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NASA engineers bring experiences, discoveries to MSU BY JAMES TOBERMANN Staff Writer


NASA engineers Bobak Ferdowsi, left, and Adam Steltzner, right, addresses a crowd of over 600 in the Colvard Student Union. Tuesday night, Ferdowsi and Steltzner spoke about the Curiosity Rover, the findings on the surface of Mars and the experience of working for NASA.

NASA engineers Bobak Ferdowsi and Adam Steltzner delivered an address entitled “More Than Just Curiosity” as part of the Bagley College of Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series Tuesday night. Ferdowsi, an aerospace engineer, held the title of flight director, while Steltzner played a key role in designing, building and testing the unique sky crane system that successfully deposited the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover on Mars. Ferdowsi said he saw numerous similarities between Mars and Earth, demonstrating such geological formations as mountains, foothills, and riverbeds in photographs taken by the Curiosity Rover. “There are a lot of parallels between Mars and our own planet,” he said. Ferdowsi also said Curiosity will puncture the surface of Mars to discover what is beneath the dust-coated surface of the Red Planet. “Curiosity will drill on Mars, probably within the week, and we’ll be looking back into the history of Mars, not just what’s on the surface,” he said. Steltzner said the work of the Curiosity Rover and NASA in general is deeply connected to the human experience, arguing that space exploration begs such philosophical questions as “Who are we?” and “What is our reach?” “When we explore, we are exploring our limits,” he said. “I can look at a picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon, and that has meaning to me.” Steltzner, now famous for his pompadour and sideburns, also drew numerous parallels between his own life and that of the Curiosity Rover. He described his days as a “listless 20-year-old wannabe rock star” and his decision to pursue

SA alters election code, preps for votes BY JAMES TOBERMANN Staff Writer

The Mississippi State University Student Association Senate ratified sweeping amendments to the election code in its constitution, specifically the articles governing executive elections. Meredith Sledge, senior interior design major and chairman of the Senate Student Affairs Committee, said the senate has discussed modifying the elections code for years. “This year, we have a very driven SA Executive Council and a very driven group of senators,” she said in an email interview. “Our goal is to leave the elections code better than we found it.” Daniel Fisher, graduate student in business administration and SA graduate school senator, said the previous election code suffered from ambiguity and redundant language. “Prior to the recent changes, the elections code had some redundancy issues as well as gray areas which have caused complaints in past general elections,” he said in an email interview. Sledge said the election code had become bloated as successive generations of SA senators added to it. “Since I enrolled at MSU, the elections code has evolved tremendously,” she said via email. “Over those years, the elections code has become very inconsistent and hard to comprehend.” Fisher said the changes will have an impact on candidates and campaigners. “The ultimate goal in the endeavor was to make the code more simple and straightforward, allowing any student to quickly become familiar with the requirements to become a candidate as well as the guidelines for general campaigning,” Fisher said via email. Park Wynn, SA vice president, said many of the updates to the election code were superficial. “I would say most of the changes are cosmetic changes,” he said. “They involved a lot of restructuring and cleaning it up.” Fisher said the most substantial change to


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the election code was the definition of campaigning. “The old code outlined ‘passive’ and ‘active’ campaigning, detailing what was included within each type as well as an approximate timeline for when campaigning was allowed,” he Wynn said via email. Wynn said the changes remove ambiguity and simplify the job of the election commissioner, especially in case of a violation. “We gave one single definition of campaigning and defined major violations and minor violations and the budget reductions that go with each of those,” he said. “It makes it easier for the election commissioner.” Sledge said the SA Senate will now turn its attention to homecoming and senate elections. “This semester we will be reviewing and revising the homecoming, Mr. and Miss MSU and Senate elections process,” she said via email. Fisher said the current constitution will govern the February executive elections, but any new revisions will not effect next month’s voting. “Any new changes within the next month will have no effect on the SA Executive Council election,” he said via email. Fisher said he hopes students will participate more in the electoral process as a result of the changes. “Hopefully, the students can become more involved in the process, either assisting a candidate or keeping candidates accountable,” he said via email. Wynn said the election system should respect the rights and freedoms of candidates and voters alike. “We don’t want students to get mobbed by campaigners as they walk across the Drill Field,” he said. “We have to walk a fine line between free speech and the responsibility of allowing students an academic environment.”

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engineering based on his fascination with the constellations in the night sky. Steltzner emphasized that we, as human beings, do not know where the future will take us, and would probably be paralyzed with fear and disbelief if we knew. “Somehow, thank God, you never know where your curiosity’s going to take you; otherwise, you might not go there,” he said. Using the sky crane as an example, Steltzner said the most brilliant ideas often seem foolish when first conceived. “Great genius and great folly may be indistinguishable at the outset,” he said. Ferdowsi said working as an engineer at NASA is no average job, and a special temperament is required in such a demanding environment. “You don’t get this kind of job without some kind of quirky personality,” he said. Ferdowsi also said his Mohawk was an effort to lighten the tension that accompanies such high-stakes missions as Curiosity. “My hairdo was actually an effort to take off some of the stress of preparing for this mission,” he said. Ian Ladner, senior mechanical engineering major, said both speakers conveyed information about the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover in simple, colloquial language. “I thought it was very well-planned in the sense that they were able to present very high-level material in a down-to-earth manner,” he said. Rachel McFalls, senior aerospace engineering major, said the speakers connected well with an audience that consisted of many non-experts. “They did a really good job of explaining something highly technical to a group of students that may or may not understand,” she said. The presentation can be viewed online at




Students begin the search for fall semester housing demands BY CANDACE BARNETTE Copy Editor

The time has arrived for many Mississippi State University students to make the transition from their current residence to a new one. Step one for most is determining where they want to live. Brandon Ballou, community assistant at The Pointe at MSU, said there are several factors to take into account when deciding where to move. “You have to look at the way you’re billed. Like with us, you just pay one bill with your water and electricity included. Another thing to look at is if it’s furnished or not; moving furniture can be very difficult,” he said. “But in the Cotton District you can paint your walls, hang your TV, have pets, and here you can’t do that. If you abso-



