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Volume 10 Number 05

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Hendra Kusuma (M. +62 821 1408 9899) HK Louise Hsiao Arimbi (M. +62 812 1039 5054) Inaro Ahmad (M. +62 877 7199 1499) Damiani, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta Tel. +62 21 2992 4296 : Alexander McQueen, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta Tel. +62 21 2992 4338)

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Publisher’s Note

Dear Readers, The month of February always has special meaning for us. While the world is set to observe Valentine’s Day, Registry Indonesia is celebrating its tenth anniversary with more interesting and colourful selections specially featured for the discerning few. Marking a decade of our presence in the world of luxury and in commemoration of the day of romance, our “Best of the Best” edition highlights the story of the Queen of Kalahari Diamond as the publisher’s choice. It’s an exceptional 342-carat stone that boasts perfect colour and absolute purity. Our cover story in this very special edition is Ms. Louise Hsiao. The beautiful and graceful lady is gracing Jakarta’s crème de la crème with her enchanting personality and her Damiani store. The first and the only one in Indonesia, the store displays stunning arrays of precious jewels and luxury watches. No less interesting is the profile of Madame Zhanar Sukhan, the spouse of Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Indonesia H.E. Askhat T. Orazbay, who talks about her passion for arts and her effort to promote Kazakh arts in Indonesia. Correspondingly, we also include the profiles of four renowned artists from Kazakhstan: Ms. Gulnazim Omirzak, Mr. Serik Rysbekov, Mrs. Saule Bapanova and Mrs. Raushan Bazarbayeva. Another profile worth the reading is Mrs. Sunny Harkim, who shares her success story in building her fortune in property sector. Our Jewellery Gallery unveils the latest collections of exquisite brands such as Damiani, Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée™, and Chanel BOUTON DE CAMÉLIA. From our Watch Gallery, we have Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic® collection, Richard Mille RM 07-02 PINK LADY SAPPHIRE AUTOMATIC WATCH, and no less attractive is “Another Ladies First” from Omega. Regardless of your choices of sparkling gems and magnificent watches, all truly complement the world of fashion which is always the heart of Registry Indonesia. Our Fashion Gallery time unveils what set the trend for Spring Summer 2017 from the world’s luxury fashion labels such as Fendi, Chanel, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Versace, Boss Men and Givenchy Men. We are delighted to have provided our distinguished readers valuable insights throughout our ten years in the industry. This anniversary edition reminds us that we are and will always promote the art of living a fine life, not just today but for many years to come. Enjoy our “Best of the Best” edition, and Happy Valentine’s Day


Setiawan Sudjie Editor-in-Chief/Publisher



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Van Cleef & Arpels








Jaeger-LeCoultre Richard Mille Omega

FASHION GALLERY • • • • • • •

Fendi Chanel Hermes Bottega Veneta Versace Boss Givenchy



COVER STORY : Louise Hsiao


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Dior Salvatore Ferragamo







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Princess Yacht Rolls Royce

Fendi Casa Walter Knoll Niro Granite & Iwan Tirta Private Collection





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100 101




The Peninsula Hong Kong

Gran Melia Xian

ST Regis Bali




Moire Photography



CAN’S Gallery






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Unique Beyond Beyond Comparison. Comparison. System Component Component Series SeriesRS RSSeries Series Discover subtle details details and andartistic artisticnuances nuancesininyour yourfavorite favorite music that you’ve never never heard heardbefore. before.Feel Feelthe thepower power and presence of a live live performance performancein inyour yourliving livingroom. room.

rd Visit Visit UsUs atat Showroom: Showroom: DaDa Vinci Vinci Tower, Tower, 3rd 3Fl. Jakarta Fl. Jakarta layanan layananpelanggan pelanggan

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Publisher Choice


The Queen of Kalahari

Chopard conveys the importance the Geneva-based Maison attaches to mastering all stages governing the creation of a piece of jewellery. At the helm of these endeavours, co-president Caroline Scheufele has consistently provided the impetus designed to guide Chopard towards pursuing excellence and exploring new territory. The discovery of The Queen of Kalahari, an exceptional 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity, has given rise to a set of 23 diamonds. Named The Garden of Kalahari, five of these 23 diamonds weigh over 20 carats, namely cushion, brilliant, heart, emerald and pear. Drawing upon the virtuosity cultivated in the field of artistic craft that has


forged Chopard’s reputation, six pieces of jewellery have emerged from the High Jewellery workshops of the Maison. “I immediately sensed that this was an incredibly rare gem of exceptional beauty and purity”, says Caroline Scheufele when recalling her first encounter with the diamond she named The Queen of Kalahari. It was at the heart of the deposit mined in Karowe, Botswana, that this exceptional stone was found. Born of the volcanic rock known as kimberlite, formed at high temperatures and pressures across endless ages, this diamond enshrines a sense of permanence and the strength of the ties that bind human beings to the earth –342 carats: an eloquent figure testifying to an extremely rare size for a


PUBLISHER CHOICE Chopard Jewel February 2017.indd 20

2/7/17 11:26 PM

diamond of such absolute purity and perfect colour. The Queen of Kalahari combines D colour, which indicates it being the most beautiful, with grade F (Flawless) clarity. “The energy and emotional charge emanating from this gem are truly incomparable”, enthuses Caroline, who immediately travelled to the open-air Karowe mine to admire this diamond that was discovered a year ago. For her, it was love at first sight. She has ever since personally supervised each stage in its development, like a lucky star guiding it towards its luminous interpretations; thus, giving rise to the most prestigious jewellery ever to emerge from the Chopard High Jewellery workshops.

French film director Alexis Veller has captured this extraordinary adventur in a 55-minute docu-fiction film. “Faced with this rough diamond, we had a number of potential options. I wanted to explore every possibility and to represent all diamond cuts.” This transformation stemming from Caroline’s fertile imagination, which once again testifies to the artistic vocation and savoir-faire of the Maison Chopard. From the rough stone to the completed jewellery model, this transfiguration of the original matter is made possible by Chopard’s skilful craftsmanship dedicated to the cause of unfettered creativity.


PUBLISHER CHOICE Chopard Jewel February 2017.indd 21


2/7/17 11:26 PM

Publisher Choice

Around these five stones, Caroline has built a daring and dancing network of poetic and metaphorical symbols. Through her eyes, the radiant 50-carat brilliant cut becomes a sunflower, the 26-carat heart shape a delicate pansy, and the 25-carat pear shape a majestic banana blossom. As for the perfect 20-carat cushion cut, it indulges in a gentle tête-à-tête with the flaming poppy, while the 21-carat emerald cut floats idly alongside a water lily. Shapes, echoes, reflections and colours entwine in an enchanting scene, an extraordinary garden where poetry, light and radiance are the only rules. These five diamonds are the masterworks among the 23 diamonds composing The Garden of Kalahari – the set of diamonds cut from The Queen of Kalahari. The Garden of Kalahari necklace testifies to the ingenuity and the playful spirit governing Chopard design. This model is playfully interpreted in four variations, the first of which is a gorgeous and supremely modern choker to be worn alone. An entirely invisible mechanism means it can be detached in the centre and adorned with an exquisite flower to form a more sophisticated version. As for festive evenings, this flower itself serves to attach three majestically beautiful pendants, since they are adorned with the three biggest diamonds in The Garden of Kalahari: the 50-carat brilliant-cut, 26-carat heart-shaped and 25-carat pear-shaped gems. Each of these ‘attachments’ can be worn alone or together, culminating in the perfect necklace with all three at once.



PUBLISHER CHOICE Chopard Jewel February 2017.indd 22

2/7/17 11:30 PM


Two of these pendants, the heart-shaped and pear-shaped diamonds, can be worn attached to the earrings, thus creating a spectacular set matching the necklace, adorned with the flower and the brilliant-cut diamond. The earrings can also be worn without the heart- and pearshaped diamonds, for a more discreet version. This totally modern idea leaves the owner complete freedom to associate carats and shapes. A

cuff bracelet adorned with two emerald-cut diamonds further enriches this collection; two rings of which one bears the 20-carat cushion-cut diamond; and of course an astonishing secret watch. The Garden of Kalahari testifies to the virtuosity of the artisans involved in its conception, as well as in the genius that was essential to its development under the aegis of Caroline Scheufele.

CHOPARD Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #128B, Jakarta.


PUBLISHER CHOICE Chopard Jewel February 2017.indd 23


2/7/17 11:31 PM


Sparkling Beauty

Easy going, outspoken and friendly are just a few words that describe the Taiwanese-born Louise Hsiao who is gracing Jakarta’s crème de la crème with her Damiani collections. “Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. As for me, Damiani was love at first sight. I have always had a flair with sparkling gems, and this what urged me to open Damiani store in Plaza Indonesia,” says Louise who is the director of Italian jeweller Damiani in Indonesia. During a photoshoot in a South Jakarta’s photography studio, the beautiful Louise looks very graceful. She brings along Chiko, her nine-yearold male dog of shiba inu breed. After the photoshoot, Louise gets up close and personal with Registry Indonesia. The atmosphere is made excited with her inspiring stories, from her assertion of what started her Damiani store, to her inspiring life stories that can be the paragon of the city’s socialites. Founded in 1924, Damiani is an Italian jewellery giant known for its high quality of precious gems and luxury watches. Damiani is a great success story of the three generations of an Italian family business with a deep-rooted tradition and a passion for the art of jewellery making.



Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 24

2/6/17 10:10 PM

Dress by Farah Khan


Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 25


2/6/17 10:10 PM

“Damiani’s tradition is marked with the brand’s unique heritage. Each of Damiani collections is handcrafted with passion and attention to details. This explains why Damiani holds an unbeaten record; it’s the only company in the world to have won 18 Diamond International Awards,” Louise asserts. “They’ve been designing and producing fine jewels for three generations. The brand is so famous among high societies in many corners of the world, especially in its homeland, Italy. In Asia, Damiani has won the hearts of women who understand the art of living to the fullest. Japan, South Korea and Singapore have been the lucrative markets for this exquisite brand. “A few years back, I had a chat with an Italian friend. And business intuition said, ‘Why not bringing Damiani into the Indonesian market.’ Now the brand has established a presence here in Indonesia’s capital boasting its latest collections. So now you don’t have to go to Singapore or other overseas countries to shop for Damiani’s pieces,” says Louise, who owns the Jakarta’s Damiani store and holds the master franchise license for Indonesia’s market. Her Damiani store in Plaza Indonesia first opened its doors in October 2015, and Louise has ever since resided in the J-town. “I love the vibe of Jakarta. The city is growing with more shopping destinations, hangouts and entertainment venues. I wanted to part of those contributing to the city’s growth. So, I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to pioneer Damiani in Jakarta. I believe in the products, the location and the business prospects,” she explains. Louise considers her adventurous and loves connecting with people. She’s a real people person. That’s another way of describing Louise, who has lived in various places across the globe. At the tender age of 9, Louise left Taiwan for the US, where she spent over a decade of living there. “I grew up in the land of Uncle Sam and had moved around a lot. My last city of residency was Columbus, Ohio. I have dual citizenships: the US and Taiwan. But every time people ask where I come from, I always answer ‘Taiwan’. It’s my motherland where my mom gave me birth.” While living in the US, Louise made frequent trips to Taiwan to visit her family and relatives. Life started to change when she reached 15. She was approached by a Taiwanese movie director to play a role in his film. “I said yes to the offer and later I found the enjoyment of being an actress in two movies and a number of commercials. But it only lasted for a year. After going through discussions with my parents, who raised me with Chinese values and traditions, I then decided to come back to the US to complete my education.” Louise holds a degree in International Business from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Upon graduation, she was determined to take her own steps in pursuit of her future. The


driven and beautiful Louise has ever since made the most of opportunities that the world of professional life has to offer. Prior to settling down in Jakarta, Louise used to live in Bali for five years. I moved to the island to establish my procurement business for hotels in Singapore. The business is still running to this day. Nevertheless, Damiani is what I currently focused on; and it only takes an hour and some to travel to Bali anyway. Here in Jakarta, you can get trapped in the city’s notorious traffics for even much longer time,” she says with a laugh, showing her good sense of humour. Louise puts Maldives, South Africa, Singapore and Jakarta on her top destinations list. “I used to live in Maldives for five years. The place and especially its oceans are magnificent, and I used to dive a lot there. The second place on the list is South Africa, particularly the city of Tanzania. This is the city where you can always see shooting stars almost every night. The third one is either Singapore or Indonesia. It’s difficult for me to say which one is better, as each offers its distinct characters. I love Singapore for its outstanding infrastructure and safety. Jakarta to me has more energy and I love the city’s vibe as a fun metropolis,” she asserts. As a people person, Louise sees every day as a great opportunity to network. Even during her weekend, people means a lot to her. “I love meeting people. I enjoy attending gatherings, be it work or non-work related. During my spare time I also like going out with friends at a club. In short, people are important in my life,” she said with a smile. Louise is a type of woman who knows how to maintain her health and beauty. She’s very careful in choosing her daily meals, and avoids eating at night. She also regularly goes to the gym three times a week with a personal trainer. “The presence of personal trainer is very crucial to discipline and motivate me to work out. Otherwise, I would be very lazy to go the gym,” she said with a laugh. Black is her favourite colour because “it makes you look slimmer and it’s mysterious! The colour can be paired with various other colours. One thing, if you have a black dress, you’ll never get tired wearing it even after 20 years,” she said with another laugh. Speaking of fashion, Louise says with a smile, “ I love brands that feature something really sexy. These would be Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson and also Yen.” Fashion come and go, she adds concluding the interview. “Regardless of the brands that you wear, Damiani is preciously created as the jewellery that stays with you. It’s not just limited to a luxury gift to a woman; Damiani’s timeless design is truly worth an investment as you can also pass it on to your children and grandchildren. To me, Damiani is not just jewellery, it’s a piece of art.”


Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 26

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Blazer and Trouser by Stella McCartney


Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 27


2/6/17 10:11 PM

Vest by Christian Dior



Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 28

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Leather Jacket, Shorts, Boots Private Collection


Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 29


2/6/17 10:11 PM

Blazer and Pant Private Collection

Photographer Stylist Socialite Make Up Artist Hair do Jewellery Wardrobe


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Hendra Kusuma (M. +62 821 1408 9899) HK Louise Hsiao Arimbi (M. +62 812 1039 5054) Inaro Ahmad (M. +62 877 7199 1499) Damiani, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. ( Tel. +62 21 2992 4296) : Alexander McQueen, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 21 2992 4338) Farah Khan, Plaza Indonesia Level 3, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 21 2992 3966) Christian Dior, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 21 2992 4053) Stella McCartney, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 2992 4 268)


Story February 2017 Pilihan ok.indd 30

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Jewellery Van Cleef & Arpels • Chanel • Damiani

Intro Jewellery February 2017.indd 31

2/2/17 12:46 AM

VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Celebrate the Joyful Spirit

In keeping with the PerléeTMcollection’s inventiveness, Van Cleef & Arpels is presenting new creations that reassert its rounded aesthetic. While Between the FingerTM Rings give pride of place to hard stones, a diamondset pendant and matching ear studs display varying tones of gold. Faithful to the tradition of the beaded contour so dear to the Maison, they all suggest associations – bold or delicate – that can be composed to suit every occasion. The gold beads are reworked individually by hand, then patiently polished until they acquire their characteristic sparkle while maintaining a rounded profile. Every detail is carefully studied, as evidenced by the Perlée clovers rings whose surfaces have been subtly softened to make them even more comfortable to wear. On the set pieces, openwork on the gold allows the light to pass through and accentuates the beauty of the diamonds. The Perlée collection’s border of gentle and sparkling golden beads is now associated with one of Van Cleef & Arpels’ emblematic signatures: the Between the Finger Ring. With their twin motifs linked by an open ring, these pieces adorn the hand thanks to a curvaceous duet of cabochons – one in hard stone, the other in gold set with diamonds. The collection comes in various colours and stones, including pink gold ring with carnelian red stone and diamonds, yellow gold ring with malachite green stone and diamonds, and white gold with turquoise blue stone and diamonds. To match with these



Jewellery Van Cleef & Arpels Feb 2017.indd 32

2/7/17 11:16 PM

pieces, a pendant and earrings reinterpret the diamond set in all mentioned gold colours. Ever since the Perlée collection was created, its pieces have lent themselves to varied associations and complemented other collections by Van Cleef & Arpels. White, pink and gold form a delicate harmony, notably in the shape of three Perlée pearls of golf bracelets. There is a combination to suit every taste: sparkling pieces, like the Perlée diamonds pendant or earrings, are a perfect match for set or engraved creations such as the Perlée clovers ring and bracelet, the Perlée signature bracelet or the Frivole diamond ring. Perlée Couleurs pieces compose infinite combinations with an Alhambra® long necklace, pendant and ring or – in a more floral version – with Cosmos earrings. The Perlée diamonds, with a snow-like sparkle, illuminate elegant curves as seen in the Perlée diamond ring, pendant, bracelet and cuff – all of which are available in pink, yellow and white gold base.

