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Fall 2011

Veritas The magazine For alumnae, families and friends of Regina dominican college preparatory school in wilmette

A Regina Girl for Change Karina Kedo’s mission to end distracted driving

Regina Girls Give Back Alumnae who have shared their time and talent with the world

Out of the Jungle The Bridge lets go of its jungle roots and welcomes a fresh look

2011 Annual Report ALSO IN THIS ISSUE


Letter from the President

regina dominican

Thank you for your enlivening spirit and generosity which touches us and moves through our beings. — Joyce Rupp, OSM

Veritas Volume 2, Issue 1. Fall 2011

Dear Friends,


ith great pride and joy, we dedicate this second edition of VERITAS to the Adrian Dominican Sisters, our Board of Directors, students, faculty, staff, parents, alumnae, friends, associates, and generous donors. Your passion, dedication, and commitment are vital to Regina Dominican’s mission to educate young women in an environment that is Catholic, Dominican, and college preparatory. As you read each article in this publication, you will be touched by a vibrant school community marked by the Dominican pillars: prayer, study, community and service. A highlight of the 2010-2011 school year was the undertaking of a visioning and strategic process, entitled Vision 2020. The Board of Directors has engaged Jean Egmon, Ed.D. to guide us through this strategic planning process and to coach us through implementation of our vision. Dr. Egmon is a faculty member at the Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences Department within the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is also the president of Third Angle, Inc., a consulting firm dedicated to working with organizations to identify strategic niches and design strategies, marketing approaches, and organizational environments to move them into the future, while re-invigorating what is truly core to their identity and purpose. Vision 2020 is second only to the school’s founding in terms of O good and gracious God, its breadth, depth, and potential. This initiative will build on the as we prepare to formulate Vision 2020, strengths and traditions of Regina Dominican while taking into let us recall your promise to be present when we are gathered in Your Name. account the changes in the world in which we live. It will focus on programming for developing women as global leaders, innovaWe know that with you here among us and within each of us, our journey tions in teaching and learning, local and global market positioning, together will be blessed and fruitful. enrollment, funding, research, technology, physical assets, leaderMary, Regina Caeli, patroness of our school, ship, community relations, alumnae involvement, and Catholicinspire us with your Spirit of Wisdom. Plant seeds of vision in our hearts and minds. Dominican integrity. The design and implementation of Vision 2020 Give us new ears to hear new things. will take our school to a new level of excellence, innovation, and Grant us a deep understanding of the way forward with respect for all. strategic positioning in this world in which we are called to make a distinctive difference. I invite you to follow the progress of Vision May Dominic and Catherine of Siena fill us with the fire of Truth. 2020 by visiting our website at Help us to be motivated by their words and example as we create As always, we seek God’s blessings and guidance for all that we do the Vision for the Future. at Regina Dominican. I ask you, as members of our extended comMay God the Creator bless us. munity, to join us in praying the beautiful Prayer for Vision 2020 May God the Redeemer walk with us. composed by S. Grace Dougherty, OP and S. Helen McAllister, OP, May God the Holy Spirit enlighten us as we journey together who sit on our Board of Directors. on this path to a new vision. May God bless you and keep you! May God’s face shine upon you, and be gracious to you! May God look upon you kindly and give you peace!

What is Veritas? Ver • i • tas – noun Latin for truth Veritas is the motto of the Dominican Order of Preachers. “All truth is a reflection of God, the first Truth. Love for truth must permeate the entire life of a Dominican.” – William Hinnebusch, OP

Prayer for Vision 2020


S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, President

2 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011



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A Regina Girl for Change

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Panthers Softball Catch Conference Title Regina Welcomes Kerry Durham ’85 as Head Basketball Coach Regina Grads to Play College Sports Sports Snapshots Get Involved. Join the Booster Club!


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Letter From the Alumnae Coordinator On to New Adventures Welcome, Class of 2011! Alumnae News Regina Girls Give Back Reunion Weekend Class of 1990 Honors Catherine Stephan Gravelle ’90 Regina on the Road Third Annual Cubs Game Outing 26 In Memoriam

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a n i g e R A

r o f l Gir e g n a Ch go News in Chica an of ABC 7 12. rd er Jo n ob re ct O Ka with edia launch on m An interview s oi in Ill Now at the STATIC

4 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011


uring the summer of 2007, Karina Kedo ’11 was riding her bike to a volunteer job at a local day camp when she was struck by a large SUV making a right turn at a red light. Karina was fortunate to walk away only slightly injured, but the driver of that car later admitted to being on her cell phone at the time of the accident. While a student at Regina, Karina drove 30 minutes to and from school every day. During her daily commute, Karina noticed an extraordinary number of drivers talking and texting on their cell phones while driving. "Once I started driving, I noticed all these people texting and I knew what happened to me so I wanted to do something," said Karina. "I had attended a youth leadership conference in Chicago and was inspired to start a leadership project in high school.” Karina’s accident, her participation in the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) program, and her commuting observations led Karina to start STATIC Now Illinois, a campaign to stop people from talking and texting in cars while driving.

What defines a true Regina Girl? It’s not just arriving on campus for class each weekday or donning the school’s traditional wool skirts. It’s not simply floating from home to class and back again. Over the past few decades, we have come to realize that Regina Girls maintain much more than lackluster attitudes toward school and community life. Regina Girls are athletes, true academics, and volunteers, but they are also so much more than that. The values of Regina Girls line up accordingly with the four pillars of Dominican life, which are study, prayer, preaching, and community. Regina Girls create, minister, lead, perform, and maybe most importantly, give back. Regina Girl, Karina Kedo ’11, knows the delicate balance of the four Dominican pillars all too well, as this past year she demonstrated each of them during the launch

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 5

Left to right: The entire Regina student body received a t-shirt for the STATIC Now Illinois media launch. Pictured from left: Ellie Heinrich, Karina Kedo, and Katie Neville, all class of 2011 graduates. Principal Kathy Rzany shows Karina’s letter from President Barack Obama to Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, Karina, and Pat McDonell . Karina and Secretary of State Jesse White. Karina receives the Regina Medal in Spanish from Principal Kathy Rzany at the May 26 Convocation ceremony.

of STATIC (Stop Talking and Texting in Cars) Now Illinois, a campaign to stop people from talking and texting in cars while driving. Through various fundraising efforts, and with the generous support of sponsor Bob Clifford and Clifford Law Offices in Chicago, Karina raised more than $20,000 for the purchase of two virtual driving simulators which have been used to help further articulate the dangers of distracted driving. Karina officially launched her STATIC Now Illinois campaign at a rally on October 12, 2010, at Regina Dominican High School’s O’Shaughnessy Theater. In attendance were Secretary of State Jesse White and State Representative John D’Amico (D-15th District, Chicago). Also present was Lindsay Anderson, Governor Pat Quinn’s Director of Legislative Affairs. “What can we say about Karina,” said Secretary of State Jesse White, “other than that you are the best and the brightest, and your heart is big. You are on a mission.” The Dominican pillar of prayer was quite evident during the media launch of STATIC Now Illinois, as Karina’s father, Paul, lost his battle with terminal cancer just the day before the event. Paul Kedo had been ill for some time, and Karina gained closure with her father before his passing. Despite this great loss within her family, Karina continued on with the media launch as planned. She introduced her initiative to a crowd of hundreds while demonstrating maturity, dedication, and an astonishing amount of grace. Bob Clifford, sponsor of STATIC Now Illinois, told the audience, “she, being the brave soul that she is, is here today because she knows that what she started is not about her, it’s about our community and making our community a safer, better place to live.” According to the Automobile Association of America, nearly half of all teen drivers have texted while driving. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says

6 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

more than one quarter of the 1.2 million auto collisions that occur each year involve a distracted driver. Last year, Illinois became the 17th state to ban texting while driving. That law took effect in 2010. Over 60 area high schools were invited to attend the October media launch to learn more about STATIC Now Illinois and to experience the virtual driving simulators. The simulators were available for student use at Regina during STATIC Now Illinois week and have since traveled to area schools such as Chicago Urban Charter Prep Academy, Carmel Catholic High School, and Buffalo Grove High School at no expense, so students could experience first-hand the dangers of texting and talking on cell phones while driving. Karina hoped the experience was a wakeup call to her peers. “I just want new drivers to see the dangers because when you first get your license you think you can handle it, and you really can’t,” she explained. “I want them to understand that multitasking is a big temptation, but it’s not safe or possible while driving. I want them to see it before it’s too late.” At the media launch, Lindsay Anderson presented Karina with a proclamation from Governor Quinn which declared October 12 as STATIC Now Illinois Day, “to promote the importance of ending cell phone use while driving and to affirm the continued commitment of Illinois in ensuring that motorists travel safely in the Land of Lincoln.” Following the virtual driving demonstration, students at the launch were encouraged to sign Secretary of State Jesse White’s pledge against texting and talking on cell phones while driving. At Regina’s Convocation ceremony on May 26, Karina was recognized for her community outreach efforts and was presented with the Maureen Brannen Scholarship Award, the W.W. Grainger Scholarship and the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for making a significant contribution to

her community and for distinguished achievements in community service. Not only did Karina exemplify the Dominican pillar of community during her time at Regina, but her academic achievements proved outstanding and epitomized the pillar of study. Throughout her four high school years, Karina maintained a grade point average of 5.0 or above and graduated with Superior Honors with Highest Distinction. At Convocation, Karina was also recognized as an Illinois State Scholar and as a Presidential Scholar. Additionally, for her academic excellence, service, and leadership, Karina was named a Regina Medalist in Spanish, which is a high honor among Regina alumnae. As cross country team captain, member of the Senior Leadership Board, a National Honors Society and Spanish National Honors Society officer, Ambassadors Club officer and member of the track and field team, Karina knew how important it was to be involved during her time at Regina. She attributes the school’s environment to joining so many organizations. “Now that I’ve graduated, it’s easy for me to look back and know that I wouldn’t have been able to do all the things I did at Regina at a co-ed school,” said Karina. “So much of what I did were fun activities; it made the most sense to take advantage of what Regina had to offer.”

From the launch of STATIC Now Illinois to graduating high school, Karina has learned a lot about what it means to give back. “I never realized how many opportunities I’ve been given or how lucky I have been in life. I think it’s my responsibility to do something with the resources I’ve been given.” Karina will attend Northwestern University in the fall and hopes to continue her volunteer efforts throughout college. As for the future of STATIC, the simulators are being donated to SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and Karina will stay involved by maintaining the STATIC website. STATIC Now Illinois has made a big impact on Karina and she is thankful for all of the people who helped her along the way. She gives much credit to Regina for giving her the strength she needed for such an endeavor. “It sounds cliché,” said Karina, “but I had never realized before Regina that I had the ability to create something that could reach so many people and potentially save lives. The truth is, all Regina students do. It’s amazing.” For being named the Regina Medalist in Spanish, Karina’s picture will hang in the first floor hallway throughout the 2011-2012 school year. However, considering her philanthropic nature, unwavering devotion to the mission of STATIC Now Illinois and her loyalty to Regina Dominican, Karina’s legacy as a true Regina Girl will undoubtedly live on for years to come. 

“I just want new drivers to see the dangers because when you first get your license you think you can handle it, and you really can’t.”

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 7

SchoolSchool News News 2010-2011

School News

Regina Around the World


This summer I went on a weeklong service trip to Piura, Peru with my Dad. We stayed at a parish called Santisimo Sacramento where my Dad knows the pastor, Father Joe, who is a friend from college. Throughout the week we did several different volunteer activities. They were as simple as having lunch with families from the parish, or something much more difficult, such as building a house. The people of Piura were all so amazing and friendly, and it was incredible to see people in such poverty having these high spirits. My favorite part of the trip was definitely spending time with all of the children by visiting the schools and orphanages. They were always so excited to see us volunteers and made us feel so welcome. My trip was an amazing experience and I hope to go again next year! – Colleen Morris ’13

hroughout the school year many Regina Dominican students and faculty members were given fantastic opportunities to travel the world for study and service trips. Read on about a few Regina Girls and one teacher who seized the chance to enjoy what traveling abroad has to offer!

Regina’s Summer Immersion Program 2011 in Antigua, Guatemala was a great success.   Antigua is beautiful, touristy and thriving!  Our six Regina students studied conversational Spanish and grammar with private tutors for four hours every morning.  We also got the opportunity to meet other language students from all over the world. Our Guatemalan families were extremely welcoming and the food was delicioso.  Most afternoons, we helped with service projects at the orphanage Nuestros  Pequeños Hermanos, Escuela Esperanza, an English language school, or helped with the construction of homes in underdeveloped pueblos. Weekend excursions were absolutely  amazing; we visited Mayan ruins, toured an island off Belize, and stayed cool at Lake Atitlan. Our students were inspiring to watch as they interacted with individuals from around the world. It was a joy to be a part of such an incredible experience! ¡Adios! – Chrissy Lauinger, Spanish Teacher

Friends of Regina Luncheon

Date: November 30, 2011

A delightful afternoon filled with lunch and friends. Raffle drawings, and holiday centerpieces add to the fun. Enjoy a Christmas performance by the Regina Dominican choir. For more information, contact Melissa Morrissey Walton ’97 in the Alumnae office at

Last March, I left for World Chicago’s US-Serbia Exchange that took me and 16 high school students from all over the US to Serbia for two weeks. The U.S. State Department sponsors the program to teach Serbian youth about democracy, volunteerism, and youth activism.  It was exciting to experience a new culture.  I lived with a Serbian family for a week, and went to school with my host sister.  We helped the Serbian students who had visited Chicago and other US cities on the same program with “action plans”.  One student organized an anti-littering “Clean Up the Park” program.  Another worked to start an animal shelter because abandoned dogs travel in packs and have been known to attack small children on their way to kindergarten in Serbia.  As part of the program I also had to create an “action plan”.  I organized a program for girls at the local YMCA in Evanston where I once attended an afterschool program.  The idea was to teach them fun math games and encourage them to practice math over the summer and study advanced math in school.  I gained a lot of confidence and plan to continue with “action plans” both at Regina and beyond! 

Crown Named Most Outstanding School Newspaper The American Scholastic Press Association awarded Crown, Regina Dominican High School’s newspaper, two prestigious awards, Most Outstanding Private School Newspaper for 20102011 and First Place with Special Merit.

Regina Chorale Sings on Red Carpet Reginites were treated to a high five at the Goodman Theater’s red carpet event.

– Serena Gobbi ’12 Singers from the Regina Chorale got a taste of stardom when they performed on the red carpet at “One Enchanted Decade,” a ten year anniversary event for the Goodman Theater. The guest of honor was Matthew Morrison, star of the TV show Glee. The current school singing group also invited Chorale alumnae to join them in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Senior Wins Latin Awards

Latin teacher Dan Ristin and Grace Koch ’11.

Regina senior, Grace Koch ’11, was one of a small group of students to receive a trophy for qualifying all four years for the State Finals of the Illinois Latin Tournament. Grace was also the recipient of the Maureen O’Donnell Memorial Award for earning four gold medals on the National Latin Exam. The award ceremony took place at this year’s finals at Augustana College. Continued on page 11

8 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 9

SchoolSchool News News 2010-2011

School News

Continued from page 9

From the Admissions Office Mark these important dates on your calendar!

ht IN* irls Nig

*Girls Night IN*


d desserts trivia, dinner an of t gh ni a r fo ter to Please join us aughnessy Thea Sh O’ e th to of over ted rendition before we head eagerly anticipa ’s an ic in m Do na watch Regi Hairspray! 18, 2011, 6:00pm iday, November Fr r: te ea Th Dinner

Class of 2016 Entrance Exam: January 14, 2012, 8am Students should arrive at 7:30 am.

ncils, $25 Please bring two #2 pe payable to cash or check (made School) Regina Dominican High and a calculator.

Fall Open

November 18-19, 7:30pm General admission tickets for Hairspray will be sold in advance or at the door. $10.00 for adults; $5.00 for students. Children under 10 are free.

A classic murder-comedy for all ages. Friday, February 10, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 2:30 p.m.

NAHS Students Participate in Congressional Art Competition

ath and Enviornmental Science teacher, Maureen McHugh, knows the importance of sustainability and is doing everything possible to get Regina on board. Thanks to Maureen’s efforts with the Environmental Science Club, Regina Dominican was named the “greenest school in the Chicago area” after winning 1st place in a contest run by ACE (Alliance for Climate Education). Regina won by receiving points for every earth-friendly project the school completed. Projects included an Electronics Recycle Drive, CFL Bulb Sale, Recycling Contest, Project Greenway (an earth-friendly fashion show), Sneaker Recycle, and our annual Earth Rally.

National Art Honor Society members Christine Cooper ’11 and Eun Hee Lee ’12 submitted entries in the 2011 Artistic Discovery Competition. The paintings, Cooper’s “Orange Tree in Obscurity”, and Lee’s “Reflection of Me” currently hang in the Skokie Public Library.



Stop by one of ou r Open H firsthan ouses to d look at get a our schoo alized to l. Take a ur and g p er et to kno w our stu sondents! • Sunda y, Novem ber 6, 20 Join us f 11, 1 or our Al umnae O 1am-2pm Breakfas pe t! Visit o ur websit n House • Thursd ay, Nove e for deta mber 10, ils. 2011, 6p m-8pm

Coming soon to the O’Shaughnessy Theater

You can’t stop the beat with Regina’s fall musical!

Seeing GREEN

The charming story about a physician who can talk to animals. Friday April 27, 2012 at 10 a.m. & 7 p.m. Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 2:30 p.m.

All students get the opportunity to take part in Regina’s annual Earth Day Rally.

Members of Regina Dominican’s Ambassadors Club joined over 12,000 volunteers to support Misericordia’s Candy Days, the annual two day event. Ambassadors collected donations and handed out candy at Regina before and after school and during lunch.

Ellen Sanders ’11 collected in the parking lot before school

Mathletes Take 1st and 2nd Place in the State At the ICTM State Finals, Seung Lee Lee ’14 took 1st place and Seung Min Lee ’14 took 2nd place in the state algebra competition. Earlier in the year, Regina Dominican’s Mathletes Team competed in the ICTM regional competition. The team placed 2nd in the region and 7th in the overall state. This qualified the entire 27 member team to advance to the State Finals at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Kathryn Schulz ’14 helps out at the Electronics Recycle Drive.

The Electronics Recycle Drive, led by Technology Director, Jane Washburne, was a highly successful event where Regina partnered with PC Rebuilders and Recyclers (PCRR) to collect unwanted electronics in an effort to rescue usable technology. Regina friends, family, local schools, community members, and businesses were invited to come to campus on collection day to drop off their used items including computers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. After an entire day of collecting, Regina’s total of unwanted electronics came to over 5,000 pounds! In April, Regina Dominican and 16 other Chicago area high schools participated in ACE’s Project Greenway Fashion Show which was held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Nora Palanck ’12 took 3rd place with her own Continued on page 13

10 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Regina Ambassadors Support Misericordia Candy Days

Seung Lee Lee ’14 and Seung Min Lee ’14 lead the way for Mathletes.

Continued on page 13

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 11

SchoolSchool News News 2010-2011

School News

Continued from page 11

Seeing Green Continued from page 11

Yearbooks Cover Jungle Mural


by Ellie Reynolds ’11

This article first appeared in the March issue of Crown, Regina’s award winning newspaper.

museum-quality display has replaced the rumble in the jungle on the Regina bridge. The 37-year-old mural has been painted over due to construction of the Writing Center. “In order for the new Writing Center in the back of the library to be up to code, we need to add new doors,” According to Kerrigan McNulty ’98, Director of Advancement. This would mean that parts of the jungle would be cut out, McNulty said. But Regina’s artistic past is not forgotten. The newly painted wall now showcases the school’s history by exhibiting every yearbook cover since 1961, a total of 50 yearbooks when this year’s is added. This display has been sponsored by the class of 1990 in memory of Catherine Stephan Gravelle ’90. Some alumnae, current faculty and students have mixed feelings about painting over the jungle. “That wall is part of my day,” said Verna Allworth ’77, English teacher. “When I first started teaching at Regina, I taught in 220 and then moved to a classroom on the bridge,

12 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

I was always in the jungle,” Allworth recalled, “When I would go to yearbook, the wall brightened my day.” While nostalgic about the jungle, Allworth stated the yearbook covers were also pieces of art. “Seeing the yearbook covers will also give people an idea of how yearbooks as art have evolved,” Allworth said. “The yearbook covers are interesting to look at, I always find new ones I like when I walk past the wall everyday,” said Gianna Funkhouser ’11. In the last 25 years, yearbooks have been designed using photographs, paintings, watercolor, and computer programs. Yet one thing remains the same throughout them all – each has been conceived and created by students of Regina. “It is really just art replacing art, one is not better than the other,” said Allworth. “I’m going to miss seeing the jungle, but the new framed yearbooks bring a fresh look to the Regina bridge,” said Caroline Reilly ’14.  Read more about the yearbook dedication ceremony honoring Catherine Gravelle on page 26.

dress design made of newspapers and magazines. In the spring, Maureen put together the school’s first week long recycling contest between classes. Each homeroom competed for prizes and out of uniform days by collecting paper, ink cartridges, and electronics. “Recycling not only saves space in the landfills but it also saves energy,” said Maureen in an interview with Crown. “It is easier to make new products out of recycled products rather than starting from scratch.” 

WYSE Team Takes 1st Place, Advances to State The Regina Dominican WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) team competed in the State Finals at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, in April after winning 1st place in the Sectional Tournament and 1st place in the Regional Tournament.

