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Fall • 2013

Lindsey Mosel, MD

Dedicated to Providing Rural Health Care Two new Regional West physicians are living their dreams as they launch their careers in western Nebraska. Family medicine physician Lindsey Mosel, MD, and OB/GYN Wendy Reeves, MD, chose rural medicine over urban medicine, and western Nebraska over all other locations, because it’s home. “I always wanted to practice medicine in a rural area,” said Dr. Reeves, who was raised at Crawford, Neb. She attended Chadron State College as an alternate in the RHOP program (Rural Health Opportunities Program through the University of Nebraska Medical Center) but didn’t get to enter the medical school with the class because there were no available spaces for alternates. Her next step was graduate school at Creighton University, where she earned a Master’s degree in clinical anatomy and an opportunity to teach anatomy to first year medical students. About that time, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She changed directions, deferred her acceptance to medical school, earned a Transition to Teaching certificate from the University of Nebraska—Kearney, and moved Wendy Reeves, MD

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Regional West Welcomes New Health Care Providers


Adeel Bashir, MD Hospitalist

Maria Akhtar, MD Family Medicine

Jaroslaw Aniszewski, MD Endocrinology

Connie Beehler, MD Palliative Care

Chris Lambert, MD Cardiology

Rachel Gandre, MD Pediatrics

Wendy Reeves, MD OB/GYN

Hector Santiago, MD Pulmonary/Critical Care

Lindsey Mosel, MD Family Medicine

Bradley Coots, MD Plastic Surgery

Jeffrey Salisbury, MD Emergency Medicine

Creed Wait, MD Hospitalist


Mesha Luksan, APRN Pediatrics

Joshua Dean, PA-C Family Medicine

Penny Sanderson, APRN Rehabilitation Medicine

Alicia Gonzales-Longoria, APRN Urgent Care

Robert Gantz, APRN Orthopaedics

Lisa Bewley, APRN Pediatrics

Kimberly Malone, APRN Hospitalist

Jessica Conn, APRN Hospitalist

Deborah Moore, APRN Palliative Care

back to Crawford. There she taught science, coached sports, and helped care for her mom. In 2005, she entered medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Following her 2009 graduation, she moved to Dearborn, Mich., to complete her residency at Oakwood Hospital. There, she served as the executive chief resident. As an OB/GYN, she has the opportunity to provide the primary care she loves while pursuing her interest in surgery. She’s excited to begin caring for patients in both a medical specialty and location she loves. “Family, friends, and women’s health, that’s what’s important to me,” said Dr. Reeves. She moved to Scottsbluff in August with her daughter Maya and husband Jesse Hays to join Regional West Physicians Clinic-Women’s Center. Her husband, a middle school educator and coach, is from Waterloo, Neb. Like Dr. Reeves, Lindsey Mosel, MD, always wanted to practice rural medicine, but primary care was and is her main interest. “Family medicine was all I knew growing up. Your family doctor was who you saw first for everything. It was important because they knew your whole story,” she said. “That’s what I wanted to do when I enrolled in RHOP. I tried to find other interests, but I kept coming back to family medicine.”

Dr. Mosel attended Wayne State College through RHOP and graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She completed the UNMC Family Medicine Residency program, which allowed her to spend her first year in Omaha and the last two years of her residency in Scottsbluff. When I learned about the training program I knew it would be ideal,” said Dr. Mosel. “I wanted community based, real world training, and this program offered that plus the benefits of a year at the large academic center.” Although Dr. Mosel wasn’t raised in western Nebraska, it became “home” when her parents moved to Mitchell in 2005. She grew up in Geneva, Neb., and never travelled to the panhandle until her parents moved, but she loved the area once she saw it. “It’s beautiful. I love the lifestyle and outdoor activities,” said Dr. Mosel. Now she’s putting her years of education to work as a family medicine physician at Regional West Physicians Clinic–Family Medicine, Scottsbluff. She welcomes new patients of all age, especially children. Dr. Mosel’s husband, Jason, is a certified arborist. They have two children Eli, 4 and Ivy, 10 months.

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