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Being Italian

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Flybridge Collection

H Marine International Pte. Ltd Official Azimut Yachts Dealer in Singapore 11 Cove Drive, Sentosa Cove, #02-01, One 15 Marina Club - Singapore 098497/Phone : +65 6358 2136 Web : :

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Chairwoman LIEY HARYANTO Managing Director SETIAWAN SUDJIE Editor-in-Chief SETIAWAN SUDJIE

Senior Designer MARKUS WINARYO Photographer RENDY KAIRUPAN Digital Image REGISTRY INDONESIA Advertising & Promotion ANGGUN WANDASTARI Account Executive MAtahari soon Editorial Secretary DEWI SUSANTI Finance & Accounting MICHAEL CHRISTHOPER Circulation DASINO, Agung Legal Counsel DAVID ABRAHAM, BSL ABRAHAM LAW FIRM Yudistira & Co. Law Firm Publisher SETIAWAN SUDJIE


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COVER Photographer : Hendra Kusuma (M. +62 821 1408 9899) Stylist : HK Socialite : Grace Tjahja Make Up Artist : Fenny Hamid (M. +62 816 1357 111) Jewellery : Damiani, Tel. +62 21 2992 4296 Wardrobe : Maxmara, Tel. +62 21 5790 0142 Location : Zeus Studio, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 55C, Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12240. Tel. +62 21 724 1407

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Publisher’s Note

Dear Readers, The month of December has arrived, with Christmas and holiday seasons taking us to bid farewell to the year 2016 and welcome the New Year with optimism, hope, peace and love. With this Season’s Greetings edition, Registry Indonesia would like to introduce Grace Tjahja, whose inspirational and uplifting cover story reminds every one of us the importance of counting our blessings. With her amazing spirit intact, this single mother of two eventually won her courageous battle of cancer, and she’s now actively involved in various breast cancer awareness activities while climbing the corporate ladder. We also visit Harry Darsono Museum where the multi-talented haute couture designer takes us to discover his inspirational life through his precious collections of high fashion and other exquisite artworks. Our other profile story is another interesting piece featuring Tommy Löwback who talks about his leadership savvy in running Aritco, a Swedish award-winning manufacturer of home lifts. As the New Year is just around the corner, we take you to peek through what the year 2017 has to offer. From the world of fashion, we take a closer look at some of the new cruise and resort collections from such prestigious brands as Gucci, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Michael Kors and Miu Miu. In the world of sports cars, we can think of no better way to reward yourself than the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4; and those who are considered motorcycle enthusiasts should not miss visiting BMW Motorrad to get the most of your riding experience. We also let you discover some of the world’s fashionably upscale destinations to recharge your batteries. If you have the plan to go to Europe, you may want to experience on board Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland’s first luxury train journey. Otherwise, read our reviews on a few destinations for those seeking a tranquil sanctuary to hibernate during the holiday seasons in the country. To close, don’t miss our other sections, from Jewellery and Watches to Collectible, and Home & Living, which always feature new products to complement your exquisite high life. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


Setiawan Sudjie Editor-in-Chief/Publisher



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Edward Chiu



Chopard Jacob & Co. Roger Dubuis HYT Montblanc


Chanel Botega Venetta Givenchy Women Michael Kors Miu Miu Givenchy Men



Wardrobe by Maxmara, Jewellery by Damiani

ERRATUM December ‘16 In October 2016 issue page 114-115 of Event Graduation Ceremony SETUKPA. The Mr. & Mrs. AKBP Zakhlin Letter, should be Mr. & Mrs. KBP Zakhlin Letter. Mr & Mrs. AKBP Herman Ismail should be Mr & Mrs. KBP Herman Ismail We apologize for the mistake.



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Natura Derma Kenzo





Lamborghini BMW Motorrad






Cellini Aritco Ariston






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Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland

Banyan Tree Bintan & Angsana Bintan

The Laguna Resort & Spa, Bali

Melia Bali

The Hermitage Jakarta

Montblanc Pen









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TIFFANY & CO. 2016 Masterpieces Collection

Tiffany is the internationally renowned jeweler founded in New York in 1837. Through its subsidiaries, Tiffany & Co. manufactures products and operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores worldwide, and also engages in direct selling through Internet, catalog and business gift operations. The Tiffany & Co. 2016 Masterpieces Collection is where creativity is unconstrained by convention and boundaries are pushed. This season, design director Francesca Amfitheatrof approaches the collection by creating imaginative masterworks that are expertly crafted expressions of the brand’s rich design heritage. A celebration of bold experimentation and spirited design, Amfitheatrof designed the collection under two themes, Tiffany Prism and Tiffany Ribbons. Tiffany Prism is inspired by the brilliance of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the company’s first design director, whose famed plique-à-jour work was revered for its masterful use of light and color, a pioneer of the American Art Nouveau movement. French for “letting in the daylight,” the plique-à-jour technique juxtaposes light and color and serves as inspiration for the Tiffany Prism collection.



Pub Choice Tiffany & Co Dec 2016.indd 20

12/25/16 12:46 AM

Paying homage to Louis Comfort Tiffany and his vibrant artistry, each design is bold in both hue and proportion. Bright pops of color appear in an exuberant display of vibrant gemstones including tsavorites, spessartites and sapphires. A stunning 18k rose gold ring features a South Sea golden pearl, offset by two exquisite spheres of meticulously set pink sapphires and diamonds. Equally striking is a platinum pendant of pink sapphires and diamonds arranged in a gradient pattern to emphasize the circular dimension of the piece. “I’ve taken our legacy of sourcing rare gemstones and created modern designs that are incredibly glamorous, playful and meant to be worn day and night,” says Amfitheatrof. Inspired by the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn™, the Tiffany

Ribbons collection is comprised of jewels that drape and cascade with a weightless quality that is at once classic and dramatic. A breathtaking example of iconic glamour is a necklace set in platinum with seven tiers of round diamonds that rest smoothly against the contours of the body. The impressive yet versatile design converts from two necklaces layered together to a four-row or three-row diamond necklace, creating three distinct looks. Lustrous, South Sea black pearls, hand selected for their gray to aubergine overtones, and dazzling mixed-cut diamonds play off of each other beautifully in this dramatic interpretation of the classic pearl necklace. This lavish, artfully draped creation moves gracefully, and brilliantly illuminates the décolletage.


Pub Choice Tiffany & Co Dec 2016.indd 21


12/25/16 12:46 AM


Master stonecutters and setters constructed a bracelet with tremendous fluidity, so that it wraps around the wrist like silk. The patterned design allows ribbons of diamonds to twist and curve with effortless grace. The bracelet wraps the wrist in scintillating strands of meticulously set diamonds offset by a dazzling strand of larger Lucida® diamonds that showcase the flexibility of the design and exude weightless grace. Round brilliant and square diamond earrings were created to frame and illuminate the face, reinforcing the reputation that Tiffany diamonds are among the most sought-after treasures in the world. “When I work with diamonds and gemstones, I’m constantly drawing from our rich heritage while exploring new ideas that have a timeless, yet modern appeal. Tiffany Masterpieces, like all of our high jewelry collections, symbolize the height of design innovation and experimentation,” says Amfitheatrof. Tiffany & Co. proudly presents their Tiffany Masterpieces 2016 by Jean Schlumberger. While Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co. design icon, is revered mainly for his fantastical creations



Pub Choice Tiffany & Co Dec 2016.indd 22

12/25/16 12:46 AM

that interpret the natural world in scintillating gemstones, his eye for form and proportion is equally impressive. His masterpieces include Graphic Arts, a cocktail ring of 18k yellow gold and platinum features 30 bold baguette diamonds that are artfully set to create a striking contrast between line and shape. Seascape, his stunning coquillage clip of 18k yellow gold and platinum, originally designed in the late 1950s and brilliantly captures the designer’s innate understanding of movement. The shell itself, being composed of round sapphires, is stationary. Schlumberger’s knowledge of stonesetting techniques creates the illusion of movement with white diamonds

and yellow diamonds. Such art pushes his name further upwards as the master of bringing the natural world to life – most famously through his seainspired creations. Lastly, the Full Flower, a product of Schlumberger’s visionary sensibility and consummate craftsmanship expressed in his iconic morning glory necklace. Also originally designed in the 1950s, this complex design is inspired by botanical books, his travels and his home in Guadeloupe. A twisting vine of 18k yellow gold wraps around the neck before spiraling into stunning blooms and swirling buds of sapphires and diamonds intricately set in 18k yellow gold and platinum, totaling more than 90 carats.


Pub Choice Tiffany & Co Dec 2016.indd 23


12/25/16 12:46 AM


Dare to Win



Story December 2016 ok.indd 24

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Jewellery by Damiani


Story December 2016 ok.indd 25


12/28/16 12:47 AM

Grace Tjahja smiles benignly while displaying her various angles in a ravishing photo shoot for Registry Indonesia. She looks perfect in a black dress, yet other colours also fit her well. “I prefer the colour black because it exudes simplicity, and looks great in any occasion. I also wear other bold colours that pair well with black,” says the Managing Director of Business Development at SIXCAP Indonesia. The sanguine and choleric combination seems to be what best describes the personality type of this amazing lady, who has had extensive experience across various industries, such as oil and gas, plantation, real estate, banking and hospitality. Being adept in the area of finance, accounting, marketing and corporate management has attributed to her expeditious success. “My career goal is to be actively involved in promoting concrete and positive socio-economic impact. SIXCAP is a movement that is focused on bringing wealth and health across the socio-economic strata by harnessing the power of the crowd,” she explains. Specialising in the field of financial technologies and machine intelligence, SIXCAP Group is a proponent of data as a rising asset class and seeks to augment the development of Indonesia’s digital economy by 2020. “We co-create with established tertiary institutions, such as Gajah Mada University, Binus, and other local universities in Indonesia, to afford the opportunity for aspiring individuals to learn a practical life-skill of analysing statistical data and trends in the financial markets, to earn a life-long income,” Grace further explains. She then cites an example of how many students who have joined the program, through their sheer persistence and effort, had been successfully chosen to receive a full scholarship for a month-long advanced training programme by professional dealers in Singapore. “I strongly believe that regional exposure will boost their confidence in striving towards a better future. Seeing our trainees achieve excellence makes our efforts worthwhile,” Grace says while recalling her father’s advice, “We will never become poor by giving.” Grace holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Marketing and Psychology from Indiana University, US. Her academic background by all means has allowed her to excel in her professional career. Yet, she testifies that life is the greatest classroom, and has learned many valuable lessons that gave her the immeasurable strength as a single parent in balancing both motherhood and her career. “Life is a journey, not a destination. This is how we earn valuable experiences in life,” Grace quotes. She recalls a stressful event at the end of 2012, when she was first diagnosed with cancer.


“The hardest part was when I had to tell my children about it. It was definitely not easy for them, considering how young they were at that time.” she pauses. “I have two marvellous children. Christian, 19 years old; and Michelle, 16 years old. They helped take care of me during the hardest time. God provides the faithful with a wonderful family, relatives and friends. With all these pillars of support, I was able to conquer my fear, stay positive and dare to win the battle.” God never abandons His people. Grace was finally declared clear, and recovered after one-and-a-half years fighting cancer with full treatment. The dauntless lady went through biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, radiations, bone treatment, and other medical procedures. Currently, Grace is a member of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), and she often involves her children in taking part in the foundation’s various social events. “I have learnt so much from other survivors. There are many who have passed, and more who continue to struggle through tough times. I have met many of them, and without a doubt, they are all remarkably strong and inspiring ladies. The most important task that this foundation has held dear is to increase awareness of early detection and preventive actions, and has been successful thus far in doing so“ she remarks. Life changed for her ever since. It became apparent to Grace that time is absolute and precious. Ever since, she strongly believes that we should spend them for the things that really matter. In Grace’s dictionary, life is a cycle that needs to be balanced. In August 2015, Grace began concentrating fully on both her career and her loved ones. “I reserve my weekends to kick back, relax, and enjoy good food with family. Our family is huge fan of Japanese cuisine,” she says with a grin. Traveling is one activity Grace and her children do, usually once or twice a year. “Quality time, good food and activities. My children enjoy traveling to the US for the country’s happening vibe and endless attractions. Together, we share a special interest in live performances, such as broadway show, concert, magic show, and even the occasional circus. We also appreciate Europe for its illustrious history and beautiful landscapes.” Traveling is also part of the life-lesson that Grace chooses to impart to her children. Just like the undulating terrain of the earth, Life itself is a journey with a lot of ‘ups’ and downs’, Grace continues while concluding the interview. “As I always tell my children, let God be the centre of our life. Count our blessings, not hardship, because only then we can be truly enjoy the journey and be happy in life.”


Story December 2016 ok.indd 26

12/28/16 12:47 AM

Dress by Maxmara, Jewellery by Damiani


Story December 2016 ok.indd 27


12/28/16 12:48 AM

Sweatshirt by Burberry Jewellery by Damiani



Story December 2016 ok.indd 28

12/28/16 12:48 AM

Coat by Maxmara, Jewellery by Damiani


Story December 2016 ok.indd 29


12/28/16 12:48 AM

Photographer Stylist Socialite Make Up Artist Jewellery Wardrobe



: : : : :

Hendra Kusuma (M. +62 821 1408 9899) HK Grace Tjahja Fenny Hamid (M. +62 816 1357 111) Damiani, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4296 : Gucci, Senayan City Ground Floor, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 7278 1538 Burberry, Senayan City, Ground Floor, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 7278 2399) Maxmara, Plaza Senayan 1st Floor, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 5790 0142 : Zeus Studio, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 55C, Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12240. Tel. +62 21 724 1407


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Jewellery Piaget • Edward Chiu

Intro Jewellery Dec 2016.indd 31

12/22/16 11:26 PM


Once Upon a Star

Filled with joy, hope and wonder, the holiday season is a time when loved ones come together to share unforgettable moments and exchange heartfelt gifts. The radiance of Piaget collections brings pleasure and delight to loved ones. Cold winter nights are once again filled with the sparkle of diamonds and the warm luminous splendour of gold. Born under the brightest star, Piaget watch and jewellery creations make timeless gifts that capture all the emotion of the holidays. Celebrating a life filled with radiant moments, flamboyant and colourful creations bring dazzling exuberance to a New Year’s Eve gathering or become treasures nestled under the tree. Charismatic and always timeless, these pieces light up the night sky in a brilliant display of gold workmanship and sophisticated gem setting. Like an explosion of stars, the Sunny Side of Life high jewellery necklace with its rays of gold playfully caresses a graceful neckline. The distinctively Piaget Palace decor in pink gold creates a woven iridescent charm set with a generous dusting of diamonds and a cushion-cut pink spinel from Myanmar. In a signature Piaget style, the intricate Serenissima high jewellery manchette (Cuff Bracelet) pairs the delicate appearance of woven pink gold with the vibrant



Jewellery Piaget Dec 2016.indd 32

12/24/16 9:51 PM

appeal of pink gemstones. The shimmering gold cuff is embellished with an extravagant setting of scintillating spinels, diamonds and marquise sapphires. In a gold-smithing technique unique to Piaget, the “Décor Palace” gives the outside surface of the Extremely Piaget pink gold bracelet an alluring iridescent effect with its shimmering mesh-like texture. A sublime companion around her finger in pink gold, the Possession ring is an evocative and sensual jewellery ritual. The voluptuous central band of the gold ring turns freely, dazzling with a brilliant diamond for good luck. Bringing the addictive daily ritual of the Possession collection, two turning paved bands sparkling with the fire of brilliant diamonds rotate freely at either end of a flexible pink gold open bangle. The polished pink gold of the bangle is embellished with a sprinkling of diamonds set along the bracelet. This holiday, Piaget invites watch lovers to share its unconditional love of the world’s slimmest mechanisms and the other bright stars born of its watchmaking virtuosity. The Emperador Coussin XL Minute Repeater is a feat of technical and gem-setting virtuosity. Such an exceptional movement deserves exceptional design with 260 brilliant-cut breath-taking diamonds and 60 baguette-cut diamonds set on its 18K white gold cushion case.

