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Introduction   About this book  In  this  book,  you  will  learn  all  the  basics  needed  to  create  &  maintain  a  website.  We  have  purposefully  used  simple  and  easy  to  understand  language  with  an  objective  to  reach  a  large  audience.  In  19  years  of  being  in  the  web  design  and  hosting  business,  the  author  has  worked  with  many  customers  with  varying  needs.  Most  of  them  jump  into  an  internet  businesses  without  understanding  the  space  well.  So  his  goal  is  to  create  a  simple  yet  engaging  guide  for  all  the  beginners.     

Who should Read this ? ● Startups & Small Business owners with internet  businesses  ● Offline business owners who wants to make online  business  ● Students of Web Design and Hosting  ● Web Design Companies  ● Mobile App companies                 

About Author Dhanasekar  Mani  is  having  19  years  of  experience  in  the  internet  industry.  He  worked  in  a  top  multinational  where  he  guided  many patented technologies before he  embarked  on  his  entrepreneurial  journey  and  founded  Mani  is  an  energetic  go  getter  brimming  with  ideas  and  is  laser  focused  on  execution  which  has  helped  him  scale  his  business by multifolds.  He  is  one  of  the  topmost  experts  in  the  Internet  Marketing  and  has  a  keen  eye  for  practical  and  implementable solutions.  

Here we will Discuss Step By Step Method To Take Your Business Online​:    Step 1​: ​Business Idea  For  any  Business  to  take  its  root  the  first  and  the  foremost  step  is  the  business  idea.  There  can  be  many  ideas  that  can  reap  in  ones  mind,  but  what  matters  the  most  is,  is  the  idea  going  to  be  successful  as  per  your  expectation?  There  are  thousands  of  new  startups  coming  each  day  and  most  of  them  take  its  last  breath  within a year.       

Step 2: Competitor Analysis Once  you  have  chosen  a  specific  online  business  to  commence  with,  now  comes  the  part  where  and  when  you need to take charge over your competitors.    It is almost impossible to know the competitor’s plan  exactly. The best way is by compiling as much  information as possible about how they are doing the  business.     Below points will guide you on analysing your  competitors well:    ● Market Segmentation​: First and foremost thing to  check about your competitor’s is, How is your 

customer base compared to your competitor’s?   ● Market Share​: Are they capturing the majority of  the customers in the industry? If they are having a  growing customer base how they are doing it?    ● Advertising Themes​: You can take a data on what  topic, trends and concepts, your competitors are  targeting in content marketing.    ● Active Usage of Social Media​: Are your  competitor’s having a blog, are they actively using  the social media for their business?     

● Pricing and Discounts​: Are they providing any discounts and offers on their website? If yes, are  they promoting it online?    ● Comparison of the Website​ - A website is one of  the most important aspect of the digital presence of  an online business. If you are an online  entrepreneur one of the most important aspect is to  optimise the website so that you can outpower your  competitors. Some of the things that need to be  checked while comparing the website are:    ● Number of Pages in the website​ - Is your  competitor’s offering a wide array of landing  pages? If yes,are all those pages having a detailed 

information on the plans and pricing of the products.    ● Navigation​ - Is your competitor’s website easy to  use than yours? Is your competitor able to make  the user experience better than that of yours?    ● Loading Time​: Is your competitor’s website  loading quickly in all browser than yours?    ● Targeting of Consumers​: Targeting the customers  through relevant content is an important aspect for  any business. Check if your competitor is having  the same goal as yours or are they having any  broader goals. If they are aiming for any broader 

prospects what are the prospects they are reaching.     ● Engagement in Social Media​: A company's  ability to engage with the customers on social  media can determine their success. You can check  if your competitor is active on social media  platforms. Some of the ways by which you can  track the activity of your competitor on social  media are as follows:    ● Social Media Platforms​: Is your competitor  sticking to facebook and twitter or few social  media platforms or are they using all the social  media platforms to connect with new prospect  customers? You can even check if they are having 

a better engagement in a given platform.   ● Timings of Posting​: You can check how often  your competitor is posting on social media  platforms. Are they regularly posting on social  media? If yes then at what time of the day?    ● Social Media Follower​s: The number of Social  media followers determines the popularity of any  online business. You can check how many people  are discussing about your competitor’s business on  social media platforms and how many of them are  their followers.    ● Content of the Pages​: Is your competitor  promoting their own content and offers? Are they 

actively using the internet for content promotion of their website.    ● Share of Business​: Presence of an online business  depends on the share of the voice. You must check  if your competitor is having a good share of voice  among the public.    ● Responding  Time​:  Is  their  response  time  better  when  it  comes  to  managing  the  customer?  If  yes,  what  are  the  areas  they  are  excelling.  You  need  to  check  what  is  the  procedure  they  are  following  to  respond  to  their  customers.  You  can  even  find  the  timings in which they provide support.    ● Competitors  SEO  strategy  -  It  is  one  of  the 

easiest ways  of  competitor  analysis.  There  are  many tools available from where you can check the  competitiveness  of  your  website  with  your  competitors.  Some  of  the  SEO  strategy  you  can  follow for competitor analysis are as follows:    ● Keyword Ranking:​ Is your competitor ranking  better for specific keywords? If yes how are they  ranking better.    ● Website Visitor:​ There are many tools by which  you can find the average number of visitors on  your competitors website, it can be on a daily basis  or a monthly basis.    ● Website Rankings:​ There are various tools and 

extensions available from where you can find the website pagerank of your competitors website.    In simple terms Online Business is ​Survival of the  richest​. The more money and investment you have,the  more it will help your business to grow.    Step 3: Create a Business Plan  Once  you  have  analysed  your  Competitor,  you  need  to  create  a  business  plan  on  how  you  will  be  moving  forward.  Will  it be in an aggressive way or in a passive  way.  Business  plan  suggests  on  how  you  will  be  achieving  your  goals.  A  business  plan  will  suggest  at  which  time  your  business  will  have  a  different  set  of  resources and abilities. 

Some of the simple steps by which you can create a business plan are as follows:  ● Determining the Objectives:​ You need to  analyse, what will be your online business status  for five years from now? What are your  expectations? Will you be running a business  which hasn't increased in size significantly or Will  you be a commander of the growing empire? Will  you be having sufficient cash to sustain your  online business Or will you be enjoying the cash  that you have earned all these years?    ● Determining  the  Financial  Objectives:  ​It’s  not  necessary  for  a  business  to  invest  a  lot  of  money  to  make  a  lot  of  money.  What  matters  the  most  is  the  time and labour you invest. There are many new online 

entrepreneurs who  believe  that  as  the  sales  growth  increases,  in  the  same  way  their  business  will  increase  too.  They  will  be  able  to  fund  in  their  business,  with  whatever  sales  they  achieve.  However  this  happens  very  rarely,  you  will  have  to  pay  for  the  supplies  before  your  customer  pays  you.  This  is  the  reason  many  of  the  fast  growing  companies  need  a  banking  help  for  financing  purposes.  You  can  start  by  asking  yourself  the  kind  of  finances  you'll  need  in  the  near  future.    ● How  will  you  be  Using  Your  Plan:  Creating  a  business  plan  is  much  easier  than  using  it.  A  business  plan  can  be  used  for  many  things  from  setting  up  a  new  online  company  to  monitoring the  company's  progress.  Deciding  in  which  way  you 

