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Eni Maulani Saragih A Portrayal of Emancipation

9/23/16 7:15 PM

Mount Rinjani, Mount Lombok Rinjani, • Indonesia Lombok • Indonesia

















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DPS EDWARD CHIU July 2016.indd 2

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Publisher’s Note

Dear Readers, The world is greeting a new season that allows us to make the most of our time for the rest of the year. By the same token, Registry Indonesia presents you with an elegant array of collections brought by the world of fashion, exquisitely designed for the discerning few who appreciate the beauty of haute couture. As the theme suggests, this edition boasts new Fall-Winter 2016 collections from the world’s best designers, with Dior Autumn-Winter 2016 haute couture collection as the publisher’s choice. To find out more on what the Fall-Winter 2016 collections have to offer, just flip through the pages and we are taking you to the latest haute couture offers from Fendi women, Emporio Armani Women, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Hermes Men, Salvatore Ferragamo Men and Louis Vuitton men. With the birth of urban-metrosexual couture, men’s fashion market is growing faster than in the past, thus closing the gender gap. Talking about the gender issue, we have the charismatic female politician Eni Maulani Saragih as our cover story. Playing crucial roles in both House of Representatives and Golkar Party, Eni is one of only a handful of those women climbing the professional ladder of success in Indonesia’s political arena. Her emancipated spirit and her devotion to the nation have become the paragon of Indonesian women. More inspiring pieces that complement the exclusiveness of this edition are stories of Erza Setyadharma, the founder of the Indonesia Opera Society, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary; Kelvin Tan with his contribution to the realm of jewelleries; and business leader Basuri T. Purnama, the brother of Jakarta’s Governor Basuki T. Purnama (Ahok). For women, jewellery is a valuable means of enhancing their beauty. Turn the pages of our Jewellery section and see the most recent offers from Edward Chiu Jewellery Art and Maisya Jewellery. To complement the beauty of fashion world, we also unveil the latest products of the luxury watch brands, from Patek Phillipe and Jaquet Droz to Montblanc Boheme. Our lifestyle section this time features M. Liminal, the newest model from Fazioli Pianoforti, the world’s best piano maker based in Sacile, Italy. The good news is that the model is now available in Indonesia. As you can also find out more on other products listed in the lifestyle section, no less interesting are other exclusive offers from beauty and wellness, and home living, to name a few; all of which are exclusively featured in this edition to enhance your life in the lap of luxury. Sincerely,

Setiawan Sudjie Editor-in-Chief/Publisher



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Scarf by Iwan Tirta



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9/22/16 1:19 AM

Publisher Choice


Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 Collection This season the celebrated designs of Christian Dior regrow from the very core, the essence of Dior signature: The Bar Suit. Designer Lucie Meier and Sarge Ruffieux explored unimaginable possibilities whilst still sticking to its initial look, hourglass jacket and full skirt: the silhouettes, the lengths, the volumes, the constricted sizes and extravagant busts lines. Jacket in cream shantung with rounded tails, which follows closely the curves of the bust, and its black pleated skirt that flares and gives an elegant swing approach. Expertly complemented by a small black tambourine placed on the head, glove and shoes are tapered – square-toed shoes and wedges. Even after six decades, the revolution and spririt continue to inspire Dior. Symbolically, their collection is presented in the couture salons of 30 Avenue Montaigne—an intimate setting for a collection dedicated to the knowledge and superlative craftsmanship of Dior’s ateliers, the poetry of their work. An elegant color scheme of black, white and gold are constantly repeated in this collection. Philosophically, juxtaposition between black and white symbolizes ultimate duality, portraying relationship of the two designers with different minds and ideas experimenting together towards a congruous collection.The only color, the single embellishment, is sculptural gold embroidery, inspired by the works of César and Claude Lalanne, a nod to Art Brut. Jean Cocteau described Dior as, “This nimble genius unique to our age, whose magical name combines God and gold [Dieu and or]”. Gold accents the collection, adding emphasis. An elongated white jacket gracefully put together over a white midi skirt of two different materials half-in-half. The jacket’s black adornments bring out depth and distant, creating a better visual structure. This concept applied on the entire collection in various manners. A highly ornamented long-sleeved black top paired with pure white midi pleated skirt look successfully represents history and modernity, both in color and style. Materials show an evocative of a mid-century couture. With history showing precedents on monochrome being significant in focusing a structure and shape, this collection undoubtedly becomes



Pub Choice DIOR HC July 2016 alt.indd 18

9/23/16 12:55 AM


Pub Choice DIOR HC July 2016 alt.indd 19


9/23/16 12:56 AM

Publisher Choice

a fashion observation; shows one color appealingly brings out the other and how combination of the two emphasizes form and shape. Prints reminiscent of a mid-century couture photograph by Horst or Penn come to life. Like a painting by Picasso when he chose monochrome over color. Lucie Meier and Sarge Ruffieux have their way to enhance the monochrome look in the most invisible way possible, by implementing gold embroidery to be worn like jewellery. Combining a golden waist chain gives an instant polished look without reducing its simplicity, enhances a black loose maxi dress significantly. The half-down part of the dress is consistent with the concept, growing outwards elegantly in volume. Their linings, layers of organza to add body, become garments in their own right, like X-rays of archive garments. The New Look’s volumes are made lighter, more contemporary: it is the spirit of the atelier flou fulfilled by the atelier tailleur. The jacket itself is deconstructed, either elongated at


the basque, or drawn in vertically and gathered, adding animation and movement, a new look, a Dior spirit.Embodiment of the entire collection reflected in a look where black elongated jacket with gold ornaments paired with maxi pleated skirt, reflecting The New Look with less volumes and more modernity. It is feminine yet masculine altogether. The show exhibited in a jeweled, gilded panels setting in an asymmetric manner. Pure white and soft gold display gives a classy historical ambience throughout the show. A partly transparent maxi skirt with gold embroideries combined with draped top, creating a high-toned look. While a dress with draped, falling tail shows simplicity beyond compare, with a gold necklace to fill empty neckline.The outcomesof using pleating and draping techniqueturn out remarkable in the hands of the designers, not to mention the catwalk setting that truly brings out each look of the collection.


Pub Choice DIOR HC July 2016 alt.indd 20

9/23/16 12:56 AM

CHRISTIAN DIOR Plaza Senayan, Level 1 #122, 126, 128, & 130 A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 579 00 170 Plaza Indonesia, 1st Floor #179-181A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4053 REGISTRY INDONESIA

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Story September 2016.indd 22

1/30/17 2:58 PM

Scarf by Burberry

Eni Maulani Saragih A Portrayal of Emancipation

A charming lady with beauty and intelligence are the words that create a spontaneous expression when first meeting Eni Maulani Saragih at the recent photoshoot, held in the penthouse of South Jakarta’s premium hotel. During the photoshoot, she wears dresses that truly speak about her personality – simple yet sophisticated is another way of describing Eni, who has since March this year held the position as the Head of Energy and Renewable Energy Golkar Party. On the other side of her is the courage that represents Indonesian women who stay the course in the country’s political arena. In a separate location, over a coffee in South Jakarta’s F&B establishment, Eni shares with Registry what took her to the world of politics. “It all began in 2009 when I was a legislative candidate for an electoral district in North Sumatra. I was urged to enter politics to meet the 30-per cent quota for female candidates. At first, I intended to withdraw my candidacy because I was pregnant with my second child. But I wasn’t able to do so because my candidacy had already been submitted to the General Elections Commission (KPU). Then I changed the electoral district to the one in East Java. Compared to North Sumatra, it’s easier for me to commute between Jakarta and East Java,” she recalls the moment she first

Story September 2016.indd 23

entered the political arena. In addition to her current leadership role in the Golkar Party, Eni is a legislator from the House of Representatives’ Commission VII overseeing energy, mineral resources, research and technology, and environmental affairs. Eni, in her both incumbencies, is in charge of overseeing all energy policies in Indonesia, including revision of laws related to this sector. After taking a sip of coffee, she gives a look that expresses her concern for the future of Indonesia’s energy sector while saying, “Our country is very rich in natural resources. Undoubtedly, we have a huge potential to develop various types of renewable energy, such as solar, wind and biomass. We also have the ability to harness the untapped sources of energy from wastes. Nevertheless, we need the government intervention to spur the country’s renewable energy development.” Nowadays, renewable energy is a must for its crucial value in securing our energy sector, she adds. “We should not rely on imports. Investment in renewable energy is expensive, but it leads to benefits, the obvious of which is that we will not need to depend on imports from foreign countries to meet our energy needs.”

1/30/17 2:58 PM

Asked about her view on President Jokowi’s 35,000 MW power generation program, the energetic Eni quickly responds, “It’s quite ambitious and I really support the program. Out of the 35,000 MW, the program allocates 25 per cent for renewable energy. But the challenge is the unequal power distribution. Renewable energy projects are being built on Java Island, which has already had adequate supply of electricity. There are many areas outside Java still lack access to reliable source of power.” The presence of bright female legislator, like Eni, is surely a great asset to the nation. With the 30-per cent quota, the voices representing women in the parliament are getting more significant than in the past. “I believe that Indonesia is now quite advanced in terms of democracy and gender emancipation. When it comes to women’s political participation, Indonesia is better off than its neighbouring countries even the United States. None of these countries have ever had a female president.” When comparing to the United States, nevertheless, Eni sees that Indonesia still needs to improve its affirmation action programs. Over there, in the land of Uncle Sam, as she continues, “the affirmative action programs have long been a powerful tool to ensure that people are treated equally without regard to their race, gender and origin. It’s another challenge that we, Indonesian people and the government, need to keep improving our affirmation action programs.” With regard to the gender issue, Eni is indeed a visionary who plays get-up-and-go. Even though both men and women have equal rights under the law in Indonesia, she remarks that many traditions and societies are still maledominated. There are many factors that create such inequality, with lack of education being the clear crystal fact that has urged Eni to take action. Eni has opened a number of free English courses in her electoral districts in Lamongan and Gresik, East Java, organised by non-profit organisation called “Sahabat Perempuan Eni Maulani”, literally meaning Eni Maulani’s female friends. “This learning activity invites local women to learn English. I see the importance of the local women in the two cities to equip themselves with English skills. At least they can understand the basic proficiency, which can increase the level of their self-confidence,” Eni asserts while showing a picture of the class activity on her mobile phone. “Each class can accommodate 25 students.” While taking another sip of her coffee, she takes a breath and then smiles, “All of my activities these days have filled

Story September 2016.indd 24

my daily agenda to the brim, but being a mother and a wife is a great role that God the Almighty has assigned me to maintain in life.” Born to a father from North Sumatra and a mother from East Java, Eni is the wife of Muhammad Al Khadziq, who is currently taking the pivotal role at JIExpo. The couple is blessed with two sons: Maulana Irfan Sufa (12) and Maulana Wildan Yusuf (7). In the eye of a politician like Eni, work means devotion to the country and often consumes a tremendous amount of time. Yet, spending quality family time together is something she always does in a regular basis. “I always allocate my time to go to the cinema every week with my children and husband. We are all movie buffs. We pretty much watch everything, from Indonesian to blockbuster movies. And we always hunt for culinary treats after the movie,” Eni says with a laugh. She pauses a moment, taking a bite of her finger food, and pondering over the crowd in the restaurant. “Speaking of food, I’m aware that Jakarta is now a haven for foodies. More and more new restaurants are mushrooming all over the city. Amazing! I enjoy various types of local and international cuisines, but nothing can beat the taste of tofu and tempeh.” Aside from food, travel is something that she enjoys in life. “My work requires me to travel a lot. But for pleasure, especially when travelling with my family, beach is the spot that we often treasure. Bali and Anyer are on the list of my favourite travel destinations, and of course because of their beautiful beaches. Next is Bandung, great for a weekend getaway. As for the overseas destination, we love Singapore for its great infrastructure and close proximity to Indonesia. Speaking of Singapore, my older son is preparing himself to further his education there.” Eni admits that she relies on good time management in order to keep her work-life balance. Being a mother of two, a wife and a female legislator in a male dominated field is very challenging, indeed. Yet, her persistent and focused approach is what enables Eni to perform at best. “People, regardless of their gender, have their own challenge to face. The hardest part, yet it’s advisable, is how to transform our challenges into opportunities, rather than viewing them as problems. So, when life hands you challenges, try to respond with a degree of optimism, selfconfidence and openness. Never give up and keep focusing on what you’re doing. That’s my advice, which also applies to myself,” she says, concluding the interview, with a smile.

1/30/17 2:58 PM

Dress by Iwan Tirta

Story September 2016.indd 25

1/30/17 2:59 PM

Blazer by Alleira Batik

Story September 2016.indd 26

1/30/17 2:59 PM

Coat by Burberry

Story September 2016.indd 27

1/30/17 2:59 PM

Blazer by Iwan Tirta

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: Hendra Kusuma (+62 821 14089899) : HK : Mrs. Eni Maulani Saragih : Fenny Hamid (+62 816 1357 111) : IWAN TIRTA Private Collection Gallery Grand Hyatt, Plaza Indonesia Level 3, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 21 2992 3541) ALLEIRA BATIK, Plaza Indonesia Level 3, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 21 2992 3738/39) BURBERRY, Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Jakarta. (Tel. +62 21 021 2992 4091) : GRAN MELIA JAKARTA, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. X-0, Kuningan Jakarta 12950. (Tel. +62 21 526 4444)

Story September 2016.indd 28

1/30/17 2:59 PM

Jewellery Edward Chiu • Maisya Jewellery

Intro Jewellery Sept 2016.indd 61

9/22/16 11:23 PM


Embracing Natural Jade Through Bold Innovations

The phrase “Edward Chiu” has two intricately intertwined references: the man and his brand. Edward Chiu graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York City, and this experience provided the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that made Edward Chiu, the brand with bold innovations in the design of jade. Great designs are typically innovative in the way that it brings an initial sense of unfamiliarity even to connoisseurs; yet the greatest design brings nothing less of the innovations and originality while everyone seeing it for the first time immediately begins to wonder why nobody else is able to come up with it until now for something so obvious as soon as one is able to see it. Edward Chiu’s design falls into the latter, and infinitely greater, category. Free of the anxiety induced by the weight of the millennium-old tradition of jade-making in China, Edward Chiu used jade of all colours—green, yellow, purple, as well as one of the defining characteristics of the brand: black and white. His designs have shapes more varied and intricate, totally unencumbered by the concern for cost; they



Jewellery Edward Chiu Sept 2016.indd 30

9/23/16 4:22 PM

are paired and mixed with a much greater variety of materials from gold to platinum to different gems and stones; they are drawn with straight lines and curves informed not only by the rich Chinese tradition of jewellery design but also by modern western traditions and styles; they use motifs derived from nature such as flowers, birds, insects and fishes since Edward himself was a native of Hong Kong’s famous Cheung Chau Island where Islanders swim, sail, and drink in the midst of largely undiluted nature; and even more, they are crafted by the most highly skilled hands right from within the Chiu family. He grew up seeing and touching jade as natural kinds (unpolished pieces of stone of different sizes and shapes) and jade as beautiful artifacts, as his whole extended family was (and still is) involved in the day-to-day business of the trade, from the acquisition of jade through a far-reaching network to the creation of exquisite pieces of artwork out of it through unparalleled craftsmanship. That is why a black piece of rectangular jade decorated by platinum, to use but one of a great many examples, looks so new yet so beautiful and convincing. Through Edward Chiu, the brand has been moving towards uncharted new heights of boldness and innovation totally in tune with the spirit and daring of their original founder.

EDWARD CHIU IFC Mall, Shop 3028, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hongkong, Tel. +852 2525 2325


Jewellery Edward Chiu Sept 2016.indd 31


9/23/16 4:22 PM

MAISYA JEWELLERY Fancy Color Diamonds

Maisya Jewellery, the finest Indonesian handcrafted jewellery, launched the Limited Maisya Jewellery on February 2016. The limited jewellery collection features mostly the pieces with rare, big, and elegant stones- ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, emerald, and also the one and only - fancy color diamonds. There is a saying that ‘diamonds are forever’. Most people believe that diamonds are the symbol of eternal love. It is the stone that most likely to be called the most precious among all precious gemstones. Many lovers around the world express their wish of a lifelong relationship with diamonds. There are many reasons that make diamonds very special


among other gemstones. Diamonds have the four-carbon molecular structure that makes them the hardest gemstones. No diamonds are exactly alike because each diamond is the miraculous combination of time, places and chances. But there is a globally accepted standard created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for describing diamonds which are the famous 4C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. By this universal method for assessing the quality of diamond, it can help consumers to decide which diamonds they were about to purchase. Natural fancy color diamonds are truly rare. Most of the diamonds sold worldwide are the colorless to slightly tinted colored diamonds.