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lutely have to have your dogs or paint your walls red, you shouldn’t live here. It’s very subjective.” Joe Tkach, local landlord, owns 46 properties across Starkville. He said there are definite advantages and disadvantages to living in privately-owned places like his versus an apartment complex from a larger contractor. “If you live in a big complex, they offer some things we can’t afford to offer like a golf course or swimming pool. If that’s what you’re looking for, smaller privately-owned apartments don’t have those kinds of amenities,” he said. “But some of our properties have yards, your own space and allow pets, which some of the bigger contractors do not.” Tkach said the buyer’s personality can also influence living preferences. “A lot of what I tell people


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is if you’re the type of person who likes to go out and drink at all, you need to be somewhere close enough that you can walk home,” he said. “A lot of our places are within walking distance to downtown.” James Parker, an MSU alumnus who has moved five times, said moving should not be a scary process if the buyer finds out as much as possible about the rental before agreeing to a lease. “You need to check it out first. Talk to some people that live there. See not only what happens when you move in and what you have to pay but also what you have to pay when you move out,” Parker said. “You need to definitely speak to your landlord and get in good with them, too. Do some serious investigating before you decide to bind yourself to a lease for a whole year.” SEE SEARCH, 2


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Q: What are some things you of good role models as far as SA would like to improve on in the Executive Council goes. As for my background, I have served attorney general position? A: “The first priority of any as a cabinet member before and attorney general has to be to attorney general works closely maintain the integrity of the with the senate so I think that SA constitution and that will I’d be able to bridge the gap well certainly be my priority as well. between the executive branch In addition to that I just want and the legislative branch to people to know what exactly create a more well-rounded and the senate does and how much more productive SA that cominfluence the senate can really municates better between the branches.” have when The first priority of utilized Q: If elected p r o p e r l y, any attorney general attorney genand I want eral, how can has to be to maintain your position to really empower the integrity of the SA better the overpeople to all student exconstitution.” be able to perience? Eddie Mac Huddleston A: What I use the senate and the would like to senators to their full potential. do with the influence of attorAdditionally, I’ve worked with ney general is to create a menFreshman Forum the past two toring program where these years, and I want to make sure students can easily connect with as many freshmen on campus as SA leaders and other leaders possible get the opportunity to from organizations from across have a good running start as far campus so that any questions as leadership goes on this cam- they may have can get answered. pus, and so that’s why I want to They can get advice on how to implement a freshman mentor- get involved and how to interview and things like that, so that ing program as well.” Q: What are some issues or they can really become good roles you would like to reform? leaders on this campus from an A: “I think that I’ve had a lot early stage.”


Once students have a place in mind, most landlords allow for tours of their houses or apartments. Ballou said calling first is essential to see if appointments are required. “On our property, we’ll show an apartment from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You just come in and we’ll show you,” he said. “Some other properties might work off you calling in and setting up and appointment, but we (the Pointe at MSU) just have a walk-in system.” Ballou also said he would advise choosing

Q: What are some things Some of them have bare minyou would like to improve on imum constitutions or bylaws in the attorney general posi- and the attorney general can tion? provide insight as far as legal A: “Well, definitely trans- issues and different thing inparency. Just going to the SA volving the constitution.” website you’ll see that there Q: If elected attorney genhaven’t been any updates as far eral, how can your position as legislation, bills and amend- better the overall student exments since Rhett Hobart was perience? president. That was much over A: “I think, first of all, leta year ago. I definitely want to ting people realize that SA is improve the obviously an transparency organization, I think SA, of the SA.” but it’s also the especially attorney student Q: What govgeneral, has are some iserning body. sues or roles potential to be like It’s kind of like you would the big uma legal adviser like to reform? brella over evto a lot of other A: “Well erything. Most definitely trypeople look at it organizations.” ing to check as just another John Williams up on other organization so organizations I want them to on campus. I know that SA is know, being president of an- another organization, but it’s other organization, we never also the governing body. They hear from SA except whenever are here to promote themthey need help with program- selves, but they are also here ming. I think SA, especially to help other organizations by attorney general, has potential reaching out saying ‘We are to be like a legal adviser to a here for you as well, for you lot of other organizations. I and your organization. So let think that’s something that us know what we can do for a lot of organizations need. you.’”


continued from 1 future roommates wisely for any place is a big factor in having a successful move. Parker said through his experience moving, he could verify roommates made a huge impact on his living arrangements. “Having a crappy roommate for a whole year is miserable,” he said. “Having an amazing one for a whole year, even in a crappy place, can make up for everything.” Although some places have already filled their vacancies for the following school year, Ballou said it is not too late in many other apartments.

“We’re more of a first-come, first-serve type leasing. We get really busy around spring break,” Ballou said. “After that everyone realizes, ‘Oh God, I don’t have anywhere to live’ and we have a rush until summer, but by then we have a waiting list. But at a place like Glen Hollow, they’ll have a waiting list about two years long, so as soon as someone moves out they’re already leased up.” For students still searching for a place to live next year, several rentals in Starkville are advertised in the newspapers and on websites such as, according to Tkach.


Tuesday, January 29 • 12:47 p.m. An employee reported he was assaulted by a student behind the Industrial Education building. • 1:00 p.m. An employee reported a portable projector and a carrying case missing from his vehicle while parked near Magruder Street.

Wednesday, January 30 • 8:18 a.m. An employee reported the gate arm in the Lloyd Ricks parking lot was damaged. • 12:03 p.m. A student reported identity fraud that began in the spring of 2011. • 1:47 p.m. An employee reported items missing at the Agriculture and Bioengineering building while doing a self audit. • 2:19 p.m. An employee reported a stolen computer from Howell Hall. • 5:36 p.m. An RA reported the smell of marijuana in Magnolia Hall. • 6:11 p.m. A student reported a suspicious incident at the Zeta Tau Alpha house. A student referral was issued.

Thursday, January 31 • 12:18 a.m. A student was having seizures at the Pi Beta Phi house. The subject was transported to OCH.


• 16 citations were issued for speeding. CLARIFICATION: MSU police said in Tuesday’s edition of The Reflector, the 4:05 a.m. arrest at the Tri Delta house was in reference to the 2:25 a.m. incident at the Tri Delta house.





