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Honorable News Volume 8, Issue 2 14 Dec 2012

The Gift of Learning — Dr. Howe, Associate Director of the Honors Program

“There is no more

“It is the idea that through an ongoing conversation we come to form our psyches and create a rich and imaginative inner landscape.”

Inside this issue:

with ideas, and great writers

dangerous or disgusting hab-

comes about (and it certainly

and thinkers we can find

it,” G. K. Chesterton writes,

comes to all of us—students

some of the best ways of

“than that of celebrating

and faculty alike), I find it

growing into our humanity.

Christmas before it comes.”

helpful to remember what it is

It believes that knowledge

When you are buried in paper

that propels and pulls forward

can also be wisdom. It is

and busied with deadlines of

the work we do here. We like

the idea that through an

every sort, it can be hard to

to think that Honors is a com-

ongoing conversation we

see just what Chesterton is

munity of learners; and not

come to form our psyches

bemoaning. It is quite possi-

only learners, but lovers of

and create a rich and imagi-

ble that, at some point, with

learning. Of course, this

native inner landscape. To

just a few days to go before

means lots of things and we

be a lover of learning is to

Christmas, you‟ll have a

all have our own ways of lov-

live in a bigger world, more

chance to look above your


capable of rich solitude.

pile of work and realize that

We Say, They Say


Dr. Palmer’s Response


The Good 3 News: Connie’s Response You See, I am a Lover of Learning

too many bruises. When this


the advent calendar your aunt

But this is no lonely pursuit As the light and peace of

because we do these things

sent you has weeks of uno-

Christmas Break comes our

in communities. The love

pened doors.

way, I invite you to think

of learning means also that

about what the love of learn-

in this love of books and

ing looks like to you. In the

ideas we spill out and are

busyness that comes at the

meantime, let me offer some

taken into the world as

end of a semester can make

thoughts from my own per-

selves more capable of par-

the work we do at our college

spective. I think the love of

ticipating with others and

feel like a chore, a series of

learning has something to do

our environments as com-

obstacles that one merely

with the trust that through a

plex and caring individuals.

wants to get through without

relationship with the past,

The particular kind of

We Say, They Say: What’s the most important modern story that we should be telling ourselves this time of year? For our second Honors Discussion Board question, Dr. Palmer called us to reflect upon the year, our celebration of the holidays, and the stories that we tell ourselves. The question he posed to us stated, “A wise elf once said, „We tell ourselves stories about the holidays in order to survive the holidays.‟ What‟s the most important modern (after Dickens) story that we should be telling this time of year? We received several fantastic stories from all sorts of genres, each one speaking to the holiday season in their own way. Now we‟ve asked Dr. Palmer and Connie Gates to give us their answers.

one of us can do the work Dudley

ourselves stories in order to survive.

love telling myself many of the

does as an angel, and Professor

We tell ourselves stories in order to

same Christmas stories every year.

Wutheridge‟s book really will be writ-

live abundantly, in each and every sea-

I tell myself the story of Christmas

ten. I tell myself to sing “loud for all

son. So for today, for the time being, I

Eve, and I hear Linus saying the

to hear.” And so it goes. I could nev-

choose White Christmas.

words. I tell myself the story of

er choose one story for the whole sea-

George Bailey and his marvelous

son—any more than Annie Dillard

epiphany. I tell myself that every

could choose one dot. We don‟t tell

I asked the question because I

— Dr. Palmer

Ideas for what our next conversation question should be? Let us know! Email Connie at, or James Persichetti at And don‟t forget to still come by and add your thoughts to the board. Page 2

Honorable News

We Say, They Say: The Good News — Connie Gates, Honors Program Mom

more important than any

again.” We remember the

Joseph go to Bethlehem,

other human being born

nativity story today be-

Christmas stories have

there is no room at the

into this world since the

cause we Christians wait

one thing in common;

inn, and the baby Jesus is

beginning of time. What

in joyful expectation

someone gives up their

born in a lowly stable and

makes Jesus important is

EVERY DAY for Jesus

own desires to make an-

laid in a manger. Certain-

His death; a death Chris-

to come again. Whatever

other‟s world a better

ly not the best place to be

tians believe redeemed

we may believe about who

place. It should be obvi-

born, but not the worst


Jesus is, His selfless life

ous that all those stories,

either. (Insert imagination

over the past 2000 years,

and think about some of

the most important

through our actions we

should be based on the

the births you‟ve read

“modern” Christmas story

each individually have the

original Christmas story,

about in stories!) At this

is the Good News:

opportunity to let our

the birth of Jesus. We all

point in our story the

“Christ has died, Christ

neighbor know “God

know that story, Mary and

newly born human is no

has risen, Christ will come

blesses us every one.”

It seems to me that all

From my perspective,

and death remind us that

You See, I Am a Lover of Learning “I would rather

— Brian Nakayama, class of 2013, and Gina Nordini, Class of 2016 You see, I am a lover of

suffer with the knowledge

analyze for the implicit mean-

learning. When reading about

than live blindly without it.

ing the director is trying to

the war in Vietnam, when

To live in this world I must

get across and the symbolism

searching for information

know it, and the process of

of the props.

about human rights in Ugan-

learning helps me understand

da, when implementing the

a little bit more about our

watch trending videos online,

techniques for predicting

planet, every day.

much like other students my

branches in computer architectures I have a love not of the information in particular but of the process. When reading about the immanent passing of the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda, I often learn things I don‟t want to know, but I would rather

Volume 8, Issue 2

—Brian Nakayama ———————————I go to thrift stores and

knowledge than live blindly without it.”

I listen to music and

age, but I also listen to poetry

my passion for learning.

readings on YouTube.

I often wish my Honors

I spend more time than

Seminar class was longer than

spend most of my time look-

my work study position de-

ing through second-hand

mands in the hallway in Car-

bookshelves for that book

roll, conversing with English

just begging me to read it.

professors, Connie Gates,

I go to the movies and

suffer with the

seventy-five minutes. You see, I am a lover of Learning.

and other students who share

Page 3

—Gina Nordini

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Honors Program Volume 8 Issue 2  
Honors Program Volume 8 Issue 2  

Regis College Honors Program Newsletter: Volume 8 Issue 2.