Jewellery Maisya Sept 2016 alt.indd 32

9/23/16 4:23 PM

It said that only one in every 10,000 diamonds possesses enough color saturation to be granted as the natural fancy color diamonds. Based on the GIA’s standard, the fancy color diamonds are graded in three ways: the stone’s basic hue (blue, green, pink, yellow, etc.), the diamond’s intensity, and both color characteristics form the basis of determining the fancy color diamonds’ value. The more intense the color, the rarer and more expensive the fancy color diamonds will be. These diamonds are also considered to be assets with highly investment potential and very suitable for gifting.

The fancy color diamonds collection is now available at Maisya Jewellery as part of their Limited Maisya Jewellery collection. Each of Maisya Jewellery’s collections is the elegant combination of the classic heritage design with modern design, made by the talented Indonesian craftsmen. What makes Maisya Jewellery more special is that one design created only one piece with the best perfect gemstones. Maisya Jewellery who have been passionately serving customers around the world, with their branch office in Singapore and Hong Kong, also with their participation to the international exhibitions, is surely an Indonesia’s pride.

MAISYA JEWELLERY Jl. Pajajaran No. 10, Bogor 16153, Tel. +62 251 834 1355


Jewellery Maisya Sept 2016 alt.indd 33


9/23/16 4:23 PM

Photoshoot Chaumet Sept 2016.indd 34

9/23/16 2:42 AM


Photoshoot Chaumet Sept 2016.indd 35

9/23/16 2:42 AM

Photoshoot Chaumet Sept 2016.indd 36

9/23/16 2:42 AM

Photoshoot Chaumet Sept 2016.indd 37

9/23/16 2:42 AM

Photoshoot Chaumet Sept 2016.indd 38

9/23/16 2:42 AM

Timepieces Patek Phillipe • Jaquet Droz • Montblanc

Intro_Watch Sept 2016.indd 40

9/22/16 1:13 AM

PATEK PHILIPPE Flamme® Innovativion

Patek Philippe introduces its Ladies’ Calatrava Ref. 7200/200R featuring a spectacular novel gem setting Flamme® Innovativion that significantly increases diamonds’ extra brilliance. This Flamme® is registered in the horological industry and highlights the artisan skills of this Genevan manufacture in section of watch exteriors and fulfills the need among women for classic pieces of unique refinement. Gemsetting together with engraving and enameling is amongst the oldest artisanal techniques applied on timepieces, where even the first portable watches were already often sumptuously embellished with precious gems. As a Geneva craftsmanship tradition custodian founded since 1839, Patek Philippe has maintained and furthered these rare


handcraft skills, where Patek Philippe timepieces attest and bear witness to the commitment. These top-tier gem-setting techniques include classic bead setting, prong & claw setting, baguette setting to gridless pave, the extremely challenging invisible setting, and the precious stones of the Twenty~4® Haute Joaillerie watches that are set in gold appliqués, just to name among others. This Flamme® Innovation is a new technique that magnificently adds extra sparkle and lucidity to the ensemble of gemstones particularly diamonds, where the Ladies’ Calatrava 7200/200R rose-gold bezel feature 142 strict Top Wesselton “fine white” color grade flawless immaculately cut diamonds in two staggered rows. These stones are


Watch Patek Phillipe Sept 2016.indd 40

9/23/16 2:45 AM

always mechanically secured and never glued. These diamonds after being placed, the gem setter manually sculpts the gold between and the outer side of the rows into small flame shaped like prongs and bends them over the precious stones either inwardly or outwardly to further secure the gems. Afterwards the gem setter cuts a groove into the bezel’s gold between the diamonds, which needs exceptional artisanal skill to bring about keen uniformity. Due to the incredible opening beneath the stones, light can also stream in from below that greatly enhances the fire-brilliance of the precious gems.

This new Ladies’ Calatrava 7200/200R with its novel Flamme® artisanal technology showcases an ultra-thin officer-style 18k rose-gold case where the feminine allure is further revealed through the handstitched shiny royal purple alligator strap with large square scales that is secured by a prong buckle adorned with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds. This self-winding mechanical caliber-240 movement timepiece has a Spiromax® balance spring made of Silinvar® and a 22K gold minirotor that is fully recessed in the bridge plane, where its inner architecture and lavish finish can be viewed from the sapphire-crystal case back.


Watch Patek Phillipe Sept 2016.indd 41


9/23/16 2:45 AM

JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde SW Lady

Swiss watchmaker since 1738 Jaquet Droz presents its Grande Seconde SW Lady that embraces the spirit of sports with a womanly polish as a timepiece of glowing contemporariness where the crave for rivalry is met out by the love of jewelry. This Grande Seconde SW Lady is encased in a 41mm thin fluted stainless steel bezel that is embellished with 40 diamonds for the first time, furthered with the reflections of the ring and plates in white gold, where this 50 meter water resistant timepiece portray a more hollowed horns for better lightness and a sportive rubber cast crown. This firmly contemporary, sporty and feminine timepiece follows the famous Jaquet Droz traditional mineral dials of exquisitely delicate mother-of-pearl discs with its unique figure 8 pattern that makes up the dial of this timepiece, while flying above the traced Arabic and Roman numerals are blued steel hands partially coated in Super-LumiNova that glows in the dark and shows the time with outstanding steadfastness that is possible due to a silicon balance spring that is unaffected by magnetic fields or temperature fluctuations and pressure.



Watch Jaquet Droz Sept 2016.indd 42

9/23/16 4:24 PM

This superb Jaquet Droz timepiece reveals an excellently matching alligator leather strap that is directly incorporated into the brushed and polished case and is availed in a graceful powdered purple palette with a stainless steel ardillon buckle. The lady timepiece showcases a double barrel 18-carat white gold oscillating weight Jaquet Droz 2663A-S self-winding mechanical movement with ruthenium treatment, 30 jewels, 68 hour power reserve, 28,800 v.p.h. frequency, and movement panoramic viewing visibility via the watch’s sapphire crystal that further discloses a sunray-polished Côtes de Genève motif. Pierre Jaquet-Droz always had special and particular affection for

minerals, where rocks, crystals and minerals brings back to mind that nature is an artist. Jaquet Droz takes this natural luster of stones and applies them to adorn watch dials, where hewn out from rough materials in their raw condition, the mesmerizing splendors are only revealed after these materials have been worked on. Naturally inimitable, the play of light, color and depth of these minerals surpasses the material itself and brings in an unexpected realm of stunning magnificence. Jaquet Droz has 16 Jaquet Droz Boutiques worldwide, 19 Tourbillion Boutiques globally, and around 150 official Retailers spread out across the planet.


Watch Jaquet Droz Sept 2016.indd 43


9/23/16 4:24 PM

MONTBLANC BOHÈME COLLECTION Contemporary Feminine Elegance

Montblanc presents its Bohème Collection‘s Moongarden and Day & Night Timepieces, revealing two novel extremely functional complications fashioned for the contemporary Bohème lady that showcases the name of every month’s full moon and a unique day & night complication and the ability to graphically know with precision the part of the day and the night. The Montblanc Bohème Moongarden reveals an 18K red gold bezel embellished with the radiance of 78 fine Wesselton diamonds, a silverywhite 90 faceted guilloché dial with 18k red gold-plated leaf shape hands and an elegant case adorned with a crown set with a glittering Montblanc diamond.


This Moongarden provides a new way of naming the months in its timepiece, instead of the ordinary month names, each month is named after the different names of full moons. January is named Ice Moon for the cold and deep snows of winter; February is called Snow Moon for the usually heaviest snowfalls in February; March is labeled Chaste Moon for its lunar strength free from imperfections; April is termed Seed Moon for earliest widespread of wild ground phlox flowers of spring; May is nicknamed Bright Moon for the particularly bright and long duration of the moon in the sky; June is named Dyan Moon for the Midsummer’s Night with the longest day; July is called Rose Moon for the moon’s appearance in moss pink with the palette of a


Watch Montblanc Sept 2016.indd 44

9/21/16 2:17 PM

rose strawberry; August is labeled Red Moon for the often reddish hues of the moon in the summer hazel; September is termed Fruit Moon for the late night moonlight work of farmers picking fruits from trees; October is nicknamed Harvest Moon for autumnal equinox harvest times of corn, pumpkins, squash, and wild rice; November is named Hunter Moon for the hunting season for winter provision preparations; December is called Oak Moon for the gathering of mistletoe from oak trees on the 6th day of the full moon, only by a golden sickle shaped in a crescent moon.

The Montblanc Bohème Day & Night timepiece is defined by its romantic small complication and a typical Bohème guilloché dial crafted in the finest watch-making art. These watches provide the precise knowledge of which part of the day or night. The day is shown through a refined light blue and golden sun, while the night is shown in a warm dark blue sky adorned with a smiling golden moon and stars. This 34 mm stainless steel case of elegance showcases a bezel fully set with 72 top Wesselton diamonds.

MONTBLANC Plaza Indonesia Level 1 #I141, Jakarta. +62 21 2992 4015 • Pacific Place Level G #27-28, Jakarta. +62 21 5140 2762 Plaza Senayan Level 1 #143B, Jakarta. +62 21 572 5141 • Mall Taman Anggrek Level UG #85, Jakarta. +62 21 563 9576 Pondok Indah Mall 2 Level G #029A, Jakarta. +62 21 7590 0926 • Kota Kasablanka Level G #01, Jakarta. +62 21 2948 8485


Watch Montblanc Sept 2016.indd 45


9/21/16 2:18 PM

J12∙XS WATCH BLACK LARGE CUFF 19 mm, quartz movement, black high-tech* ceramic and steel case, flange set with diamonds, black lacquered dial. Black patent calfskin cuff, steel ardillon buckles and steel loops set with diamonds.

Photoshoot CHANEL WATCH Sept 2016 ok.indd 46

9/23/16 3:02 AM

THE EXCESSIVELY EXCESSIVE J12.XS Chanel presents J12 watch collection – a bold, refined, as unexpected as iconic. J12 collection is sporty yet feminine, excessively small in 19mm yet excessively strong. It hides where it see fits – on a ring, in the fold of a glove, on a cuff. It defines its own rules, styles, allure, and the most significant – time. It does not tell the time, it offers it to those who dare to look. However one does not just look at it, one admires it. It loves the quirky humor of those who appreciate its contradictions. “I am a J12, I am excessive. I am the J12 XS.”


Photoshoot CHANEL WATCH Sept 2016 ok.indd 47

9/23/16 3:02 AM

J12-XS WATCH WHITE SMALL CUFF 19 mm, quartz movement, white high-tech* ceramic and steel case, flange set with diamonds, white lacquered dial. White patent calfskin strap, white matte calfskin cuff with silver calfskin piping, steel ardillon buckle and loops. Possibility to wear the watch with or without the cuff.

Photoshoot CHANEL WATCH Sept 2016 ok.indd 48

9/23/16 3:02 AM

J12∙XS WATCH BLACK LESAGE CUFF One-off piece 19 mm, quartz movement, black high-tech* ceramic and 18K white gold case, flange set with baguette-cut diamonds, black onyx dial, 18K white gold crown set with 1 round faceted diamond. Black calfskin cuff hand-embroidered by Lesage with black sequins and black glass beads, silver calfskin piping, black patent calfskin strap with 18K white gold ardillon buckle and loops set with baguette-cut diamonds.

Photoshoot CHANEL WATCH Sept 2016 ok.indd 49

9/23/16 3:02 AM


Chanel watch Collections are available at CHANEL Boutique, Grand Indonesia Tel. +62 21 2358 0668

Photoshoot CHANEL WATCH Sept 2016 ok.indd 50

One-off piece 19 mm, quartz movement, black high-tech* ceramic and 18K white gold case, flange set with baguette-cut diamonds, black onyx dial. Black matte leather and 18K white gold cuff with diamond-set gold trims, black patent calfskin strap with 18K white gold loops set with baguette-cut diamonds

9/23/16 3:02 AM

Fashion Fendi • Emporio Armani • Michael Kors • Jimmy Choo • Hermes Salvatore Ferragamo • Louis Vuitton

Intro Fashion Sept 2016.indd 61

9/22/16 1:08 AM


The Attracting Force for The Edgy The FENDI Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Collection is inspired by “gravitational waves”, an infinite movement towards edgy silhouettes and accessories, meeting with a Japanese botanical garden featured in a Japanese fabric wallpaper from the 18th century, sublimated in the delicate motifs on bronze silk jacquard, velvet, embroideries and Intarsia on Fur. A contemporary romanticism pervades this collection, where future meets traditions and sweet austerity meets femininity. Romantic yet with a graphic twist always in the FENDI way. The rounded and geometric waves give a unique sense of movement to the Collection, starting as details and becoming extra-large towards the gigantic and multi-folded edges, making the angles delicate and soft. Shapes are long and fluid; dresses, pants, plissé skirts on silk, wool, velvet and dark denim materials together with Scottish Kilts reinterpreted with mink fur inlays in a FENDI unique way. Furs are oversized in shearling and fox crafted on net for a unique lightness or inlayed in black and white for a bobcat effect. On the other hand, they are more slick as in the contemporary reinterpretation of The Tenenbaum FENDI Fur worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, proposed in an amazing and precious mink intarsia flowers version. The metallic silver effect seen in the Haute Fourrure collection, a FENDI unique


workmanship, comes back to life in the black mink intarsia cape. The color palette goes from dark and deep greens, purples, navy blues to strong touches of electric baby blue amber and oranges. Electric shots of bright colors here and there as an impulse from the waves and the universe. The bags are invaded by waves all over featuring a new interpretation of the FENDI iconic bags, as the Baguette, Peekaboo and By the Way-with all the different versions-from nabuk bicolor leather versions, to suede and the exclusive python. The mini Dotcom, the new bag of the Maison, is presented with a long chain strap in a unique suede stitched version. A cozy and fun tote bag, the Teddy bag in shearling, becomes the perfect day and travel bag, available also in a luxurious fox multicolor version. Precious versions feature also the By the Way in shaved mink with flower intarsia and the extraordinary velvet Peekaboo inlayed with a special antique carpet technique featuring a Japanese hypnotic and graphic garden on the front. Strap you are everywhere in leather, quilted, exotics, fur versions and a new wavy bicolor design is introduced, giving once more the additional fashion touch to the bags. Also the shoes are dominated by waves triumphing on booties, sabot and unique leather cuissardes.


Fashion FENDI Women FW June 2016.indd 52

9/23/16 7:06 PM

FENDI Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #66-69B, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 3755 • Plaza Senayan, Level 1 #117-119, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5332 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion FENDI Women FW June 2016.indd 53


9/23/16 7:06 PM


Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Collection Emporio Armani Women launches its vibrant Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection in a thriving definition of Eclecticism. Youthfulness came into play in their choice of materials and sharp rigid patterns that stylishly clashed to each other. Armani is not into monochromatic this season; major-bold colors are to be seen in addition to its youthful approach. Extensiveness of faux-fur coat in triple colored stripes of black, deep ocean blue, leaf green and smooth brown gently enfolds combined with checkered dress and bright yellow platform portray the idea of this collection. New femininity has been refined, designed against the Classic Armani depicted as a challenge for women in this era to mix and clash what once was thought as untouchable fashion rules. Still sharing the same elegant touches, the collection is perfected by the use of an oversized outer and trousers, with colorful blouse and matching clutch. Dramatized collar and flecked mini skirt are integrated in amity showing variety from one outfit to another, however sharing the same perception. An ideal set of exhibition that emphasizes modernity in fashion.



Fashion Emporio Armani Women July 2016 alt.indd 54

9/22/16 2:03 PM

Although the ambience is all about young energy, the collection also apt for their long frequenter. Neutral colored long blazer covered in conceptual ornamentation becomes a graceful completion of a gleaming mini dress; suiting one playful outfit into a work appropriate ensemble in an instant. Accessories are not to be missed, artistically designed semi rigidly with electric ambience. High-heeled pairs elongating legs, further strengthen by their skirt/trousers combinations. Earrings are massive, if not colorful; clutches are extremely scaled-down, aside of their metallic accent that eye-catching right from the first door. Unlimited to numerous alternative, Armani’s playful concept bring geometries, colors and materials to a whole new level of successful possibilities in such way their collection could be mixed and “mismatched” to one another. Simple yet abstract monochrome background accentuates focus to even the smallest of ornamentations, bringing out confidence and striking vibes. A set of piece in various materials sharing the same pattern and color scheme boldly unveiled, not to mention finishing details such as yellow neon earrings and pointy platforms. The catwalk itself successfully bring attention to each saunter, promoting masculinity in women whilst continue to embrace the playful feminine choices they always have to be used in either workplace formal manner or elegant daily wardrobe collection.