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friday , february 1, 2013



the voice of MSU students


MusINgs | bEN hEsTER

Sex addiction consumes our nation Let’s not stress a sound bite



don’t know about the rest have to wonder whether the deof you guys, but the kids I gree to which we’re pushing and grew up with in suburban promoting sexual liberation is Atlanta starting exploring their actually natural. Think about it. The porn inbodies in the fifth and sixth grade. Being raised in a tradi- dustry rakes in billions of dollars each year. tional southern People pay home, I was a Thanks to our hundreds of dolbit more naive. lars to watch strip Heck, I was addiction to sex, shows. As college still watching when someone students, we’ve “Scooby Doo” spends his or her made an art out at that time. This is why time and money at a of pre-marital when a girl in hookups. School strip club, we think boards are prothe fifth grade nothing of it.” moting safe-sex slyly asked me if I had ever hit education to kids a home run, I replied: “Girl, I in elementary school. (I’m not play travel baseball. I hit ‘em all saying that’s a bad thing. the time.” I had no clue. My point is that it is absurd We live in a society that is we have arrived at a place where marked by the freedom to pur- we have to offer such education sue sex. to 10-year-olds.) Again, I understand sex is as In this freedom, we’ve begun to worship it. In fact, I think natural of a function as eating. But why don’t we treat them the we’re addicted to it. If you don’t believe me, just same? When someone spends visit the Junction on game day. his or her life savings at Kroger, But seriously, since the ‘60s and we know he or she has a prob‘70s, with the advent of the pill, lem. We see such obesity as a sowe’ve exchanged the old, wornout ways of chastity for the ex- cial ill, and we fight to stop it. citing hedonistic life that is sex- But thanks to our addiction to sex, when someone spends their ual freedom. But it’s only natural, isn’t it? time and money at a strip club, We’re supposing to be having we think nothing of it. Why the double standard, I sex, right? Sure. I won’t pretend to think wonder? Now is there a cure to our it’s unnatural for us to have sex, and I don’t think anyone addiction? I think there might be one. would. But at the same time, I

BEN HESTER Ben Hester is a junior majoring in communication. He can be contacted at But to find it, we’d have to stop and ask, “What question is sex trying to answer?” Because although this is a relatively new revolution, it’s just the latest in a string of attempts to find true happiness. And just like our other attempts, such as technology, success or alcohol, sex will continue to fail us. Why? Because we need something more. And until we find it, we’ll just keep partying and partying and downing drink after drink. This is the paradox of the hedonistic soul — the more pleasure we imbibe, the more we thirst. Reminds me of a story in John 4, where a carpenter talks about true thirst. Check it out sometime if you’re curious. In this chapter, I find you, myself, and our addictions. In it, I find the questions I don’t want to ask. Maybe because I’m scared of the answers.

our American men including Ambassador Chris Stevens were killed in Benghazi, Libya, during an assault on the American mission on Sept. 11, 2012. The Libyan group who planned and executed the killings and their motives are unknown. That does not, however, stop conservatives from criticizing the president and secretary of state for failing to do everything they could to prevent the attack, and then failing to provide accurate information afterward. Speculation has come up regarding who is responsible and why there was such a slow military response. Fox News has grilled the Obama administration, making accusations of a cover-up in an outlandish conspiracy to hide the truth. It was first announced that the attack was a result of a protest surrounding an American-made video called “The Innocence of Muslims,” which crudely depicts Mohammed and mocks the religion. According to an interview by The New York Times, Abu Khattala, a suspected ringleader, confirms this claim. It is now believed there were no protests in Benghazi, leaving some to suspect a calculated misrepresentation of the violent act by our nation’s leaders. I make no excuses for our country’s failure of security

and intelligence in this circumstance; although I don’t believe Obama’s administration intentionally mislead the American people. The fact remains we simply don’t know all the facts. On Jan. 23, Hillary Clinton made her long-awaited testimony regarding the Benghazi tragedy. She sat poised in front of Congress as she gave her opening statement. She spoke eloquently, answering each senator’s questions to the best of her ability, despite being aggressively challenged by them. Not without many complaints from conservatives, Clinton had postponed the hearing until the end of January due to a concussion she suffered in December. Instead of appearing nervous before her peers, she wore a slight smile and nodded during many of their hostile inquiries. She became emotional when describing her time with the victims’ families, showing her humility. During this tedious meeting, our secretary of state presented herself with class. Without actually watching the testimony, a viewer may have found its essence insensitive and possibly offensive due to the sound bite repeatedly played on Fox News. After being excessively asked the reason for the attack, Clinton said, “What difference does it make?” When I heard the sound bite

for the first time, I cringed. By itself, it suggests investigating the cause of the attack would be pointless. I have now heard the phrase numerous times followed by commentary including, “She appeared to indicate that it doesn’t matter who’s behind the attack,” from Sean Hannity. Well, of course it makes a difference. The four victims’ families deserve to know who is responsible for the deaths, and the circumstances in which their lives were taken. Looking at the bigger picture, it is essential to understand what happened and who was involved to prevent similar tragedies in the future. We should certainly inquire about the events that left four American men dead and work to bring those to justice who acted so brutally. If you listen to her entire response, you will hear what Clinton was really saying. “What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.” She said we should focus on finding the terrorists, discovering their motives in the process. And that is exactly what the American people needed to hear, not a sound bite to be misconstrued for the conservative agenda.

whO spEaks FOR EaRTh? | CaMERON CLaRkE

Religious truths do not negate scientific information and discovery


ne issue that often arises is of religion and its relationship with empirical judgments and reason. One may be surprised to discover this issue is not new or peculiar to our present time but has, in fact, confounded great minds since the inception of the Christian Church. Saint Augustine, Galileo and Rene Descartes are just some people who were convinced that empirical judgments should be given deference over religious traditions and scriptural interpretations within Christianity. I am not at all trying to disprove religion, I am merely trying to open up the possibility that what we see around us is true; scriptures are not intended to deny nature and nature should not be used to deny the scriptures. Galileo, a Christian defending his scientific opinions from the papal authority, wrote a letter in which he described his view on religion and its interaction with natural law. Galileo states his understanding of how God uses scripture and nature as his tools: “God reveals Himself no less excellently in the effects of nature than in the sacred words

of Scripture … and so it seems that a natural phenomenon which is placed before our eyes by sense experience or proved by necessary demonstrations should not be called into question, let alone condemned, on account of scriptural passages whose words appear to have a different meaning.” Since God has control over all revelation, the apparent discord is simply a product of misunderstanding which deserves to be heard out or disproven. Obviously, there is a good deal of weight put on the power of the mind and good evidence, but this too is part of Galileo’s conviction, that we are capable of making sense out of the universe; he says, “since [reason] too is a gift from God, one must apply it to the investigation of the true meanings of the Holy Writ at those places which apparently seem to read differently.” Galileo thus sees reason as a lens for gaining insight rather than as a stumbling block to understanding doctrines. Additionally, scriptures should not be read as a textbook on science because much of what was written was not trying to make


