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Benjamin is one heck of a Wildcat

Mayor: Harrison complying with Sunshine laws

Joe Awad Harrison Press Editor

Calls auditor’s report false

There is no taming Jim Benjamin when it comes to his fervor for Harrison Wildcat football.

Modest fellow

He is a modest man who loves the game and cherishes his high school and college football memories. He doesn’t care if some people see him as conspicuously old-fashioned. His quest has everything to do with helping prepare young men for the future. “I’ve been on the sidelines for eight years just to be encouragement for the boys,” said Benjamin, who lives with his wife Teresa in Blue Jay USA. “It’s not about me. It’s about the boys, the green and white. I always liked playing for Harrison High School. I had an outstanding coach when I was there. Coach Conaster was not only an outstanding coach, he was a good mentor.” The 1966 high school graduate played center and linebacker for a woeful varsity team that was winless. Funny thing, he went on to play college football for Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, going 11-0 and lettering as a freshman. Funny thing, the program was discontinued the next year. “In high school, I weighed 155 to 165 pounds. I felt really privileged because Coach Ken Conaster told me that out of all the players he ever coached, I was one of the hardest hitters.” Hitting hard, playing fair, hustling from drill to drill, and respecting Harrison High School football traditions are among the lessons Benjamin strives to instill in players. “I always tell them to be a Wildcat. To me, that’s respect, and integrity, and doing the right thing, and hustle,” he said. “I always get on them about hustling. You got to want it. Football is a game that makes you sore, but you got to have that pride in yourself and in your team.” As a de facto coordinator, Benjamin said he assists the sophomore players in

Harrison Mayor Joel McGuire shot back Saturday, Sept. 14, asserting that Ohio Auditor David Yost’s claim that Harrison is among several Buckeye cities and counties falling short of complying with the state’s Public Records Act is patently false. Yost posted a news release on his state Web site late Thursday, Sept. 12, asserting Harrison is among eight of 20 tested cities and counties that have weaknesses in their public records policies and procedures. The release does not specify Harrison’s alleged infractions, but includes a blanket statement from Yost: “It’s disappointing in this day and age with all the attention on transparency that we don’t do enough to make sure the people’s records are accessible.” The audit, as reported by The Colum- David Yost bus Dispatch, shows the city has not officially designated a person or department to handle public requests for records, and that Harrison does not have an official process for tracking public records’ requests. Similar charges are leveled against Allen County, Beavercreek, Bowling Green, Crawford County, and Portsmouth. In a written statement Saturday, McGuire responded: “Had the state auditor bothered to ask me or anyone else in city government, I would have told him that for at least the last six years the city law director and law department have had official responsibility for handling public records’ requests, and keeps track of when the requests are received and met. We’ve met all legal requirements for record-keeping. It’s disappointing, in this day and age of multiple easy methods of communication, that a state auditor would print such flagrant, false allegations when in fact the problem was that he didn’t even ask us who had these duties. Dave’s just got to do better.” “Had the state auditor McGuire said he does not know bothered to ask me or how the state obtained its informa- anyone else in city tion, nor, to his knowledge, has government, I would have the city received notice from the told him that for at least auditor’s office. In addition, he the last six years the city stressed Harrison posts its public law director and law record policy on the city’s Web department have had site. official responsibility for The auditor’s office could not handling public records’ be reached Saturday to determine requests, and keeps track on what the state based its find- of when the requests are ings. After a records’ request is made, received and met.” the city attorney follows up with a JOEL MCGUIRE letter confirming the request has been received and the time frame Harrison Mayor in which the city will respond, said McGuire. “There is a third product which is the actual production of the documents requested and the signature - confirmation of the receipt - of the person who asked for it,” he said. “We have a process of what has been requested and what has been responded to. ... All they had to do was ask.” Yost revealed the audits Thursday to the Ohio Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors. He announced during Sunshine Week in March that the audits would be made. Ohio’s Public Records Act, often called the Sunshine Law, calls for prompt inspection of public records. Upon request, copies of public records must be provided within a reasonable time. Joe Awad Harrison Press Editor

From his patented Wildcat Call to his willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team, Benjamin has been steadfast along the sidelines for more than eight years after spending 13 years in the press box logging stats. He’s the guy providing water to the players, bringing them towels, slapping them on the back for a job well done, and patting them on the back for encouragement. With parental permission, he even drove a player to practice almost every day. Now he drives the team bus. Benjamin, 66, is an unsung hero of Wildcat football and the August Citizen of the Month.

Be a Wildcat

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Win or lose, Jim Benjamin is always there for the Wildcat football players. assuring that “everything is together,” the towels are out, and equipment in place. “He’s being too modest,” interrupts Matt Hiatt, owner of Hiatt’s Florist, one of the businesses that sponsors Citizen of the Month. “When one of those boys, offense or defense, comes off the field, he goes over there and puts the towel around their neck, constantly cooling them down, encouraging them, and talking to them,” said Hiatt. “I tell them to get their head up,” responds Benjamin when asked what he does if an athlete makes a bad play. “I try not to interfere with the coaches because the coaches are the coaches. I’m just there for inspiration.” Then out of nowhere comes the Wildcat Call - sharp and shrill. “Sometimes, I do that in front of the boys to get them jacked up,” he said. The Friday football tradition has lost its allure at many high schools,

““I always tell them

to be a Wildcat. To me, that’s respect, and integrity, and doing the right thing, and hustle. Jim Benjamin

but burns hot in Harrison, where the boys fill the stands on brisk autumn nights that amplify the crash of helmets and the smell of chewed-up grass and mud. “We originally were country boys … On a Friday night, you can look up in the bleachers on the top row and still see former foot-


Building design standards proposal heads to council Joe Awad Harrison Press Editor

A proposal to establish design standards for new commercial buildings and those that undergo significant exterior changes was passed by Harrison Planning Commission Tuesday, Sept. 10, despite some concern the plan is too stringent and expensive for businesses. 88th Year, No. 35 Copyright Register Publications, 2013

Following a public hearing, planning commission members voted to forward the proposal to Harrison City Council with a recommendation to approve it. Council was expected on Tuesday, Sept. 17, to set the date for another public hearing as required by the city’s charter. Council has the final vote. The proposed standards would have little to no effect on the city’s downtown redevelopment district. The expense of the proposed building materials could deter businesses from locating in Harrison and dissuade owners of existing buildings from expanding, said Gary Ellerhorst, govern-

ment affairs chairman for the Harrison Chamber of Commerce Executive Board. Consistency and aesthetic upgrades would have just the opposite result, said Mayor Joel McGuire, who added it is no coincidence that cities with design standards attract businesses. Quality materials and abundant landscaping, as exemplified by the new Kroger and JTM, would create an overall positive image for the city, which competes with municipalities that attract businesses through “branding.” Harrison must promote its brand to keep pace, said McGuire. Nevertheless, Ellerhorst said the proposal leaves too


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m a n y quest i o n s unanswered. “With all these quest i o n s being asked, we kind of went a r o u n d Joel McGuire a n d talked to some folks. We have a couple members on the board; one had done a recent remodeling and the other is considering one. Both felt the standards would significantly impact

their decisions. One would not have been able to do it, and one would probably not be able to do it now,” said Ellerhorst. He also said neighboring Dearborn County, Ind., is “very aggressive” with grant money and programs that attract businesses to the Hoosier side of the state line, implying the standards would be another disadvantage for Harrison. The “overall feeling” of the chamber’s executive board is the city’s business community would be better served if Harrison enforces existing covenants, said Ellerhorst. “Blue Ash and Mason were cornfields before they

started doing the exact kind of things that we are proposing here,” said McGuire. There are about seven examples of new businesses in Harrison that basically meet the standards the city is proposing regarding “quality facades, landscaping, the various things we want people to have positive opinions about us,” he said. The government’s role is the larger good of the community. That includes businesses but also the public realm as well. That’s our job - to enforce those kinds of






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Whitewater River tour fun, educational

Green Acres adds guided tours to Whitewater activities Andrew Zeiser Harrison Press Staff Writer

Green Acres Canoe Rental launched its second and final Guided River Tour of the year on Sunday, Sept 8, with 10 participants making the trip.

A few butts may have drug bottom, everyone got a little wet, one or two people even flipped over, but it was fun and most of all educational. Green Acres Guided Kayak Tour of the Whitewater is filled with information from the evolutionary history of the river to the modern destruction and pollution of Ohio’s rivers and wetlands. John Klein, who retired from the Hamilton County Park District, guides the trips. He is well balanced in keeping them fun and educational, but not overloading the brain with information. Along the way, we stopped several times to learn about wildlife, fossils, and plants. The trip is roughly three miles and takes three to four hours. I would say bring a notebook next year but it probably won’t survive the river.

Clean water

The Whitewater, with about nine miles in Ohio and the majority in Indiana, is one of Buckeye States’ cleanest waterways, making it vibrant with multiple species of bait fish that need clean water to survive. Participants interact with nature in a way that creates awareness, and helps inform the community about how important rivers are to wildlife and society. Ohio is the second worst state for the percentage of destroyed wetlands. California is the primary offender. About halfway through the trip there is a snack break. On this stop, volunteers got a chance to catch bait fish using a net.

Above: On left is John Klein, Green Acre’s guide for river tours and participants of the trip. Left: Participants catch bait fish in the Whitewater River.


Klein placed them in a plastic container and pointed out the types. He joked, saying, “There are 65 different types of fish in this river. Don’t ask me to remember all of their names.” Klein released the group’s catch after everyone was given a chance to see the different fish. Among his favorites are the stonerollers, which earned their name by rolling small stones to make nests.

At Lutz Auction Center

Take I-74 to St. Leon-Lawrenceburg exit, then south on SR 1 for 3 miles to Dover, IN. East on N. Dearborn Rd for 1.4 miles to Auction Ln. From Lawrenceburg, take SR 1 North to Dover, right on N. Dearborn Rd to Auction Ln.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 21• 9AM Doors Open at 8AM

River beer?

A fact that got the attention of most of the group is that wild hops grow along the riverbank. These hops can be used like any other hops to make beer. The tour ends leisurely at Green Acres, leaving people with a lasting sense of enjoyment. “I thought it was great,” said Sheron Sellet, adding that Klein pointed out so many things along the way to make the trip very enjoyable. Another participant, Ron Smith, said he thoroughly enjoyed the trip and more people should make it. Green Acres plans on teaming up with Klein again next year with plans of making more than two trips.



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TIMES REMEMBERED would be great. The 18 Mile House had pens where the drovers secured their precious livestock overnight. The large number of turkeys would roost on the pens’ fence, a sight to see, hundreds of turkeys lined up wing to wing.

Turkeys galore

Historic 18 Mile House was halfway mark for drovers One of Harrison’s oldest surviving structures, built about 1812, yes two centuries ago, is the 18 Mile House on Harrison Pike. As you proceed out of town on U.S 52 just past Dry Fork Road, on the left stands the early 19th Century historic house in the 9800 block. This old building was strategically located halfway between the 36-mile journey from Cincinnati to Brookville. In the days before trains and cars, people traveled on foot, horseback, or by stagecoach.

For the drovers (shepard’s), driving their herds of hogs, cattle, and turkeys from Brookville to the markets in Cincinnati, the day’s walk would put them at the 18 Mile House around dusk. Additionally, stagecoach drivers from Indy would arrive near the end of daylight, needing a rest for their team of horses and passengers. The 18 Mile House was a tavern and inn, somewhat like a modern day hotel with a liquor license. After a long day on foot behind a flock of turkeys, a nice bath and a snoot


mission of Ohio. T. Luckey Sons, Inc., Harrison, vs. Craig Bond, dba J&J Enterprises for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. Karen W. Waters, Harrison, vs. Cameron Springs for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. Janet Kidd vs. A&M SoftSeal, Inc., Harrison, for Appeal from the Order of The Industrial Commission of Ohio. Mary A. Brauch, Harrison, sued by Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC., $1,324.78 with interest plus costs on an ac-

The following legal actions were filed in Hamilton County courts and previously published in the Cincinnati Court Index. Lawsuits Leroy and Linda Taulbee vs. Tony Rutherford, Harrison, for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. Amy S. Cowgill vs. Tony R. Coppage, Harrison, for a money judgment in excess of $25,000. US Bank vs. Timothy G.

Smith, Harrison, for foreclosure and money in the sum of $150,638.41 plus interest. Tracy and Janice C. Amos, Harrison, sued by Cypress Financial, $1,277.57 with interest plus costs on an account. Andrew McCool, Megan Ward, Janet Hornsby, Harrison, sued by MHP Holdings for eviction. Louis Jones Jr., Harrison, vs. The Cincinnati Gear Company for Appeal from the Order of The Industrial Com-

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 9AM - 5PM Village Park Corner of Park Avenue and Hill Street (across the street from St. John the Baptist)

Sponsored by The City of Harrison

The Annual Chicken Cook-Off will be held that Saturday to determine the champion chicken fryer of Harrison! For more information about entries for the show or cook-off contact: Jim Robertson • 513-520-1925

The drovers, who were responsible for the turkeys, did not get much sleep. After having a few in the tavern, they had to rise before daybreak, else all of their turkeys would “fly the coop” so to speak. Many guests would describe the beautiful 18 Mile House near Harrison very favorably. As a guest described, one entered the 18 Mile House from the Harrison Turnpike – Tollgate Road into a beautiful semicircular drive, shaded by a double row of locust trees. In the spring, the smell of the locust blooms was invigorating. What a relaxing time, sitting out on an evening on the veranda, perhaps partaking of some spirits, and letting the world go by. Guests were quartered in the L-shaped wing on the east side of the structure. In the central section of the building was the tavern, very easy to find by all the guests. Lots of good times, and believe it or not on most Saturday nights fistfights would occur as everyone let off a little steam. The farmers from Harrison would brawl with the drovers from Indiana. They all worked hard and played even

more intensely. The Harrison guests. Terry boys won a few and lost a You know few. how those ru- Viel mors tend to pick up steam The cost to use the pri- as time goes by. vately owned toll road was a I do know from a very total 60 cents to pass through reliable source that Roy G. five gates between Harrison Biv was a guest more than and Cincinnati. once. Roy was a very colorful The toll road was not paved figure. smoothly but covered with You may have to review stones, and each required by your high school physics to law to be less than 4 ounces. determine exactly who or The stone police did not do what ROYGBIV is. a good job, and most of the The historic house has had toll road was covered with a few owners in its 200- year very large rocks, making the history but has remained in journey treacherous for man, the same Harrison family beast and wagons. since the 1930s. Local legends claim that Hopefully, the graceful old many dignitaries stayed at the lady will be there for at least 18 Mile House in its hey- another 200 years. day. It was rumored that even Honest Abe was a guest. Terry Viel is an avid HarI even hear tell that John- rison history buff who collects ny Carson, Queen Victoria, and restores vintage Harrison and John Dillinger also were photographs.

Rocky road

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count. Daniel Battaglia, Harrison, sued by Tall Oaks Villa Apartments, LLC., for eviction, $500 rent plus $16.67 per day until vacated and costs.