Nora Palanck ’12 models her eco-fashion at the Project Greenway Fashion Show.

With Grateful Hearts


hroughout its fifty-three years, Regina Dominican has been blessed by the women and men who have served as members of the faculty and staff. At the end of each school year we bid farewell to special friends who have enriched our lives by their presence and commitment to the mission and vision of Regina Dominican. With loving and grateful hearts we acknowledge and thank: • Kathy Rzany for her nine years (2002–2011) of faithful service as Principal of Regina Dominican. • S. Deb Fumagalli, OSF for her twenty-eight years (1983-2011) of faithful service as Theology teacher and chair of the Theology department. • Lina Brotherton for her sixteen years (1994-2010) of faithful service as Academic Counselor. • Karen Huber for her eleven years (2000-2011) of faithful service as Math teacher and Math department chair. • Carol Kolodziej for her five years (2006-2011) of faithful service as Dean of Students. • Molly Nelson Harris ’97 for two years of faithful service as Alumnae Office Coordinator (2009-2011) and former member of the English department (2006-2009). • Bunny Mudd for her three years (2007-2010) of faithful service as Social Worker. • Christine Diss for her two years (2008-2010) of faithful service as Campus Minister. • Michelle Day for one year (2010-2011) of faithful service as Social Worker. May they be blessed by our loving God and know we carry them always in our hearts and prayers. 

Student Advances to Forensic Grand National Tournament Leona Maliakal ’12, competed in the Chicago Catholic Forensic League Individual Events Tournament in February. Her fantastic performance qualified her to advance to the National Catholic Forensic League Grand National Tournament in Washington, DC. Leona is also a member of the Mathletes team, WYSE team and the Class Leadership Board.

Cross Country Team Wins IHSA Academic Award Regina’s 2010 Varsity cross country team earned an IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award for earning a 3.61 total cumulative GPA during their season. They are listed among the top academic sports teams in the state of Illinois.

Freedom Express Rolls into Regina In November, the Freedom Express, a 400-square-foot bus that teaches the history of the First Amendment, visited Regina. Students were able to walk through the bus and take part in an interactive history lesson pertaining to First Amendment patriots, and examples of the First Amendment and more.

Regina Freshman Lauded for Excellence in Music Alison Lee ’14 successfully passed the 2011 Illinois State Achievement Examination (AIM) for piano. The Illinois Achievement in Music Program covers twelve levels of testing and includes a Music Theory test and a technique and performance examination. 

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 13



Panthers Softball Catch Conference Title

Regina Welcomes Kerry Durham ’85 as Head Basketball Coach


he Regina Dominican Athletic department is very pleased to announce that Regina alumna, Kerry Durham ’85, is the new Head Basketball Coach. In the spring, she was introduced to next year’s basketball hopefuls. Athletic Director, Bob Carlson, told the girls that he is very excited to have Kerry back at Regina. “It’s great for you girls to work with an alumna and most obvious, given Kerry’s track record, I’m excited to take this program to the next level.” Kerry has much experience both playing and coaching basketball. She is a graduate of Xavier University where she played on a Division 1 basketball scholarship and served as team captain. Most recently, Kerry was leading teams at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview. From 1999-2009, she was Head Coach at Resurrection High School and led her team to two consecutive Conference Championships. Prior to that, she was Assistant Varsity Women’s Basketball Coach for two State Championship teams at Loyola Academy. In 2006, Kerry was inducted into the GCAC Hall of Fame for

Photos: Courtesy of Russ Herberg


espite cold temperatures and constant rain, the Varsity softball team triumphed through the season, capping it with a conference title. While the team started off below .500, there was never a doubt in new Head Coach Jim Goranson’s mind that the team would overcome each adversity faced and develop into

her high school performance and post-college coaching positions. At the meeting with Regina’s basketball hopefuls, Kerry explained her coaching style and what she expects out of the girls in the fall. She is ready to hit the ground running and armed the students with packets of information for summer camps, clinics and tournaments. As she spoke to the girls in the Regina gymnasium, she made mention of the 1984 GCAC Final Four banner with her name emblazoned on top. “I am looking for history to repeat itself,” she told the girls. “I’m positive we can bring this program to where it has been in the past.” 

Regina Grads to Play College Sports confident players who effortlessly combined technique with fun. Midway through the season the girls found that confidence and racked up some wins with a six game winning streak. “Coach Goranson really pushed us so that we would all tremendously improve our game,” senior captain Holly Hoenig ’11 said.

14 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

The Panthers did improve their game and eventually found themselves in the GCAC White Division Championship. Helping clinch the title were Jenny Fox ’12 and Danielle Devlin ’13, who each hit homeruns, while Katie Broderick ’11 and Kati Herberg ’12 had two hits apiece. Devlin and Herberg were also selected to the GCAC All-Conference team.

Following the conference victory, the Panthers competed into the postseason, but fell short in the Regional Championship game. The team lost 4-0 to Vernon Hills, but the score does not reflect how well Regina played. “It obviously would have been ideal to win Regionals, but knowing that our girls played their very best in that game was satisfying

enough,” new Assistant Coach, Katherine Fernholz ’06, said. The Panthers’ goal throughout the season was to get better with each practice or game. The girls worked hard during the season while encouraging each other to improve and achieve that goal. The team practiced over the summer and is ready for next season. 

F From left: Elinor Purdy, Kelly Kulinski, Vanessa Kieres, Taylor Regulski (not pictured: Alissa Furca)

ive Regina athletes from the class of 2011 have signed to play with college athletic programs, including two basketball players. Elinor Purdy will be playing tennis at Cornell College. Kelly Kulinski will be attending Marion University and has signed to play soccer. Vanessa Kieres will be attending William Penn University and Taylor Regulski will be attending Saint Norbert College; both will be playing basketball. Alissa Furca will be attending Carroll College and will be playing softball. 

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 15


Sports Snapshots

athletics Highlights fr om the 2010-2011 Panther Athletics Pr ogram

Cross Country

The Panther Varsity volleyball team won the GCAC White Tournament in 2010. It was the seventh GCAC title in school history. The team was led by All-GCAC selection, Megan French ’12. The team looks to further its success in 2011 as they lose only one athlete from the 2010 squad. Photo: Russ Herberg

The Panther cross country team had a successful season in 2010. The Varsity squad took 2nd place overall at the St. Scholastica Invite, ran extremely well at the Peoria Woodruff Invite and took 3rd place in their IHSA Regional race. The team also earned its second consecutive IHSA Team Academic award in 2010. The girls posted a 3.61 cumulative GPA on a converted 4.0 scale for the 1st semester. Regina cross country currently hosts a grade school race called the “Regina Run” which drew over 270 participants last fall. The team is looking forward to running in the Nike Northside-Southside Challenge this fall as well. The race is the morning of the Chicago Marathon and will be a unique opportunity for the team.


Track and Field

The Panther track and field team finished in 6th place at the GCAC Outdoor Championship in 2011, defeating conference rivals, Resurrection and Trinity, along the way. At the IHSA Sectional meet, the Panthers finished in 3rd place. The Panthers took home three IHSA Sectional titles at this meet. Heather Bucher ’12 won the 300m low hurdles and also finished in 2nd place in the 100m hurdles. Bucher qualified for State in both events. Taylor Regulski ’11 won the discus and Allie Shulski ’12 earned a Sectional title in the shot put. Both Shulski and Regulski also qualified for the State Championship.



Photo: Russ Herberg

The Panther golf team had a successful season in 2010. The Varsity team had a 6-6 record and took home 4th place in the GCAC Tournament. Nina Deanes ’13 earned All-GCAC with her 15th place finish at that tournament. The team posted big wins over bigger schools such as Maine West and Evanston and against GCAC rivals Trinity, Resurrection and Mount Assisi.

The 2010-2011 squad earned wins over Lake Forest, Queen of Peace, Mount Assisi, and Glenbrook North. The Panthers play in the powerhouse GCAC Red conference and competed in two top tournaments (Buffalo Grove and Dundee-Crown). Despite the tough schedule, the Panthers had some success during the 2010-2011 campaign. Vanessa Kieres ’11 earned All-Tournament at Dundee-Crown and finished the season as an All-GCAC Red selection as well as an IBCA All-State special mention selectee. The team will return an experienced corps of athletes for the 2011-2012 season under new Head Coach, Kerry Durham ’85.


The 2011 Varsity squad finished its season with a very respectable 9-11 record. The team was led by Kelly Kulinski ’11, who earned IHSA All-Sectional honors and All-GCAC honors, Sarah Monick ’11, who scored 43 goals over her Regina career, and Meghan Reilly ’11, who anchored a solid defensive corps for the Panthers. Dana Darwish ’12 added six shutouts for the season as goalkeeper.


Molly Byrne ’12 led the Panther lacrosse team during the 2011 season. Byrne finished 14th in the state in goals per game average (3.154). She scored 41 goals to go along with 10 assists to total 51 points. 

16 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Get Involved. Join the Booster Club!


egina Dominican High School maintains the largest all-girls athletic program in the state of Illinois. Athletics help provide a well-rounded educational experience for our student body. Over 60% of students participate in at least one sport and last year over 90% of our Varsity athletes were on the academic honor roll! The Regina Dominican Athletic Booster Club is a group of volunteer parents and alumnae who provide financial and volunteer support to the Athletic Department. Through membership dues, Gina Shop sales, and fundraising activities, Regina’s Booster Club generates over $15,000 each year. This money helps fund our athletic website, maintenance of the fields at Techny, Regina wear for coaches, new equipment for the weight room and also supplements equipment for sports teams. Each Regina Girl’s athletic experience is enhanced because of the work of the Booster Club. Without this help, we could not maintain our outstanding athletic program. We encourage every parent of an athlete to participate in the Booster Club by becoming a member. We also invite anyone, including non-athlete parents and alumnae, to join the club! Remember, our teams represent Regina Dominican each time they compete. They also reflect the values that are fostered by being a student at Regina Dominican High School. Please email to get in touch with a member. By supporting the Booster Club you are supporting Regina!

Booster Club Golf Outing

Join us for our annual Golf Outing on Friday, October 7, 2011. The event will begin with a 12pm shotgun start at the Glenview Park Golf Club. All skill levels are welcome. Visit for more information! 

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Alumnae News


Dear Friends,


ver the past year, the Alumnae Office was met by an overwhelming response each and every time we asked for your help. Career Day 2010 brought our highest alumnae participation to date, with over 80% of the day’s speakers having graduated from Regina.  Your willingness to donate your time for A-Team events such as brunch at Ronald McDonald House and helping with the holiday rush at Misericordia’s Hearts & Flour Bakery was astounding.   Further, we are eternally grateful to the many generous alumnae who helped support the Black & White Benefit by donating auction items.  I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your commitment to Regina. This May marked the end of my time at Regina in the role of Alumnae Coordinator.  My husband and I had our second child this past June, and I will not be returning to my position in the fall.  While we are thrilled to welcome this newest addition to our family, it will be difficult to say goodbye to my post here at Regina. Please join me in welcoming Melissa Morrissey Walton ’97 as your new Alumnae Coordinator! I have so enjoyed having the opportunity to communicate with many of you, and I am especially grateful to those who have reached out to offer feedback and suggestions for the ways in which the Alumnae Office can better meet your needs. I wish each of you a wonderful year ahead! Kind regards, Molly Nelson Harris ’97 Alumnae Coordinator

18 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

On to New Adventures

Welcome, Class of 2011!

Verna Allworth ’77 reflects on 25 years of working alongside Sister Deb Fumagalli


or thousands of Regina students who have studied in her classroom, Sister Deb Fumagalli, OSF, has been a philosopher, a teacher, a photographer, a minister, and a mentor. For me, she is a colleague, a friend, and a source of professional and personal development. Deb is a born educator. With a passion for learning, she is, herself, a student of pedagogy. Her studentcentered classroom was a model of best practices, where young women were challenged to think critically in a scholarly atmosphere of mutual respect. A creative thinker and walking thesaurus, Deb was admired among her colleagues for her pursuit of excellence. Whether we were discussing the merits of digital portfolios, backwards design, or re-working our yearbook curriculum for the umpteenth time, she always inspired me to think more, learn more, and do more. I suppose it’s only fitting for a teacher of philosophy to embody the words of St. Thomas of Aquinas, who wrote: “Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.” Deb balances contemplation and action to encourage others to be catalysts of change. Her travels to Central America and her work with the 8th Day Center raised my awareness of social injustices. Through her ministry, she enlightened my perspective of the role of women in the Church. Her Women’s Spirituality course supported the needs of young women growing in their faith. As an instrument of peace, Deb lives the prayer of St. Francis while upholding the values of Veritas, compassion and respect. She models the framework for living an authentic Christian life. This spring, Deb was elected to serve a four-year term on the U.S. Provincial Team for the School Sisters of St. Francis.  In her new position, she will channel her professional and personal gifts to further the vision and mission of her order.  She leaves behind a legacy of excellence in the spirit of true educational leadership. Thank you, Sister Deb, for 28 years of dedication to Regina Dominican High School! 

Yearbook photo, 1984

’67 Gail Sheridan Schwartz currently resides in Snowmass Village, CO and has called Colorado home for over 40 years. She serves in the Colorado State Senate representing 11 rural counties spanning to New Mexico, and is currently in her fifth year of eight. Gail has been married to Alan Schwartz for nearly 30 years and the couple has three daughters.



he Regina Dominican High School Alumnae Association is proud to count the class of 2011 as its newest members! We are also pleased to inform you that an astonishing 11 members of the class of 2011 are the daughters of Regina alumnae: Kerry Collins daughter of Debbie Butzen Collins ’76 Annie Kielian daughter of Jacky Walther ’72 Ann Maher daughter of Kathy Ginley Maher ’80 Erin McClintic daughter of Corinne Lee McClintic ’70 Allison Mossell daughter of Sylvia Tontini Mossell ’80 Katie Neville daughter of Betsy Unger Neville ’80 Mary Irene Omori daughter of Erin McCourt Omori ’76 Ellie Reynolds daughter of Joanie Schulte Reynolds ’72 Maddie Rock daughter of Buffy McNabola Rock ’74 Emily Volini daughter of Maureen Cunniff Volini ’72 Shannon Whaley daughter of Laura Melaniphy Whaley ’79

Barbara Gebuhr will be the Elementary Vice Principal at the Canadian International School of Beijing, China this school year.

Theresa Paoletti Mamula has been married for 40 years and lives in Seattle with her two daughters, Terry and Laurie. She is also a grandmother of seven and has worked for 24 years at the University of Washington.

’70 Sue Lueger recently retired as Vice President of HR for Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee, WI. She currently serves on the Board of the Ten Chimneys Foundation, Cardinal Stritch University and the Advisory Board of Opera Omaha.


’72 Cynthia Kania Guastaferro and her husband, Vincent Guastaferro, live in Los Angeles. Since graduating with her MFA from USC in Theatre, she is working as an actress and youth acting teacher.

Ro Crowley is living in downtown Chicago after nearly 30 years on the east coast. Colleen Gillan is thrilled to have her daughter part of the 2012 Regina senior class this year and a four year old granddaughter who will one day be a Reginite, too! Susan Moore Stonich lives with her husband, Paul, in Tucson, AZ during the winters and spends her summers in Massachusetts. They are proud parents of five grown children.


Adrienne Menarik Guelker is now a grandmother to Liam Oliver Landin and life could not be better!

Helen Hallbom Maloney lives in Arvad, CO with her husband, Mike, of 32 years and has a son, Ryan, who is 26 years old.


In June, Joan Broeker Moser, Lynda Vitale Turner, Gail Weigand Pazdur and Nancy Wozniak Falckenberg got together for their annual friends dinner and lots of laughs and memories were shared.

Cindy Katuzienski O’Donnell teaches K-5 music at Harris Elementary in Las Vegas, NV but will be spending more time back in Chicago now that her daughter Caroline will be attending Loyola University this fall.


Janine Helma Teschner and husband, Larry, have been married 36 years and are the adoring parents of Corrine, Cathleen and Colleen. They are also the proud grandparents of Tyler, Maken and Jonathan. Janine has been working in the Motorola Solutions Corporate Library for 10 years.

’74 Ann Laura Baker Foster is a Broker Associate at Chambers, Cross and Associates Real Estate in Winnetka.

’76 Laura Masini Berrafato has been married to her husband, Matt, for 30 years with three daughters, all Regina alums! Mary Terese Strzalka Sobel and her husband, Dr. Kerry Sobel, just celebrated their 25 year wedding anniContinued on page 21

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 19

Alumnae News


Reg na Girls


egina Dominican challenges its students to inspire and lead. Through the past several decades, these alumnae have dedicated themselves to living out the Regina mission of lifetime leadership with respect for all. The following are a group of inspirational women who have dedicated their lives to giving back in both big and small ways.

The Honorable Virginia Cowhey Kendall ’80

At Regina Dominican’s graduation ceremony on May 28, Sister Mary Margaret presented The Honorable Virginia Cowhey Kendall, JD ’80, with the Alumna Medal. Judge Kendall was chosen to receive this honor because she embodies the core values and beliefs of Regina Dominican High School and the Adrian Dominican Sisters, which flow from the Dominican pillars of prayer, study, community and service. In January 2006, Judge Kendall was appointed to the federal bench as judge in the United States

The Honorable Virginia Cowhey Kendall delivers the commencement address at the 51st Baccalaureate and Commencement Ceremony.

District Court, Northern District of Illinois. She is an adjunct professor at Loyola University School of Law and Northwestern University Law School. Throughout her professional career, Judge Kendall has been a strong voice, both nationally and internationally, for the rights of women and the vulnerable of our society. She also served on the Regina Dominican Board of Directors from 1989 to 1992.  At Regina’s graduation ceremony, Judge Kendall delivered the commencement address and gave the Class of 2011 four key pieces of advice: “When your plans don’t go as expected, get over it and move on, do not let others define you, think of others as often as you can, and be kind to each other.” She explained to the class that they will try and fail, but it is how they respond to life’s difficulties with grace, determination, and faith, that matter most. Judge Kendall reminded the graduates, “if we took the expected path, there would be no leaders.” Judge Kendall shares her wealth of knowledge by publishing law journal articles on a variety of topics including child molestation statutes and community reform projects. She has selflessly traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to train investigators, trial attorneys, and judges on effective use of the recently-enacted Kenyan public corruption laws and sexual offense laws. She has

traveled to Zambia to teach judges there about crimes against women and will travel later this year to continue her training on anti-human trafficking laws and procedures through the State Department and Lawyers without Borders. Judge Kendall has also continued to participate in a number of service projects that support high school students, including moderating service trips to Peru, establishing trial training programs in both Chicago Public Schools and the federal courts, and developing awareness and support programs to curb gun violence and aid offender re-entry into the community. Judge Kendall credits her family for influencing her career choice. She told the Federal Judiciary in a video special named Pathways to the Bench, “I wanted to go into a profession where I could help someone, where I could make a difference in their life personally. I didn’t picture myself fighting fires just like my grandparents, but I certainly did picture myself using the gifts that God gave me.”

Megan ’90 & Anne Riordan ’99

Megan ’90 and Anne Riordan ’99 are two alumnae who believe in the power of giving back to the community. Both sisters were U.S. Peace Corps volunteers (Megan served in Kazakhstan in 1995-1997, and Anne in Mongolia from 2003-2005) and they continue to draw upon the Adrian Dominican values of justice and equality in their current careers. Megan and Anne believe that the education they received at Regina was significant in helping them develop into the socially-minded women they are today.

Continued from page 19 Megan ’90 and Anne Riordan ’99


versary. Her son, Ian, graduated from Northwestern in 2010 and works in Indianapolis. Her son, Karl, is about to start his senior year at University of Maryland School of Architecture and the youngest Sobel boy will be entering his junior year at Northwest Yeshiva High School this year.

Clarinda Casis Balagtas and her family recently moved to Los Banos, Philippines for a yearlong sabbatical. Her husband is a 2011 Fulbright Scholar working with the IRRI. The couple’s three sons have entered an international school and look forward to learning more about the beautiful country where Clarinda was born!

Susan Runtz Knoll lives in Northbrook with her two sons and is a travel agent in Winnetka.

Megan lives the Dominican values in her career as a Regional Director and School Designer with Expeditionary Learning Schools in NYC. She manages and supports ten schools in the city that are part of a national network of 160 Expeditionary Learning Schools. This model of education promotes experiential learning and collegereadiness, and serves primarily underserved populations of students. Megan also engages in strategic planning with school leaders and provides professional development to teachers to support students’ achievements. Before taking on this role, Megan taught English and English as a Second Language in a middle school, a high school, and at DePaul University. She received her Ph.D. in Education from New York University in 2006, and recently co-authored a book (Teachers College Press, 2009) focused on replicating small schools: Going to Scale with New School Designs: Reinventing High School.  At Regina, Megan was inspired by teachers and peers who promoted academic accomplishment, athletic successes, service to others, and emphasized the contributions of women to community and society. Anne Riordan has also been influenced positively by her Regina education and Continued on page 22

20 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011


Jeannie Righeimer Balsam has recently opened a full service interior design studio at 903 Green Bay Road in Hubbard Woods, Winnetka. The studio specializes in interior furnishing, renovation, and new construction. Her work was recently featured in the Merchandise Mart 2010 DreamHome and the 2011 Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse and Gardens.

Mary Schulz Haras is working on her Ph.D. and just got back from Italy with her husband and two sons. She teaches nursing at St. Xavier Univerity in Chicago.