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claims about natural law. The senses to be deceived by illusions; original readers of the Old Tes- he says, “We should never allow tament were ex-slaves living in ourselves to be persuaded except the deserts of the Middle East, by the evidence of our reason. the last thing And it is to they were conI am not at all trying to be observed cerned with that I say ‘of disprove religion, I am our reason,’ was whether or not the Sun and not ‘of merely trying to open was at the cenour imagiup the possibility that ter, how long nation’ or ‘of what we see around us our senses.’” creation took or any othDescartes is true.” er issues that himself forpop up from a literal reading of mulated a large number of comglossed-over physical descrip- pletely wrong scientific theories, tions of the world. Galileo says but what counts is he endeavored the biblical authors were so un- to explain phenomena from natconcerned with making scientific ural law. claims that they avoided writing He believed with God mainabout them at all, “(they) delib- taining the universe through erately refrained from doing it, the same miraculous power that even though they knew all these started it, utilizing natural law as things well.” a mechanism, the workings of Descartes’ explores our ability the universe over time are open to have knowledge in his “Dis- to our understanding and our use course on Method,” implicitly re- of scientific reasoning is useful for marking on our understanding of getting a better understanding of truth in religious tradition. Des- religion. cartes had a low opinion of sense Galileo puts it eloquently perception or appeals to author- when he urges us not to force ity because he acknowledges the scientific meanings on scripture, ability for anyone to have wrong “I should think it would be very ideas that sound good or for our prudent not to allow anyone to

commit and in any way oblige scriptural passages to have to maintain the truth of any physical conclusions whose contrary could ever be proved to us by the senses or demonstrative and necessary reasons. Indeed, who wants the human mind put to death?” Saint Augustine, early in the Christian Church’s history, determined reading literal meaning into scripture’s physical descriptions of the world was a bad idea. To anyone who has difficulty believing the words of scripture because they differ from reality, Augustine wrote this in his book “The Literal Meaning of Genesis,” “Since the issue here is the authority of the Scripture… it should be said that our authors did know the truth about (the shape of heaven), but that the Spirit of God, which was speaking through them, did not want to teach men these things which are of no use to salvation.” Therefore, in addition to the impropriety of using scripture in a scientific debate, arguments should also not be made for the invalidity of the scriptures due to alleged scientific inaccuracies

CAMERON CLARKE Cameron Clarke is a sophomore majoring in physics. He can be contacted at in the text or in a certain group’s interpretation. From a biblical standpoint, religious views must be compatible with rational demonstrations because both come from God. In the case of Christianity, the Holy Spirit’s revelations from scripture and from natural phenomena are not able to disagree except in their interpretation. Therefore, since reasoning is such a useful tool and has this use as a corrective lens, I would even urge people who have already made a judgment against religion to reconsider, to take the overarching message that is the real focus of the scriptures and examine what is really being said.


Social sciences influence our world


n his article, “Social science ly to shoot at a black male than needs to get its act together,” white male. Social science has also Cameron Clarke claims social made great strides researching science/political psychology does the cause and effects of stalking, not push its influences into gov- relationship formation and many ernment and other people with other aspects of human interacpower, as well as other people tion. Think of us as the Apple tend to believe that they know Store. If it’s a part of the human much about how people work experience, we’ve got a research while realistically, they know experiment for it. very little. While I do not claim Getting back to the points to be the most reClarke made: saying searched in social social science psychology does not science literature, has had major take part in political I would say with issues, or if it does it impacts on my background in is biased, is simply social psychology, I not true. Social psysociety.” feel I am more than chology has a very qualified to respond to this article. rigorous peer evaluation process Social sciences include sociology, and only once something is a social psychology and counseling, well-established theory or experjust to name a few, and have in- iment with strong evidence to fluenced many social changes over support it does it become pubthe past decades. lished in an American PsychoAlthough it may not be as ob- logical Association journal. This vious as a political party saying it may make many of you cringe, has many psychologists and so- but social psychology is one of the ciologists on their staff influenc- driving forces behind movements ing their social policy decisions, like gun control and the gay rights social science has had major im- campaign. Clarke also said social pacts on society. science research has a chance to be One change social science has biased, which is true for any scihad on society is police are now entific field. trained to work against their inTo avoid biased results, psyternal prejudices in order to not chology has multiple “safety nets.” discriminate. This program was The peer evaluation of results and started because of experiments in publications, re-creations of exsocial science that revealed people periments and statistics to rule had the tendency to be more like- out chance occurrences. However,

there’s a reason why this research took a long time to start having programs and laws enacted upon it. One reason is people often discount research from psychology due to people not understanding psychology uses the same scientific method as any other scientific field, whether it is engineering, physics or biology. Another reason is our political structure is not the best. Most of Congress does not use social science advisors nor do they have scientific backgrounds, instead they are mostly lawyers or business people. While sometime they do tend to go to academic sources such as the APA or consultants who have performed research in the area, government officials don’t tend to go to the right sources due to another issue: money. I’m not suggesting politicians don’t have money, I’m suggesting money gives you a louder voice to be heard. In science, there are always arguments about various results in an experiment or people who refuse to listen to new evidence (see the Flat Earth Society) that would interfere with a world view. There are a few groups from the field of psychology who do just that; and unfortunately for much more credible researchers or organizations, such as the APA, they tend to have money and a

platform. One of these groups would be the Family Research Council, a socially conservative group that are often given the chance to voice their opinions on local or national news when they have little to no data to support what they claim and instead just list biased opinions. This has a negative effect on all the correct and accurate data that social science has found over the decades because they are not given an equal opportunity. While we would like to have a larger voice in government policies, when our voice is ignored by politicians and ruling parties who instead only listen to the groups who have a political platform and money, it becomes rather difficult. One cannot simply say it is the researchers’ fault when the higher-ups don’t listen; it is a problem with the higher-ups. All the social scientists can do is continue to submit their results and hope that one day politicians and the world will take notice. I agree with Clarke’s statement that many people assume they know about social science and how it works just because they go through social interactions every day. I believe this is important to discuss, as it is dangerous and foolish to assume we are experts in a topic, when in actuality, we know very little of the topic.






