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Vacation Bible School 2009

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Program Overview Welcome to Polar Extremes! Cool off during VBS with a Polar Extremes experience! Polar Extremes: All of Me, All-Out for God transports your students to the wild, untamed wilderness of the polar regions. Imagine climbing and rappelling a steep, snowcapped mountain; swooping down a mountain on a snowboard; or kayaking through white-water rapids. Polar Extremes offers a wide range of adventures, but the greatest adventure of all is knowing and loving God. During Polar Extremes, your students will learn how God transformed ordinary Bible characters into those who did extraordinary things for Him. Students will discover that God can change them, too, in areas like trust, obedience, joy, forgiveness, and love. Heart-stirring Bible lessons, fantastic games, flavor-bursting snacks, special crafts, sing-along songs, spellbinding puppet stories, and entertaining skits reinforce the Polar Extremes lessons. Take your students to the extreme—help them respond to God’s love. It’s an adventure with eternal impact! “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: . . . love thy neighbour as thyself” (Mark 12:30, 31).


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Abraham: Extreme Trust

Gen. 21:2, 3; 22:1–18

Confidently trust God, knowing that He loves you and will keep His promises.

Josiah: Extreme Obedience

2 Kings 22:1–11; 23:1–3; 2 Chron. 34

Love God’s Word. Demonstrate your love for God by choosing to obey His commands.

Mary: Extreme Joy

Luke 1:26–56; 2:1–7

Express your love for God by joyfully accepting Jesus as Savior and then courageously serving Him.

Peter: Extreme Forgiveness

Luke 22:33, 34, 54–62; John 21:1–19

Learn how to deal with sin in your life by confessing sin and then joyfully continuing to serve God.

The Good Samaritan: Extreme Love

Luke 10:25–37

Love God wholeheartedly. Then God will work in your life to help you show love for other people in practical ways.

God’s great love gives us a reason to love and trust Him.

God’s Word tells us how to please Him.

God’s goodness gives us joy and helps us courageously do what He asks us to do.

God loves and forgives us when we fail.

God’s love changes us so we can love others in practical ways.

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Bikes and Books for Pastors! Polar Extremes: All of Me, All-Out for God is more than five days of fun. It encourages children attending VBS to respect and honor their own pastor while reaching out to help other pastors around the globe. Did you know that village pastors all over India, Africa, and the Pacific islands have no transportation, not even a bicycle? And many pastors in foreign countries have only a Bible or maybe a handful of books. For these pastors, a Bible study book is a treasure. When children bring an offering to VBS to share with Bikes and Books for Pastors, they’ll be helping purchase bicycles, motor scooters, and books for pastors all around the world. • Encourage your students to give to Bikes and Books for Pastors • Read them stories about village pastors

• Show them the missions poster • Encourage them with what their gifts will buy

Let your students know they can make a real, tangible difference in the lives of real pastors and children faraway. To learn more about this project, visit or Thank you for helping this missions project reach All-Out for God around the world. Kids remember what they DO! Chat with your students while they snack, craft, and play. A conversation starter is provided for each game, craft, and snack to assist workers with guided conversations that reinforce the Bible lessons.


Polar Extremes offers inspiring crafts! At home, these completed crafts serve as long-lasting reminders of the lessons and fun of Polar Extremes!


Have fun, teach values, and reinforce daily Bible lessons with innovative games! The Director’s Guide includes theme-related games plus game ideas for each day’s lesson.


Theme-related snacks are edible hands-on crafts that students assemble themselves for even more fun! We help you make snack time another great teaching opportunity!

Memory Verses

Students learn the theme verses, Mark 12:30 and 31, as well as a verse for each lesson. Every age group has its own study-related memory verse to help students better remember that day’s instruction.


Each fun, easy-to-act-out skit leaves kids smiling and gets them thinking about the day’s key focus.


This year’s script was written by puppet-ministry professional Todd Liebenow of One Way Street. The script reveals the adventures of Professor Blizzard and his team of arctic explorers who are out to study unique polar wildlife. Along the way, they learn many lessons about living “All of Me, All-Out for God.” 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 3

Introductory Kit All the supplies you need to plan and prepare a

Director’s Materials Director’s Guide Director's Resource CD Thank-you Card

Classroom Materials

Teacher Books (2s & 3s—Youth) Student Activity Sheets (2s & 3s—Junior) Youth Exploration Handbook Going to Extremes Adult Leader’s Guide Going to Extremes Adult Student Book

Promotional Helps Theme Poster Jumbo Theme Poster Invitation Flyer Doorknob Hanger Postcard Bulletin Cover


Craft Ideas Book Fuzzy Poster Just Chillin’ Door Hanger Craft And more . . .