want your  business  to  progress  is  an  important  task.    Step 4​: ​Create a Great Design for Your Website  Once  you  have  made  the  decision  on  which  product  or  service  to  sell  online,  and  the  process  by  which  you  would  be  selling  your  product  the  next  step  would  be  to  create  a  great  design  for  your  website.  Always  remember  to  keep  your  website  design  simple.  A  website  design  can  make  or  break  a  website’s  performance.  Always  remember  that  you  will  be  having  only  few  seconds  to  grab  the  attention  of  your  website visitors.    Some of the simple steps that will help your website 

to appeal better in front of your website visitors are as follows:  ● Never  choose  more  than  two  fonts,  especially  on  a  white background.  ● Website  navigation  plays  an  important  part,  hence  it should always be clear and simple.  ● It's  always  better  to  include  some  offers  on  the  website,  which  will  help  your  website  to  grab  the  attention.  ● It  shouldn’t  be  more  than  two  clicks  in  between  selecting a product and moving towards checkout.  ● Always  remember  that  your  website  would  be  the  mirror  of  your  business,  hence  it's  always  suggested to keep it user friendly.   

Step 5​: ​Book a Domain Name for Your Website The  next  step  to  create  an  online  presence  is  to  Book a  domain  name.  A  Domain  Name  is  the  most  fundamental  need  of  building  a  web  presence.  Having  a  web  presence  without  a  domain  is  not  possible.  You  can  register  a  domain  name  through  a  domain  name  registrar.  You  can  register  the  domain  name  at  an  affordable  price  from  ​HostingRaja​,  ​India’s  No.1  Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Provider.    Below  are  the  few  steps  which  will  help  you  in  registering your domain name:  ● First  and  the  foremost  thing  to  consider  is  to  think  of  a  few  domain  names  that  you  would  like  to  use.  There  is  a  greater  chance,  the  domain  name  you 

preferred has  already  been  booked.  Hence  always  carry some domain name options with yourself.  ● When  you  have  a  confirmed domain name that you  would  like  to  book  you  can  contact  HostingRaja,  they  will  assist  you  with  the  domain  name  registration procedure.  ● A  domain  name  would  not  cost  you  much,  there  are  different  ways  to  pay  for  the  domain  name  you  have booked, like Paytm, Bank Transfer etc.  ● Once  you  have  booked  the  domain  name,  the  next  step  is  to  buy  an  appropriate  web  hosting  package.  If  you  are  considering  to  launch  your  website  in  a  big  way,  you  can choose a VPS or a Cloud Hosting  package.  

If you  are  looking  to start a website with less resources  you  can  opt  for  a  shared hosting service. “​All your web  hosting needs will be taken care by HostingRaja​.”    Step 6​: ​Drive the Traffic Towards Your Website  Driving  the  Traffic  Towards  Your  Website  is  the  next  important  thing  that  one  should  consider  after  making  a  website.  “​A  website  without  traffic  is  the  same  like  a  body  without  soul​.”  There are various methods to drive  traffic  towards  your  website.  One  of  the  most  simple  and  easiest  way  to  get  traffic  towards  your  website  is  through  paid  Ad  campaigns  or  in  other  words  a  PPC 

campaign. Some of the Most Common PPC Campaigns are:  ● Google  Adwords​:  It  is  paid  advertising  or  pay  per  click  (PPC)  advertising  provided  by  Google.  People  use  keywords  or  specific  search  terms  for  specific  products  and  services.  If  the  keyword  you  have  selected  matches  to what people search for, in  Google  search  engine  then  your  ad  will  appear  above  the  organic  search  results.  When  people  click  on  the  ad,  they  will  be  directed  to  your  website  to  know  more  about  your  products  or  services.    Some of the Features in Google adwords are as  follows: 

● Device Adjustments: ​In google adword, you will get an option to bid separately for different  devices. You will be able to bid separately for  tablet, mobile and computer devices. You can bid  for your ads according to your website  configuration.    ● Demographic Targeting: ​In google adwords you  will have the ability to target specific demographic  locations according to your business needs. You  can also increase or decrease the targeting for  location and gender.    ● Remarketing Option:​ This is one of the best  features in Google adwords. You can target the 

audience who have already visited your website. This is one of the best options Google adword is  providing.    ● Bing Ads: ​Bing is the second most popular search  engine after google. Bing Ads have many good  features, some of the main features are discussed  below:    ● More flexibility in setting cookie windows based  on your own sales cycle vs. AdWords 30-day  option  ● Trended quality score reporting  ● Negative keyword conflict report  ● Geographic, day parting and ad rotation settings at  the ad group level 

● Time zone settings at the campaign level ● Control over device targeting  ● LinkedIn Ads: ​LinkedIn can help a business in  many different ways. LinkedIn is a professional  networking website where two profiles are opened  each second. There are more than 400 million  users of LinkedIn who can be your audience as  well.    Some of the Benefits of using LinkedIn Ads  are as follows:    ● Serious Business:​ If you want to achieve your  serious business goal. LinkedIn is the perfect  platform. There are more that 400 million users 

who are linked together through LinkedIn.   ● Quality Lead Generation​: It is a fact that  displaying your ads on LinkedIn may not generate  you as many leads a newsletter would do. But you  can be assured that LinkedIn will generate the  quality leads that you would require for your  business.    ● Perfect Targeting: ​In a LinkedIn ad you will be  able to target the perfect audience according to  your business need. You can target the audience  according to occupation or title. There is also  special targeting option where you can target age,  gender or to whom you want to serve the 

campaign.   ● Minimum Daily Budget:​ LinkedIn has a very  minimal daily budget option where you have to  spend only a $2. This amount won’t be a big  headache for most of us.    ● Quora Ads: ​Quora is one of the most popular  question and answer website. Advertising on quora  is extremely beneficial and easy since non  intrusive ads can be created and published on  Quora directly from mobile apps. Therefore, Quora  advertising can be simply defined as easy and  simple advertising which can be both text-based  and picture based ads.   

Benefits of using Quora Ads include: ● Quora is a leading platform in providing targeted  advertising.  ● As an advertiser you can advertise on any topic  ranging from science to politics to finance.  ● Demographic based advertising can also be done  on Quora.  ● Quora ad platform has standardized metrics that  can be used to track conversions.  ● Return on investment on Quora can be measured  using their ads manager feature.    ● Twitter Ads: ​Twitter is one of the most widely  used social networking platform across the world.  Twitter Ads are truly the best ad platform you'll  find, though ultimately it will depend on what you 

hope to accomplish.   Features while using Twitter Ads ads are as  follows:  ● Pay as Per the Performance​: When you promote  tweets on twitter you will have to pay when you  achieve your marketing goal. You will not have to  pay for any organic impressions or engagements.    ● Keyword Targeting​: This is one of the interesting  feature that Twitter Ads provide. You will be able  to target the people who have specific interest or  have used specific word. You can even target  people who have used specific hashtags in twitter  updates 