EMPORIO ARMANI Plaza Indonesia Level 1 #91-92 Jakarta, Tel. +62 21 2992 3713


Fashion Emporio Armani Women July 2016 alt.indd 55


9/22/16 2:03 PM

MICHAEL KORS Flirty Freedom of Moving Things

As a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear that established in 1981, Michael Kors has won numerous accolades within the fashion industry. Behind this burgeoning empire stands a singular designer with an innate sense of glamour and an unfailing eye for timeless chic. Michael Kors has featured distinctive designs, materials and craftsmanship with a jet-set aesthetic that combines stylish elegance and a sporty attitude. Kors’ vision has taken our Company from its beginnings as an American luxury sportswear house to global accessories, footwear and apparel company. This Fall 2016 Collection Michael Kors presents the inimitable chic of individual style. Embracing the flirty freedom of things that move – feathers, streamers, slashes, chains and slits. A textural mix of exotic tweeds, plaids and tattersalls with charming floral and luxe metallic brocades. Single tatters are never enough in this collection. Shrunken jackets and trim, tailored coats. Leggy skirts and dresses in A-line of softly pleated shapes. Either conventionally in one piece or torn apart in multiple slits. Romantic blouses and dresses juxtaposed with polished tailoring. Oversized furs and shearlings in shorter lengths show a bold fashion statement. Accessories that make a statement: the chain-handled envelope bag, the studded camera bag. Tokyo Tortoise Airlia Sunglasses Shoes with personality, from the chunky loafer and rock ‘n’ roll Mary Jane to the streamlined kitten and stiletto. It is all about interesting mixes – randomly thoughtful, accidentally planned. A glimmering black dress with low neckline, A-line cut and torn apart, shredded. Shapes of heels are refined, from straight thin stiletto to a slightly flattened sphere. “It’s not about seasons, it’s about what works for your life and what you’re in love with. Why not sprinkle some key items from the runway into your current wardrobe?”, a quote from Michael Kors himself that says it all.



Fashion Michael Kors Sept 2016.indd 56

9/22/16 4:18 PM

MICHAEL KORS Plaza Senayan, Level 1, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 57900166 • Galeries Lafayette, Ground Floor, Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 57973470 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion Michael Kors Sept 2016.indd 57


9/22/16 4:19 PM

JIMMY CHOO 20th Anniversary Campaign Romance and robustness. Decadence and daintiness. Authority and anarchy. Supplication and domination. Liberation and constraint. Uniformity and individuality. Jimmy Choo unveils its Autumn Winter 2016 Women’s campaign starring a powerful line up of seven models in a series of striking images; Amber Valletta, Milla Jovovich, Sasha Pivovarova, Lexi Boling, Taylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes and Xiao Wen Ju. The casting represents the dynamism of the Jimmy Choo brand, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, spanning different ages and cultures, each model embodies the essence of the Jimmy Choo woman; an innate confidence, effortless glamour and daring spirit. Every modern woman is engaged in a constant negotiation between the contradictions of her own character and those of the world around us. Enlightenment comes through balance: a sweet spot of exquisite tension achieved through control. Creative Director, Sandra Choi embraced contrast to achieve harmony for this winter’s Jimmy Choo collection. Her inspirations included the hard lushness of masculine military regalia, the



Fashion JIMMY CHOO Sept 2016.indd 58

9/21/16 12:44 AM

sensual rainbow palette of Art Nouveau – plus a touch of Edwardian flounce and aviatrix strength. The result is a collection of assertive opulence: eclectic equipment for a modern woman of many facets to run free in. An over the knee boot ribbed with buckle and strap from top to toe, the MALOY’s style subverts old-school masculine militarism through contemporary feminine boldness. The MAZZY is a high-shine ankle boot with raised fauxbrogue decorations and cosmetic welting details, both of which transmit a memory of masculine footwear. Whether all in black, in three shades of pink, or as a top-stitched conversation between amber and olive, the MITSU satin ankleboot emanates strength and playfulness through the flash of fringing adorning

its elasticated tongue. The golden flash of military frogging and chevron is the source code of the two tone variant on the permanent collection LUCY ankle strap pump, expressed through delicately marshalled ranks of embroidered gold palettes. The LOCKETT bag takes centre stage, but with multiple personalities – either decorated to echo the shoe styles of the season, or as a self-sufficient proposition in itself. The TWIST is a two-panel tote that converts into a backpack. “The Autumn Winter campaign is a reflection of the characters who embody the Jimmy Choo brand values both during the past 20 years and into the future. It is a modern vision for our woman and signals a bold new chapter.” Sandra Choi, Creative Director, Jimmy Choo.

JIMMY CHOO Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 # 9 Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 3983 5115 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion JIMMY CHOO Sept 2016.indd 59


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Photoshoot Bvlgari Sept 2016 ok.indd 60

9/23/16 3:00 AM



Photoshoot Bvlgari Sept 2016 ok.indd 61

9/23/16 3:00 AM

Photoshoot Bvlgari Sept 2016 ok.indd 62

9/23/16 3:00 AM

Photoshoot Bvlgari Sept 2016 ok.indd 63

9/23/16 3:00 AM

Photoshoot Bvlgari Sept 2016 ok.indd 64

9/23/16 3:00 AM

BULGARI BOUTIQUE Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #133 – 157-158, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4110 • Pacific Place Jakarta, GF #35A-B, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 5797 3850

Photoshoot Bvlgari Sept 2016 ok.indd 65

9/23/16 3:00 AM


Intricacies and Idiosyncrasies of Modern Man Salvatore Ferragamo presents Menswear Collection Autumn-Winter 2016-17, the finest codes and traditions of masculine dressing, forming a masterfully tailored blank canvas with a rich tapestry of fabrics, colors, motifs, textures and volumes in order to produce a luxurious collision of worlds. Classic Ferragamo Oxfords got Andy Warhol’s paint-splatter; formality and relaxed artistry got mixed to express a metaphor and mission statement for a collection that transforms the classic menswear wardrobe into a platform for character, emotion and experience. Paradox and contradiction is key: ‘perfect’ matches are avoided whilst clashes are embraced. Sharply tailored single and double-breasted suits in finest British mohair and Italian wool are presented in herringbone, houndstooth and Prince of Wales checks, providing a monochrome framing within to showcase cashmere knitwear, silk shirts and scarves in a kaleidoscopic explosion of color and printed patterns. Classic men’s outerwear explores further juxtapositions. Heritage and modernity, geometric and the freeform, sharpness and softness all interact to create a new sartorial language. The bomber jacket is reconfigured with a patchwork



Fashion Salvatore F Men Sept 2016 alt.indd 66

9/22/16 11:20 PM

of rich shearling and ultra-modern Japanese nylon, or woven in black-andwhite trompe l’oeil Jacquard motifs; the winter Macintosh is presented in pure white; shearling collars bring layered volume to overcoats and tan leather flying jackets; indeed, duality becomes literal within a reversible cotton and mohair parka. The precision of the paint-dripped Oxfords – presented in leather or suede, some inner-lined with colored shearling, or extended into ankle boots. With a hand-finished, polished and brushed upper, each shoe is painted individually, taking the concept of uniqueness to unrivalled levels. The paint drop is a leitmotif for the entire collection, also seen on a selection of Drivers and Sneakers. In this clever form of aesthetics, sportswear meets urban attitude in a reflection of the modern gentleman’s needs. As for the bags, the softness of canvas, suede or shearling, holdall bags also transform into backpacks. Larger volumes and soft shapes embellished with wonderfully ornate detailing and finish. Ferragamo ties are enriched with microprints drawn from animal themes – baby elephants, tiny tortoises, penguins and snails, as an ongoing dialogue between the traditional and contemporary. The collection was designed to be assembled, deconstructed and personalized according to each man’s individual identity, personality, lifestyle, needs and desires – celebrating nuance as a statement of freedom from the increasingly homogenous world in which we live.

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Senayan City, Ground Floor #10, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 7278 1501


Fashion Salvatore F Men Sept 2016 alt.indd 67


9/22/16 11:20 PM


The Boldest and Most Refined Yet The well-known brand for the luxurious handbags and twilly, Hermes, presents its newest Men Collection Fall 2016. No matter how high has the bar been set by the brand itself, it has always come to be surpassed in each collection they launch. Véronique Nichanian has once again designed an irresistible collection, a one-stopshop for the refined ones. It has now come to a playful collection with vibrant yet light colour tones. Hues of sky blue to deep-ocean navy, khaki to bright orange, yellow to green. Clashing colours in a satisfying way, Hermes sets its own trending colours if not already models. Keeping them warm with dark navy jackets and khaki coats. The brand compiles light hues with a sleek sporty look. For a goatskin to be imprinted with silk twill, Hermes pushes the boundaries while still maintaining its signature slim suits. A collection that matches the current era – luxurious men with taste and fine craftsmanship, who are not afraid to break through strict conventional monochromatic dress codes from the past. Formal yet casual, it is the ideal outfit for all kinds occasions. Comfortable trainers, chinos, leather joggers and all laid-back attitudes were given from the show. Accessories have been given the same amount of thought – shoes are bright and bags are complemented with faces. Patterned scarves enhance and add colors to the whole look, symbolize the modernity and freedom in current menswear revolution.



Fashion HERMES MEN FW16 Sept 2016.indd 68

9/22/16 11:20 PM

HERMES Plaza Senayan Level 1, Unit 151 A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5117 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Fashion HERMES MEN FW16 Sept 2016.indd 69


9/22/16 11:20 PM

LOUIS VUITTON Future Heritage Between Past and Present

A Jacques-Henri Lartigue image - a stack of Louis Vuitton trunks, shadowed by the Tour Eiffel - formed the jumping-off point for the Fall 2016 Louis Vuitton menswear collection. “This season I was inspired by Paris - old and new,” says Kim Jones, Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton. The result is a conversation between past and present, 162 years captured in Louis Vuitton’s archives and the wardrobe of the modern man: a future heritage. The conversation starts with the past, the Art Deco period. An era that established an archetypal image of Paris as the art, culture and fashion capital of the world, it also provides our enduring blue-print for male sartorial elegance. A selection of classic menswear pieces - trench coats, fur coats, tailored suits, sweaters - archetypes that form the foundations of male style, and of Louis Vuitton’s own masculine fashion identity. Then, a voyage begins, the collection travelling through to the present day, imbuing the garments with a sense of now. Today means utility, functionality, a fusing of substance and style. Outerwear is lightweight and reversible, graphic patterned shearlings appear unlined but superlatively finished, the inside as perfect as the outer. Cashmere is fused with silk in a featherweight fabrication. Colors are subtle, redolent of Paris: graphite grey and black, French navy, a



Fashion LOUIS VUITTON MEN Sept 2016.indd 70

9/21/16 12:43 AM

topiary evergreen, Damier shades of brown and a pale, powdery Tuileries laurel. A new line of Louis Vuitton denim reinterprets the humble cotton blue jean through the Louis Vuitton lexicon of luxury. Treated by specialist artisans using the wax and indigo-painting technique “Roketsu,” the crackled finish of the fabric is unique to each garment created, including leather, created for the first time using this technique in an expression of Louis Vuitton savoir-faire. A technique originating in Japan, it again ties to the House’s past, to the Japonism that inspired European artists of the turn-of-the-century, as well as the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram: Monogram Eclipse. Also cooperated is a new installation of Shinji Ohmaki, where cloth is used to make the observer aware of the domains of time and space. The cloth moves up and down, causing a fluctuation of the borders that divide various territories. Accessories offer men a new wardrobe, of archetypal bag designs - Keep all, camera bag, tote, messenger bag, and a backpack shape inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Noé.

LOUIS VUITTON Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 # E02-07, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 310 7581 Plaza Senayan, Ground Floor #136A, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 572 5139 Pacific Place, Ground Floor #67-70, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 5140 0575


Fashion LOUIS VUITTON MEN Sept 2016.indd 71


9/21/16 12:43 AM

REGISTRY CALENDAR ANANTARA SEMINYAK BALI RESORT Seminyak’s First Charity Fun Run Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort is proud to host Seminyak’s first charity run event on 29 October 2016 – the 2016 “Sunset Run”. The 3 km route comprises relays along Seminyak Beach will be donated to two non-profit organisations in Bali. Raffle prizes include luxury stays at Per AQUUM Maldives and Anantara resorts in South Asia Pacific. Charity fun run FDC are priced at IDR 150,000 per person and for runners who book in advance, a special early bird discount is available up until 30 September 2016 at IDR 125,000 per person. A special ‘Island Sunset Run’ suite package is also available at Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort for a luxury two night stay from 28 - 30 October 2016. For more information, please contact: + 62 361 737773


For guests planning for getaway, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong is delighted to introduce attractive accommodation offers to let them explore Hong Kong at the best price – the Urban Resort Room Package, available for bookings from now to 9 October 2016. From now to 10 October, adding For Breakfast@ HK$88! Package, we will let you experience a taste of the signature breakfast spread at our award-winning buffet breakfast. With valueadded perks such as complimentary Ocean Park admission tickets, both offers are crafted to provide you with the most memorable experience.

SARI PAN PACIFIC JAKARTA Keyaki Japanese Restaurant’s Exclusive New Menu Launch Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta’s renowned Japanese restaurant, Keyaki introduced a new set of dishes specializes with more varieties of vegetables for those who seek authentic Japanese cuisine. Introduced by our executive Japanese Chef, Masami Okamoto. Aside from a la carte menu, Keyaki Japanese Restaurant offers lunch buffet every Saturday and Sunday. With IDR 299,000++ per person guest can enjoy sushi, sashimi (thinly sliced fresh raw fish), teppanyaki (freshly grilled lobster, seafood, beefand chicken), beef and chicken teriyaki, agemono, mushimono, donburi (rice bowl dish), tempura (deep fried in a light batter), soba and udon noodles, salad, miso soup, Japanese curry and more. Keyaki also offer a delicious and decadent selection of deserts for those with a sweet tooth.

For more information, please contact: +62 21 2993 2888

For more information, please contact: +85 228108366

SOTHEBY’S Signed Iconic & Vintage Jewellery BANYAN TREE RESORT Be the First to Discover the Mediterranean Coast Perfect for couples and families, Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay opens up a new destination on 1 September 2016 to discerning travelers seeking beautiful beaches, sumptuous cuisine, colorful culture and exhilarating outdoor activities. A 20 minute drive from the charming city of Tetouan, international visitors can arrive via Casablanca, Rabat or Tangier International Airport. The resort will have a signature Banyan Tree spa and hammam, gym, library, swimming pool, Kids Club and four restaurants including Saffron, the signature Banyan Tree Thai restaurant. Meeting facilities include two meeting rooms and a ballroom that can host up to 160 people. For more information, please contact: +212 539 669 999

72 72


Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale 2016 will take place on 4th October at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The sale will bring to the market an extraordinary selection of signed vintage jewellery and iconic designs by renowned brands including Harry Winston, Bulgari, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, highlighted by the cover lot of the auction - an Important Emerald and Diamond Demi-Parure by Bulgari. These are complemented by a selection of diamonds, superb natural coloured gemstones, pearls, and jadeite jewels. Approximately 195 lots estimated in excess of HK$513 million / US$65 million* will be offered.

Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk Jakarta hotel presents best culinary for September and October food and beverages promo, all about Skewer and October Fest. Tuck into an exotic of meat skewers accompanied with vegetables and rice. This richtasting dish is an explosion of authentic taste and recipe from our chef’s signature, to reward you with favorite culinary from Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk Jakarta hotel. For appetizers is starting from IDR 120.000++ per dishes, you can enjoy our special food and beverages at our KicirKicir restaurant located on lobby floor or at our Club Premiere Lounge on 22th floor.

For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact: Tel. +62 21 2600 818


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Beauty & Wellness Cle De Peau • Narciso Rodriguez

Intro_Beauty Sept 2016.indd 79

9/23/16 2:49 AM

CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ Synactif for a Pure and Glowing Skin

Synactif, a whole concept in minimalist and luxurious skincare, consists of purifying formulation and breakthrough ingredients. As a part of Clé de Peau Beauté – a brand that focused on radiance and light – Synactif continues the creator Lucia Pieroni’s signature look, which uses sheer, light-enhancing textures and colors that illuminate inner as well as outer beauty since 2006. Tone, texture and contours are refined now and for the future. Seven beautifying products all working in synergy, completed with the exclusive Synactif Intensive Facial for a bright, dazzling skin. Healthy lymphatic channels help purify skin by removing harmful substances, however dehydration, stress and toxin build-up weaken them and decrease skin’s purification capabilities, which may result in wrinkles, dryness and puffiness. In light of this revelation, years of research led to Synactif’s exclusive and revolutionary ingredient, MACC*, as the basis of the world’s skincare product line that strengthens the lymphatic channel function. By optimizing skin’s innate ability to eliminate unwanted substances, skin glows with a pure, inner radiance – as though it’s been regenerated.



