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Sidney Center Girl Raises Funds for Park

The Board of Directors of the Sidney Central School Alumni Association (SCSAA) has made a $2,500 matching challenge grant to the Sidney Center Improvement Group (SCIG) for the restoration of the Sidney Center Park and Playground. Sidney Center has seen an influx of young families who have expressed a need for a safe, open outdoor space for their children to play. SCIG identified the need to help the community rebuild the playground after a flood mitigation project left the park cut in half, as well as the baseball field removed and much of the equipment in need of repair or replacement. The project will take place in three phases and will consist of restoring what is currently at the park, installing new park/playground equipment and allowing safe access to the park with a footbridge over the stream. SCSAA has committed to match each donation dollar for dollar up to $2,500. Your contribution will help advance this project forward and is greatly appreciated. Below is an aerial photo of the park in its current state.

Isabella Conroy When then 6 year-old Isabella Conroy of Sidney Center was asked by her parents what she wanted for her 7th birthday party she replied confidently, “ya know, we really need to get the park looking better, so I think I want people to give money to it instead of getting presents.” While impressed that their daughter would consider being so selfless and thoughtful, they assumed this was a fleeting idea. Story con’t on page 3....

To make a donation, please make checks payable to: SCSAA or Sidney Central School Alumni Association Mail to: SCSAA, P.O. Box 2186, Sidney, NY 13838 Memo: SCIG (Sidney Center Park Project)

Thank You for Your Support!

If you would like to learn more about the Sidney Center Improvement Group (SCIG) and follow the progress of the restoration project, please visit their Facebook page at:


Board of Directors SCSAA

January ‘17 – January ‘18 The SCSAA Directors’ appointments are the result of the alumni member vote in the Fall of 2016. R. Douglas Sheldon ‘59 President Bryan Innes ‘01 Vice President of Operations Teresa D’Imperio Schunk ‘84 Vice President of Strategic Planning Michael Sellitti ‘02 Vice President of Communications Jon Jay DeTemple ‘61 Vice President of Finance Sean Fogarty ‘93 Treasurer Anne Mott ‘83 Assistant Treasurer Vicki Miller Kulze ‘70 Recording Secretary Deborah Woytek Puffer ‘68 Corresponding Secretary

Paul Beames ‘63 Greg Davie ‘76 Terry Dermody ‘65 Amber Wilson Fogarty ‘93 Dick Germond ‘63 Kerri Insinga Green ‘97* Wayne King ‘52 Dennis Porter ‘66 Marty Reed ‘65 Ray Taylor ‘55

School Board Designate*

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The Reflections staff is looking for someone to layout and format the Reflections newsletter twice a year. This person must have prior experience using graphic design software and editing photographs. Living in the Sidney area is not necessary; the software has capability throughout the country. If you have questions of interest, please send an email to Anne Barrows, Editor, at:, or to Mike Sellitti, VP of Communications, at:

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(607) 267-3437

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Isabella Conroy Begins Fundraiser... Con’t from page 1 But when it came time to send out invitations, Bella insisted that’s what she wanted.

community, SCSAA and of course, 7 year-old Isabella Conroy.

The Sidney Center playground has seen better days. The days when peewee and little league teams from around the area came to Sidney Center to play ball. The days when kids went there after school, weekends and throughout the summer to shoot hoops, play on the equipment or climb the gravel bank mountain. The days when it was an adventure to play in Willow Brook catching cray fish and searching for lost treasure. Things have definitely changed since those days. A few years ago, the park underwent a flood mitigation project which required the relocation of a stream directly through the park. Since completion of this project, nothing has been done to the park in terms of improvement or replacement of equipment, resulting in the community not using the park.

If you'd like to learn more about the Sidney Center Improvement Group and to follow the progress of the restoration project of the Park & Playground, please visit their Facebook page at:

The Sidney Center Improvement Group (SCIG) is the organization responsible for spearheading the park restoration project. SCIG is a registered non-profit organization formed over 10 years ago to do exactly what the name implies. SCIG is made up entirely of volunteers from the community and focuses on three main areas: community events, beautification projects and clean water. SCSAA was approached by SCIG asking for help in the fundraising effort. SCSAA has committed up to $2,500 in matching funds raised through the SCSAA. SCSAA is asking any alumnus wishing to contribute to this project to please review the information on the front page of this newsletter. SCSAA members and its board recognizes the significance of Sidney Center and how central a playground is to a child's youth. SCIG listened to the requests from its members and those in the community who expressed a need for their kids to have a safe, open space to play and be occupied outdoors instead of stuck in front of a device or out getting into trouble. SCIG looked at the state of the playground and decided this would be the next initiative starting with the annual “Lucky Day Auction Fundraiser” held in July. Thanks to the support of local businesses, artists and individuals, SCIG was able to raise over $2,000 towards the renovation of the park. This is where Isabella Conroy comes back into play. Jennifer ‘Sellitti’ Conroy (SHS Class of '98), Isabella's mother, and a member of SCIG, was involved in the planning of the auction fundraiser, which in turn involved her daughter, who is quite perceptive at such a young age. She recognized what the fundraiser was for and why it was needed so she wanted to contribute in her own way. Isabella sent out invitations to her birthday party and included a note that in lieu of presents, Bella requested monetary donations to SCIG for improvement of the Sidney Center Park. Since her party her story was picked up by the Tri-Town News and Oneonta Daily Star which has given her undertaking more attention and helped move the project forward. To date Bella has raised close to $750, which has been passed on to SCIG for the project. SCIG will also be applying for community improvement grants and will be seeking support from the Town of Sidney and Delaware County. The project will consist of restoring what is currently at the park, installing new equipment and improving access to the park with a footbridge over the stream. SCSAA is proud to support this community project and SCIG couldn’t be more grateful for the support already received from the

If you'd like to contribute by donating to the project, please send donations to: SCSAA, PO Box 2186, Sidney, NY. Please note with your donation “Sidney Center Park Project.” Thank you, Michael Sellitti


The Sidney Central School Alumni Association (SCSAA) wishes to thank all its members who contribute to the work of the Association, which enables us to help various school and community causes, and provide events for alumni and communication worldwide. Present members, please update your address on your class page on the SCSAA website. To change or add an address, fill out a form on: update@sidney or go directly to the alumni website:, click on “Updates” in the left-hand column, fill out the form, and submit. If you would like to become a member, please fill out the Membership Form on page 27 and follow the mailing instuctions. Dues per year are $15/person; $10 for seniors age 65 and older. Or, go to, click on “Membership”, and click on “Pay On-Line”. An invoice postcard is mailed in June. If you have questions, please contact Debby Puffer at: (607) 967-8480, or, email:


SCSAA Board of Directors Annual Election Ray Taylor, Class of 1955

Paul Beames, Class of 1963

I would like to be considered for re-election as a director of the Sidney Central School Alumni Association. I graduated from Sidney Central School in ‘55; married to Elma ‘Daniels’ Taylor class of ‘56. We have 2 grown children who are also graduates of Sidney High. Ray Jr. - class of ‘74 - lives in Cincinnati OH and has 2 children. Randy - class of ‘77’ - lives in Rochester NY and has 2 children.