’78 Mary Kay Moskal has just published her second book, Literacy Leadership to Support Reading Improvement: Intervention Programs and Balanced Instruction. She currently resides in San Francisco working as a professor and program director at St. Mary’s College of California.

’88 Lorena Magnelli Fisher and her husband, Thomas, welcomed Leo Thomas on January 5, 2010 and Alex James on March 10, 2011. They currently reside in Park Ridge. Linda Oakleaf graduated with her doctorate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from North Carolina State University this year.

’80 Beth Bansfield Rutherford is currently working as Executive Director for the Family Homeless Shelter in Spartanburg, SC. Beth has been married for 27 years to David Rutherford and has five boys – Jordan (21), Alex (19), Ben (16), Sam (14), and Luke (13).

’89 Jennifer Banas West and husband, Greg, welcomed the arrival of Holt Thornton on March 10, 2011.

’82 Nanette Kathleen Wendel has been living in Anna Maria, FL since the mid 90’s and is working as a general surgeon, specializing in breast cancer surgery.

’84 Florence Laguardia Carneol is living in Milwaukee with her husband, Dr. Carneol, and seven year old daughter, Dara.

’90 Maura Tribble Brescia and her husband are very busy running a biotech consulting business in Boston. The family welcomed Madeleine Genevieve into the world on December 19, 2010. Lucas (4) and Miles (2) were excited to welcome a baby sister to the family. Continued on page 23

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 21

Alumnae News


Continued from page 21

Continued from page 21

TNFAIP3 in intestinal homeostasis and autoimmunity”. In the fall of 2011, Lauren will be continuing her education at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine to earn her MD and become a physician scientist.  As a researcher, Lauren will perform delicate tasks, work with a scientific team, and never be restrictive in her thinking. Lauren credits her biology and chemistry classes at Regina which inspired her to pursue a college degree in biochemistry. “The faculty, administration, and coaches at Regina have a talent for identifying an individual student’s strength and helping them build upon it,” said Lauren. “This was the case for me, and I find what I do very fulfilling.  My teachers at Regina instilled in me a serious work ethic which has paid off in college, graduate school and beyond. I also feel that no matter where the twists and turns in my career decision-making led me, I would be well prepared to meet any challenges because of my Regina education.” Lauren also believes that service is very important and has continued community outreach since she began volunteering Lauren Kolodziej ’02 during her years at Regina. Most recently, Lauren Kolodziej’s life has taken a series of Lauren has become involved with the twists and turns that made her think about Chicago Cares program which builds medicine as a career at many points leading stronger communities in the city through up to her current research at the University volunteerism. Lauren volunteers regularly of Chicago. Lauren studied the molecular at REST, a shelter that provides a safe place mechanisms and genetics of autoimmune for homeless individuals to sleep at night, and intestinal diseases and recently graduated with her Ph.D. in Molecular Metabolism and cooks dinner for homeless women with other Chicago Cares participants. and Nutrition with her thesis, “The role of “Community service presents interesting challenges because it requires time and patience,” said Lauren. “I enjoy this because I get to be creative and work outside my normal day-to-day activity. It’s a very powerful and emotional thing to affect others’ lives in a positive way through Lauren Kolodziej’02 receives her Ph.D. from the Pritzker School of Medicine service”. Dominican values. She is a Learning Skills/ Disability Advisor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Before assuming this role, Anne served as a project specialist with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) until March 2011. There, she worked with both the National Service Inclusion Project (assisting people with disabilities in applying for AmeriCorps service) and University Centers of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) Technical Assistance projects. Prior to working for AUCD, Anne was selected as a Fulbright Fellow in Mongolia, where she conducted research on Mongolian teachers’ perceptions of disability in the classroom. She completed a Master’s degree in Special Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008, building on her B.S. in Secondary Education from DePaul University. In all of her career settings – from Peace Corps to Georgetown – Anne has worked to promote equality, a value emphasized in her Regina education.

Janice Klein Rodda ’70

Janice Klein Rodda ’70 feels it was an honor to go to Regina. With a learning disability, Janice admitted feeling as though she might not have been able to make it at Regina. It had been recommended that Janice attend a school that could better suit her needs, but she wanted the chance to have a traditional high school experience. Regina had faith in Janice, and with the help from her mother and Janice’s dedication to pushing past obstacles, she graduated with the class of 1970. Janice believes that attending the College of St. Catherine’s gave her the confidence to tackle her severe learning disability and to take on the world. After college, Janice ran a support group for moms who have a child with multiple disabilities, as her first born son did. She pursued a counseling degree to work with adults with disabilities and managed to graduate with a 3.7 grade point average and a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling. Janice uses her degree to run an independent living skills training program and a summer camp and says her next 50 years are dedicated to “paying it forward”. She’s currently enjoying paying it forward by way of volunteer projects and a mission trip to India to vaccinate children against polio. In July, she spent time in Haiti to help promote self confidence and self esteem through soccer programs and home rebuilding. Janice is committed to helping those in need and admits she “owes all I am and continue to be to Regina and my mom. Thanks Regina for giving me a life I may have never had the chance to experience, and for giving me the opportunity to help so many adults with disabilities as I was helped through your compassionate staff and my mom. God Bless all the teachers; you never know how you will change a person’s life”.

Elizabeth Ave Maria ’07

Liz Ave Maria ’07 was named the College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin’s 2011 “Woman of the Year” by Illinois Wesleyan University. The NCAA Woman of the Year award honors senior female student-athletes who have distinguished themselves

Elizabeth Chopard Menou is living in Bangkok, Thailand, with her husband, Sylvain, and their three children, Elianna (10), Maia (5), and Saul (21 months).

Liz Ave Maria ’07 named “Woman of the Year” at Illinois Wesleyan University.

throughout their collegiate careers in the areas of academic achievement, athletics excellence, service and leadership. Liz Ave Maria, a Psychology-Chemistry major with a 3.91 grade-point average, was a team captain on both the Titans’ cross country and track and field teams during the 2010-11 season. She placed second at the 2010 CCIW Cross Country Championship and was part of Illinois Wesleyan’s 2008 and 2010 indoor track & field national championship teams as well as the 2010 outdoor track and field national championship team. Liz was also named to the Dean’s List throughout all four years of college at Illinois Wesleyan. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Societies along with Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society. Liz excelled in her service to others as a tutor in the Illinois Wesleyan Chemistry Department as well as at a local middle school and high school. She will continue with the tradition of leadership and service by starting this upcoming school year with Regina, as the Assistant Coach of cross country.

Karli Butler ’00

Karli Butler ’00 returned to her alma mater in December to receive the “Making a Difference Award” and to talk to students about the acid attack that permanently disfigured her face and changed her life. Karli grew up in Evanston but moved to Chicago after graduating Regina in 2000 to attend DePaul University. While she was a graduate student in 2006, someone threw sulfuric acid on her face and body, burning 30 percent of her body. Sixteen surgeries and thousands of dollars in medical bills later, she continues to tell her story and Continued on page 24

22 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011


Katherine Metres is running her Chicago based company, Your Edge for Success (YES), which offers education and writing services for children, youth and adults.

Jeanne Farley and Jennifer McCarthy Kammerer were part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in Chicago. They each walked 60 miles and collectively raised over $15,000 to help fund breast cancer research and breast health education programs.

Mary Petro fell in love with Connecticut after graduating from Yale and has been traveling the world singing opera. When she is not traveling, she works as a realtor for Coldwell Banker, CT.


’92 Joy Andrus Casper celebrated an 11 year anniversary to Michael Casper, who was her date for both Regina and Loyola’s proms! In January they welcomed their fourth child, Molly, who joins Connor (8) and twins Liam and Makayla (6). Joy recently completed her doctorate in physical therapy and manages a private orthopaedic outpatient physical therapy clinic in Park Ridge. Mary Di Leo Poole gave birth to Elliott Michael Poole on February 19, 2011 and he was fat and fabulous. Both of Mary’s children are doing well.

’93 Aileen Boué Sullivan and husband, Ted Sullivan, happily welcomed twin boys, Nathan Thomas and Christopher Jacob, into their family on October 5, 2010. Big brother, Nicholas, is loving his new brothers. This past August, Aileen and Lisa Gonzalez Torre,

Bernadette Bowling Hoey was married to John Hoey on June 4, 2011 at Immaculate Conception in Chicago. Sharon Bowling Stoddard ’92 served as the Maid of Honor. Gretchen Sander is working as a pediatrician with Heartland Pediatrics just outside of Saint Louis, MO. She and her family are expecting their second girl this fall.

’97 Abbey Miller Driscoll and her husband, Mark, welcomed their son, Kellan John, on December 16, 2010. Everyone is doing great! Kate Ward Jorgensen and husband, Tait, welcomed a daughter in May. Phoebe Grey Jorgensen joins big brother, Brooks. Kate will return to her role as Director of Counseling at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in the fall. Kristin Hopman Ortman lives with her husband, Greg, and one year Continued on page 25

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Alumnae News



Continued from page 23

Continued from page 23

Kathy Rzany and S. Mary Margaret Pachucki present Karli with the “Making a Difference Award.”

works towards making it more difficult to purchase acid products that can be used as a violent weapon. Appearing before the Chicago City Council Finance Committee this year, Karli was responsible for influencing a fine increase for using caustic substances as a weapon as well as making them more difficult to buy. Her ultimate goal is to take their case to the General Assembly and make the measures statewide. During her visit back to Regina, Karli captivated the girls, recounting how she bounced back from the life-altering attack. Karli told the audience, “I suffered the consequences of someone else’s actions, I’ve been much more careful about the people I allow into my life, especially boyfriends. And I advise the same for you ladies.” Karli

believes her attack was in revenge against someone she was dating at the time. Karli’s message to Regina girls was also about moving beyond tragedy and not letting anyone else define you. “I am not my scars,” she stated during her presentation. Since Karli’s visit back to Regina, her life has changed in many wonderful ways: she is expecting her first child in early November and in April, the legislation that she lobbied for passed unanimously. Regarding the vote of 58-0 in favor of the acid registration bill Karli said, “that is one thing that I’m most proud of.”


On May 21, Regina Dominican High School’s A-Team, a group comprised of student ambassadors and alumnae, teamed up with the Queen of All Saints seventh grade Girl Scout Troop and Spoke Heroes, a community volunteer force, to participate in a unique and exciting project in conjunction with Misericordia Home. That morning, nearly 35 participants met at Queen of All Saints for breakfast, a briefing on bicycle safety and an introduction to Spoke Heroes and Bryan Anderson, a former U. S. army sergeant. In 2005, Ander-

Calling All A-Team Suggestions! Do you know of a non-profit organization who would be interested in working with the A-Team? The mission of Regina’s A-Team is to provide service opportunities that allow alumnae to work with student ambassadors while donating their time at local non-profit organizations. Past A-Team events have included volunteering at Misericordia and at the Ronald McDonald House near Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Contact Melissa Walton at if you have a suggestion for the A-Team!

24 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Mom Sarah Thorrens ’82 and daughter Kerry ’10 joined the A-Team for the 10 mile bike ride volunteer project.



his October, The Office of Alumnae Relations will be hosting a Reunion Weekend for all the graduating class years ending with a six or one. The events kick off Friday, October 28th and will commence on Saturday, October 29th. We hope you will join us for a Homecoming celebration!

son became the Iraq War’s fourth triple amputee from a roadside explosive and as a result of his injuries, he was awarded a Purple Heart. In 2006, the Regina Dominican Ambassadors Club raised money through bake sales to donate to Bryan’s recovery and rehabilitation. Anderson rallied with Spoke Heroes for this event to tell the young women how important service is, and that in life, there are really no obstacles to what you want to achieve. “It was astonishing how this man, despite everything he had been through, was there giving us young women advice on what service and giving back meant to him,” said Emily Rojas ’12. “It made me appreciate the gift of life.” After the introductions, the group ventured off on a four mile bike ride from the Queen of All Saints parking lot to Misericordia. While there, the participants broke off into groups and worked on projects with residents and enjoyed lunch. “Even though we traveled as a group and had the same purpose, we were able to split up and work individually or in pairs with the residents of Misericordia,” said Shannon Kraemer ’12. After spending the afternoon at Misericorida, the A-Team and Girl Scout Troop set off on their bikes back to Queen of All Saints. Regina’s A-Team strives to provide service opportunities that allow alumnae to work with student ambassadors while donating their time at local non-profit organizations. 

Regina Dominican High School Reunion Weekend Honoring the classes of 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001 & 2006

October 28-29, 2011 Schedule of Events Friday, October 28 • Faculty/Student Homecoming Football Game • Tours of the school • 50th Anniversary Dinner with President Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, at Michigan Shores Club (for members of the class of 1961 only) Saturday, October 29 • Reunion Celebration Mass (4:00 pm in the Auditorium) • Cocktail Reception immediately following Mass in the Regina Café Visit for more info or contact Alumnae Coordinator, Melissa Morrissey Walton ’97 at 

Scan this QR code with your smartphone for more info!

old son, Daniel, in Northbrook and serves as Director of Communications at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Sara Correa Granahan welcomed Hailey Lyn Granahan on February 11, 2011, and everyone is doing great!

Dawn Pelak Stanek and her husband, Brian, welcomed Nathan Edward on June 30, 2011. Dawn is currently working as a pre-school teacher!

Diane Nititham completed her Ph.D. in sociology at University College Dublin in Ireland in 2010. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at University of Illinois at Chicago in the Department of Sociology and an adjunct professor at DePaul University in Educational Policy Studies and Research.

Stacy Thomas graduated from her obstetrics and gynecology residency program in Pontiac, MI this past June and is currently working in the northwest suburbs with Female Healthcare Associates.

’98 Melissa Avanessian married her best friend and medical school sweetheart on August 19, 2011.

Michelle Morrissey Proesel ’98 and her husband, Chris, celebrated the first birthday of their daughter, Stella Massi Proesel, with family including grandmother, Donna Massi Proesel ’69. Godmother, Melissa Morrissey Walton ’97, Continued on page 27


n August 18, 2010, Karen McKeegan Fraid and family welcomed Charlotte Eliza Fraid into the world. On August 26, Charlotte underwent nearly eight hours of open heart surgery and spent a month at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. During that time, she was diagnosed with 22q11 chromosome deletion, a genetic disorder that occurs spontaneously in most cases and affects all systems of the body. Charlotte has taken it all in stride, eager to prove all of her doctors and specialists wrong.   In just 11 months, she has closed the gap from an 80% delay in development and physical abilities to just 20%.  Charlotte’s doctors have high hopes for her future and for a long, happy life.  In fact, her last round of cardiac testing placed her in normal range for the first time.  In August of 2011, Charlotte’s older brothers (Xavier, 8 and Conor, 5) helped prepare a huge birthday blowout for their sister, as the entire Fraid family had so much more to celebrate this year. Instead of presents, the family chose to pay it forward by collecting donations for Children’s Memorial Hospital to give a gift in Charlotte’s name. The Fraid family would like to help other children with chronic conditions whose families cannot afford care.  Charlotte is doing great and her family hopes that sharing her story will encourage any alumna facing the uphill battle of a child with a chronic condition.  Charlotte still has a lifetime of challenges facing her, but with the support of family and friends (many of whom are Regina grads), the battle is already half won!

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 25

Alumnae News



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Class of 1990 Honors Catherine Stephan Gravelle ’90

Regina on the Road

Regina’s Office of Alumnae Relations would like to say thank you to Janie Gillard Gardner ’97 for hosting a wonderful night for the New York based Regina grads. We had over 10 alumnae join Molly Nelson Harris ’97 and Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki for a fun night of cocktails, appetizers and great memories from their days at Regina!


he Advancement Office is proud to announce the completion of its most recent project, the compilation of Regina Dominican yearbook covers (beginning with 1961), each color-printed, framed, and on display along the second-story bridge to the fine arts wing. This project has been dedicated in loving memory of Catherine Stephan Gravelle ’90, who passed away in June 2010. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Catherine’s classmates, who raised enough money at their 20th reunion celebration last fall to fund the project in its entirety. On April 2, 2011, members of the class of 1990 gathered at Regina along with Catherine’s husband, Michael, and children (Madeline, Charles, and James) for a dedication ceremony led by school President Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP. During the ceremony, Michael and the children blessed a plaque inscribed with Catherine’s name and her quote from the 1990 yearbook : “May God keep you in His tender care, ’til He brings us together again.” Catherine’s classmates, Mary Beth Lucas Loverdi ’90 and Maureen Toomey Burm ’90, shared some happy memories of Catherine’s years as a student at Regina, where she served as a member of the Yearbook staff. Following the ceremony, members of the class of 1990 and their families caught up with one another at a reception held in Regina’s library. Catherine’s classmates enjoyed toasting and celebrating the memory of Catherine, who clearly left an impression on every person she met. “She would be so thrilled and proud,” said Sheila Tully Oliver ’90. 

26 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Madeline Gravelle helps bless the plaque honoring her mother, Catherine.

Thank you to Kathie McNulty Winkler ’70 for hosting a great evening in Kansas City at her home in July. Kerrigan McNulty ’98 and six alumnae from the Kansas City area gathered to reconnect and learn about all that has been going on at Regina.

Next on the map!

The Office of Alumnae Relations will be heading to West Palm Beach and Washington D.C. this coming school year to connect with our alumnae living outside Illinois. If you would like us to host an event in your town, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Melissa Morrissey Walton ’97 for schedule details and arrangements at 

Third Annual Cubs Game Outing

Catherine’s husband Michael and children Madeline, Charles, and James took part in the dedication ceremony.

The third annual Regina Alumnae Cubs Game took place on Saturday, May 7th. Over 50 alumnae came out to cheer on the Cubs as they took on the Cincinnati Reds. Despite the miserable weather the Cubs beat the Reds 3-2. Hopefully next year’s Alumnae Cubs Game will not require winter coats! 

were in the bridal party including Louriz Calderon and Christina Hanowsky. The bride’s sister, Stacey Thomas ’97, served as the Maid of Honor.

and her husband, Jesse, also celebrated the first birthday of their daughter, Hannah Michelle Walton, with Stella! Erin Nolan Tella and Serafin Tella are happy to announce the birth of their second daughter, Siena Rose, who arrived on November 23, 2010. Big sister Isabella Grace is happy to have her join the family!

After meeting at Boston College, Kelly Wallenberg Von Ahn married Craig Von Ahn on August 28, 2010 at The Armour House in Lake Forest and currently is working as an Investment Associate at Merrill Lynch in Boston.


’99 Molly McGann Maracheau was married on June 18, 2011 to Louis Marucheau at St. Benedict Church and resides in Chicago. Michell Pott married Ken Fornoff on September 10, 2011. She works as an x-ray technologist for Resurrection Health Care and resides in Des Plaines.

’00 Kasey Dunn Morgan and husband, Todd, welcomed their son, Spencer Michael, on May 29th, 2011. Loretta Gorski Rode graduated December 2009, from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Technical Theatre and is currently working at The Artistic Home in Chicago as a stage manager in residence. Loretta was married on May 1, 2010 to Aaron Matthew Rode at St. Mary of the Angels. Loretta gave birth to Benjamin Clark Rode on March 1, 2011 and held his baptism at St. Mary of the Angels on June 19, 2011.

’01 Krystal Thomas married Reverend Nelz Samuel on November 6, 2010 at Christian Life Church in Mount Prospect. Several ’01 classmates

Amy Berrafato received her undergrad degree from St. Louis University and Master’s degree from the University of San Diego in Marriage and Family Counseling. Megan Mondi recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a Master’s in modern European History and lives in the U.K. as a marketing executive for Hodder Education in London. Elizabeth Ann Nemrava Catalani was married to Frank Catalani III on September 4, 2010 at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin of Guadelupe in Dallas, TX. The couple met at Southern Methodist University. They currently work and reside in Dallas. Vicky Bayona Reisberg and her husband, Mark, welcomed Kaylee Delfina Reisberg into their lives on August 18, 2010. Morgan Sullivan will be starting her fifth year at St. Ann School in the Pilsen neighborhood, while pursuing a Master’s of Education in Special Education at Loyola University. Continued on page 29

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 27

Alumnae News



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In Memoriam

Those who have instructed many in virtue will shine as bright as stars for all eternity. – Daniel 12:3 Please remember to pray for the following alumnae and all members of the Regina Dominican family who have passed.