Beauty&wellness Cle De Peau Sept 2016 alt.indd 74

9/21/16 12:38 AM

Perfection through purification is at the core uniquely synergistic skincare system, Suddenly, the skin has unrivaled clarity. It feels softly supple. The purification of skin begins deeply, yet gently with the facial cleansing soap. The lotion delivers extraordinary clarity to skin while two distinctive moisturizers throughout the day. A more concentrated cream beautifully refines facial contours. Each formulation address key needs of the skin and harmonizes with the scientific advancements of this collection to create a perfect symphony of care. First step involved a purifying soap, where the cashmere soft soap envelops skin, deeply cleansing a thoroughly removing makeup to reveal a brighter complexion. Smartly formulated to enhance skin’s receptiveness. Lotion hydrates and improves clarity of skin by infusing

exceptional moisture into skin, like being quenched by pure water – for a brighter complexion brimming with luminosity. Daytime moisturizer with SPF30 PA++++, with the highest PA pluses in the market, protects from UV rays, dryness and other daily external aggressors. Smoothen and maintain resilience for beautiful radiance. Nighttime moisturizer, in sync with nighttime rhythms, awakens the skin to a suppler complexion, smooth and taut to the touch. Melts into skin, as intensive moisture seems to cradle your beauty while you sleep. The cream eliminates noticeable dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and dullness for an uplifted look. Eye cream and eye mask target the delicate skin around the eyes, whilst eau de parfum subtly touches your heart as it touches your skin, capturing the aura of you.

CLE DE PEAU – BEAUTE Plaza Indonesia, 3rd floor #H11A – H12, jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350, Tel./ Fax : 62-21 2992 3655


Beauty&wellness Cle De Peau Sept 2016 alt.indd 75


9/21/16 12:38 AM


The Narciso fragrance line continues to embody the extremes of seduction and the art of attraction with a third chapter of the story. Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée transcends time as it stops time. A voluptuous sensuality. The new fragrance envelops the body with a weightless intensity that’s both fragile and distinctive. Available in 30, 50 and 90 ml, Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée is intoxicating as a soft powdery musc reveals the heart of the fragrance. Enhanced by a velvety smooth floral blend of white jasmine petals and Bulgarian rose with signature woody notes of vetiver and black and white cedars, the scent lends warmth and potency. Evocative yet explicit, the fragrance seduces magically and mysteriously with a powerful magnetism. Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée embodies a discreet luxury with an intimacy that lingers on a woman’s skin leaving a silken trail. Skin and scent become one and the same, radiating beauty and grace. The fragrance leaves a deep impression as the fragrance dissolves into a woman’s skin and as a memory that lingers. “The color of the bottle is a unique shade of blush,” says the designer Narciso Rodriguez, “a blush thatcaptures femininity and beauty.


The color alludes to the sensuality of skin and thebody.” It is presented in a signature bottle that’s infused with masterful logic, simple beauty and purity. Inside a transparent glass cube with a blush-colored top floats a soft sculpted half-oval painted a tender blush. Blush represents a deep femininity and sensuality, encapsulating the seductive nature of Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée. “From day one, skin tones and shades of nude have been important in all of ourcollections; a woman’s glow is as much a part of her sensuality as her body. Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée is transformative like no other scent.”, said Narciso Rodriguez. The image of Raquel Zimmermann portrays a singular grace and pure beauty. Her straightforward gaze beckons and teases. The blushing glow of her skin echoes the emotional power of Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée. While the slight swivel of her upper body, highlighting her long neck and regal posture, is implicitly provocative. Zimmermann naturally personifies the discreetly dramatic pull of Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée. Narciso eau de parfum Poudrée: the spirit of the Narciso fragrance line continues to embrace the enigma of passion and seduction.


Beauty&Wellness Narcisso Rodriguez Sept 2016.indd 76

9/23/16 2:52 AM


Beauty&Wellness Narcisso Rodriguez Sept 2016.indd 77


9/23/16 2:52 AM


VACHERON CONSTANTIN Malte Moon Phase The Malte collection with its emblematic barrel shape expresses the inimitable inventiveness and elegance of Vacheron Constantin. Two new pink gold measuring 36.7 x 48.1mm creations are joining this collection epitomizing a blend of distinctive presence and understatement. The Malte Moon Phase and Power Reserve is a refined complication model displaying a classic style tinged with modernity, while a fresh interpretation of the fascinating Malte Tourbillon Openworked reveals its airy geometry plays. The stylistic inspiration behind these hand-engraved three-dimensional mosaics is characterized by subtle light patterns created by a pyramid of chiaroscuro contrasts based on the repetitive use of fundamental geometrical elements.

ROLEX Singapore Exclusive Exhibition Rolex and Cortina Watch are presenting a unique insight into the quality and precision behind the leading Swiss luxury watch brand in an exclusive exhibition in Singapore to mark the opening of a new Rolex Boutique at Marina Square. The exhibition is housed in a new 513 square-meter boutique dedicated to Rolex, providing a luxurious setting for a comprehensive range of Rolex wristwatches, in particular the Professional and classic models of the Oyster collection. Rolex reveals some of the ingredients of the ultimate wristwatches manufacturing through the format of an illustrated dictionary and six automated showcases featuring exclusive Rolex components.

ZENITH El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition Elegant bodywork, the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition by Zenith flexes its mechanical muscles both on the road and on race tracks with a powerful engine and tricolour accents. Its highperformance mechanism is framed in a 42 mm-diameter brushed steel case featuring two round pushers and a fluted crown. Surrounded by a tachymeter scale, the distinctive dial is punctuated by two snailed counters, swept over by a red central sweep-seconds hand. The exhibition back bearing the engraved race logo with a “Côtes de Genève” motif. This Limited Edition of 500 units’ timepieces with COSC-certified movement.



Preview July 2016.indd 78

9/21/16 3:41 PM

Automotive & Yacht Monte Carlo Yachts • Porsche • The New Mini Cabrio

Intro Automotive Sept 2016.indd 85

9/23/16 2:51 AM

MONTE CARLO YACHTS MCY 80 Exclusive World Premiere

Monte Carlo Yachts, the fastest growing Italian brand in the luxury motor yacht, presents the latest addition to its collection, the MCY 80, as a result of their unique approach and development of the company’s shipyard and strategy, according to Carla Demaria – the President of Monte Carlo Yachts. The full MCY collection is designed by the world-famous Nuvolari Lenard design studio, which together with Monte Carlo Yachts has studied and introduced design features and materials extensively used previously only on mega yachts. With an unprecedented level of customization, a range of award winning models has only encouraged them to move further forward. “Behind every success story there is always a powerful dream, but we prefer to call it vision. A vision is the art of seeing what it is invisible to others, but to deliver results, the vision



Automotive SIMPSON MARINE September 2016 alt.indd 80

9/23/16 4:28 PM

needs to be converted into a strategy, and the strategy deployed into a plan of action. 80 is our new goal, that is the MCY 80s campaign claim, and it is a fitting motto for the way Monte Carlo Yachts operates.�, she later added. At 24 meters, the new MCY 80 has become the third largest yacht in the collection to deliver pure cruising pleasure alongside an unparalleled ride and comfort experience for everyone on board. With smooth exterior lines and shaped bulwarks that enhances the level of light and space across the main deck, the new MCY 80 boasts a curvy and modern look without being too sharp or minimalistic. Signature elements are kept strong, including their class-leading entertainment foredeck and

Portuguese bridge that no other yacht in this size category can match. The flybridge, an iconic characteristic of the MCY range, can be equipped with a Jacuzzi, large bar area and sunbathing chaise lounges to create an exterior hideaway that us as luxurious as it is intimate. An instant sense of spaciousness both inside and out becomes immediately apparent upon boarding – the main saloon and cabins are flooded with natural light and offer lushly appointed and detailed spaces for both social and private moments. Oak floorings are brushed and bleached, enhance even more by precious leather and stone features. Design furnishing choices such as Hermes, Armani Casa and Minotti elements complete an interior that is effortlessly modern and tasteful.


Automotive SIMPSON MARINE September 2016 alt.indd 81


9/23/16 4:28 PM


Porshe presents an entirely new development of the four-door Luxury Saloon Sports Car Porsche Panamera Turbo as a refigured & realigned Gran Turismo. The vehicle’s engines and transmissions are redesigned, its chassis perfected, and its display & control concept retranslated futuristically, while highlighting superb functional & comfort performances of its rear axle steering, active roll compensation and three-chamber air suspension. This Porsche Turbo Grand Turismo offers 3.6 seconds acceleration


speed with the sport chrono package and can further reach top speeds of 306 km/h that greatly contrast against its lower combined fuel consumption figure of 9.4L-9.3L/100 km and CO2 emissions of only 214 – 212 g/km. The integrated centrally turbochargers into the V of the 4.0-litre biturbo cylinder banks provides positive effect on the car’s centre of gravity and improves spontaneous throttle responses, which still can be furthered with the optional Mode Switch Sport Response Button. This is also the first Porsche to be outfitted with the new adaptive cylinder


Automotive Porsche Panamera Turbo Sept 2016 alt.indd 82

9/21/16 12:34 AM

control in its engine that temporarily in part-load operation, transforms the eight-cylinder into a four-cylinder engine reducing fuel consumption by up to 30 percent. This new Porsche Turbo exudes of next generation assistance systems, with its most important novelty of a night vision assistant that utilizes a thermal imaging camera to detect people & large animals and a color highlighted warning indicator cockpit display, while optional novel LED matrix headlights with 84 image points provide further visual

detection beyond the range of the dipped headlight beam, bringing about faster and safer driver responses. Meanwhile a new Porsche InnoDrive with adaptive cruise control computes and activates optimal acceleration & deceleration rates, gear selections and coasting phases for the next three kilometers, which is based on navigation data and signals from radar & video sensors. Furthermore an integrated 4D Chassis Control system analyses and synchronizes all chassis systems in real time and optimizes road performances with further improved brake performances. REGISTRY INDONESIA

Automotive Porsche Panamera Turbo Sept 2016 alt.indd 83


9/21/16 12:34 AM

The luxury saloon reveals an entirely novel interior design with many touch-sensitive surfaces areas replacing classic hard keys, and highresolution displays merging into the interior, while black panel surfaces and interactive displays combine an intuitive user interface similar to smart phones and tablets. Further, the sports car offers the best

40:20:40 layout variability of any model in the luxury class, with 495 to 1,304 liters of luggage capacity. Satisfaction experiences dramatically are improved dramatically with optional add-ons as a panoramic tilt roof, massage seats, ambient lighting and a 3D high-end Burmester sound system.

PORSCHE Porsche Centre Jakarta : Jl. Panjang No. 8, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta 115320, Tel. +62 21 5366 9000 Porsche Centre Surabaya: Lenmarc Mall LG, Unit G-01, Jl. Mayjem Yono Soewoyo No. 9, Bukit Darmo Boulevard, Surabaya 60226, Tel. +62 21 7829 9797



Automotive Porsche Panamera Turbo Sept 2016 alt.indd 84

9/21/16 12:34 AM

ensuring your luxurious needs glimpse into the enchanting bookshelf an e-commerce for the Best

Coming Soon

PT. MAGWEI INDONESIA Jl. Taman Tanah Abang III No. 54-3A , Jakarta Pusat 10160 - Indonesia • Tel. +62 21 350 4961, +62 21 231 6362, +62 21 231 6363, +62 21 231 6364 Email.

Web Ads 2 FINAL.indd 2

9/22/16 1:18 AM


MINI Indonesia presents the new MINI Cabrio to the Indonesian public for the first time on August 11th 2016 at prestigious automotive exhibition Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). The MINI Cabrio, a premium convertible in the small car segment, offers a open-top driving fun on four seats with premium sportiness, efficiency, comfort, functionality, safety, connectivity and quality on both materials and workmanship. Karen Lim, the president director BMW Group Indonesia, expresses her optimistic growth of MINI brand in Indonesia reflected on the high level of demand. Coming in two engine variants, MINI Cabrio is raring to go and greet MINI fans with its signature go-kart feel and its typical driving fun.


The exterior design – lines and surface design guarantees an unmistakable high-quality appearance, whether with the soft top on or off. Not to mention the elongated silhouette, a chrome band that runs horizontally along the shoulder line, a short overhangs and an expressively modeled surfaces. The traditional design features of latest model generation have been prolonged and further enhanced for the new MINI Cabrio – large circular headlamps with chrome rings, hexagonal radiator grille, side scuttles and black periphery around the bottom edge. The sporty appearance of MINI Cooper S Cabrio enriched by an additional opening in the engine compartment lid and brake air ducts in the lower air inlet. The tailgate can support a weight of up to 80 kilograms as a


Automotive MINI COOPER September 2016.indd 86

9/22/16 1:48 AM

surface to put luggage items – approximately 25 per cent more than in the predecessor model. Additionally, optimized sound insulation for the tailgate and soft top compartment enhance acoustic comfort for either closed or opened top drive, while rear window has optimized acoustic insulation as well as being heatable. Soft top comprises an integrated woven graphic, in relevance to the iconic roof graphic, featuring a black and grey Union Jack motif in a high-end herringbone pattern. Body paint finishes come it a broad selection of 2 non-metallic colors and 10 metallic including the new Caribbean Aqua.

The interior design – knee space expanded to 36 millimeters, sun visors, column cover and a wide selection of upholstery colors, interior surfaces and cockpit facia frames for a precise personal style. Mini Cabrio features 3 and 4-cylinder engines – with an additional turbocharging for MINI Cooper S Cabrio that allows acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds. What’s more, the new models come with professional navigation system and streetwise function, providing tips for an optimum route prior to a journey.

PT. Maxindo International Nusantara Indah MINI Authorized Dealer Jakarta Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda no. 99, Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan, Tel. +62 89 8899 6464 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Automotive MINI COOPER September 2016.indd 87


9/22/16 1:48 AM


DOLCE & GABBANA Sicilian Carretto Sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana pays homage to the Sicilian cart with a special Sicilian Carretto eyewear collection, of which only 100 numbered pieces have been produced. The cart is one of the best-known rooted ancient symbols of Sicilian folk iconography. These sunglasses reveal the same attention to detail: the relief decorations on the frame front are first painted in red with yellow motifs, then in blue, green and orange, according to a precise ritual of colours dictated by Sicilian tradition. Like the antique carts, every pair of glasses is a special piece: the decorator’s hand renders each model completely unique.

CHOPARD Peking-Paris Rallye Chopard is proud to have supported this year the Austrian team during the Rallye “Beijing – Paris“ which took place from June 12th to July 17th. The pilot, Ingo Strolz, took the challenge together with his copilot and mechanic Werner Gassner. The two Austrian pilots wore a Mille Miglia GTS Chrono for the hardest classic car race of the world. The race is an extreme challenge for humans and machines, in the Gobi desert there are no streets, only sand tracks and it is hard to navigate. “Our car does neither have a tachometer nor a GPS or any other devices. Timing is very important to us”, says Ingo Strolz.

CHANEL N°5 L’EAU The Geometry of Petals N°5 L’EAU affirms its lightheartedness and transparency – the composition radiates citrus like sundrenched honey. Notes of lemon, mandarin and orange are revealed on the skin and soar skyward with the aldehydes selected by Olivier Polge. An echo of vetiver and cedar, accompanied by soft and cottony musk notes. Never has N°5 been so natural and fresh. The campaign starring Lily-Rose Depp, a young woman who is full of surprises, personifies the present time and is defined by the paradoxes of her own personality: multi-faceted, both artist and muse, vulnerable and invincible. She strongly expresses the CHANEL spirit.



Preview July 2016.indd 88

9/22/16 1:39 AM

Home & Living Malinda Furniture Gallery • Missoni Home • Ariston

Intro Home Living Sept 2016.indd 61

9/23/16 2:39 AM


Caracole means a slow, turning movement, in which the brand translates as a beautiful turn in a new direction – creating high-style furniture filled with personality. Materials are unique and each piece is designed to stand out as a single piece as is it together in a collection. The brand unconventionally disregards the notion of particular pieces must reside in particular rooms. Bringing every piece to life and brighten the room it resides in. The brand focuses on multi-functional practicality such as hidden electronic charging stations, innovative storage options and other special details – thus particular pieces could be placed in multiple rooms whilst still maximizing the functions.


