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July 30th, 2013

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To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Expected By Relentless Aaron

When you give people experiences of what was seemingly impossible, you can shift their way of thinking. Or if they see a transparency, the reference of a Mentor or anyone close/family or friend who's done it, thats something they can sink their teeth into. It's


And now I realize how important “PATIENCE” was By Relentless

REALIZE THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE USING PLANNING, PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, PASSION & all of it must be FOR and ON PURPOSE. I'm not just being prolific this morning, I'm reminding myself of some important (continued on pg 6)


A Relentless Dinner: Pan-fried chicken and veggies; light seasoning and a side of pasta. Hits the spot! The Gourmet Author

30th, 2013 RELENTLESSDAILY July COPYRIGHTRelentless2013

To Whom Much Is Given... something that can transform them. In the book world, there are those who've reached meteoric success in writing; people like John Grisham, Steven King or even Terry McMillian. Terry's allegiance with Oprah Has catapulted her far above most other Black authors; even those with similar superior writing skills. And of course, Grisham and King have experienced meteoric success in the film world as it relates to their novels. But in no shape form or fashion are these successful writers making great strides to share some necessary skills, resources and the blueprint to help others succeed. To help others to reach higher/greater heights. Not that I blame the successful writers for not reaching back, because they truly have lives of their own. But I am making a point that the Individual who is striving to do better and to achieve success on any large-scale is going to need a mentor to help them along. And a mentor who blogs very often or whole

holds seminars very often and shares resources on a daily weekly or monthly basis is truly giving back. The common, everyday person is only gonna be transformed and pulled up out of their slump if they are guided by a reference they can understand; one they can assimilate with or that they find familiar. Someone like John Grisham is not going to visit your neighborhood, climb up your five story staircase, to sit in your sweltering hot living room and share the jewels that are necessary to succeed in the book business. Number one he wouldn't be comfortable there. And number two, you wouldn't be comfortable having him there. And again, I am not bashing successful writers. Of course I've reached and obvious amount of success myself. So to do any bashing would defeat my presence and my status in the book business. Something like

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Tamia “I’m So Into You” Chris Isaak “Wicked Game” “Help Me” Rachelle Ferrell “With Every Breath I Take”


I am living with PURPOSE. And YOU?

30th, 2013 COPYRIGHTRelentless2013


What I’ve been watching on


Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders cursing poultry.

In Photo: I stay on the pull-up bar at least 3 times a week/legs and abs on alternate days, jacuzzi on Saturday & Sunday, scalp massage once a week and periodic back/neck adjustments. Its a routine that keeps me fit, and feeling good.

However, the point I am making is that I have been sharing the jewels behind this business for as long as I have been in this business. Even before my first book was published I was teaching another publisher how to publish. In fact I helped her publish her husband/Boyfriends book before my first book hit the streets. So, in truth I have been a giver for a very long time. Hence it takes someone like myself to walk the walk and to show others the way. Only then, will we self perpetuate the success that we achieve on various levels and in various industries. Baseball players basketball players football players tennis players all need a coach. Sports is something that is taken very seriously because it obviously contributes to a lot of livelihoods and a

lot of professions that are dependent upon those individual players. So there's a popularity factor relating to sports. And there are quite a few coaches on local regional and national levels who assist competitors in sports. But some other professions that are just as valuable (but not as popular) Are not getting that same attention and attraction but in fact require the same sensitive, important affirmations. So if you are an aspiring butcher there are butchers out there that can mentor you into the business of culinary arts or (to take it to the lowest denominator), meat processing. If you are an aspiring barber or an aspiring hairdresser or an aspiring car salesman, there have got to be people in your life, close to you, or with in reach who can give you Jewels

To Whom Much Is Given...

30th, 2013 RELENTLESSDAILY July COPYRIGHTRelentless2013


To Whom Much Is Given... Continued

for you to overcome hurdles and inevitably reach your ultimate goals of becoming a barber, a hairstylist or a car salesman. Hell, if you get the right training you may own a dealership! The point I am making is that people WHO HAVE DONE IT have got to show others the way. You need to know that it is I N D E E D POSSIBLE to achieve far WHAT I’M b e y o n d LISTENING TO: “Tomorrow” what you Kenny Lattimore imagine. “You Give Good Love” Whitney Folks need Houston “Your to be Dmile” René and Angela shown that they are greater and stronger and wiser than anything Then the shit they are immediately going thru. Denzel doesn't have time to sit down and show you how to be a great actor; he's too busy doing it. But this calling to write to you this evening is for the