I have served with the SCSAA Wall of Fame (WOF) Committee for 7 years, and I’m in my first year as a Director with the alumni association board of directors. My position with the board is as the Community Relations Director. I find it personally very rewarding to serve with both the board and the WOF committee. The alumni association is a very positive organization providing noteworthy services and resources to alumni members, the school and the community.

I would like to renew my commitment to this organization by asking for your vote for my reelection to the Board of Directors. As a Director and Web Master, I would like to continue to do my part to see this association continue to grow.

Anne M. Mott, Class of 1983 Currently, Anne Mott is serving as the assistant treasurer and is part of the Scholarship committee, as well as helping with the Alumni weekend activities. For many years she has participated in a number of organizations in the Sidney and Bainbridge area; Sidney Dollars for Scholars, Isaac Nieves Boy Scout Scholarship Committee, Ed Wessels Canoe Regatta, General Clinton Canoe Regatta, Boy Scouts of America, and Sidney Golf and Country Club. In her spare time, she enjoys playing games, reading, bowling, golfing, motorcycle riding, and spending time with family and friends. Having served on the Alumni Association for many years, she looks forward to being a part of this ever changing group of people who have the paramount interest of the Sidney Alumni at heart with all they accomplish.

The SCSAA Board of Directors Proudly Serves Alumni, School, and Community

Working with a board of unselfish volunteers is a true honor. I am pleased to offer my continued services unless otherwise requested.

Marty Reed, Class of 1965 I am proud to have served over the past year on the SCSAA Board of Directors after an absence of a few years due to relocation. I have recently moved back to the area and am eager to continue serving for an upcoming 3-year term. Over the past year, I actively supported the events that took place during the reunion weekend of 2017. I was able to see first hand again that the vitality of the weekend has continued to grow. I am a 1965 graduate of Sidney High School and after graduating from Utica College, I worked for the General Electric Company for over 41 years. Previously, I had been a Director serving from the very beginning of the association and am so proud to have been a part in helping to promote the vision of building a strong interface between alumni and community. This association has and continues to be an active and purposeful organization in providing vitality to the community and in serving all alumni. The annual all-alumni weekend each summer continues to be a major positive event for our alumni and community. We are experiencing a renewed positive relationship between the association and the school. It is a privilege to serve the association, and thank you for your consideration.

SCSAA Board of Directors Annual Election


Dennis Porter, Class of 1966

Bryan Innes, Class of 2001

As I have said in the past, I can’t believe that I have been a volunteer with the Sidney Alumni Association for the past 19 years, 16 of which I served as a member of the board. I am still as excited about our organization now as I was when we were a fledgling organization. Our alumni weekend has grown into a major event in Sidney and our association is well known and respected in the Sidney community.

I am writing to express my interest to continue serving as a Board Member of the Sidney Central School Alumni Association. It has been my pleasure to serve these past 7 years and I look forward to the continued prosperity of the association. In recent years I played a vital role in creating “Career Day” which just celebrated its 3rd occurrence on Nov. 17.

I am very proud to be a part of the Sidney Alumni Association and would like to renew my board seat for one more term. I continue to serve as co-chair of the Wall of Fame Committee and New Ideas Committee. I pledge to help provide new ideas and direction to the board and help further the growth of our association. I continue to be active in the Sidney community.

2017 marked the first year since 2010 that I did not run the All Alumni Golf Tournament as I tried my hand at directing the entire weekend. It was a lot of fun and I hope to continue directing it in 2018. I recently moved back to the Sidney area and it has increased my drive to make the Association be even better. It would be an honor to continue on for these next 3 years.

I am completing my 34th year with the United Way of Sidney and continue my long-term position as executive director. I am also active with the Leatherstocking Council of the Boy Scouts as a board member, and currently Vice President of the Prospect Hill Cemetery Association. This year I celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife, Margaret. I am extremely happy to be a first-time grandfather and just celebrated Casey’s first birthday. I look forward to serving the Sidney Alumni Association as a board member and would consider it an honor and a privilege to continue to serve the Association and pursue its vision.

Teri D’Imperio Schunk, Class of 1984 I am seeking re-election as a board member and Vice President of Strategic Planning for the Sidney Alumni Association for the next term. Having spent my entire life in Sidney and coming from the largest family to ever graduate from the Sidney School District I would like to continue my hard work and dedication with this solid organization. The commitment, growth and compassion this organization has shown each and every year are wonderful. It is my goal to continue bringing new ideas, partnering with our local community and to engage our young alumni into the value this wonderful organization brings to our community.

ELECTION BALLOT for SCSAA Board of Directors You must be a paid member of SCSAA in order to vote. The following will run for a 3-year term to expire December 31, 2020:

_______ Ray Taylor ‘55 _______ Anne Mott ‘83 _______ Paul Beames ‘63 _______ Marty Reed ‘65 _______ Dennis Porter ‘66 _______ Teri D’Imperio Schunk ‘84 _______ Bryan Innes ‘01 Please place your vote by sending this ballot to: SCSAA PO Box 2186 Sidney, NY 13838 OR, go to the alumni website at:, and click on “Vote” The deadline to vote is December 31, 2017


Sports Hall of Fame SIDNEY ALUMNI SPORTS HALL OF FAME CELEBRATES 15TH ANNUAL INDUCTION The committee organizing the 15th annual Sidney Alumni Sports Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Sept. 22-23 was hoping for ideal conditions. And that’s exactly what they got! The first sunny days of autumn, coupled with a state-ranked Sidney Varsity football team painted an incredible portrait of what has become a popular scene at Sidney Alumni Field on the Friday of Induction Weekend. Members of the Class of 2017 and Legacy team members gathered there for their annual halftime salute on the all-weather track. Following the ceremony, and with a huge Sidney victory over Harpursville/Afton assured, alumni, family and friends moved to the VFW for the post-game social, sponsored this year by ACCO Brands. As has become an eye-pleasing extra at the Elks, the decorations orchestrated by Amber Wilson Fogarty ‘93 set the tone for the Saturday evening festivities. It was clear to the 140 in attendance they “felt that Warrior connection” in a room full of maroon and white. Plus, the impressive displays of inductee memorabilia helped complete the nostalgic touch. Following an invocation blessing by Andy Doyle ‘96, everyone settled into a fine roast beef and turkey buffet put on by the Elks. Andy also delivered a fitting benediction to end the evening. The return of the charity auction was welcomed by those bidders anxious to get in on some nice collectibles. This year, Sidney memorabilia – notably books by Wall of Fame alumni Chuck D’Imperio ‘67 were added to the sports theme. Almost all items were donated by alumni. The big-ticket item was a week-long stay in a Myrtle Beach condo donated by Scott Dewey ‘81. Starting off the celebration was the 11th Annual Legacy Award recognition. Unique this year was