Van Cleef & Arpels Unit 02-07/08, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Unit B2-210, The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, 1800 3077 626


Jewellery Van Cleef & Arpels Feb 2017.indd 33


2/7/17 11:16 PM


Bouton de Camélia

Gabrielle Chanel’s love and admiration has always been her greatest muse, from long time paramour Boy Capel, a stylish partiality to beige, her fondness for wheat, to her adoration for the camellia flower. Camellia was Mademoiselle’s favourite flower and has become one of the most emblematic icons of Chanel. She admired the natural elegance of this almost geometrical flower with a majestic fullness to its shape and featured it in her apartment at 31 rue Cambon. Even today, the breathtaking curves and abundant petals have inspired many of Chanel creations. The new Bouton de Camélia collection offers a new striking design with a reinterpretation of the High Jewellery Bouton de Camélia. Set with Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite stones, the fully paved diamond Camélia captures every ray of light which exhales a powerful radiant femininity. “A work of art’s apparent simplicity is definite proof of its grace.” Gabrielle Chanel. The new Bouton de Camélia collection is natural-inspired and geometric, imitating the lush fullness and elegant contour of the camellia. The flower is reinterpreted with a luxurious design that captures a majestic femininity set with 18K white gold and fully paved



Jewellery Chanel Jewellery Feb 2017.indd 34

2/8/17 12:19 AM

diamonds, another thing that pushes further Mademoiselle’s admiration towards nature. Unfurled in lavish, glittering petals with a complete parure consisting of necklaces, earrings and rings, the Bouton de Camélia collection casts a radiant enchantment –all in that quintessentially chic Chanel aesthetic. Despite being an inspiration for Chanel since her early age, camellia flower in Bouton de Camélia is a representation of modern creation with innovative design. Jewellery innovation includes the Bouton de Camélia necklace that allows two types of wear: a long necklace or a pendant with a removable part, made of pure 18K white gold set with 79 brilliantcut diamonds. Rings are designed in two different aesthetics, however in the same lush blossoming manner: one with a set of petals throughout the sides in 70 brilliant-cut diamonds whilst the other highlights only the centre of the camellia in 41 brilliant-cut diamonds. Earrings with 82 brilliant-cut diamonds are made almost identical with the brooch in 48 brilliant-cut diamonds; bracelet designed to wrap the wrist with elegance.

CHANEL Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #88, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4023


Jewellery Chanel Jewellery Feb 2017.indd 35


2/8/17 12:19 AM


The Charm of Russian Tradition Damiani and Princess Nicoletta Romanov, the granddaughter of Russian throne claimant from 1992 to 2014 and a direct descendant of the Tsars, are the stars of an unusual journey through time. They started the journey from the finest Italian goldsmith tradition to arrive in Russia at the Tsar’s Court, and returned to Italy through cooperation with an exceptional descendant of the Russian dynasty. The bow is a recurring motif in the jewellery of the Romanov dynasty, which is also a great classic in royal iconography that Damiani has reinterpreted resulting in an elegant, sophisticated collection. The parure Fiocco becomes the symbol of an eternal bond: necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets enhance one’s femininity with their sinuous design. The version with the sophisticated pavé setting of white diamonds emphasises nature and timeless charm of white gold. The interpretation of the version in pink gold, now a distinctive feature in Damiani collections, with the outlines illuminated by white diamonds, underlines a sophisticated style with alternative solutions such as the combination with a double bracelet in satin in two-tones taken from the palette of colours. Such design gives them various compositions and uses.



Jewellery Damiani Feb 2017 alt.indd 36

2/7/17 11:14 PM

The Fiorid’arancio collection is an extraordinary dialogue in which Italian spirit meets the Russian tradition, as happened in 1952 when Nicoletta’s grandfather, Nicolas Romanov, married Countess Svevadella Gherardesca. Damiani created the Fiorid’arancio collection, drawing inspiration from this historic and very rare specimen, carefully kept by the granddaughter, Princess Nicoletta Romanov. The delicate floral motif is a feature of the whole parure – necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and tiaras. Masterpieces of fine jewellery that underline the greatest perfection between design and craftsman excellence. The masterpiece tiara Sveva, named in honour of Nicoletta’s grandmother, Countess Svevadella Gherardesca, is the symbol of this project. It features a precious floral pattern that winds around the whole head, where white gold buds alternate with precious full pavé flowers. Just as in the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance painting, the admiration for the jewel starts from the overall effect, with its double spiral shape, culminating in the scrutiny of the particulars masterfully wrought in a succession of details taken care of by the great goldsmiths of the present. About 500 grams of gold in a sophisticated pale pink colour, and more than 4,500 diamonds selected for clarity and combined by size with 83 white Japanese pearls were used in its creation.

DAMIANI Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4296


Jewellery Damiani Feb 2017 alt.indd 37


2/7/17 11:14 PM



REGISTY Edward Chiu Shoot February 2017.indd 38

2/2/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Edward Chiu Shoot February 2017.indd 39

2/2/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Edward Chiu Shoot February 2017.indd 40

2/2/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Edward Chiu Shoot February 2017.indd 41

2/2/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Edward Chiu Shoot February 2017.indd 42

2/2/17 9:26 PM

AFN_Registry Indonesia_FPFC_February_2017 FA.indd 38

2/6/17 1:56 PM

REGISTRY CALENDAR ARMANI HOTEL DUBAI Romance on a Plate tep into the Armani/Ristorante kitchen with Chef Fabien Fayolle for interactive master classes to learn making desserts and treats this 11February. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a seven-course degustation Italian menu at Armani/Ristorante, or a five-course Indian cuisine at Armani/Amal. There is also a selection of Japanese menu at Armani/Hashi, Seafood menu at Armani/Deli, and a more diverse cuisine of the Mediterranean from France to the exotic Levant at Armani/Mediterraneo. Also, Armani/Spa offers a 100-minute session of Armani/Terme, a 60-minute couple session, or a 150-minute couple session over High Tea for two. For more information, please visit

FAIRMONT JAKARTA Enchanting Valentine’s Day

The day of love has always been synonymous with flowers, words of love and a romantic dinner for two. This year, Fairmont Jakarta offers an array of enchanting Valentine’s Day dinner with a special Afternoon Tea at Peacock Lounge. Lavishly perched on the 22nd floor of Fairmont Jakarta, VIEW Restaurant & Bar also offers views of the glittering Jakarta skyline on Valentine’s Day. For a more intense moment, Sapori Deli invites guests to enjoy Valentine’s Dinner at a candle lit table and fall in love all over again. The restaurant will present an exquisite five-course Italian set menu and optional free flow wines.

GRAN MELIA JAKARTA A Couple’s Treat In the season of love, Gran Melia Jakarta offers choices for a romantic escape. An awardwinning buffet restaurant, Café Gran Via serves delectable dishes from around the world. While a tasting menu Japanese Dinner is available at Yoshi Izakaya, or Chinese set dinner at Tien Chao. During whole month of February, Gran MeliaPastri Chef has prepared special Valentine cupcakes and a selection of sweets at El Bombon Gourmet & Pastry. Share a romantic two-hour break with your loved one in our couple room together with Gran Melia’sYhi signature massage any day in February. For more information, please contact: +62 21 526 8080

For more information, please contact: +62 21 2970 3333

AYODYA RESORT BALI Enhance Romatic Memories


The Ayodya Resort offers inspired romantic dining experiences, a blissful spa treatment and unforgettable romantic stay experience with stunning views overlooking the Indian Ocean. The Lagoona Beach Front Restaurantwill set the mood for a delicious four-course dinner crafted by Chef Mitsuaki. Also, enjoy Romantic Dinner by the Beach that comes in two different packages, Sweet Moment and Love in Paradise, with a bottle of champagne and a vegan option. To maximise the romance, pamper yourself with Valentine’s Ultimate Head to Toe Treatment at the Ayodya Spa by Mandara.

For more information, plesae contact: +62 361 771102

FFOUR SEASONS HOTEL SINGAPORE Love and Indulge Bask in love as you start the evening with a glass of VeuveClicquot Rich Rose on the house, and then dive in to Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s medley of freshly prepared starters on the buffet table to enthral each taste bud for a heartfelt entree of your choice. To complete the date night, head back to the buffet table for cheese and sweet treats. Book a dinner at OneNinety Restaurant, which includes a bottle of VeuveClicquot Rose for a chance to win home a special edition VeuveClicquot Rose. For more information, please contact: +65 6734 1110

To welcome guests to the heart-shaped month, at the most romantic time of the year Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is going all in to pamper the lovebirds. Start the season by enjoying a blissful spa journey, with a 90-minute session at Kempinski the Spa available for the whole month. A selection of restaurants from OKU Restaurant, with a seven-course Japanese set with cocktail, Signature Restaurant, with buffet and cosy ambience, to Sky Pool Bar & Café, with a view of the Jakarta skyline while indulging in a five-course sharing menu and wine. For more information, please contact: +62 21 2358 3800.

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Timepieces Jaeger-LeCoultre • Richard Mille • Omega

Intro_Watch February 2017.indd 43

2/8/17 2:39 PM

JAEGER-LECOULTRE Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time

Created in 1958 by Jaeger-LeCoultre in honour of the International Geophysical Year, the first Geophysic watch remains a symbol of Swiss expertise par excellence. In keeping with this tradition, the Manufacture in the Vallée de Joux launched the Geophysic collection in 2015; a collection of several models that combine powerful watchmaking expertise with a classic, timeless aesthetic. This line has now been reinterpreted reinforcing its original qualities: a generously dimensioned case, easily legible functions, visible luminescent hands, the high-tech Gyrolab balance wheel among other else. For the first time in its history, Jaeger-LeCoultre has introduced a flying tourbillon in a watch, allowing the time in twenty-four cities around


the world to be read simultaneously. Available in a limited series of 100 pieces, the Geophysic Tourbillon Universal Time watch is a testament to the Manufacture’s remarkable watchmaking skills expressed through the watch’s ease-of-use and operating. For the Geophysic True Second and Geophysic Universal Time, what’s new in 2017 comes down to one word: interchange ability. With the introduction of a new interchangeable bracelet, these two models are now available in a resolutely contemporary steel version and a sleek and elegant leather version. Composed of five satin-brushed and polished links, this new bracelet, ideal for going in the water, is highly flexible. The length of the bracelet can be extended up to five millimetres freeing the wrist for both ease of use and comfort especially


Watch Jeager-Le Coultre February 2017.indd 46

2/8/17 12:34 AM

during periods of extreme heat. Changing bracelets couldn’t be simpler due to the lever system, which releases the bars in the blink of an eye, whether the steel or the leather version. The Geophysic True Second is available in pink gold and steel. Its grained dial with a textured look is distinctively clean alongside its perfectly legible hands and hour-markers. A companion of frequent travellers, this watch is naturally and intuitively adjusted. The second hand moves by “beating the second” i.e. literally performing a jump

at each second. The Geophysic Universal Time, on the other hand, is lacquered with blue guilloche dial, inviting the eye to dive into the immensity of the oceans. While travelling, only the relevant hour needs to be adjusted to change time zones, without losing sight of universal time. The eye is then drawn to the accelerated rolling of the Gyrolab balance wheel which, in addition to its balance spring hand-crafted in the workshops of the Manufacture, features the shape of a watch anchor, the symbol of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

JAEGER-LECOULTRE watch collection is available at: The Time Place Boutique Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor #165, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5759 • Plaza Senayan, Level 1#125 – 127, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 310 7715


Watch Jeager-Le Coultre February 2017.indd 47


2/8/17 12:34 AM

RICHARD MILLE Pink Lady Sapphire

Richard Mille has created the new Automatic Pink Lady Sapphire Watch especially for women: an automatic calibre protected by a pink sapphire case. Women are increasingly fascinated by the complexity and technicality of watchmaking; RM 07-02 series is another embodiment of Richard Mille’s passion and aims towards pleasing the brand’s clientele. Richard Mille is opening his sapphire collection to women. The 1930s was an innovative period, when the famous Pink Lady drink for women was introduced. This balanced cocktail designed for female members of high society encapsulated a desire to modernize the rather chauvinist customs of clubs and their gentlemen clientele. In the same spirit that sparked this ladies’ cocktail, the RM 07-02 Pink Lady Sapphire brings a feminine approach to technique, cloaking it in the pink tones of this renowned drink.



Watch Richard Mille February 2017 rev.indd 48

2/7/17 11:19 PM

Crafted from sections of pink sapphire taken from a single block, the case of the RM 07-02 is extremely difficult to machine. Observing the manufacturing process of a pink sapphire case highlights the challenge that its creation entails – from both engineering and technical standpoints that have left no room for a single cutting error. The case requires 40 days of machining and finishing to meet the uncompromising specifications laid out by Richard Mille. Numerous tests then follow to verify that the brand’s resistance and comfort requirements have been met. Beneath its pink exterior, this original and ergonomic tripartite case reveals a unique automatic movement beating at its heart. The new in-house CRMA5 calibre is assembled around a skeletonized plate in microblasted18K 5N red gold set with diamonds. The same 5N gold is used for the flange and the bridges, whose hand-chamfered and hand-

drawn angles and edges capture even more light at the heart of the calibre. RM 07-02 features exceptional technical characteristics such as hand-decorated and gem-set gold bridges, a variable inertia balance wheel designed to ensure optimum performance in the long term, and a variable geometry rotor in 18K 5N red gold set with diamonds, which adapts the winding of the watch to the movements of the wearer. The central dial in onyx and diamonds, the crown in 5N red gold and the strap in white alligator skin add the perfect finishing touches to this exceptional creation. This rotor with variable geometry enables winding to be adjusted to the owner’s activity level. Adjusting the two weights, which can be slid sideways into the correct position and fixed in place by spline screws, modifies the setting.

RICHARD MILLE Grand Hyatt Jakarta (3rd Floor Lobby Level), Jakarta, Tel. +62 21 2992 4033


Watch Richard Mille February 2017 rev.indd 49


2/7/17 11:21 PM


Celebrating Ladies’ Watchmaking

Omega new Ladymatic, 2010

The Ladymatic

The Constellation Petite Seconde


For more than 100 years, Omega has shown its deep commitment to creating ladies’ watches that are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. This dedication to precision led Omega to work alongside the fiercely independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), to create the strictest level of watch testing in the industry. Two very special new models have earned this certification and both will be on display at Omega’s ladies’ event in Beijing. The first Master Chronometers for women have arrived. Nicole Kidman, an academy award winning actress and humanitarian, became an Omega ambassador in 2005. Her interest in challenging and widely varied roles makes her an ideal spokesperson for Omega, with whom she shares a pioneering spirit and a commitment to quality work. She has been featured prominently in the “My Choice” advertising campaign. As for the latest launch, Omega introduced the Constellation Petite Seconde. This model is powered by a Master Chronometer movement, and it has been proven at the industry’s highest level. Along with the


Watch OMEGA WOMEN February 2017.indd 50

2/7/17 11:17 PM

Omega Ladies’ Wristwatch , 1906

Omega Topaz jewelry secret watch created for the Montres et Bijoux catalogue and exhibition, 1956

famous Constellation claws, all 27mm timepieces in the new collection feature whitepearled mother-of-pearl dials, with 10 diamond hour markers in 18K gold holders. With its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M “Chocolate” boasts a chocolate brown ceramic dial with Arabic numerals and a date. The brown ceramic unidirectional bezel with Omega Ceragold™ diving scale is mounted on a 39.5 mm 18K Sedna™ gold case. The New Ladies’ Edition De Ville Trésoris adorned with diamond-set bezels and white domed mother-of-pearl dials. The slim cases are available in either 18K Sedna™ gold or 18K yellow gold, with an elegant selection of straps in white, brown, or red leather and a sapphire crystal caseback. With the world’s smallest rotor-equipped automatic calibre, Ladymatic is a remake of the originally launched one in 1955. This model is an all-time favourite for Omega’s glamorous ambassador Nicole Kidman. To mark this event, Omega commemorates their ten most iconic women’s watches – Among others are Omega ladies’ wrist watch from year 1906 adapting an 18K red gold Lépine pendant watch, hence the 12 o’clock marker in the 3 o’clock position; Omega Lépine Pendant Art nouveau from year 1910 featuring Paris style Arabic numerals and poire hands, covered with blue translucent enamel caseback, and white gold netting set with 16 diamonds; Omega Topaz jewellery secret watch created for the Montres et Bijoux catalogue and exhibition, from year 1956, created by Jean Hauck of Geneva with 21 triangular baguette-cut orange topazes forming a fan, and 31 brilliantcut diamonds set on the cover and loop. Omega Lépine Pendant Art nouveau, 1910 For further information, please visit: Omega Boutiques Plaza Indonesia Level 1 #184, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 3723 • Plaza Senayan Level 1 #176C, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5663 Pondok Indah Mall 2, Level GF #G 21, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 7592 1031 • Omega Service Center +62 21 2971 0011 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Watch OMEGA WOMEN February 2017.indd 51


2/7/17 11:17 PM

‘‘As a trendsetting magazine for the finest gallery for luxurious goods & lifestyle, find out why Registry Indonesia is a standard of luxury for discriminating individuals who are looking to obtain and explore the finest things in life ‘‘


10 th



Cover October 2016.indd 2

Volume 10 Number 02

r 05 Volume 10 Numbe

ruary 2017 by tara.indd

for Luxurious Goods & Lifestyle

The Finest Gallery

2/8/17 2:41 PM

Puri Hadiprana

Living through Art

11/8/16 8:42 PM


To order this Special Issue, please contact: PT MAGWEI INDONESIA Circulation Division : Jl. Taman Tanah Abang III No. 54-3A Jakarta Pusat 10160 - Indonesia Tel. +62 21 352 3195, +62 21 350 4961, +62 21 231 6362, +62 21 231 6363, +62 21 231 6364 , Fax. +62 21 352 3196 Email:, Web.