Launched in October 2009, it is the brand’s vision to a have personality that is all about creativity, expression and whimsy. Caracole Couture is a custom upholstery program for both designers and customers in order to put personal signatures to every valuable piece – making them distinctive to each other. With dozens of designs and hundreds of fabrics in the portfolio, Caracole Couture is an exciting way to create one-of-a-kind pieces that leave a lasting impression and could be enjoyed in no other than one’s home. Uplifting the look of a room, putting enjoyable furnishings for daily use and intensify one’s house, which is where the heart and pride reside in the most.


Home & Living Malinda Gallery July 2016 alt.indd 90

9/23/16 4:29 PM

With a wide array of style from classic to modern, Caracole elegantly chose a color palette of white, black, gold and wood shades of brown. Materials are vary, including leather, fabric, feather, wood, nickel, brass, copper, pewter, silver, iron, bronze, stone and many others also in premium quality. Customers can make their own interpretations of the “perfect” furniture and easily generate them through Caracole’s selections since it has always been very keen on design freedom. Caracole’s superiority could be generally listed in three brief points: firstly,

the prices are attractive – allowing one to stretch home furnishing budget without compromising one’s creative tendency and style choices; secondly, the classicality and neutrality – yet still fun to explore – of the pieces make them very easy to mix and match in one’s home; lastly, Caracole is highly adaptable for various environments due to its wide selections of materiality and hand-hewn finishes for the pieces to coup with the surroundings. The latter is one of the reasons why Caracole has expanded its domain globally and will continue to enhance its timeless quality products.

MALINDA FURNITURE GALLERY Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 5-6, Slipi – Jakarta 11480, Tel. +62 21 5367 6777 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Home & Living Malinda Gallery July 2016 alt.indd 91


9/23/16 4:29 PM


Iconic and Radiant Florals ANEMONS, the joyful radiance of the Anemone, finds fresh, creamy tones set between black & white. Petals are exaggerated in size and bloom in vivid shades, covering sofas, armchairs and screens. Large flowers take form as a hand-tufted wool rug. Nuanced rainbow spectrums light up digital printed chevron cotton sateen and Raschel lace effect fabric. Texture plays a big part: 3D ‘origami’ jacquard, embroidered multicolour chequered zigzags, embossed woven shaded fabric, velvets with varying expressions and soft two tone textured macro flames. The curtains are airy with macro chevrons in linen fil coupé setting the scene. Showing nature for a calm and relaxing effect in a private setting. ANEMONS DREAM, a noble interpretation of the flower that explores a shaded, shadowy mood, grey veils and intense hues. Flames, chevrons, optical tiles and relief effects add textural drama alongside spectacular striped and wave jacquards on bright backgrounds. Macro petals take the stage; on the screen and with



Home & Living Missoni Sept 2016.indd 92

9/23/16 4:30 PM

spectacular effect on the duvet cover. Added in are the plain and matt-shine pearlescent coated fabrics. Beautifully and overwhelmingly put together, they become an ideal combination of bright and joyful environment. Colours are clashed and patterns are mixed for light yet obvious indoor scenery. FIREWORKS FR, exclusive Flame Retardant fabrics. The iconic motifs have been reinterpreted resulting in an extraordinary effect of fireworks, using different patterns and weights of fabric. These fabrics cover sofas, armchairs, poufs, cushions and even large mirror frames. Fireworks consist of flame stripe effect jacquard, kaleidoscopic patterns on reversible jacquards, bouquets of flowers on a woven textured backdrop, black and white macro flame jacquards. All fabrics are in Flame Retardant nylon. Contrasting bright

and bold colours to black backdrop, the collection gives a sense of out-ofthis-world ambiance and overwhelmingly calming environment. TROPICAL FISH OUTDOOR, an outdoor mood rich with marine references, colour and variety of textures. All the elements of intriguing puzzle that culminates in a great summer. Colonies of exotic fish, like an impressionist painting, are printed on waterproof polyester, stripes mix in differing proportions combining multicolour bands with black & white, false uni loom-twisted cordonnet creates a basket effect and the black and white patchwork weave is 3D. The stripes continue on outdoor rugs. Perfectly presented contrasting a wood-dominated room, the collection gives a vibrant mood for any materials to contrast with, given the pastels colour tone and simple yet consistent pattern.

BIKA LIVING Plaza Indonesia Lv. 1 Unit 128, Jakarta. Tel. +62 21 2992 4322


Home & Living Missoni Sept 2016.indd 93


9/23/16 4:30 PM


The Ideal Cooker to Keep Up with Your Cooking Talent

A successful recipe requires more than proper balancing of the ingredients. The right cooking intensity is the final touch that makes all the difference. This is why the new HD cookers have up to 6 different power levels on every burner, so any dish can be optimally cooked with the most appropriate flame power. Each click of the knob corresponds to a different level and each position can be repeated exactly whenever desired. The burner’s redesigned structure ensures optimized gas flow and a more direct and vertical flame. In turn, this leads to less heat dispersal while guaranteeing 20% more efficient burner performance, resulting in evident time and money savings. Ariston has adopted the exclusive fine flame adjustment technology, which guarantees precise flame control when preparing any recipe. With 6 different power levels on each burner, precise flame control can be combined with remarkable flexibility of use: indeed, the cooker offers up to 1,296 possible combinations when the 4 burners are used simultaneously. While effectiveness is the ultimate key, Ariston has added extra bonus that we all would love: the aesthetic value. The top grade materials and highly refined details turn these appliances into useful everyday items and add an impeccable touch to the kitchen. The important design novelty of the new Ariston cookers is the oven door – with 20% more visibility, cooking can be monitored without


having to open the oven door, adding a highly appealing touch to the kitchen. The inner door – made entirely of tempered glass and resistant to high temperatures – is a single perfectly flat surface without edges or gaps, so grease or dust do not build up, making it even easier to clean. The special cooker enamel used to coat the outside of the cookers can perfectly preserve the color’s original shade and brilliance for at least 10 years. It is made up of a ceramic coating welded to the metal at a melting temperature exceeding 850°C. This Class AA* enamel is four times more resistant: to corrosion; to high temperatures (e.g. boiling water and oil); to acids, alkalis and chemical elements in general; to scratching; to soil, salt and organic solvents. On top of all, thanks to the electronic temperature control system and the activation of every single heating element, the ovens of the new HD cookers improve energy efficiency levels as a eco tech Class A cooker – for better cooking and saving.


Home & Living Ariston Sept 2016.indd 94

9/22/16 9:09 PM

Home & Living Ariston Sept 2016.indd 95

9/22/16 9:09 PM

for Luxurious Goods & Lifestyle

The Finest Gallery

‘‘As a trendsetting magazine for the finest gallery for luxurious goods & lifestyle, find out why Registry Indonesia is a standard of luxury for discriminating individuals who are looking to obtain and explore the finest things in life ‘‘

To order this Special Issue, please contact: PT MAGWEI INDONESIA Circulation Division : Jl. Taman Tanah Abang III No. 54-3A Jakarta Pusat 10160 - Indonesia Tel. +62 21 352 3195, +62 21 350 4961, +62 21 231 6362, +62 21 231 6363, +62 21 231 6364 , Fax. +62 21 352 3196 Email:, Web.

SAD Cover RI May 2016.indd 44

9/22/16 11:52 PM

Lifestyle Alila Villas Uluwatu • Nihiwatu Resort • Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort Fazioli • Keb Hana Priority Banking • Sinarmas World Academy

Intro Lifestyle Sept 2016.indd 97

9/23/16 2:57 AM

ALILA VILLAS ULUWATU Artisans of Destination Travel

For those who appreciate natural environment and the exclusivity of a luxury retreat developed in harmony with the destination, Alila Resorts offer the ultimate appeal, combining artisanal living, experiential travel, and a strong ethos of sustainability. Alila means “surprise” in Sanskrit, reflecting the refreshing character of its properties and the reaction of guests during their stay. Developed in locations of exceptional natural beauty or cultural interest, Alila hotels and resorts consistently break the mould with their innovative designs, and eco-luxury set apart by unprecedented private space, personalized service, and unique guest experiences. Leading the way in sustainable tourism, The Alila Brand philosophy is driven


by its founding philosophy of crafting authentic destination experiences while minimizing its environmental footprint. Many of its newer resorts are designed and built in accordance with strict EarthCheck standards, integrating the natural, physical and cultural elements of their environments. “Alila has come into its own as an innovative brand that commits to sustainable operating standards and unique guest experiences. Its philosophy to integrate commerce, conservation and community – continues to drive its product development.” Through bespoke lifestyle journeys tailored to individual preferences and interests, whether environmental, cultural, culinary or health and wellness


Lifestyle ALILA Sept 2016.indd 98

9/23/16 4:31 PM

in nature, the Alila Experience sets out to connect meaningfully on all levels, through the heart, mind and senses. Rediscovering the luxury of living - enriching and surprisingly different. One of the highlights at Alila is the spa, where they are committed to provide unique treatments from the heart, blending ancient Asian healing techniques with age-old beauty recipes featuring the curative benefits of fresh, natural, quality ingredients. Trained in anatomical physiology, massage, meditation and service, the local therapists combine the latest organic nutrition and health knowledge with the most essential element - warm, genuine care that flows from the

heart through the hands, to stimulate, rejuvenate, balance and relax your mind and body. Balancing expertise with an intuitive sense of well-being, and through the contemporary expression of centuries-old therapies, Spa Alila creates a natural, heartfelt and surprisingly different experience. Another irresistible experience to offer is the tailor-made Alila journeys provide a unique chance to discover and interact with a place and its people through authentic cultural journeys. The journeys are designed for guests to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of what defines the destination, while pursuing their personal pursuits.

ALILA VILLAS ULUWATU Jl. Belimbing Sari, Banjar Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu, Uluwatu, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80364 Telepon +62 361 8482166 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle ALILA Sept 2016.indd 99


9/23/16 4:31 PM

NIHIWATU RESORT Indonesia’s Hidden Gem

Nihiwatu, located on Sumba Island, Indonesia, recently achieved the title of the number one hotel in the world according to Travel + Leisure global readers for its annual World’s Best Award 2016. The recognition acknowledges the changing travel habits of today’s customer who seeks new type of luxury: experiential in scope, activity-driven, cultural, philanthropic, and with attention to details that encourage guests to discover the very best adventure, immersion and fun. Chris Burch, the owner of Nihiwatu, uttered his definition of hotel as being more than just finer touches, “It has evolved to a custom itinerary, a personal journey, unexpected experiences and a curiosity for the unknown. We have been extremely fortunate to exceed everything we set out to deliver with the Nihiwatu Concept.” Nihiwatu Managing Partner James McBride also said that this is a proud moment for Nihiwatu, the people of Sumba and Indonesia now that Nihiwatu have stretched imaginations beyond the common perception of paradise by creating a destination of geographic opulence and unregulated freedom that allows guests to thrive at the edge of wildness – from the wellness of yoga high above the trees to hiking with water buffalo. Re-imagined and re-opened in 2015, Nihiwatu has quickly captivated travelers from around the world. On the remote island of Sumba in southeastern



Lifestyle NIHIWATU RESORT Sept 2016 alt.indd 100

9/23/16 4:32 PM

Indonesia, with only a 50-minute flight away from Bali – it was once a cult surf destination with its own popular, private wave. Among its unique and idyllic features: a three-villa tree house atop a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean and over 33 villas, each completed with its own plunge pool, indoor-outdoor entertainments and Nihi beach view. Activities including a daylong spa safari with endless spa treatments, private balés and healthy, bush-cooked meals as well as island exploration including hidden waterfalls, scenic views of farmed rice paddies, local villages and artisans, freshly harvested coconuts and picnic lunches. Not to mention the various oceanic activities such as world-class surfing on the famous wave Occy’s Left and deep sea fishing, snorkeling and spearfishing with trained professionals. Lastly, a professional equestrian center for sunset beach rides, mountain excursions and horsemanship. Thanks to the generosity of Burch, a portion of Nihiwatu’s profits is repatriated into the Sumba Foundation. During their stay, guests are introduces to the Foundation’s efforts through presentation and short film, resulting many of them to become benefactors to the Foundation. The resort has become the biggest employer on the island and the Foundation gives back to local communities. REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle NIHIWATU RESORT Sept 2016 alt.indd 101


9/23/16 4:32 PM


Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort, which located in the heart of Seminyak, near the famous Seminyak Beach and the Oberoi dining scene. With 287 rooms of 6 room style and view selections ranging from 32-92 square meters, it is the 31st Courtyard hotel in Asia. Ethereal rooms and suites are facilitated with their own private balcony or garden terrace, air conditioning with individual climate control, a 42� smart TV with international channels, comfortable working desk and chair, iPod dock, phone with voice mail feature and other modern amenities. Suites offer extra space with their ownliving room and dining area, hot tub, also allowing guests to have adjacent rooms for family holiday convenience. Other facilities in this remarkable Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort include an expansive lagoon pool, which consists of three pools, Kids Club filled with games, library and other fun activities with babysitting services available at an additional price, a 24-hour fitness center, Zanti – The Retreat that offers body and facial treatments with private consultation, and meeting and breakout



Lifestyle COURTYARD MARRIOTT July 2016.indd 102

9/22/16 1:22 PM

spaces catering up to 350 people perfectly suitable for business meetings, private functions and intimate weddings. Also available are facilities for recreational activities including table tennis, biking, yoga sessions, aquarobic and many more. Guests are complemented to valet service, shuttles to and from the resort to nearby attractions including the beach and Oberoi Eat Street, not to mention high-speed internet access throughout the hotel. Guest can enjoy a diverse all-day breakfast that will suit everyone at Seminyak Kitchen, along with an array of light bites and cocktail menu at Pool Bar and Lounge. For the convenience of business and leisure travelers, Courtyard combines technology with style and comfort where the hotel lobby is featuring Courtyard’s signature GoBoardsŽ complete with information including hotel facilities, flight schedules, nearby attractions, local map and current news. In addition, 24 hour Business Center is available for guests to get work done efficiently on the go, providing various assistances such as copy and courier services. COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT BALI SEMINYAK RESORT Jl. Camplung Tanduk No. 103 SP, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Tel. +62 361 8499 600 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle COURTYARD MARRIOTT July 2016.indd 103


9/22/16 1:22 PM


M. Liminal, the New Design Upper Threshold

Just as consonance and dissonance are organized in music, M. Liminal’s shapes and colors are combined in asymmetric designs, simultaneously generating a composite and organic unit, as in nature. Music and the sea dually inspire the M. Liminal design: the shape of the side evokes the profile of a wave while silver evokes the blinding mirror of the water illuminated by the sun. The red of the soundboard and black of the cast iron frame filter through the transparency of music stand, revealing additional beauty and strengthening the feel of movement. M.


Liminal is the music of shape and the design of sound. The idea puzzled the creativity of Paolo Fazioli, interesting yet unusual project in collaboration with French architect Philippe Gendre. The technical aspect was the critical difficulty: adapting the Philippe Gendre idea to the mechanical requirements of the piano seemed a very difficult task indeed. Unusual materials have also been incorporated into the project, such as stainless steel, aluminum and Plexiglas. Challenges had to be overcome: an enormous work to be completed for the Cannes Boat Show in France,


Lifestyle The Grand Sept 2016 ok.indd 104

9/23/16 4:33 PM

the most exhibition in this sector, where the launch could be carried out amongst the public and operators who were all part of that world which this design was inspired by: the sea. The grand piano was ready after only 3 months of work, christened “M. Liminal”, referring to something that is placed above the upper limit, thereby suggesting that the design of his object represents the new design upper threshold. It relives tradition, modernizing the classic piano. The instrument is inserted in a strip of wood and rests on a metal base, soundproofed thanks to sound deadening paint. The base is aligned with the barycentre of the instrument, which houses the pedals. The red of the soundboard, the black of the cast iron frame and the

transparency of the Plexiglas music stand assert the medley of classic and modern styles. The M. Liminal grand piano started a real tour of important events: from the NAMM Show in Los Angeles (USA) to Musicora in Paris (France) and Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany before permanently exhibited at Italian Pavilion in Zaragoza (Spain). In addition to being an original technological experiment, which summarizes manufacturing skills and innovative design, the M. Liminal grand piano is provided with an outstanding range of tones and sounds, which enabled it to be appreciated by the most traditional of pianists. The originals have been sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada and the United States.