Representing undefeated football teams of 1934, 1956 and 1960 -- Jerry Curtis ‘59, Allen Punky George ‘58, Mike Brazee ‘76 representing SCS, Greg Davie ‘76 Chair SHOF Committee, Del Hodges ‘61 and Jon Jay DeTemple ‘61. that three undefeated football teams were honored together. The teams of 1934, 1956 and 1960 combined to win 21 games under two hall of fame coaches, John Pendlebury ‘30 and Fran Redmond. A good representation of the latter two squads was present to reminisce and accept custom medallions as Legacy honorees. Previous inductees Jerry Curtis ‘59 and Allen ‘Punky’ George ‘58, spoke on behalf of the 1956 team, followed by Jon Jay DeTemple ‘61 and Del Hodges ‘61 for the 1960 team. All four are Sports Hall of Fame inductees. Of special note, a member of the Bishop family was part of all THREE teams! Charles ‘35, John ‘59, and Charlie ‘61. The two brothers were in attendance! The auction raised $1,105 toward the ongoing project at Sidney High School, which is a touch screen interactive alumni guide that can assist current students in numerous ways. It will include a complete roster of Sports Hall of Fame inductees and Legacy teams.

The 2017 Legacy Teams

1956-57--(from L to R) Dick McCauley ‘57, Bob

Krankewicz ‘57, Russ Olsen ‘58, Lou Graney ‘57, Doug Fessenden, Jerry Curtis ‘59 and Allen ‘Punky’George ‘58.


1960-61-- (from L to R) Jon Jay DeTemple ‘61, Liz Wagner ‘83 for her father John Wagner ‘63, Donna Drotar St. John ‘61 for Larry St. John ‘61, Allen ‘Punky’ George ‘58, Charlie Bishop ‘61, Phil Anderson ‘63, Dick Elliott ‘62, Earl Hendee ‘62, Vince Warner ‘61, Del Hodges ‘61 and Doug Fessenden.

The Inductees in the Class of 2017

Each of the four inductees for the Class of 2017 had a special person who introduced them to the podium. For lead-off man Dennis Voltz '79, it was SHOF member Tony Ferrara '88. In 2015, Dennis had introduced Tony for his induction. This time the roles among the New York State wrestling champions were reversed. Both men continued to give high praise for their late HOF coach, Tom Robertson.

2017 Inductees – (L-R) Chris Graney ‘85, JoAnn

Morris Stevens ‘80, Dennis Voltz ‘79, and Carl Roof ‘81

Dennis Voltz, Class of 1979 Dennis Voltz (right) accepts the Hall of Fame award from Tony Ferrara (‘88), his good friend and 2016 Hall of Fame inductee.

Dennis’ Family -- (Above) Dennis’ mother Rose and his sister Kim. (Below) (L to R) Alesha Voltz, Dennis’ daughter; Jenna Thomas held by Marjorie Mott, Jackson Thomas (standing), Dennis, Liz Curtis, Tony Ferrara, and Alyssa Curtis.

Friends from Class of ‘79 Celebrating with Dennis-(front row) Shirley Pierce, Jeri Mirabito, Tim Doyle, Jill Curtis Brazee, Gary Mott; (back row) Rick Graney, Dennis Voltz, Mark Wycallis, and John Gregory.


Chris Graney, Class of 1985 Keeping with the family approach, Chris Graney ‘85 asked his father Lou ‘57 to introduce him. Lou got a rare honor to be among the Legacy athletes for the 1956 football team and also be part of an induction. Chris represented Sidney, New York, and the United States in various discus events while a student-athlete and thanked the coaches and Sidney community for their support.

Chris’ Parents -- His father, Lou, class of ‘57 and his mother Pat ‘Lawrence’ Graney, class of ‘59.

Chris’ Family -- Lou Graney ‘57, Rick Graney ‘79, and Aunt Janie ‘Graney’ Andrews ‘70.

JoAnn ‘Morris’ Stevens, Class of 1980 Next was JoAnn Morris Stevens ‘80, who was introduced by her sister Catherine Morris Suriano ‘82. JoAnn’s running accomplishments, which included a league record that still stands almost 40 years later (400-meter run), have lasted a lifetime. And sibling testimonials are always an emotional plus. A connection with track legend Mary Decker was fitting. JoAnn also loved being a varsity cheerleader for two years.

JoAnn receives her award from her sister Catherine ‘Morris’ Suriano ‘82, who gave the presentation. JoAnn’s family (right)--seated, in the front row with JoAnn is her husband Greg Stevens, and parents Vic Tartaglia and her mother Pat ‘Wagner’ Tartaglia ‘61; (Standing, L to R) are her sons Justin and Jordan, Nic Tartaglia ‘87 and her sister Catherine.


Carl Roof, Class of 1981

1979 NYS basketball championship team and holds several career baseball records. He called upon former coach Bill Munro to introduce him. Bill described Carl as a person whose characteristics were equally as impressive as his athletic ability was. Carl thanked family and his upbringing in Sidney Center as being tremendous influences.

Former Coach Bill Munro presented the 2017 Sports Hall of Fame award to Carl.

The SHOF committee thanks Ray Taylor ‘55 for his 15 years of taking photos for the Alumni website as well as WOF and HOF inductee Mike Gallup ‘63 for his annual donation for the Legacy keepsake awards. This year, the team members received an engraved medallion housed in a case which is ideal for display. Finally, the SHOF committee was proud to add a custom banner and podium (below) for their events. Made locally, both items greatly enhanced the aesthetic beauty fitting for such a celebration.

Carl and his wife, Suzette Sheils, ‘81.

We welcome, and give a special ‘thank you’ to our videographer from Sidney High School, Stoney Rowe.

Celebrating with Carl are his classmates from 1981 -- (Seated L-R) Carl’s wife, Suzette, Terri (Edwards) Theobald ‘81, Mike Catrine ‘81 and his wife Ellen; (back row L-R) Mike Hamilton ‘81, Keith Theobald ‘81, Carl ‘81, Scott Dewey ‘81 and Anna Legname.

Additional photos of all alumni events can be viewed on the alumni website at:


All Class Luncheon and Wall of Fame Induction

Wall of Fame Inductees -- (L-R) David L. Bornstein standing for his father, David M. Bornstein, DDS, Elliot Danforth, Jr., MD, Gary Scavo, Patricia Greene, and Richard Townsend. Richard Townsend (1990- ) Exemplary Leadership in Teaching & Community Service

Elliot Danforth, Jr., MD ‘52 Distinguished Service to Medicine, Education & Scientific Publishing

Dr. Danforth’s family

Patricia Greene ‘53 Exemplary Leadership in Community Service & Volunteerism

Keynote Speaker William Christensen, Superintendent, Sidney Central School

Gary Scavo (1964-1998) Excellence in Teaching, Mentoring, Community Service & Leadership

David L. Bornstein, ‘79, accepting the Wall of Fame award for his father, David M. Bornstein, DDS, ‘51 Exemplary Leadership in Dentistry and Community Service.