Elizabeth Aamodt, stepmother of Mary Aamodt ’71, Kathleen Aamodt Hechinger ’73 and Margaret Mary Aamodt Moran ’79 James Ahern, father of Marianne Ahern Gosse ’77, father-in-law of Patricia Cotner Ahern ’79 Wilhelmina Arndt, mother of Judy Arndt Stoessel ’62 and Barbara Arndt Marshall ’65 John Banner, father of Virginia Banner DeStefano ’74 Marian Benedict, mother of Marie Benedict Mical ’77, Ellen Benedict Snodgrass ’78, Irene Benedict Lannoye ’80 and Katie Benedict Cullen ’82 Edna Bieg, mother of Lynn Bieg Berk ’66 and the late Jamie Bieg Seifritz ’62 Margaret Mary Bielinski, mother of Mary Bielinski ’69 NANCY ESSMAN BLEIER, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1968 Wilma Bresnan, mother of Diane Bresnan Fleming ’64 and Denise Bresnan Linde ’69 Robert Buck, father of Michelle Buck ’84, father-in-law of Kim Wilson Buck ’84 Rita Byrne, mother of Cathy Byrne Kleeman ’66 Evangeline Calica, mother of Jeanette Calica Bubalo ’82, Melissa Calica Paykel ’83 and Kara Calica Campbell ’87 Roy Carvatta, father of Debbie Carvatta ’69 and Donita Carvatta Bozek ’69 Ernest Ceisel, father of Colia Ceisel ’67 Eleanor Chrystal, mother of Maureen Chrystal ’69, Patricia Chrystal-Goetz ’70, the late Eileen Chrystal ’73 and Margaret Chrystal Carlson ’75 John Cossarek, father of Diane Cossarek Baker ’85 Philip Davis, father of Felicia Davis O’Malley ’77 Joyce Degnan, mother of Jamie Degnan Riffle ’89 Robert Depke, father of Donna Depke Starcevic ’79 James Dillon, father of Mary Dillon Dunbar ’68, Catherine Dillon ’71, Margaret Dillon Montag ’74 and Elizabeth Dillion Scott ’80 Joann Dillon, mother of Patricia Dillon Ritter ’80 and Jeanne Marie Dillon ’85 John Donahue, father of Betsy Donahue ’74, Mary Donahue ’76, Kate Donahue ’79, Molly Donahue Karcz ’82, father-in-law of Patricia Gutekanst ’73, grandfather of Flannery Donahue ’08 and Maeve Donahue ’10 Robert Downing, former Regina board member, father of Patrice Downing ’71 and Kelly Downing Zadell ’83

28 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Virginia Kane, mother of Kate Kane ’67 and Elizabeth Kane ’69 MARY JO FIORE KARANSKY, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1965

Edwin Robleski, father of Pam Robleski-Krippinger ’71 and the late Lynda Robleski Abramson ’68

Paul Kedo, father of Alexis Kedo ’09 and Karina Kedo ’11

Thomas Roeser, father of Mary Roeser Magnor ’80 and Jeanne Roeser ’88

Kevin Kennelly, son of Jean Cunniff Kennelly ’73, nephew of Maureen Cunniff Volini ’72 and Ann Cunniff McCullagh ’75, cousin of Emily Volini’11


Howard Kessler, father of Laurie Kessler Klapacz ’81

Peggy Dwyer, mother of Monica Dwyer Meehan ’74, Rosanne Dwyer Scanlan ’77, Margaret Dwyer Martinelli ’78, Mary Dwyer Dilts ’79, Maureen Dwyer Fox ’81 and Ellen Dwyer Rodriguez ’83

CONNIE MITCHELL KING, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1962, sister of the late Marguerite Mitchell ’68, Mary Mitchell Maginot ’70 and Anne Mitchell Carter ’74, aunt of Marguerite Maginot ’07

Caryl Eddy, Regina teacher, coach and Athletic Director 1965-1998

Dorothy Kinzelman, mother of Mary Kinzelman Bange ’63 and Lisa Kinzelman Dellinger ’64


J.R. Kipper, father of Mary Ann Kipper Bowers ’69 and Kathryn Kipper Veech ’81


William Kissinger, father of Mary Kay Kissinger Warden ’70, Meg Kissinger Boynton ’75, Patty Kissinger ’77, and grandfather of Devin Warden ’08

Miriam Fitzgerald, mother of Barbara Fitzgerald ’70 Angela Fornelli, mother of the late Madelyn Fornelli ’71, Jeanine Fornelli Hammack ’72, Toni Fornelli Petric ’73, Angela Fornelli Galioto ’80 and Marguerite Fornelli Petitte ’81 Leona Gehm, mother of Christine Gehm Skoglund ’70 Louis Giannasi, father of Carol Lou Giannasi Gleason ’65, Jean Giannasi Prikos ’66 and Loretta Giannasi Lill ’68 John Gleason, father of Loyola Gleason ’73, Anna Gleason Durkin ’75, Colleen Gleason Sanguinetti ’77, Noreen Gleason Noonan ’79 and Francine Gleason McCabe ’82 Jeanne Guttosch, mother of Katherine Guttosch Kauffman ’67 and grandmother of Carine Kauffman ’95, Marie Kauffman Ortmann ’97 and Ann Kauffman ’99 Richard Hackett, father of Mary Ann Hackett King ’77 DENISE RICHARDS HAHN, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1978 Elizabeth Ann Halpin, mother of Joan Halpin Decleene ’66 KATHRYN CIONI HAND, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1987

Lorenz Koerber, father of Ellen Koerber ’68 and Joan Koerber Berg ’69 MARY SCHMITZ KOCMOUD, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1962 James Leary, father of the late Susan Leary Scacci ’63 Lillian Lehman, mother of Katherine Lehman Patnode ’87 Linda Lehman, mother of Marla Lehman Curran ’74, Barbara Lehman Elkins ’77 and Susan Lehman Tetzlaff ’80 MARYELLEN FITZGERALD MARRINER, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1970, sister of Ann Fitzgerald ’75 and Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kowieski ’79 Robert McAdams, father of Mary Ann McAdams ’83, Jean McAdams Sullivan ’82 and Susan McAdams ’84 Bonny Meyer, mother of Mari Meyer Lagone ’98 and Julie Meyer ’01 MARGUERITE MITCHELL, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1968, sister of the late Connie Mitchell King ’62, Mary Mitchell Maginot ’70 and Anne Mitchell Carter ’74, aunt of Marguerite Maginot ’07

Eugene Heinman, father of Mary Heinman Zins ’65

Charles O’Hara, father of Maureen O’Hara Gibbs ’71, Colleen O’Hara ’73 and Clare O’Hara Gardella ’74 and grandfather of Amanda O’Hara Shelton ’93, Caroline Gardella ’03 and Margaret Gardella ’06

Hugh Heneghan, father of Rita Heneghan ’91

Leo Passage, father of Corrine Passage ’80

Malcolm Heyworth, husband of Judith O’Brien Heyworth ’70 and father of Catherine Heyworth ’09, Christina Heyworth ’09 and Caroline Heyworth ’09, brother-in-law of Jill O’Brien ’65

Martin Philbin, father of Jennifer Philbin Gabriel ’80

Jean Hanley, formerly S. George Thomas Hanley, OP, Social Studies teacher 1972-1975

Ted Hoffman, father of Laura Hoffman Anderson ’84


Irma Piacenza, mother of Linda Piacenza Tolari ’64 Frank Pikrone, Sr., father of Patricia Pikrone Skellegren ’75 and Kathy Pikrone ’78

Nora Huntley, mother of Maureen Huntley ’76

Joseph Poczatek, father of Kathy Poczatek ’73 and Susan Poczatek Foley ’84

Alma Iacono, mother of Marianne Iacono Goodwin ’82

Marilyn Quinlan, mother of Maureen Quinlan Smith ’70 and Susan Quinlan ’74

Henry Romano, Sr., father of Margaret Romano Blackburn ’68, Mary Romano Marks ’70, Ann Romano ’78, Patricia Romano Meegan ’83, uncle of the late Catherine Romano ’70, Carlotta Romano ’73 and Susan Romano Hankey ’75 KATHY APIDA ROSS, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1964 Mary Sasso, mother of Mary Beth Sasso ’75 and Marjorie Sasso ’77 Regina Schaefer, mother of Catherine Schaefer Boltz ’68 Kenneth Schauwecker, husband of Lila Dohm Schauwecker ’64 and father of Kimberly Schauwecker ’89 Anita Schiappa, mother of Julia Schiappa Everett ’74 Ellen and Thomas Schneider, parents of Susan Schneider Tischler ’80 and Catherine Schneider ’82 CATHERINE SEREWICZ, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1968, sister of Patricia Serewicz Schuld ’67 SUSAN SLOMA, ALUMNA CLASS OF 1970 Robert Smith, father of Karen Smith ’72 and Jeanne Smith Jardien ’70 and grandfather of Catherine Jardien ’99 James Steinfels, brother of Jane Steinfels Hussain ’64 and father of Marion Steinfels ’97 and Kathleen Steinfels ’99 Fred Stummer, father of Cara Stummer Wilkins ’91 Thomas Sullivan, brother of Maristel Sullivan Conry ’75, Nancy Sullivan Strenk ’78, Geralyn Sullivan ’79 and uncle of Jeannine Strenk ’05, Margaret Strenk ’07 and Ellen Strenk ’09 Michael Teper, father of Dolorene Teper ’74 Frank Uriell, father of Margaret Uriell Higley ’73 Moira and Arnold Wagner, parents of Valarie Wagner ’64, Mary Wagner Ginger ’69, Kimberly Wagner Kohl ’71 and Juliana Wagner Engelman ’73 Michael Weber, son of Barbara Kepner Weber ’64, nephew of Patricia Kepner Frain ’67 Mildred Wejman, mother of Barbara Wejman’67 Clarence Welko, father of Pam Welko Phillipson ’69 and Barbara Welko Clayton ’74 Dale Wilbur, husband of Barbara Gebuhr ’68, brother-in-law of Jean Gebuhr Pasko ’71 Robert Zellner, father of Mary Ann Zellner Anichini ’70, Ann Zellner Zubrzycki ’79, grandfather of Jane Anichini ’01, Laura Anichini ’04 and Elizabeth Anichini ’08



Laurie Reynolds married her Georgetown sweetheart, Matt Scovotti, on July 2, 2011 in Lake Forest. Katie Vela ’03 and Jill Caronia ’03 were bridesmaids, along with Ellie Reynolds ’11 who served as the Maid of Honor.

Sara Berrafato went to Xavier University and is now a special education teacher at New Trier High School. Amanda Pantle and Meg Golembiewski joined Meg Nally ’07, Colleen Quirk ’07, Liz Ave Marie ’07, Jordan Roti ’07 and Susan Hagar ’08, Hannah Hiett ’08, Tahra Eissa ’08, Annette Bohenek ’08 once a week for singing practice in anticipation of an alumnae choir event held in August at Regina.


Jacky Liston recently graduated from University of Dayton and has been working as the Executive Director of the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Katie Bak is moving back to Chicago after three years of teaching eigth grade in New York. She will continue teaching 11th grade Math at Chicago Bulls College Prep.

’07 Molly Strenk graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colgate University and received a B.A. in Art History. She currently works at Red Rock Ranch in Kelly, WY and is running the Jackson Hole Marathon in September, after which she will visit her sister (Ellen ’09) in Brussels and start working at William Blair and Company in Chicago in the fall.

Kelly Berrafato went to beauty school after graduating from St. Louis University and is currently working at Anasa Salon in Park Ridge. Julie Jacobson is currently working as the Affiliate Finance Coordinator for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


’05 Liz Labuz completed her Master of Science in Structural Engineering at Lehigh University, after receiving her B.S. in Civil Engineering from MIT. Liz moved back to Chicago to begin a career in forensic structural engineering with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. Valerie Lengerich is in law school at DePaul University, and currently doing an internship in immigration law in China. From there she’ll be going to Madrid for her next internship!

Claire Kaufman just finished her sophomore year at University of Wisconsin and successfully planned and organized the school’s first Suicide Prevention Walk this year.

’10 Angeline Modesti is a pre-med major at Butler University with a minor in Chemistry, and is also a member of Delta Delta Delta. 

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 29

faith and community


faith and community

Regina Teachers Inspired by Story of Faith

n January, Regina Dominican had the pleasure of welcoming Immaculee Ilibagiza, a Rwandan genocide survivor and best-selling author of Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust. In a morning presentation to the student body and in an evening presentation to the general public, Ilibagiza spoke of the importance of spreading faith, hope, and forgiveness to everyone, everywhere. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Ilibagiza and seven other women spent 91 days huddled together silently hiding in a 3x4 foot bathroom of a local pastor’s house. During that horrific ordeal, Ilibagiza lost most of her family, but she survived to share the story and her miraculous transition into forgiveness and a profound relationship with God. Shortly after hearing the presentation, Tom Hagensick, a Math teacher at Regina, read Ilibagiza’s book Left to Tell. He was deeply moved by the account and the details of the massacre of the Tutsi people in Rwanda. Hagensick said, “I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for the eight women to share that tiny bathroom for 90 days.” Hagensick teamed up with Regina’s Music Director, Dave Hiett, and they organized some interested students to build a replica of that space. “We constructed the bathroom, and placed it in the chapel so others could experience how small the space was. We felt the replica would serve as a place where, during Lent, students and faculty could quietly pray and meditate on Immaculee’s confinement.” “It’s so small, I can’t imagine living like this,” said Megan Cusack ’11, a senior at Regina Dominican. During Lent, students crowded in the replica together to see what Ilibagiza’s life was like during those 91 days. 

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30 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Immaculee Ilibagiza visits with seniors following her presentation to the crowd in the O’Shaughnessy Theater in January.



ach year, six Regina girls are invited to participate in the Dominican Preaching High School Conference in Adrian, Michigan. During this conference they join with students from Dominican high schools across the country to discover and deepen the preacher within themselves through prayer, study, community and interaction with members of the Dominican Family. These young men and women discover different ways to incorporate the four pillars of Dominican Life (prayer, community, study, and preaching) into the daily life of their schools. They learn that each of us is called to preach the Gospel in our own unique way. At the end of the conference, the students from each school create their Action Plan for the coming school year. This plan is usually implemented through the Campus Ministry Department of the school. During the past school year our Preachers Action Plan focused on encouraging service in the school community, incorporating the Dominican motto of “Veritas” in school activities and student groups, and promoting enthusiastic student involvement in school liturgies and prayer services. To highlight their role in the school, the Dominican Preachers were commissioned at the Opening Liturgy of the academic year, and graduating seniors received black and white cords symbolic of the Dominican Order. 

Eight students crowd into the Immaculee replica in Regina’s chapel.

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The six graduating Dominican Preachers received their black and white cords from Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki at the Convocation ceremony on May 26, 2011. From left to right: Emily Wollney, Kelly Kulinski, Ann Kielian, Victoria Kane, Jane Fox, Erica Acosta, and Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP.

Parents Awarded for Service


ith great honor, President Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, presented Judith Hamill and Tom Jaconetty with the Saint Martin de Porres Award at Regina’s annual President’s Brunch on September 26, 2010. The award acknowledges recent grad parents who are outstanding examples of the Dominican pillar of service. Saint Martin de Porres was a Dominican Brother who lived in the 16th century in Lima, Peru. Martin spent his entire life in charitable service to others. Whatever the need, Martin responded with deep compassion and humility. President Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP presents Judith Hamill and Tom Jaconetty the St. Martin de Porres Award.

Tom and Judith joined the Regina community in 2006 when their daughter, Nicole, enrolled in the class of 2010. Tom Jaconetty presents his daughter, Nicole, with “During those four years they responded her diploma at Regina’s graciously to many requests made by our 2010 graduation ceremony. school parents,” said Sister Mary Margaret. “They were always ready to provide time and energy.” Sister Mary Margaret recognized Tom and Judith for their endless hours spent planting flowers in Regina’s gardens and for making sure the planters in front of school and the auditorium were at their best for any occasion. Sister Mary Margaret also noted, “Whenever they saw a need they responded without hesitation.” Although Nicole has graduated from Regina, Tom continues to serve the school as a Board member. Both Judith and Tom remain committed to the life and vision of Regina Dominican High School. “Judith and I believe that one of the gifts we can all give—no matter what our means or our station in life—is service. We should take the time to lighten the load. We should take the time to be a part. We should take the time to embrace the mission. And, after we have done so, we all will look back and feel that we have had a part in something much bigger and more important than ourselves—the forming of educated young women whose presence in this world will truly make a difference.” – Tom Jaconetty 

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 31

Annual Report

Dear Friends of Regina Dominican,


am a proud member of the charter class of Regina Dominican. Our class registered in a construction trailer and first walked the halls in September 1958. Throughout all these years we have been blessed with many loyal and generous benefactors, who believe in the vision of the Adrian Dominican Sisters. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to express our gratitude for your time, your expertise and above all your continued financial support. Your generosity has allowed Regina Dominican to continue our commitment to Catholic, Dominican, female-centered education for college prep and beyond. I firmly believe that all of us are called to be Dominicans, whose motto is: “To contemplate and to give to others the fruits of our contemplation.” This is my first year as Chair of the Board of Directors of Regina Dominican. I am awed by the dedication and commitment to those who have preceded me. It is amazing to see what our young women have accomplished through the mentoring of this community: administration, faculty, staff, parents and alumnae, working together to fulfill our mission. We are at a true crossroad in our journey. Vision 2020 will position Regina Dominican as a leader in the formation of young women as global leaders. On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your continued support.

Liz Wilkins Luxem ’62 Board Chair

32 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Annual Report

Regina Fund Beats Goal 2nd Year in a Row


hanks to very generous alumnae, parents and friends, the Regina Fund raised $345,000. Through an annual appeal, the Regina Fund raises money to support the school’s operating expenses, financial aid and capital improvements. The cost of running Regina Dominican is over $13,000 per student. However, tuition is only $10,500. This gap of $2,500 per student is covered through our fundraising efforts, including the events program, the major gift program and the Regina Fund. The Regina Fund also provides much needed financial aid for 52% of our students. Through the Regina Fund, donations can be made to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund or to the Sponsor a Student Program. Both of these programs enable Regina to provide over $300,000 in tuition assistance. 

2010-2011 Board of Directors • S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, President • Liz Luxem ’62, Chair • Richard Brayer, Vice-Chair • John Reilly, Treasurer • Thomas Jaconetty, Secretary Members • Glenn Baldwin • Thomas Clune • S. Marjorie Delaplane, OP • S. Grace Dougherty, OP • Daniel W. Fox • Mark Gallagher • Pastor Soo-Young Kim • S. Helen McAllister, OP • Corinne E. McClintic ’70 • Betty Pat McCoy • Jill O’Brien, Ph.D. ’65 • Margaret Durkin Roche ’80 • Randall Romei • S. Corinne Sanders, OP, Ed.D. • Sarah O’Malley Thorrens ’82

Class of 2011 Profile Number in the Class:

Superior Scholars GPA 5.0+:

Scholarship Offers:

Highest Honors GPA 4.5-4.99:

Service Hours:

High Honors GPA 4.0-4.9:


$7,266,000 6,202

15 Students

18 Students 15 Students

Illinois State Scholars Kathleen Broderick Aileen Campanaro Annmarie Gast Bridget Golembiewski Emily Griffith Colleen Hancuch Holly Hoenig Jessica Jankiewicz Karina Kedo Aamina Khan Grace Koch Sarah Monick Meghan Reilly Eleanor Reynolds Principal’s Award Grace Koch

Regina Medalists Art: EunHee Lee Biology: Sarah Monick Chemistry: Jessica Jankiewicz Choral: Kimberly Jauregui Drama: Kerry Collins English: Aileen Campanaro French: Aamina Khan Latin: Grace Koch Mathematics: Bridget Golembiewski Orchestra: Jiyoon Jeong Physics: Eleanor Reynolds Social Studies: Grace Koch Spanish: Karina Kedo Theology: Ann Kielian

The Class of 2011

The Four Pillars Society


s part of the Order of Preachers, the Adrian Dominican Sisters strive to live out and preach the Gospel through the Dominican pillars of prayer, ministry, community and study. These four pillars are central to the Dominican tradition and ingrained in the mission of Regina Dominican High School. Joining the Four Pillars society with a planned gift to Regina Dominican High School is a powerful expression of your faith in the future of the school and the young women it educates. A planned gift provides significant future support for Regina Dominican and may provide a considerable tax benefit to your estate. Planned gifts are ideal for those supporters who may not be able to make a large cash gift today but would like to leave a lasting legacy that will help support the school for years to come. Some examples of these lasting legacies are bequests, gifts of life insurance or charitable remainder trusts. For a more detailed explanation of these and many other types of planned gifts please see our website,, or contact Kerrigan McNulty ’98 at 847-256-7660 or 

Regina Dominican’s Class of 2011 earned acceptance to over 400 esteemed colleges and universities. The following is the college matriculation list of Regina’s Class of 2011. • Berklee College of Music • Boston University • Butler University • Carthage College • Carroll University • Case Western Reserve • Cleveland State University • Columbia College, Chicago • Cornell College • DePaul University • Eastern Illinois University • Florida Atlantic University • Fordham University • Illinois State University • Illinois Wesleyan University

• Indiana University • Knox College • Lasell College • Lewis University • Loyola University • Marian University • Marquette University • Miami University • Monmouth College • North Park University • Northern Illinois University • Northwestern University • Oakton Community College • Pepperdine University • St. Ambrose University

• Saint Louis University • Saint Mary’s College • St. Norbert College • St. Olaf College • School of the Art Institute • Sothern Illinois University, Carbondale • Spring Hill College • Stonehill College • Suffolk University • University of Chicago • University of Colorado, Boulder • University of Dayton • U of I, Chicago • U of I, Springfield

• U of I, Urbana/Champaign • University of Iowa • University of Kansas • University of Kentucky • University of Massachusetts, Amherst • University of Minnesota • University of Missouri, Columbia • University of Notre Dame • University of Wisconsin, Madison • University of Wisconsin, Whitewater • William Penn University • William Rainey Harper College • Xavier University

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 33

Annual Report

Annual Report

Financial Statement

The Veritas Society and Leadership Circles


2010-2011 Revenues Tuition and Fees Fundraising (Net) Business Income Activities Borrowing

Interest Income Total

$3,814,349 $411,926 $47,549 $180,506 $245,100 $2,464 $4,701,894

he Veritas Society is a formal organization of lead benefactors to the Regina Dominican Fund. Membership in the society is open to all individuals, companies and foundations who have made an annual minimal gift contribution of $1,000. Each year members of the Veritas Society will be invited to a private reception in recognition of their generosity. Leadership Circles are integral parts of the Regina Dominican Fund. Every contribution made is important to sustaining the life of the school.