But I  would  like  to  tell  you  in  advance  that  you  might  have  to pay a hefty amount if you want your website to  be  displayed  through  PPC.  Apart  from  it  PPC  has  many  advantages  in  itself.  First  and  foremost  thing  is  that  ​you  will  be  able  to  drive  traffic  towards  your  website  immediately  without  having  to  wait  for  organic  traffic​.  A  PPC  will  also  allow  the  user  to  show  up  their  ads  for  different  keywords,  prices,  selling  approaches  as  well  as  the  Headlines  of  the  Ad.  One  of  the  best  use  of  PPC  Ads  is  by  recognising  the  keywords,  which  has  highest  conversion  rate  and  thereafter  using  the  keywords  in  the  website  which  will  result  in  the  betterment  of  the  organic  ranking  of  the website.  Some  of  the  other  simple  ways  by  which  you  can 

drive the  traffic  towards  your  website  are  as  follows:    ● Facebook Promotions​: Facebook is one of the  most common as well as popular form of  marketing technique. Most of the people who have  an online access have their facebook profiles as  well. Facebook is a great way by which you can  build your online presence and making it popular.  You can create a business page and update about  your product or services on a regular basis. There  are many groups available on facebook where you  can update about your product or services. There is  an option of paid ads as well on facebook where  you will be charged as the clicks you will receive  for your website. 

● Classified Ads​: This is another form brand promotion and lead generation. You can put your  website/business on classified website from where  you can generate the leads. Some of the examples  of popular classified websites are Craiglist,  Locanto, Sulekha, Quikr etc.    ● Directory Submission: ​Adding your website in  directories is another way by which you can  popularise your online presence. There are N  number directory submission websites where you  can list your website. Directory submission is a  great way to earn a backlink and leads as well.    ● Q & A Websites​: This is another way to build 

your online reputation. There are many Question and Answer websites available today. You can  choose these website by answering to relevant  topics and mentioning your brand name. One of  the most popular Q&A website is Quora.    ● Forum Submission​: This is one of the oldest ways  create your brand presence online. There are many  forum websites available online. You can add your  website in relevant category in the forum websites.  This will create your web presence as well as  create a backlink for your website.    ● Business Submission​: It is one of the best ways to  create a brand presence of your online business.  There are many business submission websites 

available on the internet. You can add your website business in those business submission websites  from where you can create your online business  presence. One of the best and the most popular  business submission platform is ​Google My  Business​. You can add your website/business in  Google My business listing and make your online  business popular.    ● Social Bookmarking​: This is another important  way by which you can improve the google ranking  of your website. Social bookmarking brings huge  number of benefits to the website.    Step 7​: ​Publishing the Articles and Blogs for Your 

Website The  main  purpose  for  which  people  use  the  internet  is  to  find  the  information.  If  you  are  able  to  provide  that  information  for  free  you  will  be  able  to see an increase  in  search  traffic  as  well  as  a  better  organic  search  result  ranking.  It's  always  better  to  use  the  link  to  your  website with the information you are providing.    Some  of  the  ways  by  which  you  can  make  your  website popular are as follows:    ● By  publishing  free  and  expert  content  for  your  website  like  creating  articles,  blogs  or  videos  that  people  might  find  it  useful.  Once  you  have  created  that  informative  content  you  can  always  use  them 

to promote  yourself  by  publishing  it  through  social  media  channels  or  any  other  websites  like  online  directories.    ● It's always good to use a link in the content which  says ​send to a friend​ that may help your content to  reach more people.    ● You  should  become  an  expert  in  your  own  domain  and  the  best  way  to  it  is  by  putting  your  expert  views  in  industry  forums  and  other  social  media  channels.    Step 8​: ​Email Marketing a Solution for Many  Problems 

Once you  get  the  list  of  the  email  addresses  of  the  people  who  might  be  interested  in  your  business,  you  can  send  them  emails  at  regular  intervals  describing  about  the  offers  you  are  providing.  Having  a  mailing  list  is  one  of  the  most  valuable  asset  for  your  online  business.  Some  of  the  positives  of  having  an  opt-in  list  are  as  follows:  ● Your subscribers might have received  something/or receiving something that they might  have asked for.  ● A lifetime relationship is being developed with you  and your subscribers.  ● The response can be measured accurately.  ● An email marketing option is much cheaper than  any other form of advertising Television, Radio or 

even Print media. If  someone  has  visited  your  website  and  opts  in  for  email  services,  that  is  the  best  thing  that  you  can  imagine  while  doing  an  online  business.  You  will  be  able  to  send  them  regular  emails  about  your  deals  and  offers.    Step 9​: ​Maintaining Satisfied Customer Database  One  of  the  most  important aspect of internet marketing  should  be  to  develop  customers  lifetime  value.  It  has  been  proved  time  and  again  that  there  is  a  better  chance for a customer to buy your services if they have  used  the  product  or  service  in  the  past. The best way is  to  follow  up  with  the  customer  who  has  received  the  services  in  the  past. Closing the first sale is much more 

difficult task. Some  of  the  best  ways  for  back-end  selling  and  upselling are as follows:  ● Offering the customers products that would help  the customers of their original purchase.  ● Another way is to send the customers electronic  coupons so that they will be able to redeem the  coupons on the next visit.  ● Showing the customers offer related products or  services on the checkout page.  Rewarding the customers for their loyalty is the best  way by which you can make your customers more  loyal.    Step 10: Checking the Progress of Business/Website 

through Analytics & Webmasters There  are  millions  and  trillions  of  websites  online  but  the  majority  of  them  don't  have  relevant  analytics  or  webmasters.  Google  Analytics  is  one  of  the  best  tool  for  monitoring  performance  of  the  website,  many  of  the  website/business  owners  are unaware of it.  Google  analytics  has  all  the  major  and  important  tools  which  can  improve  your  marketing  strategy.  The  data  that  you  can  obtain  from  google  analytics  can  help  your  marketing campaigns in a great way.    ● Advantages of Using Google Analytics:    ● Tracking the Social Media Engagements  One of the most important platforms used nowadays 

by majority of the people is the use social media. Many of the online businesses nowadays use one or  more social media platforms for spreading their  business. Some of the famous social media platforms  are facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin etc.  Tracking all the visits from social media is not an easy  task. But Google analytics has made it an easy task to  track the social media performance of your website.    ● Measuring Mobile Browsing visitors to the  website  There has been a sudden increase in the mobile users  in recent past. One can even say that the mobile  internet users are much higher than that of desktop  internet users. With the mobile feature available in  analytics you will be able to track the impact of mobile 

users to your website. This feature also help the user to measure the performance of mobile apps and the  number of downloads as well the engagement activity.  It will also help you to understand the device by which  the majority of the website visitors visit your website.    ● Tracking the Conversion Rate of your Website  Tracking the conversion rate should be the most  important practice especially for online entrepreneurs.  With the help of an analytics a business owner can  come to know from which keyword maximum visitors  have visited the website. One can even find the traffic  source and the bounce rate of the website. An analytics  can also help in marketing activities by eliminating the  things which are non productive. 