Wall of Fame... continued 2017 SCSAA Scholarship Recipients Class of 1963 John L. Balling Memorial Legacy Award Cheynne Barclay-Fiasco, 2017 SUNY Broome Kristine T. Germond Memorial Scholarship Mackensie Gravelin, 2017 SUNY Broome SCSAA board member, Dick Germond ‘63, presents the John L. Balling Memorial Legacy Award to SCS student Cheynne Barclay-Fiasco.

SCSAA Scholarships 2017: Taylor Barnes, Anna Egli, Mackensie Gravelin, Riley MacPherson and Kyle Smith.

Saturday Morning Breakfast at The Sidney Airport “Thank you!” to the Fagan Flyers for making this breakfast possible at the Sidney Airport.

All Aboard! Ray Taylor ‘55 and Alma ‘Daniels’

Taylor ‘56 are clearly enjoying the weekend festivities.

Class of ‘62 -- Donna ‘Harris’ Kuzdal, David Doi,

Carolyn ‘Yensen’ Doi, Marty ‘Burdick’ Benson, Grace ‘Franks’ Allidi, Arlene ‘Hubbell’ McCoon and Pat ‘Rafferty’ Smith.


Sunday Memorial Service at Veterans Memorial Park

Gail Horth Secunda -- reading the names of deceased classmates from the class of ‘67.

“The Quirky Quintet” Cora Vankingsley Alexandra Johnson Samuel Bagley Jeff St. John JP Dewey

Trumpet French Horn Trombone Tuba Trumpet

Thanks to Mrs. Amy Hoxie, advisor.

Musicians and Vocalists: Jack Doyle ‘73, Jeff Doyle ‘78, Greg Davie ‘76, Terry Knight Dundon ‘77, and Don Doyle ‘52 not shown.

“We Remember…“ Bernard McGinnis ’42 Jean Baird Hulbert ‘43 Joseph Norton ‘44 Horace Hyatt ‘45 John Von Kampen ‘45 Ruth Peluso Provenzon Taylor ‘46 Emma ‘Blaisdell’ Halderman ‘46 Mary Keeler ‘46 Lucille Canfield Barnes ‘47 Hazel Ashton Hoy ‘49 Fred MacDonald ‘49 Kenneth Shackelton ‘49 Stan Kaufman ‘51 Frances Wood Shattuck ‘51 Bernadette Frisch ‘52 Doris Wilson Puffer ‘52 Richard Robinson ‘52 Lawrence ‘Larrie’ Sheldon ‘52 Marga Strang Stroop ‘52 Vella Cowan Hoke ‘53 Sherry Terry Clapperton ’55 James “Chip” McElroy ‘55 Richard Hilary ‘56 Charles Morse ‘60 James Tyler ‘61 Nancy ‘Patrick’ DeMarco ‘62 Connie Teelon Knapp ‘64 Terrence Cole ’65 Dennis Martin ‘65 Dorothy Ketchum Crawford ‘66 Kenneth Cutting ‘67 Sam Cutting ‘67 Virginia Payne Denby ‘68 Richard Gardner ‘69 Claudia ‘Teale’ Berkeley ‘71 David Thompson ‘74 Michael Gifford ‘75 James Maddalone ‘78 James Lizardo ‘96 Jason Cunningham ‘97 Gabriel M. Sikorski 2013


Golf Tournament - 2017

Blair Puffer ‘70 with Winners Shankers (highest Score of +19) -- Sheri Fogarty Youngs ‘91, Kerri Insinga Green ‘97, Stephanie Spry Taylor ‘93, and Tracy Wilson Simmons ‘94.

Men’s Longest Drive winner, Bill Vandermeulen ‘68, with Marty Reed, presenter.

Golf Tournament Winners

Putting C Brands – Platinum Sponsor Scott Davis - Hole in One Sponsor Door Prizes drawn from each box.

Sean and Amber ‘Wilson’ Fogarty.

Putting Contest: Closest to the Pin – AM – Earl Halaquist won a $50 gift card. PM – Bob D’Imperio won a $50 gift card. Men’s Longest Drive – Bill Vandermeulen won a $50 gift card. Women’s Longest Drive – Joanne Darling won a $50 gift card. Winners Shankers (Highest Score) – Green/Simmons/Youngs/Taylor (+19) Open: Hollister/Davis/Wyss /Jayne (-8) Professional: Marble/Marble/Smith/McDowell (-12) Masters: Theobald/Halaquist/Birdsall/Dawson (-17)

Blair Puffer ’70.

Marty and Vicki ’Harris’ McDowell ’65.

George Hollister ‘67 and Marty Having fun, just like the old days... (front L-R) Jim McIntyre ‘60 and Marty Reed ‘65; back (L-R) Bill McItyre ‘63, Dick Germond ‘63 and Jim Sergio ‘63.

Marty and Chris Jayne ‘67


Friday and Saturday Night Socials

Thanks to our photographers, additional photos of all alumni events can be viewed on the alumni website at:


SOCCER Offensive MVP:

Jimmy Kazalski ‘07 (left) and Defensive MVP: Troy Hawley ‘07

FIELD HOCKEY Defensive MVP: Pam DuMond Tarnowski ‘92 (left) and Offensive MVP: Hannah Wood ‘14


Where in the World have our Sidney Alumni Traveled to?

Dennis Porter ‘66, right, and his son Mark ’98, at the Open Championship at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in England, just north of Liverpool where they stayed for 3 nights. They played golf at Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club; as well as Wisley, both of which have held Rider Cup Matches in the past.

Bob Logan ’72, and his wife Gabriele, who

reside in Middletown, California, traveled to Germany during the month of Sept. A few of the sites they visited include the Kloster Andecks Monastery, est. in 1455 (a painted image shown on the mug of Monks beer). The monastery is a Catholic Kapuziner sect located at the last southbound S. Bahn public rail system outside of Munich (top center). From the train station they walked to the monastery. The sanctuary (top right

Dennis and Mark at Stonehenge, also in England--a mysterious place where huge rocks were placed centuries ago. Speculation about its purpose include being an ancient healing center, a Druid Temple, an ancient calendar, or most recently, a memorial complex to honor the dead.

corner) is in the Asam Catholic Church, in Munich. The front is covered for repairs; as are most churches in Munich at this time. Dante’s tomb (bottom center) is a monument built for a much revered poet who was buried in Ravenna, Italy, in 1321. His bones were moved several times by the residents, including WWII, to keep them safe. Bob and Gabriele also enjoyed Pear Schnapps that had been aged in a barrel (lower right).

To submit a travel experience, please email a photo and caption to Alumni are encouraged to pose at their travel location holding Sidney Central School memorabilia such as a flag, koozie, mug or T-shirt.