VERITAS SOCIETY Saint Catherine of Siena Circle

Named for St. Catherine of Siena, a tertiary of the Dominican Order and Doctor of the $25,000+ Church who worked tirelessly to bring the Papacy back to Rome in the 14th century. She was one of the most brilliant theological minds of her day.

Adrian Dominican Circle

$10,000- Named for the Adrian Dominican Sisters who founded Regina Dominican High School $24,999 in 1958 and continue to sponsor Regina

$3,174,618 Instructional $208,074 Administration $305,642 Scholarship/Financial Aid $344,875 Plant $331,600 Loan Repayment $10,000 Capital Expenditures $122,620 Activities $204,465 Total $4,701,894 Salaries & Benefits

The Regina Dominican Fund is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts and the key to Regina Dominican’s financial stability. The cost of tuition at Regina is considerably less than the cost to educate a student.  Every year Regina Dominican has a budget shortfall that needs to be made up through fundraising efforts. In addition to aiding the operating budget, the Regina Fund supports technology upgrades, faculty development, building and grounds improvements and scholarship and tuition assistance. The following donors have contributed to the Regina Dominican Fund in the last fiscal year between July 1, 2010 and July 30, 2011.


Saint Rose of Lima Circle


Catherine of Siena.

Anonymous The Helen V. Brach Foundation Joanie (‘72) and Robert Reynolds Geralyn Sullivan (‘79)

$5,000- Named for St. Rose of Lima, the first Catho$9,999 lic saint of the Americas, who emulated St.

2010-2011 Expenses

2010-2011 Regina Dominican Fund

Saint Martin de Porres Circle $2,500- Named for St. Martin de Porres of Peru, a $4,999 Dominican brother who worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor and the young.

President’s Circle $1,000- The President’s Circle recognizes those $2,499 benefactors who make annual gift commitments of $1,000 and above.

Leadership Circles Crown, Book and Star Circle $500- Named for the crown, the book and the $999 star, the symbols of Regina Dominican High School.

$250- Black and White Circle Named for the school colors of Regina $499 Dominican High School. $100- Panther Circle Named for Regina Dominican High School’s $249 mascot. Friends of Regina Up to The Friends of Regina Circle recognizes $99 those that contribute annually to the Regina Dominican Annual Fund.

St. Catherine of Siena Circle

Adrian Dominican Circle

Abbott Laboratories Fund Albert Baker Margaret Baker Foundation Martha (‘74) and Patrick Boudewyns Mary Dempsey and Philip Corboy Philip H. Corboy Foundation Julie and Harry Jansen Kraemer Jr. Elizabeth and Robert Parkinson Nancy and Michael Pins Mrs. Harold E. Sullivan Marilyn Wethekam (‘69) Joan and Robert Yohanan St. Rose of Lima Circle

Anonymous Margaret (‘69) and Richard Cagney John Glunz Patricia Astor Gomez Foundation Joyce and Lloyd Kurkowski Ann Macur Corinne (‘70) and William McClintic Mary K. Mints (‘72) Gavin and Michael Mullen Jane and Thomas O’Malley Payson Casters, Inc. John G. Searle Family Trust Charlene (‘66) and Robert Shaw Sarah (‘82) and Eliseo Thorrens Maura and John Windlinger St. Martin de Porres Circle

Linda and Brian Baker Sharon and Thomas D’Arcy

Catherine and Edward Denten Catherine McKeever Denten Foundation Elizabeth Finzer S. Carol T. Fleming, OP Julianne Desautels and Mark Gallagher Jean and Louis Glunz Grainger, Inc. Judith Hamill and Thomas Jaconetty Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Foundation Pastor Soo-Young Kim Marie and Jordan Masi Newmark Anne and Arthur McGivern Patricia Curtner and Timothy McGree Elizabeth (‘80) and Michael Neville Promise and Fulfillment Community Church Anne and John Reilly Leslie (‘85) and Philip Steinmeyer Dorothy Turek and George Sullivan Jr. Sullivan Turek Family Foundation George Vander Vennet Jr. President’s Circle

Anonymous Diane and David Archibald Baxter International Foundation Juliann Benson (‘84) and Richard Heise Elaine and John Berens Patricia Erhardt and Kevin Breslin Rae Jean and John Broderick Kevin Broderick Mary and John Burlingame Mary and Bill Byrne Claudia Carello (‘72) and Michael Turvey Jennifer Lynch Coughlan (‘91) Linda Diekman and Owen MacBride

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34 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

*Denotes staff and faculty who have contributed to the Regina Dominican Fund

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 35

Annual Report

Annual Report

2010-2011 Regina Dominican Fund continued from page 35 Marilyn and Robert Dineen Dorothy and Robert Downing Patrice Downing (‘71) Margaret Eckenroad (‘86) Daniel W. Fox Louise Sunderland and John Gavin S. Noreen Marie George, OP Sheila and Robert Hulseman Irish Fellowship Educational and Cultural Foundation Elizabeth and John Jones Joanna (‘71) and Jeffrey Kotecki Patricia Cain and Grant Krafft Joan and Steven Kraus Linda and James Leahy S. Jean Librizzi, OP Jane and Richard Lipton Marge and Homer Livingston Susan (‘70) and Robert Lueger Elizabeth Luxem (‘62) Judith ’62 and John Lynch Julie Lynch (‘88) Nancy and R. Hugh Magill Joanna Mallers (‘75) Mary Ann McMorrow Sheila Mickus Marilyn Mints Maria and Carl Moore Melanie Murphy Northwestern Mutual Life Jill O’Brien (‘65) S. Marion O’Connor, OP* Joanne (‘83) and Timothy Oyer Karen and Stephen Parker Melanie (‘81) and Daniel Peterson Michelle Mann-Pogaznik and John Pogaznik Mary Jo Potter (‘65) Anita and Tinsley Preston Susan (‘66) and Thomas Reilly Megan Riordan (‘90) and Andrew Campbell Carol (‘68) and Robert Rizzie Margaret (‘80) and James Roche Cathy and Jim Rollings Mary Ann Chambers and Randall Romei Mary Ann Rushkewicz (‘70) Susan Schwartz (‘73) Sisters of St. Francis Martha (‘80) and Michael Smith Patricia (‘79) and Jonathan Strain Christine and Eric Strobel Mary and Daniel Sullivan Kathleen and Howard Sweeney Timothy Sweeney Deborah and Eugene Walega Katherine Wetoska (‘85) Mary Ann and Robert Wetoska

LEADERSHIP CIRCLES Crown, Book and Star Circle

Mary Ann (‘69) and Larry Bowers Mary Beth (‘73) and James Chess Chicago Tribune Foundation The Coca-Cola Foundation Elizabeth and Thomas Dammeyer Katherine (‘63) and Hank Delisle Lisa Doherty (‘79) Cheryl (‘87) and Christopher Drake Laura and Neil Drohan

Cathleen Cushing Duff (‘68) Jean Egmon Nancy Fox Jane (‘78) and Paul Fruin Patricia (‘65) and Thomas Giallanza Mary Joan Gilmour and Paul Mullen Gay Girolami (‘67) Ana Maria Guevara (‘79) Cathryn (‘76) and John Hartman Marianne (‘93) and Mike Heavey Trudy and Michael Kelly Kathleen (‘67) and John Kenefick Mary and F. Robert Kerrigan Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program Linda and James Leahy Michelin (‘65) and Les Lentino Jane and Richard Lorenz Rev. Thomas Maher Julia Marshall and Jerry Kane Betty Pat and Richard McCoy McDonald’s Corporation Margaret (‘79) and Christopher McNulty* Patricia (‘78) and Brian Murphy Anne Preston (‘97) Susan Preston (‘02) Lisa (‘77) and Michael Provenzano Regina Dominican Class of 1980 Anne Riordan (‘99) Joan and Robert Rogoz Traecey Scanlan-Laurie (‘87) and John Laurie Linda (‘68) and Michael Scussel Kathleen Shea (‘65) Mary Ryan-Smith and Randall Smith Carol and Scott Steelman Margo Turner Jacqueline (‘93) and Frederick Wacker Anne (‘84) and David White Mardi (‘63) and Garry Woodward Black and White Circle

Pamela and Richard Ave Maria Maureen and Steve Bailey Mary (‘71) and Robert Bak Terry and Glenn Baldwin Lori and Rich Brayer Diane and Michael Bansley Ann Marie Belcore (‘88) Terri (‘84) and Bob Bielinski Lori and Rich Brayer Teresa (‘75) and Peter Broccolo Anne Marie Brunner (‘76) and Richard Vavra Lisa (‘82) and John Burke Catherine (‘71) and Robert Cerone Chevron Matching Gift Program CNA Foundation Catherine (‘70) and Paul Compernolle Karen and Daniel Considine Helen (‘80) and Thomas Considine Kathryn (‘82) and Thomas Conway Alexandra (‘78) and Thomas Cooney Mary Carole Cooney (‘68) Sheila and Michael Degnan Kathleen (‘65) and George Delaney, Jr. Lynne (‘89) and Daniel Delany Kathryn (‘98) and Andrew Dickman Dominican Midwest Mission Chapter Julie (‘78) and Brian Donahue Barbara (‘65) and Steven Doyle Candace Fabri (‘67) Anne and Gary Fahrenbach Janet (‘64) and George Field Mary Gamble-Kondrotas (‘68) GE Foundation Jane (‘79) and John Gibbins Emily (‘82) and Neal Goby Kelly Rourke Golden (‘80) Christine (‘72) and Robert Gould Patricia Gutekanst (‘73) and John Donahue Mary Halpin (‘69) Maureen (‘80) and Gregg Hanson Linda (‘68) and Matthew Heitz Eileen (‘85) and Robert Herber

36 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Catherine and Bernard Hollywood* Judith (‘67) and John Hotze Lynda (‘67) and John Imirie Mary Johnston (‘80) Sally and Joseph Keenan Dorothy and R. Burke Kinnaird Mary Joy (‘70) and Bernard Klos Carol and Bill Kolodziej* Linda (‘65) and James Koolish Kathleen (‘67) and Frederick Krom Bridget (‘66) and Thomas Lamont Ellen (‘75) and Peter Leemputte Karen and Eugene Leone Liv for a Cure Katherine (‘97) and Billy Litgen Erin Luby (‘96) Irynne Vallejo MacKay (‘87) Leda (‘76) and Joseph Maggio Kathleen (‘80) and Timothy Maher Judd Malkin Patricia McDonell* Marsh & McLennan Julia M. Marshall, M.D., P.C. Veronica Mathein (‘63) and Glyn Rostoker Mary (‘76) and Andrew McKenna Kathleen Meskill (‘63) and Richard Wozencroft Meskill Wozencroft Family Foundation Clement Milder Kelly (‘85) and John Moore Laura and Keith Morris Constance and David Morrison Maureen (‘69) and John Muench Anne (‘64) and Andrew Namm The Namm Foundation, Inc. Maribeth Nesbitt (‘69) and Manuel De Para Sally and Gary Nickele Kathleen (‘87) and Brian Noonan Rosemary and Stephen Olson S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP* Barbara and Robert Perkaus Diane and Jim Philbin Nancy (‘65) and Orrin Radis Colleen (‘91) and Michael Robson Eileen Rudstrom (‘67) Ealise and Alfred Rundle Lourdes (‘80) and Martin Ryczek Mariette (‘64) and Alexander Sawchuk Mary Ellen Scandale* Norene Scanlan (‘68) Dawn and Michael Shallberg Geraldine (‘66) and Robert Shaw Karen Smith (‘72) Kerry (‘86) and Daniel Smith Wendy and John Sneed Edmund and Susan Stephan Elizabeth (‘78) and Edward Stott Suzanne Thomas (‘82) Mary Thoresdale (‘98) Lisa ’85 and Mauro Tomassetti Traci and Jamie Trapp Mary Ann (‘73) and Stephen Travnik Terre Tuzzolino (‘67) and Al White Patricia (‘75) and James Valenti Verizon Foundation Jacky Walther ’72 and Robert Kielan Panther Circle

Verna (‘77) and Charles Allworth* Anonymous Grace Ansani (‘07) Elisa Applegate (‘03) Colleen Kent Armgardt (‘73) Carolyn and Mike Ashley Jeannie (‘86) and Douglas Balsam Janet and John Bambrick Laura (‘74) and James Bannon Connie (‘69) and Thomas Barrington Susan Barry (‘76) and Gary Kohn Christina Batorski (‘97) Bridget (87’) and James Baumstark Ruth Bell Susan Nitto Bennett (‘70) Kathleen and Mike Betlinski*

Carol Bickett (‘68) Mary Sue (‘74) and Van Blackwell Debbie and Rick Bonick Delores and Joseph Borst Mary Kay (‘70) and Jon Bottorff Elizabeth (‘75) and Richard Brandt Katie (‘80) and Martin Bredemann Elizabeth Bright (‘84) Carol (‘66) and Paul Brimstin Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Mary and Robert Buckman Patricia (‘87) and Steve Bykowski Barbara (‘72) and Michael Cabay Kathleen Cagney (‘97) Megan (‘86) and John Calto Renee and Joe Cardella Susan Carnell (‘74) Jane Marzano (‘70) and Timothy Carrigan Lisa Cavallari (‘87) Victoria (‘90) and Scott Centurino Cheryl Cesario (‘67) Chicago Tribune Foundation Barbara (‘74) and Michael Chmielewski Patricia Clark (‘64) Donna (‘63) and Patrick Coleman Suzanne and Andrew Coles Kathryn and William Collins Mary Collins (‘86) Nicolette (‘72) and John Conway Jennifer (‘78) and Glenn Cooper Mary Parrilli-Coughlan and Thomas Coughlan Peggy (‘67) and Clayton Crane Katie (‘70) and John Cushing Ellen (‘83) and Jim Daffada Frances Daly (‘76) Carol (‘70) and Thomas Dammrich Rosemary (‘85) and Russ Davidson Nancy (‘88) and Patrick Davis Nancy (‘77) and Ralph Deletto Mary Ellen (‘72) and James DeRicco Cathleen (‘89) and Jay Dettling Elenita and Dante DeVera Elizabeth Donahue (‘74) and Jeff Later Ann Donofrio-Benson (‘66) and Gerard Benson Kathleen (‘84) and James Donohue Mary (‘80) and Thomas Dormin S. Grace Dougherty, OP Kathryn and Daniel Dressel Molly and Michael Driscoll DST Systems, Inc. Matching Gifts Program Nancy (‘66) and Robert Duffy Kathleen and Michael Dunn Anna (‘75) and Daniel Durkin Elizabeth (‘90) and Rik Duryea Margie and John Eckenroad Mary Kobler Edwards (‘66) Carol Eggers (‘83) Joan and James Eggers Tamanna and Mohammed Elahi Trisa (‘84) and Gene Endicott Barbara (‘66) and Allan Engeldahl Marcia (‘69) and Rod Erin Jeanne Farley (‘93) Delia Farrell (‘96) Lynn (‘65) and John Farrell Mary and Henry Feeley Ann Fiduccia (‘78) and Charles Kahle Marie Fiduccia (‘71) and Richard Stypula, Jr. Margaret and Ken Finder* Barbara Fitzgerald (‘70) Patti and John Fitzpatrick Joan E. Macpherson and Joel D. Fondell Margaret Forester (‘02) Susan (‘74) and Michael Forester Jeannine Forrest and Pierre Talbert Molly Fox (‘05) Elizabeth Fraterrigo (‘89) and Raymond Clifford Celeste and Terry Gabinski Jane (‘97) and Matthew Gardner Kristine (‘86) and Mark Gargiulo Ellen Garippo (‘79)

*Denotes staff and faculty who have contributed to the Regina Dominican Fund

Sheila (‘83) and Mark Gartland Catherine Garvey (‘79) Kathleen Giblin (‘79) Nancy (‘73) and Robert Gibson Patricia and John Gillard Goldman, Sachs & Co. Pilar and Heraclio Gomez Marianne (‘82) and Jay Goodwin Mary and Laurence Gott Virginia Grant Sandra and Lars Greiner Jeanne Gross Kathryn (‘70) and William Grubbe Helen and Gerald Gutsell Philip and Yvonne Gutsell Johanna (‘78) and Don Harden Molly (‘97) and Daniel Harris* Robert and Mary Heidenrich Lorraine Hellgeth Marilyn (‘63) and John Henningsen Marlene (‘68) and Thomas Hines Catherine (‘63) and Edward Hobart Margaret (‘77) and Michael Hogan Tracy Hollywood (‘94) Maureen (‘62) and Philip Hong Kathryn and Matthew Horne* Linda (‘61) and Thomas Hoskins Karen (‘69) and Anthony House Laura House (‘90) and Todd Beeby Margaret (‘89) and Scott Humphrey Mara (‘97) and Christopher Hunt Alma and Ralph Iacono Catherine (‘86) and Tim Irvine J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Connie and Kirk Jacobson Laura (‘83) and Chris Janssen Mary Johnson (‘68) Sheila (‘90) and Michael Kailus Emily (‘90) and Lance Kallemeyn Kara Kane (‘90) and James Sullivan Susan (‘74) and David Kash Julie and Ostap Kashuba Christine (‘81) and John Kauffman Janet (‘62) and Joseph Kawa Ann (‘75) and John Keating Jane Hinton Kedo and Paul Kedo Joan (‘77) and Kevin Kelly Leigh Keyser (‘93) Maureen (‘82) and Andrew Kirby Maureen Kleiderer Kate (‘96) and Andrew Knopick Stefanie Koenig (‘90) Mary Beth (‘62) and John Kringel Alina and Konstanty Krylow Jodi (‘75) and Brian Kueker Kathryn Kullman (‘70) and Roger Voight Catherine Kunzer Collette and George Kunzmann Karen and John Kurgan Jo Marie Schiro Lang (‘84) Christine Lauinger* Julie and John Leanse Barbara (‘70) and James Lee Leo Burnett Company, Inc. Mary (‘89) and John Leonard Ingrid (‘91) and Steve Letzig Sandra Locher* Brady Luby (‘87) Madelynn (‘72) and Richard Macur Brousil Anne (’82) and Matthew Maddock Mary (‘70) and John Maginot Theresa and Arthur Malinowski Sarah Malinowski (‘89) Patricia (‘67) and Peter Mangione Rosemary Marcus Lynn and Royal Martin Patricia (‘75) and Joseph Martorelli Judith (‘64) and David Mates Mary Jo (‘61) and Raymond May Mary Jo and Thomas McCabe Mary McGarry Christine McGovern (‘64) and Dennis Carey Nancy (‘69) and Mark McGowan Diane and Bernard McGuigan

Ann and David McHugh Mary McHugh (‘68) Mary (‘84) and Mike McManus Brooke and Peter McNulty The Merck Company Foundation Adelaide Meskill Gina and Ed Metelica Johanne and Dennis Minich Anne and John Mitchell Meg Monaghan (‘74) and Ralph Ballart Kathleen and Donald Moore Kayte and Chuck Moran* Joan (‘68) and Daniel Moser Elizabeth (‘70) and David Mueller Stephanie Mullen (‘00) Carol Mulvihill (‘78) Carol and James Murphy Mary Pat (‘74) and Michael Murphy Nancy King Murray (‘62) Kathleen and Robert Murray Frances (‘69) and Thomas Myers Ann Potter Navar (‘69) Lorraine Klebba Nelson (‘87) Suzanne (‘72) and James Nelson Charles Nesbitt Mary Ann O’Connor (‘73) Carolyn (‘80) and Peter O’Driscoll Amy (‘86) and Jeff Olson Mary Ellen (‘75) and Michael O’Malley Mary Louise O’Reilly (‘67) and Robert Bussa Arjumund (‘94) and Carlos Orellana Brighid O’Shaughnessy (‘91) Sheila (‘80) and Craig Oswald Mary (‘75) and John O’Toole Maura (‘79) and James Otzko Eser Ozdeger (‘85) Brenda and John Pantle Becky Parkinson (‘03) Marie Patenio (‘93) Kathleen and Steve Patterson Mary (‘80) and Gerry Pedersen Mary Ann (‘69) and David Peffer Gina Perille (‘89) Kathleen (‘72) and Christopher Perry Anne (‘78) and Paul Petitjean Suellen and William Piggott Karen Pink (‘78) Jane (‘73) and Daniel Poppelreiter Margaret (‘66) and Douglas Potter PPG Industries Foundation Alice and Alan Price* Vera (‘64) and John Purcell Susan Quinlan (‘74) Kathleen Quinn (‘80) and Scott Speidel Marianne Quinn (‘83) and Michael Buckley Jean and Robert Quinn Radian Theresa and John Rauber Amy (‘93) and David Reichle Mary and Allan Reisberg Madeline Rhoda (‘64) Anne (‘70) and David Riguzzi Sandra (‘67) and John Riordan Mary and James Robinson Buffy (‘74) and Richard Rock Heather (‘81) and Gregory Rusk Kathy and Ray Rzany* Barbara and Carlos Saavedra Erica Salutz (‘04) S. Corinne Sanders, OP Julie and Michael Schaefer Theresa and Charles Scherl (‘65) Monica (‘89) and Michael Schmid Cherilyn (‘74) and Lee Schmoe Anne (‘78) and Fritz Schumann