As we have discussed the advantages of google analytics for your website, google webmasters also  play an important role in making your website perform  better.            ● Advantages of using Google Webmasters:    ● Links to Your Website  In a Google webmaster tool you will be able to find  the links to your website. You will be able to see the  backlinks to the website from where it has come. The 

linking could be from an internal page as well as from outside website. One of the best use of webmasters is  to disavow the links which can have a harmful for your  website.    ● Finding Out the Crawl Errors  This section shows the errors of your website when  google spider visits your website. This section of  webmaster shows inaccessible pages, missing pages,  server errors etc. It is a great way to make your  website improve from any type of errors.    ● Keyword Analysis  Webmaster  is  a  great  to  analyse  the  search  query  to  your  website.  You  will  find  the  most  searched 

keyword by  which  the  visitors  were  able  to  visit  your  website. You can also find the average position of your  website for a particular keyword.    ● Sitemaps  You  can  analyse  the  sitemap  of your website through a  webmaster.  You  can  extract  the  sitemap  and  the  number  of  URLs  in  them.  You  can  always  submit  the  sitemap whichever you find relevant for your website.          Step  11  -  ​Checking  the  Browser  Compatibility  and  Device Compatibility   

● Browser Compatibility  -  ​A  ​browser  compatibility  is  one  of  the  most  important  factors  which  can  destine  the  fate  of  a  website.  If  you  want  your  website  to  perform  up  to the maximum they should  be  provided  a  browser  compatible  website  that  can  give  the  best  experience  to  the  website  visitors.  There  are  many  types  of  web  browser  available  like  Chrome,  Firefox,  Internet  Explorer,  Safari,  Opera.  These  are  the  major  types  of  browsers  available  nowadays.  One  should  always  remember  to  make  the  website  compatible  with  different  types  of  browsers  available.  By  using  tools  like  you  can  check  the  browser  compatibility  of  the  website.  There  are  a  number  of  studies  been  conducted  on  the  usage  of  different  browser,  but  one  shouldn't  be  relying  on 

these stats  and  make  their  website  compatible  with  different  browsers.  Suppose  if  your  website  is  incompatible  with  any  of  these  browsers  you  can  loose  a  great  deal  of  visitors  and  potential  customers.    ● Device  Compatibility  -  Device  compatibility  is  another  major  area  of  concern  that  one  should  always  be  aware  of.  With  the  increase  in  technological  advancements  there  has  been  an  increase  in  the  number  of  devices  for  the  usage  of  internet.  There  are  different  types  of  mobile  devices  coming  each  day  in  the  market  in  different  shapes,  sizes.  Hence  it  becomes  very  important  to  make  the  website  compatible  with  all  these  mobile  devices.  There  are  different  desktops  and  laptops 

available with  different  shapes  and  sizes.  Hence  it  is  very  important  to  check  compatibility  of  the  website in all these devices.          Step 12 - Adding a Chat Option to the Website    There  are  many  ways  by  which  a  customer  can  visit  your  website.  But  one  of  the  most  important  thing  to  consider  is  making  the  visitor  engaged  and  then  making  him/her  to  buy  your  product  or  services.  Nowadays  many  of  the  website  visitors  leave  the  website  as  they  dont  have  anyone  to  communicate  in  real  time.  Live  chat  option  is  the  best  way  by  which 

you can  provide  answers  to  your  customers  of  what  they  really  want.  A  live  chat  option  is  the  best  way  by  which  one  can  understand  the  potential  consumer  behaviour.    ● Benefits of Using Live Chat Option:  ● Convenient  Option  for  Customers  -  ​There  have  been  many  studies  and  researches  conducted  on  consumer  behaviour.  Most  of  the  researchers  have  found  that  the greatest advantage a consumer has is  by  getting  the  answers  for  a  question  in  middle  of  any  online  purchase.  Hence  live  chat  is  the  best  option  a  website  owner  can  offer  to  its  customers.  A live chat option gives the customer an immediate  help  or  response  from  the  website.  In  a  live  chat  option  the  wait time is much lesser when compared 

any other  call  center  option.  Reports  also  suggest  that  majority  of  the  consumers  would  like  to  consider  and  buy  from  a  website  which  has  a  live  chat option.  ● Reducing  the  Expenses  ​-  There  is  no  doubt  in  saying  that  a  live  chat  option  reduces  the  expenses  of  the  consumer.  A  live  chat  option  reduces  the  cost  of  the  interaction  by  lowering the average cost  of  interaction  between  a  consumer  and  the  seller.  One  of  the  other  major  advantage  is  that  in  a  live  chat  support  the  representative  will  be  able  to  handle  multiple  chats  which  is  not  possible  in  a  telephonic  conversation.  A  chat  option  increases  the  overall  conversion  ratio  hence  making  the  business more profitable.  ● Getting an Edge Over Your Competitors -​ There 

are many researches conducted which states that most of the top businesses are not providing a chat  option to its visitors. Hence a live chat option is a  must to be in a competitive industry like an online  business. A live chat option provides a simple way  to connect with the customers, moreover a live  chat option is the best way of cost saving for  business owners nowadays.  ● Best Way to Know Customers Grievances -​ A  chat option is the best way to know about the  customer's frustration and grievances. A live chat  option will help the business to understand the  customers problems in a better way. Once the  business is able to know all the grievances of the  customers. They can try to improve on the  problems which the customers have faced and then 

try to make the services better.Some of the major chat providers are Twak, LiveZilla, Bold Chat.      Common Mistakes Committed by New Online  Business Owners    Online  world  can  never  be  predicted,  hence  one  must  always  be  on  its  toes  to  know  what's  working  and  what's  not.  One  of  the  most  common  mistakes  that  has  been  done  in  the  past  by  many  people  is  the  choice  made 







website/business owners  who  think  creation of website  and  making  it  online  is  the  end  and  there  is  no  other  need  to  make  you  business  online  do  better.  There  are  many  other  points  as  well  which  one  should  never 

commit to while starting an online business.     Here we will discuss some of the Common pitfalls  that one should never jump in after starting an  online business​.    1. Getting  Stuck  at  One  Place  -  When  someone  starts  an  online  business  to  create  an  audience,  there  is  a  better  possibility  that  he  may  get  stuck  only  on  the  content  for  many  months  without  even  offering  something  for  sale.  This  is  the  biggest  mistake that one can do.    Different Ways when an Online Business Owner gets 

stuck: ● Some of the business are waiting for huge number  of visitors to their website without even offering  anything for sale.  ● There are some online business entrepreneurs who  don't find the time for marketing like blogging for  the website or making videos. They find it very  tough.  ● There are some others who are just afraid that no  one will buy the product if they put their service or  product on their website.  ● There are some who do not want to put their time  and effort thinking, what if all their effort is put in  vain and no one buys anything from them.  Whatever  the  reason is, if you are planning to set up an  online  business  one  should  always  remember  there 

could be  a  big  risk  ahead.  There  is  a  good  possibility  that  your  first  attempt  might  not  give  the  desired  results.  But  one  should  understand  that  an  online  business requires time and patience.    2.  ​Solving  an  Unimportant  Problem  -  Most  of  the  online  startups  and  businesses  try  to  solve  a  problem  that  is  not  really  an  important  one.  Suppose  if  you  put  your  product  or  service  online and nobody is buying it.  This  could  mean  that  you  need  to  change  something in  the product or service you provide rather than selecting  the problem.    3.  ​Not  ​Listening  to  Your  Customers  -  It's  better  to  listen  to  the  customers  all  the  time  whenever  they  need/want  the  services.  It's  not  important  to  know 