PIAGET Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5759 • Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 310 7715


Jewellery Piaget Dec 2016.indd 33


12/24/16 9:51 PM

EDWARD CHIU Black and White Jade

Edward Chiu brand will forever be associated with contemporary jade jewellery. With his family’s roots in the jade business, he learned the secrets of this exotic gemstone early on. His soaring imagination led him to design contemporary and sophisticated jewelleries, in an East meets West manner. His Art is acclaimed for jewellery of timeless elegance and exquisite museum quality pieces throughout the world, which renowned amongst socialites, popular celebrities and distinguished members of royalty. However, Edward Chiu’s trademark style is the type of jade jewellery that reflects modernity rather than imperial aspirations. The brand’s signature creations of Black and White Jade are combinations that single-handedly pioneered in the 1990s – its minimal and geometric design brings jade jewellery to a new generation of socialites and fashionistas, for both men and women. The resulting designs are minimalist and geometric, even as they feature motifs such as flowers, birds, insects, and fishes. More distinctly, they explore the spectrum of jade colour beyond green, yellow and lavender, as well as black and white. Black and white jade has in fact become the brand’s signature appeal, and allows it to reach younger clients, those who are looking for contemporary allure. It is truly life changing how they can wear the pieces to work and match them more easily with other colours and business attire. Their flowing lines are subtle yet dynamic, but never overpowering.



Edward Chiu Dec 2016.indd 34

12/23/16 11:43 PM

The collection combines the use of mostly black jade and white jade, with a touch of other luxurious materials such as diamond and white gold. Pendants and necklaces are made in pair of black and white in various shapes and styles, enhanced by the earrings collection – luxuriously worn by itself and stylishly go together as a pair, a beauty enhancer in your neckline and ears. Wide selection of handmade rings shows a

smart composition between black and white jade, not to mention the use of diamond and 18k white gold embedded throughout. Each one has Edward Chiu brand and materials used carved on the inside loop. Bracelets and bangles are styled and produced with the same manner, with an addition of 18k yellow gold material combined with black jade and diamond.

EDWARD CHIU IFC Mall, Shop 3028, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hongkong, Tel. +852 2525 2325 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Edward Chiu Dec 2016.indd 35


12/23/16 11:43 PM

Photoshoot BVLGARI Dec 2016.indd 36

12/25/16 12:35 AM

TheUltimate Muse by Bvlgari

Photoshoot BVLGARI Dec 2016.indd 37

12/25/16 12:35 AM

Photoshoot BVLGARI Dec 2016.indd 38

12/25/16 12:35 AM

Photoshoot BVLGARI Dec 2016.indd 39

12/25/16 12:35 AM

Photoshoot BVLGARI Dec 2016.indd 40

12/25/16 12:35 AM

Model : Lily Aldridge Photographer: Mario Testino

Photoshoot BVLGARI Dec 2016.indd 41

12/25/16 12:36 AM

REGISTRY CALENDAR BANYAN TREE BANGKOK A Yuletide Party Banyan Tree Bangkok spoils you a magical atmosphere of the Christmas and New Year holidays this year where a world of culinary wonders awaits – a wide selection of the hotels’ five food and beverages outlets ranging from Thai, Cantonese to Japanese cuisine. Romsai offers an extravagant Brunch and Dinner Buffet with joyful carols, while Vertigo TOO gives a laid-back yet enthralling venue to spend located on the 60th level to enjoy unhindered views of the fireworks, free flow drinks and live band performances along with their four-course set menu; or head to Saffron for a five-course New Year’s Eve Thai dinner. For more information, please visit


Intercontinental Bali Resort will be hosting holiday events, with Christmas Cocktails in the Saraswati Lounge, accompanied by Christmas Carols. In the evening, two choices will be served to whether enjoy dinner set from Bella Cucina restaurant or indulge in KO Restaurant, Teppanyaki and Cocktail Lounge. For New Year’s Eve dinner, Seafood Buffet at Jimbaran Gardens, along with live music and fire dance will be offered, or couples can opt for a Candelit Intimate Dinner with caviar and champagne. Spa, yoga, fish market and bicycle tour will also be available to complete your holiday.

HOTEL CAFÉ ROYAL Celebrate and Indulge Fronting London’s vibrant Regent Street, The Café at Hotel Café Royal will be offering a wonderful range of seasonal treats, available to enjoy in the opulent Sienna marble café, such ideal gifts for family and friends. Refresh mind, body and soul at Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, treat their little ones to a shopping experience in collaboration with Hamleys, or indulge with a festive afternoon tea in the opulent Oscar Wilde Bar. On Christmas day an exquisite seven-course lunch will be served in the stunning Pompadour Ballroom by Hotel Café Royal’s Ten Room restaurant. For more information, please visit:

For more information, please contact: +62 361 701 888


GRAND HYATT JAKARTA Christmas Feast 2016

This Christmas, Conservatorium hotel is celebrating the festive season with a wonderful range of luxurious room packages, unique spa treatments at Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, and indulgent food and drink menus. Whether it is to enjoy cuisines by chef Schilo van Coevorden in Taiko restaurant for Christmas and New Year’s eves, or a four-course Christmas menu at the Brasserie. Indulge the best of what Amsterdam has to offer in a luxurious suite with a complete Christmas package including complete meals, wine pairing, ice skating experience surrounding Museum Quarter and exploring the Amsterdam canals during Amsterdam Light Festival. For more information, please visit

SHANGRI-LA HOTEL JAKARTA Enlightening Festive Celebration Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta invites guests to experience the wonders of the festive season, kick-started with a delicately crafted Christmas High Tea, from 12 to 27 December 2016. Hotel Pastry Chef Mathias Dusend has crafted a selection of sweet pastries and cakes served fresh every afternoon. There will also be an intimate Christmas Eve and New Year’s dinner with a special buffet spread at SATOO and Rosso, or a day fare Christmas Day brunch. Also, as the New Year approaches, there will be a party with live band and DJ performance at B.A.T.S. For more infromation, please contact: +62 21 2922 9999

Grand Hyatt Jakarta has set to offer guests Christmas feast full of food and celebration to create a memorable gathering, from dinner at C’s Steak and Seafood complemented by festive highlight menus on 25 December, family celebration buffet at Grand Café for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day brunch to dessert high tea at Fountain Lounge. While the elves are busy in the workshop, Santa Claus is keeping his appearances at the restaurants on the 24th and 25th of December, along with children’s choir in the Grand Lobby and strolling singers on Christmas Eve. For more information, please contact: +62 21 2992 1283

42 42


CALENDAR Dec 2016.indd 42

12/24/16 1:41 AM

Timepieces Chopard • Jacob & Co. • Roger Dubuis • HYT • Montblanc

Intro_Watch Dec 2016.indd 43

12/28/16 1:09 AM

CHOPARD A Crystal Clear Sound

The L.U.C collection now welcomes a minute repeater entirely developed, produced and assembled by Chopard: the L.U.C Full Strike. This distinguished 42.5 mm-diameter watch in Fairmined rose gold with an open worked dial houses a substantial number of technical solutions that make it one of the most innovative minute repeaters on the market. As a symbol of their 20th anniversary, this latest edition chimes the hours, quarters and minutes on transparent crystal gongs. These sapphire rings create a perfect loudspeaker faithfully to diffuse the chimes of the hammers striking the sapphire – such a unique technical solution that visible at 10 o’clock. In particular, this movement comprises a series of security systems that protect it from all the inappropriate handling operations that can damage minute repeaters. Its crown serves to wind the movement in one direction, and its striking mechanism in the other. The L.U.C Full Strike thus accumulates enough energy to strike 12:59 – the longest time in the minute repeater repertoire – 12 times. It is equipped with a double power-reserve indicator positioned at 2 o’clock and featuring two superimposed hands respectively indicating the strikingmechanism reserve and the movement’s autonomy.



Watch Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Dec 2016.indd 44

12/25/16 12:06 AM

The gongs and watch glass are in fact machined together from a single sapphire block. They thus form a single welding, glue-free and screw-free entity: a construction that is totally unique in watchmaking history and for which a patent has been filed. Typical minute repeater gongs are made of steel or gold segments which vibrate when struck. Sapphire gongs, on the other hand, have perfect robustness – even after tests in which it undergoes one and half million impacts with steel hammers, it does not break. The corollary of this hardness is the extreme difficulty involved in working with it, where the making and machining require perfect skill and accuracy.

The L.U.C Full Strike has its own unique sound signature. The gongs are tuned to two notes: C and F. Throughout the 16 seconds that the watch takes to strike 12:59, it chimes in a uniform manner, a result that is extremely hard to achieve and in itself represents an important horological accomplishment. All the components of Calibre 08.01-L are meticulously finished, be it with circular graining, straight graining or a Côtes de Genève motif. They are all meticulously hand-chamfered. The mainplate and bridges are made from nickel silver, a noble metal that can tolerate no scratches or workmanship errors.

CHOPARD The Time Place Boutiques: Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5759 • Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 310 7715 • Pacific Place, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 5140 2776 Tunjungan Plaza IV, Surabaya. Tel. +62 31 532 7991


Watch Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Dec 2016.indd 45


12/25/16 12:06 AM

JACOB & CO. Around the World

Jacob & Co., led by Jacob Arabo, has been one of the superiors in the world of haute horology for over three decades. While challenging the limits of grand complications or pushing the boundaries of artistic beauty, Jacob Arabo’s daring vision of luxury has developed the brand into a symbolic expression of success and individuality. Jacob & Co. demonstrates its extraordinary quality with a constant drive to evolve at every turn and gain inspiration from the seemingly impossible. Acknowledged as the “Master of World Time”, Jacob & Co. pushed back the barriers of traditional watchmaking in Basel 2013 with the World Premiere Epic SF24, now one of the many icons of Jacob & Co.


The Epic SF24, which stands for “Split Flap”, is an absolute premiere in the watchmaking industry. An ingenious system of miniaturized flaps, the digital and vertical GMT mechanism is capable of displaying 24 hours time zones instantaneously by a single press on the pusher located at the left side of the GMT indicator. Highly inspired by the traditional boards in airports and train stations, the wearer gets an experience of being transported all over the world through time and space. The Epic SF24, powered by Jacob & Co. JCAA02 caliber, has a self-winding movement boasting 473 components and 48-hours power reserve. Movement finishing is done with high-end finishes


Watch Jacob & Co Dec 2016.indd 46

12/24/16 11:53 PM

Côtes de Genève and circular graining, with polished screw. Case is made of 18K rose gold and grade 5 titanium with satin, micro-blasted and polished finishing, enhanced by a sapphire dome. This edition is limited to 101 individually numbered pieces. Jacob & Co. offers a 12th tourbillon to its vast high complication collection with the Epic SF24 Flying Tourbillon. Oscillating at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour, the flying tourbillon is only held on side without upper bridge holding it, offsetting the effect of gravity

on the performance of the watch. This masterpiece Jacob & Co. caliber JCAA03 built with 528 components is dressed with a black dial delicately decorated with cities in relief to bring its owner in a world tour at a glance. The alligator strap is completed with clasp made of 18k rose gold deployment buckle, while the top of the tourbillon dressed with abstract architecture of triangles in openwork metal, a symbol of stability, spirituality and determination, this motif, dear to the founder Jacob Arabo, is an inseparable motive of Jacob & Co.

for more infomration please contact:, Tel. +62 811 912 968


Watch Jacob & Co Dec 2016.indd 47


12/24/16 11:54 PM

ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur Spider

Manufacture Roger Dubuis introduces two dynamic new interpretations of a horological success story drawing upon multiple sources of inspiration. Roger Dubuis proudly showcases these colourful new versions of the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon. Skeleton-work motifs, with their geometrical complexity and powerful symbolism, are a recurrent theme in nature that is picked up in the watchmaking world. The Roger Dubuis Astral Skeleton approach is based on an exclusive multi-level, star- shaped construction reminiscent of modern cityscapes, while enhancing the clarity of the dials through its star tips pointing directly to hour-markers. By promoting transparency, visibility and sculptural effects, the Spider principle offers an ideal expression of the superlative quality and high-end finishes implied by the Poinçon de Genève certification: a reliable guarantee of exclusivity, origin, expertise, performance and durability. The unmistakable 3D aesthetic impact, combined with the inherent sophistication characterize these “Technical Skeletons”, which then reinforced by the external skeleton working that accentuates the distinctive movement architecture. The RD505SQ calibre powering the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon models also features two other Roger Dubuis technical characteristics that have become recognizable signatures: the micro-rotor and the flying tourbillon with its carriage shaped like a Celtic cross.



Watch Roger Dubuis Dec 2016.indd 48

12/22/16 10:50 PM

The legendary Excalibur sword adopts an even sharper, edgier look. This rugged exterior is viewed through the Spider prism and its holistic interpretation of the skeleton principle. The speedometer-style ring surrounding the tourbillon and serving as a small seconds counter further contributes to the high- octane motorsports style, while ensuring seamless integration into the skeleton work and avoiding any visual overload. In these vivid and dynamic new 2016 interpretations, colourful red or blue DLC titanium accents on the skeleton flange, crown, small seconds counter and hand- tips complement the strong contrasts between silver-toned and black elements. The red model is teamed with a mean-looking black rubber strap, while the blue variation is fitted with white rubber version. This approach is entirely in tune with the versatile and varied Rarities concept introduced by Roger Dubuis, providing clients with unlimited scope for creativity. Astral Skeleton complexity and functionality; arachnidan lightness and intricacy; Poinçon de Genève durability and performance: these sterling qualities are matched by the contemporary Warrior’s unique sense of honour and energized by vibrant touches of colour. Fascinatingly varied yet complementary influences converge and collide in these exhilarating new expressions of the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon. ROGER DUBUIS The Time Place Boutique, Plaza Indonesia 1st floor #165, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 310 7715 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Watch Roger Dubuis Dec 2016.indd 49


12/22/16 10:50 PM


HYT’s Rule of Three

HYT celebrates its 3rd anniversary by launching a colourful milestone: the Colorblock collection, a vision of HYT’s co-founder Vincet Perriard. “To celebrate this anniversary, we wanted to please our fans and play around a bit with what we have created, starting with our first baby - the H1. It’s an opportunity to offer enthusiasts an exclusive version of this iconic model, incorporating unique conditions.” Yellow, blue and red are the three colours featured in the Colorblock collection. The colours are in tune with the spirit of HYT: imposing, fresh, explosive and uncompromising. The colours feature on the dial, the flange and the strap.


The H1 Colorblock remains faithful to their ancestors. A heartfelt tribute to the model that paved the way for radically innovative watchmaking. The most knowledgeable enthusiasts will notice a few details borrowed from HYT’s contemporary models, such as the black liquid created for the H1 Full Gold, or the minute hand developed for the H1 Ghost. The capillary on the H1 Colorblock is partially coated in SuperLumiNova (SLN), which glows green in low light to illuminate it from below, allowing the time to be read “by deduction”: the opaque black liquid blocks light, while the clear liquid allows it through.