HAWK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. AGENCY NAME PiphK[g_ 222*222*2222 Kevin Lyons • Larry Lipps

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12730 (10-­11)




Jo-Mama always there for teens and young adults JOE AWAD

A moniker as jaunty as “JoMama” fits Harrison Skyline Manager Joann Wandsnider to a tee. As you probably know, the city’s new Skyline on Harrison Avenue was dedicated and opened last Thursday. What you may not know is that the chili hotspot came on line in a festive atmosphere that revolved around the star of the show - the iconic Jo-

Mama. The upbeat 28-year Skyline employee was immensely excited with the shiny, modern place. More spacious, with more tables, the classy looking building and larger parking lot were overdue. Most of the many folks on hand for the grand opening, however, were more excited for Jo-Mama. She has earned a reputation as a genuine mentor and community champion, who has employed, trained, and influenced thousands of teenagers and young adults over nearly three decades. Jo-Mama generally is understood to mean “your mama,” and that is the essence of Joann Wandsnider. She is more than just a boss or employer. I have been told by many that she is a warmhearted human being who has helped steer many teens in the right direction. “The really neat thing about this is after the kids go to school and graduate, many of them come back as part-timers and work two or three days a week. ... That happens all the time,” said Jo-Mama. “I always said that if I had a place of busi-

ness I would work around the kids. I have people who work here who were were fifteen when they started, and worked all the way up through school,” she said. “With all my college kids, before I hire anybody, I always tell them let me know your school schedule and I will work around it. In the summertime, when school’s out, I go to them, and say, ‘do you want your job back,’ and they work through the whole summer. ... I love my kids, I call them all my children. When I leave every night, I always say ‘take care of my children.’” Some teens who now work at Skyline can trade chili-slinging stories with their parents who also worked for Jo-Mama. She talks to the kids about the jobs their parents had at the restaurant. The effort is not only gracious, it’s smart business because the veteran manager knows that parents who did a good job usually teach their kids a strong work ethic. “Thousands of kids,” she said, drawing out the phrase. “Now when the kids come here, they say my mom and grandma use to work here. And I say, ‘who is your grandma?’” Now days, “here” is a tad farther east in front of the new Kroger. But Jo-Mama, judging by the praise from Skyline President Kevin McDonnell, probably will be running the joint until it’s time to build another. Three cheese coneys with onions and mustard are at the top of my list but thousands of folks throughout Harrison will tell you that Joann Wandsnider is at the top of theirs. PHOTO BY JOE AWAD/HARRISON PRESS I am certain Jo-Mama is a wonderful person, but we’re talking Skyline here. A moniker as jaunty as “Jo-Mama” fits Harrison Skyline Manager Joann Wandsnider to a tee. Here the 28-year Skyline employeeshe speaks to an admirer about the new Joe Awad is editor of The Harrison Press. Skyline on Harrison Avenue.


Is phone addiction cutting into the rest of your life? Are you addicted to your phone? I’m a weak person and I’ve been addicted to a number of things over the years, tobacco, alcohol, doughnuts, so I can’t deny that I get panicky when the indicator on my smartphone shows that I have less than 50 percent of the battery power remaining. For me it’s not so much talking on the phone. It’s not that I don’t like to talk to people, it’s just that conversation isn’t always that important, particularly when there is a pennant race going on. Take Saturday night. I knew that the Cincinnati Reds had won earlier in the day, but while I sat around a campfire at my brother-in-law’s house, I couldn’t resist checking in a half dozen or so times to see how the Cardinals, Pirates and even the Washington Nationals were doing Saturday night. Did this annoy anyone sitting around the fire alongside me? Probably, BOB HYLE but I can’t let that get in the way of my passion for the Reds. My lovely wife shakes her head in disgust at me for a variety of very good reasons, but most recently it is more for playing with my smartphone while she talks to me. I’ve always been a multi-tasker, though. I believe I can hold a good conversation while trying to come up with a double or triple-point word in my Words with Friends game. I had some Internet access issues last week—I remained calm—and it caused me to fall behind on my Words games. When I next looked I had 30 games going simultaneously. I’m

sure there are people who have that many or more going on a regular basis, but even for me that was a little much. Besides keeping up with the pennant race there is college football going on as well. At my grandchild’s fifth birthday party earlier on Saturday, I was able to keep up with the first half of the Alabama/Texas A&M football game until I could drag myself away to a TV set. I have a computer with Internet access in the house, but nothing beats sitting down to watch a little TV in the evening with my smartphone handy. I recently hooked up Wi-Fi in our house and got rid of the Internet land line, which has freed me from the weak 3G signal that Verizon provides those of us residing in Bright, Indiana. The cellphone service remains less than adequate, which is why we still maintain a land line hooked up by Ma Bell, but at least I no longer have to get up and walk to another room to find out how the Cardinals and the Seattle Mariners are doing. I sometimes wonder if this is a temporary addiction—a side trip on the way to somewhere else. I’ve seen too much change in the last decade to believe that we have reached our apex— imagine the point value of that on Words with Friends—so I’ll just keep an eye out for what’s next as well as the score of tonight’s Reds game. Bob Hyle covers sports and writes a weekly column for The Harrison Press. He resides in Bright.

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Joe Awad, Editor Gene McCann and Dale McCann, Publishers Emeritus The Harrison Press is an independent weekly newspaper devoted to the interest of Harrison and the surrounding area. The Harrison Press (USPS 236-100) is published each Wednesday by Register Publications, 307 Harrison Ave., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

Do your job; provide good service Do your job. I don’t have a problem with true professionals in the customer service arena. They take care of their customers. It’s the somewhat transient members of the service community Those who aren’t making their career in the fast food industry who somehow feel that they don’t have to provide good service, just show up collect a check until they finish school or get a position in their true vocation. I worked in the restaurant business several times and I can tell you that if we weren’t serving the public in some capacity we were expected to be doing other chores such as cleaning, prep work, etc. Now I see unengaged employees checking their phones, texting the latest most important thought that just pooped into their head or standing around in a gaggle having a confab. I have been waited on by young gentlemen on the weekends who having to be at work by six figured that being out with their buddies the night before until the wee hours can be overcome with an hour or two of sleep and an energy drink or two. Thank goodness for the counter one morning or the young man taking my order would have probably collapsed without its support. There is such an expectation on the part of the young employees. Work is someplace you go. They don’t seem to understand that it is also a verb describing what you are supposed to be doing there. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate good service. Having worked with servers whose income depended on tips I know how important it is to treat them well. I tip well, even when I felt the service lacked a little. Just ask the wait staff at our local sit down type places. On the occasions when I have a pizza delivered, I am pretty good to the drivers. I guess you are wondering what brought my blood to a boil.

Earlier this evening I had the occasion to stop by one of our local emporiums to get a carryout. I didn’t use the drive thru, since it was kinda crowded. Proceeding to the register, I placed my order, handed the cashier a gift card that I happened to have and was informed by the girl working the register that I could have a tip added to my card if I wished. Come on. This young lady was one of three young ladies hanging out behind JIM the counter and had no apparent other job ROBERTSON than to ring out the diners and take carryout orders. My food was being assembled by others and her only service to me was to take the order and ring me up. If I would have been dining in and required her to bring me a beverage, my food and then check to see if I needed anything else before presenting my check then a tip would have been in order. The only thing I find more galling than being hit up for a tip by the cashier, is the ubiquitous tip jar found at some establishments. Now at a coffee business where the baristas have to actually make your order, I believe a tip is justified, just as I would tip my bartender. However there is one place in town where the only service performed by the person behind the counter is to ring up the yogurt that you have served yourself, put your own toppings on and set it on the scale to be weighed. I find the tip jar located at that register to be ludicrous. Just a few more younguns with an exaggerated sense of entitlement. Jim Robertson is a longtime Harrison resident, a member of Harrison City Council, and a weekly columnist for The Harrison Press.



Scout creates library in Appalachia Earns GS Gold Award Baptist, and Harrison’s sister church, Holy Cross Parish, in Jackson, Ky., (rural Appalachia) to make a lending library. I collected books, bookcases, bookends and basically I recently have finished anything that you can think of work on my Girl Scout Gold that would belong in a library. Award, which is the equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award. I’ve been in Girl Scouts for Over a couple months, I 13 years, and it’s always been was able to collect around a dream of mine to be able to 1,600 books of many genres: complete a meaningful Gold children’s, adult fiction and Award project. nonfiction, as well as, reliFor my project, I teamed up gious. with my church, St. John the After cleaning up damage

My name is Amanda Pack, and I am a 17-year-old senior at William Henry Harrison High School.

1,600 books

Amanda Pack, Girl Scout ambassador and William Henry Harrison High School senior, achieved her Girl Scout Gold Award by establishing a lending library at the Holy Cross Parish in Jackson, Ky., rural Appalachia.

from the flooding that occurred the morning we got to the church in Jackson, Holy Cross Parish, we were able to accomplish putting together a library that allows parishioners to check out books and not worry about due dates or overdue fees. It is a library simply focused on sharing a passion for reading, and a love of curling up with a good book. I especially thank my parents, Tom and Chris Pack;

National Road featured at Oct. 1 program public, is slated for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct.1, at the Harrison Community Center, George Street. Miller’s program is entitled The National Road: A Ridge Through Time. Miller is a retired educator with a master’s in English literature. An accomplished writer and songwriter, she also is a member of the One More Time String Band, which performs through-

out Ohio. Miller is a native Cincinnatian. She was raised in Westwood and attended the University of Cincinnati and University of Dayton.

PARKS & RESERVES Friday, Sept. 20, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. - Local bat expert Anita Buck will help us understand and appreciate one of nature’s most understood creatures at Fernald Preserve, 7400 Willey Road, Crosby Township. Bats play a major role in the ecosystem as nocturnal insectivores. One bat can eat 3,000 insects nightly. Ohio has 11 bat species, and you will be able to spot, listen and identify local species. For more information, 648-6000 or fernald. ... Friday, Sept. 20, 7 p.m. - Grab your bike for a 7.8-mile or 15.6mile evening ride around Shaker Trace Trail at Miami Whitewater Forest. Celebrate under the full moon with some light refreshments. Front/back lights required and helmets highly recommend-

ed. Cost is $6 per person. Register at ... Saturday, Sept. 21, 8:30 a.m. - Round up three friends for 18 holes of golf at Miami Whitewater Forest at the Golf Course. The tournament includes contests for longest drive and closest to the pin, prizes and post-round nachos. Net and gross prizes will also be awarded. Cost is $160 per team. Register at ... Saturday, Sept. 21, 2 p.m. - Bobcats and mountain lions were once a fixture of the Ohio landscape. While sightings now are rare, these magnificent creatures are beginning to make a comeback. Explore the past, present and future of our native cats. Meet at Miami Whitewater Forest at the Visitor Center. Program is free. A valid Great Parks of Hamilton

County Motor Vehicle Permit ($10 annual; $3 daily) is required to enter the parks. For more information, visit or call 521-7275. ... Sunday, Sept. 29, noon - 3 p.m. - Enjoy five miles of fall hiking in Miami Whitewater Forest. Families, scouts and other hikers can check in and pick up a trail route map between noon and 3 p.m. Return by 5 p.m. to earn your hiking button. Meet at the Visitor Center. Event is free as part of the Great Outdoor Weekend. For more information, visit or call 521-7275. ... Thursday, Oct. 10 and Nov. 7, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. - Home-schooled students, ages 5 - 12, and parents are invited

to explore interactive learning stations, lessons and a guided outdoor exploration. Register for Fall in the Forest in October, or All About Birds in November at Miami Whitewater Forest. Cost is $5 per child. Register at at least two days before the event.


The Harrison Village Historical Society recently received two grants from the Ohio Humanities Council. One grant will be used for the October meeting, which will feature writer Sylvia Miller, who recently produced an audio travelogue of the National Road which runs from West Virginia through Ohio. The program, which is open to the

my brother, Brian Pack; my grandmothers, Mary Ann Kocher and Betty Pack; Bryan and Cheryl Lamers; Theresa Nurre; the Girl Scout troops in Harrison; St. John the Baptist Church; Kroger in Harrison for their gift card donation; and also Home Depot in Harrison for their paint donation; and everyone else who affected and inspired this project.

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LOOKING BACK Eppinghoff, 13 and Ricky Hill, 10, recently competed in the AAU/Junior Olympic National Karate Tournament in Lawrence, Kansas. ... Homecoming candidates: Joann Bernecker. Shelly Detlaff. Lisa Emery. Gabby Carr. Brian Shephard. Dave Corman. Andy Banks. Nathan Adams. 30 years ago – 1983 Jeanette Smith will retire Oct 1 from the Harrison Building and Loan Association after a 33-year career with the organization. Harrison Home Bakery is supplying 120 dozen hard rolls and 120 loaves of 3-lb Bavarian sourdough rye bread for Oktoberfest, being held at Harvest Home Park. Baker Dieter Noller said his bakery has been supplying goods to the festival for six years now. 35 years ago – 1978 Bruce Poynter and Eric Lausch, both seniors of Harrison High School, were named Commended students in the National Merit Scholarship Program which recognizes outstanding performance on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. ... This year’s Cross Country team have won their first three meets of the season led by co-captains Bob Beyer and Paul Nolan, the Cats’ best start in four years. 40 years ago – 1973 Cats Surprise East Central with 54 To 0 Thumping. Gary Glasscock ran over

two touchdowns, passed for three more hitting Gary Campbell twice and Mike Rudisill once. ... A demonstration was given of a Mobile Auto Crusher owned by B&J Salvage of Elizabethtown, Ohio, one of 175 units in the U.S., which can crush a car in 45 seconds and is capable of crushing 100 cars in a day. 45 years ago – 1968 School bus service to Whitewater Meadows discontinued per decision by Southwest Board. Parents march in protest. ... Suburban District 17

Knothole Champs with 11-1 record. Team includes R. Kober, M. Rudisill, J. Heitfield, G. Glasscock, R. Kater, B. Gray, T. Nowlin, R. Kraus, G. Poling, C. Bachman, C. Beckman, M. Knose. Clyde Kober-Coach. 50 years ago – 1963 The enrollment for St. John the Baptist School was announced this week, 438 students, the largest in the history of the school. ... During the storm last Thursday afternoon, a bolt of lightning struck the barn on the George Hopping farm, 250 Kilby Road, destroying it and causing $10,000 in damage.

As far back as I can reBill Baird is a Whitewater member there was a painting Township resident who writes of a weary Indian on a weary a weekly column about old horse at the edge of a steep movies and Hollywood trivia. cliff at sunset with the title End of the Trail. My reason for BILL remembering this BAIRD The Harrison Board of is that at my adZoning Appeals will hold a vanced age and public hearing on a proposed bad health the end of my trail is quickly ap- modification (increase in height by 8’) to an existing proaching. The first End of the Trail pole sign at 10625 Harrison wasn’t a painting, but a sculp- Avenue, pertaining to City ture by James Earle Fraser of Harrison Code (Section (1876-1953) in 1915. 1163.16). Said hearing will be Through the years, several held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, artists have painted Fraser’s September 24, 2013 at the sculpture. Harrison Community Center. My copy of this painting ---------that I bought framed from The Harrison Board of Zoning Leanin Tree several years ago Appeals will hold a public was done by Marianne Carohearing on a proposed wall selli and is one of the best of sign at 200 Biggs Blvd., which the paintings. As I reach the end of my exceeds the allowable square trail, I have a few regrets the footage per City of Harrison most important being I am Code (Section 1163.16). Said sorry I wasn’t a better son, hearing will be held at 7:00 grandson, brother, cousin, p.m. on Tuesday, September uncle, husband, father, grand24, 2013 at the Harrison father and great grandfather. I want the tune My Way Community Center. played at my wake because whether right or wrong I did it my way. I would rectify this, but I am afraid it is too late. I think George Keith Radcliffe is the best pilot in the world. I regret the price of gasoline went up when I was going to get him to teach me how ne to fly. Winter Tu If I had flown, we wouldn’t l Up Specia have seen as much and prob9.99 ably might have crashed. startinggea, pltug$s,9wires I regret I didn’t learn to Oil chan play the harp and banjo. I have a few things I don’t reBrake Service • Oil Changes gret like being in the head of Computer Checks the Statute of Liberty. Tune Ups • Engine Service The torch hand was closed in 1965. I have been to the top of the Washington Monument and the St. Louis Arch. I have done all of these and other adventures with my family. Turner Classic Movies has some true classics starting on Monday, Sept. 23, at 11:15 p.m. The Public Enemy is the classic that made James Cagney (1899-1986) a superstar. The Public Enemy (1931) is a film for its time, when gangsters were the norm.

