March of Dimes. Easter Seals, and the Crippled Children’s Fund.” The name ‘Santa Land’ didn’t come about until several years later when Jeff Bauer, son of Doug and Rhonda Bauer, Creighton, asked his folks to take him out to see Santa Land. By 1995, Santa Land was getting to be more than the Christensen’s could handle so they started looking for someone who would be interested in taking it over. Not all the big items could be moved, but the running helicopter and airplane were among the displays that went. The last year Christensen’s operated Santa Land, they used a quarter of a million (250,000) lights for decorating. “There was a group of six or eight of

December 2011

Above: Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus listen to children’s Christmas wishes. Left: Children watch the elves making toys in the workshop.

us in Creighton who didn’t want to see Santa Land discontinued or leave our area, and we thought Bruce Park would be an ideal setting for it,” recalls Doug Hornback of Creighton, the first caretaker of Santa Land when it came to town under the sponsorship of the Creighton Chamber of Commerce and the Creighton Ruritan Club. The Ruritan Club has since disbanded.” “When we brought Santa Land to town, it was much smaller than it is today,” says Hornback. “Over the

years, the displays have grown. Our first purchases came from Don Adelman, a retired farmer from Madison, Nebraska.” Adelman had created mechanical penguins skating on an ice pond, soldiers on a merry-go-round, gingerbread men on a Ferris wheel, snowmen on a teeter-totter, Mickey Mouse and a sleigh and reindeer made completely from ash wood. Each year a few more decorations joined the ones from the year before in his farmyard on the east side of Highway 81 between Norfolk and Madison. “I started in September and spent days unrolling the Christmas lights off of a reel and checking to see that all of the 30,000 light bulbs were in working order,” says the 82 year-old Adelman. “I had a Santa standing on the roof, several nativity and Christmas scenes set up in the yard, and lights everywhere. I kept some of Please turn to page 8


Santa Land From page 7 the Christmas decorations and still use them, but I sold most of them to Creighton.” The next acquisition came from John and Connie Day of Norfolk. Brandon Day, son of John and Connie, recalls his parents’ efforts to make Christmas a special time for the family. “Starting in about 1985 or so, my folks began adding a few new decorations every year, and it just gradually grew and grew until it got too big for them to handle on their own. In early September they’d start checking out the strings of lights, getting the decorations ready and setting them up in the yard. They did this for about 15 years. “Finally it got so big that, for the last few years, they had to hire people to help them get the decorating done. The lights were all on timers and would come on about 6 o’clock in the evening and turn off sometime about 10 o’clock. This went on every night from the 15th of November until the 5th of January.” “The neighbors were pretty good about it, they were patient for a good many years, but the traffic got to be too much for the neighborhood,” says


Day. “So the folks made an agreement with the officials at Norfolk’s Northeast Community College. All of their Christmas decorations except the Nativity scene would be displayed on the campus.” There was no cost to the college. The Days still owned all of their displays and did all the setup and teardown work, and even paid for the electricity. Northeast Community College hosted the Rhapsody of Lights holiday display from 1994 to 2000. “Mom and Dad always wished they could have kept all the Christmas displays at the house but knew it wasn’t possible. But they didn’t quit, either,” recalls Brandon. “They just did more decorating inside the house, then they would hold an open house and give tours during the Christmas season. Christmas was always special in our family.” After Connie Day passed away from cancer, most of the decorations were donated to the Norfolk First United Methodist Church. The church kept the Nativity set but sold the rest at auction, where the items were purchased for Santa Land. Santa Land is one of the Chamber of Commerce’s many projects. As soon as the park caretaker beds the park down for the winter, volunteers spend

hours stringing lights, one of the biggest projects is the wrapping of all the tree trunks and bushes in the park with lights, and transforming Bruce Park into the wonderful, magical Christmas Santa Land. “Rope lights cut down the number of electrical cords we needed to string out and also saved electricity,” says Steve Morrill, Creighton. “We work on the lights and displays mostly on weekends and when we’re done, we’ll have strung at least 300,000 lights throughout the park. We’re always open for suggestions, for new and different ideas, or even just a need to move things around to different spots. We’re more than happy to listen, and hopefully, Santa Land will be ready to go by the first Saturday of December.” “When Doug Hornback stepped down from helping with Santa Land, Rick and Patty Bartos took over and have been very instrumental in the setup and tear down of Santa Land for the past eighteen years,” says Sherrie Zimmerer. “Until I started helping them three years ago, I was unaware how much work goes into setting up Santa Land. Rick has worked to add more lights and displays to Santa Land each year. He maintains and repairs all the mechanical parts on the displays,