Watch HYT Oct 2016.indd 50

12/25/16 12:17 AM

The yellow version is the most distinctive, as this is HYT’s trademark colour. Dynamic, flamboyant and radiant, it offers an arresting contrast with the anthracite case in Gun Metal PVD. The blue version is the most subtle, featuring a glacial aura of a surprising depth. The red version is the most radical and striking. It is the only version to incorporate just three shades: red, black (liquid) and grey (movement), with each of the other versions bearing traces of red on the power reserve and the second wheel. Each piece features a strap in a brand new, ultra-resistant fabric specially designed for these models. Each

model is limited to 10 pieces, 30 pieces in total worldwide, available from early October 2016. “With this collection, we wanted to open up the unique world of HYT to a new generation whose primary value is creation, not imitation or bland reinterpretation of the past. HYT offers owners a breathtaking range of emotions via a new reading of time, as it both passes and crucially - opens up before us. This is all made possible thanks to a number of patented inventions based on cutting-edge aerospace and medical technology,” concludes Gregory Dourde, CEO of HYT.


Watch HYT Oct 2016.indd 51


12/25/16 12:17 AM

MONTBLANC Bronze 1858 Collection

Montblanc’s watchmaking expertise goes back to 1858, the year Minerva was founded in Villeret, Switzerland. Montblanc has been exploring Minerva’s incredible heritage, finding inspiration in historical functions, mechanics and design codes. The resulting timepieces capture all the spirit of the past in a modern way. The Montblanc 1858 Collection continues this journey by reinterpreting the famous Minerva military chronographs from the 1930s, with distinct designs and exceptional mechanics that traverse time. For the very first time in its watch collection, Montblanc unveils new vintage-inspired timepieces using bronze. Through this choice of metal, Montblanc combines traditional Swiss artisanal watchmaking with a genuine material from watchmaking history, embodying the


true military spirit of the 1930s. Bronze complements both the colours of the dials and the antique-style straps with its warm sheen, unifying all the elements for a true vintage design. Bronze is coupled with steel for two new models, and it results in a bi-colour, bi-material combination that brings out the best of vintage design at an extremely attractive price point. Montblanc is proud to unveil three new bronze versions within the Montblanc 1858 Collection – a Montblanc 1858 Chronometer Tachymeter Limited Edition 100, a Montblanc 1858 Automatic Dual Time and a Montblanc 1858 Automatic timepiece. The 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Limited Edition showcases a vintage style – from the design of the case, to the movement,


Watch Montblanc Dec 2016 ok.indd 52

12/28/16 12:17 AM

strap and details on the dial. The timepiece comes with a retro-vintage champagne dial that has a sunray finishing to match the bronze colour of the case. This combination of colours and finishing accentuates the volume of the timepiece and drawing attention to the details, such as the historic cathedral-shaped hands and beige Super-LumiNova® markings that accentuate the vintage style while also providing readability at night. This in-house chronograph has been entirely handcrafted at the Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret and designed in a large “pocket watch” style.

Traditional black dials, cathedral-shaped hands and beige SuperLumiNova® Arabic numerals come together in the highly legible, vintageinspired Montblanc 1858 Automatic Dual Time with a home time indication and a day/night display. Whilst Montblanc 1858 Automatic combines all the essential elements from the vintage 1858 Collection, powered by the Calibre MB 24.16 – a precise automatic movement for the young and modern watch aficionado. The timepiece is completed with a brand new aged, cognac-coloured calfskin strap with beige stitching that has been crafted by Montblanc Pelleteria in Florence.

MONTBLANC Plaza Indonesia Level 1 #I141, Jakarta. +62 21 2992 4015 • Pacific Place Level G #28, Jakarta. +62 21 5140 2762 Plaza Senayan Level 1 #143B, Jakarta. +62 21 572 5141 • Mall Taman Anggrek Level UG #85, Jakarta. +62 21 563 9576 Pondok Indah Mall 2 Level G #029A, Jakarta. +62 21 7590 0926 • Kota Kasablanka Level G #01, Jakarta. +62 21 2948 8485 Mall Kelapa Gading Unit Island #K–109 1st Floor, Jakarta. +62 21 4585 3830 • Tunjungan Plaza Mall Level UG #30, Surabaya. Tel. +62 31 5459762 Sheraton Hotel Tower Level 1 Lobby, Surabaya. Tel. +62 31 534 8408


Watch Montblanc Dec 2016 ok.indd 53


12/28/16 12:17 AM

for Luxurious Goods & Lifestyle

The Finest Gallery

‘‘As a trendsetting magazine for the finest gallery for luxurious goods & lifestyle, find out why Registry Indonesia is a standard of luxury for discriminating individuals who are looking to obtain and explore the finest things in life ‘‘

OCTOBER 2016 Volume 10 Number 02

Puri Hadiprana

Living through Art

Cover October 2016.indd 2

11/8/16 8:42 PM

To order this Special Issue, please contact: PT MAGWEI INDONESIA Circulation Division : Jl. Taman Tanah Abang III No. 54-3A Jakarta Pusat 10160 - Indonesia Tel. +62 21 352 3195, +62 21 350 4961, +62 21 231 6362, +62 21 231 6363, +62 21 231 6364 , Fax. +62 21 352 3196 Email:, Web.

SAD Cover RI Dec 2016.indd 54

12/24/16 9:33 PM

Fashion Chanel • Botega Venetta • Givenchy Women Michael Kors • Miu Miu • Givenchy Men

Intro Fashion Dec 2016.indd 55

12/28/16 2:45 AM


The Chanel Ateliers

This Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Collection Chanel embraces the virtuosity of its artisans, for without them Haute Couture would not be as it is now. At Chanel they are categorized as two tailleur ateliers and two flou ateliers, which means tailoring and dressmaking. Thus this collection is dedicated to them, all from the setting and decoration. The show took place on July 5th beneath the glass roof of the Grand Palais, furbished in such way that resembles a show-worthy version of seamstresses’ world. From tables, sewing machines, mirrors, pins, fabrics, multi-colored threads, toilets and mannequins; all set and put together on stage. On top of that, designer Karl Lagerfeld followed his idea to show the heads of the seamstresses, their seconds and 78 seamstresses from the House of Chanel, which counts more than 120 under the spotlight as well. Its silhouette defines the collection. Beveled or angular cut shoulders, held with stitches framing a flat profile without any padding. The ¾ length sleeves and 7/8 culottes worn over draped leather thigh boots for each look. Tweed jackets highlight the waist with protruding pockets on the hips. Strict and geometric coat dresses and jacket dresses in tweed form games of trompe-l’œil. Shoulders and hems are beautified with crests of feathers whilst the high waists work on the silhouette, either with or without protruding pockets. Finest materials are chosen to create this magnificent collection, such as radzimir, ziberline, Mikado, taffetas and faille joined by chiffons, crêpe georgette, organza, silk tulle, embroidered laces and almost transparent grosgrains. The same concept reflected on the autumnal color pallete – browns, maroon glacé, oranges, beige and greys – nuaced by pinks, blacks and whites. What make Haute Couture perfect are its details, so minor they often invisible from afar. Linings of protruding pockets are reworked, stitching is



Fashion CHANEL CRUISE 2017 2016.indd 56

12/22/16 9:27 PM

spun with fringed spirals and braids are plaited with tulle and tweed. The embroidery of stones, matt sequins, beads and feathers are combined and multiplied endlessly to create enchanting flowers and compose neck straps. Draping alternates with bias cut pleats, accordion, cone, sunray and flat pleats. This collection’s highlight is the bride, where design Lagerfeld dressed

her in a bustier and trousers made of lace, tulle and satin, enhanced by strands of pink and white wool, covered elegantly with jacket and train embroidered with feathers. The show itself on July 5th was made merry by Chanel ambassadresses Vanessa Paradis, Willow Smith, Zhou Xun and Caroline de Maigret, actor Will Smith and actresses Jessica Chastain, MillaJovovich and HariNef.

CHANEL Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #88, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4023 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion CHANEL CRUISE 2017 2016.indd 57


12/22/16 9:27 PM

BOTTEGA VENETA Mood Lifting Color

This Women’s Cruise Collection 2017, Bottega Veneta presents a collection continuing the elongated silhouette from previous collection, and the result is a wardrobe that can be used in any climate. This multifaceted collection features ultra-feminine twists, elevated textures and highly luxurious accents. The powerful color palette ranges from dusty pastels to timeless black and white, with pops of saturated primary colors and romantic tone on tone embroidery. From vivid Shamrock green and China red to mellow shades of yellow, dark burgundy, fumé and many more. The season’s diverse color palette emphasizes an onpoint, impeccably tailored collection. The women’s silhouette is neat and precisely tailored with an absence of sportswear. Coats are always present and the idea of dressing is distilled to the minimum, from lightweight lambskin with a special high-shine coating to impeccable double cashmere and hand-stitched oversize shearling coats. Materials are divided into shiny and matte, including shiny crinkled lambskin, high gloss coated rainwear and lambskin, shiny-waxed cotton twill, as well as cotton satin, devoré velvets and jacquards.



Fashion BOTTEGA VENETA 2016.indd 58

12/22/16 10:53 PM

Matte materials are cotton velvet and corduroy calf suede, bonded crepe, sturdy wool and bonded tweed, gabardine, and viscose jersey. Pavé prints are present, while square sequins are employed to create embroideries. Designful details and Intrecciato accents continue in the house’s tradition for understated, quietly luxurious looks. The new workmanships are both practical and subtly distinctive. Accessories for women are on the smaller side, with colorful and beautifully crafted handbags in both matte and shiny materials, such as calf leather and water snakes – adding depth and creating natural shaded effects. Smooth lacquer and signature Intrecciato accessories are intricately embroidered with a cascade of tiny flowers for a romantic vibe. Embroideries and metal embellishments are used to create subtle visual effects.

Featuring a flattering silhouette of patent leather d’Orsay shoes that expose the most feminine part of the foot with a contrasted wrap strap in various heights and color combinations, the Collection’s ballerina flats and pumps are crafted in glossy varnished calfskin, in monochrome or tonal variations. Designful details and Intrecciato accents continue in the house’s tradition for understated, quietly luxurious looks. The new workmanships are both practical and subtly distinctive. Taking its name from the Roman mosaics of the Sicilian town of Piazza Armerina, the eye-catching square tile motif is stitched into a precise geometric pattern over iconic Intrecciato. Vitaminic color block or monochrome combinations are enriched with black leather piping, Intrecciato trims and contrasting textures.

BOTTEGA VENETA Senayan City Mall, #G01, G09 &G87, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 7278 1738 • Plaza Indonesia, 1st Floor, #59A, 074, 074A, 076A, 076B, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4018 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion BOTTEGA VENETA 2016.indd 59


12/22/16 10:53 PM


Urban Classic Aesthetics

This season, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring 2017 Pre-Collection, the womenswear collection explores three complementary wardrobes: first, the skinhead romantic, as the new proposal. Inspired by the 90’s underground music scene, Riccardo Tisci imagined some of these looks with micro pleated tulle worn with maxi Givenchy star print white socks and big lace up boots. Second, the iconic Givenchy woman channeling the House codes (such as black and white, tied blouses and straight skirts). This layered wardrobe references most of Givenchy’s classic aesthetics. Third, the urban woman, a laboratory for new volumes and shapes, creates silhouettes halfway between Street and Couture.



Fashion GIVENCHY Resort Dec 2016 women.indd 60

12/24/16 11:56 PM

Both men’s and women’s collections find inspiration in a reworked version of the Egyptian print presented during the House’s latest womenswear show. For Women’s Denim, the color palette is concise: black, white and baby blue. A new boyfriend’s cut is styled with short jackets, with cut out effects, 3D crystals embroidery or washed out signature stars. This season’s models include: Mariacarla Boscono, Bella Hadid, Greta Varlese and Matilde Rastelli. The collaboration of pieces gives a glamorous vibe throughout the look, achieved by pairing light laminated silk jacket with large sequins new AO embroidery dress, with red dollar printed raw jersey sleepdress and heel sandal in red snakeskin. Technical pleats jacket combined with light laminated silk dress in line with the look previously mentioned, and mule in bottle green crocodile embossed leather and black elastic band. Green shades do not just stop there, there are more in the look of green dollar printed nylon bomber paired with small

logo printed silk crepe de chine shirt/top and skirt, pump in Givenchy logo printed textured leather, medallion necklace in pale gold metal, mini horizon back in exotic leathers and Givenchy bridges sunglasses. On a more feminine side of this collection, nylon sleeves are paired with new pearls embroidery outerwear with belt, nappa dress and shirt/top, wedge ankle boot with buckles in Givenchy logo printed calf along with cross body bag in Givenchy logo printed leather. A more formal look featuring this feminine side is seen on tulle plumetis jacket and skirt with light technical georgette shirt/top look, paired with silk crepe de chine shirt/top, heel sandal in red snakeskin, medallion necklace and mini horizon bag in crocodile leather. While honorable mention goes to black stars denim shirt/top and trousers, with a touch of heel boot in brown python and ayers snakeskin and white denim look as seen on Bella Hadid for their denim collection this season.

GIVENCHY Plaza Indonesia, L1 # 67 - 7A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 29923695 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion GIVENCHY Resort Dec 2016 women.indd 61


12/24/16 11:57 PM

MICHAEL KORS Multi-purposed Graphic Clothes

Michael Kors kept his silhouettes characteristically classic this Resort 2017 Collection, whether in neatly cut dresses or precision separates. Which is not to say he played it safe. In a form of black and white chevron mink coat and matching backpack to horizontal striped sweater and nifty maritime jacket. He had fun tricking the eye, dresses looked like separates and vice versa. His customer may “want to look layered, but she does not want to pack layers,” he said. Kors delivered his concept by designing multi-purpose clothes within sharp parameters including clean lines, graphic patterns and a bold take on matching items. The collection was as diverse as we’ve come to expect from Resort, a season that bridges cold-weather outerwear, holiday party attire, officeready separates, and true getaway gear. Kors’s new must-have suit is a black-and-white polka-dot tank with a big cutout in the center. Imagining sea and ski, from the slopes of the city to the seaside, brilliant tones of wavy blue and regatta green. Crisp pairings of maritime white and gold set with a graphic pop of stripes, polka dots and chevrons. Diagonal checkers of black and white coat paired with a backpack of the same treatments, with long zipped trousers and white-framed



Fashion MICHAEL KORS RESORT 2017 Dec' 2016.indd 62

12/25/16 1:31 AM

oversized sunglasses. The geometric appeal of grommets and rings, high-shine sequins gleam metallic accents. A black and white polka-dot crop top combined with skirt and coat of the same pattern makes it look like a dress, enhanced by white striped belt, bag with the same color tones and polka dot sandals on thick white soles. Sharp and clean silhouettes for both ski and beach from short and leggy skirt to the modern sailor pants and palazzo trousers. Long skirts and trousers share little visual differences this season, from A-shaped leggy trousers to side-cut long skirt. Evening gowns with high-impact glamour are blended with T-Shirt ease vibe. Fabrics are thoughtfully chosen for carry on to cocktails, including cashmere, crepe and georgette. Metallic black and white striped dress is paired with striped shoes, this seasons Kors is all about matching bold patterns. Shades of blue are contrastingly put on an oversized coat over the ease of thin sailor dress. Polished colors take on the tote and backpack, as seen on the high-slung cross-bodice back, the luxe fox wellie, the graphic spectator and the chunky daytime heels; all with matching color tones of sailor navy, black and white, metallic gold and green.