Polar Extremes Melodies CD


Attendance Chart Nametag Registration Card Polar Extremes Passport with Stickers


Salvation Poster Gospel Bookmark 5 Salvation Tracts Welcome to the Family Family Fun Sheet Books and Bikes for Pastors Project Poster

Gifts & Awards Polar Extremes Bag Polar Expedition Pouch Water Bottle Pencil Balloon Theme Button Logo Sticker Iron-on Sticky Notepad Polar Extremes Flyer

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A $158 value (Canada $205 value) for only $69.99 (Canada $89.99)! KJV • RBP30400 (ISBN 978-1-59402-695-9) NKJV • RBP30450 (ISBN 978-1-59402-745-1) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Program Overview. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Introductory Kit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Director’s Materials. . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Teaching Resources. . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Classroom Materials. . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Promotional Helps. . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Crafts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Order Form. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Attendance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Evangelism. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Gifts & Awards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Puppet Resources. . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 • 5

Director's Materials Advance information for your Polar Extremes adventure! Polar Extremes Director’s Guide

In ice climbing, any advance information that helps in planning or negotiating a climb is “beta.” And this guide is the best beta of all: • Planning the program • Setting a schedule • Recruiting and training leaders • Understanding staff characteristics and responsibilities • Holding staff dedication and appreciation services • Motivating desirable student behavior • Teaching students with special needs • Overseeing games, snacks, contests, and skits • Publicizing your Polar Extremes program • Reaching out to parents and families • Decorating (includes clip art) • Awarding prizes and stocking your Polar Extremes store • Planning the closing program

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! ve


KJV RBP30401 (ISBN 978-1-59402-696-6) NKJV RBP30451 (ISBN 978-1-59402-746-8) $12.99 (Can. $14.29)

Polar Extremes Director’s Resource CD

For your convenience—the Director’s Guide, plus additional resources and timesavers, all on one CD. CD includes • Polar Extremes Songbook • Transparency masters for the songs • Patterns, clip art, mural ideas, and expanded ideas for decorating • Templates to help print or photocopy information onto doorknob hangers, invitation flyers, nametags, and postcards • Bikes and Books for Pastors poster and photos for display • PowerPoint files for the visual books, memory verses, and songs • Template for Blizzard Bucks • 10 coloring pages • Catalog and order form . . . and more! KJV RBP30402 (ISBN 978-1-59402-697-3) NKJV RBP30452 (ISBN 978-1-59402-747-5) $19.99 (Can. $25.99)

Theme Backdrop

Instantly create your own untamed wilderness with this full-color, heavy vinyl, 8' x 8' backdrop. • Use as a background anywhere • Hang as a focal point in entryway, hallway, or auditorium • Attract attention by hanging it on your church exterior RBP30403 (ISBN 978-1-59402-698-0) $89.99 (Can. $116.99)

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Thank-you Cards

Use these cards and envelopes to show you appreciate your team’s efforts. Pkg. of 20 RBP30404 (ISBN 978-1-59402-699-7) $6.99 (Can. $9.09)

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Teaching Resources Supplies for your Polar Extremes adventure Pocket Chart

Need your hands free? This pocket chart solves the problem. • Clear pockets are perfect for holding visuals and memory verse cards • Sturdy nylon with grommets makes hanging easy • Folds and closes with a Velcro strip for compact storage • Hangs straight and flat, even when the pockets are full 8664 (UPC 44222-11429) $17.99 (Can. $23.39)

Word Strips

Large, legible words and names display well on these strong, colorful word strips that fit perfectly into the Pocket Chart. • Even students can write neatly on the preprinted lines • Remove one word at a time to teach a Bible verse • Emphasize names and words from your Bible lesson • Accentuate key words to help students remember the gospel • Display polar explorer names for notice and acclaim Pkg. of 75 8666 (UPC 44222-14287) $3.49 (Can. $4.59)

Bulletin Board Borders

See more borders and Ready Letters at

Ready Letters

Save time with these large, colorful, punch-out letters. • Perfect for bulletin boards, wall art, announcements, and decorating • 3" uppercase letters and numbers 0–9 • 148 characters and 3 blank sheets • Ready for you to punch out and pin up Blue Yellow Green Red Black

8510 8513 8509 8511 8512

(UPC 44222-12771) (UPC 44222-12775) (UPC 44222-12768) (UPC 44222-12773) (UPC 44222-12774)

Give your bulletin boards a finished look with borders that complement your classroom decorating. • Think beyond your bulletin board—you can dress up doorways, windows, and walls! • Coordinate with Ready Letters • Covers 39 feet Green 8587 (UPC 44222-11756) Black 8536 (UPC 44222-11754) Blue 8537 (UPC 44222-11755) Yellow 8539 (UPC 44222-11761) Snowflakes 8581 (UPC 44222-12979) $2.99 each (Can. $3.89)

Another great resource! See the Polar Poster Set on page 22.