THE GRAND SIGNATURE PIANO Plaza Indonesia 3rd floor H001A-12, Jl. M. H Thamrin no.28-30, Jakarta 103550 - Indonesia, Tel : +62 21 2992 4346 Email :, Mobile : 081284882526 • REGISTRY INDONESIA

Lifestyle The Grand Sept 2016 ok.indd 105


9/23/16 4:33 PM


The upbeat and exciting growth of individuals entering the affluent and high-net-worth classes has provided more opportunity for banks to offer priority banking service. That is why PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (“KEB Hana Bank”), a subsidiary of Hana Financial Group that is one of the largest financial groups in South Korea, reaffirmed its commitment to these privileged classes by launching KEB Hana Priority Banking service on Thursday, 2 June 2016. The launch signifies the bank’s commitment towards servicing the burgeoning needs of Indonesian affluent clienteles for quality financial products and services. The service aims to provide customers with a holistic approach to banking, providing not only financial products, but also friendly services and rewarding privileges. KEB Hana Priority Banking is also a key strategy towards achieving the bank’s ambitious target of becoming one of the top 20 banks and the best

customer focused bank in Indonesia. Centre to KEB Hana Priority Banking is a principle of customer centricity, a commitment to prioritize customers through a suite of personalized services and experiences. Each KEB Hana Priority Banking customer will be assisted by a dedicated professional Relationship Manager who will ensure optimum and effective banking experiences. Customers will also have access to three stage-of-the-art Priority Banking Centers strategically located in Jakarta business districts. More than that, a package of benefits is designed to perfect customers’ journey with KEB Hana Priority Banking. Some of the benefits include airport pick up service at Changi airport in Singapore, complimentary Safe Deposit Box, invitation to exclusive events and movie premier, etc. As promised by its slogan “Priority is Yours,” KEB Hana Priority Banking is committed to always prioritize customers with financial services that understand them better. That way, customers can focus on their priority in making a difference.

PT. Bank KEB Hana Indonesia Wisma Mulia 32nd Floor, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No.42, Jakarta Call Keb Hana +62 21 1500 021



Bussines & Ivestment Hanna Bank Sept 2016 Final 2.indd 106

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KEB Hana Priority Banking

Priority is Yours In Korean, Hana means the first. The name signifies a progressive approach that recognizes we only have one chance in life. That is why priority must be assigned over what matters most. As part of this approach, you want a financial partner passionate in crafting financial masterpieces and premium banking services that pay attention to details. Hence, we present you with KEB Hana Priority Banking. KEB Hana Priority Banking is committed to always prioritize you with financial services that understand you better. Therefore, you can focus on your priority in making a difference. What is your first priority today?

Visit Our Branch

Call (021) 1500 021 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Bussines & Ivestment Hanna Bank Sept 2016 Final 2.indd 107


9/22/16 1:31 AM


Equipping Your Children with Sinarmas World Academy

Photo by SWA (Graduate from Ho Jun Kong)

Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) is an International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge school that focuses on excellence in innovation. English is the primary language of instruction, but all students also study both Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese. SWA offers a strong Chinese programme in partnership with the prestigious Peking University (PKU) of China, ranked 2nd by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. In addition to yearly student and teacher exchange programmes, PKU provides a framework for our Chinese programme that we adapt to our students’ needs. SWA provides Early Years learners a special focus on holistic development with a child-centred approach. Students from Kindergarten 2 to Grade 5 are placed into the Primary Cambridge Curriculum that provides a solid foundation on which the later stages of education can be built. All students are also given opportunities to be more creative and innovative with a Robotics programme being inserted into the curriculum for this academic year. This world-class curriculum, which is aligned with SWA’s goal of academic excellence, develops the students’ interest in learning and equips them with knowledge, skills and understandings to become role models in an international community. As the students enter middle school, SWA integrates the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) subject content with the IB Middle Years Programme curriculum framework, to academically challenge our students. Teachers assess students’ learning internally and prepare them to take the CIE checkpoint exams at the end of the 8th Grade and work towards the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams at the end of the 10th Grade. While preparing for their IGCSE exams, they also partake in the IB Middle Years Programme Personal Project, where they are encouraged to pursue an area of their interest and create a product of their own ingenuity.



Bussines & Ivestment Sinarmas World Academy Sept 2016.indd 108

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In high school, SWA students experience the rigorous IB Diploma Programme. The Diploma Programme is a pre-university course which develops them into global citizens that know the value of knowledge, and being both principled, and caring. The core components of the IB Diploma Programme include Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS), Theory of Knowledge

(TOK), Extended Essay, and the 6-subject groups. CAS is a component that pushes students to interact beyond the learning community, to take risks and give back to their community. SWA aims to raise children that are able to assimilate into the international world, to engage globally whilst continuing to embrace Asia.

SINARMAS WORLD ACADEMY Jl. TM Pahlawan Seribu, CBD Lot XV BSD City, Tangerang 15322 Indonesia, Tel. +62 21 5316 1400, Fax. +62 21 5316 1401 REGISTRY INDONESIA

Bussines & Ivestment Sinarmas World Academy Sept 2016.indd 109


9/22/16 4:59 PM

ERZA SETYADHARMA The Producer of Dreams

As someone who grew up in a family of classical music lover, it is no wonder that Erza Setyadharma has classical music rooted deep within his soul. While other kids were bopping their heads to pop sensations of yore like Michael Jackson or Madonna, young Erza were listening to classical music on vinyls from a gramophone. However, he discovered his love for opera music when he was just 15 years old. Through his aunt who worked as the cultural attaché for the Australian Embassy, Erza got the opportunity to attend a performance of Carmina Burana, a scenic cantata composed by Carl Orff. The performance completely entranced and left such a strong impression in him, that he immediately declared to his dismayed father that he would like to create something similar in the future. His first opportunity to take the first step towards realising his dreams came when he was a young man of 20. With the impetuousness of youth, he boldly suggested to a roomful of Rotary Club members to hold an opera gala for their 20th anniversary. Young and ambitious, Erza successfully produced his first opera gala in year 2000. Even though his first project was in a smaller scale with only 3 sopranos and a piano performing opera highlights, the success brought him so much satisfaction and also affirmation that this is what he is meant to do with his life. And thus began his remarkable journey in opera. Ever since the establishment of Indonesia Opera Society in 2006, their main objective has been to create awareness of opera in Indonesia. It wouldn’t surprise


anyone to hear to this has been a uphill battle. Opera carries with its name a lot of stigmas and stereotypes. A decade ago, the majority of population in this country probably has zero clue as to what an opera is. Many people, when they hear the word “opera,” immediately think of overweight singers in costumes belting out arias in foreign gibberish. Many believe them all to be long, pretentious, based on uninteresting stories, and sung in a foreign language by people with loud voices and too much vibrato. Erza definitely had his work cut out for him. We as a country has many incredible talents in music and performing arts, talents who with the right support might just be the next legend in the music industry. It is also an objective of the Indonesia Opera Society to provide cultural exchange with foreign musicians to improve their skills. It is his personal wish that local talents can be properly cultivated and be given the chance to undertake formal music studies. Remarkably, the Indonesia Opera Society has consistently produced operas that have proved to be crowd pleasers, busting the myth that all operas are long and boring. This is mainly due to Erza’s very realistic approach to accomplishing his goals. Were he to take an idealistic approach and produce the very well-known Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and present the lengthy production to a crowd of opera newbies, chances are half of them would fall asleep. With productions of full-length operas at only 1 hour, with interesting and fun subtitled stories, Erza brought to the audience a taste of opera that


Profile Erza ST Sept 2016.indd 110

9/23/16 4:33 PM


Profile Erza ST Sept 2016.indd 111


9/23/16 4:33 PM

is guaranteed to whet their appetite for more. A full production of opera is like an elaborate wedding cake that requires all the right ingredients, a lengthy process and an exorbitant cost, all for a short few hours of perfection. Musical talents whether local or foreign is something we have in spades, and there is enough passion powering the Indonesia Opera Society to go the thousands of miles if needed. However, the greatest hurdle they face is cost. In European countries, most opera houses receive public subsidies from taxpayers that can make up 25% - 40% of their annual budgets. In this country however, performing arts in general receive very limited monetary support from government. Opera which is deemed to be a foreign culture, has received no support and endorsement from the government whatsoever. This is a lamentable fact, as cultural growth is just as necessary to a country’s development as economic growth. The Indonesian Opera Society recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary in a majestic gala, a tremendous feat considering all the insurmountable challenges it has faced since its inception. Erza credits the corporate sponsors who have been able to see the value in opera and also the value it will bring to their customers. Opera is not only about music and performance, it also represents a lifestyle and cultural enlightenment. It is a credit to Ezra’s ingenuity that he has acted not only as a producer, but also


a shrewd businessman and master marketer by being able to bring value to his sponsors and stakeholders through opera. The Indonesia Opera Society has come a long way in bringing awareness of opera in this country. This is further helped by the rise of social media and the younger generation who is more culturally aware. We as a country have become better travellers, and this leads to a higher cultural awareness and appreciation for the arts. This does not necessarily mean that Erza’s work will become any easier. Even with growing appreciation and awareness of the masses, the stark reality is that an opera is incredibly costly to produce. The ongoing challenge is to gain government support and also convince more and more corporations and companies that opera is a worthwhile product to invest in, that it will create value for them and their customers. It might all have started as a dream a young boy had. While it was fuelled by passion, it was the tireless hard work, the bullheadedness and the ingenuity that brought him to this day. Throughout it all, Erza remained as passionate as he was at day one, and most importantly, he remained grateful for every opportunities God has given him, no matter how hardly earned. To him, the greatest satisfaction of all is watching the expressions of the audience who are entranced by what he has produced. It could have remained a dream, but Erza produced his dreams into reality.


Profile Erza ST Sept 2016.indd 112

9/23/16 4:34 PM


Profile Erza ST Sept 2016.indd 113


9/23/16 4:34 PM

THE TAN BROTHERS Traders of God’s Money

Mr. Kelvin Tan, Group Executive Chairman of Genesis-Global

Having encountered the dynamic duo in person - the Tan brothers of the Genesis-Global Gems & Jewellery Group, purveyors of ultra-luxurious gemstones and jewellery and having luxury showrooms in Hong Kong and Singapore - it was very clear to me that, the brothers were contrastive, yet complimenting each other. The younger Tan, Dennis, is the heart of the company, filled with endless passion for rare gemstones, pumping life into the business. The elder one, Kelvin, is the sophisticated, driving brain behind the growing success of the business. Kelvin had been a high-flying legal eagle in the Singapore legal profession for an illustrious 17 years, during which he was even appointed as a magistrate in the Singapore Judiciary and had accumulated extensive experience in the Singapore financial services industry as chief legal counsel of various major renowned MNCs, whereas Dennis, armed with an Ivy League category university degree, had been a successful top level executive himself in the hospitality industry. Since they both were kids, they have always admired their mother’s jewellery collection. They always loved jewellery, precious stones and gold – all the bling bling stuff which most men are either too shy to admit their fondness of, or are simply refusing to acknowledge their admiration for, save for the very pieces they have given to their beloved one to mark a special milestone in life. However, it was only after Kelvin’s stint as legal head of several MNCs in the financial services sector that he had realised the true value of precious gemstones in the monetary investment sense, beyond aesthetic appeal. “The world is a cruel place when it


comes to choices of investments today,” he explains. “It punishes the saver and rewards the debtor. And that kind of addiction to debt is unsustainable. Sooner or later, every form of money market investment or instrument has to boil down to its underlying asset class. Precious gems is a unique asset class which most people have somewhat forgotten or ignored”, says Kelvin. With that wisdom entrenched in their rationale for investment choices, it has been more than a decade that Kelvin and Dennis have turned their investment choice to precious stones– a decision which has not only yielded handsome profits for the brothers, but has changed their lives for the better. From collectors of commercial jewellery, they have risen to purveyors of rare investment-quality gemstones to offer people an option of an ‘eternally’ reliable way to invest and enjoy. “Gemstone is a very precious commodity,” Kelvin explained. “It is mother nature’s gift to mankind. You cannot manufacture a stone and call it natural. We’re talking about natural stones that are not treated and not artificially created. Only Mother Nature can produce them. Nobody can recreate them.” Taking into account their divinely created, natural and eternal value, Kelvin refers to gemstones as “God’s money”. The Tan brothers have always believed this from the beginning, and everything just fell into place for them. It just so happens to be that not only Kelvin, but his younger brother, Dennis, also has eyes for gemstones, and their combined talent have benefited many clients in the region. Kelvin was not only any ordinary lawyer, but a lawyer who understands gemstones who also had training and extensive experience in the financial services sector which shaped him to become both financially savvy and a sharp-eyed investor in precious gems with the ability to spot a good stone from a labyrinth of gemstones available in the market. Marrying the two disciplines together - passion for gemstones and financial knowledge, Kelvin created a number of investment solutions for his clients using precious gemstones that have high intrinsic value which continue to appreciate significantly in value over time, simply due to the ever increasing acute scarcity of supply, especially for top quality pieces, such as the legendary “pigeon blood” red rubies from Mogok, Burma. Although his major game is playing at the level of the top 1 percent of rare gemstones, Genesis-Global also caters for gemstones in the US$ 50,000 a stone category. This level is the sensible starting entry-price for first-time investors, which Kelvin predicts would be affordable for most middle-class Indonesians who are growing in affluence. “We are looking into the possibility of opening an office in Jakarta” he said, “Jakarta has a lot of potential because a lot of people have already made a lot of wealth due to the stability of the economy. They have been used to putting their money into traditional forms of financial investments. It is time for them to pay attention to an alternative lucrative class of investment in the form of high quality precious gemstones. A lot of them do not even need a lot of education about gemstones. They have already been collecting discreetly. Indonesians simply love gemstones. They just need to take a more serious view of the investment angle. That is what we are here for. To help them invest wisely.” Well, it takes courage to enter into any form of investment. But more than courage - it takes wisdom to trade in God’s money.


Profile Kelvin Tan Sept 2016.indd 114

9/23/16 4:46 PM


Profile Kelvin Tan Sept 2016.indd 115


9/23/16 4:46 PM

BASURI T. PURNAMA Ceo of the People

Basuri T. Purnama walked with a charisma of a leader but also a peer, straight into the elegant lobby of the Jababeka building, where he has long been advisor to the company for its Morotai project. PT Jababeka Morotai was appointed as the implementing entity of the Morotai development project by the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Morotai’s development will be focusing on tourism, agricultural and fishing industries, the main aspects of development where Purnama has had extensive experience in developing, during his political years as regent of East Belitung. Although successful in politics, Purnama’s educational background was Medicine. As a resident and doctor, he had worked at a government owned local hospital. Intrigued, REGISTRY inquired about his upbringing, that influenced him to grow into a man with such broad interest and capacity. “My father always had a ‘grown-up’ talk with us kids, regarding his job, and corrupt practices,” he answered, “What was deeply imprinted into our conscience was his teaching of ancient Chinese philosophy: the poor should not fight against the rich, and the rich should not fight against government officials. If you want to fight officials, be one yourself. If you want to change the system, be a part of the system. There is no use in complaining from the outside.” From the time he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school, Basuri T. Purnama, had always wanted to become a doctor. When he finished his education, his father charged him to return to his hometown to contribute to the society there, through the advancement of its local government-owned hospital. Little did he know, that returning to Belitung was like a seed planted for his political career. Basuri T. Purnama first went into politics because he was encouraged and inspired by his brother, current governor of Jakarta, Basuki T. Purnama, also known as Ahok. Ahok was the regent of East Belitung then. The two brothers had the same vision to develop their hometown. After big brother stepped down from office, he believed that not continuing the work he started, as he had planned, would have been a great loss for the people. He wanted his younger brother to continue grow the flourishing economy. “I had personal experiences that convinced me, helping the people here was my calling,”


said Basuri T. Purnama. He reminisced the time when his father taught him how to be leader. He then took upon himself the responsibility the people have entrusted him and called himself ‘the CEO of the people’. He wanted to lead. He wanted to manage. He wanted to answer to the people. Then everything seemed to be falling into place. When Ahok pushed him to run for regency, Basuri Purnama gave him one condition - since he did not have any money for a campaign, he would only do it if a political party was interested in sponsoring him. Ahok pointed out that the Party of the Functional Groups (Golkar) would be willing to have him represent them, if he would turn out to be number one in a poll. Contrary to younger Purnama’s pessimism, the poll resulted in him being number one. “It was almost impossible!” he exclaimed. “After inauguration, I would go to the villages and nobody even knew who I was.” The poll was a personal sign for him that he should continue until the election, with the support of Golkar. “I came to believe that this was a task given to me,” he humbly said. Besides the construction of its airport and other public facilities, Purnama, as the Regent of the area, successfully created a touristic icon for East Belitung by establishing the production of handmade batik, typical to the island. With the help of his wife, Linda Juliastani Basuri, who coordinated the training and implementation of this project, 50 women from the Family Welfare Guidance (PKK), were trained the mastery of batik. The batik gallery today is the most successful gallery with an annual revenue of 2 billion rupiah, and one of the famous tourist attractions and souvenir shop in the country. From this batik gallery alone, Purnama successfully boosted tourism from 11,000 annual visitors in 2010 to 165,000 in 2015. Through the visits of international and domestic tourists, all other local products also experience a boost in sales: local honey, virgin coconut oil, orange syrup, brown palm sugar etc. Funds were invested in affordable housing and scholarships, as well as farmland for the people. In 2010 poverty was among 10.3% of the population, which was reduced to 6.9% in 2013. His vision for East Belitung was to eradicate poverty by 2020. The people are his trustees and commissary. With the people in his heart, and brilliant strategies in his mind, Basuri T. Purnama brought great change for his regency.