MICHAEL KORS Plaza Senayan, Level 1, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 57900166 • Galeries Lafayette, Ground Floor, Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 57973470 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion MICHAEL KORS RESORT 2017 Dec' 2016.indd 63


12/25/16 1:32 AM


Youthful and Glorious Presence Designer Miuccia Prada redesigned her nightclub concept for Miu Miu Resort Collection, the Croisière 2017, hosting a sprawling party at an opulent mansion on the Champs-Élysées, the Hôtel de la Païva. Prada picked a yellow satin Miu Miu parka with Velcro fasteners, gleaming her colorful and fun vibe to accurately represent her collection. “Energetic and positive, that is what we need in these times”, she answered when asked about her bold colorful choices. Miu Miu is a brand that emphasizes embellishment and print, and this collection was strong on both, from T-shirts to dresses to knits to hats. Yellow plumes spewing out of the vamp of crystal pumps and swirling sequin embroideries on gleaming coats in fuchsia or lapis. While dress shapes were reminiscent of pre-war eras, the large-scale and vaguely psychedelic prints tempered the retro feeling. Giant rave pants, metallic leather cheerleader skirts, stacked plastic bangles and platform ballerinas take Miu Miu ladies back to their glorious era. In shimmery neon, Miu Miu lady isn’t afraid to be outstanding and fun. She goes against the flow by emphasizing on delicate embellishment and prints. The prints and embellishments become the symbol. With funky


prints like circular disks, abstract shapes, there is a whole new element of peculiarity, an element a Miu Miu lady definitely owns and masters well. The multi-colored embellishments against shimmery textiles create a psychedelic effect, alerting all senses, creating fun and thrilling experiences. Indeed, it speaks about how a Miu Miu lady knows how to have fun while being in a reserved society. This collection is all about having presence. The clear accessories against the regular prints create a prismatic feel. The unusual combination of prints like swirls, hearts, molecular structures and the shape of a lime, etc., shows how Miu Miu lady can be made of everything, but will not be defined by one single element. Like galaxy and planet motifs, Miu Miu lady is on an adventure to seek for out of the world experiences. The prints are a display of her attitude towards life, how she is constantly pursuing after fun and excitement and is not afraid to be outstanding or different. As Miuccia Prada once uttered, “I hate the idea that you should not wear something just because you are a certain age”, encourages her to develop the concept even more into describing how Miu Miu lady should look and behave in society, despite any label and limitation, through fashion.


Fashion Miu Miu Dec 2016.indd 64

12/22/16 9:32 PM

MIU MIU Plaza Senayan Level 1 # 148A , Jakarta Pusat. Tel. +62 21 572 5347 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion Miu Miu Dec 2016.indd 65


12/22/16 9:33 PM


Contrasting Color on Urban Collection The menswear Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Spring 2017 Pre-Collection is built around the same three worlds, playing with their different elements: tone on tone incrustations on coats, bomber jackets, sweaters and tracksuit pants. The urban side of the collection can be found in oversized parkas and workwear jackets, or tracksuit nylon looks with large signature Givenchy bands. The suits, jackets and shirts (navy or black) with red band accents underline the constructed strictness of the classic man as interpreted by Riccardo Tisci. Both men’s and women’s collections find inspiration in a reworked version of the Egyptian print presented during the House’s latest womenswear show. With striped jersey incrustations, the Men’s denim offer is like an American college campus tour, with holes that create new textures and dimensions. Collections are filled with patterns and colors, reflected on their Crazy Cleopatra designs from printed wind-breaker jacket, short sleeves shirt, printed sweat shirt and short leggings, Bermuda, ankle boots, large mask to print on nylon cap and backpack.



Fashion GIVENCHY Resort Dec 2016 men rev.indd 66

12/22/16 9:28 PM

Black hooded parka is enhanced by a vertical red band on the front, paired with hoodie in jersey with contrasting hood in red lining, jogging with red bands on sides and ‘Givenchy Paris’ printed, T-Shirt with contrasting collar, urban street low sneakers in red with white and black calf leather with women details, and the not to be forgotten large mask with ‘Givenchy Paris’ print and knitted cap with leather patch. Contrasting colors of green, red and black are on this season, from field jacket with contrasting yellow band on front, paired with zipped jogging jacket and jogging in neoprene with rubber bands on sides along with low black sneaker with red elastics and Givenchy visor sunglasses to military green carcoat with outerwear in jersey fabric removable hoodie inside, paired with T-Shirt tone on tone stars and band on sleeves, low black sneakers with white elastics and of course the obsedia hook keyring with large webbing. Printed images filled this season’s collections as seen on the printed wings bomber jacket paired with hoodie with leather patch, yellow T-Shirt with Givenchy Velcro and low sneakers with black elastic and white sole. Not to mention their military green parka with printed wings on the back, dollar printed T-Shirt Columbian fit, and the glamorous coat with bonded wings tone on tone on the back, embroidered wings white shirt, Madonna pants with iconic bands on pocket and Richelieu in mesh.

GIVENCHY Plaza Indonesia, L1 # 67 - 7A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 29923695 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion GIVENCHY Resort Dec 2016 men rev.indd 67


12/22/16 9:29 PM

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 68

12/28/16 2:43 AM


of Chatsworth by GUCCI

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 69

12/28/16 2:44 AM

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 70

12/28/16 2:44 AM

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 71

12/28/16 2:44 AM

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 72

12/28/16 2:44 AM

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 73

12/28/16 2:44 AM

Location: Chatsworth House and Garden Art Director: Christopher Simmonds Photographer and Director: Glen Luchford Stylist: Joe McKenna Hair: Paul Hanlon Make up: Yadim Carranza Talent: Vanessa Redgrave

Photoshoot Gucci Nov 2016 ok.indd 74

12/28/16 2:44 AM

Beauty &

Wellness Natura Derma • Kenzo

Intro_Beauty Dec 2016.indd 75

12/28/16 2:40 AM

NATURA DERMA A Natural Source of Progesterone

Currently the need of beauty and health care in Indonesia has been increasing. It can be seen from the proliferation of products and beauty clinic around us. There are varieties of brands, types and countries where the product or clinic come from available for both women and men. Growing as one of the committed companies to providing a better living as well as quality of life and health appreciation, PT Kreasi Cantik Alami was established in 2006. The company has two fastgrowing brands, which are as follows; firstly, Natura Derma – a health and beauty clinic with cosmetic concept that combines cosmetics with pharmacy. Every skin and body problem has inner solutions in order to obtain good health and high aesthetic value. It is strengthened


and scientifically proven by natural ingredients with high technology and modern Nano/Stemcell. The clinic offers various treatments such as Face Treatment, Body Treatment and Vital Treatment. Secondly, Phyto Glucol – a trade mark of health and esthetic products made from botanical extract ingredients. The products are based on the concepts of Nutraceutical. Nutraceutical is a combination of the words of “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical” that has a meaning of food/nutrition to prevent or remedies various chronic diseases. The products of Phyto Glucol are Anti Aging, Face Brightening, Body Treatment, Health Care, Skin Treatment and Women’s Secret.


Beauty&wellness NATURA DERMA Nov 2016 ok.indd 76

12/25/16 12:23 AM

Natura Derma introduces Phyto Hormofit, a natural source of Progesterone to bring back Progesterone lost in your body. This type of hormone naturally found more in women than men, and ten to fifteen years before menopause, Progesterone hormone decreases gradually until there is none left in menopause period. The decreasing hormone causes a number of effects, and most of them are not delightful. Effects include: hair loss, weak bones and joints, dehydrated and floppy skin, prone to a number of illness and complication, mood swing, insomnia, etc. Phyto Hormofit is specifically formulated to balance Progesterone

hormone in our body and is highly effective for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Phyto Hormofit is ideal for women in menopause period, premenopause, or common issue of hormone imbalance. Phyto Hormofit is also beneficial for men to decrease the risk or help with prostate issue. Other benefits to be enjoyed include: balance sugar intake, increase metabolism thus help lose weight in a healthy way, protect fertility, avoid cancer, heart condition, arthritis and osteoporosis, moisturize skin, and many more. To maximize outcome, Pyhto Collagen plus Stem Cell could also be taken altogether with.

NATURA DERMA Head Centre: Jl. Panjang Arteri Kedoya, No. 21, 2nd Floor, Kebon Jeruk – Jakarta Barat 11520. Tel. +62 21 5830 1101 Centre: Ruko Cordoba Block E No. 5, Pantai Indah Kapuk – Jakarta Utara 14460. Tel. +62 21 5698 3332


Beauty&wellness NATURA DERMA Nov 2016 ok.indd 77


12/25/16 12:23 AM

KENZO Ocean Blue Journey

Fragrance of discovery and travels, Kenzo Homme opens up to explore new horizons. Its element is the ocean – an open-ended boundless space – a pure metaphor of freedom. This legendary fragrance, the first Kenzo fragrance for men, sets out for a new adventure on the back of an elephant. Master of the unconventional and the unexpected, Kenzo once again surprises us by featuring its fetish animal in blue. Kenzo Homme eau de parfum and eau de toilette is the fragrance of a free man, of a sea journey. Vibrant and invigorating notes of mint and cardamom reveal an explosive marine heart that leads to delectable woody accords. Gradated shades of blue cloak bamboo in freshness speak for a new masculine identity. The bamboo shoot, a favourite Kenzo men emblem, takes on blue-grey hue enlivened by a dash of red to carry this fresh invigorating fragrance. A timeless woody marine signed by Christian Matthieu, born of the subtle contrast between fresh iodine notes and sensual woods. The invigorating marine accord sprinkled with Nutmeg unfolds into a heart of Pine and Cedar wood. Sandalwood and Ciste Labdanum provide a sensual base to the timeless, watery tones combined with floral sea spray.


Kenzo’s artistic directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, bring their vision of fashion to the world of perfume for the first time ever. A world in their image: bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colorful – a world that celebrates the liberty of expression, diversity and creativity. These self-taught Americans form a duo of style-seekers whose talent resides in pinpointing all that is cool, cutting-edge and outside the box. Built around the water and blue bamboo, the new Kenzo Homme Ocean Blue Journey is inspired by the world and makes it closer to distant horizons The blue bamboo bottle sculpted by Serge Mansau soars up, pure, slightly bent by the wind, symbol of a distant journey and encounter with the worlds of plants and marine life. The face, Nicolas Cazalé – actor, artist and writer – personifies this renewal with virile sensuality. He elegantly casts an amusing and offbeat eye on the world. For the video campaign, Patrick Guedj acted as the artistic director of Kenzo Parfums. He is also a film director, photographer, writer and traveller. For over 10 years, he has left his singular, poetic and sensual mark upon the brand’s advertising campaigns.


Beauty&wellness Kenzo Dec 2016.indd 78

12/24/16 12:21 AM


Beauty&wellness Kenzo Dec 2016.indd 79


12/24/16 12:21 AM


PIAGET Tale of Gold This holiday, Piaget invites watch lovers to share its unconditional love of the world’s slimmest mechanisms and the other bright stars born of its watchmaking virtuosity. No gift is too bright unless it has fallen from the Piaget star. Cold winter nights are once again filled with the sparkle of diamonds and the warm luminous splendour of gold. Sensual and timelessly elegant, the Limelight Gala watch is defined by its round case enhanced by two dainty elongated asymmetrical lugs, its voluptuous curves set with graded round diamonds and a supple Milanese mesh pink gold bracelet.

RICHARD MILLE German Equestrian Athlete Richard Mille is pleased to welcome the talented German dressage rider Jessica von Bredow-Werndl to its bevy of female sports partners to wear a titanium RM 007. This year, Jessica took home three 2nd place finishes – at the Amsterdam World Cup Qualifier, the Neumünster World Cup Qualifier and the CDI 5* of Doha and a 3rd place at the CDI 5* of Stockholm. Her deep love for her horses combined with diligence, enables her to train the horses to the highest level. Determination, tenacity and passion are the characteristics that make Jessica von Bredow-Werndl an exceptional new partner for the brand.

CHOPARD Happy Diamonds Jewellery Happy Diamonds have been joyfully lighting up the eponymous Chopard creations since 1976, and for this year’s 40th anniversary, Chopard has launched their famous moving diamonds in a form of jewellery watch. Thanks to the use of prong setting, a technique used for the first time in the collection, the new models are characterised by exquisite jewellery craftsmanship that further accentuates the radiance and luminosity of the diamonds. The collection welcomes a precious new model in soft shades: a Happy Diamonds Jewellery watch in 18K rose gold, fitted with a supple and delicately woven white pearl bracelet.



Preview Dec 2016.indd 80

12/24/16 1:24 AM

Automotive & Yacht Lamborghini • BMW Motorrad

Intro Automotive Dec 2016.indd 81

12/22/16 11:17 PM

LAMBORGHINI Huracán LP 610-4

Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini is headquartered in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in North-eastern Italy. The Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4, which made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, and the Huracán Spyder of 2015 are the successor to the iconic Gallardo and, with their innovative technology and exceptional performance, they redefine the driving experience of luxury super sports cars. The Coupé and Roadster versions of the Aventador LP 700-4 and the Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce and Superveloce Roadster are the new benchmark in the world of luxury super sports cars with the V12 engine. With 135 dealerships


throughout the world, Automobili Lamborghini, in half a century, has created a continuous series of dream cars, including the 350 GT, Miura, Espada, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, and limited series including Reventón, Sesto Elemento and Aventador J. The Veneno Coupé, Egoista and Veneno Roadster were produced to celebrate the 50th birthday of the company in 2013. Following its successful market introduction in 2014 the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 is now available to order with a number of updates. The new contents focus on efficiency, drivability and luxury and are already available with the 2016 model year. As


Automotive Lamborghini Dec 2016.indd 82

12/28/16 2:36 AM

standard, both the Huracán coupé and newly launched Spyder version include cylinder deactivation to improve engine efficiency; the first time this function is included in a naturally aspirated V10 engine. When full engine capacity is not required, five of the ten cylinders are temporarily deactivated, by switching off one cylinder bank. When the driver accelerates, the system switches back instantaneously to ten-cylinder mode, while being virtually impossible to detect by the driver. This feature reduces fuel consumption and CO2 to 283 g/km. A fine-tuning of the electronically controlled 4WD system provides

a neutral and even more improved driving behavior, particularly in STRADA mode. The offer in the color and trim of the Huracán has been significantly enlarged. Interior refinements as standard include leather to door handles and the upper parts of the center console. Air vents are now painted in exclusive matt black. Lamborghini Ad Personam, the brand’s customization program, has also added the availability of interior personalization, as well as exterior options including heritage colors and matt paints. The full Ad Personam program provides for owners wishing to further customize their cars to their unique personal tastes. The


Automotive Lamborghini Dec 2016.indd 83


12/28/16 2:38 AM

options program has been further extended. New options available include Lamborghini’s Sensonum audio system. The system delivers 390 Watts RMS, with a ten-channel amplifier and a range of ten loudspeakers in hexagonal-shaped grilles and the exclusive Sensonum badge. Lamborghini’s optional sports exhaust system, which can be

specified with a style package for high gloss black tailpipes, is now available in all markets worldwide. New LED lighting in the engine compartment can be combined with the optional transparent engine bonnet and carbon fiber engine compartment. Cruise Control can be specified, and a travel pack provides additional storage nets front and rear, an additional 12V lighter and cup holders.

