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Understand the world around you.

Make a difference. Explore economics. To find out more about how you could make a difference

For more information aboutvisit: what economics is visit if you study economics, www.rba.gov.au/education www.rba.gov.au/education


YOU’VE GOT THE POWER... ... to understand the w

orld around you


ions ected by economic decis very day our lives are aff de lly and ones that are ma – ones we ma ke persona d an als du ivi ind w about ho by others. Economics is to s rce ou res d ite lim te their societies choose to alloca we w ho ut abo it’s , nts. In other words meet their needs and wa incentives, ty — how we respond to rci choose to deal with sca and how we — ts efi up costs and ben igh we d an fs -of de tra ma ke d what’s fair. decide what’s efficient an us a quite powerful in giving Economic concepts are ke. These ma we s about the decision framework for thinking example for — s ion ke persona l decis concepts can help us ma y can the d An . ek nd or save each we c policy about how much we spe bli pu , ws ne t ou ger picture: ab big the d an rst de un us help informed voters. and even how to be more so many is that it intersects with The beauty of economics politics and y, tor his on sis can draw aly an ic om on Ec es. lin discip s and maths. In havioral science, statistic be as ll we as y, ph gra geo to modelling ing economic questions ask m fro ve mo u yo as t, fac use STEM. to those questions, you ers sw an the ing tify an or qu monly ask? do economics students com s ion est qu of ts sor at Wh d public policy. sted in what ma kes goo ere int ry ve are nts de Stu in relation to the fut ure holds for them at wh ow kn to nt wa ey Th tiona l equity, e inequality, intergenera om inc h, wt gro c mi no eco , how to y can ever afford property job opportunities, how the economic use to w ho d ancia l Crisis, an Fin l ba Glo er oth an oid av environment. incentives to protect the ial wellbeing, issues of material and soc big to go s ion est qu ese Th nt. By studying interesting and importa th bo cs mi no eco g kin ma your day job. estions like these can be qu ng eri sw an cs, mi no eco



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create a better future

Care erswithST EM.c


TERM 2, 2018

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! k r a m r u o Make y Invest your future in economics


hat kind of person does it take to study economics? Well, just about anyone can. There is way more to economics than just money. Economics is about understanding how different choices affect people’s quality of life, what business decisions mean for the environment, why countries trade with each other, how government policies address poverty and even what drives trends in the prices of milk! Careers in economics are on the up, so whether you’re a community crusader, keen to research global issues or lusting after a well-off wage, there’s a job out there for you.

#1 crime fighter


Actually, criminologist . Economics has a lot to contribute to our understanding of crime — this could be the first step to sol ving the case. Check out superstar eco nomist/ criminologist Steve Ye ong’s story in box (right).

Internationals organisation and

science Got a strong social con , World Bank, keen to work for the UN er NGOs? Put aid organisations or oth ng pover ty kli your skills towards tac tter place be a and making the world mics. no eco through development


Business stractoengsyultancy management h well-known employers like

us, but wit This might seem obvio job opportunities MG providing plentiful PwC, Deloitte and KP your thing. be sed economics could (see box), business-ba

#5 Stockbroking and investment banking It’s no secret that there’s big money to be made. So if you’re a calculated risk-taker and a people person, this is the job for you.


#4 Environmental economist This is a fairly new discipline, exploring the relationship between the economy and the environment. Given the challenges the environment faces now and into the future, chances are this field will keep growing.

#6 Government policy Be part of the decision-making processes that affect an entire nation with the aim to maximise quality of life and reduce inequality. Think: evaluating funding for infrastructure, health programs and education.


#7 Central banks

monetar y Keen to contribute to luence the policy decisions that inf my? If you direction of the econo mic data, are interested in econo velopments financial markets or de , then the in the banking system to make RBA could be the place an impact.

who’s hiring? Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

The RBA offers a two-year Graduate Development Program and an inter nship. Check out rba.gov.au/careers.


KPMG has a graduate program and also a holiday program. Check out bit.ly/CwMKPMG.


Deloitte’s career path includes a paid internship (summer holiday program) and a graduate development program. Visit bit.ly/CwMDeloitte.


PwC offers a holiday program (internship), graduate program and traineeship (earn while you learn ). Check out pwc.com.au/careers.

#8 Research and development (R&D) R+D isn’t just about coming up with creative ideas for how to do and make new things — for those ideas to become reality, learning how to implement them correctly is crucial. The theory and technical skills you take away from economics come in handy here.


the law on lockout Newtown weekends, licy data analysis and poof Steve evaluation are part reer Yeong’s economics ca started hen Steve Yeong first s to become university, the plan wa t things didn’t an events manager, bu y. quite work out that wa nt management eve in led rol “I was en hnology Sydney at the University of Tec students to take (UTS), which requires unit,” Steve a first-year economics tting a taste remembers. “Af ter ge nomic thinking, of economics and eco ended up switching I became hooked and year. courses the following in Newtown e tim of lot a “I spent e and during the during my adolescenc what really Honours program. So ic [Sydney’s prompted my thesis top effect s on crime] lockout laws and their change in the was seeing firsthand the wtown on Friday crowds coming into Ne lowing the and Saturday nights, fol kouts.” introduction of the loc d a policy ere off er lat s Steve wa NSW Bureau of evaluation job with the search and has Crime Statistics and Re in Economics. He since enrolled in a PhD job opportunit y credit s his thesis for the the deep dive into and preparing him for ds and technical policy evaluation metho in crime analysis. issues commonly found — Tiffany Hutton


Bachelor of Business (Hons), UTS

Senior research officer, BOCSAR

Data analytics Economics not only gives you technical skills in analysing Big Data, but also the conceptual skills to consider solutions to problems. Demand for these skills comes from fields as diverse as marketing, tech companies and even sports-team performance. Huge choices!