mentors and the apprentices... in either case it is time to wise up. To the mentees: you may have to impress a potential mentor to get them to help you. You may just have to overwhelm them and show them why, how and where it is important to counsel you. There's no way you are going to afford a professional to stop what they're doing and show you the way. It's going to take the parting of the Red Sea to make that happen Hotel owners, judges, corporate CEOs do NOT have the time to stop what they're doing to show you how its done. So what can you do? Sure, firemen have all day to show you their profession. After all, all they do is sit around and wait for the flames in life. But folks there are only so many fireman needed in our world. And I know the majority of us are not trying to be firefighters. So then, what do we do? One of the few ways to learn this is thru movies, videos, audio, books, interviews and one-on-one training with wise men and women who have time to kill. You may get lucky and stumble upon an elderly person who has already achieved success in their lives. And elderly people love to talk. So that's one way. But I'm afraid that due to the lack of time and convenience the professions that you will need to study on are going to require hours of

30th, 2013 RELENTLESSDAILY July COPYRIGHTRelentless2013

To Whom Much Is Given... Continued

reading and researching. Such is why hugely successful books are from those who have walked the walk; those who are willing and able to drop jewels in their books; jewels that can immediately and instantly help someone who does not know better or who is less informed. Yes, get your self a success library. Every self-help book that went down in history as legendary is available for free online. Don't believe me? Cool. Google "free PDF file of 'as a man thinketh" and tell me if I am not am lying. The success library can help you so much when you don't have others who can help you blueprint your course towards success. Because I walk the walk, I want to invite aspiring writers and aspiring authors and aspiring publishers to Google "Relentless Aaron."Especially pay attention to the blogs that I've written about the book business, publishing, writing, and marketing. I stumble upon these educated dissertations every now and again and I am constantly surprised and humbled by my crisp, no-nonsense approach to the book business, to marketing, and to the merging of publishing and multimedia. Now, mentors? You see me giving it up all the time, Jewels and suggestions and advice窶ヲ Now where are you at? You have so much more potential than


you can even imagine, and you're doing what? Sharing that all with your one child? If you are the master of something Mr. or Mrs. Mentor, you have the wherewithal to share s o m e valuable advice with our younger folks In l a r g e amounts. And you would also be surprised at LES BROWN some of the (Teacher) things they Some of you know could teach you t h a t L e s B r o w n along the way. I taught me to speak for a living years am 窶ェ#窶山elentless窶ャ

ago. I recall Cicily Tyson & Gary Byrd. The values that Les taught me years ago are used by me d a i l y i n R a d i o , video and in realtime.



Just Completed

Working with Tuskegee Airman Val Archer

“A Celebration of Service & Sacrifice

By Relentless

I’ve been blessed to spend some quality time with Tuskegee airmen and Val Archer. Over the years I've met many people, many of which are (so called) known celebrities. They dance and sing on stage, or pretend on film. But really have they been the type of people who have in their past overcome the most insurmountable odds. Now Archer represents a core of men who have fought more than one war. Of course there was World War II but, there

Honoring Tuskegee Airman Val Archer was also the war at home. I have much research to do to learn all of the many conflicts that these men faced. But what I know already is that injustice is an understatement. This DVD that I produced brought me into the presence of Val more than a dozen times, During which we got to sit and talk and build. The

I DID IT! (Continued from Page 1) qualities... I'm reminding myself of how powerful I am; how I came into the literary/ book/publishing industry by storm. I was taking NO SHORTS. I wouldn't allow bookstores, book dealers, vendors, readers, critics, small publishers or other writers to tell me ANYTHING DIFFERENT than the TRUTH; THAT I WAS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! THAT I WAS ON COURSE TO BE KING since NOBODY HAD MY WORK ETHIC, KNOWLEDGE, TALENT or AUDACITY! I had people looking at me funny, talking behind my back, swearing that I was NOT WORTHY. I


DVD is merely an event with some up close and personal perspectives from Val himself. But it is nothing close to the documentary that is necessary to cover the various stories of these heroic men. I'm not sure if it's in the cards for me to be the producer of such a documentary but at least my foot is in the door. I can say that working with Val was my pleasure and honor and I wish him and all the surviving Tuskegee and men well.

was tossed from the shoddy, deceptive, shady National Book Club Conference. I was debated on NPR Radio and pigeon-holed by booksellers and critics. THEY KEEP GROUPING ME WITH OTHER AUTHORS WHO ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL!!! Fighting over space on the street to sell my books. Police, parking tickets, STALKERS! One woman tried to extort me, another stole a grand from my bedroom closet! The divorce, losing the kids, everyone who you THOUGHT was determined and stable suddenly falling apart and LOSING FAITH or becoming WISHY-WASHY! DOES ANYONE HEAR ME? DOES ANYONE FEEL WHAT I WENT THROUGH, WHAT IT TOOK TO GET