Profile Basuri Tjahja Purnama July 2016 ok.indd 116

9/21/16 2:38 PM


Profile Basuri Tjahja Purnama July 2016 ok.indd 117


9/21/16 2:38 PM


CARTIER The New Cartier Maison Cheongdam The Cartier Maison Cheongdam has reopened in June 2016. Established in a spacious building over 800 m2 consisting of three levels and one underground section, it will be the first High Jewellery and Fine Watchmaking flagship store in Korea. Designed in the Manner of a hotel particulier, it will harmoniously combine the spirit of the Cartier legendary boutique at rue de la paix in Paris (France) with Korean elements. It offers a large space with many salons for browsing and perusing jewellery, watches, objects and accesories.

CHANEL EYEWEAR Willow Smith Campaign Designer Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Willow Smith to be the face of CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2016/17 eyewear campaign. A multifaceted artist, writer-composer-singer and actress, Willow Smith is the embodiment of her generation’s spirit. She charmed Karl Lagerfeld who has invited her to join the family of CHANEL muses. Willow Smith’s look and charisma are compelling in this black and white campaign with its minimal backdrop, where the young trendsetter was instantly at ease in front of the designer’s camera. Swathed in jewels from the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Readyto-Wear collection, she breathes new energy into the world of CHANEL eyewear.

DIOR La D de Dior Satine In 2003, five years after having invented Dior jewelry, the Creative Director presented her first watch: La D de Dior. This year, the La D de Dior Satine bears witness to the watchmaking expertise of the House’s ateliers and to Victoire de Castellane’s creativity. “I was inspired by satin ribbons, and La D de Dior Satine is a metal ribbon around the wrist.” The precious ribbon represents the indelible link between couture and watchmaking that Victoire de Castellane has been weaving over the years. With a color selection of two: pink gold and yellow gold – both plunge us into the heart of jewelry making.



Preview July 2016.indd 118

9/21/16 3:42 PM

Fine Estate Indonesia

Intro FineEstate July 2016.indd 97

9/22/16 1:13 AM


REGENT RESIDENCES JAKARTA Personalized Luxury and Unique Experiences

Regent Residences Jakarta, which brought to life by an award winning developer PT KG Global and global brand Regent, is set within the Mangkuluhur City development at Jalan 1 Gatot Subroto. Located in the middle of Jakarta’s central business district, the establishment is surrounded by world-class hotels, grade-A offices and internationalstandard culinary podium in the midst of serene greenery. As a vivid celebration of the premium quality lifestyle, every detail has been addressed thoughtfully to create a singular version of luxury living. The height reaches more than 250 meters for each one of all 87 residences to have the best view of Jakarta’s skyline. Three to four bedroom units occupy each floor whilst a luxurious full-floor penthouse with private swimming pool sits atop awaiting those seeking the ultimate indulgence. Not to mention the wide

array of shopping center, dining and entertainment options in the neighborhood. Why Regent Residences one might ask – there are five apparent reasons to select Regent Residences Jakarta: its prime location within Jakarta’s Golden Triangle left it surrounded by around-the-clock deluxe entertainment and world-class health centers. Landmark locations such as Thamrin, Sudirman, SCBD, BEJ, Senayan and Mega Kuningan are as easy to reach as to view from each private balcony. Its prestigious is incomparable – no detail is too trivial and luxury is a necessity in Regent Residences. Fully equipped with top-of-the-line materials, tall ceiling heights, built-in smart home system, bespoke interior and spectacular views, each unit is designed to satisfy all prestigious needs.

For more information, please contact: +62 81 888 9178 Email : •



ESTATE Regent Residences Jakarta Sept 2016.indd 120

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Regent Residences serve a world-class service standard where attentiveness, intuition and insight are at the core of its values. With years of experiences, they have redefined personal service from sending daily mail up to doorstep to planning a birthday party – no request are too small or unattainable at any hour. Regent Residences offer luxurious convenience for residents – a beyondcomprehensive list of high-tech facilities and services to anticipate all needs in the most unobstructed manner. Residents have full access to all-exclusive cub and amenities including meeting spaces, restaurants, spa and ballroom. Not to mention a fleet of complimentary premium class vehicle to connect privileged residents with the surrounding shopping districts. It is the KG Global’s masterpiece, an award winning developer known for its premium quality, efficiency and concept, without compromising innovative designs and investment costs. Regent Residences Jakarta is cutting-edge in its design while not losing sight of the fact that a home must be what it professes to be: a place of refuge, comfort and convenience. For more information, please contact: +62 81 888 9178 Email : • REGISTRY INDONESIA

ESTATE Regent Residences Jakarta Sept 2016.indd 121


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Subscribe Today Save The Cover Price


% Off



Rp 630.000,-


Name Address

Mr Home


Ms :


Office :

Telephone / Fax : E-mail : Date of Birth : Hobbies : Company : Position : For the payment, please transfer to:

Subscription Term Registry Indonesia 6 Month: Rp.360,000,12 Month: Rp. 630,000,24 Month: Rp. 1,125,000,- Starting from : .......................... Discount of up to 30% off the cover price!! (cover price Rp. 75,000,-) • We will process the application as soon as we receive a copy of payment slip. Please allow two weeks to process your subscription. • Delivery charges will be applied for address outside Jakarta

SAD Subscribe FEB 2016.indd 122

PT. MAGWEI INDONESIA BCA Cab. Wahid Hasyim Acc # 478-3030-911 Please fax the payment copy to : +62 21 350 4961 Phone: +62 821 2557 2325 Email :

9/23/16 12:17 AM


Intro Event July 2016.indd 117

9/23/16 12:10 AM


Mr Hapsoro Sukmonohadi, Mrs Puan Maharani

Mr Ganjar Pranowo

Mr .Oloan Siahaan and Mrs Miranda Goeltom

Mr. and Mrs. Ruhut Sitompul

Mrs and Mr. Jimly Asshiddiqie


Mr. Muliaman D Hadad and Mrs WD Sarah Bey

Mr. Ade R Mahpud and Mrs. Ida Farida M

Mr. and Mrs. Ilham Akbar Habibie

Mr and Mrs Agus Martowardojo

Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri

Mr. Hidayat Nur Wahid

Mrs and Mr. Sandiaga S Uno

Mr Yasonna H Laoly


Event wedding anak Muliaman Hadad.indd 124

23/09/2016 19:23:13


Mr Muliaman D Hadad,Mrs WD Sarah Bey, Mrs. AninYudhoyono , Mr Farizan Firdaus, Mrs Miriam Syakira Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Mrs Ida Farida M, Mr Ade R Mahpud

Mr. Farizan Firdaus and Mrs. Miriam Syakira


Mr Muliaman D Hadad,Mrs WD Sarah Bey, Veronica Tan , Mr Farizan Firdaus, Mrs Miriam Syakira Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama ,Mr Ade R Mahpud, Mrs Ida Farida M

Mr. and Mrs. Fadel Muhammad

Mr. Tito Karnavian

Mr. Arief Hidayat

Mr. and Mrs. Irman Gusman

Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti

Mr. and Mrs Syarif Hasan

Miriam Syakira Hadad & Farizan Firdaus’ wedding ceremony took place on Sunday, September 4, 2016 at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. This spectacular and memorable event between the daughter of Head of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Muliaman Hadad and the son of Ade Ruhyana Mahpud presented an overflowing rich menu of national and international cuisine and was graced with the presences of former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono & wife together with Basuki Cahya Purnama & wife and furthered with the celebrities and high society of Jakarta.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosan Roeslani

Mr .Akbar Tandjung and Mrs. Karmia Krissanty Tandjung REGISTRY INDONESIA

Event wedding anak Muliaman Hadad.indd 125


23/09/2016 19:23:45



HE Vladimir Lopato-Zagorsky, Airlangga Hartarto, Madame Diana Lopato-Zagorskaya

HE Anna Aghadjanian.JPG

H.E Vittorio Sandalli

HE Mikhail Y. Galuzin.JPG


Belarus Embassy held a celebratory event for Belarus National Day on the 24th of August 2016 at Borobudur Jakarta Hotel. The new ministry of industry Mr. Airlangga Hartanto, who recently replaces Mr. Saleh Husin, presented at the event. They start by singing Belarus and Indonesian national anthem, followed by a speech by Indonesian Belarus Ambassador H.E. Vladimir Lopato-Zagorsky. A number of foreign Ambassadors in Indonesia and Belarus business networks in Jakarta also present at the Belarus National Day event.

HE Tamerlan Karayev

H.E Fariz Mehdawi


HE Mourad Belhassen and Madame

H.E Gladys F. Urbaneja Duran

Madame and H.E Cesar Esteban Grillon

Mr. Eugeny Kompanets, Mr. Julio Cesar Aray Nardella

HE Rubem Antanio Correa Barbosa, H.E Shavkat Jamalov

HE Michal Slivovic, Mr.Erza ST

Mrs. Anita Vaswani, Mrs. Pooja Assomull


Event Embassy Belarus .indd 126

9/22/16 9:53 PM


Mrs and Mr. Omar F. Daghestani

Vice Minister A.M Fachir

Minister Yuddy Chrisnandi

Madame and H.E. Walid Al Hadid

EMBASSY OF JORDAN 70th Jordan Independence

The Embassy of Jordan held a commemoration of its 70th Jordan Independence and the Centennial of the Great Arab Revolt on May 24, 2016, at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. Ambassador of Jordan to Indonesia, H.E. Walid Al Hadid with spouse Madam Amany Abu Taleb Al Hadid welcomed invited guests and introduced photos of Jordan displayed at the entrance of the venue. This memorable occasion was attended by Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Mr. Yuddy Chrisnandi, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Mr. A.M. Fachir and Ambassadors of other nations.

H.E. Walid Al Hadid, Mr. Aburizal Bakrie

Mrs. Yenny Wahid

Madame and HE Tamerlan Karayev

Mrs. Yasmin Fachir, Madame Amany Al Hadid

Mrs. Dewi Fortuna Anwar

H.E. Mohamed Majdi, H.E. Sayyid Nazar Al Said

H.E Mohammad Aqil Nadeem and Madame

H.E Moazzam Maliq

Madame and H.E Bahaa Dessouki


Event Embassy of Jordan.indd 127


9/23/16 4:40 PM



Mr. Ary Juwono, Mr. Auguste Soesastro, Mr. Nur Cahyo

Mr. Joko Afianto

Mr. Triawan Munaf

Mr. Verry Y. Setiady, Mr. Edward Hutabarat


This annual event held at Senayan City Mall this year picked Glorify Indonesia theme on 15th of August 2016, to celebrate Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day. Senayan City awarded Edward Hutabarat – and to Indonesia – for amazing artworks in art, culture, sports, tourism and conservatory. The head of creative economy Mr. Triawan Munaf started the event with a speech, followed by Mr. Edward Hutabarat’s fashion show and award receiving for exploring the richness of Indonesia in the last 35 years to later be put into his Batik art.

Mrs. Amalya Hasibuan, Mrs. Sawitri Soeparno

Mrs and Mr. Nicholas Shang

Mrs. Fay Soekarno, Mrs. Dian Mulyadi

Mrs. Etty Djody, Mrs.Jule Sumendap

Mrs. Dahlia Sardjono, Mrs. Maya Rizano Mrs. Jaclyn Halim, Mrs.Melissa Siswanto


Mrs. Marcella Zelianti, Mrs Mien Uno

Mr. Jay Subiakto

Mr. Roland Adam

Mrs Pia Alisjahbana


Event Senayan City "Achievment" .indd 128

9/22/16 9:55 PM


Mrs. Ratna Djoko Suyanto, Mrs. Herawati Boediono, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono, Mrs. Tuti Sutiawati Try Sutrisno

Mrs. Mufidah Jusuf Kalla

Mrs. Herawatie Wirajuda, Mrs. Lisa Ayodhia

MUTUMANIKAM The Jewel of Paradise

Mrs. Peggy Enggartiasto

Mrs. Ririn Roy Suryo

Mrs. Elly Sutarman

Mrs. Okke Hatta Rajasa

Mrs. Rina Doddy, Mrs. Triesnawati Jero Wacik

Mrs. Mien Uno

Mrs. Mrs. Cely Awaludin

Mrs. Herawati Hermawan, Mrs. Ani

Mutumanikam held an exhibition called Pameran Mutumanikam Nusantara Indonesia Jewelry Fair 2016, The Jewel of Paradise on 2528th August 2016 at Jakarta Convention Center, A Hall, South Jakarta. The event started by the presence and greetings from Mrs. Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, Mrs. Ratna Djoko Suyantom, Mrs. Herawati Boedjono, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono, Mrs. Tuti Sutiawati Try Sutrisno, Mrs. Herawatie Wirajuda and Mrs. Lisa Ayodhia. Lead by Mrs. Lisa Ayodhia, 110 people across Indonesia participated in the event. At its 10th year, a broad selection of materials from pearl, gold, silver, stones and diamond are polished by local artisans into brooch, bracelet, ring and earrings from various Indonesian sites.

Mrs. Liestyana Gusman, Mrs. Julia Ginanjar, Mrs. Ine Hakim Tohir

Mrs. Yasmin Fachir

Madame Noor Traavik


Event Mutumanikan Nusantara Indonesia .indd 129


9/22/16 9:59 PM


Mr. Ferry Tjay, Mrs. Venny, Mr. Tio Tjay

Mr. Haryono Budiono

Mr. Tommy Sutomo, Mrs. Inge Santoso

Mrs. Didiet Tacril


Mr. Ijek Widiakrisnadi and Friend

Mrs. Melsiana Tjahyadikarta, Mrs. Hellen Bharwani, Mrs. Fanny Susilo

Mrs. Deborah Iskandar, Mrs. Vicky Charamitha, Mrs. Stephanie K. UUn

Mrs. Hilda Ruscono

Madame Yulie Grillon

Mrs. Jessica Sanjaya, Mrs. Delphine Darsono, Mrs. Lisa Mihardja

Mrs. Yunita Ciputra, Mr. Ciputra

Mr. Kim Seokgi, Mrs. Park Jihye, Mr. Edwin Rahardjo

Mrs. Adriana Sri Lestari , Mrs. Semi Sampoerna, Mrs. Lidya Susanti


REVISI Event Arts Stage Jakarta 2 Page.indd 130

9/23/16 3:32 AM


Mrs. Veronica Tjahaja Purnama, Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio

Mrs. Miana Sudwikatmono

Mrs. Coreta Kapoyos Mr. Lorenzo Rudolf, Mr. Triawan Munaf

ART STAGE JAKARTA Heartbeat of Asia

Mr.R.Sidik W. Martowidjojo

H.E Johanna Brismar Skoog

Mr. Murdaya Poo , Mr. Deddy Kusuma

Mr. Eddy Purjanto

Mrs. Meta Dharmawan and Friend

Mr. Oei Hong Djien, H.E. Federico Salas

Mrs. Puri Hadiprana and Friend

Singapore Art Stage Director Mr. Lorenzo Rudolf together with Mr. Deddy Kusuma held an international art exhibition called Expose in Jakarta on 5th of August 2016, at Sheraton Hotel, Gandaria City, South Jakarta. Lead by Mr. Enin Supriyanto, a number of collectors lend their artworks to be exhibited in the gallery. Hundreds of artworks from local artists to internationals were exhibited in a 3000-meter square space. A suiting occasion for collectors and artists to bond, the event was opened by the head of creative economy Mr. Triawan Munaf.