Alumni 1950 William Laraway has 3

Faculty Faculty Edward Abbot taught Social Studies 11, Economics and Psychology 12 at Sidney High from 1966-1998. He enjoys visiting family, friends, old Navy acquaintances, reading, yard work and current events. His 3 children all graduated from Sidney: Kathryn ’84, Kristine ’87 and Ed ’89. He has 7 grandchildren and has loved living in Sidney and so glad all of his children graduated from there. Lola VanWoert is 93 years old and lives in Florida. She taught 2nd and 4th grade at Sidney and retired in 1979. She has 2 daughters, Shari ’65 and Juli ’67; 3 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.

children, 5 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and 2 great, great grandchildren. He graduated from college in 1954 with a degree in Aero Engineering. He wore many different engineering hats and you will have to ask him about all his accomplishments which are too many to list and describe here. The Class of ‘48 held their annu-

al luncheon at the Sidney Golf and Country Club. Next year we will celebrate our 70th Class Reunion!

make it back for his 70th reunion but arthritis makes it hard for him to get around. He really enjoys the Reflections and has 7 grandchildren but no great grandchildren yet.

Beverly ‘Preston’ Gregory lives in Bainbridge and enjoys quilting, calligraphy and geneology. She volunteers at the animal shelter and has 2 children; Lauren (Eddie) and Gladys; 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She says at 88 years of age she feels most fortunate to still be able to step out at a brisk gate and acquire most responsibilities and hopes to do more yoga.

1948 Sheldon Barnes lives in FL

1949 Robert Eldridge retired in

Alumni 1947 Steve Simons had hoped to

with his wife, Lucille ‘Canfield’, ’47. He retired in 1986 from practicing medicine and now enjoys travel and helping others. He has 4 children; Linda, Charles, Margaret and Laurie. He spent 9 years in the Navy, 20 years delivering 10,263 babies in Miami and 20 years traveling as tour hosts with Educational Opportunities.

March of Classes

2004 and now enjoys boating and volunteers for the US Coast Guard Auxillary. He has 3 children; Laura, Cathryn and Gregg; 7 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren and he lives in NC.

1951 Marjorie ‘Wickes’ Dean

retired from secretarial work and lives in Sidney. Her 3 children all graduated from Sidney; Jeffrey ’75, Ellen ’76 & Gregory ’83. She also has 3 grandchildren; Benjamin, Erica and Dean. Ernest Riesen lives in FL and loves doing church work. He taught reading and writing to prisoners and illiterate adults. He has 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. He thanks the Lord for his good health and his big family and his salvation.




1951 James Shattuck lost his

wife Frances ‘Wood’, ’51 in 2015. He lives in CA and has 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Benjamin Gloeckler retired in 1991 from manufacturing design. He has 4 children; Rosina ’82, Niels ’84, Alex ’90 & Amy (deceased). He has 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. He really enjoys reading Reflections.

1953 Barbara ‘Henderson’

Edwards is a retired RN and has 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Now

she enjoys sewing, organic gardening and canning and volunteers for the local soup kitchen and sings in the church choir. Patricia Greene enjoys reading, traveling anywhere, bowling and playing cards. She is the trustee at the Sidney Elks Lodge and the White Store Church and a parliamentarian for NYS Federation of Women’s Clubs. She has 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. She said that life is good and is blessed to have family close by and many different families of friends.

Sharon ‘Mason’ Johnson lives in Trenton, NC and just retired this past May as an RN and a certified diabetes educator. She has 3 children; Eric, Timothy and Christopher and lost her husband in May. Patricia ‘Harby’ Nichols retired in 1998 as a Chief Financial Officer and has a daughter Christina and a grandchild, Kendall.

1954 Walter Bruetsch lives in

Stuart, FL and retired in 1999 as a mechanical engineer. He now enjoys tennis and genealogy and sells books at the library used bookstore and helps with the genealogy. He has 2 children; Christine and James and 3 grandchildren; Kaelin, Nicole and Sophia. He is enjoying his retirement in FL. Asa Decker says that the folks that work on Reflections do a great job and many thanks. He lives in MA and has 5 children and 11 grandchildren and retired from the phone company in 1993. He enjoys canoe/ kayak and travelling to St. Marttin and volunteers at his church.

Class of 1952 65th Reunion – (back row L-R) Elliot Danforth, Bill

Ostrander, Ed Snover, Don Doyle, Marie Peck Cumm, June Snover, Jean Parker Warner, Helen Riesen Rosenkranz, Tom Rogers, Eleanor Walters MacDonald, Wayne King; (Front L-R) Ester Wolf Boyd, Joan Misner Crandall, Berny Gillar Gaydorus, Sandy Dimorier DeCocker, Ronita Pendorf Holbert.

March of Classes

John Greene is married to Phyllis Parsons ’55, and together they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He volunteers on the zoning board and meals on wheels. They also want to thank everyone who works on the newsletter, for their great work and always enjoy reading it.



2 sons; John and Joseph (deceased) and 2 grandchildren. She retired in 1998 from writing and editing. Richard Wesner enjoys hunting and square dancing and lives in Hilton, NY. He has 2 children, Penny and Richard, Jr. and 2 granddaughters, Samantha and Nicole.

1958 Beverly ‘Root’ Proulx

The Class of ‘56 met for lunch at Ed and Lea Ray’s home. Ted Tacea lives in NC and is married to Mary ‘Moran’ ’75. He has 2 children; Mark ’79, and Chris and 4 grandchildren. They both thank everyone for all that they do, and they love the new logo. Betty ‘Marriott’ Winchester retired in 1998 and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. She lives in Mt. Upton and has been a widow since 2006.

1955 Richard Kuebler winters in FL and summers in Corinth, NY. He has 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. He enjoys golf and watching his grandsons play sports.

1956 Donna ‘Garrison’ Domingo still lives in Spain and loves it. Her and her husband still grow grapes

March of Classes

for wine and she volunteers at the Rota Naval Base Chapel and the Military Retired Association. She enjoys reading and cross stitch. Paul Greene lives in MO and after 47 1/2 years, he’s a retired manager from GE.

1957 Barbara ‘Markert’ Black

still works part time as a medical office manager and loves her yearly family vacations. She only went to Sidney School for 2 ½ years but really enjoyed her time there. She has 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Patricia ‘Bazata’ Hall lives in FL in winter and Norwich, JuneSept. and enjoys cooking, recipe collecting, bridge and reading. She is a life member of the Chenango Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and former newsletter editor. She has

retired in 2005 from teaching and now teaches line dancing. She volunteers driving seniors to appointments and is also the church treasurer. She has 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. She enjoys reading Reflections. Paul Scofield lives in Lakewood, NY and retired in 1995 from computer engineering. He thanks everyone involved with the alumni association and for keeping all the information. He has 2 sons; Jeff and Jim; 4 grandchildren; Stacy, Cassie, Eric and Dan and 3 grandchildren; Liam, Mikayla and Jocelyn. Ronald Tryon lives in Bainbridge and is retired. He enjoys camping, home radio and chasing girls.

1959 Richard Alcott is married to

Susan ‘Gloeckler’, ’59 and they live in Binghamton. They have 3 daughters; Lisa, Cindy and Christine and 3 grandchildren; Joshua, Samantha and Matthew. Rich enjoys camping, golf and amateur radio and Sue enjoys knitting, sewing and reading and they both volunteer at their church. They enjoy Reflections and said to keep up the good work.