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ACROSS 1. Type of snake 4. Had a snack 7. Wishes for 12.Neither 13.Spar 14.Hawaiian welcome 15.Coloring material 16.What black and white are 18.Minister 20.Emeralds and garnets, e.g. 21.Detached 23.Read rapidly 25.Frolic 26.Not bogus 27.Wonder 30.Nap

stitches 32.Assignment DOWN 34.Unmatched 1. “Night ____ 35.Object of Day” devotion 2. Kind of 37.Not up yet Chinese 38.Make a web sauce 39.Sanctify 3. Ready 40.Swift 4. Cancel a 43.Rock and roll space launch classics 5. Betters 45.Outing 6. Lay bare 47.Can metal 7. “I ____ a 50.South Teenage American Zombie” animal 51.Yuletide drink 8. Adjust 52.Mine’s output 9. Observe 10.The other 53.Lure guys 54.Prior to, in 11.Lip verse 17.Avail55.Attach by

able for duty 19.Boats like Noah’s 21.In addition 22.Remitted money to 24.Brewery specialty 26.Transmits 27.Fireproof material 28.Sorrows 29.Conclusions 31.Lean 33.Shopper’s delight 36.Connected to a computer 38.Perplex 39.Spree 40.Thick wool 41.Spindle 42.Con game 44.Room opening 46.Informer 48.Bad humor 49.Fresh


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10 years ago – 2003 Athlete of the Week: Harrison senior quarterback Kevin Vaught led his team to a 35-17 win over Mason. Vaught was 9 of 11 passing for 260 yards and two TDs. He rushed 15 times for 69 yards. ... The C & C Tire U11 fastpitch softball team finished in first place in the Northwest Softball League and won the post-season tournament. Maeleea “Tiger” Hundley pitched five nohitters and led her team with a .735 batting average. 15 years ago – 1998 Mike Friermood, Harrison H.S. Senior, participates in soccer, golf, and is the kicker for the Wildcat football team, all this while maintaining a 4.04 gradepoint-average, including several advanced placement courses. Friermood is the first athlete in the school’s history to play three varsity sports at the same time. ... 20 years ago – 1993 Harrison junior Todd Issler won his first cross country race of the year, besting a field of 154 runners, taking Harrison’s varsity squad to 8th place in Princeton Invitational. ... Building permits for 12-single family homes have been issued for the Meadows West subdivision planned for the corner of State Street and Campbell Road in Harrison. 25 years ago – 1988 Two local youths, Dan

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CITY GOVERNMENT • Harrison City Council, first and third Tues, 7:30 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. Meetings broadcast on Warner cable television, Channels 15 & 17, Sunday, 3 p.m.; and Channel 24, Monday, 11 p.m. • Harrison Planning Commission, second Tues, 7:30 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. Meetings broadcast live, Channel 4, replay Saturday, 6 p.m., Channel 4. • Harrison Recreation Commission, second Thursday, 7 p.m. • Harrison Board of Zoning Appeals, fourth Tues, 7 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • Harrison Mayor’s Court, first and third Thursday, 3 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • Harrison Civil Service Commission, fourth Monday, 1 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • Harrison Recreation Commission, fourth Thursday, 7 p.m., Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. • West Harrison Town Council, second Monday, 6:30 p.m., 100 Railroad Ave., West Harrison. TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT • Crosby Township Trustees, second Monday, 7 p.m., Community Center, 8910 Willey Road, New Haven. • Harrison Township Trustees, third Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Harrison Community Center. • Whitewater Township Trustees, third Monday, 7 p.m., Whitewater Community Center, 6125 Dry Fork Road. SCHOOL BOARDS • Southwest Local School District, third Thursday, 7 p.m., Meetings take place at district schools. Call 367-4139 for location. • Sunman-Dearborn School District, second Thursday, 6:30 p.m., administration office, Lawrenceville Road. GROUPS, CLASSES, AGENCIES • Alcoholics Anonymous, Tues, 8 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Vine St., Harrison. • Amazing Grace Quilters - 3rd Monday of the month, 10-3. Amazing Grace Church, 9961 New Haven Road. (513) 202-0688. • American Legion Bingo - American Legion Bingo will be held every Thursday, doors open at 6 p.m., bingo starts at 7:15 p.m. at 10700 Campbell Road. • American Legion Trivia - Trivia is held every Wednesday at American Legion Post 199, 10700 Campbell Road, 8 p.m. • Beta Sigma Pi Sorority XI Eta Iota Chapter, second Monday, 7:30 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Vine St., 267-4301. • Bountiful Hearts, third Saturday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Harrison Church of the Nazarene, 249 Sunset Ave. Free, hot meals served and clothing available. Bob Tau, 367-0316. • CAP Harrison Cadet Squadron, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Harrison Airport, West Rd. Come fly with us! 367-4669. • Crosby Senior Center Crochet - Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet? A Free beginners class taught by Sue Corson on the first Tuesday of each month at the Crosby Senior Center beginning at 1:00pm. Bring your own needles and yarn. • Crosby Township Historical Society, third Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Senior Center, Willey Road. • Fernald Community Alliance, first Monday, 6:30 p.m., Fernald Preserve Visitor Center, Willey Road. • Ham Shoot - A ham shoot will be held every Sunday at 11:45 a.m. except the third Sunday of each month at Harrison VFW, 9150 Lawrenceburg Road. Sign-ups begin at 10:45 a.m. • Harrison High School Athletic Boosters, second Monday, 7:30 p.m., Harrison High School, 9860 West Road. • Harrison High School Drama Boosters, fourth Tuesday, 7 p.m., high school commons, 367-4169. • Harrison High School Music Boosters, fourth Monday, 7 p.m., Harrison High School, 9860 West Road, music department, 367-4169. • Harrison Kiwanis, first and third Thursday, noon, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, 9961 New Haven Road, 367-2015. • Harrison Nazarene Food & Clothing Ministry, open Thursdays, 12 to 3pm or call Suzanne Spangler (513) 252-3155 or Donna Duncan (812) 926-2066 for an appointment. Also open in conjunction with the “Bountiful Hearts Ministry” during their free, hot meal served the 3rd Saturday of each month at our location. We are operating a non-food pantry through partnership with Love, Inc. If you’re in need of non-food items, please call Love, Inc. at 367-7746 to schedule an appointment to pick-up these items from the Harrison Nazarene Church at 249 Sunset Ave. in Harrison, OH. • Harrison Republican Club, first Thursday, 7 p.m., Harrison Community Center. • Harrison Vetrans Color Guard - The Harrison veterans color guard 10700 Campbell Road Harrison, is looking for a few good people to join. We do 4 or 5 parades in the community and Veteran Day services at the schools. If interested please contact Al Buxton at (513)225-1489 or Gary Hembree at (513) 312-4887. • Harrison Weight Watchers, Tuesdays, 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Vine St. • Miami Historical Society of Whitewater Township, second Thursday, 7 p.m., Miamitown Hall. • MOMS Club of West Harrison, third Wednesday, 10 a.m., St. John’s United Church of Christ, Broadway and Sycamore Streets, Harrison, 637-1947. • Overeaters Anonymous, Wednesdays, 7 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, Broadway and Vine Streets. 910-7032. • Reach Out Pregnancy Center, 10150 Harrison Ave., first and third Monday, 5 p.m., Post-abortion recovery group information session, 367-7710. • Shaker Farms Garden Club, fourth Wednesday, 367-9379. • Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS), Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m., First Presbyterian Church - corner of Broadway & Vine Streets., Donna Cooper, 367-1125. • Water aerobics classes - Water aerobics classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays by certified water aerobics instructor Sarah O’Connor. Lifeguard provided for each class. No class fee, donations accepted. For additional information call Brandon Loveless (812) 576-4811 or email bsloveless@ . • West Side Democratic Club, second Wednesday, 7 p.m., Harrison Bowl, 1152 Stone Drive. E-mail to


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AROUND TOWN Sept 18 American Legion Ladies Auxiliary meeting Sept. 18, 7 p.m. 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison.

Post 199, 10700 Campbell Rd., Harrison.

Monday Sept. 23, 7 p.m. Harrison High School Activity Center, $5 per person at the door, all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Sept 20 Live Music - “Biggins” (Southern Rock) Friday, Sept. 20, 8 p.m.-midnight, Harrison VFW Cabana on the Whitewater, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Always open to the public. No cover charge.

Sept 25 Harrison Wildcats Girls Volleyball Team Volley for the Cure Wednesday, Sept. 25, doors open, 4 p.m., Harrison High School Activity Center, game against East Central. Fundraiser, basket raffles, split the pot, bake sales, t-shirts.

Miami Whitewater United Methodist Church Rummage Sale 9700 Dry Fork Road Friday, Sept. 20, 9-1, Saturday, Sept. 21, 9-1. Bag Sale on Saturday. All proceeds given to Missions. (513)367-4990.

Shaker Farms Civic Beautification Awards Night Sept. 25, 7 p.m., Harrison Township Community Center, New Haven Road. Program and reception honoring 2013 Award Winners. Public invited Pictures at Library.

Sept 21 Boy Scout Troop 293 Popcorn Fundraiser Saturday, Sept. 21, 8-1. Boy Scout Troop 293 will be selling popcorn in front of Harrison Kroger Store, Harrison Ave.

American Legion Riders meeting Sept. 25, 7 p.m. 10700 Campbell Road, Harrison.

Sept 22 National Back to Church Sunday Sunday, Sept. 22, 9:30 Sunday School, 10:30 Celebration Worship, Harrison Church of the Nazarene, 249 Sunset Ave. Harrison. Sept 23 Harrison High Schools Zumba for the Cure (in conjunction with the Harrison Wildcats Volleyball Team Volley for the Cure)

Sept 26 The Great Franklin County Antique Machinery Show 4 Big days, Sept. 26, 27, 28, 29. $3 per person Brookville, Ind. Featuring Massey Harris and Ferguson Tractors and Related Equipment. Roger Pettit (513)385-7128 (flea market) Wilfred Schwegman (812)525-5351. Sept 27 Grown Men (formerly Ollie and the Income Freeze) Sept. 27, 8 p.m. Midnight. American Legion

Nollers celebrate 40 years of owning Harrison Home Bakery The Noller Family is celebrating 40 years of owning Harrison Home Bakery. From Tuesday, Sept. 24, through Sunday, Sept. 29, the bakery will feature daily specials to mark the milestone. In 1955, at age 18, Dieter Noller moved from Germany to the United States. Noller began apprenticing as a baker in Stuttgart, near his hometown of Heilbronn, when he was 15. His first job in the U.S. was at North College Hill Bakery. He continued his career as pastry chef at The Hotel Alms and Netherland Hilton. Noller then became sales manager at the Cincinnati division of Bessire & Company, selling bakery supplies and equipment. Along the way, Noller met his future wife, Sandra Jones, at an aquarium store, where she was complaining about her fish dying. After 10 years covering the Midwest, tired of the travel, especially while raising a family, the family bought Harrison Home Bakery from Byron and Dorothy Rupp. The Noller family has maintained a tradition of baking excellence in Harrison. The Nollers grew Harrison Home Bakery over the years, and eventually needed more space. In 1982, a building addition was constructed that nearly doubled the size of the bakery. A recession hit soon after breaking ground for the new building. The family struggled to pay off its new debt for the next few years. Cost-cutting measures, many specials to drive customer traffic, and even selling product at weekend markets allowed the bakery to stay in business until the economy improved. In addition, the Nollers’ kids, Denise, Dianne, and Andy helped out with tasks to help keep the bakery in business. Around the mid-nineties, Andy decided to further his academic studies, and make the difficult decision to leave his position. With a void in the production area and to their exasperation, Denise and Dianne shifted their responsibilities and changed plans. For nearly a decade, the bakery grew modestly and the next generation of the family started with their first jobs in a variety of tasks. Denise’s sons Derik and Connor would make the fillings and icings, while her daughter Morgan started helping with store and production duties. A few more years went by and Dianne’s kids, Zachary and Allison, started to help

An erstwhile photo of Byron and Dorothy Rupp with Dieter and Sandy Noller, and son Andy. out, doing the jobs their cousins held. In 2008, Dieter and Sandra transferred ownership majority to Denise and Dianne. Also at this time, Andy took on a consultative role providing strategic marketing direction. Nowadays, more family members are starting to help at the bakery, including Dianne’s boys Samuel and Cameron and Andy’s daughter Olivia. Even Denise’s and Dianne’s husbands, Shawn and Ken, have helped along the way. It takes more than the fam-

ily to keep Harrison Home Bakery going, and the family is appreciative of longstanding employees, In February 2012, a key employee and local icon, Mike Wert, died suddenly. This created another challenge in the operations of the business. But the Nollers, with their employees, adapted again and the bakery continued producing its full line of products. The bakery continues to produce scratch made breads, cakes, donuts, danish, coffee cakes, cookies, and seasonal favorites.

Live Music by Rick Lane Friday, Sept. 27, 8 p.m.-Midnight, Harrison VFW Cabana on the Whitewater, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Always open to the public. No cover charge. Sept 28 Pat Schuck Benefit Saturday, Sept. 28, 7-11 p.m. Harrison VFW 9160 Lawrenceburg Road., Harrison. $10 per person. To help pay for medical expenses for long time Harrison resident. Donations can be made at any US Bank under Pat Schuck account. For information call Suzanne Schuck Carroll (513)432-6286 or Kim Schuck Armstrong (513)518-9554. Stage Brush Band Saturday, Sept. 28, 7-11 p.m., Harrison VFW Cabana on the Whitewater Appreciation Night, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Always open to the public. No cover charge.

American Legion Post 452 Fish/Chicken Fry Every Friday, 4:30-7:30, 25329 Legion Rd., New Alsace, Ind. (812)623-2771, (812)6234158, (812)576-4186. Tri-State Antique Market Open First Sunday of the month through Oct. 7 a.m.-3 p.m. (513)738-7256.

Chuck and Sherrie McKee, owners of McKee Builders and Accessibility for Life, recently attended the Universal Design Summit 5 in St. Louis, MO, which features practical, accessible, and affordable living environments. The Summit featured the latest developments in creative housing. Instead of individuals changing to accommodate their limitations, the designers change the surroundings to make life more satisfying and less limiting to the individual. The McKees toured new and remodeled accessible housing, outdoor areas, product displays, and were able to choose from over 50 classes. One of the Summit’s highlights, Sherrie said, was a home remodeled to fit the needs of a mother and teenage daughter, both in wheelchairs, along with a 6’4” husband. The kitchen, utilized by all, featured a raised dishwasher, and counters with pull-out workspaces that raised and lowered at varying heights similar to a hair salon chair. The baths provided other adaptations such as two shower heads, comfort height toilets, and sloped shower floors with linear drains. “It is amazing what sky lights can do for a person with low vision. Sliding doors are great for small homes; when open, they provide a large work or gathering area, when closed, they provide a more intimate and private area, “ explained Sherrie. We were impressed with the scope of the Summit and the opportunity for continuing education.