$3.49 each (Can. $4.59)

Sentence Strips

Forget sticky adhesives! Exhibit your teaching creativity with colorful sentence strips that tuck nicely into the Pocket Chart’s openings. • Use in lesson activities Bible Characters • Teach memory verses, using removable Hand Puppets strips for verse phrases Set of 12 cloth hand puppets • Assign and organize classroom tasks help tell Bible stories. 8½" high. Pkg. of 75 For ages 3 and up. 8677 (UPC 44222-14283) $5.99 (Can. $7.79)

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

9056 $14.99 (Can. $19.49)

Treatin’ Kids Right! 70 Sweet Ways to Help Kids Feel Special

Susan Cutshall. Includes reproducible messages and suggested treats. Paper • 78 pages 8410 (ISBN 0-7847-1238-7) $14.99 (Can. $19.49) • 7

Classroom Materials The greatest adventure—knowing and loving God! Teacher Books Introduce students to God and to how they can know and love Him. • Step-by-step plans for Bible lessons • “Learning That Lasts” • “Invigorating” methods and teaching tips • Guide for leading students to Christ • Age characteristics of your students • Theme-related decorating tips Crystallize teacher effectiveness • Student participation in each story • Integration of gospel through the lesson plan • Attention-holding, fun ways to reinforce lessons • Classroom control through motivating desirable behavior • Student application of lessons KJV Teacher Books 2s & 3s (includes games, crafts, and guided playtime) RBP30405 (ISBN 978-1-59402-700-0) Pre-Primary (ages 4 & 5 or 6 in kindergarten) RBP30408 (ISBN 978-1-59402-703-1) Primary (ages 6–8 or first and second grades) RBP30410 (ISBN 978-1-59402-705-5) Middler (ages 8–10 or third and fourth grades) RBP30412 (ISBN 978-1-59402-707-9) Junior (ages 10–12 or fifth and sixth grades) RBP30414 (ISBN 978-1-59402-709-3) Youth (ages 12 and older and grades 7 and above) RBP30416 (ISBN 978-1-59402-711-6)

NKJV Teacher Books 2s & 3s (includes games, crafts, and guided playtime) RBP30453 (ISBN 978-1-59402-748-2) Pre-Primary (ages 4 & 5 or 6 in kindergarten) RBP30455 (ISBN 978-1-59402-750-5) Primary (ages 6–8 or first and second grades) RBP30457 (ISBN 978-1-59402-752-9) Middler (ages 8–10 or third and fourth grades) RBP30459 (ISBN 978-1-59402-754-3) Junior (ages 10–12 or fifth and sixth grades) RBP30461 (ISBN 978-1-59402-756-7) Youth (ages 12 and older or grades 7 and above) RBP30463 (ISBN 978-1-59402-758-1) $5.99 (Can. $7.79)

8 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Classroom Materials Student Activity Sheets

Activity sheets help students apply God’s truth to their daily lives. • Reiterate lesson truths with age-appropriate coloring pages, crafts, activities, puzzles, or games • Provide application ideas • Let parents see what their children are learning • Come with a sticker sheet (2s & 3s and Pre-Primary) • Come with two trading cards for each lesson (Primary, Middler, and Junior) Card 1—memory verse & scene BIG IDEA: Punch holes in the Card 2—lesson summary & Bible lesson picture corners of the trading cards. KJV Student Activity Sheets Have each student collect their 2s & 3s RBP30406 (ISBN 978-1-59402-701-7) cards on a Heart EXTREME Pre-Primary RBP30409 (ISBN 978-1-59402-704-8) Key Chain (p. 22). Primary Middler Junior

RBP30411 (ISBN 978-1-59402-706-2) RBP30413 (ISBN 978-1-59402-708-6) RBP30415 (ISBN 978-1-59402-710-9)

NKJV Student Activity Sheets 2s & 3s RBP30454 (ISBN 978-1-59402-749-9) Pre-Primary RBP30456 (ISBN 978-1-59402-751-2) Primary RBP30458 (ISBN 978-1-59402-753-6) Middler RBP30460 (ISBN 978-1-59402-755-0) Junior RBP30462 (ISBN 978-1-59402-757-4) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Youth Exploration Handbook

Advanced booklet for older students • Emphasizes personal Bible study • Builds confidence and camaraderie as students work in groups • Helps youth apply the lessons • Great for teen VBS workers, too!