1960 June ‘Haynes’ Elsemore

enjoys reading, crochet and travel with the family. She volunteers at the school library a few times a week. She has 1 daughter, Lisa and 2 grandchildren, Micah and Eve. Her daughter and husband are both Drs. of Education and Lisa is a Professor at Nazareth College. Roger Terry lives in NC with his wife Sharon ‘Ellis’, ’63 and he retired in 2000 as a material control manager. He enjoys travel and golf and recently shot better than his age, a 74.

1962 Richard Elliott lives in Cazenovia, NY and is a retired civil engineer. He has 2 children; Amy and Andrew; 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He enjoys hunting, gardening and making maple syrup. Sandra ‘McCauley’ Storino retired in 1996 from teaching and now enjoys golf, garden clubs and bridge. She volunteers at her church and with the Hospice of the Golden Isles. She has 2 daughters, Caryn and Robyn and 4 stepdaughters and 5 grandchildren. She says she has fond memories of Sidney and the school system and really enjoyed her 30 years of teaching; and now enjoys retirement in GA.

teers for the D.A.R., Sunrunners Car Club, P.M. Hospital Guild and the I.O. Quilt Guild. Michele LaGuardia lives in RI and retired in 2015. She enjoys ghost hunting, knitting and tai chi. She has a step son and 2 step grandchildren.

1965 Edward Decker lives in

Binghamton and now enjoys golf since he retired. Carol ‘Roof’ Hulbert retired in 2015 and now enjoys travelling to NC and CO to visit her children, Wayne, Brenda and Tammie. She has 5 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.

Patricia ‘Gray’ Tancredi lives in FL and enjoys travel and golf. She has 2 daughters, Heather and Beth and 4 grandchildren, Jacqueline, Iain, Nick and Christian.

1963 Gayle ‘Anderson’ Burke

Class of ’65 turns 70--A 70th Birthday Party was held at Cope’s Corners Park in Gilbertsville. Among the attendees were Shari VanWoert Weeks (left) and Jean Rankins Pysnik.

1961 Vince Warner lives in

Masonville with his wife Anne and does farming and harness making.

March of Classes

is enjoying her first grandchild, Campbell and lives in SC. She has 2 children, Kevin & Packy. She is the owner of Glimmerglass Opticals and enjoys reading, walking, curves and traveling. Sarah ‘McCauley” Morse is married to Charles ’60 and together they live in AZ. She enjoys golf and travel and has a child, Tracy, and a grandson, Charles.

1964 Majorie ‘Roff’ Bunch

retired in 2008 and now enjoys quilting and reading. She volun-

3 Generations-- Dolores

‘Hayes’ Breunig ‘62 (right) is a retired paralegal and now enjoys photography and sewing. She has 2 children, Tina ’89 and Michael ’87 and 4 grandchildren: Joshua ’13, Kelsey ’15 and twins Sophia and Isabella. Dolores says that her mother, herself and her son all graduated from Sidney 25 years apart, 1937, 1962 and 1987.



friends on the way down and on the way home. She can’t wait to celebrate her 50th reunion next year.

Janet ‘Washburn’ Jacob lives in Alaska and enjoys working in the garden and on her yard. She volunteers at the local food bank 3 times a week and she enjoys a bit of traveling.

Mary ‘Shields’ Paul is a retired RN and has 2 children, Jamie and Jesse and 3 grandchildren, IP, Abby and Jimmy. She thanks the association for keeping our common history alive and look forward to every newsletter.

Jennie ‘August’ Watson has 2 children, Sheri and Ronnie and 1 grandson, Billy. She lives in Sidney.

1966 Nikki ‘August’ VanVoris

Diane ‘Scott’ Marsh enjoys living in both New York and FL; walking and swimming. She retired in 2015 as a Perfusionist, and before that was a biology teacher.

lives in Sidney and has 1 daughter, Kristina, ’89 and 3 grandchildren, Natalie, Ethan and Max.

1967 Gail ‘Horth’ Secunda re-

tired in 2004 as a school counselor and enjoys reading, travel, hiking, biking and exercising at the gym. She is a board member at CAPTAIN. She loves reading Reflections to learn about what Sidney alum are doing. Cynthia ‘Fisher’ Bergmann is a retired teacher and now enjoys golf, gardening and cards. She is the organist at her church. Juli VanWoert has lived in Buffalo for 35 years and has a son Nate and a daughter Alexis who both live in Buffalo. She retired in 2012 from teaching at Erie Community College and in 2014 from the Erie County Dept. of Mental Health.

1968 Janet ‘Kitchen’ Lee is

a pastor and has 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. She lives in FL.

March of Classes

Sidney... the Tie that Binds --

Jim and Patti Jo Doi (left), class of ‘66 were guests of Bob Gill, class of ‘60 and his wife Linda. The Doi’s and the Gill’s reside in Mebane, NC. Patti Jo says, “We had so much fun reminiscing about growing up in Sidney.” Deborah ‘Woytek’ Puffer has been retired for 11 years and now enjoys golf. Her son Chad has 3 daughters, Katie, Emma and Olivia and they live in Cazenovia. Her daughter, Carrie, is a Commander in the Navy and lives in Memphis. Debbie’s husband calls her the alumni queen because she has been keeping the database for the alumni association for about 17 years now. They celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary in May and now spend a couple of months in FL during the winter and enjoy visiting

Sister Act -- The Harris sisters

entertained us with their family humor, at the Sat Night Social at the Elks during Alumni Weekend; (L - R) Donna Kuzdzal ’62, Kathy Laws ’64 and Vicki McDowell ’65.

1969 Jerry Smith is a business

owner and enjoys golf, kayaking and gardening. He has 4 sons and 6 grandchildren. He has many fond memories of growing up in the Sidney, Unadilla area. He would love to hear from his class of ‘69 classmates.


Alumni 1972 Marla ‘Loudon’ Dewey

lives in VA with Jerry and she retired in 2015 as a special education teacher. She enjoys reading, cruising and piano and is the church pianist.

The Class of 1970 celebrated their 65th birthdays with a party that was held at D’Vine Times Restaurant in Guilford. They chose the same theme as their Senior Prom, “Young at Heart”, and had a photo booth, where they took a photo of the Reunion Committee (left): Cindy Peterson Bell, Joelene Wood Cole, Vicki Miller Kulze and Kathy Hager Schmidt (front).

1970 John Volt retired in 2012 and found out it is even better than he

thought it would be. He has been married for 39 years and has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He has hiked the Appalachian Trail (2180.9 miles), 600 of the 800 miles of the Arizona Trail, the Colorado Trail (484.6 miles), Finger Lakes Trail (580 miles) and the Highline Trail across the Uinta Mts. of Utah (100 miles) 3 times. He still fishes, rafts, hunts and bikes. His mother, Dot, ’47, lives in CO and is still going strong. His sister, Gail, ’76, lives in AK where she has built a retirement home. He says great job with Reflections and it is always fun to see what is going on with the alumni. Debra ‘Tompkins’ Cornett is a retired dental hygienist and enjoys knitting, crochet, painting, drawing, beading, cross stitch, sewing and kayaking. She is President of the Sexton Prospect Hill Cemetery, on the Friends of the Library Board and the Shade Tree Board. She is enjoying retirement and being re-married to her 1st husband who will be her last husband! She also has a new puppy, Daizy Mae whom she enjoys very much. Janice ‘Muir’ Feather retired in 2010 and now enjoys golf, gardening, travel, hiking, quilting and genealogy. She volunteers at the library, church and Honor Flights for Veterans.