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Other announcements Harrison VFW Cruise-in’s Every Friday, 5-9 p.m., 9160 Lawrenceburg Road. Bring down your car, visit with friends/make new friends, and enjoy the food and drinks.

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Letcher County Kentucky Picnic Harrison Community Center Saturday, Sept. 28, 12-6 p.m. Big shelter behind Community Center. Please bring covered dish and beverage. Musicians please bring instruments. Everyone welcome. Rose (513)367-4682.


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Wildcats rack up 36 points, but no cigar

QBs steal the show

On the surface, Harrison and Anderson look like two evenly matched teams, so the Wildcats’ 43-36 overtime loss to the Redskins last Friday night doesn’t look as painful as it felt for the Wildcats and coach Kent McCullough. Three Harrison turnovers to none for Harrison proved to be the difference in the game, particularly in the fourth quarter when one of Harrison’s miscues led to the tying touchdown for Anderson and the final turnover ended Harrison’s chances to win the game in regulation. “I told the kids after the game that I was proud of the way they played,” said McCullough. “We couldn’t ask for much more of our offense. They just need to take better care of the ball.” It was not a night for fans of defensive football. The two teams combined for over 900 yards in total offense and there were just three punts the entire game. Each team’s quarterback had plenty of time to throw the ball and accuracy was at a high level.

Jake Weber completes 18 of 24

Harrison’s junior quarterback Jake Weber completed 18 of 24 passes and three of them went for touchdowns. Anderson’s Kevin Rogers completed 17 of 23 attempts and also had three touchdowns. The quarterbacks also led their teams in rushing. Weber carried the ball 20 times for 128 yards with Rogers picking up 145 yards on 18 carries. Senior wide receiver A.J. Glines had one of the best games of his career with six catches for 109 yards. “A.J. and Jake are making connection, but our other receivers are making plays and that means defenses can’t key on A.J.,” said McCullough But it came down to the turnovers and Anderson’s ability to make a big play. Weber fumbled once in the third quarter, but Anderson was unable to take advantage of it. In the fourth quarter, though, with Harrison ahead 36-30 and looking to put the game away, tailback Justin Conners, who had his first 100-yard rushing game of the season (19 carries for 118 yards) went to the sidelines with leg cramps. Sophomore Alex Anderson stepped into the running back slot and fumbled with just under three minutes remaining in the game at the Anderson 35 yard line. McCullough blamed the error on Anderson trying to switch hands with the ball in traffic. “It was a sophomore mistake,” said McCullough. “One thing I know about Alex, though, is that he’ll never do that again.”


Justin Conners scampers for big yardage as Nick Glines (54) blocks the pursuit. Rogers then found Chet Barger on first down for a 65 yard touchdown that tied the game at 36-36. Ryan Sizemore than had what could have been the biggest block of the season as he blocked Dylan Smith’s extra point try to keep it at 36-36. It was his third block in three games on special teams. “Ryan is playing at a very high level on defense and special teams,” said McCullough. “He’s a nightmare for offensive lines. That block was a big momentum changer.” With 2:48 remaining in regulation, the Cats marched right down the field and appeared ready to score from the Anderson 25 yard line, but Weber underthrew a pass to Glines in the end zone and Rogers, playing safety, stepped in front of Glines for the interception at the three yard line. In overtime, Anderson went first and scored on its sixth play as Rogers hooked up with Blake White on a 4-yard pass. Smith’s kick made it 43-36.

Harrison gained eight yards in three plays and facing fourth down, it appeared the Cats were going to pound it up the middle as McCullough sent in extra blockers and no wide receivers. It proved to be a good bit of deception as Glines slipped behind the Anderson defense, but a late effort by the Anderson defense knocked the ball away and the Redskins took the win. Harrison is on the road Friday night as they take on Little Miami. The Panthers are a young team with a new coach in veteran mentor Ben Hubbard. Former Harrison assistant coach Randy Hubbard serves as an assistant on his father’s staff. Little Miami has struggled to a 0-3 start including a 49-0 loss to New Richmond last Friday. “I think they present a good challenge for us,” said McCullough. “They sometimes bring in two tight ends and three running backs. That’s power football and they come right at you.”

Freshman picks up her step in cross country contest Harrison cross country coach Jon Mottsinger is always looking for runners to step up their performance and push to the front of the pack. Last Saturday at the Covington Catholic Invitational, freshman Megan Bernhardt not only pushed herself into the top pack, she led all Harrison runners as the girls finished seventh out of 14 schools. The boys finished ninth out of 14. “That was a big breakthrough for Megan. She was fabulous,” said Mottsinger. What impressed Mottsinger the most was that after she Bernhardt fell on the course she immediately popped up and got Jon Mottsinger back on pace. Cross Country Coach Bernhardt finished in 27th place with a time of 23:30 to lead the Ladycats. The team’s leaders for most of the season have been Lindsey Potzick and Jenna Wallin. Potzick finished 35th in a time of 23:58 and Wallin was 37th with a time of 23:59. Other Harrison runners included: Rebecca Dorsch, 50th, 25:02; Desarae Frankenstein, 59th, 25:42; Sydni Moore, 64th, 25:54; April Zieger, 65th, 26:03; Bethany Edge, 71st, 26:39; Stacey Helcher, 82nd, 27:46; and Rachel Hopkins, 94th, 31:44. Zieger competed for just the first time this season as she returned to action following an illness. She was one of the leaders on last year’s team. The good news for the boys’ team is that they beat Talawanda in a meet for the first time in three years, according to Mottsinger. “That was something special,” he said. “It was as much a mental hurdle for us as a physical one.” Tyler Napier led the way for the Wildcats with a 39th place finish in a time of 19:03. Other Harrison runners were: Nate Tidwell, 52nd, 19:34; Alex Toyeas, 59th, 19:52; Kevin Schwering, 65th, 20:12; Joe Ernst, 67th, 20:15; Jake Linder, 72nd, 20:29; Brendan Rauck, 80th, 21:02; David Schwering, 81st, 21:12; Jason Duncan, 83rd, 21:21; and Jerod Rice, 89th, 21:35. The Harrison Invitational is Saturday at Harrison High School. Unfortunately, a college entrance exam has also been scheduled for that morning, so Mottsinger believes he will be without a few key runners on the boys’ side, including Napier and Toyeas. Bob Hyle Contributing Writer


Kayla Childs advances the ball versus Taylor. The Ladycats won the match

Soccer girls wipe out 2 foes Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

The Harrison Ladycats wiped out a pair of opponents last week, including a 9-1 win over conference opponent Wilmington, but gave up a goal in the final minute of the game and had to settle for a 3-3 tie with East Central. It has been the “Kayla Show” much of the season as sophomore Kayla Childs has put up some staggering scoring totals, but it is becoming the “Kaylas Show” as classmate Kayla Nowlin had even bigger scoring totals for the Ladycats last week. Nowlin scored seven goals in the three games and had four assists. She scored three times against Taylor and got all three goals against East Central. Her big week moved her to second in the Southwest Ohio Conference in scoring behind Childs, who set a school record with six goals in the win versus Wilming-

ton. Childs also added a pair of assists in the Taylor win and one more against East Central. Childs leads the SWOC in scoring with 16 goals and four assists in six games. Nowlin is second in the league with nine goals and seven assists. What Harrison coach Troy Kinnett likes most about the scoring is that it is coming early in the game. The Ladycats scored two goals in the first four minutes of both the Taylor and Wilmington games and had one goal in the first four minutes of the East Central game. Kinnett also gives credit to the team’s midfielders. “We are getting great production from our midfielders,” he said. “They are getting the ball to their teammates in high percentage situations.” Kaylan Gruber, Kennedy Quinlan, Cassidy Hatfield, all juniors, and senior Kara Vennemeier see the most action in the midfield, but Kinnett is also getting good minutes from backups Sara For-

beck, Kelsey Hall, Paige Michutka, Carah Kreimer, and Erin Stephens. Kinnett was disappointed in the tie with East Central because the Ladycats had a 3-2 lead in the final minute before the Trojans scored on a corner kick to tie the game. “East Central is always a very emotional game,” said Kinnett. “We have great respect for each other and both teams always play hard.” Harrison is tied with Ross on top of the SWOC standings as each team is 3-0 heading into a showdown at Ross next week. This week, the Ladycats are home to play Mount Healthy on Tuesday and Lawrenceburg on Thursday. “We need to take care of business this week,” said Kinnett. “The girls have set their goals high this season, but we can’t get caught up in our early success.”

“That was a big breakthrough for Megan. She was fabulous.

Ladycat tennis team poised to rally in final weeks of season, says coach The struggles of the Harrison Ladycats tennis team continue, but coach Andy Zureick believes his team has an opportunity to gain some momentum as the fall season enters its final weeks. “It hasn’t helped us that we’ve been playing McAuley and Mother of Mercy,” said Zureick about competing with private schools. “But our singles players are struggling.” Zureick made a move, switching senior Nikki Fernading to

first doubles alongside Abby May. “That’s been our most consistent pairing,” said Zureick. “”If we can get the second seed for the league tournament at that position we have a chance to make the finals and avoid playing Talawanda (the only league team to beat Harrison at that position thus far) until the final match.” Sarah Smith moved into Fernading’s spot on the singles side and Zureick believes Smith’s athleticism gives her an

opportunity to “steal a match” from one of the better players she will face on the singles side. Harrison has two league matches this week—both on the road. They visit Edgewood on Monday and Northwest on Tuesday. Thursday is the start of the Coaches Classic tournament, which concludes on Saturday. The location of Harrison’s matches and the teams in Harrison’s flight were not announced prior to the Harrison Press deadline.


Boys’ golf plays well vs. Wilmington

Crazy volleyball season enters big week Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

The crazy volleyball season in the Southwest Ohio Conference isn’t even at the halfway point and Harrison Ladycats coach Amy Berwanger isn’t sure what to expect. The Ladycats lost to Ross last week to fall into fourth place behind the Rams, Talawanda and Little Miami, each with one loss. “That was a disappointing loss to Ross,” said Berwanger. “We were just extremely inconsistent.” Harrison lost 19-25, 23-25, 12-25. “We had some long volleys and close plays in that second set and we just couldn’t pick ourselves back up after that,” she said. Mary Kate McCarroll led the Ladycats with 12 kills followed by Lindsey Cron with five and Amanda Worley with three. Natalie Ziegler had nine digs. The Ladycats returned the favor on Northwest, a team that took Ross to five sets earlier in the season, winning 25-22, 25-11, 25-3. In the third set, Alyssa Borgemenke served the first 17 points of the game, including six aces. She also added 20 setting assists. McCarroll again led the team with seven kills with Erin Engstrom, Gaby Dyarmati and Cron each getting five. On Saturday morning, Harrison went to Lakota West for a tri-match and the Ladycats were dominated 9-25, 6-25 and Mother of Mercy 10-25, 15-25. “Lakota West and Mercy are always tough,” said Berwanger. “We play a tough non-league schedule on purpose to get ready for the sectional tournament. Saturday was a wakeup call. We’ve got a lot of work to do.” This week Harrison has two league matches on the road, at Edgewood on Tuesday and at Little Miami on Thursday. Harrison defeated Little Miami at home earlier in the season. “This is a really big week,” said Berwanger. “We can’t afford to lose another match if we expect to win the league.” Harrison will host the Volley for the Cure on Wednesday,

Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

The Harrison boys’ golf team played on of its best matches of the season against conference leader Wilmington last week, losing 159-184 at Circling Hills Golf Course. Playing the back nine, freshman Daniel Bischel shot a one-over-par round of 37 to lead the team.


MaryKate McCarroll skies high to return a slam against Northwest. Sept. 25 against East Central. There will be a number of fundraising events, including the sale of pink t-shirts, to benefit breast cancer research. Berwanger said there will be raffles and a silent auction.

Girls win two handedly on the links Bob Hyle Contributing Writer

Harrison picked up a pair of dual match victories last week, beating Northwest at Circling Hills Golf Course by a score of 205-216 and Anderson at Reeves Golf Course by a score of 215221. Senior Natasha Davis led the Ladycats in both matches with a round of 48 on both courses. She won medalist honors in the Anderson match. Rachel Grubbs also displayed some consistency as she had rounds of 52 in each of the matches. Harrison coach Bryan Carr attended the sectional tournament meeting on Sunday afternoon and reported that the Ladycats will play in the tournament on Monday, Sept. 30 at

Walden Ponds Golf Club. The Ladycats earned the 20th seed. Harrison’s players will be matched up with golfers from Colerain and Mother of Mercy. “The seeding doesn’t mean much, but we got the location we wanted,” he said. “The girls all played there last year. I didn’t want to go to the Hamilton Elks sectional and play on a course we’ve never seen before.” Harrison has three matches this week as they travel to Bellwood Country Club on Monday to take on Little Miami; meet Colerain on

Wednesday at The Mill; and return home on Thursday to play Taylor at Circling Hills.


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T.J. Stenger struggled on the par-5 10th hole as he carded a 10, but he managed to keep his focus and finished with a 45. Kyle Kinsel had a 48 and Ethan Schneider had a 54. The Cats also lost a match to Princeton by five strokes, 186-191. Harrison will play Northwest on Tuesday at The Mill, and are home at Circling Hills on Thursday to take on Edgewood. “If we play well, we have a shot at winning both of those matches,” said Harrison coach Trevor Ward.

Last Saturday at the Covington Catholic Invitational, freshman cross country runner Megan Bernhardt not only pushed herself into the top pack, she led all Harrison runners as the girls finished seventh out of 14 schools. Bernhardt is The Harrison Press Athlete of the Week.

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John Wayne, age 79, of Harrison, passed away Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013. He is survived by his sister Patricia (Clarence) Geyer and friends. He served in the US Army and loved Antique Jeeps. Services will be at the convenience of the family. Memorials to SPCA through funeral home Visit www.

Charles A.Dick,

Charles A. “Chuck,” husband of Carole (nee Bach) Dick, devoted father of Jeff (Michelle Britain), Pam and Ryan Dick and Mark (Dary Sanchez) Dresselhaus, grandfather of Cameron, Nicky, Kenzie, Alex and Tyler, son of Verna (nee Tucker) and the late Alton Dick, brother of Joyce (John) Hilligoss and Janice (Gary) James, also survived by nieces and nephews. Died Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013. Age 67. A memorial service will be held at a later date. To help the family with funeral expenses, memorials may be made to BraterWinter Funeral Home, 201 South Vine St., Harrison, Ohio 45030. Visit

Dorothy H. Ferraris

Dorothy H. ‘Dot’ Ferraris (nee Corns), 79, died at her

Crosby Township residence on Sept. 13, 2013. She was a homemaker and a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Harrison. She was the beloved wife of Jack M. Ferraris, the devoted mother of Dane (Cindy) and Steve (Kay) Ferraris, Jackie Schoultheis (Joe) and Patty Hoerst (Mike), the loving grandmother of Margo Belcher (Brian), Eric (Rachel), Colby (Stephanie) and Garry (Lisa) Ferraris, Rosie Laney (Wayne), Holly Foley (Dale), Jamie Schneider. Also, Alex and Nick Schoultheis, Abby Roessler (Joey) and Emily Hoerst, great grandmother of Moses, Aftyn, Jack, Claire, Zion, Rylan, Max, Grant and Audrey, the beloved daughter of the late John and Catherine (Middendorf) Corns and the dear sister of Mary, Betty, Annie, Evelyn, Joe, Linda, Janet, George, Theresa, Jenny, Patty, Mike, Jane, Jean and the late John, Edward and Tom. Visitation was Tues., Sept. 17, at the Dennis George Funeral Home, 44 S. Miami, Cleves, Ohio. Mass of the Christian Burial is Wednesday Sept. 18, 10 a.m., at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Harrison.