SAD Cover RI Dec 2016.indd 52

2/8/17 2:44 PM

Fashion Fendi • Chanel • Hermes • Botega Venetta Versace • Boss • Givenchy

Intro Fashion February 2017.indd 55

2/2/17 8:19 PM


Playful Pastel Florals

FENDI’s latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection embraces rococo opulence and infuses it with contemporary kicks. Sporty boots add an edge to sorbet pastels and French florals. Advertising Campaign shoot by Karl Lagerfeld for this Spring/Summer collection features the renowned faces of modelling world, Gigi and Bella Hadid. The sisters are shown in playful double ponytail and floral background, portraying a feminine yet sporty look in the indoor setting. The cascading silhouette falls in light volumes from a cinched waist, accented by lingerie worn beneath floating aprons and ribbon-tied gowns. Playful proportions infuse work wear shapes with imperial grandeur; rosette and bow appliqués blossom down a cotton twill sleeve, and cargo pockets shape blazers with peplum flair. Aprons and Jackets steal the show and are reimagined in stripes, exquisite jacquards, and shimmering sheer fabrics. A sorbet palette of apricot, blush pink and pale mint is warmed by the sportive touch of scarlet, burgundy and marigold stripes. Embossed satin and patent leather take a liquid sheen, whilst French garden florals glisten across metallic fil coupé, cloque jacquards and sheer organdy prints. From filigree embossing to encrusted tulle and



Fashion FENDI WOMEN SS17 February 2017.indd 54

2/8/17 12:30 AM

fantasy intarsia, exquisite fabrics are nuanced with both rich and diaphanous textures, balanced by the return of the iconic FENDI Pequin and Regimental stripes for a sense of uniform rigor. Complementing pointelle knit sweaters, the season’s stretch calf-length boots and trainers are striped with bands of colour and laced with grosgrain ribbon. Whether talking about dresses, coats, long skirts, trousers, even lingerie, Fendi rocks them all. Sheer fabric made numerous appearances throughout this collection in different colours and materials. The Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show debuts the new Kan I stud lock bag dotted with candy-coloured studs, rosette embroidery and floral ribbons. They

match the signature Peekaboo and DotCom bags shown with an eclectic mix of embellished Strap You in multiple lengths. Bags and straps and charms, there is always a little something in each Fendi collection. As Venturini Fendi once defined, “a little game for adults.” Ribbons of the same colour and materials; charms that are made to look like exotic fruits; straps enhanced with flowers and leaves. Fashion show for this collection gave an additional perspective of Lagerfeld’s, where models’ makeups are put in such way representing an unusual, bold look – almost fairy-like in a magical world of florals and pastels. Natural and feminine, with a hint of sporty and sharpness.

FENDI Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #66-69B, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 3755 • Plaza Senayan, Level 1 #117-119, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5332 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion FENDI WOMEN SS17 February 2017.indd 55


2/8/17 12:33 AM


Data Center Chanel

The Spring-Summer 2017 CHANEL woman wears her baby doll and negligee in silk and lace. And over that, she nonchalantly sports a tweed jacket with rounded shoulders, long sleeves and wide lapels, and a pair of culottes zipped at the front and back. She wears a robot-clutch. In an ultra-technological world where daily life is increasingly dematerialised, Karl Lagerfeld puts humans back at the centre of everything by making “Intimate Technology” as the theme of his collection. His vision celebrates a woman walking through kilometres of cables, metallic racks and computer cabinets: she is the very heart of the Data Centre CHANEL, she who is the final word and the mistress of this digital universe. This season more than ever, with grace and tenderness, femininity takes control in a collection that allies the audacity of lingerie and the comfort of tweed. Her modernity is affirmed with new details through “new materials and a wardrobe that is not classic at all”, says Karl. Touch fasteners replace buttons, braiding becomes a thick jersey cable; woven multi-coloured tweeds include rubber strands and vinyl strips; cotton, denim and wool threads line up like countless electronic cables; collars and cuffs are swathed in embossed translucent gauze. As if hastily pulled on, the unlined jackets and big coats


in tweed, as light as knitwear, are worn over long skirts and pleated blouses. They alternate with slightly asymmetric jackets, accompanied by zip-up skirts with flat pleats that reveal silk and lace shorts beneath. Explosions of colour are everywhere over backgrounds of blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, black and navy, a mix of pastels and electric shades. This contemporary energy is equally diffused over caps in silk or tweed, sleek clutch bags in perforated silver leather, flat shoes with cross over straps, and the big pendant necklaces that resemble ID badges, held on with a snap hook. It opens the door to an exquisite femininity, where silk, lace and crepe georgette intermingle in the most delicate hues of powder, pale pink, candy pink, blush and peach sashaying through to midnight blue. From there on underwear becomes over wear: flat pleat or accordion pleated plastrons are tailored onto under slips and negligees while shell guipure lace petticoats and pyjama trousers in silk and lace cry out to be worn as daywear. This collection turns the spotlight on chic lingerie whose elegance contrasts fiercely with the reality of our automated world. Without the human hand, without delicacy and savoir-faire, nothing would be possible.


Fashion CHANEL SS17 February 2017.indd 56

2/8/17 12:18 AM

CHANEL Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #88, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4023 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion CHANEL SS17 February 2017.indd 57


2/8/17 12:19 AM


Classic and Elegant

The Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 collection was presented at the Paris Fashion Week at the La Garde Republicaine. The collection is focused on ready to wear collection for women and their signature product, bags. The walk this season was white, relaxing and pure. In the middle of this calm atmosphere, the Hermès SS17 woman is here, surrounded by a white setting, which lets the pieces of the collection shine on the runway. Throughout the collection are classic looks, with straight cuts and feminine details for urban, active-working women who feel the need of elegant looking. This season, the work wear-inspired jumpsuit is a Hermès staple, and so is the fringed cocktail dress, meant for the night. Boiler suit garment appeared in various forms throughout the collection, even though the looks of it resemblance nothing like an actual boiler suit at all. It was an all-in-one and vaguely utilitarian, with pockets and zips. As they often have, the bags stole the show with their level of luxury and high-level craftsmanship that the brand is famously renowned for. The Cineticd’Hermes, a solid ladylike boxy bag was the only large one but it was


beautiful piece. Available in elephant grey or fir green alligator and lined in lambskin, with a silvery chain strap just the right side of clunky, giving its elegant proportions a hint of street edge. Delicate fringed horsehair and calfskin Toupet bags were also part of this collection. The Mini alligator and lizard bags, matchbox small with solid yellow or white gold link chains were a rage. Mini bags seem to be the new trend for Spring/Summer 2017 and Hermes definitely has taken that into account in their collection. Some are tiny and circular, looking similar to coin purses, hung on chains, and perfectly formed mini briefcases with an H-fastening. Other accessories that stood out were the key chains and the silver punk rings. This Hermes collection showcased pieces that will last a lifetime, an endless elegance and natural colour tones. Perfectly pleated skirts that revealed Hermès prints, butter-soft leather jackets, richly embroidered fabrics finished off with a deft use of pink, gentle yellow and crisp white, alongside a muted black and grey. This Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Hermès has brought in a wide selection of luxury and elegance to the show for the world to embrace.


Fashion HERMES WOMEN SS17 February 2017.indd 58

2/8/17 12:34 AM

HERMES Plaza Senayan Level 1, Unit 151 A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5117 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion HERMES WOMEN SS17 February 2017.indd 59


2/8/17 12:35 AM

BOTTEGA VENETA Simplicity in Dressing

The renowned brand proudly launches its Spring/Summer 2017 Collections to mark the 50th anniversary of Bottega Veneta since its foundation in 1966 in Vicenza. Tomas Maier, the brand’s creative directorsays, “I wanted to celebrate by staying true to the brand, to the ideas of private luxury that are all about the experience of whoever owns our clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, everything.” The collection includes items that are new styles and others which come from past collections and from the archive. On this occasion, the house showcased the Women’s and Men’s collections together during September’s Milan Fashion Week in a dedicated special location, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Simplicity in dressing gained from exceptional craft and materials. Elevating the intuitive combinations: jacket and skirt, shirt and pants. The silhouette is long and fluid; the look is often anchored by polo shirts. Eloquent fabrics are specially developed, such as supple leather



Fashion BOTTEGA VENETA WOMEN SS17 February 2017 ok.indd 60

2/8/17 12:17 AM

bonded with super-fine cotton, or linen with metal to keep the memory of shape. The butterfly of Bottega Veneta appears in a purposefully blurred print, or as black butterfly-shaped paillettes that decorate dresses, jackets and skirts. “For me, it is always about simple and easy things that are special for those people who appreciate them. The hard work in their creation is invisible to the eye, the result a pleasure to wear,” the creative director says. To mark the anniversary of the house, fifteen bags have been brought back from the archive, including the intrecciato clutch carried by Lauren Hutton in “American Gigolo”. It was first presented in the Bottega Veneta collection during the late 1970s, made entirely in intrecciato Nappa leather. The re-edition of the bag is currently named ‘The Lauren 1980’ exclusively in Gigolò Red

colour. Fifteen new bag styles will also be presented, each one displaying the remarkable craftsmanship of the Bottega Veneta workshop. Wedge heels are made using the San Crispino construction, in a variety of styles from lace-ups and saddle shoes to open-toe ankle straps and sling backs. Jewellery is floral, creating the look of worn-down heirlooms passed between generations. Necklace with multi blue enamel in oxidized Sterling Silver with enamelled flowers reflects the beauty and discretion of Palladian gardens. Earrings with bright blue enamel are treated the same way as the necklace, confirming Maier’s fondness of Andrea Palladio.“Bottega Veneta is about the craftspeople. They are the ones with the knowledge, and they are at the heart of the brand. This collection reveals their work at its absolute best.”

BOTTEGA VENETA Senayan City Mall, #G01, G09 &G87, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 7278 1738 8 Plaza Indonesia, 1st Floor, #59A, 074, 074A, 076A, 076B, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4018 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion BOTTEGA VENETA WOMEN SS17 February 2017 ok.indd 61


2/8/17 12:18 AM


The Look of Absolute Freedom

Versace presents its Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, the dynamic life of Versace with absolute freedom for an active summer. Its ultralightweight nylon has been worked to create a draping effect, making it billowy and luxurious. The Italian fashion house of Versace is one of the leading luxury brands around the world. A favourite of movie stars, rock stars and VIPs, Versace is known for itsextraordinary craftsmanship, exquisite details, brilliant colour and bold prints. In the show for this Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, Bella and Gigi Hadid walked among other fierce models to confidencegenerating music, radiating unrelenting power and energy. This season, Versace is all about bold block colours and luxury patterns. It is all about a woman’s freedom to be whoever she wants to be. Everyday sporty looks have been enhanced with an extra luxe Versace touch. Tailoring in technical jersey sculpts the form, confirmed by a harness belt. While drawstring pulls control the volume of nylon sleeveless dresses, creating ruching that sinuously contours the form. Bonded waterproofs are given Versace attitude: the mac is cropped; the skirt is mid-calf and fluid, with a trim of see-through plastic. Colour tones are contrasting each other in a luxurious way.


A new print clashes checkerboards with fresh Versace lettering, while another new print is like the swirl of baroque waves on a powerful ocean. Below-the-knee dresses are liberated by high slashes, pleats and wrapped panels, allowing ease and energy in movement. Strips of specially created lace trim Versace essentials such as tanks, sweatshirts, shirts and skirts, the lace edges left free to ripple in the air. Bags are studded, dresses are buttoned and sandals are given heels. Versace crystal chain mail is embroidered to create a new mesh; its fluidity echoing in crepe wrap dresses held by a buckle with flowing straps. Platform sandals have functional straps, while high heel platforms hold the foot with scuba. The new Stardvst bag takes inspiration from the guitar strap, either used as a strap or as a fastening detail, the leather soft for a rock & roll attitude. “Sportswear is the future of fashion; to make it unique and luxurious is the challenge I took this season. This is a collection that is all about a woman’s freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whoever you want to be.” Donatella Versace.


Fashion VERSACE WOMEN SS17 February 2017.indd 62

2/8/17 1:00 AM

VERSACE Plaza Indonesia, Level 1, No. 61-66, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 3192 6581 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion VERSACE WOMEN SS17 February 2017.indd 63


2/8/17 1:01 AM


Light as Air Summer dressing is all about lightness and ease, allowing the wearer to step out in comfort and style as temperatures rise – the precise concept used by Boss Menswear for Spring/Summer 2017 collection, inspired by the ultimate lightweight piece: the parachute. The palette is understated and masculine in sartorial gray, taupe, olive and khaki, but energized with pops of color. Shades of anthracite gray feature touches of blue or bright accents of yellow, while khaki tones are shot through with rococo red, coral and pale orchid. Pattern and print also add a certain edge. A geometric design and windowpane check bring new flair to black tailoring, while touches of camouflage add a youthful modernity. The design serves as inspiration not only in its function, but also in its form. Many of the pieces in the collection can be packed away into an integral bag, while ripstop fabrics, woven with a micro-grid structure, ensure strength and lightness. Equally, the very appearance of the parachute is explored. Outerwear is worn strapped then slung over the shoulders and back, while belts and pull cords inspire patterns and prints. Boss Travel Line returns with a collection featuring ultra-light outerwear, jackets with cooling perforated linings, and shirts woven from advanced fabrics with anti-crease, breathable properties.



Fashion BOSS MEN SS17 February 2017.indd 64

2/2/17 8:10 PM

Even tailored jackets and coats fully pack away into themselves, transforming into a pillow for long-haul journeys. The brand’s signature tailoring follows this same path, focusing on technical innovation and sartorial excellence to enhance freedom of movement. New proportions are introduced. Easy shapes and unconstructed designs are paired with airy light and luxe fabrics, including cotton-silk blends, linen jersey and paper-finish materials. Leather also steps into the spotlight with a raw-cut, bonded nappa coat in a matte finish. Technical design is employed for both performance and aesthetic application for sportswear collection – a laser-cut bonded nylon jacket

features alongside a wind-resistant padded field jacket. In ultimate versatility, 2-in-1 reversible jackets are offered, including a casual blazer thatdoubled as a bomber jacket when worn inside out. Sports meet style in a nappa blouson, worn with a pair of lightweight poplin drawstring pants.Boss Menswear also introduces Wardrobe Staples, the ultimate capsule for the modern man. Every item can be seamlessly combined with others in the collection, offering an effortless way to build the foundation of your closet. Choose from the classics of menswear: everything from selvedge denim jeans to a sharp Oxford shirt and the soft cotton T-shirt.

BOSS Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #182, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 3192 6552 • Pacific Place, Ground Floor #22, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 51400586 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion BOSS MEN SS17 February 2017.indd 65


2/2/17 8:11 PM

GIVENCHY Discovery of Serenity

Riccardo Tisci presented his Spring/Summer 2017 collection for Givenchy in Paris. Taking place in the courtyard of Paris’ Lycée Janson de Sailly, the show saw the attendance of Dwyane Wade, Amanda Seyfried and Angela baby. Tisci seems to enjoy designing clothes that emphasize masculinity, squaring the shoulder and puffing out the chest. This time, the silhouette mostly achieved by multiple zippered pockets, some attached to the coats, others strapped into a Desert Strike harness — a spin-off from a backpack that could oddly make viable commercial sense.


Givenchy’s menswear has been dark and foreboding for as long as fans could remember. This collection, however, was lighter and happier – staged in the open air, zippered panels at the hips, or nylon sportswear falling open into panes. For Givenchy’s haute couture, Tisci tagged on thirteen couture looks to the end of the militia gear dominated menswear show. Another things that made appearance in the show were pyramid imagery and prints inspired by American currency, which Tisci commented with “It’s always about the price of everything, humans forget about reality, sensibility, soul.”


Fashion GIVENCHY MEN February 2017.indd 66

2/8/17 12:32 AM

As if he was making a social comment about how men hide behind money. Also, checkerboard motif ran through the collection, appearing as trim on jackets, shirts and sneakers. Haute couture is indicative of a house’s heavyweight credentials as a money maker, by the very fact it doesn’t, for example Tisci’s mirrorembroidered pieces that will cost a fortune, but they aren’t meant to sell in any great quantities. The other key decorative motif in the collection was a graphic morphing camouflage with dollar bill imagery — printing money. That’s what that grab bag of sportswear pieces undoubtedly spell for Givenchy. Although they’re often centre stage, and always front-of-

house in the salesroom, the immediately identifiable Givenchy graphics have never been the sum total of Tisci’s aesthetic. They’re simply the ones that are easiest read. The sum total is, actually, precisely that: no single style or item, but in the entirety of his fashion vision. Tisci’s shows are entirely true to his vision, and his vision is, after over a decade at the helm, intrinsically tied with maison Givenchy. There’s comfort, happiness even, to that kind of security. Given the uncertainties of current designer firing and hiring, and the number of houses swirling without distinct leadership, surely Tisci is making the most of his time for him and Givenchy.

