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This one-of-a-kind executive duplex in Yigo was completed in March and is available for rent or sale. Photo by Justin Green







The duplex boasts a total of 7,400 square feet of living space.

Photo by Justin Green

Inside • One of a kind, brand new duplex completed in March • 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms on each side, each with a master bedroom and bath • 3,700 square feet of living space on each side for a total of 7,400 square feet • Large, open living rooms, kitchens and dining areas • Brand new appliances with inside laundry facilities • Split air conditioning for energy efficiency Outside • Fully enclosed, 520-square-foot garage for each side with electric garage doors • Fully gated/fenced with three remote gates • Paved driveway with landscaping already complete • Paved patio directly outside each master bedroom • Typhoon shutters What’s cool • Located in the northern village within 10 minutes of Andersen Air Force Base and close to McDonalds, Bank of Guam, Pay-Less Supermarket, Mobil gas station and more • Directly between the main routes for both the new Marine Corps base and AAFB traffic near the newly paved Route 3, yet tucked away for privacy • Perfect for backyard barbecues with plenty of street parking available for 20-plus guests • Safe neighborhood near other executive homes in Perez Villa Estates and LagunaVista Villas How to make this your own (quickly) Contact: Mark Zhao NZ Properties LLC and Pioneer Realty Call: 689-8083 Email:




Open dining, kitchen and living spaces are ideal for families or get togethers.

A fully stocked kitchen with new appliances means this house is move-in ready.

A fully enclosed garage with electric doors easily fits large trucks and vehicles.

Each side of the duplex has a master bedroom with full master bathroom.

Photos by Justin Green




A place of his own Self-care is the “it” word these days. The need for a personal relaxation space is a luxury we can all relate to. For the man of the house, that aspiration typically takes the form of his very own “man cave.” Whether called a man cave,

mantuary or simply a den, one rule is unchallenged in creating this personal zone: let it be a reflection of the man within. From there, the sky is the limit, within the confines of structure and budget, of course. To start, “You

need an AV setup; that’s essential,” said Jeremy Forget, manager at MacTech. Depending on the man, “That could be anything from a desk for gaming or watching, or something bigger like a projector or large screen TV.” With advances

in technology offering seemingly endless options, it’s really a matter of resources. The “cave” doesn’t just have to be a second TV room, either. For someone continued on page 7

Massage chair, Home Deco

Collectible album covers, MacTech Guam

Collectible poster, MacTech Guam

Photos by Leah Nathan




La-Z-Boy loveseat, Home Deco 18-FHB-Mortgage_RealEstateJournal_Size6.875"X9".pdf

continued from page 6 with more musical tastes, perhaps a sound system and collection of instruments complete the space. “Sometimes you won’t want to sit in front of the TV, you’re going to want to relax, read a book and listen to some music,” Forget said. If space allows it, some find a way to create personal zen with a pool table or even full-sized arcade games. Whatever the activities are, anyone designing a man cave will agree, you have to have a comfortable place to power down and chill. A couch and an accent chair or two is a simple starting point. One timeless option, according to Willy Ma, manager of Home Deco, is the La-Z-Boy. And today’s recliners are not what your grandfather ended his workday with. Featuring remote controls, cup holders and fully adjustable reclining, “You can set the chair to your exact needs, and be nice and comfortable all the time,” said Ma. If you want to really make masculine self-care a priority, installing a massage chair might be the way to go. Ma jokes that the chairs, “Make you feel like a boss. No need to spend money on a massage when you can get one at home, and you’ll be the most popular guy around.” While it’s easy to bust the budget on top tech and luxurious furnishing, creating a perfect space for the man within is a matter of simple personal touches. Expressing hobbies or interests via posters or collectibles is always a great décor option, and frequently keeps costs down. To add a little accent lighting, LED light strips can go anywhere, tucked away or on display. “If budget is the issue, start small,” said Forget. “You don’t have to get the best of the best right away. Just upgrade over time.” p