KJV RBP30417 (ISBN 978-1-59402-712-3) NKJV RBP30464 (ISBN 978-1-59402-759-8) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Adult Bible Study

NEW! Don’t exclude the adults! Offer an exclusive polar adventure for them too. This year, the adult study is called Going to Extremes: Living All-Out for God. • Invite parents to stay during VBS • Encourage adults to turn their lives over to Jesus Christ • Evangelize and edify adult learners Adult Leader $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

RBP30418 (ISBN 978-1-59402-713-0)

KJV Adult Student RBP30419 (ISBN 978-1-59402-714-7) NKJV Adult Student RBP30465 (ISBN 978-1-59402-760-4) $3.99 (Can. $5.19)

Polar Extremes Visual Packet

Colorful visuals help students picture Bible characters and events. Order one packet for each classroom (2s & 3s—Junior). • Five 8-page booklets; one book per lesson • Theme-related salvation poster—use all year! • Extra-large 11" x 17" visual storybooks RBP30407 (ISBN 978-1-59402-702-4) $12.99 (Can. $16.89) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 9

Promotional Helps Calling all kids! Calling all kids! Theme Poster

Invite all polar explorers to your VBS with this bright 17" x 22" poster! • Decorate classrooms, the church foyer, and bulletin boards • Write in a verse or message and give as a gift or prize • Send one home with each student • Write in your VBS date, time, and location RBP30420 (ISBN 978-1-59402-715-4) $1.99 (Can. $2.59)

Jumbo Theme Poster

Make a big statement with this 34" x 22" version of the poster! RBP30421 (ISBN 978-1-59402-716-1) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Publicize your VBS early!

Promo Poster Pack

Includes 5 jumbo and 10 standard posters RBP30488 $24.99 (Can. $32.49)

Theme Invitation Flyers

Save production time. • 8½" x 11". • Include in visitors’ packets for Sunday School, church, and weekday clubs before your summer program begins • Hang in every room in your church • Post on local bulletin boards • Hang in local windows and doors Pkg. of 50 RBP30423 (ISBN 978-1-59402-718-5) $5.99 (Can. $7.79)

Theme Bulletin Covers

A cost-effective way to introduce or reinforce your program’s theme, these covers have a variety of uses. • Use the covers before your program to begin focusing attention on VBS • Create a custom-made bulletin for your closing program • Early in the year introduce your church family to VBS needs—such as craft items, decorations, and VBS staff Pkg. of 50 RBP30424 (ISBN 978-1-59402-719-2) $5.99 (Can. $7.79) 10 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Promotional Helps Theme Postcards

Recruit polar explorers with these “All of Me, All-Out for God!” mailing cards. • Use the template (on Director’s Resource CD) and a printer or copier to include your VBS information on the back of the card • Invite kids from last summer’s VBS and this year’s weekly programs • Send mail to your students—just to let them know you’re thinking of them • Invite kids and parents to church activities after your VBS program is done • Tell parents about the closing program • Remind workers of staff meetings • Use for bulk mailings Pkg. of 100 cards (25 sheets of 4) RBP30425 (ISBN 978-1-59402-720-8) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)

Theme Doorknob Hangers

Versatile doorknob hangers save time and money. Three perforated doorknob hangers on each 8½" x 11" sheet make it easy to photocopy your VBS date and time onto the back. Leave one on every door in your neighborhood! • Simplify: Use printer or copier template (on Director’s Resource CD) • Reinforce: Tear-off reminder of the date, time, and place • Personalize: Mail doorknob hanger in a business-size envelope • Canvass: Get each family to invite the kids on their street • Mail in: Have students mail in the registration form Pkg. of 48 hangers (16 sheets of 3) RBP30426 (ISBN 978-1-59402-721-5) $6.99 (Can. $9.09)

A great way to draw attention to your upcoming VBS!

Theme Banner

Use this colorful, durable, theme-related plastic banner to let your community know that your church is where the Polar Extremes adventure will take place! Measures 3' x 6'. Also great for identification and direction during the exploration. • Catch the eyes of passing motorists (display two—one for each direction) • Use as a welcome sign at any doorway • Print the key verse on your banner and post it near the VBS entrance to set the mood • Add your own message—such as dates, times, and age range of students RBP30427 (ISBN 978-1-59402-722-2) $24.99 (Can. $32.49) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 11

Crafts “Bomber” crafts (that’s ice-climbing talk for useful and fun!) Polar Extremes Craft Ideas Book

All crafts are kid tested and approved for lots of fun! • Age-related craft ideas for Pre-Primary through Youth Departments • Conversation starters that reinforce theme and Bible lessons • Fun reminders of Polar Extremes and the lessons learned RBP30428 (ISBN 978-1-59402-723-9) $12.99 (Can. 16.89)

Just Chillin’ Hanger

They’re simple and quick to make, but these “cool” decorations will appeal to older students. They’ll want to hang them on doors to send a message and to remind themselves of the great time of fun and learning at Polar Extremes. 9" x 4". Pkg. of 12 RBP30478 (ISBN 978-1-59402-866-3) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)


Design your own snowboard using self-adhesive foam shapes. Cool! 10" long.

