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Bullet Journal

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Elegant. Useful. Evergreen. Its versatility as well as the wide range of cover materials and printing options make it always up to date, whether it is a notebook or a diary. Just pick the version you prefer and make the most out of it. It will speak for your brand.

Materials: Balacron, Pu, full colour printed paper, cloth, creative papers

Printing techniques: Embossing, coloured hot foil print, digital, offset, screen print

Sizes: Standard (A4, A5, A6) and tailor-made Takkuino

Covers: Hard / Soft

Takkuino PU Digital UV print Balacron

Cover Materials


Full colour printed paper


Customizing options

Customizable closing devices

Coloured ribbon page marker

Coloured paper edges

Customized cover sleeve

Printing techniques


Coloured hot foil print

Full colour print

Hard/flexible covers

Pen loop

Customized inner layout

Paper pockets

Inner layout

Uv digital foil







Customized elastic band

Be inspired by the vibrant colours and unique smell of regenerated leather. Its flexibility and velvety touch make it suitable to several products as well as binding options, from wire-o to stitching. It is available in more than 20 standard colours, but it can be produced in Pantone colour upon request. Discover the endless possibilities of Retime collection to make your promotion classy and mostly effective.

Colours and finishes: Natural, standard, Pantone. Saffiano, Country, Vintage

Printing techniques: Embossing, coloured hot foil print, digital, screen print

Sizes: Standard (A4, A5, A6, A7) and tailor-made Retime

Covers: Flexible, perfect bound or with refillable inner content

Soft regenerated leather cover to customize with your logo Possible adds on: elastic band closure, pen loop


Old - code 86

Retime Refillable

Retime Bound

Elegant stitching along the edges Useful inner pockets for business cards Refillable inner content

Several closing devices available: regenerated leather closing button, elastic band closure, removable regenerated leather flap Wide selection of colours and finishes for cover

Retime Vintage

Several pocket, desk and travel accessories available

Soft and flexible regenerated leather with a charming grainy texture

100% customizable

2 textures available (iguana and elephant) and 3 warm colors

Special productions upon request

Perfect bound book

Wide range of cover models and binding options


Coloured wire-o binding

Manager - code 97

Regular - code 82

Retime Wire-o

Be inspired by our wide selection of eco-friendly materials. The rough surfaces and warm colours of Recycle me range will give your product a deeply natural look. The evocative colours of Green Mood papers containing up to 30% alimentary waste will make your gift look unique. The plain smooth surfaces of the Go Grey cardboards will offer a sturdy smooth support to your promotions. Just pick the eco-friendly collection you prefer.

Materials: wide selection of recycled cardboards

Printing techniques: embossing, coloured hot foil print, screen print

Sizes: Standard (A4, A5, A6, A7) and tailor-made Eco-Friendly

Covers: Hard / Soft

Slim - code 640

Green Mood Takkuino - code 630

Green Mood Cotton

Covers made from papers containing up to 30% alimentary waste (coffee, almonds, hazelnuts, kiwi fruits, olives, citrus fuits, corn) and produced with 100% green energy

Cover papers containing recycled cotton fibers

Several cover models available

Wide choice of binding options: perfect bound, wire-o bound, refillable covers

Go Grey

Regular - code 31

Trend - code 990

Canvas - code 998

Wide choice of binding options: perfect bound, wire-o bound, refillable covers

E-old - code 41

Soft surfaces with light colours


Thick hard cover in grey board

Covers in 100% recycled cardboard

Smooth customizable cover

Rough surface to be customized with your brand

Coloured cover edges possible

Wire-o bound and perfect bound version available


Green Mood Food

Materials: regenerated leather, recycled cardboard, polypropylene

Printing techniques: embossing, coloured hot foil print, screen print

Sizes: 10 x 15, 13 x 21 cm Bullet Journal

Covers: flexible

Bullet Journal Modimò More than just a classic organizer, the Bullet Journal Modimo’ is ideal for planning your everyday activities, whether it is for business or leisure. Its flexible cover and the practical binding will allow you to insert 2 inner journals to be chosen among the 8 standard ones (white, ivory, travel, food, books, diary, my plan, colours), depending on your needs. Customize it in every detail to make it as unique as you are.



useful for planning


Eco Friendly

You can change the inner journals anytime!

Cover materials

Recycled cardboard


Regenerated leather Vintage finish

Bullet Journal

Regenerated leather

Covers: Hard / Soft

Materials: recycled cardboards, creative papers, polypropylene, full colour printed papers

Printing techniques: embossing, coloured hot foil print, digital, offset, screen print

Sizes: standard (A4, A5, A6, A7 and tailor-made Miscellaneous


Innovative and functional, our collections are filled in with new solutions for your branded products. 100% made in Italy. 100% successful.

code 900


6 cover pages to print your layout on 2 inner sections with possibility to match different layouts according to your needs Handy and light, with staples on the spine

code 800

Canvas Flexible cover in coloured soft touch paper (large choice of alternative cover materials upon request) Perfect flat opening for a comfortable writing experience Spine coated with customizable coloured cloth

Polypropylene covers available in several colors and finishes Full color prints and die cutting possible Wide selection of coloured wire-o

code 350

Senso out Useful pen loop integrated in the rear cover, to easily pull the pen in and out Patented exclusive design Wide choice for cover materials, to be matched to the inner content you need


2 in 1

New tendence - code 10

Italian Notebooks  

Quality Branded Journals

Italian Notebooks  

Quality Branded Journals