LAMBORGHINI JAKARTA Jl. TB Simatupang 18, Cilandak, Jakarta 12430. Tel. +62 21 7591 1000



Automotive Lamborghini Dec 2016.indd 84

12/28/16 2:38 AM

SAD Optik Seis Dec 2016.indd 17

12/23/16 1:06 AM

BMW MOTORRAD Indonesia Flagship Store

PT Maxindo Moto Nusantara (MMN) as BMW Motorrad brand holder (Agen Pemegang Merk) in Indonesia just launched their BMW Motorrad Flagship Store full with international class facilities. Located on a strategic area of South Jakarta, the facility consists of four levels and a basement for exclusive BMW Motorrad services. “One of the main reasons behind this BMW Motorrad Indonesia Flagship Store is to show our commitment on the best, exclusive and unique experience for the entire owners of BMW Motorrad”, said Joe Frans, the CEO of PT Maxindo Moto Nusantara – BMW Motorrad Indonesia. The store allows BMW Motorrad to showcase up to 35 motorcycles, 14 units on the ground and first level, another 21 on the bike-rack. Bike-rack is one of their unique features shown throughout the building, allowing displays to act as a façade for the BMW Motorrad Flagship Store. As for interior, the concept and realizations are products of local and international consultants skills, named BECC agency GmbH and several others. Room after room is designed as such to be able to show comforting and friendly ambience with ideal lighting for BMW Motorrad display purposes, both at daytime and nighttime.



Automotive BMW Motorrad Dec 2016 ok.indd 86

12/22/16 9:33 PM

Other than showroom, product quality and facility BMW Motorrad has also improved their services on after sales with the help of advanced tools, technology, process and infrastructure system as their commitment includes embracing and promoting the advance technology of the BMW Motorrad itself. A part of their workshop has specific compartments for fast and slow moving parts for various BMW Motorrad products. Moreover, 12 Service Bays are available for maintenance and major restoration, with an addition of two Service Reception Stalls for registration, handover and unit check up beforehand. It is currently the biggest BMW Motorrad in Southeast Asia. BMW Motorrad takes comfort to a new level for the whole large motorcycle communities, thus they put Community Center inside the building. This community center serves a large meeting place with pool table, TV and stereo system with beverages cabinet. Beyond that, a cafĂŠ called “Kedai 89â€? serves a wide selection of local and international food and beverages open for public. It is their aim to encourage large motorcycle owners to come and enjoy their facilities, to use it as their comfort place and meeting area. REGISTRY INDONESIA

Automotive BMW Motorrad Dec 2016 ok.indd 87


12/22/16 9:34 PM


PAPILION LIVING Diptyque Paris For the 2016 edition of its highly awaited winter collections, Diptyque once again joins up with long-term partner Pierre Marie. This year, with “A night at Diptyque”, he stages a collection inspired by Pollock theatres, thus three new limited edition candles, available at Living at The Papilion, Kemang Raya, Jakarta. Inspired by three magical winter tales: Un Encens Étoilé, a burst of elemi and spicy cloves, swirls of incense and sweet vanilla. Épices et Délices, of warm gingerbread notes and honey laced in hints of star anise. Le Roi Sapin, a smell of a lush, pine-laden forest in the tones of resin, cedar and patchouli.

PABLO World’s Premium Cheese Tart Pablo, renowned for its best cheese tart worldwide, has opened its first branch in Jakarta, Indonesia. Located on the 2nd level of Gandaria City, Pablo is now serving to all freshly baked cheese tart lovers in Indonesia. Their Cheese Tart has a surprise element on its every bite with a standard quality to ensure the most authentic Pablo experience. The selection of menu includes their famous Original Cheese Tart, Chocolate Cheese Tart, Matcha Cheese Tart, Premium Cheese Tart and Pablo mini. Even more, Pablo serves Frute, a smoothie textured beverage with wide choices of flavors and soft ice creams.

SERIP Organic Lighting Serip, an organic lighting label originated from Portugal since 1961, has now been available in Indonesia marked by their opening in Main Atrium, Jakarta Design Center (JDC). The store is Serip’s flagship store in Indonesia under PT Serip Amadora Indonesia, as an addition to their branches worldwide. Serip’s design concept lies on the uniqueness of organic materials, which then being delivered in bronze and glass materials that have undergone handcrafting process of sand casting and hand blown glass. The flagship store in JDC also showcases their latest collection of Black and White, which is inspired by ancient philosophy yin and yang.



Preview Dec 2016.indd 88

12/27/16 11:33 PM

Home & Living Cellini • Aritco • Ariston

Intro Home Living Dec 2016.indd 89

12/22/16 11:25 PM


Of passion and Craftsmanship

Founded by Singapore metallurgist Tan Cheng Whatt , Cellini Design Center was born of an inspiration from the Grand Master Benvenuto Cellini (1500 – 1571) where molten bronze was used to cast the famous Perseus with Medusa’s head in 14th century. With deep passion for the arts and well-equipped with knowledge on metallurgy, Cheng Whatt crafted the very first series of gold plated cast coffee tables in Cellini’s name. 30 years on, Cellini Design’s forte in organic cast metal remains a strong element in their designs. It is a signature style that is original, hand crafted and uniquely Cellini’s. Refusing to blend with the industrial and Scandinavian style that took the world by storm in recent years, Cellini continues to follow where their passion take them, creating award winning designs. Most recently, two of Cellini’s design won the Singapore Good Design Mark in March 2016. The Essenza dining table won the hearts of international judges with it’s ultramodern, fluid yet masculine profile and handcrafted piece of art. What was intriguing was the fact that such modern design was produced by an old world’s craft method of carving wooden patterns and pouring molten aluminium to cast the table. “We could have done this with a 3D printer and a CNC machine cutter, but that lacks artistic intuition where the shape is formed as the sculptor shaves the wood there and then and it would just be a lifeless product without a soul.” Mr Tan explained. The Gaze bed was the other award winner. Presented in leather, the adjustable headrest comes with Bluetooth pairing speakers and built-in USB charger. Highly fashionable , it hits the right note with tech savvy home owners. To house its expanding range, Cellini opened a number of standalone galleries in the last two years in areas such as Alam Sutera and Bogor. You will find motorized leather sets, collections by series and premium mattresses, all exclusively designed and produced by Cellini.



Home&Living Cellini December 2016.indd 90

12/22/16 11:01 PM


Home&Living Cellini December 2016.indd 91


12/22/16 11:01 PM


The journey of Aritco HomeLift (AHL) started 20 years ago with a dream to democratise mobility, driven by a passion for engineering and design. Through the years, Aritco lifts have elevated life for thousand of people. Now Aritco is ready for the next level. Aritco introduces the world’s first of its kind, exclusively designed for private homes. Developed and made in Sweden, it has quality and simplicity at its heart. Customizable and efficient thanks to innovative engineering, it fits in every home, anywhere in the world. In February 2016, Aritco introduced the brand new Aritco HomeLift (AHL) to the European market and subsequently in July 2016 to the Asian market with Shanghai as the first city, followed by Bangkok in October 2016, and recently in Jakarta on the 9th of November 2016. Aritco HomeLift (AHL) is the first lift, that is designed by Scandinavian designer Alexander Lervik, with the homeowner and the private residence in focus. The stateof-the-art design is a joy to the eye. It has a DesignWall with a luxury design not like any other product on the market. Some of Scandinavia’s most prominent designers and artists have selected art that you can add to the



Home&Living Aritco December 2016 ok.indd 92

12/28/16 2:28 AM

DesignWall. This makes your home lift not merely a problem solver, but a real piece of art in your home. Aritco HomeLift (AHL) has been designed with both safety and reliability in focus: to meet all kinds of situations that can occur in a home, as well as to prevent accidents. Children may play in the lift and in its vicinity. Therefore, Aritco HomeLift (AHL) has smart doors and safety sensors so that small fingers cannot get hurt. You can also activate a lock, so that the children cannot use the lift when adults are not present. The drive system is a well-tested and reliable screw and nut system that brings the carrier up and down. In addition, Aritco HomeLift (AHL) has safety breaks, so that you can always get out of the lift, including during a power failure in the home. All of these safety details are included in our SmartSafety system. For Aritco, it goes without saying that we follow the most stringent requirements and directives for safety. In Indonesia, Aritco works with a local partner namely PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI. This company is led by Mr. Joni Tse (Managing Partner) and Mr. Edy Susanto (Partner). ARITCO HOMELIFT (AHL) PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI, Ruko Paramount Center Blok A #1,Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Tel. +62 21 2222 6063, Email:, REGISTRY INDONESIA

Home&Living Aritco December 2016 ok.indd 93


12/28/16 2:29 AM

ARISTON Cooks to Perfection

Ariston was first designed and built by one of Europe’s largest home appliances company, which soon became Italy’s favorite and trusted home appliances brand. With 45 years history of successful innovation, Ariston continued to offer and achieve exceptional award winning results – they offer far more than just style, on top of a 5-year warranty on all cooking appliances. More than that, Ariston oven comes in a standard built in space of 20% extra capacity of 81 liters – inside a standard 60 cm external dimensions. A true technology by nature, Ariston offers 10 cooking functions with an automatic self-cleaning cycle, while also considering energy saving for environmental protection. Its award winning designs allow us to cook inside high quality glass that performs ecologically and professionally. Ariston patented its exclusive technological innovation, the Dual Flow System that gives totally even results at all stages of cooking. The fan located inside the cavity creates two separate airflows to eliminate cooking hotspots. This exclusive Dual Flow System is a device that uses dual channeling of the air from the chimney and the ventilation fan to guarantee that uniform warm air circulates and keeps the temperature of the oven door lower than conventional ovens. A true superiority when it comes to safety, especially with children around. Cold air collected from around the oven is drawn in by the fan to then be divided into two flows, first flow pushes it out of the oven while the second flow in a parallel channel passes inside the door and cool it before exiting through a deflector in the bottom of the oven. The innovative technology circulates heat in all direction of the oven whilst the electronic control, which manages the cooking cycles, keeps the heat constant. The results are just as expected: perfect cooking and aesthetical throughout every piece.



Home & Living Ariston December 2016.indd 94

12/22/16 11:16 PM

Home & Living Ariston December 2016.indd 95

12/22/16 11:16 PM


GUCCI Gift Giving Campaign Gucci is pleased to release its Gift Giving 2016 campaign film, created by artist and director Floria Sigismondi. Referencing the beauty of natural world, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has planted a thriving Gucci Garden where wildlife and flora appear in romantic and colourful ornaments throughout this collection. This year’s Gift Giving campaign takes its cue from the Gucci Garden with a rich, vibrant and lyrical film inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden. The romantic and esoteric atmosphere, combined with Donizetti’s “Il Dolce Suono” creates a hypnotic intensity – suggesting a perfect blend of myth and reality.

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Tokyo Ginza Flagship Store Salvatore Ferragamo celebrated a new chapter in the life of its Tokyo Ginza flagship store with a cocktail event that brought a taste of Florence to Tokyo. Hosted by the Chairman of Salvatore Ferragamo, Ferruccio Ferragamo, the event was held to honor the store’s reopening in the wake of its expansion and renovation, and filled the refined Tokyo setting with the splendor of Florence. Encompassing three floors for a total surface area of approximately 600 square meters, the store has been designed to evoke quintessential Italian hospitality and sophisticated Italian interiors, featuring pieces designed by Gio Ponti.

VASTUHOME Harmony in Space Vastuhome has been a modern living furniture showroom for over ten years in Indonesia, showcasing international brands including the latest collection of Zanotta and Fiam, two well-known Italian furniture labels. Zanotta has released over 550 products since 1954, some of which are now put in renowned art museums. Their latest products include Botero Sofa by Damian Williamson, June Chair by Frank Rettenbacher and Fenice Table by Piero Bottoni 1936 for Villa Muggia. Fiam, which collections are made from curved glass, took their inspiration from the prestigious Villa Miralfiore. Their products include Arabesque console table, Venice console table and Icon coffee table.



Preview Dec 2016.indd 96

12/24/16 1:25 AM

Lifestyle Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland • Banyan Tree Bintan & Angsana Bintan The Laguna Resort & Spa, Bali • Melia Bali • The Hermitage Jakarta Montblanc Pen

Intro Lifestyle Dec 2016.indd 97

12/24/16 10:56 PM

BELMOND GRAND HIBERNIAN Inspirations of Ireland

Belmond Ltd. Is a global portfolio of luxury travel experiences including hotels, trains, cruises and safaris in some of the world’s most popular destination in the course of 40 years and counting. The Company has now own and operate 47 distinctive hotels, rail and river cruise experiences all over the globe. In the late 2016, Belmond reveals its first curated art collection “Inspirations of Ireland”, on board Belmond Grand Hibernian – Ireland’s only luxurious sleeper train. The collection provides a unique perspective on the Republic and Northern Ireland’s rich heritage, contemporary culture and dramatic scenery, through a series of evocative artwork celebrating the island’s wealth of creative talent. Belmond’s art collection is curated by Belfast-born international art consultant Katie Kennedy Perez. She brought together artists with distinctive and sometimes unexpected vision, who explore different aspects of the island, who sought out the unusual, the suspenseful and dramatic. The collection of photographs, oil paintings and watercolors enhance the emotional connection between guest, journey and destination. One of the main concepts is to bring the outside in, done by putting Ireland’s flora and fauna inspired design to the train’s interior.



Lifestyle Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland December 2016.indd 98

12/24/16 12:14 AM

Series of analogue photographs by Samuel Laurence Cunnane depict unique plants in light and detail that can only be seen in his home County of Kerry where the train visits. Amelia Stein’s black and white The Palm House Series photographs, which took two years to complete, captures exotic vegetation in the Victorian structure of the Glass House in Dublin National Botanical Gardens while Ed Miliano’s painting of The Woods II, with his subtle play of light, rich colors and overlapping branches, spoils viewers with the motion and light of the living breathing forest. Playing with emotions, Elizabeth Magill’s paintings represent her emotional response to Ireland’s open landscapes. She captures the mystery and power of scenes as wild, haunting and even forbidding – expressing a surreal and otherworldly quality. Gary Franklin, Managing Director Trains & Cruises Belmond says, “It is fitting that our first curated art collection is brought to life on such a skillfully crafted train, operating throughout an island of such outstanding natural beauty.” Each artist’s work has been assigned to a carriage and is either on the walls of the en-suite cabins or displayed publically in the dining ‘Sligo’ and ‘Wexford’ carriages. The full collection can be viewed in a specially designed ‘Inspirations of Ireland’ booklet as a guest keepsake. REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland December 2016.indd 99


12/24/16 12:15 AM


Banyan Tree is offering a complimentary golf and spa for two for those who book at Banyan Tree Bintan or Angsana Bintan that valid for stays till 31 March 2017. Guests will revel in a tranquil stay experience amidst stunning views while enjoying an up to 50% savings during the stay. A tropical island getaway, Bintan boasts a stunning white and sandy beach with endless views of the South China Sea. The resort overlooks the South China Sea in an unspoiled part of the Riau Archipelago and is rich with amazing flora, fauna and bio-diversity as well as sun-kissed warmth and friendliness of the Indonesian people. Nature lovers can also feast their eyes on the many different species of birds, reptiles and other rare animals, sharing their habitat with the resort and protected by a dedicated team of “Environment Rangers� caring for these animals. Located just 55 minutes by ferry from Singapore, Bintan guarantees a relaxing holiday retreat. Banyan Tree offers a Sanctuary to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul in awe-inspiring locations around the globe. Angsana brings the adventure back into travel whatever your age or reason to visit. Intertwining local chic and a vibrant fun-filled atmosphere, Angsana offers amazing destination playgrounds across the world. Cassia is a