March of Classes

Congratulations to Ralph (‘72) and Barbara (Eckerson) Felter (‘68) on becoming first-time grandparents on June 14, 2017. Scarlette Camille is the daughter of their son Kyle (‘00) and his wife, Jessica, who live in Rochester.


Doug Morse says he has one accomplishment… he was heavily involved with rowing at the Florida Institute of Technology. They won many state titles with the light weight eight. Then in 1979, he was asked to participate with the best oarsmen of the southeast to

eventually compete in the l980 Olympics in the USSR. We trained, competed in many events along the eastern seaboard, and were a dominate crew. The tryouts for the Olympics was in Camden, NJ. If you came in the top 2 places, you then trained in Colorado for the 1980 Olympics. We came in 3rd, so the season was over. However, that was ok, because that year Jimmy Carter decided to boycott the 1980 Olympics because Russia boycotted ours in 1976.


Alumni Leslie Hope has lived in Utah for 35 years and enjoys camping and snowmobiling. He has 4 children and he works at Wheeler Machinery.

1974 Kim ‘Turtur’ Simonds has been a manager at McDonalds for 35 years and has 1 daughter, Brianne, ’10.

1976 Carole ‘Redmond’ Stanbro

and her husband are both retired and have been enjoying travelling and time with their families.

The Class of ‘72 celebrated their 45th Class Reunion with dinner at the Sidney Golf and Country Club on Saturday; a luncheon at Finch’s on Ellen ‘Dean’ Howard is a registered Masonville Pond, Sunday afternoon. nurse and has 3 children, Benjamin ’08, 1979 Mike Cahenzli retired in 2016 and lives Erica, ’10 and Dean, ’16. She enjoys reading and campin CO. He has 3 children, Jill, Lara and Lesli ing and volunteers at the Masonville Food Bank, Boy and 1 granddaughter, Emily. Scout Troop 99, church and the Sidney Recreation Commission. 1987 Timothy Knapp Tim VanValkenburg has lived in Atlanta since 2009 and prior to that in Minneapolis where he worked for Northwest Airlines as a mechanical engineer and then became a pilot. They merged with Delta Airlines and he is currently a captain on a Boeing 757/767 flying to Europe, North and South America and the Carribean. Suzy ‘Whallon’ Rogers works in the dental field and lives in AZ. She enjoys travel, biking and hiking. She volunteers for the RA Angels.

1977 Brenda ‘Walker’ Gerow is a home health aide and lives in Walton. She has 2 children, Charlotte and Jessica and 4 grandchildren, Rylie, Kylie, Conor and Scarlett.

1978 Patti ‘Hope’ Hughes lives in Norwich. Her

daughter Renate lives in Calgary and has 4 children while her other daughter, Payela has just moved to Siesta Keys and is a LMT.

March of Classes

lives in VA and is an educator. He loves to travel, read, sudoku, basketball and politics. He has 1 son, Carter.

1990 Tim Colburn has

worked at the Children’s Home in Hillcrest for 23 years and has volunteered with the Hillcrest Fire Company since 2004. He is a regular helper with the Alumni Reunion Committee.

1992 Ashley ‘Mohler’ Lodovice and her husband Ian ‘93 live in CT. She enjoys the beach and loves to ski and hike.

Stylin’ ... dressed

in tartan plaid Kilts, Rob Walsh and Steve Woodruff ‘87 turned a few heads at the March of Classes.


Alumni Karen Saludo lives in Rochester; enjoys running, bike riding, hiking and cooking. She has 1 son Leo.

1993 Andrew Brandt earned a

Commendation for a Master of Arts degree as a communication major from University of Albany and he lives in Sidney.

2003 Rosemary ‘Gregory’ Fisher The Class of ’77 Celebrated their 40th Reunion at the Sundown Golf Course -- (L-R) Rusty Teehan, Daniel Stringer, Dave Zieno, Laurie Cleaveland Sanders, Tim Lawrence, Jane Higgins, Jeff Norton, Chris Hendrickson, Jill Butterfield, Gerald Hughes, Chris D’Imperio Dexheimer, Joe Mazzarella, Barb Gardner Doyle, Jane Daniels Mccollough, Charlie Marble, Kim Lent, Jack Finch, Ellen Duncan Saali, Sue Button McCumiskey, Greg Ward, Lori Hayes Hess, Nancy Soroka Hendrickson , Jon King, Joe Wycallis, Bruce Markert, Craig Sheils, Steve Reynolds, JoAnn Dewey Mirabito, Terry Knight Dundon, Terri Stevens DeRoche, Rosemary Roberts Mirabito, Brenda Walker Gerow, and Lorna DeMott Wilhelm.

The Class of ‘97 celebrated their 20th Class Reunion at the home of Josh Taylor ‘97 and Stephanie ‘Spry’ Taylor ‘93 in Sidney Center.

March of Classes

is a funeral director and owner of a bowling alley. She is looking forward to her 15th reunion in 2018.

2015 Nick Meno is currently

a member of the University of Florida class of 2019 and is a proud member of the Sidney class of 2015. He says, “Go Gators!”

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The Class of 2002 celebrated their 15-year Reunion at the home of Karla Ramp in Sidney.


Class Representatives

In order to keep this list current—please contact us with any changes by filling out a form at: ̴ Due to a lack of space, only one contact person per class is listed. 1943 Chris Bickos 97 River Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-3181

1953 Pat Greene 27 Barnes Circle Unadilla, NY 13849 607-369-7242

1961 Jon Jay DeTemple 642 Montgomery Avenue Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 203-232-7522

1969 Dave Gill 215 Wexford Place Venice, FL 34293 732-309-1319


1954 Peggy Burlison Stilson 72 W. Pearl Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-1055

1962 Dolores Hayes Breunig 7 Pearl Street East Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-2311

1970 Vicki Miller Kulze 42 Overlook Drive Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-3384


1945 Lea Kenyon Gregory 24 Gilbert St. Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-1827


1955 Jim Clum 5631 Longford Terr. Apt 203 Fitchburg, WI 53711-6910 608-833-0108

1948 Norma Hyatt Palmer 652 Junction Rd Bainbridge, NY 13733 607-563-3430

1956 Janice Risley Knight 430 Common Street Belmont, MA 02478 617-484-4537

1949 Charlie Davis 574 Gifford Road Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-2223

1957 Sylvia Bramley Mugglin 9 River St. Bainbridge, NY 13733 607-967-8581

1950 Bev Pierce 207 Co Hwy 1 Bainbridge, NY 13733 607-563-2030

1958 Russ Olsen 6 Prospect Drive Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-7775




1951 1959 Evelyn Brush Thayer Bonnie Provenzon Curtis 1409 W. Dow Rummel St. #114 10 Secor St. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 Sidney, NY 13838 605-338-0726 607-563-1547 1952 1960 Wayne King James McIntyre 13 Prospect St. 2359 Brookside Way Sidney, NY 13838 Indialantic, FL 32903 607-643-5653 321-704-1873