Ronald D. Stratton

Ronald D., beloved husband of Marilyn Stratton

(nee Barnes). Loving father of Sharon (the late Jerry) Dent, Lynn Karr, Gail Weeden, Greg Reynolds, Ken (Kim) Stratton and Steven (Krista) Strat-

New Haven Rd., Harrison. Burial was in Arlington Memorial Gardens. Donations may be made to Hospice of Cincinnati, P.O. Box 6335978, Cincinnati, Ohio 45263. Visit neidhardminges. com.

Gary Young Sr.

Ronald Stratton ton. Also survived by numerous loving grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Dear brother of Don (Verna) Stratton, Marvin (Shirley) Bradford, Connie (Rick) Lott, Deborah Hamlin and Barb (the late Dan) Stratton. Passed away Sept. 7, 2013. Age 75 years. Resident of Harrison. Visitation was Friday and Saturday until the time of funeral service at the Minges Funeral Home, 10385

Gary Young Sr., age 71, of Harrison, died Thursday Sept. 12, 2013, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Born Jan. 25, 1942, in Miamitown, Ohio, the son of the late Floyd Young and Mildred (Dunaway) Young. He married Barbara Ann Young (nee Toney) on Nov. 7, 1964 in Bright, Ind. She preceded him in death on Nov. 18, 2010. Gary a retired truck driver for Preston trucking in Sharonville, Ohio, was a United States Navy veteran, Masonic lodge member and a member of the Widowed Sons Motorcycle club. Gary is survived by his children, Gary Young Jr. (Mindy) of Farragut, Tenn., Gail Riley (Lester “JR”) of West Harrison, and Brad Young (Shelley

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standards. When you enforce high standards, you get a high quality product,” said McGuire. The proposed standards contain a range of options for various budget levels, and passing them would make the rules clear to designers and developers, he said. The quest for design standards began about two years ago when the planning commission had hundreds of materials to consider. The proposal now limits commercial exterior building materials to full-depth clay brick, veneer clay brick soaps, natural stone, culture stone/stone veneer, natural stucco/plaster, and Terra Cotta tile. The villains are cinder block, vinyl siding, smoothfaced block, and metal siding. They would be prohibited for new buildings and

WILDCAT, FROM PAGE 1 ball players talking to each other. They go to all the football games, you know, home games, close games. It’s just tradition,” said Benjamin. The pomp and circumstance for high school football players is over in a blink of an eye but the responsibility they learn can last a lifetime, he said. “You got to show up every day. You got to show up on time, and then you have to show a certain respect to the school. And you have to have character, and be a leader because football in Harrison is one of the most popular sports.” A retired truck driver, Benjamin’s primary hobby is blacksmithing but he even turned that to inspiring the young football players. Last year and the year before, he made small horseshoe belt buckles for some seniors, for kids making the top plays, and for offensive and defensive players of the game. At $30 each, however, he was forced to discontinue. The horseshoes, obviously for good luck, are an extension of the full-size variety Benjamin made for coaches over the years, and since mounted in the locker room. Luck is defined as success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. A labor of love is defined by Jim Benjamin. “Grrrrrrrr!”

expanded structures in in all business districts, B1, 2 and 3. Harrison City Councilman Jim Robertson also spoke as liaison for the city’s tree board. The tree board recommends that the standards include a detailed plan to provide for adequate and appropriate landscaping.

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DUTIES INCLUDE Loading/unloading trucks, receiving products, inventory movement (put aways and transfers) Other duties as required. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Forklift experience, specifically narrow aisle reach truck; Prior experience in a distribution warehouse; Ability to lift 50 pounds on a continuous basis and work quickly; RF gun experience a plus DAY/EVENING SHIFTS AVAILABLE Shift times vary depending on workload, shift min 8 hrs/max 12 hrs. Must be available to work Saturdays and Sundays, if needed. GARDENS ALIVE! OFFERS • Competitive Wage • Paid Training • Employee Discounts • Paid Personal Time 2nd Season • 401K with company match after 1 year of employment CALL FOR PHONE INTERVIEW 812-537-8665, EXT 2223 EOE

Patriot- 2BR basement apartment. House on 90 acres, owner lives up stairs, $450/month plus utilities and deposit. No smoking. 513-353-3777

Hidden Valley Lake- 3BR, 2.5B for rent on main lake. Includes dock, boat lift, and access to all amenities. Immediate occu pancy. $1375/month. 513-616-2579 or Rising Sun-1 bedroom, 1st 859-466-4427. floor, on riverfront, very nice, must see, includes all utilities (electric, water, A/C, heat, trash pick-up, HVL- main floor of small washer/dryer). very secluded 2 br on 3 $775/month. Non-smok- wooded lots. Large great ing. No pets. References room w/ beam cathedral and deposit required. ceiling, wraparound deck 812-667-7679. overlooking woods w/ dryer, gym and carport below. $975/month. Includes cable and all utilities. Ideal for single or empty nesters. Non-smokers. $850 2 bedroom house $700 deposit and references. and 2 bedroom apartment 812-537-9305 available for $700 . Langley Hts, Aurora, IN. Call 513-319-5476 LAWRENCEBURG- 3 3 bedroom Brick ranch for Bedroom, large kitchen, rent in Greendale. 2 car at- laundry room hook-ups, tached garage and full front and back porch, 1.5 basement in quiet neigh- baths. $950.00/month, 1 borhood.$1000/month plus month deposit required, utilities.Call 513-477-1260. tenants pay utilities. Call Available September 859-512-3899 20,2013



Harrison, OH- Tippecanoe Apartments. Spa cious remodeled 2BR $610-$640 dishwasher, balcony, very, very clean. No pets. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, Re 812-637-1787, cently remodeled, Ad 513-574-4400 dyston $750/month + deLarge 3 bedroom duplex in posit. Three Rivers School Greendale all utilities in- District. Wont Last long. cluded, fenced yard, w/d Call Wen 513-604-6522 hook-up, off street parking, 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1-car no pets. $850/month + de- garage. Near Milan on 1 posit. Call 812-926-3204. acre. $750/month, $750 Lawrenceburg (2-bed - deposit. All appliances furroom apt with all appli- nished. Utilities not in ances and washer/dryer cluded. No pets. No smokhook-up in apt. Each apt ing. References required. has front porch or bal- 812-654-2021. cony. $ 6 5 0 / m o n t h Aurora and Lawrenceburgw/$650 deposit required. Great location, 3 bed Small pets only (addi - rooms, 2 bath house, tional deposit required D u t c h Hollow Rd, for pet) Ph 513-265-8460 $780/month. 1/2 bedroom or 812-577-6781 apartments available also. No pets. 812-216-8477 or Lawrenceburg efficiency 703-973-4681. apartment all utilities furnished including C/A & Aurora- Rural. Nice 1 BR Dish TV, great location. log house. Lg. Loft BR. Lg eat-in kitchen. New win812-537-0775 dows & flooring. Patio. Lawrenceburg Efficiency Quiete. $575/mo+deposit+ Unit- $540/month with all utilities. References. utilities included. Laun- 812-290-1173 dry facilities on site. Ph 513-265-8460 o r Bright–House for rent, large, newly remodeled, 3 812-577-6781 bed, 2.5 bath, 2 car ga Milan- Hoosier Country rage, 3/4 acre. $1150 deSquare Apts. 2BR with posit and $1150 monthly. dining room, fridge, Call (513)479-5155 or stove, d i s h w a s h e r , (765)647-0439. on-site laundry facilities, Executive home available, patio area, $550/month 10-1-13. 8 rooms include, $550 deposit. No pets. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, laun812-577-6781 dry, office, 2 car garage, view of Ohio river, New Haven Apartments - $1200.00 per month, credit Near Harrison. 4 rooms check & references re with equipped kitchen. quired. Call 812-614-0610. Central heating, A/C. New tile and laminate flooring. Greendale- 4 br, 2 1/2 Very nice condition. bath bi-level. New flooring and paint through$575/month. out! Level fenced back(812)623-2524. yard between pond and Patriot- 1 bedroom apart- pool on Nowlin. No ment. Heat, air, water in- smokers. No pets. cluded. $500/month plus $1,050/month plus utilideposit.(812) 584-6404. ties. Call 513-967-8494.

Lease-618 Wilson St. Rising Sun, IN. Smaller 3 BR, 2 bath. Finished basement. Fenced yard, carport, attached garage, new carpet $795 Mo. $900 deposit No utilities included. Mayberry Properties 438-2847


2 Room Office, for rent, perfect location, ACROSS from Lawrenceburg Courthouse.




Aide: Experienced, Ma ture, Two Twelve hour shifts. Great Conditions. Please call 812-537-2413 Baldwin Cleaning Service Residential and business cleaning. Non-janitorial. Location: Bright, Ind. Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. M-F Part-time $7.50 per hour. Call (812)637-5861. Cincinnati Enquirer delivery route in Dilsboro, Manchester, Brookville, St. Leon, and Lawrenceburg. Call 513-768-8134. Dietary Manager, Pine Know Assisted Living. Please call 812-537-4422 Do you want to earn $9-$15 an hour? Train to be a CNA today. Here at Tri-State Health Care Training Center we can train you in three weeks. Now offering full-time and part-time classes. Also, starting in Septembertrain to be a QMA in 6 weeks. Starting pay $12-$20 an hour. Located in Greendale. Call 812-577-0055

Drivers Wanted. Class A CDL. Clean Driving Re Aurora- 2 Bedroom, Large cord. Experience a Plus. yard, Big Pation. $475.00 Hourly Pay. Koppʼs Turkey Plus Utilities. Also 2 Bed- Sales 513-367-4133 room near Belterra Ca sino. 812-623-4454 Drivers, Needed/Greensburg IN: Company Drivers $1100/WkGTD, Owner/Op $2100/Wk GTD. Dedicated Account, Get Home Every Week,Class A-CDL + Tank + Hazmat, Call DistTech at For Lease or Rent 40x60 800 871-4581 Op #2,Apply storage building or warehouse $800.00 per month. Online I-275 US 50, Greendale. 513-218-5406 Bill Yelton.



Call for an appointment * Foreclosure Special * Equipped kitchens * Laundry facilities * Heat included * 24 hour emergency maintenance * Minutes from I-275

* Ask about Deposit Special * Lots of closet space * Children play area * Walk to Ludlow Hill Park * Extra Storage * Pets Welcome

NOW LEASING 1 & 2 bedroom apartments



Patrick & Teresa Martini

Patrick & Teresa Martini

Charming 3 bdrm ranch! Lg open kitchen/DR, updated bathrm, spacious family rm in bsmt for entertaining, front porch, and back deck overlooking woods, 2 car garage, more! Located on non-outlet street. $119,900. 1yr home warranty.

Beautiful 3BR brick ranch on 5 acs! Super location, 10mi from I74! WBFP, master suite, full finished basement w/ family & game room, workshop, & fully insulated media/music rm, 3 car attached garage. $214,900 NEW PRICE. 1yr HOW

812-623-8811 513-460-2754

812-623-8811 513-460-2754



Regina Weis Well maintained home situated on 2.8 ac w/pond. Kitchen includes appliances, oak cabinetry, & pantry. Split bedroom layout w/2 full baths. Dining offers sliding doors to deck & backyard. In-law suite provides kitchen, bedroom/living room with separate entry/exit.

Patrick & Teresa Martini

So Many Extras! Well maintained mini-farm w/pasture, woods, pond, pool! Perfect setup for in-law suite! 5BR home with 2 kitchen & living rooms + 3.5 BA. Garages/workshop: 40x24 & 23x23, Pole Barn: 60x30, & outbuildings. $259,900.

812-539-2233 513-324-3915

812-623-8811 513-460-2754

WAREHOUSE ASSOCIATES Gardens Alive!, Inc. is an international multi-brand mail order company, shipping to the home consumer. We are in need of self-motivated individuals to fill our seasonal warehouse associate positions at our distribution center in Lawrenceburg, IN.



Bischoff Realty (513) 367-2171 FRED CLARK Ohio/Indiana






Lawrenceburg - Contemporary style home on 5 acres. 3BR, 2 1/2 BA, 2 car att gar, 1 car det gar. $255,000 Bright - Traditional 2 story w/4BR, 2 1/2 BA, fin LL. 2 car att gar. Very private! $214,900 Thinking of buying or selling? Call us for all of your real estate needs!

1124 Westfield- Brand New Listing! Beautifully refinished 3 bdrm, 2 bath home with updates thru-out incl new flooring, paint, kitchen, baths. Fam rm w/ brick fp & woodburning insert. Lg fenced yard w/deck. Must see! $129,900 Todd Bischoff 513-616-0655. B1660H 127 Joyce- Just Reduced! Brick/stone ranch home, full bsmt, wood flrs, sunken living room w/brick fp, updated elec, newer roof /wndws, att. 2 car gar, 20x20 patio, oversized fenced yard. $139,900. Todd Bischoff 513-616-0655. B1659H 110 S Hill- Nice cape cod in heart of Harrison, full bsmt, new flooring & kitchen, new wndws in LL, det. 1 car gar, room to expand in unfinished 2nd flr. $89,900. Todd Bischoff 513-616-0655


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

31 HELP WANTED 31 HELP WANTED 31 HELP WANTED 43 Drivers: CDL-A, Home Weekly! Avg 60k year! $2000 Sign-On bonus! Must qualify for tank and hazmat endorsement. , 1-866-204-8006

Drivers: Home Nightly Florence, KY Flatbed Openings! Great Pay, Benefits! CDL-A, 1yr Exp. Req. Estenson Logistics. Apply: 1(866)336-9642

Drivers: Short Haul get home 2-3 times a week & OTR Openings! No-touch freight, newer Pete's and great pay/benefits: (877)660-0474

General labor needed. Prefer insulation experience. Must have own transportation, be reliable, clean record. Hourly wage. Call 513-321-3626.

Immediately hiring for front desk clerk, housekeeping and maintenance person, must have experience. Apply in person at Holiday Inn Express, Harrison.

Insurance Agency seeks a full-time P&C sales producer. Candidates without a P&C License possessing a strong sales background will also be considered. A Property & Casualty li cense must be obtained. Salary + Commission. Please fax or email your resume to (513)367-2209 or

Insurance/Inspector Millennium Information Services is looking for independent contractors to perform exterior residential property insurance inspections in a local territory. Earnings based on number of inspections you complete. Ideally, should be currently in business performing like work. You will need the following items to begin: Dependable vehicle, digital camera, measuring wheel, fold-up 17 foot ladder & PC with high-speed Internet access. To learn more about Millennium and to register online, please visit us at and register on our employment page in your state under field operations/Independent Property Inspector.