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Jasmine Murray is serving as Miss Mississippi State University this year and will go on to represent the campus in the Miss Mississippi Pageant this summer. Last year, she was awarded first alternate as Miss Spirit of the South and was also a preliminary winner in talent. Murray, a sophomore communication major from Columbus, said she is thrilled to be returning to the Miss Mississippi stage. “I’m looking forward to the entire week. I loved my first year competing, and now I know what to expect. Our week in Vicksburg is packed with autograph sessions, rehearsals and interviews. It is not just a pageant; it’s a whole show,” Murray said. Since the pageant is five to six months away, Murray’s life has been filled with all things pageant. “Preparing for the Miss Mississippi pageant is a job within itself, and hopefully, if it’s meant for me, I’ll win this year. I’ve been working very hard,” Murray said. Various measures have to be taken for contestants who wish to compete in a pageant as big as the Miss America preliminary, Miss Mississippi. “I’ve been training at the Sanderson with a personal trainer. I have a vocal coach and various interview instructors. I’ve also been trying to stay in the know of current events for the interview portion,” Murray said. Kimberly Martinez, Murray’s sister, said Jasmine is always well-prepared and a go-getter. “Jasmine came over to watch the Miss America pageant a few weeks ago, and we had so much fun. I hope that she can be Miss America one day because she already heals people through her music, and she could touch so many lives through her performance for the audience,” Martinez said. Murray was on the eighth season of “American Idol,” and now she has turned her focus toward the Miss America program.



Fashion fa pauxs are not as bad

as many think, offer convenience


et he who is without a pair of Uggs be the first to condemn. We’ve all seen our share of fashion no-nos – ranging from bubble shirts to crocs to those gosh-awful blue jeans with the knees cut out. However, some of us are a little too quick CATIE MARIE MARTIN to hurl insults at our fellow students’ fashion faux pas. Consider Catie Marie Martin is a this an informal appeal to the sophomore majoring in fashion cynics in all of us. English. She can be contacted 1. Leggings as pants – I get it. at zorsborn@reflector.msstate. It’s curious to see size 2 girls wear- edu. ing triple extra large T-shirts, but cut them some slack. Something has to cover their little booties in ality that snagged John Smith? their too-tight Under Armour In an age where drab is the new leggings. You can’t knock this one fab, color has become a thing until you’ve tried it. It might not of the past. Anything brighter be the most flattering trend, but than maroon is considered childI don’t see anything wrong with ish and attention seeking, but I stand by what college girls mother channeling When did painting with my has always told their inner 80s the colors of the wind me. Wearing athlete for their become so taboo? bright clothing early morning Wasn’t it Pocahontas’s enhances one’s walks to their artistic individuality that natural color8 a.m. classes. snagged John Smith?” ing, while wearIt’s quick, it’s ing 50 shades comfy and it’s becoming a classic faster than of gray does nothing but cause you to blend in with the cloudy you can say “sorority.” 2. Wearing your boyfriend’s winter skies. Brighten up the clothes – The walk of shame is long January days with a splash never cool, but I will be the first of color, if only by donning a floto say that men’s style jeans are ral scarf or a neon belt. among the most comfy I have 4. Fake glasses – You know ever worn. Katie Holmes and hipster glasses as a statement are Reese Witherspoon wore them, over when Taylor Swift starts so it’s got to be acceptable, right? wearing them in her “I Knew Boyfriend jeans have all the ver- You Were Trouble” music vidsatility of skinnies without the eo, but these things are freaking self-hatred that accompanies a adorable. Ever since Zooey Defreshly washed and dried pair of schanel set the “adorkable” trend skinny jeans. They’re also day- ablaze, it has gained speed and to-night transitional. Wear a pair has found its way onto less than of sneakers for class, and trade obscure celebrities like Justin Biethem for a pair of classy black ber and Selena Gomez. Honestly, pumps for nighttime. Blazers, can you blame angsty teenagers suspenders and bow ties are also and quirky 20-somethings for making the transition from male wanting to bat their eyelashes bestaples to female statements. If hind a pair of these fashionable you’re afraid to take the plunge frames? Not only do they portray and actually buy these masculine an appealing lifestyle, but they’re accessories, ask to play dress up also an easy out for those of us in your boyfriend’s closet one af- who don’t like to wear eye maketernoon. In addition to your chic up on a daily basis. Slip on a pair new accessories, you’ll get a fun of non-prescription glasses and you immediately look in Vogue date out of the mix. 3. Bright colors – When did and intelligent. So, hipsters, lay painting with the colors of the off of those of us who are wearing wind become so taboo? Wasn’t lens-less glasses. We just want to it Pocahontas’s artistic individu- be as cool as you.