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Photo by Leah Nathan




Inspecting for success An increased water bill. A puddle under the kitchen sink. Water pressure that is slowed to a trickle. These are all classic signs of something amiss in the labyrinth of pipes, valves and fixtures making up a home plumbing system. In modern homes, healthy plumbing is often taken for granted; an attitude that can easily get a homeowner in hot water. Experts agree that addressing any water leak immediately is always the best idea. When able, diagnosing and repairing a potential catastrophe before it hits will save big on headaches and mon-

ey. Plumbing inspections are not required when buying a home on Guam, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. “It’s always worth it to have the plumbing inspected. In making a huge investment like buying a home, the fee pays for itself in possibly addressing a hidden problem or for peace of mind,” said Pauline Manubay, operations manager with Plumbing Pros. Sewer cameras, inspection of building materials and hydrostatic pressure tests might not be a crystal ball, but they can certainly get you one step closer to assessing troubles lurking out of sight. “Even when

everything is aesthetically new and pretty, you should always check to see what’s going on under the house, or in the septic tank, leaching field or other pipes,” said Jessica Barrett, president of Barrett Plumbing. Once in the home, stay vigilant against damaging leaks. “Make sure all of your shutoff valves are functional, not corroded and operational,” Manubay said. This includes making sure you have and maintain a building control valve that everyone in the household knows how to locate and use. Also, knowing when to call a professional plumber is key. A persistent leaky

faucet in the shower that has been tightened over and over might actually be the visible part of what has now become a much bigger and more expensive problem. The most common problems professional plumbers see customers run into are sewer lines blocked from age or improper installation, the wrong fittings put in by inexperienced workers and use of low-quality parts. In short, there’s a simple rule to plumbing leaks, Barrett said. “You just want to nip it in the bud. Anything that festers will get worse.” p




Conditions of comfort Staying cool is the name of the game in Guam, where summer is a yearlong affair. Cooling and dehumidifying homes and businesses is about more than just momentary breaks from the sun, filtering molds and pollution minimizes health risks as well. Generally speaking, there are two categories of air conditioning systems to choose from. Central air conditioning circulates air through a system of supply and return ducts. Alternately, single-zone mini split units offer cooling and dehumidifying on a room-by-room operational basis. While each system offers relief from the heat, deciding which one works for your environment requires some basic considerations. “Cost, in general, is the number one decider,” said John Scragg,

president of JWS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, “Minis are the least expensive to install and if set right, the least expensive to operate if they’re energy rated.” With each zone controlled by its own thermostat, you only need to condition occupied spaces; saving energy and money. However, Scragg cautions, the life span of a mini split is only 3 to 6 years, and quality issues frequently lead to maintenance costs during that time. Run by sensitive mini-computers within, the environmental stresses of Guam can mean many repairs and earlier failure. Central systems are often made of more durable materials with at least double the expected life span. Like mini splits, most central systems are not designed for the

tropics, but vendors are able to offer a variety of material choices and protective coatings to give more durability. There is also an aesthetic upside to a central system, with only one or two exterior compressors as opposed to multiple units on the outside of the building. The main drawback of central AC boils down to cost. By comparison, they are more expensive to install, with the need for duct work and registers, and result in higher energy bills since they are cooling a larger area at all times. Newer systems, however, offer multi-zone cooling which can give some relief from high energy bills. Regardless of which setup you choose to cool your home or business, proper maintenance is a must. “Number one, make sure

the filters are clean. You really have to clean them every three months. Then, every six months we recommend preventive maintenance by a professional,” advised Marissa Manalili, store manager at Agbayani Air Conditioning. Keeping the thermostat set at 75 degrees, or a little higher if no one is home, is usually best practice for energy savings. With these factors in mind, getting started on picking the best option should be the same for any shopper, Manalili said. “We tell the customer to look first at the quality of the unit, the warranty and the service agreement. Each company offers different options, and you should pick the one best for you.” p