Teachers/Directors, Motivated and marketing skills needed. Credentials plus experience. Benefits and top pay. (859)727-6148. Town of West Harrison needs a part time street/maintenance worker. Approximately 20-25 hours per week. Call Jo Wesley 812-637-3008 after 5:30 pm for application. Wanted- front office help in healthcare office in Lawrenceburg. Approximately 25-30 hours per week. Must have a friendly and outgoing personality. Email resume with work history to: or mail to: NGHC, 2580 Michigan Road, Suite A, Madison, IN 47250


Lead carpenter needed. Minimum 10 years experience in residential and commercial. Must have valid drivers license with a clean driving record. Send resume with five working references: P.O. Box 3579 Plant trays & pots recyLawrenceburg, IN 47025 cled at Chanʼs Plant Sale, 109 N. High St. (IN. 56) Rising Sun. Leave on porch or call 812-438-3182. Local Christian Confer ence and Retreat Center has opening for part-time cooks helpers and dish- PROFESSIONAL JEWwashers. Must be avail- ELRY CLEANING & SILable for AM and PM shifts VER POLISHING! 43 YRS as well as weekends. EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL Part-time housekeepers LOVE TO WEAR IT WE wanted Hours include GUARANTEE IT! DAILY weekdays and some SPECIALS. 806 NOWLIN AVE, GREENDALE. weekends. Call ( 8 1 2 ) 6 3 7 - 3 7 7 7 , 812-577-0126 Mon.-Fri. 9a.m.-4:30p.m. Or leave a message after office hours.



Painter wanted: Must have 10 years experience and have own transportation a background check re quired. Call after 7:00pm 812-926-4041


Cincinnati Area Drivers


Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K Class A CDL + 1 Yr. Reg. Exp


Register Publications has open positions in mailroom, stuffing in serts. Starts daily at 8a.m.. Must have reliable transportation, valid drivers license and be able to stand for long periods of time. Must be 18 years old or older. Apply in person at Register Publications, 126 West High Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana. EOE

Selling IN, OH and KY! The market is back! Now is the time to begin your real estate career! Hiring New and Experienced Agents! • First Class Support System • Unmatched Training Program • Latest Tools and Technology • $30K Minimum in Guaranteed Commissions in 2014!

Send resumes to Andrew Lohmiller or fax to 513-278-0145


Greendale Self - Storage Indoor storage available 24 hour access. Call (812)537-3131 or (812)637-1787.

Home Health Care - 40 years experience. References. Cleaning, meals. 3 people available. Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky. Call 812-667-6741, cell 513-519-3415

Lisaʼs Cleaning Service Residential, office, rentals and apartments. Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or one time. Fully insured. De pendable. Free estimates. Call (812)637-9171 or cell (513)256-0698. Quality photography by Bob Mattingly. Family groups, sports, groups & general photography. Call 812-438-3182.

Residential Cleaning. Tri-state. You make the mess, we'll do the rest. Insured/Bonded. Specializing in construction, commercial and residential 812-290-4490 Thank you. Get ready fall cleaning. Rickʼs Construction, Free estimates, Fully insured, Electric, Plumbing, Room additions, Decks, Roofing, Remodeling and Siding. 812-667-5457 or 812-871-4793



Achs Services - Heating and Air conditioning. All types and models, hot water heaters, light electrical and plumbing. Licensed and insured. (513)668-3775 (765)647-0439.

Bowman Painting and general contractor. Interior /exterior painting, commercial and residential. Roofing and remodeling, custom staining, high pressure washing. Free estimates. Call (812)689-6771 or (812)537-4677. Bowman Tree Service. Trimming, topping, tree removal, lot clearing, storm damage, fully insured and free estimates. Call (812)537-4677. Monroe Excavating, Hauling, LLC Limestone, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Mulch, Sand, Gravel, Driveways Demolition, Digging, Basements, Dump Truck, Bobcat, Track Hoe Work Call (812)926-1995 or (513)310-0835


ABC Academy Preschool now enrolling. Ages 3 to 5. Certified elementary teacher. Small class sizes. Comprehensive curriculum. Full or half day op tions. Spaces limited. 812-926-0636.

FOR SALE: Register Walker Mare. 6 years old. Roan, 3white/1blaze. Bred to show. $1,200. Please call 513-604-0928

chemicals and are not fed sugar or sucrose. Raw honey available, too. Call Shawn 812-438-3182.

Rising Sun- lots of young miss junior clothing. Lots of new dresses size 6-10. Lots of jewelry, household items, furniture, winter coats, shoes sizes 7-8. FriWanted to buy cattle and day & Saturday (20th & 4090 horses. Crippled or sound. 21st) 10a.m.-? Also buying wild cattle. State Road 56 North. Will pay cash. Yard Sale - Fri.-Sat. Sept. (859)620-5860. 20&21, 8-? 1104 Westfield Dr., Harrison. Antiques, furniture, nice jewelry, old pocket knives, old toys, adult clothing, lots of linens, household items, !!!-A-A-A Honda Recon Quad, misc. YARD SALE



BEFORE 10 A.M. FRIDAYS Holiday deadlines Thursday before 10 a.m. $15 four papers 25 words or less

RNs - Part time, days on the RNFA - Full time, Days in the O.R., full

time Evening/Nights in the ICU, Occasional opening in the Cardiovascular lab.


MEDICAL ASSISTANTS - Occasional opening in Dermatology practice in Aurora; Full time at family practice in Lawrenceburg and part time temporary at Rising Sun Medical Center.


MEDICAL LAB TECH OR MEDICAL TECH - Full time Evening position. MLT or MT registry or eligible required.

AVAILABLE FOR FULL & PART TIME EMPLOYEES Vacation at 6 months • 403(b) Program Health & Dental Insurance • Tuition Reimbursement Competitive Salary • 3 Weeks Vacation after 1 Year Full Time

600 Wilson Creek Rd. • Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 (812) 537-8120 • (513) 564-8000 ext 8120 • FAX (812) 537-1977 For an up-to-date listing of job opportunities at DCH, visit our website at or call our JOB HOTLINE at 537-8121 or 1-800-676-5572, 24 hours a day.


2 new Labor Day Pomeranian puppies (1- 6 months, 1- 8 weeks). Tax deductible for the DʼAndrea LaRosa Art Foundation. Accepting deposits now. 812-290-9588 or 812-290-1520.

AKC registered Dachs hund puppies, long haired, black and tan. Born 8-13-13. $100 deposit will hold your puppy. Dew claws removed. De wormed. First shots and vet checked. Excellent 21423 Salt Fork Road. t e m p e r a m e n t . $400. September 19-22. 812-621-1601 or 10a.m.-6p.m. Rain or 812-907-1018. shine. Road turns off IN State Route 1 and State- CKC Registered Jack Rusline at Bright. sell puppies. 7 weeks old, wormed, and shots. Very 3-family Yard Sale - Sept. adorable. Call Sharon at 20-21, 9-3. On Jenny 812-667-5070 Lynn, Bright, off Stateline. tons of kid items, from clothes to toys, household items. Call Harrison Press (513)367-4582 or Lawrenceburg (812)537-0063.



HOUSEKEEPING INSPECTOR Needed for local Lawrenceburg Hotel Experience is a must. 20-25 hours per week. Mail or drop off resumes to Attn: Housekeeping Inspector Register Publications 126 W. High St. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025




Back to school. Keep the music going. Piano les sons given in Aurora. Community Yard Sale. 513-490-3143. Three Mile Ridge. 90 piece casual China Royal Copenhagen, Indigo with serial numbers, Giddingʼs mink, lots of antiques, Absolutely no trespassing, small tables, etc. and hunting, fishing, swim - misc. Fri. Sept. 27, 8-4, ming, trapping, horseback Sat. Sept. 28, 8-1. riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quad runners, Garage Sale- Hamline or 4-wheelers allowed for Chapel Mission Project any reason. Not responsi- and Three Mile Ridge. ble for accidents or injury Many varied items. Friday to anyone, Violators will be Sept. 27 (8-4), Saturday prosecuted at their own Sept. 28 (8-1) expense to the full extent of the law on the property Moving sale- clothing, of G.E. Stacy, 27357 coats, furniture, antiques, Stacy Lane, 1905 Pinhook holiday decorations. Too Rd., West Harrison, Ind., much to list. Diehl Drive, 47060. Greendale. (off Probasco) To the Heirs of Dennis Ca- Fri Sept 20th 8-4, Sat Sept 21st 8-1 ble I Marlene Bergner am seeking title to the mobile home on E. Miami River Moving sale. Furniture, Road. VIN MY8971421K tools, lawn equipment, household items. Friday case #A1305994 9/20 and Saturday 9/21. 9am-1pm. 8993 Leatherwood Road, Guilford. (Route 1, left on York Ridge, go 5 miles to Leatherwood).

September 17 - September 19, 2013

GARAGE & 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 53 FARM/PRODUCE 55 YARD SALES

Multi-family Sale - Sept. 20-21, 8-? 120 Joyce Ave. and 104 Westfield Dr., Harrison. Appliances, glassware, comforters, Wilton Cake Pans, Pure Handyman, very inexpen- Hay for sale: Alfalfa Comfort Heater, lots of sive. No job to big or square bales, 4th cutting, new Christmas, some area. small. Experienced, G u i l f o r d Mark Roberts, gardening HVAC, plumbing, carpen- 812-487-2322 items, chimes, etc. try, yard work. (513)379-0684 o r Lemon grass, sensitive Multi-family Yard Sale plants, lemon eucalyptus, Sat., Sept. 21, 8-2. 409 (513)746-1748. purple coneflower, parsley Hers & His Professional & lots of other perennials Kater Ave., Harrison. Services. Grass cutting, & herbs. Chanʼs Plant Toys, clothes, furniture, home/business clean- Sale, 109 N. High St. home decor. ing, trash removal. (IND. 56) Rising Sun. Multi-family yard sale. Partners in life and 812-438-3182. Saturday 9/21 9am-2pm. business. Aurora, Ind. Bonnie & Steve Telinda, Local honey from Rising Rain or shine. Something (513)703-4416 o r Sun bees. These hives for everyone. Misty Lane, Logan Township. (513)309-9460. are not treated with


In home daycare in Bright, Indiana has immediate openings for your child. Full or part-time. Monday-Friday. 6AM-6PM. 27 years experience and great references. 513-582-7380.




Gardens Alive! Inbound Call Center

Seasonal Full & Part Time Positions Available, beginning at 11 am or later; weekend hours required

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

Qualified candidates must have a minimum of 6 months sales/ customer service experience. Must be able to type a minimum of 25 WPM and meet accuracy requirements. Excellent verbal communication skills. $8.50 per hour plus comm. Paid Training - Employee Discounts For a phone interview call toll-free/EOE



Corn hole game bags. Red, navy blue, green, orange, black, bright blue purple, maroon, gold, gray & brown. $20.00 for set of 8 bags. Call (812)537-1207.



Always Buying , Paying Cash for Estates-Antiques, Old Military items- Guns, Advertising Signs, Old Toys, Crocks or old Christmas or Halloween Items Call Bob 812-637-5369



Sea Spirit Mark I, open bow, 17 1/2 runabout, 3.0 inboard/outboard Chevy engine, great condition, loads of extras $3,300 OBO 812-438-4037 be tween 10 a.m.-8 p.m.



50 good cars. $1500 each-choice. All are good , clean, running cars. Too many cars to list. Cash or credit cards. Milan, Indiana. 812-654-2525. 12:00-5:00. Will Buy & Haul Scrap Cars & Trucks (812)716-0781.

Absolutely no fishing, no swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not responsible for any injuries or accidents on the property belonging to : Rod and Brenda Cafouras, 12476 Gordon lane, Dillsboro, IN 47018 2-13

Absolutely no hunting, trapping, fishing, swim ming, trash dumping, woodcutting, motorized vehicles, firearms, or tres passing for any reason. Violators will be prose cuted. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: John Stegemiller, 24569 Hiltz Rd., Absolutely no fishing, no Guilford, IN 47022. 11-12 swimming, no hunting, or trespassing permitted. Not Absolutely no hunting, responsible for any injuries trapping, woodcutting, moor accidents on the prop- torized bikes, or trespasserty belonging to: Mark & ing for any reason or purEva Roll, End of Diefen- pose. These activities are bach Road, Bright IN strictly forbidden and will 47025 09-14 not be tolerated. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Also not reAbsolutely no hunting or sponsible for accidents on trespassing. No dirt bikes the property of: Rodney & or motorized vehicles of Arlene Miller 8824 North any kind. Not responsible Hogan Rd., Aurora, IN for accidents, injuries or fa- 47001 08-14 talities on the property of Helen Amm & Teresa Absolutely no swimming, Stone, 18060 Union fishing, hunting or tres Ridge, Aurora, In 47001. passing permitted, not responsible for any injuries or accidents on any propAbsolutely no hunting, dog erty or lakes belonging to: running, wood cutting, Ralph Eugene Clark, Jr. dumping, animal abandon- and Mary Clark, 1505 ment, motorized vehicles, Water Street, Hardin bikes, trapping, firearms, town, Lawrenceburg, IN or swimming. No trespass- Anyone caught in the auto ing of any kind for any rea- salvage yard or above son. Not responsible for property will be prose accidents, injuries or fatali- cuted. 09-14 ties, to any person or personal property. Activities of Absolutely no trespassing any kind will not be toler- - of any kind - for any reaated. Violators will be son. It is illegal to tres prosecuted at their own pass. No hunting, trapping, expense to the fullest ex- trash dumping, wood cuttent of the law on the prop- ting, swimming, dischargerty of L.J. Backman, ing firearms or explosives 6422 East Laughery of any kind, riding animals Creek Rd., Aurora, IN or bicycles, or any motor10-13 ized vehicles including ATVʼs, quad runners, motorcycles, motor bikes, etc. Absolutely no hunting, fish- Not responsible for proping, dog running, woodcut- erty damage, accidents. ting, dumping, animal Injuries or fatalities. Violaabandonment, motorized tors will be prosecuted to vehicles, bikes, trapping, the full extent of the law. firearms, swimming, tree This is a 44 acre tract cutting, snowmobiling, bounded on the south by creek rock hunting, turning Lutz Road and on the around in private circle north by Harley Springs drive or trespassing of any Subdivision. Welbourne kind for any reason . Not G. Williams, 4738 Lutz responsible for accidents, Rd., Guilford, Indiana. injuries or fatalities to per- 1-13 sons or personal property. Activities of any kind will Absolutely no trespassing not be tolerated. Violators for any reason, not responwill be prosecuted at their sible for accidents or injuown expense to the fullest ries. Violators will proseextent of the law on the cuted at their own ex properties of:John Nie- penses.: The Beverly J. haus, 16827 St. Rt. 148, Neihardt Trust, 14950 Aurora, Ind., 47001. Old State Road 350, Moores Hill, IN 8-13

Absolutely no hunting, fishing or trespassing of any kind. Not responsible for property or personal injury on the property of: George Hockl, Norkus & White Plains Rd., Manchester Township, Aurora, IN 4-14

Absolutely no hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason w/o written permission on the properties owned or leased by us. No excuses. Violators will be arrested and prosecuted. Harry and John Hud dleston, 8731 SR 56N, Aurora, IN or 5311 Yorkridge Road, Guilford, IN


Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Will not be responsible for any accidents or fatalities. Violators will be fined and prosecuted on the property of James and Rhonda Huff, 5448 Bischoff Hill Absolutely no hunting, Rd., West Harrison, Ind., trapping, fishing, swim - 47060. ming, trash dumping, woodcutting, motorized ve- Absolutely No Trespassing hicles, firearms, or tres - for any reason. Violators passing for any reason. will be prosecuted at there Violators will be prose - own expense. No vehicles cuted. Beware of dog. Not including ATVʼs, Motorcyresponsible for accidents cles etc. Not responsible or injuries on the property for any accidents or injuof: Perry & Tracy Boone, ries on the property of 18002 Lost Creek Lane, P.A.W.S. Humane Center, 200 Charles A. Liddle Lawrenceburg, IN 1-13 DR. Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025 Absolutely no hunting, trapping, fishing, swim - Absolutely no trespassing ming, trash dumping, for any reason including woodcutting, motorized ve- motorized vehicles - hunthicles, firearms, or tres - ing of any kind (bow or passing for any reason. gun - nor trapping) or sledViolators will be prose - ding. Not responsible for cuted. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or peraccidents or injuries on the sonal property. Violators property of: John Ste- will be prosecuted at their gemiller, 24569 Hiltz Rd., expenses to the fullest exGuilford, IN 47022. 11-12 tent of the law on the property of Irvin J. Hartman & Frances M. Hartman, 221 Locust St., Greendale, IN 47025 1-14


East Indiana Treatment Center located at 816 Rudolph Way, Lawrenceburg, IN, is a comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment facility. We are seeking professional, energetic individuals to fill available positions on the nursing team. Competitive salaries and full benefits available. If interested, send a resume to is an EOE. *Visit for more details on our services offered.* ADDICTIONS COUNSELORS NEEDED!!