30th, 2013 RELENTLESSDAILY July COPYRIGHTRelentless2013

HERE!!!? And you think you deserve exposure and credibility and fans and deals and money because you WROTE A BOOK? Are you SERIOUS??? I had to come in the door, GUNS BLAZING, with DOZENS OF BOOKS that TO THIS DAY stand UNMATCHED. I had to knock down doors of bookstores and libraries and schools and self-serving book distributors. I've been outcasted or Without all of that consistence ignored by so-called AWARD SHOWS, and diligent work, day after whose administrators have STILL never day, who would you be? acknowledged my gains, my efforts and my growth; how I shot right to the top. I've been recognized by the worlds's ...It's too late. I'M most notable media sources, which makes their PUNY AfAm Awards smaller ALREADY HOME! I'm still, and just as irrelevant. And they a l r e a d y can't redeem themselves now because connected, It's too late. I'M ALREADY HOME! I'm already connected, already receiving already receiving residual income for my talents, already income for my negotiating and deal-making and talents, already serving followers. Am I angry? HELL NO! I'm OVER-THE- negotiating and TOP & PASSIONATE/ reminding myself deal-making & how I SURVIVED YOUR WEAK ATTEMPTS, YOU DEVIL! serving. Folks, I’m That's RIGHT, RELENTLESS! You already Relentless! WUPPED MURPHY'S ASS! YOU OUTPRODUCED, OUT-ACHIEVED, OUTLIVED ALL THE REST; ALL THE RELENTLESSDAILY BLOCKERS & HATERS!!! Yes, I said OUTLIVED! You live a life of peace and tranquility. You live life without fear, on YOUR OWN schedule and by your own rules. Nobody can ever tell you what to do, because YOU ARE BOSS. No arguments here! YOU just got that DRIVE, Sir! You're out-living the slacker who's just getting


30th, 2013 RELENTLESSDAILY July COPYRIGHTRelentless2013

I DID IT! (more) by. You're out-living the armchair theoretician who has no idea what it is to defy death. You're even out-living others because you're duplicating yourself; teaching others what you know. Did you NOT call your teacher Les Brown last week, where he told you of his new deal with Sir. Richard Brandson/how the deal reaches into the millions? Isn't that your MENTOR??? He's flying around on Brandson's private jets right now, and you can pick up the phone and CALL HIM! Thats powerful, man! And there are other leaders in other fields, most especially in publishing and entertainment, who are a phone call away. You fraternize, negotiate, feed one another. Its a GREAT


LIFE, dude! A PHENOMENAL LIFE! It has NOTHING to do with the celebrities or millionaires in your circumference… nothing to do with how hot your books are. This is all about your PERSONAL POWER and how you walked the walk, from the bottom (with nothing), to the top, inspiring others along the way, to inevitably achieving EVERYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES! You did this by first PLANNING. While you put the plan into motion, you were diligent and RELENTLESS and DETERMINED to LEARN what you had to learn, and you

COMING SOON: MASON’S MIRACLE, a documentary about a baby boy in need.

acquired the necessary RESOURCES you needed to accomplish the goals in this industry; an industry that was brand new to you. WHO DOES THAT, RELENTLESS??? But remaining busy and constantly creating helped you to observe the necessary PATIENCE to wait for and respect the process that everybody & everything else is controlled by. You were PERSISTENT, dayby-day, week-by-week, and year after year, getting better and better, refining, shaving the fat, becoming the best you could be. YOU FOLLOWED YOUR HEART

RELENTLESSDAILY I DID IT! and BELIEVED IN YOURSELF. YOU CONSTANTLY IMPROVED so that you'd NEVER BE EXPENDABLE. NEVER! Someone always needs your stories, your motivation, your training, skills, connections, talents, YOUR ENERGY! Is't EVERY SINGLE GOD-GIVEN DAY you are approached or contacted because YOU

HAVE IT! YES INDEED, YOU'VE BEEN PERSISTENT! And you've done so with GREAT PASSION! You're that wide receiver running far ahead of the rest, eye on the pass, calculating the ball before the catch! You're the fire under that rocket about to break thru the Earth's atmosphere! You're a Cheetah and a Tiger/mixed with Panther; that is, you're fast, stealth,

and razor-sharp. Plus, you stay strong and you're savvy and cunning too. Relentless, I'm here to remind you that YOU ARE ALL OF THAT! #passion And STILL ALIVE ON MONDAY, (the day of the Heart Attack) to tell it, to show it and to LIVE IT! And if YOU did it, OTHERS CAN TOO! GO RELENTLESS!


Thank you for supporting my initiatives. Relentless

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Latest thoughts and inspirations from the World's Leading Urban Lit Author, Relentless Aaron. More info @

Relentlessdaily jul 30  

Latest thoughts and inspirations from the World's Leading Urban Lit Author, Relentless Aaron. More info @