12/24/16 12:12 AM

bold new proposition in the extended stay sector, offering stylish and cutting edge hotel residences for holidays and business travel. It offers incredible choice for families, friends and couples. Dhawa is a casual and contemporary full-service hotel that fuses imaginative design; absolute comfort and seamless technology into a single stay experience. It curates a plethora of choices to achieve a truly customized stay. With its recent grand reopening on 3 November 2016 by Laguna Golf ambassador Sir Nick Faldo, the newly renovated Laguna Golf Bintan is a golfers’ paradise with an 18-hole, par 72 golf course, offering guests an idyllic playing experience. Exuding the essence of its tagline “New Day, New Dawn, New Beginning”, it features awe-inspiring beachfront holes on the front and back nine, as well as play around the 3km private beach, lush jungle and Bintan’s famous rugged rocks. Their award-winning Banyan Tree Spa and Angsana Spa will provide guests with a pampering and indulgent experience. Choose one of the localized spa treatments featuring natural and native ingredients such as Kemiri Nut and coconut oil, all treatments with the intuitive art of touch by professional therapists. REGISTRY INDONESIA



12/24/16 12:12 AM


A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali

Nestled in exclusive Nusa Dua on Bali’s most pristine beach, The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa boasts panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The 287 guestrooms, suites and villas combine modern Balinese style with evocative tropical garden and lagoon views, with matchless 24-hour Butler Service and complimentary Wi-Fi. The resort’s unique Lagoon Access


Rooms allow you to dive from your private balcony directly into turquoise lagoon waters while the sumptuousness of the 10 villas situated in peaceful quietude offer elegant Balinese design. Each of the villas has a large private pool and an outdoor treatment room complete with a massage table that ensures plenty of relaxation options. Stretching over 5000sqm through the


Lifestyle Laguna Bali Dec 2016.indd 102

12/27/16 2:19 PM

resort and surrounded by radiant gardens is the world’s first and largest swimmable sparkling lagoon. The Laguna Bali offers a wide range of dining options featuring cuisines from around the world with a focus on indigenous fare. Signature restaurant Banyubiru, with its welcoming views of the expansive lagoon and tropical garden, features pan-Asian and International cuisines. Specialty beachfront restaurant Arwana, offers an extensive and unparalleled premium coastal cuisine with fresh, live and local seafood, oyster and sushi bar. Cornerstone features a wine room with a unique setting for private dining and a deli highlighting a cultural exploration of Indonesia for your taste buds: The sambal corner offers a variety of homemade ice-creams, chocolate pralines, cakes and daily specialties from the rotisserie oven. In addition, our poolside KulKul Bar, Cascade Garden Lounge and Bar and Sapphire Lagoon Bar offer signature cocktails, wines, spirits and various light bites. Whether you are planning for a conference, meeting, gathering or a romantic wedding, The Laguna Bali offers the most idyllic setting for

an unforgettable event, boasting over 800sqm of indoor and outdoor meeting space, including spectacular landscaped tropical gardens and a beachfront location. Meeting spaces can accommodate anywhere between 12 to 600 guests, and our dedicated Convention Services team and wedding specialists will create a flawless affair. Lagoon Spa, inspired from the 4 elements of water, fire, earth and air, offers a blend of intricate local rituals with effortless Balinese grace and is a serene retreat for the mind, body and soul. Carved underneath a man-made waterfall, it offers indigenous treatments and state-of-theart equipment. Lagoon Spa delivers a total spa indulgence for those seeking an authentic experience. Overlooking the expansive blue lagoon, our Fitness Center sets the right mood and delivers personal trainers, regimes and the latest equipment for you to meet your lifestyle goals. Discover the indigenous treasures and unexplored gems of Bali with our world-class Concierge Service, the pillar of The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts.

THE LAGUNA RESORT & SPA, BALI Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot N2 Bali 80363. Tel. +62 361 771 327 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle Laguna Bali Dec 2016.indd 103


12/27/16 2:19 PM


A Dream Vacation Destination

An international resort with lush tropical gardens and a gleaming white sands beach, Melia Bali is a unique sanctuary of exotic beauty and comfort for those who seek a dream vacation. Located on the shores of Nusa Dua, Bali’s prestigious resort enclave, the entire property occupies 10.7 hectare of lush tropical gardens with an enormous lagoon swimming pool winding throughout the grounds. The contemporary tropical architecture, bold décor and spacious gardens express the essence of Bali. The resort enjoys an excellent location just 11 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It’s within walking distance to Bali


Collection, the main shopping center, and to food and entertainment malls, a museum, 850 meters from Bali International Convention Center and 700 meters from Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. The BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Corporation) area is recognized for the luxury and safe area, due in part to the rigorous safety and security systems implemented by BTDC. The Melia Bali is the first hotel in Asia to be awarded with Earth Check Master Achievement. Enjoy the pleasure of the 494 stylish accommodations across ten different type ranging includes the Garden Villas set in a secluded compound area.


Lifestyle MELIA BALI Nov 2016.indd 104

12/28/16 2:21 AM

Every culinary journey at four tantalizing a la Carte, International, Japanese and Asian restaurants is an adventure and International Coffee Shop available 24 hours. The selection of All-inclusive Package is available to offer an effortlessly enjoyable vacation. In order to give guests memories that last a lifetime, the All-inclusive Package includes daily buffet breakfast at El Patio restaurant, daily lunch at either El Patio or Sateria Beachside restaurant, daily dinner at all available restaurants, 24 hour free flow beverages including wines and liquors, 24 hour room service, inhouse entertainment, daily snack and mini bar, bicycle, snorkeling gear,

wind surfing, canoeing and paddle board gear and daily yoga class on weekdays. Also, YHI Spa provides a true sanctuary for the senses with a selection rituals and treatments as a perfect ending of the unforgettable stay in paradise. It is like having a date with the world. Moreover, for international travel, Melia Bali provides an arrival and departure lounge for those who need a pleasant place to rest while arrive early or leave late. Located at ground level with direct access to the fitness center, guests can continue to use the hotel facilities and be fresh for their early start or late departure.

MELIĂ BALI Kawasan Wisata BTDC Lot 1, Nusa Dua 80363, Bali, Indonesia, Tel. +62 361 771510, Fax. +62 361 776880


Lifestyle MELIA BALI Nov 2016.indd 105


12/28/16 2:22 AM

THE HERMITAGE A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. announced its Tribute Portfolio brand in Indonesia with the signing of The Hermitage Jakarta, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel. From boutique resorts to urban destination properties, guests can now enjoy access to outstanding four stars, upper upscale hotels by Starwood. Located in the historical district of Menteng, central Jakarta, the hotel occupies a stunning Art Deco building from 1923, which was once The Telefoongebouw – a Dutch Telecommunications office. Over the course of several decades, the building served various functions from Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture building to Bung Karno University faculty.


With 90 sumptuous rooms and suites, 68 of which with fully appointed living rooms, The Hermitage is a contemporary interpretation of 1920’s heritage style entirely facilitated with luxurious amenities such as 40” flat screen HDTVs, media hubs, complimentary wired and wireless Internet, deluxe pillow top and mattresses. Subtle colors and precious materials adorn each of the rooms and suites allowing for an unparalleled level of harmony, beauty and comfort. The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta features four outlets for guests to enjoy. Adorned with Carrera marble, a colonial-era artwork and rich veneer, L’Avenue is a chic ethno-brasserie with true French flair. Atmospheric and elegant,


Lifestyle HERMITAGE 2016.indd 106

12/28/16 2:16 AM

Hermitage Lounge is the indoor all-day venue for casual bites, pastries and beverages. In the evening, the Bar and Wine and Cigar Room indulges with decadent single malts and premium cigars. Centrally located on the ground floor, the cool al fresco Courtyard Cafe is ideal for light fare, patisseries and original cocktails. Light and airy, the panoramic rooftop bar La Vue, located on the 9th floor, offers a cozy and resort-like venue for taking in the Menteng views. For meetings, over 350 sqm of function space features sumptuously appointed rooms with natural light, dimmer switches, integrated speakers and pillarless space. The serene and heavenly Wellness service offers a holistic concept for balancing human body, mind and soul for guest in search of a workout or relaxation. Wellness has created exclusive spa package to pamper the guest from head to toe with a special treatments including massages, body scrubs and wraps to provide complete beauty care and rebalance the soul. The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta promises an intimate setting, devoted teams and bespoke service that allows them to provide a memorable experience for each guest. Serene and elegant yet true to its locale, The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta affords a unique contrast between modernity and bygone era. The Hermitage, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Jakarta Jalan Cilacap No. 1, Jakarta 10310, Tel. +62 21 3192 6888, Fax. +62 21 3192 6999, REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle HERMITAGE 2016.indd 107


12/28/16 2:16 AM

MONTBLANC Marco Polo Edition

Not just an adventurer seeking to discover unknown territories, Marco Polo was a fascinating and skilled storyteller. Montblanc pays tribute to one of the most important explorers of all time with the High Artistry Homage to Marco Polo Limited Edition, celebrating a life of discoveries through elaborate design and the finest craftsmanship, the details of the four editions in the series bring to life his personality, achievements, and inspiration. Mirroring the extravagance and riches of the imperial Mongolian court, the Homage to Marco Polo “Il Milione” Limited Edition 1 is a dazzling display of gem-setting virtuosity on one of the most elaborate writing instruments every created by Montblanc. When removed, the cap set with a full pavée of dark red rubies and cognac tone diamonds, reveals a barrel that features a diamond-set world map inspired by Marco Polo’s travels. On the other end of the writing instrument, the skeletonized gold cone is set with a majestic 6,12ct diamond. Lapis lazuli is the inspiration behind the Homage to Marco Polo “L’azzuro” Limited Edition 3. With similar design features to the first edition, the cap is set in blue sapphire revealing a barrel underneath with the world map crafted in full pave of diamonds, blue sapphires and rubies.



Lifestyle Montblanc Pen Dec 2016.indd 108

12/24/16 1:23 AM

In a third variation on the Limited Edition with its Coromandel extended cap and precious jewels, the limitation number of the Homage to Marco Polo “Great Khan” Limited Edition 9 refers to the nine gates of Dadu, today’s Beijing, where Marco Polo first met the great Khan when he arrived in China in 1266. For this version of the limited edition, the map of the world on the barrel combines skilled “Tremblage” hand engraving with gem setting, with the Au750 solid gold delicately set with rubies. The precious ruby ball inside the skeletonized champagne gold cone represents the globe. Marco Polo travelled many thousands of miles across Asia, a journey that inspired the Homage to Marco Polo Silk Road LE69. The shape of the fountain pen evokes one of the bamboo forests that Marco Polo discovered during his passage through southern Tibet. The gold bars on the side of the cap represent Marco Polo’s trip as written in his book, the deep blue Lapis lazuli stone in the cone symbolizes the globe whilst the special design of a camel in the desert etched into the Au750 champagne gold nib evokes the Catalan Atlas.

MONTBLANC Plaza Indonesia Level 1 #I141, Jakarta. +62 21 2992 4015 • Pacific Place Level G #28, Jakarta. +62 21 5140 2762 Plaza Senayan Level 1 #143B, Jakarta. +62 21 572 5141 • Mall Taman Anggrek Level UG #85, Jakarta. +62 21 563 9576 Pondok Indah Mall 2 Level G #029A, Jakarta. +62 21 7590 0926 • Kota Kasablanka Level G #01, Jakarta. +62 21 2948 8485 Mall Kelapa Gading Unit Island #K–109 1st Floor, Jakarta. +62 21 4585 3830 • Tunjungan Plaza Mall Level UG #30, Surabaya. Tel. +62 31 5459762 Sheraton Hotel Tower Level 1 Lobby, Surabaya. Tel. +62 31 534 8408


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TOMMY LÖWBACK Lifting Luxury

For Tommy Löwback, the decision to join Aritco to some extent is because of the company’s special position of creating the market for home lifts. And he sees that Indonesia is a very big market and key to the company’s success in the region. Löwback believes that success is achieved when he can help make people understand where his company is going, and see the potentials. “When I see in the client’s eyes that they are happy with our products and go home with it, that makes me happy. That’s when I know we are successful,” Tommy explains. He also says that to be close with the customers and make sure that they are happy is the most rewarding satisfaction. Smiling, he adds that he and the company want to be market leader, and that as long as they are ahead of others, he is happy. “That’s one kind of success,” he said. Löwback said that he encouraged people to take initiatives when asked about his management style. “[Aritco] is a Swedish company. We are not so formal. We have routines and procedures, of course,” he added. “But I don’t own the truth. I’m not always right. I don’t know everything, so if anyone in the company has a good idea, very often I’ll encourage them to try.” Löwback is managing director of Aritco Group, a Swedishbased company that produces home lifts with markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Aritco is known for its designs which pay special attentions to aesthetics. “At Aritco, we have a lot of inspiring meetings where we talk about how private people think of private lifts,” Tommy says. “It has to be something that feels good and looks good.” The company then set five criteria for private home lifts. “We says: Think furniture, think glass, think light, think something unique and think smart,” enthuses Tommy. Aritco believes that home lifts shouldn’t be hidden. It should become part of the furniture so that it’s in contact with the rest of the room and is a feast for the eye. Aritco’s home lifts are then famous for its mainly glass structure and which appears to be elegantly installed. “We don’t want our lifts to show any screws or something like that. So, everything is hidden and elegant,” Tommy says. Home lifts from Aritco are unique as the design lets the owners have different lighting features that suit different moods of the owners and the furniture. The home lift is also designed to be free of buttons to operate; the owner, instead, uses a knob operate it. The smart element of the lifts is the incorporation of mobile client and service applications the user can use to control and that help connect the lift to Aritco’s head office via internet. So, should there be any problem with the lift, Aritco can detect it directly. The skiing and sailing enthusiast says that the company is facing a challenge in the form of educating the public about


home lifts. After three years marketing its products, Aritco has sold around 200 lifts in Indonesia. “So, I said that it’s time for us to be more serious here. We plan to open our own branch office in Indonesia. I’m here to see what needs to be done. We’re hiring people and we’re looking into a place because we need office, showroom floors etc.,” he says. In addition, one of the key things that the company is clearly doing in Indonesia currently is working collaboratively with the most serious and clearly “know how” local distributor that is also willing to co-invest in agreeing and executing constructive marketing pathways to educate the market. Löwback and Aritco strongly believe that by going through these right marketing pathways jointly and consistently with the right local distributor, then his definition of success can certainly be achieved in Indonesia. To this respect, Löwback and Aritco are extremely happy and proud to collaborate with PT. Pardi Solusi Abadi as the local distributor which clearly knows and understands the “know how” in educating the Indonesian market collaboratively. Home lifts continue to gain recognition, and more so in Asia and in the Middle East, which continue to grow. “Indonesia has more than 200 million people. It’s a big market, so we need to be more serious. What’s happening in Asia is that we have growing middle class, and especially in Asia, people build a lot,” he asserts. What is more interesting about the region, according to Löwback, is that in Asia, unlike in Europe where home lifts are more popular among people since their 60’s, many people in Asia still live with their parents. “So, here we have those in their 40’s who still take care of their parents. They need comfort for themselves and their parents, and luxury. They want to have nice cars, a Rolex, and, they have home lifts built,” adds Tommy, who have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Löwback says the company has been inspired by Steve Jobs of Apple who said that he wanted his company’s products “to make a dent in the universe.” So, Aritco has been on a mission to make a difference. “Can we make a dent in the universe, just a small dent?” Löwback enthuses. The company’s vision and culture then is to make a difference, creating a market for home lifts, and make it something natural. “So, when you children and grandchildren grow up, they’ll ask you, ‘Grandfather, didn’t you have a home lift when you were little?’” he asserts. Löwback, who says he enjoys lamb satay and nasi goreng, quotes one of his favourite musicians, the late great Frank Zappa, “I was born to have adventure,” and he sees that’s what he and Aritco are doing: To tread a new territory, creating a market, and inviting as many people as possible in for the ride.


