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SELECTED WORKS 2020 - 2022



Remi Rough in his London studio _ Portrait by Tom Silvester 2021 _ _

Remi Rough selected works 2020 - 2022 Text by Stormie Mills.

Movement, weight, levity, motion, colour, complexity, folds, and daring adventures. All words that spring to mind when looking at Remi’s works, from small works on paper to larger panels through to significantly larger murals delivered across the globe. Remi has always been inspiring to me, his knowledge of art history, specifically to the schools of abstraction and graffiti writing are often alluded to in the accompanying titles of the works you will see following, please pay close attention to these, they are clues, insights into the works themselves but also Remi’s process and sampling of the rhythm of contemporary life, something he does with an impressive ease, it’s his way, absorbing, channelling and translating the world into a colourful geographic contour of maps for us to ponder. Looking at these works from 2020-2022 you see two types of process, one is repetition of line, the way a line is drawn across a surface, it extends reaches and then just at the last minutes before it could come to a dramatic precipice it turns or folds, changes direction, a crisis is averted but the dramatic effect leaving a ball in your stomach.

The other theme, is that very much of the artist at work, solo, incremental, whilst the level of intensity and sophistication increase, the artist is refining, working often in ever decreasing circles, contrary to the size of a single gesture, referencing their own history, self reflection and palettes past are re-encountered. This itself requires a self-awareness that is able to pick apart previous works, what worked, what didn’t, found then, without judgement to rework, recreate, try, fail, try, succeed, all often in spaces where you can’t hide, you are on show, as exposed to the public as the murals, in particular, are to the elements. These murals, more than location graphics as evidenced in the accompanying text show just how many air miles Remi has had to accumulate to create these works, in itself no small feat, to travel to paint and to do so well in itself contains many tales of adventure. To arrive in a strange land, to acclimatise to that rhythm, to translate that into works that are part reference of youthful escapades, and reverential homage to the site, tied together with controlled explosions of colour and you vicariously live in Remi’s world and understand to be here, then there, to move, attach, disconnect, then move again, to return home to decompress. To have gone from supreme scale, to the constraints of an A5 piece of paper, and to do it so well, with such panache and bravado is indeed masterful, then to leave you with a work to contemplate long after you have left it, is powerful.

Studio contact M. +44 (0) 7803 052 782

Fantasy Projects _ 2020 _ _

This is a small selection of the many Fantasy Projects I made over the course of 2020 to 2021. At the start of the extraordinarily unprecedented time in lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, everything changed and many things stopped. I had seen Ian Davenport post an incredible animated drip rendering on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim in New York and was immediately inspired to do some of my own fantasy concepts. I am no stranger to rendering artwork onto photographs of buildings as part of the initial process of mural commissions, however, they are never buildings specifically of my choosing so I decided to change that dynamic. Things that I have discovered during this time are that I have a complete love of concrete, an even stronger love for Japanese architecture and architects and that I missed painting walls. I also discovered some incredible buildings and phenomenally talented architects and designers during this journey.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival / Imperial College Digital artwork _ Kensington and Chelsea Art Weekend London, UK _ 2020 _

“I took to him and then luckily found his art was as measured and quick as he is.” - Humphrey Ocean RA

Straight talkin’ Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 90 x 60 x 4cm _ 2021 _ _

Haig Club / David Beckham _ Limited edition bottle design _ 2021 _

Unsolved mysteries Graphite and spray paint on handmade paper 84 x 64 x 4cm _ Summer Exhibition Royal Academy _ 2021 _

The most fragile of defaults Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 84 x 64 x 4cm _ Summer Exhibition Royal Academy _ 2021 _

Layer Cake Season 2 _ 05 Graphite and spray paint on handmade paper 21 x 15cm _ 2021 _ _

Commissioned mural _ East Dulwich London UK _ 2021 _

You have no fucking idea Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 100 x 100 x 4cm _ 2021 _ _

Layered Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 40 x 30 x 4cm _ 2021 _ _

Abstract painting for dummies Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 100 x 100 x 4cm _ 2021 _ _