East Indiana Treatment Center, located at 816 Rudolph Way, Lawrenceburg, IN, is a comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment facility. We are seeking professional, energetic individuals with a desire to help others guide their lives in a more positive direction. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree required. Counseling experience and/or experience with individuals with substance abuse issues preferred. Competitive salaries and full benefits available. If interested, send a resume to is an EOE. Visit for more details on our services offered.

Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the The properties of: Bowlins, Bordering on Lipscomb Dr., Mud Lick Creek and Rainbow Road, Manchester Township and 7327 Kaiser Drive, 2-15 Absolutely No trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any acci dents or injuries on the properties of Robert & Deborah Lischkge, 9794 Alans Branch, Moores Hill, IN 47032 2-14 Absolutely no trespassing for any reason; no fishing, hunting, trapping, swimming or open fires. No motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. We are not responsible for any acci dents or injuries on the property. Ryan Stroud Heartland, Homestead Land Trust 4-13 Absolutely No Trespassing for any reason, no fishing, hunting, trapping, dumping, wood cutting, or swimming, no motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense, not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Gale Banta, 4304 State Road 48, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 10-11

September 17 - September 19, 2013

The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register


70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason: no fishing, hunting, trapping, or swimming; no motorized bikes, 4-wheelers or other motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense; also we are not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Bieliauskas Family, 1230 Justis Rd., Lawrence burg, IN 47025 4-14

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Not re sponsible for any injuries or accidents. Town of Moores Hill Properties, Moores Hill, IN 47032 4-14

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Will not be responsible for any accidents or fatalities. Violators will be fined and prosecuted on the property of: Mark & Bonnie Pennington, 12947 N. Hogan Rd., Aurora, In 47001 5-13

24'x36'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 40'x64'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 1-20' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center

$5,325 Erected

$16,475 Erected

24'x45'x8' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 50'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-9'x7' Garage Door 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4½' Center Truss on 4' Center

$6,295 Erected

$22,995 Erected

32'x40'x12' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 60'x80'x14' • 1-36" Walk-in Door 1-16' Split Slider 2- 24' Split Slider Truss on 4' Center Truss on 4' Center

$9,975 Erected

$25,950 Erected

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METAL ROOFING - 40 YEAR Warranty - choice of 16 colors • Lumber • Hardware • Plumbing Supplies • Paint & Supplies Vinyl siding •Windows & Doors • Ammunition Laminated Floor • Greenhouse & Garden Supplies 5123 W. Co. Rd 550 South - Holton, IN 47023 (812) 689-6276 (or leave a message) From Versailles, take US 421 S. Turn right onto Co. Rd. 550 S. (watch for sign). Located approx. 3 miles on the left. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 5:00 pm • Sat. 8:00 am - 4 pm

Absolutely no trespassing for any reason; no fishing, no hunting, trapping, swimming, no motorized vehicles, firearms, trash dumping, open fires, wood cutting, horseback riding, 4 wheelers, bikes. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, fatalities. No trespassing, soliciting, or visitation from strangers, family, or friends without written consent from Ron and Debbie Seaver, 23718 James Lake Road, Guilford, IN 47022 04-14

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, trapping, trash dumping, tree cutting, tree damaging in any way, tree stands, firearms, bows, knives, or loitering. Not responsible for accidents, personal injuries, property damage, or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law at their expense of the properties of Gerald Conn, Cove Circle East lots 2534 and 2535, Hidden Valley Lake. 08-14

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quadrunners or 4-wheelers allowed on my property for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone. Violators will b e prose cuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of: The Gary Steinmetz Farm, 9783 Wesseler Road, Sunman, IN 05-14

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, fishing, swim ming, trapping, horseback riding, woodcutting, motorized bikes, quad runners or 4-wheelers allowed for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injury to anyone. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the full extent of the law on the property of: Darrell & Susan SexAbsolutely No Trespassing ton, 17537 Hillcrest Dr., of any kind, for any reason L a w r e n c e b u r g , IN at any time. No Excep - 470205. 5-12 tions! Owner not responsible for any accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Tresa Man- Absolutely no trespassing, ford 11510 North Hogan hunting, fishing, swim ming, woodcutting, quad Road Aurora, IN 47001 or cycle riding. Not respon5-14 sible for accidents or injuAbsolutely no trespassing ries on the property of: of any kind or for any rea- Jim & Larry Gabbard, son. Not responsible for in- Lattire Farm, Gregory juries or accidents on all Bier (The Land) Union property of Lischkge Mo- Ridge Road, Aurora, IN tors, Inc. 10200 U.S 50 47001 6-14 West, Aurora, IN 2-14

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, firearms, woodcutting, trapping. No motorized vehicles of any kind. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Also not responsible for any injuries, accidents or fatalities on the property of: James Chrisman, Yorkridge Road, Guilford, IN 06-14

Absolutely no trespassing of any kind allowed on all properties belonging to Ola & Julie Miller. No exceptions. Not responsible for injuries, accidents or fatalities. No vehicles of any kind, horseback riding, etc, unless written permission is given. Ola & Julie Miller, 11302 N. Hogan Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 2-12

Absolutely no trespassing the property consists of 69 acres extending from the creek of the top of the hill including the gas-line easement plus a trailer & a barn. Violators will be prosecuted. John & Judy Wayne 6998 E. Laughery Creek Road Aurora, IN 47025 10-12

POST FRAME BUILDINGS SPECIALS! 20x24 • $3,995 w/ 2 doors

30x50 • $8,995 w/ 2 doors

Built on your lot! 50 Years Experience

Large selection of colors & sizes Material packages available

GOSMAN INC. 812-265-5290

Absolutely no trespassing, no hunting, no woodcutting, no 4-wheeling, no quad running. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for any accidents on the property of: Ronald W. Fields, 2488 Sneakville Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. 11-13

I-275 Enterprises, Inc., is the owner of property located in the Horseshoe Bottoms, Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County, Indiana, bounded on the West and North by the right-of-way of interstate Highway 275 and on the South by the Chessie Railroad right-of-way and on the eastern edge of the I-275 Lagoon (hereinafter called “the property”). Hunting, trapping, dis charging firearms, shooting arrows, fishing, turtle hunting, dog running, tree cutting, woodcutting, dumping, animal abandonment, hiking, bicycling, motor biking, operating quads or after ATV vehicles, horseback riding, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, bird watching, camping, operation of aircraft, swimming, row boating, motor boating, sailing, creek rock hunting, turning around or trespassing of any kind on the property for any reason is absolutely forbidden without written and signed permission of a duly authorized agent of I-275 Enterprises, Inc., I-275 Campgrounds, Inc., and-or Horseshoe Camp grounds. I-275 Enter prises, Inc. 119 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 09-14

No bikes, skateboards, roller blades. No trespassing for any reason; not responsible for injuries or accidents on property of: Dillsboro Civic Club, 9824 Central Ave. and 12930 North St., Dills Absolutely no trespassing, boro, IN (formerly octors Bldg .) no hunting, no woodcut- D 09-14 ting, no walking, no sightseeing, no motorized vehi- No fishing, swimming, cles. Violators will be hunting, four wheelers, or prosecuted at their ex - trespassing on the Hospenses. Not responsible tetler Farms, 13450 Chesfor accidents or injury on terville Rd., Moores Hill. They will be prosecuted. the property of: Harry Hostetler, 13450 Patrick Holland 14130 Brown Rd. Chesterville Rd., Moores Moores Hill, IN 9-11 Hill, IN 1-13

Absolutely no trespassing, hunting, boating, swim ming, trapping, motorized bikes, 4 wheelers, RVʼs, woodcutting, horseback riding, firearms. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Robert & Carolyn K. Holtegel 12466 Rullman Dr. Dillsboro, IN 47018 Absolutely no trespassing, 10-12 no hunting, no woodcutting, no walking, no sightseeing, no motor vehicles. Absolutely no trespassing, Violators will be prose hunting, quads, dirt bikes, cuted at their expenses. or wood cutting. Not re - Not responsible for accisponsible for any injuries dents or injury on the propor accidents. Property con- erty of Don and Linda sists of 10 acres. Richard Turner, 3250 East 200 and Melanie Wiedeman, South, Dillsboro, IN 18554 Collier Ridge, 47018. Guilford, IN 47022 05-14

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Absolutely no trespassing for any reason. Violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for any acci dents of injuries on the property of: Tom & Kathy Klump Tower Rd., Lawrence burg Trojan Rd., Extending to Beneker Rd., St. Leon Kildeer Ln., Guilford Mosmeier Rd., Sunman 1-13

No hunting, fishing or trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Stonegate Property Owners, Bordering on Stonegate Dr. & Essex Lane. 05-14 No hunting, fishing or trespassing and not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Jerome & Ruth Martini, York Ridge Rd., Leatherwood Rd., York Township.

No hunting, fishing, four wheeling, hiking, or gardening of any kind. Joan Fidler will not be held liable for any injuries ac quired on the property on both sides of 10419 Chesterville Road, next to 10095 Chesterville Road, and across from 10386 Chesterville Road. Violators will be prosecuted. 4-14 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing for any reason and not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property owned by: Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Associa tion, Bordering on Stateline Road and Georgetown Road, Lawrenceburg, In 1-13 No hunting, fishing, or trespassing without written permission on the Chipman farm. 7442 White Road, Rising Sun, Indiana . Violators will be prosecuted. 05-15

No hunting, Fishing, Quad/Horse Riding or Trespassing of any kind on the properties of: Mike & Terry Hall/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Nick & Jan Hartman/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Bud Cornelius/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Dave Jeffery/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Tim & Chrissy Powell/ Hueseman Rd., Aurora. Mike & Terry Hall/ SR 1 & Brush Fork Rd., Guilford-Hueseman Rd., No hunting or shooting, no Dillsboro. woodcutting,, littering or dumping, no motorized ve- No hunting, fishing, swimhicles, machinery or tres- ming or trespassing and passing. Not liable or re- not responsible for accisponsible for injuries or ac- dents on the property of: cidents. Violators will be Robert & Beth Baylor, prosecuted if found on 6223 St. Rd. 48, Law property of: Dennis G. renceburg, IN 1 -13 and Ann J. Elder, 17800 No hunting, fishing, trapDuncan Lane, Aurora, IN ping or trespassing or 7-12 ATVʼs. Violators will be No hunting or trespassing, prosecuted at own ex no ATVʼs. Violators will be pense, Not responsible for prosecuted at their own accidents or injuries on the expense. Not responsible property of, Dennis and for injuries or accidents on Cindy Meyung, 10998 the Grimsley property at County Farm Rd, Aurora, 13607 Grimsley Road, IN, 47001, 12-13 Moores Hill. No hunting, no ATV/bike No hunting, fishing or tres- riding, no wood cutting passing of any kind. Not without written permission. responsible for property or Not responsible for per personal injury on the sonal or property injury on property of: Maria Teresa property owned by: MiMaturana, 2194 Lake chael and Roberta HankTambo Rd., Manchester, ins, Cranes Run Road, IN Logan Township 1-13

No hunting, no fishing, no bike riding, absolutely no trespassing on the property of: Irene Beckett Estate, 1005 Nowlin Avenue, Property on west side of Tanners Creek 08-14

No hunting, no motorized bikes or vehicles, no trespassing of any kind and not responsible for accidents, violators will be prosecuted on the property of: Stanley Harmeyer & Sondra Lewis 22643, 22747, 22915 Jackson Ridge, Lawrenceburg, IN 09-14 No hunting, no motorized bikes or vehicles, no trespassing of any kind and not responsible for accidents on the property of: John McKay 11307 N. Dearborn Rd. Sunman, IN 47041 10-12 No hunting, woodcutting or trespassing and not re sponsible for accidents on the property of: Joseph and Edna Imholt, 8289 Leatherwood Road, Yorkville, Guilford, IN 4-14 NO TRESPASSING for any reason. Not responsible for any accidents, injuries or any fatalities on property of Betty J. Weber, Bloom Road Moores Hill, Indiana 47032. Violators will be prosecuted at their expense. No Trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to persons or property. The Kremer Family 28483 Barber Rd. West Harrison, IN 47060 9-12 No trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for accidents or injuries. Marshall Alford 15778 W. County Line Rd. Moores Hill, IN 10-12 No trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for any accidents, Injuries, fatalities or personal property. This applies to all property owned by us.Beware of dog. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expence. Randy & Mary Lynn Hayes, 3382 Sneakville Rd., Law renceburg IN, Also Goose Run, Aurora, IN 2-14 No trespassing for any reason. Not responsible for injuries or accidents. Violators will be prose cuted at their own expense on the properties of: Wm. G. Rudicil, Barber Rd., Gobblerʼs Knob Rd., W. Harrison, IN 1-14


The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

September 17 - September 19, 2013

70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column 70 Posted Column

No trespassing of any kind for any reason on the properties of the Tri-Township Water Corporation. Violators will be prose cuted at their own ex pense. Also not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or fatalities. Tri-Town Water Corporation No trespassing of any kind on the properties & private drive of Marvin Zimmer 28817 Evergreen Lane, West Harrison, IN 47060 08-14 No trespassing of any kind on property of : All Rite Ready Mix Of Indiana, LLC, 10513 Morgans Branch Road, Aurora, IN 2-13

No Trespassing! Abso lutely no hunting, trapping, trash dumping, woodcutting, discharging firearms or fireworks or explosives of any kind, riding motorized vehicles or animals. Not responsible for property damage, accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of: Joseph F. Bayer, Jr. & Donna S. Bayer, 17365 Church Rd., Lawrenceburg, In 47025 1-13

No trespassing! Absolutely no hunting, trapping, trash dumping, woodcutting, discharging firearms or fireworks or explosives of any kind, riding motorized vehicles or animals. Not re sponsible for property damage, accidents, injuries or fatalities. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense to the fullest extent of the law on the property of: David L. Shuter & Deborah L. Shuter, Church Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 11-13 No trespassing, hunting or fishing. The Browning Farm, 9516 & 9321 Texas Gas Rd., Aurora, IN 47001 10-11

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No trespassing, hunting, 4 wheeling etc. on property owned by Ken and Kathy Scherzinger or other owned entities on North Hogan Rd. between SR 48 and Holt Rd., Dear born County Indiana. Not responsible for any accidents of any kind. 5-14

No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities to any persons or personal property. David & Michelle Fluegeman, South Hogan Road, Dillsboro, In 47018 1-13


trespassing, hunting, 4-wheeling or motor vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents or injuries of any kind on the property of: Mark & Roberta Klem, Seldom Seen Estates, Lot #1,#2, #3, 22505 State Line Rd., Bright, IN 06-14

No trespassing, hunting, 4-wheeling or motorcycles. Not responsible for accidents or injury of any kind on the property of: John Kemme, 24464 State Line Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 7-13

No trespassing, hunting, fishing, trapping or dumping of any kind. Absolutely no motorized vehicles, bikes, quadrunners or 4-wheelers allowed on my property. Not responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities. Beware of dogs. Violators will be prose cuted at their expense to the fullest extent of the law. Jeffrey Long, 9027 Old St. Rd 350 & 13385 Dean Rd., Aurora, In 47001. 09-12

No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities of any persons or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Cindy & Michael McAndrew, 19446 Anderson Rd., Law renceburg, IN 47025.