Rural Electric Nebraskan

making sure they are in working order, works with the telephone and electric companies and turns the lights on every night during December.” Soon after Santa Land opened, the Creighton FFA, as a class project, designed and made the Santa Land sign, with 16,000 lights on it.” In 2010 Bartos exchanged the old lights in the Santa Land sign and Nativity scene to LED lights purchased by the Chamber of Commerce, and used the leftover LED lights to make more Christmas trees. “The LED lights saves on the amount of electricity needed, while providing more power at the north end of the park for the other displays. They are much brighter and really improved the looks of the displays,” says Bartos. “The more LED lights we have, the more we save,” he continues. “I would love to see more donations, the more donations we get the more lights we can buy. New displays are added every year. The more people we get to help with Santa Land,

the merrier. ” Because of health reasons, Rick is limited with what he can help with now. “He basically told me I was in charge now,” says Sherrie. “He helps when possible and provides advice and guidance to me. He is also letting us use his personal equipment, which will help efficiently set up Santa Land. The Creighton Area Chamber of Commerce plans to continue providing this wonderful Christmas display for everyone to enjoy. It brings so many people to our wonderful community.” More than 2,000 cars go through Santa Land every year. It’s a place where families can go and enjoy the feeling of an ‘old fashioned Christmas.’ Santa Land is not open if there’s a blizzard; however, the park does stay open in ice storms, although it’s not really good for the lights. The people playing Santa and Mrs. Claus have a very real appreciation for the building now housing Santa’s

Workshop. When Santa Land first came to Creighton, Santa’s workshop was a park shelter wrapped with a plastic tarp and wasn’t the warmest place to be on the cold December nights. Betty Radosti, Creighton, donated funds for the present workshop. The permanent building is used for storage when Santa’s elves return to the North Pole. The efforts of the people of Creighton and their devotion to the spirit and peace of the holiday season in Santa Land have given their community a gift to be enjoyed by the townspeople and visitors now and for many years to come. A donation box is located by Santa’s Workshop to help with ongoing expenses. Santa Land is open from December 1 to December 30th from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Santa’s Workshop is open each night until December 23, from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. NOTE: Ernie Christensen and Hazel Larsen have since passed away.

NEBRASKA NEBRASK A STATE ST TA T A TE PRIDE RIFLE Nebraska N ebrask a s History, H istor y, Captured Captured on on a an nA American merican R Rif iflle! e! ’

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The proof is in the pudding Refrigerator standards have saved consumers billions by Roland Risser

hat’s your favorite late night snack – that go-to treat that melts away the troubles of the day as you curl up in front of the TV? Perhaps it’s a creamy bowl of Rocky Road or maybe some delicious, spicy Szechuan chicken left over from a recent take-out feast. Refrigeratorfinds like these may make you feel bad about indulging in guilty pleasures, but at least you don't have to feel bad about how high your energy bill will be to cure your cravings. That’s because of innovative technology and meaningful energy conservation standards put into place by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Building Technologies Program. In recent decades, the DOE has led technological innovation that vastly improved the energy efficiency of our refrigerators and freezers (and thousands of other household appliances). As a result, it’s a lot easier on your pocket and on the environment to keep ice cream at peak frosty perfection. In fact, today’s refrigerators use only about 25 percent of the energy that was required to power models built in 1975. Even while continually improving efficiency to meet standards, refrigerators have increased in size by almost 20 percent, have added energy-using features such as through-the-door ice, and provide more benefits than ever before. The dramatic rise in efficiency began in response to the oil and energy crises of the 1970s when refrigerators typically cost about $1,300 when adjusted for inflation — a hefty price to pay for an energy waster. Refrigeration labels and standards have improved efficiency



by two percent every year since 1975. Due to research, useful tools, partnerships with utilities and other organizations, and market initiatives that helped enable refrigerator and other appliance standards, the DOE helped avoid the construction of up to 31 1-GW power plants with the energy saved since the first Federal standards in 1987. That’s the same amount of electricity consumed by Spain annually. DOE will soon have strengthened the standards for household refrigerators three times. Each time, manufacturers have responded with new innovations that enabled their products to meet the new requirements and often to exceed them. Refrigerators that performed above and beyond the minimum standards qualified for the Energy Star label, motivated consumers to care about energy usage, and primed the market for continued efficiency improvements. Decades worth of progressive

energy-efficiency standards for refrigerators translate into big savings for consumers. Compared to refrigerators of the 1970s, today's refrigerators save the nation about $20 billion per year in energy costs, or $150 per year for the average American family. The next proposed increase in refrigerator and freezer efficiency — scheduled to take effect in 2014 — will save the nation almost four and a half quadrillion BTUs over 30 years. That’s three times more than the total energy currently used by all refrigeration products in U.S. homes annually. It’s also the equivalent amount of energy savings that could be used to power a third of Africa for an entire year DOE continues to invest even more in future innovations for energy efficient products. So go ahead and indulge with those late night snacks and frozen treats. Your fridge has you covered. To learn more about Appliance Standards and how they save consumers money go to Roland Risser is director of the U.S. Department of Energy Building Technologies Program.