GIVENCHY Plaza Indonesia, L1 # 67 - 7A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 29923695


Fashion GIVENCHY MEN February 2017.indd 67


2/8/17 12:33 AM

REGISTY Fendi SS17 February 2017.indd 68

2/1/17 9:25 PM

D e l i c at e

Coquette Attitude

by fendi

REGISTY Fendi SS17 February 2017.indd 69

2/1/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Fendi SS17 February 2017.indd 70

2/1/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Fendi SS17 February 2017.indd 71

2/1/17 9:25 PM

REGISTY Fendi SS17 February 2017.indd 72

2/1/17 9:26 PM

Beauty & Wellness Dior • Salvatore Ferragamo

Intro_Beauty February 2017.indd 75

2/2/17 12:47 AM


The New Rouge Lipstick He revolutionised women’s wardrobes in 1947 with the New Look silhouette. That year, Christian Dior had just one thing in mind: “to dress women’s smiles” with a true red. A red that would live up to the “Trafalgar coups,” as he called the scarlet dresses designed to wow his clients among the 200 or more models displayed at his Haute Couture shows. Rouge Dior, the limited edition lipstick with an obeliskshaped cap, comes in eight shades inspired by the Haute Couture fabrics and sparked wonder among the clients of the House on Montaigne avenue, embracing its destiny from the word go. Over the years Rouge Dior never stopped being modernised and the latest 2016 collection, with the touch of Peter Philips – creative and image director of Dior Makeup – it reinvents itself



Beauty&Wellness Dior February 2017.indd 74

2/8/17 12:22 AM

to light up the smiles of women today. Women who run around and live and play with their look, who are unpredictable, rebellious and versatile, blithely adopting a femme fatale red one day and an innocent pink the next. The rouge Dior formula includes a unique combination of “lip-care” ingredients that target optimal comfort and lasting hold, for a matte or satin finish. Its concentration in natural hydrating mango butter – along with aroleat Samphira for its revitalising action, the filling properties of hyarulonic acid spheres, Decox for a volume effect on the surface and the lipid-restoring action of LipexelTM – provides 16 hours of comfort with no dry lips or colour streaking, in both the matte and satin finish alike. Sporting its new design, Rouge Dior now features a striking fresh metallic packaging that sits more solidly and elegantly in the hand. A

perfection in each tiny feature, such as its refined stick and its couture case crafted with secret little details: the inside of each cap is attired in the Rouge 999 shade, Dior’s flamboyant signature. The new era it-shades, four collector shades that refer to the House of Dior’s history, vibrant, strong and irreverent – created by Peter Phillips. Four cult numbers that have left their stamp on the couture and colour history of Dior: 999 Matte, the legendary reds; 080 Red Smile, the passionate corals, worn in the campaign by Natalie Portman; 047 Miss, the pretty pinks, tender pink of Miss Dior inspired by the unforgettable eponymous fragrance; and 060 Première, les nudes naturels, an updated classic that livens up the smile, a nuanced rosewood that is easy to wear and easy to dare.

DIOR BEAUTY Central Grand Indonesia, GLOW Plaza Indonesia, Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place


Beauty&Wellness Dior February 2017.indd 75


2/8/17 12:25 AM


Salvatore Ferragamo inspires the contemporary man – a modern gentleman with a typical Italian attitude, full of charisma, creativity and style wherever he goes. He is always optimistic, appreciates the beauty of life with a smile and is capable of always turninglife challenges into positive outcomes. Charming and confident, he never looks back. Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo is the new fragrance for men expressing Italian lifestyle, heritage and innovation. Ben Barnes, a savvy, cosmopolitan young actor, is the new Ferragamo Uomo. Ben Barnes’ gentleman manner is quick to break into a luminous smile, and while posing for photographer Francesco Carrozini, Barnes ideally represents all the subtleties of the Ferragamo man. During the shoot, he jokes around with the team, playfully tossing around Italian phrases, while on breaks he sings to himself. He shows and claims to always look for the bright side of every situation. What is the scent of life for Barnes? “You immediately know when you’re trying on the right one: you put it on, and it smells like you, it feels like you,” he says. And when they ask him for his take on what it means to be a man,

he adds: “The most important thing is to be true to yourself. Dive into life, always be honest and grateful.” Uomo is the scent of elegance and beauty, all the optimism and joy of a real smile. The ability to be modern yet timeless; all it takes to seize the day. All of this is part of the story of Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo, the new fragrance for men: a potion of pure Italian style. The scent is described to be charismatic oriental woody creation that leaves a lasting impression. A fresh and cool opening, infused with an irreverent sense of charm using unexpected ingredients of Black Pepper, Cardamom and Bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is built around an iconic and classically Italian ingredient, the Tiramisu. The combination of Orange Blossom and Ambrox. While Cashmere Wood and Sandalwood seal the fragrance with a touch of Tonka Bean. Packaged in an eye-catching flacon, the solid glass bottle represents masculinity. The historical ‘Venna’ logo reinterpreted in black on both sides for a comfortable grip, the contrast between deep matte black and the golden juice is unexpected with style. With Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo embossed in shiny silver 3D effect.

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO PARFUMS METRO Department Store, Sogo Department Store



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The Beauty Inspired by La Prairie



PS LA PRAIRIE February 2017.indd 78

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The Beauty Inspired by La Prairie



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PS LA PRAIRIE February 2017.indd 79


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The La Prairie’s new flagship boutique will leave customers in complete astonishment. The modernized and expanded boutique offers a revitalizing beauty experience with an invigorating ambience at the heart of Jakarta. With over 30 years of dedication in bringing worldclass beauty products and services to consumers, La Prairie continues to reaffirm its position in luxury skincare leadership. The boutique along with its re-imagined facial rooms invokes vibrant elegancy and the quest for perfection, tracing its heritage to Switzerland, La Prairie’s place of origin. The facilities have been designed by the brand’s global architecture team as such to provide a tranquil environment for the ultimate pampering. The rooms include one with double beauty beds for those who want to share the experience with their loved one or friend, while the centre offers a cozy meeting room and lounge for group gatherings. Combining 21st century science in beauty innovation with the finest Swiss aesthetic regimens, the renowned Art of Beauty is an oasis of sensual indulgence. The program further cultivates the art of anti-aging to “never look your age again,” with treatments tailor-made to suit the client’s individual needs and concerns. By specifically applying selected La Prairie products catered to each client, the Art of Beauty creates a truly personalized beauty boost. At the heart of the program are La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex and highly sought after collections such as, Platinum, Caviar and Radiance, with proven results for a younger, firmer and more radiant skin. All treatments are performed in the comfort of private rooms by La Prairie’s professional beauty specialists. One of the many distinctions of the Art of Beauty is that every facial treatment begins with a comforting massage, making the mind and soul more receptive, thus creating a state of total relaxation. Cleansing and gentle exfoliation follow, utilizing La Prairie lotions, unguents, creams, serums and gels selected carefully for each concern. At the end of the treatment, the body and mind are completely lifted, relaxed and instilled with a deep and lasting feeling of pure, pampered pleasure, because beauty comes from the inside just as much as the outside. La Prairie Boutique Jl. Hang Tuah Raya 1, Jakarta Selatan Tel. +62 21 7220609


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The La Prairie’s new flagship boutique will leave customers in complete astonishment. The modernized and expanded boutique offers a revitalizing beauty experience with an invigorating ambience at the heart of Jakarta. With over 30 years of dedication in bringing worldclass beauty products and services to consumers, La Prairie continues to reaffirm its position in luxury skincare leadership. The boutique along with its re-imagined facial rooms invokes vibrant elegancy and the quest for perfection, tracing its heritage to Switzerland, La Prairie’s place of origin. The facilities have been designed by the brand’s global architecture team as such to provide a tranquil environment for the ultimate pampering. The rooms include one with double beauty beds for those who want to share the experience with their loved one or friend, while the centre offers a cozy meeting room and lounge for group gatherings. Combining 21st century science in beauty innovation with the finest Swiss aesthetic regimens, the renowned Art of Beauty is an oasis of sensual indulgence. The program further cultivates the art of anti-aging to “never look your age again,” with treatments tailor-made to suit the client’s individual needs and concerns. By specifically applying selected La Prairie products catered to each client, the Art of Beauty creates a truly personalized beauty boost. At the heart of the program are La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex and highly sought after collections such as, Platinum, Caviar and Radiance, with proven results for a younger, firmer and more radiant skin. All treatments are performed in the comfort of private rooms by La Prairie’s professional beauty specialists. One of the many distinctions of the Art of Beauty is that every facial treatment begins with a comforting massage, making the mind and soul more receptive, thus creating a state of total relaxation. Cleansing and gentle exfoliation follow, utilizing La Prairie lotions, unguents, creams, serums and gels selected carefully for each concern. At the end of the treatment, the body and mind are completely lifted, relaxed and instilled with a deep and lasting feeling of pure, pampered pleasure, because beauty comes from the inside just as much as the outside. La Prairie Boutique Jl. Hang Tuah Raya 1, Jakarta Selatan Tel. +62 21 7220609


PS LA PRAIRIE February 2017.indd 85


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BREGUET Pre-Basel for Women First introduced in 2005, the collection has steadily expanded to include a palette of exceptional models now enriched by the rose gold Tradition Dame and equipped with Calibre 505SR. The barrel is handengraved with a rosette motif and overlapped at 12 o’clock by a dainty offset dial in natural white mother-of-pearl, adorned with handcrafted engine-turned “Clou de Paris” hobnail. The sandblasted main plate and bridges are rhodium-plated to create a contrast with the rose gold case and open-tipped hours and minutes pointer. The case is set on its bezel with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds, while a watch jewel sets the perfect finishing touch on the crown.

CARTIER Flamed Gold Watch Ronde Louis Cartier watch pioneers a new technique in watchmaking: flamed gold, the latest addition to the repertoire of Cartier craftsmanship. The flamed gold technique is inspired by the method of bluing watch hands in a flame. It requires a perfect mastery of intense heat since the most precise temperatures are needed to elicit the colours: the hottest flame produces blue; the coolest beige. The pattern of the panther’s coat is engraved – or ‘brushed’ – onto the 18-carat-gold dial. The Ronde Louis Cartier XL, calibre 430 MC watch is individually numbered and limited to 30 pieces worldwide.

CHOPARD Hearts in the Limelight The universal symbol of love deeply cherished by Caroline Scheufele – who has made it the emblem of Chopard – is imaginatively interpreted through High Jewellery creations distinguished by their exceptional aesthetic purity. For each of these models, the Geneva-based Maison chooses gems of incomparable splendour. In this instance, a magnificent 10-carat “fancy vivid” yellow heart-cut diamond adorns a ring featuring a daring design and is surrounded by marquise-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut yellow diamonds. Under the aegis of Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele, artisans combine their talents and skills to give rise to authentic works of art in which traditional techniques mingle with cutting-edge technologies.v



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Automotive & Yacht Princess Yachts • Rolls Royce

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PRINCESS YACHT The Epitome of Luxury

Princess 75 Motor Yacht offers premium quality boat with a feeling of luxury, a real head turner right from its exterior to interior. Princess 75 is a remodeled and improved version of Princess 72, which has been a success for the brand. The difference, however, could be seen on the Olesinski deep-vee hull, separate access to a master cabin and a far larger flybridge. The main deck and saloon are designed for comfort and relaxation. Her deck layout provides a variety of options to entertain or relax, including a walkthrough foredeck with U-shaped seating and sunbathing area. She’s also sociable whilst underway with L-shaped seating either side of the upper helm. The flybridge offers space aft to fit a crane and store a tender. Her elegant exterior conceals a voluminous interior. The windows on Princess 75 are enormous and even with Princess’ styling lines running through them, natural light fires in from all angles. Extended window lines and a unique full-height window on the port side make the free standing dining area a spectacular place to entertain. Forward on the lower deck, all three guest-cabins are en suite whilst a dedicated staircase leads to the owner’s stateroom amidships via a private lobby area.



Automotive Princess Yachts February 2017.indd 88

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The stylish dining table is mounted on a track. Meanwhile, the eight chairs can slide away from the window and into the middle of the companionway to give more space. The crew cabin, along with the rest of the interior, is finished in tasteful walnut. The dĂŠcor throughout Princess 75 is as luxurious as they come: pallet is neutral and calming, use of materials adds sparkle. They are gorgeous furniture pieces, pebble-like coffee table, and comfortable chairs. The floor is flat all the way around, with plentiful headroom, two full-height hanging wardrobes, a settee to starboard and a desk and vanity area to port. It has a sumptuous mix of fabric, leather, matt walnut and highly polished lacquer as well as the signature single-piece hull windows. Heads are decked out with marble counters, his and hers sinks and huge shower stall with its own square hull window. Princess 75 Motor Yacht is fitted with a pair of MAN 1,800hp V12 diesel engines with speed range of 34 to 36 knots. There are also engine options from Caterpillar with either 1,622hp or 1,723hp and respective top speeds of 33 and 34 knots. For more information, please contact: Mr. Alister Brunskill +65 9126 8806, REGISTRY INDONESIA

Automotive Princess Yachts February 2017.indd 89


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ROLLS-ROYCE DAWN Best Luxury Car Award

Rolls-Royce Dawn’s alluring presence is unmistakable, right from the very first encounter. Striking and assertive, its charm and charisma draw you in. With the top up, the mood is powerful. With one touch, its sensuous appeal is unveiled: the roof silently folds away, revealing a seductive interior.Dawn offers the perfect balance of considered sophistication and true freedom. Designed to be shared, the interior is intensely welcoming: a sanctuary in motion. Four individual seats offer matchless comfort and an elegant, energetic aesthetic.Rolls-Royce’s craftspeople can create a colour palette for the exterior and interior matched to whatever expresses you. Crests, initials or insignia can be embroidered on to the seat headrest, inlaid into the veneer and even hand-painted onto the exterior – possibilities are limitless. The Rolls-Royce Dawn has been named ‘Best Luxury Car’ by an independent panel of top UK journalists at the UK Car of the Year


Awards. Comprising a top-calibre group of 27 professional journalists, UKCOTY (the UK Car of the Year Awards) selects the best cars launched over the past 12 months, from a shortlist of 56 freshly launched models. In making their judgement, a panel of some of the most respected commentators in the automotive world uttered their thoughts on the car as “a delight to drive and to be in – as only a Rolls-Royce can be”, says Ollie Marriage from Top Gear Magazine. Whilst Nargess Banks from Forbes Life, Wallpaper, says that the car is exceptionally elegant, marrying traditional expressions of luxury with a modern take while remaining technological and hugely connected. Tom Ford from Top Gear Magazine also pays a compliment saying, “If luxury is at least on nodding terms with class, the Dawn manages to embody both. Silent running, a gorgeously complex roof mechanism and general air of butlerish brilliance make this peon to UK craftsmanship a winner.”


Automotive Rolls-Royce February 2017.indd 90

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Vivamus et ipsum at elit rhoncus consectetur. Nulla quis tellus vitae lorem tincidunt gravida. Maecenas posuere dui leo, sed convallis metus vestibulum faucibus. Aliquam vitae sapien congue neque facilisis consequat et quis urna. Nulla at est sit amet odio ultricies efficitur mollis nec nunc. Nunc pharetra, nisl id auctor laoreet, tellus tellus facilisis metus, ut pulvinar ligula orci non odio. Sed facilisis magna quis dolor rutrum suscipit. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Duis non tincidunt metus. Maecenas eget condimentum mi. Nam maximus tortor vitae nunc suscipit ullamcorper. Morbi tempor, libero id dapibus maximus, tellus quam interdum arcu, ac molestie metus nulla eget justo. Integer feugiat sit amet quam sit amet scelerisque. Quisque sed mollis ante, sed commodo ipsum. Aenean rutrum suscipit euismod. Nunc odio turpis, aliquam lobortis enim at, scelerisque aliquam ante. Integer nec vestibulum odio. Etiam pellentesque nulla in tellus ullamcorper convallis. Proin viverra ligula nec imperdiet rutrum. Phasellus accumsan nisi nisl, nec tempor neque dictum congue. Vivamus euismod quam interdum, tincidunt orci et, iaculis dui. Donec vel dolor tincidunt, faucibus purus nec, pulvinar lacus. Nulla mollis diam nec suscipit bibendum. Etiam viverra, dui id varius dapibus, dui massa congue leo, vel posuere nibh odio et purus.


Automotive Rolls-Royce February 2017.indd 91


2/8/17 12:58 AM

Dawn has been on the market since March 2016 and has won plaudits globally ever since, including awards from some of the most highly regarded names in luxury and automotive media. Publications and websites including the Australian Financial Review, Robb Report India and The Straits Times have also extolled the Dawn as the ultimate expression of true luxury open-top touring. This critical acclaim is echoed in the extraordinary demand from the world’s most discerning patrons of luxury that has driven the marque to the second highest sales result in the company’s 113-year history and 6 per cent global growth in 2016.

“Since its introduction in 2016, Dawn has introduced a highly dynamic new generation of men and women to Rolls-Royce. These patrons of true luxury have been drawn to the most glamorous expression of RollsRoyce luxury in history,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “Every Rolls-Royce motor car is exquisitely hand- crafted at our centre of excellence in Goodwood, West Sussex. Plaudits like this are a glowing affirmation of the extraordinary skill of the 1,700 men and women engaged in the creation of the ‘Best Cars in the World’.