Ductless Mini Split

Central AC Compressor

Ductless Mini Split Compressor

Photos by Leah Nathan




Timeless living The three villages of Mongmong , Toto and Maite comprise one municipality. Centrally l o c a t e d , the united MongmongToto-Maite lies Marzo just north of Hagåtña, with Barrigada and Tamuning to the east. It’s this central location that gives Mongmong-Toto-Maite it’s special draw, said Leo Andre Marzo, realtor with Re/Max Realty Group. “People like it because you’re really in the middle,” he said. “Only a couple of miles from the capital, the airport, the Naval Hospital and at the center of the island.” Maite’s sunset-facing cliffline is home to some of the island’s most well-known families, whose attractive homes line the cliff above east Hagåtña, while Mongmong

and Toto for the most part claim more pastoral residential areas. Don’t be fooled, however — there is also a busy commercial side to Mongmong-Toto-Maite. The area of Maite and Toto along Route 8 between Tiyan and Hagåtña is a retail and commercial area, filled with warehouses, hardware and furniture stores, mom-andpop markets, and many popular bargain shops. It’s precisely this mix of “Guamtwenty-years-ago” with the more modern side of life that makes Mongmong-Toto-Maite a place to put down roots. “Mongmong-TotoMaite still has that village feel, that close knit community. There is so much natural space, and a lot of people have been neighbors forever,” Marzo said. And according to Marzo, there is plenty of that island feel to be found for sale or rent, “from fixer uppers to million-dollar homes.” There are a few ideas about how Mongmong-Toto-Maite got its names. The prevailing ones relate

to the legend of Puntan and Fu’una, the CHamorro creation myth. When the god Puntan was about to die, he and his sister — the goddess Fu’una — devised a plan that would use his body to form the world and the elements of the sky: his eyes were to become the sun and the moon, his body to become the earth. Momongmong, later to become Mongmong, describes the sound of a heartbeat. Toto means to recline. Maite, or ma’ette, means to nudge or touch another person with one’s hands or other parts of the body. Today, “Mongmong-Toto-Maite is a culturally diverse tri-village which has something for everyone,” said Mayor Rudy A. Paco. In keeping with its life-center-ofGuam origin story, his office looks forward to development that grows the community, with parks and entertainment for families that thrive alongside neighbors and businesses. p


Public: 1 • Juan Q. San Miguel Elementary School Private: 2 • Grace Christian Academy, • Harvest Christian Academy


• Bensons Hardware Store, Townhouse Furniture, MBI and J&G Wholesale and Kwong Hwa Shopping Center, Shop 4 Less, San Jose Grocery, Da Local Grindhouse, Cars Plus, Lemai Café, 3 Angels Bake Shop, McDonald’s, World Mart


• 14 land plots for sale, priced $57,000 to $2.68 million • 4 commercial spaces for sale, priced $1.2 million to $6 million • 1 business for sale, priced $175,000 • 11 homes for sale, priced $160,000 to $1.58 million • 6 condos for sale, priced $224,999 to $245,000 • 3 commercial spaces for rent, priced $1,000 to $2,612 • 5 homes for rent, priced $2,250 to $2,450 • 15 condos for rent, priced $750 to $2,250

MAYOR: Mayor Rudy A. Paco

Photos courtesy of the Mayor’s Council of Guam




Coil mattress, Willy’s Furniture Outlet

Memory foam mattress, Willy’s Furniture Outlet

Memory foam mattress, Sleep Source

Photos by Leah Nathan

Rest assured For productivity, your health and general wellbeing, nothing beats a restful night’s sleep. On average, people will spend one third of their life asleep, and where you catch those z’s makes a big difference. As the body changes over time, so do your sleep patterns and comfort criteria. Back pain, fatigue and anxiety are just the tip of the iceberg of the havoc poor sleeping conditions inflict on day-to-day living and overall

health. Long term, poor quality sleep can increase risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. To manage these effects, creating a sleep space focused on beneficial resting is essential. “Good sleep is very important for your health, and you have to have the kind of mattress that is right for you,” said Vicky Baldonado, sales manager at Willy’s Furniture Outlet. While there are a few schools of

thought on when exactly you’ll need to change or upgrade your mattress, the Better Sleep Council recommends starting with the following checklist of signs that a mattress has lost its luster. Are you waking up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains? Can you get a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed? Does your mattress show visible signs of wear and overuse? Are you usually tired despite getting

a full night’s sleep? Is your mattress seven years old or older? If you find yourself checking these boxes, it’s time to go mattress shopping. In general, there are two types of mattresses available on Guam: memory foam and spring or coil. Memory foam mattresses have surged into the market, arguably for good reason. “Memory foam continued on page 18