about the  customers  who  are  taking  good  about  your  services  but  it's  also  important  to  listen  to  the  people  who  are  not  buying  from  you  and  finding  out  the  reasons.  Listening  to  the  unsatisfied  customers  and  implementation  of  their  query  is  the  best  way  to make  your online business a success.    4.  Providing  Same  Options  as  Competitors  -  There  are  different  options  available  for  customers nowadays  for  the  consumers  from  where  they  can  choose.  If  you  have  an  online  business  you  must  be  able  to  sell  products  which  has  variety.  Nowadays  customers  needs  options  to  choose  from.  Hence  it  is  better  for  a  website  owner  to  provide  customers  different  options  to  choose  from.  Nowadays  many  of  the  newtime  online business jump into a conclusion that whatever is 

working for  another  person  might  work  for  them  as  well.  This  can  sometimes  prove  to  be  a  negative  impact on the business.    5.  Choosing  a  Topic  they  Don't  Like  -  Many  people  make  a  mistake  by  choosing  a  topic  they  really  don't  like.  This  can  be  the  biggest  mistake  one  can  do  especially  in  an  online  business.  There  might  be  a  competitor  who  has  a  much  greater  interest  level  than  yours.  It's  not  necessary  that  your  online  business  should  be  your  No.1  motive  or  passion  in  life  but  if  you  love  what  you  are  doing,  you  will  not  be  exhausted  easily  and  your  work  will  give  you  a  better  motivation.    6.  Not  Giving  Enough  Time  -  Building  a  successful 

business online  could  be  a  major  task.  You  will  not  be  able  to  excel  in  your  online  business  while  you  are  travelling  here  and there. If your online website is your  full  time  job it will be much harder. Whatever business  you  do  expecting  an  overnight  success  is  a  big  myth.  There  are  few  questions  that  one  must  ask  themselves  before creating an online business.  Its  better  to  talk to some entrepreneurs who are already  in  this  field,  you  can  ask  them,  how  much  time  they  took  to  taste  success? and what were the obstacles they  go through while doing an online business?      7.​ ​Thoughts without Implementation​ - Spending too  much time thinking and not implementing the thoughts  is another common mistake that an entrepreneur does 

while handling an online business. There are many failed entrepreneurs who have never implemented their  great ideas into their online business, just because of  the fear of losing.  8. Not Connecting with Enough People​ - The only  reason many businesses exist today with good revenue  and income is because of a friend or relative who  didn't let the person quit. It is a known fact that No  Business can succeed alone. You are the one who will  have to make it work. Connectivity is an important  thing in an online business. The more you are  connected to people the more you have chances of  creating the best online presence. The best way is to  reach out other online business providers who are in  the same field, you can share your inputs and struggles  with them. This could lead yourself to get the best 

ideas.   9. Not Implementing the Direct Method ​-​ ​Creating a  blog is the best way of sharing the ideas and  connecting with more and more number of audience.  This can also be said for any other social media  channels. One must always understand that sharing the  content on different channels is a way of growing your  influencers but not the business. One must always  remember that it's not always necessary that all your  influencers will be converted into a business. Creating  income from online business would require a much  direct method to gain maximum profit.    These were the common mistakes that one should  avoid while starting an online business, Here as it is 

discussed about the online business.   Reduce the Page Loading Time    A  website  and  its  loading  time  plays  a  major  role  in  the  performance  of  the  website.  A  slow  loading  website  should be a Big No-No for any online business  entrepreneur.    Here we will discuss some of the best ways to  reduce the loading time for your website:    1. Database  of  the  Website  Impacts  the  Loading  Time  -  Most  of  the  websites  store  information  using  database.  If  you  have  an  online  business  or 

an online  business  with  functionality  like  internal  search,  then  your  website  would  be using database.  This  database  of  your  website  can  impact  the  loading  time  of  your  website.  One  of  the  best  way  to  reduce  the  loading  time  is  by  adding  an  index  to  the  database  for  web  speed  improvements.  This  will  help  the  database  to  find  the  information  faster.  When  you  add  an  indexing,  your  database  can  rely  on  an  index  to  narrow  down  the  data  to  a  few  hundred.  This will help the data to get returned  at a much faster rate.    1. Usage  of  Tracking  Codes  -  Though  tracking  codes  is  one  of  the  major  and  important  factors.  One  should  always  remember  to  keep  only  those  analytics  program  which  is  necessary.  One  should 

always remember  that  a  simple  website  is  the  best  website.  Every  time  when  you  are  adding  another  tracking  code  to  your  page  it  will  make  your  website  slow.  It's  better  to  put the tracking codes at  the  bottom  of  the  page.  In  this  way the page can be  displayed  to  the  user  even  when  the  code  has  not  finished loading.        1. Optimising  the  Images  -  Optimising  Images  is  another  important step to decrease the page loading  time.  The  first  important  step  to  optimise  the  images  is  by  scaling  them  appropriately.  Most  of  the  new  website  entrepreneurs  use  huge  images for  their  website  and  then  scale  it  down.  In  this  case 

one should  understand  that  the  browser  still  loads  the  full  images.  The  best way would be to scale the  images  before  uploading  them  to  the  website.  Another  way  to  optimise  the  images is to compress  them.  There  are  many  tools  available  online  that  can  reduce  the  size  of  the  images  without  losing  the quality of the images.    1. Enabling  the  browser  cache  -  Enabling  the  browser  cache  lets  you  temporarily  store  the  data  on  a  visitors  computer.  In  this  way  the  website  visitor  won't  have  to  wait  for  long  when  they  visit  the  page  of  the  website.  The  time  period  for  which  the  data  will  be  stored  depends  on  the  browser  configuration and the cache settings.   

1. Compressing the  Website  -  Enabling  the  compression  is  like  putting  the  website  into  a  zip  file.  Compressing  the  website  can  reduce  the  page  size  and  then  increasing  the  speed.  Compressing  the  images  will  help  your  website  visitors  not  to  download  the  data  which  they  dont  require.  Compression  can  be  accomplished  through  server  settings  and  it  can  be  implemented  through  web  server and its settings.    1. Minimizing  the  CSS  file  size  -  The  CSS  of  a  website  loads  before  the  website  visitor  can  see  your  website.  The  longer  it  takes  for  the  CSS  to  download  the  longer  the  website  visitor  takes  for  the  website  visitor  to  have  a  quick  access.  It's  better  to  ask  yourself  is  it  required  to  use  all  the 

CSS? If  there  is  no  requirement  you  can  get  rid  of  the  superfluous  code  in  the files. The best next step  would  be  to  minimize  the  CSS  file  size.  Minimizing  the  CSS  removes  the  extra  space  ensuring  that  the  file  is  of  smallest  size.  Minimising  the  resource  files  is  the  best  way  to  reduce some size of the files.    1. Place  the  Javascript  files  at  the  Bottom  -  Javascript  files  load  after  rest  of the page does. But  if  you're  putting  it  before  the  content they will load  before  the  content.  This  would  mean  that  that  the  website  visitor  would  have  to  wait  for  the  javascript  to  load  before  they  can  see  the  page  of  the  website.  The  best  way  to  remove  this  obstacle  is  by  placing  the  javascript  files  at  the  bottom  of 

the page.  In  this  way  the  website  will  be  able  to  load before the scripts.    These were the few steps by which you can decrease  the loading time of your website. Slow loading website  can be a big obstacle for the progress of your online  business. Hence always make sure that your website  loads at the fastest time possible.    Website Optimisation  Website optimisation is an important step as well if  you are a website owner. Website optimisation makes  the website more relevant and good. A website is of no  use if it is not optimised. The main aim of search  engine optimisation is not only to find your website 

and pages but also also rank it accordingly in the search results for relevant keywords. I would like to  mention here that website optimisation is not a one  time process and it requires regular maintenance and  testing.    Some of the ways by which you can optimise your  website are as follows:    1. Website 

Analysis​: Analysation  of  meta 

keywords, text  and  code  on  the  web  pages  determines  how  your  website  will  be  positioned on  the  search  engines. 

