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3 Meditations Inspired by LEGOS

You probably spent hours playing with Lego bricks when you were growing up. Today, you can use those memories to build a more rewarding meditation practice. While other bestselling toys are now gathering dust, Lego keeps going strong. Those colorful bricks have their own theme parks, museum shows, and a blockbuster movie. Most of all, parents and kids love them for creative and educational play. Both Legos and meditation open up a world of possibilities. Connect the pieces with these three exercises inspired by Legos.

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Embracing Change Even when you build a dream home, you have to take it apart if you want to reuse the pieces for a space rocket. Celebrate change and the opportunities it brings

Form a new habit. 
 One effective way to break a bad habit is to identify your trigger, and replace your usual response with something more constructive. Meditate on what you want to do differently, and take the first step.

Advance your career.
 You may need to let go of some familiar tasks if you want to take on projects that will help you move ahead. Think about rewriting your job description.

Broaden your circle.
 Old friendships sometimes fade away when life events pull us in different directions. Picture how you can reach out and strengthen your support network.

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Picking up the Pieces The only time Lego isn't much fun is when you step on a hard plastic block with your bare feet. Remember to clean up and put your toys away.

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Awesome Things If you still have the Lego Movie song stuck in your head, you may agree that everything is awesome. Take time to notice the cool things that happen each day when you're living your dream.

Notice small blessings. 
 Take a closer look at the ordinary things you tend to take for granted. Be thankful for the way your children share their toys and eat their vegetables. Take pleasure in a good book or an ice cream sundae.

Appreciate nature. Studies show that spending time outdoors helps to reduce depression and anxiety. Meditate in your backyard or a local park. Enjoy the sound of falling rain or the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Value yourself.
 Remember that you're awesome, especially when you've had a tough day. Think about the challenges you've faced. Give yourself credit for your achievements and hard work. Contemplate what happiness means to you. Pay attention to how you're caring for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Repay kindness. 
 The more you value yourself, the easier it is to value others. Consider how much you benefit from the generosity of your family, friends, and strangers. Resolve to give back by sharing your time and resources.

Go on living in a Lego world. The toy you love can help you pave a path to greater happiness and peace one brick at a time. Discover more free tools @


3 meditations inspired by legos  

Like so many of us, you probably spent hours playing with Lego bricks when you were growing up. Today, you can use those memories to build a...