Love God Cross Magnet

Younger kids will love assembling the colorful letters to form a two-pronged message from the words “God” and “love”: God loves me, and I love God. And with the magnet, this cross can go just about anywhere: on a locker, on the fridge, on Mom or Dad’s filing cabinet, on a metal bed frame—it’ll be a constant reminder of the fun and learning at VBS. 6 7/8".

Pkg. of 12 RBP30485 (ISBN 978-1-59402-927-1) $11.99 (Can. $15.59)

Pkg. of 12 RBP30487 (ISBN 978-1-59402-940-0) $7.99 (Can. $10.39)

Dress-a-Penguin Stickers

An outfit for every adventure. Dress these penguin stickers for Polar Extremes activities. 9 stickers per sheet. Pkg. of 12 RBP30479 (ISBN 978-1-59402-867-0) $4.99 (Can. $6.49)

Good News Bracelet

Wear and share the gospel of Jesus Christ! This quick, easy, inexpensive craft teaches kids to witness to their friends using the colors of the Wordless Book. Pkg. of 20 RBP3805 (ISBN 978-1-59402-046-9) $12.99 (Can. $16.89) 12 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Crafts Foam Penguin Puzzle Small hands can assemble (and reassemble) this penguin, complete with egg. 6".

Seal Mini Puzzle

Polar Bear Puzzle

Pkg. of 5 RBP30483 (ISBN 978-1-59402-925-7) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

RBP30484 (ISBN 978-1-59402-926-4) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

This wooden puzzle is great for young explorers. 3½" long x 2½" tall; 7 pieces.

Challenge and entertain your more experienced polar explorers with this wooden puzzle.

Pkg. of 12 RBP30477 (ISBN 978-1-59402-865-6) $7.99 (Can. $10.39)

Polar Picture Frame

Snap a picture of a Polar Extremes minute and preserve it in this polar picture frame. Photo opening: 2" x 3"; fully assembled: 5" x 7". Pkg. of 12 RBP30481 (ISBN 978-1-59402-869-4) $6.99 (Can. $9.09)

Polar Extremes Caps Make-a-Polar-Bear

Using this kit and glue dots, students can make their own 4" polar bears. Pkg. of 12 RBP30480 (ISBN 978-1-59402-868-7) $24.99 (Can. $32.49)

Looking for a fun craft that students can wear? This black baseballstyle cap has a white Polar Extremes imprint, and an adjustable Velcro strap. Older students can paint polar scenes around the imprint. Young explorers can turn the hat into a penguin cap! Pkg. of 12 RBP30475 (ISBN 978-1-59402-863-2) $19.99 (Can. $25.99)

Fuzzy Posters

Each day’s 5½" x 17" poster shows a different Polar Extremes scene. Every child will want a complete set! Pkg. of 5 RBP30476 (ISBN 978-1-59402-864-9) $2.99 (Can. $3.89) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 13

Music Let music ring from pole to pole! Reinforce lesson truths in a fun, engaging way.

Polar Extremes Songbook

Music time will be a great big polar hit! • 2 new songs written just for Polar Extremes • 2 arrangements of popular hymns • 2 Patch the Pirate songs • 4 VBS favorites, including “The Best Place.” RBP30429 (978-1-59402-724-6) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)

Transparency Packet

Colorful transparencies make learning the songs easier! • Illustrations—nonreaders can identify songs • Lyrics—words are provided for readers • Flexibility—use in VBS assemblies, Sunday School, and church services RBP30431 (978-1-59402-726-0) $14.99 (Can. $19.49)

Polar Extremes Melodies Reproducible CD

Make copies for teachers, accompanists, and students before VBS so everyone can learn these great songs! • Split track—vocal: helps students learn words; instrumental: accompanies students as they sing • CD can be used in Sunday School, children’s church, or weekday programs before and after VBS RBP30430 (978-1-59402-725-3) $14.99 (Can. $19.49)

BIG IDEA: PowerPoint for all the songs can be found on the Director’s Resource CD located on page 6. 14 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Attendance Keep an account of students’ polar achievements. Attendance Chart

Provides space for 30 names and uses mini stickers shown below. RBP30432 (ISBN 978-1-59402-727-7) $3.99 (Can. $5.19)

Polar Extremes Passport

It’s a passport to adventure! Help kids keep track of their Polar Extremes expedition with this personal passport. Includes stickers! • Large stickers for attendance, mini stickers for special recognition • 10 booklets and 5 sheets of stickers in each package