Regular website  analysis 

should be  the  main  priority  of  any  website  owner.  There  are  different  tools  to  analyse the website and 

then optimise it some of them are discussed below:   ● Google  PageSpeed  Insights  -  This  is  one  of  the  best  and  the  most  important  tools  to  optimise  the  website.  Many  of  the  issues  which  is  reported  by  this  tool  can  be  resolved  automatically  by  installing  the  PageSpeed  module.  Google  will  be  telling  you  the  things  on  what  to  optimise  on  the  website  and  the  procedure  to  do  it.  A  Google  PageSpeed  Tool  evaluates  the  performance  of  a  website  in  two  areas.  One  is  the  elapsed  time  from  the  moment  a  user  request  the  new  page  till  the  moment  the  above  the  fold  content  is  rendered  by  the  browser.  Elapsed  time  from  the  moment  a  user  requests  a  new  page  to  the  moment  the  page  is  fully  rendered  by  the  browser.  The  score  is 

categorized into Good, Medium and Low. ● Good​ - If the Google categorize your website in a  good category that means there is little need of  optimising the website. In this case the score  would be 80 or more.  ● Medium​ - If your website scores between 60 to 79  it would mean there are medium chances by which  you can optimize your website.  ● Low​ - If your website scores in between 0 to 59  that would mean there are lot of things that needs  to be done to optimise the website.    ● Page  Load  Time  Plugin  -  ​This  is  a  type  of  plugin  which  measures  the  page  load  time  of  a  website.  This  plugin  includes  a  google  chrome  extension.  You  can  install  this  extension  in  your  google 

chrome through  the  chrome  web  store.  You  can  measure  the  loading  time  of  a  webpage  using  this  extension.    1. Keyword Analysis​: The best way to optimise the  website  is  by  taking  the  list  of  prioritized  and  targeted  search  terms  which  is  related  to  the  customer  and  then  segment  it  properly.  Some  of  the  main  tools  from  where  you  can do the keyword  analysis  are  Moz  Keyword  Explorer,  Google  Adwords  Keyword  Planner,  Google  Trends.  There  were  some  of  the  ways  by  which  you  can  optimise  your Website.       

CMS Suggestion There  are  many  options  available  when  it  comes  to  picking  up  of  content  management  system  for  a  website(CMS).  Sometimes  it  can  be  a  very  difficult  task to find the perfect CMS for a project.    There  are some of the CMSs available which has many  advantage  over  the rest of CMSs, mainly because of its  usability.  Some  of  them  are  very  easy  to  install  while  others not.    Here  are  the  top  most  used CMSs available on the web  which  you  can  you  for  your  project.  You  can  choose 

the best one according to your needs.   1. Wordpress:  ​This  type  of  CMS  platform  is  most  ideal  for  the  creation  of  websites,  blogs,  small  businesses.  Wordpress  can  be  used  by  someone  who  has  least  technical  knowledge.  It  can  be  used  by  someone  who  doesn't  have  the  desire  to  learn  any  programming  skills.  It  can  be  really  said  that  Wordpress  is  the  best  place  where  you  can  start  your  online  journey  without  any  technical  skills.  A  wordpress  comes  with  the  most  number  of  free  themes  i.e  templates  and  plugins  which  are  available  today.  Firstly  it  was  used  as  a  developing  tool  but  nowadays  it  is  used  to  create  a  complicated  website  as  well.  If  you  want  any  assistance in developing and designing a wordpress 

website you  can  contact  ​​.  India’s leading web designing companies.            Some of the advantages of using Wordpress as  CMS platform are as follows:    ● Variety of Plugins  You will have different options of Plugins in  Wordpress. By making the use of plugins, users will  be able to customize the performance of the blog.   

● Themes in Wordpress WordPress  is  one  of  the  CMS  platforms  where  you  will  get  variety  of  Themes.  Users  will  get  variety  of  themes,  they  can  download  the  theme  according  to  the  need and category of the website.    ● Developer Friendly  Wordpress  is  a  CMS  platform  for  which  you  will  get  large  number  of  developers.  There  are  large number of  developers  available  for  Wordpress  across  the  world.  The  reason  of  having  so  many  developers  for  Wordpdress  is  because  there  are  a  lot  of  options  available  for  the  developers  which  includes  plugins,  themes and software.   

● Designing Options There is an option where users can get their design  according to the needs.    ● Absolutely Free  Wordpress is an open source platform which you can  get absolutely free.    ● Ease of Use  The  best  part  in  a  WordPress  platform  is  its  ease  of  use.  Anyone  can  become  a  wordpress  developer  while  using  its  software.  Wordpress  CMS  comes  with  an  inbuilt  dashboard  where  the  users  will  be  able  to  post  new articles, use new themes and change the settings.   

1. Joomla -  ​Many  of  the  world's  top  websites  use  Joomla  as  their  CMS  option.  Joomla  was  never  designed  and  developed  as  a  blogging  software,  but  it  goes  well with blogging websites too. Setting  up  Joomla  website  takes  a  little  bit  more  time  than  a  Wordpress,  but  overall  it  is  much  more  powerful  than a Wordpress.    Some of the advantages of using Joomla CMS  platform are as follows:    ● Publishing the Blogs on Joomla is an Easy Task  If  there  is  a  fear  in  you  that  to  create  a  Joomla  website  requires  extensive  knowledge  then  you  have  a  wrong  notion  for  Joomla.  Joomla  is  one  of  easy  tools  to  use. 

The only  thing  you  need  to  publish  the  blog  is  to  copy  paste the content and hit the publish button.    ● Better Flexibility  There  are  thousands  of  extensions  available  in  Joomla.  There  is  no  limit  on  how  you  can  make  your  website  more  interactive  and  functional.  There  is  an  option  of  adding  the  social  media  widgets  onto  the  website.  If  you  are  willing  to  focus  on  the  consumer  feedback  there  is  an  option  for  that  too.  You  will  be  able  to  make several customised forms in your website.    ● Content Management is an Easy Task  One  of  the  primary  function  of  a  Joomla  website  is  its  content  management.  In  a  Joomla  CMS  you  will  be 

able to  easily  manage  the  users  without  the  need  of  various  permission  levels,  you  will  not  even  have  to  switch  the  tabs.You  will  be  able  to  create your website  in a streamlined manner.    ● Creating E-commerce website becomes an Easy  Task  If  you  are  planning  to  to  create  an  eCommerce  company  and  still  confused  on  which platform to build  the  website,  then  Joomla  is  one  of  the  better  option.  Joomla  is  an  eCommerce  friendly  CMS  which  will  offer  you  many  components  which  is  created  specifically  for  an  eCommerce  website.  You  will  be  able  to  easily  manage  the  products  and  the  content  without the need of switching the tabs. 