“I love being up on stage, and it doesn’t matter where. It almost feels as if I’m invincible. I love showing everyone what God gave me, and I’m constantly trying to get better. It’s what you make it, and I try to make it come to life,” Murray said. Music has always been one of her passions. Locals might have even caught a glimpse of her performing at Pinelake Church, where she is involved in the music ministry. Amina Bahammou, sophomore human science and family development major, has been on the Pinelake worship team with Jasmine and said she loves to be around her kind-hearted spirit. “Jasmine is the most amazing woman of God that I know. My favorite song to hear her sing is ‘Break Every Chain,’” Bahammou said. Murray is also passionate and involved with her platform, “13 Going on 30.” The program is centered on teenagers and issues such as peer pressure, self-esteem, bullying and cyber bullying. “‘13 Going on 30’ is just making sure that teens don’t grow up too fast. I want to be a positive encourager for them, and I’m looking forward to the day camps that are coming up,” Murray said. Murray recently posted her first “13 Going on 30” newsletter to her Miss MSU fan page on Facebook entailing all of the information regarding her platform. She said she has enjoyed trying to be a positive leader in this community, and it is all because of the Miss America pageant program. “Miss America helps contestants be well-rounded, and it primarily focuses on scholarship. My whole fall semester was paid for, just for being first runner-up last year, and I am so thankful for that,” Murray said. Her advice for young girls who watch the show is to believe in themselves. “Be everything you want to be, dream dreams bigger than anything you’d think possible. Being in pageants is not an unreachable goal, and the same goes for my experience with ‘Idol.’ I’m still actively pursuing my music career and hopefully if my dream comes true, I could be the next Miss America,” Murray said. Murray is appreciative of all of the staff and students and their support in her endeavors. She said she seeks to shine a positive light on the university. “I am so thankful to serve as Miss MSU, and I can’t wait to compete and represent our wonderful campus,” Murray said.

Tumblr provides pop culture hilarity BY CASEY SMITH Staff Writer

In the spare moments you find between rushing to class, procrastinating the completion of your homework and making the world a better place, you should be soaking up the awesomeness found on the website I have made it easier for you by outlining a few of my favorite accounts. First up is the very popular “What Should We Call Me” Tumblr account. This account is often frighteningly accurate when describing typical human behavior. It takes pictures and videos from pop culture and adds expressions such as “When I run into my ex at the bar” or “When everyone else is starting their New Year’s resolutions.” Many of us have found ourselves in some type of situation similar to these so the images are often relatable and hilarious. “Mean Girls” has become a cult classic. “Mean Girls of Capital Hill” takes quotes from the movies and mashes them with political pictures. The most recent is a picture of Hillary Clinton with the phrase “Stop trying to make Benghazi happen. It’s not going to happen.” People who enjoy political humor and fans of the movie

will love this Tumblr account. Anyone who has ever ordered at Starbucks knows they ask for your name after you place your order. More often than not, when the beverage is presented to the customer the name is tragically misspelled on the cup. “Starbucks Spelling” is completely devoted to these funny misspellings. One example is “Bess” spelled “Mess” or “Pheobe” spelled “Vibi.” The Onion is a satirical newspaper, which makes up ridiculous stories and tries to pass them as news. It is obvious these are all fake, but sometimes readers who are not familiar with the website believe the news is real. Enter “Literally Unbelievable: Stories from The Onion” as interpreted by Facebook. This blog shows what happens when people post these fake news stories on Facebook believing they are real. The result is hilarious comments leaving you wondering how the human race became so gullible. What if our forefathers had the Internet and could blog about juicy celebrity gossip? Well “Perez Hamilton” gives us an answer. This website is set up similar to Perez Hilton’s celebrity blog, but with historical pictures and stories. From a historical “Who Wore it Best” to “Major Hottie George Washington” getting sassy

with the French, Perez Hamilton really breaks down the comings and goings our forefathers for us. These are just a few examples of Tumblr accounts waiting to be laughed at. The weather may be gloomy in Starkville, but that does not mean you have to be sad. What are you waiting for? You have got time to waste.

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Local Natives releases new album BY CATIE MARIE MARTIN Staff Writer

From the first soaring note of “You and I” to the music box melody of “Bowery,” Hummingbird sets up the Local Natives as one of the most influential indie bands of 2013. The Los Angeles-based band has spent the three years since the release of its first album, Gorilla Manor, frequenting the music festival circuit and performing alongside folk/pop sensations Coldplay, Modest Mouse and Foo Fighters. This live exposure heightened the anticipation for the sophomore album, and the threeyear writing and performing spree appears to have paid off. Hummingbird is currently the No. 3 album on iTunes, and fans show no sign of waning enthusiasm. Hummingbird picks up where Gorilla Manor left off: surfing the Orange County waves through sublime, tightly bound harmonies and driving percussion. Kelsey Ayers’s voice transitions smoothly between the powerful verses and the subdued choruses and the heav-


ily percussed tracks implore the listener’s heartbeat to alter its rhythm and to fall in line with the mission the Local Natives are trying to accomplish with its music. The mission presented by the lyrics on Hummingbird is more complex than that of Gorilla Manor. The confidence gained

by the group after the success of its first album and the avid and loyal fan base incited the Local Natives to tackle heavier themes on this album than the last. “Columbia” is actually a tribute to a member’s late mother, and it begs an answer from the listener to the repetitive question, “Am I giving enough?” The album is also characterized by blatant lyrics, such as the harsh “I don’t have to see you right now” repeated time and time again in “Mr. Washington.” Metaphorical lyrics are also dappled throughout the album, especially on the most popular track “Breakers” – “waiting for my words to catch like/I’m trying to strike a match that’s soaking wet.” The new-fangled folk sound of Local Natives is revived once more in Hummingbird. It flits about in a surprising flow, just like the bird of its title. This album is an investment for fans of the Fleet Foxes, Freelance Whales and Passion Pit, because the Local Natives have proved it’s no longer the new kids on the block. The band members are here to stay with their clever evasion of the sophomore slump.



friday , february 1 , 2013


Fact oF the day:

Former bulldogs anthony dixon oF the san Francisco 49ers and and pernell mcphee oF the baltimore ravens will square oFF against each other in super bowl xlvii sunday at 5:30 p.m. on cbs.