RBP30434 (ISBN 978-1-59402-729-1) $4.99 (Can. $6.49)

Use on attendance chart (above), give to students in Sunday School, or send sheets of stickers home with students and encourage them to give stickers to their friends. Pkg. of 5 RBP30444 (ISBN 978-1-59402-739-0) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Registration Cards

Record-keeping is for more than just VBS. Your church can utilize a permanent record for every student. Each card includes the following: • Parent’s or guardian’s name • Address, phone number, and e-mail address • Birth dates, special needs, spiritual decisions • Allergy and medication information • Space for emergency contact information Pkg. of 50 RBP30208 (ISBN 978-0-87227-810-3) $3.99 (Can. $5.19)


Name patches required! • Convenient, self-adhesive, easily removed • Large enough for long names, additional information, or child-size printing • Easy to print names on printer or copier (template included on Director’s Resource CD) • Eight adhesive nametags per 8½" x 11" sheet

Eight gs nameta et! e per sh

Pkg. of 48 (6 sheets of 8) RBP30433 (ISBN 978-1-59402-728-4) $5.99 (Can. $7.79) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 17

Evangelism “Equipment” for going all-out in sharing the gospel Salvation Poster

Let students see the gospel posted around your church! One poster in each visual packet (see page 9). • Reinforce your presentation of the plan of salvation • Buy and display one in every classroom • Use posters year-round in classrooms, in hallways, and on church bulletin boards • Use in evangelistic ministry • Give one to each student as an outreach into the home • 17" x 22" RBP30436 (978-1-59402-731-4) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Polar Extremes Family Fun Sheet

Gospel Bookmarks

Polar Extremes theme on front; plan of salvation featured on back. • Give one to each parent who attends closing program • Send one home with each student • Encourage students to share an extra bookmark with a friend Pkg. of 50 RBP30437 (978-1-59402-732-1) $5.99 (Can. $7.79)

Send students home with this sheet full of “extreme” ideas for reinforcing the truths learned at VBS. • Sends home an explanation of salvation; includes salvation poster text • Provides instructions for an evening of family fun centered on the Polar Extremes theme and the Bible lessons • Shows parents what the students have been learning • Includes do-it-together activities for parents and their children to enhance what the children are learning • Promotes bonding between adult and child Pkg. of 25 RBP30438 (978-1-59402-733-8) $6.99 (Can. $9.09)


Seven-picture cube simply and clearly presents the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instruction sheet uses several Bible translations in both English and Spanish. 2¾" x 2¾" 8418 (UPC 4188777777) $7.99 (Can. $10.39)

The Big Cube

8" x 8" unassembled larger version

of the EvangeCube

8421 (UPC 418877770A) $24.99 (Can $32.49)

NEW! EvangeBall

Use the five colors of the Wordless Book to turn sports into fun evangelism and outreach opportunities. Instruction sheet uses several Bible translations in both English and Spanish. 8428 • Size 4 ball • Ages 12 and under 8429 • Size 5 ball • Ages 12 and older $14.99 (Can. 19.49) 18 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Evangelism Good News Beach Ball

Another way to use touch, sight, and hearing to share the gospel! Multipurpose evangelism tool features six panels in the colors of the Wordless Book. Can be used for games, learning activities, prizes, and more. 12" • Pkg. of 5 RBP30133 (978-1-59402-309-5) $9.99 (Can $12.99)

Good News Bracelet Kit

All-out sharing can be easy with these Good News bracelets. Quick, easy, and inexpensive—this craft teaches kids how to use the colors of the Wordless Book to witness to their friends.


Tracts are an inexpensive, effective way to share the gospel and explain how to live the Christian life. Pkg. of 100 $8.99 (Can. $11.69)

Pkg. of 20 RBP3805 (ISBN 978-1-59402-046-9) $12.99 (Can $16.89)

What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life? Defines salvation and explains sin, its penalty, its remedy, and the way to assurance of salvation. RBP4007 (ISBN 978-0-87227-256-9)

What God’s Word Teaches about Salvation Explains the plan of salvation and uses supporting Scriptures. RBP4005 (ISBN 978-0-87227-255-2)

How to Live the Christian Life Provides Scripture for follow-up with children. RBP4006 (ISBN 978-0-87227-254-5)

A Gift for You! Uses John 3:16 to explain the plan of salvation. RBP4059 (ISBN 978-0-87227-153-1)

Wow! Guess What Happened to Me! (NKJV) Send this home with kids who have made a salvation decision. RBP4060 (ISBN 978-1-59402-232-6)