*Denotes staff and faculty who have contributed to the Regina Dominican Fund

Karen Scotese* Patricia Scott (‘66) Andi (‘87) and Rob Shaw Charlotte and James Shea Maryellen and Gordon Shute Deborah (‘69) and Mark Simmons Catherine Simon (‘64) Colleen (‘92) and Joseph Simpson Nancy (‘67) and Fred Sloan Christine (‘65) and Ronald Smith Florence Smith Margaret Smith (‘66) Jeanne and Robert Somers Sandy and Leroy Sprang Sprint Foundation Matching Gifts Jane (‘72) and James Stacy Megan Staff (‘99) Sally Staff (‘65) Mary Kay and T. Richard Stahler Donna (‘77) and Bill Stark Angela (‘72) and Geoff Steger Sally (‘62) and John Stemwedel Peg and Joseph Stevens Margaret Strenk (‘07) Nancy (‘78) and David Strenk Julia Strobel (‘99) Elaine (‘63) and John Sugent Bridget (‘93) and Matthew Sullivan Mary Cathlin Sullivan (‘02) Patricia Gorman Sullivan (‘65) Lynn Sutherland Diane and Joseph Svachula Dolorene Teper (‘74) Janine (‘73) and Larry Teschner Melissa and Robert Thompson Patricia (‘67) and Richard Tilghman Megan Kane Towle (‘88) Lynda (‘68) and Rod Turner Laura (‘90) and Greg Ulepic Mary Marxer Vach (‘63) Kathryn Kipper Veech (‘81) Kathryn Vela (‘03) Michelle Venci (‘93) Sally and Vincent Vinci Gayle and Robert Wagner Kaitlin Walsh (‘09) Tina (‘77) and Pat Walsh Margaret (‘80) and Andrew Warzecha Dianne Weinand (‘64)* Dana Weis (‘83) Maureen (‘79) and Wallace West Mary (‘83) and Brent White Therese and Jim Wildman* Claudine Wolski-Gerbel(‘85) and Steven Gerbel Jeanne Wussler (‘86) Nancy (‘67) and Jeffrey Yourell Linda (‘69) and John Zimnie Friends of Regina

Mary Aamodt (‘71) Janice (‘76) and Bradley Adden Mimi (‘66) and William Aiston, Jr. Cathleen (‘65) and Luke Allen Yvonne (‘72) and George Ammerman Kathryn (‘65) and Jim Andel Amy Anichini (‘03) Maria Anichini (‘05) Anonymous Anne Marie (‘81) and Jack Anton Deborah and Gary Anton Maria Arza (‘74) and John Howell Beth Troka Atkins (‘69) Darlene Atwater (‘66) Pamela and Robert Bachmeyer Sheila (‘80) and Brad Baker Clarinda (‘86) and Joseph Balagtas Bank of America Foundation Susan (‘71) and Vincent Barreca Kathleen Barton Patricia and Paul Basbagill Barbara Baumhardt (‘65) Suzanne Beauregard (‘64) Barbara Beaven (‘68)

Brittany Becker (‘02) Susan and Anthony Belcastro Margaret Bell (‘68) Mary Ziegelmaier Berger (‘82) Laura (‘76) and Matthew Berrafato Donna (‘78) and Bert Bierschenk Helen Blovsky (‘88) and Johnathon Fehr Eleanor (‘00) and Randall Bly Anna Bohlke (‘06)* S. Dorothy Booms, OP Maria (‘80) and Steven Bougie Sheila (‘75) and Matthew Bower Patricia (‘92) and Brian Braasch Marsha (‘63) and Jeffrey Briggs Barbara and Edward Bright Joanne and Robert Brixner* Megan Broderick (‘10) Lina and Don Brotherton* Jerome Burke Kathleen Burke (‘64)* Jessica Burzawa (‘94) Deena (‘68) and Raymond Butta Patricia Caine* S. Cora Campbell, OP* Mary (‘80) and Joseph Capitani Kathy and Bob Carlson* Jill Caronia (‘03) Mary Carr (‘83) Diane (‘92) and Brian Carroll Mary Carroll Susan Carton (‘77) and Paul Mollica Susan (‘65) and Skip Casper Elizabeth Nemrava Catalani (‘02) S. Sarah Cavanaugh, OP Patricia (‘70) and David Centella Dianne (‘67) and James Ceriale Corine (‘69) and Charles Chandler Jennifer Chaput (‘05) Joanne and William Chioros Ellen (‘82) and Ray Clark Jane (‘80) and Dennis Clifford Amy (‘92) and Jeff Coath Lana (‘65) and Carlos Coelho Maureen Collins (‘96) Meaghan Collins (‘96) Delores Colone (‘01) Analisa Condon (‘09) Mary Ann and David Condon Maureen (‘87) and Michael Connolly Maristel (‘75) and Kevin Conry Diane (‘72) and Philip Cook Mary Cooper (‘07) Catherine and Russell Costello Virginia and Todd Costigan Angela and John Crilly Mary Jane Crowe (‘62) Colleen Crowley (‘71) Lou Ann (‘71) and Michael Crowley Peggy (‘69) and Frank Cunniff Carrie and Daniel Cusack Eileen (‘71) and Edwin Czopek Mary Helen and James Daly Elizabeth (‘98) and William Day Maura (‘88) and Matthew Devine Julie and Daniel Dillon Nancy and Frank DiMaria Mary (‘71) and James Doherty Jean (‘76) and John Donnelly S. Katherine Donnelly, OP (‘63) Marsha (‘65) and Stephen Dover Cara Doyle (‘07) Kathleen and J.P. Dreyer Abbey (‘97) and Mark Driscoll Sandra Burns Drizd (‘67) Mary (‘70) and John Dueker Mary Jo Duffy (‘72) Mary (‘68) and Frank Dunbar Maureen (‘77) and Todd Emoff Sue and LeRoy Endre* Kimberly (‘03) and CJ Engel Rosemary and James Etter* Jessica (‘92) and David Felice Madeleine Felix

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Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 37

Annual Report

Annual Report

2010-2011 Regina Dominican Fund continued from page 37 Christina Fichera-Burke (‘81) and Terry Burke Veronica (‘82) and Greg Fisherkeller Martha FitzGerald (‘67) Susan (‘84) and Brian Foley Edna and Bernard Ford Colleen (‘78) and Michael Frasure Patricia and Richard Fuentes* S. Deborah Fumagalli, OSF* Margaret (‘63) and Michael Funchion Rosemary (‘80) and Kevin Fussell Connie and Louis Fyda Mary (‘82) and Michael Gaertner Judith (‘72) and Michael Garber Mary Garippo (‘88) and David Griffin Marguerite and Roy Garner* Erin (‘92) and Matt Garofoli Jean and Clifford Gartner Julie and Lee Gawron Gail (‘70) and David Ghere Helen Gibbons (‘70) and Richard Stanley Stella (‘80) and Carl Gigante Julia Gillard (‘96) Mary Patt Glass (‘67) and Jeff Georgevich Kristen (‘88) and Peter Glunz Maria Gobbi (’07) Margaret Golembiewski (‘06) GoodSearch Teresa Swafford Grady Kerr (‘78) Mary Ann (‘66) and Van Graham Julie (‘97) and Anthony Grech Bonnie (‘66) and Jack Griffin Linda (‘71) and Steve Griffin Maureen (‘75) and Frank Griseto Lauren Gutierrez (‘08) Catherine (‘72) and Michael Hablitzel Barbara and Thomas Hagensick* Melissa Hain (‘05) Linda (‘79) and Steven Hampton Roseanne and James Harrington Betty (‘61) and Paul Hartmann Grace Hartzler* Mary Ann (‘80) and Michael Hawley Katie (‘97) and Matt Hayes Laura (‘67) and John Heavey Linda (‘66) and Gary Heideman Harriet Heinz (‘68) and Frank Partipilo Regina (‘88) and Gustav Heise Morgan Henington Patricia (‘97) and Daniel Hetland Julie (‘89) and Bill Heuer Hewitt Associates Katie Hickey* Jane Hiett (‘01) Margaret (‘69) and Donald Higgins Marcia (‘70) and Kent Hill Mary Jean (‘69) and Darrell Hinsman Irene (‘70) and Michael Hinz Colleen Holohan (‘80) and Marc Elberts S. Mary Hrovat, OP Karen and John Huber* Nancy (‘70) and Thomas Hull Maggie (‘99) and Andy Iverson Rebecca Jacob John Jameson* Noreen (‘82) and Chris Janson Catherine Jardien (‘99) Jeanne Jardien (‘70) Johanne (‘65) and Larry Jeane Sharon Guskay Jelich (‘62) Karen (‘65) and Jay Jenni Mary Jean (‘79) and Ronald Johnson Suzanne (‘68) and Robert Johnson Mary and James Johnston Colleen (‘86) and Phillip Joseph Elizabeth (‘82) and Daniel Joyce Mary Joyce (‘63) Barbara Nicholson Kane (‘78) Katie Kane (‘67) Karen Parenti Kanzia (‘66) Mary Jo (‘65) and Preston Karansky

Michele (‘97) and Mike Keating Alexis Kedo (‘09) S. Barbara L. Kelley, OP Brendan Kelly Peg (‘68) and Terrence Kelly Karen Keres (‘63) Molly Kidder (‘98) Karen Kiley (‘87) Diane Korczynski (‘61) Susan (‘74) and Joseph Kosinski Ashley (‘93) and Ryan Kosztya Mary (‘74) and Ken Kozil Mary (‘63) and John Krackenberger S. Joan Krajewski, OP Janice Krakora-Looby (‘69) and John Looby Patricia Kurgan (‘75) Kathleen (‘86) and Mark LaMere Colleen (‘99) and Kenneth Leahy Stella Lee (‘85) Cynthia and Richard Leick Maura (‘64) and Ronald Leitch Laura Lentino (‘94) and Matthew Downs Sandra (‘74) and Eric Lis Sally Barnard Little (‘62) Catherine (‘86) and Mario Lombardi Kathleen (‘75) and John Malone Diane (‘68) and Robert Malooly Elizabeth Marcus (‘02) Mary Catherine Marrs (‘02) Consuelo Michelle Martinez (‘78) Laura Mathews (‘01) Lori (‘94) and Eric Matten Donna (‘70) and John Mau Barbara and Finley Maxson Joanne (‘75) and James McAvoy Patricia (‘95) and Michael McCann Tracy (‘84) and Joseph McGinnis Kerrie (‘82) and Michael McKeough Kathleen Murphy (‘90) Monica (‘74) and Patrick Meehan Katherine Metres (‘90) Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Roseann Mikos (‘66) Kathleen (‘71) and Tom Milo Christina Minich (‘06) Mary Lou and Anthony Mockus Maria Monastero (‘83) Anne Mosher (‘69) Mary and Peter Mudd* Patsy Mueller* Madonna (‘66) and Kenneth Mulmat S. Nancy M. Murray (‘65), OP Sue (‘66) and Steve Myhelic Nancy Lisack Nelson (‘64) Linda and Thomas Nelson* Patricia and John Nemrava* Maureen Neylon and Thomas Meaden Mary Amato Nimrod (‘74) Mary Carol (‘77) and William O’Brien Nanci (‘63) and Daniel Odishoo Melinda (‘67) and Daniel O’Herron Sheila Tully Oliver (‘90) Colleen (‘78) and Bertel Olson Katie (‘77)and Joseph O’Malley Margaret O’Malley (‘72) Josephine (‘64) and Norman Oppenheimer Allison (‘99) and Kristopher Oswald Dorothy Pantle (‘62) and Steve D’Iorio Mary Ann Pantle (‘10) Yvonne (‘89) and Matthew Papirnik Barbara and Neil Parikh* Jean Gebuhr Pasko (‘71) Joanne Motta and Jarrett Pasowicz Jodi Pasowicz (‘02) Susan Paul (‘03) Tina Pauley (‘02) Kathleen (‘68) and Ronald Peterson Julie (‘85) and Jeff Phelan Kathleen (‘65) and William Phillips Deborah and John Plas* Louise (‘65) and Kenneth Przywara

38 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Sarah Quintenz (‘98) Catherine Redig (‘65) Regina Board of Directors for 2009 Kathleen (‘82) and John Regnier Laura Reynolds (‘03) Antoinette (‘72) and David Rich Raphaelle Richardson (‘01) Margaret (‘75) and Randall Roberts Mary (‘74) and Richard Rock Ann Romei (‘06) Margarita Ruiz (‘95) Elizabeth Ryan (‘01) Kelly (‘98) and Kevin Rynes Sharon (‘72) and Herbert Sanders Maureen (‘80) and Brian Schaaf Kimberly Schaefer (‘08) Judith (‘64) and Richard Schaefle Grace and William Schatz* Gavin (‘82) and Larry Schultz Susan (‘66) and Kenneth Schultz Patricia (‘72) and Gregory Schwartz Ann (‘94) and Chris Sepersky Kathleen Shanahan (‘01) Grace Shantz (‘76) Lori (‘68) and James Sharpe Eileen (‘82) and Carl Sheliga Marilyn (‘65) and Glenn Shipley Jennifer (‘77) and Thomas Shrack Marilyn and Mark Smolenski Colleen and Terrence Smyrniotis Catherine (‘71) and Timothy Spadoni S. Patricia Spangler, OP Donald Sprague Donna and Dan Stack Dawn (‘97) and Brian Stanek Mary and Marty Stenson* Winnie Ash Stevenson (‘99) Janet (‘72) and Michael Stineman Judy (‘62) and John Stoessel Susan (‘73) and Paul Stonich Dorothy Sullivan (‘65) Martha and Richard Sullivan Teresa (‘68) and James Syron Laura Robinson and Mark Szczepkowski* Irene (‘75) and John Szuba Terese (‘63) and Norman Tanis Barbara (‘67) and Mark Tarvin Graciela (‘76) and Bradley Thalacker Kerry Thorrens (‘10) Lisa LaPiana Timbo (‘86) Jill Trinen (‘62) Margo Turner Deborah (‘76) and John Udelhofen Stephanie Uhlarik (‘76) Maureen (‘77) and Alex Valvassori Maureen (‘72) and Michael Volini Amalya Wagner (‘06) Margaret (‘65) and Eugene Walker S. Patricia Walter, OP (‘62) Tracy Webb (‘78) Kimberly (‘86) and Patrick Weber Nancy Buik and Jeff Wegerson Jennifer (‘78) and Robert Welch Colleen (‘90) and Mike Wilkins Noreen (‘84) and Thomas Wilson Mary (‘77) and Rick Winegard Kathleen Witt (‘64) Fran (‘99) and Stephen Wu Roberta (‘63) and Craig Zeck Allan (‘65) and Mary Zins

Alumnae Support We are grateful for our alumnae who show their support by donating to the Regina Fund and attending the various alumnae events held throughout the year.

Class of 1961


Betty Burkemper Hartmann Linda Ekholm Hoskins Diane Diflavio Korczynski Mary Jo Lally May Mary Kay Houndt Stahler Class of 1962

Gifts were received in Honor of the following: S. Marjorie Delaplane, OP Daniel W. Fox Gary Nickele S. Marion O’Connor, OP Regina Dominican Class of 1985 Kathy Rzany Mary Ellen Scandale Sally Wickham Stemwedel (‘62) Mr. and Mrs. James M. Troka Mardi Gill Woodward (‘63) S. Marie Bride Walsh, OP

Gifts were received in Memory of the following: Nancy Essman Bleier (‘68) S. Jean Kathleen Comiskey, OP S. Mary Connelly, OP Joyce Degnan John A. Donahue Miriam Fitzgerald Albert and Marie Fleming Thomas P. Gallagher Patricia A. Gomez (‘84) Catherine Stephan Gravelle (‘90) Jean Hanley Viginia Kane Kathleen Ross Kelly (‘66) Cornelia Mitchell King (‘62) Elizabeth A. Kotecki (‘02) James F. Leary Teresa Clark Lindstrom (‘69) Maryellen Fitzgerald Marriner (‘70) Carolyn E. Shepard (‘03) Dolly Venturi

*Denotes staff and faculty who have contributed to the Regina Dominican Fund


Mary Jane Crowe Kathleen Welsh Dreyer Maureen Gorman Hong Sharon Guskay Jelich Janet Chize Kawa Mary Beth Naes Kringel Sally Barnard Little Elizabeth Wilkins Luxem Katherine Cavallari Malm Nancy King Murray Dorothy Pantle Sally Wickham Stemwedel Judy Arndt Stoessel Jill Trinen S. Patricia Walter, OP Class of 1963


Marsha Petone Briggs Donna Miller Coleman Patricia Rittle Conway Katherine Reh DeLisle S. Katherine Donnelly, OP Margaret Bullers Funchion Marilyn Bobrowski Henningsen Catherine A. Berthold Hobart Mary V. Joyce Karen L. Keres Mary Welch Krackenberger Veronica Beutler Mathein Kathleen Meskill Nanci Karstens Odishoo Elaine Didier Sugent Terese Tiernan Tanis Mary Marxer Vach Mardi Gill Woodward Roberta Bennewitz Zeck Class of 1964

Karen Gill Bassing Suzanne Beauregard Kathleen Burke Susan Pattinson Carnell Patricia A. Clark Janet Kawell Field Maura McMullen Leitch Judith Weidner Mates Christine McGovern Anne Bresler Namm Nancy Lisack Nelson Josephine Maguire Oppenheimer Vera Dollard Purcell Madeline C. Rhoda Mariette Timmins Sawchuk Judith Michal Schaefle Catherine Hebert Simon Dianne Miller Weinand Kathleen Owens Witt


Class of 1965


Cathleen Leibold Allen Kathryn Marquardt Andel Barbara Baumhardt Susan Lambert Casper Lana Boldt Coelho Laura Geraty Collins Kathleen Runtz Delaney Nancy Frankenberg DiMaria Marsha De Volder Dover Barbara Russell Doyle Lynn Marguerite Farrell Connie Fletcher Patricia Manelski Giallanza Johanne Penczek Jeane Karen Kaiser Jenni Peggy O’Rourke Kelly Linda O’Connell Koolish Michelin Paterno Lentino Kathleen Poterek McGinty S. Nancy Murray, OP Jill L. O’Brien Kathleen O’Neill Phillips Mary Jo Potter Louise Waindle Przywara Nancy Goodman Radis Catherine Le Roy Redig Theresa Merenda Scherl Kathleen Shea Marilyn Sheridan Shipley Christine Broeker Smith Sally Schulte Staff Patricia Gorman Sullivan Dorothy Sullivan Margaret A. McMenamin Walker Mary Heineman Zins Class of 1966


Mimi Bertucci Aiston Darlene Arendt Atwater Barbara Beaven Carol Burke Brimstin Ann Donofrio-Benson Nancy Schniedwind Duffy Mary Kobler Edwards Barbara Furst Engeldahl Mary Ann Wilkins Graham Bonnie Dollard Griffin Linda Chodorowski Heideman Diane Washburne House Karen Parenti Kanzia Bridget Later Lamont Roseann Mikos Madonna Killian Mulmat Susan Zatopa Myhelic Janet Edmunds O’Connell

Margaret Dumser Potter Susan Gudgeon Reilly Susan Hasselberg Schultz Patricia Scott Geraldine Jenny Shaw Charlene Heuboski Shaw Margaret C. Smith Class of 1967


Dianne Bassing Ceriale Cheryl D. Cesario Margaret Murray Crane Sandra Burns Drizd Candace Fabri Martha FitzGerald Gay L. Girolami Mary Patt Glass Elizabeth Harasek Laura Hawkinson Heavey Judith Dubbs Hotze Lynda Furnari Imirie Kate Kane Kathleen Schulte Kenefick Kathleen Losch Krom Patricia Mullenix Mangione Melinda DeVolder O’Herron Mary Louise O’Reilly Sandra Formusa Riordan Eileen Nicosia Rudstrom Nancy Koren Sloan Barbara Pozdol Tarvin Patricia Carrigan Tilghman Terre A. Tuzzolino Nancy Hagen Yourell Class of 1968


Margaret J. Bell Carol Bromstedt Bickett Deena Weglarz Butta Mary Carole Cooney Cathleen Cushing Duff Mary Dillon Dunbar Martha McGurn Fowler Mary Gamble-Kondrotas Harriet E. Heinz Linda Yario Heitz Marlene Matuska Hines Mary Johnson Suzanne Formusa Johnson Diane Jagodowski Malooly Mary Beaven McHugh Joan Broeker Moser Anne O’Reilly Kathleen Conway Peterson Carol Macur Rizzie Norene M. Scanlan Linda Hawkinson Scussel Delores Wehlage Sharpe Teresa Kettler Syron Lynda Vitale Turner Class of 1969


Beth Troka Atkins Connie Mortell Barrington Mary Ann Kipper Bowers Donita Carvatta Bozek Margaret Wehmer Cagney Corine Grala Chandler

Margaret Ambrose Cunniff Marcia Roach Erin Sandra Haase Fenn Dani Froelich Margaret Glass Georgevich Mary Halpin Margaret Fitzgibbons Higgins Mary Jean Wroblewski Hinsman Karen Washburne House Janice Krakora-Looby Nancy Cummings McGowan Anne Mosher Maureen O’Malley Muench Frances Manno Myers Ann Potter Navar Maribeth Nesbitt Catherine O’Reilly Dianne Santostefano Paxson Mary Ann Dolan Peffer Deborah Moloney Simmons Marilyn Wethekam Elizabeth Foran Yore Linda Lewis Zimnie Class of 1970