Rural Electric Nebraskan

Lights! Camera! Action! Shoot an energy efficiency video for a chance to win an iPad 2 Public Power ebraska District, together with its wholesale partner utilities, will again sponsor and host an energy efficiency video contest titled, “It’s Easy Bein’ Green!” The video contest will give students across the state the opportunity to learn the importance of conserving energy, build awareness about energy-wasting habits, and promote energy-saving alternatives, all by writing and starring in their own 30-second television commercial. Last year’s competition saw more than 40 submissions by high school students from around the state. The contest is open to Nebraska junior and senior high schools in communities served by NPPD and its wholesale utility partners. Entries must be submitted by a


December 2011

school sponsor, must be exactly 27 seconds in length, and should focus on creative and unique energy-saving ideas for the home, school, farm, or business. In order to be considered, entries must be submitted by March 2, 2012. All qualifying entries will be posted on and on a special YouTube channel. For the ‘Creative Video Award,’ a panel of energy industry experts will select the top three videos. An iPad 2 will be awarded to the classroom that submits the winning video along with prizes for the students. For the “Popular Video Award,” the video with the most views on YouTube will receive special recognition certificates. For more contest information, check out the website at


Educating the next generation of community leaders Nebraska rural electric utilities go the extra mile to show children the benefits of public power ach June, nearly 1,500 high school students, mostly seniors-to-be, descend upon Washington, D.C., for the annual Rural Electric Youth Tour. During the weeklong excursion, the participants — all sponsored by their local public power districts and electric cooperatives — learn about public power, American history, and the role of the federal government. Youth Tour stands as just one way rural electric utilities help educate a vital segment of their consumer base: the children of rural electric utility members. Nebraska kids who live in homes that receive electric service from members of Nebraska Rural Electric Association enjoy certain benefits, ranging from Youth Tour to college scholarships to school safety demonstrations.


“Engaging children is an important part of the cooperative difference,” says Kristine Jackson, director of business development for Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, the national branding program for public power districts and electric co-ops. “They’re members in training.” Touchstone Energy Cooperatives offers lots of educational initiatives for kids, be it safety, energy efficiency, or learning how electricity works. Its Super Energy Saver program, featuring cartoon character CFL Charlie, for example, uses classroom activities and take-home items — such as lightswitch covers that remind you to turn off the light when you leave the room — to show how simple steps can add up and make a difference in keeping electric bills affordable.” Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

Above: Schools participate in the Power Drive Program with assistance from Nebraska’s public power districts and electric cooperatives. Photograph by Nicki Peters


Rural electric utility employees serve as counselors at NREA’s Youth Energy Camp. Photograph by Wayne Price has also partnered with Discovery Education to offer Get Charged! Electricity and You curriculum kits designed to teach middle school students about electric utilities and electricity in general. In addition, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives has developed a Schools A+ Energy Efficiency initiative, which partners rural electric systems with schools to reduce energy use and operating costs by focusing on no-cost and low-cost improvements. A classroom component may be included that enlists students to identify energy wasting practices. Concern for Community Supporting youth programs isn’t just the right thing to do — public power districts and electric co-ops have a responsibility to do so. “Public power districts and electric cooperatives are part of the fabric of the cities and towns they serve. It’s only natural they have a hand improving the quality of life in their communities,” relates Jay Holmquist, NREA general manager. Public power districts and electric cooperatives conduct safety demon-

Rural Electric Nebraskan

strations at schools within their service territories. Cuming County PPD invites sixth grade students from West Point Elementary School to tour their facility and learn about electric safety. They also provide special awards to the top entries in the electrical project classes at the Cuming County Fair. Support of children doesn’t stop at the electric utility’s door. Many sponsor local clubs or school sports teams and community events like holiday parades. Public power districts and electric cooperatives also go to schools to teach kids about electrical safety, sponsor writing contests, and attend job fairs. At Chimney Rock PPD, they have given donations to local youth groups such as “After Prom Parties” and youth athletic teams to help buy uniforms or equipment needed. PPDs and electric cooperatives also sponsor high school students to attend the Nebraska Rural Electric Association’s Youth Energy Camp, held in July. The popular week-long camp is set up to give young people a better understanding of electricity, power generation and the rural electric program. Many rural electric utilities are also involved in the Power Drive Program which encourages interest in energy-related and automotiverelated industries. Power Drive brings a practical focus to students’

Custer PPD Substation Communications Technician Jeff Wardyn helps put a lineman’s safety gear on a boy at a celebration in Broken Bow. Photograph by Faye Zmek math, science and/or vocational education. During the course of a school year, students design and construct a safe, energy-efficient electric vehicle that they showcase during a series of

Cuming County PPD Customer Service Representative Nicki Peters performs an electric safety demonstration for a classroom of students.