No trespassing, hunting, motorized vehicles, wood cutting, trapping, fishing. Not responsible for any accidents or injuries on the properties of: Mike & Tim Brooks (formerly property of Joseph C. Brooks) 9257 SR 48, Aurora, corner of Cole Lane and SR 50. 10-12

No trespassing, motorized vehicles, hunting, trapping, fireworks or explosives of any kind, discharge of firearms or shooting of arrows on or onto the approximate 23 acres of Lot #8 in Miller Ridge Estates. Also not responsible for any acci dents or injuries occurring on this same property. Mike and Connie Crossley, Lot #8 Miller Ridge, 22102 Hickory No trespassing, hunting, View Lane, Guilford, IN 47022 four-wheeling or motor vehicles of any kind. Not re- No trespassing, no fishing, sponsible for accidents or no hunting or artifact huntinjuries of any kind on the ing. Nick Domaschko, properties of Mike & Sylvia Ohio County, 9748 St. Heninger or Heniger Prop- Rd. 56 N., Aurora, In erties LLC on Woods Rd. 47001 6-14 Lawrencburg, IN 47025

No trespassing, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, four wheeling or tree cutting. Not responsible for accidents, injuries, or fatalities of any persons or personal property. Violators will be prosecuted at their own expense. Debi & Stephan Kraeling 7233 Bonnell, Guilford, Indiana 47022 05-14

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No trespassing, or hunting, on the farm of : Barry & Judy Pruss, Rt. 50 Mt. Tabor Rd., Aurora, IN 3-13

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No trespassing, no hunting, violators will be prosecuted. Not responsible for accidents on the property of: Glen & LaVerne Burkhardt, Corner of Keller Rd., & SR 48, Lawrenceburg, In 1-14


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No trespassing, no hunting or fishing. Absolutely no 4 wheelers or motorized vehicles of any kind. Not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property of: Earl & Thomas Sullivan, 18253 & 18350 Keller Rd., Lawrenceburg, IN 5-13

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September 17 - September 19, 2013

The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News •

No trespassing, soliciting , or visitation from strangers, family, or friends without written consent by Billie R. Powell on my properties located on North Hogan Rd.Billie R. Powell 10514 North Hogan Rd. Aurora, IN 47001. 3/13

No trespassing. No fishing, no swimming, no hunting or four wheelers. Not responsible for accidents or injury of any kind on my property. Barb Hornberger and family 9758 E. Co. Rd. 1350 N, Sunman, IN 47041 07-14

No trespassing. Not re sponsible for accidents or injury. We will prosecute trespassers on property owned by: Robert & Deborah Schroeder, Gary & Pam Schroeder, Ridge Drive, Lake Tambo & Knopf Roads, Man chester Township. 10-13

No trespassing. Not re sponsible for personal or property injury on the property of: Rita Bennett, 170 and 172 Conwell Street, Aurora, IN 47001 05-14

Not responsible for accidents. No hunting, fishing, woodcutting, swimming, recreational 4x4 riding, or trespassing on the property of: Hassel W. and Pamela M. Brashears Possum Ridge Road Aurora, IN 10-12

Positively no trespassing on the property of 10391 Huesman Rd. without owners presence. Danger on property. Not responsible for accidents. Robert and Darlene Meyer, 8642 Martin Rd., Dillsboro, IN 47018. 03-14

Private property. Abso lutely no trespassing of any kind on all properties belonging to Dana and Phyllis Weisickle. No exceptions. Not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or fatalities. No vehicles of any kind allowed to drive through or park without written permission. Dana & Phyllis Weisickle 12904 Probst Rd, Aurora, IN 47001 4-14

Oxbow Inc. and Oxbow of Indiana, Inc. (”Oxbow”) are the owners of property located in the area com monly known as Horse shoe Bottoms, Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County, Indiana. Most of Oxbowʼs land is located between I-275 to US 50 exit ramp, the CSX tracks, and the levee along US 50 and the Argosy entrance road. Oxbow also owns land immediately west of I-275 between the CSX tracks and the Ohio River, as well as land east of I-275 between the CSX tracks, the Ohio River, and the state line. Maps of Oxbowʼs properties are available on our website at Oxbow,Ind. land is a wildlife sanctuary. Hunting, trapping, discharge of firearms, and the shooting of arrows is prohibited except in certain designated areas and only with the written permission of Oxbow. ATVʼs may not be operated on Oxbow property at any time. Operating other motorized vehicles (except for the purpose of ap proved farming and land management operations) off clearly established roads or on a road in any manner contributing to the need to repair the road is prohibited. Those who operate a motor vehicle on Oxbow property do so at their own risk, and are advised that the dirt roads may be impassable when wet. Under no circum stances will Oxbow be responsible for damage to a vehicle or injury to its occupants. Bank fishing only with appropriate license is al lowed and is monitored by conservation officers. Camping, bonfires, and overnight parking are prohibited. Swimming in streams, lakes and other watercourses is strictly prohibited, as are motorized watercraft of any sort. Removing, destroying or disturbing wildlife and plants, or farm crops with out express written consent of Oxbow is prohibited. Oxbow property is regularly patrolled by law enforcement officers who have been instructed to prosecute all violators. Activities such as bird watching, hiking and the activities not expressly prohibited by these rules or state law may be done at ones own risk. Oxbow is not responsible for any injuries occurring on the property for those wishing to visit. Those in doubt of the lawfulness of their activity on Oxbow properties are encouraged to first contact: Oxbow, 854 Ligoria Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45218 04-14

Fall Home Improve t n e m e ment v ro p Im


THE REGI STER IncumSubscribe Today bents face challenger R B O R N




EC volleyb all


s in school And Save! board 30, 2012

Road ■ Patrick My With the No ers (Incum vember gen ing, the fin Drive bent), 17232 District 2 eral electio al Scenic Manchester n near- ■ Gre been filled. slates up for the ele ships, two gory Dean and Sparta Weldon Jr., ele town candidates The deadline for schction have District ■ Arlis J. Bo cted: 713 Bielby 2 - Cit to file ool board Road ggs, 12302 ■ Stephanie y of Greendale, one Several inc was noon Friday, Mo Chesterville ores Hill Aug. 24. Cromer, 135 umbents elected: Road, South De ■ in Sh 3 ■ Gleneagles irley Seitz (In Lawrencebu Billy R. Lan arborn and PIa e cum rg, Jr., ce school cor ben ■ 147 Sunman-De Donna Tha t), 104 Cat Moores Hil 28 Ewing Ro poratio cke alpa Ave.■■ l ard, Running for ns are facing challen arborn Running for r, 323 Diehl Drive ■ Karla Sco ges. Lawrencebu tt-Raab (In South Dearb are cumbent), Sparta Pike, rg School orn School 12563 Board Dis Mo Board ■ District 1 trict 1 - Ce Steven K. Wi ores Hill City of Law renceburg elected: Road, Sunm lliamson, 22416 Lak Washington, asar Creek, Clay, Ho , two gan, an e Tambo one electe Kelly Mollau ■ Daryl L. District 3 Cutter (Incum d: n (Incumben Center Tow Dillsboro ■ R. Brett bent), 8937 t), 17881 Pri Fehrman, 407nship, one elected: Ind. 62 bble ■ Jeffery Alle rora Manchester n Lane, 108 St., Au ra ■ 98 Locust Patricia A. St. AuroDrive, Auror Rahe (Incumbent), 204 a Hillview Running for Sunm an-Dearborn School

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As part * nity out-re of its ongoing com ach mu born Comm effort, the South De School Co unity School Comm arunity rporation wil ing its nex l not be hol * t dnormal loc few board meetings at its ation on the school’s ma in Superintend ent Dr. John said he and Mehrle working tow the school board of commu ard increasing channeare nic South Dearb ation with the gre ls ater and building orn School Comm unity school-comm unity partt Rotating few school the location of the next of this effort board meetings are par . So t uth Dearborn’s meetings are boa Monday of generally held the rd firs each month , beginning t at The charre Due to La d tember me bor Day week, the cle at 11:09 remains of a car an * In County Prices Only. Call for details. Subscriptions must be pre-paid. Sepeting will be at 7:30 ments put a.m. on U.S. 50 at Syd semitractor are ho p.m. out the fir isted away camore Es e, Managem The Monda ent were bu and Aurora police tates Drive in front Wednesday afternoon y, Oct. 1, PHOTO BY take place and life squ vid meeting wil sy with tra , Au Taco Bell, ed an arr CHUCK FO g. 29. Th 126 W.ofHigh Street • P.O. Box at l 1020 Green e sem4128 LOP/ Monday, No Moores Hill with i caugh gating the ow board to help dirffic injuries, and mo ad as well as Dearb Blvd. Th the orn wreck. v. 5, meetin nitoring run ect traffic Aurora an t fire after striking , which wa Sheriff’s depe47025 g at Man-off into sto County Lawrenceburg, Indiana d Lawrenc av s stil rm uti eburg fire l snarled at es and De drains. Th Mehrle env dep arb e 2 Ind p.m orn ian . isio Co AP a un ns even D Sgt. Mi some of the ke Prudent Department of Tran ty Emerge hav sportation i and Offic buildings fro meetings in city or ing pr er tow Bil m time-to-t l Halbig are ime for comn inves Mehrle doe is posted on s a monthly podcas t that the school’s website.


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$20.50 for 25 words for 1 week. $0.80 each additional word. Garage/Yard Sales $15. For a multiple week run, call our office for assistance at 812-537-0063. PLEASE PRINT • AD WILL NOT APPEAR WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION • PHONE #S COUNT AS ONE WORD

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The Journal Press • The Harrison Press • R.S. Recorder/O.C. News • The Dearborn County Register

September 17 - September 19, 2013





J3674 • MSRP $19,235 1 AT THIS PRICE

ONLY $15,235




6 000 OFF

$ ,

4,000 OFF








4,000 OFF




NEW 2013 RAM


J3414 • MSRP $36,700 • 1 AT THIS PRICE


5,500 OFF



J3547 • MSRP $43,430 • 1 AT THIS PRICE



300 S AWD


J3138 • MSRP $40,330 • 2 AT THIS PRICE

8 000 OFF

$ , SAVE

8,000 OFF



We’ll Beat Any Deal By $500!



6,000 OFF









9,000 OFF




An Official Automotive Sponsor of the Cincinnati Reds

Rt. 50 - I-275, Exit 16 TOLL FREE





J3546 MSRP $52,185 1 AT THIS PRICE

SALES HOURS: MON–THURS 9am - 9pm FRI 9am - 6pm SAT 9am - 5:30pm CLOSED SUN



Convenient to all of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and S.E. Indiana!



**Bring in a written offer from a non-Wyler dealership and we’ll beat it by $500. On an identically equipped vehicle in stock. Excludes all employee purchase plans. All base consumer rebates deducted to achieve sale prices, additional incentives may be available. In stock units only, subject to prior sale, Vehicle/equipment may vary from photo. Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram are registered trademarks of Chrysler GROUP, LLC. EPA estimates based on manufacturers testing. All offers plus tax, license and fees. Expires 9/20/2013.





2013 Impreza 2.0i Sport Premium CVT 2013 Impreza Sport Premium CVT SALE 2.0i PRICE

21 830 21 830 JOSEPH SUBARU 149 149 JOSEPH SUBARU IS #1 IN CUSTOMER 2013 Legacy 2.5i Premium CVT $ $ $ $

STK#S32330 DLK-01 STK#S32330 DLK-01




1.9% 1.9%




STK#S02012 DAD-06 STK#S02012 DAD-06



* *


2013 2.0i Sport Premium CVT 2013 Impreza Impreza 2.0i Sport Premium CVT SALE PRICE SALE PRICE

21 21 830 830 149 149

$ $ $ $

STK#S32330 STK#S32330 DLK-01 DLK-01

, ,


1.9% 1.9%


2013 2.5i Premium CVT 2013 Legacy Legacy 2.5i Premium CVT SALE PRICE

22 22 987 987 159 159

$ $ $ $

STK#S02012 STK#S02012 DAD-06 DAD-06



0.0% 0.0%



2014 Forester 2.5i 2.5i 6MT 6MT 2014 Forester SALE PRICE

21 636 21 636 199 199

$ $ $ $

STK#S60681 EFA-01 STK#S60681 EFA-01



2014 2.5i Premium Premium CVT CVT 2014 Outback Outback 2.5i SALE PRICE

26 358 26 358 249 249

$ $ $ $

0.0% 0.0%


1.9% 1.9%


STK#S90884 STK#S90884 EDD-02 EDD-02



0.9% 0.9%



SALE PRICE KY: 859-525-2500 $ KY:513-351-5400 859-525-2500 $ KY:, 859-525-2500 • OHIO: , OHIO: 513-351-5400 36 MO. LEASE OHIO: 513-351-5400 $0 SEC.LEASE DEP. 36 MO. FIXED RATES AS $ 7600 INDUSTRIAL FLORENCE, KY RD., FLORENCE, KY $2387 CASH DOWNDEP. OR TRADE FIXED $0 SEC. INDUSTRIAL RATES AS1.9% RD.,7600 $

21 21 636 636 199 Andy199 Held, Doug Schmidt, Joe Fangman 1.9% or Dan Robke • Mon-Thur 9-8 • Fri 9-7 • Sat 9-6 • Sun 11-4





Andy Held, Doug Schmidt, Joe Fangman or Dan Robke Andy Held, Doug Schmidt, Joe Fangman or Dan Robke MON-ThUR 9-8 • FRI 9-7 • SAT 9-6 • SUN 11-4 MON-ThUR 9-8 • FRI 9-7 • SAT 9-6 • SUN 11-4

EDD-02 STK#S90884 2014 Outback 2.5i Premium CVT EDD-02 2014 Outback 2.5i Premium CVT SALE PRICE




The harrison press 9 18 13  
The harrison press 9 18 13