Saturday hoopS: LSu at MSu 4:30 p.M. fSN


Last year, Stuedeman recorded the highest winning percentage by a first-year coach in MSU softball history (.579). She led the team to its best April in school history at 13-1, and the Dogs finished the year with a record of 33-24, advancing to the first round of the NCAA Regionals. Even though MSU had the fourth toughest strength of schedule in the country, State finished with more than 30 wins for the first time since 2008. Various reporters asked these questions at softball media day. Q: Do you think the team will be able to build off the successful April it had last year? A: Not to be cliche, but everything is a process. I tell them all the time, ‘Today plus today plus today equals your career.’ I hope the players that are here build on last year and their knowledge base. Nothing trumps experience; even athleticism doesn’t trump the experience card. The experience we built last year and the relationship building, I would hope would remain with them. They started at one place, and they learned a lot; now they’re starting from a higher level, and they continue to do that. I hope it does carry on into the new season. Q: Take us through the

strong points of your lineup. A: We are fast. Last year, we were 22nd in the country in stolen bases per game. Before I got here, they were in the 40s in total stolen bases and we jumped to 98 with basically the same personnel. This year, we did not lose speed and added two very fast freshmen as well as a redshirt from last year who’s a sophomore who also has a lot of speed. Speed never slumps. I think we’re going to create some chaos on the bases with that. Hopefully we can get on base or if they’re not getting on base, we can pinch run with runners that can get on base and be fast. I’m excited about that. I think it’ll be fun for the fans to be able to see us running and taking extra bases. Q: You mentioned speed. What areas offensively do you think you can make a jump in this year? A: Assistant Coach Alan Reach talks about the goal of the hitter is to cross the dish as much as you can. We lost Brittany Bell and Ka’ili Smith, and they were both in the top-10 in the SEC in batting average. We need a couple of people to step up to fill those holes. We want to get those kids in scoring position and score when they’re there. Last year, we would hit when there was no one in scoring position. Hopefully we’ll put a big emphasis on improving that. Now, we’re focusing on

crossing the dish as much as we can and hit when it matters the most. We need some kids to step up. Q: What did you want to do with the pitching staff, and how have you tried to develop them? A: I wanted them to know how incredible they were and how good they were. I wanted to teach them that we were going to utilize a staff mentality. When I played, you could go around the country and name one dominant pitcher on each team, and the scores were 1-0. We all came up with about seven around the country that are dominant pitchers and the starter plays the whole game. Seven, that’s all? We’re going to a baseball mentality with a starter, a closer and a middle reliever. We did that last year. We talked about the staff mentality and how each person sets the other one up for success. I wanted to create a culture of confidence and a culture of a staff. In the bullpen, I wanted them to have an attitude that they can fail and it be OK because I wanted them to try out lots of thing that work for them instead of being in a cookie-cutter type of pitching. They’ve experimented with a lot of ideas, and we’ve tried to pick what works for each different one to make them better. I think it was them just buying into

the staff philosophy and their willingness to experiment and learn and grow. It’s been incredible to work with them. We added Alison Owen and a freshman (Jacey Punches). We lost two and added two, so I feel good about the depth. We have three starters that can go in at anytime, and all three of them are very competitive and want the ball and want to take on the staff mentality. That will help Jacey Punches get her feet wet in the league. I wish it was like football where they can come in and take that redshirt year. But I think we have some depth in the circle for sure. Q: Do you feel like this team is close to becoming a top team in the SEC? A: The whole objective this year has been higher expectations of yourself, your support staff and everyone around you so that we can be a contender. They know that that is the coaching staff ’s goal. Last year at LSU, the box scores were the same for both teams, but the score is 4-0 LSU. I think that says a whole lot. They have a gorgeous stadium so they should win? It’s about expecting to do well. We talk about being winners and not necessarily judging by the scoreboard. We can go home every night we call it the pillow test - you put your head on the pillow and say, ‘Did I do everything in my power to win the day?’

courteSy photo | MSu Media reLatioNS

MSU coach Vann Stuedeman was one of only two first-time head coaches to reach the NCAA Tournament last season.

Dogs seek to snap five-game losing skid against LSU Saturday in the five-minute extra period and dropped the decision to the Aggies 55-49. MSU head coach Rick Ray Before hosting the LSU Tigers on Saturday afternoon, said his team struggled at times the Mississippi State Bulldogs offensively but guarded the took on the Texas A&M Ag- Aggies well, which is the most gies Wednesday night at Hum- important aspect. “(I am) disappointed with phrey Coliseum. Looking to snap a four-game the loss because I thought our guys really losing streak, In the first half, I was came out and the Bulldogs fought hard opened up a able to get around and competdouble-digthe basket and score ed,” MSU head it halftime lead before more. In the second coach Rick Ray said. “Maybe surrenderhalf, they began to our guys played ing the lead start closing in, so I too many minlate in the second half. have to rely more on utes (down the stretch), but we MSU freshmy low cuts.” don’t have much man guard Gavin Ware, of a choice when Craig Sword we’re playing an banked in a freshman forward overtime game three-pointer in the waning moments of the and have a seven or eight man second half to send the game rotation.” Statistically, the Dogs shot into overtime, but State only managed to score two points 66.7 percent from the field By ray Butler Staff Writer

and 57.1 percent from downtown in the first half, but the second half was a different story. State shot 26.3 percent from the field and 28.6 percent from three-point-land in the second half. In overtime, the Dogs went just 1-6 and did not make a three-point shot. Junior guard Jalen Steele, who scored all of his nine points in the first half, said the guys must practice the simple things to get better at them. “I guess mentally, we ran out of gas,” Steele said. “But physically, we were good. We just made little mistakes towards the end of the game.” Freshman big man Gavin Ware led the Dogs with 14 points, eight of them in the first half. Ware said the Dogs need to rely on their principle of playing good defense, which they failed to do in the second half. “Coach said that Texas A&M is a good defensive

eMMa katheriNe hutto | the refLector

Baxter Price and the rest of the Bulldogs are in the midst of a five-game losing streak. State hosts the LSU Tigers Saturday at 4:30 p.m. in an effort to break back into the win column. team, so there is going to be times where we won’t be able to get good looks,” Ware said. “In the first half, I was able to get around the basket and score more. In the second half, they began to start closing in, so I have to rely more on my low cuts.” MSU freshman Fred Thomas had been averaging over 11 points in conference play but finished with just two points on two free throws. The Dogs held Aggie superstar Elston Turner five points below his season average, but Aggie guard Fabyon Harris stepped up and scored 17 points.