For foreign language tracts, visit our RBP Web site at


Use these books to learn how to share the gospel with children or to follow up on the kids who make salvation decisions. Welcome to the Family Valerie Wilson. This 13-lesson discipleship course may be used by a child, adult and child, or group of children to help each one understand what it means to live as God’s child. 48 pages. RBP5255 (ISBN 978-0-87227-291-0) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Basic Bible Truths Ralph O. Burns. Covers basic doctrine, gives suggestions for Bible study and Scripture memorization, and offers guidance for victorious living. 32 pages. RBP5003 (ISBN 978-0-87227-007-7) Spanish Edition • RBP5351 (ISBN 978-1-59402-348-4) $2.99 (Can. $3.89) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Explaining Salvation to Children Marjorie Soderholm. Helps those working with children present the truths of Christ clearly. 32 pages. 8544 (ISBN 978-0-9118-0213-9) $3.99 (Can. $5.19)

How to Lead a Child to Christ Daniel H. Smith. Includes a child’s psychological needs and wants and the dos and don’ts of child evangelism. (NASB) 55 pages. 8469 (ISBN 978-0-8024-4622-0) $6.99 (Can. $9.09) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 19

Gifts & Awards Every adventurer needs the proper gear, so provide a bag and all the equipment they need. Polar Extremes Bag

This versatile bag can go to the beach, the library, the park, church activities, or school—as well as VBS! Bag includes shoulder strap and handles, side-zippered opening, water bottle pocket, and extra pocket with zipper. It’s must-have gear for your polar extremes adventures. RBP30439 (ISBN 978-1-59402-734-5) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)

Water Bottle

Help your students and leaders quench their thirst—because it’s not good to become dehydrated in the frozen tundra! This 18-ounce bottle is imprinted with the Polar Extremes logo. Pkg. of 5 RBP30472 (ISBN 978-1-59402-860-1) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)

Polar Expedition Pouch

Theme Buttons

Blue pouch with white Polar Extremes logo imprint. Has clear pockets, a pencil holder, a hidden pocket, and a lanyard with safety break-away feature. Will hold name tag. 5" x 5¾". Pkg. of 10 RBP30440 (ISBN 978-1-59402-735-2) $24.99 (Can. $32.49)

Polar Extremes Caps

Shade your eyes from the glaring polar sun with this black baseballstyle cap with white Polar Extremes imprint, and an adjustable Velcro strap. See page 13 for how to use cap as a craft.

This 2" diameter button is a great souvenir to add to your Polar Extremes wear. Pkg. of 20 RBP30442 (ISBN 978-1-59402-737-6) $7.99 (Can. $10.39)


Decorate hats, jackets, shirts, or book bags. Great for teachers and volunteers too! 9" x 8". (2s & 3s through Youth) Pkg. of 10 RBP30441 (ISBN 978-1-59402-736-9) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)

Pkg. of 12 RBP30475 (ISBN 978-1-59402-863-2) $19.99 (Can. $25.99)

Extreme Banner

This new, exciting product has a variety of uses. 50" x 20". • Hang between poles in church or members’ yards to announce VBS • String across hallways, platforms, and other points of interest • Use as ensigns for teams during team competitions • Make sure every teen student or worker has one • Give to younger students too Pkg. of 5 RBP30486 (ISBN 978-1-59402-928-8) $22.99 (Can. $25.29) 20 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Gifts & Awards Stock your Base Camp store with these exciting gifts and awards! Polar Extremes Flyer

Buzz the arctic with this 10" flyer. Flyer pops out of a 3½" pouch. A great addition to game time, as well as a great prize to send home. Pkg. of 5 RBP30470 (ISBN 978-1-59402-858-8) $11.99 (Can. $15.59)

Global Bouncers

Polar extremes—and more—in a 1½" sphere. These rubber balls display Antarctica, the North Pole, and the rest of the Earth’s continents. These bouncers jump as high as 8 feet! Pkg. of 12 RBP30468 (ISBN 978-1-59402-856-4) $11.99 (Can. $15.59)

Polar Plush Beanbag

Penguin Beach Ball

This unique ball comes in cool icy colors that’ll give you the shivers on a hot day. A great souvenir for Polar Extremes! 16". Pkg. 5 RBP30473 (ISBN 978-1-59402-861-8) $9.99 (Can. $12.99)

These polar bears, penguins, and harp seals are dressed for polar extremes in their colorful hats and scarves. 7". Pkg. of 12 RBP30474 (ISBN 978-1-59402-862-5) $19.99 (Can. $25.99)

Polar Pals

These 2" plastic penguins in assorted styles can be used many ways! Add magnets and attach anywhere. Hot glue to anything. Play, play, play! Pkg. of 12 RBP30482 (ISBN 978-1-59402-919-6) $4.99 (Can. $6.49)


These instant decorations are also great for prizes, giveaways, and games requiring balloons.