PhD in economics, UNSW



A good economy

s offers some very cool The world of economic eck out the stories Ch . ns tio op er re ca e rs and dive pher and Madeleine of RBA recruits Christo

christopher wong

big-picture guy Working at the Reserve Bank of australia (RBA) was a career goal for this financial stability analyst



ou learn about the RBA in high school economics and how it’s the place you want to be challenged in economic thought,” says Chris. He was interested in using maths as a basis for creative understanding, so he decided on economics as a career. Now Chris is part of the RBA team, analysing global developments and monitoring risks in the Australian financial system to help prevent recessions. “The health of the financial system can have large and lasting impacts on the economy and society. I get to work on really challenging issues that go towards trying to help the Australian people,” Chris says. Seeing the big picture of how his work affects everyday Australians is what makes it meaningful for Chris. But if you think his job is all about maths, think again. Economics requires a lot of humanities skills, examining policies and understanding their impact. “Maths is such a powerful and broad field which can be used to solve so many problems and be applied in so many different ways,” he says. Chris feels lucky to walk through the RBA doors every day. He was at uni when he scored a job on the back of a successful internship with the bank, and hit the ground running. “I get up every morning because I have four alarms set,” jokes Chris. “I get up on the fourth alarm [because] the bank has great emphasis on work/life balance; which ultimately gives you more brain power.” – Eliza Brockwell

Bachelor of Economics/Law, UNSW


Internship, RBA

Financial stability analyst, RBA


maths Is a stepping stone to so many careers.”

madeleine mccowage

WORLD focus Problem-solving and lateral-thinking skills from high school maths led this rba economist to her first job


would advise anyone against dropping maths — it’s such a bad idea!” says Madeleine. “Maths is a stepping stone to so many careers.” From China to Paris, Madeleine is now something of a diplomat in her work with the RBA as a senior analyst, evaluating the Chinese economy to understand trade elements like exchange rates or capital flows, and how these affect our economy. You can find Madeleine working bright and early at 7am each morning, to catch up on international developments from the night before. Her role involves a lot of communication to understand and relay these economic updates. “Economists are no longer just trapped in coding software and equations — they are out in force, explaining market developments and policy to an interested public.” This year, Madeleine is off to Paris with a scholarship from the RBA to study a Masters in International Economic Policy. Career development opportunities like this are what the bank is all about. “There is a push to encourage women to study economics and work at the RBA,” she says. “Not just women; LGBTIQ, Indigenous Australians and other minorities. There is lots of support to take the next step.” – Eliza Brockwell

Bachelor of Economics (Honours), University of Sydney

Economist, RBA Senior analyst, RBA


Senior dealer, foreign exchange dealing, RBA

Undertaking Masters in International Economic Policy, 2018



l l i w h t a p h c Whi you take?

Convinced a career in ec onomics is the right move, but not sure how to take the first step? Go with the flow (chart!) and find out

What’s your (economic) passion? Social/global/ environmental issues

Company/big business issues

Government and policy fields

(think: development economics, environmental economics)

(business strategy, data analytics and management consulting)

(monetary policy, fiscal policy, competition policy)

High school Look closely at the details of subjects you are interested in, and remember to look out for economics! If economics isn’t offered, think about other subjects like commerce, maths, history or even psychology. Some organisations offer work experience for students interested in economics.

ECONOMICS UNDERGRAD Choose electives that take you where you want to go and look at your postgrad options (see below). Heart set on working somewhere specific? Look to intern there.

ECONOMICS UNDERGRAD Again, opting for the right elective will be your friend. For some on-the-job perspective, PwC offers traineeships and lots of other big employers including Deloitte, KPMG and Deutsche Bank offer holiday programs/internships.



ey offers The University of Sydn ster of Ma postgrad units in blic Policy, Pu of Economics or Master the wn do which can lead you ck. The tra cs mi environmental econo ster ma ng eri off list is long for unis earn to y ad Re rs. programs; ask at you o als nk Ba rld some cash? The Wo m gra pro p shi offers a (paid!) intern . for postgrad students


Go big! Top-tier emplo yers offer great graduate progra ms that can really kick-star t your career. Interested in postgrad ? Masters and PhD programs are available at most Australian unive rsities, some of which have dedicate d business schools. Get familiar wit h the Schools/Faculties of Ec onomics at UNSW, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydn ey and UQ.



Choose electives that tie into the type of work governm ent is doing, think macroeco nomics, public policy, finance.

PUBLIC POLICY PEEPS Both the RBA and Treasury offer great internship and graduate development programs. Other government departments also offer graduate programs, some of which allow you to pursue pathways that aren’t directly linked to your qualification. Looking for postgrad? Tap these key searches into your fave uni sites: economics; public policy; economic policy; policy evaluation.


Ca n’t see your pa the pa ge? Don’t ssion on sweat it. If your sweet-s busi ness or orga pot nisation doesn’t of fer fo internsh ips, cr rmal eate Do your homew one. or and pitch yourse k lf!

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Careers with STEM: Economics 2018  

Economics careers are on the up, and can take you to diverse fields. Economics is about understanding how different choices affect people’s...

Careers with STEM: Economics 2018  

Economics careers are on the up, and can take you to diverse fields. Economics is about understanding how different choices affect people’s...

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