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t’s full steam ahead for Yuhuang Chemical’s $1.85 billion massive methanol manufacturing complex, which spans approximately 1,300 acres of land along the Mississippi River in St. James Parish. The Yuhuang Chemical Facility is significant not only for its positive impact on the area’s economy, but also because it marks the first big industrial project in Louisiana by a top 25 Chinese chemical company: Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Co. Ltd. While a ground-breaking ceremony was held in September 2015, actual construction activity did not begin until early 2017. The expected completion date is mid-2020. PROGRESS REPORT

Phase one of the project, which involves three total phases, is currently underway with several objectives already met. Charlie Yao, CEO of Yuhuang Chemical, tells


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Port Log, “Our marine off-loading facility has been completed and over 5,000 piles have been driven with piping and foundation work now proceeding.” “YCI has begun taking delivery of major equipment and components for integration into the facility. Engineering and procurement of major equipment is virtually complete with construction being the only major project development component remaining,” he added. At this point in the process, about 300 constructions workers are employed, plus 50 Yuhuang Chemical employees. “We anticipate that in September of this year, there will be a considerable increase in construction job opportunities as we move into a very aggressive stage of construction,” said Yao. Long-term, the venture is expected to create up to 2,500 construction jobs at its peak over the life of the three phases including 250 permanent jobs with an average salary of $85,000.

Another 2,365 indirect jobs will be financially beneficial to the area as well. The company estimates approximately 1,000 construction jobs and 100 permanent jobs by the end of Phase I. FUTURE PHASES

The start date for phase two is currently being evaluated by Yuhuang Chemical and has to be determined; however, it involves the construction of another methanol unit to increase methanol production to about three million four hundred metric tons per year. Plans for phase three include a methanol derivatives plant to produce intermediate chemicals. Upon completion of the second phase, the colossal Yuhuang Chemical Facility will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in the United States, with PHOTO ABOVE: Yuhuang Chemical $1.85 billion methanol manufacturing complex site.

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