ROLLS ROYCE The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Jakarta showroom is located at: Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.51. Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta 12240. Tel. +62 21 725 9000



Automotive Rolls-Royce February 2017.indd 92

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Home & Living Fendi Casa • Walter Knoll Niro Granite & Iwan Tirta Private Collection

Intro Home Living February 2017.indd 89

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FENDI CASA Sign of Continuity

On the occasion of Maison & Objet 2017, Fendi Casa presents new decor proposals in the sign of continuity. Furniture and complements reflect a contemporary lifestyle, classic yet avant-garde, always balanced between tradition and innovation. A new, refined palette of colours and vibrant varnishes enhances the balanced lines. The pale, powdery tones range from taupe to hazelnut, sepia to Prussian blue. Forest green, cherry red and burgundy elegantly underline the volumes and silhouettes, thus bringing out the poised design. The Collection embodies the eclectic and sophisticated atmosphere of a typically Italian modern residence, where design and fashion are blended in a game of harmonious contrasts. Elegant and refined areas feature walls clad in marble – Travertine, white Calacatta and red Lepanto – alternate with precious wallpaper featuring geometric patterns. The soft yarns


highlight the comfort of the seating elements, becoming a stylistic feature of the Collection, in a tribute to the Fendi highest craftsmanship. The softly textured chenille takes on precious allure, recalling the typical smoothness of fur: they are interpreted in a contemporary way, with chevron and cannetté craftsmanship. The lush cotton velvets stand out for their threedimensional patterns resembling technical fabrics, reflecting the modern character of the upholsteries. Soho Bed, designed by Toan Nguyen, as a part of the Soho line of furnishing stands out for its balanced volumes and poised lines, in which the iconic detail of the leather buckles adds character to the frame of the base. Carefully studied proportions define a modern solution synonymous with innovation and creativity. To match the Soho Bed, the Chest of Drawers Soho is designed suchthat the external leather chassis wraps around the


Home&Living FENDI CASA February 2017.indd 94

2/7/17 11:31 PM

drawers, thus creating a perimeter that extends to the borders of the structural frame. The leathers bring out the fine craftsmanship typical of the Roman Maison, with perfect finishing, sleek sizing and lively grain to suggest the textures of fine fabrics. Various declinations of Nubuck become the collection’s protagonists, at times matched with matt finish or printed leather. Dream Sofa gives a sense of lightness due to the armrests that extend outward and create a slender silhouette. The shiny galvanic brass and the pale tones of the tops are blended in the transparencies of back-painted glass, enhancing structures and borders in a tribute to the highest Fendi savoir-faire – as seen on the Infinity Coffee Table. The table set is available in olive green, bronze and crystal blue in contrast with the metal structure.



Home&Living FENDI CASA February 2017.indd 95


2/7/17 11:32 PM

WALTER KNOLL 150 Years of Craftmanship

Walter Knoll is seen as the furniture brand of modernity, a desired brand and quality since its opening 150 years ago. The history of the internationally diversified furniture family Knoll began in 1865 in Stuttgart: on 6 June 1865, Wilhelm Knoll, founder of the Knoll dynasty, opened the doors of his “leather shop”. First-class craftsmanship was the hallmark of the leather goods and soft furnishings of Wilhelm Knoll. He was the first to introduce club armchair to Germany in 1906, and the House of Wurttemberg named him “supplier to the royal court”. In 1907, his sons Willy and Walter Knoll took over the family business and modernised the craftsmanship. Walter’s ambition and desire was to bring modernity into furniture in the


way he saw it in architecture, art and culture. Together with designer Paul Hahn, he developed new, modern upholstered furniture with a fabric cover for mass production. He set a standard in modern building and living all over the world with his furnishing of nine show flats for “Die Wohnung” (The Apartment) exhibition. The new technical approach to upholstering was patented by Walter Knoll in 1928, with elastic steel band suspension in a compact space. The approach was in relevance to his concept: furniture should be lightweight, comfortable, inexpensive in mass production thus affordable for everyone. While Germany was still being subjected to “Gelsenkirchener Barock”


Home&Living Walter Knoll February 2017.indd 96

2/7/17 11:31 PM

(rust belt baroque), a style of kitschy furniture, after 1945, Walter launched the “Vostra”, a small belted bucket seat that perfectly reflected people’s attitude at the time of awakening. This bucket seat helped Walter regain international recognition. The upholstered version of the armchair then became the first embodiment of modern living. Organic shapes characterised the spirit of the era of the economic miracle, where his designs were set to live timelessly. Bucket seat 369, designed in 1956, for example, is still one of today’s modern lifestyle classics.

In 1993, the famous furnishing family Rolf Benz bought the Walter’s company. Together with internationally renowned architects and designers, including Norman Foster and Pearson Lloyd from Great Britain, EOOS from Austria, Ben van Berkel from the Netherlands, Kengo Kuma from Japan and Claudio Bellini from Italy, the company has created furniture and installations in buildings all over the world. Currently, over one hundred international design awards over the last fifteen years bear witness to the design expertise of the company.

WALTER KNOLL Grand ITC Permata Hijau Blok Diamond No. 9, Jl. Arteri Permata Hijau, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan Tel/Fax: +62 21 53663195,


Home&Living Walter Knoll February 2017.indd 97


2/7/17 11:31 PM


Niro Ceramic Indonesia proudly announced their collaboration with Iwan Tirta Private Collection on tile with batik motif: the “Swatantra” collection. The collaboration brought four types of tiles to life, including Kawung Cakra Ningrat, Mandala Cakra Ningrat, Kupu Kawung and Sawunggaling Tarung printed on 60x60 cm Niro Granite tile, with matte finish and three different base colours selection namely offwhite, beige and grey. During the era of Ancient Mataram, Swatantra – the Sanskrit word that means independence in English – is a symbol of sacred building, a place with high spiritual values. Swatantra represents a close connection between men, nature and God in reaching harmony, power and wisdom. This collaboration is one of the ways of continuing the late Mr. Iwan Tirta’s legacy in art world through an expanding medium – the tile. Each of the four tile types is created with the concept of Kawung Cakra Ningrat, symbolising the flower of life in geometric pattern. It is the oldest motif throughout the entire civilization and found on most sacred sites in the archipelago. With four segments and a point at the



Home&Living Niro Granite x Iwan Tirta February 2017.indd 98

2/7/17 11:32 PM

centre, it represents Buddhist five main directions. Meanwhile, in this Niro Granite collection, “Kawung” is combined with “Cakra” resulting in eight petals. Mandala Cakra Ningrat presents the well-known mandala – the Sanskrit word that means round in English– and is a symbol of spiritual micro cosmos and micro cosmos relationships. Kupu Kawung – a coconut-like fruit – is one of the oldest geometric batik patterns that symbolise wisdom. In this collection, “Kawung” is combined with butterfly shape to represent the beauty of life. Sawunggaling Tarung represents soft power. While “Sawunggaling” symbolises the honour of Javanese kings by combining characteristics of a rooster and a peacock, “Tarung” means fighting. Put together,

Sawunggaling Tarung depicts victory that comes from wisdom and caring. Willie Low, CEO &President Director of Niro Ceramic Indonesia utters, “We welcome this collaboration with Iwan Tirta Private Collection where we can have the opportunity to show our different tile designs and bring Indonesian heritage value at the same time. We would say that Iwan Tirta Private Collection is the only luxurious heritage brand in Indonesia that is consistent and focus on lifting batik through high-level craftsmanship.” Era Soekamto, the Creative Director of Iwan Tirta Private Collection went through the collections by Iwan Tirta until four out of 10,000 motifs in total are chosen in line with the Swatantra concept.

Discover more at NIRO CONCEPT STUDIO PT Niro Ceramic Sales Indonesia Noble House 21st Floor, Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E.4.2 No.2, Jakarta 12950, Tel.+62 21 5010 1838


Home&Living Niro Granite x Iwan Tirta February 2017.indd 99


2/7/17 11:32 PM


FENDI Hypnoteyes Capsule Collection Fendi proudly presents Hypnoteyes as an addition to its capsule collection, a perfect embodiment of Fendi’s fun side with a twist. The ultimate evolution of the Fendi Faces and Bag Bugs, the Hypnoteyes collection features little geometrical faces made of metal details and colourful studs. Like modern emoticons, their squared/rounded eyes, triangular noses and eyelashes in fur or steel add on original Fendi touch to the new Dotcom Click, 2Jours, Micro Baguette with metal legs and mink slippers, and Double Baguette as well as clutches and wallets collections. The Hypnoteyes collection, with quirky look, is available in a mix of pastel tones.

LA PRAIRIE Cellular Cream Platinum Rare La Prairie reminisces the brand’s premium collection, the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, made of skin-energizing platinum – the rarest of metals. Combining artistry and technology, it gives skin inimitable soft splendour from the moment of application. This is accomplished by particles of negatively charged platinum, suspended in Colloidal Platinum Water, which acts as an electron donor to help maintain the proper electrical balance in the skin. In addition to Colloidal Platinum, La Prairie has empowered Cellular Cream Platinum Rare with peptides, vitamins and anti-oxidants. These work in harmony to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles, with a noticeable improvement in skin’s resilience thus help restore youthful tone and texture.

OSIM Satisfies All Senses OSIM proudly introduces its latest innovation called the OSIM uLove, a massage chair that consists three important elements to deliver an exceptional experience: pampering massage, intelligent features and handsome design. The innovative V-hand Massage producing a realistic massage grip emulates the agile handgrip of a professional Masseuse. Its 720° roller balls can rotate 360° in both vertical and horizontal directions. It features Auto Shoulder Detector and Bluetooth connection to a smartphone for uLove to download more of the latest Lifestyle Massage Programmes. It is trimmed with chrome details that accentuate elegance and class, while its solid fullback cover gives a seamless exterior and enhances durability.



Preview February 2017.indd 100

2/8/17 2:23 PM

Lifestyle The Peninsula Hongkong • Gran Melia Xian • ST Regis Bali Tehnics • Pryma • TWG Tea

Intro Lifestyle February 2017.indd 97

2/2/17 12:46 AM

THE PENINSULA HONG KONG Finest Hospitality and Service

The Peninsula was built in December 1928 and has earned quite a reputation ever since, while the 30 storey extension in December 1994 combined the heritage with the very best in modern facilities: rooms and suites for a total of 300, 10 floors of prime office space, shops and a range of hotel facilities, among them a swimming pool and Sun Terrace; state-of-the-art Fitness Centre; the Peninsula Spa; business centre; banquet and meeting rooms; and Felix, a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the city along with twin helipads and the China Clipper, a private lounge with reception and communications centre. It is both a strategically measured proposition and a timely one, according to The Peninsula Hotels’ Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Peter Borer. “The Peninsula’s ambitions to redefine experiential luxury by developing highly personalised, guestfocused technology are creating a paradigm shift in the way we practise the art of hospitality. The hotel was originally established as a trailblazer of its day, and The Peninsula Hong Kong continues to define itself with the technology to ensure that guests’ needs are met not just today, but that they are anticipated for the future,”



Peninsula Hong Kong February 2017.indd 102

2/8/17 12:57 AM

says Mr. Borer, adding, “As we complete The Peninsula’s milestone renovation with the newly enhanced rooms and suites in the original building, we are paving the way for a luxury dialogue that is re-elaborating service standards and inspiring new levels of guest comfort, safety and well-being.” Located on Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, overlooking Victoria Harbour, The Peninsula is right at the heart of Kowloon’s business, shopping and entertainment district. Access to Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway subway system is less than one minute’s walk from the hotel, enabling guests to travel around the city, the New Territories and into China. The Star Ferry, a more leisurely way to reach the Island, is a five-minute walk from the hotel, and Chek Lap Kok International Airport is only a 40-minute drive away. Elevating The Peninsula guest experience to the next level of in-room comfort are luxurious interior features such as refined artisan detailing on the leather-finish wardrobe and wall panels and vintage-travel-trunk-inspired drawer handles, and

highly glossed burl-wood cabinetry, screen doors, chairs and sofa detailing, all further enhanced by the vaulted ceilings and spatial majesty in evidence. In order to create an environment of peace and tranquillity for guests, tripleglazed, noise-cancelling windows create a feeling of cocooned comfort in the original building’s rooms and suites. Lounge-cum-dining area offers ample space in which to entertain, enhanced by works of art by the likes of Beijing designer Sun Wentao, whose Scholars’ Rocks series re-appropriates the aesthetically abstract stones traditionally collected by ancient Chinese scholars, lending a three-dimensional, graphic quality to these playful-yet-iconic sculptural pieces, rendered in deep-vivid hues of red, orange, yellow or green. Freeform art installations feature uniformly in every guest room, inspired by Chinese ink paintings and depicting details found in nature’s flora and fauna. Soft furnishings are also inspired by calligraphic floral design, and lend a soft, Chinoiserie-inspired touch.


Peninsula Hong Kong February 2017.indd 103


2/8/17 12:57 AM

All guestrooms feature interactive digital bedside panels preset in one of eleven languages according to guest’s preference, showcasing touch-screen restaurant menus, hotel information, a city guide, personalized TV access with noise-cancelling earphones, valet call and room controls; wireless telephone with VOIP technology (complimentary long-distance calls); flat-screen 3D BluRay LED swivel television with international channels; an iPod/iPad docking station, memory card reader and soundbar speaker system with sub-woofer; wireless internet access;all-in-one fax-scanner-printer-photocopier with office automation and wired and wireless connections to personal electronic devices


and digital bedside panel; a portable nail dryer; multiple dual-voltage (110v/240v) electrical power sockets with universal adaptor/chargers, mini-bar; and coffee and tea-making facilities. Presiding over the hotel’s newly enhanced rooms, The Peninsula Suite on the 26th floor lends itself to a study in architectural harmony, featuring interiors that meld restrained minimalism with pristine elegance and refinement. In the foyer outside The Peninsula Suite, an artistic journey unfolds with a pair of statement works on silkscreen by renowned American contemporary artist Pat Steir. On entering the suite, a fluid wooden sculpture by Chinese artist Sun Yi


Peninsula Hong Kong February 2017.indd 104

2/8/17 12:58 AM


welcomes the visitor, as the room opens up to reveal an impressive living and dining area with soaring ceilings adorned by a hand-blown Lasvit Bohemian glass chandelier. The Peninsula offers a wide selection of dining and entertainment as follows: Gaddi’s, the first restaurant in the East to serve up exquisite European cuisine, featuring culinary maestro Xavier Boyer; the Verandah, an expanded gastronomic offering in glorified new surrounds; Chesa, bringing a cosy and informal atmosphere in the style of a Swiss alpine retreat; Spring Moon, an authentic Cantonese restaurant at its best; the Bar, finely-crafted classic cocktails served in a discreet, intimate setting; the Lobby, for a relaxed all-day dining venue; Felix, created by the celebrated French architect and designer Philippe Starck; and Imasa, which specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine. REGISTRY INDONESIA

Peninsula Hong Kong February 2017.indd 105


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GRAN MELIÁ XIAN Spanish Meets Chinese Heritage

Gran Meliá Xian is a Spanish luxury hotel with unique comprehensive facilities and services, designed and built with the concept of ancient city. The hotel is located in Qu Jiang New District next to Tang Paradise, with an exceptional view facing Nanhu Lake in Xian, China, whilst also strategically placed within walking distance from Big Wild Goose Pagoda – one of UNESCO-recognised world heritages. The hotel blends Chinese cultural and historical heritage with a décor rich in contrast, combining traditional luxury with surprising avantgarde Gran Meliá Hotels and Resorts’ touches. Gran Meliá Xian offers 380 guestrooms including 54 suites, with a selection of lake view or garden view through floor-to-ceiling windows – the highest in the city. Each guestroom is well furnished and equipped with ski-to-door access for specific rooms,


hydro massage bathtub, satellite channels on flat screen TV, hairdryer, ironing facilities and minibar to ensure maximum enjoyment and comfort. Guests can experience an authentic gourmet journey at the extraordinary Agua Piano Bar (lobby bar), Mercado Gran Café (all day dining restaurant), and the first Spanish themed restaurant in Xian - DÚO Spanish Authentic Cuisine. Guests can also enjoy memorable gastronomic adventures by authentic Spanish chef and at Rong Palace (Chinese restaurant). Facilities and service centres include well-equipped ballrooms, meeting rooms, fitness centre, exclusive Indian traditional massage and the dramatic Red Level floor with Red Glove personalised service. Guests of Red Level and suites will receive a number of privileges including refreshments throughout the day, meeting


Lifestyle Gran Melia Xian Feb 2017.indd 106

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room service, shoe shine service and luxury brand bathroom amenities among other things. Each facility is designed to meet guests’ every need, as well as representing the fan as a symbol of Spanish heritage. YHI Spa Technicians is the perfect place to recharge mind and body in the stylish Spa design concept with exclusive homemade Spanish aroma with a range of water treatment and pampered with a personal regimen comprising hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, facials, massage, wraps, workouts, salon treatments and many more. Services include hot

stone massages and body wrap, with access to fitness and health exercise centre, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Guests with kids could also enjoy safe and fun surroundings with kids swimming pool, weekend family brunch and children’s one stop service. Gran Meliá Hotel Xian also offers a variety of spectacular settings for every part of Exceptional Moments held in Gran Meliá Xian: weddings, honeymoons and celebrations, as well as congresses, meetings, private celebrations and presentations.


Lifestyle Gran Melia Xian Feb 2017.indd 107


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THE ST. REGIS BALI RESORT Living in Ultimate Paradise

Inspired by the distinctive iconic century-old heritage of John Jacob Astor, The St. Regis Bali delivers an address extending the legacy of excellence to the island of Bali. Located on the exclusive pristine beach of the upscale enclave of Nusa Dua, The St. Regis Bali boasts this Suite and Villa-only resort nestled in the heart of the noteworthy “Garden of Bali”. Combining understated barefoot elegance with Balinese-inspired living, the Resort offers infinite panoramic views of the Indian Ocean on a stunning beachfront of powdery white sand. From the warm ocean waves to the secluded 3668sqm of crystal blue salt water lagoon, guests may indulge in the many pleasures of paradise. The beautifully appointed 123 Suites and Villas offer elegant residential style accommodation in a contemporary Balinese décor, each providing premier accommodation, world-renowned bespoke service, signature 24-hour St. Regis Butler Service and truly exquisite gastronomic experiences. Experience


flawless personalized attention whether it be packing and unpacking your luggage, garment pressing, remembering your preference of coffee or tea or organizing a last minute arrangement. The resort boasts Bali’s unique villa features; the distinctive Lagoon Villas with private access to the resort’s azure lagoon and the seductive beachfront Strand Villas overlooking the endless Indian Ocean. The St. Regis is undeniably the best address in Bali. Distinctive restaurant and bar venues promise the guests an epicurean journey: Asian-inspired Haute Cuisine beachfront restaurant Kayuputi, enchanting traditional Balinese dining under Dulang’s gazebo, Boneka‘s sumptuous fare of international delicacies, and Gourmand Deli, one of a kind bistro for an array of international fine foods. King Cole Bar provides an ideal place to reminisce while the Vista Bar seduces with its magnificent beachfront location.