Nostalgia number 9 Graphite and spray paint on handmade paper 200 x 120 x 4cm _ 2021 _ _

Take it personal Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 100 x 100cm _ 2021 _ _

Style Wars Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 80 x 80 x 4cm _ NEXT WAVE: New contemporaries of the abstract movement Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Indiana USA _ 2022 _

Typecast Graphite, acrylic and spray paint on ply panel 80 x 80 x 4cm _ 2022 _ _

Digital Mural _ W1 Curates London UK _ 2022 _

Layer Cake Season 3 _ 08 Graphite and spray paint on handmade paper 21 x 15cm _ 2021 _ _

Layer Cake Season 4 _ 08 Graphite and spray paint on handmade paper 21 x 15cm _ 2021 _ _

The beauty of simplicity Graphite, acrylic and spray paint onply panel 30 x 42cm _ 2022 _ _

Dear Carmen Graphite, acrylic and spray paint onply panel 30 x 42cm _ Homage to Carmen Herrera _ 2022 _

Mural for Acton Unframed and JG Contemporary _ London UK _ 2022 _

NEXT WAVE: New contemporaries of the abstract movement _ Fort Wayne Museum of Art Indiana USA _ 2022 _

Selected solo exhibitions _ 05.22 – Digital mural. W1 Curates. London UK 06.21 – In real life. Studio 6. London UK 09.20 – Post suprematist. Kronos Gallery. Trento IT 10.19 – Air miles and new mechanised high-tech graffiti wild styles. WallworksNY. NYC USA 03.18 – Syncopation (with LX One). Zimmerling and Jungfleisch Gallery. Saarbrücken DE 09.17 – Sound pigments. Villa Molitor / Danysz Gallery. Paris FR 04.17 – Symphony of systematic minimalism. Wunderkammen Gallery. Rome IT 11.16 – Post. Speertstra Gallery. Bursins CH 10.15 – Home. Scream Gallery. London UK 10.14 – Motivational therapy. Whitewalls Gallery. San Francisco USA 07.14 – Further adventures in abstraction. Soze Gallery. Los Angeles USA 10.12 – In the presence of Angels. Soze Gallery. Los Angeles USA _

Selected group exhibitions _ 06.22 – Next Wave: New contemporaries of the abstract movement. Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Indiana USA 02.22 – Rebirth. 99 Projects. London UK 12.21 – Attitude. Palazzo Blu. Pisa IT 06.21 – Post painterly. Sugarlift. NYC USA 05.21 – Pressing Matters. Helium London. London UK 10.20 – VAO Friends. Ground Effect. Paris FR 09.20 – Hospital Rooms. Hauser and Wirth. London UK 02.20 – Hospital Rooms. South London Gallery. London UK 09.19 – Watch this space. Lazinc / Danysz Gallery. London UK 04.19 – Happy Hour. Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery. London UK 02.19 – Graffuturism. L’Alternatif. Paris FR 10.18 – Interlude. House of St. Barnabas. London UK 02.18 – Art from the streets. ArtScience Museum / Danysz Gallery. Singapore 11.17 – The discerning eye. The Mall Galleries. London UK 10.17 – Compendium. Treason Gallery. Seattle USA 09.17 – Adventures in abstraction. StolenSpace Gallery. London UK 05.17 – Street generations. La Condition Publique / Danysz Gallery. Roubaix FR 03.17 – MTV Re-Define. Dallas Contemporary. Dallas USA 04.16 – Jidar. Museé Mohammed VI. Rabat MA 02.16 – MB6 Marrakech Biennale. Marrakech MA 06.15 – Street art, fine art. Pace Gallery. London UK 06.15 – Public provocations. Colab Gallery. Weil am Rhein DE 06.15 – Masters of street art. Magda Danysz Gallery. London UK 05.15 – Ambiguity. Zimmerling & Jungfleisch. Saarbrücken DE 03.15 – Urban art biennale. The Volklinger Huette Museum. Volklinger DE


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Mural _ Upside Gallery Bournemouth UK _ 2019 _ _





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