Inflatable Penguin

What you can do with this penguin! Decorate, play, hug, autograph, and more! Use one as a signal for special times during the day, and give the rest away as fun reminders of Polar Extremes! 22". Pkg. 5 RBP30471 (ISBN 978-1-59402-859-5) $12.99 (Can. $16.89)

Pkg. of 25 RBP30443 (ISBN 978-1-59402-738-3) $5.99 (Can. $7.79)

Penguin Beanbag

Decorate, toss, race, and more! This penguin beanbag isn’t just for sitting around looking good! Assorted colors. 5½" x 3½". (Blue snowboard not included.) Pkg. of 12 RBP30469 (ISBN 978-1-59402-857-1) $12.99 (Can. $16.89) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 21

Gifts & Awards Reward students who have given an all-out effort! Stickers

Use on attendance chart on page 17, give to students in Sunday School, or send a sheet of stickers home with each student and encourage them to give them to their friends. Pkg. of 5 RBP30444 (ISBN 978-1-59402-739-0) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Sticky Notepads

Award as a prize, sell in your VBS store, and give a notepad or two to each volunteer. Pkg. of 10 RBP30445 (ISBN 978-1-59402-740-6) $4.99 (Can. $6.49)

Theme Pencils Logo Stickers

This 3" sticker can spruce up decorations and can also be used as an award! Pkg. of 50 RBP30447 (ISBN 978-1-59402-742-0) $7.99 (Can. $10.39)

Give these inexpensive gifts to your VBS explorers or hand them out after a church service! Pkg. of 10 RBP30446 (ISBN 978-1-59402-741-3) $3.99 (Can. $5.19)

Eraser Penguin

A penguin’s markings “erases” it from the view of predators. Use these penguin-shaped erasers to erase mistakes. Penguin-shaped erasers remind students of the fun and learning they experienced at VBS. Pkg. of 24 RBP30466 (ISBN 978-1-59402-854-0) $2.99 (Can. $3.89)

Heart EXTREME Key Chain

This heart-shaped carabiner allows children to take home the thrill of adventure. Punch a hole in the corner of each trading card (page 9) and place on the Key Chain to help students get the trading cards safely home. 13/8" x 16/8". Pkg. of 12 RBP30467 (ISBN 978-1-59402-855-7) $6.99 (Can. $9.09)

Polar Poster Set

Each of these five posters features real-life photography plus the Polar Extremes logo—and a Biblical truth. Great for hanging in classrooms, bedrooms, and play rooms, they serve as a reminder of the VBS theme, and our great God! 22" x 34". Pkg. of 5 RBP30422 (ISBN 978-1-59042-717-8) $7.99 (Can. $10.39) 22 •

1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004)

Puppet Resources Popsicle the Penguin is the perfect polar pal to visit your classroom! Puppet Scripts and CD

These humorous, meaningful puppet scripts will add a memorable cast of characters to your VBS experience. Professor Blizzard and his team of arctic explorers are out to study the unique wildlife of the polar regions. But along the way, they learn many lessons about living for God. Scripts were written and recorded by Todd Liebenow, owner of One Way Street Puppets. RBP30448 (ISBN 978-1-59402-743-7) $17.99 (Can. $23.39)

Puppet Director’s Notebook: A Resource Handbook for Puppet Ministry Directors

Dale VonSeggen and Jim Scott. A resource every puppet director needs! Reproducible forms. Paper • 128 pages 9053 (ISBN 1-58302-260-0) $20.99 (Can. $27.29)

Puppets can be purchased from

Puppet Ministry Basics and Beyond DVD

This comprehensive guide to puppet ministry will help new and established puppet teams achieve excellence in performance. 9054 (ISBN 1-58302-236-8) $25.99 (Can. $33.79)

Puppet Scripts by the Situation

Margaret Cheasebro. These 15 scripts teach Christian values. Paper * 128 pages 9050 (ISBN 0-8054-7527-3) $10.99 (Can. $14.29)

Popsicle the Penguin Puppet This 22" puppet has a workable mouth! Use Popsicle for opening and closing programs, in music time, and for visits in classrooms! RBP30449 (ISBN 978-1-59402-744-4) $18.99 (Can. $24.69)

Ministering with Puppets

Ev and Joy Robertson. Information on puppet handling and manipulation, as well as puppet construction. Paper • 96 pages 9049 (ISBN 0-8054-7981-3) 12.99 (Can. $16.89) 1.800.727.4440 (Canada 1.800.366.8004) • 23 23 WEB SITE

Check out all the additional FREE Polar Extremes resources to help make your VBS program a success. Sign up for the Polar Extremes e-newsletter to receive the latest Polar Extremes news and tips. Drop by the Polar Extremes Bulletin Board where directors and volunteers can share ideas and ask questions.

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