December 2011

rallies in the spring. Students work in teams, under the direction of instructors who have been trained at Power Drive workshops. Public Power in Nebraska Custer Public Power District and Nebraska Public Power District celebrated “Public Power in Nebraska” by hosting a living history event in the Broken Bow Town Square in September. CPPD and NPPD called on residents of Broken Bow and surrounding areas to turn the town square into the center of activity it would have been on a night in the 1930’s – complete with an address by U. S. Senator George Norris. In the afternoon there were children’s energy efficiency activities organized by Dianna Luscher, NPPD Energy Educator. There was a steady stream of young people to try the various hands-on demonstrations. Sources: Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, NRECA


Construction begins on new Nebraska wind farm onstruction of a new wind Electric System, Municipal Energy provide average annual tax revenues farm capable of producing Agency of Nebraska and the City of of nearly $900,000 over its 25-year enough energy to meet the Grand Island as partners in the projlife in property taxes and state needs of about 25,000 homes in ect. income taxes. In addition, Broken Nebraska was announced by Edison “The Broken Bow wind farm would Bow will generate an average of Mission Group (EMG), a subsidiary of not have been possible without the $540,000 per year over its 25-year life Edison International, Midwest Wind leadership of NPPD and the support in lease royalties to local landowners. Energy, LLC (MWE) and Nebraska of our participating landowners and The wind farm will provide approxiPublic Power District (NPPD). the Broken Bow community,” said mately 10 permanent jobs in the The $145 million wind project, Stefan Noe, president of MWE, which Broken Bow area. known as Broken Bow Wind LLC, is develops potential wind projects The facility will be powered by 50 located in central Nebraska, approxiunder an agreement with EMG. “This wind turbines, each capable of promately three miles ducing 1.6 MW of power northeast of the city of at peak output. The turBroken Bow in Custer bines will be mounted County. The project, on 80-meter high towwhich will be 100 perers. The wind farm site cent owned and operatoccupies approximately ed by EMG, will be 14,000 acres of land. capable of generating NPPD began conductup to approximately 80 ing wind studies in the megawatts (MW) of Broken Bow area in electricity. All of the 2008, with the developpower produced by ment of the site by the Broken Bow will be MWE/EMG team sold to NPPD under a beginning in 2009 after 20-year power purbeing awarded a power chase agreement. purchase agreement by “We are pleased to be NPPD. building our third EMG operates two wind energy project in other wind farms in The Elkhorn Ridge wind farm, located near Bloomfield, Neb., genNebraska,” said Pedro Nebraska which also erates 80 megawatts. That’s equal to enough electricity to serve Pizarro, president of sell their output to approx. 25,000 homes. Photograph by Wayne Price EMG. “The state is NPPD – the approxiable to attract investmately 80 MW Elkhorn ment in clean energy thanks to its is the fourth project that MWE has Ridge wind farm near Bloomfield in plentiful wind resources, along with successfully developed with EMG in Knox County, and the approximately its legislative and regulatory climate two states, Nebraska and Illinois. It is 80 MW Laredo Ridge wind farm near that supports the development of yet another example of how public Petersburg in Boone County. The renewable energy projects. We are power, private developers and the Elkhorn Ridge facility began operaalso very pleased to expand our relalocal community can work together to tion in 2009 and is majority-owned by tionship with Nebraska Public Power create a win-win situation for renewEMG, with one-third owned by District with this most recent projable energy and economic developNebraska employee-owners of ect.” ment despite the challenging econoTenaska, a privately held energy “The addition of Broken Bow Wind, my.” company headquartered in Omaha. LLC, moves NPPD closer to our board Construction of Broken Bow is Laredo Ridge, which is 100 percent of directors goal of having 10 percent scheduled to be completed by owned and operated by EMG, was of our energy come from renewable November of 2012. During its peak commissioned in November of 2010. energy,” said NPPD President and construction phase, the project will Once the new Broken Bow wind farm CEO Pat Pope. “The energy produced employ approximately 100 individuis operational, approximately 5 perwill be shared with other Nebraska als at the site. During construction, cent of NPPD’s total power portfolio utilities as we have done at other the project is expected to contribute will come from wind energy generatEMG wind farms.” ed by the EMG wind projects, along $5.6 million to the state in sales tax NPPD is working with Omaha with NPPD’s Ainsworth Wind Energy revenues. Public Power District, Lincoln Facility. Once completed, the wind farm will



Rural Electric Nebraskan

Now is the time to ask: What’s in your attic? f you would like to reduce the cost to keep your home toasty and warm, ask yourself this question: “What’s in my attic?” Properly insulating your attic can be one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills. The good news is that attics are often one of the easiest places in a house to insulate. Moreover, purchasing adequate insulation is not that expensive! Loose-fill or batt insulation is typically installed in an attic. Although installation costs may vary, loose-fill insulation is usually less expensive to install than batt insulation, and when installed properly, loose-fill insulation can also provide better coverage. So how much is enough? First, you will need to determine the R-value of the insulation you currently have. The term R-value refers to the measurement of thermal resistance of the insulator. The higher the Rvalue, the more the insulator is resistant to heat. Building code for new home construction in Nebraska requires a minimum R-value of R-39 or R-48, depending on where you live in the state. To maximize the benefit of attic insulation the U.S. Department of Energy recommends an R-value of R-60. Any amount higher brings little additional benefit. The best way to find out if you have enough insulation is to measure. Using a measuring tape or yard stick, measure the thickness of insulation in several spots around your attic. Use these measurements to come up with an estimated average. Now, multiply that estimate by the R-value per inch for the type of insulation you have. Blown in loose cellulose, blown in fiberglass, and fiberglass batts usually have values of R-3.5, R-2.5 and R-3.2 per inch, respectively. The next step is to prepare for your project. Some of the basic tools you will need are protective cloth-