But it was Turner who had the ball in his hands late in overtime and made a jumper to put the Aggies up by four with 30 seconds left. Turner said he was frustrated in the first half but was able to come back and make the key shot. “I just couldn’t let my team down. We had 17 points in the first half, and we weren’t playing well defensively. I challenged myself to step it up and pick it up for my team. It just changed everything,” Turner said. “It (overtime shot) was spur of the moment. I wanted the ball with the last couples of



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seconds left in the game.” With four MSU players playing 35 or more minutes against the Aggies, the Bulldogs will look to rest before preparing for the LSU Tigers, who pulled off an upset of the Missouri Tigers Wednesday night. LSU will go into Saturday’s game with an 11-7 overall record and are currently tied with MSU with a 2-5 record in conference play. With the Bulldogs certainly looking to get back into the winning column, Ray said he would spend the coming hours watching film and determining what MSU will need to do to be well prepared for the Tigers. “I don’t know a lot about LSU at this time,” Ray said after the game. “I’ll stay up most of the night watching LSU and get up in the morning and watch LSU, but right now I don’t know much about them.”






CLUB SPORTS FEATURE: Kaepernick, 49ers will Rugby teams looks to build off success not be stopped Sunday from last year O THE COACH’S CORNER | FORREST BUCK


Mississippi State’s club rugby team will open its 35th season at home against in-state rival Ole Miss on Saturday. Rugby may be an unfamiliar sport to students at State, but the team has been a part of MSU since 1978. The team continues to grow every year. Adidas, the World Cup Rugby Shop and the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference sponsor the club. The SCRC is a division I-AA conference that hosts 11 of 14 SEC teams. Arkansas has partial membership with the conference, and Texas A&M and Missouri’s affiliations with the league are to be decided, since they are new to the conference. The SCRC is split into two divisions, west and east. The west consists of Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss and MSU. The east consists of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. The players compete yearround, and the sport has two variations: the winter/spring season is the 15 World Cup version (15s) and the summer/fall season is the Olympics (7s). Last season, during the Olympics, MSU placed first in the social bracket of the Red Fish 7’s held in Baton Rouge. The Club also finished second in the Mississippi State Games held in Meridian, falling to the Jackson Dutch Barons in the championship. MSU was 2-4 last season in conference play with wins over Ole Miss and Auburn. Second-year head coach Renaldo Arroyo said the team has made great progress, and he is looking forward to this season. “The guys have worked extremely hard since last season,” Arroyo said. “If we finish in the top four of our division, we will have a chance at a national ranking.” Junior fly-half and team captain Omar McClendon said with the improvements the team has made, he believes the team will make it into the SCRC championships. “We really have a solid backline,” McClendon said. “I think Khalid Wallace will really stand out with his speed and reaction time.” The forward position is one

n Sunday the Bal- I have little doubt they will timore Ravens will play the run well. But the take on the San one area where they can be Francisco 49ers in Super beaten is through the air, so stopping the pass will be Bowl XLVII. The game will feature two crucial. Offensively, throwing former Bulldogs, running back Anthony Dixon for the the ball will be key for the 49ers and defensive end Per- 49ers. They are known for nell McPhee for the Ravens, running the ball, but the so no matter which team Ravens will have spent two wins, a former Bulldog will weeks preparing for that and be a Super Bowl champion. most likely will be keying on The 49ers are a three-and- the run. That should make them a-half point favorite to win the game, and I agree with more vulnerable to the this. On paper, the 49ers are pass, and quarterback Colin the better team. They are Kaepernick has proven he perhaps the most talented can win games with his arm defense in football, led by as well as his legs. The Ravens are riding a Patrick Willis, who is the best middle linebacker in tremendous wave of momentum into this game. Dethe game. This 49ers defense is com- spite backing into the playing off a game where it shut offs losing four of their last out one of the most explo- five games to close the regusive offenses in the NFL for lar season, the Ravens have the entire second half of the found new life since Ray Lewis has NFC Champicome back onship game, Quarterback Colin from an so the Ravens Kaepernick has injury and will have their announced hands full tryproven he can win he would ing to move games with his arm retire after the ball on this as well as his legs this season. unit. S i n c e For the 49ers ... No team has had then, it is to win this success yet defending as if every game, they are going to have the 49ers read option, player on Rato stop the Raand unless the Ravens the vens team vens passing figure it out, they will has raised attack led by his level of quarterback not win this game.” play and is Joe Flacco. Flacco has turned into Joe playing for the beloved capMontana it seems this post tain. Right now, a big part of season and is playing the best football of his life. He the 49ers offensive attack is has not thrown an intercep- the read option. It has betion the entire playoffs and come the staple of their ofis really throwing the ball fense, and if the Ravens are to win the Super Bowl, they well. The 49ers have the best must stop the read option front seven in football, and and force the 49ers to de-


The MSU club rugby team is in its 35th season on campus and hosts rival Ole Miss Saturday at 1 p.m. of the stronger positions for the Bulldogs and will be a key to their success. Arroyo said he is expecting great leadership and work ethic from junior forward and captain David Dickerson. Dickerson said if his team builds off the momentum from last season, the Dogs will have a great chance to win. “I expect us to build on our success from last year and win the SCRC West,” Dickerson said. Sophomore scrum half Joe Pongetti said he is expecting to be a leader and key player for his team this season. “I want to lead the team in tries (touchdowns) and assist on many others,” Pongetti said. “I want MSU to be one

of the top two teams in the conference.” The Bulldogs must finish in the top four of their conference to be ranked nationally and improve their chances of winning a national championship. All home games will be played at 1 p.m. at the intramural fields by the vet school.

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FORREST BUCK Forrest Buck is a junior majoring in sport pedagogy. He can be contacted at pend on their passing attack more. No team has had success yet defending the 49ers read option, and unless the Ravens figure it out, they will not win this game. The Ravens, however, have an excellent coaching staff and two of the smartest defensive players in the league in Lewis and Ed Reed, and they will have had two weeks to prepare. If anybody can figure out how to limit the 49ers option attack it is the Ravens. Ultimately, the Ravens will not be able to stop the 49ers run game. It is just too difficult to defend the 49ers option attack when Kaepernick is throwing the ball as well as he has been. If the defense tries to focus on Frank Gore, then Kaepernick beats it. If the Ravens try to focus on Kaepernick, then Gore beats them. And if they try to stop them both by putting extra defenders in the box, then Kaepernick beats them with his arm. The combination of all that along with the 49ers defense holding the Ravens offense in check will be too much to overcome. I’m picking the 49ers to win 2421.

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friday , february 1, 2013



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