Lifestyle ST Regis Bali February 2017.indd 108

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The glorious Astor Ballroom offers the perfect venue for both exclusive black tie gala events and corporate meetings. Newport and John Jacob IV make ideal venues for board director meetings. Cloud Nine Chapel’s exceptional wedding scene showcases an unparalleled setting and service for extraordinary beachfront ceremonies. Remède spa provides a tranquil sanctuary for travelers looking for rejuvenation and relaxation. Sitting on an intimate Koi pond, it combines

traditional Balinese holistic treatments with modern technologies, and pampers guests with the Aqua Vitale Pool thalassotherapy. A state-of-the-art Fitness Club wellness program includes meditation and yoga on the beach, Tai Chi and breathing exercises in our Amphitheater. For young connoisseurs, the Children’s Learning Center offers an interactive approach to your children’s holiday.

THE ST. REGIS BALI RESORT Kawasan Pariwisata, Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363, Indonesia, Tel: +62 361 8478111


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Superlative Musical Experience

Music, to the team in Technics, is borderless and timeless. For Technics, listening experience is not purely about technology but the magical and emotional relationship between people and music. Since its birth in 1965, Technics has delivered many attractive, innovative audio products to the world. Technics aims for people to experience music at its finest and enable them to feel the emotional impacts that enthuse and delight them. In order to achieve the ‘Technics Sound’, step-by-step quality assurance checks are meticulously conducted for physical performance evaluation. Materials are carefully selecting for the optimal sound and there will be no compromise for Technics. Its products have a timeless design that stays true to the clean, stylish lines of the their traditional pieces, whilst also allowing for the housing of superior acoustic technology. High-grade materials, precise construction, expert craftsmanship, as well as dignified colours and texture all combine to create the prestigious centrepiece of any music lover’s listening environment.



Lifestyle Panasonic Technics Feb 2017 ok.indd 110

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Technics’ R1 Series delivers musical experiences by integrating their sound technologies in the following three product selections: SE-R1 Stereo Power Amplifier, SU-R1 Network Audio Control Player and SB-R1 Speaker System. SE-R1 digital amplifier sets a high performance standard with its many features. JENO Engine is a digital engine to accurately reproduce sound. Technics has also adopted GaN Driver for switching wave form. LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) for speaker optimization, High-speed Silent Linear Power Supply, and Battery Driven Clock Generator. For a more detailed and dynamic sound, both SE-R1 and SU-R1 use Technics Digital Link that has achieved a noiseless signal technology. SU-R1 features Digital Noise Isolation Architecture as well as High-quality

Analogue I/O Circuit to handle noisy sources of its various digital devices signals. It also has Separated Analogue/Digital Power Supply to exclude any digital noise, and Ultra Low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter, which algorithm shifts digital noise to -160 dB or lower, among other superior features. SB-R1 is designed with Point-Sound-Source concept for an ideal alignment of the wave fronts, for them to arrive simultaneously at the listener’s ears regardless of the listening position. It also has Phase Precision Driver, an all-new flat coaxial two-way drive designed to eliminate even the smallest unwanted vibration. SB-R1 also features Low Distortion 16-cm Long Stroke Woofer capable of reproducing super-low frequencies to achieve a powerful, dynamic and responsive bass. REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle Panasonic Technics Feb 2017 ok.indd 111


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Superior Quality Headphones

Pryma is Sonusfaber’s latest masterpiece. The same hands that designed and built world-class speakers, who consistently test the upper limits of audio quality, have now made the finest headphones in the world. In 1980, in the hills near Vicenza, Italy, a small audio research team began working on a new concept. Their goal was to match the best Italian craftsmanship with the purest high fidelity technology. The result was Sonusfaber, the audio brand whose “handmade sound” revolutionised the way the world listens: by pairing world-class sound quality with Italy’s unparalleled design heritage. Sonusfaber quickly built a reputation for superior quality with its instantly iconic speakers. The brand’s superior quality earned Sonusfaber a place in a group that is home to iconic audio manufacturers like McIntosh, Wadia and Audio Research. In the ‘90s, the company solidified its vision of excellence with masterpieces like the Stradivari, Guarnieri and Amati. These names are recognisable as master Italian violinmakers. They symbolise the high standard of excellence Sonusfaber set for itself with its iconic speakers. “Music is vital for artists,” says Olivier Zahm, a rock star director/ photographer who chooses Pryma. “It’s part of their everyday life when they work, think, imagine, or just relax. Pryma, to me, is the headphones with the highest sound quality and best design. So my idea to celebrate this new technical sound object was to shoot highly creative talents who pay close attention to the sound quality of their headphones as well as the design, just



Lifestyle Pryma February 2017.indd 112

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like they are meticulous about their artistic point of view. I shot them in their intimate environment, where they would be truly enjoying music – in the comfort of home – surrounded by the objects that inspire them.” Pryma has been on the top 1 per cent of the top 1 per cent in music industry, as seen on Beyoncé sixth studio album, Lemonade, at the piano scene: the elegant Pryma 0|1 Carbon Marsala. The decision to wear them in the video was Beyoncé’s alone. It makes sense considering those who buy Italian fashion goods would have liked the looks of Pryma, on top of their qualities. The materials on Pryma have the same standards of the best Italian goods. Pryma headphone is a closed circum aural type with 2 x 40 mm dynamic drivers featuring lightweight Mylar diaphragm and Nd magnet, oversized voice coil made of 99.99 per cent oxygen-free Copper transducers. Features include detachable ear pads, interchangeable headband and conductors HGP gliding among other things.

PT. IMS INDONESIA Jl.A.M Sangaji 38, Jakarta 10130, Indonesia, Tel. +62 21 2653 8568


Lifestyle Pryma February 2017.indd 113


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Freshness of Luxurious Tea

A renowned luxury tea brand, TWG Tea has been committed to offering teas directly from source gardens, with fine harvests from every tea producing region, creating exclusively handcrafted tea blends since its first establishment in Singapore. The year 1837 represents the beginning of Singapore’s trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products at the time. Internationally recognized as a true innovator with the creation of new varieties of tea every season in collaboration with the world’s most renowned estates, TWG Tea also offers exquisite signature modern tea accessories and delicate tea-infused sweets and savouries. Together with its outstanding international team, the TWG Tea management takes pride in shaping the aesthetic image underpinning all the brand’s products, constantly updating the notion of TWG Tea while respecting the Asian and European traditions of elegance and beauty on which it was founded, now



Lifestyle TWG Tea February 2017 alt.indd 114

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spiced with a touch of sensuality and originality. Hence, TWG Tea offers limited edition teas and seasonal blends that are constantly sourcing, innovating, expanding and refining the teas in its collections. Established at the epicentre of the world’s tea-producing region, TWG Tea tasters assiduously ensure that their selection is always of the very highest quality, to maintain the consistency and freshness of each harvest. A limited variety of single estate and special blends are available in handsewn, 100 per cent cotton teabags, which are individually packaged. Unlike paper teabags, cotton teabags do not absorb the flavour of the tea, thereby allowing the full fragrance of each tea to develop. After launching its first Singapore tea salon & boutique at Republic Plaza in 2008, TWG Tea has opened its doors in iconic destinations

such as ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Singapore. Expanding its presence internationally, TWG Tea has heralded the opening of exquisite Tea Salons & Boutiques in Bangkok, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Tokyo, Manila, Jakarta and Shanghai. In addition, TWG Tea’s exclusive collection of the world’s finest teas is available from TWG Tea Boutiques in Harrods Knightsbridge, London and Dean & DeLuca Madison Ave, New York. The premier tea supplier to the finest hotels, restaurants and international airlines, TWG Tea is retailed around the world in gourmet épiceries, including El Corte Ingles in Portugal, Feinkost Kaefer in Germany, David Jones in Australia and GUM in Moscow, Russia, and served in Business Class, First Class and Suites and in the Lounges of Singapore Airlines and Nippon Airways.

TWG TEA Plaza Senayan Level 1 Unit 109A, Jakarta. Tel. + 62 21 572 5276 • Pacific Place, Level 1, Unit 30B, SCBD, Jakarta. Tel. + 62 21 5797 3272


Lifestyle TWG Tea February 2017 alt.indd 115


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Mrs. Nancy Chiang – Joshua Widodo & Jasques Widodo. Mrs. Warren Tjandra – Jefferson Widodo, Jeanette Widodo & Gwen Ashley Widodo (Designer of Nancy Warren Couture)



Lifestyle Moire February 2017.indd 116

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Mrs. Ivo Ananda - Alesi Maxine Ananda, & Andretti Amidala Ananda (TV Hosts & Personality)

“Thank you for loving me, teaching me, encouraging me and raising me. I love you, mom.” Mother’s Day in Indonesia falls on 22 December, and this special day has long been commemorated annually to honour our mothers whose love and spirit in taking role as a parent and raising their children is a noble aspiration for every individual, regardless of their colour, ethnic and social backgrounds. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Moire Photography took part in the celebration in the form of a photography exhibition, held at Atrium Tunjungan

Mrs. Dina Wijaya - Dominic Putra Budiono & Mia Alessandra Budiono (Corporate Head of Marketing Division – PT. Sinar Galaxy)

Plaza 4 & 5, Surabaya, from 10 December 2016 to 22 January 2017. The event showcased an inspiring array of photographs that capture moments depicting love and affection of mothers to their children. It’s one way of showing a deep appreciation for all mothers whose love and affection to their children are immeasurable. On this Mother’s Day occasion, we collaborated with Jayanata. One of them high-achieving women, whom was Amelia Gonta. She has achieved a success in her field, and Moire Photography captured a memorable moment of her and her mother in a photograph.


Lifestyle Moire February 2017.indd 117


2/7/17 5:12 PM

Mrs. Mina Karina Jayanata, Yenita Jayanata & dr. Amelia Gonta



Lifestyle Moire February 2017.indd 118

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Mrs. May Tjokrosetio - Lily Jessica Tjokrosetio (Founder of The Shalimar Boutique The Graha Cakra Hotel)

Drg. Olivia Maria Rahmawati & dr. Cindy Alexandra.

Just like the popular saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the photographs exhibited at the event communicate various stories that share one universal message – expressing gratitude and giving appreciation to our mothers. Based in Surabaya, Moire Photography was established in July 2009 and is now home of talented creative people. Golden moments are the happiness that can be so precious if depicted in the right angles of photographs. That’s what Moire Photography envisions its creativity. And Mother’s Day is one celebration to mark the precious happiness that symbolizes a harmonious living between a mother and her children.


Lifestyle Moire February 2017.indd 119


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Mrs. Sriyanti Alim - Diana Alim (Housewife)

Mrs. Azzadina Jamal & Kenisha Raymia Jamal (Founder of de Soematra 1910)


Mrs. Onny Asri & Ms. Ajeng Fatima (Honorary Consulate of Thailand for East Java)


Lifestyle Moire February 2017.indd 120

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Mrs. Irene Saphira - Vanessa Mantofa (CEO & Pastor’s Wife)

Mrs. Michelle Quan - Zachary (Beauty & Makeup Artist)

MOIRE PHOTOGRAPHY Mayjend Sungkono 75, Ruko Darmo Galeria, Center C-26 – Surabaya. Tel. +62 31 562 3491 / +62 31 562 3492 Email:


Lifestyle Moire February 2017.indd 121


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Dominio del Plata

After graduating in oenology in 1981, Susana Balbo not only became the first female winemaker in Argentina’s history, but her first vintage of high-quality Torrontés made it clear that Argentina had a white wine to call its own. As well as working as an international consultant, Ms. Balbo has also played an outsized role in driving her country’s wine industry forward, having been elected president of Wines of Argentina not once, but three times. Today, she is the owner and chief winemaker of Susana Balbo Wines (formerly Dominio del Plata) in Mendoza – where she has created the brands Crios, Benmarco, Susana Balbo Signature and Nosotros – and she is renowned for her blending skill. Her son José and daughter Ana Lovaglio Balbo now work in the business, as winemaker and marketing manager respectively. But nothing about creating all of this has been easy, as Susana explains.Her wine selections are being distributed in Indonesia by PT Dimatique International, presented by Cecile Terrien. A Q&A session was arranged with the one Susana Balbo herself, during which she elaborated her journey as a winemaker. She had always ‘break structures and status quos’. She was the first of her family to graduate from university and the only woman who worked in the lab in the wine industry. She overcame these two challenges and received her oenology degree. Susana fought for her own freedom to produce her very own wine, her very own business. Whether good or bad, Susana took pride of her own decisions.


Susana is the pioneer of Torrontés and has championed this variety in many ways. It is a variety of contradictions, as she explained. “It might be a good reflection of Argentina’s contradictions and personality. Your first thought is, ‘This is going to be sweet,’ because the aromas are fresh fruits, fresh grapes. But when you put it in your mouth, it is crisp and elegant, and you realize it is interesting. It is a wine that in some way hides its real personality until you finish tasting it. That is good for people – you like to be surprised in your life”. Another achievement that Susana earned is her recognitionas a fine blender, Blending to her is the fine end of winemaking, where she can express her identity through the touch of each flavour. It is born firstly in one’s mind, which is why she likes to call it an artistic process. Susana loves winemaking and her children on top of everything else, and her favourites wine are Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. Her dedication, hard-work and love towards winemaking are shown and awarded through a number of special mentions as follows: Susana Balbo, One of the 50 Most Powerful Women in the Wine World by the Drinks Business (2012), Top of the List in Restaurants 2014 by Wine and Spirits Magazine (2014), Woman of the Year by the Drink Business Awards (2015), Top 100 Best Wines of the World Brioso 2014 by James Suckling (2016), Susana Balbo Wines among the five best wineries in 2016 in James Suckling’s report and the Wine Advocate 2016 by Luis Gutierrez.


Lifestyle Dimatique February 2017 ok.indd 122

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Lifestyle Dimatique February 2017 ok.indd 123


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It has been 25 years since Kazakhstan declared its Independence on 16 December 1991. The country that was once part of Soviet Union has evolved into the largest economy in Central Asia. In the realm of arts, the country’s diverse population has taken Kazakhstan to different level of art scene. Madame Zhanar Sukhan, the spouse of Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Indonesia H.E. Askhat T. Orazbay, is truly a strong supporter of cultural and ethnic diversities. Over a lunch gathering at her residence in South Jakarta, Madame Zhanar introduced four maestros of arts from her motherland: visual artist Gulnazim Omirzak, jewellery artist Serik Rysbekov, fashion designer Saule Bapanova and painter Raushan Bazarbayeva. In an effort to promote Kazakh culture, Madame Zhanar held a three-day exhibition in her residence, on 5-7 December 2016, showcasing the beautiful works of these artists and designer. The three-day event was held in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. Earlier, on November 28, 2016, the Embassy of Kazakhstan to Indonesia held a reception on the occasion of the country’s anniversary at a five-star hotel in Jakarta featuring these four artists, who were specially invited to present their works and entertain the guests with a fashion show and exhibitions. “The artists are among the well-known in Kazakhstan. Serik has created numerous pieces and participated at many international exhibitions. He’s one of the best jewellery artists in my country. While Saule has brought with her a new genre of decorative arts in her fashion collections, Gulnazim has stunned many people with her tambour embroidery. And Raushan is just one-of-a-kind Kazakh painter whose her artistic self-expression displays many artworks, such as silk painting, graphical works, just to name a few,” says Madame Zhanar who has been very devoted in promoting the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Kazakhstan through cultural exchanges. Ever since she moved to Indonesia in September 2012, marking a historic milestone of her husband H.E. Askhat T. Orazbay as the first Ambassador of Kazakhstan in the archipelago, the mother of two daughters has thrown ideas of cultural exchanges that were realized through a number of events. In 2012, following the visit of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to Indonesia in the month of April, both countries signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of culture. The following year, in September 2013, the visit of the former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Kazakhstan was part of the bilateral agenda to strengthen the cultural exchanges of the both nations. “We had a cultural week held in Astana, the capital, and Almaty, the country’s largest metropolis. The event exhibited Indonesian


arts and promoted their food. In May 2014, our government held Kazakhstan Cultural Festival in Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Centre, presenting an orchestra, textile and fashion exhibitions, as well as photo exhibition, film screening and art performance,” Madame Zhanar explains further. She adds, “There are similarities that Indonesia and Kazakhstan share. Both countries are blessed with rich natural resources, and our populations are made up of a moderate Muslim majority with different races and ethnicities. Yet, there are differences that worth a cultural exchange. That’s the reason why we invited the four artists with their unique creations.” Indonesia is not the only overseas country that Madame Zhanar has lived. Her husband was first assigned as an official envoy in Iran in 1994, followed by his diplomatic posts in Afghanistan and Pakistan for UN mission, Turkmenistan, and eventually Indonesia. “It’s already been four years that we have lived in this beautiful country.During our first year of living in Jakarta, we used to go to spend our weekends or short holidays in Singapore. Later, we discovered that Indonesia has many nice places worth a visit. We especially love Bandung and Bali. While we love Bandung for its mountainous panorama, Bali boasts a magnificent atmosphere with rich cultural excitement,” she asserts. Madame Zhanar and her husband are blessed with two daughters: the 20-year-old Aigerim who is currently studying at Hult International Business School in London, and the 13-year-old Aidana who is in her 8th grade at Gandhi Memorial International School. For Madame Zhanar, weekend is a precious time to spend with her husband and Aidana. “It used to be four of us, but since Aigerim is currently pursuing her degree overseas, it’s three of us now. Our weekend activities range from dining out to sightseeing. Aidana especially loves going to Taman Mini Indonesia for its sunning bird park,” she says. As for the food, she is really into Japanese fare. With a smile, she adds, “I of course like Indonesian cuisine and the food from my country. But unfortunately there’s no Kazakh resto here in Jakarta.” Talking about fashion, Madame Zhanar admires collections of batik from Alleira, and works of Poppy Darsono. From her motherland, her favourite brands are Alila for casual wear, Adili for accessories, and traditional dress from Symbat for formal events. “There are many beautiful artworks produced by Indonesian and Kazakh artists and designers that contribute to the unique art scene in both countries,” she further says. At the gathering in her residence, Registry Indonesia also has the opportunity to chat with the Kazakh maestros: Gulnazim, Serik, Saule and Raushan – all of whom give interesting insights into their creations.