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Haute couture designer Harry Darsono greets Registry Indonesia on one afternoon while touring us around his personal abode-cummuseum in South Jakarta’s Cilandak area. Beautifully built in Baroque and Rococo architecture styles, the design of the museum is actually based on the sketch Harry drew when was still nine years old. That’s the time when the little Harry lived in Paris, France, had a period of speech therapy for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and was identified as indigo. “I was an aggressive and hyperactive kid who had so many thoughts in my mind, in that I couldn’t expressed them in a proper language. I was then sent by my uncle, Prof. R.M. Soejoenoes, who needed to complete his PhD by Research, to a special needs school in Paris,” Harry recalls his childhood. Harry is very open talking about sharing the issue, as he believes that children with learning difficulties are blessed with gifts not normally possessed by other children. Contrary to the public perception, Harry emphasises that ADHD is completely opposite of autism. Harry Darsono Museum, which exhibits sumptuous collections of the designer’s high fashion masterpieces and exquisite artworks, indeed speaks clearly of Harry and his creativities. And exploring the museum is where we find the inspiration in the life of the creative genius maestro. Knowledgeable, energetic, and outspoken with a great sense of humour are how we describe the 66-year-old designer, who displays an indomitable spirit even stronger than his younger counterparts. With over four decades of haute couture fashion under his belt, Harry has designed dresses and gowns for aristocratic families around the world. Among the collections displayed at his museum include those Harry created for HRH Princess Lilian of Belgium, HRH Princess Galitzine of Italy, and HRH Princess Diana. Pointing at a gown, Harry says in excited gesture,” “Take a look at this black and white motif made from Swarovski crystal. I specially made this for the Princess of Wales. You see the matching hat; it’s one of the late Princess Diana’s favourites.” Precious gems, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, as well as Crown and Tiaras, are also displayed at the museum. Other treasures exhibited include a perfume fountain used by Louis XV, the diamond and gold thread dresses wore by HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand, the diamond and gold thread dress wore by HM Queen Rania of Royal Jordan for her coronation, and a number of elegant costumes for esteemed operas. Harry Darsono Museum is open for the public, but only takes private groups from 12 to 18 people by appointment only. In addition to this museum, Harry has three other museums that display his life-long hobbies and masterpieces, from porcelains to antique locomotives. “I’m really into everything about locomotive, the design, function,…everything.” On a separate occasion, Harry takes Registry Indonesia to the Transportation Museum at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah where he shows us around the old locomotive once used by President Sukarno. Harry completed his Doctoral Degree in Art & Design at Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts – Paris, France before he obtained his


second Doctoral Degree in Philosophy and Psychology in Oxford, England. As he captivates us with more stories behind his collections, we discover that Harry is a vivid art collector, as he exhibits his fabulous paintings, and other objects of arts. The space of the museum is also filled with posh chairs and beautiful tea set, grand pianos, fine jewelleries and high-end cell phones. Harry is a gifted musician and plays 13 musical instruments. He shares a bit of his talent, as his fingers are dancing with grace upon the piano and harp. Understanding the genius and his masterpieces takes more than the world of fashion. A living legend of multi talented designer, fine artist, musician, psychologist and educator is what Harry Darsono is about – The genius who is also knighted the title “Sir” from HM Queen Elizabeth II for his social educative contributions through the world of arts and designs. Comparing to Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and Avicenna, whose names have been inked in history, therefore, it is no exaggerated to include Harry Darsono if you are asked any of living Indonesians who deserve on the list. The Pisces man truly lives a creative life. Back to the fashion, he never stops experimenting with ideas that take him beyond the world of haute couture. “In 1971, I introduced what I call ‘art to wear’ to the world of haute couture. ‘Art to wear’ represents costume but wearable clothes, like evening gown or dress; and my ‘art to wear’ pieces are high quality handmade.” Fashion is sensation. Fashion is very individual, he adds. “If I want to design a dress, I have to see the person who is going to wear it.” His assertion was reflected in Carnivale of Colourful Couture, the musical couture show he held last October in Jakarta. This was where the genius Harry spectacularly showcased the journey of his art to wear masterpieces. Carnivale of Colourful Couture was actually recreated from Harry’s sold-out haute couture shows in Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Kyoto Royal Palace he held a couple months earlier. Adorned by 36 international models from Shanghai and Milan, each of the shows featured an exclusive musical couture that blends passionate elements of art, design, fashion and craftsmanship in unique creations of Harry Darsono. Needless to say, each of the shows was a huge success. “Right after I just got back from these four shows, my philanthropies who always support Harry Darsono foundation since 1979 asked me, ‘Why don’t you have the same show in Jakarta, showcasing your historic haute couture collections as you did in these four cities?’ I said yes, Let’s do it,” he recalls. Harry believes that fashion is fabricated very specific for each individual, so he contemplated the show to be held differently. He avoided professional models and turned to the families of donators, philanthropies, supporters and sponsors. “The first step was letting the new models to choose which haute couture collection they wanted to wear. I showed them photos from my previous shows in the four cities. Then I recreated the designs, in different colours and schemes, and fit them to the models’ sizes, and added cultural elements…and it was another huge success.”


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With 12 different Japanese Sauce Garlic butter | Teriyaki | Yakiniku | Takoyaki Wasabi | Ori Mayo | Cheese Mayo Sweet Lime | Blackpepper | Hot Mayo | Chilli Sauce | Oriental Chilli

Introducing the best and hippest business investment with earnings of over hundreds of million rupiah a month, Karaagee Oishii franchise has proven to reach break-even point in less than six months. People in urban settings often tend to practical grab-and-go food in daily life. Karaagee Oishii offers tasty and healthy – no MSG included – on-the-go meals in a simple packaging. With a selection of two karaage, sizes, side dishes and twelve sauces to choose from, Karaagee Oishii is the solution for late night hunger and time-lacking consumers. Outlets have queuing to open in multiple cities as you read, don’t miss the opportunity!

Mr. Pieter Gunawan & Mr. Anton Gunawan

HOPE TO PARTNER WITH YOU SOON by Pieter Gunawan& Anton Gunawan, Contact us : +62 817 004 0995 • Jakarta - Bandung

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Fine Estate Indonesia

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CASA DOMAINE Topping off Ceremony Combining functionality, modernity, comfort and direct access to the golden triangle, Casa Domaine has easily become the preferred luxury residences, located in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia. Casa Domaine just marked their success by holding a topping off ceremony on the 8th of November 2016. The project is a partnership from three renowned property developers – Lyman Group, Kerry Group and Salim Group. The residences is set on top of 1.2 Ha land, consisting of two towers with 326 units in total – tower one and two each have 55 and 51 floors respectively.



ESTATE Casa Domaine Dec 2016.indd 116

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Casa Domaine is located within the exclusive complex of Kota BNI, which integrates premium A grade offices Wisma 46 together with ShangriLa Hotel and Residences, and has direct access to Jl. Jend Sudirman and KH Mas Mansyur. Facilities are first class, from a 25 meter swimming pool, children’s playground, sauna and spa, gym, function rooms, barbeque area, and 24 hour security. Each unit is designed thoughtfully with attention to detail – the façade, made from double glazed curtain walling to ensure lower heat conductivity, better sound proofing from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta and minimize solar radiation. A retail podium with facilities such as a supermarket, coffee shops, bakeries, pharmacy and child care center is available for the resident’s convenience. Additionally, there is a sky terrace located on the 33rd floor – ideal for enjoying the panoramic views of Jakarta’s skyline.

Casa Domaine, an additional that further idealizes Jakarta’s CBD is an answer for those who seek luxury residences coupled with comfort in a strategic location. On 13 October 2016, the property received top accolades from Indonesia Property Awards, winning the categories of “Best High Rise Residential Architectural Design” and “Best Luxury Condo Development” in Jakarta. From its team of international consultants including Architectural and Interior Design SCDA Singapore and main contractor Hyundai E&C Korea, the project is designed and built on international benchmarks. From the prospect of location and neighborhood, developer’s track record and creditability, building architectural design and spatial design, convenience and comprehensiveness of facilities, Casa Domaine is a prime investment opportunity for those seeking rental yields and capital gains and a comfortable abode to call home.

CASA DOMAINE Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav 1, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 5790 5550 Email: REGISTRY INDONESIA

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Subscribe Today Save The Cover Price


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Rp 630.000,-


Name Address

Mr Home


Ms :


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Telephone / Fax : E-mail : Date of Birth : Hobbies : Company : Position : For the payment, please transfer to:

Subscription Term Registry Indonesia 6 Month: Rp.360,000,12 Month: Rp. 630,000,24 Month: Rp. 1,125,000,- Starting from : .......................... Discount of up to 30% off the cover price!! (cover price Rp. 75,000,-) • We will process the application as soon as we receive a copy of payment slip. Please allow two weeks to process your subscription. • Delivery charges will be applied for address outside Jakarta

SAD Subscribe Nov 2016.indd 118

PT. MAGWEI INDONESIA BCA Cab. Wahid Hasyim Acc # 478-3030-911 Please fax the payment copy to : +62 21 350 4961 Phone: +62 821 2557 2325 Email :

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Mr. Fadjar Gunawan Mrs. Lolita Gunawan

Mr. Joe Kamdani

Mrs. Yanti Sukamdani

Mr. Bob Yanuar, Mrs. Ira Yanuar

Mrs. Sherly Worth

Mrs. Mia Egron

H.E Federico Salas


Mexican Dinner & Champagne Pairing Ambassador of Mexico to Indonesia H.E. Federico Salas performed a Mexican Dinner & Mexican Champagne Pairing on the 20th of October 2016 at the residence of the Embassy of Mexico at Jalan Patra Kuningan VIII, Jakarta. During that wonderful occasion H.E. Federico Salas introduced the beauty and attractions of Mexico’s best tourist and travel sites and destinations. This marvelous event was graced with the presence of the high society and celebrities of the capital city of Indonesia.

Mrs. Linda Rahmat

Mrs. Lee Yan Widjaja

Mr. Del J. Mear, Mr. Marjuki


Mr. Allesandro Gazzini

Mrs. Marlina Gunawan, Mr. Joko Tanoyo

Mrs. Eva Iskandar, Mr. Herman Iskandar

Mr. Aso Takashi, Mrs. Sita Satar

Mrs. Chloe Chaise

Mrs. Tjiang Mrs. AtLily Tjhing Pan


Event Embassy Mexico .indd 120

12/28/16 12:44 AM


H.E Antonio Guido Filipazzi

H.E Mohammad Aqil Nadeem

Madame and H.E Vittorio Sandalli

H.E Tamerlan Garayev Minister Yasonna H Laoly, H.E Askhat Orazbay

EMBASSY KAZAKHSTAN 25th Independence Day

The Embassy of Kazakhstan celebrated its 25th Kazakhstan Independence Day at Hotel Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Indonesia HE. Askhat Orazbay explained the achievements Kazakhstan regardless of the country’s relatively young age. The festive occasion with door prizes was graced with the presences Minister of Law and Human Rights Mr. Yasona Laoly, Ambassadors, business community and the high society of the capital city of Indonesia.

H.E Zurab Aleksidze, Madame Carol Sullivan, H.E Kyle O’ Sullivan, H.E Tadeusz Szumowski, H.E Helene Steinhausl

H.E Abd Al Rahim Al Siddig, H.E Osama Mohammad Abdullah Al Shuaibi, Mr. Pri Sulisto

H.E Roya Rahmani

H.E Volodymyr Pakhil, H.E. H.E Sergev Kichev

Madame Zanar Sukhanova , Mrs. Karlina Damiri Chandra Mrs. Ratih Subroto

Madame Yulie Grillon, H.E Cesar Esteban Grillon,

H.E. Roberto Hernan S. Portocarrero

Mrs. Reggy Suriadjaja

Ms. Dara Setyohadi

H.E. Pakamisa Augustine Sifuba

Ms. Anindya Kusuma Putri REGISTRY INDONESIA



12/27/16 5:39 PM



Mrs. Tience Sumartini

Mrs. Rina Ciputra

Mrs. Maya Rizano, Mrs. Lina Koswara

Mr. Kevin Lam, Mr. Iwan Satawidinata


Painting of the year UOB Bank performed a Painting of the Year on the 24th of October 2016 at Ciputra Artpreneur. Over 1200 painting from 700 painters were competed with Gatot Indrajati’s “Right or Wrong My Home” painting as UOB Painting of the Year 2016 Winner. The event that presented the winner with the prize of 250 million rupiahs has been advanced to the Southeast Asia level in Singapore. The event was graced with the presence of UOB Indonesia President Director Kevin Lim and the high society of Jakarta.

Mrs. Liliana Lie, Mr. Agus Dharmawan

Mr. Baskara Firdaus, Mrs. Cecile Papadimitreu Mrs. Taya Firdaus

Mr. Peter Natadihardja


Mr. Amir Sidharta

Mrs. Dahlia Sardjono Mr. Adi Pamungkas

Mr. Heri Dono

Mr. Bambang Asrini Widjanarko

Mrs. De Joyc

Mrs. Listya Rahardjo Mrs. Inge Santoso

Mr. Erza S.T, Mrs. Noor Meurling

Mr. Gatot Indrajati

Mr. Benjamin Milton Hampe

Mr. Iryanto, Mr. Hudi Alfa


Event UOB .indd 122

12/28/16 1:45 AM


Mrs. Lina Yao , H.E Yvone Bauman, Mr.Garry Yao


Boutique Grand Opening

Mr. Gabriel Robinson

Mr. Steve Seung-Woo Nam

Christian Cho

Mrs. Henny Herawati

Mr. Iwan Soesanto, Mr. Raj Bhojwani, Mrs. Jessie Prawiradirdja

Mrs. Niki Yuri

Mr. Haryono Budiono

Mrs. M. Jenny. K, Mrs. Siany Dewiana

La Prairie Switzerland performed a Grand Opening of La Prairie’s Flagship Boutique on the Wednesday, the 23rd of November 2016 at Jalan Hang Tuah Raya 1, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The glamorous event was officiated by Her Excellency the Ambassador of Swiss to Indonesia H.E. Yvonne Baumann and featured a journey to the world of sheer Swiss wonder. The extraordinary occasion was graced with the presences of the diplomatic community, celebrities, high society, business networks, and beauty enthusiasts & aficionados of the capital city of Indonesia.

Mrs. Merianti Winata

Mrs. Imelda Yunus, Mrs. Arti Halim

Mr. Ketut Dharmika

Mrs. Ranny Umbara


Event LA PRAIRIE.indd 123


12/28/16 12:54 AM



Mr. Alistair Speirs, Mrs. Barbara Speirs

Mr. Roy Widhosuwito Mrs. Lily Tjang

Mrs. Sita Satar, Mr. Rizal Satar

Mr and Mrs Soetikno Soedardjo

H.E Vittorio Sandalli and Madame


Confrérie de La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage d’ Jakarta Indonésie carried out a Dinner Amical on the 28th of October 2016 at the residence of the Italian Ambassador to Indonesia H.E. Vittorio Sandalli in Jakarta. Renowned Italian Executive Chef Alessandro de Boni and his culinary team led by Andrea Giannini of Mulia Hotel’s Il Mare and Italian restaurant La Luce showcased an exclusive private dining experience of authentic Italian dishes not normally available in Jakarta. This high-end occasion was attended by celebrities and the high society of Jakarta.