December 2011

ing, a dust respirator, gloves, goggles, full cover pants and shirt, and perhaps additional lighting. Obviously, you will also have to purchase all the insulation necessary to

cover your attic. If you plan to use blown in insulation, check to see if your retailer provides a blower for you to borrow at no additional charge. It is recommended that you lay out some temporary flooring across the joists in the attic to provide safe and easy access to all areas. It is best to start blowing in the insula-

tion at the outer edge of the attic space and work your way back to your attic access. When working on the edges, you need to ensure that you fill far enough to cover the tops of the exterior walls. However, be careful not to block the flow of air through soffit and/or eave vents. Also, be sure not to insulate over light fixtures that are not rated I.C. (insulated ceiling) because it could cause a fire. It is usually helpful to have two people for the job – one operating the gun and the other loading insulation in the machine. Make sure to load slowly into the machine to avoid clogging it. Everything else is pretty straightforward. After you have a proper layer of insulation in your attic, you can expect to see your energy bill drop! If you primarily use electricity or a heat pump to meeting your heating requirements, check with your electric utility to see if you might be eligible for an EnergyWise Attic Insulation Incentive. This program may cover up to $300 of the cost to upgrade the insulation in your attic!

For a FREE color brochure send the ad coupon or call toll free 800-658-7076 or fax 507-462-3211. P.O. Box 116, Minnesota Lake, MN 56068-0116




Home fires started by candles increase in December uring 2003-2007, fire departments in the United States responded to an estimated average of 15,260 home structure fires started by candles per year. These fires caused an annual average of 166 civilian deaths, 1,289 civilian fire injuries, and $450 million in direct property damage. Candles caused 4 percent of the reported home fires, 6 percent of home fire deaths, 10 percent of home fire injuries, and 7 percent of direct property damage during this period. Homes include dwellings, duplexes, manufactured housing and apartments. December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. In December, 13 percent of home candle fires began with decorations compared to 4 percent the rest of the year. The top five days for home candle fires were Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, Halloween and December 23.


candle fires occurred when some form of combustible material was left or came too close to the candle.

Facts and figures During the five-year period of 20032007: More than one-third (36 percent) of home candle fires started in bed-

Safety tips for candles Follow these safety tips to avoid a fire. If you do burn candles, make sure that you... • Blow out all candles when you leave the room or go to bed. • Avoid the use of candles in the bedroom and other areas where people may fall asleep. • Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn. • Use candle holders that are sturdy, and won’t tip over easily. • Put candle holders on a sturdy, uncluttered surface. • Light candles carefully. Keep your hair and any loose clothing away from the flame. • Don’t burn a candle all the way down — put it out before it gets too close to the holder or container. • Never use a candle if oxygen is used in the home. • Have flashlights and batterypowered lighting ready to use during a power outage. Never use candles. Source: National Fire Protection Agency


Use candle holders that are sturdy, and won’t tip over easily. Never leave a candle burning unattended. rooms. These fires caused 44 percent of the associated deaths and half (49 percent) of the associated injuries. On average, 42 home candle fires were reported per day. Falling asleep was a factor in 12 percent of the home candle fires and 36 percent of the associated deaths. More than half (55 percent) of home

Rural Electric Nebraskan

Giving the gift of efficiency

ards such as fire and shock. One more thing to keep an eye out for involves lumen output of the lights. Traditionally, lightbulbs have been based on their power use — or how many watts they consume. Beginning in January 2012, all lightbulbs will carry a label showing the lumens of the bulb, or how bright it is. More lumens means a brighter light; fewer lumens a dimmer light. Careful shopping can save money on the monthly electric bill while giving your loved ones — and the neighborhood — a festive holiday display.

by Brian Sloboda

oliday decorating can cause spikes in your January electric bill. One great way to keep your light displays from breaking the bank is to invest in lightemitting diodes, or LEDs. LED holiday lights are: • Energy efficient. They use 70 percent less energy than traditional incandescent light strings. . • Long-lasting. They boast a lifespan up to 10 times longer than incandescent lamps. • Safe. They stay cool to the touch, reducing the risk of fire. • Sturdy. Bulbs are made of epoxy, not glass, making them much more durable than other lights. LED holiday lights come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and lengths and are available at many home improvement, wholesale, drug, and grocery stores. Although LEDs might be more expensive than incandescent lights at the time of purchase, energy savings over their life make them a big money saver. And prices continue to fall down as the technology becomes less expensive. At, you can get a 50-count strand of white lights or multicolored lights for around $12. The brightness and color of LED lights have also come a long way over the past few years. For white lights, you can choose between cool white (a bright icy-blue white) or warm white, (a yellow tint that’s the closest to a white incandescent replacement). Make sure the lights you buy are labeled for indoor or outdoor use, depending on where you want to place them. Decorating outside with indoor lights can shorten the life of the bulbs. For even more energy savings, use a timer to turn on holiday lights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. When purchasing your lights, make sure the packaging bears the


December 2011

Try LED light strands — they consume far less energy and last up to 10 times as long as traditional incandescent lights. Photograph provided by General Electric Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label. That means an independent testing group has thoroughly checked the product for safety haz-



Brian Sloboda is a senior program manger specializing in energy efficiency for the Cooperative Research Network, a service of the Arlington, Va.based National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Additional content provided by E Source.