Elodie Smith Bacci Susan Nitto Bennett Mary Kay Knoll Bottorff Jane Marzano Carrigan Patricia Reddington Centella Catherine Rockelmann Compernolle Mary Kathleen McCarthy Cushing Carol Prikos Dammrich Mary Lynch Dueker Barbara Fitzgerald Gail Sweeney Ghere Helen Gibbons Kathryn Rugen Grubbe Marcia McGavock Hill Irene MacDonald Hinz Nancy Degidio Hull Jeanne Smith Jardien Mary Joy Huelsman Klos Kathryn Kullman Barbara Leonard Lee Susan Borkowski Lueger Mary M. Mitchell Maginot Donna Lorenzini Mau Corinne Lee McClintic Elizabeth Eardley Mueller Laurette Heinz Natale Amy Lecat O’Donoghue Anne Gutekanst Riguzzi Mary Ann Rushkewicz Christine Gehm Skoglund Class of 1971


Mary Aamodt Mary Magnuson Bak Susan Wolschon Barreca Catherine Troka Cerone Colleen M. Crowley Lou Ann Rothbauer Crowley Eileen Fish Czopek Mary Cushing Doherty Susan Marguerite Doyle Marie Fiduccia Linda Wethekam Griffin

Joanna Emerle Kotecki Kathleen Hurley Milo Margaret Unger Morris Jean Gebuhr Pasko Catherine Saviano Spadoni Class of 1972


Yvonne Beauregard Ammerman Barbara Brekke Cabay Claudia Carello Kathryn Carrigan Collins Nicolette Galante Conway Diane Dichiarinte Cook Mary Ellen Mosher DeRicco Mary Duffy Judith Sheble Garber Christine Ross Gould Catherine Crowe Hablitzel Madelynn Macur Brousil Mary K. Mints Suzanne Wieland Nelson Margaret O’Malley Mary Kathleen Vanderbosch Perry Joan Schulte Reynolds Antoinette LiPomi Rich Sharon Mick Sanders Patricia Matuszak Schwartz Karen S. Smith Jane Holland Stacy Angela Scully Steger Janet Hamilton Stineman Maureen Cunniff Volini Jacky Walther Class of 1973


Colleen Kent Armgardt Mary Beth Bireley Chess Nancy Kelley Gibson Patricia M. Gutekanst Mary Ann O’Connor Jane Unger Poppelreiter Susan Schwartz Susan Moore Stonich Janine Helma Teschner Mary Ann Bredemann Travnik Candace Ropek Warens Class of 1974


Maria Arza Laura Paxson Bannon Mary Sue O’Laughlin Blackwell Martha Mints Boudewyns Barbara Berg Chmielewski Elizabeth Donahue Christine Finzer Susan Fahrenbach Forester Laurie Baker Foster Madeleine Y. Gomez Susan Storer Kash Susan Grzanka Kosinski Mary Lorenz Kozil Sandra Psihoda Lis Julia Marshall Monica Dwyer Meehan Mary M. Monaghan Mary Pat Vallee Murphy Mary Amato Nimrod

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Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 39

Annual Report

Annual Report

Alumnae Support continued from page 39 Susan Quinlan Mary McNabola Rock Cherilyn Kunzmann Schmoe Dolorene M. Teper Class of 1975

Elizabeth LaPorte Stott Nancy Sullivan Strenk Tracy E. Webb Jennifer Williams Welch


Sheila O’Halloran Bower Elizabeth Howard Brandt Teresa Byrne Broccolo Maristel Sullivan Conry Anna Gleason Durkin Maureen Burke Griseto Ann Durkin Keating Jodi Kempf Kueker Patricia Kurgan Ellen Schlax Leemputte Joanna Mallers Kathleen Donoghue Malone Patricia Wenthe Martorelli Joanne Miller McAvoy Mary Ellen Helfenbein O’Malley Mary Kerr O’Toole Pamela Kory Peter Margaret Walsh Roberts Irene Kimovec Szuba Patricia Dwyer Valenti Jerilyn Cascino Wright Class of 1976


Janice Lazzara Adden Susan Barry Laura Masini Berrafato Anne Marie L. Brunner Frances Daly Jean Rickard Donnelly Cathryn Matot Hartman Leda Melone Maggio Mary Nash McKenna Grace Shantz Graciela Oswald Thalacker Deborah Meier Udelhofen Stephanie L. Uhlarik Class of 1977


Verna Wallace Allworth Susan Carton Nancy Menis Deletto Maureen Elliott Ehrenberg Maureen Thomure Emoff Denise Specht Forshier Margaret Burke Gagliardo Margaret Troka Hogan Joan Kerr Kelly Mary Carol Anthony O’Brien Katie Holton O’Malley Lisa Kaechele Provenzano Jennifer Pont Shrack Donna Boesen Stark Maureen McNulty Valvassori Tina Venturi Walsh Mary Del Fava Winegard Class of 1978

Donna Rodino Bierschenk Alexandra Lyons Cooney Jennifer Szemler Cooper Julie Foley Donahue Colleen Kelly Frasure Jane Durkin Fruin Teresa Swafford Grady Kerr Johanna Dynek Harden Consuelo Michelle Martinez Carol M. Mulvihill Patricia Connor Murphy Colleen Mosher Olson Anne Lahart Petitjean Karen Pink Mary Pat Cotter Pyles Sarah Grimes Robey Anne Theisen Schumann


Class of 1979

Brady M. Luby Irynne Vallejo MacKay Lorraine Klebba Nelson Kathleen Eckenroad Noonan Traecey D. Scanlan-Laurie Florence McCaffrey Schufreider Andrea Schneider Shaw


Lisa McCaffrey Braithwaite Lisa Doherty Ellen Garippo Catherine L. Garvey Jane Ellis Gibbins Kathleen Giblin Ana Maria Guevara Linda Johnson Hampton Mary Jean Gutekanst Johnson Peggy Kerrigan McNulty Winifred Nimrod Maura DeVolder Otzko Cheryl Jacobs Porter Patricia Brennan Strain Geralyn Sullivan Margaret Hogan Tilson Maureen Kelly West Class of 1980


Sheila Elliott Baker Maria LaPata Bougie Mary Kessler Capitani Jane Wetterling Clifford Helen Tremmel Considine Mary Gotta Dormin Rosemary Corcoran Fussell Litteria Mallardino Garza Stella Federico Gigante Maureen Edwards Hanson Mary Ann Gibbs Hawley Colleen Holohan Mary Ellen Johnston Kathleen Ginley Maher Nancy McCaffrey Miller Sylvia Tontini Mossell Elizabeth Unger Neville Carolyn Wiet O’Driscoll Sheila McNulty Oswald Mary Vena Pedersen Kathleen Quinn Margaret Durkin Roche Lourdes Vidal Ryczek Maureen Pearson Schaaf Martha McMenamin Smith Margaret Cahill Warzecha Noreen Hennessy Wilson Class of 1981



Class of 1985


Class of 1986

Clarinda Casis Balagtas Jean Righeimer Balsam Patricia Hindo Blockovich Megan Shea Calto Mary K. Collins Margaret Eckenroad Dr. Kristine Spilotro Gargiulo Kimberly Thome Hand Catherine Jorzak Irvine Colleen Calderone Joseph Kathleen Purtell LaMere Catherine Colbert Lombardi Amy Braham Olson Kerry Costello Smith Lisa LaPiana Timbo Kimberly Cleland Weber Jeanne M. Wussler Class of 1987


Bridget Mickus Baumstark Patricia Haughey Bykowski Lisa Cavallari Maureen Steffens Connolly Cheryl Harrison Drake Jeanine Gaffke Julie Smith Gay Karen Kiley




Christina Batorski Kathleen Cagney Abbey Miller Driscoll Jane Gillard Gardner Julie Barton Grech Molly Nelson Harris Katie Martin Hayes Patricia Stevens Hetland Mara Fowler Hunt Michele Collins Keating Katherine Anichini Litgen Anne Preston Dawn Palek Stanek

Class of 2005


Class of 2006

Class of 2007 8%



Grace Ansani Mary Cooper Cara Doyle Maria Gobbi Margaret Strenk Class of 2008


Annice Coughlan Krystina Gralak Lauren Gutierrez Kimberly Schaefer 2%

Class of 2009


Julie Campanaro Analisa Condon Molly Freund Catherine Heywood Alexis Kedo Kaitlin Walsh

Eleanor Harrison Bly Stephanie A. Mullen Class of 2001


Anna Bohlke Katherine Fernholz Margaret Golembiewski Christina Minich Ann C. Romei Amalya Wagner

Melissa Calabrese Margaret Bussa Iverson Catherine B. Jardien Colleen Ronan Leahy Allison Cartozian Oswald Anne Riordan Megan Staff Winifred Ash Stevenson Julia Strobel Fran Lebajo Wu

Delores Colone Jane Hiett Laura Mathews Erin Day Menet Raphaelle Richardson Elizabeth Ryan Kathleen Shanahan


Michelle M. Forcier Julie A. Jacobson Christine Kennedy Erica Salutz

Maria Anichini Jennifer Chaput Mary Fox Amanda Gallegos Gabriella Gobbo Melissa Hain Jennifer Kemnetz Kaitlyn Schaefer

Elizabeth Hollywood Day Kathryn Brennan Dickman Molly Kidder Kerrigan A. McNulty Sarah Quintenz Kelly Dunn Rynes Mary Thoresdale

Class of 2000 12%


Amy Anichini Elisa Applegate Jill Caronia Kimberly Macur Engel Molly C. Lappe Rebecca Parkinson Susan Paul Laura Reynolds Jaspreet K. Saini Kathryn Vela Amanda Zorn Class of 2004


Class of 1999

Patricia Divane Braasch Diane Birkenheier Carroll Amy Dobbelaere Coath Jessica Ward Felice Erin Roscoe Garofoli Emily Gajek Goby Colleen Ebervein Simpson

Ann Schaefer Cluxton Jeanne Farley Marianne Gajek Heavey Leigh Keyser Ashley Esbrook Kosztya Marney Paschen Orchard Marie Patenio Amy Ottensen Reichle Jane Zera Rogers Susan Sanford Smyth Bridget Murray Sullivan


Class of 1998



Brittany Becker Theresa Chaput Blair Elizabeth Nemrava Catalani Margaret Forester Nicole Kusack Elizabeth Marcus Mary Catherine Marrs Anne R. O’Day Jodi Pasowicz Tina Pauley Susan Preston Kelly Scafidi Mary C. Sullivan Class of 2003

Patricia Johnston McCann Margarita Ruiz

Class of 1997

Holly Alcala Jennifer Lynch Coughlan Ingrid Lema Letzig Maureen Martin Loftus Brighid O’Shaughnessy Colleen Mickus Robson

Class of 1993

Jessica Johnson Burzawa Jennifer Froehlich Tracy A. Hollywood Laura Lentino Lori Bielinski Matten Arjumund Mustafa Orellana Aileen Osias Zofia Ruzyc-Draganski Julie Martin Schirmang Ann Geraghty Sepersky Uniqua White

Maureen Collins Meaghan M. Collins Delia Farrell Julia Gillard Kate McHugh Knopick Erin Luby


Class of 1992


Class of 1996

Victoria Scheribel Centurino Elizabeth Collins Duryea Laura E. House Sheila Considine Kailus Emily Murray Kallemeyn Kara D. Kane Kathleen M. McNeela Katherine M. Metres Tulin Ozdeger Megan Riordan Laura Marx Ulepic Colleen Cashion Wilkins Class of 1991


Class of 1994

Class of 1995

Lynne Sansonetti Delany Cathleen Driscoll Dettling Elizabeth Fraterrigo Kelly Rourke Golden Nancy Heidenrich Hanna Michelle Ryan Hebson Julie Egan Heuer Margaret Mitchell Humphrey Elizabeth M. Kinsella Mary Schultze Leonard Sarah Malinowski Yvonne Phillips Papirnik Gina Perille Monica Leguizamon Schmid Class of 1990

Rosemary Schultz Davidson Eileen Kinsella Herber Stella M. Lee Eser D. Ozdeger Julie Doyle Phelan Leslie Slater Steinmeyer Lisa Maggiore Tomassetti Katherine M. Wetoska Claudine Wolski-Gerbel



Ann Marie Belcore Helen Blovsky Maura Farrell Devine Mary Garippo Kristen Landreth Glunz Regina DeLeonardis Heise Julie Lynch Megan Kane Towle Class of 1989

Class of 1984


Class of 1982

Class of 1983

Mary L. Carr Ellen Brady Daffada Carol Eggers Sheila Garvey Gartland Laura Righeimer Janssen Maria E. Monastero Angela Levy Mooney Joanne Spingola Oyer Marianne K. Quinn Dana Weis Mary Collins White

Juliann Benson Teresa McPhillips Bielinski Elizabeth Bright Kimberly Wilson Buck Kathleen Quinn Donohue Trisa Zembron Endicott Susan Poczatek Foley Jo Marie Schiro Lang Tracy Bean McGinnis Mary Divane McManus Anne Jones White

Anne Marie O’Brien Anton Christina A. Fichera-Burke Christine Wilk Kauffman Beth Schultz Martinez Mary Ann McMorrow Melanie Carlson Peterson Antoinette Santacrose Rigali Heather Gehrke Rusk Kathryn Kipper Veech

Mary Ziegelmaier Berger Lisa Valenti Burke Ellen Isaacs Clark Kathryn Larson Conway Kimberly Schumacher Filan Veronica Kirby Fisherkeller Mary Jacobs Gaertner Marianne Iacono Goodwin Noreen Stanton Janson Elizabeth Hauff Joyce Maureen Ward Kirby Anne Carini Maddock Kerrie Dineen McKeough Kathleen Quinlan Regnier Gavin Dezell Schultz

Class of 1988

Eileen Cowhey Sheliga Suzanne Thomas Sarah O’Malley Thorrens

Class of 2002

Michelle Venci Jacqueline Rubin Wacker Ellen Zipprich

Class of 2010

Megan Broderick Mary Ann Pantle Kerry J. Thorrens



Regina Dominican High School Supporters We are grateful to have so many who support our school through membership in the Parents Association and the Booster Club. We would also like to thank those who support our fundraising and “friendraising” efforts at the Golf Outing, the President’s Brunch, the Friends of Regina Luncheon, Dramatic Dining, and the Black and White Benefit.

Elizabeth and Steven Adamczyk Laura Aguilera Holly Alcala (‘91) Catherine and Joseph Allen Mary and Peter Amelse Deborah and Gary Anton Anton’s Greenhouses, Inc. Judith and George Apelian Diane and David Archibald Thea Pazen and Alan Arlan Carolyn and Mike Ashley Louise and Joseph Babula Elodie (‘70) and Geoffrey Bacci The Backyard Barbecue Store The Bagel Restaurant and Deli Maureen and Steve Bailey Albert Baker Julie and Steven Baker Terry and Glenn Baldwin Dorothy Banas Elena and Gianluca Bartolomei Karen (‘64) and Eugene Bassing Meg Thalken and Gary Baugh Ruth Bell Margaret and David Berg Onelia Bergsma Laura (‘76) and Matthew Berrafato Diane and Robert Bihun Bihun Commercial Services, Inc. Black Pearl Gallery Theresa (‘02) and Thomas Blair Patricia (‘86) and Jeff Blockovich Debbie and Rick Bonick Sondra Bosshart Martha (‘74) and Patrick Boudewyns Laura and Daniel Bourbon Marilyn and Arthur Bourgeois Donita (‘69) and Brian Bozek Lisa (‘79) and Brian Braithwaite Lori and Richard Brayer Sally and Joseph Bredemann Sandra Brillakis Rae Jean and John Broderick Edward Brown Lisa and John Bucher Kimberly (‘84) and Greg Buck Mary and John Burlingame Mary and Bill Byrne Enide and Miles Cadena Margaret (‘69) and Richard Cagney Peggy and William Cahill John J Cahill Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Patricia Caine Melissa Calabrese (‘99) Julie and Anthony Campanaro

Julie Campanaro (‘09) S. Cora Campbell, OP Elaine and Patrick Caraher Renee and Joe Cardella Kathy and Roger Carlstrom Olga and James Carrera Mary Carroll Sylvia and Daniel Casaletto Michelle and Michael Cassidy A Center for Oriental Medicine Dianne (‘67) and James Ceriale Catherine (‘71) and Robert Cerone Anthony and Kristina Chapekis Chicago Architecture Foundation Chicago Bears Football Club Chicago Botanic Gardens The Chicago Conservation Center Chicago Cubs Chicago Shakespeare Theater Chicago White Sox Community Relations Bob Chinn’s Crab House Restaurant Joanne and William Chioros Lisa and Phillip Christianson Darlene and Anthony Clancy Class of 1990 Ann Schaefer Cluxton (‘93) Cogan & McNabola, P.C. Laura (‘65) and James Collins Deirdre and Philip Collins Kayla and John Connelly Maureen (‘87) and Michael Connolly Lydia and Patrick Conroy The Container Store Patricia (‘63) and James Conway William Cooper Jr. Mary Dempsey and Philip Corboy Catherine and Russell Costello Virginia and Todd Costigan Annice Coughlan (‘08) Jennifer Lynch Coughlan (‘91) Court Theater Robert Cox Laura and Jerome Cressy Carrie and Daniel Cusack Christine and John D’Amico Sharon and Thomas D’Arcy Elizabeth and Thomas Dammeyer Marianne and Daniel Degnan Sheila and Michael Degnan Lynne (‘89) and Daniel Delany Eleanor Delaplane S. Marjorie Delaplane, OP

Nancy (‘77) and Ralph Deletto Marie and Brian Devlin Pamela and Robert Dhamer Linda Diekman and Owen MacBride Marilyn and Robert Dineen Lisa Doherty (‘79) Diane and John Dolan Millicent and John Donahue Alvina and Robert Donnelly S. Grace Dougherty, OP Mary Kay Dougherty Dover Straits Restaurant Susan (‘71) and William Doyle Jean and Robert Draths Laura and Neil Drohan S. Patricia Dulka, OP Annette and Christopher Eames Egg Harbor Cafe Maureen (‘77) and Joseph Ehrenberg Mary Ellison Sue and LeRoy Endre Diane and Kalilh Esmael Essex Antiques and Collectibles, Ltd. S. Marilee Ewing, OP Sandra and John Fenn Katherine Fernholz (‘06) Karin Fidrych West Christine Finzer (‘74) Betty and Gary Fisher Pamela and Stephen Fitzell Patricia and John Flaherty Elisa and Stephen Fleischer S. Carol T. Fleming, OP Connie Fletcher (‘65) and Trygve Thoreson Flourish- Mary Ruth Ryan Interiors Joan E. Macpherson and Joel D. Fondell Michelle Forcier (‘04) Sandy and Sean Forde Jeannine Forrest and Pierre Talbert Denise (‘77) and David Forshier Laurie Baker Foster (‘74) Martha (‘68) and Richard Fowler Jessica and Alex Fox Daniel W. Fox Catherine and David French Fresh Ideas Clothing Company Molly Freund (‘09) Dani Froelich (‘69) Patricia and Richard Fuentes Full Package Girls Basketball Rose and Steve Funkhouser Connie and Louis Fyda

G. B. Electric Jeanine (‘87) and Michael Gaffke Margaret Burke Gagliardo (‘77) Kathleen Gallagher Amanda Gallegos (‘05) Elizabeth and Michael Galliani Natalie and Anthony Garcia Jean and Clifford Gartner Litteria and David Garza Maria and John Gast Kathy and Terrence Gavin Julie and Lee Gawron Julie (‘87) and John Gay Nancy and Luis Gaytan Geneva Trading, LLC Margaret (‘69) and Daniel Georgevich Sharon Giankos Laurie and David Gibson Gibson Couture Cleaners Glenbrook Auto Parts Glenview Park District Glenview State Bank Jean and Louis Glunz Glunz Beers Patricia Gluth Elizabeth and Bruno Gobbi Gabriella Gobbo Pilar and Heraclio Gomez Goode and Fresh Pizza Bakery Goodworth Kitchie & Associates, L.L.C. Teresa Swafford Grady Kerr (‘78) Mary and James Graehling Krystina Gralak (‘08) Virginia Grant Graziano’s The Green Bay Packers Sandra and Lars Greiner Kathleen Greisch Maureen and Christopher Griffith Rose Anne Grimes S. Anne Guinan, OP Tammy and John Gustafson, Jr. Patricia Gutekanst (‘73) and John Donahue Hackney’s On Lake, Inc. Sally and John Hager Jill and Mike Halpin Betsy and Michael Hammond Katherine and Joseph Hancock Kimberly (‘86) and Kevin Hand Nancy Hanna (‘89) Elizabeth (‘67) Harasek and Steve Bleeker Molly (‘97) and Daniel Harris

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40 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 41