1963 Becky Smith Holley 362 Butternut Rd Unadilla, NY 13849 607-369-5348 1964 Pat Dilley DuMond 9110 Kestral Ridge Dr. Charlotte, NC 28269 607-435-6003 1965 Barbara Buckley Durden 17 Huntington Trinity, TX 75862 936-662-9225

1971 Cookie ‘Dimorier’ Polster 23 Ritton Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-8160 1972 Dave and Becky Leidy 23 Seneca Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-2905 1973 Jackie Hunt Vandervort 16 Siver St. Sidney, NY 13838 (607) 643-3365

1966 Patti Jo Provenzon Doi 1141 Newberry Dr. Mebane, NC 27302 541-358-2271 Cell: 607-624-8848

1974 Mary Shupperd Savage 405 Upper Stella Ireland Rd. Binghamton, NY 13905 607-770-9585

1967 Gail Horth Secunda 106 Nottingham Way Clifton Park, NY 12065 518-877-5742

1975 Larry Halbert 20 Ritton Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-237-4762

1968 Barbara ‘Eckerson’ Felter 11 Phelps Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-1121

1976 Lori Bargher Crandall 475 Greenfield Way Belford, NJ 07718


Class Representatives

1977 Lorna Wilhelm 167 Lippitt Development Rd., Cooperstown, NY 13226 607-435-9803

1986 Patti Weed Bennet 1414 Redbud Drive Rogers, AR 72756 479-644-1272

1978 Jackie Allen Lingner 1675 Red Bud Circle NW Palm Bay, FL 32907

1987 Rob Walsh 687 W. 204th St. Apt 3E New York NY 10054 917-301-5036

1979 Lori Booth Shaw 6205 River Rd. Downsville, NY 13755 1980 Barbara Wakeman 574 State Hwy 7 Unadilla, NY 13849 607-563-8029 1981 Keith Theobald 65 Campmeeting Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-9169

1988 Juli Curtis Howland 60 W. Main St. Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-9208 1989 Jeff Bagley 15 Pleasant Street Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-9715 1990 Jeff Sweet 1014 Elrond Drive Charlotte, NC 28269 704-622-0165


1993 Donna Becker Dean 5454 State Hwy 206 Sidney Center, NY 13839 1994 Tracy Wilson Simmons 14000 County Rd 23 Unadilla, NY 13849 607-369-5514 1995 Kimberly Becker Lencki 26B Haig St. Manchester, NH 03102 603-219-6419 1996 CLASS REP NEEDED 1997 Josh Taylor 15 James St. Sidney, NY 13838 607-604-4149

1999 Beth Backus Dix 307 Thorpe Rd. Sidney, NY 13838 607-643-1224 2000 Erica Brazee Granger 132 Penny Ln. Afton, NY 13730 607-267-5054 2001 Bryan Innes 79 Campmeeting St. Sidney, NY 13838 646-369-2061 2002 Ashley Brazee 13 Concord St. Sidney, NY 13838 607-563-1604 2003 Karli (Peck) Alward 2004 CLASS REP NEEDED

2005 1982 1998 Renee Hunt Michelle Pressler Mary Richards-Santana 14036 Clover Rd. 220 Southgate Dr. 43 Pleasant St. 1991 Rockton, IL 61072 Garner, NC 27529 Sidney, NY 13838 Jessica Woodyshek Wheeler 815-624-4050 607-232-7864 8 Hideaway Orchard Lane 2006 2007 2008 2009 Sidney, NY 13838 1983 2010 2011 2012 2013 Carol Palmer Petersen 2014 2015 82 Moonlawn Rd CLASS REPS NEEDED Troy, NY 12180 SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALUMNI AND CLASS REPRESENTATIVES 518-279-3805 The Class Roster and Class Rep list are essential to ensure communications about the 1984 Alumni Association reach you. The SCSAA has a class roster on the website, www.sidMichelle Dann Stewart, that contains the names of all Sidney alumni. Your contact information 1546 N. County Rd. 300 E is only as current as your membership. When you join or renew and send your contact Danville, IN 46122 information, it is entered in the roster unless you indicate you do not want it posted. The future of Reflections depends on alumni maintaining their official membership. The list of Class Representatives has been updated and revised. Please check the list 1985 to make sure your contact information is correct. Is your class in need of a Class Rep? Marie Harris Gray Would you like to volunteer? Submit your name and contact information to: update@ 11 Keith St Be sure to write “New Class Rep” on the form. The Membership Sidney, NY 13838 Form is on pg. 27 of this newsletter, and on the website. Membership cost is $15/ 607-563-1933 year; 10/year (for seniors 65 and over), due by July 31, 2018.


MEMBERSHIP FORM Date form completed: ____________

(Please Print)

May we post your name and contact information in the class lists on the SCSAA website: ( ) YES ( ) NO NAMES AND SCS INFORMATION: Your SCS Class Year:___________ Your maiden name, if applicable: _____________________ Your Name: ______________________________________ Your Nickname: __________________ (First) (Last)

Your Significant Other’s SCS Class Year: _________ Significant Other’s Name: _____________________Significant Other’s Maiden Name:________________ Are you (or were you) a SCS faculty member? ( ) Yes ( ) No If yes, which subject(s) and which grades do you (did you) teach? _____________________________________________________________________ Did you coach any sports teams? If yes, which sports? __________________________________________ Which level? ______________ Which years? __________ MEMBERSHIP DUES

CONTACT INFORMATION Mailing Addr.: ______________________________ (PO Box/Street #) (Street) (Apt #)

_____________________________ (City)

(State) (Zip Code)

Telephone No.:


(Area Code) (Phone Number) E-Mail Addr.: ______________________________

Dues: $15/year; $10/year (age 65 and older) The membership year is August 1 - July 31. Your membership expiration date is on the mailing label on your copy of Reflections newsletter. I would like to receive: — An Invoice by ( ) Post Card ( ) E-mail — Reflections by ( ) Mail ( ) E-mail

OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Vocation: ____________________________

Are you retired: If yes, when did you retire? _________

Hobbies/Vacation activities: ____________________________________________________________ Volunteer Activities:


Children’s First Names: ________________________________________________________________ Grandchildren’s First Names: ___________________________________________________________ Great Grandchildren’s First Names: _______________________________________________________ Your Personal Statement: _______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO: SCS Alumni Association AND MAIL TO: SCSAA, PO Box 2186, Sidney, NY 13838

Sidney Central School Alumni Association PO Box 2186 Sidney, NY 13838 Your Membership Expiration Date is on the Mailing Label Below. Support YOUR Alumni Association . Join or Renew Today!

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