Profile Madame Zhanar Sukhan February 2017.indd 124

2/8/17 12:28 AM


Profile Madame Zhanar Sukhan February 2017.indd 125


2/8/17 12:28 AM


The young and beautiful artist has created more than 200 artworks, most of which are Tambour embroideries. Knitting embroidery is very complicated, indeed, as this type of technique requires time and energy. Nevertheless, Gulnazim has impressively shown her shining portfolio, with dozens of her magnificent artworks showcased at various art events, nationally and internationally. The embroidery technique that Gulnazim uses is the centuries-old traditional one that has been passed down from one generation to another. “Today’s generation starts to abandon the old practice. Many of young artists have left out the traditional embroidery technique that our ancestors have inherited. I prefer the old technique for its high quality. In my collections, I also put ornaments that symbolize certain national philosophies, but with a touch of modern high fashion,” explains Gulnazim, who has engaged in the art of tambour embroidery since she was only 15 years old. She furthermore more shows us a number of motifs; one of them is the motif of tigers centred in colourful yet ethnic background. Another motif is the animated form of a person framed within a combination of ethnic patterns. Gulnazim received a diploma in easel painting in 2007 and a diploma of Master of Fine Arts in 2009, both from the National Academy of Arts named after the famous artist T. Zhurgenev. She is a Member of the Union of Kazakh Artists, and has received a number of awards. Some of her masterpieces are displayed in the Kasteev State Art Museum, as well as in private galleries in France and Germany. “My goal as an artist is to promote my culture through my artworks, not only in Kazakhstan but also overseas. Indonesia is a huge country, and part of my dream is to enter the market here, in the world’s largest archipelago,” says Gulnazim who is also an expert in collage and oil painting.



Profile Madame Zhanar Sukhan February 2017.indd 126

2/8/17 12:29 AM


With over 25 years of experience under his belt, this famous Kazaksh jewellery artist is known for his handmade artworks in silver and enamel. The artist now runs his own workshop and gallery under his eponymous brand, Serik Rysbek. “It’s the right spelling. Rysbek is the Kazakh spelling for the Russian Rysbekov. Under the brand Serik Rysbek, we produce various types of jewellery pieces with ethnic look,” Serik asserts. The ethnic features seen in his works are demonstrated by the artist’s high skill in creating jewellery pieces adorned with Kazakh cultural elements. He adds that behind the ethnic look of his jewellery pieces is the distinctive technique in which he combines both traditional and modern technologies. Serik also uses natural stones in his hot enamel silver creativity. “This is one way of creating high artistic level of new forms. To make the most of his creation, I incorporate symbols and signs to emphasise the image composition, and often the composition is created in an unusual pattern. Serik currently works hand-in-hand with his son who also happens to be a jewellery artist. Together they have scaled the business at greater heights, with workshop and gallery operated in Almaty. As of today, Serik Rysbek features collections that have been exhibited at many esteemed international art events, and penetrated markets not only in Kazakhstan but also in overseas countries such as France, Belgium, Hungary, Russia and North America. “We are eyeing Asia, especially Indonesia being Southeast’s largest economy. We once held an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and I’m so excited with the opportunity to showcase my artworks here in Jakarta. We want to know more of Indonesian cultures. And seeing the cultural similarities that both countries have, I’m optimistic that there is space in the Indonesian market for our products,” Serik says.


Profile Madame Zhanar Sukhan February 2017.indd 127


2/8/17 12:29 AM


A graduate of Moscow State University, fashion designer Saule Bapanova is one of those honoured artists in Kazakhstan. In the art of modern Kazakh artistic textile, she is known as an artistspecialising in the creation of various types of national traditional textiles. Generally, her collections boast beautiful creations where the artist vividly highlights cultural elements. Yet, the creations are designed in modern expression that breathes the spirit of being classy and elegant. Her carves and shawls are among her collections that beautifully blend centuries-old weaving skills and Central Asian characters with modern artistic expression. His hand-woven tapestry is one of her beautiful works. Her creative hand weaving technique includes felting merino wool onto a base of hand-woven raw silk. Combined with a nice combination of colours, Saule transforms the loose wool fibres into a textile poem. “Kazakh women like to groom themselves and decorate their homes. They also like weaving and knitting yarns to make wool. This type of handmade technique is always the preferred one in my country. I also utilise a hand-made technique in the making of clothes, but I don’t do the knitting work. As you can see, my clothing collections are seamless,” says the artist who hopes that she can promote her creativities more in overseas countries, including Indonesia. Saule, who have been bestowed with many esteemed awards, has for over 35 years taken role as a lecturer at the Kazakh National Academy of Artsnamed after T. Zhurgenov in Almaty. She is a professor for Applied Arts at the school; and has produced graduates, some of whom are now famous fashion designers in Kazakhstan. Saule’s daughter, Aya Bapani is also one of the country’s famous fashion designers. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Aya also incorporates Kazakh national symbols and elements into her collections.



Profile Madame Zhanar Sukhan February 2017.indd 128

2/8/17 12:30 AM


The artist has created a countless number of hand-woven artworks in the form of silk painting, felt panels, graphical work, and many more. Also a lecture at the Kazakh National Academy of Artsnamed after T. Zhurgenov, Raushan Bazarbayeva uses her inner mind to expose her self-expression in the making of her artistic pieces. Some of her painting works use hand-woven carpet and wool materials as the media. “Regardless of the media I choose, I use my inner mind in interpreting the sketch. Especially when drawing characters, like people or animals like horses, I use my inner mind to create the formation. After the sketch, next is to connect the dot using the hand-woven technique,” Raushen explains. She adds, “A few of my works are made using a traditional technique with wool materials as the media. It’s an intricate technique where I have to weave yearns individually in creating a formation. I also put different tones of colours to give the nuance of either late afternoon or evening.” She then shows her painting that depicts a group of horses in the gradation. The horses in the painting are seen galloping in one direction. The artist is sophisticatedly able to use the effect of late afternoon; it’s the period of time that fits the description of the galloping horses. Through her artworks, Raushan tries to bridge an inner communication to viewers. “Art is in the eye of the beholder. But my goal in every art piece I created is to have viewers understand and feel the sense of the artwork in that particular piece.” Talking about Indonesia, she concludes, “Indonesia is home to numerous great artists with fantastic creations. During my short-visit here I have learnt a lot of things what the world of arts has to offer. This can also be my inspirations for the creation of my next art pieces.”


Profile Madame Zhanar Sukhan February 2017.indd 129


2/8/17 12:31 AM

SUNNY HARKIM Living, Sharing and Praying

Sunny Harkim is one of a handful of those building success in property sector from scratch. Learning about the ins and outs of the property industry virtually by herself, she now has people turn to her for advice on investment in property. She admits she has been interested in property industry for a long time. She is always looking into investment opportunities that can reap more capital gain. “I’ve engaged in the property business because the price of property always goes up. This ensures that what we have will always lead to profit, unlike other ventures which often require us to be constantly creative,” she explains. Her early foray into the property market was investing in a piece of property in South Jakarta. Asked about her decision to do so, she said that the area has always been favoured and there wasn’t a lot of land, so for future projects, the price for property would be notably high. She believes property sector in Jakarta hasn’t reached its saturation point. “There are still many areas around the capital with land to develop in satellite towns, like Sentul, Bogor, Bekasi and Tangerang,” she adds. Indonesia is blessed with very big population, many of whom are in their 30’s, according to Sunny, and this means big demand for property, either for residential or for business. “There is a very big potential for property purchases, as well as national stability. Based on the growth of GDP, the demand for property can double in 10 years’ time. The shortage of medium low housing is huge and this translates the demand for land remains stable,” she further says. Her choice of property investment led to her giving suggestion to her friends on the best means of investment. “One of the characters which describe me is that I like sharing,” she says. “I shared my ideas with my friends about which locations are lucrative to invest”. She helped her friend with what sort of investment her friends should spend their capital account so that it fits with what product of investment. “That way they can match the capital on hands with additional capital. We can also help them find joint ventures for additional investment,” she enthuses. “I also help sketch a proposal for an investor, whether


it’s a commercial building, apartment or hotel,” says Sunny, whose idea sharing with her friends includesproperty opportunities in Singapore. Sunny believes that the prospect of property industry in Singapore remains stable. The city state’s plan to develop the second MRT line will lead to the property boom along the new developed line. “The projection of population growth reaching 500,000 peopleby 2020 is also an indication that property market in Singapore will not dwindle. Singapore is a global city where demand for high-end condos remains strong. Location is always a key factor in property investment. The very limited land supply at the core districts has pushed up prices close to an average of S$1,900 per square meter, thus making current prices of many condos attractive,” she further says. Born and raised in Medan, North Sumatra, Sunny holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, US. Her degree could have led her to any of professional career fields, but she eventually opted for embarking on the property industry. She joins several property agents because she prefers to go freelance which she said gives her more freedom. This sort of arrangement also works well with her other interests, especially her passion for traveling and fashion. “I like to travel to Hong Kong. I follow Hong Kong’s fashion trend, so I quite often go there to see what’s new in the fashion industry,” says Sunny who had a stint in fashion business. “Two of my favourite clothing lines are BCBG and Chanel. I like BCBG because the cutting suits my body, and I love Chanel for its basic models,” she explains about her favourite fashion brands. Sunny is an outdoor sport enthusiast. And she usually combines her outdoor activities with some body language fitness exercise or finishes it with some relaxing spa. “That’s my relaxing activities. As for weekend, it’s usually exclusively spent with family. Starting from morning activities, going to church service, until dinner, Sunday is time for a family,” says Sunny, who is fond of Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Sunny is also active in several organisations, notably organized by the church she attends. “No matter how busy we are, we must always have time to serve our Lord,” she says.


Profile Sunny February 2017.indd 130

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Profile Sunny February 2017.indd 131


2/3/17 5:16 PM




Subscribe Today Save The Cover Price


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Rp 630.000,-

2017 by tara.indd


Volume 10 Number 05

Cover February

10 th



Sparkling Beauty

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Name Address

Mr Home


Ms :


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Telephone / Fax : E-mail : Date of Birth : Hobbies : Company : Position : For the payment, please transfer to:

Subscription Term Registry Indonesia 6 Month: Rp.360,000,12 Month: Rp. 630,000,24 Month: Rp. 1,125,000,- Starting from : .......................... Discount of up to 30% off the cover price!! (cover price Rp. 75,000,-) • We will process the application as soon as we receive a copy of payment slip. Please allow two weeks to process your subscription. • Delivery charges will be applied for address outside Jakarta

SAD Subscribe Nov 2016.indd 132

PT. MAGWEI INDONESIA BCA Cab. Wahid Hasyim Acc # 478-3030-911 Please fax the payment copy to : +62 21 350 4961 Phone: +62 821 2557 2325 Email :

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Intro Event February 2017.indd 117

2/7/17 4:53 PM



Mr. Erlangga Boenawan, Mrs. Lina Koswara

Mrs.Simpirwati Simarno Mrs. Katarina Gumulya

Mr. Reza Herdadi Wahjudi

Mr. Morgen Sutanto, Mr. Alwi Sjaaf

Mrs. Deborah Iskandar, Mr. Diaz Persada


Show & Tell The furniture outlet Laflo held an event themed ”A Series of Inspirational Show & Tell Enhancing Ambiance Togetherness” on 8 November 2016 at its showroom in South Jakarta. Laflo’s president director, Mr. Erlangga Boenawan led a ribboncutting ceremony at this event, which was held to promote home lighting and interior design for ultimate comfort. Mrs. Deborah Iskandar, Mrs. Lina Koswara and Mr. Diaz Persada hosted the event, which also featured products from such brands as Calissa Home, Fiandre by Magran, Fiji Water, Goodrich, Indonesian Luxury, Kluege, Primakuro, Squeeze and Schots Zwiesel.

Mr. Cosmas Gozali

Mrs. Listya Rahardjo

Mr. Lunardy, Mr. Fandri Mutheardy, Mr. Alex Bayu


Mrs. Liey Haryanto Mrs. Lina Koswara

Mrs. Inge Santoso

Mr. Didiet Maulana

Mr. Iklim Tanumihardja Mrs. Suyin Pramono

Mrs. Alexandria Tan

Mr. Senoadji. S. Suhargo

Mr.Yudha Gumulja

Mrs. Dini Widjaja, Mr Rey Moses

Mr. Erlangga Boenawan, Mrs. Katarina Gumulya Mr. Alwi Sjaaf


Event LAFLO .indd 134

2/8/17 2:06 PM


H.E Joanna Maria Azzi


H.E Gonzalo Mendoza

H.E Mikael Galuzine

H.E Valerica Epure and Madame

H.E Walid Al Hadid H.E Ricardo Luis Bocalandro

H.E Azkat Orazbay

Mr. Theo L Sambuaga

H.E Nengcha Lhouvum Mukhopadhaya

Mrs Reggie Soeryadjaya Madame Maria Gustara

The Embassy of Lebanon in Jakarta celebrated the Independence Day of Lebanon on 22 November 2016 at Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta. Acting Ambassador of Lebanon to Indonesia H.E. Joanna Maria Azzi hosted the event, which was attended by Indonesian high-ranking ofďŹ cials and diplomats from various countries. In her speech, Ms. Azzi congratulated Lebanon’s new president, Mr. Michel Naim Aoun, who was elected on 31 October 2016. She also expressed her hope that the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Lebanon, especially in student and cultural exchanges, can be strengthened.

H.E Jose Renato Costa and madame

H.E Shavkat Jamalov H.E Roya Rahmani

H.E and MadameMohammad Aqil Nadeem

H.E Alice Mageza

Mrs Elizabeth Liman


Event Embassy Lebanon .indd 135


2/8/17 2:10 PM



H.E Johanna Brismar Skoog

Mrs Syarika Sulisto and Mrs Cicie Sulisto

Mrs Magdalena Hutagalubng

Mr. Arturo


Arturro Jakarta Premier Fj’L presented an Arturro Jakarta Premier featuring Arturro’s premier new collections for the first time in Jakarta on 26 November 2016. Taking place at Fj’L boutique, the event took all the guests to enjoy the canapé appetizers, followed by welcome speeches by Mr. Arturro and Fj’L Group’s head honcho Mrs. Lisa Post. The event, which featured a fashion show wrapped in a dinner occasion, was attended by celebrities and prominent guests.

Mrs Penny Wen

Mrs Andar Mustofa

Mrs. Rachel Arsyad, Mrs Angela Arsyad Mrs Mariza Pangemanan


Mr. Cetin Candan

Mrs. Ina Thomas

Mrs. Linda Meraxa Mrs. Shalimar Sulisto

Mrs. Lisa Post

Mrs. Witha Hidayat Mrs Fanny Tanujaya

Mrs Intan Permata

Madame Durhan Gurbuzz, Mrs Siti Sulisto

Mrs. Mirsya Ramadhani Mr. Kiki utara

Mrs Amelia Natadipura, Mrs Kristina Mrs Fitri Cen Cen


Event Arturo .indd 136

2/8/17 2:15 PM


Madame Nancy P Andrade Perdomo, H.E . Joanna Maria Azzi H.E Jose Renato Costa

H,E YM Michal Slivovic

H.E Federico Salas, Mr. Sergio Inurrigarro

EMBASSY OF MEXICO Nectar of the Gods

Mr.Frederic Noe

H.E Roberto Hernan Seminario Portocarrero, Mr. David Salman Mr. Juan Carlos

The Embassy of Mexico launched an exclusive Mezcal Tasting, also known as “the Nectar of the Gods” at Mexico Ambassador residence in Kuningan, Jakarta on 14 December 2016. Mezcal is a Mexican beverage in the like of tequila. Mr. Sergio Inurrigarro, the president of the Cultural Association for the Promotion of Mezcal, delivered a brief presentation about the beverage at this occasion that saw the attendance of Ambassadors and diplomats from various countries as well as business people and prominent guests from the city’s high society.