Annual Report

Annual Report

High School Supporters continued from page 41 Harris Theater for Music and Dance Michelle (‘89) and Colin Hebson Harriet Heinz (‘68) and Frank Partipilo Hel’s Kitchen Catering Patricia and Karl Held Debra and Craig Henderson Leslie and Albert Herbst Herff Jones Catherine Heywood (‘09) Concetta and Robert Hicks Sarah and Gordon Hill Northbrook Hilton Michele and George Hinchcliff Marlene (‘68) and Thomas Hines Jane Hinton-Kedo and Paul Kedo RIP Mary and Michael Hoenig Margaret (‘77) and Michael Hogan Catherine and Bernard Hollywood Colleen Holohan (‘80) and Marc Elberts Kathryn and Matthew Horne Mary and Daniel Houlihan Diane Washburne House (‘66) Rebeka and Esad Hoxha HR Imaging Partners S. Mary Hrovat, OP Nancy Leoni and Paul Hughes Gail Hussey Denise and Peter Illing Susan and Mark Imburgia Sue Imhoff Karen and Carl Interrante Irish Connoisseur Julie Jacobson (‘04) Judith Hamill and Thomas Jaconetty John Jameson Ann and Paul Jankiewicz Jennings Chevrolet Karen and Randy Johnson Suzanne (‘68) and Robert Johnson Mary Johnston (‘80) Elizabeth and John Jones Laura Becker and James Judge Nancy Okoobo-Kadiri and John Kadiri Denise and James Kane Jerry Karzen’s Tennis/ Basketball Camps Kate Oelerich Photography Deanna and Darren Kelly Patricia and James Kelly Jennifer Kemnetz (‘05) Ken’s Quick Print Christine Kennedy (‘04) Susan and Jonathan Keyes Deborah and Russell Kieres Pastor Soo-Young Kim Kathryn Schutt-Kinnear and Brian Kinnear Elizabeth Kinsella (‘89) Elisa Lewis Kline Linda and Jerry Knapp Knauz Auto Group Dawn and C. John Koch Carol and Bill Kolodziej Nichaput and Prayat Kopsombut Janice Kostelny Joanna (‘71) and Jeffrey Kotecki Julie and Harry Jansen Kraemer Jr. S. Joan Krajewski, OP Joan and Steven Kraus Joan Krebs Joyce and Lloyd Kurkowski Nicole Kusack (‘02)

Lad & Lassie Marilyn and Rudolph Lading Lambrecht’s Jewelers Bridget (‘66) and Thomas Lamont Marilyn Lange Molly Lappe (‘03) Anthony and Phyllis Lauinger Jung Gu and Nan Hee Lee Cynthia and Richard Leick Joan and Joseph Lentino Karen and Eugene Leone Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. Marge and Homer Livingston Maureen (‘91) and Robert Loftus Elizabeth Luxem (‘62) Julie Lynch (‘88) Rosana and Domingo Mabbagu Ann Macur Mary Jo Maddux Nancy and R. Hugh Magill Kathleen (‘80) and Timothy Maher Katherine (‘62) and Paul Malm Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria Michael Malone Judy and John Maloney Amy and Robert Maloney Marisco Capital Management, LLC Joy and Jerry Maros Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre Patricia and Joseph Martin Lynn and Royal Martin Beth and Gregory Martinez Courtney Marx Kathleen Marx Maria and Jordan Masi Newmark Mary Jo and Thomas McCabe Corinne (‘70) and William McClintic Kathleen McCollum Betty Pat and Richard McCoy Anne McDermott Molly and Michael McDermott Patricia McDonell Mary McGarry Kathleen (‘65) and Michael McGinty Patricia Curtner and Timothy McGree Eunice Sullivan and Michael McGuire Maureen McHugh Susan and Patrick McInerney Mary (‘76) and Andrew McKenna Anne McKeown Mary (‘84) and Mike McManus Mary Ann McMorrow (‘81) Kerrigan McNulty (‘98) Margaret (‘79) and Christopher McNulty Erin (‘01) and Marc Menet Sheila Mickus Nancy (‘80) and Art Miller Theresa and Thomas Miller Marilyn Mints Mary Mints (‘72) Judith and Michael Monaco Maria Monastero (‘83) Martha Barthel and Fred Monick Angela (‘83) and Michael Mooney Kayte and Chuck Moran Laura and Keith Morris Margaret and H. Patrick Morris Constance and David Morrison Sylvia (‘80) and Daniel Mossell Patsy Mueller Mary Joan Gilmour and Paul Mullen Stephanie Mullen (‘00)

42 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Melanie Murphy My Sister’s Closet, Ltd. Alida and James Nally Laurette Heinz Natale (‘70) Nature’s Perspective Landscaping, Inc. Patricia and John Nemrava Maribeth Nesbitt (‘69) and Manuel De Para Elizabeth (‘80) and Michael Neville Sally and Gary Nickele Winifred Nimrod (‘79) and Mark Demsky No Man’s Land Pizza and Grill Norshore Meats and Deli North Shore Community Bank Northbrook Park District Northern Trust The Northwest Passage Notre Dame High School for Boys Dan Nykaza, DDS Janet Edmunds O’Connell (‘66) Norah and Eamonn O’Connor S. Marion O’Connor, OP Anne O’Day (‘02) Terry and Bradley O’Donnell Jaqueline and Patrick O’Donnell Amy (‘70) and Daniel O’Donoghue Ann and Daniel O’Grady Eileen and Timothy O’Mahony Jane and Thomas O’Malley Anne O’Reilly (‘68) Catherine E. O’Reilly (‘68) Mary Louise O’Reilly (‘67) and Robert Bussa Rosemary and Stephen Olson Marney Paschen Orchard (‘93) Susan and E.J Orr Aileen Osias (‘94) Tulin Ozdeger (‘90) and Mark Andersen S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP Margaret and William Palmer Elizabeth and Robert Parkinson Joan Pasek Patricia Astor Gomez Foundation Kathleen and Steve Patterson Susan Paul (‘03) Dianne (‘69) and Kenneth Paxson Barbara and Robert Perkaus Stephanie and John Phelan Diane and Jim Philbin Picture Us Different Dance Studio Suellen and William Piggott Adrienne and Lawrence Pike Nancy and Michael Pins Josephine and Albert Pisterzi Michelle Mann-Pogaznik and John Pogaznik Cheryl Jacobs Porter (‘79) Premier Designs Louise (‘65) and Kenneth Przywara Sharon and Clayton Purdy Mary Pat (‘78) and David Pyles Queen of All Saints Basilica Sheryl and John Quinlan Mary Quirke Eleonor Ramirez Theresa and John Rauber Stacy Regulski Anne and John Reilly Joanie (‘72) and Robert Reynolds Teri and John Richards Antoinette (‘81) and John Rigali The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago Carol (‘68) and Robert Rizzie Sarah Grimes Robey (‘78)

Donna and Daniel Roche Margaret Durkin (‘80) and James Roche Kathy and Michael Roche Mary (‘74) and Richard Rock Jane Zera Rogers (‘93) Mary Ann Chambers and Randall Romei Terri and Charles Rubey Runners Edge MaryJane and Gerard Russell Zofia Ruzyc-Draganski (‘94) Lourdes (‘80) and Martin Ryczek Stella Ryou Kathy and Ray Rzany S & S Roof Maintenance, Inc. Jaspreet Saini (‘03) Susan Santacaterina and Charles M. Sanders S. Corinne Sanders, OP Saugatuck’s Maplewood Hotel Kelly N. Scafidi (‘02) Scandia Catering Kaitlyn M. Schaefer (‘05) Ruth Schaefer Grace and William Schatz Arlene Schira Julie Martin Schirmang (‘94) Barbara and James Schuetz Missy (‘87) and William Schufreider Danise and Michael Schukies Kathy and Steve Schulte Susan (‘66) and Kenneth Schultz Mary and Robert Schultze Cheryl Schulz Christine Schutt-Voss John G. Searle Family Trust The Second City Margaret and Michael Sexton SFX Baseball Group Shawnee Service Garage Inc. John G. Shedd Aquarium Sharon and Christopher Shelley Deborah and Mohammad Shemirani Martha and Frank Shuford Lucyna and Krysztof Sielski Sisters of St. Francis Christine Gehm Skoglund (‘70) Patricia and George Skoul Tina and Michael Small Florence Smith Karen Smith (‘72) Margaret Smith (‘66) Mary Ryan-Smith and Randall Smith Marilyn and Mark Smolenski Susan Sanford Smith (‘93) Wendy and John Sneed South Gate Cafe Donald Sprague St. Edward Parish St. Mary of the Woods Parish St. Norbert Church St. Tarcissus Parish St. Thecla Parish Carol and Scott Steelman Leslie (‘85) and Philip Steinmeyer S. Jeanne Stickling, OP Janice and James Stoner

Nancy (‘78) and David Strenk Christine and Eric Strobel Stuart-Rodgers Ltd Lisa and Marcus Sulejmani Mary and Daniel Sullivan Dorothy Turek and George Sullivan Jr. Geralyn Sullivan (‘79) Mrs. Harold E. Sullivan Donna and Scott Sutcliffe Diane and Joseph Svachula Mary Beth and George Talhami Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa Terry Tasche Photography Peggy Bolton Thomas and Donald Thomas Sarah (‘82) and Eliseo Thorrens Margaret Hogan Tilson (‘79) Lisa LaPiana Timbo (‘86) Nancy and Fred Timmreck Lisa Maggiore Tomassetti (‘85) Sheila and Gerald Tomaszewski Mary Lawrence and Daniel Tonkel Lydia Torrese Mary Ann (‘73) and Stephen Travnik Stephanie and Lawrence Traynoff Candace and Rudolph Trejo Marianne and Philip Troyk Mary Elizabeth Neilly and Michael Tufano Margo Turner Tutoring Resources Ana and Ernesto Valenzuela George Vander Vennet Jr. Barbara Vela Margaret and Scott Verhey Denise Viverito-Frederick Maureen (‘72) and Michael Volini Theresa and Charles Wagner Deborah and Eugene Walega Walgreens Kimberly and James Walsh S. Marie Bride Walsh, OP Jacky Walther (‘72) and Robert Kielian Candace (‘73) and Israel Warens Margaret (‘80) and Andrew Warzecha Dianne Weinand (‘64) Jennifer (‘78) and Robert Welch Rosemary and James West Westin Chicago North Shore Marilyn Wethekam (‘69) Sheila and Brian Whalen Wanda Tyndall-White and J.T. White Uniqua J. White (‘94) Therese and Jim Wildman Wilmette Optimist Club Foundation Wilmette Park District Wilmette Tailors & Cleaners Laura and David Winters Renee and James Wochner Cynthia Topel and Frank Wollney Mardi (‘63) and Garry Woodward Jerilyn (‘75) and Gary Wright Jeanne Wussler (‘86) Yard House Restaurants Yellow Bird Card & Gift Shop Joan and Robert Yohanan Elizabeth (‘69) and Chris Yore Myrna and Robert Zalesny Susan and Philip Zera Zier’s Prime Meat Ellen M. Zipprich (‘93) Amanda S. Zorn (‘03)

Scholarships at Regina Dominican


t the 2011 Black and White Benefit, the scholarship auction raised $30,000 for tuition assistance. This helped support the nearly $350,000 Regina offered in financial aid to 175 deserving students during the 2010-2011 school year. It is a goal of Regina Dominican High School to ensure that no student is denied a Catholic, Dominican education because of financial constraints. It is with your help that we can reach this goal. In this tough economic time, the best investment you can make is in the future of a Regina Girl. Every family at Regina pays something toward their tuition commitment; financial assistance only funds a portion of the tuition costs. It is also important to note that students receiving financial assistance must maintain a grade average of 85%. Tuition assistance is funded through the Regina Dominican Fund, the Alumnae Scholarship Fund, the Sponsor a Student program and numerous endowed scholarships.

Alumnae Scholarship Fund

The Alumnae Scholarship fund was established to provide tuition assistance for those students who demonstrate financial need and are in good academic standing. The Alumnae Scholarship Fund is supported through gifts made by generous donors and through the Scholarship Auction held at the annual Black and White Benefit. Gifts can be made in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Below is a list of the 2010-2011 awards given through the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. Margaret “Peggy” Brennan Baker Scholarship Award S. Martinelle Bonnell, OSF, Ph.D. Leadership Award S. Rita Cecile Boyle, OP Scholarship Award Hon. Joan Corboy ’70 Scholarship Award S. Ann Fallon, OP Leadership Award Patricia Astor Gomez ’84 Foundation Award Roseann Harrington ’87 Award Mary “Lyz” Heirich ’63 Scholarship Award Helen Mary House Scholarship Award Nancy Kane Scholarship Award Elizabeth ’02 and Jacob Kotecki Memorial Scholarship Award Mary Jo Kunzer ’81 Memorial Scholarship Award S. Joan Marie Meidinger Award Rey Pascua Scholarship Award S. Piennette, OP Scholarship Award Betty Schayer Memorial Award Senior Class Award Regina Dominican Dance Scholarship Award

Mary Cathlin Sullivan ’02 presents Victoria Kane ’11 with the Kay and George Penman Sullivan Senior Award for Catholic Action.

Sponsor a Student

Through the Sponsor a Student program, donors can invest in a student who is need of financial aid. With the gift of $2,500 or more, a sponsor will be matched up with a student and encouraged to build a connection. Students in need of scholarship are in all grade levels and for that reason we encourage sponsors to consider making a multi-year commitment to a student.

Named Endowed Scholarships

Named scholarships are endowed so that the corpus is invested and the annual distributions are used to fund scholarships for deserving students. Currently, the minimum amount needed to be considered fully–funded is $50,000 within a five year period. Endowed scholarships may be named in the donor family name or in honor or memory of a loved one. Donations can also be made to an already established named scholarship. The following are endowed scholarships. Maureen Brannen ’83 Memorial Scholarship Arthur and Glenna Collins Scholarship Liz Livingston Howard ’82 Scholarship Roberta Jean Irsay ’74 Scholarship Patrick Sean Lynch Scholarship Mulvihill Family Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ritten Scholarship Sullivan Family Scholarship Please contact Kerrigan McNulty ’98 at or 847-256-7660 for more information on investing in the future of Regina Dominican women. 

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 43

Annual Report

Annual Report

The 2011 Black White Benefit

Black and White Benefit Underwriters Platinum Level ($10,000)

Elizabeth and Robert Parkinson Gold Level ($5,000)

Martha (‘74) and Patrick Boudewyns Daniel W. Fox Glenview State Bank Carol (‘68) and Robert Rizzie


egina Dominican High School celebrated the 21st annual Black and White Benefit on February 26, 2011 at the Westin North Shore in Wheeling. Co-chair couples Danise and Michael Schukies and Mary and Michael McManus and their volunteers raised more than $117,000 for Regina Dominican High School, including $30,000 in scholarship aid and $7,000 for Teacher’s Wish Lists. For the first time, the Black and White Benefit offered online bidding which opened the evening up to parents, alumnae and friends of Regina who were not able to attend the event. Apple iPads were utilized at the benefit for an easy, more streamlined way of bidding on silent auction items. Honoree, Mr. Daniel W. Fox, was presented with the Regina Caeli Award by President Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP.  The Regina Caeli Award is presented annually at the Black and White Benefit to honor persons who have been strong, faithful supporters and promoters of the life and mission of the school.  Fox, a current parent, graduate parent, Board member and now Regina Caeli Award winner, proudly donned his newest title as an “Honorary Regina Girl”. After a dinner comprised of gourmet carving, seafood, vegetarian and sushi stations, the live auction commenced. Items included Skybox tickets to a Bulls game, a vacation in Saugatuck, MI and premiere “Princess Parking,” offering one lucky girl a spot right outside of Regina’s main entrance. 

44 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Silver Level ($1,250)

Sheila Mickus Elizabeth (‘80) and Michael Neville Bronze Level ($750)

Diane and Robert Bihun Sarah and Gordon Hill Judith Hamill and Thomas Jaconnetty Mary (‘84) and Michael McManus Joanie (‘72) and Robert Reynolds

Teacher’s Wish List

Co-Chairs Danise Schukies and Mary McManus ’84

Randy Smith and Diane Svachula browse the auction tables at the Black and White Benefit.

Black and White Benefit honoree, Daniel W. Fox, accepts the Caeli Award from Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, President.

Joanie Schulte Reynolds ’72, Kathy Troka Cerone ’71, and Betsy Unger Neville ’80.

Maureen and Steve Bailey Martha (‘74) and Patrick Boudewyns Julie and Anthony Campanaro Daniel W. Fox Jean and Clifford Gartner Molly (‘97) and Daniel Harris Judith Hamill and Thomas Jaconetty Carol and Bill Kolodziej Anthony and Phyllis Lauinger Corinne (‘70) and William McClintic Patricia McDonell Rosemary and Stephen Olson Susan Paul (‘03) Anne and John Reilly Joanie (‘72) and Robert Reynolds Carol (‘68) and Robert Rizzie Mary (‘74) and Richard Rock Mary Ann Chambers and Randall Romei MaryJane and Gerard Russell Kathy and Ray Rzany Margaret Smith (‘66) Mary Ryan-Smith and Randall Smith

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 45

looking back

looking back

Alumnae Gatherings

School Productions

Alumnae Open House

Young Alumnae Christmas Luncheon

On November 14, 2010, the Office of Alumnae Relations hosted an Open House Breakfast for prospective Panthers and their alumnae moms! 

The Young Alumnae Christmas Luncheon took place on December 17, 2010. Alumnae from the graduating classes of 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 returned to Regina to catch up with old friends and join the current student body for the Christmas Prayer Service. Please email Melissa Morrissey Walton ’97, with the Office of Alumnae Relations, if you are interested in being part of our 2011 event. 

Teresa and Ann Kielian ’11 and Maureen Cuniff Volini ’72

Alexis Interrante, Claire Draths, Lauren Macur Brousil, and Ashley Murray from the Class of 2010

Riley Kinsella ’09 and Tressa Graehling ’09

During the 2010-2011 school year, the O’Shaughnessy Theater was home to the The Sound of Music, Break a Leg and the spring children’s play, The Adventures of Peter Rabbit.  Break a Leg

The Sound of Music

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit

Prom, Convocation, and Graduation Junior High Sarah Kabbani ’11 was crowned Queen at Regina’s Prom which was held on May 20, 2011 at the Westin in downtown Chicago. Regina’s Convocation ceremony for the class of 2011 was held on May 26, 2011. All students, senior parents, and guests were invited to attend this honors assembly recognizing achievements made by the class of 2011. The 51st Baccalaureate and Commencement Ceremony took place on May 28 in Regina’s O’Shaughnessy Theater. The Honorable Virginia Cowhey Kendall, JD ’80 delivered the alumna reflection and Ann Kielian ’11 gave the graduation address. The Reverend Andrew M. Wawrzyn of Saint Peter Catholic Parish in Skokie was the celebrant of the Baccalaureate Mass. 

Mary Therese Barron Faherty ’89

US Army Scholar Athlete Award winner, Aileen Campanaro

Erin McClintic, Corinne E. McClintic ’70, S. Peggy Coyne, OP Emily Svachula, Erica Collins, Kara Tomaszewski, and Sara Dickinson from the Class of 2010

Friends of Regina Luncheon

Leadership Conference

George McCaskey, Vice Chairman of the Chicago Bears, was the keynote speaker at Regina’s annual Junior High Leadership Conference held on October 7, 2010. Junior high student council members from across the Chicago area got the chance to experience leadership and ambassador roles at the high school level. Regina partnered with Notre Dame College Prep for this all-day event. 

The Friends of Regina Luncheon was held at the Glenview Club on December 1, 2010. Alumnae, graduate parents, family and friends are invited annually to attend this delightful afternoon event that has become a holiday tradition.  Mary Schultze and Mary Louise O’Reilly ’67

Marsha Grasseschi, Marge Livingston, and Peggy Martay Kathy Rzany and Eun Hee Lee Alyssa Smith

Mardi Gill Woodward ’63

46 Regina Dominican Magazine • Fall 2011

Sarah Kabbani and date

The Class of 2011

S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, George McCaskey, Kathy Rzany

Student Council members from Regina and Notre Dame

Fall 2011 • Regina Dominican Magazine 47

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Lake Forest, IL Permit No. 79

701 Locust Road | Wilmette, IL 60091-2217 |

Regina Domincan Administration, Staff and Faculty Administration 2010-2011

Faculty 2010-2011

President: Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP Principal: Kathy Rzany Academic Dean: Patricia McDonell Director of Student Life: Carol Fitt Kolodziej Athletic Director: Bob Carlson Director of Technology: Jane Washburne Director of Finance: Daniel Roche Director of Admissions: Patricia Fuentes Director of Advancement: Kerrigan McNulty ’98

Staff 2010-2011 Sue Endre Rose Etter Katherine Fernholz ’06 Patricia Flaherty Marguerite Garner Molly Nelson Harris ’97 Grace Hartzler Katie Hickey

Catherine Hollywood Kitty Horne Peggy Kerrigan McNulty ’79 Chuck Moran Patricia Nemrava John Plas Grace Schatz

Reunion Weekend October 28-29, 2011 See page 25 for details, or scan this QR code with your smartphone for more info!


Physical Education

Beth Spagna, Campus Minister Deborah Fumagalli, OSF, Chair Andrew Knobbe Nereida Pereda Cora Campbell, OP

Rachel McMillin, Chair

English Verna Allworth ’77 Kathleen Burke, Ph.D. ’64 Pam Cassidy Kate Houston Alice Price, Ph.D. Chair Dianne Weinand ’64 Fine Arts Art: Shannon Reuland Theater: Dianne Weinand ’64, Chair Music: David Hiett Dance: Judith Carrera ’02 Foreign Language French: Mary Ellen Scandale, Chair Latin: Daniel Ristin Spanish: Joanne Brixner, Christine Lauinger, Barbara Parikh Mathematics Anna Bohlke ’06 Tom Hagensick Karen Huber Sandra Lochner Maureen McHugh Mary Stenson

Science Kenneth Finder John Jameson, Chair Maureen McHugh Patsy Mueller Karen Scotese Therese Wildman Social Studies Thomas Nelson Marion O’Connor, OP, Chair Michael Small Mark Szczepkowski Brad Williams Student Services Mike Betlinski Patricia Caine, Ph.D. Chair Michele Day Technology Jane Washburne, Chair Barbara Zapszalka, Library Danise Schukies, Library Clinic Marti Barthel Mary Cay Roder

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