H.E Askhat Orazbay and Madame

Mrs. Mien Uno, Mrs. Inti Subagio

Mrs. Titiek Soeharto,

Mr. A.B Susanto


REVISI Event Arts Stage Jakarta 2 Page.indd 131


9/23/16 3:33 AM


Mr. Laurent Godin, Madame and H.E H.E Vincent Guerend

Mrs. Lucy Munaba, Mrs. Listyawati Rahardjo, Mrs. Lisa Munaba

Mrs. Helina Chan

Mrs. Listianawati Setio

Mrs. Renitasari Adrian

Mrs and Mr. Agus Dermawan T


Mr. Tio Tjay, Mr. Ferry Tjay, Mrs. Venny S.T

Mr. Dedi Sjahrir Panigoro

Mrs. Meta Wibowo, Mrs. Juliana Manua

Mrs. Wendy Irwan, Mrs. Imelda Setokusumo

Mrs. Vanessa Sutanto, Mrs. Joanna Stevens

Mr. Teguh Wibisana, Mr. Helmut Wang

Mrs. Inge Santoso, Mr. Tommi Sutomo

Mrs. Yunita Ciputra, Mr. Harun Hajadi

Mrs and Mr. Buce Widjojo

Mr. Daniel Jusuf


Event Bazaar Art 2 Pages.indd 132

23/09/2016 19:21:10


Mr. Rian Widiakrisnadi, Mr. Hengky Setiawan, Mr. Ijek Widiakrisnadi

Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama Mr Herry Dion, Mrs. Yuanita Sawitri

PURI ART GALLERY Bazaar Art 2016

Mrs. Mira Pratiwi, Mr. Evgene Bek

Mr. Andy Yustana

Mrs. Dian Sastro Wardoyo, Mr. Indraguna Sutowo

Mr. Cosmas Gozali

Mr. Harun Hajadi

Mr. Oei Hong Djien

Mr. Irwan Hidayat

Puri Art Gallery participated in Bazaar Art 2016 on 25-28th August 2016 at the Grand Ballroom Ritz Carlton Pacific Place with Puri Art Gallery owner Mrs. Yuanita Sawitri present at the event. For the eighth time, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia held the Bazaar Art Jakarta where it exhibits works of artists of 11 countries from Australia to the United States. The Governor of Jakarta Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama opened the event, while Indonesian actress Mrs. Dian Sastro Wardoyo and President Director of PT Ciputra Surya Tbk Mr. Harun Hajadi with Mrs. Yunita Ciputra were also present.

Ms. Aidana Orazbay, Madame Zhanar Sukhanova Orazbay, Ms. Aika Orazbay

Mrs. Rina Herkiamto


Event Bazaar Art 2 Pages.indd 133


23/09/2016 19:21:43



Mr. Jean Pierre Diserens, Mr. Erza S.T , Mr. Selim Chanderlli


Mr Manuel Bocalandro, H E Ricardo Luiz Bocalandro

H.E Vladimir Lopato Zagorsky and Madame

Mrs. Aline C Champion

10th Anniversary Concert

Indonesia Opera Society with the founder Mr. Erza Setyadharma held a colossal concert in celebrating their 10th anniversary on September 7th 2016 at Segara Ballroom, Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta. A number of guests including Mrs. Anna Bambang and former Indonesian minister Mr. Abdul Latief attended at the Opera Gala along with other Ambassadors. World-class singers from ten different countries performed at the event, including bass singer Harland Hutabarat from Indonesia, Soprano Gayane Vardanyan from Armenia, Anna DInna Migallos from Filipina and many more. Special guest pianist/composer Ananda Sukarlan performed a song originated from Ismail Marzuki’s “Fantasy on Selendang Sutra” with a Blüthner Piano.

Madame Noor Traavik

Mrs. Any Tengker

Mrs. Victoria Santoso, Mrs. Natasha Gan, Mrs. Janice Lawadinata


Mr. Setiawan Sudjie, Mrs. Liey Haryanto, Mr. Ananda Sukarlan

Mr and Mrs. Hartono Hosea

Dr Tommy Mardjoeki, Mrs. Anna Bambang

Mrs. Grace Wong, Mr. Alex Nayowan

Mrs. Finna Huang, Mrs. Kartini Basuki, Mrs. Miranda Goeltom, Mrs. Amalia Wirjono


Event Indonesia Opera Society 2 Page.indd 134

9/23/16 3:33 AM


The Opera Show

Mr. Wiweko Nugroho, Mrs. Sarah Zafria

Mrs. Donna Latief , Mr. Abdul Latief

Mrs. Karina Ruslan, Mrs. Deborah Iskandar, Mr. Rudi Akili

Mrs. Fitri Wahab

Mr and Mrs. Ivan Wibowo Dharmawan

Mrs and Mr. Ted Sulisto

Mr. Mark Jamez Diaz, Mrs. Tience Sumartini

Mr. Wiweko Nugroho, Mrs. Sarah Zafria

Mrs. Artasya Sudirman, Mrs. Jenny Jusuf, Mrs. Sekar Putih Djarot

Mrs. Dewi Soedarjo, Mrs. Miana Sudwikatmono

Mr. Mark Clay

Mrs. Maria Elena Sandalli, Mrs. Slawa Duszynska REGISTRY INDONESIA

Event Indonesia Opera Society 2 Page.indd 135


9/23/16 3:34 AM



Mrs. Linda Tan

Madame Jacqueline Swartbol

Mrs. Shinta Kamdani and Friend

Mrs. Maya Macdougall, Mrs. Anna Marx

Ms. Francisca Prandayani


Ms. Meifany Lamsudy, Mr. Marcel Chandrawinata

Mrs. Marita Wijaya, Ms. Yuvinia Yuhadi, Ms. Lylyanti Handoyi

CONDOTTI X LEATHERIANS A Touch of Italian Luxury

To celebrate the launch of Condotti Watch, esteemed guests were invited to an afternoon of leathercrafting with Leatherians at Bottega Ristorante, South Jakarta. The all-male guests were given the opportunity to have their Condotti watch straps personalised with their initials. The main course of the day was a fun leathercrafting workshop with Leatherians Jakarta, where the gentlemen created a handy leather card holder. Teachers from Leatherians guided all the guests from cutting their choice of leather, to sewing and finishing their card holders. The finishing touch was to get their name stamped for a truly personalised creation.


Mr. Ari Wibowo, Mr. Wijaya


Event Indonesia Opera Society 2 Page.indd 136

9/23/16 3:35 AM


Mrs. Fifi Thahaja Purnama, Mrs. Farah Quinn

H.E Johanna Brismar Skoog, Mr. Erza S.T, Mrs. Tience Soemartini


Welcome to the Jungle

Mrs and Mr. Nicholas Shang

Mrs. Cecilia, Mr. Alessandro, Mrs. Sita Satar

Mrs. Connie bakrie, Mrs. Martha Fonda

Madame Maria Boelandro, Mr. Erza S.T, H.E Anna aghadjanian

Mrs. Ade K . Syarfuan, Mrs.Estherida Soeleiman

Mrs. Yanti Zorlu

Indonesia Opera Society founder and producer Mr. Erza S.T, Bali International Flight Academy founder and commissioner Mrs. Tience Sumartini and Ambassador of Sweden to Indonesia H.E. Mrs. Johanna Brismar Skoog celebrated their birthday together on August 13th 2016 at the secret rooftop of the newly open Four Seasons Jakarta. A ‘wild’ party worth remembering attended by a number of best friends and socialites. The guests are given a particular dress code – animal prints – to match the theme “Welcome to the Jungle”, inspired by their shared astrological sign: Leo.

Ms. Desi Anwar, Ms. Sinta sirait

Mrs. Salini Nenou

Mr. Tiku Menon

Mrs. Novi Samodro, Mrs. Sari Kusumaningrum

Mrs. Mar.


Event Tata_The Lions Party (Erza) 13 Agt 16.indd 137


9/22/16 9:59 PM



Mrs. Rina Chiang

Mrs. May Farida

Mrs. Henni Jeniwati

Mrs. Hellen Jeniwati

Mrs. Dewi Husein

DEWI HUSEIN Friendship Day

Friendship Day event has celebrate friendship since 2015 and this year it was held on 12th of August 2016 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. Hosted by Mrs. Dewi Husein, her best of friends participated in this glamorous event. It started with a speech and followed by some token of appreciation to people who had participated. Mrs. Jasmine Choo won the dance competition whilst the other guests enjoyed their meal and socializes with each other – in a harmonious background music thoughtfully prepared for the event.

Mrs. Suriani Saputra

Mrs. Dian Mulyadi

Mrs. Yunie Julia, Mrs. Shinta Dewi


Mrs. Dewi Husein, Mrs. Astrid Muljadi

Mrs. Ping-ping

Mrs. Jasmine Choo, Mrs. Sofiany Ang.

Mrs. Aisuan Yeo, Mrs. Yung yung Pribadi, Mr. Hans Huang, Mrs. Ivonnie Luhur

Mrs. Cynthia Go

Mrs. Linda B. Hui.

Mrs. Fanny Iskandar

Mrs. Merry Ham

Mrs Cin Cin Chandra .

Mrs. Lilian Susanto


Event Dewi Husein 'Friendhip Day" .indd 138

9/22/16 9:58 PM

Collectible Sotheby's • Tio Tjay

INTRO COLLECTIBLE Sept 2016.indd 77

9/22/16 1:01 AM

Affandi (1907 – 1990), Reclining Nude, 1966, Oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm

SOTHEBY’S HONG KONG Southeast Asian Collectibles

My Faces, 2012

Shiy De Jinn (1923 – 1981) Young Girl, 1960, Oil on canvas, 91 x 65 cm


Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn 2016 Sale Series took place at Hall 3 of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from October 1-5, 2016. The event showcased extraordinary collectibles upon Chinese Works of Art, Fine Chinese Paintings, Classical Chinese Paintings, Contemporary Ink Art, Modern Asian Art, Contemporary Asian Art, Modern & Contemporary Southeast Asian Art, Jewelry, and Watches & Wines. Highlighted selections were showcased in Jakarta from August 26-28, Singapore from September 21-22, Taipei from September 24-25 and finally a public exhibition on all collectibles offered at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from September 30 to October 4, 2016. Wines arrayed revealed a magnificent collection of Château Pétrus upon 99 lots from 11 vintages between 1998 and 2012; A unique Asian Edition Crystal Magnum Decanter of Special Louis XIII Cognac masterpiece crafted in collaboration with French luxury houses of Hermès, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis and called L’odyssée D’un Roi or Journey of a King; and a rare collection of Domaine de la RomanéeConti & Henri Jayer and Masseto.


Collectibles Sotheby's Sept 2016.indd 140

9/21/16 12:41 AM

Shiraga Kazuo (1924 – 2008), Reibu, 1989 Oil on canvas, 130.8 x 97.3 cm

Wang Huaiqing (b. 1944), Six Tables, 1993, Oil on canvas, 130 x 145 cm

Modern and Contemporary Asian Art disclosed a oil on canvas Six Tables painting by Wang Huaiqing; a wooden sculpture Taichi Boxing by Ju Ming; a oil on canvas Young Girl painting by Shiy De Jinn; a Mineral pigment and glue on canvas artwork by Lee Ufan; an oil on canvas Society No. 3 painting by Zeng Fanzhi; an oil on canvas Reibu painting by Shiraga Kazuo; an oil on canvas Reclining Nude painting by Affandi; an ink and gouache on silk, fixed on paper, laid on cardboard Maternity artwork by Le Pho; an acrylic on canvas Proud artwork by I Nyoman Masriadi; a watercolor on paper Nu Painting by Sanyu; a oil on canvas Appearance of Crosses 95-20 artwork by Ding Yi; an oil on canvas painting by Kim Whanki; an oil on canvas Work painting by Yoshihara

Ju Ming (b. 1938), Taichi Boxing, 1991, Wood, 57.2 x 47.5 x 58.3 cm (L); 45.4 x 40.3 x 64.5 cm (R)

Jiro; an oil on canvas Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Madèh Pergi with Mount Gunung Agung painting by Theo Meier; an oil on canvas When I See It Is The Only Home #1 painting by Ay Tjoe Christine; and an oil on canvas Alam Meditasi 2000 painting by Srihadi Sudarsono. Important Chinese Arts of among others an extremely fine and rare Wucai ‘Mythical Beast’ Jar and Cover Mark from the period of Wanli; A gilt-bronze Votive Figure of Padmapani from the Northern Wei dynasty; A White Jade ‘Mandarin Ducks and Rockwork’ Group from the Qing dynasty; and an exceptional massive cabinet with Zitan carved ‘Dragon’ Panels from the Qing dynasty.

I Nyoman Masriadi (b. 1973), Proud, 2012 Acrylic on canvas, 300 x 200 cm

Zeng Fanzhi (b. 1964), Society No. 3, 2001 Oil on canvas, 218.5 x 144.5 cm


Collectibles Sotheby's Sept 2016.indd 141


9/21/16 12:41 AM

Indonesia Beauty, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 120x200 cm


Creating the Rhythm of the Art World

8 Brave Horses, 2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 110x160 cm


Traditional and natural theme dominates TioTjay’s aesthetic paintings, putting together his Indonesian and Brazilian approach to each piece. He has always been very fond of the wild and exotic beauty, which shines through his work – from Indonesian landscapes and traditional activities to hidden parts of South America and Brazil. Tio Tjay had long resided in Brazil to further study the field since he enjoyed studying Chinese paintings and calligraphy in such a young age. His career then got widely acknowledged and numerous exhibitions were held in Brazil, Paraguay, Italia, Japan and his home country, Indonesia. He often cooperates his dejection of reckless behavior towards nature in his art, ironically showing how harm could be done in such beautiful landscapes. Some of his latest paintings including Indonesia Beauty, 2016, painted with oil on canvas, size being 120x200 cm. It is an exquisite portrayal of Indonesia’s famous Borobudur temple, surrounded by an extensive area of rice field and clouds inspired by a childhood picture and his memory of it. The temple itself represents prosperity and cultural beauty, painted with magnificent use of colors


Collectibles Tio Tjay Sept 2016 ok.indd 142

9/23/16 4:43 PM

Rio, Brazil 2016 Olympiad, 2016, Watercolor on Paper ,75x105 cm

26 Arwana (26 Arowana Fish), 2016, Oil on Canvas, 120x180 cm

and technique that appears like a personal signature. Another painting named 26 Arwana (26 Arowana Fish), 2016, was also painted with oil on canvas, 120x180 cm. In Chinese belief, eight is a lucky number, an allegory of strong intuition, insight and endless opportunities – which this painting constitutes in the use of number (two plus six). Using modern realist technique, Tio Tjay shows his fondness of Arowana fish beyond simply owning some, but also depicts it into a beautifully composed piece of art. The choice of color and Arowana fish symbolizes joy, success and prosperity. An illustration of 8 Brave Horses, 2016, painted

with acrylic on canvas 110x160 cm, is a visual representation of eight white horses facing right in a blue background using modern abstract technique. In this manner, horse indicates strength, bravery and elegance along with another manifestation of the lucky number eight. The latest painting Rio, 2016, painted with watercolor on paper 75x105 cm, is Tio Tjay’s way of participation in Brazil 2016 Olympiad, also to celebrate Indonesia’s gold medal on badminton. Reminiscing his stay in the country, he captures the beauty of Mount Corcovado with the famous sculpture Cristo Redentor.

PHOENIX ART CENTER Darmawangsa Square, Ground Floor No.16, Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX, Jakarta 12160, Tel. +62 815 86366827 / +62 815 9718386


Collectibles Tio Tjay Sept 2016 ok.indd 143


9/23/16 4:43 PM


Alila Villas Uluwatu Ariston Cle De Peau Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort Edward Chiu Emporio Armani Fazioli Fendi Hermes Jaquet Droz Jimmy Choo KEB Hana Priority Banking Louis Vuitton Maisya Jewellery Malinda Gallery Michael Kors Mini Missoni Home Montblanc Monte Carlo Yacht Narciso Rodriguez Nihiwatu Patek Phillipe Porsche Regent Residence Jakarta Salvatore Ferragamo Sinarmas World Academy Sotheby’s Tio Tjay


98 94 74 102 30 54 104 52 68 42 58 106 70 32 90 56 86 92 44 80 76 100 40 82 120 66 108 140 142




Index ED 100.indd 144

9/22/16 11:27 PM

SAD Gran Melia Sept 2016.indd 2

9/22/16 1:19 AM

SAD Rolex September 2016.indd 94

9/22/16 1:20 AM

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