Visit or call toll-free 1-866-717-5826 to apply. TTY: 1-866-561-1604. M-F, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET



Passive solar heating can achieve energy savings

um with much damp soil has a reasonably high thermal mass, and it adds humidity to the air. The best solar option, if you do not by James Dulley need a view outdoors from the entire window, is to build a solar Trombe wall. A simple design uses stacked : The sun shines directly in a at night. bricks or concrete blocks very close living room window and it’s To be most effective in every clito the window. The vertical stack very warm. I am on a tight budget, mate, there should be adequate gets warmed by the sun which creso I want to make or install somethermal mass in the room with the ates an upward warm air current. thing to capture that heat to lower window. This thermal mass captures This circulates the warm air my heating bills. What do you sugthe sun’s heat so the room does not throughout the room while it also gest? overheat or lose as much of the heat stores heat for the nighttime. During the summer, just : Actually, all of the remove the bricks or blocks heat energy we use in and store them away. our homes comes directly or If you want to keep the indirectly (gas, oil, coal, view from your window, wood, etc.) from the sun. make a shallow, flat solar Some of it, such as oil, gas, heater that rests against or coal, has stored the sun’s the outside wall facing the energy over millions of noon-to-afternoon sun. A years. Trees store it for size of four feet by eight feet decades until we burn is good because it makes them. Residential solar systhe most efficient use of tems use the sun’s heat as inexpensive standard lumit shines on houses each ber. The box has to be only day. the depth of standard 2x4 You must be realistic in studs. your expectations for using This is an external Trombe wall. This passive design Once the plywood box is free solar energy to heat allows the warming solar energy to strike a stationary completed, attach foilyour home. Although it can high-mass wall inside the south-facing glass. The heated backed rigid foam insulabe accomplished, trying to air circulates naturally throughout the house. Photograph tion on the inside of the box provide 100 percent of the provided by Arizona Solar Center with the foil facing inside. heating needs of an existing Paint the foil surface flat house with solar is very difficult to back outdoors. Once the thermal black. Cut one hole in the back at do while still maintaining acceptmass warms up, it slowly dissipates the top and one at the bottom and able comfort. An initial target of a the stored solar back out into the install duct stubs. Cut holes in your 10 percent savings is reasonable for room once the sun is no longer shinhouse wall so the duct stubs come a do-it-yourself solar project. ing in. through to indoors. Because you are new to solar enerIf your spouse is not really into Cover the front of the box with a gy and plan to build a heating sysFlintstone-esque decor with a pile of sheet of clear acrylic plastic and seal tem yourself, stick with one or more rocks in the center of each room, it. The solar-heated air will flow up simple passive systems. there are other methods to increase and out into your room. Make airJust having the sun shine in a the thermal mass in a room. It is tight indoor covers to seal off the large window is effective passive preferable to have the thermal mass duct stubs at night otherwise the air solar heating, but it can be made in the direct path of the sun’s rays, flow will reverse and actually cool more efficient. This type of solar but this is not critical to be effective. your house. heating is especially efficient in You can make planters with conwarm southern climates where the crete blocks or bricks. You can also winter days do not become as short pour and make your own concrete Send inquiries to James Dulley, Rural as in northern area. Also, because it planters using tinted concrete simiElectric Nebraskan, 6906 Royalgreen is warmer outdoors in mild climates, lar to contemporary concrete Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45244 or visit less heat is lost through the window kitchen countertops. A large




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Scientifically Engineered to Defy Gravity

Defy Pain, Defy Aging, Defy Fatigue This is my story I used to be more active. I used to run, play basketball, tennis, football… I was more than a weekend warrior. I woke up every day filled with life! But now, in my late 30’s, I spend most of my day in the office or sacked out in front of the TV. I rarely get to the gym – not that I don’t like working out, it’s the nagging pain in my knees and ankles. Low energy and laziness has got me down. My energy has Customer Satisfaction fizzled and I’m Speaks for Itself! 4 out of 5 customers purchase a embarrassed to 2nd pair within 3 months. admit that I’ve grown a spare tire (I’m sure it’s hurting my love life). Nowadays I rarely walk. For some reason it’s just harder now. Gravity has done a job on me.

Excitement swept through my body like a drug I received my package from GravityDefyer. com and rushed to tear it open like a kid at Christmas. Inside I found the most amazing shoes I had ever seen – different than most running shoes. Sturdy construction. Cool colors. Nice lines… I was holding a miracle of technology. This was the real thing.