Mrs. Lina Lo

Mr. Bob Yanuar, Mrs. Ira Yanuar

Mrs. Farah Quinn, Mrs. Ay Tjhing Phan

Mrs. Lanny Permadi, Mr. T.L Lie

Mr. Sezai Zorlu

Mr. Marjuki, Mrs. Yvonne Mardiana

Mr. Christiant Frenot, Mrs. Grace Frenot

Mrs. Linda Budiman, Mr. Ronny Wongkar



12/27/16 5:37 PM


Mr. Arye Abraham, Mr and Mrs. David Abraham, Mr. Ram Punjabi

Mrs and Mr. Prem Harjani

Mrs. Stephanie Abraham, Mr. Shaane Harjani

STEPHANIE & SHAANE Wedding Reception

Stephanie Abraham & Shaane Harjani showcased their wedding celebration on the 26th of November 2016 at Hotel Kempinski Jakarta. The amazing event that was festive and luxurious had parents of the wedding couple Mr. David Abraham & wife together with Mr. Prem Harjani & wife merging with the guests instead of the traditional standing aside wedded pair shaking hands with guests. The occasion was ďŹ lled with Indian culture dances and was attended by celebrities and high society of the largest city of Indonesia.

Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

Mr and Mrs. Didi Dawis

Mrs. Lestya Vidayantitina

Mr and Mrs. Harvey Malaiholo

Mrs. Christina Maria

Mr. Amrit Punjabi

Mr and Mrs. Raju Keswani, Mr. Chiraag Keswani

Mr and Mrs. Aksa Mahmud

Mr and Mrs. Manoj Raswani




12/27/16 5:43 PM



Ms. Lawra Purnamasari

Mr. Chris J Umpleby

Mrs. Karin Lohardjo

Mrs. Karin Lohardjo, Mr. Chris J Umpleby


Indonesian Poet Montblanc Award Montblanc launched a 16th Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa, which is an award upon the best and finest poetry composed by Indonesian poets. This marvelous literature of art event was carried out on the 3rd of November 2016 at the 1st floor of Atrium Plaza Senayan at Jalan Asia Afrika 8, South Jakarta. Starting out with a Preview at Montblanc Boutique, the poetic occasion was graced with the attendance of Montblanc’s management and employees, the elites, celebrities and the high community of the most important city of Indonesia.

Mr. Richard Oh

Mrs. Siti Gretiane


Mrs. Puri Hadiprana

HE. Mr Anil Kumar Nayar and Madame

Mrs. Shanti L. Poesposoetjipto, Mr.Enggar Yuwono

Mr. Hendra Hadiprana

GALERI HADIPRANA Inspiring Jogja Enlightment

Galeri Hadiprana performed an Inspiring Jogja Enlightment painting exhibition on Saturday, the 26th of November 2016 at the ground floor of Galeri Hadiprana at Jalan Kemang Raya, South Jakarta. The exhibition revealing artworks of 12 artists was opened by Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX’s daughter Mrs. GRAy Murywati Darmokusumo and furthered featured classical dances, Jogja Batik fashion Show, and and Kriya Yoga arts from Jogja. The 12 artist are Bonny Setiawan, Bambang Pramudiyanto, Enggar Yuwono, Ernanta Item, Hery Sudiono, Heru Dodot Widodo, Maman Rahman, Mufti Handayani, Sri Pramono, Udin Kuru, Wahyu Teres, and Yuli Kodo.


Mr. Udin Kuru, Mrs. Yuli Kodo, Mr. Wahyu Teres, Mrs.Sri Pramono, Mrs.Mufti Handayani, Mrs.GRAy Murywati Darmokusumo, Mrs.Puri Hadiprana, Mr. Maman Rahman, Mr. Ernanta Item, Mr. Bambang Pramudiyanto,


Event Hadiprana+Montblanc dec 2016.indd 126

12/28/16 3:23 AM


Raja Muda H. Datu Dissan Maulana

YM Sinuhun Parembahan AgungTedjowulan

Ms. Natasha Vinski

Dr. Deby Vinski MscAA, PhD


The Empire Medical Tourism

Raja Khairil Anwar

Mr. Chris Pada, Mrs. Tine Pada

Mrs. Aci Pada

KPH. Adpar Prapto Kusumo

Mrs. Hanny G. Moniaga

Mrs. Meiske P. Mamesah

Mrs. Cici Paramida

KPH.ADP Maji Notonagoro

Mr. Shri Lalu Gde P

Mrs. Dini Aminarti

President of World Council of Preventive Medicine and pioneer of Indonesian Anti-Aging Medical Science Dr. Deby Vinski MscAA, PhD launched the Empire Medical Tourism program on November 9th, 2016 at Vinski Tower – VCR Vinski Regenerative Center located on Ciputat Raya Street, Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, and was attended by Majelis Keraton Nusantara. Moreover, Dr. Deby Vinski and dr. Natasha Cinta Vinski were given the title of Kandjeng Mas Adipati and Kandjeng Mas Ayu respectively by the King of Surakarta YM Sinuhun Panembahan Agung Tedjowulan.

Mr. H.M Sidik

Mrs. Edhis Adelia

Mr. Raden Soeroso

Mrs. Amy Atmanto


Event VINSKY TOWER.indd 127


12/28/16 2:53 AM



Mr and Mrs. Budiono Tio

Mr. Setiawan Sudjie, Mr. Rusly Tan

Mrs. Karen Gonzaro, Mr. Yam Churn Meng

SUB-ZERO AND WOLF Celebrate a Warmth of Festivities

Sub-Zero and Wolf & Schott Zwiesel launched a Celebrate a Warmth of Festivities on Tuesday, the 22nd of November 2016 at their brand experience showroom at the 2nd Floor of Jakarta Design Center, Slipi, Jakarta. The event was unveiled with an opening speech from Asia Sub-Zero and Wolf & Schott Zwiesel Public Relations Marketing Mrs. Karen Gonzago on this premium appliance from the United States of America imported to Indonesia by PT Kitchen Perfect. The luncheon by chef Patrese Vito and Ardika Dwitama began with scallop and prawn appetizers, followed by main dish Magret de Canard, and closed with oven fresh Pistachio, Cherry & Blueberry and was savored by guests.

Mr. Ferry Kurniawan

Mr. Ryan Kristofer Silfanus

Cheff Ardika Dwitama Tjandra, Cheff. Patrese Vito


Mr. Santun Muara

Mr. Paul Ng

Mr. Yudy W. Widodo

Mr. Darmawan Sutiono, Mrs. Joanita Evelyne

Mrs and Mr. Som Santoso

Mr. Henry Lim, Mr. Craig Devon

Mr and Mrs. Daniel Suhadi


Event Sub Zero.indd 128

12/27/16 5:37 PM


Mr. Rafique Ahmed

Mr. David Schill

H.E Johana Brismar Skoog Mr. Edy Susanto, Mr. Tjoe Kin Fa

PT PARDI SOLUSI ABADI Aritco HomeLift (AHL) Launching

Mr. Robert Lejon, Mr. Anders Wickberg

Mr. Joni Tse

PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI launched the brand new Aritco HomeLift (AHL) at the exhibition of Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2016 located in Jakarta Convention Center on the 9th of November 2016. The launching event was ofďŹ cially opened with the Ribbon Cutting ceremony by H.E Johana Brismar-Skoog who is the Swedish Ambassador for Indonesia at the exhibition booth of PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI (the Authorized Partner of ARITCO Lift AB, Sweden). The host of the launching event is PT. PARDI SOLUSI ABADI (led by Mr. Joni Tse and Mr. Edy Susanto).

Mr. Aprijanto, Mr. Joaquin

Ms. Cecilia Persson, Ms. Olivia Inggrid


Event Aritco.indd 129


12/27/16 5:38 PM



Mrs. Sherly Worth, H.E Anna Aghadjanian, Mrs. Samira Ducros Mrs. Michelle Worth

Mr. Batara Sianturi

Mr. Suhadi Mustopo, Mrs. Fanny Mustopo

FANNY MUSTOPO Birthday Celebration

Fanny Mustopo’s Birthday Celebration was performed on the 13th of October 2016 at Ballroom 1 Capitol Place Four Season Hotel. Accompanied by her loving husband, Fanny Mustopo’s birthday event featured Sammy Simorangkir entertainment performances in the accompaniment of dinner servings at guest round dining tables, where this unforgettable occasion that was open with prayer and followed by a cake slicing ceremony was attended by the high society and celebrities of the capital city of Jakarta.

Mr. Freddy Setiawan, Mr. Deddy Widiyanto

Mr. Dennis Dharmawirja, Mrs. Lanny Lima Mr. Andreas Hartawan Dharmawirja

Mrs. Avisha Vasandani, Mrs. Deborah Diana

Mr. Widodo Sumady and Mrs. Nathania


Mr. Christian Soeseno and Mrs. Christina Tjahyadikarta

Mrs. Anita Vaswani, Mrs. Pooja Assomull

Mr. Steven Gan and Mrs. Melissa Saputra

Mrs. Intan Baiduri

Mrs and Mr. Sammy Tobing


Event Fanny Mustopo Bday .indd 130

12/27/16 5:45 PM


Mrs. Ala Atas

Mrs. Magda Chan

Mrs. AnneLauener

Mrs. May Farida

VALMONT Detox Cream

Ms. Kanthy Widjaja

Mrs. Jeanzeus Sutrisna

Mrs. Clara Fransisca

Mrs. Yenti Marcos

Mrs. Mimi Barbie

Mrs. Febry Go

Valmont launched a Grand Launching Detox Valmont Cream on the 17th of November 2016 at Pala Adas Resturant, Pantai Indak Kapuk, Jakarta Utara. During the memorable occasion, Swiss Skin Analysts provided free consultations and a fashion show was carried out to add to the festiveness of the moment. Hosting the event was Mrs. May Farida, Mrs. Mimi Barbie, and Mr. Iwona Tanadi with attending guests coming from the celebrities and high communities of the capital city of Jakarta.

Mrs. Ice

Mrs. Fatma Nisa Asegaf

Mrs. Caroline Litama Ms. Rania Shamlan REGISTRY INDONESIA

Event VALMONT.indd 131


12/27/16 5:41 PM



EDWIN’S GALLERY A Cup of Coffee from Playa

Edwin’s Gallery performed a Puppet Festival #5 themed “A Cup of Coffee from Playa” on the 3rd till the 9th of October 2016 at Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta. The event revealed a solo exhibition by Papermoon Puppet Theater Artistic Director Mr. Iwan Effendi, A Cup of Coffee from Playa theme Puppet Theater Show, Fundraising and a Merchandise Shop. Puppet Fiesta is a series of International Puppet Theater Festivals by Papermoon Puppet Theater since 2008. This event of art was attended by Jakarta’s celebrities and high society.


Mr. Regy Zhong, Mrs. Listianawati Setio

Mr. Wihartono

Mrs. Listianawati Setio

Mr. Regy Zhong

Mrs. Agustini

Mrs. Linawati Martana

NATURA DERMA Phytoglucol Hormone Replacement Therapy

Professional Wellness & Anti-Aging Consultant Mr. Regy Zhong introduced a new trend in AntiAging & general healthcare Phytoglucol Hormone Replacement Therapy on the 13th to the 15th of October 2016 at Plenary Hall Booth #W09 and Seminar Room 4 of Jakarta Convention Center. Phytoglucol is considered to be supreme amongst anti-oxidants beneficial for anti-aging and health that brings about shinier, firmer, glossier and more youthful skin among others. The magnificent event was attended by the high community of Jakarta.


Mrs. Novi Chaira


Event Edwins+natura Derma dec 2016.indd 132

12/27/16 5:40 PM

Collectible Sotheby's

INTRO COLLECTIBLE Dec 2016.indd 133

12/28/16 1:51 AM


Finest and Rarest Wines

Château Latour 1892, Château Latour 1881 Château Cheval Blanc 1947 (Left), Château Mouton Rothschild 1945 (Right)

Sotheby’s has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art since 1744. Sotheby’s became the first international auction house when it expanded from London to New York, the first to conduct sales in Hong Kong, India and France, and the first international fine art auction house in China. Today, Sotheby’s presents auctions in 10 different salesrooms and Sotheby’s BidNow program allows visitors to view all auctions live online and place bids from anywhere in the world. Sotheby’s is delighted to present its first wine sale of 2017, Finest and Rarest Wines Featuring the Connoisseur’s Cellar Part II, on 21 January in Hong Kong. With a collection spanning 140 years (1874 – 2014), this is an incredibly wide-ranging line-up of whites and reds across multiple countries and regions, vintages and bottle sizes, including the legendary Mouton Rothschild 1945 and Cheval Blanc 1947. The sale will also see icons from California and exceptional Japanese whiskies such as Karuizawa, among others. Jamie Ritchie, Worldwide Head of Sotheby’s Wine, commented: “With a 22% increase in auction sales, we significantly outperformed the market. Our ability to source the world’s great wines, and expand the fine-wine collector base by bringing in new clients on a global basis, is unparalleled. The market for rare wines that are ready

The Dalmore Highland Single Malt Whisky Constellation Collection Aged 42 Years 1969 (1 bottle)



Collectible Sotheby's December 2016.indd 134

12/28/16 2:08 AM

Karuizawa Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky Vertical

to drink continues to be very strong, while younger wines are maintaining their prices and reasonably stable. We expect strong demand to continue in 2017 and look forward to announcing a strong series of sales.” While Adam Bilbey, Head of Sotheby’s Wine Asia uttered his thought that “We are thrilled to be offering the second installment of The Connoisseur’s Cellar, which is a sensational collection from one of our most knowledgeable clients. The Mouton Rothschild 1945 and Cheval Blanc 1947 are both true treasures in this sale and are extremely rare to

come by. Whether seeking a magnum to share in celebration with friends and family or an iconic wine from Romanée-Conti and Henri Jayer to take pride of place in the cellar, collectors will discover the offerings they seek at a range of price points in this comprehensive sale.” Sotheby’s now holds the world records for a standard bottle, a bottle in any format – the Jeroboam of Château Mouton Rothschild 1945 which sold in February 2007 in New York – the Romanée-Conti Superlot (114 bottles) which sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in October 2014.

Karuizawa Single Malt Whisky Noh Series REGISTRY INDONESIA

Collectible Sotheby's December 2016.indd 135


12/28/16 2:08 AM


Ariston Aritco Banyan Tree Bintan & Angsana Bintan Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland BMW Motorrad Bottega Veneta Cellini Chanel Chopard Edward Chiu Givenchy HYT Jacob & Co. Kenzo Lamborghini Melia Bali Michael Kors Miu Miu Montblanc Pen Montblanc Natura Derma Piaget Roger Dubuis Sotheby’s The Hermitage Jakarta The Laguna Resort & Spa, Bali


94 92 100 98 86 58 90 56 44 34 60 50 46 78 82 104 62 64 108 52 76 32 48 134 106 102




Index ED 105 Nov 2016.indd 136

12/28/16 2:48 AM

SAD The Grand Dec 2016.indd 137

12/28/16 1:40 PM

SAD JACOB & CO Dec 2016 ok.indd 138

12/28/16 1:39 PM

09 registry desember 2016 low  

Dare to Win

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