NEED TO KNOW | MATTRESSES continued on page 16

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molds itself to just about any body shape, so you don’t need to twist and turn,” Baldonado said. Ideally, it will also pass the “wine glass test,” maintaining an uninterrupted sleep zone no matter how much your sleeping partner rolls around. With different options in foam type, density and thickness, prices can vary dramatically. Spring or coil mattresses are still holding their place as the most popular purchase. In Guam, where staying cool is a constant battle, the airflow of a coil-based mattress is quite appealing. Depending on the number of coils — the higher the better — you can find a spring mattress that is strong and durable

THE REAL ESTATE JOURNAL enough for any sleep need. Of course, as with most big purchases, budget will determine a lot of features. If you’re willing to spend a little more, there are a few additional bells and whistles to be had. Quality and number of coils, material and density of the foam, and special toppers such as pillow or cooling gel create a range of options, depending on how you sleep. Doing the research before you get to the store will certainly make decisions less overwhelming. Once you have narrowed your vision of the perfect fit, it’s important to try it out. Before taking anything home, Anna Cruz, a sales associate at Sleep Source, insisted that serious shoppers should lie down on the mattress. “Take a few

minutes and lie down in your normal sleeping position and decide if it’s comfortable and supportive enough for you,” she said. No matter what your choice, a mattress is likely to be a big purchase, and maintaining it is important to longevity. When asked what she tells customers, Cruz said, “Keep jumping kids off of it,” adding, “I also recommend turning it every couple of months to balance it out from wear and tear.” In addition, purchasing a mattress cover to protect your investment from spills, dust and sweat, as well as following the manufacturers instructions for cleaning and maintenance should keep your nest well padded for years of restful nights. p


Ipan, Talofofo Home | $580,000 •4bd/3ba •2,704+/-sf of space •Huge fenced & gated yard •Large kitchen •Stainless appliances ID: 191095

Tamuning Home | $599,000 •Executive design & features •4bd/3ba •Open floor plan •Beautiful condition •Must see! ID: 19767

Dededo Home | $435,000 •Brand new! •4bd/2ba •2,400+/-sf •Fenced & gated •Bonus credit to buyer at closing costs ID: 191015

Tumon Beachfront Condo | $5,000/mo

•Brand new luxury condo! •3bd/2ba •Views to steal your breath away! •Superb location ID: 183563

Mangilao Home | $585,000 •Brand new •4bd/3ba •Executive features •Spacious •Bonus credit at closing costs ID: 19782

Route 4, Yona Land | $440,000 •Investor/developer alert! •8,421+/-sm •Rezone as you need •Huge return value •Lots of potential ID: 191289

Inarajan Land | $100,000 •Gorgeous valley & oceans views •Cliff-line lot •1,325+/-sm •A zoned ID: 183484

Tamuning Home | $2,800/mo •4bd/4ba •3,000+/-sf •Extra kitchen •Open concept •Fully fenced & gated •Roof top access ID: 19901

Ordot-Chalan Pago Home | $265,000 •3bd/2ba •Updated •Huge yard •Inside laundry •Rear covered patio for gatherings ID: 191386

Perlas Courte Condo | $1,700/mo •3bd/2ba •Tamuning location •Near shopping, night life, malls, beaches, dining & Tumon! ID: 19567

M-T-M Building | $1,200,000 •9,840+/-sf building on 1,898+/-sm lot •C & R2 zoned •Lots of features •Great location ID: 183070

Santa Rita Unit | $2,205/mo •3bd/1ba •Tastefully upgraded •Stainless appliances •Washer/dryer •Fully fenced ID: 191328

Tecio Tumon Villa | $2,200/mo •2bd/2ba •Ocean views! •Great amenities •Walking distance to beaches, dining & more! ID: 184341

Yona Home | $449,500 •Live right across Windward Hills Golf Course •3bd/2.5ba •2,441+/-sf •Unique features ID: 19894

Barrigada Heights Land | $275,000 •930+/-square meter land along North Sabana street •Build your dream home here! ID: 191006


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Real Estate Journal - April 15, 2019  

Cover feature: Properties to love | The right stuff: A place of his own | Problem prevention: Inspecting for success | Need to know: Rest as...

Real Estate Journal - April 15, 2019  

Cover feature: Properties to love | The right stuff: A place of his own | Problem prevention: Inspecting for success | Need to know: Rest as...

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