● Strong User Community Joomla  has  a  strong  user  base,  this  means  that  you  can  reach  each  and  every  person  that  have  used  this  platform  without  facing  any  issue.  There  are  good  numbers  of  joomla  developers  in  this  community  ensuring  that  Joomla  updates  are  received to you at the  earliest.    ● SEO Friendly  Joomla  is  one  of  the  SEO  friendly  CMS  platforms.  One  of  the  best  and  the  main  advantage  it  has  is  the  Search  Engine  friendly  URLs  that  are  built  in  it.  You  will  also  be  provided  with  the  freedom  to  choose  the  meta  keywords  and  description  for  your  website. 

Which will  help  you  to  improve  the  SEO  of  your  website.  You  can  even  download  the  SEO  plugins  to  improve  your  website  rankings  which  the  CMS  has  to  offer.    3.  OpenCart  -  ​If  you  are  looking  for  a  platform  to  make  your  eCommerce  platform  OpenCart  could  be  the  best  option  for  you.  Here  we  will  discuss  some  of  the  advantages  if  you  choose  OpenCart  as  your  eCommerce platform.    ● Development  Made  Easy  -  OpenCart  is  an  Open  Source  platform  which  is  based  on  Model  View  Controller  pattern.  OpenCart  is  an  easy  to  use  model if you know about PHP and MySQL.   

● Easy To  Use  -  An  OpenCart  CMS  has  an  easy  to  use  dashboard.  It  is  user  friendly  as  well.  All  the  menus  in  an  OpenCart  are  straight  forward.  For  example Catalog, Sales, Extensions, System etc.    ● Make  the  Changes  Easily  -  If  you  are  planning  to  make  your  eCommerce  website  in  OpenCart  then  you  should  hire  someone  who  knows  PHP,  MySQL  and  HTML.  There  are  many  developers  available  who  knows  PHP  and  they  will  be  able  to  help you with the customization of OpenCart.    ● Easy  Availability  -  It  is  one  of  the  most  famous  platforms  for  e-commerce.  OpenCart  comprises  of  many  well  discussed  tools  which  can  be  found  on  many  forum  websites.  There  is  a  lot of information 

on OpenCart  on  websites  like  Stackoverflow  and  If  you  have  any  issues  with  the  Opencart  you  can  easily  search  for  the  advice  on  different types of official forums.    ● Ready  To  Use Templates - If you are not having a  big  budget  or  if  you  are  not  having  the  time  to  develop  the  store  you  can  make  use  of ready to use  templates. 



web stores  like sell  hundreds  of  themes  for  OpenCart.    4.  ​Magento - Magento is another open source platform  which  is  mainly  used  for  eCommerce  store  development.  It  is  one  of  the  most  flexible  platforms  for eCommerce businesses. Many of the big businesses 

nowadays is  using  Magento  as  its  eCommerce  platform  as  it  empowers  its  business.  It  can  be  rightly  said  that  Magento  is  one  of  the  most  powerful  eCommerce  platform  which  is  used  for  web  development  today.  Some  of  the  benefits  of  using  Magento as an eCommerce Platform are as follows:    ● Customization  of  Web  Design  -  Each  and  every  online  business  is  unique  in  its  own  way  according  to  the  products  which  are  available  for  sale.  If  you  choose  Magento  there  will  be  tons  of  CSS  option  which  can  be  used  for  web  designing.  There  is  a  Magento  team  that  provides  support  and  gives  the  best  information  on  the  latest  web  trends  and  the  tips for responsive web designing.   

● Mobile Friendly  and  SEO  Friendly  -  Magento  is  one  its  kind  platform  which  keeps  up  with  the  mobile  web  design  standards  and  then  providing  the  SEO  solutions  at  the  same  time.  Any  mobile  visitor  to  your  website  would  expect  to  have  a  great  user  experience  when browsing your website.  If  the  website  is  able  to  satisfy  the  visitor  completely  then  there  are  chances  that  they  might  even  purchase  from  your  online  store.  Suppose  if  the  website  they  are  visiting  is  not  user  friendly  there  is  a  big  chance  that  you  might  lose  a  big  and  potential  customer.  It  will  undoubtedly  affect  the  user experience of the customer.    ● SEO  Friendly  -  A  website’s  search  engine  optimisation  affects  the  business  in  many  ways. 

When it  comes  to  SEO  friendliness  Magento  is  up  to  date  with  the  latest  SEO  ranking  factors.  It  provides  the  best  URL  structure  which  comes  with  a  meta  implementation  option  which  is  best  suited  for  SEO.  Magento  also  has  an  option  of  tracking  the website visitors.    ● Faster  Loading  Time  -  Magento  has  achieved  its  name  in  being  the  fastest  loading  time  as  a  web  store.  A  faster  loading  website  is  always  a  plus  for  any  website  visitor.  A  faster  loading  website  will  add the percentage in the annual sales of a website.    ● More  Secured  Option  -  Magento  is  known  for  its  top  line  security  and  the  product  management  options.  A  Magento  based  CMS,  makes  it  easy  for 

the store  owner  to  view  transaction  history,  changes  that  have  been  made  in  the  product  description,  export  reports  and  addition  and  removing of the items.    ● Hosting  Multiple  Website  -  Magento  has  an  option  to  host  multiple  websites  from  1  back-end  admin.  This is one of the key features in a Magento  based CMS platform.    ● Multi  Currency  and  Language  Support  -  Most  of  the  well  known  eCommerce  platforms  has  very  few  options  when  it  comes  the  options  regarding  the  foreign  currency.  This  makes  it  convenient  for  the  international  stores  to  use  Magento.  Magento 

also supports variety of languages.   These were some of the CMS that is widely used. You  can use any of these according to your  website/business needs.      Email Solutions by HostingRaja    When  it  comes  to  Email  solution for Business in India,  HostingRaja  tops  the  chart.  From  past  many  years  HostingRaja  has  given  email  business  solutions  to  thousands  of  businesses  across  India.  Our  Email  solutions  will  give  you  your  own  brand  presence  among your clients and customers. 