GDefy Benefits s Relieve pain s Ease joint & spinal pressure s Reduce fatigue & tiredness s Be more active s Have more energy s Appear taller s Jump higher, walk and run faster s Have instant comfort s Cool your feet & reduce foot odor s Elevate your performance

Wear them and you’ll know That’s what my doctor recommended. He said, “Gravity Defyer shoes are pain-relieving shoes.” He promised they would change my life–like they were a fountain of youth. “They ease the force of gravity, relieving stress on your heels, ankles, knees and back. They boost your energy by propelling you forward.” The longer he talked, the more sense it made. He was even wearing a pair himself!

I put them on and all I could say was, “WOW!” In minutes I was out the door. I was invincible; tireless in my new Gravity Defyer shoes. It was as if my legs had been replaced with super-powered bionics. What the doctor promised was all correct. No more knee pain. I started to lose weight. At last, I was pain free and filled with energy! I was back in the game. Gravity had no power over me!

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ABSORB SHOCK Eliminate pain from every step.

So, my friend, get back on your feet like I did. Try Gravity Defyer for yourself. You have nothing to lose but REBOUND PROPELS your pain. YOU FORWARD Reduce fatigue. Be more active Tell us your story! Login at and share your experience.

Resilient High Grade Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Midsole

Rocker construction protects metatarsal bones and aids fluid stepping motions

Semi-Rigid Heel Stabilizing Cage

Removable Comfort-Fit™ Insole Accommodates most orthotics

Rugged Polymer Sole VersoShock™ Trampoline Shock-Absorbing Membrane Heel

Twin Stabilizers

Smart Memory™ Master Spring Propels you forward and reduces fatigue

AVS3 Ventilation™ Port Cools & Reduces Microbial Growth


Ankle & foot pain gone

Most 5 4 out ofse comfortabrle a h ve Exerciseer purcother shoeneed an ow 20% lonog ir pa w/ n in 3 fatigue witnhth mo s. Gravity Defyer Customer Survey Results

MEN (Shown above) TB902MWBS sizes 7 - 13 Med/Wide and ExtraWide/XXWide Widths WOMEN (Silver with Navy) TB902FWBS sizes 5 - 11 Med/Wide and ExtraWide/XXWide Widths


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Egg Nog Salad 1 (3 oz) vanilla pudding not instant 1 (3 oz) lemon gelatin 2 cups hot water 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 (3 oz) raspberry gelatin 1 cup hot water

1 (16 oz) can whole cranberry sauce 1 cup celery, diced 1/4 cup chopped nuts (optional) 1 (8 oz) container Cool Whip 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Combine dry pudding and dry lemon gelatin with 2 cups hot water and cook. Bring to a boil, stirring often, add lemon juice and chill until partially set. Dissolve raspberry gelatin in 1 cup hot water and beat in cranberry sauce. Fold in celery and nuts. Cool until partially set. Add nutmeg to Cool Whip and fold into cooked, cooled pudding mix. Pour half of it into an 8 x 8 dish and carefully pour cranberry mix over it. Cover with last half of Cool Whip mixture and refrigerate several hours or overnight. Yield: 12 or more servings. Helga Anderson, Brady, Nebraska

Ham with Cider Glaze 1 fully cooked ham (boneless or shank or butt half, spiral-sliced), 3 1/2-6 pounds 1 cup apple cider 4 teaspoons cornstarch 2 teaspoons spicy mustard 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves Heat oven to 350°F. Place ham in shallow roasting pan in oven. Meanwhile, stir 2 tablespoons apple cider and cornstarch together in a small bowl. In small saucepan, bring cornstarch mixture, remaining apple cider, mustard and cloves to a boil, stirring until thickened. Pour glaze over ham in oven and baste ham occasionally with this mixture until ham is heated through, about 45 minutes to an hour.

Recipe provided by the National Pork Board

Pumpkin Pie Delight 3 1 4 3 2 1

1/2 cups pumpkin 1/2 cups brown sugar eggs, beaten tablespoons oleo, melted tablespoons molasses 1/4 teaspoons salt

1 1/2 cups milk 2 teaspoons cinnamon 3/4 teaspoon ginger 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 2 – 9 inch unbaked pastry shells

Mix ingredients in order given. Pour into pastry shells and bake in 425 degree oven for 15 minutes. Reduce temperature to 350 degrees and continue baking about 45 minutes, or until knife inserted halfway between outside and center of pie comes out clean. Serve with a scoop of whipped cream. Doris Rempe, Lawrence, Nebraska

Good Fudge 2 cups sugar 1/4 cup white syrup (corn syrup) 1 bag chocolate chips (semi-sweet) 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup oleo (butter is best) Combine all ingredients and stir over low heat until chocolate melts. Boil rapidly for 2 minutes or until temperature reaches 235 degrees (soft ball stage). Beat until it loses its gloss. Pour into 9 x 13 buttered pan. Let cool. Patricia Martin, Bladen, Nebraska


Rural Electric Nebraskan

DEC - 1: Are you looking for a special friend? Me too! I’m a DWF, 63, NS/ND, from central Nebraska. My interest are many (quiet times are special). I just enjoy being alive and living life to the fullest. I have a fun personality, love family & friends, & being around people. Interested in meeting a gentleman 55-65 with good ole country values & a sincerely good personality. So if you are tired of traveling the road of life alone & want a friend in the second seat, let me know.