Mrs. Dahlia Sardjono, Mrs. Sally Sorongan

Mrs. Anita Boentaran Mrs. Neneng Rahardja

Mrs and Mr. Rizal Satar

Mr. Anthony Orgill

Mr. Zack Lee, Mr. Daniel Jusuf

Mrs. Atjimba Becerril, Mr. Rafael Martinez

Mr. Ricardo Raminez Galindo Ricardo Mrs. Alejandra Yicka

Mr. Patto Palembangan


Event Embassy Mexico .indd 137


2/8/17 2:11 PM


Mr. Gde Sumarjaya Linggih

Mr. Eric Ngadiman


Mr. Alwin Cipto Ciputra

Mr. Rizky Hendarmin

Mr. Albert Salim

Mrs. Hulfa B. Muslim

Ms. Adanti Airlangga, Ms. Karina Linggih Ms. Caroline Rosa

Mr. Andri Cahyadi

Mr. Toni

Mr. Rob Clinton



Event Golkar 2 halaman .indd 138

2/8/17 2:17 PM


Mr. Setya Novanto Vice Minister Archandra Tahar

Minister Airlangga Hartarto


Minister Sri Mulyani

Indonesia Economic Outlook 2017

Mrs. Eni Maulani Saragih

Mr. Idrus Marham

Mr. Micha Sindoro Mr.Reza Herwindo Novanto, Mr. Feisal Hamka

Mr. Nicholas Kesuma

Mr. Abdull Rosyid

Mr. Tanri Abeng

Indonesia political party Golkar held a seminar on Indonesia’s Economic Outlook 2017 on 15 December 2016 at Hotel Mulia Jakarta. The seminar, themed “Improving Fiscal Consolidation and Acceleration of Fair Growth”, was opened by Golkar leader Mr. Setya Novanto and Golkar secretary general Mr. Idrus Marham, with a welcome speech delivered by Golkar politician Mrs. Eni Saragih. The event presented notable speakers, such as Minister of Finance Mrs. Sri Mulyani, Vice Minister of Energy & Natural Resources Mr. Arcandra Tahar, Economist Mr. Tanri Abeng, Agriculture Economist Mr. Bustanul Arifin and IDEF Researcher Mrs. Enny Sri Hartati. This occasion was also attended by politicians Mr. Robert Kardinal, Mr. Gde Sumarjaya Linggih and Ms. Meutya Hafid, as well as young cadres of AMPG Golkar.

Mr. Emir Baramuli, Mrs.Ratna Bungawali

Mr. Arya Kuntadi, Mr. Saladin Soegomo

Mr. Robert Kardinal, Mr. Anton

Mrs. Meutya Hafid


Event Golkar 2 halaman .indd 139


2/8/17 2:20 PM



Madame Yulie Grillon, Mr. Triawan Munaf, Ms. Dara Setyohadi


Mrs. Louise Hsiao

Photo Exhibition

In collaboration with Plaza Indonesia, Y&D Setyohadi held The Art of Table Photo Exhibition by photographer Irfan Hartanto on 6 December 2016 at La Moda Level 1, Plaza Indonesia. Themed “Joy to the World”, the event was opened with remarks from Madame Yulie Grillon, the spouse of Paraguay Ambassador to Indonesia. This photo exhibition also saw the attendance of the spouses of ambassadors from other countries to Indonesia, such as Madame Agata Szumowska from Poland, Madame Diana Lopato-Zagorskaya from Belarus, Madame Lenise Garcia Correa Barbosa from Brazil and Madame Nino Jakhua from Georgia; as well as Indonesian distinguished guests, like Mr. Triawan Munaf, Mrs. Annisa Pohan, Mrs. Nunun Daradjatun, Ms. Louise Hsiao and Ms. Dara Setyohadi.

Mrs. Hilda Ruscono, Mrs. Nia Daniati Mrs. Amy Atmanto

Mrs. Sonia Wibisono


Ms. Alexandra Asmasoebrata

Madame Lenise Garcia Correa Barbosa, Madame Jitka Hotek

Madame Gye Young Cho Madame Nino Jakhua

Mrs. Nunun Nurbaetie Daradjatun

Madame Diana Lopatta Zagorsky

Mrs. Annisa Yudhoyono

H.E Gladis F. Urbaneja Dur’an

Mrs. Ayu Rosan

H.E Debora Ho

Madame Agata Szumowska

Mrs. Wardatul Asriah

Mrs. Patty Azizah

Ms. Karenina Sunny Halim

Mr. Zakaria Hamzah

Mrs. Ello Soehaeli Kalla


Event Yulie Setyohadi .indd 140

2/8/17 2:19 PM


H.E Ricardo Luis Bocalandro

H.E Roberto Seninanio

H.E Fransisco Jose Viqueira Niel and Madame Mrs. Ruth Abellan


Ambassador Gastronomical Series

H.E Antonio Correa Barbosa and Madame

H.E Gladis F. Urbaneja Dur’an

H.E Nirsia Castro Guevara

Mr.Pedro Marcollo Curto Mrs. Susana de Valentine Grau

Gran Melia Jakarta, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain, presented an Ambassador Gastronomical Series on 26 October 2016 at Gran Melia’s RedLevel Lounge. Ambassador for Spain H.E. Francisco José Viqueira Niel and Gran Melia Jakarta General Manager Ms. Ruth Abellan invited Latin American Ambassadors and Representatives in Indonesia to a dinner occasion. The event took all the VIP guests to enjoy such a festive evening, filled with the warm hospitality and exquisite food served by the hotel’s culinary team and in the companion of melodious music.

H.E Jose Renato Costa madame Nancy P Andrade Perdomo

H.E Debora Ho


Event Grand Melia .indd 141


2/8/17 2:08 PM



Mrs. Dewi Jade

Mr. Endy Kusumo

Mr. Budi Gozali

Mr.Piri Sudjarwo

Mr. Rizal Risjad

Mr. Marco Pribadi, Mrs. Rita, Ms. Rania Shamlan, Mr. Endy Kusumo, Mr. Andrys, Mrs. Alva M. Piay

Ms. Luna Maya, Ms. Millane Fernandez


Mr Eko Patrio


Event Ketut Masagung Birthday 2 halaman Revisi Ibu Liey.indd 142

2/8/17 2:12 PM


Mr. Irmawan poedjoadi, Mr. Nanan Soekarna

Mr. Rosan Roeslani, Mr. Hengky Setiawan, Mr. Sulianto Entong

Mr. Ketut Masagung

KETUT MASAGUNG Birthday Celebration

Mr. Hero, Mr. Freddy 5star, Mr. Rudy, Mr. Eddy Indrayadi, Mr. Romy Winata, Mr. Iwan Bogananta, Mr. Rianto Susanto, Mr. Fenza SoďŹ an

Mr.Ferry .Humato Mr. Setiawan Sudjie

Mr. Bambang Atmanto, Mr. Abi Yapto

Mr. Wendy, Mr. H, Sandi P, Mr. Rudy ongko

Mrs. Ninuk Ollenzack

Mrs. Camelia Wulandari

Ketut Masagung celebrated his birthday on 6 December 2016 at The Pallas Fairground SCBD, Jakarta. The Soulful and Resident DJ Jacky, Ahdan, and Jiggy enlivened this festive birthday bash with their stunning performances, sparked with light effects and blasting sounds echoed in a joyous ambiance. This unforgettable birthday party was attended by business partners, relatives and close friends, as well as other VIP guests including prominent businessmen Mr. Rosan Roeslani and Mr. Hengky Setiawan.

Ms.Pingky Mawarni

Mr. Roy Anton, Mr. Kevin Rahardjo


Event Ketut Masagung Birthday 2 halaman Revisi Ibu Liey.indd 143


2/8/17 2:13 PM



Mr. Jonathan Kuo

Mrs. Medy Taufik

Mrs and Mr. Yuberg Andro

Mr. Iswargia Sudarno

Mr. Paulus Gani

STEINWAY & SONS Steinway Concert Series

Steinway & Sons performed the initial opening program of a Steinway Concert Series with Jonathan Kuo’s Solo Piano Recital on 11 December 2016 at Goethe Haus on Jalan Sam Ratulangi, Menteng, Jakarta. This concert series, which will end in September 2017 is organised by PT Citra Intirama and House of Piano and supported by Boston Piano, Essex Piano, and Jakarta Conservatory of Music. The event saw the attendance of musicians and music enthusiasts, as well as celebrities and members of Jakarta’s high society.

Mrs and Mr. John Kuo

Mr. Boris Kraljevic

Mr and Mrs. Choky Sitohang


Roma Fashion Show


Helsinki Fashion Show

From Java to the World Alleira is always committed to producing high quality Batik and introducing it to international market. In the past few months, Alleira introduced their collections in four different countries. On 1 September 2016, Alleira participated at the annual Collection Premiere Moscow (CPM) carrying the theme “Midnight Bloom”. On 3 September 2016, Alleira brought “The Allure of Mozaic” to Helsinki, Finland, at the event held at the Indonesian Embassy for Finland. Celebrating new season, simple and feminine collection was presented at Sheraton Hotel in Rome, Italy, on 4 October 2016. While on 12 October 2016, Alleira showcased their Javanese heritage muse on “Yavadvipa” collection, in the Imperial Festival Mojmírovce by Luxury Magazine On, in Slovakia. Slovakia Fashion Show


Slovakia Fashion Show

Moscow Fashion Show

Roma Fashion Show


Event Steinway and Sons +Aleira.indd 144

2/8/17 2:03 PM


Mr. David Schill

Mr. RaďŹ que Ahmed

Mrs. Cecilia Persson

Mr. Joni Tse, Mr. Edy Susanto

PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI Aritco HomeLift (AHL) Dinner Gathering

PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI celebrated the brand new Aritco HomeLift (AHL) launching with selected and distinguished guests comprised of Architects, Contractor, and Interior Designers at The HERMITAGE, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta on the evening of November 10th, 2016. The event was hosted by PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI (the Authorized Partner of ARITCO Lift AB, Sweden) with an elegant dinner gathering. Mr. Joni Tse (Managing Partner) and Mr. Edy Susanto (Partner) from PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI welcomed the total of seventeen distinguished guests in this event.

Mr. Cosma Gozali

Mr. Sardjono Hadidjojo

Mr. Hendy Lim

Mr. Ahmad Fachrie Bakrie

Mrs. Dite Matin, Mr. Andra Matin

Mr. Sonny Sandjaya Mrs. Imelda Akmal

Mrs. Ida Farida, Mrs. Ayu Joddy


Event Aritco Gala Dinner .indd 145


2/8/17 2:16 PM

With 12 different Japanese Sauce Garlic butter | Teriyaki | Yakiniku | Takoyaki Wasabi | Ori Mayo | Cheese Mayo Sweet Lime | Blackpepper | Hot Mayo | Chilli Sauce | Oriental Chilli

Introducing the best and hippest business investment with earnings of over hundreds of million rupiah a month, Karaagee Oishii franchise has proven to reach break-even point in less than six months. People in urban settings often tend to practical grab-and-go food in daily life. Karaagee Oishii offers tasty and healthy – no MSG included – on-the-go meals in a simple packaging. With a selection of two karaage, sizes, side dishes and twelve sauces to choose from, Karaagee Oishii is the solution for late night hunger and time-lacking consumers. Outlets have queuing to open in multiple cities as you read, don’t miss the opportunity!

Mr. Pieter Gunawan & Mr. Anton Gunawan

HOPE TO PARTNER WITH YOU SOON by Pieter Gunawan& Anton Gunawan, Contact us : +62 817 004 0995 • Jakarta - Bandung

SAD Karaage Oishi October 2016 Final OK.indd 114

2/1/17 10:49 PM

Collectible Sotheby's • Can's Gallery

INTRO COLLECTIBLE February 2017.indd 133

2/1/17 10:48 PM


Hong Kong Art Auctions

Detail Image Jean Dubuffet, L’Homme au Papillon, 1954, Oil on canvas, 129.5 x 97 cm

The Impressionist & Modern Art, Surrealist Art and Contemporary Art Evening Sales is set to take place in London on 1 and 8 March. As a preview to this prestigious event, Sotheby’s held an exhibition of highlights in Hong Kong from 14 to 17 January, showcasing exquisite paintings by some of the most sought-after artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Gerhard Richter and Yves Klein, just to name a few. The finest gouache by Magritte to appear on the market in recent history, Le Repas de noces has remained in the same private collection for almost 50 years. It combines two images that Magritte explored around this time: a reclining lion, the trademark of a Brussels food retailer that was aubiquitous part of everyday life, and an egg on a table top. Another painting up for the auction is Ino, from Francis Picabia’s elegant Transparences series, which derives its name from multiple layers of overlapping imagery. The bold frame for Ino was designed by French fashion, furniture and jewellery designer Rose Adler, who received the work directly from the artist – bringing together Surrealism and Art Deco. Recognised as one of the most famous images in the history of Western art, Auguste Rodin’s Penseur was first conceived as the central figure of Dante in his monumental Gates of Hell. Transcending


Auguste Rodin Penseur, petit modèle Reduced size conceived in 1902; the present example was cast between 1920 and 1930, Bronze


Collectible Sotheby's Feb 2017.indd 148

2/7/17 11:25 PM

Wassily Kandinsky, Deutliche Verbindung (Clear Connection),1925 Watercolour and Indian ink on paper, 48.2 x 31.8 cm

Marc Chagall, Grand coq blanc 1979 – 80, Oil and tempera on canvas, 91.9 x 65.3 cm

this narrative, Penseur took on an independent life to become a universal symbol of creative genius and the personification of the act of thinking and reflection. Grand coq blancis populated with many of Marc Chagall’s iconic motifs – featuring a large cockerel, bouquet of flowers, melancholic lovers and the rooftops of his provincial birthplace of Vitebsk. The theme of the artist in the studio was a subject that the artist returned to particularly in his later years, as he took stock of his achievements following the opening of the Musée National Message Biblique Marc Chagall and the presentation of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. The work is suffused with a rich and colourful palette, which reflects Chagall’s engagement with colour and light in the stained glass windows he was working on at the same time. Other most sought-after collections up for the auction include Jacquy by Henri Matisse, Deutliche Verbindung (Clear Connection) by Wassily Kandinsky, Nature morte au tableau by Pablo Picasso, L’Etoile blanche by Fernard Léger, L’Homme au Papillon by Jean Dubuffet, Abstraktes Bild (654-4) by Gerhard Richter, and the famous Untitled Monogold (MG 47) by Yves Klein made of gold leaf on wood panel.

Francis Picabia, Ino, 1929-30, Watercolour and pencil on paper, in a wood and coloured mirror frame by Rose Adler


Collectible Sotheby's Feb 2017.indd 149


2/7/17 11:25 PM

CAN’S GALLERY Art Stage Singapore 2017

Can’s Gallery, formerly known as Galleri Canna, took part in Art Stage Singapore 2017, featuring artworks from three talented artists Entang Wiharso, Sally Smart and Oky Rey Montha, in the forms of paintings and sculptures. One of the largest objects amongst their artworks is the Exotic Land, sized 195 x 247 cm, by Entang Wiharso. He extends his practice of making cutting aluminum series and give them more three-dimensional sense as inspired by the form of reliefs as found in a temple. Contrary with the relief of those ancient objects, Entang Wiharso is fully aware to create the context of today. His narrative departs from the reality of everyday life, of the meeting point of cosmopolitan life style or urban people and the witty culture from the village. His works are mostly formed in large scale to give monumentality as part of the experience. Entang Wiharso’s work in this particular series is focused on the idea of a home, either a space of transit or a space where life happens. He tried to capture the basic idea of consuming desire; therefore he includes the image of cars, fashions, and others. In the background, one can find a factory building to underline more the industrialist and late capitalism situation he wants to depict. The Exquisite Pirate (Rauberromantik), sized 190 x 150 cm, is a painting by Sally Smart. She often combines the sense of three-dimensional works with the two-dimensional imagery with cut and paste technique. Taking inspiration from mural and puppets, she often portrays the figures with fabrics and other materials. In her paintings, Sally highlights her collage technique to emphasis the cutting and some discontinuity of the lines, giving the sense of unfinished long journey. The strong color block background provides different landscape for the objects and figures. This is a technique that she does to highlight some objects stronger than the others. Oky Rey Montha, the painter of The Great, is one of the new generation artists with big influence from popular culture and post-internet art. His painting is a spontaneous response of his flaneurism towards visual world today. He takes lots of inspiration from the visual imageries he found in the mass media he has been consumed, to juxtaposed all the fantasy with some of the small facts in his surrounding. Some of the symbols are associated with political context, while some are merely fictional. ADT #1, 200 x 64 cm, 2016 Aluminum PLate, Car paint polyurethane



Collectibles CAN'S Gallery February 2017.indd 150

2/1/17 8:48 PM

Entang Wiharso - Exotic Land - 195 x 247 cm - 2016 - Aluminum ,Resin,Colour Pigment,Thread, Car Paint

Entang Wiharso - Floating Garden, 2016 200 x 150 cm- MMOC

Sally Smart - The Exquisite Pirate (Rauberromantik) 190 x 150 cm

Oky Rey Montha, THE GREAT, 300 x 200 cm, 2016 Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

CAN’S GALLERY Jl. Janur Elok III, Blok QE 6 No.10, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240 • Tel. +62 21 452 6429, 451 6672


Collectibles CAN'S Gallery February 2017.indd 151


2/1/17 8:48 PM


Boss Bottega Veneta CAN’S Gallery Chanel Chanel Damiani Dior Fendi Casa Fendi Givenchy Gran Melia Xian Hermes Jaeger-LeCoultre Moire Photography Niro Granite & Iwan Tirta Private Collection Omega Princess Yacht Pryma Richard Mille Rolls Royce Salvatore Ferragamo Sotheby’s ST Regis Bali Technics The Peninsula Hong Kong TWG Tea Van Cleef & Arpels Versace Walter Knoll


64 60 150 34 56 36 74 94 54 66 106 58 46 116 98 50 88 112 48 90 76 148 108 110 102 114 32 62 96




Index ED 107 February 2017.indd 152

2/6/17 3:24 PM

SAD Bollinger - PT Dimatique Feb 2017.indd 21

2/2/17 12:50 AM

SAD Jacob & Co Feb 2017.indd 21

2/1/17 6:20 PM

February 2017 low  

10th Anniversary

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