We have  been  providing  a  wide  range  business  email  solutions  for  our  clients  from  past  many  years.  We  provide  a  customizable  email  solutions  that  you  can  use  according  to  your  business  requirement.  Our  email  solutions comes with world class security features.    Identify  your  professionalism  with  an  individual  e-mail  address.  The  server  saves  your  e-mails  with  all  information  about  whether  they  are  already  read,  answered  or  forwarded.  This  gives  you  an  overview  of  what  you  have  not  yet  worked  on.  With  HostingRaja  email  Solutions  you  get  many  useful  additional  features  like  Use  the  autoresponder  to  automatically  reply  to  e-mails,  sort  incoming  messages  directly  into  subfolders  by  mailfilter,  and  get  informed  about  new 

e-mails with an SMS.     Advantages of Choosing HostingRaja Email  Solutions:    ● We will be managing the server on your behalf.  ● We will install and configure all the necessary  plug-in of your server.  ● We provide 24×7 monitoring and support to  guarantee that you are always pertinent to your  important data.  ● We provide Secure Webmail Access.      Our  Email hosting services implement our mail servers 

with a  business  standard  inscription,  which  is  active  during  the  entire  webmail  session.  This  essentially  means  that  any  data  sent  to  and  from  the  server  is  encrypted  from  the  moment  you  sign  in,  until  the  moment  you  sign  out.  With  this  proven  safeguard  protocol,  you  can  ensure  that  your  responsive  messages  will  not  be  prevented or compromised in any  way.          HostingRaja Cloud Office    One Stop Destination for Startup and Small  Business Owner 

Hosting Raja  Cloud  office  is  a  one  stop  destination  for  all  tools  a  startup  or  a  small  business  owner  would  need,  to  kick  start  their  digital  journey  in  the most cost  effective  and  hassle  free  way  possible.  As  an  entrepreneur  your  first  and  foremost  requirement  is  to  create  a  professional  image  of  your  business  while  presenting  to  your  prospective  customers.  Without  a  professional  domain  name  or  a  email  id  it’s  difficult to  establish a trust building image of your business.    Features Overloaded  With  the  Hosting  Raja  Cloud  office  you  not  only  get  email  ids  for  your  business  but  also  get  a  plethora  of  other  features  that  are  rolled  together  to  simplify  your  business needs. 

Latest Tools to Make Your Business Cost Effective HostingRaja  Cloud  Office  is  the  latest  tool  which  is  designed  to  help  the  small  business  to  large  enterprise  to  kick  start  with  less  cost  effective  and  also  works  without  any  obstruction,  and  this  will  help  their  business  run  very  smooth  and  helps  them  to  focus  at  their  core  infrastructure.  If  you  are  thinking  in  term  of  an  entrepreneur,  then  your  main  intention  will  be  your  professional  image  of  your  business  with  satisfied  customers.  To  have  satisfied  and  more  customers  for  your  business  first  you  need  to  have  a  proper  business  infrastructure  like  your  business  domain  name,  websites,  Email  ID,  customers  support  etc.  By  having  all  the  business  requirements  it  is  easy  to  build  the 

trust of  customers  and  also  helps  to  build  the  good  image of your business.    Main Features in HostingRaja Cloud Office  Includes:    1. CRM-  Customer  Relationship  Management  -  This  is  one  of  the  main  strategies  used  by  many  companies  to  know  more  about  customers  and  what  they expect from your business. By doing this  it  will  help  your  business  to  reduce  cost  and  increase  more  productivity  and  also  profitability.  In  here  you  also  get  a  different  level  of  options  like,  sales,  marketing,  collaboration  etc,  which  is  very easy to get the information.   

1. Workflow -  Workflow  is  an  arranged  and  repeatable  pattern  of  endeavor  enabled  by  the  systematic  organization  of  resources  into  processes  that  transform  materials,  provide  services,  or  process  information.  Basically,  a  workflow  is  one  of  the  key  factors  of  the  business.  For  instance,  In  machine  shops,  particularly  job  shops  and  flow  shops,  the  flow  of  a  part  through  the  various  processing  stations  is  a  workflow.  But  in  HostingRaja  Cloud  Office,  we  provide  a  workflow  that  helps  your  management  to  work  easy  and  smoothly.  Even  in  workflow  there  is  different  sets  where  you  can  create,  view  and  also  audit  your  workflow.    1. Calendar  -  In  Cloud  Office  we  provide  calendar 

option for  our  customer  to  note  any  event  or  meetings  fixtures,  and  notifies  the  user  15  minutes  before  the  events  occurs.  You  can  also  change  the  reminder  time,  by  open  the  Alert  drop-down  list  and  select  one  of  the  available  options:  5  minutes,  15  minutes,  half  an  hour,  an  hour,  2  hours,  a  day.  Which  will  be  more  helpful  in  scheduling  events  on exact time.    1. Contacts  -  Here  it  Syncs  your  business  contacts  with  your  respective  business  Email  ID.  Where  you  can  access  to  your  contacts  on  one  go.  In  here  you  can  also  add  the  contacts  and  you  can  also  make  different  groups.  By  this  it  will  helps  your  business  to  have  a  good  communication  with  your  customers,  and  helps  to  grow  your  business 

network in  all  the  corners.  It  also  helps  to  create  more productivity of your business.    1. Documents  -  In  Cloud  Office,  you  will  be  offered  documents  like  spreadsheets,  presentation,  write  etc.  By  using  this  tool  you  can  perform  various  editing  operations  and  edit  documents  directly  on  your  portal  and  also  print  the  edited  documents  in  all  format.  In  documents  it  helps  you  to  store  the  data  or  creating  new  events,  where  you  can  share  that  document  with  your  contacts  and  can also see the files or documents share with you.    1. Support  System  -  There  are  various  support  options  given  to  the  clients  where  they  can  also  raise  a  ticket  for  their  customer’s  issue and sort out 

very quickly.  In  here  you  can  also  submit,  view  your  tickets.  By  this  it  leads  your  business  to  more  productivity at very less cost.    1. Email  Options  -  In  Cloud  Office,  you  will  be  provided  with  an  email  option,  where  the  customer  can  get  information  or  any  message  for  his  clients.  And  can  respond  to  their  issue  spontaneously.  This  message  management  solution  helps  you  work  more  efficiently,  and  also  improve  business  communication.  In  an  email,  you  can  also  attach  the  files  which  you  would  like  to  share  with  your  contact or forward mail that you have received.    1. Smart 





communication helps  your  business  to  have  a 

strong social  network  bond  with  your  clients  and  lets  you  to  communicate  and  collaborate  with  your  customers  via  chat.  This  also  helps  your  business  to  know  the  key  advantages and drawbacks of your  business.  By  this,  you  can  mainly  concentrate  on  the  core  business  process,  which  will  lead  to  outstanding  results.  It  also  helps  to  build  social  network inside your company.    1. Task  ​-  The  customers  needs  to  create  a  task  that  needs  to  complete  on  time  and  can  assign  to  allotted  person.  When  creating  a  task  you  can  assign  to  a  person,  with  a  subject,  date  of  creating  the  task,  information  and  also  the  deadline.  It  also  reminds  the  allotted  person  to  complete  his  task  before  the  deadline.  By  doing  this  it  helps  the 

business in  more  productivity.  In  task  bar  you  can  also  view  the  assigned  task  and  also  check  complete  information  about  the  task  which  has  been allotted.    These  were  the  Simple  but  Very  Important  steps  by  which you can take Online Business to great heights.    As We are a Web Hosting company the following  pages will give you an in depth study on Web Hosting  services provided by us.           

Simple steps to take your business online  

Are you looking to start and be a success in Online/Internet business? This eBook will help you in taking your offline business to online. A...

Simple steps to take your business online  

Are you looking to start and be a success in Online/Internet business? This eBook will help you in taking your offline business to online. A...