To appear in print The Rural Electric Nebraskan Adult Pen Pal Service is exclusively for member-readers ages 18 and over. To be considered for use, submissions must: (1) Identify rural electric system providing magazine; (2) Include $6 to cover mail forwarding costs; (3) Be 25 words or fewer; (4) Include full name and mailing address (will not be used in magazine); and (5) Be first person, submitted directly by person to receive responses. Acceptance, editing and issue scheduling is at editor’s discretion. Address all submissions to Rural Electric Nebraskan Adult Pen Pal Service, P.O. Box 82048, Lincoln, NE 68501. All responses received by the Adult Pen Pal Service are routed directly, postage paid, to the response number assigned to each submission. To write To respond to one of the adult pen pal requests, write letter, place in envelope, seal and affix first class postage. Address to full, correct response #, c/o Rural Electric Nebraskan Adult Pen Pal Service, P.O. Box 82048, Lincoln, NE 68501. Your letter will be forwarded unopened. Do not send money or additional postage; forwarding is prepaid. Enclose your full mailing address for return correspondence. Once again . . . it is very important that all responses carry the full response number—both month and number—to be properly forwarded. Abbreviation Code C — Christian; C/W — Country-western; D — Divorced; F — Female; M — Male; NS — Non-Smoker; ND — Non-Drinker; R&R — Rock and roll; S — Single; W — White; Wid — Widowed

December 2011

DEC - 2: WWidF, NS, 53, occasional drink, looking for gentleman, 53-65, like to travel, camper RV, out to eat, outdoors, C/W, R&R, photo without a hat on. Phone number appreciated. DEC - 3: SWF, 25, looking to meet a great guy 25-35. I’m a quite, hardworking country girl that likes the outdoors, Nebraska football, movies, and hanging out with my family and friends. Please send phone number & photo. DEC - 4: SWM, NS, 25, country boy. Enjoy going out, playing cards, 4wheeling, family and friends. Looking for slender gal that enjoys farm life. Please send phone number & photo. DEC - 5: SWM, 22, country born and raised, loves the outdoors, laughing, having a good time and

enjoying life. Likes good conversation. Don’t know what I’m looking for, but I’ll know when I find her. If interested send photo and phone number. DEC - 6: SWF, 24, NS, occasional drinker, from north central Nebraska, likes movies, going out to eat sometimes, camping, fishing, swimming, must like family, music and smiling. Looking for someone that loves life and enjoys home cooking, no games just honesty. Send phone number and photo. DEC - 7: WidWF, from southeast Nebraska, late 40s, blonde, blue eyes, full figured. Enjoys movies, nature, C/W, dining out, travel & more. Looking for a fit, financially stable, chivalrous gentleman, 38-60, 5’9� minimum for friendship with possible long term. Please include current photo. DEC - 8: Lonely WidWM, 70, N/S, N/D, healthy, average built, nice looking, and lives in same home over 30 years. Would like to meet lonely non-smoking widow, no pets, no ties, free to travel, eat out, go for rides, visit museums, & enjoy life. See what a difference it makes...

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ll Ca ree F l l To


O es A ther vail abl e







Pole Barn Co. 30 x 50 x 10 Galvalume

Price includes material, delivery, construction, factory trusses, screws Open M - F 8 to 5


The Wild Game on your land is worth $200 to $30,000 each year, every year! For information without cost or obligation, call 1-877-738-4915

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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. SAVE THOUSANDS o n Fac tor y Direc t Pric ing! !! Ask about our Outstanding Warranties. Farm • Industrial • Commercial

25 Year Warranty on Roof & Walls; Prices F.O.B. Mfg. Plants; Seal Stamped Blue Prints; Easy Bolt Together Design. 30’ x 50’ x 10’......$8,585 40’ x 60’ x 12’......$11,980 60’ x 100’ x 12’....$23,882 80’ x 100’ x 14’....$32,696 100’ x 150’ x 14’..$57,915




Do-It-Yourself Steel Buildings

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• Recreational Use • Boat Storage • Bunkie • Equipment Storage • Garage/Shop • PWC/Snowmobile

Arena Special (roof & frame) 100’ x 100’ x 14’...$36,466

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LOT NO. 95275

SAVE 46%

LOT NO. 66783



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REG. PRICE $59.99

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Item 68221 shown




REG. PRICE $49.99

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370 Stores Nationwide


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LOT NO. 93068

Requires one 9 volt and three C batteries (sold separately).


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LOT NO. 67421





INCLUDES: • 6 Drawer Top Chest • 2 Drawer Middle Section • 3 Drawer Roller Cabinet

SAVE $150

REG. 99 $299PRICE .99

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